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The Power & Danger of Iconography

October 21, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Gal

    I see the Obamabots are controlling the video on youtube so YOU don’t hear TRUTH. GOD PLEASE SEND GREAT AWAKENING TO AMERICA. IN JESUS NAME! AMEN.

    • Deborah White

      AMEN !!!

  • Sonja

    Very objective and educational. Real Americans thank you for speaking the truth! please continue………we need to wake up the rest of the Americans that are still sleeping.

  • DaveH

    Yep, very scary guy.

  • A Real American

    you guys are still “kicking” out crap, can you not back up anything!! Stop the madness

  • s c

    In effect, what this guy has done is prove that with the right ‘packaging,’ you can sell anything to anyone. If you’re good at it, you can sell tin-plated manure to voters. If you’re good enough at being a liar, you can gift-wrap something that smells so bad that no normal human would get within a mile of it.
    Of course, there is a downside to icons and selling crap to the public. You can wind up with losers in the white house and a bunch of self-made retards in congress.
    Ooooops! That guy accidentally described our current Washington situation, didn’t he? Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

  • doug

    Lets see here, I am asked to “take a political poll” and then I am dumped face first into the toilet bowl of right wing paranoid feces, and I never saw the results of that poll again! Haven’t you right wing wackos done enough damage to both the United States and the world at large. Thje world of reality is clearly beyond your intellectual and moral limitations. Oh, by the way, God is dead too, din’t you get that measage. A real American… not a nut job wacko

    • robert


    • Jerry

      If you don’t think your being deceived than Satan has done his job well. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • DaveH

      Oh, we don’t need to worry about your kind, do we Doug? As you’re reaching into our pockets, and trying to take away our choices, your ilk are calling us ‘hateful’ and ‘racist’ if we resist. And then you try to take the moral highground. Unbelievable. And you are representative of an intellectual?
      I am so glad you Liberals post on here so the fence-straddlers can see what we are worried about.

      • s c

        Up to a point we can try and excuse dialogue masters like Doug. They are typical of Haavid, Berkeley and other utopian, quasi-elite ‘institutions.’ Did you notice how fast he mentioned a toilet and feces (ultralib icons?).
        Maybe Doug will become an obscenity czar. If that position is filled, he could try to get on comrade obama’s short list for pc czar.
        If that job is taken, Doug could consider becoming a UN rep for a peachy keen, all-American group like nambla (open tents, at any cost). As a last resort, he could consider being comrade obama’s non-profit newspaper czar. Some people were born to prove that the Peter Principle is just another way of proving that the really big chunks in life will always rise to the top of the septic tank – not unlike most of washington (birds of an aromatic feather?).

    • Robert

      Hey Doug go have another glass of COOL-ADE and then we can talk about a great deal I can offer you on some swamp land.

    • Amerasian

      I believe you didn’t get the message. God isn’t dead he is alive. Obviously you’ve never read the Bible. God have mercy on your soul.

  • JimB

    Where do I get the “LOL” bumper sticker?

  • Bruce

    This is a battle fought with different weapons on a different battle field. We better learn how to fight or we will have people like doug telling how we should live out our lives. Are you listening “fence sitters”?

  • GeorgeS

    The Dems. and the Repubs. have both become hemorrhoids on the ass of America and by ass I mean the voters. Time to apply the preparation H by electing Defenders of the Constitution not Offenders of the Constitution.

    • Jeanette Ambrose

      Defenders of the Constitution,not O-ffenders…indeed.Mr.Obama may be sitting as President,but he is not someone I voted for.He does not speak for me,nor for many many others.Too much power wielded and sadly welcomed.We are losing our Sovereignty:as planned?

      Religion is a personal choice,no government ought to enforce one nor prohibit the free exercise thereof..uh,well,uh…’cept for some religions,right?!

      The ignorance of the “average”(works with math,not with humans!)American depresses me…maybe if we capture the kids longer,in public schools…?it’ll improve?

      Great site,thanks.

  • DoFo

    Thank you for the tutorial on iconography.
    Learning brings forth knowledge — knowledge wisdom.
    God bless this great country.

  • Rev Homer

    Love your website. Keep up the good work.

  • Apen Kirby

    Amazing…really! Would like a copy of this transcript. Thanks for your work.

  • Sue

    History tells us again and again: When a rising star becomes a rising Sun, you got to have some alert!

  • wayne allen

    when Lincon was trying to get a general to help win the war he replaced many generals that could not be good leaders until he promoted General Grant who was a winner. Today President Obama said we must win in Afghanistan so he appointed a leader to win there, but when the general told him he needed 40000 more troops to win there or we will lose, he has dither (he who hesitates looses) as a leader he seems lost. Iran leaders are watching him because they would like nothing more than to build their necular weapons up. The Radical Islams do not like our way of life, If your not a musslin they want to destroy, not only Israel, but America too. When Obama became President he swore to uphold the Consitution of the United States and to protect the Americans. That means as a leader do the right thing protect our soliders and our American citizens or step aside and let a new leader lead. God Bless America

    • s c

      Wayne A, Lincoln had talent, and he CARED about America. Comrade obama is intent on destroying America from within. America has enough military leaders to get most things done right. However, when a nation’s #1 ‘leader’ is such an obvious LOSER, military leadership gets lost in the shuffle. In this case, our military will suffer because of it. Beyond that, taxpayers get to pay for it.
      Sadly, comrade obama has legions of mindless followers who will never admit that they helped put a LOSER (two losers,
      actually) in the white house. TRUE leaders can’t have it both ways. People like comrade obama live in their own fantasy world, and they will never understand how anyone can doubt their ‘talent.’ Comrade obama, like most pretenders, is clueless, and no has NO talent at anything – other than being a second-rate community organizer or a gobbledygook specialist.

      • Mike D

        Could not have said it better myself. You take away his teleprompter and he is powerless.

    • Anne

      Wayne, You’re right, but I’m not sure O completed that oath—remember how he stuttered and misspoke?

  • James Hickman

    Heil Obama:(

  • paul

    I think the vedio is great.But I do think you should have shown the other logos for people who are too young to know what they caused.If we don’t stop what is happening, we may find ourselves in the same situation.If this happens, people like doug will be the first to be gotten rid off if they object.

    • Mike D

      paul, you are right. These mindless supporters of the new order are merely the “Enola Gay” of this agenda and will be the first to be purged. They no not what they do!

  • Don S

    Scotty Beam me up, no intelligent life on this planet

  • James


    Acts 2 and 4: The believers “had all things common…as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, and laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.”

    The Constitution is a system for perfecting the never-ending American project, not a chain to keep us fixed in history.

  • James A. Fenton

    THIS IS FOR THE PUBLIC WHOSE STUDY ENCOMPASSES THE BROAD BAND OF INFORMATION AVAILABLE AND CAN GLEAN FROM SUCH STUDY A BALANCED APPRECIATION OF FACTS AND DECISION AS OPPOSED TO DECISION BASED ON RAW EMOTION. Though decidedly conservative, it comes with a concentration of study through a prism of well-documented interrelated subject matter from which conclusions have been drawn.

    We are at a point in our history as a nation it becomes imperative to thoroughly study from a large bibliography before drawing conclusions. Please recognize in the brief presentation below, the example of two sources identified as trusted and valued researchers.

    It is possible, Dr. Jerome Corsi, by the title of his fine work: “The Late Great U.S.A.,” has just written the epitaph for a nation once considered at home and abroad as the greatest nation on earth.

    AND, Mr. G. Edward Griffin, in his monumental work: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” has detailed the events of who, what, where, why and how on what has been taken and currently is taking place over these past four generations (1910-2010). Surreptitiously at work with great patience, an unscrupulous cabal of central bankers are taking away our freedoms, bought out our media, destroyed our educational system, is giving away our systems of agriculture, banking, heavy industry, and don’t forget the vanishing middle class – going going and almost gone – as well as the people who pay the highest taxes – (most) are exiting the country by the thousands. Frightening is the fact even parts of our military are under the command of the UN.

    If you like bondage – you are getting it in spades. If you like seeing your freedoms being taken away in the back rooms on Capitol Hill every day – just WATCH THEM DISAPPEAR NOT JUST ONE AT A TIME but at a prolific rate day by day.

    The ‘O’ machine is a political machine like none ever before seen – a perfection of disaster for all freedom loving people! Don’t just let this go on; Study the Implications of every action. Look circumspectly at all sides of each issue before you – then work for reasonable change which will cost you but leave your children and grandchildren in far better circumstances if done well.

    Be quick to thoroughly study and carefully choose your poison – we’re in for a hard pull upward. As a youngster I was ‘urged’ to live by this identifiable idiom: “I’M THIRD” – God first, the other fellow second and me third? What do you suppose could happen if those two words were made the foundation for arriving at each decision?

    God save the USA!


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