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The Obama Farewell Tour: Size Matters

November 6, 2012 by  

The Obama Farewell Tour: Size Matters

The Mitt Romney landslide I predicted on May 30 and in the media virtually every day since then is materializing. The signs are everywhere that Barack Obama is enjoying his farewell tour. These are the last days of his political career. Read on to experience the signs of the huge defeat coming today.

Protected by the biased liberal mainstream media and polls overpopulated with Democrats (based on the 2008 election turnout), most Americans haven’t a clue of the trouncing Obama is about to experience on Election Day. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a guest on several liberal talk shows of late where they actually think Obama’s re-election is a lock. They see a light at the end of the tunnel, but they have no clue it’s a train bearing down on them. Tonight will be a very long and sad night for Democrats.

But it will be even worse for the media that has drank the Obama Kool-Aid. Chris Matthews and all of MSNBC’s hosts will need special medical teams standing by on-site and “permission to use electric shock” orders clipped to their clothing.

What makes me so sure of a Romney landslide? The signs are everywhere.

First, enthusiasm always wins elections. Obama’s voters are disappointed and depressed. Many are in shock. They just can’t believe the anti-business policies of the messiah and his demonization of the wealthy didn’t magically create jobs and incomes. Actually, food stamp growth outpaced job growth by 75 percent under Obama. As my blue-collar butcher father used to say, “Son, I’d love to hate rich people, but no poor person ever gave me a job.” It turns out Dad knew better than all those books Obama read at Columbia and Harvard Law.

Obama’s core constituencies are blacks, Latinos, single women and young people. How could they be excited?

Black unemployment is 14.3 percent. Latino unemployment is close behind. Single women might get free contraception under Obama, but that $10 per month savings is immaterial if you have no job and no income. Besides, sex just feels so much better when you’ve got a job.

And then there are those naïve young people. Four years ago, Obama was a miracle man promising a bright future to college kids with wide eyes. Today, unemployment and under-employment for college grads is 53 percent. Yes, I said 53 percent. Vote on Tuesday? Most young people will likely be in bed, covers pulled over their heads, zoned out on Xanax and eating Doritos under the blanket with a flashlight.

Doubt my gut instincts? The most shocking tell-tale sign of Romney’s coming landslide is the panicked Democrat game plan in States like Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Polls show Romney leading or tied in these deep-blue Democratic States. Sensing blood, the Romney campaign has suddenly decided to spend millions of dollars on TV ads in these three States. Obama’s chief propagandist, David Axelrod, claims this is a sign of Romney’s desperation. He says Romney can’t find a path to get to 270 electoral votes.

How do you know who is telling the truth? Well, that’s pretty easy to figure out. Bill Clinton was dispatched to Minnesota a few days ago. Joe Biden was sent to campaign in Pennsylvania. Why? If these States are solidly in Obama’s column, why waste Clinton and Biden’s valuable time in the closing days of a Presidential campaign in front of home-team crowds? Why indeed? Democrats are panicking. Obama’s deep-blue firewall has been breached. Romney’s battleground has been expanded into States no one (except me) ever thought possible. Romney has Democrats on the run defending their no-longer-safe home turf.

But wait; the story gets better. On the last day of the campaign, Clinton made four appearances across the State of Pennsylvania. Why waste your biggest gun on the last day barnstorming a State already solidly in your win column? Clinton should be in Nevada, Colorado, Ohio and Florida. Why waste his time defending a deep-blue State that was supposed to be salted away six months ago? Because Pennsylvania isn’t in Obama’s win column. The State that has voted for Democrats for President for decades is now trending Romney.

Hint: Watch Pennsylvania tonight. If Romney wins it or is even close, a Romney landslide is happening. Pennsylvania is “the canary in the coal mine.”

But the most important sign is crowd size and enthusiasm. In my home State of Nevada, only 10 days ago, Democrats worked long and hard to pull barely 5,000 people off the streets to come to an Obama rally in North Las Vegas. Meanwhile, in Henderson, a quiet suburb of Las Vegas, an overflow crowd of 8,000 jammed into a rockin’ Romney rally that closed the streets for miles. Families came from far and wide with their children to see the next President.

Or take Ohio, the linchpin of the entire election. Whoever has the enthusiasm will surely take the State. This weekend, Obama attracted 2,500 people to a rally in a medium-sized city. Romney/Paul Ryan attracted more than 30,000 to a rally in a small town. Obama then traveled to Cleveland, where his rally attracted 4,000 fans. Four years ago, his Cleveland rally attracted 80,000. If only these were instead rallies for the unemployed, Obama would be playing to standing-room-only stadiums in every city in America.

The size of those crowds tells the depressing story that the Obama campaign and the mainstream media don’t want you to know. Obama is no longer a messiah. He’s just another lying politician, with a boring message that no one wants to hear anymore.

Yes, Obama, size matters. And you, sir, are suffering from shrinkage.


Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Joseph Meenach

    I think Obama will win. Let’s see. I personally voted for Gary Johnson.

    • Really…Romney…Really?

      Me too, Joe, as did my co-worker sitting here. I hope GJ picks up momentum for the next election so we can begin to uncover all the bull[expletive deleted] being propagated to the public at large! We need to bring honesty and reason back into politics!

  • A

    I also believe Obama will win regardless of what has been happening. I guess today we will know.

  • s c

    Both contenders don’t seem to appreciate the tons of dollars being put into this election. Obummer, in particular, needs to REMINDED that the money being spent on this election would have put LOTS of people TO WORK [I thought J O B S were "important" to the current White House Messiah]. He does care, doesn’t he? How can we have a reason to believe in hope and change when Obummer has multiple faces when it comes to REALITY.
    Did he ever apologize for the gleeful slaughter of millions of black babies over the years since the ’70s? Talk about a War on Babies (war on women, blah).
    For those with short memories, no one was killed in Watergate, People were killed at Benghazi, and this prez dares to claim that he cares about women. Black babies don’t matter to him, and we’re supposed to think that generational, state-sanctioned, pc murders are “moral.”

    • Kinetic1

      s c,
      I guess you missed the memo about the CIA running the Benghazi consulate? This whole “…no one was killed in Watergate, People were killed at Benghazi..” is pointless. The only real comparison is that Nixon lied to cover up an illegal break in while Obama lied to cover up a CIA operation.

      As for your obvious preoccupation with abortion, face reality. the President’s only real power in regard to abortion rests in his choice of Supreme Court justices, and even then he has to get them past the Senate. If you really want to end abortions, address the cause. According to a Guttmacher study, 73% of women who have abortions in the United States say that they can’t afford to do anything else. Promoting universal health care and streamlining the adoption system could give these women choices.

      Comprehensive safe sex education, promoting both abstinence and safe sex practices, would also be effective in reducing the number of abortions by reducing the incidence of unplanned pregnancy as a whole. Of course there will still be a need for some safe, legal abortions in cases of rape, incest and the mother’s health.

      • kelly

        My wonderful daughter is the product of a rape…how she was concieved has NOTHING to do with the plan God ahs for her life. She is a productive (tax-paying) member of society. She serves her churcha nd her community well and is an awesome wife and mom…All life is precious..

      • APN

        Kelly……BRAVO….Courage, faith and conviction never fails to produce good fruit!

  • Marc D

    Call me an optimist, but I think that Obama will lose and go on a nationwide book signing tour. I thought that Clinton pimped the presidency to obscene wealth, but that nothing compared to the $$$$ that Obama is gonna rake in. He is too much of a narcisist to not go out and flash his BS smile while spewing rhetoric about Bush being the downfall for his failed second term bid. He’s a media whore, so he’ll spend his time on “The View” and equally liberal TV turds. That is, when he isn’t hanging out at Oprah’s house watching reruns from his 2008 campaign on the big screen. Maybe he’ll balloon up like Oprah has, after his January departure, and they can get a gig as co-speakers for Jenny Craig. Or, with the stellar line of BS that he has, he could go into the used car business. I can see him pushing Smart cars, or Fiat’s to Muslim, homosexual, flag-burning, bunny-hugging whackjobs enrolled at U of C, Berkeley.

  • Watchman Dave (@WatchmanDave)

    Yes…Besides, sex just feels so much better when you’ve got a job…I personally predict a Population Explosion nine months from now!

    • Marc D

      I loved that sentence: “Sex just feels so much better when you have a job”. I’d like to see a t-shirt with that phrase on it, giving Wayne full credit of course. What would really be great, is to don the t-shirt then go hang out at the welfare office, just to see the looks you’d get…….priceless!!


    Hundreds of former senior military leaders have taken out an ad in Monday’s Washington Times newspaper declaring their support for Republican Mitt Romney, a rare if not unprecedented action in the final days of a presidential campaign.

    “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief,” says the advertisement, which is signed by some 500 retired flag and general officers representing major branches of the U.S. military.

    James J. Carey, a retired Navy rear admiral, told friends and colleagues in a written message that it was important for the group “to take a public stand on how very important it is that our fellow Americans choose a new Commander-in-Chief” on Tuesday. Carey is national chairman of the National Defense Committee.

    The dissatisfaction with Obama among many former military leaders runs the gamut — from his handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, to his possible allowing of billions of dollars in prospective defense cuts, to his presiding over a dour economy over the last four years, according to interviews with two local signatories.

    Retired Rear Adm. George K. Worthington, a former SEAL commander, noted the deaths of two ex-SEALs among the four killed during the consulate attack in Lybia. The former SEALs, both government contractors, were Glen Doherty of Encinitas and Tyrone Woods of Imperial Beach.

    • Kinetic1

      Enjoy the ride as Republicans spin the facts faster and faster, hoping your vision will be too blurred to see the truth. To bad the truth is so plain to see.

      “WASHINGTON — Republican congressional leaders are backing away from a trigger system of forced spending cuts that they hailed 13 months ago as a herald of fiscal discipline and for which GOP lawmakers voted by large margins.

      All this BS about Obama “allowing of billions of dollars in prospective defense cuts”. The Republicans voted for this. Their idea was to promise compromise and then use the sequester to force the President to go along with their agenda. It didn’t work.

      “Boehner notes that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives in May passed the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act, a bill to replace the $1.2 trillion in forced cuts with a different mix of spending reductions.”
      “But that measure, which passed along party lines and died in the Democratic-controlled Senate, contained a separate provision to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to all Americans when they expire Dec. 31.”

      Sure, Republicans will do everything they can to trim the budget, as long as they can keep the Bush tax cuts and place the bulk of the sacrifices on the backs of the lower and middle class. Nope, if they really want Obama to work with them on reducing the budget they are going to have to get real about compromising. Otherwise, they are going to have to accept responsibility for the sequester they voted for. Oh who am I kidding, Boehner and his pals never accept responsibility for anything.

      • Marc D

        It’s my guess that Boehner has been surrounded by too many democrooks. It’s tough to see the truth when you’re surrounded by a bunch of tall-tale telling lawyers. We all know that the democratic party is comprised of lawyers and other cheats. When you consider that it was a lawyer that got O.J. off, it’s hard to put too much stock in their abilities to tell right from wrong. The United States has more lawyers than anywhere else in the world, and look where that’s gotten us. Maybe they should stick to chasing ambulances and leave politics to those with an ounce of ethics. Maybe it’s just me, but the lawyers in this country are the reason why our insurance rates are ridiculous and why a cup of McDonald’s coffee is twice what it used to be……..less lawyers, more people that actually work for a living, that’s what we really need.

      • Kinetic1

        Come on, you must know that the Republicans in the House outnumber the Dems by a wide margin. Bohner is surrounded by his own; Cantor, McCarthy, Ryan, Republicans all and they voted with him for the sequester.

        • Marc F

          Here’s the thing, I made no claims that the repubs. are perfect. I’m saying from a standpoint of a red blooded, God-fearing, gun-toting veteran, that voting for the dems would be like the chickens voting for the coyote. At one time in my life, I considered myself a democrat, until I realized that we don’t support the same agenda anymore. If I were an unmotivated individual, with no education and could belly-up to the government trough, I would probably support the dems. But, I’m none of those things, I believe that I should have the right to pray in school, drive something besides a Prius, own a gun to protect my family and pack the freezer with meat, protest abortion, have a firm belief that people that kill or molest children should get a one way ticket to the gas chamber.salute the men and women that protect me each and every day, and keep the long arm of the government out of areas of my life that they have no business being involved in. It used to be that the democratic party was “the working man’s party”, now it’s the party of “no working men”. It’s a party and supports special privledges for those that make their way into our country illegally, (if your gonna buy votes, that’s the best way to do it. The democrooks are relying on the working folks to support the programs of the ones that don’t work. If we all decided to play the system instead of getting up each and every day to go earn a living, where would this country be. This country doesn’t run because of the lack of work of some, it’s runs because the masses get up, get dressed and go punch a clock every day. If you get rid of the working class, you’ve just gotten rid of your tax base. If you aren’t paying into society, then your a drain on society, and therefore you should not have an equal say. I’m not saying that there aren’t some deserving souls out there. There are plenty of people trying to do for themselves, but the paycheck just doesn’t go far enough. I applaud those individuals, cause they are trying to do for themselves. There is a huge difference between a hand up, and a hand out. If you put your trust in a corrupt government, then you’re putting your self in a position of being powerless. “A government big enough to give you every thing you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have”, Thomas Jefferson.

  • Tyler W.

    I find the portrayal of young voters here needlessly offensive.
    “Vote on Tuesday? Most young people will likely be in bed, covers pulled over their heads, zoned out on Xanax and eating Doritos under the blanket with a flashlight.”
    I’m 20 and voting for Romney; do you wonder why republicans have a hard time picking up young voters when you’re pointlessly insulting us? I’m smart enough to know that your words have nothing to do with Romney, but ask yourself if this particular characterization helped your article in any way. I’m young, so I must be a fat, lazy, drug using coward? How exactly do you expect your values to be passed on when you intentionally alienate the young?

    • Marc D

      I don’t think that the picture that he was trying to paint was directed at all young people. I think it was more of a comment directed at the youth that voted for Obama in the last election. Basically stating that they won’t make the same effort this time, as they aren’t nearly as excited about Obamanomics this time around. I give you credit Tyler, you must be one of the youth that actually sifts through the BS and rhetoric to get to the candidate behind the hype. It’s unfortunate that alot, (not all), of our youth are easily swayed by the pomp and circumstance of a candidate that can spew a bunch of empty promises that they have no intention of actually fulfilling………I commend you my friend!!

      • Kinetic1

        Yes Marc, Romney has avoided “the pomp and circumstance of a candidate that can spew a bunch of empty promises that they have no intention of actually fulfilling..” by promising nothing but a “plan” that he can’t produce. Ryan promises fiscal success and proclaims that “Six studies have verified that this math adds up,” but when we look at the “studies” we find blogs, e-mails and campaign papers that prove nothing of the sort. No promises, just empty “plans”.

        The Romney/Ryan “plans” are nothing more than campaign brochures. Details are unavailable because, according to Paul Ryan;
        “The best way to do this is to show the framework, show the outlines of these plans, and then to work with Congress to do this,”.
        Yep, that’s right Paul. Just go to Congress and tell them “The President and I promised that pigs would fly.” And when congress tells you it’s not possible? “Hey, we made a promise so make it possible!” If they succeed, GREAT! If not, well it’s all their fault.
        Now I see where Romney got this idea. It’s like telling people “God has sent me golden tablets that only I can read.” And where are these plates? “Well, God took them back, so you’ll just have to trust me.”

        • Marc D

          Well, as long as the plan that Romney and Ryan doesn’t contain the key ingredients to topple this once great country, then I’m pretty good with it. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise……..Obama hates America and everything it stands for. If you haven’t seen the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The muslims plan has always been to overthrow this country without firing a shot. If you don’t see all of this transpiring in front of us, then you have your head buried even deeper in the sand than what I realized. I for one, as an American and also as a veteran, can’t stand to see this country travel down the same scary path that it has been on. It’s not the Jane Fonda’s of this world that have given us the freedom that we have, it’s the soldiers that have spilled blood on foreign soil. Those left-wing liberals that practice “free speech”, need to be reminded of such things from time to time.

      • Kinetic1

        “ long as the plan that Romney and Ryan doesn’t contain the key ingredients to topple this once great country…”
        That’s the point. Romney’s “plan” contains little more than a few big ideas and no details. Whether or not it will end up ruining the country is anybodies guess, but if you’re willing to take that chance ….. .

        • Marc D

          I am willing to take that chance. I know what I’ve gotten from the last 4 years under the Obama regime………4 years of that is enough. It’s my firm belief, that 4 more years like the last 4 would be the demise of the United States, as we know it. I’m not saying that Romney and Ryan have all the answers, but I would rather gamble on them than give 4 more years to Obama, to make a bad situation even worse. Mark my words, hyperinflation is coming, and it’s a product of Obama & Co. printing money that isn’t worth the paper that it’s printed on. I’m not willing to mortgage my children’s future for something that isn’t gonna bring more jobs, but is inflating our national debt. The reinvenstment act was a farce, it gave jobs to alot of the union fat cats puppets, that only lasted for 3-6 months. I don’t know about you, but is a huge looming debt, worth jobs for a few, for a short period of time. If they would have had a “PLAN”, they would have realized that seasonal jobs aren’t the jobs that will help people get back on their feet. Jobs that are sustained jobs are the kind that we need. All they did was to take out a huge debt “that we can’t pay back”, for a short term band-aid fix. I’m not willing to accept more debt that will conceivably come due to our children, (if not sooner). If we think that times are tough now, wait, it’s gonna be this bad, tenfold, when this all shakes out.

  • ANON

    Personally I don’t put much faith in making predictions based on what states they want to put there money in, I live in Kentucky, a solid republican state, even back in the days when texas went blue and I’ve been bombarded with Bill Clinton commercials endorsing Obama. I do hope Romney wins though.

  • Bryan

    What excuse will Wayne use when Obama gets re-elected? Thats what I want to know. We will find out.

    • JimH

      Hi Bryan, Wayne didn’t take the Chicago cemetary vote inti account.
      He’s counting on only the living qualified voters results.

      • Marc D

        Brilliant……..well played Jim!!!

      • JimH

        John Kass, of the Chicago Tribune, on WLS radio, jokingly said, that voter turnout in Chicago would be about 130%. Some of them may still be alive.
        To bad the joke is on us.

      • jopa

        All the headlines in the papers in the last few years were voter fraud, suppression and corruption by the GOP and nobody else.Why you folks come up with these unproven fantasies is just a little smoke to cover the real deal, right.So in reality the real scumbags are the Republicans with their Un-American antics.Voter suppression like we see today in Florida, and Ohio are what you would expect to see in some dictatorship overseas and not in modern day America.

        • Marc D

          Would that be the dictatorship that has been defined by Obama and Co. Let me ask you, is the weather sunny and 85 in fantasyland, or is it just in your little corner of Fool’s Paradise. I’m not sure if you have a computer, or if you just tune into the NBC nightly news, to get your daily quota of lies and doom. If you go through life with blinders on, (the size of the halls of Congress), then voting for a second Obama term might seem like a good idea. Personally, I would pencil in “Stalin”, before I would cast a vote for Obama, after all, Stalin wasn’t as full of himself as Obama is.

      • JimH

        Hi jopa, The corrupt Chicago Dem machine is an unproven fantasy?
        Denial just isn’t a river in Egypt.

  • war111


    You took my comment wrong about young people.

    I was referring to 53% under and unemployment rates for college grads…that would drive someone to hide under the covers and eat Doritos because they are depressed or in shock.

    I don’t see that as a “put down” of young people. It’s a normal reaction to the shock of hope and change turning to 53% unemployment.

    Its not young people that are bad.

    It’s the situation that would drive someone to take Xanax and lie in bed with covers over their head.

    In other words…Obama pulled the rug out from under your life. His policies led to 53% unemployment instead of the Nirvana he promised.

    That was the point.

    No offense to college grads intended.

    Offense to Obama and his socialist ideas…intended.


    • Kinetic1

      “His policies led to 53% unemployment instead of the Nirvana he promised.”
      Before you start quoting “facts”, get the facts straight. The estimated unemployment rate of college grads under 25 is about 25%. The 53% noted in the article is the number of unemployed AND underemployed (working in jobs that don’t require a degree.)

      • Marc D

        Someone knows how to use Wikipedia!!

      • Kinetic1

        I just wish the people on this site knew how to research before posting “facts”. (hint, wikipedia is not the most reliable source.)

        • Marc F

          Exactly why I said Wikipedia, it’s not known to be very factual.


    LOVE IT;);) **I’m a 62 yr old Black man, & it took the election of the FIRST Black president to turn me Conservative!!!!
    ***ONE TERM BABY …..ONE TERM!!!!

    • Marc D

      Clifton, as a 41 year white conservative, to a 62 year old black conservative………welcome, we’re glad to have you amongst the ranks.

  • Smilee


    • JimH

      and the libtards rejoiced.

      • Kevo

        It’s ok, JimH… cry it out. Everyone loves a sore loser.

      • JimH

        Hi Kevo, Are you also one of the warped ones who are happy about 4 more dismal years of the Obamanation?

  • JON

    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!

    • JimH

      4 more years of high unemployment.
      Obama won.
      4 more years of higher taxes.
      Obama won.
      4 more years of a growing deficit.
      Obama won.
      4 more years of growing government.
      Obama won.
      Americans lost.
      Obama won.

      • Marc D

        Once again Jim……..well played!!

  • Thisguy

    God I’ve been waiting to for this moment. I guess the Mayans predicted that landslide you spoke of???

  • wayoff

    Wayne Allyn Root was WAY off.

    • Smilee


  • ableton

    Wayne, you gotta admit that you have a lot of egg to remove from your face! Well, did the GOP pad you wallet befor the results came in?:-P***LOL***

  • Kinetic1

    I know it’s not right to gloat, but you have to admit that you put yourself so far out on the limb that it’s almost impossible to resist. In other words, you are right, size does matter. Like the size of the lead Obama took over your pick, Mitt Romney. So how does Vegas’ number one political odds maker deal with the repercussions?

  • Simian Pete

    Hey Mr Root !!!!

    I guess I was right ! Obama just won ! Romney just conceded !

    I voted for Hoefling and Ellis of America’s Party !!!

    Hey, this is the FIRST TIME you have BEEN WRONG ! Mark it down on the calendar ! That’s OK ! No one is perfect !!!

    Please don’t quit and keep writing for Personal Liberty ! Welcome to the human race, we all make mistakes. Some (like simian pete) make more mistakes than others ! Few very rarely make a bad call (like Mr. Root !) ….

    • Marc F

      You can belittle Wayne, but really, who are the losers in this whole election…….the American people…….Obama wins, we all lose.

  • That Guy


    Will you now admit you were lying when you said you weren’t just predicting what you wanted to happen?

    I mean, your tweets don’t leave much room for doubt.

  • Michael Hennessy

    Wayne Root You are an idiot! OBAMA won large… Ok maybe not so much idiot and you just spray this crap around because there is good money pitching propaganda to the gullible?? Ok thats capitalism LOL funny.

    Waiting to see how you spin this one….

    • Marc D

      I’m guessing if Wayne needs any help, he can always consult the axis of evil, (msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc news). If anyone could give him tips on how to spin it, it’s them. If I were a Obama supporter, I would find it hard to gloat. Let’s see, what’s our bragging points, would it be the economy in the toilet, foreing policy that gets innocent people killed, sky high unemployment or the failed alternative energy push, by the way, where did all that money end up, for failed Solyndra and others. My guess is that Obama pushed the green movement, that is the green movement to his bank account. He promises billions of TAXPAYER dollars for green technology, the companies never even open, but yet there is no return of funds for the failed companies. It’s my guess that the CEO’s of the failed companies and Obama are laughing all the way to their offshore banks. If you can give me an explanation as to where all the taxpayer dollars went to, I’ll paint myself green and sing the praises of the Obama administration, (I don’t think I have anything to fear).

      • mkrhennessy

        See that’s what I love about you guys! So gullible and you can so easily ignore the facts! Wow how do you do that! Here’s a simple little video that can help you understand how the debt got where it is. I know its tricky but you may be able to use that to understand that Obama’s policy’s did not cause the economic collapse that surfaced around 2007 / 2009 . Use some building building blocks to create a model of the Bush and Obama contributions to debt if the numbers get to scary for you. You can also do some research to find that the economy is getting better, try it its fun! Yes we have lost people in wars that Obama did not start and we did not need. Yes that is very sad.
        The next part is pretty hard, so you will need your thinking cap on…run and get it now Marc. Ok ready? Climate change is a real! Yes yes it is! and there is no Santa Sorry I had to do that because flying reindeer dont help to understand this. We need green energy to educe our use of fossil fuels. Programs like Obama’s energy was a small part of the stimulus package that really did help to turn the economy around. Yes it has a long way to go. Solyndra was one of many hundreds of companies that took advantage of money available in that program, the program is still running and less than half of the money allocated has been spent. The success score of all these companies by far out weighs the failures.

        Sorry about the sarcasm … we really are on the road to recovery. Good luck with the green paint.

        • Marc D

          Tell me another story grandpa. The libs make up stuff, (such as global war—-, err now it’s known as climate change), to support an agenda that catapults them to obscene wealth. Do you really think that Al Gore was concerned about our global footprint…….he’s only concerned about lining the Fort Knox type vault that is his bank account. Maybe before you libs start brow beating people about being more eco friendly, you should check out your messiah, Al Gore’s house, (rather…….mansion that rivals Hef’s place), uses more energy each month than George Bush’s does every six months. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what Al Gore says, he can talk the talk, he just can’t walk the walk. And if you want to talk about Lord Obama, try doing a little fact checking into his illustrious past, good luck, all of his college transcripts from his days as a young man smoking weed and pushing the communist cause are sealed. I don’t know about you, but if I were squeaky clean, I wouldn’t have to seal off of my past from the rest of the world. Obama cares about one person and that’s Barack Hussein Obama, (Kenya’s favorite son). I could go on forever about all the failures of the Obama administration, after all, that’s the reason why he had to run a smear campaign, because he couldn’t run on his record, (I’ll give him credit, he was smarter than that). The only thing we’ve gotten under Obama is crushing debt with no results. Which is what the democrooks do best……spend other people’s money. Wait, let me clarify that last statement…….spend working people’s money, so they can support their voting base…….the non-working, single mother with eight kids with eight different daddies, illegal immigrants, that support an agenda that they never have to pay into. Ahhh, to live the life where everything I do is supported by a government that allows me to stay home and play hillbilly chemist with my meth lab all day, while some working shmuck foots the bill……..what a country I live in. The democrooks are surely not helping the “work ethic” of America………if you’re unfamiliar with the term “work ethic”, ask a republican to explain it to you, it’s quicker than waiting for a democrook to look it up on Wikipedia, (which isn’t a very accurate solution anyway)! It is my firm belief that the America that I grew up in will cease to exist before the end of his second term, (or the end of the world, whichever comes first).


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