The True Nature Of Politics


Politicians are employees of the state.

What’s the mystery? Why are these people (with some few exceptions) so against the American people? Why do they consistently promote socialism? Why do they have no financial responsibility? Why do they always promote socialist agendas like Obamacare and the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that do away with human and personal liberties that have existed since the Magna Carta was issued?

Do not be deceived. Subversive elements can hollow out the soul of a nation without destroying its flag and national symbols, with very few people alert to what is happening. People, in their oblivion, think that they are still free if they don’t see tanks rumbling down the streets, armed guards and barbed wire, and fortified buildings with barred doors and windows.

Modern population control is not conventional warfare and military occupation. Modern warfare is psychological warfare. War has evolved into a form of false benevolence that masks tyranny in its most pernicious forms. It removes from the collective mind of the populace the thought that those being “protected” are, in fact, the target of the attack.

The pretenses and propaganda are so real that all but a few are deceived about the modus operandi of the political establishment charade. The state-induced psychosis segments and divides strangers, families and friends against themselves and polarizes the collective population against a small, alert minority.

This unbalanced situation can go on for years. Unbeknownst to the ruling elite, they continually self-destruct while their greed blinds them to reality that resistance is building sub-rosa.

People can be oppressed (pacified) to the extreme with propaganda and social welfare until a critical tipping point or shock potential is reached. At that point, physical pain and privation become general awareness, and demonstrations and riots appear.

This, too, can be suppressed with superior force for a time, but the same harsh armed suppression causes a greater portion of the populace to realize that government force is on one side and the citizenry on the other. This triggers a swell of capped rebellion to express itself and join the crowd.

So what happens? The state, in its unbridled greed, self-destructs. When the thousands of greedy bureaucrats and paid politicians overplay their greed so that chicanery in government is widespread and widely visible, it sparks social and militant revolution between the state and an aroused people who have guns. This is now!

Nothing can change this spontaneous process. It might blow hot and cold with twists and turns in the propaganda and a few million more food stamps. But the end is in sight and the crowds of people are beginning to see reality: A change of regime is at hand.

The old entrenched crowd must go, and some must be tried for treason. The hangman must be hanged!

Now, my friends, what do you imagine has delayed and postponed the liberation of the people from a greedy and despotic government? The answer is that there are two kinds of people in the world, and always have been, and never the twain shall be one. On one side is the great mass of basically honest people, then there is government.

All governments by nature attract greedy and parasitic people. In short, these are people who have the born mentality to live off of other people.

Politics and government are perfectly made for them. Keep in mind, there are a few exceptions. These (shall I call them humanoids?) have unusual qualities and attributes of personality that present them as benevolent, caring and concerned people with absolutely no hint that they wear masks that hide them as charlatans and greedy monsters. Under the masks they are Satanists devouring whom they will. Greed and aggrandizement are their silent forte.

Many of them belong to secret societies that historically have been at the center of subversive movements. Boy, this is mum!

We will call these people humanoids because they are deviants and devious. They have no conscience and no moral scruples. They are no respecter of persons except a feigned glow to extract something.

Their every thought is how to make the world flow to themselves. They would rip off their own parents or mate. “Selfish” is a kind word we can use to describe them.

What shall we call those people besides humanoids? By definition they are psychopaths. A more gentle term is sociopaths.

A caveat here is that most psychopaths don’t know that they are psychopaths. This makes them even more aggressive and sinister. They can kill people en masse for aggrandizement and greed. They hate wealth if it is not theirs. Sound familiar?

Another caveat: There are many rich and wealthy people who are not psychopaths.

Government is something for nothing as exemplified in the fiat monetary system. Something for nothing attracts greed and parasites. For sociopaths, government appears to offer something for nothing — an easy life and easy riches.

Sociopathic politicians and bureaucrats are usually intelligent and articulate. They know how to articulate and to harness the power of speech. They quickly learn control words as expressed here, and they repeat the themes of the elite and the party line. They are cold and calculating, and their every intent is to stay in office and stay in government.

Almost no politician will advocate a gold-backed currency. They won’t even mention it because gold is an economic straight jacket for Big Government and its politicians.

No politician will mention limiting House and Senate terms of office. No politician will advocate a bill to eliminate the privileges of office like their special healthcare and retirement benefits. Government is a privileged and plush existence for bureaucrats and politicians.

Politicians are afraid not to beat the drums for war because war is the agenda of the warfare-welfare state. They will support and mimic any war propaganda. Sociopaths/psychopaths will sell to the highest bidder as Judas sold out Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver.

Political sociopaths collectively cannot imagine themselves suffering the same punishment, misery and impoverishment that they have vented upon the American people. They have no conscience and they cannot discern that they are destroyers of law and order and that indeed they are destroying the system.

So you will know, in closing, we profile the sociopath:

  • He has glibness and superficial charm.
  • He is manipulative and cunning. Under his feigned charm, he is covertly hostile and domineering.
  • He has a grandiose sense of self.
  • He is a pathological liar.
  • He has no remorse, shame or guilt.
  • He has shallow emotions.
  • He has incapacity for love.
  • He is not concerned about how many lives he wrecks.
  • He usually has promiscuous sexual behavior.
  • He has a poor work ethic but is a master of exploiting others.
  • He has versatility and will change his image quickly to avoid prosecution.
  • He is contemptuous of anyone who understands them, like this writer.
  • He thinks only of his own immediate gratification.

Politicians in America are employees of the state. This must be understood! Until this is understood, we have no hope.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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