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The System Works When a Dutchman is Onboard

January 11, 2010 by  

The System Works When a Dutchman is Onboard

“The system worked,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, even as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s private parts continued to smolder.

Thank God. Just think what might have happened to Flight 253 if the system hadn’t worked.

In case you missed it, Abdulmutallab tried to set off a bomb concealed in his underpants as his airliner descended toward a landing at Detroit Metro Airport on Christmas Day. He was subdued by Dutch passenger Jasper Schuringa.

Abdulmutallab boarded the plan in Amsterdam after buying his one-way ticket with cash. He was carrying no luggage. He had no passport. He also had been denied a visa to travel to the United Kingdom. Oh, yeah, his father had been to the United States Embassy in Nigeria to say that Abdulmutallab had been radicalized and might be about to commit a terrorist act.

In other words, nothing about him caused suspicion.

He had one other thing going for him. Abdulmutallab had the assistance of a man described by passengers as being of Indian descent.

According to passenger Kurt Haskell, an attorney from Michigan, the Indian man accompanied Abdulmutallab to the ticket counter and said, “This man needs to board the plane, he doesn’t have a passport.” The ticket agent responded, “You’ll have to see my manager.”

Haskell said it was the last he saw of the Indian man, and he didn’t see Abdulmutallab again until he tried to blow up the airplane. This has been reported on Michigan Live, Worldnetdaily and, but ignored by the mainstream—or is that lamestream—media.

And Haskell has said other things that the lamestream media continue to ignore. For instance, Haskell told Michigan Live that after landing at Detroit, the plane’s passengers were corralled into a small, evacuated luggage claim area of the terminal and bomb sniffing dogs were brought in.

The dogs found something in the carry-on bag of another man of Indian descent. This man was taken away to a nearby room and interrogated. When he emerged from the room the Indian man was handcuffed and taken away.

The other passengers were then approached by a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who told them they were being moved to another area for their safety. “I am sure many of you saw what just happened and are smart enough to read between the lines and figure it out,” the FBI agent said, according to Haskell.

Over the course of more than two weeks Haskell’s story hasn’t waivered. That’s not the case with some of the others involved.

Since the incident, the FBI has changed its story about the second Indian man several times, first saying only Abdulmutallab had been arrested, then saying a second man was being held indefinitely, then saying the man being detained had come from another flight and finally admitting—several days later—that another man from Flight 253 had indeed been arrested.

And the FBI isn’t the only agency dissembling. Dutch investigators told the Associated Press (AP) they found no evidence Abdulmutallab had an accomplice. This despite eye witness accounts—others besides Haskell have told similar stories—of the Indian man. Investigators are said to be studying security camera video tapes as part of their investigation.

And everyone in the Obama administration has backtracked on Napolitano’s ridiculous comments made immediately after the incident. For his part, Obama finally conceded last Tuesday there was a “screw up.” The blame seems to be heading toward the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), one of Obama’s favorite whipping boys.

In the wake of the attack by Abdulmutallab, new restrictions were put in place: no going to the bathroom in the last hour of the flight, no coats or blankets on laps, extra security gate checks and full body pat downs. There’s also a renewed call for naked body scanners.

However there is no call for the FBI or the rest of government—or the lamestream media for that matter—to be truthful about what actually transpired and how the ball was dropped to allow Abdulmutallab to get on an airplane to begin with. And even more disturbing, there is no call for extra scrutiny of Muslims even though every single terroristic hijacking and attempted destruction of airliners in the last nine years has been committed by Muslims.

But don’t worry; the screening of everyone else has really been beefed up in recent days. On Jan. 4 comedienne Joan Rivers was deemed a national security risk and bumped from a flight in Costa Rica because her passport reads: Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers. A gate security agent said her passport was suspicious. Rosenberg, by the way, was the last name of her late husband.

After all, you just can’t trust elderly white comediennes so you must watch them closely.

But Muslims from Nigeria, who visit Yemen, who are on watch lists, whose fathers report possible terrorist links, who buy one-way tickets with cash, carry no luggage and have no passport? Don’t worry about them.

Just put a Dutch passenger on board. That way, the system works.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Tinwarble

    Now let me get this straight, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina everyone began to call for the head of the director of FEMA, Michael Brown, and Bush for that matter, because of how it was handled. And even though I could not disagree with anyone that the rescue operation could have been handled better, nothing like that had ever happened, and there was enough blame to go around for all that were involved.
    Yet after a completely foreseeable event happens, as a matter of fact a blind man could have seen this coming, not one person is fired or has anyone had any noticeable disciplinarian action against them. And even days later Obama comes out and says that he “isn’t concerned with laying blame”. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but as a survivor of a terrorist attack, it makes me feel extremely secure knowing that the same incompetent people are in charge that apparently can’t catch a terrorist even when their daddy turns them in.
    You can’t hold up the incompetence of one administration as a disgrace and then give a pass to the incompetence of another. For me, this isn’t a partisan issue, this is a life & death issue and if you trust the people that let this happen to keep you secure, then all I can say is that I hope you don’t fly much.

    • r bustamante

      Pleeeease, t h i s is a l l Faked, do not even talk about, the only purpose is to create FEAR, and we are

      feeding into it by making it important. here comes more regulations, pretty soon soon showing up at the

      airport naked won’t be enough, some people won’t wake up.

      • Happy

        Thank you for pointing it out. Just be careful out there folks. This incidence was made known on NOV 19,2009.

        MORE FEAR EQUAL MORE CONCONTROL. IT has cost us, tax payer 75 billion, and get what kind of service do we get? Keep praying, because the whole system is fixed.

        • Happy

          sorry control

          • TIME


            How about that hot weather in Denmark let alone the old Motor City, Yea nothing says; “I am not quite right in the head” as a Tee shirt and ligh weight pants in the Winter, No luggage, let alone “NO PASS PORT.”
            By the way all with a guy that looked like he’s on Heavy MEDS.
            The only thing missing was the poster on his back saying;
            Hi I am a total nut case, then in small print, I hate you all.

      • Tinwarble


        Let me tell you something about FEAR, fear is when a bunch of terrorist take a gas tanker and they put a few thousand pounds of explosives in it. Then they take that tanker park it near were you live & blow it up while you are sitting around just relaxing. When that bomb takes the side of a building completely off killing 19 of your fellow soldiers and you get to help look for survivors. Then for months after you can’t get to sleep because every little noise makes you feel like you are going to jump out of your skin. When that happens, please come back and talk to me about FEAR.♦

        • Mike


          So, FEAR works then! Point proven! No disrespect to your experience, and that of the others in the building! Sucks!

          • Tinwarble

            Actually, my point is that fear shouldn’t rule us, but we shouldn’t cast is aside either. Fear makes even the most heroic aware of true danger.

          • Claire

            Tinwarble—Fear makes a person do things that they didn’t think they were capable of doing. Fear can make a person really strong in an hour of need and sometimes fear can make a person into a lump of jelly. In your case, I am willing to bet you would be the strong one.

          • Rod James

            Mike&Tin, Yes fear works.Hence the name terrorists.Better control through fear even if it is one of yours. As long as terror is instilled in people you have a chance to control them.

      • SiliconDoc

        Well it doesn’t need to be faked at all. The world hates the USA, all those terrible burdens and thefts of resources and military “police actions”.
        They don’t have to fake any terrorist bombing attempts – for pete sakes – half the Democrat Party wants to pull an Ayers – that leaves the Islamics ready to roll count not any lower by any means.
        The problem is – any incident will be TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF and the billion dollar Congressional Bill will rollout the new backroom buddy $$ on buddy deals, NO MATTER WHAT.
        Of course the other problem – ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY – goes right along with it. That’s why the stupid JN came out and blabbed everything worked great, then the whole O crew pulled an about face – they really are clueless morons more concerned with press pleasing and “containing percieved damamge” – which, by their endless libtard training is ” all perception and variable based upon many psychological studies and decades or precise wordings catalogued and analyzed” or some such PR crap.
        So no need for faking it – no need for the CIA or Mossad to cook up some phony plot or pull off some insane blast.
        Heck, imcompetence and corruption and on the take regins supreme, so any real terrorist has so many gaping hole chances – and that of course is the other problem – not that many – even raging lunatic religious freaks – not that many willing to off themselves for glory… even with a true believer, you’ve got a very difficult proposition to convince them of.
        I guess if we are to believe the full monty, as so many seem to want us to – then it’s all made up – and of course our own side – the evil big brother – has done it all – and thank god (small g) for people like you who have “figured it out for the rest of us”.
        Gosh, if we were all as brilliant…
        I’ll be glad to remember there aren’t enough USA hating terrorists, especially when Obama is running all over the world apologizing to them, so our secret government has to cook some up themselves…
        Our politics has reached the LUNATIC stage.

    • DaveH

      The biggest issue I have is the constant attempts by Government (mostly Democrats) to disarm us so we are like helpless sheep.

      And with all the money they waste on ridiculous non-targeted security, they could easily afford to put more time and money into developing better bomb detection systems.

      • Robert S.

        The goverment wants to take our guns so they can put us in camps as they did American Japaneese and others.
        The U.S.A. will be a police state very soon.
        Our own government did 9/11 so they could take more of our rights as they are still doing.
        You can go on a website and read all that I say.

        • Sarah M.

          Your right about the guns. We soon not to have these to protect ourselves. My Husband is a hunter as for deer, geese etc. Hunters would be in a uproar about this. They will take over everything.

        • Mike

          Robert, that is a fight Big Bro can’t win! People will not give up their guns! “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

        • r a hicks

          boy what have you been smoking.some crackpot started that story knowing some idiot would pick up it and you took the bait.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        yes Dave – Dms turns us into sheep While Republicans turns us into non thinking zombies. Take your pick.

        • Freedom+Security

          Democrats & Republicans…pretty much the same. Each are flawed only slightly different from the other.

          What’s the choice? Stop wasting your vote on D’s & R’s. Vote 3rd party. Strongest 3rd party? Libertarian Party.

          Or just choose more of the same and continue to complain.

          • Tinwarble

            So, we should replace one or two flawed party & replace it with another. It is not the party that is flawed but the people who have been corrupted by power that are the problem. Giving another party absolute power will only corrupt them absolutely.

            Take back the Republican party, vote for “TRUE CONSERVATIVES”!!!

    • DaveH

      I ran across this article while researching the subject of NewsPaper Bailouts. I thought you might find it interesting:

      • Tinwarble


        Thanks, but I feel that that article is based on Libertarian opinion more than fact. I could shot down most of those arguments, by starting with the Draft issue. I know of no Conservative that thinks that the draft should be used, we believe that our military is strong as an all volunteer military.♦ Also, there are other arguments that have no basis in how Conservatives feel or think but would be to hard to get into here.

        • DaveH

          There are dangers in an all-volunteer army. But a draft is so onerous that I am willing to take a chance with the volunteers.
          As you have noted before, no party is 100% cohesive. And he did say he was trying to be representative from the arguments that he has run across.

          • Tinwarble

            Yes, but the arguments that he heard is not representative of Conservatives. Also, you can find articles that say just about anything that you want them to, but usually reflect the bias of the writer. That’s why I, when trying to learn about something, to stick to the facts, and then double check those, and not base thoughts on conjecture.

          • Tinwarble

            Also, I’m not sure what you mean about the dangers of an all volunteer army. I don’t know of any other way you form a military unless it is voluntary or through the draft. We could have the same system as the Israeli IDF, but that is still a draft.

          • DaveH

            I don’t know a 3rd alternative either. But what I meant is that paid soldiers are going to be a lot more obediant to their superiors than drafted soldiers. That may not sound so bad until their superiors turn on you.

          • SiliconDoc

            If the need ever arises there will be a draft so quick that both your heads will spin.
            I mean what is the discussion anyhow ? We have all volunteer because that is covering numbers sufficiently.
            If that ever becomes short to the point of failure A DRAFT WILL BE SLAMMED IN BEFORE YOU CAN BLINK.
            That’s it. PERIOD.
            You don’t have a draft in “non world wartime” when carrots and patriotic volunteers cover the needs.

      • Tinwarble

        What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.

        James Madison

        • DaveH

          And it is out of control.

    • LauraMaeRN

      Excellent! Finally someone with a BRAIN! I say FIRE them all, including Obama. If he cannot protect the American people I saw we kick him out!

      • Harold Olsen

        It isn’t that our fuhrer can’t protect us from our enemies, it’s that he doesn’t want to because he is on their side.

  • http://N/A Ed

    Wonder if airport security will want my drawers if I ever fly commercially again ? Ed

    • c lee

      It depends on what you left in them Ed.

    • Mike

      Ed, Wear your underwear on the outside!

      • c lee

        Yes Mike I like that Idea, but what happens when the govt. starts another useless group at the taxpayers exspense called the Skid Mark Police.

        • Rod James

          You guys are very funny! It’s nice to see a little humor on this (for the most part) serious site.

  • John White Sr

    Janet Napolitano you’re a(WORDS REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) just like the rest of this Administration.

  • Fearless

    It appears that no method of travel is safe as long as you have the type of leadership that does not recognize the sorce of the danger. My wife and I went to the cruise terminal to pickup our daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Of the hundreds of cars entering the terminal we were the only ones stopped for security search. We are white, i am 75 and my wife is 68. Every age and skin color had been allowed thru with no hesitation. I guess we fit the description of a 20 to 45 year old person of middle eastern decent. If i can’t get there by my own car, I don’t travel. Homeland Security is not about security but about CONTROL!!!!

    • DaveH

      I agree Fearless.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      That’s because your profile doesn’t threaten in any way shape form or fashion.

    • MadMax

      You fit the description of their new concoction “Homegrown terrorist”. About the same age as the “Tea Partiers” and probably a right wing conservative. I say what about those “political terrorists”?

    • SiliconDoc

      Well, in my view it’s about politically correct LEFTARDISMS. What I’ve come to see and realize fully is the 40+ years of the demoleft and post McCarthy era commie and civil rights influence combined with the revolving dollar door printing machine in money Wash. DC has resulted in the “make work and be idiots” jobs we now see TSA embracing with the lust of insanity.
      The way you prove you’re a patriot to the newly insane libtard government powers is basically “strip naked and let them insert the proctoscope” to prove you’re willing to do your part.
      In the most twisted of ways, the least dangerous and the most dangerous will gladly undergo this procedure, for very different reasons, and those carrying it out are patted upon the back and turned into another insane bot in the process.
      What we actually have is left wing INSANITY on the run, and in control, ruling EVERYTHING. All the government agencies, the bureaucracies, the congress, the newspapers – with barely a peep of opposition, that is quite quickly crushed, belittled, discounted, cover-up and forgotten.
      How would this insane new game work in say a classroom ?
      The teacher would turn around and see the apple is missing. Instead of looking for the bulging pocket on the class brat and clown or two, the teacher would start on a lecture about how all the children have been abused and taken advantage of for far too long – and make a school apology tour.
      Then the school would institute a district wide search before entry policy, as well as banning apples from lunchboxes and the school lunch program. Any child saying the word apple would be up for detention and under suspicion.
      Meanwhile, the students would have in their ranks claims that the Deans secretly stole the apple so all this could go on.
      Several other students would report they saw Jhonny so and so pull the apple from his pocket after the very class, but no one would believe them, and they’ed be sent to the school psychologist for examinations and be recommended some pharmaceuticals and counseling. Their personal lives would be made public after demands for examination, since the school and society would want to know “how those close to the situation are affected”.
      Lawyers and lawsuits would issue over the various angles and perceived to be injured parties. The teacher would get a teacher of the year award.
      Etc, etc.
      This is the monkey show we have nowadays… add or subtract whatever.
      Years ago before the immense lunacy the ding dang teacher spotted the bulging pocket, and took care of the matter, P E R I O D.

  • Robert

    It seems to me that a lot of taxpapers monies has been spent by Washington on so called security. And it seems to me after the last couple of weeks that we are far from being secure. Just how is our money being spent, who are the companies receiving money, how much is spent on government employees and their benefits, to to name a few. And who has the name of a good lawyer that I can use to sue someone in the Federal Government for selling me a bad product (Homeland Security). Oh, I forgot, all the lawyers are tied up protecting the rights of Illegals and terrorists. What a stupid ass I am. I’ll need to watch more of MSNBC to get the real scoop on what’s happening and why I should ashamed of myself for doubting Washington politicans. No good conservative, red-neck, gun-toting, tea partying, brown shirter, racist, bigot, astro-turfer, law abiding, God-fearing American citizen that I am. Did I get that right Nancy or should I just turn myself in to the Feds and confess all my wrongdoings like starting with when I was 5 and said prayers in school and the pledge of allegiance. I know these are now criminal acts. Or should I just bow to God Obama?

    • Samuel

      It’s amazing what the PTB will do to take more freedom away from the masses. Me thinks people are wising up to their little stunts. An armed America will suffice to counter-act big government power grabs.

    • Nance

      GO ROBERT!!!!

    • c lee

      Well this is a little off the topic of airport security but its right on the topic of our security and the tax dollors spent on it. The virtual fence built down on the mexican boarder was built by a division of Boieing for 230 million dollors, after it was completed the govt decided to do a feasibility study to see if it was cost effective. Then today I hear that boieing will not turn it over to the boarder patrol yet because it isnt working properly. I guess it cant find any virtual mexicans. Has anyone of you ever seen a virtual mexican? What do they even look like. Iam just sayen!

      • denniso

        c Lee, you’re showing your narrow minded bigotry…it isn’t only Mexicans who come across the border,people also come up from further south. And,as far as security goes,it isn’t Mexicans who we have to worry about being terrorists. And what about the Northern border?? Remember the guy they caught on the eve of 2000 driving across w/ explosives in his car? We overreact to the border w/ Mexico and want to pretend that there’s no concern w/ the Canadian border or the thousands of miles of coast. There is no such thing as absolute security.

        • Tinwarble


          Once again you read without being able to understand. c lee’s point had nothing to do with Mexican’s but that the border isn’t secure & that terrorist can come through with the Illegal Aliens. And unlike you assertion, the Canadian border isn’t porous (that means easy to cross) and their aren’t as many places to enter from there nor do we have millions of Canadian’s crossing the border illegally.
          But, hey, since you apparently don’t have any problem with illegals coming here, perhaps you can post your address here and we’ll make sure that all the people that need “a better place to live” gets it and they can just come live with you.

          • c lee

            Thanks Tinwarble for jumping in, its refreshing talking to a brother who understands. SEMPER FI.

        • c lee

          Now ya know Denniso I dont like to get ugly on here but you asked for it. Your just a —? with no memory retention or you just have part timmers. Ive said on here many times its not just the mexicans comming across the boarder we should worry about. That being said if you think the illigal immigration are not a major problem for our economy as well as our security then you reafirm my suspicion that your a —-? And then you call me a biggot because I want to protect our country, no stupid Iam a patriot what are you, wait dont answer that I already know the answer your an enabler. As far as the northern boarder the only reason its not open is because canada wont allow it otherwise it woud be dummy. I guess your solution is to stick your head in the sand and pretend it will all go away. Then you call me narrow minded, Ill put my patriotism my military service record my record as a public servent in law enforcement my record as a father and grandfather as well as a law abideing god fearing Americam up against yours just any day, I would sacrifice my life willingly for any of the affore mentioned and that includes your right to life liberty and the pesuit of happiness. So be very carefull who you call a narrow minded biggot —-. And to the rest of the inteligent patriotic Americans on here I appoligize to you for this rant but denunsio just pushed the wrong button.

          • cr747

            c lee, it’s evident that denniso does not have a button to push. He only has a one track mind.
            Thanks for serving our country!!!! I spent twenty two years my self. As a lawyer I see people like him every day. They just don’t know any better. They don’t even understand that they are giving up their rights if convicted, then they want to plead for mercy.
            I have no time for people like that,and they are in all walks of life as you can tell by some of the comments made!!!!!!!
            Thanks for serving, my prayers are with you!!!!!!!!!!

          • c lee

            To cr747 As I said to tinwarble above its refreshing to talk with a brother who understands thanks. SEMPER FI.

    • Mike

      Robert, well put!

      Chatter, …Peacefully March,…Revolution! One down, two to go!

    • rick_AZvet

      Robert, You rock!

  • Disgusted

    The answer is: racial profiling! Deal with it.

    • Dick Miller

      Until we focus our security through profiling we’re just going through the motions and wasting money. And the worst part, airport security continues to be an expensive and inconvenient farce. Law enforcement profiles every day, even if they don’t admit it, and law enforcement would be far less effective if the cops didn’t profile.

    • Harold Olsen

      I’m for racial profiling to stop terrorists but tho the Obama regime that will probably mean profiling ONLY white males and giving a pass to everyone else. I firmly believe that if an Arabic looking individual tried to board a plane with an RPG the Obama regime would give him a pass and decide he was no threat. But, beware of little old ladies. They are dangerous.

  • David

    Brown and Bush look like geniuses compared to obama/napolitano combo but liberals will never admit that they are wrong. To fire her would make him look weak, in his eyes.

    We are reactive instead of proactive. The world is going to expect the US to place those body scanners throughout the world….with only a slight tax increase to you and I.

    • Dave Miedema

      BHO doesn’t need that to look weak. He’s done a great job of showing us that already many, many times.

    • Harold Olsen

      He not only already looks weak, he is showing himself to be extremely stupid. How can you call someone intelligent who can’t speak or give his views on anything until someone writes them down for him and puts them on a teleprompter so he can read it? And, in a lame attempt to make himself look smart, he has surrounded himself with people who are even more stupid and incompetent than he is.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Political correctness is ludicrous! Let’s ignore those of Muslim descent and focus on others. Never mind that it’s only those of Muslim descent that have caused terrorist attacks! Racial profiling has to be put in place. Especially with all the red flags that should have been flying and obvious to those whose jobs are to detect any possible issues with this last boggled attempt!

    Janet Napolitano should step down. She is not competent. This administration has double standards, and no one in the main stream media has the balls to research and point this out to the American public. It is virtually ignored, except by those of us who pay attention and know. The main stream media continues to kiss the butts of this administration. Either they are afraid for their jobs, or they truly are blinded as to what is going on.

    • DaveH

      The LSM has good reason to suck up to Big Government. With a Free Market they would soon fall prey to real news corporations who reported the news in a unbiased fashion.
      Read this article to see how current Government is angling to prop up the Liberal Newspapers who are losing their audience fast:

    • cr747

      They will continue to have double standards as long as we have a Muslim for a president, and the ones meeting behind closed doors.

  • Delvin Abbey

    As with everything else with this present government we are so unfortunate to have been saddled with this program is pathetic. Of course our present ‘R’ESIDENT in the whitehouse has all sorts of affiliations with muslims. And we are not supposed to profile? This silly man does not have the wits to be a sanitation worker at a sewer plant. Everything about him is secret and hidden from the citizens of this nation he is purported to lead. His administration is a stupid bag of yes men and Sillier womaen like Janet N and Sillary Hillary and of course the sscreaming queen of idiocy Nance Pelosi. Our unlustrious leader and his cracker jax peace prize, his acornycopia of slimy czars are the laughing stock of the world And a shame to this once great nation!.

  • Paul

    Heres the plan:
    If you have a concealed permit, bring your gun onboard the plane. I would rather fly with fellow Americans armed than being unarmed and at the mercy of totaly incompetent government employess following policies that have proven totaly ineffective!

    • DaveH

      I agree Paul. At the least people who have undergone a reasonable training course should be permitted to carry onboard.
      We are dreaming though. People have been too thoroughly brainwashed to accept such a thing.

      • denniso

        Now that’s a great idea…get guns into the planes AND keep serving alcohol and wait for the shootouts to happen…just like Billy the Kid days only more you forget that we have armed air marshals in planes and we could,w/ more money, have one in every plane. But you’re right,that’s sort of boring and doesn’t make for good video on the news.
        Get in your car and drive to the store and face a far better chance of death than you do in a plane…NO ONE has been killed in a plane attack here for over 7 yrs!! This is just more fearmongering and panic.

        • DaveH

          Yeah, sure Denniso, and if we legalize drugs everybody is going to become a drug addict. Talk about fear-mongering.
          If we take your logic a little further we should disarm our policemen and soldiers too because they might have a shootout.

          • denniso

            NO COMMENT, yours is too ridiculous to take my time for a response.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Good thought however, even if you have a permit to carry a conceled weapon you cannot take it aboard a commercial aircraft where you would have access to it in the cabin. It has to be in a separate bos, ammo has to be in your luggage that is checked and the box has to be checked. Sorry. Its too bad our laws are not like Switzerland in this regard, as every citizen MUSH have a weapon or they are fined.

      • c lee

        I saw that too on TV Sally. We could all take a lesson from that.

      • denniso

        Move to Switzerland then…however even they can’t take a loaded gun on a plane,like you hotheads want to. Switzerland is a tiny homogenious country w/ almost no military and bears no comparison to us in these issues. It’s only silly to draw any parallels or lessons from them to us.

        • c lee

          No Ive been there its nice to visit but theres no place like home. You go ahead and go but I dont think they would like you, I dont think you would make the first day before they ask you to leave.

  • Richard, PA

    Loads of evidence on this guys and NOTHING DONE. Now we are going to be subjected to an electronic strip search because they screwed up. “if you only give up another of your freedoms we can protect you better” Heard all this crap before and the American people are lining up like a bunch of sheep. Next we’ll be told that random cavity searches will be required and what will the response be then. “Will it hurt, will I at least get flowers in the morning?”
    Our people had better wake up. Let’s try not flying, yes not flying for just a couple of weeks and see how they handle that. ELAL (I think that the spelling) has done a great job and yes they even profile (God forbid they are such animals) and they don’t have the issues we have and probably there would not have been a 911 either. . . another major screw up by those we hired and paid to do a job. This all sucks to such a remarkable level I could puke.

  • M

    I once sneaked a pair of tweezers and a hat pin onto an airplane once – the feeling of incredible power it gave me, knowing that I could whip them out at any time and take command of the flight in an instant, was incredible.
    Imagine how powerful Abdulmutallab must have felt, with not one, but a pair of flaming testicles!

    On a more serious note, the problem with terrorism is that it is cowardice, practiced by a tiny minority. You aren’t going to catch all of them, just because you have installed a new-fangled body scanner. Or because you pay security teams to knobble old grannies, on their way to see the grandchildren at Xmas. We have had this in the U.K. for years, with the IRA. It’s a background worry, but rather than become hysterical about security, which doesn’t really work that well, in practice, we just keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and alert someone, if necessary.

    People should be responsible for their own security and stop trying to rely on governments to do it for them. Sure, we need government help to go in there and deal with those responsible, but the public should be much more of the intelligence community than it is.

  • J C

    Of course Obama says he’s not concerned. He got what he (and Napolitano) wanted…more security. These people will not think of us as secure until we’re handcuffed and gagged (and maybe standing on the edge of a ditch). The whole thing is incredibly transparent.

    • DaveH

      Exactly JC. And even if they did succeed in making Airliners completely secure, the terrorists will just move to other areas (Big Buildings, Large Gatherings, Etc.) to do their evil.
      We need to butt out of other countries’ business, Arm our country to the teeth, and let the Muslims know that if they mess with us, they will suffer quick and radical punishment.

      • David

        Ever see the movie “Swordfish”. A secret gov agency designed to hurt terrorist groups. If they take out one of our buildings we take 12 of theirs. I’m not saying we hurt innocent people; but we have got to figure out how to take care of them without the PC groups deciding for us.

        • DaveH

          I agree David. As with any bully, they need to be put down hard when they mess with us.

      • JC

        And – Electical installations the water supply, airborne toxins, and on and on and on…Guess the only way we’ll be truly safe is in a full blown police state. And then all we’ll have to fear are the police.

        • DaveH

          The Government is a lot scarier to me then the terrorists. I’ve seen them in action too many times.

          • JC

            You’re right about arming ourselves to the teeth…while we still can.

  • Jim Robins


    I think a majority of Americans agree that Janet Napolitano is not only incompetent and should step down, but she has demonstrated that she is a loose cannon. Her comments and her method of administering the agency, demonstrate that ether she is relying on her own background of which we all know she is not qualified to hold the position of Director of Homeland Security. Or she has some advisers who are just as incompetent as she is.

    I believe that the position of Director of Homeland Security should not be an appointed position but a Civil Service Position, for whom the best qualified individual perhaps could be selected in a fair and nonpartisan manner.

    Of course we all know that each administration wants to select individuals for these top positions that they can control, or at least control to some degree.

    Jim Robins, US Army [retired - Military Intelligence]

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      Agreed! How about this. Instead of “Nation Building”, after throwing out their terrorist supporting regimes in the Middle East and/or the so called “Tribal Areas”, let us try (preemptive) “Nation Renaming”. Yes! Lets let them be known as “NukeStan” (pronounced: Nuke’-Es-Stan), only until or unless they change their evil ways, of course. Two or three examples should be enough. It has been noted that all great humor is based on the truth and/or reality. I do have a serious question though: Have you ever stopped to examine why you had the reaction to this thought you just did? The only reason I can come up with is the fear (based on reality) of real world, barbaric, pre-planned violence, committed against civilians where you and other innocents live. You are asking for civil, restrained “reactive defense” towards those who despise you for living and breathing on the very same planet as they. We, in the West, view reporters and artist’s, women and children, Doctors, Nurses and their patients, for example, as “hold harmless” bystanders and completely off limits in any combat. The radical terrorists, practicing the “Religion of Peace”, as it is referred to by the politically correct in charge of leading us in this war, do not so consider it to be so. To them, it is a holy call to arms. A call to subjugate or destroy all nonbelievers. It is a war which has been declared against all of humanity (not just the west) that either does not believe as they do or submit to their will. They only gain strength and power in their world, by our appearance of weakness, and revel in the throat-slitting, baby-killing, Mosque; Church; Synagogue; Temple; Alter desecration and marketplace bombings, as well as the suicide killings of any and everyone in or around such places committed by these vermin who hide behind women’s skirts (or burkkahs (sic)) and set up rocket launchers in or next to Mosques, schools and hospitals, et cetera.
      The only difference between Christianity and Islam (other than the fact that Jesus and Mohammed were about as polar opposite as “Prophets” as one could get) is the fact that Christianity has undergone it’s Reformation during the Age of Enlightenment and Islam has not. They never will until their so-called moderate coreligionists get over their extremely real fear of retribution and scourge the fanatics from their midst. Thus far, unfortunately, they seem “under motivated” to do so. It appears that without a very real consequence for their immoderate inaction, they will remain ineffectively on the sidelines, awaiting to see who will win so they may say loudly and enthusiastically, they were with them all along. I, for one, intend it to be us and not the barbarians who are on the winning side. As I’ve noted before: “If you want to know what life would be like under a Caliphate, ask an Armenian”.

  • http://Verizn Elaine Burn

    Ameeicans- let’s get rid of obama,reid,plesoi and the whole corrupt gang and take our country back.

  • Brent

    After reading the above comments I must wonder where your brains are located. You call our elected officials names that actually reflect
    your level of intelligene.
    Speaking of sheep, I see you people as sheep lining up behind the
    sissyfied draft dodgers that spew hate on the radio.
    Maybe you want Bush back so he can start another absurd war that kills
    or maims thousands of our young people. I doubt any of you have lost
    children in just “for the hell of it.”
    You have no solutions, just bizarre name calling and accusations.

    • DaveH

      You’re classic Brent. Your comment is full of name-calling, ridicule, and condescension. And then you say:
      “You have no solutions, just bizarre name calling and accusations”.

      You must be a Liberal. Typical.

      • http://aol Don

        DaveH, you always take first place in name calling. No one will take your first place trophy away for name calling.

        • DaveH

          You Liberals make up whatever suits your purposes, don’t you?

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I for one am so glad that Obama was not President when 9/11 happened or by now, we would all be speaking Farsi or Arabic. California was next on the Agenda. Yes we have answers to security. #1 Use the methods the Israel uses. They have putup with this for a very long time. #2 For a while until things get straightened out, do not grant any Moslem Country in the Middle East Visas to come into the US, #3 cancel all visas and have people returned that are here whether in school or just visiting. We are not allowed by their governments into their countries but they can even own property and businessess here!

      • c lee

        Please dont take this the wrong way Sally because its not meant that way, We cant even get these criminals in D.C. to seal our boarders and get the mexicans out and your asking why we dont deport the muslems. Iam with you 100% hell if the call went out for citizens to start the deportation process on anyone not belonging here I would be one of the first to volunteer. Iam sure Dave H and the rest of the guys on here would be ready as well, but we all know thats not going to happen unless the call is put out by someone other than the criminals currently running this country.

    • David

      Oh do we ever have the answers and the re-alignment is coming in a big way. So get done what you can while you can pelosi.

      • c lee

        I hope to God your right David.

    • c lee

      Whats your solution there big guy. Why dont you enlighten us with all your infinate wisdom there BUBA, we cant wait.

  • John Turner

    This country will never be secure as long as Obama,(a moslem)and stupid people as Napolitano refuse to change from being “Politically Correct”. The need is to call a terrorist, a jahidist, an extremist, exactly what they are, espically in the news media. Americans have to wake up and not accept BS from the government or the news people. Even if you are a government employee

  • Boo T

    It seems to me that Obama is great at handing out blame, but never can accept it, which demonstrates weakness to me. It also seems to me that he is Muslim sympathetic, no matter how radical the muslim.There are good and bad in all walks of life, we all know that. It’s like he’s got some secret agenda for the mussies and he’s terribly loyal to it. I don’t get it.

    • Harold Olsen

      The left NEVER takes responsibility for what they do. It’s
      ALWAYS someone else’s fault. However, they are ALWAYS quick to take credit for things that had no part in. For example, Clinton took credit for the end of the Soviet Union and the tearing down of the Berlin wall. Shortly after he took office, a spokesman for him said, “Under this president the Soviet Union is no more and there is no longer a Berlin wall.”

  • WW

    Brent, You are RIGHT ON!!!

  • mdp

    Wake up you idiots and get rid of this monstorous government!!! Everything they do is a mess and then they want more control. I do not fly anymore because I am afraid I am going to knock the crap out of one of these gov. idiots, not because of any terrorist. Take control of your life back and make all of these gov. a-holes get a real job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NamFrank

    Political correctness is the only reason why the TSA isn’t subjecting the muslims to more scutiny. Political correctness is just another phrase for voluntary societal suicide. If the police are looking for a rapist, they don’t stop and interrogate 75yo lil’ old ladies! They target the most likely suspects!
    Janet(from-another-planet) “Incompetano” is an embarrassment as anything more that city dog-catcher! “The system worked”??? Men & women willing to write a blank check to their country (including even their lives) are national security risks??? Merely voicing your First Amendment rights, of dissent, makes you a terrorist suspect??? Where does the current resident of OUR White House find these morons???
    Islam: the religion of terrorism! In order to protect us from a threat, this government must truthfully admit WHAT that threat is! It’s not our soldiers, it’s not healthy dissenters, it’s MUSLIMS bent on exterminating all who refuse to join their cult of death! O’Bambi and Co, WAKE UP and get a clue!!!

  • OneVoice

    Anybody think we are at war with our own government yet? How much longer are we gonna allow ourselves to be herded like cattle? All the comments and blogging in the world isn’t going to change sh’t. Or, has what it is really gonna take been bred out of us??? The potential of “2010″ is merely a bandaid covering a gaping wound. We buy minutes before we are right back where we started if we the people don’t get our sh’t together and stand for something. I love the tea parties, but Washington ain’t listening. We have the numbers…and the Constitution. I’d say it’s time to start cleanin’ house. I don’t know about you all but I have had enough!

    • David

      Wait until the health care tax kicks in…..that should be the final straw.

      • c lee

        In the news today I read where a married couple will pay 2000 dollors per year more for healthcare than an unmarried couple if they use a non work related policy.

  • Matty

    Another coverup by the mainstream media for this inept administration. How something like this can happen and nobody is fired is an example of this administrations failure to protect the American citizens.

  • Raggs

    I really think all of this could have been planned.
    It is the perfect avenue to create fear in people to control them.

    • DaveH

      It’s certainly possible Raggs. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

      The only way we can preclude such possibilities is to shrink Government dramatically, back to it’s Constitutional powers, so they don’t have so much to gain.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      “Greed, Fear, Crisis, Pandemic” sounds like “The Four Horsemen of the Obamalypse”.

      • JC

        That’s quite an observation. And it seems about right too.

  • Tim

    Politically correct insanity has brought us to this point. We need, must stop with this idiocy of being a victim, though of course you (seems many) just love being victimized, which justifies your insane need for making everyone else bow to your sensitivities.

    In other words just because your Daddy beat you, does not mean that all Daddies’ beat the children, not all molest the daughters, not all preists are perverts…if you do not understand the implications and meaning then you are obviously part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    Not to forget the gay agenda either, as it also is the same nonsense which makes everyone who does not agree with men screwing other men idiots, when actually it is the oppisite of the truth, and liberal idiots just love to bend lies into truths…though to no avail, period.

    Wake up from your stupors and or stupidity before some idiot actually does do what you are so afraid of…and obviously the Obama administration is too idiotic and moronic to do anything other than give the people lip service…

    Suggest to the National Security services that they get rid of anyone with sensitivity issues/identity issues…that includes the Military services….otherwise we are in for some terribly hard decisions…after the fact in lieu of before…

  • Michelle

    Dear Bob,

    In 2002 I flew with my then 3 year-old daughter from Frankfurt, Germany through Amsterdam to Houston. After a couple of days in Houston I flew on to Louisville via Memphis. On the flight to Memphis, I realized I had a vegetable knife in my carry-on bag. I reported the knife myself to airport security in Memphis where the security guard about fainted when I showed him this knife. I had to meet then with someone from the FAA who could not fathom, that I went undetected through airport security at three international airports plus had my bag hand-searched in Houston and still it the knife was undetected. Since this incident, I have lost faith in the safety measures at airports.

    Kind regards,

    • Graeme B

      Michelle, you have hit the nail on the head. First this person was cleared, not in Amsterdam, but in LAGOS. When you arrive on one international flight and are in transit, you are not sent out of the secure area but remain in the “secure” lobby.
      So what are all you smart people going to do???
      Are you going to set up clearance centers in every international airport in the hopes that someone going stateside is going through security. Suppose you are in Karachi and are cleared for a flight to NY via Heathrow. The person arrives in Heathrow in a secure area. They could be cleared to go South America, Canada, US, wherever. The ultimate clearance is required in Karachi.
      There is no way you can control this unless you re-screen all passengers boarding for US, even in the cleared area.
      What happens when groundcrew come into the controlled area, we have all seen them there, coveralls and safety jackets on, HOW do you know they have been cleared and are not meeting someone cleared as completey clean in Lagos but are passed a bomb package. Wake up folks, there is very little can be done that isn’t being done already. It is just a matter of time before another strike. Only El-Al has it right. That’s the only way

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        You are correct. Only El-Al has the answers. My son for many years worked for the airlines as safety officer and this is EXACTLY what he says, both profileing and the methods of El-Al but of course we couldn’t do that because when the suspect was taken to the office for further information you know what happens there.

  • Homer

    Look, I want this to be perfectly clear: MUSLIMS ARE THE “ENEMY” and if you think not you are surely NOT looking at their history! First from it’s inception in 630 a.d. when Muhammed was alive to start this mess, thay religion has been a bloody one, and it has a major history of nothing but bloodshed!@ Don’t believe me, just read the “Koran” or the Hadith( What Muhammed said) and read up on as many books about it as you can find! Don’t be ignorant (respectfully said)about this stuff! I have read it and these are the facts. ALL antions that are majority Muslims are 3rd world nations and have a population which is down trodden. The women are in subjection to the man, where 4 wives are allowed and where the man can say I don’t want to be w/you anymore and he can say get out and you are divorced! NO COURTS,period! NO trials and NO alikony and nothing. Where one can have his hand cut off for stealing and if one commits adultery, well that is death, if you won’t become a Muslim you will pay a tax, or you will be killed! If you write a carton against Muslims they will kill you or if you (as Salmon Rusdie did) go against the Mulsims in a book etc they will put a contract out to kill you!!! Muslims are NOT a Godly people but a Godless people! The fact is that every Muslim whether he will kill or not is an enemy! If he is NOT for you them he is against you!!! Remember that! and check this out! If you info on this subject, I have info for you to read and see, this is “FACT” Thanks for your time!!

    • Katja

      Raggs, I am in your line of thinking. Can somebody explain to me why this guy was flying at least 8 hours across the ocean without doing something, and all of a sudden while descending to Detroit airport he started his thing? Over the ocean, all would have been lost, but going down onto the tarmac would have given lots of people a chance, especially since there are always ambulances and fire engines. I can’t make any sense of this scenario !

      • DaveH

        Over the Ocean, there would be little chance of collateral damage. I’m talking about buildings and people on the ground. And most likely nobody in the plane would have survived over land or sea if the bomb had detonated.

  • Nina

    I am a flight attendant for a major airline and I haven’t seen air marshalls in years, until once just before 9/11 of this year and it was into NY. OK, we have the body scanners, but many of you have probably heard of the middle eastern guy who tried to kill a Saudi (I believe) prince by inserting his explosives where the sun doesn’t shine, and it was cell-phone detonated by someone else. He killed only himself, but it indicates what they are working on. Once this is perfected, then what kind of screening do we have–except profiling?

    • DaveH

      Personally Nina, I think we should train civilians who fly often and permit them to carry weapons on board. Of course neither they nor the Marshalls could stop a detonated bomb, but they could help stop other kinds of attacks.

  • Bill Moss

    Shortly after Abdulmutllab was allowed aboard the flight to Detroit Joan Rivers had trouble getting out of Costa Rica. It has been reported that the first name on her ticket was Joseph, not Joan. The name on the ticket and the name on a person’s identification have to match. So, where did the system fail?

    The person who booked the flight, Ms. Rivers for not checking the ticket, and the airline ticket agent, and TSA agent in the United States, all should have noticed that the name on the ticket did not match the passport. A lack of personal responsibility and potential security problem if this is how the agents confirm documents.

    I have been to Costa Rica. Costa Ricans take responsibility for their actions. The Costa Rican system worked. The U.S. system did not work. We should thank the Costa Ricans for having a good security system and learn from them about personal responsibility.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Stopping potential terrorists is simple – just stop all this politically correct BS!! Just call them what they are – terrorists!! Target terrorists, not tea-partiers or mainstream American citizens like us!! Fire Napolitano and other incompetent idiots in the administration. QUIT blaming Bush and Cheney, who’ve been out of office nearly a year. (Remember that Bush/Cheney DID keep us safe after 9/11/01, and BHO is proving to be an American traitor and weak leader when it comes to national defense and security.) And stop mirandizing terrorists!! The terrorists gave up there rights when they committed their violent acts against America!! JUST SAY NO TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!! Need I say more??

  • Marilyn

    Why are Muslim groups/camps, situated throughout the United States, permitted to be in our country by our United States Government? Last count was at least 39 of these groups and camps. These Muslims say they are peaceful but why are they in camps and training to be not peaceful? Is there any one out there who can answer this question? If we turn our heads, will it just go away? I think not. Our country is infiltrated with the Muslim terrorits and no one will do diddly about it. Let us go one step further. If gun control is enacted by our government, guess who will have the guns? Yep. You got it. The Muslims terrorists and all the other thugs out there to relieve you of your life and personal possessions.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I can remember a time when all American Japaneese were rounded up and put int camps, also German Americans and we still let the Muslims go on. Our forefathers came to this country for basically freedom of religion Christianity non Muslim. The muslims are being depressed in their countries, why are they coming here? I know the answer but the liberals sure don’t.

      • David

        At least we know where they are :) so are they first or the progressives??

    • c lee

      My dad has 6 videos that he brought home from church, on the videos are maps and locations of the camps. The videos were made by a christian group that was trying to get law enforcement in these various citys to go into these camps and investigate. On camera numerous times they are confronted by law enforcement officers usually the Sherrif of the county telling the christiens to leave before they are charged with tresspassing. When asked why they wont do something the ones that were civel enough to answer the question said there hands were tied by Washington. Now you tell me what in the Hell is going on here. This is way beyound strange. I can tell you this when they are ready they will come out of those camps to kill every last one of us who are not muslem. But I can tell ya Ill get my share.I would not go into the camps illegaly but when they come out shooting it becomes self defense.

      • c lee

        And also while Iam on this subject arent these officers of the law sworn to a duty to investigate whats going on in those camps. Seems to me if they knowinly allow terroist activities to flourish in there jurisdiction they have commited treason. As a former Law Enforcement Officer thats unsettling to me.

        • JC

          Yeah, Treason…a lot of that going around these days.

        • Alan Clark

          It does draw some thought doesn’t it c Lee? And by the way, let me be the first here to thank you for your service to a community, state or whatever it was as a law officer.

          My thoughts run parallel to yours regarding the self defence issue, however, if these muslim camps are indeed training to take us out, I believe that is an act of war whereby we have the option of first strike. You must agree that the element of surprise would be our best tactical move in such a case.

          • c lee

            I appreciate your thought Alan and to answer your question it was City PD then on to U.S. Marshall

        • cr747

          c lee, if they are sworn in as officers they are obligated to fulfill their duties as sworn in officials. If they have something of this magnitude going on in their district they would be going against all rules of their sworn duty.
          They should and would be forced to notify the FBI on a situation of this going on in their jurisdiction. If they did not, they would be reprimanded, and face prosecution to some degree. More than likely their superiors would loose all their rank or promotions, and would be demoted or relieved of their duty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marty

    I can tell you how to totally stop the “stupidity” of the people involved in allowing these terrorists
    to conduct their terrible “business”….Hold EVERY person accountable who ignore the warning signs
    regarding these terrorists, from the ticket agent’s manager in Amsterdam, to the baggage inspector,
    to the American Embassy personnel to whom this man’s father reported, to the FBI Agent etc….any-
    one and everyone who did not follow every rule and protocol allowed for spotting and apprehending
    these suicide crazies. The people in charge of our safety from the bottom of the chain, to the top
    should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for criminal negligence! THAT should gain the
    public an extra modicum of diligence in having our safety made top priority. That, and, of course, the
    obvious…If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck etc….DOUBLESCREEN EVERY MUSLIM TRAVELER and
    leave Joan Rivers alone…unless, of course, she changes her name to Mohammed!

  • Kullie Kennedy

    Mr. Livingston,

    It seems to me as if you have never traveled outside the United States or whichever country you live in. I am not certain about the source of your information regarding Abdulmutallab travelling without a passport, but i can say from experience that not passenger walks up to the boarding gate claiming not to have a passport is admitted onboard a flight destined for another country, particularly the United states. All persons travelling from one country to another must have travelling documents such as a passport or a laissez passe. How else could that person be identified as who they claim to be?

    Next. the issue of paying for a ticket in Nigeria with cash is actually a very normal transaction in most parts of africa as personal checks are not very common for these purposes just as they aren’t in the U.S. additionally, credit and debit cards are only just emerging in the african market and are therefore not widely used. they payment of cash is therefore no basis to detect a tendency to be a terriorist.

    thirdly, all persons travelling to the usa on visitor’s visas are required to have round trip tickets and this is verified at both the transiting and destination airports. In Mutallab’s case, the verification was done in europe as was reported in the media. you didn’t listen. just to get the facts straight.

  • A. Brown

    There are millions of dogs put to sleep each year by animal controls. Dogs are the best most reliable bomb detectors there are. All they need is some training, a bowl of food once a day, and a pat on the head when they save our lives. Why does the government and media always look for the most expensive machines they can find to solve this problem instead of the obvious one of turning for help to man’s best friend, the dog. Help get a movement started to save dogs from the pound and train them to save our lives and catch terrorists. Their sense of smell is reliable and cheap.

    • c lee

      Now thats a great Idea, I like it. Maybe we could suggest that in an e-mail to our congressmen.

    • ColinCody

      Me and my little Bolonese are rentable for such duty any time. We would probably get blown up eventually, but we can’t live forever, and we might save many thousands of lives before losing our own.

  • http://AmericaTakenDown&ChinaOnTheRise RoseC

    1. What law provides the U.S. federal government the right to punish Americans who must go to the bathroom which is a health risk, especially for women and pregnant women and others with health issues?
    And, even if they don’t have health issues, any doctor will tell you that if people don’t follow nature’s instructions that ignoring them cause adverse health issues, so who in government will be held responsible should there be health issues or embarrassing moments? Americans again are being punished for terrorist acts. And what happens when landing is delayed? This is like passing the blame onto the American people instead of taking the blame for negligence!
    2. Which constitutional law is the U.S. government applying that allows the government to punish Americans for their failure to do their jobs which they are paid to do with hard earned tax dollars in the billions for security persons and for high tech communication technology? Why are we paying for high-tech communication services when the government can’t even take the time to use common sense and investigate why a non-American passenger who was reported to be radicalized by his dad to intelligence; carried no passport; carried no luggage and paid cash for his ticket was overlooked? How does that happen if we are led to believe they have been trained properly? Yet, grandma and grandpa are thoroughly searched who are legal citizens! What good does it do to punish innocent Americans because security isn’t doing their job on the ground and allowing 911 and the Xmas Day suicide bombers board U.S. planes and attend our schools and join our military?
    3. Why isn’t security providing a Air Marshal security check at the door of the plane before admitting anyone aboard like a quick scan just in case some thing was missed and a repeat ID check?
    4. It appears that the Obama administration is soft on the terrorists who walk through the doors undetected, but are applying a tough on crime against innocent Americans who suffer the consequences of being body scanned and exposed to radiation even though the Americans are carrying legal identification and following the rules and laws. Americans are being punished because of the terrorists but the terrorists are given rights in America if caught.
    5. Could the terrorists aka suicide bombers aka war criminals or whatever they’re called today be using these incidents to distract Americans from the truth that Americans are the ones being imprisoned in their own country by their own government while the terrorists are given rights and working in the military and walking on military basis and airplanes and attending our schools while plotting to kill us? Could it be they are using these incidents to distract Americans from serious issues such as, what we should do: America needs to close their borders; suspend immigration during war time and during a deep recession when Americans can’t find work; and strengthen our economy and our military?
    6. Why are Americans picking up the tab for war criminals in U.S. courts when Americans don’t have jobs and can’t afford attorneys and are being treated like the criminals instead of the victims?

  • Warrior

    It just seems to me that there is an opportunity to perform pre-screening of individuals by requiring advanced reservations. For those that do not or cannot choose this method would be subjected to more extensive searches. Profiling? No way around it. Why should 99% of the traveling public be put through this nonsense at airports. Before long we will hear the airlines require bailouts.

    • JC

      Warrior, you make a good point. Since the government seems to be in the business of buying into businesses that it has forced to their knees, why wouldn’t they want to bail out the airlines after people become to sick of the bullsh*t to fly anymore? That could go one of two ways. 1-they are trying to get us used to restrictions on our mobility. If so, why bail out an airline?
      2- They want to go into the airline business so they can determine who is priveleged enough to fly. Back to the restrictions on our mobility…hmmm

  • C.Cannon

    Indeed we have no real system, all we have is a bunch of procedures to be followed by a bunch of automatons. The Israelis have a true system and by golly it works! We need to dump all the useless Political Correctness and follow the Israeli model. It might hurt the feelings of a few people but it will keep the system safe. In Israel they do profiling and the profilers are highly trained and can do a better job than any machine. I have flown on El Al and feel very secure when using that airline, simply stated they have a system and it works! If some people don’t like profiling, then I suggest they either stay home or use a different means of travel!

  • Robert

    Here’s three things to think about:

    1. Cows
    2. The Constitution
    3. The Ten Commandments

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing
    That during the mad cow epidemic our government could track
    a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right
    To the stall where she slept in the state of Washington ?
    And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are
    Unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around
    Our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow..

    They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for
    Iraq …. Why don’t we just give them ours? It was
    Written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for
    Over 200 years, and we’re not using it anymore.

    The real reason that we can’t have the Ten
    Commandments posted in a courthouse or Congress is this –
    You cannot post ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ ‘Thou
    Shalt Not Commit Adultery’ and ‘Thou Shall Not
    Lie’ in a building full of lawyers, judges and
    Politicians …. It creates a hostile work environment

    • Scott Brown

      Excellent, Robert.

      The real beauty of good humor is the truth in it.

      Whenever I read one of these Livingston pieces I always read the comments, which are often more informative than the original article. What nearly always depresses me (in addition to the semi-literacy) are the comments by Demoblicans and Republicrats who, by their very bias, indicate they are duped victims already.

      Obama’s administration is a full-blown admission that nothing is going to change. Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rice-Rumsfeld gave us 9/11 and two kick-the-cat wars. Clinton gave us MSM controlled by a mere half-dozen international corporations, an MSM which has done its best to cover up everything from stolen national elections to 9/11 evidence, to the health care fraud, to the complete giveaway our sovereign land and economy.

      And so on back to Truman and beyond. For all his faults, the last president who actually tried to turn back the tide took a fateful detour through Dealey Plaza.

      It is all too easy to pick a party, pick a hobby horse issue, and run with it as the REAL source of our problems. That is exactly what THEY want you do, and THEY provide a smorgasbord of issues, each with just two polarized sides.

      Figure out who THEY are, and you begin to get it. Am I a conspiracy theorist? Why, thank you for noticing.

      • Robert

        Scott. The only conspiracy theorists are the politicans in Washington and the State and Local governments in this country. The rest of us are all normal except for the illegals, Arabs, Muslims and terrorist that the conspiracy theorists brought into this country to silence us.

      • ColinCody

        Scott…I notice all kinds of causes put forth as the root cause of our national problems; however, you will find the root cause of all root causes revealed in the book, “The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney.” You never read of the apostasy of the bogus “church” as being at the heart of our nation’s problems, but it is as surely as God created our universe (“The Hidden Face of God” will prove it from cutting-edge scientific evidence).

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      “Amen” brother. Well said and presented. May I quote you in the future?

    • c lee

      Well my friend I dont know ya but I can tell already I like ya. That is so true its sad. I mean its funny but in reallity we should all be crying when we read it.

  • Robert

    Little Johnny is not an Obama fan

    A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Obama fans.

    Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny.

    The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different… again.

    Little Johnny said, “Because I’m not an Obama fan.”

    The teacher asked, “Why aren’t you a fan of Obama?” Johnny said, “Because I’m a Republican.”

    The teacher asked him why he’s a Republican. Little Johnny answered, “Well, my Mom’s a Republican and my Dad’s a Republican, so I’m a Republican.”

    Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, “If your mom were a moron and your dad were an idiot, what would that make you?”

    With a big smile, Little Johnny replied, “That would make me an Obama fan.”

  • DON O.

    The biggest threat to America is congress and the federal govt.

  • http://Commonsense Penwel


    • Robert

      Why are you slamming Harry Reid? Isn’t he being punished enough?

  • Walt G

    I heard that the Israeli Airline “El Al” and the Italian air line, “Al Italia” are about to merge. It will be named, “Vel, Al Talia.”

    • ColinCody

      LOL…I can hear Uncle Milty telling it now in a strong accent. As a professional clown, I learned that jokes are always funnier when told in a funny accent. People will laugh at the accent even when the joke is not very funny.

  • TOM

    geez what’s the problem nobody got hurt because the would be bomber is incompetent, and likes to be warm.. the problem being avoided, which should be corrected immediately, is the incompetent empty suit as pres. look at the destructive damage this incompetent has been successful at completing over & over.. want some more?? just leave him in the pres. house, and believe me you will be rewarded over & over with incompetence you just can’t imagine.. way to go jerks!!

  • Dick Staff

    Ah, way to go, Tom!! Do you suppose the country will wake up in time to see this Govt. for what it REALLY is?? Will they see that we have a Prez. that cares absolutely NOTHING for the country that he presides over? What’s it take to bring people to awareness?? When you have a President that destroys the economy, goes around the world denouncing our principles, calling his own country “arrogant,” praises Islam and never says a single word about this country with any pride or semblance of patriotism and dedication . . . I mean what more than that should it take??!! If everytone continues to sit around with their heads stuck in the sand, our downfall will be swift and sure!! Hellooooo, out there . . . PLEASE wake up, call your Senator, call your Congressmen and demand a return to Democracy, liberty and to RESTORE OUR SOVEREIGNTY!!

    • Bert N

      Well said Dick.

      Obama is an embarrassment to every citizen of this great nation. He is pandering to the world and we are becoming the laughing stock of the world. How many past president’s have bowed to the Japanese emperor? How many past president’s have bowed to the Saudi king?

      What happened after the Ft. Hood attack? He was quick to jump out there and say don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t think of this as a terrorist attack, it is only an isolated incident…..that is pure BS and he knows it.

      Should he be our commander in chief? I think not, he lost the respect of the military only 8 months into his presidency, Bill Clinton lasted 4 years before he lost the respect. For those that do not know, i quick way to determine if he is respected is to watch the Marine at the foot of the steps of Marine One (his helicopter) as he steps off, he gets a sharp salute, but they do not turn as to follow (saying I have your back). Should he even be there, where is his birth certificate? Still we haven’t seen it.

      It is time to get on the band wagon and racially profile if we want to stop this crap of wanting to eliminate the western way of life.

    • ColinCody

      Very good, however, better yet, demand B.O.’s proof that he is an American citizen be checked thoroughly. Recently, through a request for information from the government, it has been learned that Obama outed himself as an alien many years ago. Since he has never applied for citizenship, he is actually an illegal alien. Imagine that, a criminal con man is now our president. I have been saying that very thing and more for a long time, and now absolute proof in his own writing has become available.

      Years ago, B.O. decided to attend Occidental College but needed financial aid from the government to do so. The money was available to foreign students. According to what he claimed in writing then to get the government’s help, he is actually a citizen of Indonesia. The papers he signed are on file and available to anyone requesting said information through appropriate channels using the Freedom of Information Act.

      If he is a citizen of Indonesia, then he committed fraud with regard to his qualifications to be president. If he is not an alien, then he committed fraud to obtain money from the government. Either way, he is clearly a criminal and should be impeached, thrown out of office and imprisoned to the max.

  • Keith H

    Making people scared and creating laws never solves any problems, most americans believe it because we have been socially engineered to.
    Despite the drug laws there’s still a drug problem. The same way the FDA will scare us into taking untested dangerous drugs,is the same way they’ll scare us into giving up away our liberties for security.
    If you look at it closely terrorism gives the Elites more control over us.

    • JC


    • denniso

      Who are the ‘elites’?? I’ve been called one on this site and I happen to believe that the threat of terrorism is vastly overblown and was used by Bush/Cheny for political gain..are they the elites you’re talking about? Because,of course they are elites. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t terrorists,there are,and other societies have been dealing w/ them for decades…we’re panicked because we’ve been spared until recently,except for our own homegrown terrorists like McVeigh and others.

  • Keith H

    “Excuse my error”

  • Frank

    I say to those who allowed this to happen, from the Airport security to the FBI, to the Embassy; Fire them all force them into the Unemployment Line!!! Ban them from ever working in the capacity they were or in federal service again. There are many good people out there who are willing to do these jobs right.
    same goes for Obama and any Politician not persuing discipline.

    • Robert

      One other thing. Not only fire them, but strip them of all benefits paid by the government. No Pension, Medical, and all the other perks they get when they leave government jobs. Now that would be a strong message to those lazy bums who hold government jobs.

      • ColinCody

        Yeah, hit ‘em in the wallet where it really hurts. Furthermore, take back half or more of everything they ever made “working” for the government. Everything will radically improve overnight when the “gravy train” comes to a screeching halt.

  • Valverde

    Imaginary response to reporter’s question at Presidential news conference:
    BO: Well, he looked like a Muslim, so they let him on. I can do no more than applaud their judgment. I would have done the same.

  • Larry Hill

    I read yesterday that a bill had been intrduced by a state congressman of vermont to fine anyone $5oo.00 who does not own a gun. Vermont has the 2nd lowest crime rate in the US and third lowest for murder. I think we should have the same. I think I read that washington DC crime had gone down since the court case. Has anyone heard of the Vermont bill??

    • DaveH

      No, but that would be as wrong-headed as outlawing guns. Freedom means choosing, not having the Government choose for you.

      • Larry Hill

        I looked this up and it is a hoax. His point was that it cost money to hire policemen to protect peoples freedoms. If they were not going to participate in the self preservation and the protection of the state what ever was needed then they could contribute money for this purpose. I was actually dissapointed that there wasn’t someone out there like that. It would be a start.

      • ColinCody

        A good many years ago, a town in Georgia (I forgot the name but perhaps some of you remember) decided to make it a crime not to own a gun and know how to use it. This applied only to those able in mind and body to be trusted with a firearm. Since then, the crime rate has been tracked in that town and it has gone down to a significantly lower number than that of the surrounding towns.

        At about the same time, a town in the north decided to outlaw gun ownership within their city limits. As you might expect, crime greatly increased when the criminals knew that it was safe to burgle as they pleased.

        There are times when the principle of the greater good requires that we sacrifice some of our individual freedoms in the interest of tremendously benefiting the great majority. I believe that requiring gun ownership of all capable citizens is one of those times in view of our increasingly lawless society.

        A police neighbor pointed out to me years ago that they can only go after criminals after they have robbed or killed you. It is up to you to prevent them from doing that to you in the first place. Without a firearm, you are at a colossal disadvantage if they are armed–which they are always very likely to be. If a thief comes into my home, I will shoot to kill without the slightest hesitation, and make absolutely sure he is really dead before calling the police.

        • denniso

          I guess your ‘able in body and mind’ for having to own a gun in that two bit town rules out most of the blowhards on this site…

  • Rod

    Haven’t heard of that bill in Vermont but, I do like the sound of it.

    Now lets see, what else can we do? ? Oh yes, I know, Lets go with Floyd Brown and impeach Obama! Hum, what else? Lets through in Reid
    and Palosi in the elections comming up!

    • Rod

      Oh well, heck, I meant throw.

  • Rod

    Now Bert N, You have to be very nice to Obama. Lets not mess up his
    most important golf game while he is on his most important vacation.
    Not to mention, while he is doing his very best to destroy this nation.A nation he is not even a citizen of. Why would anyone want to wish him ILL? Gosh, I just can’t imagine- – - why anyone would want
    to impeach him.

  • Alan Clark

    My Friends and fellow PATRIOTS, this is worth listening to. The fellow seems to be a non player yet very sincere in his talk.

    • Larry Hill

      Alan, I watched the video. I can see that this is going on in America! Why do we idly sit here and allow this to happen? I think there is way more awareness now than 1 year ago. The TEA parties, Coalition for prosperous america, GOOOH,(get out of our house) and others that have a pretty strong following. Out of 3 million people there is a small percentage that arte keeping up with this but growing!!

      • Larry Hill

        Alan, I meant 300 million people.

        • Alan Clark

          All I can say here Larry is I hope every person reading these blogs watches that video and then copy and paste it to every friend, family member, love one, enemy, and whomever else they can think of because it needs to get out there in BIG NUMBERS and get swallowed by every person we can reach. PREPARE FOR WAR…

          • Alan Clark

            OH and one more thing…..This next election in November, you’re right, the AMERICAN PEOPLE are going to go to the poles with one HELLUVAN Attitude. You’re right…people are getting pissed and as I have said before and I’ll say it again, next to the gun, our vote is our most powerful weapon against these incompitent bastards. This year let’s CLEAN HOUSE.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Big Brother, AGAIN, gets an “F”, that is for ******* Failure!
    Can his ass, and we as flyers will take care of our own security, just like we’ve been doing all along. Government doesn’t make it safe for us, they make it impossible for anyone with half a brain to protect themselves? I’m so sick of this crap if i ever get on another plain it will be a miracle, and of course, that’s what they want!

    • Alan Clark

      Amen sister Annie;

      My dad always said that if you want the job done right…do it yourself. Which is to say that this administration and others before it have failed to do the job right. I guess we just keep hiring the wrong employees. And it seems odd that we have people in our own ranks that still don’t seem to get it. It must be true that we can’t fix ‘stupid’

    • denniso

      Annie…you say ‘they want you to stop flying’,I assume you mean the terrorists,right? I’m sure you don’t mean the gov’t or Obama,because they’re spending billions of $$ trying to keep you flying for the sake of the airlines and the overall economy. True??

  • Robert

    We will need another Dutchman in Home Land Security to check the Clown Napolitano and another Dutchman in the White House to check the Radical Boss “The One”

  • Noni

    I agree with using “Pound dogs” trained as law enforcers for drugs, bombs, and other such uses.
    I think the way to save money and have more secure travel is to ground all the Air Force One’s, Palozes fleet of planes, and have the prez, and all other Washington staffer’s, Senators, Reps, czars, etc. fly with us regular folk on regular, scheduled aircraft. I bet that would make a change in security! What do you say?

  • Paul

    The Diferance between a rich man and a poor man ,Under this Form of Federalist Communisim is the eliment of time it takes for your Federaly Taxed Liebilities to Eat up your Assets after a loss of income.
    The only private property in this Federalistic Communist Nation is, as long as you pay the ALL THE Federal,State city County Taxes on your House Car,Truck Airplane,Boat,or land,and the Government does not want it you can keep and use it,
    But if this Government NOW wants it, Even if you pay ALL Taxes on it they can and will take it Not ust for public Use but alo For Their PRIVATE GOOD

  • Harold Olsen

    The system DID work as far as the Obama regime was concerned. They’re not interested in stopping terrorist attacks against us. They are on the side of the terrorists. Why do you think it took Obama three days to respond to the attempt? It was an unimportant even. Besides, he had to get one of his cronies to write something for him to read on his teleprompter so he could pretend to be concerned. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very convincing since he lacked sincerity. When you lack sincerity, it is difficult, if not impossible, to sound convincing. The left elected an Islamic extremist to the White House in 2008. They should really be pleased with themselves. They did the terrorists proud.

    • denniso

      you should do some actual reading and thinking, since you’re a traitorous fool and have no idea of what you’re talking about…

  • Muriel P. Goyette

    Who has been responsible for all terrorist acts in the USA? Who had a shootout with the FBI in Detroit, in October, 2009? ANd this very
    same sect of “devoted” people are in Homeland Security Department. That is sheer insanity. The list of “potential” terrorists sent to the police departments throughout USA did not even mention the M word. That the president continues to import the very people who have committed terrorist acts in the USA and broadly known to attempt
    government takeover of every country in which they reside, never mind
    allowing them in Homeland Security is something beyond my understanding of the responsiblities of the president to the U.S.A.

  • Mo Rahl

    In his prepared statement to the House Committee on Homeland Security on January 27, State Department Under-Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy testified that US intelligence agencies made a deliberate decision to allow Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board flight 253 without any special airport screening.

    Furthermore, this revelation has been buried in the media. As of this writing, nearly a week after a hearing, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times have published no articles on the subject. Nor have the broadcast or cable media reported on it.

  • Guillermo Hendrixson

    I quit smoking over the weekend and it is really starting to hit me today. My husband tells me I won’t get it done but I’m so sure about this I will be successful. This morning I began getting pains inside my stomach and I absolutely want to have a cig. I can’t give in as I’m quitting smoking for my little one. I’m grateful to have the smokeless cigarettes. It’s been beneficial in my opinion.

  • pole dance

    RT this if u was already hip to Erykah Badu's beauty BEFORE window seat


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