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The Obamacare Gold Grab

July 26, 2010 by  

The Obamacare Gold Grab

What does healthcare have to do with gold sales? In the minds of the fascist crafters of the Obamacare law: apparently a lot.

Tucked away in the 2,300 page bill, in section 9006, is a provision that expands the scope of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099. Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, a Form 1099 will have to be filed to report to the IRS the purchase of all goods and services by small business and self-employed people that exceed $600 during a calendar year.

This is an onerous bookkeeping nightmare for all small businesses. But precious metals dealers will really take a hit.

“Coin dealers not only buy for their inventory from other dealers, but also with great frequency from the public,” Diane Piret, industry affairs director for the Council for Tangible Assets, told ABC News. “Most other types of businesses will have a limited number of suppliers from which they buy their goods and products for resale.”

One coin dealer told ABC News he deals with about 1,000 customers each week and predicts he’ll be filling out between 10,000 and 20,000 tax forms per year because of the new law.

“I’ll have to hire two full-time people just to track all this stuff, which cuts into my profitability,” he said.

That may help the unemployment situation a little, or maybe not. Many dealers will have to cut loose some on their staff who actively contribute to their bottom line in order to hire someone just to create paperwork to satisfy the IRS.

The ABC News report said the new tax provision was intended to mine what the IRS deems a vast reservoir of uncollected income tax and was included in the Obamacare bill as a way to pay for it. The new law is expected to raise $17 billion over the next 10 years.

What this provision truly is is another attack on small business and a way to better track who is buying and selling gold.

Just think, if you decide to sell some gold or silver to a dealer because you need some cash, the IRS is going to know about it.

The establishment hates gold in the hands of the public. In 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated gold from the American people. These new reporting requirements will make very it easy for an oppressive, overbearing, out-of-control fascist government to do it again.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said we’d have to wait until the Obamacare bill was passed to learn what was in it. The bill was a stinker on the surface, but the deeper we dig the more odiferous it becomes.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Only in America

    More hysteria. Fear and anger are the tools of the true fascists.

    • jim

      Are you one of those Mind Numbed Obamabots who put barry the Socialist, Kenyan, IDIOT in office, Only in America!!!!???? You aren’t even worthy to say AMERICA, let alone DESECRATE it by putting it in you name!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH and RECALL these LIB DEM SCUMBAGS NOW!!!!!!!

      • Vippy

        Having the head in the sand is just as destructive as having the head in the clouds!

        • Al Sieber

          Dippy, you must have your up your…..

      • Deborah

        Sweetie…he’s on your side…he’s telling you how things got this bad so fast. Read the article this time…then come back and reply. IMPEACH…PITCH OUT OBAMA…see :)

    • andrew

      hey only,when will you stick your head out of the sand and admit that the guy in the white house( i refuse to call him president) is doing his split level best to destroy this country? just remember we will all be here to tell you that you are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Coservative at Birth

        Maybe we will be here, Maybe not. I plan to die a FREE man, and not become a slave.

      • Dave

        When will you admit that if he brought the economy back in his first year in office and ended all war you’d still hate him. You people just search for anything real or made up to bitch about. GET OVER IT!!! Your way of life is changing and that’s not the problem, it’s the solution. You poeple have ruined this country for generations and it’s finally headed in a better direction. One that the founding fathers would support. One that any REAL American would support. You’re being used by corporate America and other institutions to push forward their agenda. Think for yourself and TURN OF FOX you scumbag.

        • DaveH

          Duh, Dave, the economy is still bad, and we’re still at war, and it’s been a year and a half.
          I don’t need to ask how many years of misery you Liberals would give your kind before you threw in the towel. I’ve already seen it with FDR who kept us in 10 years of depression and still you worship him. Talk about ignorant. Your whole system of logic is based purely on what you want to believe. Damn reality.
          History exposes the Liberal ideas as terribly flawed, yet, in your stubborness, you cling desperately to your Hopes and Dreams. And then you have the nerve to disparage others who are facing reality.
          I would back you up if you were only practicing your disproven politics with your own money, but you aren’t. Liberals are repeating the same Socialist policies that have littered History with miserable failures and they are doing it with other peoples’ money. In my book that is depraved and immoral.

          • LindaP

            Liberal Progressives like Dave & Only… are NOT satified til everyone in this country is suffering…………..well with the exception of themselves!!!
            The Progressives are being exposed for what they were in the 1910s when things in this country went horribly wrong, so they went underground and changed their affiliation from Progressives and resurfaced as Liberals. Liberal/Progressives are the party that want to enslave and control…………READ YOUR HISTORY, KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!!!! STOP BEING SO IGNORANT!!! That is how Hitler ruled the masses, with a silver tongue, lies, deception, and ingnorance of his followers! Progressives are an EVIL bunch!

          • Vippy

            Democrats give you a BILL OF RIGHTS and Republicans sell you a bill of goods!

        • Jim Wright

          The only way you could possible say that is if you are a Marxist. The problem with your argument is that he has not accomplished or proposed anything that is good for this country or the CITIZENS of ths country. NOTICE I SAID CITIZENS, NOT SUBJECTS. Mr. Obama is a fraud. You need to look past the liberal rose colored glasses you are wearing.

        • alpha-lemming

          Not only would the founders refuse to support this direction… This is what they PLEDGED their LIVES, BLOOD, and TREASURE to FIGHT AGAINST!! And, the monarchy is a plebe compared to the oligarchy we’re facing now!!

        • LMW

          Dave – what is it that you do for a living? Do you have a 401k? An IRA? Assuming you do have a job and contribute to some retirement plan, and that you’re not currently on the Government Dole – in your own words you are part of the problem. If any part of your IRA or 401k is in gold – then when you cash it in, you’ll be right there with the so called “rich” guys who also invest in gold. If any part of your IRA or 401k is in stocks, then you’re part of corporate America by default as your investment is funding the corporation you’ve invested in. And if you need to cash out some of your investment – those capital gains taxes will hit YOU not just the rich guys. And if you get dividend checks in the mail at retirement instead of re-investing them, you’ll be paying those dividend taxes, not just the rich guys.

          And hey, those taxes on the Pharmacy guys? Just how do you think they’ll pay those? By increasing the cost your insurance pays to get you those drugs….and the insurance will raise your premium to cover the increased drug bills…….

          You and others like you want to believe that Obama is only going after the rich bad guys – and can’t see that every hit against them is a hit against you and that as your disposable income goes down, you’ll spend less in the economy and more jobs will be lost….perhaps even yours…assuming of course that you actually have a job and invest in your own retirement and aren’t on the Government Dole.

        • Linda

          If everything he did was not designed to ruin America we would have no problem with him. But honestly, are you happy with all the mess we are about to be going thru? Do you plan to get a share of the wealth? I have a feeling the wealth will be shared but not among us working Americans. Like the Goldman Sachs deal, the money will go to countrys like Afrika. Where they are really poor and they make the poor here look really rich. Or it could go to some more banks overseas. No matter what you think when you support this administration you will end up getting nothing. Mark my words. He don’t like this country. He don’t like the people here. He will throw us away. Or under the bus for what he wants to accomplish. Wake up. Please.

        • del

          I am sure the founding fathers would support Obummers new queer supreme court justice too wouldn’t they! Your an idiot Dave! BTW do you really think we are heading in the right direction? You shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

        • Nraim


          You must be one of the ones sitting home collecting a free check. Obama is holding out shackles, and you are mindlessly giving him your wrists. He is deliberately undermining our country!! That’s what happens when you hand the keys to the White House to a liberal muslim. One of these days you will wake up and realize that your
          country and freedom is gone. Obamacare WILL be repealed before Jan 2012 and we won’t have to worry about having the IRS us our butts.

        • jomama

          Wow, Dave – YOU get over it. Can’t you see what the Communist in the White House is doing?? He is taking away every single constitutional right we have. He wants immigration reform because he is an illegal immigrant himself. He took over GM (he didn’t have to). He took over the banks (he didn’t have to do that either). He rammed ObamaCare down all of the Americans throats (and nobody wanted it). He wants control of the internet. He wants control over every aspect of our American lives – THAT IS WRONG!!! We are a free country. When I say free – I don’t mean that everything is free – I mean that EVERYONE (EXCEPT Muslims) from around the world wants to come to America. THAT’S HOW GREAT AMERICA IS!!! He’s taking THAT away from all of us – EVEN YOU!! YOU DICK!!

        • Deborah

          Wow Dave, your mother raised a retard (and it wasn’t your brother).

        • Deborah

          Dave, you paid off little commie lover. You really need to go play with your kind. Our kind is awake and pissed…You have not done your homework and snooze all you want. You are just as screwed as we are, we chose to acknowledge it and figure out what the hell we have to do to get your retard arse free.
          Our future is unstable on every possible avenue and here you are…paid little actor want-a-be carrying that Obama flag to the very end of our Lady’s death….you are going to hit a brick wall. We loved America the way she was. We took care of many and should of taken care of more, politicians seen that we couldn’t. They are all thieves and liars so corrupt and evil, and you defend them.
          PUNK! Hail your arse to Cuba or North GD Korea!

    • Cindy Gaston

      I pretty much figured that Obama would eventually confiscate all the gold from the people, and even if I had the money to buy some I wouldn’t do it because of that. Obama wants us poor and subserviant so he can do whatever he wants with us.

      • vicki

        He can only confiscate the gold he knows about. That would be the reason for the IRS reporting requirement.

      • Linda

        The government has taken the gold of the people of this nation before. Government can confiscate anything they want when they get too much power or the nation is so poor that they feel they can do more with it than you. The paper money they will give you in return will be worthless.

        • Christin

          I doubt people will get “paper money” in return for being forced to turn in their gold or face fines and imprisonment.

  • JC

    At what point does the government put a “financial officer” right at your counter to keep track of everything you do? This ObamaKare bill really does have to go.

  • JC

    “How bad do things have to get before you do something? Do they have to take away all your property? Do they have to license every activity that you want to engage in? Do they have to start throwing you on cattle cars before you say “now wait a minute, I don’t think this is a good idea.” How long is it going to be before you finally resist and say “No, I will not comply. Period!” Ask yourself now because sooner or later you are going to come to that line, and when they cross it, you’re going to say well now cross this line; ok now cross that line; ok now cross this line. Pretty soon you’re in a corner. Sooner or later you’ve got to stand your ground whether anybody else does or not. That is what liberty is all about.”
    – Michael Badnarik’s Constitution Class

    • soldier


    • soldier

      JC, you should be well aware as Funk Master Flex said, “talk is cheap mother #@$$##@$”. Are you willing to go to jail, where big beefy boys get to have some fun with you? Are you ready to go to an offshore torture camp? If you have a family, are you ready to watch your child butchered by facist police or military?

      Talk is so cheap. If I read the news paper reporting how you went ot jail and/or had you or you family slaughtered in the name of freedom, then I will execute the sharpest salute to you.

      • JC

        It’s all about community. The patriots didn’t go up against the English alone, and jail is not an option.

        • Al Sieber

          JC, I’m with you, I’m 60 years old, and not afraid to die. if this Solider cared about freedom and his country he would join the patriots, I would have no problem with people like him, just because you’re a little old doesn’t mean you forgot your combat experience.

          • vicki

            A dead patriot makes a lousy fighter. Better to follow Patton’s advice.

          • Al Sieber

            Vicky, sorry, I got carried away again. I read Patton’s book, kill them before they kill you, make the poor bastard die for his country, not you. what is happening in this country is that the American people are pi$$ed, MSM is not reporting this. this Thursday the new immigration law goes into effect, and the illegals are having yard; and garage sales and are leaving in droves. but, we have a few lawsuits still ahead of us. people are pi$$ed about taxes, losing our rights, health care bill etc. take your pick.

          • vicki

            That’s ok. Kinda an expected side effect of our passion for freedom and justice (not social justice). As to the illegal aliens moving out of Arizona you can bet they are NOT moving back to Mexico.

          • JC

            Hey Al, like you I’ve had a very full life. What “soldier” doesn’t seem to take into account is that (I believe) the military will stand with the people. They’re our family members are they not?
            I’m not advocating violence but if violence is set upon me I’ll do what any good American would do. Just like you….and about 240 million others.

  • old white guy

    at what point do the people say piss on you send the army to get me, i will shoot back.

    • Al Sieber

      For every gram of gold I have, I have 40 grams of lead to give them.

      • dan of arizona

        right on al

    • Drizzt

      Thats day is coming and I don’t think they are ready for it.

      Take care all,

      • soldier

        talk is so cheap. You hillbillies won’t do anything. Yawn.

        • Al Sieber

          Solider, come and try boy.

          • JC

            Don’t waste your breath Al…he’s a liberal antagonist.

        • RX

          Reading your article…Don’t underestimate the “Hillbilly’s” of America. These are the offspring of the “Hillbilly’s” that fought the Revolution that became USA.

        • Tired in TX

          Give me a hillbilly any day when the s@#t hits the fan!

        • DaveH

          As is your talk, Soldier.

        • bbstacker

          what “oath” did you take? oboingo’s oath or the one where you Defend and Preserve the Consitution of the United States?

        • dan of arizona

          a one man army isnt enough to take on a real army but one man with the knowledge an the will can take on many and over time will take them down

        • Nraim

          Hey Soldier,

          The question is, what will you do?? Are you willing to sit back and do nothing as your freedom is slowly being eroded away? There are more of us then there are of them. If we stand together they cannot
          defeat us. Don’t you understand that they want us at each others throuts? They want to devide us so that we are more volnerable.

  • wolfbane

    To old white guy: AMEN, BRO!!!!

  • Rush Housel


    • Bud

      why do you feel the need to write in capitol letters? I won’t even bother to read it and many others feel the same. Some of these web sites even ask that it not be done. Now what is it you were screaming in big letters?

      • Tired in TX

        Why do you feel the NEED to use the word CAPITOL incorrectly?

      • American Citizen

        For people like me who have an eye problem, it makes it easier to read. If the whole article is in all caps, it is not screaming. THIS IS SCREAMING! I hate what the present administration is doing to us. I would have written the last sentence in all caps, but then you wouldn’t have read it. Be careful what you don’t read. You will remain in ignorance.

        • Coservative at Birth

          I agree that all CAPITAL letters is irritating. Is it a sign that the writer is too lazy to use the shift key? I also ignore the all CAPITAL letter posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • DaveH

            I try to read them, but usually don’t get far.

    • CalGA

      Rush, What you say is very appropriate. And for the fools that harp
      on all CAPS, is due to their inability to handle the truth. Wake up
      before the “OVERTON WINDOW” closes in.

      • AnhydrousBob

        No, CalGA,
        You are wrong about these fools. Perhaps the post is valid and perhaps it is not. I have not read it for the reasons others have mentioned so I’ll never know. It makes sense to post in a way that all others wish to read – or why post at all? If someone wants to be sure all us fools read them, then follow posting etiquette and don’t post in ALL CAPS. It may be easier to read for a few, but for the rest of us it is GRATING on the eyes.

        By the way, if you seriously have trouble reading the posts, many browsers will Zoom in so the characters are larger – and then you can zoom out again, with a few keystrokes.

    • Christin

      Rush and others,
      The Elite (which congress, WH czars, cabinet & president are including others: soros, builderbergs, and illuminati) cover for their own… they are corrupt and above the law in this unconstitutional government… thus they get a free ride, but YOU Conservative, Freedom-loving, Patriotic, Hard-working, Tax-paying Americans are TERRORISTS and will pay, pay, pay… taxes, confiscation of gold and weapons, jail, train ride to FEMA camps and death (they can’t wait to “cull” and depopulate)…
      Aahhhh… Godless Marxism at its best.

      The Majority of the population has stood up through the TEA PARTIES and have said loudly, clearly, and often… “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH,” but the Ruling Class are more afraid of “The New World Order” guys than US.

      When will you have had enough… when will we pull together and come up with a great plan to oust the leaders that have twisted our Constitution and broken our Laws?????? They HAVE COMMITTED TREASON!

      The “Appollo Alliance” (G. soros) has written the bills in Congress, that’s why they don’t know what is in them. By the way, I believe that is AGAINST the law, too. Only Congress is supposed to MAKE laws. Another TREASONOUS act. There is SO MUCH GARBAGE in the so-called “No Healthcare bill”… just wait until you find out what is in the so-called “New Financial Reform bill” that has NOTHING to do with the Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac housing Syndrome, but about how they will further $crew you and me!

      Looks like satan and his demons are working over time in America. The rest of the world has already drunk the koolaid and been flushed.
      Satan knows his time is limited, before Jesus comes back to “take His own home” and the devil will go to hell 7 years later for most* of eternity.

      *God releases him, the fallen angel lucifer, for three years before “The Great White Throne of Judgement” where we will all face God for our sins. Those that have believed/accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be covered by the Blood of Jesus and be forgiven and live in the presence of God for all eternity; those that have rejected Him will be forever separated from God for all eternity and live in misery in Hell.

      It is my belief if you are not for our God given Rights of Life, Liberty, and the persuit of Happiness as stated in the God-filled American Constitution and Amendments and hold that “all men are created equal” as stated in our documents then you are a traitor to America and the enemy of GOD.

      But if you are for Godless Dictators, Socialism, Communism, Facism, and Marxism (like BO’s) which will redistribute the wealth and take away the FREEDOMs of the Non-Elitists and replace God with a tyrrant who wishes you to follow and worship him, then you are the Godless headed for hell.

      God works all things for those who LOVE Him. God’s speed Bretheran.

      • Deborah

        I can see me…one gun against a police force. Who is on who’s side?
        I wish this book came with instructions.

    • coal miner


      Try the zoom in and out on the extreme right of your computer;you will have no problem reading other people’s blog or yours.


      This is magnification that is standard on all computers

      • libertytrain

        Coal Miner – it is not standard on all computers – My brand new expensive Dell laptop does not have that function…but one can go up to the top left “View” and there’s frequently a zoom function that does the trick as well –

  • Big G

    I love it! This marks the birth even if in its infancy of an Americas black market! I can remember going to Greece in 1981 and was dumbfounded by the exchange rates. I could get 60 drachmas at the bank and 120 on the street! The shops would solicit me openly! The people were so mad (like they are today again) Whohoo! America has just lost multitudes of trillions! They just dont know it yet. When it become normal for small business to barter privately to avoid the tax man it is the end of the IRS! By the way, please notice that the Greeks are burning banks not shop keepers. They know who the thieves are. This gold confiscation also proves how scared of gold the government is. I am really floored by these provisions. I thought the gold bugs were nutty wacos a few years ago. No so much anymore.

    • Al Sieber

      Big G, there already is a black market for gold. I’ve been mining it and dealing in it since 1976, theres a lot of dealers that pay cash only. it looks they could do the gold confiscation again, their talking about it too. they want all you have, I have some lead for them.

      • IRA

        Hello Al, and everyone else. Regarding gold. I do NOT have any gold, but I have heard several things that I would like to share, and get an honest answer to. First I heard recently on a radio financial program that if you are going to possess gold you are far better off having it in the form of gold coins rather than bullion, because gold coins are considered by the government as a “collectible” and are therefore more difficult to confiscate. Bullion and jewelry they can just take. On a totally different subject I heard that during ‘certain times’ (martial law??) the government has the ‘right’ and will in fact, actually go into the banks in this country, into everyone’s ”safe deposit boxes” and confiscate all gold, gold jewelry, etc. and leave behind only paperwork such as property deeds, wills, etc. Is there any truth to any of this? Comments please!!! Thanks Ira.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear IRA,
          In 1933, newly elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 requiring all U.S. citizens to hand over their gold assets to the Federal government.

          The order read:
          All persons are hereby required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, to a Federal Reserve bank or a branch or agency thereof or to any member bank of the Federal Reserve System all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates now owned by them or coming into their ownership on or before April 28, 1933, except the following…
          (b) Gold coin and gold certificates in an amount not exceeding in the aggregate $100.00 belonging to any one person; and gold coins having recognized special value to collectors of rare and unusual coins…
          Section 9. Whoever willfully violates any provision of this Executive Order or of these regulations or of any rule, regulation or license issued thereunder may be fined not more than $10,000, or, if a natural person, may be imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both; and any officer, director, or agent of any corporation who knowingly participates in any such violation may be punished by a like fine, imprisonment, or both.

          At this time, agents of the Federal government went into safety deposit boxes and removed the gold that fell under the executive order.

          Because the executive order exempted numismatic or collector’s coins, many gold coin dealers are using this a way to sell these coins. However, my recommendation is to stay away from them because they sell for a higher premium. I recommend you buy American Eagles, African Kruggerands, Australian Kangaroos or Canadian Gold Maple Leafs. You should make only make cash purchases and should never, NEVER, store them in a Safe Deposit Box at the bank.

          The fact that a president issued an unconstitutional executive order once and successfully carried it out is proof positive that it can be done again. And if that president wanted to include numismatics and gold jewelry in his order, he could do that too. The only way to preserve your investment is to keep it secret and keep it safe at home. That way if the Big Brother government wants to take it, all you have to do is say you don’t have any and they have no proof that you do.

          Best wishes,

          • Christin

            Bob, thanks for this website, your article: “obamacare gold grab” (sorry I won’t use caps as it shows respect), and this post. You have helped many to learn and try to stay on top of things as much as we can and we appreciate that.

          • dan of arizona

            No truer words need said thanks bob

          • JC

            One of the first great acts of theft by our government.
            Thanks Bob

          • Allan

            Hello Bob,

            The US Treasury wants to stop gold hoarding and start spending dollars. I feel that’s the purpose of a gold revaluation.
            Money spent on gold is not going to power back the economy. The big play was not confiscation. It was control. Control to halt fresh buying of gold. If you own physical gold, you shouldn’t panic. If there is a revaluation, there will be controls. But you won’t see 1000 G-men outside your door with new gold detecting sniff dogs. If you own gold stocks, it should be the party of the century; with no worries of US Treasury controls on your gold stocks. As gold is revalued skywards. You can sit back and relax. The US Treasury is preparing to do you the world’s biggest favour.
            What do you think?

        • Al Sieber

          IRA, I heard about the Gold confiscation On Goldline a few weeks ago, and a few other sources during the past 4 months, and Bob Livingston is right about this.

        • Al Sieber

          IRA, I heard that in the Patriot Act, it says they can take, during a “Bank Holliday” everything out of your safe deposit box and give you a receipt. last year they did that in England. research it.

  • Dennis

    Here’s something that I haven’t seen anyone talking about with government spending. Look at the U.S.A.I.D. website and see how much money is being sent to which countries. This will drive you nuts!! Billions of dollars a year to people who want to kill us!!! What a crock!!!!

    • Tired in TX

      I saw the Hillary Clinton interview with Greta Van Susteran and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why not call it what it is. We are paying these people, their Governments, Pakistan to be specific, not to side with the Taliban and the like. Then they get angry because we ask where the money is going? WTH? The same with North Korea. She says that we brought it on ourselves for arming the Muhjahadeen against Russia. She must have watched Charlie Wilson’s war also LOL! On first glance it angers me that we armed these thugs, but I’m sure it was the “diplomatic” thing to do at the time, given the cold war, I don’t know. Bottom line is we need to look out for the US and take care of OUR PEOPLE. I’m so sick of hearing about war crimes, blah blah, blah with the latest WIKI debacle, and it will be, count on it. How could all these countries be getting aid from the EVIL AMERICA if they are fundamentalaly against everything we stand for. I say cut them off! Why is it our fault when people, say in Africa, starve or die? Maybe try not having children that will suffer. Same thing with ILLEGAL immigration. When they have a kid, or I should say “Anchor Babies” here, why is it that AMERICA is blamed for Breaking up Families? Take your kid and go back to your country and FIX IT! Don’t come here, our countries tanking from our own government ineptitude. But I digress …

  • AJ

    A 1099 is for services, such as a sub-contractor. It’s not for the cost of goods. That’s why a business has a P&L for income. Sales minus cost of goods = gross profit, not net profit. Business 101 Washington. Wake up!

    In the world of income and taxation, corporations, small businesses, and other employers use a variety of forms to record the income earned by an employee or an independent contractor. Typically, employees of a business receive a W-2 form that lists the income they received during the year. This form also contains deductions taken from that income in the form of federal and state taxes, deferred compensation and social security contributions, to name a few. 1099 forms are used for a number of reasons, though, typically, they are given to independent contractors–also known as “freelancers”–as a record of the income they received from a particular business.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    This is just one more reason to vote out every member of Congress this November and 2012 who voted with Obama administration regardless of their political party. We Americans want our country back and the only way to do so is to vote them out. One last thought, if these people were employed by a company they were destroying, you know the answer, they would be replaced so the company could survive and stay in business.

  • ed

    Let the revolution begin. Congress you all should be shot

    • vicki

      go away agitator.

  • Al Sieber

    Also, in the Health Care Bill is the I.D. chip, Verichip. they snuck that in too.

    • Al Sieber

      I wonder what their next surprise is?

      • dan of arizona

        probably put viki in charge

    • Christin

      Great… here comes the Mark of the Beast.

  • Shirley

    The IRS wont go after them because the government, if you can call it that) are the ones that hired the IRS in the first place.

    I would like to know why all the Marxist Commies running our government aren’t being jailed for treason. To tear apart our Constitution and all the other things you named is treason, and that is a federal offense punishable by imprisonment. Why isn’t that being done, is my question!

    • vicki

      Hmmm…. We hired the government. They hired the IRS and the IRS won’t go after the government cause the government hired them so why is the IRS going after the employer of the employer?

      No matter fire them all in Nov.

  • Brenda Choate

    Consider this:
    l. Convience others your ideology is sound
    2. Propagandize your idelogy
    3. Demonize your opponents
    4. Eduate through misinfornation and biasis
    5. Select a common enemy
    6. Idoctrinate through the education system PK-12 and colloge
    7. Supress all freedoms–slowly
    8. Squlch all dissident
    9. Consolidate power
    10. Seize control

    Sound familiar. These were stratigic moves used by Hilter and Moussalini.

    Is this were we are headed? Anger targeted is better than anger spewed during fustration. Threats of violence get no ones attention but those who wish to use it as ammunition for their cause. Unite against the enemy as the founding fathers did.

    • JC

      I’ve made that comparison many times…spread the word.

  • Ted Crawford

    To get a good idea of just how much (more?) revenue this will generate, we might want to look back to jimmy carters administration. They believed a way to increase revenue would be to increase the taxes on the boat manufacturing industry here in America.
    Today we have NO boats manufactured in America! Not only did it not increase the revenue, it totally eliminated it!!!

  • Bo

    I was a soldier for 23 years, a Vietnam veteran and my loyalty has always been with my country and the American people, first and foremost. The government falls further down the list.

    • JC

      Amen that Brother Bo…and thank you for your service.

  • American Citizen

    Another harebrained scheme by this administration. Keeps me wondering what else is in store for the citizens of this country. Wake up, true Americans!, before it’s too late. Progressives in government are forging chains for you.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    They begin an IRS confication of Gold there will be trouble.
    They begin an armed confiscation…there will be revolt, probably armed too.

    Its not going to take to long before those that are down to their last form of savings after having lost everything else to Lose it and say screw it, this is the last straw. I as many other have the ability to defend our private property by whatever means, the reality is, we are surrounded. If you are willing to defend, dont be stupid, have cash and be ready to be on the move once you stand your ground.
    it wont take more then 1000 people dodging the system to cause the “alert” to go Viral. Its a little tougher for those of us with Families & children to fight a gun battle of the hunt from the FEDS.

    • Craig

      Gonna be a lot of dead IRS agents. They should have opted to buy something bigger than shot guns….lol

      • JC

        Don’t be surprised if they already have something bigger.
        Just be ready.

  • germeten

    It’s less about gold and more about confiscatory fascism. Gold is heavy and difficult to carry, and apart from pretty jewelry and industrial applications, is an obsession that most people have learned to live without. The nazis stole tooth fillings from the people they gassed. So please focus less upon gold and more about the cruelty of the party in power. Also taxes only exist because the Federal Reserve owns all the currency printed. By serving as mere printer to the Fed, selling currency for cost of paper and ink, our government is broke and needs to tax citizens to raise revenue. The Federal Reserve Act makes taxation necessary. Restore USD back to government ownership (with or without gold backing) and taxes can go away, because Constitution really does empower Congress to print as much as it needs. The current problem is all currency printed beyond a predefined yearly budget, is owned by the Federal Reserve and hoarded by banks, who unless they’re lending, is not serving the purpose that currency is intended, as a medium of exchange. The Fed lends back to Congress at face value plus interest, what it purchased for cost of paper & ink. Isn’t that retarded?

    “I want less corruption or more opportunity to participate in it.”

  • GeoInTX

    The only lawful solution I see is to make sure we vote OUT everyone that voted for this horrific monstrosity. As a proud, 60+, female, white American, & a gold owner I am fuming that this thing actually passed. It’s unbelievable ! There are so many unknowns. How in the world could these so called “smart” politicians blindly vote for something that is so important!!!! Would they buy a house or a car without checking it out? Oh, wait, I get it…. THEY aren’t “buying” anything. THEY are not even affected by the healthcare bill. What about the rest of the bill, all the unknowns? Are the politicians bound by the gold rule and the other stuff besides healthcare? If they are, I’ll bet there are some gold owners in the group. Why aren’t they speaking out????? If there’s a way around this I will find it when I have the need to liquidate.

    • dan of arizona

      Geoln of tx
      we have a saying here He how has the lead has the gold

    • Al Sieber

      GeolnTX, bury it in your back yard and tell them it was stolen.

      • JC

        Don’t bury anything in your own back yard. If they’re looking, they’ll find it. Magnets don’t miss much. Go out in the woods and find a permanent landmark…you can figure it out from there.

  • FreedomFighter

    It all is so Marxist.

    This is all a bannana rebublic take over, and the United States is the targeted republic. It is the duty of every American to now stop the take over:

    by any means needed. If they accept being voted out,,,the American way…fine. If they subvert the law to stay in power… The US Military should remove them from power.


    • vicki

      Isn’t a military coop the most common way for a banana republic to come into power?

    • Deborah

      The United Nations is really busy now…if the reports are true that China and Pa k s n is flooding, displacing millions. Russia supposedly is burning.
      South America has become cold. Yeah, I have something that I believe has merit. I checked out other articles and they’ve been silenced for to long.

      You think your mad now?

  • Angel

    This is not a time to react to the bait the people in the current government is throwing out. In my opinion they are trying to incite you to violent acts. Policies and laws can be reversed later. Stay focused. A lot of the people posting comments to make you angry are probably Liberals or paid operatives.

    Volunteer to work at the voting poles, get lawyers set up on call to challenge the illegal voters, dead voters and people who will be trying to vote multiple times – like they did in the last election. If you lose control now and attack they can declare marshall (sp – they are monitoring for certain words)law and put this country on “lock down” status and you won’t be able to get to the poles.

    There is a stong possibility that these people got into office the last time by manipulating the “Electoral College” – each state has an Electoral College and the states cast their votes through these people, find out who they are and how they voted. Theoretically the Electoral College is supposed to vote the “will of the people.” One person of the “Elec College” is given a password to call in votes to the central vote counting office. The passwords were stolen and a lot of votes went to the wrong party. Look up Electoral College online – in some states these people are appointed by the Legislature of States (Senators).
    Call the office of your party and find out how your State appoints them. It is imperative that the “Democrats” do not have enough people in office to appoint an Electoral College that will vote “against the will of the people” as they did the last time in many states.
    Also remember – The Clintons are the ones who, according to responsible reporting, sold our weapons to China and brought the Taliban onto our military bases for combat training. We do have enemies who would be willing to pitch in against the Americans. For now we must stick to the voting process and not let ourselves be manipulted into violence.

    • Christin

      Angel, are “they” (gov) really monitoring our “content” and language?

      I know the site said no profanity (and racism or slanderous language, but I read a lot of this on people’s posts here.)

      • JC

        I know what you mean…but it’s a fine line between having an opinion, even a crude one…or inciting hatred. And it’s a line we should all be aware of.

    • Deborah

      I’m not saying breaking the rules. I’m saying someone better be in leadership to lead the masses. One way or another they are going to attack us again, taxes, land grabs, co2 taxes, gold taxes, this tax that tax…
      I mean, you can’t trade with farmers for food? Running fresh water into the pacific while our crops burn?
      Come on…I’m saying we have a ton of pissed people. Killing is their next step. I prefer to vote. Let’s see if we make it.

  • s c

    If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be beyond hilarious. Imagine. The #1 cheerleader for the idea that ‘gold is a barbaric relic’ now tells us that gold must be made all but impossible to buy, AND that only government can be trusted to have it.
    Hopefully, the AMA crowd is gearing up to revamp its psychiatric standards, as this administration is so utterly insane that America’s drug firms will have to triple their capacity to produce enough drugs to treat those ranting schizophrenics.
    When they get around to treating their ‘believers,’ we’ll have to rely on imported drugs, as America just can’t make enough fast enough to treat the administration and all those who put The Anointed One where he is.

  • Steve

    Section 9006 reads as follows:


    (A) IN GENERAL. Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new subsections:
    2000 (h) APPLICATION TO CORPORATIONS. Notwithstanding any regulation prescribed by the Secretary before the date of the enactment of this subsection, for purposes of this section the term person includes any corporation that is not an organization exempt from tax under section 501 (A) . (i) REGULATIONS. The Secretary may prescribe such regulations and other guidance as may be appropriate or necessary to carry out the purposes of this section, including rules to prevent duplicative reporting of transactions.. (B) PAYMENTS FOR PROPERTY AND OTHER GROSS PROCEEDS. Subsection (a) of section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended (1) by inserting amounts in consideration for property, after wages,, (2) by inserting gross proceeds, after emoluments, or other, and (3) by inserting gross proceeds, after setting forth the amount of such. (C) EFFECTIVE DATE. The amendments made by this section shall apply to payments made after December 31, 2011. 2001

    Section 9006 modifies section 6041 of USC 26

    § 6041. Information at source

    The section 6041 does not specifically mention gold (look it up), its focus is on reporting payments in the course of “trade or business”

    The Internal Revenue Code defines “trade or business” this way:
    § 7701. Definitions

    (a) When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof—
    (26) Trade or business
    The term “trade or business” includes the performance of the functions of a public office.

    (c) Includes and including
    The terms “includes” and “including” when used in a definition contained in this title shall not be deemed to exclude other things otherwise within the meaning of the term defined.

    So unless you are involved in the “performance of the function of a public office” you don’t need to bother with 1099′s. Don’t take my word for it, look it up at—-000-.html. That link will take you to section 7701. Also read 3401, tells you who is required to have “income tax” withheld(wages, employee and employer) and 3121 which tells you is required to have FICA withheld. Of course there are lots of other relevant sections to read in all the titles.

    • vicki

      I don’t think that word means what you think it does.

      26 says The term “trade or business” includes the performance of the functions of a public office.

      (c) Includes and including
      The terms “includes” and “including” when used in a definition contained in this title shall not be deemed to exclude other things otherwise within the meaning of the term defined.

      Shall NOT be deemed to exclude other things….

      I might rewrite 26 thus

      ” The term “trade or business” includes, but is not limited to, the performance of the functions of a public office.

      Common usage of “includes” is to add to a list not to create an exclusive list.

      Based on the above I assert that your conclusion is in error and the code really does say ALL Trade or Business functions and is not limited to “performance of the function of a public office”

      Any lawyers out there want to comment?

    • bbstacker

      And, just “reading” that insanity is enough to rip the neurons out of most folks’ heads. Nothing simple and concise, just a bunch of legalese/rhetoric that directly affects the entire population of America that earns income through a reportable source. No wonder Chuckie Rangel didn’t pay for his Costa Rican property–he probably couldn’t read that insanity any clearer than the rest of us–and that clown is responsible for it!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    I dont believe many here want violence, I personally would rather shoot targets all day. The sad fact is that there are issues at stake here these days that are no less severe then they were when England had a standing Army here. first things first, Americans need to Oppose those wars and stop getting suckered into the BS over terrorism. sure they exist, but they are not the greatest threat. Sadly our sons are not defending freedom OVER THERE, the threats to freedom are over here. I support our troops, my son included, but right now he & we would be better off with them here in the mainland. Notice how the word Terrorists is slowly being phased out and Insurgents is the new buzz word? Well, guess what Our fore fathers were insurgents, so like it or not, those people over there have every right to behave as they do, after all its their land!
    Until every American Understands and puts aside their emotions & FEAR and rallys to end this/these wars & occupations, they sadly have no understanding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and will perpetuate the crimes that strangle us today.

    • Christin

      I’m in agreement… bring our military home… we need them here to protect us from unsecured borders to the treasonist leadership.

    • vicki even has a campaign for that

      I am not Afraid.

    • bbstacker

      At the very core you are correct Sir. The American Revolution was won beginning some 15 years before the first shots on Lexington Green. In the Hearts and Minds of Colonial Americans. Many questions come to mind in comparison…where are we in our struggle to regain the Principles upon which the Constitution was written and ratified? It took “three strikes” of the match to ignite the war of powder and ball for another 8 years. The 13 Colonies were forever changed after that, but they were changing in the years leading up to it as well. No matter how we come out of this, no matter when, we will be forever changed as a nation. The Greatest Experiment of a country, The United States, will make a turn in Her history. Someone said it well above, it is “community” that will win this, if we are educated and know our Heritage and History. The British had some 8000 Regulars on April 19, 1775, and by the end of that day the Colonial Americans had amassed some 13,000. The force multiplier of today is educating Americans to fight will ballots before bullets. Self-Reliance is the champion of our cause, among many others.

  • Don

    I agree with you Angel, we the people need to hold our cool for the time being, just remember to go to the polls and vote come Nov. we can and will turn this country around and get these un-americans out of office and in prison where they belong,,, GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

  • True Patriot

    How do guys like Dave even tie their shoes in the morning. Does he really truly believe that the founding fathers would be proud of this administration full of treasonists, progressives and marxists. Washington would have lined them up and shot them like he did in once in the revolution.

  • Fred

    The 1099 requirement in Obamacare is not so much about Gold — that’s a distraction at best. Rather, the 1099 rule is about setting up a system for properly tracking the information necessary to implement a VAT (Value Added Tax) on (small) businesses. All these 1099s also make it more difficult for businesses to pay folks under the table by hiding such payments in some regular expense.

    Setting this part of the VAT process up as part of Obamacare fits with the boiled frog approach to implementing unpopular rules and taxes.

    The way a VAT typically works is businesses are taxes on the goods and services they buy from others. In Europe, VATs run as high as 25%, in Canada it was 8%, recently cut to 5%. VATs are like hidden sales taxes that get passed on to customers. VATs also generate lots of tax revenue from those who pay little to no taxes (such as illegals, those working under the table, and others on the government dole)…

  • atlas reborn

    where is Washington now when we need him? We need another Washington to do the right thing. I am 67 and can and will rise up and fight only because many died to give me and my family a free country. It has not been as free as it should be but it can be reclaimed and cleaned up and improved with more protections for our citizens, and less power in government. strong restrictions to politicians. they will be restricted to 1 term.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      If we were to ‘clean it up’ now by Vote alone, the criminals behind the politicians (and please dont tell me they dont exist) will take a little break and slither their way in exactly like they did over the last 100 years. No I say it needs to be a complete and thorough house cleaning to get rid of all the bugs. The right set of Politicians can do it but only if they are “soldiers willing to die”.
      Sorry, but for those believing that November holds the key, your going to be very disappointed. Its US that need to change.

      • vicki

        Then let us Vote them out and let them slitter away for 100 years. That will give us some time to educate our young properly. And remember like terrorists they will always be out there and that is why our forefathers reminded us time and again to be ever vigilant.

      • bbstacker

        You hit the nail on the head. When enough American Citizens unplug from the MSM, the “matrix” as I call it, quit listening to the talking head telling them how to think and start having a conversation with their families, friends, neighbors and communities (kind of like what we, the choir, do here) then we’ll start changing the Hearts and Minds. If people don’t know how nearly perfect the parallels are today to those of 235 years ago, this all just seems like some recent event that they figure will go away so they can get back to *idle american*. Trouble is, it is not going away. It’s coming full throttle, so it’s our responsibility to know what our job is to defeat all forms of subversion of our Constitution. We are running short of time.

        • vicki

          They should read the ENTIRE Declaration of Independence. In particular the list of specific grievances. There are 19 of them. Last I checked this current admin is guilty of 7-9 with some of the grievances going back many administrations/years

  • http://None Arlin Pennington

    This appears to be an invasion of privacy and unconstitutional.

    Are we the people going to sit back and let that idiot Obama do what ever the hell he wants to do?

    Let’s start the impeachment process immediately.

  • Lyle

    Dang , what.cesspool did some of these commie imposters fall out of? How much better obamit could make our country.In 1950 I went to work for Sam wiping out as many commies as we could.For the sum of $87 a month. Now its for free….. to top that they are allowed to multiply and vote. wake up America;; Lyle

  • hundabuxt

    Back in the good ol’ days of the cold war, we on occassion executed spys, the Rosenbergs come to mind. Now we trade them in exchange like gentlemen. Our government is such a sieve and we have so many traitors, I’m not so sure spys are necessary anymore. Those American citizens who decide to spy for the other side either for philosophical reasons or economic should be subject to the firing squad not life in prison at taxpayer expense. Why should the victums of their actions be presented with the bill to support their comfort. Our society has become liberalized, and it began back in the 60′s when people began to lose confidence in their government. In the 60′s and early 70′s we came as close to a revolution as in any contemporary time with the possible exception of right now. We’ve lost at least a couple generations to “its all about me” philosophy. Public schools are an insidious overpriced, cesspool of failure and liberialism. Our per capita cost of primary education is virtually the highest with very poor results when juxtaposed to other western countries. If dumbing down of America is the goal we’ve gotten our money’s worth. Country wide, if you’re satisfied with mediocrity, keep the old way of doing political business in place. Get content with having warm smoke blown up your colon. Be happy with the leaders of Enron and the like as well as the greed on Wall Street and major banks. Except for numbers of the discontented, which is our only power, the massive amounts of money available to maintain the status quo politically is overwhelming. Personally I’d rather go out fighting and wave a red flag with a yellow guillotine on it at every political ralley for incumbents. The representative system as origionally provided by our brilliant forefathers has been preverted. Until that changes back to truly represent we the people we’re wasting our time.

  • chuck b

    i doubt if you will see much change come november. the bleeding hearts haven’t had enough yet. i’m beginning to believe we have lost our country with this invasion of mexicans, africans, muslims and just about every country in the world. they are all here and claiminmg their civil rights, welfare and sitting up their little qauzi ghetto’s in the large cities. they claim religious freedom and at the same time are suppressing ours. the politicians are selling out for the vote and care less what the country is turning into. we have a muslim for president and it won’t be long before somewhere in the country we are going to be introduced to the sharia law. in case you are wondering about barry and being a muslim, have you seen him take michelle into any muslim country ?? of course not he being a muslim is forbidden to take her to any country that adheres to sharia law. he has surrounded himself with communist activists so i would say our future as we know it doesn’t look very sunny. so comes the revolution and i truly believe we will have to fight to get our country back.

  • hundabuxt

    So what do we do now? Roll over and take it up the moon? I’m afraid by the time the general population gets it it’ll be too late.

  • http://gmail i41

    Onumnut would not take his big belle to a muslim country, if he tried to get froggy, she’d stuff his head up his behind, and beat his ass. It never stops with the racist non white jackasses, complaining about whites. Go to any city and look at all the oreo kids running around, where is their pappies, off cranking out another bunch of welfare forgotton kids. These stupid sows who hook up and farrow their litters, think the bros are so funny and cool, but the bros sure don’t support their spawn. I have arrested Mexicans, both illegal and legal who seem to have several broads, that are all on welfare too, in several states from the border north. The bleeding heart social service agency butt wipes don’t want to infringe on their privacy, by making these sluts , report who the sire is of these suffering kids are, as well as the taxpayers supporting these breeding rats. Taxpayers do have a right to decide where the their money is going. The communist democrats are just bringing back a personal property tax, that was in effect in several states from 1939 to 1966. You had list and put down all your possesions, tools, horses, cattle, and any other livestock, your riding gear, jewerly or anything of value. After it was sent in, some wonk in the accessor’s office decideded how much it was worth, and the amount of tax that was due. Guess what s–t brained party dreamed that up, the marxist democrat party. It was finally stopped, when citizens decided it was too invasive and there was too much corruption. Now with the internet, it is ust another case of government getting up the citizens rears too far. Marxist Omoron and his communist bastards want to decide, how much everyone should get paid, and everyone will work for the government. Hillary has always promoted and spouted this crap idea for years. Still have doubts about the marxist democrats, just read the numskulled comments on this site of the puked brain socialist idoits who just love anything the dems and Onumnut does.

  • True freedom now

    From time to time the tree of LIBERTY must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

    Thomas Jefferson

  • Anthony

    The ABC News report said the new tax provision was intended to mine what the IRS deems a vast reservoir of uncollected income tax and was included in the Obamacare bill as a way to pay for it. The new law is expected to raise $17 billion over the next 10 years.

    THIS is what the issue is about. Try asking the IRS to SHOW YOU THE LAW – the one where it says we must pay income tax.

    Fred is spot on, as well. This is prep manuevers for the Value-Added-Tax.

  • Animal

    To Al Sieber and Christin. I read an artical#4 at “” last night, about an ex employee of IBM of 30 years, he said that the reason we all had to switch to DTV was to free up the the Anolog or UHF band for RFID chips. He said ,radio frequency identification devices have been and are being put in everything like drivers licenses, credit cards, passports, medical cards, implants etc. A million pets have been chipped, 31,000 police officers in London have been chipped in one manner or another, Canada is chipping license plates, I think its a safe assumption we have been and are being chipped slowly. I also agree that our soldiers should come home and tend to this mess quickly before there is no home left. It wont be long before the UN blue helmets are goose stepping down our streets, but while we wait to be called home, defend yourself, your family, and what you believe in to the end. All of these armchair debaters need to stop arguing about who did what to whom 50 years ago and unite behind Gumby if that is who can defeat this regime and end the possibility of him completing the one world order. Personally I think ….well , to put it politely, voting and impeachment are not in the process I would use to clean out the congress, the senate and D.C..

  • atlas reborn

    well it is time for the tree to get flooded with all the politicians blood and things will get better fast. what are we waiting for ? we should start with the muslim in office. and the speaker of the house and the los vegas senator. I beleive the rest would get the message faster than an email.

  • Howard Wolf

    Show me a progressive politician and I’ll show you a thief pretending heshe is looking out for the underprivileged.

  • Kelvin

    There are only two things you all need to do (1) read a book called The Secret Terrorists.It’s available on line free to download ebook and (2) you need to watch a docco called The Obama Deception on Google video. enough said.

  • http://gmail i41

    Show me any democrat that isn’t a communist marxist, and you can bet the have always beleived in socialism and want more government control over every thing and total government employment. Ship the sorry bastards to Venuzala or Russia, they will act like a hog in a mud hole. Omoron and his group are off on more vacations and more taxpayer funded flying and relaxing time.

  • F Jungmen

    We are living in an age of Kleptocracy, outright theft of our labor, the ONLY thing on earth left for the Klepto’s to steal. The whole planet has a Maritime lien on it, and the Vatican claims your soul. All of our wealth may be ‘represented’ by some other means (Euro, gold )but labor is all we can create out of nothing. Throughout history, many things have been used to represent labor, but labor is where wealth has always really been. That is where the Money powers got the idea – labor out of nothing? – MONEY out of nothing! The only real trick was to convince us little people that trading labor for ‘money’ was a good deal for us. Doubtful ? Go into a bank – five windows – two tellers – labor. A grocery store ? – ten check-outs – two cashiers – LABOR! We live inside a giant monopoly game, run by the rich, who always get there off of our labor. I say QUIT FINANCING OUR JAILERS !
    Our next real problem starts when the Elite finally build autonomous robots capable of performing complex [ read very near human ability ] LABOR. We have seen in the last twenty years a exponential increase of robots ( robot means forced labor) capable of ever more complex tasks, the death knell of regular people. Death panels? WE AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET ! This ‘economic’ crises is about nothing else but the unavoidable overlap between enough robots replacing people to enable businesses to cut costs, leaving no one with enough money to buy products in a consumer driven society. BINGO! We are there now. Doubtful? How about UAV’S? Even though human controlled from afar, we got machines killing people. Go to any auto plant, and you will see a sea of swinging robotic arms, painting, welding, assembling. I’m even more sure of this after having read Isaac Asimov for 45 years [ he's the guy who invented or just made popular the three laws of robotics ]
    and was at first mystified by my inability to find any of his robotic works. A book that was in every childrens library [sprockets, a little robot]when I was a kid, now only exists on E-bay for three hundred dollars! The powers that be know that change starts best WITH THE CHILDREN !!! None of my grandkids will have ever heard of the 3 laws of robotics,-1 A robot may never harm a human being – 2 Through inaction, a robot may not allow a human being to come to harm -
    3 Except where it would conflict with law 1&2, a robot must save itself. ALL present robot movies show the three laws being broken,
    usually very often. Good propaganda – bad for living people. As Hitler said “how fortunate for rulers that men don’t think”

  • Imgottie

    Is this new 1099 reporting going to cause a backdoor gun registration?

  • Deborah

    If they don’t know about it, keep quiet. If they know about it, sell now.
    They’ve stolen enough.

  • atlas reborn

    every man and woman who qualifies to own a weapon in the right to carry state should purchase a weapon or 2 for self defence. a well armed militia being necessary for a free state the right of the people to be armed is necessary. that is what our founding fathers said. they did not say if you had to get permission or to prove you needed one, but that we all should have one. looking at the way things are going do you think they were right? remember that if they did have the restrictions that they have today in many cities and states do you think they could have revolted? why do you think they have these restrictions in direct violation of the constitution? think about that and decide what is more important to be a slave to the government or to be a free person under the constitution? Our founding fathers knew and acted. we were free. are free now? can you practice your faith? remember that if you say that muslims are evil the government will say that is discrimination. if you say gay marriage is against Gods law you are that is hate speech and you will be punished for hate speech and discrimination. the 1st admendment says freedom of speech. it does not say you will not be cursed at by the other person but that probably would happen but there is no law prohibiting their speech in that case. You have many laws and regulations that are in violation but the government punishes you for doing what you are allowed under the constitution. but other people in orginazations like naacp, unions, la rasa, aclu, and others can say and call you what ever they want and nothing happens. the ruling class gets a bye but you get the finger. I have many things other than what i have presented that show the hatred they have for normal decent people of religious an hard working people who have different values being shut down and harrased. now you know so live by the constitution.

  • Allan


    Hi Bob,

    The US Treasury sought to stop gold hoarding and start spending dollars. That’s the purpose of a gold revaluation. Money spent on gold is not going to power back the economy. The big play was not confiscation. It was control. Control to halt fresh buying of gold. If you own physical gold, you shouldn’t panic. If there is a revaluation, there will be controls. But you won’t see 1000 G-men outside your door with new gold detecting sniff dogs. If you own gold stocks, it should be the party of the century. With no worries of US Treasury controls on your gold stocks. As gold is revalued skywards. You can sit back and relax. The US Treasury is preparing to do you the world’s biggest favor.
    What do you think?

  • Al


    The 1099 will be for both services and merchandise if we don’t stop it.
    US gov sold out to the elite banksters who created the Federal Reserve System, who created the IRS to collect taxes to cover the “nothing out of thin air” a designer debt that can never to be paid off.

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