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The Politics Of Ease

June 28, 2011 by  

The Politics Of Ease

As it turns out, what Billy Sunday failed to accomplish, some unruly teenagers — with some assistance from the Democratic Party — are close to finishing. That toddlin’ town, Chicago — the home of deep-dish pizza, Al Capone and a sizable number of adolescents in dire need of an extended stay at a juvenile detention center — is facing a new crime wave.

The reports have come fast and furious. Mobs of teenagers have knocked over drug stores. Mobs of teenagers have assaulted passersby. Mobs of teenagers have pillaged retail establishments and plundered the Magnificent Mile as if they were Alaric and his horde of Visigoths and the Windy City was Rome. All this adolescent rage makes me wonder about the efficacy of Bill Clinton’s “midnight basketball.”

Fret not, Chicagoland citizens. Your top cop, Police Supervisor Garry McCarthy, is on the case. McCarthy, who previously served as Police Chief in that Paris-on-the-Passaic, Newark, N.J., has identified the criminal mastermind behind the growing crime wave enveloping Chicago: Governor Sarah Palin.

Actually, according to McCarthy, Palin is the commander of a conspiracy comprised of:

  • Palin: “(Palin) was caribou-hunting and talking about the right to bear arms. Why wasn’t she at the crime scene with me?”
  • Firearm makers: “Who’s paying the price for gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities?”
  • And government-sponsored racism: “… the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers… that are killing black and brown children.”

Among those who didn’t make McCarthy’s list of suspects would be the actual perpetrators. Granted, in the legendary, Democratic machine-controlled political sewer that is Chicago, blaming crime on criminals is about as functional as blaming the Cubs’ World Series drought on the lights at Wrigley Field. McCarthy could blame the parents; but parents who unleash little monsters like those tearing through Chicago are as likely to accept responsibility for their progenies’ misbehavior as they are to vote for a conservative (who would likely remind them of their dereliction of parental duty). And it is possible that their good-for-nothing 15-year-old brats really did find new watches and Air Jordans™ on the side of the road. “Honest, Mom!”

I call this sort of Keystone Kops method of avoiding the real culprits in urban societal breakdown “the politics of ease.” It’s easier for a liberal like McCarthy to blame a crime wave on the former Governor of Alaska than it is to force criminals, their accomplices and their enablers to look in the mirror. More important to liberals like McCarthy, it’s easier for the Democrats to gain votes by offering the chance to blame Palin, gun manufacturers and mythological institutional racism than to suddenly develop the introspection which is as common in a place like Chicago (or Newark) as honest politicians and well-behaved teenagers.

Fortunately for the liberal establishment, decades of near-total Democratic domination of Windy City politics has — much like Newark — left Chicagoans either unwilling or unable to discern the true nature of their city’s burdens. However, unlike cesspools like Newark, Chicago boasts some significantly redeeming characteristics, not least of which is the presence of living proof that McCarthy’s charge of racism is void on its face. Surely, McCarthy and his liberal allies don’t expect us to believe that Sarah Palin, firearms manufacturers and fictional bigotry can create chaos-from-afar in the same place that boasts the residency of the most powerful individual in the free world. I find it highly unlikely that Oprah Winfrey would allow it.

Barring intervention from Oprah or some other powerful product of Illinois (ahem) who may choose to assist Chicago in escaping the grip of increasingly violent crime, the Windy City faces a grim future. If the liberal who has been ill-advisedly placed in charge of local law enforcement is more interested in explaining away antisocial behavior with anti-bill of rights demagoguery, tangential blame-shifting and pointing fingers at a woman who lives more than 3,000 miles away, then Chicago is headed down the highway to either hell… or Newark.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • karolyn

    Uh, Newark, NJ is not on the Passaic River.

    • chaz

      Duh, Yes it is unless you wish to say the Passiac runs through Newark.

    • FreedomFighter

      It would seem in Chicargo “ONLY” the ciminals have weapons and the strict gunlaws of the city have aided these criminals in obtaining a strangle hold on the city.

      Honest law abiding citizens “Armed” to defend themselves, and a law enforcement agency not corrupted by the Liberal left lies, that supported citizens, would take a huge bite out of crime in the windy city.

      Restrictive gun laws promote crime, as shown in study after study. The criminals know the victums have no reasonable defense against them, thus embolding crime otherwise not considered safe by crimanals.

      More guns in trained, law abiding citizens hands results in less crime, let us hold up the windy city as an example of Liberal foolishness of gun control.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Christin


        I whole-heartedly AGREE!

        It is UNConstitutional to disarm law-abiding American citizens.

    • Mac

      karolyn, have you been to Newark? The Passaic seems to be pretty widely believed to pass through Newark.

    • Erik

      Uh, yes, it is. Smoke much doobage while posting?

    • Erik

      Wrong, but thanks for playing. Typical Dem who posts without thinking or obtaining the facts.
      Geography FAIL.

  • Kane

    it isn’t?

  • Mark Matis

    This is Chicago, where NOT ONE “Law Enforcement” officer can bother to honor their oath of office to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” As a result, they are nothing more than Thugs with Guns who make the Mafia Enforcers look noble by comparison. Because, after all, the Mafia ALSO had an oath, and if you paid your “taxes” and the Mafia Enforcers dishonored THEIR oath, they were gone. Permanently. With Chicago “Law Enforcement”, however, dishonoring your oath gets you promoted.

    What ELSE would one expect from their Chief? He will fit in well there. Very well indeed.

    • Mike

      I agree that the days of “mob rule” were so much better than todays “police state”. At least the protection rackets actually protected you, unlike law enforcement, that writes “quota mandated” traffic tickets to law abiding citizens to raise revenue, and ignores the truly dangerous criminal element, that have little cash, and may “shoot back”. Wonder how long it will take law abiding citizens to “shoot back”?

      • mickey

        This is funny. I used to live where the mafia had a mild influence. I was less afraid of the mob than the police. The mob wouldn’t kill me but the police and lawyers would trump up some reason to put me in jail.

        Kinda weird I had more trust in the mob.

        BTW wasn’t the world more afraid of the the Mafia than any world power? The mob didn’t have country boundaries.

        I guess one would have to grow up that way to understand it. obama obviously tries to be the Godfather, but botches it. The mob was directed; it didn’t bomb countries and call it “non-hostile”.

        • Buddy

          Some of the old timers, here in Las Vegas, say that things were much better when the mob was in control. I don’t know, but can’t dispute such comments because it seems that most older residents say the same thing. Mob control is better than the police state.

          That said, it seems that things are somewhat O.K. because there is more casino owned firepower on the L.V. Strip than there is in many small countries – - all dedicated to keeping casino customers safe and happy.

  • anastasia beaverhouser

    Liberals are a floundering bunch-they must put blame on everything that is good and right—Chicago needs to suffer because the adults there are letting this happen… one steps up to the plate to take charge in a positive way—you keep your thugs and your rotton police dept and your crappy political beliefs—but PLEASE—-let us put up a moat to guard your trashy lifestyles from sliming over to the real UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

    • Be Aware

      Chicago’s thug like trashy lifestyle of slim has already spilled oven into the United States of America, i won’t mention any names, but i will give you one guess.

    • KM

      To Anastasia and others,
      This “flash mob” steal and run action didn’t only happen in lovely Chicago, but Philadelphia and a couple of other cities. All examples of Democrat/Progressive rule for decades. The youngsters, from 11 to 19, overwhelmed store security. More important, they point up the entitlement-dependent society that thinks they can get what” every one else has” any way that they can.
      They organized on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe they hope to follow in the footsteps of the community organizer-in-chief.

    • Wolflar45acp

      Not everyone in Chicago is a liberal. I have been a NRA member for more than 20 years and their are more people just like me here! Yes Chicago is a corrupt city with very bad leadership in the form of liberals, it is a one party political system. if their is a devil he may live here. had fate or whatever had landed me a job in a freer state maybe I would believe their is a GOD that did not happen. instead I raised my family and worked for 21years on a good job watching political correctness creep in year by bloody year. Try to imagine what it is like being a black conservative who likes guns is antiabortion who loves his country who believes he has every right to defend what he has earned and has family from anyone at home or on the street and has the nerve to express it.Not to mention his whole extended family is liberal! The liberal extended family who calls him when things go bump in the night or heck in the day!Believe me when I tell you liberals don’t hate guns when their butts are on the line from the monsters they helped to create. Gangs, Drug dealers and every other bad actor in this city owe their existence to people like them.We are here don’t lump us all in one box.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    that guy is full of-it it is the dems who are encourging these kids to do this.

  • Al Gagne

    What do you expect from a people who contunue to vote for the same lying crooks and hoping for a different outcome. That is the definition of Stupid. Al Capone owned the Chicago Police and City Hall. The Democrats have owned the Police and City Hall for over 100 years. Until the Stupid voters gain some gray matter and the ability to use it, Chicago will always be screwed and subject to extreme violence and chaos. Vote the crooks out of office and apply and stong enema to City Hall and the Police Dept. Not until the voters royally flush out the filthy, lying, crooked Democrats out will there be any sign of improvement. Proof: Look at Detroit. Democrats have really turned that city around haven’t they. abandonded homes and cities. Good Job Democrats. Better Job stupid voters.

    • Dons621

      Ditto The White house.

    • Wolflar45acp

      That is not going to happen people in Chicago love their crooks as long as they are liberal and promise to give them something. The city politicians are thinking about doing what New York did ban trans fats. and when the left wing media sent out one of their reporters to ask some of our thoughtful citizens about it she said she thought it was a good idea because then she wouldn’t have to think about where to eat!!

  • old1

    Chicago, a dead city. Time to shovel dirt over it and move on. RIP! Time marches on. We can still learn by our mistakes, can’t we? Does the name Obama come to mind?

  • Iris

    BTW, why is everyone afraid to say that what is going on in Chicago and elsewhere is the result of flash mobs made up of black teenagers? The libs sure have all of you, including Ben, well trained!

    Has it occurred to anyone that these are just trials to see how it plays? Are you and your little cities ready to be taken over? Remember, the powers that be will not criminalize THEIR people. That said, we are now on our own.

    • Raggs

      When I first seen this on FOX news my thoughts were… WOW these people look like a bunch of cockroaches clammering for some food..
      My second thought was… WOW these people ARE a bunch of cockroaches!

    • Gordon in Texas

      Good take on this Iris. I find it very disturbing (although not surprising) that no one mentions what “group” of teens are involved in these criminal acts. The media and politicians have made us so afraid of our shadows that we can no longer provide the details of any story involving any race other than Caucasians. The Black community has no problem identifying whites when there is a crime involving a white person against a black person. This is just another example of the lack of accountability in this political correct and stepped-on country.

    • mickey

      Because black teens get press time which leads to the likes of Jessie Jackson, Clyburn, et al, who also get press time. Now I’m sure these kids are not all black but would it have the same effect if whites were in the pic?

      Sorry that 15 minuties of fame is so important to the black leaders. Sorta like the Islamists hiding behind women’s skirts.

      • Cawmun Cents

        But these kids are victims arent they?Surely the criminal tendencies arent latent in todays welfare moms broods?They must have been oppressed somehow?They wouldnt just decide to become career criminals out of desperation would they?Looting in public is okay in certain circumstances,right?Like riots over police beatings,and oh yeah…because they are bored.At least they havent turned murderous yet.When that comes…look for the ACLU to protect their right to loot and murder.The media will make them the victims…its all been done before,and will be done again.Chicago is just the next in line.If young Black people can loot and eventually(I’m thinking)murder with no apparent prosecution…then what is next?How much more will we take before we get the pitchforks and torches out and hunt down this Frankenstein monster that our officials have created.-CC.

  • Maureen

    Loved what you said and how you said it. BTW, Al Capone was able to feed thousands of people during the Great Depression…. and this over quite a period of time. That is more than we can ever say about the thugs that pretend to dispense justice and represent law enforcement in Chicago!

    • Christin


      There are a lot of ‘Pretenders’ in most of our cities across our nation.

      There in lies our doom…

  • Mike Mazzone

    Thank you Sarah Palin for commanding the conspiracy.

  • Alice

    Deliberate blindness to reality is a trait common to liberal citizens. I noticed as soon as I was adult enough to read newspapers and listen to newscasts that the states/cities who were controlled by Democrats were almost always the ones with the most crime, poverty and great chasms between rich and poor people. In California, workes cannot afford to live where they work because the housing is too expensive. Chicago has been corrupt so long that they think that is normal. Liberals must blame someone else or they might lose votes because the people on the public dole will only vote for politicians who promise to continue the cash flow and not find fault with their lifestyles.

  • Goldenboy

    if you lay down with the pigs you get up with mud on you. Democrats in Chicago are just part of the “Thug” system. They have had control so long, and lived off the welfare of the state and federal government so long, they have come to conclude that the government owes them a living and position. Look at just what was ruled on the former governor and the graft he was involved in. Crime begat crime. Not a city I would like to live in…..

  • jim

    Sounds like mccarthy is another useless obamabot lib dem Moron! Chicago is just reaping the results of voting for lib dem Crooks for years, they deserve ALL they are getting!! No doubt there is a LOT more to come, they haven’t learned their lesson yet because of their favor toward one the worst obamabots ole raaahmmmm!! Enjoy your CRIME, there is a LOT more to come, until you WAKE UP!!

    • eddie47d

      McCarthy and Palin “duke it out” because one is pro gun and one wants stronger gun laws. They both come from totally different circumstances and the environment in which they live. Both should be listened to on gun crime and supporting the Second Amendment. We can’t abandon gun rights or the misuse of gun rights.

      • Ellen

        Does anyone think these teens got their guns legally? I would guess they aren’t even old enough to buy one at a gun store. Instead of trying to take away/reduce our gun rights, they should focus on reducing the criminal element. Step 1: Reduce welfare. Women will stop having babies if the govt won’t pay for them.

        • mickey

          No welfare should be the case. That would take care of a lot of illegals too. With about 60% of divorces in the US, there are a lot of working moms, no excuse these welfare moms shouldn’t be working any more.

          Besides, I hear GA is looking for labor, lots of it. Pretty hard to have enough energy to get into trouble after working the fields. lol my kids and my family’s kids learned that.

        • karolyn

          There actually is a limit on how many children one can be paid for on Welfare. (at least in SC)

          • Ellen

            This is not true in all states, unfortunately. Personally, I think the limit should be 1. I have 2 kids because that was what I could afford. Why do welfare women have 6? I also think we need to set a time limit as we did with the abused unemployement claims. A woman can collect for 6 or 7 years – long enough to get her child in school full-time and get job training. There would be a drastic reduction in welfare if we set limits. It is the kindest thing we can do for these women, as otherwise they end up perpetually poor and with nothing to be proud of in their lives.

          • jibbs

            What ever happened to Bill Clintons, “welfare to work program”??

          • jibbs

            ROLMAO!!!!, You would appear a lot smarter if you kept your mouth shut, you don’t even know what river runs thru your town! I’ve never read anything as stupid as the bullsh^t you post, please go back to the huff N puff post, you’ll fit in there rather well, Jovi!

  • Raggs

    It wont take much longer and then Chicago will be like Detroit Michigan ran down and falling apart.. That’s what the liberal policy does when it sinks it’s fangs into society it sucks out the life of America and replaces it with hope and change.

    I’m actually surprized that this rob mob didn’t catch on first in California I’m sure it will spread over there soon. Will all major cities see this?

  • s c

    Any city that gleefully says Capone, Rahmbo and Obummer in the same breath is a city that feeds on itself and will eventually implode. Can you say Chicago?
    Only ultraliberal progressives could find ways to sacrifice their young to Moloch and expect to be viewed as upstanding and moral. God help you, Chicago. Your false-god politicians won’t.

  • BobfromCt

    McCarthy must be black. Blacks, except for conservatives like Walter/Armstrong Williams, Cain, West, Keyes, etc. never place blame where it should be. Obviously the crimes are being perpertrated by blacks. The black “community” always seems to blame whitey for their problems and bad behavior. I’m blonde and fair and have been targeted many times when I lived in “diverse” neighborhoods. Wish I had a gun so I would not have had to run.

    • mickey

      I can’t assign just “black” to this since I know many mixed communities share the same values, good or bad, whatever color. However, we can tell it is election time when the dems ramp up the rhetoric.

      There is a mixed signal on “tough on crime”. We have subplanted parents with police. With all the “kid can’t get a blister on his hands” attitude towards “child abuse”, we have to rely on the police state to take control.

      Shoot, our school bus driver didn’t wait for parent reaction. If we got too loud or disruptive, that driver stopped the bus, threatened to throw us off–worse, tell our parents. lol anyone in the neighborhood could swat our behinds and we would get it again when we got home. Now, bus drivers can’t get involved because someone will sue, the driver, the school, the whole community for one disruptive kid.

      And since we know that this is election time and the dems would like nothing better than to turn this into yet another “race bait” thing, maybe we should not buy it this time and address issues.

      • BobfromCt

        I hear you but don’t agree that much. Is McCarthy black? I’ll bet a mortgage payment he is. Are the gangs of thugs primarily black? Take a wild guess. If you’re white would you feel safe walking down the same street towards a gang? Would you feel secure if you’re daughter and her friends were walking downtown? Blacks are taught from when they are young that whitey is out to get them and you are naive to think otherwise. Dated a black girl some years ago and she invited me for dinner without her father knowing till he got home from work. He wouldn’t let me sit at the dinner table; we ate on TV dinner tables in the living room. So much for Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. If the situation were reversed the old man would be an out and out racist. The phenomenally disproportionate crime rates of black on white crime is the brontosaurus grazing in the backyard as MSM won’t say a word and non-lib orgs say nothing out of fear of the R label. Compare the media coverage of the Duke lacrosse case versus the Knoxville, Tn abduction rape and murder case. Never heard of it? Why not? The details are absolutely horrific and sensational but the story never got to the national media. Predominantly black schools spend more per student than wealthy white suburban schools yet the pregancy and drop out rates continue to increase. Are they stupid or do they not care or both? Stop making excuses and blaming anyone or anything but blacks themselves. Finally, why did the majority of blacks think OJ was innocent despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Why did Marion Barber ger elected AFTER his drug conviction? Why does Sheila Jackson-Lee, one of the most igorant AND stupid congresspersons ever to serve get continually re-elected?

        • mickey

          The get elected because they hold their own people out to the press as dirty laundry. How many black leaders actually promote the good blacks on TV? Doesn’t get many votes and doesn’t get press time.

          Black leaders want the derogatory scenes because it stirs up anger on both sides. If it didn’t work for those leaders, do you think they would do it? Do you see Adam West holding up poor, criminal blacks, for press time?

          Besides, there is hardly a neighborhood that is all “anything” any more.

    • Raggs

      I bet that you had numerous black males chasing after you for some trim?

      What the hell is wrong with White women?…

      • BobfromCt

        I’m a guy; my hair color and light skin felt like a magnet to racist blacks. As far as white women, they tend to be liberal thinking. The supposed bedroom prowess is only part of the equation. Who is more likely to take in the lost puppy, male or female? Men are deeply hardwired to protect and preserve their heritage while a woman’s priorities are much different. Lighter skinned females throughout the world are more desireable to all males than their darker skinned counterparts. When a white women takes her black man out in public she is making a statement. Black men are more entertaining to women while white men worry about their schooling and careers. Media exalts black men so white women say why not. Black men hit on white women and women, above all, want to be wanted and desired. Could write a book.

        • mickey

          Well, I guess it depends on the social status as to which women you are talking about. Surely, I will agree that women are most likely to take in that stray cat. I may also agree that black men may be more entertaining, if it is clarified as “attention”. White men are much of that problem. Ignore a woman and simply get the results. I never could understand why any woman would stay with an abusive, mentally or otherwise spouse/partner, just to preserve the race thing.

          lol I would trust some women I know to protect me from harm over a lot of these effeminate men any day. And yes, the women will go back to caring for their kids, taking in the stray cat, a very protective instinct. Men need to understand a paycheck is not a relationship. Men live off their stomachs and women live off affection. Quite simple to resolve most issues.

          Women’s Liberation freed more men than it did women. Sorta took the barrier of disrespect cloak right off men.

      • babybikerbabe


        I think BobfromCt is MOST LIKELY male.

        You might want to pay more attention?

        • Raggs

          Yup, Guess that I missed that the first time around…

          I see that around or more than 60% of the black women are single mothers some of which have more than 5 kids even some of the kids are with different fathers…. Just had to wonder why white women disire a black man….

  • eddie47d

    Chicago has been one of the cleanest and well run cities in America and has a lot to offer.There is little comparison to Detroit although every big city has it’s blighted area. The 1st mayor Daley was a racist coward but kept the city fine tuned and that is all some people want no matter who is getting screwed behind the scenes. Chicago politics is well known and very rough and tumble and yes there is a stench that permeates from it.Some of you love an iron fisted government or want it under certain circumstances(such as immigration)so you can play hardball too. The gang situation in Chicago does make one concerned over entering it’s premises or at least the Southside of the city. I have been through there but only passing on the way to someplace else. I never had any problems but gangs anywhere can be terrifying and the wrong family to have.Gangs can also be a big influence on a cities education system. Those who do go to school are the troublemakers and if not they hang around the outside intimidating students on the way home. A system that is constantly disruptive to ones learning allows few to learn.

    • mickey

      Really, Eddie, Chicago is clean???? Maybe in comparison with Detroit, but seriously, clean? I won’t say there isn’t crime in other major cities but are much cleaner than Chi. LA, Columbus, Oh, Indianapolis, Houston, many that are much cleaner than Chi.

      Anybody remember when there used to be pride in being poor? A kid would sweep a sidewalk, take out trash, mow a lawn, for a couple of dollars, which he/she would take back home to help feed the family. They weren’t there to case the joint, just offer some service for honest labor. Then came welfare.

      • Gordon in Texas


        There was no pride in being poor. But it was accepted that you had to do what it took (honestly) to feed the family. Doing menial labor was supposed to be a temporary fix until something better came along. Many single mothers worked numerous jobs to put their kids through school so they would have a better life. Welfare killed that. You can thank LBJ for killing the moral and ethic values of the “working poor.” Hence, the entitlement society.

    • jibbs

      47d, you think Chicago is clean????, I guess you lied to me a month or so ago, when you said that you have been to Chicago! I lived there for 46.5 years, and I’ve only been gone 8 months. It’s the sewer of the state! hehe, lol, wtf. You must have been in the “Boys Town” hood if you thought it was clean. Did you go to a bar called “The Man Hole”?

    • jibbs

      Eddie47d says: The gang situation in Chicago does make one concerned over entering it’s premises or at least the Southside of the city. I have been through there but only passing on the way to someplace else.
      **********************************************************************Try the South or West side after the sun goe’s down, they sleep during the day. Back in ’94 I was working at Madison St. & Cicero Ave. when the gun shots started during lunch! Hell, north, south, west, east side or in the Loop, they rob and murder anywhere to protect their turf. I know how to get around Chicago like the back of my hand and 70% of it is dangerous.



  • fozzysmom

    Iris, i agree. i’ve thought that for quite a while. the tsa body pat downs, illigal serches at train stations, ice or swat teams rushing your home w/search n seagers at will, the govmt. getting ingulfed in every aspect of our lives now and now they’re going to try to do the same in rule America. all this puts me in mind of the natzis way back when. that’s exactly what they would like for this country. we can not let this happen. the good part of congress, the republicans( well, most of them ), have got to start taking steps to keep this from happening, rether, continuing. if nothing is done, may GOD have mercy on our souls.

  • mickey

    Crimes against humanity? We don’t have that, just ask obama, Lybia has that. Palin, really?

    More good leadership from the dem party. And it used to be a respected party.

    I never could understand parents, even on welfare, why they didn’t protect their children and just move. Afterall, welfare is portable.

    I used to live in a city nick-named “little Chi” because of the corruption it had. It finally voted repub and things changed. Now it switches back and forth, not a great growing city but is more stable than it was.

    Sorta puts the emphasis on the bad parts of Chicago when I know it really does have some good community organizers that try, and do, help people.

    I don’t understand businesses that stay there. They could move too, that is, unless obama gets involved and tells them they can’t.

  • charles

    I feel sorry for our future kids and grandchildren.. they will never get to know how nice it once was to live in chicago many years ago or how great America once was. once was…..

    God Bless America which once was……

    • Gordon in Texas

      Me too Charles. I grew up in the 50s and 60s when, in my opinion, times were good: people trusted and looked out for each other, we produced quality products, and a dollar was well spent. I also saw the 70s change family values and disrupt the gender lines. It’s all gone down hill from there.

      I tell my kids (all in their 20s) about my days as a kid and they just don’t get it. Guess you had to be there. And I’m glad I was.

  • Dan az

    You know when the libs wanted their kids to be emancipated Because they had rights to,this was the beginning of the end.They didn’t want any of us to spank our kids or get arrested and what they didn’t say was that giving them emancipation was for their own benefit so as not to get sued for what their kids did!I had a couple living next to me when I was renting a house back when,And they believed that spanking or discipline was wrong.We didn’t get along to well.But in short both of their kids resided in the Grey bar hotel,they liked other people things and felt they had the right to them.Hum kinda sounds familiar dosen’t it?

    • mickey

      Yep and that same attitude worked out well in CA too. The kids that killed their parents because they were becoming of age and the parents had provided them with a good life style thought they had the right to kill off the parents for inheritance. That’s entitlement for you, one doesn’t have to be on welfare to be “entitled”.

      • Dan az

        mickey I remember that one it was the two brothers!

      • jibbs

        The Menendez Bros.

    • Pat

      That was dear Dr. Spock who told parents not to punish their children or it would damage their little personalities. He laid a monstrous guilt trip on parents who had been brought up by parents who had no qualms about paddling a misbehaving kid’s fanny. Those kids grew up fine, their Spock kids turned out to be self-centered brats…Dr. Spock apologized before he died, but the damage was done. I didn’t fall for the guilt trip, my kids got disciplined and paddled and grew up as responsible, caring adults.

  • Curt

    I am certain that I am not the only one that notices…every time elections draw near, violence skyrockets. It is the dems way of being able to point to the violence and say “See, we told you so.” It is cyclical. Just look back at past elections and see for yourself.

    And to all the dems out there: How’s that Hope-y, Change-y crap working for you? How much worse does it have to get before you wake up?

  • Gordon in Texas

    I understand that this column is all about the Democrat political machine, the lack of responsibility and accountability, political correctness, and apathy in the citizens and public officials, but what is not mentioned is that Chicago and the State of Illinois have such restrictive gun control (the only remaining state that denies concealed carry licenses) that the ONLY people with guns are the criminals. This kind of criminal activity would have a very low success rate in AZ, TX, OK, FL and other states where the state allows its citizens to protect themselves against the criminal element. I have absolutely no sympathy for the residents of Chicago because it is they who voted to deny citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Chicago will one day implode and the State of Illinois will be left with a black hole where a once-proud city stood.

    • NotInChicagoNow

      I know what you mean. I grew up on the Northwest Side of Chicago in the 50s and 60s. A kid could make money mowing lawns and shoveling snow and go anywhere without fear because parents would keep an eye out for EVERYBODY’s kids. I had several guns in my twenties when Daley Sr. imposed mandatory gun registration. Several cop friends advised me NOT to register because the registration keyboarders’ gang-banger boyfriends would give them “orders” for specific guns, which they would look up on the system. Presto! That house was broken into and the guns were gone, plus whatever else they could find. I moved to the burbs shortly after. Buy a gun in Chicago? HAH! THERE ARE NO GUN SHOPS IN CHICAGO! Yet. the gang-bangers have ‘em, while law-abiding citizens have to jump through hoops to keep a gun in the house. Now that Melson of the BATFE is the fall guy for the Fast And Furious fiasco, the New Talking Head is the former head of the Chicago Office. And Bozama and Holder knew nothing? HAH!

  • fozzysmom

    i live in centrel ill.. the last 5,6yrs, chicogo has been ‘relocating’ some of their undesireables to the smaller cities down state. now these small towns are experancing higher crime rates. the town i live in has more murders them ever before, rearly any before, thefts, break-ins, asults, gang related threts n drugs. the people of these small towns were not asked if they approved of these ‘relocation efforts’ to their towns, which i think they would have had evey right to be in on the nagosiations(sp), when it involves their town and their schools. chicogo created these people and shouldn’t be able to just ship them off to be a burden elsewhere.

    • Dan az

      I remember when the mayor of NY did the same thing to calif.They gave them a one way ticket on a bus.And look at what that caused over the years.

  • Jerome Bigge

    Back when I was young and the dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, teenagers used to earn money shoveling snow, raking leaves, cutting grass. But now that I’m a senior citizen of nearly 73 years, this no longer happens. I will admit that that in the past few years I did once have a couple of young men come to the door and offer to shovel. They got $20 for their efforts, but never came back again. That’s $10 for half an hour’s work each. Good healthy exercise in fresh clean air. There are increasing numbers of seniors who have a hard time taking care of such things, but very few young people willing to work. Odd, everyone says there is so much unemployment, that young people have a 24% unemployment rate around here in Michigan. Still, a snow shovel doesn’t cost that much at Home Depot… Yes, it is physical labor, but so were a lot of jobs when I was young.

    • BobfromCt

      Blacks do not want to do anything that has the appearance of being subordinate. How many black waitresses do you see in restaurants? Not a hard job, can be very lucrative, no education requirements……? Think about it. One reason is that blacks are notoriously bad tippers (sorry libs, I know from experience)and they project that onto whites.

      • Gordon in Texas

        Amen on the tipping. I worked in the restaurant industry, as did two of my children and that is a known fact. Tipping aside, this is just another case of entitlement. Young people today feel that they deserve something for nothing. And as long as society accepts this behavior and does nothing when young people go astray this type of behavior will continually degrade. Think it’s bad now? Wait until the economic situation worstens…and it will before it improves.

      • mickey

        Yeah, we’ve come a long way. I remember when all jobs were filled with both and both had pride in working. Then the entitlement era arose. I remember when we had small black owned businesses, small gardens worked back to back.

        At some time, we have to quit attacking the kids and attack the leadership. Pump those emails and faxes to the leaders to explain why they are not doing better for the neighborhoods. Publicly explain why the neighborhoods continue to be cesspools. If these leaders can’t do the job, then it is time to replace them.

        All this race baiting is going to get us the same as we had before–with the same results.

        It is hard, I know. We had three kids break into our home. All black kids, the ring leader only 13, the other two 14. The 13 yr old was dead by 25 from a gunshot wound over drugs. We didn’t press charges for any of them but then we, nor our neighbors ever had trouble from them again. We had permission from their parents to do whatever we wanted with them, including having them arrested. We did lecture, and lecture, and lecture, just the same as we would had they been our white kids (well, ok, our kids would have had a hard time sitting for a couple of days).

        The two 14 yr olds had working moms. The 13 yr old had a mother who sent him out to buy her drugs. We couldn’t reach him enough to prevent his demise.

  • George Haggard

    Behavior such as this is why Texas laws allow us to protect ourselves and our property. Thank God for pump shotguns!

    • Gordon in Texas

      LAL George. I have a few neighbors who are anti-gun. Guess who WON’T be protected when TSHTF?

  • Gina

    Funny how this degenerated into a ‘black or white’ thing. Who gives a damn what the color of the skin, it appears no one has the gonads to say: Enough is enough!

    I don’t live in Texas (it’s on the list) but do own a pump, and it’s use isn’t to find water.

    What this country hasn’t had in a very, very long time is strong political leadership. So we get what we have – cops afraid of the lawyers, politicians playing to the camera and parents who have less discipline than the kids. Am I advocating any political side? No, because an election year is rapidly approaching and it’s going to be the same crap, different day.

    It’s not about Obama, Bush, Clinton or Lincoln for that matter. It’s about US, the average American Citizen who has to step up and stop with the dumb s*it. We’ve allowed this to happen, every time we make jokes about “some other city” having “the problem”.

    Clean your own back yard first. Live in Denver? Bet you don’t have a clue who your city police liason is. Live in Trenton? Same thing. Either you’re going to be part of the solution people, or you’re going to continue pretending you’re not part of the problem.

    • mickey

      Yes, and we have to work together. This “no tolerance” crap has to go. I threw rocks at cars when I was little. I made the mistake one time of throwing a rock at a cop car. He didn’t hestitate to get out of the car and threaten me–to tell my mom. I never threw another rock, but then I didn’t go to jail either. He could have whipped my butt and my mom would have stood behind him.

    • mickey

      I was with you right up until it came time to locate the police. Police action in bad cases, true, but many cases start with an infraction that parents can handle.

    • Gordon in Texas

      You’re on the mark Gina. This isn’t a black or white thing. It’s become a social thing. We, as a society, have let ourselves accept behavior that wouldn’t pass muster 50 years ago. And, again, you’re right in that we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. WE raise our kids. WE elect the politicians. And WE are to blame if the “system” doesn’t work. Funny. I grew up just outside of Trenton, NJ and also lived in Denver before moving to Texas. Never knew the police, but didn’t have to. We, as neighbors, looked after ourselves and didn’t have any issues. I guess we, as a society, have grown complacent.

      • Buddy

        There is such a thing as ancestor memory (instinct, so to speak). If your ancestors came from a line of independent farmers or artisans, you probably respect property rights. If your ancestors came from villages where property rights were collective rights, you probably lack respect for other persons’ property.
        When people with such differences are put together in a community, there needs to be strict control or the resultant “society” breaks down. We’re seeing that.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Yeah we wouldnt have let people loot in public 50 years ago that is for sure.O fear for my nations mental stability at this point.-CC.

  • chuckb

    the problem is culture. we expect people of different races to accept the established white culture and some do, that is, they except it while they have too. we are the melting pot of the world, multiculturalism, something like the tower of babel. the supreme intelligence that created this earth may be watching to see how much farther we go before it is necessary to step in and put a halt to this madness. many cultures can assimilate to a point, i don’t think the blacks can accept this, they want their own country and i mean nothing hateful about this comment, we have put some blacks on a pedestal thinking they can rule when they can’t, what happens, just look at our society today, most of our large cities are nothing more than a ghetto and growing by the day, a lot of these cities are ruled by blacks, so do i need to say more. it’s time we do the right thing and that’s by looking correctly at the problem instead of accusing and calling people racist if they speak out.

  • James A. Olson

    They need to be referred to a “Democrat” NOT “Democratic” since they are in NO sense democratic in policy. Maybe Socialist would be an even better label?

    • NotInChicagoNow

      I agree that there’s nothing “democratic” about them. A better name woujd be DemoNcrats…

  • jopa

    chuckb;The same things have happened in the past.We elected George Bush, he thought he could rule and what a catastrophe that was.Being white does not make you a leader.I believe America needs to invest more in education like Finland and start from the bottom up.There are some in todays world that think educators police and firemen are what is destroying America.I sure would like to know what TV channel they watch the idiots.

    • Curt

      The issues will not be resolved through “mearly” education. Have you looked at what is being taught in schools today? Not what was taught 20, 30, 40, 50 or more years ago. Schools teach that the white man is evil. When was the last time schools taught that when the whites and conquestadors came, the natives came running to them to end the human sacrifices that were being inflicted upon the people? No, you will not find this being taught in schools. Chances are, you will not find this on the internet either. If you do, whoever posted it will be labled a racist nutjob. My mother, God rest her soul, told me of an incident in South Dakota where a virgin girl was slaughtered as a sacifice in the fifties. Are you going to find that taught in schools? Nope. Find it on the internet? Most likely not. The education system needs to be revamped. We need to educate to young that what they have been taught for so long is BS. We need to teach the truth. We also need to teach self-reliance. When kids learn good, usefull skills, then they are less likely to fall to these levels. Parents also need to be good roll models. We can talk and type until we are green in the face and our fingers are worn to the nub, but until we do something, nothing will change.

      • NotInChicagoNow

        Absolutely, Curt! Finland has nowhere NEAR the forced “cultural diversity” that is rampant in the USA. Get rid of tenure, teacher’s unions, and left-wing rewriters of history. Make teacher’s job performance the sole criteria for keeping their jobs and getting commensurate pay raises. Bad teacher? Go deliver pizza.

  • chuckb

    jopa, you keep forgetting, the democrats controlled the house and senate
    thw la

  • chuckb

    jopa, continued, hit the wrong button. you want to keep blaming bush for the current situation when all this time the bolsheviks have utterly destroyed the economy. they have been in control of the house until 2011 and senate since 2007, where is the economy today, you blame bush, that’s a laugh, bush did make the mistake of trying to get along, he was pretty much a wimp in that sense and he let the media run over him, that was karl rove’s fault. you surely can’t approve of the way barry is running thew country do you?

  • http://Yahoo Bob from SoCal

    Just like a liberal to cause the problem, then blame it on the conservatives.

    • Bert Cundle

      How can a Liberal CAUSE a Problem. ( a liberal is netural.)

  • Cheeky Monkey

    All I have to say is I hope the Mayans are right. Come on 2012 – the only thing that has a chance of wiping out the creeping plague of insanity that seems to be coming from all sides of the equation.

  • jopa

    chuckb: You are right about Bush trying to get along and being wimpy, but I also see that in our current president.What is it now ten years of this trickle down economics and it doesn’t seem to be working so well.Time for him to listen to the rest of what his party is saying and let Bushes tax plan run its course and let it expire.If it is broke fix it.By the way, what happened to your Peoria story?

  • chuckb

    jopa, didn’t you read my post from last night. the story was on drudge sunday night. the peoria chronicle published it.

    Peorians living in fear

    This eye-witness account is from Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association:

    Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help.

    Cars were doing U turns on the streets just to avoid the mob, mostly male. One youth stated his grandfather was white and several assaulted him on the spot. One police officer answered the call. The youth split into two large groups, one heading north, the other south. They were also yelling racial threats to the police officer but he was outnumbered. Another police car did not show up until after the youth finally dispersed and the patty wagon (van) also eventually showed up.

    Residents are very shaken, both black and white alike. This is the fifth large mob action in about a month with smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night. The times vary, even occuring during the day. In talking to the police officer, they are short staffed. Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors. In other words buckle down, it’s not even safe to sit on your porch or go into your yards.

    “The fifth large mob action in about a month.” Wow. This is really outrageous. Why is this neighborhood having to put up with this? “Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors”? Seriously? That’s the best we can do for our fellow citizens’ safety?

    This needs to be addressed, and quickly.

    • Raggs

      I’m sure this will spread throughout the country..

      As van jones put it…. Top down, bottom up and turn the middle inside out…. What we are seeing is all planned from the extreme left… Foundamental transformation… These punks are hoping for a white man to take action against one of these little worthless scums… Chicago cockroaches… Hell I’m sure tha oblama will unionize them before this is over.

    • California70

      They aren’t going to address it. Because “they” don’t want to address it!

      This is what the leftt-wing and hard-left have been waiting for and trying to foment!

      Due to the economy…they are laying off Police officers. They don’t lay off governtment office workers only police and firemen.

      Hello you guys out there…..What is wrong with this picture????

      The next time they want to layoff Policemen raise up your voices!

      The first thing a town needs when it becomes more than just a few homes…is a Policeman and Fireman. These people in the govt. should be the very LAST TO GO! Not the first to go.

      The first to go should be the City Council!

  • http://yahoo Leonard W. Giddens Jr

    The dems sure know how to get the ignorant black vote. Tell them what they want to hear, it’s not their fault, it racism, the Republicans policies, and any lie that seems to keep the duped coming back for more. More of What? The worse, disgraceful lies ever told by man, and promises that they not only do not keep, but are not possible. Some of my folk will never get it.

  • Bert Cundle

    The Terrorest are within!
    The Torture noise while on hold… interupts bussiness,& inrages the sane.
    The Moles, in Corpperations Destroying the company they work for!
    Communication: Digital, Free T.V. Crappy ( no signal)
    Where is the resistance?

    • Bert Cundle

      Gas Prices so high, that ya hafta, Sacrafice something to commute.

  • Jim R

    Chicago is like Rome, you say?

    Actually, it is WORSE. Of course, we DO have all the panem et circenses folks (in this case, it is Obama bringing free chicken to everyone’s house every day, and the circus is Rod Blogejevitch and any other assorted leftist bufoons). We also have our own Caligulua, as in Hizzoner “Dead Fish” Emmanuel (hey, where were all the cries of “racism” when he was elected over a couple minority folks??)Then, we have our Visigoth hordes, as you mentioned, in the all the wildings going on.

    The only difference is that Rome took hundreds of years to fall. The Peoples’ Leftist Thugocracy of Chicago will probably take about 4 months. But, what would you expect from the home of Bumbling Barack and Saul Alinksy???

  • Bert Cundle

    Chicago… Movi’n on up.

  • i41

    Put ankle bracelets on them so they stay as a group, and start doing road ditches and clean on highways or they can break big rocks into little ones for 12 hours a days. Simple cheap way to keep the pervs occupied and stay a sleep at night, every city state and county would have cheap labor and show what consequenses are for acting like morons, this includes criminal elected officals.

  • California70

    Are the people of chicago really stupid enough to believe the story that Garry McCarthy is putting out???

    Your quote: Actually, according to McCarthy, Palin is the commander of a conspiracy comprised of:

    Palin: “(Palin) was caribou-hunting and talking about the right to bear arms. Why wasn’t she at the crime scene with me?”
    Firearm makers: “Who’s paying the price for gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities?”
    And government-sponsored racism: “… the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers… that are killing black and brown children.”

    If this is what the poor people of Chicago are believing as true…..then I really feel sorry for them.

    Unfortunately, they probably do believe this.

    My husband was born and raised in Chicago until he was 17 yrs old. He has said that the people didn’t really seem to care about all the graft because Mayor Daley always gave enough back to the people to keep thinking that “they got something”.

    Sad isn’t it?

    That’s all it seems to take! No wonder Mr. Obama is still so well liked while completely ruining the Country.

    • Wolflar45acp

      Yes, many will and do believe it!

  • Antonio

    You are all welcome to the land of the FREE where everything is ILLEGAL.

  • Toomuchsense

    Chicago is a disgusting corrupt city. Those residents of Chicago that don’t see it, are those that are part of the corruption. Shame! An emotion not experienced by most Chicagoan’s.

  • Chuck

    You forgot to mention if the parents attempted to discipline thier chilren the liberals would have them arrested for child abuse and the ACLU would provide the children with lawyers and enourage them to take thier parents to court.

  • newton

    the problems of crime , drugs, will never be solved . the nation ,is on a downward spiral. the leaders of this country are too p.c. nobody has the gonads to do anything about it. i love this country i believe the constitution was devinly inspired and that those who wrote and formed this country were also divinly inspired, they were not perfect men but they were god fearing. the majority of people stand for nothing but will stand for anything. it seems that the majority of people in this country believe in relativism. sin , morals only exsist if one believes it to be so. we can say the politicans are corrupt ,but do they have any real power to make changes? we got a supreme court and high circuit courts that are untouchable ,unaccountable to nobody, they are mostly appointed for life . they in reality make the laws and rules by which we have to endure and of late i dont believe theyre very good.


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