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The Repudiation Of Mitt Romney

November 28, 2012 by  

The Repudiation Of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s defeat may mark the neoconservatives’ last chance to win the U.S. Presidency. The re-election of Barack Obama, arguably one of the worst Presidents in decades, underscores how bad a candidate the GOP nominee was. The way in which conservatives have disavowed Romney in the past couple of weeks highlights the scorn for him and the neocon policies he wanted to implement in a world rife with war.

Perhaps Romney’s candidacy was doomed all along. What we are left to do in the next four years will be a test of America’s global influence.

Obama needs to avert a war and perhaps even a social uprising within the Nation’s boundaries. And in four years, the Republican Party needs to nominate a leader that will revitalize the United States.

As Conservatives, We Must Find Our Roots

Romney was big on what he was going to do his first day in the Oval Office had he been elected President. It would have turned out to be a very long day, because the Nation has a long list of things that must be done. And as bad as Obama has been, America decided that Romney was not the one to revive the Nation.

On Aug. 28, 2010, during Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Sarah Palin addressed the crowd. She spoke out against Obama’s expressed desire to be a “transformational” President.

“I must assume that you too know that we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want. We must restore America and restore her honor,” Palin said.

In New York Times bestseller Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?, Conservative Patrick J. Buchanan writes of Palin’s message: “It is a contention of this book that America has been changed in our lifetimes, that a revolution has taken place, that though we appear to the world as the same country, we are a different nation on a course far off the one our fathers set.”

Buchanan’s book was written before Romney won the GOP nomination. Yet he speaks out against the very policies of U.S. imperialism that Romney embraced. Most important, warns Buchanan, is that America is further down the road to bankruptcy because of an ongoing expansionism that persists in Washington despite the cold truth that the Cold War is over. The Federal government has spent $1 trillion over the past dozen years in two wars. Yet instead of winning over enemies, we have created more of them.

Buchanan compares the United States to another superpower that imploded two decades ago: the Soviet Union. In his introduction he lays out his comparison:

“Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?” was the title of a 1970 essay by Russian dissident Andrei Amalrik. Forced into exile, Amalrik died in a car crash in Spain in 1980. Few had taken him seriously. Yet, nine years after his death, the Soviet Empire had collapsed and the Soviet Union disintegrated.

What has this to do with us? More than we might imagine.

As did the Soviet Union, America commands an empire of allies, bases, and troops. America, too, is engaged in a seemingly endless war in Afghanistan. America, too, is an ideological nation. America, too, is a land of many races, tribes, cultures, creeds and languages. America, too, has reached imperial overstretch.

These are not the words of an anti-war liberal. They come from a staunch conservative. When words like these are not the rhetoric of the likes of Senator John Kerry, D-Mass, they are difficult to ignore.

Yet that is precisely what Romney was advocating: American involvement in Syria and other nations in the Mideast. It is getting harder and harder for America to be the world’s beat cop, especially with debts of $16 trillion. We are in effect borrowing money (by selling Treasury debts) from China to protect Taiwan from China, borrowing money from Japan to protect South Korea from North Korea and borrowing money from Russia to protect European nations from Russia.

Still, Romney announced that he planned to spend more to extend the global reach of America’s military, which is, by any estimation, huge. Defense spending took up $711 billion of the annual budget in 2011, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. In fact, the United States “spent more on defense in 2011 than did the countries with the next 13 highest defense budgets combined.” Yet Romney wanted to add $2 trillion to the Pentagon budget over the next decade.

Many Republicans were not partial to Romney and his geopolitical ambitions. Romney should have brushed up on history. Fredrick the Great said: “He who defends everything defends nothing.”

This has been proven true for every empire from the Romans to the Soviet Union.

That Obama was able to defeat Romney underscores the problems within the Republican Party. Conservatives must repudiate not only Romney but also the neoconservatives in the GOP. President George W. Bush and the neocons in his inner sanctum cultivated America’s strategy in the Mideast and lead us nowhere but closer to a global war.

We have seen a decade-long abandonment of foreign policies of containment put down by Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Those were sound policies. The Republican Party and the United States must return to that strategy. We can only hope that four years from now won’t be too late and that we will have a better candidate than Romney. Otherwise, another Clinton may be President.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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    “John Myers,”


    “Mr. Myers,” YOU SAY, “Perhaps Romney’s candidacy was doomed all along.” “Mr. Myers,” YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID THAT DURING THE PRIMARIES WHEN Senator Rick Santorum STILL HAD A CHANCE.


    • Harold Olsen

      It wouldn’t have done any good. The party had made up its mind that they wanted Romney for their candidate and they did everything they could to eliminate the rest of the pack. I was saying more than a year before he got the nomination that he’d be the candidate and was called crazy. I was attacked when I said that if Romney was the candidate it would ensure Obama’s reelection. I’ve come to the conclusion that the GOP does not really want to win back the White House. The way the party’s going, if they don’t get their head our of their rectum, the Democrats can run a pet rock next time around and still beat the Republicans. They are no longer a viable political party.


        “Harold Olsen,”


      • Bpante

        Conservatives wanted Herman Cain.

      • Deerinwater

        Well? They were not Conservatives then. ~ just idiots with a vote.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I too, knew LONG before the primary that romney was going to be the “pre-selected” candidate. It was very apparent that regardless of what the people wanted, he was it! I even wrote a letter to the republican party expressing my disgust with the fact that they were already supporting him as if he were already the candidate. I told them that they were making a big mistake and that many people like myself, would NEVER support romney. But then, I believe that they KNEW that! I believe that “they” intentionally selected a candidate that the people would NOT support because obumass is the one who could carry out their agenda!!! Neither conservatives nor liberals would stand by as a republican made the changes that obumass (is and) will make! However there is no shortage of idiot liberals who will go along with ANYTHING the man(?) wants!!! And I mean ANYTHING!!! He will carry out the plan just as the nazis did and the idiots will bow down before him and call him their “lord and savior” just as jamie foxx did!!! It is coming!!! Be ready for it!!!

      • Ron Bedell

        I agree Harold. The GOP is a disaster, right now. The GOP should have won the White House if they had a well funded and constitutional candidate running such as Ron Paul. Obviously, the Rockefellers put Romney in the race to make sure Ron Paul would not win the GOP nomination or the White House. Let’s face it the GOP is DONE! I am a Ronald Reagan Republican and I did not vote for Bush Sr in 1988 or “W” in 2000 or 2004. The Republicans keep putting up big government liberals. I am heading to a third party. Lastly, how could somebody as bad as Barry/Obama win the White House again? Barry got re-elected and the Democrats won more seats in the Senate because the GOP is no different from the Democratic Party. The GOP is the party of big government and internationalism.

      • Jim Parker

        The Republican Party is in trouble because of people like you who won’t or don’t support the chosen cabdidate.but stay home and say I told you so. Republicaans could have won several additional senate seats and the presidency if the three million McCain supporters had voted. Democrats get out the vote regardless of who their candidate is…

      • Texas Ride

        I don’t care for this article because hindsite is always 20/20. I am tired of all the criticism of Romney and his campaign. If he had won we would be hearing his praises…but that wasn’t going to matter what Romney did or said. It wasn’t in the plan for this country! Many of us knew the “fix was in before the first vote was cast.”

        The people no longer pick their president, elections are a farce to keep us thinking we actually have the power to vote and that our votes matter.. Look at what has happened to our government, it no longer functions as a Republic and the Constitution has thrown in the dumpster! That didn’t just happen yesterday. Nor did it happen in November, 2008, and it sure didn’t just happen in November, 2012. The foreigner was never worried about getting re-elected. He has been and is, the prodigy of the most powerful group on the planet! And, this group will get what it wants or else! Americans haven’t come to realize that they are no longer masters of their destiny…or country..

        The conservatives were energized in November, turnout was high. But that doesn’t matter when the communists own the voting machines! How stupid are we! There hasn’t been one GOP politician that has mentioned the big “F” word…Fraud! It is like the GOP has turned a blind-eye to that possibility all together. GOP rhetoric since the election is damning to our conservative beliefs….”We need to be more inclusive and be more diverse!” In other words, the GOP thinks we should act and think more like the communist party (formerly, the democrat party.) Face it, we have been thrown under the bus and this is a one party government! They just don’t want it to be publically announced or confirmed!

        Our government openly imports and advertises for socialists, encouraging poor from every third-world-country to come support their cause and vote in our elections!Government schools indoctrinate students and churn out Marxists every year, while real Americans are busy working to pay the bills!

        What do we expect! Should we really be surprised that we are about to lose our country. .I don’t think it is reasonable to think we can keep it while allowing the enemy to take control of what Americans built for their children! We built it so that others could take it away? Read Agenda 21! It is not a conspiracy, it is real and it exists and is infiltrating our country! Our government’s response….”Be tolerant, accept diversity, multiculturalism, and political correctness. America is NOT just for Americans, it is for everyone. Everything must be fair and equal and to that end, the redistribution of wealth is necessary..not just in this country but we must redistribute our wealth around the world to the poor nations that are disavantaged (lazy and incompetent.) The agenda is about the confiscation of power, wealth, and property of all. We have much to worry about rather than how Romney ran his campaign!

      • Flashy

        “There hasn’t been one GOP politician that has mentioned the big “F” word…Fraud!” <—texas rides

        Hmmm..ya think because the majority of fraud in the election came from the GOP and extremist right? Ya think?

      • Kate8

        Nancy in Nebraska – I completely agree with you. Just like McCain (who was DEAD LAST in the primaries but, miraculously, emerged with the nomination), Romney was NOT the choice of conservatives. He was the pick of the elite controllers.

        After want the Romney camp did to Ron Paul, who carried many states but whose votes were tossed… it left a very bad feeling in the guts of many conservatives, who then just couldn’t vote for him.

        Didn’t really matter, I suppose. Obama was the designated winner, regardless of vote count. He wasn’t finished finishing America’s destruction.

        We need the elite thrown out and the vote returned to the people. Democrats will worship whoever they hold up for them, but conservatives want something other than the current corporate elite puppet.

        • Tony Newbill

          I want to know How Much Those idiots got paid to say the Stupid things like Legitimate rape , Man that had to b e a staged event because it happened twice and the second idiot had to of seen that reaction by the first idiot , and this really sent the Women away from the conservative vote , and no one is this stupid to make such a comment , NO Rape is legitimate for crying our loud !!!

          • Jeff

            Come on, Tony. You know the subtext of those comments. “Real rape” has to involve a scary-looking Black guy hiding behind the bushes as opposed to date rape by a clean-cut white college boy who simply didn’t pay attention when the girl said “no” or changed her mind. That’s what the legislation defining “forcible rape” that Paul Ryan supported was all about. It’s the implication that women don’t know they’ve been raped until the check bounces.

            How do you feel about consensual sex between high school kids resulting in a charge of statutory rape? Seems to me it only happens where the boy is Black and girl is white.

          • Tony Newbill

            Jeff it seems to me to be a Matter of what is being taught as right and wrong regardless of the various ways you described . If we taught right and wrong morals in our educational system instead of always putting people on pedestals and trying to make them the Idols that we all should Pattern ourselves after we would do better

      • Rev Frank C Vozenilek Sr

        Thanks for the straight talk in this response Mr. Myers. I agree completely with your essay. Even though I voted for Romney. I was damned if I’d vote for Obes and even though I’ve affiliated with the Constitution Party, they’re not running for real. Neither are they running VIABLE CANDIDATES. THEY IN FACT AREN’T EVEN CAMPAIGNING! Save in their SMALL circle of influence.
        Rev Frank C Vozenilek Sr

      • Bud Tugly


        Ron Paul – yes… John Huntsman – yes… Herman Cain – you have got to be kidding. His statements and his “9 9 9″ revealed his utter inappropriateness for high office.

      • Jim C

        It was just Romney’s turn to run. Just as it was Dole’s turn and McCain’s turn. It’s all cut and dried by those who have determined that a conservative cannot win by being a conservative. The current thought is that republicans NEED to include illegals, welfare recipients and anyone else who they can possibly hang the tag “moderate” on.

      • SarahR

        Doesn’t anyone understand that there is a secret clique/society behind the political spectrum. Everyone since and including H.W. Bush is a part of it. They are all bought, groomed and paid for. I call it Bilderberg. Whether you like it or not they do exist and they have been running the global destruction since the ’50s. Look it up. Rockefeller The World Order and The High Priests of Globalization. These people running this are now in their eighties and nineties so they are in a hurry to close the deal, hence, Barack Obama because he could win the Hispanic and Black vote as well as voter fraud. They have bought and paid for the MSM and I would venture to say the Republican Party. So, conservatives need to join the libertarians and form a party. We need a leader so why not Ron Paul. Did you read his farewell speech? He truly is a good man. Does he want the job?

      • Carlene Frazier Wendel

        The first thing we need to do is get rid of the Electoral College. Give the popular vote a chance to put in the one they want. Then all the corrupt voter fraud needs to be stopped. Romney may have been our president if it had been that way, or maybe someone else on the Republican party. This yrs votes were all fraudulent from the primary. Until we clean up our voting act, we will have people in there that has the most money, not votes.. I would allow each candidate a limited amount of money, and a limited amount of time to campaign, then get off it. Let the people have some time to study it out. This campaigning is over kill, and all they do is negative ads. We all would rather know what the candidate is for and would do, not what they don’t like about the opposing candidate. That stuff is mostly lies, or hear-says. We could have a wonderful country if we got rid of all this corruptness. Let the election be fair on both sides. That way the best qualified man would win.

        • awkingsley

          Our country was set up as a Republic, not a pure Democracy. The reason it is not set up as a Democracy is because there was ample evidence that Democracies did not work. As we have traveled the route toward a Democracy, our country decayed, ethically, morally, and economically. The Electoral College is one of the aspects of a Republic that keep our country from becoming a pure Democracy.

      • Beepster

        “The party” had not made up it’s mind, the ESTABLISHMENT-socialist RHINO’s had made up THEIR minds that he would be the best to control. AND, bpante, I’m with you on Cain. He was my choice after hearing him speak. Dropped out due to threats on extended family, not the BS about adultry.

        • Jeff

          Maybe it was his impersonation of a 10-year-old when speaking about Uz-beki-beki-beki-stan or answering a question about Libya. His “women” problem notwithstanding, he had an ignoramus problem.

      • TimO

        First we need to inform the RINO’S if they want to keep their jobs they better become conservative real fast. It will not be long until the next election. Then we need to start looking for viable replacements NOW, even before they have a chance to demonstrate their resolve. If they adapt so be it if not HIT THE ROAD.

        • Jeff

          You better check with Dagney. He says there won’t be any more elections. Right wing bloggers can’t be totally wrong, can they?

    • Bill

      Hi Christopher,
      I knew the campaign was doomed, just from looking at it from a marketing standpoint. Obama beat hillary because he understood the rules of marketing in todays age of the internet, facebook and twitter. He who has the biggest list wins. When you looked at hillarys web site it was too busy with too many different options for people to do. Most the the options were asking you for money. When people are presented with too many options, they usually do nothing. Obamas site just said “Join Us” and one large email opt-in in the center. Pretty simple way to build your list. He marketed to the emails with simple non stop comments and he beat her.

      Romney did the same thing as Hilary and guess what, Obama won. You have to stay with the times. Politics is just advertising, it is very similar to selling macdonalds hamburgers.

      The way you sell conservative ideas is through smart marketing, not moralist good old boy politicians engaging their mouths before their brains in front of the liberal media.

      Obama is continueing to build his list, google his name and see what comes up. My advice to the GOP (although they will not listen to me) is hire an ad agency of 20 year old geeks.

      From the words of that famous philosopher, Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are A Changing”

      • jcfromdc

        Obama did not “beat” Hillary, she was forced out by her own ilk. I would have voted for her OVER McCain, even tho’ I’m a self-styled conservative, as I thought she was a harder ass than either of them.

      • Mikey

        Bill, you are exactly right! Politicians must “sell” themselves to the public. If the principals the Republican candidate is selling are almost the same as those the Democrat is selling, then the voter ends up voting based upon superficial characteristics, rather than principals.

      • Rich

        Those reading this blog would do well to read this post over and over until they get it !!!

        You are on “target” and you know what that is !!!

      • Alyce Getz

        I totally disagree…I think that there was enough voter fraud in swing states that the election was stolen! They are laughing T US BECAUSE WE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO BLAME OURSELVES!!

      • Texas Ride

        Sorry Bill, but you sound like you are a twenty-year-old geek! That is not impressive! Most twenty-year-olds, don’t know how to “spit.” (Oh yeah, they can work computers and twitter.) Personally, I don’t think any twenty-year-old should vote! People shouldn’t vote until they have enough life experiences to know what is going on!

        As for changing times, change, as we found out, doesn’t automatically mean “Good change.” This country has had it very good, until Americans quit protecting their country, beliefs, and culture from invaders, communists, and other envious enemies. America was the perfect “plum to be plucked” by the world of free-loaders, dictators, and greedy powerful elites! We let down our guard! Now we stand around dumbfounded wondering what to do about it… How about just start running the government by our founding document the Constitution that protects our rights and liberties…and tells us that we should not have foreigners running the country.

      • Bill

        Texas Ride,
        I am a 64 year year old, free market libertarian that has been self employed for the last 45 years.

        Marketing is what makes the world go round. If you do not understand how marketing changes with the generation gaps, then you will be left behind. Obamas people understood smart marketing and the results are evident.

        You would be better to open your eyes and start learning something, instead of making knee jerk reactions based upon emotions.

        But maybe you are an old dog that cannot learn any new tricks

      • momo

        Bill, I think you’re on to something. The GOP needs a youth infusion, which it would have had if Ron Paul was the nominee, but I digress.

        Texas Ride, remember the Vietnam war, if they’re old enough to get shot, they’re old enough to vote!

        • Tony Newbill

          You cannot just go out there and be for Free markets without a Clear direction as to what defines that view and Romney was way to vague on this with an electorate that is use to a 40 hour work week defining their way of life and so the need to be specific on what people will achieve in their day to day lives in work that will enable them to be a self providing class is what needs to be part of the Conservative Platform on the Free market Approach , and this should be able to be defined separate from the Liberal approach of Cradle to Grave Utopian promises of Entitlements that have NO Clear understanding of how these entitlements will be created and funded other than taking it from a Dark shadowy room that a bunch of rich white old guys seem to be in control of ….. and to think Obama won on this Premise >>>><<<<

      • Texas Ride

        Bill, sounds like you are the “old dog.” And, I would put up my marketing skills with you any day! This is not about geeks n’tweets! We are talking about running our country. It didn’t matter what kind of “marketing program ” Romney had, he wasn’t going to win. Until you realize that, you are just pounding dirt! To continue to thrash over Romeny and what he should have done is a waste of time and doesn’t matter.

        Go read Agenda 21, get educated. Find out who counted the votes and who owned the machines.

        Our country is under assault. Mnions are assaulting our way of life, our founders, Christianity, Christmas, our values, our culture and telling everyone that America is despicable. They say our job-creators are despicable, and the wealthy are despicable.

        What is despicable is the tyrannical foreigner that wants total control of all wealth and property…everything YOU HAVE! You don’t need that business, your house, your car because everyone else in the world doesn’t have them (whether they worked for it or not doesn’t matter.)

        YOU (meaning us all) must pay and be punished for having any success. You must pay until everyone is EQUAL! Hussein grew up with this belief and that is his agenda. He is but the tool for the taking down of this country and the confiscation of all wealth. They use him to promote his war against success, against anyone that works to achieve!
        They use him to promote class warfare, the takers against the makers.

        We should leave Romney alone, it doesn’t matter, except that he lost. What is the next step.

      • Bill

        I agree with so totally, Texas
        We are on the same side. But the younger generation voted for Obama because they are ignorant to what is going on. The only way for us to continue our free lifestyle is to educate the masses to what is going on. We have to compete on the same level as the propagadists to get our message agross that they are being used by the one world order bunch and free market capitalism creates a wonderful lifestyle

      • larry ryan

        I’m one of those who believes it is essentially over until and unless we have a (probably violent and bloody) revolution. Nary a word, except briefly from FOX about the many cities and counties in which not one single republican vote was cast. Statistically unlikely in ONE. In many? You’d have better odds of winning two lotteries, getting hit by lightning and attacked by a polar bear in the tropics all on the same day. Anyone who doesn’t see a rigged landslide third term (and fourth and fifth, etc.) for Obama isn’t paying attention. The only real question is whether he and his handlers will bother to take the time to rig a repeal of the 22nd ammendment, do away with it by “popular” demand, or simply ignore it as they do anything in the constitution they don’t like or that is in their way.






        “Texas Ride” [9:40 AM],







        YOU ARE “OUT-OF-TOUCH.” A SEVENTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD MALE [U. S. Rep. Ron Paul] CAN NOT CREATE A, “youth infusion.”

      • Texas Ride

        We can’t start depending on our young people until we purge the education system of marxists professors and radical left teachers. The young are either indoctrinated or they are illiterate. Both renders them useless to the America cause. What is the first thing that Hussein brings up when he talks about spending more money….investing in EDUCATION!

        Granted a few brought up by “American parents” deserve a place-at-the-table, but those are not a majority. Many times when I see the young interviewed, there is nothing so pitiful as they display their stupidity about the world in general, their country and politics. We have failed as parents and did not defend our children against the American-haters that educated them. We did not instill a love of country, the Constitution, or freedom! That void was filled by the radicals!….

        I am going to amend my comment on the voting rights of the twenty-year-olds. Not because they are worthy or because they act as “cannon fodder” in our foreign wars, but because it will be more inclusive of other segments of society.

        No one should have a vote that does not have a job! Every voter must have “skin-in-the-game” and help pay for the things they want!! No country can exist when half of the population can vote to give themselves increasingly more “free stuff.” No person should be allowed to vote just because they find themselves geographically located in America!

        The foreigner has basically said that there will be no borders because America is NOT just for Americans, it is for everyone! That, my friends, means that there is no sovereignty for America! We are being over-run with foreigners that give the radicals support to change our country. These foreigners are dividing up the resources and benefits amongst themselves, instead of those resources and benefits going to Americans. Say what you will but that is the goal of the marxists…”no sovereign countries must exist.” It is secular chaos for all, nothing belongs to any one group and there will no longer be any existing nations. There will only be One World Order, beginning with the establishment of the North American Union.. This NAU will inculde the region formerly known as the United States….a despicable country that was greedy and mean..

        Get your bag of popcorn, and your coke, put your feet up, get comfy, and watch. That is all Americans have done so far…..

    • Walter & Renee Agard

      Well, Well, Well, Did you know they had classed President Bush, the worst president in history? How can they turn that statement towards President Obama now. Obama is trying to fix this badly damaged economy that Bush caused to happen. Why wer’nt you speaking to Bush when he was doing that .We should forget what happen- because it happened already- ,and start helping with this economy .Do you want to send your money outside to build other countrys economy or your own?

      • rabidconservative

        Enough of the lies. The community reinvestment act forced banks to lend 100′s of BILLIONS to bad credit democrats and surprise, surprise, they defaulted. The money’s gone. No economy can withstand such huge losses. Those toxic assets were bundled with others and sold hoping the financial geniuses could at least break even but there were just too many. Frank and Dodd orchestrated this disaster as history will show. Now Obama is doing a very good impression of a foreign agent whose mission is to destroy the American economy. Not to worry, despite every decision he has made to hobble the free market, he still has you to keep blaming Bush. I only hope you will suffer with the rest of us when he finally crashes the dollar.

      • Mikey

        Most of us want to rebuild OUR economy (I’m sure there are a few who don’t). However, increasing the debt, printing more fiat currency, increasing taxes, increasing government control, and continuing wars we have no business being in, is not the way to do it. Yep, Bush is to blame for some of the problems. But Obama made them FAR worse during the last 4 years, not better, and is continuing to do so.

      • Bill

        Your comments are right on the money. We both know that is what happened but what amazes me is all of the ignorant remarks that state otherwise.
        Duh, it was all Bush’s fault.

        Just for fun, we should all start making a list of the ignorant excuses the liberals try to sell us on the market collapse.

      • teddy maher

        Walt ….. Are your checks on time I hope,enjoy this short lived euphoria and BTW it has been 4 years since Bush was in the white house and since then the Democrats had control of the house and the senate for 2 years and they gave us Obama Care,9+ percent unemployment and 16 Trillion in debt…just to name a few quick fixes and rest assured there are more on the way…. Hang in there Wally things are going to get a whole lot better when he finishes fixing things…

      • Texas Ride

        Why make yourself sound like a moron…

        Bush has not been president since 2008. Try to keep up and focus on what the foreigner is doing..

        • Jeff

          I hear Bush was recently named Official State Idiot (He’s bigger than a village, after all). Is that true or did Fox mess up that report too?

      • nickkin

        So am I to believe that you were in the red all the time during the Bush era….let us know when you make your millions of $$ after the first four and then the next four…..don’t forget…redistribute, redistribute and redistribute….what occupy wall-streeters you will become…

    • Norm

      Romney lost because he is a rich elitist who paid income taxes at a 14% rate (and wanted to lower even that), he wanted to destroy all the social programs of the last 100 years, and wanted to increase the military budget dramatically. He wanted to destroy Obamacare, even though he invented it.
      Most of all he was going to balance the federal budget by some magical scheme which he never could quite explain, and which his VP said was too “technical” for anyone to bother thinking about.
      The election should have been an easy win for the Reps., but the extremist views and failed ideas of the past were just to much for the average American to swallow.
      Obama won re-election with 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206. That’s a thrashing.
      Oddly he was by far the best candidate the Republicans could muster.

      • http://Liberty Tony

        To Norm: You’re analysis is right on. Only part where you were off is on that Romney was the best candidate the GOP could muster for it wasn’t true. Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and John Huntsman by far were superior candidates. The problem was the establishment that decided to go with the ” in” pick. The future of the GOP with Conservatives are very bleak unless they start reaching out to all and not with a half-hearted attempt but with a full concerted effort. If not then they’re doomed for sure. Thanks!!

      • James

        Norm-Really? My poor uninformed regurgitator, how you have fallen for the whore media’s rhetoric. Do yourself a favor and find some REAL sources for news. It’s the uninformed dupes in this country, who have no idea as to what the reality is, that allows these turds to operate with impunity! Rather than simply spew out what you heard or saw somewhere, how about you actually take the time to learn the truth?! Then you will see how badly you are mis-informed. Romney was the best repubic choice? Wrong! Ron Paul would have been the best choice! That statement alone shows how uninformed you are. Sad. Get this straight; both parties work for the same masters!!! That is why they forced Ron Paul out and why Romney is not putting up a fight on the massive voter fraud! Puppets, that’s all they are. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

      • Bill

        Show us more of your intelligence, Norm
        It is very entertaining

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Excellent statement, James!

      • Norm

        And where is it that you get your “truths”? You sound a lot like the mental defectives: Rush, Glenn, Sean, etc. Surely you understand that fux news is a right wing propaganda mill.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        The same question could be asked of you, Norm.

      • Texas Ride

        Norm, that 14% is the same rate those greedy, selfish, elite democrats pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        That is not just a Romney Rate he made up for himself, it is the law!!

        The elites in government got together to pass a tax law that benefited them and protected their wealth! They explain it by saying that “they took the risk of investment, so they should get the tax benefit.” This applies to ALL people with money to invest!

        Why do you people insist that it is something that just Romney does. Everyone that makes money off of investments enjoy this benefit!

        If you don’t like the law tell your radical friends to get it changed so everyone pays the same rate! I fully support a 10% flat tax for everyone, NO exemptions. That way companies like GE, the great friend of Hussein, would have to start paying taxes again!
        Maybe even Geitner-the-tax-cheat could figure out what 10% of his income would be!!!

    • ron . r

      Sorry John, but Bush 2 had to be the worst president ever. Followed closely by Reagan.

      • nickkin

        Hey ron…got any ratings for the muzzie-oozie brotherhood…give us the rating for the Good, Bad and Ugly… seem to have the talent of recognizing bad guys in the about the mid East ?

        • notalemming

          Wow! nickkin, you are one tough cookie. When Reagan became president, he had the
          distinction of being the Governor who put bankrupt California back in the black once again. Had he had a Congress to fully back him (you may have forgotten this little detail that he had a Democrat congress who opposed him on all fronts whenever they felt they could get away with it) he would have done the same for our country. I remember many times, as he signed some bill with which he did not agree, he would do
          so on television and he would look out at America and he would say that he was letting
          us know that he was signing under duress because there had been things inserted into the budget with which he did not agree. He gave us back our respect as the leader of the free world… one laughed “behind our backs” when Reagan was president….we
          were respected and feared because he would not allow America or Americans to be
          abused in other parts of the world. He made us militarily strong…..He was the Best of the Best and if you cannot see that, then I have serious doubts as to your loyalties to our nation. As to President Bush, never has an American president had to deal with the
          terrible events on American soil as 9/11 was. It was a time of many “firsts” that Bush
          had to deal with…also with a Democrat majority in congress. While I do not agree with
          all he did (the pressure applied to Israel regarding Gaza etc), I do believe he did his
          best under extreme circumstances….you may have noticed that under his leadership, we had no more attacks on American soil and until he began to back down under pressure from the UN coalition (made up of countries who are not our friends), we were feared, if not respected, for with these nations, fear and respect are the same
          thing. Could you have done any better? I just love it when the “armchair” brigade has
          all the answers….based on nothing tangible!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Notalemming says about Reagan:

        “….no one laughed “behind our backs” when Reagan was president….we
        were respected and feared because he would not allow America or Americans to be
        abused in other parts of the world.”

        Perhaps Notalemming is not old enough to recall Reagan’s shameful behavior in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983? Our embassy bombed with ~80 dead and 241 Marines killed in the barracks bombing. After dropping a few bombs and sending a few 16 inch shells into the mountains, Reagan pulled us out of Lebanon.

        Osama bin Laden himself remarked that Reagan’s FAILURE to retaliate for this terrorist “abuse” caused the terrorists to lose all “respect and fear” for the PAPER TIGER that the US had shown itself to be, and that the terrorists would now step up their activities against the US. One can make a good case that Saint Ronald made the first big mistake (a very big one) on the road that led to 9/11 and other terrorist attacks against the US.

        I lost fellow Marines in Beirut in 1983 and a friend on 9/11/01. I have forgotten none of them. You need to learn some real history rather than parrot to us the contents of the “Book of Saint Ronald”

        • Jeff

          And don’t forget how the Reagan Presidency even happened. Through a secret, illegal deal with the Iranians not to release the hostages while Carter was president in exchange for a promise of arms down the road (Iran-Contra). Does anyone think it was by accident the hostages were released the very minute Reagan was sworn in? What would have been the attitude of the Reagan Administration toward anyone conducting private foreign policy?

    • Bud Tugly

      Santorum never had a chance with the general electorate. He was too irrationally inflexible on certain issues and came across as a Christian equivalent of a Taliban member. He would have been swept away by a landslide.

      Conservatives need an inspiring, PRAGMATIC voice, that is not a slave to Grover Norquist (elected by no one ever for anything), Fox News, and fundamentalist dogma. Someone who the public on both sides will perceive as real and capable of putting country over politics… someone who understands and supports science… someone who recognizes that the earth is not 6,000 years old and is spherical… who does not believe that Adam and Eve rode to church on dinosaurs… someone who has real ideas to improve education in our country. That voice is desperately needed and I hope will rise above the ranting chaff.

      • Isaac

        Very good insight, I hope it is not too late for you to try it?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Very good Bud,

        Can I be your VP?
        Or your campaign manager?
        Or at least send you money?

    • Benjamin Fox

      It’s late but, God wanted obozo as president, he is as evil as satan himself and God is going to judge this nation and soon. Everything God says He will judge a nation for, obozo is all for it and more. The elections were fixed from the beginning. The only states that went for Romney were where you have to show a ID and that says it all. The Demo-rats voted the dead, illegals and both more then once. Obozo is a dictator-in-chief and will destroy this nation with his pen. He is a little god man who worships allah the little god called satan, get use to it, more left wing marxist idiots out there then those who worship and love God.

      • Sindee Gill

        I fully agree with you, it’s been a long time coming and all the what if’s are just futile conjecture that keeps everyone going round and round chasing our own tails. Obama will use Romney and whoever to accomplish Agenda 21 than the rest will be history. I love this country but this is not my permanent home, Thank God!

    • Lance Brofman

      Ask Senators Murdock and Aiken how well social conservatives would have done in this election. They were trounced in states that Romney carried. Santorum woulkd have goten less that 100 electoral votes.

  • John Myers


    I did exactly that last Februaryin Personal Liberty digest when I warned of the GOP presidential nomination might go for Mr. Romney. I do not mind getting things incorrect; I do that too often. What I mind is that when I do get it right people do not remember what I wrote. Just so you have a refresher on what I said please go to that column and what I wrote regarding Mitt Romney nine months ago.

    John Myers


      “John Myers,”






      • Kate8

        CHRISTOPHER – There has been enough information about the sketchy background of the usurper in our WH since before the 2008 election, including many people “slipping” (and outright proclaiming) that he is foreign born. Or, American-born to a foreigner; OR, American-born to a communist; OR…

        You see? We have, not only the media covering for him, but also throwing out enough conflicting scenarios that people just stop listening to anyone.

        Besides, he was not legitimately elected. You know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. And no one is going to lift a finger to do anything about it, because our country is completely sold out, our Constitution desecrated, and our people as corrupted as the politicians.

        Plus, we know that Romney was no real choice. These things are worked out in backroom meetings, and then they play out as if “we” decided. It’s an illusion.

        Add to the fact that Romney was smeared from stem to stern (and who knows how much is true); and yet, Obama, who has the most scandal in his bio of ANYONE EVER, remained untouched by the media shills. Somehow, it’s okay for a democrat to be a FOREIGN OPERATIVE or a TRAITOR, but every little bit of dirt on the other side gets nationwide press and is a deal-breaker.

        This system is hopelessly corrupt, Christopher. We have no voice. Bush (who comes from a long line of NAZIs) got savaged by the Left. And now Obama, who has not only continued Bush’s bad policies, but has built upon them, is loved and cherished by the Left. So we can see what simpletons (and hypocrits) they are.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Good point, Kate8! The left critisizes everything bush did, but nothing to reverse it!!! The agenda goes forward!!!

      • eddie47d

        There were several bills that delt with that issue in correcting what Bush did. The Republicans either watered them down or failed to pass them.

      • Kate8

        Uh, eddie, would you care to present some evidence of this?

        Again, you make a statement with nothing to back it up.







      • Kate8

        CHRISTOPHER – I understood what you were saying, but what I’m saying is that there have been many slips, even by Obama (and Michelle), himself.

        It seems that when they don’t want to have to answer for something, even if it’s on record, they simply refuse to talk about it, delete those files where possible, and pretend it doesn’t exist. There seems to be no court, no legislative body, or anyone, anywhere who will respect the voice of the people or the authorities (such as Sheriff Arpaio and his team) who speak in their name.

        This is, without a doubt, a complete takeover of our government by those who consider their power absolute. They consider our Constitution null and void, because they’ve staged a brilliant coup and believe themselves to be in control, and we the people are of no consequence to them.

        • Jeff

          What did Kate8 that made her so crazy? You really need help. Your paranoia is beyond funny; it’s psychotic.





      • Texas Ride

        Kate8, 9:05, you are absolutely on target! There has been a bloodless coup that has taken over the government and established their own law! In fact, 80% of the people are not even aware they no longer control their own country…

    • Mikey

      Great article, John. I only wish more had read about the “vulture capitalist” before the Republican nomination was made.

    • JimCO

      Actually John, Perry and Gingrich had re-newed that attack line a month earlier then your column … Romney then buried them with attack ads with money from his elite followers. It is these establishment republicons that made the choice to fund Romney while starving his competition.

      Rick Perry doubles down on ‘vulture capitalist’ criticism of Mitt Romney
      Posted by Felicia Sonmez at 10:29 AM ET, 01/11/2012

      When it comes to the GOP battle over Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, it appears New Hampshire was only the beginning.

      Texas Governor Rick Perry. (REUTERS/Adam Hunger)Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is renewing his criticism of the former Massachusetts governor as a “vulture capitalist,” arguing that Romney is trying to “paper over” the details of his tenure at the helm of Bain Capital.

      • Tony Newbill

        And why didn’t Romney go after Obama Like he and his PACs did on Newt , I mean he could have Made hay with this connection that makes the idea of carbon Tax a Great Hypocrisy on the part of Obama , maybe Romney was thinking about it too ??? Ties to Obama Aided in Access for Big Utility

      • Texas Ride

        Tony, good question. It was obvious that Romney was muzzled after the first debate! Romney did great while Hussein was an “empty chair.”

        Romney was stopped immediately. Romney was muzzled and Hussein came out sarcastic, arrogant and obnoxious(the dems idea of being a winner!) The “fix was in” just like 2008. McCain couldn’t campaign for himself, he was too busy praising Hussein. That was such a in-your-face act of throwing an election…it was hard to watch.

        Romney was given “the talk.” How do they get away with the manipulation…that is a scary question, but it seems that all of government is under the same control

  • Harold Olsen

    Romney’s loss had nothing to do with conservatism of any kind. For one thing, Romney is a liberal, not a conservative. What it has to do with is the GOP refusing to run and support a candidate who is truly conservative. The party is now, and has been for a long time, left-leaning moderates. And now, I understand, they are talking about emulating the Democrats in order to win elections. Like the Democrats, the Republicans want to promise freebies to the leeches and parasites who are too lazy to get jobs and support themselves. If that’s what they are going to do, they may as well merge with the Democrat party. There’s very little difference in the two now as it is. Both parties can go to hell for all I care. I won’t have anything to do with either.

    • Vicki

      Anyone doubting about Romney being a liberal need only to look at RomneyCare.

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        We all should stop this bickering. We’ve already have a President,whether,you like it or not We are bickering and we are not seeing what is happening to this country .Do you know the chinese are trying to get on top if we should fail? Look around you, and if you are smart you will see what is happening.

    • eddie47d

      Few Liberals if any claim Romney as part of their team and he is nothing more than a neoConservatives. That still makes him a Conservative Republican and the Liberals warned you about him during the entire presidential race. You made your bed now sleep in it which is no different than when a Liberal chooses the wrong candidate. Look at the whopping the Democrats got by choosing McGovern or the Republicans in choosing McCain. You win some and you lose some!

      • Elton

        You sir do not know what a conservative is if you think Romney is a conservative. He is as liberal as any leftist,socialist democrat such as yourself….

      • Vigilant

        “Few Liberals if any claim Romney as part of their team and he is nothing more than a neoConservatives. That still makes him a Conservative Republican…”

        eddie, please don’t conflate Neoconservatives with Conservatives. While similar in some aspects, they are radically different in fundamental areas. Romney is far from being a Conservative.

        I highly recommend Richard Viguerie’s “Conservatives Betrayed: How George Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause.”

      • Bill

        Stuck your foot in your mouth again, Eddie?

      • DaveH

        As usual, Eddie, you don’t have a clue.

      • eddie47d

        No Bill not at all! Whether you like it or not the majority of “Conservatives” voted for Romney. That may break your heart but that is what really happened no matter what die hard Conservatives or Libertarians think.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Vigilant: I highly recommend Richard Viguerie’s “Conservatives Betrayed: How George Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause.”

        In all fairness, Vigilant, Eddie isn’t the only one that struggles with properly understanding true “Conservatism”, as he rightly pointed out, all who voted for Romney are equally confused. Naturally, i would’t limit your fine recommendation to just Eddie.

      • Vigilant

        Jay, I believe you and I are on the same page.

        • awkingsley

          @eddie47d: Over 4 million Libertarian-Republican voters either voted for Gary Johnson, wrote-in for Ron Paul, or stayed home because they didn’t see a difference between Obama and Romney, (They called Romney “Obomney” through his whole presidential run.) Millions of Independents swung to Romney from Obama, but it was still not enough voters to make up for the disenfranchised Conservative Republican voters. It isn’t that Romney is Conservative; it is that he didn’t run on the Democrat’s ticket.

      • eddie47d

        Four million probably wouldn’t win the Governorship of most states.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with you, Harold! But you must know that the two parties are a scam! They BOTH work for the same people! There are powerful people behind the scenes who pull the strings of BOTH parties! NEITHER party represents the people!!! Until we make people understand that, we are doomed to accept what “they” give us! We must abandon their two party scam and insist on being heard! We must research and place our votes with the little guys who are not backed by big money! We must not be sucked in and be convinced by name recognition! We must do the work of finding a candidate who does NOT have the backing of big money! We must KNOW that they do NOT have OUR best interests at heart!!!

      • DaveH

        It is possible that the candidate can be both Freedom Loving and backed by Big Money, Nancy.

      • randman2

        Nancy, this is the second post I have read from you. You are right on the money. There are some here in Alabama that want to form a third party. The Coservative Party. I dont think that is the way to go. We must take back the Republican Party or it will surely go under.

      • Gman

        Dear Lady: If only all of the pseudo talking heads would just hear what you just said and come to the conclusion that you have things would become a lot clearer for everyone. We’ll never see the ones who really drive this country and the world at large. What’s that meeting that all of the high rollers, international bankers and politicians and the such go to every few years and decide the fate of the world behind closed doors ? Even those folks have handlers and higher ups. Believe it.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave H, I disagree with you and randman2, thanks!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Gman, I think you were referring to Bilderberg.

      • Texas Ride

        Randman2, there is no such thing as the Republican party. They are just an extention of the communist party, undercover!

        Tell me what the Republicans have accomplished in the last four years. I can tell you, “nothing.” The only thing they are known for is capitulating to the communist party (formerly the democrat party.) After all the beating of chests, they do what the communists want…There is no other explanation than, the GOP is no longer. Remember, that the House passed everything that Hussein has put before them. This includes the NDAA, the stimulas, raising the debt celiing, you name it. the GOP has NOT adhered to the Constitution anymore than the communists.

      • Mikey

        Nancy, we did have such a candidate….Ron Paul. Unfortunately, the powers that be made sure to repress his message as much as possible.
        However, there is hope. I believe his son Rand shares most of his values, and may run for president. If this is the case, we as conservatives/libertarians must do all we can to support him.

      • DaveH

        Here’s just one example, Nancy:

        • Jeff

          Maybe you should set up a website like that to fully explain yourself and display your positive press clippings. Possible titles:

      • Mikey

        Why Jeff? Even if he did, you still wouldn’t understand.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave H, I’ve no love for the koch brothers, nor george soros nor bill gates nor warren buffett! NO ONE gets THAT kind of money legitimately!!! THAT kind of money is gotten through cronyism, contacts and inside information! It is gotten through bullying, extortion and back room deals! As the old adage says, “it’s not what you know, but WHO you know”!!! There are wealthy people who have worked hard to be successful and then there are those who lie, cheat and steal! Destroy the competition, make unholy deals to force people to buy your product, it’s the name of the game! THAT’S not the kind of capitalism that I believe in!

      • DaveH

        You’re starting to sound like Eddie, lumping everybody in the same basket.

      • DaveH

        Aren’t your buddies waiting for you at the sandbox, Jeff?

    • Bill

      Sad but true, Harold

    • DaveH

      Romney is a Progressive who straddles the fence between Liberal and NeoCon.

      • Norm

        Romney is a liar who would (and has) said many things which were contradictory. Depending on his audience, there was no telling what kind of nonsense he would spout. The Republicans lost by a large margin an election that could have easily been theirs.

      • DaveH

        That’s what Progressives do, Norm. They couldn’t get elected if they told the truth.

      • Kate8

        DaveH and Norm – That is exactly right. What is perplexing is how the democrats will hurl all they’ve got against one liar, and yet cheer and worship another who is, not only no different, but much worse!

        At least many conservatives can see what’s going on. The only explanation is that liberals are so hypnotized and deluded that they truly think their guy is good, and any other is evil.

        That is why democrats are so dangerous. They are incapable of thinking objectively.

        • Jeff

          You keep thinking that K8. Make sure you nominate the most conservative candidate you can find next time. Allen West would be good. Maybe Fatbaugh can be his press secretary.

      • Kate8

        jeff – You have just given further proof that liberals are incapable of comprehension.

        • Jeff

          I’ll admit I’m incapable of comprehending some of the paranoids on this site. You and a few others could keep a psychiatry department busy for years.

      • Norm


        1. President Barack Obama’s federal income and gift tax returns for 2011 were released by the White House on Friday along with those for Vice President Joe Biden.
        The Obamas had a reported adjusted gross income of $789,674.
        About half of the first family’s income is the President’s salary; the other half is from sales proceeds of the President’s books. The Obamas paid $162,074 in total tax.

        2. Obama didn’t keep some of his optomistic promises, but he tried. The economy was such a basket case, thanks to the clever greed driven manipulations in the housing market, that no one could have turned it around in 4 years.

      • DaveH

        Ignore Jeff, Kate8. He’s most likely got his hands in the till. How else could he be so hypocritical?

      • Kate8

        Norm – Obviously, the Obama’s didn’t report the bulk of their income.

        Remember, he just purchased a $30,000,000 estate in Hawaii. He makes his living pilfering money from the taxpayers as well as engaging in criminal enterprise. He could hardly report the millions he makes from his illegal dealings and bribery, now, could he?

        BTW, I forgot to mention human trafficking as another source of income.

        There’s no way he could have the holdings he has on the POTUS salary. They ALL have done it, and do it still. Just like Pelosi acquired over $20million in a few months of being in office. Do some research before you come off with such nonsense.

      • DaveH

        Norm says — “The economy was such a basket case, thanks to the clever greed driven manipulations in the housing market, that no one could have turned it around in 4 years”.
        No Politician could, Norm. But if Government butted out of the Marketplace, the economy would turn around within a couple of years and without stealing money from the taxpayers.
        Remember the 1920 crash? Of course you don’t, because the Government butted out and the economy recovered in a little over a year:

      • Karolyn

        Kate – Where did the RUMOR come from that Obama bought a $30,000,000 home in Hawaii? I cannot find any credible info on that.

      • Kate8

        Gosh, Karolyn, I just did a search on “Obamas purchase estate in Hawaii”, and a whole list of sources popped up. But, alas… I was mistaken. It was a $40MILLION estate.

        Next time, you might actually LOOK. I shouldn’t have to do your search for you.

      • Kate8

        It’s no wonder liberals are so ignorant and uninformed. It’s all too apparent that whatever news sources they rely on DON’T REPORT MUCH OF ANYTHING, except what they want them to hear.

      • Karolyn

        Kate – If that’s the kind of place you get your “news” from, it’s no wonder you come up withe such doozies. “World News?” Looks more like the “Enquirer” or “Globe” to me.

      • mark

        Hey Kate8, the other headline in this Onion-like fake paper, News of the World, that you cite is, I kid you not: “Alien Space Ships Invade Earth in 2012!” An excellent source!

        • Jeff

          The aliens came to return Romney to his home planet.

      • Kate8

        Good grief, Karolyn. That is not “where I get my news”. I did a search (because you apparently could not) and got a WHOLE LIST OF SOURCES FOR THIS REPORT. I just picked the first one on the list. I didn’t even open it up. I figured if you REALLY wanted to know, and you didn’t like this source, you’d do YOUR OWN SEARCH.

        News articles are circulated on a wide range of outlets. Just because you don’t like a site does not mean all of the articles are untrue. This article is OLD NEWS and has never been refuted.

        Obviously, you and the rest of the trolls are not at all interested in facts, but only in finding ways to ridicule those who try to post information here. Anything that disparages your team is immediately the object of your attacks, and the legitimacy of the information is unimportant to you.

        You know what…I couldn’t care less what you believe or don’t believe. Just keep thinking that Obama is the greatest thing to ever hit the planet, and that he can do no wrong. Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to seek out the truth, in spite of you guys’ continual harping.

        I’m done posting for you. Do your own work, or skip it altogether. You are really of no consequence to the opposition movement. Get out of the way or get rolled over. I promise you that I couldn’t care less.

        • Jeff

          Sorry K8, but the details of your latest paranoid fantasy hardly qualify as information unless you’re talking to your psychiatrist.



        MA’AM, I LOOKED AT YOUR WEB LINK. THE KENYAN’S NEW MANSION LOOKS LIKE THE Iolani Palace. [My favorite Hawaii State Capitol Building; I have a "thing" for state capitol buildings - the buildings in Pierre, Des Moines and Olympia are my favorites]. “Kate8,” MA’AM, MAYBE I MISINTERPRETED THE PHOTOGRAPH FOR THE WEB LINK’S ARTICLE.

      • Kate8

        Look, people. I don’t write the articles, I just read them. This one has been posted in numerous outlets, and so far, I haven’t seen any denial of it.

        Do your own work. Draw your own conclusions. The issue was Obama’s instant mega-weath on assuming office. It’s obvious that someone is fillng his coffers for services rendered.

        I must really be a threat for you people to continue to attack me on every issue.

        • Jeff

          No, keep writing. In fact, why not publish your entire diary? I’m making plans for a book updating Richard Hofstadter’s and the K8 chapter has some of the best stuff. I like the 300-year-old world-wide conspiracy myself. It’s the real stuff. Reminds me of the JBS when I was in high school. Like a song you remember on the radio.

          • notalemming

            You might want to google several groups, if you feel so confident that there is not, nor
            has ever been, a conspiracy for the destruction of America….try The Illuminati….Bilderberg Society……Skull and Bones etc. Request specifically what their goals are regarding the US and a one world society. You may find it very enlightening.

          • Jeff

            I read “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” in high school. Any new stuff? How does such a huge conspiracy last for so long? The Mafia can’t even keep something secret with only 2 or 3 guys involved. Nixon couldn’t even keep Watergate a secret long enough to serve out his 2nd term. These Bilderbergs must be super-human.

          • AWKingsley

            @Jeff: In the case of the New World Order, many of those who came in contact with information about this group thought it was too outlandish and cruel to ever come about – that no group of people would ever be that mean. As you may recall, those were the Pollyanna – “Leave It to Beaver days”. My father, an ardent reader of Spotlight newsletter in the 1960s and 70s, was one of the first and the few who really got it. To me, it seemed the New World Order was a misbegotten idea that would soon pass. I was very wrong; it didn’t.

          • Jeff

            The New World Order was a descriptive term Bush 1 used to describe the world after the fall of the USSR. Ever since, right wingers have used it as code for “The U.N. is going to come for your gun, your wife, and your lawn mower.” Sounds like old-fashioned right-wing paranoia to me. You guys have been afraid of your own shadows forever. The Illuminati? Who were they? Guys who could read and think. In a world of illiterates, people who can transmit ideas through writing may have seemed like conspirators, but come on, it’s the 21st Century, not the Middle Ages.

          • awkingsley

            @Jeff: The first time I heard about the New World Order was in the late 1950s or early 60s from my father’s Spotlight newsletter. The New World Order that people speak of encompasses the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relatiions, and the Trilateralist Commission. The New World Order is a term that was coined to specify particular actions and goals to bring about Globalism and a one-world ruler.

          • Jeff

            I don’t doubt what you say, but I don’t think the term was exactly mainstream in the 50s and 60s when the focus was on the Cold War. I know the Birchers have always hated the U.N. It’s always been common sense, even when many votes went against us, that talking beats fighting. While there have been lots of little wars since the U.N.’s founding, there have been no world wars, and that was the purpose of the organization, wasn’t it?

          • awkingsley

            You are correct, the term New World Order did not go mainstream until internet bloggers got hold of it. In the late 50s – 70s there were expose’s being written about the New World Order in Spot Light newsletter, and perhaps a few other places. Alex Jones gets into covering the Bilderberg meetings, works at spying on them, which is difficult.

          • notalemming

            Google JFK The President Who Told the Truth and listen to his speech he made
            on this subject…and his desire to make the American people aware….before he was
            assassinated. It’s a short speech, but in it he focuses on “secret societies”. It makes
            little difference whether either you or I were Kennedy fans or not…give a listen as it is a subject that few presidents (if any) have ever spoken out about (to my limited knowledge).

          • Jeff

            I think you forgot the link.

          • notalemming

            Oh….I’m not very good with all the proper usage of computers..whenever I want to find
            something, I just would type in….JFK The President Who told the
            Truth video. If you can’t get it that way, I’ll google it and get a proper link. Let me

          • Jeff

            I’ll find it.

          • notalemming

            Here it is, Jeff. This a shortened version as some of the others are the whole speech.
   JFK Reveals Skull and Bones Society
            Try that.

      • Kate8

        notalemming – As a young child I had repeated dreams of seeing strange craft in the air, and of watching explosions off in the distance from our front porch. These dreams have haunted me all my life. And this was before we ever had a TV.

        I, too, remember hearing about the New World Order back then. Besides JFK, Eisenhower and some congressmen were also warning of it… this was around the time of the foiled communist coup attempt of the US.

        Anyway, when I heard Bush 41 mention the New World Order, it sent chills up my spine. It seemed that no one else thought anything of it. His talk of the “thousand points of light” and so forth, and then Bush Jr. spoke of the “angel in the whirlwind”… Creepy.

        This drove me to investigate these things as a lifelong passion. I listened to Bill Cooper back before anyone dared speak of these things…

        I know what I’m talking about, even though these young liberal upstart shills like to mock and ridicule and call me crazy. Who cares. They are the ones who have been too damaged and dumbed-down to believe anything is amiss… And so they, unwittingly, no doubt, help to bring this very thing (they disbelieve in) about.

        There are those of us who just have a gut instinct about this.

        In spite of what we know is coming, I have an overall feeling that good will win out. Perhaps we will have to choose which world we wish to partake of… I don’t know. I only know that things get stranger and stranger.

        • awkingsley

          We are soon going to have to be fighting world-wide leveled wages. That is a disaster for us, since our cost of living is so much greater than those in tropical and sub-tropical climates. There they can do with only louevers for windows and for food, can pick wild coconuts and bananas – that kind of life-style.

        • notalemming

          The average American (and I mean the average American family where the Father has a
          job, and most times, the Mom as well) who come home each day and just manage to
          listen to the 6:00 o’clock or 11:00 o’clock news, gets the Sunday newpaper, and reads
          the headlines….that American knows very little about what is happening in this country,
          other than what our “news” media dishes out by way of misinformation, disinformation,
          and lack of information. The average American is spoon fed what it has been “deemed”
          appropriate for us to know….brainwashed into complacency regarding those things about which we should be extremely concerned. Knowledge is power and by observing the path taken by other great nations and empires back through the years and the ages, the path America is currently on is shown to us clearly. You can almost
          follow step by step the progression of their defeat. I remember when I was a teenager that Corrie Ten Boom who wrote “the Hiding Place” about the horrors she and her sister
          endured during Hitler’s occupation of Poland came to speak at our church. She had survived, but her sister did not…she was put into the gas chambers just as the Allies were advancing and releasing prisoners. Corrie Ten Boom told us of some of her experiences and everyone in our church listened, spellbound. At the end of her talk, I remember she stepped to the edge of the platform and looked out over us with a look of infinite sadness and she said the words I’ve never forgotten…..”It can happen here, too….you know” I was just a teenager, but even then, I was struck by the terrible sadness I saw in her eyes as she looked out over our congregation. I looked around at
          the faces of the adults in the congregation, but saw no fearful reactions….just concern for the speaker and a complacency that our world would never be like hers. On the way home that night, I asked my Mother if what Corrie Ten Boom had said could possibly be true and, without a moment’s hesitation, my Mother said “Of course not, America is a Christian nation and that could never happen here”. I was raised by two God fearing
          Christian parents who loved and revered this country and believed totally in our government and our leaders for many many years before even they became doubtful as to where we were headed and what is to become of our beloved country and our Constitution which has protected its people so well for so long. As a child, when I said my prayers at night, I always thanked God that I was an American and lived in America, the home of the brave and the free. One who has felt like that all their lives does not easily give up those cherished feelings and beliefs, but one can not, must not, be too blind to see that something is happening and it is not good. As long as all seems more or less the same on the quiet street where we live, it is just so much easier to ignore the warning signs and be happy while we can. Besides, even if we do know some of what is coming at us…what can we do about it? We tried to do something with our freedom to choose the leaders we wish to lead us, but that’s certainly not working right anymore. However, if you really want to know where we are headed…read your history books about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, and more recently, about Germany. Seek out, read, and keep an open mind to find out the truth…if you really want to know…OR…you can bluster and argue and hide your head in the sand and wait….

    • Doc Sarvis

      Conservatives knew what they were getting when they gave Romney top position in the primaries; a moderate guy with lots of money, lots of 1%er connections/appeal (=get more money) who could – and would say anything that the Right wanted him to say to get elected. The American people (largely) saw through that. Even many on this site held their nose to vote for him just to remove President Obama.

      The Rich Shapeshifter Romney reflects the current Republican Party; trying to appease the Tea Party Conservatives while convincing the rest of America they are moderate enough to get elected.
      Good luck with that

      • DaveH

        NeoConservatives backed Romney, Not Conservatives.

      • Doc Sarvis

        splitting hairs.

      • Kate8

        Doc – What about Obama, who has gone from a six-figure income to becoming a multi-billionaire in 4 short years! How does that happen?


        And yet, you condemn someone for being rich? Where is your head?

        How can you condemn one man for questionable ethics, and yet support another with a proven lack of ethics? Your decrying of “the rich” is so absurd in the face of the fact that democrat politicians are among the wealthiest of all BY USING THE ABOVE MEANS, that it can only mean that you people are truly twisted.

      • Kate8

        Oh, and might I point out that these inuendos of Romney’s misdealings cost him the conservative vote, yet democrats had NO PROBLEM VOTING FOR THE MOST SCANDALOUS president ever.

        What does that tell us?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Yet, both, Obama and Romney, offered the exact, same talking-points. In fact, the only way to discern any difference between the two was by the different labels they wore. If not for the labels, it would have been impossible to note any, difference(s) between the two. This proves that advertising really works, and the consumer is forever the simpleton; not realizing that they are purchasing the exact same product, but think one product to be different, or superior, because it sports a different label. All the while unaware that its all the same product, manufactured by the same manufacturer, that places different labels on each. This clever gimmick ensures that the manufacturer will gain a greater market for his product, and of course, greater profits!

        Politicians aren’t stupid, just evil!

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “You are simply too crazy to engage in conversation, but do you have ANY EVIDENCE of any of this or is it just more of the same nonsense you morons have been accusing Obama of since 2008?”.
        Thank you, Jeff, for showing the Readers once again what the “compassionate” Liberal Progressives are really all about.
        These are the people who want to make your life choices, Folks.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        A real nasty bunch, DaveH. That’s for sure!

      • Kate8

        Well guys, so maybe it is multi-millions rather than billions. I kind of figured with all of the multi-million dollar vacations and treats they give themselves, it would add up to billions…
        Beyond multi-millions, who knows how high it goes with these crooks…

        Anyway, the point is that it’s impossible for a six-figure politician to accumulate that much wealth in such a short time without engaging in illegal activities. The fact is, it is KNOWN that they do, including Obama (the gun-running has already come out in mainstream news, and, of course, the insider trading). And, there is ample documentation of the other crimes, like drug-running and human trafficking, as well, but the MSM isn’t talking.

      • Bob666

        you are one of the few on this board who gets it-out of the bubble!

    • Isaac

      In my opinion majority of all those that call themselves Americans are all foreigners, including Obama. Their great grant parents are colonists who inhabited a continent already occupied by aborigines and took over. That taking over is still grinding on and now it is the turn of those so called lazy leeches whose grand parents toiled as slaves to build the foundation of modern America to enjoy the commonwealth their parents participated in creating. America is for the whole world including the Indians and the Arawaks and the natural course of equilibrumazation is taking place at a rate it is not easy for those who claim America is theirs can understand. But what shall be shall be.

  • Vicki

    The GOP treatment of Dr Ron Paul spelled their doom.

    • Corkey

      Bingo Vicky. Romney got less votes in 2012 than brain dead John Mc Cain did in 2008. You could see it coming during the campaign with Newt and Santorum playing the role of blockers in the Ron Paul Prevent Defense, to help drag Mitt over the finish line. But it didn’t work. Who is the GOP gonna run in 2016? Charles Manson?

      • Elton

        Manson would be better than what we have now in the White house…

      • DaveH

        Actually the GOP has been the party of Big Government since their creation in the 1850s. They’ve just been able to pull the wool over peoples’ eyes since then.
        Just as the Democrats have in posturing as the party for the Little People.
        Both Parties have been controlled by Progressives since the late 19th century.

    • Steve E

      I agree, had the Repubs treated Ron Paul with respect and embraced his ideas, Romney would have had a couple million more votes to win the election. The Repubs will still win in state and local elections with Tea Party infiltration (and it”s happening in my state), but will never rise to victory in Presidential elections. They just keep making the same mistakes over and over, and will never learn.

      • Bill

        I agree, Steve
        During the campaign, I spoke with many liberals that said they would vote for Ron Paul over Obama. Ron Paul could have united this country if it wasn’t for the old guard getting in the way

      • Cliffystones

        That’s what infuriated me most. The “he’s not electable, so forget about him” crowd in both the Republican establishment and the media. He came in second in the Iowa straw poll, and was systematically and completely ignored. His message and positions were ignored as well. Even if some politico doesn’t like him as a candidate, when he was a front-runner in the early contest he and his platform were completely ignored. The only reporter who regularly (that I saw) had him on his show was Neil Cavuto.

      • Vigilant

        I recall one debate when the hopefuls were asked to tell what they’d learned from the other candidates’ positions. If memory serves me correctly, I believe it was Perry and possibly Santorum who thanked Ron Paul for educating them on the Federal Reserve.

        Now considering how all-important the Federal Reserve’s part has been in destroying out economy (and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet), any one of those Republicans who had to be schooled on the deleterious effects of the Fed shouldn’t have been on that stage in the first place.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Vigilant: Now considering how all-important the Federal Reserve’s part has been in destroying out economy (and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet), any one of those Republicans who had to be schooled on the deleterious effects of the Fed shouldn’t have been on that stage in the first place.

        Then Paul would have been crowned King, Vigilant, as there would have been no other candidate from either party qualified to compete with him!

      • Vigilant

        Wake The Sleepers(Jay), I agree with your assessment.

    • rendarsmith

      Truer words have never been said!

    • Jonathan

      Your exactly right Vicki!!!!!!!!!

    • JJinCO

      That goes two ways. Had Ron Paul helped get Romney elected, he would have done more good for the libertarian cause and for the country. Why run for the nomination of a party you despise so much you won’t endorse its final nomination? Both Gary Johnson & Dr. Paul were better candidates than Romney who was better than Obama. Now all 3 are can sit on the sidelines … and we are one Supreme Court Justice away from loss of any Constitutional restaints to government power.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Why run for the gop?!? The answer is simple!!! Because only the democraps and the republicraps are allowed to have a voice!!! The corrupt will not allow you to hear what anyone else has to say!!! You will not be allowed to participate in debates and you will not get equal attention from the corrupt media!!! You will be invisible!!! No one will hear your message!!! And besides, the liberals have infiltrated and taken over the republicrap party. It is time to TAKE IT BACK!!!

      • Cliffystones

        Maybe Dr. Paul would have and could have. But he was pretty much shut out of the clubhouse by the Republicans. Not inviting him to speak at the convention was like a bunch of 5th grade boys saying “you’re not getting in our clubhouse!” Romney’s folks get control then proceed to blow off Paul and Palin. Who can blame them for sitting out the campaign.

        What I want to know is just where in he!! were the two past Republican Presidents all of that time? The Bushes had their day in the sun so now they both have been completely silent. After the mess he made of things, W should at least pick up a whisk broom once in a while.

      • DaveH

        JJinCO says — “Had Ron Paul helped get Romney elected, he would have done more good for the libertarian cause and for the country”.
        Then you don’t understand what a Libertarian is, JJ. We don’t sacrifice our Principles just to get elected. Real Libertarians will keep educating people in the Principles of Freedom and hope that someday the majority will catch on.
        What is a Libertarian?

      • DaveH

        Nancy says — “It is time to TAKE IT [the GOP] BACK!!!”.
        To what, Nancy, the myth or the reality of the GOP?
        The myth is that they were the party of Small Government. The Reality is that they never really were.

      • DaveH
      • Mikey

        Once again, you are spot on, Dave. I knew Gary Johnson would not win, but I did vote for him, based solely on principal and not electability.

      • DaveH

        Thank you, Mikey. And Good Vote!

      • Lightninlee

        JJinCO I have to agree with you! If Dr. Paul had thrown his support to Romney, we might have had a different man in the WH! However, we don’t, so everybody stop analyzing what happened and go forward from here! If we can learn from this, then maybe the next time we can get the right man as our nominee.

      • DaveH

        Yep. We could have replaced Obama with ObamaLite and then scratched our heads 4 years later wondering why nothing has changed.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The gop HAD to disparage Ron Paul!!! Ron Paul speaks the TRUTH and the truth will never be allowed!!! They could not control Ron Paul so they had to make him look bad so that the idiot masses who don’t bother to learn for themselves would go along with their agenda! Ron Paul would undo everything they’d worked so hard to do! It is their intent to destroy America and enslave her people with debt! Ron Paul would NEVER allow it!!!

      • Michael J.

        Nancy in Nebraska,
        The outcome of events that transpired on Nov.6th were predetermined months earlier in a not so secret meeting of the unseen, unelected elites in Chantilli Virginia. All the media coverage, money spent and circus atmosphere is to maintain the illusion of voters making the choice. Because the elites who produce this stage play will pay any price (in worthless paper dollars)to prevent the useless eaters from figuring out that their vote counts for nothing.

        Ron Paul was axed at the same meeting by threats to his family. John Mc Cain’s 2008 portrayal of the prize fighter taking a dive was recast and played this time by Mitt Romney. The whole charade is as phony as
        the fiat currency that financed it.

        Most telling of all is that the truth being told about our current regime comes not from our media, but Pravda.

        • Jeff

          No cell phone video of the meeting?

      • Kate8

        Michael J. – I just read where many of those voting machines have been quarantined, pending an FBI investigation.

        Good luck getting the FBI to do it, though. They’re pretty much part of the problem.

  • Lindy

    Let us not count the massive voter fraud as in Pennsylvania where in 59 counties not one vote was for Romney. A little suspicious? How about the voting machines that voted for Obama no matter what candidate you picked? How about all the illegal votes cast by non citizens and unregistered voters? Let us take everything into account and that is Romney backed off after the first debate. He refused to mention topics like Obama and Libya or Obama’s funding of the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? If Romney would have continued in his attack mode, we would have been looking at a new President in 2013.

    • Corkey

      And we would be at war with Iran if that idiot was elected too. Of course none of Romneys kids would do the fighting, just ours.

      • Kay Cleveland

        And what is wrong with war? If Iran shoots a nuclear missile to America…guess what…you won’t have to worry about war. Stupid Liberals.think you can just talk to terrorist…and evil Obama..has been arming the asses. He is diminishing our missiles, diminishing our military, diminishing their pay & benefits..and the NFL players make more money than our soldiers. It is a slap in the face..that all the soldiers who have died over the last 216 years..for the freedoms we have in this country…and the Superpower that we once was…is now being given away by stupid liberals to an evil COC who wants nothing less than to be “dictator” {like Morsi in Egypt} and take every freedom you ever had, and make us completely dependent on the Government…hence Germany 1941 {Hitler}. Thank you all the Stupid “Radical” Liberals….and your vote for the Death of America Nov. 6, 2012.

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        You’ve hit that on the spot. I wonder if it did’nt knock them out?

      • DaveH

        Kay says — “And what is wrong with war? If Iran shoots a nuclear missile to America…guess what…you won’t have to worry about war”.
        Only that almost everybody loses, it is murder on a mass scale, and most (if not all wars) are conducted to enrich Politicians (in Power and Money) and Crony Capitalists.
        I find it almost comical that people are worried about Iran launching a nuclear missile at the US.
        They would be obliterated before the missile even reached the continent. And they know it.
        You have drunk the Kool-Aid, Kay, and you have drunk a lot of it.

      • DaveH

        Read this book, Kay, and get educated before you embarrass yourself further:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

      • Flashy

        “I find it almost comical that people are worried about Iran launching a nuclear missile at the US.” <— DaveH

        Wow..a more complete case of utter naivete' cannot be displayed…astounding.

        DaveH…are you suggesting Iran having nukes is nothing for us to fret about?

      • Mikey

        The greater threat is to Israel. If Israel gets hit, you know they will retaliate. And if they retaliate, there will very little left of Iran. I think Iran knows this, hence no attacks as of yet.
        If an all out war starts between Israel and Iran, you can bet we’ll get our meddling military in the mix (at the cost of money and lives).

      • Michael J.

        If you want something to fret about, consider this:

        Definition of a Karl Marx wet dream – A Democratic party controlled by hard core Communist presiding over naive liberal ideologues convinced they’re on the path to a perfect world.

      • DaveH

        Yes, I am, Flashman.
        Which country in the world has the second most largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world?
        Which country in the world has actually used nuclear weapons against another country? A country which was provoked into war to allow FDR an excuse to enter WWII?
        Which country has the most military bases around the world?
        Which country is most commonly involved in military conflicts around the world?
        And you think we should worry about puny Iran?
        Iran is just an excuse for Sociopaths like Flashman to build the Power of the Leaders ever greater until they can finally achieve their main goal — One World Tyranny.

      • DaveH

        Whatever they’re paying you, Flashman, it’s too much:

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Wow..a more complete case of utter naivete’ cannot be displayed…astounding”.
        Do you really think your adolescent manipulative tactics work on me, Flashman?
        Meanwhile those who read the book I linked to will know just how useless you are. I must drive you and your handlers bonkers, Flashman. Short drive.

      • Flashy

        I asked DaveH if he…in utter naivete’, was suggesting a nuke armed Iran not to be a danger to the US. his partial response “Yes, I am, Flashman.”

        Hokayyyyy….so control of the oil political situation , the Straits, close to Europe etc .. not a threat to the US eh? Wow …. Such suggestion is so out of touch with any reality it’s …. astounding the men in white coats have left you free to roam the streets at will.

      • momo

        With your logic, flashman, we should be staying up nights worrying about North Korea, they already have nukes.

        • Jeff

          The concern about Iran having a nuclear weapon is not about Iran. Ahmadinejad engages in some incendiary rhetoric, but he doesn’t run the place. The Ayatollahs may be reckless but they’re not suicidal. They know if they use a nuclear weapon against Israel or any other U.S. ally, they’re finished. The problem is 2-fold. First, it would spark a nuclear arms race in the region as the Arab States would react negatively to the Persians having such weapons. Secondly, there is the fear that Hamas or Hezbollah may get there hands on such a weapon. And they may just be willing to use it.

      • DaveH

        What do those things have to do with the nuclear threat to the US mainland, Flashman?
        Focus, Flashman. I realize that tangential arguments are your modus operandi, but they don’t cut it here.

        Alinsky strategy #2 — “go off on tangents”.

        Like I said, Flashman — They’re paying you too much.

      • Texas Ride

        I doubt that Iran would launch an attack on the U.S., not right now…not by themselves.
        They will launch an attack on Israel, to start the coming war! There will be a war, without doubt. That is why the foreigner is disasembling our military and weakening our defenses.

        Oh, and the children of the elitist politicians should be the FIRST to go to war! That is priority!

    • Bpante

      Not just Pennsylvaina The Republicans lett them do it, they deserve to loose.

    • eddie47d

      Too many lies and dozens of assumptions. The Democrats did not suppress any military votes yet we hear these same bald faced lies every election season. Ballots are sent out by the Secretary of State within each state and to all voters. There are no military ballots deliberately held out by either Democrats or Republicans so please stop this big lie. Few if any illegals vote but that sounds so cleaver to keep bringing up. Cuyahoga County Ohio was not a slam dunk for Obama and the vote was 559,180 for Obama and 91,953 for Romney. A poster stated 2 weeks ago that the county went 100% for Obama. The big lies from the right just keep piling up and obviously with little shame. Do any of you true Conservative question the comments from other “Conservatives” who do lie about all this “election fraud”. You as individuals or a group have every right to demand accountability at the voting booth before and after the elections. Yet when the election is over do any of you march to the Secretary of States office and demand proof. Apparently not since you all whine and complain and make up the same excuses every election cycle. We in Colorado did take our Secretary of State (R-Gessler) to task because he claimed there was massive voter fraud. Turns out he was full of it too. He had to back peddle real fast and he was also indicted on another matter.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Too many lies and dozens of assumptions”.
        Obviously, Eddie, you are referring to your comments.
        You have no credibility on this board, Eddie.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…you have any Mises link to support your contention?

      • eddie47d

        The only one making an assumption about what I said is Dave H. who is losing credibility every time he opens his mouth. Prove me different Dave H or you are an unequivocal liar. Tell us Dave H what you know about Cuyahoga County Ohio or Scott Gessler in Colorado. I want more than a fart from you.

        • Jeff

          Dave is communing with the Ghost of Von Mises right now. Old Ludwig is telling him, “Get away from me, you shmuck. And stop speaking for me. You know nothing of my work.”

      • Mikey

        He doesn’t need them, his credibility stands without.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Eddie, Jeff, and Flash, if anything, your personal attacks serve only to strengthen DaveH’s credibility on this site. For, if he, as you say, had no credibility, why would you waste your time trying to destroy that which you claim he doesn’t posses, as if you ever could. But your attempts to do so, say more about you and your, credibility, then you may realize…not to mention that your ill-written diatribes bring into full display your medical-condition, that being, schizophrenia, and most unfortunately, your condition appears to be quite advanced; acute, in fact!

      • eddie47d

        Jay Walker: Dave H insults me everyday or didn’t you notice or don’t you care? Either let him fight his own battles or don’t be a hypocrite yourself.

      • DaveH

        Poor innocent Troll Eddie. Still smarting from the fact that I won’t bring a knife to your Liberal Progressive gun fights?

      • eddie47d

        You stroke yourself too much Dave H!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Don’t forget! In some places they magically declared the winner before the vote counting even started!

      eddie says we can demand proof from the secretaries of state. Ask Alan West how that went for him! He had a consistent lead and at the last minute they “found” some votes that swung it the other way. He asked for a recount, which was his right! They delayed until, oops, it’s too late! The fraud was apparent everywhere! And eddie, you are naive if you think that ANY of us can question or challenge the results! I guarantee you that you will not be allowed to see ANYTHING!!! Just because the LAW says that the voting must be open doesn’t mean that it is!!! The election was a FRAUD!!!

      • eddie47d

        Those were POJECTIONS Nancy and it happens during every election season.Whether winners in blue states or red states. I bet the pundits can project the winners in 2016 once the candidates are nominated or which states will go red or blue. Its not all rocket science. The word FRAUD gets bounced around like a ping pong ball every election cycle so either it is not happening or people are too lazy to investigate through the proper channels. All I hear is excuses in why its not being done.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        NO! eddie! They weren’t “POJECTIONS” (sic)! They were declaring obumass the winner BEFORE they even counted, right after the polls closed!!!

      • Kate8

        Nancy – A week before the election, I posted a link to a video of election results declaring Obama the winner on a TV news crawl at the bottom of the screen on a weekly broadcast.

        The video came out in October, but used the Nov. 6 date on the crawl.

        This is proof that it was determined in advance. The video may still be available.

        Many of the major news stories, like false flags, are scripted well in advance of the actual events. This shows that many of these events are orchestrated.

      • mark

        You’re absolutely right, Nancy. That was how Reagan was elected both times in 1980 and 1984 by massive voter fraud! All elections are rigged! Everyone knows this! This was true with George Washington, too. He was overwhelmingly elected through fraud. No one even ran against him. How crooked is that! The U.S. under Washington was a one-party state just like the Russkies and the Commies in Chinabubblelanddeville. Hoo-hoo!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Lindy you got that VERY Wrong. It was 59 “divisions” within Philadelphia that did not record a vote for Romney. NOT 59 counties in PA. VERY deceptive.
      Even Bill O’Reilly got that:

      • Texas Ride

        It was 59 precincts. Still the chances of that happening can be compared to being struck by lightening in the Sahara desert. People know there was massive corruption in this election! Too bad the GOP can’t find the guts to mention it!!

  • Paul Wells

    I find it interesting that some believe we can return to a 1930′s~1940′s era “laissez faire” attitude towards 3rd world and foreign governments, when the world itself has changed, rather dramatically, in that time. You didn’t have the USSR and China selling the latest weaponry to every Ayatollah that wanted them. This is the problem I’ve had all along with the pure orthodoxy of the Libertarian platform. While the idea of letting things sort themselves out on the world stage has appeal, no doubt, the reality is, bad things happen when we’re not looking. I’m not saying we have to be world cop, but simply protecting our borders is just not enough. Mitt understood that, and although I believe the real reason he didn’t win, is because he can’t [expletive deleted] the American people the way OFlex can. People are no longer concerned with facts and reality, and would rather go smoke a doobie with a guy who likes hoops, can sing a little Al Green, and will lie straight to their faces and tell them he understand them, and is here for them.

    • Jonathan

      Paul, You’ve been listening to the main stream media too much. WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

      • TIME

        Dear Jonathan,

        DiDITO on that……… Saddly thats the case 90% of the TIME, ~ the sad fact is that no matter how many times you explain ~ { that the Mass Media is 100% controlled,} these people would rather live in “”La La land”” and go along to get along.
        With the same mindless go back to thye 40 / 50′s rhetoric, if this is not fixed we will not be going back to the 40 / 50′s it will be more in line with the stone age!
        Thats what Progressives think is Progress.

        At one point in time we had the “American Can Do Sprit” are now saddly the American submissive Sheep is the norm.

        Only when Men are Men can we stand a chance of taking back our nation from the Bankers of the world. Who do really run this nation, but still so many wish to argue about what the R or D’s are going to do.

        Saddly ~ the 20 second sound bite crew clings to the sinking ship in hopes of a savior who will fix all the porblems. It all starts with EACH of US!

        Its all based in ~ MORALS and MORAL FIBER that will repair this nation and nothing less.

        Peace and Love be with you

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      So, Paul! Do you think that defense means that WE get to choose the leaders of every country? Do you think that it means that if they don’t do what we want, we should bomb them? Do you think that defense means killing thousands of innocent women and children? Do you think that defense means that everybody in the world has to do what we say? Not ONE of the wars that has taken place in my lifetime had anything to do with defense!!! We were the offensive parties in every one of them!!! We have become what Russia was. We are the ones who are trying to take over the world! The results of this is that peoples all over the world HATE us! NOW we have to worry about enemies! BEFORE, we were safe! Our government can’t be bothered with defense! We’ve had Russian submarines patrolling our shores and Russian jets patrolling our air space but we can’t be worried about that! Our border with Mexico is wide open for ANY of our enemies to walk right in! Our government is not worried about defense because it is busy carrying out so many offenses!!! They accuse US of being the terrorists while in truth, THEY are the terrorists throughout the world!!! the United States of America is NOT the country that it once was! Our enemies have infiltrated our country and is using it to carry out their evil purposes!!! We need to get them out of our country and then get our country out of all of the others! Let everyone choose their own destiny!!!

      • Tony Newbill

        The Class Warfare Pandora’s Box has been opened by Obama and there is NO Stopping it now , it will have to run its course !!! Heres a Debate I am having on another site and it shows the example of How better than 50 % of the People are thinking and this will feed on itself till free markets collapse completely !!!
        bob eddy wrote, in response to hungry4food:
        A “supply side” economy does not grow. That is how we got into the mess we did in 2008. Quite simply, it doesn’t matter how much cheap cr*p you flood the economy with if people do not have jobs and the means to buy it. During the Bush years people were able to buy the cheap cr*p because of an extraordinarily relaxed credit market and they were able buy in spite of declining wages and declining employment that, as we saw, was not sustainable.
        Link to comment
        hungry4food wrote:
        Question regarding the Fiscal Cliff , has President Obama become the Monte Hall in the Game Show ” Let’s Make a Fiscal Deal ” , , making promises to provide the voter/taxpayers with items behind doors to the future which he cannot guarantee without a solid economic growth , something the President promised is on the right path but just needs more time and has offered hope for a Consolation Prize called Stimulus Debt these past 4 years and now has the American people Hooked on the hand out prizes instead of growing and expanding the supply-side economy to grow tax revenues ? See the problem still comes back to a fundamental of this Game Show using the same stagnate supply source while more and more people want to play the game , and this is wher…

      • Tony Newbill

        The Class Warfare Pandora’s Box has been opened by Obama and there is NO Stopping it now , it will have to run its course !!! Heres a Debate I am having on another site and it shows the example of How better than 50 % of the People are thinking and this will feed on itself till free markets collapse completely !!!
        bob eddy wrote, in response to hungry4food:
        A “supply side” economy does not grow. That is how we got into the mess we did in 2008. Quite simply, it doesn’t matter how much cheap cr*p you flood the economy with if people do not have jobs and the means to buy it. During the Bush years people were able to buy the cheap cr*p because of an extraordinarily relaxed credit market and they were able buy in spite of declining wages and declining employment that, as we saw, was not sustainable.
        Link to comment
        hungry4food wrote:
        Question regarding the Fiscal Cliff , has President Obama become the Monte Hall in the Game Show ” Let’s Make a Fiscal Deal ” ,ht tp:// , making promises to provide the voter/taxpayers with items behind doors to the future which he cannot guarantee without a solid economic growth , something the President promised is on the right path but just needs more time and has offered hope for a Consolation Prize called Stimulus Debt these past 4 years and now has the American people Hooked on the hand out prizes instead of growing and expanding the supply-side economy to grow tax revenues ? See the problem still comes back to a fundamental of this Game Show using the same stagnate supply source while more and more people want to play the game , and this is wher…

    • Bill

      China & Russia do not have to beat us militarily, they will easily beat us economically. They both tried communism and it did not work. Now both of them love the principles of capitalism and are promoting their business communities to the fullest. China just lowered their capital gains tax to 5% because they know it will spur investment growth and bring in more revenue in the long run.

      Russia is working to be the largest oil producer in the world and have paid their debt down to 6% of GDP

      This country is over regulating and over taxing the private sector and promoting the non producing public sector. We might have a big army but we won’t have any gas to run it

      • DaveH

        No Bill, China and Russia don’t love Capitalism. At least not the Leaders. They are simply doing what is expedient to grow their economies because they have learned what our Progressives haven’t learned — that Socialism destroys economies. But Leaders know that Capitalism (Free Markets), taken to extreme, will greatly diminish their Power. That’s the last thing they “love”.

      • Bill

        Hi Dave,
        Yes, you are right. the leaders will not give their citizens more freedoms, they just went to capitalism because it is easier to have more money than less

        Why can’t we see what works and what doesn’t

    • DaveH

      1930′s~1940′s era “laissez faire”, Paul?
      How far off could you be? Please read this book and learn the truth:

  • Cathy

    Romney and Paul were/are idiots!!!!! The people saw through Romney and so did I. Take off the rose-colored glasses, Obama was/is the best man for the job. You will see!

    • czman75

      I want some of what you are smokin’! What exactly is ovomits job?, to turn this country into communist moozie country. Yeah, he is the right traitor for that job!

    • kellys

      Shouldn’t we have seen this by now?

      • eddie47d

        CZMAN75 is why and hopefully the Republicans keep losing. Listen to their incoherent rants. The same ones who predicted Martial Law would be in place when Obama was elected in 2008. That the 2012 election would be cancelled.(dozens said that). That we will be a Banana Republic (not even close). Gotta love the birther theories or the Muslim hype or the “Obama is absolutely gay” diatribe. Republicans and the far right have become useful idiots for expanding insane asylums. I reckon that is the best they can hope for since they didn’t get their activated FEMA camps. They all said that was the gospel for the last four years and none of it happened. Yet they insist THEY want to run the country?!

      • Mikey

        Ok Eddie (and Cathy), please name one thing Obama has done, to improve life in this country for the middle-class working man. Everything he has implemented (Bush’s fault or not), has made my life more difficult and expensive.
        Go ahead, name one.

      • Tony Newbill

        Look how slick Obama and the Dems and Rinos have Fundamentally Transformed Our USA ??? and they have put in Place all the tools to Become the Ruling class and the reason why this is being allowed is because the rest of the world leaders have been after this goal for ever and so they are continuing to Supply us with our Needs that we have become Dependent on with the Out sourcing of our Industrial Capability which has made us all SERFS , Op-Ed: Pravda, former Soviet Communist paper, says Obama is ‘Communist’

        Read more:

      • Mikey

        LOL, Tony, I’m not on welfare , I have to pay for my own cell-phone still.

        What, still no answers from Eddie or Cathy? Gee, I guess I should be surprised they have no answer.

        • Jeff

          Good for you, Mikey. But isn’t unfair how they have soup kitchens for homeless people while you have to buy your own soup? You should show up and demand your share of the soup.

          The phone program you joke about was set up under Reagan, not Obama:

          Since 1985, the Lifeline program has provided a discount on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that phone service brings, including being able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services. In 2005, Lifeline discounts were made available to qualifying low-income consumers on pre-paid wireless service plans in addition to traditional landline service. Lifeline is part of the Universal Service Fund.

          The Lifeline program is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands. Consumers with proper proof of eligibility may be qualified to enroll. To participate in the program, consumers must have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in a qualifying state, federal or Tribal assistance program.

          To participate in the program, consumers must either have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in one of the following assistance programs:

          Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP);
          Supplemental Security Income (SSI);
          Federal Public House Assistance (Section 8);
          Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP);
          Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF);
          National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program;
          Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance;
          Tribally-Administrered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF);
          Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR);
          Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met); or
          State assistance programs (if applicable).
          Federal rules prohibit eligible low-income consumers from receiving more than one Lifeline discount per household. An eligible consumer may receive a discount on either a wireline or wireless service, but not both. A consumer whose household currently is receiving more than one Lifeline service must select a single Lifeline provider and contact the other provider to de-enroll from their program. Consumers violating this rule may also be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties.

          The Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). USAC is responsible for data collection and maintenance, support calculation, and disbursement for the low-income program. USAC’s website provides information regarding administrative aspects of the low-income program, as well as program requirements.

          On January 31, 2012, the Commission adopted comprehensive reform and modernization of the Lifeline program. As a universal service program that fulfills Congress’s mandate to ensure the availability of communications to all Americans, Lifeline for the past 25 years has helped tens of millions of low-income Americans afford basic phone service. Access to telephone service is essential for finding a job, connecting with family, or getting help in an emergency, and the percentage of low-income households with phone service has increased from 80% in 1985, when Lifeline began, to nearly 92% last year.

          • Tony Newbill

            Why Did Obama Politicize this Phone benefit as his Own as all these Voters saw Him as the One who Gave them a FREE Phone then Jeff ?

            Looks like Romney should have made a Big Deal Out of this Benghazi screw up then !!!!

      • Mikey

        Jeff, I didn’t ask for the requirements for a friggin “Obamaphone”! A cell phone is a luxury item, not a necessity such as food, water and shelter. The phone company offers basic 911 access at no charge to those truly in need (and not at taxpayer expense like the cell phones).

        I’ll ask you, since Eddie and Cathy have no answer: Name one thing that Obama has done to improve the lives of the middle-class working man.

        You can’t, because he has only enabled the parasites more, while pandering to the big government unions, big corporations (GM, Chrysler, Solara) and of course, the banksters. And “We the People” get screwed.

      • Mikey

        Correction: Solyndra not Solara.

      • eddie47d

        I’m not at your beck and call Mikey so cool your heels! Oil and gas production is up which has helped to stabilize home heating costs. The Republicans predicted gasoline would cost $10 come election and are wrong again!. Your glass is always half empty Mikey because you chose to only see the negative half.

      • Mikey

        Nice try Eddie. Gas is still a dollar a gallon more than it was when Obama took office. Yes it came down slightly in the last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean squat compared to the previous 3 1/5 years.

        • Jeff

          Yes, we should drive the economy off a cliff like it was headed in early 2009, all so demand will dry up and you can buy gas for your guzzler at $1.80 a gallon. W ’16.

      • Mikey

        Jeff, I’m not sure what your point was here. My comment was a rebuttal to Eddie’s comment about the supposed lower fuel prices in response to my initial question: “name one thing Obama has done to improve life for the middle-class working man”.

        And still no (truthful) answer.

      • Mikey

        Oh and Jeff, I parked the guzzler. I guarantee my daily driver gets better fuel economy than yours….it’s all electric.

      • eddie47d

        Please learn to read Mikey. I did give you the one answer you asked for and then a little extra. Apparently all you chewed on was the extra. LOL!!

      • Mikey

        Okay Eddie, in all fairness, I’ll have to do some research. I bypassed your comment about heating oil because I live in a part of the country where it is not used. If indeed my research shows that the cost of heating oil has actually gone down during the Obama administration, I will concede the point to you.

      • Mikey

        Nice try again Eddie. It turns out that the overall price of heating oil has continued to rise throughout Obama’s reign. Yes, it’s down about $.20 a gallon, just like gas, but it’s still a dollar a gallon more than it was when Obama took office.
        Here’s where I get my information (I selected Maine since it’s the furthest north and probably uses more heating oil than other Atlantic states):

        So, I rest my case. Obama has done NOTHING that improves the quality of life for the average Joe.

    • randall

      hahahaha, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. both are for big govt solutions, with our country borrowing 40cents of every dollar spent, you would have to cut the govt by 50% to start to get out of this mess, neither party will or can do this. folks, it is up to us, get to know your neighbors, grow some food, store some food, learn what edible plants (weeds) grow around you, get out of debt, free yourself from the collapsing western democracies (dictatorships), become self-relient

      • JC

        Randall you’re spot on but this country is no longer capable of doing what you sugeest. That’s part of our enslavement.

    • hipshotpercusion

      Keep drinking that Kool Aid Cathy!

    • Bill

      Put your money where your mouth is and invest in government bonds. You must also be a public sector worker

  • Pat Henry

    Doctor Ron Paul was the last hope for America. The GOP cheated him out of his role
    to save the nation. Their fraud in the primaries was only matched by the communist on
    the Left. How can anyone believe and support such useless parties?

    • DaveH

      NOT our last hope, but he certainly would have been good for the country.
      For Personal Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, Free Markets, and the PEACE that comes from those, Vote Libertarian:

    • Mikey

      Pat, there is a good chance his son, Rand, will run. I believe he has most of the same values as his father. So, there is hope.

      • DaveH

        Rand Paul endorsed Romney. Enough said.

      • Mikey

        I know, I was shocked when I heard that. However, I still think he has greater honesty than any other potential candidate. And all his legislation directly improves liberty and the citizenry of this country.

  • vietnamvet1971

    The next 4 years will tell the Rest of the Story, the first 4 years was a Story of Fiction. The jury is out on the Verdict of this Socialist president but only time will tell the Tale of this Experiment.

    • Doc Sarvis

      If President Obama was really trying to install socialism in our country how come Wall Street is doing so well, and how come so many multi-national are hoarding trillions in cash overseas, and how come there are 20 defense contractors who receive more money than the entire food stamp program?
      IF President Obama has “failed” at anything it is at being a socialist!

      • Tony Newbill

        Doc you are right , Marxist Communism is more what the policies of Obama and Congress have created looks like …. and even the Russians think so too !!!

      • Kate8

        A New Declaration of Independence: Impeach Obama Now

        You have to scroll down to this video. It is a declaration of independence from the current corrupt system, and a summary of Obama’s treason. I’m sure there are things the libs don’t even know about. (They’ll probably give him a pass, anyway, treacherous louses that they are.)

        It’s time, folks. It’s nearly too late.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Make sure to put on your tin foil hats before viewing the video Kate8 is referring to.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Doc Sarvis: If President Obama was really trying to install socialism in our country how come Wall Street is doing so well, and how come so many multi-national are hoarding trillions in cash overseas, and how come there are 20 defense contractors who receive more money than the entire food stamp program?

        You still don’t get it, do you dumbbell? Obama is not who you think he is…his true identity is in the answers you unknowingly posted as questions!

        • Jeff

          Doc doesn’t know the ground rules in this ball park. If the market goes up, it’s because of Reagan. If it goes down, that’s because of Obama. Fortunately, in the world outside this cave are people who can see the truth. They tend to laugh at the paranoids who never leave the cave.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Jeff: Fortunately, in the world outside this cave are people who can see the truth. They tend to laugh at the paranoids who never leave the cave.

        So what’s your reason for never leaving the cave, Jeff?

        • Jeff

          I come here to be amused. I’m thinking of writing a book. Most people would not believe some of the crazy stuff you can find here. I think of myself as Margaret Meade, introducing the public to a rare subspecies, the Paranoid Obamaphobe. This is its natural habitat.

      • Kate8

        So, Doc. The video is a RE-Declaration of the original Declaration of Independence, and lists the grievances against Obama, which are all documented.

        Are you saying that only tin-foil hats will stand for such a reDeclaration? Do you think the original Declaration is a joke?

        It’s asking people to stand and reassert their freedom and sovereignty. If you think this is funny, then you really are the traitor you appear to be.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Jeff: I come here to be amused.

        Based on your comments, it appears you are anything but, amused.

        Jeff: I’m thinking of writing a book.

        Did you know that the majority of suiciders who threaten to jump never actually do?

        Jeff: Most people would not believe some of the crazy stuff you can find here.

        Agreed, an information-rich environment.

        Jeff: I think of myself as Margaret Meade, introducing the public to a rare subspecies, the Paranoid Obamaphobe.

        Are you saying you are or you want to be Margaret Meade?

        Jeff: This is its natural habitat.

        Rather remarkable how you’ve adapted.

  • adrienne warren

    eerrm well humm., as a gal and a rape survivor, and a former soldier (army) , until the GOP gets over their rape fantasies, my body may not be able to ‘shut the whole thing down, but my vote (among many many others, gosh the
    GOP is turning into an all boys frate house. notice all the new GOP chair heads are men, not single GOP woman? ) did and will continue to do so. Ya all might want to take note, Women vote in higher numbers then men, and you’r GOP leaders are not talking to women their talking down to them and boys we heard you loud and clear.

    • Kim

      That is just not true! We have women and minority governors! Alan West was cheated out of his seat! Mia Love was so inspirational! The Dems have done a great job with the fabrication of the war on women. In the Middle East well there is the true war on women! We are blessed in this country and the scare tactics that Dems use to separate our country are getting old!

      • eddie47d

        Your spokespersons like Limbaugh or Aikns attack women yet you can say with a straight face that there isn’t a “war” going on. The Right needs to take responsibility for what the far right talking head spew out just like the Democrats have to. Why is it that when a Democrat wins you always say it is because of cheating? Yet when a Republican wins its always the will of the voters.

      • Jeff

        Allen West was cheated by the voters not voting for him? In Kim’s World, has any Democrat ever been legitimately elected to any office?

      • Bob666

        I live in Florida. Alan West was not cheated out of his seat, he spent his time playing with the TEA-Baggers as opposed to representing his Constituents. You get elected by a majority vote by those you represent and when you fail to represent the needs and desires of your Constituents, they vote you out of office. Did you not take a civics lesson growing up?

        Alan West was an embarrassment to those he was suppose to represent.

  • John

    Of course Romney’s candidacy was doomed from the start. Obama’s team salivated at running against him. He was a fat cat Wall Street type who passed an Obamacare in Massachusetts. They were scared to death about being hammered about Obamacare. Romney’s nomination took that off the table.

  • Yoyita


    • Sylvia

      I agree Romney lost because Obama gave things away.
      Obama knows how to play the people give them a cell phone and food stamps and they will follow you anywhere. I think Romney was our last chance to save this country.

      • Doc Sarvis

        The Romney/Ryan plan was to give even more to the top 1%. We are NOT seeing more jobs created by these so-calle “job creators”.

    • eddie47d

      Romney actually spent more than Obama so maybe he is the one who “bought” the election. Now if Romney is your “last best hope” then you better do a lot of soul searching,pack your bags and head to the Cayman Islands.

  • http://Nowebsite John DeLellis

    Your article is so inaccurate , Sir. All of the media are spewing out predictions based on the election figures. I’m telling you right now that the whole country will continue to be so inaccurate until we address the major, very major problem —VOTER FRAUD! The 2012 election is more corrupt than any other election in the world and all the ,”garbage mouth Polititions and blow fish news media just ignor it even though it is the one and only thing that’s going to kill us . Even premier Obama said the people are going to see that I am elected. The corruption had already been preordained. As always my comment will go unread — I WOULD ADVISE THAT ALL WHO VOTED FOR ROMNEY ; go underground — why not ; our votes don’t count anyways!!

    • DaveH

      Fraud or Not, the country will continue to decline until people come to grips with what Freedom truly is. And that won’t happen until we do something about Government involvement in our School Systems, where they purposely keep the children dumbed-down to the concepts of Freedom. We have all been severely Propagandized during our lives and that won’t change until we change it.

      • Mikey

        Come to think of it, I was served Kool-Aid in grade school once or twice.

    • amusedinil

      Where’s your evidence of widespread voter fraud? And is there any reason to believe that it’s all on one side?

  • joszsrepublicanpage

    Mitt is a good man but the socialist press worked against him .

  • Pat Henry

    Miss Warren,

    The army has no respect for their women Soldiers. I am sorry that you have been
    victimized. Our great nation is being destroyed by these fake wars and those that support such criminal policies. When one is ‘thanked’ for their service, here is the proper response. One, it is not what you think. Second, we served a very corrupt government. And three, that
    our Soldiers are dying for nothing. .Enough said, vote third party.

  • marcjeric32

    Another decent RINO bit the dust. Romney abstained to talk about Davis, Wright, Ayers; he did not mentioned the Fast & Furious murder coverup; he did not mention the Benghazi murder coverup; he did not mention the global warming hoax; he did not address the green energy conspiracy; he failed to describe the White House komissars (or czars); etc., etc. He brought a feather duster to the fight while Mullah Obama brought the Chicago machine gun.

    • Jonathan

      Where were you at during the debates anyway marcjeric32????

    • eddie47d

      There is no global warming hoax so enough of your FOX news spin. Lake Michigan is more than two feet lower this year and hasn’t been that low since 1918. Why isn’t this lake filling up with all the arctic ice melting from the North? Seems like you need to get out and see what is really going on. There is also no Benghazi cover up just a lack of coherent communication from various agencies. Obviously these agencies need to know their left foot from their right but no deliberate cover up. Two gun dealers were given prison sentences (6&9 years) for their roll in F&F I believe on Friday. There was also no deliberately “green” conspiracy if you really dare to look at the real causes and effects.

      • DaveH

        But there IS a Homogenic Global Warming Hoax.
        If you think skimpy anecdotal evidence is enough to dispute that, Eddie, then what about this?

      • eddie47d

        Every time the subject is brought up I bring up evidence. Put them all together and there is nothing “skimpy” about it.

      • Mikey

        Um Eddie, you just contradicted yourself. If there was truly global warming as described by the “internet inventor”, then the melted ice would INCREASE Lake Michigans level, not lower it.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        According to Sir Karl Popper, is impossible for science to prove anything, because science is based on experiments and observations, both of which can be flawed. Often, those flaws don’t become apparent to the scientific community for quite some time.

        Flawed experiments and observations, of course, lead to flawed conclusions, so even the most secure scientific statements have never been proven. There might be gobs and gobs of evidence for them, but they have not been proven.

        Karl Popper probably wrote the most important book related to this concept, which was titled The Logic of Scientific Discovery. Interestingly enough, he originally wrote it in German and then rewrote it in English. As a result, it is one of the few books that is published in two different languages but was never translated. The author wrote both versions. In this book, he argues that science should follow a methodology based on falsification. He shows quite clearly that while science cannot prove anything, it can falsify ideas that are currently thought to be true. He therefore argues that the test of any real scientific theory is whether or not it can be falsified. If not, then it is not truly a scientific theory.

        There are a lot of scientists who disagree with Popper that falsification is the key to whether or not a theory is scientific. However, few would argue with his point that science cannot prove anything. Indeed, the journal Science seemed to forget this fact for a moment, but an astute reader chastised the editor, who admitted he was wrong.

        The reader’s name is Charles L. Bennett, and he wrote a letter to the editor saying:

        “The title of the 6 May News of the Week story “At long last, Gravity Probe B satellite proves Einstein right” (p. 649)made me cringe. I find myself frequently repeating to students and the public that science doesn’t “prove” theories. Scientific measurements can only disprove theories or be consistent with them. Any theory that is consistent with measurements could be disproved by a future measurement. I wouldn’t have expected Science magazine, of all places, to say a theory was “proved.”

        Dr. Bennett is correct, of course. The editor, Colin Norman, admitted that in his response, which appeared right under the letter:

        “Bennett is completely correct. It’s an important conceptual point, and we blew it”.

        Unfortunately, as long as science magazines and teachers are sloppy enough to keep

        using phrases like, “science has proven,” it will be hard to teach children the truth.

      • eddie47d

        Mikey: The Arctic melts into the oceans not Lake Michigan.That could prove that the damage is already done and not enough fresh water is going into the Great Lakes.

      • DaveH

        Of course I didn’t mean that as a serious refutation of the ManMade Global Warming Hoax, Jeff. If you would improve your reading comprehension, you would see that I was merely using anecdotal evidence in the same non-scientific way that Eddie was. Sarcasm, you know.

        Meanwhile for the people who seriously buy in to the scam there is this:

      • DaveH
      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        There is a wealth of information out there for anybody who hasn’t had their blinders super-glued on.
        Here is just one of several books written by Christopher Horner which exposes the Homogenic Global Warming Hoax for the Political Scam that it is:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d says:
        November 28, 2012 at 10:17 am
        Every time the subject is brought up I bring up evidence. Put them all together and there is nothing “skimpy” about it.

        eddie47d, I have NEVER seen you put up evidence for ANYTHING!!! You just LIE and make up crap!!!

      • eddie47d

        I sure have Nancy so take your lies someplace else.

  • Wayne

    I do not like to like I am a conspiracy monger. But this stinker called 2012 elections was a flat out joke. For weeks your pundits like Wayne Allen Root had Romney as a lock to win and his own words his said he never been wrong. I think Obama and Romney cut a deal before the elections were done for days on end they were in the same states, same towns, and Romney made stops in Pen and Ohio 2 states on day of the elections. If he was a lock like Morris, Rove, Root et al said he was then why did he need to do this? Then look like as soon as Obama got to 262 Old Romney boy was at the mike ready to roll over play dead. He did not need to do that he should have done an Al the Bore Gore and waited 120 days before & requested recounts after recounts. And remember how we were told Gov Romney was so successful if that was the case why did he lose in his own state hum ? Then you have Ryan nice guy he too did not win his state either. it boils down to this one thing called MONEY there was just to much money to be made and to much to lose and Romney being a money man and Rich fat cat figured he had to much to lose meaning MONEY

  • Frank

    It is easy to say that Romney was a “bad” candidate. Seems to me it is also possible to conclude that the majority of American voters at this time rejected conservative ideas. In my opinion it was issues and ideas that lost the election for the Republicans. Republicans and Conservatives are going to have to do a more effective job of explaining their position. At least for now, they are doing a poor job that is not convincing a majority of the voters I suggest rather than blaming individuals you balme a failure of ideas.

    • kellys

      What conservative ideas did the voters rejevt? I did not see any conservative ideas pushed by either candidate.

      • DavidL

        Read the Republican platform. Americans rejected it and the party representing it.

        • Tony Newbill

          I be Damned if i am going to support this Party Platform when it was just a FAKE change they still Repudiate GOD and Jesus !!!!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      There were no conservative ideas and there were no issues! Neither romney nor the republican party represent conservative ideals! At the heart of conservatism is less government and more self reliance! Neither romney nor the republican party stood on these principles. And no real issues were discussed during the campaigns. They never once talked about “fast and furious”, Benghazi, Libya, the muslim brotherhood, the ndaa, the patriot act. They never made it clear what they would do about the impending crisis between Israel and Iran. They never discussed how they feel about the UN takeover tht is occurring. They never discussed what they would do about the foreign trade imbalance and WHAT they would do to encourage a return of the jobs. They never discussed the impending financial collapse and what they would do to either prevent it or how they would deal with it. They never discussed REAL ways they would curb government spending. They never discussed the upcoming expiration of the contract with the federal reserve and what they would do about it. I could go on and on and on but you get the idea. They never discussed ANY of the REAL issues, only the unimportant fake issues that serve as distractions!!! It was all as if they were following a script that was designed to put everybody to sleep!!!

      • amusedinil

        The issues you think Romney should have “hit” in the debates were YOUR issues, not “Undecided Voter” issues.

        Benghazi, F&F, Libya, the muslim brotherhood, the ndaa, the patriot act…all of which had been flung at Obama before the debates…the GOP’s and the Dem’s research showed that Americans who hadn’t made up their minds didn’t care about those issues. (If they had, both sides would have punched away!)

        Here’s yesterday’s take on Benghazi and public opinion from CNN’s Political Ticker:

        “Washington (CNN) – Americans are giving the White House low marks for how it’s handled the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus, according to a new national survey.

        “But according to a CNN/ORC International poll released Tuesday, a majority of the public doesn’t believe the Obama administration intentionally tried to mislead Americans on the September attack that left the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead.”

        In other words, it was a screw-up, not a cover-up.

        Romney, and Obama, had researched what was likely to appeal to these voters, and tried to “stay on message.” Romney had his “five point plan”. Obama had “his things aren’t great but we’re headed (slowly) in the right direction.”

        What made Obama a bad candidate to you obviously didn’t translate to the majority of voters across the country. I’m inclined to believe that while Romney made tactical blunders (binders full of women, e.g.), the overall strategic thrust of his debate points were strong and well executed.

  • Jim B

    There is too little resources, and too little time to deal with the politics of now. Preservation and survival will be the challenge over the next 4 years. It probably would have been the same no matter who won. 16.5 Trillion dollars in debt does not a supper power make, and since we are as of this week out of money, the only choice, regardless of the upcoming rhetoric, will be to increase the debt further. When this is all over, and we are living in caves once more, then we may have time to bonder the future of politics and this country.

  • Deerinwater

    John Myer; say; “The re-election of Barack Obama, arguably one of the worst Presidents in decades, underscores how bad a candidate the GOP nominee was. ”

    So true! very arguable! Mitt Romney is the product of the GOP ~ so should we focus on Mitt Romney or the machine that created him and propped him up for all us little people to see and behold his mysterious acumen to create money out of thin air which is as mystifying as the pregnant virgin Mary offering us the Christ child?

    • Vigilant

      Deer, the only entity with the “mysterious acumen to create money out of thin air” is the Federal Reserve. If you’re going to prioritize, disregard Romney who’s a bit player and focus your energies on the Fed.

      As for “the re-election of Barack Obama, arguably one of the worst Presidents in decades,” I would delete the word “arguably” and replace the word “decades” with “history.”

      And your gratuitous swipe at Christianity places you in the same category as Robert Smith. Hint: that’s not a compliment.

      • Jeff

        As for “the re-election of Barack Obama, arguably one of the worst Presidents in decades,” I would delete the word “arguably” and replace the word “decades” with “history.”

        You guys really do live in your own little world completely isolated from all facts. John Myers is arguably the stupidest writer I’ve ever read, but consider his readership. Obama had the misfortune to follow the WORST president in U.S. history. You clowns just want to blame him for everything that’s wrong when no one could have turned it around faster. He has prevented the worst from happening and is on his way to turning the economy around with no help from the Congressional Republicans.

        Here’s a clue. If one day your grandchild’s history book rates W higher than Obama, check out his or her science book and make sure it doesn’t list the 4 elements as earth, water, wind, and fire. Then, put them in a real school.

      • Vigilant

        Here’s a clue. If one day your grandchild’s history book rates Obama higher than Bush, you’ll know that Orwell’s “1984” has arrived. Big Brother will have revised history completely.

        And check out his or her science book and make sure it doesn’t list global warming as “settled science.”

        At that point, there will be no “real schools.”

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “You guys really do live in your own little world completely isolated from all facts”.
        We sure aren’t going to get any “facts” from you, Jeff.

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “He [Obama] has prevented the worst from happening and is on his way to turning the economy around with no help from the Congressional Republicans”.
        Could you be more specific, Jeff? Like what has he prevented? Or how is he “turning the economy around”?

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “John Myers is arguably the stupidest writer I’ve ever read”.
        Tone it down, would you Jeff? I don’t want to lose one of our Liberal Progressive poster boys. If that happens, how will we expose to the readers the Real Depravity that you Liberal Progressive guys represent?

  • http://GOOGLE Paul

    The problem with Mitt Romney running for President was that his views were not conservative enough. And he let the media dictate his views. The debates were rigged and slanted by the media. That was obvious in the second debate when the person in charge just happened to have the information the Obama needed and he wanted her to say the quote. The problem is the everyone, yes everyone, let the media which was on the side of Obama all along dictate their choices. As far as the Bushes go they are all progressives. I saw this week a quote where HW was for the one world government and wanted to issue it in and I am sure Jed is no better. Do not let Obama and media dictate your vote.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I can see it now! The writing is on the wall! jeb bush will be the next republicrap candidate for president! Nearly four years in advance I can predict that this will be! I also predict that he will win the primary and the presidency! Choke that down!!!

      • kathy c

        You don’t think there might be a Bush backlash? After all Oblamer is going to continue blaming Bush rather than own up to cleaning up his own mess. Off topic, my grandmother was born in Niobrara, Nebraska. Great state!!

  • dan

    good points Harold and Vicki….someone should tell the GOP that acting like Dems makes them….ahem….Dems. I’m still awaiting the actual counting of ALL of the ballots,but it looks like the party of Lincoln has once more wrested defeat from the jaws of victory.
    we need to re-examine what a republic is….a collection of independent/free city-states whose shared values and ideals unify their purpose as opposed to a centrally controlled empire.
    We need to decide if we are willing to sacrifice our blood and fortunes for liberty with a confederation of sovereign states or kneel in submission to despots in the District of Columbia micromanaging by dictate every aspect of your life .

  • Chris Condon

    In retrospect, the resignation of Richard Nixon may not have been a good thing for America. Though despised by all right-thinking people, Nixon got us out of Vietnam (though too slowly), relaxed relations with Russia and China, gave us the volunteer army, and cut the military budget. Once he went, the Republican Party morphed into a party of perpetual war and military buildups.

  • Flashy

    Interesting how Mr. Myers begins by smack talkin’ trash against President Obama, and the other 90% of his article sums up the mess the Conservative policies of the prior GOP administrations have led us.

    Select any geo region of the world. Go ahead…any one. Europe? We’ve stayed out of the economic cauldron of toxic economic waters they have created. The Europeans followed the path of japan in the 90′s, and advocated with much clamor by the GOP in 2009-present. The results Europe attained are exactly those which japan experienced in what the Japanese now refer to as “the lost decade”. A decade in which the stability of their own exotic employed for life culture has been overturned and discarded. And, despite all pressures from Wall Street…President Obama has stood firm and not gotten us involved.

    Latin America? Well now, last i heard ol’ Hugo in Venezuela has been quiet. Who can forget when Katrina hit the US and the disaster magnified by the Bush incompetence and uncaring actions towards the citizens that Hugo and Castro BOTH offered to send relief supplies to the disaster areas. And when we were hit by a fuel oil shortage and the NE froze…how the Venezuelan company Citgo distributed subsidized low priced fuel oil to warm the homes of the NE.

    Africa? Still a mess…always has been. Looks to be in the decades ahead.

    Asia? Stable. Myanmar (Burma) is breaking free of the despotic yoke of the right wing military rule. Trade is strong. N. Korea is under control and contained. India is our real politik friend for now. Pakistan is it should be instead of blindly tossing it monies to support Taliban camps and we are effectively maintaining a controlling presence by using aid as well as being the buffer protecting it from India (and vice versa).

    We’re getting out of Afghanistan.

    ME Ther’s been enough written about the ME to well signal our re-emergence as an influence in the ME. For the first time in my memory, and perhaps of anyone’s here…we had protesters CHEERING the US and the Libyan President going on TV to publicly apologize to the US ! We brought a cease fire to the Israeli/Hamas conflict within 24 hours of sending our Sec of State to the region. We’re (so far successfully) tiptoeing through the political jungle of Egyptian transformation from despotic rule into a democracy. Syria appears to be heading for a 2013 resolution ending Assad’s rule. Without US military intervention I might point out. Iran is choking with the tight economic sanctions the administration has enforced and gathered international cooperation and support for.

    China? I know i know the extremists favorite bogeyman. Guess what? China is well on the path to having to deal with its own long ignored economic issues. Yes, they hold our debt…and are well beholden to us as their economy begins to become strapped as it struggles to meet the growing social pressures for more comfort and access to the world goods. strange as it may seem…you owe a little…the lender can shut you down. you owe a lot, and the lender does everything they can to keep you healthy. (they have a lot more to lose). And, if anyone has really stopped and looked over the lay of the land concerning China…it becomes very apparent they’re dreams of global or regional dominance replacing the US are gone, not discussed, and not forecast. A short simple picture indicating the path of China in the future. WalMart. It’s not undercutting the competition by much anymore these days as it used to, it’s growth is slowing dramatically, and…what is most telling in re; no longer has 98% of its products imported from China. (down to about 80% give or take a few points depending on which selling season).

    Domestically? We have transformed this nation. The aristocratic hold is being broken. THAT is the most significant impact this administration will have achieved. The wealth redistribution that has gone on since 1981 is being checked. The distribution is being moved back to a more balanced system where the takers are being moved aside so that the makers…the Middle Class working man/woman can share in the wealth instead of passing it to the wealthy and Big Corporations.

    But the main reason the GOP lost? We can thank the Tea Party. In the first days of the GOP campaigns…the Tea Party knocked off the candidate which would have given Obama a run for the money…Huntsman. From then on, the campaigns required to win the nomination doomed any GOP candidate (ya listenin’ there Wayne Root? ) There were no forward visions put forth. Myers quote of Sarah “You can see Russia from my backyard” Palin is telling. The Tea Party promised one thing..and forced the GOP nominee..whoever it was going to be…to adhere. Promise only to move backward.

    The GOP ran the 2004 election in 2012. And got spanked…soundly and with emphasis.

    And in rejecting the extremists, gave the US the best XMas present this nation could have…we doubled down on America and re-elected a true lieader

    • One Happy G

      Thank you for an honest reply with FACTS and not rhetoric ~ “GOD” bless you!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Hee, hee, hee! flashy doesn’t believe in GOD!!! I’m surprised he hasn’t attacked you yet!

      • Flashy

        not true nancy…i don’t adhere to any cult dogma, thus your christian ‘god’, in my opinion, is nothing more than some creation by some guys sitting around trying to figure out what symbol to use to assert control of the masses …

      • eddie47d

        No Nancy but you are surely attacking Flashy. What happened to his right to worship or not to worship as he pleases.

      • DaveH

        Facts? You must be kidding. Flashman has no credibility on this board. Anybody, who would turn to Flashman for “facts”, must only get their information from the Propaganda media.

      • Flashy

        y’all just keep looking for a Mises link with a catchy title DaveH. You’ve shown a long time ago that Independent thought and analysis is wayyyy beyond your ability.

      • eddie47d

        How quaint Dave H you say that about everyone. Apparently you are the blogging Messiah and everyone else is beneath you. Boring!!

      • DaveH

        Like you’ve ever had an independent thought in your life, Flashman. I imagine it must take a committee of your personalities to get anything written down.

    • DavidL

      Great response, Flashy. I share, now as in the past, many of your views. Conservatives will remain in the wilderness (denial and irrelevance) until they do what is very difficult for anyone to do which is to look at themselves and stop blaming others for their shortcomings. This is more difficult for conservatives because they are not at all comfortable with change. As you, me, and others have said on this site many, many times, getting their “facts” and “reality” from Fox, conservative talk radio blowhards, and extreme conservative pundit sites such as this one only exacerbates their ignorance and alienation.

      • One Happy G


      • DaveH

        What I saw in Flashman’s comment was a bunch of Generalized Claptrap which, since not specific, is difficult to expose as the Untruth that generally comes out of Flashman’s dishonest mouth.

      • Flashy

        LOL…sure DaveH..sureeee. Go ahead and give it a try. We all need a good laugh …

      • DaveH

        First Flashman you have to say something specific, something factual. Come on, you can do it. Just gather your personalities together and brainstorm one specific true fact.

    • Kay Cleveland

      It is Obvious that you are all for the Hitler tactics that have been happening since 2008, of which that election was wrought with intimidation, threats, violation of voter laws, rigged voting machines, dead people voting, people voting twice {just like 2012}, fake names, and even foreign terrorist money {voter lawlessness}. Without a doubt you also cannot see that God is going to judge America harshly for the God-less, sinful nation that was founded and dedicated to God in 1776. God blessed America, but he has frowned on America…and will be judged: Isaiah 9:10. Even God was removed from the DNC! Obama said he would “bring America to it’s knees”…and he in no way meant “Praying”! He hates America…shows no respect for the Flag, our Soldiers, our Constitution, our Bill our Rights, etc. Even football players make more money than the men who have fought to preserve the freedoms we enjoy…and many have died the last 216 years for every freedom….and stupid liberals are willing to give them away!

      • amusedinil

        And yet God, in His infinite wisdom, inspired more people to vote for Obama, or, if for those who choose to believe your comments, protected Obama from the majority’s vote through fraud, as He decided that His favorite country needed leadership more that respected people more than one that respected Mammon.

        For God created people, and man created corporations. And of those who say that “Corporations are people, my friend” are not friends of the Lord.

        His truth is revealed.

        Psalm 139:16:

        “Your eyes could see me as an embryo,but in Your book all my days were already written; my days had been shaped before any of them existed. God, how I prize Your thoughts! How many of them there are!”

    • Vigilant

      “Go ahead…any one. Europe? We’ve stayed out of the economic cauldron of toxic economic waters they have created.”

      Flashy, I would sincerely ask you to consider the following. We have not stayed out of Europe’s affairs. Thanks to globalism, we are intimately and intricately involved in her economic affairs.

      Much like the interlocking and complex national alliances that caused WWI, a mere hiccup in Greece or some other tottering European economy has the potential to bring down the whole system worldwide.

      I blame both Republicans and Democrats for this situation. Under the totally misguided notions on nation building, combined with corporate expansion and pressures on all sides to create a global economy, we have bartered away our independence from the multinational banksters.

      When the global economic crisis occurs, and I have no doubt of its realization within a few years, only one of two things can happen: either (1) the calamity will cause the nation to divorce itself from global interdependencies and regain some of its sovereignty, or (2) pressures will be so great for international (world) government that we will lose even more sovereignty than we have already experienced.

      I certainly hope I’m wrong, but I cannot perceive my thoughts to be pessimistic rather than realistic.

      • Flashy

        Vig…to a greater extent than you may want to think (signalling we may have a few traits and thoughts in common :) … I would agree with much of what you wrote. An much to give further thought to.

        To narrow down what i referred to as far as staying away from the European toxic mess…we haven’t offered economic aid or assistance to help the Euro’s bail out the Greece’s, the Italians, the Spaniards, the Irish etc… Obama has pretty much kept us out of that mess.

        I also understand your pessimism … but don’t share it. I realize the risk you set forth, and I agree it to be a risk. However, I think the likely result of the stagnation that Europe is headed for (stagnation brought forth as a direct result of adopting those measures the Conservatives insist we follow) is one of two possibilities.

        First…one has to realize that, at 415 trillion (est) per year GDP the US is not the largest economy in the world. It is second. The EU, at 17.6 trillion US dollars, has the top slot. The EU has 27 states, the US has 50. Think of it that way.

        in following the path led by President Obama, we are coming out of the Great Recession dealing with problems of debt and deficit. A much better position than debt, deficit, stagnation and economic morass that Europe faces. Ours is able to be coupled with continued growth with manageable debt and deficit. Europe faces the “lost decade’ Japan experienced.

        I can readily foresee the future years to be a battle of whether we…or the Russians…manage to garner a strong economic presence in the European markets. Import and export.

        Russia has the Caspian oil fields and the ‘stans, Siberia and the huge gas wells. All have pipelines leading ….. yep …straight to the EU. now…keep the ME all confused, muddle with Iran, feed Syria weaponry etc. not to disrupt OUR oil……but the EU’s ! If they succeed, they have the worlds largest economy by the testicles. think about that.

        However, if the US is successful in creating fossil fuel energy resources…paving the way with R&D and weaning not only us, but the industrialized world away from oil. we may not have the EU by the gonads, but we have assured Russia doesn’t, and we have those intervening years to grab all we can in economic contracts and resources while the EU regains footing.

        I don’;t foresee and world economic collapse. In any event, if it does occur…we’re all screwed. And if it does occur, it will be from China and the EU collapsing simultaneously…not the US.

        Anyhows…food for thought.

      • Flashy

        Edit issue..i stated the US GDP at 415 trillion….the $ sign was missed …it should be $15 trillion…oops

    • momo

      I wonder if ole flash in the pan has a deal with PLD to get paid by the word?

      • eddie47d

        Naw! That would be Dave H. LOL!

  • Granpa David

    There is something going on that is very dangerous. Obama got 50.6% of the vote but won electorals by 330 to 206.The blue states dominate the red states. The blue states are spending themselves into bankruptcy and the feds will bail them out and the red states get punished for good management.

    • Flashy

      President Obama was re-elected with 53% of the popular vote.

      • Mable8

        NO, Flashy, your messiah, the liar in chief was neither elected nor re-elected by any majority. It has been well-established that the liar in chief rigged the election via ballot stuffing, rigging the machines, registering deceased voters and family pets, using illegal immigrants, and even having the audacity to have unknowns vote in the name of legitimate registered voters and then telling those voters they “already voted.” The sad truth is that your messiah, the liar in chief stole the election and if the legitimate votes were counted, he would most likely have only a mere 30%. People who STEAL an election are NOT THE WINNERS, BUT THE LOSERS. The day of reckoning is right around the corner–then what will you do?

      • Dave67


        Your tin hat is ready. Where should I send it?

      • eddie47d

        Why do “Conservatives” like Mabel lie so much. That was brought up about Mabel last week and she is still a very sore and blinded loser.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with Mabel8, except that we are ALL the losers!!!

      • Flashy

        Dave67…it’s the aluminum beanie.

        BTW…don’t worry none about folks like mabel … I checked the other day and the secret FEMA camps are just about completed…

        • Tony Newbill

          It will take a Breakdown in delivery of essential supplies before any kind of civil destabilization will lead to the need for Actions such as what you speak of Flashy . And that is Underway as we speak , we only need a Little more time to the Point that Nations begin to Interrupt their Export of supply like Grain to cause a interruption in the Financial of these markets that will open the gates of this HELL thats Coming … we only have 60 days of grain supply on hand at any given time in the world grain markets and it takes 120 days to plant and grow a crop , and with these crops being planted and harvested 2 times a year because of a Northern and southern Hemisphere growing season on earth the 60 days supply and declining every year since 1998s high of is being compromised by drought and 1 billion more people added to the Earth . the time bomb is ticking and no one is innovating any thing to alter this path we are on . Just One big disaster like a little stem rust like UG99 along with some droughts and we will get to see what Hunger looks like .

      • amusedinil

        Mable, it sounds like you have millions of cases of voter fraud that you’re not afraid to document. You should take this evidence to House Rep. Darryl Issa right away. He can call a House committee to prove every one of your charges, and he’s not afraid to spend the taxpayers’ money to get to the bottom of any scandal.

        This is so widespread, it ought to be very very easy to prove.

        You could testify to the committee, and be seen on TV as a hero saving America from the great election thieves. You should have no trouble finding enough fraudulent votes in the tossup states to justify your comments.

        Start with Florida’s 58,000 gap between Obama and Romney, then you’ll need just one other state to prove your point and change the election results!

    • Dave67

      No sir… Blue states like CA, IL, NY (Get lest than a dollar back from every dollar they pay into fed coffers) subsidize the leaching (taker) states like AK, KY, SC, AL and MS (they get well over a dollar back) because they don’t take responsibility for their education systems or invest in their state’s infrastructure.

      Obama was the electoral vote and popular vote because where people actually live, most voted for Obama. Sorry.

      • Mable8

        Dave67: The truth is, your favorite States: NY, IL, & CA are actually the taker States. And they never repay anything they obtain from the Feds. Furthermore, Romney DID win the election, but fraud prevailed. You know it, I know it, and so does everyone else know it…..the liar in the Oval Office is a fraud and a cheat.

        • Jeff

          “Dave67: The truth is, your favorite States: NY, IL, & CA are actually the taker States. And they never repay anything they obtain from the Feds. Furthermore, Romney DID win the election, but fraud prevailed. You know it, I know it, and so does everyone else know it…..the liar in the Oval Office is a fraud and a cheat.”

          From whence do your “facts” come? You can say Mars is red because it has cherry orchards. Your saying it doesn’t make it so. Romney won as did McCain as did Wendell Wilkie.

      • eddie47d

        Lying must be Mabel’s trademark and she proudly boasts about it. When “Liberal” California gives a dollar to the Federal Government they get .80 back. When “Conservative” Alaska gives the Feds a dollar they get $1.80 back . So who is taking more? The same can be said about several Red States who are either poor or have massive farm subsidies. Now if math isn’t your strong suit phone a friend if you have any! I guess I could just as easy call you the “fraud and thief” and be far more truthful about it.

        • Jeff

          It can’t be Mable’s fault. It must be that math is inherently dishonest.

      • DaveH

        Who would you spend the most on to sway his opinion — a person who agrees with everything you say, or a person who doesn’t agree?

      • DaveH

        Another point of view:

        As usual, the actual analysis is much deeper than most Progressives are willing to delve.

        • Jeff

          “As usual, the actual analysis is much deeper than most Progressives are willing to delve.”

          That may be technically true as most Americans of all political stripes are loathe to read anything that doesn’t reduce its subject matter to a cartoon. But the implication is totally wrong (i.e. that conservatives are more willing to read nuanced, detailed material). If anything, conservatives are far more comic book-oriented than any progressive I know. If an article doesn’t call Obama a Communist in the first 2 sentences, at least half the right wingers stop reading immediately. And since most people with advanced degrees tend to be Democrats, I think you’ve got this one wrong.

      • Flashy

        “Another point of view:

        As usual, the actual analysis is much deeper than most Progressives are willing to delve.” <— DaveH

        Didn't read it eh? The 98% in the Red States that tend as to vote against their interests have lower incomes, less education, are misinformed, and ignorant.

        I would add that they tend to be followers, not leaders, and are less likely to be independent acting i.e. more needing to be guided Chances are, also suffering from inferiority complexes and low levels of masculinity. thus the 'need' to pack a gun and pretend to be Wyatt Earp, love of war movies and action packed fanatsies, and there are some who claim to receive good grades in philosophy while never reading any of the Great Philosophers (right DaveH?)

      • DaveH

        Flashman states his usual equivocation — “Didn’t read it eh? The 98% in the Red States that tend as to vote against their interests have lower incomes, less education, are misinformed, and ignorant.”
        It did say that Red States, on average, have lower incomes.
        But it DIDN’T say that Red State Voters are misinformed. What the article did says was —
        “Why would voters in red states elect lawmakers who promise them small government when they benefit disproportionately from federal handouts? Why would voters in blue states elect lawmakers who support policies that redistribute their income to red states?
        One possible explanation is that the voters are misinformed”.
        That’s one lie chocked up to Flashman.
        And the article didn’t say anything at all about education levels in either the Red States or the Blue States.
        That’s lie number 2 for Flashman. Lie #3 if you count his “ignorant” claim which the article also didn’t address but could be lumped under “misinformed”.

        So, once again Flashman has shown his lack of credibility and so blatantly that any person could catch him at it. Flashman is a brazen liar.

    • DavidL

      Just helping you stay current, grandpa. The blue states have been subsidizing the red states for years. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you………

      “The statistical reality is that the red-staters are, on average, less prone to pay income taxes, more prone to receive subsidies from the federal government, less physically fit, less responsible in their sexual behaviour, more prone to inflict harm on themselves and on others through smoking, drunk driving and misuse of firearms, and more prone to freeride on the healthcare system, compared to blue-staters.

      Economists have long known that, in spite of the rhetoric about ‘getting the government off our backs’, the red states receive more federal spending, net of taxes, than the blue states. Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, and the Dakotas topped the list of moochers in 2005. Despite Romney’s comments, it is the states with high percentages of people who pay no income tax that tend to vote Republican. Mississippi is number one, followed by Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and South Carolina. The Democratic-leaning states of New England (comprising Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont), New York, New Jersey, and California are the ones paying into the federal treasury and subsidising everyone else. Updated data show the same pattern in 2007. The mid-Atlantic states, New England, Minnesota, and Illinois are the biggest net givers. Alaskans are the most dependent on the federal government, receiving $7,448 in spending (net of taxes) per capita. (That is not even counting the handouts of oil revenues that they get from their own state government). Those who claim to be fiscally conservative are the ones who in truth tend to be the biggest sources of deficits vis-à-vis the federal government.”

      • momo

        Gee, I wonder what the worst run state governments are…Hmmm…
        Illinois, Obama’s home state.
        Delaware, Biden’s home state.
        California, Pelosi’s home state.

      • Karolyn

        How a about the Republican-run states like South Carolina and Louisiana?

        • awkingsley

          Of course, this is just my opinion, but a lot of Red Staters are somewhat less concerned about handouts than they are about freedom and religion. If the handouts are there, they will take them. If they disappear, there will probably be fewer complaints than there would be from Blue Staters. Some people vote only for what they can get, and some people vote only on principle. In other words, I do not believe all of the discrepancy is due to misinformation. The Blue States believe that they must impose on those in poverty by helping them. I don’t blame them, I would feel badly about raping the South in the Civil War and Reconstruction Days also, if I were Blue. However, I believe that many of the states being helped would be happy to just go their own way.

  • deji omoluabi

    I tend to think differently from your school of thought; for the simply reason that the GOP were not very keen on winning the 2012 election. I knew my friend and church member will be the nominee even before the first debate. GOP wanted him so badly because they felt he will be able to raise a lot of money to fight Obama. They were wrong then and might be wrong again in 2016 if their nominee is Jeb Bush. For now, I think the American are tired of the Bush for now and will like to breath some fresh air away from the Bush family. I have nothing against then but I think the GOP is looking at all the wrong places for a solution.. They should look at the candidacy of Rick Santorium, the present speaker, Herman Cain, though has a problem zipping up his pants with women and the former governor of Minnesota. Not even Chris Christen can help them in 2016. May GOD give us the direction. I strongly think Hillary Clinton will be the first woman president in 2016,

    • Mable8

      Rick Santorium, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindel, and a few others should NOT be the choice for the Republican Ticket. Neither Rubio nor Jindel are eligible because they are NOT natural born citizens and they know this; both have even publicly acknowledged their ineligibility, although Rubio has been a bit heady lately and is claiming he can run for President/Vice President. Besides, Rubio is for one group only–he doesn’t care about anyone else. He needs to re-read the US Constitution and get his head out of the sand. Weed out the old guard republicans because they have done enough damage. As for Hillary Clinton being the first woman President, not in this life-time. She has destroyed her political base through her capitulation to the liar in chief, the great destroyer. There will have to be a stronger candidate for the Republicans: Bachmann, Palin, Alan West, come to mind, but it could even be one yet not surfaced. As for Chris Christie, forget it–he just committed political suicide and if he runs for office again, he will have to change parties to do it. Your remark about Herman Cain is a false one–it has been shown that the incidences he was accused of did NOT happen. However, people will still hold this against him; I would allow him to serve in some other appointed capacity because he does have much to offer. Who would I prefer on the Republican Ticket for 2016? At the moment, I am not saying; I will say that there are some whom I am scrutinizing so its a wait and see agenda for the moment. In the meantime, we have another major election in 2014 and the Republicans better step it up more than just a bit.

      • Jeff


        If you really believe what you wrote, let me just say you’re the worst political prognosticator I’ve ever seen. You’re projecting your own beliefs, attitudes, and prejudices onto the general public. Believe me, they don’t fit. Maybe 10% of the country thinks like you do. Bachman, Palin, West? I hope one of them is the nominee because Hillary wouldn’t even need to campaign. Chris Christie is potentially dangerous because he is not a doctrinaire right wing zombie. Of course, he’ll have to lose about 200 pounds. There’s a reason we haven’t had a fat or bald (except Ike) President in the TV age.

      • Jeff

        Herman Cain? Most people I don’t think hold his “women” problem against him. What they hold against him is his idiotic statements. 9-9-9 is his answer to everything. And when he was asked about Libya, his eyes went to the ceiling like a 4th-grader trying to remember how to spell “ignoramus.” I just don’t think the pizza business is proper training for the presidency.

      • eddie47d

        Go back and read what David L said about subsidies and learn some of the real truths Mabel. Go watch the movie Game Change about Sarah Palin and see what a terrible President or Vice President she would have been. Her arrogance knew no bounds and this was exposed by Republican insiders.

      • DaveH

        Jeff says — “You’re projecting your own beliefs, attitudes, and prejudices onto the general public. Believe me, they don’t fit. Maybe 10% of the country thinks like you do. Bachman, Palin, West?”.
        So Jeff accuses Mable or projecting her beliefs on the general public, and then he projects his beliefs on the general public. How Liberal Progressive.

        • Jeff

          Dave, the difference is I’m not saying the general public agrees with my choices. I’m looking at actual information, while Mable was engaging in wishful thinking that Herman Cain, for example, can overcome his image as an ignoramus and become President. I might like some things Bernie Sanders says, but I’m not going to say he’d ever be a viable candidate for president.

      • Karolyn

        just heard Christy has a 72% approval rating in his state, which should boost his standing. He did a good job with the disaster.

      • Flashy

        Karolyn…my guess is after the gubernatorial run in 2013, Christy will look at the landscape, see what the impact of the lunatic extremists will be in the 2014 GOP Congressional races…and make the run. If the TP negativity has not been marginalized by the 2014 races…wanna bet he won’t switch and make the run as a Dem?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Congratulations, Flashy, you just articulated how all, politicians operate. Perhaps you’re not as dumb as you pretend to be!

  • T. Jefferson

    Conservatives might actually win an election if you idiots in the republican party quit nominating a bunch of liberals. You are a direct reason that obama is in office today. If you looked at the results you would find a lot of obama supporters selected romney for the republican side then voted for obama in the actual election. You want a conservative in office, PUT A CONSERVATIVE ON THE TICKET!

    • Steve E

      Don’t blame me. I voted for Ron Paul during the primaries.

  • Dave67

    LOL… A blind man could have seen what a bad candidate Mitt was and the GOP brain trust knew they had no chance. Why do you think Christie, Rubio etc stayed out?

    I love it that conservatives say the problem was Mitt not being extremist enough. That was the problem… Not the GOP being against contraception in insurance plans but ok with viagra… Their extremist stance on abortion….. using illegals as scapegoats….Their new-found interest in the debt…

    Could never be their policies and what they stand for… no way…. conservatism is perfect and never is wrong.


    Please conservatives… move further to the right…. please.

    • Mable8

      Don’t be so smug Dave67, the reign of terror ala ozero ovomit ill not last.

      • Mable8

        Sorry for the typo. The sentence should read: “Don’t be so smug Dave67, the reign of terror ala ozero ovomit will not last” True to form, I noticed that you insignificant libtards continue to use your insults and spin doctrine to try and shout down your opposers. As I said, you are INSIGNIFICANT….and your reign of terror will be over. Out goes your gay agenda, out goes your communist/socialis/islamic garbage…and if you don’t like it, you can leave.

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Mabel hasn’t noticed that SHE is the Queen of insults and has gone rouge! I can’t wait for your reign of verbal “terror” to be put to rest in the insane asylum!

    • DaveH

      After all these months, Dave67, you still don’t know the difference between NeoConservatives and Conservatives. And you expect people to listen to anything you say?

      • Jeff

        You don’t know the difference between Democrats and Communists but ignorance has never been an impediment to your blathering.

      • Dave67

        I know Necon is a BS term to excuse conservative bad behavior. There is no neo-liberals. Why is that DaveH? Do you have a link?

        Why after all these months you still do not understand the real world vs theory?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        David67: There is no neo-liberals. Why is that DaveH?

        On the contrary, noe-liberals do, still exist; they just morphed into “radical-socialists”!

        • Tony Newbill

          Wake the Sleepers Jay More like radical Environmentalist Communist Marxists

      • Dave67


        Who are those people? Neo-Liberals are not in the national lexicon so tell me who these people are. I am a liberal and I never say someone is a neo-liberal like conservatives use the term neocon.

        Please enlighten me.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Dave67: Who are those people? Neo-Liberals are not in the national lexicon so tell me who these people are?

        There are no doubt, many, “words”, that we use everyday, Dave, that are not to be found in the “national lexicon”. But never the less, the word “Neo-liberals” or “Neo-liberalism” is a word/term that has been used by activists since the early 1990′s.

        Quote: “These activists used the word ‘neoliberalism’ for global market-liberalism (‘capitalism’) and for free-trade policies. In this sense, it is widely used in South-America. ‘Neoliberalism’ is often used interchangeably with ‘globalisation’. But free markets and global free trade are not new, and this use of the word ignores developments in the advanced economies. The analysis here compares neoliberalism with its historical predecessors. Neoliberalism is not just economics: it is a social and moral philosophy, in some aspects qualitatively different from liberalism”. Unquote.

        Here’s one the most quoted definition of “Neoliberalism” by Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo García:

        Neo-liberalism is a set of economic policies that have become widespread during the last 25 years or so. Although the word is rarely heard in the United States, you can clearly see the effects of neo-liberalism here as the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer….Around the world, neo-liberalism has been imposed by powerful financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the Inter- American Development Bank….the capitalist crisis over the last 25 years, with its shrinking profit rates, inspired the corporate elite to revive economic liberalism. That’s what makes it ‘neo’ or new.

        If the above has peaked your curiosity, then continue here:

        Neoliberalism: origins, theory, definition.

      • DaveH

        Indeed there are NeoLiberals, Dave67. They just don’t call themselves that.
        While we’re on that subject, Folks, I can’t help but wonder — Is Dave67 just ignorant, or is he doing what Progressives and other dishonest manipulators have done throughout history? That is to co-opt and distort the meanings of political descriptions so as to confuse the average citizens and thereby keep them from learning truth.
        Liberals a couple of hundred years ago were those who believed in the concepts of Freedom as espoused largely by Jefferson, Locke, and others like them. We now call them Classical Liberals because the term Liberal has been co-opted by people who believe in anything but Freedom.
        Is Dave67 trying to do that same thing with the label Conservative? I have no way of knowing for certain, of course, but it is telling that I have corrected him many times in the past for using the term Conservative when he really meant NeoConservative, and still he does it.
        What is a NeoConservative?

      • Dave67

        Again boys… Necon is used everyday in the news media, you conservatives use the term all the time. Funny… Jay, DaveH and all the others of the the theory crew never use the term neo-liberal on ANYONE. In their so-called “minds” we are liberal, progressives, socialists, communists and Marxists.

        Never does ANYONE use the term neo-liberal.

        So what I said stands, neocon is a term for conservatives who gain real power and violate the supposed conservative “code of ethics”.

        You boys are sad and pathetic and the term neocon is proof of what i say that conservatives refuse to take responsibility for anything… conservatism and conservatives are perfect in their minds. As long as you generalize liberals and progressives like you do, we get to do the same to you. Too bad you don’t like it when you get the same crap you put out shoved back in your face.

        Maybe you should come out of the conservative information bubble sometime and live in the real world and get away from the economic theory fantasyworld.

  • orples

    Too bad, the GOP was too stupid to promote Ron Paul, instead of Romney. He may have stood a chance of winning, even with the rigged elections. I think the majority of the people that voted for Romney, plus a lot of us that refused to vote for the lesser of two evils, would have voted for Ron Paul in a heartbeat. Furthermore, I suspect even a good number of Democrats would have given Dr. Paul the nod … at least the smart ones, would have.

    Now, we all pay the price of another four years of Obama. I only hope America can survive until 2016. Maybe, by then, the people will have wake up and realize what is happening to our Nation, as we are presented with one NWO puppet, after another, by the establishment. Maybe it is time the people learned to think for themselves and will vote for the best man to save our Nation, not the lesser of two evils, whose goal it is to erase our border in favor of the NAU.

  • Tony Newbill

    The RINOS wanted to Lose !!! Can you imagine what this Country would have done if Romney won and the media came unglued over Romney owning a Voting machine company that had machines in Key Battle ground states , WHY Was this NOT Vetted ??????

    • Jeff

      Because the Republican primaries were a race to the bottom. Who could build the tallest fence with the most electricity to zap the most Mexicans. And who could say Repeal Obamacare the loudest. And who could be the biggest misogynist. Of those in the Clown Show, only Romney could then enter the General Election disavowing all the idiotic talk from the primaries. Why do Republican candidates talk like that in primaries? Look at who’s voting in Republican primaries.

    • Mable8

      Romney does NOT own the machines, george soros owns the company that builds them and the manufacturer is in Spain. Also, the Spaniards are the ones who counted the votes, not Americans. This has been known since before the Primaries. You need to quit listening to the lame mainstream COMMUNIST media, Tony–they always distort the truth.

      • eddie47d

        Romney actually owned 14,000 voting machines and as I pointed out a couple of years ago the three major manufacturers of voting machines have Republican CEO’s. By the way the Spaniards didn’t count the vote you devious “deva”!. Maybe if you stopped the lying and name calling you might get somewhere.

      • Tony Newbill

        Mable8 when you consider how this TOOL was used to Create the Image of a Romney manipulation of the Vote regardless of the Disclaimer of being a Investor , it just is still too close a Connection for the Average and certainly the Left to Grasp so Riots would have been the result and I think once these Stories were in the Main stream the Republicans headed for the exits . So Why Even Put this Guy up and YOU KNOW HOW Hard the RINOS Pushed Romney Over NEWT I mean The Attacks on NEWTs Affair was Way More Brutal by the Republican PACs and Romney than we saw them Attack Obama on in the general Election so I say they wanted Obama back in to be their Fall Guy as we watch the USA collapse financially .

      • Karolyn

        You are wrong Mable, and the proof is online, as I posted some weeks ago. Look it up.

  • libertarian58

    Only Ron Paul stood for the values of our founders and neither the fascists on the “right” or the communists on the left have any use for those values. The Hegelian Dialectic is in full force and working perfectly to divide and conquer this country as intended, and the majority, both “conservative” and otherwise, have fallen for it.

  • Susan Bannon

    Romney could never have won. He’s not someone who can muster the force behind him. We need someone who can play that flute and lead the children away. However, it has to be someone who’s main focus is the survival of the US. Someone who believes in the Constitution. Someone who can rally the people – not with lies but with hope, TRUTH, and the AMERICAN WAY ! We, the people, have been crying out for someone like that for a long time. NOW, many are planning to leave the US and take all the funds they can with them. They are bailing out. It may be too late. You may have ignored us too long !!!!!!!!!!!

  • D-R in WA

    Romney was still IMO one of the best nominees with a resume that was exactly what this country needed and we as a country are too desensitized to realize what we are doing. Someone who actually understood economics, government, healthcare changes, and was not afraid to stand up for the constitution or get a little aggressive when necessary. Republicans need to be less passive and more involved and vocal/active (like Mr. Livingston). Democrats are just more vocal and the younger generations are becoming more and more liberal which could lea to the nations downfall if they are not taught the error of their ways.

  • Rick Berger

    In a word, “Bunk”.

    Romney may not have been the best conservative, but he was the most likable with the least amount of baggage (aside from being a business person.) Under normal circumstances, he would likely have taken it.

    What lost the election was (primarily) three things:

    1) The increased population getting government goodies and voting for same. This will only get worse. People get on a dependency wave and they don’t think they can get off. They’re terrified that the support will stop, and they won’t be able to make it on their own, and the dems reinforce that perception at every turn, feeding it and feeding on it.

    2) A complicit media. The news and commentary let Obama’s gaffs and screw-ups slide, and pillory anone that criticizes him. Furthermore, most people are tied to their television sets, and they get most of their information from the likes of Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and John Stewart – decidedly far left liberal voices. Conservative voices may dominate AM radio, but far left liberals control television and the movies.

    2) The women’s vote – and what lost the women’s vote was Todd Akins insane remark about ‘legitimate abortion’. Not being content with one foot in mouth, another republican candidate made a similar comment on abortion just weeks before the election (don’t remember his name.)

    Women see ‘Republican’ as synonymous with ‘prohibiting abortion’, and these comments just reinforced that. And they associate Romney with ‘Republican’ and ‘prohibiting abortion’, and that killed the women’s vote.

    The Republicans have got to get off the God talk, and particularly the abortion talk, if they want to ever win anything. We keep saying that religion should be a private affair between an individual and his/her God. But republicans keep shoving God to the forefront, and that turns people off.

  • Mark E

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Romney “survived” the primaries. The others did not. Romney appeared to be the most electable, despite his Mormonism, Bain Capitol, and generally waffling on issues. It’s a bit wierd that this flawed candidate was the best that the GOP could field. And, no, I do not hold a brief for any of the other candidates, who, generally, were more extreme, or less prepared to be considered for the highest office in the land. I was not impressed by any of them. I suspect that many people weren’t. The GOP was further damaged by the extreme utterances of people like Rick Santorum, Todd Akins and Richard Mourdock. Their ignorance and idiotic statements made reasonable people cringe. If you wish to have these people and others of their ilk represent your party, keep promotng them, and their views. By the way, what ever happened to freedom of choice? If someone wants to get an abortion (and pay for it, personally, or by insurance), let them. They may be producing one less future liberal!!

  • Lori

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the rampant voter fraud. I think Romney did win but lost because of the fraud that no one is doing anything about.

    • Dave67

      Of course it was voter fraud… (slowly backs away, calling the nice men in the white coats to help you out with the proper meds and therapy)

      • Jeff


        I’m sure you felt the same way in 2000? 2004?

    • KG

      What “fraud” are you talking about? The purging of voter roles? Disenfranchisement at any cost? All by Rove and co.

      This had to be the most “fair” election. Stop trying to deny the reality that the American people REJECTED the “conservative” world and decided to “grow up” and take responsibility.

    • eddie47d

      Then Lori needs to step up to the plate and be the one to do something about it. They complain because they have no provable facts so they level continually accusations. March down to your local city or county building and solve your capers. Appeal to your Secretary of State to investigate or is it much easier to bellyache!

    • NativeBlood

      Lori, You are addressing what the left did…this discussion is about what the Republican National Committee failed to do. They failed to field a candidate that knew the needs of the American people and not what the lobbyists would make you do. NEOCONS ruled the election and they failed. That is pretty bad, Neoconservatism lost over to communism.
      Neither is what most sane people oppose, The choice of the stinkier turd in the punchbowl is not going to fly anymore! Most people will have to leave the party and stay home.

      • Bob666

        Neoconservatism lost over to the will of the majoriety, thats demoracy.

        • Jeff


          Is Florida becoming the wild west or what? Another unarmed Black kid just got shot there in a gas station? How soon can you guys take the state back from that crook Rick Scott and repeal that idiotic “stand your ground” law?

          • awkingsley

            @Jeff@Bob: Florida, like all other states needs to strengthen the “Stand Your Ground Law” by enacting a law that prevents Demonstrators and activists from intimidating and destroying those who kill in self defense, intimidating businesses, and intimidating customers at businesses where a self defense action took place. Allowing demonstrators to intimidate assault victims who stood their ground continues the original assault against which the victim defended himself. None of the demonstrators asks himself what would have happened to the victim of assault had the victim not been armed. The assault on Zimmerman continues to this day, with Zimmerman having to live in hiding, unable to return to his home, work, or live a normal life. Allowing demonstrators to intimidate creates double victimization of victims of assault who defend themselves, and it needs to be stopped. Otherwise, our legal system is supporting anarchy. The movement to allow Blacks to assault anyone, anytime, anywhere with impunity needs to end.

          • Jeff

            Why not just give all gun owners a license to kill? All they have to say if you’re on the jury is “I was afraid” or “I thought maybe he had a gun.” You make me sick. You belong in 1960s Mississippi.

          • awkingsley

            @Jeff: You are now going to extremes. If you do not want to protect yourself against criminal assault and very possibly murder, that is your choice. But, please do not saddle everyone else with your choices. This problem isn’t a Civil Rights issue: It is about Black anarchy. Neither of the victims was attacking or victimizing his assailant in any way. When Demonstrators refuse to accept a person’s right to self defense that is anarchy, whether White, Black, Hispanic or otherwise. This isn’t Mississippi. We are way past that to an era where Blacks have decided they are above the law. That is anarchy.

          • Jeff

            We’re talking about unarmed kids and adults armed with guns for the purpose of shooting people. What part of that is OK with you? And what does any of that have to do with protests? Are you saying it’s OK to shoot someone protesting something? Sounds like something Henry Ford might have said.

          • awkingsley

            Your intentional misinterpretation of everything I say defies response. You take everything to extremes. Zimmerman was pitted against an athlete who taller and out-weighed by 40 pounds. The fallacy of your argument lies in the fact that you want us to believe that no one can kill with his bare hands. Without a gun, Zimmerman did not even stand a chance against Trayvon. In the recent incident at a convenience store, the assault victim stated that his attacker’s friends both had guns.

          • Jeff

            In the recent case, there were no guns and the heroic shooter fled the scene after firing 8 or 9 shots into the car. If those guys were armed gang bangers, they’d have fired back immediately. You can’t tell me race didn’t have a lot to do with the shooting.

            My problem with the “stand your ground” business is it gives license to these guys to go looking for trouble with their guns, then claim self defense like Zimmerman. Classic self defense required that you avoid the “attacker” if you can and meet force with like force. An exception was carved out for defense of a person’s own home. These statutes essentially create a bubble around these Zimmerman-like characters so wherever he goes with his gun he acts like he’s in his own home and someone intruded. He says “I was scared” and he’s allowed to shoot? I don’t think so.

            I detected some racial attitude in one of your earlier posts so I don’t expect you to be able to see this from the kid’s point of view. What’s he supposed to do – bow and scrape before any white man who might be armed? Carry around a big gun himself? This Wild West mentality will lead to no good. Would it be better if every Black teenager were armed so shooters could be justified?

            QUERY: If Zimmerman was neighborhood watch, what was he doing armed and attempting to confront the “suspect” (read Black person)?

          • awkingsley

            @Jeff: There was not like force to be applied in the Zimmerman -Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon out-weighed Zimmerman by 40 pounds and was an athlete. Dream on!
            The other case to which I was referring was the one at the convenience store. The clerk fired one shot at the young man who assaulted him. He stated that 2 of the young man’s companions had guns. His manager watched the situation.The clerk was shot in the leg the year before, and he had gotten enough. After that, he wasn’t taking any more chances, and I do not blame him.

            As for calling me racist, you detected nothing of the sort because I indicated nothing of the sort. However, I could easily say that you support Black violence against Whites. And, you expect Whites to accept assaults from Blacks as just their due without any retribution, no matter how large, powerful, and dangerous the assailant.

          • Jeff

            “@Jeff: You are now going to extremes. If you do not want to protect yourself against criminal assault and very possibly murder, that is your choice. But, please do not saddle everyone else with your choices. This problem isn’t a Civil Rights issue: It is about Black anarchy. Neither of the victims was attacking or victimizing his assailant in any way. When Demonstrators refuse to accept a person’s right to self defense that is anarchy, whether White, Black, Hispanic or otherwise. This isn’t Mississippi. We are way past that to an era where Blacks have decided they are above the law. That is anarchy.”

            I believe I said your post exhibited some racial attitude. I’d say referring to unarmed young men who are shot by adults as “Black anarchy” qualifies. Are you going to tell me either young man would have been shot under similar circumstances had he been white? So this shooter (Dunn) thought the kids just left after he shot at them but still thought they were criminals or gang bangers? Wouldn’t they have shot back if they had a shot gun? His story is hard to believe. My real point is the law in Florida seems to favor the shooter in situations that normally look nothing like self defense.

          • Jeff

            Make sure you always have your gun handy. You never know when somebody will say something requiring they be shot.


          • awkingsley

            @Jeff: You are not being honest. Zimmerman was beaten, which is why he shot Trayvon.

          • Jeff

            As I said, he may be acquitted but he had no business pursuing Trayvon and he had no business carrying a gun. I’ve known guys like Zimmerman. They talk about their guns like their girlfriends. Sickos as far as I’m concerned.

          • AWKingsley

            @Jeff: “As I said, he may be acquitted but he had no business pursuing Trayvon and he had no business carrying a gun. I’ve known guys like Zimmerman. They talk about their guns like their girlfriends. Sickos as far as I’m concerned”

            That is another fallacy: I would be relatively certain you do not know Zimmerman. Some young single guys are wild about their guns. However, most of those guys go to gun smith school, have father’s who own a gun shop, own or work in a gun shop themselves, practice for sharpshooting competitions, trade guns, collect guns, modify guns, or are avid hunters. I have known all of these guys at one time or another. They are not interested in killing people. As for Zimmerman, he grew up with a father who worked in the legal system: Zimmerman’s father was a Judge – traffic court or something like that. When guys get married and grow up, they still have an interest in guns, but they aren’t in love with them. They decide they love girls more than guns. Even my sister had a concealed carry permit. And, she is the sweetest little Christian Sunday School Teacher you have ever met – works in her community and helps the needy.

          • Jeff

            I had a Zimmerman-type work for me once. All he could talk about was his 9mm and his glorious days in the Army. Claimed he was with the NSA and talked incessantly about Grenada like it was the Battle of the Bulge. I had somebody come to my building who had installed some bars over the windows, and this idiot pulls a gun on him. Like Luca Brasi without the tact.

          • Jeff

            I didn’t call you a racist. I said some of your posts evidence racial attitudes and they clearly do. You speak of “Black anarchy” like white people need to re-assert authority. And the recent case (Dunn, the shooter and Jordan the victim) took place outside in a gas station/convenience store parking lot. There was no robbery and no clerk shooting.

            I am not saying there is no legitimate self defense. Of course there is. I’m saying this Florida law bears no relation to self defense and permits aggressive gun nuts to go “hunting” and when confronted claim they acted in “self defense” because they might get a fat lip.

            Zimmerman, as “neighborhood watch” (read: wannabe cop), was not supposed to be armed and was not supposed to confront or follow a “suspect.” He was merely to inform the police. He broke both cardinal rules, and he deserves whatever he gets. Because of the Florida law, he may well be acquitted. Hell, maybe they’ll make him chief of police. But he shouldn’t be allowed to work as a security guard.

          • AWKingsley

            @Jeff: “I didn’t call you a racist. I said some of your posts evidence racial attitudes and they clearly do. You speak of “Black anarchy” like white people need to re-assert authority.”

            If “Whites” had been protesting outside a home threatening and intimidating the residents or at a commercial location intimidating customers, owners, or managers of a store in restriction of trade; intimidating and destroying the life or livelihood of someone who shot in self defense, it would have been “White” anarchy. Stop making everyone else wrong. The Stand Your Ground Law needs to be expanded to target protestors in these circumstances with arrest. The people who are intimidating, threatening, and seeking to destroy individuals who stand their ground are continuing the original assault on the individual, and they need to be arrested, if they are making threats, dispersed if they are not making threats. Demonstrations against both Zimmerman and the convenience store clerk are “Anarchy”. Both Zimmerman and the convenience store clerk shot their assailants within the law.

            “And the recent case (Dunn, the shooter and Jordan the victim) took place outside in a gas station/convenience store parking lot. There was no robbery and no clerk shooting.”

            We are talking about 2 different cases. There was a video clip a few days ago of an altercation at a convenience store. The clerk and the manager were in the store after hours and 3 thugs approached the store and wanted in. The clerk opened the door to talk through the door. The clerk was holding a gun when he opened the door. One of the thugs still punched the clerk even though he held a gun in his hand, and the clerk shot the thug. The clerk was standing in the store when he shot the thug, and the thug was just outside the door. The clerk stated that the other 2 thugs had guns. I assume the door was opened to keep the thugs from breaking the plate glass windows, in order to get in. There was a store video of the incident in a news article on the internet, and the video of the incident was very clear. The clerk had been shot in the leg the year before in a convenience store robbery.

            There is no reason that a Neighborhood Watch Volunteer should not carry a gun. In fact, Neighborhood Watch should carry guns. Florida has a concealed carry law for self defense. Unlike the police, Neighborhood Watch Volunteers are directly authorized by the Neighborhood Association to patrol. The Police patrol by indirect authority. Neighborhood Watch is the first line of defense for any neighborhood. The police did not come in time to apprehend the suspect for questioning when Zimmerman called them on a prior incident, so Zimmerman tried to question Trayvon himself.

            You destroyed your own argument when you said each party should bring equal force to the conflict. Men of slight build usually carry the biggest guns according to my mother, and I don’t blame them. Zimmerman was not a large man, and he carried a gun for self defense.

            You obviously want thugs to be able to assault and kill innocents at will, and it is people like you who make it even more necessary to have a stand your ground law. We do not want “Anarchy”; we want to live in a peaceful safe society. What you are advocating is “Anarchy”, a society where people are not allowed to defend themselves – where people live at the whims of the criminal element in society.

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      There was no need to engage in voter fraud, Lori, as both horses-livestock came from the same stable. And predictably, the majority of the witless-crowd, had no clue!

  • Kay Cleveland

    I feel that Americans have become so dumbed down and so Anti-Christ, that as said Isaiah 9:10 that God is going to judge America with the same wrath that he judged Israel for their sinful, God-less Nation. People want to keep the evil and sinful downfall of America…and that is why they voted for Obama. With everything known about Obama through the last four years…and they still voted for him. When he said his goal was to “bring America to it’s knees”…he So really did not mean ‘praying’. He is called the Savior, the Messiah, the annointed one, etc. To put him up there with God is blasphemy. The warning God gave on 9/11/2001, is just an example of God’s warnings for America….and people are s so “Jim Jones” minded….they could not and will not see! America is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah…and God destroyed it. Everything about God and America, even Christmas is offensive in America today…it is frightening to feel that the Hitler tactics of the present Administration is Okay with the majority of Americans, knowing that Hitler was evil and demented.

    • KG

      I thought we invaded Iraq so Christ could return? I thought the European Union was going to take control of the world? I thought…..OH!

      Now I’m thinking you guys better realize that Christ may NOT come in time. So you better start paying your taxes so you MIGHT be able to retire.

      • NativeBlood

        KG, your inane and illustrious comment proves your total ignorance of the desires of a free and decent people.

    • eddie47d

      See how that works KAY! You the Republicans label Obama as the Messiah or Savior and then blame Obama voters for calling him that. The thing is I have never heard anyone I know calling him that yet I have heard dozens of Conservatives calling him that. You create these images in your own mind and then start believing it is the truth. When it is nothing more than political foul play.

      • NativeBlood

        Perhaps you should figure out why they call him Messiah. I guess it would be better than to call him the “DARK MAN” (the stand)

      • Tony Newbill
        • Jeff

          So don’t vote for Jamie Fox.

      • momo

        Gee, eddie47d, you mean images like this. I don’t think the guy who painted ti was a conservative.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        So what would be so wrong with referring to Obama as “Messiah” and “Saviour”, Eddie? Not exactly pejorative terms.

        Messiah: noun

        ( the Messiah) the promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible.

        All you need to do is substitute “Jewish nation” with “United States” and bingo, Obama can easily be considered the long prophesied Anti-christ, err..i mean, Messiah.

        Saviour: noun

        a person who saves someone or something (esp. a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure.

        Gee Eddie, isn’t that what Obama has been proclaiming all along? So what’s the problem? Are you so arrogant and deceived by sin, Eddie, that you have no need for a Saviour? Just messing with you, Eddie…

      • eddie47d

        MOMO; He did it to mock the Conservatives and Christians who were constantly mocking Obama. Which only proves my point that its the Right who is doing it. and he was pointing that out.

      • eddie47d

        Same to you Tony: Stop cherry picking videos that are edited and show everything he said. He was also making fun of the Conservatives who have made that claim for 4 years. In other words if Republicans don’t want it said then stop spreading false and malicious rumors!

    • The Christian American

      There’s an unseen government in America and that’s the Zionist’s. They dictate to the president regardless of what he says. Their best described in Romans 2: 28&29 and Revelations 2:9 & 3:9

      • amusedinil

        Looked up both of your biblical references. You’re out of context in Romans:

        9 Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile;

        10 But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that worketh good, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile:

        This says–Do Evil, Bad Stuff happens. Do Good, Good stuf happens. Jews and Gentiles–the same.

        Your Revelations quote is a bit trickier. It says that people who claim to be Jews — but persecute Chrisians — aren’t really Jews but are followers in the Synagogue of Satan. Simply put, it amplifies what your Romans quote says: Jews who persecute (do evil) are cursed.

        None of this explains your assertion that Zionists are behind anything, or that the 5,128,000 or 1.7% of the population who are Jewish were able to get together and agree on ANYTHING, let alone stealing the election for Obama.

      • Kate8

        amusedinil – Good on the Bible verses, but you are really behind on current revelations about who and what the power structures are.

        Do some more research and you will find that truth is stranger than fiction.

        Check out the House of Rothschild… you will find a history and timeline. Then you will discover that they were never really Jewish, but were Khazars, now calling themselves Zionists, and were behind all wars, funding both sides, including the NAZI movement. Families involved in this also include the Bush’s.

        Many Jewish don’t even understand who and what the Zionists are. And Jews vote democrat, strangely enough…largely because they believe they are voting AGAINST Christians.

        Don’t you know that it’s these people, who have conducted the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world, who have set the guidelines for what is “true” and what isn’t? They, themselves, coin words like “conspiracy theorist” to ridicule those who dare to delve into what they are doing.

        This conspiracy, or the NWO, is all-too real. Look around you at what is happening. They are behind the UN and Agenda 21. They make up 5 major corporations which have engulfed nearly everything: medicine, education, the media, governments, NGOs, etc. They are so diversified that most of the people who work for them don’t even know what’s going on.

        I’ve been studying this for decades…used to listen to William Cooper, who the Feds took out for speaking the truth over shortwave radio. Shot him in the back in his own doorway.

        It all reads like a wild novel…In fact, the political intrigue is so crazy that you just can’t make this stuff up.

        • Jeff

          “Don’t you know that it’s these people, who have conducted the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world, who have set the guidelines for what is “true” and what isn’t? They, themselves, coin words like “conspiracy theorist” to ridicule those who dare to delve into what they are doing.”

          QUERY: What came first – the paranoids or the term “paranoia”? Either way, K8, you are a textbook case.

      • Kate8

        Oh, and BTW. Many of the books in the OT speak of these things, and read like current events. If you are a Bible reader, then be prepared to be shocked at how accurately the OT books record future events… Because history always repeats itself.

      • Kate8

        jeff – Attack the messenger, ridicule the message, scoff at the sources, demoralize and despirit…name call, put on the defensive…

        Yes, I know the drill.

        Look, I’ve been at this longer than I care to think, and your tactics are lost on me. I view you as a traitor to this nation, a scumbag and a mindless tool. Not only that, but in true liberal form, you behave like a petulent child.

        Want to name call? I can play that game, too. You and your alter-egos seem to have swarmed down on me of late…LOL… I’m obviously getting your attention.

        Bring it on. You declare who you are every time you post.

        • Jeff

          K8, please don’t be mad at me. Don’t . . . . name me in a conspiracy! Don’t . . . . . sic Revelations on me or call me a. . . a. . . a. . . . .Zionist!

      • Kate8

        Jeff – no problem. Moron, simpleton, clueless mind-numbed tool, nasty SOB…there are plenty of others to choose from.

  • Tony Ruiz

    [comment has been edited] ONE of the worst presidents? Been under a rock?

    • Jeff

      Yes, I agree. Bush was THE WORST president ever. No contenders. He retired the trophy.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        I beg to differ, Jeff. Like rules, records will always be broken!

        • Jeff

          That’s true. There are still more Bushes to come although I understand at least a couple of them may have a functioning cerebral cortex.

  • Tony Newbill

    whats funny is we don’t see any effort by Either Party to create reforms in the financial sector or in this Fiscal Cliff debate to deal with this !!!! Have the Government and the To Big To Fail banking Sector gave up on trying to finance Expansion in this Crittle Needs supply that’s Shrinking by the Hour ???? Shouldn’t Fiscal Cliff Talks Include Financial Funding to Expand this Supply Shortage ?????

  • rabidconservative

    Tell it like it is: The majority of voting Americans prefer socialism. Thank the teacher unions, marxist professors and a job market in the toilet (obama’s greatest achievement). Add huge actual cost of living increases and people who can’t get a job with state or federal government are without hope. The party on the left finally figured out how to remain in power and that is by destroying the hated entrepreneur. Employers aren’t good, they’re evil exploiters. Free enterprise empowers the people, not the District of Corruption. Only leftists can be trusted to hire and fire. Rather simple actually. Odd it took the dnc this long to figure it out.

    • eddie47d

      Rabid! The job market is slowly improving and the hemorrhaging of the job loss occurred in 2007- early 2009. Mostly under the Bush administration so I reckon that would then be Bush’s “greatest achievement”. If you are so gung ho on private job creators then where are they? You also don’t have bragging rights on those private entrepreneurs because they were too busy stuffing their pockets and ignoring the actual workers who should be apart of their businesses. Each side has their excuses or didn’t you notice?

      • NativeBlood

        Edie! Improving?.Really! Even Pravds wouldn’t publish such lies Unemployment has tripled!

      • rabidconservative


        You really don’t know where the employers are? They are being smothered with hundreds of new ridiculous regulations that require rooms of lawyers to decipher. You are not informed Eddie. Obama is using every trick in the book to destroy the private sector, force the unemployed onto the dole and then make them beg for his third term so they can survive on crumbs from him. He never misses an opportunity to PREVENT private businesses from thriving. Ever impediment to hiring is in place. When your messiah crashes the dollar, don’t come crying to me.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Eddie likes to throws as much [expletive deleted] at the wall with the hope that some of it will actually stick!

      • eddie47d

        Thank you RABID for proving my earlier point about Conservatives being the ones calling Obama Messiah. Nice of you to oblige! Now get out there and get that private sector moving for the election is over and the Republicans can’t keep stalling until 2016. Or will that be your new plan?

  • The Christian American

    There comes a time when you look at a building and find the best approach is tear it down and start from scratch. I use to call them Republicrats ,but the Republi has just about disappeared. Any God fearing lover of our Consitutional Republic knows that. This is why Romney lost. He addressed the American people as “American” people with an ability to reason to some extent instead of offering them pot and ice cream. That’s why he lost from the beginning. Did you hear Obama’s message? In reality, his message was to a disappearing American but the outcome would of been the same in the long run. Ron Paul was the only answer but he didn’t offer any of them anything they wouldn’t have to do themselves. His message was your the solution, not government. Read your Constitution as if it was your law book, a law book that over rides all law books to the point people would interpret it, not the “Supreme Court”. What was it Einstein said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Was this humanities last attempt at building a governmental system that would work and last? As an insurance policy, read and believe John 3:16 and other verses that emphasis the same message.

  • James

    Is there anyone alive in America who doesn’t know that our government has been taken over? You would either have to be brain dead or in on the scam. Muddles Mittens was put in place to lose. There was MASSIVE voter fraud, yet mums the word. Don’t get me wrong, bother Oblamma and Muttens are dog turds. They are worthy of zero respect. According to the law the crimes these turds have committed are punishable by death, that would be HIGH TREASON!!! Time to arrest these bags of vomit, and their masters as well!

    • Norm

      Did you skip your medications today?

      • George

        with all due respect, you are a prime example of a useful idiot I mentioned in my reply. Quoting these words from “Few good men” movie, “You sir, can’t handle the truth”. It is too painful, while sticking your head back in the sand is much more convenient, than to acknowledge the horror of reality.

    • Norm

      Reality is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      James: According to the law the crimes these turds have committed are punishable by death, that would be HIGH TREASON!!! Time to arrest these bags of vomit, and their masters as well!

      I agree, James! Unfortunately, our judicial-system has been compromised as well!

  • Lori

    Dave and Jeff, At least the Republicans are working on getting voter I.D.Passed so elections can be fair. The states that didn’t pass voter I.D. had the most fraud! And it is all for the Dem . Candidates!! You think 2000 and 2004 was stolen you are just a sore loser because the Dems tried to cheat then as well. 59 precincts with no Romney votes! Common! Get real!!

    • The Christian American

      You’ll never know where voter fraud kicks in. Stalin said: I don’t care about voters. I care about the vote counters. Who knows how third party candidates really do. Unless a candidate has a vote watcher at every polling location, he’s forgotten. I’m speaking from personal experience.

  • LGC

    The reason we have gone thru this monumental change in the direction of this country is because of the Vietnam War and uprising that accurd amongst the young people. Druggies, love child, anti war movement all contributed to demise of this country. We lost our way and have never been able to find it again. This country is full of wining, sniveling,government dependent citizens who could not fight or vote their way out of the fix we are in. Good luck with any kind of a future we can all strive to achieve.

  • Robert Lebischak

    Does anyone think that Romney was picked because he was too lose anyway. The Republican Party said they wanted a true Conservative didn’t they, then they picked Romney? The Republican Party said they wanted ObamaCare done away with, then they picked RomneyCare? Romney claimed Obama told half-truths and lies about him, didn’t Romney tell half-truths and lies against other Republicans? Didn’t Romney say he could not control his PAC’s? Could it be that others pick our President’s and it’s all just a game to make us think we have a part in our Government?

    • Haywood Jablomie

      No, the Republican Party did not say that they wanted a true conservative. The GOP hierarchy does not like true conservatives. They loathe the Tea Party. The GOP likes Republicans who are “Democrat-lite.”

      However, Romney IS a conservative. If you listen to Romney and not what the media says about Romney, his views on most issues are nearly as conservative as Ronald Reagans’.

      Romney didn’t actually run against Obama. He ran against the leftwing media that twisted his statements and created blatant lies about him. The propaganda worked. The media won the election.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Actually, most – by far, of the ammo used against Romney originated in the Primaries by the other Republican Candidates.

  • George

    Floweres after funeral, that is all what any further discussions and dissemination of what could have been “if”. American electorate needs to acknowledge, that long range program of emasculating America by Global Elite is in final stages and that at least last three American Presidents are nothing but it’s puppets.

    Therefore, it does not really matter who is in the White House, since both political parties sold American people down the river, especially Obama, who with his more than 900 Executive Orders made himself a virtual king with unprecedented powers of State, thus faithfully following preparations of One World Order, of which both Bushes spoke so often and with passion. UN Agenda 21, sounds any bells, anyone?

    That is the only viable explanation for insane policies since Second World War, that finally rendered America a paper tigre and mere shade of itself, at least in the sense of Founding Fathers intentions.Divide and rule… still applies. Personal charisma prevails over substance… that is Obama to a tee. Dangerous charmer with dangerous intentions, largely unaware electorate with a dollop of useful idiots for a good measure.

    What is there to add… perhaps nothing, Human race is well on it’s way to total slavery, from which, due to today’s technology, there is no escape, Big Brother is watching and any resistance will be brutally suppressed in ways not previously seen on this planet.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Actually, as of Sept. of this year it was 139 Executive Orders. Bush issued about 160 in about the same point in his first term.

      The Agenda 21 hype is a sales job for Glen Beck’s piece of fiction.

      • George

        Hello Doc,
        I guess that number of Executive orders signed by Obama is a matter of references, that were available to you and me, so I will not argue the point. However, if you you are willing to admit, that nearly all of them are just means to bypass Constitution of USA, we might have a starting point for the one I am trying to make.
        Take Obama’s refusal to make USA self-sufficient in energy needs, as oil and related natural gas development of proven sources within States, while supporting and financing development elsewhere, anywhere but USA. Than there is Solyndra project, complete financial flop, reliance on sun and wind to generate power… since when we control weather? Definitely not a reliable and economically sound views.

        I know, that some people instinctively reject any so called “conspiracy theories”, because they find it unacceptable, that their own government could have nothing but the best interests in mind for their own nation. Perhaps you should ask yourself, why is it, that media, education etc. is concentrated in hands of few, who influence the massess and shape their opinions. Obama’s push for control of Internet as a means of free dicussion, his drive for disarmament of legally licenced private citizens, use of American Army within USA to suppress possible resistance of citizens to his policies…

        I could go to many more issues, but all what I would like to suggest is that people should open their minds and consider things already in place, that should scare the hell out of them. Would you say that Americans are truly free, that they are not lied to on
        daily basis? Given to an old adage, “it can not happen in here, this is USA”. All you have to do is check basic facts, such as first actions of any totalitarian regimes, before they take power. Many Jews refused to leave Europe, they did not want to believe, that they can be eliminated, being a good and responsible, contributing citizens. The rest is history.

  • Haywood Jablomie

    Anyone who blames Romney for his defeat is ignorant. Romney was an excellent choice for a Republican president. However, contrary to popular opinion, Romney was NOT running against Barack Obama. He was running against the leftwing media propaganda machine. The media won.

    The media pulled out all the stops to smear and denigrate Romney while protecting their beloved leg-tingling Messiah. They managed to convince voters that Romney was a filthy-rich elitist who was only interested in protecting the rich, while Obama was interested in the working man and the middle class. Of course, the TRUTH is that Obama is the elitist and his policies have hurt the middle class the worst. Romney’s plans would have benefitted the middle class the most.

    Remember how Romney surged in the polls after the first debate? It wasn’t because he “won” the debate. It was because millions of Americans finally got to see the REAL Mitt Romney unfiltered by the leftwing media’s slant. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to overcome the media’s 24/7 propagandizing against Romney and for Obama.

  • amused

    This election might not have really ever been winnable for the GOP. Several reasons:

    1. The candidates that decided to run were either weak on fundraising or weak on electability or really weak on the issues. Bachmann? Huntsman? Cain? Gingrich? Romney? Not sure who else is on the bench but these weren’t great choices.

    2. Romney and his campaign inflicted more than enough damage on himself in his Olympics (Mitt The Twit), Israel (Adelson CashFest), and Poland (This is a religious site. Kiss my ass) tour, his 47% remark, his binders full of women, his “I know NFL and NASCAR owners”. The Dems painted him as an ultrarich guy who would gleefully fire your dad, plunder his pension, send his job overseas, and pocket millions–”Mr Potter” from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Romney was unable to shake that image.

    3. His GOP “allies” made other gaffes. Issa’s “investigations” never landed punches. Obstructionism didn’t play well at home.

    4. The fundraising gap smothered the other electables, which is how Romney crushed Gingrich.

    5. The grueling primary season created tons of video and missteps, as well as strategic choices that were–in the age of YouTube– impossible for Romney to “etch-a-sketch” away in the General Election. Winning the nomination meant taking positions that killed him in the General Election.

    6. FInally, Romney failed the “Beer Test.” Over the last sixty years, there’s only been one exception to the idea that the guy more people would rather have a beer with wins the election, and that was right after Ford pardoned Nixon. Beer test winners: JFK over Nixon, LBJ over Goldwater, NIXON over Humphrey, NIXON over McGovern, Carter over FORD, REAGAN over Carter, REAGAN over Mondale, BUSH over Dukakis, CLINTON over Bush, CLINTON over Dole, W over Gore, W over Kerry, OBAMA over McCain, OBAMA over Romney. Americans “invite” their President into their homes every night on the news. We as a people vote for the person we want in our homes for four long years.

    • Jeff

      Can you imagine having a beer with Nixon? Better keep it to one or he’d start talking about Blacks and Jews like you were Haldeman!

      • amusedinil

        Jeff, you’re right in retrospect, but Nixon’s racism and antisemitism didn’t come out before the elections, only in the tapes and the tell-all memoirs. Again, Nixon didn’t have to be the world’s best drinking buddy, but (as in the joke about outrunning the bear) only had to compete with Humphrey and McGovern. It might have been different if Nixon were running in the age of YouTube (though you could argue that the White House Tapes created one of the first “macaca moments.”)

        We know all this about Nixon now, but the “Tanned, Ready, and Rested” one was a better bet than Hubert Horatio LBJ-VEEP Humphrey and George “1000% behind Eagleton for three days” HotMess McGovern.

        • Jeff

          I don’t know that the “beer buddy” thing had much to do with Nixon’s success. Most people couldn’t stand him, but Humphrey couldn’t get out of LBJ’s shadow on Viet Nam and McGovern got labeled a radical early on so had no chance. Had RFK not been assassinated in ’68, the history of that era would have been very different.

  • http://none Joe Justice

    All the compaints about the recent loss by the republicans should not come as a surprise. Just reflect on the republican primaries. Did you watch that bunch of clowns competing against one another. I note many of your responder refer to Ron Paul. He was not given adequate recognition during the debates. But the primary problem was the others who chose to run for the party. Where were its leaders, men or women, who might present a real challenge to Obama? Some are referring to potential fraud. What nonsense. Just look at the numbers of all the minorities who now compose the majority of voters. Not just blacks but spanish, oriental and others such as youn women. One could watch the R convention and see who was there, not representatives of rhe many. Obama was criticised as a community organizer but he did justy that and kept the groups going from the last electioin. Those talents paid off. JJ

  • Paul

    How did the least qualified person to ever run for President get elected? Obama is still the least experienced of any President ever elected. He hasn’t learned anything in four years. Romney was good candidate, but as they say when conservatives form a firing squad they form a circle. In this web site he was referred to many times as a RINO, Satan, no better than Barrack, cult follower, anti Christ. Conservatives have a death wish and they got it. INstead of rallying behind what would have been a great president, they decided to fight this asinine skirmishes that are just as responsible as any other reason for the loss of the election. I am a conservative and from my view point the conservatives that are in this column are just as dense as Sandra Fluke.

  • Becky oBryan

    Why are so many people blaming Governor Romney for losing the election. It isn’t his fault. It’s the fault of all the people who voted for obama and the liberal dems that were party to fraud, intimidation and vote stealing.

    • KG

      Boy, what a great way to win. Blame it on all of the “stupid” people. Umm…that’s a little more than 47% of the people.

      You know, you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

      • NativeBlood

        You know, you get more flies with honey than vinegar.
        You know, that’s a thought! Obama!!! Lord of the flies:-)

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        KG: You know, you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

        Actually, its been proven that with [expletive deleted] you can catch even more!

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        My apologies, moderator!

  • Dave67

    Conservatives are funny people…

    When conservatives screw up the country, those people are no longer conservatives… they are neocons…

    They throw around big words like communism and socialism and clearly many have no clue what they mean.

    Jesus Christ was a communist just in case the religious nuts were wondering.

    But the funniest is that they think this election was stolen and Obama cheated to win because god forbid it can’t be conservatism that people rejected. LOL

    • NativeBlood

      Dave, didn’t you just quote people that didn’t know what they were talking about?
      Well then, why join them with ignorance as strong as this?

    • DaveH

      Obviously, Dave67, you don’t know what a Conservative is.
      Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone.

      • Dave67

        And its obvious by your generalizations you don’t know what progressive stand for or liberals for that matter. You are painfully clueless about Socialism as well.

        I guess that makes us even.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        One historian defined progressivism as: the “political movement that addresses ideas, impulses, and issues stemming from modernization of American society. Emerging at the end of the nineteenth century, it established much of the tone of American politics throughout the first half of the century.”

        Historians debate the exact contours, but generally date the “Progressive Era” from the 1890s to either World War I or the onset of the Great Depression. Many of the core principles of the Progressive Movement focused on the need for efficiency in all areas of society. Purification to eliminate waste and corruption was a powerful element.

        According to historian William Leuchtenburg: “The Progressives believed in the Hamiltonian concept of positive government, of a national government directing the destinies of the nation at home and abroad. They had little but contempt for the strict construction of the Constitution by conservative judges, who would restrict the power of the national government to act against social evils and to extend the blessings of democracy to less favored lands. The real enemy was particularism, state rights, limited government.

      • DaveH

        Progressives believe that Big Government is the Solution to most of Society’s problems. Progressives can be split roughly into two main groups — Liberal Progressives and NeoConservative Progressives. Liberal Progressives advocate such things as redistribution of wealth, and forcing lifestyle choices on other peoples such as alternative energies. NeoConservative Progressives advocate such things as being the World’s Policemen, conducting Drug Wars, and other such intrusions on other peoples’ lives. Some Progressives, of course, believe in all of the above and can not be allocated to one group or the other.
        Socialism as strictly defined in the Dictionary is Government ownership of all means of production. But more broadly it can be defined by the roots of the word — To Socialize. That is, to spread the effects of certain policies throughout the masses. So, for instance, in the case of Healthcare, instead of people paying for their own mistakes and their own lack of prevention of health problems, the costs are Socialized across the whole mass of people. It is obvious to anybody capable of cogent thoughts that such action will create a Moral Hazard. That is, it creates a disincentive for people to do the necessary things to care for their own health, for example — smoking or drinking to excess or doing drugs, etc. Obviously over time, as people become less and less healthy, there will come to be a great burden on Society (Even if we discount the moral aspects of helping ourselves to other peoples’ money).
        Socialism is morally wrong, and it just doesn’t work, as evidenced in the fact that purely Socialistic Societies such as those under Communism have been miserable failures.
        And it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see what happens to countries as their Governments become ever larger, as one can see from studying this list of countries ranked by the size of their Governments (Economic Freedom). The Bigger their Governments are, the Poorer their Economies are:

        • Jeff

          So, if someone works for a company that doesn’t provide health insurance or got laid off in one of your business cycles, doesn’t over-eat, doesn’t drink, never smoked, and still gets sick, then it’s not a moral hazard for the State to save his life? I think I know your answer. In fact, weren’t you one of the guys yelling “Let him die!” when Ron Paul was asked that question at one of the debates?

          We, as a society, have decided certain things are more important than adherence to your notions of pure economics. We established the Federal Reserve and wrote securities regulations to prevent future Depressions. Depressions are part of your purist theory, are they not? But in the long run, everything works out, right? But, as Keynes pointed out, people live in the short run. The economic system is here to serve us, not vice versa.

          And, once again, I am not “on the take” or whatever idiotic phrase you continually use to marginalize anyone who disagrees with you. If only people on welfare and government workers disagreed with you, Ron Paul or some other Ayn Rand acolyte would be President. So cut the creepy crap.

      • DaveH

        You are an ignorant shill, Dave67, who fancies himself capable of running other peoples’ lives, and I’m an educated man who wouldn’t dream of imposing his will on other peoples’ life choices.
        So NO, Dave67. We’re not EVEN. Not even close.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Jeff: We, as a society, have decided certain things are more important than adherence to your notions of pure economics.

        What do you mean, “we”? I don’t recall giving my consent to the “certain things” you can’t even be bothered to specify. Please don’t include me, in your “we”, as i have not given you authorization to speak on my behalf!

        Jeff: We established the Federal Reserve and wrote securities regulations to prevent future Depressions.

        We, established the Federal Reserve? And you accuse DaveH of having no credibility? You need to do some serious research, Jeff. The US Federal Reserve is not federal, nor does it hold any reserves. This is one of the biggest fallacies propagated on the American public in it’s long and storied history. The fact that you can look up the US Federal Reserve in the phone book and you won’t find it under any government listings at all. It will be located in amongst the other privately owned and operated banks in existence. All these privately owned banking institutions are in business to make as much money as possible for it’s shareholders, and to control the money production and distribution to it’s people.

        Jeff: Depressions are part of your purist theory, are they not?

        Impossible! The Great Depression, including the most recent, was 100% caused by the Federal Reserve. In the mid 1920s, the Federal Reserve used its cartel power to set interest rates at a really low level. This caused inflation and an economic boom. Politically-connected insiders knew that an economic boom was being created. At the start of the boom, they loaded up and debt and bought assets before inflation set in.

        The Great Depression is blamed on “greedy speculators”. With artificially low interest
        rates, it made sense to borrow and buy assets. If interest rates are 2% and inflation is 10%, then borrowing to invest is sensible. Many farmers and small business owners were forced to borrow to expand, to keep up with their competition.

        The “greedy speculators” were acting independently in the “free market”. The Federal Reserve and negative interest rates were the real culprit. The speculators were following the false signal the Federal Reserve was sending via artificially cheap interest rates.

        In 1929, the Federal Reserve insiders decided to jack up interest rates worldwide, causing a depression. The insiders knew what was coming. They stopped issuing loans and converted all their holding to cash.

        At that time, the Federal Reserve did not publish its interest rate target to the general public. The Federal Reserve did not publicly state in advance whether it was planning to raise or lower interest rates. Even in the present, someone who knew in advance about a Federal Reserve move could profit immensely.

        The insiders had converted their holdings to cash before the crash. After the crash, they were able to buy assets at a huge discount. Since they were unleveraged, they were able to borrow and buy up even more assets at the bottom of the Great Depression.

        In 1933, President Roosevelt confiscated everyone’s gold, defaulted on the dollar, and declared the USA bankrupt. The dollar was devalued relative to gold, from $20/oz to $35/oz. Since the dollar was no longer redeemable in gold, this allowed a further increase in the money supply. The insiders who borrowed to buy assets at the bottom of the Great Depression were allowed to default on their loans, repaying their debts with devalued dollars. Many loan contracts contained “gold clauses” requiring payment to be increased if the dollar were devalued relative to gold. Congress declared these “gold clauses” invalid, ripping off creditors and providing a massive subsidy to debtors.

        In this way, politically connected insiders profited from all three legs of the Great Depression. They profited by borrowing and buying assets at the start of the boom. They were first in line to buy assets with the newly printed money, so they were the primary beneficiaries of inflation. Due to their political connections, they were able to foresee the crash coming. They converted their holdings to cash before the crash. At the bottom of the Depression, they were able to borrow and buy assets at a discount. Later, they were able to default on these loans via inflation; inflation meant these loans could be repaid with devalued dollars.

        Insiders profit in this manner EVERY TIME there is a boom/bust cycle. The Compound Interest Paradox means that boom/bust cycles are an inevitable consequence of debt-based money. No matter what the Federal Reserve does, there will be boom/bust cycles. Insiders who know what the Federal Reserve is going to do have the opportunity to profit immensely.

        The Great Depression accomplished several goals. It forced small farmers off their land when they were unable to repay their mortgages. It forced many small businesses to close. It caused the cartelization of many industries. Conditions of great poverty enabled the welfare state apparatus to be put into place. The Great Depression converted the USA from a nation of farmers and small business owners into a nation of wage slaves.

        Nowadays, boom/bust cycles as severe as the Great Depression are no longer needed. The independence of the average American was permanently broken during the Great Depression.

        Jeff: But in the long run, everything works out, right? But, as Keynes pointed out, people live in the short run. The economic system is here to serve us, not vice versa.

        Refer to the above post, Jeff, and then re-think your question.

        Jeff: And, once again, I am not “on the take” or whatever idiotic phrase you continually use to marginalize anyone who disagrees with you.

        Probably not, Jeff. You don’t come across as an insider…you’re too clueless, or perhaps you’re just a liar!

        Jeff: If only people on welfare and government workers disagreed with you, Ron Paul or some other Ayn Rand acolyte would be President. So cut the creepy crap.

        You shouldn’t speak that way to someone who is only trying to help you.

        • Jeff

          I wasn’t aware that in a democracy/republic we needed unanimity to set a policy, so your vote notwithstanding, we (the voters, many voting long before I was of age) decided that certain things would not be left entirely to the vagaries of DaveH’s “free market.” Among those “things” we can include Social Security and the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934 whose enforcement by the Government (using only DaveH’s MONEY) prevented any major banking scandals until the S&L crisis in the late 80s.

          Now, I’m not in daily contact with economic giants like DaveH is, but my understanding of macroeconomics is that cycles naturally create recessions and sometimes Depressions. In the days when most people lived on the land, Depressions were devastating but their effects were different in the 30s when people just got thrown out on the street. As you well know, The Great Depression of the ’30s was not the first such event although it was the best documented and maybe one of the longest lasting.

          The others all predated the Federal Reserve, so blaming the Federal Reserve for the Depression is a stretch. However, the Federal Reserve did not act properly either to prevent or to ameliorate the effects of the Depression. Hopefully, economists have learned something from that experience and now have the tools to deal with such occurrences.

          There is a reason we have largely adopted a Keynesian approach to economics. It is unacceptable to us as humans that we are defenseless against economic cycles we ourselves created. Therefore, on a medical model, if we can do something to prevent “natural” business cycles from wiping out people’s lives, why not do it? After all, the Plague was natural, too, but we decided after World War I we’d prevent it from recurring. Similarly, we wiped out other scourges like polio and smallpox. If the economy can be managed so that we don’t have the violent swings, why not do it?

          It worked pretty well until Glass Steagall was repealed in 1999. Sure enough, within 10 years and with plenty of the Old Deregulation Religion, we had another crash in 2008. Fortunately, we now have a Federal Reserve that does know something and a president who believes in stimulus when demand dries up. Truth be told, even Bush knew this. Everyone knew it except Congressional Republicans who wanted the economy to fail. Listen to Paul Ryan himself in 2002:


          DaveH likes to discredit everyone who disagrees with him as being either on welfare or being a Government worker. No one can legitimately disagree without having a personal stake in “big government.” We all have a stake in an effective government that can do the things we have electorally (sans your vote or DaveH’s) decided it should do, among them the proper regulation of business to keep the markets running properly. Beyond that, I have no “stake” in government payouts. It is these accusations that caused me to rename DaveH the more appropriate Creepy Bastard. It is not because he disagrees with me; nearly everyone here disagrees with me, but I’ve dubbed only one person C.B.

      • Dave67

        Don’t you just love DaveH’s BS? Now he says I want to control other people’s lives when I have never ever said anything of the sort. Its all in DaveH’s so-called mind…. If he doesn’t have a link to his website he is paid by, he doesn’t believe it.

        One day, you will actually get in the game DaveH instead of living off your parent’ss money and society’s charity.

  • Steve in St. Louis

    Sheer idiocy.
    If the GOP sells out or commits to the 1%, there is no way they are going to win any election at all. The electorate is not that stupid.
    Growing ranks of unemployed, homeless, and hungry, and the GOP thinks by cutting taxes on the rich, they will win an election.
    Not likely.

    • amusedinil

      Steve…well said. You did leave one frightening adjective out, however: “ARMED.”

  • Janadele

    Mitt was the best candidate for Presidency the US has ever had. Election fraud, and the nonsense primary process was what elected Obama.

    • amusedinil

      You’re joking, right? Mitt was better than Washington. And Jefferson. And T. Roosevelt. And Lincoln. And he was destined to have his face carved on Mitt Rushmore?

      The so-called super strategist-manager and boy wonder was out strategized and out managed by the community organizer. Yes, there may have been election fraud, but nowhere near enough to cancel the clobbering that “the best candidate for Presidency the US has ever had” received in an election that by all counts the GOP should have won.

      Get real, please!

      • CommonSenseGuy

        amusedinil seems to be really skillful in trying to dissect or drill on the meaning on some words in order to score points. There is such thing like ‘figure of speech’. Even if Janadele actually mean the ‘best candidate’, there is nothing wrong with that. No need to pick on the words.

        However, there are soooo many people in this country believes Obama has the worst accomplishment (even worse than Jimmy Carter) in America’s history.(Again, this is an opinion. There is no point to ‘pick on the words’ again). One thing we know though, in the next four years, Obama can no longer ‘blame on Bush’. He needs to grow up, and take responsibility like a real leader (not ruler) do. Ohhh, I forget, a ruler does not need to be responsible, he just rule…

    • NativeBlood

      “Mitt was the best candidate for Presidency the US has ever had”
      A prime example of FOX oversaturation and total ignorance of all surroundings.
      Romney lost to McCain what made you think he could win after losing once before?
      America hates losers. The best candidate the US has ever had? Please study
      child, study and graduate from school. Please.

    • CommonSenseGuy

      Janadele…totally agreed. This is not conspiracy theories. There were so many (covered up) anomalies around the swing states. It is very likely that this election is being stolen via voters fraud (either by machine or other fraud).

  • FreedomFighter

    Face it guys, America has been taken.

    Some very smart, evil and powerfull entities have used a long term plan of conquest and succeeded in controlling the vote, thru entitlements, wresting control of all of Americas vast natural resources, its people, its military and future.

    We as a people have let, evil satanic,forces divide the country, fixate the masses with entitlements, class warefare, while implementing eugenics>

    Degradation and elimination of moral and family values to be replaced by state appoved values and the state as father and mother.

    They have convinced would be mothers its there right to murder the unborn and make it sound cool.

    These evil entities have Used both the food an water as weapons against us by adding sterilizing chemical to the water and (GMO) genetic modification of foods to cause disease and early death.

    They have convinced society that the elderly need die sooner to save money, while the government steals that “saved” money with a burndensome death tax, stealing family farms and businesses.

    The elimination of the Christian and Jewish faiths to be replaced by athiesm, Islam and satanism

    Implementation of Agenda 21,

    To kill 90% of the worlds and Amercas population and to pack and stack the remaining American people into tightly regulated citys where the water will be drugged, food controlled/poisoned to create a docile stunted both physically and metal slave class.

    Your leaders: Now they will squeeze every last bit of life from us.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • The Christian American

      America was a Christian country and God is holding to it by leaving. The country did not running a Christian candidate this election. He also holds us to our own Constitution. We have NEVER won a war since we decided not bother with a declaration of war to go to war. That’s since Korea, the first undeclared war. No matter who won things won’t get better.

    • amusedinil

      Ok, FF. I’ve read through the Agenda 21 source documents and I think I might have missed the part about compressing the populations and drugging the drinking water. Perhaps you could provide a link with real references?

      • FreedomFighter

        Check the site,

        or google floride, +400 other chemical added to municple water supplys to start with…

        then research GMO foods and effects.

        Then if you want a real kick in the pants start researching chem-trails.

        These searches will begin to uncover the true agenda the elite have planned…in thier own words, publications and statements.

        Its an incremental plan…so you frogs dont feel the heat till its to late

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Kate8

        amusedinil – Search a little further.

        There are a number of sites with a good deal of info on Agenda 21.

        Also, there is a book called “Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21″ by Rosa Koire. She has documented the real plan behind the “green appeal”.

  • DaveH

    I see the Two Party Paradigm is alive and well. The PTBs have the ignorant public right where they want them.

    • Flashy

      “Two Party Paradigm” … DaveH’s “makes me look intelligent” catch phrase of the month

      • DaveH

        Intelligent or not, Flashman, you still have no credibility on this board.

        • Jeff

          You’ve become the Rudy Giuliani of this site. You know, every sentence is a noun, a verb, and 9-11. Your every post is von Mises and/or a personal insult.

  • mari

    You are so wrong, Mr. Myers. Mitt Romney was an excellent conservative candidate. He had the know-how to right this country economically and he would uphold our Constitution to the letter. He was up against a campaign of fraud, corruption, dishonesty (Romney is an honest man), bribery and extortion. More of the voters are ‘spun’ and uninformed and settled for being takers rather than makers. The strengthening of our military would act as a global deterrent to terrorism and brutal aggressors, and yes, the ‘containment’ you apparently advocate in your column. The benefits of the George. W. Bush era positive actions in the Middle East have been plowed under and negated by the Obama administration. Your column is an exact illustration of misguided commentary that hurts conservatism today.

    • CommonSenseGuy

      Amen to that. The column is soooo wrong.

  • Bill

    What works and what does not, Economics for Dummies:

    Raising taxes does not increase tax revenues. Politicians have have tried this for decades and it does not work. The only way to increase tax revenues is for the economy to grow… and higher taxes does not pave a path to prosperity.

    The government has a spending problem and they lie about stopping it. It is like a gambler who promises his wife to blow the family paycheck only at a discount resort in Lake Tahoe rather than Ceasers palace in Las Vegas. Remember, the federal government has promised to reduce spending more times than Charlie Sheen has promised to quick smoking crack.

    The way you sell conservative principles is through smart marketing not moralist politicians engaging their mouth before their brain.

    You can have your cake and eat it too. The way you have extra money to help the entitled is through a vibrant free market economy where everyone has extra disposable cash. Not through penalizing the goose that lays the golden eggs

    • Jeff

      “Raising taxes does not increase tax revenues. Politicians have have tried this for decades and it does not work. The only way to increase tax revenues is for the economy to grow… and higher taxes does not pave a path to prosperity.”

      See, at that point if you had any data to back you up, you’d provide it. Show how lowering taxes boosts the economy while raising them does the opposite. But you have no such data, do you? In fact, empirically we’ve seen the opposite. You said Clinton’s tax increases would destroy the economy and W’s tax cuts would grow the economy. What did we see? The opposite.

      • Bill

        The proof in in the pudding. I am not going to do your due diligence for you. But it happened until John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. And Obamas policies were tried under Jimmy carter we know what happened ther

        • Tony Newbill

          lets all head over to Obamas and make our cases there ….

        • Jeff

          Bill Clinton raised taxes and so did Reagan. After he initially lowered taxes in 1981, Reagan raised them 6 or 7 times because while he was rhetorically quite radical, compared to the modern republicans, he was quite practical in governance. When Clinton raised taxes in 1993, you guys all said the economy would suffer. Well, it suffered but not until the Scalito Court installed W and his tax cut medicine. Until then, we had a record expansion.

    • Sindee Gill

      I agree. Our govt is bloated, corrupt, and out of control. What boggles my mind is that sixty two percent of votes went to a president who failed miserably in his first four years to do anything good for the country except give hand-outs, play golf, take trips, divide the people-groups…and now he has conquered us.

  • CommonSenseGuy

    This is not true. Obama did not ‘really’ win by a landslide. He won that many electoral votes because of the swing states. And looking at the swing states that he won, he won by a laser-thin ‘edge’, and in those states Romney was gaining steam or doing not bad. Something is really fishy. Listening to the anomalies reported in those and other states: intimidation, voting machines problem (either reported error if Romney was voted, or Romney vote was recorded as Obama vote) in swing state machines (most of these machines has something to dol with George Soros-a communist, who has always wanted to change), some counties has 100+% voter turned out, or vast number of counties without a single Romney vote, etc; it is pretty likely that there is vast voters fraud. True, many Hispanics are scared of Romney because he said in the debate that he will not grant amnesty; true that there are die-hard democrats who will vote democrat no matter what; true that most black will vote Obama no matter what. However, Obama was losing steam among young people, independents and even women. People hate ObamaCare, they hate the fiscal deficits, etc…the election result is just plain too suspicious. Don’t beat up Romney or GOP as if we know a lot. This country has more basic problems: corrupted politicians, government and teachers union, brain-washing education system, uninformed voters (by lame stream liberal biased so called ‘media’), illegal entrants (they are not ‘immigrants’)… just to name a few. We need to find out the real history of this country and read the constitution. We are getting too ignorant and lazy.

    • amusedinil

      Let me restate what you said. Obama won the election because he barely won the swing states. But “CommonSenseGuy”, how does a state get to be a swing state? Were they so designated in the Constitution? Actually, a “swing state” is a “swing state” because it’s going to be a close vote there!

      Alabama? Not a swing state…Alaska? Not a swing state. Massachusetts? Not a swing state.


      Which turns us to the “voter fraud” comment. In Florida, about 59,000 votes out of about 8.27 million votes cast is the difference. You would need to prove that these 59,000 votes were (a) fraudlent, and (b) fraudulently cast FOR Obama and not Romney.

      In 2000, it took weeks of wrangling about Florida’s inability to count votes. Now I’m not one who subscribes to conspiracy theories (I believe in Hanlon’s Razor: “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”), others may see sinister plots in Florida’s polling.

      Once you were able to do that, all you’d need is to create a similar proof for just ONE or TWO OTHER states. C’mon. It’ll be easy!

      • CommonSenseGuy

        Is it easier to start a forest fire, or putting it out? Is it easier to plug a hole in a ship, or fixing the hole? Is it easier to damage a painting, or creating it? Is it easier to commit voters fraud, or to go through loops and hoops (which eventually can) to prove it happened? Common sense!!!

        We are not arguing about the technicality of definition of a swing state. If you have paid attention to the other sources of news other than the lame stream media you would have heard so many cases of voters fraud in this election. Way too much enough to start an investigation. Swing state can go either way for sure. THAT IS WHY IF ONE WANTS TO COMMIT VOTERS FRAUD, THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY IS TO CONTROL THE SWING STATE!!! (this year the difference in most of the swing states is just less than 2%; way to small for a ‘swing’ state) Common sense. By the time people go through the loops and hoops to start the investigation, all software programs and other evidence would be long destroyed. Common sense!!

        That is why I see soooooo many people nowadays do not have common sense; but they do have political correctness (nonsense). I think the term ‘common sense’ is an ox-moron; if it is so common then we should not have people arguing about it so often.

        btw: I do not subscribe into conspiracy theories. By common sense, this election result are just way too suspicious.

  • Sergio Pastor

    You know more politics that I; but it is silly and traitor to overlook the real reason. Democrats get out the vote regardless of who their candidate is…because the new generations (12-25y.o) of American have are drinking Kool-Aid as children and taught not to love this country history there minds are now programmed with only socialistic proposes to destroy this great country sir!!! Even as an immigrant I I see this stuff in front of my face and this has nothing to do with racism Mr. If I came from a poor country what I will want JUST FREE stuff. Think about Republican Party needs to nominate a leader that will show Real love of country!!! And revitalize the United States of self reliance, no be a dependant of government and entitlements…etc and freedoms NOT touchy feely crap real man stuff
    Sergio Pastor

  • John Daniel Begg

    No time for gentleman, here boys.

    “We done him in ourselves,” brag the true believers of Mr. Mitt Romney, as there is no time or place for the gentlemanly in the Grand Old Party. I see, but just what sort do we want then, dear friends?

    His Father’s own son: A tale of two Romneys–two good men castigated and brought low, we now discover in part by their own, for the same reason—their treasonous sin called moderation.

    I read my Party post mortems of the election of 2012 and have to laugh–sardonically perhaps–but laugh nonetheless. Everybody, it would seem, is an expert of what went wrong. Moreover, they all stumble over one another trying to one up the other guy about who had earliest prophesized that the nomination of Mitt Romney was “fixed by the GOP establishment,” despite the legitimate yearnings of the people for a fire-breathing zealot.

    The hard right flank of my Party is of course convinced that Romney was a compromiser, an equivocator, an ameliorator, a Democratic Trojan horse. Some brag proudly today openly to me that they didn’t even bother to vote for our Party standard bearer. Well, thanks a lot, guys. Remember, as they say, you get the government you deserve, so if you sandbagged Mitt on purpose for his moderation, let us have now no high talk about rabid radicals in the White House for the next 4 years—as you confess you helped to re-elect the President of the other Party in order to further the ethnic cleansing of our own Party. Congratulations!

    The anointed true believers of my Party concoct any number of theories as to why a race that, literally could not be lost, was lost anyway. Such a theory appears today for your reading pleasure:

    Today, I was simply bowled over by the notion that it was Mitt Romney’s generalized moderation and his “neo-conservative” attitudes that done him in. It is simply hilarious, for example, to suggest that any appreciable number of American citizens have even a vague idea of what a “neo-conservative” is or any interest in learning. That is all inside Washington baseball talk. While there is no GOP establishment in any formal, de jure, sense, there is a de facto ownership of the Party by certain big money donors—much as is the case in the other Party. These rich men wanted Romney. He was their guy. No question. But Romney was not a bad man. He simply did not fit the times. This bad fit is terribly sad because Mitt would have been a very good President. Mitt was, and remains, a very good man as was his father before him, both of them gentlemen. I am distressed to read that so many of my Party think the idea of having a gentleman for a President is such a dreadful idea. Do these writers think the Americans want and deserve a rabid Helot as their President?
    Let’s alter course here a bit. The Financial Panic of 2008 did, “fundamentally change America.” Who was to blame for the Panic of 2008 requires a number of completely separate full-length history books to sort out–and, as with all history books which go unread by all but a tiny few, such a sorting out is of little real-life value any longer.
    America, and the West, went off a very high mountain and into a ravine in the Panic of 2008 and we haven’t gone anywhere near the bottom of the ravine yet and we are not coming back—ever—unless something very drastic is done—which is most unlikely. The Panic of 2008 and the attending poverty, unemployment and despair that has followed, and relatedly, and considered together with, what to do about closing down the American war machine that saps our blood and gold and never ceases to churn, are the only political issues today of any consequence—there are no others.
    How to deal with poverty and despair in America? The standard Parties pretend poverty is not there, but it surely is. How do the big Parties differ respecting how to deal with systemic, and quickly coming, structural, American poverty on a mass basis?
    I have, in my life, been often asked the relevant difference between our two, principal, political Parties. The correct answer to this is eye-popping in its simplicity. The difference is that the other Party pretends to care about the poor while mine does not so pretend. This means, among other things, that my Party is marginally less sanctimonious before God–as the poor are His special ones. To pretend to care for them in order to steal their votes is, hence, far the more offensive to God than the position of my Party which does not so pretend.

    As to the sole other issue of consequence in America today past poverty–which is the dismantling of the war machine—here is the what to do:

    American politicians, of all brands, are utterly incapable of dealing with real issues such as the Panic of 2008, and, frankly, they don’t even bother to pretend they are capable of dealing with real issues. The American people want something done about the fall-out that continues from the Panic, but conventional politicians cannot conceive a way to do anything. So, they change the conversation and talk of other things–any other things–principally, very silly things. Here is more on why that Panic may be a final curtain call for America and the West:

    And, a possible way out—a glimmer of hope:

    Like his father before him, Mitt Romney advocated to be a President who is a “moderate manager.” If that cost him the election, so be it. I recall vividly, sitting very close to Mitt in San Francisco in 1964 when the Party nominated a purist–Mr. Goldwater–and George Romney, a very successful, moderate, Governor of Michigan, cautioned the Party about the dangers of being hijacked by extreme elements. He was virtually torn from the stage. Things got very hot, George stormed out of the convention, his family in tow, and I am certain Mitt never forgets that ugly scene—he dwells on it every day—most especially now.
    Yet George Romney was right in his fundamental thoughts in 1964, as his son was in 2012. The Americans do not want wild eyed zealots as their President. This is rightly so as the Americans should not desire wild-eyed zealotry. If disgruntled true believers truly want to live under wild eyed zealotry, they can repair to perhaps Egypt or Syria or Libya.
    The Americans desire above all, in the words of Mr. Madison, a President, who leads a government that “protects the people and facilitates commerce.” And that’s about all the Americans want of their President and their government. That is what we all ought to search for—not manic zealotry—rather–moderation and a firm, sober, gentlemanly, hand on the throttle of government. Why, please say, Party brethren, is a gentleman President such an atrocious idea?
    As an adieu for today, consider what may well come if we do not directly and forcefully deal with the after-shocks of the Panic of 2008 and our bi-partisan, and consummate, failure to rein in the war machine. Here is some wild-eyed zealotry for you to consider, if that’s what you say you really want boys:

    • Right Brain Thinker

      A very well-written comment that “hangs together” under scrutiny and can be endorsed by many of us. I would quarrel greatly with only one small part. John D B says:

      “The difference is that the other Party pretends to care about the poor while mine does not so pretend. This means, among other things, that my Party is marginally less sanctimonious before God–as the poor are His special ones. To pretend to care for them in order to steal their votes is, hence, far the more offensive to God than the position of my Party which does not so pretend”

      Aside from being a bit presumptuous in speaking for God about what God would find “offensive”, the evidence is there for all to see that the Democrats DO care more about the poor (and the 99% as well) than the Republicans. As do most Americans in this nation that still demonstrates so many Christian values. That’s why the Democrats seem to be winning more elections. IMO, the sanctimony and self-righteousnessis the exclusive property of those who would suggest that votes that were freely given by people who want to move the country FORWARD were in any way “stolen”.

      • mamba

        I could not disagree with your premise more Right Brain Thinker that the evidence supports that Democrats do care more. Why? Because all of the entitlement programs directed at the poor even though they are wrought with waste and fraud and have done little or nothing to actually eliminate poverty? Does it speak to the POTUS’s compassion, that even while we are facing the “fiscal cliff” and there are thousands of American’s still suffering the aftermath of Sandy that the POTUS has just left for yet another lavish vacation: 3 weeks in Hawaii? I think not. ON the other hand, there is enormous evidence to support just the contrary. Republicans are far more charitable than dems with their OWN money.

    • mamba

      I seldom get on this thread and even more seldom do I comment since most of the comments retain the same content and tenor, although spoken by different people at times. However, I had to comment on your post and thank you for what I consider one of the best posts I have ever read, including the editorials written by people like John Myers, some of which I agree, some of which I do not. I think you wrote thoughtfully and eloquently and I find myself in agreement of most of your assertions. Despite the outrageous attacks from the Democratic campaign and the lies and the spin of the national news media, for those of us who know, Romney is a gentleman and a statesman and there is no room for either in the WH currently. That in itself is a tragedy. Thank you for your thoughts.

  • Phil Myers

    The GOP has fallen into the well. Ask anyone who tried to reach the national convention as a Ron Paul delegate. The scheming and bullying tactics were downright “union” except no one was shot. The hatred and hostile establishment, now neocon, chose to bear defeat rather than risk having a campaign and election on solid Constitutional issues. Mr. Myers is right on that point.

  • Dave67

    The other laughable item that conservative bring out is that conservatives lost because people were promised “free” gifts by Obama.

    Lets review:

    Tricky Mitt promised:

    Another huge tax cut (gift)
    More deregulation (gift)
    More defense spending (gift)

    So conservatives will have to find another talking point to disguise their fear and racism that stems from white males losing their dominant position in US national elections.

    As conservatives still try and make excuses for America rejecting their extremist agenda (social agenda, corporatist agenda via the Koch Brothers and their ilk), they will continue to lose national elections.

    As a liberal, I say keep up the good work.

    • Tony Newbill

      Dave67 while you sit there bitching about the Kock brothers Corporate agenda there is another Agenda that will be kicking your Liberties in the butt soon …. World Bank spends your money to promote sharia

      • Dave67

        Who’s bitching? I say keep up your good work. Your nuttiness gets further exposure and conservatives lose elections… It works for me.

        So as the conservative extremist fade into obscurity, the rest of us can work together to make our country better.

        • Tony Newbill

          Dave67 define what you think Better is ???

      • Dave67

        Sure Tony,

        A country where people don’t get their panties in a bunch if two people of the same sex want to marry.
        A country where a family can make enough money on one salary to own a home, transportation, and save for retirement/kids college.
        A country where the people/media keep the Gov in check and the Gov keeps corporations/unions in check
        A country that does not engage in free trade agreements with countries that pay their workers pennies on the dollar
        A country that does not allow big monied interests dictate policy.
        A country that values education
        A Country that mandates that everyone on their 18th birthday serve the country in some capacity for 2 years and upon completion, your first 2 years of college are paid in full
        A country were drugs are legal and the profit motive is out of the picture.
        A country with a single payer HC where the end user (patients) and doctors make the medical decisions and we have prevention as the focus of HC.
        A country that does not support dictators
        A country that pays for what it buys
        A country works with the international community on disputes
        A country that declares war before invading other countries as the Constitution dictates.
        A country where compromise, civics and cooperation are valued…

        I can give you more but this is a start.

      • GrowUp

        May be Dave67 means the rosy feeling that one is ‘finally’ able to ‘do something good’. Instead of one working hard and be a net producer (versus a net consumer…like consuming government welfare of any shape or form); one can use the policing power of liberal (actually socialist/Marxist/communist) government to confiscate the legitimate fruit of others’ hard work and ‘spread the wealth’ around.

        I once heard something like this: young people are mostly liberal, as they grow older and become mature they become republican (not RINO). But then again, some people never grow up; or give in because of selfish reasons…

      • momo

        Hey Dave67, let’s hold hands and sing Kumbayah while we’re at it. You live in a dream world.

      • Dave67

        Sorry Momo, I was asked what “better” means to me…

        You can put “capitalist, religion-based totalitarian regime” on your own list if you wish.


        Yeah, I remember that BS soundbite to make conservatives feel better about themselves. Like most conservative thoughts, it doesn’t play here in reality.



      • mamba

        In response to Dave 67 who doesn’t seem to realize that his list of “what better is” is not exclusive to the democratic party and that most American’s share those same beliefs with a few exceptions. The only difference lies in how to achieve the outcomes that you just listed. Therein lies the rub. We all want pretty much the same things, but we disagree on the best way to accomplish those things.

        A country where people don’t get their panties in a bunch if two people of the same sex want to marry.
        -No one really cares, many conservatives however don’t think the government should be the keeper of marriage vows.

        A country where a family can make enough money on one salary to own a home, transportation, and save for retirement/kids college.
        -Who doesn’t want that except the people so conditioned to living off the government that they don’t know of any other way?

        A country where the people/media keep the Gov in check and the Gov keeps corporations/unions in check
        -Yes, I think conservatives especially would be very happy and relieved if the media would actually do their jobs instead of constantly campaigning for Obama.

        A country that does not engage in free trade agreements with countries that pay their workers pennies on the dollar
        -While good in theory, are you willing to pay more for your consumer goods?

        A country that does not allow big monied interests dictate policy.
        -What political party doesn’t allow that? lmao

        A country that values education
        -Again, who doesn’t value education?

        A Country that mandates that everyone on their 18th birthday serve the country in some capacity for 2 years and upon completion, your first 2 years of college are paid in full
        -While I agree, good luck getting any traction with that idea. BTW those that serve in the armed forces do get their education paid for…

        A country were drugs are legal and the profit motive is out of the picture.
        -While I agree, not going to happen.

        A country with a single payer HC where the end user (patients) and doctors make the medical decisions and we have prevention as the focus of HC.
        -This is not Obamacare and if you think it is, you are in for one BIG surprise!

        A country that does not support dictators
        -Are you saying that Americans support dictators???

        A country that pays for what it buys
        -Then you would have voted for Romney, not Obama…

        A country works with the international community on disputes
        -Who doesn’t want this? And How has this been working for us in the middle east???

        A country that declares war before invading other countries as the Constitution dictates.
        -conservatives value the constitution above all else.

        A country where compromise, civics and cooperation are valued…
        -Like America now? I don’t know where you live, but these are all common values shared by almost anyone…so are clean air and water, conservationism and sustainability, but then if you only listen to the lies of the NNM then you won’t believe that.


  • http://Nowebsite John DeLellis


  • Firewagon

    “….America has been changed in our lifetimes, that a revolution has taken place, that though we appear to the world as the same country, we are a different nation on a course far off the one our fathers set.”

    Sadly true! As a favorite commentator states, most Americans are now on the government plantation. The American electorate voted for free ‘stuff!’

    This is from Pravda with love: “Pravda, in a scathing attack on Obama and “illiterate” Americans who reelected him, calls Obama a Communist.” Russia understands what is going on, we are the “illiterate” ones…….

  • Anne

    An awful lot of us wanted Romney elected, as he would have restored fiscal sanity to the USA. Those who thought him a bad candidate obviously and naively fell for Obama’s lies and liked drama over reality. One friend of mine was against Romney until she heard him speak in person during the late summer. She said all she had heard were lies before then. It was not Romney’s fault Obama is a bold faced liar with a bunch of liars around him. I believe if this had been an honest election, Romney would have won hands down.

    • Lori

      I agree!

      • AWKingsley

        @ Lori and in response to Anne: Romney’s voting record and his flip flopping, otherwise known as lying, lead many Far Right Republicans to believe that Romney would not restore fiscal sanity, even if he could. Romney has New World Order Globalist affiliations, and the goals of that group do not jive with the aspirations and needs of American citizens. Romney wasn’t a turnaround expert; I worked for a turnaround expert. Romney was called a “vulture capitalist” because both he and his company encumbered the companies they supposedly served with enormous bank loans for their services. What these guys were doing was more of a twisted financial game that is dependent on “Big” banks and a “Big” government that supports looting banks. The vulture capitalists can only operate in that environment. Romney was capitalizing on his father’s business and political connections to accomplish what he did, which is why Bain had a problem when he left.

        All Democrat and Establishment Republican presidents have to repay the corporate sponsors who paid for their advertising (campaign donations). They are handed their part of the NWO agenda to accomplish after the election. At least we avoided Romney’s part of the agenda, which is what many of us wanted. Obama is worn out, and he is thwarted at every turn. Our greatest concern was a new guy in office who would have his Globalist Socialist agenda unimpeded by also having a Republican House and Senate. We did not want a RINO to hold full sway any more than we wanted Obama to have that luxury. We got enough of that with Bush to last a lifetime.

      • mamba

        To AWKingsley: But it isn’t lying when Obama CONSISTENTLY flip flops, as I recall, Obama’s lies are categorized as “changing his mind” or ignored all together by the NNM. And if that is what you consider lying than what is it when Obama intentionally fabricates stories to cover up his incompetencies like the incidence in Libya leaving 4 Americans dead?

        • awkingsley

          @Mamba: The problem for many voters was making a choice between one lying Socialist and another lying Socialist. Of course Obama lies, but why replace the liar with whom we are familiar, the one who has already put forth most of his agenda, with a liar who will layer on an additional untenable agenda? This has been the case with both the RINO NeoCons and the Democrats for the past 100 years. Some voters said enough is enough, and we stopped the train and got off.

  • Bryan

    All these so called “conservatives” are a joke! All the candidates you support are also sellouts on illegal immigration and also the reason for most illegals invading this country! If our country is taking over by third world trash, we become the 3rd world! there is nothing more import right now then stopping this or we are done as a country!!! Mitt Romney was the only one with the balls to do anything about it! They are supposed the be so pro America, then why won’t they do anything about the 30 million illegal alien invasion! Linsey gram, newt Gingrich are all talking about Amesty now! What a bunch of sellout cowards!

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Most neo-cons that I’ve seen are pro-Israel and Jewish (Crystal, Podhoretz, etc…)….they believe in a stong America….as long as it’s somebody else’s son doing the fighting.
    They don’t care how many goy must die for Israel….

  • Carol Brink

    Mitt Romney would have been a fine president had he been elected. I believe that he would have been elected if he had addressed, face on, the attacks made against him.
    He just let too many things ride, allowing them to take deep root in the minds of the electorate. And I hate to say it,but much of the electorate is politically ignorant and their opinions are formed from campaign rhetoric. Also, I think what the people were hearing from Romney was what he was going to take away, not what he was going to offer. For example, was it really necessary to make such a point of defunding planned parenthood? Of defunding PBS? That lost a lot of votes and although it makes economic sense, they are rather low on the conservative priority list. The economy, jobs, Constitutional freedoms.While most people want to see this Country with a strong military, they are now ready for our troops to leave Afghanistan and to refrain from trying to be the worlds police.
    After watching all of the primary debates, I don’t think any of the other canidates would have fared better. Republicans will have to find a way to stay true to conservatism while promoting a more moderate view. Then and only then will they re-gain the White House.

  • james street

    With all due respect Sir I beg to differ. The economy was the issue most important to a majority of Americans. A majority of Americans trusted Romney more with the economy than Obama. However, the entitlement mentality taproot in this nation has taken a firm hold. When Ronald Reagan was elected, 25% of Americans were on the govt dole. During this election 47% are on the govt dole. The takers are a breath away from outnumbering the makers. The printer is in high gear, wide open 24/7/365. The day will come that the makers can no longer cover the cost of whats given to the takers. Hyper inflation will come and the dollar becomes worthless. When that day arrives there will be unrest the likes of which have never been seen before nor ever will be again. Greece will pale to insignificance. 150,000,000 ARMED Americans. The prepared will be defending themselves from the unprepared. There will be bloodshed of biblical proportions. Elections have consequences. And we are short on time to finding out just how dire those consequences really are.

  • AWKingsley

    More information on the Israeli situation and the URL for a very informative article in the American Thinker:

    It is important that Republicans start to understand Israeli politics and defense before we get drawn into a conflict with China over this game. China is building oil refineries in Iran, and after everything else we have done to China, destroying those refineries looks like it would be the last straw. Netanyahu was engaged in violent saber rattling prior to the election. Next, Obama was re-elected and Hamas thought they had a wonderful opportunity – just what Israel wanted: ISRAEL NEEDED TO DRAW LIVE FIRE TO TEST THE NEW HALF OF ITS ARROW 5 DEFENSE SYSTEM, DUE IN TOTAL IN 2014. Israel always rattles its sabers to attract live fire for testing their defense systems. At the end of 2010, Israel loudly announced they were going to engage in a test of their new Iron Dome defense system, but when they actually announced the test in advance, they got very little live fire. This time Israel did not announce a test, so they drew a lot of rocket and artillery fire from Hamas, just what Israel wanted. However, there is still a problem with complete testing because they only drew one missile, and it fell short – fell into the ocean. Now Israel has to come up with enough saber rattling to attract actual missile fire, not just rockets and mortars. If not before, at the end of 2014, look for a lot of saber rattling again from Israel because they will be testing their complete Arrow 5 Defense System at that time. At that point the Israelis will have overlap in their systems to compensate for a former small margin of error. The Israeli Defense Systems are on GPS, and they allow rockets, mortars, and missiles to fall in unpopulated areas because they do not want the expense of deploying anti-missiles at all incoming fire. The new Arrow 5 Defense System will target all incoming fire very close to launch. In other words, if Pakistan launches a nuke at Israel, Pakistan is likely to get the fallout from their own nuke.

    Israel is becoming close to invulnerable. I wish I could say the same about the U.S. We do not have any of these Defense Systems – only ones against nukes, and all of the wars since the World War II A-Bombs have been land invasions. No country can afford to nuke another. Again, watch for another Israeli Defense System test at the end of 2014, if not before, you will be rewarded with another manufactured war.
    Keep the U.S. out of this conflict. Israel has everything very well in hand. Hamas has to be dumb as a rock to ever respond to Israel’s challenges as would Iran or even Pakistan. As Americans, we need to stop being dumb as rocks about Israel’s game. Israel is shortly to be a world power, and I predict it will get really aggressive.

    • mamba

      And so you just ignore the attacks from Hamas? You ignore that there is an entire movement to wipe Israel from off the face of the planet?

      • awkingsley

        @Mamba: The Israelis are deliberately drawing live fire, in order to test their defense system. Why would anyone go to Israel’s aid when they are just sucking Hamas in to kill them? Getting involved is dangerous for the U.S. because Iran has China as an ally.

        Israel took on the whole Middle East in the 6 Days War in 1967. If Israel could manage most of the countries in the Middle East in 1967, why would they be unable to manage Hamas today? At this point, Israel has the finest defense system in the world, unparalleled in the history of mankind. Our country needs to upgrade its own defense system by bringing bases home and either buying or rapidly developing the same defense systems Israel has – the Iron Dome and Arrow 5 defense systems. Israel developed their own defense systems. We waned to build their defense systems for them, but they wanted to develop their own defense systems, in order to employ Israelis. We paid for a lot of the Israeli defense system, but we did not receive any of the technological knowledge from Israel that we paid to have developed.

        • Jeff

          “Israel took on the whole Middle East in the 6 Days War in 1967. If Israel could manage most of the countries in the Middle East in 1967, why would they be unable to manage Hamas today?”

          Why are we having difficulty in Afghanistan? Why did we have trouble in Iraq? Defeating armies is easy if you’re stronger and more sound tactically. Occupation is much more difficult. Israel has to work this out and disentangle from the West Bank and Gaza or they risk becoming South Africa in the next 20 or 30 years. Time and demographics may be a tougher opponent than any Arab Army ever was. The Palestinians are impossible to do business with, but Israel has no choice. If Netanyahu can’t see that, it’s our obligation as Israel’s ally to remind them.

          • awkingsley

            @Jeff@ Mamba: The continuing wars are over land the Israelis occupy that formerly belonged to Arabs, Palestinians they call themselves. The wars started with Israeli ethnic cleansing of 78 Arab villages when they initially took over Israel, per Rabbi Lynn in Albuquerque, NM, who has worked on the peace accords. The Iraelis currently occupy additional Arab lands, occupied since 1967, that they refuse to return. That is why we should not get involved when Israel tests its defense systems.

            We need to put the money into our own defense systems, to achieve U.S. defense systems comparable to the Israeli defense systems instead of helping Israel fight Israel’s manufactured wars.

      • mamba

        to Awkinsgley: I know the history of Israel; however, I do not agree that they are intentionally provoking manufactured wars. However, I will agree that we need to close some bases, streamline and strengthen our defenses, our defense funding and our technology – absolutely. “The best offense, is a strong defense”

  • Mark Are Reynolds

    It’s all fixed. “They” pick who “they” want in the white house and that’s it. If they have to cheat, rob, rape, steal, murder or whatever to get it done, it get’s done. There is no more vote left. It has been stolen from us through phony electronic voting. Obama was picked and is a puppet to his masters. Trick is to find out who his master are and Mission Impossible their ass.

  • Smoovious Laxness

    Conservativism, isn’t about birth control or marriage or other social issues… no matter what the Evangelical wing would have Republicans believe.

  • http://BobLivingston Goodsteve

    I hope and pray that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan weren’t the last harrah for the GOP party,
    muchless America. I hope that we can come up with a truly viable Republican candidate in
    2016, who’ll be able to win the election and be a real leader for this country.

    • GrowUp

      Here is the to do list:
      1. Start NOW to register all citizens (not residents – legal or not) as voters.
      2. Make a law that to be absolutely clear that if you want to vote at any future election, you have to provide your voter ID. Absolutely no exception.
      3. If one cannot ‘afford’ any application fee, the government WILL PAY for it. No more excuse from Democrats…only verified voter count. You have FOUR YEARS to do it. Any objection to it reflects theid dark intention to steal the election.
      4. Clean up the current voter record, Remove ALL deceased voters, multi-state registeration, and bad records.
      5. Do NOT use voting machines any more (no more George Soros voting machines), use plain paper.
      6. Now you also have four years to educate the people, and to expose the liberal biased media.
      7. When an actual election comes, we can have more steps to avoid voter intimidation, etc.

  • Dockterj

    I want someone to explain to me how a Republican (conservative) get elected when FRAUD is rampant and Republicans can do nothing about it.

  • adele1688

    John Meyers, get a life. Why are yall still angry? I proud and glad that I have a president who cares about others. Read your Bible. Jesus did too.

  • watcher

    The writings I read make me so sad because the people are so filled with rage and hatred it is frightening and all these emotionally charged people are of Republican ideology. I cannot understand where all this darkness is coming from. The emotional content of your writings are so very much like the rage and hate filled ideologies of radical Muslims. do you really want to sound like them. There are some things that work and others that do not and cutting taxes on the rich is a does not work concept. There is no such thing as a trickle down effect. There is however a trickle up effect when Republican ideologies are in force. The result is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class spiral into the poor class. Republican ideologies are not meant for all, these ideologies are meant for only the top one-half-percent to the one-percent of the population who decree the 99-percent of the population work and manage on the one-percent of monies the richies allot while they enjoy 99-percent of the monies. This is the elites power and they intend to maintain their positions however necessary. That of course involves whatever brainwashing that has occured because there still are many American citizens that believe the rich should receive even more tax cuts while ‘they’ will end up paying more taxes. There also is a problem with the Republican ideology that they believe they have the right to cram down their beliefs on others all in the name of God. This sort of behavior is certainly not Christian according to the Bible. This behavior is more akin to the behavior of extremist Muslems where the believe if you do not convert they can kill you. Another very scarey similarity. What is up? This behavior and thinking is certainly not conservative. The labels have switched and it is Republicans that are radicals and the Democrats that are behaving conservatively. Democrats behave more Christianly and are trying to help and provide equality for the fellow brothers and sisters open-mindedly. Democrats are called Liberal but I see them more as Conservative and much more Christian which the Republicans behavior no longer is.

    No one has the right to enforce their beliefs onto another by force which the Republicans ideology is. Using force is not Christian but radical Islamic. Acceptance of a person because of who they are is how everyone should be. There should be no rage and hatred because of differences and the desire to destroy someone because they do not believe what you do. That is sin. I can only suppose that because there is so much rage and hatred in people they must be very unhappy with their lives for whatever reason(s). That is sad. That is not a good reason however to want to destroy another person or to look forward to a believed end of the world. Such beliefs have come and gone countless times. Those that see the glass as half empty will be unhappy. Those that see the glass as half full will and can be content. I choose to be content with my half full glass of water and willl let you do what you want as long as it does not hurt me or interfer with my persuits. I really hope more clear thinking can and will prevail. The world needs peace not strife, bickering and warring.

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      What’s could be the matter, watcher; did you miss your nappy-time today?

      • One Happy G

        Hey put your self in check! It’s one thing to passionately express your opinion and another to be childish and rude……. CUT IT OUT!

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)


    • One Happy G

      AMEN! Well said :)

  • SarahR

    You say America elected Obama? No, only half of America elected Obama. the Illiterate society half elected him. He is not my president. I am now supporting Israel and I recognize Benjamin Netanyahu as the new Leader of the Free World. I love my country but I no longer show allegiance to my government.

    • One Happy G

      That is certainly your right and your choice so follow through and move from America, especially since you think that half of it is iliterate….Bonvoyage :)

    • CassieJ

      I support your view Sarah. Forget these idiots who are still Bush-bashing. They promised to leave the USA when Bush was re-elected but instead we got stuck with their stupidity and will now all go down the toilet together. And when that happens, they will still be blaming Bush, or the “Republican House Majority” – anything to avoid accountability. If you get a chance, google the message from David Hocking (Hope For Today) on 11/28/12. He explains exactly what is happening & there is a true (as opposed to lying media) story of obama’s dissing Netanyahu & Canada’s PM Harper inviting him to visit!

      Also, to all you ignoramuses: anybody can win an election when you cheat, buy votes, and register dead people. The consequences will be beyond ugly & you will likely be unprepared

    • Sindee Gill

      I beg to differ not even half of the citizens of America voted for Obama, fraud was the way Obama got what his handlers and protectors wanted. I am still in shock how they did it back in 2008 and again on Nov 6th. Amazingly every warning from the Bible has been playing out right in front of our eyes but those who have ears shall hear and the rest are under seduction. America is the only country where Christianity reigns and that is what not just Obama but the world wants to destroy. And the ultimate goal is to destroy Israel but we can read the end of the story…God wins this battle and all kings, rulers, princes, leaders, nations, peoples loose.

  • Bimbam

    Mitt was picked precisely because they knew his character could not stand up to obama. They knew he could not criticize him due to being a nice guy.

    YEP, Mitt was picked as the fall guy and what is worse he was too stupid to even realize it.

    • nickkin

      Yes bimbam, and Mitt is laughing all the way to the bank. OH, by the way of blogging, Obozo is requesting a lunching with Mitt. Wonder what Mitt’s fee- charge will be for the appointment? Probably want’s some accounting lesson’s that obozo missed @ occidental college. I think obozo got incompletes in most of his classes.

      • Jeff

        I’m sure your stellar academic record makes Obama’s look positively awesome by comparison. Most Rhodes Scholars spend lots of time on moronic blogs.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Safe to assume you’re not a Rhodes scholar, Jeff?

  • George P Arensman

    I remember my dad saying in the early 50′s when I ask him a quesion (don’t you know that he is a croo, our elected representitive for southern Illinois ( his reply to that statement was yes I do but he is a good crook for us. He kept getting re-elected until he died. Romny was to nice a guy to get in the trenches and fight the democrats and republicans. His statement was most likely correct aout the 47% who would vote their pocket not what was best for he US in the longrun. So it goes in this day and time we have forotten to call somthing what it is and have invented words that talk aroung the subject.(call a spade a spade) Our governing bodies are afraid of facing the hard decision because they might not get reelected. I remember some time bace asking State Senator what he did. His reply I am a druggest, now called a pharmasist. I go to Springfield every other year to serve my state in the state government. Ask a present elected senator what he does his feply is I AM A STATE OR US SENATOR. I say all during their term they are running for reelection, on my $$. neglecting their responsibilty to their job. WHAT DID IT COST US TAXPAYERS TO TAKE OBAMA ALL OVER THE US POLITICING. YOU CAN COME UP WITH ALL THE EXCUSES YOU WANT BUT IT IS ODD THAT HE WANT TO SOME OF THE STATE SEVERAL TIME DURING THE ACTIVE RE-ELECTION PROCESS. I know that the president must have the abilitgy to be in contace with the world at all times, ?begazie mispelled I know but you know to what I refer. Let him take Airforce one on the campaign trips bu charge him the actul costs of the use of these assete.

  • watcher

    To SarahR – From what I remember American citizens vote to elect people for public office such as President. Generally, let us say that 51-percent vote one way and 49-percent vote the other way in presidental elections. Generally, that means that one party wins because they got the majority vote.

    This time Obama got the necessary votes to get a second term as President. The time before Obama got the necessary votes to get become President. The time before that Bush Jr got enough votes to get a second term as President. The time before that Bush Jr got enough votes to become President.

    By the Way, I am not taking any consideration into the differences between the popular votes and electoral votes.

    I am also not taking any consideratioon into the fact that if the Justices had not voted to stop counting those questionable ballots in Florida there very well could have been a different President other than Bush Jr.

    I do want to stress that when Bush Jr won under those circumstances the losing half of Americans DID NOT – I REPEAT – DID NOT start whinning non-stop and start petioning to succeed from America. Neither did the losing half of Americans aka the Democratic party carrying on and on and on like the Republicans are now.

    This behavior is more akin to a temper tantrum and enough is enough. We are all supposed to be adults; rational and sensible adults not bratty losers. Continuing such disruptive behavior is very harmful to American and down-right treasonous. Unless the losing minority truely wants the United States of America to implode and be destroyed by their bias and prejidices there well eventually be no America because it will have followed in the steps of the USSR. Can you remember the USSR and what happened or are you too young.

    This situation of instant gratification is the behavior of spoiled adolescents not adults nor is this behavior that of Americans but it is behavior of brainwashed people. You can be angry because of my reply but the remarks are for everyone. We have to stop this crazy party bull and start pulling more for the good of all. The good of all in my opinion means that people do not have to be homeless and freeze outdoors. I also believe that everyone should be able to have something to eat at least once a day. Additionally, there is the need for shelter and the basic desire to maintain ones physical apperance. To deny basic needs and dignities is a sin and NOT CHRISTIAN. All of us bleed red. All of us get thirst and hungry, All of us like to be able to clean ourselves and bathe and have clean clothes. All of us also like to be warm enough or be able to cool off it’s hot and summery.

    I just do not undertstand where all this rage and hate is coming from after this election. The divide between political parties just keeps growing wider and it’s all explained by the differing ideologies but the end-game goals are the same. The only differing point is the ideological process of getting there.

    All I can say is I really pray to God for more cool-headedness and more clarity of thinking that will exclude religious views and ideologies. We’re getting to the point of requiring divine intervention to protect us from our own ranges of stupidity.

    • Jeff

      “All I can say is I really pray to God for more cool-headedness and more clarity of thinking that will exclude religious views and ideologies. We’re getting to the point of requiring divine intervention to protect us from our own ranges of stupidity.”

      I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for “clarity of thinking,” but if it’s a “range of stupidity” you’re seeking, you’ve hit the motherload!

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Yes Jeff, and you supply most of the “load”!

  • akathesob

    A better idea is “Joe the Plumber”!

    • Jeff

      Like the Holy Roman Empire, he’s neither a Joe nor a plumber. Other than that, he’s totally authentic. An authentic what you have to figure out for yourself.

      • akathesob

        Great reply Jeff and right you are. Bottom line until we rid our country of millionaire leaders and lobbying nothing and I mean nothing will ever change.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        No offence, akatheslob, but good luck with that!

  • watcher

    to Jeff, re ‘Hitting the motherboard’ in reply to ‘range of stupidity’

    Thank you for you comment – I really needed a laugh to acknowlege a bit of cerebral higher function in someone – you give me hope that we still have a chance.

    to akathesob – you are so several million percent right

  • nickkin

    So Mr.Myers, do you contend that we need a third party? I say, why not. We could call it the “mediation party”, something of a referee party. They could take a little of that and a little of this. Mix it all together and come up with something of a compromise. If we compare America to a big business conglomerate, let’s use “The Bain Capital Strategy”. We could get rid of the wasteful departments, streamline the Congress, Judicial etc.. Structure pay on an hourly basis, flat tax the hell out of everyone, lease our military out to foreign countries and sell green energy the to foreign countries and drill baby drill in America until we are so independant we all get bored with the American Dream. Oh, by the way, what is working in Canada that put their economy in a better position than what we have in America?

  • notalemming

    With all due respect, I disagree with you, Mr. Myers. Romney did NOT lose because he ran a poor campaign, or because the Reps needed a better candidate, or because the
    economy made a slight upward adjustment (maybe) due to a business cycle. He did not
    lose because he spoke of so much he so obviously wanted to correct….he lost because he offered REALITY while Obama offered FREE stuff! It is impossible to ignore that the
    majority of Obama’s votes that he got (besides the rampant fraud at the election booths
    that stole thousands of votes… many, that Romney would have likely won in spite of his honesty and integrity), were from an electorate that have forgotten, if they ever knew, conservative virtues…liberty, hard work, free enterprise, private initiative and aspirations to moral greatness. They are no longer inspired by these things. Romney, who held these beliefs to be as dear to all Americans, as they are to himself, simply could not compete with the allure of “free stuff”. Every businessman knows the value of free stuff…why the “loss leader” is such a powerful marketing tool. Obama’s America is about 47,000,000 on food stamps, those who receive 2 full years(?) of unemployment benefits, and those who anticipate “free” health insurance…..and free phones!

    Obama ran his campaign on negative ads – harsh personal attacks that did their dirty job. He did not have to prove what he said (or insinuated), the mass media made certain that anything negative against Romney, whether true or not, was repeated over
    and over again as fact. Obama did not need to produce a 2nd term agenda, or even defend his dismal first term record. All he had to do was depict Romney as someone who “throws the elderly over a cliff when he’s not busy snatching their cancer meds, while starving the poor and cutting taxes for the rich “etc. How could Obama get away with all that?….He had almost 100% mass media support. Romney’s essential goodness caused his negative ads to be about high unemployment, lower take-home pay, loss of American power and prestige abroad, lack of leadership etc. Romney did not make unsustainable promises. Obama’s first 4 years in office were just a continuation of his permanent campaign and cultivating his favorite interest groups with enormous payoffs. It was not possible for Romney and Ryan, men of substance, depth and ideas, to compete with Obama’s politics of envy and class warfare, never caring about ALL Americans, but singling out individual groups, none of whom give one whit about America.

    This election was not really about Romney, or any other Republican candidate who
    would have run…it is about the changing faces of America…of takers rather than givers.
    I recently read that even if President Reagan ran again, he would have lost…..Romney didn’t lose because he did things wrong…he lost because NO ONE could have won against Obama in this election. It was already tied up in a big red bow for the taking.

  • Merl Elton

    The Repubican party is right about responsible and controlled spending; creating jobs in the US; making the US energy independent. However, it will never win again unless it can convince the people that it really plans to do all of these things and preserve the environment: clean burning coal, natural gas, safe and restricted use of nuclear power, clean air and water; respect and conservation of wildlife, parks, and beautiful places, etc.People want the benefits they work for: Social Security, Medicare/aid, etc. If Republicans want to win they must strengthen these paid entitlements; spend responsbily and sensibly with accountability; provide jobs; respect individual choice: not make choice part of a national mandate as it is a religious concern that should be kept separate from matters of state; going to the far right will be their doom. Conservatives must show that they value families, morality, law and order without being too pushy about these things; they must show respect for the middle class and the less advantaged; control the border; develop a fair, humane, immigration program: reward hard working, good people and discourage riff raf and takers without insulting them, etc. Remember, the Republicans created their own demise under Regan by granting blanket amnesty and most Hispanics do not vote Republican; this is one instance where Republicans have done themselves in by being too liberal. Republicans may never be able to win again; however, they can hold Democrats accountable for wreckless spending and poor policies and say no to Democrats when necessary. Republican must respect regular folks and not look down on them with distain like Romeny did. Romney lost because people hated his policies and his arrogance; performed poorly in debates 2-3; was a flip-flopper and did not have as good an approach to foreign policy as Obama, and in general did not have a clue and therefore was seen as weak and not worthy of the Presidency despite his wealth.

  • Dusty

    As mediocre as obramneyama is, we didn’t “repudiate” him. We elected him. The election was stolen, unless you can come up with a better way to explain 100% demoncrapic votes in some areas, almost total suppression of the military vote, voting machines giving us blackbarry no matter what button was pushed, more registered voters than eligible voters in many places, and turnouts as high as 158% in others.

  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    I totally agree with Christopher this is too late an article for your readers. Any which way is better late than never. I think the GOP should just wait for 2024.

  • ed uehling

    Wow! How did such an intelligent, practical post ever end up on this website?

  • Bobby

    i’m voting hillary clinton for president in 2016.

    • Jeff

      Let’s hope she runs.

  • Ray Shelton

    People like Texas Ride and several others keep bringing up the same (flawed) issues over and over again and I find their views puzzling. So I am offering these folk something to think about…

    1. EVERYONE in America is a foreigner and an illegal alien (except the native Indians). Who are you to decide when the borders should be closed to the outside world? What if they had been closed the year before your great grandparents, grandparents or parents arrived here? They (and you) wouldn’t have liked that very much right?

    And what if (when they arrived without papers) they had been sent back? Aren’t you glad they were welcomed instead and given a new life? Why would you want to deprive others of that same opportunity? Contrary to popular misinformation advanced by right wing talking heads, most immigrants work hard…and that has always been the case thorugh the ages.

    Like it or not, America is a melting pot and that is one aspect of its greatness.

    Please note: EVERY American has 2 heritages….and that will/should never change.

    2. When the Florida vote count in 2000 came under a shadow, you guys had no problem when Scalia and Co. overturned the Florida Hight Court Order for a recount (without good reason I might add…why the hurry?). If the shoe had been on the other foot, you would have cried “Fraud”…but since it favored W. somehow it was all okay. Remember, Bush won by a razor-thin margin.

    Further, in 2012, even when the networks called Ohio for Obama, Rove was challenging the call and looked very sure that the vote count would turn in favor of Romney. (He was waiting for something to happen, which fortunately didn’t)…and that was because certain savvy geeks cottoned on to Rove’s software tricks from 2000 and 2004 and took precautions to prevent it by setting up firewalls…thus out-maneuvering Rove…much to his surprise and dismay (watch the Fox segment on Ohio on election night and you’ll see what I mean).

    3. I am always puzzled when Republicans rave about Ronald Reagan as their hero.
    The fact is he did evrything the Republicans loathe:

    a. He cut and ran from Lebenon (after 200+ GIs were killed in cold blood)
    b. He negotiated with terrorists in Iran by supplying them with arms and ammunition
    c. He raised taxes (See the Greenspan Commission Report)
    d. He gave amnesty to countess illegal aliens

    Imagine if a Democrat president had done those very same things!
    They would have screamed to have him drawn and quartered.

    BTW, this post is NOT an endorsement of the Democrats…far from it (I have my beef with that group too).

    I just wanted to point out how dangerous some lines of thought (like those of Texas Ride) could be to the integrity of this nation.

    Lastly, in my opinion, the only person in current American politics who makes any sense at all is Dr. Ron Paul…but we as a nation dont’ seem to be smart enough to deserve him.


    • Dave67

      Hi Ray,

      The flip side of that is Obama.

      Led us to job growth from the job bleeding
      Streamlined regulations
      Got OBL
      Got rid of the dictator in Libya with no invasion/occupation.

      Given the economic conditions Obama inherited, if Obama was white and a Republican, the GOP would be renaming highways and airports after Obama.

    • ed uehling

      He also tripled the national debt. Not even Obama is on course to do that.

  • Eratosthenes

    Sure, blame it on Romney, as if Rick Perry and Santorum and “999″ would have moped up the floor with Obama. Instead, they set the stage for Obama by tearing down Romney as a predatory capitalist and forcing him to take a hard line like his insulting self-deport stance on immigration. Of course, if Romney had have offered immediate amnesty to 13 million illegals, the Democrats would have offered to bring in all their family and friends as well. Romney was dead on right about the 47%…you can’t out offer or out benefit the Democrats..ever. This thing got out of hand under LBJ…but I don’t remember any conservatives protesting all that cheap labor. What a price to pay to keep the salads under a dollar. (See Ann Coulter’s piece on how many more lickings conservatives will take with the Romney dodge) You can see how well…guns, God, gays and abortion issues (and immigration) work for conservatives, so…double down. Maybe they could show how conservative they can get by passing more bills like the crack down by Sen. Kyle, 6 years ago on Internet Gambling, punishing poker players…In the final analysis, It’s a lot easier to get young minority voters to the polls than grandpaw and grandmaw. Ralph Reed said they were going to increase the evangelical vote. (25% was the goal) Dick Morris and Karl Rove really fooled me…they, shan’t a second time. 23 senate seats out of 33 up for grabs this time!!! and Republicans, with the aid of the Tea Party, manage to force out highly conservative candidates like Sen. Lugar…on an on….and guess what….the Tea Party is promising to purge the ranks even more…well, I’ve gotta go ….still have a job and feel damned lucky to have it.

  • Sindee Gill

    I am an immigrant to this what used to be a great and wonderful country not the geography and resources but her people were benevolent, industrious, intelligent, brave, courageous, caring, generous, wise…I learned to love this country’s constitution, values, way of life, dream dreams, hope for better tomorrows for self, family and countrymen/women…been a Conservative Republican since 1978 but I can not express the depth of disgust I have for those who have hijacked our our country. I voted for Romney and encouraged all my family members, friends, neighbors to do also knowing that he will not win, that Obama and his promoters are in place to destroy everything that has been held sacred to our way of life. My parents brought me here fleeing political corruption in my birth country, they are dead and gone but here I am with my children and grandchildren knowing full well that we are on our way to be thrown into the fire, how ironic! The only positive thing I hold onto is that God is still on His Throne and He still loves us so there lies my hope for America. Bible says, “Man’s heart is utterly wicked,” and there are many wicked men/women in our government/leadership/media/educational system/. Good thing I learned that years ago otherwise I would be a hopeless mess. I pray for God’s mercy and grace over America and her people, I do the best I can and what is in my power to do each day…

    • Brenda P.

      I could not agree with you more! You are exactly right. I don’t think anyone can say it more effectively than those of you who have come here for the reasons that you state. It is what America and being American is supposed to be about. Please speak out more (LOUDLY) and encourage American Immigrants to do the same. WE NEED your voices! Thank you, from one American to another.

  • SJJolly

    It’s doubtful that any Republican POTUS candidate could have won the recent election. The present base of the GOP — the Tea Party Republicans — is far to the right of the general American voting public. Romney had to do a circus trick rider job of riding two horses, one far to the side of the other, jumping from one to the other and back again, to do as well in the election as he did.

  • Sun Rising

    This point needs to be pounded over the next two years. The GOP is already trying to shove Rubio and another Bush down our throats.

    What was clear this election is that the deceitful liberal neocon RINO bunch were rejected. What TEA Party candidates lost, looms dark clouds of voter fraud.

    Once we diminish the power of the neocon GOP establishment we need to tackle voter fraud at the national level!

    • Deerinwater

      Well. I personally do not believe voter fraud is a big problem, but if you do and enough people like you do, then it needs to be addressed. The integrity of the voting process needs to be maintained.

      Today we have more then enough lobbyist throwing money around attempting to swing each American vote as things stand, while outright fraud cannot be tolerated.

      But here the problem as I see it. ~ In any system that requiring the accounting of say 150 million single ballots we will see some “irregularity” . How much irregularity is too much?

      How much money and time will it take to solve it? ~ Is it even possible to solve? Is it worth it?

      Insider trading, influence peddling, ethics & accountability and immigration reform would be on my shopping list.

      I’d like to see the GOP get their act together and quit being so damn weak that an offensives is all they have to offer for a defense and quit wasting all of our time with birther issues, and matter of the church and not of government.

  • Russell Ruthruff

    Mr. Romney did a good job. you all suck for nailing him to a cross. If he would have won he would have been a WONDERFUL pick. I don’t hear a frickin word about the voter fraud, biased media, or the fact he (Oboma) is just plain black. leave Mr Romney alone and do something constructive for a while. how about that. you should all be ashamed!!!

    • Deerinwater

      Worth Repeating RUSSELL

      RUSSELL SAY; ” I don’t hear a frickin word about the voter fraud, biased media, or the fact he (Oboma) IS JUST PLAIN BLACK. leave Mr Romney alone and do something constructive for a while.

      Okay ! Russell ~~~ We got it ! Obama is Black.

      Actually Russell, he is not. ~ but I fail to understand why that might matter, he is not being asked to pick cotton or shine our shoes but lead the nation.

      You must be one of those people that thinks Obama has a Watermelon Room hide in the White house?

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        No,he doesn’t have a watermelon room hidden in the white house..Just a prayer rug!

    • JON

      Romney ran tried running for President twice and lost. That means he is a loser in the political arena. He’ll still do ok. He’s worth a quarter of a billion dollars. We owe him nothing!

  • SarahR

    Texas Ride you said it very well. The RNC is doing it once again. Screwing the American people. What is that mans name? Reibus Prebies chosen again to lead the RNC and who does he come up with? Rubio. Rubio is not eligible to be presidet. What’s the next name? Jeb Bush. One more Bush Globalist in the WH and I will vomit. Conservatives and Libertarians need to unite and become one party. We need a leader. How about Ron Paul? Well, we need somone. Someone who wants to save America and we need to hurry.

  • William

    I would challenge the premise of this article as being totally off base. Only two percent of the electorate won the election for the Democrats…..There is and was no mandate for Barack Obama and his policies. My fear is that future elections will be congruent with the last one……the voter base split down the middle with a left wing minority able to capture the government by getting out the vote in the most populous cities and states where liberalism (handouts)rules……Romney was not a bad candidate…….48% of the voters found him palatable……..He simply couldn’t get over the hump of liberalism prevalent in the East and West coasts and those states with the strongest union representation…..I would venture to say that in order to win future elections the GOP will have to field clones of the Democrat candidates….. to appeal to the liberals on the coasts and the unions else where……Or, a big OR the second Obama Administration screws up so badly that we could run Gerald Ford again and win simply because the voters are just fed up with the corrupt liberal Democrats..

  • Daniel Johnston

    Blaming Mit Romney is rather narrow minded. Perhaps we should look at ourselves who, 20, 30 and 40 years ago foolishly sent our children off to public schools where the teachers are predominantly liberal if not socialist. They are not children any more – they are voters. We know how most of them voted now don’t we!!!!!

  • sheryl

    obama is still president for two reasons only; illegal votes and bogus votes.

    • mudguy

      He is their President not America’s ( illegal and crooks) . He just occupying the White House.

      • Deerinwater

        Then prove it with some support, ~ just making the claim, anyone can do.

        Sour grapes ~ of the common garden variety is all you offer.

    • Jeff

      A bogus vote being defined as one cast by a Democrat?

  • Dan

    I don’t think if we ran the most conservative candidate there is, even if Ronald Reagan were still alive and ran, that he would have won–the useful idiots were in the majority (of voters) and that’s that. We need to face it that conservatism is not popular with the voting public. And to water it down to make it palatable to the masses who are slurping up the Koolaid of mass media and feeding at the trough of free government handouts will never work–and if it did, the result would not be conservatism but the same RINO manure the Repubican elite has tried to feed us for the last several years.

    • Deerinwater

      You are right! They would have rejected him. ~ But Ronnie was a democrat dipped in red paint. He was always a mouth piece for Corporate American long before he turned to the dark side.

      And you are Right! The GOP elite (leadership) is running the party into the ground.

      Make Gordon, gone!~ step back into the light and upto the bargaining table, lets talk.

  • Helen Roberts Spingola

    Gimme a break!! We all know how Lord Fraud won!! During his 2008 campaign, he
    I’M BLACK.” This from a creep who isn’t even totally black, but he played it perfectly, and
    won.And to win again, with one of the worst = if not THE worst – record in presidential
    history proves his point. There never was a better snake-oil salesman than the one
    squatting in the WH!! To quote Karl Marx: THE MASSES ARE ASSES and we proved it.
    God save America.

  • Grace Alexander

    You could have a100% vote FOR Romney or ANY Republican candidate and still have the Democrat candidate win the election. It’s called dishonesty at the voting polls. I wrote to our Republican National Chairman and others in my party that we must have unpaid poll watchers for one thing at our polling places. I almost knew for sure that this would happen. I believe that Romney DID get a majority of the votes and they were stolen. And now we also must have honest, knowledgable persons examine the voter machines to be sure they are NOT rigged. The “ballot box” MUST be protected from fraud or we are headed to become a third-world nation and I sincerely believe that there are those who do wish that upon this country !

    • awkingsley

      @Grace Alexander: It would be so wonderful to be able to agree with you, but I can’t. While there may have been some voter fraud, it is unlikely that it cost Romney the election. Placing the blame on voter fraud over looks other very important factors. Over 4 million Libertarian-Republicans either voted for Gary Johnson, wrote-in for Ron Paul, or stayed home in droves. Republicans need to run flawless candidates, not lying flip floppers, divorced, thrice-married, or lying lobbyists. In addition, Romney was a NeoCon RINO. He immediately reneged on ObamaCare after the nomination, saying he would put in his own version. Many voters saw no clear choice between Romney and Obama. Make sure to support a candidate of excellent character who does not advocate Socialist economic and fiscal policy. And, do not allow yourself to be fooled by candidates playing the Christian card in order to hide their flaws. Libertarian-Rpublicans will not allow the Federal Government to continue paying for immorality and the consequences of vice. Move toward freedom and Constitutionalism to end the stalemate in the Republican Party that is causing Republican losses.

    • notalemming

      I did my research and found out that a race-based consent decree negotiated by Dems
      against the RNC a generation ago still has tied the RNC’s hands and any GOP officials can be cited for contempt, or worse, if they try to make sure American elections are clean. The case, if you want to look it up, is the Democratic National Committee vs the
      Republican National Committee, originally from 1982. The Dems alleged Reps were trying to intimidate minority voters in New Jersey and brought legal action. Judge
      Dickinson Debevoise, appointed by (who else?) Jimmy Carter, later retired but decided he would continue to control the case (for a rainy day, like now). The decision requires the RNC, but NOT the DNC, to (quote) “refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in places or election districts where racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose.(unquote).” This legal mumbo jumbo has been used for decades to warn off Reps from any challenge to evidence of voter fraud in districts with (and I quote) “racial or ethnic populations”(unquote). Gee!
      The law has remained even though the RNC recently(?) challenged, at the appellate level, only to be turned down. It is now pending before the US Supreme Court. Too
      little too late, it seems to me…..but that is the reason why the RNC has basically kept
      a zipped lip. Knowing this, makes me wonder why they even bothered to have a Rep
      candidate run at all???????

      • Jeff


        Where is the evidence of fraud? Virtually all the swing states are controlled by Republicans. If you have a problem with the election results, complain to them.

        • notalemming

          Hi Jeff: I will need to go back to my research for specific numbers and percentages, but my common sense tells me that if there is 158% voter turn out in a district and in districts where Romney got 0 votes and Obama got 99% of the 158%…..there’s something baaaad wrong….just to mention a couple. The Dems didn’t even go to the trouble to try to cover up the fraud ….they are so sure that we are both dumbed down enough and docile enough that we will accept anything they want to do. Wait for me to reply as I am working today and I will need to do a little research to give you facts, but anyone can get those facts….if we really want to know…and I believe you do.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Lets just concede to the fact that the media chose the candidate and manuvered the stupidity they were so cleaverly leading. it worked. they onley proved how many were incapable of thinking. aaaaaaaaand of course all the free stuff that went with it…..

  • Brenda P.

    How sad I am. This country is in decay. Obama didn’t win this election because it was “what the American people wanted”. He is in office because of cheating, deception, and ruthlessness. The majority no longer rules. The majority of Americans are of a Christian background, regardless of color or political affiliation, that believe in what our founding fathers created as a safe and prosperous country. Yet we find ourselves persecuted for what we believe. We have worked very hard at getting beyond the racism that existed in the 50′s and 60′s, only to have it shoved down our throats so repeatedly that I truly believe that the people who pull the “race card” everytime they don’t get what they want, are the REAL racists. The Obama campaign poisoned the minds of Black Americans and pushed us back to the 50′s, only now it is in reverse. And this ‘war on women’ is ludicrous. As a woman, I have been sickened at how ridiculous this concept is. This is not the Middle East. Women like Sandra F. have no dignity. They have cheapened our gender into some kind of cry-baby, ‘you have to take care of me’ mentality, unable to stand on their own merits. It’s a disgrace to all the women who have worked very hard to be successful, without any help from anyone. I am very afraid. Our freedoms are being stripped away at an alarming rate. Why can’t people see what Obama’s agenda is and has been all along? You want to blame Bush? Look at who voted for all the big spending when he was president, that set the stage for the decline of his tenure. Obama. He created this ‘fiscal cliff’ for a reason. America is in for a rude awakening. ALL of America.

    • awkingsley

      The antidote to these problems is for Republicans to stop supporting “flawed” RINO NeoCon candidates for president. When you select your candidate, make sure he his not a lying flip flopper, thrice-married, divorced, or a lying lobbyist. There are more moral and ethical issues besides those to do with reproductive systems, whether those reproductive systems are male or female. Honesty and integrity, a candidate of good character who is a good example for the people is equally important. Romney was also an economic and fiscal Socialist, even though he tried lying his way into the job by pretending to be an economic and fiscal conservative. Support candidates with excellent economic and fiscal voting records. Those are the ones who will make sure all Federal Government programs that aid immorality and vice will be eliminated. Libertarian-Republicans are the only ones who have any real interest in ending Federal Government stimulus for vice and immorality.

  • notalemming

    Responding to Deerinwater: I totally agree and wrote (at some length) about those very
    subjects several days ago. The election was “rigged” if you will and NO GOP candidate
    had a chance. End of story…and for those who would argue….THE EVIDENCE IS
    OVERWHELMING…if you REALLY want to do your research and find out!

  • Yokum

    The candidate had nothing to do with it. Obama money, Obama cell phone, massive numbers of uninformed people that follow like sheep to slaughter and Chicago style politics that take the position it’s not how you win, but win at any cost or method.

    • awkingsley

      Actually, the Libertarian-Republicans either voted for Gary Johnson, wrote-in for Ron Paul, or stayed home in droves. There was no clear choice for president, so casting a vote was a worthless waste of time. If you do not understand my saying there was no choice, think about the fact that George Bush appointed Roberts to the Supreme Court, and Roberts made an unconstitutional vote for ObamaCare. Or think about how after Romney received the nomination, he reneged on ObamaCare, saying he would put his own version in, which is what the Libertarian-Republicans knew he would do all along.

  • Prince1

    Parker was right, McCains voters didn’t come out to vote, and the country got what it deserves, an incompetent man who is spending and leading us down a patodor monetary implosion,

    • AWKingsley

      @Prince1: McCain and Bush voters are Romney voters. It was the Libertarian-Republicans who either voted for Gary Johnson, wrote-in for Ron Paul, or stayed home in droves. Republicans need to make sure they are putting up a clear choice for president, not a filp flopping (lying) NeoCon/RINO like Bush. If you want the Republicans to win elections, you need to listen to the bloggers talking points on the candidates, not the name calling and attacks devoid of substance, but the actual talking points.

  • Mel Cownzowfsky

    Anyone who still believes that there’s much, if any, substantive difference between the Defecrat [all inferences to things fecal fully intended.] Some prefer to call it the Democrat) party and the Republicurd [again all inferences to things fecal fully intended] (some call it the Republican party is a likely prospect who is stupid enough to be a buyer of the Brooklyn Bridge from any street bum! Presidents in the U.S. have not been elected (honestly) in several decades. They’ve been carefully chosen and placed into a ‘window dressing’ position, i.e. the office of the President, where they are controlled by such as George Soros or David Rockefeller et al …the ultra-rich N.W.O. boys who serve Satan and his minions. Soros has made it clear long ago that he is going to reduce the U.S. to a 3rd world nation. Why are any of you surprised that he’s doing precisely what he said he would? Wake up and smell the Treason! He, Soros, has enough money and unconscionable lackeys to pull it off, unless ‘We the People’ stop him.
    Anyone who seriously believes that Obama is what the American people wanted is also a good prospect to be a buyer of the same aforementioned bridge.
    Why each and every State does not seriously pursue secession from the Union is a question I’ve asked myself for decades and have the same answer: The American people have become mindless zombies fully willing to do as they’re told by the government, even if and when they know they’re doing much more than merely shooting themselves in the foot. Their aim seems to be right between their eyes!

  • Ava


    • Jeff

      And he said it in Authentic Frontier Gibberish.

  • Tincansailor

    Am I the only one that noticed that some Ohio counties had a 140% turnout of the registered voters? How about the bus loads of out of state voters brought in by the unions? We all know about the voting machine “errors”. Also, Omarxist didn’t win any states with voter ID laws that were enforced, why is that? I also saw the only honest candidate, Ron Paul, illegally eliminated by the GOP in the primaries using rule changing, snow forecasts shutting down polling places and other dirty tricks. Let’s face it, the two party system is totally corrupt. My 20 something kids were so disgusted, they both voted Green party. Lastly, study the evidence of 9/11 for some insight on how corrupt our government really is. You will be horrified.

    • Jeff

      Just keep making up the funny, disrespectful names for Obama. They’re the lingua franca on this site, but in the real world all they do is marginalize you. In other words, the names say NOTHING about Obama and EVERYTHING about you.



      • Right Brain Thinker

        There is something “funny” about Omarxist? Fooled me, especially since “marxist” is one of the more idiotic tags people have used. I have commented a number of times on this site about the disrespect shown our president by the ignorant racists and sore losers of the right. I have stated that the ONLY one of the disrespectful “names” that showed even the slightest intelligence was ObaMauMau, because of its alliteration and tie in to Kenya.

        All you ignorant and vocabulary impaired name callers need to get off this childishness and display of what sore losers you are and refer to the duly elected (twice, by the majority) president by a minimally respectful name—even BHO or O’Bama can’t be too hard for you to articulate, can it?

        “We” never called President George W. Bush names during his eight years beyond DUMB, which was a descriptor rather than a “name” anyway..

  • Phannesa

    To all of you who wanted the perfect candidate and did not want Mitt Romney, congratulations! you got obozo. But I also agree with Texas ride on his comments. It is my opinion that we just had a coup d’etat in our country, and did not even know it. How, they (the corrupt democraps) rigged the voting machines, they brought buses full of people who voted over and over again, for obozo, of course. they harped until the end class warfare and the dummies believed it. obozo had something for everyone, free government assistance, and I am not referring to seniors, who worked and paid into SS and Medicare. I just really want to know who approved INDRA, an outfit in Spain to count our votes on election day? Yes, the democraps overwhelmed the system and the Republicans did not even have time to ask why. I also believed that if it is true that many conservatives did not vote, you got none to blame but yourselves. I was going to vote for whoever was to represent the Republican party. At this time and place to vote for other candidates outside the Republican candidate, was to give their vote to obozo, the most corrupt, arrogant and manipulative man in our U.S. history.

    • awkingsley

      That is incorrect, we gave the vote to a Republican controlled House to control Obama, just like we did in 2014. If you want a Republican president, make sure he has good character – no lying flip floppers, divorced, thrice-married, or lying lobbyists. And, no RINOS or NeoCons like Romney. If you support candidates like that then some voters will make an effort to curb the Republican candidate by voting for Gary Johnson, writing-in for Ron Paul, or staying home in droves.

  • Ranchman

    Talking to a Ron Paul supporter, he said that millions of Paul supporters stayed home on Nov. 6th because of how the GOP treated Paul, stealing his delegates and shutting him out of the convention, etc. Paul apparently had the delegates to be the nominee, whether you like him or not. If they had given Paul the chance that fairness & honest dictate he should have been give, Romney might have won if he had ended up as the honestly declared candidate. He would have had millions of Paul supporters backing him. This, together with all the massive amounts of vote fraud by the Left, is most likely why Romney lost the election. And now we have the GOP compromising and caving in to the Left, despite having lost due to fraud and the rest. They’re sacrificing their Conservative base due to fraud. Yep, sounds about right to me.

    • mamba

      To Ranchman: Ron Paul is not going to win, EVER and I support many of his ideas. However, I would never sacrifice the country in lieu of PRIDE. At least I can say that I voted. If you didn’t vote – I don’t want to hear it. You just silenced your own voice, that is the only thing that your friends accomplished.

  • Randy Phillips

    This was probably the most important Presidential election since 1860, but I do not think the Republican establishment intended to beat Obama. The Bush Family has ruled the Party since 1989, and they have long planned for JeeBBB Bush to be the next Republican President. If the Republicans had won the Presidency this year, Jeb woud never have that chance. As it is, they plan to make him President in 2016.

    Although I think Santorum was by far the best candidate in this year’s field, I had some hopes for Romney. Until the Michigan Primary. The Michigan Primary was Romney’s chance to show he knew what this election was all about. The state is the poster child of what is wrong iwth the economy–sending our jobs to the third world for a generation. He should have promsed to restore our domestic economy–no matter what it

    The vast blue collar “Reagan Democrats” constituency of Michigan, and the entire country for that matter, is the linchpin of any Republican Presidential race, and has been igored, taken for granted, and abandoned by the Bush Family Party since Reagan left office in favor chasing blacks and hispanics–even though the Reagan Democrats voting power equal or outnumber these minorities. Instead of calling on Michigan’s Reagan Democrats to join him in a crusade to restore our economy and take back our country by voting for him in the Michigan Primary, he ignored them. I knew then he did not have a clue about this campaign and would not win. in November The Reagan Democrats went out and voted against the “CEO of Bain Capital” in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania–and a lot of other places.

    This article is right. His embrace of more military spending and bomb, bomb, bombing Iran turned a lot of people, and ruined his chances of making inroads into the youth and campus vote.

    The fact that Romney’s atrocious campaign came within 3.2 million votes of beating Obama is plain evidence that a decent candidate and campaign would have taken the White House back.

    The first step in that direction is for Republican rank and file to show the Bush Family and neoconservatve cold warriors the exit sign.

    • Bob666

      Very well said Randy. You may be too smart to post here

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Agree with the first part of what you said. “I think Santorum was by far the best candidate in this year’s field” negates the second part. Huntsman was the best candidate if the GOP wanted to have any hope of beating O’Bama. You don’t win elections on the national level by catering to a “base” that is in the minority, as Saintorum did.

  • Ed Cosman

    B. O. was the neocon’s choice!

  • No faith in government

    First, you have to have a strong foundation and build from there. We should now rename the Tea Party as “WE THE PEOPLE” party. Get rid of Rove, Gillespie, et al. NO MORE BUSHES…PLEASE!!! THE COUNTRY IS TIRED AND WORN OUT OF ….BUSHES. THE FIRST TWO BUSHES DID ENOUGH DAMAGE. Remember “Read my lips” and W. couldn’t close the check book and veto anything, and didn’t have the guts to respond to Obama and others. STILL HASN’T TO THIS DAY…W HAS NOT DEFENDED HIMSELF. WHY?

    This will be a CONSERVATIVE PARTY, no RINO’S allowed. If the conservative message is delivered the way it should be…articulate, positive, in a way the average citizen can related to, then the ideas and messages will connect with the citizens, all of them. Our conservative ideals and principles have universal appeal, and you don’t have to try to appeal to women, then blacks, then Hispanics, then gays, then seniors, then, then, then, etc. We are all Americans. The right messages, articulated in a way for anyone to understand, will win the day.

    We did it in 2010. We need to coalesce and do it again in 2014 when democrat senators are vulnerable for defeat. We can take the Senate. We can increase the #s in the House.
    Then, we have to prepare for 2016. Why Hillary, or any democrat, would even consider running for the presidency in 2016 is beyond me. Obama will have destroyed so much of the country that Hillary would be “inheriting” a huge mess. Sound familiar? Would she blame it on Obama or would Bush still be the whipping boy? Even a Republican president will have to overcome unbelievable obstacles….especially an entrenched, hostile, recalcitrant bureaucracy that will fight any new Republican president.

    You need something similar to a CORPORATE CHART for all the various Tea Parties. There has to be a central entity and the Tea Parties spread out under that entity. This will result in a unified effort. It can be similar to Soros’ MOVEON.ORG and we could name it MOVEOUT.ORG or MOVEOVER.ORG (if the domain names were available). Then funding could come into that one source and some method devised to distribute the funds.

    The most important thing that needs to be done for the next elections is to set up a group of dedicated computer experts, the best there is, to counter the team Obama put together for his election. This is critical and, perhaps, the key to ever winning any election again, on either side. It is tantamount to “COMPUTER GUERILLA WARFARE”. Read the the depressing article in the Atlantic and you’ll know what I mean. There will be no way to win future elections in most places, especially the presidency, if we do not compete on the same of higher level with the dems. Here is the link…read it and weep. (Also, I believe these guys could have easily hacked and/or found some way to disrupt Romney’s ORCA program on election day)

    So, let’s regroup. Get in Obama’s face. Forget about racism charges…just tell him to his face it has nothing to do with that. It is about his policies, regulations, ideology and desire to destroy our country. TELL HIM THAT TO HIS FACE AND SEE WHAT HE DOES.


    • GW

      Every argument here which points to the election as proof of anything other than vote fraud is an attempt by the ruling elite to maintain the illusion of a two-party system in order to control mankind for their own psychopathic purposes. Psy-ops has infiltrated this and every other site in order to sow confusion, doubt, and despair amongst those who give a damn. One thing even the most devoted kapo can’t deny is thay we are being manipulated and lied to. Lies and psychopathology are our only true enemy. And the only true solution to these problems is SODIUM PENTATHOL. Imagine mankind free of the power of the lie; we could turn this planet from the deathcamp it has become into paradise where all people are welcome, every child wanted and loved, all pains, fears, wants, diminished or abolished- a dream almost too beautiful to imagine- something akin to how The Creator wants us to live, and not this satanic delight we all suffer under.It would require great effort but anything mankind can imagine can be accomplished. Naysayers have NO PROOF THAT IT CAN’T BE DONE. We need to institutionalize the use of Sodium Pentathol to expose and root out all liars and psychopaths so they can be prevented from harming others and themselves and receive the help they need.

      • No faith in government

        GW: I agree with your idea. Let’s start the S.P. with Obama and that just might solve the problem without having to go any further.

  • kathy c

    Nothing like kicking a person when they are down. Blame everyone except ourselves. We’re beginning to sound like the Annointed One.

    1) Long drawn out and very contentious Republican primary season where every Republican candidate negative that was real or perceived was run though the mill. Liberal strategists didn’t have to do anything. Republicans handed them a playbook on a silver platter.
    2)After the primary was over and Mitt Romney was the winner, Republicans still insisted on the infighting. Meanwhile the Democrats had coelesced behind Obama from the beginning. Folks didn’t begin to embrace Romney until after the first debate. That anyone could vote for Obama after the first debate is totally beyond me. I’m believing what I’ve seen written that our problem is not with the president but with the stupid, dumbed down, and greedy electorate. Buying their votes for a cellphone or donut and coffee was like taking candy from a child.
    3)The conservative pundits (thinking Rove and Root, but there were others) kept on insisting that Romney would win by a landslide. Obama would lose the black vote, college students, women, the college students from 4 years ago who are still working at Starbucks, etc. They might just as well as given the Democrats and road map. Admit you were wrong and screwed up royally!!

    Now Republicans have to nerve to blame Romney. The “It’s all about me” generation has reached maturity and has infiltrated both parties. Rude, greedy, self serving!!! Am I optimistic that the Republican party can reinvent themselves? Not Very.

    • No faith in government

      Kathy: you pegged it pretty good.

  • Ron

    Thanks to your attitude we have had Obummer for way too long! With the change in population to takers (or Moochers) rather than productive people, I believe the GOP to be a fading if not dead party. I do not ever expect to see a GOP president again and the representation of the GOP in congress will diminish as they will continue to give in to the pressure from the left in government and the left in media. Get used to it. Sad that a Frenchman 200+ years ago could understand the cycle better that those who live it today! The patient ones on the left have laid the foundation long ago in education and media and now they control the day. We Americans are not that unique in history that we will be able to turn the tide at this late date. Just brace yourself as best you can for the downhill slide.

  • Betty

    who wants to read what a Left Wing Radical has to say>/? No me I am getting ride of the Web Site NOW

  • Kathy Pfister


  • No faith in government

    Read this article and get sick. If we don’t commit to combating, and defeating, the dems on this situation we just may not win another presidential election again, and even local elections, if they can scale it down that level.

  • http://none Marilynn Marshall

    I tend to agree with Mr. Myers, regarding Foreign policy and the defense spending budget.

    However, I do not agree with his opinion of Mitt Romney. Romney appeared to be a good man, who, for numerous reasons, was unable to maintain a stable platform. Probably a lot of this was due to the uncertainess of the stands of many of the GOP, and lingering doubts and uncertainties among his advisors.

    Often, He would make public statements, that rang true and solid, and reliable, only to change his words, and start waffling, within a few weeks. Despite what were some very good efforts, he and his party’s platform were undercut by their own party’s differences and uncertainties.

    There was also the sizeable black cloud of the Democrats’ resistance, (highly unethical and illogical. in many areas) that attacked and undermined what he said and what he stood for. No matter what Romney and the GOP said, the Democrats and their syncophant media allies were always there to criticize, twist the meaning, etc.

    Of course, in the background, there was the thunder of Obama’s gang, threatening, obscuring, maligning, etc. Both the Democrats and Obama were very confident that no matter what they did; they wouldn’t be held accountable for it. Unfortunately, it appears that they were right.

    With even his own party wavering and uncertain. Mitt Romney more than had his work cut out for him. He did what he has always done: He worked with what he was given. However, from where I was sitting, it didn’t look like he or anyone else was certain of what that was; nor did the instability of his advisors or backers help his problem.

    When Mitt worked in the business world, he had a lot more control over what was done and what he achieved. After the way our government has been run for the last two decades or more, and since we’re in so much financial hot water; I felt our best chance to avoid disaster was to put a highly successful businessman at the helm. Not enough of other americans could see that.

    I still feel that Mitt Romney came out more of a gentleman, and the more righteous, honorable man. He knew what he was getting into, and what the results could be if he lost. He was brave enough to take the chance, anyway, and not just for the power. He was just as worried about the impending financial ruin or our country, as the rest of us. Unfortunately, in this election, that didn’t really count for much with the voters.

    I leave you with a final thought, “Just because a man is down, doesn’t mean you should kick him.” He fought the best fight he was able, and he took his defeat with dignity.

    • kathy c

      Great post, Marilynn!! I liked Romney even though he might be more liberal than he wanted to seem. At least he loves this country, which is more than you can say for the interlopers currently squatting at 1600 PA Ave. He should have taken off his gloves, but he was a true gentleman. If Romeny had more of Newt’s knowledge of political and overall history and the ability to slam back at the very biased lame stream media as well as The Annointed One, we would not have Oblamer as our non leader in chief. Now we are stuck with 4 more years of whining about how it’s all Bush’s fault.

      Democrats will continue to win until the Republicans get their act together. Democrats coelesce around their candidate because that person is a Democrat. Republicans act like they are shopping at a mall. I like this. I like that. I want a little more of this and that.

      If Libertarians want to develop into a party, they need to do it NOW, not 9 months before an election. All voting for a Libertarain did was take away Republican votes and give to the Democrats.

  • marcjeric32

    Romney – another decent RINO bit the dust. He never mentioned Davis, Wright, Ayers; never mentioned the Fast& Furious merder coverup; never mentioned the Benghazi murder coverup. He brought feather duster to the fight – while Mullah Obama brought his Chicago criminal machine gun.

  • http://Personallibertydigest Robert Mo

    The republican, if they have any balls, have an ace in the hole. They can always take funding away from any government. Barry can aid any forgein government but, congress has the power over government spending in the United States.

  • Rocketman

    Mr. Myer you are correct as far as it goes but the real reason that Romney lost is because he was not the choice of the Republican voter but the choice of the party bosses, the major news media (because Bain Capitol had invested in them) and the big banks (because the banks knew he could be manipulated). Early in the nomination process Ron Paul was the clear winner in nearly every preference poll with sometimes as much as 45% of the vote (spread over the 8 candidates). Romney would have 250-300 people attending his rallies while Paul would have sometimes 8,000 plus and unlike Romney’s people they were enthuastic to be there. Romney’s people with the aid of the Republican bosses rigged the nomination process and because of the way the Ron Paul supporters were treated by them they sat out the election.

    • mamba

      Maybe in your persepctive Rocketman…but you are wrong, wrong, wrong and Ron Paul is NEVER, EVER, going to win ever, and I like many of his ideas!

  • jeanne nix

    It’s amazing how short peoples memories are, like Moses after he parted the red sea the people forgot that too; I just read that the red states that don’t do what Obama wants will have a heavy fine on that state; Welcome to communism,but I’m sure you all know all that Romney is the cause of that.. or is it Bush? I don’t know the blame game is so great with everyone, that I lost score. Obama is a child; The people that put him in office (the real reason) are screaming that Obama needs to fulfill his promise for their vote now; Should I say more.

  • notalemming

    Responding to Jeff on evidence of voter fraud: I’ll try to keep this brief but there is so
    much that it is difficult to pick and choose so I’ll confine evidence to certain states. In
    Philadelphia, 59 different voting divisions reported Romney with zero (0) votes vs Obama with 19, 605 votes….ZERO votes????? In Cleveland, Romney received 0 votes
    in 9 precincts. In Ohio County, Obama got 106,258 votes when there were only 98,258
    eligible voters….Obama got 108% of the votes….amazing! The Market Daily News reported of the 100 precincts in Cayhuga County, Ohio that Romney received 0 (ZERO)
    votes while Obama got 99%. In more than 50 precincts Romney received 2 votes or less. In Wood County, Ohio, there were 109 registered votes for every 100 eligible voters and in Lawrence County, it was 104 votes per 100 eligible voters. In another 31
    counties, registration showed 90% of every 100 voters which is unrealistic according to
    the national average of 70% = 20% voting fraud? I dunno, but it seems to me that no
    matter which side you are on, something just doesn’t “add” up! In Michigan, Romney’s
    home state, both candidates were in a virtual tie, but Obama won, which is odd because
    the Dems suffered heavy defeats otherwise. Then, there were the physical observations of fraud at the polling booths…to mention just a few, a poll watcher in
    Pennsylvania reported that up to 10% of the ballots cast at one polling station reverted to a default which gave Obama the vote no matter who the voter selected. A Chicago
    elections worker, Steve Pickrins, an equipment manager for the election systems was
    called when voting a machine malfunctioned. On early voting when voters needed help using the equipment, he was able to see the preference of the voter, and every time,
    without exception, he says, when a voter voted for Romney, a “voter save failure” message came up on the screen. He reported that he NEVER experienced that error when the voter was choosing Obama. Fox News reported voters in Nevada, North
    Carolina, Texas and Ohio also reported pushing a button for Romney, but the machine
    recorded the vote for Obama. Right now, the FBI have 2 voting machines used in Maryland to determine if they actually malfunctioned, or “something else” was going on.
    In that same state, a lawmaker personally experienced a vote machine changing his vote 3 times from the party he voted for. Carroll County Commissioner, Richard Rothschild, said his constituant reported the same scenario…hitting the touch screen button for Romney but finding it registered for Obama. He noticed it on the summary
    screen. I won’t even try going into all the proven instances that the Obama campaign
    took illegal donations…one rather amusing one (if its possible to be amused by all this)
    was from Osama Bin Laden and listed his occupation as “deceased terrorist”….they were made on disposable credit cards, foreign donations and so much, much more. You don’t need to take my word for it…..this information and do much more is available from legitimate sources. Hope this helps.

    • Jeff

      In all the swing states you mentioned. Republicans conducted the elections. If you’re saying Obama somehow fixed the vote, why not give Romney a few hundred votes in those precincts just to make it look good? Romney got no votes in minority precincts because no Black people who aren’t TV commentators voted for him. If you think there were irregularities in PA or Ohio, take it up with the Republicans who oversaw the elections. God knows, they did everything in their power to suppress the minority vote.

      • Marty S.

        Jeff please explain the 100% plus registered voter turnouts from precincts in places like Florida. It is impossible and can only be from election fraud perpetrated by the left with support and direction from the elite NWO.

        • Jeff

          I don’t know, but I do know the referees were all Republicans, so ask them.

      • notalemming

        What exactly did Republicans do to suppress minority votes? Did they have the
        (New) Black Panthers at polling places intimidating voters like there were in Philadelphia? Were DNC inspectors blocked from access to polling places as were RNC inspectors, as was reported by the Washington Times? Were Obama ballots found in a warehouse like the 963 Republican ballots found in Florida and reported by the Sun Sentinal? We’ve all been privy to the undercover videos where Republican voters were turned away from the poling booths by poll workers for various erroneous reasons. We are not talking about who to “complain” to now that it’s all over and we see how underhanded the DNC can be in a “it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you win” mindset, we are talking about (I thought) proof of how Obama won the election and Romney lost. If, after informing you of the law passed in 1982 prohibiting the RNC (and under the control of a Jimmy Carter appointed judge) from fighting back, countless instances of voter fraud (of which I only scratched the surface) where the DNC (not the RNC) pulled obvious voter fraud stunts etc., all you have to offer in return is a very lame statement that the RNC “did everything possible to suppress minority vote”, then I am done with this thread….you seem to be on it only to be argumentative and my life is too busy earning a living and taking care of my responsibilities to my family to indulge further. I sincerely doubt you will be as smug and content with the outcome of this past election in four more years as you are now (may God help us all).

  • Bob666

    Welcome to communism……..

    News Alert
    from The Wall Street Journal

    News Corp is in the process of splitting into two listed companies, one
    containing its entertainment assets, such as the 20th Century Fox film studio
    and Fox News cable channel, and the other housing publishing assets, including
    Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones.

    You people listen to way to much FOX entertainment news!

    • jeanne nix

      Bob666, I listen to what you call the mainstream media, you do not hear truth, the only “stuff” you hear is, you are so bad not to let the Obama Administration do what ever it wants to you;What you don’t hear is; forced Obamacare, higher spending, forced taxes that will be around forever for our children their children, destroy the Constitution by ignoring it, being lied to, deceived and generally abusing the people they were hired to protect; Look at the people on the east coast; Where is their help; the people who work for the Government” the ones who receive a paycheck” were hired to protect the Constitution, work for the people for their better good, and LISTEN to the people. Our interests and needs are being ignored so the Obama Administration can play their games; And that is it , a GAME, a child playing a game to get even for something that happened in someones life, we have all had it bad at one time or another, it takes a real Man or Woman to treat people equally in spite of the bad times; WE are not seeing it. I for one am very disappointed by people who don’t care at all about life and the reason for it; Will not find out , think for themselves, do things honestly, TRUST I guess is a thing of the past, someones word being their bond, Loyalty, Commitment I wonder how many people even know the definition anymore. If any one in the Mainstream Media would report truthfully, accurately and on time, stop slandering , telling lies about people, I would listen more often but alas this will never happen, I like people who tell the truth; I tend to trust them. If you worked for a company and did all the work behind closed doors, secret, and doing things to hurt people but make yourself look like a great person; Well this might work for a while; Truth is a firm foundation, Lies are built on sand on a beach, doomed to crumble.

  • AJ

    Romney never had a chance and JC himself wouldn’t have beaten Obummer because Obummer had been slated for an eight year run by the elites years ago. I read something one of them wrote and it stated the American people will be so sick of Obama at the end of it all that everyone will be begging for Jeb Bush and he will put the cap stone on the NWO. We didn’t just witness a presidental ellection we participated in a circus show.

    • jopa

      AJ; If there ever were another Bush in the White House it wouldn’t result in a capstone on a NWO, but rather a Headstone on the USA.We must all fight to keep fresh the memory of George W. BUll [expletive deleted] legacy in everyones mind.

      • jopa

        Okay B.S.

  • Ronald Christopher

    What has really been revealed is just how bad off America really is.

  • Dave

    Can the caterwauling. The GOP had a major intelligence failure and with that in place any candidate was going to lose—-including mine. And yours too Dear Reader. The failure? It was ass u me’d that since 2010 was a big GOP year that Obama was in trouble. Not so! Draw the 2008 and 2010 electoral maps. But this time do not draw in the county lines. Draw in the Congressional Districts state by state. Notice the states in which lots and lots of seats turned red in 2010. Then total up those states electoral votes. Then notice those states in which few if any seats turned red. Total up those state electoral votes. Conclusion? HUGE Obama advantage. He held on to enough of it to win a second term. Our job now is to hold the House in 2014. That is the key terrain and it is time to cut out this neocon vs paleocon vs Paulista vs I-don’t-like-you-either crap and protect all those who are on our side. Do that and you will not only hold the House you will wreck the Democrat/leftist machine as they have to have what we have to hold. Called the “key terrain” in certain circles such as mine. Learn the phrase. You will need it.

  • Dagney

    There won’t be any more elections, this was the last hurrah – rife with fraud and criminal activity to achieve the desired and pre-determined outcome. However, the GOP could not have chosen a candidate that could have been less supported by their own voters. So the only thing we are left to regret is the passing of our country.

    • Jeff

      Got Paranoia?

  • jopa

    The photo above just captures the moment when Obama reached the 270 votes needed to win.The final vote was an astounding 332 votes for Obama t0 206 votes for Romney.A very big win for the American middle class.Just facts.

    • awkingsley

      @Jopa: The Middle Class is being destroyed by Socialism. The Middle Class has lost 50 trillion dollars since 1980. Socialism was well underway by 1980. Defaulting Loans to Developing countries bankrupted our banks, which caused the late 1970s – early 1980s recession. Dallas completely changed hands due to that recession. Wealth redistribution, according to Socialists, is giving to the Poor. Instead it robs the Middle Class, eliminates opportunity, and makes everyone but the Elitists poor. Only the wealthy and criminals increase their wealth in a Socialist society. Approximately 40% of Russian GDP is from Organized Crime due to Socialism. While there was little difference between Obama and Romney as candidates, Obama is a definite Socialist who favors wealth redistribution – your wealth – any wealth you have. The goal of the Elitists is to get rid of the Middle Class because it is much easier to manage serfs. When the international corporations have completely taken over, there will be world-wide low wages. In essence we will all be slaves in a Socialist State. In the 2012 election, all candidates other than the Libertarians and Ron Paul, were tainted by the Globalist Corporatist Socialist agenda. By the time any other candidate became president, he would have sold out to the New World Order Globalist agenda, in order to pay for his campaign. Only grassroots candidates supported by the Tea Party can win elections independent of the large corporations and their influence. The only way to preserve the Middle Class and freedom is by supporting a Libertarian-Republican for president.

      • mamba

        Great post awkingsley but Jopa lives with his head in the sand and is unable to see beyond his own nose. He is comfortable and so ignores reality being played out before him.

  • Alan L. LaBar

    Interesting comments all. I think I shall revisit history from 1909 todate. The creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and quotes by Pres. Wilson, Edward Mandel House history and his book Phullip Drue Administrator and then President Ikes farwell address and his remarks about “The Military Industrial Complex. Then if I still think the election of “A President” will make much difference, I shall hold myown head under water until I get out of the notion or die. Oh yes, President JFK and his “Executive order #11110″ which would have ended “The Fed”. Oh yes I remember what happened to him next. I remember where I was that day as well.

    A. L. LaBar

  • Jim Rhead

    Give me a break. Romney was the most qualified person seeking the office since Reagan and maybe in 100 yrs. He was the only one with great business experience and job creation ability and talent. The only one with positive results governing, The only one one with a clean personal slate personally with great family values, belief in the sanctity of life before birth and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. He lost because the Republicans didn’t show up at the poles. Obama obtained less votes from virtually every constituency than he did in the last election. He and the unions bought this election and we will all pay. We could have been on our way to redemption. When we re-elect the worst President since Carter and maybe ever (look and the numbers) it appears we have raised a nation of political illiterates. Jim R.

    • awkingsley

      @Jim Rhead: Did you also say the same thing about Bush? Bush gave us “No Child Left Behind”, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, a Police State, and Supreme Court Justice Roberts who decided ObamaCare is Constitutional. One would think after failed Obama added his agenda that there would be nothing left to do. However, that is why we didn’t support Romney, we knew another horrendous agenda was waiting just over the horizon, and it was easier to try curbing Obama than to fight another whole new agenda.

      • mamba

        And this is where I disagree with you completely awkingsley. Romney is everything that Jim Rhead just stated. He is a good man, but it is what it is and now we get to live with it.

        With that said, sure hope the POTUS is enjoying his latest 3 week vacation in Hawaii. What an inspiring, hard-working and caring leader we have!

    • Nadia

      Romney should have won, but he didn’t take it to obama. He didn’t defend himself against the lies and hardly ran enough ads exposing the devastating policies of obama. No one even talked about the biggest coverup, Benghazi! Why??? and why didnt romney go after obama on obamanocare? Who was controlling him and keeping him from going after obama on sooooo many issues. It makes me angry that Republicans are such chickens and so bound by worrying about the independent vote and not wanting to offend! Nonsense, we all wanted to see Romney stand up and fight he didn’t. Candy Crowley nailed Romney on Benghazi and after the debate told him he was right, where were the ads exposing this left wing media and their marriage to liberal progressive bias?
      Hopefully conservatives have learned their lesson and will fight next time and not be such cowards and worry about political correctness.

      Protest the inauguration and the massive coverup of Benghazi, fast and furious and gun running in the Middle East.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        the past several elections, have felt like they were fixed… that one party, at a time I would have expected that final push (Kerry was a perfect example), they instead intentionally dropped the ball… like it was a planned result.

        the same kind of feeling when you just know who is going to end up winning the fight in wrestling (which I can’t stand, but that’s a whole other thing)

        I felt that Kerry threw the election, and this time, I felt that Romney threw the election.

        Both Obama and Romney were so close on so many positions, that it wouldn’t have mattered to the establishment which one won.

        You’re not going to fix anything continuing to vote for either of those gov’t parties. It is just a shell-game to them.

        – Smoov

        • Alan L. LaBar


          Seems many people are “catching on”. Lots of verifiable information available now.

  • Jane

    Well, reading a few of these posts on here, it is obvious why Governor Romney got beaten. If this crowd here is representative of what Republicans are supposed to be, this lifelong Republican must say that you don’t by any measure come close to being people I would even want to associate with, let alone agree with politically. WHERE UNDER THE SUN DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE GOING TO GET THE >PERFECT< CANDIDATE? You all sound like you are waiting for the liberals to tell you which candidate to support. And as for Senator Paul, I wouldn't have voted at all if he had been running. He scares the living daylights out of me.

    • Marty S.

      Hunker down Jane cuz the stuff is about to hit the whirling blade. Forget your 401 k – it’s toast, pay off your debts, stock up and gut it out one day at a time. Pray as much as possible as our country is under attack from within and that includes all the perps that aided and abetted in the greatest election fraud of all time. Also, we let the lame brain media pick our candidate and then the GOP proceeded to commit suicide in Tampa Florida RNC by changing the rules disallowing Ron Paul a fair hearing and disenfranchising well over a million freedom loving Americans who might have otherwise voted for Romney instead of against both candidates. Welcome to the long winter in the USSA.

  • Jess Phelps

    uptil I saw the paycheck saying $9974, I accept …that…my friends brother had been truley receiving money parttime from their computer.. there neighbor has done this 4 less than twenty months and at present repayed the mortgage on there place and got a new Nissan GT-R:. we looked here, FAB33.COM

    • Alan L. LaBar

      It does take some investigation to see that the two “Parties” are actually one party in results with rare exception.

      After the federal government defaults, who knows what will happen. Will enough citizens demand a strict return to limited powers and The Constitution. A return to states and states rights.

      Will we heal from the hell we are about to see unfold? Oh, we can rest easy the Banksters are in control. Right?

  • Nadia

    The RNC wanted Romney, Romney atttacked Newt with ads that destroyed Newt and then when he went up against obama he played nice. Romney should have won. The RNC could have nailed obama with Benghazi, the economy, the lies against Romney, they should have exposed obamacare for what it is. the Dems flat out lied about everything while the Romney camaign stood by, it almost seems that instead of exosing obama for who he is a soft approach was taken. It didn’t work for McCain and it didn’t work for Romney. Truth should never be run from and lies should be exosed.
    Republicans need to retool the RNC and get rid of Preibus and get a real conservative to chair the RNC, someone who will fight for the country and for conservative principles.
    Romney lost because he didn’t fight to defend the constitution and was afraid to stand up to obama and now we step into an unknown realm for America. So who lost, not Romney but America.

    One more thing, the Tea Party should organize a massive rally on Inauguration Day
    demanding the truth about Benghazi! There is a huge coverup and we need to demand the truth!

  • Leslie

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  • Dallas A.

    I fully agree with Nadia and she seems to be fully informed as to the way our Nation is going. Jeff now ?? You have to wonder if he got his Obamanation free phone amd all the freebees for his vote. He is just waiting for Christmas to see what Obama Claus will bring him . The best thing we can do is be fully prepaired for the attempted destruction of our country and stand up for our constitution by keeping young people informed and constantly impress on our population that America is not free and is need of constant vigillance as to what is going on Its easy to influence young minds expecially in universities where the sociallsts like to nest and have captive brain dead students to influence with their liberal retoric. Who wants to get an F on a great report if you disagree. As its hard to guess I am a Conservative and have seen our nation go down hill for over 50 years. I would gladly give my life for my country if it was needed, but not for this empty suite president that has never left the campaine mode. Merry Christmas

    • Jeff

      I see you fit right in with some of the other creeps on these blogs. Anyone who disagrees with YOU must be somehow corrupt or on the take, meaning they are on welfare or are government workers. You could not be more wrong. There are many well-off people in this country who would pay less in taxes under Republican rule but vote for Democrats because they realize we live in a society that benefits when everyone can participate. I have been relatively well off in my life and I’ve been relatively broke and it’s never made a difference in what I believe politically.

      There are things we do better together than individually, and governments are set up to take care of those things. We may have differing views as to what those things are, but the name-calling of Obama and all democrats or all liberals is strictly for your own in-bred little group here. Outside the right wing bubble, people ain’t buyin’ the baloney no more! Most people recognize the real sources of the deficit:

  • Joey

    Like Obummer was any better in foreign policy? Obama went to war in Libya for no good reason without Congressional approval, overthrew the government and installed Muslim Brotherhood governments all throughout the Middle East, bombs countries left and right, and his Vice-President Joe Biden wrote the Patriot Act in the first place!
    Buchanan has a lot of great points in his book though.
    Why does everybody have to say the majority of Americans agree with them? Can’t the majority of people just be wrong? A lot of people are sheep and in this election they voted for free stuff. It’s hard to vote against free stuff with more and more people being government dependents.

  • John Daniel Begg

    Mr. Romney’s 47% v. 53% edges ever close to the 50 yards line–a fiscal abyss from which no return is possible.

    In America today, takers rob makers whilst police and politicians earn handsome sums aiding and abetting the robbers.

    Today, I am indebted to young Mr. Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, who sends us the follow note about “watching the zombies.” It is suggestive of a debate that ought to have been enjoined by the Party of Weak Men, my own, against the hilarious dictates of the sulking, pouting, self-aggrandizing, Children’s Party, not my own, the past election cycle.

    My Party, the Party of congenitally, weak men, backed down instead of standing up when Mr. Romney was quoted as saying, essentially, that one-half of the country was carrying the other half on its back–not to mention half of the rest of the world now supported as wards of the American free money machine.

    Actually the breakout was, I think, 53% vice 47% makers over takers–counting only the American burden, ignoring the rest of the world perched on the backs of the American makers. Accessing the, solely American, field position, 53-47 in favor of makers seemed to me at the time a breakout suggestive of a, cautionary, tepid, hope for salvation.

    My Party, ever ready to throw a race that can’t be lost, if only to avoid dealing with real issues, failed to enjoin the debate, the premise of which ought to have been this: once that breakout of takers over makers crosses the 50 yards line, we’re toast–by which meaning, at that point, more than a majority have a vital, tangible, self-interest in perpetuating a government that takes from the producing class and gives to the idle class.

    Retreat from a position 50+ yards line benefiting takers over makers is not possible and thus, is, game over for US as a nation of any consequence.

    Quite naturally, that issue was abandoned in terror and fright by my Party, Party of the weak man, when air-headed news girls expressed chagrin that Mr. Romney was “being mean to the sick people, little babies and the poor.” Heavens!!!

    Mr. Romney, of course disavowed his own words and ran a campaign in which he said, essentially, nothing, except that he was proud to say he was not the incumbent–a platform that, on paper, made good sense given the intense enmity–in fact far too nice a word, but this is a family program–that the Americans hold for that incumbent.

    The weak Party, my Party, lost, as usual. The Children’s Party, not my Party, won, as usual. Mr. Bonner, sends us an interesting spin on these takers v. makers events and, suggests, implicitly, what might have been had my Party only been brave—just this once. But of course, that can never be.

    That all said, while I am happy to introduce you to Mr. Bonner and his interesting, on topic, note of today, I take substantial quarrel with him respecting a certain Mr. Grover Norquist, the self-styled anti-taxation fella. Mr. Bonner seems today enamored of Mr. Grover Norquist. He oughtn’t to be.

    But then, Mr. Bonner hails from Baltimore, so I make due considerations.

    Mr. Grover Norquist, the anti-tax fella, has been around this city, Washington, for a good number of years selling his pots and pans amongst the unseemly carnival of other hucksters and salesmen found here feeding off the corpus politic in general. Grover likewise is but part of a very large and very comfortable cabal of hucksters and highwaymen that feeds in specifics on the faux debates that are called here “substantial and pressing, even dire, life or death, differences of opinion,” but that are, in reality, simply different fellas making different, very loud noises, the purpose of which is, not to make things better for the nation as they purport, but rather to further feather their own, already very well-appointed nests, selling more of their pots and pans.

    Like all door to door men at Washington, Grover started small and soon became hardened of rejection by the overstrained real housewives of this city who slammed the door many times in young Grover’s face. So many hucksters selling pots and pans make the customers cold and callous, but Grover was persistent—which counts for a great deal in sales. His Mommy cautioned baby Grover, just starting out as a door to door man, that “Girls already have far more pots and pans than they will ever need—creating a condition, called, I think, in academic economics, ‘market saturation.’” You are free to check, if you are very bored today, the academic lingo with a fellow called Krugman, another pan-banger at Washington selling, I think, a line called “credentialed economics with a Nobel Prize to boot.” Who cannot but like it here?

    Young and enterprising, Grover, nose bloodied but head held high, set about to differentiate his pots and pans from all the others being palmed off on the real housewives of Washington, District of Columbia. He designed a patter of selling, in equal parts self-deprecating and novel. Grover boldly told housewives, quickly, before they could slam the door again in his poor nose, “Madam, I am fully aware that my goods are not needed in your home but I can offer them to you—Tax Free, mam!!”

    Friends, you know the rest. Next thing you know, ole Grove’s a millionaire, twice over and counting.

    Moreover, Grover has perfected the attitude of politicians in the city who openly, piteously and indiscreetly disdain their customers with a loud and loathsome public mockery. This is a common affliction among pots and pans salesmen of all levels at Washington, District of Columbia—largely driven, I suspect, as paybacks for all the sore noses young Grover and others here have had to endure over time.

    Door to door men, and politicians, hold a healthy disdain and contempt for those who slam the door on sight of them at the doorstep, hurting their poor noses. But no salesman holds any door slammer in anything like the disdain and contempt he holds for those who do buy his pots and pans. The idea being “anyone stupid enough to fall for my sales pitch, is beneath all contempt.”

    I am roundly disliked among all the salesmen here, as I am a permanent fixture, whilst they are weary, boisterous, commercial travelers, to all of whom I am icily indifferent. But I am never so much disliked and disdained by the hawkers and barkers as are the customers who do buy their products. A case in point can be seen in the reactions of the Presidential candidates the night of November 6, 2012. Mr. Romney was very much surprised to have lost as he expected, with very good reason, that he would win. But his grace and magnanimity in defeat belied a grudging admiration for the real housewives who slammed the door in his face.

    On the other side of things, the incumbent, who both very much deserved to lose and fully expected to lose, and I am told wanted to lose, appeared at first shocked, vexed and surprised that he had won a re-election, a win that was, quite frankly, inexplicable. Impossible. Could not have happened. But, it did. Quickly overcoming surprise, the incumbent began to make a spectacle of the foolish housewives who re-elected him, he thinking, “these cows were stupid enough to buy my pots and pans in 08, but how utterly idiotic they are to re-elect me in 2012.”

    Hence, the inexplicable is explained. Politicians, simply selling wholesale the pots and pans of smaller retailers such as Grover, suffer from a massive sense of inferiority. That massive inferiority drives this self-assessment of the customer base: “anyone stupid enough to vote for me is truly beneath all contempt.” And, they are right as rain about that. In this sense, likely only in this sense, are politicians ever speaking truth, either to themselves or to others.

    Making things a tad easier for the hard-working salesman, Uncle Ben at the Federal Reserve bakes fresh loaves of bread DAILY, and in such abundance for Washington, District of Columbia salesmen to feed and grow fat upon, that it certainly is true, as we say at Washington, “if you can’t make it here, you can’t make it anywhere.”

    That all aside, the incumbent now gets to remain the incumbent, Uncle Ben keeps hard a bakin’ and Grover gets to make more millions from you “tax free, mam!!” Such is the business of life at Washington, District of Columbia.

    Washington is full to the gunnels with men who take their, very amble, living pretending to inform and improve the lives of the people from whom they merely, take their handsome living, and give back–nothing. These men, representatives of the 2 Parties, their lackeys and handmaidens and ponces in the press services and on the television, have cooked up a new war dance to irritate the populace at Christmas, 2012.

    Uncle Ben pays for the show and claps giddily as newsgirls, Grover and the other salesmen of all brands of pots and pans breathlessly shout out “High Hell and Havoc!!” that if this or that action is taken or not taken, the world will end, notwithstanding the imminent arrival of the Babe Jesus, a moment of true importance. All hysterical salesmen of course ignore, not only the Babe Himself, but likewise the real and pressing fiscal abyss into which we all shortly will plummet.

    That hash now settled, I commence to quote to you young Mr. Bonner’s note to us today, here in full:

    The Real “End of America”
    by Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners

    Oh, boy! Check out this “zombie watch” report from Bloomberg:

    California Highway Patrol division chief Jeff Talbott retired last year as the best-paid officer in the 12 most-populous U.S. states, collecting $483,581 in salary, pension and other compensation.

    Talbott, 53, received $280,259 for accrued leave and vacation time and took a new job running the public-safety department at a private university in Southern California. He also began collecting an annual pension of $174,888 from the state…

    While more than 5,000 California troopers made at least $100,000 in 2011, only three in North Carolina did, the data show. Talbott’s $483,581 in total pay — adding six months of his $174,888 annual pension, based on his June 30, 2011, retirement date — is almost four times as much as the $122,950 collected by the top-paid officer in North Carolina, a commander, the data show.

    Talbott declined a request to be interviewed, said Patty Zurita, communications manager at the University of the Redlands in Redlands, California, where he now works.

    Nice gig. Retire at 53. Get a pension of $174,000. And then get another job in the same line of work.

    Zombies Retire Early,
    Then Find Ways to Keep Raking in the Cash
    You’re not being a zombie, however, if you do this.

    What you’re about to see is a little-known way you could generate up to six times more cash than you currently get from your 401(k).

    Not too many people know about this — it’s still zombie-proof. But it might not be for long. Act now — click here.

    Talbott is probably a decent fellow. He probably does a good job. But he has been zombified. What he gets no longer matches up with what he deserves. In other words, he consumes more resources than he really earns.

    Why are we making so much of zombies? Is this some kind of joke?

    Nope, ‘fraid not…

    If you don’t understand zombies, you’ll never really understand what is going on in the Great Correction. The Fed is printing $85 billion a month… governments are running trillion-dollar deficits… and zombies are getting the lion’s share of the money.

    Getting What’s Coming

    Since 2008, the U.S. and much of the world have been paying down and defaulting on debt. This is natural. People make mistakes. Especially when central banks give them far too much credit.

    They borrow too much. Then they realize they have to pay down debt. That’s what the private sector has been doing since the collapse of subprime debt in 2007.

    So what if people make mistakes? Exactly! Who gives a damn?

    When an individual or a company makes a mistake, it is self-correcting. Suppose, for example, a person drinks too much. If he keeps drinking more and more, the problem will take care of itself.

    He’ll either go on the wagon… or he’ll get delirium tremens and crack up.

    He’ll get what he deserves.

    So too, a company that is severely mismanaged will get the heebie-jeebies and go broke. Soon, it will cease to exist. Problem solved.

    Even if the entire private sector goes off its head and borrows too much… so what? Don’t worry about it. That’s what corrections and depressions are for.

    But there are some mistakes that are self-reinforcing and not self-limiting. They get worse, not better. And there are some victims who are the not the same people who made the mistake.

    When central planners make a mistake, the harm often falls on everyone but the central planners. And when they’ve gone too far… they just keep going!

    Perverse Feedback

    Why is that?

    It’s because of the peculiar perverse feedback loops in centrally planned systems.

    First, as systems become larger and more mutualized it becomes harder to tell what’s really going on.

    Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers can tell us that we are in a period of “demand shortage.” What the hell? Maybe they’re right.

    And when they apply their “fixes,” we can’t really know what will happen either. Maybe the economy really will run better. And maybe their “fixes” could help. What do we know?

    Second, the “fixes” almost always mean more money to someone who hasn’t earned it.

    One company gets bailed out. An entire industry gets recapitalized and subsidized. The Fed prints and the federal government is able to continue its free-spending ways — with more employees, more disabled people, more contracts, more food stamps and so forth.

    All of these people are zombies. They consume. They produce little or nothing of value. Then the zombies push for more spending… bringing forth more zombies!

    At least our friend Mr. Talbott works. Many zombies don’t bother to lift a finger.

    Pretty soon, half the country is living at the other half’s expense.

    And oh yes… Yesterday we said we could prove that the Fed’s easy money was contributing to the spread of zombies.

    Cheap Financing of Bad Policies

    Well, here it is….

    The Fed exchanges U.S. Treasury debt and agency mortgage-backed securities for newly digitized cash.

    What do the financial institutions do with it?

    They need to put it to work. The private sector isn’t borrowing. So that leaves government — state, local and national. And since governments can finance their deficits with this easy money, it is easier for them to continue spending rather than cut back.

    Remember how Leszek Balcerowicz, Poland’s central banker, put it? They “get a lot of cheap financing to finance bad policies.”

    What do they spend on? Zombies. They pay police officers four times what they’re worth, for example.

    Spend Less… Tax Less… Grow More

    But wait…

    Sure, zombies cost money. But don’t we get a better economy when we spend more money? Don’t we get more and better services when more people are on the government payroll?

    Buffett, Krugman, Obama et al. are clamoring for higher taxes. Doesn’t better government cost money? And don’t places that pay more get more?

    Not on the evidence.

    “States that Spend Less, Tax Less — And Grow More” begins an article in The Wall Street Journal last week.

    The U.S. states are good places to observe the effects of tax and spending policies. They all have more or less the same sort of people… same culture… same national economic and trade policies and so forth. But they have different tax systems… and they spend different amounts.

    The American Legislative Council studied the data. Did it show better services in the high tax/high spending states? Did it find faster economic growth where state governments ran with high levels of taxation and spending?

    Education is the top item for most states. But spending on education “has no relationship to outcomes,” the researchers concluded.

    Per pupil spending varied from a high of $18,126 per student per year to a low of $8,507. The difference in output as measured by standardized testing? Negligible.

    The extra “investment” of resources was wasted.

    Nor did the higher tax states show stronger economic growth. The study’s conclusion:

    States without an income tax have significantly better growth in private sector GDP (59% versus 42%) over the last 10 years. They increased the number of jobs by 4.9%, while jobs in the rest of the states declined by
    2.6%. States without an income tax gained population (+5.5%) from domestic migration (U.S. residents moving in and out of states) while all other states as a whole lost 1.3% of population between 2000 and 2009.

    Grover Norquist is right. Higher taxes (and/or Fed money printing) merely enables higher spending.

    Don’t feed the zombies!

    I here cease to quote from young Bonner and thank him for his note to me today. And to all, a good night.

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    More and more we are seeing that the GOP election wipe out was not due only to the clown like figure presented in Mitt Romney. GOP policies and attitudes simply cannot fly in the 21st. century.

    • Jeff

      “More and more we are seeing that the GOP election wipe out was not due only to the clown like figure presented in Mitt Romney. GOP policies and attitudes simply cannot fly in the 21st. century.”

      I fully agree with you, but it is ironic you use the term “clown like” to describe Romney as in all the Republican debates, he played straight man to the seemingly inexhaustible supply of Republican clowns.


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