The Perfect GOP Compromise On Immigration


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The Barack Obama socialist cabal and mainstream media (I know; I repeat myself) lie about immigration. They frame the debate as having only two options: the Democrat way (let everyone in and put them all on welfare) or the supposed Republican way (keep everyone out and send home those already here). That is a blatant lie.

The second Obama lie is that there is only one definition of compromise: Agree with Democrats on everything. How absurd. How is that “compromise”?

If the GOP agrees to this Democratic version of compromise, the U.S. economy will be damaged beyond repair. We are already a bankrupt Nation with more than $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. Letting in millions of new poor, uneducated, low-skill immigrants in the middle of an economic depression and jobs crisis, as well as giving them access to welfare and Obamacare, can only be described as the end of America. It is a disaster for the middle class in terms of jobs competition, the lowering of wages and the cost of taxes to pay for the new entitlement bills.

But there is a simple and truly fair compromise that is based on the practical advice from my latest book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians have to be blind or idiots not to support it.

My first common-sense observation is there is no need to do anything until the border is secure. Period. Not secure by the standards of Obama or Janet Napolitano. But 100 percent secured and approved by Congress and an outside panel of independent experts.

Now, on to the compromise. The only reason for the GOP to agree to a compromise is if there is something to be gained in return. If Democrats want the 12 million illegal aliens already here to be given a legal pathway to citizenship, I say “yes,” but only if Democrats agree to these key points of compromise:

First, it still starts with a 100 percent sealed border. Until that happens, no one is legalized. Ironically, even the 10 million to 12 million illegal aliens should support this necessity. Once they are made legal, the 12 million certainly don’t want another 12 million battling them for jobs.

Next, end birthright citizenship. Never again can someone come here illegally, give birth and think that child is a legal American. The millions of children here today win the lottery (with military service), but only if no one else ever gets in again.

Third, no Obamacare for the 12 million or so illegal aliens. The Internal Revenue Service estimates health insurance will cost $20,000 per year by 2016 because of this Obamacare monstrosity. You do the math. 12 million times $20,000 equals $240 billion per year. That would cause the final collapse of the U.S. economy.

You can come here to work legally, but you can’t let in 12 million new patients for free healthcare. That would be economic suicide. Only an idiot couldn’t see that. Either an idiot, or a Democrat looking to win elections with 12 million new Democratic voters, without any regard for the new debt overwhelming the system or the eventual destruction of the U.S. economy.

Fourth — and here’s the big one — Illegal aliens already collect billions of dollars in entitlements. Right now. They get food stamps, aid to dependent children and free meals at school. Now, add in earned income tax credits — even though they don’t pay taxes in the first place. It’s costing taxpayers a fortune. If you want us to legalize you, it has to stop. So we’ll let you in, but only if you agree to never accept entitlements. Except for Social Security — but only after they’ve worked for many years and have earned it like everyone else.

Conservatives like me aren’t against immigrants. I love immigrants. Legal immigrants who come to America to work are the lifeblood of America. But I draw the line at someone who comes here to live off government. Why would any country allow that? Not with $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities already on the books. The new debt would push us over the edge.

So will Democrats hold up immigration reform over this issue? Will they openly admit to supporting and encouraging immigrants who want welfare, food stamps and 100 other kinds of entitlements? Conservatives will let you in — if you’re a taxpayer and contributor. But we’re not going to let you in if you’ve come here to be a taxpayer drain.

Can you imagine someone breaking into your restaurant and greeting you in the morning when you open the door by demanding you take care of them with free food, housing, education, medical and cash for life? Democrats think that’s “fair.” Most Americans don’t.

You can stay, but only if you work. If you came to mooch, you can leave now. You mean that’s not “fair” to Democrats? That’s unreasonable? We let you break in, and now we’re going to agree not to arrest or deport you. But we certainly won’t allow you to overwhelm our system and raise our taxes and debt in the bargain. That’s the only sane compromise.

Give up welfare and all entitlements, and in return you get to stay. You never again have to fear that knock on the door. You never have to fear separation from your family. You are in America for good. You won the lottery.

You mean illegal aliens won’t accept this deal? If they won’t, then they are here for the handouts. If that’s the case, no deal.

By the way, I’d even throw in another chit in the bargain. In return for agreeing to never accept welfare, illegal aliens will not owe back taxes. It’s unrealistic anyway. Illegals can’t afford it. No one will pay it. No one will enforce it. My compromise is realistic. You get a work card. You pay taxes moving forward. You become a legal resident. America is fair and beyond generous. But no welfare. Ever.

Fifth, as part of this deal, English becomes the official language of America. If you want to stay, you have to learn English. You have to vote in English. You can’t survive or thrive in this country without learning English. But no one will ever learn unless you take away the options. Why would we agree to let millions of people in who want to change our language or culture? Now that would be insanity squared. Come on in. We welcome you — as long as you assimilate and become patriotic Americans.

Sixth, you go to the end of the line for citizenship. You get a work card and become a legal resident. You pay taxes. But, you earn citizenship over a very long period of time and you get in line with the millions of others who are being legally admitted. And you cannot vote.

Lastly, no more fraud upon the taxpayers and citizens. No more 1,000-page bills. This can all be explained in a simple five- to 10-page bill. If I were a U.S. Senator, even with all the points above, I’d still vote “no” to a 1,200-page bill. Something is wrong if you need 1,200 pages written by lawyers. It’s fraud. They are sneaking in provisions the citizens would not support, if they were able to read it. So the big-government bureaucrats overwhelm us with 1,200 pages (filled with lies, fraud and trickery). You know, like the clause that sets up community activist organizations as the new welcome wagon for all immigrants. More tricks from Obama to brainwash immigrants to demand entitlements and vote Democrat forever more. Any Republican who’d vote for that is an idiot.

All the extras must be cut out of this bill. This bill is about immigration, not more stimulus bills or pumping up government spending or Las Vegas tourism or handing billions of dollars to Marxist organizations disguised as “community activists.” This attitude is what bankrupted America in the first place.

Obama and his socialist cabal will yell and scream. But guess what? The vast majority of the 12 million people who broke the law will gladly accept this deal and praise those who “compromised” for their benefit. No other country in the world would offer this deal. Certainly not Mexico.

That’s the deal. Conservatives are not against immigration reform or against compromise. Those are blatant lies. But first, the borders must be 100 percent sealed. Then you get it, but only if you’re here to work.

This is how you “compromise” to get immigration reform for 12 million illegal aliens already here. Let Obama and the Democrats explain to those 12 million why they are unwilling to accept this “compromise” and would rather leave them and their families in the shadows, unable to get legal U.S. jobs and facing arrest and deportation. Is welfare that important to illegal aliens? If it is, then we can’t allow you in.

One last comment. If any GOP lawmaker is dumb enough to simply roll over and agree to Obama’s and the Democrats’ definition of “compromise” on this issue, he has proven to be nothing but a short-sighted, greedy politician who cares only about his re-election and cares nothing about the American taxpayer. And he must be booted out of office immediately.

Great ideas, right? That’s how you design a compromise. Unfortunately, we all know that none of the sane, common-sense ideas I’ve just recommended will ever happen. Not with the big-government Marxists who control the Obama Administration and whose goal is the destruction of capitalism and the America we know and love.

And not with the weak-willed idiots that run today’s GOP who are afraid of their own shadow — not to mention they are bought, paid for and owned by big corporations looking for cheap labor. Right and left are both destroying this country and wiping out the middle class forever.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Personal Liberty

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle ClassWayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Warrior

    You do realize there are already enough “citizens” in this country who are able to work and choose not to because of “gubmint” programs. AND there are a whole heck of a lot of “bright” citizens in non-productive occupations invented by and promoted by the “gubmint”. This whole “comprehensive immigration” charade has become o so tiresome.
    You want to REALLY start putting this “ship” back on the right course? Get rid of the irs and all the tax laws. First and Foremost! You know as well as I do that the VAST majority of American citizens are for this but you see no movement from the “red” and “blue” camps. Why do you think that is?

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Naturally, because they benefit from complexity.

      • podunk1

        Unmask amnesty’s ugly poison pill with HOW Government
        corrupts citizen subsidies, unemployment, and wages!

        An average Dec. 2012 BLS wage adjusted from 34.4 hours to 40/hr with 30% employer taxes etc, is $64,300. It’s the average employer’s annual employee productivity cost. If jobless citizens receive $36,546 subsidies equal to illegal aliens ($402 billion/11 million), individual unemployment costs $100,845!

        Government’s $36,546 alien invader subsidy increases jobless costs to $137,391 when citizens lose jobs to subsidized aliens! (Government numbers & basic math!)

        BLS 12-2012 shows 12.5 million unemployed, 6.4 million
        looking for work, plus another 6.9 million who “disappeared” from the work force based on 1997-2008 12/yr average “population/workforce” ratios. That totals 25.8 million jobless
        citizens! The BLS 34.4 hour week vs. 40/hrs @ 155.0 million workers says part time joblessness equals 25.2 million jobs lost to part time work trends (16.28%)! Potential joblessness is 51 million (33%)! A government that pays and protects 11(?) million alien invaders and begs for more during extreme
        recession is defying and mocking Constitution, law, and citizens!

        Simultaneously we have 11 to 30 million tax evading criminal aliens working for tax evading criminals who pay $12,480/yr tax free cash ($8 taxable is $6 cash). Because criminal tax evading employers pay $12,480 for $64,300 worth of productivity, they gain $51,820 windfall criminal profits! A very slight amount of that windfall is more than enough to drive competitors and legitimate workers out of business! Government protects criminal employers who flood the free labor market with workers, destroy wage competition,
        bankrupt business competition, drive wages below minimum wage, loot tax revenue, loot taxpayer benefit funds, and keep $51,820 per invader spoils! That’s evil, not patriotism!

        Because lawless executive-legislative officers protect and give
        alien invaders $36,546 in subsidies, invaders take home tax free $49,025 @40hr/wk ($47,278 @BLS 34.4hr/wk)! Law
        abiding citizens take home $37,096 @ 40hr/wk ($31,903 @BLS 34.4hr/wk) after 25% tax! Lawful citizen’s $31,903 take-home is $15,375 less than government subsidized criminal invaders $47,278; and $4,642 less than
        government’s tax-free $36,545 criminal alien subsidies! Government is clearly creating severe productivity penalties simultaneously with extreme subsidy dependency! Because increasing geometric demand for non-productive subsidies will obliterate the decreasing geometric productive ability to pay for it, financial collapse is near!

        Read it again – you can’t find a more demonic cancer that has divided, demonized, and desecrated every tradition and foundation of our once highly productive free Constitutional society! Destruction to citizen productivity and independence is incalculable! Government subsidized criminal aliens taking citizen jobs costs $137,391 each! That’s $1.5 trillion/yr @11 million to $2.7 trillion/yr @ 20 million displaced citizens! This doesn’t include highly significant costs of aliens legally permitted to displace citizens!

        The amnesty-border issue is about lawless subversive
        control of government by defiance and mocking of oath and duty of office by executive-legislative officials. Officials
        like Rubio, who adamantly state they can’t enforce the law and constitution, must either resign or be prosecuted for obstructing justice. Citizens must elect officials who take their 24/7 oath and duty seriously… and recall and prosecute those who mock it!

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          So many figures, so little figuring.

          The “demonic cancer” here is blaming people who are struggling to make a decent living for the loss of jobs that are purely the result of Socialism. If you want to talk “cost of”, then talk about the cost of a Government that in 1900 consumed 6% of our GDP, and now consumes 42%.
          And that’s just expenditures. Add in the cost of the “10,000 Commandments” and we have a recipe for a crushed economy:

          • podunk1

            You totally missed the point – not trying to be smart about it – trying to provide critical information that will help us.

            1. Decent people don’t break the law – felonies include tax evasion – illegal entry to USA – ID theft (when someone reports income under your ID you go through hell – same for traffic violations & crimes look it up & lots of dollars & harassment), amongst a whole host of other crimes. – stuff we go to jail for!

            2. My issue was GOVERNMENT subsidies & the remedy suggested is recall & replacing a majority of executive-legislative officials who mock and defy both Constitution and law. They openly protect lawlessness and obstruct justice. same stuff you mention, only very specific, very bad, and with reasonably correct numbers based on THEIR DATA (BLS & $402 billion alien study @ 11 million)

            Aliens didn’t risk it all for a $10,733 job. (34.4hr@$6 cash) They came here for the $36,545 which makes take home pay $47,728 which is $15,375 more than a tax paying citizen’s net $31,903 under identical conditions! Subsidy includes free med care – hospitals can’t refuse it & in turn pass it off on citizen billings (cash & insurance) – as hidden but heavy tax.

            That subsidy is $4,642 more than the 34.4 hour worker takes home!

            A jobless citizen generates a $27,204 loss of individual incomes taxes 25% and employer tax/regs/benes 30% plus a laundry list of subsidies $36,545 – total $63,749. Citizen loses $37,096. net total $100,846 each If illegal replaces citizen, add his $36,545 & total becomes $137,391.

            PER YEAR it’s $1.5 trillion @ 11 million aliens to $2.7 trillion @ 20 million. Dig into the numbers & understand the cost issues – got to challenge it to do it & most don’t have the background to really understand it – talking helps getting there.

            We;re losing the battle to to plain old fraud – must have the costs & put it to them. When the buzz they hear is serious felony to treason, changes will happen.

    • wavesofgrain

      “”””Why do you think that is?”””

      UnionThreats…. Mafia Chicago Politics

  • vicki

    In 1986 Congress told us that if we do amnesty this one time that it would never be offered again.

    So, Congress, were you lying to us then or are you lying to us now?

    • Harold Olsen

      If their lips were moving, what do you think? Of course they were lying. When do they ever tell the truth? Anyone who trusts ANY politician is a moron.

      • me

        Harold Olsen, I know a few people who seem to have a blind faith Owebunhole. These types have always voted straight across democrat in every election. If anyone who trusting a politition is a moron what are the Owebunhole faithful? Maybe total fools?

        • 5alive5

          lobbies that are drunk on Obambamaide

    • CatGman

      Vicki, they were lying then and now of course.

    • TheOriginalDaveH


  • Harold Olsen

    If the GOP agrees to this Democratic version of compromise, the U.S. economy will be damaged beyond repair.

    Which is exactly what Obama wants. He’s out to destroy this country and the best way to destroy a country is to destroy its economy.

  • Liberty Lover

    Excellent analysis, Wayne, but Democrats are proven idiots and Republicans not much better, so there is little chance your excellent ideas will prevail.

    • nc

      Liberty Lover, do you live in this country? Why do you not live in a better country? How many “better” countries do you know? Who, besides those idiots, the Democrats and Republicans, have lead us to the position we hold in the world?

      Wayne Root type policies are presented to the American people every four years and are resoundingly rejected (!% OF THE POPULAR VOTE) due to the fact that the American people do not prescribe to the baselss unproved conspiracies necessary to make them SEEM needed for out well being!

      • Liberty Lover

        The reason I do not live in a better country is because the brilliant principles on which this country, the greatest in the history of the world, was founded have been steadily eroded by a stream of highly corruptible politicians who care more about personal wealth and power than they do about the best
        interests of the country they supposedly serve.

        The collectivists who have taken over public education have steadily dumbed down the electorate over the years (you might check out the difference between “prescribe” and “subscribe” btw). This pathetic electorate lacks not only the intellectual insight to sustain a viable republic long-term but the character as well. We trade liberty for a perception of security at every turn. Many Americans (a majority, actually) do not deserve the liberty they enjoy. (“They who would give up essential liberty in return for a bit of temporary security deserve neither.” Ben Franklin)

        In the area of political philosophy, this country reached its apotheosis in the 18th century and it has been downhill ever since. Such was the brilliance of the founders’ principles that America has been able to prosper mightily despite the steady erosion of enlightenment among its people. But this country (and others that have followed the seductive path of collectivism) is in deep trouble, in case you haven’t noticed. Our days of wine and roses are coming to a shocking end.

  • Numb3rTech

    That sounds like a good start. Please add in that security checks must be established for student visas and anyone that comes from a country of ISLAM decent will have additional watching & security checks. There is no place in the USA for the hardcore Muslim political agenda. We do not want the problems that England has with a separate Sharia Law judicial system. We do need to deport anyone that believes Sharia Law should be enforced in the USA. IMHO. Thank you.

  • KG

    Here is a great example of a secure border. Looks good!

    Of course, walls always have two sides to them.

    • hippybiker

      KG, I know of one country where you can’t hold a job unless you are a citizen and you can’t be involved in their political system. You also can’t get any free government services and they protect their borders ruthlessly, often killing, robbing and raping illegal border crossers. Not to mention if you mount any protest in that country, you will be gunned down in the street by the Federal Police. Another thing, unless you are a citizen, you can’t own property. What country is this, you ask? Why, its Mexico, you dolt!

      • 5alive5

        How true! and even if you apply for citizenship, you can’t own coastal property if you are not natural born! Look it up!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        That’s right ! We should treat them as we would be treated in there country .

  • FreedomFighter

    Would add:

    1. Illegal aliens already make up over 30% of prison population have them sent back. Felons don’t become citizens

    2. Add teeth to laws to remove and deport those that don’t comply with learning English, pay taxes, other offenses, or break the law.
    Make sure the stipulation for/in ObamaCare that exempts business from paying illegals healthcare does not take American jobs…I believe as it stands now an employer must cover an American working over 29 hours but an Non-citizen can be hired and not given healthcare insurance working full time 40 hours with no penalty’s to anyone. How fast will millions of Americans lose their jobs with that little rule — thank your democrat-rats in congress today.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Chester

      If a NON -citizen can legally be hired, he or she is eligible for all the same benefits and duties as a citizen, including paying into social security and being eligible for medical insurance, even under Obamacare.

      • FreedomFighter

        Not according to the Senate (democrat rat) immigration bill.
        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Your right !

  • nc

    Wayne, I love your version of the Wayne Root “Ultra conservative compromise on immigration” solution! It goes something like this! “Here is the only right way to handle the immigration issue and there ain’t no compromise in it!” What a compromise!!

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      I see NC’s back to shouting again, as if that somehow makes him correct.

    • Don 2

      Unless you are Hispanic, perhaps you should start wondering what percentage of Mexicans don’t like you nc? There are many Hispanic leaders in south-west states who have made bold statements about reclaiming old Mexico through sheer numbers. Although I do not recall the name of the individual, one statement that stood out was, “The whites are scared sh*tless, we will drive them back east!” They are not the least interested in assimilation and becoming Americanized. Their goal is to reclaim the south-west via population, elect Hispanic leaders wherever possible, and pass laws and regulations favorable to Mexico.

  • gelliott

    The only compromise that would justify a deal, in my opinion, would be to 1) sunset the 14th amendment so that children born to non-US citizens on US soil don’t automatically get US citizenship, and 2) we seal the borders to make it harder for illegals to come to this country. The 14th amendment, along with open borders, are allowing the Democrats to increase their potential voting rolls by millions. For every couple of illegal immigrates that we give citizenship to (through amnesty), they will have several children, not to mention brothers, sisters, mother, father, etc. that we will feel obligated to let in as well. And, when they come here and have their “anchor” babies, which we can’t deport because we’ve given those children citizenship, we feel badly deporting their parents. This whole process is killing the country, and it needs to stop. Screw the Democrats who want these voters. We need to start doing what’s fair to Americans and what’s good for America, not the illegal immigrants and the Democratic Party. Kill the 14th amendment!

    Oh by the way, if a majority of these immigrants ever voted for Republicans, the Democrats would be the first to man the borders with heavy weapons to stop the flow into the country. Compassion, my A$$. It’s all political, and I’m tired of it. They’re giving away our country all for more votes. Stop the insanity………..NOW!

    If we don’t have the courage to deport these people and close the borders, at least don’t give them citizenship. We can give them a visa to allow them to stay and work so long as they abide by our laws, including paying taxes. We should give them any government hand-outs. If they get any charity, it should come from private organizations, not the government. And, we should never give them US driver’s licenses. They can apply for international driver’s licenses and get those which would allow them to drive on our highways if they can pass the driver’s test. This license would show them to be a citizen of another country, not the US, so it couldn’t be used to fraudulently show them as US citizens……..for voting, etc. I see no reason to give anyone who comes here illegally, US citizenship. Period.

  • Deerinwater

    The first thing that must be done is get realistic about what “can be done” ~

    There is not a ship that floats that don’t take on some water. ~ the bigger they are , more water they take on . You can’t keep water out. Period. So we use pumps. ~ The pumping goes on daily and this pumping just a part of maintaining a seafaring vessel.

    The same applies to a nation, where it is North Korea or the United States of America. ~ Fortified and natural boundaries will be breached.

    To say things like; “My first common-sense observation is there is no need to do anything until the border is secure. Period. Not secure by the standards of Obama or Janet Napolitano. But 100 percent secured and approved by Congress and an outside panel of independent experts.” ~ is not employing common sense at all.

    Congress and outside panels ~ might only address tighter boundaries, but let us accept the fact that plugging leaks and pumping is the best that can be done and will go on constantly. ~ Pretty much what we are and have been doing.

    People that do not live their lives on shared National Boundaries I find to be somewhat naive about the complexity of commerce and daily life associated with regional issues.

    This sort of thinking ~ is misdirecting us away from the problems we are attempting to address.

    It is civil unrest and economic uncertainty of nations, ~ the restricting of products and human service that are the things that encourages this flood of immigration. ~

    We have examples in history to look up on for wisdom ~ China being the greatest “Fence Builder” of them all.

    Build your fence ~ but don’t expect it to solve these issues ~ while it will “Spread the Wealth” ~ fence builders need to eat too.

    • 5alive5

      Deer, don’t forget though, if the water taken on by a ship is ignored, the ship SINKS!!

  • DonnaAngelStar

    No stinkin’ compromise, no stinkin’ reform, no stinkin’ “anchor” babies. Enforce our immigration laws.
    Load ‘em up, ship ‘em out.

    • red neck

      I agree with you, but we know that the democrats are just looking for voters. Also I will bet that the unions have something to do with this.

  • dudley74

    Given the Rinocrat and Commucrat make up of the Senate there is little chance that any common sense solution will be reached. This is another 1,200 page monstrosity they will “have to pass to find out what’s in it” and what they eventually “find” will be the final knife to the heart of America. RIP———

  • Alan

    Until something is done to stop inserting these pork projects into bills that have nothing whatsoever to do with the bill itself we will have more of the same old same old. Its nothing but a bribe to buy a vote,and these clowns know all they have to do is hold out until they get what they want.

  • red neck

    #8…. If you are convicted of a crime you will be sent back to Mexico!

  • red neck

    #8…. If you are convicted of a crime you will be sent back to Mexico!

    • 5alive5

      There are illegals here that have committed MANY crimes and are still here. Some have committed vehicular homicide and done NO JAIL TIME! Their victim is still DEAD! The system is broken and doesn’t WORK!!!

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Those are people who indeed deserve our scrutiny. The rest, who are law-abiding, don’t.
        Government loves you people who think that it can really solve such problems without turning us into a third-world country run by a dictator.

    • mac12sam12

      Most of the most wanted in California are illegals.

  • rbrooks

    wayne is no better than the ones he complains about. stopping this problem has always been easy. stop giving out work visas’. rescind the current work visas’. american citizenship required to work in america.

    go after those who employ the immigrants. hire an immigrant. jail time and seize their assets.

    no more immigration problem. no more border problem.

    the only reason we keep importing large numbers of immigrants is low wages.

    40 million americans are unemployed.

    there is no reason to increase the number looking for work.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Let’s make our business people into our policemen. I mean what else do they have to do? Surely they have lots of time on their hands after producing the food, goods, and services that we need and desire.
      40 million American are unemployed for one reason only — Government is sucking our economy dry. So let’s make Government even Bigger — as soon as we get through putting out those fires with gasoline.

      • rbrooks

        lol. what a lame excuse to allow more immigration. verification is easily done. most employers know they are hiring an immigrant. they willingly seek out cheap labor immigrants.

        simple math. we have too many people seeking work. jobs are decreasing and will continue to decrease.

        adding more job seekers to that market is not a solution. at least for those looking for a job.

        it is a great practice for the business owners.

        all they have to ask is how cheap will you work.

        it is amusing that so many country’s are able to control immigration. yet this country continues to fail to do such a simple task.

        • Don 2

          For those of us who live in Realville, and are aware of the intense hatred between Black and Hispanic groups in the prison system, and street gangs for example, just think of all the fun and games that awaits, new competing gangs, etc., that will be created by adding another 46 million Hispanics to a broke and broken country on the decline, along with her declining job market. Won’t life here in America just be grand!

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Aren’t we talking about the illegals who are already here? How would we be adding 46 million?

          • Don 2

            The 1965 Immigration Act, brought to you by no other than the dirt bag who intentionally left Mary Joe Kopeckne to die in a partially submerged vehicle because he was more concerned with protecting his political career, Democrat Ted Kennedy, contains a loophole whereby immediate family members of U.S. citizens and political refugees face no quotas. This 1965 bill made “family reunification” including extended family members, creating an endless cycle known as the immigration chain. The expected influx of immigrants is expected to be 46 million by 2032.

            I cheered when that dirt bag and Democrat hero Ted Kennedy finally croaked! Too bad it didn’t happen sooner. A lot less damage would have been done to the country.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Well, not to worry. When you guys get what you wish for — tyranny — they won’t want to come here any longer.

          • Don 2

            I have news for you Dave. When the government takes the fifth, tyranny is already here!

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          rbrooks says — “most employers know they are hiring an immigrant”.
          And you know that how, rbrooks? Crystal ball?

          rbrooks says — “simple math. we have too many people seeking work. jobs are decreasing and will continue to decrease”.
          Oh, I see, it’s that pesky fixed number of jobs that is the problem.
          “simple math”? It would have to be for you to comprehend, rbrooks. The number of jobs is limited only by our imaginations and the number of obstacles thrown in the way by Big Government. What would be simple (for all but Progressives) to figure out is that the more money non-productive Big Government siphons off, the less there is for productive capital equipment and other necessities for productive enterprises.

          rbrooks says — “it is a great practice for the business owners. all they have to ask is how cheap will you work”.
          Yeah, we humans are that way. We like to decide for ourselves how we spend our own hard-earned money.

          rbrooks says — “it is amusing that so many country’s are able to control immigration. yet this country continues to fail to do such a simple task”.
          Yeah, it apparently is also amusing to Progressives that there are so many dictatorships in this world. Some people seem drawn to subjugation by a privileged class.

          Read this, rbrooks, and become less of an ignoramus:

          • rbrooks

            what country do you live in. you are lacking in the basic knowledge of this issue. when a potential employee has an interpreter fill out the paperwork, it is a fair assumption they are an immigrant.

            or we can use examples like google, microsoft, etc., that use the H1B program to hire.

            you must have a very limited imagination. along with all of these employers. or you would creating more jobs.

            we see fewer jobs. you should show a detailed plan of how you would affect these new jobs. we are going to about 100 million to start when this bill passes.

            rbrooks says — “it is a great practice for the business owners. all they have to ask is how cheap will you work”.
            Yeah, we humans are that way. We like to decide for ourselves how we spend our own hard-earned money.<<

            money hard earned by those low wage employees. giving the owner more money by requiring others to accept less thru manipulation of the labor pool.

            an overly intelligent fellow like you should easily be able to convince the politicians and the business owners to implement your plan. or not.

            btw- many of those country's are not run by dictators. but they manage to avoid the immigration problems.

            you are full of excuses. you sound like a politician.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            As I stated to MacGyver earlier, rbrooks, I thought you Liberal Progressives were the “compassionate” people? And here you are dissing illegals, most of whom have had great struggles in an effort to seek a better life here. The conditions which you blame them for were created by Progressives (a group to which you belong), then you same Progressives (you know, the “compassionate” ones) do your best to make the illegals scape goats for conditions that you helped to create.

          • rbrooks

            i have yet to much evidence that you are capable of thought.

            i was not discussing illegals.

            you missed that as well.

      • macgyver1948

        TheOriginalDaveH… It is not making people cops if they are a party to, or know of, crimes and report them. IF you see a murder and not report it aren’t you enabling the murderer in some way? If you see drug deals aren’t you enabling the dealers if you do not report it? We can go on with this, seeing rape or whatever but you are helping the criminals with your ways of thinking. But that is you. If you house people you know
        are not here legally you belong in jail. In other words, like a good little TPGOP Right wing thinker you are helping the wealthy and the corporations get what they want even if laws are broken – you are helping to lower corporate expenses. Stop helping the illegals and the very wealthy greedy people.

        Dave, either stop being so damn lazy about the law in your attempt to help the big corporations reach their coals at our expense or stop showing your true colors and help with the immigration problems. Try to be an American and care about people fairly.

    • macgyver1948

      rbrooks… There are some reporters on the Left who exaggerate too but Root, WOW WAR, is a fantasy writer driven by hate for Obama and anything that will not agree with him.

      You do bring up excellent suggestions. We should put in prison employers who knowingly hire illegals and the same goes for landlords who knowingly rent to them. I am so ok with legal immigrants but it is a huge incentive for illegals to come here if they are sanctioned by law breaking employers and landlords.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Wayne A Root for presedent !

    • Karolyn

      OMG! Are you for real??

      • Bob666

        Yo Karolyn,
        You have been here long enough to know that fact is always stranger than fiction.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          So tell us again why you and Karolyn are on this site as there may be newbies reading the article and comments.

          • Bob666

            Yo Nads,
            While I can’t speak for Karolyn, I am here because there are some people on this site who provide rational and factual content in their post and because I have an open mind and do not prejudge people-I learn something from them.

            I never have figured out why you are here-but the first amendment provides a wonderful set of rights and I would never dream of denying them to you or anyone else here.

            That does not mean that many on this site have not tried to limit the first amendment rights of others here including myself.

            Any other questions?

          • Karolyn

            Ditto what Bob said.

        • macgyver1948

          Bob… You an’t got a need for reality or facts when it is only logic and your opinion you are peddling, .. IT is the way of the FARRRRR Right, LOL

          How’s it going buddy?

          • Bob666

            Doing well Mac-is it excedrin time yet?

          • macgyver1948

            With people such as Elaine, Carlie Tuna, that Right winger who
            proclaims himself “Charlie Freedom” as he condemns all those who
            will not agree with him politically or religiously (does that ever
            sound familiar)), Samurai and we cannot leave out TheOriginalDaveH it
            is always “Excedrin time”. LOL… I think it is the hypocrisies
            that bring on “Excedrin time”, LOL….

          • Bob666


            Realty is a Foreign concept to many on this site. Original Dave makes a good comment from time to time, personally -I believe he just screws with people.

            Charlie Tuna smells like a tuna can that has been in the trash to long.

            And Finally, Our little half -wit who claims the handle of the Mythical Asian Warrior and is better know as the Forrest Gump with a Ginsu Knife.

            Says he teaches history, the history of what-he has not convinced anyone yet.

    • macgyver1948

      Jimmy the Greek…WOW, you would be so funny if what you suggest wasn’t so dangerous for freedom and Liberty and Americanism… And for truth of course. Would Al Capone be a good running mate? Capone was all for the wealthy and the big corporations too, well, mostly for himself but there is nothing new in that in politics, is there?

      Or would you prefer Goering or Himmler as Root’s running mates? They too would be logical options. Jimmy, are you still feeling funny?

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Perhaps you could explain to us how WAR is similar to Al Capone, MacGyver? I could use a good chuckle.

        • macgyver1948

          OriginalDaveH… Wow, you really missed the point and I thought it was a simple one. Ok, I will try to keep it simple for you, make it so even you can understand. First, the point was in response to Jimmy the Greek who posted our Wayne Allen Root should run for president or some high office. I thought this was dangerously funny so I suggested like minded running mates for WAR if he were to run. That is like minded to WAR since I do not know much of Jimmy the Greek’s writing but I have seen enough of it even if it were just his suggestion for WAR to run.

          Did you understand this time? I was NOT comparing war to crime but just evil war figures and a nasty well known crime figure as running mates for WAR. Do
          you understand now I was not in any way suggesting “WAR is similar to Al Capone” but, since you brought it up, war is a huge crime, at least how Hitler and many like him did it, and that is just a much larger version of what Capone did. – TO CONTROL IT ALL…

          That was fun so now you can go get your milk (or Tea if you prefer) and cookies and see if you understood this time. LOL

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            MacGyver, you make no sense.
            You said — “I thought this was dangerously funny so I suggested like minded running mates for WAR if he were to run”.
            Doesn’t like-minded mean somebody who thinks like WAR in your vocabulary?
            Which is why I asked you how WAR is like Al Capone.
            Good grief. Give me some time and I will reread “Dick and Jane” so I can figure out how to communicate with you.

          • macgyver1948

            TheOriginalDaveH… You are getting boring. WAR in this case is Wayne Allen Root… Sorry that was too tough for you to figure out., I will spell things out more for you.

            IF you do decide to reread Dick and Jane please get a tutor first and during…

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            As usual, MacGyver, you make no sense. Richard Dean Anderson would be mortified that you think you’re anything like him.

          • Jimmy the Greek

            Pat Buchanan Would make a fine presadent ! As far as a new party How about Golden Dawn from Greece . As far as Goering and Himmler And the rest of them good old boys , If the USA had just let them run with the ball , Europe today would not be multicultural crapper that it has become , we never would have had the cold war, china’s bigest export would be fireworks Because that would be all that japan would let them make, And there would be no problems in the middle east . Hilter Turned germany around in three years . In 1932 there were no jobs childern were going hungery , By 1936 it was the best place in europe to live and work , What is needed in America is a strong leader that well bring pride back to the country , Nationalism ! And stay out of the rest of the worlds problems .

          • macgyver1948

            Jimmy the Greek… Once again I feel the need to say “where do I begin?”. Your response I was not expecting at all. Pat Buchanan? He did try for the nomination in 1992 and 1996 and ran in 2000 but his reform wasn’t wanted by enough people to fill a phone booth. I wonder if Freedom, or any kind of free choice, would still exist if he took the Oval Office but I see that from most owned GOP today. Buchanan said “Bush is right on taxes, judges, sovereignty, and values. Kerry is right on nothing“ but bushes tax programs put us in the dumper.

            Buchanan proposed US withdrawal from the United Nations and expelling the UN from New York, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, Department
            of Education, Department of Energy, Department
            of Housing and Urban Development, taxes on inheritance and capital gains, and affirmative
            action programs”. Well, I would like to see the end of
            inheritance tax too but capital gains is income we can live on if we are wealthy enough so it should be taxed as regular income, same rate. Do you really think if we get rid of the United Nations and we stop participating the bad guys would leave us and other “decent” countries alone? That would NEVER HAPPEN even now and if it was not for England, Canada and some others, and eventually the US, stopping the mad and evil men of Nazi Germany the world would have so many fewer people in it and of those few who were allowed to live would have less color and less God.

            How would the federal government run itself without something such as the IRS keeping track? No company could exist without a corporate version
            of the IRS as designed by the Execs. But then the guys on the far right want to shrink the federal government to a size that would fit in a bath tub and for the budget to be the same size it was at the
            begging of the 20th century so who needs federal tax accounting any way? So many needed programs would die out with these far Right budget cuts and so would the so many millions of people who need, deserve and depend on the the programs. A far Right Conservative’s dream is to NEVER allow for
            new taxes, needed or not, do not allow for temporary tax cuts to expire even when needed and do away with all things that add to a corporation’s expenses. Hitler was very Far Right and when all the wars stopped, God forbid if he won them, the world’s economy would
            best favor what he would want, that being what is best for Hitler and his corporations. Sounds so much like what the Party of The Right, whichever, would want here except the corporations would own the government.

            Hitler was a lying thug and he stole the election. He lost the election by a heavy margin and then had a “meeting” with the government. When the meeting was over all of a sudden Hitler “And the rest of them
            good old boys” were in control of the government. Hitler used Free Speech to the hilt during his campaigning (lying and twisting the truth) because he knew how powerful and effective Free Speech is.
            Then, one of the first things he and those good old boys did after stealing the election and the country was to abolish Free Speech for all who weren’t part of them directly because “ he knew how powerful and effective Free Speech is”. One very good reason we
            need to arrest any in Government (or influencing them) who even “suggests” weakening Free Speech, or any other part of the US Constitution for that matter. One of Hitler’s goals was to eliminate all people he didn’t like. His major goal was to own the world and
            there are stories that he was about six months away from invading America at one point. He wasn’t ready for the US to join in WW2 while he was fighting Russia and he was pissed at Japan for inviting us in.

            These mad and evil men are those you would support? Is that what I get from your comment? “Hilter Turned germany around in three years”, as
            you say, but with war, which tends to improve economies for a while, he could look good on paper. Nothing like putting the “improve the economy” odds in your favor by doing all that country invading and
            bullying your own people to get things done your way. I know the history too but the slant you put on it seems to absolve Hitler of his evil doings and justifies his owning the world if he won as well as the mass murders of maybe billions of people in the after math. Do you really like that guy? Well, with Hitler having executed all of the Jews in the world you could be right about “…there would be no problems in the middle east“, that is if Hitler won WW2. I bet if Jesus, being a Jew, came back today he too would be executed by
            Hitler. These are Hitler and Goering and Himmler “And the rest of them good old boys” to you. Do you have a soul?

            You said “By 1936 it (Germany) was the best place in europe to live and work”. The “best place for who”? I am just guessing but you are not Jewish or Black or Russian or well, any who are not a real Nazi. Last question. Do you even believe in God, you know, the One who believes in peace and respecting our fellow humans, all of them, not just the ones who are like us? I ask only because you seem to admire Hitler and his madmen kind but you say “What is need in America is a strong leader that well bring pride back to the country , Nationalism ! And stay out of the rest of the world s proble ms” .Is
            Hitler really that kind of leader you want for America? I guess I do
            have another question.

          • Jimmy the Greek

            Capitalsim and Communisim are two sides of the same coin ! in eather one the top 1% call the shots . As far as the un its not good for any thing , We dont need a income tax we should be taxing imports any thing not made in america should cost five times what it would cost if it were made in this country , We should be drilling oil any place that it is even in the parks or the white house lawn if any is under there . The border should be a mine field with sniper towers every mile ,

          • Bob666

            OK Jimmy,
            What color is the sky in your world???

          • Jimmy the Greek

            Right now it is black , with the crap we have running the country !

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Al Capone done a better job of running Chicago, Than the smuck that is running it now !

  • hungry4food

    This is all about The Collapse of state sovereignty , and is the goal of this
    President’s “ Fundamental Transformation “ , it’s Obvious now …….

  • Chester

    Wayne, based on what you are saying, there will never be a compromise on this, as we can not EVER have a one hundred per cent SEALED border, unless you plan on stopping all air, land, and sea traffic into and out of the United States. How many Asians have come into the country in supposedly sealed containers aboard container ships? Wonder how many people of all races have actually managed to sneak into cargo bays of transcontinental aircraft, and escape after reaching the United States? You ask the impossible before tackling the doable, then complain no one wants to listen to you.

  • ta

    We need to go back to the quota system that was in place years ago that would allow mostly true Europeans (whether they live in Europe or elsewhere) to immigrate but few others and put an end to all these hardship and political asylum type of immigrates. If not, this country will become a third-world country as third-world immigrants become a majority. Moreover, as Latinos in general hate blacks and do not suffer from white quilt, blacks can look forward to the days of Jim Crow laws when the Latinos gain control of the political system.

    • 5alive5

      ta, we need to stop ALL illegal immigration into this country! there were over twenty thousand illegal Irishmen that the Irish ambassador asked Bush to “go easy on” for overstaying their visas. SOME BY AS MUCH AS TEN YEARS!!! You can’t legally do that in Ireland so why should we allow it???

  • 5alive5

    They also lie about the number already here. That ten to twelve million is actually eighteen to twenty million! Watch what happens to our unemployment numbers if and when this passes. We have millions of CITIZENS out of work NOW does bringing another even twelve million into the work force make any kind of sense???

  • johnd

    Long ago the foreigners would come into our country, work in the fields and then in the off season they would take their money and go home. They served a vital purpose. Then came welfare. Immigration is an easy fix.
    No welfare.
    No special benefits for foreigners such as having to have Spanish speaking teachers in the schools.
    If an illegal mother comes to the emergency room because her child has the sniffles, her husbands employer would be responsible for the bill. Let those that are benefitting for the cheap labor have to pay for it.
    We would not need the fence nor more border patrol agents. Forget about the 12 million that are already here. Some would leave without use of the benefits and those that didn’t are already assimilated and would cost more than it’s worth to hunt them down and send them back.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      2 thumbs up for your first two suggestions, John. Thumbs down for making the employer responsible for the bill (or the Emergency Room). We need to put responsibility squarely where it belongs — on the individual consumer.

      • macgyver1948

        Yep Dave, let’s help and even look the other way, maybe even give them huge tax breaks, those who aid and support illegals with jobs and all for their own greed. Good for you keep the incentives growing for illegals to cross over here to their promised jobs and housing. You should be the poster boy for employers in all this.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Illegals are people too. I thought you Liberal Progressive guys were all sympathetic to suffering humans? Yeah, I know — Smokescreen.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Wayne says — “But there is a simple and truly fair compromise that is based on the practical advice from my latest book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians have to be blind or idiots not to support it”.
    “blind or idiots not to support it”?
    Sounds like Wayne has been training with the Liberal Progressives.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    This is how real Libertarians think, not the faux Libertarians as represented by Wayne:

    Ask yourself this — “Is the fence being built to keep people out or to keep people in?”. The latter is the typical reason for Government fences. Don’t let them fool you.

  • Motov

    Lets deport the 537 in Congress and the Kenyan in the oval office To the South pole!

  • securityman

    the originaldaveh, how would you do it? if they are illegals then they should be paying their own bills, but what are you going to do, sue them? just how do you propose to do anything when “your”prez won’t even let you ask for proof of citizenship.. if your parents are not citizens then how can you be? oh, i know you’ll say by being born here, but that makes you as much a part of the problem and not a bit of the answer…….

  • Nick Czudy


    As usual, you spout your Right Wing propaganda that your base all knows and loves. Or you are stoned on smoking too much weed or consuming too much southern comfort.
    What your base loves is the name calling of “Marxists”, “Destroy Capitalism”, “Entitlements”, Your base loves these words and that is the root of any discussion or opinion that you write about.

    The facts from Obama’s last 5 years in command, is that his administration has been the only governing body that has been concerned with the economy, jobs, a healthy capitalism, civil rights and equality for women, Gay rights, , reducing the graft in the health industry and getting medical care for all Americans, removing corruption from banking, fighting pollution and eliminating the terrorist threats around the world. Pretty much following the Constitution.

    What have the GOP majority Congress did? They agreed on naming a bridge and some government offices, voting to repeal Obamacare 37 times, constantly wanting to have control over women’s bodies and keeping them 2nd class citizens. Then to blackmail Congress on a non controversial Farm Bill, they are constantly trying to take money away from the poor and give more breaks to the wealthy. You call this “Entitlements”. What do you call reducing taxes for the rich, and taking money from corporations like the gun lobby and Monsanto tpo even make them more profits.

    So to put the decision as to whether the border is secure is something that I would not entrust to Congress. They are not capable of making any sane decision. I do agree what you said that they are in the pockets of big corporations. We all know that they have been governing on behalf these corporations and not on the behalf of the “We The People”.

    Your whole premiss of your rant is that it is going to bring in 11 million of new uneducated people, low skilled immigrants. They have been here for years, working on their own, some paying taxes and getting nothing for it, some not.

    The independent financial analysts have proclaimed that the economy will benefit to the tune of about 11 Trillion dollars in the next ten years.

    By giving them citizenship is not going to put any burden on Americans. It is all positive. Well except for the fact that they are not part of the 1% and will vote for the party that is governing fairly and intelligently.

    It is obvious that over the last 5 years, the GOP have only one purpose in life. That is to get back into power to be able to force their agenda on Americans and to enrich themselves and their corporate buddies..

    Americans, do not want what the GOP are offering. Your base that believes your lies, will keep supporting the GOP even though it is hurting their cause.

    Obama is reducing the deficit. He will next work on the Debt. (Which is closer to 17 trillion, not 100 Trillion). If the GOP let him, he will create more jobs and get the country going.

    It is ridiculous that the GOP want to spend another 55 billion to increase security on the southern border with Mexico.and double the agents. It shows how hypocritical the GOP are. Where are all the “Fiscal Conservatives”? the GOP want to remove 20 billion from food stamps, but spend 55 billion on the border. The net influx from Mexico into the USA has been a net of zero. Obama has deported more Mexicans back than any other presidents. I have not heard one compliment from the Right about this. I am sure that there can be some tweaks and improvements to the border security, but not to the tune of 55 billion. The obsession with this being a crucial determination to the next step in Immigration, is a move by the GOP to block Immigration. They can stall for decades by never agreeing that the border is secure. That is what this trick is all about.

    I agree with you about them learning English. It will be a positive factor in future success. I would not push it on a 80 year old Granny but for everything active and working aged person yes. Haha I agree with you on something.

    What I do not agree with is some arbitrary waiting period. Le them get at the end of the line now, but what is the purpose of some arbitrary waiting period. We could have a 2 or 3 government changes during that time, so this amnesty could be revoked by some future government.

    Let the kids that are born here, alone. They will grow up as assimilated Americans and they will help their parents assimilate. That is a universal rule around the world. They should get education and the benefits of any kids.

    Obamacare is not the problem. The amount of money that the medical industry charges for health care is the problem. They have been allowed over the decades to charge what they can get away with. They have certainly done that . They spend a fortune ever year to graft the GOP in fighting Obamacare. They hate it because Obamacare will not pay the “Paymaster” rates and will only pay the amounts that Medicare pays. That will take billions out of the pockets of the wealthy HMO’s and health officials. This in turn will take millions out of the pockets of GOP politicians. Americans can not see how the medical industry has taken too large of the portion of America’s GDP. In other words, they have been raping and pillaging Americans for too long. Obamacare will be one stop in the right directions. Universal Healthcare will be the final step. So if the Immigrants are paying their taxes then they should get health care. the GOP have to get over Obamacare. It is here, it will improve the lives of millions of Americans and it will reduce the cost of healthcare. This also applies to food stamps and other social programs. For the most part, these people have been working and have lived without these benefits. They will continue to work and pay their way.

    The legal immigration system can be streamlined and improved. Some money can be spent there to improve the system. It is one reason, why someone would choose illegal entry into a country instead of following the rules. If the rules are unfair or excessive, it will cause illegal entry.

    They should assimilate and become American. Their laws should never be forced upon us. Sharia law is foreign to us and should never ever be contemplated.

    I agree with you for the 4rd time. (Other agreements with you are: 1 -GOP are idiots, 2- Immigrants should learn English, 3-GOP take graft from corporations) That the bill should not be 1200 pages long. Keep it simple. No hoards of complicated rules and procedures.

    You are wrong that GOP are not against immigration. they know that they are slowly becoming a minority. It is obvious. With in hours of the Voting Act being repealed, the GOP led states have started implementing changes that obstruct voting from Democrats. Why would Texas reduce the number of polling stations from 84 to 12. Why would they make white GOP polls have 6800 people and Democratic polls with 65,000 people? Do they think that Americans are stupid and cannot see how they are obstructing voting. I thought that GOP are big on the Constitution? Haven’t you heard of the 15th Amendment? I know that it is only lip service. You like the constitution when it serves your purposes, but you will ignore the rest of it, if it does not serve your purposes.

    One thing is for sure. If the GOP blocks immigration, continues in obstructing voting, constantly keeps poking into women’s vaginas, they will never win another election. the next mid term election may see the GOP lose big time. Americans are sick of the do nothing, obstructing, GOP majority. How about, it you are so against letting a woman make up her own mind under Rowe vs Wade. which is the law of the land. How about some organized adoption for all of the children that you want to be born. I have not seen any talk about helping mothers that will be forced to have birth, helping unwed teen mothers that you would like to be forced to have babies, birth control, to prevent all of these pregnancies? In short you want no abortion for any reason, but you have no plans on how to deal with these births if forced to continue? What gives?

    Oh Wayne, How about one more thing. Can the Right Wing, be a little less doom and gloom and more positive with good ideas? This tactic has not worked for you and is getting a little tiresome. Thanks.

    best regards.

    Nick Czudy

    • red neck

      One word for you LOONY!

      • rocketride

        Long-winded, ain’t he? That just may be the longest post ever on these fora. It’s easily the longest I’ve ever seen. Must be nice to be sitting in mom’s basement with nothing better to do.

        • Jeff

          Maybe your Mom can read it to you – after she cuts your meat and wipes the drool off your chin.

          • Alondra

            Jeffry, I think your mommy forgot to change your diaper.

          • rocketride

            Jeffie —

            I don’t want to even contemplate what your mom does with your “meat”. I’d have to shove a chopstick in each ear until they met in the middle to make that mental picture go away.

          • Jeff

            Do that, please. Are you and Alondra cell mates or what? It’s always good to know where the true lunatic fringe is so the government can distract you when it wants to come get your guns. Sweet dreams.

          • macgyver1948

            Jeff,,, when they do not agree with someone they call them all kinds of whatever wording and thinking used in kindergarten. We should forgive them fore they know not of their own thinking, just what and how they are told think. Name calling comes natural to them when they must be heard but have nothing “grown-up” to say so that is what they use..

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          You guys, don’t try debating on a 4th grade level with Jeff. He’s much more experienced with it.

          • rocketride

            Note that I didn’t.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The spokesman for O.
      Do you get paid by the word or by paragraphs?

      • Alondra

        Reply was for Nick.

    • Jeff

      You are right, Nick, but this crowd can’t fathom any thought more complex than “Obama evil.” One minor point. While it is, of course, advantageous for all immigrants to learn the language of the new country as quickly as possible, my reading of studies has shown that immigrants from Mexico learn the language at roughly the same rate the Jewish and Italian immigrants did 100 years ago. Those who come as adults usually get by without much English though there are great individual differences; those who come as kids or are born here are bilingual; and their kids may not even speak Spanish beyond a few words picked up from the grandparents.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Listen to Jeff, the Liberal Progressive who is not about to do any complex thinking and instead spews the nonsensical Propaganda that his masters dish out.
        We are looking for more intelligent people here. People who know psychopaths when they see them. People who can figure out, after being lied to repeatedly, that the Leaders are just trying to use their ignorance against them.

        • macgyver1948

          TheOriginalDaveH… Is it possible for you to be original and not sound like script was shoved into you?

          Also it really looks like you want only those people who will basically agree with you, intelligent or not, to come here. Bob Livingston said he wanted all points of view here to be expressed freely and with respect but for the most part the majority of you guys here, Left leaning views are not welcome.. Is Free Speech and the expression of free ideas not good for you if they do not agree with yours? I thought you said you were a Libertarian or was that someone else? At any rate you seem to have a problem with the US Constitution. Or is it, to you, people are not intelligent if they do not agree with you? You sound like you are from a Right cookie cutter.

          • Liberty Lover

            Mac, you continue to hold the idiotic view that you have some kind of Constitutional right to post your misguided opinions on this privately owned internet site. You have every right to start your own site or to stand on almost any street corner and argue your unenlightened views, but your ability to do so on this site is entirely the result of Mr. Livingston’s benevolence and tolerance. I consider it unfortunate that we lovers of liberty must endure views such as yours on a site such as this when we are deluged with a steady diet of such views in the MSM. Libertarian clubs have zero obligation to accept statists such as yourself into their memberships and meetings.

          • macgyver1948

            Liberty Lover… Hay there Liberty Lover, how have you been? I’ve missed you. You are the guy who claim s he loves liberty, and even uses that phrase as his name as though it is official proof that you love liberty. Good luck with that but people just have to get to know you
            and be thinking to know that ain’t so.. You just can’t say you love Liberty and at the same time be showing people they have to share you ideal of Liberty for them to deserve liberty, by definition it does not work that way.

            Ok, to your charming comment. You start with “Mac, you continue to hold the idiotic view that you have some kind of Constitutional right to post your isguided opinions on this privately owned internet site.”.
            Interesting to see you still feel, as many on your side who feel they know better what others “continue to hold” as their beliefs and opinions. Thank you and yours for correcting us on what we feel and believe and think, where would we be without you? Maybe in a place with real liberty such as the Founders wanted for us.

            Actually I do have the “right to post ‘my’ misguided opinions on this privately owned internet site”. Have you ever heard of Bob Livingston? I see you have heard of him since you mention his name. He owns this site and I believe he started it a long time ago. Well,
            he says he welcomes all opinions and points of view just so they are presented politely and with respect.. I think the problem is, with you and those who think as you, you do not either care to understand or you do not understand the meanings of what Bob is saying. Could the words be too big for you to understand or is it that you go blind when you see other people do not share you views when they express them. Or is it, as with the whining little brat, you can not tolerate not being agreed with? Gee, it can’t be that since you claim to love liberty as your name implies.

            Thank you so much for giving me permission to start my own site, that is so gracious of you. I didn’t know I needed you permission but thank you for letting me know I “have every right”. It is so American of you “consider it unfortunate that we must endure views such as” mine. I suppose if you started your own private club you could keep out any with views that differ from yours. There are groups such as your ways of things and they stand out with their white sheets so
            people know who they are, at least in concept if not personally because of their need to be anonymous because of their anti-American ways.. The Founders knew there had to be differencing views, even if
            they had fist fights at times when things got too far out of hand, because that is the America they wants, where all Americans could express themselves publicly and no longer be afraid of people who call themselves “Liberty Lover” as a deception while they deny
            others their liberties.

            Yeah, the Constitution, as a Yin-Yang kind of document, gives us the right to speak freely but it also gives us the right to not listen. So, Mr Liberty Lover, don’t listen to me if what I say offends your isolated
            and specific non American acceptances. I wouldn’t want to be in a club such as you mention which does not want to allow other differing views, as the Founders did (allow). I just wish you would stop saying
            you are for Liberty and the Founders and just be who you are. “Libertarian clubs have zero obligation to accept statists such as yourself into their memberships and meetinngs”. Oh well, I guess I will not get an invite to join such an exclusive club. Oh well, I will instead stick to the kinds of clubs and people who are for equal rights and liberty equal for all instead, as the Founders wanted.

            I did miss you but as an American and a lover of liberty I will be concerned about your kind for America. Thanks again for inviting me to go someplace else other than this, a not your owned, site. You are
            a swell guy Liberty Lover. I’m still LMAO at that hypocrisy.. :-).

          • Liberty Lover

            That’s the problem with this site, Mac. Those of us who are able to express and to prize intelligent defenses of liberty need to wade through simple-minded arguments inarticulately expressed by guys like you. At least Jeff possesses the intellect to be clever and entertaining in his own way.
            Subtlety is well beyound you, Mac, so you probably don’t even realize that you conceded my point that your “right” to post here is by the grace of Mr. Livingston rather than through a Constitution that you do not begin to perceive even dimly. Your limitations may well be more genetic than attributable to a pathetic public education system, in which case I hasten to assure you that even fools deserve liberty up to the point where they act in a way to deny it to others .
            Mr. Livingston suffers fools like you gladly (to a point) and it is his right to run his site as he sees fit. If I could find a site devoted to debates among fellow libertarians who are able to present their arguments articulately in the absence of accumulated trash such as you and your ilk inflict on this site, I’d abandon PLD in a flash.

          • macgyver1948

            Liberty Lover… Yeah, Jeff is a good guy. From the beginning people like you who cannot accept other peoples differing views put them down with insults and name calling perhaps because your immature brain
            cannot take being disagreed with. I respect and would support differing views so that is the real acceptance of liberty between us. You define it as “only my ways of Liberty for myself are the right ways so if you
            do not agree with me you have to be wrong/simple-minded/”inarticulately expressed” idiots. How else
            could your easily bruised and non-evolved ego take it?

            Yep, that is the problem with this site for limiting and restricting people like you. Bob Livingston chooses to allow free thought on his site and you do not like that unless people’s free thoughts agree with yours. Very American and Libertarian of you.

            This is so childish what we do. I do not remember starting these assaults with those like you but it happens just the same. I suppose you want
            a site that is very much one sided and exclusive., something the Founders would not see where liberty for all could be expressed. I think that would suite you just fine but it would not take into account the meaning of Americanism and liberty (equally) for all
            simply by their definitions.

            I see you do not like the ways I express myself. That is your right of course. When I begin discussions with people I am generally very respectful and I listen to all that others have to say and I respond with respect. That is until they show they have no respect for those
            who will not agree with them. Then, after a while, I tamper my right to free expression with sarcasm because I do not know how else to cope with your kind. I bet Thomas Jefferson (even though TJ we believe didn’t really shoot anyone like that on the Capital Steps) might have shoot you by now for your intolerance of his right to speak his mind and his right to disagree with you. And maybe he would do it sooner as you step to insult and disrespect.

            I see you speak for Bob Livingston. Did he give you that power over him or did you just usurp it. I told you what he said because he wrote it here for all of us to see so I do not speak for him but I like what he said in that and I hope as an American he meant all of it. You seem to assume meanings for anyone you choose and you use those other people’s meanings to support your non libertarian ways. That is one very huge why you are a hypocrite when you call yourself “Liberty
            Lover”, well, one of the reasons anyway.

            Your insults do not bother me because I consider the source and that renders your insults meaningless. You do not like Borrach Obama and I do not like, at least for President, any Paul and that is as much my
            right. I would hate to see any owned puppet like Mitt Romney in office because we would not know who was really running that post, pulling his strings. I would also hate for another dim witted idiot such as the little bush in again because he was give it all away as he was told. Our economy was dumped into the oval toilet because he was to damn to know what he was told would hurt us. Plus he owed oil execs so m,cu he gave them huge piles of our money.

            I am not thrilled with Obama but he is the least of all the evils from who we had to choose. The clown circus we witnessed during the Republican Presidential debates concerned me with the choices that we
            were left with. Obama is not perfect but to listen to all the hate engineered BS about Obama from the side of hate is sickening. Obama is not any where near as bad or evil as Root (article writer from this site), the owned GOP in general or the the Fox TV puppets want
            us to believe. I am so much more concerned by the massive betrayals and treasonous acts by those in Congress who have signed and pledged their duty and obligation to us away simply by selling their souls to
            MAFIA like pledges. One in particular has over 270 GOP and Libertarian party people in Congress as signers and they have to do what they atr told by that pledge owner. If they do not he says “they are toast, thus the MAFIAness in that pledge. That pledge owner also said of Romney during the campaign. “Don’t worry about Romney, he will do as he is told”.

            Maybe Obama being Black is part of it, I bet it is for some, but they knew long before Obama was elected the first time they couldn’t buy him and get him to sign their MAFIA like pledges so the hate began to spread – like Tea placed in a cup of hot water. “Liberty Lover”,
            as an American, if you truly are, these are the things you might be more concerned about and that includes doing some real deep research into all the hate messages from your side. Calling him Barry, whether
            you personally do it or the many on your side, for hate reasons isn’t very mature. If you had your name changed when you were a child after being taken from here to there and you come back to here because this
            is your country how would you feel if those who hated you called you by a name you do not want for yourself? So many on your side hear form your leaders something like “Obama knows he did wrong in
            “this” so you have to believe us”. How do any of you know what others really know or think but your side’s leaders and writers are great as saying what they want you to believe.

            Wrong things happen during any presidency but it doesn’t automatically mean the President planned it or allowed it to happen. Maybe Obama and Hilary told the truth at first, as they knew it, when they went by
            the intel they were given and then, as more intel came in, they rightfully spoke of it differently than the first time. Do you think the little bush didn’t fumble a lot? We can believe, because we are told, The Koch Brothers are so Nazi like in their actions, as they
            own and control so many politicians with their money and clout, if we only go by what we are told. Real research will tell the truth about them and their family history, it is not that hard to find the truth about them if it is the truth you really want, just like with anyone
            else. We can not be zombie like and only listen to and believe our chosen leaders and still call ourselves free thinkers. Google and the public libraries are pretty friendly.

            Liberty Lover, call me whatever you want. What are you really made of? What are your real definitions of Liberty? I think I know from how you write but I will be fair by asking because I do not like to think or speak or believe for others as your kind seems to do….

            Think of this Liberty Lover. I bet the Founders would have had to start a Revolutionary war also if guys like you were the King George with how you define liberty. Just my opinion but I see your exclusiveness and hard line “only my ways” methods as offensive to the Founders.

        • Jeff

          Dave, your ad hominem attacks are meaningless. You use the words “liberal” and “progressive” like they’re your proof of victory. And you accuse your opponents of being shills just like some of your more moronic acolytes on these blogs. When I discuss your specific ideas, I don’t say they are bad ideas because of who you are. When I have personally attacked you in the past, it’s been because you have a penchant for the personal insult, not because we disagree. Heck, there are only a handful of people on these blogs who agree with me about anything.
          And what masters are you referring to? Those who allegedly “pay” me to do battle with His Highness? Get real. Your opinions are shared by maybe 1% of the population. What makes you think anyone would pay me, or anyone else, to oppose anything you say?

          • Liberty Lover

            It wouldn’t be the Obama Administration’s worst offense against cost-effectiveness, but I will agree with you that it would be (and is) absurd for any organization to pay you to spin your wheels so ineffectively on a site read by such a small slice of the American public. Then again, when it comes to Obama’s thin skin, can any price be too high to try to ameliorate any damage whatsoever?

          • Jeff

            Have it your way. Obama personally pays me Big Bucks just to prevent you and DaveH from having an unimpeded shot at the populace. He’s afraid you might have a lock on at least two undecideds in Little Rock, and he’d really like Hillary to carry Arkansas.

          • Liberty Lover

            Hard to imagine even two undecideds in Arkansas who would consider voting for the Benghazi Bumbler now that the Clintons have moved to NY. (I really don’t believe Obama pays you personally to dissemble on his behalf; probably doesn’t even know the names of his low-level staffers.)

          • Jeff

            Your pretense of intellectual detachment (I can smell the pipe smoke in your posts.) is eclipsed only by your partisan hackery. Yes, I know, you’re not a Republican; you just vote for them. But when it comes to assigning blame for things that happen, you might as well be Rush Limbaugh. We’ve had dozens of attacks on diplomatic facilities over the past few decades, some more deadly than others, but those occurring under Republicans are the fault of the attackers while those occurring under Democrats, particularly Obama, are the fault of any Democrat you choose to blame? Tell it to someone dumb enough to listen.
            Reagan was not responsible for Lebanon but Obama is responsible for Benghazi? And W got a Mulligan for 911? Why? Because he was born stupid and deserves one free bite?

          • Bill Henry

            911 belongs in Clinton’s lap. He had Bin Laden offered to him on a silver platter, but the refused to take him, do don’t try to foist that off on Bush and I’m not a big fan of his either. When you speak of liberty you have to weigh it on a scale against what you are willing to surrender it for.

            If you don’t think that harassing people who differ with you politically by using the most powerful federal department is impeding their right to petition the government for a status granted to people who agree with you is an assault on their liberties then you are wrong. If you don’t think that a warrantless grab of private records of a news agency is an attack on the First Amendment is an attack on the liberty of that agency then you are wrong. If you don’t think that a warrantless seizure of the private records of a new reporter is an attack on his liberty, then you are wrong. If you don’t think that an agency whose job it is to collect intelligence on our enemies collecting private information on the citizenry of this country is an attack on our liberties, then you are wrong. If you don’t think that a legal opinion issued by the Attorney General of this country, who by the way was appointed by the President of this country who gets his cookies off by watching drones kill people in other countries, that it is okay to use them against American Citizens living in the country is an attack on our liberties, then you are wrong. If you don’t think that standing on the graves of murdered children and playing on the emotions of people in order to abrogate our rights under the Second Amendment is an attack on our liberties, then you are wrong. I could continue, but I think this is example enough of this administrations attacks on our liberties.

            Reagan could have done nothing to stop the attack on the Marine Barracks in Beirut. Obama had forces in Libya, and in the Mediterranean that could have come to the aid of the Consulate in Benghazi, but apparently he had other things on his mind like his political future to worry about, and you can tell me that he had nothing to do with not defending the Consulate, but you would never convince me of it.

    • Alondra

      The Kenyan Fraud’s team “obama organizing for America” created Cyber Army thru DHS and developed the massive DISINFORMATION campaign to attack Conservative Anti-obama sites, Christians, all those, who oppose the Kenyan FRAUD’s agenda/policies.

      Thru DHS they hired 3575 cyber ‘warriors’ a.k.a. paid shills to use an Internet as a MISINFORMATION tool to attack opposition. They are going after pro-Constitution, pro-guns, pro-lifers, pro-God’s marriage, Christian “bigots”, homo“phobes”, islamo“phobes”, etc.

      Their task is to vilify & nullify “false” information. Their goal is to destroy all American & Conservative VALUES.

      According to the source the KKK’s thugs did place this program into the play 2 days after the KKK (Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal) inauguration.

      Each person of those 3575 people involved in this project, are creating multiple online identities. So 3575 would turn into 35 thousands and more, who would launch FULL TIME attacks on
      each and every one who is opposing the KKK’s agenda. And I have no doubt that the Left Winger thug Nick Czudy is one of them as well as Jeffry.

      Alondra, Proud Naturalized American, Un-Apologetic Christian Bigot, the Tea Party Lover (in any sense), definite homo“phobe” & Islamo“phobe”, the PC snubber and the Hater of the VOLUNTARY Stupidity and Idiocy

    • macgyver1948

      Nick… You will, if you haven’t already, be asked if you get paid for what you write. I see below you have by at least one guy and I have been asked that too. If you do not agree with the Right they will say anything to discredit you as though you do not have a right to your beliefs. What America do they represent with that?. They can’t prove a lot of what they say but you have to be wrong just the same for not agreeing with them.

      This is a typical Wayne Allyn Root empty hate piece and his far Right empty propaganda script is so easy for the guys on the Right to go along with their birds of a feather mouth piece. They are programmed to hate all there is that is not them so there is no way to get anything sane across with them, no rational debates there. You either agree with them so they can cheer you on or automatically you are from hell. To them Obama is a socialist from Kenya hell bent on destroying us because he will not ONLY defend the very wealthy and the big corporations and for some because he is Black. Those are the real agendas of many on the far Right and Tea, who own the GOP, and we will not get past the mental road blocks of their programmed hate. For some reason I keep trying too. Just watching them distort the back bone of this bills and voting against women and human rights in general and supporting unhealthy needs of corporations over ours, (trying to do away with needed regulations and NEVER allowing tax rates to return to their needed and billed levels no matter what, etc) makes me wonder who or what they really are.

      By the way, I am still waiting to find out who is paying me for what I write and for when my first check, whatever amount, will arrive.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        One long ad hominem attack. Do you Liberal Progressives ever have anything real to say?

        • macgyver1948

          Oh TheOriginalDaveH… Yes but you wouldn’t know what is “real” and honest because you won’t allow it to get past your programming. I wrote about you in my comment so you might have seen yourself in it. :-)

          Do you Far Right (Tea programmed or whatever) conservatives ever speak without hate guiding you? See, it is so easy to put down those who do not (and have the American right) to not agree with you. I at least would respect your right to think and feel differently from how I think and believe and that seems to be a huge difference between you “Far Right (Tea programmed or whatever) conservatives” and we “Liberal Progressive” as you seem to enjoy calling any who do not agree with you. With all that who has the more American Constitutional attitude and belief system, you or me (you typical “Far Right (Tea programmed or whatever) conservative” you. LOL)?

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Thank you, MacGyver for exposing the readers to yet more Liberal Progressive behavior. Without you guys, I would have to work a lot harder to expose the true nature of those who fancy themselves to be intellectually superior to the rest of the citizens.

          • macgyver1948

            Oh TheOriginalDaveH… For one thing you show your selves when you tell other people how they think and feel. I have run into self thinking superior thinkers
            like you many times before. Does it feel very good to have those super human powers, you know, your mind reading and super empathy skills? For you to say you do not have “work a lot harder to expose the true nature of those who fancy themselves to be intellectually superior to the rest of the citizens” shows
            you are like the idiots who claim they get their instructions to do whatever directly from God (for example those 3 shumcks in the GOP presidential debates? That is just one example, there are so many of you). Really? Good for you. I must be mistaken not to ”fancy” myself as “intellectually superior to the rest of the citizens” I never though of myself that way so I must be mistaken since you say I do. Good for you you Brown Shirt. Do you know that reference? LOL

            If that is how you Right guys think you are going to win then those of us who really believe in Freedom and Liberty and Americanism (you know, those of us who believe each of us has the right to think and believe how we chose – that doesn’t seem to be you from how you express yourself) should concentrate on the other evils you present because this is so weak. The only people who could follow your ways of thinking are those who are as brainwashed as you. Oh you superior one who can think for others (or not allow others to think for themselves so you have to show them the way), what am I thinking of you now? LMAO…

            By the way OriginalDaveH… you are so welcome, :-)

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Lol. Me a Brown Shirt? I’m Libertarian. We don’t believe in using Big Government to force our pet peeves on other people like you Liberal Progressives do.
            But thanks for yet another inane comment. I hope the readers are reading your comments.

          • macgyver1948

            Wow, of everything I said you only pick on the Brown Shirt thingie.
            LOL, Good for you. I wasn’t commenting on your “PARTY OF CHOICE”,
            the Libertarian, but just on how you think for others and, well, for
            you. It’s good that you think you are a Libertarian, I’m not saying
            you are not a member.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            The problem is that the “Brown Shirt” accusation is typical of your Liberal Progressive manipulative techniques, MacGyver. You offer little (or nothing) of substance in your comments. It’s like trying to debate with a 4th grader.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Wow, MacGyver, I just slogged through your whole comment, and I have to say you are the poster boy for the failure of our public education system.

          • macgyver1948


          • macgyver1948

            Dave the Original… So you didn’t like how I wrote my comments, did you? Can ‘t stand content so you attack, what is it in my writing, grammar and spelling. We can see what you value.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            You sound like a Liberal Progressive to me, MacGyver. Maybe you could correct me and tell me what you consider yourself to be.
            P.S. I didn’t know that you guys thought Liberal Progressive was a dirty name.

          • macgyver1948

            We do not but it is in the accent and attitude you Right guys put on it when you try to put us down which makes it sound like it…

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            And I’m just curious, MacGyver. Is that your real name or are you comparing yourself to the MacGyver of TV fame?
            If so, that’s quite comical, because I think you’d have trouble thinking your way out of a Wet Paper Bag.

          • macgyver1948

            Dave… No, Macgyver is a favorite TV Character one I have used as a nic since the mid 80s on line. I have used my full real name to comment on many sites like this and this one too.

            The only wet paper bag here is the one you receive your programming in and that if full of Tea, Tea coding. Typical Right winger who can;t “figure it out” for him/her self so they pick on names, real or nic. Real Libertarian and grown up of you there Davie boy., :-)

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            “Davie boy”? Interesting how so many of you Liberal Progressives resort to that childish manipulative technique. Or are you all the same Liberal Progressive (Shill)?

          • macgyver1948

            TheOriginalDaveH… Wow, sorry, I really didn’t mean anything with that. And for me to inadvertently use something so many Right wingers use intentionally when they have nothing to say they resort to insults and name calling. I apologize if it came out that way. But wasn’t there something meaningful in what I said that you could hook on to?

          • Bill Henry

            And you speak of hate when your posts are seething with it. Deliberate ignorance should be a capital crime.

          • macgyver1948

            Bill Henry
            (Guest):… When you get attacked often enough while you are only expressing
            your views, nicely and respectfully as well, you too might eventually
            respond accordingly. You haven’t been here when I first came and
            these guys on the right couldn’t tolerate my
            not-agreeing-with-them views. Not tolerating, name calling and
            getting insulting, does change the completion of responses after
            a while. You speak of ignorance and putting ignorant people in
            prison but the prisons would be fuller then they could handle if we
            do that. You just do not know, in your ignorance, what goes on
            perhaps yet, but in this country we should tolerate differing
            views and beliefs respectfully or we have what the people in
            Germany had before and during WW2. Thanks for your input and
            maybe you will catch on, you just came in past the middle with
            your incomplete eves dropping.

            By the
            way, I do speak of hate when I am hit with it or just see it going

  • ireAmerica

    Good thoughts Wayne.

    The only MANDATE regarding immigration that Our Public Servants have is found in Our Constitution – “Secure Our Borders”. So; because of that and the National Security aspects of slack border enforcement – if these pols don’t do their job, they are committing TREASON, and conspiring to do so.

    No illegal alien can ever receive Citizenship. Disregarding Our ideals,
    laws and reverence for America means you may never partake of Our
    fellowship under Our Constitution. Meaning if you leave now before you
    get caught, you might someday have a chance, given a change of heart.

    After the pols start doing their jobs (under threat of prosecution if that what it takes), then we can “Have a National Conversation” about some of their social-engineering ideas. We don’t “need” ANY immigration right now.

  • Alex

    Borders are for losers….

    God does not like lines drawn in Her sand by greedy people.

    • Bob666

      Yo Nick,
      good to see you back!

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Such depth of reason.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Forget the illegals (that is, those who are working for a living). It’s the non-productive people who we should be worrying about, and most of them come as a result of Big Government. First and foremost among the non-producers are the Leaders who are not only non-productive, but are negatively-productive because they actively interfere with the production of productive people.
    Most non-productivity could be dealt with easily and in a non-confrontational manner by simply shrinking Government dramatically. If we got back to a strict interpretation of property rights, those who wanted something for nothing would be out of luck. If they wanted to eat, or have any of the other niceties, they would have to do something for those whose money they wanted. There would be no more Forced charity through Big Government.
    As the non-producers, through necessity, became producers the economy would boom, and the only people who would be out of work for long would be those who chose not to work.
    Hand in hand with that, of course, would be to get Big Government out of the business of giving special favors to their Crony Capitalists. By getting Government out of our marketplaces, the businesses who succeeded would be those who actually pleased their customers. Those business people, who currently look to Big Government for their success, would have to bite the bullet and start pleasing their customers instead.

    • rbrooks

      bring back indentured servitude, slavery, child labor and the old company store, eh dave.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Are you kidding, rbrooks? You’re trying your ignorant manipulative methods on the wrong guy.

        Indentured servitude, slavery? Try 42% taxes per average income earner, thanks to Progressives (both Liberal and Neocon) pushing for Gargantuan Government. If spending nearly half of your time working for Government isn’t involuntary servitude, what is?

        Yes, we got rid of child labor, but not because of Big Government. Rather the increases in productivity which came as a result of Capitalism (hampered though it was) enabled families to acquire more financial resources which afforded them the wherewithal to educate their children.

        The “old company store” allowed workers to work in remote locations affordably, whereas without them they would have to drive long distances to get what they needed. There was nobody forcing them to work for those companies, unlike the world that Liberal Progressives have created where they Forcibly help themselves to other peoples’ money (aka labor) while pretending to be beneficial.

        Damn, I dislike Controlling Forcing Thieving Liberal Progressives who try to take the moral high ground while they’re screwing other people.

        • rbrooks

          42% for some. zero for others. interesting how the more you make the less you pay.

          child labor laws and the great depression was what stopped that practice.

          the old company store was never affordable. it simply kept the workers in debt.

          you must be an ann coulter graduate.

          you must be a really big supporter of this bill. it will provide business with a new pool of cheap labor.

        • rbrooks

          btw- using rockwell as source is about as credible as using root.

  • tncdel

    “Border security” discussion is just a pretext to give amnesty. NO amnesty should be given in any way, shape or form, under ANY conditions.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

    If we focused on making things so hard on the illegals that the U.S. was the last place they wanted to be, the need for more “border security” would evaporate.

    • Alondra

      In Spain unemployment is the highest in Europe – 28%.
      For the age of 18-25 years old ~50%.

      For the age of 50 and older ~ 41%.

      This year the population of Spain decreased by ~137-138K
      because the legal and illegal immigrants are self-deporting back to their country.

      You wrote: “We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals.”
      I think we can afford to deport at least 10 million illegals with money, which America pays for their Education, Healthcare (expensive Emergency Rooms and FREE healthcare for children up to
      the 12 years old) and for Food stamps. Another 10 million will self-deport.

  • ridge runner

    Privatize the border security, using the bounty system of $10.00 a head, or mine the border with ceramic C-4 encased marbles, no detection, and the public wouldn’t have to increase federal employee costs.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Cool !

  • dan

    NO anchor babies :children are the nationality of parent until the age of majority when they can become naturalized and vote as a citizens….otherwise , well done,Wayne

  • Chris

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Mr. Root…… hit the nail on the head! Finally…….someone with a “brain”!

  • Dennis

    Amnesty will end of the republican party, they do everything Obama wants them to do, and nothing to stop him from destroying this once great country, Worthless COWARD’S,

  • ridge runner

    The chain immigration is another snafued plan of the socialist demorats, a plan put together by the drunk whorehound T. Kennedy. Giving the offspring born in the USA by fence crawling wetbacks, sure aren’t citizens, they were created in Mexico and their dam breached the fence. As livestock producrers know, a female can breach a fence and calve out, but the offspring is not the land owner’s property, or if it is marked as landowner’s, the land owner gets sent to federal prison for theft. The best solution is to gather these illegals and either their country pays pasture or yardage on these illegals, or we confiscate their oil feilds to pay USA back for the welfare, schooling,medical, and up keep for these fence crawlers. Of course this plan will not work for the beltway fks in Washington, Too simple, Washington has never heard of KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid!

  • ronb28135

    The conservative Republicans are advocating a 100% sealed border. Even if it is possible to do it, where is the money to come from? Borrow it from China? Wasn’t the last sealed wall called the Berlin Wall? Didn’t Reagan tell Gorbachev to tear it down? Let them all stay. Give them permanent green cards, but no vote — ever!

    A sealed border is a moot point. The debate is about to be settled for us. There is no solution that we can afford. The economy is going to collapse too soon for a sealed border to be built anyway. The dollar is doomed by collapse or by hyper-inflation. The empire is in decline and dying. We just won’t admit it and take the measures necessary to soften the fall.

    Do we really need 10,000 more federal employees? WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM???? Get real people. The federal government can’t run trains on time and it is going to seal the border. Please tell me when to stop laughing.