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The Senator Is A Liar

April 23, 2012 by  

Dear Bob,

I called my Senator in Missouri and asked him about the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act mentioned on page one of the February issue of The Bob Livingston Letter. The Senator said that an amendment had been put into place that states this Act will not be enforced on U.S. citizens unless some type of crime of treason had been committed. I would like to know the truth.


Donald K.

Dear Donald,

First, the bill has not been amended. Attempts at amendments have been voted down. Second, there is no need for a treason provision in the bill as treason is specifically dealt with in the Constitution. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Senator is a liar.

Best wishes,


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Nobody’s Fool

    But really, aren’t they all liars?? They lie to us when they are running for office, telling us they will be a “true conservative” and then stab us in the back on the first vote. I have no use for any of them. I think they should all be tried for treason,wholesale theft, and any number of other crimes. Just look at the staff they amass as soon as they arrive on the steps of the capital. They all have to remodel their offices as soon as they get there….a chair that cost a mere $500 is not good enough for their fat rear to sit on!! I want my America BACK!!!!

    • Chris

      You are very right NF and true Patriot to us Citizens that are Patriots. I do not know the exact date that we became the second class citizens to Sodom and Gomorrah DC but I will fight them. THIS year will will keep the House, take back the Senate and the Pres. seat too! Write, email, call, carry signs, that WE are the true Patriots. This is my Country not the Progressive crap that they spew!

      • paul kelly

        we the people of the USA who can vote need to vote every time and not vote for the same person every time if they are real good for us vote for them vote for them after a term has elasped

    • http://none Howard R. Lowe

      Old old saying, but worth reminding voters. How can you tell when a politician is lying? When he opens his mouth! The Chief Liar is B. Obama – he is what I call a mythomainiac. I doubt if it is the psycho books, but it fits.

      • Larry McElhaney

        Instead of using congress to investigate Obama’s presidency, why not get all the governors together and demand his BC and if he doesn’t supply it then don’t put him on their ballots. Congress is too sick to fix themselves! I’ve never in my lifetime met anyone who lies as much as our president! ever!

  • Lynn Donnelly

    i just love you bob livingston—
    keep up the great work

    thank you

  • SSMcDonald

    WHAT??? A Senator discovered to be a liar??? Say it isn’t so!!

  • Johnny Hiott

    Rogues gallery and murder incorporated are now headquartered in wash. d.c.
    A full 95% of our federal govt. is nothing short of riff raff and reprobates. Liars
    cheats and criminals that should be arrested and sent to GITMO as the enemy
    combatants of America they truly are.

    • Chris

      Let’s ask Obama about his Choir Director of his J.Wright Church, what hapnd. to the director? Let’s ask Pelosi just HOW close she is to the alternate sex life of her friends? Let’s ask Maxine Waters how she is going to send Tea Party People to Hell, was that a threat to their lives?

  • Jim

    Without God, we have nothing at all!
    Think about that when you are set to meet your Waterloo.

  • dan

    I wil always try to say a prayer for those I send to eternal judgement

  • Mickey

    We vote them into office as the lesser of two evils and then what…I would like some honesty and integrity in Washington, probably asking too much….I think all political positions should be unpaid, part time and temporary…any sign on unseemliness and they get tried for treason.

    • Chris

      Mickey, we can change DC, vote for the right and talk to family and friends. Preach to everyone you see about the good folks we can elect. This election, if it happens, will be the last one if Hussein Obama wins. Pelosi, Reid, Obama, you name them are out to take our Country away from us, as they say, we r too stupid to live our lives on our own.

      • RD

        No we anr not ot stupid to live our lives on our own, the young are to stuoid to live their lives on their own

  • Dave

    In the days of Old some societies had the hands of the inflationists cut off . Their monies had value for over a thousand Years.
    I beleive we need to do the same.

  • http://Comcast James Wright

    Mickey, you’re right on the money. If these “officials” cared one whit about America, they would volunteer to do the government’s work, do it quickly and fairly, then go back to the farm, or factory or whatever area they came from. W.Va’s current governor has been feeding at the public trough for over 30 years and he has benefited lavishly from that time. That stuff has to stop.

  • http://AOL Dan Blanchard

    We not only have these professional politicians in office who think they know what’s best for all of us, we now have a president who thinks he is above the law and constitution and can put out executive orders to bypass congress. HE wants to be a dictator so badly that he can’t help himself. WE HAVE TO VOTE HIM OUT in November or we will have a dictatorship by the end of his second term which will then be streched out to his lifetime by another executive order and marshal law.

    • Spar07

      I can only hope there will be an election. If obama gets any whim at all that he is going to lose, he just might find any excuse, any lame excuse, that he can to declare martial law and in the event he does this, he could extend that law until hell freezes over and he will announce himself to all of us that he is the king of our country and then, he will have fulfilled his ultimate goal of becoming a dictator to our country.
      We would have to fight to take it away from him and send him either packing back to Kenya or to Gitmo where he truly belongs, right before he is placed before a military firing squad for treason against our country, our people and our Constitution.

      • Mary

        I blame Congress for a lot of this. We need a Congress in there that will call a halt to his activities. His “executive orders”, his lavish trips and vacations at our expense, Executive orders are only supposed to be used in cases of national emergency. Congress does not have the balls yet to tell him to just hold the phone. Please pray for our nation.

  • castaway

    What is really needed to recover our republic once and for all, is a civil war. As in our founding documents it tells us that a government like this needs to be removed, and a constitutional one installed. This cannot happen without force. Now if a large force was able to be organized, and the feds were duped, it may be possible to make a run on the White House, arrest everyone there, and put someone in as president for the short term. I think if the White House was taken, and when Congress was in session, we could avoid a war. It is a lot of people to capture at one time, but I believe it could be done. Other wise war is imminent.

  • Clark

    There has to be a reason why politicians spend millions to get a job that is supposed to pay thousands. Guess what that reason is. Under the table money from all manner of different groups that want what their Senator or Rep can sell his or her soul for.

  • John R. Howell

    I don’t believe that the election scheduled for this November will ever happen. Obama knows that he can’t win, so he will cook up a phony war, declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and declare himself president for life. He and his followers are all criminals, communists and liars.

    • Chris

      JR, it is a theory that may play out, Most! likely Libs and Socialists will buy, use fraud and all illegal tactics to win. It may be the wy you say, ATK amo co. had an order frm. Homeland Security for 540mil rounds of special amo. Good article “Will they fire on Us” it might still be on the web. Check out Pelosi and dems going to chang first ammendment!! The UN will name Hussein Obama leader and take our riches that we have develeoped in JUNE. That one is called “Conference on Susgtainable Develpoment”.

    • OJ Eastwood

      Your statement is the most probable. May 1st, I belive the OWS recruits will put in in overdrive. When the destruction becomes bad enough the so called “in power” will have to step in and declare national threat. This will give our commander in chief the authority to do what ever he likes, and that is to destroy the America; his wife, his ministry and best friend Bill Ayers is ashamed of.

      • Chris

        Today 4/23/12 Fox right now, is going over the ways Hussein Obma is going around Congress.

    • Sam Adams

      John, during bush gore 2000 election they had the supreme not court decide the election. After this they took our election machines and replaced them with computer and software machines vs a paper ballet count. There has been numerous law suits across America that the Diebold machines and software disc are fraud. The software in the black box voting machines pick the winners not the voter. We lost our vote.. This is why our stolen politicians are so brazened. Sam

  • Robert Tahse

    Your video is a real master piece of sales and marketing. I congratulate you. Hower, you lied to get people to watch it. Your (time to watch) should be closer to than the truth. Once I started to watch, it became difficult to leave. Good for you! Bad for me! By the time it was over, I was so mad and frustrated because of my lost, unplanned, time. I wante to buy, but will not! It is very, very good BUT!

    Robert Tahse (

  • b Scot

    Do you guys read what you write? They have you so worked up about the left that you don’t see what the Koch bros. and their friends are doing. Do you ever wonder how the think tanks, the pacs, the most influential news network in the world are always right on the same page? Who do you think pays for all these opinion makers? It’s certainly not grass roots as they’d have you believe. You are the puppets and NONE of these people are on your side.

    • Chris

      If you want to be a puppet believe in Obama if you didn’t the first time. Kock Bros are the closest to getting our way. When all you have is crap to wade through you have to use something as a step stone. Do not insult good people.

  • r.p.

    Dear Donald K:
    Your senator didn’t just show up in D.C. He was elected by the voters in your county, your district, and your state. As were all of them in all the states. We can’t expect to change the corruption in D.C. untill we understand change has to start in our state, our county, and our district. Vette em before you send em. When the disease is in the roots, you can’t expect to fix it by trimming the branches.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest James

    I want freedom, truth and the right to be a Christian without having to fight my own government and muslims.
    How about you?
    Now is the time to stand up for our country and speak. That time will soon come to an end if you remain quiet and say nothing or do nothing. Join me and re-post or share. Get the word out before you have to get your gun out.
    This country needs change and I am talking about Obama and his UN. NWO. Puppet cronies.
    Everyone is in such a big hurry to replace BO. that they are willing to accept the bones the UN throws them. And that includes Newt and Romney, both RINOs and both UN. NWO. (New World Order) puppets, republican style. They are no more than UN. NWO. replacements for BO. They are set up specifically to carry on the UN. agenda of moving the USA towards the UN. socialist NWO. Other than titles (Republicans) they are no different than the Democrats. They carry the same agenda. (THEY ARE RINOs) As a nation we DO NOT NEED A RE-RUN OF OBAMA REPUBLICAN STYLE.
    This election is not about Romney or Newt. It is about saving the country and its Constitution or losing it. If we do not work and vote for a President who will work for the US. and its Constitution which protects us from and against the UN. Fed. and NWO. We can kiss the country good bye. You will have no rights.
    If the country goes broke its sovereignty and Constitution gets flushed down the toilet and you are left with a socialist, aka communist NWO.
    It is time to vote for the country and not for the UN. Fed. or NWO. and get rid of their puppets embedded in our government.
    I for one have no desire to be ”a good NWO. Citizen” as Newt has speculated. Is Romney care any better than Obama care? Both are puppets for the NWO and UN.
    Presently you and your family have a Bill of rights and Constitution. That alone protects you from those who would pass bills in the nature of NDAA. robbing you of all due process of law.
    It is past time to protect that Constitution and your rights (or) consider becoming “a good NOW citizen” with no rights.
    The Fed. the UN and the NWO has to go and the only politician that stands against them is Ron Paul.
    While I may not agree with everything R. Paul stands for I do agree on the main points.
    Point is, (Unless we get rid of the Fed, the UN and the NWO. and its puppets we as a nation are done for).
    We as a country are broke and hurting.
    History does not have to repeat itself if people will wake up, get up and work for their country and it’s Constitution.
    It is time to stop being a suckered for the pretty boys and the press that promise change and give you socialism (aka.) communism or progressives. We need to get rid of the weeds and pull out its roots or we are back in the same mess again. Protect your Constitution and your Bill of rights.”
    A vote Ron Paul is a vote for freedom. A vote for anyone else is a vote for the UN. and a socialist NWO.
    If you agree please share and re-post.

    • Mary

      Hi James,
      The first thing I would like to see done is kick the U.N. out. Tell them to take all their stuff and go home. After all we own the building. After that defund them. They need to stay out of our business. The way we run our country is non of their bees wax.

      • Chris

        Yes I would like to know who are the one percent also? It is mind boggling when folks rage against Corporations, they are PEOPLE, Corps employ PEOPLE in the free market private sector. If you rail against them then you must Government to own them and employ the PEOPLE, let’s make a list of how government fails–fannie & freddie, Solendra,GSA and the list is very long. 1% and now all middle class are Hussein Obama’s enemies, read Roots of his rage! Pretty soon the white and working class will be Hussein Obama’s SLAVES 100%.

  • Buck

    Not being from Missouri , I don’t know anything about this senator , but if he is true to form as a demonrat he is , of course a liar , their are NO honest demonrats . On the other hand , if he is a republican and lying he is a progressive republican . All progressives are demonrats as well , they just stay below the horizon .

  • sickofliars

    Did you see the list of NDAA signers. The whole g-damned bunch, almost all of them – in WA voted for it and they knew damn well that this was another step to totally imprison us or take us out of our country without our consent and without legal precidence. They want to exterminate as many of the dissenters as possible so taking us to other countries and putting us in prison to torture us is the plan – by Odumba of course. Is he the most insane person on earth? I think he is but then he also has minions of rats doing his bidding all over the world and forcing the middle class of America to pay the g-damned bill – how many trillions it doesn’t matter. Right now your grandchildren owe the gov’t 200K at birth. Doesn’t that make you want this FAKE SOB out of office – Impeach the SOB! He isn’t a citizen! Take this country out of the hands of these animals!

  • b Scot

    RE: Donald K’s comment earlier, the Male US Senator he is referring to is Roy Blunt – not exactly a rino or even a country club republican.I think you’d be hard pressed to find a senator who is further right than Senator Blunt. A little fact checking may be in order here.

  • Pamela Smith




  • libertarian58

    Most senators are liars because most are lawyers. They all take an oath to be EXACTLY THAT. Google ‘lawyer’s secret oath’.

  • Carl Casino

    I am deeply disturbed about the reported 500 mil rds of .40 cal hollow point ammo being procured by “Homeland Security?”. This munition is illegal for military use because it is not humane.(UN terminology). If the numbers I have seen are correct that is equivelant to the military use of all ammo for about 7 1/2 years. What is going on ?

    • bert

      Dear Carl, You and I both know what is going on. The commies are getting ready for military action agains the citizens. Only a fool would deny that this government is ready to overthrow America. Your question tells me you are not a fool. I think we are close to seeing the overthrow being activiated. Watch what goes on this summer in the cities with the occupy people. They are preparing for some strong action against us.


  • Raymond

    Nothing will be done until we force the 1% out of our lives and there is only ONE way to do that. It’s time for the “AMERICAN SPRING”

    • Mary

      Hi Raymond,
      Who are the one percent you are talking about? I don’t blame the rich, successful people fo what is happening in Washington, or the “fat cats” either. They are the ones who own the big businesses who hire thousands of people. Maybe I don’t understand.

  • http://Aol CommonSense4America

    Please Google “Athen, Tennessee 1946″. Maybe this is what needs to happen?

    • Chris

      Read about Athen, Tennessee 1946. I think a peacful demonstra would be better, those of us tht. would act with guns would be demonized severly.


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