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The Threat of Islam

December 5, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    In the interest of intellectual honesty we can see that this is a dreadful mirror to the rhetoric of our own leaders (political and quasi-religious). Islamic extremeists use the exact same sort of propaganda to stir up their populations against us.

    Current speech and/or specific passages from the Quran OR the Bible are convenient tools in this ploy. Any of those can be taken out of context, used despite their ancient view of the world, or applied with a religious supposition.

    This is merely an illustration of how states/nations use their dominant religion (Islam, Christian, etc.) to inflame their populations into hatred, oppression, and war against those “different” from “us”. It is a tool of politicians and radicals that trys to remove us all from our faith.

    • DaveH

      There is no doubt that Islam is an Oppressive religion, but we have our own problems right here at home with a Government which is setting up the framework for oppression for whichever demented Leaders desire to use it against the citizens.
      Only 7 good Senators voted against the Defense Authorization Act for 2012 (S.1867) which contains a provision to Unconstitutionally detain indefinitely American Citizens. This is a blatant abuse of their oaths to uphold the Constitution.
      Go here to see who these 7 good Senators were. Vote out the rest!

    • Joe H.

      doc Sarvior a war on any muslim nation, now, most of those words you read were from the mouths of the speakers. If you listen closely you can even follow a couple of them in english. There were muslims that stopped traffic in London on 9/11 and dragged the occupants of said vehicles and under threats of violence made them say allah is great. There HAVE been incidents of intimidation at the US colleges around the states where people have been injured by muslims if they didn’t do what they wanted. There are a number of groups here in the US that are calling for Sharia law in the courts! That is NOT what this nation is founded on! Do you realize that under Sharia law, if your son has a girlfriend and they get a little hot and go too far, the girl can be stoned to death?? What if it was your daughter?? YOU AGREE WITH THIS CRAP??

      • Joe H.

        That first sentence should read Doc Sarvis, While I don’t favor a war with muslim nation NOW,……..

  • s c

    Ye gods. Three people actually agree on a topic at the same time. The Muslim faith has several defective issues that make a mockery of its basic moral tenets. First and foremost is its reliance on shifting political values that conflict with and override its moral tenets.
    For MANY years, ‘religion’ has been infiltrated by those who see religion as a political tool. Christianity was infiltrated long before I was born. After researching what passes for religion in America, I had to conclude that EVERY major faith on this planet (yes, in America, too) is corrupt and apostate. Islam is no different.
    However, since we are being manipulated by those whose main goal is to enslave all nations [no holds barred], we have to be in a defensive posture in order to survive.
    In America, politics has almost become a religion in and of itself. It’s hard to tell the difference between politicians and religious icons/scholars.
    To me, any faith that can justify corrupting other cultures and faiths via addictive drugs is inherently apostate. Any faith that lets politicians go back and forth between acting like ‘religious icons’ and politicians is an apostate faith. In short, there is NO major faith on this planet that is not APOSTATE. Any religious scholar who claims that his faith is immune from apostasy is a LIAR and a closet POLITICIAN. Muslims will have to correct their religious flaws on their own. I have all I can handle in dealing with addled-brained ‘Christians’ whose understanding of Christianity comes from pulpits manned by paid, immoral clones and programmed robots.

    • 1955thekeeper

      You know, you’re right about some things. I for one cannot go into another man’s house and condemn all the iniquity within it while there is rot and sin in my own house. It kind of relates to noticing the mote in the eye of my brother while there is a beam in my own eye. However, even though I realize and understand the limitations of my own righteousness while stepping into the fray we call life, I’ll be damned if I will share this existence with someone who as a matter of daily devotional plots, plans, and executes those plans to destroy me and the way of life my Father and my Father’s Father lived for and in some cases died for. Our nation, needs to get out of trying to control and manipulate foreign governments so that they become our “American Caliphates” across the globe.

      What we Americans have, or should I say had for almost 200 plus years was unique to us and us alone. But in our arrogance, we believed that what we possessed here in America was wanted or worse yet needed by the rest of the world. Have I mentioned that what took place here in America has never happened anywhere else? It was our ability to absorb multitudes of diverse peoples and cultures into one homogenous conglomerate mindset. Even though we were from every known and in some cases not so well known countries of the world, all of our ancestors came here to participate in the unbridled freedom that only America had to offer. Now, our country is facing bankruptcy not only in a financial sense, but on almost every other imaginable level. As a result of this we have some hard choices to make. One choice is to take Constitutional control of our country and try to build it back to something that roughly resembles our foundation as a nation OR in the other one we throw up our collective hands, let out a deep sigh of remorse, and accept that what we once had is no more and will never be again and begin our slide into becoming one of those mediocre second class nations like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, or even Croatia. But if we take the second path, be prepared to endure our country being torn apart from the inside by its own people. As we lay helpless, unable to defend ourselves from the dens of wolves which will eventually be attracted by the smell of blood, be prepared to come up against the greatest threat ALL FREE PEOPLES need to fear even more which is the ruthless and unrelenting bombardment by Radical Islam. When your political discipline is totally controlled by a single totalitarian tyrannical form of government in the guise of a religion, everyone around it better take note of its killing potential. It is a predator like form of government which feeds directly off of a host country until a tipping point of population is reached and then it kills its host and takes over totally. Think me and my words are crazy? Look all around the world where Islam, not Middle Eastern peoples, but Islam has migrated to. Islam’s primary programming is to invade, divide, and conquer every host country until nothing exists but Islam.

      Many people believe that one group fears another because they don’t fully understand the beliefs, customs, or desires of the other. Well partner, I fully understand yet do not embrace the culture of Islam which CONDONES, by its apparent silent inaction, the systematic “Ethnic Cleansing” of the rest of humanity. As former President Reagan once stated about America and I paraphrase, “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” My religious beliefs include toleration of other faiths and tenets. Toleration does not mean total acceptance. It simple means, “To live and let live,” in the broadest sense. I grant you that our national house needs cleaning, but I want to be the maid who sweeps up the dust bunnies rather than have someone on a jihad come to this country and wipe me and my dust bunnies from the face of the Earth.

  • Edwin L. Brown

    Doc. Sarvis’s comment here affects me and I hope everyone exposed to this iconic example of hate-engendering propaganda: we come asking for a stone and are given instead the bread of life. I would, though, stress two points; many of the scenes displayed show Muslim faithful
    simply expressing or acting out their benighted ideas and can to that
    extent be forgiven “for they know not what they do,” while those who
    manipulate the video to sow fear and hatred among us have no such defense. Again, some of the footage seems deliberately misconstrued: the occasions when the the Israeli ambassador speaking to collegiate audiences was heckled, he actually heard the outcries of Young Jewish & Proud who decry their elders bent on dragooning them into endless conflict and war against the millennial inhabitants of Palestine,
    Christian and Jewish as well as Muslim.

  • wildmann

    Why ?? Are Any of these Savages HERE?? It is beyond belief that a WOG, [Brit. Slang for A-Rab/Moslem] Named Barrack Hussein Mohammed Obama, Sits in the White House.

  • G Michael Muller

    Hey guys, this documentary I believe is pretty factual. I have personally listened to Muslims talk about their former faith. These weren’t just ordinary people, but people that were very committed to Jihad and were very educated with PHD’s. I am a Christian and want to say that religion is not about man or a way to God, but a personal relationship with the God of the universe, namely Jesus. There is such a thing as truth and the source of that truth is the Bible. Islam is a false religion, and most of Christianity is more of a cultural faith then a true faith. It all comes down to who is Christ? Was He just a man or was He God in human flesh. If you believe what the Bible has to say, the answer is obvious. We are in full blown spiritual warfare and it’s time for America and the rest of the world to wake up. It is time for a Great Awakening”!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Why do you claim that Islam is a false religion?

      • s c

        I’m probably whizzing up a redwood in wanting an explanation from you, but I’ll ask regardless. So, d, does your Big Tent creed demand that all religions be viewed as equal, and that each is to be held in high esteem? Since Islam is a johnny-come-lately in America, does your creed insist that it be seen as flawless?
        Apparently, you see what you want to see, but I suspect that you n e v e r take a hard look at it.
        Are you religious at all, or is religion just another ‘word’ to you?

        • Doc Sarvis

          s c
          Definition of RELIGION from

          1a : the state of a religious b (1) : the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance
          2: a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices
          3 archaic : scrupulous conformity : conscientiousness
          4: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith

          Under our law, all religions are protected. How one judges the “equality” or “inequality” of religions is up to the individual doing the judgement. That is why there are as many different religions as there are. If you devalue the “johnny-come-lately” aspect of a religion than I would suspect you are against Christianity and favor the “Great Spirit” of the Native Americans.

          I see the Maker as flawless and NOT religion.

          Don’t get wet under that Redwood.

          • Joe H.

            Doc, Our laws also say if the religeon goes too political they can lose their tax exemptions and if they commit violence they can be jailed and HEAVILY fined. now, if the muslims practiced sharia law HERE, they can and SHOULD be jailed for assault, child brutality and MURDER!! It does not FIT in our laws or even the governments limited morals!!

          • s c

            d, I gave up on whizzing up a tree when I was a kid. These days, that is an activity that seems to be cherished by utopians. Psychiatrists call it a
            As usual, you tried to add 1 and 1, and you got anything but 2. As for Islam being a false religion, it’s a bit tough to appreciate ‘wisdom’ and ‘love’ when slavery has never been eliminated from the vacillating list of ‘oh, by the way, you can do this or that as long as you get permission first’ options. Enslaving other nations via drugs is not exactly a claim to religious purity. Now, what were you saying about flaws?
            So, do you use boots or waders to get you through the day?

  • simian pete

    The USA gets most of its imported oil from Islamic countries. The USA buys like half a trillion dollars in oil every year from them.

    The genius of American foreign policy is to “burn the candle at both ends” ! On one hand we America is Pro-Islam (buying all that oil sure helps ! ) then at the same time we are anti-Islam ( attacking Islamic countries militarily )….

    Then to top it all off ! Now get this ! This is KEY !!!! We have a “antiwar” movement … The protestors are the same voters who put pro-war candidates into office ! Then after the elections they protest against them !!!

    It’s a brilliant foreign policy ! Before the ‘Arab Spring’ President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize !!! The Islamic world rejoiced ! He’s practically one of us, they thought. Now President Obama is attacking all these Islamic countries ! And he hasn’t returned his Nobel Peace Prize !!!!

    The antiwar people give the mullahs a “false” hope that American foreign policy will be changed to Pro-Islam in the next election cycle ! That cuts down on the terrorist attacks against the mainland from Islamofascist….

    You got to beware the Yankee Trader !

    • Joe H.

      simian pete,
      The US gets less than 30% of their imported oil from the middle east. they get most from Canada and south America!! We could IF ALLOWED, replace what we get from the middle east at less cost!! the other benefit of getting it hee is we can’t be blackmailed by the middle east!!

  • maurice

    Islam woudn’t do any good to my material and spiritual life.God bless America for the freedom and protection that its Constitution provides to all its citizens.

    • Joe H.

      Amen!! (and no eddie I’m not a preacher!!)

  • ladykroft

    What better way to take over a nation than to infiltrate their government. There are far too many muslims in our Whitehouse, Congress and Cabinets.

    Also…this site is too restrictive on what and how you can comment. It’s as though if you don’t say what they want you to say you’ll get censored, so a lot of comments are not made at all or are not truly expressive. Why allow you to express your opinion and then not let you do it? Their whole concept is questionable.

  • JPH

    Several points: First. in its modern day incarnation, as actually practiced around the world, Islam is far beyond being merely an “intolerant” religion. Compare Jesus to Mohammed. In keeping with a focus on the true spiritual life, Jesus actually allowed himself to be tortured and put to death and did not take up arms to make his points. But Mohammed actually killed, both by his own hands and through his followers, anyone who stood in his way. Witness his slaughter of the people in his numerous attacks on Mecca’s caravans and its people. Despite Islam claiming to also be a “religion of the book,” its followers have kept well hidden the fact that Mohammed and his minions killed or persecuted many Jews then living in the Arabian penisula between 600 and 800 AD. Today Islam’s adherents in very large numbers (in fact whole countries – Pakistan) see fit to murder anyone who tries to stray from the fold. And I’ve never heard of Christian fathers murdering their own daughters en masse over religious differences in the past 100 years or so. Second, whether one likes it or not, Western society is still fighting the Crusades (in a clash with Islam over world views) some 1300 years later and matters are further complicated by Iran’s bizarre desire to return to the glory of the Persian empire of over 2000 years ago. Third, had Christendom stayed united under the Catholic Church, and not stupidly split into over 12,000 Protestant sects, we’d probably be in much better shape. In large part, the so-called “Reformation” followed by the so-called “Age of Enlightenment” essentially blinded the West for some period of time as to those who have remained fundamentally opposed to Western civilization since 570 AD.

  • David Foster

    I would be more worried of the US than of Islam. We are the ones expanding a never ending Empire. They would not want to kill us if we left them alone. There are just as many radical christians that need to be dealt with individually just as the radica Islams, but to pass judgement on the lot of them is ignorant to say the least. We need to wake up America and realize that people are trying to make Muslims and Islam the new Jews that we can exterminate like the Nazis did…all of this is just propaganda. Don’t buy it. Wake up and understand what is really going on…

  • Jeremy Leochner

    The disagreement I have is that the acts committed on this video show a threat from extremists who claim to be justified by their religion. However I do not see grounds for condemning all muslims for actions committed by monsters and extremists. I must comment on the final note made by the video that “its not islamophobia when their actually trying to kill you”. The problem is muslims are not trying to kill anyone. Its extremists acting in the name of islam. It is most unusual that Islam is the threat when many who condemn Islam also claim there are moderate muslims and law abiding and decent muslims. I would think we should judge the religion based on the best of its followers rather than the worst. We need to judge based on action. If I meet someone and I learn they are muslim I am not automatically afraid. I get to know them and learn about their personal beliefs and then judge them accordingly. Judging people based on their religion is ultimately prejudice.It is wrong to presume all or most are bad just as it is wrong to presume all or most are good. The point is presumption however well intentioned is wrong. There are muslims who are good and decent people who do good in the name of their religion and there are muslims who are bad and violent people who commit terrorism in the name of their religion. It is the ones who commit violence in the name of their religion that should be feared, not those who simply practice the religion.


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