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The Real 2012 Doomsday: U.S. Falls To Tyranny

January 18, 2012 by  

The Real 2012 Doomsday: U.S. Falls To Tyranny

The past year has been a bad one for democracy, and the Republic that once was the United States seems to live in name only. Because of the extreme abuses of power the Federal government has exercised just in the past year, the people of the Nation have been broken, discouraged and must now only be controlled.

A recent report in the state-run Russia Today cites an instructional military book, Non-Lethal Weapons Reference Book (leaked by to outline the coming “high-tech crackdown” that may soon befall citizens of the United States deemed unruly.

If you have ever seen a farmer persuade his livestock to bend to his will with less-than-lethal methods such as cattle prods, whips and electric fences, you know how incredibly persuasive they can be to the animals. The U.S. government also knows a thing or two about controlling groups; unfortunately, the target isn’t unruly livestock, but U.S. citizens.

The report references one device that has already made a military debut in Afghanistan and that will likely become commonplace for domestic crowd control as law enforcement agencies throughout the country become increasingly militarized. The Active Denial System, which is described as a “long range, directed energy, vehicle mounted system that projects an invisible electromagnetic millimeter-wave energy beam beyond small arms range,” can be used as a non-lethal way to create extreme discomfort and quell group dissent.

Other military implements that may soon see use within U.S. borders include Acoustic Hailing Devices that provide “scalable, directional warning tones” causing “auditory damage” and the Distributed Sound and Light Array which “uses a combined laser, non-coherent light, and acoustics to produce a synergistic engagement system.” Other systems can completely disable motor vehicles and emit acoustic waves that make it impossible for crowds to shout without discomfort and nausea.

While many Americans deny that the U.S. government will ever use such weapons on a widespread basis against dissenters, recent developments in the country appear to indicate otherwise. The crackdowns on OWS camps carried out by police in riot/military gear, armed with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, indicate that when large masses of people cry out, no matter what the political agenda, they will be quieted by local, State and/or Federal officials.

Before the crackdowns on the OWS camps, the Federal government demonstrated its willingness to bypass the judiciary system anytime an individual poses a threat to its agenda. In September, the Administration of Barack Obama executed U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in the mountains of Yemen with a drone strike. Though he often spoke on behalf of al-Qaida, it could be reasonably assumed that al-Awlaki’s citizenship status gave him the right to trial before execution. The Administration disagrees: Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson said of the execution that only the executive branch, not the courts, is equipped to make military battlefield targeting decisions about who qualifies as an enemy.

Johnson’s statement would be less alarming if the Administration — with the help of hawkish neoconservatives like Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) — had not recently passed a military spending bill with provisions that effectively designate American soil a battlefield and every American a possible enemy. The bill gives the President the ability to indefinitely detain terror suspects, but this comes at a time when the lines of what constitutes “terror” are becoming increasingly blurry. The Federal government is currently in active negotiations with members of the Taliban, and Obama has made it clear that anyone who rejects his agenda is considered a “right-wing domestic terrorist.”

How long will it take for Federal government to decide it necessary to carry out al-Awlaki style executions on those deemed “domestic terrorists” as they sit in their homes in the United States? With the increasing use of military drones in U.S. airspace, the idea is not so far-fetched. The same Federal agencies that carried out fatally-flawed operations like those in Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in the 1990s now have aerial drones and a license to kill in the name of Homeland Security. Some people may think that the agencies have refined their methods since those days; others have been following news about Operation Fast and Furious, the most recent endeavor by the Department of Justice, and know better.

Those people who do not believe the Federal government is out to harm them by breaking their will, dehumanizing them and bending them to be the subservient masses that will keep it afloat should simply take a flight. If being prodded, poked and virtually stripped naked by poorly trained agents of the Transportation Security Administration is not bad enough, how about having very personal belongings fondled, food stolen and grandmothers groped by the TSA? All are tactics of dehumanization to create subservient masses, and all are things that happened to American travelers last year.

Aside from quashing unruly masses and making problems disappear, the Federal government wants to keep tabs on the information being put out by journalists and bloggers throughout the Nation with a new Homeland Security initiative. According to Russia Today, in a new report, the Department reserves the right to collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”

And while Homeland Security is busy putting together a plan to rid the country of any bad press, Congress has been working to sanitize the Internet. Pending legislation like SOPA and the Protect IP Act will effectively give American citizens about as much online freedom as citizens of China.

Some Americans may think that if they are not in the public eye, don’t regularly protest and are not members of al-Qaida, they are not subject to government intrusion. But a recent decision by Magistrate Judge David Noce in United States v. Robinson says that as long as you park your vehicle in public parking lots or use public roadways, law enforcement has the ability to install a GPS tracking device with no warrant to log where you travel if they believe you “may be involved in criminal activities.”

When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790, with only 17 recognized Federal crimes, it may have been reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of intrusion. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

Last year was a very busy one for all of those interested in ending American life as it is and has been known. The United States that was a Republic has already collapsed and has very quietly become a totalitarian regime, complete with a dictator named Obama and a Congress that bends to his will and continually legislates in such a way that would make any totalitarian regime proud. Together they have done everything in their power to undermine the Constitution and name themselves as the all-powerful ruling class. And with the undoing of the ideas of the Founders and the ruination of but a few more checks and balances, they will effectively claim their supremacy.

So what have Americans lost and why does the ruling class have to do away with the Constitution and the rights it gives to every American citizen? It is explained by James Madison, who contended that there was no way American lawmakers could declare themselves a ruling class under the provisions of the Constitution, in the 57th volume of the Federalist Papers:

If it be asked, what is to restrain the House of Representatives from making legal discriminations in favor of themselves and a particular class of the society? I answer: the genius of the whole system; the nature of just and constitutional laws; and above all, the vigilant and manly spirit which actuates the people of America — a spirit which nourishes freedom, and in return is nourished by it.

Those who are working so hard to claim themselves a ruling class know that their goal cannot be achieved if there is such a thing as a population that holds dear its “vigilant and manly spirit.” And they know how to slowly break that spirit without alarm by dehumanizing populations — luring people into accepting tyrannical rule in the guise of laws claimed to exist for public safety, homeland security or the better good of humanity. Unlike Madison, they always leave out words like freedom and never discuss the great threats government poses to the people, but contrarily advise vigilance to combat the people’s threat to the government.

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has been warning the public of many of these frightening developments for more than 35 years. Now, as he vies for the Nation’s highest office, many of his predictions have come true. Maybe it is time Americans listened to the “kook,” because those things he said would happen — predictions Americans once considered to be crazy and far-fetched — are now reality. He may be the Nation’s last hope to a path back to some semblance of the Constitutional Republic created by the Founders.

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Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Steve

    This article hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately, the sheep are too busy watching American Idol and following the latest antics of Paris Hilton and the Kardashians to notice. Tragic!

    • Lee

      I don’t know, just call me stupid, but I don’t get why some people think they need to control most of the people. What is this need for power? What is this need to make the masses bow to them? Why does Obummer want to turn a, once prosperous, country into a third world country?
      The sad thing is, that this has been in the works for decades, while the sheep were asleep. I just got an email, detailing my worst fears about why d**khead will get back in office. Look up this article. No Matter What
      By Dr. Walter Williams. It’s too long to post here.

      • Randy131

        The queation you ask is an aged old question, for the problem has been with the human experience practically from the start of our existence. The only explanation is that of the influence of those involved in the battle and war of Evil (Satan) against Good (GOD), and their proxies (Angels), over and using, pawns (we humans), with the predication of the soul’s final placement through reward or punishmnet .

        • Vicki

          As you know, Obama said in his signing statement that the NDAA detention provisions will not be applied to American citizens on his watch. Then we find out that there is another interesting law being debated called the Enemy Expatriation Act.

          This allows Obama to strip you of your citizenship (without trial btw) and THEN he can throw you into detention under the NDAA. Such a convenient way to keep his signing statement “promise”.

        • KishinD

          Angels and demons? Really? No, there are mundane explanations for all of this. The prevalence of sociopaths in politics, for example. They’re 1-4% of the population, but the ambitious ones are truly dangerous to humanity as a whole. Learn more: read “The Sociopath Next Door” or “Political Ponerology”. Antisocial personality disorder is a threat to all moral humans: sociopaths are humans literally incapable of love, and therefore free from the moral obligations that stem from affection (conscience). They are born liars that avoid all responsibility for their actions and escape condemnation through plays for pity.

          These NDAA clauses are the natural extension of the Patriot Act. The move to a totalitarian government has been steady since Reagan (perhaps even prior to Reagan). Obama is a public face with some power, but he’s not the one in charge – I’m sure he was quite disappointed when he found that out after the election. No, our militaristic policy at home and around the world is being dictated by a non-public face, an unelected part of our government, with the compliance of the Presidency. This is the only explanation I can come to given the consistency of the militaristic policies of various congresses and Presidents.

          How do we fight against these people? Their names are not known to us, only the names of their minions. They are not subject to elections or recall, so our democratic processes cannot cleanse them. If they have come to dominate the government, and cannot be stopped by governmental mechanisms, the only solution is to establish a Constitutional republic whose forces they do not control. This government is no longer Constitutional, and therefore not legitimate. So I wonder how we can set up the law and elections independent of this corrupted, broken government. Any ideas?

          • Stomp

            Conscience has nothing to do with affection.

          • Rachel Thomson

            I am with you 100 percent. The core issues isn’t political or religious- it is about how to stop sociopaths. They always float to the top- natural place for hollow scum to congregate.
            The answer, in my view, vote out every incumbent in every election until such time that our elected officials do the will of the people for the people’s common good. Such leaders can legislate control away from the monsters.
            That said, realistically it will never happen. The sheep are stupid. Even people that are aware of our present danger won’t generally accept the deeper truth- the root cause. People are too hung up on shallow politics and religions.
            I think there is no hope. It is too late to wake the people. people rather believe than know and when a fact unseats a belief, people reject the facts in favor of belief. Such a system cannot be sustained much longer.

          • WickedPickle

            Yeah.. Get rid of the current sty, eliminate grandfather, make a law that any (upper) politician worth more than a million dollars be paid one dollar a year and pension deals only with personal investing such as 401K.. Insist that elections/re-election funds come from the volunteered dollar that every worker pays into the IRS.. This way, big b’ness can’t determine the winner, Better, more knowledgeable politicians can run for office and those who win will work for the people (because there will be no more political welfare).. All the wealthy p-ricks will simply stay at home and destroy their own corporations.. Oh! No damned bail-outs.. Do like mom and pop, if you succeed, you feel proud.. If you lose, you close shop. I think we need Ron Paul..

        • http://raputureready gwen washburn

          Bible prophecy being fulfilled, Obama(dictator, Puppet of illuminati which their strings are being pulled by satan) WILL WIN AGAIN. That is part of satans plan, he has a short time and GOD WILL put a end to all of these money grabbing, war whores,decieved by satan PUPPETS!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Controlling other people never starts out with the obvious. This control is done incrementally and it always comes under the disguise of “may I help you”, “I care”.

        • APN

          Exactly….Marxist feminism……main agenda is implemented through “The Children”. i.e.; public school systems

      • Mark Are

        I make the effort to share this information because it gives me, at last, a plausible answer to a long-unanswered question: Why, no matter how much intelligent goodwill exists in the world, is there so much war, suffering and injustice? It doesn’t seem to matter what creative plan, ideology, religion, or philosophy great minds come up with, nothing seems to improve our lot. Since the dawn of civilization, this pattern repeats itself over and over again.

        The answer is that civilization, as we know it, is largely the creation of psychopaths. All civilizations, our own included, have been built on slavery and mass murder. Psychopaths have played a disproportionate role in the development of civilization, because they are hard-wired to lie, kill, cheat, steal, torture, manipulate, and generally inflict great suffering on other humans without feeling any remorse, in order to establish their own sense of security through domination. The inventor of civilization – the first tribal chieftain who successfully brainwashed an army of controlled mass murderers – was almost certainly a genetic psychopath. Since that momentous discovery, psychopaths have enjoyed a significant advantage over non-psychopaths in the struggle for power in civilizational hierarchies – especially military hierarchies.

        Behind the apparent insanity of contemporary history, is the actual insanity of psychopaths fighting to preserve their disproportionate power. And as their power grows ever-more-threatened, the psychopaths grow ever-more-desperate. We are witnessing the apotheosis of the overworld – the overlapping criminal syndicates that lurk above ordinary society and law just as the underworld lurks below it.

        During the past fifty years, psychopaths have gained almost absolute control of all the branches of government. You can notice this if you observe carefully that no matter what illegal thing a modern politician does, no one will really take him to task. All of the so called scandals that have come up, any one of which would have taken down an authentic administration, are just farces played out for the public, to distract them, to make them think that the democracy is still working.



        • KishinD

          Yay! Another person who gets it. Sociopath/Psychopath/antisocial personality disorder – different names for the same underlying condition. Keep making others aware, please. The future of humanity depends, in part, on the ability of moral humans to recognize these amoral people. (Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich both display classic signs of psychopathy, for example)

        • http://raputureready gwen washburn

          Can you say DICTATOR? YES I CAN YES I CAN!!!

      • Bob Marshall

        Lee, read the book: THE ROOTS of OBAMA’S RAGE. You will find the answer. “Stunning…the most profound insight i have read in six years about Obama.” Newt Gingrich.

      • Wyatt

        Yes he does Lee , as a diehard Communist Obamas sole goal is to bring down the United States in order to implement his own Communistic agenda. His public approval of the OWS mob and open critical denouncement of our Constitution , calling it out of date and obsolete all point to his true motives .

        • http://raputureready gwen washburn


      • Peri McMillan

        Lee, I fully agree with you but does that really matter? Under the circumstances, I think all we can do is focus on the reality of it rather than the reason.

      • Linda S

        Just my two cents (non-inflation adjusted): The reason these people are able to perpetuate the evil that they do is because our society encourages this behavior. Think about it for a minute. (If you want another good book to read, Lundy Bancroft put out a book called “Why Does He Do That”). We encourage our young to become successful and money oriented. We give our kids electronics so they can unplug and entertain themselves. We teach them selfish behavior, and selfishness is the root of the creation of all these psychopathic people. When you’re wrapped up in the self, you can’t learn empathy for others. You can’t see nor feel their emotional and physical pain. You turn it off in your mind and all that becomes important is your selfish desires. When good men and women stand up and say enough as a society, then it will stop. The Amish, Mormans and Jehovah Witnesses punish bad behavior that is non-loving with shunning, because above all what these deranged monsters cannot deal with is a lack of attention. Perhaps, as a society, it’s time to take back our land by starting to do the right thing…starting with your next door neighbor…for example, the one who beats his wife (or her husband) and kids and you know it’s going on but do NOTHING. We, as a society, don’t stop it…we turn a blind eye to it and say it’s none of our business. Well, perhaps it was always our business, yet we absolved our guilt by justifying our cowardice behind inaction under the words “it’s none of my business” and “it’s not my problem”.

      • James

        Revelation 12:7 says “there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels.” The ‘dragon’ here is Satan, an archaangel. He lost that war and was exiled to earth where he became the Prince of this planet. He remains so until Christ returns and deposes him.

    • Mark Are

      See Kyle Cease Video about what people are more interested in.

    • Fed up

      Hey Steve, SHOVE IT! There’s not a damn thing wrong with people watching American Idol or anything else for that matter. The fact that you the all knowing brainiard thinks that because a few lazy uninterested folks that couldn’t care less about politics or the state of the nation is a sign that every other person that watches the tube with any interest fits into your sick definition just shows me how shallow you are. Your like the dimwit in the WH that thinks he knows it all. So just shove it!

      • AnBo

        Your one of the people that perpetuate the way the world is today. Try to make a difference. We have a problem in this country and unless we start to do something about it, our country will be lost forever. Don’t think it can’t happen. History says otherwise.

        • Donahue

          I got concerned and decided to do something. I discovered a group of like minded citizens that are fed up with what is occurring. Here’s the website: . Our present government is a CORPORATION not a Republic as our forefathers designed it. At this site you’ll see the diferrent States that are forming. You will see a Documentary shortly on ABC, so I have been told. This is a peaceful group across our land who are re-inhibiting our Constitution. Have a Blessed day “Okie” don

      • TheOtherWhiteMeat

        You need to get out of your parent’s basement and comingle with others (as I do as part of my job- do you have one?) People are generally incredibly ignorant/apathetic as to what’s happening.

    • Jessica

      Steve, I agree with you and I feel we need to do something about it soon otherwise the governement will keep pushing its “lawful” bounderies and silence us all! :(

      • Bob Marshall

        Norah Webster; “If we vote an immoral man into office we are traitors to our country.”

        • http://raputureready gwen washburn


    • APN

      Notice the key words in this statement: the vigilant and manly spirit which actuates the people of America — a spirit which nourishes freedom, and in return is nourished by it.

      Back in the day, a MANLY spirit was something to be admired and respected. It goes on to say a spirit which nourishes FREEDOM not simple minded fools. Another key word is ACTUATES, which is to move, as in move the freedom loving spirits of men NOT entitlement loving FOOLS. i.e.; The safety net crowd…thumb suckers….DEPENDENTS

      In contrast, given the total and complete feminization of the American culture, by the politically correct/GOD hating marxist crowd, I would think it is self-evident as to why our freedoms have been lost, at the hands of the daycare “Touchy-Feely” mindset, that is currently “Leading” our great Nation, off a cliff.

      What is about to happen to America is as old as time itself. The results of the aforesaid never change and never will change because it is a mathematical certainty. America is about to find out what leadership really is and it certainly isn’t these emotional fools we have in Washington now. Any FOOL can play the act of a leader in good times, and get by with it, for a while, but REAL leadership is REQUIRED in times of hardship and adversity.

      When this fake bubble of security finally breaks in America, then and only then will we get to the true colors of those who acclaim to be LEADERS.

      Our Founders understood this fact, we do not…..but in time….we will!

    • Ranger 1

      Steve: Excellent point – well made. All administrations want power (Rep or Dem). That’s why we need to keep reminding them about this little piece of the Constitution, the FIRST AMENDMENT. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. Hasn’t that basically been the role of first, “The Tea Party”, and then the much larger “Occupy” movement? It seems to be the tendency of many administrations to sort of ignore other specific laws as they wish, like the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which hasn’t been invoked since the Reagan administration shelved it, and which undoubtedly would have prevented our current economic Depression, simply by preventing any corporation from ever becoming “too big to fail”! If ALL of us don’t take an activist role in holding our government’s “feet to the fire” we get what we deserve. Get out there folks. Write constant letters to your senators and reps, complementing them as well as criticizing. As Thom Hartman always says in closing every show, “TAG, You’re IT”.

      • Tom

        Do you really think writing letters is going to change anything! The reason all the gun control laws are in motion is because (they) realize the only way we have left to fight after the constitution is abandoned is our guns! They are counting on the meek and weak minded fools of this country to help disarm those who are willing to stand and fight for the rights that were promised us since birth. The tree of liberty will be refreshed with the blood of the true patriot along with the innocent because tyranny will have it no other way!!!

    • Tom W.

      Well said Steve! Well said indeed!!!
      The Marxist idea of the law, as officially defined by the Soviet Union in 1938: “Law is a combination of the rules of behavior established or sanctioned by state authority, reflecting the will of the ruling class – rules of behavior whose application is assured by the coercive power of the state for the purpose of protecting, strengthening and developing relationships and procedures suitable and beneficial to the ruling class.”
      “We are free today substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because it’s wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.”
      James Madison

      • APN

        James Madison did not have to deal with the Marxist feminist agenda, as we do. Marxist feminism in America did not exist in his time.

        In fact, the demise of America can be directly attributed to the Marxist feminist movement over the course of the past 3-4 decades. It is the most cleverly cloaked agenda that has ever been perpetrated on the American People and has been sold under the pretty little name:

        “Progressive Movement”

        Marxist feminism is the foundation of socialism which morphs into full blown communism, always has, always will. It is a system of chaos driven by angry little self-gender-hating females but controlled by the ALPHA MALES. Millions have perished under this insanity and we will too, if not challenged.

        Study up on the root foundation of socialism and see where it leads you. #1…Marxist Feminism…….#2…..Socialism(Where Europe is now)Broke from empty promises resulting in Chaos….#3 Communism(You get a number under this system…if you are lucky….i.e.; CHINA

        Why do you think King Obama LOVES China? Go figure?

        Maybe he thinks this is where he can get his 1,000 year reign, like Hitler “thought” he could.

        • Karolyn

          Oh, please, APN. Women still don’t have the equality deserved. I do not hate men, but the reason this world is in such a mess is because of men, but it is what it is. The reason for all the violence in the world is because of men. In societies where there is little violence and sexual assault, women are held in total respect as to their work and who they are. They are equal in government and in the religious culture of the society. Those societies also have a deep connection to the Earth. Our country is the opposite of all of those things, hence all the mayhem. The woman who researched those societies is named Sanday. Can’t remember her whole name at the moment. If you saw what I see on a daily basis regarding domestic abuse you might understand a little more the fact that women are still at the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. And so many men refer to their Bibles as backup for their bad behavior against their women. I have a dear friend whose husband does just that.

          • APN

            Karolyn, Do you always react this emotionally or are you just having a bad day. Never once did I LUMP SUM ALL WOMEN into my comments. The fact is, I do not even consider a marxist/progressive feminist a WOMAN. Angry little want-a-be confused men who are furious with GOD for given them the wrong gender. Or what THEY perceive as the wrong gender. I have VERY little patience for the little angry twits and have no problem treating them just like any another man, if needed.

            Woman or no more equal to a man than a man is equal to a Woman…..mutually exclusive. An the fact is Karolyn, woman have started more wars than men ever had the chance to…. Again, MARXIST FEMINIST who think they can dictate to the world what will or will not be done. ie.; OBAMACARE, feminist/marxist socialist program#2, #3, #4, etc etc etc

            Hillary Clinton is a prime example. She can start a WAR with her big marxist mouth but I guarentee you she cannot PERSONALLY finish it. She will need to send our VERY STRONG YOUNG MEN into combat to do her bidding, correct???? Or do you suggest that she can strap on an 80lb rucksack with an M16 and then participate in a live firefight? I deal with facts Karolyn, not daycare mentalities or people who want-a-be something that they aren’t.

          • OB1

            Because she allows it Karolyn. Plain and simple. Marriage is mutual accountability. Any person can sill say NO and keep their marriage intact. A good book is TOUGH LOVE still available online at Alibris. Perhaps it is TOUGH LOVE WE are now all called to do in our towns, cities, counties and states. I do think so. I believe the book was by James Dobson but made some very good ideas. So does Alanon for that matter. Go ahead and google. Best wishes to you.

  • Lynne

    Been going on for decades and the sheeple continue to buy into the crap. What ever happened to free thought? We’ve known for years about sound wave tech. We’ve known for even *more* years about subliminal messages over the airways. Ron Paul 2012!

    • Robert Smith

      Lynne says: “We’ve known for even *more* years about subliminal messages over the airways.”

      Didn’t your tin foil hat stop it?

      I can assure you that the only “hidden” signals in television are cc, PSIP, PSIP and other viewer goodies (like SAP and VITS used to be) or technical information to keep the ones and zeros where they need to be.

      With the correct equipment a TV or radio signal can be taken down to individual ones and zeros. “Subliminal” signals would be too obvious and too many television engineers would spill the beans. There is simply nothing nefarious in television signals.


      • FreedomFighter

        R. Smith, I turned television off for almost 10 years, only have it now because my new wife insists on it.

        TV is a mental control mechanism that you pay for, it is insidiously effective.

        I look around and it seems to me, that those that watch TV the most, are brain dead parrots that repeat what is shown them on that evil little box. They speak in little “clips” without any real thought on what it is they are even talking about.

        One hard working zombie even tried to tell me the Economy and dollar are doing great — because MSN said so…

        I asked, what econoimic indicators are you using? Oh he said jobless rate is down…

        How did they calculate this? — Dont know…well you see they are cooking the numbers…

        Did you know about the NDAA? What is that he says…

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • wandamurline

          Don’t forget to throw in the internet and all of the “take it with you” tech products to keep you tuned in to Facebook and Twitter. The younger generation is addicted to this crap and are failing to see the world around them. I guess they will notice once they no longer have these tech products.

          • Mike

            Let’s not be too quick to blame the younger generation. Notice that Ron Paul has a higher level of support amongst those in their twenties, than those in their sixties.

          • APN

            T Mike….I guess that means that those in their 20′s have greater wisdom than those in their 60′s, correct?

          • Karolyn

            On the other hand, these young people are getting more and more connected and learning what’s really going on, and they are learning via Facebook and Twitter. My friend’s college sophomore son is a testament to that. He is voting for Paul and is quite familiar with what’s going on. They don’t all just fool around on those social network sites. They re also excellent for spreading the word about causes.

        • skip

          Subliminal signals aren’t needed – the routine nonsense spouted on TV, including and perhaps dominated by the commercials and talk-radio, is enough to numb the brain forever. If we had rational journalists like Bill Moyers giving us perspective and balance, we would have a chance. But we have been dumbed down, and encouraged to spend recklessly, and here we are. And now add on control by or at least addiction to Personal Digital Assistant devices, and all thought and analysis will be gone, rumor and unsubstantiated information will replace thought and knowledge, and we’ll all be zombies.

          • Jimmy

            Bill Moyers? Give me a break, talk about left wing journalism and he is was of the leaders!!

        • Macawma

          Excuse me, FF. We take offense at the term “brain dead parrots”. I believe my parrots are MUCH smarter than any liberal!

          • J c

            Are the insults necessary to any discussion?

          • FreedomFighter

            I did say “brain dead” parrot, without intent to insult such smart birds.

            Thanks made me chuckle.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

      • cawmun cents

        There is nothing subtle about subterfuge and subjugation.
        There may be subliminal messaging,but it doesnt seem necessary.
        Ask Mr./Ms.Smith.He knows the techniques of black science even if he is a poor student of psychology.
        He and his ilk push a look good,feel good,go along to get along,politically correct,I’m helping!,situational comedy.
        I call it a comedy because it is laughable(insert ironic notation of a twist of sarcasm here),not because it is funny.There is no need to do things underhandedly when it seems that often folks are willing to eat the candy coated scat,uninhibited by knowledge of how much they will be fed.It looks like M and M’s,so they gobble it up.Even after it becomes clear that it is not exactly what they thought iy was,they are too embarassed to spit it out,but rather look around as if they are enjoying themselves,and continue masticating it until they swallow it with their pride and freedom following close behind.
        In fact they have eaten so much of the candy coated scat,that they are beginning to prefer it to the hard crust of bread they are being offered by the gubment.The old axiom,”you are what you eat”comes to mind.So when nuggets of liberal wisdom come shooting out of their minds,you have to consider the source.
        They have lined up at the socialist knowledge impartment center for years to get the candy coated scat nuggets.Since they lack the many stomachs of their bovine counterparts,they regurgitate the candy coated scat,for reconsumption at a later time.
        It’s the looking good,feeling good,go along to get along thing to do.
        It has no substantial foundation because it is built on other folks backs,not their spineless slug-like personages.
        The real stroke of genius is how they use smoke and mirrors to create that unsuspecting illusion that everything is peachy keen,just dont pay attention to the man behind the curtain mentality,which most folks are clamboring for.Well,you get what you pay for.
        In this case its male bovine fecal matter,wrapped in sugar coated false goodness.But its presented by folks who throw money around like drunken sailors,as”safety precautions”.Who are they keeping safe?
        Why themselves and their lifestyles of course.You are too busy enjoying the candy coated scat to make a difference in this world.
        But its delicious and nutritious,and you are okay with it.
        Eat up America,the Worlders insist that you accept your portion graciously.Just remember it only hurts when you laugh.

      • Mark Are

        SO you’re the “expert”?

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “Lynne says: “We’ve known for even *more* years about subliminal messages over the airways.”

        Didn’t your tin foil hat stop it?

        I can assure you that the only “hidden” signals in television are cc, PSIP, PSIP ……”

        She did NOT say hidden signals. She said subliminal messages. Those are CLEARLY there. Example. Watch Criminal Minds sometime. During an episode in season 3 they mention Bernie Getts(sp) and how he wore a gun and went into the subway looking for hoodlums to shoot.

        Watch “COPS” and see the subliminal message that just busting down doors without knocking is oh so necessary.

        Watch a felony stop where the suspect is thrown to the ground and tumbled on even when they are not trying to run.

        Watch most of Criminal Minds and see the military dressed people with the FBI breaking down doors and running rampant thru homes without so much as a “here is the search warrant”.

        Hundreds of drama shows always paint anyone other than the government who has possession of a gun is evil.

        And that is just a few examples the subliminal messages against gun ownership.

        No tinfoil nor aluminum foil hats will block those messages.

        • TriumphOver Evil

          Vicki, you have hit the nail on its head. T.V. has two purposes – to distract the viewer from what’s really going on in Washington and the world, and to brainwash viewers into accepting the brutal, illegal acts of law enforcement, i.e., if it’s shown on t.v. it must be real and all anyone can do is stick their head in the sand and accept it.

          I watch nothing on t.v. except Judge Napolitano who has the moral values to tell the truth and ask the question that all human beings should be asking – ‘Do we work for the government or does the government work for us?’

          The government works for us and it’s time they started earning their six figure paychecks and costly benefits. It’s also time to cut Mrs. Obama and the Obama children from the taxpayer payroll. Mr. Obama, AKA, the POTUS, is receiving a $400,000 yearly salary which is $399,999 more than he should be receiving because he isn’t doing anything positive for this country. He is however signing one unconstitutional law after another to deprive citizens of their rights and liberties.

          Has anyone ever noticed that all laws that come from D.C. work against the people, whereas the public servants are given immunity from the same laws? They lie, steal, and cheat, but a police officer has no problem abusing a person with a marijuana joint in his possession and a corrupt judge will throw him in prison. There used to be a debtor’s prison, and although it was repealed they still punish the poor man from being able to travel to work by refusing him a driver’s license if he owes a fine for a ticket. They then punish him even further through their illegal ‘Driver Responsibility Fees’. It is a human being’s right to survive and survival means traveling from point A to point B, hence, driver’s licenses are illegal because laws cannot be made to restrict and impose upon a person’s life. They have it backwards in D.C. because the ‘PEOPLE’ are the governing body of America, and not the snakes in the federal government. We desperately need Ron Paul as POTUS in 2012 so he can repeal all unconstitutional laws.

        • KiloAlpha

          You hit this one out of the park. The mind-control concept via television was envisioned back in the 1930′s, and is completely imbedded in the messaging through television today. The programming itself is the mind-control. Look at the complete lack of morals and ethics in the more popular “programming”. The uselessness of television at it’s core. The entire medium is agenda driven to convince you of something, whether it is that you need to go into debt to have a shiny new set of wheels to, as offered here, anyone other than something resembling “law enforcement” that might carry a firearm is a criminal or has criminal intent. Most programming on today is as close to borderline stupid and quite often abhorrent, if not just straight up offensive to the rational sensibilities of a thinking, feeling human being.

  • TIME

    Well, not bad at all,- But – lets get to the root of the problem and just what is that you all ask.

    The 14th Amendment, that took away { all } your “rights” & Made you all little more than a WAGE Slave.

    Then in 1871, under US Grant you lost it all. As thats when the American People really lost WHY, the PolyTicks really started sucking your life blood.

    Look into the following to gain understanding of why we are now up against the wall.

    Pre 1871, Lawyers could not be Judges,
    Pre 1871, Lawyers could not be in either house of Congress.
    Pre 1871 we had not allowed the Rothschilds into our Banking systems, nor to print our money.
    What criminal group get’s the “TRIBUTE” paid yearly by the American people called In Come Tax?
    What really is the Federal Reserve? Who really Runs it?

    People a quick question is there anyone of you who knows what the flag of the “United States” looks like?
    Any one want to guess? A Hint, its not what you think it is.

    • jay

      Great post man ! Short of all out revolution what can be done?

      • Pepper

        Get on board the Ron Paul R3V0LUTION!

    • slapjack

      I served my country for four years in the United States Marine Corps, thirteen months of those in Viet Nam, The Republic of. You better believe I know what my American Flag looks like because I fly it daily. I bleed Red, White and Blue. You better believe if my country needs me I will stand up and defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic, anytime. What everyone needs to do is ask themselves are you willing to do this to save your country from the traitor that is stinking up our White House and doing everything he can to destroy this great nation. We have allowed this country to be dumbed down by a certain percentage of people that has been lost to the ideals of this “liberal” retardation that this Prez subscribes to. Wake Up America before it’s to late. God Bless America the greatest nation on earth.

      • J c

        Sorry, he was duly elected by a majority of voters and electoral ballots. He’s only been in office 3 years. Vote Obama out if you wish. But it won’t solve all the problems.

        • Robert Smith

          Al Gore had a majority of the American people vote for him.

          See what that got for us?


          • home boy

            the election is controlled by the electorial vote not your vote. ask al gore that’s how he lost which proves that the publics vote means squat.

      • TIME


        Again I asked do you know what the flag of the “United States,” looks like? I did not ask what the “American” Flag looks like.

        Again does anyone know what the FLAG of the “United States” looks like?
        What color’s are on it? How many STARS are on it?
        Do you know what its real meaning is?

        I can almost say with out question 99.99999% of you don’t have a clue. You all have to understand the following;
        *YOU don’t have a Government, You have a Corporation.
        *You don’t have any rights under the “ORIGINAL” Constitution, nor the Bill of rights below the 14th Amendment.
        Its all an Illusion, now do any of you what the TRUTH?

        Anyone care to take a stab at the US Flag question? Come on people this is all stuff you have to know about your own Country.

        • Pepper

          Go ahead and tell us, please! I love conspiracy theories and think most of them are probably true, but I haven’t heard of this one!

          • TIME

            Pepper, all you have to do is look at the flag of the District of Columbia, thats the flag of the United States inc.

            Its not a conspiracy theory its a FACT.

        • Tom
          • TIME

            No Tom,
            Again I didn’t ask for the American Flag, I asked for the flag of the United States.

        • vicki

          Time writes:
          “*You don’t have any rights under the “ORIGINAL” Constitution, nor the Bill of rights below the 14th Amendment.”

          Well. Actually. Those rights were bestowed on us by our Creator. Not by any piece of parchment. Side note the Bill of rights ends at 10 not 14.

          Now you can argue that the current government is not honoring the contract established between the people (and states) and the (Federal) government. To that I would agree and your discussion of how and why it was done bears examination by all patriots.

          • Robert Smith

            “Those rights were bestowed on us by our Creator.”

            vicki, vicki, vicki…

            What about “WE THE PEOPLE?”


      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        SemperFi, Bro. I too served in the Military (Army: 19 yrs, Air Guard: 8 yrs), Oh, yeah, 1 yr in ‘Nam. Bro, I 2 would defend her (the US of A) to the day I pass on against all enemies foreign and domestic. I for one will not vote for that Socialist (BHO), I didn’t the first time and I am encouraging all my friends not to if they want to keep their freedons that haven’t been taken away.

        • Robert Smith

          For those of us who observe reality…

          It was Obama who got us out of Iraq. Took awhile, but he’s gotten us out as he said he would.

          And! He did get Osama.


          • OB1

            No he did not. Look at the size of the US embassy there. Now the shiites are in power. The Christians are being killed, and the government is linking to Iran and their Shiite government. Obama is a spokesperson only for whom he serves. R or D it no longer matters. Perhaps Obama was their wild card and they will loose…don’t know. People are talking out, that I know. The silence may come soon. Godd purposely left out one piece of the puzzle when we were born. The “God piece”. On purpose, I think. When we try to put anything or anyone or any idea into that piece it never quite fit…why? Because, plain and simple, the True God loves mankind…the enemy does not. I’m not putting you down. Ron Paul doesn’t have to preach Him..he has lived the life and seeks it. My kind of man and leader.

      • Vietvet

        I also spent four years serving our country during Vietnam in the Navy . I was in country nine months and on Yankee Station for eight more. Like you I bleed red white and blue. While we were serving our country the hippies became teachers and politicians and began dumbing down all who went to school since then in order to make it easy to control them –how else can you explain the current resident in our white house? Like you I am honor and duty bound to honor the oath to our country and constitution we took those many years ago — you know— to protect against all enemy’s foreign and domestic.

    • TIME

      To all of you,— do yourself a really BIG Favor and watch all of Bill Foust’s youtube feeds, you just may learn something that will aid you in the long run, if nothing else it will OPEN your mind for new ways of thinking about all you see, all you hear and all that is.

      I say this to everyone – First {empty your CUPS} so you can take in NEW Valid Intel, as in forget all you think you know.

      • TIME

        I don’t know whats wrong with the link, but Please just Google this and it will come up. I truly feel you will all learn a lot from Bill, saddly Bill was gunned down and killed last summer by the Police for standing in his yard.

        Google this; District of Columbia Act of 1871 Defacto Formed,

        Please watch all 3 feeds

        Then watch all his other youtube feeds for even more GREAT intel

    • APN

      Time, thanks for the education. I have always said that the founding fathers missed this one in regards to an attorney serving in congress. My opinion, direct conflict of interest.

      If what you have posted is correct, well, it appears the FOUNDERS DID see the conflict of interest, as well.


      • TIME

        They as in laywers “hold Title” thats called an ESQIRE, thats the same as a “Knight.”

        • APN


    • Mark Are


  • slapjack

    It is time to start Impeachment procedings against Obummbo, Now. By disrupting the Obummbo flow of takeover, we can stall and frustrate this administration until we render it ineffective and can outst him in the November election. Make this article be know to everyone you know so we can stop this insanity before it’s to late. We need to wake up the sleeping giant.

    • TIME


      Dude, you can’t impeach a CEO, Why? we don’t have a POTUS, its all an ILLUSION, now please wake up.

      • Mark Are

        Most don’t understand the fraud and deceit that changed the USA to a corporation, the straw man fiction of all capital letters because it was done in the darkness, without our knowledge, which makes it all null and void for FRAUD.

    • Buddy

      And you’ll get Biden

  • Dale

    When the light of day, the breaking of first light, reveals….
    not a free society, but one that has been horsewhipped into submission, by the shifting of the “Overton Window” view of what “should” be, into what is DEEMED to be, folks everywhere need to become more actionary, and in so many cases… awakeness must come first. Being awake, while being herded into submission, being aware, of the all out wrong being perpetrated, is at least three steps too late. In truth, having to express this, leads me to believe that the fourth step is being left behind already, and the short but unending spiral into the depths of being dominated, has begun. It is not a wonder, nor a mind twister, a brain teaser, or a joke. It is the awesome reality that the death of the Myans, while saddening, and unrecoverable, the loss of knowledge, the strides of learning and advancement that have been achieved, that are lost, the waste of effort to attain, only to have it lost to the ages. Then the slam of the tomb, the creak of the casket lid, the resounding burning of the once vibrant flesh, becomes overwhelming as realization comes to what will be known, only for a very short time as: used to be home. The realization, that all that is seen today, all that has been done, and all that is accomplished, will be destroyed, left as remmenants, dust, tailings, of what was, what has been, and of all the hopes, dreams and wishes, for all that could have been, but won’t be.
    Dismal? Dreary and Dead. Life expectancies that have risen to wonderful heighths, will be lost to those that do live, for only a short while, 20, maybe even 30 years, then to be driven into the Soylent Green tomb of the living dead.
    This is the future… that what you… yes.. you, should embrace, and wrap yourself around. No more dreams, aspirations, achievements, grandchildren, retirements, or even to the extent of fun. Nothing left but the submission to…….. And the one saving thought.. the single one glimmer, that makes it all worth the effort, that one twinkle in the distant deep unrelenting darkness, is the knowledge… that one single truth… that God is waiting… for each of us, including, and with absolutely no way out, for every single one, no matter, what office they hold, in this, their short worthless span here.

  • Michael W. Morgan

    Rather than rail, I will let someone with experience express my thoughts.
    Prudence … will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    THOMAS JEFFERSON, Declaration of Independence

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

    THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to W.S. Smith, Nov. 13, 1787

  • Dale

    Great outlook? Wonderful to think about? Absolutely something that is what I want to have as a future. Oh.. wait… I’m already past my 30th birthday, so I don’t really matter. Right?
    So.. while there is still life in this brain of mine, and I have a way to express me…. how about each of you, taking a few minutes, today… yes, today, take another person by the hand, and lead them to the reality of their future. Take them to the thought filled world before it is too late. Then, and only then, can you lay your head down tonight, and plan for tomorrow, plan for your achievements, dreams, and taking the hand of not one.. but two, and leading them to reality.. the next day, take four with you, into the world that we want, that we need, that we crave, that has been dreamt of, by folks like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Lincoln. Do it today, because without you, tomorrow will look very different than what you expect it to be. It will be “deemed” way different. Grab ahold, take that hand and run… forward! Toward Freedom!Bring your fellows with you.

  • Richard Pawley

    Not sure about the others but prior to 1871 we were also a moral people. Today we have thrown morality to the wind. Must the United States fall from within as has been predicted since before WWII? Must this once great country dependent on loans from China and others become the laughing stock of the world? It doesn’t have to be but we have become a sex-obsessed nation unlike any in the world. 89% of all pornography comes from the USA and when we have fallen so far down the slopes that boys who think they are girls can join the girl scouts, then the chaos desired by many who want to “remake our country” is far along. Only a return to justice and morality, honesty and the Ten Commandments, truth and kindness can save our country. Is it possible? I don’t know. I do know that I will never buy another girl scout cookie and I will tell others about AMERICAN HERITAGE GIRLS for those who want a safer alternative for their daughters and granddaughters. May God bless his people in America, if He can no longer bless America.

    • Richard Pawley

      The reference to the year 1871 was the mention by TIME above, wherein he said that prior to 1871, lawyers could not be judges or members of Congress. I had never heard anything like that and would love some documentation. The vast majority of those in Congress who want to “fundamentally change” our nation from AMERICA into their version of AMERITOPIA, the godless ‘heaven on earth’ of the Marxists, are lawyers, and it should come as no surprise that the United States has more lawyers per capita than any nation on earth.

      • Average Joe

        The year 1871 is significant because:

        The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a private corporation (hereinafter “Corp. U.S.”, Trademark name, “United States Government”) owned and operated by the actual government for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government under martial law. This was done under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of Washington, District of Columbia. (link to pdf image file of the full 1871 Act)

        3rd: In said Act, Corp. U.S. adopted their own constitution (United States Constitution), which was identical to the national Constitution (Constitution of the United States of America) except that it was missing the national constitution’s 13th Amendment and the national constitution’s 14th, 15th and 16th amendments are respectively numbered 13th, 14th and 15th amendments in the Corp. U.S. Constitution. At this point take special notice and remember this Corp. U.S. method of adopting their own Constitution, they will add to it in the same manner in 1913.
        Found at: under the heading, “Historical Outline”.

        The other reference can be found in the Original 13 th Amendemnet, which is now missing from the document as referenced here:–Original13thAmend.htm

        Amendment XIII
        If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

      • TIME

        Read the documents from early Congress as in pre 1871, its all there.

        What you all need to understand is what the TRUE meaning of Words are.
        Until you understand what is really being said, your toast.

    • skip

      Prior to 1871 we were not very moral. Half the nation was slave-state, the Indians were targeted for elimination, etc. I don’t call any of that close to a moral position.

      • J c

        Well said. Women were property, child labor existed, no labor safety laws to speak of…

      • Robert Smith

        And! An illegal drug didn’t exist. Yet not everyone was addicted, things weren’t stolen to support junkies, we didn’t have gang wars over street corners, and we didn’t have a war on Americans, ummm… drugs.


        • skip

          Rob – in point of fact, cocaine and opium and heroin were routinely prescribed and available, many patent medicines contained them, lots of people used these substances routinely, alcoholism was endemic – drug use and abuse was rampant. Custer’s supporting column leader went into battle at Little Big Horn totally stoned on alcohol, and the results are evident. No doubt about it, we have a really horrific drug problem today, and it is out of control, but the problems of rampant drunkeness and the gangs of New York were problems back in the 1850s/60s/70s – just different ethnic undergroups affected then – the newest immigrants in from Europe, etc.

          • Robert Smith

            And the war on Americans, oops drugs, has made it worse.

            Prohibition of alcohol made organized crime worse.

            Remember, we became a nation, grew and achieved much. All while drugs were available. The prohibition has changed nothing for the unfortunate user who has issues, and made it much worse for society in general because of the crime.



      • Jon

        I believe our country as a whole has always had moral intentions. Perfect? No. But the vision our Constitution showed set a moral course never known before or since. And many of the ills, including those you’ve mentioned, have been addressed and policies often corrected (or at least made better). There is always more to do, and we Americans need to stay with it. That includes not allowing others to trample the good parts of the Constitution in the attempts to “better” it or go around it.

  • Pres

    The evils of the US gov’t are mostly because they are doing what the big US corporations tell them to do.
    If you want to place the blame then place it on the corporations and Wall St that are controlling our gov’t.
    If Obama does not do what they want they will blow him away just like they did JFK (& many others).

    • skyraider 6

      Pres, Prove what you stated

      • Robert Smith

        Does the obvious really need proof?


      • http://google gary gerke

        JFK was intent on ending the Viet Nam war, he was doing away with the CIA, he was in favor of ending the Federal Reserve. Months prior to these changes taking effect…..THEY KILLED HIM!

    • skip

      I agree- the government has been controlled by big Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Banks (not what used to be our responsible local banks that WERE banks rather than hyper-leveraged Goldman Sachs of today) and the like – they own our legislators, and now our Supreme Court, lock, stock, and barrel. Look at what is happening in the Republican primaries – the Super Pacs, which are instruments of Big Business – are causing the expected hell that was predicted from the Citizens United, Koch Brothers funded Supreme Court catastrophic decision – even the Republican candidates, who had hoped to benefit from the Super Pac decision, now are screaming about what is happening. Corporations are not citizens, and they surely do control just about everything that happens to us, even to the point of provoking us into wars that had no rational, moral, or political basis. We ought to ask for Dodd Frank to be quadrupled in power, not eliminated, or we’ll all be screwed again -and again – and again.

      • Robert Smith

        A truth from skip: “Corporations are not citizens…”

        Well, according to law they are. I won’t believe it though until Texas executes a corporation.


        • OB1

          Quote from Yahoo News…silly at best.

        • skip

          Citizens United said they are citizens, as does Romney, which is catastrophic for the nation as we now can appreciate. If they are citizens, the behavior of many of them would indicate that they are rapist citizens, do commit felonies, ought to be incarcerated and morally rehabilitated, placed on parole after serving their terms behind bars, and constrained from their felonious activities thereafter like the rest of us citizens. They cannot have it both ways.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Reverse the order and this may be truer.

  • Doris Roberts

    How can I know who is telling the truth? Is it you?
    Have we really been using a false flag?
    If you speak the truth, what is the real flag?
    At what historical point did all this monkey business begin?
    Why should we believe you are telling the truth?
    If this is all true, how do we begin to fix it?

  • s c

    For the Darwinian lemmings in this crowd, you might ask yourselves a question. If your way is “better” [or 'the best'], then why is it that your way demands a mindset that prefers being anal retentive and lusts for power? THAT is better than being free?
    What is it between your ears that could believe such a thing? How have you NOT surrendered to bullies who have no more use for you than Stalin did for his shills and robots since before WWII?
    If you don’t have any children, maybe your ‘mind’ can live with it, but to subject an entire nation to the insanity that you cherish makes you the willing property of those who will do to you what was done in all nations that surrendered and took the ‘easy’ path.
    In case you don’t yet understand what you’ve done, your way worships devolution. Even Sharia Law (as immoral as it is) is better than your “faith.” Even a child can see through your evil ways. If your new faith doesn’t rely on arrogance, paranoia and power, it is truly a first-rate imitation. And still you think of yourselves as ‘winners.’ Amazing.

    • 45caliber

      Oliver Stone once stated that it was better to live as a slave than risk dying to fight for freedom. I believe most liberals believe the same thing.

      One thing that amuses me about them: they insist that all disputes can be settled by discussion and that fighting is NEVER the answer. Then they refuse to discuss anything rationally on places like this.

      • http://google gary gerke

        [offensive post removed]

      • Robert Smith

        Hey 45… You posted: “Oliver Stone once stated that it was better to live as a slave than risk dying to fight for freedom.”

        Certainly looks pro-life to me.

        Personally I’m opposed to dying.

        I like Patton’s point of view. Make the other SOB die for his country.


        • APN

          LMAO!!! Boy, we sure could use a REAL MAN like Patton right now!. OOPS!
          Wait a minute, I must be stupid, I just said we need a man, not an all powererful WOman.

  • Pepper

    Great article.

    How is it possible that anyone who is actually paying attention to what our government has been doing can still be against Ron Paul? It is truly mind-blowing.

    • Karolyn

      I saw a clip of the debate from Monday night in Myrtle Beach and the boos he got while speaking about non-intervention. Those people are just brainwashed by the likes of Rommney, Gingrich and Santorum and the rest of the GOP.

      • APN

        I guess most of them there must have been drug-free sober minded folks in their 60′s, correct? Too bad we didn’t have more of the 20′s crowd there with all their drug induced wisdom.

    • Robert Smith

      Pepper asks: “How is it possible that anyone who is actually paying attention to what our government has been doing can still be against Ron Paul? ”

      His position on women’s reproductive rights is way too far to the extreme right.


      • OB1

        Sorry, Rob….they can’t speak for themselves. How would you like to be in their position? Really, think about it…take a walk in the woods and think about it. Kind of reminds me of the movie “The Matrix”.

        • Robert Smith

          OB1 says about a fetus: “they can’t speak for themselves.”

          OK, I’ll speak for them!

          “GET ME OUT OF HERE! I want to go straight to that there christian heaven and listen to harps and fly around on my new wings. I don’t wanna go through that enterance exam called “life.” I want to go straight to heaven. Abort me now. Right now before I “sin.”

          There, now they have spoken. Will you follow their wishes and make abortion manditory?


  • Patriot Missle

    Is anyone really surprised at what is going on with our gov’t? This was the reason B.O. got into power. He wants it all, and we the citizens are letting him have it by being the sheep that you have seen. Awaken all you sheepdogs and lets get down to our jobs!!!

  • Just Me

    When ever I hear people asking what can be done, I simply remember the words of Abraham Lincoln (taken from his first inaugural address 4 March 1861).

    “This county, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

    • Robert Smith

      Just Me reminded us with a thought from Lincln: “This county, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. ”

      And America is NOT going to submit to a bunch of right wing religious nuts, be they muslum or christian.


      • http://google gary gerke

        NO! If you and yours have your way, we will all have the communist party to answer to!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Your submission is also by “religion” be it Liberalism/Socialism,Progressivism.

        • JC

          Indeed, another “religion” of fanatics.

  • sj

    All that anyone has to do to see the truth is turn off the tv for a few hours and do some searching on you tube – search fema camps and see the massive prison camps, the gas ovens, with hundreds of thousands of multi body plastic coffins owned by the CDC sitting out in the open. See the guillotines that await us on bases all over the country. Learn about and see the underground bases all over the world. Go outside and look up into the sky and “see” the chemtrails and ask yourself WTH. It takes courage to do this. Or you can go back inside, turn the tv back on and go back to sleep.

    • http://google gary gerke

      Most of the American people are sheeples and lemmings, they will never stand up for whats right…..they just want feel good!!!!!!!

    • Robert Smith

      From sj: “How is it possible that anyone who is actually paying attention to what our government has been doing can still be against Ron Paul? ”

      Are you referring to contrails? They are mostly airplane exhaust and water vapor.

      Can you prove any of your claims?


  • sj


  • David Platter

    Keep up the good work. Dave

  • RJ

    The Bible says this in Romans 13 (Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.)
    We should humbly submit to Government authority and do what is right and we will have no fear.
    Its those rebels that have something to fear.
    Trust the Lord for all else, Live a quite life ,working with your hands
    and trusting in the Lord.
    He will punish Governmental personnel who abuse their authority,But it is Not for us to rebel against.
    Thats my advice to everyone.

    • TIME


      OMG, Man dude your way out there.

      But good for you hey BTW I work with the Government so I wish for you to take a leap of faith thus jump off a 20,000 cliff later today. Trust me you will be ok.

    • 45caliber

      Tell that to the Germans and Poles during WWII. Tell that to Cambodia during the Pol Pot government. And I can think of several other places that argument won’t hold too.

      • Robert Smith

        Don’t you think that there brutal god of the right wing christians punished all those evil doers?

        Would it satisfy you knowing they are being punished eternally?


        • OB1

          Robert, you are being silly.

          • JC

            That’s normal for Robert. He’s obsessed with hatred of all things Christian in much the same way Stalin was.

    • TIME


      Please do yourself a REALLY BIG favor, Please watch this youtube feed.

      This should help anyone who has questions about ” TRUTHS.”

      • Angel Wannabe

        TIME, the link says “The video you’ve requested is not available”.

        • TIME


          Thats going on a lot these days with you tube Google;
          The Code by Carl Munck, Hit the 1.5 hour long feed.

          • Angel Wannabe

            TIME, Yes it is, happened to me several times__I did manage to watch some though_ Thanks! :)

    • Jon

      Jesus did not bow to the governmental authorities of His time when they were wrong. Neither shall I.

    • NC

      My advice is: Relax folks, everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, then it’s not the end!!! Party on!

    • Buster the Anatolian

      So RJ you are saying we should do what ever the government tells us to even if it is line up and be killed because we are over a certain age. Let someone take whatever they want from us just because they want it. You are saying only the government has the right to say how, where, and when we spend our money including whether or not we give to our church and if they allow it how much we are to give.

      Are these things likely? Maybe maybe not time will tell but that is what you are supporting.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Go read the other pertinent portions.
      What you wrote is pure gobblygook.

    • Les

      RJ,you are confused,the bible tells us to obey higher authorities,AS THOSE WHO WATCH FOR OUR SOULS. In other words,spiritual examples.We need to obey God rather than man,these are words and examples of Jesus. It is our Duty to resist Satans kingdom,which is the federal,satanic government as a whole!

    • Jay

      RJ, are you familiar with the story of; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? Do not confuse submission, with compromise!

      • OB1

        Thank you Jay….

  • Richard Morgan

    Anyone who thinks BHO won’t be reelected have got blinders on. Over half the country is either on drugs, on some form of government hand out, or illegel alien. BHO has alreaady destroyed this country from within, all he needs is the next four years to do the finel touches. There is not enough real sober Americans left to over through this dictatorship witch is passing for a government. Now we all know why the CIA was in the drug buiseness in the 70′S, 80′s, and 90′s. It has been a consperisey for alot of years. Can you say “New World Order”???????

    • AnBo

      All I can say is that the KKK is a very disappointing group.

  • TML

    I’m not sure I would agree that the population is, in general, broken just yet. I see and believe that there is a lot of American spirit left in probably more people than you think.

    Its just, as its said, prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience has shown, that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

    That is a part of American spirit that will never be torn away, even if/when such patriots are labeled domestic terrorists. We are putting up with it… For now… Looking for democratic resolution… Even if just through an election.

    However, I believe articles such as this one are very important to anger public opinion, and voicing our concerns. There’s still a lot of people that need to be woke up to these realities.

    I believe that the number one problem that leads us down this road is this continuous state of war our country is in, which always, throughout history of every nation, undermines liberty.

    If you support war, preventive military actions, and the war on terror, which drains your own pocket book… You are part of the problem.

    Vote Ron Paul in 2012
    It may be your last hope before things get ugly.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. It’s like the MSM who insists that Americans are “afraid” or “terrorized” by crime, the war, etc. They WANT us to be afraid (since people who are afraid are easier to control) so they keep hoping that by telling us we are, we will be. Americans simply get angry instead.

      • APN

        I would suggest that THEY are the ones who need to be afraid. When the crap hits the fan, then we will see who are MEN and who aren’t. The “Children” in charge will flee, trust me. When this little fake security blanket in America is GONE and people can’t go to their local grocery store and buy their pretty little packaged foods, then what? I do not think these little self-appointed dictators will survive it, do you?

      • OB1

        Absolutely. Frightened people are much easier to control…..

        • APN

          Well sure! Look at how effectively this fake “Security Blanket” has been sold to the sheeple over the past 3-4 decades. This is how Marxist Feminism works! Instill fear of life……i.e.; It’s just to hard; you just cannot make it without BIG MAMMA watching over you; All of us get the same MVP trophy even though most of us can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, etc etc etc

          It’s like the parent that follows behind their children to make certain they do not fall and scratch a knee or the modern day helicopter parents that swoop in and save the day at the least possibility of “Trouble” with their offspring. Then, those same parents wonder why their offspring are still at home living in the basement at age 30, and living a lifestyle they did not earn and cannot afford.

          Heck, I was recognized as a man in my family at the age of 16, now we refer to our “Offspring” as children until their about 30!

          Go figure!

  • 45caliber

    The big problem I have with this article is that I don’t believe the government will want to use non-lethal weapons against the “unruly” citizens here. They prefer to simply get rid of such people permanently so they won’t cause them problems again.

    • cawmun cents

      The worlders have discovered a secret, but please be quiet about it once you have heard.There is no need to wipe you from existence….
      You will merely be made irelevant.Non Sequitir,Persona non grata….ipso facto.The reality is that your identity has been stolen.
      Replaced by someone who WILL glorify the machine.
      You wont even be seen as an outcast.Why?Because you wont be seen at all.Your identity will be erased.You wont exist.That will make it extremely hard to obtain anything.The system will not accept falsies.
      Since you will not glorify the machine,you will become non existent.
      There is no need to persecute or put you in camps to see you destroyed.They have a kinder,gentler,machinegun hand now.You dont figure prominantly in the future,so you will be phased out,relegated to the spambin of historical note.They will find someone to take your place,and wallah!,you simply wont matter anymore.
      Look around you pal,its already happening everywhere.
      Worlders dont need to kill you.
      Just pretend that you no longer matter,and in fact do not exist.
      Welcome to the 21st centurys answer to the holocaust.See you there.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      If they use the non leathal weapons it would be to get control of the crowd so they could go in and capture those they wish to eliminate.

      • JC

        You have to wonder how many times and places they can use these instruments of control on We The People before it’s open season on anything in a uniform…
        I hope not and I hope the folks in uniforms know better than to poke a sleeping bear.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      It will all be done very legally since we are a law abiding people.

    • skip

      The only people I perceive are “gotten rid of permanently” are those shot dead in their hairdressers’ salons, in family feuds, failed anger management types shooting their family/friends/children, and of course those sent to oblivii-on in the out of control gang wars. Oh – I almost forgot Iraq and Afghanistan. Where are the others you are talking about? Please tell us? Perhaps those abandoned, ignored, and left to rot during Katrina.

  • sj

    Want to exercise your constitutional right to repeal the 14 amendment and strip away the power of the tryannical IRS ? I do but good luck with that. No we are going to have to defeat those who control the most powerful military force the world has ever seen So we are all going to have to stand togeather at once and defeat it from within with the help of our own troops and they have been prepareing for decades having perpetraited many false flag ops on us to get to this point folkes our gov was hijacked over a hundred years ago and we are just now figureing it out.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    With Obama and his minions doing everything in their power to stir up class and race antagonism, internal warfare seems closer than anytime in the past 145 years.

    • APN

      BINGO! That has been the plan from day one……then the martial law will come prior to the 2012 election.

      The foreclosure rate this year will make 2010 look like a cake walk, well in excess of 3 million homes. In addition, the unemployment rate will be well in excess of 10% by mid summer….as reported to the sheeple…, however, the actual rate will be more like 20%. You will also begin to see inflation beyond the human imagination and it is a mathematical certainty. i.e.; QE2 is at it’s threshold

      This is what happens when FOOLISH people put “Stuff” and “Security” before their FREEDOMS.

  • skippy

    Thanks Sam….wow, I feel a LOT BETTER now………
    Good grief…when the hell do we vote!!!???

  • Mike

    “The United States that was a Republic has already collapsed and has very quietly become a totalitarian regime, complete with a dictator named Obama and a Congress that bends to his will and continually legislates in such a way that would make any totalitarian regime proud.”

    The above probably implies to some people that it’s an Obama or Democrat problem. It’s -not-! The situation would be exactly the same if McCain was President, and would also be the same in the future if Mitt Romney became President.

    • sj

      Exactly right Mike the president is only a puppet under the complete control of his elite masters.

    • eddie47d

      The jack booted police will come after you as easily as they did the OWS protesters. It doesn’t make a bit of difference who is in office for they work for the Man. Your voice can be silenced just as easily if you are not in agreement with the establishment.

      • APN

        Good! I look forward to it! Nothing would make me happier than stomping a few marxist cowards in the ground, in the name of FREEDOM, before I punch out of here. AIN’T Skeered!

      • Raggs

        Is that a threat ED?

        I hope that you have the balls to confirm a threat.

  • sj

    I say instead of doomsday we make Dec.22 Independence Day ! Impeach Obama and the entire congress and try them all for crimes against the people of the world.

  • Tom W.

    What is our government expecting to happen that they have 500,000 plastic coffins stored in fenced in FEMA leased lots in several locations around the US?!! I don’t know about you , but I would sure like to know!!!

    • sj

      Yea and according to the land owner the coffins are the property of the CDC you know “just in case”

      • Tom W.

        The company that makes the containers is called POLYGUARD, their web site is – – They have some nicer ones than the ones FEMA bought! Damn cheapskates!!!

        • APN


        • OB1

          Tupperware for dissidents anyone?

  • Mark Are

    And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs (police) would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
    –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    • FreedomFighter

      Americans wont take it, we are to well armed, and known to shoot.

      They will use what I call the GAS OF PEACE, some type of nerve gas, on entire citys…

      then roll in and subdue easily any resistance, another possible is BIO weapon virus attack and just exterminate population and claim to “NOT KNOW” what did it or blame “EXTREMISTS” for the incident.

      Get a GAS MASK, extra filters, good ones and BEWARE


      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Tom W.

        Read about Haman’s gallows in the book of Ester in your Bible. What did you keep saying Jesus? “Fear not!”
        Keep your eyes on the skies, He loves y’all and so do I!!!
        Thanks for being a watchman on the wall FF!

        • OB1

          Yes, thank you….

      • Raggs

        FF.. that is one possible answer for the FEMA camps.
        A virual outbreak… I have been left in AW about the swine-flu H1N1 outbreak that miraculously spawned in Mexico the day after king oblama visited…

      • Tom W.

        Speaking of well armed, on Black Friday last year, firearms set an all time one day sells record. Do you know what day held the previous record? The day after Potus was elected!!! Always remember, there is STRENGTH in numbers! I pray everybody is ready and there is only ONE way to be ready. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, what in the HELL are you waiting for?!! Ask Him to come into your life and heart today! If you are sincere, He will, for God can’t lie!!!

      • 45caliber


        I dont’ expect them to use that.

        What I expect is an arial nuke burst to set off an EMP wave to short out all electronics. Then they let the people starve. They will send in cameramen, of course, to take pictures and put it on the rest of the world – “this could happen to YOU if you don’t do as we say!”

    • libertytrain

      I think he (Solzhenitsyn) should be required reading. However nowadays required reading really lacks any substance -

      • 45caliber

        But if everyone read that, there might be less liberals who believe what they are told! And they can’t have that! To tell the truth, it is one of the books I’m surprised they haven’t banned.

        • libertytrain

          Good point and it is a little heavy reading….

  • Donald

    I’m not “broken and discouraged”. Maybe you should see your doctor.

  • Raggs

    I just wonder how many people are quietly disappearing everyday?

    I told my family that if someday I suddenly vanished that they would know what happened to me… Looking at things the way that they are I can see why so many people believe in the “Rapture”.. Question is, is the rapture the systematic killing off of millions of people that disagree with the government?… If you look at it that way it makes it easy to understand the FEMA camps.

    • 45caliber

      I heard once that there are a red list, a yellow list, and a green list in Washington. The FBI person who ran across them found his own name on the red list. Basically everyone who is a vet or in the military, who disagrees with the government, and who is willing to speak out against it is on the red list – which is supposed to be the first ones they arrest. It includes not only the ones they want but also their families – just as the Nazis did the Jews and others they arrested. It includes ALL police and military members. Once they get through with those, they will consider the yellow list.

      • Robert Smith

        But if you are wearing your tin foil hat they won’t bother you.

        I hear they come in bigger sizes for fat heads now.

        Sheesh… Where to these theories come from? Do flying saucers drop pamphlets or something?


    • Tom W.

      Raggs, the rapture WILL NOT be thr systematic killing off of the masses by NO MAN!!!

      The Rapture

      “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” – Luke 21:36

      “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethern, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which remain alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall desend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” – I Thess. 13-18

      “Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” – I Cor. 15:51-55

      However after the Rapture occurs, the people left behind who didn’t know about the Rapture and the possibility of it will be in confusion about the sudden disappearance of millions of people and one THEORY is that the governments of the world will come up with a fabrication to explain it. Thus the meaning of these verses.

      II Thess. 2:11&12
      “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

      Then all the folks left who just wouldn’t buy into the Jesus thing will realize what happened and will have to either die a martyr or be able to survive the Tribulation until the physical Second Coming of our Lord and Savior.

      Rev. 19:11-16
      “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

      So, if you should find your self on thee other side of the Rapture, whatever you do DO NOT< and I repeat DO NOT take the mark!!! Stay strong in the Lord and pray to make it to the end! But if you should have to lose your life for Jesus' name, you'll still make it to paradise! It's a WIN/WIN!!!

  • L.Shull

    The President is not “THE” problem; “THE” problem is Congress. Have you seen any congressional leader on tv lately demanding that the President and Congress follow the Constitution that they swore to protect and defend? No, and you won’t, because they are “THE” problem. Vote no incumbent back into office and you might, just might see some change in how this country is run.

    • Angel Wannabe

      L.Shull, we are Governed by The United States Corporation since 1871. Votes, polls and News Media are ALL SKEWED to the left and so is the President Ask yourself this__Why NO MATTER who we vote for and goes into office, nothing ever changes and only gets worse?__ Better read up! What Washington does behind closed doors, and what they let us see, are two entirely different shows!

      • Tom W.

        Hey Angel, and I’m just assuming that you’re a female, you’re the real deal darlin’! We’re not given a real choice, we’re given an illusion of choice!!! Look at all the things that Barack said that he was against while a candidate. Did he do away with ANY of them, or only expand on them?! And the noose tightens a little more. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The reason they’re pushing so furiously is their window of opportunity is closing fast!!! People are FINALLY starting to listen to the warnings! THANK GOD!

    • Tom W.

      Hey Shill, How about Jason Chaviz and Mike Lee of Utah, Alan West Of FL, or Sen. Rand Paul of KY? All “Tea Party” candidates, and all for constitutional reform. Please forgive me if I’ve left anyone, and I know I have, out! With that said I agree that we need to throw out anyone whose voting record does not reflect the best interests of the people. I do disagree that the president is not the problem, call me whatever you want, Obama was chosen by the far left so that everytime they tried to push through some far left liberal legislation, they would be able to play the race card! i.e. – “Fast and Furious” which I believe was an underhanded attempt to undermine gun rights and blew up right in their faces!!!

  • Les

    Hey,the real question is not,shall I vote republicrap or demorat,the the real question is who and what controls BOTH parties?The problem is both parties,so we have no choice!!Zionism is evil and controls Both parties!

    • 45caliber

      Try One-Worlders and not Zionism. They have you brainwashed into looking the wrong way.

      • APN


  • Larry

    We nee “Balls to the Wall” anarchy. The government serves itself. Crash the whole thing and start over. “Revolution”

  • Angel Wannabe

    A blind man could see were in the Middle of Marxist takeover by the Obama Admin, we are in a tug of war for our freedom!

    Choose a side folks!

    __Let Obama and his Minions legislate by Excuetive Order, we the people were given the Constitution, I’m not not waivering from it!

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    Getting ReElected!

    In this confusing period in which we are now living, you know, where the Chief Office Holder say’s one thing and does quite another, especially when applying his brilliant intellect toward lifting America out of its economic malaise, creating employment and tapping our fossil energy resources to make it all work, the citizens are quite confounded, and justifiably so, as to the reason such a person would want, or expect, to be re-elected to another term in an office in which he has demonstrated himself to be so totally, inescapably, incomparably incompetent.

    The confusion comes because he possesses the “bully bull pit”, so to speak, say’s what he wants to say and is never challenged on his loony pronouncements. The MSM are agog at his qualities and still feel tingles freely flow up their legs for the sure brilliance of his leadership. For example, he said he was directing Eric Holder, his racist Attorney General, to investigate all oil speculators, gas station owners and others in the fuel pipeline for fraud and criminal actions to see if they are gouging the motoring public accounting for the rising high cost of petrol.

    I hope he doesn’t do that for I am one of those wicked speculators who has a few dollars invested in petroleum futures. I do not own a gas station but I don’t think a penny or two per gallon profit on dispensing gas quite fits the category of gouging, except by Marxist definitions. Perhaps gas station owners should share their wealth and use their unseemly profits to purchase a few loafs of miserable bread, whole wheat of course, for the poor, the hungry, the lame and the halt. It should go down well on this Easter weekend as a progressive contribution to compassion and caring. Yes indeed! Use your money for the poor because we said so and we care! Besides, we (the government) are insolvent!

    America’s path to insolvency has taken a long, long time starting with “Great Society” nonsense. No single person, until the current Chief Office Holder, no congress or lobbyist, got us to this point except by slow degrees like the frog in cold water metaphor, that will stay put as the heat is turned up until he is cooked; about where we are at today. Those earlier congresses and politicians, simply bought into the idea that government should be compassionate to all and these compassionate feelings were easily affordable as nine out of ten workers paid into the government system. New emergencies however, asserted themselves, and new “compassions” were seen as essential to a happy America. So was the money needed to afford them.

    As the worker ratio of 9:1 changed to 1:9, the greedy eyes of politicians, thinking of votes now, shifted to the creators of America’s money engine, the “greedy” rich. As that money ran low, tax rates were increased on both producers and consumers until the producers closed down and moved on leaving workers, unable to move on, bereft of employment opportunities, living wages or savings for their future. What to do? Why, raise the debt ceiling again so our government can borrow more money from the Chinese to give it to the Libyan rebels, of course.

    I attended a meeting today and heard a chilling remark on what one of our politicians considers how he his performing his duty: The staffer said: “he’s risking his career” (Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Ga.)…. When the import of that remark was brought to the staffer’s attention, a redaction was apologetically offered but the idea lingers. Too many of our politicians, most all of them actually, see their duty not to enact laws, support the Constitution or protect the American taxpayers, but to ensure their re-elections for the sake of their careers. Sad, very sad! And, all these people really expect to be re-elected? Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way!

  • Thomas B

    There is always a way if there is a will to throw off the chains of oppression. Any tyrannical government will be defeated by IRA style terrorism. If people know what the oppressors are up to, thety will fight them off tooth and nail.

  • Daniel from TN

    Although I am against obama, I agree with the decision to kill Awlaki. When I was sworn into military service I swore to defend this country against “all enemies…foreign and domestic.” Awlaki was definitely a domestic enemy. I would have preferred Awlaki be captured and tried for his crimes, but we all know that was never going to happen. Remember, these enemies WANT to die for their cause: They WANT to be martyrs. Awlaki would never be taken alive . Either he would have committed suicide or his comrades would have killed him to be sure he was not taken alive. Also, while he lived awaiting capture and/or trial Awlaki would just continue planning more terrorist activity against the United States.

    • Raggs

      I’m not so sure about your comment.
      Quoting… “Awlaki would never be taken alive . Either he would have committed suicide or his comrades would have killed him to be sure he was not taken alive”.
      Do you remember Osama and how he eluded for many years?….

      My point being is that all dictators will gladly use their minions to do their dirty work and die in the process while they the ( dictator ) remain snug as a bug in the rug.

  • don

    Hate to make a repeat, but the hands around our throat are a lot tighter than anyone can imagine! ………..

    Awakening citizens find they not only lost their sovereignty and rights to limitless US resources, free enterprise, productivity, and wealth, to global monopolists; but they’re in bondage, owing trillions that corrupted government officials “borrowed” and “spent” without oversight or ability and intent to repay! National sovereignty under God and Constitution disintegrates as global monopolist controlled officials defile and mock Constitution and Biblical Covenants, by legislation, regulation, and judicial edict!

    Unmistakably, global monopolists freely plunder this country and freedom because “their” corrupted government officials enable and protect them instead of citizens and country. Their “contract with America,” NAFTA, etc.., methodically eliminated international trade/finance restrictions and anti-trust/predatory pricing laws.

    Government officials report $15 trillion debt; while snickering about another $62 trillion hidden “unfunded debt”. If debt is debt, it’s $77 trillion! If average $40K fully funded 15.3% Social Security-Medicare contributions @5% ROI matured at $1,000,000+ and 300,000,000 citizens were half funded, “trust” funds would be $150+ trillion, not hopelessly negative! Retiree benefits are paid by BORROWED GENERAL FUNDS PLUS CURRENT WORKER “INVESTMENTS”, NOT RESERVED SAVINGS! The monopolist media protects this vile crime.

    Zero Fed rates guarantee zero capital investment. With runaway inflation, US retirements and savings are plundered just like SSI! (A 1965 dollar is worth 14 cents!) While officials pander tolerance and compromise as virtues, they “obligate” citizens to unsecured loans, steal the money, and then leave citizens and future generations in hopeless debt bondage!

    Rivers of debt money, treasury deposits, & counterfeit money swirl within T bills and Fed funds; funneling in and out of financial empires, socialist toilets, China, political supporters, and enemy nations. Zero interest Fed funds and negative ROI “T-Bills” are like “punks” stealing your car and leaving it destroyed and stripped in a ditch. Wouldn’t global monopolists loan your “free money” to you for 30+% plus endless credit card fees? How many commission billions went to global investment bankers, bond brokers, and housing bubblers! Millions of jobs with trillions worth of US infrastructure disappeared and reappeared “new” in China and elsewhere. Tax free GE “job czars” are bulldozing USA X-ray infrastructure while spending $2 billion to rebuild in China. Record bankruptcies and bank failures stripped American investors, while “too big to fail’ global monopolists used taxpayer bailouts to swallow them as if nothing happened!

    Federal courts and regulatory agencies openly give global financial monopolists Constitutional immunity! (Ref. Amendments 4, 5, 6, 7, etc… Websites: American Bankers Association & their union members, ID theft… FTC and protection providers… ten million victims ravaged @ $50+ billion annually. Undeniably, citizens are guilty until proven innocent (and subservient)!

    Alliances of Communist China, global monopolists, and corrupt dictatorial officials control our resources and lives because we don’t “trust” God or ourselves! Unanimous legislative approval to poison SSI and deny Canadian oil pipelines defines absolute monopolist media power.

    Legislatures can stop monopolies and regulators; impeach presidents and judges; and prosecute government corruption. Budgets authorize spending. Restoring freedom and prosperity requires removing US legislators who allow any spending without budget! THERE IS NO BUDGET, accountability, restraint, or consequence! It’s wanton malfeasance that invites “Bondage and captivity”! Pass it on.

    Don MacDermid

    • Raggs


      And so with king oblamas “new” health care the king will have COMPLETE access to your bank account… As if they have not robbed us enough… And some sheeple wonder why I get mad?

    • Raggs

      Hummm… Now what was it that the word of God warned us about???
      Something to the effect of the mark of the beast?.. How the beast would control everything that is bought and sold?…

      • APN

        More truth to your statement than most would believe or want to believe. The mark of the beast is 666. Mainframe computers use a code called EBCDIC…. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.

        In simple terms, a hexadecimal representation for BITS…Binary digits. This code is for programmers who decode core storage dumps when a program does not DO what the programmer thinks he told the computer to do. ie. storage dump when a program fails for analytical purposes.

        What is in front of every domain name on the internet? WWW for World Wide Web

        Given that, the hexadecimal number for 666 in EBCDIC translates to E6 E6 E6. If you don’t believe me, then look it up. I am a retired computer geek, so check it out if you don’t believe me.

        Since SATIN is not GOD, therefore he is not omniscient, omnipresent nor is he omnipotent. Given that, he will be required to use man made devices to establish his worldly DOMAIN. Again, what is your domain name? http://www.what?.com or better put…. E6E6E6.what?.com

        Since ALL commerce will eventually be done via the internet, then you will either accept the mark of the beast or you will starve. i.e.; no cash transactions, all commerce will be done electronically via the internet. Once that has been accomplished, HE, SATIN, will know who you are, where you are, what you buy and when you buy it, and if you don’t use the World Wide Web with your “Access” card, then, you will starve…period! A few of us will survive the system but not many.

        It is coming, I can assure you, be prepared.

        • Raggs


          Some insight for you.

          Your assumption of the coding of 666…
          Decoded it means the number of man, it is vast and it encompasses all that is man… It is the whole sum of what is man… So now you need to learn what is the sum of man.

          • APN

            It’s called the WWW, World Wide Web. That in itself implies the SUM of MANKIND, given the fact that ALL COMMERCE will be done through this man made device. This will be the driving Hi-Tech mechanism to the NWO. i.e.; THE SUM OF THE WORLDS COMMERCE THROUGH a SINGLE DOMAIN

            The most recent indication of things to come came back during Hitler’s reign however the man made technology was not in place, at that time, to give SATIN the “Impression” of GOD LIKE omnipotence, omnipresence or being omniscient.

            My point is, for the first time in the history of man, we now have the man made devices put in place to a enable a “want-a-be god”(SATAN)to fool the masses that he is in fact GOD. i.e.; Anti-Christ…… that man made devise begins with a E6 E6 E6 or WWW for World Wide Web

            We are in fact entering the “End Times” and MAN will be left to his own devices. You will be given a choice to either accept or reject the mark of the beast, which is nothing more than a MAN MADE DEVICE controlled by SATAN to establish HIS EARTHLY DOMAIN.

            Does a chip in your HEAD that transmits a signal to a remote receiver ring a bell? Those locator chips are already being put in children in Japan and animals in America. In fact, if you use a cell phone, I can pinpoint where you are by triangulating YOUR signal off of THREE cell phone receiver towers…. That SIMPLE! If you use a credit card for your purchases, I can tell you exactly what you purchased, when and where. I can draw a picture of activity and movement patterns and precisely predict where you will be and when. Sounds kinda GOD LIKE, now doesn’t it?

            Once SATAN has gained control through the power of the internet, things will appear to be GREAT for a while and then all HELL will be released upon those who rejected GOD by accepting the mark of the beast…..i.e.; Minor and major tribulation period.

            I would not want to be one of those “Left-Behind” post rapture.

          • Raggs

            APN… BRAVO.
            Bravo and then some…
            I am impressed with your wisedom on the subject.
            It is very few that understand.

          • Raggs


            Question for you…
            In your thinking who or what is the “Beast”.
            Also who or what is the “Anti-christ”?
            Being that the factor of the mark of the beast is known and it is a common denominator…

          • APN

            Thank you….

          • APN

            Hello again Raggs, I hope you had a pleasant evening.

            You asked:

            In your thinking who or what is the “Beast”.

            Specifically “THE DRAGON” “The RULER OF THE WORLD”

            He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:16-17

            666 or WWW or E6 E6 E6 The Beast(Dragon) is Satan claiming to be God

            And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.” Revelation 13:1

            The 2nd beast: Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. Revelation 13:11,12

            These two demons will be continually in the presence of the beast. Their goal is to force every person on earth to worship the first beast. The first beast is Satan, claiming that he is God.

            6 6 6 = Dragon, Moses and Elijah The two demons will pretend to be the prophets Moses and Elijah from the Old Testament in the Bible. Their sum of their collective MARK is the sign of the Anti-Christ.

            I think I will personally stick with 7 7 7 = FATHER, SON, Holy Spirit

            Also who or what is the “Anti-christ”?

            The False Prophet

            1 John 4:1-3 says, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.”

            By the end times, many will easily be deceived and embrace the antichrist because his spirit will already dwell within the world.

        • http://raputureready gwen washburn


  • spock

    I have learned to be the quiet and unobtusive patriot. I go about my daily business but stay armed and alert so when the time comes that the American people finally become fed up with it all and start the Second Revolutionary War I will be armed and ready to join in the cause. I play by Moscow Rules but here in America we have the advantage that we are armed and can put up an effective resistance. I suport the Second Amendment but don’t get loud and strident about it. What gives the would be bureaucratic tyrany in Washington pause is that they have no way of knowing exactly how many of me are out there.

    • JC

      I can appreciate that. In the fall of 2010 the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia and Pennsylvania issued over 2 million deer tags.
      That’s a lot of guys with sniper rifles in just 4 states. I’d bet they also believe in their 2nd Amendment rights.
      As you say, it gives them pause…and that’s what the underlying truth of “gun control” is…they want to know where the guns are.

  • Raggs

    Quoted by ED.
    “The jack booted police will come after you as easily as they did the OWS protesters. It doesn’t make a bit of difference who is in office for they work for the Man. Your voice can be silenced just as easily if you are not in agreement with the establishment”.

    I have to protest to the author of this site Sam Rolley.
    That the above statement was produced by ED in the intention of being a threat.
    Mr Rolley please dissallow this type of conduct.

    • Karolyn

      Raggs – You have GOT to be kidding!

      • APN

        I agree!

        • Raggs

          You agree with karo APN ?…
          Ah for what reason?
          Freedom of speech?
          Or prehaps the use of hiding behind a shield as the government as an excuse? Grow a pair of balls or boobs… But don’t let everyone else make your mind up…

          • APN

            I have a very large set and I saw nothing in his post that was a threat. I perceived his comments as to what CAN happen not what HE was going to do to you or me.

      • Raggs

        So you are saying?…

        ED didn’t use a pesonal threat pro-bono instead he is using a phrase intended to be considered meaning that if you do not agree with him the “MAN” or the ” ESTABLISHMENT” is coming to get you.
        I find that statement to be very disturbing to say the least.

        I continue to protest this type of conduct.
        I may in some minds eye be ugly for my postings that I use bad language but I never even consider to use a threat and I do not accept the attempt by others to use a threatening language or behaviour.

      • Raggs

        So lets go at this karo…

        ED has clearly made a threat to those that disagree with his big government mentality.. I’m quite ready for that but afterall you get what you wish for… And “YOU” people always call out for the civil solutions?

        • Karolyn

          Raggs – I really don’t see what you’re talking about. There was no threat. All he is saying that it doesn’t matter who is in government, they have the power to go after anybody. Why are you taking this so personally? Chill out, man.

          • Raggs

            Hummm… The first line of defence from a control freak government is a threat…
            What is it that you do not understand about that?

            In other words lady, When the gov can control the population by fear tatics and lies then the people have then lost control.
            The power is meant to be in the hands of the people and for the people and when that is turned upside down by the government making their threats against the people chit is going to hit hard. A totalitarian form of “rulers” in the mindset of program recipients such as food stamps etc… benefits nothing, produces nothing and in all actuality is good for nothing.. Clinton started this chit with the free housing market and yes he is a democrat like it or not, he had a better interest in mind in which we all are aware of. And here we are a few years down the road with a “green” agenda that is nothing less than a farce with a global money pit for the “elite”.
            And you wonder why I’m pissed?
            I know alot of people that had investments in a 401K program that lost thier “ass”ests as soon as king oblama took his throne.. And you wonder why im pissed?.
            I know alot of people that have lost their job as soon as king oblama took his throne.. and you wonder why im pissed?
            You threaten me with more government control and you wonder why im pissed?
            The government does not feed my family I do! And the government has no right to feed me I will do it myself, it is not their place to tell me what the hell I should eat either…
            The government is only good at two things and that is being stupid and blowing money. I wish I had that job.

    • http://raputureready gwen washburn


  • Kris

    Get ready. Our country may become Communist in 2012 or ’13. In a way, socialism is a version of Communism.

    • APN

      Yep and it all starts with marxist feminism, or better put, communist in drag! This is an issue that will need to be addressed and soon.

  • Raggs

    Not ot say that ED should not have his opinion, but his radical threats are obviously undue.

    • APN

      Get over it! Ed has his opinion just like we all have arses. I can send you a security blanket, if you need one.

      • Raggs

        I’m not your typical whinney little bitch and I certainly do not need you to guide me.. So I must have hit a nerve.
        Now I dig deeper.

      • Raggs

        Oh come on APN if you don’t reply I may have to take ED up on his advise and turn myself into the Gestapo…

        • APN

          Have at it, whatever floats your boat. The NERVE factor seems to apply with you, not me. Heck, my nerves are so darn old I stopped feeling them about 20 years ago.

          Chill out!


    • eddie47d

      We heard you Raggs and for the 4th time at that. So are you telling everyone here that some government agency can’t come after you like they can do and have done? Yes,you or I could be next or maybe it will never happen. Now let’s get back to your many uncalled for radical threats!

      • Raggs

        I do not threaten you or anyone else.
        And for you to ensue a threat by or for the government is no less than appauling and by God that is why I have my rights that are given to me ( not by the government )… Don’t you ever threaten me or anyone else with the government rule dictorial control.. I promise I do not make threats, not empty ones anyway.
        Now that being said I PROTEST YOU.

        I will continue to do so as long as I’m able to do so on the behalf of others that you so see fit to be the subjects of your tryanny.
        One of us will be dammed ED and it will not be me.

        Am I going too far?… Am I streching things a bit?…

        No because it is the slim to the likes of you that corrupt the world..

      • Raggs

        Ed… Name one case where as I have made a threat.

      • APN

        Eddie47d, I think you pissed her off not that I really understand why?

        I usually disagree with about 90% of what you say, but the fact is, what you said on this issue, is the truth.

        If the jack booted thugs in Washington could KILL all those innocent people in Waco, and then get by with it, then they can do the same darn thing to anyone of us….period.

      • Raggs

        Ed lets call peace and put this behind us please.
        I could have misunderstood your post and if that be the case I am sorry.

        • APN

          Now I respect that comment…….have a great night Raggs and avoid the “Chip” at all cost….. APN ):>

        • eddie47d

          Amen Raggs!

  • Raggs

    I’m out of here for the day since I don’t have anyone else to bitch at.

    • APN


  • Larry

    We need to understand this whole situation was created by our corrupt government, C.I.A and administration and those behind the scenes who secretly run everything. They are controlling the strings financially so that when everything ..falls they can step in and “be the hero” and take control of everyone and everything and bring in their One World Government, one world currency that they have all be clamoring for..and One World religion and system and then ungodly leader the anti christ. Do you think God’s WORD and prophecy isn’t ..coming true? Just look around it’s..evident. Looks like God was right all along, his plan is unveiling and will prevail, but do not be misled ” Ye must be BORN AGAIN to enter the Kingdom”-Jesus. Romans 10:9-13 and John 3:16 are the requirements of God for Eternal Life. The lie of satan is that “you have more time” or ” God grades on a curve for Heaven”..if that were true then Jesus wouldn’t have had to go to the cross to make the way, he made the way for you but you must RECEIVE Him as your Lord and Savior. Their are no unbeliver’s in hell, they found out that Salvation through Jesus was the key, and not “good works” or the golden rule, or baptism, that it was an inner change as Jesus comes to live in and through is. So..what do you have to lose but..hell?

    • APN

      The whole thing has been created by about 40 years of marxist feminism……study the subject and it will make perfect sense to you.

  • Raggs

    Government = Beast.
    Any government is always corrupt when it consumes too much power.
    power meaning “authority” of control.
    Beast can mean singular or plural applications of the power.
    Anti-christ is always referred to as the singular ruler of the authority in which is enpowered by the beast.


    • APN

      The Anti-Christ is a spiritual indwelling by the BEAST or Dragon or ruler of the world. Many Anti-Christs have come and gone over history but the MAJOR Anti-Christ has yet to be revealed but will so very soon.

      • http://raputureready gwen washburn


  • Sanders

    I believe Ron Paul is the closest thing to what this country needs in the way of political governance among all of those running for the presidency. I don’t agree with the idea of turning a blind eye to what Iran is up to but the rest of his policies are exactly what the doctor ordered. Above all, however, we all would benefit greatly by adhereing as closely as humanly possible to the guiding principles of the bible. There is not much hope for our once great nation as the tail spin has already begun with the unsurmountable $15 trillion deficit and the much greater deficit to come when all the government employee pensions come due.

    I highly recommend going to and reading “The End of the Free World” from the Feb. 2012 edition of The Philadelphia Trumpet. Some real eye opening information here. This country and most of it’s inhabitants will soon suffer tremendous losses to say the least. Our only hope is to turn to GOD and abide by His laws.

  • stephen russell

    See Above Top Secret on FB & YouTube:
    FEMA Camps, guilltonies, HC Army, Biometric ID chips etc.
    See NY Bible Rev.
    Your call.

    • http://raputureready gwen washburn


  • Jay

    The primary weapon, or science, that will be applied with the intent to exterminate a significant portion of the population, will be through the corruption of the “human genome”, under the guise of enhancing/improving the human species, precipitating, according to Scripture, a biological apocalypse. Most are aware of the hybridization of our food, or bioengineering, few seem aware of the emerging, hybridization of man/animal, or trans-humanism/transgenics!

    Genetically modifying our food…why stop there? Transgenic Human Babies? What if scientists used the same techniques to modify human embryos in a way that permanently altered humans’ genetic makeup, producing new traits that would be passed on to future generations? They might create transgenic infants who would grow up to be not only healthier and more resistant to diseases, but possibly more athletic, more intelligent and better looking than previous generations. And if we want to let our imaginations get extreme, perhaps they might even be able to imbue the little tykes with characteristics and abilities from the animal kingdom, such as gorilla-like muscular power, cheetah-like speed, webbed feet for better swimming, or a hollow, birdlike skeleton and a pair of wings for flying. Hey, if they can make monkey feet glow under an ultraviolet light, could the creation of real-life X-Men be that far behind? Sounds impossible, you say? Not at all!

    Breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy—including cybernetics, bioengineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, synthetic biology, and trans-humanism—will combine to create mind-boggling game-changes to everything you have ever known about spiritual warfare. How so?

    In recent years, astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. An international, intellectual, and fast-growing cultural movement known as trans-humanism intends the use of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology (Grin technologies) as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps—as Joel Garreau in his best-selling book, Radical Evolution, claims—our very souls.

    The technological, cultural, and metaphysical shift now underway unapologetically forecasts a future dominated by this new species of unrecognizably superior humans.

    • FreedomFighter

      Jay you are 100% spot on.

      For years I have been following news on this,, Tom Horn and others. Noah was pure in his generations…

      Few realize what is coming, fewer are prepared, fewer will survive.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Jay

        Sad but true, FF! Nevertheless, we need to keep warning the “Sleepers!”

  • Tom W.

    What about Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute Samir Shabazz on the charges of voter intimidation in Philadelphia a couple of years ago?!
    Here is another clip of Mr. Shabazz teaching a ‘self defense’ class, take special note of the audience in the front row!!!

  • Roshea

    the police need to surround the white house and shoot rubber bullets at the Obama encampment who with clear evidence is the dissenter against America and Americans. HE has demonstrated through his tactics to hate America and is trying to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with every effort thru ignoring American laws to tear down America. HE has stolen monies from Americans in an effort to destroy each Americans lives and liberties. HE is a racist in the White House, HE is a known liar. HE is a communist who believes his way is the way the rest of Americans should accept. When will Americans whether police, military, or citizens do the right thing and remove him from office today not when his time is up or waiting for re-elections. Today! Before he turns our country into a dead ship in the water? Where are the police and military in this matter instead of against the Americans who dare to stand up to his insane policies? Who is American stand with Americans and I am not part of the occupiers of anything. I am an independent American worker not union, not a part of any group. Why is the police ignoring and acting like robots to the fact of Obama is the dictator and they are siding with a communist dictator? Where are the Americans who think for themselves?

    • James

      A novel idea, but police don’t shoot people just because they lie.

  • Dave

    Too many braindead twits like FED UP busy watching American Idol,boy that’s real constructive,really contributes to the good of society,you’ll bark like a dog for a biscuit from obama as he gets more and more control,,he already has control of you I’m sure.

  • Corey Mondello

    I wonder how many people who whine about Obama were the same ones who used to call me a commie and tell me to leave the country if I didnt like it when I questioned GW Bush’s destroying of the US Constitution, which Obama is just following, like all administrations do when the one prior changes the US Constitution? What I find most fulfilling is, when GW was in the ending of his second and unelected but appointed presidental role, I would tell those folks who called me “commie” and all that mentioned prior, that we all knew a democrat would be the next president and I couldnt wait to hear them whine and cry when he/she just followed what GW Bush was doing, which always happens when a democrat enters the wh, like when Bill Clinton became president. It makes me giggle knowing what hypocrites those on the “right” political ideology are.

  • Brad

    I being someone who has taken a varying degree of interest in US/World politics (and also in my own country New Zealand) over the last 30 years I have come to the conclusion that the political leaders here and elsewhere rarely if ever abide by their pre-election promises (unless its to install more repressive/controlling laws-which they do suprisingly fast and with little resistance).Elected Governments have no or very little influence.They are just the temporary puppets of our true rulers.Democracy and the vote is a joke to give us the impression that we have an influence in our affairs.The Fed,The World Bank,The IMF etc and their cronies are the true hidden power that controls you and me and just about every government in the world by insidiously indebting nations (thus controlling/forcing policies/laws/concessions that benefit them).They/you can never ever hope to repay those debts.That is the plan,that is the game.And if you dont play the game you are cut off from their funds,sanctions are placed,internal unrest is simulated/stimulated and then as a last resort false flags are activated and you are repressed militarily under the guise of national interest/national security/terrorism/freedom or whatever catchphrase suits. THEY are the problem not you or me or Muslim or Christian or Conservative or Liberal or Democrat or Republican or Hippy or Jedi.
    Im sick of everyone blaming each other.This is exactly what they want.
    Divide and Conquer is how they work and its working fabuluosly.Do you still want to play the game? For humanities and the worlds sake take the red pill and open your eyes.Let us unite and reclaim OUR destiny.

  • Lawrence Derby

    I want to comend cawmun cents for the first post. Even Christian students of the Bible are so blinded by enjoying the candy coated male bovine fecal material they’re ingesting that they fail to see the truth. Karl Marx was the AntiChrist, and his system of Socialism is the Beast, or eighth world power of the book of Revelation. Most of the world has been suffering under the Tribulation for the last century. The worst part is when it gets to us, and the Jews in Israel. Any one willing to eat candy coated scat is part of the problem. Chose therefore this day which ye shall serve.

    • James

      Lawrence, The Apostle John wrote (1 John 2:18-19): “Little children, it isthe last time; and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”
      John was speaking of the imposters among them that claimed to be Israelites but were not. John went on with “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ: He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son” (v. 22). John and most of the disciples thought they were living in the last days. Further reaearch shows that these antichrists were the descendents of Cain, who slew Abel.

  • Rose

    We should spread this to everyone and get everyone to vote or Ron Paul… Unfortunately facebook and the Internet is a way to track whoever is saying what against them.


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