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The spending-cut myth

August 2, 2011 by  

The spending-cut myth

As we move toward a business-as-usual finish to the phony debt-ceiling drama playing out in Washington, history will record that no one — not even the Tea Party members of Congress — ever got around to talking about specific, major spending cuts (other than defense spending). Isn’t that weird?

Everyone involved claims to be in agreement that the U.S. has to cut spending, but not one Congressperson has been willing to name a specific program or bureaucracy that should be completely eliminated. Even if Republicans had gotten their Cut, Cap and Balance proposal accepted, it wouldn’t have mattered, because “cut, cap, and balance” are nothing more than hollow words.

Cut and cap what? Which programs and agencies are you going to cut and cap, and by how much? In any event, the purported major cuts are always years down the road, while increasing the debt ceiling is immediate — meaning that out-of-control government spending continues on.

And, of course, balance simply guarantees American taxpayers that if Congress doesn’t make the necessary cuts — which it never does, and never will — their taxes will be raised in order to “balance the budget.” In fact, a cynic might say that balancing the budget is just a euphemism for raising taxes.

Again, back to my original point: No one in Congress wants to talk about making specific cuts. After all, when you cut a program or agency, you’re going to make the beneficiaries of that program or agency very angry. And since the main objective of the vast majority of Congresspersons is to get reelected, mad is bad. Thus, the reality is that cutting any program or government agency is unthinkable.

For example, as the debt ceiling circus has worn on, I’ve repeatedly heard media pundits say things like, “What happens to the guy who’s planned a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park with his son, only to find that the park has been closed because Congress failed to raise the debt ceiling?” The answer you never hear is: He takes his son somewhere else!

I don’t know how much you and I pay to keep Yellowstone National Park operating, but I do know that neither I nor any of my family or immediate circle of friends has ever visited Yellowstone National Park, nor do any of us have any plans to do so.

That being the case, why are we required to pay for the guy who wants to take his son camping? Is he willing to pay for my family’s outing to an Orioles or Redskins game? These are private corporations that charge customers enough to cover their overhead and, hopefully, make a profit. Government doesn’t have to worry about such mundane matters.

Just like all the other land it lays claim to, the United States government should sell Yellowstone National Park to a company like Disney or Universal Studios and use the proceeds to pay down the national debt. I’m talking about principle, not interest. Ditto all of the other national parks, which would cut billions from our bread-and-circus budget.

Speaking of Yellowstone National Park, what about the Department of the Interior? Do we really need it? On its website, it proudly states:

Our Mission: Protecting America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our Future

Question: Why does a bankrupt nation need a bunch of bureaucrats to protect its “great outdoors?” The government is supposed to protect people and private property, not the “outdoors.” I won’t even comment on “powering our future,” since it has no discernable meaning.

Beneath the Department of the Interior’s mission statement are the words:

The U.S. Department of the Interior protects America’s natural resources and heritage, honors our cultures and tribal communities, and supplies the energy to power our future.

Again I ask, why does a bankrupt nation need a bunch of bureaucrats to protect its “natural resources and heritage?” How in the world does the government protect our heritage? Again, no discernable meaning.

“Honors our cultures and tribal communities?” Why does a bankrupt nation need to honor American cultures and tribal communities? Sounds like an interesting thing to do if you’re rich. But we aren’t. Psst… we’re broke!

Finally, “supplies the energy to power our future?” Government doesn’t know beans about supplying energy. In fact, it does everything within its power to prevent the U.S. from using its energy resources.

A bankrupt nation that fails at everything it attempts to do should get out of the way so private industry can exploit our natural resources, beginning with oil, natural gas and coal deposits. The government has never produced a drop of oil, a cubic foot of natural gas or a single chunk of coal — and never will.

Trees, of course, are a natural resource that present no problem whatsoever, because, thanks to capitalistic forestry corporations, we have more trees today than we had 50 years ago.

You can go right down the list of government agencies and draw the same conclusion:  They should be shut down!

Do we really need a National Labor Relations Board to prevent Boeing from creating 1,000 jobs in South Carolina?

Do we really need a Securities and Exchange Commission to give a guy like Bernie Madoff a stamp of approval for 25 years while he bilks gullible investors out of billions of dollars?

Do we really need an Environmental Protection Agency to stifle economic growth in America and create ever-increasing unemployment? Closing down the EPA not only would save billions of dollars a year in operating costs, but would explode the economy and send the Dow Jones industrial average soaring. Who knows, we might even be able to compete with China someday.

The Department of Labor, the Commerce Department, Amtrak, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Health and Human Services (which runs 400 separate subsidy programs!)… the list is endless.

Message to the government: Stop protecting our resources, stop redistributing our hard-earned income and start focusing on protecting, not stealing from, the people you work for.

The truth is that no one — whether Democrat or Republican — will propose legislation to reduce, let alone close down, any of these government agencies. They will keep growing until their employees are paid in worthless dollars — or not paid at all. And there is a 100 percent certainty that when government employees don’t get paid, it will lead to protests… followed by “civil unrest”… followed by violence… followed by a government crackdown on civil liberties.

As everyone now knows, the government has plenty of money coming in each month to pay interest on the national debt, Social Security, Medicare and our current military obligations (all of which total about 70 percent of current revenues). It’s the other 30 percent or so of “scheduled expenditures” that need to be “prioritized” — meaning that some of them have to be cut.

But when you ask a politician which ones he would cut, he unfailingly skirts the question. That’s why the debt ceiling will continue to be raised — again and again and again (75 times since 1962!) — and the U.S. debt will continue to spin out of control until the only thing left of the U.S. economy is a (hopefully) thriving black market.

Russian historians can tell you all about the phenomenon of the black market when the government shuts down the free market. It’s the only thing that kept even more people from starving to death in the Soviet Union during the heyday of communism.

Of course, if you’re the adventuresome type, you’ve got to be excited thinking about what living in a runaway-inflation society might be like. Hint: Sieg Heil!

–Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • s c

    I have a suggestion for voters. Why waste time looking for political candidates who are somehow qualified to be “good” enough to go to Washington?
    Instead of looking in the usual places, let’s concentrate on finding retired hookers, retired pimps and (formerly) illegal aliens who found ways to earn their citizenship.
    The first two (retired hookers and retired pimps] will be right at home in Washington. They’ll have plenty of chums to show them the ‘ropes,’ and in most cases we’ll get winning candidates who will have the guts to tell us what’s what. The (formerly) illegal aliens would be a nice change of pace (better yet if they made money selling drugs at one time).
    Variety is the spice of life, and electing ex-illegals, ex-hookers and ex-pimps can’t possible be any worse than the worthless, useful idiot, back-stabbing, sunny beaches who infest Washington NOW. Food for thought in a land starving for ‘talent’ and leadership.
    Up the rebels.

    • Wisdom

      I agree but if we don’t vote, then the elites will run the show, just like giving away the election.

      I think they passed the debt ceiling bill today, and congress is working on the Amendment right now. Here is the article:

      House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement regarding House consideration of a balanced budget amendment, H.J. Res. 1, sponsored by Congressman Bob Goodlatte:

      “We are being asked by the Obama Administration to approve a debt limit increase. While President Obama inherited a bad economy, his overspending and failure to enact pro-growth policies have made it worse and now our national debt is currently more than $14 trillion. House Republicans have made clear that we will not agree to raise the debt limit without real spending cuts and binding budget process reforms to ensure that we don’t continue to max out the credit card. One option to ensure that we begin to get our fiscal house in order is a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and I expect to schedule such a measure for the House to consider during the week of July 25th. I have no doubt that my Republican colleagues will overwhelmingly support this common sense measure and I urge Democrats to as well in order to get our fiscal house in order.”

      As a reminder, while in the US most states have mandatory balanced budgets, the same is not true for the Federal government (a fact that US bankers slaughter calves to daily, out of gratitude that they can plunder future generations’ cash flows while converting the NPV into non-extradition islands in French Polynesia complete with thermoregulated gold and Chateau Lafite 1990 cellars).

      • http://deleted People’s Rights

        Another Patriot Act that is called “A BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT” and are leading by Eric Cantor. And the news said”the White House has said the amendment isn’t needed to solve the debt ceiling crisis.” Dems and the Fed (Creditor) are winning big, and who can stop them?

        **Here’s an article about Congressman Eric Cantor
        Rep. Eric Cantor’s Jewish Story By Allison Hoffman

        **More problems, Israel-Iran war in September 2011

        **and U.N. Zoning Laws issue

        **House postpones vote on Boehner’s bill (again)

        • Robert Smith

          Question asked: “That being the case, why are we required to pay for the guy who wants to take his son camping?”

          Why am I required to pay for a couple of wars I didn’t want?

          Why am I required to watch people DIE because they don’t have health care?

          Why am I required to see Wall Street stealing America blind?

          Why am I required to support executives in their jets? What about teleconferencing?

          Why am I required to support a war on drugs that has been lost?


          • denniso

            Baseball games vs going to yellowstone? Who pays? I guess Ringer is oblivious to the fact that most if not all cities/states pay hundreds of millions of taxpayer $$ to build stadiums for sports teams,in order to keep the teams in their towns. So that all taxpayers in a city/state pay for the pro teams to play there. There are then plenty of people who pay for stadiums through taxes but never go to a game and shell out another $100 or more of their own money.

            Robert Ringer repeats several times that our country is ‘bankrupt’. That’s patently wrong! We have a debt issue because there is an imbalance between spending and revenue.We have cut taxes for a decade and more,especially on the wealthiest,while continuing to spend on needed programs and unneccesary things like unending wars. You can’t do that and expect a balanced budget,but the problem is the relationship between revenues and taxes/fees,not just spending.

            We are not even close to bankrupt in reality.

          • catfish

            Sounds like a typical socialist response to me. Where do you work if you do? What kind of financial shape is your employer in? Is he a pauper? Get real fellow.

          • Bob


            We have an official debt of $14.3 trillion plus debt that is off the books of another $100 trillion in Social inSecurity, Medicare, Medicaid and the government pensions. We are not able to pay current bills plus the interest. The balance sheet shows assets of maybe $3 trillion and “officially” $14.3 trillion of debt, plus the off balance sheet debt of the $100 trillion. Enron went bankrupt with a far better financial position than the US Government. If that is bankruptcy, I don’t know what is.

          • denniso

            Take a hike(or a dip) Catfish…

            Bob,a country is not a business and doesn’t operate like one,anymore than a household is a business.The whole debt ‘crisis’ was manufactured by the right for the sole purpose of cutting gov’t down to some magical,and never specified,size. Most of the recent deb accumulation is the result of the economic disaster that started under Cheny/Bush in 2008,as well as the 2 unending wars(started but not finished by Shrub),the Medicare drug plan not paid for,and the tax cuts for the rich. Reagan trippled the debt,Clinton produced a surplus,and Shrub squandered that and went on to double the debt.

            All the rightwing cares about is blaming everything on Obama and the Dems,and they’re so clueless,or think everyone else is,that they have no historic memory or attention to the facts.

          • Vicki

            Robert Smith writes:
            “Question asked: “That being the case, why are we required to pay for the guy who wants to take his son camping?” ”

            We shouldn’t. It’s public land. He is camping, not staying in the Lodge.

            And since he would pay a fee for that we wonder why government is stealing our money to pay even for that.

            Robert writes: “Why am I required to pay for a couple of wars I didn’t want?”

            Good question. Have you complained to Obama about his little war in Libya? Or is that one you do want?

            Robert writes: “Why am I required to watch people DIE because they don’t have health care?”

            You are not. Close your eyes. Look away. Get off your duff and YOU pay for their health care. Quit forcing others at gunpoint to pay. (Theft by government is still theft)

            Robert writes: “Why am I required to see Wall Street stealing America blind?”

            You are not. Then again they (Wall Street) are not. The Federal Reserve is however since they use the force of government to get paid.

            Robert writes: “Why am I required to support executives in their jets? What about teleconferencing?”

            You are not. Don’t buy their products.

            Robert writes: “Why am I required to support a war on drugs that has been lost?”

            Good question. While the Democrats had full control of all 3 branches of government why did they pass obamacare instead of repealing the war on drugs?

            Thus you see the problem is either you or your continued support of Republicrats or Demopublicans. Dump them both. Vote libertarian.

            Until they are corrupted by such power it is the only way to be sure.

          • Vicki

            Denniso writes:
            “All the rightwing cares about is blaming everything on Obama”

            Well, at least we know that Obama is the head of the current administration. And unlike so may liberals, including you, are not blaming bush who has been retired from the post for more than 2 years.

            What is interesting is that your claimed Clinton surplus came from a Republican controlled House. (You know. the place where the budget becomes actual law.) The evil Reagan debt came from a Democrat controlled House. The current debt (more than ALL of the bush and Reagan and all other presidents combined), proposed by Obama, and passed by a Democrat controlled House.


          • denniso

            The Congress isn’t where the budget becomes law…they pass or block bills,the president has to sign them into law.

            I notice that you ommitted Bush and his Repub Congress of 6 yrs…

          • Vicki

            Denniso writes:
            “The Congress isn’t where the budget becomes law…they pass or block bills,the president has to sign them into law.”

            In case you have not read the Constitution lately let me direct your attention to Article 1, Section 7 which says:

            “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

            Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States; If he approve he shall sign it, but if not he shall return it….”

            Thus you see the President does NOT make the law. He mearly decides to approve it or not. If he does not approve it the Congress can still get it into law by overriding his veto. The President does NOT write the law.

          • Toomuchsense

            Why do you Robert Smith support those on Wall Street that are in the pockets of liberal politicians? Why do you Robert Smith contribute some of your resources and time to those in medical need? Why did you Robert Smith support Nancy Pelosi and others in the democrat party and their use of bigger, more expensive and jet fuel burning jets? Robert Smith, why do you support the democrats taking my money, and that of others, to bail out the pensions of the auto makers, so they can retire at 50 to 55 years of age, while the rest of us work past that age to support early retirement? Did you know Rober Smith, that the GM bailout, was a pension bailout? Mr. Robert Smith, will you be there for the family of a victim of drugged drivers? Will you Robert Smith do more out of your own resources to help those around you, without depending on the government to take from some, to give to others on their preferred list? Robert Smith is a typical liberal whiner, that if compared to an average conservative, would come out weak on the very issues they take such undeserved pride in.

          • Jay

            Vicki:Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States; If he approve he shall sign it, but if not he shall return it….”

            Thus you see the President does NOT make the law. He mearly decides to approve it or not. If he does not approve it the Congress can still get it into law by overriding his veto. The President does NOT write the law.

            Vicki, good job! You will note you received no further response from denniso. This simply means he knows when he’s been whooped, but will not dare admit it!

          • denniso

            It’s very hard to override a prez veto…the vast majority of laws are signed into law by the prez. Congress seldom has the power to enact law.

          • coal miner

            Robert Smith,

            Right on.Well said.

          • denniso

            Hey Coal, glad to see you’re still slugging it out w/ these kooks! Keep it up and good luck.

            The article calls the debt ceiling fight ‘phony’…what’s phony about the rightwingers holding the economy hostage to their delusional view of how the gov’t should work? They were willing to sabotage the economy and all working people’s lives for a ridiculous ideology that makes no sense in the real world. Their entire appraoch is fatten up the military to absurd levels and slash everything else that actually helps the country function.

        • jhickey

          “We are not even close to bankrupt in reality.”

          ARE YOU NUTS? When We The People have been cut, by layoffs, declining wages and inflation (due to printing money, revenue to the gov’t DECLINES! I don’t care WHO’S fault it is, we have to get out of the socialistic programs that have been added throughout the past 110 years!
          We need to INCREASE the retirement age, INCREASE the Medicare age & only provide it to those who truely NEED it! We have to CUT THE WASTE & DUPLICATION!
          We need to CUT the ability of congress to INCREASE their salaries EVERY year as they have done regardless of the declining revenues! (How else did Pilosi’s net worth increase to a couple million?)

          Why do we have a “Debt Limit” in the first place, when NOBODY ever acknowleges it? Our government has been overspending, using FUZZY (which is an understatement) math and has undermined our CONSTITUTION at every turn!

          When you increase the debt from 14.5 TRILLION to 17 Trillion and our GNP is only 15.2 TRILLION, you could tax EVERY ONE 100% and still not have enough!

          We have to weed out the corruption, close the loopholes, cut out ENTIRELY programs that do nothing except promote socialism, power grabs and line pockets of politians, HUGE companies, bankers and financial wheeler dealers!

          • denniso

            I’ll ask you a serious question…do you know who we owe most of the debt to?

          • don

            Denniso, you are correct about baseball stadiums. Bush had to confiscate a man’s house because he wanted to build the Texas baseball stadium where his house was. Then he had the people from Texas to pay for the stadium through taxes.

          • Jay

            Have you heard of the “Great Outdoors Initiative”? Chances are, you haven’t. But across the country, White House officials have been meeting quietly with environmental groups to map out government plans for acquiring untold millions of acres of both public and private land. It’s another stealthy power grab through executive order that promises to radically transform the American way of life.

            In April, President Obama issued a memorandum outlining his “21st century strategy for America’s great outdoors.” It was addressed to the Interior Secretary, the Agriculture Secretary, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency and the chair of the Council on Environmental Quality. The memo calls on the officials to conduct “listening and learning sessions” with the public to “identify the places that mean the most to Americans, and leverage the support of the Federal Government” to “protect” outdoor spaces. Eighteen of 25 planned sessions have already been held. But there’s much more to the agenda than simply “reconnecting Americans to nature.”

            The federal government, as the memo boasted, is the nation’s “largest land manager.” It already owns roughly one of every three acres in the United States. This is apparently not enough. At a “listening session” in New Hampshire last week, government bureaucrats trained their sights on millions of private forest land throughout the New England region. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack crusaded for “the need for additional attention to the Land and Water Conservation Fund — and the need to promptly support full funding of that fund.”

            Property owners have every reason to be worried. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a pet project of green radicals, who want the decades-old government slush fund for buying up private lands to be freed from congressional appropriations oversight. It’s paid for primarily with receipts from the government’s offshore oil and gas leases. Both Senate and House Democrats have included $900 million in full LWCF funding, not subject to congressional approval, in their energy/BP oil spill legislative packages. The Democrats have also included a provision in these packages that would require the federal government to take over energy permitting in state waters, which provoked an outcry from Texas state officials, who sent a letter of protest to Capitol Hill last month:

            “In light of federal failures, it is incomprehensible that the United States Congress is entertaining proposals that expand federal authority over oil and gas drilling in state water and lands long regulated by states… Given the track record, putting the federal government in charge of energy production on state land and waters not only breaks years of successful precedent and threatens the 10th Amendment to the United Sates Constitution, but it also undermines common sense and threatens the environmental and economy security of our state’s citizens.”

            This power grab, masquerading as a feel-good, all-American recreation program, comes on top of a separate, property-usurping initiative exposed by GOP Rep. Robert Bishop and Sen. Jim DeMint earlier this spring. According to an internal, 21-page Obama administration memo, 17 energy-rich areas in 11 states have been targeted as potential federal “monuments.” The lives of coyotes, deer and prairie dogs would be elevated above states’ needs to generate jobs, tourism business and energy solutions.

            Take my home state of Colorado. The Obama administration is considering locking up some 380,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land and private land in Colorado under the 1906 Antiquities Act. The Vermillion Basin and the Alpine Triangle would be shut off to mining, hunting, grazing, oil and gas development and recreational activities. Alan Foutz, president of the Colorado Farm Bureau, blasted the administration’s meddling: “Deer and elk populations are thriving, and we in Colorado don’t need help from the federal government in order to manage them effectively.”

            Indeed, the feds have enough trouble as it is managing the vast amount of land they already control. As the Washington, D.C.-based Americans for Limited Government group, which defends private property rights, points out: “The (National Park Service) claims it would need about $9.5 billion just to clear its backlog of the necessary improvements and repairs. At a time when our existing national parks are suffering, it doesn’t make sense for the federal government to grab new lands.”

            The bureaucrats behind Obama’s “Great Outdoors Initiative” plan on wrapping up their public comment solicitation by November 15. The initiative’s taxpayer-funded website has been dominated by left-wing environmental activists proposing human population reduction, private property confiscation, and gun bans, hunting bans and vehicle bans in national parks. It’s time for private property owners to send their own loud, clear message to the land-hungry feds: Take a hike.

          • denniso

            The ‘initiative’ is only looking to turn wilderness study areas into actual wilderness…big deal. What it does do is protect unique areas from the ravages of motor vehicle travel,that’s all.

            I guess we could turn the land,like in Appalachia,over to the corporate coal and energy companies…they’re pretty good at things like ‘mountain top removel’,and filling valleys and streams w/ mining waste…we could also make more money on the land,which is a major goal of the rightwing,and their corporate handlers.

          • Dan az

            Not quite it is for one reason only and that’s Agenda 21 READ IT!!!!!!!!!
            The UN is in control of our water in and outside this nation now.And if you would research it you would find that the borders are being lifted to be our shore lines and the UN controls the oceans.This is just facts not some right wing BS.Say what you want but the truth is still out there.Type in Agenda 21 and quit blaming and start worrying.

          • denniso

            I’m quite aware of this agenda 21 talk…it’s been twisted by you rightwingers,probably at the behest of corporate people like the Koch Bros. The UN can’t stop slaughter in Somalia,Rawanda…can’t bring peace to the middle east,can’t do much of anything partly because of people like you making it difficult for thm to get funded…yet,they control the oceans,will remove our borders,enslave us all??? You people are just nuts,and there is no other explanation for your irrational behavior,since we want to be kind and not call all of you stupid.

            The U.S. still has most of the power in the world,the UN hac very little and I wish they had more to try to bring some peace for a change.

          • Dan az

            What part of FACTS can’t you wrap your little mind around!Let me help you understand what research means.It dosen’t come out from where you pull it from.I’ll try again to educate you for what good it may do,I know its hard for you and you probably wont bother reading it but then allot of people here will and will understand that you have know clue what your saying.So I challenge you to read the truth and call it twisted.Are you man enough?

          • denniso

            I don’t waste my time on reading crap…I’ve read about Agenda 21,and know about it,and know it is not some great UN conspiracy to enslave you or take control of our land…I don’t base my judgements on any site or source that has a clear bias,as most of the rightwing ones do…they are trying to use people like you to push gov’t off the regulatory back of big biz,oil,mining,logging,gas…big money. You are a pawn in their power plays w/people who want to curb the power of global corporations. Simple…

          • Jay

            More and more Americans are coming to the chilling realization that U.S.membership in the United Nations poses a very real threat to our survival as a free and independent nation. Here are some good reasons to be concerned:

            1. The UN’s basic philosophy is both anti-American and pro-totalitarian.
            Our Declaration of Independence proclaims the “self-evident” truth that
            “men … are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”
            But, in its Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the UN ignores God’s
            existence, implies that it grants rights, and then repeatedly claims power
            “as provided by law” to cancel them out of existence. If any government can
            place restrictions on such fundamental rights as freedom of speech, the
            right to keep and bear arms, freedoms of the press, association, movement,
            and religion, soon there will be no such freedoms.

            2. The UN was founded by Communists and CFR members whose common goal was a
            socialist world government. Sixteen key U.S. officials who shaped the
            policies leading to the creation of the UN were later exposed in sworn
            testimony as secret Communists. These included Alger Hiss, chief planner of
            the 1945 founding conference, and the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury,
            Harry Dexter White. The Soviet Union under Stalin and the entire Communist
            Party USA apparatus worked tirelessly to launch the UN. Since its beginning
            in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has always worked for world
            government. The key CFR founder, Edward Mandell House, in his book, Philip
            Dru: Administrator, called for “Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx …”
            The CFR was an early promoter of the UN, and 43 members of the U.S.
            delegation at the UN founding conference were or would become CFR members.

            3. The UN has always chosen socialist one-worlders for leaders. The
            Secretary-General at the UN founding conference was Soviet spy Alger Hiss.
            He was followed as Secretary-General by Norwegian socialist Trygve Lie,
            Swedish socialist Dag Hammarskjold, Burmese Marxist U Thant, Austrian
            former Nazi Kurt Waldheim, Peruvian socialist Javier Perez deCuellar, and
            Egyptian socialist Boutros Boutros-Ghali. Each has consistently used the
            full resources of the UN to promote Communist and socialist causes around
            the world. The Socialist International (which proudly traces its origins to
            the First International headed by Karl Marx) today claims tens of millions
            of members in 54 countries. At its 1962 Congress, it declared: “The
            ultimate objective of the parties of the Socialist International is nothing
            less than world government … Membership of the United Nations must be
            made universal …” Almost all of the UN’s “independent” commissions for
            the last thirty years have been headed by members of the Socialist

            4. The UN seeks power to control the environment, population, children …
            the world. Both the 1972 UN Environmental Program and the 1992 UN
            Conference on Environment and Development laid plans to whip up widespread
            environmental concerns (some exaggerated, many completely fabricated).
            These concerns would then be used as justification for increasing UN
            authority on environmental issues. The statements and publications of these
            UN programs leave little doubt that their goal is a world government with
            the power to cancel national sovereignty, regulate economic activity, and
            control the human race all, of course, under the banner of “protecting the
            environment.” In late 1994, UN planners meeting in Egypt approved a
            20-year, $17 billion plan to “stabilize” the world’s population. The UN’s
            goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion,
            sterilization, and controlled human breeding. The UN Convention on the
            Rights of the Child also claims power not only to grant rights but also to
            cancel them “as provided by law.” It claims that governments must guarantee
            children “freedom of expression … freedom to seek, receive, and impart
            information … freedom of thought, conscience, and religion,” regardless
            of the wishes of their parents.

            5. The UN Charter outlines the path to world tyranny. After giving lip
            service about not intervening “in matters which are essentially within the
            domestic jurisdiction of any state …,” the UN Charter continues, “but
            this principle shall not prejudice the application of enforcement measures
            under Chapter VII.” Chapter VII discusses sanctions and boycotts, but if
            these are decided to “be inadequate, it may take such action by air, sea,
            or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international
            peace and security.” The UN used this broad assertion of authority as the
            pretext for its armed intervention in the domestic turmoil in Somalia and

            6. The UN is building its own army to enforce its will. In 1992, UN
            Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, fulfilling a directive from the UN
            Security Council, unveiled An Agenda for Peace, a plan to strengthen UN
            “peacekeeping” capabilities. The plan calls for armed forces to be made
            available to the UN “on a permanent basis.” It ominously warns, “The time
            of absolute and exclusive sovereignty has passed” and proceeds to name a
            long list of “risks for stability” that would be used to justify use of the
            “permanent” UN army to enforce its will. Incredibly, U.S. leaders are using
            America’s military to pave the way for this UN army. In Bosnia, Somalia,
            Haiti, and elsewhere, foreign UN commanders have controlled our troops.
            When 15 Americans were killed over Iraq in mid-1994, Vice-President Gore
            extended condolences “to the families of those who died in the service of
            the United Nations.” Even more incredibly, it has been the official policy
            of the U.S. government since 1961 to disarm America and create a UN army.
            This policy concludes: “progressive controlled disarmament would proceed to
            the point where no nation would have the military power to challenge the
            progressively strengthened UN Peace Force.” (See State Department
            publication 7277: Freedom From War.)
            FREEDOM FROM WAR

            7. The UN doesn’t settle disputes – it makes them worse! Our ambassador to
            the UN in 1982, although a UN supporter, admitted, “The UN has become an
            arena in which countries are drawn into problems they might never have
            become involved in. ” Ask yourself: Should Seychelles or Benin or Guyana or
            Barbados have to take sides in a clash that breaks out on the opposite side
            of the world? When centuries-old animosities erupt in the former
            Yugoslavia, why does the UN inject its presence with troops, blockades,
            bombing, and a parade of speeches? American troops serving as globocops for
            the UN become targets for criminals and terrorists. In 1983, 241 U.S.
            Marines were blown to bits at the Beirut airport. Five years later, a U.S.
            Marine Lieutenant Colonel was kidnapped and eventually murdered by Arab
            terrorists while in a UN unit in Lebanon (he was unarmed – as required by
            the UN). The UN “peacekeeping mission” in Somalia cost the lives of another
            36 Americans in 1993.

            8. The UN ignores Communist atrocities but targets non-Communist nations
            and leaders. When Soviet tanks rolled into Hungary in the 1950s, when the
            Chinese Communists were murdering Tibetans in the 1960s, when the Soviets
            were butchering civilians in Afghanistan in the 1970s and 1980s, when
            Chechnya was brutalized by the Russians in the 1990s, the UN did nothing!
            But the UN declared tiny Rhodesia “a threat to international peace” in the
            1960s, enabling pro-communist terrorist Robert Mugabe to seize power. And
            it was a UN-led campaign that brought self-described Communist and
            convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela to power in South Africa in the 1990s.


          • denniso

            The U.N. only has the power that we, Russia and China are willing to cede to it. Where was the U.N when we illegally invaded Iraq? Did they stop us,or tell us flatly that we couldn’t do it? No,because we have a veto on the Security Council that can stop such action by them. You people should have learned from the fearmongering of the past 50 yrs that it is all a hoax perpetrated by wackos and those w/ some vested interest…NRA for instance.

      • FreedomFighter

        Buy GOLD, SILVER, LEAD, extra food, reserve fuel, wood for the stove, keep the vehical topped off, if or when the hyper-inflation hits things are going to get real ugly, real fast.

        The sad thing in my opinion, is that the fix, cant make traction because of all those effected, nobody wants to drop that hammer, yet the hammer will drop even harder, way harder, due to nobody implementing the fix:

        50-60% cut in current federal goverment spending.

        All the parents should hold a parental meeting, show the children young and old why the goverment is failing, show them the faces: Obama, Ried, Pelosi, explain what a communist is, put the blame were it belongs. Tell them to vote out such evil and corrupt people so they may never again be plagued by such evil.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Don

          FreedomFighter, what a great idea, my kids are all grown up and have kids of their own, i said they should pull them out of school and home school them, seems they just don’t have time, hope they wake up soon !

        • Arecee

          The only way that voting will really make a difference is if everyone votes for the same thing. There is so much corruption with our voting process and we really can’t get around that unless everyone is on board and we all agree on the same issues. As long as the people don’t know what to do and unfortunately, they don’t really care because they have been blinded, we won’t see any changes. Take care of yourself and your family, do what ever it takes to become independent from any gov. help or aid because we aren’t going to see anything positive in our near future. Greed is the word of the day in the gov. arena and I don’t see getting around it anytime soon. All the talks on spending cuts, just one more way to for the gov. to take our eyes off of the real issues and people fall for it hook, line and sinker. I hear people saying things like, “OH, our government wouldn’t do this or that to the American people, they have our best interest at heart!” HAH, to all those that think they give a rat’s *** about the American people. Open your eyes, there is no left or right, they are all the same when the doors close at night. Everything you see is smoke and mirrors like wrestling (I’m sorry if any of you think that wrestling is real, it isn’t! Neither is truth in politics.)If our gov stopped all the spending that is mentioned by others regarding federal agencies, bringing our troops home AND if they stop giving aid to all the terrorists all over the world, maybe bring home some of those companies that have to do business outside the U.S. to function because of all the taxes they have to pay to stay in business here, we can increase our GDP then who knows.. MAYBE then we might have a SLIM chance of digging our way toward getting out of this mess, BUT, I don’t see it happening.

          • Mike in MI

            Arecee: I think you are probably right.
            Jesus Christ never said in regards to the end-of-the-age prelims or establishment that evil men are going to get better and better. So, prepare mentally and materially for a continual set of slaps in the face from many fronts. Better still, get fully prepared spiritually in knowledge of God’s power and how they used it in the first century to protect themselves from the intense persecutions that came their way. Because, what is happenning in other parts of the world WILL BE repeated here. That’s why atheists and other God-haters are becoming so in-your-face. They want God expunged from the public square. They think that because the mainstream demoninations are bereft that God doesn’t work for His people anymore. So, they’ve become VERY bold and pushy. God just needs bold disciples of Christ to push back in alignment with His way of doing things.
            But, God will not remove Himself from the arena until He’s ready to. When He does He will need to take all the Christians out of the world’s sphere because believers are the ones who carry His essence and minister His ability to overcome the Adversary. Just because people choose to remain ignorant and afflicted is not His fault. It’s theirs. Ignorance has its consequences.
            Don’t let yourself and yours be among the hopeless and helpless against what’s going to come.
            The same goes for anybody else that doesn’t want to get run over!!! What happened in Washington,DC this week sealed it.

    • SAM

      ANd keep having all their booze parties 24/7 and making wars under the influenece

    • Handyman

      I will not vote for Hitler, opps, I meant obozo!

      • Handyman

        The communist in chief!

    • Bud Tugly

      From the NY Times… another perspective worth considering:

      These last few months, much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people. Their intransigent demands for deep spending cuts, coupled with their almost gleeful willingness to destroy one of America’s most invaluable assets, its full faith and credit, were incredibly irresponsible. But they didn’t care. Their goal, they believed, was worth blowing up the country for, if that’s what it took.

      Like ideologues everywhere, they scorned compromise. When John Boehner, the House speaker, tried to cut a deal with President Obama that included some modest revenue increases, they humiliated him. After this latest agreement was finally struck on Sunday night — amounting to a near-complete capitulation by Obama — Tea Party members went on Fox News to complain that it only called for $2.4 trillion in cuts, instead of $4 trillion. It was head-spinning.

      All day Monday, the blogosphere and the talk shows mused about which party would come out ahead politically. Honestly, who cares? What ought to matter is not how these spending cuts will affect our politicians, but how they’ll affect the country. And I’m not even talking about the terrible toll $2.4 trillion in cuts will take on the poor and the middle class. I am talking about their effect on America’s still-ailing economy.

      America’s real crisis is not a debt crisis. It’s an unemployment crisis. Yet this agreement not only doesn’t address unemployment, it’s guaranteed to make it worse.

      • Void1972

        Bud Tugly
        The real crisis is the communist that now control our government.
        Pick up the NY times, and read any editorial, and the truth is right in front of your face.
        Most newspapers are communist rags that back and support a communist government.
        The Tea Party and every other real American knows how our government is selling us out. America is broke. They are putting a bandaid on a severed artery. The wasteful spending has to stop. The bail-outs have to stop, the foreign aid has to stop. The trillions wasted on demented futile wars has to stop. The corruption in medicaid and social security has to stop. The free ride to all illegal aliens has to stop.
        We the people have to take a stand now and say enough is enough!!!!
        We need a Tea Party to put fear into these corrupt communist and make them understand we are not going to let you destroy America with out a fight!!!!
        Yes, the damage is done, but until my last breath, I will stand for America. I will not let you take something i worked like an animal my whole life to create. Working 100+hours most of my life just so you can give my money to some useless trash that chooses not to do anything with his life.
        You created these zombies, these wasted souls with your entitlement programs.
        You created a communist following that now demands more, and you don’t have no more.
        Well folks, I am done supporting democrats, republicans and communist. I will not support any big business anymore. No more corporate banking, eating, drinking, tv, movies, anything owned by a major corporation, my family and I will boycott!
        The corporation is the head of the corrupt American snake, the federal reserve, the banks etc. Cut it off now and we stand a chance.
        God Bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • http://yahoo realist

        bud please do u or anyone else commenting really think that any thing will be cut to make any diffrence in the debt ???
        what happened is a big joke !!!!
        i am so glad i do not live in the states any more

      • Jay

        The tea-party seems to be the only line of defence between the American people, and the maniacal, treasonous, socialist/progressives, and anti-American communists dogs in the white-house! My concern, how long will it be before the treasonous, socialist/progressive, anti-American dogs infiltrate the ranks of the tea-party?

      • David Weber

        @Bud : You obviously didn’t read the bill. Go to to read it. It increases spending in 2012 minimum of 900 billion from baseline spending. The deficit for 2011 is ~1.5 trillion. This means that the deficit for 2012 will be ~2.4 trillion (most likely more). How can that possibly be called a spending cut? There are no cuts. Obama has his stash money to reward his communist buddies. Obama won big time. When the party ends, it won’t be pretty.

    • Void1972

      Sell our parks to the corporations that created this financial melt down?
      Why don’t we sell all of our country to the Chinese? They are now buying millions of acres anyway.
      The problem is we forget why we are in the mess we now suffer. It was our financial institutions and our own government that is responsible for our current crisis. They and only they should be held accountable for this breakdown.
      Lets start with sending every CEO, manager, Senator, Congressmen that was involved with these toxic securities, CDOs, derivatives, and housing scam, and send them all to prison. Life sentences for destroying the economies of America and Europe. Take all of their assets, and the hundreds of billions they now control, and pay off our debt. The real number might be in the trillions.
      This would be a good start to regaining America.
      Selling America piece by piece to pay off a debt created by insanely greedy business men and politicians?
      I think not!
      God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Bud Tugly

        good thinking

      • Vicki

        “Selling America piece by piece to pay off a debt created by insanely greedy business men and politicians?”

        Since the debt is from the Government and originates in the House how exactly do any businessmen who are not representatives in the House responsible for the debt? Blame career politicians. They are the ones giving out government favors using the businessman’s (and our) money which the representatives took at gunpoint thru taxes.

        • Void1972

          The government used our money to bail out the trillions stolen by corrupt bankers. These so called business men should all be behind bars! Too big to fail? Absolute BS! Do your own research. Don’t pay attention to the news and media, it’s all controlled by the same families that looted our extremely hard earned money!

          • Vicki

            Void1972 says:
            “The government used our money to bail out the trillions stolen by corrupt bankers.”

            Ummm. The government took our money at gunpoint (taxes) and gave it to their cronies. Looks to me like government is STILL the problem. But we have been warned. Multiple times. Including Washington, George and Reagan, Ronald.

            Void1972 says: “These so called business men should all be behind bars!”

            Why? It is government that took our money and gave it to them. If we had not given government so much power and money they (government) would not be able to bribe business. Businessmen would not look to government to cure their bad business decisions.

            The solution is not jail for smart people. The solution is NOT voting for (career) politicians.

            Void1972 says: “Too big to fail? Absolute BS!”

            Of course which is why the politicians used that to scare people.

    • LiarsMustBeDefeated

      You are nuts. We ALREADY have a bunch of pimps and whores in Washington. We may have THOUGHT we sent honest, truthful, ethical leaders up there but WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? They have shown their true colors and they are traitors and criminals. You truly are nuts to even suggest what you have suggested here. (I hope you were trying to make by point using sarcasm.)

    • karel Eekels

      Little by little, (if not too late) the majority of “we the people” are waking up and become acutely aware that we find ourselves in a deranged, delusional economy triggered by this administration’s social justice, deceitful programs making alarmist arguments which are dishonest nothing else other than a a sophisticated fraud.

      How to end this? >> a massive turn out for the upcoming elections to vote all these career politicians out of office which are and have become prisoners of their own rhetoric and nowhere to go any longer. The cure? >> flush them all through the toilet.

  • DaveH

    But, Robert, they really mean it this time. There will be a debt ceiling now. Really.
    It reminds me of the parents who repeatedly tell their children don’t do that, and their children repeatedly do that which they’re not supposed to do. Kids are smart. It doesn’t take long before they learn that the parents orders have no teeth.

    • People’s Rights


      Mr. Ringer wrote this article a little bit late, because the bill was passed today; I say thanks but no thanks.

      Democrats were rushing to pass the bill right away.

      Dems, Ron Paul and the Tea Party were silent, and certainly now you hear from them and they won’t shut up.

      • DaveH

        Speaking of civil discourse.

        • People’s Rights

          Here is my response to “NamNavyVet” about Ron Paul. Ron never provide “A PLAN” or opened a hearing to stop raising the debt ceiling. He only did after everything’s all done.

          He qualifies as an Opportunist and has actually lost more than two elections. He won’t get votes from Democrats, who will vote for Obama, and real conservatives will vote for a stronger candidate, not a known looser.

          I am sorry that’s not my opinion, it’s fact.

          NamNavyVet, Ron Paul only received less than 5% of the votes. Donald Trump said he would never win, because Ron Paul will reduce the Republican votes.

          Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs and prostitution. He was assigned to audit the Fed last year or at the beginning of this year, but he DID NOT DO IT AND WON’T DO IT. Because the Fed and his people were the ones who assigned him (Ron) to do it in the first place. That’s why you see so many Obama’s people promote him, so Obama can steal the election.

          RON PAUL ENCOURAGES his supporters to KEEP the momentum of BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION GOING when he SIGNS OFF his emails.

          Some of my friends were his supporters during the last election, and were disappointed when they realized who he really was.

          • Peoples Rights

            DaveH, You don’t even know what the word “civil discourse” means. :)

            This is an opinion about things that are happening as the result of a few by manipulates others and using Trojan Horses to control the world as it happend in history (Greek, Roman Empires, Britain, etc,….)

            Provide constructive opinion of your own rather than constantly criticism of others are trying to do.

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To People’s Rights:
            Where do you get this info. about Ron Paul? Could you provide it?
            Right now of all Repub. nominees, Ron Paul is the best candidate. The rest are looney tunes. Thanks!!

          • DaveH

            I don’t?
            I know that you aren’t using it.

          • DaveH

            For those who might be mislead by people like People’s Rights:

            Show me anybody else who polls that well against Obama. And, unlike the establishment Republicans, Ron Paul has a consistent track record of voting against Big Government.
            The Liberals fear Ron Paul the most, since he allows most of the personal freedoms that they have whined about for years. What he doesn’t allow if for the Liberals to help themselves to other peoples’ money. By railing against Ron Paul, they expose their true agenda (all the rest is just a smoke-screen) which is wealth redistribution.

          • Vicki

            Someone claiming to be “People’s Rights” but is clearly not writes:
            “Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs and prostitution.”

            Silly him. To actually know that people actually have rights. The right to own property. The right to own their own body.

            For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

            People’s Rights: “He was assigned to audit the Fed last year or at the beginning of this year, but he DID NOT DO IT AND WON’T DO IT.”

            Provide a cite where Mr Paul was given the authority to actually audit the Federal Reserve.

            People’s Rights: “That’s why you see so many Obama’s people promote him, so Obama can steal the election.”

            As distasteful as that may be that is not stealing an election. Fraud is the only way to steal an election.

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To Vicki:
            The main thing Ron Paul’s advocating is ending this insane war on drugs and prostitution. You, probably, know that. Thanks!!

          • SABRERE

            Yes, Ron Paul did say and he wants to legalize drugs. He thinks fighting the war against drug dealers is a lost cause.

            RP on drug legalization

            “At the GOP Debate moderated by PBS on September 27, 2007, Ron Paul explains why he believes the War on Drugs is a failure and talks about racial disparity in the criminal justice system.”

            Ron Paul Calls For An End To The Racist War On Drugs

          • DaveH

            Why ponder what Ron Paul advocates?
            It’s right here for anybody to see:

          • http://deleted People’s Rights

            @ Vicki, I never say no to “The right to own property”, you know under Communism/Nationalism/Socialism you don’t have that right.

            Vickie and Tony do your own research, there are plenty of articles out there. Mr. Ringer can help you and if he can’t then I will you guys.

            Vickie, USE your brain and STOP arguing with non-sense. The type of ILLEGAL activity rights that you’re talking about (Heroine/drugs, hookers or using the “RACE CARD” as Paul did) are different than the Bill of Rights aka Constitutional Right that the rest of the world and I are for (500%).

            I did not mention “people’s rights”; so don’t use me to sell Ron Paul’s and your propaganda (advocate illegal drugs, hookers, etc…)…

          • vicki

            Peoples rights. So I take a seed from the Creator and plant it in the ground. I water it and care for it as a good steward should and a large pretty green plant grows. A gift from the Creator. And you say that this is illegal? Hmmmmm…

            Notice I have not done anything but what God would wish and yet you would throw me in jail for merely caring for this plant. And you then tell ME to use MY brain? Perhaps you should really consider using yours.

      • Alex

        Ron Paul was not silent. He made a public statement condemning the debt ceiling resolution.

        • Handyman

          Ron Paul is right, take away their credit card!

          • Handyman

            If congress can’t pay their bill, don;t write it! They signed for it they pay for it!

          • Mike in MI

            Sorry Handyman, that’s not how our system works.
            We put ‘em in office; they represent US. What they enact is what they are legally entitled to tax us to pay for.
            If you’ve been voting for the same Rep. every two years your mirror will tell a tale on you about who to blame.

      • Alex

        You can also see videos of Ron Paul pleading with Congress not to raise the debt ceiling, but to cut spending and balance the budget.

      • Duif100

        You must be awful scared of the Teaparty and Ron Paul in order to misrepresent them.
        Rom Paul spoke out and Michelle Bachmann spoke out.
        They are now both classified as terrorists because they did so!

        • Jana

          The real ‘terrorists’ are the liberals. Start with Obama and his ad they are throwing granny off of a cliff. Or, I cannot guarantee the Social Security checks will be sent out. Lies and deception formed to terrorize people into following them and only them.

          Now they want to belittle over half of the people in this country because we don’t agree with them.

          Shame on these lieberals.

          • JeffH

            Jana…HEAR HEAR!

          • Void1972

            This article is from another great American women like yourself.

            Tea Party Tribune
By: Debbie Lee
America’s Mighty Warriors
            Aug 2nd 2006 a day that forever changed my life, our family, the SEAL community, those who knew Marc Alan Lee and all who would come to know him through his heroic sacrifice and final challenge left in his “Glory letter,” to pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life.
            As I sit at his grave the emotions overwhelm me and I lay face down over the soil where his body lays longing to be close one more time to my son, to hear his voice, see his smile, hear his laughter, listen to his thoughts. My tears erupt into the parched grass. How could it have been 5 years? Oh how I long to embrace him and tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of him and his courage. Yes Marc, you were right. Life is a precious gift, and we never know how long we will have it.
            Emotionally depleted I sit up and wipe my tears. I reflect back to the day Marc willingly gave his life and the courage he displayed as three different times that day he chose to expose himself and stand up into direct enemy fire to defend his buddies and the freedoms we are blessed with as Americans.
            It is only natural that as a Mother there is a huge hole in my heart left by his absence in physical form. Yet that young man’s spirit continues to live and surrounds so many as we remember him. His headstone says “Loved Deeply, Deeply Loved,” and we remember that deep love, his love for life, his family, his friends, and his teammates.
            Marc’s faith in Christ was reflected in how he lived each moment with, courage, compassion, perseverance, purpose, and determination and selflessly gave to meet other’s needs. His sense of humor impacted people in an amazing way and you always knew when Marc had been in a room.
            I still can’t comprehend how you can fight in an intense fire fight for two hours, in extreme temperatures of 120 degrees, carrying 150-180 lbs and still have the mental focus and strength to make the decision to do the right thing and risk your life for others. Courage like Marc displayed doesn’t just happen. It is engrained in you by your creator, it is the choice to follow the Biblical morals and values taught to you, it is the opportunity to practice in other difficult circumstances that life brings you or your BUD’s instructors produce.
            Our American History is rich in examples of patriots who displayed courage in numerous circumstances, willing to give everything if need be for what they believed in, to provide liberty and a better life to those they left behind.
            Courage (also bravery, fortitude, or intrepidity) is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. “Physical courage” is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while “moral courage” is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.
            Marc displayed physical and moral courage often witnessed on the battlefield, but courage need not be displayed only in the battlefields of combat as we fight and defend America and the freedoms we have been blessed with.
            As Americans many of us have lost our fortitude and have no spine. We are not willing to confront our fears, our pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.
            If I refused to confront my pain when I was notified Marc had been killed, I would still be curled up in the fetal position, relying on drugs or alcohol to take away the deepest pain a mother could experience.
            We have become a nation of cowards who are too busy living life and enjoying the freedoms we have that others have fought and died for. We have expected someone else to stand for what we believe in and defend our rights. We have buried our heads in the sand and are clueless of the downward spiral to destruction our country is headed in.
            if we don’t courageously stand in the face of uncertainty and adversity and take our country back.
            The Tea Party Movement has inspired, educated and equipped many individuals to stand just as Marc did armed with courage to confront our government, willing to do battle to protect and defend our freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned and declared in our Constitution.
            We boldly came together and made a difference in the elections of 2010 and recently have stood our ground on our financial crisis and the debt limit. We were fed lie after lie that unless we increased the debt limit Aug 2nd would be doomsday and seniors wouldn’t receive their checks.
            Fear-mongering is a strategy coming from our White House, hoping we will put our head between our tails and cave in to the liberals on the Hill. They are counting on Americans to continue to allow them to manipulate and control us. I cringed every time I heard them talking about Aug. 2nd, Aug. 2nd, Aug. 2nd, another reminder of that dreadful day when Marc left this earth.
            It disgusts me to hear the Vice President of the United States has likened me to a terrorist? I’m the Mother of a hero who defended America, sacrificed his life and had the flag, he willing gave his life for, draped over his coffin … and I am being called a terrorist. I’m standing on Biblical morals and values and our constitution and founding documents and I’m a terrorist?????? Despicable!!!! I demand an apology!
            It’s a sad day in America when this is the attitude and thinking of our leaders. This is the battle cry and it is time for all of us to stand up with courage at your side, facing your fears standing for America, reclaiming the liberties and freedoms that our military has fought, bled and many have made the ultimate sacrifice just as my son did.
            Folks, we are now in an intense firefight in America to reclaim her and restore her. As the SEALs say “Failure is not an option.”
            As you remember the sacrifice my son made five years ago today, honor him by reading his last letter home. I know it will inspire you to arm yourself with courage and conquer whatever battles you are facing and to stand courageously for America.

          • Void1972

            Here is Debbie Lee’s son, Marks last letter home.

            Glory is something that some men chase and others find themselves stumbling upon, not expecting it to find them. Either way it is a noble gesture that one finds bestowed upon them. My question is when does glory fade away and become a wrongful crusade, or an unjustified means by which consumes one completely?
            I have seen war. I have seen death, the sorrow that encompasses your entire being as a man breathes his last. I can only pray and hope that none of you will ever have to experience some of these things I have seen and felt here.
            I have felt fear and have felt adrenaline pump through my veins making me seem invincible. I will be honest and say that some of the things I have seen here are unjustified and uncalled for. However for the most part we are helping this country. It will take more years than most expect, but we will get Iraq to stand on its own feet.
            Most of what I have seen here I will never really mention or speak of, only due to the nature of those involved. I have seen a man give his food to a hungry child and family. Today I saw a hospital that most of us would refuse to receive treatment from. The filth and smell would allow most of us to not be able to stand to enter, let alone get medicine from. However you will be relieved to know that coalition forces have started to provide security for and supply medicine and equipment to help aid in the cause.
            I have seen amazing things happen here; however I have seen the sad part of war too. I have seen the morals of a man who cares nothing of human life…I have seen hate towards a nation’s people who has never committed a wrong, except being born of a third world, ill educated and ignorant to western civilization. It is not everybody who feels this way only a select few but it brings questions to mind. Is it ok for one to consider themselves superior to another race?

            Surprising we are not a stranger to this sort of attitude. Meaning that in our own country we discriminate against someone for what nationality they are, their education level, their social status. We distinguish our role models as multimillion dollar sports heroes or talented actors and actress who complain about not getting millions of dollars more then they are currently getting paid.
            Our country is a great country, don’t get me wrong on this, otherwise none of us would be living there. My point of this is how can we come over here and help a less than fortunate country without holding contempt or hate towards them if we can’t do it in our country. I try to do my part over here, but the truth is over there, United States, I do nothing but take.
            Ask yourself when was the last time you donated clothes that you hadn’t worn out. When was the last time you paid for a random stranger’s cup of coffee, meal or maybe even a tank of gas? When was the last time you helped a person with the groceries into or out of their car?
            Think to yourself and wonder what it would feel like if when the bill for the meal came and you were told it was already paid for.
            More random acts of kindness like this would change our country and our reputation as a country.
            It is not unknown to most of us that the rest of the world looks at us with doubt towards our humanity and morals.
I am not here to preach or to say look at me, because I am just as at fault as the next person. I find that being here makes me realize the great country we have and the obligation we have to keep it that way.
            The 4th has just come and gone and I received many emails thanking me for helping keep America great and free. I take no credit for the career path I have chosen; I can only give it to those of you who are reading this, because each one of you has contributed to me and who I am.
            However what I do over here is only a small percent of what keeps our country great. I think the truth to our greatness is each other. Purity, morals and kindness, passed down to each generation through example. So to all my family and friends, do me a favor and pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life to each other so that when your children come into contact with a great conflict that we are now faced with here in Iraq, that they are people of humanity, of pure motives, of compassion.
            This is our real part to keep America free! HAPPY 4th Love Ya
            Marc Lee
            P.S. Half way through the deployment can’t wait to see all of your faces

          • Jana

            Wow Void,
            Thank you for sharing these two beautiful letters.

            The mother, Debbie Lee, sums it up nicely where she says,”Folks, we are now in an intense firefight in America to reclaim her and restore her. As the SEALs say “Failure is not an option.”

            Mark sounds like a wonderful young man. He was asking himself the right questions. Had he made it home he would have been a great example for us all and made a huge difference. As it is, he is still a great example,and a hero.
            Since he loved the Lord we know where he is.
            These two letters are worth passing on.

  • Rationalist

    So, cut every government program or else were going to turn into Nazi Germany? Yeah that’s Hitler rose to power in Post-WWI Germany. If we hadn’t raised the debt ceiling, we would be looking at the prospect of hyper inflation. Which is what happened in Germany after the allies screwed them over after WWI. While I agree 100% that we do need massive reform in Washington, immediate cutting of the size of the government will not suffice and will in all likelihood cause another recession due to job loss. Lastly, the EPA while overblown (like any government agency) is at its best attempting to secure the environment for our kids and their kids and so on ad infinitum. Cheers.

    • Joy

      What makes you think you aren’t looking at hyper inflation anyway? Don’t you get it? This whole debt fiasco was a manufactured crisis by the White House to stir the pot and get Obama re-elected in 2012. Boehner blinked! He had all the cards, Obama showed him an ace, and he folded like a mud fence. Now we’re going to be saddled with another 2.4 trillion in debt on top of the 2.8 trillion the US is already in the hole for just for this year, a ‘Super Committee’ of who knows who to fight among themselves on each other’s pet programs to cut, and the economy will go no-where. Business as usual in Washington.

      • Ellen

        Joy, I disagree. I think the Repubs had no choice but to find a way to raise the debt ceiling because Obama had many Americans afraid of a default. Repubs didn’t want to be blamed and we know Obama’s biggest personality trait is blaming others. With this deal, Obama owns all debt increases. Most Americans want spending cuts, so Obama is going to take all the blame for any extra debt increase he requests. Dems wanted to follow their usual course of ‘tax and spend,’ but Repubs wanted to make spending cuts. This message was made clear throughout the process and Repubs will need to repeat it going into the 2012 elections. Repubs should also focus on the stupidity of raising taxes on the top 2%. Logic would tell us that 2% can’t support 98%. Actual statistics are even better than logic. Of the top 3% of earners, 95% are small businesses filing as individuals. Since 2006, small businesses have created 90% of all jobs. Obama and the Dems want to tax the very people who are helping the economy. Could Obama and the Dems be any more ridiculous? We need to vote them all out.

        • Vagabond

          so true Ellen and I will do my part next election. I only know of one democrat I will vote for next election. and he has done a good job for us.

          • Randy

            Don’t you people get it? I’m 55, and in my lifetime D.C. and the way they run things has NEVER changed! So, what makes you people think “voting” is going to change anything? Congress has made a bunch of “rules” that apply ONLY to them, like paychecks forever, healthcare forever, etc., all at our expense. Where in our Constitution does it say they can do that? Do you really think it will change by voting?
            Remember the “Declaration of Independence”, our founding fathers in that document stated it’s our DUTY to abolish a government when it gets out of control!

    • DaveH

      “If we hadn’t raised the debt ceiling, we would be looking at the prospect of hyper inflation.”?

      You’re going to need to explain that one to me, Rationalist. How does not raising the debt ceiling cause hyperinflation?

      • Vicki

        It will be interesting to see his explaination. Since inflation is caused by one and only one thing, an increase in the supply of (fiat) money hyperinflation is from the exact same cause. All those trillions of newly printed (fiat) dollars by the treasury (QE1 AND QE2).

        Supply / demand is the law. It affects EVERYTHING. Even whatever is used for “money”. A dramatic increase in the supply of money reduces the demand for that money. Thus devaluing it. Thus the products you buy require more of that (fiat) money to buy.

        Understanding hyperinflation is really that simple.

        • DaveH

          I like smart women.
          Good explanation, Vicki.

          • vicki

            It didn’t come easy. I was once a brainwashed liberal. I could even carry 2 conflicting concepts (the 2nd amendment and the Brady bill) side by side and not see any problem.

            Fortunately for me a Canadian friend succeeded in putting a crack in the wall.

    • Commonsense

      I disagree. The EPA is nothing more than another governmental waste hole. trying to justify the EPAs’ exsistance is irrational. The only thing, apparently, that they do, is shush slow-minded people into a euphoric world of idiocy. They don’t pay attention where they should, and then they overprotect things that are of little or no use to anyone. They are as useful to the environment as plastic handles would be on a set of bolt cutters. Of course, at this point that statement could be applied to our entire government. The only thing I think we need to remember is a quote from a movie that John Wayne starred in,”McLintock” where he states, “The GOVERNMENT never GAVE anybody anything!”. Which implied two things:1-the government doesn’t, constitutionally have the right to give anything away, and: 2-Nothing is free, and if you are getting handouts now, the there will be payback, in this case, your liberties and you freedom!

      • Bruman

        Now that’s some commensense.

        • Bruman

          oops, I meant common

      • Vagabond

        so very true Commonsense, the EPA is as worthless as tits on a bull and should be closed down like yesterday!!

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Commonsense:
        We do need an environmental agency to protect our environment; however, this organization should be privatized. Then, it would be more effective.

        • Void1972

          The EPA was created during the Nixon Presidency. Nixon was also the first President to visit China. Is it a coincidence that the powers that are created an agency that destroyed America’s industrialized power, and transferred it to China?

    • Alex

      The Weimar Republic suffered hyperinflation through the deliberate devaluation of their currency. This is accomplished by printing it without any backing of worth.

      Raising the debt ceiling isn’t going to stave off hyperinflation. The printing of $2 trillion dollars with a potential increase in currency of $162 trillion due to monetized debt through fractional lending (assuming a 10% reserve), first by the Fed through the discount window ($2T × 9 = $18T), and then by the banks to the consumers ($18T × 9 = $162T). And heaven help us if any of the borrowers at the bank level put their borrowed funds into time deposit accounts.

      That, my friend, is how hyperinflation happens. Not by putting a stop to the spending and inflation, but by helping it along in an exponential fashion through the rampant printing of money.

    • Duif100

      With all the money Obama has printed (and is still printing more)we will have hyperinflation. The ground work has already been laid.
      Are all the expansions of the federal government under Obama really necessary? I think we can do without them!
      Obama has asked the nation to sacrifice many times. I like to sacrifice like Obama and his family are sacrificing. 26 staffers to manage Michelle’s social life? Is that to figure out the vacation plans or is that to figure out how to make the tax payers pick up the tab?
      As far as the EPA is concerned; what are they saving the world for when they are driving humans into extinction? I for one could not care less if the world we leave is conducive to the multiplication and life of cockroaches.

    • Push comes to Shove

      I think your line of thinking is not so rational. If we cut the size of government 30-50%, yes there would a short term recession because the unemployment rate would rise. But guess what, with less government there is less regulation, less need for tax dollars, and less government interference which will lead to economic growth and over the next 2-5 years as companies were able to gain greater profits due to the lessening of government control they would expand and create more jobs, then the economy would start some real recovery (not this psuedo recovery the MSM & Obamaites speaks of).

      Would you not rather deal with some hardships now so that your children or grandchildren or both would not have to deal with the even harsher hardships that will come because again our gov’t kicks the can down the road? I know i would and that is real RATIONAL thinking.

      BTW, the allies did not screw Germany, they screwed themselves by starting a war they could not win. To the winner goes the spoils, period.

  • pete the simian

    Mr. Tortoise,

    Blood in the Streets if government doesn’t pay the “dole” ! I can agree with you on that one !

    Here is an economic experiment – Will the future reality of worthless dollars finally convince the voters to vote differently ? Also what shape will the government “dole” take on then ? HA HA ! These are interesting days !

  • 1minuteman

    how about cutting the budget for the secret service. i bet that would change what comes out of the whitehouse. the militry is the last thing that should be cut unless we want to be defenseless.

    • The Blue Collar Man

      Well, doesn’t obummbler want us to be a lower ranking Military power? Wouldn’t the World love us if we were only # 6 or so? Wouldn’t that be so nice? We don’t need no stinkin missles!

    • DaveH

      How does our military campaigning all over the world enhance our defense? By impoverishing our country so nobody outside wants it? By pissing off other countries’ citizens so we have something we need to defend against?
      Thanks, but I will decline that kind of defense.

      • Jeep

        DaveH, the problem is that defence cuts always mean cuts first in acquisition, then R&D, then to training, then onto soldier’s pay and benefits, and finally it will affect deployments. No, these cuts will not affect deployments into illegal wars, but will affect soldier readiness.

        • DaveH

          Then that’s the disease that we need to cure. But letting them spend all they want will not get us to that cure.
          Also, rarely does one country attack another. Almost always the trouble starts from within. Can you imagine any country in their right minds attacking us (unless maybe the Government succeeds in disarming us)?

          • Jeep

            DaveH, you’re right on target. This analogy may be a little too simplistic: it is good to be the biggest kid on the block, but not the biggest bully. However, I think you get my point.

          • Vicki

            Our forefathers correctly understood that our best defense was that all our people should be armed and dangerous. As such we don’t have to worry much about other nations attacking us. Most recent proof from WWII where some Japanese officer is purported to have said that attacking the US mainland would be useless as there would be guns behind every blade of grass.

            We do not need (or want) a standing army. We want (and need) our populace well trained and armed. Besides if we did not have a standing army we would not have them running all over the world.

            I thing our forefathers even warned us of the evils of a standing army.

          • JeffH

            Jeep, “…it is good to be the biggest kid on the block, but not the biggest bully”…I agree 100%.

          • Mike in MI

            DaveH – “succeed in disarming us”
            Seems like that is exactly what they intend to do. Then, we’ll be in about the same position and condition we were put in after WWI. The military was cut to the bone and we were busy preparing for the former war. Government officially refused to recognize any potential enemies and downplayed foreign bellicose preparations and alliances.
            Of course there isn’t any such similar idiocy afoot in today’s world because Obama’s golden tongue keeps everybody in the world at peace. Don’cha know!

          • vicki

            We have already been mostly disarmed. At least in many states including California. If I were to check the 1000 people nearest me right now only the police and the odd criminal or 3 is armed.

    • Karolyn

      The DOD budget could be drastically cut and remodeled and we wouldn’t have to worry about being defenseless. All we have to do is bring all the troops home!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        If you are wrong in this simplistic approach, will you take the responsibility for the problems it could create?

      • Vicki

        Bring the troops home. Have them train the rest of us in the proper use of arms. Provide us with those arms. Much cheaper than sending so many all over the world. Would make us much safer here at home too.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Sure is funny that there was no cuts in congressmans pay or benefits and they want us to sacifice.

    • http://msn KEn

      there will probably be NO raise in social security again in 2012 but you guessed it, the freaking politians will grant themselves another big fat $5,000,00 a month raise.

      • DaveH

        Of course. That’s what it’s all about — the Leaders and their Crony Capitalists. The rest of us, the taxpayers, the smaller politically unconnected businesses, and the consumers, are just here to pay the bill.
        And it has been that way for over 150 years.

    • Alex

      You’ve solved it! That’s the answer to all our problems. Just cut the pay of the congressmen. With a little something from each of the five hundred or so members, we’ll have the budget balanced in no time.

      Get real. I’m seriously sick of hearing that drivel from people who don’t understand. This issue has nothing to do with congress getting a raise however many years ago. This issue has to do with over spending, and an unwillingness to cut back on spending what they don’t have.

    • Duif100

      If we paid congress,the president and other elected officials for performance; they would owe us by now so much money that we would have more than enough to pay off the national debt.

      • Kate8

        Duif100 – Here in CA, the voters passed a bill that would, if the legislature failed to pass a budget, withhold their pay until they do.

        While it may sound like a good idea, what happened was, because they couldn’t come up with anything good in time, they passed a horrendous budget just to get it done.

        It’s tempting to want to make these people pay for their failures, believe me, we will always end up the losers. Heads they win, tails we lose.

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    Thank you America !

    Dear American Taxpayer

    I want to thank the hard working American people for paying $242 thousand dollars for my vacation in Spain.

    My daughter Sasha, several long-time family friends, my personal staff and various guests had a wonderful time. Honestly, you just haven’t lived until you have stayed in a $2,500..00 per night private 3-story villa at a 5-Star luxury hotel.

    Thank you also for the u se of Air Force Two and the 70 Secret Service personnel who tagged along to be sure we were safe and cared for at all times. By the way, if you happen to be visiting the Costa del Sol, I highly recommend the Buenaventura Plaza restaurant in Marbella; great lobster with rice and oysters!

    Air Force Two (which costs $11,351 per hour to operate according to Government Accounting Office reports) only used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of CO2. These are only rough estimates, but they are close. That’s quite a carbon footprint as my good friend Al Gore would say, so we must ask the American citizens to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars and drive less too, so we can lessen our combined carbon footprint.

    I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling to put food on the table and trying to make ends meet. So I do appreciate your sacrifices and do hope you find work soon.

    I was really exhausted after Barack took our family on a luxury vacation in Maine a few weeks ago. I just had to get away for a few days.


    Michelle Obama

    P.S. Thank you as well for the $2 BILLION dollar trip to India !

    P.S. Thank you, too, for that vacation trip to Martha’s Vineyard; it was fabulous. And thanks for that second smaller jet that took our dog Bo to Martha’s Vineyard so we and the children could have him with us while we were away from the White House for eleven days.

    P.SSS. Oh, I almost forgotto thank you all for our “date weekend” in New York and to say thanks also for our two-week trip to Hawaii at Christmas. That 7,000 square foot house was great!
    And finally, thanks for asking, we had a great time taking Air Force One to Chicago to tape our segment with Oprah a couple weeks ago, replete with full security, a separate plane for armored limosines and a full contingent of assistants.

    Remember we all have to share the pain of these economic times equally! Love to -redistribute- share- the wealth.


    • Warrior

      You summed the situation up very well!

    • Les

      I’m SpeCiaL, you’re not!

      - Michelle :P

    • Bob

      Michelle Obama would not thank the American people. She is ENTITLED to everything the US Government can offer. At least in her mind.

      • Altaica

        Entitled to help spend the hard earned money of everyone else! I’d like to see her live on the avg income of most Americans.

      • Mike in MI

        Think of it as reparations – she does.

        • Kate8

          Mike in Mi – :)

    • Sadly Wiser

      P.S. To all those folks who say we should have vacationed in Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and other National Parks because we should “see America First”: We didn’t want to spoil the vacations of the poor of America who can’t afford to go abroad. You see, the whole Park would have to be shut down for our security so that we wouldn’t be attacked by home grown terrorists, if you know what I mean. Besides, we’re Global Citizens–we can wait to see those Parks when they’ve been re-designated Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc. etc. Global Parks. M.O.

  • Bob

    As one who has worked with (and for) government all of my adult life, I have come to the conclusion that no one truly cares about government waste, ergo no one is going to stop government waste. The fact is, when one factors in bloated wages and lavish benefits for government employees, generous subsidies to non-productive parasites. a constantly filled feeding trough for government vendors, a populace that looks to government to solves its problems, and a plethora of government agencies that perform no useful function, then one can see that most of our tax dollars would be better spent if we just used them to heat our homes in the winter. I have tried to expose the waste I have seen through the FBI, the media, and even the so-called watchdogs of the tax dollar that go by the name “TEA Partiers”. None of them are interested because the waste involves powerful politicians, or the party the media is trying to protect, or businesses from which the group seeks to draw support. True reform is not going to come through any of those currently involved – it will come when the people finally get tired of being parasitized and beggared by the scum who misuse our tax dollars. I guess we will have to reach the point of pain the Russians met before we wake up and overturn the malignant system under which we now live. I hope we all enjoy the ride down into the pit.

    • Master Gunny

      Sir, Concur! There are NO INCENTIVES for frugality, good management, or cost containment in the DOD. On the contrary there is every reason to burn up the annual budget even though the need for the project was overcome by events or unnecessary at conception. My favorite? the dog playground that a friend of mine built at Ft Stewart GA for a mere $600K. Not a working dog training facility, a place for the animals of dependents to exercise. The rot is so bad that if I recounted the things of which I have personal knowledge ya’ll would march on Washington and tear the place down and I am not (NOT) resorting to hyerbole.

      • Bob

        I have worked for government contractors on military bases and I know just what you are talking about. While I have great respect for our soldiers, the civilians employed by the military are typical government drones and they waste billions of dollars.

        • Les

          Worked in and around DoD since 1970 and I have seen it all. I love how both the Govies and the Contractors call programs “CashCows” and spending your money “Burn Rates”. I learned too late that “Money Must Be Spent”. Money must remain in constant circulation so that a select few get their fair share of every dollar in circulation. Fraud, Waste, Abuse & Mismanagement happen throughout DoD and all other government agencies. I guess if you do all 4 they cancel each other out. The IGs at these places are all intentionally incompetent and hide the malfeasance happening at their organization. This too I learned the hard way. Your not allowed to report on their illegal activities without their permission. Kind of reminds me of the Mafia.

          • Debbie

            It is the same at the state (education) level. I taught at a school outside of Atlanta, where the heating system did not work, but the state lottery funded a one million dollar “distance learning” (satellite) system, that I believe four people used. I am sure someone got a kickback from putting them in rural high schools, but the kids in half of the school classes had to wear coats in class just to keep from freezing in the winter. And I have seen other things almost as bad.
            The bad thing is that at the end of the school year, you had better make sure you used all your money up, or they would cut your allotment for next year, and you didn’t want that!

        • Vagabond

          AMEN Bob, I to worked with civilians while in the Air Force. I got so disgusted I quit in 1965 with 14 years of service,

          • Bob

            Yes, working with government employees is like spending your day in a cesspool. It is time to drain that cesspool.

      • Duif100

        We need an honest government. The first thing we need for that is an “Open Records and Meetings Act”.
        All government business must be conducted in public. No closed door meetings, no meetings of smaller groups on the side and no secrets from the public.
        The information hidden for “National security” reasons does not protect our citizens; it only protects the politicians, government power brokers and hides violations of the law by the government.
        There are reasons why Obama never delivered on his “most transparent government in history” promise.
        Give me ONE good reason why the debt ceiling negotiations were done in secret behind closed doors?
        The negotiations were never about increasing the debt limit!
        The negotiations were about how to present a debt limit increase to the general public in a manner that both parties look equally good or bad and the people have no real other political alternative.
        In short the negotiations were about “How do we hold on to our power over the people”.

        • Altaica

          The way they allot money for government products is terribly flawed. If you don’t spend all your money you don’t get it all next year, how about we allot money to where it is really needed and not spend frivolously?

          The city I live in does this too, they purposely use poor grade materials to fix the roads so that they have to spend their full allotment every year to fix the roads. If they put in the better grade materials then they would save money in the long run in road repairs not to mention prevent accidents and damages to their taxpayer’s vehicles from their defunct roads that they wait to fix until x number of vehicles have been damaged. But then they wouldn’t get as much next year.

          Imagine if we actually had honest spending, and if they didn’t spend the money they saved it for the next year, and shock, would eventually find that they could grow their money and fund their projects with less burden on the populace. Not to mention the mayor we got in this city said he was going to help the budget yet hired on a budget person with less experience (And IMO hasn’t done her job) at nearly twice the old person’s salary and used our tax money to purchase a Hummvee to drive around town! Talk about wasteful. He makes plenty of money, why are we paying for his car? The whole governmental infrastructure is crawling with maggots. It’s time to excise the tumors and clean out the filth so our country can heal. If we don’t find a way to do it, the problems will only fester, grow worse, and spread.

        • Altaica

          On the Honest Government thing: How about we have laws that don’t require a law degree to understand. And stop putting things in these bills that have nothing to do with the bill in the first place! No more pork barreling!

          • Jay

            Just plain common sense Altaica!

    • DaveH

      I think you’re correct, Bob, unfortunately.

    • bob wire

      “Bob says:
      August 2, 2011 at 7:27 am

      As one who has worked with (and for) government all of my adult life, I have come to the conclusion that no one truly cares about government waste, ergo no one is going to stop government waste.”

      WTF! ?????? and you proclaim people that you don’t even know as being moochers and system riders? While you yourself have rode the Federal gravy train your whole live?

      Sounds about right, I suspected it and now I have your own testimony. You’ve lived on the Federal dollar your whole life. ~ That must be nice? I have family on mother’s side that’s the same way, Army lifer, with the children working for the IRS and other federal jobs. ~ LOL ~ It’s smart I suppose , but just how many Americans can the government employee?

      Bob , you have little in common with the average American today. You live in a protective bubble where you can pontificate from like Moses, , “Let my people go” LOL !! that’s just too rich.

      Try 41 years hammering away in the private sector if you really want to know about something besides ~ just “waste”. I have little doubt that you are an authority on “waste”.

      There is little waste in my organization I can assure you. I can’t and won’t put up with it, no matter the reason. ~ I’ll buy a good worker first $1000.00 mistake once. They all are on a line of credit and debits. The private sector can’t carry slacker and sand baggers.

      Company benefits around here is toilet paper in the bathroom and a place in the shade to eat lunch if there is time.

    • Void1972

      Obama has doubled the limousine service to the White House from 248, under Bush, to 418. At the cost of 1.4 billion. That is almost 4 million per limo. This Muslim communist sure knows how to waste our hard earned money!

  • viper

    What we need is less talk and more action. Obama has to turn everything thing into a side show he does this to stall blame others he! Is buying time to get another shot at office. We the people are sick of him. How many laws has he broken? Why is he still in office that’s one cut we need to make THE FIRST CUT. We all know the problem we need to fix it

    • http://msn KEn


      • Robert Smith

        Funny, that’s what a lot of folks thought about Bush.

        Michelle eats pizza in Spain and may get some tummy upset. Bush sent thousands of our fine soldgers in harms way in Iraq on the basis of lies and his own desire to finish “daddy’s” business.


        • Alex

          And Obama has sent us into four more countries on top of Iraq when he claimed to oppose the war in Iraq, and that he intended to bring the troops home.

          Don’t let your personal feelings make you blind to reality.

        • ValDM

          Mr. Smith,
          And what about all those muslim countries like Libya, Egypt,; that our soldiers are being sent to currently, courtesy of the O’boy???? War is war no matter who starts it. How about that campaign promise in 2008 that troops will be withdrawn in 11 months???? How come THAT didn’t happen……….they’re still there, & likely to remain there until the O’boy gets done here what he needs done here. Our troops won’t be here to lend a hand at the revolution that’s coming, also courtesy of the O’boy. What say you?

        • jibbs

          oblumder said he was going to stop the wars as soon as he took office, don’t forget to thank him for Libya.

        • Bob

          Two things Robert: One is that Bush is no longer in office and that he was at least trying to defend the USA in his bumbling way. Two is that maobama and the maocrats are responsible for what is going on now and they are trying to destroy the USA. There is a huge difference between Bushes bumbling and maobama’s malevolence.

      • DaveH
      • Vagabond

        AMEN to that Ken,

  • Dave

    The very first thing I would do is eliminate foreign aid to all countries. Congress and the president are stupid for borrowing money to give away to foreigners. How stupid is that. All those worthless government agencies should also be eliminated, make those overpaid and underworked moochers get a real job.

    • Joy

      Well, they are having trouble buying friends on Wall Street and out in the private sector these days, so I guess WAshington has to go buy friends overseas.

      • bob wire

        Hmm? If loyalty was for sell it might be worth it. I’d come near thinking less carrot and more stick.

        It works on me!

        • Jeep

          bob, how about a good “rib kicking”?

          • JeffH


          • Jana


          • bob wire

            yea, That would work too I suppose or get you killed.

            But kicking someone ribs in is much like a stoning ~ a cowardly barbaric act among those of the lower order. Not the way to make friends but to instill fear and hate if one survives the experience. I would think that you would be worldly wise enough to know that.

            Jeep, you just don’t like people that fight back, expecting them to lay down for you while you do your little River Dance. ~ Well? That’s not going to happen buddy.

            To be hated and despised by you three is truly badge of honor. I’ve no interest in pandering to your twist precepts or laying down for you.

            If I can’t help make you well, I’m might as well expose your weakness.
            ““What happens to the guy who’s planned a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park with his son, only to find that the park has been closed because Congress failed to raise the debt ceiling?” The answer you never hear is: He takes his son somewhere else!”

            I think Chevy Chase did a movie with that thyme that was quite comical. ~ but I think you missed the point Rob Ringer. The Fed closing down has far reaching consequences that you seem willing to make light of only because you are not personally and directly affected. You are much like my old man,~ nobody had a problem that he couldn’t solve. While his problems were more complicated and much harder to address.

          • Jana

            bob wire,
            It looks like the joke is on you. He was referring to your post from yesterday on a different topic.
            And I quote************

            bob wire says:

            August 2, 2011 at 1:31 am

            Jeep , you seem to believe that a one sided arguments serves you best. I might wish to believe the same thing, so why don’t you quit defending and let us kick your ribs in? ( figuratively speaking of course) ~ it would only hurt for a little while.

          • JeffH

            bw says “To be hated and despised by you three is truly badge of honor.”

            Let a little air out of your head bw. Don’t flatter yourself though it must be difficult. I don’t recall any of “you three” having ever expressed that bw…I suppose “you three” should be flattered for your surmising a despicable hate towards you but the use of the word “hate” is a common liberal term and “you three” most certainly aren’t liberal…be carefull bw, whatever it is yer takin’ ain’t helping you none.

          • Jana

            That was a good catch.
            I generally do not read all of bob wire’s mindless diatribe of self importance.
            Hate? There is a lot of energy that goes into hatred. First of all that would mean you actually have value in my life, and you don’t bob wire.

          • Jeep

            My “rib kicking” comment was from an earlier reference to bob wire. He had threatened the same to me on a different thread, and I was just returning the favor.

            Jana, bring it on! Your threats are laughable, at best. I feel no need to defend myself. But, if you feel compelled to attack, I am most certainly ready to respond. Just keep the tears from showing as the dust settles.

        • Jeep

          Jana, my sincerest apologies, I reread your post and now understand your intent. Thank you, and I will be more careful in the future!

          • Jana

            I have done that before too, moan.
            Have a nice day.

          • JeffH

            Jeep, good save fellow patriot.

        • bob wire

          I was totally aware of Jeep’s reference to prior posting.

          While he did elect to leave out my qualifier “figuratively speaking” changing the tenor of the statement , I toy with him in jest today.

          Jeep does not like people that can or even tries to defend themselves from attacks. The wording of His posting over the months permits me this view. In much the same way many of you seem to think I project a self absorbed person. Jana even thinks I care nothing about her. ~ LOL ~ then why would I bother? ~Do You believe I have little else to do and this is my joy, kicking your sand castle down?

          ~ this is not an all inclusive Love Boat cruise but a battle of ideas with minds up for grabs.

          Simply quit attacking people that are defending themselves from an attack by others Jeep and I’ll leave you alone. deal Jeep?

          It reminds me of some non-discript person racing up to kicking someone that’s someone else has already laid out. Piling on in packs is for dogs. You are not a dog, quit behaving like one.


          I’ll admit that the cuts were rather small and we must get federal spending under control. But change too quickly will cause us even greater and new problems to address, especially considering today’s delicate position.

          Accept today’s small gains and continue to working for better, more effective government. What we start today, few of us will be around to see the full effects. Try to Understand and accept that. Enjoy the study of history and realize time and pressure are major factors that shape current events and our future.

          Or you can listen to TIME and want to kick the pooch when you get home.

          It’s your choice, only you can control how you react.

          • Jana

            bob wire,
            Nothing was ignored I posted you ENTIRE post word for word.

          • Jana

            You are such a typical liberal! You twist things around to fit your idea of what the truth is.

            Talk about sand castles, that all you have.

            What you projected on Jeep ******Jeep does not like people that can or even tries to defend themselves from attacks. *******

            HA HA HA this is you. You have projected on Jeep what you are yourself.

            ******** Again you say “In much the same way many of you seem to think I project a self absorbed person”*******

            You bet you project yourself as a VERY self absorbed person. You can’t STAND for anyone tochave a different opinion than you. What ever you say has to be THE ONLY WAY. When someone dares have a differing idea you become a complete JERK and use names. NOT A GOOD QUALITY!

            You bw come across as two different personalities. It appears at times you post under the influence of something. When you do you are not only a jerk, but you are just downright mean. You need help.

    • DaveH

      It’s not stupid at all for the leaders to spend our money making themselves powerful new friends to aid in suppressing us.
      We’ve been the foolish ones for buying into the Democrat/Republican Big Government growth machines.
      There is only one party with the Principles of Freedom to cut the Government back to a much smaller size, get our Liberty back, and return our country to prosperity:

    • Altaica

      Here Here! We need to take care of our own first. And on that same note, if you aren’t in this country by one of the many legal ways you can be here, then you don’t deserve any money from any of the welfare/ poverty/social help programs. Stop giving our money away to people who aren’t our citizens or at the very least here by some legal means!

  • Joy

    So what did Americans gain with the House passing the debt ceiling bill? Did any one in Congress READ the wretched thing? Who’s going to be on the ‘Super Committee’ that decides what gets cut and how much? And how soon? Why does Barack Obama need another 2.4 trillion dollars to spend to begin with? With the crap economy we have even now, the US could still pay 75% of its bills, including the interest on our debt. So why does the White HOuse need another whopping huge increase in the debt to pay for WHAT? Who is going to get bought this time? This whole manufacutured crisis just proved one thing to me: the Republicans learned NOTHING from the TARP fiasco. Like the sheep they have become they just voted Obama back into the White House for 2012, and double dip recession for the rest of us. I hope they are happy with themselves. Republi-CANTS. Can’t do what their constituents want them to do.

    • DaveH

      There will be nothing cut, Joy, thanks to the magic of baseline budgeting. The only cuts will come in the future growth and those cuts are miniscule. In other words, the Government will grow more slowly now. Big Whoop.
      The establishment Republicans have blown away the best chance we had at reigning in Big Government by not raising the debt ceiling. Any other cuts will be impossible to obtain now until and unless we vote out the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans in 2012.

      • DaveH

        Starting with Boehner. What a phony.

        • Alex


          We should compile a list of every member of congress who voted yea to the bill and see to it that they lose their seat in the next election.

          As I see it, the only real powers that exist to the people are the force of arms, and the power of the vote. Since revolution should never be entered into lightly, let’s take the power of the vote and let the congress know just how unhappy we are with their performance.

          And this, by the way, is not just talk. I already checked. My congressmen for South Carolina voted nay.

        • Jeep

          DaveH, stop picking on Boehner! You’re going to make him cry again…

          • DaveH

            I’m sorry.

        • OB1

          DaveH, Please don’t get discouraged. I’ve learned many things I simply did not know from your posts. He’s codependent. Look up the meaning of the word. Many establishment Repubs are. Not all. They are a small minority…but growing. I check what they say and their voting record. I know how to do that now. I suppose I’ve learned a whole lot. This video link will give you hope. It did me. More later. Check out this!

          • DaveH

            Sorry, OB1, I couldn’t stomach listening to John Kerry use that “default” word one more time.
            How can anybody be so ignorant as to buy that? I’m not talking about John Kerry. He is just saying whatever his ignorant voters will buy into so he can get re-elected.
            How does anybody with half-a-brain think borrowing more money is going to increase our standing with the creditors?

      • Duif100

        Do you really believe that government spending will slow down?
        No way.
        When the debt ceiling can be increased by the same people who spend the money, there is no debt ceiling.
        The “debt ceiling” is only an administrative and political maneuver/formality to create an image of responsibility.
        The debt ceiling should be set by constitutional amendment and should only be changed by constitutional amendment.

      • Palin12

        Have you got any links as to how many assistants each Senator and Rep have on their staffs? I have heard 12-18 each. I can always count on you for great links!

        • OB1

          Check out the two above I just sent. I will look for your answer. Most of this is public record (at this time). Sometimes it’s actually in print. That is still attainable too.

        • DaveH

          Thank you for your kind words, Palin12. But I have no idea. Whatever the number is, it’s probably too many.

          • Jana

            I agree they probably have way too many as well as they have way too much of an allotment for their ahem expense account.

          • Palin12

            I did a little digging and found some interesting results. I was way off. Harry Reid, for example, has a staff of 65 who collectively made $2,263,484 for physical year 2010. Barbara (call me Senator) Boxer’s staff of 79 made $4,528,273 in 2010. Multiply these out by 500+ reps shows you what a monstrosity the congressional budget is.

          • Jay

            $44 billion – This represents a 28% pay increase for Fed employees (Fed pay increased 36.9% since 2000 while private worker’s pay increased only 8.8%.)

  • Warrior

    The only way to stop this perpetuation of theft is to elect more Tea Party or Libertarian supporters.

    • Buddy

      There is another way.

      Sooner or later, the USA union will break-up. That should provide the entire solution.

      The big problem may be to provide productive activities for the people to which the federals have been printing money. Unfortunately, that will take time, but can be done.

      • OB1

        Tried that with the Civil War. Didn’t work. 14th amendment and reconstruction with non of the former confederate states being able to vote. By the way, The Dream Act is enacted in California with not one public vote. End of story. Check out your history on this one.

        • Warrior

          Same in ILL. Imagine that!

  • Just a Dude

    Great Article Robert,
    You’re spot on about eliminating departments of “nothingness!” So much of the governmental over-reach, over-spend, and over regulate are tied to the cabinet positions. They need to be eliminated and magically the costs will go down and our freedom will increase.

    I do have to respectfully disagree about the gov’t sponsoring your family trip to the Orioles or Redskins. I believe the founders were very clear in their support for only teams originating from furry creatures such as the Bear or Cub and then subsequently Yellowstone cause it’s where little Bears and baby Cubs get their horse sense.

    • OB1

      The Sano Giants: Check out their story. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. Who got the new stadium done? Won’t tell you. Make you Google it yourself. Then, you’ll be wiser…..maybe.

  • TML

    “… but not one Congressperson has been willing to name a specific program or bureaucracy that should be completely eliminated.”

    You really should do some research on Ron Paul. He has not only named specific programs, but also wants to go down that list of government agencies you speak of, and shut them down. Say what you will about him, but he has the most experience, definitive solutions, the most solid and consistent voting record I have ever seen. If you judge by the facts… he is the best man for the job.

    I’m still thinking about your comments on Yellowstone. I was kind of outraged that you would suggest selling it to private corporations such as Disney land. I’ve not yet made up my mind about such a proposal. (I’m emotionally attached to it, lol)

    • Boca

      I also love Yellowstone but would rather visit when Disney owns it rather than wait until the Chinese own it.

      • Jeep

        Don’t the Chinese already own Disney? Heck, they seem to own everything else!

      • Vagabond

        I dont give a flip about yellowstone nor any other state park for that matter. private industry does a good job of creating very good recreational areas. at least here in North Carolina. and instead of costing the tax payers a fortune andsuporting a bunch of freeloading socalled government workers they make money for the goverment,

    • DaveH

      I also love Yellowstone, but over the decades I watched the park signs as they changed from polite requests to demanding threats and the rangers pretty much followed suit.
      One of the most common sites on the many trips I’ve made through Yellowstone was of rangers leaning on their shovels shooting the bull.
      On one trip, I awoke at 2am (sleeping in the back of our station wagon) to two men walking past our car and taking our camp stove. I scrambled out in my long johns and asked what they were doing. They were Park Rangers and they said they were taking it to the Ranger Station because there might be grease on the stove (the stove was very clean) which might attract bears. They said I could keep it in my car though. Sure, if the stove did indeed attract a Grizzly, it would have no trouble at all ripping off my car door with us inside.
      On another trip a neighbor camper told me that they had told her to put her food in the restroom to protect it from bears. She did and the next day it was obvious that a bear had gotten into the restroom to get into the food. Luckily nobody happened to need the restroom at the same time that the bear was in there.
      One year I was attending the campfire chat and the Ranger was telling the audience that snowmobiling should be banned in the park during winter because of the pollution it created. Who would that pollution bother? Certainly not the surrounding cities who get much-needed revenue from the snowmobile rentals. Who lives in the park that might be affected by the smog? You got it — the Rangers. They want their own private winter-time wonderland at the taxpayers’ and park-visitors’ expense.
      You Gotta Love Big Government. NOT!

      • OB1

        This is why you are gifted! I couldn’t get through the challenges of my day right now without your spot on insights! Been there too.. I’m laughing so hard I can’t type!. Let’s make congress and the Obama’s go campin on their “break” to Yosemite! I can’t type! Just thinking about I can’t stop laughing!!!!! I posted two link for you earlier. Bye.

        • JeffH

          Kind of ironic, I live about 1-1/2 hrs from Yosemite and have never been inside it’s boundaries. I did fly around Half Dome once in the 70′s with my brother and a friend in a small plane though. I might take a drive up there after the busy season though. I have traveled many miles on foot hunting inside our state and federal wildlife refuges chasing pheasants,ducks and geese.

        • DaveH

          Thank you, OB1. But that was Yellowstone that I was talking about.
          I have been to Yosemite several times though. I used to absolutely love riding on the upper deck of the double-decker buses they used to run in Yosemite Valley after the sun went down. That is about as close to heaven as I’ll ever get, lol.
          We stayed there in a tent cabin one time and the kids were up carousing most of the night. Turns out that those kids were Park Employees. In fact, my understanding from people that I’ve talked to is that the rowdiness that went on in Yosemite Valley was by the Concession Workers. The enviros have been trying to shut down the valley to cars and camping for a long time now, using the rowdiness as an excuse. But they conveniently failed to mention that it was their own park employees who were making the ruckus.

  • Altaica

    Here’s an idea: If we the people “elected” the officials, i.e. the politicians doesn’t that theoretically make them employees of the people? In this case as an employer I think that there needs to be a cut in their ridiculous salaries. Can’t get the job done right, then out of your pocket the money comes. When an employee costs a company too much money they are often fired. Obviously our politicians are spending too much. Time to cut their pay and if they can’t figure it out, out the door.

    While I agree there are a lot of government programs we sure don’t need, I do disagree about some of them going away. One in particular is our national parks, I don’t want to see our already threatened and endangered species being exterminated, but they could always sell them with a contractual agreement of species conservation and such. Either that or give the land back to the Native Americans our ancestors took it from.

    Our country needs to get back to being dependent on itself and needs to stop spending our money on other countries. Yeah, it’s sad that there are poor and homeless people in third world countries. Yeah it’s sad that natural disasters have left lots of people without homes. What’s even sadder is that we have the same problems here and they aren’t being addressed. We need to start helping ourselves and stop giving away our country’s money. Let those who want to donate do so, but stop spending our tax money on it. We have our own homeless, hungry people here.

    It’s time to start trimming the fat and thinking about our country and our problems and stop dinking around with the rest of the world’s problems. Cut over-inflated politician salaries, stop allowing big business and the wealthy to get away with paying virtually no taxes. The average citizen can’t loophole their way to no taxes or more money back then they spent in. Get rid of all the micro-managing agencies that infringe on our rights.

    Let’s get back to being self-sufficient and keep out of the world pie for awhile and maybe this country would lose a bit of debt weight in the process.

    • http://msn KEn

      What needs to be done is have a flat mandatory 10% income tax, no refunds, and the country would be out of debt in no time.

      • Robert Smith

        Actually KEn, the math dictates a 17% flat tax with folks earning under something like $5,000 don’t have to file.

        It was an interesting plan but big business won’t ever go for even 10%. It’s corporations that have sent your jobs over seas, and now they are locating in places like Switzerland to avoid taxes on the money they saved by not paying Americans fair wages.


        • DaveH

          Get together with your like-minded Liberal buddies, Robert, pool your monies, and start your own businesses. Put your money where your mouth is. Show us how it Should be done.
          What? Put your own money at risk? How crazy is that?

        • Push comes to Shove

          Yep, businesses are and have left, why? Because of over-taxing and over-regulation.

          Hey, Robert Smith, your buddy Obama’s jobs czar from GE is looking at moving GE overseas to avoid the same taxes and regulations. What say you about that? If the jobs czar is doing it there must be good reason don’t you think like Unions wages, high taxes, and regulations that aer killing this economy.

          I think the majority of businesses would welcome only a 10% flat tax, especially the big corporations that are not in the goverments favor.

          • JeffH

            Ah yes, over-taxing and over-regulation, the results of what I call the “cause and affect” of environmental extremism. Can you say EPA and not get sick?

        • Mike in MI

          Well, gee, Robert S. -
          And who was it that sent the tax rates sky-high, set up the crony capitalist systems that produced huge subsidy programs that favor friends of government and drive competition into the dirt? Lovers of capitalism who do it to protect the union workers “slaving away” in those socialist workers playgrounds? Who was it set up all the ridiculous regulations and restrictions that make gaining a PROFIT (dirty word to a commie liberal), expanding facilities or exercising what used to be “rights and freedoms” impossible to those businessmen?
          Can’t understand why countries overseas might try to woo them to their nations…and succeed – can you?

    • Alex

      The Declaration of Independence makes them our employees, not the election. lol. The government derives its just powers by the consent of the governed, and exists for the sole purpose of protecting our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

      They seem to have forgotten that.

    • Vagabond

      Altaica you have just made the most sensible post I have read PERIOD,

  • Martin Maruza

    Do not spend money that you do not have, it is that simple.

    • Joy

      ‘Simple’ is a word Washington does not recognize. If it isn’t 1500 pages long, it not worth the Senate or Congress’s time. They never actually READ bills, but thats not the point. Its got to be big, mind-boggling and complicated, or someone NOT in government might catch on that all politicians do is blow smoke and double-talk.

      • Les

        They’re selling it to you by the pound.

        4 trillion/1500 pages = 2.7 billion per page, and worth every penny.

  • Les

    To quote Joe Biden:
    “People look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we’ve got to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’ The answer is, ‘Yes, I’m telling ya.’”

    I guess he slept through ECON 101. We’re on a train wreck with morally bankrupt leadership that doesn’t have the integrity of a snail. Spend a trillion dollars now for a future promises to cut later. Trend analysis tells me that nothing will be cut until we go bust. And bust is coming real soon.

    • bob wire

      I believe it’s refereed to as “investment” Les

      We get returns off of our investments. ~ That we have invested heavily in guns,nation building and policing the world of bad guys and not really asked for much in returns. That’s our “gains”.

      If these “gain” are seen as unacceptable, maybe it’s time to consider other option of investment?

    • Alex

      There IS one thing I will say … when it all comes crashing down, life will find a way. It won’t be the end of life, just of organized civilization. When the house of cards comes down, I suspect the whole globe will start to look like the late night commercials begging for money for the poor people in Brazil and Argentina.

      The strongest will survive. The strongest will take over. If the strong also happen to be wise, then the world will rebuild itself.

      • bob wire

        of course ~ it’s not the end of the world but an end of a time and a beginning of another.

  • Frederick H

    No, THE SOLUTION would be to heavily tax charge those SELFISH SUPER WEALTHY DOGS, those totally unashamed grabbers, who take their industries to Malaysia, Thailand, China as well as numerous Eastern European countriesprecisely because of the super cheap labor in those countries. Slave owners they are, these vultures, who suck our country dry of job opportunities and billions of much needed tax dollars, whilst hiring Philippine, Sri Lankan and Latin American nannies to wipe their toddlers’ bums and clean up their villas in California and the Bermudas 24/7. These billionaire beasts are a full disgrace not only to America but to the Western World at large. Hypocrites they are, calling themselves devout Christians while (virtually) stealing from you and me with a whole load of “tax dodge schemes” and – not to forget – big, fat corporate bonuses. I spit on these cockroaches, who ought to be crushed like slimy toxic insects, indeed. Ugh.

    • Les

      So politicians are going to start paying taxes? Most are SUPER WEALTHY DOGS. You think they are going to raise their own taxes? Too funny.

    • ValDM

      Huh? How did Christians get lumped in there…… to cite a “for instance” or two?

    • Alex

      You really don’t understand what you’re suggesting.

      Tax the rich! If you honestly think that’s a good solution, then it’s time for you to buy some books on economics.
      “Trickle Down Economics” has been more or less demonized in mainstream media. In the average public perception, the rich get tax breaks. They hide money off shore. They have clever accountants who manage to find ways to keep them from paying their fair share of taxes. Above all, despite all the tax breaks they get, they aren’t creating more jobs. Therefore, since they have the extra, surely they can spare it. But they flee and move their companies to other countries.
      In the first place, to dispel some of the nonsensical thinking, there isn’t anyone in this country who would pay a tax if he or she could avoid doing so. If a loophole exists, they’ll take advantage of it. So the complaint that they hide money offshore is hypocritical at its basest level. When people complain that rich corporations have clever accountants, and that they avoid paying their fair share, this is just propaganda. They are either taking legitimate tax deductions, or they are cheating. If they are cheating, there’s no proof. If there were proof, people would be in jail. If it be argued that the rich have more, so they can afford more, one need only argue that the same principle can be applied across the board. The only person that doesn’t have more than someone else is the vagrant sleeping in a cardboard box. And even he might have one more dirty shirt than the vagrant two boxes down the alley.
      The plainest and simplest thing that everyone needs to understand is that poor people don’t create jobs. Poor people don’t open businesses. Poor people don’t hire anyone. Wealthy people do. And it is a matter of basic economics that if you take the wealth from the wealthy in order to finance social programs, you start a chain reaction that leads to compounding unemployment. This is not an opinion, and it is not party politic diatribe. It’s an economic and logical fact.
      Our entire system functions on a supply and demand relationship, and everything, especially employment, depends on it. If a company wants to produce a product, there is a balance to the material costs, labor, production, demand, and salable price. If labor prices go up, as often happens with the unions, then one of several things has to happen. Either the price of the product has to go up to compensate, the number of workers has to go down to compensate, or some other production cost has to go down to compensate. There is no free lunch.
      By the same token, if you increase taxes on the company, you are increasing their production cost. The same things are going to happen.
      They might raise their price and pass the tax burden on to the consumer. This will result in lower demand due to higher prices, but with no change in actual revenue because the additional money-price exists to meet the new tax. With a decrease in revenue, they’ll have to cut costs or raise prices even more. But since a rise in prices already affected the demand, they can’t raise prices further without affecting their sales further. So they lay off workers instead. While this may cut their cost of production, it unfortunately reduces their net production due to a smaller workforce. The result, either way, is higher taxes on lower revenue for a marginal, if any, aggregate increase in tax revenue, increased unemployment, a slower economy, higher retail prices for consumers, and a reduction in Income, Medicare, and Social Security taxes due to fewer working Americans paying in. And when you factor in all the consumption spending that will be lost due to the newly unemployed, other industries that received their patronage will suffer losses of revenue, which means reduced taxes there as well. Not to mention the damage done to the given state, which will lose revenue in sales tax or state income tax. And heaven forbid one or more of those newly unemployed individuals should lose their home because they really needed the job you just cost them. The net result will be that you have no more revenue than you did to start with. All you’ve really accomplished is to slow down consumption spending and to cause higher unemployment and other damage to private individuals.
      Alternately, to compensate for the higher taxes, the company may cut straight to the wire and just lay people off. In so doing, they adjust for the increase in the cost of production with a cut in the cost of production. Unfortunately, it also means a lower output due to a smaller workforce, which means that they have to raise their prices. This is almost identical to the previous scenario, just in reverse. The result is the same. Little or no tax revenue increase through the new tax hike, higher unemployment, a reduction in consumption spending and a slower economy, higher retail prices, reduction in citizen-derived federal tax revenues, and decreased state tax revenues.
      In yet another alternative scenario, the company closes up shop and moves to another country. This is a social media favorite. All of our citizen armchair politicians love to criticize it. The fact is, when a company is no longer able, due to taxes, tariffs, excessive wages, and other factors, to function profitably without losing their customer base due to the inability to be competitively priced, it’s time to leave. That’s not cheating on taxes. That’s not being greedy. It’s just good business, and I would do the same thing if I owned a big company that is being taxed and tariffed to death by the US government. And when this happens, you have wholesale lay-offs, a massive reduction in consumption spending, a complete loss of those citizen-derived federal tax revenues. The company no longer pays anything in taxes. And the real kick in the teeth is that now you have added burdens on the relevant state(s), who not only lose the state income tax and sales tax revenue from private and corporate sources, but now also have to provide hand-outs to an untold number of unemployed individuals, but with a reduced amount of unemployment tax revenue coming in from a corporation that is no longer there. Plus! And this is a fun one … the company now sells its products to the United States from another country, increases that country’s tax revenues, drives up our deficit and exacerbates our dependence on foreign imports, and increases the tax burden on US citizens.
      You just gotta love it!
      There are a number of other potential scenarios. They all end more or less the same. Taxing the rich results in unemployment. It’s a plain fact. The only arguments I’ve ever heard against this truism stem from ignorance or stubborn sarcasm. Either they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they choose not to believe it and just make fun of it.
      Now, the flip side of the same coin has the opposite effect, and is, in actual practice, true trickle down economics. No business owner lays awake at night dwelling on the best possible ways to remain static. They are always looking to the horizon for something bigger and better. Business owners want their businesses to grow. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this simple truth. Neither do I think anyone would disagree with the idea that growth means more employment. A man running a single store can potentially manage the affairs by himself. But the day he opens a second location, he needs to hire someone. If he wants to be competitive and be open during the prime retail hours, he’ll need to hire someone to cover the shifts he’s not covering himself.
      Expansion is the key, and it takes time. People tend to criticize the idea of trickle down economics because they expect miracles over night. “Blah, blah, blah … they got tax cuts, and they haven’t made any new jobs at all. It’s been two months, and they’re just hoarding the money!” That’s the kind of ignorant crap I hear all the time. They expect that companies are going to just take the extra money and hire people on the spot.
      It may take five years before a company has grown and saved to the point of being able to open a new location, or to expand their current one, or to move into new lines of production, or to allow market conditions to be conducive to increased production. But when it does finally get to that point, it doesn’t open up five or six jobs. It may open up a hundred, or a thousand jobs.
      But the fact is, lower taxes means a lower production cost and higher savings. Lower costs means lower retail sales prices. It means stable employment. It means lower consumption burdens on consumers who can then purchase other products and increase those industries. It means lowered unemployment rates. It means lowered unemployment compensation pay-outs. It means higher state income and sales tax revenues. It means lowered state entitlement obligations to welfare families.
      So the rich get richer … and the poor get jobs.
      The other version … your version … everyone just gets poorer.

      So don’t be part of the problem. Learn a little economics before you spout that nonsense.

      • Altaica

        From a Business perspective that makes a lot of sense. We need to find a solution that will make it more cost effective for American businesses to stay American businesses, but also keep them from becoming monopolies. All those do is up prices, narrow competition and cost jobs.

        I wish I knew some way we could take our taxes and decide how they get spent and where the money goes. And some sort of incentive program that could reward the wealthy to voluntarily help by paying on the principle directly, skip the government’s middle man.

        We should not be in debt to another country and we need to do something to get out of it. I certainly didn’t agree to this loan, and I’m sure the majority of our country didn’t either. It’s like they have forged our signatures and set us all up for economic failure by borrowing more than we can afford.

      • Frederick H

        These are all lame, typically mid-20th century American non-arguments Alex. There are numerous countries out there, such as the Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands where the SUPER WEALTHY are taxed relentlessly (52 % income taxr , mind you) and you’ll find no major loss of job opportunities, nor any flight of capital to speak of. No, these are precisely the arguments the out and out corrupt Republicons want you to adhere to, in order to keep the strong ties they have with BIG CORP (as of old) neatly in tact. The laughable gullibility of middle class America knows no bounds, indeed.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Great,realistic post. Thank you.

    • Mike in MI

      Hey Ferd – Does that little rant include union leaders?

  • JimH

    As someone who has camped at Yellowstone National Park and is going to be there again next week, I’ll fill you in. We pay an entrance fee of $20 a car. (unless they raise it this year) Camp sites are from $12 to $20 a day. The National Park system through entrance fees and campsite fees is probably the one thing government does that pays its own way.

    • Doug A

      wow!! that is just too funny… Parks paying their own way LOL

      I am guessing that you are being sarcastic

      • JimH

        Doug, With all the cars entering the parks each day at $20 each and through out all the parks the thousands of campsites each bringing in $12 to $20 a day, how much more does the park system cost us?

        • DaveH

          The answer is right here, Jim:

          I certainly understand your confusion though. I would bet that a private operator could indeed get by with those fees, but we are talking about Government here.

          • JimH

            Dave, Thanks for the info.

          • Jana

            But the article says:************

            President Obama’s FY12 budget request, if approved by Congress, would give the National Park Service a $2.9 billion budget, an increase of nearly $138 million above current funding levels.

            “Taxpayer investments in national parks result in far more than the obvious recreational and educational dividends,” said Director Jarvis. “National parks also are tremendous economic engines for their gateway communities. In 2009, park visitors spent $11.9 billion and supported 247,000 jobs.*******************

            Sooooo what are they doing with the $9 billion dollars.
            Sounds like Jim is right they are paying for themselves, or am I missing something here???

          • DaveH

            Jana, I may be wrong, but I think the $2.9 Billion is coming out of taxpayers’ pockets.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      That is exactly why we do not need the Department of the Interior or any of the other alphabet departments, except for Defense.

  • bob wire

    hmm? “O” get no credit for what didn’t happen, ~ “It didn’t work!”

    yep! business as usual. ~ unhappy with such minor gains?

    “O” bought the nation two years to get their house in order and for two years fed and local governments have thought about it and decided if they can’t bend one group over, they find some group that they can, finding softer targets while eying the more difficult ones.

    As a nation, we need to change our priorities and shopping list. Today will mark the first step, tiny as it maybe. Continue to hold elected officials accountable, constant applied pressure over time does work but it like watching grass grow.

    Trade imbalance, ratcheting down these wars, bringing troops home, re-outfitting machines, creating new ones, the planing stages and dirt work for huge programs and the creation of new systems all takes time to get into position as all the pieces are now world wide and interlock, one affecting the other. Men and women somewhere out of your sight are doing this today.

    There is much work in progress that you don’t see today. That’s the very nature of such projects, the information comes on the “need to know” bases, for if everyone knew about them, they would never get done.

    So don’t be dishearten today. It is a great day to be alive and be an American. Hope springs eternal and faith is the fuel.

    Do your best and let it go, don’t hold so strongly to yesterday that you can’t move forward.

  • Glenn

    Lets face it folks…we are screwed! Our government at the fed level has grown into an all encompassing parasite that will continue growing and consuming everything in its path until there is nothing left. It has also done a very good job of netting enough dependents that voting the bastards out is almost impossible. Hell, how about Harry Reid? He should have lost by double digits but his can was saved by rigged voting as the Obuma machine watched the votes. We will not fix these problems by talking about it and trying to convince enough fellow voters to elect certain candidates. The hand is played….there is only one outcome and it will not be pretty! We will need to pick up the pieces and rebuild the model more in the fashion it was intended to be. God Help Us!

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I will continue to buy food (non-perishable), water, medical supplies, firearms, and ammunition in preparation for the coming violence and disorder. Are you preparing?

  • Raggs

    So a $1.2 trillion dollar “immediate” debt limit hike at a “savings” of $900 billion over ten years…. Now wait a minute… oblama gets 1.2 trillion and he doesn’t have to pay it back for ten years?

    Boy we really screwed.
    They are telling us they will “save” money over a ten year period ( BS )… when has a politican ever saved a damm thing?

    • Jeep

      Raggs, you hit the nail on the head. Maybe my old school math (you know, where one and one equals two) is just plain wrong. The “cuts” are spread out over ten years, while the credit card goes up almost over night. Hmmm… Somehow this doesn’t add up. I balance my checkbook every month, and if I overspent it is easy enough to adjust in the following month. Never have I said, “Well, I’ll make it up over the next ten years.”

    • ValDM

      They’re saving us from ourselves, by stealing from us. That’s the kind of “saving” they mean.

      • Jeep

        I think I can do without that kind of “saving”!

  • big jack

    I’m amazed at the extent of the problem we are faced with , a fiscal meltdown because of uncontrolled spending and mounting debt, and yet the people we elect come up with band aid solutions spread over ten years. My conclusion , the problem is not as acute as they say, or the problem is so bad that if told the truth their would be panic in the streets. Maybe , just maybe an alternative would be that these folks we sent to handle the tough issues are incompetent or more interested in their political futures than the problems facing the country. One thing I know for sure though , the democrats are not interested in cutting spending , programs or the size of the federal government. All they want is to spend and tax. That is one constant you can count on in Washington.

    • Jeep

      big jack, the problem is on both sides of the aisle. Neither side wants to eliminate unConstitutional and ineffective govt agencies and programs. On the Republican side the answer is to “trim” from everywhere so no-one is offended (but actually offends everyone). The Democrat answer is to just raise more taxes (which plays well to the weak minded and govt dependant). Both sides will never do the right thing which is to just get out of American’s lives, stop trying to take care of everybody and don’t worry about getting reelected. In my opinion, the only reason we are even having debate is because of a handful of congressmen and women. But, ultimately even that is because average American’s are finally getting involved. So, keep up the fight!

    • DaveH

      If Leaders were truly concerned about their citizens, there would be no North Koreas. There would be no Cubas. There would be no Zimbabwes. Those countries exist in their squalid conditions because the Leaders can still live high on the hog compared to their citizens.
      We as citizens need to wake up to that fact and ride herd on them hard to make sure they are really representing what is best for us, not them.

  • andrew

    As for shutting down EPA. MY answer is any company that pollutes the air or water should be shut down immediately.As pollution kills people. Iff the company keeps polluting then the owners and managers should be SHOT for Murder of the people.If you want to pollute the air we breath and water we drink then you die,,,

    • jibbs

      Well Andrew,
      Thats a stupid remark, you better not even think about starting your car, BTW you won’t need it because there will be no jobs at all. You might as well live in a tent because when you use the power to heat, cool and run your electrical gagets…you help create pollution!!

  • Christian

    Two loaves are rising, one delicious, one putrid; one unseen and glorious, one apparent, observed by all. Ultimately the reality of Christ’s absolute truth will prevail.
    The crescendo builds, the actors take their place, the final act is being played exactly as foretold.

    • Raggs

      I agree with you on that… :)

  • Elevenarrows

    You know how you can use a mortgage broker to find the best deal on a home mortgage? Well, I think instead of us borrowing from China to give the money to foreign countries (many who hate us and would love to destroy us), we should “broker” the deals for those countries. We could search for the best country to loan the money to those countries expecting aid from us and then THEY could spend thousands of years paying down the loan instead of us. In fact, we could MAKE money by charging a fee to broker the deals with China. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Donald Trump that we should tax the pants off China on all their plastic garbage they send over here.

    AND…if we heavily tax imports, more American businesses will stay in America to avoid paying those taxes. If we also lower our excessively high corporate tax, more foreign companies will flock to our shores, too. Why can’t Congress understand this???

    • DaveH

      If we heavily tax their exports, they will heavily tax our exports (hurting our export businesses). And while we the citizens will pay the higher prices, the Government will have even more money to waste.
      When countries decide to punish other countries what is the first thing they do militarily? They blockade their ports. It’s a time honored tactic. Stop trade with other countries and crush their economies. Please explain to me, why would we want to do that to ourselves voluntarily?
      Our problems have nothing to do with Free Trade, and everything to do with bloated inefficient Governments who spend 40% of our Gross Domestic Product.

  • eddie47d

    The author brought up relevant information but blew it big time. He spends way too much time screeching extremes and leaves out the common sense. That only gives cannon fodder to the opposition in keeping everything that he rails against. Abolish the EPA,that does sound good to several of you but the consequences would be even more devastating to our environment and natural resources. Mine owners,oil and gas companies and any private business have always had a cut and run attitude. Grab the resources leave a hell of a mess and then expect the government to come in and clean up. They have never been responsible enough to monitor themselves and that is a shame. The comments on Yellowstone Park were despicable and darn close to being un-American. Few can visit most of our National Parks unless they live in a particular region. Although I bet millions visit the Great Smokey Mountain National Park system or Rocky Mountain National National Park or Yosemite Park or the Everglades or Denali or Padre Island National Seashore Park. We don’t need any carnivals or amusement rides in wildlife sanctuaries or within the boundaries of our National treasures. Sure Orlando is a wonderful place to visit and I have been to Disney World 7 times but look at the amount of water that is used to keep them in business (Florida has precious little ground water). These entertainment complexes also bought up thousands of acres of orange orchards which displaces these businesses. To say that Disney should be running our National Parks is rather far fetched. Maybe they could charge the $84 entrance fee like they do at the Magic Kingdom. Then again….no one would be able to afford these Parks and that would leave more peace and quiet for the few who do.

    • jibbs

      He said nothing about installing an amusment park with rides and shows, I think he meant, sell it to Disney to operate and turn a profic. Stop reading more into something that is not there.

      • eddie47d

        Jibbs; What in the world do you think Disney and Universal does? They build Amusement parks and carnival rides. Maybe you could get the Merry Maids to clean up our Nuclear facilities . That would be as brilliant.

    • OB1

      Gocamping there for a week. Then, have we’ll have a conversation.

  • EdinNola

    Everyone is afraid to cut a particular program? You (so called representatives of we the people) are all half-wits. The easiest answer for all of you is just to reduce the whole government by a percentage. No exceptions, except perhaps Social Security which is supposed to be self-sustaining, if un-constitutional. This is still “kicking the can down the road”, but it stops the insane spending. 20% is not an unreasonable goal.

    For you Democrats who feel it necessary to buy your votes with “entitlements” – your iconic founder, Jefferson, essentially cautioned you against EVER spending more than you possessed. He damned the government who passed debt on to the next generation. You need to grow a conscience!

    • bob wire

      “For you Democrats who feel it necessary to buy your votes with “entitlements” – your iconic founder, Jefferson, essentially cautioned you against EVER spending more than you possessed. He damned the government who passed debt on to the next generation. You need to grow a conscience!”

      I was with you all the way until you made such a blatantly bias statement. ~ So instead of creating something, building a bridge ~ you elected to destroy one.

      Smooth move ex lax. You still don’t get it. You seem to believe that resolve and resolution is unnecessary. So do you plan to shoot the moon with that hand? I’m pretty sure that you don’t have the cards.

    • Jana

      Don’t worry, that’s just bob wire being his usually uncharming self. He must be constipated. Or he has taken that ex lax and is running off at the mouth AGAIN.

  • Bill Rice

    Great column. You bring up the “elephant in the room” no one is talking about, i.e. what programs and spending to cut or eliminate. That said, your credibility is hurt when you don’t mention that one member in Congress, who also happens to be a presidential candidate, does in fact favor eliminating whole departments of government and has been citing them by name for decades. He also wants to close every military base outside America, bring ALL the troops home and end all foreign aid. On top of that, he’d eliminate the IRS.

    Go back and edit your column and add this phrase “No member of Congress, with the obvious exception of Ron Paul, proposes any specific cuts or elimination of government departments and agencies.” The reason I am such an avid supporter of Ron Paul is that he DOES do exactly what the author says no member of Congress does.

  • Karolyn
  • BigBadJohn

    First off, have you ever seen a Tea Party sign that said “Please cut my Social Security”? Polls show that most people want cuts in areas that do not affect themselves. Yet Social security is going to be the largest sink hole of government funds for a long time to come. Same goes for taxes, nobody wants to pay more taxes, but in order to get closer to a balanced budget we all may have to kick some in, start by letting Bush’s tax bill expire, that is 400 Billion a year right there.

    “Trees, of course, are a natural resource that present no problem whatsoever, because, thanks to capitalistic forestry corporations, we have more trees today than we had 50 years ago.”
    Now there is some sideways logic – The reason there are more trees is because the forestry service forces the timber industry to re-plant. Of course they cut down 500 year old trees and replace it with 10 fast growing pine trees, not a fair exchange in my opinion.
    The forestry service is an agency that accommodates the timber industry, they cut roads for the TI and tell them what trees they can take. Then charge them about $2 per tree, again a bad deal for the American tax payer. The forestry service needs to be a revenue generator instead of a giveaway to the timber industry. By managing the public forests and charging a more reasonable price for the trees, they should be able to generate revenue..

    The same goes for energy department, there is a lot of oil and gas on public lands, develop it and charge reasonable royalties to be paid in to the government coffers. States do this now when it is state land, why not the fed when on national land?

    Same goes for all those other agencies listed in the article, they need to either prove they are saving money or generating money – or get rid of them.

    “Message to the government: Stop protecting our resources, stop redistributing our hard-earned income and start focusing on protecting, not stealing from, the people you work for.”

    I would change this to
    Message to the government: Stop giving away our resources and start using them to generate revenue, block tax loopholes for giant corporations, if they make money in the USA they need to pay a fair share of the taxes, stop redistributing our hard-earned income and start focusing on protecting, not stealing from, the people you work for.

    • Brian

      As soon as they stop stealing my money in the name of Social Security they can scrap it. Until then, it’s my money and I want it back.

    • Vagabond

      bigbadjohn I paid into social security from the time I was 14 years old till I quit working 3 years ago. I am 75 now. the damned loafers and dope heads on wellfare didn’t pay a dime into it. yet I haven’t seen or heard a damn soul say cut wellfare. I got through check out at walmart and in front of me there is a mexican couple with two carts piled high with groceries and specialty items. they pay with a food card issued by the government. thats right no more food stamps. just food cards like a credit much do you think those mexicans and the millions of thers like them paid into the fund???

      • BigBadJohn

        I agree. I have paid into SS for 40 years, most years the maximum you could pay, I want to see SOMETHING from it. But the point is everybody wants to push the cost cutting to someplace that does not affect themselves – welfare food stamps for instance. Do we need to get rid of these giveaways – hell yes – especially for those illegal immigrants.

        We have a home in a very rural community with a lot of retiree’s. They could not pass a school millage, all of those retirees would show up and vote it down “I already paid for my kids, I’m not paying for yours…”

        • http://deleted Claire

          I sent my kids to Lutheran schools for their education. And yes, I paid taxes for public schools. I did not bitch about it then and I will not bitch now–it was my choice to make.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        Hey Vagabond:
        The majority of people on welfare aren’t “Mexican immigrants”. The majority of people on welfare are the huge corporations. They get this through loopholes, handouts, subsidies, and specialized loans that don’t start getting paid back until 10 years down the road. This is one of the major reasons for the debt crisis. Now, i agree, we have to get rid of welfare across the board. If you’re an able bodied
        adult, sound of mind plus limb, then you can get from point a to b, you should work. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. That’s the basic law of survival with maturity. Thanks!!

        • Jana

          If even one million of the what eight million illegals are on welfare then that’s way too much. They get government housing, food stamps and a supplemental income, plus they work for cash. they have a good thing going that needs to be stopped.
          Not only that, since they use several different last names in each family, they might get these hand outs two or three times per family.

  • TIME

    Well folks while this special side show was going on I figured that the other hand held a special event comeing soon to a Town near you.

    Oh how right I was. Not to belabor this point but as anyone who has a clue knows the only stops in this whole game plan are the 1st and 2nd Amendment.

    We have seen how SC’s Gram has stated that the American citizens should have “NO RIGHTS” to speak out or say anything that may offend not only our alledged Enemys, but our specail Political class.

    We just saw John Mac & Cheeseface state that the problems this nation has are people in this nation that don’t want it to be destroyed, not the SPECIAL Political class in DC.

    Well guess what folks, we are about to be blessed with Cass Sunstines latest new laws. I know you just can’t wait now can you.

    Ok, Barry has appointed new Federal Judges as some of you know guess what? Between that Special Big Daddy Cass and Barry’s new Federal Judges new laws will be brought about by way of “Executive Orders” these new laws will be as follows ~ {anyone who speaks out about that special POLITICAL class will be given JAIL time.} Think I am pulling your leg?
    Well you don’t have long to wait I would expect these new special laws to be brought about by early 2012.

    In plain words people, say goodby to the 1 ST Amendment completely.

    Again, we have a Balanced Budget Amendment on the books of what was done in August 1997. Anyone recall Bill Clinton?
    Do you all recall that Social Security funds were in a ” LOCK BOX.”
    That was all about the “””Balanced Budget””” issue when the alledged SS check’s may not have gone out BACK THEN.

    Will you all PLEASE WAKE UP. We are doing the same OLD dance over and over again with the same RESULTS. Thats called “INSANE.”

    • OB1

      You are correct. Factual data supports your viewpoint.

  • dqfreemind

    Now that the herd has been placated by the “deal” reached by the Republicrats (that only benefits themselves), we STILL need a balanced budget. Soon our attentions will be focused on another manufactured crisis, Amerika will still be broke and guess what? The herd will stumble along in their self contained bubble as they tip toe down the Yellow brick road toward self destruction.


    I noticed that Nancy Pelosi was saying how important it was to pass this bill, just like she did Obamacare. This pass it so we can find out what’s in it attitude is really scary.

  • http://Thespending-cutmyth ValDM

    Just received this via email. Haven’t checked for validity, but most sound about right.

    Is there anything listed that you can’t live without?

    These are all the programs that the new Republican House has proposed cutting

    Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy. $445 million annual savings.

    Save America ‘s Treasures Program. $25 million annual savings.

    International Fund for Ireland . $17 million annual savings.

    Legal Services Corporation. $420 million annual savings.

    National Endowment for the Arts. $167.5 million annual savings.

    National Endowment for the Humanities. $167.5 million annual savings.

    Hope VI Program.. $250 million annual savings.

    Amtrak Subsidies. $1.565 billion annual savings.

    Eliminate duplicative education programs. H.R. 2274 (in last Congress), authored by Rep. McKeon, eliminates 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually.

    U.S. Trade Development Agency. $55 million annual savings.

    Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy. $20 million annual savings.

    Cut in half funding for congressional printing and binding. $47 million annual savings.

    John C. Stennis Center Subsidy. $430,000 annual savings.

    Community Development Fund. $4.5 billion annual savings.

    Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid. $24 million annual savings.

    Cut Federal Travel Budget in Half. $7.5 billion annual savings.

    Trim Federal Vehicle Budget by 20%. $600 million annual savings.

    Essential Air Service. $150 million annual savings.

    Technology Innovation Program. $70 million annual savings.

    Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program. $125 million annual savings.

    Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization. $530 million annual savings.

    Beach Replenishment. $95 million annual savings.

    New Starts Transit. $2 billion annual savings.

    Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Their Historical Trading Partners in Massachusetts . $9 million annual savings. What the hell is this anyway…?

    Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants. $2.5 billion annual savings.

    Title X Family Planning. $318 million annual savings.

    Appalachian Regional Commission. $76 million annual savings.

    Economic Development Administration. $293 million annual savings.

    Programs under the National and Community Services Act. $1.15 billion annual savings.

    Applied Research at Department of Energy. $1.27 billion annual savings.

    FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership. $200 million annual savings.

    Energy Star Program. $52 million annual savings.

    Economic Assistance to Egypt . $250 million annually.

    U.S. Agency for International Development. $1.39 billion annual savings.

    General Assistance to District of Columbia . $210 million annual savings.

    Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. $150 million annual savings.

    Presidential Campaign Fund. $775 million savings over ten years.

    No funding for federal office space acquisition. $864 million annual savings.

    End prohibitions on competitive sourcing of government services. Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act. More than $1 billion annually.

    IRS Direct Deposit: Require the IRS to deposit fees for services it offers (such as processing payment plans for taxpayers) to the Treasury, instead of allowing payments to remain as part of its budget. $1.8 billion savings over ten years.

    Require collection of unpaid taxes by federal employees. $1 billion total savings. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS …!

    Prohibit taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees. $1.2 billion savings over ten years.

    Sell excess federal properties the government does not make use of. $15 billion total savings.

    Eliminate Mohair Subsidies. $1 million annual savings.

    Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. $12.5 million annual savings.

    Eliminate Market Access Program. $200 million annual savings.

    USDA Sugar Program. $14 million annual savings.

    Subsidy to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).$93 million annual savings.

    Eliminate the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program. $56.2 million annual savings.

    Eliminate fund for Obamacare administrative costs. $900 million savings.

    Ready to Learn TV Program. $27 million savings.

    Eliminate death gratuity for Members of Congress.

    HUD Ph.D. Program.

    Deficit Reduction Check-Off Act

    TOTAL SAVINGS: $2.5 Trillion over Ten Years

    My question, what THE Devil is all this doing in the budget in the first place…?

    Is there anything listed you cannot do without…?

    • Karolyn

      I didn’t see farm subsidies. Is that because some of the republicans get them? What about the FDA and DOD? Many of these cuts would certainly create chaos and lots more people out of work.

      • OB1

        Yes. They need to be cut. This is no longer and establishment Dem or Repub issue. Many are guilty. Now is the time for solutions. We’ve already addressed the fact (many have at least). Karolyn, I have confidence that you can research history as well as public documents. The power and the beauty of the US is that it is us! Get at it while you can. Cisco is laying of 6500 people. I could go on, but get at it!

    • Altaica

      “International Fund for Ireland . $17 million annual savings.”

      Why do we have a fund for another country in our budget?

      I don’t even know what a lot of those things are, but I know one thing. big business does not need subsidies and none of our budget should be going over seas to another country!

      And why are we paying for the presidential campaign? Campaign money for any politician should come out of their pocket and the donations they can raise, not from tax payers.

      Sheesh, how many more of these hidden little things do we have. How about they give us an entire list of where all our money is going and let us vote on it. I think the people can determine what is a waste of their money.

      • Jana

        We even have a spend one million dollars to fund an abortion clinic in one of the third world countries. Amazing.

  • jopa

    Denniso:I was totally surprised when Mr. Ringer made the comment about taxpayers not paying for sport ventures.You nailed it with your comment and a good example of corruption and the big govt, ripoff of the public today is the new Giants stadium.It will be many years before the old stadium is paid off and now they have a new one that is paid for by the taxpayers.The billions collected go to the owners,corporations and player salaries.It is supposedly good for spin-off business that brings up the argument that the taxpayer should pay for the stadium.National parks are one of Americas greatest treasures, and I have visited several,and Yellowstone is on my bucket list.I passed on many chances to go to pro football and baseball games but not National parks.One of the most obscure and beautiful is Isle Royal National Park in Lake Superior.However these are just my opinions, in that I am more of a camper and outdoor person.

  • Allan

    I agree with you except where you say, “not one Congressperson has been willing to name a specific program or bureaucracy that should be completely eliminated”.

    Ron Paul has been a lone voice unwaveringly naming specific cuts for many years, even when it wasn’t popular to do so. For some reason people don’t hear him, or don’t want to. Could it be for the same reason that the others aren’t being specific? Could it be that Paul’s own party and the media, which gave him such a raw deal in the ’08 campaign, and even the voters themselves who went for McCain and Obama (some choice) have not really been ready to change business as usual?

    While much damage has been done to our Republic as a result, the voters have a last chance in ’12 to right things. With honest Ron Paul everyone knows what he will do. Let’s see if the voters are ready for real change, or are all talk again.

  • Bert Cundle

    Not different than “War on Terror” With Bombs killing women & Childreen, and inocent perple for years, not ended yet! & useing the term of weapons of mass distruction, for invading & rajime change of a Country that was our Friend! Our government is crap!

  • Harry S.

    Boehner has betrayed his party and the American people by dealing with the devil and his demon Dems. To their credit, most Tea Party Republicans didn’t fall for Obama’s crap. Haven’t the Rhino Republicans learned anything from the Dems’ past betrayals?

    We have the most corrupt leadership in the White House and the senate than I can remember. Voters, please pay attention to how your representatives vote on the vital issues that affect our country. FOX News has the real truth – so do your homework before you vote.

    • bob wire

      well Harry , to Cry Baby John’s defense, dealing with the devil is in his “job description”.

      You would prefer him not do his job?

      But by all means drawn and quarter him, if you think it might serve some useful propose.

    • denniso

      ‘Dealing w/ the Devil’?? Let’s hope you have the brains to know their really is no Devil,then we can remind you that some of the lovely tea party folks actually voted for the deal,like Rand Paul I think,because they’re not all too dumb to realize the catastrophe that would have occurred if they hadn’t raised the debt ceiling. You,however,don’t fit into that group.

      • denniso

        ‘their’?? should be ‘there’.

        My comment was of course addressed to Harry S,above Bob Wire.

  • W Jones

    I agree that we need to identify the departments of government that need to be abolished or downsized. Why do we need the Dept of Education? Abolish it and send the millions of dollars to the states to educate our kids. And how about the Dept of Energy. They spend millions and do little to nothing.

    But, I do not agree with abolishing our National Parks, especially Yellowstone. Having visited about half the N P ‘s, I can say that they are on of the biggest assets of our country. Especially Yellowstone, which is my all time favorite. I have spent approx. 4 weeks there during 2 trips in the past.

    • Karolyn

      Isn’t the point of our National Parks preservation? If they hadn’t been bought up by the govt. they would be full of developments and many animals would be extinct! Remember the line in Joni Mitchel’s song “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. to pave paradise, put up a parking lot.”

      • http://deleted Claire

        Don’t you know there are politicians that don’t give a rat’s rump about the forests, parks, lakes, rivers, wildlife, etc.? I sometimes think that if they had “their way” everything would be concrete by now.

        • Karolyn

          Claire – Being born and raised in a state that’s almost completely paved over (NJ), I am well aware of the greediness of developers and very distinctly remember an interview on TV with a particularly wealthy developer who was questioned about the fact that if his company kept going like it was, there would be no beauty left for his grandchildren. His response was more or less “Oh, well.” As long as he was getting his now, he didn’t care what would be left for his progeny.

          • Altaica

            The beauty of nature is if we humans leave it alone to its own devices it will do just fine. It’s when we start messing with it that things go awry.

          • denniso

            Karolyn is right,the whole idea behind the gov’t(us)owning land is to protect it from exploitation and ruin. Remember James Watt from Reagan’s administration? He seriously proposed selling off national parks and forests…that’s still considered among many rightwing people. They see trillions of dollars lying dormant in our parks and forests and wildernesses.

  • Moby49

    Welcome to Washington TPers!! Where black is really beige and politics are king….lol

    You need to grow up and start working within the system rather than throwing tantrums like little children. Acting like anarchists will get you no where.

    • Laura

      Anarchists? That’s liberal gibberish (Kantian) quite the contrary, we just want a government that is objective not subjective where everything is made upon a whim minus reason and logic.

    • JeffH

      Could you be a little more specific with your comment. Just parroting the MSM seems a little vague to me.

      Cavuto: Stop Blaming the TEA Partiers for the Debt Crisis Some cold hard facts.

    • TIME

      Well Moby grapes of rath, perhaps your words should fall on your shoulders, lets start there then when you grow up let everyone know.

      But thanks for playing!

      • bob wire

        actually Molly, it’s the extreme radicals that offers the force that creates the opportunities for change. They force open doors and we walk into a new rooms with new doors to consider that wasn’t within our grasp before. ~but it’s also true, the devil sets in waits behind a few closed doors as well.

        A radical is not well received and for good reason. They disrupt the status quo.

        The down side is; most revolutions once started are hyjacked by a powerful opportunist after much of the dirty hard work is done. All the plans and good intentions are eventually trashed ~ and the people end up with much the “same problems” with new people leading with new ideas and different names.

        That hyjacking has already begun. ~ Watch very carefully, it’s takes place slowly at first. Everybody that’s anybody will want to claim the new flavor once it’s seen as being vogue.

  • Brian

    “but not one Congressperson has been willing to name a specific program or bureaucracy that should be completely eliminated.”

    This is completely not true. Ron Paul has called for the elimination of all unconstitutional programs and bureaucracies for years. He has called for an end to foreign aid and a restructuring of the military to bring our troops home where they belong by closing bases in the foreign lands we have them in.

    • Altaica

      Here here! Defense starts at home. What happened to the old mentality our country had of not getting involved unless provoked! Why are we getting into so many wars?! It’s no wonder some countries think we’re bullies. Besides, if we spread our troops too thin who is going to be here to defend our country? Or is that their plan? Leave us wide open?

      And I agree, if it’s unconstitutional we don’t need it!

  • Lealand

    Flat tax of 10% would not take long to be in the black and have a balanced budget.

    • Bert Cundle


  • Bert Cundle


  • FreedomFighter

    When Hier Beranankie comes out with QE3 or higher interest rates or both next week is it? What will happen?

    Market clams down, gold goes up or down?-down maybe, Maybe banks start some lending for the profits. Just guessing here…it is an election year and Obama and minions will be shellacking the economy as best they can to keep all calm, for the demo-win.

    Then what, even if it works, its a temp fix at best. The dollar will lose value… we Americans will owe even more…

    What we really neeed to do is:

    Stop importing oil – NOW
    DeREGULATE business – NOW

    America has energy resources for 300 year or more, start using them now, not at $200 a barrel, its an AMERICAN resource, not oil company.

    Coal – use it, we have at least several hundred years worth.

    Natural GAS – run our trucking industry on it.

    Methane — we have a thousand years or more worth off the coasts.

    Start building some freekin power plants, at least 200 in 10 years

    Tarrif imports, penalize corporation operating overseas, like GE, dont tax Americans, esp Chinese cheap labor goods. This will create jobs, jobs, jobs and keep them here

    Utterly insulate core industry in America as a national security issue, because it is.

    BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME, protect Isreal. let Arabs kill each other, who really cares. Stop giving money to enemies.

    Last but not least, close the borders. Eject illegal aliens breaking the law, make American out of the rest. Keep that border closed, so that not even a cockroach can cross without getting caught.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • BigBadJohn

      Agree with everything EXCEPT

      “DeREGULATE business – NOW”

      Deregulating the banks has brought us nothing but problems – TWICE!
      First the S&L crisis and then the whole housing market collapse. When you deregulate and make it legal for big corporations to steal someone else’s money – guess what – THEY DO!

      • Vicki

        Since stealing (unless you are the government) is still illegal would you please explain how big corporations steal? What exactly about removing regulations makes “stealing” legal? Did someone place a gun to your head and make you buy something?

        Government does that. Most recently Health Insurance. You are forced (at gunpoint) to pay for it thru Obamacare.

        • BigBadJohn

          Vicki, The reason for all of those bank bailouts was because the bankers took the depositors money – yours and mine, and made some risky bets with it. Basically they took YOUR money and used it for THEIR personal benefit. (Look up derivative)

          I would call that stealing wouldn’t you?

          • bob wire

            Stealing is exactly what it is “if” they require a loan from you to give you your own money back, Big John

          • vicki

            You can call it stealing but it’s not. They did not force you to deposit your money there. If you were smart you never keep more than the FDIC insurance limit in any one bank anyway.

        • bob wire

          They “take” in a lot of different way Vicky but they just don’t call it stealing.

          ~ They shift huge inventories around to show profits when they wish to appear strong and attract investors or ask for loans. They move assets around on paper to appears how they wish to appear. They use loop holes in our tax codes, it’s not considered stealing but cleaver business practices.

          They might go to a banker and offer to pay off a huge loan, the bank might enjoy getting this old note off the books. Then the two will craft a new note and everyone is happy. A note was paid in full and a new loan was made. ~ We’re doing great! Business is lively!

          That’s just one or two ways money can be moved about and offer illusions that entice people in to invest their hard earned money.

          There is the “insiders” ~to consider. What they know is valuable, they can trade insider insider information for sweet deals. Information that can be turned into quick profit.

          The list is long on how we are screwed over with reports, statistics and illusions.

          Number crunchers ~ paint pictures with numbers like an artist with canvass and brush. A P&L statement is only a snapshot in time.

          • Jana

            bob wire,
            I am shocked. That was a good post.

          • Jay

            Yup, that’s pretty much the way it works! That’s a 20/20 vision on the gangster/banksters bw!

          • vicki

            bob wire writes: “They “take” in a lot of different way Vicky but they just don’t call it stealing.”

            They don’t call it stealing because it is not. They did not force you to deposit your money with them. They warn you in lots and lots of fine print what they may do with the money that you deposit. Don’t like the deal? Deposit your money elsewhere

          • vicki

            Bob wire writes: “They use loop holes in our tax codes, it’s not considered stealing but cleaver business practices.”

            It’s not considered stealing but cleaver business practices because it IS cleaver business practices. Don’t like it. Get government to change. Of course cleaver businessmen will find the new loopholes that government always leaves lying around in financial legislation.

            Partly to benefit their constituents. Partly from not writing the laws, partly from not reading the bills and partly from stupidity.

    • Altaica

      Darn Straight!

      Plus we can get methane from our trash heaps too! There is tons of it being produced by our own waste! Methane is actually somewhat renewable!

      And they need to stop touting the lie that we rely on middle eastern oil. We actually get somewhere around 90% of our oil from Canada and south America, so why are we letting the OPEC control prices for something not even from their lands. How about we learn how to use our own resources wisely and stop playing these ridiculous games with other countries that aren’t even in our part of the world.

  • Karolyn
  • Karolyn

    Tycoons Laughing All the Way to the Bank

  • Laura

    Shut down all of the following federal agencies; FDA,EPA,ATF,DEA,DHHS,DHS,TSA,FTC,FCC…..

  • FreedomFighter

    Missed one:

    Make MaryJane legal, tax the snot out of it, use the money to fight hard drug imports.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • BigBadJohn

      or give the dopey’s all of the hard stuff they want and let them kill themselves…..

    • 45caliber

      Never work. Taxes only increase the illegal side.

      • BigBadJohn

        Maybe – tobacco is packaged and taxed and that has worked for a long time. Tobacco / pot you can grow them both in your backyard, how many people do you know that grows their own tobacco to avoid taxes?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You would be willing to have the drugged up nuts loose on the rest of the population.
      Do you have a common sense solution that drugs will not be taken or tried?

      • Karolyn

        There is no such thing other than the right kind of education, and I’m not talking just drug education. I’m talking education in how to live. Man has gotten high since the beginning, and there’s really no way to stop it other than to change minds.

        • BigBadJohn

          Actually ALL religions, including early Christianity, have used some form of drugs to “talk to God”.

    • Altaica

      I totally agree there. The drug addicts are going to smoke their weed whether it is legal or not, the difference would be the U.S. making a profit on it.

      If it’s commercially available people won’t necessary all go to the illegal growers to get it. Convenience will drive most of them to buy it from legal sources. Hell, especially if it’s a similar price. They don’t care as long as they get their fix and it’s not a big difference in cost. And if it is from a commercial source they will tend to trust them more that it is the real stuff and not something mixed in to make it look like more.

      Not to mention the profit on medical grade marijuana that can be made. It is a medicinal plant and does have it’s proper uses. You have more crime when something a large population wants becomes illegal. Just look at prohibition when people brewed alcohol in their bathtubs.

      • Jana

        Karolyn is right on educating people the right way. One of the things that needs to be taught is every time someone takes any type of illegal drugs, they are putting mor money into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. These are evil people and have almost ruinied their own country, now they are trying to ruin ours. They are infiltrating our borders and murder is their weapon of choice.
        Plus what most do not realize is in Mexico they use human waste to fertilize their weed.
        Plus, what they use to add to not only the weed (easier to spell than marijuana) to make it go further as well as what they add to heroin and all of the other stuff they use. This has been shown on TV specials. This causes all sorts of health problems for the users.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    We should certainly salute the Republicans who voted against this phony deal last night. Unfortunately, many of them caved in and voted for this bummer. Now we’ll hear criticism from many on our side who say they don’t want to hear the GOP say that it ‘only controls a half of one of 3 branches of government’. Call it a lame excuse if you wish. BUT IT IS TRUE!! And it’s far more logical than BHO’s whining and blaming GW Bush and the GOP for the debt crisis when in fact it was BHO who nearly quadrupled Bush’s largest deficit (which BTW occurred after the democraps took over Congress in 2007) in one year alone!!

    Again we can appreciate people’s concerns about our economy and out of control government spending which their kids and grandchildren will have to pay for. And of course we know some RINOs have contributed to these woes; thus they should be defeated in future GOP primaries. On the other hand, many Americans were very stupid in the 2006 and 2008 elections, and even in 2010 (in which I believe we should’ve defeated a lot more Democraps)!! Did they really think electing Democraps would bring us fiscal sanity, tax cuts, less regulation or good economic growth?? If so, they probably believe in the tooth fairy!! ….. In plain language, DO NOT blame the GOP. Blame these problems on BHO and his socialist Democraps, as well as the ignorant voters who’ve elected/re-elected them; oblivious to the fact that elections have consequences, and today’s leftwing socialist Democrap Party only makes bad situations worse.

    • Buddy


      It is a stretch to think that anyone in D.C. is “on our side”. With very few exceptions, everyone in D.C. is part of the system which is not on “our side”.

      And, no, our kids and grandkids won’t pay for “it”, because they won’t have any way to pay.

      Expect a USSR style break-up of the USA for the same reasons.

      • 45caliber


        That’s what I’m expecting. If the country broke up, wouldn’t it mean that the USA no longer exists and therefore no longer can pay back the loans? And if it breaks up, it would create a lot more high positions for our politicians to have access to. Of course, if they do it like the USSR did, they would simply kick out Hawaii and Alaska and insist the rest of the country was called “America” or something.

        • bob wire

          Interesting thoughts. He’s right you know, ~ if the debit simply can’t be repaid, there is a “wash” and reshuffle. Some dominion compromised , some concessions made.

          We’ve seen many time is modern history where smaller nations with national debits have been washed.

          Nations trade and barter, remember when we were supplying Russia with wheat during their hared times. ~ I forget what we were getting in return.Anyone remember?

          • Jay

            A larger share of the wheat market?

  • Bert Cundle

    On Tuesday the Senate voted 74 to 26 to pass a measure that raises the debt ceiling and reduces the deficit by $2.4 trillion, sending the bill on to the White House where President Barack Obama is expected to sign it.////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\ THE UNWRITTEN CRAP: They are going to borrow more from China, or S.S. than cut back on intitlements, to pay the debt if they don’t borrow more to pay the interest!

    • Bert Cundle

      Reduces the deficite 2 T…. {That doesan’t say Debt!} Know the differance!

    • Bert Cundle

      reduces the deficit by $2.4 trillion,……….
      NOTE: DOES NOT SAY DEBT! Know the differance!
      White collar Criminals: In Political Offices!

      • Bert Cundle


  • MR.Washington

    The Gross Public Debt still rises when the government’s budgeting method automatically increases the annual budget by 7% per year whether or not such increase is needed or justified (“BASELINE BUDGETING”), instead of requiring every government department to justify their annual budget starting with a ZERO BASELINE. The “COMPROMISE DEAL reached REDUCES THE ANNUAL BUDGET INCREASE BY A NOMINAL AMOUNT THAT WILL HARDLY PUT A DENT IN THE FUTURE RISKS TO AMERICA. Our public debt will still grow go-forward. So will the risk to the budget of COMPOUNDING and RISING INTEREST RATES applied to the growing public debt.

    We are ALL LOSERS by the “COMPROMISE DEAL” which continues to ROB THE FININCIAL FUTURE of OUR CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, and GREAT GRANDCHILDREN. They will be taxed without being represented. They will be saddled with the taxes needed to pay off the growing debt, or, they will be saddled with a LOWER STANDARD OF LIVING because of the inflated prices they will be paying for their basic needs and having to work many more years.

  • James

    Oh good lord Ringer, you are just too stupid to be real. Why isn’t Yellowstone in the hands of a private corporation? Have you seen the prices at disney? The mobs of people? The NOISE? WHERE WOULD NATURE FIT IN DISNEY???? It’s a nature preserve you fool! Endangered animals and a man-maintained ecosystem may not get the same crowds as Universal studios but they are just as important.

    Oh, BTW as a member of the tribal community you seem to forget exists whenever convenient: try and sell the land. See what happens. What if everywhere was like New York? Where would you get your food without farms? If everywhere was farmland where would you place a large corporate headquarters? According to this article we should fight knee-jerk politics and shortsighted solutions with even more shortsighted solutions that would screw up something THIS easy to maintain?

    Why don’t you stick to what you’re good at………it’s not writing…or politics…or logical thought…what exactly are you good at again?

    • Vicki

      Ad hominem attack against the author. First sentence too. Debate win to the author (R Ringer).

      • James

        Ad Hominem is a personal attack with irrelevant information about the author. His opinions are always cartoonishly flawed therefore I question whether or not he even exists or if this is some persona he writes as. “Ad hominem attack” is redundant. Besides, who’s going for a win on an opinion piece?

        With as many children as we have in Washington we really don’t need to add anymore to the mix. I understand the author writes these as a career but can I get a little sanity? Can I get a credible valid point without hearing how he wants to strip mine the nation’s natural resources because he’s tired of “paying” for it?

        Get the facts: National parks are absurdly cheap to operate and generate a profit every year (They have to or they lose certain amenities like any other public park). They aren’t allowed to claim profit because they’re public property and as such they are run as a non-profit business.

        Finally, sell it to a corporation?? Why? So the corporation can claim it has to raise prices on everything they manufacture to pay for these parks and if we don’t like it they’ll sell them? What if the corporation goes bankrupt like Disney keeps threatening to do? Guess what, an Oil Sheikh ends up owning Mount Rushmore and there’s not a darn thing you can do about it because 10 years ago some dimwit sold the park.

        Don’t think it would happen? “Too big to fail” sound familiar?

  • Mad Max

    In America we don’t solve problems anymore. We just sit around and talk about them until the blow up in our face. Real Dumb!

    “WAKE UP PEOPLE!” – If you are an American, you have to Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    Free people don’t have to live or act like slaves. It’s amazing how we brag about being the greatest country on the planet. Have you looked around lately. We are starting to look and act like a third world country.


    • 45caliber

      Mad Max:

      The real problem is that ONLY Congress is allowed to do anything to solve our problems. It is totally wrong if anyone else does because Congress can’t get the credit for it. So they hinder anyone else from trying and teach our kids to “trust the government to solve the problems because only they can get the right things done.” And Congress is too busy playing their “political games” to actually do anything that might help the country. After all, it is far more important to their game to get their own Party members elected than it is to worry about debt that the voters (someone else) has to pay for or a war that kills someone else’s children.

  • JeffH

    Obama is laughing all the way to 2012!

    Great article by David Limbaugh…Obama Is Fresh Out of Ideas
    One of the most striking facts about the course of the Obama presidency so far is that Obama has no constructive solutions for anything, which is one reason he campaigned on vague promises. It’s why he established bogus metrics, such as “saved or created jobs.”

    • Jeep

      Great commentary JeffH. But, I would disagree with Limbaugh in that the prez is not really out of ideas, but he is full of bad ones for America!

      • JeffH

        …if you consider recycled ideas, I guess you’re right…New ideas? Naw!

        • bob wire

          I don’t know about that, I’ve still got my Energy Conservation Obama tire gauge .

          so I’m thinking back, to what McCain was offering up. Hmm? Old “Country First” , the old , “American economy is fundamentally sound ” guy. ~ The Maverick! “we’re gonna clean house guy”

          I can just see Mc Cain throwing some of his old buddies out on their ears, can you picture it?

          Well, I’ll concede to the fact, the GOP and their hard ball play has Obama running fast as he can with a anchor chain around his neck. We’ll never really know for sure how it might have been different, “O” wasn’t never really given the same chance many other presidents took for granted and enjoyed.

          I don’t care much one way or the other, just don’t give us another empty shirt with a quick trigger finger, what you say? You think that is possible? and please please ! please!!! no Dick Perry for Christ sakes.

          2012 is still a horse race and there is no , win,place or show “except” for Ms Bachmann, I see her in position to make great gains in power and posture regardless of the final outcome.

          • Jay

            bw:“O” wasn’t never really given the same chance many other presidents took for granted and enjoyed.

            I beg to differ! OB, presently enjoys, and capitalizes on such unlimited powers that past presidents could only dream about!

          • bob wire

            Maybe it part Jay ~ but this 44th President got zero days for a Honey Moon by opposition leadership and just maybe 5% of their support 3 % of the time since day one.

            I personally know of no other president that was subject to such a brick wall. Can’t you think of one?

          • Jana

            bob wire,
            I can think of at least one. George Bush.

    • 45caliber


      I agree with Oblama laughing. The whole idea of this “budget” was to let him get through the election without it hanging over his head. It was designed to get the Congressmen through their elections by insisting that it was a Republican thing. And it was designed to do it without cutting any of the spending they need to buy their votes.

      • bob wire

        bought votes? ~ You mean like 43′s second term? ~ If I remember correctly , he was still a few vote short a decisive victory and a single GOP judgeship ended up deciding who was the “President Elect” ! I wished he’d bought more and saved the country all that grief. ~ he could have bought the whole state of Florida with his Tax cuts for everybody. I suppose,

        “Bartender, let me buy the round another house.”

        • Jay

          That was then, this is now bw. Let’s deal with the present potus. What good will digging up corpses offer, except avoidance. This is not helpful!

  • Rick Williams

    Congress talks about spending cuts Why not start with all of the FOREIGN AID and the members of Congress pay and benefits after they should lead and set the example for the people that put them there. Set a term limit and put them under the same laws that they make for us.

  • Vicki

    The author writes:
    “For example, as the debt ceiling circus has worn on, I’ve repeatedly heard media pundits say things like, “What happens to the guy who’s planned a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park with his son, only to find that the park has been closed because Congress failed to raise the debt ceiling?” The answer you never hear is: He takes his son somewhere else!”

    Since Yellowstone is PUBLIC property it can’t be “closed”. The guy takes has son to Yellowstone anyway. He was CAMPING. He doesn’t need all those “facilities” that are what a “national park” spends its money on.

  • 45caliber

    I do agree with a lot the author says but I cannot altogether agree about selling all our national parks to private investors. (If they sold them to the highest bidders I might but they sell to whomever makes them the best private deals.) We set aside many of them years ago to preserve the natural sites. I’m not sure a private investor would do the same without altering things to make even more money from it.

    But I do not believe that every President should set aside private lands for public uses as they tend to do now. We don’t need millions of additional acres every year bought by the government to “save”. And I certainly don’t believe, as many government officials seem to do, that all natural resources including water belong to the government to sell – even if they are on private lands.

    We do not need most of the Departments that now have been set up, and one of the main reasons is that they no longer perform as they were meant to do. The Dept. of Energy, for instance, was supposedly set up to insure we had the energy we needed when we needed it – not to “save” oil or other energy sources for “our children”. They were certainly not set up to prevent us from using energy sources they can’t easily tax in preference to those they can tax. The Dept of Education was set up supposedly to insure that our children received an education that would be equal to or better than anyone else’s in the world – not to teach our children that our government is always right, that PC is the only way to go, and that homosexual activity is better than any other form.

    • 45caliber

      I clicked before I mean to click.

      I’ve said many times that I feel that we should return to the same government that our country started with: The Department of State to deal with other countries in peace, the Department of War (not the Department of Defense) to deal with countries when they aren’t peaceful, and the Department of Treasury to pay for just those two functions. I still think we’d be far better off if we did just that.

  • Karen Bracken

    This is an excellent article. It sites many reasons why WE MUST put Ron Paul in the White House. Sorry guys but he is the only true Constitutional Conservative Patriot Statesman we have left. He might make us face some difficult realities but they are a must if we are ever to stop the overreach of this government. It is called UN AGenda 21 and Obama just drove the final stake in the hear of America with Executive Order 13575 (The White House Rural Council) We are given our freedom and our right to own property over without a fight and many of us will live to regret that we did not stand up and fight. But if you just can’t pull yourself away from American Idol to make a difference FOR GOD’S SAKE the least you can do is vote for the right person instead of voting for someone because “his time has come” or to prove you are not racist or voting for someone because he tells better lies than the next guy or some pretty boy with slicked back hair. VOTE for a person that has principle and who loves this country, its people and OUR US CONTITUTION. RON PAUL in 2012 or lost freedom forever!!

    • OB1

      Google Calvin Coolidge. I’m doing it now. I have nothing to say further.

  • Gin

    Ask Ron Paul what he would cut…he’ll tell you w/o hesitation.


    The RINO’s and the Libs are still treating the public and the taxpayers like the GD’ed fools they appear to be, the trust you voted for and the representation is just not there and for the most part, this congress needs to be incarcerated on charges of treason, failure to perform and not upholding the Constitution…they do not need to collect pay, perks, retirement or any other stipend since many of them are far more wealthy now than they would have ever been if they had worked in the private sector….

    • Raggs

      Time… I totally AGREE!

  • chuckb

    on time, the repubs have sold uws out again. boehner had too many golf games with barry and you can’t hold mcconnell responsible, he’s just not competent, he and biden make a good pair.

    there’s no way to stop this madness unless we remove every politician
    and then we would have some time before the new ones got corrupt.

    • OB1

      Research who is corrupted and who is not. There is ALWAYS A REMNANT. I know for a fact from experience, you do not condemn all, you condemn what an individual has done REPEATEDLY, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Check their voting records. See who supported their campaigns for office. Check my earlier post to DaveH. I do not want to repeat myself.

  • OB1

    I am not a Libertarian, a Republican nor a democrat. I am going to post this because I believe this person has the voting record and has inspired many, many others to read and understand the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I ask only one question, who besides Michelle Bachman has been given airtime in Fox news or any other MSM? Herman Cain, No. Ron Paul: NEVER! Why? Santoram? No. Always screen appeal. Not faulting Bachman AT ALL. The system has been corrupted. Get it. The system has been corrupted. I posted earlier thier voting records on this debt limit increase, as well as Marco Rubio’s speaking in the senate. Watch them and read them if you wish.

    • OB1

      Woops! forgot to post this! Father of a movement, under any name that cannot be stopped:
      August 1, 2011

      ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – Today, 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a statement outlining his opposition to the debt ceiling deal struck between the White House and Congress. See statement below.

      “While it is good to see serious debate about our debt crisis, I cannot support the reported deal on raising the nation’s debt ceiling. I have never voted to raise the debt ceiling, and I never will.

      “This deal will reportedly cut spending by only slightly over $900 billion over 10 years. But we will have a $1.6 trillion deficit after this year alone, meaning those meager cuts will do nothing to solve our unsustainable spending problem.

      “In fact, this bill will never balance the budget. Instead, it will add untold trillions of dollars to our deficit. This also assumes the cuts are real cuts and not the same old Washington smoke and mirrors game of spending less than originally projected so you can claim the difference as a ‘cut.’

      “The plan also calls for the formation of a deficit commission, which will accomplish nothing outside of providing Congress and the White House with another way to abdicate responsibility.

      “In my many years of public service, there have been commissions on everything from Social Security to energy policy, yet not one solution has been produced out of these commissions.

      “By denying members the ability to offer amendments and only allowing an up-or-down vote that will take place in the hectic time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this Commission essentially disenfranchises the vast majority of members from meaningfully participating in the debate over reducing spending and balancing the budget.

      “Furthermore, despite the claims of the bill’s proponents, there is nothing to stop the commission from recommending tax increases.

      “One of the reasons why I humbly suggest that I am the most qualified Presidential candidate is my experience to see and understand the long track record of failure, disappointments, and bad recommendations made by such commissions.

      “Times like these require statesmanship and steady leadership, which I and the grassroots activists who have joined my campaign believe I am uniquely qualified to provide.

      “What should bother Americans most is that under cover of this debt ceiling circus, we learned from a recent GAO one-time, limited audit that the Federal Reserve secretly pumped $16 trillion into American and foreign banks over three years. All of the Fed’s fat cat cronies were taken care of at the expense of the American public.

      “To put that into perspective, our entire national debt is $14.5 trillion, and our annual deficit will be about $1.6 trillion, meaning the Federal Reserve created and appropriated more than our entire national debt to banks around the world in a few short years. We have been fighting in Congress these past few weeks over raising our debt ceiling by $2 trillion, an amount the Fed secretly gave away to just one big bank.

      “For decades, politicians have promised future restraint in exchange for hikes in the debt limit. We are always told that we must act immediately to avoid a crisis. But time and time again, politicians reveal themselves to be untrustworthy, and we soon find ourselves in a crisis being led by the same folks who wish only to maintain the status quo.

      “I believe in the great American traditions of free markets, sound money, and personal Liberty. But we are moving far away from what made us the greatest nation in human history. We must cut spending and balance our budget now, before it is too late.

      “Let me be clear. The cuts we must make will not be easy, and there will be difficult times in the short run. But I have the greatest confidence that if we come together as a People, work hard, and do the right things, our country will be back on track in no time and on its way to unprecedented prosperity. But, if we continue to print money and pyramid debt, we will destroy ourselves and lose the promise of America forever.

      “These difficult times require a President willing to stand against runaway spending. If elected, I will veto any spending bill that contributes to an unbalanced budget, and I will balance the budget in the first year of my term. I will not allow the Federal Reserve to destroy the value of our money by shoveling dollars into the pockets of its banker friends.

      “I remain committed to working on behalf of the American people to drastically reduce spending and implement fundamental changes that will reform government and restore our nation’s prosperity.”

      • Raggs

        Smart man…..

      • TIME

        Ron Paul is the Man!

  • Larry Owens

    after reading your article I have to agree with every thing you said. all the departments you named should be closed down or defunded, just essential matters should they be funded. BUT we know the lying/crooked politicians will NEVER shut any of their government depts. down.

    Boy they really pulled the wool over the peoples eyes, just a big shell game moving money around and looking like they did something Good for the country.

    America will eventually fall and I hope I am not around to see it.

    We need another good revolution.

    • bob wire

      You are seeing one in it’s early stages Larry. The Civil War was 12 years in the making by some accounts.

      Get yourself a good seat, this should be interesting. I haven’t a clue how this will play out. ~ The dynamics of war, combat and communication have been drastically altered just in recent times.

      I just don’t believe the powers that be would permit protracted combat in the US unless there might be a coup or splintering in the military ranks. A protracted war is not in their favor. A few 60~ 80 million less Americans would place certain power in a better position if outside interference could be avoided.

      That’s what you are entertaining Larry. Have you ever tasted and smelled combat first hand? It brings out both the best and worst in people. Bad thing happen to people that have no dog in the fight is perhaps the worse of it.

  • jerry


  • pete the simian

    Well everyone ! It doesn’t look good. It seems we are moving towards a strange new economic reality. The Repubs weren’t able to make a total “course correction” – they just bought us some time.

    That’s what happens when you only control the House of Reps.

    People have a right to vote for whoever they want to… It’s the American voters fault we are in this mess. The good news is that the American voter is going to pay !! BIG TIME !!! For electing these financially irresponsible and ignorant persons to office.

    You “reap” what you “sow” !! – In the American Voters case they have sown the seeds of death – and now here comes the Grim Reaper !!

    We are moving towards “The Second American Republic” – hopefully it will be financially responsible and follow the principles of the Founding Fathers of the First Republic…

  • Thinking About

    For all who wants to cut spending and get our debt paid down have to realize to have gotten as close to the deadline only was going to increase dollars because if increased interest rates. How does this cut spending? Interested in paying down our debt, restructure our taxes. There is a lot of duplication in agencies. Stop paying companies to take jobs to other countries. Bring home pur troops and put most of the money being spent on two wars into rebuilding our infrastructure. Stop building bridges to nowhere. Let big Pharma operate in a free market to lower drug cost to our seniors. The veterans have been shopping for best prices for years. Let the farming industry make their own money and stop taking our money. If the tea baggers does not want to go along with tax increases, count the number of non tea baggers and get the job done the right way, they simply don’t have the numbers to stop you. We need leaders not radicals making decisions.

  • chuckb

    there you go thinging about, not thinking again. raising tax would be disastrous to this economy. the old liberal theory raise tax has never worked and has helped cause the problem we have at present, along with an incompetent president, who i believe couldn’t balance his own checkbook.

  • LarrWayne

    The it’s Ron Paul’s fault hollering idiots must have been trained by B.0. himself. Just a little modification of the teleprompter.

  • SamKD

    It’s a shame that the American people do not listen with an open mind to the voices of consertatives that are reasonable in their assessment of our country’s fiscal problems as many present wise counsel on how to get ourselves out of this mess.. Good solid people like Bob Livingston have good ideas, as do other Americans, who are not in elected positions. We have put to much faith in those we have elected, and unfortunately they have let us down over and over again. That goes for President on down to our members of congress and the senate. When will someone in D.C. start really listening to the people?????

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    I remember a scene in “The Good Shepherd” in which General Sullivan (DeNiro) tells Wilson that Hitler was brought to power by the government clerks. The scenario is simple: the bureaucratic staffers line up behind the politician who best represents their continued employment. Obama may or may not be best for this purpose, but nobody is willing to line up against it. It always seems strange when Obama refers to “job-killing tax cuts”, but in context it makes perfect sense: the jobs that face being killed are the jobs of public employees; tax cuts threaten the source of their income. This corresponds to the significant growth in public employee numbers since Obama took office.

    We have come to a time when free enterprise is mentioned less often than is “tranche” (had to look that one up; notice how the establishment always ends up resorting to obscure phrases to justify their maneuvers?). But without free enterprise there is no competition, and without competition there is no freedom. And here we are.

    • bob wire

      A deep thinker, how refreshing.

      It’s true that Hitler came to power with just 28 % of the popular support. The chancellor position was actually given to him only to appease this noisy 28% that was disappointing with the election result.( sound familiar?) ~ That “clerks’ were responsible I’ve never considered it. Perhaps in part,~ sure.

      It seem that “today” we are sold illusions of Capitalism, for under a true capitalist state I don’t believe we would see privatized profits supported by public losses.

      We are a socialist country though it galls us to consider it as so. A Hybrid government, a little of this and a little of that.

      Having been self employed since 1968, I have my illusions on what is happening today, while someone like Bob, someone that been employed or engaged in Federal contracted work their whole adult life would have a different view about the nature of capitalism and whats happening today.

      I’ve accepted the fact that if you play by the governments rules, your failure in guaranteed.( unless you have enough money to buy them off) They hold these rules over me and threaten me for dominion and my cooperation.

      They only need to decide when and where they wish to enforce any selected law and can shut me down in a heart beat.

      This is a real threat ~ they do it ! But I believe this is the nature of any government. I live with this threat~ along with the fact that any profit I might make is not promised, guaranteed or insured, making everyday an “adventure in capitalism”

      I like it, I enjoy it, I’d feel imprisoned to hold and hourly or salary job. But I sure wouldn’t tell you ~ I play on a level playing field or “fairness” is common place.

      I am hobbled and then demanded to compete in a foot race everyday. You accept it over time. But like it? Naw ~ not at all.

  • TIME

    In this deal is the new “SUPER CONGRESS,” that my friends spells the END of this nation.
    As you have all seen this political class has total contempt for the American Citizens, this Bill displayed this in spades!

    Welcome to your “New World Order” as it unfolds over the next 18 months you will be able to watch the soft velvet glove slide right off the IRON FIST.

    How bloody sad 235 years was all it took to destroy this nation and it was all done from the inside and not even a peep out of the population.
    Afterall how good is it to have that new cell phone, or that new PHAT flat Tellie the size of your wall, hey after all that will be far better to watch your every move with.

    RIP the United States of America!

    You had it all, then you gave it away for a few trinkets!

  • paleoConservative

    Have someone here heard the saying,”invade the world/invite the world”?
    Talk about savings.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    My understanding is that the $800+ billion stimulus/porkulus bill signed by BHO some 2 ½ years ago was added to the baseline of all future budgets. Since the porkulus bill has been a proven failure, why not take it out of all future FY budgets?? Eliminating porkulus alone would reduce annual deficits by nearly 50%, and reduce national debt by $8 trillion over a decade. To achieve this, it’s obvious that we need to take back the White House, and defeat a lot more democraps in Congress and the Senate next year. And of course, we should try to defeat RINOs and GOP wimps in the primaries. But in the general November election, think about this: “Friends don’t let friends vote for Democraps!!”

  • Tveng

    My question revolves more around “Why are we not looking at cutting foriegn aid spending ETC. Why are we cutting everything USA wise while continueing to send literally billions over seas”? Seems as the country is broke should we not take care of our own before anybody else? Really confused, why hasn’t the citizenry come together and told Washington to stop or we throw them out and start over……..

  • 4-just_us

    Our legislators are not for the American people. They are
    for themselves and their money source. I wish that the American
    people could be more entwined with our legislators and have a
    much more input. Raising the debt ceiling is another colossal
    mistake. Now instead of 14 t$ in debt, it will be 16 ir 17 t$ in
    a couple years.There are thousands of ways to cut government
    spending, but they always start with the old and vulnerable. They
    should start at the top end, like making legislators pay for
    their own insurance, cut their pentions in half, end the idiot
    wars, cut down some depts. or get rid of them, stop the president
    from campaigning from Airforce-one and thats only a start.

  • Jay

    Major Portions of GDP Coming Under Federal Control

    In July of 2009, a University of Arizona economist, Professor William Boyes, stated that the federal government owns or controls 30 percent of private wealth in America.

    The Fed Wants Control of America’s Economic Engine

    Boyes said his calculations were rather simple in nature not even worthy of a Nobel Prize.
    I simply added up how much of GDP [gross domestic product] was govt run or govt controlled. I gave an approximation that is pretty conservative. I suspect the actual number is more like 40%; if health care goes through then it will rise to over 50%.

    The Washington Times pointed to Boyes’s calculations in their story about the Fed’s takeover of GM, citing the government’s growing role in controlling private wealth.

    William Boyes, an economics professor at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, estimates that the government now owns or controls businesses that generate about one-third of U.S. economic activity. — Washington Times

    A Money Grab

    Government’s control of the nation’s economy stems from its intervention into the operations of GM, government-assisted bankruptcy reorganization of Chrysler LLC, the assumption of partial ownership of Citigroup and Bank of America, the seizure of mortgage industry’s Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and insurance giant American International Group Inc.

    Boyes sums it up when he says,

    “the government now owns or controls businesses that generate about one-third of U.S. economic activity.”

    The ever-expanding government take-over of the private sector under the guise of crisis is stunning. To quell the fears of impending socialism, The White House frequently states it wishes it didn’t have to do what it did, and that it is acting to save the economy from total collapse.

    Regardless of Obama’s true intent, one thing remains clear: the economy of the nation has been changed – almost overnight.

    Mr. Boyes notes:

    “I didn’t think I would ever see the United States move to a primarily government-controlled economy, and its happened in just a few months.”

    On November 1, 2009, Limbaugh appeared on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace, where he stated that the Obama administration is intentionally destroying the private sector thorough their economic plans.

    “I believe that the economy is under siege…. Anybody with any economic literary would not do one thing that this administration’s done … They’re destroying it and I have to think that it may be on purpose. ” — Rush Limbaugh

    • Jana

      I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for another great one.
      That last statement by Rush Limbaugh I do agree with.

      *******“I believe that the economy is under siege…. Anybody with any economic literary would not do one thing that this administration’s done … They’re destroying it and I have to think that it may be on purpose. ” — Rush Limbaugh***********

      Everyone says that Obama is a really smart man, and I do believe he is. He has his own agenda for this country, but it is not the same as most of the citizens of this country.

      Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.
      The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’.
      From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.
      General Bill Ginn’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.
      The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…
      During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.
      NOW GET THIS !!
      ‘Senator’Obama replied:
      “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides”. “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression..” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”
      Obama continued: “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. “It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren.” If we, as a Nation of waring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – - – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments …….”

      When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.
      “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path..My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family.. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America ” ******************************

      • OB1

        Holy s**%!!! I’ve never read this! This needs to go viral! Let’s make it so!

      • Jay

        What more proof, and that, in obama’s own words, does America need to know with certainty, that this man and his treacherous, and treasonous thugs, not only despise America, but wish to destroy it, economically, socially, and spiritually, and re-fashion America into something monstrous, and unrecognizable, for their own vile and self-serving purposes.

  • akphidelt

    Guys, the system is nothing like you are describing what so ever. The principal of the United States of America’s debt can not be repaid. It is literally an impossibility in our system. This is why you do not see maturing debt show up as a Govt expense.

    Do you ever see them talking about the money they need to raise to pay off maturing debt? No, because every dollar in our system has to be backed by a corresponding debt. Therefore your tax dollars can not be used to pay back principal because this would mean there would be dollars in the system not backed by Govt debt.

    This is why interest is considered Govt spending because interest and any money the Govt spends above taxation does NOT exist in our system. Accounting wise there is no money in the world that can pay for our deficits.



    After reading several of your posts I have come to the conclusion you are a dumb ass that wouldn’t recognize the God given rights of a free people if they jumped up and bit you. Nuff’ said!!

    • denniso

      Don’t read what I write then…it’s a free country. I won’t mention how ridiculous and pointless you sound….fair?


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