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‘The Thing’ That Scares Romney And Obama

May 23, 2012 by  

‘The Thing’ That Scares Romney And Obama
The economic crisis is an issue Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are too scared to touch.

“I supposed you’d all feel better if someone else was in charge.” — Donald Moffat as Garry in “The Thing”

Few things have scared the wits out of me more than seeing the movie “The Thing” 30 years ago. With just six months to go until the election, both President Barack Obama and Republican front-runner Mitt Romney seem to have their own “Thing” that scares them: the economy. Neither candidate has said how he would deal with what could be the hardest challenge America has faced since World War II.

One of these two men will have to lead the Nation for the upcoming four years. We know where they stand on gay marriage, gays in the military or, in Obama’s case, having a gay old time with Hollywood friends.

Supporters of both candidates have weighed in on other issues such as extending low interest rates on student loans, who bullied whom in high school and who had a tougher time growing up.

Is gay marriage important? That depends. For some people it must be, because so many people have weighed in on it. But I have a hunch that those same people won’t really give a rat’s behind about gay marriage if the economy implodes.

If millions of people lose their jobs and cannot feed their children, who among us will even care about gay marriage as an issue?

My mother used to say: “Everyone is principled until the wolf comes knocking at the door.” Having survived the Great Depression, my parents knew all about the wolf. More than anything else, it shaped who they were. I will never forget how my dad used to smoke his cigarettes right down to the filter even after he became successful. There was always a part of him and my mother that remembered how hard it was to put food on the table and pay the rent.

Most of us don’t have a memory of really tough times. And not one in 100 would even believe that times could be that tough again. Yet in many ways the world’s economy is hanging by a thread, and we might be facing something even worse than the Dirty Thirties.

I believe the President’s and Romney’s advisers have told them how bad this “Thing” can get, and that is why neither candidate has a clue as to how to handle this economic crisis. Both Obama and Romney seem worried that anything too negative could start a panic in the investment markets that one of them will have to deal with as President. This explains why we have witnessed the stupidest Presidential campaign in living memory.

If you think economic collapse can’t happen, you should start paying attention to the warning signs.

It’s Alive!

Four years ago, the financial meltdown that almost turned into a depression began at the doorstep of Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld Jr.

That first domino fell hard, and Fuld could not believe his firm would not be rescued by the Federal government. But it wasn’t. Not until the autumn of 2008 did Congress approve the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which allowed the U.S. Department of the Treasury to purchase up to $700 billion of “troubled assets.”

The acclaimed book Too Big To Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin explains why Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believed that without a bailout the Nation was headed for an economic crisis worse than the Great Depression.

It was the largest Federal government economic intervention since the Civil War. There was one huge problem with the solution: The government gave banks hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money but did not require they lend it out or rein in salaries and bonuses. In other words, they gave the banks a clean slate to start all over again. And banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co. have done it in spades.

What Would Harry Truman Say?

This month, JPMorgan Chase announced it made a bad bet that resulted in a $2 billion loss. CEO Jamie Dimon said he was sorry — so sorry, in fact, that he forced Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew to resign. Dimon believes the buck stops with Drew, even though he is at the forefront of what is turning into the second banking crisis in four years.

Dimon even apologized to shareholders, but he isn’t sorry enough to take a cut on his $23 million pay package.

One thing I have learned over the past 30 years is that if one big bank is taking on risk, so are all the others. That was the case in the 1980s with the titanic amount of bad Latin American debt, and it was certainly the case five years ago with the trillions of dollars in bad bets the banks made on derivatives.

Right now, the mainstream media are underplaying the JPMorgan Chase problem. That’s exactly what they did four years ago when Lehman Brothers’ ugly losses were coming to light.

We may soon see a problem far too big to ignore — a problem that can again take down the financial markets and the economy with it.

The Federal government has already shot its ammo. Interest rates charged by the Federal Reserve to banks are close to zero, and the bond market cannot stomach further credit injections into the financial system. And nobody, especially the Presidential candidates, even wants to talk about it.

Who will handle this monster? It will be either a former community organizer or a venture capitalist. We are in a lot of trouble.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I believe that what scares Romney most about Obama is their similarities and that people will begin to notice them. Romney is nothing but an Obama clone and, should he beat Obama in November (if there is an election) Obama’s polices, or a variation of them, will continue. Romney said the first thing he would do if elected would be to get rid of Obamacare. I don’t believe that for a moment, since it was Romney who created it via Romneycare and some of his people even helped Obama develop Obamacare, which makes Romney go ballistic if anyone mentions it in his presence. Our choice for this year’s election is Obama or his clone.

    • Vicki

      There are THREE choices this November. Obama, Obama spelled with an R, and Dr Ron Paul. Which one has a 25+ year history of upholding the Constitution?

      We do have a choice.

      • nc

        VICKI, you do have a choice but can you WIN with it? You can DECIDE with it if Dr. Paul sees fit to jump from a party that has done nothing to reward his efforts in the past.
        As soon as the Republican Convention is over the Republicans will put MR. Paul away like you do with Christmas decorations until they are needed again! STRAIGHT TO THE CLOSET FOR FOUR MORE YEARS!
        You can have an actor in the play or just be a part of the scenery!

      • D A Y


      • speedle

        Sorry Vicki, you do have a choice in November but Ron Paul is not an option. You either have Romney (who will be influenced by much of Ron Paul’s ideas) or you will have Obama (who will complete the destruction of this country as we have known it). Those are your two choices.

      • factnotrhetoric

        Vicky, you are correct, but are sidestepping the point of this article.

        The monster is clear and simple. It is called counterfeiting. Yet counterfeiting has built this great country into what it is. Also Counterfeiting is an old weapon used in most wars. Counterfeiting has been used for centuries to destroy countries. Hitler counterfeited British money in WW2.

        The true monster is the fact that, in the US, banks are allowed to make a loan on IOU’s they obtained from their other customers. These IOU’s are called derivatives or promissory notes. This is counterfeiting US Dollars, out of thin air, and loaning it to you for your home, based on other IOU’s.

        US Banks simply open an account for your $200,000 home loan based on other IOU’s, as if they were real dollars. American and Foreign Banks never have real US Dollars in their vaults, only IOU’s. This is legal, sanctioned, counterfeiting by our government. This has allowed America’s expansion and phenomenal wealth.

        Counterfeiting, by banks, has magically built America into what used to be the Strongest Country in the World. But, because of this counterfeiting, America is as strong as a house of cards, that is ready to tumble. Think about it, one bad loan will bring down the entire house of cards, because the banks never had the US Dollars in the first place. Whe the depositors want their retirement money and savings, out of the bank, the bank simply can’t do it. The Banks simply never had the US Dollars they loaned out, and won’t have the US Dollars when the investors want their savings and retirement money back.

        This counterfeiting fact, or monster, will also be the end to America, because foreign banks have picked up on the same trick. For example there is only $9.2 Trillion US Dollars printed, and in circulation, in the entire world. This is called the TOTAL US MONEY SUPPLY. Yet Banks, mostly foreign, have somehow magically loaned Americans $16 Trillion US Dollars without a single US Dollar in their vaults, only IOU’s from other foreigners.


      • speedle

        factnotrhetoric, yes it is a monster. But like a malignant tumor on the heart you have to be careful how you get rid of it. If you go in and excise it completely you will do so much damage to the heart that the patient will die. It starts with fiscal responsibility and we work it from there.

        The public needs time to wean itself off the instant gratification of printed money (or counterfeit if you prefer).

      • Vicki

        Tell me NC and others. Why would anyone vote for Obama with an R when they can vote fore Obama?

      • Larry Dunnington

        Ron Paul 2012, period.

      • dufas magnet

        It’s people like DAY and speedle with their “Only two choices” that’s going to screw this Country. Others believe this propaganda as well so whether their heart is in it or not, they will abide by what they think is the only way, either Obama or Romney.. They don’t realize that it’s the money that’s talking, the money that’s spreading the mind set. We truly are a pack of idiots if we believe that there can only be two. I’ll vote Paul and not feel one ounce of regret.. Your not going to catch me being part of the problem once either clowns are elected and the truth comes out.. I would NOT have voted for either.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        THAT’S RIGHT

        RON PAUL 2012

        the only one who will make the cuts necessary to get this country out of debt and back on the right track

        …of course he plans to stiff the federal reserve of the 1 1/2 trillion we owe them which would make me smile. ICELAND DID IT
        WE CAN TOO

      • Opal the Gem

        “Why would anyone vote for Obama with an R when they can vote fore Obama?”

        Because obama with an R is obama lite.

      • jerry1944

        You are right we dont have a choice is why we need to vote 3rd party obambo and romney both the same healthcare and gun laws makes me 3rd party and IF enough of us dont hole are nose to vote a 3rd party mite just do it this time. With God help ofcourse

      • Tom W.

        In case anyone is interested, I recieved this today from one of my email buddies, it was marked URGENT!!! If true, I’d say it’s DAMN URGENT!!!

      • upaces88

        What ACTIONS has Ron Paul done to hold up the Constitution except to talk about holding up the Constitution?

      • upaces88

        Vicki, the title of the article is “The Thing that Scares Romney and Obama.”

        Not one word was mentioned about Ron Paul….you are hurting his chances by constantly bringing him up on every site we are on. It gets very very old and I like him.

        • cbond01

          The November election for President is NOT ONLY ABOUT OBAMA AND ROMNEY IN YOUR FACE 24/7.

    • Vigilant

      There are, I believe, a number of shortfalls when one tries to compare the Great Depression with where we will be as today’s situation deteriorates.

      The situations and attitudes of the public are quite different from those held by the people in the 1930s.

      The government handouts and federal work programs of the Depression were something new. There’s no doubt that, socialism aside, the recipients of those benefits were grateful to the government. Today’s “takers” are of a different mindset completely. For them, the stipends are an entitlement, the loss of which would result in a deep dissatisfaction directed at the Feds. Whereas the people supported their government, now they are either dependent upon or highly distrustful of that entity.

      Today, the ability to survive an economic debacle is vastly diminished amongst the populace. We’ve become soft, not only physically, but also in our abilities to cope with reversals of fortune. A much greater proportion of people were engaged in agricultural pursuits in the 30s, and while they couldn’t necessarily earn a living, they could at least fill their stomachs.

      Our relative affluence has bred generations of those who turn their noses up at physical labor, and who totally depend on the skills of others to fix things. Schools concentrate on the soft subject matter areas that yield graduates with no proficiency in anything that could truly move our civilization forward.

      I think it’s safe to say that no matter who, including Ron Paul, is elected, the president will have to take on a virtually insurmountable problem. No single person, perhaps no single government, can reverse the dysfunctional attitudes and indolence that have become entrenched after a half century of “sliding.”

      While the progressive policies have created a nation of sheep, they may also have created a large contingent of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mayhem and chaos may be on the horizon.

      Cynical? Perhaps. I prefer to think of it as realism, not pessimism.

      • Warrior

        Vig – you have summed up the condition of our world very coherently and correctly. Good job.

      • MAP

        Excellent smmary Vigilant. We are very, very different than we were in 1930. At that time the country still had a manufacturing base and the government wasn’t bankrupt. We as a country, today, are bankrupt financially, morally, spiritually, and physically. Socialism and Leftist policies have totally destroyed us a people. I don’t feel confident that we will make a come back anytime soon, certainly not before the collapse. I, too, see civil uprisings unlike anything in the country’s history.

      • joe NTALIB from California

        I agree 100% the education system, The banking systemsare breeding a society built around government and corruptness and the mentality of people making money form those that do make the money! The people that are looking for jobs or won’t work are those that think just because you finished college, obtained some sort of degree “without a skill or proficiency, nor wokirng experience of any kind” are expecting take home checks in the 100′s of thousands. What a realtiy check! Now we have all of these illegal aliens doing the grunt work and or physical labor for these degreed individuals, it seems we cannot reap the benefits of lending our good tax dollars to indivuals that have little or no intention of paying this money back, or the education they have acquired does not apply to maybe 50% of the skills the economy and country requires fregarding the input and technology requirements needed as a country is now being challenged by the international trading, munufacturing, technical knowledge that is now being required to take this country into a new era of competitiveness. It is amazing how computers have created a society built on this idea that white collar worker is taoght to work the minimum required time and yes you deserve it !
        Since in most cases the American taxpayer has paid for this education! It is the “Socialistic tricle down affect” that has infected our country through the enept education sytem and overall attitude and nowhere to be seen work ethics,or ethics period within the majorityof the country, especially in the last two decades!

      • Tanya

        Great comment, Vigilant.

      • T i m

        SIR Vigilant ., My name is Tim. With all DUE respect , YOU ARE WRONG . …THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . …YOU ARE WEARING IT . AMERICA MUST GET OUT OF THE WORLD ECONOMY , STOP FOLLOWING THE LEADER OVER THE CLIFF . DR RON PAUL HAS SAID THIS , PART OF THE REASON HE HAS BEEN BLACKLISTED BY THE MEDIA , RICK PERRY HAS SAID IT , HE WAS TOLD TO SUSPEND HIS CAMPAIGN , JOHN EDWARDS SAID IT DURING LAST CAMPAIGN . The housing forclosure crisis should have never happened . It was advertised last election , how best to handle it . The banking system should be required to AUTOMATICALLY refinance a home to current conditions of the home owner after People loose their jobs. THERE WOULD BE NO FORECLOSURES OR EVICTIONS . …SIMPLY PUT THE LATE PAYMENTS ON THE OTHER END OF THE CONTRACT . WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THAT . Hillary Clinton said all this , BEFORE THE PARTY TOLD HER TO SUPPORT Obama . John Edwards wanted to outlaw corporate bankrupotcies . THIS WOULD HAVE MEANT , NONE OF THE CORPORATE OWNERS WOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO COLLECT THEIR BILLION DOLLAR RETIREMENT BONUSES , PAID BY THE I R S / TAX PAYERS . ….DR PAUL IS GOING TO GET RID OF AT LEAST A TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT , 1 st YEAR …..?????? That is simple enough . Get rid of the welfare population , which is paid from SOCIAL SECURITY . SSOO MANY OTHER THINGS , ways to fix AMERICAN economy . How far you wana go with this . ? GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP SHOULD BE AROUND . 5 0 cents per gallon . Most of the rest is taxes , along with the ethonol and it’s taxes . State where I live , sales tax on gas at the pump is about 2 5 cents per gallon . JUST THE SALES TAX . Ethonol sales tax is the same , that is 5 0 cents per gallon . SAYS NOTHING OF THE OTHER TAXES . Last I read , FLORIDA has a user tax , applied , before final sales tax . Same thing with beer and tobaco . Multiply all this x ‘ s all the millions of sales PER DAY . WHERE IS ALL THAT MONEY GOING . The governors in all 5 0 states have the power to fix the AMERICAN ECONOMY . The governor where I live is claiming credit currently , for bring in 1 0 0 0 ‘s of jobs , just since the last mid term elections . THINGS WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE DECADES AGO . ……….. SOCIAL SECURITY ….IS NOT BROKE . …GET WELFARE OUT OF IT . …..Find some other way to take care of those not ABLE to work . ….THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . ….GET AMERICA OUT OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT . Congress knew AMERICA would be where we are today , 3 0 years ago . Every president in my life time , has re knewed AMERICA BACK INTO THE WORLD ECONOMY . ……….Wheather RON PAUL can change anything or not , I VOTE FOR RON PAUL . GET RID OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES AND USE MANUAL BALLOTS .

      • vanessa

        If I were unable to pay my bills then the illegal alieans are gonna have competion. There is no job beneth me if I need or want the money. Think about it. My hubby has worked as a machinist, gardener, janitor, and now a warehouse clerk. He workes for a large company so the warehouse clerk pays great money but we can mow lawns, paint houses, janitor, wait tables, do maid work. What we wont do is steal and loot. Hey all you young people just step aside and well show you how its done.

      • Mazer

        Nice summation, Vig., and right on point. Those that don’t agree may be those wolves at the door when the aid stipends cease. Thanks for your input!

      • David C

        So, what happens is that Darwin´s theory takes over and only the strong, read well prepared, survive. The rest will be eliminated by one means or another. They will be shot while trying to rob, or they will simply lay down and wait for Big Brother to come and save them and die of starvation.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        David C, do you see any alternative? Some of those who are prepared will opt to help as many as they can but it will be a drop in the bucket. There will be the criminal element to deal with but also you will see good people whose children or they themselves are starving. They will do the unthinkable to survive. I suggest that everyone who reads this takes action now to stock up on food, water and ammo. Ugly times are ahead. Be one of those who is able to share rather than one of those who will be killing. I recognize that many will not be able to put aside enough to share but at least take care of you and yours!

      • THG 1956

        If you’d like a fictional look into what our future could be like , I just finished a book by James Wesley Rawles . It’s called Patriots , A novel of Survival In The Coming Collapse. It’s a very good book , and well written. It is Fiction , but it really could be a look into the future. If you scare easy , DON’T READ IT. lol…..I guess one of the things that makes it so real and so close to home is the Author uses names of our Political leaders of today. I guess there has to be some truths in it or he would have been sues .

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        THG 1956, I’ve been meaning to read “The Patriots”. I’ll have to get on that. I read a book online that I recommend. This guy wrote and posted the chapters one at a time. It was called “Flip of the Coin”. He started writing it in 2009 but you’d be amazed at how prophetic it turned out to be, the whole “green police” crap and the “FEMA” camps. His name is J. G. Elliot. He changed the name to “Overt Actions” and is selling a “kindle” version on Amazon for $2.99. Awesome read!

      • Tom W.

        WHEEW! What a day! I’m too pooped ed to post! Good night everyone!!!

      • DaveH

        Are you just ignorant, Tim, or are you purposely lying? Ron Paul is for Free Markets, and always has been. After reading the above statement of yours, I quit reading your comment because obviously you have no clue what you’re talking about:

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Mr. Olsen:
      How True, How True!!

    • steve

      if 16 trillion isn’t enough to scare the begeebeez out of any one than nothing will. but at what $# is it over and out. and why are the people in the know so affraid of china? why not just pay them off. do anothder QE bond loan. it’s only another 1.5 trillion. pocket change for the prez. does anyone realize who is the biggest debt holder of this country? why it’s some of you favorite groups of US citizens. pension funds . they hold 6.7 trillion dollars of the USdebt . now you should be conscerned if your pension money is in this group because you could loose it all. but everyone is affrad of china. i’m affraid of our government. their the problem.

      • GALT

        Mr. Myers believed that a few hundred billion of dumped treasuries would be catastrophic.

        You think that 16 Trillion should be enough to get people’s attention.

        Let’s see if you are consistent regarding BIG numbers.

        The existing financial instrument derivative market, is $780+ Trillion…….where all the profits and fee’s have been stripped out……..and what happens here will be determined
        by the free market……which doesn’t have a very good track record when fueled by
        either “irrational exuberance” at one end, or “panic” at the other……

        In comparative terms, I don’t believe you can make a case that 16 trillion in debt is the
        problem here………historically, government debt has been higher than 100% of GDP
        in the past. ( right after WW2 )

      • DaveH

        What is a derivative, Galt?
        I doubt you know. But after you answer that please tell me –
        Why do derivatives bother you? Are you being forced to participate?

    • randall

      i agree, not much difference between the two canidates, both backed by the same group – global banks. when we have to borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend and we have 700 trillon unfunded liabilites (promises to pay), we would have to cut govt by 50% to even attempt to handle this beast. we probably all know the dems or reps are totally irresponsible and will not make any attempt to curtail spending. all our instituions are failing: we have govt that does not serve the people, hospitals that do not heal, schools that do not educate and religons that do not teach spirituality. the only thing you can really do is prepare for what is coming, become self-relient, plant a garden, learn what native plants grow around you that are edible (weeds), get out of debt, unplug from non-stainable system, the change is happening now.

      • FreedomFighter

        FEMA Concentration Camps Investigation

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • MNIce


        We also have governments that do serve the people, schools that do educate, and hospitals that do heal. Many city, county, and even some state governments are doing an excellent job at a fair price. Those that do not need to suffer the market penalty – either their citizens should replace inept officials, or move somewhere where it’s done right.

        If your local schools are doing a bad job, is it because you ignored the school board elections? Too often the only people who run for the school board are teachers’ union hacks or radicals, and they win because the majority of the people who vote in the board elections are government employees’ union members and their friends.

        When you evaluate hospitals, you need to remember that everybody dies eventually – this has been the case since Eve gave the poison fruit to Adam. The real consideration is whether they have a reasonable percentage of successful treatments when we know success should be had with available medical knowledge and resources.

        And yes, there are churches that both teach and practice the truth. If your church does not teach the Bible as God’s inerrant word, or declares spiritual fellowship with others who do not, it’s time to look elsewhere. If your preacher places the atheism-based imaginations of fallible “scientists” above the historical record of Genesis, call him on it. Much of the spiritual decay we have is the result of precisely this form of idolatry, for it is a direct attack on the credibility of God Himself. Remember, evolution is not fact, it is not science, it is the #2 dogma of atheist philosophy. If you know the many questionable assumptions and presuppositions behind the alleged “proofs” of evolution, you would probably find it hard to believe.

        The bottom line is to quit whining about how terrible everything is and do what you can to make things better for yourself and those right around you.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “…or move somewhere where it’s done right.”

        One big problem with that. All too often they work to turn their new place of residence into what they just fled from.

    • Fritz

      At least Romney is not a Marxist.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Fritz:
        No, Romney is an elitist that will let Wall street do whatever they want and bleed this econ. dry. Which will lead to common Joes like us to be out in the streets in the soup line and trying to find a warm or cool grate to sleep over depending on the weather. Think about that. Thanks!!
        P.S. I’m heavily considering Gary Johnson-Libertarian candidate. Good Bye!!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Fritz,

        You write: “At least Romney is not a Marxist.” No. He’s more of a fascist. But he’s more dangerous than Obama because he’s wearing the mantle of a conservative, which dupes a lot of people. Much like GWB’s “compassionate conservatism” which was simply socialism or benevolent totalitarianism, which morphed into fascism toward the end of his eight years.

        Best wishes,

      • Thor

        On the mark, Bob, and well said. If it accomplishes nothing else, the election of Ron Paul would send the resounding message that we are tired of fascists, Marxist, faux-conservatives and elitists. It is, in point of fact, the only way we have of sending that message.

      • coal miner

        fritz and Bob Livingston ,
        I can’t tell the difference between Obama or Romeney,neither one of them offer no solutions,just empty rhetoric.Bob,what you said in tthe your newsletter may well come true;starting next year.We may be witnessing a greater disaster than the thirties.

      • coal miner

        fritz and Bob Livingston ,
        I can’t tell the difference between Obama or Romeney,neither one of them offer no solutions,just empty rhetoric.Bob,what you said in your newsletter may well come true;starting next year.We may be witnessing a greater disaster than the thirties.

      • speedle

        So, Bob Livingston, seeing as how Romney is “worse than Obama”, can we assume that you would rather see Obama re-elected than have Romney become president? Let’s assume these are the only two options. Can you answer this question?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear speedle,

          You write: “So, Bob Livingston, seeing as how Romney is “worse than Obama”, can we assume that you would rather see Obama re-elected than have Romney become president?” As there is little difference between the two on the issues of spending, gun control, wars, universal healthcare, the Federal Reserve, etc., it matters not.

          You write: “Let’s assume these are the only two options. Can you answer this question?” I do not accept your assumption so your question is moot.

          Best wishes,

          • upaces88

            Romney is WH and Soros approved. Doesn’t that tell us anything?
            From the very beginning, and by beginning, I mean it was right after he announced his run…Romney was shoved down our throats including the fraud Poll put out by the Soros team in the very beginning. A group of us set out to stop the poll and we were successful.

            What makes it worse? Newt Gingrich had the highest poll numbers over Obama:
            Poll – 10045 – Gingrich vs. Obama

            *Who would you vote for, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?*
            1. Newt Gingrich (82.9%)
            2. Barack Obama ( 10.7%)
            3. Neither ( 4.76%)
            Not Answered ( 1.45%)

            *Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation’s economic
            1. Conservatives ( 83.7%)
            2. Liberal ( 6.89%)
            3. Neither ( 7.59%)
            Not Answered ( 1.77%)


            Following this the very next day, the RNC instructed Newt to “suspend” his election as they took his Security Team away leaving Romney’s in place.

          • cbond01

            Only Ron Paul would beat Obama just by using TRUTH with NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS..

          • upaces88

            Cbon01…The Ron Paul supporters have ruined any chance he may have had. Due to their overly zealous comments, they make themselves appear to be mentally ill; therefore, how can anyone have faith in Ron Paul if his followers disrupt meetings chanting? How can anyone have faith in Ron Paul when on almost EVERY blog site they show up on, and I am very serious, on a Science Fiction theory blogging article… they interrupt by saying things like, “That wouldn’t have happened if they had only voted for Ron Paul.”
            Ron Paul supporters ruin his chances of being taken seriously.

          • cbond01

            You want the STATUS QUE and that is what you will get. UNLESS YOU TAKE A STAND FOR YOU COUNTRY AND NOT STAND WITH THE PEOPLE THAT GAVE YOU A DEBT OF $16,000,000,000,000.00 for putting the in office. They will keep raising the debt ceiling and printing fake dollars until they sink and YOU CAN WATCH. There is NO POWER OF THE PEOPLE IF THEY JUST watch like too many years in the past.

          • T i m

            You can thank the BUSH clan for that . Republican Establishment is following ROMNEY because DADDY BUSH said so .

          • cbond01

            SO, RON PAUL should be President because He is the only hope left. Romney would be MORE of the same and Obama would be MUCH MORE of the same.

          • upaces88

            Tim, I saw when Bush came out in support of Romney…made me sick at my stomach!

            Video: George Bush Sr: New World Order


          • T i m

            I pray / beg you to remember , daddy BUSH was a carry over from REAGAN . REAGAN WAS NOT THE DEARLY BELOVED EVERYONE IS BRAINWASHED TO BELEIVE . Congress of that day , created the legislation which started the downward spiral we are in today . GINGRICH was House speaker then , wrote a lot of the stuff we are in today . The only reason daddy BUSH did not get second term was because CLINTON PAID PERROT TO RUN 3rd party . THAT FACT SHOWED THE WORLD , HOW BIG CLINTON IS , AND DADDY BUSH was not as popular with the people as REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT WANTED HIM TO BE . ……………….IF RON PAUL CAN PULL A RABBIT OUT OF THE HAT ( in the name of JESUS , I HOPE SO ) …IT WILL AGAIN SHOW THE BUSH CLAN , THEY DO NOT CONTROL EVERYONE . I will continue to support RON PAUL …… Media I listen too says , the up coming TEXAS primary will seal the deal with delegates . I HOPE ALL THE SO CALLED DELEGATES SIGN UNCOMMITTED , AGAINST ROMNEY . ….. The PAUL supporters are supposedly planning a huge party , day before the FLORIDA CONVENTION . ?????????? I would love to see a view of that . So many people on the street are spredding the rumor , RON PAUL HAS QUIT . NNNNNOOOOO……..T i m

          • cbond01

            Both Bushes are of the Republican Establishment. Reagan was not and they tried to make Him become one.

          • cbond01

            Both Bushes are of the Republican Establishment as well.

          • T i m

            From what little I know of it , SPEEDLE , which group is richer , the BUSH family or the Soro’s clan . CNN said last fall , Bush Sr. ws quoted to say , Romney will be it . Ron Paul has been blacklisted . Last I read he does nt want to ask for any more donations to continue campaigning , ALL US SUPPORTERS MUST CARY ON . That act is very novel of Dr. Paul . He refuses to go into debt to become president . How do you ”GO IN DEBT ” for political office . I am not allowed to do that with my personal money . Dr. Paul has said he would knock out a trillion dollars of national debt 1 st year . All the other guys were piling up debt month after month to buy the WHITE HOUSE . Romney’s and Obama’s resources are unlimited ????????????? What an oxy moron . Sounds to me like Dr. Paul is practicing what he preaches . Will not go into debt . I continue to support RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT . My name is T i m

      • speedle

        Bob Livingston, you should stay away from that Clyde May Alabama moonshine because it is clouding your vision. You cannot seriously say that Obama and Romney have the same philosophy on spending, gun control, wars, and universal healthcare, That makes no logical sense. Do you reaaaaalllly think that Obama and Romney view the second amendment through the same philosophy? Spending? Do you think a former venture capitalist plans to use public funds in the same manner as a socialist who has never even held a job? Even with “wars”, how can you talk about Romney being comparable with Obama when he has never been in a position to send troops anywhere?

        I know you would like to compare Obamacare with Romneycare and make the reach that they are one and the same. Sorry but that just isn’t so. It’s not that I am in love with all Romney’s philosophies but Romney the same as Obama – please!!! The only thing they have in common is they both have ten fingers.

        • T i m

          Speedle , you need to do more research . Do not stop when you see something you might not like . THE BUSH FAMILY HAS ENDORSED ROMNEY . Obama has carried on several things the Bush clan started . HYBRID CARS ..! Bush Jr signed that bill year before the last election . Obama sent troops to LYBIA , After saying he was gona close GITTMO …………..HOW FAR YOU WANT TO GO WITH THIS . The welfare population is bigger than ever , the main cause of SOCIAL SECURITY MELT DOWN . ALL POLITICS IS THE SAME …………..RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .


      Harold I agree that Romney is nothing but Obama clone.
      Here are my comments nether candidates are address the issue that is causing the decline of America.
      1. America can no longer afford to be the police man of the world.
      2.. The western world since the Industrial revolution enjoyed a monopoly in manufactured goods, during Britain colonial empire its manufactured goods were exported to its colonies duty free. That monopoly has now been lost.
      3.. Many American factories from coast to coast are shut down, they forget to post a sign at the factory gate moved to China, help wanted apply in China.
      4.. Defense spending could not be cut, since the Industrialists of the Armament Industry are the boss of both candidates.
      5.. The USA Government has become unaffordable to the American Tax payers, it keeps growing. Government employees’ wages has now surpassed what is paid to workers in the private sector. Reason their employer has the permission to print and borrow money.
      6.. How does the west in light of the fact that the factory of the world that was once in the G7 countries has now moved to China.
      7.. How high employment could be maintained when a country ceases to be an Industrial country. Example Greece is never considered a major Industrial country today it has 20% unemployment.
      How could the massive debt of the USA be reduced such reduction will require downsizing the US Government. All of the above issues and many others are being ignored by both candidates; the election campaign has now resorted to mudslinging, each candidate searching for mud to throw at his opponent. Massive money is being spent to brain wash the American people that the economy will recover. In my book I wrote a chapter Titled, ‘No recovery for the western world on the Horizon’ Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

  • sean murry

    Lets hope obummer doesnt get elected after all he got us in this mess.

    • Deerinwater

      What? go sit in the corner.

      I think the economy is good a Romney house.

    • Daveh234

      Sean, which mess are you blaming on Obama? At least tell us the story.

      • vanessa

        One mess thats all hhis is the food stamps and the 99 weeks of unemployment abd free cell phones. Come on when times are tough you just might have to dig a ditch. You call it a safety net but if we cannot afford the net then why bring the whole world down over it. Just say sorry this time we will have to depend on charity, give charitable donations a complete tax credit and then let them find some minimum wage jobs. And hope that its a tempoary situation. My God people just need to get their act together. When I first got married we had a black and white TV into the early 80s cause we just couldnt wrap our hands around something that wasnt food. or a necessity. and we were working. Nowadays people on welfare have flat screen tvs and a cell phone is a right. You have the “right” to pursue happiness whether you get it or not is not my problem unless your handicapped.

    • MAP

      The Obamanation is just one of a long list of worthless demagogues that sells us down the river for whatever pay and bribes he can get from special interests. What has come to be the qualifications for his position? The ability to lie with conviction. The skill to blame all you failures on everyone but yourself. The talent to convince those you care nothing about that you care dearly. To be completely devoid of honor, character, honesty and virtue. To show sympathy for the state of the country while you stuff your pockets with ill-gotten gain. You must be able to hide your real worthless, deplorable and degenerate character behind a phony façade of the compassionate, understanding leader. In short, you must be what in other parts of society are referred to as a cheat, a liar, a fraud, and a thief. Obama just excels at these qualifications.

    • eddie47d

      Now if we could only get Jeff H to admit the Banksters are usually up to no good instead of running to their defense. Anytime I expose Wall Street he goes bonkers and accuses me of lying or of being a commie. Dave H does the same thing where I would mention Derivatives or Hedge Funds and how they effected our economy and he would blast me as not being a true Capitalist. Actually words that are much worse but we’ll leave it at that for now. If I would bring up certain subjects like Wall Street they think I am attacking their sacred cow and go ballistic on me instead of wanting the truth to be told. Now that Mr Meyers can mention Lehman Brothers (and derivatives) maybe they now can finally see the light.

      • DaveH

        You don’t expose Wall Street. You slander it, that’s all. Please give us some specifics. Which Wall Street firms are harming you, and how?
        And I doubt you have the slightest idea what a “derivative” is. Please tell us, Eddie, what derivatives are and how they harm you.

      • http://None Mike C

        So the bankers are up to no good. SO WHAT. This is America, what is stopping you from going out and being a banker? What is stopping you from making money on Wall Street? Real estate? Sales? Engineering? Teaching? Working at McDonalds? What is stoppin you Eddie?

        Don’t be afraid of your freedom Eddie and stop hating others for their success.

        If you can’t get over it then become a policeman or a politician and issue your own brand of justice.

    • nc

      Sean, exactly when did our mess start? Was it in Nov.08 when 600,000 jobs were lost? Obama was not President! Was in it OCT. of 07 when the stock market began it’s 6000 point fall? Obama was not President then! The “mess” started when bush decided that he could improve on the economy he inherited with a new fiscal policy! That was 2001! Obama was not President then? BTW when AMERICANS had had an eight year look at the bush policy results over 70 % of those polled failed to approve of those results!


      • OneGuess

        Let us not forget; the Demonrats were in control in Congress during the Bush years. The Congress determines spending, NOT the president.

      • Ed Stahlschmit

        As a matter of fact the problems started a whole lot sooner! With a Democrat President!
        Don’t know if you were around yet,- but this wonderful guy decided that he could dip into the S.S. and medicare money, – and use it for “unappropriated payments” that were no provided for in the budget! So now we have a buiding full of “IOU’s”. WE have been “fighting wars,- with “limited response” responmse and winning for many years, — only to “pull out in defeat” at the end,– (and watch all those who helped to try and save their country– get excecuted!) Somewhere about this time it was decided to be goof foreign policy to not just import a lot of foreign goods into the counrty (incursion into American jobs)– But why not just send all our manufacturing plants over there and let those coutrys get “our money”– so it won’t be circulating and working over here! And tehn we choked the hell out of all the manufacturing places with high taxes (and of course exempted the feduciary)! Now Our leader is trying to get a bill passed eliminating “made in America” from manufacturing labels. Just who does this help??? Now it seems that another Presdent who “always had something going on under the table”, furthered all this tenfold– (but nothing compared to leader now)! Now we fast forward to that “awful Bush”.. Yes I voted for him, because the alternative was Al Gore! … Now if “good old Al” had won that one, we woud not be having the problems we now have !! I suspect we would all be living out in the country in yurts of mud huts,- we would probably be scurrying around looking for weeds, and seeds we could eat (raw). Don’t know if we would be allowed ot use “cow chips” to cook with or not,- as they cause Carbon dioxide when they burn — and that leaves a “carbon footprint”! — Possibly cows would only be in Government preserves to protect them from “extinction”, — they would definatley not be allowed to run free, because they burp and fart– and this is pollution! (Somehow under government supervision, they would not “pass gas” into atmoshphere and make a mess there! … So we might not even be able to maintain the “high standards of “Indias pesants” or the “poor people of Africa”! Seen how they cook their food?? Now about the middle of that “dastaredly Bush” (which Incidentaly I don’t particularly care for either)!!
        Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi Publicly announced that they were going to “tie up the congress”, and would not let even one bill (of value)-Bush proposed to be passed– guess what,— they didn’t!.. And yes he did start that thing with “fighting terrorists”, – and for good cause (or did you forgfet that several people were killed when the “Twin Towers went down”)? And YES George put that determined group on Osama’s trail — until they finally tracked him down and killed him,— And Obama took the credit (because he was in office when it happened)— But the monitary system and unemployment has increased
        many times over,— (and that is Georges fault”)! … My suggestion is to start lots of canidates on “conservative side for “write in’s”, — this way lots of votes can be siphoned off from Conservative side, – the bummer will “win again”, and our “socilism wil solve all probelms”! Soon we will be a “equal poverty nation, and there will be no “big money people” with jobs to offer– (but at least they won’t be making money!!)… Nope! I will swallow my dislike, and vote for Romney– I figure that there is a possiblilty that we might be able to vote him out when the next election comes along– elect the “0″ again, and “there will be no next election”!! BTW I don’t care that he is a Mormon,– any way you look at it he is not a Muslim!!

      • Brad

        NC the mess started while Carter was president, on to when GW Bush was President with 100% dem house and senate. Case closed.

        • T i m


    • randall

      there is no difference between dem or rep, there is only one party in USA, the govt party, they serve the people that make money out of thin air, global banks, who pay the corporations, who pay the politcians.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Short and sweet and straight to the truth!

    • k-chan

      actually, Bush set the groundwork for Obama

      • k-chan

        and note Reagan before that with Rex 84, if you want to get particular

  • WillytheGeek

    Ron Paul, Win, Lose or Draw..

  • FreedomFighter

    I dont believe the engineered collapse of the economy can be halted. We need be ready for picking up the pieces quickly.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I totally agree with you, FreedomFighter! Time is short! Get ready! Stock up! You may not get the chance later!

    • coal miner

      Freedom fighter,
      I agree with you.

  • gary j

    Ron Paul is the only good choice.We need a man who understands the constitution!The government needs more,we need more jobs!You grow jobs,you grow tax payers!

  • cawmun cents

    Its not a tale of cynicism.
    It is a tale of skepticism.
    How can you overcome skepticism as a candidate?
    That may prove to be the question of our age.
    One thing is certain.Unless you have a duncecap on,you probably dont think the ones who are running for the presidency have the answer.Chances are that their actions,whether of late or formerly,just dont stand up to scrutiny.
    So where does that leave the political punditry of our nation?
    The word INSPIRATION comes to mind.
    Yet it is consistently ignored by those who have their own agenda,to the dismay of the populace at large.They shun pushing a candidate who inspires anything but incredulity,(mainly I believe)because inspiration requires action,eventually.
    They are attempting to give the folks what they think they want,rather than what they need.
    If you cannot inspire the private invetors to spur a new period of growth,based on the same old chestnut that was here before,it is because they are educated enough to know how this kind of gamble with their futures could be devastating.That does not inspire confidence in most with any sense at all.Words cannot do it either,because empty words are nearly always said by those attempting to be elected.This is where something new is needed.
    The act of action is what is needed to inspire.But talking about actions you perceive to have been done,is not the way to inspire folks who can see the difference between inspiring actions and melarkey.
    Sure the college crowd seems to love it.
    But what do they know about the real world,since they havent been out there banging away at life for several decades yet?
    When you are trying to inspire voting blocks,instead of(en masse)the entirety of the populace,you dont understand why it leads to epic fail.It is because your interns(who write your speeches for you)havent lived in that decades old,”work until you drop”world either.
    So their speeches dont inspire anyone but those who have had their educations framed by the media/academia.Now you cant really read a speech from your teleprompter that energizes the main bulk of the public,who can tell what horsepuckey is from shoepolish.
    The other side of the coin is that someone thinks that having to have a pretty face with no substance,but plenty of style,is the way to go froward.(notice the incorrect spelling….it is on purpose.In the Bible,the term froward is used to describe something…look up the meaning for yourself)
    If there was a sense of purpose instead of just blowing about with the political winds of change(speaking of which,do you have any pal?….I am fresh out of coin),then inspiration could be attainable.But the ne’er-do-wells in certain circles of power,have decided that inspiration is just another word for horsepuckey,so there is none to be ushering forth in the near future.Just take another shot at hope by making some feckless speech about this and that,and keep campaigning.
    It what you do,that inspires the demographical division of our nation.
    Not what you say.
    But how do you talk to a wall of ignorance like one who has college interns writing his speeches?Those who are clueless bringing false hope to the masses,is not and has never been inspirational.You might as well think that there is credibility in daytime television talkshows.
    I drink to make other people more interesting…..I need another beer,for gosh sakes.
    Thats how much your candidates inspire me.
    A toast to arrogance and ignorance!They go skipping down the path together and are called”politics”.


  • Ajfrench

    All Romney has to do the first six months is create a regulatory environment for growth. And the second six; manage the bums, lushes, irreverent spenders, and slothful out of Wa. That should make his first year very profitable.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You must mean the unregulatory environment for growth. The regulatory environment got us into this mess.

  • J.Masarie

    My parents grew up in the Depression and I
    learned from their stories (or think I did) to be
    cautious, financially. Our daughter and son-in-
    law, who were raised in “good times” are suffering
    now, from over extending themselves (selling
    assets at great loss, facing forclosure,etc). They
    will remember their “hard times” well. I hope their
    children will pay attention, and avoid similar mistakes.

  • cbond01

    Only Ron Paul has the wisdom and is more than willing to restore America where Both Obama and Romney will continue to try to deceive YOU into going along with the status Que until America collapses.

    • Steve E

      Yes, and Obama and Romney are not even addressing the issue of our financial situation. By not even addressing the issue of collapse, it is surely going to collapse.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I believe that is their intention! They want to destroy our country, take away our rights, and put socialism into place. They want to control us. They want to RULE over us. After they have succeeded here they will move on to the rest of the world. They want a one world government!

      • Vicki

        They can’t take away our rights. Especially the inalienable ones. They CAN suppress those rights and that is what they have been doing for at least 99 years.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Vicki, sorry to say, they’ve already been taking away our rights with the Patriot Act I and II, the NDAA and the executive orders that have been passed recently. These laws are taking away our constitutional rights. They can now detain you without proof of cause. You no longer have the right to attorney, you no longer have the right to a trial, they can lock you up anywhere in the world. They can torture you. No one will know where you are or what happened to you. You no longer have the right of privacy. The government can eavesdrop on your phone calls, search your property without a warrant and fly drones overhead that can see and hear inside your home. The government has given itself permission to take your home, your car, your bank account, your food and your water. You lost your rights when you weren’t paying attention.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I forgot to mention, there are someUN treaties that have been signed by our presidents and are awaiting ratification by the senate. The small arms treaty would allow the UN to confiscate our weapons and our right to bear arms. The treaty on the rights of a child will forbid you from making decisions on behalf of your children. You will not be allowed to spank them. You will not have the right to their medical records without their consent. You will not be able to force them to go to church or to pick their religion. If they want to attend a mosque you will be required to take them to it. You basically will not be allowed to parent them. The UN will decide what is in their best interests. There is also the agenda 21 treaty. People will no longer be allowed to own property or decide where to live. Most of the world will be turned into green spaces where people are not allowed. You will not be allowed to drive a car or travel without permission. You will live in a small high rise apartment and take a train to the job that they assign to you. I’m not kidding! I’m not exaggerating! These things are true. Read about them. These are just a few of the treaties that are awaiting ratification. Our government has wonderful things in store for us as they usher in the new world order. Arm yourself with information!

      • Vicki

        Nancy in Nebraska says:
        Vicki, sorry to say, they’ve already been taking away our rights with the Patriot Act I and II, the NDAA and the executive orders that have been passed recently. These laws are taking away our constitutional rights.

        Our RIGHTS come from our Creator and not some piece of paper. There may be some privileges that come from that piece of paper but not rights. What the government is doing with those laws (and why those laws are prima facie unconstitutional) is breaking the contract between We, The People and the government. That contract is embodied in the Constitution. The government is contracted to PROTECT our rights. They are no longer doing so and in fact are engaging in “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object”. Despotism or tyranny. Most conservatives believe that contract is still a good one and we must force the agents of government to honor their oath to protect that contract. That force is embodied in the Soap Box, Ballot Box, Jury Box and Ammo Box. What the NDAA does that is particularly dangerous is to seriously damage the first 2 boxes and disable the 3rd.

        They can now detain you without proof of cause. You no longer have the right to attorney, you no longer have the right to a trial, they can lock you up anywhere in the world. They can torture you. No one will know where you are or what happened to you. You no longer have the right of privacy. The government can eavesdrop on your phone calls, search your property without a warrant and fly drones overhead that can see and hear inside your home. The government has given itself permission to take your home, your car, your bank account, your food and your water. You lost your rights when you weren’t paying attention.

        Rights can NOT be lost. You STILL have a right to an attorney but the government agents will tell you that you can’t have one. You STILL have the right to a fair trial but the government agents will not let you have it.

        Government can use powers to keep you from exercising your rights which is why I said “supress”. As long as people continue to believe that rights come from a piece of paper and not their Creator, the people will be easy to manipulate. If the Bill of rights were removed from the Constitution and you believed that the rights came from it you would just shrug your shoulders and accept the new way of doing things.

        KNOWING that those rights come from GOD you would work tirelessly to defeat those who would suppress those rights.

  • dan

    there comes a time when things become so bad that PANIC is an appropriate response

    but will the sheeple become desperate enough to choose liberty and personal responsibility over social feudalism offered by the establishment


      I wonder who the 30,000 people that Hewlett Packard is laying off are going to vote for.

    • eddie47d

      Ask Carly Fiorina who ran HP and is now a political activist. Maybe you can bend her ear since she is a Republican and maybe a Conservative.

  • FreedomFighter

    UN on Steroids: Trent Lott Turns to The Dark Side

    “also known as the Law of the Sea Treaty — would “cede our national sovereignty, both militarily and economically,” as he said five years ago when the issue was last brought before the Senate.”

    They would steal more money from US citizens.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      There are quite a few treaties coming up for ratification. None of them is in our best interests. All of them take away our rights. I would suggest that everyone contact their representatives except that I don’t think that ANYONE represents US!

  • TIME

    In so far as the the money issues, The Euro will totaly crash & burn very soon thats all been in the works from day one.
    So what effect will than have on us here, well the first thing is that the dollar is going to crash and burn too. Again this to has all been in the works for years now.

    So what effect will both of these events have on the whole world?

    The end game is to have a “ONE WORLD MONEY form,”

    The WEALTH is long gone, all thats left is paper money with a value of ZERO.

    “Welcome to the New World Order Company Store.”

    It will make no differance who wins – we all loose.

    Peace and Love


      Did anyone notice when Obama said to the G8 that the US should adopt a European style economy?

  • Michael J.

    The string pullers already have contendgencies for dealing with the death of the dollar, and we will not like any of their solutions.

    “The Thing” that scares Robamney (Rothschild symbious), is Ron Paul.

    If all else fails, write in Ron Paul on your ballot, if elections are allowed to proceed.

    • upaces88

      Michael, you do that and Obama wins.

  • JDN

    Be prepared the best you can for any hard times ahead . Thats the best anyone can do until we can unite as a real force again . On the prepared note I did buy in on a good deal last week , Merit Financial is running a promotion on bullion at 1% over spot and free insured shipping , one of the best deals I could find . Good luck all .

  • Constance Archer

    When will this end when will America’s suffering stop. President Obama and his appoinent stop hiding, I really wonder if they can turn it around. Maybe government is a problem since they went on my web site in 2010 and threatened to take my Social Security and Medicare away. It seems the politicians are getting fat of the American people. They slam duck the middle class and the poor. Yet there living high of the American peoples sweat. I’m trying to start a business on Linkedin. Joans Gifts Solutions. LLC— I’m not sure that we are being brained washed by our government.

  • Steve E

    Just like any great nation in history. This one is going down for the same reason. History always repeats itself, because people don’t learn from history. Thanks to the public education system.

  • http://none Michael Matthews

    You Ron Paul supporters are delusional. I like him, but he has no chance of winning the presidency and you’ll just waste your votes.

    • randall

      i agree, ron paul will not win, only global bankers canidates will win, follow the money, romney and obummer are supported by the same folks. change will not happen thru the bankrupt instituions, govt, hospitals, schools, religons. these are the institutions that the current money folks use to shape our reality and control us. become self-relient, grow food, harvest weeds, etc

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        yes you’re righ,t but Ron Paul has improved his standing each time he runs. perhaps we are not ready for him now but by his running now we might be ready to accept his sonin the next go around. that is if theres anything left for us to vote about.

    • Steve E

      The real delusional people are the one’s that selected a RINO to run against Obama. They are delusional because they always pick the same kind of politician that does not adhere to the Constitution, and expect different results. Now that’s delusional.

      • T i m

        The BUSH family has endorsed Romney . ALL THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THAT . Bush Sr said last fall , Romney will be the nominee . ALL THE GOP IS EXPECTED TO FALL IN LINE WITH THAT . ……………DR RON PAUL DOES NOT FOLLOW IT , IS BIG REASON MEDIA DOES NOT GIVE HIM ANY AIR TIME . The GOP does not want to loose a paycheck .

      • upaces88

        Sorry this is in the wrong Place….
        @ Tim…..OBAMA WILL BEAT NO ONE….WITHOUT SEVERE VOTER FRAUD… and there will be. He has No intention of leaving the WH.

        • cbond01

          100% correct.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      If Ron Paul loses it will be because people like you are cowards and give in to the status quo.

      • Vicki

        Correct. If everyone who wants anyone but obama would realize that Ron Paul is that anyone he would win by a large margin.

        All of you who claim we are wasting our vote but vote for Obama with an R, remember this day. And remember that YOU could have used your vote for real change.

        Now consider who really wasted their vote.

    • DaveH

      Unless you advocate Big Government, Michael, it is you who is wasting your votes. Every time you cast a vote for a Big Government advocate, you set us back 4 more years. It’s better to not vote at all than to vote for somebody who will grow Government ever larger. When you do, you are just rubber-stamping the downfall of our once great country.

  • Barbara

    I don’t know much about politics except what I read, but I do know that we need a president who believes in America, The Constitution, freedoms of religion, speech, enterprise, and what this country was built on. And who is not ashamed of our American Flag.
    And that is NOT Obama.

    • nc

      Barbara, it’s as much about WHERE you read and listen as WHAT you read and hear. Who told you that Obama does not love our flag or our country! Who told you that Obama is not a Christian? The same people?? Have you tried several other sources for imformation about our President or do you frequent the same “source” everytime?
      Who tells you what the Constitution “means”? In the land of freedom that we all cherish does not everyone have the right to their own opinion?
      Have you ever been to a library that has the US Supreme Court decisions and seen the many, many, many volumes of cases where our greatest legal minds have disagreed over the years as to what portions of OUR Constitution actually mean???? CONSERVATIVES ACTUALLY DISAGREEING AMONG THEMSELVES AS WELL AS MODERATES AND lIBERALS!! So it is not always CLEAR what the Constitution means and your SOURCE may not be telling you the truth!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, THE CONSTITUTION MEANS WHAT IT SAYS!!! There are those who want to twist it around and reinterpret what it says. Those people have an agenda. I recognize that they are on both sides of the political spectrum so you don’t have to tell me that. But it all comes down to one thing, IT MEANS WHAT IT SAYS!

      • moonbeam

        nc poses the $60,000 question: “Who told you that Obama does not love our flag or our country!”

        For those who have eyes to see, it’s right here with his back to our flag refusing to salute it.

        “Who told you that Obama is not a Christian?” Good grief, nc are you without sight and void of hearing? If he is a Christian, as he lyingly professes, then I’m Mark Zuckerburg of the over valuated and failing Facebook IPO stock.

        “Who tells you what the Constitution “means”?” Have you not read it for yourself? Maybe the brown wipe stains of defecation from the asses of presidents past and present make it virtually unreadable?

        So now I throw the ball back into your court…where do YOU get your information????? Wake up, nc. You’re snoring.

      • Vicki

        NC writes
        Who told you that Obama does not love our flag or our country!
        Obama did. Multiple times. In word and deed.

        Here are some of the deeds

      • DaveH

        Has it occurred to you, NC, that the Supreme Court is a part of the Federal Government? You know — like the Fox watching the Hen House?
        Has it occurred to you to actually read the Constitution and see what is says? Or to read the Federalist Papers to get an idea of what the creators of the Constitution intended?
        Or to read the actual minutes of the Constitutional Convention to see what the framers had in mind?
        The actual Constitution (it’s written in plain English):

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        The minutes of the Constitutional Convention:

  • Dave S

    Your statement “Neither candidate has said how he would deal with what could be the hardest challenge America has faced since World War II, ” is inaccurate. President Obama has made clear his desire to follow the tried and true method of boosting the economy, put people back to work. He saved a million jobs in the auto industry, created more with the stimulus bill, and tried three times to get another jobs bill past the obstructionist Republican 112th congress.

    Mr. Romney’s plan for fixing the economy is to cut taxes for the wealthy even further. When Reagan did this it turned millionaires into billionaires while hurting most of the rest of us. Europe’s fascination with austerity budgets has led to continuing decline while ours has shown slow but definite improvement.

    It is pretty obvious to me which of them is likely to help 99% of us.

    • coal miner

      Dave S.
      You are right,very good.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Dave S, obummer hasn’t SAVED any jobs! He’s just stolen money from the rest of us to pay for them! In the meantime the corporate bigwigs and the bankers continue to rake in the money, on our dime! He has spent us into a hole that we can NEVER get out of! Don’t you get it??? The borrowing and the money printing is coming to an end! The other countries are abandoning the dollar! It won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on! And lest you believe that anything has gotten better, keep in mind that the government has just changed the way they calculate inflation and unemployment! Nothing has gotten better. There are millions of the unemployed who are simply no longer counted! The method of calculating inflation has changed so that they can lie and say things are improving. You buy food and gas. You KNOW that inflation is higher than 4%, you just don’t want to admit it to yourself! You think obummer is going to help the 99%? He’s going to help us right into FEMA camps! Read the laws and executive orders he’s been signing into effect. What do you think those are for? Don’t be fooled! He is not helping us! He is trying to turn our country over to socialism. Now, in case you might wish to argue that the republicans are no better, I AGREE! There is an agenda that is being sought by people who have infiltrated BOTH parties. Their goal is to destroy our country and then take it over and RULE us. Time is short. Get ready! Prepare! Pray!

      • THG 1956

        Nancy …You said it and said it correctly , I can’t understand for the life of me why that is so hard to see by so many .

        • T i m

          There is a simple solution to AMERICAN economy . Rick Perry said it . RON PAUL WANTS TO DO IT . …..GET AMERICA OUT OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT . ROMNEY IS GOING TO CONTINUE BUSINESS AS USUAL . …..Ron Paul for president .

      • Daveh234

        Nancy just spouts from limited sources and really doesn’t know much more.
        It’s more crap as I like to call it.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave234, talk about crap! You make empty accusations based upon NOTHING!

      • DaveH

        Enlighten us with some facts, Dave234. We will wait breathlessly.

        • T i m


    • DaveH

      Non-farm employment in January 2009 (Obama takes office) — 133561 million.
      Non-farm employment in February 2012 (latest actual figures) — 132720 million.
      Looks like a 841,000 loss to me. Am I missing something, Dave S?

      • Dave S

        Yes you are missing something, DaveH. When Obama took office on January 20, 2009 the economy was still in free fall. The Stimulus bill was signed into law on Ferbuary 17th 2009 and almost immediately the free fall slowed and started turning around. The recovery has been much slower than the collapse but in March 2009, the first month after the stimulus was signed, US non-farm employment was 132.04M. By Feb 2012 it was up to 132.72, a gain of 680,000 jobs. And by April it was up to 132.99, a gain of almost a million jobs, and it is still climbing.

        Go take a look at and tell me the stimulus bill did nothing.

        • cbond01


          • Dave S

            Not really. Propaganda consists of statements DESIGNED to bypass the brain and go directly to the gut. Both sides use it but the right is better at it. When I ask you to look at facts and figures and think about them it is not propaganda.

            If you can show that my figures are wrong please do so.

            Dave H wanted to judge Obama’s stimulus plan by comparing the present to numbers from Jan 2010, before the stimulus bill was passed. I say it is fairer to compare today to the first month after the bill was passed. If you want to disagree with me please explain why.

  • Kirk

    If I were evil, how would I do it? I would skip all these earthly folks and go striaght to the “Great Deceiver”, Satan. If you are afraid of Obama, wait till the Devil has you.
    For one, you must be able to trick your opponent kind of like the Federal Reserve is doing to us now.
    Second, you must put into office an army of your followers who will remain loyal to you and reward them and protect them from the rightous.
    Third, you must remove anything that is from Above and keep them in darkness and allow them the rewards of doing wrong. Russia did more to keep bibles out because the word of God gave people Hope. When a man fights for rightousness, Satan can’t help those who the good man is after.
    Forth, you must control the media, the schools and the health care. “How do you know it is true, I read it in the tabloids”!
    Fifth, you must brake the family and take and raise their children as to make them believe their parents were evil, and by doing so you will cause the parents to use all there funds to win their now brainwashed or braindead kids back.
    There are only two things in this world when you sum it all up, “Good and Evil”, you are either for Christ, or against him. So, if we use this to identify people, God will help you see the truth. One prophet in the bible spoke more about money more than any other, Jesus. He wants the riches of the world for you.
    Ron Paul is a man and a very blessed man at that. He puts his pants on just like you and me, but he is a God like man in the fact that he knows about history and how we are bound to repeat if, if we don’t learn from it. So far, the only thing I disagree with him on, is his keeping of Sunday worship and not the Sabbath as God commanded .

    • Scott in SC

      Sounds like Paul harvey’s commentary, “If I Were the Devil”.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Exactly, Scott! And to think that Paul Harvey spoke those words so many years ago. It show that some people were onto their agenda way back then! I only wish we had more like him!

  • JBandinelli

    History tells us that another 4 years of Obama means more than doubling the U.S. debt. Not what I was HOPING for, and not the type of CHANGE I signed up for! Someone asked what is the breaking point, what’s that US debt dollar amount? I think it is another 2, 3 or 4 years of Obama, I think we can trust history on this one! The government fixers have been manipulating the markets, and therefore Wall Street, for decades, fixing this and fixing that, always a fix for what has already happened or long ago past. We have a bunch of government incompetent fixers who couldn’t change a tire on their car, or screw in a light bulb if their life depended on it. Who gave these idiots the authority to create thousands of rules and regulations governing every aspect of our American FREE market? Looked at it another way, why has the fixers not once but in a fix to control their own spending. Why is the government fixer’s debt sitting at 16.2 Trillion dollars…. Who are these guy’s?

    • nc

      JBand, when the people elected Regan did they KNOW that our national would almost TRIPLE especially since we were in no major wars and the economy had just taken on a record number of jobs in the preceeding four years!TRIPLE THE NATIONAL DEBT OF ALL 39 PRECEEDING PRESIDENTS??? A RECORD IN DEBT CREATION AT THAT TIME!!
      When the people elected bush II did they know that he would also set a record for debt accumulation by doubling our national debt. We were not at war and most economist were saying that our economy was the strongest we had ever had IF WE WOULD JUST LEAVE IT IT ALONE! bush was not smart enough to do that!!

      AmericanS knew what was happening to our economy in 2008! WE WERE AT WAR AND OUR ECONOMY WAS SLIPPING FAST!! If Americans hadn’t felt that things were getting worse in 2008 John McCain would be President today,not Obama! Good chance that the Dow would not have climbed back from 6547 to 12,500 BECAUSE THE STOCK MARKET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS! SEE “BULLS,BEARS, DONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS”

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I’m not worried about the next four years. I’m worried about the next year. I think the collapse has already started. The government just doesn’t want us to know about it. China, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Columbia, Japan, India, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and the monetary authority of Hong Kong are already swapping or trading in currencies other than the dollar. The International Monetary Bank is calling for an international monetary unit other than the dollar. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will. You will not hear this news on the TV. You’ve got to do a little research to find out what’s really going on.

      • moonbeam

        Agree with you there, Nancy. And this is part of the problem. Most will not do they’re own research. Yes, I researched the big O and it is inconceivable the treasonous activities committed by this person that go unpunished.

      • nc

        Nancy ,hang in there and you might get your total USA collapse that you consvervatives want so dearly so you and say I told You so! But what happens if this great country does nor fail?? Are you going to apologize to Obama for keepitm it from sliding furth dowm hill that i was under bush! H*ll no you won’t apopolgizw because you peple don’t have the guts!!

        What makes it so difficult for you people to admit that the bush administration was not that successful in it’s attempt to provide a stronger economy than Clinton! In fact it was a very weak attempt! What makes it so difficult for you people to MAN UP AND accept you part in the ‘PROBLEM” AND TO SAY” WE HAVE APROBLEM AND WE WILL HELP CORRECT IT? INSTEAD WE SEE A PARTY OF NO IN THE rEPUBLICANS BEING CHEERED ON BY What EVER YOU OTHERS WHO DO NOT LIKE oBAMA CALL YOURSELF> EVERY TIME WE HIT A NERVE YOU PEOPLE CHANGE COATS AND CALL YOURSELVES SOMETHING ELSE! That’s smart because it is hard to hit a moving target!! But it is also gutless!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, you’re just trolling around looking for someone to insult. You picked the wrong person! If you followed my comments at all, you’d know that I’m NO fan of bush! republicans-democrats:NO DIFFERENCE! They’re all a sham! They all work for the same people who want to destroy our country and turn us to socialism! Obviously you are one of them! Or you are just stupid and work or them! obummer will never save this country! I will never respect him! He is evil! And don’t automatically label me a racist, either! I know your tricks! My opinion of him has noting to do with race. He and the congress, the senate and the supreme court are tearing apart the constitution and taking away our rights! Our government has been infiltrated just as you and eddie have infiltrated this board! Time for you to move on. You’ve been outed!

  • Louis Lemieux

    The Senate passed the $700 billion bank bailout bill on October 3 2008. Was the taxpayer really out $700 billion? No, since Congress only authorized $350 billion to be lent out in 2008. The other $350 billion was saved for the new President when he took office in 2009. Obama never used the TARP funds to further bail out banks.By 2012, banks had repaid $292 billion of TARP funds, leaving only $120 billion still outstanding. These funds were used for the HARP program, to help homeowners facing foreclosure.

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      well pray tell; where is all this repaid money? and why did the demos.not spend all the money instead of delaying most for election year and for Big O to give to his friends so they could return that same money for his campain efforts. HUH

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Louis Lemieux,

      Here is what really happened with that money.

      Best wishes,

  • Ron b

    It seems that most of us are on the very same page here. In that we are going down the rat hole in the fast lane…like many have said, keep your eye on Greece & others becouse we are not far behind. Good luck & may god bless you in the coming months and years..becouse it’s going to get UGLY!’

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Agreed! GOD bless you too, Ron b!

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    The Economy is a simple thing to get going, just get rid of 40 Million Illegal’s and that will open 12-14 Million jobs to unemployed Americans saving us an additional $500 Billion a year and save tens of thousands of Americans Lives from Murder, Drunk Driving and Disease let alone rape beatings property damage and more caused by Illegal’s. We then put Ron Paulo in as President and reduce spending by $1 Trillion dollars first year and balance the budget in three years unlike Romney 7 years maybe and Obamination, NEVER. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and make Government Smaller get rid of 5 Government agencies and repeal the three bills that Congress and Obamination passed taking our 1st and 5th Amendment rights away. Ron Paul is the ONLY Choice or Romney Big Business and Big Government and Amnesty for Illegal’s or Obamination Sunni Muslim Communist Illegal Kenyan Born Half Breed.

    • coal miner

      Viet Nam Vet 67-68 ,

      You are a ignorant bigot.

      • T i m

        Coal Miner , Why do you call people names , when you are wrong . My name is Tim . Even though VIET NAM Vet may have been a bit sarcastic …..HE IS RIGHT ON . THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . ALso , if you live on welfare , and do not deserve it , you are part of the problem with the economy . Would you call the man / woman an ignorant bigot , if you stand face to face . Your Moniker suggest you are a HARD WORKER . ARE YOU ? All my past generation of family is all VETERANS . Same as I am . Have you been there . I KNOW WHAT I AM FIGHTING FOR . DO YOU . ….there is a simple solution to AMERICAN economy . ALL OF CONGRESS KNOWS IT . ….RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT . Tim

      • coal miner

        That wasn’t being sarcastic,that was bigotry pure and simple.Viet Nam Vet 67-68 ought to be a shame of himself , my half brother died in the Viet Nam war fighting for human rights and dignity,calling a man a half breed is disgusting and inappropriate.You might as well call the president the ( N) word.If you don’t like the man vote him out,but show a little respect for all men,regardless of race, color, or creed..Bigotry we don’t need.Have a nice day.

        • T i m

          My name is Tim I AM NOT going to debate you coal miner . I AM A VETERAN . ….IF YOU HAVE NEVER SERVED IN MILITARY , you do not have an opinion . ALL VETERANS HAVE BEEN GIVEN A LIFE CHANGING EDUCATION . i told Viet Nam Vet . THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . You had to bring name calling and hatred into it . I AM DONE WITH YOU . I pray GOD protect you from satan . RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .

    • Rafael

      I doubt you can understand, but watch and learn this anyway.

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      you’re slightly off the mark. it want help to eliminate the illigals because the people here are too used to getting free money and they want work to get it. Just look at Alabama when they ran off the illigals. the growers tried to hire americans but found out that 99% of them never showed up for the second day or left after lunch. the americans didn’t have the mental toughness to handle a physical job. this is our problem we have so much given to us that we are no longer survivors. when you have iphones in every ear and mp3 players for everyone in the family, plus two or more tvs, plus two or more cars then the govn. says they need help and supplies them with free money this is what we get. Families making $60.000 get their children free lunch in school….ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        sorry want should have been won’t.LOL

    • Karolyn

      I guess you missed the link I posted last week about the lack of pickers due to less and less Maxicans coming here and how the growers cannot find help from amongst the population. Americans are too good to do the jobs Mexicans do!

      • eddie47d

        That has been proven in Alabama and in Kansas and probably other places as well. Businesses are begging Mexicans to stay and work. Sending them all back would create more chaos in our economy and especially with food supplies. Conservatives never say what they will do after they pull out their dragnet. Will they round up unemployed Americans send them to FEMA camps and then disperse them to the fields. How will they handle the business community who can’t afford higher wages that Americans demand? How will they handle the possible doubling of food prices? I want answers not cheap rhetoric about how much they hate illegals.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear eddie47d,

          Will you ever tire of making unfounded statements?

          You write: “That has been proven in Alabama and in Kansas and probably other places as well. Businesses are begging Mexicans to stay and work.” I can’t speak for Kansas, as I don’t live there, but I live in Alabama and I can tell you that no one (save those who support slave labor) are begging illegals to stay and work. Because so many have left our (faux, but official) unemployment rate is 1 percent below the national average.

          You write: “Will they round up unemployed Americans send them to FEMA camps and then disperse them to the fields.” They’ll only let slobbering Obama/Democrat sycophants like you out, but that won’t get any crops harvested. You’ll all be sitting around waiting on someone to drop bread in your laps.

          The rest of your comment contains too much ignorance to respond to. Just reading it almost made my head explode.

          Best wishes,

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d just lies and makes up crap! He’s a paid shill and not a very good one either!

      • T i m

        Please do not give me your personal opinion , if you are reading some one elses opinion . Have you been to the UN EMPLOYMENT LINE . THERE ARE 2 OF THEM . One is GOVERNMENT , other is black market un employment . This is where contractors hire people off the street , PAY CASH AT THE END OF THE DAY . General public usually never sees the black market UN EMPLOYMENT . Go to any given part of the city , some parking lots are running over with illegals , between 3 a m and 6 a m , people waiting for a days work . Men , WOMEN , children . The government un employment line operates 9 to five . ….HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE UN EMPLOYMENT LINE RECENTLY …. There are 2 of them . t i m

      • T i m

        Karolyn , I do not care where your link came from , except from Mr. Livingston . You are so wrong . Have you been to the unemployment line recently . THERE ARE 2 of them . One is government , the other is black market , contractors hiring people off the street , paid cash at the end of the day . you can find black market labor , at most any large shopping parking lot , between 3 a m and 6 a m , usually around 2 or 3 hundred people waiting for cash paid work for the day . MEN , WOMEN AND CHILDREN . Contractors do not care about documentation . PLEASE STAND IN THE BLACK MARKET UN EMPLOYMENT LINE BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR OPINION . My name is T i m

  • Louis Lemieux

    You create a more fulfilling life by giving attention to the good things, not the bad things; by celebrating the good stuff, not whining about the bad stuff; by working on things that you love, not doing the things that you hate like many are doing posting here!

    Ideals are good but don’t let them stop you from living in the present. They are meant to inspire you and give you a direction to move toward so that you can maximize your present moment (not to take you away from living in it).

    • Karolyn


    • Jay

      If i can get on Oprah,
      i’ll be the next Deepak Chopra!

  • uvuvuv

    i had to jump right down to post this without even finishing the article. gay marriage is the economy. if we celebrate, sustain and enable gays in almost every possible and conceivable way, and toss aside judeo christian ethics that have prevailed now since 2000 bc, just to make a very minor shred of the population happy, don’t worry, divine vengeance won’t fit the old classical operandi, that is war, disease or famine, etc. it will hit us in the form of (continuing)economic upheaval. the stock market crash of 1929 could have been averted if that one sell order for 60,000 shares of gm didn’t come in just when it did, until then the selling was chaotic but manageable. just think how history would have been changed if that person sat on his gm instead. this is what we face now, one little decision in the halls of congress, the federal reserve or goldman sachs, and we could all face a card table economy, where people are out trying to sell their kitchen utensils. the esteemed president obama certainly didn’t help now did he. when people start saying, what have i done, it will be too late.

  • Wildman

    I don’t like or trust Romney. I dn’t like the idea that he started Romney Care. It also isn’t a good health care porgram. But I intend to vote Romnet, since he is the choice, while holding my nose, because even Donald Duck is a better candidate than Obama.

    Obama Care stinks. It is not just older people who will get pain medications only. If you read the bill, it is anyone with a fifty-fifty chance of survival. Including the handi capped, kids and up. The entire bill needs to be dumped, then start over. Put the money back in medicare. Thre is more paragraphs in Obama Care that do not even pertain to Health Care. Ask yourself why our elected officials are not included in Obama Care. Read their benifits, and compare those benifirts with the benefits in Obama care.

    Oil, yes we have the oil. We should be supplying all our own needs by now, and be a major exporter of gs nd diesel, long with natural gas. We also should be switching all gas engines over to natural gas. We have the tchnology, it has been arund for years. Washington State is considering switching their ferries over to natural gas. They re diesel now. Natural Gas is a much cleaner fuel. Not perfect, but cleaner. Next we should be exporting coal. But clean coal. We hve the technology for that also. We have had it since the late seventies. I worke on a experimental coal plant at Fort Lewis Washington, in the early seventies, which experimented with coal to make large pellets of clen coal for Power Houses. it worked. It is time for America to wake up. Use our own resources, close our borders, e-verify all social security cards, welfare recipients, food stam users, housing aid, medical aid, educational aid. And of course, employees, private or government. The illegals get dis-enrollled. I don’t mind my tax dollar or a portin of it going to help poeple witha hnd up. But, hey darn well need to be Americans. I don’t care who comes here, but comelegally. I also wnt a stop to all the work visas that take jobs from our graduate youg people. Put Americans to work first. Last, we really ned to see what the federal reserve is doing. Andrew Jackson, in 1830 closed down the American Bank, which was justlike the Federal Reserve. He put the United States Treasury back in the drivers seat and said, “Don’t trust the foreign bankers”. It started again in 1913, but was called the Federal Reserve, by the Rothchild Family of international bnkers, Rocefellers, and others in high foreign positions in banking. We don’t even know, as the general public, which banksare in the federal reserve.

  • uvuvuv

    this talk about the conditions of the depression as posted above, you should be reminded that there was a functioning economy then. think about it, would they have produced gone with the wind if no one had the money to buy a ticket or if all the theaters were closed? i ordered these 3 stooges dvd’s from ebay and these were filmed in the 30s. aside from the gags and letter press head crushes you see traffic, you see busy sidewalks, you see stores and restaurants and other indications of economic activity. now with the fred astaire movies every scene was a hollywood set so you can’t get a true picture with them, but the stooges were low budget, they were were shot without sets, what you see is what life was like in the 30s. now in the case of ireland in the potato famine, there you did have total anarchy, where the widow holding her crust of bread would have it stolen from her hand by someone who was hungrier. there was always someone hungrier. this is the scenario we should worry about. the 30s were benign in comparison.

    • wolf

      The Stooges were not shot “au natural”-pardon the pun. All the activity shown was shot with extras .BUT-yes you would have seen very busy streets -etc -because even with 20-25% unemployment business and life does occur. One of the main differences between then and now is then you didn’t see the demonizatiion of the unemployed,poor & disabled as you see the elites do now.

  • Rafael

    F.A. Hayek saw through all the rhetorical tricks and gimmicks of the socialists of his day, one of which was the constantly repeated refrain that socialism and government “planning” was “inevitable”; therefore, it is futile to oppose it. Nor did he fall for the gimmick of wrapping totalitarian socialism in the mantle of the god of democracy. Government planning is inherently incompatible with both democracy and the rule of law in the long run, he explained, and leads to some degree of economic dictatorship. Any business person who has had to deal with the dozens of federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies knows that “economic dictatorship” is a key feature of the current American political system.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Money is a symbol of value exchange between people. The amount of money you earn is simply a representation of the value you are giving to others. To earn more money, simply create more value for others.

  • Mormon
  • swan1

    Obama has had almost 4 years to put in his fix , so much for that .
    Even Carter could of done better !

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      you realy put a hurt on BIG O. nice

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Sorry John, you are wrong about social issues and their importance to the informed electorate. Without Freedom you cannot pursue economic wealth. By freedom, I mean; Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association. All of these are and have been under attack in this country from the time I was born and before (1949). A Promiscuous society cannot survive without shared cultural and moral values. Without that what is the point of trying to survive economically. We have been on a downward slope sliding into totalitarianism for quite some time. The pace has only recently been dramatically accelerated. What do you propose we do? Allow the promotion and acceptance of abnormal sexual behavior? Allow the murder of defenseless children in the womb? Perhaps the forced termination of pregnancy for any reason? Or, maybe the forced sterilazation of women and men for any reason Allow the termination of life of the elderly because their life provides no value to the Government? Force People to buy things they do not want or need? What don’t you understand that without those social issues being discussed. If we remain on the proverbial slippery slope, economics will mean very little my friend.

    • http://yahoo catsueme

      RIGHT ON!!!!!!

  • chris

    Both President Barack Obama and Republican front-runner Mitt Romney seem to have their own “Thing” that scares them: the economy!! With O Booboo ! it’s can i finish What I started !!!!!!! And get all the lame duck laws passed Before I loose!! So OUR country won’t beable to get out of the hole he is putting us in!!! Before you say anything check some of the LAME DUCK crap he will try to pass at the last min that will turn in to laws that won’t beable to removed ! then give me your coments !!!!!!!!!! And With Romney will he beable to save atleast part of our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wildey

      Scare them? Both of them think they’ll be able print counterfeit paper as they want and the world WILL accept them as world’s soverseign currency. They both have visions of using America’s MIC to impose America’s will on everybody. Might makes right. That’s where they’re thinking and all the candidates think except Ron Paul think.

    • moonbeam

      “O Booboo” ROTFLMFAO! That’s the best I’ve seen yet! At least the colors match. Sorry, that ain’t considered racist…is it? I mean, everybody should wear matching colors. It’s the in thang this season. Gonna press the “Post Comment” button before I change my mind.

      C a n ‘t s t o p l a u g h i n g – “O booboo” LOVE it! Bwahahahahhahaaaa!

  • RichE

    “Who will handle this monster?” It won’t be the capitalists they’ll let the free market handle it.

    • moonbeam

      Don’t worry. When Jesus comes He will handle ALL of it. Every last stinking bit of it.

  • FEDUP!

    What a complete failure of leadership!

  • palman

    “it is the economy and we are not stupid.”
    This article goes on to prove a point that this economy was always good because God was blessing not because of any man’s wisdom. This country was founded for religious Liberty not freedom from religion. President Obama ends all of his speaches with God bless America. But which god is he speaking about the one he bows to for his abortion policy “Molech” ( this was the name of the false god that the Israelies sacrificed their children to in order for them to have what they wanted a better harvest and even if they still had a bad harvest it was never Molech’s fault. It was that they had not done enough to satisfy him) Today people of America bring their children to sacrifice them so they can have their so called free sexuality. They think it has no consequence but you can not get away from the responsibility of your actions. The innocent blood of these aborted children calls out to God for judgement. the Only true God who calls it an abomination and says righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to all people.
    You want Romney or Obama to fix the fact that if we don’t repent and change as a nation then God will completely lift His protective hand from us and like you said in your article no one will be able to stop the collapse.
    If You really want to see the economy recover then we must start down a path toward righteousness. You must vote for Romney because he will stop tax payer money to abortions, protect Godly marriage over Unrighteous homosexual lifestyles, .
    Now I do not beleive we should legislate morality but I do not beleive we should legislate immorality and that iswhere we have been heading and are still going.
    An individual can choose to live immoral and God will judge that person. But if a nation stands against God calling right what God calls wrong. And in the area of homosexuality even goes as far as to say a lifestyle that God calls abomination as created from God. we are as a nation slapping God in the face and now if the homosexual lobby gets it’s way we are teaching our children in public school that this lifestlye is an alternate way that God made people like this. these lies must stop. We must repent and turn toward righteousness.
    Now I beleive that Jesus died for all sinners, including me, who will turn to him as their Lord. But he does not say he cleanses you so you can keep living any way you want. No, we must repent from sin and turn to Jesus and what He says is right. All sin from lying to homosexuality, from fornacation to abortion, all can be forgiven. God tells us to love the sinner as he does. But He also tells us to hate the sin as He does.
    ” For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever beleives ( trust) in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life” So you see God loves sinners but hates their sin that Jesus had to take on himself at the cross.
    Now it does not matterabout the past, we as a nation vote in Nov. and we need to send a message to God that we want Him to bless us again, that we need Him to turn our country around to the prosperity of the past and even more. We can make this statement by voting for God’s morals. And since President Obama has made it clear where he stands against God;s morals. Then we must vote for Mitt Romney and beleive that because we made this first step to repentence that God will give him the wisdom to save our economy.
    So if it is the economy that you care about you better vote for our only Moral Godly choice and that is Mitt Romney. Not because he is a better moral man than President Obama but his policies for the nation are more Moral and Godly. Remember “righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to all peoples”

    • Karolyn

      This is all well and good for Christians; however there are millions of people who do not believe in the Bible. There are those of us who believe in reincarnation (check out some of the proof of reincarnation portrayed online.), which means that the souls of aborted fetuses will come back if they so wish. The spirit/soul never dies. Our bodies are just housing for the spirit. Death is just another step. God is in everything and has no need for punishment, jealousy or anger. We are all a part of God, the Universal Intelligence. God accepts us just as we are. We are born sinless and having all we need in order to live a pure and loving life, but society steps in and corrupts us. Religion is not necessary for morality.

      Just a little bit of what a great many people believe. How can you say your beliefs trump all others?

    • Wildey

      The founders were afraid of state and church but not afraid of GOD and COUNTRY. There would be no entanglements between the govenment and a church, like England and Germany has.

      Are you familiar with Mormonism? The Mormons put their Book of Mormon ahead of the bible. If you’ve got the bible, why do you need anything else? Christ a brother of Satan? Joe Smith’s words are given more credence than Christ’s. You quoted John 3:16. That is not recognized by Mormons.

      Romney is just as dangerous as Obama. Hitler past laws against prostitution and homosexuality. Romney envisions himself the same way as Obama does himself, as a tin god. He’s got a plan and you WILL abide by it.

      • Karolyn

        Actually, the Book of Mormon is seen as an addition to the Bible by LDS.

      • Louis Lemieux

        The most basic ways we come to “know“ something are sense experience, deductive logic, emotion, intuition, authority and science. Because we are social creatures, we often utilize an indirect mode that allows us to rely on someone else or on something else in order to draw a conclusion without having to see or think it through from the beginning on our own. However, in order to use an authority, we must first accept it as valid, and in order to do that we must become convinced of its reliability by our sense experience, logic, emotion, or intuition, and thence come to trust it, which is why this mode is synthetic. We may apply this mode to the resurrection of Jesus, to the Virgin Mary giving birth without sexual intercourse, etc. relying more or less on the testimony of the Church or Bible. The Bible to me can be a guide now and then in my life but only if first it passes my test of common sense.

      • CJM

        May I suggest you take a little of your time and study mormonism, Wildey? You have no basis for your accusations except that of those hysterical christians who fear being replaced by a different kind of believer. I subscribe to no organized religious group, including christians or mormons—however, I do believe in our Ultimate Creator and His Blessed Son, Christ. Does that make me a pagan? In your eyes, that’s probably so, but then again, christians are not the only way to believe in The Almighty God…and pagans had it right all along (if they hadn’t, christianity would not exist…and that’s a fact).

      • Jay

        CJM says: May I suggest you take a little of your time and study mormonism, Wildey?

        Its obvious that he has, CJM, and Wildey is absolutely correct!

        CJM: You have no basis for your accusations except that of those hysterical christians who fear being replaced by a different kind of believer.

        CJM, you are a fool.

        CJM says: I subscribe to no organized religious group, including christians or mormons—however, I do believe in our Ultimate Creator and His Blessed Son, Christ.

        If what you say is true, then explain to us, the Gospel.

        CJM says: Does that make me a pagan? In your eyes, that’s probably so, but then again, christians are not the only way to believe in The Almighty God…and pagans
        had it right all along (if they hadn’t, christianity would not exist…and that’s a fact).

        Not only does what you have said make you a pagan, but it makes you a lying, deceitful pagan, as well. You’re duplicity, CJM, is quite evident!

  • Wildey

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt got elected during the depession and he used about same words Obama did, all lies. FDR had a plan to solve America’s economic problems and that was WAR. He was a comrade of Stalin the head of the USSR and counseled with him regularly. The Japanese-Russo war was brewing and Stalin was afraid of that. He had his problems with Hitler. Inorder to accommodate his friend FDR arranged for war with Japan. Japan was an ally of the US. He set up an oil embargo around Japan and after about 90 days the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor. FDR had his war to curtail America’s economic problems and Stalin had America fighting his battles him. Because Japan was an ally of Hitler so he declared war on Germany. Americans could be killed and Americans could go to work in the MIC, Military Industrial Complex building things to kill them and everybody else.

    We all know how history repeats itself. The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet. In his speechs Romney makes reference to a military, MIC, build up and Obama’s already doing that to some extent. Both of them are taking lessons from FDR but this time the MIC’s around the world are capable of destroying the world. Would the District of Criminals try it? Hitler, Nero and countless other of their ilk did. Please, vote and work for Ron Paul. Your life may depend on it.

  • FreedomFighter


    “This huge detention facility flies joint American and RUSSIAN flags…and Russian military advisers operate this gulag…uh, I mean detention camp. Just like ruthless Russian military have ALWAYS operated Russia’s infamous Siberian gulag detention camp system for decades. Just like American military also run infamous GITMO in Guantanamo Bay, or Abu Ghraib in Iraq.”

    Maybe that on-air mic slip of Obammas was a blessing, this guy Obama is selling us all down the road to slavery.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Karolyn

      I take all stories on Before It’s News with a grain of salt. Most recently was the story that something big was going to happen on the 18th – 21st. Nothing happened. It appears that most of the stories are written by unproven, fly-by-night bloggers with sensational stories. It’s kinda like the Globe or Enquirer online.

      • FreedomFighter

        Yup NDAA was rumor, FEMA camps rumor, 100,000 russian troops in America, all just babble from fly-by-night blogs, oh wait thats all fact now…

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Karolyn

        What about the “Chinese” military that was on the border in Mexico tht turned out to be Mexicans mistaken for Chinese! There is no proof of 100,000 Russian troops being here. Rather it’s 22 paratroopers. As far as FEMA camps – fact or fiction? One man’s fact is another man’s fiction in this case.

      • eddie47d

        Pray tell FF where are those Russian troops? FEMA camps have been around for at least 55 years and there intentions have nothing to do with your point of view. Now those camps could be used for nefarious reasons but so far that is only a right wing pipe dream. NDAA is a problem with Congress and both the left and right are not please with that Act. I would suggest bringing the left and right together and fight NDAA as a whole instead of boxing at shadows.

      • Vicki

        Karolyn. Facts are. Belief and opinion are individual.

      • FreedomFighter

        The Russian troops will be arriving over the next 7 months. The first contingent is here now.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • FreedomFighter

        Chinese USTroops Amass In Mexico- From the Truck Driver Himself

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Karolyn

        It depends on who you get the “facts” from.

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        It depends on who you get the “facts” from.

        Where have I heard that excuse before? Oh yes.
        “it depends on the definition of ‘is’ ”

        For those attached to reality, facts are. What you BELIEVE to be facts MAY depend on your source of data and your critical thinking ability. And any common sense you might have lying around.

        Dictionary definition of “fact”

  • Mike

    Another poster mentioned counterfeiting.

    This came to me via email long ago and I have never forgotten it. It sort of describes what is going on in America today.

    A successful businessman came to a small town. He entered the hotel and told the manager he would like to look at some rooms before he actually agreed to rent one. To demonstrate he was earnest he placed a $100 bill on the counter. The owner guided him to the rooms and opened several for him to view. The owner hurried downstairs and picked up the $100 bill.

    He was so certain the businessman would choose a room he ran next door and told the owner of the grocery store, “Here’s the $100 I owe you.” The grocery store owner grabbed the $100 and went down the street to the dry cleaners. “Here’s the $100 I owe you.” The owner of the dry cleaners shop hurried across the street to the baker and said, “Here’s the $100 I owe you.” The baker went next door to the general store and said, “Here’s the $100 I owe you.” That owner hurried back to the hotel and told the hotel owner, “Here’s the $100 I owe you.”

    Then the business man came downstairs and said, “I’ve changed my mind, I believe I’ll be moving along now.” He picked up the $100 and left.

    Everybody was supposedly paid off but no one had any real money.

  • terris

    I agree that this has been the stupidest presidential primaries I’ve ever seen. I won’t comment on the actual presidential campaign itself until it gets here, after the primaries are over. There is no point.

    Right now, our country needs jobs and an increase in income in order to survive without going into a full blown Depression. Lowering taxes more than they already are is just plain stupid.

    We got into this mess for two main reasons (and a lot of more minor, but equally important, reasons) – 1) we lowered our income (taxes) far below a level that would pay our bills, and 2) we got rid of the financial regulations protected us for the last 7-8 decades.

    For whatever reason, we went through some bad financial times and, IMO, some really stupid policies.

    In order to bring our country back to some kind of even keel, we need more people working. When people are working they pay taxes, use much less safetynet programs, and purchase more items (which puts more people to work). That is plain, simple and basic. And it is not refutable.

    IMO, we need to pass jobs bills without any ammendments, or poison pills, in them. The partizenship about this has to stop. And we ALL need to call on Congress to stop this. ALL Congressional bills, along withwith all actions on them can be found on Check it, use it. That’s what it is there for.

    I would like to see a jobs propgram similar to FDR’s. But I would like to see our Government make loans to small businesses, in a bid process, to rebuild our infratructure. They would have to be US based, use e-verify for employee’s and use at least 80% US made materials. These would be loans, and there would be madartory benchmarks to be met before payments by the Government. Once an award is made, proof must be shown that materials orders must meet the bid requirements. I don’t ever want to see a Halliburtin situation again,if at all possible.

    • Vicki

      terris writes:
      We got into this mess for two main reasons (and a lot of more minor, but equally important, reasons) – 1) we lowered our income (taxes) far below a level that would pay our bills, and 2) we got rid of the financial regulations protected us for the last 7-8 decades.

      Where to begin. First lets look back at higher taxes. The peak was 94%. You want to return to those days?

      No what caused this mess is government meddling with the housing market AND government constantly spending much more than they bring in and MUCH MUCH more than they are authorized to by the Constitution.

      • T i m


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  • Jay

    “In Georgetown, now a suburb of the city of Washington, the federal capital, they established a seminary, the first Catholic educational institution in United States territory ; from there, they extended their activities to Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Indeed, it is to a certain degree due to their activities that the newly formed united States included in its Constitution the principles of religious freedom.

    In those days, one of Benjamin Franklin’s friends was a Jesuit ; this was John Carroll, who had been brought up in Maryland, and who later, on Franklin’s special recommendation, was appointed prefect apostolic and afterwards became the first Catholic Bishop of the United States.”

    Taken from “Uncle sam or the Pope Which?” page 117

    “When the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually.” — George Mason of Virginia, 1788.

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. ” – Noah Webster of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1787.

    “The Pope must admonish kings and punish them with death.” Antonio Santarelli, 1626 Italian Jesuit Del Papa

    “It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country—the United States of America—are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.” General Lafayette, 1799 Aide to General Washington Romanism: A Menace to the Nation

    “My History of the Jesuits is in four volumes in twelves, printed in Amsterdam in 1761. The Work is anonymous; because, as I suppose, the Author was afraid, as all the Monarchs of Europe were at that time, of Jesuitical Assassination.” John Adams to Thomas Jefferson November 4, 1816 An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    “It is the bounden duty of every Christian to pray against Antichrist. And as to what Antichrist is, no sane man ought to raise a question. If it be not Popery in the Church of Rome, there is nothing in the world that can be called by that name. . . . Popery is contrary to Christ’s gospel and is the Antichrist and we ought to pray against it.” ~Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1873 England’s Prince of Preachers Quoted by Ireland’s Ian Paisley Protest of the Pope in Parliament

    “Wherever the Jesuits go, revolution quickly follows” -(Behold A Pale Horse, Chpt.2,pg.92,William Cooper)

    “…if you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top, head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits] are one and the same person.” – James Parton (American historian)

    William Blackstone shared the general Anti-Catholic prejudices of his age and milieu. As discussed in more detail in the article on Anti-Catholicism, his Commentaries summarized his attitude toward Roman Catholics as follows:

    “Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell].

    Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.” (1987) J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)

    “Within the last century, popes have called religious freedom madness, free elections godless, and a free press- tantamount to atheism. ”

    “The Jesuits wrote the first 25 rites of Scottish Freemasonry in then College de Clermont in Paris in 1754″

    “Chevalier de Bonneville [like the Bonneville automobile manufactured by Chevrolet/General Motors] formed a chapter of twenty-five Degrees of the so-called High-Degrees in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, in Paris in 1754.

    The adherents of the House of Stuart had made the college of Clermont their asylum, they being mostly Scotchmen. One of these Degrees being the “Scottish Master,” the new body organized in Charleston, S.C., in 1801, gave the name of Scottish Rite to these Degrees, which name ever since that time has characterized the Rite all over the world.”

    In a letter written by Charles Sotheran addressed to the New York Press Club, dated January 11, 1877,: “It is curious to note too that most of the bodies which work these, such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rite of Avignon, the Order of the Temple, Fesslor’s Rite, the ‘Grand Council of the Emperors of the East and West

    Sovereign Prince Masons’, etc., etc., are nearly all the offspring of the sons of Ignatius Loyola.

    The Baron Hundt, Chevalier Ramsey, Tschoudy, Zinnendorf, and numerous others, who founded the grades in these rites, worked under instructions from the General of the Jesuits. The nest where these high degrees were hatched, and no Masonic rite is free from their baleful influence more or less, was the Jesuit College of Clermont at Paris.”

    In response to your question AntiSionist, Michael Chertoff is credited as the architect of the USA PATRIOT Act but he in fact co-authored it with Viet E. Dinh of Jesuit Georgetown Law. I am certain that Dinh consulted with the Jesuit community there as it was being written up because the Order had similar laws passed throughout the world which it considers to be their provinces and assistancies.

    John C. Gannon is a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps meaning he is admittedly a Temporal Coadjutor as well as a lay Jesuit. Gannon is the founder of the Department of Homeland Security so while Papal Court Jew Chertoff is visible,

    Gannon is his boss and that of SMOM Emilio T. Gonzalez.…004-2005/gannon

    Knight of Malta Emilio T. Gonzalez is the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for the Jesuits’ Department of Homeland Security and he answers to Edward Cardinal Egan.

    The connection between the American Fourth Reich’s DHS, SMOM and Georgetown University is undeniable.

    “The Roman Catholic Church in Italy” by Alexander Robertson, DD (1903) Page 101 of said book: “Men had served the devil, and men had very imperfectly served God, but to think that God could be served more perfectly by taking the devil into partnership—this was a novelty of St. Ignatius,”
    -Thomas Carlyle

    “I know the Jesuits never forget nor forsake. But man must not care how and where he dies, provided he dies at the post of honor and duty.” ~Abraham Lincoln (“50 Years in the ‘church’ of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy pg. 472

    “Your enemies are devils incarnate” ~Abraham Lincoln speaking to Charles Chiniquy about Jesuits (“50 Years in the ‘church’ of Rome” Pg 471)

    “The Power of the Inquisitor.” from “The Devil in the Church and his Snares Laid to Destroy our Public Schools” Pgs 173-174

    Catholics First and Citizens Next

    “Nationalities must be subordinate to religion, and we must learn that we are Catholics first and citizens next. God is above man and the church above the state.” –Bishop Gilmore.

    America The Hope of Rome

    “Out of the Roman States there is no country where I am Pope except the United States.” –Pope Gregory XVI.

    “America is the hope of Rome.” –The Pope.

    Same Book, Page 424.

    Plans For Overthrowing our Government

    The Duke of Richmond, formerly Governor General of Canada, said: “The government of the United States is weak, inconsistent and bad; it must and will be destroyed. So long as it exists, no prince in Europe will be safe on his throne.

    The sovereigns of Europe are aware of this, and are determined upon it’s destruction.

    They have come to an understanding upon this subject, and decided on the means to accomplish it.

    They will eventually succeed by subversion, rather than conquest.

    All the low population of Europe will be carried into America—it will be a receptacle for the bad and disaffected.

    This will create a surplus, a heterogeneous population, speaking a different language–of different religion and sentiments—they will carry with them their principles–will adhere to their former governments, laws, manners, customs and religion–speak of them among the nations, some will join with them—and they will become citizens—discord and civil war will follow—some popular man will take the lead to restore order—the European sovereigns will aid him—all the ignorant will join, and the government will be subverted.”

    • CJM

      Jay: Isn’t this how the great king of England populated Georgia–by sending all their convicted felons to the new world and ridding the UK of its “vermin”? My, some things never change, do they. All the while, Canada and Nations around the globe have held their hands out for the dole, courtesy of the USA and its hard working people. I think you are totally disgusting…like they say, clean up your own back yard before telling your neighbor to clean up theirs. More than likely, Canada has more trash in it than the US does!

      • Jay

        Freedom has always been a target for elimination, and her enemy wears many faces!

  • John c.

    I agree with Vicki . I stay with strong support for him. Obama and romney the white Obama ,a bush gop clone. The crooked gop want this fool that copies Obama and bush in many flip flop issues.I support Dr.Ron Paul.The economy and American JObs for Americans. No jobs for illegals and anchor babies families.and Kill all antiAmerican controls linked to U.N. inspired OBama.Stop selling off the oil to Chinese and Japs.America needs to have gas prices back down to 25 cents a gallon.Stop funding wars in middle east to make the rich oil barrons richer with American protection.American needs to hold on to it own oil and coal.For it own use.Both Obama and Romney are loyal to U.N. , Mexico,china and any other waving cash to buy them.Both use the same bankers.Both want to sellout the dollar to Yuan. Dr.Ron Paul will never sellout America!

  • Honesty

    Ron Paul is getting tons of Delegates what you don’t know is that Rule 38 of the RNC..Once these Delegates get to the National Convention they are free to vote thier own Conscience and many are changing to Ron Paul..I’am ashamed to call myself a Republican now after the GOP and RNC in every State got caught Stealing Ron Paul’s votes, stuffing ballot boxes and Locking out Ron Paul’s Delegates..The Gop and RNC are no better than the democrats and Acorn with what they did and are still doing!!!…Ron Paul is suing, good..We Ron Paul people are going to write him in on the Ballot if we have too.
    Romney said” I would have signed the NDAA act” ..He also Said ” there will be a National Identification card for all Americans so we can know there ancestry ,where they were born and where they live now” Romney = Obama and has Obamacare in his State as Governor..You people need to wake up..Romney can’t even fill a stadium and Ron Paul is over flowing them..Obama or Romney means a complete Totalitarian Regime..Ron Paul stands for the Constitution, Bill of rights and the Declaration of Independence..Well my Mama didn’t raise a fool, I’m grabbing the Constitution, Bill of rights and the Declaration of Independence with both hands!!!..The Media blacked out Ron Paul,They all belong to the same club as Obama and Romney!!! Ron Paul 2012 or bust!!!

  • jerry1944

    They are both the same as i c it and should be scared of whats going to happen with what obambo has done to the country .Thats why we need a strong conservative 3rd party canidate. romney and obambo both just want to tax us more thats why i am voteing 3rd party


      The mess has been created by both political parties, Obama inherited the mess and he is adding to more.
      Neither Obama nor Romney will ever be able to make the correction, you need a super leader, none are running for election. I am a Reagan republican unfortunately Obama is going to be re elected. He has 99% of the minority that will vote for him.
      Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at:

      • T i m


      • wolf

        something I don’t see the repubs saying is how the Ryan budget is all tax cuts for the rich & more defense spending on top of what’s there now and then slashing spending for the rest of us. the deficit will be hundreds of billions higher. BUSH III.

  • boyscout

    The new world order wolf that shows up at my door will limp away if he can manage it, and I’ll be having wolf rump roast that evening. As Charlton put it so succinctly: FMCDH !

    • wolf

      girlscout-you touch my rump roast and you’ll have a nasty case of rabies…b****.

  • CJM

    Let’s get one thing straight: obamma is hardly one to be afraid of the economy; he has set out to destroy it and is succeeding so why would he be “scared” of it? Romney must answer the voters on how he will work to repair our economy and why his plan is superior to obamma’s destructive agenda–he hasn’t even done this yet. I would have rather read an article that reflects Romney’s plans in operating this government and how he plans to rid us of the frivilous orders and idiotic regulations that obamma’s czar’s and talking (department) heads have dumped onto the American public in their effort to follow through with obamma’s agendas. So, is the Romney camp ready to act? Or will they just sling hash like they have been doing since this campaign began?

  • CJM

    Addendum: What a pity the snobbish GOP/RNA refused to consider Ron Paul as a serious contender for the Presidency and refused to back Bachman or Cain when these two needed the Party’s support—instead, they let the media choose our candidates. Frankly, I hope there is a special conference that puts someone else on the ticket than Romney. He really doesn’t get my support until I see him saying something worthwhile. As it is, he is a bigger wuss than McCain was in refusing to take an aggressive stance against obamma—playing with obammy while wearing kid gloves will only get Romney defeated; he needs to go after jeremiah wright and the other commies obamma associates with.

  • Average Joe

    “One of these two men will have to lead the Nation for the upcoming four years. ”

    Really Mr. Myers? Who told you that lie? Have you also bought into the “Ron Paul can’t win”, BS? One choice for America…and only one…Ron Paul!
    Any other vote would be a vote for the destruction of America…

    Mitt who?..nah….

    Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

    • upaces88

      Okay, Joe, take the opportunity to fully explain why you believe Ron Paul is an answer; and please do NOT say, he is the ONLY Constitutionalist.
      What would he do about the wars in the Middle East?
      What would he do about Sharia Law in the U.S?
      What would he do if we had another 9/11 on his watch?
      What would he do about the economy?
      What would he do about the drugs coming in from Mexico and Afghanistan?
      What would he do about Prostitution which is rampant and violent in the Chicago area?

      • T i m

        My name is T i m . I am aware I am meddleing in your conversation . If Joe does not answer , I WILL TELL YOU , what Dr. Paul has already said he will do about all your questions. Seems as if , since Dr. Paul is black listed from the media coverage ….IS WHY YOU DO NOT KNOW DR. PAULS OPINION . B T W , unless something has changed in past 3 weeks , U S A Today newspaper said last month , Obama will beat Romney with NO PROBLEM . ….My opinion to that , THE WELFARE POPULATION IS TOOO BIG TO FIGHT . The Republicans are not doing anything to change it . Add the Democratic based teachers union to it , same as last election , now the gay rights movement , and of course the A F L Labor union . …The big thing to me about DR Paul , he wants to bring all military home from around the world , which we should have done decades ago . AMERICA DOES NOT NEED TO BE THE WORLD POLICE . I personally have always beleived AMERICA can protect ourselves from our own borders . You do not see any other nation camped out in AMERICA’s yard . A lot of people DO NOT KNOW , most of congress owns stock in the companies which supply the military . Rockefellor family owns STANDARD OIL . Dr. Paul wants to get AMERICA out of the world government . Rick Perry said the same thing before RNC told him to quit . NOW , big thing to everyone , all of congress knows this ……. THERE IS A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AMERICAN ECONOMY . You are wearing it . Probably driving one . It is on your dinner table every night . Dr. Paul wants to reform SOCIAL SECURITY . Best way for that , GET WELFARE OUT OF SOCIAL SECURITY . Let the states find a way to take care of the disabled . ….All this stuff is explained in Dr. Paul’s personal blog , including his salvation and faith in JESUS CHRIST . None of what I have explained here is my personal opinion , except where I said so . All this is in Dr. Paul’s political bio . Most of congress does not follow this because , NO ONE WANTS TO MISS A PAYCHECK . Prove any of this yourself . Tim

  • Jay
  • Pat

    RE: Keystone XL. Stop spreading false information. Check the facts.

    There are no 30,000 jobs – TransCanada admits 6000 max. There will be no new gas for America; crude oil from Canadian tar sands will go to Texas to be refined but refined fuel is targeted for overseas markets, none for the US. A new report from Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a non-profit environmental organization with more than 1.3 million members says Keystone will likely INCREASE gas prices for Americans:

    The Keystone pipeline would be destructive to US environment with risk to water supplies from contamination; pipeline leaks average 1600 per year; Trans Canada has a poor track record for leaks.

    We should tell TransCanada to build their pipeline on Canadian soil and to build their own refinery on their west coast. The only ones to profit from Keystone XL are the investors. There is no benifit to the American people.

  • upaces88

    I never could be made to decide the question…

    “Would you rather have food with arsenic or straight up sulfuric acid….
    Obama=sulfuric acid… Romney, Arsenic.

  • upaces88

    Tim, I have no problem at all with you jumping in to meddle. I wanted answers and not the usual Ron Paul supporter. I do respect your opinion. I know you already know this, okay? The majority of the Ron Paul supporters actually RUN PEOPLE OFF who wanted and want to know.
    I AGREE 100% that we need the Military on the border. It took me all of 90 seconds to come up with a solution as well as “E-Verify.” When ONE of the illegals is caught — 10 more get through. They are like an insidious virus.

    1) Have those that are already here — register (just like our ancestors did at Ellis Island);
    2) Background checks are a MUST;
    3) After they register, they MUST attend classes to learn to read and speak English (most community colleges offer classes);
    4) They must learn the Constitution; Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (and be tested);
    5) They must then go before a judge to be sworn in as an American Citizen.
    6) The men “must” join the Military if he is under 30 years of age.
    7) They must have a health Check

    The adults will NEVER receive Social Security benefits because they have not paid into it.
    They are NOT to receive food stamps for the same reason. They have never paid into the system to warrant receiving food stamps.

    8) Put the Military on the border. Place signs at every major path where they come into the U.S. Also run ads in all the major newspapers; and give a press release to every major TV station in Mexico.
    IF shot crossing the border “illegally, any lawsuits will not be accepted in any U.S. court.

    9) They will pay a heavy fine (decided later) on here! for Invading our Country Illegally.
    With Millions of them here, that can off-set the costs of them coming here in the first place.

    • T i m

      I appreciate your opinion ………. EVEN SO . 2 reasons what you want will never fly . President of the UNITED NATIONS , told the world news , 2 years ago , no nation has the right to evict any person from that nation . Look it up in news archives . gov . 2nd , maybe bigger than that , THE CHURCH HAS ENDORSED THE AMNESTY . Most illegals / Mexicans are Catholic . Even the evangelical / Protestant / Baptist CHURCH endorses amnesty . THE ILLEGALS ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE . AMERICA IS PART OF THE G 2 0 world government . AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS TOLD WHAT TO DO SAME AS ALL OTHER GOVERNMENTS IN THE G 2 0 . AMERICA HAS NEVER BEEN SOVEREIGN . WE ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THE LEADER OVER THE CLIFF . ……..RON PAUL WANTS TO GET AMERICA OUT OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT . Rick Perry said the same thing before RNC told him to quit . T i m

  • upaces88

    @ Seedle:
    This video is of Obama and Romney…might want to see ow much they are alike or not.

  • Sir2You

    The reason they won’t discuss it is that they are afraid to. This DEPRESSION and all others, was caused by banksters ‘marginal counterfeiting’ trillions, yes, TRILLIONS of dollars. The reason we have massive DE flation right now, is because so many of their loans made with counterfeit currency on paper, went bad. So the massive inflation they caused for decades became deflation. These Elite puppets know this if they have half a brain. Alright, so perhaps they don’t. Banksters bribe PACs of both parties, so they have whoever wins in their ‘pockets’. Corruption in spades.

    • T i m

      The whole reason for the economy being in the tank is because of unemployment . I WAS PAYING MY BILLS TILL I LOST MY JOB . THE WELFARE POPULATION IS BIGGER THAN EVER , PEOPLE LIVING OFF OTHER TAX PAYERS . Congress does not want AMERICA back to work yet ………………RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT .


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