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The Price Of Fame

February 28, 2012 by  

The Price Of Fame

I recently faced an attack from a liberal acquaintance. Given the tendency of most liberals to react to differing opinions with all the restraint of Bill Clinton in the plus-size misses department, I shouldn’t have been surprised at the level of venom spewed forth from this particular individual; but it caught me off guard nonetheless. The fellow objected strongly to my remarking on the hypocrisy that tagged along on first lady Michelle Obama’s vacation to the spectacularly wealthy ski resort of Aspen, Colo.

The individual in question was outraged — outraged, I say! — that I would dare to besmirch Obama’s good name, even suggesting I was suffering from something he called “Obama Derangement Syndrome.” (Author’s aside to liberals: “Obama Derangement Syndrome?” Cribbing Rush Limbaugh? I thought you liberals fancied yourselves the creative types.) I’m going to assume that the symptoms of ODS include an inability to ignore liberal arrogance and hypocrisy, accompanied by the urge to make remarks that liberals find entirely acceptable except when they’re directed at their own masters.

Suffice it to say, this cat’s claws came out sharp. He thought tagging the first lady with a political barb was unacceptable. To him, and to the rest of the legion of liberals who read the Personal Liberty Digest™ on a regular basis, I say: She seems to enjoy the spotlight, and you all can’t seem to get enough of shining it on her; hotter than you expected, isn’t it?

During the Presidency of George W. Bush, his twin daughters made themselves a virtual staple of the political comedy circuit. To be fair, when the first daughters forced their Secret Service detail to stand outside the 7-Eleven while they tried to eyelid-bat the clerk into letting them buy a 4-pack of Bartles & Jaymes®, even smarmy little bridge trolls like Janeane Garofalo got to join the fun. Now that the Oval Office occupant meets with the liberals’ approval, the first family has evidently fallen off the “approved for mockery” list.

Obama makes the talk show circuits, attends the multimillion-dollar fundraisers, smiles at us from the covers of half the glossies in the supermarket checkout line and tells us to “Move it!” She has become a fashion icon, and she mingles with the wine-and-cheese set wearing dresses that cost more than the average family’s car.  She proudly wears the robes, but we’re expected not to notice how poorly they fit.

In Aspen, she and the kids stayed at the multimillion-dollar home of a multimillionaire Democratic sugar daddy and Barack Obama crony. The first family’s Christmas trip to Hawaii involved two different planes, as did their trip to Martha’s Vineyard. And the cost of her trip to Spain could have covered the bills for the private planes Al Gore uses to shuttle between his science fiction conventions. (All right, that last one isn’t true. Jet fuel is expensive.)

You want to enjoy the trappings of power and wealth? Have at it. We conservatives have no interest in denying anyone success. But don’t turn around and tell us only you deserve it. To put in a parlance many of your liberal millionaire and billionaire cronies ought to recognize (having heard it more than once, I’m sure): That sort of thing is unseemly, Madame.

God forbid anyone suggest that the first lady — being such a strong woman — should ever take the back seat to her husband. But perhaps the President might suggest her next vacation involve a visit to a knock-off theme park and an outlet mall. All those caviar-and-champagne photo ops don’t translate particularly well to the majority of us who party with hot dogs and beer.

Liberals insist the rest of us show the same deference to Obama that they denied the Bush daughters, their grandmother (Barbara-Bush-looks-old jokes. Brilliant!) and even Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome-afflicted son Trig. Yet, women to whom they object politically (Palin and Michele Bachmann come to mind) have been subjected to savagery that ought to involve a prison sentence. At least Palin and Bachmann put their money where their mouths are. If Obama wants to act like Marie Antoinette, she’s going to have to eat the cake.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    *anybody having problems out there with sending in feedback? this is my 3rd attempt at free speech on this topic*
    Ben, except for some selected expletives, I think you covered this non-topic fairly well. Tell me, do utopians actually read PLD, or do they have someone read it TO them and then they have to go take a shower to get the conservatism off their skin?
    Anyway, the antics of this particular first family should be worth many books. Doesn’t it seems logical that MANY of Oflimflam’s supporters should demand equal treatment? I don’t see how they can watch the O family trapse around the world and live like kings and queens and not demand to ‘get a slice of that pie.’

    • Alice

      However, Michelle Obama clearly enjoys the spoils of wealth and power. They are having frequently and prolonged vacations in posh spots. Regularly, come-hell-or-high-water parties at the White House, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. President Obama, man of the people, his re-election campaign is considering moving the final days of the Democratic National Convention to Bank of America Stadium to sell more skyboxes to wealthy donors…

      • CJ

        She doesn’t ‘enjoy’ them, she abuses and exploits them. Recalibrate your perspective.

      • JUKEBOX

        Michelle and her husband have displayed a level of arrogance and duplicity that would make the Clintons look like beginners, from the time of their “LEGAL” career in Chicago. She was appointed to that lucrative position on the hospital board, and spent very few hours for the $100k plus she received. Everything they do seems to shout: “DON’T DO AS I DO, JUST DO AS I SAY”.

      • wandamurline

        Please don’t forget the private jet send to Martha’s Vineyard for their dog Bo and his handler. Yes, Bo had his own smaller private jet fly him on vacation. Now what does this mean? You know that dogs cannot travel with Muslims ….. right? Just something else to consider.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        It takes lots and lots of money to maintain the supposedly simple, the naturally healthy, and spiritual lifestyle.
        It was told by Mahatma Gandhi’s intimates, that it took “a great deal of money” to keep him ” living in poverty” at the same time that he was against the wealth but was wined and dined by the wealthy Leftists of the world.

      • Flashy

        Wow Nad…have you ever studied the views of Ghandi and his life? I can’t believe you would make such a statement of ignorance if you have …

      • eddie47d

        What “Nads” is saying is that the poor can’t influence the powers to be and should remain stuck in their dreary way of life. To Shutup and Accept your fate!If they try and “break out” they will be castigated and tormented as trouble makers. If they have to cavort with the higher ups to make change then to “Nads” that is treason. She just gave Gandhi the big middle finger.

    • Rocky Night

      Michelle Obama has that “Let them eat cake look!”

      • CJ

        Do most people realize that comment was originally one of condescention?

        • Rocky Night

          I was referring to all the foreclosed homes in my neighborhood while she lives it up on the taxpayers dime,

      • Andy L.

        Looks more like a let me eat mo cake look.

      • bsg

        After their run as Magabee wanna be’s Obama will dump Michelle and run off with the Venon woman anyway.

    • Rifleman

      I would gladly travel with the Obamas and dine with the most powerful people in the world. But it’s the delousing afterwards that I would object to.

      • eddie47d

        Prejudice much!

      • Isaac Davis

        Apple Seed, by chance?

  • cawun cents

    Just dont make fun of her clearly voluminous(yet beautiful)backside,or I will sternly tell you off.-CC.

    • CJ

      Why not? It’s funny anybody would think it is.

    • mike swann

      I saw a shot of her butt and it had dimples. I read a lot about Abe Lincoln’s life,even as a kid. Mary Todd Lincoln bought expensive drapes for the WH. Lincoln said, “Mary, you spent all the money on drapes and I can’t afford boots for my militarya.”. Never hear Barry O say that. The O’s are getting all they can while they can. The Bush family went to Crawford, Tx on vacation, to their ranch where the room and board was free.

    • cawun cents

      I call her”Badonkahunk”……haw!

  • sheepdog

    White trash with a sun tan. How pathetic and how typical for liberals not to comprehend the harm they have done to the Negro race over the past decades under the guise of “helping” out of poverty. Unfortunately, all the poverty eradicating programs have merely locked them into generation after generation of poverty.
    I’m sick of having the Obamas shoved in my face day after day by a media so politically tainted they’ll never be able to scrape the crap off their shoes.

    • marine72Marine72

      Sheepdog you are so right. It is not racist to see the Democrap plantation for what it is.

      It is also disgusting to see black Americans (not Afro) pulled in to the Libtard/Progressive Eugenics (Margaret Sanger) wing of the Democrap Party. And now our Maximum Ruler attacks the very foundations of religious freedoms so valued by all Americans (especially black Americans).

    • restorefreedom

      Glad you are all as sick of their bs as I am. They are a total disgrace to what a real american should stand for beginning with respect for the constitution. He has already enslaved future generations. I feel so sorry for all the children that don’t have that golden spoon like theirs. Social/fascism is not the way for america.

  • nick beck

    mrs. big bu—-the ugly part is her mind and attitude—–a real nasty mon./’][‘;

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    [offensive comment removed]

  • Ted Crawford

    Progressive hypocrisy? Say it ain’t so!
    Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, ETC., during the Bush administration blaming him for the price of gas, today, with the price of gas higher, at this time of year than ever before, …Well “the President can’t really do much about the price of gas you know”??
    Warren Buffet crying that he is not taxed enough, while his army of Lawyers are currently fighting NOT to pay the “Too low taxes” he owes!

    • Warrior

      Coming to a town near you, “progressivism”, the new religion of “hope”. I wonder, can this be classified as a 501c3? I suppose, but only by using those “other” peoples money!

    • Katerina Gasset

      The only reason that Warren Buffet even said to raise taxes was the deal he made with Obama. He would send his secretary and speak out about raising taxes if Obama says no to Keystone Pipeline so that Warren Buffet- the corporate overlord- could continue to monopolize the movement of oil with his trucks.

      • Ted Crawford

        They also failed to explain that this “poor, overtaxed woman” owns two houses! One in Bellevue Nebraska worth $217,000 and another in Surprize Arizona, complete with it’s own putting green and swimming pool, worth $144,000!

      • Moosedrool

        And trains. Do not forget that he owns BNSF Railroad.

      • marine72Marine72

        Don’t forget: the use of his newly acquired Burlington Northern Rail Road. Amazing how he so adroitly hedges his major purchases by manipulating the almost 50% black-Kenyan posing as the President.

        If I was of black ancestry I would be p1$$ed that Obummer sold out once again to his crony “Old White Guys”.

      • KHM

        @Katerina Gasset,
        You got that correct about Warren Buffet except he bought into a railroad company that he wants to transport the shale oil from Canda. Which is less efficient than the pipeline and probably won’t happen as the Chinese stand ready to take all the oil that would have gone through KeystoneXL.
        As to Michelle; she gets entirely too much favorable press from the propagand arm of the Dems, our so-called MSM. I think her marriage is a sham and she travels separately evey chance she gets. She also, at some level, knows that this won’t last so she’s gonna milk it for all it is worth on the taxpayers’ dime (or millions).

  • Kent

    Ben, you should have mentioned the number of personal attendants and the cost to the taxpayer. This nation is BANKRUPT and the disregard of personal responsibility of the President and wife is mind boggling. However, that is what is normal for the entitlement mentality.

  • shelzers

    Just nitpicking here, but the let them eat cake quote has been incorrectly attributed to Marie Antoinette for some time now. Agree with everything else you stated here.

    • Le Beauf

      The correct phrase is, I believe, “qu”ils mangent de la brioche”. Brioche is a kind of bun halfway between bread and cake, but tending towards cake, hence the popular translation.

      Or are you suggesting that it wasn’t Marie-Antoinette who said it, but someone else. If so, who?

  • http://n/a Frugal Mom

    What bothers me most about her is her pandering to those who are poor as if she’s their answer to Mother Theresa. Grow a vegetable garden, exercise, watch what you eat; yet dines and drinks the best. Example is the best motivator – she is just hypicrital. That really bothers me.

    • CJ

      Did you see her appearances on TV where she was challanged to push-ups? She only did half push-ups and nobody called foul. Even Elen did them correctly.


      Her vegetable garden was mostly pre-planted for her, with mostly mature plants, purely for photo op purposes. I’d bet that was the closest she had been to a “REAL” garden in her lifetime.

    • JeffH

      Frugal Mom, :) exactly and very well said. Most politicians, in general, are as phony as the day is long…but these two have raised the barr…but isn’t that what Marxist community organizers are supposed to do? Let me clarify, the Obama’s are not politicians…Marxist revolutionaries is a more fitting label.

      When it comes to the American public attempting to know and understand just who is Barack Obama, his campaign and willing accomplices in the MSM have brought forth the old Stalinist tactic of labeling any disparaging, revealing or, negative narrative as a smear as well as attacking the messenger in order to distract from the message itself.

      ‘He does what politicians do,’ explained Jeremiah Wright…
      By the time he’s finished, Obama will have made the Clintons look scrupulous.”
      —Charles Krauthammer

      “Barack Obama is a politician who doesn’t seem to care much about any of the issues.
      He is a pure political machine, devoted to fundraising, the media spotlight, and personal ambition. Like Bill Clinton, as someone said, without the girlfriends. Only more cold-blooded.”
      —John Hinderaker

      “Change is not a destination and,
      Hope is not a strategy.”
      —Rudy Giuliani

      “Some politicians use change to promote their careers;
      Some politicians use their careers to promote change.”
      —Gov. Sarah Palin

    • Wyatt

      What is really sad is that she seems to truly believe that she is entitled to all her frivolous spending . I mentioned this to one of my liberal friend and he started carrying on about the number of vacations Bush took , never mind that they were working vacations taken at his own ranch and travel was the only major expense . Both Obama’s choose to go and stay at Luxury locales where not only travel costs but deluxe accomodation cost for their entourage and that of secret service protection . All of this and yet they have the gall to lecture the rest of America on living frugally . As I recall a certain French Queen lost her head because of an attitude like that . Well that probably won’t happen here but if you are a reader of the super market tabloids , if Barry O fails to get re-elected there is a divorce in his future .
      Whatever , another 4 years or as I expect a move to create a dictatorship must not be permitted . The budget of taxpayers of America can not afford it

  • http:PersonalLibertyDigest Carol CameoMeooo

    the obamas are total hypocrites! michelle obama wants to tell U HOW to eat and WHAT to eat—how to raise ur child …she wants to regulate restaurants and have u stop smoking and how much water u can use and electricity and how many times u can flush ur toilet—but by god dont even try to question her and her agenda! or u shall be criticized and instantly become the enemy! im so glad someone out there has a camera to snap a picture of her stuffing her mouth with a big hamburger and french fries…HYPOCRITE!! REMEMBER THIS IN NOVEMBER AND VOTE THEM OUT!

    • eddie47d

      I know of few Americans who don’t eat hamburgers and french fries.How many of them do you “stuff in your big mouths”. Your lucky I can’t say anything about the authors crass comments or I’d be taken out to the wood shed. I see we have the National Enquirer crowd here spreading phony gossip as fast as they can to sell newspapers or is that political garbage.

      • http:PersonalLibertyDigest Carol CameoMeooo

        eddie—the first lady should practice what she preaches…..AND SHE DOESNT!

      • Ted Crawford

        Absolutely everything you post is political garbage Eddie!!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You must be one of those useful idiots I’ve heard about.

      • JUKEBOX

        Eddie, how many pictures have you seen of the Obamas stretching their mouths over some gigantic hot dog or hamburger?

      • Doug

        Eddie why do keep coming back to this post? You must be a closet conservative but that liberal disease won’t let it come out! Why don’t you spend you time on the Huff & Buff Post home for lisbos and queers like you!

      • eddie47d

        Oh Yes the convenience of pictures at public events. How many pictures are taken at your BBQ’s or events Jukebox. If only we could see!

      • eddie47d

        Maybe Carol uses the National Enquirer as napkins with all that drool.

      • JeffH

        Well we all know eddie doesn’t use napkins at all…he openly drools at the mere mention of the Obama name…not to mention splits a gusset every time he feel’s the need to defend the indefensible Obamas…like today, yesterday and the rest of his life(? if he has one).

      • eddie47d

        (offensive comment removed)

  • ReaperHD

    fuggly commie trash…..

  • David

    The big difference here is that Mrs. Obama acts with a level of class and restraint not offered by the Bush daughters.

    Conservative Republicans have no problem with the accumulation of great wealth, even at the expense of a decent livelyhood for working class Americans, but seem to have a problem with Democrats who take advanatge of what’s offered them.

    Smacks of hypocrisy to me. Where do you expect Mrs. Obama to take her pleasure? At the corner lot where the poor black kids play with sticks and rocks because they can’t afford toys?

    • doctordoctor

      David: class and restraint? You aren’t one of the vile liberals; you are just stupid. There are many more of you.

      • eddie47d

        The doctors I come in contact with live well and supposedly eat well so how about you doctor? Beans and weenies again for you tonight?

      • Brad

        Eddie the difference here is the doctor earned every penny he makes and feeds his family any way he rightfully feels neccessary. The Obamas take (advantage) from the taxpayers.

        The Bushes did not take lavish vacations and were frugal compared to the entitlement mentality of these scum bags.

      • Flashy

        david…i’m coming to the realization the Far right is soon to be politically toothless. Out of touch with reality comes to mind as well. All thy have left is to demonstrate the jealousies of demonstrated by low class mentalities and to show their envy and lie attempting to knock down anyone who dares shows them proper etiquette and decorum.

        The Obama family a model of class, decorum, and family values. And they know it as they childishly attempt to cut.

        but then, they have nothing left to attack the President with so they go after the family with vile hatred and lies.


        GM up, bin Laden down
        Economy up, unemployment down
        US prestige and reputation up, terrorism down
        Taxes on the wealthy up, taxes on Middle America down
        Oil production up, reliance on foreign oil down
        The President’s poll number up, the GOP numbers wayyyy down

        They got nuthin’ left. The lies, the hate, the wacked out theories hasn’t worked. They have one candidate who gets his largest applause lines from them when he says anyone who hopes their kids go to college or a vocational college is a snob, and who tears down JFKs landmark seech of religion and government.

        So all they have left is to demonstrate to everyone their lack of class ….

        Did you expect anything more?

      • eddie47d

        Yes Sir Flashy… nothing but mindless bullies on another drunken binge!

      • JeffH

        eddie and Flashy…Oh really? How about your daily mindless liberal ranting s?
        …can’t be fixed…it’s forever…

    • http://love4you Gary Martin

      HOW about taking some 20 friends to SPAIN on tax payer $ for some 10 days… about lying repecting the W/H veg garden, she did it all her self, ”NO” public works department did it….
      regretably she is a lyer and ”con”just like him…oh just one more of the many….some 20 assistance where no one else in the history of the Presidency has had more than two, but of course they were ”white”

      • Flashy

        You have any reliable sources for that tale? Didn’t think so …

      • Opal the Gem

        Flushy he provides just as many sources as you do.

      • Flashy

        The difference being Opal, you can do a quick search and find sources verifying/commenting upon what I state. When I ask, it’s from not being able to locate anything verifying the truthulness ofthe statement…often I find just the opposite.

        Take, for example, today. You know, and i know, most of what is being written is total fabrication or senseless irrational lashing out.

        Which makes these days kinda fun pointing it out. I hold no hope the majority of posters here will believe the truth or have a rational analysis on the issues.

      • Opal the Gem

        “…, most of what is being written is total fabrication or senseless irrational lashing out.”

        And you are ceertainly contributing your share of it Flashy.

      • Flashy

        Opal…you think I err…feel free to slap me down if you can back it up. Facts are facts.

      • eddie47d

        More of Opal’s snippy remarks. Why don’t you put your head in a pencil sharpener and give yourself a point for a change. Use your noggin for more than a paper weight. All you do is criticize Opal and that is easy to do now brighten us up with some real knowledge if you have it.

      • Opal the Gem

        Well eddie I am just following the example set by you and Flushy. aren’t you proud I learned so well from you.

      • eddie47d

        Not even close Opal. Both Flashy and I have posted hundreds of comments with a wealth of information. So you must have learned them bad habits on your own.

      • JeffH

        “Both Flashy and I have posted hundreds of comments with a wealth of information.”
        Considering that both of you have no credibility and are continuous liars .

        Why am I not surprised eddie would say that let alone hope someone might believe it.

    • Vietnam6871

      Well, I knew a troll would climb out from under his rock sooner or later. Nice work on comparing Michelle to two teenagers. At least they didn’t go on one ridiculously expensive vacation after another. (And if they had – you would be screaming your head off at them.) Get a life!!!
      or are you tongue-in-cheek with that last sentence??

      • Skyguy

        Well if you want to get into it that way, when did you ever hear of Laura Bush jetting off to Hawaii, skiing with the rich and famous, etc.?
        Clearly there is one example of class and grace in a First Lady trying to help elevate women around the world compared to our current angry woman telling everyone how to live while she hangs with the elites and vacations every 3 months at our expense.

      • Flashy

        i don’t know Skyguy…i’m trying to think of any accomplishments of First ladies since 1980. let’s see…there’s nacy…who utilized her soothsayer. Barbara bush, who thought of the middle Americans as servants and not worthy to spek with, Hillary..and we know her accomplishments. Laura bush? Hmmm…raised to promiscuous heavy drinking daughters and killed someone while drunk herself. What did she accomplish as first lady? and we have the accomplished leadership of Michelle Obama…which you guys cannot stand. lol

      • ValDM

        A few posts up you wanted a source cited. Well now, follow your own advice………….where’s your source for that totally off the wall statement? You already are a laughing-stock on this site by demanding from someone else what you so blithely deny others. Put your money where your mouth is, or just go sit in the corner & suck your thumb. I’ve suspected for some time that you’re far too young to know anything sunstantial about how the world actually works, but every day you push me further from suspicion to conviction. BTW, to is used as in “to be”, two is the number, and too is mostly used in place of also. Too bad your education is so lacking (and it shows).

      • Flashy

        Sorry about the typos ValDM. Which of the statements would you want verified? Nancy and her soothsayer? Babs and her comments (post-Presidency of course), Laura Bush snuffing someone? Or Hillary’s list of accomplishments?

        They’re all easily found with a quick search. All verified.

        Shall we toss in George’s Coke habit, his drunkenness, his going AWOL during time of war? how about the Reagan and Bush families being totally dysfunctional? Want those sources as well?

        The point being..y’all accept low class and elitist attitudes … if it’s a GOP. A model family with values? you’ll trash it with lies if it”s a Moderate being targeted.

      • ValDM

        Put up or shut up. I don’t care how readily available YOU CLAIM this info is, cite your source, or just shut up. Frankly, you sound like a whiny kid by “blithely denying” me what I asked for.

        Did you never in your life have to do a term paper? I’m asking you for something your teachers REQUIRED. Did you step around them this way, TOO????? In order for us to even give credence to what you expound, start putting up, or be gone!!!! Otherwise you’re little better than a mosquito buzzing in my ear.

      • Flashy

        ValDM…as i stated. you’re too lazy or unwilling to find the truth? OK….now, what was it you wanhted sourced and cited? I gave several items…please narrow it down.

        BTW…I’ve done more than my share of term papers. Though admittedly it’s been a few decades. Nowadays, its research analytics and policy recommendations for the most part.

        Why? You holding a grudge for having to work under people like me?

      • ValDM

        My, my, my…………hit a nerve, did I? You wouldn’t make a good poker player………your “tell” is showing a bit too prominently. You just told us much more about yourself & why you post the ridiculous nonsense you post. You have just convicted yourself by your OWN words & actions. Congratulations for proving to all of us here exactly where your sympathies lie since it’s a matter of self-preservation on your part (tow the party-line or it will be your job). Good luck to you in the future gov’t parasite………’ve earned it, kinda.

        I have worked WITH people like you before, but NEVER under. Don’t flatter yourself… ain’t ALL THAT.

      • eddie47d

        Okay VALDumb give your cranium a rest for your porcelain throne is waiting to receive whatever you have left.

      • Flashy

        LOL…Val..if you think I am a public employee…it fits with the TP mentality. LOL….

        As far as stuck a nerve? Don’t flatter yourself. You asked if I have ever writtn a term paper..I let you know. Yes. but not lately.

        Now…what did i supposedly “give away”?

      • ValDM

        Special Ed,
        You’ve been warned about your attacks. I have been one that you lasered in on in the past, but don’t think I’ll sit around for any more of it. I was not in any way, shape or form addressing you here, or in any of the other articles on this site. I’ve shown you great courtesy, considering that you haven’t earned it. By all means, show me the same courtesy.Since none of my remarks were addressed to you or about you…………….BUTT OUT. Keep your slimey statements to yourself, as most of us really aren’t interested in your opinion.

        LOL, and you’re one to be calling some dumb!!!!!!

      • JeffH

        ValDM…he’ll hang himself again as usual and get what he deserves…the permanent boot!

      • eddie47d

        Well if it isn’t Ms nasty being defended by Mr nasty. No shock there!

    • Ellen

      “Taking advantage” is the only part you got right. Michelle wines and dines to the level of extravagance at the taxpayers’ expense. While I do not expect her to stay at a Comfort Inn, I do not think she should waste our money on such excess. Just a few weeks ago, liberals were bashing Ron Paul for flying first class. Of course he should fly first class; he’s a US senator. The same people then think it’s fine for Michelle to eat $400 snacks on shopping trips. Michelle is living a life of luxury and excess, as if she is the queen. While she is better spoken than Barack, since she is able to answer a question in a literate response, she is completely disingenuous. Her answers are fake. They are what she thinks she should say. For example, she claims her children are not allowed to use the computer or TV during the school week. Really?! Anyone who has kids knows that is not good parenting. Perhaps she’ll end up in jail with her husband in the next few years for the fraud perpetuated on the American public.

      • eddie47d

        It’s the Republicans who are tearing each other apart so to say that the Liberals are jumping on Ron Paul must be a fantasy you are having. Liberals are rather cautious over criticizing Ron Paul and support some of his proposals. A wise parent does keep an eye on how much TV and computer time a child has so you are just silly in saying the opposite.

      • Firefight

        Ellen, Great response! BTW, I like the Comfort Inns and Suites. Stay there often because of the quality, price and comfort. Don’t think we’ve seen the last of the extravagance from our emperor and his queen however. Hope it’s all coming to a close soon. I believe all of America has come to the realization that these two are very high maintenance. As for me, it doesn’t matter where I sit on the bus as long as all of us can ride. Seems like this president and his wife want a lot of us walking.

      • Ted Crawford

        Of course you Progressives would support Ron Paul! You are very aware that he is as dangerous for Americas future as is Obama!

      • Flashy

        Hmmm…playing on the computer or watching TV during the week. No wonder one of your candidates thinks sending your kids to college is being a snob….I’ll probably be speaking to your kids when I order and say “supersize the fries please”

      • SHARON


      • kkflash

        Ted Crawford, if following the Constitution of the USA is dangerous, then I guess Ron Paul is guilty as charged.

      • Ellen

        Eddie, It was published several places, one of which is liberal The Huffington Post. It had nothing to do with Republicans. Perhaps you should read more before you criticize others.

      • eddie47d

        Don’t worry Sharon Chelsea and Amy turned out just fine. So did the Bush girls if you can comprehend the drift.

      • eddie47d

        That’s interesting that you read the Huffington Post Ellen. Maybe there is hope for some of you.

      • Void1972

        “For the first time in my life I’m proud to be an American” ! This pretty much sums up the true feeling of a communist black women that sat and listened the good Rev Wright spew his hatred against whites and America for almost twenty years.
        Of course the other obamanation is proud now that she has the chance to destroy America, and spend money America can’t afford. But these people have been doing that for decades now. It is embedded in their genes that they are “entitled” to take as much from the bad whites and this horrible country as humanly possible.

        Ask not what your country can do for you; just take it because you’re black!

        Every day I see the new “proud” Black American driving their new obama Cadillac Escalade, while texting on their new obama Iphone(both paid for by you and I) but at the end of the day, they still drive home to their section 8 housing that I would not let my dog live in. But whatever keeps them from rioting I guess.

        GM up, bin Laden down
        Economy up, unemployment down
        US prestige and reputation up, terrorism down
        Taxes on the wealthy up, taxes on Middle America down
        Oil production up, reliance on foreign oil down
        The President’s poll number up, the GOP numbers wayyyy down”
        Only an ignorant moron could make a comment like this.

        Fact; GM up because of the billions taken from the tax payers to support demented union workers that deserve to be unemployed for their lack of work ethics and raping the system.
        Bin laden down, thanks to the brave Navy Seals that performed perfectly but were all sacrificed to appease obamas Muslim rulers.
        Economy up? LOLOLOLOLOLOL, you really are a moron.
        US prestige and reputation up? Only in the ghetto moron!
        Taxes on the wealthy up, and Middle America down? Get out of the ghetto and stop living off my hard work, and get a job moron, and you will see about the obamanation tax fraud we are living through.
        Oil production up? I think Michael Savage stole a saying that I have said for decades, “liberalism is a mental disorder” and you are living proof moron.
        The Presidents poll numbers up? I work with real Black American’s and every one of them thinks obama is the worst president, (even worse than Bush) that America has ever had, and not one of over twenty of them would ever consider voting for that “communist mutt” again.
        America does have a chance if we can get these communist out this November!
        God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

    • Rich Armstrong

      Please read the article again but a little slower so the words sink in. The hypocrisy is that the Dems are the ones always complaining about the rich and this family occupying the White House are the epitomy of “do as I say, not as I do’. Since they stayed at the home of one of these “evil people that accululated wealth at th expense of the working class”, doesn’t that even start your mind thinking that that’s a double standard? If the Bush family had taken these trips or had Paul McCartney play at the WH the press and Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the crew would have gone nuts. Also I noticed you tried to casually play the race card at the end of your reply. How typical of the left. When you can’t defend somebody’s actions, attack the messenger and try to divert the conversation.


      • Flashy

        Bush did…just to let you know. Also, you do realize the Secret Service often insists on where the FF stays? Perhaps before you spread misinformation as you are today, look up the number of vacation days each president has spent. You may be surprised to discover the numbers. lol

      • kkflash

        Flashy, you still don’t get the concept of evidence at all, do you? Your statements are not automatically true until proven false. In the absence of relevant proof, the credibility of the witness must be considered, and you have none, because of your proven history of falsehoods. It is you who must back up your inane opinions with facts and sources. You may not rely on your opposition to look up your proof for you.

      • Flashy

        KKF…you want to slam me down? Then go and find where i am in error and nail me (if you can…lol). Your problem is you want to try and have me spend time sourcig the truth so I don’t shove it down your throat as often and as easy as it is to do.

        You say i’m in error…walk the talk Sparky. Bring me down if you think I err.

      • Pete NY

        To the posters:

        There is no need nor is it useful to reply to Flashy who is at heart a nihilist and cynic. Responding to Flashy and his cohort merely makes these blogs longer than necessary while providing no additional food for thought.

    • LLoyd Rex Bennett

      I’m sorry, but did you say “class”? Class requires grace and style, neither of which the Obamas display. The arrogance and prolificacy of expensive “vacations” that they habitually display in a time when the majority of Americans find it difficult to pay for the basics of life is not “class”, it is “classless”. No First Family has EVER in times of stress and dismay in the country ever displayed so little compassion and identity with the people as these Chicago Political Hacks have and still had the audacity to scold the general public for it’s “wastefulness” and “failure to act, eat and vote” to the Imperial Ones’ approval. Yet liberals, like you David, ignore the hypocrisy and boorishness with which they act and continue to attack Bush and his family, as if what some others have done allow the Obamas to be as low class as their personalities allow.

      • s c

        Lloyd, progressive utopian “logic” demands that anyone who’s NOT a suck-up, freedom-hating, ‘spend money like this is the last day of your life’ utopian is a hypocrite. Frankly, it’s a license to be stupid at America’s expense.

      • http://google gary gerke

        RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!1

        You can take the African American out of the ghetto but you can’t take the guetto out of the African American!!!!!

        Total reverse racism from that family!!!!!!!!!

      • Flashy

        Lloyd…eithe you have a very short and selective memory, or Altheimer’s is kicking in.

      • eddie47d

        Yup, Gary you can take the hood off the Klan but we can still see and hear them talking.

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Hey David, I love your copout liberal attitude about the rich republicans. Gee I know how poor the Heinz family, Gore family and Clinton families are, just to name a couple of poor democrats are. You and your party are a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Ahhhh another useful idiot, I see.

    • DonnieB

      Evidently David doesn’t mind rich Democrats. Hypocrisy on display.

    • Pete0097

      The difference is that Bushs twins were teenagers whilst, Mrs obama is supposed to be an adult. She is acting like too many stereotypes and is a bad example to people that want to buck the stereotypes.

    • http://Boblivigsione Mayhem

      Socialism is a Philosophy of faiure.The creed of ignorance,and the gospel of envy.It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery—Winston Churchill. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealth out of prosperity. You cannot multiply weath by dividing it. The Goverment cannot give to anybody that the Govement does not first take from some body else. What one person resieves without working for,another person must work for without reciveing.

      • Ted Crawford

        Right on all accounts Mayhem!

      • KHM

        Well said! That is a great quote. It also certainly elevated the level of discussion here as there was a lot of name-calling and finger-pointing by good old eddie47 and Flashy.
        I hate to tell them that they are still harping on the Bush family and other past Republican Presidents’ families while ignoring the realities of how the Obamas are behaving.
        One of those comments said Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton turned out fine while the Bush girls didn’t. Comparing apples and oranges, as they were much younger than the Bush twins when in the WH. Also they didn’t turn out so great. I think that the Obama girls will have the same sense of entitlement that their mother shows and it is going to b a big fall when their parents are out of the WH.

    • Firefight

      Excuse me????? Hypocrisy? She stayed at the home of multi-millionaire Democrat. One of their fair haired supporters, and you talk about Republicans being hypocrits? These people are the epitomy of “do as I say, not as I do.” Michelle talks about everyone planting a garden while her husband tells us we need to buy more fuel efficient cars cause gas prices are going to soar. This is who they are. Wake up. It isn’t just about left vs right. It’s about mean, evil people who want to destroy our economy and our nation. These people are far worse than anyone we could have imagined. In her own words, she admitted to hating America and in his own words, he admits that he has come to despise the white race and if ill winds should blow, he would stand with his Muslim brothers. What more do you need before you see the light. These are NOT American people.

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Hey David how much money has Al Gore made, looks like a lot, maybe he should ask Michelle Obama about diet and exercise, Oh I forgot he’s a RICH Democrat.

    • Doug

      Did you say crass and gas? I know it’s the Bush’s fault! I swear all liberals must have never advanced past the age of 6 when it come to maturity!

      • eddie47d

        You mean like Conservative bsg at 12:17 towards the top?Your all a hoot!!

    • marine72Marine72

      David: This/your tired old cliche doesn’t get it anymore. As a recent denizen of Evansville, IN, (right on the Mason-Dixon Line) I can attest to the distinction of the fewer and fewer poor black kids far outnumbered by the “Poor White Trash” kids working the streets. Black Americans’ genocidal embrace of the Demorat Plantation overseers from the UnPlanned Parenthood (Margaret Sanger) abortion mills are a net declining population segment and soon to be irrelevant on the political scene. That is, unless you listen to “What the Hell did Jesse Jackson Say?” care of AM KFI640.

  • http://love4you Gary Martin

    Without question the worst couple to ever inhabit what was once, THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE,

    the President would be a joke if his crucifying of the free market, capitalism and lastly the whole black race…..the blacks deserved better than the OBAMA TWINS. The name ”OBAMA” will
    ”NOT” go down as enviable but rather in ”INFAMY”

    • eddie47d

      Almost all Capitalism these days is crony Capitalism and those who endorse their endeavors (free market manipulations) are the ones taking the system down. I bet you would be included in those Wall Street fiasco’s Gary so take a peek in the mirror. I doubt if he has offended “the whole black race” and your comment only proves the evilness that you possess is saying such a thing.

      • http:PersonalLibertyDigest Carol CameoMeooo


      • Ted Crawford

        Do you mean like Solyndra, Ener1, Evergreen Solar, Tasker, G.E., ETC.? Oh! I forgot, they are Progressive Crony Capitalists, they are “off limits”! Geeze I should have known that!

      • eddie47d

        Hey Carol maybe Gary will sew you up a fine white hood. …and yes Ted there are plenty of crony Capitalist within the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. How do you think we got into this mess?

  • dr jon

    what a typical liberal anti american witch she is

    • Flashy

      A witch? Yeah! And since many on the Right desire to take this nation back to an 18th Century agrarian society, let’s burn her at the stake !

      • kkflash

        …and her lying husband too! They’re so full of gas we could solve the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and further Obama’s alternative energy initiatives, by burning both at the stake.

      • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

        Its nothing but a party for her spending tax payers money, hopefully next year she’ll be gone just a bad memory. Lets see how active she’ll be with her diet and exercise thing after her hubby gets the boot in November. She is a media fake, not reel we’ll see.

  • peter

    Right on Ben and beautifully described. It is well to remember that placing people on pedestals is fraught with danger and leads to severe disappointment. The hypochrisy that hides beneath the not so gorgeous exterior is only obvious to those capable of thought which clearly eliminates the democrats by and large. Pride comes before a fall, no one is entitled to anything and arrogance is a character flaw which is not only unbecoming, but also promises some future humbling. Perhaps it is true that the saying: ” It is not what you are, but what people perceive you to be that matters.” From the J.F.Kennedy promoter I believe, just cannot remember his name though. Pretty sure MO can remember him.

  • FreedomFighter

    Typical acts of the psychopathic elite attitude.

    “Do as we say, not as we do, for you are a peasant and I am royal.”

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      Progressive elites surely don’t think of we poor people like that FF, no, they’d never do that. They know what’s best for all of us, they always have and it’s helped us all tremendously! Everyone is so much better off today then before Obummer got into office and we owe them so so much for how they’ve made everyones life so much richer. Uh, well, maybe not that much richer – bad choice of words – LIKE HELL!!

  • Eheassler, USN-Ret.

    How can you possibly criticize the First Lady, or should I saÿ, “Second Queen”, the “First Queen” being her husband. After all, according to MSM she has such beautiful arms and they waxed orgasmic over that for at least two months. Of course, they overlooked the bulldog jaw and the two-axe-handles-wide derriere. I wonder if they charge her for two seats on the plane. I think the lavish trips are the Obama’s in your face mockery of the taxpayers that they otherwise despise. It took Obama’s election to the Presidency before Moochelle could be proud of her country. She may say that she is proud of it, but the underlying contempt that they both have for us and our country shows in everything they do and say.

    • Ken Stewart

      I’m happy to see someone else recognizes the contempt the Obamas have shown for our country. If others see it, it’s rarely mentioned. Quite a few far left liberals act the same.

  • Dens

    Yes, the Obama’s dearly love to spend money they never earned. Sort of rub it in the face of all those who oppose Affirmative Acton don’t you know.

    • eddie47d

      I seldom favor the wealthy and think way too many are scoundrels. The Obamas did earn their money off of two books like many other authors do and it is theirs to do what they want with. So how can Dens say they didn’t earn it? There are plenty of Presidents who didn’t earn their money such as Nixon who was not wealthy when he went into office but was a multi-millionaire when he stepped down from office. Another thing that keeps coming up is that the Obamas take more vacations days than any other President is absolutely not true yet you all beat the issue to death as a fact. I could care less if any of you vote for Obama but calling Michelle “Moochelle” and President Obama “Oblama” doesn’t give a lick of you much integrity either.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I see another useful idiot is still here.

      • s c

        ‘E,’ coming from someone like YOU, that’s a compliment, comrade ['integrity']. You’ve never had any integrity here, so in your warped mindset, that makes you the cream at the top of the old septic tank. By the way, you’ll get a nickel pay raise for your deep, compassionate remarks, comrade.
        Up the rebels!

      • Doug

        How about we just call it what we see one butt ugly [offensive word removed] but her attitude is even uglier it would make Medusa look beautiful!

      • eddie47d

        I see the sewer rats are plentiful here today and SC as always leads the charge!

      • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

        Barack Obama was given way more money for the books than they earned. The publisher can’t give the darned things away. The money was a politically motivated gift disguised as income. In order to prop up book sales. The State Department bought thousands of them and is placing them inside overseas embassies. I’m surprised that they aren’t required reading. I don’t expect the President to live like a pauper but he and Moochelle have been living pretty high off the hog in taxpayer provided digs while most of us live more modest and circumspect lives. Lavish parties with name entertainment, the lavish Halloween party with Hollywood entertainers in costume, vacations at Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, Aspen, etc., hardly give one the impression that these two give one crap about the common foll that they purport to champion. In some cases, the vacation quarters have been leased while at other times the lodging has been provided. I hope those occasions show up either as political contributions or as gift income.

  • Charles B

    my tax money has helped pay for 16 vacation in 3 years for them i don’t have enough left to pay for a one week vacation for myself maybe they could pay for one for me “NOT”

    • Ted Crawford

      Come on Charles! Didn’t he just give us a 2% tax break?… AH….Well not really! What he did was reach into our Retirement accounts and gave us BACK our own money! You knew he wasn’t about to cut the Federal Income Tax!
      He’s done the same thing with his Mortage Relief Act! It’s valued at $25 Billion. The Financial Institutes are responsible for $5 to $7 Billion, the remaining $18 to $20 Billion will come out of our 401Ks, Annuities, and Mutual Funds! Yet another kick in our Retirement Income pants!

      • Flashy

        1. tax cuts require Congressional action. And the GOP seems to be concerned with raising the taxes on the many, and lowering those on the wealthy end of the spectrum (see e.g. Romneys’ taxx plan; the current GOP proposed tax plan …if they have one)

        2. The Mortgage Settlement you speak of is not the government borrowing against your 401s etc…that’s the banks stating how they’ll raise the cash..instead of taking it from profits or retained earnings. BTW…most of the Big banks are run folks belonging to the GOP.

        The Settlement has no government monies involved.

      • kkflash

        Flashy, wrong again!
        “…The Settlement has no government monies involved.”
        Ever hear of HAMP (Home Affordable Mortgage Program), Flashy? It’s a bailout fund created by, you guessed it, the Democratic congress in 2009. Though there are many sources that prove you’re wrong, here’s a source you’ll like, the liberal Huff Post:

      • Flashy

        KKF…HAMP is part of the Settlement Agreement between the banks and the State AG’s? Really? And here I thought HAMP was a program set in place a few years ago, before the Settlement agreement was reached. Oh wait…HAMP was in place a few years ago before the Settlement Agreement was reached and is not part of said Settlement.

        BTW…if the banks reduce a principal under the Settlement Agreement, and use HAMP for the principle reduction subsidy … the only amount the Settlement Agreement counts is the unsubsidized protion. In other words, we aren’t paying for the Settlelement monies.

        Try again…

      • Pete NY

        To the posters:

        There is no need nor is it useful to reply to Flashy who is at heart a nihilist and cynic. Responding to Flashy and his cohort merely makes these blogs longer than necessary while providing no additional food for thought.

  • spidermike

    Speaking of Michelle “Antoinette’s” clothing, she does bring fresh new image to the phrase, “clothes horse”. But I digress, remember how the “press” fawned over her relatively inexpensive J. Crew clothes during the 2008 campaign? Those were the good old days when she was just one of us. I wonder, will the J. Crew clothes see the light of day again for the upcoming campaign? I think we can bet on it.

    • eddie47d

      ALL the Presidents wives have dressed elegantly and most dressed better than the ordinary American(“just one of us”). Jacqueline Kennedy must have really been a “clothes horse” to you then spidermike or is that clothes whore since she out showed the rest of the first ladies. At least we can say you’re not hiding your bias and hatred for anything Obama.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Useful idiots are not welcome here.

      • eddie47d

        Then please leave “capitalist”!

      • http:PersonalLibertyDigest Carol CameoMeooo

        LOL….JUST ANOTHER DAY AND ANOTHER NAME CALLER THATS A LIBERAL MARKSIST PROGRESSIVE …..btw thats all u people can do but call names because ur heads are empty and u have no knowledge about anything of importance—hhaahaa amusing …

    • Nadzieja Batki

      J. Crew sold a lot of clothes to the stupid women who ooh and aah over mo.

  • Sharon Jackson

    Let me be honest here and just say, I do not like the Obamas. Never have. Don’t like the Bush’s either. I will be called a racist because of the Obama dislike, while the comment on the Bush’s will probably go unmentioned. The REAL reason I don’t like any of them? Both are bad for this country, bad for the people. Period! When it comes to the welfare of this country and the people, they really could care less, and that disgusts me.


    Just looking at the photo, wonder how much that photo shoot and the hairdo cost us.
    What a hard face she has. Nothing sweet or kind about it. In fact, she looks masculine to me or am I blind?
    I agree totally with the article and am sick and tired of this couple spending us to oblivion.
    I am sick and tired of the LSM going all gooey-eyed over these monsters. Anyone would be inclined to think they are following God himself!!!! Maybe, the anti-Christ is more like it.

    • Karolyn

      She pays for her own hairstyling and vacations. The First Family also pays for all their own food at the White House.

      • http:PersonalLibertyDigest Carol CameoMeooo

        KAROLYN—-LOL…SHE PLANTS HER OWN FOOD And tills the soil—-carrots and beans….and we wonder why she has gained weight?? …i heard she makes her own dresses too—hahahahaaaaaa

      • eddie47d

        Wow so much Conservative knowledge coming out of Carol’s mouth. Now I thought you were the smart one?

  • jeff coleman

    It’s funny how you conservetives whine remember those beer and hotdogs cost a grand a plate at Dubbya’s fundraiser my dumbass employer paid out the ass to show what a loser he was .Rather have the drunk Bush daughters in the White House some real party animals.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So the Liberals have their own version of moral outrage.

    • Ted Crawford

      Difference is jeff, that yiour “employer” paid for the Bush fund raiser, we are paying for her extravagance!

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Remember it takes a village and she couldn’t even keep an eye on her man when he strayed from her village to get a BJ so don’t cast stones at teenagers when an adult couldn’t even keep in his pants.

    • http:PersonalLibertyDigest Carol CameoMeooo

      lol who cares about what the bush daughters did??? they were kids back then—JUST LIKE UR KIDS —if u have any …a parent cannot keep their kids from doing what they decide to do when they walk out of the door….thats why u have to teach them …..and the obama girls are still young–and greatly protected—so give them a few years….

      • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

        Carol I agree with you I loves liberals singing about the Bush girls when we had a president who couldn’t keep it in his pants then lie like a teenager, why didn’t his wife keep an eye on him when he went out. What a joke

  • Alexa

    Michelle Obama is simply playing the roll that she is married into.
    This problem exists in both parties. Republican, when they controlled the house, senate and white house spent like crazy. Very few understand what a buck buys.
    The emperor has no clothes.

  • ictoriavae

    iggernae ichrae

  • Brad

    The Bushes daughters were just plain ole down to earth college kids. Please GET A LIFE!!

    • Flashy

      I knew a few girls like the Bush twins when I was in college. Most of the guys knew the same girls as well.

      • Doug

        Come on Flushy the only way you hung out with a couple of beautiful girls like the Bush’s was you went shopping with them they like you queer fellows to go shopping with them!

      • Libertytrain

        flashman your bigoted ignorance is back on display. I wouldn’t be too proud of that…

      • Pete NY

        There is no need nor is it useful to reply to Flashy who is at heart a nihilist and cynic. Responding to Flashy and his cohort merely makes these blogs longer than necessary while providing no additional food for thought.

  • James

    Honestly, I am sick and tired of the Obama clan…and can not wait for them to be OUT of office! I pray that America has the votes to get rid of him for good!

  • jopa

    What a bogus story.Here I thought they stayed at some luxurious 5 star hotel like the Bushes did in Switzerland and occupied several floors of that hotel.Can you imagine the cost to taxpayers not just for the hotel for the whole entourage but the cost of flying everyone there.That was real nice of someone to offer their private home for the First family saving our country millions compared to the previous administrations wild spending sprees.It was the best thing for America when the wanted posters for war crimes went up around the world to keep Dick Chaney and Tator Bush in check.Now they don’t dare leave the shores of the US.

    • http://google gary gerke

      Yea right……4-trillion and counting dumbo!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael

      Michele Obama spent 42 days on vacation in 2010 at a cost of 10 million dollars to the American people. That’s just one year. We don’t have the figures for the last year yet.

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Hey Bud, ask the soldiers families that just got murdered in Afghanistan, ask them how they feel about your buddy apologizing Karzai.Talk to U.S soldier and see how they feel about your president.

      • Flashy

        hey gene…if some country which had burned a whole bunch of your bibles…you wouldn’t be perturbed and demand an apology for the actions? i thought that’s one item y’all griped about..when that does occur, there’s no official apology by the country which allowed it to occur.

        • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

          To bad they defaced the Koran themselves, just another excuse for bunch a militant animals to kill our heroes and our government to sit back and do nothing. This president has no courage and guts.

      • Flashy

        OK gene…fill us in. What do you mean they defaced the koran themselves?

        • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

          The prisoners in Afghanistan were passing notes and information to each other inside of the Koran. Thats a lot of respect to their book, thats typical hypocrisy of the Muslim Jihad militant people. Burn our flag, kill our soldiers, death to America but we apologize nice back bone Mr. Obama

      • eddie47d

        No Flashy, Gene wouldn’t riot and protest he would put on his white hood and form a good old American lynch mob!

    • Doug

      Are you and illegal immigrant Jopa? Or i’m sorry not very PC of me are you brown trud looking to take work from our legal citizens?

  • thunderstruckagain

    We can train monkeys to act better then the Obama’s and on a budget

    • Larry

      The one thing that comes out from the liberal perspective is that ignorance is not an uncommon trait.

      • Flashy

        Probably because we’re snobs having gone to college and all…and recognize the profile of a person following the TP trilogy…fear, hate, ignorance

  • Fox 2!

    covered the bills for the private planes Al Gore uses to shuttle between his science fiction conventions.

    Please don’t call the Global Climate Change conferences “science fiction.” Warp drive, hyperspace travel, force fields, energy weapons, PSI all have firm scientific footings (in universe). GCC has no scientific footing in thi or any other universe.

  • http://google gary gerke

    We have an African American family that was ghetto bred and propelled into national politics by the progressive elitists at a time when America was confused. The Manchurian candidate and his wife could be the downfall of Americas Roman Empire

    Lord knows the bush family while in office made many mistakes including ignoring the American peoples wishes, rights, and some constitutional laws, however, this family, there party, has reduced our countries laws into a facist, communistic state, et al Stalin, getting worse daily and possibly to far gone to save.

    For the first time in my 60-plus years, I’m ashamed to be American!

    • SHARON

      Please don’t be ashamed of being UNLESS you voted for this piece of work (Obama). Instead lets be ashamed to have such a pooper for president.

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Don’t forget how the liberal media had to shove it down our throats that the Obamas made history about being the first AFRICAN american president, sick of hearing it. Get them the hell out of the white house and send back to the middle east where he belongs, tired of his apologies on bad America is.

      • Andrew C

        Amen brother!

      • kkflash

        At least they got the term “African-American” correct in reference to BO, as he’s as likely to have been born in Africa than in America.

      • eddie47d

        Gene must have had one of them there Public Educations the way he talks. He makes me sound like a college professor. LOL

        • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

          Sorry not everyone has your educated condescending attitude you seem to be stuck on the white hood as you call it if people have different opinion then you, wish we were all as smart as you, and you hide your liberal views very well you don’t say much guess your satisfied with our leadership in this country. Oh you can critique my education along with every one else.

  • Andrew C

    The main purpose of the media in relation to the first family is to create a new John and Jackie Kennedy (w/out assasination) for the 21st century. This doesn’t really work because Mrs Obama looks like a dog, and there are evil, open minded, people out there like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

    And did you know that in his 8 years in office, Bush played 31 rounds of golf and, in 3 years, Obama has played over 91 rounds. Just such a hypocrite

    • BigBadJohn

      Played more golf eh? what about vacation and cost. I think it is hypocritical to criticize when BUSH was the most expensive president of all time.

      (Obama)It brings his total time away to all or part of 70 days.

      It’s less than the “vacation” time taken during the same period by his immediate predecessor. (Former President George W. Bush gets the quotation marks too.)

      As of this point in his 1st term, Mr. Bush had made 14 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 102 days. He also made 40 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 123 days. His “vacation” total at this point in his presidency was all or part of 225 days away.

      Bush Spent 5 Times More On Flights To Texas Than Obama‘s Christmas Vacation Costs
      December 23, 2011

      Those who criticize the cost of Obama’s Christmas vacation don’t want you to know that George W. Bush spent at least $20 million taxpayer dollars just on flights to his ranch in Crawford.

      The right wing has been outraged at the four million dollar plus price tag for Obama’s family Christmas vacation, and they constantly hold George W. Bush up as an example of how thrifty a president should be when going on vacation.

      The problem is that W. wasn’t thrifty. He was the most expensive vacation president in US history. Not only did Bush spend more days on vacation than any other president, but he used Air Force One more often while on vacation than any other president. During Bush’s two terms, the cost of operating Air Force One ranged from $56,800 to $68,000 an hour. Bush used Air Force One 77 times to go to his ranch in Crawford, TX. Using the low end cost of $56,800, Media Matters calculated that each trip to Crawford cost taxpayers $259,687 each time, and $20 million total for Bush’s ranch flights.

      • Andrew C

        Where’d you get that information? Off the internet? Because we all know EVERYTHING on the internet is true.

      • Michael

        Personally I would prefer he spend more time on the courses. Preferably, overseas in an Arabic country, say Syria. Or maybe Afghanistan. He could make his apologies in person. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

      • Opal the Gem

        Andrew I suspect that like Flushy all his sources of information are in his imigination.

      • kkflash

        Since you seem to have exact figures to quote, perhaps you could cite a source we could all check?

      • Flashy

        i don’t know about you KKF…but i’d probably begin with the article pasted from media Matters 9see at the end where it states Media Matters ?).

        The rest is easy to locate. Go forth and learn the truth and not rely on spoon feeding.

      • eddie47d

        Then we’d have to teach Opal how to turn a page or at least learn to read it right side up!

      • Dennis48e

        real good BBJ you are comparing a SINGLE vacation by obama to multiple vacations by Bush.

      • Dennis48e

        And eddie, I suspect Opal can read and comprehend more in an hour than you and flashy could in a full day.

      • eddie47d

        That bet is on!

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      If you notice how the Liberal George Clooney Hollywood loves this president he’s on every talk show never doing his job in the white house. Oh all of the Hollywood fund raisers at the White House so he sing, rap and dance with all those Rich Liberals. Nice job Pres.

      • Andrew C

        Yea, can you imagine if bush invited hank williams jr. to the white house and sung a number with him, imagine the mockery and hate mail coming in.

      • eddie47d

        That depends in which song they would sing. Actually G Bush could have used a little lightening up! He should have been more a man of the people instead of letting Cheney run the show.

        • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

          Well Eddie a least Mr. Bush didn’t continually apologize for how bad America is and parade around the word with his teleprompter telling the world how bad we are. Have you heard once him stand up for our country and not cower. Cut our military and sell us out to his Moslem brother-in.

      • eddie47d

        It is a shame he has to apoligize for Bush’s wars isn’t it!

        • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

          I love how Eddie apologizes for the history making president, what about bringing or troops home from Iraq, oh I think that he sent them to Afghanistan. All he wants to do is cut military spending, talk to an Iraq war veteran or Afghanistan vet I’m sure they are comfortable with your presidents foreign policy.

  • BigBadJohn

    “The individual in question was outraged — outraged, I say! — that I would dare to besmirch Obama’s good name, even suggesting I was suffering from something he called “Obama Derangement Syndrome.” ”


    This is the same reaction that I often got from Banner waving republicans, when I questioned George Bush’s actions and intentions!

  • Michael

    Don’t leave out Nancy Pelosi and her private jet to fly her to and from California at the taxpayers expernse. She thinks she is too good to fly the same airplane as the previous House Speakers. Plus, she pushes the expense off on the American people when her and her husband are billionaires. The hypocrisy of the left is so abominable. I don’t understand how any person, who actually faces reality, can vote for any candidate who is a progressive liberal.

    • SHARON


    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Don’t forget that miss Nancy is a God fearing Catholic that receives her communion, Hypocrite.

  • http://none Terry

    “There once was a man/
    Of Negro persuasion/
    Who adopted the lifestyle/
    Of your average Caucasian/
    So he changed his hairstyle/
    And the clothes that he wore/
    He said to himself/
    “I ain’t a Nigger no more…”/
    But you are what you is/
    And that’s all it is../
    You is what you am/
    A cow don’t make ham….

    Frank Zappa

  • matt

    the problem with are president is he takes way to many,vacations. I mean it seams like he’s always away when this country really needs him. his wife is worser pulling this have to eat&drink healthy crap. When she stuffing her mouth with hamburgers and French fries. And alternative fuel crap that alot of people can’t afford. Time to vote him out. And get new leadership.

  • Steven

    Flashy….what the h*LL IS “Altheimer’s”…..????? And FYI the obama mama’s are low class black trash…..and that is low…..!!!!!

  • chuckb

    when the country really needs him???? please tell me when we really need him, we need him to head back to his home country kenya. the soetoro’s are trash they made it to the top by conning a lot of ignorant people and financed by radical groups, no doubt barry is a black muslim and kneels at farrahkans alter.
    he is operated by strings dangling from people like george soro’s hand. he has no idea the damage he has done to this country, the vacations are scheduled to keep moochella out of the way and after all barry needs rest after doing nothing except making a speech every hour or so, that has to be tiring, it will be interesting when the truth comes out about this fraud. wonder what the bolsheviks will think up next or is it too late.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Julie

    Geeze..someone else that noticed this behavior!! I also have no problem with someone enjoying wealth and the fruits of thier labor..just wish these people would let the rest of us have at least a chance at it!!!! We have a celebrity not a president! Yuk!!

    • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

      Hollywood will make a feel good movie about the Obamas when he is booted from office. Made for T.V, Clooney producer and director financed by Al Gore and his millions. I get goose bumps up and down my leg.

  • Millie

    After reading the posts before me, I am relieved to see that others have noticed the same things about King Obama and his Queen Michelle. I am sick of seeing them splashed all over the news and the supposed entertainment shows on the main stream media. Talk about FREE political time on the networks!!! And meanwhile (and I am not talking about comedians doing schtick about all politicians), the news reporters (had to gag on that one) attack Republicans, Conservatives or Tea Party members. The “entertainment” celebrities also attack with venom (you know, like Joy Behar) the same people, all the while gushing over the Obamas to the point that I have to change the channel on my way to throwing up in the toilet. And who is Michelle to tell us how to raise our children. What I have to ask is why liberals do not see that the Obamas’ elaborate lifestyle and constant vacas at exotic places, at our expense, for what it is?

  • Joel

    Republican or Democrat, we as a whole are at the mercy of the “elitists.” I don’t mean the people who have wealth, I mean the people who believe that they can accumulate wealth in any manner they see fit, regardless of who gets hurt. Too many of our politicians are “elitists.” Look at the recent revelation that Congressmen and Senators have had access to market information and manipulation of stocks, lining their pockets at the expense of the taxpayers and investors. Poor Martha Stewart, she just wasn’t connected politically at a level where all she would have garnered for her insider trading would have been a wink and a nod. I am conservative in my standing, yet I can clearly see that there are elitists on both sides vying for my vote. I want nothing to do with any of them. The two party system must be brought to its knees and intelligent, ethical, and decent pundits given the chance to display their wares. Let’s vote them ALL out, and put in a true republic once and for all.

  • kkflash

    Flashy, your liberal spin doesn’t cut it here:

    “GM up”
    GM’s assets were stolen from the secured bondholders by Obama’s administration and gifted to the same undeserving unions that brought the company to it’s knees.
    “bin Laden down”
    You don’t really mean to give credit to Obama for the culmination of a manhunt that began in 2001, do you?
    “Economy up”
    An illusion promulgated by the WH to gain re-election. The debt brought on by uncontrolled spending is crushing and will collapse the economy in due time.
    “unemployment down”
    Categorically untrue. Obama promised when he took office that his measures, if enacted by Congress, would keep unemployment below 8%. Congress did. Unemployment didn’t.
    “US prestige and reputation up”
    Your personal opinion, unbacked by any facts or cites whatsoever. US prestige is at an all-time low internationally as we are now fighting to retain our position as issuer of the world’s reserve currency (we won’t.)
    “terrorism down”
    Again, you offer no proof to back up your claim, but for argument’s sake, let’s say “terrorism” is down. Obama certainly deserves no credit whatsoever for any success the war on terrorism, begun by George Bush, has had.
    “Taxes on the wealthy up, taxes on Middle America down”
    This is untrue as well, though it won’t be if Obama has his way. However, your statement does nothing to prove your point about the job that Obama is(n’t) doing, as stating that raising taxes on the wealthy alone is somehow a good thing is a false premise with no proof.
    “Oil production up, reliance on foreign oil down”
    Are you trying to give Obama credit for the discovery of horizontal drilling technology, shale “fraccing”, and development of petroleum reserves? Oil production is up in spite of Obama’s hindrance to the industry, not because of it.
    “The President’s poll number up, the GOP numbers wayyyy down”
    There is a grain of truth in your statement, as Obama’s numbers have indeed risen from the deepest depths that any president has seen since political polling began. The full truth is that more people polled disapprove of the job he’s doing than approve.

    Once again, your credibility here is zero because you don’t back up what you say, or you simply lie.

    • Flashy

      “GM up”
      =GM’s assets were stolen from the secured bondholders by Obama’s administration and gifted to the same undeserving unions that brought the company to it’s knees.
      == Ummmm….try again. i believe it was through the bankruptcy courts the final structure was reached. The union agreed to accept equity for debt, the government agreed to accept warrants for loan guaranties. Then the companies were forced to go into BK for the workout. Now, had the companies gone to BK without those two agreements, they would have been broken up, sold, and we’d not have our auto industry and the millins of jobs. And…BTW…the shareholders would have been out of their investments . As to the Secured Bondholders, they were subjected to a “cram down”…allowed under Bankruptcy law. you should note that many of those Bondholders received more under the cram down than they would have if the assets had been liquidated and debt paid off under the rules of priority..

      “bin Laden down”
      =You don’t really mean to give credit to Obama for the culmination of a manhunt that began in 2001, do you?
      ==Absolutely. Especially when all accounts state bin laden wasn’t a high priority until Pres. Obama came to office and the leads which led to his being snuffed came about in 2010. That and it took a backbone to make the final call on going in and getting him. To say it began in 2001 is laughable.

      “Economy up”
      =An illusion promulgated by the WH to gain re-election. The debt brought on by uncontrolled spending is crushing and will collapse the economy in due time.
      ==In ‘due time”. OK…and in due time the Cubs will win the Series. That the debt is sruching right now is not exactly true. Actually, it’s a dishonest statement if the person making the statement is aware of economics. That it will be crushing if left unchecked is true. i’d say we have four. maybe five years to get the budget revenues and the deficit spending more in tune with economic growth.

      “unemployment down”
      =Categorically untrue. Obama promised when he took office that his measures, if enacted by Congress, would keep unemployment below 8%. Congress did. Unemployment didn’t.
      ==Hmmm, last I saw, using the same metrics falwed as they are…unemployment is going down. We aren’t bleeding 700,000 jobs a month as when Obama came to office, and all accounts show the economy solidly improving

      “US prestige and reputation up”
      =Your personal opinion, unbacked by any facts or cites whatsoever. US prestige is at an all-time low internationally as we are now fighting to retain our position as issuer of the world’s reserve currency (we won’t.)
      ==Difficult to find any major nation lambasting us for being a rogue country as we were regularly called during the GOP /Bush years. And we’re being asked once again to broker agreements in disputes. Guess we have differing opinions on respect. .

      “terrorism down”
      =Again, you offer no proof to back up your claim, but for argument’s sake, let’s say “terrorism” is down. Obama certainly deserves no credit whatsoever for any success the war on terrorism, begun by George Bush, has had.
      == LOL…care to cite the number of successful terrorist attacks since 2009? Care to cite comparable stats for the Bush II term? Heck..use any three years of the Bush II term if you want.

      “Taxes on the wealthy up, taxes on Middle America down”
      =This is untrue as well, though it won’t be if Obama has his way. However, your statement does nothing to prove your point about the job that Obama is(n’t) doing, as stating that raising taxes on the wealthy alone is somehow a good thing is a false premise with no proof.
      == Look it up. Overall taxation on the Middle Class is down. Taxes on the wealthy have gone up…but not as much as to offset the welfare subsidy state they enjoy.

      “Oil production up, reliance on foreign oil down”
      Are you trying to give Obama credit for the discovery of horizontal drilling technology, shale “fraccing”, and development of petroleum reserves? Oil production is up in spite of Obama’s hindrance to the industry, not because of it.
      = Ah…i see..your argument is oil production is up, Obama has hindered it, and it would be higher if Obama wasn’t involved. I guess we will gloss over the number of acres opened for exploration, the fast tracking of permits, etc etc.

      “The President’s poll number up, the GOP numbers wayyyy down”
      =There is a grain of truth in your statement, as Obama’s numbers have indeed risen from the deepest depths that any president has seen since political polling began. The full truth is that more people polled disapprove of the job he’s doing than approve.
      == Beating Romney is a head to head by 10, Santorum by 11. he’s at or close to 50% approval rating right now.

      Once again, your credibility here is zero because you don’t back up what you say, or you simply lie.

      Except for your gallup numbers…i don’t see much back up on your part.

    • Alex

      KKKflash—you are so off the mark as to be laughable!

      Remember, the Bush/Cheney Regime GAVE UP on Osama bin Laden when he was in THEIR grasp and INSTEAD tossed 5000+ of your children into a mass grave in Iraq.
      President Obama, on the other hand, has dealt strongly and EFFECTIVELY against those responsible for 911—because of this president, Al Qaeda is in tatters.

      • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

        Don’t you remember another fine leader told America that the war in Iraq was lost, What a proud American that old fool is, I bet our soldiers there were happy to his support, weak leadership just like his buddy Obama.

      • DeborahnY.

        And perhaps if Pres. Bill Clinton had not passed up jailing Osama when they (forgot which country) called him to say they had him, did the U.S. want him, because he was wanted for several terrorists attack on U.S.? Clinton passed up the opportunity twice. Then maybe, just maybe there might not have been a 911. So Obama got the call that Osama has been located again, and he sent the military to get Osama Bin Laden. Thanks to the bravery of well trained U.S. Seals and a president that said yes. However, saying yes would be a no brainer.

  • texasgranny47

    I put the Obama’s one step below Trailer Park Trash. There is High Class, Low Class and No Class, I’m sure you can guess which class I feel the Obama’s are in.

    • Flashy

      Yep. plain as day. At least two above you

    • eddie47d

      Dang Flashy you’d place granny that high or was that low? Maybe a minus 5 if even that and I don’t even dislike folks who live in trailers. LOL

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Seems the OBAMA’S are hypocrites. They have had a pretty easy path, went to the best schools and were very successful and for some reason they DO NOT LIKE AMERICA! Why? Because they feel they want to transform it into what they feel is better: They would rather have a socialist America where everyone, but them and their friends, are on the same level. By nationalizing our healthcare and dictating how we should live, King OBAMA and his lady can rule all Americans. No Thanks!

  • chiox198

    Obamas’ travel the world, costing the taxpayers MILLIONS by making a minor stop to say this is a business trip. Since taking office, they haven’t stopped at their “so-called Chicago home” more than a handful of times, costing the Chicago taxpayers a minimum of 6 Police Officers for 24/7 to guard their empty home. Meanwhile just a few blocks away, children a being killed by drive-by gun shots. They’re not even listed as the property’s homeowners on the records. They bought the property from their CONVICTED partner Tony Rezko and they both lost their Illinois Law License before Obama was elected!

  • JoeDog

    What did you expect from the new Chicago Ghetto Rich couple? It appears to me that “Michelle” is buying her pride in America, 1 multimillion dollar vacation at a time… I believe the woman has taken 16 vacations so far… in 3 years????? That’s wonderful! Especially when young mothers can’t afford to feed their babies and people are becoming homeless in record numbers under this Obama administration… It is tasteless and tacky the way these people are behaving… Low class Chicago trash with all the tax money they can take…

  • jopa

    That’s what makes America great is when the majority thinks other than the majority on this site.If you folks went back and looked over some of your posts then you would see why so many drop by and say what a bunch of goofy people we have here and they are never heard from again.You folks are so ungrateful for the job our President has done in saving America from a Depression and all the terrorists he had taken out.We are once again on the road to prosperity and that is the biggest fear that the Republicans had knowing the elections were coming up and they were no part of the recovery.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are still a female kennel dweller.

  • Mike Causey

    I’m so sick of the Obamas. My Dad said, “there will come a day…” and God forbid it has come. I hope the rest of what he thought is untrue, that we’ll NEVER get them out of office once they get in!

  • Judy

    The epitomy of arrogance.


    The more the MSM and those who watch this ostentacious couple in the WH the more we are begining to realize, they are “Do as I say” and “Me first” liberals with no regard for anyone but themselves and are self indulgent beyond anyone’s knowledge.

    Ther is a recent picture of MaObama stuffing her face,literally, with a hot dog piled high with any and every condiment known to the hot dog crowd, there is so much piled on it you would have to unhinge your jaw in order to take that bite.

    The recent Guvn’rs State gathering at the WH was a culinary extravaganza involving a piece’ de resistance of prime rib and the calorie count for a meal was 2700 calories/plate. The menu was not even in tune with the times when the amount of problems caused by these political hacks are making macaroni and cheese a national endangerment. The first gal runs about telling all who will listen how to eat and then stuffs her face with lobster, and any other delight she has within her reach and the Mysery Man, hand him another cheese burger, hotdog, or some other fast food, topped by lots of beer and a ciggy…….I think they are both full of it.

    • Mike Causey

      I don’t have so much of a problem with what they eat or don’t eat-I know that being the Prez affords one certain perks-I just am on the opposite end of the Political spectrum from him. No, I don’t like the hypocrisy any more than you, I am just hoping and praying that we can vote his Liberal behind out of office before it is too late-if it isn’t tragically that already. My Dad, a lifetime Conservative, thinks the damage has been done, that we will be lucky to reverse what he has done even if he is voted out. I didn’t agree with much of what he said when a younger man, but it is amazing how much smarter he gets the older I get!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and please save the USA from the Socialist Liberals!!!

      • DeborahY

        I agree! Nicely said. Thanks. Some others on this post have said some not so nice things about African-American people that’s uncalled for.

  • Sweetviolets

    She gets to go on million dollar vacations and I can’t afford to visit my family. In that nice whiney voice that Democrats seem to understand I will state…”It isn’t FAIR!!!!!” I want what they have and I don’t want to work for it either.

    • eddie47d

      Then move closer and take away that burden so you won’t have to whine so much. Maybe you could demand free vacations for all and get your favorite politician to sponsor it. Then again you could be fair and demand that all wealthy basta*ds stop living so large and upsetting you. All Corporates,Presidents and Elites flaunt their riches. Oh what a dilemma.

      • http://Libertystore Gene Gibas

        I love the jealousy that people have for hard working,successful, wealthy people, just because your not, bet you don’t have a problem with Hollywood and all of their liberal riches.

      • Tom for liberty

        Eddie, please read the following. It will enlighten you as to why your King Omama and his socialist plan for our great contry will never work because it:

        • Replaces the family with the state as the central unit in society

        • Undermines the family by redistributing its wealth and indoctrinating
        its children in government schools

        • Allows legalized theft in the name of redistributing wealth

        • Encourages sloth instead of productivity

        • Rewards irresponsibility, laziness, and poor accountability

        • Encourages self-indulgence instead of self-reliance

        • Encourages finger pointing and shifting of responsibility to others

        • Replaces the self-discipline of delayed gratification with the need for
        instant gratification

        • Undermines the values that are the foundation of the traditional work
        ethic (i.e. thrift, diligence, self-reliance, self-discipline, responsibility,
        accountability, deferred gratification, and hard work) and replaces
        them with an entitlement mentality

        • Treats those who contribute to the betterment of society the same as
        those who do not, even when they are capable of doing so

        • Promotes a get-something-for-nothing mentality that undermines the
        moral character of the individual and society

        • Robs people of initiative, drive, and ambition

        • Undermines the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and

        • Promotes totalitarianism, thereby undermining freedom and liberty

        Wise up before it is to late!!!!!

      • eddie47d

        Another one of Tom’s fables?

  • Big Jim

    We the people have the right to bring these people up on treason charges which would be easy to prove,but until someone with balls or guts steps up we will be a conqured Nation headed down to be with all the rest of the third world countrys…United we stand and as we are becoming more divided we are fallinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

  • Alex

    Michelle Obama—Second Best First Lady Ever (after Eleanor Roosevelt)
    Michelle Obama—Second Most Attractive First Lady Ever (after Jackie Kennedy)

    As for the Worst First Lady Ever, the natural and immediate pick would be Dragon Bitch Nancy Reagan until one gives pause (a very QUICK pause) to consider Barbara Bush. I mean, she not only married one of the worst presidents ever, she also gave birth to one!!

  • Neil Swan

    I think Ben Crystal is like Rush Limbaugh.
    Rush said he says what he thinks his 28 million listeners want to hear, not just what he believes. Ben probably knows Right Wing Extremists are stupid. So he puts this kind of stuff out to make money.


    • Brian

      yeah well keep drinkin’ the koolaid pal, and watch half of what little bit of money you get go right to the hypocrites like this who spout off how we must all sacrifice for the greater good but continually take exorbitant vacations, throw expensive parties on an almost weekly basis. How much will it really take before someone like you who is blind to the facts will actually wake up to see what’s happening?

  • Bob Marshall

    To find out things you may not know about Obama, Michelle, and the Clinton’s read CORE of CORRUPTION.

  • Texas Bluebonnet

    This column is “RIGHT ON”. I am so tired of being told what to do in every element of my life by this crowd of hypocrites. When their reign ends (hopefully in November) we will have a major rebuilding to do to put this country back on the “right” track. This has been a disaster!!

  • Pete NY

    To understand how and when hyperinflation occurs, read my book “R I P FEDERAL RESERVE BANK 1913-2028″ by Peter Ward Herald. Thank you.

  • Tight Fist


    • FWO21

      Well Tight Fist, I think you should be telling that to the Obama’s not us. They are the ones who think they are better than everyone else of a different color. By the way, I don’t think black or white is considered a color. What’s your thoughts on that?

  • FWO21

    I never even heard of these people before they were put in the White House. Pathetic, isn’t it? These people are worshiped by some; not me though.

    I think they, and all presidents and their families should live similar to paupers when the citizens can’t even find a job. Why there are people who will support and vote for people like this, I will never understand, and I don’t want to because that would make me just like them.

  • http://PersonalLibertyNews David

    Thank You Ben keep pushing and making the Great Eight.God Bless

  • Brian

    Yeah, I totally I agree with everything said in this article. The Obama’s continually go on several vacations a year staying at hotels (especially while on trips to Hawaii) renting out entire floors, on our dime no less (at least Bush while I am no friend of his by no stretch either; went home to Texas for most of his vacation’s, and speaking of going home just how many times has the Obama Family visited their “home” in Chicago in the last 3 yrs?). throwing expensive parties (the 2011 Halloween party rings a bell, oh yeah, and they didn’t want anyone knowing about it so they tried to keep it quiet) all the while we the people who must scratch and scrape to merely get by are expected to “Buckle down” and “share the sacrifice” yeah it really looks like the Obama family is really leading by example. and we are expected to merely let it continue with nary a sound?!? If anything IS said, it’s labled as racist, because they pull the race card simply because the obvious is pointed out? and this doesn’t even begin to mention the circumvention of the Congressional processes that Obama constantly sidesteps every chance he gets when the attention is diverted (i.e. the signing of the NDAA into law in the last minutes of 12/31/2011) or the “appointing” of this consumer protection agency and it’s head while Congress is out on break to avoid controversy and thus no say otherwise from Congress. too many people have their heads stuck in the sand (or up their hind ends) to truly understand the constant hypocrisy we face on an almost daily basis.

  • teaparty13

    The Obamas act like those that won a lottery jackpot & don’t know how to deal with the new found wealth…The only problem is that they won the national jackpot and think the country has an unlimited amount of money at their disposal.


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