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The Price We Pay

February 23, 2012 by  

The Price We Pay

The supermarket is not a place where anyone hopes for surprises. Beyond a winning lottery ticket, finding a coupon for 10 percent off a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon or getting a smile from the cute checkout girl, surprises at the supermarket usually involve forgetting the shopping list, finding out they’re out of PBR (horrors!) or discovering that the price of some staple has skyrocketed.

While pushing my cart through the aisles the other day, I discovered the price of my favorite brand of pasta had reached $1.69 per box — nearly a dollar more than it cost the day President Barack Obama took office. Since I’m the sort of fellow whose feats of culinary legerdemain away from the grill lean toward boiling water or making really outstanding… reservations, a hike in the price of pasta strikes fear in my heart. Imagine the compounded trepidation that sent a shiver down my spine when I realized the price of macaroni and cheese has also embarked on a northward climb. Since the cost of Doritos and Pop Tarts also rose, we know three things to be true:

  1. The prices of staple groceries are climbing across the board, meaning middle-class families are coughing up more of their hard-earned pay for food purchases.
  2. The economy is still mired in the economic quicksand of the past couple of years.
  3. Bachelors nationwide are in serious danger of starvation.

That list seems out of place, especially considering the days-of-wine-and-roses claptrap that the Democrats and their minions in the corporate media have been serving up of late. In fact, add the price of gasoline and the middle class, about whom President Obama and his accomplices claim to be so concerned, once again teeters on the edge of the fiscal precipice. In 2006, Senator Barbara Boxer held a shrieking press conference at a Washington, D.C.-area gas station to complain about President George W. Bush’s lack of action on gas prices, which were lower than they are now. If Boxer is now demanding answers from Obama, I haven’t heard her.

Any working stiff can tell you: The prices at the grocery store, the gas station, the pharmacist and even the sport shop where he buys bulk ammunition have risen dramatically, outstripping inflationary increases. There’s no sign that the pricing trend will slow down, much less revert to pre-Obama levels.

Although the wine-and-cheese-millionaire set backing Obama and the Democrats won’t discuss it, food prices in the United States rose as much as 10 percent in 2011, with most experts agreeing even more dramatic price hikes should be expected for 2012 and beyond. The liberal elite’s feigned concern for us common folk begins with meaningless rhetoric and baseless finger-pointing and ends with, well, meaningless rhetoric and baseless finger-pointing. None of the major economic indicators have shown anything but costlier trends since Obama arrived in the White House on a wave of hope and change (not to mention race-baiting and hate speech).

Where are the sunnier days and star-filled nights Obama and the Democrats promised us? Surely, things must have improved somewhat. After all, I hardly think Michelle Obama would have taken the kids skiing in the millionaire’s playground of Aspen, Colo. if there were a chance that someone might misinterpret their snowbound cavorting for Marie Antoinette-like disregard for the “little people.”

The truth, I expect, is far worse. I doubt the perspectives of the millions of Americans suffering under the yoke of Obama’s economy ever entered Michelle Obama’s mind. It is a fair bet that the plight of everyday Americans has gone — and will continue to go — unrecognized by the liberal millionaires who claim to have a monopoly on “caring.”  Their version of “caring” extends only as far as giving a decent tip to the valet at the restaurant, throwing a couple of extra bones for their caddie at the golf club and perhaps dropping a few coins in the Styrofoam cup that belongs to the homeless guy on the sidewalk. Beyond that, “caring” is reserved for speeches, fundraisers (at which they tell each other how much they care, in between white wine spritzers) and campaign ads.

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush stepped on a publicity land mine when he was unable to give an accurate price for a gallon of milk. Democrats, eager to play Bush as an out-of-touch elitist, hammered him for not knowing the economic circumstances of average Americans. Fast-forward to 2012, and I wonder if liberals like the Obamas even care.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Ben, Obummer’s behavior all but proves that he’s too busy being out-of-touch to care about America. He knows America’s media trollops will support him in everything he does and everything he ignores. It’s an accurate way to define true utopian “compassion.”
    I’d ask Obummer if he has any idea how much a box of disposable diapers costs today, compared to when the ‘father of all things bad’ [GB, that is] was in office. If Obummer doesn’t know, that means he’s out-of-touch. If he does know, he’s guilty of knowingly filling up landfills with nasty diapers that will take thousands of years to break down and become ‘safe’ [someone call the tree-huggers and tell them Obummer is a Mama Earth hater!].
    Another thing I’d like to see is Obummer going to a grocery store to try and buy a week’s worth of groceries with a $50 bill. Do you think he could find his way TO a grocery store without help? Maybe he’ll try to write a check and he’ll be told his ID isn’t good enough. We can only hope. Comeuppance is a beautiful thing.

    • Karolyn

      SC – “If he does know, he’s guilty of knowingly filling up landfills with nasty diapers that will take thousands of years to break down and become ‘safe’ [someone call the tree-huggers and tell them Obummer is a Mama Earth hater!].”

      What the hell is that supposed to mean? Now it’s Obama’s fault that people use disposable diapers? What????

      • Brad


        You know as I was reading this comment I knew an actual liberal tree hugger would not get the jest of the blogger. You must be a liberal tree hugging bird killer. Let’s put some more artificial trees out there with those big bird killing blades, instead of drilling for oil to take us out of the OPEC starvation line. Put some vodka in your cool-aid and go back to serving your hubby who is probably a union boss and you and the POTUS leavr us little people alone along our small business owners taxes alone.

      • s c

        K, did you READ what I said? Do you understand what I said? You act like a member of Congress who REFUSES to read or understand anything, and in the same breath you expect me to believe you’re ‘on the same page.’ My point is [since you don't or can't understand] Obummer is out-of-touch. He’s distant. He’s aloof. He cares about America like you or I might care about yogurt production in Manchuria. Get it yet?
        Apparently, you’re an adult, but I can’t waste time leading you by the hand. Re-read what I said. If you can’t understand what I said, look at a mirror to see where the problem is. K, this isn’t advanced theoretical calculus. This is English. How can you do term papers and survive without having an extremely lenient instructor who believes in handing out good grades so students won’t have their feelings hurt? That sheltered life you have is a liability. It is NOT an asset, K.

      • catslave07

        I would think that “he” allows rabid tree huggers to selectively keep their “needful things” and ignore the impact on landfills. Afterall, they are a huge voting block and that is all that matters to him.
        I simply am amazed that there are any people out there who actually think that BO cares about anything or anyone but BO!!!!!!!
        The rising prices for everything is just another cog in the wheel of the machine looming over us known as the NWO….and BO wants to run it!

    • Sirian

      You could ask the very same question of near all of the members of Congress and none of them could probably give you a correct answer. Obummer hasn’t the slightest idea what a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas costs other then what he’s prompted to know before a teleprompter speech. Is this actually all that unusual? Politicians aren’t concerned with meager matters such as this – as long as it doesn’t have a down side to their re-election possibilities. Uh, wonder if they might have their own form of “food stamps”? Yep, it’s called everyones money!!

      • Jerome Bigge

        The average net worth of a member of Congress is about one million dollars. So I doubt that they worry about things like the price of food, gasoline, or health care. Getting re-elected is no doubt of far more importance to them. What we are seeing is a combination of the decline in the value of the dollar along with higher prices for fossil fuels. Does either political party care? Not likely any more. Both have powerful money machines behind them thanks to Citizens United which removed all limits on the amount of money that could be donated. Then too, what “choice” do we have? There is no viable third party out there. Our “winner take all” political system doesn’t allow “opposition” from anyone who might want to actually change things. We have the world’s most expensive health care which is growing more unaffordable thanks to professional monopolies that deny us any “choice”. Prescription laws that give doctors monopoly control over the supply of medicine. Laws written to give lawyers monopoly control over all aspects of the law. You even have to have a prescription to buy heart worm pills for your dog or cat! Both political parties are equally guilty today of growing “government” into a monster that rules every portion of our lives. Neither is willing to reduce the scope of government. You cannot find a Democrat or a Republican that is willing to actually change things. Only Ron Paul, a Libertarian running as a Republican has shown any interest at all in reducing the scope of government, or actually returning to the sort of America we used to have. I’m going to vote for Ron Paul in our primary here in Michigan, more as a protest to the ways things are going than any hope that there can be any serious “change” in the way we’re doing things…

    • hitthedeck

      I have to laugh when you say that Obama is out of touch. He doesn’t care about the American people. He is busy partying and playing golf on the way to giving a speech that is first seen by him when he sees his teleprompter. He is a party animal and has to do nothing except what his handlers tell him to do. Without someone telling him what to do, he stammers and talks like a homeless kid getting a verbal test on economics. He is a spin master that can make you believe that something good is going to happen while something else is going down the tube. He the most arrogant president in America’s history and today he proved it when he said he will have another five years to make his changes. God help us all if this happens!

    • Joe H

      Folgers coffee in my area, Last year 5.99 3# can. this year? 7.99 for the same 3# can. (actually it’s only 34.5 ounce, too!) Two pack of jiff peanut butter, last year 6.99. This year? 7.99!! As long as Odumberer keeps letting the price of gas inflate, this will continue!!! Oh, BTW Maxwell house Decaf?? Last year 8.99 for a 3#can. This year? 12.99 for same 3# can (34.5 ounce)

  • Karolyn

    I get so tired of people complaining about how expensive things are. Hey, it is what it is; and no amount of complaining is gonna change it. What we should concentrate on is what is good in our lives. I am so grateful to be able to buy groceries, that I am healthy and that I can do anything I want that I really want to do. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have sooooo much to be grateful for! So all the complainers can just keep themselves and those around them miserable; I would rather be happy. Look for the good – It pays off!

    I am one of thosethat follow MSM news – ABC World News – and just about every day they point to the good things happening, like businesses moving back here from China due in part to the growing cost of living in China. It is said the Chinese will be making $6 an hour before long. It was reported by one exec last night that American workers are 3-4 times more productive than Chinese workers.

    • former walmart person

      Info from the mainstream media is always suspect. They have been saying the economy has been getting better for years. What has been happening is that the rate of destruction has been lessening, but that is a far cry from saying things are getting better. Its like being thrilled that your burning house is now starting to smolder instead of looking like a raging inferno. Eventually, the economy will be so destroyed that it can’t be destroyed much more because there is nothing left to destroy. Case in point: I heard last month in January, a huge number of people were laid off, which makes sense that alot of folks were allowed to work until Dec 31, 2011, then laid off in the new year with a new, reduced budget. Yet, somehow, the unemployment rate lessens?? The mainstrea media has admitted that people “given up and not looking for work” don’t count in the unemployment figures. On what planet would not bothering to look for work count me out of the unemployment figures if I STILL DONT HAVE A JOB????

      • Karolyn

        Did you even use the link I posted?

        Here where I live there have been no jobs in the Help Wanted section of the weekly paper for a couple of years. This week there were 5 jobs listed. I look for every little bit of good news I can find.

      • Joe H

        My new son in law’s shop just gave out 90 day notices!!! The whole shop is shutting DOWN. Good news, huh??? sorry karolyn!!

      • Karolyn

        Joe – You will never understand my point, because you are not interested in seeing any other way of behaving than you have done your whole life. As someone who has experienced a LOT of crap in my life, I can attest to the FACT that my always viewing the positives in any situation ALWAYS resulted in positive outcomes. I have watched many people go down the tubes just because of a bad attitude, complaining and only seeing the bad stuff going on.

    • 101stRECON68

      Ah, the MEDIA…Like THEY are to be trusted. During the days of our founding Fathers, the media at the time were news papers and this is what they (T. Jefferson) thought of them, “The only thing honest in the newspaper is the advertisements”. That’s pretty much still true for our media today. Like our politicians from both party’s, the only time they aren’t lieing is when their lips aren’t moving>. To really know what’s going on, you can’t limit yourself to one or two sources but must diligently seek for truth everywhere and learn to read between the lines.

      • John

        To bring you the news, either in a news paper or the rest of the media does NOT mean that they have to tell the truth… There is NO law that say they have to tell the truth… under the definition of news, a straight out lie is “news”
        the media is NOT in the business to tell the truth, they are in the business to make money, and if lies and deceit sell, that is what they will do.

    • Pat

      Oh Dear!! Karolyn, it is because of us complainers that you can buy groceries etc. Those of us who try to do something instead of hiding. Do you not realize that if you do not complain when you know something is wrong, you are just blinding yourself into thinking the gov’t is taking care of you. How are you going to feel when you can NOT afford groceries anymore…When you can afford the gas…When paying for electricity, water and household gas has risen so high you can no longer pay for it? There are many people out there that can not afford these things and they should stop complaining because as of this moment in time you have a better paying job or your husband makes a better living? What will you think when health costs get sooo high that you can no longer go to the doctor of YOUR choice and have to go to a clinic where the doctors are of sketchy intelligence and learning. Maybe then you will thank the COMPLAINERS of this world who yelled and screamed loud enough so that you can maintain your standard of living. You need to stop being a Stepford Person and get involved in stopping this corrupt system so that maybe our standard of living can be like yours. Oh and I just started a small business and am finding out how much people like you do not give a hoot about how we get buried in unneccessary Licences, Fees, huge tax minimums, Phone bills with extra taxes ( personal phones 3 times cheaper than a business phone). I live in a modest home, buy used vehicles (because I can afford the payments & ins for new cars) and I burn wood in a woodstove because I can not afford the electric bills for the furnace in the house. We have to watch every penny and I AM very grateful that I have a ROOF over my head…..BUT….I still yell and scream and protest when I know the gov’t is stealing and mismanaging OUR money. Shame on you for not doing the same thing!!!

      • Karolyn

        OMG, Pat. You know nothing about me. I am 65, single and live on comparitively very little. I rent a mobile home. I have owned a business. I don’t go to the doctor because I take care of my body. I drive a 17 year old car with 210,000 miles on it. I have so much! I am a believer in karma – what goes around comes around. The more complaining there is, the more there is to complain about. It’s called the law of attaction.

      • Joe H

        Yeah, karolyn, well inflation and the government is gonna put a hell of a monkey wrench into the cogs of your KARMA!!!! so you get screwed over and Karma says that they get screwed along with? BIG DEAL, lady YOU ARE STILL SCREWED!!!

    • stopspending4

      Karolyn, The problem with your post and with the administrations attitude is the belief that nothing can be done to improve conditions. There is plenty that can be done – less regulations would help small businesses lower their costs or stay in business. Repeal of Obamacare while making other health care changes like tort reform, interstate competition, etc would lower health care costs which would help small businesses. Drilling in the US would allow us to stop being at the mercer of the middle east that hates us. You and the administration just shrug your shoulders, point to the 5 new jobs that have been created and say nothing more can be done. Hogwash. Remember Reagan fixed the Carter economy.

      • Joe H

        yeah, five new jobs created, and how many more in her area laid off??? how many more lives ruined by this half fassed government??

    • sally

      What kool-aid have you been drinking? I sure would like some along with Lucy in the sky with diamonds! There are more people now than ever before waiting for all the free handouts that obummer is giving them. I’ve worked hard all of my life to be able to retire and by that time comes, there will be nothing there. With all the people sucking it dry now and it’s not all the retired people doing it. All of the government people “retire” with bigger checks then when they were “working”.Obummer is for nothing but unions! They pay him the big bucks to get everything going their way.

  • Karolyn

    What about the “the wine-and-cheese-millionaire set” backing Romney and the republicans! Why just talk about the “the wine-and-cheese-millionaire set backing Obama and the Democrats?”

    Actually, sounds like promotion of class warfare to me!

    • Iris D. Lynch

      Clearly, you are a mindless supporter of Obama and no amount of facts will get in the way of your fealty. For the rest of us, facts are facts. Prices are rising and will continue to rise until even the frog in the pot will wake up in alarm…perhaps too late. The largest increase in pre-Christmas sales were for guns and ammo. I can only surmise that there are a WHOLE LOT OF WISE FOLKS getting ready to defend themselves and their lives.

      Wise up before they break your door down, because if you think YOU are on the winning team, there is a surprise waiting for you.

      • Karolyn

        Such a shame so many spend so much time on what’s wrong with everything. I know I will survive anything, first of all, because I have survived so much in my 65 years and come out the other side smelling like a rose; but also because I have faith in the goodness of the universe and of mankind.

      • Matt Newell

        I’m happy you feel so good, but I sure don’t. I was planning a trip next month and that went bye bye when the cost of gasoline went up $0.08 in a day. At that rate of increase I’ll be lucky to be able to drive to the grocery store much more. And because the price of fuel is going up — the price of food is going up even faster. I expect the price of food to double by the end of summer. Meanwhile, more and more people are losing their jobs or their hours are being cut back so they do not have the money for these things they need. Don’t forget utilities are going up and so are the taxes (all of them — city, county, state, and federal). See what happens to you if you don’t pay those bills.

    • Brad

      Karolyn, you are an idiot. Did you not see that the big contributors for the GOP are not sending in their money to the candidates this time around. Obummer’s campaign is raising leaps and bounds past the GOP candidates form his elite contributors. And I am so glad you can do whatever you want when you want because I am a small business owner and I just fell behind on my mortgage for the first month since you idiot liberals got your GOD in office. I hope you fry in HELL along with the rest of you pieces of sh_t.

      • David Hundley

        The GOP primary has barely started raising funds, haven’t picked a candidate yet, they will get what they want when things gel. More money has been raised and spent by all sides in this GOP run up than any before. More to come.
        I hope all those pre-Christmas sales of guns and ammo are headed your direction. Brad you are unrighteous unpatriotic fool yourself.
        The turnaround from the Depression could never happen in the time frame you desire, immediately. It was too far gone and still has too many manipulators holding efforts back.

      • Karolyn

        Brad – Ever stop to think that the reason your life is not going so well is because of your attitude? The Republian PACs are raising so much mnoney it’s ridiculous – money that could be spent in far better ways than for some rat politician. I said nothing about supporting anybody. I will vote for Ron Paul if he’s nominated. Cursing people you don’t agree with is no way to make yoru life better. “As ye think, so shall you be.” “What goes around comes around.”

      • Average Joe

        Karolyn says,

        “I will vote for Ron Paul if he’s nominated. ”

        I personally will vote for Ron Paul…whether he is nominated or not. There comes a point in every persons’ life to make a stand on principle. I voted for Ron Paul in the last election (Write in) and I will do so again.

        Before folks start whining that I am throwing away my vote, I will remind you that…IT IS MY VOTE….to cast as my conscience dictates. It does not belong to any candidate or party…it belongs to ME…period. For me (or anyone else) to cast a vote for anyone that they do not agree with… would be akin to lying to one’s self and would therefore constitute “throwing away a vote”. Regardless of whether Dr. Paul is elected or not…my vote is not thrown away….It still shows my distain for the other candidates….and my support for Dr. Paul.
        I will be voting for Ron Paul….even if I have to carry my own crayons to make my mark!

        Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

      • Dennis48e

        “The Republian PACs are raising so much mnoney it’s ridiculous – money that could be spent in far better ways than for some rat politician.”

        So it is ok for obama and democrats to raise obsene amounts of money for their campaigns I guess.

      • Karolyn

        I never said that.

      • tony

        Brad, cool down. Time to get back on your meds. So prices are going up. I guess you want the govt. to set price controls like your hero Nixon did. Cant make your mortgage payment? Our business is doing fine, hiring like mad. Maybe you need to get off the computer & go out & drum up some business. Businesses last year made the highest profits in American history. We have had 23 months of job growth. Your Repub governors like Walaker & Kasich are signing up for the health care exchanges as fast as they can and Bob Livingston has convinced you tin hat wearing tea-baggers that our currency is bad & we should all buy his silver & gold. It’s called a scam…scare the fools & sell them your product. According to Fox Business Channel the return on gold for the last 20 years has been under 2%. Bob’s not here to inform you, he’s here to sell you something….

      • Dennis48e

        Karolyn your silence about it says plenty.

      • Karolyn

        Dennis – I responed to you at 11:44.

      • Dennis48e

        Karolyn the silence I was refering to was the silence about the obsence amounts of money raised by obama and democrats you never mention that.

        • Karolyn

          Dennis – Well, it IS the Republican PACs that are wasting so many millions right now. I don’t care who does it; I think it’s all a damn shame. Before the primary here in SC, I was getting at least two BIG glossy flyers for Perry or Romney every day!

      • Joe H

        ” we’ve had 23 months of job growth…” OH??? I guess somebody forgot to tell november that!! The first month since the great depression that had a ZREO JOB GROWTH!!! Check your facts, bud!! Sayin it don’t make it so!!

      • Joe H

        Oh, and tony? What is the rate of return on Gold and silver in the last TEN years??? A little more than your little 2% number, dude!! Get off the MSM and get some TRUE news!!!

    • catslave07

      By all means lets all call a spade a spade. Pubs are in part for the shape we are in…by not providing a decent candidate for us to vote for. The Dims are still just plain out of touch.

      That said, where would this country be without business? Business is providing goods and services in exchange for a price for those of us who cannot make everything we need or use.

      And business should turn a profit……orrrrrr….why bother?
      Socialism has failed in all cases and is still failing as someone “sooner or later they run out of everyone elses money”.

      Oh, so you dont own a car???? You must have a bicycle to take you distances you dont want to walk? I guess you walk/ride in all kinds of weather? Your abode must be heated…by what? Do you freeze? Do you swelter? Guess you build a fire for cooking out of sticks???? Is your abode made of dead twigs?

      If not for business we would have no jobs (unless we work for the gov), no grocery stores, no cars, no buildings, nothing….a 4th world country. Everything we enjoy and pay for has been produced when some inventive person took all the risks and went into business….to provide goods or services for us to buy and live like we live.

      Where do you think your clothes came from, your food, your transportation, your medicines, etc????????????????? Unless you produced all this behind your twig house, you have no room to rant against business or coporations. There is good and bad in all facets of society and political systems.

      I like the system we have that is being wrenched from us by those who will not take responsibility for themselves and be producers in our society, and turn around and bite the very hands that feed them via jobs and goods.


    • Joe H

      how about the military soldiers that are living on very little that are supporting Ron Paul??? your hero Odumberer just started supporting the troops AFTER it was reported that they were supporting Paul in record numbers! All he is looking for is votes, that’s all he gives a crapo about. He doesn’t give a crap about the conditions in this country! His kids? Hell they are gonna get his money when he’s gone, why would he worry about THEM???

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    When you have a credit card to pay with that you never see the receipts for anyway, why worry. Keep the party going. You donot care what anything costs as long as the other guy pays. Washington lives on the credit card and you llive on what you can rescue of your own money.

    • Joe H

      It’s not the card that’s evil, it’s the way it’s used!!! I have two and I pay them off 100% every month! They make NOTHING in interest from me!!! My house is paid for, my cars are paid for, and I owe NOBODY!! Has it cost me to be that way?? Hell YES!! I’ve worked my assets off. also, I’m dam careful about WHO or WHAT I give money to!! I will vote for Ron Paul, even to writting him in! I will walk away from my polling place with my head held high in pride!! Something I haven’t done in a long time!! Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!!

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        Joe sorry you missed the point,,, Pay attention to the WN. DC. band ,see what goes on there. There is no commitment to use their own money as long as you foot the bill.That includes a credit card they use that is just passed on to their expense clerk and is never seen by them. You pay it. Im not giving one great big toot about whether or not you over spend or not ,its the loose no holds barred game played in DC on my nickel…

  • Jim K

    To those of you who think that everything is fine and good, come on down to my volunteer fire station and talk to the real people, those that freely give their time to help their community. I see no real effort on the vast majority of the politicians to help the US. To paraphrase the movie, The Postman, “Things are not getting better.”

    • Karolyn

      Ah, but in “The Postmn” one man began something that would change everything.

      • 101stRECON68

        Good point and good movie Karolyn. I feel that for the most part the American people do not really grasp the true power available to them and therefore are more easily controlled and manipulated.
        “When the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights”.Thomas Jefferson
        One person can make a difference for sure, but millions of people can bring about real change in a hurry. Strength in numbers as they say. The “Postman” in the movie started something, but it was the strength in sheer numbers of his followers that made the difference. Our founding fathers have already “started it”, but it is up to us to keep it. However, we are so divided by party, by region, by politics, etc that we lose the effectivenes of strength in numbers and the government runs over us like we are nothing. Time for REAL change.

      • Dennis48e

        Yes Karolyn but his purpose was not to change anything but rather to save his butt. He was trying to do nothing more than cage a couple of meals and maybe get laid. The fact that it turned into a movement was happenstance not design.

      • Karolyn

        Dennis – So what? That’s not the point.

      • Dennis48e

        ” What we should concentrate on is what is good in our lives.”

        I based my reply on this and many many similar statements from you that say (intended or not) that all you have to do is think good thoughts and everything will be all hunky dorie.

      • Karolyn

        Dennis – You are oversimplifying. Everything has energy. The more negative energy that is expelled, the more negativity is created, and the same goes for positive energy. That is the only reason this world is in such a mess. The negativity of the collective consciousness has been creating the mess we’re in. To me, it is logical. For example, when you start crying “The sky is falling,” people run for cover, keep a tight hold on their money and slow down the economy even more. The problem just continues to be exacerbated the more people jump on the bandwagon. I am not an idiot because I think outside the box. And I don’t call people names because I disagree with them or don’t understand what they’re alking about.

      • Dennis48e

        No Karolyn you are the one oversimplifying. You are saying all everyone or at least most people have to do is think positive thoughts and somehow everything will automaticaly become all right.

      • Karolyn

        Actually, Dennis, if everyone was positive, we would have no problems; so, yes, it is that simple. However, in order to realize whatever we dream of, we need to know in our soul that it already exists. I don’t expect you to understand. I’ve been studying this philosophy for many years. As an example, I can say there were things I daydreamed about years ago that eventually came about. My dreams became reality. “Thoughts are things.” Everything is energy. We create our own reality. Had I cried and carried on when I had no money and was thrown out on my ear, I would have been homeless. However, I believed, I KNEW, that I would never be homeless, that I would always come out on top, and so I did (and will).

  • David Hundley

    A great deal of the increases in staple items at the grocery store, and other items we deem staples, has to do with corn subsidies and subsequent fuel prices. Corn is being promoted as more important as a fuel additive and taking away from other crops as corn as more profitable to grow. It has done nothing to lessen the price or increase the volume of gas on our economy. The oil companies and refineries control those levels and are also complicit here as they don’t even refine according to the demand that is present.
    This is like the first domino to fall.
    Pointing fingers at the present administration as being responsible for what has transpired for over two decades to cause these increases in prices and supposed shortages is not justified. Could anything be done to change the situation? Maybe, but there are so many roadblocks and little support from the sides needed to compromise here that it is doubtful to happen.
    I’m not saying this is the only reason but a big one. I also don’t think running a pipe of dirty sand-oil will make any iota of difference in the price of beans.

    • Maryland Freestater

      Dave H., you bring up a good point here. The Corn Lobby has waaaaay too much power in this country: my boss told me that the Corn Refiners Assoc. managed to get a law passed that only US grown corn could be used as a base for making ethanol.

      Let me point out that using alcohol for fuel ain’t exactly brilliant – I’ve read that it costs 3 gallons of petrol to make 1 gallon of ethanol. Secondly, one can’t run a car on pure alcohol or even a mix of ethanol/gasoline unless the car has been specifically manufactured or retrofitted to burn such a fuel; and third, why was the Corn Lobby allowed to have such a say? We could import ethanol a helluva lot cheaper from sugarcane growing countries than manufacturing it ourselves.

      It’s also time we use something besides combustibles to power our autos (and way of life, but this is going further off topic). But consider the types of alternate energy, greener than the greenies consider, which are suppressed by someone who stands to lose money should things like magnetic generators and Tesla engines…’Unorthodox’ sources of energy development is a slippery slope for the energy powers-that-be.

      Much as I like tortillas, I’m beginning to not like corn – genetically – modded corn may not be the healthiest for us or livestock to consume (look at the obesity rates in the US alone, and they’re rising in Mexico too, a corn loving country) : and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is NOT by any means a ‘sugar’ and should be banned due to its toxicity to mammals.

      Somebody needs to be held accountable for the US – corn – only law and HFCS usage. Will they be – NO! WHY??? Corporate greed and political corruption, trampling over people as they prance over the sickened body of Planet Sol 3. These bastards are also directly responsible for the venom I see on this site and in most places I visit online. I care not a whit for liberalism, nor for religious conservatism: and only for some for social conservatism. I too felt the need to persecute and denigrate ‘liberals’ until I had the epiphany that we are ALL being duped one way or the other.

      Time for humanity to wake up and become a LOT more involved – invested!- in our collective destinies. We HAVE been lulled into mindless numbness and people need to be wakened up before it’s too late. I believe ‘too late’ is the Apocalypse: but I have become politically active because the Bible, in Revelation, also says Apocalypse does NOT have to happen if only Good people stand up for what is right and just.

      But – how does my fellow poster here define ‘just and right’?

      My 2 kopeks’ worth…

  • former walmart person

    Time to engage in extreme couponing.

  • Patriot

    Average Joe,

    Forgot about the write-in thing, no matter who is nominated the goal is to defeat Obama, not matter what! Anything else is a vote for Obama, you sir will be part of the problem if that is your attitude! I would vote for a Turnip over Obama! We need to STOP the bleeding before we can cure the patient, please re-think your Vote!

    • cawun cents

      Apparently you didnt get the memo.
      Status Quo is not an option.
      You cant make the cuts by waiting for someone to come along in the future.
      That day never comes.Then you are back to Obamanomics,101 at a not too distant date.
      The face may change but the policy will not.
      What has all your derision accomplished then?
      Your nation will still be cloaked in legal leprosy.
      With a shiny new nametag.
      My vote does count.
      Status Quo does not.

    • John

      Just vote for Newt, Mitt, or Rick and all you will get is Obama’s policies on steroids.
      Oh you say, they will reduce the deficit, cut spending, shrink the government….really? And politicians never lie right? Right! I rather have Obama as a lame duck then one of the 3 stooges Newt, Mitt, and Rick….that will continue Obama’s policies on steroids thanks to a congress that will support them.

      • catslave07

        That could change…nothing stays the same, thank goodness.

      • Joe H

        I wonder if the people don’t DESERVE another round of Odumberer!! Mabe things will get so bad peole will finally wake up and start getting INFORMED!!!! I never thought I’d say that, but the more things get bad here, the more I see people voicing their concerns!! I only HALF of the ones complaining are getting informed, perhaps things will change BIG TIME!!! People have been blindly voting party for so long that they finally got what they DESERVE! Like I said above, I will vote Ron Paul even I have to write him in!! I will hold my head up HIGH in pride as I have finally done what I SHOULD have done all along!! If enough people see that, then perhaps, if not well!! you talk about wasting votes? Well what about the report that in maine the whole ofwaldo county was missing from the totals??? Who’s wasting what??

    • Karolyn

      If you you think Romny or Santorum can do better, you’re wrong.

      • Dale on the left coast

        I would suggest the local Dog Catcher would do better or just pick someone out of the phone book . . . lol

        Inflation is just starting to rear its ugly head . . . it will get worse!!! When the federeal govt sucks almost 6 trillion out of the economy is less than 4 years . . . . plus the US dollar has lost over 30% of its Buying Power since the “O” took office. The only reason its not at 50 cents is because the Euro is On the Rocks . . . as the socialist states of Europe are in drastic decline.

        4 more years of this nonsense . . . the US may never recover!!!

      • s c

        K, are you one of the herd who voted for Obummer to prove you’re not a racist? Is your life BETTER since The Anointed Loser moved into the W H? Are you so lemming-like that you fall for words and promises that stroke your emotions?
        K, there has never been a utopia, and there will never be one. If you want a challenge, go to a rest home on a regular basis, and find its weak points and ask yourself how this administration has made ANYTHING better.
        Do you think your W H ‘God’ cares about people in a rest home? Your W H ‘God’ cares about himself FIRST. His ego probably makes him pray to himself at night. You have so much to learn about politicians – and reality – and how close America is to being a slave nation.
        You might read the Constitution once in a while, and do some research on domestic enemies and treason. Dig deep, and dig FAST, K. You have much in common with WWII Germans and how they opted for charisma and turned their backs on reality and common sense. It can’t happen here? It’s already happening, K.

      • Karolyn

        sc – Obama is not my “god!” I don’t know where people get that impression. Just because I do not hate him and believe he may have done some good things??? Yes, I voted for him and not because he’s half black. I voted for him because Hillary wasn’t nominated and McCain is a loser. I also felt that it was time for change. Unfortunately, there is no one person who can affect change on his own.

        Actually, my life is better since he was elected – not because of him but because of me. He has nothing to do with my lfe. As I stated earlier, I can do or have anything I want if I want it badly enough. It all falls on me. You may think you know it all, but you really don’t have a clue about a lot of things, especially how to have intelligent discourse with people who disagree with you! You and those like you that lose it don’t stand a chance of ever getting your point across or winning people over.

      • Joe H

        you can do or have what you want??? good try wanting to accompany your friend to his/her gate at the airport some time!!! try to go through the boarding line without being molested or xrayed!! your thoughts are befuddled!!!

      • Karolyn

        Joe – To clarify what I mean, “do” means to accomplish or be anything I want, to rise as high or sink as low as I want. It all comes down to how much one wants something.

    • Average Joe


      As far as I can tell, a vote for anyone othe than Ron Paul…is a vote for the “status quo”. For many of us, it is not about “defeating Obama”, it is about electing a man of princples, who will put this nation back on a solid Constitutional footing. A man who believes that YOU are entitled to the fruits of your labors… and not the government. A Man who belives that you have the right to live your life as you see fit (as long as you don’t infringe upon another person’s rights). A man who believes that it is possible to allow the individual states… to handle their own affairs, without any interference from Washington.A man who believes that business should be allowed to operate freely without Federal intervention
      In short, it is about electing a Statesman….rather than another lowlife “Politician” ( no matter what you call a turd, it is still a turd).

      Ron Paul’s vision radical?….Maybe to some, but what we have been doing for the last 100 years or so…..obviously isn’t working out so well…and well…. maybe we need “Radical” thinking of Ron Paul’s type….in order to get this nation back on track.

      While you are free to vote for your “Turnip” ( and thereby waste it), I will focus my vote on someone that I truly believe will be a benifit to this nation and it’s citizens.

      Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don’t want them to become politicians in the process.
      John F. Kennedy

      The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.
      John F. Kennedy

      • irishbulldog

        I am also voting for Ron Paul, whether he gets the nomination or not. Anyone else is a wasted vote.

    • catslave07

      Bingo! To defeat BO and his minions is the prize. Whomever is put before us to vote for must be supported no matter how hard we have to hold our noses and puke.

      • Average Joe

        You seem to have set very limited goals for yourself…if that is in fact your primary goal….

        The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.
        John F. Kennedy

        Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.
        John F. Kennedy

        • catslave07

          My goals are quite lofty if you care to compare. My statement was in response to a political statement.
          And yes, to see BO gone from the WH is a worthy mission and Ill do all I can to see that it happens!

      • Average Joe

        Your original statement says otherwise. You have one goal…and it doesn’t matter to you if we get more of the same (or worse)…as long as it isn’t Obama….that was what you stated…you would vote for anyone put before you…other than Obama.
        That tells me that you have no moral fortitude and simply sit on the fence…waiting for others to decide for you…which way you should lean. You are simply “towing” the party line….a very dangerous set of values. Think for yourself…get behind ( I mean really behind) the candidate of your choice…and stick to your guns……find something that you actually believe in…and follow it through to the end…rather than submitting to “majority rule” and voting for who the party tells you to vote for. You were given a mind…use it for something other than a hat rack.
        As stated earlier…the status quo is not an option.

        Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

        Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
        Douglas Adams

        • catslave07

          This is my last reply to you as you are so rude.

          ANYONE but Obama…..OH YEAH! Been there, done that.

          If you dont see how much danger our country and our constitution is in then you must have completly lost it.

          You wallow in your strange thought processes and enjoy. Youre not enough to even spar with. I prefer more intelligent people for discussion/debate/sparing.

          You have a good evening now lil buddy.

      • Average Joe

        I am guessing that everything I just said…just went “whoooosh” right over your head?

        “If you dont see how much danger our country and our constitution is in then you must have completly lost it.”

        Just because I choose to think before I vote for someone or tow the party line…(like you Zombies who do) in no way means that I don’t see the mess our nation is in….On the contrary…I see it very clearly and have cosen to vote for the person who I think is the best choice to lead us out of the quagmire…Ron Paul. I will not under any circumstances…vote for anyone that I don’t agree with…regardless of your pathetic cries to do otherwise (because I’ll somehow waste my vote or somehow give the election to Obama). I ain’t buyin’ the BS…..I am instead…voting MY CONSCIENCE…and not the party line….In a nutshell ( those of you who are slow learners)…I am voting for Ron Paul….end of story!

        Where did you come up with that line of thought?…Do you just make this stuff up as you go? As for being rude, I have not been rude…I simply call it as I see it…no sugar coating…no being politically correct ( that’s for you sissy’s who arfraid of having your feelings hurt)…nor will I ever do so. For a mental midget, you seem to be a legend in your own mind….now that was rude…….

        Never insult anyone by accident.
        Robert A. Heinlein

      • Joe H

        Mark Twain said
        respect your country, ALWAYS! Respect your government, when they EARN it!! The only one running that has done so is RON Paul!! He is the only one that has not lied, stolen, or screwed the public!!! He has kept EVERY promise he made or at least went down fighting to do so. He has never voted to raise the debt limit, he has never supported anything not supported by the constitution as written!! He has said he will cut the budget by a trillion his first year and I truly think he will work his a$$ off to do it. He has said he will shrink the size of government and he WILL. Last, but surely not least, he has said he would cut his own salary as president by 1/3! would newt, mitt, or santorum do that??? Hell no! they want every cent they can milk out of the PEOPLE!!!! don’t believe me, CHECK )OUT THEIR RECORDS!!!

  • John

    Higher food and gas prices are not always the governments fault, When corporate greed runs rampant when the oil and gas industry has double digit profit increases. When the mass food producers ( meat and poultry corporations) have profit increases of 28% over the last year, whose fault is it? Obama’s? or the corporations fault? Who do you think pays for those increases in profits…its us, the grocery shoppers. And …gasp… poor Bens pasta went up booohooo. He can thank the subsidies given to methanol curtsey of the republicans and thus for the decline in corn production for human consumption, can thank the pork, beef and poultry industry for using larger and larger amounts of corn and exporting more on more of their products over seas for profit…. as a result the corn, wheat and other produce available for the consumer is rising in price. Food production is finite, the more we funnel toward export, and the production of meat and poultry we export, the higher the prices for the rest of us will be in the supermarket. So don’t blame the government, blame your friends, the big corporations that screw the US customer.
    Many on the right, Ben included are consumed with a sometimes irrational hatred of Obama, and all is his fault when in reality, the fault lies somewhere else… Say Ben, what do you want Obama to do to lower prices? Regulate the industry, take away the profit and force them to sell at a lower price and thus destroy capitalism? Or do you want him to subsidize the food industry even more with our taxes so that we have to pay even higher taxes? Any way, If you blame Obama then you should also be willing for him and the federal government to make changes…. welcome to the communistic republic of Ben Christal USA….. remember, fixing profits, prices and consumption did not work in the USSR either. Prices rise because the market bears it, that’s how capitalism works… and if you don’t like how high the price of your pasta is, you always can go to the dollar store or go out and forage in the wild to survive…. capitalism at its best right?

    • Dale on the left coast

      John . . . O’bammy’s socialist policies have driven the dollar down by 30% . . . a devalued dollar BUYS LESS . . . that is inflation.
      If the Big Spend, now almost 6 Trillion since 09, continues, inflation will get much higher . . . today is just the tip of the iceburg.
      The solution . . . cut federal spending by 35%, downsize the federal govt, read the Constitution and then follow it!!!

      • catslave07

        A standing ovation Dale. In a nutshell.

        Policies that are adopted for political gain of power and that would mean follow the money too, most certainly impact and form the conditions for our country.

        Just think, we are the only country on the face of the earth to be so stupid as to not harvest its very OWN resources. Doing so would put people back to work…if they really want to work that is….jobs, standard of living, gas, heating oil, electricity to run more businesses that will produce what we need and with jobs have the money to buy.

        There is nothing we cant make in this country. Those who wish things from other countries, selective luxuries can pay the price to order and have delivered such things.

        A good case of isolationism would benefit America greatly. How has it become politically correct and morally wrong to put America FIRST????

      • Joe H

        there are some thngs we can’t make as cheap as others. Like solar panels. China owns something like 90% of the rare earth need to produce them. the ones made of other materials are not as dependable nor as efficient! If we don’t have the resources, then we will fall behind in that area. Solar will never be as viable as natural fuels are. Nuke will but not even wind will ever be a sviable as natural fuels! we need to produce all of our resources, we have more oil than the middle east for cripes sake!! In the meantime, look for VIABLE alternatives, don’t stop looking just because something LOOKS like it will work!!

  • John

    Remember the high gas priced during Bush’s reign? People started to stay home, car pooled, and actually plan the trips they did with the car in order to maximize the task they could do for each gallon of gasoline… and the oil corporations felt the hit, big time and so, the price for gas came down.
    Prices are what the market will bear, that is a basic fact of capitalism. You don’t like what the price is for food or gas, look for something cheaper, be more efficient, change your habit. If only 30% of the families in this country stop eating turkey or ham on holidays,stop grilling beef every other day in summer and look for alternates in the kitchen during the year the prices will come down. As long as there are enough people who are willing to pay 5 bucks for a pound of hamburger (its 4.99/lb here for 90/10 hamburger) the price will stay there or go up. Once the stuff rot’s in the supermarket the price will come down. Look at the average supermarket (Wegmanns in this area) they have ~60% of their produce being exotic this and that imported from all over the world. And that is all well and good if you like it but in the end, those are the items that drive up the price for everyday food. There is not enough demand for all those foreign fruits and items but yet, the employees who buy them, transport them, store and stock them, the people in management and accounting that deal with those items, the people in IT that enter those items into the computers all want to be paid. And someone has to pay for all of that…and thus prices on all other items, but especially on items that are sold to a so called captive audience…. the basic food staples are being raised. We with our food choices pay for the few that actually use them. and thus, the price of everyday food goes up in order for the rest to have a “choice”
    It is our choices, from store usage, to item usage, that has the largest impact on the prices we pay for goods. Once the people start not buying an item, the price will come down.

    • Dale on the left coast

      The prices came down when Bush opened up vast areas both onshore and offshore to oil leases. Even though production was years away, it changed the direction of the futures market, as more domestic production signaled lower prices and turned the curve downward.
      But once O’bammy got into office . . . one of the first things he did was to REVERSE the Bush order . . . then the spill in the Gulf and he closed the Gulf eliminating thousands of jobs . . . which allowed several drilling rigs to move to Brazil and drill for Petrobras . . . a company whose investors include Sore-ass.

  • Pat

    Don’t blame Obama for high gas prices (and high food prices resulting from increased cost of shipping because of high gas prices). Blame the speculators who are driiving up gas prices. Tell your legislators to stop the legalized gambling called “futures”. That is why the price of oil and gas is so high even though demand is down.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Pat . . . read post above . . . what is confusing for you?
      When the Pres shuts down exploration, refuses to approve a pipeline that would bring 900 million barrels a year to the Gulf Coast and replace Saudi conflict oil, keeping billions of dollars in North America . . . he drives up prices.
      Oil . . . like pork bellies, is a comodity which trades on global markets. Then there’s Opec, but the O seems to luv them deerly. Abandoning local exploration and the Keystone pipeline make the US dependent on Opec and Global Markets where demand is increasing daily . . . hence higher prices. This can be TOTALLY laid at the feet of the Administration and the Enviro-whacks that reside there . . . $5 plus a gallon may be the new “Cheap”!!!

      • Karolyn

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the oil from the keystone pipeline be refined and shipped to other countries? This is what I’ve heard people saying here. So it would create jobs for a while, ruin a large area of land; and then, when it’s done, all that will be left is people out of work again and a messed-up landscape.

      • Joe H

        Why don’t you research that little tid bit??? Like I said, you HEAR something, can’t remember where, yet you are ready to believe it!!! LOOK IT UP!!!! according to the texas tribune and usa today, Valero oil, which will be one of the users says emphatically it would NOT use the pipeline for export. that seems to be the majority of the ones I read. Just type ‘will keystone pipeline oil be used in the US?” into your search engine and READ!!!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Even if some or most of the Keystone oil is refined then shipped to other countries that will help stabilize or lower the prices of oil and refined products such as gas on the world markets thus lowering our prices for oil products.

    • s c

      P, were you comfy in your bat cave when GB was in the White House and utopians were bitching because ‘GB was to blame’ for high gas prices then? Now that Obummer is in the W H, it’s now DIFFERENT?
      What is with you braindead utopians? Obummer doesn’t care about YOU any more than he cares about the working poor or the rest of America. What’s it like to be like an empty-head puppet?
      Do you get paid to send in your stupidity-laced comments? Get a life, comrade. Do your parents know what makes you tick? You can’t be a spoiled, dumbed-down child for all your miserable life – no matter what your political gods tell you.

      • Karolyn

        Wow, you are really off the charts today sc!

      • Alex

        “s c” must stand for South Carolina or some other inbred and backwards place—what an ultramaroon.

      • Libertytrain

        Oh dear Alex, you are letting your ignorance and extreme bigotry show again….poor thing.

      • Joe H

        And what great metropolis, pray tell, are you from??? CHICAGO????

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “Wow, you are really off the charts today sc!”

        And just how is that karolyn. When gas went up under Bush the house and senate were screaming INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE but when gas is going up under obama the silence from those wanting an investigation when Bush was in office is defening.

  • Priscilla King

    Extreme couponing. Extreme frugality. So far as I know I’m the reigning Queen of Creative Tightwaddery in North America…and I’ve noticed the effects of the so-called Safe Food Act, which would be better named the Artificial Scarcity for Overpriced Groceries Act, too. Both Republicans and Democrats deserve blame, but numerically I think Democrats have earned more of the blame. And personally I’m ready to stop blaming and work on fixing the problem.

    If youall want to make this the next theme for my blog, as the Virginia General Assembly wraps up next week, you’re welcome to come over and discuss it.

    • Maryland Freestater

      Priscilla, that’s why I’ve started gardening again – grow some of my own veggies. Did it as a kid and it was kinda fun. Organic and not GMO’d as much (I hope! :)

      500 lbs of horsepoop one summer gave us great tomatoes into November. Loved growing cukes and peppers – our next door neighbors were refugee Czech politicals and would call them ‘cucumberries’. They had green thumbs too. And a great appreciation for the American way of life too.

      History may be starting to loop – remember how the Muscovites all had country ‘dachas’ in the surrounding countryside and would grow their own veggies on their dacha gardens? Wonder if they still do – also wonder why these people had dachas under communist rule?

      Hey President Obama – wanta get re-elected? “A Dacha For Every Family!” The new version of 40-Acres-and-a-Mule…

      Dos centavos mios…

      • Joe H

        If you plan on using THAT much manure, you better have some pelletized lime on hand as well. You get that soil too acidic, and you will end up with blossom rot!!! Better be a very big garden.

    • Karolyn

      “Creative Tightwaddery”, love that! I too love to find ways to save money. I remember 3 or so years ago when all the people were featuring thrift shops on their tv shows, giving tips to the audience on how to save money. I just laughed because that’s the way I’ve always bought the bulk of my wardrobe. I’d have a garden if I could grow stuff where I live, but I live in the SC sandhills in the pine trees where nothing grows except pines and scrub oaks. Plus, it’s only me.

      • catslave07

        Ever heard of container gardening? Perfect for you!

  • jopa

    Brad;You are wrong about the contributors to Obama’s campaign, in that the people donating are mainly contributions of $200 or less.He is the President of the people and millions of Americans with small amounts of money are trying to keep him in office.There may however be some PAC on the sidelines also fighting for America with huge donations but that’s how the Supreme Court intended for it to be.Justice for all.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      Sources and references jopa sources and references.

  • Bill

    i know one thing, i have less discretionary money to spend today than I did in ’08.
    I have not had a raise since then, but the price of everything has steadily gone up.
    If I hadn’t been able to refinance my home, I would really be strapped. As it is, the money I saved thru the refinance has since been consumed by higher prices for evrything else.

    We have been constantly looking for ways to cut expenses. Too bad I can’t do it the way the feds do. I’d just use my laser printer and get busy copying my twenties.

  • Alex

    If the price of gasoline so upsets you, BLAME BIG OIL and not President Obama—he does not set the price on anything. The oil companies continue to rake in RECORD profits!
    We do not need to open up ANWR for drilling (a horrible idea) and we do not need to saddle the middle of the country with the disastrous Keystone Pipeline—what we DO need to do is STOP GULPING SO MUCH OIL!

    Amerikkkans have been paying far lower gasoline prices than the civilized world for years, thanks to government (yes, Teabaggers, Big Bad Government) subsidies. Typical of you neo-conartists —-you hate Big Government spending UNLESS it helps YOU!

    Get off of your lard buckets and WALK somewhere—you will begin to look and feel MUCH better right away.

    • catslave07

      Alex, but BO wont let us use our own toys to play!!!!!!

      We have oil, we have natural gas, water, sustainable forests, brilliant resourceful (for the most part) people and untold amounts of coal for electric turbines etc.

      I intend to leave a carbon footprint the size of Sasquatch.

      When we are allowed to drill, to use the vast resources we posses and be the country we used to be…if there is NOT enough to go around, then Ill say ok, BO was right, lets conserve.

      Till then, no way in hell is he not responsible for where we are now.

    • Jessie

      Becarefull not to get drawn into the profit hole. How much do you think is a good profit? $5.00, $10.00, $200.00? If I have $10 left over from my paycheck at the end of the week I have a $10.00 profit. If my paycheck was only $50 then I made a 20% profit, that is outragous profit margin. If my paycheck was $100 and I had $10.00 left over then that is a 10% profit margin. That is still more than the what the oil companys made. Most of us have retiremnet acounts that have money invested in the market. We would like to see our retirement grow. You can call your retirement administrator and have them invest these funds in almost any company you want. If you think that the oil companies are making huge profits then that is were you should put your retirement money. Investors own the corporations and most of us are the investors.

  • catslave07

    I have some good friends who garden, can their food and are now getting bees. They walk their talk.

    • Joe H

      The bees are a good idea, but you better check with your city/township/county to see if they allow you to keep them. In some areas the local government terms them an attractive nucense. they can give out some hefty fines some of them given DAILY!! that’s the reason I don’t have them or chickens, not allowed!!

      • catslave07

        Joe, we are very rural and anything goes here!

  • Kris

    I can’t wait till January 20, 2013, when Barack Obama goes back to Chicago, and Mitt Romney is our President.

    • Karolyn

      Gag! Gasp! Choke! Please! You’re making me ill!

      • Joe H

        for ONCE I AGREE WITH KAROLYN!!!!!!

      • Karolyn

        Yes, Joe, we do have our moments!

  • catslave07

    And where would be be without “big oil”….horse and buggies…actually I love that idea!
    But not everyone could handle that. I can.

  • Daniel S.

    If Mitt wins, we can expect more of the same waste of good taxpayer money. Might not be on the same programs BO is wasting money on, but there will be plenty of waste. Obama won the election for many reasons. Too many were tired of Bush antics and knew McCain would bring more of the same. Obama talked a good program, but hasn’t delivered much if any of it. Then there were the promises to the poor, tired and illegal; those haven’t come to fruition either (let’s hope the illegal amnesty doesn’t for sure). We had enough of that with prior Presidents. Sadly, BO will win again if there is not a candidate sponsored by the Republican party that truly cares about returning the USA to what the USA is about. Mitt, Newt and Rick are not what we need.

  • Nelson Phillips

    I can tell you going to the grocery store is a shocker these days… When leaving I feel like I should call a certain kind of assault hotline… $13 bucks for coffee? Really???

    And you’re right, as we print more and more money to monetize the debt, the dollar gets weaker and weaker, and prices go higher and higher.

    Is forcing low income families to feed their kids with Ramen noodles really all that compassionate??? This is a TAX ON EVERYONE that hurts the poor most.

    And you can thank career politicians of both parties for it.

    The ONLY candidate even talking about addressing this issue is RON PAUL.

    It’s time to WAKE UP.

  • Daniel S.

    So Nelson Phillips, how do we wake up the masses to reality? We certainly cannot afford to buy them coffee at $13 a pound or $4 for a cup at the local brew house; heck, even restaurants are charging between $2 and $3 for just a cup of coffee! What happened to all you can drink for .25 ¢ or even $1? It’s the spreading of Democracy around the world. Making the lives of everyone else better as ours gets worse. Well, I guess the ideology of equality is taking place. Those of third world countries are getting more, we are getting less. Sadly, they are getting more off our tax dollars and the lives of our children. More than half of them don’t like us, so why are we wasting our time and money and our children’s lives?

    • Joe H

      Daniel S,
      you bring back memories. In 1988 i used to go to the Mr. donut shop across the way from me and get a cup of coffee for 50 cents and refills were free. I used to sit there talk things with my friends, drink coffee and be somewhat happy. I always used to give Jack the guy that owned the place a couple of bucks extra as I knew it wasn’t free to him either. I think I made 10.00 an hour at that time!!! Things were better. sorry guys, I didn’t mean to say anything good about a Bush!!!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Karolyn , Ive read some dismally dumb posts tonight but you get the blue ribbon. For one you are just as informed as all your other level of public schooled drop outs. . I only have one comment ,in short tonight, Where have you ever seen so much land destroyed or rendered useless from an oil field or pipe line? You probably never in your blind groveling to be a greeny , ,exuse the expression ,,life didnt know farm fertilizer is made from oil..You wouldn’t have hardly anything to eat , wear, or travel without oil. Your Jolly Green Giant that had this convulsion of his brain cavity about making fuel from algae from the sea realy gives light to where all the retards come from. Dont forget to put a little in your V W bus or all the rods will fly out…

    • Karolyn

      Regarding your comment about fertilizer, I would prefer that only natural fertilizers be used, so you can cut that one out. Re what oil pipelines do, see my link. The reason they want to go through the US instead of taking a shorter route through Canada is because Canadians value their land more than Americans. I will never be a sheep like you.

  • Deerinwater

    And King David wonders why I keep bringing forward the contrast of party politics and why can’t I just accept it’s all as just “big government” , that both parties are much the same. ( what he’s really opposed to, is being reminded of a poor GOP track record, that can’t be defended)

    I suppose, I’m let you knuckle my head and take it in stride. Stupid me!

    And then I read forum post like theses that play the “PARTY” blame game for beginning to end.

    “In 1992, President George H.W. Bush stepped on a publicity land mine when he was unable to give an accurate price for a gallon of milk. Democrats, eager to play Bush as an out-of-touch elitist, hammered him for not knowing the economic circumstances of average Americans. Fast-forward to 2012, and I wonder if liberals like the Obamas even care.”

    Care about what Ben? You feeding yourself? It’s not that difficult to fed one person, it’s feeding 5 or 8 of 10 people , three times a day is when it gets difficult. When you are going though a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread everyday or sometimes two. One child equals three, they manage to bring friends home and as a parent , you don’t want to discourage this, we must to take inventory of who our children associate with and this is the way it’s done, by feeding them.

    Ben Crystal, I don’t know where you were buying a box of pasta for $.69, 4 years ago but it wasn’t Texas. It must have been a very small box. So you must not be feeding very many people.

    We enjoyed years of nice weather here in Texas until Obama got in office. A soon as he got in office it stopped raining. Today It’s so dry, we’ve had grass fires started from the grass hoppers just mating. We had to sell off most of the herd and import coastal hay from Peru just to feed the rest. My stock tank wouldn’t make a good hog wallow and the cows are fating dust clouds.

    For such an incapable man, how does Obama control the weather? He must be the devil.
    Things have been bad for a very long time, while I won’t go back a hundred years as one poster suggested. That’s just to broad of a picture for a short posting. But for the middle class trapped in the private sector, our slipping and losing economic power started in the 80′s under the beloved Ronnie Reagan.

    But if you’ve been working for government or a government contractor all these years, you didn’t notice this “slippage” until two decades later. You turned a deaf ear to our struggle and complaints. We were labels as lazy malcontents while you bought your nice homes, ski boats and country retreats and feathered your nest, dabbled in day trading, currency trading, collected fine firearms or Passion Cars will the rest of us downsized, learned to swim and stay afloat.

    So I bid you a fond welcome today, now that you are feeling the pain and starting to understand the why the rest of us are so disenchanted.

    When you are done with your little “blame game” dance.

    perhaps we can talk.

  • Jessie

    It is not that our products have become more valuable, it’s just that our money has been devalued. Any time you increase the supply of an item then it’s value goes down. When more money is printed then it’s value goes down. Back when the dime was silver you could buy a gallon of gasoline for less than two silver dimes. Today two silver dimes have enough silver in them to be worth $5.09. Gasoline in my area has not yet reached $3.75 gal. We also pay 20 cents gal in taxes that we didnot pay when the dime was made from silver. Until fuel gets to costing more than what 2 silver dimes are worth then we still have a bargain. Watch the price of silver and gold then compare that to the price of fuel, milk, eggs, bread, and etc. two weeks later.

  • Carol Goodwin

    Common sense says that as gas prices go, so goes the prices of everything else. Almost everything we consume depends on some sort of transportation and transportation means fuel is purchased. Duh! So if Obama or whomever can control the price of oil, then they can control the prices of everything else. Of course all items in the grocery store which are on the WIC program seem to go up the most because people who get food stamps and who are on the WIC do not pay for these items. The taxpayers do pay for them as well as the hike in price if we want to buy them! Yes, after two years of seniors and the disabled NOT receiving any raise in our checks, we finally got one this year but the price increases on everything has more than wiped it out!

    • Fact

      Whomever can control the price of oil? Big Oil and big oil speculators, that’s who. There is no shortage of fuel, only the fear of any shortage and the loss that a CEO or CFO or millionaire’s portfolio may suffer drives up the prices. They do not care if the American people suffer.

  • Questioner

    My bank account was getting about 2 to 4 percent when W took office. Now with his policies then and when he left office, I only get cents on the dollar. Prices are going up because we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, with no way to pay for it. Except the costs we incurred in the lives of our servicemen and women. That is a price we do not want to pay.


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