The Terrible Future Of The Syrian War


The last war America fought openly through proxy was the Vietnam War. The idea was not necessarily “new”; General Smedley Butler’s exposé on his career as a conqueror-for-hire, titled War is a Racket, uncovered a long history of bloodshed by U.S. government and corporate interests in third world countries designed to destroy sovereign nations and plunder their resources. This was done through the use of mercenaries for hire, military men acting covertly or guerilla forces with a pre-existing agenda supplied through back channels.

The sad and disturbing reality is that most wars fought by our country over the course of the past century have not been fought on principle. Instead, they have been fought for profit and for the consolidation of power and oligarchy.

Vietnam was a break in the tradition of secret puppet conflicts, sending the U.S. into the realm of openly admitted proxy. The establishment wanted the American people to know that we were supplying funding and weapons to the South Vietnamese nationalists, meddling in a civil war which had absolutely no bearing on U.S. international relations or domestic policy. The rationalization then was that America had to stop the spread of communism. Ironically, the communists of North Vietnam were a minimal threat compared to the elitist communists within our own borders sitting in positions of political power.

Ultimately, the Vietnam War had absolutely nothing to do with fighting communism, and everything to do with manipulating the public into accepting the concept of foreign intervention. That is to say, we were being conditioned to think of interventionism as a perfectly normal U.S. policy.

The war in Vietnam was achieved in stages. First, the U.S. aided then abandoned the government of Ngo Dinh Diem, who was assassinated during a military coup inspired partly by Diem’s despotic mistreatment of the Vietnamese populace. Money was then sent to cement the power of the military junta in the name of countering the rise of the communist North. Soon, weapons and heavy ordinance were being shipped to the South. Then, U.S. “advisors” were sent to train South Vietnamese soldiers.

Full intervention was successfully avoided by the John F. Kennedy Administration until his assassination, after which President Lyndon B. Johnson launched into a full-spectrum U.S. invasion which the mainstream referred to as a “police action.” Simultaneously, Chinese and Russian interests began supplying the North, though their involvement never officially led to boots on the ground.

I rehash this history because I think it is important to note that the Vietnam theatre seems to have been recycled in Syria today, though the cast of characters has been rearranged slightly. This time, the U.S. and Europe has supported the insurgency. The government of Bashar al-Assad has been cast as the “villain”. Russia and China are now playing the role of mediators and peacemakers, while the West now sends men like Senator John McCain to throw money and weapons into the hands of a rebellion permeated with members of al-Qaida, who decapitate and eat the hearts of prisoners on video, and who, last time I checked, were supposedly our enemy.

Edward Adam’s “Saigon Execution” epitomized not knowing who is who in war.

The process and escalation of the conflict has been very similar to our adventures in Southeast Asia. Money has been openly sent to the rebels. Weapons have likely been covertly sent (evidence suggests that this program was perhaps a part of the reason for the Benghazi incident and subsequent cover-up). Now, certain parties within the U.S., Israel, and the EU have suggested open armament of the insurgency, while destabilization of the region is blamed on Assad by the Western media.

In response to the accelerated armament of what many now consider an entirely fabricated revolution, Russia, Iran, and Lebanon have offered aid to Assad. Russia has supplied Syria with weaponry for years, though shipments have increased in recent months, including a new shipment of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles which has infuriated Israel (Israel has claimed it has no intention to escalate, even thought it has twice used airstrikes within Syria’s borders — their anger over S-300 shipments only shows that they intend to continue such aggression).

Iran has a longstanding mutual defense pact with Syria and has stated that any further direct incursions by the West will result in Iranian involvement (though I think it likely that they are already involved sending arms and advisors of their own). Lebanon has supplied actual ground troops to Assad through Hezbollah. They are aiding the Syrian army in what appears to be a successful campaign against the insurgency. Hezbollah was very effective in repelling an invasion by Israel in 2006, causing the United Nations to step in to provide face-saving resolutions and an excuse for Israeli retreat. I believe their involvement in Syria will be a game changer.

I have been writing and warning about Syria’s potential as a catalyst for an expanded global war for years, long before most people had ever hear of Assad, and much of what I have predicted in the past is now coming true. Whether you believe the Assad regime is good or evil, it is important to realize that our government’s involvement in the region has nothing to do with Assad. This conflict is about setting off chain reactions in the Middle East, and, perhaps, even triggering a world war. You can read more about this in my article “Syria And Iran Dominos Lead To World War.”

Using Vietnam and other proxy wars as a reference, here is how I believe the war in Syria is likely to progress over the coming months:

  1. Heavy weapons will be supplied to the insurgency, including anti-aircraft weapons, leading to increased casualties, especially civilian casualties.
  2. Assad will respond with expanded and deadly airstrikes and ground troops will advance with the aid of Hezbollah.
  3. Iran will begin openly supplying arms, and step up covert supplies of advisors and ground troops.
  4. Russia will increase arms shipments even further, including anti-ship, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles in order to dissuade U.S. and Israeli interests from sending their own forces into the area.
  5. Syrian insurgents will begin losing ground quickly. The UN will offer to “mediate” a ceasefire, but this will only be designed to allow the insurgents time to regroup, and for the U.S., EU and Israel to position themselves for attack.
  6. The UN ceasefire talks will be a wash, if they even take place. Israel will begin regular airstrikes in the name of stopping Iran and Hezbollah from interfering in the war, or to stop them from obtaining “chemical weapons.” The strikes will be aimed at Syrian military facilities and Syrian infrastructure. There will be many civilian casualties.
  7. Syria will respond with ground to air and ground to ground missiles. Israeli cities will see far more precise targeting than the scud missiles used by Iraq during Gulf I and Gulf II. Civilian deaths will be much higher than expected.
  8. A no-fly zone will be announced over Syria, enforced by U.S. and Israeli planes, along with anti-aircraft batteries.
  9. A violent attack will take place in Israel, likely against a civilian population center (I would not be surprised if chemical weapons are involved). The attack will be blamed on the Assad government, or affiliated allies. It might be a real attack or it might be a false flag. In either case, the result will be the commitment of Israeli ground troops.
  10. I think it highly probable that Israel will be the first Western country to invade Syria. However, their involvement will immediately draw a declaration of war from Iran, and, increased ship movements from Russia, which maintains a strategic naval base off the coast of Tartus.
  11. Israel will be swallowed up in a strategic quandary, and will demand U.S. military action. The U.S. will supply that action. Combat will spread into cross-border battles in countries not directly engaged in the fight (as it did in Cambodia during Vietnam).
  12. China will respond with economic retaliation, dumping the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. Russia will respond by reducing petro-product exports to Europe and staging a massive naval presence in the region. From this point, all bets are off…

Now, the temptation here is for one to immediately take sides and to look at this conflict through the lens of “East vs. West.” This would be a mistake. The Syrian government has in the past acted in tyrannical fashion (though much of the latest accusations appear to be propaganda designed to lure the American public into rallying around another war).

Russia is just as restrictive an oligarchy as the U.S. or the EU. China’s society is a communist nightmare state and the average globalist’s aspiration for what they want America to become one day. Iran has many oppressive policies and is certainly not the kind of country I would ever want to live in. The Syrian insurgency is a mixture of immoral and unprincipled death squads and paid covert wet-work agents. The U.S. government is immorally supplying the cash and weapons for them to operate in the name of fighting the same kind of tyranny that is being instituting here at home.

The point is, there are no “good guys” in this story. There are no heroes; only the insiders, the outsiders and the general public. It has been the habit of the public to ignore most past proxy wars and then flip on the patriotism switch during the rare occasions that American troops are actually deployed. Given time for adequate contemplation (as well as significant American losses), the citizenry eventually turns sour against the paradigm and demands a change. This time, however, there may be no time for such contemplation. I believe that any forward ground action in Syria on the part of the U.S. or Israel will result in a very fast moving global war.

Such a war would seem like insanity, but it serves a vital purpose for certain special interests. It would provide perfect cover for a global economic crash which is about to occur anyway, except in the midst of war, international bankers can divert blame away from themselves. It would provide a rationalization for overt domestic security and the reduction of civil liberties in the name of public safety. It would allow an excuse for a government crackdown on activist groups, who can be labeled “traitors” who aid the enemy simply by speaking ill of government policy. It would give credence to the ideology of globalization and centralized governance. The elites could claim that sovereignty must be erased and all nations must come together under a single banner so that such a “terrible catastrophe” will never happen again.

The war in Syria will not be about Syria. It will not be about the freedom of the people. It will not be about dethroning Assad or establishing democracy. It will not be about defusing violence in the region. Syria will not be the target; we will be the target — our society, our rights, our nation.

America is in the middle of the most insidious consolidation of power in history and Syria is merely a stepping stone in the game. If we cannot maintain our vigilance and allow ourselves to be sucked into the proxy war façade, the elites will get their global conflict with little to no home opposition. The globalists will win, and everyone else will lose.

-Brandon Smith

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Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • edwinrankin

    a disturbing yet reasonable scenario…

  • Warrior

    Anyone else think maybe the new “internment” camps are for the “muslim” population? Nah!

  • Don

    America’s involvement in Vietnam was wrong (for the reasons detailed in the article) and our presence in the entire Middle East is wrong. Bring the troops home, let the Arabs, Israeli’s, and anyone else in the region work out their own problems. America’s involvement just gets the world hating us on a grander scale. Our government’s role should be to protect our borders, enforce our laws, provide infrastructure, and improve the quality of life for Americans. Unfortunately, no “defense” contractors get rich if this happens!

    • WTS/JAY

      It is not American involvement in the middle-east we should be worried about, it’s the Islamic take-over of Europe and America we should be worried about! Here, in our own country, we have a Muslim-president who cavorts with the Muslim-brotherhood, supplying them arms and financial-backing; and a growing muslim-population that is becoming more radicalized and is beginning to demand that Sharia-law should supplant the law(s) of these United-States. To make matters worse, not only are they benefiting from their Muslim-brother in the White-House, but they are now assured full-support from the Liber-Democratic-Taliban-party. The Democrats!

      The Muslim Takeover of the West: How it Works…

      Muslims Are Taking Over The World at an ALARMING Rate – MUSLIM IMMIGRATION…

      Muslim Takeover of Europe and America?

      Some patriots are fighting the Islamic takeover of America…

      A Washington, D.C., imam states explicitly on the website for his organization that he is part of a movement working toward replacement of the U.S. government with “the Islamic State of North America” by 2050.

      With branches in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Philadelphia, the group As-Sabiqun – or the Vanguard – is under the leadership of Abdul Alim Musa in the nation’s capital.

      • Dick Gazinia

        We must be vigilant and not let this happen. Muslim influence in Europe has been destructive.

    • WTS/JAY

      California Politicians and Law Enforcement Support Sharia Law…

      Posted on August 14, 2012

      Earlier this year, a town hall meeting was held to determine the effects of Sharia law and to see whether or not it is something to be feared or embraced. In typical California fashion, the meeting was held on at a neutral location – the Islamic Society of Orange County.

      To no one’s surprise, everyone at the meeting was told that Sharia law poses no threat to U.S. law. They were also told that there is absolutely no conflict between Sharia law and the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      U.S. Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) urged the people and officials to support and embrace Sharia law. Note, this is the same Maxine Waters known for her outrageous statements and extreme liberalism. Waters’ district includes the Westchester are of Los Angeles along with Inglewood, Gardena, Florence-Graham and Hawthorne.

      Another California politician that came out in support of Sharia Law was U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) whose district lies in central Orange County. Not only is Sanchez known as a flaming liberal who like other Dems votes for same-sex marriage and abortion, also is a ranking member of the (Homeland Security Committee and Armed Services Committee). Her support of Sharia law should be alarming considering the important committees she serves on.

      • FreedomFighter

        The Muslim faith is an evil cult, Sharia Law the law of totalitarian control, subjection to an intolerant radical cult faith based set of laws curbing all freedom and liberty, slavery, physical mutilation of women, no rights for women, rape of children, and death to those that do not adhere to such fanatical cult ideals.Nothing good has ever come from the Muslim world, esp. Sharia Law, no progress for humanity, only death and slavery.Laus DeoSemper FI

        • rbrooks

          the islam brand of christianity is simply a few hundred years behind the other christian brands.

          christians have always supported slavery. chattel property. murdered those who disagreed or broke religious laws.
          nothing new.

          • WTS/JAY

            You are a complete and ignorant-fool. You don’t know your history from your azz!

          • vicki

            RBrooks knows alot about the history of the oligarchies that have existed for centuries before and after the coming of Jesus Christ. He obviously knows little to nothing of Christianity.

          • WTS/JAY

            Vicky: He obviously knows little to nothing of Christianity.

            Is it that obvious? (-:

          • rbrooks

            lol. the violent history of christianity is well documented. it continues today.

          • WTS/JAY

            The only thing that is continuing and is well documented is your ignorance!

          • rbrooks

            your denial is the result of a mental illness brought about by mythology. it is a curable disease.

          • WTS/JAY

            And your ignorance is the result of having spent too much time in the halls of liberal-academia. You are a buffoon, and an ignoramus! The only thing worse than your ignorance, is your arrogance. For you haven’t the slightest inkling or the good common-sense to keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about!

          • rbrooks

            you must be looking in a mirror.

            the inquisition, burning witches, hanging for infidelity, crushing, stoning, etc., all done by christians thru out history.
            the bible is full of support for slaves, bigamy, incest, child molestation, murdering children, mistress’, racism, bias, hate and violence.

            like most religious fascists, you have very little knowledge of the mythology you allege to support.

            you are not familiar with abraham either.

          • WTS/JAY

            Again you display that you are a clueless-ignoramus! The atrocities that you speak of were committed by the Catholic-church, which was/is anything but, Christian! But then again, a liberal, ignorant-toad like yourself, who is incapable of finding his azz with both hands and his azz, wouldn’t know the difference between a Christian and a pagan. Stick to what you know, dumbbell, the oligarchy! You SUCK at history and religion!!!

          • rbrooks

            lol. nothing more amusing than the christians fighting over which version of christianity is the one true mythology.

            however, most of the current versions of that particular brand of mythology used similar methods.
            many still do.

          • TIME

            Dear rbrooks,

            “True Christians” ~ you know not, what you know is nothing more nor less than the extension of the “Roman Empire” with a face lift, making a claim to be Christians.

            Saddly what 99% of humans can’t get their heads around is that the “”Roman Empire”” never died, its alive and doing quite well under the new name ~
            “The New World Order.”

            But if you so wish to be one more of the illiterate sheep in the world that thinks you know something,
            Well ~ thats your call to remain as little more than a gain of sand in the hour glass of illiterrate fools that litter the planet.

            Peace and Love, Shalom..

          • rbrooks

            reagan was a huge supporter of the new world order.

        • WTS/JAY

          Yet, the Democratic-Taliban-party fully supports Islam and Sharia-Law. How can this be? Are they that stupid, that ignorant, that naive? Can anyone be that clueless as to not recognize the horror that is Islam and Sharia-Law? Or is there something else a-foot they hope no one will notice?

          When Obama entered the White-House in 2009, thousands of Muslims prostrated themselves in front of the White-House, singing praise to Allah. Were they praying for world peace, or were they praising Allah for his wonderful gift of planting one of their own in the White-house? This is unprecedented in all of American history. Yet the Democratic-Taliban-party dismisses any and all charges that Obama HUSSEIN is a muslim. Don’t you find that the least bit strange, FF?

          When the Prime-Minister of Israel visited Washington, Obama, had the Prime-Mister wait for hours before Obama showed his ugly face and acknowledged him. Of course, the fact that the Prime-Minister of Israel is a Jew and that Obama is a Muslim had nothing to do with Obama’s show of deplorable-manners, claimed the DNC. He was busy having dinner with his family, that’s all, they say.

          When Obama started arming the Muslim-brother-hood and supplying them with large amounts of cash pilfered from the American tax-payers, it wasn’t because he’s a Muslim and a follower and supporter of Islam, but because the Muslim-brother-hood is not as radical as some people warn, and that we should ally with them and use them to help us spread Democracy in the middle-east through Sharia-Law, so claim the Democrats.

          When a Muslim American-woman tried to use the American legal-system to stop her Muslim-husband from beating and raping her several times a day, the Judge told her that there wasn’t anything he could for her, because she and her husband are both Muslims and under the Islamic Sharia-law, therefore, she should go back to her husband and work it out through their own law. Not a word or a whisper of outrage or representation from DNC or the ACLU…


          There’s no denying it, FF, as to what is really going on in DC and under the Obama-administration. The overwhelming evidence is staggering and kept hidden by distracting the American-people with scandal after scandal, while the Obama administration continues to pave the road for the coming of Islam. While the American-people are distracted chasing after the birther-issue, the phoney SS-issue, the Immigration-problem, the Fast-and-Furious staged-debacle, and currently the IRS-scandal, the Obama-administration and it’s malevolent-supporters continue implementing the Mother of all scandals and treasonous-acts…the Islamization of America and Europe! There, i said it!

          • rbrooks

            the gop sheep are much closer to islam than any liberal democrat.

          • WTS/JAY

            I think that your Muslim-president in the White-House would be deeply-insulted by your blasphemous-statement. He would consider your statement as an insult to Islam and would probably insist that your head be separated from your body. Either that, or he would just consider you to be nothing more then a low-level, ignorant Democrat, a useful-idiot!

          • rbrooks

            what country do you live in? here in the u.s., we elect a president that represents all americans. even when we elect b-movie actors and draft dodgers.

          • WTS/JAY

            Well this time you elected a Muslim. Congratulations, fool! Hope you like Sharia-law. Btw, are you a homosexual? If you are, i would suggest you run back in your closet and hide…Islam will not tolerate that sort of behaviour! Dumbbell!

          • rbrooks

            actually, obama is just a slightly different version of reagan and little bush.

            islam tolerates homosexuals and even those of you have that have sex with goats and sheep.

          • TIME

            Dear rbrooks,

            There you go again displaying your illiterate nature that saddly you think serves you so well.
            Its really quite the opposite ~ it just proves that your ignorance is a Full Cup of Nothing.

            Peace and Love, Shalom.

          • perry

            You can’t insult OBAMA and Islam as they are just a passing thrill for lawmakers.Now one must know that they kill because their god tells them to do it.They are fools to think that they can control america

        • WTS/JAY

          3 Members of Muslim Brotherhood in Obama Administration Named by Tarek Fatah

          The Obama administration has been infiltrated by the Muslim brotherhood confirmed now by This Muslim,

          Tarek Fatah and an ex-CIA Agent named Claire Lopez as she predicted this two years ago. In the ‹blockquoted› video at 11:45 Tarek Fatah asserts his belief that these three persons are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and working for the Obama Administration.

          The speaker is an Indian Muslim who is warning his fellow Canadians and us to wake up. He has tremendous courage and pulls no punches on what is happening with Islamist fascism. Make sure you listen to the end of the tape where he says we now have three members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House (and names them). One of them is one of Obama’s speech writers. Another is a new appointee of Obama.

  • Al Chemist

    Like the man says: there are no good guys here. That means only the bad, bad guys can win, and they are not freedom loving. We should stay out of this one. The middle east is going to change, a lot of people are going to die, and the US will be held responsible.

    • Jeff

      It’s almost impossible to tell whether the “rebels” we may arm are actually worse than Assad. It’s interesting that when McCain went there, he claimed the rebels were tough, implying all they need is material aid to overthrow a dictatorship and establish “democracy.” This seems far-fetched as even McCain has no idea with whom he’s meeting. He had his picture taken with some rebels who turned out to be terrorist types. His office had to issue a statement saying he didn’t mean to have his picture taken with such people.

      On the one hand, we don’t want to sit by and watch a slaughter; on the other hand, our presence/involvement is more likely to make the situation even worse. I’m sure there are plenty of Syrian “Curveballs” that will tell someone like McCain whatever he wants to hear to justify increased American involvement.

      I have read some comments here implying that the whole policy is dictated by Israel. I don’t believe it. Israel has a relationship with Assad. They’re hardly friends, but they know what to expect. The last thing the Israelis want is Syria in the hands of Hezbollah. Arming the “rebels” may do just that.

      • Al Chemist

        I agree. I also don’t believe our policy is dictated by Israel. The present occupant of the WH is certainly not a big Israel supporter, though he may claim otherwise. I am afraid that if Assad is overthrown (likely), he is going to be replaced by someone worse. No matter the outcome, it will not be favorable to the US.

  • hipshot

    We have a Jet Setting, Golf playing fool running things. We are truly doomed.

  • peter

    As usual Brandon has produced an article of chilling reading! The projections made here are more than distinct or vague possibilities. There are still obviously those who bury their heads in the sand, believing that the ‘ experts ‘, via their superior education and knowledge will sort things out in the interest of us all,those who profoundly refuse to accept that ‘ a global economic crash is inevitable ‘ and believe that wars are not orchestrated. The future that our leaders have structured is very scary to contemplate and I hope that as an old man now, the youth will find the strength to overcome the evil that pervades this wonderful planet of ours. I feel sure that there are those among them with the right resolve.

    • Deerinwater

      Well Peter, I hope you are right. I fail to know the powers that are promoting this Civil War. ~ To just remove Assad and replace him with another , the stated objective ~ makes little sense.

  • rbrooks

    they will use the same excuse as before. we are fighting terrorists. we need to stop the evil doers.
    the same cheerleaders that supported the two bush wars, will get out the poms poms and cheer for this one as well.

    • Dick Gazinia

      Note what the olgarchists are doing here at home. Every notice that all shopping malls have the same stores? When Walmart moves in mom & pop stores are smothered? Worker wages and benefits are reduced to subsistence wages while those in charge live like Renaissance princes?

      These are the same people benefitting from these wars… yet many conservatives are seduced by their rhetoric in the name of patriotism to support the endless conflicts while our infrasctuctre decays.

      • rbrooks

        well, they have spent a considerable amount of time and money ensuring that we would have enough mindless sheep to support them.

  • Roy Crim

    so why does Israel accept al ‘Qaeda on it’s borders?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Some predators you don’t have a choice but to live with, others you have to get rid off instantly if you want to survive.

      • Bob666


        What is this fixation that you have with “predators”. Seriously, how did you get the way you are????

        • WTS/JAY

          What is this fixation you have with Nadzieja?

          • Bob666

            No, Fixation Jay, just asked her a question.

  • Bob666

    Not a bad read-fair amount of facts and some realistic possibilities.

    • Deerinwater

      To not play this game would be the best approach ~ and stay in “containment” but I fear that we already are, as “containment” is so often seem as “proactive” measures.

      To support Assad’s opposition is to support Muslim extremist ~ I’m not good with that on any level. To support Assad is to support Muslim extremist as well.

      Maybe it’s time to let the Jew out of the box and give the Muslim world more to consider as they seemed to be hell bent for a show down?

      • Bob666

        Yo Darwin,
        I have long believed the devil you know is often better than the devil you don’t know. We are not our brothers keeper and Iraq proved that our actions are often short sighted.

        • vicki

          I would have thought that the Korean conflict and the Vietnam “police” action would have proven that. Are we such slow learners?

          • Bob666

            Yo Vicki,

            Unfortunately, I would have to say that we are. One of the problems our country has in foreign policy is that of inconsistency. One of the consequences of having a president in office for a maximum of eight years is; the whole foreign mission can change over night.

            If you want to read a good autobiography; In Confidence, by Anatoly Dobrynin who was the Russian ambassador to the the US through six presidents. He made the statement that our country more than any other super power can turn on a dime due to leadership changes and that is one of the down falls of democracy.

            As a society, we tend to have a very short attention span on foreign policy.

          • Deerinwater

            Some of us are Vicky. ~ slow or just can’t learn. That , or ~ Americans like “warring” ~ for that is where the bulk of their money is spent. ~ The body follows the mind.

            To spend as we do on the military and not use it ~ makes little sense.

            Someone wants Iraq and Syria to have a very unstable Central government if they can’t control it, ~ it would seem.

          • daleh

            The “Korean WAR was called a police action , by Harry Truman, I never heard the Vietnam War being called a police action—I think mr smith reversed the wars as to that name calling–
            Maybe the US should not have been involved in Korea , but as a Veteran of that War , I look at South Korea today and North Korea and I am very proud of having a small part of helping the South to survive with out communisim.

  • Dave

    I think the big problem is the fact that the countries in the middle east and Persia were not created by the people of those regions. Those borders were created in many cases by western powers. Their Governments are manipulated by outside powers.

    The people in these regions have the right of self-determination and to live the way they choose. The British, the United States, Russia and now China are treating the region as their pawns. It needs to stop.

    • Don 2

      Obama supported getting rid of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and Mubarak was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Obama supported getting rid of Khaddafi from Libya, and the Muslim Brotherhood is in charge there.

      Obama wants to get rid of Bashar al-Assad from Syria, and favors the insurgents. Influential Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has millions of supporters, mostly Muslim Brotherhood, has called on Sunni Muslims to join the insurgents fighting in Syria. Whatever could go wrong with America supporting these guys?

      Gee, could there be a pattern here of Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood? Why would such a true-blue American like Obama, who himself stated, “I have campaigned in 57 states, with I think, one more to go” support the Muslim Brotherhood?

      • Dave

        Don 2, I get it you hate Obama… but this has been happening since before WW2 when oil was discovered in the region. Take your partisan hack blinders off.
        Not all of us can be true Americans like Reagan and Bush and get thousands killed for monitary reasons… I guess you would want Obama to invade Syria to be like your heroes.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          It still has nothing to do with oil as much as this nation and the rest of the world need it. For all we know oil there was just a hook in our nation’s nose to get us meddling in their politics. The history of the world started in that region and we will see its’ end there.
          O may just support anti Assad forces (the Muslim Brotherhood) no matter that you don’t want O to make that decision but you will also agree with O’s decision if he gives you a believable explanation.

          • Dave

            What? control of the world’s second most important resource has nothing to do with it on one hand then you mention that the world has heavy need for it on the other (including the US). What you said makes no sense.
            Please review history and see what the US and the British did once oil was discovered, throw in cold war political BS, greed and you have these people being used as pawns in our game. Trouble is, people only take being pawns for so long and the people of Egypt, Libya, Syria have has enough.

        • Jeff

          Don will criticize Obama no matter what he does – invade, don’t invade, intervene, don’t intervene, no-fly zone or not, arms or not. There’s one constant: Don and John McCain will criticize. It was too much/too little/too early/too late and always done with bad intent. Don is a bit of a nut.

          • Don 2

            There you go again Jeff, making things up in your little mind. I simply stated facts about the Muslim Brotherhood, and it was too much for you to handle, so like the typical liberal, you made stuff up that had nothing to do with anything and attempted to distort what I said.

            Now Jeff, if you think that I said something that was not true, disprove it. Let us see who is the nut, the guy stating facts, or the mud slinging lib talking out of his ar$$.

        • Don 2

          Dave, you’re getting as bad as Jeff. What I said about the Muslim Brotherhood is factual.

          Contrary to your disjointed response, I would not want Obama to start another one of his illegal wars like he did before, and I do not believe that the U.S. should get involved in another country’s civil war. We should get out of Korea also. Let them hack it out between themselves…..may the best man win. Vietnam was a waste of American lives…..the politicians didn’t fight to win. Iraq and Afghanistan are also going to end up being a waste of American lives. Your misguided buddy Jeff thinks I am a John McCain fan. Hardly, McCain is an idiot, and he should have retired long before his mind started to go.
          You think that I don’t like Obama? Well, you’re definitely right about that. Everything the man touches, turns to crap, and he has violated his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.

      • WTS/JAY

        Barack Hussein Obama, catering to both Muslim and globalist agendas, is exposing his preference to Islamic and globalist agendas and placing yet another nail in America’s coffin by appointing Rashad HUSSAIN as special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. To understand the extreme significance of this appointment, it is vital for Americans to understand the composition and objectives of the OIC, its global influence and potential impact on the U.S., and also be fully aware of the background of Rashad HUSSAIN.

        The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is the world’s largest Islamic entity with a membership of 57 Muslim nations and a permanent delegation to the United Nations. Aside from the United Nations, it is the largest international entity of any type. It was formed on September 25, 1969 by the Islamic heads of state in Rabat, Morocco as an affront to Israel, with its primary objective to regain complete Muslim control and Islamic religious dominance over Jerusalem. It is now based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

        Top PLO terrorist leader and Muslim Brotherhood descendent Yasser Arafat was given the honorary position of permanent deputy chairman of the OIC in the years following its establishment. Unsurprisingly, the symbol of the OIC is a flag with a green background and an upward facing red crescent within a white circle. Above the crescent are the words “Allahu Akbar” written in Arabic script.

        Since its establishment, the OIC has been THE primary organization pushing for the global criminalization of any criticism of Islam, Muslims, Islamic Sharia law, and all cultural and religious aspects of Islam. An early adherent to the use of the term Islamophobia, the OIC urged the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) in 2005 to pass a resolution titled “Combating Defamation of Religions,” a relatively benign sounding objective until closer inspection of the resolution found that it applied only to criticism of Islam. The “Combating Defamation of Religions” resolution was formally passed on March 30, 2007 by a vote of 24 to 14.

        The OIC is engaged in an aggressive campaign to intimidate Western governments, including the U.S., into adopting hate speech laws that will effectively prohibit any form of criticism of Islam, including violent acts of Islamic jihad. Its march toward criminalizing any negative speech against Islam is rapidly progressing. In 2008, the OIC issued a 58-page report citing numerous allegations of Islamophobia, even identifying the state of Florida’s Attorney General’s decision to show the movie Obsession to his staff, a documentary that warned about the actions and objectives of “radical Islam,” as an example of hate speech and Islamophobia. This comes from the same entity that, in early May 2002, during at a meeting of religious affairs ministers of the OIC in Kuala Lampur, a Saudi representative continued to justify “suicide bombings.” Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Saleh Al al-Sheikh reportedly stated that suicide bombing are permitted and the (Islamic) victims are considered to have died a martyr’s death. Their global influence is growing rapidly.

        For almost 30 years, the U.S. never appointed any envoy to the OIC. That all changed just a mere seven years after the Islamic terrorist attack on 9/11, however, former President George Bush appointed Pakistani native and Austin, Texas businessman Sada Cumber as the first US envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference on March 3, 2008. Bush stated that “the core of his mission is to explain to the Islamic world that America is a friend, is a friend of freedom, is a friend of peace, that we value religion.”

        Now, Obama is appointing a new envoy – Rashad HUSSAIN, his associate deputy counsel to that position. Who is Rashad HUSSAIN? HUSSAIN was a Yale Law School student and from 2003-2005, an editor of the Yale Law Journal. He eventually served as a Department of Justice trial attorney and in January 2009 was appointed White House deputy associate counsel…

      • WTS/JAY

        Lookie how Obama is using your tax dollars now: Sending Syrian jihadists our most advanced sniper rifle AS-50. FSA jihadist rebels are now using the most advanced sniper rifle available today. The AS-50 is used by the Navy SEALS and will penetrate steel and concrete from an extremely long range.

        How long before this rifle is used to kill Israeli soldiers patrolling the Syrian border, FSA rebels have already started taking potshots at patrolling Israeli Soldiers in the past week, imagine what they can do now with the mother of all urban warfare Sniper rifles in their possession?. We know that the most of the weapons that the U.S is funneling to the FSA ends up in the hands of Al-Qaeda so, just like operation fast and furious, at what point is it safe to say that the Obama administration is intentionally sending weapons to Islamic terrorists for their own nefarious reasons?

      • WTS/JAY

        Obama picks Muslim for CIA chief…One of the FBI’s former top experts on Islam has announced that President Obama’s pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia.

        As WND has reported, former FBI Islam expert John Guandolo has long warned that the federal government is being infiltrated by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. But Guandolo now warns that by appointing Brennan to CIA director, Obama has not only chosen a man “naïve” to these infiltrations, but also picked a candidate who is himself a Muslim.

        “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on the behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia,” Guandolo told interviewer and radio host Tom Trento.

        “That fact alone is not what is most disturbing,” Guandolo continued. “His conversion to Islam was the culmination of a counterintelligence operation against him to recruit him. The fact that foreign intelligence service operatives recruited Mr. Brennan when he was in a very sensitive and senior U.S. government position in a foreign country means that he is either a traitor … [or] he has the inability to discern and understand how to walk in those kinds of environments, which makes him completely unfit to be the director of Central Intelligence.”

        Brennan did indeed serve as CIA station chief in Riyadh in the 1990s and today holds the official title of Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. On Jan. 7, Obama nominated Brennan as the next director of the CIA.

        U.S. Senate allows John Brennan to become CIA director…

  • Wellarmed

    Spot on Mr. Smith! I concur 110%, but you and I know that our fellow Americans will never turn the television off, and even though your predictions/estimations are about as crystal ball extracted as one can get, you know as well as I that the vast majority of the citizenry is in denial about what if occurring.

    Incredibly well written article Mr. Smith!

    • Deerinwater

      I don’t know, ~ I turned might off some time ago. ~ I don’t know what is occurring ! and I don’t harbor some “illusion” that I do. ~ That alone improves my vision over people that think and believe that they do.

      • WTS/JAY

        Gee, Deerinwater, i think you may qualify for Eric Holder’s position. Interested? Just kidding around. I love ya buddy, you know that.

        • Deerinwater

          LOL! I considered public office once! ~ dog catcher ~ or something just to get in. As a Pirate with a sorted past, it would almost require a lowly position. ~ but after watch an Assistant DA friend of mine, lose a race for Constable to a dead man ( his opposition died 1 month before the election) I thought better of it.

          A far as I can tell with this topic of Syria, ~ to be found guilty of not getting directly involved is the position I would like to defend.

          That alone will be hard enough to defend as I feel rather certain we are in it up to our neck on the “Intelligence” side.

  • Deerinwater

    So if “Banker’s” fabricate wars ~ who is the real players here?

    • rendarsmith

      Follow the money. Who is benefitting from the wars? Iraq Veterans Against the War has some good information.

  • dan

    resisting Communism is always right…too bad we didn’t resist socialism when we had a chance
    resisting Muslim theocracy is always right….but that’s not what we’re doing

  • Alondra

    ¨BEIRUT (AP) — Syria’s main opposition bloc has urged the European Union to quickly supply rebels fighting President Bashar Assad’s forces with sophisticated
    weapons to help them overthrow his regime.¨ – Yahoo

    ¿Did not O´Homobama help to the muslim Brotherhood of Egypt?

    ¨U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said Washington welcomes the EU decision as a show of support for the Syrian opposition and as a message to the Assad regime that such support will only grow. He said the Obama administration WILL CONTINUE to provide non-lethal assistance to the rebels and hasn’t made a decision on whether to arm them.¨ vs. Libyan Embassy (9/11/12)

    ¨Syria’s Foreign Ministry said the EU decision exposes the “mockery” of European claims to be supporting a political solution to the crisis based on national dialogue, while “encouraging terrorists and extending them arms.”

    ¨Secretary of State John Kerry said the transfer of missiles to President Bashar Assad’s regime would be ‘not helpful’ to the cause of peace.¨

    But to supply rebels (no one knows who they are, except the Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal) with the arms would be helpful ¨to the cause of peace.¨

    ¨Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has warned against foreign meddling in
    Russian politics and criticised opposition politicians of being in the pay of
    foreign interests.¨

    “A politician who receives money from beyond the borders of the Russian
    Federation cannot be a politician on its territory,” added Putin.

  • sancheleezy

    Since WWII there are those elites in power who want to end the true meaning of this country’s founding, liberty, freedom, and economic justice for all. They live in their ivory covered mansions and in any way they can manipulate the American public to disavow and forget what the Framers of our Bill of Rights truly intended this Nation to be, a bastion of Liberal (Libertarian) thinkers who spread our message by example and not by the use of troops. But these elites are only concerned with power and wealth and true competition in the economy stands in their way. The politicians are our servants, the the Federal Reserve, and institutions like Goldman Sachs despise these ideals. Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, and now Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, are the latest conflicts. We need to become aware of this scheme which already is affecting our lives.

  • Motov

    I think we should pull out of every war going on there, let the muslims kill each other off, deploy the troops over to Texas, Arizona, California, and New Mexico. and Florida could keep our Navy busy,… and it will cost us less,
    in terms of lives,


    Looks like from what we have seen so far is that sticking your nose into the fight among a bunch of crazy intolerant cult islamics is just plain nutz. These 12th century intolerant rejects thrive on conspiracy, cult religion and family feuds and getting sucked up in their whirpool of crap is not worth the salt…
    As for our own problems which seem to be exploding one disaster and crisis after another and revelations of scandal abound, it appears that the goal of all this fiasco is to balkanize this nation and parayze it for eternity. This whacko leftist bunch in our government and the leadership they disposess is intent on making a omlette of this Republic and all it stands for and letting the appointed warlords take their place in the designated areas the caliph in-charge points to…..
    Time to move quickly and with certainty to remove, replace and repair this ominous bunch of government thuggs we are now saddled with and put sanity back on track….


    Democrats Slams GOP Over Sharia Law Ban!!!


    Democrats and the real war on women: Sharia Law…

  • Deerinwater

    Good work Mr. Smith , an accurate summation.

  • Ibn Insha

    Agree 100%. We should remove ourselves from Middle East like there is no tomorrow. Let Israel decide its own fate. If Israel wants to fight let it. It has right to defend itself. It is surrounded by enemies. But what are the chances of it happening when Republican Senator, McCain, wants us involved in Syria yesterday and a new conflict will divert public’s attention form Obama’s problems?

    • Deerinwater

      McCain is a War Hawk. ~ There is a time and place for such men. ~ but not in this case I fear.

      It is my belief , If McCain had won the election in 2008, it would have been the beginning of a 30 years occupational force in Iraq. While hard fought , probably the only way to pacify the region. The introduction of McDonalds, WalMart, ~ and the American GI ~ introducing a new gene into the populations gene pool. A new generation of people would have come of it. ~ The women would like this change I would think , those too old to change might resent it. Resistance to change is in us all and why 30 years would be required.

      McCain is a reckless man on several levels that enjoys a Long Game where anything is possible. I would not say that McCain is wrong with such a view. I’m saying that Iraq is a long way from home ~ and in 75 years, developed nations need for petroleum products will not be as great as it is today as crude oil will be looked upon as coal is today, dirty and expensive to process and deliver.

      There is another way to do our heavy lifting. ~ While today ~ new technology is fighting it’s way to the market place with so much investment placed on crude it must overcome. ~

      I’d prefer us to not invest in Model A Ford crank handle, finding no need for one today. While in 1932, it might have been nice to have one to keep with the spare tire.

  • Weary & Wary

    The two idiot savants of the U.S. Government, or should that be three ?,
    Soeterro-Obama, McCain and Kerry, want to involve us irrevocably in yet another Middle Eastern War. None amongst them have drawn any lessons that should have been well learned from the debacle of the Vietnam War. So here we go again. This is purely a Civil War in Syria and it boils down to a conflict over who should rule Syria for plundering. . Hamas or Hezbollah, Sunni or Shia, both of them our sworn enemies !!! And primarily Soeterrro-Obama Lord of Kenya via the Phillipines and his Court Jester McCain are hell bent upon involving us once more in an unwinnable war. Of course for Soeterro-Obama it is an ideal opportunity for him with his de facto lunatic RINO supporter McCain, to spend the U.S.A. into financial ruin, so that he may more easily rebuild this country in his Islamic-Marxist ideal – his repeatedly stated aim ! Brace yourselves for Middle Eastern War III, Which will be poilitcally a virtual repeat in fatuity and bankruptcy as Vietnam – just ask yourselves how that turned out ? This time the Social Protests against this ridiculous proposition, or very worst course of events – will rend America apart. Naturally this is what our African Clown Prince Barrack Hussein the First, Batarde Extraordinaire, desires – and his Court Jester and Militant Clown McCain also supports.! The time for action and impeachment are either fast approaching or are more likely long past. The political combination of Soeterro-Obama and McCain are clearly symptomatic of the political corruption within Washington

  • Wiley2

    The non-interventionist American Republic, with its idea of free association of peoples, died with Lincoln’s war to destroy states’ rights. When Lincoln succeeded in keeping states in the Union at the point of a gun, making them vassals of a central government, he set the nation on the path to empire building. It has followed that path ever since, using covert manipulation and overt military conquest.

    If enough people become aware of the manipulation by the megalomaniacal central planners, from Lincoln to that present self-professed Lincoln wannabe, Obama, and refuse to cooperate, perhaps the true American Republic can be reborn.

  • Toy Pupanbai

    Syria and Iran; almost the very last countries not to have a Rothschild’s Central Bank.
    A pretty good opportunity to make them see sense!