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The Sequester Follies

February 28, 2013 by  

The Sequester Follies
President Barack Obama backpedaled on the sequester in a speech Tuesday.

I knew the so-called “sequester” house of cards would ultimately collapse. As Wayne Allyn Root pointed out in Sequestration Ponzi Scheme and as and Bob Livingston pointed out in When Cuts Aren’t Really Cuts, the sequester was never more than a pittance, an empty symbolic gesture by the Washington political elite made solely for the purpose of calming the low-information masses who quiver with fear until their masters pat their heads. President Barack Obama and his accomplices thought it up, only to deny their own folly and instead use their corporate media flacks to cast Obama as an innocent bystander to the Machiavellian machinations of the GOP. Fortunately for Obama, the GOP leadership has grown so jelly-spined that playing them for suckers is easier than convincing the Democrat masses that Obama’s latest course-reversal is just the President’s “evolving.”

But Obama and his cronies overplayed their hand this time around. Even casual observers recognized Obama’s poorly disguised duplicity, and the average citizens upon whom Obama’s economic cannonballs always land were too focused on basic survival amid the wreckage of Obama’s failed policies to care much about another liberal scam. And that may well be why Obama himself knocked over the shaky sequester construct.

During a speech at the Newport News, Va., naval shipyard (where they build what Obama equated with “horses and bayonets” during his final Presidential debate with Mitt Romney), Obama whined: “These cuts are wrong. They’re not smart. They’re not fair. They’re a self-inflicted wound that doesn’t have to happen.”

Just to ensure we’re all on the same page: The President of the United States, in an effort to further demonize his perceived enemies, attacked them for compromising on an idea he formulated but in which he evidently never believed, all while standing in an industrial center dedicated to building things he considers antiquated and unnecessary.

Presented with a similar knot of logical self-entanglements, I do believe the kids these days would respond simply: “Facepalm.” Nuff said.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • p

    ” I do believe the kids these days would respond simply: “Facepalm.” Nuff said.”

    Or to put it another way: “Speak to the hand”.

    • phideaux

      That should be “phideaux says” a cat bumped my hand and made the post go out prematurely.

  • Warrior

    Uh, oh. Looks like someone got their pee pee slapped by first lady “valerie”.

    “The White House is denying reports an unnamed aide threatened famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward after the Washington Post reporter challenged President Obama’s version of events on the looming sequester last week.”

    Read more:

    Maybe someone from Ariz can confirm the release of illegal aliens from the lock up. Maybe we can also find out what “judge” granted those releases.

    • phideaux

      When Woodward pointed out Nixon’s foibles it was front page news. Now that he is pointing out the foibles of obama you are lucky to find it in the classified ad section.

    • Chloe

      Woodward has the email sent to him “sorry for yelling” but in the email is where he was told he will regret doing this…..another hmmmmm????

  • Jim B

    We have a long way to go to un-indoctrinate our young’ins from their twelve year sentence. More difficult than that, since so many got caught up in the so called unlimited government money, borrowed in order to go to our so called higher education schools (another 4 years of intense indoctrination, which they will pay dearly for a long long time) and the rehabilitation will be that much more difficult. The young have no clue that so called government revenues is TAXES, TAKEN BY FORCE from their parents in order to loan it back to them, at very high rates (remember the government borrows newly printed money at ZERO Percent), which they, or their parents, will have the burden of paying it back, a burden that will be with the youth into their 30’s. Remember… revenue equals taxes, and taxes are collected by force under penalty of law, and sever jail time if you do not comply, and that my young friends is TYRANNY…. Are you learning yet?

    • Average Joe

      “We have a long way to go to un-indoctrinate our young’ins from their twelve year sentence. ”

      We can forget about un-indoctrination…they’re coming for our children….please watch this video:


      • Old Henry

        Good link AJ. Thanks. I have heard nothing of this on the internet.

      • Average Joe

        Old Henry,

        You are welcome. The administration is trying to set a precident with this case to impliment the policy here. If they win this case they will have set that precident and can and will be implimented here. What was it he was recently saying? Something about wanting to get the children into education by age 4? I wonder where this is going (sarcasm, of course)?

        The Ministry of Misinformation and Propaganda, are now open for business (actually it’s been open since the early 60′s at the very least).
        Today’s subjects to include, “Revisionist History” followed by “Counting on your fingers AND toes”, Two hours of “Government Worship” (with/ prescribed drug cocktail), one hour of “Marching Lockstep” and ending the day with Praise for the man who gave us this “Brave New World”(Animal Farm,1984…take your pick) Barrack Hussein Obama (Or Barry Soetoro or whoever the heck he is) and the singing of “Kumbya”.
        Remember kiddies, on your way home from school, be sure to look for suspicious people that may need to be looked at by the AUTHORITIES…you know that you just can’t be too careful…there are lots of bad people out there…maybe even you own parents or neighbors. You “Lookout” for us and we’ll look out for you…..

        (this all sounds so….familiar….could history repeat itself?…NAH…never happen)……….


    • APN

      Great post Jim, this generation has no clue what the future holds for them. Their foolish behavior will be a penalty that will be carried for a lifetime.

      When the idea of this progressive euphoric mindset is not realized by those foolish enough to believe it, well, it will then get REAL ugly. ECONOMIC SLAVERY

      They will be the first American generation to realize the penalty of electing foolish people to power and turning their backs on those before them that fought for their INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS.


  • Zeropoint123

    The government spending cuts proposed by the republicans are responsible and make the most sense. It’s hard to believe these so called educated people holding the checkbook don’t even know how to balance the book. Math 101. Its just amazingly pathetic. You can’t spend more than you have Dummies ! You can’t go buy a steak when you only have enough for ground chuck. I suspect all those federal employees who haven’t paid their taxes are the biggest screamers against the proposed cuts, ya think?

    • Old Henry


      There are NO cuts – on either side – real or imagined. That is the Baseline Budgeting lie propagated over the last 40 – 50 years by the criminal class in DC.

      Remember Reagan being vilified in the press for his “cuts”? We had large deficits. How can that be, with CUTS?

      What the DC criminal class / media leave off is “cuts” in the INCREASE.

      Balance the budget in TEN YEARS? I can balance the budget in ten DAYS.

  • ibcamn

    I didn’t do real well in math when i was in school,but i can even do the math they were talking about!all the American people have to do is sit and do a bit of math!when Obama said all that crap about what it was going to do to us,i was dumbfounded!i actually went back and checked my math-twice!so when his mouth opened again,i knew,again,it was a load of BS coming out his mouth,again!i let his comments on the conservatives,republicans,rightwing whatever crap he’s selling things go,but this!?!blind people saw through this,now he saying,it’s not bad!?!typical Obama backstep!like his wife(one with the hair,thingy)saying,kids with fully automatic weapons they don’t need!why do they keep opening their mouths?!?..oh yeah,someone will be there to back them up or clean up the drivel!!

    • Jana

      The scare tactics that Obama is using are just blackmail to the American Public.
      Teachers will lose their jobs. Excuse me? Teachers are paid by local school taxes, not by the Government.

      Obama is not, has not, and does not lead. He causes chaos in everything he touches, and we have 4 more years of this nightmarish activity.

      • APN


        He is the GREAT divider and the best at it to date.


      • Old Henry


        That is exactly what professional community organizer sh*t stirrer-uppers do…

        Pit one side against the other with no solutions. Just stir up the sh*t… (It’s also known as communism.)

  • Darwan Winkler

    I don’t see an issue here ~ You want smaller government and less spending or you don’t?

    The GOP is in the “BoX” ~ 44 will deal with whichever way it goes down. ~ So you believe that is good for you and bad for him?

    I don’t think so, ~ I see the GOP as being called out ~

    • Caitalist at Birth

      How is that. Please learn how to communicate.

      • APN

        Cap, Darwin communicate? Not possible! This individual is totally consumed by his ENVY of the fruits of his fellow man.


  • Bob666

    Poor Ben,
    Reality really is a forien concept to him.

    • phideaux

      Maybe so maybe not but in any case what ever Ben has is better than your “reality” of three funhouse mirrors and an ever morphing latex mask.

      • Bob666

        Yo Phideaux,
        as compaired to your four and those magical mushroons?

    • OneGuess

      Yo bub999,

      What is “forien”? Are you really that stupid? Yo?

      • Bob666

        Yo Guess,

        sometime the brain and fingers dont work together as in “Foreign Concepts”…….

  • jopa

    The American public is finally wising up and Fox news ratings are way down and people now realize the lies and fabricated stories that have come out of that organization.As they say you can fool some of the people some of the time like Ben is trying to do here.All one has to do is make a list of Obamas achievements in the short amount of time he has been in office.Things like we were losing over 850,000 jobs a month turned into millions of new jobs,the stock market going fron 6500- 14000, saving the auto industry, Iraq war ended and soon the Afghan war will be over,Usama Bin Laden gone,the US is once again respected by the world and just travelling the highways and interstates one can see the trucks on the road as a strong America emerging once again after the devastation caused by the Dick Cheney & Tator Bush regime.

    • Proud to be a Believer

      And pray tell Jopa, what country are you living in as I want to move there immediately!

      • jopa

        P2B: The good old USA.As in the words of Tim Kaine YeeeeeeHaaaaw.

    • Chloe

      Associates with known terrorist Ayers and Dorhn
      Rev Wright’s racist church “God Damned” America for 20 years
      Party to the Down Low in Chicago (yes everyone knows he is gay or bi)
      Associates with Louis Farrakahn
      Black Panthers Group
      Been on golf course 150 days out of 4 years
      Always in campaign mode but never presidential mode
      Taken lavish vacations to tune of over 20 million dollars at our expense
      Seriously! 6+ Trillion and counting added to debt
      Unemployment has remained the same 7.9% all 4 years+
      50 million are on food stamps
      20 million are without jobs
      Obamacare – cost annual $20 thousand per family
      No taxes under 250 thousand – how did you like your first paycheck this year??? Hmmm?
      Fast and Furious
      Aurora Shootings
      Sandy Hook Shootings
      Placements within govt are either Muslim, Arab descent, Communist
      Drones on American soil
      Civilian Army being prepared
      DHS, IRS, SS Dept all buying hollow point rounds (for training??) over 2 billion to date
      Fema Camps in approx 10 areas of the US
      Hundreds of thousands of large plastic coffin like containers in same area
      No balanced budget
      Aid to Egypt and Syria in monies and military armory and jets
      (while Americans can’t put food on their tables)
      Gas highest and remained highest ever in history
      GNP lowest ever
      Interest rates lowest ever (no growth)
      Stock Market may show strength but the trading is not there – google it.
      Dollar collapsing
      And yes Obama did ask for the Sequester!
      But I will add Bush Sr. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield in here too because of 911 which was an inside job with the help of the Zionist jews…google it.

      Oh, one more thing: Obama is an arrogant, narcissistic, lying, pompous, Marxist, Commie, homosexual,Muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Did I leave anything out boys???

      • jopa

        Chloe; Yes, some semblance of mental stability.You my not so fair young lady must be on crack.You have just displayed a total breakdown of any sense whatsoever or perhaps you are just another one of those Communist Cubans on a smear campaign.

      • OneGuess

        You were doing OK until you got to the part about 911 being “an inside job with the help of the Zionist jews.” And then I found myself in agreement with…jopa (!) of all posters. Get some help.

      • Old Henry

        Yes I believe you did Chloe.

        He was roundly ENDORSED for election and re-election by the Communist Party USA.

        They know how to take care of one of their own…

      • http://midcontent ridge runner

        Nobody doubts who his dam was, but her past breeding history, that her parents had stay in their house, and there is never been a DNA test, the sire of him is a questionable origin at best.sssince Britsh Intel conducted lenghty phyc evals on Hitler aand Mousallinee, and what perv sick idoits they were. Hilter fits Barry’s profile the best, father abanded them, Hitler hated the Jews even though he was part Jew, Obozo hate whites even though his mjority DNA is white, both are ego mananical oddballs, both have strange sexual preferences, both were compulsive liars and get wiggy when someone pointed out their fkups, by screaming and ranting and blaming everyone else. Both claim to be concerned about the little people, but can waste taxpayers money by dreaming up pir in the sky crap that never works out Both could make a decision with out diddling arounnd for daysd or weeks. Was always taking vactions non stop. The OSI methods of evaling people in power, is used by the CIA and has proved to be pretty true.

    • Bill

      I just noticed that your “saved” auto industry, Chrysler and GM, are now building plants in China because it is too expensive to manufacture here. They should take a lesson from the non saved companys ( Ford), that are doing well

    • TIME

      Dear jo pa

      WOW, I must be really missing something ~ as that’s sure not what anyone else see’s going on, well that is anyone who’s looking.

      As for any mass media news be it fox, msn or nbc they all sell the same damm gig, when will you figure that out?

      By the way what media platform do you use again? I can’t seem to find anything that’s based in reality that match’s your posts details.
      Please do tell so we can all look in, and learn such amazing fact’s. Thanks :-)

      Peace & Love Shalom

    • momo

      Still stuck in that left-right paradigm, eh jopa? You don’t get it do you, it doesn’t matter what Obama does this country is screwed. Obama could confiscate all the money from the billionaires and millionaires and it wouldn’t cover the budget deficit. Ever check out a demograohic chart lately, that bulge in it is the baby boomers who are now beginning to retire. And guess what…they all want their benefits! Social Security, Medicare and the other entitlement programs are the true drivers of the debt, and its not going to get better. Speaking of the debt, that’s not going to get better either. Helicopter Ben has to keep trying to inflate to keep the balloon from collapsing, he’s also keeping interest rates artificially low and has tied them to the employment rate!!!
      Now here’s where the rubber meets the road…WE CAN”T SUSTAIN THE SPENDING PATH WE ARE ON. No fiat currency in the history of mankind has ever survived, that’s a perfect 100 percent. Germany tried to do the same thing we’re doing, fighting a war on credit and running the printing presses. In 1918 a gold mark could by 1.25 reichsmarks, by 1923 a gold mark could buy 115,607,000,000 reichsmarks. The reichsmark was so worthless it was used as wallpaper. We should learn a lesson from history.

      • Old Henry

        momo, how do you figure Social Security as an ENTITLEMENT?

        It is OUR money, stolen from us at virtual gun-point over 30, 40, 45, 50 years and repaybalbe at 5% compounded interest. There are trillions of dollars in the SS Fund. Oh wait, the theiving bastard DC criminals have STOLEN it over the last 48 years!

        Maybe we should be putting their faces on some of those infamous DHS targets.

        We also have paid into MediCare at virtual gun-point over the same amount of time. It is not an Entitlement.

        However, if you want to talk Medicaid, now THAT is an Entitlement given to the parasites and criminal illegals.

        • Bob666

          Yo Old,
          Yo are far off from being correct. We (you and I) did pay into Social Security and we may recieve it, but the odds are that both of us will get out far more than we paid it.

          As for Medicare, You could not be more incorrect if you tried. The average recipient recieves more than four times than what they paid in and medicare pays providers less than private insurance.

          As for medicaid, there are many abuses, but I have a sister-in-law who has the mind of a two year old-she was born that way. She recieves medicade and SSI. What do you feel should be done for people like her?

      • momo

        @OLD, The feds call them entitlements. Bob666 has some good points, especially how we’re going to get back more than we pay in. I would hate to be a young person, they’re going to get screwed.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “… but the odds are that both of us will get out far more than we paid it.”

        And that is a wrong how? If we had invested that money just half way wisely ourselves it would have compounded over the years and grown into much more than a person living even to 100 will get out of SS. I know if I could have invested just my contributions to SS I would have had well over half a million $ to retire on without any other savings for retirement.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “momo, how do you figure Social Security as an ENTITLEMENT?”

        Old henry it is our money taken from us with or without our consent and we are damned well ENTITLED to get it back with interest compounded over the entire time said money was taken from us. SS and Medicare are the only true entitlements all the others are just called that for the feds convience.

      • Old Henry

        momo, Bob:

        See Buster’s reply above.

    • APN

      LMAO!!! Nothing but mindless progressive dribble.

      Jopa, man you sure do carry that bucket of libtard talking points around with you everywhere you go!

      Time to go watch FOX NEWS, my FAVORITE FAIR AND BALANCED NEWS outlet, and get the TRUTH of the matter!



  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Just a Pin A@S, forgot toput down the billions of taxpayers money pissed away and will never be paid back, on Government Motors, Solendra pipedreams and a ccouple more taxpayer financed BS dreams, even now in the socialist dumborat Massachutts, is tearing down these eye wounding peicesof crap, and the county is footing the bill. They are going back to carbon based power. The main reason is the noise from these Chinese Pieces Of S–t (CPOS). Other fkups of Oboo’s doubling plus of fuel prices, food prices doubling because of EPA’s regulations, the unproductive government leased and owned land,both farm ground and grazing land, that lays idle year after year, paid by taxpayers money, the increase of government workers by 1400% , as productive as a hemiroid. Real unemployment rate is more like18% and climbing, something dumbocraps cannot see or comprehend, because their heads are insert in their dark, dank, evactuation orfice, of these same stupid fks thing mankind causes “global warming”

    • Old Henry

      Whoa ridge runner! Why doncha back up and tell us what ya really think! LOL!
      Well Said!


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