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The Oil Conundrum Explained

March 20, 2012 by  

The Oil Conundrum Explained
Oil has not strayed far from the $100-per-barrel mark.

Oil as a commodity has always been a highly valuable early warning indicator of economic instability. Every conceivable element of our financial system depends on the price of energy, from fabrication to production to shipping to the consumer’s very ability to travel and make purchases. High energy prices derail healthy economies and completely decimate systems already on the verge of collapse. Oil affects everything.

This is why oil markets also tend to be the most misrepresented in the mainstream financial media. With so much at stake over the price of petroleum, and the cost steadily climbing over the past year returning to disastrous levels last seen in 2008, the American public will soon be looking for someone to blame. You can bet the MSM will do its utmost to ensure that blame is focused in the wrong direction. While there are, indeed, multiple reasons for the current high costs of oil, the primary culprits are obscured by considerable disinformation.

The most prominent but false conclusions on the expanding value of oil are centered on assertions that supply is decreasing dramatically, while demand is increasing dramatically. Neither of these claims is true.

The supply side of the oil equation is the absolute last factor that we should be worried about at this point. In fact, global oil use since the credit crisis of 2008 has tumbled dramatically. This decline accelerated at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 all while oil prices rose.

In its February Oil Market Report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast a reduction in the growth of demand into the spring of 2012, despite reports from the MSM that oil prices were spiking due to “recovery” and “high demand.” Simultaneously, the IEA reported that petroleum inventories rose to the highest levels since October 2008.

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), which measures global shipping rates and the demand for freight in general, has fallen off a cliff in recent months, hovering near historic lows and signaling a sharp decline in world demand for raw materials used in production. On multiple occasions in the past, a fall in the BDI has been a predictive indicator of stock market chaos, including that which struck in 2008 and 2009. A sharply lower BDI means low global demand, which should, traditionally, mean decreasing prices.

So, supply is high across the board, inventories are stocked and demand is weak. By all common market logic, gasoline prices should be plummeting, and far more Americans should be smiling at the pump. Of course, this is not the case. Prices continue to rise despite deflationary elements, meaning there must be some other factors at work that are causing inflation in prices.

Ironically, stock market activity in the Dow Jones industrial average has now come under threat from this inflationary trend in oil. Rising energy costs have essentially put a cap on the epic explosion of equities, and many mainstream analysts now lament over this catch-22. The problem is that these investors and pundits are operating on the assumption that the Dow bull market is legitimate, and that the rally in oil is somehow an extension of a “healthier economy.” This version of reality, I’m afraid, is about as far from the truth as one can stretch.

In the candy-coated world of Obamanomics, high-priced stocks are a valid signal of economic growth, and oil is rising due to demand that extends from this growth. In the real world, stock values are completely fabricated, especially in light of record low trade volume over the past several months.

Low trade volume means very few investors are currently participating in active trade. This lack of investment interest in the markets allows big players (such as international bankers) to use their massive capital to swing stocks whichever way they choose, even to the point of creating false market rallies. Throw in the fact that the private Federal Reserve (along with the helpful hands-off approach by our government) has been constantly infusing these banks with fiat money printed from thin air, and one can hardly take the current ascension of the Dow or Standard & Poor’s 500 index very seriously.

Another issue that should be stressed is renewed tension in the Mideast — namely, the very distinct possibility of an Israeli or U.S. strike in Iran, and the possibility of NATO involvement in Syria (which has extensive ties to Russia and Iran). Certainly, this is a tangible danger that would have unimaginable consequences in global oil markets. However, the threat of growing war in the Mideast is in no way a new one, and has been ever present for the past decade. It hardly explains why, despite hollow demand and extreme supply, the price per barrel of oil has been an unstoppable rising tide.

This schizophrenic disconnection between the stock market, oil, and true supply and demand is a symptom of one very disturbing illness lurking in the backwaters of the U.S. fiscal bloodstream: dollar devaluation.

We all understand that the Federal Reserve has been engaged in nonstop quantitative easing measures in one form or another since 2008. We don’t know exactly how much fiat money the Fed has printed in that time, and we won’t know until a full and comprehensive audit is finally enacted. But we do know that the amount is at the very least in the tens of trillions of dollars. (Be sure to check out page 131 of this GAO report to find their breakdown of Fed QE activities. This is just the money printing that has been admitted to, in excess of $16 trillion.)

The dollar is being thoroughly squashed. Why is this not showing in the foreign exchange (FOREX)? The way the dollar is represented in FOREX is yet another example of a useless market indicator, because it measures dollar value relative to a basket of world fiat currencies, all of which also happen to be in decline. That is to say, the dollar appears to be vibrant, as long as you compare it to similarly worthless paper currencies that are being degraded in tandem with the greenback. Once you begin to compare the dollar to commodities, however, it soon shows its inherent weakness.

The dollar’s only saving graces have long been its status as the world reserve currency and its use as the primary trade mechanism for oil. This, however, is changing.

Bilateral trade agreements between China, Russia, Japan, India and other countries — especially those within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations trading bloc — are slowly but surely removing the dollar from the game as these nations begin to replace trade using other currencies, including the Yuan. I believe commodities, especially oil, have been reflecting this trend for quite some time. Even after the release of strategic oil reserves in the summer of 2011 in an effort to dilute prices, and the announcement of an even larger possible release of reserves this month, oil has not strayed far from the $100-per-barrel mark. High Brent crude prices have held for years, even after numerous promises from government and media entities admonishing what they called “speculation” and promises of a return to lower energy costs. Not long ago, $100 per barrel oil was an outlandish premise. Today, it is commonplace, and some people even consider it “affordable” compared to what we may be facing in the near future — all thanks to the steady deconstruction of the last pillar of the U.S. economy, the dollar, and its world reserve label.

Ultimately, no matter how manipulated and overindulged the stock market becomes and no matter how many fiat dollars are injected to prop up our failing system, the price of oil is the great game changer. As inflation is reflected in its price and energy costs burn out of control, the Dow will begin to fall, regardless of any low volume or quantitative easing. In all likelihood, this conundrum will be blamed on as many scapegoats as are available at the moment, including Iran, China, Russia, Japan, etc. All Americans, especially those involved in tracking the economy, will have to remind themselves and the public that the Federal Reserve created the conditions by which we suffer, including currency devaluation and high oil prices — not some foreign enemy.

The one positive element of this entire disaster (if one can call anything “positive” in this mess) is the manner in which the high price of oil tends to dash away the illusions of the common citizen. It is an issue they simply cannot ignore, because it affects every aspect of their lives in minute detail. Costly energy awakens otherwise ignorant people and forces them to see the many dangers lurking on the horizon. Hopefully, this awakening will not be too little too late.

–Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • s c

    Three things stand out in this issue. First, schizophrenic is the word that best describes this administration. Obummer’s indifference (and monumental ignorance about economics) is slowly gutting our economy.
    Second, In Obummer’s world (that utopia he calls “home”), everything is beautiful as long as he does what he’s told. No true leader would do what he’s doing. Third, if America wasn’t facing false crisis after false crisis, he’d have to act like a leader who had to contend with two irate parties in Congress, and America’s whore media would be chasing him instead of defending him.

    • Vigilant

      Mr. Smith says, “In all likelihood, this conundrum will be blamed on as many scapegoats as are available at the moment, including Iran, China, Russia, Japan, etc.”

      …Or Israel, as Sam Rolley attempted to do in last week’s “Israel May Raise Prices At The Pump” article (

      Rolley also said, “According to The Washington Post, oil prices have been most heavily influenced by oil exploration, automobile design and ingrained consumer habits combined with political events in places such as Sudan and Libya, anxiety about possible conflicts with Iran, and the energy aftershocks of last year’s earthquake in Japan.”

      Seems we have a stark disconnect here. Personal Liberty Digest needs to make up its mind which position it wants to take.

      Either it’s within the president’s power to rein in the Fed’s irresponsible monetary policies and therefore moderate the price of oil (as I believe), or it’s “largely out of the President’s hands,” as Mr. Rolley maintained.

      So which is it?

      • GraemeB

        Ask the people in Europe if their price for oil, the same as the US price, is because of Obama or would it by chance be because of market demands. Don’t forget that Europe has vast oil reserves in the North Sea and natural gas onshore yet they are paying world prices.
        It is extremely disingenuous for someone to say that they would have $2.50 gal gas if they were President. That person should be arrested for smoking too much pot. Prices are controlled by world markets, so we are competing with China India and other BRIC countries for a scarce commodity. Prices will harden at the current level and by summer we will have gas at $5.00gal. That is why the big three ran into such difficulty as they were producing gas guzzlers faster than the public could buy them. The inevitable happened. Bankruptcy. And that was at $4.08gal when the bailout was enacted in October 2008.
        The era of free rides is over folks.

      • Vigilant

        GraemeB says, “Ask the people in Europe if their price for oil, the same as the US price, is because of Obama or would it by chance be because of market demands. Don’t forget that Europe has vast oil reserves in the North Sea and natural gas onshore yet they are paying world prices.”

        You’re way off in the weeds of ignorance on both counts:

        (1) The high price of European gasoline at the pump compared to our price is due to ONE THING: taxes. European countries pay the price of cradle-to-grave socialism by inordinately high taxes on gasoline and other products. That’s not speculation, that’s fact.

        (2) EVERYONE pays world prices. It’s a global market and proximity of resouces has no bearing on the price.

      • Tom W.

        Brandon states at the end of his article, “All Americans, especially those involved in tracking the economy, will have to remind themselves and the public that the Federal Reserve created the conditions by which we suffer, including currency devaluation and high oil prices — not some foreign enemy.” I contend that the Fed is a foriegn enemy!!! we need to end the power and influence of this oligarch of world bankers! I stand firmly with Ron Paul on this issue!!!
        The OPEC sheiks aren’t stupid so everytime the Fed prints more money and destroys the strength of the dollar, which has to used to perchase oil on the world market because it is the world standard currency, they simply raise the price of oil to compensate! Simple!!! The Fed’s counterfeiting (QE) of money is not only causing us all this pain at the pump, have you been to the grocery store lately?!! I truly believe that this is just the beginning! The US dollar is the only obsticle standing in the way of the George Soros’ vision for a NWO!!!

      • DaveH
      • John

        The “vast” North Sea oil reserves are about played out. The UK and other revised they’re available reserves down vastly in the last couple of years.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, I’m sure you understant that the two authors you mention are stating their opinions based on their knowledge and understanding of the situation. To say that PLD must make up their mind which way to go is unfair. I like that PLD contributors do have different views sometimes…we all need to look deeper into the cause and effects and I “generally” believe these authors articles and opinions should raise the desire of most of us to understand, research and make come to some sort of conclusion as to the validity of their articles. I know it’s not quite that simple but…just sayin’.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, your question, RE: PLD, was a valid one and is good food for thought.

      • eddie47d

        Thank You Vigilant in challenging the differences which is sorely lacking in some commenter’s.

      • Tom W.

        JeffH, did you get to read the post I left ya last night? If not here it is, you might’ve seen it already, but if not, you’re welcome!!!

        When it was sent to me by my big brother and said “Texas Flashlight”, I thought for sure it was going to be a joke, but oh, contraire!!! Those darn Texans! This is COOL!!! Reminds me of them toys I used to have as a kid. I can’t remember the name of them, but I do remember they were made by Mattel. I got an air bazooka for Christmas one year that could snuff out a lighter at 30 paces!!! It was one of them. They had a radio that turned into a machine gun very similar to the flashlight that guy was demonstrating. They had a camera that turned into a Luger, etc., inspired by “007″, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”, and “The Avengers”!

      • JeffH

        Tom W., I must have missed your post but I just finished watching the video. :) If memory serves me, Red Jacket Firearms/Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns TV show out of Louisiana created a flashlight gun last year. Pretty cool & viable creation.

      • Tom W.

        Vig, I’ve heard conflicting reports that a Texas based co. named Zion Oil has discovered what one report was calling the largest oil reserve ever discovered period, in Israel! If this report is true, Israel may be the one to step in and save the day! But, if true, it will only be short lived because what we are witnessing in the ME, I believe is going to be the fulfillment of the prophecy of the “war of the latter years” found in the book of Ezekiel chapters 38&39!!! I’ve tried to research this claim but keep running into roadblocks, one site that I’d really like to visit carries a disclaimer by Google that doing so may damage your computer!!! I just love this cloak and dagger stuff!

      • Tom W.

        Vig, the reason that the rest of the world pays so much more at the pump than us is also the fact that the Greenback is the world standard currency! Once the dollar is replaced as such we’ll be paying European type prices!!! No other country can get away with the type, i.e. QE, of things we’re doing because the dollar is the WSC.

      • JeffH

        eddie says “Thank You Vigilant in challenging the differences which is sorely lacking in some commenter’s.”

        Out of curiosity, just what did Vigilant challenge again? I believe his comment was directed at the author’s different messages and PLD…not the “commenters”…someone please correct me if I missed or didn’t comprehend something in Vigilant’s post that eddie picked up on…

        I do believe, however, that most “commenters” do challenge the differences that is sorely lacking in some “commenters” every day. eddie, I do hope you can figure that part out without further explanation.

      • Tom W.

        Oh eddie, STFU!!! We’re trying to have some intellegent back and forth here! NEWSFLASH; A 7.9 earthquake just hit near Alcapuco Mexico!!! No damage reports as of yet!

      • Vigilant

        Tom W, I wasn’t aware of the oil and gas reserves in Israel until you told me. Looked at a few links and sure enough, lokks like there’s 2 million barrels (at least) and tremendous gas reserves as well. And yes, Zion Oil and other US companies are interested.

        Thanks for the tip.

      • Jack Betz

        This is for John- You said that the North Shore is about played out. What are you doing ? Drugs? you need to back off the stuff. I know a guy that put in the North Shore and he said that in one hole alone they had MORE oil than All of Sauda Arabia put to gether and they could bring it in for under a dollar a gal.. at the pump.

      • Jack Betz

        John also I forgot to tell you that they have over 200 year supply at the use we are using Today6.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Vigilant,

        The disconnect is yours and yours alone.

        Here Brandon Smith points out, “All Americans, especially those involved in tracking the economy, will have to remind themselves and the public that the Federal Reserve created the conditions by which we suffer, including currency devaluation and high oil prices — not some foreign enemy.”

        I recently wrote in “Contrary To Popular Belief, Gas Prices Aren’t Rising” “So who or what is to blame for ‘higher gas prices?’ Look no further than the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke (and Alan Greenspan before him) and their money-printing policies.”

        These opinions are in agreement.

        In the Sam Rolley article you mention, he was not expressing an opinion. His was a news article quoting industry experts. He wrote: “Market analysts predict that an Israeli strike on Iran could push the price of regular gasoline to a national average of $5 to $6 per gallon, higher than the record high average of $4.11 per gallon in 2008.

        According to The Hill, the United States does not import oil from Iran, but U.S. gasoline prices are tied to crude prices set on global markets which would be affected by Iranian oil disruptions.” (Emphasis added)

        Mr. Rolley was not stating his opinion, but that of “industry experts.”

        While I believe that current gas prices are a reflection of inflation, I do not discount the effect an attack on Iran would have. There is no way of knowing exactly if or how the market will react of the Strait of Hormuz is closed or Iran’s oil wells damaged or destroyed or country leadership thrown into chaos as in the case of Libya. If these things happen, it’s safe to assume the price of oil will probably spike.

        Best wishes,

        P.S. The opinions of the contributors are theirs and are not always in 100% agreement with mine.

      • eddie47d

        Once again Jeff that is something you NEVER challange no matter how far the opinions are off.

      • Joe Dea

        You forgot to mention that Europe and Scandinavia all pay about $6.oo a GALLON in TAXES which is JUST WHAT O’BUMMER and the DEMON’O’CRAPS want for AMERICA. So their total cost is about $8.oo to $10.oo a gallon.

    • Ralph Herman

      When I was in business we bought raw material from the producer and mamufactured a product.We then sold that product.Oil has a futures market and there is the problem.Do away with the futures market so gas and fuel oil producers can buy from the crude producers and elimate the profiteers that are holding us hostage.

      Now if you got your news from reliable sources you would know that the elected leader of the free world is concerned about gas prices and is combatting the two irrate parties the tea party and the republicans and their bone headed leader”Boner”

      • DaveH

        “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon” — Milton Friedman

        And now from some reason:

      • DaveH

        Looking for the Real Culprit?

        How many of today’s dollars would it take to buy an equivalent basket of goods that could be purchased with a dollar in 1913?
        Answer $23. And that’s from the BLS which according to Shadow Stats has been understating consumer price inflation for quite a number of years.

      • DaveH

        For those who want to get educated about monetary matters:

        Short and easy to read for a Rothbard book.

      • Brad

        Ralph keep on drinking the Kool-aide and go back to sleep. Fiat money is the reason for high gas prices at the pump. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

        • T i m

          If that were true , everyone would be going to jail for stealing , even though , it is not stealing , since the pump owner turns on the pump for you . If my 5 0 dollar bill is no good …………………T i m

    • http://Yahoo H. Edward Yoder

      Your blog has merit, but until a person reads Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The roots of Obama’s Rage”, Regenery Publishing, Inc., we are beating on air and blatting on empty space in the universe. Here is a man who has so concisely uncovered Obama’s agenda of dismantling every aspect of Americas’ greatness he thinks derived from Empireism: the displacing of the ‘oppressive’ system that ‘stole’ America from the Indians, Mexicans, by the Monroe doctrine, Texas rebellion, and the treaty with Mexico that composes Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. US $27.95

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  • Denise

    Higher energy prices is the stated goal of Obama. He intends to turn america into a poor third world country, that is subserviant to Islam. And he’s doing a bang up job!

    • Robert Smith

      “Higher energy prices is the stated goal of Obama. ”

      Really? Do you have a qoute for that or is it another piece of Rush’s imagination?


      • Jim Bandinelli

        Rob, come on, haven’t you seen any of the Senate herrings with Obama’s energy secretary. He stated emphatically that the administration’s goal was to have gas up to UK levels i.e. 8 to 10 dollars/gallon. This is almost verbatim! Then last week, again in front of the Senate, he walked back those stated goals, indicating that the higher gas prices is bad for the reelection campaign for the current POTUS and that the new goal was to maintain gas prices in the 4-5 dollar range. It is pathetic how uninformed people are even when all they have to do is read or watch TV, not FOX, not MSNBC, not CNN, CBS, NBC, but CSPAN. Just watch and listen to what these guys are doing, no commentating to muddy up your original thinking capabilities!

      • Vigilant

        Rob, you want confirmation from the horse’s mouth? See

        In 2008 Obama said, “under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

        You still think he doesn’t want energy prices to go up?

        Do you have the guts to reply to this?

      • Robert

        YES, He said this..”I don’t see a problem with Americans paying 7-8 dollars a galon for gasoline.” “This would force Americans into alternative and green energy solutions.”
        I saw it once on TV, coming out of his lips.
        I also heard him say on NPR. “I think all money donated to NGO’s should be confiscated, because the federal government can better utilize these funds.”

      • Robert Smith

        Vigelant asks: “You still think he doesn’t want energy prices to go up?”

        I don’t think he WANTS energy prices go to up. It’s a necessary part of bringing green house gasses under control and reducing our dependance on forighn oil. It’s a totally different discussion than one about WANTING prices to go up.


      • Vigilant

        Robert Smith,

        You may euphemize and mince words all you want, the fact remains; a steep increase in traditional energy prices is required to make ineffective alternative energy sources “affordable.”

        Notwithstanding the government BS, we are in a recession. All of Obama’s lofty lies about saving the middle class are just so much obfuscation of the fact that relief is needed NOW, not twenty years down the road.

        As I mentioned yesterday, draining the swamp is an admirable objective IN THE LONG RUN. Eradicating the alligators that can kill you NOW is the task at hand.

      • DaveH

        Greenhouse gases?
        Are you still beating that dead horse of a Homogenic Global Warming Hoax, Robert?
        Give it up. The majority of citizens are now awake to the Hoax:

      • DaveH

        For those stragglers who still have not caught on to the Climate Change Propaganda:

      • tom

        When Obama ran in 2008, he remarked that in order to move away from fossil fuels that “rates would have to neccessarily skyrocket”, or somethng to that effect.

      • Brad

        he claimed under his plan energy cost would necessarily sky rocket

      • CJ

        Obama knows that if people won’t volunteer to ‘go green’ he’ll force the decision by making alternatives more expensive (not hard to find records of his attitude that ‘America must go green’). As the Fed prints more money, each is worth less (justified by no budget and ever increasing spending). As oil speculators operate in dollars, more are necessary to purchase the same amount of oil (inflation). Because people’s income is the last thing to adjust under inflation, they are the real sufferers. He has created this artifical demand for more government dependence to ‘fix a problem’ they created in the first place.

      • Vigilant

        “Most politicians can escape bad news or gaffes unless they reinforce already-held suspicions. That rule explains why President Obama is extra vulnerable to rising gas prices.

        The narrative working against him starts with Obama’s 2008 statement that his carbon taxes would cause electricity rates to “skyrocket.” It includes his future energy secretary, Steven Chu, saying the same year that America must “boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

        Then there is Obama’s repeated demonization of oil companies and massive subsidies for failed solar companies like Solyndra and electric cars nobody wants to buy. Throw in his rejection of the Keystone pipeline from Canada and it’s not only easy to paint a picture of callous disregard for prices, it’s accurate.

        Just last week, Obama labeled oil “the fuel of the past,” which is news to Americans paying $60 or $70 at the pump. Prices have gone up $2 on his watch, to an average of about $3.85 for a gallon of regular.

        Obama accepts no responsibility, of course, even though he faulted President Bush when prices reached current levels in 2008. Yet Obama is worried enough about the impact that he speaks on the subject almost daily.

        The problem is, he has offered nothing that rebuts the impression he doesn’t care about prices. On one hand, he argues that imported oil is down and American production is up, then rails that more drilling isn’t the answer.

        He says Republicans belong to the “flat-earth society” for wanting to drill more, then says he’ll appoint a “task force” to look into costs.

        Aides say supply is not the issue, then whisper they might add to it by releasing oil from the strategic reserve.


        So is the president.”

      • eddie47d

        Our gas taxes are relatively cheap and because of low gas prices people brought bigger and bigger cars , larger homes and office buildings with wasted space. Now that they can’t afford those big homes and over sized SUVs we scream uncle when we shouldn’t have overindulged in the first place. We weaved our own tangled web yet still demand more..

      • Tom W.

        Keep ‘em staight VIg!!! You got ‘em on the ropes, keep POUNDING those ribs! They’ll never answer the next bell!!!

      • Steve E

        Robert, I wish I had all the money you have to pay for fuel.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “Throw in his rejection of the Keystone pipeline from Canada…..”

        Senator Pryor (democrat Arkansas) said the pipeline will be approved as soon as the election is over.

    • rob

      I agree with you but please DO NOT capitalize Obama and not America, if anything do the opposite. America is no better or worse than their elected leaders and that depends on the vote of the people or their williness to hold them responsible for their actions. We have sit back on our haunches and let them do as they please until WE no longer count.

      • Tom W.

        I hear ya rob!!!

    • Flashy

      Robert…what they fail to realize is the TRUE cost of a gallon of gas. i.e. cost of maintaining and defending that import lifeline. they also fail to realize that oil prices are dictated by a small number of producers which hold the marketplace ransom. As we diversify so we are no longer reliant upon a dictatorship of oil producers (countries and companies) and we pass on direct to the consumer instead of paying via hidden subsidy the true cost of a gallon of gas so there is market comparison and equal flooring, then the folly of the ways of the Right and the corporatist will be realized as such by Americans as a whole.

      • T i m

        Mr. FLASHY . my name is T i m . The producers have nothing to do with this ……… It is all controlled by AMERICAN Commerce department . It has nothing to do with anything else . The commerce department controls all the manipulation . Why did Obama ask the Commerce secretary last summer , what to do about jobs . This was advertised on the world news is why I know about it ……What does commerce department have to do with it ….( sarcasm intended ) ……….

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “…and we pass on direct to the consumer instead of paying via hidden subsidy…”

        You mean, of course, the ethanol subsidy paid by taxpayers, a subsidy required because it costs more to produce ethanol than it can sell for. Some great green technology, eh?

        And don’t forget the loan guaranteees and grants to inefficient solar companies that go t*ts up, courtesy of the taxpayers.

        Shall we talk of the cap and tax fiasco that levies burdensome taxes on consumers and businesses?

        And on and on…..

      • Tom W.

        T i m, are you trying to say that OPEC has nothing to do with the price of a barrel of oil?!! Because oil is traded as a commodity on the world market, it’s price is dictated by these towel heads no matter where it originates!!!

        • T i m

          All our media sources say , we are paying x dollars for barrel of oil . Our media sources usually quote what they read on the stock market ticker tape . SAME THING YOU READ ON C N N WORLD NEWS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN . I did say , AMERICAN GAS PRICE AT THE PUMP , has nothing to do with anything , except our own government commerce department setting the rate for all cost of living . My final proof . 1 st job I ever had , in high school , FULL SERVICE GAS STATION . I sold gas for eleven cents per gallon . The production / transportation process HAS NOT CHANGED . It is actualy cheaper . Gas price at the pump should be about 5 0 to 7 5 cents per gallon . All the rest is empty government taxes . Same with tobaco and beer . It has nothing to do with the oil companies or OPEC. Wall Street says what it is , so it must be …….WRONG . Barrel of oil used to measure 5 5 gallon . Web info today says it measures 4 2 gallon . Commerce kept the 5 5 gallon price for taxes . Converting to 4 2 gallon barrel means we use a lot more than we actually use . I have never been there , I bet the SAUDI’s do not fill 1 million barrels in a day . AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT prices our oil , when it gets to our refinery . Then media blames O P E C , for what we created . BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT SAYS SO . There was no oil shortage in the 7 0 ‘s. That was my second job . I rode the boat bringing it in to AMERICA for you to use . The barges are not loaded with barrels . If you have ever seen a gas station under construction , you saw the fuel tanks , before put in the ground . Put 6 of those end to end , another layer on top of that , another line beside that . That is how much space is in a barge . Most ground tanks hold between 1 6 to 1 8 , 000 , gallons per tank . multiply that by 2 dollars 5 0 cents . THAT IS HOW MUCH TAX THE GOVERNMENT COLLECTED OFF THE PEOPLE , in the time it took to re supply the ground tank . Truck line where I used to work , we had our own ground tanks . I used to buy 1 5 , 0 0 0 gallons of deisle every week . What do you figure the tax income is on THAT . T i m

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “As we diversify so we are no longer reliant upon a dictatorship of oil producers (countries and companies) and we pass on direct to the consumer instead of paying via hidden subsidy the true cost of a gallon of gas so there is market comparison and equal flooring, then the folly of the ways of the Right and the corporatist will be realized as such by Americans as a whole”.
        What do you do, Flashman, look up a bunch of buzzwords and throw them together in a sentence to make it look like you know something? Are you really that ignorant, or do you have such contempt for the people who you are trying to Propagandize that you just assume they are ignorant enough to listen to your incoherent garbage?
        Double-speak is your game. Logic and coherence are not.
        Imagine somebody thinking the readers are so ignorant that they would willingly pay nearly twice as much for alternative energies as a desirable solution to keep from being under a “dictatorship of oil producers”.
        Seek help, Flashman, you dearly need it.

    • Zaf

      You must be completely retarded. What does this story have to do with being subservient to Islam or any other religion. You’d do well to read some of the comments and links that others have provided.

      • Tom W.

        That wasn’t nessesary Zaf! Just who did W kiss in his rose garden in Crawford?!!

        Maybe there’s a little more to it than just showing respect! How could either one of them stoop so low?!!

  • Sirian

    With the continued demonitization of the U.S. Dollar by the Fed there is no true direction other then DOWN that we will see our economy moving. Oil prices will continue to remain above $100/brl with the possibility of that reaching higher levels as this not so often viewed game of fiat currencies carries on. The general public does not understand this problem since it is seldom mentioned by the MSM. In due course the monopoly moneys, world wide, will reach their breaking point in the not so distant future. In turn, once that “breaking point” has been met, the result will, without question result in an overwhelming economic down turn – collapse – globally, to an extreme. Everything is interconnected, everything. Fiat money has always been the true red herring.

    • Tom W.

      And I truly believe that that day is just around the corner Sirian!!!

  • Insurgent

    Do not blame Urkel !

    He has thus far accomplished:

    1. lied to all Americans
    2. made a joke of the presidency
    3. made America the laughing stock of the world
    4. screwed up the economy
    5. given billions to bankrupt companies
    6. gone golfing
    7. taken extravagant taxpayer paid vacations
    8. stuck his nose in big business——————-something he knows nothing about
    9. campaigned with taxpayer dollars
    10. lied to all Americans

    • Robert Smith

      But Bush isn’t in office anymore.


      • s c

        ‘R,’ don’t you ever get tired of carrying the fuhrer’s water? You obviously have what it takes to be a first-rate domestic National Socialist. However, it also means your ‘Nazi self’ will have to blast its way out of that America-hating closet.
        Your GB remark proves that you can’t have more than one foot in the real world. And you have the stones to DARE to claim that you CARE about America or the poor or women or kids or ethnic groups or ANYONE? Look in the mirror, you tool. Hitler is laughing at you from beyond the grave.

      • Eddie G.

        It must be difficult Robert to roam your neighborhood with your head so far up a warm dark place you can’t see the forest for the trees and having an IQ of 2. You still believe in global warming and still blame Bush. There’s just no way to hammer common sense into a wet blanket liberal’s dead head. Your true mate in life should be Debbie Wasserman Schulz she’s just as deaf,dumb,and blind as you are.

        • T i m

          Eddie , you are ssoo mis informed . Everything in this article is right on . I HAVE BEEN THERE , DONE THAT . I have walked in the mud transport’n this stuff . been on the boat , bringing it to you . My opinion is personal experience ……..THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE IN THE 7 0 ‘s . Congress / Commerce department way of putting panic in the people , force people to go out , buy a new smaller car. All for the sales tax . Obama is doing the same thing , pushing AMERICA into the HYBRID technology , which BUSH JUNIOR SIGNED . My name is T i m

      • dunce

        Would everybody stop responding to R. smith? He is just a guy that likes to fart in elevators.

      • Tom W.

        Wow Rob, you’re smarter than you look!

      • Tom W.

        Yeah Eddie G, a match made in.. well maybe not!

      • Tom W.

        T i m, well at least ya know your name!

      • Tom W.

        Quit it dunce! LOL!!!

    • Flashy

      Robert…that was my thought exactly. i also didn’t think we were discussing Bush/Cheney

    • Tom W.

      Is that ALL you could come up with Insurgent?!

      • Tom W.

        Nothing to do with the oil crisis, the University of Louisville Fighting Cardnals are Sweet 16 bound! GO CARDS!!! We want them U of K Wildcats to see who goes to the championship game! But if you must, go ahead and do ‘em in Hoosiers!!!

  • Jim Bandinelli

    Not a surprise really, for years we have watched gold skyrocket, and if you bump gold value to just about anything e.g. gas you would see that relative to gold prices in the 60′s or 70′s, gas based on golds current value is about .05 cents a gallon. That’s nearly 50% less than what gas cost in the 60′s or 70′s by comparison. The dollars devaluation is not a new phenomenon, it’s been going on for dam near 50 years to where todays dollar is worth about .05 cents versus it being worth about .80 or so cents in the 60′s.

    Hurray we did it!

  • T i m

    My name is T i m . I am so grateful to read some one finally told the people THE REAL TRUTH of all the mis information being pumped to the people . The only adjustment I would see needed here , as the web information says, A BARREL OF OIL MEASURES 4 2 gallon . 3 0 years ago , a barrel measured 5 5 gallon . The pictures in this article look like 5 5 gallon . A 4 2 gallon barrel causes our cunsumption numbers to go up considerably …..Which is wrong . I have worked , both the supply side and the sales side of fuel . True price of a gallon of gas , at the pump should be around one dollar per gallon , AT THE MOST . American commerce department sets the rate on all cost of living . It has nothing to do with anything else . Commerce department wants the sales tax from the sale . 1 st job I ever had in high school , full service gas station . I sold gas for eleven cents a gallon . My boss built a retirement home , on that gas price , paid for when he moved in . The production and transportation process HAS NOT CHANGED . Most of the price at the pump , is tax revenue for the government . Same as tobacco and beer . T i m

    • Robert Smith

      From Tim: “The production and transportation process HAS NOT CHANGED . Most of the price at the pump , is tax revenue for the government .”

      Ac;tually it’s driven up by speculators. They take advantage of the fear generated by those producers like Iran who want do drive the prices up.


      • T i m

        Sir , if you wrote this article , you know …..The speculators work for the commerce department .

      • DaveH

        Who are the speculators, Robert, and how do they drive up long-term prices?

      • JeffH

        Ah Yes! The speculators…the latest liberal code word for rising oil prices…the latest talking point of the unhinged’
        Obama, Reid, Pelosi, MSNBC, the MSM, Daily Koss, the Democratic Underground,Soros, Media Matters and the late Saul Alinsky must be proud.

      • eddie47d

        Speculators are the same cohorts as the Hedge Fun managers on Wall Street. Hedge Fund managers made billions while the housing market collasped. Now tell me how that works Jeff. How do they make a killing while the economy collapses? The same with Speculators who jimmy the numbers to get the price they want. They become super wealthy while the consumer pays more at the pump. Who controls the Hedge Fund managers or Speculators Jeff. No one really except for a few NWO hacks and they do as they please because no one will stop them. At least the author was honest when he said “stock values are completely fabricated” and that includes oil prices or didn’t you catch that!

    • Jack Betz

      Tim; It use to be 55 gal then it went down 42 then to 35 and now it is at 32 gal a barrel. It makes it look like wa use a lot more than we do.Oh that is so we can Charge you More. What consept.

      • Tom W.

        Thank you Jack, I never knew that!

    • jdonald

      Tim Check your facts. A bbl of oil has been standardized at 42 gals us since 1870. yes there are many different sizes of barrels but the unit of measure of a barrel of oil is standardized on a us gallon and a unit of measure of 42 gallons. the Europeans use Liters we use US gallons some provinces use the old imperial gallon 1 US gal = .8 imp gallon. hope that clears it up

      • T i m

        NO SIR . The barrels I was filling back in early 7 0 ‘s was 5 5 gallon . I used to clean out barges , to get the last drop possible . I do not know what was done with it after that . AMERICAN COMMERCE DEPARTMENT SELLS gas at the rate they can get most taxes from . whole point I said was , O P E C does not set the rate , any nation charges it’s people for gas at the pump . American commerce department kept the 5 5 gallon rate for the taxes . The 4 2 gallon barrel makes AMERICA look like we use a lot more than real . Gas price at the pump is mostly taxes , has nothing to do with the oil product . Same with tobaco and beer , and all consumable products. I bought cup of 1 2 once coffee at store today . Cost me dollar , sevent five cents . Put tax on that . It cost me fifteen cents to cook that same cup , at home , if you do the math from the package contents . True cost of gas at the pump , should be around 5 0 to 7 5 cents per gallon . Second job I had , in high school was full service gas station . I was selling gas for eleven cents a gallon . The production / transportation process HAS NOT CHANGED . My family is still working that industry today . My Point to all this was , AMERICAN usage is heavily exagerated , because oil is measured in barrels , NOT GALLONS . 4 0 years ago our useage was measured in 5 5 gallon barrels . Reagan de regulated the commerce industry , it was changed to 4 2 gallon , commerce kept the 5 5 gallon rate . TODAY I have been told , the barrel measure for AMERICA is now down to 3 6 gallon , COMMERCE still using the 5 5 gallon measure . That is the fact I have had my hand on . I do not deny your information . I know where I have been . T i m

  • Dwight Mann

    There is an answer. . .
    Ron Paul in 2012
    He has the support of the military and our Youth.
    Who can argue with that constituency?

  • israeliteknight

    I pay 2 cents a gallon in Russia, 7 cents in Iraq, and 8 cents in Iran. This is after everybody involved in the process of refining oil makes a profit, including the dealer who pumps it into my car. The RETAIL price of shipping a gallon of gas from Russia, Iran, or Iraq to Long Beach harbor is 22 cents.

    Here in this country, I just paid $82 to fill up a small BMW, at a price of $4.29 per gallon.

    I KNOW where the vast majority of the other $3.99 goes, and I KNOW it is not federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, refinery profits, gasoline station expenses or profits, truckers, or shippers.

    • DaveH

      Gross National income per capita 2010 PPP (purchase price parity):
      United States — $47020
      Russia — $19190
      Iraq — $3320
      Iran — $11420

      Somehow, I think I’ll take the higher gas prices (between $3000 and $4000 per year).

    • Vigilant

      DaveH, israeliteknight is not telling the truth.

      Go to for average gasoline costs:

      Range of gasoline prices (per liter) are:

      Iran $0.35-0.70/liter (= $1.32 – 2.64/gallon)

      Russia $0.83-0.99/liter (= $3.13 – 3.73/gallon)

      Iraq $0.40-1.00/liter (= $1.51 – 3.77/gallon)

      Using the Gross National income per capita 2010 PPP (purchase price parity) figures you provided, I’d say the Russians, Iranis and Iraqis are the ones being screwed at the pump.

      • Tom W.

        Keep ‘em straight Vig!

  • Jim Valkenburg

    The assault on the freedoms of the American population are multifacited. From the Patriot Act to National Defence Authorization Act to Americans are terrorists and should be held in the cross hairs of whichever Federal Agency is deemed best to the breach of the contract with the Congress to the Supreme Court’s allowance of unlimited corporate contributions to the real traitors of this country–the government, itself–to the manipulation of the market and oil prices and every other aspect of the life of the citizen. In my lifetime, I have seem our freedoms wither away. We are on the verge of a catastrophe that will see millions imprisoned and countless others murdered. I have not trusted the Amerikan government for over forty years, but the current regime is the most frieghtening of all. The intrusion on citizens rights has been nurtured slowly over the past twenty years, but under Obama, the assault has accelerated. To post this message is an article of faith; but since I trust no one and know that all email transmissions are screened by the Federalies, I assume this will seal my fate.

    • Eddie G.

      Thank you Jim, I’m 68 and it’s no longer the America I was born in. I’ve noted society changes since the Kennedy assasination and the subsequent Johnson Great Society programs. Kennedy’s death was the beginning of the eventual coup to overthrow this country and turn it upside down. He wanted to junk the Federal Reserve and to date Kennedy’s gone plus the Fed is still on the job pumping out fiat funny money like no tomorrow. The coup thus far was skillfully planned with it’s leadership in mad billionaire George Soros with Obama as his corrupt little puppet. With the economy in shambles, health care overtaken, ongoing efforts for civilian disarmament,lies,distortions,and now the final blow of the newly signed executive order which establishes martial law,the coup is in it’s final stages of success. Election to throw Oboy out? What election? He need only declare war on Iran to enact martial law and bring everything to a standstill including the election. Iran will get nuked scaring the bejesus out of everybody thereby reestablishing this country as a superpower and putting Soros on the throne as leader of the world which was Hitler’s dream. Oboy having served Soros’ purpose will be Shanghied back to Kenya to finish life as a pig farmer. The newly divorced Michelle will remain as Soros’ # 1 concubine. Since the congress is too milquetoast to impeach all this will come to past or something like it anyway. Oh,and why would Michelle be so willing to bed with an ugly ogre like Soros? M-O-N-E-Y! She’d gladly divorce before giving up the snazzy lifestyle she’s had for the past 3+ years. Soros has plenty of it for her lifetime but when she starts to get wrinkled he’ll junk her for some new gold digger.

      • John

        Wow, did you ever thought about becoming a fiction writer? You have enough imagination to fill books with.

        • T i m

          I am very confident , you need to do a lot more research . I am 5 6 years old . I remember what happened to Kennedy . What it was happened long before Kennedy showed up . AMERICA was born into the federal reserve ….Depending on what history book you wana read . Look up the definition off the dollar bill in your pocket . T i m

      • Tom W.

        Michelle would throw some of that stuff on that old fart and finish him off! He’d never make it to see her wrinkle! I believe her to be more dangerous than Barack as far as race relations and the socialist agenda goes!

      • Tom W.

        T i m, you can thank Freedom Fighter for bringing this video to my attention, When JFK was elected, he was a puppet of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex), this scared Eisenhower who had relentlessly tried to warn what was coming. It wasn’t long after Jack took office that he saw that the old man was right, and began to start talking about pulling our troops out of SE Asia, he signed excutive order 11110 practically stripping the Fed of thier powers almost six months to the day of his assasination, an order that’s still on the books today but has never been enacted! Andrew Jackson was thorn, as was Abraham Lincoln, in the side of the central bank! I’ve been kinda lettin’ ya slide till this point, but ya might know your name, but ya sure don’t know your history!!!

        • T i m

          Yes Sir , I read all that . I explained what I knew about Kennedy , let some one else tell the rest . If you read my msg , you read , this been here long before Kennedy …….thanks …Tim

      • Tom W.

        “It is not enough merely to realize how freedom has been won. Essential also is it we be ever alert to all threats to that freedom. Easy to recognize is the threat from without. Easy too is it to see the threat of those who advocate its destruction from within. Less easy is it to see the dangers that arise from our own failure to analyze and understand the implications of various economic, social and political movements among ourselves. Our danger arises from too great a concentration of power in the hands of any individual or group. The power of concentrated finance, the power of selfish pressure groups, the power of any class organized in opposition to the whole – any one of these, when allowed to dominate, is fully capable of destroying individual freedom, as is excessive power in the political head of the state,” – Dewight D. Eisenhower, Inaugural Address, Columbia University, Oct. 12, 1948

    • Tom W.

      Can you say warp drive Jim?!

  • pete

    That word ‘manipulation’ is the key here. It is time that the citizens understood that the stock markets are manipulated as is the price of oil. Placing blame on the Russians, Chinese, Israeli’s or any other is a waste of thought since we all know that the manipulations come from those with the power and the money to make the decisions which are purely designed to fill their coffers, whether times are good or bad. It makes no difference to them. With a loyal puppet under their control, who understands as much about economics as the village idiot in Azbukestan, they are content to watch the entire world implode with all the ‘ expendable idiots who inhabit it like a curse’ pursuant to their desire for less inhabitants. Well, they may be making a fortune right now with all their tricks and false information declarations but time will tell just exactly how their fortunes will help them when there is no more clean clear water and no fertile land resulting in no food. Let them eat gold or was it ‘cake’?. Funny how the best laid plans bite one in the end, just like money cannot save one from terminal diseases or from death. I often wonder whether the “manipulators’ die contented or with regret, proud or with some measure of discomfort at the realization of their folly. knowing that ‘ the good is oft interred with one’s bones, but the evil lives after them’. Food for thought, but I sincerely believe that they do not care as they are devoid of any conscience and perhaps even of a soul.

    • Tom W.

      Well said pete! Bottom up, top down, inside out!!! Right out of the play book, the general public are so ignorant of this, that they don’t even try to disguise what they’re doin’!!!

  • Chester

    Tim, I do beg your pardon for stepping on your toes, but oil has always been measured by the forty two gallon barrel. Granted, gas and oil products, along with a goodly number of other liquids, have been shipped in fifty gallon drum, but those aren’t the barrels oil is bought and sold by. To get the original barrels, go back to the late 18 hundreds and early 19 hundreds, when forty-two gallon wooden barrels were the common means of shipping liquids of all sorts.
    As far as the price of oil being controlled by anything, i will grant that it isn’t by the law of supply and demand. Instead it is controlled by the law of what if, which is where speculators of all kinds turn when they are trying to make a profit at our expense.

    • Robert Smith

      Chester points out about the price of oil: “Instead it is controlled by the law of what if, which is where speculators of all kinds turn when they are trying to make a profit at our expense.”

      You, it’s the 1% screwing the rest of us.

      Another point for what Occupy is about.


      • Brad

        Rob quit occupying your closet and come out to the real world. 1% is Obama and his crones. You my friend are beleiving this crap he and his puppetiers want you to. You are the 99% just as all the rest on this site.

      • Tom W.

        What? Not bathing, staying stoned all the time and wanting someone else to buy your drugs for you, occuping your poor parent’s basement?!! What is it y’all are all about? Anarchy, that’s what y’all are all about! No fault of your own though.

        “In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent , the omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by it’s examples. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” – 1928 Supreme Court opinion by Justice Louis Brandeis

    • T i m

      I can only tell you , what I have put my hands on . As you said , the original purchase is mesured in barrel . It is converted to barrel measure , after the initial contact, who ever pumps it out of the ground . World government economy sets each nation rate independantly . AMERICA converted to 4 2 gallon barrel , year after RONALD REAGAN deregulated the commerce industry . Commerce kept the 5 5 gallon rate for taxes . Jimmy Carter created the commerce deparment , according to web information , so as congress could create an oil shortage . I was riding the boat , bringing the stuff in to AMERICA ….THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE . Commerce department change the barrel measure , to show AMERICA consuming lots more than real . T i m

      • Jack Betz

        Tim; That is true about the 42 gal a barrel but they have gone down to the 34 gal.a barrel and now it is at 32 gal a barrel. This is to make everyone think that we are on the 55 gal. barrel an use more than we realy do. Oh now they can charge more per berrel and make everyone think about the 55 gal barrel .

  • Dave

    The dollar has set a record in world history by being the longest lasting fiat currency by almost a decade, but inherently it must die. This is not a pretty picture and I am sure the Exchange Stabilization Fund captains are two steps ahead of us, looking out for our best interests, of course. How can our government change any of this? Politicians will use our
    plight to their own advantage, and we will select which ones we want to cheer on…

    • Tom W.

      Well I certainly feel more relieved!

  • laughnmatter

    That we have been made addicts to a resource by a cabal of elites that have been planning the destruction of the U.S., in order to form a one-world-government should be plain to anyone that studies deep politics.

    That these same elites have used their power to suppress Tesla’s free energy technology is also evident to anyone that has done the research is also evident.

    If anyone doubts what I have said I recommend you watch the documentary THRIVE.

    We will have a downfall. What comes out the other end of the destruction of our economic system depends on the number of people that are informed of our current situation. I highly recommend that everyone watch the documentary THRIVE, to get a good picture of where we are, who caused this situation, and what we can do about it.

    • John

      Everything in this country is and was made possible by cheap oil. Once cheap oil disappears, this country will stagnate and possible collapse, the standard of living is not sustainable. EVERYTHING we do in this country is influenced and directly touched by oil.

      • Eddie G.

        By the time cheap oil is depleted we’ll both be long gone. There’s a hell of a lot of oil out there yet to be tapped. Some will be cheaper than others depending on methods of extraction. Let the free market prevail and keep government out of the way and engineers will find methods of extraction reducing its costs thereby increasing profits. It’s called Yankee ingenuity.

        • T i m

          Simple solution to AMERICAN economy . ………………..RON PAUL ……….. my name is T i m

      • Eddie G.

        By the way John, maybe some of my writing can be construed as wild ass fiction but given what I’ve seen the past 3+ years the Obama bunch have been having one hell of a great time on yours and my tax dollars. Is that fiction? Nope! Maybe my thoughts will become true after all,never know,otherwise yeah I’ll concede it makes for a good story.

    • Robert Smith

      “Tesla’s free energy technology is also evident to anyone that has done the research is also evident. ”

      Right up there with John Galt’s motor and my uncle’s 263.9 mpg. carb. .

      “If anyone doubts what I have said I recommend you watch the documentary THRIVE. ”

      Looked for it on NetFlix. Isn’t there. Where can I find it?


      • Karolyn

        They have their own website, Robert,, where you can rent or purchase the movie. An excellent video!

      • Blue Devil

        TANSTAAFL, Robert, TANSTAAFL!!! There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!!!!

      • Flashy

        Robert…actually, there have been rumors for years about Tesla and his research based upon theories of electromagnetic technology. As early as 1891, he demonstrated wireless energy transfer to power electronic devices was a fact, not just theoretical.

        Given what we know today about the effects of living near high voltage transmission lines, his project for industrial sized energy transmissions may not be feasible…but that does not exclude tweaking his theories and expanding in that area for possible uses with today’s technology.

    • Tom W.

      I haven’t watched it yet but here it is, I agree with some of the stuff in the trailer, but am extremely skepticle of the UFO aspect! There’s alot of smoke and mirrors goin’ on here, but I will give it a peek! I truly believe that what we’re witnessing is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the world is exactly how God’s Word said it would be leading up to the second coming of Christ!!! Is your lamp trimmed and BURNING?!! (Matt. 25:1-13) Because if you’re not LOOKING UP, (Luke 21:28) you SURELY to GOD must be BLIND!!! (II Cor. 4:3&4) You don’t want to be TOLD to line up with the goats!!! (Matt. 25:31-46) Are ALL these things ALL happening at the same time,the man made chaos along with the ALL the natural disasters, just coinsidence?!! Keep your eyes on the skies, JESUS IS COMING! He loves y’all and so do I!!!

      • Tom W.

        Beware of strong delution!!!

        “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” – II Thess. 2:8-12

  • John

    Cheap oil is NOT as abandon as the OP claims, the cost to produce oil is rising as the cheap easy sources run dry. The Canadian tar sands are known since hundreds years but where far to expensive to use… and its not that new technology has come on line to get greater yield, nope the technology used is the same they used when they explored the field. What has changed is that cheap oil has peaked and now oil production costs are rising. Those rising cost makes it possible to start developing oil fields in the US and Canada that have high production cost. Same with fracking, that technology is known for quite a while, but with cheap oil it was to expensive to use… now with oil being high it is used.
    If the cost of oil would fall tomorrow, production from many US oil fields and the Canadian tar sands would come to a grinding hold. A good way the get the whole picture is to watch the movie “a crude awakening” it talks about the peak of so called cheap oil ( drill a hole and out it comes) and how it was responsible for industrial prosperity and directly responsible societies have advanced and the effect it had on the population…its a very interesting movie. It also shows how many oil fields in the US and over seas are now played out or only produce at a very much reduced rate.
    Yes there are millions of barrels of oil just sitting in tankers and storage facilities, but they are not selling it. The production cost is high and nobody will sell below cost. This recession has had an effect of stunned growth and thus also an effect of less oil usage. But that does not mean that oil producers will take a hit and sell cheap, nope they rather stop the pumps and simply wait until the demand and with it the price rises.

  • FreedomFighter

    Whenever I’m trying to understand the motivations of the sociopathic Washington politicians, Wall Street bankers and mega-corporation CEOs, I always come back to the words of master manipulator Edward Bernays:

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

    American’s Asleep At the Wheel Driving Into Debt Slavery

    The banking elites are going to pillage America as they have so many 3rd world countries and Americans are just blind to the reality its happening at this very moment.

    America does not need imported oil, nor do Americans need goods made in China, nor do we Americans need the FED

    End the FED, Do our own manufactur of goods and drill drill drill.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      It all starts with the Politicians, without whom the banking elites would have no cover to hide behind.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, :) …in a nutshell!

      • Jay

        Correct DaveH! After all, who allowed the Fed-Reserve through the front door?

  • Flashy

    “The dollar is being thoroughly squashed. Why is this not showing in the foreign exchange (FOREX)? The way the dollar is represented in FOREX is yet another example of a useless market indicator, because it measures dollar value relative to a basket of world fiat currencies, all of which also happen to be in decline. That is to say, the dollar appears to be vibrant, as long as you compare it to similarly worthless paper currencies that are being degraded in tandem with the greenback. ”

    While a nice “gee whiz” statement, as is most of the article above when discussing the subject matter of the title, it has no substance. Means nothing. The Dollar, weak or not, is still valued as a dollar against other currencies. Commodities cost the same as they always have..when calculating the scarcity and demand as well as the rising inflation devaluation of any currency of the capitalist system. They have “bubbles” in speculation, and some…i.e. gold, are prisoners of unscrupulous hawksters and speculative bargaining for those beguiled into seeking the false safe haven of ownership.

    The true measurement of the price of oil and that of a nation is as detailed by Adam Smith…it is the wealth of the Nation. Wealth of a nation can be measured in several ways, in the most simplistic of forms, it is the amount of goods and services produced reduced by the cost of purchasing goods and services. I would add one other factor to this simplistic equation..that of the stability and vulnerability of the means to produce. i.e. energy.

    Some basic figures.

    Our petroleum imports created a $386 billion U.S. trade deficit in 2008, versus a $266 billion deficit with China. In the first quarter of 2011, petroleum-related products accounted for 59.5 percent of the total U.S. trade deficit.

    Add in the cost of foreign aid and maintaining a military preparedness to protect the shipping lanes for that oil. The US spends, each year, well over $1 TRILLION dollars in cost for our energy imports.

    In 2008 we imported 66% of our oil needs. In 2011, that fell to 45%. (DaveH..the source for most of this data is the US Dept of Commerce)

    I would proffer that the main reason for the continued stability of the dollar relative to the world currency and priced commodities is that these past three plus years, our wealth in real terms has increased enough due to the decreased dependency upon foreign oils to counterbalance the amount of additional dollars pushed into the system to salvage our economy and provide the credit necessary for our businesses to survive. .

    One may fault this administration for many areas, but one which is beyond criticism is the economic policies pursued. Given what was on the table when it took power and the forces of the opposition to sanity, what has been done can be rated by any knowledgeable person as excellent. We avoided a Depression. We have gone from losing almost 1 mil jobs a month to gaining over 200,000. The size of government employed has shrunken. Our heavy manufacturing base has been solidified. The credit pipeline for business has been firmed up. Our energy imports have fallen to 45% of our needs. We are supporting the European economies for their mistakes in following the path of budget austerity, thus keeping the world economy from freefalling and taking us with it. We are successfully beating back China as its economy faces the dangers of expansion trying to keep up with our economic machine.

    The weakness of America? Two fold.

    One. There is a significant minority on the Right who insist that this Nation return to the past. To embrace the failed policies which brought us to this point. Who, in the name of the false god of ‘freemarkets’, insist on rule by corporate oligarchy. Which cries aligator tears for social freedom and justice while insisting on the imposition of their narrow, strict, immoral religious tenets upon all of America. Compromise which strays from the above tenets is a sin in their eyes. While the basic premise of their entire ranting is a return to the past to a government and society fitted for the 19th century, but disasterous for a 21st century nation-state with a modern economy.

    There are those in America who are excited and seek out the unknowns of the future. Those are where our leaders lay if we are to dominate the 21st Century and beyond. There is this significant minority which combines fear with hate and ignorance and shuns the unknowns of the future. And that holds promise of nothing but further economic malaise and an ending of this great nation as it spirals into a more autocratic government run by the few over the many.

    Two. The continued reliance of 45% of our energy needs and the exporting overseas of monies equal to over 50% of our trade deficit overseas. “Drill baby drill” is a nice sounding dictum, but no matter how one slices and dices it, we cannot and should not maintain a modern economy on energy technology over 100 years old and which places us in danger with a thin, expensively defended yet easily severed, energy lifeline outside our borders.

    Think about it. What is the better course for our Nation to follow? A guaranteed slow downward spiral as we live in the past. Or embrace the unknown adventures of the future in discovering and creating new horizons for us to conquer?

    • FreedomFighter

      My God boy, you are full of it arnt you. No wonder you have no Credability on this site.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Flashy

        FF…this so-called “lack of credibility” is because no one wants to be told what they deep down realize…they’ve been made fools of. If one cannot argue, the easiest route for those without the capacity for independent thought is to denigrate and attempt to minimize the message and/or messenger.

      • Opal the Gem

        Glad I put on my sh!t kickers this morning cause ol Flushy is sure shoveling it out today.

      • Flashy

        Opal..reading the article of today, what were your thoughts as to the “conundrum” of oil? Now…just exactly what substance did you find in that article?

      • FreedomFighter


        “Liberal Block”

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Blue Devil

        Opal, You just made my day!!

      • Flashy

        Blue Devil… yet another who subscribes to the TP Trilogy of Fear, Hate and Ignorance.

      • Blue Devil

        Not really, Flashy! Just a survivor of 85 years of Knox University (AKA as School of Hard Knocks)

      • eddie47d

        Opal disappoints again. How about the oil situation Opal? Is it real or is it fabricated? Are gas taxes too low in the USA or should we jump up to Europe’s prices? There is a glut of crude sitting in Our Midwest but not enough refineries to process it. Why aren’t they building more refineries instead of demanding more oil from Canada if we can’t handle what we have now? Easily accessible oil is now harder to get at and costlier to retrieve so naturally more will be paid at the pump. With other countries demanding more oil Speculators can charge whatever they like (half the cost of oil can go to those Speculators) not the actual oil companies.

        • T i m

          Oil production / transportation cost is not the problem with pump price . Commerce department trying to force the people into HYBRID technology . It has nothing to do with saving fuel . GOVERNMENT WANTS TO SELL THE NEW TECHNOLOGY . Lots of police departments and utlity companies are driving HYBRID VEHICLES . Governments way of proving it sells . sell it to the government 1 st . ..Bush Jr. signed that bill before last election . Obama just carrying the torch now . T i m

      • Tom W.

        Flushy, you’re out of your freakin’ mind! What ever kind of drugs you’re doing, you need to flush Flushy!!! There’s no place left to go, there are no new frontiers within sight, maybe you want to volunteer for one of Newt’s moon missions!
        Great post FF! Wild Bill tells it like it is! I wonder if he read Flushy’s post, it sure sounded like it! LOL!!! Good job FF!
        Opal don’t let Flushy and eddie intimidate ya, keep givin’ ‘em HELL!!! You’re only preparing them for what lies ahead if they don’t repent!
        Hey Blue Devil, what happened to Duke?! Can you say CHOKE!!! LOL!
        This song is for you Flush, a little history lesson!

    • RichE

      Flashy, Good job, good question, but ruin is the destiny of all civilizations. I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but can you provide one example of a still successful civilization?

      • Flashy

        RichE we both know that an empire has a life cycle. The shorter lived empires are those which estrange the intellectual curiousity of Man. Which has a minority of population sowing seeds of intolerance for the unknown and the intellectual and who scarcely disguise a contempt for the intelligence and mental dignity of the common man stifling the freedom of spirit. Those who display a teaching of righteousness only if in that power of truth it is theirs that prevail.

        I believe we are at those crossroads in time where, in the distant future, historians will point to this era and say “here is where the American Empire matured and solidified for the centuries to come” .. or will they say “here was where the upstart short lived American Empire began to fade and begin its death throes” .

        We need only to examine our decline from when Reagan and the Right began the war on America to realize the latter will be the statement should we continue with the failed policies of today’s “conservative” movement.

        And such will be edging on the precipice of disasterous success as long as there are those multitudes who choose to be driven by fear, hate and ignorance…and lack the courage to stand up for America.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy needs change only two words. Substitute “Woodrow Wilson” for “Reagan” and “Left” for “Right” and he’ll be pretty close to the description of why the country’s going to the dogs.

      • Flashy

        Sorry for interrupting your fiction Vig…but if one looks at the state of the Middle Class and the period of the greatest transfer of wealth that has ever occurred in the history of civilized man … from the American Middle Class to the wealthy…. one begins with Reagan and his initiation of the war against America.

      • DaveH

        Perhaps Flashman can explain what then is the Government Spending our money on?
        Total Government Spending in 2000 — $3.5 Trillion
        Total Government Spending in 2008 — $5.8 Trillion
        Total Government Spending in 2009 — $6.5 Trillion
        Total Government Spending in 2010 — $6.5 Trillion
        Total Government Spending in 2011 — $6.6 Trillion

      • Tom W.

        Flushy, you’re delutional!!! You actually believe the crap that you’re spewing! They’re coming for you Flush!

    • chippernelle

      hahahahahahahaha Flashy suits you well. Like your opinion, it’s all flash! hahahahaha

      • Tom W.

        He is a hoot, isn’t he?!! LOL!

    • Brad

      The size of government employed has shrunken. ??? You my friend need to get off the crack pipe.

      • Flashy

        According to the US Census Bureau, the total number of full time public employees has shrunken by approx.100,000 in 2010 as compared to 2008. The federal government has had an increase of approx. 250,000 (a number of those can be attributed to the Census hires.)

        I could not locate 2011 figures in a short time …

      • Tom W.

        Whatever he’s on is alot more potent than crack!!!

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “While a nice “gee whiz” statement, as is most of the article above when discussing the subject matter of the title, it has no substance. Means nothing. The Dollar, weak or not, is still valued as a dollar against other currencies. Commodities cost the same as they always have..when calculating the scarcity and demand as well as the rising inflation devaluation of any currency of the capitalist system. They have “bubbles” in speculation, and some…i.e. gold, are prisoners of unscrupulous hawksters and speculative bargaining for those beguiled into seeking the false safe haven of ownership”.
      Flashman is doing his usual Equivocation. You’re wasting your time here, Flashman. If you want to spread mindless Propaganda, you’ll have to go somewhere where emotion reigns and thinking is feigned.
      “Commodities cost the same as they always have”? Who do you think is dumb enough here to buy that lie, Flashman?
      Even a Government agency admits to consumer price increases:

      Seek help, Flashman. You have no credibility on this board.

      • Flashy

        Dave….pehaps you need the help. It is your contention commodities have gone up from historical prices due to the dollar declining in value? Seriously? you really want to be made out to be the idiot you are?

        Take the price of copper in 1920 and look up the price today. factor in the Real Dollar Valuation. Hmmmm … take a gander at the cost of that commodity today. You’ll find it about even in today’s dollars versus the 1920 price..

        Take wheat. In 1930, a bushel was about $1.00. Today, it’s about $6.00. So Wheat costs less today than it did in 1920.

        Almost every commodity which isn’t in a scarcity or a bubble right now is the same (or lower) price than in the past.

        Source for the data: USGS and Dept of Ag

        Next time, try and at least know something of which you speak instead of blathering idiocies…

        • T i m

          You need to stop reading the A G news and put your shovel in the ground . My extended family is farmers . They have been put out of business twice in 2 0 years , till government got their next dearly beloved cronys going . Those people had no clue , how to farm . Brought my family back in . Agriculture Department can stop selling fuel to a farmer then make them start over . Agriculture and Commerce departments work together , against the farmer , unless they want the farmer to make it . ASK MICHELE BACHMAN HOW SHE SURVIVES . read the tax sticker on the gas pump next time you fill up . It tells you who runs things . HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH O P E C . t i m

      • Tom W.

        You’re an idiot flush!

      • DaveH

        As usual you’re equivocating. Anybody, who knows anything at all about money, knows that you are doing your usual equivocation dance.
        Most goods and services, due to increased productivity, are indeed cheaper in Real Dollars (adjusted for inflation) than they used to be. But we aren’t talking about that, and you know it. And that is a side issue that has nothing to do with the diminished value of the dollar.
        Seek help, Flashdunce.

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “Commodities cost the same as they always have”.
      There are no ifs, ands, or buts that make that statement true. In terms of US dollars, commodities cost much more than they did decades ago. It doesn’t matter what their prices are compared to other commodities, the bottom line is that they cost MORE in US Dollars than they did.
      No matter how many times you repeat your lies, Flashman, those lies will still be lies.

  • chucky

    I tend to believe the devaluation of the American dollar is one of the causes as a result of bailing out Europe plan implemented last month. I got sticker shock last week at the grocery store as I saw a lot of repackaging of products from fearful companies instead of increasing the price of the regular package giving you less for your money at the same price. It’s only going to get worse folks. The best thing you can do is park your car, buy the bare bones minimum,cancel your cable or satellite service(obviously keep your broadband service) and watch movies and tv shows streaming (I get all of my tv from project free tv google it you will love it) I have no affilliation with this site or will profit from it if you go there. just found the site surfing the net enjoy..We are the consumers and can control the market by not consuming

    • Tom W.

      Too cool!!! Thanks chucky!

  • RichE

    Ahh, please tell me again, (in twenty-five words or less)
    1. Why the Fed is ‘over’ printing.
    2. Why 46 cents on every dollar spent is borrowed.
    3. Why the U.S. is 17 trillion in debt.
    4. Why there’s an increasing trade deficit?
    5. What is the U.S.’s credit score? ( pick a number between 0 and 0)

    • Vigilant

      I can name that tune in five words: “big government….and getting bigger.”

      • RichE

        Re: “Get off of the idea that “Republican” can be equated with “Conservative.” Far from it.”

        Did you mean to say, “Not all Republicans are far-right extremists”? If not, what do you mean?


      • Vigilant


        Traditional party labels are no longer indicative of where this country needs to be heading. For my money, the only true test of a person is whether or not they believe that the Constitution is the Law of the Land, fully understand and are committed to our founding principles.

        Each party has its Conservatives, middle of the roders and liberals. Both Dem and Repub politicians have strayed from the promise of our forefathers, and they did it for profit and power.

        It is my belief that the Democratic Party’s “center” is now left wing, and the Republicans have drifted too far left themselves. There’s no doubt whatsoever that the bulk of leftist/socialist thinking is found in the Dem Party. There’s no doubt whatsoever that the bulk of Conservative and Right Wing Christian thinking is found in the Repub Party.

        As for what I stand for, I’ll repost something I posted last year:

        (1) A deep and abiding love of my country and reverence for the principles advanced by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
        (2) A belief that our natural rights come from God and not the state or any self-appointed elite.
        (3) A return to Constitutionalism by rolling back the unconstitutional laws, executive orders, czars, illegal regulatory agencies and transparently incorrect court rulings?
        (4) A return to the functions of Federal Government as enumerated in the Constitution, and strict enforcement of the 9th and 10th Amendments.
        (5) Annulment of the 17th Amendment so that Senators are once again appointed by state legislatures instead of being popularly elected.
        (6) Scuttling the EPA, Depts. Of Education and Energy, and a host of other Federal agencies.
        (7) Getting the government out of the free market, where it has no business.?
        (8) Keeping a strong military but stopping the adventurism around the world in unnecessary, illegal and costly wars.
        (9) Enforcing immigration law and stopping the flow of illegal aliens (and terrorists) across our southern borders.
        (10) Returning the country to a nation that fully respects the free exercise of religious beliefs.
        (11) Curtailing the collective bargaining power and other strangleholds that the public sector labor unions have on the taxpayer.
        (12) A firm belief that the verdict is not yet in on global warming, that most of it is political activism and junk science.

      • Jay

        Excellent post, Vigilant!!!

      • Tom W.

        Ditto Vig!!!

    • Flashy

      I can do it in five words….Bush and the “Conservative Right”

      Note how the right was all for wrapping themselves in the cloak of Bush/Cheney until the Decline hit. Now they disclaim that regime they so fervently embraced …

      • Vigilant

        Polite fiction is one thing, Flush, outright misrepresentation is another.

        Again you assail the Right for something of which they are not guilty. No true Conservative ever lauded Bush for his neocon and liberal policies, nor do they continue to do so.

        Get off of the idea that “Republican” can be equated with “Conservative.” Far from it.

      • JeffH

        But Vigilant, that’s the only game they got… :)

      • eddie47d

        Then who is the Republican Party? Most on here equate the Democrat Party with Liberals and Progressives yet get testy when Conservatives are aligned with the Republicans. Something isn’t adding up considering that some Conservatives reject the Libertarian Party. So where do they belong? Are they wandering in the wilderness?

      • Blue Devil

        Flashy — And, as usual, you are wrong. It dates as far back, at least, as the Roosevelt administration! Don’t bother to lecture me on that one — I grew up in it!!!

      • Flashy

        Vig…if Bush/Cheney had half the opposition you give to President Obama, there would be no Iraq War and we wouldn’t have his economic boondoggle and collapse to contend with today.

      • Flashy

        Blue Devil…for FDR, other than his legacy landmark legislation for America’s middle Class and working men and women…I can only go by what my father and mother would say about the FDR years. And in their eyes, no greater man ever blessed this Nation.

      • Jay

        Flashy says: Vig…if Bush/Cheney had half the opposition you give to President Obama, there would be no Iraq War and we wouldn’t have his economic boondoggle and collapse to contend with today.

        Flashy, this is simply false. B&C received as much, if not more opposition as Obama is currently receiving. Yet, the opposition was not enough to prevent the war in Iraq; just as, the opposition against Obama was not enough to prevent; Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and soon to be Iran….and all dots connected, produced economic boondoggle and collapse to contend with today. So much for opposition, hey Flashy? You need to bring a measure of honesty into your commentary if you are to garner any, respect at PLD, Flashy!

      • Tom W.

        What party was behind Manifest Destiny Flush?! What party formed the KKK after the defeat of the confederacy in the civil war?!! Who was the party of Strom Thurman and Robert Byrd?!!! And here’s a little clip of your favorite civil rights president!

        Again, you’re an idiot Flush!!!

      • DaveH

        Most likely Flashman isn’t an idiot. To believe that Flashman would spend so much of his time and effort to come up with his incoherent arguments out of pure ignorance is quite a stretch.
        Most likely Flashman is a Sociopath, who is here purely to disrupt the board with his inane comments.

  • Phil

    Between, Obama and the midia. blinding all Americans. with lies.
    The reason gas has gone up. The truth is my friends. We have more oil then you know,
    they raised the price. So it can be shipped out to China. With tax payers income.
    Reameber 1776 Boston Tea Party. they did not raise taxes, on the wages, but raised the tea prices.
    Also Obama is cutting madiacare for the elderly. people look at your pay stubs,and see how much of your money is going to mediacaide. can you imagaine how much money we all paid into madiacaide since 1964. STOP SPENDING IT on the ILLEGALS .
    The goverment should ask for people’s income stubs see if they paid into the system.
    Its people that has payed in the system are the ones being hurt. OBAMACARE F/Y
    I deeply believe when Obama said it was time for a change. He was thinking of himself, and his muslim families. all he’s done is taking vacations, and his wife and kids useing tax payers money, taking there freinds on a Spain tour now being sued for it .YEH a slap in thehand is all she’ll get. Friends Its time, to yake the change out and tunr to dollars by taking, obama, nancy p., reed, holder. out of the wite house before its to late.

    • Tom W.

      Sickening isn’t it Phil?!!

  • Robert Edward Johnson

    If fiat money explains high oil prices, as in going from $30 before we invaded Iraq to $100 now, or $100 in early 2008, or $147 in mid-July 2008, why didn’t ALL prices rise by that proportion? Moreover, to those who say that NOT having drilled has caused all this, why did prices rise so sharply at some points, and then fall in others? Reducing the rate of money growth may be good, increasing drilling and allowing nuclear energy may be good, but NOT having followed those policies is NOT the reason for the huge price swings. Nor is Indian and Chinese buying (when oil went from $100 to $147 in half a year, did Chinese and Indian buying “suddenly” go up that much? and when oil FELL to $90 within six weeks after the July 2008 peak, did the Chinese and Indians suddenly STOP buying?!). No, the simple answer that neither neocons nor Obamunists wish to discuss is our idiotic warmongering in the Mideast. When John McCain was singing bombbombbombombbomb Iran, prices went from $100 to $147, just as they went from $30 to $100 thanks to the ignorant, idiotic, insane war in Iraq. They fell from $147 in mid-July 2008 to $90 six weeks later (BEFORE the financial crash, and in no way in anticipation of it) due to Iran’s announcement that they could wipe out Israel in five minutes, WITHOUT nukes, simply with conventional missile capacity. And that’s the story of Christmas Charlie Brown.

    • Tom W.

      The two sides of the same Masonic coin!

  • Philip

    Do you want to create many high paying jobs, lower the cost of oil for this country and bring manufacturing back to this country. How you ask, well let me tell you.

    The oil that is on federal land belongs to the people, not to the politicians. If the government leased the land to oil companies then all oil taken from that lease must stay in the USA and it’s territories. The oil can be sold by the oil companies for 15% over their cost for extracting and transportation to holding area (strictly audited and enforced). There should be a non-profit company, not a government agency, that would handle distribution. Anyone caught taking a bribe could be fined $1M and 5 years in jail. Anyone offering a bribe can be fined $5m and 10 years in jail, 0 tolerance. Transportation cost for all forms of travel would be drastically lowered so would the cost of manufacturing that depends on oil and natural gas.

    Also, more refineries should be built and on military bases for security and environmental purposes.

    Oil leases on state land could be handled the same way if the state desired. Oil taken from private land is free-market oil and can be sold for what the market will bare.

    Maybe, just maybe the lower cost of energy would off set the lower cost of wages in other countries and bring manufacturing back to the US of A.

    • John

      The oil corporations steal from the people every where, How far down do property rights go? If oil is pumped from 5000 or 8000 feet beloew is it still property of the owner who holds the surface mineral rights? How about the oil that seeps into the well from the surrounding properties? If oil is pumped from the floor of the ocean within the US continental coat whose oil is it? The corporations who makes billions of profit on it or the peoples? And yet, the people are so conditioned, they even pay for what is rightfully theirs.
      It is the multinational corporations stealing the peoples resources in the name of free market, capitalism and they are supported by corrupted politicians. Free market capitalists would even go farther and don’t want anyone to tell them where to steal the peoples resources…. limited government, no regulations, just hire a bunch of thugs and enslave the people, rob em blind…

    • DaveH

      If you want a return to prosperity, Philip, then we need to revisit the relatively Free Markets of the late 19th century when Government spent less than 5% of our GDP (now 42% of GDP).
      Real life experience proves that Government grows inversely to a country’s economy:


    It’s simple, one word says it all ” OBAMA ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • T i m

      SIR JOSEPH …..You are wrong . This stuff been going on for decades . Cheney was in Reagan’s camp , before he hooked V P with Junior . Reagan was controlling California’s buget , for ten years before he though about presidency . How far back you wana go …….This stuff been here for decades . My name is T i m

  • eddie47d

    You must have also missed the authors point about “our failing system” Brad. The 1% made it happen and it occurred under our Capitalistic system. As long as that 1% controls everything we will continue to be duped for their pleasure. Are you busy correcting those failures too or are they too powerful to take on?

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama seizes control over all food, farms, livestock, farm equipment, fertilizer and food production across America

    Learn more:

    As the American sheeple slept, selfishly refusing to take a stand against tyranny, the Obama administration has been plotting what can only be called a total government takeover of America.

    On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued an executive order entitled, “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS.” (…)

    This executive order states that the President alone has the authority to take over all resources in the nation (labor, food, industry, etc.) as long as it is done “to promote the national defense” — a phrase so vague that it could mean practically anything.

    The power to seize control and take over these resources is delegated to the following government authorities:

    The take over of America is happening, now Obama at this very moment is implementing a total government takeover of America

    Get your friends, family, and anyone else you can talk to — take action, call reps, congress, local government — stop the takeover.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Flashy


      That Exec Order authorization is false. Verified False.

  • David Dirk Christensen

    “All Americans, especially those involved in tracking the economy, will have to remind themselves and the public that the Federal Reserve created the conditions by which we suffer, including currency devaluation and high oil prices — not some foreign enemy.”

    I agree, except I consider the FED a foreign enemy! Don’t you, Brandon?

    • RichE

      But why did the FED do it?

      • T i m

        Do you know , Senator Jay Rockefellor , West Virginia , inherited Standard / Chevron oil from his family . How many spin off companies does his family own or own stock in , listed on wall street . The Fed pumps up what ever commodity / company the Fed sees fit to support , or close . How many politicians own stock in Wall street . Nancy Pelosi got caught , insider trading , last fall . She is above the law , investigation went no where . Martha Stewart went to prison over hers . T i m

      • Tom W.

        The Fed isn’t and never has been an entity of our government as it’s name so conveniently suggests, they are an oligarch of world bankers who have been pulling the strings on all of our puppet politicians on both sides of the asile since it’s conception in 1913!!!

        Watch all three parts!!!

        • RichE

          Tom W.
          That doesn’t make sense. Why would a group of banks decrease the value of their assets?

          • T i m

            Read the definition of AMERICAN currency , as decribed on the face of the dollar bill you have in your pocket ………..NEXT , watch the series of movies , NICOLAS CAGE starring in NATIONAL TREASURE . …It copies the web definition of AMERICAN currency , almost perfectly …………NO , I do not watch too much television . AMERICA was born into the world economy , and WE ARE the world police , according to the definition as written on your dollar bill . We are members of the g – 2 0 world government . WE ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THE LEADER OVER THE CLIFF . Wake up people …Stop following dictation . My name is T i m

          • RichE

            You lost me, Nicolas Cage, world police. My understanding, “The FED is a group of banks that have the approval of the government to facilitate the liquidity of the dollar.”

          • T i m

            Read the definition of THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , from any history book you choose . most all history books are listed on the web. The first ten minutes of the movie National Treasure , quote most of the history books you will read , about the origin of AMERICA and our monetary system . AMERICAN Banking system is a contract with the FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION . It is located in Copenhagen Sweden ….SAME PLACE Obama was aworded his NOBEL PEACE PRIZE , 2 months after the rigged election . America’s contract with the Federal reserve expires end of next year . We will begin a whole new monetary system , NO MATTER WHO THE PRESIDENT IS . Obama will probably sign AMERICA back in to the FEDERAL RESERVE contract , so as no one in congress miss a pay check . Log in to The GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …..see what you come up with ………………..I do not mind saying I’M WRONG , If you say so …… T i m

  • michele galloway

    Yeah, blame it on the government…. Here we go again. Don’t take the blame for your insatiable appetites that ran up all this consumer debt, bought houses you couldn’t afford and continue not to vote to elect people to run the government who are clearly in the pocket of the oil companies and corporate America. Don’t take the blame for driving in your cars everyday one by one, not carpooling, not purchasing hybrids or electric cars, supporting the Pickens Plan to move off of oil based energies. Continue to whine and moan about what everyone else is doing and not look in the mirror to see how you could be a part of the solution. Worse yet, read an article like this that has no basis for the information it touts, if you could call this information, essentially says nothing substantial about this crisis, speculates on possible scenarios with no proof, and wag your uneducated, unthinking tongues. Yeah go ahead and insult each other, not have a substantial debate about the state of affairs…. continue to feel helpless…. I’ll pray for you as you are my fellow Americans, but I wish you would stop all of this in fighting so we can get things done. Focus on what we can do to make this better, rather than crabbing at each other in such disrespectful ways. Our education system is really breaking down and what happened to the family.

    • T i m


      • RichE

        Re: “Ron Paul’s the answer”
        Tell me Tim, over the ages, how many Ron Pauls’ have been elected? Every election has a, ‘perfect answer’. I think we need a rethink.

        • T i m

          Yes Sir , I am aware all politics is orchestrated . I also am aware , congress knows who the president is going to be . T i m

    • Tom W.

      michele, are you sure that your last name isn’t obama?!

    • DaveH

      Michele says — “Yeah, blame it on the government…” blah, blah, blah.
      The difference, Michele? Those things you listed are voluntary transactions. Government isn’t Voluntary. Government is Force.
      Michele says — “Worse yet, read an article like this that has no basis for the information it touts”.
      The standard procedure, Michele, when you claim something has no basis of fact, is to tell us specifically what statements have no basis of fact, and then tell us what information you have to refute such.
      Your comment is laced with condescension and conjecture. Try being a little more informative.

    • T i m

      BECAUSE YOU SAID , you will pray for all us , because we are fellow AMERICANS , let me remind you , JESUS said , IF IT WERE NOT SO , I WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU . My name is T i m ………I will tell you , I am extremely grateful for this article . It is as close to the truth as anything i have ever read . I HAVE BEEN ON THE BOAT , I HAVE HAD MY HAND ON THE PLOW . All my opinion is 1 st hand been there done that . I am not giving someones elses opinion . I HAVE PROVEN MY OPINION . I appreciate your intent to pray for me . DO NOT USE IT ON ME . Use all your prayer power to bind satan away from our government . Can only be done through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT , IN JESUS CHRIST . ………..I am voting for RON PAUL . Says he is a beleiver in JESUS CHRIST . All I need to know . He was not afraid to say it publicly , as well as web . That is whole problem with AMERICA today , Christ is not with us .

  • James

    Inflation is caused primarily by the federal government’s deficit spending. Each year congress borrows over $1 trillion and ‘spends’ it into the economy by handing it out to millions of unemployed Americans as unemployment compensation. These people contribute nothing to the supply side of the economy while maintaining the demand side. Social Security and many other welfare recipients spend their into the economy, which also adds to the inflation – same demand but no increase in supply. A sizeable portion of our foreign aid is also spent into our economy and also adds to the inflation rate. And finally, there’s the federal reserve, which requires that all new dollars are borrowed into existence, which means the national debt always exceeds the money in circulation. The annual raises that most employees get, for doing the same amount of work, simply reflects the rate of inflation, like the COLA raises the welfare benefits.

    • Tom W.

      And they’re not lookin’ for a job, they’re lookin for the mailman!!!

  • Raggs

    I thought this was a “it’s Bush’s fault” topic…

    We all know that we cannot blame king oblama for this because he is simply too stupid to understand….

    • T i m

      The gas price at the pump is because Commerce department wants to force AMERICA into HYBRID technology . It has nothing to do with saving fuel . Commerce department wants to sell a new car . There was no oil shortage in the seventies . t i m

      • Raggs

        Yeah… I’m going to box up some of that “green” stuff that has been falling on my car this week and send it to the king so he can MIRACLE some of that there “green” stuff into energy crap.
        The only “GREEN” this stupid retard knows about is a golf cource…

    • Tom W.

      Now that’s what I call calling a spade, a spade Raggs!

  • Sheryn

    There is only one thing driving up prices. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They drive too much and waste too much. If you don’t like the price DON’T BUY IT. Its that simple. Start cutting back instead of sitting around complaining about it.

    • Raggs

      What a ____ idea… I suppose that we can ALL live off of king oblama and his freeloading society?

      Yeah real smart thunking…..

    • Tom W.

      So what are ya goin’ to do when ya can’t afford to buy anything Sheryn?!

    • DaveH

      Consumers can’t drive up economy-wide prices, Sheryn. Every dollar extra they spend on one product diminishes the amount of money they have left to spend on other products which results in price decreases for those other products.
      The only way for prices to increase economy-wide is for the Federal Reserve to create an excess of Fiat Money. Please read this and wake up:

      • T i m

        Ain’t none of that right DAVE . The only thing driving AMERICAN gas price at the pump , is AMERICAN commerce department . Has nothing to do with anything else . AMERICAN commerce department wants to force the people into the HYBRID technology . BUSH JUNIOR signed it before the election . America is a part of the G – 2 0 world economy , we are expected to follow the leader over the cliff. WAKE UP PEOPLE ……THINK FOR YOUR SELF . STOP FOLLOWING DICTATION . Commerce department did the same thing in the 7 0 ‘s , created an oil shortage so as we would go buy a new smaller vehicle …….THERE WAS NO OIL SHORTAGE . The only thing driving AMERICAN economy , is our own government . HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WORLD GOVERNMENT . Teachers union helped elect Obama last election . They will do it again this time , along with the welfare population . ………….My name is T i m

  • revnowwhilewecan

    We have enough gas to sustain us for at least (by conservative estimates) 2.5 years. As I’ve said, my belief is that the only way out of this is to press the “easy” button on the deficit and reprint a new currency such as the “greenbacks” ala Lincoln. You could do away with the federal reserve and distribute new monies accordingly. In a fiat system it is not what BACKS the paper but WHO CONTROLS IT’S QUANTITY. Take away the reserve and we could control its quantity. Some will say that this will “crash” the dollar. This is true on a global scale but what people forget is that we are one of the few countries in the world that does need anything from neighbors and could be truely self-sustaining.

    In doing this, what would happen? We would no longer export or import goods which would bolster our employment at home as we would need to keep jobs here to sustain us and in doing so, be given a sweatshop free price on goods and services. We would then be able to eaisly afford the higher prices on our home built products because a dollar would actually be worth a dollar again.What would happen a few years down the road? The dollar could once again take the lead in the world market as we would’ve gained true equilibrilum while breaking the Zionist’s chains that hold us captive.

    • Tom W.

      Is your thumbnail a Japanese caricature or a “N” for Nazl?!!

  • Pingback: Words Matter – 3/20/12: Media passes on Obama’s gas issues(Video) | Red White Blue News

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The most prominent but false conclusions on the expanding value of oil are centered on assertions that supply is decreasing dramatically, while demand is increasing dramatically. Neither of these claims is true.
    This is: Calling the truth a lie
    Obviously You dont know… Exhaust … Carbon “monoxide & dioxide” don’t make fuel!
    Gas once used… can not be Recycled!
    But As long as their is a Sun… Solar is available!
    Training people to be dumb… is the Governments form of control!…

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The truth is: The less gas sold, the higher the price will get… We are getting Much better GAS Milage than before… The evolving Electric cars have become a threat…( Price up to combat Competition.) even thoe the investers of oil… have invested in Food, Clothing & Housing, too.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        AND All Auto. Makers!!! & Government!!!

  • Dale

    I think that most people do not realize the impact that high energy prices affect everything we touch, Transportation is necessarily included in the price that you pay for anything.
    The final price of any product is determined by it’s cost and the supply/demand principal.

    If we were to open up all of the potential drilling sites, start building the pipe line and building more refineries, simply the attitude of investors would put hundreds of thousands of people to work who in turn would start spending more money, supporting and encourageing more investment, again more jobs.
    The supply side or the potential would cause the price of energy to drop.
    With all of the new technology in the refining and drilling, the price would drop again.

    If I were a speculator at that time, I think I would switch over to luxury items, entertainment and nice cars


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