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The Obama Jobs Plan: Hire Black Criminals

July 4, 2013 by  


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Happy Fourth of July, everyone. God bless America. The question is: Will there still be an America, or capitalism, after President Barack Obama is through with his second term?

It sure doesn’t look good to me. We have no money for fireworks displays at military bases across America and no money for patriotic fly-overs at military academy graduation ceremonies. We are letting down our heroes, the people who sacrifice selflessly for us.

But there was $100 million for Obama’s trip to visit Africa, and Obama has now pledged $7 billion to double electricity access in Africa. This has to be a comedy skit, right? This must be a nightmare. It can’t be for real, right? Seven billion dollars for African electricity, while he kills the coal industry so average, middle-class Americans won’t be able to afford our own electric bills? What about our $17 trillion debt in America, our trillion-dollar deficit, our disgraceful failing public schools or our aging and decrepit infrastructure?

And Obama also has billions of dollars in aid as well as military aid for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Palestinians? Even the protesters in Tahir Square in Cairo are accusing Obama of propping up the Muslim Brotherhood. Are you kidding me? Something is deep-down deadly wrong, folks. This man is destroying our country and our economy. He is killing the middle class. He is making a mockery of American values across the globe.

But don’t take my word for it. Let me give you perhaps the perfect example. Everything I just mentioned is child’s play compared to Obama’s newest directive. Now, Obama has truly gone off the deep end. He’s thrown off his cloak to show the “S” on his chest, standing for social justice. Obama has just decided to kick the U.S. economy while it’s down.

What’s Obama’s latest brainstorm? Force businesses to hire criminals — and not just any criminals. Obama wants black criminals to step to the front of the employment line. If only I were joking.

Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is charging the automaker BMW and the national retailer Dollar General with racism, discrimination and violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act for using criminal background checks before hiring employees.

How can this be? Don’t companies have a right to check backgrounds before hiring employees that represent them? Don’t companies have a right not to hire convicted criminals? Not anymore. Not in Obama’s America. At least, not if the criminal is black.

The Obama government’s logic is frightening. The EEOC argues that because blacks are more likely to have been convicted of a crime, doing a criminal check discriminates against blacks. So when you won’t hire an applicant because of his criminal record you are… wait for it… yes, a racist.

Seriously, folks. This is happening in the United States of America. If the courts hold for Obama, this will be the final body blow to job creation, economic freedom and the U.S. economy.

But let’s set that aside for a moment and think what this does to your own civil rights.

When you hand your credit card to the clerk in a store, wouldn’t you like to know he isn’t a convicted identity thief? When you walk into an empty home for sale, wouldn’t you like to know if the realtor is a murderer? When your wife goes for a massage, wouldn’t you like to know the masseuse isn’t a convicted rapist? Or, worse yet, when your child goes to school, child care or an after-school program, wouldn’t you like to know the person you’re leaving your child with isn’t a convicted predator, sexual abuser or pornographer? If Obama gets his way, there will be no way of knowing, certainly not if the employee is black.

Well, according to the Obama Administration, if you ask those questions of a black job applicant, you are a racist and committing a crime yourself.

How can anyone run a business not knowing if the people he hires to deal with customers might be convicted rapists, thieves or murderers? Employees are the public face of your business. They represent your brand. They are your thin blue line, your eyes, ears and face to your customers. And don’t think you won’t be sued if one of your employees commits a criminal act against one of your customers.

How bad can this get? Well, the EEOC not only wants to ban background checks for black Americans, it wants the 70 black job applicants who BMW refused to hire because of criminal records to now be hired and given back pay and legal costs. On the other hand, the white applicants who were rejected don’t have to be hired. Obama’s EEOC argues it’s fair to do criminal background checks on whites.

You couldn’t make this up in a fictional novel without being laughed at. You couldn’t put this in a “Saturday Night Live” skit. The critics would call you ridiculous. Yet it’s happening in real life under Obama.

So, what choices does a businessman have if the Obama government wins its case? First, companies will cut back hiring as much as possible. But if you are a business owner in this hostile Obama workplace environment, you’ve probably already done that.

Second, if you do start a new business, you’ll be looking at a business model that require no employees or very few employees.

Third, you might decide to close your current business. It just isn’t worth it under Obama to take big financial risks, when government makes it this dangerous, difficult and unappealing.

Fourth, if you do need to hire employees, since you have to follow the law, companies will find some unrelated reason not to hire the applicant on whom they are legally unable to conduct a background check. Talk about “unintended consequences.” Young black men, say goodbye to jobs.

So who here is destroying the U.S. economy and who here is the racist? Is it the employer who is color blind and hires on ability and character (after seeing the results of background checks) or Obama, whose policies force employers to either stop hiring, slow hiring or hire as few black applicants as possible?

Obama proves every day that you can’t run an economy based on equality, social justice and retribution.

Somewhere out there in cyberspace, some liberal wacko extremist will accuse me of being a racist for daring to talk about race. Just remember that all I’ve done here is describe Obama’s jobs policy. These are all his words. He is suing employers to stop background checks on one specific group: black Americans. He is the one saying that blacks have much higher levels of criminal records. He is the one demanding black criminals be hired. He is the one saying in court filings that background checks on whites are perfectly fine.

Oh, and remember one other thing. The true definition of a racist is: anyone who’s winning a debate with an Obama supporter.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Happy Independence Day. Let’s all pray for independence soon from Obama. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Ron r

    If you play along there may be a job for a white collar criminal like you Wayne.

    • Brad n TX

      Ron and dr know must have greasy Obama butt mud on the tip of their pricks

      • Ron r

        No Brad I have you mothers DNA on it.

  • Ron r

    Wayne,go find another white collar crime to commit.

  • dr know

    It certainly takes a criminal to know one Wayne! Think about all of the other criminals who have occupied the White House the past and America is still here! I say its about time he did something for black folks!

  • katzkiner

    I worked with 85% blacks for 41 years, the sad truth is you’re not going to get much work out of any of them. You will get constant trouble though. The world can forget about the USA. Its’ best days are over. If that is “racist”, well sometimes the truth is.

    • Ron r

      And you sir lie 85% of the time. I’ve never seen a white man work . No how ignorant does that sound. About as ignorant as your post.

  • Suze

    I agree katzkiner – I’ve worked in a variety of fields and can say it seems most blacks spend more energy trying to avoid doing and work, than if they just did the job expected of them. But there of plenty of lazy whites also. I get so tired of race being used as an excuse every time a black person is caught red handed. They keep saying they want equal rights, then throw their race into EVERYTHING! But think I’m a racist go ahead, that’s just an excuse for not liking the truth – because I would vote for Dr Ben Carson or Allen West in a heart beat.

    • http://n/a vivian shannon

      U are right. Thanks for speaking truths.

    • Brad n TX

      Abosolutely! I would vote for Carson or West in a heart beat as well! This could be a great ticket for 2016. Hell I’d vote for them in 2013, today if we can get a military coup to throw the WH trash out!!!!

      • Ron r

        And the second they did something you did not like they would be bastardized and you would show them your real side . Matter of fact if either one of them were to read the garbage and race baiting junk posted by Root and others they would think they were back in ore reconstruction. Hell Clarence Thomas would cringe, and that would shock even Barry Goldwater.

    • Ron r

      Well yes you are a racist regardless of west and Carson . I don’t think they would want your racist vote anyway. I assume some of your friends are also black. Now if I said I put more white men out of the army because the did not run as fast as black soldiers ,would that make me like you?? Not yes but hell yes. You’re a racist dude and so is Root. VTW has he shown you any proof that what he writes is true. No he has not. He does not need to because of the type of people he writes for. He is a race baiting racist and he has his target audience and you guys are all in.

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  • usmcveteran

    Obama just wants to set the stage for when his criminal AG, Eric Holder, is finally held accountable for his crimes.

    • Darrel Moore

      Like I said a bit later both Obama and holder should be in a federal prison semper fi!

  • leo_rochester@MI

    All and any policies of this “man” (BHO) is directed to subvert the order and to destroy America. This “man” is a disciple of Saul Alinsky and he tought Alinsky’s course in Chicago.
    That’s what this “man” is about. He wants to attack every aspect of what made America what it is and to detroy it. Alinsky and this “man” were decivers that professed that the dismantle of the American society, its fall into caos and disorder would give birth to a comunist sate where they would rule.
    His black criminals and BMW are nothing but pawns in their destructive plan. His “racism at every corner” strategy is insulting to you, but that’s only a smoky mirrow in his farce to control the rethoric.
    Just like the day before yesterday he talked about Carbon taxes and man-made global warming (yes, made by “man” of his sect). All part of the Alinsky’s scoundrel control of what is dicussed in the media (I.e., the stenographers of his “government”).
    I support to do a thorough background check on the BLACK “man” In the WHITE HOUSE.

    • Patty

      ThankYou… Agreed…

      • Patty

        ThankYou… Agreed… ON £Eo’s From Mi That Is… I Believe There Is Truth In Everything That Is Told… Maybe People Don’t Want To Believe It , ThIs Country Is Going In A Bad Way…

        • Gail Filerino

          It’s time we take to the streets in MILLIONS to keep our COUNTRY FREE FROM THIS ROGUE GOVERNMENT. Obama is afraid of this. When he sees what’s going on in Eypgt he immediately thinks it will happen to him & GUESS WHAT IT SHOULD. However, Americans aren’t ready just yet but we are getting close with all this RACISM THE’RE SPEWING OUT, DEMONIZING EVERYTHING WE BELIEVE. IT AN ABOMINATION! KEEP PUSHING IT OBAMA!

    • Diana

      Where is the Outrage amongst the Black people, seems like they should be insulted by this Racist veiwpont ,Action of this Presid. Many black ppl are honest ,hardworking, business owners O bama is being totally unfair, that want to conduct Backgrd
      Checks on their employees, or at least have the option. I don’t care if Our President was purple, or blue if he could run this great Nation.RIGHT!

  • Ann

    Its good to listen to people that see what’s happening. The sheeple don’t care. We’re loosing our beautiful free country.

  • Brad n TX

    Great video post, you got to watch this!! Unreal America!

  • Jen

    Insanity at its worst . What is truly insane are the folks that either defend these types of policies or have no other defense than personal attacks or the last resort of the feeble , slander .

  • Carol

    This is the most outrageous thing that I have ever heard. Every time I think that this administration couldn’t possibly get any worst…Subversive, destructive, and anti-American in every sense of the word. Sadly the worst injustice of it all is the misuse of the word “racist”, and how legitimate victims of racism will have a tougher time proving it. Making it much harder to get legal protection.

  • genomega1

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The Obama Jobs Plan: Hire Black Criminals

    • Ron r

      Or white criminals in black face !!!!!

  • Gail Filerino

    Happy Birthday America?

  • Gail Filerino


  • shadow1776

    The Government has No business telling companies anything. What happened to free America. They cant run a country, so why would I want them telling me how to run my buisness

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  • Darrel Moore

    When I joined the marine corps back in1972 I swore an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic I never thought that the worst enemy we ever had was the president and his damned party every time I see him or any of the rest of his gang standing in front of an American flag I want to puke!

  • Jimmy Weber

    I have struggled and tried for 5 years to give Obama the benefit of the doubt and have really tried to believe our President is stupid.
    But he isn’t. He is evil and truthfully does not want to see the US prosper. He is taking every action he can to inflict serious injury and even death on our country.
    Maybe the $100, million Obama vacation that we generously gave him was a house hunting trip for when we get him out of office.

  • Darrel Moore

    I had to say one more thing when we have a so called president and a party who feels like its just fine to use the IRS as their own secret police(does the KGB or Stasi sound familiar)? Then our country and the government tyranny that our so called president tells everyone to ignore is here our so called president can’t stand criticism just look at the Obamacare provision that he just delayed for. Year because he thought that that he and his famed party might be hurt in the midterm elections they know what disaster it is god help this country and save us from our so called president!!

    • Gail Filerino

      Yes that’s right Daniel. They are rogue & they need to be in Prison. What they have done to this country thus far it an abomination. However, WE ARE STILL IN THE MAJORITY! I have to believe that the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH THIS REGIME.
      We have to stick together & get involved with the TEA PARTY. They’re the strongest grass roots group. We need to get the REPUBLICAN PARTY to agree with the Tea Party. It was the TEA PARTY THAT WON THE HOUSE IN 2010 & 37 REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS. We have to stop the REPUBLICANS FROM VOTING ON THE AMNASTY BILL. They need not worry about the Hispanic community. THEY NEED TO JUST FOCUS ON ALL THE STUFFS THAT’S BEEN GOING ON & THAT’S A LOT. The 12 million Hispanic’s that are here don’t want amnesty. They’ll lose their jobs & have to pay more taxes. Stay strong we will get them under control. Any Senator that voted for this will be voted out. Rubio is dead.

      • Darrel Moore

        Gail, you are100 per cent right! I’m doing everything I can to defeat this sob and his party we must win the 2014 elections you are right about Rubio I thought he was great at first but he’s pretty much ruined himself with me anybody that supports a policy that tells illegal aliens(yes Obama I said it!) that its fine to sneak over the border tell us our laws are meaningless and then have our own party say ok for you buster, we re gonna get tough be! Just for that I’m gonna make you an American citizen’ what the hell is wrong with that picture?

      • Ron r

        Yeah ok tea party.

  • goober

    Encircle the Uncle Toms Cabin, I.e., the white house, Morisey ize him, try him for treason against the people of the US. US military, Joint Chiefs of Staff: where are you? Where is your leadership?

    • Darrel Moore

      Obama and his arch conspirator Eric holder should have been in a federal prison 4 or 5 years ago

      • JoAnna

        This is ridiculous. We need to put a stop to this. I don’t even think he was really voted in office. I think he and his cronies stole the election.

  • Jennifer Moffitt

    Businesses are already preparing for the healthcare thing by cutting back employees hrs to no more than 28 per work week, now let’s make it a little worse by throwing this in the mix. Cost of living is skyrocketing, work isn’t paying the bills so families starve, and “hard working” folks have to get out and work multiple jobs or end up homeless, which by the way leaves it hard for single or divorced parents to also be able to raise their kids. Hmmm. Go go Obama! What a joke.

  • Brent black

    Anybody suprised? This country will not survive obama

    • Darrel Moore

      And that’s by design

    • Ron r

      I’m surprised its survived during the Reagan years.

  • Rebeccageddie

    Only in Obama,s America it is not the land of the free and brave it has become a stinking mess the more he stirs it the more it stinks my GOD help us…….

    • Ron r

      What rights have you lost since 2008?? You still have the right just as Root does to be an ignorent racist.

  • Lisa

    Why is he still in office?!

    • Rebeccageddie

      I believe because there is no one out there with the guts to do anything about impeaching him would like to see something here like Egypt just did. Those people have gumption. “O’bummer” to borrow a phrase needs to be kicked out of the White House by the seat of his pants. But the White House belongs to him you know, not the American people. I hope that those who voted to put him back in office to finish us off get what is coming to them.

      • Brad n TX

        Oh they will get what’s coming to them once he no longer needs them and that time is approaching very soon

      • Ron r

        The reason this is not Egypt is because something called a constitution which you seem to forget because of who is in the WHITE HOUSE. There is more to the constitution than the 2nd amendment and or military dies not get involved in politics. Do you recall a certain Gen. And president Truman.

  • Tiffany

    Obama is not our president he’s a racist Muslim who ain’t doing nothing but putting our country in a slum that he hopes we can’t pull out of. Well guess what this is the land of the free and home of the brave n we have survived a lot worse n will survive this. Have faith Americans we will get through it! I just hope its not at such a huge cost that half our citizens aren’t living on the streets. My husband makes good money n we r very blessed for him to have found this job, I thank God everyday for it just keep God in ur heart n ur lives n he will bless u n urs. No matter what this racist Muslim terrorist does to our country pray for all of us he ain’t as powerful as God n God can fix anything so I say to hell with our racist terrorist president!

    • Ron r

      Hard to beleive you pray to the same god as most and still have all that hatred in your soul. Oh well I guess that’s how you so called Christians roll. You seem no better than the Muslims you call terriost . You do know all Muslims are terrorist and that Linchlon did in fact shoot Booth.

  • Kay Adams

    Are you all insane? Obama was ELECTED and it wasn’t close! Read news and learn the facts before listening to the rambles of an idiot like Mr. Root. It is scary how bigoted, insecure, uniformed, and simply ignorant you are.

  • Ron r

    The real problem would have been putting you in the White House Wayne . How any same American could take you serious is beyon me. If not for Obama you would be one penniless loser. The fact that he is president is the only reason you have this pathetic folliwing. What’s next?????

  • http://newspapers aloy

    Colour attack please channel your racists petition to God, do not start what you will not finished whiteless man.

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  • shadow1776

    Everyone wants to scream racism, thats b.s, people want to say oh your a republican or your a democrat. Thats also b.s. I did not vote for either, with a reason. It doesnt matter who you vote for, they have one, agenda in mind. Socialism. I’ve done my research, watched and listened, as they tell you one thing and do another. Check the information on line. Racism serves the Government, as long as you’re worried what this guy is doing and vise versa, you are not paying attention to the Government.

    • Ron r

      No one is screaming racism because Root has proven who he is. It amazes me how people like Root can call , imply the president a racist ,yet in the same breath accuse liberals of using the race care. In spite of what the leader of conservatives ,Russ Limbaugh says. The election if Obama did not make America a post racial country.
      All one has to do us read both the articles and the responses to see that some on this site are still fighting the civil war . I assume Root is R.E.Lee .

  • Ron r

    One would assume it also helps those meth heads in the Midwest. I know in one muswestern state that wanted to drug test for public assistance, the rual areas were up in arms because of misdemeanor methamphetamine drug charges. There are also white ex felons who need jobs also , or is it closes to them ?????

  • Carolyn

    Can check criminal background on whites? Cannot check criminal background on blacks? Simple!!! Do not hire any blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron r

      Though Mr. Root would have you beleive it’s about black criminals its about all who may have had a problem with the law. But by not giving you all the facts and statistics. The racial stats were mentioned but it was also a concern for all who re – enter the system who have not committed violent crimes.
      It’s shameful that the aurthor of this less that factual article can get away with race baiting. Then again, he knows his target audience will buy this trash as the full truth. Treasonist!!!

      • Ron r

        BTW anyone that reads the eeo complaint who was not biased would know that the ruling does not say no background checks on blacks , but something other than background checks (criminal) could be used. Any idiot besides a racist idiot like Root would know that the decesion help all former offenders reguardless of race, but because it was filed under the 64 civil rights act Root looks at it as a black thing. Common unracist sense would tell real Americans that it would also be unlawful to criminal check one group and not all.
        You think maybe Root is upset because it was done under the civil rights act that he is so against.

  • Will

    Ron, you are an idiot and a joke of an American. This is why this country is where out is. Your political correctness is filled with more racism than anything anyone has said here. But the only arguments you could ever come up with in a real conversation is to call everyone a racist, that’s all you have because your to ignorant to come up with anything else. “I guess that’s how you Christians roll”is just as bigoted as anything you think is racism. So you resort to name calling and trying to name calling,fine. You’re are a moron and a joke. Why don’t you find another place to spout your stupidity while us grown ups have a real conversation about the danger to our country.

    • Ron r

      You mean like you calling me idiot, or name calling like the racist Obama , Kenyan Obama ,or a Root article that is so full of lies you never question his motive for writting what he writes. Or the fact that he is the racist or race baiter in this? Even a so called idiot like me would know that if blacks are not given background checks, to give whites the same check would be a violation of the same law that the EEOC used to for blacks.
      Seems Mr. Root failed to mention that. Or that Obama had nothing to do with hiring or terminations at the cimpanies mentioned . The ruling helps all who may have minor run ins with the law. Not just blacks. Now who’s the damn idiot?? The two of us or Root????


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