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The Noose Is Loose

November 3, 2011 by  

The Noose Is Loose

I am intrigued by Herman Cain’s campaign. It continues to break virtually every rule in the book regarding successful Presidential quests; yet it continues to roll full steam ahead, despite the flagrant violations of political sense.

The YouTube ad featuring Cain’s extraordinarily non-telegenic chief of staff smoking on camera was nothing short of bizarre, but it worked precisely as intended. Cain’s debate performances have been inconsistent at best, but he has managed to avoid any Walter Mondale moments. While many of the other candidates have more-established bases of support, better-founded fundraising teams and much stronger ties to the Republican establishment, Cain has played up his outsider status without deliberately insulting as-yet undecided Republicans.

And, on the off chance you missed it, Cain is a black man. Cain is a conservative black man. To the Democratic/liberal elite, which snares the black vote in a web of taxpayer-funded governmental dominance and the exaltation of bloviating transparencies like President Barack Obama, the conservative black man is less appealing than a churchless reverend–turned-cable-host who took part in a conspiracy which involved smearing feces on a teenage girl (not that such an aberration exists or anything).

When the liberal elites dislike something, they ignore it. If it gains in stature, they deplore it. And if it begins to threaten their death grip on their beloved governmental power, they break out the big guns (except for the Brady Campaign guys; theirs are make-believe). Hence, the escalation of the already appalling blitzkrieg on Cain from mundane racist remarks by low-forehead types like Lawrence O’Donnell to the pure-hit piece that appeared on POLITICO and has since become the key talking point across the corporate media. Entitled “Herman Cain accused by two women of inappropriate behavior,” the story was a vague mashup of nonspecific allegations, unconfirmed documents and faceless sources.

The sources — including the recollections of close associates and other documentation — describe episodes that left the women upset and offended… There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable and that they regarded as improper in a professional relationship.

“Not overtly sexual but that… made [them] uncomfortable…” Really? What’s the matter, ladies? Did mean old Mr. Cain suggest those vertical stripes don’t suit you? What a cad.

Granted, the National Restaurant Association did settle complaints against Cain, reportedly for five figures. But such small settlements in the age of vermin like John Banzhaf and John Edwards are more indicative of the fact that it’s cheaper to pay vermin to leave than it is to try to exterminate them in the courtroom.

Although the POLITICO hit piece is already unraveling, the usual liberal suspects are clinging desperately to its weak threads. As expected, MSNBC took the lead with Democratic mouthpiece Chris Matthews actually congratulating one of the POLITICO “plumbers” for the drivel. The rest of the liberal media legions have followed suit, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and the tinfoil-hat wing of the blogosphere. Actually, they’re noteworthy for having spent more than a year ignoring the absolutely true allegations against Edwards.

A button-man scrap of quasi-journalism is directed against a rising black conservative at a time when the liberals’ alleged savior is stumbling like a Kennedy leaving a partially submerged car in a creek near a Massachusetts town. I’m sure the timing is purely coincidental and not in any way by design. After all, the corporate media would never trot out some cellophane-thin tale of this nature for political or — horrors — racial reasons.

The real lesson in this full court press against Cain is an old one. The same liberals who had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the truth about their idols — Kennedy (pick one), Bill Clinton, Edwards, Eliot Spitzer and David Patterson, to name but a few — only to promptly excuse and/or forgive them stand at attention at the front of the line to tie the noose around Cain’s neck. Maybe they still have the one they tried on Clarence Thomas.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Whatever Cain is, he is not a community organizer. The ‘woman’ issue is great for coffee shop debate (and maybe those who stoop to watch Oprah or that banshee known as Behar). The FACT remains that perople don’t get into trouble over ALLEGATIONS.
    In the progressive’s world, an old technique known as the Napoleonic Code is used like a club [you are guilty until/unless you are proven innocent]. Does it need to be said that the Constitution does NOT use or need the Napoleonic Code?
    By now, most rational adults should realize that the ‘woman issue’ wasn’t brought up to show how much “some” people care about the quality of presidential candidates. The ONLY reason it was brought up is to GET RID OF a certain candidate.
    Cain will rise or fall on his own. He doesn’t need my help. In Cain’s defense, he is NOT a community organizer, he DOES have practical, real-life experience in business, he knows what’s WRONG about spending money that doesn’t exist, he can balance his own checkbook, he doesn’t seem to have plans for having both of his hands in my pockets, AND he doesn’t seem to have any use for the likes of Lenin, Marx, Mao, Alinsky or the poser-prez in the White House.
    We’ll see what happens. Until then, up the rebels, down with Obummer and you miserable bastards who tried to do a job on Clarence Thomas, you KNOW what you can do with your third-rate witchhunt this time. Look up Anita Hill. Maybe she can tell you the downside of WAITING FOR YEARS to ACCUSE someone of an ALLEGED crime, you pathetic schmucks.

    • Truthseeker

      I can assure you he will have both hands in your pockets when he is done with you and the rest of us. The 9-9-9 plan is made out to sound terriffic. But who wants a new federal sales tax? I don’t. Later it will be 10-10-10 and then 12-12-12 and so on. How about we do this- Just fire or lay off enough federal government workers until the tax that is collected now is enough to fund everything? Why not propose that! It’s called living within your means. It’s what all of us regular working class people have to do every minute of every day. And better yet, propose a plan by which we can free ourselves from the corrupt federal reserve and create our own money without the debt of interest that they get from us now? How about some real solutions to what is plagueing America? It’s called the TRUTH. And THAT is what is lacking by all of the candidates except for one. Herman Cain will give you and I the same tax and spend, regulate and control that has become the burden we want to be free of.

      • Vagabond

        spoken like a true liberal democrat truthseeker,

        • Lastmanstanding

          sounds to me like your the liberal truthseeker.

          • http://personalLiberty uptodate

            Where were you and all you other libs when that sexual predator clinton was in the White House?
            We had to put up with him even after he was impeached. He should have been thrown out on
            his arse. And you are complaining about Cain?

        • eddie47d

          I thought Conservatives wanted their candidates vetted before the actual elections. Apparently not. It was a Republican campaign worker who brought this up and said he saw Cain making sexual suggestions. So strike two in blaming Liberals. Strike three is the fact that Cain flip flopped on the issue more than once. Strike four is when Cain blamed the Perry Campaign for exposing these sexual harassment charges. Must be all those Liberals working for Perry …Right? Playing politics Ben? Not a chance ….Right?

          • wandamurline

            Everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Let me tell you about suing. My husband and I got sued after we sold our business by a client who purchase a manufactured home form us. We called the state and had an inspection done and the state exonerated us and told the homeowner that they were responsible for maintenance on their home. That did not stop them….they continued on with the suit because we had insurance to protect the company at the time the home was sold. Although we were innocent, the insurance company lawyer settled out of court because it would cost more to take it to court because even if we won, which we would have, the insurance company could not get reimbursed from the plaintiff for court fees, etc. Now, Texas, has done some tort reform this year….it is called “You Pay” and what it does is if you file suit against someone and you lose, then you are made to pay the defendant’s attorney fees and court costs. No longer will the insurance companies be forced to pay out of court…they can go to court and get reimbursed. This is a scam that has been going on for decades and the attornies in Texas were screaming. Cain’s thing seems to be about the same….cry wolf, and the company pays you off so they don’t have to deal with you.

          • Greg T

            If the “Republican campaign worker” you are talking about works for the Republican Perry campaign, then you might be right about the source. But that does not mean that the truth is being “vetted” here.

            Also, the Washington Times article that mentions the Perry staffer also mentioned that Rahm Emanuel might actually be at the source of the leaks due to his ties with the restaurant industry.

          • eddie47d

            The problem is Wanda that you did not challange the attacks against Liberals but accepted it as fact. I understand that in the eyes of Conservatives Liberals are guilty until proven more guilty.

        • Rhondar

          Spoken like a true PATRIOT….he’s right…Cain will keep up the tax and spend status quo…all of them will but DR. RON PAUL !!!

          • Truthseeker

            @ Rhondar – Thankyou for speaking up for me. I have never been called a liberal by anybody who knows me. Those of you who have read my posts know what I stand for. I too support Ron Paul. I like a lot of what Cain says, but I don’t believe he will free us from the web of bondage that has been wrapped around us. I believe he is bought and paid for by the ruling elite and the regulations and anti constitutional laws will persist. If Cain is elected, I believe we will see more government regulation, much more taxation and less freedom for all of us ” The People”. The 9-9-9 plan will create a whole new federal tax! Another sales tax on top of the tax that I already pay here in CA. This will create more paper work and more collection efforts and more bureaucracy. A better plan is this- Lay off federal workers in all the alphabet agencies! Abolish the IRS. Have no corporate tax. End all social give aways. End all foriegn aid, except to Israel. Abolish the federal reserve and have ” congress coin money and regulate the value there of “. Repeal NAFT and GATT ! Does this sound liberal to you? God Bless America!

        • Freedom

          I thought all liberal like all tax increases, except on themselves, AKA Timothy “Tax Evader” Geitner, and others.???????

      • Chaz

        The 9-9-9 plan would eliminate 97% of IRS employees. It would eliminate over 1.8 million pages of tax code. it would elimanate free money to non working slugs who do nothing, yet collect $4000.00 refunds. Thes cuts alone justify the plan. Your assessment is flawed with all kinds of missinformation.

        • Average Joe

          Nice try, but still not buying the 999 BS….is this a tax plan or is he trying to sell me a pizza?…either way, I’m not buying it.

          • Jerry M

            How is that Obama koolade working out for you?

          • Average Joe

            Jerry M,
            Has mental retardation been a part of your family tree…or are you just being the exception? IO believe that is you do a bit of research, you’ll find the 1) I am a conservative, 2) Te site that I linked to…is a conservative site, and 30 Just because someone doesn’t agree with “your” personal choice of candidates…doesn’t make them anything other than “in disagreement” with you. Considering the way you came out of the gate with your uninformed opinion, I have to wonder if maybe….you are the one drinking the Obama Koolaid? Grow a brain and fill it with intelligence…two things that you appear to be lacking.

          • Average Joe

            My appologies for any misspellings…keyboard issues today…someone (other than me) spilled soda on it last night and the keys are still sticky.

          • Lee

            Why not get rid of the IRS and the FED, and implement the FairTax? If it is implemented correctly, it would free ALL of Americans from any Federal INCOME tax!!!!! Why isn’t anyone checking this out? Or do you like being a slave to Big Brother? Think about it! NO MORE INCOME TAX! Go to and learn how it works, then educate others, then push our representatives for it. The government doesn’t want it, because it gets rid of the slave driver, the IRS. Aren’t you tired of living in fear of the IRS????

          • coal miner

            Average Joe 1

            “My appologies for any misspellings…keyboard issues today…someone (other than me) spilled soda on it last night and the keys are still sticky”.

            Joe,I think its the system.My computer has being acting up all day.I also having missing words and letters.Full sentences some time are absent when I post them.

        • Rhondar


          I like the ZERO income tax better. Cut the size of government so drastically and give the power back to the states per the constitution

        • Truthseeker

          @ Chaz- OK, if the 999 plan eliminates 97% of the IRS employees, then why have the 3% remaining. Just completly abolish 100% of IRS employees! On the 999 plan the 97% of IRS employees will now work in the new Federal Sales Tax dept! I don’t want to pay all of this tax for the bureaucrats to continue to spend for themselves. The IRS employees can go and get real jobs where they have to do real work. Same goes for the federal employees! Lay em off and make em get real jobs creating something of value or providing a service in the free market. I want to be free of them having control of me and my money! I want the original pre 1812 constitution to be the law of the land.

      • LTCB

        You need to change your handle from “truthseeker” to “thumbsucker”. I may not endorse all I hear about Mr. Cain but, EVERYTHING said about this man is SO much better than what I hear about OBAMA (evern from himself and his own staff) that I cannot wait to see who the Republican party nominates because I will be voting ANYTHING BUT A DEMONCRAT.

        • Lastmanstanding

          I was raised conservative republican…I am now more conservative libertarian/repub. for whatever that means…

          Herman Cain is NOT the answer…his ties to the fed should be enough info for you…he will just be more of the same… WTFU.

          • Karen

            Really? What exactly did he DO with the fed that would mean More or the same? Is it the fact that he probably understands how this very secretive institution works on the inside? I should think that would be a good thing. What did he actually do that he would do again according to your analysis? Or do you have any analysis? Are you just repeating talking points dished out by the opposition without any real understanding of what his job actually was? If you knew what he actually did for them, you would see that it is a very trivial excuse for not voting for him. The 9 9 9 is a bigger issue as I don’t agree with both an income tax AND a sales tax, but if he wins, there is no realistic reason to think Congress will go along with the 999 without some serious modifications. Choose the person on the basis of his moral integrity and his belief in the constitition, not on the basis of one proposal that will never go through without being modified and rewritten. And give support for statements that suggest he would do something awful just beceause he had connections with an organization that we don’t like.

          • ChristyK

            Herman Cain said that anyone who wants to audit the Fed is ignorant, they should just call the Fed and ask for the information. He then later lied and said that he didn’t say it even though you can watch the video of him calling all the anti-Fed people ignorant.

            He also said that his favorite Fed chairman was Greenspan (He should know Greenspan well since Greenspan was Cain’s boss). Greenspan has stated that the Income tax is not needed for income, just to control people. If we need money, we can just print more. If Cain supports Greenspan, he isn’t anywhere near conservative (or trustworthy either). He can’t be running to support our freedom.

        • Truthseeker

          @LTCB- Ya know, I’ve never gone out of my way to do name calling. You decide to attack me by calling me ” thumbsucker”. I don’t agree with you about who is the best candidate for the pres and you start name calling. Every thing I’ve said is the best representation that I believe is the truth. As truthful as I can be with out any bias or hate involved. I have said what I believe and you and others have decided to bash me and call me names. Tell me, how does this help or advance your message? All I want is for us to be free from the IRS and all of the other government agencies that have been created for no other reason than to micro manage and control every aspect of our daily lives. If you do not share this instrinsic instinct to be free, than all of your efforts are meaningless.

        • Joe H.

          If you like cains bonafides, you must REALLY LOVE Ron Paul!! He’s head and shoulders above the rest!!

          • Joe H.

            That was directed to LTCB.

      • voted against carter


        You are an IDIOT. STOP proving it with every statement you make.

        PLEASE remove your asshat prior to posting in the future.

        • bob wire

          You might consider you own advise, I find it sound.

      • hernan1056

        Here’s a newsflash for you “Truthseeker” – I AM a federal worker and guess what, I live within my means, PAY TAXES AS WELL, and yes, just like the regular working class that you refer to, I do that every minute of every day – without government hand outs. How about you live up to your moniker and go about seeking some truth by yourself instead of believing everything you hear from the less than credible “liberal media.”

        • The Obama Timeline author

          Technically, federal employees do not pay any income taxes. They are paid with the income taxes of others. They pay zero income taxes, because their net pay is actually their gross pay. The rest is accounting fraud.

          • eddie47d

            Oh please there you go again Gerry rigging someones wages with gobbledygook.

        • Joe H.

          Yes, you pay taxes. you pay taxes FROM taxes. There is a difference. Exactly what do you produce? Besides paperwork, I mean. Even that is different you see, a private employer has people that make paperwork for him, but it is in the production of a commodity.

      • Aniko

        Spoken like true Paul-bot, whose supporters are out n droves on OWS protests! If nothing else, the Byzantine tax code of the IRS, ALL of which consists of age-old carve-outs for special interest groups, SHOULD be addressed. Herman Cain would like taxation to be transparent and understandable to each and every individual taxpayer. IT certainly can use some tweaking and listening to Mr. Cain it WILL get tweaked. I credit him for boldly bringing up the issues, where other candidates can only follow, but HE LEADS!
        Ron Paul WILL NOT BE Republican candidate!

      • The Obama Timeline author

        Why do the people who warn of 9-9-9 turning into 12-12-12 not realize that Obama wants to turn 35 into 39.6?

        The truth is that if everyone pays the same rate, then everyone will oppose its increase. That is a vast improvement over the current situation, where Obama can engage in class warfare and promise those at the low rates t hat they will soon get a zero rate, while those evil producers in society get bumped up to 39.6%.

      • moonbeam

        You are dog gone right about that, TruthSeeker. My mind was already made up about Cain weeks and weeks ago.

        Cain is a pig just like Clarence Thomas is a pig. Cain is flip-flopping and back-stepping on his various explanations for his behavior. Deny…”I know of a payment, not settlement”. I laughed my head off at his sorry ass attempt at semantics. First he said he didn’t know of ANY money to anybody. LIAR!

        Now, just look at the close resemblance between these two guys. I can tell you for a FACT that men who look like them are most often inappropriately verbally and physically sexually suggestive towards women.

        These two are not what you would call “handsome” men. In fact, they’re ugly by most women’s standards…So, they try to use what they THINK they know about sex to lure a woman into their lair. Didn’t work. They actually made themselves quite disgusting…pigs the both of them.

        Goodbye Cain. Don’t let the door knob hitcha. Pig.

        • libertytrain

          Goodness, Judge and Jury. Tacky comment. Men who look like them? Good grief.

          • Joe H.

            goodness is right. not only convicting on body language, now looks!! DAm, theres an awful lot of us men in BIIIGGG trouble!!!! LOL!!

          • libertytrain

            I would tell you Joe, that these are the kind of women that put a bad name on women and scare employers to death…There are bad men as well, but it sure isn’t only about their looks. Ted Bundy was a very nice looking guy, which is why the women he killed weren’t immediately frightened of him – he kind of reminds me of the bill clinton style-man. Now I’m being judgmental. Whoops.

          • coal miner

            I don’t think looks has got anything to do with it.Some of the worst mass murderers in history were good looking.

            What about Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin?He was nice looking.He murdered millons of men,women and children. There were others, Karla Faye Tucker,Barbara Graham,Kenneth Allen Mcduff and too many to count.They all had one thing in common,they were all good looking,but they were also very lethal.

          • Joe H.

            coal miner,
            My wife saw your post and just about GAGGED!!! She says STALIN HANDSOM????

          • libertytrain

            I don’t believe looks have anything to do with sexual harassment. I’ve been harassed by great looking guys and not so great looking guys in my younger days. But who really gives a flying rat’s rear?

          • coal miner


            Wrong Joe, your wife better have her eyes check,They ran a survey in nineteen thirty eight,eighty seven percent of the women world wide said Joseeph Stalin was a very hansome and attractive man.Some of them even wrote love letters to him,of course he made never have read them.

            “In any case, Stalin was far more talented, even intellectually, than Trotsky supposed. He was a highly skilled and tenacious guerilla fighter, bank-robber and organizer in the pre-revolutionary period; and during his numerous exiles and escapes from exile he acquired endurance, prudence, ingenuity and watchfulness. (He was a very good judge of character, and could be very charming and attractive, strange as it may seem, to women, without ever being controlled by them). As Simon Sebag Montefiore’s biographical researches have revealed, he knew several languages, had a fine voice, was thought to be a considerable poet, liked to instruct people in Shakespeare and art and music, and read voraciously in many subjects. “Far from being the colourless bureaucratic mediocrity disdained by Trotsky, the real Stalin was an energetic and vainglorious melodramatist who was exceptional in every way.”–Written by vladmir Moses

        • Opal the Gem

          And I bet you believe Bill and Hill forgot all about investing in Whitewater too.

    • JTB

      Very, very well said! I agree with everything you say! Go get em Cain!

    • Vagabond

      BRAVO S C. givem hell. t6hey deserve it. I am STILL a CAIN man and have no plans for changing. count this redneck southern boy firmly in the CAIN camp,

    • Cassandra Texas

      We should not be using the cosmetic term ‘community organizer’. Rather, we should say more aptly ‘community agitator’.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Cain is unraveling. This is upsetting. He could be a great president and comes with a lot of business sense to get America back. How he handles all this will either be his undoing, or lead him to victory over the others seeking the nomination. It’s not only disappointing to watch, but sad. I hope he can get past it.

    • Rhondar

      No…he would not be a great president. He’s clueless about the economy. He wrote articles denying the housing bubble right up until it burst??? Then he made the statement that the Federal Reserve doesn’t need to be audited???

      He’s blind as a bat without the sonar

      • moonbeam

        I’m with you Rhondar. Cain would not make a good president. He would be another Obama in his policies. Spend and tax…spend and tax.

  • Doc Sarvis

    People don’t get into trouble over allegations, but allegations can be troubling.

    • The Obama Timeline author

      If only the media had gone after Clinton and Edward with the same enthusiasm they have for destroying Cain (and Perry, and Paul, and Gingrich, and Bachmann, and Paul).

      Clinton commits rape (Juanita Broaddrick) and that’s ignored and excused. Cain’s company (probably) paid off a troublemaker employee and he gets crucified.

      • eddie47d

        Boo Hoo Hoo! Edwards was in the news 24/7 and got skunked by the press numerous times.Now that you are playing morality police then how about the Republican pollster(Chris Wilson) who worked for Cain and was there when Cain sexually harassed a lady in Arlington,Va in the 90′s. How about Steve Deace a Christian Conservative radio talk show host in Des Moines Ia. Said that Cain inappropriately said things to his staff at the station. When the sexual merry go round gets cranking it’s not biased towards either Democrats or Republicans.

      • Joe H.

        Timeline author,
        Then there’s the worst one, Eddie Kennedy!!! commited vehicular homicide and got off scott free! Bet he’s not having to pay a heat bill where he’s at now, though!!!

  • Forrest

    Your lead-off paragraph may be the best explanation of Mr. Cain’s growing popularity. I would like to believe that the discriminating (capable of thinking beyond the extension of the remote control device) voters of this great nation are tired of and fed-up with politicians who apparently have less understanding of this nation’s history, philosophy, and vision than the current occupant of the White House.

  • VIC

    I truly hope all this BS backfires in their face. I hope whoever is behind this is exposed. Money can buy a lot of favors when you want to discredit someone. This has only caused me to contribute to Mr. Cain and back him even more. Somebody is really scared to have to stoop this low.

    • Brad J.

      It sounds to me as if someone high up in the Obama administration is paying off some people to discredit Cain at any cost. It amazes me how so many political figures have a tendency to bad mouth everyone about anything they can and totally dance around the important issues at hand, just for the sake of feeding their party more steroid-power. Cain has said that his plan could very well be a 9-0-9 plan. A flat tax, whether it be Perry’s plan or Cain’s plan, is far better than the mess we currently have. Put more money in the pockets of the American people (no Federal payroll tax) and you will see Capitalism work its magic, because you and I will go out and spend more money on consumer goods in lieu of spending our money on just our mortgages, utilities, etc. Nobody is buying anything right now. You’ve got to strengthen the middle-class work force. Oh yes, and please buy American! After a few years, you will see more growth in our society. Things can be fixed. Just get rid of all the political greed. That’s why I like Cain. He’s NOT a politician. It’s rather amusing how the Dems are putting down Cain for this sexual harassment issue, when their beloved Bill Clinton had sex (oh, I forgot, it really wasn’t sex) with Monica L (and then lied about it under oath). Of course, that gets a pass. And sure, some Republicans are coming out against Cain on this issue as well, but please take note whose campaign they are working for.

      • The Obama Timeline author

        I smell the stench of David Axelrod…

    • Rhondar

      Better to know the truth…whatever it will be

    • moonbeam

      What one does in the dark always come to the light. This, if it happened, would have eventually come out in the wash. Always does and where there is smoke there is fire. No one had to try to destroy him, he’s doing a good job of it all by himself. Thinking with the wrong head…yet again.

      Oh, and don’t think his wife doesn’t know he does this stuff. She’s been married to him for 43 years. Believe me, she knows what he does.

      I decided against Cain long before this happened. Just makes me glad to know I’m on the right track.

  • Jeryl

    The more I hear about Herman Cain, the more I like the man. There are no perfect men or women in this world. One charge against him was that he’s not qualified to lead the country. Well, Obama isn’t either. On the other hand, Herman Cain is smart enough to put people around him that will give him the input he needs as President, where Obama simply surrounded himself with socialist demagogues. Remember, Obama said, “judge me by the people I surround myself with.” Okay, Mr. President, we’ve seen them and we don’t want them or you. Herman Cain’s not a professional politician and that’s one of the best reasons to vote for him.

  • Wyrdwolf

    The allegation documents on Cain must be similar to Obama’s birth certificate.

    • Barbara

      I like what Wyrdwolf said about the allegations on Cain are similar to obama’s birth certificate…it’s simply not real!!! Hahahaha, I just love that!

      • JTB

        I hadn’t heard that Barbara but I like it too!

    • Rhondar

      So you believed Cain harrassed these women?

      • moonbeam

        Yes, I do believe it.

        • Joe H.

          just a question. what do you base that on??

  • m

    Cain has all the conservative hypnotized just like obumer did the country in ’08 with his B.S. It is just voodoo.wake up! What make you
    think he will be beter than the other Republican candidates. Yeh he is
    better at B.S. and Lies just like obumer

  • M.Alice Woolard

    Isn’t it fun that tis came to light when a past employ of CAINs went to work on the Perry team?

  • Patriot1776

    How easily the attention of this country is redirected at the beck and call of the liberals. Obama has ceased doing the job that we, the tax payers of this country pay him $400,000 per year to do and has been out campaigning for the next election. He has made no attempt to work with congress to accomplish anything worth while. Congress has made no effort to justify their existence and have in fact turned over the reigns of the country to obama to rule by executive order, sending our heros in the military into yet another war zone. What is the news covering? A half-baked story based on inuendo about a conservative black man.

  • chitown

    The scandal comes during a time when all the Obama administration’s involvement in their own scandals grows such as the Solyndra, Light Squared, Fast and Furious, and another company (whose name I can’t recall, just claim Chapter 13 bankrupcy). Cain’s scandal has been taken up by all the media to overshadow how deep this administration and members of Congress is involved in their own scandals.

    Also being lost and not discussed by the media is the fact that Obama intends to issue MORE Executive Orders, at a faster pace, to push his marxist agendas, bypassing Congress.

    Today Washington Times reports Rahm Emmanuel was involved with Cain’s scandal by releasing the information regarding the Restaurant Assn. Emmanuel’s involvement with all the WH scandals is probably in jeopardy as he’s walks away when asked by reporters “what he knew about …”.

    • Jeryl

      Where on God’s good earth did President’s ever get the idea that they could ignore the Constitution and legislate from the White House? Obama would be impeached if we had any real Congressional leadership.

    • Rhondar

      Face it most Americans don’t care about sex scandals. Obama has a lot of gay skeletons in his closet…no one cared. Perry also is rumored to be partying with strippers and bisexual too. People don’t really care about it but maybe they should.

  • Barbara

    Right, just another case of the tail wagging the dog!

  • Tazio2013

    There is absolutely no possibility whatsoever that HC will be POTUS 45 and anybody having average intelligence and a rational thinking process knows this to be true. My only question for the white wing wackos and the fundamentalist evangelical christian extremists; i.e., +/- 25% of Republican voters, is this: Why do you continue to support HC; a FECE completely unqualified to be POTUS who proudly and continually proclaims his ignorance re things that matter? The Democrats must be praying that he wins the nomination.

    Regrettably, it appears that Willard “Mittens” Romney will be the nominee thus assuring the re-election of BHO.

    I look forward to you replies.

    • JTB

      My reply to you is: You’re an Idiot!

      • Rhondar

        then THANK GOD FOR IDIOTS !

    • Vagabond

      tazio you sound just like some knee jerk liberal democratic IDIOT,

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Tazio2013… Herman Cain’s resume far exceeds our current prez. He couldn’t do any worse than what we have in the WH now. I sincerely hope he gets the nomination. No candidate is going to be perfect. How he handles this mess will show his true colors.

      • Rhondar

        Cain has already bungled it

      • eyeswideopen

        Robin, hate to inform you of this little fact, but Mr. Cain had 10 days prior notice before this went public. Even with this notice, he can’t seem to get his story straight. Why is that?

        • Joe H.

          you mean like “That depends on what the word is is”????? Or ” I was never alone with that woman”???? Or my personal fav, ” I never had sexual relations with that woman”??? now the last two were especially good considering that congress had a certain semen stained dress!!!

    • McAuliffe 3

      Hey, Tin Man! If you only had a brain. Shut up!

    • VIC

      BHO people are scared to death of CAIN because they know he can beat and destroy BHO in ANY debate. That’s why this scandal was started against CAIN. Bye Bye BHO – we want our country back GO CAIN

      • Rhondar

        Any one of the GOP candidates can clean Obama’s clock in a debate given his poor performance…the question being who will do it best. Ron Paul is the cleanest most consistent ANTI OBAMA candidate

        • Joe H.

          Especially if they kidnap his teleprompter again!!!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Steve Gross





    • VIC

      AMEN – Will do today.

    • eddie47d

      Yes victory through lies. Blame the Liberals and everything will go away. You swallowed that line for so long you can’t think any differently. Truth be damned. Yes please do donate your money if it makes you feel better.

      • Brad J.

        Eddie. Are you really happy with the current situation in our country? Dems want to blame Republicans for our situation today and that Obama only inherited this mess. But, our problems actually started back in 2006. Sure, Bush was the president, but Congress was taken over by the Dems that year. The president can not legislate from the White House alone. He has to run everything through Congress. Of course, Obama as of late, seems to be bypassing Congress. He should be impeached. He has done so many things unconstitutionally during his tenure as President, that if he were a conservative Republican, the Dems would have crucified him long ago.

        • Brad

          Amen Brad J, Well put, Eddie just loves putting his lying foot into his mouth. May be he’ll donate to Ohmamas re-election campaign!

        • eddie47d

          The issue is Cain so duck and cover all you want Brad # 2.Is he a credible candidate or not? Attacking Obama will not solve this Cain quandary. Apparently this is not a manufactured complaint and there is enough proof to assume that it happened. If you want your candidate to have integrity then now is your chance to find out before he becomes President or is your integrity only one sided? If you can expose faults in Obama then go for it but don’t go around thinking Cain is going to be your “savior”.

      • Joe H.

        already donated my money, TO RON PAUL!!!

    • Average Joe


      Wow, now there’s a great reason to vote for Herman Cain (JUST TO SHOW THE BACK STABBING, LYING LIBERAL SOB’S WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.)NOT!

      …..Nah, I’ll stick with Ron Paul…for the right reasons.

      • DaveH
        • Average Joe

          I actually have the PDF on my computer… to reference from time to time.

        • coal miner

          These silly sexual allegations are totally worthless,first it was Bill Clinton,John Edwards,Newt Gingrich and now Herman Cain.We need to focus on the economy,not some politician’s sexual rendezvous.

    • Rhondar

      He IS a politician…he’s run for office twice since 2000 and lost both times….he’s just not a very good one

    • Tazio2013

      A fool and his money are soon parted!

  • Mcinator

    I don’t know about the rest of the voters on either side of the political aisle but I’m sick and tired of these career politicians that are “polished”, debate very well, promise us the world yet give us nothing but headaches, unemployment and debt. Any of the Republicans would be an infinitely better President than our present one that can’t even give a decent speech without a teleprompter, yet still can’t speak without continuously stuttering and stammering. That jerk isn’t even polished. This is the best the Democratic party has to offer? Oh yes, don’t forget about the other mentally challenged, big Joe.

    Herman Cain is a refreshing departure from the stereotype politician of the last 100 years or so. He’s a throwback from our founding fathers that was a skilled tradesman, farmer, or other occupation then decides to serve his country in public office. He has the practical experience that is necessary to make an EDUCATED decision, wisdom to provide LEADERSHIP, and HONESTY to lead us without the corruption we constantly are suffering with these conniving bunch of lawyers that presently are robbing our national resources. We are being taxed to death yet receive very little in return because we elect these career politicians with intentions of money and power instead of honorably serving the American public. Herman Cain definitely does NOT fall into that category. He is definitely electable and an excellent leader.

    • Vagabond

      so very well put Mcinator. and so very true. you and S C have the most profound post I have read so far,

      • eddie47d

        What else would a Republican do but like SC’s comments. Anita Hill was sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas but men like their women as sex objects and will give another man a free pass.You were also adamant about getting a Conservative Justice on the bench that you sacrificed a woman’s testimony to achieve that victory.

    • DaveH

      Are you speaking about the same Herman Cain I know?
      The Herman Cain who was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City?
      The Herman Cain who says we need MORE National Security? As if we don’t already have enough spooks knocking down peoples’ doors already?
      And Herman Cain doesn’t think Government is doing enough? Oh yeah, for 40 years now they’ve been enriching the Drug Lords, raiding innocent peoples’ homes with terrifying and oftentimes deadly results, costing us tens of billions of dollars every year, and all for substances that kill fewer people than Prescription Drugs. And Herman Cain wants to Fight the Drug Wars harder?
      The Herman Cain who will look the audience straight in the face and vehemently deny the Truth?

      It’s no wonder we can’t stop the growth of Leviathan Government in this Once Free country. Too many apathetic people who choose their candidates from a few sound bites and blatant liars.

      • Rhondar

        DaveH….that was a GREAT VIDEO

        That alone should stop anybody from considering Herman Cain for president !

        HE LIES

        • Brad

          Any one with video editing capabilities can edit the same thing and use it against any presidential candidate, so why Herman Cain, is it because hes black and conservative, in quiring minds want to know…

          • DaveH

            It’s because he’s an establishment Republican. I would prefer a Black candidate, but somebody like Thomas Sowell.

          • Joe H.

            Yadda,Yadda, Yadda, Race card, Yadda Yadda!!!

  • Pastori Balele

    “There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable and that they regarded as improper in a professional relationship?” What a stupid excuse? I am the boss at my org. I can never wink or gesture to a woman in a way she will understand I want or don’t her in privacy. That would spoil working relationship not only between me and the woman but also with other employees. “She is the favorite.” Never ever gesture to a worker under your supervision to understand differently other than work. Cain, as smart human being, should explain what he did or did not do to make these women uncomfortable.

  • pa

    Sadly to say, there will be more allegations until one sticks. Cain needs a little duck oil on his back.

    Don’t argue with an idiot. He’ll just wear you down to his level and beat you with experience.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Cain should have stated the facts and not made conflicting statements.I do not remember,oh those unfounded allegations.etc,etc.The changing story is what is hurting him

    • Brad

      Oh really, that’s why his campaign received it’s highest donations, a lot of people don’t view it that way.

      • eddie47d

        Is that like Romney changing his stories on a weekly basis. Republicans condemn Democrats when they flip flop (change stories) but now that a couple of Republicans are doing it it’s fine and dandy.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        a fool and his money are soon parted

  • Johnny Galt

    Herman Cain is a world elitist who is just biding his time. Romney a pure establishment politician who is consistently inconsistent, and a danger to our country. The same goes with the rest of the pack, with the exception of Ron Paul. Ron Paul doesn’t lie. Ron Paul doesn’t make deals with lobbyists. Ron Paul fights for getting back and retaining our individual freedoms. Ron Paul has been married to the same woman for over 50 years. Ron Paul has never voted in favor of a tax increase, and wants to abolish the IRS, and end the income tax. Ron Paul is not a war-monger, and will recall all of the troops from overseas. Ron Paul will balance the budget and work towards paying off our National debt. NONE of the other candidates, including Obama, will do any of this. A vote for any other candidate is simply voting for more of the same. More debt. More loss of freedom. More taxes. You have no rational or moral choice other than to choose Ron Paul.

  • theo

    When a woman says that she feels uncomfortable, What does it mean?

    • s c

      theo, in politics, when a woman says something like ‘she’s uncomfortable,’ it probably means that she’s a dumbed-down pc Nazi, she’s happy being hormone-driven, she can be persuaded by things that most most mortals see as crap, she probably doesn’t like men, and she may not like herself.
      In the case of those women who are playing games a matter that they’re too damned dumb to understand “what is is,” it probably means they’re money-hungry and they want a lawyer to make them rich so they go through life being the miserable schmuckettes they already are.
      Don’t quote me, theo, but that is is probably close to what’s going on and rarely is said in the farkin,’ hobag media.

    • Rhondar

      It usually means I’m just hear to work and don’t care about your sexual needs. As a woman who has worked over 40 years in office situations there are many things said and done in the work place that are intimidating to say the least. Even if they don’t come out and physically assault you, you are propositioned directly or indirectly. I never sued I just tried to transfer or get another job but it’s really not fair to women to have to put up with it. The more power a man has the more prone he is to think he should get what he wants….if he’s smart he will take his needs outside the job but most aren’t that smart.

      I have even had gay women sexually harrass me so it’s not confined to me. I don’t know why people have to take their sex lives into the workplace. I never did

      • Rhondar

        ooops sorry that was full of typos

        Anyway I’m not saying Cain did this but when there is smoke there is usually fire. If he did he’s extremely stupid

        • Brad

          Right now it’s all about what he said and she said, and the MSM is trying to bloww the entire situation out of the water. If the resturaunt association od america really wanted the truth published they would have lifted the confidentiality agreement and allow both sides their time to explain what happened. Until that happens we have no idea what truely occured and the vast majority are jumping to conclusions without all the evidence, what disgrace we have become.

        • eddie47d

          Should all the facts be in to assure it isn’t a ruse. Absolutely! Cain could come out stronger if he proves differently. Should the facts be in before the lynching begins (The Noose Is Loose). Then how about the weekly lynching of the new black panthers right here on this site. They were exonerated yet the lynchings continues. There weren’t any physical or verbal threats made and no one was intimidated. Nothing but assumptions yet they were tried in the court of public opinion.Two men standing outside a polling place doesn’t constitute any wrong doings. Especially when one of them lived there. Some need to heed the Bible verse “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. Yes it is disgusting how people react to any incident and many have preconceived notions but do you practice what you preach?

        • Joe H.

          there are men like myself that just compliment women and mean nothing BUT the compliment. Like “you look nice today”. Now tell me why the hell I should get in trouble for that. I have been married 35 years to the same woman, never even entertained cheating on her and never will. Some women are just out to get what the hell they can get from any situation!!

          • libertytrain

            “You look nice today” got one Army officer in the hot seat for a bit of time and he really only meant she looked nice that day. He’s no longer complimentary of anyone as a result.

          • Joe H.

            This is EXACTLY what I’m speaking of! I have had women scream at me just for holding the door for them! One lady insulted my mother for picking up a paper she had dropped. What ever happened to common decency???

          • libertytrain

            Joe – there are loser women in equal amounts to loser men — not looser but loser’s…. :) common courtesy, common kindness…. use it and you could be charged with harassment…

    • Tom Dolan

      In some contexts it turns out to mean; legal representation, plaintiff status, legal representation, and ….money.
      The fault here lies not so much with dishonest people benefiting
      from the current law, but the current state of the law which provides perverse incentives.

    • Joe H.

      If you are married to her, it means you better find her a sweater, turn up the thermostat, find a blanket or all three. Or just the opposite if YOU want to be comfortable! Just kiddin!!

  • Daniel

    The more I learn about Herman Cain, the more I dislike the man. First, I learned he was top insider at the Federal Reserve, the private cartel of bankers that have secretly been bailing out foreign & domestic banks and companies with our money, and he doesn’t even want to audit the Fed! Next, he supported TARP, which Reagan’s budget director David Stockman calls “the single greatest economic-policy abomination since the 1930′s or perhaps ever”. He didn’t think there was a housing bubble and said the economy was fine two weeks before Lehman Brothers imploded and almost brought down the world financial system in 2008. He made terrible decisions while on the board at Enron-like Aquila Energy where he was the target of a class action lawsuit by employees who had their retirement savings gutted by Mr. Cain’s actions. And he’s supposed to be an astute businessman? Pleeeaasse!!! He supported Romney in 2008, his nein-nein-nein tax plan is revenue-neutral tax shifting; haven’t seen where he wants to radically cut spending. He didn’t even know the other day that China already has nuclear capabilities. He’s not ready for prime-time, frankly, it’s a little scary contemplating him being near the “nuclear trigger”.

    • Rhondar

      WOW…I didn’t know all that about him. Thanks Daniel

    • Joe H.

      don’t tell me you’re a obummer supporter???

  • Robert

    This has moved beyond the original allegations and Politico story. The damage will come more from the campaign handling of the story and not from the original piece.

    They had to know this would come out and chose not to address it with a preemptive strike or have a plan in place when it did. They got caught with their pants down even though they knew the door was going to open. And now the campaign is trying to make it about who leaked the info throwing fuel onto the fire by pointing fingers in every direction.

    Cain needs to call a closed door campaign meeting, come clean with the details, and go forward with a press conference. Humbling himself, apologizing to Perry and Romney campaigns and even to Politico. His supporters have already proven they are willing to stand behind him through this, so why not make them his strongest tool.

    If he stands before everyone with his wife at his side, and says “yes these allegations did come up, and yes they were investigated and found baseless, and yes the NRA did settle with these ladies. My campaign made mistakes in handling this, and there is plenty of blame to go around, but ultimately I am the CEO of the campaign and I am in charge. So right now I am taking responsibility, we will not play the blame game that so many politicians are fond of playing. I apologize for allegations my campaign has made against the other candidates and against other people. We need to get back to fixing this country and I will let the facts of these cases that were dismissed years ago speak for themselves.” he will emerge stronger for it.

    I’m still a Cain supporter, but the campaign is letting itself get off message instead of taking control.

    • Rhondar

      but how can you be a Cain supporter in light of all the information people here are providing about what a phony he is?

  • mark

    The Perry campaign leaked this story to the media. Perry wants desperately to sink Cain’s campaign so he can get back in the race as a serious campaigner. All this anger at the media is misplaced this is an inside Republican hatchet job. When it comes to this kind of dirty, backstabbing politics, they’re the best. Remember John McCain’s nonexistent illegitimate black child in the 2004 campaign? That came from Bush operatives. Then the prescription drug problem of Mrs. Cain 2008. That came from Gingrich. These guys could certainly give the liberal media lessons in character assasination. They’re the pros.

    • Rhondar

      Perry is a dirty fighter….I’ve seen him do this over and over again so I wouldn’t put it past him. He also lies even when he knows we know he’s lying…that’s why he will NEVER be the nominee…too many skeletons

  • Joyceann

    I’m on the CAIN TRAIN. I want a constiution loving non-political person with common sense for President. They can throw anything they want at him or about him and I won’t care. The corruption of government has jaded me in shock value. I WILL RIDE THE TRAIN TO THE WHITE HOUSE, AND PUT BACK THE FLAG OF THE USA PROUDLY. The only reason not to vote for CAIN is to find out he is a secret socialist like our President.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wingman

      I’ve been a Cain fan since I first heard about him. He’s worked himself up to this point because of his great upbringing. I don’t give a rats butt what color you are as long as you work and try, and do what’s right. Obama has done nothing but destroy this country and all that it used to stand for. I believe HC is truly sincere in his efforts and since he’s NOT a politician I think he has a good shot at fixing America, or at least get us going back in the right direction. I just don’t understand how ANYBODY could think that socialism or communism could be better than capitalism. Another thing, we need to get rid of the Unions, especially the ones in the public sector. They’re destroying us which is why Obama supports them. His new jobs bill is all about helping them since they so generously contribute to him and the liberal cause. That’s my opinion and I take it with me wherever I go! GO Herman Cain!!!

    • Rhondar


  • Sergio F De Paz

    So what is the big deal about sex induendos? Being a Anty American Communist like Obama and his destructive Zars is the real issue.
    The Liberal (Communist) Media will make a big issue out of the must insignificant matter, like Senator Marco Rubio not being an autentic Cuban Refugee.

    • mark

      What is insignificant to Republicans is hugely important to Democrats. And the reverse is also true. This is politics. We exaggerate the faults of our opponents while we gloss over the very same faults when they are possessed by those we support. Hypocrisy is central to the entire political process.

    • Rhondar

      the media completely ignores the fact that Rubio is a naturalized citizen and therefore inelligible to serve as vice president…that’s the 800# gorilla in the room

    • eddie47d

      Rubio’s family came to America in 1956 for economic gains and not political reasons. It was three full years before Castro came into power. The family requested permanent residency and willingly became US citizens thus no forced exile was involved.

  • Jerry M

    Herman Cain is not perfect and will make some decisions I don’t agree with but Obama has done nothing I agree with since he took office. I can’t think of a single thing. Don’t be too hard on Herman. He is still 10 feet taller than anyone else in the race and is the smartest person I’ve ever studied. Anyone in the high positions Herman has risen to are targets of those who are out for PROFIT and POLITICAL gain.
    Herman Cain scares the liberals to death. They will dig as deep as they can and even lie to discredit him. I sure wish they had looked deeper into Obama before they turned our country over to him. We still don’t know anything about his past.

    • Average Joe

      “He is still 10 feet taller than anyone else in the race and is the smartest person I’ve ever studied”
      …..Haven’t done much studying?

      “Herman Cain scares the liberals to death.”

      I am a staunch conservative…and Herman scares me too….the only thing that scares me more than Herman Cain…is that there people that would actually vote for him….Now that….. scares the hell out of me.

      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • DaveH

        Ron Paul 2012!,_2012

        Ron Paul:
        #1 in the February 12, Washington, D.C. – CPAC Straw Poll.
        #1 in the combined February 27, Phoenix, Arizona – Tea Party Straw Polls.
        #1 in the March 20, Republican Liberty Caucus of California Presidential Straw Poll.
        #1 in the June 18, New Orleans, Louisiana – Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll.
        #1 in the June 19, Clay County, Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll.
        #1 in the August 20, New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll.
        #1 in the September 17, California GOP Straw Poll.
        #1 in the September 12, 2011 Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll, both before and after the debate, but “CNN has not released the full results of this poll, instead holding an online poll which omitted Ron Paul from the choices” – Wikipedia.
        #1 in the September 17, California GOP Straw Poll
        #1 in the October 9, 2011, Washington, D.C. – Values Voter Straw Poll.
        #1 in the October 13, Los Angeles County, California – RPLAC Straw Poll.
        #1 in the October 18, Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston County Republican Party.
        #1 in the October 22, Columbus, Ohio – Ohio GOP Swing State Straw Poll.
        #1 in the October 29, Des Moines, Iowa – National Federation of Republican Assemblies Presidential Straw Poll.

        • DaveH

          Only we the people can overcome the extreme media bias and finally for once in the last 50 years put a man in office who will actually make an effort to shrink the Government Beast down to a more manageable size.
          And Ron can’t do this by himself. We also need to sort through all the chaff and put many more Freedom loving representatives in Congress in 2012. And rid our Congress of those “Tea Party” candidates who betrayed us in the Debt Ceiling vote.

      • Joe H.

        Average Joe,
        I’m in 110% agreement!!!

    • Rhondar

      smartest person running?

      All evidence to the contrary here…address those issues please and prove it

      Cain seems clueless to me trying to get by on his charm

  • DaveH

    Cain is simply another desperate effort by the Establishment Republicans to get anybody in there other than Ron Paul.
    I remember 30 years ago when the Republican Party campaigned on being the party of Small Government. Oh, there were a few, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, etc., and there were some, like Bob Dole, who gave lip-service to Small Government but did the opposite with their votes. But most of the Republicans have aided the Growth of Big Government. Herman Cain will be one of those.
    If you want more of the same, until we reach the point where there is NO TURNING BACK, until some distant time in the future when our country is destitute and people finally figure out the problem, then Herman Cain is your man.

  • Alice

    Isn’t it wonderful that we,conservatives, who are supposed to be so mean are open minded about an issue until it is proved. Isn’t it ironic that the minority-loving liberals are accusing, trying and convicting a man because he is black – without anything more than an accusation from a woman whose statement was vague in the beginning and has faded almost completely over time. If only the majority of minorities could see what socialism is doing to their families.

    • Rhondar

      I’m not a bigot…black has nothing to do with it for me

  • Average Joe

    The trouble with Herman Cain, by Tom Woods

  • Bill

    What is the problem here? Clinton was the greatest president in modern history (so the lamestream media says). This means Cain ought to be outstanding and they should be very pleased to have him. This kind of stuff is a major criteria for a candidate to be acceptable to the left.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    Everybody makes mistakes. Thus, condemning Herman Cain is total hypocrisy. Compared to Clinton, Gingrich, Sanford, etc., Herman Cain
    smells like a rose. In addition, Herman Cain might of made stupid statements. But then, the late great President Reagan made a few boners himself. For example, he stated that “Trees caused pollution”
    and “the bombing of Russia starts in 20 mins.” eventhough he was going to a peace summit. Yet, by his second term, Reagan turned out to be an excellent president. Thus, we need to look at what he can do.
    Thanks!! Herman Cain-Ron Paul in 2012, a winning ticket!!

    • Average Joe

      “Thanks!! Herman Cain-Ron Paul in 2012, a winning ticket!!”
      Not gonna happen…their views are diametrically opposed.
      Ron Paul would never ask Cain to be VP and because of his personal and moral convictions, would likely turn down the offer to be any of the other candidate’s VP.

      Ron Paul / Andrew Naplitano 2012!

    • Thinking About

      With Reagan’s horrible condition through no fault of his own and if you consider his second term his best then it does not take much to fool you.

  • Rhondar

    People who like Cain just want to be entertained….here’s the perfect example of why he’s unelectible…have you ever seen anything like this before? It seemed pretty desperate and dishonest to me.
    Playing the God card…

    Cain is not what I’d consider a true conservative.

    • Average Joe

      lol, nice!!!
      I hope he doesn’t quit his day job slinging pizza….heh

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    If you’re like me, you may ask: Why won’t liberals/democraps, instead of attacking Herman Cain with frivolous allegations of sexual harassment, look for reasons to force RINOs like Huntsman or Romney out of the race for POTUS?? Well, at this point, it appears Huntsman has no chance of nomination. But for some stupid reason, many goofy republicans and RINOs prefer Romney, and he has a good chance of nomination. I think I can understand why liberals, leftists, drones and democraps may want to be the ones to pick the GOP nominee for 2012. Mit-nitwit may or may not be able to defeat BHO in November 2012. And even if Nitwit gets elected POTUS, the left knows he’ll only get one term, as he’s not much different from BHO. The left knows how a large % of ignorant voters will react to the RINO Romney’s (failed) presidency – by putting the democraps back in power in 2014 and 2016, as they did in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

    On the other hand, Herman Cain could be another Ronald Reagan-like success. And if he picks the right running mate for VP, that VP could become POTUS in 2020 and also be successful. And BTW, the nominee’s choice for VP running mate is important. E.g., if he says “Read my lips – no new taxes”, he should stand firm and not cower to democraps as did the first POTUS Bush. Remember – there’s a good chance that the VP candidate of 2012 could be the POTUS nominee of 2020. They could put today’s leftwing Democrap Party out of power for along time, or maybe permanently!! Thus it’s no wonder the left fears Herman Cain, as well as Michelle Bachmann, and (if she runs in the future) Sarah Palin. It’s obvious a RINO Romney presidency could be a temporary minor setback for the left, but firm solid conservatives could be the final nail in the coffin of the liberals’ statist agenda. ….. Finally, if Nitwit Romney is the nominee, the left will NOT vote for him. Like the King of RINOs Colin Powell, they will still endorse and vote for One Big Awful Mistake America as they did on 11/4/2008!!

    • Thinking About

      Talk about the blame game, some of the posts here are quick on the trigger in blaming liberals for everything without the facts which are falling out the sky and pointing to Republicians. Most of all, it seems like some of stories just might have just cause and should point to the guilty one namely Cain. Just who vetted this one?

  • Publius 2012

    Re. the Cain mess. Remenber what happened when Clinton got caught by his treasonous effort giving to Red China highly sensitive missile guidance so they can move up with their arsenal?? Then Monica came along and that was more important to the media than a minor thing like giving our defense away. Now the story is out there regarding Cain’s effort to escape the truth established by his own words about auditing the FED. He managed to change his words with the help of the media, but it doesn’t sell. He said that an audit wouldn’t find anything but go ahead and try. Then the FED themselves have admitted that, what was it, five trillion FED dollars out of the 16 we owe was provided to European banks? Remember above all else that Cain is hooked up with the FED and the Council of Foreign Relations that run the FED and much more. (Check the memebrship list of CFR and see how many FED heads are members. Answer is ALL in recent history. While there, check out the people who head the media. This list even includes Rupert Murdoch.) And if that is not enough and you don’t believe it, keep in mind that Cain never held any public office and there is no way to prove that he can be trusted in anything political.

    Let’s also remember that Carter was portrayed with the help of the media, that he was an “outsider” and we need a change. We also need a REAL audit of the FED which there has never been in the 98 years since it started, and remember if there is someone seated in the White House who is against finding anything about the FED with which he is hooked up, is there any likelihood they will??? Please learn from past history dear CAIN supporters and look for someone we can trust. There is one we know from his past history and his effort for about 30 years for a FED audit in trying to get done what so many now realize must be done. This would be someone the media ignores and tries to hurt without becoming too obvious since we should also know they are not honest. Do I need to name him? I think not.

  • emilie b

    Uh, he thinks it’s okay to bomb Iran. So he’s okay with all the wars, and more!! He’s buddies with the Federal Reserve…. and you see him mentioned by the MSM.
    Also, does that flat tax he talks about stand alone, or is it in addition to what we already have?

  • Rhondar

    By the way…Cain has been a politician for over 10 years….he’s run for public office twice before…he just lost both times

  • Tazio2013

    To all the above who replied to my previous comment:

    Dana Milbank on Herman Cain’s spiraling campaign Herman Cain “has done just about everything wrong since news broke Sunday night that his former employer had paid two women to settle sexual harassment complaints against him,” writes Dana Milbank in The Washington Post. First he denied it, then said he couldn’t remember details, then he remembered details, then he blamed his opponents, racism, and the media. At a campaign stop in Alexandria, Virginia recently, “the scene quickly escalated into violence.” As reporters asked him questions about the story, he attempted to break through the pack, shouting “Excuse me. Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!” Then his bodyguard started shoving reporters and cameramen. Of course, fighting with reporters will probably only endear him to Iowa voters. “But Cain’s loss of control is a reminder of why he’s never going to be president,” Milbank says. Cain’s run was supposed to be “a gambit to increase speaking fees and book sales, perhaps to gain him a gig on cable news.” He used to get the joke, drinking during public appearances, calling female interviewers “sweetheart,” and embracing his own quirks. The campaign was also founded on “the preposterous premise” that someone who once headed a Washington trade group could run as a Washington outsider. “He would claim that running for president ‘didn’t start as a consideration until after President Obama took office’ — even though Cain ran for president once before, in 2000.” Now though, Cain doesn’t seem to be having any fun. At another event on Capitol Hill, another mob of reporters awaited him. “‘Can you tell us why you lost your temper this morning?’ Fox News’s Chad Pergram asked, as Cain and his entourage walked through the hall.” Cain ignored them, allowing his bodyguard to keep shoving them out of the room. “When challenged, the bodyguard explained himself: ‘I make the rules.’ Not anymore,” writes Milbank.

    And I repeat; Willard “Mittens” Romney will “win” the Republican nomination and lose to BHO.

  • Tazio2013

    What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President?

    by Bill Sardi

    So what would really happen if Ron Paul were as elected President?

    President Paul would immediately push for $1 trillion cut in federal spending (per year, not the $3 trillion that Democrats proposed over 10 years with half of that from increased taxes).

    President Paul would have the authority as commander-and-chief to withdraw troops from overseas, within limits of treaty commitments which must be honored (US supplies defense for Saudi Arabia, many other nations). To the extent possible, the US would cease being the world’s policeman and plunderer of foreign economies (Iraq, Libya). The US would cease being a war economy. President Paul would also push to eradicate foreign aid which essentially is bribery, often to foreign despots who the US quietly supports because they hold a strong hand over their masses.

    President Paul would have some empty chairs in his Cabinet – the Department of Commerce, Department of Education and other Cabinet positions would be eliminated. Civil service employees would be ushered into other government jobs.

    President Paul would likely demand, using his bully-pulpit, a regular audit of the Federal Reserve (recall the FED pushed $13 trillion of short-term loans out the door in the world financial crisis without any oversight, which resulted in worldwide inflation and the unrest we now see in foreign countries – Egypt, Libya, etc – as a result of rising food prices.).

    You probably don’t know that the Federal Reserve bank takes a 6% cut off the top of all interest it collects as middleman between the US Treasury Dept and local banks. (President John F Kennedy realized this, recognized it would result in huge federal debts in the future, which have now materialized, and cut the Federal Reserve entirely out of the equation in 1963 by directly issuing US Notes, not Federal Reserve currency, into the economy. Of course, shots fired in Dallas ceased that practice and all those US Notes were quietly withdrawn from circulation.) That cut for the central bankers would be eliminated in a Ron Paul Presidency.

    President Paul would likely demand and personally oversee an audit of the gold at Ft. Knox. Wouldn’t you like to be there for that (live cameras please)? If the gold isn’t there, who absconded with it and where is it now? (Might not have to look far, it could be stashed in Federal Reserve bank vaults – recall, the Federal Reserve is not federal, it is a bunch of private banks who may have absconded with the nation’s gold supply).

    With a public groundswell of support, President Paul would oversee the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service, freeing Americans of the onerous and treacherous task of figuring out the taxes they owe (recall the Secretary of the Treasury couldn’t accurately figure out his own taxes). No more debtors prison for not filing tax forms properly (yep, some Americans are in prison for this). That would free-up about 6 billion man-hours and $250-300 billion of money now committed to tax preparation. Real money, not the fractionated loan money, would be returned to the economy.

    There would be a re-adjustment period as the nation figures out how to rebuild employment without phony government jobs programs, but anticipate an eventual US renaissance. The US would be spared the fate of Greece which has 40% employment in the government sector, placing those jobs on the back of the remaining tax payers there.

    Without an income tax the Federal Reserve would have no conduit to siphon money back out of the economy to limit inflation and it would have to cease its inflationary money printing practices. Mothers of young American children would be told that their struggles to see their kids get ahead in this country will not be futile as the Federal Reserve’s planned inflation policy would be put to a halt. If your kids can’t earn a better income than the rate of inflation (now 7-11%, government says it is only ~3%) they will surely be impoverished.

    For example, if an American child was born in 1990 and her/her mother as sole bread winner was making $35,000 a year on the date of that child’s birth, that child would have to earn $60,758 today (2011) to equal his/her mother’s salary in 1990. Soccer moms should shout loudly for a Ron Paul Presidency. Your children have no future if one of the other pretenders is elected. Without currency reform, all other reforms become meaningless. The elites will continue to plunder and undermine the wealth that you create.

    President Ron Paul would push for the federal government to get out of the real estate lending business.By Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ensuring home loans, lenders generated loans based upon low teaser interest rates (subprime, ALT-A) and unverified incomes and then funneled these bad loans on up to these quasi-government agencies where the public took the losses (these losses are now on the accounting books of the Federal Reserve). In a Ron Paul Presidency, bad lenders would go out of business, not be given bailouts.

    The Federal Reserve now holds over $1 trillion in bad loans on it accounting books – let the Federal Reserve get what it deserves – a giant loss as its banks go out of business due to insolvency, just punishment for allowing low interest rates to prevail and create a real estate bubble in the first place. Stop protecting bankers, start protecting your own wealth – vote for Ron Paul!

    Without a government backstop to insure home loans, lenders would be more diligent in checking out lender qualifications and incomes. Thefalse demand for housing that the Federal government created would cease and home values would crash, for a short time. But that would be good news – now homes would become affordable.

    It is said, if the Federal Government would get out of housing homes prices would tumble by 50%. While that is not good news for the asset-side of lenders accounting books, it is the only way to bring back the housing market in a short time. This is the mark-to-market value accounting that must be practiced. Interest rates on home mortgages would rise, but so would the interest on saved money – Americans would cease losing money on savings accounts (interest on saved money today is less than 1% while inflation is ~7-11%).

    While the US economy is said to be the strongest in the world (~$14 trillion), the US is hiding the fact its Gross Domestic Product is actually in decline and that probably half of the GDP is comprised of financial gains from moving money around. An example is the stock market with 70% of its trades now comprised of high-speed millisecond trading. Financial gains are contrived and there is no real value created out of these phony transactions, nor is any employment created. The lending classes will have to face reality. Phony numbers would not likely be a part of a Ron Paul Presidency.

    With a groundswell of public support, President Ron Paul would push for a currency that has limited stretchability by backing it with gold. No more rubber money. The fortunes of Americans would cease being eroded by money printing practices at the Federal Reserve. If you missed Ron Paul’s object lesson – he recently held up a pre-1964 silver dime (dimes today have no silver in them) and said it is worth ~$3.00 today, about the price of a gallon of gasoline. That means a gold-backed dollar could buy you a full tank of gas. Imagine that?

    But inflationary policies have robbed American bank accounts of wealth. The thief of inflation that is robbing your money out the back door of your local bank would be handcuffed.

    Ron Paul would also push for competing currencies (if this sounds foreign to you, we already have one – its called a VISA card, and don’t forget American Express Checks). Creators of currencies who have the most backing in the form of reserves would have the most desired currencies, those who don’t would have currencies of lesser value.

    So what would happen worldwide with the announcement of a Ron Paul Presidency? Did you see what happened yesterday when the European Union band-aided its currency and debt problems for the time being. Markets soared with even a hint of sound money. Likewise, a Ron Paul Presidency should cause markets to soar just on the announcement of his Presidency. The International Monetary Fund has been begging the US to cut federal spending or devalue its currency by 30%.

    The tax and print-money Keynsians would be ousted from power. Phony money would be a thing of the past. Real jobs, not government-contrived jobs that add a 15% administration burden and place the salaries of government workers on the remaining private sector, would be created. Two bad examples are Solyndra and General Motors, both whom received a government-back loan and then sought government contracts to sell solar panels to the US Navy and Chevy Volt electric cars to the federal government’s fleet of automobiles. That is nothing but false demand.

    Imagine Ron Paul appoints a new chief at the Food & Drug Administration who turns that institution upside down, who complies with the law (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) rather than repudiates or ignores it as the current FDA does, and works to allow health claims for natural medicines that work far more safely and effectively than synthetically made drugs, and at much lower cost. Imagine the National Institutes of Health is forced to generate studies to reveal the true effectiveness of vitamins C and D, as previously documented by this author in the archives at, and the life expectancy of Americans soars and their quality of life in their retirement years greatly improves. Dr. Ron Paul is committed to this kind of real change, not give lip service to it.

    Imagine for a moment that President Ron Paul, advocate of free markets, calls for a true revamp of the nation’s electrical grid unlike the current administration which only gives rhetoric to the idea. With installation of new US-manufactured power cable technology that is able to transmit twice as much power on a single power line with 9-20% greater efficiency (less line loss), averting the need for 98 new fossil-fueled or atomic power plants by stringing just 3000 miles of the nation’s power lines with this US-made technology, and bringing $60 billion greater bottom-line profits to power generating companies, your electricity bill would be measurably trimmed instead of continually rising.

    Ron Paul – your President. Your vote for RP will cause all of the above and more to happen. This article is just a sampling of what could happen almost overnight. One man, one moment in time, and everything changes on day-one of a RP Presidency. It would the best $39,000 your government could invest (Ron Paul has publicly stated he would take a $39,000/year salary while in office compared to the $400,000/year salary of the incumbent, to set an example).

    Don’t be dissuaded by bogus claims “Ron Paul is unelectable” or by the menu of wanna-be candidates served up by the news media. The 4th-Estate, the nation’s major news sources are not unbiased parties. The news media is in dire financial straits themselves and wants those campaign advertising dollars, particularly the $750 million the incumbent President is likely to raise like he did last election. Ron Paul is electable – by you. Make the election of RP so magnanimous that even vote fraud can’t hide it.

    Let’s recap – no income tax, the Federal government generates revenues by other means; no IRS forms to deal with; no need to send your kids off to phony wars in foreign theatres; no more cut off the top by the Federal Reserve; assurance there really is gold in Ft. Knox; gold-backed money like this nation once had before the banksters cut their own deal at Jekyll Island, South Carolina decades ago and Nixon took America off the gold standard; rising individual purchasing power as inflation is nixed (no need to ask the boss for a raise, your money will buy more), financial gains on your banked money instead of erosion of your wealth via inflation; your chance to own a home will greatly improve rather than the current situation where home ownership is now only a fading American pipe dream; and true reform of healthcare rather than manipulation by those with vested interests.

    These are what a Ron Paul Presidency portends. This is Doctor Ron Paul’s prescription for the re-installation of sanity in American politics. Entrenched forces and crony capitalism are destroying America. You can fight back. Let the public’s voice be heard loud at the ballot box. Vote for Ron Paul so the 99% can have a real opportunity to become the 1%.

    You can save your country, save your family, save your nation’s future – vote Ron Paul for President.

    • Truthseeker

      I’m voting for Ron Paul! I believe that any other vote is a wasted vote. Ron Paul for Pres.!

    • Thinking About

      I had a dream like that one time, I had gone to heaven, a great utopia and then I woke up and realized Paul would never be able to accomplish anything near the dream, just as the teapRty group and the Republicans blocks every move Obama tries to make. Not really sure some of your dream is really good moves.

  • Tazio2013

    And for those relatively few PLD readers who can handle objective reality and a very aggressive Neo-Libertarian POV:

    Click here

  • Abby

    This is one of your best articles. Congrats.

    If the libs and the establishment Republicans somehow managed to anoint Mitt Romney, I will not hold my nose and vote for him like I did for old Mac. BHO will be our next president.

    But it is not over, we still have a say in the nomination, get out and vote. They tried that with Rick Scott in Florida during the 2010 primary, they failed; he won the primary and he won the election. The paradigm has shifted, the people are awake and they are ready throw the bums out but someone forgot to tell the Republican establishments…they don’t seem to get.

    • bob wire

      Sadly Abby, just throwing the bums out hasn’t worked so far. ~ It could change I suppose, but so far it hasn’t.

      The personal combined wealth of the Congress has increased some 25% after midterm election. So I guess this is a good thing? I’m not sure.

      These new state governors hasn’t exactly melted everybody’s hearts.

      Today the Tea Party is held in as low regard as the GOP according to various polling.

      I see little call for an “end zone” dance at the moment.

  • bob wire

    Too funny! Some of you can be played like a violin! Finding yourselves well out of your league in regards to politics. Don’t get me wrong, ~ most people was wise and skilled at something but for those of you who thought Cain was a contender in any way, shape or form, don’t quite your day job.

    It’s good that you are here and engaging discussion, you need it. But attempt to be a “transmitter” something that can “receive” & “send”.

    Cain’s problems are many, these few (now three) women, victim of the Christmas party’s “designated grabber” is the least of them. Cain has much bigger problems that he is electing to ignore and hide.

    But you figure it out, I’m not going to do your work for you. If you hold claims of being a competent and capable voter, do the work.

    Crystal speaks of his amazement in how Cain seems to run a full speed with abandonment towards what before him. ~ I’m thinking yea! much like the Titanic.

    Much like Weiner,( who liked to show off his Johnson) he’ll flop about and put on a show for the media a few news cycles and then disappear off the radar screen. Cain is in need of staff of attorney the best I can tell.

    Try betting on a winning horse instead of thinking somehow your bet makes a winner.

    • professor

      This is a good article.

      BW is right, Cain doesn’t have a chance to win this race. It is all very entertaining to watch, but the Republicans don’t want him. They may even have been the first ones that came up with the allegations against Cain. I doubt the Republican front-runners are above doing some background checking, to see what they could find. They know Cain is not qualified and they don’t want him representing them in the Presidential election. Too bad they didn’t show a little more interest in checking on the muslim in 2008.

      One of the big problems with Cain is that, “he thinks he can B.S. his way through all those interviews and debates.” He ends up looking less than intelligent and mostly uninformed. He speaks in fragmented sentences, with halting speech, while often times contradicting himself. It appears that he has not bothered to become educated on the topics that most politicians don’t have a problem discussing.
      Sure, Cain can make broad general statements, like we all make, but that isn’t enough. Even, his tax plan has fallen apart under scrutiny. It didn’t appear that he ever gave much though to it anyway, as he really didn’t know what the consequences would be, when and if, the plan could ever expect to be implemented.

      Cain is all over Fox News, being interviewed by all their talking heads. Last night, he was listing the positions he had held, reciting his resume. The one thing that he so obviously left out was the fact that he had been a Federal Reserve Banker…Now, on his resume, the one that has been floating around the blogs, that was touted as a major part of his experience. Other people are talking about his former job as a Fed Banker, but not Cain, not lately.

      And, Herman, please… “Lose the Hat.”

      • bob wire

        If it much colder, he’ll find his big fur pimp coat that matches the hat.

        • libertytrain

          bob, I’m surprised at you…really. That came off a tad bit on the racist side…

          • Joe H.

            Did something just shoot out of the closet?????

          • libertytrain

            yep there is the closet racism that the most progressive people pretend they don’t have but there you have it in writing.

          • professor

            Liberty, try to cultivate a sense of humor..

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    The only thing campaigns produce is information for distribution. Individuals and grass roots organizations have formed 527 and 501(c)(4) corporations to get around some, not all, of the regulations that abridge the participation by flesh and blood persons in American politics.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Campaign laws exempt the corporate press, because the 1st Amendment prohibits abridging corporation’s freedom of speech and the press. But unless corporations have taken up worshiping God; those rights were intended for flesh and blood?

    2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) The term “expenditure” does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate;

    If the United States Supreme Court defined freedom of religion using the same logic campaign laws use to define a free press only the church “as an institution” would enjoy freedom of religion, not its parishioners!

    Muzzling communications by ‘we the people’ does nothing to reduce corporate influence? The corporate media is free to spike or ignore stories and decide what views are presented as news. When citizens and grass roots are free to spend unlimited amounts balance is restored and challengers are more likely to win.

    To restore the ‘equal rights’ of flesh and blood and grass roots corporations, the language of the press exemption, above, should be modified to read: “The term expenditure does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed by any citizen, citizens group, broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication.”

  • Marv

    So Herman Cain doesn’t do politics in the manner prescribed by Newt and the other “experts”. That’s a plus for Cain as far as I am concerned. Of course, the left hates him. They hate all Republicans and especially those of minority races. Rs should get used to it and stop trying to mollify them. As far as his 9-9-9 plan is concerned, it has some good points and legislation is the job of congress – the president only suggests. We need to do a much better job of selecting congresspersons.

    • bob wire

      There is nothing about Cain that the “left” could hate. How blind can you be? ~ A Obama / Cain match up, is a wish come true.

      For myself,I have always been under the opinion our system works best when “worthy opposition” is offered. We can disagree with Cain’s worthiness without talking in terms of “hate”, as I don’t think Cain would be good for either party or America.

      Maybe it is a failure to understand the nature of the position persuaded and the powerful people the world over any President is required to confront. The position requires people that have a comprehensive knowledge of world history and all the many “isms” and nuances associated with government and the governing. And more then anything else, how to delegate people and resources in thrifty fashion, selecting the right person for the right task. When to speak and when to offer silence.

      Cain is a sloppy man, a sloppy thinker. Currently his Books fails to show entries that must be there and he’s in trouble. Campaign finance laws have been broken. He does not have campaign staffing in place to do what must be done. ~ His train tracks stop well short of the White House, if he was to ever make it, he would be afoot.

      Cain behavior is more like an overpaid NFL receiver riding a wave of good fortune. Hat, nice suits, 1000 dollar Italian shoes, silk shirts,fur coat,and a large breasted Blond hanging on each arm.

      Did any of you catch the Nixon-Frost interviews by Ron Howard? Theses elitist don’t come by such a title by accident. Cain is not an elitist and you can’t make a silk purse out a sows ear. Nor can he go toe to toe with one and come out on top. It’s not in him. An Appaloosa is not going to win a Breeders Cup Race regardless of how much you bet on him.

      • Joe H.

        bob wire,
        “cain act is like an over paid NFL…” bob, do I detect a little money envy there??? HMMMMM?

      • professor

        Cain is “sloppy.” That is a good word for him. He doesn’t pay attention to details, in fact, he doesn’t see the need to follow through…other people can do that. He thinks all he has to do is to B.S. his way through, making broad, general statements. After all, that is what obama did. Obama was never pressed for details about what he meant, by “hope and change.” None of his opponents, his constituents, the press, no one “asked questions.” Lets not do a “re-make” with Cain as the leading man.

  • dixiesuzan

    What is to be intriqued about with Cain’s campaign? It is now down to the point where ALL Presidential campaigns are viewed as public exercises in political pragmatic expediency. Get out there and say what you guess folks want to hear. No personal principles involved, just expediency. Raise money from everybody. The folks you like, the folks you attack, and the folks to whom your indifferent. Raise lots, and lots, and lots of money. Buy your place with mass sales and advertising techniques. Image is everthing and principles are for loosers and suckers. Look statesman like. Hire a Hollywood makeup team. Speak with government talk, unintelligble to the average citizen, but a sure sign you’ve got experience. Change immediately your campaign rhetoric if it looks like a loser. In State A support big bribe bucks from the public treasury to State A. In State B support big bribe bucks from the public treasury to State B. Promise the boobs anything. Utopia on Earth, no debts, lifelong free healthcare, retirement at age 50, a 25 hour work week without work, and unlimited debauchery licensed and taxed.

    And Cain doesn’t do all that. Totally out of step. Quite clearly not a real Washington D.C. player.

  • Bill

    What would be neat is if the leak came from the Cain campaign. His fund raising is way up, and blacks now see the lily white MSM tearing up another black man.

  • http://Yahoo BobfromSoCal

    Regardless of any allegations made against Cain, I still do not agree with his defense of the Federal Reserve. Also, his 999-9 plan will raise taxes on the middle class and the poor and lower taxes for the wealthiest. And you know sooner or later it will turn into the 25,25,25-25 plan if most politicians get their way. As soon as this new VAT is imposed it will be nearly impossible to get rid of. The only way I will vote for any VAT is if the income tax is abolished to establish the VAT.

  • Buck

    The hypocritical demon-rats thought nothing of Clinton cheating on his wife by having sex in the oval office with a staffer ( proven ) ,they thought nothing of John Edwards cheating on his wife dying of cancer with a gold digger while campaighning for the oval office ( proven ) But let a couple of demon-rat floozies point fingers of sexual harrassment that was never proven and he is crucified by their smear machine the mainstream media . Never mind the currant presidence rumored ( not proven ) homosexual affair . The MSM are the lowest filthy trash in the world with absolutely zero integrity or honor . ( just like all other demon-rats ).

    • Tom Dolan

      Don’t forget Ms. Smeal of N.O.W. publicly proclaiming that she would gladly don kneepads and service Mr. Clinton in the way made famous by that president and an intern, in gratitude for him keeping so-called reproductive freedom intact. This so-called ‘reproductive freedom’ has not actually been a blessing to the millions of boys and baby women ( see Doonesbury by G. Trudeau) and has hardly advanced the
      pursuit of liberty, happiness, and …. Clearly it is not abusing innocent women that is the problem so much as doing so while conservative kind of like driving while black.

    • Thinking About

      Glad you brought up these matters. What happened Newtie on with getting wife #2 whole his first wife was dying of cancer and leading the charge on Clinton while having an affair with wife #3 and he is now running for president. What about Mr Wide Stand, give it up, or Mr Whore House, still in office as of today.

  • http://none BAP362

    The Phoenix newspaper ran an article a few years back as to why counties in Arizona don’t like to raise real Estate taxes. It’s because you see the amount all in one single lump and it causes negative voter reaction. Counties in Arizona rather bump up the sales tax. Even if it’s just a little because you don’t see the small constant amount being drained out of your wallet. Which in fact winds up being more than a raise in the real estate tax rate. The same principle applies to Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. He’ll wind up raising government revnues and draining more out of the poor and middle class. Can you imagine paying your local sales tax when you buy something then bump it up another 9% on top of that. Our local sales tax is 7% and tax on sales would be 16%. No thanks.

  • http://Yahoo Sweny

    I will not vote for the man unless he comes forward with full disclosure on these charges. We also need to know how credible these woman are that are making these accusations now. Why didn’t this come up when he ran for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia?

  • Jason

    We will see how it all plays out. I don’t trust Herman (Federal Reserve) Cain any further than I can throw him. Not only that, but he has absolutely no understanding of the economy. He spoke out against anyone wanting a audit of the Fed. He spoke out against a collapse of the housing bubble only one week before it happened. Why would we support anyone so clueless while the economy is the way it is? We cannot afford to have someone like this in the White House!

    In a recent video, I watched him pretty much say that he would start a war with Iran by antagonizing them by putting our warships in the Persian gulf, even if he knew it would start a war, because we are superior to them… Need I remind Herman Cain that we do not need any more wars, nor can we afford them, especially with Iran! Remember what happened to the Soviets?

    Watch the arrogant Herman Warmonger Cain (in his own words) for yourself:


    • Tom Dolan

      “Remember what happened to the Soviets” Are you perhaps confusing Iran with Afghanistan. The Soviet Union did so poorly in Afghanistan, partly because of the immense help that Pakistan and the U.S> gave to the muhadijin, and because the Soviet Union was falling apart because of its internal contradictions. We have many internal fissures, but we can hardly be compared to the Soviet Union with the madness of Stalin and the GULAG in its recent past, and the hostility between the Russsians and the subject peoples, mostly Moslem, mostly with much higher fertility rates.

  • Jason

    We will see how it all plays out. I don’t trust Herman (Federal Reserve) Cain any further than I can throw him. Not only that, but he has absolutely no understanding of the economy. He spoke out against anyone wanting a audit of the Fed. He spoke out against a collapse of the housing bubble only one week before it happened. Why would we support anyone so clueless while the economy is the way it is? We cannot afford to have someone like this in the White House!

    In a recent video, I watched him pretty much say that he would start a war with Iran by antagonizing them by putting our warships in the Persian gulf, even if he knew it would start a war, because we are superior to them… Need I remind Herman Cain that we do not need any more wars, nor can we afford them, especially with Iran! Remember what happened to the Soviets?

    Watch the arrogant Herman Warmonger Cain (in his own words) for yourself:


    • deathtononbelievers

      the demise of the soviet union was caused by Presiden Ronald Reagan’s commitment to rebuld our military, start a satelite anti missile system and showed them we would not back down to them, ever. they could not compete and disolved. although the communist are still in the world, the majority of them became enviromentalist, and are still trying to destroy capitalism. if we had had bold presidents after Reagan, 9/11 would never had happened.
      we have the greatest miltary force on earth, i wish mr cain would state that and he will use it to get a COMPLETE VICTORY in any war our country becomes involved in, not nickle and dimeing our troops, with no end in site.

      • Tom Dolan

        While the firmness of Mr. Reagan and our ability ot far outspend the Soviet Union in defense expenditures may have been an important proximate cause or occasion of the dissolution of the Soviet Union ( and let’s not forget Cardinal Wojtyla or Mrs. Thatcher), I suggest that the long-term fundmental causes of its collapse were the inherent inefficiencies of command economies and the innate love of men and women, even those raised in tyranny, for freedom.

  • deathtononbelievers

    how come carvell isnt on tv news telling us about “no telling what you find after dragin a $100 bill thru a trailer park” clinton’s woman sec of state (cant recall her name) telling us, bill would never do any of those sexual acts, rape, grop ect… why isnt the media attacking these unknown women, thats easy to since we dont know the names or if they even exist.

    is there an obvious double standard here. it obviously not racism since mr cain is black.

  • James

    Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court because he’s black. Herman Cain will be the next president because he’s exciting, his 9-9-9 (flat rate) tax plan will make him a shooin. It will never happen though. Why? Presidents don’t make laws, they execute them.

    • Tom Dolan

      “Presidents don’t make laws, they execute them.” This is not quite true. Some laws, properly called so are judge-made or made by regulatory agencies in the executive branch. These powers to make laws have been abused by some judges and by some regulatory agencies, but judge-made laws precede the astablishment of our
      republic – they go by the name of ‘common law.’ And, in the case of
      presidents they sign bills into law, and have the power to veto bills.
      Our presidents are part of establishing laws as well as executing the. These mixtures among the executive, legislative, and judicial functions, when one is referring to our Constitution are usually called ‘checks and balances.’

      • James

        Tom D., ‘Common laws’ were those in existence before the federal government was created, but they were recognized as legitimate laws. Judge-made laws are a mis-use of their constitutional power, such as Roe v. Wade. Federal agency regulations that go beyond the legislative intent are unconstitutional, and maany have been so-held. But, unfortunately, many such unconstutional regulations are still on the books.

    • Tom Dolan

      It is, at best, an exagerration to say that Justice Thomas holds his seat because he is black. Iti s likely that a similarly qualified white man might not have been nominated or confirmed (or,perhaps, opposed in so vicious a way). Nevertheless similarly qualifued white men, and lesser qualified ones, have bben nomminated, and may be again. And a white woman or non-Black, non-White man might even trump
      whatever affirmative action political cachet that a black man in the future might have. The larger point is that Justice Thomas’ service has, I submit, upjheld the wisdom of President Bush’s choice, and of his confirmation. AS far as 9-9-9, I think t hat it is silly, vanishingly unlikely to be made law, unpredictable in its consequences, and, nevertheless I am intrigued and interested in Mr. Cain’s candidacy. I believe that we have made worse choicesthan him on many occasions, some recent, and we may end up making a worse choice than Mr. Cain this time.

      • James

        Tom D., In our beginnings, before the 16th Amendment, there were five direct head taxes laid upon Americans. Direct taxes were limited to what the poorest citizen could afford. The graduated income tax, after the 16th Amendment, was right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The Supreme Court justices have been altered to better reflect the racial make-up of America. If Thomas hadn’t been approved, I’m sure another black would have been provided to consider.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Supporting Cain is like supporting everything that has led us into the mess we are currently in.

    Only Ron Paul’s voting record coincides with the Constitution.

    Enough said…

    God Bless.

    • Joe H.

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!

  • Johnny Galt

    Ron Paul is the only moral and rational choice. Cain is an elitist only out to make a name for himself.

    http://www.Ron Paul

  • CJM

    You have to wonder why these two/three women are so ‘upset’ over something Cain said or did back in the day (over 10 years now!!) when some women, these included, have said and did more beyond innuendos that make not only other women but men as well uncomfortable. Lets turn the tables and question these women about THEIR OFFENSIVE BEHAVIORS in the presence of men and other women. For starters, some women, including these accusers, like to talk about boudoir tricks with their guyfriends—personally, I don’t care to hear about their prowess in the bedroom, but they insist on talking about it in spite of the objections. So, is it alright if I demand that they pay me some sort of restitution for having to put up with their renditions of bedroom tricks that are blatently offensive to virgin minds like mine?

  • Glen Xx

    Stop making comparisons between clinton and Cain. Clintion is not running.

    Character Matters, Only one candidate in Nine has “Hotel Gate”

    Cain invited Babes to his room. now we have three. And its one, two three babes you’re out in the political game.


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