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The Plane Truth

October 20, 2011 by  

The Plane Truth

Just across the Savannah River from the town in which I currently reside lies a blessed land of golf courses and archaic blue laws. South Carolina is home to Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach and some other noteworthy stuff. I kid my Palmetto State brethren, saying that South Carolina is rich with history and ripe with verdant luxury (especially the Bermuda-grass type). I’m willing to look the other way on the booze restrictions if they’re willing to look the other way when I duck-hook a three-wood into Calibogue Sound.

South Carolina wants what every State hopes for in today’s economic wasteland: more jobs. Fortunately for South Carolinians, their State isn’t run by the Democrats. South Carolina operates as a right-to-work State. That means citizens may work without checking their dignity, independence and a good portion of their hard-earned dough at the door to the local labor union offices (from whence it will be disbursed to the Democrats for whom they didn’t vote).

Courtesy of the Taft-Hartley Act, South Carolina disallows the Democrats’ union-thug protection racket in favor of opportunities for its citizens. Unfortunately, many of its citizens have been victimized by that other liberal abomination:  the teachers’ union. Thus, South Carolina, like many places dealing with even a moderate infestation of liberals, sees simultaneous feast and famine. South Carolina residents are free to work without a forced donation to the International Brotherhood of Fat Guys Wearing Track Suits and Gold Chains; but many of them are unable to do so, having had the sense stomped out of them by the International Personhood (I’m sure they’d insist on that) of People Who Finagled Teaching Certificates Despite Being Unable to Spell “Certificate.”

But the teachers’ union/Democratic Party war on our children’s gray matter is a topic for another column. The union/Democratic Party war on our paychecks is on display in South Carolina, where Boeing Co. wants to create thousands of jobs in a 787 Dreamliner assembly plant. The union thugs, outraged that Boeing would decide to build the plane in a State other than decidedly pro-union Washington, have contracted none other than the purportedly pro-jobs Obama Administration as a button man.

The Boeing plant opened in June, but it may well be forced to close, depending on the outcome of a case currently wending through the courts. That case features Boeing facing a fairly well-funded adversary: President Barack Obama. Lest someone claim that Obama himself is not involved, let me point out that the actual malefactor is the National Labor Relations Board. However, the NLRB is guided by Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon, a far-left flunky who — along with fellow job-killer Craig Becker — had to be recess-appointed to his post after Republican Senators indicated they had read their resumes. Solomon = Obama (and vice versa, given Obama’s limited acumen).

The NLRB under Solomon’s guidance is nothing more than an extension of the Obama Administration, which is noteworthy because the Obama Administration is an extension of the union thugs — at least regarding employment law. The NLRB is fighting Boeing on the Dreamliner plant because the union thugs think Boeing opened the plant only to escape their clutches in Washington. From my perspective, that seems like good policy; look what the unions did for General Motors Co. and Chrysler. However, the NLRB has proven no such malfeasance on the part of Boeing, while playing some hanky-panky of its own.

Congressman Darrell Issa subpoenaed NLRB records pertaining to the Boeing case only to be rebuffed by an agency which evidently believes “contempt of Congress” is akin to a parking ticket (it really, really isn’t). Meanwhile, documents obtained this week by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act reveal the NLRB’s motives, including two NLRB lawyers openly cheering a union thug press release defaming Boeing: “Hooray for the red, white and blue!” Another features NLRB Region 19 Regional Director Richard Ahearn (the guy who signed off on the anti-Boeing action) evidently promising to defy an Issa subpoena.

Obama is currently on a campaign swing, whining about how the Republican Party is to blame for the Democrat-controlled Senate killing his pretend-jobs bill. Meanwhile, his Administration is threatening the actual jobs of thousands of South Carolinians. A glance at the NLRB website offers statements regarding employee rights to unionize and/or engage in what they call “protected concerted activity” (aka acting like a union). It also mentions protections for unions themselves. I couldn’t find anything about Americans’ rights to simply work. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard that from Obama, either.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Union slugs, it seems, want jobs. However, they want jobs on THEIR terms. That, folks, is Nazi pc crapola. It is also a ‘gift’ from Lenin and old Russia. Those who honor that ‘gift’ are a disgrace to America.
    When you CONTROL others, you are a slaveowner. I won’t waste my time trying to get “some” of you to understand that point. You gave up your right to call yourselves Americans when you came under the spell of Opraiseme and his unionized, useful idiot bunkies.
    If jobs are ‘important’ to Ospendspendspend, then let him honor his oath of office, and distance himself from #^&*s who will never understand that their philosopher-god, Lenin, hated America. The current crop of union robots make a clinical anal retentive look like a candidate for sainthood.
    It will end badly. Abort the NLRB. Its history can be traced back at least as far as Stalin’s chump pal, FDR. An adult who thinks he or she can live and prosper in a country where freedom is being put in chains should have the decency to move to another country.
    That way, their kids won’t have to live in a country where “some” people think the new freedom is as simple as doing everything a union wants. Imagine a single finger salute multiplied by millions upon millions. Consider it a nonunion salute from defiantly CHOICE-loving, freedom-loving Americans. Up the rebels!

    • Jennie

      What gives the government or the unions the right to dictate to a corporation, or any business where they can open their business or build a new one?! The Obamament needs to get out of the way and let the people who know how to create jobs and produce goods GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! What is patently obvious is that he and his cronies couldn’t care less about us . . . and we feel the same about them.

      • Ronbo

        This is fake propaganda from the wealthy corporate class. Believe this and you have proof that misinformation can get good people to work against their own best interests.

        Corporations have a responsibility to the city, state and locality that gave them concessions in order to grow and prosper. It’s like a person signing a contract to purchase something then moving to a new location and not making payments.

        Do you think you can move to a different address and NOT continue to pay your bills or keep your committments?

        That is what gives the workers via the state of CA the ability to hold corporations accountable for their previous agreements.

        • Jonhu

          When the lease is up, the business can move. No more payments required; they didn’t sell their soul and didn’t dismiss their common sense. When there is no longer a mutual benefit or contract, then the leeches should not complain. Find a new host to suck the life out of.

        • Bruce

          Ronbo, what is that a secret commie nick name?
          Corporations don’t owe a continued alligence to any city or state, if a mutual alliance works for both side so be it.
          Look at what has transpired in Detroit, once the 3rd most productive city in America, Corporations that built the area into a prosperous area offering a good wage and great place to live, soon the unions and city government kept demanding more, more, more. Now there is nothing left but ruins in the union/government aftermath. Corporation left in droves to salvage something of their profitability. Want to see what America will look like when nobama and the unions have their way, look to Detroit. Thanks Ronbo but no thanks! You want unions? move to Detroit you piece of crap. I will continue to fight you and your unions every chance I get.

          • susan

            bruce, you are right unions are killing our country, the people at the top are rich off of the workers and greed is killing the workers becouse they are never happy with what they get they always want more .

        • lkar

          So the workers in CA get to tell the businesses where they can operate? How is that state budget working out for you? I guess as long as the ILLEGAL ALIENS pay their fair share of the taxes, you will get by in CA!

        • http://yahoo Skyraider6

          so to the politicos owe it to the people not the unions

        • http://yahoo olerocker

          Ronbo, do you really know how the unions got there start? The Mob was charging business to operate or blown em up….well they decided it would be easier to make workers pay them for job protection and a lot more pofitable…an look at what happen to ole jimmy hoffa…anyway they have been sucessful at forcing the companies to use their unqualified workers except in right to work states…the days of the unions are almost over….watch and see.

          • Glenn Leahey

            If Boeing is not going to pay a “living wage” to it’s workers, the workers and their kids and extended family will just end up “sucking on the public teat”. Is there ANY substantiation to your complaints about the Boeing aircraft mechanics, engineers unions are doing ANYTHING wrong by contacting/requesting arbitration through the Obama administration? What is WRONG with that? It is a FEDERAL labor issue after all…interstate commerce? If Boeing and any other companies are going to make their money/profits/shareholder dividends IN this country, they should spend the mopney/share the wealth IN this country…and certainly with the workers who made it all happen! To do otherwise is UN-American! (follow the money)

          • Wapitiman

            You are full of crap! If the workers want to profit from their labor beyond their wages, let them buy stock in the company they work for. Let them take the risks all other capitalists take. It would serve this country right if Boeing just moved lock, stock and barrel up to Canada and gave Nobama and the NLRB the finger. I weep for America.

        • Walt

          Ronbo says:

          “Corporations have a responsibility to the city, state and locality that gave them concessions in order to grow and prosper.”

          What absolute garbage!

          This mentality that government has to give permission or license to private businesses to operate is at the heart of what is wrong, very wrong with this country.

          The idea that private business should have to ask permission to exist, expand, relocate, or explain itslf to politicians on how they conduct their business affairs is blatantly wrong. This is simply arrogant tyranny by those who produce nothing, but feed at the taxpayer’s trough.

          The NLRB is now nothing but a corrupt agency and a disgrace to our concept of free enterprise. It is run by hand picked Obama puppet cronies, whose only agenda in this matter is to continue to shackle Boeing to the thug unions in Washington State. It no longer plays the role of the honest arbitrator intended to solve labor issues between management and labor; rather it is the bought and paid for agent of thug unions.

          • lkar

            Though I agree with your sentiments, government of the people is an institution that does but reasonable rules in place to prevent abuse and fraud. What you are referring to is the over-regulation that is having an adverse effect on private industry. It borders on the communist idea of state run business! This over-regulation supports big business and discourages small start-ups from competing!

          • DaveH

            There are two kinds of rules, lkar, laws passed by elected officials and regulations passed by bureaucrats. I think the latter should be eliminated because they aren’t passed by elected officials, and because the typical regulatory action is to punish all participants for the actions of a few. Kind of like when the teacher made all the kids stay after class because the errant kid wouldn’t fess up. Where’s the incentive to be good?
            The passing of laws should also be reformed. All existing laws should expire after about 10 years. And all new laws or renewed laws should be passed by a minimum of 2/3 majority of both houses of Congress. If a law isn’t desirable enough or important enough to garner the votes of 2/3 of the Congressmen, then it just isn’t important enough to burden our lives.

        • Bob McCormick

          The problem is that the concessions you speak of were often given without any thought to holding the recipient accountable. The main consideration in these deals is the photo op, a bunch of career politicians in hard hats,sleevs rolled up, touting the deal they made with YOUR money. The free publicity is all that matters, return on investment be damned.

        • DaveH

          To be polite, you are full of it.
          The Corporations are groups of people who have pooled their money together to become productive, prosperous entities. The operative phrase there being “their money”. The owe nothing to anybody that they don’t freely contract with, especially not to a worthless bunch of slacker parasites.
          It isn’t enough for useless Liberals to have a chance to earn some of that wealth. No, they want to forcibly take what they think is “fair”, i.e. as much as they possibly can take.
          We need to shed ourselves of immoral controlling parasites and get back to Free Markets where people can transact their business and labors voluntarily, where property rights are protected vigorously, where companies die or prosper based on pleasing the consumers of their products, not on pleasing meddling, self-serving bureaucrats and politicians.
          For those who want to learn about the goodness and prosperity created by Free Markets, read this book:

          It’s easy to read, and I guarantee that it will lift the blinders.

        • Void1972

          By Chris Banescu
          What the Bolsheviks and communists did to their own people with violence, indiscriminate murder, starvation, torture, and concentration camps, union leaders in America want to accomplish via plans to destroy our financial system, undermine the stock market, disrupt capitalism, redistribute the wealth, and destabilize the country.
          The Blaze has obtained a taped recording of the radical plans of Stephen Lerner, a former official of SEIU, on of the most powerful unions in the country. In a meeting held on March 19, 2011, Lerner is heard talking to a group of community organizers, socialists, and union members in a discussion about tactics and strategies on how to disrupt and destabilize the American economy and create widespread uncertainty and fear.

          Here are some of Lerner’s key comments on the Left’s plans for America:

          “We need to figure out in a much more through direct action, much more concrete way, how we really trying to disrupt and create uncertainty for capital, for how corporations operate” …

          “There are actually extraordinary things we could do right now that would start to destabilize the folks that are in power and start to rebuild a movement” …

          “We have an entire economy that is built on debt and banks so the question would be what would happen if we organized homeowners in mass to do a mortgage strike if we get half a million people to agree it would literally cause a new finical crisis for the banks not for us we would be doing quite well we wouldn’t be paying anything.” …

          “if we really believe that we are in a transformative stage of what’s happening in capitalism, then we need to confront this in a serious way and develop really ability to put a boot in the wheel, then we have to think not about labor and community alliances we have to think about how together we are building something that really has the capacity to disrupt how the system operates” …

          “We have to think much more creatively. The key thing… What does the other side fear the most – they fear disruption. They fear uncertainty. Every article about Europe says in they rioted in Greece the markets went down” …

          “what we are looking at is the first week in May can we get enough people together starting now to really have an week of action in New York I don’t want to give any details because I don’t know if there are any police agents in the room, but the goal would be that we will roll out of New York the first week of May. We will connect three ideas:

          - that we are not broke there is plenty of money

          - they have the money – we need to get it back …

          - and so we need to take on those folks at the same time and that we will start here we are going to look at a week of civil disobedience – direct action all over the city”

          Stephen Lerner then concludes:

          “There is going to be a ten state mobilization it try and shut down that meeting and then looking at bank shareholder meetings around the country and try and create some moments like Madison except where we are on offense instead of defense

          Where we have brave and heroic battles challenging the power of the giant corporations. We hope to inspire a much bigger movement about redistributing wealth and power in the country and that labor can’t do itself that community groups can’t do themselves but maybe we can work something new and different that can be brave enough and daring and nimble enough to do that kind of thing.”

          It’s absolutely clear that the communist revolutionary bloodlust runs very deep through the veins and psyche of many union leaders and socialists in America. Their hatred for democratic free-market economies, unbridled greed for the wealth and property rights of individuals, and desire for chaos and revolution can no longer be contained. Give these guys the power and enough AK47s and they would do to us what the Bolsheviks, Maoists, and Vietcong did to their own people.

          The union/communist/radical rotten fruit did not fall very far from the Marxist-radical tree that has caused so much bloodshed, suffering, and death throughout the ages. The communist terrorists are here in America actively working to destabilize and destroy this blessed country. They will not stop until they bring about the same catastrophic results their spiritual brethren have brought since Marxism began. Apparently 100 million victims of the Communist Holocaust is not enough for these evildoers, they want more!

        • Stan

          The people of South Carolina voted to be a Right to Work state in order to attract companies like Boeing.According to Ronbo having a Boeing job is against their self interest.
          Corporations have a responsibility to their shareholders to make a profit. Their responsibility ends there. City, state, and local governments have a responsibility to its citizens to create a business friendly environment to attract companies and keep companies from choosing to leave. Ronbo seems to believe the opposite is true.

    • CP

      Sir, your statement,”If you control others, you are a slave owner,” makes slave owners of every employer. If your employer does NOT control what you are working on, and to a greater or lesser extent, how you work on it, then he is not doing his job. If you have a problem with unions, and I won’t say they are perfect, do a better job of describing what they are doing wrong other than disagreeing with your ideas of how things should be done. It appears you have no idea of what life was like for the average working man before unions came into being, or what it would be like now if those same unions had never existed. Would you willingly work twelve hours a day, six days a week, for about four dollars less than it would cost you to live in your employer’s housing and buy food from his store?

      • http://yahoo olerocker

        The Unions have out lived there usefullness….we now have laws that protect the workers, OSHA for one, having belonged to two unions in the sixties, they only wanted to get a honest days pay for a honest days work..and to keep up with the non union companies…now they want the companies to work for them…and every time the UAW gets more that their share…58 dollars a hour for fastening bolts to nuts, is a sign that their jobs will soon go overseas…..they have been a big reason for companies to move out or close down…and did not see a picket sign one, outside of companies leaving..did you?

        • ernest

          plus all the free-trade deals (NAFTA AND THE NEW ONES) help speed up moving out of the country.

      • http://LibertyAlert Pat B.

        I am in my seventies….I saw America’s Industries leave this country…the unions went to extremes helping get so much out of Mills and Factories for the working people until they made this country unable to compete with the labor in other countries….so we lost these companies to other countries…granted, great benefits make life better. but are they better than no job available. My grandfather worked in the Cotton Mills in the early 1900s…when the unions were not run by greed and the government influences. My Grandmother worked in Alabama as child labor…the union did a good thing there…..but….they when they ran out of legitimate issues they started using their strenght to strong arm our country.

      • DaveH

        You want to know what Unions are doing wrong, CP?
        They are exerting control over other peoples’ property with Coercion and often outright Force. And they typically are doing that to people who have given them jobs that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.
        If the Unionists don’t like what the Company Owners are offering, then they are free to go elsewhere for work. In a moral society, they would be Free to join together and walk out, but they wouldn’t be free to block access to company property and harass customers and potential replacement workers. And it goes without saying that they aren’t free to commit violence on others for any reason but self-defense.
        Also, in a Moral society they wouldn’t be free to buy special favoritism from Politicians.

    • ralph herman

      Just more corp.greed and had it not been for the unions you would be working for ten cents an hour.Read the history books.Educate your ignorant selves.

    • ron

      Before you listen to Mr. Crystal and his anti union pro Koch brother Reich wing bull. Check some other facts. And if you think unions are run like they are in gangster movies you are also wrong. The NLRB went after Boeing after boeing executives made a number of public statements indicating the new plant was built in South Carolina out of frustration over costly strikes by the union at it’s Washington state plant.
      It is not a question as to if they can build a plant in South Carolina and creat jobs. They most certainly can. The question is did they do it to punish unions for excercising a negotiated right to strike?

      If they did not then it is a loss for the union and a victory for the workers at that plant. I hope in this case Boeing proves their case because I would hate to see anyone without a job. If the union prevails in their argument then Boeing engaged in an unlawful act and they (Boeing)will have to explain their actions to ther employees.

      What has also not been told to you is that the republican house lead by former car theif D. Issa has voted and approved a measure that if passed would ban the NLRB from ordering an employer to shut down plants or relocate work , even if a company violates the law in doing so. Oh , and there were two republicans that voted aginst the measure, of course they were from non right to work states , but republicans none the less.

      Mr. Crystal also did not tell you that the president has taken a hands off approach to this matter. But like so many right wing / reich wing pundits he takes the position that whatever is wrong in the world blame Obama. Yes I am a member of a union and I am no thug. I work for a living and I choose to be a union member. It was the Right wing/ reich wing Nazi’s who shut down the union’s in Germany. They(Nazi’s) were also funded by big money anti union germans. Kind of like the Koch brothers, the K. Roves and the Dick Army’s of the present reich wing .

  • warren

    (offensive word removed) the unions, i pray to God the next administration outlaws them, they , just like liberal democrats are a cancerous, parasitic drag on society, capitalism and unionism do not mix, unionism does not belong in AMerica anymore.

    • Ronbo

      Without unions, you wouldn’t have insurance, or safety standards or even minimum wage. Do you also say (offensive word removed) your parents because you have to help them with an occasional visit to repair their roof?


      • Brian

        Join us in the 21st Century. The unions have done nothing the last 75 years but shake down workers and help elect Communists to office.

        • eddie47d


          • Brad

            RIGHT! Eddie…

      • HawkCW4

        Unions have long out lived their usefulness and now they kill as many jobs as they save. They will either be stopped or they will kill this country. They caused at least two large companies in Wa State to close down because they could not compete in the world market. Loss of many jobs. How stupid is that. They demanded a three cockpit crew on a plane the FAA certified for two, and every ticket buyer pays for nothing. They do not care about jobs per se, only in as much as they want those dues. They care less about what they do to America. just get those dues. They are simply a leagalized Mob. Without Mob honor.

        • DaveH

          Unions never were useful. That is just a propaganda myth promoted by self-serving Unionists and their bought-and-paid-for Political cohorts. It’s just one of the many things that we have been propagandized to believe by those political partners who benefit from our ignorance, like the Honest Abe scam.

        • ron

          One thing for sure is that if not for unions the conservative job killing, fascist union busting Reich wing of this country would have sent far more than the 400,000 jobs Mitt Romney and the Koch brothers have sent already. And that is a conservative (no pun intended) estimate.

          Hitler was also a social conservative (as is M. Bachman) who shut down unions as well as any opposition to his plans for Germany and the world. He and his Reich wing/right wing hoods thought that if you were not Reich/right wing and conservative you were anti Germany. Just as the right/Reich in this country think. The Cheney’s, the Limbaugh’s who never served their country but like some (not most) conservatives do not mind fighting wars as long as their children and the children of the so called job creators do not have to serve. Are as Cheney put it, he had more important things to do than go to Viet Nam.

          Unions continue to fight the honest fight for better wages, safer work places, and women’s rights in the work place. They also ensure that employers do not bully, or intimidate employees. But I am sure the Koch brothers who’s father was a member of the john Birch society has their employees best interest in mind. Most of you who think Union’s are of no use are most likely in a union but have a grievance with the union that has been proven to be of no merit. Go ask your boss for a raise and for him to pay 80% of your health care without union protection.

      • DaveH

        As usual, Ronbo, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Thanks to capitalism and the resultant increasing productivity over the decades, workweeks were shortening, more goods and services were available, and real take-home pay was increasing. Those benefits were in spite of Unions, not a result of Unions. Whenever Unionists extort their higher pay, or work rules, or benefits, they come out of somebody else’s hide, usually the consumers who must pay higher prices, or workers who lose their jobs because the companies can no longer afford them.
        Unionists have helped nobody but themselves:

    • Tracy Bockelman

      Screw the unions they have no right to tell any where they can put there Business

  • Pat

    if only it were so easy to outlaw the unions. They have far outgrown their usefulness & are nothing but a bunch of lawless parasites & it all about greed & money & not for you & me but for themselves

    • Ronbo

      Pat – have you outlawed common sense? You are talking like the 1%. Who knew it was so easy to get people to shoot themselves in the foot?


        Ron, I’m not in the 1%, i belonged to a union ONCE, for about 20 years, and you are full of $ hit! What these folks are saying is very true: unions and their people are nothing but a bunch of thugs, they and their organizations have long since outlawed their usefulness. They need to be run out of the country. Companies have the RIGHT to build businesses whenever and wherever they want, free from the blood-sucking unions and their cronies who perpetuate them from Washington. (State and DC) Union thugs have ruined the industrialization we once knew and loved here in the USA. Union thugs are forcing companies to locate overseas and take their manufacturing with them. Exactly what they have done. Just what you want. Right? Don’t give me this holier-than-thou attitude, bud. I’ve been there. I know how their crummy system works! The company for whom I worked finally had to declare bankruptcy to get out from under the union bs. EVERYBODY lost EVERYTHING. Tell me again how great unions are. BOLOGNA! If you don’t like it here in this country, why don’t you get the H ELL out!

        • Don

          AMEN, W.Cowboy, i to worked for unions back in the sixty’s, they never did a thing for me except kept me from working on weekends for a friend, they had people driving around and if they saw someone working they would turn them in to the union thugs, you would get fined and the azz-hole who turned you in would get paid from the union !!!

  • wally stewart

    you people are to harsh on the fraud n chief,fore he will be reelected because of todays youth vote
    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Vagabond

      so very well put stewart. and oh so true,

      • blesstheusa

        Well stated! Thanks for putting into words…it’s not just the asylum that’s the problem, it’s the inmates! The president is a reflection of our ‘we want it now’ society, a malfeasant that infects us everywhere!

    • Iris

      Absolutely true. But where are WE, the grown-ups? Have you no influence on your grandchildren? Don’t you talk to them? Stop giving them money! Spend time teaching them the REAL facts of life.

      Talking to each other on blogs may be satisfying, but it sure as hell isn’t going to change any minds!

      • DaveH

        I beg to differ, lkar, since I’ve been reading Personal Liberty, I have seen many Commenters change their thinking. Sure, some of the dyed-in-the-wool Liberals won’t change, but I think many of those are feeding from the trough and know what they’ll lose if we once again become a Free Moral Society.

    • lkar

      This is the danger of a divided country! It will come down to the individual that has self responsibility telling the moochers to “Go F… Youselves”. I see this as primarily rural Americans taking care of themselves and the big city folks crying for help.

      • DaveH

        It’s quite the contrary, lkar. Individual Freedom and it’s resultant respect of property rights, leads to more peace NOT less. The public schools are a good example. Which educational choice, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach that we now have, different schools would spring up to satisfy different students and parents. With the current approach there is constant contention. The religious issue is a good example. With Educational Choice, religious people could send their kids to religious schools, and non-religious people could send their kids to non-religious schools. Peace would result.
        Individual Freedom, and voluntary contracts and transactions would result in much more Peace than we have currently with various groups all fighting to get their piece of the standard Government pie.

      • Honestly

        Can we not just keep it CLEAN ?!!!!!

  • Joyce from Loris

    It is a sad, and dangerous, state of affairs when a business can not operate WHERE it wants to, when there is an organization that can tell them where they can produce their products, can FORCE a business to hire certain people only. If the unions win this argument and if I were Boeing, I believe I would move my operations OUT OF THE USA. Our government makes it almost impossible to do business in America. And we set and wonder why our children have no jobs!!!

    • Ronbo

      Business can and does operate where it wants. However, when they make long term agreements (contracts) they must fulfill the contracts. Do you NOT pay your bills? Do you think you can move to a different state and NOT pay your student loans? Fool!

      • Linda

        You are the liberal fool, Ronbo.

        • Hardrock

          So where has it been stated that Boeing is leaving Washington State anyhow? They simply want to open a new plant in another state. How does that deprive your precious union in any way, especially considering all the new workers they recently hired in Washington State? Totally illogical!

      • john t

        what kind of an imbicil are you? i’ll answer that, you are the brown nose type that takes bribes, a turn coat, and you have your nose buried in obamas rectum. you have a derogatory comment for everyone making one. what a pitiful excuse for a man you are not.

      • Joyce from Loris

        Ronbo, you poor pitiful unsighted thing…. and you actually have the nerve to call someone a fool. Amazing. Boeing did NOT have a contract that said it would only put a plant where union workers could work, that all of it’s plants would be employed by union members ONLY. You are so pitiful.

      • JeffH

        Ronbo says “Business can and does operate where it wants.”

        A bit of a contradiction Ronbo? Tell that to Boeing, or the government, or the EPA, or the NLRB, or the health insurance industry, or the……?

    • Jules


      • Polski

        Substitute CORPORATIONS for UNIONS and your statement is correct.

        • Jonhu

          Replace Progressives with Conservatives and everything is correct.

        • DaveH

          Corporations pool their monies to produce goods and services for consumers who voluntarily purchase those products.
          Unions get together and coercively or forcefully deprive others of their property.
          Let’s see, which of the two are operating in a moral way?

  • Freemind


  • James Maxwell

    All this reteric from a Socialist community organizer who want to destroy our economy. It he was serious about creating jobs then he would take his backside home to Kenya where he belongs. Let American who actually creat jobs build where they need to to keep their business profitable and provided jobs for Americans. Let the maket place determin if they want a Union thug stealing from them each week.

  • John

    What we should also be aware of is that most PUBLIC employees are union. See Andrew Klavan’s Youtube on Public Unions. We the sheeple are getting the “shaftle”. Gubmnt jobs now pay some 150% on average more than the people who’s taxes support them.

    • Ronbo

      Do you want your public progams run by someone like you on minimum wage? I hope not, I want educated people in government. I’ve had enough problems with nit-wits.

      • Captain Mike

        Public programs are being run by people who could not justify a minimum wage if they were working in a real private free-economy job. And they are strong-arming premium salaries and benefits out of the productive – that’s the problem.

      • Jonhu

        I doubt that you work for minimum wage, so wage obviously doesn’t improve intelligence.

      • lkar

        I agree only on the educated point. But what evidence do you have that because government workers are well paid, the government service is superb and exemplary? I suppose you consider standing in line at the SS office for an hour great service! Filling out forms twice because the previouos could not be found is acceptable!
        The preformance rate of any business that is on par with the federal, state, and local governments would be bankrupt. And Solydra is the proof!

      • john t

        well. look who is calling the kettle black. you must be someones pet groid,[lacky] begging too be let out of your cage so that you could crap on the floor instead of where you lay.

      • Mike

        Being a union member does not mean your are educated,it may mean you are stupid! There should be no unions in government jobs because they try to control the government. The contracts (long term) that you are talking about are for the people working when the contract is signed, if a company wants to open a plant somewhere else the contract does not move. Boeing is keeping a plant in Washington state and needs another and they picked South Carolina, new plant new people, no union.

        • DaveH

          In fact if they ARE talented and productive, they don’t need a Union.

      • Jan

        Yeah, look how well the country is doing with the Ivy League types running things.. hang tough South Carolina..

      • S.C. Murf

        You want educated people in Washington? Then it’s time for you to make that popping sound and vote Ron Paul 2012

        up the hill

      • martin

        No! we want the public jobs to pay the as the private jobs pay dong the same work. Not getting twice the pay and getting more paid for benefits than we in the private jobs. you can thank the unions for that.

      • Walt

        Ronbo says:

        I want educated people in government. I’ve had enough problems with nit-wits.

        Educated people in government? Are you referring to Nancy Pelosi, Barney (the clown) Frank, Harry Reid, Charlie Rangle, Anthony (check out my nude body)Weiner or dozens of other left-wing socialists whose only aganda is to destroy this great country and “transform” it into their slimy vision of a socialist utopia of “wealth redistribution”, “social justice” and “reparations”.

  • Dan

    I have spent the last 33 years employed at Boeing and it is a “GREAT” Company. I spent 10 years managing 45 Union Employees, and it was the most “frustrating” time of my career. To walk in everyday and see the effort spent trying to get out of work was alarming. If I dared to tell a pack of employees with their feet up on a table drinking coffee, to go to work, it meant a trip to the Union Stewart to answer a complaint that I was harassing the employees. I have been a Union member before and I had a lot of the Union employees that worked very hard every day, but the majority get caught up in the “mob rule” of the Union and do whatever they can to avoid working hard. The Union Contract is in most cases “counter-productive” and severly limits what the “Company” can expect from an employee on a daily basis. Yes, there was a time for the Unions to get us out of the “sweat-shops”, but things have changed.If you just keep asking for more money and more benefits, and do less and less work, the formula doesn’t work. Companies must turn a profit, and touch labor is a big chunk of the costs required to manufacture a component. Boeing has severe schedules to meet after the design delays of the 787, we must produce airplanes on a very tight and compressed schedule, that requires a lot of “touch labor”. Boeing is not trying to “bust” the Union, they are just trying to increase their capacity to make airplanes. South Carolina has given some great incentive packages to have Boeing come to their state. Boeing has responded and will be creating thousands of good paying jobs that will allow American families to live a better life. Obama wants to create jobs, follow what Boeing has done, and you will create “REAL” jobs, not artificial jobs just to boost the numbers.

    • dgknj

      Thank you for this first hand account. No matter what, government has NO RIGHT telling a private business where to operate. Obama must go, his brain-dead sheople followers can do us a favor and go too, far away and forever.

    • martin

      Everything you said about Boing is true. My son-law was like one of those you managed.

      • Polski

        I remember about 40 years ago, there was a cartoon character named Gerald McBoing Boing. Or did you mean to say Boeing?

    • Polski

      I’ve got you beat. 41 years. “Union Stewart”? A relative of Martha Stewart, the television cook? The rest of your post is pure garbage. I’ve had supervisors like you. We succeeded in doing our job in spite of you.

      • Jonhu

        Your remark brings up an interesting point. The man that knows “how” will always have a job, but the man that knows “why” will always be his boss. I guess you always had close supervision.

      • DaveH

        I also worked at Boeing, but only for 3 weeks on loan. I dared to suggest a method that was 3 times as fast and more accurate than what they were using and the useless Union guys had a fit. The top manager wanted me back and even threatened to blackball me if I didn’t come back. I ignored the threat. There was no way I was going to put up with those useless Union people.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    The unions are useless parasites.

    • Ronbo

      Said like a great little lemming. I guess you don’t appreciate all the lifelong benefits you get because of the unions. May you experience what you desire. Don’t come begging to me when you are broke and alone and don’t have insurance or a job.

      • Bob

        Better South Carolina than China.

        • john t

          yup, this chimpanzee must be from china. or should i say that ronbo is a bonobo monkey. wait till the toilet overflows and he has his mouth around the rim too catch all the juicy overflow.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          Or Mexico, which I think is more likely, for the next Boeing plant.

      • S.C. Murf

        Sounds like 20,000,000 people in America right now. Time for to make that popping sound

        up the hill

      • martin

        It takes a lemming to recognize one.

      • DaveH

        Ronbo says “May you experience what you desire. Don’t come begging to me when you are broke and alone and don’t have insurance or a job”.

        Another “compassionate” Liberal outed for what he truly is.

    • Polski

      What is an “ILLIniois”?

      • ValDM

        Don’t really have an argument do you? So, you revert back to school yard tactics of insult & harrassment. What a big bad grown-up you are.

  • Harvey

    Destroying Boeing is just a other tool that Odumba is utilizing to destroy the USA. Nothing about this person is presidenal! He supports supports queers, mudslums, and socialist and
    anyone else that thinks they should enjoy the fruits of our labor while they use drugs, liquor and sex and make more damocrat voters. Our country can not last much longer when forty-eight percent of the people do not pay taxes. the first woman ( not a lady) has wasted over TEN million dollars of taxpayers money flying her famy and friends all over the world. Who approved the misappropriation of our money? They actually flew their dog to Europe on separate airplane! These asinine actions must stop!

  • Thomas B

    Line up the union thugs against the wall. Give them 100 lashes each. Who the f@ck do they think they are?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Better yet, a burst of fire from an AK-47.

      • eddie47d

        Now we know who the real thugs are Mr Conservative!

        • Brad

          You Mr. progressive liberal union thug…

          • eddie47d

            I don’t own an AK47 Thug Brad.

  • Ronbo

    Obama is the same as Bush. This outrage towards him demonstrates how shallow an understanding of real politics you have. It’s how the wealthy corporate class keeps the rubes arguing amongst themselves.

    Both the Repubs and Dems are working together to allow the wealthy corporate class to steal from the middleclass.

    • john t

      son of a gun, the second part of your comment is the first time that you have made any sense. keep it up moron and maybe you’ll graduate too kindergarten.

    • Don

      Ronbo-bama, i wouldn’t call you middle class, your more like LOW CLASS !!!

  • Randy131

    Today we only have a little less than 25% of American Industry that we had back in the 1960s, and that is because of Union coercion and extortion against those Industries that have now taken their factories and left the country, most in China today, in order to hold down their labor cost in order to be able to compete on the world market. I’m not talking about a fair wage to earn a living, but coerced and extorted medical benefits, retirement programs that make Social Security look sick, huge amounts of paid vacation time, and paid sick leave that is mostly used for added vacations away from the daily grind of work. Was it any wonder that companies like GM and Chrysler were going bankrupt, because along with these many benefits afore mentioned, they also collect the highest wages in the country, especially for nonskilled work on assembly lines. Until the USA has a ‘National Right to Work Law’, these American Industries will never move their factories back to the USA, nor the jobs they provide, so we all might as well get use to this high unemployment, until saner minds prvail and do what is required to entice our American Industry back to our shores. The NLRB is doing just the opposite for what it’s going to take to entice our American Industry back to the USA in it’s actions against Boeing, and if the NLRB wins this law suit and Boeing has to close that South Carolina plant, the next Boeing plant will be built in Mexico, or a similar foreign country, and Boeing will close those plants in Washington and lay-off all those Union workers, for then the federal government will have nothing to say or actions they can take to prevent it, and the Unions already know that Boeing moved their corporate offices out Washington,who was over-taxing them, if Boeing loses this lawsuit, the hand writing is on the wall. I must also admit that the American Industry exodus from the USA was not caused entirely, but mostly by the Unions, for the federal governments over regulation and over taxation also contributed to it, and again the federal government is trying to run the rest of the American Industry out of the country by continueing those policies as well as now taking the action against Boeing to dictate where they are allowed to build factories in the USA, Union controlled states only, and all other of what’s left of the American Industries are watching closely this outcome, so they can plan in the future to build plants here in the USA, or move their new plants overseas, as the more than 75% of our previous American Industries have done.

    • lkar

      If Boeing loses, SC should tell the NLRB and the feds to go pound sand. Grant state amnesty to Boeing and force a confrontation with the feds. The south will rise up and I think we will have a lot more states with us!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You Betcha!

      • DaveH

        I would love it if we would secede from this unholy Union.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Buy more bullets!!!

  • bernie newcomer

    Unions can still be good for workers if:
    They were required to be reelected every two years.The workers would be in charge. If the union actually represented the workers vs being a political operation looking for power the workers would certify the union again. If the workers felt they were NOT being represented by the union they could fire them and go non-union or find a different union to represent them. As you can guess the unions would be terrified by this, yet this would really help the workers.Just as voters keep electing the same congressman and wonder why things don’t improve, union members would at least have some say.

  • http://Google John

    Would they have any problem locating in China?

    • john t

      he!! no, the slopes would embrace the prospect of a business like this. more jobs for them and screw the US. that’s there line of thinking. we should drop a bunch of neutron bombs on all of them and have done with it. no more threat of any kind from china and most of asia.

  • Macawma

    Go back to your Socialist websites, nobody is paying any attention to your useless drivel here.

  • rmg

    Here’s an idea, (assuming it’s not too late and Boeing will be able to compete with the similar Airbus), Boing should start opening plants in S.C. or other RTW states and closing the ones in Washington. The experienced employees who are truly good at their jobs would have a better chance when applying for the new (non-union) jobs. Heck, they may even convince Boeing to contribute to their relocation costs. I wish more companies would get on board with this concept.

    • CP

      More than likely, those “experienced workers” you refer to would be barred from applying for a job in the new plants. What company who has just left a union state will willingly hire a formerly unionized worker? For that matter, what union worker would move three thousand miles on the off chance his old employer might hire him back at half or less of what he was making before? This is doubly true now, when the formerly unionized worker will have to sell his home, if he can, then buy or rent a new one in an area where homes will instantly be at a premium.

      • lkar

        I think rmg is referring to the non-union staff.

    • Don

      A Program that works better for bigger companys is a profit sharing program, the unions can go to he!!, i worked for a company, it took five years to be fully vested, it took the lazyness out of workers, and made you feel good about your company and at the end of your employment you had a nice check coming , just a thought to replace the union goons !!!

  • eddie47d

    More unadulterated rubbish from the author. He seldom tells the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so there is no “plane truth”. Unions are not the enemy of anyone who works and never has been.Asking for good wages and decent working conditions is a noble goal and any respectable company should be willing to honor those who work for them. The Middle Class is shrinking and you still feel obligated to destroy what respectable wages are left in America. Every corporation or business in the USA wants to pay it’s workers the lowest possible income and that battle has been going on since the beginning of time. Some have to do it to stay in business yet there are still those companies who think those making their product don’t deserve a fair and honest wage. Those laborers whether union or non union are not thugs or any other demeaning name (nazi’s) you like to call them.The author as always could care less about the Dignity of any worker for I have never seen any sign of it. While he and several of you want to dilute wages forcing your fellow citizens to struggle even harder doesn’t say much for your integrity and what you think of your neighbors. Yet you will always go to bat for the unacceptable and outrageous salaries and bonuses the upper crust management receives.

    • Joyce from Loris

      Eddie47d, that’s just not true! I don’t know how old you are, but trust me on this one. I worked for DuPont back in the day of manufacturing heaven, when jobs were plentiful. We were paid excellent salaries, had wonderful benefits, great safety and quality programs, and a company that truly cared about us. We had on site medical facilities, a savings trust that the company provided 50 cents to for every dollar we saved over the course of 5 years. If we didn’t like our jobs, there were 14 different companies that I could have gone to work for making the same money and benefits. NONE OF THEM WERE UNION! They were just great companies to work for and build a future, and a great retirement. The idea that you have to be part of a union to make great wages and get great benefits/treatment is just not true! The problem today is that there are very few businesses in manufacturing that are left in this country because of some who want to CONTROL the business owners, tell them what they must pay their employees, what benefits to provide, etc. The bottom line is that if a person is not willing to accept the pay/benefit package offered, just don’t take the job!! Find another one. It is that simple.

      • dgknj

        It is really that simple. Too many whiny crybaby liberals destroying what America is about, self responsibility.

      • CP

        Joyce, and Eddie, if it hadn’t been for unions, those jobs might have paid enough to live on, but for sure there would have been no such thing as side benefits, such as insurance or paid time off. Also, no workman’s compensation when you got hurt on the job. It wasn’t that long ago that high steel workers who fell were fired on the way to the ground for leaving the job without authorization.

        • Joyce from Loris

          CP, this was in the South, and most companies were never bothered by unions. We lived VERY good on our salaries. I will accept that unions, at one time in history, may have benefited workers in the future, but I promise you… there was never a threat of unions to make these companies provide great and safe jobs, wages and benefits to their employees. They WANTED us happy, because they wanted us to stay employed with them. They had invested a great deal of time and money in TRAINING us to do specific jobs. They did not want us taking that investment and moving to another company! It was a great living, and provided the employees with many benefits. When I left, after many years of service, I had three college degrees, the most important one was a Chemistry degree. I could afford those college degrees because I made GOOD MONEY. I started my own business, using the lessons I had learned from my former employer.

          • eddie47d

            It’s not that simple Joyce and those good jobs didn’t come from a vacuum. Someone had to connect the dots at one time and realize that workers who are taken care of are more loyal and trusting. Those who pay low wages have a high turnover and constant retraining. Those workers end up moving on to better wages and opportunity. We can connect the dots with our Founding Fathers and the birth of America. Our Patriots didn’t like the British keeping them down and treating them like 2nd class citizens while their wages and prosperity got shipped back to England. They rose up and fought against those unfair masters and won. When the Industrial Age came to being factories became the new British and the American worker were treated badly. Poor wages and despicable working conditions were everywhere while the Corporates lived lavishly.That was over 100 years ago and the workers(those with courage like our Patriots) said enough is enough. They formed Unions and suffered even more for better wages,benefits and more important at the time, safety issues. Unions battled for rights and decency in the workplace where each and every American has benefited from. Whether the 5 day work week,sick leave,vacation time,financial security,health benefits and wages that didn’t reflect slave labor. Those benefits didn’t come from a vacuum either. Someone had to bring them to light and that was the unions. Before unions almost all companies put their workers in the same boat with holes in it. So years later you did indeed work for companies who paid respectably whether union or not. Those good conditions were brought to you by those who had the self respect and courage to lay their life down to gain those good wages.So we all owe Unions a debt of gratitude for that struggle not much different than the long struggles of our early patriots.Today alot of companies do extremely well without unions and that is terrific but they also gained insight years ago on how not to treat their workers.

          • Brad


            Your arguement is outdated for todays work force, it worked back in the day when big business corrupted politicians, police and the like just for money… Today there’s laws on the books to protect workers, the EPA, OSHA and DOL, don’t you think businesses have learned, I believe thay have. Go ahead and take your old tired union tookish and go play with your grandkids your ideas are old and out of date, let the adults deal with the serious problems. It’s time the unions went the way of the dinosaurs along with union leadership who don’t work for the pay they receive.

            That’s right I’m calling out your leadership, since when ia union a business, do they pay taxes, corporate taxes, income taxes and so on, if they pay themselves from the union membership dues then they don’t work, they take from the many, how do you justify that, can you answer that question Eddie?

          • eddie47d

            Union dues do come out of members paychecks so why do you have a problem with that? Yes union members do work so you seem to have a heavy chip on your shoulder. You said backs in the days”big business corrupted politicians”. You can say that with a straight face that that isn’t still going on? You also said that unions have the EPA and DOL to take care of them. Yet you and your side are trying to abolish those agencies. In other words when those agencies are gone the unions and the non-union workers will be left with nothing and that seems to be your goal. No thanks I don’t think any worker deserves your screwing.

          • Brad

            Again Eddie you have missed the point,

            Union leadership discourages productive employee’s it makes their other lazy union employee’s look bad, so the union encourages their members to be lazy SOB’s. Now we are talking about the leadership, union leadership which collects forced dues in which they take a percentage of for themselves without doing an honest days work. Your leadership which you condone their practice of taking money from you to line their own pockets and pay out more then 400 million in 2008 for campaign donations across the nation to democrats, as well documented by JeffH.

            You still don’t get it Eddie, the vast majority of workers in unions today are there becuase they have to be their, they have no say where their money is going, so let propose that all unions subject themselves to an audit. Then have them explain to the dues paying members why their money is going into the pockets of politicians and none working union leaders.

            I have come to the realization Eddie, you like putting words in other poeples mouths and trying to reword some one elses meaning. The EPA, OSHA and DOL are their for the worker not the union if you do care to read the comments I made you would realize it. Nice try any way Eddie, I can see how ignorant you are, willing to back your union boss’s and covit their azz’s…

          • eddie47d

            I knew exactly where my dues went on most occassions whether for officials pay or certain political issues. They are well defined in the monthly magazines and news letter. So you seem to continue rambling on without having a solid foundation.

          • JeffH

            eddie says “I knew exactly where my dues went on most occassions”…

            But not all occassions…right?

            eddie makes it pretty obvious who’s doing the “rambling on” around here “without having a solid foundation”. Hint, hint…it ain’t Brad.

          • eddie47d

            Your so full of it Jeff. It’s called honesty.I doubt if you know what is going on 100% in anything you do either.Whether at work,home or anywhere for that matter. I certainly had an outside life and didn’t sit on the unions reps lap to see everything that was going on. Did you have access to every piece of information in managements office? I highly doubt it so once again you seem to be dishonest in this latest comment of yours. So yes I MOSTLY knew what was going on.

    • Jonhu

      Eddie47d, if you would get your feet off the furniture, your butt out of the chair, and your head in the game, you too could be a productive employee. Maybe.

      • eddie47d

        Typical anti union insult without a grain of truth. I put my 43 years in laborious jobs and 3 years in the Army. So I believe I deserve my time “sitting on my butt”. Which isn’t totally true either but obviously you must be “standing up” slinging your swill at me.Now if you want to sling more half baked thoughts at me I will gladly enjoin you.

        • JeffH

          eddie, I don’t think so…

          en·join [en-join]

          verb (used with object)
          1. to prescribe (a course of action) with authority or emphasis: The doctor enjoined a strict diet.

          2. to direct or order to do something: He was enjoined to live more frugally.

          3. Law. to prohibit or restrain by an injunction.

          • eddie47d

            Always the sly dog aren’t you Jeff. What a petty little munchkin you can be. .

          • JeffH

            …and what a petty little name calling troll you can be…eddie.

          • eddie47d

            You want to make cheap ridiculous comments then expect the same troll.

    • Brad


      Man are you dead wrong, did you ever look at the national wage determination, let me quote to you the wages the US gov has determined to be reasonal;

      23010 – Aerospace Structural welder 23.48
      23021 – Aircraft Mechanic I 22.34
      23022 – Aircraft Mechanic II 23.48
      23023 – Aircraft Mechanic III 25.09
      23040 – Aircraft Mechanic helper 16.81
      23050 – Aircraft, Painter 21.21
      23060 – Aircraft Servicer 18.92
      23080 – Aircraft orker 20.06

      Then on top of their salleries the benefits package;


      HEALTH & WELFARE: $3.59 per hour or $143.60 per week or $622.27 per month

      VACATION: 2 weeks paid vacation after 1 year of service with a contractor or successor; 3 weeks after 8 years, and 4 weeks after 15 years. Length of service includes the whole span of continuous service with the present contractor or successor, wherever employed, and with the predecessor contractors in the performance of similar work at the same Federal facility. (Reg. 29 CFR 4.173)

      HOLIDAYS: A minimum of ten paid holidays per year, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. (A contractor may substitute for any of the named holidays another day off with pay in accordance with a plan communicated to the employees involved.) (See 29 CFR 4174)

      So Eddie are you going to refutte the US gov on wages here’s the link, just select state SC then Charleston and you will be able to view all wages as determined by the US gov.

      • eddie47d

        I don’t see where anything I said is “dead wrong”. Everyone of those benefits were brought to the American worker courtesy of union struggles. Now aren’t you very glad that some companies pay those wonderful wages and benefits. Your welcome!

        • Brad

          Sorry Eddie, NO they weren’t

        • eddie47d

          It was unions who also fought for those holidays and not just for the time off but to show respect for our heritage. Your welcome

          • Brad

            Wrong again Eddie, it was congress and the federal gov whom gave us those holiday’s. It’s business’s choice to either honor the holiday or have employee’s work on said holiday’s. Try again Eddie…

          • eddie47d

            It wasn’t the Federal Govt who pushed for those holiday and not all businesses endorsed them either. Because of the expense of paying a days wage and no work being done. That brings us back to unions and civic groups who wanted to honor national leaders or veterans. There were dozens of veterans in my union who appreciated those holidays.

    • DaveH

      Eddie says “He seldom tells the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so there is no “plane truth””.
      Why Bob Livingston lets you continue to post your slanderous lies is beyond me, Eddie, you worthless troll.

  • Reed

    If the NLRB rules against Boeing the Govorner of South Carolina should tell them to try to enforce it,call out the national guard and all availble police and instruct Boeing to go to work.

    States Rights Still

    • lkar

      Yes! The south will rise again. This time we will have the true just cause!

  • http://sprint kittycat78

    When the unions were first started they accomplished some good thing for the workers. However through the years the leadership became corrupt. They lost any sense of caring about people when they decided to run the country politically. Now through the process of retirement and benifits that are inflated the leaders live high donate heavily to the left and their members think nothing of expecting the non union worker to pick up their retirement tab when the union squanders the money. Its time for the unions to be broken as they now infringe heavily on the rights and freedoms of too many others. A company should be able to have their business anywhere they want to. This president and his ties to union thugs is just warming up and his disreguard for true justice and freedom is in evidence every day.

  • Dave Diesel ” 81 “

    Unless America and the world frees itself from the destructive grip of the failed corrupt US government and the fraudlent monetary system,
    only the possiblity of a most miserable and dismally bleak future
    remains. Globally it is the worst of premeditated crimes against
    humanity so far recorded.
    America has 25++ million jobless that will never have a job in thier useful lifetime, there is no product shortage and no need of businesses to sell anything the people do not need and have no money
    to spend.
    The other supreme threat to America is the lying government controlled
    TV news Media that refuses to tell the truth of how bad the situation
    really is.
    IF, the politicians really could fix the mess why are they going to
    wait until after elections to start doing Anything? Hello ? The house is on fire now and we have to make an appointment in the future to put it out? After we have an election celebration? You are delusional
    and better get a large bottle of super reality pills and immediately
    see your proctoligist to get your head out of your arse.

    • eddie47d

      If the media tells the truth you say they are scaring the public and you don’t want to hear it. If they don’t you accuse them of hiding the truth so which is it?

      • Brad

        I’d rather have the strait truth rather then the MSM biased truth. The quality of journalists to report the truth (non-bias) has hit all time lows, they are willing to protect their own kind.

      • JeffH

        Duh! eddie, if you’ve paid any attention at all you’d see that they use both tactics equally well…

        • eddie47d

          I pay plenty of attention to what goes on so does that include FOX? That is if you are picking sides again.

          • JeffH

            Yes, that includes FOX! Does that square things up now? :)

          • Brad

            If you did pay attention Eddie then you would realize the MSM; i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC has been biased since Walter Kronkite was a news anchor and biased himself against the vietnam war. So try again eddie, atleast Fox brings on the left to get their side of the story and quit watching Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman, they are so full of hate…

          • eddie47d

            Walter Cronkite exposed the truth about Vietnam something you would never do.

          • JeffH

            “Walter Cronkite exposed the truth about Vietnam something you would never do.”

            Excuse me while I LMAO…what does Walter Cronkite have to do with this conversation? Absolutly noThing, at least to a normal healthy thinking individual. LMAO again!

            Take a deep breath eddie, put some oxygen into what little brain you have…Walter Cronkite?…ROFLMAO & PMP!

          • JeffH

            eddie, I’m LMAO still…that’s about as relevant as me saying that my mother made great chicken and dumplings, something that you’ll never do…LMAO even more!

          • eddie47d

            You just proved yourself to be a total AZZ Jeff. Brad is the one who brought up Cronkite so pay attention and go to the source. This also proves that you are “stalking” me and making lame comments without knowing the facts. You can be be one devious dude.

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    Since when does any entity other than the stockholders of a company get to tell them where to locate or where not to locate? That’s a business decision not a government decision. This administration and its underling stooge operative coalition called the NLRB is just plain stupid and even worse is behaving in a way that will drive the manufacturing jobs which still exist, out of this country for good.

    I say disband the NLRB today so we can have a true ‘Jobs Bill’ and not this idiocy offered up by Obama.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      And, change the laws protecting union violence.

  • Jess

    This comment is directly for Mr. OBama. You go all around the country
    spewing your venom about creating jobs and how the Republicans are
    holding back jobs. Let me tell you Mr. Obama, if you have all that
    passion about jobs then get of your off your A– and stop thes Union
    thugs who want to stop jobs. I understand that you get tremendous
    contributions from them, but they continuly want to stop jobs in
    America. Lets see you do someting good for change, because I have
    not seen anyting you have done for this country that has been good
    for America yet. Mr.President you are supose to be a President for
    all Americans not just a few Like Puplsi, Reed and the likes.

    • eddie47d

      Do you want a strong Middle Class or not Jess? Lowering wages and taking away benefits is crippling the Middle Class and putting those folks in the lower middle class category.Obama is trying to hold the line so more Americans don’t fall through the cracks.There is an extremely high demand for aircraft in the world especially in Brazil. There is more demand than there are planes so is Boeing capturing that market or letting it slip through the cracks like we have done to the solar industry. Where China dumped their panels on the market which forced a couple of our companies to go belly up. Those are Corporate decisions which could keep jobs in America.Yet we have political squabbles which is hurting those same jobs.If Boeing can function better in South Carolina to compete in the world market then the unions and the President need to work with this company.Just like the Republicans should have bent over to keep solar jobs in America. No State wants to lose jobs and Washington State is working hard to keep Boeing. I’m hoping concessions can be made where they don’t have to move.(no offense to South Carolina who is fighting for jobs).They should be fighting for new business not trying to take from another state which doesn’t doesn’t help the overall unemployment problem.

      • Brad

        What Eddie doesn’t understand, Boeing wasn’t tacking jobs from WA state, they were hiring 5000 new emplyee’s in S.C. no jobs were leaving WA. state. What the NLRB has done was side with the unions because the unions had no control over the new employee’s, in their twisted minds, the new plant and jobs should of stayed in WA. state and under union control. What Beoing has proposed was to cut a small amount of spending; i.e. unions. Locate a brand new assembly plant to build their new 787 aircraft and keep up with production orders from around thew world.

        As for Solyndra they lost their perverbial azzes due to competition from China. That’s right the communist government subsidized their solar company’s and they inturn dumped millions of solar cells on the market at reduced prices. So what you have is Solyndra with mounting debt and a product no one wants to buy because they solar cells are too expensive, do you get the idea now Eddie. Basically Solyndra sold out their share holders and the US government. Noe the next question why did Solyndra renegotiate their contract with the US government to favor their investors over the US government in case Solyndra went belly up? Oh that’s right one of Solyndras major investors was a well known democrat bundler, didn’t they invest well over 100 million and before you get on your little soap box, 35 million from a republican investor. Patiently awaiting your responce Eddie, what will it be…

      • eddie47d

        You may be correct if those were totally new jobs coming to SC. I’ll have to check into that. Your babble on the solar issue was very strange and was so incoherent it doesn’t deserve a long reply.

        • Brad

          Eddie, then you know nothing about business, when your competitor dumps their product on the market at 2/3rd’s below your price what happens… What happened, China made Solyndra go under and at the expence of the US tax payer, to the sume of 528 million dollars, and quess what Solyndras investors get their money back before the US gov does…

        • Karolyn

          It is true, eddie. They are brand new jobs for SC, and this state needs them desperately. The whole situation is ridiculous!

        • eddie47d

          Thanks Karolyn. Now Brad you are still very mixed up and keep flip flopping on the solar issue. I”m not sure if you really understand the issue and you are way to combative to be rational.

  • Raggs

    I’m sure that this is one of the main reasons our industries are moving out of the communist USA…

    • john t

      yup, the U.S.A. is turning into france cuba,and spain. they are all commy countries.

  • http://yahoo Skyraider6

    hear hear go jess very good and true remember PRIVATE ENTERPRISE

  • Baba

    Remind me to contact NLRB before I start a business. I want all of my employees to share their money with an organization that pizzes employee’s money away. Isn’t that the American way? In these troubled times, why should citizens who do find jobs be forced to pay to work? Maybe Boeing will take the new company foreign – that should please Chief Obama. Unions have caused a lot of big companies to farm out their work because of Union Demands. That’s been going on for a long time and helping to destroy American jobs. Get Rid of NLRB!!!!

    • eddie47d

      Lets put it this way Jim McNerney the CEO of Boeing makes $13.7 million a year and a total package of $19.7. Now don’t you think these super sized salaries effect the bottom line of a companies business. They want to pay their workers less so they can gain more.We are all well aware of how that works in the corporate world and they do indeed have to move their companies out of this country or to “cheaper” states to afford those CEO salaries. Let’s not be blinded by leaving out the whole story.

      • Brad

        Envy is driving you mad Eddie, get off your soap box about CEO’s, what about Hollywood and their mega millions that go to activist actors, they make more for one movie then old boy at Boeing…

        • JeffH

          Brad…yer right…clearly envy, always has and always will :)

          eddie, FYI – DENILE is not a river in Africa either!

        • eddie47d

          Then get off of your soap box about unions! CEO salaries and golden parachutes immensely effect a companies ability to grow. A company can be so top heavy that it can collaspe.

          • eddie47d

            No Jeff ONCE AGAIN NO ENVY just facts. Can you comprehend that and get out of your denial?

          • Brad

            Sorry Eddie, I’m not getting off my soap box because you won’t that’s the truth and you know it. What makes a good company innovation, investors and consumers, CEO’s salleries and compensation total approximately 1-2% of total company profits.

          • eddie47d

            Looks like Brad wants to take America down too with his incessant babble and petty attacks.

          • JeffH

            eddie is such the HYPOCRIT…”incessant babble and petty attacks”…go back through this thread and PLD’s archives and read your constant “incessant babble and petty attacks” you HYPOCRIT!

          • eddie47d

            Yes Jeff please do go back and check out your silly comments.It’s a treasure trove!

  • oldbill

    At least Boeing is keeping the jobs IN the States.

    • Polski

      Where have you been? Boeing has outsourced grossly to Japan, Italy, Russia……..

  • Dave Diesel ” 81 “

    See, Daily Job for the real truth Never to be reported
    on MSM. There you will find the unvarnished truth that America
    cannot posibly recover and the 25 ++++ million jobless will never
    in their useful life time get a Job with the US government in control.
    Please enjoy the elections and pay no mind that you are screwed forever.
    Just who are you going to vote for a year+ from now who cannot
    possibly put 25+++ million jobless back to work in private sector
    sustainable Jobs where there are no businesse to work for ?
    Only gonna happen in your dreams but never in your useful lifetime.
    Now play the self deceitful game and say well it’s not that bad
    and maybe if and or this happens it will get better in a few years,
    For who ?
    The best slaves are the ones that do not know they are slaves.

    • Polski

      They would if they just got rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

  • Polski

    It’s amusing, but tragic, to see how “dumbed down” a lot of folks are. Boeing HAD to buy Chance Vought because their “right to work state” products were so bad. Everything South Carolina sent to Washington was scrapped because it was so bad. The unions have saved Boeing, so far. But senior management, a bunch of carpetbaggers, is so bad that the company may not make it to their 100th anniversary in 2016. And the senior management doesn’t care. By that time they will have all of the companies money. The NLRB is absolutely correct. Boeing rubbed their hostility in their workers’ faces blatantly. It’s really funny, when the Republicans stacked the NLRB and broke the unions, the Republicans thought this was fine. Now that the Democrats are evening the score, the Republicans are complaining. The good workers, the backbone of a company, definitely not senior management, need the unions more than ever. ALL THE BENEFITS that ALL the WORKERS have, whether they belong to a union or not, came about because of the UNIONS. The non-union workers have been sponging off the unions for many, many, years, reaping the benefits of union action without paying a union fee, while union workers were paying a union fee. Talk about GREED!!! And competency, just because you worked for Wal-Mart or McDonald’s doesn’t mean you can do the job in the airplane industry. Really it means that you aren’t qualified.

    • Jonhu

      So, I guess the reason the Union opposes Boeing’s plan to build airplanes in SC, is to protect the company from producing an inferior product. I’m surprised the company overlooked that, but will properly reward the Union’s selfless loyalty.

    • lkar

      You failed to note that this is a new plant! Training and time will improve the quality. It is a little disingenious to think management does not understand this activity of training and ramp-up.

  • Bob McCormick

    Take it from someone who has worked in both union and nonunion shops. I hate the regimented adversarial atmosphere I have encountered in union companies, however I also worked for a nonuion company that paid extremely high wages and felt that they had the right to force intolerable conditions on their employees.In that case a union was looking pretty good to us.
    The protection a uinion provides can be a good thing, the problem is the unions constantly tell the membership they deserve more. If the union isn’t fighting for more money, better benifits, less work, then what are they doing for the membership. For years the UAW played GM against Ford; as the two companies battled to be number 1 the threat of a strike was all it took to extract more money and benifits. You know that $40,000 peice of crap you own, most of what you paid for it went to fund benifits to retired employees. The so called imports were smart enough to locate in nonunion states where they could afford to build a better product with a greater profit, and the employees seem to be doing alright. Thanks UAW

    • Polski

      So how good is Toyota? You remember how honest they are/were in their big scandal? NON-UNION ICON!!!!

      What about all those CEOs that are averaging $19 million a year even when their companies are going bankrupt. NONE of the union is making even close to the Corporate CEOs and senior vice presidents.

      All of you are shooting yourself in the foot, happy as a lark…..well no, happy as a LEMMING, A CLONE. DUMBED DOWN AMERICA. All these Wal-Mart people making all these comments.

      • Jonhu

        I like Wal-Mart people and find them to be generally happy, helpful, and hard working. What’s your point?

  • simian pete

    Good article ! It looks like (economic) murder !! Some more evidence of a certain serial killer… The Federal Government !

    Uncle Sam is killing our economy. He spends, overtaxes and interferes ! Now it’s costing jobs, jobs, JOBS !!!

    We need an intervention … Uncle Sam has a problem ! He needs to go to rehab, and he needs to be monitored …

    Vote for an intervention, elect Ron Paul ! We got to save Uncle Sam !!

  • JeffH

    Union Corruption Update:

    - Steelworkers President in Massachusetts Pleads Guilty; Sentenced
    - Louisiana Boilermakers Local President Sentenced
    - Plumbers Office Secretary in Ohio Indicted for Theft
    - Financial Secretary of Buffalo-Area Steelworkers Local Pleads Guilty
    - Atlanta-Area Treasury Employees Local Officer Charged
    - U.S. Virgin Islands Police Union Ex-President Accused of Theft
    - Unions Play Major Role in ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests
    - New Jersey Plumbers Business Agent Arrested for Soliciting, Taking Bribes
    - President of Massachusetts CWA Local Charged with Theft
    - Letter Carriers Secretary Branch 1412-Treasurer in Kansas Pleads Guilty
    - Ex-Iron Workers Bookkeeper in Pittsburgh Pleads Guilty to $400K+ Theft
    - Chicago IBEW Boss Resigns Amid Pension Revelations-by simultaneously collecting lucrative pensions from the city government and the local.
    - President of Painters District Council in New Jersey Pleads Guilty
    - Washington State Postal Workers Secretary Pleads Guilty; Sentenced
    - Iowa Locomotive Engineers Local Secretary Charged with Theft
    - Carpenters Local Office Employee in Upstate New York Indicted
    - Baltimore Maintenance of Way Secretary-Treasurer Sentenced
    - Steelworkers Treasurer in Oklahoma Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
    - Chicago Steelworkers Secretary-Treasurer Sentenced for Records Fraud
    - Air Traffic Controllers President in New Mexico Pleads Guilty; Sentenced
    - Union Lawyers Justify Buffalo Operating Engineers Violence
    - Documents Sought on Union-Inspired Assault on Homebuilders by Administration
    - California SEIU Hospital Benefits Clerk Sentenced for $1M+ Identity Theft
    - Dallas Steelworkers Local Financial Secretary Indicted
    - Teamsters Steward in Chicago Area Charged; Pleads Guilty, Sentenced
    - Delaware Local Auto Workers Treasurer Pleads Guilty
    - Machinists Secretary-Treasurer in West Virginia Charged with Embezzlement
    - Florida Steelworkers Local Financial Secretary Charged with Theft
    - former president of National Association of Government Employees (NAGE/SEIU) Local R14-139 sentanced
    - Bakery & Tobacco Workers Secretary-Treasurer in Texas Charged
    - OPEIU Service Rep in Michigan Charged with Embezzlement

    Since 1997, NLPC has become a high-profile and credible source for information about America’s labor unions through our publication Union Corruption Update.

    The newsletter has been referenced in many other media outlets including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and National Journal.

    • Polski

      You forgot the corporates, you know, ENRON, TYCO, MERCK, RUPERT MURDOCH, HEARST, FOX, ETC. ETC. ETC.

      • JeffH

        Polski…I’m talking about “UNION CORRUPTION” here…comprende?

        • Polski

          But you do NOT want to talk about CORPORATE CORRUPTION, which EXCEEDS UNION CORRUPTION 10,000 to 1. Of course, talking about CORPORATE CORRUPTION would screw up your

          • JeffH

            Polski, you’re obviously a “union” schill…Like I said, we’re talking about “UNION CORRUPTION” here…and I suppose you have something “other than your word”…like a reference or a link to back up your “CORPORATE CORRUPTION, which EXCEEDS UNION CORRUPTION 10,000 to 1″?

          • JeffH

            Hey Polski, you’re not gonna’ like this…but here it is anyway.

            Top Union Contributors for the 2011-2012 election cycle
            - SEIU – $1,279,065
            - Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – $1,007,160
            - American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees – $811,940
            - Communications Workers of America – $778,590
            - Sheet Metal Workers Union – $694,000
            - Teamsters Union – $670,660
            - Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union – $629,250
            - National Air Traffic Controllers Assn – $626,180
            - Plumbers/Pipefitters Union – $584,350
            - Laborers Union – $482,800
            - United Transportation Union – $476,900
            - United Food & Commercial Workers Union – $436,250
            - Ironworkers Union – $431,250
            - Carpenters & Joiners Union – $424,000
            - UNITE HERE – $402,500
            - American Federation of Teachers – $374,200
            - Boilermakers Union – $339,200
            - American Postal Workers Union – $337,500
            - National Assn of Letter Carriers – $301,000
            - American Federation of Govt Employees – $285,350

            Guess who the top recipients were?

            *Hahn, Janice (D-CA) – $221,999
            *Schultz, Debbie Wasserman (D-FL) – $202,500
            *Hochul, Kathleen (D-NY) – $172,500
            *Miller, George (D-CA) – $142,675
            *Donnelly, Joe (D-IN) – $139,500

        • eddie47d

          Jeff always overlooks the hundreds of corruption cases in big business. He likes to sing the song “Joe Nacchio is a friend of mine”. Corporate corruption runs hard and deep and involves several hundreds. The big problem is that Corporates have deep pockets to defend themselves and their misdeeds disappear off of the radar.Jeff is always a one sided lemming who brought this reply on himself. If a union has bad bosses then expose them Jeff as you have done but be more honest about who the real crooks are. They truly cost our economy a bundle.

          • JeffH

            Duh! eddie, honesty is something you just can’t grasp! I know it’s difficult to accept that your “union brother” are as corrupt and more so than even the evil corporations you so despise…I’m just presentig the facts as they are, honestly, up front and much to the chagrin of you and Polski.

          • eddie47d

            You lied again Jeff so will that make it about 50 times? I’d have a hard time catching up to your record. How about finding a way to decrease union and corporate corruption. Are you on board or will you sit on the sideline and pretend corporate corruption doesn’t exist. I was in the union 40 years and we had leaders thrown out and a couple of workers who stole canned. They were canned with managements help.

          • JeffH

            eddie, point out where I lied? I always point out your lies…turnabout is fair play isn’t it?
            …but you can’t can you! :)

          • eddie47d

            “Honesty is something I can’t grasp” One big lie right there. #2 There are far more corporate bosses who commit “crimes” and it involves much more money so you fibbed on that one too. So much for your useful facts. I don’t usually bring up your lies because I think that is petty but if you keep insisting.

          • JeffH

            eddie, that’s right, “Honesty is something you can’t grasp” which in no way, shape or form is a lie.

            #2 There are far more corporate bosses who commit “crimes” and it involves much more money so you fibbed on that one too.

            Now where did I fib on that eddie? Show me if you dare!

            So much for your useful facts. I don’t usually bring up your lies because I think that is petty but if you keep insisting.

            You’re absolutly right eddie, I AM INSISTING!
            As for being petty eddie(it even rymes)…stop being a hypocrit and stop making excuses for your own gaffs.

            Like my ole pappy used to say, “excuses are for losers”!

          • eddie47d

            There’s never an excuse for you Jeff. Go target shooting and get rid of your uncontrollable anger.

        • JeffH

          Just so you know I’m being honest here, this list includes all of the heavy contributors since 1989…unions and corporations…

          OMG! It looks like the unions rule the roost…13 of the top 20 are unions!

          Here you’ll find total contributions for the 100 biggest givers in federal-level politics since 1989 — information that exists nowhere else.

          • 45caliber

            I wonder what the heads of these unions make? The last time I saw a list, twenty years ago, nine of the top ten highest salaries in the country went to union officals.

          • eddie47d

            You’ll have to read Jeff’s list to realize how wrong you are Caliber. Not even close.

          • JeffH

            eddie, it’s obvious you haven’t read the list…salaries aren’t even mentioned! :)

  • Joyceann

    Polski – you are speaking out the side of your mouth. I know what you say about inferior products made by non union workers is bull. After paying for a 2-hour breakfast for “non-working” union members, Memphis had to close. Non-union mechanics came in and did the work better, safer and quicker than lazy unionists. Unions make it impossible to fire an inept mechanic. A non-union worker does his job well and gets paid great wages – in return he has a job. This was done many times. Being a union member does not mean a more quality worker, in fact usually the opposite. Unions suck the money and pride from its workers. Non union shops take care of their workers- the only sweat shops left are those that employ illegals.

    • Polski

      What a bunch of BS. Memphis “what” had to close? A non-union worker can qualify for Wal-Mart and McDonald’s and Burger King, but NOT for technical work. I’ve PERSONALLY worked for 55 years in the aircraft industry, I’m an Aeronautical Engineer, none of this hearsay stuff you and the rest of these are spouting.

      • Brad

        From personal experience, my father-in-law worked for Kroger Bakery (Memphis, TN.) until Flower bought them out. SInce Flower was a none union company they closed the bakery forcing my father-in-law into early retirement at 63.

        Polski if you are an aeronautical engineer you would know the difference between a low aspect ratio wing and high aspect ratio wing. I was in the US Navy, did my twenty and retired but I worked on 7 different aircraft platforms so I know something about aircraft and aerodynamics.

      • 45caliber


        You are evidently working for Boeing – and you are certainly full of bull. Non-union can’t be technical? I’ve NEVER belonged to a union and I’ve been a mechical engineer for over forty years now. I design things that can kill people if I make a mistake. The mechanics (or millrights or whatever you want to call them) in this area are very technical oriented – and they do the same jobs union members do – better. Many get better training than the union members since they go to colleges and trade schools to get it instead of union shops.

        Sorry, but you need to get out more. Staying 55 years in a single location can distort your knowledge.

        • 45caliber

          “mechanical engineer”, not “mechical engineer”. Sorry.

    • eddie47d

      It’s big business Republicans who hire illegals Joyce. They will do anything to make themselves rich and leave the worker struggling.

      • JeffH

        eddie, of course you have nothing concrete to support that “illegal hiring” statement…or do you?

        Remember, no matter what you think…opinions are just that, opinions…not facts as you have stated in the past. :)

        • eddie47d

          Who do you think owns Purdue Chicken or Tyson or Big Ag who hires illegals? Take your silly ignorance and cutesy comments somewhere else.

          • JeffH

            Wah, wah, wah…you have proved nothing have you!

          • JeffH

            eddie says “Take your silly ignorance and cutesy comments somewhere else.”


            OMG! Aren’t you the one always complaining that there are constant attempts by myself and a few others to “censor” you and your dissenting cohorts? HYPOCRIT!

          • eddie47d

            I proved you to be a liar again and you go into your WA WA WA stage. Get over it Jeff!!

          • JeffH

            eddie, You proved nothing, nothing at all, except that you are an incessant whiner.

          • eddie47d

            Since you can’t handle the truth I think that makes you the incessant whiner. Let it go Jeff



    • Polski

      What a crock of …….!!!! Your CEO makes $19 million a year even when the company is failing. And he didn’t start the company. He’s just a carpetbagger stealing the company’s money.

      • Brad


        A man with an aeronautical engineering degree to come out and say, what a crock of… Mr. Bob Rein is correct in his statement, you need to try and prove him wrong sir…

      • 45caliber

        I think I missed something. He didn’t say what company he works for so how did you know how much the CEO made?

        Further, what care is it of yours if the CEO does make that much money? The Board of Directors are the ones to set his salary. If they offered that much to me, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down. So why are you mad at the CEO? Also, how do you determine the wages of someone? All companies can only exist IF they make more more than their expenses. Therefore, you as a worker, must provide the company with more money than you make – or they shouldn’t have you employed there at all. Do you provide the company with more than $19 million in profits a year? I doubt it. Does the CEO? I have no idea – but the Board of Directors evidently believe so. So why should you get paid the same as him? Greed?

  • JeffH

    To better understand union corruption read this article…

    - Carl F. Horowitz

    To research the issue of corruption in America’s labor unions is to experience both exhilaration and exasperation. There are few experiences more satisfying than reading and then writing about organized labor’s embezzlers and extortionists getting their just
    deserts. Yet despite all the expulsions, arrests, indictments and convictions, there is also despair. For the story far too often stays the same even if the cast of characters changes. Corruption remains deeply embedded in the way unions supposedly represent duespaying

    “…union crooks for decades have had an unwitting assist from government. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 and the Railway
    Labor Act of 1951 granted to unions what amounts to monopoly privileges, and, indirectly, a license to steal.”

    Private-sector unions, for one thing, reserve the right of exclusive representation in all 50 states. That is, once a union is reckoned by a national labor agency to have the support of a majority of employees in a federally delineated “bargaining unit,” the union
    speaks for all covered workers, regardless of their personal desires. If a group of workers perceive their union to be corrupt, they cannot invite in or organize a rival union. For another, unions have the authority, as interpreted by the courts, to exact dues from
    workers, regardless of their willingness to pay, except in states with a Right to Work law.

    More than 80% of workers covered by a union contract must pay union dues or (in lieu of joining) “agency fees” typically set nearly as high. They can lose their job should they
    abstain from paying.

    By artificially enlarging union treasuries, forced-dues privileges increase the temptation for union officials and staffers to steal from the very people they claim to represent.

    • Polski

      Just garbage!! But that’s the Wal-Mart mentality.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You are displaying the WalMart mentality extremely well. I doubt that you are and Engineer of anything other than conjecture.

      • JeffH

        Polski, your childish drivel doesn’t change the facts does it?

        You playbook is straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”…Rule #5 – “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”

        Guess what? It don’t work anymore.

    • eddie47d

      Jeff’s article isn’t totally right but what can you expect from his continuous anti-union rantings. Horowitz and Stossel are shills for the right who bring up important issue but aren’t always honest. Unions are voted in like all elections and you may not like the person elected but that is the way the system is set up. Maybe a dictatorship would be more to Jeff’s liking were everything is to his way of thinking. The right is always trying to censor votes in every election. Tell me one election where they haven’t made several accusations about dead voters and “the election was rigged”.Jeff uses those same lines when bringing up unions.Union members do challange others all the time through elections and they aren’t always in agreement on some issues.That’s real life and involves real jobs.

      • JeffH

        eddie, that’s not even a nice try… :)
        Prove me wrong, or can you? You haven’t up to this point have you! :)

        • eddie47d

          Too many times to count Jeff TOO many times!. It’s like you bringing Alinsky into your nonsense. Try some new material and stop leaning on some dead radical.

          • JeffH

            eddie just told another lie…I’ll add it to my list of “eddie lies” which I will post when I get back from lunch…stick around eddie, you’ll lie about it and deny it but it’s taken straight from your comment and the pages of Personal Liberty Digest.

            Wah, wah, wah! :(

          • eddie47d

            Your going to deny that you don’t quite often use Alinsky. Yes I like to see you expose yourself on that one.

          • JeffH

            eddie, if the shoe fits, wear it.

          • eddie47d

            You must be wearing jumbo size shoes then to match your jumbo sized pettiness.

    • 45caliber


      Unions started out as local groups of employees who were getting shafted. Dues were started simply to aid the employees. But the Syndicate, the Mafia, and the Mob quickly learned that there were massive amounts of money to be made as union bosses. They took over.

      This continued AT LEAST until the 60′s. Some insist that they are still in charge. As a result, most union actions during strikes are mob-trained. Beat them with clubs! Kill if necessary! Destroy equipment! And then pay some government official to find you innocent later.

      While the unions today MAY not be crime-related, they still believe in the tactics developed by the criminal families.

      I have no problem with union thugs trying to beat up someone IF I have the right to defend myself. Unfortunately, you do not have that right thanks to the Federal government.

      • JeffH

        45caliber, I was an instrumental player involved with organizing union representation(ILWU Local6) at Bio-Rad Labratories in Richmond, CA back in 1969-70. It was needed and changed the face of the company for the better. I was the chief steward and participated in every negotiation and represented the employess on every commitee. I was asked by the union to replace the business agent when he retired. I spent a lot of time attending International conventions and meetings, met and drank with them all, listened to the war stories from the 1934 dock wars in SF and even gave bowling lessons to Curtis McClain, the union’s International Secretary-Treasurer. I declined the offer and took a shot at self employment.

        I have also been on the management end where the same union organized the labor at the warehouse where I was the warehouse manager of a very young upstart seasonal labor intensive company. When they showed up to confront the company, and this company was an employee oriented and friendly company, I was met with distain by the very same people who lobbied me to become their business agent. I listened to their lies to the employees, making promises they couldn’t keep, promising huge hourly wages, benefits, vacation time, etc. etc. When all was said and done, and our books were opened to them

        They got their contract…a year and a half later, the employees recieved a 50 cent increase and no improvements to the benefits they were already recieving. They lost $1/hr in raises waiting for full ratification and on top of it they now had to pay union dues, and some lost their jobs because they didn’t pay their dues, but it was the union that pulled them off the job and it was my decision to decide whether they would be rehired if they cought their due up…because the work was seasonal, the company had been paying each employee $100/wk cash, under the table during the first month of a layoff. If the layoff went beyond that time period, the company dropped the cash down to $50/week and we rehired every one back each and every time. The company even bought a station wagon just to pick up those that didn’t have transprtation to get to work.

        I came from the “blue collar rank and file”, I understand them because I was once one of them and I have always stood up for my employees. I believed in integrity and honesty and with the exception of very few, have always given and recieved the respect of those I worked for and those that worked for me.

        Right is right and wrong is wrong.

        • eddie47d

          I appreciate your history but was wondering why this great company didn’t give you any vacation time? Was it strictly budget concerns or didn’t they think employee time off was necessary.My wife work at a small business who only gives one week vacation no matter how long one works there and no sick leave.

          • JeffH

            eddie, Duh! They already had vacation time…the union didn’t get it for them…and I never said I or anyone else didn’t get vacations did I? Comprende?

          • eddie47d

            Strictly to borrow from you…Wa Wa Wa

          • JeffH

            eddie, borrow? How about…Polly want a cracker?…is more like it!

  • JeffH

    Public-Sector Unions Choke Taxpayers
    By John Stossel
    “I thought unions were great — until at Chrysler, the union steward started screaming at me. Working at an unhurried pace, I’d exceeded ‘production’ for that job.”

  • Polski
    • Polski

      I know that NONE of you read this, because it says that BOEING made $18 BILLION last year and paid ZERO taxes. You certainly aren’t going to let FACTS get in the way of your BS.

      • JeffH

        Polski, I just read the article and what you just said is pure fabrication…either you can’t read and comprehend or you just lied.
        Last year was 2010 correct?

        Now just imagine this…By Bernie Becker – 02/26/11

        An interest group with union ties is slamming Boeing for its tax-paying record, not long after the aerospace giant won a huge federal contract.

        In a Friday release, Citizens for Tax Justice declared that Boeing basically did not pay any U.S. corporate income taxes between 2008 and 2010, even as it reported around $10 billion in profits.

        In its release, which it says was based on S.E.C. filings, the group says that Boeing received a federal tax rebate in 2009, while paying 0.3 percent of its income in federal income tax in 2010 and 1.2 percent in 2008.

        Boeing spokesman, Charles Bickers, said that the company’s income tax expense rate was between 23 percent and 33 percent and 2008 and 2010, but that its actual payout may have been less due to pension payouts, IRS audit settlements and other items.

        The New York Times reported earlier this month that the Chicago-headquartered company’s corporate tax bill had come to 4.5 percent over the last five years, when counting both federal and other taxes.

        In its release, Citizens for Tax Justice – “which counts the presidents of UAW, AFSCME and the AFL-CIO as board members” — also referenced a 2008 Government Accountability Office report that asserted that Boeing had 38 subsidiaries in jurisdictions considered tax havens, including 16 in the U.S. Virgin Islands alone.

        And General Electric – whose chief executive, Jeff Immelt, heads up President Obama’s new job creation council – had paid an average effective tax rate of 3.6 percent of late, according to congressional testimony. Disney (36.5 percent) and Home Depot (35.4), meanwhile, paid roughly 10 times a higher percentage.

  • JeffH

    Public Unions Force Taxpayers to Fund Democrats

    Back in February, Obama took some time away from his campaigning to show his support for the Wisconsin public unions.

    Walker was staging “an assault on unions,” he said, and added that “public employee unions make enormous contributions to our states and our citizens.”

    He conveniently forgot to mention the enormous contributions to the Democrats and Obama himself.

    Enormous contributions, yes — to the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign. Unions, most of whose members are public employees, gave Democrats some $400 million in the 2008 election cycle. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the biggest public employee union, gave Democrats $90 million in the 2010 cycle.

    Follow the money, Washington reporters like to say. The money in this case comes from taxpayers, present and future, who are the source of every penny of dues paid to public employee unions, who in turn spend much of that money on politics, almost all of it for Democrats. In effect, public employee unions are a mechanism by which every taxpayer is forced to fund the Democratic Party.

  • pat cala

    Teachers Unions: When I started teaching in 1956 (New York State) we had a Teachers Association that would negotiate with the School Board. Then the unions started to find teachers that would work with them. The unions hired a lawyer to negotiate. The Teachers Association had no lawyer, at that time. Eventually the unions succeeded.
    As a new parent in Connecticut, I didn’t know that Greenwich had just gone throug a teacher strike. Then the union won membership.
    Next move, Palo Alto, CA. Same thing, non union, teacher strike. Teachers eventually returned to work but said we will cut the school day until all demands are met. Demands were met, but not a full school day. WAS THERE SOMETHING THEY FORGOT?
    Next step, introduction of SEX EDUCATION.
    I hope there is someone out there that will tell America what is happening.

    • eddie47d

      Nothing wrong with private schooling but tell us as a teacher what a full day is for them. Most schools in Denver area have about 6-7 hours of schooling. I remember teachers coming in early and leaving late to grade papers. So is that included in their work day? If they go home and work at home on the next days lessons do they get paid for that? Do they get paid for being at parents night or any extra work? Do private schools have longer or shorter days? Thanks for being a teacher.

  • Tracy Andersen

    Many years ago, to get a particular job, I had to swear allegiance to Jimmy Hoffa — oh, how that made me cringe! Went to work, feeding cans into a motor-driven can-washing machine in a dairy. Seeing that demand exceeded capacity of the machine to deliver, I would clock out, and go back to put out more, to meet the need. “No, you can’t do that!” Then, when I gave management the simple math of what the can-washer could deliver in an eight-hour workday, versus what the daily demand was, they were afraid of the union, and fired me. Later, found out they installed a second can-washer.

    Yup, when you do a good job, you are really rewarded with union help. And no, I didn’t go to the union to protest my firing. To work under such idiocy was reason enough to be glad to leave.

    As many have referred to, directly or indirectly here, the problem is the thinking of roughly half of us, and it is incumbent on the other half of us who desire better to educate the other half — if it is possible to do so. There may be a few left that do not have minds like concrete — all mixed up and permanently set.

    Yes, unions had their value, but nowadays, must we demand exorbitant wages and pay leaders that are beyond responsibility, and the line workers have no voice in running the union? Nowadays, union power has grown to where “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  • 45caliber

    The REAL question I see here is: Will Boeing be allowed to keep their plant in SC or will they be forced to move it to another country?

    Boeing chose to build in SC for a number of reasons. One was the availablity of workers. Why should they ONLY build in Washington? If that was a requirement, we’d see Walmart only in Arkansas and McDonald’s only where it started.

  • Tracy Andersen

    Eddie, do we owe unions now, that absolute obedience for what they have done in the past? Yes, they had their value, but is it overstepped nowadays?

    Yes, you can point to the positive things that they have done for the working society, but evolution moves on. The dinosaurs gave us our oil, and we thank them for that, but I don’t think I would want dinosaurs around nowadays.

    • eddie47d

      LOL Tracy. If unions are overstepping then bring them back on line and I have said that before. I would say the same thing about CEOs and corporates who have continually stepped out of line. The disparities are growing so does evolution mean that anyone who works has to take a step back while corporates take 3 steps forward.

      • Brad

        blah, blah, blah, Eddies back on his CEO soap box.

        • eddie47d

          You must have ate the soap with all those bubbles popping out.

  • JeffH

    eddie, just out of curiosity…how many times has your union saved you from being fired? Just curios because it’s very obvious that you, by yourself, couldn’t save yourself from being fired! :)

    • eddie47d

      Only one time Jeff and it involved my nicking another vehicle on a road as I was pulling out from a curb. Nothing serious but they were sticklers about that. Union and Management.

      • JeffH

        eddie, appreciate your honesty in this case.

        I’ve never been fired. I did lose the “best job I ever had” because of California’s alliance with environmental extremists and over-regulation. Forced my company to close their doors and forced the industry we serviced to move out of state. That is the core problem with California and their budget woes today. That and their total commitment to the public unions that virtually bought and paid for Gov. Brown’s election victory.

        SEIU bully in Sacramento –

        The Beholden State – How public-sector unions broke California.
        Video of an official of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), California’s largest public-employee union, sitting in a California legislative chamber and speaking into a microphone. “We helped to get you into office, and we got a good memory,” she says matter-of-factly to the elected officials outside the shot. “Come November, if you don’t back our program, we’ll get you out of office.’

  • Truth

    The problem isn’t capitalism. It is crony capitalism, and the cabal of government controlled media, unions, marxists, socialists, and communists that are working together to destroy american jobs, destroy the free market, and destroy our constitutional freedoms and liberty.

    Most liberals believe freedom is evil. They believe freedom must be controlled for the ‘benefit’ of the people. They do not believe in personal responsibility. They believe in making people dependent subjects of their government masters. They believe in compulsory centralized planning and control. They believe it is a good thing to create more and more laws to strangle liberty, jobs, and business in a morass of conflicting laws and government bureaucracy. They believe they are helping america by protecting its citizens from themselves. Instead of the citizens controlling government, they believe in government control over the citizens. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they have your best interests at heart. They want to divide us and conquer us by destroying our businesses, our jobs, and our liberties, thereby intentionally promoting and causing civil unrest. They hope to use that civil unrest to wrest control from the people and install a socialist or communist government. Liberty, freedom, and free market competition are anathema to these people. They don’t want the market to pick winners and losers. They want to pick them. They think they can do a better job than the free market. They are wrong. Solyndra proved it. The housing bust proved it. The bank bailouts proved it. The unions increasing the costs of labor, making good businesses noncompetitive and forcing them to close or move overseas proves it. Their mountain of bureaucratic red tape and new laws proves it. The legal barriers they’ve elected to prevent competition prove it. Their attempts to stop Boeing from opening a new plant in S. Carolina prove it. How more more of this crap can America take? The liberals and socialists aren’t trying to protect America or its people. They are trying to make all Americans dependent on the government so they can better control us, and our businesses. They do this not for our benefit, but for theirs. By controlling us, they become our masters and can force us to fund them. The government is already far too large. There are already far too many laws, far too many lawyers, far too many lawsuits, and far too many union and government bureaucrat parasites sucking the lifeblood, liberty, freedom, and jobs out of america. Down with these self-serving fools. Throw them all out of office. The states and people can take care of themselves. Limit government to its constitionally mandated responsibilities. Make the government publicly account not just for the cost of enforcing new laws, but also for the costs businesses must pay to implement them. If a law doesn’t create more jobs than it costs, or save more money in the private and public sector than it costs, don’t pass it. We could probably cut government 80% by limiting it to its constitutionally mandated responsibilities. In turn, that will allow us to cut taxes. More government isn’t the solution. It is the problem. If the government wants to reduce the national debt, sell government property. Why should the government own so much property in America? How does that benefit American citizens?

  • Altaica

    I am sure these shenanigans are why so many of our companies have just gone overseas. No union thugs to get in their way of progress. One should never have to pay money to get a job, money is what you get for doing a job. I’m glad I’m in a right to work state, there are a few flaws, but not so many as this whole unionized labor business.

    • 45caliber

      When I was in college I tried to get a union job for the summer. I had to go to a union man to get the job rather than to a company person. I found him and three friends playing cards while he was supposed to be working.

      He told me I’d have to join the union first – at a price of $150. I barely had that amount and agreed. But he wouldn’t promise me a job until winter. I told him I needed a job immediately. He grinned, winked and told me that if I paid him an additional $150 he’d get me on that week.

      I found another job elsewhere.

  • Dale on the left coast

    If I was the CEO of Boeing . . . I would offer them a choice . . . either the Law Suit goes away . . . or I move Boeing to another country . . . worked well for GE!!! I might even get appointed to a czar position!!!

  • Big Woody

    If you want to see the distructive effect allowing a major company to locate in a S.C. They force their employees to exist on an average of $25 per hour. They give them have a solid health care plan, a 401 retirement, and all the other things that are available to union workers plus a heck of a deal on a BMW. BMW did not need or request a bailout when GM and Chrysler did. Their stock is about 3 times what it was 3 years ago in spite of the financial ills of Europe. The DJIA has basically flatlined. All of this is disasterous info for the Marxist in DC today. I can see why Obama does not want Boeing to build in S.C.

  • david

    I wrote a good comment but lost it due to you not accepting my Email– Im not gonna write it again

  • Tracy Andersen

    Hmmm, David, union censors at work?

    Just wonderin’. ;-)

  • Polski

    Citigroup to Pay Millions to Close Fraud Complaint
    The company agreed to settle a civil complaint by the S.E.C. that it had defrauded buyers in a $1 billion portfolio of mortgage-related investments.

    FROM TODAY’S NEW YORK TIMES. Another corporation, NOT A UNION, cheating us. And still you people, WHO FLUNKED KINDERGARTEN, don’t get it, or are getting paid to write all the garbage in this BLOG.

  • Edward Ellison

    Look at history. Currently, Wal Mart is not unionized despite hundreds of thousands of union dollare and untold efforts to organize it. IBM remains non-union. Both are prospering.

    Are there crooked corporations and executives? Of course, but it is not the way of life in the real business world jand tends to be the exception. On the other hand, not so for unions. The Teamsters have been corrupt for years with several presidents and others sent to prison for serious crimss (see Dave Beck for how long this has gone on). In olden days, they just raided the members retirement funds for persoanl and political gain, screwing their own members.

    I had a friend whose union assignment was “head buster” in a union of bricklayers and masons in Chicago. If anyone stood up in opposition to the “party line”, hhis job was to make them “sit down and shut up”, and not nicely.

    Even worse, look at the SEIU and its record of thuggery, inside and outside the union itself to promote selected “officials” rising in the ranks and maintaining power plus control, not to mentions their strong armed “acquisitons” of recalcatrant locals for growth.

    Now, the unions have a better way. They use dues money to buy politicians. Why else would Obama appoint labor union lawyers to the NLRB other than payback? Why would the auto workers be awarded, illegally, too, huge stock ownership in GM while bondholders had to take a haircut? (that is part of the ‘illegal”.)

    Union owned politicians passed the legislation making union leaders untouchable for high crimes and misdemeanors as a matter of law.

    Unions own the president and most of the rest of the Democrat party.

    Talk about corrupt?

    If unions win in South Carolina (and i fear they will in the stacked NLRB deck) I hope Boeing has the finanxial and moral strength to move that production to Columbia, Mexico or another free trade partner.

    As a side light, it is interesting Obama had the three recently passed free trade agreement on his desk for approval and forwarding to congress for enactment for two years, but only recently was busting Congress chops over passing them before he even released them. What a lying hypocrite.

  • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

    Folks, I for one WILL never let any of those union thugs tell me where I could work. Oh, yeah, I did work for a while in a Union shop but the people working there finally got tired of our so-call union bosses taking our money and giving it to certain causes that none of us liked or telling us who we had to vote for; so we voted the Bums out. I now live in a Right-to-Work state where the people and business are free to live and work as they please. Oh, those thugs (Union leaders) are trying to follow in the footsteps of Nazi’s of WWII by tell us where we can do business. “PAPERS PLEASE!”

    • Veteran’s Son

      John Wilch (“Nam Vet – ’68-69): but you let the Gov’t send you to Vietnam and you have a problem with union thugs? I guess you have a problem thinking for yourself.

  • JohnDoe

    Take away wages and pay for what a worker produces.
    Unions had their place. Now they do no more than take away a workers incentive to be better than than the lazy good for nothing that makes the same wage. What the union has done good is create jobs for cnc and robotics engineers.


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