The Puzzled Homemaker: What’s On The Menu For A Bioterrorist Attack?

Homemakers can use supplements to help their families survive in times of stress.

In 2012, we plan for the worst and hope for the best. The threats are real and include bioterrorism and nuclear war. When all “heck” breaks loose, homemakers can use supplements to help their families survive.

The Missing Ingredient

For food to be truly nutritious, it must provide the minerals and other nutrients that our bodies need, especially in times of stress. When we are under stress for long periods of time, the body releases hormones to help deal with the stress. These hormones increase blood pressure and cause muscles to tense up.

In times of stress our body’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels increase along with our blood pressure. Our calcium/magnesium level is depleted when we are under stress. If we had to take off and walk several miles in a bug out situation, we could sweat out a great deal of our minerals. Illness such as severe diarrhea and vomiting can deplete us of our minerals. Diabetics have to be especially careful when the “tummy bug” hits because the flu can mess up the blood sugar and make them extremely ill.

Taking time to get healthy now is just as important as being in good health in the face of severe challenges.

When our nutritional needs increase in times of stress there are three things we can do:

  1. Eat healthier foods and store the best quality foods and supplements that will support our body’s needs in times of stress.
  2. Detox.
  3. Mineralize.

Proper nutrition is a key factor in getting through a tough situation.


Man does not live by carbohydrates, fat and proteins alone. Man (and woman) must have enzymes as well as minerals.

Enzymes are catalysts to break down the foods we eat, and enzyme activity is down in times of stress. Enzymes naturally occur in fruits and vegetables that are alive. If you don’t have access to live foods in a stressful situation, you will need to stock up on enzymes in the form of supplements from the health food store.


What else does the body need? Minerals. Chances are you are depleted in much-needed minerals right now. Your body obtains minerals from the food that you eat. Does your current diet provide enough minerals?

Between 1900 and 1940, minerals in the soil were depleted by almost 85 percent. In 1936, the government issued Senate Document 264 and during the second session of the 74th Congress, lawmakers ordered this report to be printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office. It is interesting to read and applies to our plight in the 21st Century:

Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance?

The alarming fact is that foods—fruits and vegetables and grains—now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed minerals, are starving us—no matter how much of them we eat!

Almost 70 years ago, the food that was being grown was not providing enough sustenance. The food itself was devoid of minerals. Why aren’t we doing any better now? The suggested solution to this problem is to put minerals back into the soil. Another solution is to put the minerals back into our bodies.

If you are not growing your own food, you have no control over what goes into the soil where your food was grown. Composting and building up the soil with organic minerals will help keep your backyard garden from becoming depleted. You can control this yourself if you are a gardener.

Are the synthetic minerals that are put into the soil the same as naturally occurring ones coming from organic composting? It was documented that 99 percent of Americans were deficient in minerals in the early 1900s. Has anything really changed? Oh, yes. We drink more soda and eat fast food. Our stress levels are elevated and our hearts are failing us.

Both the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (Sept. 2003) and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (October 2006) revealed a correlation between carbonated drink consumption and decreased minerals in the bones.[1]

Stress, disease, poor diet and soda consumption all increase our need for minerals.

Adding these missing minerals back into our daily diet in a naturally occurring form can be one of the most important dietary changes that we can make today to give us reserves in times of stress.

How Can We Increase Mineral Consumption?

  1. Research the origin and content of your current food supply. (Is this possible? With so many foods coming from different sources could we ever know their mineral profile? )
  2. Take a reputable mineral supplement. It is up to you to decide what mineral supplements are the best for you. Personally, I would stock up on vitamins and mineral supplements for times of stress. Find them in health food stores. It is best if you can eat organic foods that you know have been raised properly; however, that is very hard to do, especially in the winter when crops must be imported from Mexico and other countries.
  3. We could eat dirt.

This shocking suggestion was proposed by Jordan S. Rubin his book The Maker’s Diet, which gained popularity a few years back. He recovered from a serious wasting disease by including healthy soil in his diet. Have you ever heard of Bentonite Clay? He asserted that there are essential microorganisms in healthy soil that we need in our bodies and that we would naturally get if our food weren’t depleted.

Redmond ClayEat Redmond Clay Daily Detox

Last year, I featured Redmond Trading Company’s Redmond Clay as a way to detox the intestinal tract and remove harmful toxins. In times of bacterial and viral outbreaks, a strong immune system and an ability to absorb nutrients are needed.

Redmond Clay Daily Detox also provides the minerals needed but missing in the standard American diet. In addition to being an essential component of a food-storage program for the future, it is a powerful adjuvant to restoring health now. Taking two capsules of the highest-quality mineral resource every day will clean out toxins that weigh you down.

Re-Lyte Cramp EliminatorRedmond Trading Company also has a product that eliminates leg cramps that is sold under the Re-Lyte brand. Athletes use it to help their performance. Mothers give it to their children when they have growing pains that cause them to cry because their legs cramp up. Re-Lyte is made from the mineral-rich Sea Salt from the Redmond Salt Mine.

Purchase these Redmond products at

Redmond Clay

The gifts of the Earth are for you to use. Redmond Clay is harvested from the site of an ancient sea right in the middle of Utah. The Sundance Sea has been buried for millions of years; the Redmond salt comes from a Jurassic source 200 feet below the Earth’s surface. The salt and clay mine are protected from the pollutants that absorb into regular salt extracted from the sea. With Redmond clay and salt, what is left from its concentrated mineral deposits for you is worth its weight in gold. Native Americans knew of its value. They carried “mud balls” made of clay with them and ingested small amounts of the mud with water to cleanse toxins and promote internal healing.

My Testimony

I have my own testimony of the power of Redmond Clay to heal. Just last week, I got up in the middle of the night to get some calcium magnesium supplements to help me sleep. I came into my dark bedroom and crashed into my grandson’s baby bed. I jammed my middle toe into the bone in my foot.  It was definitely broken. I tried to sleep but couldn’t because the pain would not subside. I hobbled to the bathroom and reached for my bottle of premixed Redmond Clay called First Aid. Applying it liberally around my toe and then wrapping it with gauze and tape to splint it, I hobbled back to bed. The pain subsided, and I was able to get to sleep. Redmond Clay reduced the inflammation dramatically, had an analgesic effect to reduce the pain and has eliminated the bruising.

Burn Relief

Another testimonial of Redmond clay is that my daughter-in-law burned herself on the forearm with a curling iron. It was a large burn and very blistered. I doctored her with Redmond clay that is already premixed called First Aid. I put a bandage on it and, within seconds, the pain was gone. It healed in a couple of days. If anyone gets a burn of any kind in our family, I always use Redmond Clay. The high mineral content helps heal much faster than anything else I have tried, and the pain leaves instantly.

Intestinal Problems

One tablespoon of Redmond Clay can be mixed in a glass of water and let set for an hour. It will settle to the bottom of the glass, then you drink the water full of minerals. For the diehards that can handle it, they drink the clay and water. It has been proven to help with all kinds of intestinal problems as well as colon issues like colitis, diverticulitis and many other intestinal tract problems. People who eat clay report better health and get rid of problems that plagued them for years. I sell a book on my website called The Healing Power Of Clay.

Keep Clay In The Medical Kit

This is a must-have for any home emergency kit. I have a 6-pound gallon bucket of Redmond Clay in my storage. I would not be without it. Redmond clay comes in powdered form, which you just add water and mix yourself. It also comes in a premixed squeeze bottle called First-Aid. It comes in capsules, called Daily Detox. Daily Detox is good for the intestinal track, absorbing 30 times its weight in poisons and toxins as it moves through the body.

One of the best ways to support an overtaxed immune system is to eliminate the toxins that are taxing it. You can detox and strengthen your immune system with minerals provided from the gifts of the Earth. To enjoy the gifts of the Earth and to store for future needs, check out Redmond Salt and Clay Products at

–Peggy Layton

Personal Liberty

Peggy Layton

a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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