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The Trouble With Mitt’s Money

February 8, 2012 by  

The Trouble With Mitt’s Money

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works.” — Gordon Gekko, “Wall Street”

“Like Gekko, Romney made his fortune buying and selling companies.” —, Jan. 9

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has accumulated a vast amount of wealth and in doing so probably hasn’t broken a law or bylaw. However, Romney isn’t being honest about what kind of business he operated and he greatly exaggerates his business know-how.

Romney made that money not by building things but by tearing things down. His wealth was created through takeovers, buyouts and mergers. So his claim that he knows how to renew the American dream is disingenuous at best.

Vulture Economics

Romney founded Bain Capital in 1984 and oversaw the operations of the firm for several years. That put him in charge of business takeover operations similar to what the fictional Gordon Gekko ran ruthlessly in Oliver Stone’s movie “Wall Street.”

Private equity firms like Bain shift capital around. They prey on companies that they take over. Sometimes, they burden them with huge debts. Sometimes, they leave them with zero real assets. Many of the companies go bankrupt while the private equity firms pad their balance sheets.

Private equity firms buy companies they plan to bankrupt. They don’t care about how many pink slips are handed out. Their goal is to make sure that creditors collect as little as possible. To accomplish their goal, they transfer the assets of the acquired companies into other companies. That means big profits for private equity firms, but the economy gains nothing.

There is nothing illegal in it (unless, like Gekko, you use insider trading to fatten your profits), but it doesn’t add jobs. If anything, Romney is in the business of slashing jobs to get a bigger bottom line.

Romney Is No Henry Ford

Romney uses his resume to proclaim that he knows how to energize the American economy. Buying companies and trading stocks and bonds doesn’t so much as put a shingle on a barn.

Romney argues that he was helping workers and investors. Ron Paul disagrees. According to Paul, under the terms of a typical leveraged buyout, “The wealth is taken from the middle class and it goes to the select few, who are the insiders.”

Former GOP Presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry agrees with Paul.

“I happen to think that companies like Bain Capital could have come in and helped these companies if they truly were venture capitalists,” Perry told voters in Lexington, S.C.  “But they’re not — they’re vulture capitalists.”

Romney doesn’t help himself. Not only does he wear expensive suits like Gekko, but he seems to have some of the same attitudes. In “Wall Street,” Gekko says, “If you need a friend, get a dog.”

Romney expressed pretty much the same view when he said: “I like being able to fire people.” Like Gekko, Romney could have added: “Lunch is for wimps.”

On Jan. 19, Sun ran a column by Bill Press that argued against Romney’s public relations blitz regarding his business expertise.

There’s a big difference between the attacks on John Kerry’s war record in 2004 and the questions raised about Mitt Romney’s business record in 2012. The entire Swift Boat campaign was nothing but one big fat lie. But Gingrich and Perry are only telling the truth. Corporate predators like Bain Capital do, in fact, swoop in on distressed companies, leverage them with debt, strip them down, fire workers or export jobs, and then sell companies off for scrap — while investors walk away with huge profits.

Citing the success of Domino’s, Sports Authority and Staples, Romney brags about creating a “net 100,000 new jobs.” But he’s offered no proof of that claim, and his numbers don’t add enough. The 100,000 figure includes current employers of all three companies, hired long after Bain left the scene. And it doesn’t factor in the thousands of jobs Romney/Bain destroyed by looting other companies. Indeed, out of 77 companies taken over by Bain, the Wall Street Journal found that 22 percent had either filed for bankruptcy or simply shut their doors. The truth is, Romney was never a job creator. He was a wealth creator. And it’s a lie for him to suggest otherwise.

Just as it’s a lie to suggest that he ever lived in fear of getting a “pink slip.” As reported by the Boston Globe, Romney had a deal with Bain Capital that allowed him to return to his former job at his former salary if things didn’t work out. For him, there was zero financial risk.

There is also the contradiction between Romney the venture capitalist and Romney the political leader. As the Governor of Massachusetts, his reduction of the State bureaucracy was modest, as Boston Globe reporters Scott Helman and Michael Kranish report in their book, The Real Romney: “After four years, he reduced the payroll of agencies under his direct control by 603 jobs, according to his administration’s tally.”

Helman and Kranish point out that Romney’s predecessor, Republican Governor William F. Weld “had closed state hospitals, privatized services, and slashed about 7,700 jobs during his first term, though the numbers had later increased when the economy improved.”

The Men That Built America

As for Romney, the businessman, some of you may believe that plundering is straightforward economic Darwinism — a necessary and, ultimately, good thing. If that is true, then Bain Capital not only survived but thrived under Romney’s leadership.

What is not true is that Romney has business experience that builds up corporations and creates a vast number of jobs. Perhaps that is not his fault. He might have been born a century too late.

I came across a list of the richest individuals in history. Nobody alive is on that list. Men like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are not even in the same ballpark as that crowd. The Americans who are on the list are the magnates of industry who were building their fortunes and the Nation in the early 1900s.

John D. Rockefeller is noted as the richest individual ever. His personal fortune peaked at $318.3 billion in 2007 U.S. dollars.

The second richest ever — Andrew Carnegie — had his personal wealth top out at $298.3 billion, again adjusted for inflation.

Others in the top 10 list include William Henry Vanderbilt, Andrew William Mellon and Henry Ford. They were the builders. The others in the list were plunderers, including: Marcus Licinius Crassus at No. 8 with $170 billion; and Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, at No. 3 with $253.5 billion.

What America so desperately needs today are leaders and builders like Carnegie and Ford, not pillagers like Crassus and Nicholas. What disturbs me most about Romney in his campaign for the Presidency is that his business model more closely resembles the latter than it does the former.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • MK

    I think some of those fortunes were made when we didn’t have the taxes we now have.

    • Flashy

      Yes…they wer highr for those in the upper brackets. Didn’t hurt Mitt none did it?

      the article pretty much says it all. Romney is a fake, fraud lying con job. He’ll say anything and contradict his past if it gets the positive reaction from the immediate audience. he’s bought and sold by the big monied interests and has no connection, nor concern, for the 99% who aren’t rolling in the dough or not representing Big Corporate interests.

      Its no wonder he’s the leading GOP candidate. He’s exactly the profile they admire.

      • CJ

        So, in other words, you’d call him a common politician??

      • Tall Ted

        If anything, Mr. Myers understates the number of jobs which Mr. Romn

        • Tall Ted

          If anything, Mr. Myers has understates the number of jobs which Mr. romney has destroyed. Bain Capital created Staples. When a new Staples store was built, it set out to destroy its local competition by setting its prices artificially low. Smaller local stationary stores were then forced out of business. Once Staples had created a monopoly in an area, Staples could raise prices. I don’t know how you tabulate the number of companies that went broke, but the number of jobs Bain Capital destroyed is grossly understated.

          • Jake

            Right on. This is predatory pricing at it’s best.

          • sancheleezy

            TT, so what do you think is worse Romney or hypocrites like Saqntorum and Gingrich who daily misrepresent their “conservative” (false) backgrounds? At least we can see exactly what Bain Capital does through transparency. This predatory capitalism has been going on for decades—he did not invent it. I am sure in some instances there are discrepancies and things probably could have been done better, but what has Congress done but do but interfere in how businesses operate successfully. Vote for honesty and Liberty and less nation-building. Vote Dr. Ron Paul in 2012 and bring prosperity back to the U.S.A.

        • Louis

          “Sore grapes” unfortunately American people like “Tall Ted” and there are millions, they don’t know what they are talking about…America is fortunate in having people like Romney willing to go through “hell” to service our country…he doesn’t need the money nor is he eager for the power. I am not a Morman but I have many friends who are Mormans, and they are people dedicated to the sevice of our country…

          • eddie47d

            Romney is a cannibalizer in gaining his wealth. He picks apart other businesses to make his stronger. Sometimes good can come from such actions but usually someone else has to give up so he can gain. Hardly someone you would call a friend and yes most Mormons are good decent people.

          • Mark in LA

            When you say “service” our country, I presume you mean it in the same way a gigolo services his clients?

        • Allan12

          I am not condoning or condemning what Mitt Romney did during his time at Bain, What I am saying is that I doubt any of the those companies who succumbed to Bain control were doing fabulously well prior to takeover. So while many were bankrupted under Bain, would they not likely undergone the same fate on their own, albeit maybe at a slower rate?

          • WickedPickle

            That’s like saying, “If I hadn’t of killed him, he would have eventually died anyway”.. At least it would have been under their controlled (or uncontrolled) fate and not through Manifest Destiny of Big B’ness take-overs.

      • MNIce

        Flashy, MK was referring to the fortunes accrued by Rockefeller and Carnegie, not Romney. That was in the days before the 16th Amendment allowed a tax designed to make it harder for people to join the ranks of the rich.

        • Mark in LA

          It was also in the days before anti-trust legislation. It was common for people to collude to put other people out of business and take them over cheaply. It was also OK to use mafia like tactics – Do you want the money or the bankruptcy court? It was also common to use government and private thugs (Pinkertons) bought off by those wealthy to break unions using strong arm tactics.

          • Proud to be a Believer

            Mark, I don’t agree of course with strong arm tactics however, I hope you saw in the article about Henry Ford. He paid high wages so he would attract the best plus it was he who started the 5 day work week, NOT THE UNIONS as they want you to believe. The only Unions that I to this day believe in are the Trade Unions (Iron Workers, Laborers, Carpenters, etc.) as they do something with the dues, ie health and welfare (medical insurance) retirement fund, vacation fund. None of these are paid by the employer. Plus they train their workers and while they are in training the company hiring them, pays less for the Apprentice. When the company is finished with that particular need, the individuals return to their Union Hall to be assigned to another project. The only thing the other unions do, is cause problems within the company always making stupid demands and pays for nothing. For the poor sucker paying into the Union, the only thing he is guaranteed is his job. I never had to worry about getting fired, because I was the best at what I did and had the old fashion work ethics that unfortuntely no one knows today.

          • Mark in LA

            Proud – everything entrenched too long degenerates into a racket, so it was with large union administration. However, it wasn’t capitalists who gave this country a middle class it was the unions getting better pay and working conditions and forcing government into pro-labor policies (ending immigration in 1924) that did it. Everything starting with Reagan was an attempt to reverse this and we can see the result, a massive concentration of wealth at the top and the movement of money slowing in the middle as the middle class is squeezed out of existance.

          • Joe H.

            Mark in LA,
            you mean like union thugs did to a man in a wheelchair??

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, your knowledge of history is abysmally lacking, isn’t it?

        Re your ridiculous statement, “Yes…they [taxes] were higher for those in the upper brackets. Didn’t hurt Mitt none did it?”

        What taxes, pray tell, are you talking about? Of the ten men on the list of richest people ever, four were not even American and the six remaining all made their fortunes BEFORE income taxes were levied by the US.

        • eddie47d

          I believe he was referring to the wealthy after WWII who had to pay a 90% tax yet still remained very rich. Now the wealthy of today pay much less,hide their money overseas and are not necessarily the builders of society anymore. They take but don’t always give back in relationship to their wealth.

      • Vigilant

        Flush make the substitution of one name and you’ve got it correctly: “Obama is a fake, fraud lying con job. He’ll say anything and contradict his past if it gets the positive reaction from the immediate audience. he’s bought and sold by the big monied interests and has no connection, nor concern, for the 99% who aren’t rolling in the dough or not representing Big Corporate interests.”

        • Mark Are

          A POS by any other name is still a POS. Romney, Obama, what REALLY is the DIFFERENCE? Both fit that definition to the Tee.

          • Old Henry


            That is exctly why the elites are pushing Romney – either way they win.

          • Joe H.

            Mark Are,
            Yup, same old $hit, just a different wrapper!

      • Danny Buckles

        John Myers , I appreciate this article on Mitt Romney. I wish the Media was honest enough to cover these discrepancies of Mitts past now. Before he is able to Steal the Republican Nomination. Which is just another Stolen Prize by Lies and corrupt manuvers. The Leftist media will sure bring the Truth about Romney, when he runs against their darling Obama. But to tell the truth I can’t see any difference betwween Obama and Romney. Neither of them Have the Heart for America, that Newt Gingrich has. I believe that Newt Gingrich is the last hope America has left.

        • Mark Are

          Newt will turn the Whitehouse into a Whorehouse. Or is that what you want? Just make sure your wife never meets him in private.

          • http://personalLiberty uptodate

            Totally uncalled for.

          • Don

            Marky, you sir are a lier !

          • Proud to be a Believer

            I don’t believe you wrote that Mark!!! What about John Kennedy and Willy the cigar Clinton.

          • Doug

            Mark did Newt give it to you in the butt? And nice what you think of woman you know it takes two to tangle unless you think rape is such a beautiful thing!

          • Danny Buckles

            Mark, are you a Christian? if not then that exsplains your judgement and failure to believe in forgiveness and redemption. If you are then consider the Lords Word on the subject> Judge not lest YOU be judged. And Mark I am not so insecure that I worry about Newt taking my wife are you. Newt Gingrich is the Liberal Washington’s worst nightmare. They have fought him relentlessly for twenty years. Newt for President.

          • AnneBeck58

            White-house into something else?
            Well, Obama has turned it into a Judicial-house, and a murder-house.. Do I want Newt? DO I think he’s a decent person? Of course, not. I would say to anyone who doesn’t get it..; Please DO vote for Ron Paul. The only option to actually take Obama down IS Paul. And, if we don’t get rid of Obama, what’s happened (already) this year, with NDAA, etc.., will only worsen.
            Do you want a consitutional USA, or do you want this to go on and get worse? Our OPTIONS are not, Newt, Mitt, Rick, only. We have a real choice and that man is Ron Paul. Quite a few members of Congress, from all sides of the aisle (including Indies) DO agree with the man, and I could see him getting positive changes made for this country. Otherwise, we’re in terrible trouble, worse than today!

          • Old Henry

            Danny Buckles:

            I think you should read Bob Livingston’s article of December 5, 2011. You obviously missed it.

          • s c

            M, where have you been hiding? The White House has been a glorified whorehouse for many generations. The trick is to know who the pimps are and who the whores are. Most people won’t let themselves in terms like that. You could look and see who has the roundest heels, but you have to LOOK.

        • Eugene Sevene

          Newt is the only one who has admitted that he has made mistakes.It is my belief that if you are human mistakes you will make. The point is to learn from those mistakes. Romney on the other hand made mistakes with his corporate raids and making profit from the loss of thousands of American jobs. He ruined loves for personal gain and to me that is neither ethical nor moral conduct. He now wants to be president of the Unites States, maybe the people really are that stupid, as Obama believes, I surely hope not. I myself might even vote for him if only he would stand up and be a man and tell the truth.

          • Old Henry


            Gingrich is the consumate politician and he will SAY ANYTHING to achieve his goal.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Making a mistake is going to a grocery store and buying the wrong kind of milk. Newt made deliberate choices which had and have bad consequences.

          • Joe H.

            Remember a guy named Edwards??? He admitted to making a mistake and what did he do? Made the same “mistake” all over again!! POLS LIE TO GET ELECTED! Don’t listen to them, look to their RECORD OF VOTES!!!

        • Eugene Sevene

          Newt is the only one who has admitted that he has made mistakes.It is my belief that if you are human mistakes you will make. The point is to learn from those mistakes. Romney on the other hand made mistakes with his corporate raids and making profit from the loss of thousands of American jobs. He ruined lives for personal gain and to me that is neither ethical nor moral conduct. He now wants to be president of the Unites States, maybe the people really are that stupid, as Obama believes, I surely hope not. I myself might even vote for him if only he would stand up and be a man and tell the truth.

          • Leslie J

            Newt is a dishonest day dreamer who is not good for our country as President.

          • Joe H.

            Newt didn’t ruin his wifes life, what was left of it, when he left her on her sick bed, suffering from CANCER?? would YOU DO THAT???

          • Susan


            You might find this interesting re a little history of Newt…

        • http://google rose

          No. ron Paul is our last hope.

      • Marv

        I find it appalling how so many of you twist the truth to fit your agenda. Bain Capital purchased companies that were already on the brink of bankruptcy. In doing so he saved a whole lot more jobs than the government has in the last 3 years.
        Twist it how you will the fact is Mitt Romney saved and created a whole lot of jobs. He turned around a failing 2002 Olympics and is running to turn around a country that is on the verge of decline. He is the only one that is running for president this time that has a chance of turning this thing around. Rather than finding so much fault with him I think all Americans should either find someone with a better tract record of fixing messes or pray that he can lead us to repair the mess we have gotten ourselves into.

        • ratchetmaster

          Marv has it right here . . . this article is full of spin. Make Mitt sound bad because you have a pen and an audience to spread your twisting of the truth.

          Anyone can be made to look bad if you spin the story that way.

          Marv has referenced truth and not political garbage like John Myers has. John, go crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under. You are the only one dirty here.

          • Eugene Sevene

            A challenge to all Mitt Romney supporters; Stand face to face with good ale Mitt and ask him to explain his role in Bain Capital and see how fast he comes unglued. He not only will not talk to you about it, but you will be quickly removed from the scene without the chance to say another word. He completely refuses to talk about it, and gets very upset when questioned. What do you suppose he is hiding?

          • Joe H.

            look at all thecomparables between Adumberer care and Romney care. Him and Adumberer are the Same old $hit just a different wrapper!! I very much doubt he will carry Mass in the general!

          • Joe H.

            It was just told by Grassfire that Obamacare will force the funding of abortificients. in other words all the supplies used in an abortion. I thought this was made illegal by law? Wheres the all knowing ACLU representing all the people whose religeous objections are being ABRIDGED???

        • s c

          Marv, America doesn’t deserve Mutt or anyone like him. If Mutt isn’t cut from the same diseased cloth as Obummer, it will take an electron microscope to know for certain.
          HOW can you sleep at night knowing that Mutt GAVE Obummer’s robots the blueprint for Obummercare? HOW does that detail escape your attention? Maybe you’d be happier back on your home planet. When you leave, take Mutt with you. Are you a child posing as an adult?

        • Geno

          Marv: Don’t confuse government with business. In fact, when you do mix government with business you end up with fascism. The truth is we do not need a president who thinks America is his cash cow; we need a president who understands the limited role of government and is willing to defend the Constitution. So unless you want a fascist government that has no regard for the Constitution please consider Ron Paul.

          • Ronald R. Johnson

            I can’t argue with you to much about Ron Paul, but he does not seem to be able to determine who hate and are against American nor who love Americans and willing to back us when needed and asked. He would throw the Jews under the bus in a heart beat,run with open arms to the Muslim Leaders of Iran and not even relize that their Religion demands that they kill all of us who are not Muslims! He opens his arms to Iranians who hate us and throws the Jews who love and back America under the bus! The man is sure off track when it comes to knowing who America’s friends are and who wants to take America down. Maybe his mind has become feeble! What ever his problem is or the condition of his mind he has a hard enough time finding his way to the bath room, much less defending and or leading America! He seems nice enough and maybe honest, but he does not have what is needed to defend or lead America!

          • Old Henry


            Before you go off on Ron Paul becasue he wants to try PEACEFUL solultions rather than bomb, bomb, bomb check out these two links. Learn some history and learn some truths about Iran. Remember, the LSM are deeply complicit with Little Barry and the M/I complex.

            The first one is not long, but the second one will involve some time.


        • Ronald R. Johnson

          It appears Obama is not the only person with a cult following! Seems old worthless Mitt has one too and like Obama’s cult they can see no wrong in there master! I wonder how many of his cult members get to see the secret room in his church? I also wonder how many of his cult does he advise to keep their money in the Cayman Islands? Mitt has never had a single day when he had to worry about paying rent,or a house payment or trying to put food on the table for his family or trying to find a way to make an insurance payment on his life or his family’s life or their health Insurance payment, or a car payment or paying for a vacation every FEW years and that makes him so far removed from the average working American that he has no idea what working Americans need! All he knows about Americans is what is needed and good for the VERY RICH Americans like himself! And what does ols worthless Mitt do in that secret back room at his church?

          • Geno

            RRJ: I think you are buying swallowing too much of the media fear tactics regarding the Muslims. Believe it or not Ron Paul gets it. That is why the media vilifies him. It almost seems Biblical: The savior of this nation is being delivered to us as a humble servant and all we have to do is choose. If Americans reject Ron Paul then they have sent a clear message to the globalist that Americans prefer tyranny to liberty and we are sheep ready for slaughter.

            As for your position on Muslims I can understand where these beliefs come from but one should dig deeper to get at the truth of its origins:

            The idea has been perpetuated that Muslims have the belief that as of now, the world is a house of war Dar al-Harb & till it accepts Islam it will remain so. Thus, the duty of every Muslim is to turn this “house of war” to a “house of peace” Dar as-Salam.

            Now how do they achieve it? They say the Qu’ran provides them with a solution. i.e kill non Muslims if they refuse Islam.

            “Muhammad said, ‘You are commanded to carry out jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam’ ” (Qur’an 47:4)

            Qur’an (8:12) & 107 other verses in the Qu’ran echo the same message of Jihad.

            Muslims are also given the assurance that if they kill non Muslims they will get eternal rewards.

            Qu’ran (9.111): Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they FIGHT IN HIS CAUSE, AND SLAY AND ARE SLAIN: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur’an: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme. Verses like Qu’ran (4:74) & many others speak of eternal rewards.

            So basically Muslims don’t care even if they die while doing their Jihad because Allah has promised an eternal reward for them. Muslims that follow Islam are very faithful towards their religion & they believe that whatever is there in the Qu’ran is for real.

            But most of these verses are taken out of context. Many are in reference to the wars against the Christian Crusaders. In fact this is not the belief of most Muslims today. Furthermore, one has to ask what does the word “Jihad” really mean?

            Many Muslim beliefs have been taken out of context and extremists have used this misinterpretation to fuel hatred among fundamentalist Muslims by telling them Jihad means holy war. But the truth is most Muslims believe in the code within the Qu’ran which stipulates that it is not okay to harm “people of the book”. “People of the book” are Jews and Christians. The Islamic faith is based on the Old and New testaments, the Qu’ran is written as an additive with many of the same characters and beliefs, even Jesus is in the Qu’ran.

            Always keep in mind that people are people and fundamentalism is everywhere. Please don’t let a stereotype ruin your understanding of a vast group of people.

            The idea of killing infidels actually came out of a sect of Muslims in Saudi Arabia. The United States and Saudi Arabia are allies. This is where Osama bin Laden came from. This is where the terrorists who attacked the WTF were supposed to have come from. Connect the dots and you will see what is really going on here and why the Muslim faith is vilified. The CIA created and spread the misinformation about the Muslim faith to suit its agenda. The CIA has no difficulty recruiting ignorant Muslims and brainwashing them with false information about their religion. It is not any different than what the catholic church did during the inquisition and the crusades.

            So we have a few brainwashed Muslims who want to kill infidels. We have some “Christians” who want to kill Muslims (Santorum) or some Jews (Zionists) who want to kill Muslims. However, to classify an entire group of people is ignorant and racist. Most Muslims are peaceful and rational people. In fact, the reason most conflict is happening in the Middle East is not because of religion (although some is), but rather because of rampant poverty and oppression. Americans have been taught to believe the opposite, however, so that those in power can justify aggression to further their own agendas (e.g., New World Order, Patriot Act, NDAA). In addition, if we are constantly living in fear (i.e. of terror or drugs or whatever) then we become dependent on those in power for our own safety. Oftentimes, threats are constructed not out of rationality or logic, but out of a need to keep the majority of people in fear and to facilitate dependency.

            Consider this fact: There are about 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today. It is the fastest growing religion. If even a small percentage of those people (say 1% or 12 million) were actively engaged in wanting to kill Christians or infidels, wouldn’t we be in much more trouble? Shouldn’t we see more violence than what we see now? There must be a lot of Muslims who are not faithful to their beliefs!

            So what does the math allow us to conclude?

            That the very vast majority of Muslims just go on with their daily lives and have better things to do, like most other people on Earth, than to plot ways to kill this or that perceived enemy.

            So don’t let politicians with an agenda turn you into the obsessive minority of humans that is ultimately causing all the problems. The politicians have vilified Muslims to support their NWO agenda and this is a great way to control the world population and justify never ending wars.

            Ask yourself who benefits from endless wars against Muslims? The Military Industrial Complex! Our young men and women are sent to risk life and limb to fight a hyped up enemy so a few people can get rich from the profits of war.

            The truth is murder is a major sin in Islam! The only circumstance in which a Muslim is allowed to kill someone is in self defense. Who doesn’t agree with that? Muslims are not out to kill anyone. Also there is no such thing as ‘holy war’ in Islam. “Jihad’ actually means ‘struggling’. So when the Qu’ran said ‘You are commanded to carry out jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam’ ” (Qur’an 47:4) it really means Muslims are commanded to struggle (or tolerate or put up) with the infidels. The only reason there were so many wars in the prophet Muhammad’s time was because the non-Muslims were the ones killing the Muslims and the Muslims were acting in self-defense, as they are now when we invade their countries. They have a duty to defend themselves just as we have a duty to defend our nation. How many Americans are guilty of being derelict in their duty to defend the Constitution from the tyrants that have taken over our government and shredded the Constitution?

            “Dispute not, unless in kindly sort, with the Christians and the Jews; save with such of them as have dealt wrongfully with you: And say ye, ‘We believe in what hath been sent down to us and hath been sent down to you. Our God and your God is one, and to him are we self-surrendered” (Qu’ran 29:46).

            If Muslims are not allowed to even dispute with Christians, unless “in kindly sort”, then how are they allowed to just go around and slaughter them?

            Here is is an excellent reference to the Qu’ran:

   see verses 45-46.

          • ChristyK

            You are wrong about Ron Paul. He doesn’t support the muslims over Israel. He respects Israel as a sovereign nation. Right now we give 3x (also heard 8x) as much aid to Israel’s enemies as to Israel. Because of our aid, we tell Israel how and when they may defend themselves and what they must agree to in treaties. Israel would be much better off if we gave no foreign aid (to Israel or their enemies) and allowed them to defend themselves and to make whatever treaties they wish. Ron Paul was the only (or one of the few) to vote that Israel had the right to bomb Iranian nuclear plants in self-defense.

            Just because Ron Paul does not want to go in and bomb Iran to oblivion does not mean that he supports Iran or any other muslim nation. He does, however, believe that talking to and trading with Iran would increase our chance of peace and safety rather than the sanctions and lining up our soldiers around their nation like we are preparing to invade. The Iranian leaders may not like us no matter what we do, but the Iranian people will like us much better when we trade with them, spread our culture, and do not threaten their nation. If you look back before 9/11, our nation was divided into Republicans and Democrats that hated each other. When we were attacked on 9/11, it brought out patriotism and unity. Our threatening of Iran makes the Iranian people join together in patriotism against us. If we traded freely with them, we could win many over and they would be more willing to stand up to their own totalitarian government.

          • eddie47d

            Thank You Geno and Christy

          • Old Henry

            Ditto eddie. (Am I allowed to use that word here?)

          • Joe H.

            you aren’t a (GASP) ditto head, are you??? (End sarcasm here!!)

        • Mark in LA

          I was there in the LBO craze of the 80s and even had the misfortune of owning some junk bonds and got to see first hand how with Chapter 11 the pricipals screw the bondholders until they have stolen everything they can get their hands on. The idea that first and foremost Bain came in to save these companies is a joke. They first came in to make money. I imagine the amount of effort they put in to turn a company around was negligible. That takes real work and isn’t really very profitable for all the effort compared to shuffling paper once every brokerage on Wall Street got into the junk bond act.

        • Joan Lussier

          You are absolutely right. Lets talk about “crony capitalism ” Thats is Obama. Not saying
          that both parties are not guilty of it. The writer of this article Sounds more like Alex Jones.
          That ad put out by Newt has so many distortions. If you fact check it you will see. I don’t
          believe in conspiracy tactics. I agree, Ron paul is a good man. I am not so sure he will win the
          general but his message is great. Newt is no conservative. No real capitalist or believer of free market solutions would put out an ad like that.
          Don’t forget Mitt left Bain capital in 1999. From what I know, many of the CEO’s are democrats.
          Right now one of them is one of Obamas jobs czars. Not that there is any thing wrong with
          that. Maybe he can teach Obama how the private sector works.

        • John

          Mitt Romney’s policies will be Obama’s policy’s on steroids.

          • Old Henry

            Maybe not steroids John, but you are correct in that there will be not much difference in their policies. Romney will simply, as the Republicans do, do it all in smaller less perceptable steps.

        • Mike M


          You are one of the few here that has it right. . . Too bad there are so many Newt maniacs on this forum. Exactly the reason I just cancelled my subscription to these newsletters. How someone can tear down Mitt Romney at the same time they elevate Newt Gingrich is just over the top. Mitt has kept his commitments to his wife and that says volumes to me about his character. In fact it is enough said when comparing Mitt and Newt.

        • helen bristol

          Thankyou for the truth. Another thing about Romney donations he makes to his church go 100% to the cause they are donated for unlike other charitable institutions as it ia strictly all voluteer. Others pay for high overhesd and managers larges salaries. He has made a lot of money but his charitable contributions are probabbly by far more than most in his income bracket.

      • Truther

        If not Romney, should we now vote for an egolomaniac, a hypocrit who implodes and have for a first Lady ( and President) adulterers ? Looks like Santorrum is thr only one left! Too bad Ron Paul has a naive ciew of National security. Otherwise, he would have been my choice!

        • Ronald R. Johnson

          Truth be told at this next election we really have no one worth a hoot running! When we vote all we can do is vote for who can and will do the least damage to America and hope by the next election we will still have a strong America left standing and not full of illegals and Muslims. God only knows what we will get when we push 1 then! I wonder what makes Obama think America is not a Christian Nation? Not thinking that, it’s no wonder Obama is attacking the Catholic Church and makes me wonder whose church is next on his list! You can bet it wont be a Muslim Church!

        • Geno

          Well then Truther, the media has succeeded in convincing you Ron Paul’s ideas for National Security are wrong, when in fact the opposite is true: Ron Paul is not only right for today’s circumstances, but history reinforces the wisdom of his ideas. It is too bad too. If his views on foreign party are all that keeps from supporting Ron Paul then I can see why the media ridicules his foreign policy so vehemently — to prevent people from fully embracing Ron Paul on this one issue.

        • ChristyK

          I used to think, as you do, about Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Then I started reading history, the constitution, our founders writings, etc. I found out that the government (and the military industrial complex that Eisenhauer warned us about) have been using fear and patriotism to manipulate the american public into supporting wars. How is our current foreign policy sane? We spend more on the military than all other countries combined. We gave aid & training to the taliban & Al Qaeda to fight the Russians and are now fighting the same people that we armed & trained. We didn’t like the elected leadership in Iran, so we overthrew the government and put in place the tyrannical Shaw, which the Iranians hated and overthrew, putting in place the current Islamic regime. We then set up Saddam Husein to proxy fight against Iran. Then we decided that we needed to spend a decade overthrowning him and setting up a new government that is Shia and looks like it will work with Iran. Now we are setting up a war with Iran over unproven weapons (just like the non-existant weapons in Iraq). How is this a sane foreign policy?

          Even if you think we should be the world’s policeforce and you think we belong in ~900 bases in ~130 countries, how can we afford it? Pretty soon, if we don’t drastically cut our spending (most of the budget is defense or entitlements), we will not be able to afford any defense. Which is safer, having all of our troops spread across the world especially in countries that hate us, or bring our troops home to defend our borders and our nation?

          If you look at the facts instead of the hype, there is only one candidate with a sane foreign policy and it is Ron Paul.

          • Old Henry

            Bravo ChristyK.

        • AnneBeck58

          Uhm, ‘Truther’?
          How on earth have you come up with such a statement about Paul not having a clue (ciew?) when it comes to foreign policy? The man is the only reaslist when it comes to such. He’s not anti-war, but is anti-war for OTHERS, and anti-war when it comes to those who are not a threat to US. He agrees with Netanyahu on Israel. He does not want our kids going off to DIE for LIES, as has been happening for far too long. And, Ron Paul is the only man running (or standing in) for the White-house with any notion about military and war. He gets more money from military (active AND vets) than all of the others, combined. Why would you suppose that is?
          It’s obvious you and that other person; other “Paul-hater” simply believe whatever the NEWZZZZZZZ lulls you into slumber believing. Do yourself and the USA a favor; research what Paul says about Israel, about war, and about US. I think you listen to far too much Fox and C-Spam (the homes of Mitt) for your own good. It’s also too much for MY good.
          Sometimes, I would like to make a rule, that those who don’t pay attention should not vote. But, that would be “Un-American” of me, wouldn’t it? Sheeple? Please stay home on election day!

        • Old Henry


          It is obvious that you have no clue as to Ron Paul’s stand on defending our country. Educate yourself:

        • Joe H.

          Why spend BILLIONS and Billions on protection in foreign countries, when we have worse coming across our porous southern border??? Ron Paul has it right, bring our troops home and seal our border against foreign invaders! Prayer rugs found on the trails, training camps in Mexico that train anybody to speak english like a Mexican national, terrorist training camps right here in the US. what good are bases all over the world if they are going to allow THAT?

        • Boatman99

          Would you please explain as why you find Ron Pauls foreign policy dangerous?

        • Boatman99

          To thuther, please explain why Ron Pauls view of national security is naive?

        • http://google rose

          Ron Paul is not naive. He is more honest about what is going on with foriegn policy and knowledgable about it. He is not a warwonger. Israel is quite capable of defending itself, that is why he would not interven. We really need to butt out, because it would only prolong any effort that Israel would put out to defend itself. I read the bible and Israel wins. that is with the help of Christ.

      • JUKEBOX

        Flashy, I now realize that you admire the rich Democrats like Pelosi, Feinstein-Blum, Obama, Soros,etc. who never produced as much as a toothpick, but got wealthy by inheritance or insider trading, which most people never have the opportunity to do.

        • Joe H.

          I remember when I was about twelve or so that a friend of mine was so upset that it wasn’t funny. It seemed that his grandmother had given him a piece of paper for his birthday that was pretty but he wasn’t interested in it. Well, turned out it was some stock from Coke that, when he cashed them in years later, repaid his college and paid for two kids college as well. Wish I could have been upset THAT way!!!

      • Eugene Sevene

        I have been saying these things in comments from the beginning and it does my heart good to see that someone besides myself is taking the time to look into who the candidates really are. As I see the problem, the American people are so busy trying to amass their own wealth that they don’t or won’t take the time to do the same. Don’t read me wrong, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having m0ney. I do think that if one gains wealth by destroying other people and their lives is immoral and unethical. Is this the man we want to be the leader of our country?

      • FreedomFighter

        Flash ask these questions about your “obummer”

        Reagan said it best

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Old Henry

          Nuther good one FreedomFighter. Thank you. I sent it on to many.

      • Marlene

        His blatant phoniness is why Obama likes and supports him, don’t you know?

      • Thor

        In order to help pay for its war effort in the American Civil War, the United States government imposed its first personal income tax, on August 5, 1861as part of the Revenue Act of 1861 (3% of all incomes over US $800) ($19,490 in 2011 dollars). In 1894, Democrats in Congress passed the Wilson-Gorman tariff, which imposed the first peacetime income tax. The rate was 2% on income over $4000 ($101,200 in 2011 dollars), which meant fewer than 10% of households would pay any.

        In 1913, the top tax rate was 7% on incomes above $500,000 ($10 million 2007 dollars).

        During World War I, the top rate rose to 77% and the income threshold to be in this top bracket increased to $1,000,000 ($16 million 2007 dollars).

        Under Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, top tax rates were reduced in 1921, 1924, 1926, and 1928. Mellon argued that lower rates would spur economic growth. By 1928, the top rate was scaled down to 24% and the income threshold for paying this rate fell to $100,000 ($1 million 2007 dollars).

        During the Great Depression and World War II, the top income tax rate rose from pre-war levels. In 1939, the top rate was 75% applied to incomes above $5,000,000 ($75 million 2007 dollars). During 1944 and 1945, the top rate was its all-time high at 94% applied to income above $200,000.

        Since 1964, the threshold for paying top income tax rate has generally been between $200,000 and $400,000. The one exception is the period from 1982–1992 when the top income tax brackets were removed and incomes above around $100,000 (varies by year) paid the top rate. From 1981 until 1986 the top marginal rate was lowered to 50%. From 1988–1990, the threshold for paying the top rate was even lower, with incomes above $29,750 to $32,450 ($51,000 in 2007 dollars) paying the top rate of 28% in those years.

        Top tax rates were increased in 1992 and 1994, culminating in a 39.6% top individual rate applicable to all classes of income.
        Top individual tax rates were lowered in 2004 to 35% and tax rates on dividends and capital gains lowered to 15%, with the Bush administration claiming lower rates would spur economic growth.


        From 1900 to the present, the Congressional Record shows that Democrats have controlled Congress more than 87% of the time and that the insidious increase in taxes over that time has been totally under Democratic Control and that it is that paradigm that has brought us to this point. Obviously, increasing taxes is not a new phenomena and it is a Democratic phenomena. So, what’s not to like about giving the 5% or less who pay most of the tax a break once in a while?

        Please, Mr. Flashy, can I simply keep a little more of my own money?

      • Doug

        And yet he created more jobs than OBOZO who could not run a lemonaid stand. Oh yes and he is a natural born citizen and has a original BC and SS#! And he is not a Muslum and he only lies half the time he opens his mouth on like OBOZO who lies every time he opens his mouth! But yes he is just about the same as OBOZO but is a real American politician not puppet like OBZO the abomination!

      • Old Henry

        “Romney is a fake, fraud lying con job.”

        Maybe Little Barry Soetoro should dump Joey the idiot and replace him with Romney. It appears he would fit right in.

        • Joe H.

          TWO PEAS IN A POD!!!

      • Aurelio

        Are we freaking attacking capitalism here? The man made his money in the business world, and a lot of it, and so what? Obama made millions selling his prosaic stupid book, Bill Clinton more than 100 millions given speeches, and millions of others. Yes, he is rich, and I wish I were too, but I didn’t do what he did, and now I don’t envy him, Like let’s see….Santorum? Gingrich? and maybe the guy who wrote this article. This blog stinks.

      • http://n/a Scrappy

        I am ‘assuming’ you are a fan of Obama. If you find Mitt Romney unpalatable for his former ‘line of work’, I strongly suggest you check out George Soros (Obama’s biggest backer and puppet-master) and note that he is in the same business (one of his many)….Does the same opinion apply to Obama – yes, he is the “Staples” in this picture.

        • Boatman99

          They are all the same buddy, they dont give a hoot about you or your family, they only care about themselves even if it means destroying your liberties and savings. Ron Paul is the only person, i would not put him in the category as politicians, that would do what is allowed. By the way I do not understand what is all this about wether Mitt Romneys credentials as businessman is important for the role of president, the only important role of the president is to obey the constitution and defend our liberty not to create jobs, that is your individual responsability. I dont remember when was the last time that a politician experience in business help me to run my business. Everytime I see a politician get close to me I run as I know all he wants is to get his hands in my pockets.

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      No matter, but for sure we will never hear truer words about old worthless Mitt! Mitt is just as bad as Obama for America, just in other ways! And the secret back room in his church scares me! Why does a church need a secret back room and one that only special church members can go in. If Mitt gets in the white house will he have a secret room there that only special people can go in? Why does Mitt keep so much money in the Cayman Islands? He keeps a lot of money off shore, so who’s to say he wont be putting more and more jobs off shore if it lines his pockets! Sadly when we vote this time the only thing we can really do is vote for the person who can and will probably do the less damage to America. No matter which worthless person gets in the white house it will still be sad times for America and for a very long time, except if it’s Obama because in his last term if elected again he will with help from the Brady gun grabber bunch and Blumberg and his gun grabbing bunch of rich worthless Mayors disarm honest Americans, then they can do as they please since they will have armed body guards and then Obama can crush Catholics and other Christians and welcome more and more Muslims with open arms and also welcome many more illegals giving him two more ways to attack America and take her down! Guess we will have to pray [ while it's still allowed]and wait and see if he is able to make his Muslim dreams come true! I pray he and his crazy bunch does not get the chance to do it!

      • JUKEBOX

        People have no concept of how many companies are owned or financed by the heiarchy of the Mormon Church. That’s what goes on in that secret room, and you had rather default on a loan from the Mafia than the Mormon Church.

      • nifto

        I read that Romney actually got the Mormon Church to baptize his DEAD ATHEIST SON-IN-LAW. Is this real?

        • Boatman99

          I heard it was hisfather that e had baptized?

  • Bruce D.

    Most knowledagble people would disagree with this article. It is mostly what you would expect from a political hack
    “In a comprehensive 2001 re-examination of the buyouts and takeovers of the 1980s, economists Bengt Holmstrom of MIT and the University of Chicago’s Steven Kaplan made clear (as have others) that the results were far from the stereotype of zero-sum pillage revived last week by economic historian Newt Gingrich and un-Texan Gov. Rick Perry (“vulture capitalism”), and sure to be promoted in grainy, tear-soaked campaign ads by the Obama team.
    “When large-scale hostile takeovers appeared in the 1980s,” Messrs. Holmstrom and Kaplan write, “many voiced the opinion that they were driven by investor greed; the robber barons of Wall Street had returned to raid innocent corporations. Today, it is widely accepted that the takeovers of the 1980s had a beneficial effect on the corporate sector and that efficiency gains, rather than redistributions from stakeholders to shareholders, explain why they appeared.”

    • DaveH

      Yep. It’s all about Politically Connected Corporate Officers protecting themselves from deserved ouster by enlisting the protective aid of Big Government instead of doing their jobs — Crony Capitalism.

    • wandamurline

      Although I am not a big fan of Romney, I do not agree with the attacks the left and others have made on him for his business ventures. He purchased companies that were going to shut down…when a company shuts down, the people lose their jobs….then they infused cash to try to get the company up and running….some were saved and others were not. This is just good business. I am really tired of people who have a good idea and go with it to make themselves rich being torn down by taking advantage of the atmosphere of the private sector. The government thinks big business should be given tax payer monies when they fail….not so. Had we let GM and Chrysler go down, someone else would have purchased them and the American taxpayer would not be out 878 billion dollars that was basically wasted.

      • MNIce

        Quite right, Wanda, I know of a retired businessman who later in his career purchased troubled companies and turned them around. He had a much higher success rate than Bain; he was able to return better than 95% of them to profitability. He was occasionally criticized for sometimes sharp reductions of payroll expenses, but he tried hard to ensure decent working conditions for employees he retained, since he considered a loyal workforce to be a necessary component of a successful company. He attributed his success in part to careful selection of the businesses he purchased; they had to fit into the product lines of his corporation and have a quantifiable market niche, such as service provided for a particular geographical region.

        The results of private bailout investments vary widely. Sometimes all a company needs is an infusion of capital, but it is unable to borrow money at rates it can afford. A common practice in such cases is simply to provide cash in exchange for stock and a seat or two on the board of directors. On the other end, you may find a company with incompetent management, no salable product and a worthless business model. All you can do with a mess like that is try to find the most profitable way to liquidate it, and if you are fortunate, you may find a few good employees to work in your other business ventures. In that case, the buyer is essentially the mortician for an already dead enterprise; the value of the company is essentially whatever can be obtained for its tools and property.

    • Vigilant

      Insurgent, that would be compatible with Mr. Myers’ quote from Bill Press: ” Corporate predators like Bain Capital do, in fact, swoop in on distressed companies…”

      Mr. Myers may have missed the word “distressed,” an indicator that in Capitalism, unprofitable business concerns will naturally make way for the profitable ones. Bain, among others, was the broom that swept out the trash, a situation infinitely preferable to keeping a company on life support through wasteful government subsidies (read: General Motors).

    • Danny Buckles

      Bruce D ?? are you saying that America is better off without all of the jobs that was lost from these companys that were destroyed by Mitt Romneys plundering. Or are you just sold on the same profiteers insider coverups of the destruction across America. Or do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you purchase all those products MADE in China. That were made in the USA before the companys were plundered by Romneys PROFITEERS. There are many skelotons of once thriving communities across America, That are testimonies to Romneys type of Croney Capitolism.

      • Bruce D.

        You know exactly what I am saying Danny. You are promoting political hack based on an unrealistic look at the facts.

        • Mark Are

          Facts are probable. Prove your facts.

          • DaveH

            Why don’t you ask Danny to prove his statement — “are you saying that America is better off without all of the jobs that was lost from these companys that were destroyed by Mitt Romneys plundering”?

          • Joe H.

            A little off topic but do you have the link to soros’s interview where he discusses his work for the nazis? a friend asked me for it biut I seem to have lost it. Thanks in advance.

      • MNIce

        If a company is to provide jobs, it must have a means of covering payroll expenses. No product sales, no product making progress in development and no remaining capital means no money to pay employees. It’s that simple. State labor laws require that workers be paid first before other creditors. I once worked for a company that found itself in that situation – the owners checked the numbers, realized the product we were developing could never turn a profit, and took immediate steps to shut down the operation to minimize the damage. Not everyone is willing to admit failure; sometimes it takes an outside opinion from an interested party such as a venture capitalist to get management to face reality.

        If you think that is a harsh fate for a corporation, think about a nation drowning in sovereign debt. Greece is a particularly sobering example. Its primary natural resource is tourism – a difficult product to sell when the world economy is ailing. Due to lack of replacement reproduction, its population is rapidly aging; the majority of the workforce is well past its prime. Overly generous state-funded retirement welfare programs have run up a huge debt. The government is unwilling to make major changes to its spending in the face of public pressure. Its primary creditor, Germany, has suggested placing the national government in foreign receivership. That is about as bad an assessment as a government could get without committing human rights violations.

        The US has more resources, but if you think its present Central Government Executive department is significantly more competent, I can get some Greek bonds to sell to you.

    • Mark in LA

      Yes, we should always listen to economists. They are always right and never shill for corporations and always understand all the facets surrounding an issue – such as on free trade.

      • Vigilant

        Hey Mark in LA LA Land,

        It was the adoption of Keynesian economic theory by the socialists that got this nation into the trouble it is now experiencing. Ironically, one of Keynes’ points was the benefit of lowering taxes during a recession. The socialists have gone so far overboard that they now believe it’s OK to raise taxes even during a recession!

        • Mark in LA

          Are you agreeing with me that economists and their opinions are worthless and that economics is a pseudo-science?

          • Nadzieja Batki

            It may be a dismal science. Most economists are realists in their outlook.

  • metroman

    Rockefeller and the gang of 1913, give me a break. Yes those men were industrialist but without the wars that the bankers engineered over the last century that would not be on that list. The only candidate that is NOT FOR SALE is Ron Paul. He wants to return to the Constitution, the others pay lip service. Wake up America, it will soon be to late!

  • DaveH

    I find it hard to take seriously anybody who takes the movie “Wall Street” seriously.
    And now a word from a Capitalist.
    Takeovers are only effective against poorly-run companies. The idea of a takeover is to make the company more valuable than it was before. If the Takeover Artist doesn’t do that, they lose money. Making a company more efficient and viable is NOT a bad thing. A bad thing would be to let the company continue into it’s eventual bankruptcy, in which case the shareholders lose, the workers lose, and the consumers lose.
    The Takeover party can only make money by first making the company more valuable and then selling it, or by keeping the company and making it more efficient and profitable.
    Corporate officers become spoiled, fat, and lazy just like Politicians become spoiled, fat, and lazy. If we remove the chance that they may be taken over and given the boot, we remove a big deterrent to their slothful behavior.
    I’ve been a shareholder in hundreds of companies, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it is extremely difficult for shareholders to remove deadwood from management. The takeover artists used to keep the deadwood in line. Now Government has come to their aid over the last 30 years and made it very difficult for takeover artists, thus easier for the useless corporate officers to keep on trucking.
    There has been an active effort over the decades to smear Takeover Artists and unfortunately some people close to us are continuing the smear.
    Our real problem in this country is Crony Capitalists — those who get special aid from the Government at the expense of their competitors, the taxpayers, and the consumers.

    • Flashy

      “Takeovers are only effective against poorly-run companies.”


    • wandamurline

      I can tell that you have a little business experience and sense. Having had two successful businesses over the years, I agree with you 100%. Most of the people blogging here have never even managed a Diary Queen and have no concept of economics or business ventures.

      • Eugene Sevene

        So you and the few are the only ones that understand what Romney did? I guess that would put you in the same category as Obama, he also thinks that the every day people are just plain stupid and should shut up and let him do the thinking for us. News flash; that is not the way a democracy works,we all have an opinion and are entitled to speak our piece.I think that I can say with great certainty that you would be talking a different tune if it had been your company Romney sunk his teeth into. Maybe you should take another look at just what this man did, why and how he did it, and for what reason before you stick your foot in your mouth and call all the rest of us stupid, but thanks for your opinion anyway Obama, we appreciate the input

        • DaveH

          We will all wait breathlessly for you to show us, Eugene.

      • JUKEBOX

        I can only imagine that a DIARY QUEEN is some kind of bookstore!

        • Joe H.

          Boy! Now THAT was important!!! NOT!

    • c.w.s.

      “A bad thing would be to let the company continue into it’s eventual bankruptcy,…”

      so you do not believe in “capitalism” in it’s pure form? This is exactly what is suppose to happen when a company fails to either change it’s product to meet current demands or fails to provide proper management. By allowing individual companies to fail, we avoid this “too big to fail” mindset. I do agree with your parting statement though.

      The “vulture capitalism” that you subscribe to does have it’s merits, but only to a very few. As other posts have point out, their ultimate goal is NOT to save a company, jobs or product. Their one and only goal is to maximize profits for their own investors. Though there are indeed some examples of how the venture capitalist companies have helped create jobs, there are far more of where the small company was dismantled and jobs shipped off shore. Or swallowed up to become a small cog in a behemoth designed become ‘too big to fail’ in order to qualify for government bail outs.

      We really need to go back to pre-Reagan days and put back some regulations on the corporations operating within the US. They should be allowed to continue only when they serve the best interest of society in general, not a cabal. They should not be allowed to digress from the original purpose of the corporate charter without resubmitting papers to change the corporate make up and purpose. Their charter should be reviewed at least every twenty years to ensure they still serve the public interest.

      Above all, corporations should be recognized as NOT having personhood. They are NOT people and should never be allowed the same privileges as people.

      • DaveH

        And you ask me “so you do not believe in “capitalism” in it’s pure form?”, cws?
        You apparently don’t understand the concept very well. Capitalism is all about Free Markets and Property Rights. And I didn’t say anything about Government preventing companies from failing. You, cws, are putting words in my mouth.

        • c.w.s.

          corporations were originally conceived to provide for those tasks that would be too expensive or cumbersome for the individual, ie building bridges over great expanses. When the project was complete, the corporation was dissolved. The original intent was not to set up a super being that outlived all others and would grow to become overpowering. Capitalism was, likewise, were understood to be individual or partnership efforts, but still responsible for failures and liabilities.

          Capitalism by individual or partnerships is and has been recognized to be good. Corporations are not.

          You are correct…you did not mention bail out and I apologize for adding that caveat. I actually was not disagreeing with you there, only adding to your comment on “crony” capitalism.

      • DaveH

        They are companies of people, cws. Perhaps you could explain what privileges the corporations are getting that they shouldn’t be getting?

        • c.w.s.

          If an individual poisons your well, you sue the bastard and he goes to jail… corporations poison not only water, but air, food, and the planet in general. None have had more of a punishment that a paltry fine which is, of course, passed on to the consumers.

          If a person kills another, that person is tried and either put into prison for life, or put to death. There are multiple examples of corporate greed knowingly causing death, mutilations or unnecessary financial downfall. To date, no corporation has been ‘put to death’ or even imprisoned…

          If an individual wishes to donate say, twenty thousand dollars to a political activity, that individual needs to make himself known and list such donations. Corporations are allowed to do likewise.

          Corporations are allowed to create “holding companies” which can then hide assets and create new replicas of of the corporation itself, again to disperse liabilities. That would be akin to a person creating his own parents and then creating clones of himself at birth.

          Corporations, because of the above, can walk into a congressional office and get the ear of a senator or congressman. individuals seldom are afforded the same privileges, though sometimes yes.

          Not all corporations are operated to the detriment to society, I will agree. However, the corporate framework lends itself to the support of psychopathic activity. There is no allowances for ‘ethics’ in most of the corporate structure…profit..nothing more…nothing less. Money is not evil, the love of money is.

          • DaveH

            First you say “Above all, corporations should be recognized as NOT having personhood. They are NOT people and should never be allowed the same privileges as people”.
            Then you say “If an individual poisons your well, you sue the bastard and he goes to jail… corporations poison not only water, but air, food, and the planet in general. None have had more of a punishment that a paltry fine which is, of course, passed on to the consumers”.
            Make up your mind, cws, do you want them to be treated as people or not?
            Pollution is indeed trespassing on other peoples’ bodies and property, and they should be liable for that. However, proving where it came from can be an entirely different matter. And keep in mind that the legal wrangling costs us all a small fortune. If a company is indeed culpable (or not), and if they are fined (or just suffer high legal fees), the only things they can do are pass it on to the consumers in higher prices, or lay off workers, or shut down, or move to another less demanding country. So, there’s a trade off. It’s not so black and white as most people think. But I do think that pollution is one of the very few areas that Government has a right to be involved in within our Marketplace.

          • DaveH

            By the way, the Leaders are always more than happy to Grow Government in a futile attempt to make the bad go away. No skin off their backs. Indeed, quite the opposite.

          • Les

            Ethics is a word used to define a type of behavior, human behavior! To try and place bad behavior, non ethical behavior or whatever you would like to call it on an entity is laughable! Companies, governments, businesses, organizations are all run by people who choose to be ethical or not! Simple as that! Life is full of really good people and some bad ones that, by the way always seem to ruin our perception of all the good people around us. Romneys business acumen is great and he ran a good company! How do I know this, take the time to listen to some of the people who came out in his defense from some of the companies his group purchased! By the way, most companies “on the rocks” financially are hoping someone will come in and save them! It doesnt always work and some simply are not healthy, with too much debt to save. However capitolism works because it gives everyone the freedom to pursue their dream! NO ONE FORCED THOSE COMPANIES TO SELL OUT and there obviously was not anyone interested in putting up their money to come to the rescue! Sometimes companies fail because they make poor choices and those choices result in a higher risk to their employees! So, please place blame where blame is due at the root of the problem! Stop pointing a finger at those who will try to bail out someone under water when NO ONE ELSE WOULD! The problem is that the authorof this article has absolutely no experience in this area and quotes people like Govenor Perry, who by the way was incredibly unbiased, right?? Further he has so much experience in these matters as does Doctor Ron Paul! Both men are politicians and I happen to personally like Ron Paul who I believe has a great deal of integrity! However you will notice that the one person he and his group consistantly go after is Newt, and for good reason! All of you out there who are dumping on Wall Street companies or capitolism, get a life or better yet get a job! I love this country and so do hundreds of thousand of people who want to immigrate to the U.S. every year! Why do people flock to the U.S. because it is still the one place on this planet where you can be anything you are willing to work hard to be, there are no limits on personal success! Please all of you who hate capitolism, please move out and go live where there is none and let us know how that works out for you! In fact you will probably have tons of time standing in long lines for the government run health clinic, to buy food, pay bills ect! Thats what people in Russia do, Chile (yes thats right), and most of the world! The only way people like Romney and others can ever win in the eyes of some is to fail, stop being successful and immediately give away every cent to someone else….. the question is who?? Oh, lets take a look at how that works for people, giving them money?? Sure seems to help people have the inititive to go get a job, higher education, or career training doesnt it???? Yep our welfare roles are almost nonexistent havent you noticed?? Stop it, as Bob Newhart once opined, Stop It!!

            In the meantime please, get a passport or renew it and go travel a little to places/countries that have adopted what you seem to crave, government life control! When you get tired of it let us know!In the meantime we will still be here trying to help fix liberal encroachment of our rights and try to get rid of unions the ultimate secret combinations!! Lets elect Romney or Pau or Santorum, anyone of these men have the desire, moral certitude and personal charector to put this country back to what it was always meant to be! Newt, sorry but no thanks hes smart but sleezy and power hungry! Remember what we said in the beginning people are the ones who make bad choices….not organizations or even governments! We get to choose, or vote, to choose the good guys and throw out the bad! Thats democracy, where capitolism works when the people chose to also!

          • c.w.s.

            les, … nobody forced these companies to sell? What do you suppose a hostile take over is? Some companies sell willingly, trying to salvage some personal gain, but not all.

            There are many examples of companies, even corporations with “ethics” You are beyond ignorant to believe that it can not exist in the business world. Some companies write into their charter the need to donate to charities, to cap executive salaries or tie them to worker compensation. borrow a dime so that you can buy a clue…

            As for travel, I have traveled quite a bit throughout Europe (pre European Union) all of North America and some of the Islands. Once again your lack of understanding shines like a beacon. I have never stated nor intoned that I believe in government control. That would be either a fascist, socialist or communist society. I support capitalism, but not corporatism… get your mommy to look it up and read to you the difference.

            Not that I should explain to you, but I have also served as a VP at a very small corporation (35 years ago) and have owned my own company that did business in six states (Individual ownership, not incorporated). I have also been a signatory on two 301C(3) and 301C(4) non-profits. I left the private sector over thirty years ago and worked for a major government agency for over 30 years. This ain’t my first pony ride…

          • DaveH

            You say “les, … nobody forced these companies to sell? What do you suppose a hostile take over is?”.
            And you call Les Ignorant? The fact is, Pot, that a hostile takeover is when the Takeover Artist goes over Corporate Officers heads directly to the Shareholders — the Owners of the Company. And Les is correct — nobody can force the shareholders to sell.
            It annoys me to see an Ignorant person calling somebody who knows what he’s talking about “ignorant”.

      • Vigilant

        c.w.s. says, “They should be allowed to continue only when they serve the best interest of society in general, not a cabal. They should not be allowed to digress from the original purpose of the corporate charter without resubmitting papers to change the corporate make up and purpose. Their charter should be reviewed at least every twenty years to ensure they still serve the public interest.”

        With a slight change, you would have hit the mark, i.e.,
        “The Federal government should be allowed to continue only when they serve the best interest of society in general, not a cabal. They should not be allowed to digress from the original purpose of the Constitution without resubmitting Constitutional amendments to change the governmental make up and purpose. Their charter should be reviewed at least every twenty years to ensure they still serve the public interest.”

        • c.w.s.

          I agree with that also. If you’ve read other posts you’ll note that I emphatically support the ninth and tenth amendments. the Constitution needs to be taken in it’s entirety, not cherry for political purposes.

          All levels of government as well as corporations should be made to be responsible for their transgressions.

      • MNIce

        cws, your concept of having a government agent review corporate charters every twenty years to determine if they are still in the public interest is perhaps the worst idea I’ve seen since Obamacare. A company fails precisely because it is not working in the public interest. If it is not producing a product or service desired by people (members of the public), or cannot do so with sufficient return to compensate its workers and investors, it is wasting resources – this is by definition not in the public interest. We don’t need a government review of a charter to determine that! The market provides all the review necessary.

        This applies to corporations engaged in immoral practices also – eventually the harm becomes monetarily quantifiable, and loss of market, legal expenses or penalties take out the return on investment. For example, once people realize which corporations helped to set up Obamacare for their benefit, those corporations risk a serious blow to their reputations and consequent loss of customers.

        • DaveH

          Very good, MNIce.

    • Danny Buckles

      Dave H. What you have totally failed to understand or to add to your factors of proffit. Is things like The millions of borrowed moneys against the assets of these companies. The shifting of the productions to foreign cheaper labor. The initial purchase of the companies patents,sales contracts,and purchasing agreements, that are shifted to other concerns prior to bankrupting. All that is left behind is a rotting carcass, and jobless people. And Our Nation stripped of productivity, and self reliance. But then I guess a stronger China is more important with their cheaper labor.

      • DaveH

        Your comment, Danny, is loaded with conjecture. Perhaps you’d like to provide references to back up your claims?

        • Danny Buckles

          DaveH did you say I was using conjecture have you been shoping lately. Or are you the one wearing the BLINDERS.??? Take your Blinders off and you will find the Croney Capitalists works. MADE IN CHINA!!! thanks to Greed and lack of LOYALTY to a strong America

          • DaveH

            The first thing a country will do when at war is embargo its enemy’s foreign trade. Why would they do that if Autarky works? But it doesn’t, so they do. That’s also why our Founders gave the Federal Government the power to regulate Interstate Commerce. They knew that the natural inclination of Leaders (in this case, State Leaders) was to protect their Crony in-State industries at their own citizens’ detriment and the detriment of the rest of the country. Protectionism benefits the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists, the rest of the citizens pay the price.
            What would you do with the poor people who only have decent things thanks to China, Walmart, etc.? Let them eat cake?
            And Danny, my comment stands — your original comment was loaded with conjecture.

          • JUKEBOX

            Young people today are enfatuated with Facebook, which is worth over 100 billion, and has never produced any cars, tv’s, etc. If there is not something wrong with this type of “BLUE SKY”, I guess I’m an old antique fart.

      • DaveH

        And actually, Danny, I’d prefer a stronger America. That’s why I try to wake up people like yourself to reality. And one reality is that Free Trade benefits all of mankind, including us.
        Big Government meddling on the other hand leads to weaker economies every time. The Leaders are in it for themselves. Whether they impoverish us or not, they will still be on top. Here is proof that the bigger Government gets, the worse economies get:

        • DaveH

          You should read this article, Danny, by one of the greatest thinkers of our time:

          We have a chance to save ourselves, but only if people like yourself remove their blinders.

          • Danny Buckles

            DaveH. you can defend the people who have no heart in their business actions,and practices all you want to. That is your priviledge as well as the people that proffiteer by those practices. But it is also our Priviledge to decide by their Greedy practices not to elect them as our President. And DaveH many examples have been published do your own homework. But then what will convince you.?? Maybe when you see the last Industry leave this Nation and you are satisfied that the world has profited by it. Not free Capitolism.!!!! Good old Croney Capitolism

          • DaveH

            Obviously you didn’t read either article. What, are you afraid you’ll learn something?
            You, Danny, are the one with no heart, or morality either. If you did have heart you’d do some investigating which would undoubtedly wake you up to the realization that the Protectionism you seek is damaging to the average citizens, especially the poorest of them. You, and other ignorant people, play right into the hands of those Crony Capitalists that you claim to dislike.
            If you were a moral person, the last thing you would do is to force your way on business owners using Government as your Proxy. It is akin to theft because you are diminishing their livelihoods and those of their workers.
            The Leaders and their Crony Capitalists love Ignorant people like yourself who allow them to Grow their Power and Wealth at the rest of our expense. Do yourself a big favor and pick up a copy of this book, so you can become an asset to the country instead of a liability:

          • Danny Buckles

            DaveH while you are reading your books or watching your videos. All I have to do is reflect on my memory of the past sixty plus years. Lived it watched it happen Know the facts. Remember the what we had watched it be destroyed and disperced out of our Nation. Don’t try to pass your brainwashed illusions off on me. Go read your fantacies. I lived the REALITY. So did Newt Gingrich. That is why they fear him, Newt knows what it takes to re-establish our Economy and our Nations integrity as the World Leader. Take care how you throw the word Ignorant around, You are the one believing everything you read. Follow the money to find the greedy.

          • DaveH

            I certainly don’t believe YOU, Danny.

          • DaveH

            Newt Gingrich? It figures:

            Cover your eyes, Danny, otherwise you might learn something.

          • Joe H.

            Yeah Newt lived in reality alright!! so much so that he abandoned a wife on her possible deathbed!! If THAT’S reality, give me imagination EVERY day!!!

  • Steve6032

    Thanks John. That was very educational and insightful, I learned a lot. And I liked the tone; it was not mean or personally attacking, but keep to the facts. We need these types of real discussions. It seems that true company and corporation builders never get elected to high offices. Perhaps a critical measure of a good President/Governor/Congressman is who they appoint to important positions and who the chose to be their advisers.

  • Lee Welter

    Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney had been President of American Motors while its stock price was driven down and George acquired large quantities of the stock. Later, as (Republican) Governor of Michigan, George markedly increased the size of government. Is this legacy being expressed now by Mitt?

    • John

      Mitt Romneys policy’s will be Obamas policy’s on steroids.

      • Danny Buckles

        John, that is the FACT well put short and right on the point

    • Joe H.

      i was a resident of Michigan under good ole Georgie!!! He was a do nothing governor that accomplished nothing of import except grow government and I was worried that he would some day run for the number one seat. Instead we got his bad seed!!

  • Ken Hughes

    The author of this article doesn’t understand free markets, companies fail for a reason. Men like Romney come in restructure then and make them profitable again. This article makes us wonder what the authors business experiences are?

    • NC

      Ken, you state that companies fail for a reason and that is very true! In a large number of cases the reasons are not always their own! We have just experienced that phenominon when the collapse of the housing market dragged down everything from finger nail parlors to clothing stores!Then the snipes yell at the President to fix the mess or yell at the way he tried to fix it. HE DIDN’T COLLAPSE THE HOUSING MARKET!! All at once they want the government to be BIG enough to fix it THEIR WAY and do it in immediately. Until the remaining corporations let go of the largest cash reserves in history, accumulated from hoarding trickle down taxbreaks and loophole accounting, and create jobs we will we will be slogging out of the swamp instead of swimming out to swamp.Regardless of who is President!


      Some thirty years ago, a large trucking company in our area was driven into bankruptcy by the founder’s heirs, who cared nothing about keeping a viable company alive. I have seen this done more than once in my lifetime.

  • dg

    In general, I agree with your conclusion. However, your article contains some provocative and misleading statements. The reality is that private equity firms do not exist to “bankrupt companies” nor to “shift capital around’. You confuse the means with the ends. Private equity companies exist for only one reason: to generate returns (i.e., wealth) for their investors. They do that by a number of means including operational improvement & resale, acquisitions & mergers, and (yes) sometimes bankruptcy or reorganization. They always have an investment or exit strategy before buying a company. In summary….
    - Do they create jobs? Sometimes but that is not a goal. And, often, they destroy jobs in the interest of increased profitability.
    - Do they bankrupt companies? Sometimes, either as part of the plan or because their strategy failed.
    - Do they care about the people whose lives they effect? As a friend of mine who is in a private equity firm once told me “I can’t think about that or I couldn’t do what I do”.
    - They often acquire privately / family owned firms who have operated for years profitably but whose owners were interested in profits AND the welfare of their employees leading them to forego some profit in order to keep their friends employed.

    You can do better than this if you keep your emotions out of your analyses and articles. Try to be more objective please.

    However, I do agree with your premise regarding Romney. His qualifications are overstated. But then, which candidates aren’t? Best example in my lifetime, Barack Obama.

    • c.w.s.

      Excellent post dg


    Maybe Romney is the Bankster’s man to come in and liquidate the whole country, USA, now that Bush(1 trillion) and especially Obama(going on 4 trillion), bankrupted it, and will share the mother load with all of his bankster investors, even screwing his union friends and the restt of the useful idiots. It is his job qualification. No wonder the Republican establishment wants Romney so bad, instead of a true Consitutional Conservative, they are so close to raking in the rest of the country’s wealth! Man what a haul they are about to take in and destroy us at the same time! I just don’t trust anybody in government, banks or corporations anymore!

  • Spike

    I agree with many of the points you have made, I don’t know if they apply to Romney or not. I certainly wouldn’t put him on the list of builders like Ford, Carnigie, or current day Jobs. I disagree with your biased and uninformed statement that the swift boat ads against Kerry were based upon a lie. I served during that time and watched Kerry carefully. Those ads were entirely factual. I don’t understand your admiration for Kerry or your belief that he was other than a band-aid hero.

  • ca

    hmmm…ditto ken hughes and meyers gives no examples of romney’s bankrupt companies. he shows his true colors when he says the swift boat issue was a lie.


    I believe Romney is nothing more than an iluminati in sheep clothing. with him it will be gov as usual,shoved down our throats. Ron Paul can not win,just will never happen. The IS gov is run by thugs,killers,liars thiefs. Thanks to all the really stupid they were voted in. I also think that voting does nothing anyway. The bad people will put in who they need to destroy the US. they are winning.

    • c.w.s.

      “I also think that voting does nothing anyway.”

      to which i reply….”silence denotes consent”. If you indeed do feel that way, why waste time on an activist post? Are you trying to convince others, who may sway the vote to be silent so that your dream child can slide in? If we are indeed as doomed as you intone, why not just become turtle conservatives, pull our heads into our shells and wait out the fallout?

      I do agree, it is naive to believe that there is not a shadow government, one that stays in place irrespective of election results or party changes at the top echelons. The continuity of military power, foreign intelligence gathering, diplomacy etc can not afford to change directions every four or even eight years. That was suppose to be the job of select Senate and House committees, in order that they should always act in the best interest of the PEOPLE. With the proliferation of lobbyists and their purchasing power to buy congressional delegates, this has been usurped to serve corporate interests. Politicians have likewise been brainwashed to believe that “the business of government is business, and the business of big government is big business”.

      We must not give up hope, nor must we ever work to discourage others from expressing their opinions, even when they differ from our own (in my humble opinion). Voting may be compromised, but it is still the best tool we have available at this juncture. BE ACTIVE! Interact with your senators and congressmen. Know what is happening in your state legislature. Go to town meetings, budget committee meetings, etc. It all interacts, it all matters.

  • One and Done

    Willard Romney created 100,000 low paying jobs,big whip. The working poor need
    Government Subsidies just to survive and without these subsidies there would be revolution.

    The “establishment” on both sides realize this!

    • c.w.s.

      when you say “The ‘establishment’ on both sides realize this!” you are only partially correct. The “establishment” created this and works diligently to perpetuate this. It is NOT the job of the “federal” government to tax one man to give charity to another. period, end of story.

      This entire exercise is to suppress the “federal” government to where it was intended to be, the “servant” of the people, not the master. Since the 60s when the fed got involved in education, the people have been slowly indoctrinated to be “subjects” not “citizens”…perhaps we need a ‘revolution’ in the form of an awakening or our responsibilities.

  • Jimmy

    If you take all the best ideas from all the GOP candidates you would come up with a possible ideal candidate for President. There is no perfect candidate. So choose the one who you like the best that would meet the requirements of an ideal President who truly has the American Peoples interest for the future of our Great Country.

  • Terry

    Well, oone thing is for sure, everyone. Whoever gets the GOP nod, we ALL need to stand behind that person. If we don’t we all know who will retain the office of the President, and that is far worse than anything the “right” side has to offer…

    • John

      What would be worse? A lame duck Obama or someone like Mitt and Newt who would continue the same policies Obama has, but now with the full support of the established GOP… Think about that before you vote.
      And if you really believe, that Mitt or Newt would reduce the deficit, shrink government and reduce spending I would have to say…sorry, you are delusional.

      • Geno

        It is better to work with a known evil rendered lame for 4 years than re-energized evils such as Mitt, Newt or Rick for 8 more years. Of the three, Santorum would be the worst for America. I despise Obama but I’ll put up with Obama for 4 more years before I’ll allow Santorum to start WW III.

  • DaveH

    Shame on you, John Myers, for not doing your homework (or was it intentional?).
    John said “According to Paul, under the terms of a typical leveraged buyout, “The wealth is taken from the middle class and it goes to the select few, who are the insiders.””.
    The problem is that Ron Paul didn’t say ‘under the terms of a typical leveraged buyout’. That phrase was added by the lame-stream media, and has gotten wide-spread distribution. Notice that they didn’t put that part in quotes, because Ron didn’t say it.
    His statement comes at about 5 minutes and 30 seconds into this video:

    • Joe H.

      A sure sign the economy is improving! Our Disney store, in our mall, closed right after Christmas!! funny how it happened when Adumberer visitedthere, HMMMM? where are our conspiracy people???

  • les

    another hypocritical Republican that claims he,s a christian. Christans don,t do these things. Also Rick Santorum belongs to the Kights of Malta, look that up and see the evil and horrible oath he took. The Republiicans can,t come up with something better then these?Why, because they are all like this, plain ad simple. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, what Repunlican has. And he donated the money to charity. What Republican has? Republicans are greedy, uncompasiate, lovers of money.Read Luke 21 and 2nd. Timothy 3. Huh? don,t vote republican please, if you truly love this country. Look at the social ills caused by this run away Captialism and greed. Greed is a sin, maybe the first sin.

    • c.w.s.

      les…wow…so ill informed I probably shouldn’t answer, but I will…

      First, who the HELL do you think you are speaking for all Christians? Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, render unto God, that which is God’s… This is NOT a ‘theocracy’ it is suppose to be a representative republic.

      Republicans tend to believe in the “republic” and capitalistic economy, democrats tend to believe in a more socialistic philosophy that the state provides for all and the state controls all business.

      Greed is indeed a bad thing, but it is not “owned” by republicans. Your banana-bana-BObama certainly has supported greed in his own right. Goldman Sachs seems to be doing fine, as other corporations that bankrolled his rise to power. The greed is not inherent in the political philosophy, but in the leadership and execution of that philosophy.

      Peace Prize?…WON?…give me an f’ing break… Has this TURD done one single thing to live up to PEACE? didn’t Hitler get similar acclaims? …birds of a feather…

      I can only guess that your posting is an homework project…ninth grade, maybe tenth? I suspect I will not be the only one to point our your ignorance… but always remember…there IS a cure for IGNORANCE, but ya can’t fix stupid…

      • Joe H.

        Les seems to forget that even Yasser Arafat “won” the nobel!! He was sure a peaceful man! NOT!!!

    • Winnie

      The Seven Capital Sins:
      1. Pride
      2. Greed
      3. Covetisness (however it’s spelled)
      4. Lust
      5. Anger
      6. envy
      7. sloth
      7. Greed

  • Warrior

    Oops, was that a Catholic “landmine” the progressive’s just stepped on?


  • jopa

    Spike;You claim to have served with Kerry and watched him carefully.Do you really think we could believe that one?You should have the spike removed from your brain.The above article is right on the money(no pun intended).The fly over states have shown what they think of Romney in last nights elections however with all the Wall Street money going for Romney he will be the last man standing.Paul had a good showing and may perform well in the mid-west.

    • Marlene

      Have you noticed that the media has supported each candidate – some in rather tongue-in-cheek ways – and then destroyed them? Now it’s Santorum who’s getting the build-up and votes and he’s certainly a better choice than Romney. So, following the media’s logic, we’ll have another week or two of Santorum hype and the media will destroy him. Guess who’s next, because he’s the last man standing? Ron Paul. I’ve said all along that Ron Paul can’t win and I have sat here reading everything that lands in my computer. I really don’t think anyone will know, until the nominating convention, who our candidate will be and that seems to be a long way off yet. In the meantime, the media messes with our minds in hopes we’ll be so confused by the time we have an actual candidate that their boy, Obama, will win in a landslide. Since we can all discredit the media on a daily basis, let’s blow their candidate, Barry O., out of the water in November and end his questionable ‘leadership’ by banding together with strong resolve and voting for our candidate. Don’t split the vote by going for a third party candidate or we’ll lose the election. Please, stand together strong and thumb your collective noses at Obama and his media (or is it the other way around – the media and their puppet, Obama?

      • DaveH

        If any of the candidates, other than Ron Paul, gets the nomination, we may as well have 4 more years of Obama. Ron is the only one looking out for the people, the rest (including Obama) are looking out for themselves.

  • jan cullen

    I am from MA and I assure you this is a scary guy. He cut every social sevice for the poor and elderly he could by claming the state was broke and when he left said he had a surplus. Yes he did, on the backs of all the seniors and poor folks he will once again use to further his ambitions. If you are a true American do listen to the fab spot Clint Eastwood has put on Tv re; what that stands for. Surely
    nothing “The MITT” wants to see

    • Joe H.

      do you think mitt will carry MA in the general?? Lotta peeps pizzed at him there!!!

  • DJ Katie of Miami

    Great article! Perhaps some of you remember the movie “Pretty Woman”. This was the whole story behind the story in this movie. IT’s better to build something :)

  • http://personalliberty Harold Hendrickson

    We are at the point wher the pendulam of power must start to swing the other way. The Obama regime must be stopped and this next election will make or break our country. Please vote for your country, not your political party. I do like Ron Paul’s ideals BUT he is too extreme now at this time in the country. Is Santorum also not electable? If you agree that Obama must not win another term, then we must unite our efforts for one candidate. I will vote for whatever candidate is running against Obama.

    • DaveH

      We need an extreme return to the Constitution that the rest of them swear to obey — and DON’T.
      As Barry Goldwater said — “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”.

  • Insurgent

    Do you run for a political office to serve the people or
    do you buy a political office to satisfy your ego?

  • Don

    For a full understanding of “private equity,” read: THE BUYOUT OF AMERICA, How Private Equity Will Casue the Next Great Credit Crisis, by Josh Kosman, especially the chapter on Romney and Bain Capital, entitled “Plunder & Profit.

  • Mark Are

    Inside scoop…Walstreet was written using Mitt Romney’s life for an example. Gordon Gecko is the character that was invented to replace Mitt Ronmey. RIGHT MITT? Admit it you lousy POS example of a human being!

  • http://Firefox philip crane

    You people sound like flaming leftists. The rich must have made their money illegally or off other people’s backs, huh? Well, you all deserve a socialist government and dictator Obama. Just like the Nazis did, they had people suspicious of each other and managed the media. The ones born from the 60′s on are like sheep going to slaughter. People like me remember the real America from before then. Oh, I’m on SS and I’m not rich.

    • Mark in LA

      I have nothing against a real company builder like Alfred Mann or Henri Samueli. I don’t care how rich these guys are and would even argue that taxing them is a waste becasue they create so much opportunity for other people, unlike that POS Blankfein. Look them up. These are people who build companies and make money the correct way. There are some stories of some shady escapades but those are side notes. I can overlook them when the main focus is building something first.

      • DaveH

        There are Market Capitalists, and Crony Capitalists. The problem is that too many people lump them all together (unfairly).
        The Crony Capitalists seek special protections from their Crony Politicians, at the expense of their competitors, the taxpayers, and the consumers. It’s important that people learn the difference.
        The Market Capitalists succeed by pleasing the consumers, as it should be.
        Our country isn’t suffering as a result of Capitalism (Free Markets). We are suffering because we no longer have Free Markets.

  • Linda H.

    I’m not a business owner but aspire to be. I’ve been reading up on small business management and investment and what Bain does is not build up business – at least not always. They have bought good small businesses that made enough profit to pay employees and give the owners a comfortable (but not necessarily ‘wealthy’) living, borrowed heavily against those businesses to buy other ventures and stocks and then close down those same small companies once they ‘raided’ all the profit they could, costing American jobs, tax revenue et…
    That is not job building nor is it really what the average American would call building the economy – not if it’s costing jobs to line your pocket. Newt’s right on this one – it IS vulture capitalism.

  • jopa

    phillip crane.I am in the same boat as you, not rich and SS.However the way most of the rich made their money was with money.They pay lobbiests to go to Washington with envelopes of cash to give to the crooked lawmakers for their re election campaigns.All the politician has to do is write the tax laws in their favor and provide some huge loopholes.Since it was written into law it was not illegal but perhaps very immorral.If the big guys don’t pay their fair share then the little guy or the middle class has to make up the differance.We just can’t afford lobbiests so we are kinda screwed in the end.

    • Joe H.

      suggest you go to Adrian Michigan and ask around about an old guy named Bill Jenkins. He died a millionaire. how did he get his start? He started by pushing a vegetable cart. he bought little by little as he could till he owned a good portion of the city of adrian. He was a good hearted man that would give you the shirt off his back. i don’t think I ever saw him in anything but the green, blue, or tan work uniforms. He was a rich man that didn’t shove it in your face. He had a drawer full of accounts that people didn’t pay up on at his little corner store, restaurant, and gas station. He didn’t go after the people but instead said,”every so often a guy will come in and pay me due to his consience. I never even call them. The world needs more Bill Jenkins!!!

  • FreedomFighter

    Mitt = Milktoast

    Ron Paul 2012

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Dan Bray

    Are you a shill for Obama? Do you have any idea of how the free market works? Standard oil was the MOST predatory company in history!! That was when there were no laws about a little 38 diplomacy! You are attacking a good form of capitalism at it’s finest. It acts exactly as nature intended. The strong survive and the weak fail and die! HArsh but true. Any company that is on the edge and has no real future needs to be swallowed up by the business world and eliminated or improved. If you are one of these closet liberals that doesn’t understand that then do a little more living in the real world!! You are a far piece away from reality today!! If you can’t get a better grip I’m not going to waste my brain space to read your bilge much longer….blaaaah!!

  • Ron Lovelace

    I was with the Tea Party in hopes of getting Obama out of office bot I see for some reason the Tea Party and I do not see things the same. Our best chance in doing this is with Mitt Romney who the Tea Party is trying to stop. They are going to get Obama reelected again and I will not have anything to do with this.
    Thanks Ron

    • FreedomFighter

      I would vote for whomever runs against Obama, I prefer it to be Ron Paul.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Joe H.

      ron L.
      and you think things will be any different from Adumberer under mitt romney????? Get real!!!

  • Doubtful Avenger

    It is quite possible that Romney is the “Gekko” Myers claims he is, but this is a poorly-done article because the information is public, available, and could have been accessed to support the points Myers attempts to make. Instead, he takes the lazy way, using inuendo, exaggeration, and comparisons to movie figures who were overhyped misrepresentations invented by Stone to undermine the Free Enterprise system. You can like Mitt or not, but don’t base an opinion on Myers’ silly piece. I wonder if he does his stock picks the same way – no research, just throw darts???

    • FreedomFighter

      information is public

      No secret dirt, you will get over it.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    Have you ever seen any one post any truth about the Obummer from the left ditch. If someone points out how anything is done in the real world those idiots slink in with the same garbage with nothing to say but use up good space….

  • Danny Buckles

    Linda H. it seems to me that Newt Gingrich is right on more than all the other candidates put together. The Newt has my Vote of confidence.

    • Joe H.

      he has my vote of no confidence as well!!! Oh, wait you….! no biggie!!! RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012!!! Tired of seeing it? TOUGH! RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012!!!

  • FreedomFighter

    Wake Up America – Jon McNaughton

    Worth the watching. Will Mitt change this, or is he another pet of the NWO Luciferian cabal.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Edward Rowe

    Thank God the real Mitt Romney has finally stood up because you have told the truth about him and his Bain Capital escapades. He brags about having no experience as a Washington insider, but there is another way of looking at it. An insider like Newt Gingrich knows all about the “nuts and bolts” of how to rally the troops in both parties and get things done in Washington. Newt proved it in the second Clinton administration. Romney’s expertise in raiding and dismembering companies for his own benefit is a poor substitute for inside experience that has proven highly effective.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Great article, John. I would add that Romney is the prototypical Crony Capitalist.

  • Condor 48

    Tell me the difference between a failing company on the edge of bankruptcy and the U.S. government? Romney’s experience in determining the strengths and weaknesses of an organization is what is needed to overhaul this over-reaching, ballooning and dis-functional federal government. His is the only one capable managing this transformation that is necessary if this nation is to survive. He’s not perfect but he can get the job done. Will jobs be lost when the government is overhauled? Damn right, so be it.

    • Joe H.

      you want to see him part out the US and sell it off like he did those companies?? I sure the hell don’t!!! Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

  • sb36695

    Anybody But Obama!

    • John

      But, if that anyone will just continue Obama’s politics and policies what will you say then? Will you be honest enough to say you made a mistake? Vote Mitt or Newt and that’s what you will get.

      • Danny Buckles

        John your statement Mitt or Newt how may I ask can you compare Newt Gingrich who has a 96% conservstive voteing history. To Obama Or Romney’s Liberal to Socialist history. You aren’t one of those Liberal press followers are you.

        • Joe H.

          He was also a paid advisor to fanny mae!!!! He supported the unpatriot act!!! nothing but Adumberer light!!!

  • Terry Poupart

    I am in agreement with Ron Paul and the Tea Party but I am disgusted by this dishonest attack on Mitt Romney and more importantly on capitalism in general.

    You have your facts correct but the conclusion drawn is backward. According to this article Bain Capital invests in struggling companies. By your own admission, Bain capital was able to save 88% of the struggling compainies it invested in including Domino’s, Sports Authority and Staples. You say it cannot be proved but the very fact that these companies combined employ way over 100,000 people is proof enough for me. Clearly if Bain had to invest in them they were struggling and might have disappeared without it. That more than meets the ‘saved or created’ criteria sited by our President. I find it disturbing that supposed believers in liberty would mount such a LIBERAL CLASS WARFACT attack. Finally, keep in mind that Vutures play an important role in nature, in fact one of the most important. Did you know that in Texas you can get into more trouble for killing a Vulture than for killing a Bald Eagle?

  • Jack Cummins

    This is all BS! ” Out of 77 companies 22 went bankrupt or shut their doors. ” These were distressed companies to begin with. So, Bain didn’t just shut 22, they saved 55. Further, it is an outright lie to say that venture capitalists buy to tear apart to sell or squeeze and let die. Most venture groups are there to invest in firms they believe are viable but need help. So, they buy to turn around and grow these companies ( I refer you back to the 55 Bain saved ). If this idiot weants to defend his argument have him layout each and every company in which Bain invested and show what happened to each. No, instead, this guy blankets everything with unsubstantiated generalities and, Oh, BTW, I’m a Gringrich supporter.

    • Darryl

      There is hope and intelligence among some Americans!

      • Deerinwater

        well, he’s the brighter of the two if that what you mean. Charles Manson was a pretty crafty guy as well.

    • Mark in LA

      Do you know for a fact they were distressed? Maybe just not as profitable as Wall Street would have liked.

  • DavidL

    Romney cares about the middle class as much as Mr. Potter did in It’s a Wonderful Life.” He cares about creating jobs as much as Gordon Gecko did in “Wall Street”. Romney is a financial capitalist predator. He pays no income taxes except capital gains and ironically, because he wants us to believe that he truly loves America and wants to help everyone, he proposes a tax plan which lowers his rate even further while increasing taxes on the poor. You know the poor, the people Romney claims he is not worried about because of our safety net. By the way, he is against our safety net because, like all of the rich, they will never need it; and why should they pay for something they don’t need.

    The rich are the most dangerous segment of any population. They have the money and the connections to aggressively pursue their self-interest at the expense of everyone else. They are highly skilled at getting others to gladly pay their bills and fall for their propaganda by waving an American flag. They will even sing “America the beautiful” for you on the stump. I guess he wants you to focus on his lousy singing voice and not on the fact that when America was at war and need patriotic citizens, he ran away and hid in Europe. The rich need a war to protect their business interests and profits? No problem, just send a poor kid.

    I have no respect for Romney, and if the Republican party nominates him, it deserves the defeat it is going to suffer.

    Even though I do not agree with all of their positions, the only candidates in the Republican clown show I respect are Ron Paul an Rick Santorum.

    If you are rich, support the candidate of the rich. If you are not rich, then wake up, get rid of the smoke put in your face by the rich, and support the candidate that supports your economic interests and those of your family.

    • Jeep

      Excuse me, but I am trying to figure out which “poor” people you are referring to that pay taxes. Unless something has changed half of all Americans pay NO INCOME TAXES at all. So, which “poor” tax payers are you talking about?

      • Danny Buckles

        Jeep, excuse me what product in the USA can you purchase without paying state federal and in most cases local taxes. Including water, electricity, and communications. HELLO

        • Joe H.

          I can rent an apartment that is inclusive!!! I can buy a used car from a friend have him put on the bill of sale that it is a gift and pay no taxes on the purchase. Legal? maybe not, but it goes on DAILY in a lot of states. I can purchase used clothes or other items from a yard sale or flea market and pay no taxes. I can purchase a service from a friend like a roof and pay no taxes. goes on all the time. now I know this is not what you MEANT, but you asked!

          • Deerinwater

            Well, it doesn’t go on near enough, we pay a lot of taxes!

            Just this Sunday alone, i paid out 40 dollars in taxes alone.

            I could have spent two days trying to avoid it I suppose and sometime I do. But time wasn’t in my favor today or most days for that matter.

            Everybody pays taxes, a lot of taxes that have little to do with the federal tax.

            If people, much less the poor were taxed less on the consumer side, maybe they could pay Federal taxes. Try living on 12,000.00 per year and tell us how that works for you.

        • Jeep

          Danny, since you obviously have a deficiency of some gray matter, let me quote your post. When referring to Romney you state, “He pays no income taxes except …” Soooo, you cannot have it both ways, your post was an obvous reference to income taxes and not sales taxes. And, as we all know the “poor” are usually recipients of tax returns greater than that which was paid in under the current tax system, which amounts to little more than a welfare check. Would it not be an interesting exercise to add up all those sales taxes and compare them to the tax rebates that the “poor” get?

          In any case, your argument holds no water and is not worthy of further discussion.

  • Darryl

    The author of this is diatribe. And he is a known anti-Romney guy. Too bad there aren’t ethics in journalism!!

    • Edward Speed

      The real focus is being missed here. I know that Romney’s church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, teaches that our U.S. Constitution is sacred and worthy of defense. Does anyone know where he stands on this topic? or is he another Obama, as suggested, someone who doesn’t need the constitution and is a self-propelled governor, free of any constitution? I believe Romney is a discilplined person, who believes in our Constitution and will defend it.

    • DavidL

      I do oppose Romney, but I am not a journalist. There are ethics in journalism, but it depends which journalists you read. Fox? Forget about it!

      Ron Paul and Rick Santorum!

    • Joe H.

      more like there isn’t honesty in your heart!!! romney is a shill!!

  • jopa

    So Romney is taking the claim or the blame for jobs like Dominoes Staples and Sports Authority.Wow I bet they even pay minimum wage and no benefits.He is my true hero.Not He made more than minimum though.

  • Joan

    GREAT article! The truth needs to get out before he gets the Rep nomination! You know it will afterwards! Ron Paul is the ONLY one who CAN win this election for the GOP! Get behind him or get ready for 4 more years of Obama! Your choice! I choose Ron Paul!

  • Geno

    Quotes from a great patriot — Samuel Adams:

    While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader…. If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security.

    If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.

    If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

    Let us contemplate our forefathers, and posterity, and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us from the former, for the sake of the latter. The necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude and perseverance. Let us remember that “if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom,” it is a very serious consideration … that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event.

  • Louis

    Romney is a great American, a good business man and a man of faith…there is as conservative as any of the other candidates and more…the country is fortunate having a man of his character willing to run for office. He doesn’t need the money and he is not driven by power. He has a great family….take a good look at his family, neither he nor his family are messed up and Rick seven children need him more then the country needs him….otherwise, they be messed up growing up in the White House…American people do not think very deeply

    • Joe H.

      Drunk on the koolaid???

  • Tom W.

    My problem wit Mitt isn’t just his economics, his being on both sides of every major issue, or just my personal feeling that he’s a 100% plastic Wall St. puppet it’s his religion!

    I hope the other candidates won’t be afraid to play the faith card!!! If Mitt wins the GOP nomination, I’ ll promise you this, the network airwaves will be filled with expose’s on the Mormons and their beliefs, probably tying Mitt’s family tree to Warren Jeffs somehow! Barack will go there!!!

    The Theological Reason I Can’t Support Mitt Romney for President

    The first time I ever remember hearing Mitt’s name was I believe somewhere around 2006 when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his first visit to the UN in NYC. For some reason he wanted to visit Boston, and Mitt, who was then governor of Massachusetts refused to give him the special treatment usually afforded such heads of state. (State Police escorts, body guards, etc.) An action I applauded very loudly! I also agree with him somewhat politically, but let us get back to the topic at hand. When I became a Born-again Christian in 1993, I was 35 yrs. old and never having anything to do with religion before; I was curious and very hungry, for lack of a better term. I began to read everything I could get my hands on. I found especially fascinating and confusing how many different kinds of Christians there were. I got the Book of Mormon thru one of their TV offerings. I didn’t get thru much of it, although I did get thru Joseph Smith’s testimony. Amazing story to say the least! How he found the Urim and Thummim (The oracles used by Aaron the High Priest to consult God on for answers on judgmental disputes concerning the children of Israel. First mentioned way back in Exodus 28:30 and last mentioned as already being a long time missing in Nehemiah 7:65) while digging post holes on the family farm in upstate New York. His being visited by the Angel of the Lord, etc… Now I’m not saying that it didn’t happen, because I truly believe that with God nothing is impossible, and that He surely does work in strange and mysterious ways, I’m living proof!!! But the Good Lord knows that I’ve always been a doubting Thomas. (A shortcoming that I’m constantly having to beg forgiveness for!) But shortly after getting into the meat of the book, I felt that something wasn’t right. So I put it down and never picked it up again. That’s unusual for me, I hate to start something and not finish it. I also started to read the Quran one time, but that’s another story. If you’ve never read Joseph Smith’s testimony and you like a good story, you owe yourself this one! It’s part of the preface of the Book of Mormon. Now, back to Mitt, the Mormons hold to a belief that is so vastly different from mainstream Christianity, that I don’t see how a fundamental Christian could vote for a Mormon. Mormonism is a heretical cult! And Mitt, (Please pardon the pun.) doesn’t stand a snowballs chance without the support of the Evangelical Conservatives! Now I fully understand that you non-believers could give a rat’s derriere, but that can be a topic of conversation at that great meeting in the abyss.

    Things Taught by the Mormons Contrary to Holy Scripture

    Mormons teach that God was once a man. Brigham Young said, “If our Father and God should be disposed to walk through these aisles, we should not know Him from one of the congregation. You would see a man and that is all you would know about Him.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol. II pg. 40) Now I agree that that might be taken a little out of context, but please let me continue. Although most Mormons no longer practice polygamy, they do teach that God the Father has many wives, and that He now lives on a planet near the star Kolob, with His many wives having spiritual children. (Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:9, 16) They also teach that Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers. (Ensign Magazine, Dec. 1980, pg. 5) According to Mormon teaching, war in Heaven erupted when Jesus and Lucifer both approached God with their plans of salvation at the “Council of Gods.” (Abraham 3:23-28 & Talmage, Jesus the Christ, pp. 15&16) Lucifer’s plan was to make the people worship God, but Jesus’ plan was to show the people how to worship God. Lucifer’s plan was rejected and Jesus’ plan was accepted, and that Jesus became the Savior only because His plan was accepted. (Pearl of Great Price, Book of Moses 4:1-3) And that Lucifer became Satan when he rebelled and was thrown out of Heaven with a third of the spirits. They were sent to this planet. This is where demons come from. And of the other two thirds, one third stayed with Jesus in the battle, the other third didn’t fight as valiantly. These were the spirit children born to God and His wives. The ones who were faithful to Jesus were born as babies with white skin; the ones who didn’t fight as valiantly are born as babies with black skin. ( Doctrines of Salvation, vol. I, J.F. Smith, pg. 61. Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, pp. 526 & 527, 1966 edition) Now how in the world does that explain Barack?! And if you live your life obedient to their laws and ordinances, according to Mormon teaching, you’ll become a god with your own planet. “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.” (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, pg. 430) Mormons believe in large families because of their belief that where God is, there are many spirits waiting for human tabernacles, and each child they have will become a home for one of those spirits. (Mormon Doctrine, by B.R. McConkie, pg. 698. Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:22-28) Mormons once taught that Jesus had many wives, including the two sisters of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene. And that Jesus couldn’t become a god, unless He was married. (Journal of Discourses, vol. I, pg. 345 and vol. II, pg.210, Mormon Doctrine by B.R. McConkie, pp. 117&118)

    Joseph Smith’s family was deeply involved in the occult. Mr. Smith was arrested in 1826 for the occult practice of “glass looking”. He claimed that for a price he could find buried treasure by looking through his magic “peepstone”. (A Comprehensive History of the Church, by B.H. Roberts, vol. I, pp. 26&27) I’ll bet that if the authorities confiscated said “peepstone” That they never realized that they were quite possibly in possession of the missing Urim and/or Thummim of biblical antiquity!!! When Joseph Smith was killed, he was carrying an occult talisman of Jupiter in his pocket. (Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, by Quinn, pp. 66-73)

    Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrym were both Freemasons. In fact, Joe jumped from 1st degree to a sublime degree Mason in only one day! He must have hopped right on in the ole’ barrel!!! (History of the Church, by Joseph Smith, vol. IV, pp. 551&552) This helps explain the Masonic symbols on the walls of Mormon temples. (Whited Sepulchers, by Schnoebelen and Spencer) As a matter of fact, Mormons also share the rituals of wearing special undergarments, having secret handshakes, the taking of blood oaths, and having secret names which they need to get into Heaven. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” – Eph. 5:11&12, see also Deut. 13:1-10. In fact, as rumor has it, Joseph Smith was murdered by the Freemasons for being a defector and breaking his sacred blood oath!

    Joe was a self proclaimed prophet of God. Duet. 18:20-22 says, “But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing that the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” In 1832 Joseph Smith prophesied that the Mormon Temple would be built in the state of Missouri in that generation. Within ten years, the Mormons were run out of the “Show Me State”, and the chosen temple site sits as an empty vacant lot in Independence to this very day, with only a tourist landmark sign designating it as such!

    Mormonism is nothing more than modern day Baal worship! It is a mixture of Babylonian and Jewish religions, Masonic and Catholic tradition, along with, I would say, a little American Indian folklore to boot. They claim Apostolic Authority just like the Vatican! They even have twelve so called apostles in Salt Lake City, Utah. (See Rev. 17:5) Although the Mormons teach that God was once a man who progressed to become one of many gods, the Book of Mormon clearly states, “There is only one God, and that He is unchanging.” (Times and Seasons, vol. V, pg. 490, Mormon 9:9-11, and Alma 11:26-31) Lord forgive me for being judgmental, but it sounds kind of hypocritical to me. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; (I Tim. 4:1&2) “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables.” (II Tim. 4:3&4) “But there were false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bringing upon themselves swift destruction.” (II Pet. 2:1, see also II Cor. 11:13&14, and Eph. 6:10-18)

    I believe that a person has the right to privately practice ant religion that they so choose. But if that person chooses to run for the President of the United States of America and they’re going to stand behind that religious conviction, then they owe the American people an explanation of why they stand behind or even knew of, (God forbid!!!) certain teachings of that religion, and also be given the chance to renounce the same.

    Now I started this letter touting some of the things that I like about Mitt, but what he calls one of his biggest economic victories, I call a defeat. What he did at Staples, he did by going in and replacing merchandise made in the USA and by her allies, with cheaper made in China products! Some victory!!! They should have to give away free Mandarin Chinese Rosetta-stone CDs! He’s a known flip-flopper on just about every issue, and I don’t think the Massachusetts Health Care package has worked out that well either.

    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

    Most information concerning Mormon beliefs contained in this op/ed letter were gleaned from the tract, “The Visitors” c. 1984 by Jack T. Chick LLC. For further information concerning Mormonism, please contact: Saints Alive in Jesus, PO Box 878, Kirkland , WA98083

    Mormonism is a cult and Mitt Romney is a heretic! I’m talking to you Christian, I believe that the Bible is very clear on this subject!!!

    “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” – II John 9-11

    If you agree with this what I’ve exposed in this letter, please sent to everyone you know whether they’re Christians or not!!!

    • John

      Mormonism is as much a cult as all other religions including christianity are. Every one of them feels that only they are the true followers of a god. To point fingers at others and believe that you and your fellow Christians are the only rightful follower of a god and thus forget your own delusions is laughable.

      • Danny Buckles

        John, this post answered the question of wheter or not you are a Christian. I hope you find the Lord. You will know the difference then. Don’t look to far away, he is standing there with you his name is Jesus. Hope you will find the time to talk to him.

        • Tom W.

          Right on Danny my brother!!!

          John 14:6 (KJV)
          “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

          That’s pretty much cut and dry to me! John, there are many, many different religions, but when it gets down to it, there are only two types of people….. Saved, and unsaved!!! I could throw Bible verses at ya all night, but I’m not, I’m gonna pray that ya think about it!

    • Aurelio

      All religions get together at one point: speculation. The “word of God”, God needs no words; man needs words to understand each other, sometimes…Jesus is an ideal, not a story. Until one doesn’t understand that, one can not disentangle one’s mind from this fiction created by man to control man. It’s all about power and money, like politics.

      • Joe H.

        Perhaps one day you will wake up and understand that the Bible was, indeed written by man, but with devine guidance. You are right, God does not need words as his son IS the word. He also knows that man/woman DOES need words to understand as they are frail and failable, so he guided hem to write the word of GOD!!! Remember ” If you deny me then I will deny you to my Father!” I’ll pray for you, friend.

        • Deerinwater

          “Divine” ~ and there is more then just one way to understand God and let Gods works work though you ~ but many ways. But it is true, wide is the path and narrow is the way in accepting all of your parts and your true purpose.

          But the church does tell us differently, they tell the way is so narrow that only through the church might you enjoy such blessing.

          It was the Church that killed Jesus, so I’m not inclined to listen to everything the church believes or has to say to this day but you can if it pleases you.

          My maker would not place something between he and I that could not be overcame or circumvented, it makes little sense.

  • Sam

    Why not quit this constant tearing down of the front runner for the Republican nomination. He really is the only one with a chance to beat Obama and yet WE Republic Consertatives keep trying to make him look bad. Stop and really look at Gingrich, Paul and Santorum… None of them have the clout to get the nomination and if if they did, they cannot beat Obama at his own game.. Just stop the madness and let’s get on with supporting a viable candidate and getting Obama out of OUR White House…

    • Geno

      But Sam, Mitt will be defeated by Obama. Why? Because Obama has the money to dig up a lot of dirt on him. Mitt is just the vanilla version of Obama and for this reason he will be an easy target for Obama’s attack squad. Ron Paul would be the hardest for Obama to defeat because Obama has nothing on him. All Ron Paul has to do is stand on his virtue and Constitutional record and Obama will fade into oblivion.

      • John

        Unfortunately for Ron Paul is that he has not much of a record that the masses will find worthwhile voting for. Obama will rip him a new one just for that. Obama will point out that Paul voted against something that benefited the masses (constitutional or not) and the masses will vote Obama… Wanna bet, Obama will find a hundred or more points that will “show” the masses that Paul only has his friends in mind and not the People. Unfortunately, being for the constitution and only voting according to what Paul perceives the constitution says will be Obama’s main issue and the reason Paul will lose. The masses will perceive Paul as anti citizen, anti poor, anti retiree, anti American, someone who wants to destroy the country and permit terrorist to have nukes…. and thus Obama will win against Paul.I give Obama 10-15% over Paul.

        • sancheleezy

          Sorry John but you do not have all the facts straight as in nearly every poll Dr. Ron Paul will show that Obama is nothing but another in a long of hypocrites. He is even worse than President Jimmy Carter who at least did have a compassionate side even though he bumbled his way while in office. Ron Paul believes in freedom, liberty, peace, and the U.S. Constitution. What does Obama believe in but more government, bailouts, Solyndra (plus other green technology companies using taxpayer money, which is never payed back), interference in other countries policies, drone assassinations, illegal immigration, less border security. Would you like me to continue further? Enough said.

        • Geno


          You need more depth here. Ron Paul can easily defend against the points you make. Why is he most popular among the youth and the military? And he has made is points very clear with respect to social security and government welfare and entitlements. The key to understanding Ron Paul is in understanding monetary policy and how the FED steals from us all with inflationary spending.

        • Joe H.

          Almost every poll done on who can beat Adumberer, R. Paul comes out the ONLY one that CAN beat Adumberer as there is next to NOTHING to expose on him!!! adumberer can’t dig up dirt on him!

      • Aurelio

        Geno, What dirt? have you checked Mitt bio? Obama’s bio has a lot of baggage that will come back to light this summer. Mitt Romney has been and is a decent human being, period. WITH A LOT OF BUSINESS, EXECUTIVE, AND POLITICAL EXPERIENCE. PERIOD. But you can choose a bipolar cheater.

  • Geno

    For anyone that believes that there are terrorists hiding behind
    every corner in every American city, well, they’ll probably like
    this and think that this is going to keep them ‘safe’.

    However, for those of us that know that the ‘War on Terror’ is a
    fraud, we immediately recognize that all of this is really aimed at
    the American people.

    The NYPD’s new K9 anti-terror units…


    • John

      To say that there are no terrorists in this country, and to decry all the war on terror as a fraud is as short sighted as the people that believe the government is your friend and can do nothing wrong.Or people who believe the government is our enemy and out to destroy us.

      The truth lies somewhere in the middle…..and we should never give up our vigilance otherwise we will be destroyed… either by the terrorists or by the government.

      • Geno

        Well said and I concur, however, there is a difference between terrorists and common criminals. If there are terrorists in America it is because they are CIA operatives. We will always have common criminals in America — just look at who is running this country.

        • Joe H.

          I suppose those prayer rugs left along the trails the illegals use crossing the border were left by the tooth fairy, right??? Ignorance is bliss, my friend!!

      • Mark in LA

        How many of these terrorists are poor hapless morons who are goaded into bragging that they will do something while some FBI agent prooacateur is leading them on?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Mark in LA,


          Best wishes,

  • Bill

    I am sticking with Romney.

  • sniffer

    A vulture capitalism article regarding Romney and Bain Capital describes the predatory capitalism that systematically sacked America over the last quarter century. What is described as buying, sacking, and stripping companies of wealth fails to address the unimaginable redistribution of US wealth and power to global monopolists who have no allegiance to the US or its citizens!

    The American Bankers Association umbrella covers a union of colossal “global” banks that have their tentacles wrapped around our national and individual wealth. The power of that colossal wealth goes to the top of the pyramid, leaving the risk and crumbs to owners and government guarantees (bail-outs, etc.).

    The rage of the late 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s corporate acquisition craze was “buying market share”, by buying and merging companies. Eliminating competition and controlling supply to manipulate cost, price, and profit defines monopoly. That requires concentrating wealth and production capability. Prior to this period, antitrust laws with treble damages were enforced by government. Moving people and infrastructure from one facility to another, while creating shell businesses with imaginary sales, nonfunctional infrastructure, and obsolete inventory destroyed many communities and lives. It was a sick perverse movement. That movement turned out to be “globalism”, a global monopoly that is in control of the economy, communications (news), and government.

    Bit by bit and piece by piece consumption goods added “made in China” labels as manufacturing and resource processing “disappeared” from America. Few if any old private financial institutions survived this period. The rage was mutual funds and managed funds controlled by global financial empires that used our citizen funds to strip our country and rebuild it in China and elsewhere. Add to this outrage, the fact that the global banking empire uses treasury funds @ 0% fed rate, which in turn predetermines that citizen saving investments and all secure retirement funds will earn ZERO and be worthless after government created inflation destroys purchasing power! SSI-MED and other government pension plans are broke! Can no one understand what “unfunded liability” means! The funds don’t exist!

    Wake up America or drown in sorrows. We import 2/3 of our oil and pay three times too much to the global monopolists who control all of it because our president and legislature are corrupted to the core – democrat and republican alike! Illegal alien invaders cost citizens at least $500 billion a year for the same reason! Billions are given to enemies while our leaders vote themselves another $1.2 trillion loan that we simply CAN’T PAY.

    Gingrich has been smashed for mentioning vulture capitalism! Romney has some “explaining’ to do! Truth can set us free, but none is in sight. It’s not going away!

    • Deerinwater

      good write “sniffer”, you been reading my mail?

    • Joe H.

      not only are we importing all that oil, I read in our paper that the US oil companies have close a few refineries. What better way to declare a “shortage”?

  • Delores Smith

    Mitt Romney is the only Presidential Candidate that can defeat Obama.
    I am voting for Mitt Romney. I don’t fully understand why so many people spend so much time tearing Romney apart. I believe that most of it is envy. His wife has cancer and multiple sclerosis. It is obvious that Obama fears debating Romney. One person wrote that Romney has too much,”Look at how healthy his family looks!” If you want an intelligent man to straighten out the EVIL in America, vote for Romney. Obama is intent on destroying America, along with George Soros. Our Lord did not create the perfect individual. That is why we are called “human.” Newt is a “whining muffin” per Peggy Noonan. I like Ron Paul’s goodness, but he cannot save this nation. Santorum is a child without ability. MITT ROMNEY is highly intelligent and will save us from the mess created by these Marxists.
    Delores Smith

    • Mark in LA

      You are delusional, Romney will get trounced by Obama. No Democrat will cross over and vote for him. Joe-sixpack won’t vote for him. The Paul supportes are so sick of the way the Republican Party has smeared Paul, many won’t vote for Romney even if Paul tells them to.

      Romney’s loss will make McCain’s loss look good.

      • Joe H.

        With what I know about Ron Paul and how he loves the constitution, you are right. If he told us to vote for Romney, I would have to believe he was doing it under DURESS like the death of his son or something. that would be the ONLY way he woud endorse Romney!!

  • Dave M

    More politics of ENVY and utter stupidity by someone proclaiming to be a defender of free markets! How sad to read this tripe on THIS website of all places!

    You never mentioned the number of profitable auto dealerships shut down overnight by BHO’s nanny bailout… the tax payers and preferred shareholders who got hosed when they got pushed to the back of the line behind union payoffs and insider favors in the green energy space… or the thousands of small biz’s that close due to crushing regulation and burdensome tax policy. But since the government is responsible for that it doesn’t qualify as “vulture capitalism” does it?

    Wake up and get a clue… we need to stop cannibalizing ourselves with these ridiculous, childish, selfish attacks a MORE THAN QUALIFIED CANDIDATE… or we’ll all be soooooo satisfied with ourselves that we kept Mitt from becoming president and the messiah has four more years to complete the demolition of America!


    GENO SAYS: A VERY NICE POST. But its EASY for THEM to Brainwash us to HATE, and DESTROY things we dont understand. Most people in the world just want to live a decent life, Try and make things better for their Familys, Most do not even have a desire to be rich. YET we Kill and Destroy ea other Because a few tell us its RIGHT. L of Nations,Now the UN. What a useless bunch of People, as they are NOW. The UN needs to have reps from all THE COUNTRIES, NOT just The select few, How else can The others speak out their problems. THE UN should be based on Freedom for all People, Make WAR and GOVT OPPRESSION ILLEGAL. Make PEACE and EQUAL sharing and support to all Countries.Make sure all monies AID donated to other countries and the People GO TO THEM and not in the pockets of the Rulers. All the People of a country Have the RIGHT for The Govt People to Step Down on request, The Govt has no Legal Right to use their Military Power over the People. ETC.STOP the stealing of a countries resources by The Leaders. People in office need to answer to the People, Not the other way around.

    • Joe H.

      Ranger Hall,
      Just WHO the hell is going to tell CHINA that government opression is illegal?? Nice thought, but it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    We have an opportunity to elect someone that is not flushed with money of his own or e others that have bought him. I keep hearing that it will take boatloads of money to win the election. I say that we the american voter can prove them wrong. Who does his own taxes and has the least funds to spend??

  • Rw

    Mitt Romney discussion, Ther are a lot of armchair people that sit on the side lines and take pot shots at those that make money or companies. Have they ever sat in the drivers seat or formed a company? I have and they have been and still are sucessfully. Get off of your duff and try it. I have found that people are always waiting to take a shot and someone making it in the business world. It is hard when you put yor house and all you have worked for to be a business man. The Government works against you all the way. Just waitintg for the tax money to start rolling in. This article says he may not have broken the law or bylaw. Does he know for sure about Mitt, no he is taking pot shots, because Mitt made it big. Of course he paid his taxes the government will squeeze every drop out of you, than can.Go in business then write about it. Or you can sit on the side lines and take pot shots that does not take much of a man to do that!

  • Jeep

    Wow, some of you need to get a grip! Discussion, debate and the occassional “tearing down” of any candidate is a good thing! We all want “our man” to win. But, when the dust settles the GOP will have a candidate, for better or worse. The price of freedom is high, and it requires constant monitoring. Freedom loving individuals need to participate in the process and accept the good with the bad. The point is that bashing each other for our support of Romney, Newt, Paul or Santorum is not the same as debating their qualities and qualifications. By all means give it your best shot, and John Meyer’s article along with many of the posts here are healthy! My advice is that we ignore the resident libs, keep it civil and tout your best line! And, in the end, if your man doesn’t win, then don’t cry about, but be proud to be a particpant in America’s great freedoms and responsibilities as citizen.

    • Jeep

      Sorry John, I mispelled Myers!

    • Deerinwater

      WoW! are you turning over new leaf Jeep or is this new civility just for “like minds”?

      • Jeep

        Sorry, but I have decided that even responding to many of our resident libs is an exercise in futility. The occassional liberal “fact check” or opinion and outrageous statement may call for a post or two. But, in general I have come to realize that the liberal mindset is locked up with an agenda designed with anti-individualism, pink bunnys, pies in the sky, and little blue smurfs running amock. It is not usually worth my time or effort to explain that all I am asking for is to be left alone in certain aspects of my life. That I am NOT my brother’s keeper, but I do recognize that all Americans are entitled to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Life is NOT fair and no amount of government regulation will change that, but usually makes it worse. But, in the end our democracy may as Jefferson said, “require a little revolution now and again.”

        Therefore, I have had enough of trying to convince the shrills, hacks and paid operatives that visit the websites I enjoy that there will come a time when government overreach has gone too far. But, I am more interested in ensuring that my fellow patriots are not too divided to act if that time comes. And, in the meantime, to remind my friends and allies that it is our duty as citizens to allow the political winds to blow and use every means to direct them in a positive direction towards Constitutional principles and the individual freedoms guaranteed in that document.

        • Deerinwater

          I see, you have booked a “love boat ” cruise! “LOVE! exciting and new! ”

          “No one can love you ~~ like I do!”

          Well, I’ll miss you. I can see that some people just like preaching to the choir rather then testing their metal and fine tuning their debate. It’s easier, If you was to be popular and as appreciated as the only man with a set of jumper cables at a black funnel that’s up to you.

          The absence of all the stereotyping and name calling will be a welcome change and make it easier to stay on topic.

          The road you take is a long one Jeep and you will reach your end before the road runs out. Try to have a little fun on your way.

          Even Patriots disagree, if they don’t something is seriously wrong. Ron Paul knows this and you don’t see him calling people name and attempting to alienate and elevate himself by putting others down but delivers a clear, focused and consistent message. Why can’t you?

  • Edward Speed

    Your focus is missing here. Will Mitt Romney defend our Constitution or be another Obama, as suggested? His religion teaches him that our U.S. Constitution is sacred and worthy of defense. I believe Mitt will defend our constitution.

    • Joe H.

      Edward Speed,
      you mean like when governor of MA, he decided NOT to fight the second ammendment violations in his state??? He decided that the gun laws in MA were “GOOD SENSE”!! Or is it a good thing to “pick and choose” what he wants to protect???

  • Mark in LA

    The bottom line for all you so-called free-market types and capitalists is not whether you believe the stuff in the article is a distortion or not. The issue is that Joe-sixpack will not support somebody like Romney who got his money the way he did. They supported Ross Perot even though alot of his money was made via government contracts because he built a company that hired people and grew. It doesn’t matter if all of the companies Bain took over weren’t asset stripping operations. The mere fact that this was a portion of their business that was always on the table is enough to put so much stink on Romney he cannot beat Obama.

  • EconoMick

    Mr. Myers,

    Based on this article, you are not a Mitt Romney fan. That’s OK. Even as a member of the LDS church, I’m not particularly thrilled with him as a potential President either. As a presidential candidate, I much prefer Ron Paul.

    However, I don’t believe you are coming anywhere close to being fair to Mr. Romney. As you state Mr. Romney probably did nothing illegal at Bain Capital, in fact, “corporate raiders” perform a valuable function by taking assets which are not optimally employed and redeploying them in more valuable uses. Of course they make money in doing so, isn’t that what the free market is all about. They perform in a manner similar to arbitrage specialists. In the process some jobs are lost, others are created, and additional wealth is produced. I believe that is the function of the market, i.e., employ resources efficiently. Of course Mr. Romney tries to put the most positive spin on it possible, he is, after all, a candidate for President. Would you expect him to do otherwise?

    In addition, your likening Romney’s “I like being able to fire people” with Gekko’s “If you need a friend, get a dog.” Is simply a means of transferring people’s feeling about the Gekko character to Romney. Again, this is patently unfair. Anyone who saw the debate knows Romney’s reference to firing somebody was a reference to firing Obama by electing Romney. Frankly, I’m truly surprised that someone (supposedly a staunch proponent of free market principles) would stoop so low as to use references to a left wing liberal’s media portrayal of a capitalist to assassinate the character of a republican candidate for president. Whose side are you on anyway, Obama’s?

    OK, so Romney’s not as likely as Paul to drastically shrink the size of Government. He’s not as likely to increase personal liberty as Paul. He’s not as likely to deregulate industry as Paul. He’s not as likely to return the U.S. to a sound monetary system as Paul. And, he’s not as likely to get us out of as much foreign mischief as Paul. However, he’s a much better businessman than a certain community organizer and left wing lawyer who now occupies the White House. He’s much more likely to favor market solutions and individual liberty than Obama. He did turn the 2002 Winter Olympics around. He has made millions reallocating resources to more efficient uses. He’s a good family man and he’s honest. Moreover, he’s likely to be the republican nominee. Conservatives shouldn’t undermine his standing by comparing him to a fictional leftist caricature of a capitalist. Shame on you!

    • Mark in LA

      You are also making assumptions that these assets are “not being optimally utilized”. A small family business that employs a large number of people in a small town but is not as profitable as it could be is raked over, its assets stipped, the few highly profitable assets moved to another company, and the building sold for whatever you can get may sound like making bettern use of the assets to a business school graduate or an economist but not to most people.

    • Deerinwater

      Not legal? RIGHT! True is wasn’t legal thanks in part to Ronnie Reagan and his undoing of the many check & balances that had been put in place years prior to prevent such events and activities.

      Just because “you can” does not mean that “one should”. Mitt Romney represent the “MR. POTTER” of America. Willing to turn the nation into “Potterville” for personal gain.

      At the height of his power, The King Pin of the Columbia drug cartel Estavon was a very “generous” man as well, given much to the poor and sponsoring public works.

      I’m not attempting to cast Mitt in bad light but one that fits!

      These companies screws a lot of vested employees out of their retirement. Put people out of work, putting whole townships and cities in an economic tail spin. The ripple effect was large and long lasting. I was reading where the closing of one such facilities that had used great amounts of electrical power for decades created obstacles too large for the community to overcome.

      Business and the supporting community have a marriage and commitment to each other for a mutual benefit that grows together over time. We have all seen this play out, in any region of the nation you wish to look. Where you are in timber or shrimp country, the dynamic are much the same, commerce dominates and is romanced by the community, from the mayor or governor down to the cafe owners, utility providers or office supply.

      Mitt Romney’s and like men, activities during the mid and late 80′s offered little consideration to the marriage between business and community. The community was not a considerate but only “captured profits”. A lover gone rogue is what it amounted too.

      I have no interest in any man with such a history to be my president.

  • Linn

    I’m sorry, but the mormons are no different from the blacks all voting for obama because he’s black, without question. The mormons will all vote for O’Romney without question because he is mormon. They are truly desperate to get a mormon in the white house to further the mormon agenda, not for the good of America!! O’Romney is a mormon FIRST, and then an American second. Of course, obama is not even American.

    • David

      Linn, just what is the Mormon Agenda? Before you speak ill of anyone perhaps you should do a little research. Are you aware that the Mormon church responded to 119 world disasters (in 58 different countries) in the year 2010. They have their own welfare program. They have just erected another large storehouse to be filled with items like food, clothing and medical supplies. These items are distributed freely in times of need to people, both members and non-members of their church. Do you feel there is something wrong with this?

      Mitt Romney tithes, giving 10% of his income to the LDS church. Then on top of that he has given something like another 16% of his income to other charitable causes. That is something over 25% all totaled. Doesn’t it seem odd to you that a man who has the morality to do such good could be guilty of all implied bad you read on these blogs. If you are only repeating what you have heard from others with out verifying the truth, you do err. Mitt is a man of high morals. If you think otherwise, you do not know him.

      Obama plays the race card. Rick plays the Evangelical card. Obama donates 1% to charity. Bush 10%. Rick and the other GOP hopeful contenders? You tell me.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So what?

      • Joe H.

        the more you make, the higher the percentage you can afford to donate! If you are making two millin a year, you can better afford to donate 25% of it than say a person making twenty thousand a year. THAT 25% could put a person into STARVATION mode!!!!

        • BigBadJohn


          “the more you make, the higher the percentage you can afford to donate!”

          Amen, you are exactly correct. However, most people that have tons of money got s there because of GREED, not exactly a Christian value……

          I have a good friend, who through hard work and a little luck now has a lot of money. When Bush’s tax cuts hit, he was almost complaining about how much his taxes were unfairly cut (he doesn’t complain anymore). However, his wife is very charitable and has traveled around the world doing Christian missions, something that most of us can only dream about.

          • Joe H.

            But even with his money, has the amount he gave to charity been more charitable than the guy that gives 10% of thirty thousand a year as that is all he can afford?? Think about it. I’m not saying in any way that your friend should be FORCED to give, I’msaying CHARITABLE donations. Your friend, if he is as rich as you say, could probably afford to give, from his heart, 40% and still live very well. I know a few that do.

  • jerry

    Well you John Myers are no better than Romney et al. You just got paid $794,932 for Putting out a Jan 2012 booklet under The Myer’s Letter claiming that Lone Star Gold {LSTG}could turn $10,000 into $1563,000 in short order. This is BS and you know it. It even says so in the fine print
    that most do not read. I don’t understand why Bob livingston would let you
    continue to publish because what you’re doing diminishes the credibility
    fo the Personal Liberty Digest And the Bob Livingston Letter. Your Dad CV myers stooped this low.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    I won’t be voting for Romney but if he gets the nod maybe he can use those vulture skills to tear down the Federal Reserve and return us to the days of Jackson and be rid of debts to the war financing central banks that have only their own well-being in mind.

  • Deerinwater

    Well, you are dead on spot of course John Myer. But you are preaching to the choir for most of us here. However it’s good that you put it down in writing and offer the world an explanation and a description of Mitt Romney and what Mitt Romney is all about and how he amassed his huge fortune.

    I would go a few steps farther and say , Mitt could not have done this all by himself, but in fact had a lot of help. He alone does not possess such cleaver GOOLISH skills but follows the advise of master gools that hold an allegiance and professional courtesy to a rare few. Willing to manufacture and sell a disease so they might profit from the dying. A behavior much less noble then Turkey Buzzard that feeds only on the dead while not contributing to death but to life with it’s activities.

    Mitt Romney is a loyal family man as I understand it and that’s his finest quality. From that point on, any redeeming grace Mitt Romney possess drops off rather quickly.

  • Randall Fecay

    Money is not the problem he is to nice of a guy. Mitt is a famliy m he gives tide 10% to the church he is a god fearing man. Mitt is know as a turnaround guy he saved the OLYMPICS game when nowone has ever made a profit. His company Bane capital had or was batting 700 hundred out of 1000 if he were hiting baseballs he whould be a supper star he has created a lot of jobs. Honestly I do not know why he would want the job he has plenty of money he would be the riches President ever well President Washington its close. Mitt has love of country

  • Adriane

    Wow! I’d think I was on a Leftist website here! What a smear article – and to quote Bill Press as proof of Romney’s evil??!! Bill Press is one of the most hateful libs I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to when he’s on a TV show like the McLaughlin Group, etc…
    Makes me question the integrity of other things I read on here.
    Check this video from 2008 when Romney was in campaigning in CA. We were having horrible fires. Romney showed up to help out, no media, but a relative of the lady who was helped took pics with his cell phone and put this up on YouTube. Speaks volumes as to Romney’s character and heart.

  • BigBadJohn

    I only hope people voting in GOP primaries come to their senses and vote Paul. The more this crap drags on, the more convinced I am that he is our only hope. At this point, I can not vote for Obama and will not vote for anyone from the GOP except Paul…….

    • Joe H.

      you and I are in 100% agreement on that! RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012!!!

  • jopa

    MorMoneyism will probably be his biggest downfall.He represents what people hate most about Wall Street and the way he made the money he hides overseas.The poster child of a true one per center.Then there is the Mormon faith that he used to dodge the draft during the Vietnam war.How can one object to being in the military one day and then want to hold the highest military rank as Commander in Chief the next?What were his objections back then and how will that affect his leadership today, or is he going to quit being a Mormon if elected?What are the Mormon views on war and peace? Just too many unanswered questions.

    • Joe H.

      That is what bothers me about Adumberer!! He has never served a day in service yet thinks nothing of sending young men/women to their death in war!! At least Ron Paul has served!!!

  • ES

    I could read the NYTimes, LATimes, CHTrib. etc. if I wanted to read trash like this.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, tell us what you want to hear and we’ll put something together just for you.

      All the gold is in California?

  • jopa

    JoeH;I am not sure what GOP candidate you are referring to however we should all be grateful our President, President Obama is beginning what is known as smart strategic actions that don’t involve thousands of troops but he does get the mission accomplished.Drones and Seal Team Six have taken out more terrorists made America a much stronger nation and put us up on the pedestal of greatness once again.I am glad we are out of Iraq and now it has been announced we will be out of Afghanistan much earlier than anticipated.The days of a one million man army have become obsolete with Americas technology and advanced weaponry.Ron Paul does have some great ideas though he doesn’t get enough air time for America to hear him.MSNBC is the only channel where I have been able to even hear his message.


    Mitt Romney took a failing Olympics in SLC and turned them around into profit. Considering the other candidates running for president…he appears to be the most qualified to turn this economy around. Understanding business does not come from serving in political office.

  • Peter Sowatskey

    A country is not a company. They can’t be run the same way. Everybody knows that.
    There’s something that no one is talking about with Romney.
    I read that the money to start Bain came from Mexico.
    Where in Mexico?
    Only people who have money there are the 20 families and their oil money.
    Or, the drug runners.
    Understand, I’m not accusing Romney of laundering drug funds.
    But, if he can’t account for every dime of his start up money, Obama’s people will slight him to death about it.
    Peter Sowatskey

  • sylent1

    Oh, PLEASE!!! For was a Nazi supporter even while America was a war with them. Carnegie under the auspices of his Endowment for Int’l Peace” was ACTUALLY secretly involved in pushing America into wars in order to promote globalism or as Norman Dodd, research director for the Reece Committee, was invited to examine the warehoused records of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The minutes, inspected by a Dodd researcher, revealed that in 1910 the Carnegie trustees asked:
    “Is there any way known to man more effective than war, to so alter the life of an entire people?”
    The trustees ultimately decided that war was the most effective way to change people. A year later the minutes showed that the trustees asked:
    “How do we involve the United States in a war?” And they answered: “We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United States,” by first gaining “control of the State Department.”
    And thus was born the Council on Foreign Relations

  • GrayStroke

    why our votes do not count:

    the fix is in can’t you tell it’s Mitt’ns all the way…we’ve been told!

  • Lee

    We have been duped to think that we elect a President,The controllers pick the canadate then they are paraded in front of the controlled media and walla all we have is a another puppet or a Pinocchio.Just google the voter fraud on the Republican canadate Ron Paul.935 Dead people Voting in Carolina, Not counting votes in Maine because of Snow. What a shame this has become.Your telling me the people of the U.S. would like to see a tax cheat and someone who takes away your second Amendment for a President,Or someone who gets a new wife every few years,Or someone who raises the Debt ceiling 5 times. Or one Ron Paul who has been right on everything he has been speaking of for the past 30 years.I guess Americans are dumb like rocks.Rice of Romney will be the G.O.P. canadate. Because the Controllers will put him there.The illusion of voting Ha!Welcome to AmeriKA!

  • Judy

    We are all over the map with our GOP candidates! Who knows really which one is better, worse or the same as BO. I have little faith that anyone can change the mess we are in and have been getting into for the past 100 years. Obama was elected when our economy was at critical mass and took every advantage available (which were enormous) to game the system. Want to know the truth about our “public servants” HA! Read the book “Throw Them All Out” by Pete Schweizerwichzer and find out what they are up to, and have been up to for a very long time. There is a reason why many take office with modest circumstances and become millionaires when they leave office after years scamming the system (that means you and me). You will want to upchuck!

  • http://none Rodger

    I have stated for 30+yrs. that union members had better start putting the brakes on their leaders. That unions better fight against exporting our jobs,and stop believing that doing so would actually increase our opportunities.But,it was always take,take,take,and protect eachothers behinds no matter what! Well,unions got to darn big!And now we,the lowly,the middle class are the ones doing without,we’re the ones sitting on the sidelines while China,SA.,Thialand,Brazil,are still growing.Cripes,our government won’t even stop other countries from using poisons in childrens toys,in our drugs,paints,cripes,not even from putting leads in our dinner plates,and glasswares!And bottomline,our LEADERS,our union leaders also,had,and have no interest in changing things!Our so-called intelligent,educated,elected officials have done little for America,Americans!Even illegals are getting more rights than citizens have!Folks!We are losing the votes of AMERICANS! And you better wake up and demand we stop these illegals.We need to stop these rich people from taking our tax basis to off-shore accounts!Stop companies from off-shore holdings.Dammit,we all need to pay our share,and these people,celebrities included,are simply raping our country from their rightfully due taxations!And then there’s this Walker dude in WI!And how the local republicans hid their votes,and discussions from the voters “because” they didn’t want too much discussion from the public while “they” were deciding what to do,how to vote!Talk about communism,talk about Wisconsin’s elected folks!


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