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The Seeds Of Perpetual War

September 30, 2011 by  

The Seeds Of Perpetual War

There is no better example of the folly of United States foreign policy of the last 10 years than what is currently going on in Pakistan and Libya.

The terrorist organization du jour, the Haqqani network, is an arm of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, according to Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He told Congress last week that Haqqani, with ISI support, conducted a truck bomb attack that wounded more than 70 U.S. and NATO troops on Sept. 11 and an assault on the U.S. embassy in Kabul two days later, along with other attacks.

The ISI is part of the Pakistani government — a government that receives $1.5 billion in U.S. aid each year.

In Libya, U.S. and NATO forces have supported the overthrow of the Moammar Gadhafi regime by elements of the al-Qaida network we are supposedly trying to destroy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.

Sadly, most of contenders for the GOP nomination have expressed support of our current foreign policy — a policy that rewards with cash and military aid those who are shooting at our troops.

Does that sound like a policy designed to bring about an end to military engagements? Does it sound like a policy designed to make the citizens of other countries embrace America?

Not to me. To me, that sounds like the perpetual war of the warfare state.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Several years ago, I came across a book titled Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. The the book’s words read more like prophecy than a mere warning. While our military can take temporary refuge in the idea that it carries out the orders of a Commander-in-Chief (sure wish we had one), following orders has its downside.
    A perpetual line of wounded and returning veterans damaged in many ways makes a mockery of what we’re doing around the world. Getting into a war is easy. Getting out is another matter. And when the ‘leader’ is anything but a leader, families and friends of those in harm’s way have no choice but to wait for whatever happens. The Twit-in-Chief has nothing to lose.
    Maybe it would have turned out different if our non-leaders in Congress were required to spend time in combat zones (no, not as observers). Korea set the precedent for a deaf-dumb-and-blind Washington. In many ways, we’re still paying for Vietnam.
    It’s time to end the insanity, people. Congress and the W H have no skin in this damned game. Death, physical and mental injuries mean nothing to them. If anyone is in thinking in terms of ‘exiting with dignity and honor,’ that’s what our non-leaders said about Vietnam.
    Being the world’s cop also makes you the world’s strumpet. That price is too high to pay forever. End it. Now.

    • Robert Smith

      Wasn’t it George Orwell who demonstrated what the “forever war” was all about?

      The American public really shouludn’t fall for it.


      • Al Sieber

        That was George Orwell’s “1984″, and we’re there. war is peace, slavery is freedom etc. the American people have and will fall for anything.

        • Robert Smith

          Yes, how did you get that one that the rich shouldn’t be taxed through? Looks like the public will fall for anything.


      • Donald

        Orwell had it dead right.

    • Old Henry

      s c:

      I really agree with your post.

      YOu should give serious consideration to marketing tee shirts, sweat shirts and bumper stickers with that demand. END IT NOW!

      And it could be a mult-faceted slogan, at least until the 2012 election…

      • skip

        You guys are right on! How did the Bush-Cheney Afghanistan/Iraq debacles ever get approved? They have bankrupted us, de-legitimized us, made us the fools of the world, were never paid for. If we wanted to take the crazies out, the current policies so successful the last weeks and last months should have been used – Obama has it right – small strike forces and drones have wreaked havoc and have gotten the jobs done. Never again should we commit our troops to these soul and treasure sapping ground wars unless some country or entity truly threatens us directly. How many useless deaths of our troops; how much of our GDP down the sink? These noble/able troops should have been devoting their efforts to other government projects – how about rebuilding our shattered infrastructure? The money squandered could have been devoted to the same projects. We are just nuts to get involved in these useless wars. Give the middle class a chance – put America first please.

    • Al Sieber

      Good post S C, I would like to find that book. have you read any of Zigbew Brezinski’s books like the Grand Chess Board? he calls for perpetual wars. I’m still having trouble posting here.

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      “End It Now” The war in Iraq should have never started and I protested it. I’m sure all you Conservative Republicans were lock step with Bush Chaney and Rumsfeld on going to war.News
      Flash once you start a war you just can not fold your tents and leave. One more thing there are already bumper stickers t-shirt’s that say “END IT NOW”

      Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki and another America-born militant were killed in Yemen early Friday morning by a CIA-led U.S. drone strike, marking the highest-profile takedown of terror leaders since the raid on Usama bin Laden’s compound.
      Fox News has learned that two Predator drones hovering above al-Awlaki’s convoy fired the Hellfire missiles which killed the terror leader. According to a senior U.S. official, the operation was carried out by Joint Special Operations Command, under the direction of the CIA.

      Read more:

    • John

      The Foreign Policy of the U.S. is a disaster. Congressman Ron Paul knows the true policy of our founding fathers. Ron stands by the U.S. constitution and George Washington’s Farewell address. George Washington said to the American people in his day That we must not have any favorite nations, Nationalism at home, and non-intervention abroad. Washington’s policy was a sound and the best peace plan ever. From Woodrow Wilson to the president day the leaders have ignored the orginal foreign policy of George Washington. John

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        Hoover and Wilson were isolationists thanks to them two world wars

        • http://naver samurai

          What? I guess you must have forgotten about the political movements, parties, events, and individuals that started 2 world wars. FDR was found to have let Japan bomb Pearl Harbor to get us into WWII, though he knew they were coming. Get your facts straight before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            You have no clue

          • http://naver samurai

            Neither do you. Read the book “The Day of Deceit. The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor.” It’ll open your eyes, if that is possible for a pea brained lib. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • bob wire

            Sam, so often you show us how “impressionable” you can be, which of it’s self in not a bad thing. It’s the filters you select to use or not use.

            Robert B. Stinnett is a former American sailor who earned ten battle stars and a Presidential Unit Citation. He is the author of Day of Deceit, regarding U.S. government advance knowledge of the World War II Pearl Harbor attack.


            He participated in World War II as a Naval photographer in the Pacific theater, serving in the same aerial photo group as George H. W. Bush. In 1982 he read the book At Dawn We Slept which contained allegations challenging the official line about Pearl Harbor. He went to Pearl Harbor to investigate and write a news story. After 17 years of further research, and a lot of requests to the United States Navy under the FOIA, in 1995 he uncovered a 1940 memo discussing a plan Stinnett “alleges” was intended to entice Japan ‘to commit an overt act of war’ against the U.S., to crystallize public support for joining World War II. In actuality, Stinnett attributes to McCollum a position McCollum expressly refuted,

            [1] and one contrary to President Roosevelt’s own express objective, to aid Britain. Furthermore, McCollum’s own sworn testimony also refutes it.

            [2] Stinnett’s claim this plan was adopted personally by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the truth was kept from Navy commanders in Hawaii, has proven baseless.

            [3] Nor has evidence of the enormous conspiracy required to substantiate his claim, which has to number in the low hundreds, been uncovered.[4] His evidence the memo went to Roosevelt is illusory.

            [5] His promise to provide all his documents and recordings and thereby prove his allegations, made when Day of Deceit was published, as of 27 June 2009 remained unfulfilled.[6]

            He is currently a research fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, California.
            I happen to be in possession of the last 3 pound cannon shot fired at Shiloh. Having landed in a Hay Stack of alfalfa there hardly a blemish on it, the bidding will start at $500 dollars, Call 367-9485

    • Sharif

      I agree with Jay.Can some one tell us how many sons and daughters of Congressmen leadrs,from both parties, had taken part in the Vietnam,Iraq and Afghan Wars and how many of them have laid their lives for the honor of their country? Young American men and women in their twentys or thrown into wars in the name patriotism & duty!How much a common American has gained from these wars? Dead bodies, widows,wounded and dis-abled young men and women.Enough is enough! Stop it now!!

    • joe B

      This all about Profit and big bucks to big business and those they have in there pockets .So what that these countries have more money than we give them .Our political parties give and ask for nothing in return .If we want to get back on our feet start collecting from these countries including Iraq,Iran Pakastan etc get our money back for fighting there wars and helping them obtain freedom they have more than enough funds and resourses.Of course there is no way to repay for the lives of our service men who die in these wars .The compinsation sucks political figures get more for sitting on there duffs and creating wars.

  • Jennie

    Your post was everything I was thinking and more. I agree with you completely . . . . END IT NOW!!!

  • Monte

    As someone else said, every country is interested in events within their sphere of influence. The Japanese are, or course, interested in what happens in China. What happens there could ultimately affect them. That said, the US is the only country in the history of the world that views the entire globe as their sphere of influence. It is the only country that has ever believed it is their duty to shove their prying nose into the affairs of every country on earth. But alas, the world is a very big place and the attempt has bankrupted the country.

    Two preposterous beliefs help to account for this absurdity. One is American Exceptionlism. That is, somehow never completely explained, the US is unlike every other country in the history of the world and is, somehow, free of every thing that has ever befallen every other empire in the history of the world. It is a belief that dates to the days of the Puritans and is probably best illustrated by Reagan’s ‘shining city on a hill’. That the largest promoter of the homosexual agenda, one of the largest abortion nations, and the largest produces of pornography in the world should somehow be exceptional is hard to swallow to say the least.

    Another is the neoconservative power. The neocons crossed over out the Democratic Party during the Reagan administration, with his help, and basically control the Republican Party. They are leftist followers of the Soviet, Trotsky. Hence, American style democracy must be imposed on every country of the world, just as communism was by the Soviets. The Declaration of Independence states ‘government by the consent of the governed’. Not so, say the neocons. People the world over must be bombed into democracy. Sadam was taken out 10 years ago. Yet, 10 years later, the military is still there. What have they been doing all that time? They have been imposing American style democracy on the population, whether they want it or not.

    Our entire foreign policy is leftist, driven by utopian dreams to alter the world into what their dreams say it should be. Is it any wonder the US is the most hated country on the planet? It could also be the most evil.

    • Mark in LA

      I am amazed that you haven’t been berated for blasphemy yet. You took his name (Ronald Reagan) in vain. That what you say is the truth should have no relevence to the faithful.

    • eddie47d

      I have to agree with SC today and that is a first.Monte on the other hand is lost in translation by blaming any of our present wars on American leftists. I guess he just couldn’t help himself instead of recognizing the follies of the right wing wars. Cheney and Rumsfield will never be mistaken for someone who is against any war.Quite the opposite. Those Opposing our many military interventions are for the most part coming from the progressive side and those Supporting those interventions are almost always from the conservative spectrum. Whether Vietnam, Granada, Central American Wars,Chile,Iraq. Few on the left support our Afghanistan War but reluctantly don’t say much because of 9/11.(They do want our troops out and have said that for 10 years) They weren’t to vocal about the Bosnian Wars either but never fully supported them. Libya was an underhanded embarrassment for the progressives and they felt betrayed by Obama for poking his nose into that country.At least the left and right have a common ground in the Libyan situation and maybe Afghanistan but not much else. There has never been a leftist Utopian dream of occupying Iraq or Iran so you are 100% incorrect on that one. We’ll leave that to the lovers of the Military/Industrial Complex whoever wants to claim that status.

      • Monte

        Research what I wrote before you decide. The left controls virtually every facet of this country, from education to the media to foreign affairs. The neocons are some of the most subversive and nefarious. We are kept ignorant, so that we may be the more easily led. What I wrote is truth. Investigate for yourself, if you doubt it.

      • Mark in LA

        Eddie it is a well documented fact that the neocons grew out of Red Diaper babies who became disenchanted with the Democratic Party over its stance on Israel. They were the Scoop Jackson Democrats. When Reagan started his run for President, William F Buckley convinced him to bring them in to add “gravitas” to his foreign policy which was claimed to be inadequate. Later it was discovered that Buckley was being paid by the CIA to keep his magazines afloat which were always calling for America to intervene someplace to “stop communism”. There is some belief that the Jewish neocons are still harboring a grudge against Russia for what the Tsar did the their grand parents when the nascent communists tried to overthrow the government in 1905 or so and failed. They refer to this as some kind of Pogrom but it was just what happens when you try to overthrow the king and fail. This is why the Reagan administration was particularly belligerent to the USSR (even to the point that the Russians almost launched a nuclear strike in response to a Norwegian weather rocket in 1985 where Moscow forgot to alert the forward radar stations of the USSR Strategic Rocket Forces that the launch was to take place) until Margaret Thatcher arrived on the scene and convinced Reagan to talk to Gorbachev.

        Not all neocons are Jewish, of course, but their money has influenced low quality men like Rumsfeld and Cheney and they have been making our Israel centric foreign policy for quite awhile now due to the failures of representative democracy.

        • bob wire

          Eddie, it’s the illusions of labels that has had so many of us bumfuzzled. It’s taken years to understand it. ~ A duck that quacks like a dog is easy to confuse anyone.

          When did the GOP stop being conservatives but continued to fly the banner?

          • s c

            bw, NEVER say ‘Republicans’ and conservatives in the same breath. ‘Republicans’ lost the right to call themselves conservatives (or be viewed as conservatives) over 150 years ago. Revisionist historians should be seen for what they are (overpaid losers). I’ll bet your ‘knowledge’ came from a high school textbook, didn’t it?
            Labels are reference points. It’s definitions that keep you so uninformed. Mark Twain made a wonderful point about people who don’t take the time or make any effort to understand the difference between lighning and a lightning bug. Screw the labels, bw. It’s definitions, definitions, definitions. And SCREW revisionist historians – and those who worship them.

          • http://naver samurai

            A man that refuses to learn has a stagnant mind.

            Francis Bacon

            This really describes you are your ilk. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Robert Smith

      Hi Monte,

      You posted: ” It is the only country that has ever believed it is their duty to shove their prying nose into the affairs of every country on earth.”

      Kinda works out at home here in America too. The right is tyrying to shove their prying nose into my business all the time. Pot should be a private issue like booze is, and certainly telling women they have to stay pregnant if they get pregnant is a sure invasion of their privacy, oh and about that dying thing… Why can’t I decide myself and get professional help so I won’t screw it up?

      Yup, the extreme right is meddling around the world and at home.


      • Monte

        uhhh….yeah, anything you say Robert. Like, lets all live like animals. It will be great fun. What a trip!

        • Vicki

          At least animals are more free than the slaves that think they are.

          Any power you give government to take away rights of those you do not like can and WILL be used against you when they get control of government.

          • Oakley Mann

            Well stated!

      • Vicki

        Well well well. Robert and I actually agree on something. :)

        For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

        • Vicki

          What we don’t agree on is
          Robert smith writes:
          “Yup, the extreme right is meddling around the world and at home.”

          If you were correct then 2+ years of total extreme left control of Congress and the Presidency would have ended some or all of that meddling. Instead the government continued and or increased much of the meddling.

          Thus you see the left/right paradigm is used to distract us from the actual paradigm we need to use when seeing what is wrong with our country.

          100%-0% government.

      • http://naver samurai

        Same ol’ lies, rhetoric and innuendo. Can’t you give up lying on this site? Pot is illegal, abortion is murder (Don’t have sex till you are married), gays are immoral and a perversion, and we were not founded on do anything I want to beliefs. These things are such, because we were founded on the Bible and Christian beliefs. Get your facts straight before you post! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Old Henry

          God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

          • http://naver samurai

            100% agree! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Vicki

      Monte says:
      “US is the only country in the history of the world that views the entire globe as their sphere of influence.”

      Well. Not exactly. China is very patient and is very aware of their sphere of influence and their plans for the world.

      And of course not one but many Muslim nations have their plans for the world.


      I have several links so will be posting replies to Monte in several posts.

    • Vicki

      Monte says:
      “It (the US) is the only country that has ever believed it is their duty to shove their prying nose into the affairs of every country on earth.”

      The correct foreign policy for the US is

    • Vicki

      Monte says:
      “It is a belief that dates to the days of the Puritans and is probably best illustrated by Reagan’s ‘shining city on a hill’.”

      That is EXACTLY what we should be doing as a country. BE the most free place on earth. BE the example of how to behave with respect to other countries. Not attack unless attacked. BE NOT AFRAID. for when other countries try to come here and take over they will find the true meaning of “Behind EVERY blade of grass”

      Remember that 9/11 only happened because we, the people allowed ourselves to become disarmed.
      Here is what SHOULD have happened on 9/11 – 2001

    • Vicki

      Monte says:
      “That the largest promoter of the homosexual agenda, one of the largest abortion nations, and the largest produces of pornography in the world should somehow be exceptional is hard to swallow to say the least.”

      That the US is the largest promoter of individual freedom to be homosexual or not is cause for celebration.
      (See Amendment 1, US Constitution)

      That the US is the largest producer of entertainment of an adult nature is cause for celebration.
      (See Amendment 1, US Constitution)

      That the US is one of ANY nation supporting abortion is cause for great sorrow.
      (See Amendment 5, US Constitution. In particular “…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law “) How can we consider ourselves to be free when we routinely kill the most innocent of us?

      Monte says:
      “Hence, American style democracy must be imposed on every country of the world, just as communism was by the Soviets.”

      America has no “style of democracy” Our forefathers tried everything they could to keep us from having one. This link gives an excellent explanation. You will have to give up ~10 min of your life to view it.

      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry Vicki, but behavior is not covered under the Constitution. Pornography is not covered under the Constitution and neither is abortion. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • vicki

          pornography is most certainly covered. See amendments 1 and 9
          Abortion is covered. See Amendment 5 and 9. See also the declaration of independence (Right to life…)

          • http://naver samurai

            Bzzzzz wrong answer. They may be legal, but they are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. You talk about our rights in the Declaration of Independence (Endowed by their Creator) and say abortion is covered? Wrong answer. How about the child inside the mother? Since the child is an American citizen, the child is forwarded all rights as an American (life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness) and protection under all laws of the nation and state they abide in. Remember, abortion is not a right! It is just population control. Pornography is not a right under the Constitution. If it were, then why are people arrested for producing and/or possessing certain types of pornography? Ergo, it is not a right if their are laws on the books against it. Your barking up the wrong tree here. All the rights listed in the Constitution are very specific as to what they are. Maybe you should look more at the 10th Amendment and figure out that since the federal government can’t pass laws against these rights of speech, religion, choice, etc., but this can be done by the states according to the 10th Amendment. That is why states can defund planned parenthood, NARAL, and other abortion providers. Sorry, but you lose this time. How does the 5th Amendment fit into this? It talks about your rights in court, the legal system, and due process of law. This has nothing to do with the subjects at hand you have mentioned. Nice try, but it seems you are in retreat. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • vicki

            samurai says:
            “You talk about our rights in the Declaration of Independence (Endowed by their Creator) and say abortion is covered? Wrong answer.”

            This is interesting. You say that I am wrong and the immediately say exactly WHY abortion is covered by saying

            samurai:”How about the child inside the mother? Since the child is an American citizen, the child is forwarded all rights as an American (life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness) and protection under all laws of the nation and state they abide in.”

            Thus abortion is covered and clearly illegal. How then can I be wrong when I say that abortion is covered?

            samurai: “Remember, abortion is not a right!”
            I know that. I even stated that abortion looks like murder. As such it is a state matter. The Constitution (Amendment 5) states that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. The 14 amendment extends the protections of the 5th (and all the rest) to the states and local governments. Why even the 2nd has been found to be binding on state and local governments.

            So the only possible argument with respect to abortion is when does an unborn child become a “person”. I say we should err on the conservative side and choose moment of conception.

          • vicki

            Samurai says:
            “Pornography is not a right under the Constitution. If it were, then why are people arrested for producing and/or possessing certain types of pornography? Ergo, it is not a right if their are laws on the books against it. Your barking up the wrong tree here.”

            Possessing firearms is an explicitly stated right yet people who have no criminal history and have not committed any crimes are arrested for possessing firearms? Thus you see arrest and even conviction is no proof that something is not a right.

            Samurai writes:
            “All the rights listed in the Constitution are very specific as to what they are. All the rights listed in the Constitution are very specific as to what they are.”

            Let me direct your attention to Amendment 9 which was written by our forefathers cause they knew that someone would decide that the only “rights” were those explicitly listed in the Constitution.

            Amendment 9 says
            “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

            This clearly states that the people have a LOT more rights than those listed in the Bill of Rights. In fact this is one of the proofs that the Constitution is a limit on what powers that we, the people, can delegate to government.

            Samurai:”Maybe you should look more at the 10th Amendment and figure out that since the federal government can’t pass laws against these rights of speech, religion, choice, etc., but this can be done by the states according to the 10th Amendment.”

            Ok let us look at the 10th amendment.
            “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

            Note that the amendment does not talk about rights anywhere in its entire single sentence. It talks only about powers. Such as the power to coin money. This is a power delegated to the United states and specifically prohibited to the states. Actually all of the powers prohibited by the Constitution to the states are neatly listed in Article 1 section 10 of the US Constitution.

            “That is why states can defund planned parenthood, NARAL, and other abortion providers.”

            States can defund from their pocket but alas the federal government can continue to fund planned parenthood from it’s pocket. OF course both pockets are filled with dollars taken from the people. :(

            samurai writes:
            “Sorry, but you lose this time.”

            I respectfully submit that your opinion is in error.

            samurai:” How does the 5th Amendment fit into this? It talks about your rights in court, the legal system, and due process of law. This has nothing to do with the subjects at hand you have mentioned. Nice try, but it seems you are in retreat. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!”

            The 5th amendment covers what the government can do to you in court. (“the people vs John Smith”) It also gives broad outline to what you can do to each other. You can not deprive your neighbor of life liberty nor property without due process of law. If you do then the state comes in to see if you violated the rights of your neighbor. You then get the full enumerated protections listed in the 5th amendment.

            Now a question to ask is that murder is a state matter and not a federal one. So why have no states stepped up and declared Abortion to be murder and revoked the power of doctors to commit murder of the most innocent amongst us?

          • vicki

            Here is a discussion about the decision that made certain abortions legal. I do not agree with the logic used here and still point out that the rights of the child are being ignored but there was in the beginning at least a small attempt to decide when a child became a “person” and therefor had standing to be protected by the Constitution.


            That attempt was the comments in section 3 of the opinion “held” by the court.

            Since then there have been many little adjustments so that it seems that abortion is currently allowed most anytime during the pregnancy.

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      The Bush administration started both wars (Iraq base on lie’s) The Bush administration wanted to see Democracy through out the world.So what you are saying is Bush Chaney and Rumsfeld are Leftist? Your words bellow

      “They have been imposing American style democracy on the population, whether they want it or not.

      Our entire foreign policy is leftist, driven by utopian dreams to alter the world into what their dreams say it should be. Is it any wonder the US is the most hated country on the planet? It could also be the most evil.”

      • vicki

        since most conservatives consider Bush to be to the far left of them yes Bush etal were leftists. The REAL problem is and continues to be the axis of evil used to measure political problems. The axis is NOT left vs right. It is total government vs limited government.

      • Oakley Mann

        I disagree with 100% of what you are stating, Staff. It surely had to be moral turpitude for your conscience to allow you to serve.

      • bob wire

        oh ! give it a rest! They might claim to be promoting Democracy but 43′s administration had no energy policy other then securing oil reserves for big business and explore this area of the middle east for future mineral extraction.

        But to suggest American interest is motivated by disciplined ideology beyond venture capitalism is a stretch. It’s about the dollar and market forces. The war is vehicle that offered the “start-up money” all paid for by allied nations.

      • http://naver samurai

        Have we forgotten to take our meds today, hmmm? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. We are a republic, not a democracy!

        • Al Sieber

          You got that right!

          • http://naver samurai

            Thank you, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Oakley Mann

            and you got it right. I remind many of my friends who were hounding George Bush, talking aobut how stupic he was, etc. I told them within 2 yrs aftr he left office, the majority of people would wish he were back. I have not been proven wrong in my prediction, Barack Hussain Obama is certainly the sorriest Pres of the United States to date. He spends more money on filing suits against legal states for their immigration policies than his wife spends at Target in her entire life, what a joke. Hussain Obamas lawsuits against states now include GA, SC,IN,UT,AZ and Al. 6 states in which th sol justification is the rigging of more votes for, guess who? Oakley Mann

          • http://naver samurai

            Well Oakley, this is what happens when you get many uninformed voters to the polling stations. People were so blinded by a desire for change they couldn’t see the forest due to the trees. I still remember some women saying they voted for Obama bin Laden because he looked more handsome than McCain did. What wasted votes. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Mike

    Keep in mind that wars are started by men who have the least to lose & everything to gain & fought by men who everything to lose (their lives) & nothing to gain.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Very smart post Mike. How true it is.

    • Robert Smith

      Yup, the buddies of Bush and Chaney are making out like bandits.

      No bid contracts, etc.


      • Vicki

        With all those democrats in Congress how come it’s still Bush and Cheney’s fault? 2+ years of total control and they changed……..nothing.

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Because the war’s were started on there watch duh

          • vicki

            And the wars were not stopped on their (Democrats) watch. How again is it not their (democrats) fault?

          • bob wire

            wars have a life of their own, once the dog of war are unleashed it’s everybody war, want it or not. Sides are taken, money flows and bad things happen to good and bad people.

            “O” can’t stop this war on a dime. Nixon required years to stop Nam.

            It’s much like wrestling with and angry alligator, it’s hard to find a good time to ever let go.

        • Thinking About

          Vicki, if history books are correct you will find the Congress was controlled by those Reps in the decision time when US went into Iraq and Afghanistan. The Dems did not have the votes to have stopped either war. All who are crying about blaming GWB start blaming the Dems for all Bush sins, at least get it right.

          • vicki

            So explain to me why a majority of Democrats voted for the war in Iraq? Explain to me why with a super majority and Democrat President we STILL are at war? Explain to me why a CIC who is Democrat and quite able to ignore immigration law is incapable of ordering our troops home?


          • vicki

            p.s that supermajority was for just 2+ years. Not current. But the war still goes on.

      • http://naver samurai

        Bush, baaaaa! Cheney, baaaaa! Iraq, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! Why do you and SMS continue to post unfounded lies and rhetoric on this site? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Brian

    Between 1898 and 1934, the Marines invaded Cuba 4 times, Nicaragua 5 times, Honduras 7 times, the Dominican Republic 4 times, Haiti twice, Guatemala once, Panama twice, Mexico 3 times and Columbia 4 times, Washington has intervened militarily in foreign countries more than 200 times. And that was over 20 years before I was born!

  • Lost in Paradise

    Did I read it correct, that the last sentence called us the warfare state? It should read the Welfare State. We give 1.5 billion to Crapistan, and 500 million or maybe its billion, to the Palestinians, and how much to all the other countries that do not deserve the Welfare.

    The worst thing that happened to this country was the ability of the collect income tax from the citizens. It gave the Gov. total power to do as they wish, and at our expense.

    When are we going to replace the entire government of this country, and take back the power that our constitution,and the “Bill of Rights” gave us.For those of you that think this can be done without violence, I think you must still believe in the Tooth Fairy. Voting is the biggest scam ever, next to an illegal President. They control us through the entire process, by creating a drama between parties through the state owned media. Do you really believe that a new conservative president will change things much? How would he be able to get things done without the same conservative majority in the other branchs of government? What a total joke!

    • Al Sieber

      I agree with you but, I don’t think violence is the answer unless you’re directly threatened but it could come down to that when you have nothing left to lose, and the Govt. knows this and fear the people because we’re a armed citizenry.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Lost in Paradise,

      In case you missed it, I addressed that Monday here:

      Best wishes,

    • Robert Smith

      Lost asks: “Do you really believe that a new conservative president will change things much?”

      The last one destroyed our economy.


      • s c

        rs, do you get paid more if you respond before the other parrots? In your limp fashion, you referred to GB. Write this down, as you will forget in less than one minute. GB is NOT a conservative.
        Your weasel reasoning powers probably let you think Obummer is a centrist. Write this down, too. Obummer has combined elements of
        almost everything, including socialism, communism, fascism and progressivism, in a blatant attempt to destroy America.
        He is a classic useful innocent [aka useful idiot]. And that makes you a classic _______, doesn’t it?

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Believe the founding Father would be labeled as Progressives do to the
          fact they wanted to be free of English rule

          Progressives such as William U’Ren and Robert La Follette argued that the average citizen should have more control over his government. The Oregon System of “Initiative, Referendum, and Recall” was exported to many states, including Idaho, Washington, and Wisconsin.

          Many progressives, such as George M. Forbes —president of Rochester’s Board of Education—hoped to make government in the U.S. more responsive to the direct voice of the American people.

        • Oakley Mann

          Way to go and I could not agree with you more. Oakley Mann

          • Oakley Mann

            and S C has hit th nail on the head

        • bob wire

          “GB is NOT a conservative.”

          Well why did you permit him to fly the banner then without so much as a protest? I would think in 8 years one might find the time.

        • Oakley Mann

          Go ahead, S C, you are right on

          • s c

            Oakley, I don’t care what anybody calls GB – as long as they DON’T ever call him a conservative. When it came to spending money like a drunken, knuckle-dragging, Keynesian monkey, GB might as well have been a frickin’ ‘Democrat.’ Up the rebels!

      • http://naver samurai

        If you think Bush and not Obama bin Laden destroyed our economy, then you must have had your head burried somewhere for the last 3 years. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • bob wire

          I’ve thought much the same about you Sir, I don’t where you get your information but I would darn to guess FOX.

          You might consider giving up Television all together as it rots the mind and has you believing things that are not real.

          • http://naver samurai

            You are full of brown smelly stuff, Bob. If you compare the 2 presidents in question, Obama bin Laden has done more to destroy the economy than Bush ever did. Speaking of facts and sources, I see you haven’t posted any. Need to take some of your own advice. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://naver samurai

            Darned crickets! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


    Lost In Paradise is right on. This government has long outlived its usefulness and will change only by a real revolution. Sad, but fact.

    • Robert Smith

      Why does the extreme right threaen so much violence? If the American People like things the way they are who are YOU to take it away from them?


      • Hardrock

        Who are these “American People” you claim to like things the way they are? Must be why the country by-and-large is so unhappy at present.

        • bob wire

          They are being told that they should but unhappy and so they gladly agree and comply.

          This is an angry site, it attract angry people like a bug to the light. Angry out spoken people.

          You are left to mine tons of dirt to find a few nuggets ~ and they are here to be found, keep digging.

      • http://naver samurai

        How do you know if he is to the right or left of center, you idiot? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • bob wire

          so now your upset, acting all mean and calling people name are you?

          Chances are a lot of people don’t agree with you Sam, finding it easier to simply ignore you and hope you move on soon.

          • http://naver samurai

            What’s wrong with asking if he knows if the person is to the left or right of center? Speaking of moving on, why don’t you do the same? You bring nothing of value to the table. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • 4-just_us

    The constitution,written by our forefathers, was a great and well intentioned idea but never fully took hold. Slavery took 75+ years and for women to vote took 120+years to end. Our legislators
    and courts have abused the constitution forever. Thomas Jefferson
    said to change the constitution when needed and I think after 200+
    years we need to redo,rethink,update to a new one. Our constitution
    is riddled with to many vague and out dated writings that our
    government and courts take advantage of especially the commerce clause.

    • Lost in Paradise

      You and others like you are part of the PROBLEM! Look out for them thar bullets! You might have a red dot on your forehead as I type this.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        Believe it’s time for your Med’s

      • bob wire

        Lost no doubt, but Paradise? doesn’t sound like any paradise to me unless the smell of a war zone soothes the soul. I doubt if such smells are in your history,as TV movies video games use little red dots.

        In the real world, there is no warning, you are there and then you are not.

    • Monte

      I hate to rain on your parade, but for a people that have almost no say-so in anything, who do you propose will create this new constitution? And who do your really think it will most benefit? I would not blindly throw away our current agreement, even if it is rarely enforced.

      • bob wire

        Many of these people are quite simply entertaining insanity Monte. If you got to know them personally you would find a long history and known for their insanity and victims of their own doing.

        If they were truly interested in ideas and process there is thousands of ways to get involved on many levels of play.

        But it’s easier to simply withdraw and arm chair quarterback others that do commit, that do invest their time and money.

        The only thing they like is “easy” ~ If it is easy, that what they will do.

    • Christine

      The original consititution plus the bill of rights were brilliant. Almost every amendment since then has been a mistake. Unfortunately prohibition is the only mistake that has been rectified. The 16th amendment allowing the income tax (enforcement of this nullifies the 4th amendment search & seizure protections) and the 17th amendment allowing popular vote for Senators (unbalancing the protections & power of the states) are the worst offenders. I’ll throw in the poorly written 14th amendment that allows for birthright citizenship which should be amended to prevent automatic citizenship for children of illegals.

      • Monte

        The 14th Admendment was never ratified constitutionally and has therefore never been legal. The Supreme Courth refuses to consider this. But then, the Supreme Court usurped this authority anyway. Where does the Constitution give them this authority? John C. Calhoun declared that, since the states created the central state, they should be the ones to determine the limits of central power, not the court. The court, he said, was merely an arm of the central state. I think history has proven John C. Calhoun to have been correct. Out of a population of 300 million, a handful of men determine the law, based upon their own interpretation of it. And without any balance of power. No veto power exists above them. They have become black cloaked priests of the secular, godless state.

      • http://naver samurai

        Prohibition should not have been repealed. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Robert Smith

      From 4: “we need to redo,rethink,update to a new one.”

      The far left has been calling for a Constitutional Convention for decades. They want to eliminat the second amendment, and a bunch of other stuff. Do you really want to mess with the Constitution?


      • http://naver samurai

        OMG! I can actually agree with you on this comment. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      There is nothing wrong with our Constitution. If you don’t like it, then leave. Our Constitution has lasted longer than any other in history, so how is it outdated or needed to be changed? Give specific details, if your little lib mind can do that. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Free Mind

    the folly is that we, the taxpayers are funding the enemies. The shame is that we do nothing about it.
    Are the enemies only in Pakistan/mid east? No, they are also in the White House and branches of the Federal Government.

    and you folks are doing what? Oh, writing editorials…wow

    • Lost in Paradise

      Yes, a lot of good that will do. WE should all be planning a way to “get er done” quickly, before it is too late. Whining and complaining is next to useless, and like peeing into the wind. One day soom I think, we will not be able to voice our opinions on the net. What will these minds of wisdom and cowards think then.

      • Surviving_Life

        Careful what you wish for. An armed revolution will bring horrors far worse than most people could even imagine. Americans are soft and would fall apart into anarchy if the system was challenged.

        Agreed we need a change of personnell, but not the constitution. If adhered to this type of government our forefathers created is the best deal going.

        Citizens exist within their own world. Had they paid attention to the politicians more often they would have voted out the anti-americans and voted in true patriots.

        I have skin in this game. We need to stop the politicians from hijacking the government into their own little racket.

        • Robert Smith

          Surviving says: “Citizens exist within their own world. Had they paid attention to the politicians more often they would have voted out the anti-americans and voted in true patriots.”

          That’s how Bush got in. Even the voting was questionable.

          BTW, why don’t the rich pay their fair share?


          • http://naver samurai

            Actually the libs tried to steal the election and control the votes, like not counting absentee ballots from the military and making a deal about hanging chads. Only an idiot couldn’t follow the instructions to push the poker all the way through the card. If Americans would have watched more closely, Obama bin Laden would not have been elected. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        ” and like peeing into the wind. One day soom I think” This line explained everything

  • Lost in Paradise

    Most of us need to sacrifice every now and again, if we want or need something. What are you willing to sacrifice for the dream of having America back, governed by the Constitution? Not much I presume. I think the other problem is that conservatives are outnumbered by the libs.

    • Monte

      The last ratio I read placed the liberals at 15% of the population. The problem is that leftest have infiltrated powerful, commanding positions. Also, what is a ‘conservative’? The answer to that is far more complicated than you might think. Necons – through the Republican Party – usurped the title of ‘conservative’. Yet, their positions are leftist. Ignorance is a powerful weapon. Unless we can define what conservatism is, we never really know what we represent. Here is link to an introduction into the neocon’s fake conservatism.

      • Robert Smith

        Monte says: ” Also, what is a ‘conservative’? The answer to that is far more complicated than you might think. Necons – through the Republican Party – usurped the title of ‘conservative’. ”

        Correct. Barry Goldwater was the last. BTW, he was pro-choice in guns, he didn’t care about gays in the military, he was pro-choice in abortion, etc.

        He was an advocate that government should stay OUT of the lives of Americans.


        • http://naver samurai

          Same ol’ rhetoric. A conservative is pro-life and anti-gays in the military, ergo he was not a true conservative. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Sean

        I agree with Monte. Check out The Reece Committee (TRC) of 1953 and its investigation of The Foundations and their collectivist goals for the USA.

        TRC’s chief investigator “Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations” on Youtube:

        Taken from the minutes of The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) from its inception in 1908: “Is there any means known more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the lives of an entire people?”

        Conclusion: “No more effective means than war to that end is known to humanity.”

        In 1909: “How do we involve the United States in a war? We must control the State Department. How do we do that? We must take control of the diplomatic machinery of this country.”

        During WW1 minutes reveal CEIP telegram to President Wilson cautioning him to see that the war not end too quickly.

        Post WW1, the CEIP and other Foundations endeavor to change American society so as avoid a reversion to life prior to 1914 and decide to do this through the education system.

        Research Foundations and the CFR!

  • Jeep

    Well, I will risk being the only one here who may actually remember why we are in Afghanistan. Bringing the troops home, will not make us safe. This “war” has been going on for a long time, or did you forget about the Achille Laro, our embassies, the marine barracks, the USS Cole and many other examples? Those same animals that killed hundreds of Americans throughout the past 30 years tried and were able to bring the fight to our shores on 9/11. And, I can, without a doubt, confirm that they will bring the fight here again should we pull back.

    My answer is simple to understand, we joined this phase of the war to chase down terrorists. And, we are still out there, around the world, chasing down terrorists. It’s not a question of being “the world’s policeman”. Instead of “bringing the troops home”, why don’t we approach the problem militarily, and less diplomatically? Let our troops do their job and bring the pain regardless of the squabbling from the UN. Pakistan? Stop harboring terrorists and there will be no need to send drones and SEAL teams after them. Terrorists in Afghanistan, hunt them down without mercy.

    You may disagree, but I know that there are numerous terrorist networks around the globe who have no other goal than to kill Americans. The ultimate goal of these groups is to bring the fight here. I wish it were not so, and we can argue the question of why they hate us later. But, “pulling back” is not the answer. Few in America know what it is like to live with war, so go ahead and retreat. Do that, and you’ll find out what war is like soon enough.

    • Monte

      So while our troops are half-way around the world fighting terrorists for our safety, here at home our borders remain open so that any terrorist can enter. Doesn’t something seem amiss and contradictory in this?

      • Jeep

        Monte, what does illegal immigration have to do with the War on Terror? Other than the fact that terrorists are crossing into the US from Mexico, they are two separate issues. I am only advocating that we should take the gloves off, and hunt these guys down with ruthless determination. And, making the point that this may be a generational struggle. But, to give up the fight will only result in the fight coming home.

    • Surviving_Life

      Jeep, don’t disagree we need to deal with the problem, but placing American boots on foreign soil to be slaughtered just adds to the damage. GAO state $1,000,000 per year each to put our sons & daughters deployed, yet a Tomahawk cost less than $500,000 per. We have forgotten how to fight a war with our technology advantage. We need to remember how we destroyed Japan & Germany into defeat, by the air!!!

      • Jeep

        Not picking a fight, but remember we did occupy Germany and Japan (and, still do have boots on the ground). In Germany, more American soldiers were killed in the month AFTER VE day from Nazi partisans. It is a little discussed fact that if the Russians had not divided Germany and started a campaign of terror that resulted in thousands of Germans being executed and thousands more uprooted, that the War Department estimated it would take ten years to eradicate Nazi resistance. You are right that Japan submitted to the aireal might of our Air Force (Army Air Corps), but their mindset was a little different.

      • Jeep

        After rereading your post, I see your point. I think we look at it that same way. We should not be nation building, and I know we can conduct this war without a “troop surge”. We do have the capability to hunt them down with our elite elements along with a Predator, or two. Two things are necessary, in my opinion: Determination to see it through, and ruthless execution.

    • Robert Smith

      From Jeep: “And, I can, without a doubt, confirm that they will bring the fight here again should we pull back.”

      And then we nuke their sandy village and turn it into a glass ash trey. When the rest see that we mean business they won’t mess with us.


      • Jeep

        Well…it’s a technique!

  • Jim C.

    I watched Senator Graham interviewed on Fox. He said, in effect, that the Pakistani intelligence service is in bed with terrorists who strike at the US. Then almost in the same breath he said we “need” this relationship we have with Pakistan!

    We need it like we need a hole in the head! What is wrong with these people? They’ve got to start using their heads for something other than a hatrack.

    • Oakley Mann

      I also saw the same interview. It is surely wishful ideaology for us to think that current politicians can speak from only one side of their mouths, goal one for politicians is reelection so as to enrich their worth in mind (or ego, whichever you prefer) and fact. I agree with a lot that is being stated, including the reminder of why we have boots on the ground, 9/11, USS Cole, etc. It seems easy for some to forget why. Why is because we had to or see our families die a horrific death eventually, terrorists are bound to get WMD’s eventually if we do not continue to apply extreme and useful pressure, including the p*ssy act of waterboarding. It is as true as breathing that if we don’t keep the pressure on terror, terror will indeed have the pressure on us, and in a much worse way than p*ssy waterboarding. Oakley Mann

  • Sean

    Retired U.S. Marine Major General Smedley D. Butler who wrote War is a Racket:

    “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

    In PDF format available on the web.

  • Tom

    Gee folks we can still have these SAME CONVERSATIONS in the FEMA camps! Won’t that be great!
    For over 100 years we have allowed these low-lifes (that WE elect) to run rough- shod over the Constitution, local and state laws as well as the people directly. NO ONE has ever mounted a good fight against the bloated federal hog that is the bureaucracy which has decided NOT to wait for silly things like Congress writting and passing laws. We all write our comments, vent, etc. When are we going to get behind some people willing to step into Washington District of Criminals and clean house. You ALL make comments about Sarah Palin- most of you parrott the MSM’s made up BS about her! Same with Paul, Bachman, and Cain!!! You all think that Sleaze Perry is the answer? I would not follow Perry to the MEN’S ROOM!!! Its time to clean your minds of ALL the crap they taught you in school and question/rethink everything.
    Sorry just some thoughts from a feeble mind.

    • Surviving_Life

      OK Tom, no arguement. However, lots of negative rhetoric but what’s the answer? Not following Perry to the men’s room is not a plan. I beleive many Americans want to fix or change the path we are on, but no one has a realistic plan. Got Plan?

  • Bill

    A better way would be to bring all our troops, equipment and money home, then let them kill each other until no-one is left.

  • John

    I wanted to say more about our interventionist foreign ploicy so here it is. I served in the U.S. army in the Viet Nam 1967-1968. I didn’t want to go. I got drafted. I was compelled to go. I came home hurt and very unhappy about my experince. The Viet Nam war was a racket i’m convinced of that! I remember the anti-war song of the 1960s. “Come over here you brave young men. Uncle Sam needs your help agin. He’s got himself in a terrible jam, way down yonder in Viet Nam.” Well the Viet Nam war killed 58,000 Americans and seven women Nurses and for what I would like to know? Here is what a World War two veteran told the American Free Press. Famed crooner Tony Bennett recently took to the airwaves to blast the U.S. government for starting wars around the world. Bennett said he was drafted by the U.S. Army to serve as a infantryman in WW2. “The Germans werefrightened.” he said,”We were frightened. Nobody wanted to kill anybody when we were on the line,but the weapons were so strong that it overcame us and everyone else…The first time I saw a dead German, that’s when I became a pacifist.”

    • Oakley Mann

      I am also a Vietnam vet, but I am in a extreme minority who believes that the war actually helped our Country. No one wants to die, yet we are all going to meet Glory one day, every man, woman and child living now or any who will be born, it is a natural passage and fact of life. Vietnam healed many wounds in our Country, I’m sure you can remember being vilified for serving, people stating our sorry behinds should have fled to Canada, etc. We knew that was pure and unadulterated bs, we were Americans fighting for America and we damn well wouldn’t flee our own country, or betray her, we were the USA, and that is what our America is today because of what all who served did yesterday. I remember well being downgraded and depressed, couldn’t hardly get a date, spit upon in SF wearing the uniform of right, etc. But, look at what is happening today because of our pride in God and Country. Our soldiers are getting their proud and just due, standing tall, and all true Americans are extremely proud of our soldiers. And that is the only way Americans and what some perceive as our defective beliefs can win or survive any future war with radical terrorists, and whether the war is from within or without,we can only survive together with pride in our beliefs, and our own. Oakley Mann

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Thank you for sharing my sentiments. I too felt that Viet Nam was a necessary war as was Korea. Not only was it a pressure relief valve to keep a larger world war from happening but it showed the communist world that we would step in to prevent their aggressive expansion. The Domino Theory was real and was played out in the loss of Cambodia, Laos, and almost Thailand after we left Nam. The shame in both of these wars and the ones we are currently involved in is that we fight them without the real intention to win. That only prolongs the conflicts, allows the media and acedamia to turn against it, create unneccesary American casualties, and expend our national wealth. I too fought in Nam (2 tours with the Marine Corps) and lost relatives in Korea. My son has spent the last 8 yrs. in the mid-east fighting that war. I would do it again because America is worth fighting and dying for; but I would hope for better strategic goals.

        Semper Fie

    • Eric

      Thank you for your post John.

      I am a born vietnamese, I left Vietnam in 1976 when I was 3. My mother used to work for the USAID. So I was raised believing that the war was lost because the US stop military support. I didn’t know anything about imperialism war; didn’t know that the cost in lives and money was too high for the American people. I was battling with shadows , living in a foreign country that is now mine. Your questions were mine also. Answering them with books and research made me free and wise. I set free my mother from her anti communist mindset. I hope people like you would do the same for your grandchildren before they go in WW3. My generation is lost , theyare battling with shadows ( security) over freedom. I hope like history always shows that the American empire will fall sooner or later just like the Romans and We the people will regain freedom.

      • bob wire

        Well Eric, your mother lived in difficult times. She was a product of the times as are we all, even you. I’m please to hear of your personal accounting, far too many were not as fortunate.

        The South Vietnamese proved to have no heart for battle for whatever their reasons. This is not a bad thing as John describes the moment a person becoming a pacifist. It’s hard to imagine whipping your buddies brains off of your face and being too busy to think about it at the moment, yet you will spent the rest of your years reliving the moment again and again.

        Wars~ all wars need to have an “end” ~ If some clear end can’t be envisioned, defined or possible, war should be the last option on the table.

        Our politician have turned war into an arm of diplomacy. Politicians that are not the caliber to make such decisions.

        I did what I was asked by my country and leaders to do, I was a soldier. My instruction clear, my ambitious even clearer, to return home with as many of my buddies as possible.

  • http://n/a John Beach

    Having a healthy respect for the belief systems of others, to say nothing of our own, ought to constrain us from rash actions where we completely let go and let man put us in situations where men, using our vulnerability, test us to the breaking point or break us. Or, are we supposed to look at the war on terror,thinking that the major goals have been met, i.e., revenge and retribution for 9/11/01,justice attained, but that the future security of our country is inextricably tied to the internal security of those countries whose principal belief system is at the heart of their hatred and intolerance for us?
    Having made one serious mistake, we seem to be content to feed the military-industrial complex and perpetuate the mistakes. How many Muslims have converted to Judaism or Christianity since 9/11/01? Do keep deluding yourselves. If our respect for law were as fervent as theirs appears to be, 9/11 would never have happened in the first place. Unlike them, we are content to compromise at the price of lives. It is compromise that needs to stop.

    • Oakley Mann

      I’m not bright, really rather dull, so I am confused by your posting and what I think you are trying to say. Question 1 is, “having made one serious mistake”. What was the serious mistake made? Question 2, Why do you ask how many Muslims have been converted to Judaism or Christianity? Our Country dos stand for freedom of religion, of this I am sure. And it seems you are deluding yourself if you think we caused 9/11/01 in any way, shape or fashion. The amatory statement of “if our respect for law were as fervent as theirs appears to be”. Indeed Sir or Ma’am, are you mad? I surely must be missing most of the points you give, they do seem rather contradictory, or either you are surely amenable to the beliefs of the terrorists who threaten this grand land and preach to the ungodly and weak minded that surrender is the only answer and hope for our great civilization to survive. Oakley Mann

  • chuckb

    islam is the cause of our current wars, unfortunately we have a president who is aiding and abetting the enemy at the same time he is striking out at them. he has placed our troops in combat under stringent rules of engagement and wasting our money on enemy infrastructure. israel is the reason we are involved in the middle east and we are in the middle of a religious war. there is no way we can avoid a world war without dumping israel. if we fail to protect them then the islamist will be moving on this christian nation. barry has supported the enemy in eygpt and libya, he has supported the al qaeda terrorist in overthrowing both governments. this will lead up to war for the israeli’s and will involve us. we have a president who has no idea other than his religious islamic view and a secretary of state that has no idea what she is doing.
    the bolshevik party has involved this country into every major war since 1917-1990 and it looks like barry would like to start another one, remember that old adage”don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” might get barry re-elected; wilson=ww1. roosevet-ww2, truman-korean war, kennedy-vietnam.

  • Jay

    Right-Left Paradigm

    The Right (Republican)/ Left (Democrat) paradigm is the illusion that we have a 2 party system. The fact is that the leaders at the top are working toward a common goal of Totalitarianism. The Right and the Left just have different pathways leading us down that same road. The Right and the Left are like two wings on the same ugly bird, with the same flight plan.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano describes it this way: 

    “I believe we have a one party system in this country, called the big-government party.  There is a Republican branch that likes war and deficits and assaulting civil liberties. There is a Democratic branch that likes welfare and taxes and assaulting commercial liberties.”

    Traditionally, political candidates are categorized as having either Left or Right-wing views. Whatever a politician is described as – a liberal, a socialist, a communist, a conservative, a fascist, a Nazi, a radical, a progressive, a green, etc – they are usually placed somewhere on this one-dimensional Left-Right axis. Mainstream political parties are usually “moderate Right” or “moderate Left” and they “fight for the Center ground”.

    But if you were to ask a hundred people to define these terms, you will likely get a hundred different definitions. Everyone has their own definition; political conversations often sound like they are from the Tower of Babel. The terms are labels, used to conjure up either a negative or positive emotion within the mind of listeners. The terms become meaningless.

    Likewise, the terms Left and Right have no well-understood and agreed-upon definitions.

    Left usually includes liberals, socialists, progressives and greens, and extreme or radical Left is said to be communism. The Left usually has the following characteristics:

    They tend to prefer higher taxes and spending.
    They tend to prefer nationalized industries to private industries.
    They tend to promote free speech, wealth redistribution, democratic processes, and “social freedom”.

    Right usually includes conservatives, nationalists, and extreme or radical Right is said to be corporatism, fascism and Nazism. The Right usually has the following characteristics:

    They tend to prefer lower taxes and spending.
    They tend to prefer regulated private industries to nationalized industries.
    They tend to promote moral values, patriotism, tradition, national security/defense and “economic freedom” for big business.

    Clearly, not everyone can fit on the Left-Right paradigm. What about someone who:
    Prefers no taxes and no government (or extremely limited)?
    Prefers free markets to both regulated private and nationalized industries?
    Prefers freedom of all kinds – “social” and “economic” – for example, freedom to hold firearms and also freedom of expression?

    There are many areas where the Left and Right are always in agreement: for example both sides support nationalized money, central banking, government education and healthcare, state-owned roads and land, and state-run police, courts and military.

    The deficiency of the Left-Right political spectrum is clear when one considers the extremes: Nazis (far-Right) and Communists (far-Left).

    Nazism (or National Socialism) was totalitarianism which promoted race conflict and race hatred to motivate loyalty and the blind obedience of their followers.

    Communism (or International Socialism) was totalitarianism which promoted class conflict and class hatred to motivate loyalty and the blind obedience of their followers.

    How can one take seriously a political paradigm which classes these two forms of totalitarianism as polar opposites?

    Upon further analysis, it is clear that Left and Right, and Centre, are all forms of socialism. In particular, we may call them “social-democratic socialism” (the Left) and “conservative socialism” (the Right). They are both socialism because they both share the principle that the government should “run” and “mould” society, by using force and intervention to transfer property.

    The differences are only in the particular ways the government should run society – the methods it should use, and who, exactly, should be the recipients of government wealth transfers and who should pay. In particular:

    Social democrats tend to prefer heavy taxation, large wealth transfers to the poor, and nationalized industries, and oppose price controls, regulations and behavioural controls.

    Conservatives tend to prefer lower taxation, a smaller welfare state, regulated (cartelized) industries, price controls, product controls and behavioural controls.
    Communism is simply social democracy where the size and power of government is great. Robert Kennedy referred to communism as being when government controls business.

    Nazism and fascism are simply conservatism where the size and power of government is great. Benito Mussolini believed that fascism should really be called corporatism, because it is when government and business are intertwined.


    • bob wire

      And for these same fore mentioned reasons, I take acceptance with terms like “elitist” as I see it used over and over again on these forums pages. It allows the reader to “fill-in the-blank” and far to ambiguous unless your primary “INTENT” is to incite riot for some cause not well defined.

      There was some spots of fine reading in this thread, Thanks to all.

      • http://naver samurai

        This answer had no meaning at all and you shouldn’t have wasted the space. Since you are gone, stay gone. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Al Sieber

        What the hell you talking about bob?

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    This war we are in with the sub-humans, from whatever the nation they claim as home, is for the very existance of Western Civilization. They are deadly serious about their goals to take over the civilized world and we need to be just as serious as they. We need to attack them on all fronts using all assets including our military and any financial leverage we can. I’m afraid Europe is a lost cause based upon the ammount of terrorists existing within their borders. They’re kidding themselves if they think they can co-exist with these animals. It’s like the sheep trying to suck up to the wolves. I have no problem with the US nuking Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, or any other rouge nation that wants to end our existance. It does no good to have the most powerful nation on earth if you are afraid to pull the trigger when you have to. That time is fast approaching.

  • newspooner

    The dumbest people politically are the “anti-war” people who also advocate big government. People don’t create wars, governments create wars. The bigger the governments are, the more chance there is for war. How likely do you think any war would be if all governments were only 10% as large as they are now? Anyone who is truly anti-war must also be for reducing the size of governments, not increasing them.


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