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Thursday was a tough day for the people of West, Texas. They gathered to bid a final farewell to their friends and family, 15 of whom died in the catastrophic explosion and fire at the West Fertilizer Co. storage and distribution center.

As a resident of Savannah, Ga., I have a sense of just how far a tragedy at a major local employer can reach. In February 2008, an explosion at the Imperial Sugar Refinery in nearby Port Wentworth reverberated far beyond the harrowing damage at the scene. Nearly everyone in the area was connected by blood or friendship to an employee at the plant.

To the best of my recollection, the various Imperial Sugar memorials evoked tears at best and indifference at worst. If someone tried to exploit the nightmare to press some twisted liberal ideological button, I neither heard nor read about it. While the usual Democratic vultures found their familiar roosts soon enough, the memorials themselves were treated with at least respectful silence.

Pity the same can’t be said for the folks in West. As they grieved together, Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman published this macabre substitute for humor:

Get it? See, the pencil-necked artist thinks the tragedy was caused by a lack of government bureaucracy. So he depicted Texas Governor Rick Perry — who has been enthusiastically recruiting businesses away from job-crushing, union thug-infested States governed by Democrats — as luring people to their doom in a fiery explosion. And, hey, there was a fiery explosion in West! Yeah, that’s some funny stuff, right there.

Perry tweeted the following response to the Bee’s ghoulish glee: “Disgusted by the @sacbee_news cartoon mocking death of fellow Americans in explosion. They owe the citizens of West an apology.” He didn’t say that the Bee should dump Ohman for shamelessly stomping on the graves of the West victims; he didn’t even point out the obvious fact that Ohman is a no-talent hack who is almost as funny as bone cancer. He simply noted that politicizing tragedy is inappropriate at best and cruel at worst.

Of course, The Bee chose to attack Perry rather than admit to atrocious comic timing. Bee Editorial Page Editor Stuart Leavenworth even took the inexplicably ugly step of blaming Perry: “Yes, a Texas governor is beating up on a cartoonist instead of taking some responsibility. shocking.” Leavenworth’s decision to double down against decency begs the question: Why be ghoulish and creepy when you can be ghoulish and creepy and blame your ghoulish creepiness on someone else? If Democrats want to ascribe every tragedy they encounter to some lack of adherence to their ideas, I suppose they’re welcome to it. Despite their own opposition to the 1st Amendment, they have the right to free speech — even unfunny, unpleasant and/or uncaring speech.

They have the right to spurious attempts to tie the Newtown, Conn., massacre to a lack of anti-Bill of Rights laws that wouldn’t have had any effect on the Newtown massacre. They have the right to bewildering efforts to tie the Boston Marathon bombing to “white Americans.” They have the right to pretend they’re not repudiated by actual facts at every turn. And, sadly, they have the right to pretend jokes about their fellow citizens dying in blazing infernos are funny.

Liberals politicize everything because to a liberal, everything is political. The air you breathe is political; ask the zealots at the Environmental Protection Agency. The food you eat is political; ask New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the first lady. To a liberal, even life itself is political. And judging by the President’s make-out session at Planned Parenthood last week, they’re solidly against it — unless the life in question belongs to a cop killer or an islamofascist. Ultimately, if you’re mourning the loss of family or friends and the Democrats can make political hay out of your grief, it’s not personal; it’s politics.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • GALT

    Through interviews with former regulators and community leaders, as well as a review of hundreds of pages of documents going back to 1976, a sense emerges that no institution sounded the alarm here, even as fertilizer piled up inside the plant, creating a potentially deadly tinderbox in close proximity to the town. No one effectively prepared for the emergency that eventually materialized, leaving this community uniquely vulnerable to the tragedy that unfolded last week when the plant caught fire and exploded, killing 14 people and ripping apart an apartment building, a school and dozens of homes.

    In June 2011 — less than two years before the explosion — the private company that owns the plant, the West Fertilizer Co., filed an emergency response plan with the Environmental Protection Agency stating that there was “no” risk of fire or explosion at the facility. The worst scenario that plant officials acknowledged was the possible release of a small amount of ammonia gas into the atmosphere.

    Fertilizer long has been recognized as a dangerous combustible material. One variety, ammonium nitrate — a pellet-shaped product typically shipped in large bags — caused the deadliest industrial accident in American history, the explosion of a ship at the port of Texas City in 1947, which took the lives of more than 500 people.

    In 1995, Timothy McVeigh used about two tons of ammonium nitrate to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. As recently as 2012, the West Fertilizer plant held some 270 tons of that substance, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

    Yet, according to a Reuters report, the stores of ammonium nitrate here never tripped the scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which apparently was unaware of the plant’s existence.

    • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

      This explosion was SABOTAGE.

      • Jeff

        Of course it was. I don’t suppose you require any actual evidence to make that claim, do you?

        • Right Brain Thinker

          Hey! It just might have been. And if the plant had a proper sprinkler system as should have been required, maybe there’d be enough of it left that we could figure it out..

  • peter

    As cartoons go this one could be judged highly distasteful at least. This definitely gives cartooning a bad name. Mickey Mouse would not be impressed! Shameful!
    Loved the article Ben, keep em coming and take care of yourself.

  • johna650

    No one reads the Bee, let alone takes it seriously. Making an issue of this distasteful cartoonist just gave the moron more headwind in the Marxist-Progressive Press.

    • Jeff

      It’s been over 100 years since the Triangle fire in New York. Wouldn’t you think the issue of whether the State has an interest in factories’ safe operation had already been answered? I guess not on this blog.

      • Liberty Lover

        You and the cartoonist are kindred spirits, Jeff. You don’t need any facts before rushing to judgment.

        • Jeff

          I know there were no inspections there for years. By the time the “facts” are released, no one will be paying attention. I take it you like the idea of turning Texas into Bangla Desh. Who needs those stinkin’ Government Building Codes and Zoning laws, anyway? Did you ever think maybe there’s a reason they were enacted?

          • Liberty Lover

            There’s ALWAYS a reason laws are enacted and regulations are promulgated, and cost-effectiveness is rarely a consideration as naive liberals endeavor to create a utopia in which nothing bad ever happens (except maybe a little corruption that benefits the ruling class).

          • Jeff

            In your previous life, were you one of those bean counters who determined whether a car company should install a $3 part to avoid thousands of deaths and injuries? Talking about monstrous thinking, bringing in “cost-effectiveness” when discussing worker safety tells us EVERYTHING we need to know about you. Now, tell us, how many workers’ lives are worth an extra thousand dollars of corporate profit?

          • Liberty Lover

            No company ever profits long-term by ignoring worker safety. as even a person of your limited intellect ought to comprehend. As for your very Democratic concern for worker safety, when are you going to accept my invitation to compare the loss of life at the Triangle factory with the slaughter of innocents through abortion on a daily basis? Save your pathetic hypocrisy for those fools who might be impressed by it.

  • Progressive Republican

    Wow. I keep forgetting how slanted away from reality this site is. Somewhat reminiscent of reading the same level of [crap] in the weekly rag put out by the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade I could sometimes stomach when I was in college.

    Ol’ Ben here says, “See, the pencil-necked artist thinks the tragedy was caused by a lack of government bureaucracy.” Who does he think he is? Classy Freddie Blassie? Pencil-neck? Seriously? Just for those who don’t know (like Ol’ Ben):

    >The plant had not been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) since 1985.

    >In 2006 the plant was cited for failing to obtain or qualify for a permit. What, did they think it was unnecessary? They didn’t need one? Too much bureaucrcy?

    >”The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality investigated West Fertilizer on June 20, 2006, after receiving a complaint June 9 of a strong ammonia smell.

    >Despite these problems it kept operating but it has not been inspected in the past 5 YEARS.

    Can anyone say, “Catastrophe waiting to happen”? Oh. My. God.

    “Perry tweeted the following response to the Bee’s ghoulish glee (Ol’ Ben really expects ANYONE to believe they’re HAPPY about this? Pleased? Delighted?): “Disgusted by the @sacbee_news cartoon mocking death of fellow Americans in explosion. They owe the citizens of West an apology.” If ANYONE owes them an apology it is their Governor.

    “Bee Editorial Page Editor Stuart Leavenworth even took the inexplicably ugly step of blaming Perry: “Yes, a Texas governor is beating up on a cartoonist instead of taking some responsibility. shocking.” Inexplicably ugly? Placing the blame where it belongs? I would say, “You cannot POSSIBLY be serious,” but he probably is, in his own demented way.

    The remainder degenerates into more typically offensive dreck a la that aforementioned RCYB rag blaming liberals and Democrats for all of society’s ills. I’d say that Ol’ Ben should know better, but then if he did he wouldn’t be writing here, now would he?


    • rivahmitch

      I guess I’m confused by your comments. Wouldn’t OSHA inspections be a federal, rather than state responsibility? How is that Texas’ fault?

      • Progressive Republican

        I’ve known people who have worked in Texas and referred to the state (version of ?) OSHA. Section 18 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 encourages States to develop and operate their own job safety and health programs. OSHA approves and monitors state plans and provides up to 50 percent of an approved plan’s operating costs.

        There are currently twenty-two states and jurisdictions operating complete state plans (covering both the private sector and state and local government employees) and five which cover public employees only. Eight other states were approved at one time but subsequently withdrew their programs.

        I suspect that Texas is one of those eight, but have been unable to verify this.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      “Progressive Republican”? Really? I once described myself on a PLD thread as a “moderate progressive conservative”, and Bob Livingston himself took me to task for that. If he’s not busy buying up all that cheap gold today (or shilling it to others), he may find the time to disabuse you of the notion that there is any such thing as a “progressive Republican”. He would likely lecture you about RINO’s as well.

      Although I myself donated triple digit $$$ to the McCain campaign, things have now gotten to the point where the only word that I would put in front of “Republican” is “regressive”.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Right Brain Thinker,

        You write: “..he may find the time to disabuse you of the notion that there is any such thing as a “progressive Republican”. Your ignorance is showing. I have written many times that the problem with the Republican party is that it is run and dominated by progressives and hence little different from the Democrat party.

        Best wishes,

        • Right Brain Thinker

          As I said, Bob, in your mind there is no such thing as a “progressive Republican”. You have proved my point for me by informing all of us that the progressive Republicans are really Democrats in your mind, and RINO’s to boot.

          And thanks for the little ad hominem. I always helps the cause of serious debate when you throw those in.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Right Brain Thinker,

            You write: “As I said, Bob, in your mind there is no such thing as a ‘progressive Republican’.” You must have a comprehension problem. I will state again; there are many progressive Republicans. The party hierarchy and elected class is dominated by them.

            You write: “You have proved my point for me by informing all of us that the progressive Republicans are really Democrats in your mind, and RINO’s to boot.” That is not what I said, so I did not prove your point. I did say there is no difference between progressive Republicans and Democrats.

            You write: “And thanks for the little ad hominem.” Ignorance– lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. Pointing out your ignorance is not an ad hominem.

            Best wishes,

          • Dave

            Please cite examples of GOP progressiveness Bob.

            I can cite examples of conservatism in the Dem party

            1) they won’t break up the big banks

            2) very happy with the large amounts of money in the political process

            3) Expanded the conservative’s “Patriot Act”

            4) Effectively gutted S.T.O.C.K. designed to stop insider trading by Congresspeople.


            1. Also called progressionism, progressism. the
            principles and practices of those advocating progress,
            change, or reform,

            con•serv•a•tism (kənˈsɜr vəˌtɪz əm)

            1. the disposition to preserve or restore what is
            established or traditional and to limit change.

            Just to help you out what political progressivism and conservatism mean.
            specially in political matters.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dave,

            You write: “Please cite examples of GOP progressiveness.” Look at the whole of Bush the younger’s term. No child left alone, Medicare drug bill, the “compassionate” conservatism increased spending on transportation and other social programs and the growing police state and his push for amnesty, all of which were supported by the majority of the GOP. That is Republican progressiveness. They all consistently vote for increased corporate welfare, agricultural/farm subsidies, high defense spending and unsustainable entitlement programs.

            Your list of fourth things done by supposedly conservative democrats are not conservative actions. You continue to confuse Republican with conservatism.

            Best wishes,

          • Dave

            The Medicare drug bill was a 400B wet kiss to big pharma. That is not “progressive”

            The “growing” police state is not “progressive” Where you you get the equation of “police” state with the desires of progressives? I have not read that doctrine anywhere

            Amnesty? Lets not kid ourselves what that is about… Its not “compassionate conservatism” at work, its money. The conservative front group (US Chamber of Commerce) wants illegals in this country because they do the work Americans can’t afford to do or don’t want to do… The whole “illegals” arguement is about MONEY. Its also a convienet scapegoat to fire up the conservative base at election time.

            Bush and transportation (From The Washington Post)

            He signed into law a $286 billion transportation measure that contains a record
            6,371 pet projects inserted by members of Congress from both parties.
            Now in 2005, Congress was owned by the conservatives. The reality is that investment in our infrastructure NEEDS to be made. Progressives do want better mass transit, but these projects were to modernize aging roads, bridges etc. It needs to happen. It was not a “progressive” thing.

            Corp welfare is not “progressive” that is American corporatism and favored by a great many conservatives in both parties.

            If I am wrong about how I charactorize conservatives, I apologize. Will you and your fellow conservatives take more care in what you label liberalism and progressivism? It would be a refreshing change of pace because it seems as if you and your fellow writers call anything that does not fall under your narrow view of conservatism, you consider it liberalism, progressiovism, socialism, communism, Marxism. If I am wrong about my definition of conservatism, then you are also wrong. Deal?
            at PLD.

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Whatever you say, Bob. I’m busy on other things so I’ll let you have your way. Dave has made some good points below—-perhaps you could address them with a bit more clarity and conviction than you used in evading my point?

          • dianiline

            Must have missed the ad hominem. Also I’m not sure to what “serious debate” you refer.

            Further, I will point out that when you are going the wrong way, regression is the only reasonable course of action.

          • Right Brain Thinker

            You missed “your ignorance”?

            And you also missed my slightly snarky implication that serious debate is often not present on PLD? And even when it appears, some fool will throw ad hominems out because he doesn’t like what he sees?

            And you don’t know the definition of “regression”?

            It is hardly reasonable to go backwards into a “worse or more primitive state”

          • dianiline

            “Your ignorance” is not an ad hominem. It is making an excuse for your lack of serious argument. If he had said you were a jerk, that would be ad hominem.

            If “your ignorance” were an ad hominem, “some fool” would certainly also be, and we know which hominem you refer to.

            “Regression” means going backward. I know you think progress is good, and regress is bad, but these are actually value-neutral terms which simply refer to directions. Figuratively they usually imply progress to a better state, or regress to a worse state, but they have been politically co-opted to mean just about the opposite.

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Take out your dictionary and look up regression and reverse. And your figuratively diatribe is literally obtuse.

          • Bob666

            Yo RBT,
            More sexual tension????

          • dianiline

            Regression still means “going back”, my friend. As progression means going forward. Regression is backward progress. A dictionary that does not cover this is inadequate. Get a bigger dictionary.

            And I will belabor the point that when one is going the wrong direction, literal progress is figurative regression, and literal regression is figurative progress.

            That is, when one is going the wrong direction, going backward is the best course of action.

            English is a beautiful language.

            Obtuse is an interesting word choice. I will leave you to parse out how it represents an ad feminam attack possibly in an attempt to avoid serious argument.

      • Progressive Republican

        While I, and most, consider “progressive conservative” to be an oxymoron (I won’t try to suss the “moderate” prefix. It’s late and I did my ten), “progressive Republican” at one time was actually redundant.

        When the Whig Party finally broke up in the 1860s, the more progressive remnant formed the Republican Party based on the principles of fiscal and social responsibility; principles they had largely abandoned by the mid-1880s by which time they’s sold out to the robber barons.

        As far as Bob’s, ” I have written many times that the problem with the Republican party is that it is run and dominated by progressives and hence little different from the Democrat party.” comment, well let’s just say the he’s clearly not paying much attention. I won’t deny that the Dems also lean Corporatist, but they aren’t doing the same things in bed with them the party of the Greedy Oligarchic Plutocracy does. Ick.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    GALT and Progressive Republican have spoken for me. I will only add that the real shame of the disaster is that nearly all the deaths were first responders, and most of them died while trying to run a HOSE from a hydrant to fight the fire, a technology invented in the 19th. century.. As GALT points out, the dangers of ammoniuim nitrate have long been known, and the recommended technique for ensuring that no explosion occurs is to flood the ammonium nitrate with large amounts of water BEFORE the fire gets near it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that any warehouse that has 270 tons of the stuff inside needs to be equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. If West had been so equipped, the lives of some brave men would have been spared, as well as the plant and its contents and the homes in the community.

    The cartoon may not have been in the best of taste, but Ben’s article is just a distraction from the real issues and just more of his anti-progress horsepucky.

    • Bob666

      Yo RBT

      Funny how Ben will find this cartoon distasteful, but would use one just as offensive like it to prove his point if it were making fun of a progressive democrat.
      There is definitely a double standard.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Guh-wan! You’re kidding me!
        On PLD?, and in Ben’s mind?

        Why wasn’t I told of this before?

  • diana

    This co. Has been around for a very long time, more likely it was an accident , or on purpose wait for the findings, we have enough to much gov. Interfering with co.s.

  • Ried

    “If ignorance is bliss, how come more people aren’t happy?”

    All materials have the potential to be hazardous, and when you have a lot of materials the hazards increase. This disaster is the result of poor planning, and the plant owners, operators, and insurance company share in the negligence.

    In my experience it is customary for insurance companies to assess the risk of an industrial facility before providing insurance. When they see a risk, it is prudent to issue a warning as part of their risk prevention.

    In my experience, local first responders (fire inspectors) will look at facilities in their jurisdiction and issue citations and fines for safety violations.

    If you want to run a large operation, you must be aware of the risks and take steps to mitigate the risks. Obviously, big government does not do a good job of protecting small communities. It is a personal responsibility to be knowledgable and to act and live safely.

  • Right Brain Thinker


    Excerpt from a posting on the Climate Denial Crock of the Week, one
    of the best sources on the net for breaking news on AGW and climate

    “Carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere are on the cusp
    of reaching 400 parts per million for the first time in 3 million years.
    The daily CO2 level, measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii,
    was 399.72 parts per million…”

    2013 is going to be a BIG year for the Earth’s climate, just as 2012
    Watch the doings of the arctic sea ice cover and the Greenland ice
    sheet over the next six months. By October we may be in deep doodoo.
    ice sheet. The next 6 months are critical—-by October, we may find
    that we are in very deep doodoo.

    • independent thinker

      “Carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere are on the cusp
      of reaching 400 parts per million for the first time in 3 million years.
      The daily CO2 level, measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii,
      was 399.72 parts per million…”

      Hardly an accurate representation of world CO2 levels. Mauna Loa is the world’s largest and one of its most active volcanoes. Volcanoes are known for the massive amounts of CO2 they spew into the atmosphere so reporting the CO2 levels on one as a representation of world levels is disingenuous at best.

  • Robert Smith

    Awwwww Ben, you cited yet another failure of CORPORATE MANAGEMENT screwing things up, not government.
    “CSB Investigation Supervisor John Vorderbrueggen, P.E., who led the 19-month investigation, said, “Imperial’s management as well as the managers at the Port Wentworth refinery did not take effective actions over many years to control dust explosion hazards – even as smaller fires and explosions continued to occur at their plants and other sugar facilities around the country.”

    The CSB report said that the sugar industry was familiar with dust explosion hazards at least as far back as 1925. Internal correspondence dating from 1967 showed that Port Wentworth refinery managers were seriously concerned about the possibility of a sugar dust explosion that could “travel from one area to another, wrecking large sections of a plant.” Precursor events included a 1998 explosion at Imperial’s plant in Sugar Land, Texas; an explosion at the Domino Sugar plant in Baltimore in November 2007; and two sugar dust explosions in the 1960’s that killed a total of ten workers. However, Imperial management did not correct the underlying causes of the sugar dust problem at the Port Wentworth facility…”
    Once again, get ALL the facts, Ben. Greed was at the bottom of that explosion.
    elevated surfaces.

    • Dave

      . Rob,

      According to Bob Livingston and the rest of the misgided, all that is needed is the “free” market. It knows all and is moral and just in all things. If we just let Corp America decide the safety steps to take, everything will be just dandy. Its when Gov insists on these silly regulations that TX failed to follow or enforce that problems arise.
      Having that much deadly chemicals next to where people live… What could go wrong? Ask Union Carbide… Environmental and safety regulations are such a bother in the conservative world. Gets in the way of profit.

      • speedle24

        The plant has been open since 1958, predating the vast majority of homes and apartments in the vicinity. Don’t make some inane easy comment about lack of regulation when you don’t know the facts Dave. Industrial accidents are going to happen in an industrialized society. Yes, intelligent regulations to protect the population are certainly necessary, but as with any bureaucratic function incompetence is assured.. A lot of things could have happened to prevent this accident, and unless you are on the scene and an expert in this industry you don’t know what they are, but as usual some people will take every opportunity to promote the progressive mantra.

        • Dave

          Hmmm… what happens to farms in changing suburban areas? They either move or the homes do not get built. Either way, its bad polcy in TX either way.
          Yes, intelligent regulations are not what people like Perry want to hear or pursue. The record there is clear… they prefer deregulation and when the budget ax falls, that is one of the first things that gets cut, that and education and programs for the poor.
          I know what Perry has said and advocated. The cartoon, while harsh is accurate.

          • speedle24

            I agree 100% with Perry that we should err on the side of deregulation instead of the reverse simply because much deregulation is at best a waste of resources and at worst counterproductive. The proof is in the state of finances of states that favor less vs. more regulation. There will be accidents that happen regardless of the amount of public funds spent on regulation (for multitudes of reasons). Education is always a problem but not necessarily anything to do with financing.

  • Deerinwater

    “Liberals politicize everything because to a liberal, everything is political.”

    Only in your eyes, Ben. ~ All things Liberal seems to be what been putting food on your table. ~ in more ways then one.

    You would call me a “liberal” because I disagree with you so often ~ I disagree with you not because you claim to be a conservative ~ but because you say foolish things and employ circular reasoning and you are not a Conservative .You are just a Kracker from Savannah, Ga. that would lean more Dixiecrat if it was still considered popular to be one.

    i am the Conservative here and looking forward the the GOP offering us one someday.

  • hungry4food

    I bet the DOGS Of Liberalism would depute this type of Business !!!!!

    Check this Out ,
    this is their Way of dealing with Overpopulation , instead of educating
    Responsible Living just become a killer of Life , become heartless and
    Deny the Divinity of Gods Will .

    Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry – NEW YORK

  • Sarah417

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Dave

    I wonder if the sure were on the other foot, would ben and his band of easily outraged conservatives have the same level of out rage? Nope….

    So we have Rick Perry, Mr secessionist with his greedy little paws out asking for a Fed Handout and he prides himself on his loosening regs for business, including safety and the EPA is one of the agencies that Mr Perry wanted to get rid of. These conservative jerks in the south also voted NO on Sandy relief for NY, NJ and CT because of “riders” while when the south gets hit with tornados, hurricanes, the states of NY, NJ, and CT vote YES… riders and all because helping fellow Americans is more important.

    Ben his highly upset at this cartoon… Too bad he is not equally upset that TX does not have an occupational worker safety program that meets federal standards? Where is the outrage by the conservatives???
    The TX Commission of Environmental Safety has so few inspectors because of Bush’s and Rick Perry’s distain for those annoying regulations and disgusting greed over worker safety… Where is the outrage?

    Nowhere… But conservatives are all upset about the cartoon that accurately shows Perry’s desire for money trumping the safety of West.

    More misplaced anger from conservatives is nothing new. Same with their huge hypocrisy.

  • hungry4food
  • hungry4food

    How can this point to a Obama Administration
    policy that supports Economic Equality for all Americans ?

    As ANTI Economic growth the Number 1 Supporter of Obama are
    which are Environmental Organizations , It would appear that Between
    foreign policy appeasement and now and attempt to appease with a Immigration
    reform bill thats all about selective appeasement as the bases of generating
    support and this being the bases for Populous politics instead of Free market
    economic Equality being the policy of this administration , it can be said that
    this is the fundamental driver for Volatility in the markets , so how does this
    become a policy that will sustain a adequate supply being produced by a civil
    society of Equality and those members of the society all benefiting when NOT
    ALL members of the society have Portfolios in a Fake Stock market rally that is
    generated from a Federal Reserve Fake Money Injection that Only Appeases the
    Environmentalists due to the lack of true Durable supply side growth ???


    Exclusive–-Sessions: Immigration Bill Gives Amnestied Residents ‘Immediate’
    Access to Welfare

    BUT Here Obama
    Isolates the US Minorities because you cannot take only so much from some to
    redistribute to those you are seeking to appease for voting support ….It
    would make more sense to grow the wealth effect with expanding supply and Jobs
    doing so , but remember then Obama and the democrats would lose the
    Environmentalist Support !!!

    Wealth Gap Among Races Has Widened Since Recession

    And this just shows the Appeasement policy using economic benefits
    that are designed to Appease both domestic and foreign radical factions that
    pose national security threats , again something that true economic durable
    supply side growth would do a better job of accomplishing this but Democrats
    and Obama would again Lose the support of the Environmentalist Community

    Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits , How many in these factions of
    society are benefiting this way ???

    The Obama Administrations Policies are Unsustainable and Market
    Volatility will continue and produce a Peak effect in supply versus debt .

  • Jeff

    “Liberals politicize everything because to a liberal, everything is political. The air you breathe is political;”

    If it takes political action to keep the air clean, then I guess it’s political. Texas doesn’t much cotton to regulating business; neither does Bangla Desh. When was the last time that plant in West, TX was inspected?

  • Jeff

    I sometimes wonder if Ben has any idea how far out and nutty his articles appear to those of us who are moderately sane. Apparently, he’s against any kind of government regulation no matter how necessary it is. Your factory is manufacturing fertilizer capable of exploding like a small nuke? The plant hasn’t been inspected in years? No problem. Tell it to the people who got killed in
    West, Texas. Save some of your outrage for the perpetrators of such industrial violence – not some obscure cartoonist who correctly portrays Rick Perry turning Texas into Bangla Desh!

    • Bob666


      You have made a very gave error in using Bens name and sane in the same sentence, think Oxymoron!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        HEY! DEVIL#BOB!

        As we said in NJ, “Whatzamaddawitchoo”?

        Ditch the Glenn Beck picture and replace it with one of either Alondra or the southbound end of a northbound horse!

        • Bob666

          did you read the caption under Beck’s photo???
          I feel complete with it.

        • Bob666

          Speaking of Swine-Did Putin recall the porkmiester??