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The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality

July 23, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Beefcake

    Very good visualization!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Good Lord.

    If the statistics are correctly shown here…Ummm…yeah. What are we doing not having already taken the steps needed to clear out the trash in Washington? I’m not just talking about Obummer, either.

    We have some very smart people not just in our Military but as Gov officials as well. Time to stop trying to be politically correct when so much damage is being done to our great nation. Time to ENFORCE changes…now….not later, NOW.

    What? Do we really want to give them more time to dig in and reinforce their positions? Come November, major changes are coming.

    • R. J. Hart

      I agree. To be better informed as to their agenda- download U. N. Agenda 21- before it is take down!

  • Bob L.

    Throwing good money after bad seems to be a favourite passtime with the current administration. Old McBama had a mint ee-i ee-i OH! Wall street thanks you along with heartfelt applause from Freddie M. Fannie M. AIG, Goldman Sachs, the Fed, Paulsen,Geithner, not to mention all the gemmie-crats in California,oh, by the way, mister president, we’re bankrupt out here, it’s awfully difficult to maintain all these free services for our fine, correctly voting immigrants in sanctuary cities.Send more money asap, a temporary loan ,as it were. Oops, gotta go, they’re rioting again…..

  • Bob L.

    “these” eMails “these” “this” is singular. You are most welcome :)

  • Xenia

    Great visuals!

  • s c

    After a solid year and a half of raw, progressive insanity, is there anyone left who can’t see what the Puppet-in-Chief is trying to do to America?
    I realize that hardcore losers have no use for facts, but at some point, even they have to wake up and react with horror and utter disgust to the absolute criminal ‘talent’ residing in the White House.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Nothing is a “pass time” with are current government. It is right on track with wiping out the middle class and destroying the armed forces in more Vietnams. If you do not know what the word LIE means you need to do some reserch on it!


    Have You Missed Me Yet?? B.I.O.B. Yikees, Now We Know How A Honest Pres Bush Compares With The Liar Of The Century Pres Obamacare. Like Rev James Manning PhD Calls Him “Long Legged Mac Daddy” The Manchurian Pres Obama.

  • http://yahoo Daisysue

    We need to disinfect the White House from the TOP down.. The stench of Ant-American, Pro-Islam and sit on their behinds do nothing in the name of Party Demo’s is an odor that goes from Shore to shore.
    America has been betrayed. Every day we awake to a new nightmare. More communist, socialist, constitutional haters added to the Halls of Justice. How long will this go on???? How much is enough??

  • Joyce Jenkins

    I would never stoop as low as have the conservative Republicans in this nation. Their bias and unwillingness to work for the betterment of all Americans puts them at the same level as primal life that first crawled out of the proverbial that all life began from on this planet. Busch got America into the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars and it is President Obama and his Administration that is taking the initiative to bring our troops home. If anyone should disinfect the White House the President Obama and his family had that done prior to taking up residence in this historic Home.

    The only Stimulus Package the Republicans have presented to the American People is their feeling of well being they derive from flapping their jaws. They feel much better when the stop slandering the Obama administration and any efforts to help turn this Country’s Economy around and the Republican Stimulus Plan to drive it into the ground.

    • Always right

      Joyce. Its only “slander” if is isn’t true. Rather than emote, show us one fact where these posters are wrong. We’eeelllll wait.

      I love you, Joyce. You show us what is at the core of every demoncrap, raw, mindless, factless, emotions.

      Reagan gave us a stimulus that ran clear through the clinton years just like he said it would. He did it just by cutting taxes and slapping down the unions. Bush 2 gave us a stimulus though tax cuts that would still be ongoing if the demoncraps hadn’t insisted that the gubmint insue loans for people who shouldn’t have qualified. That was all demoncrap, all the way. When the housing bubble burst, with most of the original defaulters being “minorities”, that brought down the economy of the whole world. thank you bawney fwank. thank you harry reid. thank you billzebbubba and hildebeest, bernake, nancy….

      Joyce, dear…the republicraps can’t give you a stimulus package. The demoncraps control the house, senate & WH.

  • Edward Peffer

    Amazing that blacks are about 13% of U.S. population and had 37% of abortions, and Obama will appoint “pro-choice” Justices as if life doesn’t matter even for blacks. Then he appoints pro-abort Hillary for OUR “representation” to the United Nations, so the U.S. can continue funding abortion around the world. If there isn’t Satan in this game, then why believe in God and the intrinsic value of every human life, from natural birth to natural death?

    • s c

      Ed, if this world made sense, all black Americans would have to read Margaret Sanger’s writings about eugenics. She singled out blacks for extinction, and rated them at the bottom of humanity. Only a progressive ‘mind’ could appreciate Sanger and her race-destroying, delusional rantings.
      Planned Parenthood is the chief cheerleader for Sanger’s writings in America. Women line up to get abortions, yet black women can’t understand what is so wrong with it. This black prez loves abortions and Sanger AT THE SAME TIME!
      As I said, if this world made sense, this prez would demand that P P be put out of business, and black women would see why abortions are far worse than immoral. However, this prez wants none of it.
      He BLESSES Sanger’s ideas. He’s gambling that black women will never see what he’s doing to them.
      That puts the topic beyond irony, as America’s 1st black prez wants it both ways, and expects black women to endure abortions, and see Sanger as a NWO “saint” at the same time.
      Interesting stuff, eh? Do you think any Hollywood writer could come close to writing a similar script? Insanity rules the moment – and the White House, Ed.

  • Douglas Sargeant

    Before you can rise to the level of authority, you must first be lowered or go through the status and training of a servant. The trouble with a man who talks too fast is that he often says something he hasn’t thought of yet. Could this be our government leaders?
    Then an old Yugoslav proverb says, “If you wish to know what a man is, place him in authority.” Hmmmmm!

  • roxann

    where are the jobs its all a lie

  • Rob

    Michele Obama, during the “family visit” in the White House, noted that the children are not allowed to ask daddy ‘what he did today’, nor take in any regular TV; it was obviously clear to Michele that it would not be in their best interest – instead of the unequalled opportunitry to see and learn the American government process in action. What a waste !

  • Robert L

    Joyce as with many democrates and liberals need to do there homework. The democrat controlled congress in the 90′s mandated that subprime loans be made availble to low income persons that is why we have Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac . The banks were made to loan to these persons who they new could not pay it back. These federaly backed loans then were bundled up and sold on the market and resold and resold . until one day no one wanted them. And the only loan instatution that did not recieve any fines or additional regulation was guess who Fannie Mae & Freedie Mac. It’s time that get the Goverment out of our lives. before the Democrats become the new communist party . Remember any Goverment that is big enough to give everything you want will be big enough to take it away

  • don l.


  • http://google mike b.


    • Robert

      If I hear that word again, I’ll scream.

  • Tom Lynch


  • http://interexplory cynthia


    • Robert

      Obama will go down in History as the most destructive President to the United States. Ever. I feel sorry for his Daughters that have the rest of their lives to lesson to all the hate for their Father.

  • bill in mn

    He is slowly – piece by painful piece – erecting a socialist dictatorship. We are not there – yet. But he is putting America on that dangerous path. He is undermining our constitutional system of checks and balances; subverting democratic procedures and the rule of law; presiding over a corrupt, gangster regime; and assaulting the very pillars of traditional capitalism. Like Venezuela’s leftist strongman, Hugo Chavez, Mr. Obama is bent on imposing a revolution from above – one that is polarizing America along racial, political and ideological lines. Mr. Obama is the most divisive president since Richard Nixon. His policies are Balkanizing the country. It’s time for him to go.

    He has abused his office and violated his oath to uphold the Constitution. His health care overhaul was rammed through Congress. It was – and remains – opposed by a majority of the people. It could only be passed through bribery and political intimidation. The Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, the $5 billion Medicaid set-aside for Florida Sen. Bill Nelson – taxpayer money was used as a virtual slush fund to buy swing votes. Moreover, the law is blatantly unconstitutional: The federal government does not have the right to coerce every citizen to purchase a good or service. This is not in the Constitution, and it represents an unprecedented expansion of power.

    Yet Obamacare’s most pernicious aspect is its federal funding of abortion. Pro-lifers are now compelled to have their tax dollars used to subsidize insurance plans that allow for the murder of unborn children. This is more than state-sanctioned infanticide. It violates the conscience rights of religious citizens. Traditionalists – evangelicals, Catholics, Baptists, Muslims, Orthodox Jews – have been made complicit in an abomination that goes against their deepest religious values. As the law is implemented (as in Pennsylvania) the consequences of the abortion provisions will become increasingly apparent. The result will be a cultural civil war. Pro-lifers will become deeply alienated from society; among many, a secession of the heart is taking place.

    Mr. Obama is waging a frontal assault on property rights. The BP oil spill is a case in point. BP clearly is responsible for the spill and its massive economic and environmental damage to the Gulf. There is a legal process for claims to be adjudicated, but Mr. Obama has behaved more like Mr. Chavez or Russia’s Vladimir Putin: He has bullied BP into setting up a $20 billion compensation fund administered by an Obama appointee. In other words, the assets of a private company are to be raided to serve a political agenda. Billions will be dispensed arbitrarily in compensation to oil-spill victims – much of it to Democratic constituents. This is cronyism and creeping authoritarianism

  • bill in mn

    Mr. Obama’s multicultural socialism seeks to eradicate traditional America. He has created a command-and-control health care system. He has essentially nationalized the big banks, the financial sector, the automakers and the student loan industry. He next wants to pass “cap-and-trade,” which would bring industry and manufacturing under the heel of big government. The state is intervening in every aspect of American life – beyond its constitutionally delegated bounds. Under Mr. Obama, the Constitution has become a meaningless scrap of paper.

    To provide the shock troops for his socialist takeover, Mr. Obama calls for “comprehensive immigration reform” – granting amnesty to 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens. This would forge a permanent Democratic electoral majority. It would sound the death knell for our national sovereignty. Amnesty rewards lawlessness and criminal behavior; it signifies the surrender of our porous southern border to a massive illegal invasion. It means the death of American nationhood. We will no longer be a country, but the colony of a global socialist empire.

    Rather than defending our homeland, Mr. Obama’s Justice Department has sued Arizona for its immigration law. He is siding with criminals against his fellow Americans. His actions desecrate his constitutional oath to protect U.S. citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. He is thus encouraging more illegal immigration as Washington refuses to protect our borders. Mr. Obama’s decision on this case is treasonous.

    As president, he is supposed to respect the rule of law. Instead, his administration has dropped charges of voter intimidation against members of the New Black Panther Party. This was done even though their menacing behavior was caught on tape: men in military garb brandishing clubs and threatening whites at a polling site. A Justice Department lawyer intimately involved in the case, J. Christian Adams, resigned in protest. Mr. Adams says that under Mr. Obama, there is a new policy: Cases involving black defendants and white victims – no matter how much they cry for justice – are not to be prosecuted. This is more than institutionalized racism. It is an abrogation of civil rights laws. The Justice Department’s behavior is illegal. It poses a direct threat to the integrity of our democracy and the sanctity of our electoral process.

    Corruption in the administration is rampant. Washington no longer has a government; rather, it has a gangster regime. The Chicago way has become the Washington way. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a political hit man. He is an amoral, ruthless operator. It was Mr. Emanuel who reached out to Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat, offering a high-ranking job in the hopes of persuading Mr. Sestak to pull out of the primary against Sen. Arlen Specter. It was Mr. Emanuel who offered another government position to Andrew Romanoff to do the same in the Colorado Democratic Senate primary. And it was Mr. Emanuel – as the trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has revealed – who acted as the go-between to try to have Valerie Jarrett parachuted into Mr. Obama’s former Senate seat. The only question was: What did Mr. Blagojevich want in exchange?

    This is not simply sleazy Chicago machine politics. It is the systematic breaking of the law – bribery, attempt to interfere (and manipulate) elections using taxpayer-funded jobs, influence peddling and abuse of power.

    The common misperception on the right is that Mr. Obama is another Jimmy Carter: an incompetent liberal whose presidency is being reduced to rubble under the onslaught of repeated failures. The very opposite, however, is true. He is the most consequential president in our lifetime, transforming America into something our Founding Fathers would find not only unrecognizable, but repugnant. Like all radical revolutionaries, he is consumed by the pursuit of power – attaining it, wielding it and maximizing it. Mr. Obama’s fledgling thug state must be stopped.

    If Republicans win back Congress in November, they should – and likely will – launch formal investigations into this criminal, scandal-ridden administration. Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and ranking member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has promised as much. Mr. Obama has betrayed the American people. Impeachment is the only answer. This usurper must fall.

  • Mikky

    It’s hard to admit you’re wrong, which is probably why so many people refuse to see or hear the truth. It’s also hard for those who are right to stand back and refrain from saying, I TOLD YOU SO! In either case, who IS right? Is it right to chase the ignorant from our doors by saying, I TOLD YOU SO! Is it right to hide the truth because you don’t want someone in your face screaming, I TOLD YOU SO? I like this video because it doesn’t bash anyone except the politician who evaded the truth to see his agenda passed. So, let’s concentrate on what we can do to help ignorance without bashing those who in their ignorance thought they were doing the right thing. We do need change, indeed we do, but if you keep bashing the ignorant voter upside the head, s/he’ll never see the need for change because all they are hearing is, YOU ARE WRONG. That hits closer to home than anything a politician says or does and becomes the main focus for the ignorant. Quit bashing brains and let’s get together on a solution!

  • stan shimansky

    Joyce Jenkins is an idiot skipping along drunk on the music of the mythological character named “PAN” he always promises seduction of
    a wonderful land of nymphs with endless joy for all. At the end of
    the day you will wake up broke with a hangover and a sore ass.
    It is too bad your public education has permanently wired your mind
    to honor lies and deny facts and history. I hope you can get a public sector job to support your self in this new feudal system. I would bet you like designer bags and credit cards honey you are a classic example of the useful idiot we will have to deal with when your welfare dream fails. I would like to know if your family is sucking off my tax revenues or what you actually produce other than big lip service to those who are the cows you live off of. I am going to start the Joyce Jenkins cotton picker fund a not for profit to redistribute your wealth to those who only wait beneath the tree for the apple to fall in your mouth. Thankfully your Messiah has a body and mind designed to pluck low hanging fruit and hide behind trees as he plays class warfare and sucks up to the Muslim enemies that will load you into a cattle car under sharia law when they take over the world. Your Christ replacement guy bamaO caterers to your completely predictable Mamby Pamby liberal progressive can not break 100 I.Q. deficient feminist Marxist hooker single mothers like your self succubus nature. Earn your own money and help your looser family members yourself because we can not afford to do so any more regardless of what political party rules. You bitch about the cost of drugs other than the Marijuana you smoke or the wine you drink and expect me to foot the bill for your clans bad behavior. Nothing Personal ; )

  • Joe’s Grandma

    I truly hope that Joyce Jenkins reads what Bill in MN wrote. He is right on target with the truth of what is going on in this current administration. Then, if you haven’t seen the new book out by Laura Ingraham, “The Obama Diaries” — you need to read it from cover to cover. You won’t read or hear about it in the mainstream press because it spills the beans that Pres. Obama would never want leaked. There is, fortunately, a brave but anonymous soul in the White House who was able to get copies of the diaries of Barak, Michelle, her mother, Rahm Emmanuel, and others. Not the entire diaries, but enough to convict some of those people of the biggest egos in the world, not to mention venal-minded intentions to rule the world. I truly feel sorry for Michelle’s mother after reading what she is being put through.

    The real agenda is in that book for everyone to see. Laura cannot be sued for slander…the book is fact and not fiction. Have you seen a copy of “The Manchurian President” on the bookshelves lately? Mysteriously they’ve all disappeared. You have to hunt to get a copy. For those liberals who think we’re picking on them, they have no idea how poorly they’re being represented. Those poor folks are being used and maligned as suckers and sheep behind their backs. They need to get the stars out of their eyes so they can see the truth, and the “truth will set them free” to paraphrase a great and timely quote. Real education is key to changing minds; then voting is the key to changing our current foul regime pretending to be working for us.

  • Deborah

    How can we stop him? How? Czars, forced abortions, population control, fema camps? How?
    When is this nightmare going to end?
    Are we doomed? I don’t know how to look this back up for your comments…
    Should we just refuse to pay taxes?
    Should we find seamstress for our clothes and pay in cash to take the burden off?
    Excellent illustration, sickening but very effective!


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