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The Scorpions Of Stupidity

September 13, 2012 by  

The Scorpions Of Stupidity

Most of us have encountered a version of the fable “The Scorpion and the Frog” somewhere along the winding path. The moral of the tale is patently obvious: another version of “a leopard can’t change its spots.” I’m not sure if the saga of the frog and the scorpion — or even the law of the leopard — still makes the curriculum in our union-controlled government schools. They may not have room in between the happy tales of Heather’s gender-nonspecific parentage or proper condom application techniques for 9-year-olds. But there’s no excuse for the oh-so-majestically educated Democratic Party leadership to have missed the cautionary tale.

Perhaps it was replaced in liberal school by the collected works of Saul Alinsky or one of those hysterical Howard Zinn tomes that weighs more than it’s worth. Nevertheless, President Barack Obama and his accomplices (including Rahm Emanuel, his former Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Ostensibly Undead and current Mayor of Chicago) are desperately treading water following another lash from the dreaded arachnid of American politics: Big Labor.

Earlier this week, the government schoolteachers of Obama’s hometown of Chicago walked off the job in a salary dispute less than a month into the new school year. As the dust cleared from a disastrous Democratic National Convention, the Democrats’ big bullying buddies in the City of Broad Shoulders arrived at the conclusion that commanding the highest salary in the Nation ($76,000 per year before benefits) didn’t earn a passing grade. And they followed up by rejecting an offer that would have added 16-percent raises as a part of a package that would have given the Chicago Teachers’ Union members $4 million in compensation.

The Obama Administration gave General Motors to the union thugs (a racket that has cost American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars so far), including the expensive deathtrap Chevy Volts. The Obama Administration attacked Boeing over an attempt to bring jobs to a factory in the non-union-thug State of South Carolina. The Obama Adminstration’s ties to Big Labor villains like AFL-CIO threat-maker Richard Trumka are as deeply rooted as its ties to ultra-leftist figures like terrorist Bill Ayers and racist Al Sharpton. The Service Employees International Union thugs have served as violent muscle for Obama against opponents of Obamacare and supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Yet, while the cries of a supposed “Republican war on women” fade into the rather prodigious shadows of Bill Clinton speeches and Ted Kennedy memorials, the aforementioned Big Labor thugs have chosen this moment — scant months from what’s shaping up to be a down-to-the-wire election — to declare a liberal war on children. The Chicago teachers’ union strike has turned nearly half a million children out into the Windy City’s meanest streets. At a time when Obama’s adopted hometown is sinking into a crime-ridden cesspool, the kids who can least afford another setback have been deliberately set back by the same liberal storm troopers who claim to have their best interests at heart.

Granted, the teachers’ union effect on government schools is demonstrably bad; witness the abysmal performance by teachers’ union victims when measured against kids from virtually anywhere else on the planet. Perhaps the Chicago strike is not about the greed, graft and grease that usually motivate union thugs. Perhaps the teachers finally recognized that they are the biggest obstacle to teaching American kids even rudimentary academic skills and did the only thing they could to alleviate the problem. Perhaps this disgrace will even motivate educrats to stop their incessant and incessantly stupid attacks on school choice, charter schools and home schooling. And perhaps someone will follow President Ronald Reagan’s flawless example by firing the whole sorry lot of them. And perhaps the teachers’ unions will abandon their war on children and return to educating the tykes instead.

Then again, consider the average Democrat/union thug. They boo God. They threaten — and often enact — violence against anyone who disagrees with their leaders. They even watch MSNBC on purpose. Perhaps this is as good as it gets. Sorry, children of Chicago. It looks like you get the stinger while we carry the scorpion.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Shelia

    Ben Crystal, Stop trying to blame the Chicago strike on President Obama, you tell lies

    • http://charter jo smith

      you need to get your head out of the sand.

      • AttilaTheHun

        Uh, it’s not in the sand, it’s in his ..

      • eddie47d

        The Democrats did not “boo God” That is another myth spreading like wild fire amongst the crazy extreme right. They booed the voice vote in how the rules were being implemented and rightfully so.

      • Dad

        Who you gonna believe, the truth or your lying eyes?
        Yes, these government union slugs are all Obama’s… He’s bought and paid for.

      • eddie47d

        Certainly not your lyin’ eyes.LOL

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Apparently you are believing that Obama is to blame for the Chicago teachers’ strike because you are all in a tizzy at what Ben C. said and didn’t say.

    • Magdalia Leon

      obama is a bum

    • MarathonMan

      Ben is not blaming Obama. he is indicting the whole radicle Saul Alinsky caba.
      They are without doubt a bunch of communists masquerading as democrats.
      If you do not know the Saul Alinski name you will also not know the name Frank Marshall Davis. Alinsky wrote the now democrat manifesto (or play book), Davis was Barry Soetorro’s (AKA:B.OBama) political mentor and long term friend/ surrogate father.
      Ben did not lie, you just are unaware of facts. Have a nice day.

    • THG

      Gosh Shelia , what could they have possibly been thinking , blaming that strike on obama . Everyone should know , it’s Bush’s fault !

    • don

      shelia, you are a democrat obama drone. Usually obama sticks his 2 cents into everything controversial. Since this is a teachers union thug operation, he will not oppose the strike. In fact the dictator took away the ability of students, who really wanted to learn, to learn by pulling the voucher system that was working in other cities. The chicago striking teachers earn twice as much as teachers elsewhere, and most of the students are left with such low test scores, even if they graduate. The teachers are actually providing obama with his future voters, because they become his democrat drones, like you.

  • JJM123

    Give an inch – Take a mile. Don’t stop now while you have friends at the top of the government.
    Even FDR (or was it earlier) vehimently opposed to unions in government jobs as they knew what would happen.

    • AZ-Ike

      It was JFK who approved union for government employees.

  • Mike

    This is but one example of the abuses to our children by the teacher union. We need to break the back of the teachers union, and return our schools to local control. Our school boards were doing a great job when they answered to their electorate and the needs of the students. Look at the track record of our nations schools since they now answer to the union and Washington

  • wallace

    these teachers have great jobs with wonderful benefits while every body else is wondering if they will have any kind of job at all tomorrow. i read that they turned down a 4% per year raise every year for the next 4 years. i think they should reconsider.

    • eddie47d

      This is the first time the 41,000 Chicago teachers have struck in 25 years. Money is not the main issue as it shouldn’t be. They are just as tired of the lack of discipline in trying to educate these kids. Stating there is “graft” because someone wants things to improve is careless wording and only incites the anti-union crowd. I know that is exactly what you want when presenting these articles. Maybe a more balanced report on the $120,659 plus benefits that the administrators make in the Chicago school system would make this article more credible. They are the ones who are in charge and set the school curriculum not the teachers. They are the ones who allocate the money for the schools and don’t seem to be doing a very good job of it. I will certainly agree that poorly trained teachers should be given the boot and teachers should be given competency tests to prove themselves every so many years. I’ve seen too many good teachers to be labeling even a few as being scorpions and liberal storm troopers.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “…teachers should be given competency tests to prove themselves every so many years. I’ve seen too many good teachers to be labeling even a few as being scorpions and liberal storm troopers.”

        I read in an article about the strike on MSNBC that the whole point of the strike is over the competency tests.

        As far as good/bad teachers, I have seen plenty of both so the scorpion lable is certainly applicable to quite a few.

      • 45caliber

        About twenty years ago, one of the Chicago teachers quit and opened a private school. She accepts ONLY students who are flunking from the public school system. The students not only cover the same materials the public schools do, they also learn such things as Latin and ancient Greek. Over 80% of the graduates go on to college and do very well there.

        She has been offered the superintendentship of most major school districts in the US including NYC, Washington DC, San Francisco, and others. She had turned all of them down. The only one she says she would accept is Chicago – but she also says they will never offer that since the first thing she would do is fire about 45% of the teachers due to incompitentcy. She said that most of those teachers refuse to teach and do not belong in a school.

        So take it or leave it. I think the answer to the Chicago problem is right there.

      • eddie47d

        Miracles do happen in selective schools even in undesirable areas.Its a combination of motivated kids,parents and teachers. Seldom can have one without the other.

      • duane

        Apparently you have not given any consideration to the fact that maybe the taxpayers are tapped out and are not getting their money’s worth when the Chicago schools are at the bottom of the food chain in terms of educating these kids of whom many cannot read or write above the level of a third grader?? It is a proven fact that charter schools are doing a better job of educating these kids with higher test scores etc. Washington State is going through a minor squabble over allowing more charter schools in the Seattle School District, because the kids are getting a superior education in the charter schools and the Washington Education Association ( a teachers union) cannot stand the competition and are losing members to charter schools, who hire on merit not on union tenure or some such bullcrap that you and your liberal buddies subscribe to.

    • sootsme

      4% per year… Um, Ben & the Fed have effectively neutralized that and more-much more…Pretty much all the stuff currently in the mainstream media is what’s known as “re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”… it’s time to make sure you’re straight with your neighbors & God, keep your powder dry, and keep stacking what you need to ride out tough times, because when, not if, the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency,(Iraq, China, Russia, are already trading commodities in non-dollar denominations, and and others are joining them as we speak) all bets are absolutely off and it’s “Katy bar the door”, folks.

  • Chester

    Mike, will toss YOU in a room of thirty or forty students who have no home support and expect you to make high scoring ladies and gentlemen of them while paying you half what you could be earning working just about anywhere else, especially with the education you are REQUIRED to have to work in that classroom. Oh, and then, threaten to cut your pay or fire you and see to it you are barred from teaching at any level twelfth grade or below if you don’t succeed in having the whole class reading and doing math and science at or above grade level by the end of the year. Bad thing for you would be the fact that most of your students have never worked AT grade level in their whole six years of schooling to date, Guess what, son. you won’t get it done, and will be crying about being underpaid by the end of the first week. Most teachers just go on and do the best they can with what they are given, then people like you stand back and say they should be doing even more with a lot less.

    • ddbutton

      Teachers getting “half” of what you can earn anywhere else? What a laugh! What those Chicago teachers are earning when you factor that it is based on 10 months of the year, is more than I earned after 42 years in an engineering career. And I never in that time frame received a guaranteed 4% raise per year. In a time when “anywhere else” is suffering from over 8% unemployment, they should shut up and take what they have, let alone a 4% raise.

    • Richard Walker

      If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

    • justin

      Chester? You are sounding more idiotic all the time. My wife teaches at a Youth Challenge getting the kids that union teachers don’t have the time for and she has six months to get these kids from 1st and 2nd grade level to passing a GED. and about 87% of the time she does. They come from all over, strung out on drugs, alcohol, you name it, and she, along with 4 other teachers who teach to help kids, not make big bucks, get the job done. And at a fraction of what these Chicago teachers were making, BEFORE the strike. She does in six months what union teachers couldn’t do in a decade. So piss off if you think these teachers have it tough. They should go find other jobs if they don’t like teaching.

    • Steve

      You seem to think teachers are under paid for their part time jobs and can get much more else where. With a basic teaching degree, where do you get paid more then $76,000 plus unreal benefits for working 4 hours (up to 6 in some places) a day with summers and every holiday you can imagine off? Sure, it’s a hard job that most people don’t want to do, most jobs are…

  • Bob

    Personally i would like to see RAHM,using a pair of balls,fire those stupid teachers,the kids cant read,write or know anything about anything,fire them all,when they want to be re-hired,CUT their pay 40 %,AND have their pay raises depend on student performance.

    • eddie47d

      Obama is not a Muslim dictator Magdalia but if it makes you feel better or more educated (not) then knock yourself out. Now Bob since the early 60′s most American school textbook are printed in Texas and the cirruculum within those textbooks are set up mostly by Conservatives in Texas. Since Texas is not a hotbed of Liberalism then maybe that could be the problem in what is taught. “Stupid” teachers can only teach with what they have to teach with. Thus the poor student performance. How many here including yourself would take an 40% pay cut in any job let alone a teaching job. Might as well be a greeter at Walmart and forget the headaches and responsibility of working in a school.

      • 45caliber

        Sorry, eddie, but Texas has its liberals too – and many of them are on the state Board of Education. The real problem is not that the conservatives insist on what goes into the text books but what the libs insist must be there. For instance, the last time the libs wanted to take out all mention of Thomas Jefferson so they could include the name of the man who invented the fireman’s helmet. Somehow I don’t think that is quite as important for the kids to know. They also wanted to rewrite the part about the Constitution being the law of the land. The MSM sort of forgot to mention those things. The arguement wasn’t that the conservatives were changing the books – it was about the conservatives changing the liberal version back to what it used to be.

      • eddie47d

        Considering that Thomas Jefferson was quite Liberal on many topics and even in action I doubt if the Progressives would “dump him”.

      • Vigilant

        “For instance, the last time the libs wanted to take out all mention of Thomas Jefferson…”

        Sorry. 45cal, it was the Conservatives who removed Jefferson from the list of great revolutionary thinkers because of his religious beliefs.

    • 45caliber

      Sorry, Bob, but he’s a union man, through and through. How can you expect him to turn against them just because he’s now their boss?

  • Magdalia Leon

    obama is a muslim dictator and a BUM !!!

  • dan

    is blackmail racist ?


    Seriously speaking, holidays off, every weekend off, teacher inservice days, Christmas and Spring break, and the best 3 months of the year off. Sorry teachers but the Americans who have grueling schedules and work weeks in a row with no day off, have no sympathy for you. With all these days off they work 8 months a year. Sack it up and deal with the job like every other working American has to.

    • 45caliber


      Not only that, but at least here they can get up to thirty days a school year off at full pay simply because they want to. I don’t know anyone else who can do that.

      If you take the $76,000 a year they are now making and calculate what they would earn for 12 months, it comes out to $114,000 a year. That is more than most professionals in any other career can earn. I certainly don’t! So … do I feel sorry for them? Not at all.

  • uvuvuv

    back in the 1960s (anyway, the time i well remember) teachers were the genteel poor. it was just a given that they made little more than the janitors who came in and cleaned their blackboards and emptied the wastebaskets. i hated to be seen in our 1953 chevrolet when my stepfather dropped me off at my high school. our good car was a 1959 ford fairlane 500, oh wow. back then teachers could work summer employment, that is projects where they needed lots of low paid laborers. for example, getting all the classroom furniture into the halls so they (the teachers) could refinish the floors. i saw mr payne a math teacher out in 90 degree heat working with other teachers in digging a trench. i didn’t say hi, i was smart enough not to catch him in that degrading situation. besides, i never had him. he was always kind of googly eyed, the haplessly impractical intellectual, and there he was almost falling over with each shovelful. my mother was paid on the 12 month basis while my stepfather was on the 10 month, so he worked summer employment to make up the difference. what i hate is it took me years and years before i realized i should thank him, and i did. so what did he do? he gave me a can of tuna. i used it to feed a stray cat.

  • MontieR

    All public sector unions need to be BANNED. They stand for nothing less than government sponsored extortion, witch in the rest of America is a federal crime.

  • MarathonMan

    If you can read this ….. thank a taxpayer!

    • sootsme

      Um, my PARENTS taught me to read, before I went to school, as my wife and I did with our two children, who following home schooling are now more literate, more articulate, and much more aware of the state of world affairs than 90% of public school graduates, including many college grads and post grads. Bottom line, individual liberty requires individual responsibility. As an example, my wife left the job market where she was earning %90,000 plus (in the ’80s) so she could be home to take care of her own children rather than abandon them to the nanny state and daycare. Egads! what a concept! News flash! -parenting *begins* with the fun stuff, but that is only the beginning- the rest is bust ass work, because it requires the parents to provide an environment and set a daily personal example wherein hard work, integrity, and dedication are the coin of the realm- not rocket science, not real glamorous either, but it is a proven strategy for those folks with the guts to stick it out (since “everyone” agrees that their children are “the most valuable thing in our life”, why is this so rare these days?). Gosh, a lot of folks used to be raised just like this in the late, great America…

      • sootsme

        Oops, that’s $90,000. Durn PC can’t spell worth $%^&*

  • 45caliber

    One thing. This will annoy a lot of voters who might otherwise have voted for Oblama. I’m sure he appreciates the help from the union right now.

  • Chuck

    This would be a good time to urge school choice – vouchers and/or tuition tax credits. The public schools are generally not doing a very good job, especially in the inner cities. Let parents in bad schools be able to send their kids to better schools. And maybe schools that don’t have strikes.

    As a side note, it’s been said that the more expensive the school district, the worse the education. I think there’s truth to that, but what I think is the more liberal the school district, the worse the results, and the more expensive. And the worse it is, the more money they say they need to fix it.

  • 45caliber

    Any teacher who insists that if they get paid more will do a better job of teaching my kids should be fired. What they are telling me is that they refuse to teach my kids right now and haven’t done it for some time. I pay them to teach my kids – not baby sit. If they want to baby sit, fine – I’ll pay them baby sitting wages. If they want to be paid as teachers then they darn sure better teach. As far as I’m concerned, the first one who insists they will do a better job if I pay them more should be fired immediately for doing a poor job and be banned from teaching anywhere in the US ever again.

    • mark

      Right, let’s take away all incentives from the capitalist system. No more raises or increased benefits for better performance. They should do this in the NFL as well. In fact if a player gains more yards, we should cut his pay! This is exactly what Lenin, Che Guevara, and Mao believed – no material incentives for workers, they should simply sacrifice for the collective, for the good of all. If they strike, shoot them! Congratulations, Comrade 45caliber. You have revealed yourself for the communist that you are!

      • 45caliber


        You didn’t read what I said very well. Increased pay is for cost of living and better performance. BUT … better performance is NOT someone saying that “I’ll work harder and give you better performance IF you pay me more.” You pay rewards for better performance, not for poor performance. And if the person refuses to give you better performance in the first place, you don’t reward them. If fact, if you care to check, the performance of teachers, after they get a pay raise, does NOT go up. It stays the same … if you are lucky. Otherwise it goes down. Besides, the teachers who do perform well, are NOT ALLOWED a performance raise in unions.

        So, I’m not the Communist here. You are – for insisting that all the teachers need a big pay raise, the same pay raise for everyone, regardless of performance.

      • phideaux

        45, more likely mark deliberately misread your post like he, eddie, and flashy are so notorious for.

  • Dad

    Here is another fact… our kids are performing at lower quartile levels… along the lines of third world countries. Take it from previous generations that performed at the top of the top quartile… academia is failing. These kids are NOT educated. we can not even hire them! If you received an education before, say 1990, ask for your money back… (well, actually, it our money). The irony is that these government union slugs will be depending on these dead-beats to pay for their inflated pensions… ha, ha, ha… good luck! Talk to Enron about that… ha, ha, ha.
    This re-engineered society is obviously not working.

    • mark

      Academia isn’t failing. Our universities are the tops in the world with outstanding foreigners, clamoring to get it. Our failure is with inner-city K-12 schools and it isn’t primarily the teachers’ fault. It is the parents or lack of them and the inner city’s collapsed community, drug, alcohol, and crime problems. All compounded by the fact the good-paying, union manufacturing jobs have left these communities, shipped overseas by rich corporate fatcats and their Republican Party buddies.

      • MarathonMan

        And democrats never ever ship jobs over seas, right.

        Well what do you have to say about Jeffery Imelt ?

        Do you know who he is?Answer:
        He is the CEO of GE ….. and he sits on Barry Soetorro’s (AKA BOB) job creation board.
        (And they are very good buddies … two losers that enjoy each others company and can make jokes about the “shovel ready stimulus projects that were not so shovel ready” … remember that?)

        Now guess what Jeffery did besides screwing up a great company like GE.
        Answer; He sent an entire engineering operation over to: ( can you guess where?)

        Thats right Mark …. CHINA!

        Now, what was that you were saying about “fat cat” republicans.

  • mark

    Ben is just another right-wing shill for big business and Wall Street. He demonizes unions as the great evil power in the American economic system when everyone with a dime’s worth of sense knows it is the big corporations, banks, and Wall Street. Unions are very weak players today, with only some limited strength in the public worker sector. The real dominant players are big business and Wall Street. Did unions cause the financial collapse and global recession in 2008? No, it was the banks, corps, and Wall Street investment outfits. Did public unions, like municipal teachers, get a taxpayer-funded bail-out after the collapse? No, the banks and big Wall Street investment firms including giant insurance corporations like AIG, did. Public workers got laid off – not bailed out. All Ben ever does is try to sell this obvious bait-and-switch swindle on this site. And the useful idiots on the right fall for it everytime.

    • Randy Griffin

      Ben..You are right…Those were the wrongful people who caused America to almost fall, but Obama has something else under his hat and that is no one will own anything except the government after he is through doing his dead to the US. He has a plan to change America into a sickly poor nation, like Africa or any other 3rd world country. He truly hates America and what it stands for. America is not perfect and will never be, but Obama will take America down to the depths that she can never come back up from. I pray that our American people will see through his plan and stop this from happening to America. Our children and grandchildren do not deserve having that type of life. Now over 50% of the American people have seen through his plan and want to dearly stop this madness. Please look into his background and see just who this man is before turning YOUR Country over to him to destroy. Thank you everyone for at least reading this post…

  • Butch

    FIRE THEM ALL. There are tons of people dying for jobs and even part tim eteachers that would kill to make that kind of money. Don’t want to graded on yr performance?then QUIT. Emannuel won’t do the right thing cuz hes an Obumma lover/bottlicker and wouldn’t do ANYTHING that looks like hes not bending over backwardss to support unions.

  • Randy Griffin

    For the last 2 years I have watched Obama take parts of our Constitution and through them out the window. He is a Socialist/Communist and if you truly look hard enough, you will find that this is the truth. I know most Democrats don’t want to believe that, but I was a Democrat all my life and I am now 58 years old and I have seen this government change with every step toward changing us into a horrible, weak, uncaring type of government that will place our children and our grandchildren into a dark abyss they can never come out of. Do you people really want to take a chance with Barack Obama after looking at his failed government that he has attempted to run. He is not qualified to run the United States of America. I am sorry, buy if you look close enough, you will see him for what he is…He is the destruction of America as we know it. I wish this were not true but I have studied this for 2 years and I didn’t want to believe it either..I thought he was the one that would change America for the good but he isn’t…Please vote for Romney and Ryan and save America from total destruction and communism. You can do nothing better for your children and grandchildren…I promise you….Thanks….

  • g

    Sorry but I can not buy comment by the female teacher interviewed that they are striking for the kids. Yeah right!! Unions should have no place in public jobs. How stupid are teachers if they can make twice their salary in some other field and not take it. But then again what field could they work only 9-10 months of a year and make twice their income as a teacher? Smells like BS to me. I never had a paid 2 month vacation in my life.

  • Randy Griffin

    On my last post, I meant to address Mark instead of Ben…I meant to say Mark was right…That post was Sept. 13 at 9:39 pm…

  • Randy Griffin

    The truth is there are no Democrats or Republicans anymore. There are just Americans trying to find a way to make it in this country and not be taxed to death or make so little that ends don’t meet. The truth is we all need to come together and find a way to pull our country out of this gutter that it is in. What is this, 16 Trillion dollars in debt??? We can do better than this..We have never spent money like this before in history. And what makes people think that kind of spending will work now…its been tried in the past and never worked then and won’t work now,,,lets get back to the grassroots government without all this spending and get this country back to it was when Reagan was President..Romney and Ryan can do this..I know in my heart they can. Obama just wants another Africa…A country that is dirt poor and has nothing..He hates America and his job is to destroy it, bit by bit..he will take it down until our children will have nothing to have or own for themselves. Please, lets give Obama the boot and get some fresh blood in the white house..What Obama is doing is not working, you can all see that..he works for himself , not the American people….thanks for reading….

  • actual socialist

    The teachers are striking FOR the children the mayor took money that SHOULD have gone to the schools and spent it on a park and inflating the police budget not to mention the citys plan to sell the schools of to the highest bidder who will then turn away any student that does not meet ther idea of what a student should be here,s a thought before you write an article get BOTH sides of the story



  • Ron Brown

    Back in 76 WE took our 8 Children out of public school because of how ungodly it was, we paid tuition to a Christian school at our church, while I made only $10.15 an hour, and now our three youngest are home schooling their children, and find that the ones that are going to public school are way behind in reading and math and the local public school is supposed to be the best in the state for test scores.

  • swampfox

    I say fire all their greedy asses asap and hire people who wish to teach and have a passion for it.
    there was one ditz that had a shirt with chevez on it and she said that communist turd was her inspiration and this is what’s teaching the immpressionable minds of kids,no wonder they are screwed up.
    I can’t count the number of kids I have spoken to that cannot even tell you anything about our founding fathers or the beginning of our great nation,just sick.
    I was talking to a 9th grader several months back and he didn’t even know what the shot that was heard around the world was and had no friggen clue who Betsy Ross was,pathectic!
    I was taught that in 2nd grade and in 1st grade I knew about Washington crossing the Delaware.
    no wonder our youth have no idea what it means to be a American or the sacrifices it took to procure our independance,just sick,makes me mad as a hornet!
    all b.s libral crap!
    we need to teach kids that being a American is special and what it means to be a citizen of the greatest nation on earth.

  • AustinAndy

    Simple solution. Fire them all if they don’t return to work tomorrow. Hire them back if they are fired as brand new teachers with no tenure, a new retirement plan (close out the old one), still on their probation period, and at the new teacher’s salary. Solves the strike and saves a lot of money on contracts.


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