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The Poodles Of War

February 14, 2012 by  

The Poodles Of War

The echoes of his oath of office had barely faded when President Barack Obama added another accolade to his resume. Just nine days after he began his occupation of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which he infamously won. Although the prestige of the Nobel laureates has declined in recent years (their number includes the murderous Islamofascist Yasser Arafat and the faux-scientist Al Gore), Obama’s win was hailed by his minions as proof that his ascension from obscurity was the first step toward a modern-day Pax Americana.

Unfortunately, much like the votes of millions of people who were duped by a campaign heavy on simplistic turns of phrase (“hope and change”) and light on depth, the votes of the Nobel Prize Committee were miscast. Obama’s promises of a more peaceful world under his watch flitted like ash from the pyres of global conflict. The pullout from Iraq fades against the continued battles in Afghanistan. The NATO strikes that both literally and figuratively killed off Gadhafi in Libya — for which Obama proudly took credit — have produced a civil war that rages on.

Meanwhile, the situation in Syria is developing into a magnified version of the Libyan quagmire. For those of you who missed Bob Livingston’s Friday column Has World War III Begun?, Syria is shaping up to be a proxy fight between East and West. My concerns are:

  • The vocally belligerent and potentially nuclear-armed Iranians have chosen to back the Syrians in general and Bashar Assad in particular, despite the fact that most Syrians are Sunni and the Iranians are primarily Shiite. That happens to be a religious distinction that has spurred on more than a few shooting wars in the Levant and surrounding regions over the centuries — a lesson the Iranians evidently missed during their decade of war with Iraq.
  • Obama’s allegiances are, at best, in question. As we recently learned, his Administration leaked valuable intel to Iran regarding Israeli defensive strategies.
  • Both Iran and Syria enjoy material support from both the ChiComs and the Russians. Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to enjoy armed conflict as much as he enjoys posing shirtless for pictures. The ChiComs have also demonstrated a lack of compunction when it comes to killing people. The neighborhood drunk and the neighborhood bully have joined forces, and in front of them lie at least two nations in Iran and Syria whose leaders believe spreading Islamofascism is God’s own work. Don’t think for one moment that Obama’s ham-fisted domestic acumen and mewling foreign policy have escaped their collective notice.

What gives me the greatest pause is the fact that Obama is allowing — is being forced to allow — the British and French to press forward into a conflict which looks to be the combat equivalent of gasoline on a five-alarm fire. Nobel laureate Obama is perfectly willing to commit our troops and material to battle, but is either unwilling or unable to lead from the front.

To be fair, it is entirely possible that Obama is so overwhelmed with the fallout from his Administration’s scandals and incompetence on the home front that he simply lacks the wherewithal to focus on the growing difficulties abroad. Should that be the case, the American electorate can remedy the situation by dismissing Obama from office in the fall. However, I suspect his minions want war. The members of the Democratic elite have been redoubtable in their efforts to portray the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize on speculation as a wartime stalwart. Should war erupt over Syria before Election Day, look for Obama’s horde to deploy the same “don’t change horses” strategy they used during the 2004 Presidential election. But the perils of entering new conflicts behind a leader who defines the pejorative front-runner are legion.

The Democratic Party has positioned itself as the anti-war party since the regrettable tenure of President Jimmy Carter while beating the drums when war suited their needs. President Bill Clinton certainly proved that by lobbing cruise missiles at dark-skinned people every time he needed cover for another bimbo eruption.

And for the first time in most of our lifetimes, the lesser nations of the world openly mock the United States, as well as consort and conspire with whomever they wish without fear. I wouldn’t follow these duplicitous Democrats to the bathroom; none of us should follow them into war.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • skippy

    Well said Ben!!

    • Deerinwater

      “The NATO strikes that both literally and figuratively killed off Gadhafi in Libya — for which Obama proudly took credit —”

      Well Ben, if Gadhafi was a friend of yours I could see your point. I wasn’t aware your were a goat abuser or had strong ties with the Muslim community.

      As far as the Nobel Peace prize, I don’t believe that it’s a prize, title or position that you “apply for”. Is an “Award” that you yourself admits to having a “random” nature of selection to it. Who controls this selection? Clearly not you or I or Obama.

      But as we’ve learned over the years, JFK’s words were so true, “The absence of war does not constitute a peace”. BHO has chosen to allow the forces that GWB & Chaney administration unleashed with their two 11 years wars that created vacuums in leadership and shifting of power in the middle east, to unfold and go full bloom, intervening only when necessary in response to deadly “threats”

      I’m sorry that your goat herder friends do not approve.

      But Gadhafi was no friend of mine. And for the record, Obama has limited control of many things, NATO being but one.

      The “Right” needs to make up their mind about how much power Obama truly has, for a community organizer that you claim to be ineffective and hasn’t done “anything”, while you claim that he has shaped world events I find peculiar for a person that writes about politics.

      • Vicki

        The “Right” needs to make up their mind about how much power Obama truly has,…

        Obviously Obama has no power cause Bush did it. At least that is what liberals keep telling us.

  • TonyD

    (offensive comment removed)

  • Don

    more woman, and children have been killed in Islamic violence in the 3 years Obama has been in office than were killed in Iraq, or Afghanistan by our troops. Obama has single handedly emboldened the Islamic storm sweeping the Middle East, soon to come to a neighborhood near you.


      Don, finally someone hit the nail on the head. Nice!!!!!!!!

    • NC

      Don, Why were those dictators in Egypt, Libya, etc.such big heroes of yours? Was it their connection with george bush?

    • Old Henry

      Let’s play Cowboys and Muslims!

    • eddie47d

      What Don said is not true and a very weak attempt to glorify nonsense. Over 150,000 civilians were killed in Iraq by various forces. I don’t want any militaristic involvement in the Middle East and their internal problems are mostly theirs. If they are governed by dictators then they have a right to overthrow those leaders. They have a right to struggles for their own form of government since what they have had is not working out. They may rebel and win their freedom or end up with a worse form of government.If that is their desire then so be it and we can only offer advice and encouragement. If we send in troops then it is our war not theirs and they won’t understand their own sacrifice.

  • fedup

    I disagree with Ben on alot here.The Republicans are just as war happy. Almost every political appointee in the federal government is wanting to make money on ANOTHER war at the cost of the tax payer. Ben, you are as brainwashed as any Democrat in your assumption that we are the Policemen of the World and we need more war with Iran. You say Ron Paul is crazy and an Isolationist, well, your “policeman” humdrum isn’t helping either!In this little issue tho, you don’t sound as gung-ho about pissing with Iran as you have in past issues. What’s wrong? When they weren’t beating the war drums, you complained, and now Obummer is doing as you ask, you cuss him for that. What’s the deal? Crap or get off the pot.

    • cawmun cents

      Cant get off the pot until the paperwork is done.
      With these two thousand page bills….that we dont know what is in them till we pass them(pun intended),we will be wiping all year long.
      Meanwhile back on the campus…..the coeds are signing up for who gets to present the President with the Noble Piece Prize.

  • peter

    Ben, I sincerely enjoy reading your rants. It would appear that you do not approve of Obama and his antics which of course have nothing to do with anything other than his own self glorification and survival. I concur fully that he is an imposter, an empty suit, coward and not the potus that the USA deserves. Unfortunately for us both, it is almost a certainty that he will enjoy a further term, looking at the proposed opposition. May God help us here or perhaps send someone to help.

  • http://comcast Lee Bird -Veteran USMC

    How can anyone approve the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for a man who has done nothing but continuously trying to destroy our AMENDMENTS and considers them an obstacle in his dictator ways. He opposes our Freedom of speech,Right to bear arms,our religion beliefs,etc; He has supplied guns to the cartels, denying respect to wounded soldiers by refusing the Purple Heart, and taking away combat pay unless you are fired on. ( I would like to see him serve combat time in a hostile area and see just what a soldier is exposed to.)He is supposed to be our Commander in Chief protecting our soldiers whatever the circumstances our and remember he is the one who sends our soldiers whenever in need. Obama,s track record for three years has not improved our economy and God given way of life to be free and protect ourselfs.

    • Redskin Fan

      Amen and Thank You for serving, God Bless America and keep her troops safe.

      • Old Henry

        Go Bears.

  • alexa

    I care less what politicians say, it is all about action.

    All parties have gotten the USA into conflicts. Just as there are certain financial types always in the White House to ensure certain interests were served, there are certain war types serving special interests.

    There are two historical exceptions. President Nixon reached out to invite China to the global table. President Reagan brought USSR to its heals. Both produced peace through power.

    • NC

      Sorry Alexa but The USSR was “back on its’ heels” economically a long time before Reagan arrived in Washinton? They just couldn’t “hang” in the arms and space race!If Nixon gained peace with China through “Power” he had to threaten the leader with a dinner fork! All they did was dine and shoot the s**t”

      • ohoh

        And I’ll bet Obama would have done so much better than both of them. Wow.

      • http://deleted Walt1

        Agree that the USSR was in its last gasp before Reagan ever got his moment in front of the movie cameras to say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down these walls”. Reagan had nothing to do with tearing down those walls. It was a photo opportunity. It did make us Americans feel better, though, to see it.

  • Dens

    The “poodles” in our corner seem to be determined to appease and gift their way into disrespect and oblivion all at the expense of our own economy.

    We have a street organizer and a pant suited duo of man/girls in the Oval Office, State Department and United Nations who collectively (which is one of their favorite terms) could compete with the Three Stooges for laughable performances were it not for the expensive and sometimes deadly consequences of their insane actions or lack thereof.

    In the mean time, ‘pit bulls’ in the Syria and Iran corner (Russia and China) seem to be going about the business of shoring up their tremendous arms markets as well as a continued source of energy for their economies.

  • jopa

    America is so blessed with the greatest Commander in Chief that it has had since the days of Ike.He has taken out Bin Laden where as a previous administration actually gave up. Twenty two top AL qaeda leaders dead due to intelligence recovered in the Bin Laden compound.The Somali pirates are no longer an issue with American shipping,Gaddafi is gone.Democracy is spreading throughout the Arab world now that they have America as a model that they all want to be like.We are now on the road to a smarter military force with better results with drones and other technologies and will result in a reduced number of casualties.All this in three years and then some.Truly Amazing

    • Howard

      And don’t forget, Jopa, Obama played over 90 games of golf and vacationed every time he took a breath. Isn’t he wonderful, to do all that at the same time?

      • NC

        Howard, Clinton steered the Ship of State with one hand and played with an intern with the other one and gave us the best economy in our history! It can be done if you have the talent and brains!
        Compared to george w bush, Obama is more than wonderful!!

    • Old Henry


    • Old Henry

      Oh, nice speech there Moochelle.

  • ajfrench

    I don’t trust him to fight with Israel. He is evil. He has divided, not only our nation, but the world. There is more saber rattling today than at any other time in my life, and I am not a spring chicken either so one can’t claim I haven’t been around long enough.

    The bottom line is that this evil regime led by the Progressive Left and George Soros is almost in place. There are evil days coming. And even if we tried to stop it, these people will not allow the end of the evil as they want to dominate the world.

    All people of faith need to recognize that this evil is not of people of faith, but of wicked people who claim to be people of faith and recognize God NOT in their lives. He is just their convenient spin word in order to remain in power.

    Judge your leaders by their actions, not their words. Everyone knows this, begin to practice it to find peace.

    • eddie47d

      Israel can’t be pulling our coattails all the time as some of you expect and Obama finally has the courage to tell them to sh*t or get off the pot. WWIII shouldn’t be hanging in the balance because of their actions with Iran or their inaction with the Palistinians. We should come to their aid if they are attacked. No more or no less.

  • ajfrench

    Two things you (we-the-people) must do is to love and protect your neighbor. Reject anyone who rejects God and Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This wicked regime is withholding funds from the marketplace to drive up prices and create havoc so that we will fight each other and they can step in and save us with martial law and complete control of our person-hood. BARTER. Do not go to the streets to complain. Go to each other in peace and share. Put these wicked men and women in their places by defying their evil attempt at world domination. Let them have no control over you or your lives as you care for each other defying their control. Pray all together that God will bless your peace and He will come and fight for us.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    Jopa you shurly Jest . Your idiot god in chief hasnt been off the airplane enough to do anything And as far as the Bin laden thing that was an order signed by Bush long before your anointed one was hardly heard of Bush told him he could run but couldnt hide, we’ll get you. All your idiot in chief did was take credit for any thing that went on that looked like it may be of political advantage. There is a list of things longer than your leg of the trashy stuff and attempts to destroy the country and the constitution Where did you find your list of praises.

  • ajfrench

    Know this too, this regime is not of the people. It is comprised of a very small group of Fascists who want to dominate the whole world. So don’t look to blame the people of any country, or faith denomination. These are wealthy, God-hating individuals who want to eliminate the better part of the population.

    If we-the-people demonstrated with a world wide sit in, they would find a way to create havoc by paying some group to act out. Do not comply. They are looking for any reason to kill. Reject their idea, reject their pressure, reject their hate filled plans, reject their god, Satan.

    • NC

      Aj, you say this President is “not of the people” and he got almost 70 million votes to the 60 million for the other side!What is “of the people” to you? That everyone think like you?? That is not required by the Constitution and has never been the case!!

      You say ‘People traded! No money needed.” is the way to go! So just burn your money and mosey on down to the general store and make a living trading pocket knives!

  • ajfrench

    Remember how things were done in the beginning of the world. People traded. NO MONEY NECESSARY. NO FASCIST GOVERNMENT REQUIRED. Just people creating and sharing with one another so that everyone’s needs are met. Remember the story, ‘Stone Soup’.

    Reject their hate. They say you are the haters because you respect yourselves, but it is they who are the haters and want you to fall in the pit with them. JUST SAY NO.

  • Steve E

    If I were Commander in Chief, I would be known as the “Atomic Bomb President.” Atomic Bombs are very effective on Arab soil.

    • Old Henry

      And justimagine all the beer and wine bottles we could make from all that glass!

  • cecelia holland

    this article is so full of questionable data it’s useless. really. it’s the republican primary candidates who are calling for an attack on iran, not the obama administration. in the 21004 election, the democrats didn’t hold the white house, so the idea they campaigned on a “don’t change horses” strategy is ludicrous. who are you aiming this drivel at? beck and rush?

  • http://Yahoo Dave 6729

    This is just plain sour grapes and you know it…No one was more surprised about the Peace Prize than Obama was..Button it, if that is the best facts you can come up with!

  • Old Henry

    Yeah, no decent person would knowingly follow Democrats / Socialists / Progressives / Communists (so many ways to spell one word) into a bathroom. Who wants to watch what those kind do to each other?

  • Wyatt

    Well said . But let us not forget that the Nobel Organization is considering asking for the return of the prize and the money . It seems Obama either deceived the Nobel Commission and lied about something or it was awarded by mistake

  • Walt1

    I think most Americans felt Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize was extraordinarily premature, and that it really represented Europe’s relief that George W. Bush was gone. Bush was a laughable disaster and embarrassment to the U.S. who was much ridiculed in Europe, in contrast to the high esteem and regard Europeans have had for Obama, as evidenced in this survey late last year:
    Obama would have gotten the Nobel Prize for taking out bin Laden and for working with Europe in getting rid of Gaddafi, both of which showed that wars need not be launched, thousands of American lives need not be lost or ruined, and trillions of dollars need not be spent to eliminate evil in the world.

  • 45caliber

    The way to make a liberal admit war is necessary – and make a conservative out of him:

    Get into an argument about war with a liberal. Somewhere along the line, he will insist that there is no excuse for war. When he does, knock him down.

    When he gets up and starts to swing on you, insist that he is breaking his own rule – there is no excuse for war. Then, when he starts to cool down and go away, knock him down again.

    Sooner or later he will decide the only thing to do is to fight back. When he does, shake his hand and welcome him to the conservative side.

  • Buck

    RON PAUL is our only hope of avoiding more wars , he wants to bring all our troops home to protect our borders and let someone else be the worlds policeman because we do it at great cost and get no respect or appreciation for it . RON PAUL for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA while it is still a viable country .

  • Gringo Infidel

    What a bad joke the Nobel prizes are / have become.

    Norway, that is the second bad idea to come from you (the first was adopting all those poor downtrodden Islamists who cause your violent crime now)

  • Ted Crawford

    Come on now guys! How could Obama have known that bowing to kiss whatever body part was offered wouldn’t have the desired effect of increasing our respect and influence throughout the Middle East? According to his SOTU address he still believes that it’s a fact! Never mind that one country is sending him toys and yet another is arresting our citizens, including the son of a Cabinet Member! Facts aren’t important to Progressives just their preception of things!

    • Deerinwater

      I find the same can be said of the “Right” and their perception.

      If scrambled eggs and chicken are one and the same thing any perception of the facts to a right-winger is suspect to gross misinterpretation.

  • K

    Obama is merely an opportunist and freeloader. He got the Nobel Peace prize before he had done anything, he simply got it for being “not Bush”. And now it is clear he is not a man of peace, but rather, is a bully who attacks the 2nd poorest country in the world and makes up stories about why this is necessary and how we are winning. But when it comes to actually defending democratically elected governments in countries like Burma, the Honduras or the Maldives, or opposing repression of human rights in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, nah, that would require morals and backbone. I hope that historians accurately document that Obama was the president who brought foreign and domestic warfare and assassinations to a new level of terror and illegality with his use of drones and signing the bill allowing for indefinite detention of American citizens.

    Final word: I am not a libertarian, but Crystal is correct in this article. I would encourage all to tone down some of the government control of business rhetoric and out of context quotes of political figures, and focus on the loss of personal liberties and rule of law that is occurring today. Focus on the one key underlying issue, otherwise it is too easy for Obamites to label and dismiss you as an unhappy complainer.

  • dqfreemind

    You all whine about the Usurper on a regular basis; why don’t you just take him out?

    • Vicki

      There are 3 moral and legitimate ways. We are working on all 3

      Nullify by showing in a court of law that he is not eligible.
      Nullify or Impeach by petitioning our representatives to uphold their oath
      Elect someone else in Nov 2012.

  • Deerinwater

    “He got the Nobel Peace prize before he had done anything, he simply got it for being “not Bush”.

    LOL! Funny how things work out.

    I took it as more of a “World Sigh of Relief”

    I guess you know GW has cancelled plans to travel Europe on occasions for fear of being arrested when getting off the plane.

    Since we the people of America declined to subject a departing President to the Criminal Justice System, many in the world community are ready and willing to take him to task at first opportunity.

    If you didn’t know that, you do now. It’s not something that any American likes to hear. So you don’t.

  • s c

    I’m betting that Obummer thinks he’s in line for at least one more Nobel Peace Prize before he has to leave the White House. The last time he got one, he’d been around for NINE DAYS. Let’s see. God created a whole lot in a few days, but somehow Obummer (posing as A White House ‘God’) is special enough to warrant a NPP for doing damn little.
    I have to conclude that the committee that’s responsible for selecting NPP nominees is beyond corrupt (are they from Chicago?). I fail to see how the NPP folks could lump The Anointed Pretender with Einstein, Salk, Fleming or Pasteur.
    Now if they handed out NPPs for arrogance, no character or hatred for one’s own country, Obummer would be #1 and at the top of the list.
    Oh, for mortals who have real STANDARDS for “leaders.” Someone needs to approach the committee and demand blood, urine and mental competency exams. If they ever ‘packed the gear,’ they traded it for hope-and-change. Losers!


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