The Surreptitious Assault On Guns


When you see stories about school students being suspended for drawing gun pictures, eating their pastries into gun shapes, forming their fingers into guns, carrying toy gun key chains, shooting airsoft guns in their own yards, showing off bubble guns or having a piece of paper with a corner torn off that an “educator” believes looks like a gun, the knee-jerk reaction is to think school administrators are just being ridiculous.

But the truth is much more insidious. It is part of the ongoing assault on gun ownership.

What better way to advance an anti-gun agenda than by inculcating into impressionable brains that guns in any form — even in pictures or shapes — are evil?

The suspensions don’t just affect the students being punished. They make serious imprints into the psyches of all the students in the school.

Gun grabbers are working in many ways to demonize gun owners and guns in an effort to gradually, surreptitiously change the public perception about gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment. Remember that statists use gradualism to achieve their aims. They are patient and indefatigable.

Liberty lovers must be as well.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TexRancher

    Brainwashing! The subversives have taken over the schools and if you’ve ever been to a school board meeting you might be surprised to see how much they’ve done to limit the public’s participation to bake sales and decorating. Real problems they want kept under wraps and the superintendent’s little fifedom must be protected.
    Here in Texas, if a kid is educated it’s not because of TEA, it’s inspite of! The purpose of TEA is the protection of and enrichment of Administrators and the school boards I’ve seen fear him instead of being his employer. i.e. The Alvin Independent School district in Brazoria County where they have an unwritten, unpublished regulation that if a child is enrolled in a licensed daycare center, he forfeits his taxpayer funded school (bus) transportation. This, even if he lives 9 1/2 miles from school as my grandson did…
    Even when he was caught in a compromising position with his sec. on school property on school time he wasn’t fired, he was allowed to take an “early retirement” and then TEA rehired him as an instructor teaching other superintendent to be as sorry as he was.

  • HueyDude1

    When I was in high school, a person could walk through the student parking lot and see a rifle or shotgun on a rack in the back window of almost every pick up they could see. They could only be found there during deer season in the fall and winter, and turkey season during the spring. Not one of these firearms ever made it into the school buildings. Why? These firearms served a purpose and the kids who owned them knew how to use them and had respect for what could be done with them as-well-as school policy and the law. All of this was primarily instilled in them by THEIR PARENTS! Not school administrators or lawyers or lawmakers. There were no school shootings or even threats of “gun violence.” The fact that so many kids are believing the progressive crap they are now teaching is the parents’ fault for allowing the system to raise their kids and not doing it themselves or not paying attention to what the kids actually learn. This article is only one example of how the Bill of Rights is slowly being torn to shreds.

  • dan

    What more would you expect from a bunch of PC child molesters and abusers ?

    • rbrooks

      i would agree that the gop and the nra are a bunch of gun grabbing child molesters and abusers.

      • vicki

        Are you familiar with the legal term libel? Though fortunately for you, you have little credibility so are not likely at risk.

        • rbrooks

          fortunately for me, i am aware of who passed those gun control laws.

          so by all means, sue me. lol. except you are bit shy in the money dept.

          • vicki

            Unfortunately for you it is not I who would sue you since your libel is against the GOP and NRA. Both likely have more then enough money to let you know what it feels like to be a bit shy.

          • rbrooks

            the nra and the gop are well aware of who passed those laws.

            perhaps you should educate yourself about this issue.

          • vicki

            There are quite a few who need to educate themselves in a lot of areas. For you, reading comprehension would be high on that recommended list.

          • rbrooks

            let me know if you ever learn who really passed those gun control acts.

            you should learn what the terms mean that you use.

            let me know how that works out for you.

          • vicki

            Considering the flow of the above thread your observation about the meaning of terms is rather amusing.

      • Paul

        Brooks, you are so blind it amazes me. The only means we have to protect ourselves from criminals and our own government is our right to bear arms. How you are so willing to give it up and trust government, puzzles me. You need to read up on the history of humanity before making any more comments against guns. Government and religion IS the destruction of the people. Are you so blind to that fact?

        • rbrooks

          lol. that was an amazing post paul. the nra and the gop have been grabbing your guns since 1933.

          there are no exemptions to the 2nd amendment. none.

          i don’t which is funnier. your incredibly stupid response or the fact you posted for all to read.

  • gunnerv1

    I use to take my 12 Ga. Shotgun to school with me on the School Bus and then take it to shop class to refinish the stock. After I refinished the stock (3 days) I would then take it back and forth on the bus to go hunting after school. I would also buy a box of 25 rounds (Shells) from the Hardware store across the street from the School . Can’t do that now, not without being buried in the local jail after they throw away the key. What has our world come to after being wussyfied by the Liberals?

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Another freedom lost to a malem prohibitum “law”. Which is nothing but a rule that we are going to have to man up to if we really want to stay the land of the free and home of the brave.

    • independent thinker

      When I was in school it was common to see shotguns and rifles in the back of both students and teachers vehicles. In fact one of the favorite teachers at the school was both a gun collector and gunsmith who gave programs on firearms at assembly.

  • shadowlee

    AG Hold-up Holder said, “We will get guns just like we did cigarettes”. Bad Advertising, always make the gun look bad and those that own them bad. Lib’s. in Our media and education systems promote this.

    • Bill

      Hi Shadow,
      Good comment. I like Cuban cigars, so I guess that makes me a lawless SOB


    the bigger problem is,we keep allowing the teachers(liberal and progressive)near our children without us there,and without us there, they jump at the chance to fill our kids up with liberal crap!my daughter comes home and tells me some of what the teacher says to her during the day,as much as possible.and it’s disturbing!try it if you got kids in a liberal school!it will piss you off!they know what their doing is wrong but they keep doing this to our kids,because the gov’t has now put liberal social workers in the schools as the counclers!the one at my daughters school is unbelievable,i felt like i had to hose myself off after talking to her she was so full of sh*t!!she tells the teachers what to say and the school what they can and can’t use as reading and writing material,what books stay and go,what edition school books can stay or be used in cericulum!she even started handing out what they call infractions(detention)on all grades if the kids don’t follow the guidlines laid out by this councilor!she’s running the school,not anyone else!it’s all her!and she was hired by the school union and the gov’t!she has a big office and all the power to do as she wishes and no one can say sh*t!
    that’s the problem in the schools that’s worse than the sh*tty teachers!

    • Bill

      Good Comment, IB
      The key to our kids education parental involvement. Not only in helping our kids with their homework but also being vigilant at the board of education meetings. Any teacher that practices indoctrination over education should be singled out and fired

  • Stuart Shepherd

    It’s all the lesbian and gay teachers and faculty, mostly the lesbians. they hate anything that’s a narcissistic threat to them- men, God , traditional family, America and the constitution because it was founded by white men and it wasn’t their idea!! They consider themselves the ultimate moral and intellectual authority on every subject and will intimidate, punish, etc with whatever dishonesty, cowardice, and just plain sociopathy they can muster to enforce this image of themselves. They use to be known as witches.

    • Briylaln

      I don’t agree with the schools and what they are doing, but your post is is, is, can’t really think of what I want to call it – maybe kind of dumb. Lesbian teachers responsible???? get a grip on yourself.

  • FreedomTrainUSA

    If things in this country were like they are now…when I was growing up in the 1950’s…The classrooms would be empty….We all played Cowboys and Indians…Crops and Robbers…Brought Squirt Guns to school with that DEADLY LIQUID…WATER….and many more such things that get kids suspended for in the PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION CENTERS…

  • vicki

    The propaganda war against guns has been going on for a LONG time. Watch some of the detective shows from even the earliest days and you will see a clear pattern of indoctrination. The one that I remember is how often the police would look for the killer by tracing the “registration” on the gun (usually a handgun) and how anyone having a gun was either a government agent (police for instance), a “licensed” private detective, or a criminal.

    General media bias (not just fiction stories) against gun ownership is rather obvious too if you look.

    Of course media bias in general ( a fancy phrase for propaganda ) is legion.

  • Michael Shreve

    INDOCTRINATION by any other name…..

    • paul

      That is the simple truth, Michael. Punish the innocent while criminals do what they want. I’d like to see one of these jerks face a thug in the middle of the night fixing to kill their families and they can’t protect them because they don’t own a gun. I am sure the criminals would wait until the police got there before acting out their evil.

  • jd

    Privatize your schools.It’s the only way.

  • rbrooks

    well, bob, perhaps you should do a story on who authored and supported those old federal gun control acts that you now complain about.

    the acts that restricted both the type of weapon that an american could own and selectively determined which americans can own an approved weapon.

    let us not forget that wonderful age legislation either.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear rbrooks,

      You write: “perhaps you should do a story on who authored and supported those old federal gun control acts that you now complain about.” You mean like this?

      Best wishes,

      • rbrooks

        i read that one when you posted it. it is ok, as far as it goes. the truth is that gun control has always been the gop and gun ownership control has been shared by both party’s.

        the nra of today is much like you. you want to select whom may own and what they may own with out including your self in any new or current restrictions.

        the 2nd has no exemptions or restrictions. if you think it should be restricted, then you must change the amendment. but you would have to admit you do not believe in the 2nd amendment or the right of all americans to own. we are back to personal liberty for you personally.

        but to get back to what i suggested. you, as in bob, note i did use your name both times, should do a story on gun control.

        • vicki

          What is your intended difference between gun control and gun ownership control?

  • Steven Kage

    The Right to Bear Arms is commonly violated, often by the government that supposedly established protection of the Right. Ex: I went to the Social Security Office today & was told by the security guard who noticed my folding knife clipped to my pocket that I couldn’t bring it inside, that I had to leave it in my vehicle. I told him I’d taken the bus & asked him to keep it for me, but he said that would be against regulations. He suggested I take it outside & hide it somewhere until I got finished with my business, so I took it outside & hid it in some weeds behind the building. “The right of the people to keep AND BEAR arms shall not be infringed”? Yeah, right