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The New American Guardians

September 19, 2012 by  

The New American Guardians

People no longer believe in the existence of heroes. By heroes, I do not mean synthetic pop culture icons and sports stars, or mass media-generated two-faced chimera politicians. I do not mean those fraudulent public figures and false idols that are thrust into the establishment limelight and into our collective faces every day. By heroes, I mean those ordinary men and women throughout the ages who stood firm against extraordinary corruption and overwhelming social evil. I mean those who had the will to risk everything for truth and an honorable tomorrow, often receiving no recognition for their sacrifice. Today, such heroes are considered a distant memory, a mythology from days long since drowned in the tides of history. How we yearn for those tides to turn.

In our modern era, the shadow of elitism appears to have cast across the whole of the world and permeated every facet of this culture. Many Americans have become so overwhelmed in the face of such unrelenting and widespread government and corporate criminality that they have collapsed in on themselves, hiding behind cynicism, narcissism and nihilism. They see the horrors of modern life as some disturbed comedy designed for their entertainment. They escape into fantasy worlds and chemical dependency in order to numb the shame they feel, the crushing inadequacy of being unable or unwilling to determine their own destiny. They feel like ghosts, hovering through life as insignificant wisps of vapor. Deep down, they know they have failed themselves; but still, they blame everyone else.

However, for every negative force that exists in nature, in physics and in the psychology of the human mind, there always arises a positive and opposing strength. It is an undeniable law of the universe. I believe it has taken so long for men to rally against the evils of elitism because the elites have taken special care in making sure they could not be easily defined. They have hidden behind organizations, political parties and money — for decades, if not centuries. Good people cannot fight back against an enemy they cannot clearly see, and heroes cannot rise to occasion against an opponent that has no face and no name. Thanks to the efforts of the liberty movement, though, the obscurity of elitists and globalists has come to an end; we now know who the true enemy is.

The next step requires the reformation of the defenders of old — the re-institution of legitimate American stewardship, founded by the Constitutionalists and free thinkers at the birth of this country. Though there is much to fear in the path our society has recently taken, even now I see a return to clarity and principle. Even now, I can see the rebirth of the old American guard.

In this article, we will examine just some of the qualities that distinguish these men and women.

Fighting For Truth In An Age Of Lies

When men first hear the truth of a thing (the unfiltered, unfettered truth), their most common and predictable reaction is invariably one of disbelief. A wise man, or even a moderately intelligent one, would expect that new truths will arise from the ashes of dead notions. They would expect that there are vast reaches of knowledge in this world we have yet to tap and that, every once in a while, our previous assumptions about life will be dashed against the rocky shores of reality. However, most people in today’s culture of mental and philosophical “leisure” are not intuitively wise; and, in some cases, their ability to rationally observe any situation is highly questionable. The truth, for them, is less like an inspirational moment of empowerment and more like a blood-curdling shark attack. For those with a narrow and manipulated world view, the truth is a terrifying threat.

Often, human beings tend to classify truth through “repetition,” instead of through objective observation and evidence. What this means is that we tend to assume that the viewpoint we hear the most every day must be the correct view, regardless of whether it is supported by fact. When new information — correct information based on solid data — breaks into the light of day, those who base their entire worldview on repetition will be left in the dust, wondering how everything could change right under their noses. Sometimes, these people cling to their once widely accepted presumptions for the rest of their lives. For them, the Earth is flat forever.

What we have seen in the past decade or so, though, is a great movement toward embracing the truth despite the wailing of the now-dying mainstream. Millions of Americans are turning off their televisions and actively seeking out information for themselves through alternative sources outside the influence of corporate globalists. In the “New America” (which is really just the return of the old America), the proliferation of disinformation is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. Guardians today are those people who have chosen to stand against our cultural misconceptions and propaganda, facing ridicule, censorship and even physical harm. They tear into the great lie like attack dogs locking their jaws and never letting go. They are shaken about and beaten, yet they hold on until, finally, the lie exhausts itself and fades away. The New American has rediscovered the perseverance of his forebears and the will to endure.

If this is to continue, the ideal of transparency in government must be instituted as strict social policy, and the pursuit of the truth must be ingrained into our national consciousness. A respect for self-awareness, individuality and personal honesty must become the foundation of our civilization. The current system — which makes paths for the dishonest, cradles the vicious, coddles the weak-spirited and rewards those who lack conscience — must be cut away. It is up to the New American to do this.

True Patriots Versus Fake Statists

Patriotism is a highly abused and misappropriated term. The exploitation of the methodology is evident in the propaganda of the neoconservative movement (an elitist construct), especially during George W. Bush’s two terms in office. Interestingly, it has been real conservatives, as opposed to neocons, who have now sought to rebalance and reintroduce the concept of patriotism once again. The internal conflict of the Republican Party at this time, between the rising liberty movement and the falling neocons, illustrates the true nature of patriotism well.

In the past, we have been wrongly instructed to treat patriotism as a political weapon, a tool for shaming those who question the status quo. We have been taught that to be patriotic, one must become blindly nationalistic. This is not what the Founders intended. A country is nothing without principles. A government that does not represent the root standards and principles of the country it is meant to lead is not a government that we the people are meant to follow. A nationalist ignorantly places government on a pedestal as the symbol of a people; a patriot places the solid founding principles of his Nation above all else and dismantles any government that does not. A patriot demands that government adhere to the will of the people. A nationalist demands that people adhere to the will of government.

The New Americans, taking the torch from the old guard, are putting the manipulation of patriotism to an end. We are no longer allowing the establishment to define our beliefs for us. We are forcing the establishment either to adopt the Constitutionalist methods which originated this country or to relinquish power. No longer will we be fooled into associating the twisted philosophies of a corrupt government with our own national identity.

No Fear, No Regrets

The New American answers to no one but his own conscience. All other directives are secondary. Because of this way of life, he rarely has any reason to regret any decision he has ever made.

He does not pander at his workplace. He is never a yes-man or a leech. Nowhere is he a servant. He is a person who demands to be treated with the same respect he gives and openly gives respect where it is deserved. In his daily life, he absolutely refuses to follow the herd. The cesspool of groupthink is abhorrent to him, and fake people hiding behind two-dimensional personas make him physically ill. Bullies and people with an outrageous sense of entitlement need a good punch in the mouth, not a turn of the cheek; and the New American looks forward to the day when it is once again socially acceptable to pay thugs and weasels the refund of heartache they have inflicted on others.

The New American has abandoned the false left/right paradigm in U.S. politics. He understands that the leadership of both major parties, Democrat and Republican, have the exact same goals and support nearly identical legislation. Their purpose is to give us the illusion of choice, as well as to consolidate and centralize power and dissolve the sovereignty of the United States. Their openly stated objective is to force Americans to accept a global economy and global governance, virtually erasing our Constitutional freedoms and any ability we may have left to participate in the political process. The New American has set out to overtake and reclaim the political process from globalists and to use it as a tool in support of limited government and individual liberty once again.

For the New American, authority is derived from experience and earned respect. Petty authority derived from corruption is to be either laughed at or scorned. For instance, a police officer or politician who does not follow or understand Constitutional law is a liability to society, not an authority. As such, he does not deserve respect. The New American is not impressed by uniforms, titles, expensive Ivy League degrees, old money, celebrities or pop-culture fluff. To him, the people who are impressed with these things are rather repulsive. To get his attention, you need to have an honorable reputation, legitimate intelligence and, for heaven’s sake, a backbone.

Gullibility in others is endured only to a point. Knowledge, self-knowledge and an understanding of one’s surroundings are paramount. The New American has seen too many catastrophes transpire because of the complicity of morons. The ignorant have a tendency to threaten not just themselves but also those around them. Their stupidity makes them malleable and easily influenced by those who seek power. They become unwitting accomplices in tyranny. The willfully uneducated are the second most dangerous people on Earth.

The primary threat — not just to the New American but to every living person — is elitism. There is nothing more vile than an elitist, who demands fealty from the masses despite hating and despising the common man. Elitists are fully aware of their conscience, but see it as a hindrance to their pursuit of dominance and so ignore it. They fancy themselves as “godlike” and imagine themselves to be intellectually superior to the rest of us, even though they have proven on numerous occasions to be rather foolish. Their egomania is so immense that they are virtually incapable of recognizing the fallibility of their philosophies. And they are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone except themselves to get what they want, meaning they are the worst kind of cowards exacting the worst kind of oppression.

As horrifying as elites are, the New American is unfazed. He knows that an uncompromising sense of despotism can be met only with an uncompromising sense of liberty. He knows that because he is confident in his values and refuses to negotiate them away, elitists fear him. They recognize that men who are defending their home, who are wise, who hold the moral high ground and who are unafraid are difficult, if nearly impossible, to defeat. More than anything else, the elites quake at the thought of the New American guard.

The Return Of Freedom’s Protectors

It is in the worst of times that the best of men make their presence known. Some of them have felt for most of their lives that they were meant to make a difference — to sway the flow of events toward a greater purpose, a better future. Some have yet to realize their latent potential. Many of these men play unassuming roles in their normal lives. Carpenters, clerks, factory workers, investors, farmers and soldiers, it is always the seemingly inconspicuous that surprise us when the nightmare falls. The counterfeit champions, those the public once invested all of their faith in, quickly turn and run, while the true defenders stand unyielding against the coming tempest. They are the old men of the mountain, weathered by the storm but unshakable in their resolve. They are not simply warriors, but also scholars and social healers. They are modern-day paladins in the most brutal of epochs.

There are two kinds of people in this world: history makers and spectators. Spectators allow the throes of events to propel them wherever they may. They wait for the crosswinds of fate to determine their final home, their final occupation and their final resting place. During great upheaval, these are the people who fall by the wayside of time and whose children despair in the wake of their parent’s failure. These are the people upon whom the elite feed.

History makers are defined by a beautifully simple decision: the decision to participate in the making of their own providence. They decide to actually live, instead of playing at life. True history makers are not often chronicled in books. Their tales are not often told for posterity. But none of that matters. What matters is the contribution they make to the good in all of us, the tremors they send through the underlying foundations of humanity. Their presence is felt, even if their names are not known. By this measure, the New Americans will definitely make history.

The responsibility that lies ahead of us is daunting. While a global awakening is certainly taking place, the epicenter is right here in our own backyard. All eyes will be watching us and waiting. The world is relying on us to make a stand, to prove that the fight is far from over. If we do not, then everything is lost — not just for ourselves, but for every generation after we are gone. No matter what obstacles the elites unleash (whether nuclear disaster, economic collapse or yet another war), we must not falter. The world is waiting. They are waiting for heroes. They are waiting for the old guard to return.

–Brandon Smith

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Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • brett

    still wonder why libertarians support neocons. they are the real evil.

    • czman75

      The Conservatives are not causing the problems we are facing, it is this admin that is seeking to destroy this country. Creating more sheeple who are demanding more entitlements, supporting countries that are our enemies…
      Perhaps we should all watch the movie “Wall-E”, it shows how we are now, we don’t have to wait 500 years to get fat and lazy.
      The Old American Guard is exactly what is needed. It is past time to water the Tree of Liberty…!

    • JC

      I wonder why you would think that Libertarians support Neo-Cons?
      Libertarians are all about the Constitution and American Sovereignty…
      Whereas the Neo-Cons and Democrats are in line with Globalism.

      • Bob

        Much more accurate. Repubs and dems are for sure controlled by the neocons but the libertarians …..seriously! They actually support the constitution.

      • Carlucci

        You got it. Libertarians also support fiscal responsibility, something the dummocrats and repulsivecans can’t seem to get a grip on.

    • Mikey

      Anyone who agrees with Mr. Smith’s view, and who rides motorcycles, might be interested in this organization:
      Do you want to get involved? Here’s a way. “Acta non berba”

    • http://naver samurai

      I don’t know much about Libertarians, but I do know what our founding fathers might say about our current situation.

      “Those who are not ruled by God, will be ruled by tyrants.”

      William Penn

      What he said does coincide with what is going on today. Since a group I call the 5th column is bent on taking God out of everything like public displays, praying in public, out of our schools, government buildings, it seems we have turned away from the God of our fathers and founding fathers and we have caused the problems we face now. If we went by our Christian founding and turned back to God and Jesus, there would be a great healing in our land. Let us put away people like Obama bin Laden and elect someone that has morals, ethics, and a good belief in God and Jesus. Also, what has been going on in our country is threatening our freedoms and the very liberties, endowed by their Creator, we were founded on by God and our founding fathers.

      “It is religion (Christianity) and morality alone, which we can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.”

      John Adams

      When we elected Obama bin Laden in 2008, the voters didn’t care about what John Adams said that day. They only cared about change, hope, gays, slaughtering babies, and many other things that are insigificant subjects at best. If we went by how our country was founded and the ways of our Christian founding fathers, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. As it says in the Bible:

      “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

      Whoever you decide to vote for this November, make it a moral, ethical, informed, and God supported choice. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • Ben R.

      Agreed Brett. I don’t care what some of these guys say in support of Romney. You are either for liberty or against it.

  • Tazio2013

    Kudos, Brandon Smith, for another outstanding article and here is an item that you may appreciate: “The Burden of Truth and Knowledge [& The Value of Cautious Optimism]” by Gaye Levy.

    I share this short essay with you today as much as a catharsis for myself as a message to let you know that you are not alone as you internalize your knowledge and attempt to come to terms with its affect of your life, your loved ones and your moral values.

    We all need coping mechanisms and tools to deal with this very real human condition called survival. As you pick your way among those tools, be secure in the knowledge that by learning and living to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, you are taking control of your life and living it in the very best way you can.

    Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation.

    Fiat veritas, et pereat mundus
    Momento mori
    Semper fi!

  • Fancyshawl

    What a fantastic article! Thank you!

    • sam1966

      I second that motion! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

  • GALT

    Brandon……..did you forget where you ARE?

    You clearly have forgotten WHEN you are………..because the future can be summed up
    by a phrase from MP’s Flying Circus…….

    ” and now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!! ”

    ” The ignorant have a tendency to threaten not just themselves but also those around them. Their stupidity makes them malleable and easily influenced by those who seek power. They become unwitting accomplices in tyranny. The willfully uneducated are the second most dangerous people on Earth. ”

    which describes the majority of THIS AUDIENCE to a tee……..

    You have gone to great lengths to say nothing………..have you considered a political
    career?…………so this should be a fun day.

    Still invoking the “olde american guard” is a clever rhetorical trick……..which should score
    you some points……….unfortunately, the reverence is “unwarranted” and part of the

    They were the “elite” of their day………and while they may have made decisions that
    were “objective”……..( and that is questionable ) they had little understanding of where
    they really were………and much of what they believed to be true, was WRONG.

    Actual understanding of REALITY has been fairly recent……and you show no indication
    that you have any understanding of what it consists of……..and neither does your audience………..

    “No matter what obstacles the elites unleash (whether nuclear disaster, economic collapse or yet another war), we must not falter. The world is waiting. They are waiting for heroes. They are waiting for the old guard to return.”

    And they will wait forever……….because they have no means of recognizing a “hero”, because like you, they do not know where they are, how they got here, what they are facing or what to do about it………….and none of the old guard would know either,
    since they laid the foundation that got us here…….

    But thanks for trying…….let’s see just how “inspiring” your rhetoric was?

    “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately!!!!! )

    • Warrior

      Yes Galt, there is something to be said for “limited gubmint”. The proof is there for our eyes to behold.

      • GALT

        What is to be said for it? A government limited to what?

      • Vicki

        GALT says:
        “What is to be said for it? A government limited to what?”

        Limited to its proper role in civilization (Protecting the Rights of a truly free people).

        This video might help with your understanding of this proper place.

      • GALT

        Unfortunately, Vicki

        Limited to its proper role in civilization (Protecting the Rights of a truly free people).

        We are somewhat past that rather simplistic and nebulous concept……..not that I am opposed to it, if it were possible…….but that is not our nature and we have not
        developed the “intelligence” to even consider that at our current stage of developement
        that such an outcome would be the result if you could get what you claim you want.

        Just as an aside……..considering that we are still dealing with the “mythologies of the
        founders”……….apparently your protection of rights seems to be somewhat qualified,
        so as to preclude those of the “native populations” that were displaced and eliminated, before, during and after this founders mythology was rather selectively created…….?

        Not an argument, though……..since I am in favor of dumping all the myths and
        reconstructing a proper foundation upon which to proceed…….

    • Michael J.

      How corporately correct of you, spelling your handle in all caps. But really, if your intent is to inform, why diddle with riddles? Spell it out man! Explain in ways that even the simpletons you detest can comprehend. Break down the complicities of common law, flags with fringes and move on to another subject because you’ve beaten this one to a pulp.

      • GALT

        Spell what out? You seem to be responding to something that hasn’t been written….but one more time, just for you…….

        If you have a problem with the author’s arrogance, you can complain directly……

        Questions I can probably handle……..but there don’t seem to be too many of those,
        just complaints from the “willfully ignorant” cited by Brandon……..and evidenced by you…

        Get the point?….doesn’t matter….you ARE the POINT!

        Further reading ( list ) available on request…….

      • Michael J.

        Having a comprehension crisis? I said the choir needs no more preaching! Repetition breeds boredom! You sound like a Ho-Hum, Dumb-Dumb.

      • GALT

        Not really my problem…….none of that stuff was mentioned until you brought it up.

        Are you sure you know what “repetition” actually is?

        Necessary with children……..but I doubt you have really gotten the message.

        But keep paying your “fair share”…….

        Me…….I just can’t bring myself to pay for a “corrupted government”, but you
        just keep right on doing it……….makes that whole voting thing much more
        meaningful for you.

    • JC

      Even when galt has a valid point to make he comes across as a narcissistic insufferable ass. Don’t look forward to much understanding or cooperation Mr. galt….

      • GALT

        Ah, progress………as for further understanding or co-operation……this matters because?

      • JC

        Presumably you’re here to make some sort of point that you would like others to understand.
        If not, then you are obviously here for some sort of literate masturbation to amuse yourself.
        Mildly annoying, nothing more…

      • GALT

        Which “compelled” you to comment……..whether you choose to “understand”
        is up to you………..

      • JC

        There’s nothing you’ve said or tried to say I haven’t understood.
        What I see over and above that though is how obnoxious you really are.
        That’s what compelled me to comment…I detest “ignorant”

      • GALT

        Then why are you such a perfect example of it………and so persistent at making sure
        that everyone else knows it too?

      • JC

        Very witty Galt….what are ya…5?

      • GALT

        It doesn’t matter within which arena, you choose to attempt to engage,
        your are outmatched in all of them…….you are amusing and you serve a purpose, and so eagerly that it would be less than considerate of me not to indulge you…..after all, how are you possibly going to learn and be able to play nicely with the grown ups?

      • JC

        Yeah right…whatever, dipstick.
        You’re popularity here, and I imagine everywhere speaks for itself.

      • GALT

        gee, that is so “high school” of you……you have matured……still not “intelligent”,
        but that would seem to be the norm…….which is rather pathetic, being that you are
        the product of a “super power”……..

    • boyscout

      Galt, Gloom and doom is understandably ever present in your perspective. I must admit that the way things are (reference Marcus Aurelius) offer only apparent hardships. However, there exists a future that is dependent not only on the continuance of the status quo but also on the unforeseeable. The Uncertainty Principle extends far beyond the academic realm of quantum physics.

      Although somewhat flamboyantly embellished, Mr. Smith’s diatribe should NOT be considered an exercise in futility but rather a perfect excuse to self evaluate. Like empires, elites have historically fallen, albeit usually to other elites. But Smith wisely references our own grand experiment. Admittedly, the eyes and ears of Big Brother are at this point unreasonably pervasive and its reach ever extending.

      But, then again, there’s that uncertainty thing which reaches beyond the capacity of reason, and, as Smith notes, often relies on the willpower of “a few good men.” Results are the product of their actions at the appropriate yet unpredictable turning points.

      We must have both faith and resolution.

      Best wishes,

      • GALT

        Okay………so which of these “few good men” have saved an “empire”?

        As for the Doom and Gloom…….which seems to be the “ending” of our author……( sans hero )…….that is simply the predictable result of the current path…….

        The current path is UNSUSTAINABLE.

        The conventional wisdom is mourning the loss of it, seeking to return to it,
        and believes the solution is MORE OF IT.

        Not really hard to predict the result………

      • momo

        Gee, Galt, finally you said something sane! You’re right the current path is unsustainable, and trying to fix it by doing more of the same is just…well insanity. We don’t need an empire, every empire in history has failed, we need to return to being a republic.

      • boyscout

        GALT, I would not even consider arguing the sustainability of our present course which certainly does present a predictable outcome; it is a house on fire. And the ashes of that house will be the remains of the varied and sundry (the good , the bad, the worst, and the best – E.A.Poe).

        What exactly are we hoping to arise from those ashes? If it be just soot, then we will start another empire; or should we consider revising the Republic? Measures that seem absurd and drastic today might very well soon be seen as objective. “Conventional wisdom” is a misnomer and an inconvenient anomaly of our language.

        Real wisdom would suggest that we survive the day and make preparations for an ambivalent future, but not just let the chips fall where they may. Unlike many here, I appreciate your postings as thought provoking. However, I do not expect agreement to automatically precipitate. Keep postulating.

      • GRusling

        Galt – a glimmer of the Liberty Movement Mr. Smith refers to can be seen in the Tea Parties, and even, to some degree, in Occupy Wall Street. While the latter appear to be rudderless and mostly clueless, they AT LEAST recognize that SOMETHING is wrong and are willing to TRY to do something about it. They have figured out WHERE the problem lies, even if they haven’t figured out what it actually is or WHO is causing it.

        Who among the “Old Guard” built an Empire?

        Wrong question!

        It should be who TOPPLED and Empire, and the answer is George Washington, a MOST unlikely “hero” if you’ll take the time to study his life story, and he did it with tools which were totally unfit for the task at hand!

        When and where will our next hero appear? No one knows but I can point a current one out for you, and he is totally fearless. His name is Allen West…

        Thank you Mr. Smith for an excellent story…

      • GALT

        Well GRusling, since I didn’t ask that question…………?

        In fact. you didn’t seem to get much of anything……since the people you cite,
        are the very people referred to as being the problem………

        To believe that “government” is your problem is the mythology that will
        deliver you to those who actually are………

        Your problem is a “corrupted government”………..which is overwhelmed now,
        you see enforcement takes money……….getting rid of whatever is left, simply
        lowers the “cost of doing business” and you still get to be the “victim”…….

        See reading list posted elsewhere on this page…….read voraciously……..

      • GRusling

        Well Galt… must I quote you directly in order to be relevant, in your opinion? That, I believe, reveals in you the very narcissism you point to in others. Whether one “builds” or simply “sustains” an Empire seems irrelevant in my mind.

        Have you ever really listened to what Congressman Allen West says? Don’t let the shadow of the Oak Leaf on his collar distract you from his message. His message is fearless, and he routinely challenges the Powers That Be on every front. He seems to be honest and forthright, above all else. These are qualities we can all admire, and I know of NO MAN with whom I totally agree on all the details, other than myself! You might want to try and internalize that concept and incorporate it in your future postings…

      • GALT

        Not impressed with West, nor do I seek his guidance……..nor have need of him in any
        capacity……..but thanks for the recommendation.

        I pretty much STOPPED being a follower of anything…in my twenties, and I haven’t looked
        back………and I have no use for politicians of any kind, including Ron Paul….

        and yes, questions regarding things said… make a difference…….my question was a response to a statement made by someone else……and rhetorical to boot.

        Is there anything else that I can help you with?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      GALT, the audience you so disparage is at least trying to learn through idea sharing and discussion. These are the very people who are trying to emerge from their shells of ignorance. But one does not go from ignorance to total knowledge in a single step. One must be exposed to knowledge before one can understand. Your behavior is like that of the “elite”. You look down your nose at those that you deem inferior. You hold your superiority close to your heart. If your intentions were anything but self glorification, you would share the knowledge that you have so that those who were willing to learn would have new directions in which to seek. If you want your comments to hold any value at all, stop speaking in riddles and stop disparaging those who do not hold the same knowledge that you do. Make your life count for something. Instead of glorifying yourself as the only holder of truth, put it out there. Otherwise your behavior is narcissistic and sadistic.

      • GALT

        happy to share……trying to share…….what have you been doing…..

        Economics Unmasked
        Debt The First 5000 Years
        Extreme Money
        Power, Inc
        The Great Divergence
        The Folly of Fools
        The Freemen Compendium ( extremely difficult to find in print )
        The Social Conquest of Earth
        A Brief History of Thought
        The Doomsday Machine

        I have presented this list many times…….so there is no “mystery” being dangled, only your choice to pursue it……..or choosing not to……..which would be……..wait for it…….

        “willful ignorance”

        And it was Mr. Smith who disparaged you, I disparaged him……and you are confirming
        that assessment………

        You are free to ask questions at any time………about whatever “mysteries” you believe exist………which is really, really strange………..because there are plenty of comments
        like yours…………”relevant questions”? I don’t hold my breath…….

        Still seems a complete waste of time for you to read what I write and then compose a
        response which serves no purpose………

        But all is not lost……..and we at least know you have the time to penetrate the
        mysteries………but will you?

      • http://none Charlie

        Nancy,,,Good communications , glad to see you coming out of your brainwashing just a little , have you accomplished Acts 2:38 yet? …
        GALT is also a good communicator ,but, his/her contents is as you say a riddle ,but, let him/her rattle on , it’s fun trying to figure out his/her Psycho’… Most on this site are “functional psychotics” and some are totally unaware that they are unaware,,,such as the Jar Head that THINKS , John 3:16 alone will give “Salvation”, one has to read the total contents of John chapter 3 to figure out what “Salvation” is all about,,,so,,, let GALT print his/her name in a “Nom de Guerre” maybe he/her does not know what a Nom de Guerre is… GALT may be giving some a education inadvertently … Meantime ,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • Michael J.

        Great suggestion! The Doomsday Machine is one of my all time favs. Jim and Spock encounter this lumbering crescent shaped, planet killing bohemoth swallowing and then anihilating entire planets! After a fierce battle, and it looks like The Enterprise is about to be sucked into the machine by a tractor beam, another Starship piloted only by the ships commander(Commander Decker, I believe) steers his battered vessel into the mouth of the machine where he implodes the ships anti matter engines and destroys himself and the machine.

        WOW, that was a lotta bowls of Cheerios ago!

      • GALT

        Yup…….weak search engine skills will get you that result……..

    • Ron The Marine

      galt, you are a liberal dumb but! Mindless minions like you are why smoke blowing sob’s like OBUMBER get in positions they don’t belong! This UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was founded by GOD FEARING BELIEVERS who cherished and BELIEVED GOD’S UNCHANGING ETERNAL WORD! So, to make a short TRUTH, shorter READ, BELIEVE, OBEY JOHN 3:16, and have FAITH in GOD’S WORD.

      Semper fi!

      • GALT

        Sorry Ron……..wrong label……I are a e.i. P.L.F.

        BTW being on “intimate terms” with my CREATOR…….I have a message for you, direct
        from the source……..

        GET a LIFE!

      • Michael J.
      • Frank

        Sorry Ron, this is for GALT but his ranting usually does not have a reply button at the bottom.

        To be certain, GALT is a psychopath, he has all the traits associated thereof.

        It is useless to attempt to argue with a psychopath because they invaritably believe they know everything and are always right. They think NORMAL people are lesser beings and only need to say this to make it true.

        Everyone appears to make the same mistake here (including the document he recommended on judicial juridiction.), the constitution never used the term UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We were founded (created) as either the STATES, or the UNITED STATES. These are the two terms used in the constitution. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation created to conduct commerce and is the source of the UCC and the Federal Reserve Note.

        While I agree with the information provided in the document for which he gave us a link, it has nothing to do with the founding fathers of this country. As such it is not a valid point for him to use when saying everything the did was WRONG. The document is helpful in recognizing the cause and remedy for removing yourself from the admiralty courts (color of law) jurisdiction.

        In further review of his additional list of reading, one must accept that GALT BELIEVES that the authors are gods of truth. All of the list, that I have suffered to peruse, are hate documents with extremist agenda’s. GALT uses them and terms in them (incorrectly) to support his personal views of REALITY. He actually asserted that ecosystem was the same as economics in my one attempt to discuss one item rationally. I might be mistaked, but, I seem to remember him claiming that economics is a lie, the rules of economics cant happen, and in view of that there can never be a capitalistic economy.

        He continually ALLUDES to some greater knowledge that somehow only he knows and will not explain. He claims we need to ask intelligent questions of him or he is to important to answer. This demand is, by definition, impossible to comply with, because only GALT knows what an intelligent question is. He also keeps using PLF as a description of what he is but never gives us the meaning of PLF. This is not only poor manners, it is rude. He says he belives in GOD, but ask him the name of his GOD. Don’t bother asking him, he will say it isn’t an intelligent question. In my search of the internet I found that PLF stands for Palastinian LIberation Foundation (front). This is an Islamic extremeist terrorist organization. Is that what he is, or does his PLF mean something he made up in his own mind?

        To think like a psychopath is not easy but I might by inferrence make sense of some of his apearant insane remarks. He says that everything our founding fathers thought and did was WRWONG. Well, history proves this remark as not only inaccurate but down right stupid. If everything they thought and did was wrong we would have never became the number 1 super power in the world. He says that capitalism never has and never will work successfully. Well now mr. GALT, it seems that capitalism has worked in this country for over 200 years with a great deal of success. He says that the rules of economics is a lie. Well, the successfull capitalistic economy we have had in this country has been driven by the supply and demand rules of economics. So, what is there in his information that would allow me to understand that he really believes these things?

        Lets go first to him being a PLF. Assuming that he is a member of the nation of Islam (the biggest conglomeration of psychopaths in the world), we can see how everything our founding fathers thought (christian) and did (freedom) was wrong. Capitalism will never work in a country ruled by sharia law because of the tenets of the Qur’an. All religious rules are immutable law, whatever a cleric says is law. It is also stated that lies are acceptable if it is more profitable to the person lying. How can capitalism work if the sellers of goods always lie to make more profit? Debt is a sin under sharia law so you cannot buy on credit (including houses, food or health care). This applies also with economic rules, of course the rule of supply and demand is a lie if the government forces you to pay what they say regardless of the availability or demand.

        There are several INTELLIGENT questions (intelligent by reasonable definition) that GALT should answer if he wants anyone (not a psychopath or barbaric muslim) to give him any credit.

        What great divine inspiration gave you the perfect knowledge and wisdom to say you know more than every other human on the planet?

        What is the actual GREAT SECRET that you claim the rest of us are too stupid to see?

        Why do you think that books written by extremeist morons are the be all and tell all of the UNIVERSAL TRUTH?

        Why do you think that your little group of experts know more than the thousands of other real experts?

        What makes you think you can tell me what I believe?

        How can you say I only belive lies told by stupid people when you dont know the source of my knowledge?

        And the most important INTELLIGENT question is????

        Why do you refuse to ever respond to a question with reason and facts instead of taking that egotistically insane stance of “you are ignorant because you refuse to read (AND BELIEVE) the things I say are truth”?

        And in conclussion Ron, if you follow his responses you will see his usual psychopathic ranting with no real answer to my questions.

      • GALT

        Love to help you with that Frank and just to be clear, ya’ll know way more than I do…..
        I see this everytime I come here………… much knowledge……and all of it WRONG!!!!!

        As for P.L.F. you’re going to need some help……although you have developed quite a
        theory………which I will crash right now…… are an A.L.F. and a w.i. one at that. The
        two are related as opposites……and has nothing to do with Islam……

        Also you seem to think you have asked a question, which is as equally as impressive as
        believing you have answered them………but you seem to want to “ask’ questions based
        on what you think I have said………can’t help you with that as I am not responsible
        for your “interpretations”……..

        But here is a key phrase for the point you are flailing at:

        “appears to have worked”…….as for the evidence, see book list and start reading……

        Be back in a bit to help with the P.L.F. stuff……….

        • Frank

          As I said before GALT you say nothing at all, just essoteric bs. PLF is what I said until or unless you find a grain of brain power and refute it. ALF may or may not describe me since once again it is a meaningless set of initials until your demented mind decides to give the letters meaning. I do not do anything meaningless and you are very dependent on everything around you regardless of what you THINK.

      • GALT

        Not that this will mean anything to you, Frank…….but the best part is,
        I couldn’t care less……but have fun.

        Are you a PLF? Clues!

        If you are beginning to grasp that life is not a dress
        rehearsal, you might be a PLF!

        If you are confused by the fact that people grieve at
        funerals while professing to believe that the deceased
        has actually achieved that to which all aspire,
        you might be a PLF!

        If you are beginning to notice that the concept of
        “enlightened self interest” is and remains a rare
        characteristic, both in understanding and practice,
        you might be a PLF!

        If upon consideration, you have questioned the claim
        of “created equality” and understand that only a
        single unalienable right exists, is universal and
        is endowed by the “fact of existance”,
        you might be a PLF!

        If you accept that “power corrupts” and are beginning to
        recognise that “abuse of power” requires an even greater
        degree of “willful ignorance”,
        you might be a PLF!

        If you are capable of the understanding that our species
        is not above nature or seperate from it,
        you might be a PLF!

        Finally, while there are certainly many other examples, that
        can be offered, if you are beginning to consider the fact that
        the “universe” exists is not a question, but rather the “answer”,
        you might be a PLF!

        PS…..Being that I OWN THIS,,,,,,,I am not required to refute anything.

        • Frank

          To give possible attributes to a PLF does in no way explain what it means, and by your own words in this post you cannot own it.

          I can respond to every item in your list here, not that really says if I am a PLF or not.

          1. I dont understand where the idea of a dress rehersal comes from, but I dont believe it is anything but what it is, LIFE.

          2. Only a person deficient in reasoning would be confused by a religious persons grief. Even though we belive the person (assuming they followed the word of God) will go to his eternal reward, we grieve at the loss of their presence in our lives.

          3. Enlilghtened self interest or possibly self actualization is not hard to understand. Its rarity is understood considering humans sin of greed. You might find the practice of it more in small business where they understand that pleasing the customer is beneficial to their business. Or, if I protect my neighbors from theives then I will be safer from theives also. I agree that, in many instances, many people will think first of their own welfare and ignore the larger consequences but that is human nature.

          4. You are wrong on this one, even from the term created equality. It is not just a religious concept that all things deserve respect, expecially in humans. The fact that there are many racists and religious groups or governments that think and act like they are better than others does not negate the fact that we are all equal. This point of rights will never be disputable for any reason. As I have said before, you do not have the authority to diminish my rights.

          5. The old tenant that power corrupts is obvious to most. The abuse of power does not however require willfull ignorance, it only needs corrupt people in power. To not object to the abuse of power may or may not be a result of ignorance. If you are not aware that there is abuse that is ignorance, if you know and dont take action that is just stupid.

          6. To say that our species is seperate from nature or above it would be rediculous since we are a integrated part of it. We are at the top of the food chain but that is a matter of possition rather than seperation.

          7. This last one is more difficult to respond to because it appears to be a philosophical idea. The best one I can come up with is in the words of someone else. I dont remember the persons name so I cant give propper credit. When asked why physics operates the way it does he responded “It would be better to ask why we are here, because the answer is simple. If the universe did not operate on the physics it does it would be impossible for us to survive or even exist.”. In that respect the universe is not the question but the answer to our existance. So I think maybe you might have meant the age old question of the beginning of the universe. Was it created by God or did it begin from a quantum singularity as in the big bang theory. Actually if it didnt exist then there would be nobody to ask the question.

          Now that I took the time to respond to your 7 indicators of being a PLF will you be kind enough to tell me what PLF means?

      • sam1966

        Right on Ron! This comes from a 20 year combat army veteran turned history teacher. We were founded a Christian nation. We were founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Biblical Law taken directly from the Old and New Testiments, our laws based on the 10 Commandments (If someone don’t know that, they don’t know anything about our founding), and a deep, rich belief in nature and nature’s God.

        “In the chain of human events, the birhtday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior.”

        John Quincy Adams 1837

        “They who are decrying the Christian religion are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.”

        Charles Carroll of Carrollton

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • GALT

        But Frank, I already knew you weren’t a P.L.F…….and now you have an idea of what it’s not……….so now you can ponder over what an A.L.F. is……….feel free to start without me.

      • GALT

        P.S. Since I created it and know what it means……I own it.

        P.P.S. You really need to find someone else to play with…….because you are wasting your time with me……..and you are creating arguments when there are none, and attempting to refute that which you do not understand…… this case, as well as others…….because
        it is simply not possible for you to understand…….unless I tell you what I mean……or you can figure out the ‘clues”……..

        As with the “unalienable right” exercise………and your answers, based on your “assumptions”…………are not an argument……….sorry, if you can not get this…..
        but it is and remains “an exercise”…….in progress……..and in it’s very early stages,
        to which your contribution, while noted……..was insufficient.

        Just as it was my exercise, as this is my creation…… do not have enough information
        to make an argument……….but you insist on it anyway……hence a complete waste of time.

        That is why it is an “exercise”……and there is a POINT to it……….you can not circumvent
        the process by complaining about it…………I have and will simply ignore you…….until you figure this out and participate in a relevant manner.

        I’m sure you can find plenty of people to “argue” with you……..the U.C.C. stuff alone should keep you busy………..although, willful ignorance regarding this topic is the rule,
        so you will either be ignored or have to deal with the “moronic one liners”…….have fun.

        • Frank

          Actually an arguement is an exchange of ideas and facts in an effort to learn from and or to teach another person so all I say to you is part of an arguement regardless of your beliefs.

          Ownership is a concept that lies within the person holding the item. One can agree that you own something you invented from a personal point of view but not leaglly acording to the rules of our nation. Here, for some strange reason, to own a word or phrase a person must trademark it. To make up a word and not define it to others is worthless since its use has no meaning to anyone. You use ALF in a manner that seems to imply a demeaning connotation. It fails in that attempt because it lacks meaning without being defined. So have fun with your mental games, from now on all posts with PLF or ALF in them will be redacted to eliminate the initials.

      • GALT

        You have the RIGHT not to listen…..You have the RIGHT not to learn…and I freely
        grant you what ever choice you have made in regard to each…….

        You are not my enemy, you are not my equal…… knowledge is not available ON DEMAND……..and I operate on a “do no harm” principle…..which in the scheme of things
        makes you irrelevant because you choose to be…..( for me at least……it is a relative thing and doesn’t mean that you can not make a useful contribution because by comparison
        you are way more advanced than most here……..but this does not mean you will be coddled or given any favor by me, nor will your inept challenge be given any unwarranted
        acknowledgement for anything other than what it is…..inept.)

        You were close on the P.L.F. stuff but there are some critical deviations on some foundational points, and this creates a disruption of “logical reasoning”………unless point
        “a” is precise, point “b” can not stand…….to be direct, you do do not have any right except the “self evident one” which has already been stated for you…….

        This does not mean that you can not get where you want to go, but you have to
        stop at what is actually “self evident” and build from it……..and so far you have failed
        or refused to comprehend this……which brings the process to an end……I can be of
        no useful service to you…..and I do not argue for the sake of argument……

        You are a victim of the “known unknowns”, stuff we know, but don’t really know we
        know…….which I could demonstrate quite easily by another one of my
        creations….the great TIC, TAC, TOE i.q. test……..

        But of course this is “another exercise” and you do not seem to respond well to
        this sort of thing…….which means I have nowhere to go with you and I have no problem with that……..this is LIFE, as you say……..and you are headed in the right direction,
        so I have no objection to your efforts here…….I just will not engage in pointless exercise
        with YOU. ( from a pure tactical standpoint we are essentially duplicating effort, so direct engagement which serves no purpose between us, simply diffuses that which we do agree on….when it can be used in far more productive pursuits….and we have much more in common than you might expect )

        In any case, take care and be well…….

    • Mikey

      Galt, If you don’t like the content of Personal Liberty, why don’t you do us all a favor and infest another web site?

      • GALT

        Now what fun would that be for you………just a whole bunch of w.i. A.L.F.s wallowing in
        self congratulating BS……….

        I’m just keeping you honest…….and making sure that the B.S. is painfully obvious……

        Gotta keep my fans entertained, after all……

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Galt by whose authority are you on this PLD site?
        Leftists don’t trust each other and they have to police each other to keep each other honest. Maybe that you are not honest but we don’t have a problem with self control.

      • eddie47d

        Nadzieja is snorting fairy dust. Repeat after me” I have myself fooled and I am perfect”! Is that your afternoon mantra? The wild accusations some of you make put you in a very odd predicament in saying those on the right are soooo honest.

      • GALT

        Since that made no sense whatsoever……feel free to try again.

      • sam1966

        Does the A in your name Galt stand for arrogence, annoying, or air head? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • GALT

        Oops……..can’t help you buddy……..I guess you’ll have to get out there and be
        patriotic for both of us then………..I’ll buy a “support the patriots” bumper sticker…..

        Personally though, Tom Brady’s prospects for success are far better than yours.

      • Mikey

        Godless Arrogant Liberal Trash

      • GALT

        GALT is not an acronym…..P.L.F. is….and it has clues. w.i. A.L.F. is way more fun!

    • http://na Mike in NE

      GALT, the line in your reply “you have gone to great lengths to say nothing”, describes your musings perfectly. Now, can you make a comment worth reading or not?

      • GALT

        For you? Probably not…….see saves us both a lot of time…….bye now.

  • Tazio2013

    Why the Mideast Exploded, Really by Ray McGovern

    One Brief Shining Moment

    My mind wandered back to June 2004, when former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer published his insightful book, Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror. The book won him interviews with the likes of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, and – to his credit – Scheuer rose to the occasion with candor rarely heard in mainstream media before or since.

    On June 23, 2004, he told Mitchell:

    “It’s very hard in this country to debate policy regarding Israel … bin Laden’s ‘genius’ lies in his ability to exploit those U.S. policies most offensive to Muslims – our support for Israel, our presence on the Arabian peninsula, in Afghanistan and Iraq, our support for governments that Muslims believe oppress Muslims.”

    Scheuer went on to say that bin Laden regarded the war on Iraq as proof of America’s hostility toward Muslims, and of the reality that America “is willing to do almost anything to defend Israel. The war is certainly viewed as an action meant to assist the Israeli state. It is … a godsend for those Muslims who believe as bin Laden does.”

    In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” he added that failure to change American policies to better match realities in the Middle East could mean decades of war. Only if the American people learn the truth could more effective strategies be fashioned and implemented, he added.

    By and large, the truth-telling did not happen, so there has been but negligible pressure from the American people. The situation today differs little from then.

    Indeed, in the same time frame of Scheuer’s book, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld grappled publicly with a troubling “unknown” that followed along the same lines, i.e., “whether the extremists … are turning out newly trained terrorists faster than the United States can capture or kill them. It is quite clear to me that we do not have a coherent approach to this.”

    Since then, eight years have come and gone – with still no coherent approach and with continued media camouflaging of the bedrock reasons as to “why they hate us.”

    Among the chief beneficiaries of this woodenheaded approach? One can look at the military-industrial-congressional-media-security complex, especially the war profiteers and their favored politicians who stoke fear of the “evildoers.” All the better to scare you with.

  • Tazio2013

    The Last Failed State by Justin O’Connell


    In the meanwhile, down here where Mother Earth toils at the mercy of the State, the US war machine breathes life into terrorists all over the globe. The CIA and other US intelligence agencies and analysts openly admit that Iraq has been turned into a ground zero for training highly professional terrorists, mostly Iraqis. The warriors are aimed to be delivered throughout many parts of the world where they use their training to terrorize and provoke a reaction. Whereas Iraq, prior to the invasion, was free from connections to terrorist organizations, it is now a center of sophisticated terrorist activity.

    The US, like failed empires before it, has expanded its sphere of influence to encompass the entire globe. From Latin America in the nineteenth century to Europe in the twentieth and the Middle East in the twenty-first, the US has built the biggest empire in world history. The type of state-run management of the world the US has enjoyed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 was a dream of Lenin or Stalin. But a key difference between, say, occupied Poland under the Soviets and Iraq or any other US-occupied country – from Latin America to Europe, Japan to Africa – is that everybody wants the US out. For instance, 87% of Iraqis virtually from the outset of the Iraq War have demanded a timetable for withdrawal. It’s doubtful that such high numbers were found in Vichy, France or Soviet occupied Poland. In other words, the US Empire is more unsustainable at this point than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union before their collapses.

    • Ted G

      You totally leaving out the ideology of islam in teh ME and other despots and criminals all across the planet in your attempts to blame America for all the worlds ills. But hey thats par for the course.
      If only the imperial war machine of America would just leave the world alone all would be rosy, right?

      • JC

        It would sure as hell be better…

      • GRusling

        The U.S. made major mistakes at the end of WWII, but not through any desire for “Empire Building” and that may have made things worse. Our only desire was to “CURB” the dreams of empire among those we opposed, so we engaged in the exact same machinations the Empire Builders used, but we did so from outside, which left the internal workings completely to chance causing chaos to ensue. Today we see the results of our well-intentioned but ill-conceived meddling in the affairs of other people.

        We meddled in the affairs of Iran, dismantling a democratically elected government and installing a strong-man because we didn’t understand the ways of the people in that region. Bad mistake. It caused many of them to ultimately hate us, where they once thanked for freeing them from the oppression of the Eastern Bloc.

        We re-created Israel, and turned the Jews into people to be hated, in a land where they were once tolerated. We installed “KINGS” over vast regions which were totally tribal, because we didn’t know how to do business with those tribes, and “The People” there still hate us today for subjecting them to outside control by their traditional enemies. We call that country Saudi Arabia. We took three separate Tribes and combined them into a new country which could NEVER HOPE to know peace except under the thumb of a strong dictator. We called that country “IRAQ!”

        I could go on and on, all across the Middle East, but it would be an exercise in futility. The wars between “Christians” and “Muslims” are many centuries old, yet we inject ourselves STILL into their affairs, and they hate us SIMPLY BECAUSE WE ARE THERE!

        As the old saying goes; “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and that’s precisely the road we’ve been on ever since WWII. It MIGHT be a good idea to get off that road, before we arrive at our destination…

      • Ted G

        To JC,
        Though I disagree that is only a partial reply. Would you care to address the first sentence.

        To GRusling
        I won’t disagree with many of your points (maybe just a couple on finer points) but that is really a review of history is it not? Sure mistakes have been made but if your final answer is to disengage completely then I would have to disagree. IMO that would be irresponsible. After all we are a part of this world and have some obligations whether we like it or not.
        “Meddling in it” as you say does not mean that we created all the strife or more importantly the many reasons for it, nor are we responsible for solving all of it. Though you seem to project the blame on the US for it. They don’t hate us because of our “meddling” thats just a cheep/easy excuse for the uninformed masses, they hate us because islam tells them to.

        I am not a fan but I will give credit to Obama for this statement I heard him make the other day in relation to the “fake spontaneous” (my words) protests in islamic countries against America.
        “That the answer is not for America to disengage and we won’t” That is not a direct qoute but is basically what he said.

      • JC

        Ted, you might be more specific than “address the first sentence”, but I’ll try.
        We have for a fact been meddling in Middle Eastern Affairs since the 1940′s.
        We have, along with Britain and France exploited a very simple people to our own gains.
        We divided them into the nations that they are today. The reason we deal with the Saudi’s is that they were the one out of four major tribes willing to play ball with the west.
        They are now among the worst (US backed) despots in the region. I could go on in great detail region by region for a long time, but I think you get the overall image of my view.
        It is not now, nor has it ever been our mandate to engage in the construction or destruction of foreign sovereign nations. At least that’s what our Constitution tells us.
        This is not to say we should be isolated from the world. I welcome trade and tourism with all “free” nations. But putting a military base on foreign soil and then expecting them to be our friends is gunboat diplomacy and the US has engaged in far too much of that.
        I’m not condoning what these nutjobs are doing now, but even the CIA has a term for it…”Blowback”. You should check it out.
        What really pi$$es me off is having to live in a so called free nation that is under surveillance and our every move recorded and scrutinized because of a situation we (Govt.)may well have deliberately provoked to create this USSA we now live in. I’m sick of it and I want my country and the Constitution back.

      • Ted G

        Thx JC I have no problem with your comments and I actually share your concerns.

      • JC

        Good to know Ted, keep fighting the good fight.

  • Michael J.

    Mr. Smith,
    Great feel good stuff. But is it too late? If the fate of the Dinosaurs was somehow made known to them the day before the asteroid hit, would it have made a difference? October is less than two weeks away and if any one of the multiple false-flag contendgencies materializes, it will be no surprise. Whether nuclear, biological, WWIII or faux alien attack, one of these things will provide plausibility for total communication and utility infrustructure shut down. Under the cover of the darkness that may ensue, The Great Culling would commence.

  • Mike

    Good article Brandon.
    Anyone understand the rambling that Galt (more like guilt) was mumbling? I feel sorry for him.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      He’s a narcissist. He doesn’t want you to understand. It gives him a feeling of superiority, that no one understands. It’s like someone that keeps you dangling on a string or someone who pulls the wings off of bugs. It’s his power, his self worth. Only an insecure person would need to lord his knowledge over you. It makes him feel important. He is actually showing us a side of himself that he doesn’t want others to see and that he’s not willing to acknowledge. The anonymity of the Internet allows him to feel like he’s better than anyone else. It’s sad. I hope that someday he will free to participate in a free exchange of ideas, but I doubt that is possible. I fear that the only reason he is here is to feed his ego!

      • GALT

        Shouldn’t you be doing your homework?

        When you have caught up…….you can take over for me…..

        “When men first hear the truth of a thing (the unfiltered, unfettered truth), their most common and predictable reaction is invariably one of disbelief. A wise man, or even a moderately intelligent one, would expect that new truths will arise from the ashes of dead notions. They would expect that there are vast reaches of knowledge in this world we have yet to tap and that, every once in a while, our previous assumptions about life will be dashed against the rocky shores of reality. However, most people in today’s culture of mental and philosophical “leisure” are not intuitively wise; and, in some cases, their ability to rationally observe any situation is highly questionable. The truth, for them, is less like an inspirational moment of empowerment and more like a blood-curdling shark attack. For those with a narrow and manipulated world view, the truth is a terrifying threat.”

      • http://none Charlie

        Nancy ,,, GALT, may be using the Hegelian principle of education … Do you know what that is???

      • sam1966

        The 5th column, in which Galt is part of, believe this way:

        “By means of schrewd lies unremittingly repeated, it is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell – and hell heaven. The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed.”

        Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • Mikey

      Drugs? Brain cancer?

    • http://none Charlie

      GALT,,, are you male or female ??? Just want to know ,so after the mob gets done with their fault GALT program , We might put a proper title on you like White Supremacist , that is IF you are white male…

      • GALT

        No need to be bothered with pesky facts and details………just make up whatever
        you like…………one label is as good as another…….kinda like all the versions of the
        ONE TRUE GOD………..which only presents a problem….when you try to put them
        together…………. I am a P.L.F………clues are posted above.

      • http://none Charlie

        Renault ,you got some faults, so , go take some salt ,for your salty personality …
        Intelligence is Your game, ego stroking is close to the same…
        You have no PhD, you see? only some communication skills , you use at will…
        So,,,take a chill pill and don’t bother Me UNTIL you get some Bible skills………………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Act 2:38 is salvation…

        • Frank

          Actually, Charlie, Acts 2:38 is not salvation. It references the salvation for Jews after the death of Christ. Individual salvation is referenced later in Acts. If you are claiming that you must be baptised to be saved you are wrong. Accepting Jesus as your savior is the defining factor and many were saved without baptism. If you want to learn more so that you are a true believer I will help you learn the scriptures pertaining to salvation.

      • GALT

        P.H.D.? that would be someone who knows more about less….or the pursuit of one, which is to seek to know MORE about less and LESS?

        “Specialization is for insects.” R.H.

        I am a DIRECTOR……with the ability to orchestrate all those “insects” to produce
        amazing things………as well as to direct them toward the parts of less that may be useful.

        Charlie……give it up man……isn’t god calling you to DO SOMETHING?

        Isn’t ETERNITY calling?

      • http://none Charlie

        With all your faults We will make an assault for naught on your comment…
        Who is this small “g” god you write of? I work for the BIG G God,,,aka King Jesus…
        But, since you have no PhD’s, you don’t know the Haw from the Gee’s about Bible legalize ….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • http://none Charlie

        You are a little slow on the crank, so We got to go refill My tank…I will respond in about 10 hours… Meanwhile ,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation… confirmed by 1 Peter 3:21…

      • GALT

        “Those that can…!” and there is no shortage of insects, but you need NOT
        concern yourself with my prospects or qualifications. ( feel free to make all the
        assumptions you like……… )

        Nice to know you work for the “king god” but if memory serves, he did give directions
        regarding the location of his kingdom, and from what I can tell you would appear to
        be lost?

        Still I am happy for you…….being employed and all……..especially the big g god. You
        wouldn’t by any chance happen have a copy of the paychecks, pay stubs or a W-2?

      • http://none Charlie

        Read Matthew 6:9—13,,,did King Jesus tell Us to Pray in The Kingdom ? heathens may
        not be able to see or understand the orders of King Jesus … GALT,,,is that one of your
        faults?… Pay? Praise King Jesus for pay that passes understanding and is not issued in
        non Biblical law money…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation… confirmed by 1
        Peter 3:21…


    Heroes come in many forms. Most are the people who live their lives as honest productive citizens. They raise their kids to have respect for others and country. Is it any wonder that good people tire of the system that reaches in their pocket to give to throes who can work but wont. Giving aid to people that come to this country to have kids so they can collect from the public teat. Passing out scholarships to foreign students that then take up a place that belongs to an American student. Why shouldn’t we be frustrated? We try our best to live the American dream and the government prints money devaluing our savings that we worked so hard for. Our constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness it doesn’t say the government must give it too you. To our present socialist government, history should tell you that you will not succeed. We the common heroes will see to it.
    God bless America.

    • JC

      Amen that! Grampa.

    • Ruth

      God bless you grampa and your awesome words.If people would continue to stand on the solid word of God and christian morals which we are lossing we would continue to be a nation to be proud of.We the nation of the united states of america are being stripped of our christian rights,thatt formed this once great nation.If we do not have God in our nation then we do not have a stong indepentant nation that we once had.We have precious soldiers that lay down their lives for our freedom and we are failing them for not standing for our God given rights.We as christians are to be meek not weak.Come on people and stand proud for our rights built on the solid word of God and re=shape our nation again.We need to say america bless God and then God will hear our prayers and heal our land.

  • Polski

    It’s fun to read all this gobbledy-gook but it’s frustrating too. All these “knowledgeable comments” pinpoint why we are in the mess that we are in. Just read these comments. And when you do, the first thought is “you’re kidding, aren’t you?”

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Well, you certainly have a lot to add to the discussion, don’t you?!?

      • GALT

        Actually, he got the POINT right away……..

      • Michael J.

        Right, sounds as though Polski’s got you pegged.

      • GALT

        Actually he was imitating me……intentionally or not….but keep trying…..

        • Frank

          PLF – Particularly Lousy Facist, Perturbed Lunatic Fanatic, Pugnacious Life From

          notice to all humans, this person called GALT (NOT HIS NAME) is unable to verify his existance in reality. Please be warned that any attempt to communicate with it will result in deterioration of harmony within normal thought processes.

          I have never taken anything you said out of context nor have I ever interpreted your claims. You speak metaphorically about things your mind cannot comprehend. Your personal identity is subject to quantum disturbances.

          Your posts follow the Eisenberg Uncertainty Principle wherein it is impossible to know both what you are saying and what you are thinking. We know what you are saying but insane phrases are not something that normal people can intrepret.


    • sam1966

      If you don’t like what is posted, don’t read them. If you don’t like what people or the author says, just leave. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

  • joe momma

    I grovel in mortification. I may not be worthy of this essay. This mofo has tore one into the nickel seats……..

  • Patriot

    The main stream media in this country is gone! If there was a competent media we would be talking about the most important issues everyday; QE3 last week (we are not down the road to mass inflation, the rioting in the Middle East (killing of Americans), the wars over the past 4 years (more deaths then during the last presidency), the Obama justice dept. suing battle ground states over their voting rolls, unemployment in depression like state, gas prices, coal & natural gas industries under attack by the EPA, etc. Nothing I know of is a positive indication that Obama deserves another 4 years, nothing!

    There is something very wrong when all these factors are pointing to the destruction of America both from within and abroad and our President is yunking it up on Letterman and fund raising every day, what has happened to the Presidency?

    Do the Obama supporters see anything disgusting about that? Anything? I have to believe that at least 20% or more of you do and this election will be a landslide for Romney, if nothing else but to send a message. The silent majority will do the work in the booth!

    • http://none Charlie

      Patriot,,,the basic problem in America is the white males over 20 years old do not understand 2 Chronicles 7:14, nor do they know or understand Acts 2:38, and they are worse off than a Owl , they don’t give a hoot …

  • Hedgehog

    Perhaps a few fractured quotes will help everyone focus on what the article is saying. “RULERS are the problem masquerading as the solution.” “The best RULE is the least RULE, the least RULE is no RULE at all!”. Remember, LIFE is not a prison sentence, you can always leave it. But if you choose that path, be a hero or heroine and take some RULERS with you!

    Don’t give up your guns and ammo, or any other weapons. You are going to need them.

    Hedgehogs are always armed.

    • GRusling

      I never before realized that I am a Hedgehog…

  • GRusling

    Patriot – Let’s hope you’re correct, but somehow I have my doubts because Common Sense is not very common these days…

  • Jamie Brown

    No sir heros are not gone they are alive but not necessarily kicking because if you will excuse my seeming self righteous I am one.
    I stood up for what was right, I stood up aginst a corrupt city government and it’s police department. I did the right thing and you want to know what it got me? It got me fired from a 20 year career as a state of Alabama law enforcement officer, it got my family to leave me, it got my four year college education pissed away, it got my reputation trashed, and it got any chance of me ever getting another job.
    That’s what it got me. I dont want you to misunderstand I do not regret my choice or how I went about it. But I would like to give you a piece of advice which you can take to task or ignore. Before you try being a hero for what ever rhyme or reason you remember one thing.
    Remember what Jamie Brown told you in this email you better be dam sure you are ready to pay the cost of what ever you decide to square off with. Because if you don’t you will have blown your brains out long before you come to the realization that in the end it will not matter if you win or loose, you will still loose. I just pray that you consider that. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I promise you what I am saying will be the end result. No matter what your profession is, no matter how much money you have, no matter how bad ass you may think you are, you get it in your head to stand up for principals in this day and time your going to have one very large shot sandwich to eat all by yourself. You will cast out, and please don’t think it can’t or wont happen.
    I apologize for the profanity but I deemed it necessary to emphasize the severity of the topic.

    • http://none Charlie

      Jamie Brown, Thanks Hero for what you did,,,but,,,one will always take some what of a beating from the CEG corrupt evil government , because “They” are backed with Satanic
      intelligence ,,,but,,, Satan and his group WAS conquered at The Cross,,,So,,,one MUST
      have knowledge of The Salvation and Truth of King Jesus Christ and His Will,,,then you will have The Power from Knowledge as John 8:31,32 says … Prayer Power of The King’s Men is what the CEG fears most, because King Jesus said at Matthew 7:7 ask and it will be given to you , seek and you shall find… BUT to become one of The King’s Men, one ,MUST accomplish Acts 2:38 , with understanding ,,,then one must repent daily
      and Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing , and , try to stay within The King’s Will.
      The above means defend ALL Gifts from God with ALL Gifts from God,,, So,,,Kick a$$ when needed and Honor The King with your Power from The King………….


    Galt, “What you have just posted above is some of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent posts, were you close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read them! I award you the Jackass of the day award! and may God have mercy on your soul. (Even though you dont believe in him.)

    • Skip Yale

      Amen to that. This is my first time on this site and it is a real eyeopener. It was educational to your varied thoughts and ideals. I just wished everyone could be a little more civil, even though some make it hard to do. Not that I don’t appreciate your viewpoint Galt, you may be like a good friend of mine that uses your style for others to learn. That doesn’t mean I agree with it or like it, but that is your perogative.
      I have just begun to pull my head out of my arse to learn and be a positive influence on our/my destiny. Thanks all for your perspectives, and even though we may not like our choices,we still must choose the least damaging choices and work toward better candidates in the future. Please Vote…………Florida Boy

      • Jeanette

        Skip – There’s a “GALT” on every forum I’ve encountered so far. Over a period of time, I’ve found that it’s best to just ignore them and carry on.

      • GALT

        Smart girl………with a slight adjustment, there is not a GALT on every forum…….but
        you can work that out for yourself……….as for your “solution”, given the competence
        and quality of most responses……….”ignoring” is a much better choice…….I mean,
        why make it obvious that you are NOT capable of comprehension and/or relevant argument……..

        I have recommended this many times…….but it takes awhile to sink in and as with anything
        else……….there is always an “upstart challenger” to deal with………

        Anyway thanks for the effort……..regardless of your motives, I would rather be
        “ignored” by the “willfully ignorant”……….makes the fact that there are so many
        a little less depressing instead of being constantly reminded of it.

  • sesame

    There’s a problem with Smith’s analysis. Good Guys and Bad Guys can both be History Makers.

  • Ms. M

    GALT – Took a few (emphasis on “few” – to these readers) minutes to follow your link re: Howard Freeman. Very informative, thank you. Your intellectual prose is lost on straightforward forums, however. You’d get much further asking more direct questions and by giving some idea of what your referenced links/reading list covers. IMO, none here are incapable of comprehending the information therein contained. Your time would be better spent by provoking others to read and learn rather than simply provoking others. Get it?

    • GALT

      I tried the question thing…..doesn’t work with the “functionally illiterate.”

      and I will keep trying……and throw in a lot of other stuff as well…….

      I have also been around the block, so while your suggestion is interesting, I also
      know it doesn’t work……….but you are welcome to give it a try, maybe you will do better.

      Anyway, you can find other freemen stuff……..and who knows, maybe even give it a shot.

      It does work and NOT PAYING for a “corrupted government” is about a sweet as it gets.

      • Nelson Griffin

        While reading this article I couldn’t help but feel like I was reading Mein Kampf again. The scathing attack on the elitist and government is exactly what Hitler did in his book. The language and tone are identical. The financial ruin of Germany brought Hitler to power, who will it bring to power in this country?

      • GALT

        They’re pretty much already there……..and they’ve evolved a bit since then…..that whole direct Hitler approach did not end well…….so circumstances demand subtlety.

        Hitler’s case was more of a country to country thing, enabled by economics and
        war reparations……..he actually tapped today’s equivalent, to assist him, including IBM and GM. ( business is business after all )

        I don’t actually see “someone” coming to power, for the express purpose of taking on
        the “elites” directly………..because it would be difficult to get there, especially with that message and purpose………Ron Paul, was easily sidelined, and he was hardly a revolutionary and represented no threat to anyone, including the FED, despite
        the popular mythology.

        As for Smith’s motivation for the article, he needs to fill space to promote his
        “perceived self interest”………which is contained in his bio……..and it is common fair
        here………which is why all the writer’s write HERE…….and what the mushrooms expect.

        After all……..”Personal Liberty Digest” does kind of restrict the range a bit, and ole Brandon did get a mite carried away……..invoked a few tears, from what I can tell…

        Strange that his “elites” are unidentified while everything else addresses qualities
        which this audience, in general, has no concept of……….and if correctly understood would make them the prime offenders………mushrooms, it would appear, are very loyal to their “feeders”……….and as long as this continues the “elites” are quite safe.

        This site does tend to test one’s patience a bit……….which is why I target the “headliner’s”…………get’s the mushrooms all upset………maybe force an evolution
        to the next higher plane…… maybe “weeds”?

  • Ms. M

    BTW: GALT’s link ( references an article by Howard Freeman entitled “The Two United States and The Law”. There are actually two United States? I’d suggest at least a cursory reading to understand how We The People have arrived at this pitiful juncture. The Founding Fathers to set into place a Constitutional Republic…..which we took for granted, no maintenance required. It is obvious what happened while We The People were asleep at the wheel. Now we must become involved in the process of “self governance”. Best to fully understand with what we are dealing, education is key – perhaps GALT, however sarcastically, is suggesting we all to do a little work to that end? Not intending to defend GALT……it just doesn’t appear from the posts that the impetus of the message is not getting through.

    • Michael J.

      Congratulations, you’ve now entered The United States of America, Inc. And GALT’s time today was not wasted after all.

      • http://none Charlie

        Michael J. ,,,
        A few shortages in your youtube . “They” did NOT tell you that The Constitution was NEVER made to replace The Holy Bible … The ONLY sovereign in America IS King Jesus …ALL else are “subjects” ,servants to King Jesus , OR, Man …
        The Bible is The Law Book to Rule ALL Mankind…
        The Constitution is a “Commercial” law document to rule “Commerce”…

        • Frank

          No, the orginal constitution was a source of law for The United States for America.

          the second (re-written one) was a document for comerce for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    • http://none Charlie

      The Constitution as you THINK you know it was never reconvened “Lawfully” after the war between the states ,,,the Pres’ after the bankers killed Lincoln was General Grant , who knew all about “Martial Law Rule”, so ,piece of cake for Grant to “camo” the Constitution and make the people THINK it was back aOK,,,BUT,,, the Confederates did not buy the nonsense of Yankee Negro government and almost restarted the so called civil war with the Ghost Riders called the KKK … The Ghost Riders still ride in the Confederate states… Many factors that control todays so called government are NOT taught in The Churches or exposed by the news media… USA Inc. has some NGO’s operating the money system,,,BUT,,, USA Inc. HAS NOT over ruled The King of America,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • Frank

        Actually it was Johnson that became president upon the assasination of Lincoln, Grant was elected in the next election. There is no evidence of the constitution being suspended prior to or during the civil war. The original constitution is still in effect but there is a second one that was written to facilitate the cretion of DC as a city state within the US. It also allowed the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation to practice trade. This was the act of 1871 which was after the civil war. Everything based on this new constitution is color of law (pretend or fake). It allows for the formation of the FED and the UCC for enslaving the former sovreign citizens of the United States for America.

        I almost agree with GALT in that I find many places where the truth has been twisted to fit some agenda. In wikipedia it says that the emancipation proclimation cancelled slavery in the US. This is very untrue, that proclimation only ended slavery in the confederacy not in Union states. So in essence it was a law to end the right of slavery in states that no longer recognized the Unions authority.

        What is taught in church in the form of history,, other than pertaining to God is not a valid source for discussion. History that christian churches teach is biased towards their beliefs just like history in Islamic churches is biased towards theirs.

        A general rule of determining the efficacy of a source of information is finding their possible motivations towards supporting a particular idea. History is very succeptable to revisionism. It is said that the victor writes the history. If we win then the others are the evil ones who started the war. If they win it is the other way around.

        If you have some documentated proof that the constitution was suspended in the time of the civil war please furnish us with a link.

      • http://none Charlie

        You are not a “True” per The Bible Christian, plus, it reads as you may have some cognitive dissonance mind blockage, plus, your mind programming is very disorientated
        with lies about Law and other critical “Primary” items… So,,,to not waste Our time , until you answer My basic , simple questions ,to find out how much Primary Truth We will have to teach you before your investigative eyes are open enough to see The Big Picture…
        Question: IF,,, you say you are a Christian , then , give The Scriptures that you became a
        Christian in accordance with ?………….

        • Frank

          Your statement makes no sense whatsoever. I dont equivacate on the premise that there is no law higher than Gods, all true man made laws are predicated on the laws set forth by him. Also, I have no need to answer to your demands of proof of my love for
          God or believing that Jesus paid the blood cost of my sins. Your statement that I do am not a true Christian is wraught with judgement which is not yours to give. Nor does God demand that I quote verses from the Bible to show my faith.

          I hold many tenents close in my beliefs. One, it is not relevent to be able to quote the book, chapter and verse to know what is said in the Bible. Two, a church is a place where we praise the glory of God, which means that I am not required to attend a church(building) to worship. Three, one should love all Gods children (which includes everything not just humans). Four, in the world, we are soverign above governments and only subjects of God. Five, we are to be tolerant of others beliefs and lifestyles. Six, we may not judge the sins of others but, we must not be blind to the workings of the great deceiver Lucifer.

          I do not hide my belief from any who ask, nor do I bow to the ridicule of those who do not follow the word of God and accept his love into their hearts. To me this is not an opinion, it is fact proven by the evidence visible in our universe as well as the beauty of his creation on earth.

          To satisfy (possibly) your question, I believe Jesus is my savior in Gods name. I praise the glory of God. I humble myself to his power and unchallengable authority over my life. He is the final Judge of all he oversees. He will judge the world for its works as individuals. I am not responsible for the deeds of my government or even my fellow man so long as my belief is pure.

          I am aware that many religions have differing ideas on what is required to sit at the side of Jesus in heaven. I do not adhere to religious dogma because I believe that it is a man made construct and thus a thing of the world and not a thing of God.

          Remember that it was said “he is with me in his words but he is not with me in his heart” (possibly not the exact words), which means what you say means nothing if you dont have the word of God in your heart. Show your love for God in your deeds done to his children. Give food to the starving, give water to those who thirst, give compassion to those who have committed crimes (sins). In doing this for his children you also do it for him.

          These three things I do because it is for God.

          Am I a true Christian? I belive Jesus Christ is the son of God (Gods physical manifestation on earth). This is what man says is the requirement to be a Christian. I feel I am a christian but I bow to the righteousnes of God to judge the truth of that statement. So, are you a christian?

      • http://none Charlie

        Thanks for your long answer to a short question… You have told Me what I thought you might say,,,you are a typical “Judeo christian”, which is far better than NOT being any kind of Christian … Now, lets see IF We can agree on what The Words of The Almighty God says in His Holy Bible… I will be using the NASB , IF that’s OK with you?,,,BUT,,, first let Me give My thoughts or belief on The Holy Bible of The Almighty God, the Bible
        is true and correct as written in most versions ,,,of course there are always corrupt versions of most any book of law or truth…
        I judge NO one,,,but,,,The Word of God / King Jesus , judges ALL as written in contexts…
        AND, some times the word will judge some things with just one single verse… So,,,to know Scripture as written is Super Critical ,,,it IS The Law!,,,I did not write it ,,,so,,,you will not be able to say I changed anything ,,,THE BIBLE,,,THE BIBLE… will be THE ONLY Authority for Truth,,,NOT Billy Graham,,,NOT the Pope ,,.,NOT Me, or any Man in
        close history… Now , some books can be used in conjunction with the Bible, but, the Bible will be the final authority on any questions that may come up ,,,scripture reference is a MUST to prove anything I may say or that you may ,,,I will not ask you to believe any
        thing I say without scripture reference and most of the time I will point at two scriptures to prove a point of Truth… OK? , are We on the same page? Give Me a holler back…

        • Frank

          For starters, we are not on the same page due to your comment about Judeo-Christian being better than not Christian. Judeo-Christian is a made up term that simply indicates a joining of the Jewish faith with Christianity. From a logical perspective that is an obvious conclussion if you read both the Bible and the Torah. The main dispute between the two books is minimal. There is however a dispute between the Old Covenant with God in the Old Testament / Torah, and the New Covenant with God in the new testament. You cannot take the Jewish faith doctrine out of the Christian faith doctrine and be left with a complete understanding of the word of God. To do so would essentially remove the Old Testament from the Bible. So in this regard, I challenge you to support your claim that Judeo-Christianity is a lesser belief than Christianity. Or, in substance much different.

          I don’t care which version of the Bible you use however, a person must be very careful about literal interpretation of words that have been pre-interpreted for ease of understanding. This is where many dissagreements come in understanding the word of God. I have spoken with a Rabbi who states that the word Christians use to mean rib in the creation of Eve was actually missinterpreted and should read as seed. Since I am not literate in the old languages, I cannot dispute either translation.

          I welcome your use of citations in the Bible so that I can re-read the referenced scripture to determine how you came to your understanding of the word. But I will not provide then in my text because I have never found it necessary to memorize the books names or chapter and verse numbers.

      • http://none Charlie

        In most Churches , take your pick, Baptist, Mormon, Catholic, etc , they are under what is known by most as the Judeo Christian doctrine … The term judeo christian is a Oxymoron
        and there are three basic “lies” in most judeo christian churches , they are : 1 The Jews are God’s chosen people… that lie is the easy one to prove to be a lie, with The Bible , because, no where in a normal Bible can one find that statement ,,,but,,, what you can find is the statement that the Children of Jacob Israel are God’s Chosen People,,,that means the lineage of the Man named Jacob Israel are God’s / King Jesus , chosen people… So the “Jews are God’s chosen people” statement can ONLY be 1/13 true at best ,,,the word Jew comes from the Tribe of Judah ,so, if, you are in the bloodline lineage of Judah ,,,then,,, you could say you are one of God’s chosen people… But a 1/13 truth is 12/13th lie , a part lie is still a lie… The OT scripture at 1 Chronicles 16:13
        among many other OT scriptures tells you who God’s chosen people are… The NT says
        it at Matthew 15:24 ,spoken by King Jesus to a Canaanite woman…
        What happened to the Prophets of old IF they were NOT 100% correct ??? Do you dare
        say the Bible is wrong??? OK,,, when you prove the above scripture wrong ,,,We will
        go to the next easy to prove lie… King Jesus is Truth! ALL Men are liars at some time in their history… Get on the same page,,,are you ready to “Harmonize” The Scripture???

        • Frank

          the Matthew 15:24 is a reference only to his mission to the 10 lost tribes of Israel. While it is true that Judah’s tribe is only 1 of 11 (not 13) tribes of Israel, however it is the tribe of Judah (Jews) that were the only tribe to maintain their part of the original covenant. It was the fact that the other 10 tribes turned away from God that made them lost. This in no way means that God has turned his back on them as he said they will return to him in the end time. This can lead one to two disparate conclusions. 1. The Jews (as the only tribe to maintain the covenant) are the chosen of God. 2. The Jews are 1 of the tribes of Israel that are Gods chosen people. In both cases the Jews are Gods chosen people by virtue of his covenant with Abraham. So, I dissagree with your statement that it is a lie to say they are Gods chosen just because they are just 1 tribe of Israel who are all chosen. If you were to say that the Jews are Gods ONLY chosen people that would be a lie.

          You must also always remember that there are two Israels. One it the nation of Israel which was created on Saini (spelling) as the eternal home of the Children of Israel the man.

          On the first assertion in your post that Judeo-Christian is oxymoronic, yes if you attempt to take both parts literally it would be oxymoronic to say a person is a Jewish Christian. They are not fully compatible since the Torah is the old testament and does not adhere to the teachings of the new testament. Taking a literal aproach is not propper here (much like trying to translate say Italian to English literaly) because it does not work and will cause you to be confused. Judeo-Christian does not mean you are a Jewish Christian, it means you either converted from Judiaism to Christianity or in some cases that you sympathise with the Jews.

          In addition to the decendents of Israel, the man, being Gods chosen, the Nation of Israel was expanded (in the new testaments new covenent) to include peoples not of direct decension of Israel the man. It would appear that all Christians are accepted into the nation of Israel through the act of accepting Gods love into their hearts and by the cleansing of our sins with the blood of Jesus our savior. That all people who are spiritually pure of heart and follow the word of God are accepted into the nation of Israel as Gods chosen people. Isaiah 49:6 I think is near where this is given in the Bible.

      • http://none Charlie

        You gave only 1 scripture , Isaiah 49:6, which says little about “how” salvation is to be secured ,,,and certainly does Not delete 1 Peter 3:21, which says “baptism now saves you”… Baptism is pointed out so often in the NT,,,no one can say it is not commanded by John the Baptist , King Jesus and Peter,,,without being in violation of Revelation 22:19, which says , do not take from or add to these scriptures…
        When Jesus spoke Matthew 15:24 it applied to all the lost sheep of the children of Israel
        You have no “scripture” a lost 10 tribes only, ever existed … As for the 13th tribe adopted in by Jacob Israel , see that at Genesis 48…
        The Old covenant was violated by all the children of Israel , see that at 1 Kings 11:6–12,,
        Jeremiah 11:10,, Psalm 78:10–21… And others …
        Rome controlled the physical land, state of Israel for many years after King Jesus …
        The water of of Baptism ,represents the blood of King Jesus which sealed the new covenant , that’s why Baptism is a MUST do to become a True Christian under normal, routine salvation,,,believe only salvation , Miracle salvation ,,,IS NOT per normal , routine
        It appears your mind is not saturated with much scripture, so that makes it easy for lies to creep in from the Satanic powers that be……………
        Pray Matthew 6:9—13 every day ,,, say, ever chance you get “Praise King Jesus for
        Salvation and Healing “… Do Acts 2:38 , NOW……………………

        • Frank Kahn

          You fall for false translations of the Hebrew text. My sripture quote was not in response to baptism in any way and I know by reading the Bible that the ritual of baptism with water is a man made thing and not what gives you salvation. Baptism is actually the acceptance of God in your heart.

          Baptism, which is like that water, now saves you. Baptism doesn’t save by removing dirt from the body. Rather, baptism is a request to God for a clear conscience. It saves you through Jesus Christ, who came back from death to life.

          There are many examples in the Bible of people receiving salvation before baptism and even without ever receiving Baptism. The passage you most often offer as proof of the requirement of Baptism was translated to say you are saved because of being baptised when it actually should say you were baptised because you were saved by accepting Jesus as your savior. Baptism in Acts regarding the Jews was the result of salvation.

          There were 10 lost tribes of Israel. The tribe of Judah was not counted as lost. My math says that equals 11 not 13. If you can show me in the Bible where it speaks of the 13 tribes of Israel I will be happy to read it. I apologize for my omission of the tribe of Levi the 12th son of Jacob Israel.

          I have read nothing that says it is required to be baptised with water to be saved. I see in the words how you might interpret it that way but going to the Hebrew books gives a different perspective. It says in your bible that this water SYMBOLIZES the baptism that does not cleanse your body but your spirit. Why was the word symbolizes included? In the catholic church they eat the eucarist which symbolizes the pure body of Christ. Does that mean they are eating Jesus? They drink the sacrimental wine that symbolizes the blood of Christ. Are they really drinking his blood.

          No, the ritual of baptism by water is a symbol that shows others that you receive Jesus as your savior.

          I can search for and read all your quoted scriptures but, I have not seen where it is a solid requirement for salvation. This appears to be an interpretation of the translated text that you are making.

          As to lies, one must be carefull when describing something as a lie. I can give you a link to a site where the author says that it is Satan’s work that people believe the lie that you have to be baptised to be saved.

          I seem to recall that Jesus was baptised at one time in his life, does that mean that he was not saved until then?

          I am more than willing to DISCUSS the scriptures with you but I in no way agree to accept your interpretation of the words I read. Nor has anything I said detract from the words nor add to the words in the Bible.

          I was baptised because I asked forgiveness for my sins in the name of the savior Jesus and accepted God into my heart. Just to be safe I had a formal baptism by water. And by safe I dont mean with God I mean from the false judgement of man who believes the baptism by water is necessary.

      • http://none Charlie

        What part of “baptism now saves you”, needs to be interpreted ??? Do you have a dictionary? do you have a concordance ?,,, Most high school students with a C grade average can tell you the meanings of those words,,,get real, are you playing games???
        Even GALT is probably laughing about this,,,what do you think GALT? what does baptism mean ? maybe it’s standing out in the rain,,, I agree , some words do have 2 or 3 different meaning,,,BUT,,,usually it’s a Primary meaning and a secondary meaning…
        Take the word “Jurisdiction”,,,The Bible is a “Jurisdiction”, according to Black’s Law Dictionary’s definition of the word jurisdiction,,,BUT,,, you will find the word jurisdiction only used once in the entire Bible, at Luke 23:7…
        Lets define , word for word what Acts 2:38 says to find out who’s not so Bible smart OK?
        Go for it , Frank, you tell Me what Acts 2:38 means………………..

        • Frank Kahn

          where does it say baptism now saves you in the bible? Have you ever heard the phrase baptism by fire? It certainly does not mean salvation. GALT has no relevance in this discussion. I will only tell you to read the entire Acts to find out the context of the baptism line. It is specifically referencing the Jews, I am not a Jew so it is not relevant to my salvation. There is simply no passage in the Bible that requires Baptism to be saved. In many religions they twist the baptism which should actually be called a christening. A baby cannot be baptized according to the scriptures because it cannot yet accept God knowingly.

          Your remark about a C average grade school student is defamitory and uncalled for.

          You missed the point of my logic in using the word symbolizes. If you want to argue definitions lets pick that word. Maybe your average grade school student will know what it means, do you?

          Symbolism is the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.[1] A symbol is an object, action, or idea that represents something other than itself, often of a more abstract nature.

          And I did not make that up, that is from the dictionary.

        • Frank Kahn

          Missed a point, actually yes, standing out in the rain could conceivably be called baptism since the original words meaning is to cleanse. You can baptize your hands before eating by washing them. Standing out in the rain will clean (cleanse) your body from the soils of daily living. Only in our modern religions is the term baptism molded to mean salvation (cleansing of the spirit). We must always check the original meanings of words used in the Bible before giving them OUR meanings.

          I am not playing games here, I am very serious. Water is not required to be baptized. Even if it was, how does our current churches correctly follow the ritual. When Jesus was baptised it was total imersion in a river. How does sprinkling water on a babies head cleanse it?

          Without your acceptance of Jesus as your savior and letting God into your heart, someone saying “I baptize you in the name of Jesus” and sprinkling water on you gives you nothing.

      • http://none Charlie

        What version of the Bible do you believe ? We are using the NASB and 1 Peter 3:21 says
        “baptism now saves you”,,,you went off on about 19 rabbit trails on that 4 words … Any one that can get that far off course over 4 simple words certainly , wow! …
        OK, lets run one of the rabbits by again,,,did you read Genesis 48 ? that where the 13th tribe of the Children of Israel started ,,,can you see that ?
        Tell Me what happened to Paul at Acts 9:18 ? Did Peter speak Acts 2:38 before Paul got
        baptized at Acts 9:18?… Does Acts 2:38 give The Gift of The Holy Spirit ??? OK, with Bur rabbits help ,come up with some answers to the above ??? During the meantime We will,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

        • Frank Kahn

          1 Peter 3:21

          New International Version (NIV)

          21 and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you

        • Frank Kahn

          I cannot more clearly explain the fault of your decissioin to believe an untruth. I have read all the scriptures again that you suggest and still do not fing the words required in relation to baptism. In the Acts 9:18 it says his sight was restored by the laying on of hands and then saul was baptised. How does this convince you that they dumped a ton of water on him?

          I will ask you only one time to stop the implications that I am deluded, I will not suffer this from any man. There were no rabbit holes as you so fondly call them in my words, there were explanations of my views.

          I have read Genisis 48, again for the third time in two days. I understand exactly what it says and the words tribe dont exist there, nor does the number 13. I have asked you to show me scripture that says Jacob Israel had 13 sons and you have failed in that task. Genesis does show that he adopted 2 sons of Joseph but that might mean he had 12 or 11. Where does it show his natural offspring?

      • http://none Charlie

        Basic Bible study will reveal that not every word in the Bible has to be repeated in every verse…
        So to understand what has been said in one verse, some times the contexts around a verse has to be understood … Regarding Genesis 48, IF , you can’t see the 13th tribe origination by Jacob Israel adopting in two grandsons … Then you best go back to Genesis 10 and figure out with your “Logic” you say you have , how much “Authority” from God these founding fathers have…
        The founding fathers of The Children of Jacob Israel are,,, Abraham , Isaac and Jacob Israel…
        BUT,,, lets stay on “Point”,,,the whole point is Acts 2:38… So,,,what Keys did King Jesus give to
        Peter at Matthew 16:19 ???

        • Frank Kahn

          We are way beyond basic Bible study here, we are discussing interpretation of the words. It was context that I mentioned when talking about Acts 2:38. Who was he speaking to in that passage?

          As to names given in the begattin, cant help you there, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. It is almost impossible to follow the names used throughout the Bible because they change. I see the name Saul used for Paul and without knowing the connections in context would not know it was Paul referenced in that passage.

          In Genesis 10 there is no mention of Jacob or Israel, nor can I find an exact duplicate for any name of his sons either natural or adopted. In reading one interpretation of the begats I found a reference to some of his sons names and it listed them as tribes in the geographic region of the nation of Israel but the Progenitors name was given as Canaan. Was Canaan another name of Jacob Israel? Is this persons depiction of the names in the begats wrong?

          The last question you asked I did not need to read the Bible for, it was the keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

          And I dont see how that is keeping on subject. Also, if you use the Hebrew text in the Torah, baptism was not stated as a requirement of salvation. All arguements on the ideology are subject to translations and interpretations. You abide by the authorities you have that created the translation in your Bible, which is fine but not definitive. Your interpretation is that “you are saved because you were baptised”, mine is “you were baptised because you were saved”. Since I dont care to change your belief, and you will not change mine, I dont see the reason for your pushing this issue so strongly.

          It is an arguement about which came first, the chicken or the egg. Neither of those can be proven except in faith. Did God create a chicken that lays eggs or did he create eggs that produced a chicken? Was all of mankind condemed to pergatory untill Jesus died for our sins? Were the prophets who fortold the coming of Christ not already given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you only look to the New Testament for acts of salvation? Were the nations of Israel not in a state of grace and salvation before they turned from God and became lost?

          Salvation must be studied in the whole context of the Bible not just the New Testament. There was the original covenent of the House of Israel with God which granted salvation before Jesus was born.

      • http://none Charlie

        When I said read Genesis 10 , that was a little test , what I should have wrote was… Read Genesis 10 thru Genesis 48… When reading a Technical Manual or History book , it is assumed
        that the person reading has normal or better reading comprehension … Your chicken and egg comment is first grade stupidity …
        Acts 2:38 , spoken by Peter , who was given the Keys ,,,that KEYS PLURAL,,,that means more than one,,, King Jesus Christ was the one that gave Peter The Keys,,,do you believe what King Jesus said in The NASB ??? well that makes Peter some what of a special Man ,regarding “Salvation” … Now who was Peter talking to in Acts 2:38? ,,, well , how about that? it’s right there
        in contexts ,,,read Acts 2:37, see the word “brethren”, that means brothers…
        Acts 2:38 ,,,IS ONE OF THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM,,,IF,,, one accomplishes Acts 2:38 with understanding ,one will receive The Gift of The Holy Spirit…
        What is Your Gift???

        • Frank Kahn

          Your insults have terminated this discussion.

      • http://none Charlie

        Thanks for your termination notice ,,,We have accomplished Ezekiel 3:18,,,so no big deal…
        But you misinterpreted ,facts and truth for insults… bye… Meanwhile,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • Frank Kahn

          You said my chicken or the egg analogy was stupid, that is an insult. And it appears you are insulting me again through scripture. Wrong there sir, I am not wicked and you have not warned me

      • http://none Charlie

        Any good Teacher / Instructor of any critical skills that are needed to avoid , death or injury ,harm, loss , etc,,,IS A CRITIC ,,,any good Drill Sargent , IS A CRITIC,,,any good Math teacher ,
        IS A CRITIC … One may hate his Drill Sargent ,,,BUT,,,you will NEVER forget what he trained you to do,,,that is IF, you don’t wash out ,,,about 10 to 25 % do wash out …
        Now if I said you have “washed out”,,,would that be criticism or an insult ???
        Now lets analyze the chicken and egg stupidity , first look up stupid in the dictionary, then look up
        the word analogy , and the chicken and the egg are analogous ,,,BUT,,, here’s where the stupor
        comes in ,,,a casual reading of Genesis 1 will “indicate”” how God “Created”, birds, Man (Adam).
        God certainly did not create and egg then wait for a bird to hatch out , the same with Adam , God
        did not create Adam as a baby boy then assign a angle to change his diapers ,etc,,,all Bible indications are that Adam was a full grown Man when created ,,,so,,, when compared to The Bible , that’s when the chicken ,egg, bible, analogy goes to hell…
        Not to mention that chicken ,egg comment was started by some motor mouth heathen way back
        20,30 + years ago…………
        Now look up the word wicked and you may be surprised to find it also means a “Sinner”,,,AND,,,
        you have NOT accomplished Acts 2:38 , PROPERLY , with understanding ,,,so,,, you are still
        what The Book says you are…………. Don’t hate Acts 2:38 ,,,,out the gate or Acts 2:38………….

        • Frank Kahn

          I do not need to look up the word stupid, I am a highly educated person. Your comment was not criticism it was an insult that was stupid and based on ignorance on your part. By the way, I have gone through basic training successfully in both the Airforce and
          Army. Your assertion of the percentage of people who wash out is flawed in respect to the times I was there. We had maybe at the most 2 washout out of 50 in the Airforce flight I was in. The term washout might be either a criticism or an insult depending on the circumstances surrounding the event. If a person left the military during basic due to a family financial hardship it would not be washing out so calling that would be insulting.

          I might direct you to read the definition of analogy also, since you seem to fail in understanding the point of mine. The point was which came first, salvation or Jesus. The answer is salvation. The next question is which came first Jesus or Baptism (the original meaning not accepted). The answer is Jesus. By linear logic, if those two statements are true than it is also true that salvation came before Baptism.

          You have committed an offense against the teachings of God when you CLAIM I have SINNED because I use a different translation of the word TO in Hebrew. I would risk another analogy here but since you seem unable to grasp the concept that would be fruitless. Oh what the heck I will do it for you just in case it will help you see my point.

          We say “for a headache take two aspirin”. Now this is very close to our dispute about Baptism wording in translation.

          Does it mean that you take two aspirin to get a headache or you take two aspirin because you have a headache?

          I gave you a warning before about literal translations from one language to another. I can converse with the written word in 4 languages. I can give you thousands of examples where litterally translating word for word from one language to another will either leave you totally confused as to what was said or even missunderstand what was said.

          In Tagalog (official language of the Philippines) the word mahal means expensive and kita means expenditure or purchase. Ko means the possessive me or mine.

          mahal kita mahal ko does not mean “expensive purchase expensive me / mine”
          for some strange reason it means I love you my love.

          Many words in most languages have multiple meanings depending on their usage / position in a sentence or even the words that surround it.

          In the TO (technical operations) manuals in the military, the word SHOULD is used by the government. I interpret that to mean it is optional “you should do this after that”, the government interprets it as to mean required “you will do this after that”.


          I investigate the origins of the wording of the Bible to help understand its meaning. This is a reasonable and prudent thing to do considering the multitude of interpretations different religions have.

          Just for your reference, I am not now continuing our discussion, I am defending my accusation that you insulted me. And giving you a short lessen in language comprehension since you seem to think you know more about word meanings than me.

      • http://none Charlie

        For a person that says they are as educated and experienced as you say you are ,,,should NOT
        be offended as easily by light sarcasm or criticism , I have not even got into heavy duty ego smashing yet … IF,,, you cannot see by now ,after all the Bible verses We gave you about the salvation offered by Acts 2:38 ,,,then,,, you have some serious mind problems and could even be
        under heavy influence from the Satanic powers that be ….
        Maybe you should get rebaptized as called out by Paul at Acts 19…
        Do you know Spanish language ? because a lot of what you write appears to be El Toro dung…
        BTW, you did not answer , “what is your Gift for accomplishing Acts 2:38?”…. Also a hint on learning quickly ,,,Allow yourself to be criticized by anyone that claims to know more about subject matter than you do … Anyway,,,.
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • Frank Kahn

          Aparantly you dont speak Spanish. El toro is the bull and dung is english. Merde is the latin for dung as you put it and to say it is from a bull it would be de or del depending on the way you say it. Merde del toro. Always put the subject first and the object second. You also do noun and verb modifiers backwards to english. It is not white house it is house white.

          Calling me stupid was an insult not criticism, it is a very degrading word to use on someone especially when you have no idea how smart they are.

          Your criticism, if you want to call it that, is neither valid or welcome. I will possibly accept reasonably worded critisism from you when and if you ever show you have more knowledge than me on a subjec. And opinions dont count. Right now you are arguing your opinion of the subject of Baptism. While you have a right to your opinion, you do not have the right to force it on others or to insult them for saying they dissagree.

          Your evangelistic approach to the discussion appears to be very much like a Born Again Christian, or maybe an extreme form of the Baptist church. You dont want to discuss the Bible you want to show how much you KNOW, and how superior your faith is.

          I am going to step out on a limb here, because you will probably make up an interpretation that will fit, and ask you to quote the passages in the Bible that gives you the mission and authority to insult and denegrate someone that dissagrees with a minor point in your belief. I always thought the idea put forth in the Bible was for us to take the lost by the hand and guide them to the light not stand behind them with a sharp stick and push them into it.

          If you really wanted to help me, you would have answered my few questions rather than making it sound like you were too mighty to lower yourself to answer them. You have not one time answered an honest question here. And your less than educated remark about how simple it is to follow the begats and begottens is off the wall. Was it Paul or Saul who received the gifts? Was it Jacob or Canaan who is the father of the 14 tribes of Israel?

          You want to try and take everything litteraly in the Bible, well resolve all the name changes and missspellings in it. Explain what nation is actually a Bear. For that matter, lets speak in Hebrew so you can tell me the original words as written. Lets learn all the ancient languages. Get us a photo copy of the Dead sea scrolls. Simple reading of the Bible, ha, many theologians have devoted their lives to learning the meaning of the words in the Bible and you think you can understand it at the tender young age of 25 or 30. Your usage of vocabulary in the American English language puts your age around 22 to 28 max.

          Tell me where you went to divinity school so I will know the source of your superior knowledge of the exact meanings of the words in the Bible.

          You want to make this about you and me, fine, but dont drag God and the Bible into this fight. You dont know me so anything you say about my life or intelligence is worthless. I dont know you so any insults I give out would be unfounded also. I can make some educated guesses about your life and psychological makeup from your attitude but I cant make a statement of fact from it.

      • http://none Charlie

        I call things as I see them from My educated and experienced view point , communications IS NOT a Rocket Science ,,,and “Deceit” is legal at war… So with all your knowledge you should be able to tell Me why the so called Government uses all capital letters in NAME spelling when they communicate in writing with you ??? Answer this question and then tell Me what Acts 2:38
        means … Meanwhile,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • Frank Kahn

          THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation created in Congress its first main purpose was to create the District of Columbia for the purpose of International trade. It is also responsible for the creation of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) which is a color of law set of rules that mixes equity with common law to give us punitive measures in relation to failure of contracts that should only involve Equity which has no criminal penalties. It also is part of the move to create the Federal Reserve for the purpose of printing what is called the color of money (usable to pay debts without giving value). There are many related items that go with this act. The Federal Reserve Note is not backed by gold or silver as the constitution requires so it takes us off the gold standard and by using the notes we accept the national debt to foreign banks. It also has connections to the Admiralty and meritime juridiction of our courts which display the flag with gold fringe which is not the United States flag it is the UNITED STATES flag.

      • http://none Charlie

        You did not answer the question :what does Acts 2:38 mean ? and especially as it relates to The
        Jurisdiction of King Jesus Christ ???
        Nor was the all CAPS names thing answered basically ,,,all this ties in with the first comment of mine that you jumped on back a few days ago… That is America has never been brought back
        under The Constitution ,,,but,,, Grant ,after the lame duck vice President ,Johnson,,,brought back
        America under color of law and “Camo” Constitution, that appeared to be for real,,,but,,,was “Martial Law Rule” ,,, hint,,, ALL CAPS spelling is also known as a “Nom de Guerre”,,,which General Grant knew very well also since most Generals have enough Law schooling to be qualified “Lawyers”…
        All CAPS name spelling is also a “”Corporation””” “Contract” style of spelling, which means You
        have “””Volunteered””” INTO “””The Contract””””… The state god , Satan and his Demons, also known as Devils ,,, have control of Most USA Inc ,satellite corporations Executive people…
        During Grants ego tripping term as President , Grant told General Lee to have a “go along to get
        along chat with the KKK, Ghost Riders,,,so,,,General Grant backed off ” a little” with the Negro
        government nonsense and the KKK backed off night rides mostly … Today it appears the Gov’
        has made full circle to some Darkies …
        Back to The Bible,,,where ALL real Law is located,,,most of what Grant did was in VIOLATION of the first Commandment … Why did God allow America to bit the bullet??? Well,,, King Jesus is a tuff teacher and He is allowing His People to relearn the Science of Matthew 6:33 and Acts 2:38,,, those that don’t pay attention and learn will go to hell……………..
        Answer My questions and We will tell you some more stuff you don’t know…Meanwhile,,,,,,,,,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • Frank Kahn

          Actually you are wrong in a few places here. I answered the question about the name, your depiction of nome de guerre is not necessary. And, furthermore I did not become a party to the corporation simply by the act of congress. It is assumed that I accept the debt because I am forced to use the color of money as my form of barter. I did not willingly accept the debt nor did I sign a contract with a foreign nation for the purpose of trade. I do not give up my right to trial by the proper jurisdiction of the United Sates in equity or common law. The original Constitution for The United States for America is still in effect and is the source of law for this country being derived from the original source of all law, God.

          I will not pursue your extreme attempts at drawing me into an unnecessary debate over Acts in the bible.

          I would like to know why you use the word WE when saying YOU will ATTEMPT to teach me something you obviously have no real personal knowledge of.



          I have more intelligence than you. I knew more by the time I was 18 (smarter than) than you will ever accomplish in your whole life. I can dissect and devour any subject I decide I want to learn. I have taught myself many disciplines. You are an egotistical moron who spews forth religious dogma that was poured down your throat as if it was the truth. You take others words as gospel without attempting to discover the origins of the true words. I know for a fact that the Bible does not teach us to act in such a holier than thou manner. Spread the word, not force feed your opinions. Your religious views are invalid in my opinion and you should not attempt to use Jesus as your crutch in defending your stupidity. There I used the word stupid on you correctly, look it up. Your actions are stupidity. Your attempt to say I am either ignorant, uneducated, unintelligent or a sinner to solidify you thinking that you are going to Heaven is absurd. NASB is your Bible? Whats the matter, you couldn’t comprehend the KJV bible? Needed pretty english interpretations for ease of reading?

          That last paragraph is a regurgitation of the same hateful diatribe you are using against me to win you idiotic premise that Acts 2:18 is salvation.



      • http://none Charlie

        Your mileage on the road to hell should be good because it down hill all the way…

        • Frank Kahn

          Thank you for your JUDGEMENT god CHARLIE.

      • http://none Charlie

        I just happened to be blessed by The King and His Law Book …The same Book of Law that will Judge you…

  • GW

    I have to admit that Brandon’s article thrills me, makes my spirit and soul sing with joy, and nearly brings me to tears. There is something so appealing about such writing which signifies the noble element of humanity when the world as it now stands seems to debase and impoverish all which is best about God’s Creation. But revolution and struggle against elitism and evil is going to be a never-ending cycle of destruction until the root causes of both elitism and heroism are fully understood. After every revolution the “old grey men” just seem to come out of the woodwork and re-establish the same old BS time and time again. Whether the causes be genetic, social, environmental, or what have you, these need to be discovered and the root causes for the creation of elitists and sociopaths and psychopaths must be eradicated forever. Of course this is a long term solution and we are faced with a short term crisis. But the same adage can be applied as to whom we feel should populate the coming post-Great Culling world. For most of those whose musings I have seen on this website, I would imagine that something along the lines of a fierce Artisan-Warrior-Poet/Poetess- who would jealously protect their Liberty, Freedom, Truth, and those whom they love would be an interesting base from which to start. The writings of the Ancient Greeks and other great masters throughout time all point us to the ideal human. Suffice it to say that banksters, corrupt politicians, money-lovers, manipulators, liars, traitors, schemers, and all the other well-known scum as outlined throughout the ages should probably NOT be part of the future human race. In the short term maybe we can all do something about that- prepare for the worst, gather unto you those of a like mind, spread the word of Liberty- even Sheeple may understand when freed of the yoke of poison food and environment and propaganda. But you can’t save everyone- so pick carefully with the future in mind. Bill and Melinda Gates and Ted Turner have all called for a 90% reduction in the population- let’s do what each of us can to see that the right 10% survives and rebuild this world in the Spirit of Liberty for the sake of the future of humanity.

  • SarahR

    Excellent article but I fear we are too late. The middle east is afire. Hates America and Obama. They chant Obama, Obama, Osama. Netenyahu states I support neither Romney or Obama but America need to chose a president that has backbone, principle and can make a stand. He sure as hell wasn’t talking about Obama. Their Administration is the most corrupt in American History. No one in their Administration has been held accountable. I just heard on the news Carney is now saying this melee in Bengazhi was planned well in advance. Oh right, the PM of Egypt said that was the case and Obama denied it. I could go on but you get the point. Tell me please, how in the world can the polls today say Obama is ahead 51-47. Are we all mad? Am I the only sane person in an insane world? How could any one in their right mind vote for Obama? I give up.

  • Diane Amble (@WethePeoplePets)


  • mad as hell

    your entitlement is freedom….

    • JC

      And that is granted by God or Nature, however you perceive it.
      It is NOT granted by Government.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    blah blah blah Heroes?? Stand up and fight instead of whine! I’m ready…are you???obama is evil and has to go..If romney pans out the same then he will go too…..Theres no 2 ways about it for obama and you can forget your freedom…vote for romney and save your freedom or buy time to preserve it….

  • millie

    Galt you

  • millie

    Galt you suck

    • eddie47d

      Millie’s intelligence just peaked.

      • sam1966

        And this coming from someone with no credibility on the board? Ha, ha, ha, ha! I have to give you credit for making me laugh. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • GALT

      Why thank you millie………you can get help for that stuttering problem. Take care now.

      • JC

        You got beat up a lot in school didn’t you?
        Well to your credit, you’ll never be accused of having any grace or maturity. :)

      • GALT

        Did you go to school? That explains everything!

      • JC

        Another very witty remark from Galt. You’re really on a roll. LOL

      • GALT

        Hey buddy, I couldn’t do it without you…….you’re a natural.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    One of the best,if not the best article yet

  • Karolyn


  • John Redman

    Personally, I opted out of “patriotism” and “citizenship” altogether many years ago. I am simply a child of God existing in the spherical ‘nation’ He created with His Chosen People being the entire human race and His living creation (the animal and plant world plus the ecosphere) the almost coequals. I pay no taxes I can avoid (gas taxes excepted) and travel in my personal property (cars) over the public highways, getting arrested when ‘they’ deign to take notice of my defiance. I pass easily thru ‘their’ toll booths as, how are ‘they’ going to trace my non-registered car? I lead by example as Christ,Thoreau, Gandhi, St Francis of Assisi and King suggested. I do not wait for others to ‘follow’ me. I love all persons and hate the behavior and institutions (bureaucracies) of virtually all mankind. Now, an uncomfortable thought. Your 1% just MIGHT be not who you think. I posit that it is the bureaucrats, the cops, the prosecutors and judges that ruin (with absolute impunity) the lives of all others. When you start looking for ankles to place in nooses and attach to tall lampposts, start there and then dispense with the jobs they fill.

    • http://none Charlie

      John Redman,,,
      It reads as you may be a Rebel without a cause,,,just what is your Jurisdiction or Authority of Law ???

  • Steven

    Seems to me that the author and all of you are leaving out One very important factor. Unless the hero has Faith in and asks(prays) for the guiding light of Father-In-Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ, then whatever he does won’t really matter.

    • sam1966

      Right on! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • http://none Charlie

        Could , would you define just who your God / god is AS defined in The Bible???

      • GALT

        I’m pretty sure he is ARMED….and has probably up graded from the jaw bone of an ass?

      • http://none Charlie

        yep,,Arms are authorized by King Jesus at Luke 22:36,,,but don’t worry about it your mind
        has too many faults to command an assault , just go play with your Renault … BUT,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • 9r23

    Ah…galt – there is no argument unless you think you know the answer.

    • GALT

      Well then, since I KNOW the answer…..there is no argument……cooooooolll!

      Such a time saver, you!

      Point? There many answers here, by many people who have absolutely no idea what
      the QUESTION is?

      BTW did you have a question? ( I think there is a riddle wrapping enigma thing that would work here……or yeah mystery, heavy on the MYSTERY!!!! )

      • http://none Charlie

        Bring on your riddle while you fiddle and diddle in your brainwashed heathenism …

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    It is NOT Heathens/Atheists who have been INVADING Sovereign nations and hypocritically claiming for Freedom and Democracy

  • Pingback: A Philosophy, Simplified | The Written Blit


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