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The Movie That Could Defeat Obama

September 21, 2012 by  

The Movie That Could Defeat Obama
"2016:Obama's America" will be released on DVD on Oct. 16.

We were running a little late when my wife and I headed to the movie theater last month to see the documentary “2016: Obama’s America.” But I told her not to worry, since there would be 10 to 15 minutes of commercials and previews before the show started.

“And besides, we’ll probably have our choice of seats,” I added. “No way will this one be full.”

Boy! Was I ever wrong! Even though it was a lovely Saturday afternoon, the theater was packed. And the sentiment of the crowd was more like a Tea Party rally than any movie audience I’d ever seen.

If you haven’t seen this explosive documentary, please make plans to do so.  Encourage all of your concerned family and friends to join you. Even better, take a few undecided voters with you — or even some liberals whose minds haven’t been sealed shut. The impact on them could be phenomenal.

“2016: Obama’s America” opened in mid-July in one movie theater in Houston. By August, it was playing on more than 1,200 screens across the country. This month it is showing in more than 2,000 theaters in all 50 States. And by this time next month, it should be available on DVD, so you’ll be able to see it at home and lend it to others.

The movie is based the bestselling book The Roots of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza, who served as narrator and co-director of the film. I’ve had the pleasure of introducing Dinesh at several conferences, and I arranged an exclusive interview with him for Personal Liberty Digest™.

During our conversation, D’Souza told me that both liberals and conservatives make a big mistake when they think Barack Obama has failed to achieve his goals. High unemployment, crippling debt, a weak foreign policy and fading military power are not accidents, according to D’Souza. They are actually the results of the bigger objectives that Obama seeks: the decline of American prosperity and power in the world.

Of course, no politician in America could ever admit that those are his real goals. D’Souza said that as a result: “Obama has to camouflage what he wants to do. Now that he’s in campaign mode, he presents himself as a budget cutter, as a friend of Israel, and so on. He’s depending on the ignorance of the American people not to see through what he says.”

All that will change if Obama gets re-elected.

“In the second term, if he gets one, the real Obama will emerge. It will not be a pretty sight,” Dinesh told me.

I asked him to explain a warning he included near the end of his new book Obama’s America: Unmaking the American DreamObama's America: Unmaking the American Dream: “The most dangerous man in America currently lives in the White House.”

Dinesh said: “Obama is dangerous because he subscribes to an ideology that is very dangerous for America. He wants to knock this country off its pedestal so we are no longer #1. He wants to transfer wealth away from America to the rest of the world. And he wants to weaken our position in the world.”

Dinesh believes Obama’s liberal supporters would be shocked if they understood what is really driving our President. At the core of his worldview is a virulent anti-colonialism, with the United States as the chief culprit.

“America has more because America has stolen this wealth from others,” Dinesh said Obama believes. “And America must now pay it back.” In Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, D’Souza explains what this means:

Many of Obama’s supporters rail against the top 1 percent, fancying themselves in the lowly 99 percent, and this may be true as far as they are concerned. But it is not true as far as Obama is concerned. When he talks about the 1 percent and the 99 percent, he is using a global basis of comparison. So by Obama’s measure, the vast majority of Americans are counted as rich.

Obama wants to take their wealth from them and give it to those who he believes deserve it.

“He’s doing this in the name of global justice,” D’Souza said. Obama will not consider his job finished until “the American standard of living is comparable to that of the rest of the world.” In other words, Obama thinks of this country as a plunderer and of himself as the messianic leader whose job is to “restore fairness.”

Interestingly enough, while they are polar opposites politically, D’Souza and Obama share many things in common. A native of Mumbai, India, Dinesh grew up in a different part of the world, just as Obama did. They both were born in the same year, attended Ivy League colleges, graduated in the same year and married in the same year.

But as D’Souza explains: “Here is the paradox: I am a Third World guy who has embraced America, and Obama is an American who has embraced a Third World ideology.”

D’Souza told me that he doesn’t consider the film a “don’t vote for this guy message,” rather it’s a “find out who he really is” message. Or, as the tagline to the movie puts it, “Love him or hate him, you don’t know him.”

Ultimately, D’Souza believes, “2016: Obama’s America” isn’t just about Obama. “It’s about the American dream itself,” he said. “The truth is that Obama has a different dream from most of us. It’s emblazoned across his book. As he says in the title, it’s the dream from his father.

“He’s entitled to have such a dream, if he wishes. But he is not entitled to impose that dream on the American people without their knowledge and consent.”

That’s really what the coming election is all about, isn’t it — our different visions for the future of our country. As D’Souza reveals, Obama believes he is destined to be “the architect of American decline.” He not only wants to see this country lose its superpower status, but he wants to “fundamentally transform” America so that the “shining city on the hill” becomes just another shantytown in the global village.

If you need one more reason to see “2016: Obama’s America,” consider this response from an Obama campaign official: “This movie is complete fiction and rooted in lies, distortions and conspiracy theories about the President, rather than facts.”

Considering how much is at stake, I hope you’ll make plans now to see “2016: Obama’s America” and take some friends with you.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Warrior

    And don’t forget, every senate democrat is an accomplice. VOTE EM OUT!

    • Jody

      Some of the Republicans are accomplices as well (beginning but certainly not ending with Orin Hatch). I believe Freedom Works has all the voting score cards. Please check there before you vote to see who’s REALLY doing what.

      • Debbe

        This is serious here. You vote for Obama and you will be part of the downfall of America. Shame on you that you do not get it!

      • Baloney Toney Mahoney

        The Mahoney Man says: YES!!! The REPUBS. over & over have let him get away with violations of our laws & Constitution, just like the media!!! With all his repulsive malfeasance, why has there not been one instance of trying to impeach…Holder as well????????????????


      • eddie47d

        Probably the same reasons the Bush/Cheney team couldn’t be impeached? How about Colin Powell who took fake vials of anthrax to the UN to make claims for war. He now regrets he did that but was all that lying worth it?

      • Old Henry

        Yeah Jody, and the nit-wit Sarah Palin ENDORSED Hatch in the primary. We had a REAL chance to rid ourselves of that scum-bag and now we will have Reid Lite for 6 more years, unless we can get him to assume room temperature.

      • Old Henry

        Mahoney Man:

        The Republican Party is nothing more than Democrat-Lite. They go hand-in-glove toward the same goal. Listne to that atheist anti-America Rove whenever someone begins to question the commie Kenyan’s eligibilty.

        Vote Gary Johnson.

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Baloney Tony is 100 percent right. If you’re sworn to uphold the constitution, that includes Republican senators, and they should be jumping up and down in the aisles, not pretending he’s a “nice guy,” while they see the destruction of American happen before their eyes. They act like it doesn’t really matter. The most effective thing would have been to NOT appropriate a rise in the debt ceiling when they had the chance. That would have brought everything to a halt until we got a balanced budget, etc., no matter what the immediate consequences. Everyone who’s voted for a liberal since 1960 and every Republican who’s voted for big government programs requiring tax dollars is also to blame. This has all been a predictable decline and destruction of America and obama is just the coupe de grace- the icing on the cake. It’s all over. Romney, another republican walking corpse, has no chance.

      • DaveH

        Let’s face it, Jody — MOST of the Republicans are accomplices. Both parties have been building the Leviathan Government that we now have for the last 100 years.
        Read this Free book by one of the greatest thinkers of our time, to learn more of the reality:

      • DaveH

        There is only one Political party that currently understands what Freedom really is — the Freedom to control your own body and property as long as you don’t trespass on the bodies and properties of others. Government needs to be shrunk dramatically. They are 13 times the size they were in 1900. If we cut them back by 2/3 they would still be 4 times the size they were in 1900.
        The only chance we have to accomplish that is to start joining and growing the Libertarian Party. Even then we will have to be vigilant to keep the Sociopaths and Crony Capitalists from infiltrating and weakening the Libertarian Party principles, as they have with the Democrat and Republican parties 100+ years ago. There is no better time to back them up:

      • DaveH

        For those who want to understand Libertarian principles as outlined by the Father of Libertarianism — Murray Rothbard:

      • http://speedle speedle

        Old Henry says vote for Gary Johnson, and become irrelevant.

      • Smoovious Laxness


        pfft… and you imagine yourself to be relevant, now?

        As long as you continue to help keep the Dems and the Reps in power, you will never, EVER, be relevant.

        – Smoov

      • not swayed by a movie

        Good Lord, I just hope that the American Peoples votes cannot be swayed one way or another by a flippin movie…Jeez y’all…Seriously??????

      • deerinwater

        “Shame on you that you do not get it!” and shame on you for not understanding personal freedom afforded us by the same constitution that many here profess to defend and the right to offer a descenting voice without being subject to ridicule and intimidation, as you make claims of destroying America if “other’s don’t see things you way.

        Shame on you for shaming others.

      • JC

        not swayed by a movie says:
        September 21, 2012 at 4:13 pm
        Good Lord, I just hope that the American Peoples votes cannot be swayed one way or another by a flippin movie…Jeez y’all…Seriously??????

        It isn’t fiction though. It’s an expose of a criminal imposter living in our White House.
        Not “just a movie”….and I hope it wakes one hell of a pile of Americans right up to this cancer.

      • weary conservative

        And John Boehner.

      • Robert Smith

        That dumb moie has sooooooo many lies in it. For example: “- D’Souza says Obama removed a bust of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office because Churchill represented British colonialism. White House curator William Allman said the bust, which had been on loan, was already scheduled to be returned before Obama took office. Another bust of Churchill is on display in the president’s private residence, the White House says.”

        Read more here:

        It’s so sad that so many outright falsehoods are in 2016, yet nobody has come up with any substanciated falsehoods in “Ferenheight 911.” Wow did Bush look dumb in front of those kids when he was told about WTC.


        • HH

          (Obama removed a bust of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office because Churchill represented British colonialism. White House curator William Allman said the bust, which had been on loan, was already scheduled to be returned before Obama took office. Another bust of Churchill is on display in the president’s private residence, the White House says.”)

          Notice that it’s the White House that says it’s there, have YOU seen it in the oval office? Has anyone else? Ok, let’s say D’Souza was misguided on the bust thing, what about the REST of the movie? Speculation? Yes but the implications are enormous to say the least. There is much truth in his “speculations” the evidence is there you’re just too blind to see it.

      • dfinch

        The US was being prepped for years. Long before Hatch. Obama is here to finish it. He’s been groomed for this for years.

      • Gordon

        dfinch, you are exactly correct. The Dems groom their candidate for at least 20 years…. use clinton as an example.. In 1977 they were introducing him as POTUS 1996.

        • Jeff

          Romney’s been preparing to run for President since 1967 – when he first got greying temples.

          • Wayne Leach

            And, Hillary has been running since her high school days. What about Jimmy Carter? Was he groomed for decades? Just curious, not arguing.

          • Jeff

            Every Congressman, Senator, and Governor looks in the mirror and sees a potential President. Only a couple per generation will make it. So were the others being groomed too? It’s like saying someone was groomed to play in the NFL because he played in high school. Virtually all NFL players played in high school, but only 1 in 100,000 or more makes it to the NFL. Same with Congressmen.

    • Luci Tomlin

      AMEN! When it does come out on DVD, every Conservative, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or just plain fed up with America ending up in the basement of the outhouse, should see it! Then it will be up to THEM to decide whether or not it is believable! He came to America under a cloud of deceit, remained unknown except to his Radical Foreign and Domestic Factions, and then suddenly, without a visible image, a rumored one appeared! He was brilliant, educated, came from an important and impressive background, and could radically and systematically “change” America for us!
      Never MIND that we found out later that all of it was rumor, he came with nothing! No skills, experience, talents, nor Political expertise! He had absolutely nothing to offer us except sweet deserts for what used to be the Democrat Party, his lemmings, young impressionable and gullible young people! WE were given green persimmon tea! As many unanswered questions he has refused to reveal, every sensible person in our beloved Country should be able to read him, decipher his intent, and without watching this movie! But for those who need a good Ophthamologist to readjust their “vision”, this may be it!

      • aggie

        Well Said!

      • Flashy

        from The Washington Post’s Michael O’Sullivan:

        “… slick infomercial…destined to irritate the president’s supporters while mobilizing his detractors, even as it is doomed to win precious few converts… fear-mongering of the worst kind.”

        From Variety’s Joe Leydon:

        “… for the bulk of its running time, the pic comes off as a cavalcade of conspiracy theories, psycho-politico conjectures and incendiary labeling.”

      • Liberty Lover

        Oustanding comment, Luci. Thank you. When I saw the movie on a weekday afternoon, the audience erupted in applause at the end. Two Russian ladies who sat next to my wife and me asked us afterward, “Why would Americans want the type of fundamental change Obama wants? We left Russia to escape that type of society.”

      • JC

        And Flashy?…what proof do they offer?

      • Gary L

        Flashy…film critics??? really???

      • Old Henry

        Well Flashy, just consider the source(s)- commie anti-America rags.
        The documentary is simply putting the truth out there – which NO ONE in the U.S. media has done / will do.

      • DaveH

        From Wikipedia — “The film has grossed over $30 million as of September 14, 2012, making it one of the highest grossing documentaries of all time”.

      • George P.

        I decided to watch Bill Maher when I learned that film maker Dinesh D’Souza was going to be on the show and see him defend his film. Sadly, it turned out to be a battle of wits with Bill Maher against an unarmed opponent.

      • DaveH

        Don’t confuse emotional appeal with wit, George.

      • Mary

        What a bunch of BS. Absolutely no proof of any conspiracy, just right wing fairy tales. Please people do your own research. The President has done or said nothing remotely connected with the crap D’Souza spews in his imagination. He believes Obama is living some kind of reincarnation thru his Father. Looks like D’Souza’s real Hindo roots from his home land in India, are showing through. He has never spoken too or met Obama. His book should be called “Dreams of an Idiot”. You all do realize the movie is fiction don’t you? Just because they call it a Documentary does not mean it is true. Wow, Repubs want so desperately to believe this BS because they hate Obama so much. They will fall for anything and these right wing nuts jobs know it so they just keep feeding them. Obama can’t even get the jobs bill passed through the do nothing Republican Congress. How on earth would he do all the things D’Souza says he will by himself ? You may not believe it, but Democrats would not stand for that crap either. Do you actually think the country would allow him to change the U.S. in the manner related in the book/movie? Use your common sense for heavens sake. He does not have that kind of power and he is not the devious man the conservative propaganda machine makes him out to be. They seem to think passing the healthcare bill was way worse than attacking Iraq and killing many innocent people and I am including our troops. Reforming healthcare has been discussed by Dems and Repubs for over 40 yrs. It was no conspiracy to socialize America, just to get more people health coverage to drive down the costs of those who are paying high premiums for their policies. We already have programs similar to this and they work fine for everyone. I do not see these people complaining about their tax money going to the big oil companies or to fund an unjustified war for over 10 yrs. Not everybody likes everything our taxes are used for but the lawmakers decide that because we have given them the power to make those decisions when we elect them. Obama has been the most unfairly treated President in the history of the U.S. He is not a socialist, he is not a communist, he does not want to put America under the UN control or colonize it. The real people destroying the country are the Tea Party vigilantes and folks like karl Rove, making all the false accusations. They have had their couple of yrs and accomplished nothing but obstruction, so it is time to get them out and restore some normalacy to the Republican party. Maybe then the country can be productive.

      • DaveH

        Luci says — “What a bunch of BS. Absolutely no proof of any conspiracy, just right wing fairy tales”.
        Then she proceeds to state mostly personal attacks, and conjecture with no evidence whatsoever to back up her fabricated facts. Typical Liberal Progressive.

        Luci says — “You all do realize the movie is fiction don’t you?”.
        No, Luci, we don’t. Perhaps you could tell us which parts are, and how you know that.

        Luci says — “How on earth would he do all the things D’Souza says he will by himself?”.
        He’s been doing it for 4 years now, Luci, with Unconstitutional executive orders such as the one mandating carbon taxes on industry after Congress was unable to muster enough votes to pass such a law Constitutionally.

        Luci says — “They seem to think passing the healthcare bill was way worse than attacking Iraq and killing many innocent people and I am including our troops”.
        Both are bad, Luci, but apparently in your Liberal world two wrongs make a right.
        When you take other peoples’ money by Force, Luci, to spend on the programs of your choice, you are nothing better than a common thief. It makes no difference if two of you wolves allow the one sheep to vote what’s for dinner. You are just part of the Society of Criminals, Luci:

        Luci says — “Not everybody likes everything our taxes are used for but the lawmakers decide that because we have given them the power to make those decisions when we elect them”.
        No, Luci, the Constitution does not give the Federal Government the Power to dictate peoples’ Health Care solutions, whether you Liberal Progressives vote for it or not.

      • DaveH

        Sorry Luci, the “Leave a reply to Luci Tomlin” messed me up.
        All of the Statements which I replied to were meant to be addressed to Mary NOT Luci.
        My humblest apologies, Luci.

      • Kinetic1

        What’s the point of going lie by half truth through this movie? I’ve researched the facts, found the evidence (as could anyone who cares about the truth) and provided the facts about “Obama giving Brazil Millions to drill for oil” to readers on this site many times, but there it was again in this “documentary”! And here are all of you buying into the lies again. All this movie does is make you all feel good about what you believe and give you one more “authority” to quote, no matter how the facts stack up. Don’t count on it to do much to strengthen your numbers.

      • DaveH

        So you want people to just take your word for it? That’s a laugh riot, Kinetic. Please explain to me why people should take the word of a man who believes it’s okay to steal other peoples’ money as long as you use Government as your proxy thieves?

      • Kinetic1

        How totally and predictably disingenuous of you. You know full well that, when debunking such myths as the one mentioned I provide links and evidence to back up my words. And just in case you have forgotten the facts (which seems to be a constant issue on this site) or you have been listening to Glen Beck’s fevered theories, here is a well written article from Forbes.
        You are the one who complains about people attacking and making specious claims when they don’t have a valid argument, yet here you are, not disproving what I have said, but trying to discredit me with claims as to my political philosophy. You’d be quite a man if you knew as much as you believe you do.

      • weary conservative

        I have it on pre-order at Amazon; will be shipped the day it’s available.

      • TexasRide

        Right Luci, this movie is about an arab right off the streets of a third-world country, an Indonesian- muslim, that was educated in a Madrassa through-out his formative years and beyond.. He speaks arabic and is fluent in several dialects. Doesn’t sound like the qualifications of an American President.

      • jag57

        Mary, you must be living in a dream world, or drank so much of that Democrat kool aid you can’t think straight. Why do you think a man that thought it would be great to have a black president, and voted for him, would be reading, supposedly, Obama’s own words, in Dreams From my Father? Have you even seen the movie? If you have, you would have heard Dinesh’s interview of George Obama, which sheds a lot of light on Obama, as an anti-colonialist. When Obama was running in 2008, I didn’t know all there was to know about him, but I did know enough to know I couldn’t vote for him. Four of my friends in the legislature brought Prop. C to a vote of the people of MO, Healthcare Freedom Act, which passed with over 71% of the vote. Why do you think it is okay to steal $716 billion from Medicare, to help pay for his Communist health control? Maybe you believe it’s okay to destroy the best health care system the world has ever known.

        Now, you might just think Obama is just that stupid, and incapable of restoring the health of our economy. Had Dinesh thought that, there would have been no reason for 2016, but Dinesh is smarter than that, so he traveled to 4 continents seeking information about the guy he voted for.

        I guess you like his Arab Spring, that has brought the Mid East, as well as part of N. Africa under the control of radical Islamists. Maybe you could tell me why we would have the right to attack a sovereign country that posed no security threat to the USA, when any fool would know this would bring people to power that hate the USA.

        Last but not least, I guess you think all law abiding American citizens should be disarmed, so only criminals, in and out of government will have guns.

        I could sit here and type all night, but I think you get the idea.

      • http://yahoo gator

        Luci, i have yet to see the movie, but i’m not sure i need to; just observing ‘barry’ for the last 3 years has spoken volumes.
        one sure proof of hussein’s ‘intended disasters’ is the obamacare charade. it is the beginning of the end for medical care in this country, my brother-in-law is a doctor, and he is getting out of the profession because of it. i have spoken with other doctor’s who feel the same.

    • Art Burg

      Hey Warrior,he makes me sick every time I see him on TV.He doesnt have the guts to take responsabilities.We need to retire him in Nov.and send him back to Kenya.! I believe in his Blood he is’s just the [expletive deleted] media covers his ass all the time.

      • Old Henry

        Actually Art, we need to retire him to a cell at Leavenworth looking out the window at a gallows. Possibly in between Shrub and Chaney. Oh hell, why take up so much space? Put ‘em all in the same cell and save some money. I wonder how many members of Congress would fit into one cell?

      • DaveH

        Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. The Power-hungry Leaders and their Crony Capitalists have been taking our Freedom and our Money for a very long time. Read this, for example, to learn how Power-hungry Leaders in both Parties have been using wars to build their Power:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

      • Larry K.

        you got that right. i’m beginning to hate the government about as much as i hate those people who torture, starve and mistreat poor animals dogs etc. just watch animal planet and you’ll see what i’m talking about.

      • TexasRide

        Omaumau is only “the face” that our shadow-government. hides behind! They put him in power. He was selected not elected. They bought the Presidency.These are the ones we must find and deal with very soon or they will continue to keep their monkey dancing on the oval office desktop.

        There is no way they will let their monkey be voted out of power. They are too close to their goal…the destruction of our country.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Republicans are no better. We are going to have to systematically remove all the incumbents from office, tell them to go home and get a job, seek some method of rescinding their “entitlement” to golden parachute “retirement” benefits, and make the service in the house and senate a privilege that lasts no longer than 3 terms for House and 2 terms for Senate. And while we’re at it, we should change the presidential term to one 6 year term, thereby eliminating the lame duck and the need for the president to ever campaign again–just get down to work. Of course if oBlamer had a six year term, he would totally destroy the country, so that would be a bad outcome. We must face facts, though. Our country is already doomed, by the Fed, by the commies in Congress, the foreign-born, homosexual commie Muslim in the White House, and the idiots that voted them in. We have, sadly, passed the point of no return. I weep for my children and grandchildren.

      • Old Henry

        Very well said Nobody’s Fool!!

        However, due to the number of IDOTS who are allowed to enter voting booths, it ain’t gonna happen. When it all goes bang they will be the ones standing around picking their nose, scratching their ass going Whaaa?

      • DaveH

        Term Limits are just a Placebo. The real problem is the dumbing down of Americans by the Public School Propagandists and their MSM cohorts.
        One term, two terms, whatever, will make little difference as long as people have no concept of Freedom and why it works.
        Here is a book that explains well, in mostly layman terms, why Free Markets (Capitalism) would bring this country back to Prosperity:

      • TexasRide

        I agree up to the point where you say that our country is doomed!

        We are not doomed, the people can still get rid of this tyrannical, anti-American government! The Fifty States can do it or lead the way… Conservative governors can take their State back from the Feds, until we get a constitutional government back in place…and rid ourselves of the communists/marxists in both parties.

    • wandamurline

      I saw the movie and it was on a Wednesday mid-afternoon, and the house was packed. I thought that De’Souza was very nice in his documentary to Obama, considering how really ugly Michael Moore was to Wall Street and Bush. But, you get a clear and definitive picture of Obama and if you look at his record of the last four years, it makes perfect sense. I cannot believe the ignorancy of this country, that people can think that because they support him that they will be fine when everything comes undone, especially the hollywood idiots. They are so engrossed in Obama’s skin pigmentation (that he uses to his benefit as a shield of protection against anyone opposing his agenda….if a white president had done the things this man did, he would have been impeached and thrown out of office), the homosexual agenda and the murdering of unborn babies, they cannot see that their fortunes and lifestyle will be just as bad as ours under Obama should he get another four years. Example is Oprah Winfrey….she put everything on the line to get this ineligible in chief elected, and now she is practically banned from the White House….Moochelle doesn’t like her….Moochelle doesn’t like the rest of us either. Oprah went on cable TV and has lost about $350 million over the last year….she lost her viewers….she lost her “white” viewers…the ones that made her a wealthy woman. Now Glen Beck is on cable Dish Network Channel 212, and he is putting together a “real” bunch if investigative reporters and a news network….it is in the works….and he did it with his subscriptions to the internet over the last year and a half, he owes no one and can tell the truth without having to worry about the network putting their thumb on his head. It will grow while Oprah will langer, and she deserves what she got.

      • eddie47d

        Glenn Beck presents theories and hype. He turns everything into a crises and makes sure nothing gets resolved. These people make lots of money off of personal agendas.

      • DaveH

        Another useless bunch of conjecture by Eddie.

      • Michael J.

        I didn’t need to see a movie to know he was out to destroy this country.
        That he wouldn’t place his hand on the Bible when being sworn in as Senator should have been the first clue for most people, but no… The Koran will do just fine, but I’m not a Muslim.
        And of course he’s not anti-American, though he sat through twenty years of Rev Wright blowing smoke… I guess he didn’t inhale either. Surely he’s a friend to America… Just like our friends in the Afghan Security Force who’ve killed 51 of our soldiers so far this year.

        Question is, how did he manage to transform millions of fools into tools? He is the mother of all pied pipers when it comes to drawing support. Eskimo’s do not stand a chance if he decides to sell icecream. He is all that you see, but he ain’t what you think. He’s not The Antichrist, though he admires being compared to him. He was manufactured to fullfill a task. His task masters print money and kill presidents in a single bound.

        In November you’ll sit in a booth and pull a lever, but you shouldn’t choose either.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        We saw the movie on a week night last month. There were MAYBE 10 people in the theatre. I was disappointed because I’d expected to learn something new but everything in the movie was info I’d already known. The masses of sheeple need to see this movie.

      • Angie Perez-Barnum

        The only solution to our country’s problem is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.” I know, Americans, even tho you have conflicting beliefs, when disaster comes into America, just like 9-11 event, you forget all your differences and unite together and focus on helping one another. We have the same purpose to give good future to our families and to make people happy.
        This good attitude of Americans are the virtue that other nations envied !!! Do not let anything divide us, for we know deep down inside our hearts, we care for one another and want the best for our children !!! God loves you and so do we !!!

      • TexasRide

        Beck is doing what the MSM has refused to do, tell the truth and expose the facts!
        Even Fox,News “cuts bait” half the time.

        Beck was put here at this time to do a job! It may be “divine providence” or it just may be our “good fortune.” Either way, he has filled a long-time void….investigative reporting and bringing the facts to light.

        If you didn’t watch “The Project” you missed something important. Beck presented documents that laid out the step-by-step plan of the muslim brotherhood to bring down America. These are facts, documents confiscated in a raid.
        There are Eighty boxes of muslim brotherhood documents that was confiscated and this regime is hiding them! They won’t release these boxes of muslim brotherhood documents to congress! Beck went throught the steps as laid out, in print, by the brotherhood. The brotherhood BTW has total support of our black muslim foreigner.. This regime is sending them Billions of our tax dollars, as we post. Where is the outrage in the press, in congress, and in the streets.

    • al

      Vote to remove all democrats but do not be stupid. Obama is the main democrat that we have to remove. Obama has a large base of people who are going to vote for him because he has been stacking the Federal Government with new employees to the tune of just under an average of 10,000 per month since he took offfice. That is another 1/2 million votes in November.
      We cannot afford to have a third party in the mix against the only chance we have, which is Romney. Hold your nose and vote for him because if you do not, then you are voting for Obama by default of removing a vote from Romeny. Remember Ross Perot in 1992, he ended up giving the election to Clinton who ony got 43% of the vote. Ross took votes away from HWB, the same way votes for Gary Johnson will take votes away from Romney.
      We got Clinton and he, by Executive Order, modified the CRA of Jimmie Carter to target National Banks instead of S and Ls. And this is exactly what led us to this housing Mortgage mess we are in today. Clinton and Robert Rubin together created this economic collapse that has destroyed the World Economy. Never for a moment ever believe that the Progressive Liberal Democrats do not know how to destroy and reshape the world to what they wish it to be, and they con a lot of moderate RINOs into letting them do it…. Orin Hatch and John McCain are prime examples of dumb RINOs.

      • Debo


      • http://liberty Tony

        To Al: Ihate to have to burst your bubble but Mitt the “Twit” has lost this election, especially, when he made the statement that “48-49%” of the pop. are “freeloading moochers”. What a fool. Sorry for the cynicism but it’s the truth. TGIF!!

        • Lynnette

          Tony…all is not lost. I plan on being one of those moochers soon and I still plan on voting for Romney. THAT’S how bad I want Obama gone. Romney didn’t get rich by standing around. If I had money to invest, I would want the one who knew how to make money to be the one to lead, because then I’d have a job and not be on the government dole.

          • HH

            (I plan on being one of those moochers soon and I still plan on voting for Romney.)

            Lynnette, if you’er talking about going on SS that is not considered being a moocher since you’ve probably been paying into it all your life like me. I just hope it’s still there when I get there in about 7 and 1/2 years!!!

          • Lynnette

            Nope….food stamps. I’m 4 years short of 64, the earliest I can collect and I am one of those unseen unemployed who can’t collect unemployment either even tho I paid into it.

          • HH

            WOW! My heart’s out for you gal. You can’t draw at 62? I can draw 12 or 14 hundred @ 62… if it’s still there!!! I don’t mind giving someone like you food stamps it’s those who don’t want to help themselves are the “moochers”!!! When I was growing up I had 5 siblings, dad was a public servant who lost his job under the Nixon administration, we had to go on food stamps. Mom went back to work and dad found a job a few months later and we have not had to use the food stamp system since. It’s there to help folks who struggle through hard times NOT to feed deadbeats!!! We’ve allowed the system to be abused and a lot of folks just take advantage of it… it’s not right and it need to be changed!!!

          • Lynnette

            HH…Thanks! I’ll have to check my facts, because I thought nowadays you had to be 64 to collect. My goal had been to work until I was 72 to have my full amount, but that’s all shot to hell now. Doesn’t look like I’ll be employed any time soon and things are getting really tough. We’re always living on the edge now and with what I suspect is coming, it will only get worse.

          • HH

            Yes Lynnette check with SS, I’m 54 and I think I can draw full benefits at 68 and 7 months, that is if it’s still there! The problem with Obamacare is that since it’s been signed into law they have the authority to rob our personal retirement funds like 401k’s, 403b’s, IRA’s and Roths. It’s so disgusting that our senators and congressmen/women threw us under the bus to pass this piece of crap called Obamacare!!! Hang in there Lynnette and let’s pray that we get through this, oust Obama and the crooked politicians and restore freedom and liberty back to the USA!!!

      • Debo

        Nonsense. Rubbish. Your’e talking through your hat. Your comment has no basis in fact. The federal payroll is less than when Obama took office. It sounds good anyway, but not true.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        seriously… if you have to hold your nose to vote for a candidate, what more sign do you need to see that you’re casting a bad vote? we do this year after year… this nonsense has to stop.

        vote for someone you don’t have to hold your nose for, and tell those “waste your vote” propagandists what they can do with their own noses.

        – Smoov

      • deerinwater

        “THAT’S how bad I want Obama gone. Romney didn’t get rich by standing around. ”

        Right ~! he leveraged buy-outs and sold off assets, then cooked the books to sell to other investors that and left them holding the bag.

        He got his money the old fashion way ~ borrow, extort , lie, cheat and steal by employing 50 shades of gray.

        • Lynnette

          Tell me…how did Obama get his $7.9 million? He certainly didn’t have it when he started and he didn’t work for it either that is unless he got it the same way Romney got his.

      • Mary

        wow, I cannot believe the ignorance. Stacking the vote with government workers that are sure to vote for Obama” You have no idea how the federal government works do you? Those working for the government are people living in the areas where there are gov. businesses. They are the members of the community who have applied and qualified for the jobs needed. There are personnel offices that oversea the hiring of these people. They are not sworn to be Dems or Repubs or support the President in office. For the most part, the President does not have a clue who these people are unless they work in the White House or have some direct dealing with him or his staff. His immediate staff are hired under different circumstances, not through the normal channels. Many people call Congress government workers , but they are elected by the people and fall under other rules also.They are the only ones who retire with full pay and do not have to put in a certain number of years. They make their own rules and by not voting against a pay raise they get an automatic raise each year. There are many Republicans who are federal workers and no one tells anyone how to vote, nor is it asked on the job application. Where do you people get this stuff?

      • Palin16

        Lynette, I started Social Security at 62. I also have an IRA and withdraw just enough each year to avoid paying federal tax.

      • Jeff


        I agree. It’s a cryin’ shame that reality has such a liberal bias and so many of the things you want so badly to believe just ain’t so. I feel for you. Say hello to Peg and the D’Arcys for me.

    • Inventor64

      Also don’t forget that “Barak Hussein Obama” is a stage name. His real name is Barry Sortoro. He was born in Kenya and at age 7 moved to Hi. and assumed the Birth Papers of a still born baby.

      • Jeff

        And just what did you invent, pray tell – the concept of [expletive deleted]?

    • Proud to be a Believer

      Please everyone go to this link and where it is underlined in red, click and then click on the different chapters. Wow. I have sent this to all of my email group. Very very interesting. Lets see the Smilee’s the eddies and all the liberals on this site, refute these items.

    • Tess

      Agreed…get rid of Obama and the dirty crew he serves with. I think the reason so many arent afraid of him is because he acts so dumb and has so little command of our language. Well he may not be intelligent, but he as sure as hell SHREWD. Look at all he has managed to accomplish without ever earning it or working for it. That takes talent.

      • HH

        (Well he may not be intelligent, but he as sure as hell SHREWD.)

        On the contraire Tess, Obama just might be the most intelligent president we’ve ever had, problem is he’s NOT working for us!!! He works for the social communist that are trying to overthrow us!!!

    • Bob

      Are you sure both parties aren’t trying to destroy Amerika and turn it into an enormous prison with cameras and FEMA camps and road checks etc/

    • Travis

      The liberal power elite are selfish, hypocritical, arrogant, self-righteous, and, worst of all, destructive of those around them. They are willing to saddle everyone else with rules and regulations that do not apply to them, and with higher taxes that they somehow escape paying. The Buffett Rule might sound like a great idea, but it would never apply to the Buffetts of this world. Or the Kerrys, Kennedys, or any other left-wing billionaire.

      Liberal do-gooders are always coming up with lovely schemes for redistributing other people’s money and managing other people’s lives. The problem is that all of these schemes do more harm than good. Welfare, which redistributes wealth to those who cannot work but also to those who avoid working or underreport income, is funded on the backs of those who actually do work. “Saving the planet” costs jobs but never actually saves anything. Killing fossil fuels increases energy costs and triggers inflation across the board. Yet the liberal elite blithely support every cause that comes along with no consideration of the cost to ordinary people. In doing so, they pad their already inflated sense of self-importance, and at no cost to themselves.

      Scratch the surface of the liberal elite, and you will find a monstrous contempt for those “beneath” them. Liberals like Barack Obama live and breathe in a realm of utter disdain for ordinary Americans, including congressmen who hail from what the president likes to call “Palookaville.” It is not just that they are out of touch; it is that they despise what is normal and decent. They would no more live in the heartland or send their kids to a public school than they would forego an exemption engineered solely to save them money — the same tax break for the rich that they publicly decry as soooo unfair. It’s no surprise that several prominent liberal Democrats made their fortunes as slum lords and ambulance-chasers. Others just married their money. – Jeffery Folks

      Read more:

    • Benjamin Fox

      Amen Warrior, this nation has to decide for freedom or Sharia law under obozo and his robot followers, it is easy under Romney we still have freedom under obozo you get change from freedom to the plantation and islamic law will be his Forward to the plantation and a commie state, under Romney the lesser of two evil you have a chance? under messiah, king and god of this world you can’t ever pay the price of freedom. Wake up American, HItler is back and lie’s when his lips are moving, and won’t shut up.

    • Pat

      Our biggest and most important job this year is to take a long hard look at ALL of our elected representatives and start cleaning house (and the senate). If they aren’t doing their job for America, fire them on November 6. We need business people, not lawyers, career politicians and radicals to represent us and take care of business in DC. Support good people outside your own voting area, this is a tough and dirty election with the Dem’s Chicago thug style politics and “hit and run” politics. Hit and run politics is when they run to the mainstream media with a “story”, the MSM airs it and gives it a thumbs up, the rebuttal comes in, the lies are exposed and the MSM ignores it.

    • gjmlb

      I agree with you, and one and all do please make it a point to see this 2016 film. The odd thing is that this is the first movie I had ever seen when it was over, there was dead
      silence, maybe people were in a state of shock. One of the shots near the end showing the redrawn map of the middle east, to be known as the United States of Islam does
      not show Isreal, guess Iran finally obliverated the State of Isreal, at least in their dreams and plans. Scary stuff guys, Obama is right on target for implementing the dreams of his father.

    • Michael Myer

      Dinesh D’Souza is nothing more than a “bomb-throwing” profiteer! He is the conservative alter-ego of Michael Moore, except his stuff is more fictitious and factless. The shock-writer D’Souza is the same guy that sat on the Bill Maher show a decade ago and called the Islamic Jihadist that flew jet airliners into the World Trade Center — “brave men”. He loves the “American Dream” because he can use our freedom of speech to make money, by spewing fictitious political lies across our theater screens — and amoral theater owners see an opportunity to make a buck, so they will show it! (Our local theater owner refuses to show it unless the author admits it is FICTION!!! — thank you Joe Carunchia.)
      D’Souza takes a scintilla of truth and runs with it like a lion slaying a gazelle — he yarns it into this dreamed-up theory of “anti-colonialism” and demonizes our President for having this fictitious belief.
      Extraordinarily, the inept American viewers fail to ask the million dollar question — What would be wrong with being an “American Anti-colonialist” anyway??? American has no “colonies”, unless one counts Puerto Rico, and America was founded on an anti-colonialist dream — remember, America was a colony that broke away from the colonial Empire or England?!?!?! What could be more anti-colonialist?!!?? THINK, DAMNIT!!!

      • Jeff

        D’Souza apparently thinks colonialism needs to be reinstituted, but I doubt he’d be willing to return to his village and have the fruits of his labor stolen by the British. When Newt first posited this “theory,” my first reaction was, “”Aren’t we all anti-colonialist?” That statement about Obama, while telling us nothing about him, reveals everything anyone needs to know about the Republicans.

        Didn’t D’Souza used to pretend to be an intellectual (“The End of History”)? Now, he’s just another follower of Donald Trump, like Ed Klein or Jerome Corsi.

        • jag57

          I would say not wanting to be controlled by a colonial power, is a little different than someone holding the most powerful and prestigious position in the world and doing everything they can to bring the country down, all the while lying about why the economy is in the toilet. Anyone that believes our Republic would survive 4 more years as a sovereign Republic, under this Marxist, is living in a dream world.

          • Jeff

            You are simply insane.

  • Flashy

    LOL… can tell when elections are nearing. The far Right begin to brag about themselves and deflect what will be forthcoming…the opening of the doors and lifting of the fog that they are perceived as the failures which caused this once great nation to face the dangers the Conservatives of the 21st century has placed us in.

    • Keith Breedlove


      • Butch

        Don’t bother trying to understand Comrade Flash-in-the-pan, he spouts communist/socialist ideology and hate speech as easily as he breathes.

    • Paul Wells

      Flashy, will all due respect….you wouldn’t know the truth if it block tackled you and rubbed your face in the mud! Stop with your malingering rush to discount every belief that doesn’t agree with yours, and honestly consider the points raised. This is far too important to descend into partisan bickering. At least have an open enough mind to do that! After all, you of the more liberal persuasion are always touting your open mindedness, right?

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Paul those “open minded” folks have one problem–well, okay, they have many problems, but here is the main one: they are so open-minded that all their brains have fallen out. You can’t fix stupid.

      • Flashy

        Paul…I always consdier all the options before acting on anything. Such as…retroactive resignation, legitimate rape, the demands for a “no” on contraceptives but ‘yes and hell yes!’ on viagra covered by insurance so as to conform to religious sensitivities.

        The inability of the whacked right to realize that they very policies they cry for are those which doom them to suffer what they “fight against”. And the more they are made out as what they are…a few fries short of a Big mac Deal…the more they yell and scream demanding everyone adhere to their crazed creed based in lunacy. i.e. this movie.

        look…i am not a “liberal”, not by a long shot. I consider myself a conservative Moderate. I think Nixon had good points and was the man for the times. I think Bush I did a fair job and we lucked out when we replaced him with Clinton. I strongly believe Reagan was the second worse catastrophic presidency this nation has suffered from, exceeded only by the Neo Cons of Bush II.

        And i cannot fathom the lunacy displayed time and again by posters in this forum. Aside from Vig, 45 Caliber and a very few others…what i read day after day is a call for nothing less than this nation’s destruction and refusal to admit the situation we are in today are the direct result of conservative policies which began under Reagan.

        I have to laugh realizing that the ones who are going to get nailed s hard or harder than Progressives and Moderates should any current GOP policies and ideologies are given any effect…are the ones voting and screaming for them.

        Ask any TP member what they want…and the answer is the same. they want something other than what this nation is and stands for. Nothing less than its destruction.

        And that, Paul, is a fact..

      • JC

        No Flashy, that’s not a fact. What the Tea party wants is adherence to the Constitution of the United States of America. And THAT is what the nation stands for.
        Nice try though. ;-)

      • Flashy

        JC…the TPers “meaning” of the Constitution is so far out of touch with reality..that’s like saying Santa Claus Versus the Martians is a factual documentary…

      • Firefly

        Nothing – NOTHING – short of a return to the principles of the founding fathers and a rejection of Marxist socialism can return us to the greatness that was once the United States. I’m not fan of President Putin of Russia – during his first term of presidency years ago his supposedly off-the-cuff comments made world headlines and caused me to lose nearly ten years of savings, the biggest financial loss of my life, but Putin once said that “the United States cannot oppose everyone in the world who disagrees with them.” We can no longer afford to be the policeman of the world. The national debt is increasing the rate of nearly two an a half million dollars PER MINUTE! and the spending of the Democrats and the Republicans in the last decade are so great that huge inflation is coming and should already be here. This cannot now be avoided no matter who is president. The FED has initiated ramping up the presses again since no one is fool enough to loan us more money when we can’t even pay the interest on all we already owe. I’m waiting to see who voted last night in Congress to give the Muslim Brotherhood (who hate our guts) in Egypt and elsewhere more money. If Congress votes to do so and are re-elected than Americans deserve what they are going to get.

        That said, if Obama is re-elected it will be the end of the Democratic Party and no Democrat will be elected president again until long after WWIII ends. That will probably begin for real when Iran launches their first nuclear tipped missile or Israel destroys the bomb making factories before they launch, thereby fulfilling another Bible prophecy that “All the nations of the world will turn against Israel.” I do not know how it will end but any who think we will not be affected by all this are truly delusional.

        We have enough coal, oil and gas that we don’t need to be economic slaves to the rest of the world, but the current EPA won’t let us use them. We need an EPA but not the one we have.

        We have stuck our finger at the sky and told God we don’t want Him interfering with “our” rights, as if we had any rights that did not come from God. His tolerance with us has just about been reached. He recently said: “My hand of judgement will stretch forth and all will feel it, some much more than others. Fear not!” That was November of last year but God always gives us time enough to prepare. Pity those “poor fools” (as Mr. T. used to say) that have no relationship with God and don’t even know they can have one.

        Sadly this administration is pro-Sharia Law and that may be why they are pushing at the UN to pass international laws that will bring our Constitution under the umbrella of the UN (laws like small arms registration and what vitamin size we can take). As long as the citizens of the United States are armed no amount of demonic Sharia will take over this country. Freedom as we know it and Sharia are totally opposites. They cannot co-exist.
        If we just elect more of the same old same old we may find out if that is true, right here in the United States.

        The Bible mentions a thousand years of peace before the world ends and it also says that it will be like it was in Sodom and Gomorrah. What does that mean? No one can be absolutely sure, but I cannot see how we could possibly have a thousand years of peace unless mankind is blasted back to the Iron-Age and it takes us that long to recover before we can have another world war. Of course glyphosate resistant corn and soy and sugar and cotton seed may reduce the world’s population more than nuclear weapons. They are a great cause of infertility and apparently autism and are in 75% of our processed foods, if not more, although they are illegal in much of the world.

        “Wars, and rumors of wars, famine and plagues and epidemics, earthquakes in many places, and this is not yet the end,” said non other than Jesus Himself.

        We are living in some of the most interesting times in the world. May God help us because they are soon going to get a whole lot more interesting.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “look…i am not a “liberal”, not by a long shot”.
        Another of Flashman’s many lies. Sure you are, Flashman. You are a Liberal Progressive. Everything you say is aimed at promoting Big Government, mostly in the Liberal way, but sometimes in the NeoConservative way.
        Fortunately, most of the regulars know that you have no credibility so I needn’t spend so much of my time exposing you.

      • JC

        Flashy says:

        September 21, 2012 at 10:39 am

        JC…the TPers “meaning” of the Constitution is so far out of touch with reality..that’s like saying Santa Claus Versus the Martians is a factual documentary…

        How so?

      • JC

        Flashy says:
        September 21, 2012 at 10:39 am
        JC…the TPers “meaning” of the Constitution is so far out of touch with reality..that’s like –saying Santa Claus Versus the Martians is a factual documentary…

        I’d love to hear you qualify that bunch of BS.
        Obviously you can’t, so I won’t hold my breath.
        We’ll just file it under “more garbage from the mouth of flashy”.

    • hipshotpercusion

      Flashy is one of those useful idiots Lenin talked about. He will be one of those who will receive the Stalin treatment.

    • Sirian

      Hummm, trying to bait people into another one? LOL, have at it boy, you’re very well known around here for nothing more. LOL, enjoy yourself

    • don

      flashyless has been drinking of the coolaid. loves liberism an thinks everthing is fine .we refuse to let america sink to the depths that flashless an obama wants to carry it.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Flashy pants is clueless. Or drunk. Or both.

      • dcjdavis

        He can afford to get drunk. He’s paid to spout his junk.

      • Gary L

        Flashy is full of it. His articulations however do not cover up the scent.
        What is this PEW?

      • eddie47d

        What do you call those on the right who spew misinformation and political propaganda? Are they also drunk? Some of you can’t present facts so you head straight for the bottle err… name calling.

      • DaveH

        Eddie, you wouldn’t know facts if they had teeth like piranhas and bit you on the butt.

      • eddie47d

        Speaking of name callers and Dave pops in to say hello. Still crotchety much Dave?

    • Penny R. Freeman

      Yes Republicans and Democrats are responsible for all America’s problems. And Obama came on the scene at a very convenient time in order to push his ideaology down our throats. But he’s the one responsible for paralyzing our military and doing everything possible to destroy our self-defense strength. That’s an open invitation to our enemies to walk through our borders and destroy us. It’s already been proven by the CBO that Obamacare will be even more punishing on the “middle class” than anything imagined at the time the law was signed. And if you don’t know there are enough new taxes buried in that law to totally rob all of us of a decent future and enslave us forever. Didn’t you get Obama’s comments when he thought the mic was off? He’s cut some sort of deal with Putin. Why do I say that? He told Medvedev to tell Putin to be patient. This is his last election and after it he will have more leverage. If that doesn’t sound like a president scheming against the people of this country I’d like to know what you think it is. He has the Muslim Brotherhood as guests to the White House, but refuses to meet with Israel’s Netanyahu. Sound like someone who backs Israel? Now there’s been a substitute American flag designed with his campaign emblem taking the place of the field of stars. Why doesn’t that sound like a person who believes he is a dictator, which he may soon be, rather than the president of a free nation to you? Even his “forward” emblem is related to communism. Get your head out of the sand before your future is destroyed. The only people Obama helps, and even those he eventually throws under the bus, are the ones who financially support his campaign. If you still don’t believe he’s showing you a false face yet, read “Throw them all out” and the “2016″ book. I’ve watched politics very closely for over fifty years and have never seen any politician have so many negative books, newspaper and magazine articles written about them or one whose fellow party members desperately run away from him because they fear he’ll cost them their reelection. Haven’t you caught onto the meaning of ‘fundamentally transform” this country? If you change the fundmentals of anything you are destroying and remaking its base. Is communism/socialism/marxism where you want to go? Do you want to deny your children and grandchildren a decent future? Frankly with the way he’s turning Americans against one another I don’t doubt that if he wins this election there will be a second American revolution. Those of us unwilling to follow the dictates of that pompous liar aren’t going to willing allow anyone to destroy our country’s future. And despite what his propaganda media are telling you the number of tea party and other groups reacting against him and his overtaxation and divide and couquer politics is growing not falling.

      • Bay0Wulf

        Correct in pretty much all aspects. Liberal/Left/Democrats are not our friends they are Politicians. Republicans are likewise not our friends either as they are Politicians also. Over time both of these parties are happy to throw “We The People” and Our Country under the bus of their own Political Ambitions. The TEA Party is a young vetting system … it would be nice if I could figure out which of the “TEA Party” organizations is the “real” one. However, they are doing an outstanding job for having been around for less than … 6? years.

        I am voting straight Republican this time around although I have no faith in Mitt … we MUST get rid of this parasitical Socialistic Anarchist who has a “Dream” (Nightmare to me) as he (and his Administration) IS doing as much as possible to destroy what the USA is about.

        The Republicans have recently shown how uncomfortable with the TEA Party & New Conservative Right they are by creating a new ruling to basically “ban” them and their candidates from their party. The Libertarians are interesting but too socially Left for me also.

        I believe it is time to seriously re-vamp and promote the Constitution Party (a real 3rd party) to give the TEA Party and New Conservatives a place from which to strike at the rotten core of our 2 Party Political System. We need to begin to change things … we NEED HOPE and CHANGE alright just not the BS & Garbage we have been getting from Our Government for the last 70+ years.

        We need to stop what has been happening. We were willing to work from “within the system” to make things change but … it seems the system does not want us. We must force a CHANGE because “we cannot just pick up our toys and go home.”

        THIS IS OUR HOME. It is time to throw the cretins OUT!!!!

        • HH

          A hearty AMEN to that!!! I still want to write in Ron Paul tho!

          • Lynnette

            HH…you write in Ron Paul, you will be giving your vote to Obama. Please do not do that. Ron Paul was an excellent choice, but powers that be thought otherwise. Be that as it may, the goal is to oust Obama.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            No, it isn’t.

            Our goal is to return Liberty to the United States.

            It isn’t about Obama, it isn’t about Romney.

            It is about stopping the Progressives (which is both, Obama and Romney) from turning the United States into something it was never meant to be.

            That aside, she is right on the specific part about not writing in Ron Paul, although, the reason for that is misguided.

            Don’t write in Ron Paul, because he will not be registered for a write-in candidacy in most, if not all, districts that require it (which is a hell of a lot), and any write-ins for him in those states, won’t even be tallied. They will be the equivalent of leaving that part of the ballot blank, so you would be better off casting your vote for Gary Johnson instead of writing in Ron Paul.

            Casting your vote, for a candidate, who’s name isn’t even going to be tallied? Ok… yeah, that’d be a wasted vote. :(

            – Smoov

          • Lynnette

            I agree. It’s about taking back our country. Personally, I’d like to gut our government and start over. Only those that have proved themselves to be on track with our constitution get to stay, much like they want to do to teachers. I’d like to see them stripped of their riches they made in office and sent to the poorhouse with the rest of us. I think their salaries should be equated with effort…. just like us. Our country is broken and we need to fix it because those we have elected to do the job suck.

          • HH

            Exactly what I’ve been sayin’ Lynnette!!! I’m with ya gal!!!

          • Smoovious Laxness

            Oh, as for their salaries? IMHO, nobody gets to vote on their own pay raises.

            When we vote for the candidates, we should also be able to vote to give them a 1% raise from the previous 2-year cycle. No more than 1%.

            Then, it would be in their own best interest, to not only remain responsive to the people, but also work hard to keep our country out of debt, and rein in inflation by putting a halt to the money-flooding they keep doing.

            No politician in their right mind, is going to devalue the currency by 20%, if the best they can hope for, is a 1% raise, if the voters approve it.

            The money printing would come to a screeching halt. We got enough money. The only printing we should be doing, is a 1:1 replacement of old bills/coin being taken out of circulation due to damage. Give the value, a chance to catch back up to the paper.

            – Smoov

      • DaveH

        Libertarians are too socially left? So you like Freedom, but only if it applies to you, Penny? If somebody is doing something you don’t approve to their own bodies or property, why is that of concern to you? As long as the Politicians can keep dividing the country between those who want to help themselves to other peoples’ money, and those who want to help themselves to other peoples’ choices, we will continue to see ever-growing Government. And they like that.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          It doesn’t even matter if the Libertarians are socially permissive or restrictive anyways, and they actually, are neither.

          The Fed gov’t has no business meddling in social issues to begin with, that’s one of the big problems.

          There are plenty of Libertarians who are personally against drugs, personally against prostitution, personally against same-sex marriage, etc etc etc, but who also, are personally against the Fed Gov’t dictating to a free people what they choose for themselves.

          This is what makes Libertarians, even more conservative, than the Republicans ever will be, as the Republicans want to use the Fed Gov’t to dictate personal behavior.

          The Democrats are Progressives…
          The Republicans are Progressives…

          The Progressives are the problem in this country, not These Progressives, or Those Progressives, but Progressives.

          Pointing the finger at Those Progressives while defending These Progressives is just lunacy.

          The Dems and the Reps aren’t against the Progressives at all… they ARE the Progressives.

          The Libertarians, are the next largest party, who aren’t Progressives, and are directly challenging them.

          Wake up and break free from the whole Democrat/Republican farce that plays out election after election and see them for what they truly are.

          – Smoov

        • Bay0Wulf

          There are many issues with Libertarians. They are too Socially Left. You can say that they only want the right to do with their bodies … & etc but what happens when it overflows into society as a whole? What happens if it is destructive to their neighbors and their town?

          Libertarians have some very interesting points of view but it you look at them very carefully you might find that it is very close to anarchism. Libertarians (many Libertarians have radically different views of Libertarianism) are not completely coherent as to what they want but it seems that they want “liberty” without responsibilities.

      • DaveH

        Sorry Penny,
        My comment should have been addressed to Bay0Wulf.

      • DaveH

        Bay0Wulf says — “What happens if it [Libertarian Freedom] is destructive to their neighbors and their town?”
        What happens, Bay0Wulf, when your hired killers break into their homes, and even homes of innocent people, and terrorize or even kill them?
        If people on drugs harm other people physically, then you have legs to stand on when it comes to punishing them. But when they haven’t harmed anybody else, then you, Bay0Wulf, are the aggressor, plain and simple. What do we do about your harmful kind?

        Bay0Wulf says — “Libertarians have some very interesting points of view but it you look at them very carefully you might find that it is very close to anarchism.”.
        And? Somehow we got along just fine before 1900, Bay0Wulf, with Government that was 1/13th the size of Government today. Why do you think that would be a problem now?

        Bay0Wulf says — “Libertarians (many Libertarians have radically different views of Libertarianism) are not completely coherent as to what they want but it seems that they want “liberty” without responsibilities.”.
        Then they aren’t Libertarians, Bay0Wulf. Libertarians are champions of Personal Responsibility.

        You, Bay0Wulf, are a misinformer.

      • JC

        Bay0Wulf says:
        September 21, 2012 at 4:04 pm
        There are many issues with Libertarians. They are too Socially Left. You can say that they only want the right to do with their bodies … & etc but what happens when it overflows into society as a whole? What happens if it is destructive to their neighbors and their town?

        A common misconception. All Libertarians agree that where one person’s rights end where another’s begins. So how can one individual become destructive to others without committing a crime? Not to mention that Libertarians, in order to be Libertarians must allow that everyone will enjoy the same rights and freedoms they themselves demand.
        “With Liberty and Justice For All” … Sound familiar? :)

      • Carolyn

        Penny, very well stated. Being a person myself who doesn’t follow the pack AND being a Conservative/Tea Party Member, I don’t understand people NOT believing in the Constitution. It’s simply written and the words have lived thru 200+ years. In all my 62 years, I have never seen the blatant actions of a President and his supporters do more to destroy America. I can’t stand to watch obama lie time after time but I listen so I can counter his lies with truth to people I know…so many of them are shocked when they hear the truth. If his supporters would research just his campaign rhetoric against what he has actually done, it would be easy to see the discrepancies. It is like his followers have blinders on…Sad for America!!

        • Lynnette

          Carolyn…I’m not affiliated with any party and yet I hear you. I think it would be ever so grand to pack up EVERY Obamaite and send them packing to a 3rd world country to live. Maybe then they would appreciate the country they live in that allows them to spout off so freely about how wicked we are. They can experience Obama’s grand plans in action first hand. They will be able to enjoy having every liberty they have here stripped from them and become dirt poor. Like you, I cannot believe that they blindly believe all of Obama’s [expletive deleted] rhetoric. I cannot believe that they cannot see he is selling us out. They need to know first hand what it’s like to live under the sword. Since they have no pride in America, I say send them where they truly belong. The Middle East is a good start, or maybe Kenya where the prez came from, how about Africa where it’s rife with aides and dictators reign supreme, or maybe China, or Russia, N. Korea. Okay…some aren’t 3rd world, but you get my drift. We don’t even have to send them that far. How to Central America? Hell, send them to Mexico and see just how much they will be able to spout off. I say let them find out what Obama is all about and what he has planned. Maybe then when they have learned, then they can be American.

          • Gea

            There is an active, well paid effort to subvert American Constitution by American Muslims with the help of their Big Muslim Brother in the White house, who is living up to his middle name, Hussein, and who is directly and indirectly responsible for the Muslim mobs raping and murdering US Ambassador in Libya. If Qaddafi and Mubarak were in power, they would never let Americans to be murdered and US Embassies attacked by Muslim Barbarians.

            Instead Muslims in America apologizing for their Muslim brothers in the Arab countries, they cry foul because their “holly cow”. Mohamed, is uncovered for what he really is, a pedophile polygamist. who married Aisha, one of his 12 wives, when she was 6 and he was 51 and had sex with her when she was 9 and he was 54. He was also a rapist who raped a 17-y young Jewish women whose husband he had beheaded several hours before together with 900 Jewish men and boys from Medina, because the Jews laughed when he claimed that God spoke to him.. American Muslims cry “Islamophobia” rather then admitting that their supremacist ideology of Islam, dreamed up by a pedophile polygamist rapist and murderer, Mohamed, is incompatible with US Constitution, and needs to be reformed. Barak Hussein Obama extolls Koran and Islam, while dissing Bible. Muslims also claim that Hebrew and Christian scriptures are distortions while Koran, which is a nasty piece of work is a “true word of Allah”. Koran is as vile a book as Terry Jones claimed and needs to be discussed publicly so that Americans understand what Muslims want: rule over everybody!

            Now these American Muslims, most of whom had not read Koran to see how vile it is,want “respect”, which Islam does not give to non-Muslims and instead claims that all non-Muslims believe in false gods. In any decent country a criminal , such as Mohamed (pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer) would be either executed (USA) or put to prison for life (in Israel where they have no death penalty so terrorists get away with murders when Israelis are kidnapped and exchanged for those terrorists). American Muslims (who every couple of weeks get caught wanting to blow up something in) are trying to subvert US Constitution, to prevent truth about Islam and Mohamed to come up, waging stealth jihad in the midst of America, paid for by Saudi and Iranian oil money!.

            Last Wednesday I went to an event organized by CAIR and NAACP, called “Islamophobia” and “racism” in elections, where some Turkish, and Arab Muslims were demanding limitation to the First Amendment, helped by the politically correct nice fools, who are too lazy to read Koran and learn about history of Islam which would make them see why Obama is a the most dangerous and vile President who is endangering liberty and human rights, while pretending to be American and defending justice and respect for everybody. Where was respect for US Ambassador in Libya and where were live bullets for US marines to defend lives of American diplomats last week?..

            At the UN, Barak Hussein Obama is helping OIC to prevent freedom of speech about Islam, while 57 Muslim majority countries are free to defame Isarel and Jews to their heart content. Barak Hussein is a traitor to American values and American people. He must resign!

          • Wayne Leach

            ……..impeached! Get some backbone, Congress! But then, most of you are cohorts, so never mind.

          • Gea

            Rick Jensen: Foreign Policy Gaffes Abound, But Not From Who You Might Think

            By now you’ve undoubtedly heard the news about Mitt Romney’s gaffes, faux pas and general ignorance of foreign policy as reported throughout the mainstream press. You recognize the fact that such statements might indicate such rank ignorance of the world disqualifies one from occupying the Oval Office. So, with your mental scorecard, you thoughtfully consider each reported gaffe to be filed in the gray matter cabinet as “dumb stuff Romney said.”

            Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle (click to view more cartoons by McKee)

            This week’s gaffe is as poignant as all the others: “Palestinians don’t want peace.” Yes, Romney said that. Yes, it proves he is a master of the obvious. Palestinians have lobbed more than 440 “peaceloving” rockets into civilian neighborhoods this year, causing Israelis to build a warmongering, aggressive bomb-proof school in Sderot. Would you vote for a presidential candidate who publicly celebrates a Nazi sympathizer on Israel Independence Day and, while in Poland, blames the Polish people for concentration camps installed by the German invaders?

            Who so misunderstands Israel and its Prime Minister that he gets frustrated during a conversation and bolts from discussions in a hissy-fit… on two separate occasions?

            Who took no action to protect U.S. citizens following warnings of impending attacks on U.S. embassies within days of 9/11?

            Who failed to back Iran’s Green Movement and to support freedom fighters in the Free Syria Army, telling them, publicly, he won’t help arm them until after the election?

            Who sends Russia a “reset button” they don’t understand while they send arms to Syria, which we do understand?

            Who apologizes to a crowd in Austria for not being able to “speak Austrian” when no such language exists? At least if he said he didn’t “speak South Philly” he’d ne referring to an actual dialect.

            Yes, one of the candidates for President committed all of these foreign policy gaffes, and even publicly apologized for one of them. Stirring old resentments and generating thousands of negative reactions on news media websites and social media sites, he called a German death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland a “Polish death camp.” Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski was shocked beyond belief at a ceremony to honor resistance fighter Jan Karski, saying, “It’s a pity that such a dignified ceremony was overshadowed by ignorance and incompetence.”

            You may also consider using the words “ignorance and incompetence” to describe sending a message on Twitter that encourages your supporters to buy the candidate’s logo sweatshirts at 2:20 p..m the same day you are addressing a solemn ceremony transferring the remains of the Benghazi U.S. Consulate at 2:46 p.m. Really.

            And your message on 9/11 is, “The election is in 8 weeks. Sign up to volunteer.” Really. At 7:07 a.m. On 9/11.

            Some of you may think 9/11 is insignificant. You have that right. I don’t want a President who just goes through the ceremonial motions while obviously more concerned with campaigning. Surely it’s obvious to you that these voluminous international embarrassments and failures are not those of Mitt Romney, whose major gaffe was to acknowledge, “Palestinians don’t want peace,” but rather they come from our current President, Barack Obama.

            Perhaps you’re also wondering why these major failures and public foot-tastings of President Obama haven’t generated as much media reaction and outcry as “Palestinians don’t want peace.”

            Of course you are.

            © Copyright 2012 Rick Jensen, distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

            Rick Jensen is Delaware’s Award-Winning Conservative Talk Show Host on 1150AM WDEL and 93.7FM HD3, Streaming live on from 1pm – 4pm EST. Contact Rick at, or follow him on Twitter @Jensen1150WDEL.

          • Gea

            Barak Hussein Obama is a great storry teller and a deceiver, as commanded by Mohamed, when a Muslims lives among non-Muslims. Obama was elected on a combination of the whtie guilt and promisses he made to dysfunctional mobs who live on public assistance, because nobody taught them them that people shouild work for a living and not expect government to take care of them and their brood from various boyfriends with US taxpayers money!.

            While Barry Hussein Satoro Obama grew up from the age 10-18 with his upper middloe class white grandparents in Hawaii, being tutored by Frank Marshall Davis, a black member of the Hawain Communist Party, he had been indoctrinated with Marxism which he is now pushing on US. While Barry Satoro was a little boy (6-10 y old) living with his Marxist Muslim step father, a Marxist Muslim working as a spokesman for oil industry i Indonesia, he was indoctrinated with Islam, which he never grew our of, although pretending that he is a Christian for political purposes.

            As Barak Hussein Obama, he had lived up to his given middle name, and had destroyed American pride in its freedom and human rights, while grovelling to barbarians of the Muslim world. Hussein Obama should be tried for treasonm because he is responsible directly and indirectly for the murders of American citizens all ove the world. Directly, because he prevented US marines to carry live munition to defend US ambassador, and by helping bring Islamic barbarians to power in Arab countries, and indirectly by appologtizing to Muslim murderers rather then defending the truth and fithting for human rights. He is the biggest liar that American ever witnesses, becaues his taqiyya is the most skillful, using sweet words of political correctness that media and academics gobble up like candies.

      • moonbeam

        Lynette writes, “Personally, I’d like to gut our government and start over.”

        This is exactly what Iceland did.

        They handled their business and handed their woefully corrupt government (such as what we have now) and the bankers their asses, which is what we should be doing. They actually had them all thrown in JAIL. It just goes to show what WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can accomplish when we’ve had enough of their bullsnot.

      • DaveH

        It won’t be long then, Moonbeam, until the US Leaders declare Iceland a terrorist nation, or a nuclear threat, or some other such excuse to attack them and avenge the Bankers.

      • Palin16

        As the future US Ambassador to Iceland, I would like to inform you that Iceland has no army, navy, air force or marines. Their only miltary is the coast guard, to protect their fishing rights. The US built their international airport in Keflavik during WWII for refueling purposes for European bound aircraft. Ronald Reagan once held a summit meeting with Gorbachev in Reykjavik. Also, they are not part of the European Union. I am planning my third trip there next year.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      You are the enemy of the USA…you and your ilk will be defeated in the end… you and your ilk will cause a lot of pain and suffering on the people of the USA and also alot of bloodshed..But in the end you will hang from the lamp posts of freedom…

    • daniel

      Flashy, if you consider all sources before you make a decision or voice an opinion then i would strongly suggest you check ou the Washington Examiner. They did a whole series on Obama with documentation and well over 40 pages long.
      You cited WaPo and variety as sources for your take on the movie 2016. WaPo is in the buket for O and Variey? You know conservatives refer to Hollywood as Hollyweird and for good reason so that opinion won’t mean much.
      I watched the movie probably from a different angle.

      • eddie47d

        Negative books sell and make lots of money Penny. Negative TV programs sell and make money too and Conservatives are leading the charge. In other words the Conservatives are showing their negative side in spades and that could easily get Obama reelected.

      • Flashy

        Daniel…the Examiner is owned by ultra conservative billionaire Philip Anschutz, ranked by Forbes as the 37th richest man in America.

        Just so you know your ‘news’ that you place so much sand in is being controlled and fed by someone not necessarily having the interests of the common man in mind.

    • Mikey

      According to Fleshy’s logic (and other leftists), it’s Bush’s fault that Obumma want’s to convert the U.S. into a third world country.

  • Keith Breedlove

    Yesterday’s Washington Examiner ( had a 10-part report on Obama’s political rise through the Chicago Machine. It was very enlightening.

  • Lyle

    Brother and I watched this a week ago; very eye opening. I originally though BO’s motivation was strictly to turn us into a European Social Democracy but I was wrong; BO’s motivation definitely is to take our wealth from us and give it to poorer nations as an attempt to pay reprimations for his belief our colonialization of the world has done to those nations. He also wants to make sure we won’t have the ability to ever be great again. This guy’s gotta go. :)

    • eddie47d

      Yup! Keep on coming up with your wicked theories. The more you dance on Obama with that unproven bluster the higher his rating are and the better the poll numbers. D’Sousa also has an agenda and 2016 may be worth seeing but I think it is the Republicans who will have to do damage control. Going so negative can and will backfire whether it is done by a Republican or a Democrat.

      • Shelia


      • Paul Wells

        eddie47d, I can prove you haven’t seen the movie, because it doesn’t take political sides. You’d know that if you had seen the movie. This is what I love about libs…they can’t argue facts, so they just troll around and try to mask the truth. It’s not told from a R or D point of view, it’s simply some history. I’m telling you, Obama has NOT made it easy to find any truth about him, since he spent all that money sealing his records. But D’Souza has uncovered a lot by traveling to Kenya and conducting numerous interviews. I’d ask you to see the movie, but I know you won’t. You’re in the 47%.

      • djm123

        eddie you just nailed it !!!

      • Flashy

        Paul…in case you missed the should read them above. Seems everyone but TPers view the film as a based infomercial of garbage…

      • JC

        You libbies really do panic when the truth is put in front of you…don’t ya?
        It’s easy to spot in your hysterical allegations and baseless talking points…
        as opposed to say, a well documented and easily provable film about a con artist.

      • Gary L

        Eddie and Flashy, No body in the tea party expects Obama worshippers to like the film. Especially those that are film critics.

      • eddie47d

        We see 2-3 movies each and every week and about one third are documentaries. Me and my wife do not go to the movie theaters more than 3 times a year. The last one was the SMURFS with the grand kids and even that is rare considering the cost to attend. Yet we watch them on TV through Netflix. Will I see 2016 probably so and hopefully soon.

      • Paul Wells

        Flashy…and yet not ONE of you idiots has been able to come up with any concrete verifiable facts to show that the movie’s facts are not true! FAIL!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Flashy and eddie47d, if the movie is tripe why are you so frenzied about it being viewed? By your stance on O if you were secure about him you wouldn’t concern yourself with the movie viewers. You are definitely scared “all ye beasts of the field and all ye beasts in the forest” that maybe you won’t be permitted to rob and pillage and devour through entitlement programs and the Law.

      • Flashy

        Nad…frenzied? LOL … nope, just pointing out with hilarity the tripe that’s passed off to TPers as ‘fact”. Then commenting on the usual garbage spewed by those that hold to the TP trilogy of Fear, Hate, and Ignorance…

        I’ve come to the conclusion long ago most of the TP adherents have the general mental swiftness akin to a herd of turtles wading through peanut butter and are being easily led and controlled by those that are their Masters.. Take you for example….i doubt you have had an original thought in years…

      • DaveH

        As usual, Flashman, being the Liberal Progressive that he is without logic or experiential evidence to back up his claims, must instead resort to manipulative personal attacks. What a child.

      • eddie47d

        Now the professional movie goer and name caller Dave H. stick his finger in his main orifice to impress his other senses.

    • Ricksmom

      It’s not the far left so-called educated liberals that are so frightening as they can be outnumbered. The real problem is the masses of uneducated, die-hard liberals that close their eyes and ears to anything that is not pro-Obama, steadfastly believing that ‘he is one of them and on their side’. They cannot acknowledge that he is stealing from them all ambition, their moral compass, dignity and self respect.

      Obama never grew up in poverty, he never lived among blacks or the poor. When he took his job in Chicago as a Community Organizer he would not live among them but drove 90 miles a day and lived in an exclusive neighborhood. This flies in the face of Michelle’s rant about how poor they were and how Obama picked her up in a clunker with holes in the bottom where she could see the pavement.

      Obama surely has the gift of gab, he has an agenda to destroy America and a gullible public that prefer empty promises and lies to achieve his own agenda: destroy America and the American dream. It’s sad that he is now sucking Latin Americans into this evil scheme.

      • Paul Wells

        Well said, Ricksmom. I agree with you 100%. The ONLY high marks I will give Obama is he is the slickest snake oil salesman I believe I have ever seen, and he is a master at deceiving the drooling so called educated masses that see him as some sort of messiah.

        While I am on the subject of “messiahs”….I have a theory about Democrats (not all of them, but a good number) that have largely foregone belief in Jesus and God. What they have replaced their religious beliefs with, is politics. Now..if you have read much of the Bible, it’s pretty clear what happens when you forsake Christ. Whereas before your eyes might have been opened to the truth, you can no longer find truth. That’s the only possible explanation I have for the mass deception of the Obama-ites. They refuse to see, hear, or know the truth. They are wallowing in self induced ignorance of God’s law, and what is right and just. Now, I know I’ll be attacked as a Bible thumper, that’s okay, it’s not about me. It’s about serving Jesus Christ, the redeemer of humanity, and the one indisputable bearer of God’s Truth!

      • Flashy

        So Paul…are you saying f i joined a christian sect you’d have the opinion I’d be “turned’ to the insanity aka TP philosophy? Hmmm…which one should i join? I’d hate to join up with the incorrect one and have a christian belief basis that wasn’t approved.

      • deerinwater

        Quote;” The real problem is the masses of uneducated, die-hard liberals that close their eyes and ears to anything that is not pro-Obama, steadfastly believing that ‘he is one of them and on their side’.”

        True perhaps ~ but like the little boy that cried “Wolf!” you have been tuned out by your own doing. This unrelenting consorting attack against Obama started January 20th 2009 before he actually had done anything and it hasn’t let up since but gotten more vile and ferrous with the passing of time.

        Now if you wish to make claims what constitutes an education allow me to remind you that it was John McCain’s elected to lose ~ and he did! John had poor handlers, was ill advised, was disconnected from the average American and believed that the condition of the nations economy was fundamentally sound as late as early October of 2008. That his campaign slogan was “Nation First” to a nation that had used up their saving, and max out their credit, was bury their sons and daughters from a war to nowhere that he wanted to fight and occupy for the next 20 years, as the american voters was losing their jobs at 2.6 million for the year of 08 , the highest job lost in 60 year and you wonder why UNEDUCATED people voted for Obama?

        We didn’t approve of Mc Same’s message, his posture or his capricious VP selection leaving us with only one other choice. How’s that for a recap on the finer points of an education?

      • JC

        Flashy says:
        September 21, 2012 at 9:31 am
        So Paul…are you saying f i joined a christian sect you’d have the opinion I’d be “turned’ to the insanity aka TP philosophy? Hmmm…which one should i join? I’d hate to join up with the incorrect one and have a christian belief basis that wasn’t approved.

        Wow! That is some seriously twisted crap.
        What color is the sky on your planet anyway?

      • Mary

        By the time Obama was a Community organizer, he had already graduated from Harvard Law School and was a Lawyer. His wife did also. I really don’t know any lawyers who live in poverty, do YOU? Believe it or not, lots of folks go long distances to work. There are folks driving into DC from Richmond, VA and some from WV also driving into DC. It is not unheard of. He was poor going to college and had loans to show for it. He said he and his wife had just finished paying them off about 10 yrs ago. If he had been wealthy, he would not have had to do all that. If the Repubs could not frighten their followers, they would not have any. Please tell me what proof any of you have that Obama as done anything so devious he warrants this kind of hate? I do not mean hearsay, I mean proof. I hear this BS all the time from the right, but done of it is proven.

        • HH

          (Please tell me what proof any of you have that Obama as done anything so devious he warrants this kind of hate? I do not mean hearsay, I mean proof.)

          Problem is Mary, you’ve been shown the truth and you still don’t believe it! Many folks who’s minds aren’t clammed up like your mind is have seen the truth in the video. You need to get a grip or you will get to see the country Obama wants this to be! He has NOT been lying, he really does want to “CHANGE” our country and with blind puppets like you he has a chance! God help us that doesn’t happen!!! I’m not saying our country doesn’t need change, it does! But NOT to a socialist 3rd world country!!!

    • nc

      LYLE, as an adult, give us your idea of what george w. bush was ‘trying’ to turn us into and his success at it. We are the number one nation in the world and as I sit here at my computer I see no federal troops at my door or in town or in my state that have been reported to be arresting citizens to trun us into some kind of “police state”< Do you see that?? REALLY????
      I remember , as a child, being afraid of the dark because of 'STORIES" I had been told until I spent a night in a tent IN MY BACK YARD! I saw every evil thing imaginable that night but the sun came up the next morning!! Don't let fears YOU ARE TOLD BY OTHERS control your life! They may be more paranoid than you or have a "paid for" agenda!

      Our President inherited a mess like FDR inherited a mess! If you don't believe it ask Paul Ryan! Now look at the stock market figures TODAY and the job losses per month TODAY since Obama took over in an economy that was ALREADY reflecting a very weak performance by both! HOW EASY IS IT FOR OBAMA TO PUT PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR JOBS UNDER bush BACK TO WORK WHEN THE PLACES THEY WORKED HAVE GONE OUT OF BUSINESS AND THE OTHERS HAD STOPPED HIRING??
      The present Democrat is slowly adding jobs and the last Republicans was rapidly losing them! See a difference??

      • HH

        nc says, (We are the number one nation in the world and as I sit here at my computer I see no federal troops at my door or in town or in my state that have been reported to be arresting citizens to trun us into some kind of “police state”< Do you see that?? REALLY????)

        nc, If you DID see this going on NOW would you vote for Obama?

      • DaveH

        Actually, the “mess” that FDR inherited was created primarily by the Federal Reserve, but secondarily by a Progressive Republican — Herbert Hoover. And FDR continued and exacerbated the “mess”.
        Read this to learn who FDR really was:

  • Dave Fiorini

    I agree, the movie was an eye opener for anyone on the fence. The kool-aid drinkers will think it is a fiction movie of course.
    Many of the people leaving the theater were shaking there heads wondering how this guy ever was elected in the first place.
    Thank the left wing press for that. Not vetting this guy in 2008 snuck him in.
    Fool us once shame on him, fool us twice shame on us……………..ALL OF US.

  • KG

    What a load of crap!

    This movie is nothing more than right-wing nazi religious right propaganda. Shocking! It’s all funded and produced by a bunch of Regan worshipers. Anyone who watches this flotsam and adds an ounce of legitimacy to it deserves the wrath of those who have that scourge known as a brain.
    If you want to be entertained, that’s fine – just remember it’s ENTERTAINMENT.
    Remember, our country has been going downhill since Regan.

    • Paul Wells

      You are a complete moron, totally without any original thinking whatsoever! Total FAIL!

      • djm123

        Paul you are a bible humper !! yes spelled that correctly. Talk about not having an open mind you a one sided sheeple. you hillbilly that can spell !!

      • Paul Wells

        What’s a matter djm123, did your camel kick you this morning when you approached from behind? You already show your true lack of tolerance, and from what I can see, it’s directed at the Bible and those who believe. I’d be very very afraid, if I were you. Forever is an awful long time!

      • JimboJ

        Paul, you are a complete moron, totally without any original thinking whatsoever! Total FAILURE!

    • Butch

      Load of crap is what the Fraud-in-Chief has been spoon feeding you, traitor to your nation. Instead getting on yr stump and spouting lies and hate as you always do, cite SPECIFICALLY what is not true. Good luck w/ that.

      • KG

        The bust of Churchill is still in the White house. Dsousa lied about that. As well as saying that Mr. Obama is raising the national debt “on purpose”. Most of the debt we have now was incurred during the Bush administration – two wars, Unfunded drug program etc etc.

        If you believe all of the outrageous claims in this movie, I’ve got a bridge for sale.

        • JimboJ

          My bridge is for sale, too.

        • Wayne Leach

          For the facts comparing the debt accumulation between Bush II & Obama, see this:

          • Gea

            Barak Hussein Obama is working hard with CAIR and OIC to subvert US Constitution under the disguise of “respect for Islam”, which in fact it hiding that Mohamed was a pedophile, rapist, polygamist and murderer, just as that movie showed (this is from Muslims sources). Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to Nazi ideology, including delusional Jew and Americans hatred, and it is incompatible with the US Constitution. Rather then REFORMING Islam to make it compatible, Hussein Obama and his Muslim Brothers are trying to subvert US Constitution First Amandment (Freedom of speech) to cover up how vile Islam itself really is.

            Hussein Obama had betrayed American values and American diplomats and ihe is further endangering lives of non-Muslims all over the world, by grovelling and apologizing to Muslim barbarians who had murdered US Ambassador, because Obama administration sold them out to Muslim Brotherhood. Shame on Obama and shame on Americans for tolerating this treasonous man in the White House. Obama should resign and/or impeached for destroying American and Western civilization.

          • JimboJ


            Could the high percentage of the deficit when compared to the GDP be because the GDP is down and expenses are up because of the recession that started during the Bush era? If you need a clue, the answer to that question is YES.

            Look at for the facts. You will see that the HUGE moves in the deficit when compared to the GDP were under Republican presidents beginning with the patron saint of conservatives, Ronald Reagan.

            Furthermore, since 1970 the national debt rose over $15.5 trillion. Of that amount, over $9.5 trillion came during years that we had a Republican president and less than $6 trillion under Democrat presidents. That information is from the US Treasury website at

            Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

          • HH

            Here we go again, playing the blame game! It’s ALL their faults JimboJ! Not just republicans but democrats too! There ALL to blame!!! It’s NOT just one side doing it!!!

          • JimboJ

            Ain’t no “blame game” as you suggest, it’s an absolute fact. One I can tell that you don’t like; nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that the Republicans are to blame for over 50% more of the debt than the Democrats since 1970. I don’t like it either, but that’s a fact.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            Doesn’t anybody ever seem to remember, that being attacked on 9/11, had a lot to do with the chilling of our economy, too?

            Sure, it is the popular thing to blame Bush for everything under the sun including sunspot activity, but the reality is different.

            The economy always has its ebbs and flows… ALWAYS… no boom economy can sustain itself indefinitely… at some point, everybody has most of the stuff they need/want.

            I will go a little bit far to stay that the economy had already begun a downturn by the time Bush #2 came into office, which I believe, had already started under Clinton, but we don’t go blaming Clinton for it. It would be unreasonable.

            Clinton takes a lot of credit for the economy he ended with, while conveniently leaving out the Republican houses (there is no “senate” anymore) who also played their part.

            What Clinton does get credit for, was choosing to work with them in some measure, instead of the full shut-out we have now.

            But, back to Bush #2.

            I was a cab driver at the time. Business was good, I hardly ever sat waiting for a run, except before 4-5a… after the 9/11 attacks, that changed dramatically.

            Having several days a week where I lost money, became the norm. People tightened up a lot, and we were left with too many drivers on the road for the amount of business that remained.

            Bush #2 may not have helped matters, and probably would have still had a clear economic downturn to deal with, but the attacks was a full body-blow, knocking down the economy even further.

            At the time, it wasn’t policies that drove that body-blow, it was us. ALL of us. Every single one of us who saw the attacks, watched them unfold on the screen, and tightened all of our belts, expecting that this could be just the beginning of a much larger problem, and we were thinking more about stocking up and preparing for a longer haul than we did about having fun.

            I don’t like Bush #2 much (or #1 for that matter), but he doesn’t get nearly all of the blame that people like to pile onto him. (conspiracy theorists, aside)

            His response towards Afghanistan? Was correct, and proper, and if we had to accumulate more debt in the process, then so be it. This wasn’t day-to-day administration, this was wartime, and in wartime, priorities shift. (won’t get into Iraq, I still don’t get why we did that, but that’s ok, it all ends up being part of the bigger picture)

            That action, unlike so many other things our Feds spend money on, was something that the Fed gov’t is actually SUPPOSED to do. That is a part of their actual purpose. It is the Fed gov’t’s reason for being. So, I find it so hard to get worked up over a few hundred billion of debt during that time, since they were actually doing their job for a change.

            Post-Bush tho, is another matter entirely. We had more or less levelled off, economically. We were still in a good position to bounce back, and things were just starting to get back to normal, and then the Democrats changed everything, and threw our economy and financial future into utter chaos.

            It has been four years now. They had plenty of time to continue to improve things if they chose to. They didn’t, and like every presidency before Obama’s, this is now his baby, not Bush’s.

            It is long Long LONG overdue for the Democrats to stand up and take responsibility for their own mess now. It doesn’t belong to Bush anymore, and hasn’t, for 4 years.

            But, no… they’re still pointing fingers… as if we’re stupid… and they’re spoiled little children who need to be taught a few lessons in responsibility and consequences for their actions.

            For that matter, the Republicans, are just like them, and they need lessons too.

            They’re both, just little children in the back seat, “quit touching me!” “he pulled my hair!” etc etc… the rest area is coming up in about a mile… seems like a good time to pull over, and start giving out some spankings.

            – Smoov

          • HH

            (….the attacks was a full body-blow, knocking down the economy even further.)

            Starting up the Department of Homeland Security under the Bush admin. did’t help the economy either, how many billions has that cost us so far?

          • Smoovious Laxness

            Well, we’d have to take into account the costs we were spending on the other agencies that were merged into it as well to come up with an accurate additional cost, which I don’t have. I have less objections to the costs incurred tho, right now, when compared to the activities they are employing, particularly when it comes to the domestic side of things.

            Folding FEMA into it on top of it was a disaster. They should naturally work hand-in-hand, but FEMA, I think, was more nimble when it was its own separate entity, before it became a cog into a larger, more sluggish, bureaucracy. You also have a clash of priorities involved too.

            I think the NSA also overlaps too much with other agencies too. Do we really need that much overlap?

            I could see folding several agencies into the NSA, making sense, including the border patrol, as they are pretty much our front line forces on our borders, but even then, you’d still have a clash of priorities.

            I just keep seeing more and more evidence of myopic thinking coming from our elected representatives, and we don’t seem to require better from our candidates anymore.

            It is all just one big hodge-podge of a mess, and we as a society, are being pretty stupid, in thinking that we can solve those problems, by continuing to keep those parties in power, who are responsible for creating, and maintaining, that mess, in the first place.

            – Smoov

          • HH

            (…….and we as a society, are being pretty stupid, in thinking that we can solve those problems, by continuing to keep those parties in power, who are responsible for creating, and maintaining, that mess, in the first place. — Smoov)

            Can’t find an argument in that statement Smoov!

          • JimboJ

            Smoovious Laxness,

            Much of what you said is true, but I disagree with you on a few points. First, the history of US GDP shows that the traditional definition of recession – two straight quarters of GDP decline – was never met during the Clinton presidency. Unemployment was 4.2% and had been under 5% for over three years when Clinton left office.

            Second, your claim that the economy was “in a good position to bounce back, and things were just starting to get back to normal” when Obama took office doesn’t fly. Unemployment had gone up during the Bush administration from as low as 4.4% in 2007 to 7.8% when Obama was inaugurated. The rate had increased or stayed the same in ten consecutive months during Bush’s last year. In the fourth quarter of 2008, the GDP dropped 8.9%, the second biggest drop in a single quarter since 1947. Those numbers don’t back up your assertion.

            Third, you said Clinton should get credit for working with the House. It’s exactly the other way around – the House should get credited for working with the president. The problem today is that the Republicans in the House refuse to work with Obama in order to attain their stated goal of making him a one term president. That is the single biggest reason for the economy’s failing to get better.

            There may be another thing or two that you wrote that I disagree with a little, but those are glaring errors that I disagree with a lot and just couldn’t ignore.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            I don’t believe I made the claim of a recession under Clinton… just that there was a downturn.

            And yes, Clinton did choose to work with the houses, and not the other way around…

            AND… your assertion that it is the Republicans who are refusing to work with Obama, and not Obama refusing to work with the Republicans, is just laughable.

            The Republicans have passed several measures that Obama won’t even come to the table for, and Reid for that matter.

            How can a serious effort be made for them to work together, when Obama won’t even offer a serious budget that his own party will even vote for, and there has been no budget passed, to begin working together over, for his entire administration?

            We may be able to have argument over some other points, but that assertion of the Republicans not working with Obama, isn’t even a door-opener argument.

            Thank you for playing, please try again later.

            – Smoov

          • JimboJ

            Whoa Smoovious,

            I was beginning to think that you had half a brain, but you backslid on me.

            How many times have you heard Obama say that his goal was to make this a one term Congress? How many proposals has Obama sent to Congress that the Speaker of the House wouldn’t even bring up for debate, let alone a vote? How many bills that Congress passed has Obama vetoed?

            Obama sent a 2012 budget proposal to Congress that had a deficit of $1.101 trillion. Congress proposed a budget with a deficit of $1.327 trillion. What, you say? This Congress that preaches about lowering the deficit actually proposed a budget with an even bigger deficit than the devil Obama’s? It’s a fact.

            Smoov, you need to do whatever you haven’t been doing to get the straight story. Watching Hannity and Beck, listening to Limbaugh and Gallagher and reading Malkin’s and Krauthammer’s columns in what they call the “liberal press” ain’t gonna git ya no smarter, Smoovy. You need to listen and learn from JimboJ.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            sorry, I can’t comment right now… I’m too busy laughing…

          • Wayne Leach

            JimboJ: #1: I don’t smoke or drink Kool Aid. #2: Under Bush (8 yrs.) the deficit was 3.2 % of GDP, but under your hero Obama, it rose to 8.3%. Bush had a Democrat Congress during much of the time before the “bubble burst” that was created by allowing banks to loan to people that could not afford to repay their mortgages, plus the bundling and resale of these mortgages to gamble with. Expenses are up because the Reid-controlled Senate won’t allow budget cuts to even be brought to a vote. Believe me, I am no fan of either Bush 41 or 43, or most of the congressional Republicans. They are big spenders, too.
            By the way, how many Republican & Democrat presidents have we had since Reagan took office? Answer: GOP 3, Dem’s 2; and the number of years adds up to 20 GOP, 12 Dem’s. Presidents don’t spend the money, Congress does, beginning in the House – if a President can even propose a budget for them to work with.
            During Bush’s 2 terms, the national debt increased about $5 trillion; during Obama’s 1 term, it increased more than $5 trillion. In my way of calculating it, that is just about double the speed of the Bush (2) years.
            Put that in your bong and smoke it.

          • JimboJ


            #1: I don’t smoke either, and I don’t drink the Kool Aid of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Limbaugh, Gallagher, Hannity, O’Reilley or anyone else.

            #2: Obama is far from being my hero. I’m not an Obama fan, but I am a fan of the truth. Truth is derived from facts, not from talk radio, Fox News or right wingnut blogs like this one.

            #3: The chart you refer to has absolutely no figures to back up its claim. Until I am able to examine the method used to make the calculations, I refuse to take them as factual. To calculate the percentages requires a table of both the debt and the GDP on a quarterly basis because the government’s fiscal year and the calendar year aren’t the same. I know where to find tables for both, but the one for the debt breaks it down fiscally while the one for the GDP is by the calendar year. If you can provide the data to confirm the calculation, I will be more than happy to examine it.

            Another thing that you have to remember is that percentages don’t tell the whole truth. I can remember when I was in grade school, a teacher proved that with a simple explanation. She said that in Russia at the beginning of the year, there were 100 televisions. In the US, there were 1,000. During the next year, 100 more Russians and the same number of Americans got televisions. The Russian newspaper carried a story the next day, “Russia doubles the number of televisions in the country, and the US only increased their ownership by 10%.” Ya’ git it?

            #4: The argument that the Congress was the same or different party from the president isn’t valid because the president has the last word on any legislation unless Congress overrides his veto. In eight years, Bush only vetoed eleven bills, and just four were overridden.

            #5: Obama sent a budget to Congress last year that had a deficit of $1.101 trillion. When the Congressional Budget Committee finished with it, the deficit was $1.327 trillion.

            #6: It appears that you have no idea how the budget process works because you are wrong when you say, “Presidents don’t spend the money, Congress does.” The budget begins and ends on the president’s desk. Study up on the budget process for your homework assignment.

            #7: You are wrong about Bush, and you are wrong about Obama. In Bush’s eight budget years, the debt increased $6,102,365,591,311.64. During Obama’s three years (I say three because the 2013 budget will begin on October 1, 2012 and won’t end until September 30, 2013) the debt has gone up $4,135,849,689,218.90. That number is accurate up to September 13.

            What is more significant than the total debt increase is the fact that despite the poor situation that Bush left him, Obama’s deficit has never been as large as Bush’s was in his final year.

            #8: I wish I had something to put in my bong, but I don’t. In fact, I don’t have a bong either. I never did like those things. Though, doesn’t it seem that when everyone walked around stoned and mellowed out, the country was a much better place to live?

            #9: It’s late in SC, and it’s time for me to take a shower and go to bed. Good night, y’all. I may waste more time tomorrow trying to open all ya’ll’s eyes, but I may find something else to do that isn’t such an impossibility – like trying to figure out how my wife thinks.

            Y’all, have a good right wingnut day tomorrow listening to Rush, so y’all know what to think on Tuesday. Suckers!

      • DaveH

        KG says — “Most of the debt we have now was incurred during the Bush administration”.
        The facts:
        National Debt when Bush took office — $5.77 Trillion.
        National Debt when Obama took office — $10.60 Trillion.
        National Debt currently — $16.00 Trillion.
        Total Debt accumulation under Bush in 8 years — $4.83 Trillion.
        Total Debt accumulation under Obama in less than 4 years — $5.4 Trillion.
        Debt accumulation under Bush each year — $.6 Trillion.
        Debt accumulation under Obama each year — $1.35 Trillion+.
        Obama has grown the National Debt at more than twice the yearly rate as Bush did.

        So KG is either ignorant or just plain lying. Typical for Liberal Progressives.

        • HH

          (So KG is either ignorant or just plain lying. Typical for Liberal Progressives.)

          DaveH, whether KG is ignorant or not just look at the figures he/she posted………….

          KG said, (Paraphrased) “Over the last 15 years republicans raised the debt 9.6 trillion, democrats only raised it 6 trillion.”

          Get real KG, BOTH parties RAISED national debt, NEITHER party LOWERED IT!!! So who’s worse? Dem’s for only 6 trillion of our debt??? They are BOTH bad!!!

          • JimboJ


            Don’t you understand? Yeah, both party’s records are bad, but the Republicans, the party that claims to be fiscally conservative, was the worse by a HUGE margin. Who are the hypocrites?

          • HH

            (Who are the hypocrites?)

            I’m not defending either one of them! I’m not standing up for either one of them either!

          • JimboJ

            That ain’t the answer. It”s the Republicans who are the hypocrites for laying the blame on the Democrats and Obama for the monstrous debt while they are responsible for nearly two-thirds of it. It is the same as your wife blaming the six pack of beer that you buy each week for causing you to be broke when she gets a new wardrobe every payday.

          • HH

            (That ain’t the answer. It”s the Republicans who are the hypocrites for laying the blame on the Democrats and Obama for the monstrous debt while they are responsible for nearly two-thirds of it. It is the same as your wife blaming the six pack of beer that you buy each week for causing you to be broke when she gets a new wardrobe every payday.)

            Excuse me but aren’t the dem’s blaming it all on Bush?

            Sorry your analogy doesn’t work, I don’t buy beer and my wife doesn’t by a new wardrobe every pay day. My wife and I BOTH have private sector jobs and we have to sit and watch our public servants (Obama + others) wast our money buying the beer and a new wardrobe every payday!

          • JimboJ

            The Democrats have it right. It’s the Republican policies implemented by Reagan and Bush that are responsible for our financial woes today. Read my previous posts with real numbers pertaining to unemployment and the GDP, and if you come to any other conclusion, you AREN’T smarter than a fifth grader.

          • HH

            (Read my previous posts with real numbers pertaining to unemployment and the GDP, and if you come to any other conclusion, you AREN’T smarter than a fifth grader.)

            I’ve read your post Jimba, I think you’re misinformed. Never said I was smarter than a 5th grader, shoot, if I could get 2nd grade questions right I’d be happy!!!

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > Who are the hypocrites?


            We have a lot to complain about with the Democrats, certainly, but it is the Republicans that actually get most of my ire.

            The Democrats aren’t pretending to be something they’re not. They’re doing what we expect of them, and have expected of them for a long time now. Progressive influence or not, they were always about bigger government and micro-managing the country. They’re just being true to their goals.

            The Republicans are more deserving of our ire, as they haven’t been following through on what they claim to be their ideals for a VERY long time now.

            The Democrats are being true to their nature.
            The Republicans only pay lip-service to what they want us to believe is their nature.

            So, yeah… which is more deserving of our scorn? Which party is betraying us more?

            Seems pretty obvious to me.

            – Smoov

          • HH

            I’ll just leave it with this, the democratic party of today is nothing like the democratic party of yesterday…………. for the most part it’s slid completely to the left with no intentions of returning.

          • JimboJ

            The Democrats haven’t slid as far left as the Republicans have to the right. Tea Teabaggers have made that party more radical than any other time in history.

          • HH

            The TEA party spun off of the republican party but they ARE NOT a part of the republican party! They are a completely different party now apart from the rep’s.

          • JimboJ


            Who do you think you are kidding? The Teabaggers are extreme right wingnuts that are financed by extreme right wingnut Republicans including Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, which has received millions from Koch family foundations. You can’t deny Armey’s and the Koch family’s political partisanship.

            Now what ignorance will spew from your mouth next?

          • Smoovious Laxness

            But they were always pulling to the left.

            The Democrats are all about going to the left.

            The Democrats of yesteryear may have not been as far left as they are now, but they always were to the left, were always trying to go further to the left, and today, they are further to the left, and continue to keep trying to go further left.

            This is no surprise. The Democrats are being Democrats, even if the faces and specific policies of the day have changed, their core purpose is still operating as before. The Progressives have certainly had their influence, guiding them along certain paths, but even so, it is still leftward.

            The Republicans are supposedly, not about going to the left, but to the left they keep on going, right along with the Democrats, like the Democrats’ shadow, offering counterpoint to the Democrats’ melody.

            The Republicans are not at all serious about embracing what they claim to be about, smaller government, personal responsibility, etc, as evidenced by how often, they never ever repeal policies they proclaim unjust and unamerican, how they always compromise with the Democrats about taxes and spending, remembering about raising the taxes, forgetting about the spending.

            They are lying to us more than the Democrats are.

            When they treat politicians who actually are serious about limiting government and cutting spending, I would expect the Republicans to rally around them enthusiastically as that is what the Republicans are supposed to be about, but they don’t. They shun them, blackball them, force them out, corrupt the system to deny them their rightful representation they have earned, according to their own rules.

            The Republicans, are not being Republicans. Their core purpose has been relegated to sound bites and lip service only with no serious effort to carry it out. The Progressives have certainly had their influence with the Republican party too, also guiding them along certain other paths, choreographed along with the paths the Democrats are taking, to give us the illusion of divided government, but none of the reality of it, and as a result, the Republicans continue to move leftward just as much as the Democrats are.

            This is the betrayal, and why I am so much harsher with the Republicans than the Democrats. The Democrats are being Democrats. The Republicans are being Other-Democrats.

            This is leaving a big void, that demands to be filled, and the Libertarian party is rising to take that space, similarly to the time when the Republicans ascended to fill the space the Whigs used to hold.

            The Libertarians have a much more difficult time tho. The Democrats and Republicans have legislation in place to make their own existence much easier, while any other party, has to play by a different set of rules all together.

            If there was a talented lawyer out there somewhere, surely something could be done about this through the courts under the equal protection portions of The Constitution, but that is beyond my knowledge, and will have to leave that to others more knowledgeable in that area.

            – Smoov

          • HH

            (………..and why I am so much harsher with the Republicans than the Democrats. The Democrats are being Democrats. The Republicans are being Other-Democrats.)

            Can’t argue that Smoov!

        • JimboJ


          Any simpleton can understand why the debt has risen more under Obama than under Bush. Bush was awarded the presidency during the best economic period in our lifetime. He didn’t take office during the worst recession in the country’s history like Obama did.

          The fact is that in Bush’s last year, the debt went up $1.8 trillion. The most it has risen during Obama’s term is $1.6 trillion, and that was in his first year. The deficit increased in six of Bush’s eight years. Obama has brought it down twice.

          • HH

            (The most it has risen during Obama’s term is $1.6 trillion, and that was in his first year.)

            AND Obamacare hasn’t kicked in yet! Just thing of how much higher it will go when that cash cow get’s fully engaged!!!

          • JimboJ


            We won’t know if Obamacare will raise the debt or not until it is implemented. If it does, you can say, “I told you so,” but until then, you are blowing smoke.

          • HH

            (We won’t know if Obamacare will raise the debt or not until it is implemented.)

            I don’t see it “lowering” the debt Jimbo! What was it Nancy Pelosi said? “We need to pass this just to find out what’s in it!”???? She’s and idiot! Of course the rest of our representatives who voted for it with out reading it are idiots too!

          • JimboJ


            Yep, Pelosi is an idiot, but that doesn’t make your crystal ball work. We don’t know whether Obamacare will save the government money or not until it’s fully implemented..

            Anyone who doesn’t believe that healthcare needs to be reformed in this country isn’t hitting on all cylinders. That industry is bankrupting America much more quickly than any Obama policy will. Doctors, hospitals, drug companies and most others in the healthcare industry are money-grubbing leeches.

          • HH

            I don’t have a crystal ball Jimbo, health care needs to be reformed I just don’t believe Obama care is the answer. My wife is in the health care profession so I understand where it is. It’s broken!!!

      • DaveH

        JimboJ says — “The fact is that in Bush’s last year, the debt went up $1.8 trillion. The most it has risen during Obama’s term is $1.6 trillion, and that was in his first year. The deficit increased in six of Bush’s eight years. Obama has brought it down twice”.
        According to the Treasury:
        On January 30, 2008, the National Debt was $9.20 Trillion Dollars.
        On January 30, 2009, the National Debt was $10.63 Trillion Dollars.
        For an increase of $1.43 Trillion Dollars in Bush’s last year.
        On January 30, 2010, the National Debt was $12.28 Trillion Dollars.
        For an increase of $1.65 Trillion in Obama’s first year.

        So where do you get your figures from, JimboJ?

        • JimboJ

          Davey me lad, you used to right source, your numbers are likely correct, but you must not understand when the government’s fiscal year begins and ends. Sorry about that!

          The last Bush budget began on October 1, 2008 and ended September 30, 2009. Get it? Okay, now that you got that straight, let’s examine the right numbers.

          At the end of the 2008 fiscal year, the debt was $10,024,724,896,912.40. See that?
          At the end of the 2009 fiscal year, the debt was $11,909,829,003,511.70. Bush’s deficit therefore increased the debt by $1,885,104,106,599.30. Is the math right?

          At the end of the 2010 fiscal year, which was Obama’s first budget year, the debt was $13,561,623,030,891.70. The difference, the Bush final year deficit, is $1,651,794,027,380.00.

          Gosh, that’s even more than Obama’s 2012 enacted budget deficit of $1.327 trillion. Why all the fuss now when there wasn’t any fussing about Bush’s deficits? It wouldn’t be partisanship, would it?

          If that isn’t over your head and you get it, Davey boy, then concede that you and the right wingnuts who do your thinking for you are wrong about Obama’s debt.

          The ball is in your court, but methinks me scored with an ace after you double faulted.


          • Smoovious Laxness

            um… Obama doesn’t have any budget years…

            – Smoov

      • DaveH

        Don’t get me wrong, JimboJ. I think both Bush and Obama have been spending like drunken sailors. But that’s unfair to drunken sailors because they at least spend their own money.

    • Jody

      Well now, thanks to your Messiah, it’s in the express lane.

    • Vigilant

      Understand, folks, that KG’s screed comes from the same “brain” that produced the statement that communism is already in the Constitution via the terms “We the People” and “general welfare.”

      • momo

        Yeah Vig, KG is a real legal scholar!!!

      • KG

        in my opinion, i am the smartest person in the world. Just as in your world you are the smartest person in the world.

    • JC

      Thanks for your input KG. It serves as a reminder that Liberals have no real talking points and like to throw tantrums to get their way…just like the spoiled little children they are.
      Don’t forget to wear your helmet…it’s dangerous out there. ;-)

      • S.C.Murf

        Love it JC, my wife being a pre-school teacher (early childhood development ), maybe she could lend a hand in the training of how to put on a helmet correctly for KG.

        up the hill

    • Kay

      If the illegal usurper happens to be fraudulently elected again, I’ll hold you personally responsible for the downfall of a once awesome republic. I’m appalled at such ignorance in the 21st century. If you’re intelligent enough to show up and write a warped opinion on this site, then you should also be smart enough to see whats happening. There is no excuse for any American living in the greatest country on earth to be so hellbent on its destruction. Honestly, you should live in a dictator controlled country like N. Korea, Venezuela, China or elsewhere so you would truely understand the meaning of Barack Hussein Obama. Unbelievable!!

      • Steve E

        Many are just too lazy to learn anything if it takes an effort.

      • Flashy

        Kay…other than saying nothing…you’ve managed to say ….well …nothing. Mirroring the thoughts in your head maybe?

      • DaveH

        Don’t let him hurt your feelings, Kay. Flashman is just a useless administration shill who will try anything to disrupt good people from learning things.

    • Shelia

      I agree with you KG, this is one man’s opinion of Obama, and the more people he get to watch this movie, the more money he make, and the movie is not making any difference in the polls anyway . Obama/Biden 2012

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Shelia, did you realize your name is misspelled?? Oh my, with a start in life like that, no wonder you can’t think straight!!

      • JC

        One man’s opinion? Are you kidding? These are facts girl…FACTS!
        I challenge you to disprove any of it.

    • hipshotpercusion

      KG=Another useful idiot. Die horribly, fool!

    • Nobody’s Fool

      KG’s mind is like concrete–thoroughly mixed up and firmly set.

    • Realist

      Since Reagan? Since Arnold. A link to a quick history lesson.

      • KG

        Chuck Harder is a lying fool. Here’s proof. This is a list of at least three tankers sunk by German Uboats in WWII. So, it’s a “myth” that Standard Oil tankers were not sunk by the germans.

        Name J.A. Moffett, Jr.
        Type: Motor tanker
        Tonnage 9,788 tons
        Completed 1921 – Federal Shipbuilding Co, Kearny NJ
        Owner Standard Oil Co of New Jersey, New York
        Homeport Wilmington
        Date of attack 8 Jul 1942

        Name Esso Gettysburg
        Type: Turbine tanker (T-2)
        Tonnage 10,173 tons
        Completed 1942 – Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co, Chester PA
        Owner Standard Oil Co of New Jersey, New York
        Homeport Wilmington
        Date of attack 10 Jun 1943

        Name William Rockefeller
        Type: Steam tanker
        Tonnage 14,054 tons
        Completed 1921 – Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co, Newport News VA
        Owner Standard Oil Co of New Jersey, New York
        Homeport Wilmington
        Date of attack 28 Jun 1942

        Just because someone says something that you WANT to believe, it dosen’t make it true. I would question anything Mr. Chuck Harders says.

    • http://mine d:-)

      Did you even see it? I think not. Got proof of your claims? show them, with links/facts. until then, shut your hole, thank you.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      put your shoes on forward you ignorant…you communist bloodsucker!

      • eddie47d

        Is that more intelligent Conservative thinking Bob Peters? A few of you have your minds set in concrete too. LOL

  • Alex

    I finally have to ask you, Chip—are you a coke addict or a meth head, or what?
    You so often say, “Keep some powder dry.” What’s up with that?

    • Vigilant

      From Wikipedia:

      “Si vis pacem, para bellum is a Latin adage translated as, “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” (usually interpreted as meaning peace through strength—a strong society being less likely to be attacked by enemies). The adage was adapted from a statement found in Book 3 of Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus’s tract De Re Militari (4th- or 5th-century), although the idea it conveys is also present in earlier works, such as Plato’s Nomoi (Laws).”

      • Dorothy Danfelser

        Right on, Vigilant. thanks!

      • TML

        ‘Peace through strength’ is philosophy that is dangerously imperialist. Some would even call it a fallacy, or an oxymoron. The Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish- American War to World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the cold wars, and now the wars with the entire Middle East; spending to prop up the military industrial complex and ‘increase strength’ has brought us not one inch closer to peace.

        “a strong society being less likely to be attacked by enemies” – I think recent event have even shown this to be a completely failed policy

        Anytime I hear someone say ‘peace through strength’, I am reminded historically that all empires have held this philosophy. (And then I’m reminded of Star Wars 3 when Lord Sidious said, “once again the Sith will rule the world… and then we shall have peace”… LOL)

        Keeping [gun] power dry in no way keeps peace… it’s only a preparation for defense if required.

        • Gea

          Peace through SUBMISSION to Islam and Marxism is NOT peace at all, since it is based on lies. WE in US MUST defend ourselves from those liars who are trying to take over. The Muslim Brotherhood stated goal is to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from within and establish the only true religion of Islam to rule over others in America. Obama had helped them penetrate into the center of American power in the white house.

          Obama is the most skillful liar in the history of America, using black racism and white guilt as well as his toll stories of “justice” and peace to deceive and destroy America. He is totally un-American but is selling his Marxism and Islamism to moochers ,who think that the rest of 53% Americans will support their dysfunctional behaviors and making babies out of wedlock for ever. Obama should be tried for treason of American values and causing death of the American ambassador in Libya, If his administration did not prevent US marines to carry live munition in Arab countries, the US ambassador would be alive.

          Obama is not only a danger to American democracy but to the entire Western civilization which is under attack by Islam, a supremacist ideology that is incompatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Now Obama with his Islamists friends it trying to subvert First Amendment of US Constitution in order to prevent truth about Islamic ideology to be known.

      • Vigilant

        “a strong society being less likely to be attacked by enemies” – I think recent event have even shown this to be a completely failed policy.”

        And you, of course, can provide just ONE example of a weak society being less likely to be attacked by enemies?

      • TML

        Vigilant says, “And you, of course, can provide just ONE example of a weak society being less likely to be attacked by enemies?”

        Strong and weak are perceptual adjectives… one could define a society which is likely to be attacked as weak, and one that is not likely to be attacked as strong, but isn’t a rule… and really has nothing, necessarily, to do with military might… since we can see historically smaller forces defeating larger ones (i.e. Vietnam and Wu an Chu in ancient China)

        However, my statement was more to the point that recent uprising against the United States, and even 9/11, show that a strong society is not necessarily less likely to be attacked.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest ralph

      Alex, Ever hear of keeping your “Gun Powder Dry?”

      • JC

        Once again…Alex hasn’t a clue.
        You should try reading some American History Alex…or any book for that matter.

      • momo

        Alex thinks the powder Chip refers to is coke. You need to remember Alex’s frame of reference.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear ralph,

        Alex is a troll paid to come here and spout inane drivel in order to deflect and obfuscate.

        Best wishes,

    • Texas

      Alex, what Chip means is keep some dry powder for your gun, as wet powder will not fire the ball out of the gun. The way Obama is headed, we may all need some dry powder.

      • aggie

        Got mine!

    • sickAndTired

      gunpowder dumbass

    • hipshotpercusion

      It refers to Gun Powder, idiot!

    • HH

      I find it interesting that Alex floats completely past the context of the message and makes his comment on the signature!

      BTY, my powder is DRY!!!

      • HH

        That was a typo…….. BTW NOT BTY

  • Nancy Young

    We went to see this. Scarey! But of course it is being said that it is all lies.




    • deerinwater

      With a number #2 pencil , ~ it’s easy ~ Since Ron Paul is not being offered any support by these alleged “conservatives” that made much loud claims of their alleged convictions and loyalty to the cause, ~ I’m left disappointed with this display of loyalty you could maybe expect from a 20 dollar hooker.

      When it came time to stand up and be counted, they elected to turn around and bend over for the GOP machine, the same old bunch, Karl Rove and corporate friends.

      What choices am I left with? I don’t have anything in common with Mitt Romney other then his love for family and taste in women. He’s got a loving wife and fine family, why ignore them for such an awful job that makes one aged in double time.

      His family needs him more then America needs him. While with Ron Paul , it could have been his “Swan Song”, something that he had prepared years for ~ and he’d loved every minute of it. It would have been a great way to go out, by starting the change that everyone else refuses to address, not finding the courage or insight.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > Since Ron Paul is not being offered any support by
        > these alleged “conservatives” that made much loud
        > claims of their alleged convictions and loyalty to the
        > cause, ~ I’m left disappointed with this display of
        > loyalty you could maybe expect from a 20 dollar hooker.

        You’re imagining things if you thought that your cause was ever the same as ours. ABO wasn’t the least bit good enough for us. Obama isn’t the problem in our eyes, the rest of you Progressive Republicans, paying only lip-service to what you claim to stand for, are a much bigger part of the problem, too.

        Had the RNC acted honorably during the primary process, instead of breaking their own rules time and time again? Had Romney’s people not tried to trick the delegates into voting for invalid people? Maybe your party would still have the support of the Ron Paul supporters and many of the rest of us Libertarians.

        But, they didn’t.

        Time, and time again, they demonstrated that they are the same as the Progressive Democrats, just singing in a different key.

        Time and time again, they chose corruption, over playing by their own rules and letting the chips fall where they may. The more they did that, the more they showed us, that they are not worthy of our support, and are a big part of the overall threat.

        During the primary process, the RNC was a bigger threat than the Democrats were.

        Keep your blinders on and only see Obama if you wish, but we’re fighting a much bigger fight, and a more serious issue than arguing over which puppet is going to be in the white house.

        – Smoov

      • DaveH

        Smoov says — “Since Ron Paul is not being offered any support by
        > these alleged “conservatives” that made much loud
        > claims of their alleged convictions and loyalty to the
        > cause, ~ I’m left disappointed with this display of
        > loyalty you could maybe expect from a 20 dollar hooker”.

        And you know whether they supported Ron Paul, or NOT, how Smoov?

        • Smoovious Laxness

          I believe I already stated several of the things that demonstrated not only a lack of support, but active resistance.

          I’ll turn it around tho and ask you the harder question, to show how they did support him, since you don’t agree with my claim that they didn’t.

          – Smoov

  • katrn

    delusional horse hockey. big deal, obama doesn’t want the USA to control the world and bankrupt our economy. what’s wrong with that?

    • Paul Wells

      The fact that you honestly ask that question, shows me what’s wrong with America! Go ahead, move to a socialist country and see what that’s like. You have no clue!

    • Butch

      Whats wrong w/ bankrupting our economy???? Ask yrself that when yr standing in a bread line after the dollar crashes, sheeple idiot.

    • Vigilant

      katrn, you’re right. Obama “doesn’t want the USA to control the world,” he wants the world to control the USA.

    • eddie47d

      So Paul Wells is that your objective “for America to control the world”. You seem to be implying that. The only purpose of any country is to protect its borders and its own sovereignty. Colonialism,expansionism,militarism,interventionism are seldom noble causes yet you seem to be defending those concepts. That is like saying we have a right to have over a thousand military basis all over the world or we can start wars whenever we want for we have the power. It didn’t work for Russia,It didn’t work for Germany and it didn’t work for Britain. Katrn’s comment was rather clear yet you mocked her so maybe you are America’s problem and should move.

      • Paul Wells

        eddie47d, I have some rather complex ideas about America’s place in the world. I do not think we should be imperialists, and meddle in other countries affairs. However, the world has become a dangerous place. It behooves us to at least keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world, as it does ultimately affect us. I agree that we have been too aggressive in the past about stomping into foreign countries, and meddling about. But I also am smart enough to know isolationism is a dangerous road to go down. What I want is for America to remain a superpower, and Obama’s goal is to weaken us to the point that we’ll simply be a country at the table of the New World Government. We’ll lose our ability to govern ourselves, but instead will be governed by people at the NWO’s table. Is that REALLY what you want?

      • eric1968

        America does not now,nor ever has controlled the world.But,with our innovative thinking and the fact we are FREE here,many great thinkers have come from this country,and many inventions that have benefited all have come from a country that is merely a little over 200 years old.We have bases,yes,but you take away any thing more from America and guess what superpower is still left,China,you idiots.They have been very patient watching as one by one,the people and stupid politicians have ruined once great nations.We let Obama ruin America,start learning chinese.your gonna need to.If you look at history,it was right after the Civil War,when one politician was able to condemn an innocent person and get away with it,that beginning of the people’s control over government started coming to an end.After WWII,slowly,but surely,we let go of everything that up to that point,had made us a very strong nation.Did we get scared from what Hitler did?Scared one man could do that to even us,so we got too soft?I don’t know.But,I do know our flaf used to stand for freedom,freedom to be who ever you wanted to be.What was it Lincoln said..”a house divided cannot stand….”Why are we letting it happen again?if Obama thinks for one minute he can show that flag and then if he gets in,change a flag,he can forget about me ever pledging allegiance to it,but I will to stars and stripes.I have not seen this movie,but have seen what Obama has done.he is a good talker,that’s it!!!And before anyone comments,this post is talking about many different topics,but I use them for you to start looking at just when and how we allowed our nation to grow soft.To remain strong,any nation needs their military to be strong,as well as their economy.For loyal citizens,you must treat them fairly,or a revolution will happen.Anytime you decide to change what a nation stands for and work for it’s decline,you are asking for trouble,so if this idiot does get elected and America does indeed collapse,I will join the fight,as my forefather’s did in 1776,to restore us once again.I am proud to be an American,but can’t stand what ignorance has done to our once proud nation.

        • HH

          A little choppy in your oration there eric1968 but I got it and I’m with ya!!!

      • eddie47d

        You seem to be a patriotic fella Eric but you fall into the same historic reasoning that get so many other countries into trouble. We are not defended America if we are preemptively attacking other nations. We can have a strong national defense without poking around for new wars to fight. The Russians did that and the Romans did that and neither were happy with what they had. They wanted more and took over other countries to achieve their goals and they both eventually failed. Their strong offensive military became their albatross and their eventual demise as a super power. The Chinese are not obsessed with killing Muslims and the Muslims are not blowing up their office buildings.The Chinese are moving into the world through capitalism and we Americans have resorted to militarism. The change is clear and we aren’t the ones winning.

      • Frank

        To believe in the desire to have the ability to defend yourself or your country is a noble cause. It does not translate into MIGHT is RIGHT in the minds of moral people. To say we want to keep our country safe is in no way advocating colonialism in the world. Whether you believe or even realise it, your postings on this site indicate a vast hatred for MY country. You have the right to your own personal opinion but that does not give you the authority to condem us patriotic citizens as being some type of moronic sub-human waste. Your opinion (not supported by facts and rational logic) does not supercede my opinions (resulting from research and personal experience).

        I will not attempt to sway your opinion with facts because you dont give me the respect of providing me with facts that support your radical views. Instead you state things out of context and / or pull obscure incidents out of a greater set of circumstances to foster hatred of MY country.

        Has our government done bad and / or evil things in the past, YES. The fire bombing of Dresden Germany was a war crime but it does not negate the fact that we were forced into WWII by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Nor does it negate the fact that we were fighting against a man who had world conquest in his mind. The massacre on the killing road out of Kuait was a war crime. Did it negate our defense of Kuait from the invading army of Iraq, NO. The attempted occupation of Kuait by Iraq was unacceptable. Do these two war crimes make me angry, YES. Do they make MY country evil, NO.

        You might argue, as some others do here, that we should keep our noses out of the business of other countries. Well yes and no, we should not interfer with other countries in an effort to put our choice of government into power. We should also not be isolationist and allow evil acts perpetrated against other nations to go unanswered.

        So, Eddie, I dissagree with many things the government of MY country does. That however, does not make me hate MY country or its founding principles. It simply means that we must do everything in our power to eliminate our governments abuse of power.

        Do a reality check on your BELIEFS when it comes to Obama. He has not done what he promised. His economic ideas are laughable (in a morbid way) when it comes to restoring or even helping our situation. The movie, which you have not seen, “Obamas America 2016″ is based on Obama’s books. It is therefor based on FACTS in so much as Obama’s own book can be believed to be fact. Obama is a Muslim, this is concluded by his statement of “My Muslim faith” from a publicised interview with him. He used the Qua’ran to be sworn in as senator. He supports the nation of Islam against Israel. He has Muslim Brotherhood advisors. He has said that the U.S. is not a Christian nation. He is not a natural born American citizen. His grandmother said she was present at his birth in Kenya. His wife refered to Kenya as his home country. His biography for the sale of his book said he is Kenyan.

        Finaly, I have deliberately used the term MY country here, not in an attempt to claim sole ownership. I have used it in reference to you because your postings are so radical that the country you are speaking of is not the same as the one I live in.

        • HH

          Very very well said Frank, problem is eddie47dunce is a moron blinded by Obamahype! There is NO hope for him!!!

      • Deerinwater

        Quote; ” The fire bombing of Dresden Germany was a war crime but it does not negate the fact that we were forced into WWII by the attack on Pearl Harbor.”

        Hmm,? we was justified fire bombing a Germany civilian population because the Japanese bombed at US shipyard?

        Okay! I got it! ???? because they were pals???

        I think staying on message serve us better then personal attacks on Frank.

        I believe Eddie 47d makes a valid point. This excessive 5 to 1 US spending on the military in a place and time in history we don’t take slaves, carry off their women and take their gold and treasures just is not profitable anymore. Something needs to change!

        • Frank

          NO, Deerinwater, you did not get it because that is not what I said. I said that the firebombing of Dresdin was a war crime. I did not attempt to justify it because of the Japanese. I merely pointed out that the despicable act did not negate the fact that the war effort was justifiable. It is never justifiable to commit crimes against humanity just because you think you need to do it. Were the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshema war crimes, YES. If we really needed to demonstrate the power of the weapon to force surrender they could have been used on military targets, possibly on the Japanese naval fleet. Or even better just detonated a mile up in the atmosphere 100 miles off shore of Japan. The, now three, examples I have given of the abuse of power shows how poor decissions happen in governments no matter how good their intentions might be.

          As to military expenditures, I agree that we spend too much money on high tech weapons. Most of our weapons are not intended for defense but rather for offense. Multi-million dollar cruise missiles will never be valuable in defense other than a possible deterent to attack. However, reducing expenditures on our military needs to be done in a slow and reasonable manner. Simply cutting programs is not always the best solution.

          I mostly object to eddie’s posts because he uses extreme radical posturing to try and get a point across. If he would stop repeating his postulate that we are demonic in our attempts to rule the world it would help.

        • Frank

          PS. dont try to make me sound ignorant about japan and germany either. Hitler did not approve of nor was he happy that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor brought us into the war.

      • Steve


        I totally agree with the premises that we are in too many places around the world. I think we need to see it the way it is.
        Politically we have fallen into the web as a country. Because of our strength we are now acting as the world police. This is what we do for the UN and I am sure some of the people in the know have personal interests in play around the world. The one world movement is an aggregate of most of those people. Either wittingly or un-wittingly they go along. We have just been delegated to keep the balance in the world, sometimes it is just our presence that does that. And sometimes it is our bombs. No one like’s that.

        That said, history has proven that there will always be someone out there that is more aggressive and take power where they can. E need only to look to world was 2 as an example. Over all I think it must be a balanced thing that must be in place for our own well being..

        I do not agree with us funding the police department for the rest of the world. I also do not agree we should let them attack us on our shores and if they do we should hit without limits as hard and fast as possible. Where that balance is may be hard to define. 9-11 crossed the line for sure.

        Politically we are shills in a one world game; any little thing is an excuse to make a law and destroy us from within and takes our rights from us. Homeland security has proven that as well.

        For example, apparently with your support Bama has now put in place a health care law which will not do anything but take more of your freedoms and more of your money and decrease your levels of health care.

        It is interesting that he promised he would not increase taxes on anyone who is not making over 250k time and time again. Well he lied flat out. Everyone in this country will see a tax increase starting in 2013 as a result of this action. The Supreme Court verified it was a tax increase. Most democrats will think the Next president did that to us because it will take effect in the next term.

        My question to those die hard supporters of Bama is this. DID HE LIE TO YOU OR NOT? The answer is absolutely he did, and because he did, how now can you trust him? For sure you will not be better off because of this bill. And it is in fact all on the Democrats who controlled the Congress and Senate and Presidency at the time.

    • Ricksmom

      Typical of the Obama masses: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil of Obama.
      Let us all pray: Obama is great, Obama is good, let us thank the great Obama for our food. It is so pathetic how easily the ignorant are led to the slaughter.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Your question reveals your stupidity, you leftwing idiot. To quote you: “delusional horse hockey. big deal, obama doesn’t want the USA to control the world and bankrupt our economy. what’s wrong with that?” Too bad you can’t go live in one of those third world countries that oBlamer wishes to turn American into. You would change your mind on the spot, dummy. You will get your wish–oBlamer has taken America past the point of no return. He has doubled the national debt in just three years, and we no longer have the ability, especially with the new laws he has created, to overturn. Enjoy yourself. Vote for the foreigner and tell yourself it doesn’t matter if he bankrupts America. Just answer this: who will sign your welfare checks and issue your food stamps??

      • Shelia

        there you go again with the welfare and food stamps, go do a fact check to see who really get the food stamps and welfare, you are such a racist, oh and by the way my name is spelled correct, and yes you are somebody’s fool.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Shelia Nobody’s Fool can be very gullible and foolish himself. It’s the Banksters who in lock step with Wall Street crippled our economy . The Fool will never admit it though. He also won’t admit that those Conservative farmers in Red States are notorious for taking millions in welfare support their business. I’m not saying those farmers are right or wrong but the Fool can be delusional at times.

  • Alex

    “Fahrenheit 911″ didn’t derail Bush the Lesser’s occupation of the White House, and this movie from an idiot writer will not see the end of the Obama Administration.

    You can sit in the front row, bring all your friends, eat popcorn and candy and stomp your feet and even throw things at the screen—-won’t matter: Mitt Romney is toast…

    • Jody

      “Fahrenheit 911″ didn’t derail Bush”

      That’s because it was a Michael Moore movie. Not like it was credible.

      • deerinwater

        No, I guess not ~ but it didn’t do him a lot of good either. Before it’s over maybe the Rise & Fall of Mitt will make him a “star”.

      • JC

        Exactly right. Moore is a socialist opportunist who worked almost entirely on “spin”.

      • eddie47d

        Could it be that D’Sousa is a right wing star (opportunist) and laid out his own “spin”? Another way to look at this is that D’Sousa like some who make it out of poverty think that everyone else can make it too. Okay that is a fine concept but D’Sousa like so many on the right who have made it look down on those who haven’t and treat them like useless baggage. He seems to be saying that poor Indians like living in the India “ghetto’s” and are too lazy to work their way up. The very same attitude that the extreme right has on their fellow “baggage” err… Americans. Both Obama and D’Sousa have known poverty and have seen the misery of others and each have made it to the top. The difference is that Obama hasn’t forgotten his roots and works tirelessly to lift others up. He understands that it takes much effort to dig out of some holes whether from an individual perspective or a national perspective. All any person wants in life is to make it on their own and if they can’t they would appreciate a hand up so they don’t remain a burden. The key is to know when a person is benefiting from outside help and when he remains a burden (abusing his blessings). I believe the Democrats want to give too much help and the Republicans don’t want to give any at all. I believe Bill Clinton got that part right yet both Obama and Romney have work to do in truely giving Americans equal opportunity.

      • Sirian

        Isn’t it rather funny that Michael Moore is robustly set in his socialistic ideology but enjoys making his millions in a capitalistic society? Nevermind, his followers, the useful idiots can’t see the difference anyway.

      • deerinwater

        Well, one must remember that Michael Moore is a child and product of “The Motor City” and not be so doggone personal about describing him. ~ He could have been from a Wisconsin dairy farm community and imparted with the struggle of the dairy farmer and trust me ~ it’s no bed of roses either.

        We are all products of what we seen, done, heard and said, harboring notions of what is fair and what is not fair, of what is seen as good and what is bad.

        W and the Bush family have done well for themselves here in America and accepted title and lofty positions ~ this makes these office holder fair game just as you seem to enjoy kicking Obama around today.

        So what’s your beef with descent? What is it about the Bill of Right that you don’t approve of?

        Flaming is what you seem to take pleasure in ~ so what would you not expect to receive incoming fire?

        I don’t really know how much of Fahrenheit 9-11 was true or false, but some unflattering connections and relationships were exposed.

        Have any of you ever visited a Presidential Library? It’s an all day experience attempting to take one in. Lots to seen and read, ~ things ~ you would never know about otherwise.

        Being the president of the United States, they are showed with gifts and favors from leaders of nations, to leaders of industry , arts and crafts from all over the world, ~ you will see the finest of everything that this world has to offer on display.

        The Bush’s have done their share of gallivanting the globe.

    • Shelia

      LOL you are right Alex

  • macawma

    How can you say these things that are DOCUMENTED facts shown in the movie are lies? Still, the liberals continue to wear blinders when it comes to their messiah. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

    • deerinwater

      Because they are?

      • Vigilant

        Upon what basis do you make that question? Have you seen the movie?

      • JC

        Have you researched anything that you doubted?

      • deerinwater

        It was a rhetorical question. note the question mark? While I’m not convinced of any diabolical evil Obama plan to destroy the nation and turn it over to a bunch of goat abusers. Any “documentation” that supports so a claim is questionable and could not fair the naked light of day and something only a fearful borne again Christian bigoted zealot would swallow.

        It’s The anti-Christ ! It’s foretold ! It’s true! It’s true! Oh Dear! We are doomed! But Mitt can save us! We must vote for him!!!! ~ Too funny.

        Why not get real and vote your convictions instead of allowing the GOP to paint you in a corner and install yet another hand puppet that allows them to pillage and plunder the wealth of the nation and the world at their leisure with tax payer dollars and the blood of our young?

        Let these sandniqqers have their oil and learn to depend less on them and more on friendly nations and technology that the 21 Century offers. There is much to be done as we fade away from combustion to do our heavy lifting. Just as the draft animal was phased out over the course of 75 years so to shall be the controlled explosions of fossil fuels.

        We only need to get from here to there without selling the farm and hocking the family jewels and loose sight of our future.

      • JC

        Deerinwater, that was no answer at all..
        Since you say that it is questionable…have you researched any of your questions?
        Or are you happy enough with calling it questionable?

      • Deerinwater

        Well Sir, ~ put it this way, when I read something that reads like this ” “America has more because America has stolen this wealth from others,” Dinesh said Obama believes. “And America must now pay it back.” In Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, D’Souza explains what this means”

        I am wondering who t’hell Dinesh and D”Souza are and what would we do without such people with superpowers to explain things and offer us such insights!

        I looked him up! He’s a child! Born into the privileged class in Bombay India and had a stay at home mother. Didn’t get to American until 1978 as an exchange student and since developed into a very prolific conservative “wordsmith” in many circles.

        I guess you know, India is a nation of basically just two class of citizens ~ so, ~~~ sure, you bet! he’s a crystal ball toting conservative or a slum dog.

        So, we’ve got an academic India Indian conservative American since 1978 feed us knowledge and filling our minds with documented smoke and mirrors about our sitting US president and it’s great to be so well informed?

        Well, I must see this movie!

      • JC

        You probably should see the movie. I’d suggest bringing a notebook so you can remember and check anything that seems contrived. I’ve personally done a ton of research on the Kenyan Imposter (trying to keep an open mind) and all I’ve found points to his being a globalist anti-American manchurian candidate. Which is why I’m decidedly anti-Obama. I’ll leave it to you to satisfy any curiosity you have,

        Be Well

    • Joe LoBianco

      3 Words- Ignorance is Bliss…….Why look at the obvious when the lies are so beautiful and happy. Our ignorance to the reality of what is happening will lead to our fall just like Rome and other historical societies.

  • http://Yahoo william smith

    If you research this in this movie , it’s true of course the white house says it’s not true , look what Obama is surround with Axelrod /Jarret who are communist , The oilfield is in Brazil and not here , he aids the Muslims , shutouts our main alli Israel .

    • Bev

      Yes you better watch this guy like a hawk. He says one thing and then does another. He’s a con man, a flim flam man, a push to talk, a snake oil salesman, he’s whatever you want him to be. A leader he is not.
      I read an article last night that said Grandma Robinson was bragging about the family moving to Hawaii. God I hope so. I feel sorry for his girls.

      • eddie47d

        Bev hit the nail on the head in describing Romney. The king of flip flopping and Cobra oil!

      • momo

        @eddie Obama flip flops also, only he calls it evolving.

      • deerinwater

        Everyday? ~ I don’t think so. There nothing wrong with changing your position but it should not be dependent on the weather and which state you are in.

  • Deerinwater

    Ha ha ha ! funny! People love to be entertained! Check out “Fair Game” or something more deep and at the very heart of the peoples desire to be entertained and the direct link it plays to the whims of political power, “Anonymous” it is a must see for anyone that thinks they might know the truth about power and politics.

  • Frank Boatwright

    Some of you people are living proof that Liberalism really does rot your Brain.Obamas only accomplishment is he has unseated Jimmy Carter as the WORST President EVER!!!

    • Art Burg

      hey budy he is Jimmy Carter on steriods,We need to fire his ass on november.

    • deerinwater

      Isn’t it wonderful that we can address complex problems is such a simple matter and lay all the fault and blame at a single doorstep and feel better while nothing has actually changed?

    • eddie47d

      Frank: Would that be like saying Bush proved that Conservatism is a mental disease? Achieve their wealth anyway they can even if the country fails under the weight of Wall Street greed. We can both ramp up these foolish attacks if you care to dance.

      • deerinwater

        Seems Frank enjoys making personal attack and making sweeping general erroneous claims and then runs off and hides somewhere.

        • Frank Kahn

          Once again you attempt to demean me with unsubstantiated claims. I do not make sweeping claims nor do I run and hide. If I was slow to answer one of your posts it is because I dont sit here 24/7 waiting for the instant they appear. Also none of your replies to my post was directed at me by “in response to Frank” So I have to read everyone verbatum to know who you are responding to. Also I have seen another Frank posting here so I am not always sure if responses are to me. So with this post I will add my last name.

      • Frank Kahn

        For some reason I missed this post before.

        If you want to check all posts I have made in the last two months on this blog site, you will find that I am not associated with anyone calling liberalism a mental disease.

        If you feel my description of your postings depicting you as a person who hates MY country then say so. If you do then I can either ask for support from others on the site or do a search for all eddie47d posts and cut and past them into a long litany of hate speach about our government.

        I wont try to quote you here since paraphrasing will suffice for now. You are always saying that we (the US government) is the cause of all the hatred of Muslims towards us. You say that we (the US government) spend billions of dollars just to invade and conquor other nations. You say that all Republicans are money hungry leaches that want to steal all our money. You claim that all conservatives want to take away all our freedoms and make us live according to their personal rules. You say that it was the film makers fault that our ambasador was killed in Libya (an attack on free speech).

        You want to ramp it up? Okay but I demand that there be rules of engagement. Only facts can be used, no opinions and no prevarication. The arguement(s) must be handled as seperate items for proof or dispute. No name calling is allowed, I will not call you a moron until or unless you besmirch my name.

        I have listed 5 items for starters and, I am prepared to refute your assumptions/opinions on all accounts if you want to debate.

  • Globestar

    Wow, you actually found time to go to a movie theatre? I am SO envious! I’m sure the vast majority of Americans feel the same! Good for you! Now get a job…

  • charles

    You know……I subscribed because this periodical claimed to be a libertarian publishing. Wow, what deceivers. Not one solid article about OUR candidate Gov Gary Johnson. These guys are in the tank for Romney, a mormon, no better than a muslim.

    • JC

      Are you suggesting that Libertarians are supposed to be anti-Mormon?
      Let me tell you something about Libertarians…the rights we want for ourselves are rights we want extended to “everybody” and subject to the same code of justice and morality.
      If you are truly a Libertarian, you don’t get to pick and choose which people get which rights.

      • charles

        Well, they sure seem antimuslim. And if we’re Christians we are told that whoever preaches another Gospel, ie Mormons or Muslim, let them be accursed. We have our chance at showing the world that we can stand against the 2 party system which enslaves us. But……the neocon slavemasters have taken the movement hostage, and like sheep most of us continue to follow them into destruction. Gary Johnson for President 2012.

      • JC

        Anti Muslim? How about anti murderer? How about anti terrorist?
        I don’t think this is about religion. It’s about immoral barbarians killing us at every opportunity. It’s “them” that are doing it under the guidance of “Allah”. And if that’s how “they” want to identify “themselves” then so be it…

      • eddie47d

        Don’t be such a simpleton JC. We went into Muslim lands and bought off the leadership whom suppressed their people. Then we armed these nations for war and the wars killed thousands. The people finally had enough from their local masters and their American masters and struck back. The Middle East today is about revenge and payback and both sides are now doing a mighty fine job of stoking the fires.

      • JC

        None of that is news eduardo…it simply wasn’t the subject at hand.

      • eddie47d

        Then why did you make it so in your 8:30 comments?

      • JC

        Because of what I see on the 6 o clock news dumbass!
        They “are” a bunch of murderers and terrorists.

      • eddie47d

        Come on JC at least follow your own train of thought from your original comment.

      • JC

        Kamrade Eduardo, you Goose Stepping America Hating Liberal Moron… there is NO comparison between Mormons and Muslims if that’s what you’re trying to put forward. Mormons, whether you like their idea of religion or not, aren’t advocating our death. Muslims, are 7th century dung kicking barbarians who riot and kill at the drop of a het because of some stupid film and I would not call what they represent a religion of any kind….so stick your twisted analysis.

      • DaveH

        I doubt it was the film, JC. The United States Leaders and Great Britain Leaders have been meddling in the Middle East since the Great War. You need to read this and learn just a small part of what’s been going on with our Imperialist Leaders and their phony wars:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

        I’m afraid that Eddie is right on this one.

    • Dorothy

      Gary Johnson was a GREAT Governor…..but we need to defeat Obama NOW…..or Gary won’t have an opportunity to run in future elections! There won’t be any!!!!

      • charles

        By defeating Romney we get a default win over Obama.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        We need to defeat BOTH of the Progressives…

        Playing their game, and picking one Progressive over the other Progressive, is NEVER going to work.

        Get off the bleachers and get in the game, people.

        – Smoov

      • DaveH

        If I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody over the last 40 years claim that we couldn’t afford NOT to vote for the Lesser of Two Evils (which is still just evil), I would be a rich man.

    • Jo

      Charles you couldn’t be more wrong…you need to educate yourself on the Mormon religion…..not the myths that are out there.

      • charles

        Kolob. god’s on earth. Wealth=righteousness. Golden plates. Talking lizards. Same serpent, different day.

        • Gea

          I have read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and went to 3 church meetings and had befriedned a Mormon couple to learn more about our next President Rumney’s religion. I had found nothing objectionable since they try to educate better human beings, in contrast to Islam which is promoted by BIG Muslim Brother in the White house. Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including delusional Jew hatred. Read Koran and Hadith and see for yourself, just as reading Mein Kampf gve ideas what Hitler had in mind for Germany. Islam is even worse, because it promotes pedophilia, poygamy, misogyny and murder for Allahu Akbar.

          This supremacist ideology of Islam should be REDORMED and not be white wahsed, since it IS INCOPARIBLE with the US Constitution and with the Univcersal Declaration of Human Rights, Having BIG Muslims Brfother in the White house who is also a Marxist just as his father from Kenya and his step-father in Indonesia were, is a sure way to predition for America. Barak Hussein Obama should be tried for treason of American values and American citizens.

      • deerinwater

        Gea says: ( he knows something about Mormons)

        Two sentences about Mormons and two paragraphs about Islam. Leaving me to guess he knows more about Islam.

        A Mormon has never gave me any trouble personally, can’t say the same about a Muslim.

    • Karolyn

      Bob Livingston has responded to this in saying that he has never said he was a libertarian but is a conservative.

      • Shelia

        who cares

    • Lynnette

      Charlie, before you or any one else want to start throwing rocks at Mormonism, you might want to truly investigate it’s history, beliefs and practices. Like any group, you have offshoots that cling to the fundamentals and give the mainstream a bad name. You have that with any religion whether it be Muslim, Christian, Judaism, etc. At the core the LDS church believes in working together for the good of the whole. They are business men, Capitalists, which is what our county believes in whole heartedly. Although started by the con man, Joseph Smith, it was made into much more by Brigham Young, an intelligent forward looking engineer. Early mormonism became polygamist because of the male to female ratio of those that survived the trek to Utah. Brigham Young saw that ALL needed to be cared for, so he kept Joe Smith’s idea and put it to good use. When the USA decided this practice was unethical, they stopped except for those nasty little offshoots. Mormons believe in the BEEHIVE concept. They believe in education and children. All things AMERICAN is what they believe….AND…yes, they ARE CHRISTIAN. They believe in peace and if called to war to protect OUR ideals, they will go. They believe in community and it’s health. If anything, they are our own home grown brand of Christianity. When you look at them, you see America, so if you think they are just like the Muslims, what does that say about us?

    • Judy

      When is the last time a Morman beheaded anyone, blew up a building, murdered his wife or daughters, killed an ambassador, and who knows what else. Comparing the two shows how crazy you’re thinking is.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Henrietta Harris

    what have you people been looking at for the last 4 years, i have been watching the President fight with Congress or every turn, the ones who are responding to this movie remember you are romney’s 47%.

    • Paul Wells

      EXCUSE ME, Henrietta Harris, but i *PAY* my taxes so others can mooch, thank you very much. I guess I’m part of the 53%!

      • Shelia

        I work and pay taxes to Paul, so I guess I am not the 47%, and yes I am voting for Obama

      • http://mine d:-)

        shelia, do you pay INCOME TAXES? if so then you are part of the 53%ers. If you listened to romney’s detracters video, he was specifically talking about income tax payers, or the 47% of people that don’t pay income tax because their income is too low/ obama supporters.

    • Shelia

      lol yes you are right

      • Bay0Wulf

        As a side note … a lot of people seem to think they pay “Federal Income Taxes” who, in fact, DO NOT. Yes, you may have those taxes taken from each of your paychecks BUT come time to file, many of you get back every dime and many get back even more than they “contributed” through various credits. I ma not trying to indicate that taking the credits is somehow “wrong” just pointing out that your overall math might be wrong.

        Deductions for various other items do not count as “taxes” even if that’s what they have seemingly been converted into.

        Now, when you consider how much you get back versus how much you pay in … are you REALLY a “tax payer”?

    • eddie47d

      Remember Romney’s 47% include many who do work or have worked in the past. Social Security recipients,Medicare,Medicaid, farm aid,Military personel and any government worker. If you are on the government “dole” in any form you are the enemy of the right.

      • Gea

        Obama had accelerated the march of US to dysfunctionality, which had started as a consequence of civil rights movevments and had abandoned Jedeo/Christian values of family and community to help their members become functional adults rather then sluyggards. When you have 45% of white babies and 75% of black babies born our of wedlock, you create generations of people who have no role models how to be productive, since dole depends on giving women money based on how many babies they make out of wedlock. It is absurd to demand that I pay for the brood some young women have from one night stands. We have allowed creationg of street urchans who become criminals since they parents were not able of willing to work and teach them how to do something constructive so they turn to alcohol, drugs and sex, and damand entitlements.

        I am sick and tired of US president promoting this dysfucntional marxism of punishing people who are productive to take care of sluggards and fornicators. If people want ot have children they shyould take care of them and not expect their neighbors to take care of those children and taxpayers to pay for the results of one-night stands of highshcool dropouts and Medicare..

        Even more dangerous is Barak Hussein Obama promoting supremacist ideology of Islam and helping white wash it as a “peaceful religion”. Last week events clearly show how “peaceful” Islam is. This nasty ideolopgy of hate lead to basket case econmies since honesty and free speech are called blasphemy. In any decent society, a pedophile, polyugamist and murderer that Mohamed was would be executed and/or sent away for life, for his pedophila, rapes, polygamiy and multiple murders and not emulated as a role model as Muslims do. Neither Marxism or Islamism, both promoted by Obama are compatible with Western civilzation and they create basket case economies and tyrannies.

      • Judy

        Can’t really count Social security people because guess what we do pay taxes on our social security. It’s considered income just like any other income, isn’t that just grand, a tax we paid all these years and now we pay taxes on the taxes

      • Ted G

        Sure eddie lets just prop up another false meme right. Do you have any original thoughts?

      • eddie47d

        SS is included in the 47% figure by Romney and has even been used by other Conservatives on this site in previous years.

      • Karolyn

        GEA – So, you would have all these children born out of wedlock suffer for the sins of their parents. You would have our streets full of homeless families. What exactly do you propose? Sterilizatino? Oh, no, that’s a Nazi tactic. Really. What would your reedy be?

      • JC

        eddie47d says:
        September 21, 2012 at 11:02 am
        SS is included in the 47% figure by Romney and has even been used by other Conservatives on this site in previous years.

        Lying sack of s–t…prove it.

      • Ted G

        Eddie the false meme is that anyone on the “Dole of any kind” as you put is the enemy of the right!
        I thought it was pretty clear, but as usual you did not understand and respondd with another misdirect again. Not so cool for someone who throws bombs about others reading comprehension.

    • http://mine d:-)

      Watch it now, I pay income taxes, in the realm of 20k a year, so I saw the movie, and I believe the country is in for some real problems IF O is re-elected, so if your done trolling, run along and keep your opinion to yourself, thanks. PROUD 53%er !!!

    • Travis

      Obama had the Congress and Senate for his first two years and could have instituted the reform to get the economy moving but instead he chose the stim plan that only benefited the establishment that got him elected to begin with. His biggest accomplishment is getting gays to openly serve in the military. No wonder he doesn’t want the military to get the three extra days to cast their ballot. People don’t seem to realize if the US defaults their won’t be any more loans to get from other countries and the only income will be the taxpayers. Hmm I’m guessing the taxes will shoot up and the DOD will see such drastic cuts that even Mexico could walk right in an occupy.

      • eddie47d

        That is foolish talk Travis. We have enough weapons to destroy most countries on earth. We have been the number one super power for a few decades now so how much is enough for you?

  • cawmun cents

    Wouldnt it have been much easier to have run a decent candidate against Otrauma?
    But what do I know?
    Apparently very little…..

    • deerinwater

      Well, you know a worthy candidate ~

  • Gea

    I voted for Barak Hussein Obama in 2008 because he is such a great story teller and sounds so convincing. After observing him for 2 years I realized what a blunder I made, as did the Americans to let this man with totally un-American ideology into the center of power.

    Obama’s Marxist/Islamist agenda is destroying everything that Americans hold dear and is creating a basket case economy that leads toward tyranny, and abandoning US Constitution. Both Marxism and Islamism belong to the dung heap of history since wherever they are treied they lead to economic destruction and tyranny.

    Obama should be impeached for letting Muslim Brotherhood, which openly states its goal to infiltrate America to destroy Western civilization and establish Islam as a ruling religion, into the Whitehouse. Letting enemies of US and Western civilization and giving them $1.5 billions in Egypt to use for real war on women and Israel is an abomination and treason.

    Obama is directly and indirectly responsible for the gruesome murder (and sodomy) of the US Ambassador in Libya, both by helping those Islamists get into power and by preventing US marines carry live munition in Muslim countries. IF Qaddafi and Mubarak were in power, they would never let such Muslim mobs come even near any American diplomat. Not letting US marines carry a live munition in Arab countries, makes Americans sitting ducks. We should pull out ALL US embassies and consulates from sharia run countries and not let any of their diplomats into US and UN until they change their medieval evil systems which legalize human rights abuses.

    Obama grew up from age 6-10 with his Marxist/Muslim step-father and his Kenyan father was also Marxist Muslim. When he was shipped to Hawaii to live with his white grandparents, his grandfather hired as his tutor Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of Hawaiian Communist party and who taught Obama for 8 years, until Barak Hussein went to college. Therefore, Obama is a true believer in both ideology of Islam and Marxism, which always promise justice3 and equality but lead to tyranny and oppression.

    Obama should be impeached and tried for treason.for letting Islamic terrorists subvert America and lying to Americans that Islam is a “peaceful religion”, which is opposite from truth. Now, Obama is very busy trying to subvert the US Constitution and its First Amendment under the guise of “respect for Islam”. Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology and MUST reform or has no place in any society that respects liberty and human rights. Impeach Obama!..

    • Jo

      I agree with everything you stated. but for the life of me I cannot understand why those in Congress who CAN impeach this (what I call enemy of the state) man and bring him up on charges won’t do so. He has clearly stomped all over the Constitution and committed treason against the United States.

      • Paul Wells

        Jo, you’d think that…but they were unable to unseat Holder as head of the (in)justice department. If you think for one second that if they were to actually go after Obama, that he wouldn’t have them rubbed out (one way or another), then you are mistaken. I agree in a normal, right side up world that impeachment is what should happen. But this is good ole bare knuckle Chicago style politics in the White House now, and “we” can do anything we want, we answer to no one. Anyone in Congress who does stand up and demand impeachment proceedings will pay. Having said that, ANY TRUE PATRIOT AMONGST THEM would do it anyway, and suffer whatever consequence may come!

      • Shelia

        treason, you sound so stupid

      • Ted G

        I agree Jo but the real reason is that Obama has been very careful not let the public know his true philosophy. Its called plausible deniability. Which is why he is so deceptive about his history and has expended so much in hiding it.
        He has made statements about how he disagrees with the US Constitution but even that is not completely honest. His policies pursue actions directley against our founders design. But try finding a politician to challenge him on it.
        I agree that he is a traitor to his oath of office to support and defend the US Constitution.

        Most people that defend him are afraid of answering how their own philosophies align with our founding documents, we should all challenge on a Constitutional basis and ask them to explain themselves based on it.

        Try it they usually will obfuscate or attack, but raely will the yanswer directly. I have tried with both falshy and eddie and they never answered with anything other than attempted insult and attempts at further distraction.



      • Shelia

        spell check and learn how to talk

      • JC

        Do you mean “learn how to speak” little tweety bird?

      • mark


        That you can compare Adolf Hitler to Barack Obama shows that you have less knowledge of human history than a fruit fly. It is obvious that you can’t spell or form correct sentences but the real wonder is that you can even write your own name. Admit it, someone at the home helped you write this cute little note of yours.

      • Bay0Wulf

        Errr shelia … having read a bunch of your posts here and basically finding myself disagreeing with them (especially where YOU call someone “stupid”) I find myself absolutely STUNNED to see YOU suggesting someone use spell check … !

        Have you read your posts? Do you proofread your posts before posting them?

        Your grammar is horrible, your vocabulary is poor, your usage is worse and your spelling is atrocious!

        And YOU are acting as a critic of others’ posts???

        Too Funny. You make yourself into a non-intelligent entity by your own posts!!



      • Shelia

        Talk and speak is the same, JC

      • JC

        Do you mean “Talk and speak are the same thing” little tweety bird? You should try and “talk” in complete sentences.

    • HH

      It’s really good to see a “former” Obama supporter finally wake up! Welcome to the real world Gea, glad you stopped by! Now let’s work together to wake the rest of them up, whadda ya say?

      • Judy

        There’s hope, if everyone who voted for Obama would just stop for a moment and simply ask themselves if the country is better off today. The answer is so obvious, we are NOT! We owe more money than we can ever pay, our military is being shrunk, our nuclear weapons are being eliminated by Obama, our businesses have more regulations put on them every time they turn around, our oil rigs have moved to brazil so we can turn around and buy it from them, our housing market, thanks to Dod Frank and their stupid ideas, is in the tank, and so many other things Obama has screwed up I would have to write a novel to cover them all. Keep in mind the last two years of President Bushes presidency we had a democratic house and senate, and they stopped everything he tried to fix. His hands were tied. Plus Obama had a democratic house and senate his first two years in office and I didn’t see him try to fix the unemployment or any other issues we had when he had a chance,so what makes anyone believe that he’s going to fix it now, what a joke. On the letterman show he was asked if he was aware of our national debt, and what does he say, he doesn’t really know the amount, for god sake we all know how the hell can he not know.

    • eddie47d

      Much of what GEA said was his usual false notions but I do see he has a couple of fans. The Muslim religion has faults but to say that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take over America and establish Islamic law is absurd. Another thing we have been giving Egypt $3 billion each year for several decades so who is GEA trying to fool? Go back to your John Birch office and get your tall tales straightened out before your next ramble.

      • eddie ervin

        well i have to dis agree with you , remember obama to a lot of people being elected president of this country was absurd!!!!! if you know anything about islam it teaches that if you are not of that faith you are emeny and must be destroyed !!!!! educate yourself read just a little of their book koran

      • eddie47d

        Some say if you are not of the Christian faith you must be tortured and destroyed. You can’t take back history from either side.

      • hipshotpercusion

        eddie, have you heard about whats going on in Dearborn MI? Bite your tongue and remove your head from the nether region.

      • Ted G

        Come on eddie they have stated it themselves. “our presence in America should be jihad to destroy their misarable house from within until islam is the only religion”.

      • eddie47d

        That sounds like more he said she said. Was that you 3rd or fourth cousin that said that?

      • TML

        eddie ervin says, “if you know anything about islam it teaches that if you are not of that faith you are emeny and must be destroyed !!!!!”

        Ironically, the Bible ‘teaches’ the exact same thing, even killing your own family. Deuteronomy 13:6-9.

        Gea says, “…letting Muslim Brotherhood, which openly states its goal to infiltrate America to destroy Western civilization and establish Islam as a ruling religion…”

        eddie47d says, “…but to say that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take over America and establish Islamic law is absurd.”

        eddie ervin says, “…have you heard about whats going on in Dearborn MI? Bite your tongue and remove your head from the nether region.”

        I’ve not heard of any violence from the congregation in Dearborn, and simply being the largest congregation of Arab Muslims in the United States doesn’t constitute a connection to statements by the Muslim Brotherhood, as if to be some collective plan. I’m sure it is fears like that which led to the NDAA.

        Ted G says, “Come on eddie they have stated it themselves. “our presence in America should be jihad to destroy their misarable house from within until islam is the only religion”.”

        Interesting that I cannot find the exact quote you give here. I mostly just hear people regurgitate such statements without actually quoting them, and you seem to have done that… so I take such things with a grain of salt.

        However, even assuming they have said such a thing, I can’t see a statement such as this one, or even genuine desires to attempt it, as necessarily being driven by a desire to zealously follow religious doctrine. The same fears were expressed about communist Russia during the cold war. And for most of this country’s history we have not heard such calls against the U.S from Muslim countries… Why now? For over half a century we have ‘oppressed’ or intervened in Muslim nations to the point they have started rising up. And without the means of meeting the military strength of America head on; infiltration, ‘terrorist’ attacks, and ideas to destroy the U.S. from within, would be the only natural option, as even the Art of War dictates…. and not so much an adherence to religious doctrine. Yes, most Muslim’s are theocrats, in their ideas of Sharia law, making no separation of church and state, political or religious, and so an uprising can only be expected by acuter minds to be called Jihad (holy war) even though we ourselves can isolate the two in determining the true motivation behind the actions and statements of these people. Even those such as Hezbollah and Hamas… radical Islam groups we call terrorist organizations… were founded in response to political invasions of Lebanon, and Palestinian land by Israel. Which ironically, a majority of Christians support unconditionally [Israel] on religious basis.

        It might be interesting to note, that Iran also conducted demonstrations… supposedly against the video “Innocence of Muslims” created by an unknown ‘director’… and have not had an occupied Embassy since 1979. Guess what? Other Muslim countries are finally getting sick of American interventionist imperialist policies just they did, and stands to reason that they are trying to make a statement by following in Iran’s footsteps. After all, Iran has been a leader in that corner of the globe for over 2500 years.

        So what is the answer?
        While I disagree with several of Gea’s statements, I agree with several more of his/her conclusions.

        Gea says, “Western civilization and giving them $1.5 billions in Egypt…” – Stop foreign aid

        Gea says, “Obama is directly and indirectly responsible for the… …murder… …of the US Ambassador in Libya… …by preventing US marines carry live munition [sic] in Muslim countries” – Protect our own

        Gea says, “IF Qaddafi and Mubarak were in power, they would never let such Muslim mobs come even near any American diplomat.” – Stop intervening in the internal affairs of foreign countries.

        Gea says, “We should pull out ALL US embassies and consulates from sharia run countries… “ – Leave them the hell alone.

      • Gea

        Here is a direct quote from the Muslim Brotherhood long range plan of May 1991 written by Mohamed Akran Adlouni):

        “The process of settlement in a “Civlization Settl;ement Process” and their work in Ameica is a kind of grand JIhad in elminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that is is eliminated and God’s religion (Islam) is made virtuous over all other religions.”

        This is Muslim Brotherhood long plan for America and they are now welcome to thier BIG Muslim Brother in the whtie house and given 1.5 billions to stage a war on women and Israel. The fist sharia law that Muslim Brotherhood passed in Egypt was to make it legal for a husband to have sex with his dead wife, up to 6 hours after she died.

        So this is Barak Hussein Obama and his respect and exaltation for Islam and Koran, helping these barbatians into Oval Office and helping CAIR and OIC white wash Islam while subverting US Constitution, and First Amandment (Free speech) in the name of respect for a pedophile, polygamist, rapst and murderer, Mohamed, who in any decent society would be executed for his crimes and not adulated as Muslim role model by 1.4 billions of Muslim around the world. Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the US Constitution and with the Univesal Declaration of Human Rights and has no place in any society that respects liberty and human rights.

        The events in Arab countries where Muslim mobs murder Americans and anybody who defends truth just prove how “peaceful” Islam is. Shape up or ship out! We do not want sharia, with its legal pedophlia, polygamy, misogyny, murder and disdain for non-Musloims and stoning and beheading for “blaphemy” (i,e, telling the truth about Islam and Mohamed).

      • Gea

        Political correctness had ruined the common sense of some decent Americans who believe lies that Barak Hussein Satoro Obama tells them and thus cannnot believe that somebody is out to get them (Muslims around the world who like to loot what others had built). 57 Muslim countries, most ruled by sharia and falling back into middle ages, send their Muslim brothers to Europe and Australia because the corruption and opression is rampant under sharia, where free speech is punished by beheading

        The politically correct Americans are the most easily fooled segment of US population because they project their own decency on corrrupt Muslim countries and keep grovelling to barbarians (Muslim mobs in the Arab world) for things that they abhore and aare not guilty of. The whtie guilt needs to be replaced with reality checks and people need to stop defending ideologies of Marxism and Islam that lead to tyranny and destruction of functional society where they were tried in the past.

        Barak Hussein Satoro Obama had done a great job on those politically corrrrect bleeding hearts, persuading them that he defends America , when in fact he should be tried for treason of American values.

      • Gea

        Obama Foreign Policy is destroying America from the Oval Office (

        There is going to be a landslide in November, and Barak Hussein Obama will be sent packing to his Muslim half-brothers in Kenya, his Muslim Brothers in Egypt and/or his king in Saudi Arabia, where he can adore Mohamed and Islam, which he defends by trying to curb freedom of speech and US Constitution, to his heart extent.

        Barak Hussein Obama does not belong in America, although he is a great story teller, which is recommended by Mohamed (taqiyya–lies) when Muslims live in the countries that they do not (yet) control. True face of Islam, which is incompatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was shown clearly last week in Libya, when Muslim barbarians murdered US ,who could not be defended by US marines because the Obama’s administration had not allowed to carry and use live munition in Arab countries to defend Americans. Obama should resign and leave America.

      • Ted G

        to TML
        regarding the qoute I made please research the “Holy Land Trial”. The MB in collusion with CAIR and other orgs are pursuing the islamic agenda.
        The qoute came from documents entered into the record.

    • nc

      Gea, you say that you voted for Obama in 2008 but have SINCE found him to be a part of some islamist ideology! Where in he!! were you during the 2008 campaigns. Everything he is being accused of now he was accused of then and if you didn’t hear it then you must have lived in a sound proof bag! The problem with you people is that you are no closer to proving all the sick allegations against him today than then!! Even with absurd movies likE 2016! Where is the proof?? The same thing was done to the Clintons 15 years ago with pages and pages of ALLEGATIONS OF SERIOUS CRIMES! How many have been proved to this day???NOT A FREAKING ONE!
      Israel without pi$$ing the people off! DUH!

      I don’t think not so rich Americans were impressed when ROMNEY was caught on video saying his audience should forget the poorer 47% of Americans!! AND GUESS WHO CHEERED HIM??? PEOPLE PAYING $50,000.00 A PLATE TO HEAR HIM!!! THAT IS NOT MIIDDLE AMERICA!
      I can’t wait for the debates when Romney is asked what his tax records would show HE, PERSONALLY, would save from a tax plan that severely cuts capital gains! And he has to tell them it is none of their business what his tax records would show!! LOOK FOR ANOTHER “SLIGHT” BUMP FOR OBAMA! LIKE MAYBE 50 POINTS AND LIGHTS OUT FOR THE REPUBLICANS! AMERICANS AIN’T GOING TO STAND FOR NOT KNOWING THAT ANSWER!!


      • Smoovious Laxness

        Lighten up on Gea…

        Like lots of people, they were hoping for better, and whatever ya wanna say about Obama, at the time, he was real good at giving a rousing speech.

        Problem Obama has this time around, is we have had 4 years of his speeches, and they have lost their luster.

        Gea, since then, has watched closely (while most, haven’t), and from what Gea has seen, has decided that this isn’t the man Gea thought he was, and isn’t supporting him this time around.

        That, alone, is worthy of a measure of respect.

        Most, don’t seem to be able to learn from their mistakes, much less, openly admit them to the public.

        Gea, is one face, of a much larger group of people, who feel similarly betrayed.

        They are to be welcomed to the debate, and treated with dignity.

        – Smoov

      • HH

        Gea woke up nc why don’t you?

        BTW, welcome to the real world Gea!!! nc is still living in the fantasy world of Obama the king and has no clue, and is probably being paid by Obama to spout his/her crap around the internet!!!

        I’m sure you can tell that nc wasn’t very happy that you woke up to the REAL Obama by all the YELLING he/she did in reply to your post!!!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          I could swear, that I was feeling a little of nc’s spittle hitting my face while I was reading his tirade… .. .

          – Smoov

          • HH

            Sorry Smoov, it’s always good to see a patriot wake up from their slumber to see the real Obama! Personally I hope you have to swim in it, and if that’s what it takes to defeat Obama send some my way!!!

    • nc

      gea, you say Obama is responsible for the Ambassodor’s death because the soldiers were not allowed to have ammunition in their guns! In that case Reagan is responsible for the death of of the 240+ American military in Lebanon during his admisnistration! I read just this week that the sentries guarding the sleeping soldiers had no clips in their weapons or bullets in the chambers by orders of the military under the Command of Ronald Reagan, Commander-in-Chief, when a terrorist drove a truck bomb through the front door of the barracks! Sounds like a common practice!!

  • Freedom is not Free

    Can any of you Libs tell me what the lies are in the movie? I went and saw the movie and it looked very well documented…Oh…and when you list the lies, please document why they are lies because you just listing what you feel are lies is not worthy of consideration.
    Have any of you Libs even gone to see the movie or are you just spouting talking points?

    • JC

      Don’t hold your breath waiting…

    • Paul Wells


    • Smoovious Laxness

      . .. … (coughs) … .. . .. … (continues waiting) … .. .

      • nc

        smoov, way back some 4 or more years ago prominent conservative talking heads and supporters like trump were telling us of the ABSOLUTE PROOF they had that Obama was not qualified under the Constitution to be President YET HE REIGNS ,EXCUSE ME, SERVES TODAY. ALLAH BE PRAISED! (I’m Methodist but that turns the repugnuts inside out!!)
        The courts are open, Justice awaits, and all that is missing is PROOF required by the Constitution! bush, the Crawford Cretin, appointed more Federal Judges than any other president and you people can’t find one who will accept you evidence to get to the Supreme Court! How weak is that case????
        2016 is a movie! The Blob was a movie! So was Dumb and Dumber!! and I almost forgot the one where Reagan took second billing to a chimp!!

        The bounce was in the 47% video and not a MADE FOR REPUGNUTS movie!

        • HH


          Good grief nc you’er deranged to say the least!!! Your quote is NOT Methodist it’s totally Islamic!!! Allah be praised? You need to move to Saudi Arabia and leave America to the real Christians!!!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          What do you mean, “you people”…

          I’m not questioning whether he is a citizen or not. It has nothing to do with his policy choices and incompetence.

          Please try and stay relevant. Your wild aimless ranting, doesn’t serve you well at all.

          – Smoov

  • Jo

    I have seen the movie and I believe it should be seen by everyone, Republican, Liberal, Democrat, Libertarian etc. BEFORE going to vote. I think it borders on criminal how the MSM has hidden the 0bama agenda and everything about him from the American people.

    • nwrkjoel

      Jo-I saw “2016″ and agree that EVERY American must see this film! I have another film that everyone must see before election time; “I WANT YOUR MONEY” by Ray Griggs is out on dvd. Go to or WND website to purchase. Go to Youtube and check out the trailer. These two films are this countrys only hope to wake people up!

  • http://http// DrBarbier

    I saw the picture two weeks ago and found it to be revealing and projective of Obama’s intuitive desires for this country. He further tookk an OATH on THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which in my opinion, I Have serious questions about NOW. I hope he is not the President that was in The Movie of The Week on TV about 30 years ago, which was devastating to the USA

  • Rafael

    The question that one needs to ask is why after lowering interest rates to zero and pumping over $2 trillion into the monetary system the economy remains subdued.

    By introducing another massive monetary-pumping scheme Obama-Bernanke are running the risk of inflicting more damage to the process of real wealth generation. Consequently, this raises the likelihood that we could remain in depressed economic conditions over a prolonged period of time.

    • Judy

      Here is a great email I received ,
      Lesson 1
      U.S. Tax Revenue. 2,170,000,000,000
      Fed Budget. 3,820,000,000,000
      New debt. 1,650,000,000,000
      National debt. 15,891,000,000,000
      Recent budget cuts. 38,500,000,000

      Lesson 2 drop the 9 zeros and think of this as your own household budget
      Household annual income. 21,700.00
      Money family spent. 38,200.00
      New debt on credit card. 16,500.00
      Outstanding credit card balance.158,910.00
      Total budget cites so far. 3.85

      Is this how we all run our house, but yet we let this government run our White House like this and we wonder why we are headed off the cliff. What sucks is we will all pay the price, no matter what you believe or how you perceive this president we are all in this together and we will all pay in the end, don’t kid yourself this can not continue and end up good for anyone.

  • John R. Howell

    Obama is a communist, and he fully intends to make this country communist. All the people on his stafff are communists, all documented in the book “Shadow Government” by Scott Wheeler. I saw the same thing happen in Cuba where I used to take summer vacations. The summer before Castro took over, idiots in the streets were cheering for him. By the next summer, nobody cheered any more. An architect friend of mine and I were walking in Havana that summer when we happened to pass by a prison. We could clearly hear screams coming from inside the prison, and my friend told me that Castro was torturing former opponents. I wanted to go in and protest, but my friend nervously told me that if I did, that I would be screaming also within an hour. I heard those screams with my own ears, and I can tell you that there is no word in the English language that can describe those horrible screams.
    Obama will do the same thing here. Even if he is not re-elected, he will be president from November 6 until January1. At that time, he will stage street riots, shoot people in the streets, declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and declare himself president for life, all in one day. Tea Party members and other opponents will be arrested, tortured, and killed or sent to Guantanamo for further torture.
    Obama has a savage hatred for this country, and he fully intends to make it communist. Those idiots who believe otherwise will wake up when it is too late and say, “Golee, what happened?”
    But I am not afraid. I will work against Obama until I draw my last breath, which probably will happen while I am on a torture rack in Guantanamo.
    John R. Howell

    • Shelia

      what drugs are you smoking, you are really dumb.

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Shelia, of the misspelled name, how could you call anyone else dumb?? Your mama must have been smokin’ something when she named you. And it was all downhill after that.

    • hipshotpercusion

      Thank you, John. “Those who would forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

    • eddie47d

      John Howell should have stuck to the original part of his story to make a point. Then he went berserk and lost all credibility. There will be no Martial Law and Obama will not be a President for life. You sir are a pathetic bought off right wing troll and that is being very kind. You remind me of what Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan of Australia said,” That the Republicans have become no more than cranks and crazies”. That “Republican stubbornness is ruining the American economy” and that the GOP leadership is “allowing the Tea Party extremists to control the American economy”. Now this is not Hugo Chavez or Ahmadinejad speaking but an official from a capitalist country which avoided the recession and is doing well.

      • eddie ervin

        i am beginning to want to meet you one on one puppy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ted G

        “Tea Party extremists” eh? explain yourself, eddie. The tea Party’s primary goal is to demand that the government follow the US Constitution Eddie. What is extreme about that?
        Please be specific Eddie. Lets hear how you think the US Constitution is extreme?

        Show me/us what you really believe! Say it in plain english eddie not all this BS propaganda you spew.
        Because if we don’t agree that the Constitution is the fundamental Law on which all the rest flows from then you are just another traitor.

      • eddie47d

        First Ted G take a reading comprehension coarse. Then come back and pay attention to what was said . It was Wayne Swan who said that about the Tea Party so why don’t you write him a nice letter and get an explanation from him. That is why I don’t want those like you running this country for you just don’t pay attention.

      • Ted G

        Nice avoidance there eddie, you propped it up as a position statement. Support you yourself. How about answering the question istead of misdirecting the issue.

    • nc

      John, you are not paying attention! We have been promised by people HERE with that SAME ESP you have that there will be NO ELCTIONS IN NOVEMBER,2012 and Obama will have declared himself dictator in chief! !Whether Obama wins or Romney wins you people are going to look dumber than s**T when a president is sworn in in January with no major outbreaks of violence! How many people have predicted weird stuff like you are peddling over the years only to have to kill themselves when it didn’t happen!

      Makes no matter! The Myans are going to take us out on 12/12/12 and I lose my January time share at the ski lodge! I was so looking forward to pushing the old lady off the mountain this year!

      • HH

        (The Myans are going to take us out on 12/12/12 and I lose my January time share at the ski lodge!)

        It’s actually on 12/21/12 or the winter solstice, you don’t have ANY facts straight do you?

  • MD

    BlamIng one’s own corrupt and broken system on one person or group is very convenient. Ask the Nazi party in the late 1930s.

  • Karolyn

    Now all somebody has to do is make a counter-movie, and then it will have its followers. For every accusation and theory and conspiracy, there is a counter.

    • JC

      But there is only one “truth”.

    • Steve E

      But you didn’t see the movie.

      • Karolyn

        No, I haven’t seen the movie, nor would I pay to see a counter movie. I can see plenty for free online.

    • Sirian

      Yes, that may be true – to some extent that is. But here’s the problem. When you have a movie that it’s main theme is based on FACTS, eyewitness testimony (Obummer’s brother) etc. you then have what to think about? There are plenty of books also available that are FACTUAL in theme with hundreds of sources and references that could be checked for their validity. Do yourself a favor, see the movie “2016” and then nothing more than think. BTW, did you happen to go to the links I tacked on for you a week or two back about Shariah? That is much more informing than you may think.

      • Karolyn

        Not having seen it I can’t comment too much. However, sufficeth it to say I have seen doctored videos and words taken out of context. Is this movie really as pure as the driven snow as it’s being made out to be?

    • http://mine d:-)

      Give me your address, I’ll send you a free ticket to go see it.

    • eddie47d

      Why does JC insist he has the truth or is it full fledged propaganda from the right? The Swift Boaters played you all very well and they weren’t always truthful either.

      • Ted G

        So what about the swift boaters? What was false? Most of what I heard did not stretch the truth. In fact rthere was never really any attempt to refute anything they said.
        All that was really done was an organized effort to demonize them and ridicule them for having the audacity to make there assertions in the first place.

      • JC

        Kamrade Eduardo…I didn’t insist that I have the truth (and you are still an idiot.)
        I “said” there is only one truth…
        Which only serves to show how totally twisted your sick little mind really is.
        Now! Go back to goose stepping around your mom’s basement.

      • eddie47d

        What didn’t the Swift Boaters lie about? Maybe JC and Ted can take German polka lessons and be on the road together espousing their Reich wing views while dancing.

      • JC

        Eduardo you twisted little freak…WTF are you even talking about?
        Get off the meds.

        • HH

          (Eduardo you twisted little freak…WTF are you even talking about? Get off the meds.)

          Hang around her a while JC, you’ll find out that eddie47-the-dunce has NO clue what he’s squawking about!!!

      • Ted G

        How very predictable eddie, simply spout assertions and accusations while never providing anything tangible in support. Throw in some weak attempts at denigration as well. Your debating skills are well shall we say juvenile.

  • Karolyn

    People are sheep and will believe anything that fits in with their own agenda.

    • Sirian

      What you just said may be true to a point, BUT, if so, then you’re included in that grouping too. No?

      • Karolyn

        Yes, to a certain extent Sirian. However, I do not discount what the other “side” has to say just because of where it comes from. I try to maintain an open mind no matter what some might think..

  • Grammy

    In order for the events in the Bible’s book of Revelation to come to pass, America must be brought down–its military strength and its economics. There is no great nation at work in the world at the time the antichrist comes to power. Could it be that God is using Obama to position the world for the events of Revelation to unfold? If so, expect him to win again so the work may be completed.

    • HH

      Grammy, with all due respect, don’t believe what most evangelical preachers are telling you about the prophecies in the book of Revelation, read the first two chapters VERY carefully for yourself. I don’t understand how bible scholars who study that book can miss what the introduction says. The first verse says WHEN it will take place and the 4th verse CLEARLY states to whom the book is written to.

      1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants—things which must SHORTLY TAKE PLACE. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John, 2 who bore witness to the word of God, and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, to all things that he saw. 3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for THE TIME IS NEAR. 4 John, TO the seven churches which are in Asia:

      I really don’t believe this is a message to us 2,000 years later.

      The “Antichrist” is just who it says it is, anyone who is against Christ is “anti” christ.

      • eddie ervin


        • HH


          Woah there eddie ervin, I’m with you! There’s not need for your YELLING! I was just pointing out that the current world affairs are NOT biblical prophesy. Our country is in dire straits and it needs to be fixed. Obama wants us to be a 3rd world country and Mitt’s a part of the system that helped get us to this point. It would be nice to see a Ron Paul of Gary Johnson in there along with a wholesale player change in the House and Senate!

      • nc

        HH,You seem to have great knowlege of the Bible. Why do you think the King James version missed the fact that Jesus came to America and selected a different of disciples to start the Morman Church?

        • HH

          (You seem to have great knowlege of the Bible. Why do you think the King James version missed the fact that Jesus came to America and selected a different of disciples to start the Morman Church?)

          My guess would be that it didn’t happen! Jesus spoke of false prophets, Paul confirmed it, examine this scripture, Galatians 1:8 “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed”.

  • Karolyn

    TODAY IS THE UN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE! Spread a little peace for a change.

    • JC

      Peace? Through superior firepower? (kidding) ;-)

  • Lynnette

    I am affiliated with NO party, nor was I ever interested in politics until this year. Nor am I religious in any way other than my own spiritual beliefs.This said, I can tell you without seeing the movie, or watching TV or anything else other than surfing the web, reading ALL sides that Mr. Obama is without a doubt a TROJAN HORSE. He is an insidious VIRUS that is changing our country and not for the better. He took what the Bushes and the others did to us and ran with it. There will be WAR fought on mainland America as extremist Christian and Muslim factions collide. There will be civil unrest as the unemployed become poorer and fight the rich as a MAJOR DEPRESSION settles into being. Martial Law will be decreed and we will become a POLICE STATE….all the Executive Orders are in place, BIG BROTHER is watching and listening to everything we do and say. What we are headed for is a sad and violent existence the likes we have never seen in our country since the Civil War or The American Revolution. If I can see it plain as day, I fail to see why everyone cannot see it coming into being. What will it take to wake up those that are still asleep with their eyes wide open. I, for one, do not want to be the lobster that is boiled alive because the water heats up so gradually that you fail to notice.

    • eddie47d

      Then Lynnette should kindly remove herself from Muslim lands (occupation) and quite stirring the hornets nest. How would you react if Chinese troops were stationed all over America? Do you bow down to the money changes who keep us embroiled in wars for their profits and will you allow them to use us as their lobsters.

      • Lynnette

        eddie47d, I quite agree with you. I never said America was perfect. In point of fact, we have feet of clay. The thing is, just as we are there in Muslim land, they have been allowed here to enjoy our freedoms that are denied them there. Instead of accepting what is offered here, they seek to change our country into the [expletive deleted] up world they live in, ala, OBAMA! And all those money changers? We elected them as well as those that keep us at war. Throw rocks in the correct direction and own it! Take a good hard look in the mirror. Where we are is partly YOUR fault as well as mine. So come down off your high horse and help find a way out of this mess we have ALL created.

      • eddie ervin


      • Frank

        Eddie, please read some history, the war between the Muslims and Christians started way back before the inquisition. We were not a country yet then. Now with these two facts in plain view, how do you blame MY country for Muslims hatred of Christians? Our involvement in their countries has very little to do with the Jihad. It may have given them better weapons for fighting but their desire to kill all who do not worship and/or submit to Allah and the Muslim faith started over a thousand years ago. I doubt, because of your posts that you are Christian but, if you are you will be raped and beheaded just like all others who dont yell Allah Akbar.

    • Judy

      Wow, very perceptive, I also feel something like that is coming, I see it even on the news channels, people are getting so upset with each other. Even the news commentators get fired up with each other and they are suppose to be impartial. There is so much division right now it’s getting pretty scary. I’ve watched a couple of the shows on hoarders, and maybe they aren’t as crazy as we might think, we might be the crazy one not doing some kind of preparing ourselves. Being prepared isn’t really to bad of an idea. I’ve heard some of our government agencies are buying up thousands of rounds of ammo. Now is that so the price will be higher for the rest of us or is that because they know something we don’t? Hum! I guess the old saying better to be safe than sorry!

      • Lynnette

        Judy, my guess is they know something we don’t AND they are planning something. It’s no accident that Obama is trying to take away our second amendment, and with all this recent flack over the so called film “Innocence of Mohammad” he’s working to take away the first. We are at peril. The country we know and used to love is rapidly being morphed into a land that is fast becoming our prison. Our rights and freedoms are being stripped away slowly but surely. We’ve done it to ourselves. Right/Left, Republican/Democrat….doesn’t matter. We play the blame game instead of banding together to change it back, to stand for what we truly believe in at our core. I’m not looking forward to what is coming.

        • HH

          (We play the blame game instead of banding together to change it back, to stand for what we truly believe in at our core. I’m not looking forward to what is coming.)

          Amen to that Lynnette!!!

  • contessacares

    I saw this movie…BEST time I’ve treated myself to in awhile. Afterwards, the entire audience, filled with all age groups stood up and applauded while many shouted out “GO ROMNEY/RYAN, GOD BLESS AMERICA”…this type of movie is always subject to controversy and discussion (hey, Democrats, we had to put up with Michael Moore!), but if even one smidgeon of the included facts are authentic and true, THAT ONE POINT would be enough reason NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA. He has NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS to speak of after 4 years…so make a big deal of how much Romney paid in taxes????? How much of the American taxpayer’s money has he given away to other countries, and for what???? He has divided this country, tries to make people think that success is a bad thing, but he’ll take your money anyway! Yeah, Obama, keep giving away those Obama phones (250 FREE minutes/month) … i personally know several people who have them and make nearly $80,000/year. Why not throw in some food stamps too? You’re so jealous of someone else’s success, yet your wife looks like she appreciates spending a whole lot! He completely screwed up the chance of a lifetime. Why would anyone want to give a chance to grind the knife in any further?

  • Gea

    Obama does his treason of American values openly and sugar coats his Marxism and Islamism under the disguise of “equality and justice” as Muslims and Communists always do, until they have enough power to impose their tyranny and murders. Obama is a danger not only to America but to the entire Western civilization and should be impeached. There is enough evidence to try him for treason…allowing Muslim Brotherhood into the White house and preventing US marines to carry live munition to defend American diplomats in Arab countries are sufficient reason to put him away before he does more damage to our civilization.

    He is a true believer of Marxism and Islamism two supremacist ideologies which belong to a dung heap of history, and thus is more dangerous than any other politician in the history of US and Western civilization, aside from Hitler, Stalin and Mao…or even more dangerous because of the US military. It is pity that marines did not defy Obama’s order not to carry live munition, with which they could have saved US Ambassador in Libya.. Obama is responsible for this murder and numerous other death of Americans because he encourages those Islamic barbarians under the guise of “peaceful religion”.

    I grew up in a Communist country and see a Marxist rat in Obama and I read Koran from cover to cover to see how vile this supremacist ideology of Islam is. It is amazing that this Marxist Islamist had manage to fool so many Americans ans still does in spite of the evidence of his working hard on destroying America.

    Obama will lose in a landslide in November, because Americans are starting to wake up. He will bring down with him the entire Democratic Party, which had allowed him to betray America and let Islamists into the White house. Obama should be really impeached and tried for treason rather than allowe3d to run for another term in which he will finish US off.

    • Shelia

      in your dreams

    • eddie47d

      The Marines do carry live ammunition GEA and there were armed personel at the embassy. Besides that you keep repeating the exact same phrases and they are not always honest. Be alert but don’t be so blasted paranoid and dishonest.

    • eddie ervin


    • eddie47d

      Never surprised that Erwin lies and then believes the other liars. Can you do the German polka while doing that too!

  • Shelia

    Nobody’s fool your mama must have been sitting right next to mine smoking the same stuff to name your a$$.

  • TML

    There seems to be a lot of propaganda out there in hollywood these days… especially from the far right authoritarian complex. All the new movies about Abraham Lincoln(one of the worst tyrant presidents in American history, IMHO – portrayed as a vampire killer no doubt, lol) and now recently I saw a preview to a new movie about the hostage crisis in 1979. It will be interesting to see if they portray the event in its true light.

    I’ve not had the chance to see the Obama film, but I’ll be interested in checking it out when it comes out in video. I’ve seen the film “Dreams from my Real Father” and thought it was very compelling. I recommend it. I’d like to see some videos like this about Romney the flip-flop.

    Why do I never hear of any news on Gary Johnson on this site?

    • eddie ervin


  • Luis Miranda Sr


    • Travis

      The only reason those 47% vote for Obama is to keep their financial income flowing in. If Romney ran on the platform that he would raise the amount of money welfare, social security, and food stamps people receive there would be a landslide shift.

      • nc

        Hey, travis, Romney has been on both sides of every major issue from health care to abortion so don’t be surprised if that wishy washy POS doesn’t change again!

        What’s amazing is that some dude with a $200 camera phone, disguised as a potted plant, at a $50,000.00 a plate Republican dinner may have just destroyed a half trillion dollar ($500,000,000.000.00) Republican presidential campaign! S**T Happens!

    • Paul Wells

      Spoken like a true believer in guv’mint hand outs, big brother taking “care” of us, and all that is wrong. I ask you Luis…what is it that you believe our Constitution really says? That government is here to hand out to those who won’t work? That “you” didn’t built that? That all that is good and right came from the government? I’m going to have to disagree, and rather agree with Mitt Romney, WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT! So, put your head down, work hard on your goals, and then you can be in the 1% that the occupy movement is so upset about.

    • Shelia

      right on Luis, yes we will go forward

    • Rafael

      Oye Luis learn this: Unless we can restore popular confidence in an economic order based on freedom, we will live under an immoral economic system based on power, theft, and envy. Business must take the lead in defending the morality and productivity of free societies. Big government does not work.

    • JC

      Luis Miranda Sr says:

      September 21, 2012 at 9:20 am


      Are you STILL trying to play the race card?
      Whatever…maybe you’ll get it figured out that REAL Americans are sick of socialist freeloader’s living out of their pockets. The race card is tired, old and dead.

      Try again Luis…this time with some brains.

    • Ted G

      This falls under the category of “broken record” but thx for your opinion sir.

    • MarathonMan

      Spoken like a true liberal. Have you earned your GED yet?

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  • http://yahoo bob peters

    When all you fools that follow your devil obama wake up one morning and find out you are under communist rule,bread lines,etc etc i will be sitting by watching you wretched bas-tards squirm in your stupidity…Most of you will be thrown under the bus and probably exterminated because you will no longer be useful to the state…I hope i am alive as well to see you get your dues…You have sold out your beloved country for a token of welfare and food stamps..Judas! You blindly follow this muslim silver tongued traitor with zeal..When the [expletive deleted] hits the fan you will not be forgotten as the enemy …

    • Shelia

      go check yourself into drug rehab Bob Peters , because you are tripping again

      • Ted G

        Though it would take a lot to get us to the picture Bob depicts Shelia, Obama is a marxist and a socialist who does not believe in our Constitution. He has as much as said it himself.
        Redistribution is a tenent of socialism.

  • Smitty

    Nice to see everyone enjoying FREEDOM OF SPEECH, while it lasts, because if Obama get another term, it will disappear. It’s plain as the nose on your face. Read the writing on the wall, folks. Enjoy FREEDOM OF SPEECH while you still can.

    • eddie47d

      How do we stop the lies Smitty? Yes I’m talking about yours!

      • Ted G

        I’m just wondering eddie does deception, distraction, obfuscation, avoidance, hyperbole and misdirection fall under lies as well? Because if they do then “Pot meet kettle”.

      • eddie47d

        That describes the Republican “Pot” Party very well Ted.

    • uvuvuv

      smitty, this applies to the media also, who will get a big surprise if obama is re-elected and for “national security reasons” they shut down the presses and airwaves. it’s odd they are such rabid supporters because they live here too, and also if anyone will be out of a job in the new regime it will be them. in the third reich they just needed one guy, joseph goebbels, and two newspapers, der sturm and the volkischer beobacter.

      • Shelia

        really Smitty, if that’s the case we wouldn’t have free speech now.

      • uvuvuv

        ah but you see sheila, he has to be re-elected. then pull up a chair and watch the show. by the way, no charge for correcting the spelling of your name.

      • Shelia

        well you just spelled it wrong and you should not talk about someone name, look at yours

      • alpha-lemming

        In the spirit of de-tente and “can’t we all just get along…… How exactly do you pronounce your name????

        ????? Shee-(a)-Lia’ ?????

  • Howard

    Here come the clowns hwc 9-21-12

    A circus is not a circus without that loathsome bunch.
    Any description would be in question, so it is mostly just a hunch.
    There is one who quite (Frankly) has a dildo in her hair.
    Perhaps left over from a stimulus, or a perk from Obama care.
    Outlandish costumes depict the souls within.
    All have Pinocchio noses to describe their least of sins.
    The big top is full of those who came to see the show.
    535 performers are some of the ones we know.
    Oh! There is judicial on an elephant scared of rats.
    Chased by executives on donkeys; obviously Democ-rats.
    We have heard their perverse speeches for such a long, long, time.
    We would know what they really stood for if all of them were mimes.
    The phone just keeps on ringing, they never cease to call.
    I find myself longing for Thanksgiving in the Fall.
    Yes the whole of the circus has moved into my house.
    Unfortunately insecticides won’t kill their kind of louse.
    Plagued with no-see-ums, we can’t just move away.
    They thrive in every country; I guess we’ll have to stay.
    Perhaps they will hibernate when the weather starts to cool.
    Don’t hold your breath or they will bury you; you fool.
    The circus never stops it just goes from town to town.
    Hang onto your wallets friends, here come the clowns.

    • uvuvuv

      clever series of rhymed couplets but alas not in iambic pentameter.

  • Wayne Leach

    I have not seen the movie; I make judgments on the realities I see and feel daily in the real world, devaluation of the dollar in extremes never seen before – and the hyperinflation is beginning to show, and will get much worse, continually high unemployment, perpetual war, the non-shrinking of government (at all levels) spending, etc., etc. And no, I did not vote for either Bush, nor will I vote for a 90% Obama called Romney! They both love the globalist UN, Agenda 21, interventionism, fiat money, regulatory mandates, federal and international (not State or People per 10th Amendment) control, etc. ad infinitum. We will get what we deserve for failing in the diligence category.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      So Wayne where is it that Romney supports Agenda 21 I have read Abomination’s support for Agenda 21 and the LOST Treaty and the 2nd Amendment Buster International Small Arms Treaty and the passage of bills taking away our 1st and 5th Amendment rights but not Romney. So you want even more of the Same with Abomination, 44 months of 26 Million Americans out of Work, gasoline at double when he took office and rising to over $5.50 a gallon and remember he said he didn’t mind gas being that high because Europe is paying more, who gives a [expletive deleted] what Europe is paying???? How about $6y Trillion dollars in New NATIONAL DEBT IN LESS THAN 3 3/4 YEARS with the only thing to show for this Massive DEBT is 3.4 million jobs!!!!! I would venture to say that he is a little short on his promise of 4.6% unemployment and 12 million jobs!!!!!!!!! This is a TOTAL FAILURE BY A MARXIST WHO IS TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM OFFICE TRIED AND HUNG FOR TREASON. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I saw it and it was OK, but it was Milk Toast for me, Abomination is the Greatest threat to our Country, more than Marx, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pott, Hitler and Ben Laden combined because he is our President, A Marxist Sunni Muslim voted in by Ignorant Blacks, Jews and Liberal Socialist Communists and Ragheaded Muslim’s that HATE this Country. We don’t need his locked up files to know what a Marxist id just look at his Parents, his father a Registered Communist and Sunni Muslim his mother a white America hating Communist and his white Grand Mother a communist who raised him and Abomination ran a BUS over her on National Television and called her a Racist, quite a man that Abomination, Scum comes to mind a floating turd with a stammer AHHHHH. Abomination already has taken away our 1st and 5th Amendment rights and is working with Dyke Hillary and the United Corrupt Nations to eliminate the 2nd Amendment even as we speak with the ‘International Small Arms Treaty” and is working on our Borders and International Waters Boundaries with the passing of Agenda 21 and LOST TREATY which both are in Congress waiting for Abominations REELECTION. So if you want another 4 more years of massive (MORE) Debt and even MORE Unemployment then re-elect this Illegal Kenyan Born Marxist Sunni Muslim Half Breed white man and watch our Country disappear into Communism and A Sunni Muslim State where Slavery is the NEW NORM!!!!!! Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    • vietnamvet1971

      Yep, obama is a Wolf in sheeps clothing, BEWARE!

    • Wayne Leach

      Nor did I vote for the current Commie in the White House – just in case that was not evident!

    • mark

      Yes Vietnam Vet 67-68, and Obama for all your claims will be our president for 4 more years. All your bile, hatred, and racism will do nothing to prevent this. Because thank God, the majority of the American people are nothing like you. But don’t despair you can have lots of companionship in a number of societies here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. The Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations, the John Birch Society, the Militia movement, all sorts of these extremists hate groups would love to have you on board. Good hunting!

      • Frank

        Mark, you are the racist. We dont dissagree with Obama because he is black, we dissagree with him because he is wrong period. Actually if I was a black man I would dissown Obama as a member of my race. He is a despotic Muslim hate monger. He uses the race card every time he gets a chance because he believes that Americans are afraid of his race. We aint impressed. We aint racists. We want the illegal alien president out and prosecuted for crimes against our nation.

      • mark

        No Frank, I’m not a racist and neither is Barack Obama. Why? Because we don’t use words like raghead scum, Kenyan monkey, half-breed Muslim, or for that matter white scum, like the man you are defending uses in his posts all the time. I never use this derogatory and insulting racial language and neither does our president. But most of the people on this website who despise the president use these kinds of term all the time. Repeated use of racist language is one of the clear markers of a racist. It is not the only one but is one of the most obvious ones.

        • Frank

          You never heard Obama make a racist remark? When the black kid was killed because he attacked a neighborhood watch patrol man President Obama said “If I had a son he would look just like Trevon”. Now maybe that does not sound racist to you but to me it is almost as bad as using the N word. He did, by making that statement, seem to say that all black kids look the same no matter who their parents are. Considering Obama is not Trevons father and Michelle is not Trevons mother there is no possible similarity possible between a son of Barak and Trevon other than the color of their skin. When a black professor was questioned by campus security, Barak backed up the professors claim of racism by exclaiming how deplorable it was that a white security person accosted a black professor. That depiction of what happened was false and the president was being a black racist to side with the professor just because he was black.

          Racism runs all different ways, anytime a person demeans or sides with another person solely on the basis of race is a racist.

          Yes, I have read some racist remarks like raghead (not a racial remark since it is a religion), and I saw one person here use the N word hiding it by putting the word sand in front of it. That kind of wording is unacceptable. It is also unacceptable when I see hundreds of times self efacing Barak Obamaphyles claiming racism just because someone dissagrees with the presidents actions. It is difficult to keep from using the words stupid and moron when describing these people.

          Like many here, it is my opinion that Obama is a terrible president. He has no leadership skills (that he has shown), he is totally uncompromising when it comes to HIS policies, he always plays the race card to get sympathy for blacks, he always blames others for the problems with our economy and unemployment. He attempts to diminish the accomplishments of people who created a business by saying “you did not build that”. He refuses to show proof of his citizenship and tried to pass off a forged long form certificate of live birth as authentic. These are the reasons why I dont like him, dont care if he is half martian and have venusian because it is his performance that I dont like.

          I also dont like people who follow the muslim faith. I dont consider it to be a religion, it is more of a political entity and it pushes hatred and violence. And, yes I have read the entire Qua’ran. I might should have said the nation of Islam instead of Muslim since they are two different things, but Muslims are the followers of the nation of Islams tenents.

          Now, just so you will know, many on this blog site will claim I was just being a racist in this post. I will accept that conclussion if and only if the person claiming it can point out the racist remark and explain why he/she thinks it is racist.

      • DaveH

        mark says — “Because we don’t use words like raghead scum, Kenyan monkey, half-breed Muslim, or for that matter white scum, like the man you are defending uses in his posts all the time…. But most of the people on this website who despise the president use these kinds of term all the time”.
        I call that BS, mark. I did a search on the terms you claimed were used on this webpage and found none of the above. And to say “most of the people on this website… use these kinds of term all the time”, is just a flat out lie, mark. But then you are a Liberal Progressive, so it goes with the territory, doesn’t it?

    • The Christian American

      Ever read “The Mainspring of Humam Progress” by Henry Weaver? In it we learn the Arabs gave the world zero as an number. They gave us navigation by the stars. They gave us Algebra. They gave us silverware to eat with. Without their number system, we’d be lucky to get by the horse and carriage stage. Muslmls and Christians use to worship in the same building. Christ to them is a prophet, not one to be crucified. Don’t get me wrong, Jews and Israeli’s are in the same boat we’re in. They’ve got the Zionist and we’ve got Obama and his ilk. I can liken todays Zionist with the Pharisees at Christ’s time. Their goal is the same. Our problem with the Muslims started in in 1967 when we sided with the Zionist. The Zionist are busy at work dividing America from the Muslims. President Washington said: trade with all but intervention with none. The Zionist needed an ally, not America. They’ve succeded to make their enemies, America’s enemies. Like Ron Paul said: Because we’re over there, they’re over here.

      • Bay0Wulf

        minor point … all the “stuff” that the Muslims allegedly “gave” us was a “pass through” … algebra, zero and much else existed in Sumeria … the information migrated to what we call northern India … and then migrated back. Check your historical facts a bit more carefully.

        Muslims and Islam also gave us terror-type attacks throughout the Med for the better part of 900 years. In the name of Mohammad (a desert pirate and general con man … read his various histories) & Allah. The only reason they did not persevere and do more damage is … they started to kill each other over theological disagreements. Much like the Christians did in northern Europe.

        Islam is a Socio Political Theocratic Despotism. They hide behind their “Religious Rights” when they have to and become Violent whenever they can. Trying to portray them as a reasonable religion is a bit unreasonable. Christians at one time were very similar but … grew out of it.

        One other point … it is said that the Muslims have reason to be the way they are because of the Crusades is … garbage (at best) … since the Crusades were in reaction to the Muslim invasion over 450 years not the other way around.

        Every thing that Muslims accuse the Crusaders of was in reaction to what the Muslims did to them for … centuries … in fact the Muslims were much worse AND they wrote at length about the horrible stuff they did in many accounts.

  • The Christian American

    I’m afraid it is going to take more than a movie to defeat Obama. Instead putting their States first and only listening to DC about matters that concern all States, the American people have been taught to look at the district of criminnals as one big piggy bank that can broken if they vote the right ones into power. I’ve read where nearly 50% of us are living on the dole, and Obama’s catering to them BIG time. For sure their ranks are growing because of the Republicrats practices. Possibly if Ron Paul had endorsed Romney but his conscience wouldn’t let him do that. Obama is an out and out communist but the dainties communism has to offer the masses is candy coated cyanide. Like the illegals who are only here to get something out of America, to many American’s are thinking the same way. Want their vote? Romney must lie and lie and lie. Rational and moral talk won’t cut it I’m afraid. In my humble opinion, we are very very near to the Lord’s coming back. Our god has become the dollar instead of a person who puts our God fearing Republic first. John 3:16

  • HKaufman

    Mildly amusing the commentary as well as the writings thereof are completly trte with tones of absurd bat quano. would like to see all this mess END. One can only hope and dream which seems to be Romulan’s platform. Let see how the comments and the verbosity of Rhetoric after Bam bam and Romulan with his golden silver spoon inside his tucus of Life.. Food for thought-It’s nice to know that no matter how bad things get in the election race, Mitt Romney is always there to make them worse. You saw him this week when our embassies were under attack, before any facts were in he tried to score political points because he sees everything as a business opportunity. This is a man who would sell ad time during a moment of silence.

    • Shelia


    • Ted G

      Actually the comments Romney made were not only accurate and timely they were based on the facts. His comments did not stray into unknown areas at all. He had all the facts he needed to make the comments he did.
      So your comment relating to this subject is dishonest. If you want to voice your opinion as to the timing go right ahead. But even that would still be just your opinion.

      • JC

        That exactly right. With perhaps a small degree of % error…Romney was dead on the point saying we need to fix this particular problem. I say good on you Mr. Romney, and I’m not even a big Romney fan.

  • vietnamvet1971

    GOD help America if he buys/steals the election. The company counting/tabulating the results is in Spain and Soros is involved with that company…..

  • S.C.Murf

    Caught parts of a Q & A session with ogreatone last night on tv, all I got was the question to o, why he didn’t keep his promise of righting immigration in his first year as he promised, his answer was the repubs. wouldn’t let him. This non-commander in chief is a joke.

    up the hill

  • mark

    Dinesh D’Souza, please! This is the guy whose last crazy book claimed U.S. conservatives and Islamic fundamentalists were natural allies given their similar views on preserving traditional culture in the face of liberal permissiveness. What a crackpot notion. Face the facts, given his recent blunders, Romney has little chance of winning the election. For all his faults, Obama appears a better alternative to Romney who changes his views on everything every other day. (“I’ll keep the good parts of Romney Care, I mean Obama Care,” they are actually the same).

    Condemning 47% of the electorate as moochers and deadbeats – this includes of course retired veterans, seniors on Social Security and Medicare, and those unemployed in this weak economy through no fault of their own – is not exactly the way to win an election. Once again the Republicans have put up a very mediocre candidate who has little chance of winning against a pretty weak Democrat. But the Republicans have gone so far right in recent years that they cannot come up with anyone that appeals the the mainstream of American voters.

    • MarathonMan

      Mark; you seem to miss one very important point regarding the (AHCA)
      Obama and the democrats robbed 716 billion dollars from seniors that paid into the system to fund his AHCA. Given that payees into the system will need health care services when they are old they will instead face Obamas death panels, which are charged with saving money, and thus be denied services. The Military is similarly being screwed with their medical services. out of your 47 % figure an approximate 15 % are on SS and Medicare while 32% are on government hand outs.

      Now consider this: You will be paying additional taxes to fund Obamacare, then when you most likely to need it you will be sidetracked to the death panels. The government screwed seniors and they are going to get to you too. Consider this: OBAMA is screwing EVERY American ….. got that!

      Now here comes that real screwing that most folks do not know about:
      Four UN treaties that will surrender American sovereignty to the UNThe first two treaties are the ATT and the LOST treaties.
      Try this just for openers: The LOST treaty will require America to donate 50% of all off shore oil royalties to the UN for global wealth redistribution. That more of our money “DONATED BY TREATY, and ENFORCEABLE BY THE UN and ultimately forces if necessary.

      Any body that votes for Obama is ignorant of what Obama is doing behind our backs and following the Piper Piper down the road to perdition.

      • mark

        What you are saying is totally false, MarathonMan, the $716 billion in cuts over 10 years in Medicare included in Obamacare do not include one single cent in cuts to benefits for elderly patients. All of these cuts come from providers’ profits, insurance overcharges and overhead costs that all the insurance companies and hospitals agreed to eat since they will be getting millions of more customers covered by Obamacare on the other end. The cuts will have zero effect on benefits to seniors. With providers and insurance companies agreeing to take thes $716 in cuts over ten years this will save Medicare from going bankrupt for 8 more years.

        Both Romney and Ryan have the very same $716 billion in cuts in their plans even as they hypocritically condemn Obama for them. So no matter who you vote for these cuts are coming and since they are all on the provider not the benefit side they will greatly help extend the life of Medicare – a plan Ryan wants to kill and change over into a voucher plan.

      • MarathonMan

        Oh really Mark: what about this;
        As of Oct 1, medicare patients will no longer receive therapy after an operation.
        Then surgeries for seniors are limited to one per year.
        Our local hospital just laid off a total of 175 of it nursing staff and added new beds in the hospice unit. Getting the message here Mar?
        If Obama care is so good for the medical profession and patients why are so many doctors against it and warning patients of its ramifications?

  • Florida Patriot

    LIberals as well as Republicans can’t afford Obama for four more years. Pay attention to what he has already done in 3 1/2 years and study his background from childhood. Yes he wants to tear down America to 3rd world status and make Islam the ruler of America. That is the way he was raised by his mother who hated America, his father and especially his grandfather. He thinks America should pay back the rest of the world for our having succeded in hard work and capitalism.

  • uvuvuv

    can someone who is an expert in physiognomy (spell) determine if the child barack as shown in various photos is the same person as the present obama? i mean if you look at old family photos you can tell who is who in them even though they were taken decades previously. but with obama there just doesn’t seem to be this similarity. not even remotely. the switch could have been made at any convenient time, because his mother was an anthropologist working in indonesia and his father was a failed partyer and bureaucrat in kenya. obama (or davis) is anti-colonialism but the british came to kenya with roads and railroads, hospitals, schools, colleges and govt buildings. if he has a grudge, it wouldn’t be against the whites, who educated his father and bankrolled his college years in hawaii, but against the shopkeepers who were all from india and gouged their native customers mercilessly. the british were basically benign and were well accepted and respected by the natives per the book, out of africa.

    • Amore

      Really interesting you bring that up because friends have noticed the same thing and spoken about it. No one writes about, or mentions this.

    • uvuvuv

      when the moon in the sky looks like a big pizza pie, that’s…
      thanks for your remark. to be blunt in the kid photos he looks patently stupid.

    • Shelia

      really, surely you jest

  • Chuckie

    To think ‘they’ have been grooming ‘his wife’ to follow ‘him’ the next 8 year cycle of presidency following ‘his’ next 4 years. With the number of Americans now running to government handouts (for example: after unemployment limitation they now go for disability – plus illegals using ‘food stamp ID’ to vote etc etc etc) there will be more than 51% of the population eligible to vote & guess how they will vote. They will vote for the Party that promises them continued handouts without their contributing anything! This is what ‘his’ Fair Share and Redistribution means.

    • HH

      (To think I voted for this fool.)

      Alas, another “former” Obama supporter sees the light!!! Welcome Chuckie!!!

      • nc

        HH, you say that Jesus never came to the Americas and appointed disciples to form the Morman Church but the Church that Romney has contributed millions and millions to teaches that and quite possibly he believes it. Would you have any problem with him taking his oath on the Book Of Morman that blasphemes the name of Jesus with a lie about how he lived on earth?

        • HH

          (Would you have any problem with him taking his oath on the Book Of Morman that blasphemes the name of Jesus with a lie about how he lived on earth?)

          I am not his judge, he can live however he wishes to live. Please, explain the meaning of blasphemy, I know what it is, do you? I am a Christian not a Muslim, I won’t kill you if you don’t believe in God and Jesus our Savior. God puts in place the leaders of this world for his own reasons, not ours.

          Yes, I could vote for Romney. From what I can tell he’s against abortion and gay marriage unlike Obama! I have a good feeling that he could help this country if the house and senate cooperate. Unlike Obama who I really believe is trying to destroy us!

  • Beej

    There’s a lot of negative feelings here without a lot of detail. Please, please, explain to me exactly what YOUR America looks like? What laws would you change? Would only YOUR views be accepted? What about those that disagree with you, how would you handle them? I really want to know what you guys are looking for? Thanks.

    • Shelia

      amen to that Beej

    • JC

      A return to the Constitution and Courts of Justice….for everybody.
      Simple enough?

      • Ted G

        And a big amen to that JC

      • Bay0Wulf

        Courts and Justice … I dunno … that’s getting pretty hard too as the courts have become packed with more and more “Liberal” and Left Leaning judges. I see too many criminals getting a free walk and too many innocent people getting punished for their lack of understanding of Liberal required thought.

        Look at the Supreme Court. We can ill afford the appointments that BO made already and cannot afford to allow him any more appointments yet … what will Mitt do if given a chance?

        Better Mitt than this Bum but …

        • Wayne Leach

          What is needed is a truly People’s Court, Grand Jury, and the sheriffs to enforce any judgments forthcoming from them – totally ignoring the apparently unconstitutional SCOTUS the People now have. We have no branch of the People’s government actually abiding by the separation of powers. Much of this is in the works pretty solidly, but more will need to be done to make it a reality.

  • Amore

    All Americans have to do is look at us here in the UK (and Greece) and say “In a few years America will walk this same path”… In the UK so many are on ‘disability’ that they are going to CUT their payments.

  • http://firefox wog1

    The problem find with Democrats it they like being led down the path. That is why they are so apt to jump on the change band wagon. Proof. It states that Obama claims to the the friend of Israel. Is Obama the real friend of Israel then why did Obama snub the Prime Minister when he came here. Yes, you Jews that is right–snubbed Do you believe his rhetoric or do you believe his actions. His actions never, never, never match his words. .

    • mark

      Prime Minister Netanayahu has not come here yet. He is coming next month. Read a newspaper once in a while. The idea that the president of the United States has to be a constant lapdog for Israel offends many of us. The AIPAC Lobby and apparently you, wog 1, feel that the American president must be at the constant beck and call of every Israeli politician who comes over here to raise more money for their terror state. Obama would do well to “snub” alot more Israeli politicians and world leaders who only want a hand-out – or the use of our military to fight their wars. Bravo, Obama! Snub some more!

  • Bay0Wulf

    Liberal/Left/Democrats are not our friends they are Politicians. Republicans are likewise not our friends either as they are Politicians also. Over time both of these parties are happy to throw “We The People” and Our Country under the bus of their own Political Ambitions. The TEA Party is a young vetting system … it would be nice if I could figure out which of the “TEA Party” organizations is the “real” one. However, they are doing an outstanding job for having been around for less than … 6? years.

    I believe it is time to seriously re-vamp and promote the Constitution Party (a real 3rd party) to give the TEA Party and New Conservatives a place from which to strike at the rotten core of our 2 Party Political System. We need to begin to change things … we NEED HOPE and CHANGE alright just not the BS & Garbage we have been getting from Our Government for the last 70+ years.

    We need to stop what has been happening. We were willing to work from “within the system” to make things change but … it seems the system does not want us. We must force a CHANGE because “we cannot just pick up our toys and go home.”

    THIS IS OUR HOME. It is time to throw the cretins OUT!!!!

    It is time to strip down most of the “feel-good Social Programs” to bare bones and toughen the remaining. If the recipient did not “earn” them, they have no business buying cell phones, computers, plasma TV’s and steaks on “Our Dime”. Help? Yes. Support? No.

    It is time to separate the “Entitlements” from the “Services Paid For”.

    That is, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Unemployment beyond 28 weeks (or whatever it is was set up to be in your state) and other Government Hand-outs … People refer to these as “Entitlements” … but they are NOT!!! These are Hand Outs pure & simple, no-one is “Entitled” to live off the “We the People” all their lives.

    Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment (up to 28 weeks) … THESE ARE “Entitlements” because … WE PAID FOR THEM therefore we ARE ENTITLED to receive them.

    This is just ONE thing that must change but it is big. It is nasty. It is necessary. It will be “heartbreaking” because who wants to see anybody struggle to scrape together enough to feed themselves, feed their children? We MUST stop the outpouring of our wealth into Charity By Government Fiat. If we DON’T stop it, it will soon be YOU & I who are scraping to feed OURSELVES … OUR CHILDREN … OUR FAMILIES.

    I wonder how many people would return to their religion if churches resumed the position of caring for the needy?

    • howard


  • hanna

    I as well as millions of other Americans are bewildered over how half of America can approve of a man who so blantently lies and decieves. The only explanation for this is that God has said He will give over to those who insist evil is good and good is evil’ a ‘delusion’.Once these people are under a ‘delusion’ they will vote for their own destruction and will not to capable of understanding what is happening to them. A delusion sent from God means a mans thinking will become ‘bizarre’.

    • Flashy

      “I as well as millions of other Americans are bewildered over how half of America can approve of a man who so blantently lies and decieves. ” <— Hanna

      No worries Hanna, over half of America won't approve of a man who so blatantly lies and deceives…polls show Romney will lose and the trend for his numbers continue downward. Fact is, I'm revising my numbers and having it now Obama 321 – 187 with it looking like Romney will only take the South (ironically, those he has promised to screw are the ones voting for him in numbers…the white, ignorant, low education and lower income levels).

      The Senate is a horserace staying Dem. and the House will probably stay GOP but not by much. And there is a path where the House could go Democrat if Romney continues to implode….

      Have faith…more and more it looks safe in keeping the GOP and the Whacked far right from having much of a say the next four years.

      • Ted G

        Hi Flashy, I am an independant. I always thought that the US Constitution was not only clear and strong enough but that more than enough people believed in it so that we would be protected by any radical social impositions being pushed by what you term the “Radical Right” IMO if the Repubs would simply stay out of my bedroom I would have no other complaints with them.
        But lately I have become more than a little concerned that the “Radical Left” which many including myself can no longer recognize as being part of what used to be called the “Democratic party” has totally gone over to what really should now be called the communist party. I no longer feel based on Obamas and his shadowy supporters direction and policies that we can count on the US Constitution alone to protect us from them!
        They are pushing us towards civil war IMO, because what they propose is not even close to legal under our foundation of laws.
        What do you think sparky? I hope your response is supported by our laws and not more of your usual misdirection, avoidance and attempted insults.

        • HH

          Excellent comment Ted G!!! Very true!!! eddie47dunce is just to ignorant to see the truth!!! Sad but true!!!

      • Ted G

        A modest correction HH, It was flashy, but I think the difference between them seems to be small enough so that it doesn’t matter much. Thx
        PS besides, this might even head off an attempt at disparagement by eddie regarding your reading comprehension. …the lefts supporters seem to go on attack mode when they don’t have a decent response. Oh crap thats getting close to falling for their trap…(I say with a chuckle).

        • HH

          I noticed that AFTER I hit the reply button, went to get me a drink and then forgot to update my comment on it. Thanks for the catch.

          (It was flashy, but I think the difference between them seems to be small enough so that it doesn’t matter much.)

          Does this mean I DON’T have to apologize to eddie?

      • Deerinwater

        “They are pushing us towards civil war IMO, because what they propose is not even close to legal under our foundation of laws.”

        I come near believing that you are looking for a reason to react in an uncivil manner and then blame it on someone else for your bad behavior.

        Please , indulge us, what are and who are “they” that are proposing that is goes against this (foundation) of laws that is worth killing people over. Explain it, perhaps I might be on your side.

        There 33 senate seats up for reelection of which 23 are threaten by the GOP.

        I personally believe anyone that attempt to start a war will not fare well it, you’ll only get some bad press and be luck if you live to read it.

      • Ted G

        Ah! The ubiquitous “They”, Well first I think if you have read my posts I am anything but uncivil. And though I will not back down from a fight I do not start them. I think most good men should or do feel the same.

        You can call it civil unrest, anarchy or whatever you want. But when the powers that be do not follow and adhere to what the US Constitution defines as a limited fed government in both size and scope, then I call them “They” and all the supporting arms and branches that go along with them “They” as well.

        If we do not get control of what is supposed to be our Government the system could very well collapse. While “They” for whatever their reasons sit and watch and do nothing but continue to try and divide this nation for political gain. And what do they gain? Is it the power to continue to tax and spend into oblivian? You see I always thought that the US Constitution was a limit on what “They” could try and get away with.

        This has been slow slide into this situation, over the last 50-80 years of slyly ignoring the USC. If it continues, our society will suffer. Many do not realize how fragile is our existence.
        And our so called leaders have dishonored their respective oaths of office to support and defend…I think you know all this already, but thats O.K.
        I think you also know that was not advocating for civil war, but thats O.K. too.

        Whether it is actual civil war or simply economic armagedden I think you may find the results could be eerily similar.

        • tlgeer

          “But when the powers that be do not follow and adhere to what the US Constitution defines as a limited fed government in both size and scope”

          Who’s definition of adhering to the US Constitution is the correct one? And how do you know that?

          “And what do they gain? Is it the power to continue to tax and spend into oblivian? You see I always thought that the US Constitution was a limit on what “They” could try and get away with. ”
          Our FF gave Congress the right, and the responsibility, to levy taxes and to raise income to keep our country going.

      • Ted G

        “Who’s definition of adhering to the US Constitution is the correct one? And how do you know that?”

        Isn’t this exactly the discussion we should be having on a national level? IMO It is fairly clear what the Constitution defines as the responsibility of the Fed Gov. everything else rests with the states and we the people. But this needs to be discussed and the politiicans need to then justify their philosophies accordingly. Limited Fed Gov is the key here.

        “Our FF gave Congress the right, and the responsibility, to levy taxes and to raise income to keep our country going.”

        Yes, but you must finish this sentence with as defined by and limited by the US Constitution. Now doesn’t that bring us back to the first part about definition? It sure does.

        Do you hear any politician make statements about what they cannot do, No never. This subject is ignored completely by the elite and the “powers that be” why? Because us plebes shouldn’t be able to challenge their authority?
        When you have a former speaker of the house scoff at and then answer with a “Are you kidding” when challenged by a citizen on how she justifies her position based on the constitution, then we have a serious problem with our so called leaders.

  • Sheryn


    • http://speedle speedle

      How is that Sheryn? Tell us why we should be embarrassed by this movie.

      • Mary

        I’ll be happy to tell you why you should be embarrassed. The movie is nothing but made up conspiracy and lies. Please someone tell me where is proof of any of this nonsense? The author, D’Souza, has never met the President or talked to him. He is taking a few world events and putting them together and calling them a conspiracy. If you look at them, you will know Obama had absolutely nothing to do with them. He could have made the same conspiracy up about someone else. Of course, he needed to discredit Obama in the hopes of keeping him from a second term as President. It is just politics and with enough money spent on the lies, many will buy it. D’Souza, came to this country from India, his family were Catholics and he changed his religion to Evangelical Christian and he is also a spokesman for the right wing conservatives. How do we know he did not switch his religion for his political gain? Could it be a conspiracy? Unfortunately anyone can say anything about anybody and get away with it in today’s world.

      • JC

        Mary says:

        September 21, 2012 at 11:36 am

        I’ll be happy to tell you why you should be embarrassed. The movie is nothing but made up conspiracy and lies. Please someone tell me where is proof of any of this nonsense?…

        Don’t be so lazy…do your own homework and prove that any of it is wrong.
        It isn’t it’s spot on and the The Kenyan is an imposter.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Mary, are you daft? Did you actually see the movie? I doubt it. All the facts laid out in the documentary (movie) are easily checked out. Conspiracy theories are built on ideas and circumstantial evidence. There is no denying words written and recorded by Obama himself. He doesn’t even deny them. Does your ideological bent prevent you from connecting common sense dots and accepting reality when it stares you in the face?

        If you support Obama just say I know he is a socialist with an ax to grind against the traditional Western European (and U.S.) “colonialistic” practices in the past, and you want to vote for him anyway. Good grief, talk about being in denial. You are a case study.

  • Mary

    What a bunch of BS coming from this right wing commentator, D’Souza. How interesting he says we do not know Obama when D’Souza has admitted he has never met or spoken to President Obama. Reading his bio, he apparently came up with this ridiculous conspiracy by reading Obama’s book, “Dreams of my Father”. Obama barely knew his Father and certainly was not raised by him. D’Souza is an example of the far right grasping at anything to assure the President is not re-elected. If the truth be known, we would probably find out he is backed by the Karl Rove Crossroads organization, which will stoop at anything to win back the White House for the Republican party. It is obvious that Obama did not instigate the things D’Souza says are leading up to the decline of America, high unemployment, crippling debt and weak foreign policy. All have slowiy improved under Obama and his handling of foreign policy is anything but weak. Our military power is not weak and because of more sophisticated weapons there is no need to increase its size. Obama is not trying to redistribute wealth, he only wants to increase the federal tax paid by the wealthiest 1% to the equivilance of that paid by them during the Clinton Administration. It was higher under many other Presidents including Republicans, than it is now. The Republicans are so outraged by the costs of the Healthcare bill but they did not blink twice at the costs, at the tune of billions every few wks, to pay for the unjustified Iraq war, which their Republican President got us into. It seems their values are well misplaced. As far as the decline of America, if it happens and may be already, it will not be Obama’s fault. What about the Republican Congress who cause our financial rating to go down, not Obama’s fault. What about the way America bullied Iraq by invading them when they did not attack us? Do we really think the rest of the world is going to look on us favorably when they know we could turn on them and do the same thing? Use your common sense people. President Obama has NEVER done anything or said anything to warrant the kind of stupid conspiracy that D’Souza spews. It is also well documented that none of his BS can be proven. If anyone stands to benefit from this fiction, it is D’souza who has become a mulit-millionaire, from the sell of his book and the proceeds from the movie. It is really too bad that those Americans who see this may believe the lies and vote against the President. Of course that is the PURPOSE OF IT. Shame on those who continue to spread the lies. When is this party, who has always prided themselvs on high morals, going to start acting like it.

    • Palin16

      I saw the movie and I disagree. A lot of the movie is in Obama’s own words. There is an audio CD available of “Dreams from My Father” with Obama reading his own autobiography. One audio clip has Obama saying when he went to Columbia he sought out the Marxist professors. What does that tell you? Various video clips are also shown, such as Obama telling the Russian President “after my election I’ll have more flexability” (regarding nuclear disarmament). There is also an interview with Barry’s half-brother, George Obama, in Kenya. George states he earns $1 a month and receives no assistance from Barry. So what if Dinesh made a few million? So did Michael Moore with Fahrenheit 911.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Henrietta Harris

    For those who are a part of Romney’s 47% that he is not concerned about, what is he going to do with them, (outsource), and what about immigration, where’s Romney’s parents from.



    • HH


      Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t “entitlements” something you earn?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Henrietta Harris

    SAND SMITH, Lets see now, anyone working today is paying for your parents social security and anyone else whose gets entitlements.

    • Sue

      Henrietta I paid for my social security each and every pay check for over 50 years. It is not an entitlement. It is MY money. The gov. spent the money and now they want us to pay more????.

    • JC

      That is utter garbage Henrietta Smith. Anyone who worked a full career in the US has MORE than paid for what little SS they receive in return. Social Security is just another government con game. I’d rather have been taxed a lot less and saved for my own retirement any way…you know, like a Responsible human being.

    • MarathonMan

      You need to understand the difference between Social Security (SS) and Medicare “Benefits” and Government means tested HAND-OUTS are things like Medicaid and food stamps, housing assistance, aid to dependent children etc. etc.

      As stated, folks pay into SS and Medicare and get a return in the form of BENEFITS. Government figures once estimated the return on an individuals social security payments (investment) is about 1 to 2%. (Great return isn’t it)

      Given that our government robbed the SS piggy bank and Obama and democrats stole a whopping $716 billion from medicare piggy bank to fund AHCA (Obamacare), seniors are screwed and will wind up being denied health care by Obamas Death Panels.

      Government means tested hand-outs are just that.
      Approximately 144 million folks are on handouts, thats about 32 % of the population while; 15 % are receiving “benefits” from which they paid into. Add up the aforementioned percentages and you get the 47% you hear about in the news. The means tested handouts, which include food stamps, housing allowances, cell phones (which you may not know about), have DOUBLED under the Obama administration.

      Given that Medicare and SS are on the skids, folks like your self will enjoy the benefits of the Obama social justice agenda and soon learn and understand what the Soviet Union Communist Utopia was all about.

      So, for those of you that like Obamas policies; your gonna love his brand of socialism.

  • Palin16

    This is really funny! A company is selling Obama 52 playing cards. Each card has the picture (on the back) of some of the people who Obama was influenced by or works with today. Such notables as Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Blagojevich, Pelosi, Saul Alinsky, you get the picture….

    • nc

      Palin, the picture I get of Obama is him sitting in that room watching the Seals take out our number one enemy! The other picture I get is of bush walking along holding hands with that oil arab!Have you seen those pictures???

      • Deerinwater

        Yea! or picture America no longer being a major world manufacturer of automobiles or a picture of one more 1 million of unemployed Americans requesting unemployment.

        Bill Ayers or John McCain or Karl Rove never were never convicted or went to prison so just because you think you smell smoke does not mean the house is burning down.

        “Some media reports and political critics have suggested that Ayers, Dohrn or the Weathermen were connected to the fatal 1970 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing but neither Ayers nor anyone else has been charged or convicted of this crime.[19]
        While underground, Ayers and fellow member Bernardine Dohrn married, and the two remained fugitives together, changing identities, jobs and locations.
        In 1973, new information came to light about FBI operations targeted against Weather Underground and the New Left, all part of a series of covert and often illegal FBI projects called COINTEL.[20] Due to the illegal tactics[clarification needed] of FBI agents involved with the program, government attorneys requested all weapons- and bomb-related charges be dropped against the Weather Underground, including charges against Ayers.[21]”

        Bill Ayers jail time??????

        “In 1965, Ayers joined a picket line protesting an Ann Arbor, Michigan pizzeria for refusing to seat African Americans. His first arrest came for a sit-in at a local draft board, resulting in 10 days in jail. His first teaching job came shortly afterward at the Children’s Community School, a preschool with a very small enrollment operating in a church basement, founded by a group of students in emulation of the Summerhill method of education.[”

        Sounds like a man of conviction to me and not all just “Lip Service”

      • DaveH

        NC says — “Palin, the picture I get of Obama is him sitting in that room watching the Seals take out our number one enemy”.
        You have no idea who they really killed, NC, and then 6 of the Seal Team members coincidentally were killed in a helicopter crash just a few months later:

        I don’t expect you to read the text or watch the video, NC, since you are afraid to wake to reality, but other people will.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Henrietta Harris

    No one talks about romney being a mormon

    • Palin16

      so is Harry Reid.

      • Lynnette

        So what if he is. What does it matter? What matters is if he can get our country back on track. Can he do the job or should we let Obama destroy what’s left? The choice is yours…get out and vote.

    • JC

      Is Romney being a Mormon an issue for you Henrietta?

  • Sue

    I beg any of you to go to an elementary school library and check the books that are in the American History section. The American history I studied in school is no longer in them. Don’t tell me that Obama isn’t changing our country. He IS very successful. He knows exactly what his goal is and he intends to get it.

    • Flashy

      Sue…what exactly has Obama done the past 3 plus years to change the history books in the elementary school? Did you look and see when they were printed and ask when they were ordered and by whom? Have you heard how obama is using the EO power of the presidency to give states and schools more leeway to set curriculum, fund charter schools, and give power back to school boards that was usurped by the GOP/Bush Leave No Child disaster which nationalized our schools? He had to since the GOP in Congress thwarted every effort to amend the LNCB fiasco…the GOP thinking that nationalized schools taking away local powers and decision making to be a good thing.

      • Ted G

        I’m kinda shocked here Flashy, This almost sounds like an endorsement to eliminate the Dept of Ed. (with which I wholeheartedly agree) Can you confirm if this is true Flashy.
        This alone would save a considerable amount of money, This years DOEd budget alone is aprox 68 billion. That would put a dent in the annual deficit.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Henrietta Harris

    Palin16, Harry Reid is not running for President. Could not stop talking about the President’s faith in 2008

    • Palin16

      What’s your point? Are you Mormonophobic?

    • JC

      Oh look…another “tolerant” liberal….

  • jopa

    Here we are another day and now Romney said he is now for 100% for all of the Americans, he thinks Obamacare is great and proud to be the grandfather of it and wishes he was a Mexican.Makes you wonder what tomorrow will bring .He seems a little giddy today.He must have gone out dancing with his horse last night and had a couple of cool ones.Ooops, forgot,Mormons are not allowed to drink the fruit of the vine nor the golden brew of the Colorado Rockies.Looks like we are going back to prohibition.

    • Lynnette

      lol….you better check what was allowed at the Olympics before you say such things. Mormons aren’t idiots. They didn’t become the one of the richest churches by being stupid.

  • jopa

    Romney went to speak to some Hispanics in Florida and borrowed a little spray on coloring from Boehner to look a little more Mexican.Why didn’t he just put on a sombrero?That guy just doesn’t think.Now he is walking around looking like Boehners brother the Weeper of the House and he wants to be the Weeper of the White House.

  • Inventor64

    12/21/12 The end of the people, we didn’t work out very well.

    • MarathonMan

      All you will need on 12/22/12 is a new calendar and a new president.

      • HH

        (All you will need on 12/22/12 is a new calendar and a new president)

        So right you are MM! Let’s see……….. December 22, 2012……….. I believe that starts the “4th” Mayan long count calender? They didn’t last through the “3rd” long count calender to even think of starting the “4th”!!! That’s why there is no documentation of it the “4th” long count calender in the Mayan records!

  • FreedomFighter

    During our conversation, D’Souza told me that both liberals and conservatives make a big mistake when they think Barack Obama has failed to achieve his goals. High unemployment, crippling debt, a weak foreign policy and fading military power are not accidents, according to D’Souza. They are actually the results of the bigger objectives that Obama seeks: the decline of American prosperity and power in the world.

    Now this is mainstream, maybe the many so called pundents, reporters, newspapers and other news outlets should render written resignations, in shame for what they have written about contributers to Personal Liberty, Glen Beck, M. Savage, Rush-bo Limbaugh and the many others that have been warning the American people since the beginning.

    Of course it wont happen, they the Obama Media Supporters are shameless media whores, commies, socialists and fools.

    Of course, no politician in America could ever admit that those are his real goals. D’Souza said that as a result: “Obama has to camouflage what he wants to do.

    This is why we the American people need to remove the spineless, gutless, human excrement that now serve as politicians and replace them with real men of honor and integrity, guts that believe in America, the constitution and its people.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • HH

      Well what are we waiting for FF? Let’s do it!!!!

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  • Rick

    I have seen this movie, I found it very informative and very enlightening. I think this movie should be seen by all American’s

    • Flashy

      Merry melodies give more educational and informational value…and they’re free on Saturday morning TV !

      • HH

        So THAT’S the fantasy world YOU live in? Merry Melodies?

  • Thomas

    Remember this folks…Freedom is not free, and if we keep that in mind always, decisions on politics and policy are much easier to make. No the best candidate for the job of president is not running but focus on what needs to be done instead. One step at a time, and the first thing is getting rid of Obama, 2nd thing readopt a “Glass Stegal” type regulation for the banking industry and third start cooperating with industry and other governments also to get some real benefits to mankind going worldwide, such as infrastructure ,energy , water and agriculture. Once these things are implemented life will get better. Politics and political parties may have to change drastically and I myself would like to see a return to what made this country great, even though these are different times, these principals will not fail. The Constitution Party may be what we need. Thanks DaveH for your links and input.

  • SJJolly

    “2016: Obama’s America.” Another right-wing Republican smear of Obama, added to the enormous pile of four years of right-wing Repubican smears of him. (Yawn).

  • jopa

    What a bunch of bull in this article.Obama trying to destroy America however the stock market went from 6500 to over 13,500 since he became President.GM is alive Usama Bin Laden dead along with over 25 of his top leaders basically decimating Al Qaeda.The Somali pirates are a thing of the past when Obama told the sniper to take the shot, we have had 30 straight months of job growth, housing prices are on the rise, we are more respected around the world now more than ever before in history.All polls today are in his favor including the handling of the economy and especially his likability.Americans just have an overwhelming respect for him as such a decent man in comparison to his rival.No one can trust Romney with all of his secrecy from taxes of his own to what he will do after the election with everyone else’s.All of his supposed policies we are going to have to wait until after the election to hear what they are.It doesn’t work like that here.

    • MarathonMan

      Do you ever get sick tried of repeating your sophomoric opinions? It is the same trite stuff over and over again. Dose the democrat party pay you to post this ?
      if not, you are either very, very young ( i.e. lack experience and knowledge), enamored with the worst president to ever sit in the white house, and a few french fries short of a happy meal?

      • deerinwater

        That such a claim is not found in fact or truth doesn’t seem to bother you at all. Just making wild claims does not create reality.

        While I hate that Obama is not cleaning up W’s mess fast enough, you are not helping.

        • Gea

          Bush was also a horrible President, but at least he was not endagering US by bowing to Saudi king and cavorting with Islamists of Muslim Brotherhod that are now terrorising again Arab countries after the corrupt secular dictators were deposed with the help opf NATO and Obama. Obama should be tried for treason of American values and helping ISlamists get into the White House. Those Islamists have a long range plan to infiltrate America and destroy Western civlzitaion, while enjoying its benefits. Islam is incompatible with US Constitution and MUST reform if it wants to stay in ANY decenjt country that respects liberty and human rights. Obama must resign!

          • deerinwater

            Well Gea, ~ after 43′s 7 years of inter-nation blundering, there was a lot of fence mending to do, despite the fact that it”s a sicking thought to consider. Call it damage control and be glad someone accept the position to attempt it and you and I didn’t have too! I’d say Obama was the perfect man for the job at hand.

            Attempt to wrap your mind around the fact, wars without a clear end game objective can’t be won. And that Islam is the world’s second largest religion after Christianity.

            According to a 2010 study, Islam has 1.62 billion adherents, making up over 23% of the world population.[1

            Islam is the predominant religion in the Middle East, in Sahel, in the Horn of Africa and northern Africa,[3][4][5][6] and in some parts of Asia.[7] Africa is the only continent with a Muslim majority population (52.39%)[8]. Large communities of Muslims are also found in China, the Balkans, and Russia.[9][3] Other parts of the world host large Muslim immigrant communities; in Western Europe, for instance, Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity, where it represents 6% of the total population.[10]

            That a lot of people to be pissed off or to attempt to piss on. ~ Unless you or somebody has a clear idea on how to address this numerical fact, ~ appease and contain works for now. It’s not a “forever” solution, it’s a right now solution.

            It was the Bush’s administrations and their international exploits that felt obligated and compelled to interfere in the Muslim world with overriding crude oil interest and the appeal to drop kick bad guys. In nations where removing one bad guy creates three bad guys and WAR in their major cottage industry followed by oil and heroin production, wool rugs and camel $hit.

            So you are angry with Obama for attempting to bring this distrust and rancor down a few notches by honoring heads of state in a way their culture understands? It’s called “Humility” Gea, ~ and it is so hard to come by and should not to be confused with weakness. For a weak man is always on guard and quick to offend, finding themselves unable to recover from a heavy blow while a offensive posture is self defeating. Heads of state are responsible for conveying a conciliatory posture. When they fail to do so, bad things happens to good people.

            We only have “TODAY” to change TOMORROW. YESTERDAY is history and can’t be changed at much as we might wish it possible.

            Just be glad is wasn’t you that had to pucker up Gea and allow us to move on to the next issue of the day, this kicking a dead horse in getting us no where.

    • DaveH

      Jopa says — “we have had 30 straight months of job growth”.
      Do you ever get tired of your equivocations, Jopa?
      Sure we had 30 months of job growth, but when Obama took office the number of jobs was 133,560,000. Now for the latest month of actual employment figures, we have 133,063,000 jobs.
      That’s a decline of almost 500,000 jobs since Obama took office.
      If a man knocks you down, and then gives you a hand back up, is he being polite?

      • deerinwater

        “NEW YORK ( — The hemorrhaging of American jobs accelerated at a record pace at the end of 2008, bringing the year’s total job losses to 2.6 million or the highest level in more than six decades.”

        That was just the beginning of the House of Cards falling in David, and you know it to be so! 44 was swear in January 20th 2009 at the beginning of an avalanche of job loss of massive proportion.

        The last quarter of 43′s final term, W was like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke holding back the sea, unable to move and excited about being relieved the title and position and getting out of Dodge without being tarred and feathered.

        • Gea

          Perhaps both GW Bush and Barry Hussein Obama should be tarred and feathered and shipped to their king to Saudi Arabia to hole hands with him (Bush) and bow him (Obama) and have 4 wives at the time and unlimited supply of boys and girls, which is legal in Saudi Arabia. They can also take with them Jerry Sundusky, since he would have a field day legally in those sharia ruled countries ;-)!

      • DaveH

        You, like Jopa, equivocate. When Bush took office in Jan 2001 there were 132,466,000 non-farm jobs. By Jan 2008 there were 138,023,000 non-farm jobs, for a total of 5,557,000 jobs “created”. Of course the smart people know that Government Doesn’t Create jobs. The best they can do is to get out of the way. Then during 2008 most of those “created” jobs were lost back. So the “lost” jobs were those which were “created” under the Bush administration.
        But when Obama took office, the number of employed was still higher than when Bush had taken office. And during the Obama administration the number of jobs kept declining until March of 2010 when they started increasing again. But they still aren’t at the level they were when Obama took office.
        I suspect that a good many of those jobs (in both administrations) were artificially created with the Bailouts and Quantitative Easings, and they won’t last last. Time will tell.
        Go here to do your own investigations. Pick the “total non-farm employment” box and then pick the “retrieve data” button at the bottom:

      • deerinwater

        David says’ ” So the “lost” jobs were those which were “created” under the Bush administration.”

        And that is your final answer? 8 years and the score still 6 and 6, not even a field goal?

        So much for the notion that tax breaks to the wealthy stimulates growth, hmm?

        Updated 6/1/2012 4:21 PM

        “Federal employment has fallen for seven of the last eight months, the longest sustained drop in more than a decade. The decline is tiny: Just 9,900 fewer workers in May compared with a year earlier, excluding postal and temporary Census workers, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a fraction of the 2.2 million civilian federal workforce.

        Nevertheless, the reversal marks the end of a period of enormous employment growth that spanned the end of George W. Bush’s presidency and the start of President Obama’s term.
        Federal employment grew 13% — 250,000 jobs — from the recession’s start in December 2007 to a peak last September. During that time, private employment fell 5% and state and local governments cut staffs by 2%.

        Political and financial pressures have stopped federal hiring growth, says John Palguta, vice president of the Partnership for Public Service, which promotes a high-quality federal workforce. “Budget challenges are becoming real,” he says. He predicts the federal workforce will shrink through 2013 and maybe longer.”

        Read more

        So W swelled the federal employment while the rest of us was getting tax breaks and losing jobs ~ houses, etc yet O has made modest gains in employment while shrinking the Fed.

        I didn’t know that! Did you?

        It;s all tit for tat David, ~ history, ~ today and tomorrow is what concerns me. While we see that today the numbers are beginning to move in a positive direction. ~ But we still have this large elephant in the room that few want to discuss.

    • HH

      jopa says, (What a bunch of bull in this article.Obama trying to destroy America however the stock market went from 6500 to over 13,500 since he became President.)

      jopa, your facts are severely skewed, in 2008 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 13,044. Obama took office in January 2009 and the stocks dropped to 9,035 by the end of the year. At the beginning of this year stocks were at 12,393. Yes they are up from the year end totals in which he took office but Bush (and I don’t care for his policies either) left Obama with a Dow Jones of13,044 which is LESS than where it is now! Get your facts straight gal!

      jopa says, (GM is alive Usama Bin Laden dead along with over 25 of his top leaders basically decimating Al Qaeda.)

      We should have let GM take a nose dive! Ford Motor Company didn’t need government assistance to stay afloat. Has GM paid back those loans yet?

      Osama bin Laden is dead, why did you spell his name with a U?, is it too close to your savoir “O”bama’s name? The plans to take “O”sama Bin Laden out were implemented by Bush, all “O”bama did was give the OK to complete the operation. He had no choice but to do so! Neither he OR Bush did it, it was the military that took him out with the plans Bush had in place!!!

      If Al Qaeda doesn’t exist then who did the killings in Libya?

      jopa says, (The Somali pirates are a thing of the past when Obama told the sniper to take the shot)

      The coalition of three forces, The Combined Task Force 150 (starting in 2004), Enduring Freedom (which started under Bush H I believe) and the Combined Task Force 151 are responsible for the killing of the Somalian pirates NOT Obama!

      jopa says, (we have had 30 straight months of job growth)

      Really? The unemployment rate (these are government figures which are about 6 points lower than actual) say it was 7.8 when Obama took office, it’s now 8.2, where is the growth? Government jobs? Losing “private” sector jobs and adding ONLY government jobs is a tax burden which is what Obama has done!

      jopa says, (housing prices are on the rise)

      Really? When Obama took office my home was appraised at $149,000 today it’s appraised at $89,000 which is what I paid for it in 1995! Where is the increase???

      jopa says, (we are more respected around the world now more than ever before in history)

      You’ve GOT to be kidding…… right? Obama bows to a Saudi king? We no longer have the respect of the Arab world! He apologizes to 3rd world countries? For WHAT? We no longer have the respect we had because Obama is an IDIOT and the world knows that and they can’t believe Americans voted him in office!

      jopa says, (All polls today are in his favor including the handling of the economy and especially his likability.Americans just have an overwhelming respect for him as such a decent man in comparison to his rival)

      His likability ratings are about 53%, who really cars about that? His approval ratings are 45% at best! As for an “overwhelming” respect? There are no polls on that but I highly doubt it!

      jopa says, (No one can trust Romney with all of his secrecy from taxes of his own to what he will do after the election with everyone else’s.)

      But we already know what Obama is going to do with our money, he’s already done it!!! Obamacare!!! You idiot! All of America can’t afford Obamacare!!! Romney’s secrecy with his taxes? What about Obama’s “secrecy” with his birth certificate? His college records? Secrecy in the White House? NOTHING about his tenure as president has been made known and his platform in 2008 was transparency? Who’s the liar? Who are the idiots that follow?

      jopa says, (All of his supposed policies we are going to have to wait until after the election to hear what they are.It doesn’t work like that here.)

      I’ll give you that! Obama told us what he was going to do, “change” and he’s done just that! His “change” won’t stop until we’re a third world country like his home Kenya!!!

      • jopa

        HH; The reason we have to give the credit to the officially called Stack Market Crash of 2008 is that Bush was President at the time.Especially in what is called the Black Week in October.The reason for using Usama Bin Laden for his name is that Usama is actually the official name of the perp and that is what even the FBI uses on their wanted posters.If you really looked into the killing of Usama you would see all the options the President had before him and for him to have the vision and foresight into the outcome was truly amazing.The steps he took and the tactics he worked out with our military we were able to get more intelligence in this one raid than ever before in history, resulting in the demise of several more terrorists.If the mission failed it may have been the end of his presidency like Carters.Very gutsy move.As far as your house goes you are responsible for your own maintenance so it won’t depreciate so fast and try a little home improvement.Other than that be patient the housing prices are rising again.We cannot afford to not have Obamacare in that the uninsured are just going to the ER and we pay for that at a much higher cost than if they went to a normal health care provider.You mentioned Obama bowing to the Saudi King.I would have done the same knowing the other option.Did you not see the pictures and film of Dubya actually kissing that dude and then walking hand in hand through the flower garden like they were on a date.Sometimes I really do miss George because of the laughs he provided at time , however all the death and destruction caused by him and his cronies they should all be locked up.Thank you and have a good one.

        • HH

          jopa, said, (As far as your house goes you are responsible for your own maintenance so it won’t depreciate so fast and try a little home improvement.)

          That statement reflects you ignorance AND stupidity! You moron, you have no idea what my home looks like OR how I maintain it!!! For you information you imbecile, I purchased my home in 1995, I’ve added a bathroom, bedroom and den, I had it re-painted a few years ago, had a new roof put on 2 years ago and I just rebuilt the front porch/deck last summer!!! My plans for this fall are to rebuild the back deck!!! And you have the audacity to say that my “lack” of maintenance is responsible for the fall of my home’s value when the things I’ve done should actually INCREASE it’s value? No you Obama lover (same as imbecile), ALL homes in my neighborhood have fallen at the SAME rate mine has!!! RIGHT NOW IT’S AT AN ALL TIME LOW and I don’t see it increasing anytime in the near future!!!

          So jopa, after addressing your stupidity the rest of you post has NO credibility and is NOT worthy of a reply! BUT, I do feel I need to educate you on this matter………..

          (Did you not see the pictures and film of Dubya actually kissing that dude and then walking hand in hand through the flower garden like they were on a date.)

          In Saudi Arabia when greeting a King, if he’s someone you know as Bush knew him, it is custom to kiss them on EACH CHEEK, TWICE!!! Their holding hands as they walked shows utmost respect for each other! Just as Bush did! On the other hand, when you BOW to a Saudi King it shows SUBMISSION!!! As Obama did! NO PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES HAS EVER BOWED TO A SAUDI KING UNTIL OBAMA!!! The Saudi King showed NO respect toward Obama after that!

      • DaveH

        Let’s be honest, Jopa. The reason you credit Bush with the Stock Market crash is because you are a Liberal Progressive Zealot who will defend Obama no matter what he does. And you still haven’t figured out after all this time hanging around this board that it ISN’T a party thing — It’s a Big Government thing. The Democrats and the Republicans are just different sides of the same Big Government ripoff coin.
        If you’d time the time to read just this one book, Jopa, the blinders might lift:

        • HH

          Thanks for catchin’ my back DaveH!!! I owe ya one!!!

  • http://e-mail Barbara Ann Prezioso

    Great film. Dispassionate. Objective and right on. Dinesh is a great and courageous American

    • mark

      D’Souza was born in Bombay, India. As such unlike Barak Obama he can never run for President and Thank God! The man is a smarmy, dishonest elitist and professional liar. Another nutjob conspiracy theorist. On Nov. 6 2012 at about 9:30pm when Obama is announced the winner and reelected president, D’Souza will be exposed for the inconsequential little snipe that he is. But that won’t bother him, he has been well paid by the numerous right-wing think tanks and the Koch Brothers. A total intellectual fraud.

      • HH

        (The man is a smarmy, dishonest elitist and professional liar. Another nutjob)

        Oh! I thought you were talking about Obama! My bad…………… mark, you sir are an IDIOT!!!

      • jopa

        mark;D’Souza was born in India and it’s no wonder he would come out with an anti Obama film.It is Romney who is most notable for sending jobs to India ,China and Pakistan.Just wait until the release of the films from China and Pakistan they should be hilarious.It is so hard to believe these folks that claim to be somewhat intelligent suck this stuff up.Then again this is conspiracy headquarters.

        • Gea

          India is a tolerant country which produces a lot of intelligent people who often end up in USA, because they subscribe to freedom of expression and human rights, unlike most Muslim countries where people get murdered by stoning or beheading for “blaphemy”, i.e telling truth about pedophile polygamist, rapist and murderer that Mohamed was and about Islam, which is a supremacist genocidal idelology similar to Nazi ideology.

          Barak Hussein Sotoro OBama is great storry teller but his symphaties are not with America but with ISlam and Koran, while dissing Bible. Politically correct bleading hearts Americans project their own decency onto thsoe Muslim barbarians who were helped to come to power by Hussein Obama.

  • elguapoviejo

    Someone up there in this line of stupid remarks said something about the dumbing down of America, these comments are proof of the dumbing down of America. What a bunch of idiots!

  • black as coal

    i really don’t understand how come this dickhead ever got elected. if he gets relected, then i suppose americans are idiots. he thinks he is god or a celetial being that came down to rule the world, who is this moran.

    • deerinwater

      From one d1ckhead to another, the world is ran by the people that bother to show up. ~ Like McCain and Ms. Moose meat chile was a serious option?

      If you have plans to win an election, it wise to start with someone that is electable to a nation of people and not to just a few Peckerwoods that would require 20 of them to find 10 cents worth of brains.

  • joanie

    Going to the polls is like showing up at church periodically.
    The real work is done with your own two hands, every freaking day.
    You reap what you sow…

    I hate to point out the obvious but, when you look to government, you’re giving your power away, expecting it to take care of things, that we the people should be tending. Stopping blaming either political party, it’s the system you’ve put your faith in.
    Lookie here, inside government – see it – “over” “men”.

    What’s that saying, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself and that applies to everything… Now where would you truly like to direct your energy, blaming or being a doer? Unfortunately we’ve become a socialistic country, taking from those that are the hard workers and giving it to those who do nothing, entitlers. It won’t be long now, the spirit of the doers will match the takers, zero energy. That is what the government is doing by providing handouts (stealing from one, giving to the other), killing the free spirit of all…

    If you belong to a party, you’ve made a commitment to those ideals. Life is much bigger than committing to a group’s agenda, because there’s not one mission that considers the greater whole. You’ve put those ideals before humanity yet love starts at home, within your heart. Even pledging to our flag, the Republic and all that jazz is making something a goal that should be secondary. I stand back outside the chatter, neutral, because life will go on in spite of which side you stand, because naturally, energy balances out – creation is amazing.

    This is what happens at the polls. Your vote becomes a negative or positive, (poles=polarity) depending upon the winner. All votes created the outcome, where there is always a winner, so it doesn’t matter. And for those that didn’t vote, they continue doing their own thing. Everyone utilizes their energy allowing it to flow via a particular outlet. All is pure energy. The point is, in the end, the healthiest persons are content with how they spent their energy, while at the same time, reaping the benefits. Giving and taking love, this exchange completes the energy flow. Only a taker or a giver be, does not accomplish this – a body carries blockages which show up as ill health – dis ease. At the day’s end, be happy for your efforts, and forget about the other guy because thy acid tongue will eat away at you. :”)

    • deerinwater

      A well balanced person ! How refreshing. We can’t plant cotton and expect to harvest corn!

    • tlgeer

      Really? Are you saying that because I register as a Democrat that cannot vote for someone, or something, that is from the GOP? That’s a really ignorant point of view. Most of the people that I know vote for people and issues, not party. I was brought up with the knowledge that that is the way it’s supposed to be.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Most of the people I know who vote for issues and people, don’t register to align themselves with the Democrats or Republicans.

        If you’re an Independent, then be an Independent.

        Otherwise, the fact you’ve registered as a Democrat, is a valid piece of information to make assumptions on what you believe and who you would tend to support.

        Sorry, but that’s just how it works…

        – Smoov

        • tlgeer

          I live in the State of Washington. We don’t have official party’s here, thank goodness.

      • DaveH

        Washington State doesn’t have official parties?
        I guess somebody needs to tell that to this website:

        Obviously you don’t get out much, TL.

      • DaveH

        You don’t have official parties in Washington State, TL?

        And they allow you to vote?

        • Smoovious Laxness

          If they don’t have official parties there, then how does she register as a Democrat? Just doesn’t wash…

          I mean, without an official Democrat party in the state, then how is it Dems and Reps always seem to have a Washington DNC delegation?

          – Smoov

          • tlgeer

            You do not have to register was being with any party in Washington. And on the ballots, the candidates “lean toward” a certain party if they wish to be seen as such. But they don’t have to be listed as any party.

            In the primaries, the two people with the most votes go on the main election. It doesn’t matter what party they “lean toward”. I think that this is a good thing.

          • tlgeer

            I don’t register as a Democrat, I just consider myself one for the most part. There is nothing stopping the different parties from operating within the state but, unlike most other states, there is no guaranteed spot on the ballot for them.


            I think that it’s the only fair way to decide things.

  • matforce

    When the USA (and by “USA,” I mean our corporations) began to offshore jobs to the four winds to garner a higher return on their investment, without regard for their nation of origin, THAT was the beginning of the end for the middle class and the USA. Let’s not fool ourselves! As important as our wealthiest citizen’s investments are to the financilal vitality of the Wall Street stock market, entrepreneurship, and innovation, it is the middle class, 275 million strong, that funds the United States of America.

    1. They will pay more than 1/3 of their income in taxes (fereral income tax (those among us who are above the poverty level of $20,00/yr.), federal and state payroll taxes, real eastate taxes, and sales taxes, etc. The current tax code elevates investment money to the level of comparable “untouchable” status, and besides, the wealthy employ miriad ways to hide their wealth in long term capital gains, deferred stock options, thousands of what to show red ink by cooking the books, as well as offshore accounts to avoid contributing to the USA treasury.

    2. Combined, the middle class exceeds what the wealthy contribute to local charities, their churches, and they even rival the $$$ hundreds of millions contributed by SuperPACs (whose investment will have a payback through their candidate’s proposed tax code (loopholes, exemptions, credits, etc) that will double, triple or more (see the Kock Bros. and especilly Adelson’s $100 million contribution to the GOP campaign and how the proposed tax breaks in the Romeny/Ryan plan would turn his $100 million contribution into a $2 BILLION TAX CUT)

    3. $$$ TENS OF BILLIONS in loopholes, exemptions, write-offs, credits each year to “multinational corporations,” some of the most profitable corporations this wold has ever seen, to help offset the costs of setting up factories offshore, while companies that remain in the USA are cutting costs to the bone to compete, not to mention the downward pressure on USA wages here! (GE submits 2,400 pages of exemptions- pays no taxes, etc.) Some will say, “That’s free enterprise, a fine example of the free market at work!” I say, if you expect the USA to relinquish the lifestyle that our forefathers fought and some died for to become the mightiest economy on earth, to become like our competitors for the likes of Plutocrats, who’ve employed their lucrativer business model of offshoring with the blessing of our legislature they’ve bought and paid for (Citizens United (2010), you are engaging in a type of economic TREASON against the USA that will bring down the middle class and ultimately the USA along with it!

    This movie glosses over those facts, and ignores the biggest threat to our sovereignty in over 60 years: namely… PLUTOCRACY!

    • deerinwater


    • Ted G

      Look isn’t this more an indictment on the overall corruption of the whole congress? I don’t even disagree with most of it. Trying to frame this as purely the problem of only one party however is disingenuous.

      The real problem is and has always been the out of control governement spending!

      I said this a couple years ago that just you watch, the discussion will be directed at raising taxes instead of the addressing the spending problem. Here we are now and thats exactly what has happened.

  • Gea

    When you add to this that Barak Hussein Obama who together with his politically correct friends is among 1%, while pretending to be self-made men risen from poverty, are trying to subvert US Constitution under the guise of “respect for Islam”, you realize that US People are between a rock and a hard place. I would rather take a hard place of Mitt Romney than crashed on the rock of BIG Muslim Brother Obama ;-)!

  • Chris

    I am a retired federal employee and I don’t know how many federal government employees are going to vote for Obama, especially those further down the line from him who received NO cost-of-living increases for 2 years………….and he wants to do it to us AGAIN! And we all know how the price of everything has skyrocketed over the past few years so you may as well say he’s taking money OUT of our pockets because we are not getting the increases to keep up with the rising costs of utilities and life’s necessities and I, for one, am feeling it. I’ve worked with people who were 70 and older who cannot retire because of their low-grade salaries and feel sorry for them knowing that they will probably never afford to retire and will probably drop dead on the job. The federal employee is being hurt by the stupid in Washington who do not know how to cut costs……….there is a lot of waste in the federal government……I’ve seen it first hand in my job. People need to scream to their congresspeople and the President to start cutting waste! THEN the bozos will find money they need and stop hurting their employees, seniors, the poor, and the taxpayers.

    • Gea

      Most Federal Employees are true PUBLIC servants who have been turned into paper pyshers and give money to expensive contractors for doing jobs that they are perfectcly capable of doing. Obama’s “race to the top” as well as Bush’s “no Child left behind” provides tremendous prophets to 1% of Americans who count Obama and Bush as their friends, but are destroying education in USA.

      Obama is both incompetent and a traitor of American values and subverting US Constitution and human rights eveerywhere in the world by his support of the supremacist genocidal misoigynistic ideology of Islam. Obama must resign!

    • tlgeer

      COLA’s are not set by the President. They are set by a formula that was worked out decades ago. Pretending otherwise makes no sense.

      • DaveH

        COLAs are based on increase in the Consumer Price Index which is determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is a unit of the US Department of Labor which is a Cabinet Department of the Executive Branch (headed by Obama).
        “Members of the Cabinet serve at the pleasure of the President, which means that the President may dismiss them or reappoint them (to other posts) at will” — Wikipedia.
        And according to this author, the real inflation rate is twice that which is “officially” reported by the BLS:

        • JimboJ

          How dumb is your post! It doesn’t matter who calculates the COLA, it is calculated by a formula that is set by law.

          The rate of inflation is determined by an officially established formula. ‘Real inflation’ is undefined and can include and exclude whatever costs that whoever does the calculation wants to use.

      • DaveH

        Pretending that you have knowledge, TL, “makes no sense”.

        • JimboJ

          Dave H,

          Read my previous reply. It was directed at you, who appears to know nothing .

      • DaveH

        Any ignoramus can call somebody “dumb”. What did I say that was wrong? I will sit and wait for another of your adolescent attacks in lieu of facts.

      • DaveH

        For those who would like to be smarter than the average Liberal Progressive wants you to be:

        The last thing the Liberal Progressives want is for you to be aware of how they steal your money the hidden way.

    • matforce

      And you blame this on Obama, who’s been under intense scrutiny by those on the right, just laying for him to make the least concession to public employees as “marxist”, “communist”, “socialist”, expanding the “evil empire”, etc. etc.

      Besides, aren’t you aware that we “all must sacrifice” in these times of economic down-turn… Except of course our Plutocrats, who are calling the shots with their lobbyists, writing the tax code to benefit nobody but the top, and favoring our “multinational,” multi-BILLION per quarter $$$ corporations (Big oil, and the manufacturing sector) with exemptions, credits, write-offs, etc. to the tune of $$$ tens of BILLIONS/yr. that help fund their offshoring of USA jobs to 3rd world nations for a higher return, and thereby kicking the USA middle class worker to the curb, and into unemployment lines.
      NOBODY dare take on the PLUTOCRATS, their money, and their well-connected power and influence, and I mean NOBODY!!!

    • jopa

      Chris ;If you are a retired Federal employee then you are definitely what Romney was talking about.To him all government employees are leeches along with the military.Retired Senior Citizens, anyone on Medicare, Medicaid and that includes state employees, students with government backed loans and grants.That’s where he comes up with the 47% figure.And what does he do, he tries to become one of those leeches.I don’t think I could possibly vote for him after cutting down 47% of Americans.His own father was on welfare and helped him when in need and now he calls the people in this predicament today moochers.The tape disclosing Romney with his true colors shining at the $50,000.00 a plate luncheon should make the hair on everyones neck stand up.

  • James Corbin

    Listen up you people! Democrat or Republican…..You had better wise up…..We never knew anything about Obama. We only know he was a community organizer( Sara Palin was governor. Obama was groomed to destroy america it is all adding up. Don’t think of politicsThink of your country.We need to get out of debt. Every other president in history we knew everything about or is life was put on display( which it should be ) Talk about impeachment….What about Bill Clinton, he lied!! But let’s not get into throwing rocks. I am a democrat. I will not vote for Obama and put my country in another four years of debt. I will take my chances on Romney. We know more about him than we do this president!! WAKE UP AMERICAN PEOPLE before we are into socialism. We will NO longer be free.Do you people that have worked hard all your lives and have accomplished a little something…Do you want it taken and shared with a lazy-lowlife that will not work and want’s a handout. Remember you are pretty well your own boss as it is now!!!!!!!

    • tlgeer

      “We never knew anything about Obama. We only know he was a community organizer”

      Except for where he was born, what schools he went to in Indonesia, who raised him after he was 10, what his aspirations were when he was in jr/high school, the college that he went to first on the mainland, some of the issues that he got involved with at that college, where he went to college after that, where he worked to get experience and funds to go to college further, that he lived in an apartment that was so cold that he and his roommate were in sleeping bags for the majority of the time that they were in the apartment, that he moved when one of his roommates started dealing drugs, that he was appointed the Editor to the Harvard Law Review, that he got a 3 three book publishing deal from it, that after he graduated he worked as a Civil Rights attorney, where he met his wife, that he was on an educational board, that he was elected to be a State Senator, that he was then elected to be a Federal Senator, that he then ran for, and won, the office of President.

      Right. We knew nothing about him.

      ALL of this was public information long before the election of 2008. Even the State of Hawaii had their say when they kept telling deranged birthers that Obama was born in Hawaii.

      Nobody is asking you to like the man, but at least be honest.

      • DaveH

        You probably think you know who “honest” Abe Lincoln was also, TL, but you most likely only know what the court historians want you to know. Read this book to shed your blinders and awaken to the reality of Propaganda:

        • tlgeer

          Because of all the references that you have made to mises, I went to the website and looked at it. IMO, it is nothing more than another extremist website and would not rely on anything that they have to say.

          I was taught to look at facts. Facts are those things that can be documented and verified. How is that being grounded in propaganda?

      • matforce

        Well said, Tigeer! The spinners, and true believers of the “syntax of deceit” from the right will not like your post one little bit!

      • DaveH

        If Obama really was born in Hawaii, TL, then why did his administration post a faked Birth Certificate on the Whitehouse website?

        • tlgeer

          They didn’t. BTW, a youtube video is not reality.

          The BC that Obama displayed publicly (when he didn’t have to do so) has been confirmed by Hawaii as being legal. Are you saying that the State of Hawaii issues false documents?

          You say that Obama’s BC is false. When, and in what court, was this proven?

          • Frank Kahn

            To say something was proven does not in any way mean that it was taken to court. Nor is there anywhere in any law or rule in this country that says something must be adjudicated to be proven. To have someone in Hawaii CLAIM that something exists without producing it is not proof of its existance. The long form certificate of live birth was proven by experts to be a forgery. Even without expert testimony there are items on it that prove it to be faked. If I thought you had any desire to learn the truth I would help you find the answers that you obviously dont want to see.

            To say I have the ability to prove Barak Obama was born in Kenya would be a lie. To say that Barak Obama has the ability to prove where he was born is the truth. That He has not proven where he is born is also the truth. I can say I was born in New York city but that will not make it true, nor would my saying it make it a fact.

            I am a very reasonable person on most things, I just want him to stop hiding and give us solid verifiable proof of his place of birth.

          • Deerinwater

            Gee Frank, I’m trying to be nice here !

            “To say something was proven does not in any way mean that it was taken to court. Nor is there anywhere in any law or rule in this country that says something must be adjudicated to be proven. To have someone in Hawaii CLAIM that something exists without producing it is not proof of its existance.

            “The long form certificate of live birth was proven by >experts< to be a forgery"

            Have these "Experts" got a name? an address? "Credentials" ? a of record of history?

          • Frank Kahn

            Do you need me to do your research for you?

          • Deerinwater

            Since you are the one that is making the argument, ~ certainly!

            You~ yourself said, in effect people can make claims all day long but will they hold up to the naked light of day or court is what you said ~ of something to that effect.

            I’m been hearing about these “experts” for years! Even Sheriff Joe and his posse of retired “experts” ~ headed for Hawaii, ticket in hand ~ gonna do so “Investigating” ! ~ I guess they got Layed & Lost, I’ve not heard from them for 3 months now.

            So, ~ sure, you point the way ~ to these Experts.

          • Frank Kahn

            What you attempted to quote me as saying is not related to anything I have said here. I will look for the names of the experts. However if you download a copy of the long form Bc you can perform cursory examination to determine its validity for yourself.

          • Frank Kahn

            I will just give two names since I am sure that their qualifications will be questioned since Obama followers on this site always say that anything bad said about Obama is a lie.

            Mara Zebest
            Doug Vogt

            There is one very strange piece of information on the document. It gives his mothers race as caucasion but for some reason it gives his fathers race as african. Maybe I am being a little to nit picky but I seem to remember that their race is Negro or Negroid.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > It gives his mothers race as caucasion but for some reason
            > it gives his fathers race as african. Maybe I am being a little
            > to nit picky but I seem to remember that their race is Negro
            > or Negroid.

            Now that you mention it, it does seem a little odd… with Obama’s age, we know he certainly wasn’t born in an age where we were dealing with all of the politically correct BS that we do now.

            Today, you could probably expect them to put down either black or African… particularly if the father was still an African citizen, but back then? Putting down negro wouldn’t be out of the question. They still could have put down African if it was a non-citizen.

            In any event, at best, this is just a possible inconsistency, worth a second look, but it isn’t actual proof of it being a forgery. With a random sampling of other certificates in the area to see if it was consistent with the way the filled out others or not, it might carry some more weight.

            – Smoov

          • Frank Kahn

            That is true but, getting Hawaii to release a random sampling of birth certificates just to check the race entry is highly unlikely. There is another anomaly in that the document number is higher than the document number on a BC for a girl born a day later at the same facility. Also in the block 7c it gives the location as Honolulu, Hawaii whereas on the girls BC in that block it gives Honolulu, Oahu. Also on the girls BC (as with all certified documents I have seen) at the bottom is the certification information verifying it as a certified copy. Since Barak Obama requested a Certified copy, why is his missing this information.

            Now, I am willing to listen to someone saying that someone at the hospital goofed and put the wrong number on Obamas. And maybe two different clerks typed the documents and one thinks county, state is is Honolulu Hawaii and the other thinks it is Honolulu Oahu. Actually one is city, state and the other is city, island.

          • Deerinwater

            With The greatest of respect ” Mara Zebest Doug Vogt ” goggled leads to a maze of rabbit trails, no person, no credentials, no address, no record, no degree, no $hit.

          • Frank Kahn

            I dont ever hold to googling people, when I google my name I get sh$t also and I know my address and credentials.

          • tlgeer

            The State of Hawaii has confirmed, many times, that the documents that Obama has released to the public are the official documents and are accurate. They have the Seal and the Stamp which proves it.

            After looking up the two people that you mentioned, I don’t see anything credible about their contentions. I do know that taking a document and scanning it creates a file with many different layers. That is a well known fact.

            There was no reason that Arpaio needed to send his “posse” to Hawaii. There is a nationwide program to verify BC’s from other States. Either Arpaio is ignorant of it, or was using this to, once again, do some grandstanding.

            The website for this program is at:

            This is from Arizona’s website (

            “Arizona is a “closed record” state. That means that vital records are not public record. Arizona law restricts the public’s access to vital records as follows to protect the confidentiality rights of our citizens. Arizona Administrative Code R9-19-403 specifies that only the following may receive a certified copy of a birth certificate:

            Registrant (self)
            Adult Child
            Adult Brother or Sister
            Guardian Having Legal Custody or Control of a Minor Child
            Foster Parents
            Attorney Representing the Registrant
            Attorney Representing The Biological Parent(s) In An Adoption Proceeding
            Attorney Representing The Adoptive Parent(s) In An Adoption Proceeding
            Adoption Agencies Representing Adoptive Or Biological Parents
            Persons or Agencies Empowered by Statute or Appointed by a Court to Act on the Registrant’s Behalf

            The fact is that vital records are not available to the public, only to the person and family involved, for 75 years. This is not unusual, every state has these kind of restrictions. Don’t believe me? Go to your State Health Department’s website and see what it will take to get a copy of a birth certificate from them. It is spelled out quite clearly on every site that I’ve been on, and I’ve been on most of them.

          • Frank Kahn

            Where to start, first, the majority of your post is not rellevent to the question since I have not once mentioned Arizonas record laws.

            First, I would ask for your qualifications as an expert on PDF layering. Second I would suggest that you recheck your source of information about the contentions about the layers of the LFBC. The (questioinable) experts who examined the document did not say it should not have layers, they said the layering was suspicious. Some of the remarks of those experts dont stand up to knowledgeable scrutiny. The debunkers of the fraud complaint about the document make several very bad mistakes in their portrayal of fact also. One supposedly highly qualified expert who workes or worked for the government stated that the document was created by Acrobat for machintosh (not sure of the version number). He then later in his rebuttal said that the expert I named was mistaken when he said it was created by an adobe product. Well, unless I have missed something in my expertise as a computer professional ACROBAT IS AN ADOBE PRODUCT hence the name Adobe Acrobat reader.

            I have been in the IT profession for over 25 years, I own and have used the Adobe line of products. I have my own scanner and import scanned images to Adobe Acrobat. Even saying this I dont claim to be an expert on the workings of Acrobat.

            I am also not an expert in the legal requirements for issuing a CERTIFIED COPY of a document in Hawaii. I do have in my possession a copy of a CERTIFIED COPY of a LFBC issued from the state of Hawaii concerning a girl born the day after Barak Obama. I also have a CERTIFIED COPY of my DD214 that is registered in a courts records. On the bottom of both the real CERTIFIED COPIES there is an added section which is the verification of certified copy information. It has a stamp and a signature of the official certifying it. The supposed CERTIFIED COPY of Obama’s LFBC does not have this added section.

            Now you said that there is a stamp and a seal certifying his LFBC. Can you send me a copy of the one you are looking at that has this supposed stamp? I would love to see the document you are claiming to be looking at since I am at this very moment looking at a printed copy of his LFBC that I downloaded previously and there is no stamp, no seal and no additional section.

            In previous posts I have also listed other anomolies found on his LFBC that are hard to explain.

      • DaveH

        Kind of like your credentials, Deer, yet you expect us to value your word.

      • DaveH

        TLGeer says — “Because of all the references that you have made to mises, I went to the website and looked at it. IMO, it is nothing more than another extremist website and would not rely on anything that they have to say.
        I was taught to look at facts. Facts are those things that can be documented and verified. How is that being grounded in propaganda?”.
        TL says he/she “was taught to look at facts”.
        Yet, TL has the nerve to imply that their information is propaganda without disproving a single claim in any of the articles he/she supposedly read.
        You don’t know facts from emotions, TL. That’s why you must label those who don’t tell you what you want to hear as “extremists”. You are just the typical Liberal Progressive who must use adolescent manipulative tactics in lieu of facts.

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH says:

        “Kind of like your credentials, Deer, yet you expect us to value your word.”

        Don’t go simple on me David, ~ I am asking a question and did not make a statement.

        A claim was made and the only support offered us was a noun, “EXPERTS” , This act of employing the word “experts” like people employ the word “God” quite frankly is absurd. Unless these “experts” have written a book that has been accepted in the “court of public opinion”, along with address , names and some history of these individual that claim the title of being experts in their field of study, I’m not accepting it and see it as a fabricated lie with a motive.

        It’s not complicated, it’s not too much to ask. ~ if this claim being made is to be taken seriously.

        I would like to know the name of this “expert”, if they are truly an expert at anything, it’s safe to conclude that they have a name and live somewhere and spent years to earn the title of an expert.

        Give me just one name, ~ a place to start my research as I have no intentions of wading through mountains of right wing drivel on a beautiful Sunday morning when it seem no one can produce a name while being most willing to defend the claim.

        • HH

          (Give me just one name, ~ a place to start my research as I have no intentions of wading through mountains of right wing drivel on a beautiful Sunday morning when it seem no one can produce a name while being most willing to defend the claim.)

          Deerinwater, here it is straight from the mouth of YOUR OWN expert, Barack Hussain Obama! In his book on page 261 in the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope” he writes:

          “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

          And you would STILL vote for this clown???

          • JimboJ

            HH, you are so full of $hit that not only are your eyes brown, but you brain is also.

            Taking a quote out of context and rewriting it to whatever you want to make it say is the epitome of ignorance. What it says exactly on page 261 is, “In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            Reading the entire statement completely changes the meaning, doesn’t it?

            Where do you see the word “Muslims” in that quote?

            You are an idiot to the max!

          • HH

            JImboJ says, “you are so full of $hit that not only are your eyes brown,………”

            Lost all your credibility there Hoss, my eyes are blue!

            JimboJ says, “Where do you see the word “Muslims” in that quote?”


            Obama says,

            “my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans,………..”

            “……….and that I will stand with “THEM” should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            You really don’t think those “Arab and Pakistani” “Americans” have converted to Christianity do you?

          • JimboJ


            FYI, all Arab and Pakistani Americans are not Muslims.Some are Christian, and others are Jewish.

            Whenever you put quotations marks around words, it means you are quoting those words exactly as written or spoken. You can’t quote someone and put your words in their mouth. That isn’t the way it works.

            Furthermore, one who takes words out of context to make an invalid argument is lower than whale [expletive deleted] and has no place in an honest discussion like this forum is supposed to be (but isn’t even close to being because of people like you). Crawl back in your hole and think about that!

          • HH

            [expletive deleted]

            Still cussin’ me huh Jimbo?…………… sorry for the Jimb”a” on the last post…….. typo!!!

          • JimboJ


            FYI, all Arab and Pakistani Americans are not Muslims.Some are Christian, and others are Jewish.

            Whenever you put quotations marks around words, it means you are quoting those words exactly as written or spoken. You can’t quote someone and put your words in their mouth. That isn’t the way it works.

            Furthermore, one who takes words out of context to make an invalid argument is lower than whale $hit and has no place in an honest discussion like this forum is supposed to be (but isn’t even close to being because of people like you). Crawl back in your hole and think about that!

          • HH

            (You can’t quote someone and put your words in their mouth.)

            Well excuse me! The word he used was “them” in reference to “Arab’s and Pakistanis” who for the majority of, EVEN those in America, ARE Muslim. How many Muslim Mosques are in this country today? So NO I didn’t put words in his mouth!

            BYW, what’s with the cussin’ at me all the time? I haven’t cussed you?

          • JimboJ


            Correction, Obama used the word ‘them’ to refer to AMERICANS of Arabic and Pakistani descent. He said nothing about Arabs and Pakistanis that are citizens of any other country.

            You have a phony explanation for your phony quotation, but let’s see you wiggle out of reporting the quote totally out of context.

            HH, if you think I’m cussing you, I apologize. I don’t know you and didn’t know that you so so sensitive that you are offended by the word ‘$hit.’ Henceforth, when commenting on your posts, I’ll make it a practice to use the word ‘turds’ instead. Like your writing turds about Obama and quoting turds that he said completely out of context makes you lower than whale turds. Is that better?

            PS – You can cuss me if you want to. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.

          • HH

            Grow up Jimbo…………. I’ll give you some of your own medicine……… EWW! What’s that smell? Oh it’s just JImbo, he need his diaper changed!!!

      • deerinwater

        HH, you are still attempting to take this statement out of context and imply Obama is a lesser person for it, which you are entitled to do but not without attracting opposition willing to call you on it. Whether I might agree with your “point of contention” or not, is not actually relevant.

        It’s a citizenship issue and Obama is offering a personal opinion and not to be confused with a professional opinion. As a private citizen I or you can have and entertain unpopular, unflattering, decisions based on bigotry, void facts and predicated on my/your personal displeasure.

        As a professional entrusted with the title of leadership my/your personal feelings are secondary to the merit of the issues at hand and the ramifications of any decision I/you would be required to make.

        This wearing of two hats is by no means uncommon but in fact required to be a professional of any endeavor.

  • tlgeer

    I neither watch or read this kind of propaganda, which this movie quite clearly is.

    • HH

      (I neither watch or read this kind of propaganda, which this movie quite clearly is.)

      And when you awake in Obama’s CHANGED USA and have lost ALL your freedoms you’ll wish you would have paid more attention to us “loons”!!!

      • tlgeer

        I’m sorry, HH, but I read this kind of crap about Bush, also. It was hysterical crap then, it is hysterical crap now. IF you have solid, honest-to-G-d, information that what you belief is true, then present it along with links to the documentation.

        • HH

          Tigeer, you can’t get a better documented case for what Obama is trying to do than this one, 2012. If you can’t just back up for a little bit and ask yourself just why is he doing what he’s doing? The ONLY plausible explanation is just what is documented there! No other reason!

          I know you’re not going to believe it because you can’t get those Obama blinders off but let’s just say for instance…….. what if EVEN “ONE” of these accusations are true? Just one!!! Wouldn’t THAT be enough to sway your thinking? I pray that this is NOT true but with the secrecy surrounding the white house, not revealing his birth certificate for what, 3 years? And then the controversy surrounding it once it is made public! Concealing his college records, out of control spending (of course you don’t think so) but it’s true……… the list goes on and on! I truly feel something is not right with this guy, NO it’s NOT the color of his skin either!

          Let’s break this chain, the two party system (republican/democrat), that’s holding us down. Elect good honest folks to the House and Senate and find someone who will uphold our Constitution! It’s obvious neither of these two parties are willing to do that, they should all be impeached!!!

      • tlgeer

        “not revealing his birth certificate for what, 3 years?” He revealed it while he was campaigning. Pretending that he didn’t doesn’t mean that he didn’t.

        “And then the controversy surrounding it once it is made public!” I agree completely. The fact that a group of people chose to ignore certified documents in favor of hysterical gossip is very distressing.

        “Concealing his college records” He hasn’t concealed anything, he doesn’t have to. Educational records are not public, they are not even able to be requested using FOIA. They haven’t been since the 1970′s. When you applied to colleges, did you have to sign a release to let your High School release your records to the Colleges that you were applying to? That is because they are not public records, and have not been for at least 30 years.

        I’m sorry that your feel that something is wrong with Obama, but you have no proof that there is.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          In case you haven’t heard, we’re in a new era of openness and transparency now tho.

          The name escapes me at the moment, but there was someone who was telling us all about that a few years ago.

          If that person’s name comes to me, I’ll be sure to post it here. I think what he has to say about openness and transparency is an important topic that should be brought into the debate…

          …if I can only remember his name… he was on the news ALL the time, can’t understand why I can’t seem to recall his name tho… it rhymes with, something…


          I’ll try to remember it, sorry folks…

          – Smoov

          • JimboJ

            Smoovious Laxness,

            Great parody! I wonder if some of these @%#*^&!s will get it.

    • DaveH

      You’ve been propagandized all your life, TLGeer. We all have. That’s why you are clueless to reality.
      And how would you know if the movie is Propaganda or not if you haven’t seen it?

      • Deerinwater

        Subversive propagandized, right or left is not the answer David.

        We had what is called a zero week in the Army. It’s marking time at a logistical administrative holding Company for military personal. In that week, your fill out forms, get shots and draw basic issue and waiting for orders for your next duty assignment and just hang loose, the old hurry up and wait.

        Army life in camp starts everyday with reverie, company formation, head count and you are “assigned ” a duty for the day. Those that are not assigned are formed into a single line and a policing of the grounds takes place, anything that doesn’t grow and is not dirt or rocks it’s picked up by this sweeping line of soldiers, after which you are dismissed.

        I got assigned one day to B9, ~ To my surprise it turned out B9 was a collection point for body bags. A processing point where an inventory and clean up was made of each solider, body parts and personal effects and laid to rest in these shipping coffins for their final flight home.

        At 21, I realized my government was lying when Armed Forces Radio daily causality count fail to reconcile with what I seen. I volunteered several days for this duty and had no problem getting it, with the feeling it was a noble job and mental toughness prepared me for surviving a year in country.

        So sure, ~ all governments are selective about information. Governments run on the “need to know” bases and for the life of me, I don’t see a way around it. My next birthday I will be 65 and nothing has changed but my understanding of how the world works and my little place in it.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      That would make you unqualified to comment on it then, wouldn’t it?

      – Smoov

  • JimboJ

    Can anyone who saw the movie tell me one thing that D’Souza said in the entire one hour and twenty nine minutes that he backed up with a fact? I saw the movie and didn’t see anything factual – just innuendo. I went back and watched it again and came away with the very same impression. That is, that this was nothing more than a ultra right wingnut smear. There are plenty of points that could have been brought up and proven with facts to show Obama’s incompetence, but D’Souza chose to present none of those in favor of talking trash without anything to substantiate it.

  • Chris

    I don’t want Obama and I don’t want Romney, so since they are the only 2 real choices, I’m screwed either way.

    • JimboJ

      Look at Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and Rocky Anderson, the Justice Party candidate. If you don’t vote for either of them because you don’t believe that they can win, they definitely won’t.

    • DaveH

      Then quit throwing away your votes, Chris.
      For Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, Limited Government, Free Markets, and the PEACE that follows those Principles — Vote Libertarian! Whether we win or lose, it can’t help but be good for our cause to add more Freedom Lovers to our rolls:

      • HH

        Chris says, “I don’t want Obama and I don’t want Romney, so since they are the only 2 real choices, I’m screwed either way”.

        DaveH, if EVERYONE who thinks the way Chris does just went ahead a pulled the lever for say Ron Paul, I believe he would win. But since RP isn’t on the ticket let’s pull the lever for Gary Johnson.

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  • Mad Max

    I doesn’t matter who wins the white-house. It’s all political theater. We need a better and smarter way to fight back. We need a smart revolution!
    “WAKE UP PEOPLE!” when you’ve had enough of this nonsense this is what you do:
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
    “Spread the News”

  • Jimbo

    The letters in Obama can be moved to form the word aboma, which is a large South American serpent (constrictor). Obama is slowly squeezing all the life out of the US. Personally, I believe he is the Anti-Christ. President Bush prepared the way for him (by being a miserable, awful President.) It certainly explains the hypnotic lock he has on so many people.

  • jopa

    Jimbo;More than anything else he is surely squeezing the life out of the Al Qaida.If I were Obama I would have the word aboma tattooed on my arm.That would be a cool nickname for the man that took out Usama Bin Laden.

    • DaveH

      He’s squeezing the life out of Al Qaeda? By carrying on the perpetual war in the Middle East? You have to be kidding, Jopa. If anything, Al Qaeda’s ranks are being swollen by hatred for the US Government’s Middle East meddling.

      • jopa

        Dave H;He has knocked the crap out of Usama Bin Laden and his followers and I do agree we do need to quit meddling over there.Here we are giving out billions each year to these countries so they won’t buddy up with Russia.That was a strategy from a decade or so ago.Russia I don’t believe is even interested nor could they afford such friendship.

  • Chris

    Yes, but voting for a libertarian is voting for “who”? What happens to the votes that they get if Obama or Romney wins………..will those libertarian votes go to Obama or Romney or just hang out in limbo? I’ve read to “write in” someone’s name means Obama gets that vote (as in Ron Paul).

    • DaveH

      The Libertarians draw from both parties, Chris. In 2 out of 3 of the States I could find info on, Gary Johnson (Libertarian candidate for president) took more votes from Obama than from Romney.
      At any rate why waste your vote on somebody who is pro-Big-Government? Vote for Principles of Freedom. Vote for Libertarian candidates. The more votes we get, the more attention we will get from people who just don’t know what Libertarians stand for. That can’t help but be good for Freedom.

      • DaveH

        Let’s stop the Elitist Enslavers. Vote for Gary Johnson:

      • Deerinwater

        That was tastefully done. The American people do need to break this strangle hold the GOP and the DNC holds sway over our political process. While I would never subscribe to this notion being offered that the GOP and the DNC are one and the same, I would admit that they both ignore the elephant in the room and government can be self defeating in nature.

        Come November each of us should stand and vote for what we believe in and to hell with winning or losing. This winning of battles at the cost of losing the war has us all circling the drain while we give each other a one finger salute at each passing. We are both going the same place, ~ down the tube.

        • HH

          (Come November each of us should stand and vote for what we believe in and to hell with winning or losing. This winning of battles at the cost of losing the war has us all circling the drain while we give each other a one finger salute at each passing. We are both going the same place, ~ down the tube.)

          Deerinwater, I couldn’t tell for sure but did YOU make the above statement? If so it’s a GREAT STATEMENT!!! BRAVO for you BRAVO!!!

          • deerinwater

            Guilty as charged, all Americans would be wise and well served to be truth to their convictions, willing to stand up and be counted at t the most important deciding moment that will directly affect our future~ rather then supporting this merry-go-round of Tomfoolery that both the GOP and the DNC are passing off as leadership?

            This ability of party politics to play both ends against the middle has placed a size 13 boot on our neck and rendered the “will of the people” inert while offering us only illusions of being effective.

            Why piss and moan for two years about government and when it comes time to made your feeling know, ~ fall back in line like your party affiliate depends on us to do?

          • HH

            As I said before deerinwater, that was a GREAT statement! My apologies if I’ve offended you in any of my previous post!

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > This ability of party politics to play both ends against the
            > middle has placed a size 13 boot on our neck and rendered
            > the “will of the people” inert while offering us only illusions
            > of being effective.

            HEAR HEAR!!! >applauds<




            – Smoov

      • Smoovious Laxness

        I have to agree with DaveH here…

        If you’re about smaller government, less intrusion into your personal lives and finances, keeping governmental power in check, and fiscal responsibility, then why don’t so many of you vote that way?

        Too often I hear grandiose claims about what someone is for, what they believe in, and then end it, by chucking everything the had just said, right out the window, with these words “…and that’s why I’m voting for Romney.”… or whatever other Republican-labelled Progressive they’re pointing to.

        Hell, even Glenn Beck did that, and I used to have a lot of respect for what he was trying to do, then he just invalidated most of his positions when he joined in with the blackballing of Paul and threw in behind Romney.

        Vote the way you believe. That is the only purpose behind your vote.

        A vote isn’t about picking winners or losers, it is about expressing what you believe. If your vote doesn’t reflect your own beliefs and principles, then just what is your vote worth anyways!?

        It’s like people think they’re gonna get a prize after the elections for having voted for the winner or something. Just unreal…

        – Smoov

      • deerinwater

        ” My apologies if I’ve offended you in any of my previous post!”

        Not a problem HH, I don’t offend easily and while we might differ on the issues, I feel we all want the same things. This Give-me-crats is a notion that doesn’t hold true to most democrats, while granted just like the republican, ~ you will find some that feel entitlement is a God given right and find themselves deserving while they have done little but breath, eat and whine.

        We got to change our way of conducting business and try as we may ~ we can’t do it alone.

        This demonizing of all opposition does not help get the message out and help make a peaceful transition to reclaim the control over our money and our lives as American citizens.

        I came here to learn and share ~ I’ve managed to do both. I have received the “message” and I hope to share it with any that will listen. While I don’t understand everything as well as I would like too, I stay engaged and hone my debate as the devil advocate that you too might strengthen your argument.

        “Worthy” opposition is a large part of the political process in the grinding out of solutions that affect us all.

        We can do this, ~ it can be done. The “need” must be exposed and exploited without getting off track with side issues and spilled milk, teleprompters, and birth certificates.


        • tlgeer

          Very well said, Deer.

          • Deerinwater

            Thanks Tiger, hang tuff, ~ resolve and resolution

      • Ted G

        To Deerinwater, Well said indeed!

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Voting for a Libertarian is voting for Johnson or another Libertarian of course…

      Something wrong with your logic circuits?

      It is pretty self-explanatory…

      – Smoov

  • Wayne Leach

    JimboJ: See this for more facts on national debt, deficits, GDP %, etc. It will disprove some of your “facts”, and substantiate mine.

  • Simian Pete

    It’s about a month and a half to the election. Ron Paul has been NEUTRALIZED by the Republican Party. The Republican Party is MANIPULATING us to vote for Romney.

    You should ask yourself, “What’s in it for me ?” before you vote this November. The crumbs from the table are getting scarce. I wanted Ron Paul for the Republican candidate ! I feel that electing Obama or Romney will detrimental to my self-interest.

    So Republican Party, what do you have to offer ? A few months ago you offered Ron Paul. Now you manipulators force Romney on us. You also took over the Tea Party !

    You Republicans didn’t want Ron Paul, so that means you don’t want my vote. All of you, who supported Ron Paul, the Republican Party has spoken -THEY DON’T NEED YOUR VOTE !!!

    • Fred

      Ron Paul would not stand a chance in a general election. There are not enough libertarians in the country to vote him intro office. The Republican party is not suicidal, and they did not want to run with a candidate who had ZERO chance of winning. I don’t know what you Ron Paul people are smoking but you seriously have no clue how bad Obama is or worse, how bad he will be when he gets to name about 4 more Supreme Court judges if re-elected. As it is now, the Supreme Court approved the unconstitutional Obamacare. If re-elected we will no longer even recognize this country. Obama is out to “fundamentally transform” the country, Romney is not. It’s that simple. Ok, Romney is not Ron Paul which to you is the perfect candidate. So, now perfect is the enemy of the good. Think! It will be Greece, Italy, Spain with rioting in the streets when we become bankrupt after one more term of Obama. I do not wish Ron Paul ill, but I wonder if he’ll even be around 4 years from now. He does not look very healthy to me. And seriously, what ever made you guys think he could win a general election? If libertarianism were so popular, then people would be swelling your ranks, and they’re not! Hey, sorry your feelings are hurt, but Mitt has a chance, your guy had no chance at all, and everything now is at risk.

      • Fred

        Oh, by the way Simian Pete! You might try thinking more about the state of the country under Obama. “What’s in it for me?” you say? After 4 more years of Obama, you don’t really want to find out!!!!!!

  • Chris

    A plea to y’all… for Gary Johnson.

    • Fred

      He has about as much of a chance of winning as Michael Jackson. You guys think that this is a game? Obama needs to be stopped and you want to vote for Mr. NoName while with another term of Obama we’ll be “fundamentally transformed,” We’re becoming a nation of idiots!!!!!!!!! Do you not know what “fundamentally transformed” means? He is out to make us into Greece, Spain or Italy. Either Romney wins, or Obama wins and we lose. Last election people voted for Obama to show they weren’t racist. Now we have libertarians voting for libertarian candidates to make a point, because you know your candidate can’t win. We will not be the same country after 4 more years of Obama. Your candidate will still be Mr. NoName. We’ll be a socialist country and bankrupt. Obama will have succeeded. But hey, you made your point.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Libertarians are voting for Libertarian candidates because we’re not going to vote for another Progressive candidate.

        We’ve given you plenty of time to clean your house, and you haven’t, and you’re all out of time.

        We’re not falling for your BS anymore. Your false choices, your false scare tactics, your false conservatism, your false integrity.

        For several elections now you guys have pushed on us Progressive vs Progressive elections, and we’re not having it anymore.

        If you seriously think that Paul couldn’t have won against Obama, you’re delusional. Obama would crumble against Paul in just one debate and that would be the end of it.

        Until you guys clean house, get rid of the Progressives and Evangelicals infecting your party and twisting your Republican party into something we don’t even recognize anymore, you won’t be getting any more Libertarian votes, AND, make no mistake… the Libertarian ranks are growing, and will continue to grow, because YOU, have abandoned your purpose and have betrayed your membership.

        Libertarians won’t be voting for parties that commit treason against The Constitution.

        Deal with it.

        – Smoov

      • Deerinwater

        When was voting ever about winning anything? ~ Do you expect door prizes as well?

        If you don’t vote for what you believe in and willing to support , what it is the purpose of you voting at all?

        If you can’t find yourself voting for the one of three selections, your party has failed you or you have failed the party with an unwillingness to compromise.

        • HH

          (When was voting ever about winning anything?)


          When was it not? There is always one winner and the rest are losers, unfortunatley with the last election the winner IS a loser…………..

          • Deerinwater

            So you believe that winning come before conviction? or “W” was a winner?

            I see “W” as a clear winner while it was the nation that lost ~~ so you want a repeat of the same old GOP tomfoolery?

          • HH

            (So you believe that winning come before conviction? or “W” was a winner?)

            That’s NOT what I said Deerstaringinheadlights! You said it’s not about winning or losing I said it’s ALL about winning or losing…… for the candidates! One wins the rest lose! As far as MY vote, no, I don’t vote for the expected winner that’s why I have a brain to think and reason with, and that’s somthing BOTH PARTIES have forgotten how to do!!!

            (I see “W” as a clear winner while it was the nation that lost ~~ so you want a repeat of the same old GOP tomfoolery?)

            Don’t want GOP “tomfoolery” OR left wing democratic socialism for four more years EITHER!!! You want socialism move to Cuba!

          • deerinwater

            “You want socialism move to Cuba!”

            I don’t believe the trip would be necessary. Some form of socialism is alive and well in all the worlds major advanced nation were personal freedom and a higher quality of life are enjoyed. ~ If I am incorrect , please name one that is not.

            The last wild deer chased though the downtown streets of Austin Texas was in 1892 by a man named Big Foot Wallace. The rugged individualist in the lower is all but history, today we live, work and depend on a social structure that is in serious need of adjustments while no man is an island unto himself.

            There is no need for overkill and radial ideas, ~ as we see our southern neighbor Mexico is a strong Republic, so simply being a Republic is not the cure to all ills.

            And losing battle to win wars is viable and well excepted strategy and has been for centuries~ this age of the drive-thu and instant gratification will have us losing this war on personal freedom my friend.

            To feel compelled and required to act rather then allow your enemy the opportunity to beat itself up is most unwise. ~ Life is a game of positional play and requires focus and time to get from where you are at to where you want to be.

            Whatever you might believe, Mitt Romney is not the answer to our problems nor would Stewardship be placed in good hands. Why fall for the same GOP trap again and again and expect a different results?

            By wise, be conservative and stick with short yardage, vote for Johnson and the ideas he defends. Let America know how you feel, ~ every two years you are being asked ~ Why be dis- ingeniousness with your answer?

          • Deerinwater

            Quote; “You said it’s not about winning or losing I said it’s ALL about winning or losing…… for the candidates!”

            Well Sir, I would not wish such a job on anyone while it’s offered only to those that apply, The pay is good and the perks even better. I would not be overly concerned with their personal disappointment in losing. Like a good soldier , they volunteered and accepted the consequences.

            While I hate the fact that the best man for the job rarely applies and for those that do they rarely gain the position. Ron Paul for instance, ~ this what his last shot, there will not be another, time not being in his favor yet he might get to see his son aspire.

            Unlike Mitt Romney, Newt, and Mr. Black Walnut, Ron Paul was serious as cancer about the changes needed and the American people regaining control over their Federal government. ~and that is why the GOP rejected him. It was not the democrats that turned him away.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            > … ~and that is why the GOP rejected him.
            > It was not the democrats that turned him away.

            and that was a pretty clear indication of where the GOP priorities really lay.

            If the GOP were seriously about smaller government, adherence to The Constitution, reigning in the overreaching power of the government, and personal liberty/freedom, R.Paul would be their wet dream.

            The lengths they went, and how hard they pushed, to make sure their pre-selected choice ended up getting the delegates, spoke volumes of what the GOP is truly about. All of their words are vapor, actions matter, and their actions, betrayed their words that so many Republicans are happily eating up.


            – Smoov

          • jag57

            Ron Paul didn’t care near as much about being elected President, as he does about seeing his message of liberty being a part of any government; the same message he has had for several decades. I have only known him since May 1990 and his message of liberty hasn’t changed.

          • HH

            (Ron Paul was serious as cancer about the changes needed and the American people regaining control over their Federal government. ~and that is why the GOP rejected him………..)


          • deerinwater

            Here is something I found that was interesting;

            “Released as a seemingly small-market right-wing film, in just two months, 2016: Obama’s America has become the most successful conservative documentary ever. It’s raked raking in over $32 million — nowhere near Fahrenheit’s $119.1 million, but still an impressive gross.”

            Sound as if 2016 has got a ways yet to go to gain the profits or popularity of Michael Moore’s handy hatchet job. To D’Souza credit, Micheal Moore has much more to work with as “W’ administrations actions and long history of family ties requires less assumption and contrived or reaching the level of unlocking the Da Vinci Code to connect the dots.

            It was in 2007 and I was working out of the ship yard of this small Texas port city, Port Isabel. With the exception of Key West , Isabel and Prada Island is as far south as you can drive and stay in North America, a conservative town, commerce dominated by 5 families with only one video rental store, post office and library.

            I asked the store attendant if they had Fahrenheit 9-11, “Oh no!” said the attendant, ~ that is Bush bashing.” ~ so I was left to buy it at “Walmart” which was too large to be greatly affected by local politics.

            It’s early yet, ~ while November draws near.

  • Pingback: You MUST get involved this election! | Green Lake County of Wisconsin Republican Organization

  • gunner689AI

    The problem with this movie is the same as wih talk radio; it’s preaching to the choir. Those who most need to hear the truth will never listen. They’ve been believing and living the progressive lie so long nothing will change them; America’s burden.

    • HH

      (The problem with this movie is the same as wih talk radio; it’s preaching to the choir. Those who most need to hear the truth will never listen. They’ve been believing and living the progressive lie so long nothing will change them; America’s burden.)

      I agree gunner, but there is a ray of hope! I’ve noticed AND replied to at least 3 former Obama supporters that said after they saw this movie they would NOT vote for Obama again. I believe the message is getting through but is there time? I hope so!

      • deerinwater

        Being too strong or too weak of conviction is the fine line between a hero and a zero. I have yet to view this movie from Bally-wood, and can’t really comment other then say, I’ve got American made ties that are older then this India National that is responsible for this piece of viewing pleasure that the far right seem to enjoy basting in.

        What is it about a right winger that insist on being a “chump” for glamour and paint? It seems to be all about “curb appeal” and what something “looks like” or appears to be?

        Why the shallowness? ~ what is it that makes it so? Do you really know anything about eastern Indians? Their habits, their “design” ~ don’t be a hillbilly that just found your way into town in your own nation.

        • HH

          Wow deer, you’re rambling! I’ve read that 3 times and it still don’t make sense!?!?!

      • deerinwater

        “During our conversation, D’Souza told me that both liberals and conservatives make a big mistake when they think Barack Obama has failed to achieve his goals.”

        D’souza is attempting to establish a “premise” that you and the other’s are most willing to buy it. This of course is not an original line of thought among birthers , D’souza is only borrowing it and expanding on it with embellishments and disjointed facts, inference statements. It;s not overly difficult to do among people that find one guilty by birth, ~ much less association, ~ is it now?

        interview with D’souza

        S.F.: Many found the title of your book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” puzzling. They ask, what rage? Isn’t he no-drama Obama, determinedly cool and more than a little withdrawn?

        D.D.: I think Obama is cool when he’s talking about things he doesn’t care about, like the inner city, the poor, hate crimes, race. When he talks about such matters, it often seems that he is reading from his tax return and then people think, “Oh, he’s so professorial.” But when he talks about banks, the insurance companies, the guys who fly corporate jets, his voice raises up a notch and his lip curls and he gets a little mean. So I think he does have rage, but it is sublimated rage. His is not the rage Clint Eastwood displays when he says “Make my day.” It is more like the rage Charles Bronson displayed in the “Death Wish” movies. He was inwardly furious; he would respond, but he would never fulminate. Obama’s father showed Clint Eastwood rage. Obama’s rage is there, but, as I said, it’s sublimated.

        Okay, he was born in 61, came from India to the US in 1978. He then attended Dartmouth College, where he graduated with a B.A. in English Phi Beta Kappa in 1983. While attending a Witch doctor convention in Phoenix he bought a crystal ball and a slipped off with a magic chicken foot and now he is a writer / psychiatrist and enjoys writing and selling books. Doesn’t Newt Gingrich, Fannie May’s paid historian do that too?

        (Psychiatrists: These professionals are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of mental, emotional, or behavioral problems. .)

        (Psychoanalysts follow Sigmund Freud’s theories that painful childhood memories contained in the unconscious are the cause of emotional disturbances. Psychoanalytic therapy relies on the principle of transference, that is, a pattern of both conscious and unconscious feelings and thoughts about the analyst that reflect similar feelings and thoughts about other important figures in the patient’s life (for example, parents). The goal of the treatment is to make the unconscious conscious so that the patient can begin to recognize maladaptive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that are no longer relevant to their current life circumstances. )

        While psychotherapy is usually performed on a weekly to monthly schedule, psychoanalytic sessions may be conducted several times a week long term. Psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy is usually most appropriate for people who are struggling with problems around life satisfaction, relationships, and conflicts in pursuing personal or professional .

        Oh! this is good!
        D’souza authored this book ;

        In “The Bishops as Pawns,” D’Souza theorized that U.S. Catholic bishops were being manipulated by American liberals in agreeing to oppose the U.S. military buildup and use of power abroad and actually knew very little about these subjects to which they were lending their religious credibility, writing:
        Interviews with these bishops suggest that they know little or nothing about the ideas and proposals to which they are putting their signature and lending their religious authority. The bishops are unfamiliar with existing defense and economic programs, unable to identify even in general terms the Soviet military capability, ignorant of roughly how much of the budget currently goes to defense, unclear about how much should be reallocated to social programs, and innocent of the most basic concepts underlying the intelligent layman’s discussion of these questions.[24]

        In 1988 D’Souza left the magazine to serve as an advisor in Ronald Reagan’s White House. He joined the American Enterprise Institute in 1989, where he was the institute’s John M. Olin fellow, before later joining the Hoover Institution as its Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow.[21]

        In August 2010, he was named president of The King’s College, a Christian liberal arts college then housed in the Empire State Building in Manhattan.[1] To meet the needs of a rapidly expanding enrollment, the college relocated to a larger space in Fall 2012, next door to the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan’s financial district.[25]

        He sounds like the Energizer Bunny with crystal ball, chicken foot and a ball point pen.

        • HH

          (Obama’s father showed Clint Eastwood rage. Obama’s rage is there, but, as I said, it’s sublimated.)

          Hence the title of Obama’s book, Dreams FROM My Father……………

          Which could also be said……… The Dreams I Got from My Father, because it doesn’t read, Dreams OF My Father does it!


    HOW CAN WE GET BALL ROLLING TO GET CHRISTIANS REGISTERED? we have mission ytroips going all over the world, wjen we could lose our freedom and nation. we need to save ourselves first, in my opion

    • Deerinwater

      “I fail to see how it has anything to do with “Christians”, perhaps you can enlighten us.

    • Dave

      You mean there is a Christian Registry?!? Only if they are actual Christians who follow the teaching of Jesus, and not cherry-pick Bible verses to justify their behavior.

  • Simian Pete

    If Chip Wood recommends the movie, then I’m going to the movies ! We all know we’ve been manipulated to vote for Romney. So let’s all pop some popcorn and place it in a bag, buy some snacks at WalMart or WalGreens etc. Wear a coat and/or a small backpack. Smuggle my candy, popcorn and soda pop into the theatre. Then I’m going to watch this movie …

    • Simian Pete

      Or maybe I’ll wait until October and rent the DVD from Red Box …..

      • HH

        I watched it for free on YouTube Saturday!

  • Thomas Weaver

    Klein’s book pretty much points out the here and now of Barry. The book is aptly titled appropriately. I suspect that “some” of the conspiracy thoughts are validated by Barry’s actions/policies. The more I learn, the more I know – Barry scares me with what he will do if he gets four more years.

    • deerinwater

      “The more I learn, the more I know”

      allow me to re-frame that statement for you .

      The more you hear and see, the more you believe that you know.

  • ProfessorD

    Watching a film like Dinesh D’Souza 2016: Obama’s America is the type of surreal experience that could make a political scientist, like myself, cry. The film is a such a remarkable combination of misinterpretation, psycho-babble, selective use of facts, and outright lies that it is hard to even know where to begin. D’Souza wants us to believe that America has elected a President that no one knew anything about who is actually an anti-colonialist, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist seeking to undermine America’s future. This is supposed to be as a result of the great influence that his long dead anti-colonialist father who he hardly knew had over him. The evidence is selective, distorted and underwhelming. D’Souza essentially starts with an ideological conclusion about who Barack Obama really is and then searches for the evidence to prove his false thesis. D’Souza’s film is one of the most ridiculous acts of historical distortion ever perpetrated somewhere between the big lie propaganda of the Nazis and bad comedy which made me laugh.

    Let’s try and dissect this ridiculous conspiracy theory. Was Barack Obama’s father a Kenyan anti-colonialist? This indeed does seem likely. But young Barack’s father abandoned the family when he was a baby and had little to do with him. He only visited Obama once for a few days when he was about 10. D’Souza’s argument that an absent father can somehow be a great influence is not terribly persuasive. While he may have admired his absent father there is little evidence that he adopted any of his father’s political ideas of socialism or anti-colonialism. Nor is there much evidence that he adopted or maintained such ideas at his Hawaiian prep school or during his Ivy League education.

    D’Souza cites several professors that Obama studied with that were radicals as proof that Obama adopted their ideas. He suggests that his exposure to the ideas of Edward Said and Roberto Unger means that he shared all their ideas. He never mentions that like all students he studied with many professors who had many different and conflicting ideas. As a professor, I wish that all of my students listened to and agreed with everything I said so that they could spend the rest of their lives parroting my words, but it isn’t so, because students actually have minds of their own. Actually, I don’t wish for that, because scholars promote critical thinking not uncritical intellectual regurgitation of dogma. (This understanding of academia does make one wonder what sort of conservative radicals D’Souza studied with at Dartmouth?)

    The selective use of biographical material suggests that only his absent father and a few professors and other radicals that he met at other times over the course of his lifetime are the only ones that shaped Obama’s ideology. This selectivity ignores the reality that Obama has studied with many professors, has read many books, met thousands of people, taught many classes, associated with many politicians and that all these people have influenced him. Only these few radicals shaped the mysterious figure of President Barack Obama. This is a patently ridiculous exercise in selective biographical analysis.

    What is even stranger in many ways is that the portrait that D’Souza paints of Obama’s policies as President and his claims that these are descended from this supposed anti-colonial ideology. D’Souza claims that Obama sympathizes with Occupy Wall Street even though he never attempted to adopt any of their political demands. His administration has been widely criticized for bailing out Wall Street Banks and not pursuing the prosecution of those accused of wrong-doing on Wall Street. This supposed anti-Capitalist has collected vast amounts of money from Wall Street donors.

    D’Souza accuses Obama of supporting global Jihad against America aimed at harming America and creating a United States of Islam in the Middle East. This is the same President who killed Osama Bin Laden and regularly launches drone strikes against al-Qaeda leaders. D’Souza claims that his support for global Jihad explains his desire to shut down Guantanamo rather than his obvious concern for civil liberties. He claims that Obama has done nothing to block Iran from getting nuclear weapons even though Obama has imposed crippling sanctions on Iran. He claims that Obama hates Israel even though Obama has promoted close military and political cooperation with Israel and even vetoed efforts to advance the Palestinian cause at the United Nations.
    He claims that Obama blocked efforts at oil drilling in the Gulf and Keystone Pipeline as part of some sort of nefarious effort to block American energy independence. This is one of the least obvious answer since these efforts were clearly a response to the BP oil spill and concerns about the environmental dangers of the Keystone pipeline (which has only been delayed not blocked). Whenever there is obvious explanation for a policy result, D’Souza ignores it and searches for a secret anti-colonial rationale to explain the President’s actions.

    One of D’Souza’s strangest claims is that Obama has exploded the national debt as some sort of effort to promote global restitution to the third world for colonialism. This is truly ridiculous. The explosion of the national debt was begun by the tax cuts, reckless spending, and unpaid for wars of George W. Bush. (Maybe Bush was also a secret anti-colonialist anti-Capitalist?) Obama has merely pursued standard Keynesian (NOT Kenyan) policies to address a recession. There is nothing remotely anti-colonial in these policies. Obama’s efforts to reduce nuclear weapons is also supposed to be part of a plot to destroy America’s Superpower status and weaken the United States. In reality, this is an effort to reduce defense spending in a post-Cold War world, eliminate unnecessary nuclear weapons and reduce the danger of nuclear war. D’ Souza neglects to mention that the United States currently spends about 7 times the amount of money on defense annually as its nearest competitor.

    But the funniest and most bizarre claim that D’Souza makes is that Barack Obama had a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the White House, because Churchill was a colonialist. The only problem with this claim is that it is patently false. The bust of Churchill is still in the White House residence outside the Treaty Room. This is stated on a White house blog. This bizarre urban legend is easily disproved. This outright lie is symbolic of all the distortions throughout the entire D’Souza film.

    To call this film a documentary is truly outrageous. It is a bizarre set of lies, distortions and ideological misinterpretations passing itself off as scholarship analysis. For better or worse, Barack Obama is a moderate Democrat whose re-election campaign and goals center around saving the Middle Class not redistributing wealth in the United States or abroad. He is not radical, extremist, anti-Capitalist, anti-colonialist who hates America. Conservatives keep accusing Obama of not understanding America when in every way he is a living incarnation of all that is best in the America story. He is an American son of an immigrant father who has risen from poverty to live the American Dream.

    By the way, as ridiculous as D’Souza’s embarrassing film is, I’ll gladly defend D’Souza’s first amendment Constitutional right to make a fool out of himself. And actually I bet Barack Obama would as well.

    • Deerinwater

      Good write up ProfessorD, but you and I both know that you and I are wasting our breath.

      This film is the glory of glorys for all the Birthers, which we already know don’t have a reasonable bone in their body.

      D’Souza, born in India in 61 is a whole 51 years old, claims to be from India middle class. His father worked for Johnson and Johnson in Bombay , there is no middle class in India, you are poor or you are not. A BA from Dartmouth in English and just a few years out of school , he working as a Reagan adviser.

      D’souza is clearly highly ambitious and a suck up of the 1st degree, a master of composition , appealing to his selective audience and never actually done a lick of work in his entire life other then bureaucratic and compose.

    • HH

      So you are a professor huh? What did you major in…….. stupidity? Are you a teacher too? If so that explaines why our country is in such a mess, folks like you teaching our kids!!! Unbelevible!!!

      • Deerinwater

        The problem some of us are having HH is that Dinesh D’Souza does not have the education or credentials to make these psychological assessments of anyone much less the leader of the authors opposition, where by his movie is purely speculative and suspect to be inaccurate and misleading.

        Micheal Moore did not attempt to play the part of a doctor, for if he had, it would have been brought to everyone’s attention that he was not a doctor and any opinion that he offered in the area of psychology was pure horse manure.

        Any person gifted with such a high grade point average as Dinesh D’Souza is indeed impressive, that he holds no doctorate in any science field but only a BA in English and was employed by Ronnie Reagan’s administration as an “adviser” at the young age of mid 20′s is equally impressive, that he has served as administrator with loft titles and positions is impressive as well.

        What isn’t impressive, ~ is that none of his studies or job titles required rigorousness mental discipline associated with science while he attempts to offer us some notions of pure objectivity, which clearly he does not have. Dinesh D’Souza is a man of skilled composition for the purpose of conveying thoughts and ideas, leave us with no doubt that he is a very able and highly skilled communicator.

        When you start talking about bankers and CEO and private jets, my lip curls too! Am I a threat to America as well?, Son of Southern Dirt , an Ex 25th Div. Infantryman, Tax payer, Father, Brother, Employer, voter? Do you think that my life’s work, my pedigree and just because I hold no fondness to Wall Street Banker or fail to find much in common with the top 5% earners that my opinion and my ambition found unworthy the title American?

        Dinesh D’Souza is not a native American ~ what does he really understand about the “richest” of being American? The battle of 1812 and the burning of the White House, Shiloh, Battle of Antietam 1862, Mr. Miller’s corn field, What does he know about 40 acres and a mule, or 1865 Texas Grass War, what he know about the Sooners or the Comanche or Sioux or the 1831 Trail of Tears of the Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw or the events of Wounded Knee? No doubt he’s a very bright man, and can spend hours talking about India~ and Obama but I really don’t require his viewpoint and what he thinks is best for my NATION.

        If you do, ~ I’m sorry. But I ask ~ why this deep seated need to fall for every trick pony that someone trots though? Can’t you think for yourself without someone drawing you a picture and showing you something that you “want” to see?

        • Frank Kahn

          I have a few comments and questions for you Deerinwater.

          I have not seen the movie under discussion so I have no way to assess if the talking points in it are based on fact or just conjecture. I would frown on and ignore the comments of anyone who has not seen the movie as they cannot possibly discredit or applaud that which they dont know.

          In this day and age “to know” is a very tricky proposition. Since much of what I see and hear in the news, on the internet sites and in these blogs appear to be slanted by extreme views. One must be very critical of ALL sources that claim expertise in something. Even (maybe especially) our government puts out information and “facts” that are questionable at best.

          That being said, I find some of your conclusions suspect. I am not privy to your sources of information regarding things like the movies producer’s total background and or education. I can attempt to find out information on him on the internet but, what I find might be erroneous.

          I understand that taking a statement out of context or, there not being a well defined context for something makes assumptions about the statement less than objective. I will not quote you since I am not looking at your post right now. You made a statement about him not studying anything which requires scientific study or by implication scientific methodology. Since there was no clear way to comprehend what part of his movie ideas required science I am assuming you were referencing his lack of training in psychology.

          From that starting point I would like to make the following observations.

          A lack of a degree in a given subject does not necessarily indicate that a person did not study the subject, it may have been a minor or maybe just personal study outside of school.

          Psychology is a social science which has some different rules and methodologies associated with it as opposed to say physics or astronomy. For some issues, the basis for determination of a disorder is based on statistical norms for that particular disorder. Much the same as determining a persons sanity, we apply statistical norms apparent throughout society to say something is sane or not. These methods can have some inherent subjectivity involvement.

          As a case in point, the big ruckus between the followers of Christianity and Islam. What we consider normal appears to be an abomination to them (at least the radicals). And their apparent belief that killing someone who is disrespectful to their prophet is acceptable is insane to us.

          Both classifications of sane or insane in these instances are correct in context of the society for which they are held. That means that sanity is subject (subjectivity) to the perceived norms of a given society.

          We would not apply the same principle to astronomy and call it a scientific conclusion. If we observed another planet, that is located in the correct orbit of another star, that has liquid water and land mass, it would not be appropriate to say it has organic carbon based life forms on it just because the only other planet we know of with these traits does.

          Back to college degrees, you made the statement regarding the level of degree. You made a point of saying he did not have a PHD at one point and later said he only had a Bachelors degree. I, again am a little at a loss to understand the meaning of these two statements. I fit into the area of only having a Bachelors degree, does that in some way diminish my expertise in my field? My major in college was in technology but is a Bachelor of science degree. Am I more scientifically qualified than an English major? Am I qualified to discuss physics because I have a degree in science?

          Can you tell, by the fact that my degree is Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, that I did not study Astronomy at one time? Can you say that I have never studied Physics?

          I realize that you were probably saying he was not a psychologist because he did not have a PHD in science. True. And you were asserting his degree was a Bachelors degree in English. True.

          While, personally, I dont see what a Degree in English comprehension qualifies you for, I guess it is good for being able to understand a good book or write a good movie. However, I dont accept that (excluding the possibility that you hired private investigators to find out) you know for a fact that he has absolutely no knowledge of human psychology.

          So, lets say that I agree with you that he is not a psychologist. If he makes the statement that he is or by implication portends to be a psychologist he is either lying or misinforming us. Does that totally nullify everything in the movie, not necessarily. If he uses facts such as quoting (in context) words said by Obama, those are not lies. If he uses the documented words and actions of Obama to form a conclusion (opinion) that is not a lie. Subjective maybe, but not a lie.

          So the movie should be viewed with an objective intent not subjective. This means dont either accept or deny everything just because you like or dislike it.

          A rational person would probably say

          There is no objectivity displayed by either the people who say it is the gospel or that it is total fabrication. Both of those statements seem to be the result of biased subjective opinions.

          • Deerinwater

            I respect your views Frank, that was an excellent response and thanks for sharing them on this forum, as they are being solicited inside a construct created by Mr. Livingston for this very purpose.

            As far a Mr. Dinesh D’Souza goes, he’s easy enough to find, Google him up, he’s got quite a flattering and impressive rez. There is no dirt to be found on the man or his activities. He’s clearly a bright ambitious man that the lure of politics has became more then just a passion, it’s for money, power and position. He was bitten by the werewolf while in his mid 20′s and perhaps even before that, that information is not being offered, but clearly an early starter.

            If you find him and his piece worthy your considerations in the end, that is all that matters.

            What I am bringing forward is that Mr. Dinesh D’Souza holds a clear bias and is practicing medicine without a licenses by offering a psychoanalysis of someone one that has not employed him or has he had close contact with. Managing to achieve this amazing feat from a novel Obama published of his early life and watch the news and having done a character study.

            The autobiographical narrative telling the story of the life of Obama up to his enrollment in Harvard Law School. A story of Race and Inheritance ~ while the news and character we all know. But ~ “that knowing” or thinking that we know, is what Mr. Dinesh D’Souza film is all about.

            While Obama was only two when his parents separated and divorced in 1964 and only seen his father one more time in 1971, making him only 10 years of age and was never to see him again. His father died in a auto accident in 1982. Obama formed an image of his absent father from stories told by his mother and her parents.

            What were your overriding concerns when you was 10? World Peace ? the encroachment of Colonialism? My interest ranges from bugs, frog, snakes, puppies and what was girls really all about, thinking I might like them but unclear as to why !

            Mr. Dinesh D’Souza has taken his mastery of composition and reached far beyond facts and analytic thinking in some paint by numbers fashion in an attempt to validate every birther’s dream come true. This composition of visualization and sound is the “smoking gun.” Mr. Dinesh D’Souza has done an excellent job in exploiting a web of assumptive contentions and fabrications . Now who among us would dare interfering with a lynch mob in the performance of it’s civic duty?

            Leaving me to say;

            If W could not destroy America in 8 years with two unfunded wars to no-where, keeping the war off the General ledger, tax breaks for everybody, all but ignoring national business beyond pardoning the turkey and a 344.3 miles of nice steel fence, with a rubber stamp AG office, and a corporate ‘snake in the grass’ for a VP Chaney, sneaking around the halls, a Soccer Pep squad leader Rumsfeld, appointed United States Secretary of Defense, run a war and his mouth while more suited for management material in women apparel. ~ Obama can’t either.

      • ProfessorD

        HH, I presented an intelligent argument regarding the movie. You brought nothing. Except for an elementary school level mentality to the discussion. Please save any rude comments for those who actually deserve them. Even though I may not always agree with a person’s opinion, I will at least disagree respectfully. You seem to be void of such a thing.

    • Fred

      Are you aware that the debt increased by 50% under Obama in just one term? And you’re trying to blame Bush. No wonder Obama is also known as Oblamer! Talk about selective use of facts! Truth is the Obamunist can not run on his dismal record, he can only blame and talk about what he’s going to do. Ronald Reagan, using conservative principles, cleaned up Carter’s greater mess in 3 years !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Louis Lemieux

      Your analysis of the film was quite informative and interesting. What I would really enjoy now would be a similar analysis of Michael Moore’s Fahrentheit 9/11 film.

  • Gina Doran

    Saw it in Birmingham al middle of the week and in the middle of the day, full theater and did arrive early and got a hood seat

  • Fred

    Vote conservative. We need to replace all Rino’s with true conservatives. Now I know Mitt is not a true conservative, but neither does he wish to “fundamentally transform’ the country. Voting for Mitt will give us time to vote out all Rino’s. We can then Replace Mitt with a ture conservative 4 years from now if he disappoints us. With Obama, the game is over, in the next 4 years he will have succeeded in turning us into a socialist “utopia.”

    • HH

      (Voting for Mitt will give us time to vote out all Rino’s. We can then Replace Mitt with a ture conservative 4 years from now if he disappoints us.)

      The GOP has to put forth a worthy candidate first!

      • Fred

        True, but in this election there are only 2 viable candidates. Either Romney or Obama will be our next president. Obama is running on what he says he will do in the next 4 years because he cannot run on what he has done in the last 4: record unemployment, record debt, lowering middle class income, a failed middle-east policy and rising gas prices. Obama has no experience in the private sector, Romney does. I do find it unbelievable what this country has sunk to. When we have a president with such a miserable record and either has no clue or no desire to fix the economy and has made things much worse, and it becomes necessary to remind people that it’s time to vote him out of office I say that may have reached the end of the road. Because Romney is not Reagan we should not make “perfect the enemy of the good.”

        • HH

          I agree with you Fred, Obama has to go! I would rather have someone other than Romney but I’m sure he isn’t a communist!!! No doubt that Obama is tho!!!

      • HH

        @ Fred………… Sorry I missed it, I was referring to the elections in 2016. The GOP needs to find the BEST person for America as their candidate for the White House, something they haven’t done in several years.

      • Fred

        Ok, HH! Sorry I misunderstood. Let’s hope Mitt scores a knockout punch on Wednesday!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest JTee

    I am definitly not depending on a movie to make my mind up on who I’m going to vote for. It just amazes me how so many American’s can be so niave and blind to where this Country is heading with obama in the White House. I hate to even go this route but I firmly believe it’s a racial thing, most people believe all this is racially motivated just because of his color. They are failing to look at the last 4 years and how he has brought us down with our debt, economy, unemployment and dictatorship. This man has no respect for this Country or what it stands for, once he accomplishes his goal he will be living on easy street at Our Expense, he may even change the two term limit and stay on for another 4 years to gloat over his success at Destroying America. Vote Wisely America or Regret It For Years To Come!!!

    • Wayne Leach

      Or, he might even eliminate elections altogether through his dictatorial Executive Orders, which he has been using to bypass Congress continually to accomplish all of his agenda to date.

    • Fred

      You’re so right. But, I’m afraid the news is even worse if Obama gets re-elected. We could have 4 or so Supreme Court judges retire. Remember, the unconsitutional Obamacare entitlement was approved by our Supreme Court. With more liberal judges, our constitution won’t be worth toilet paper! We’ll be Greece, Italy, Spain etc., with rioting in the streets after we become bankrupt! We’ll NEVER the proud republic we once were. All of this is due to a largely uninformed and brainwashed electorate that put Obama in office. Who goes from state senator to president in six years? We knew and still know so little about him, and what we do know is disturbing. I think back to Ronald Reagan’s statement: “You’re never more than a generation away from losing your liberty.” In this case, I think that’s an understatement. I never thought this could ever occur in the U.S.A.

      • HH

        (Who goes from state senator to president in six years?)

        6 years? When Obama won the presidential race in 2008 he had been a senator in Illinois for only 3 years and 10 months and stepped down after he won the election, he was a community organizer before that!

        (I never thought this could ever occur in the U.S.A.)

        Fred, that’s the problem with so many brainwashed liberals and democrats! They think that this will NEVER happen in the USA!!!

        • Gea

          Readers Angered By My Obama Cartoon (

          The cartoon (as a cheerleader for Islam) is a very accurate portrait of Barak Hussein Obama, although NOT comprehensive. Obama is much more dangerous than just as a cheerleader of Islam. Giving the genocidal supremacist misogynist Muslim Brothers $1,500 MILLIONS of US taxpayers money is much more in support for the Nazi-like ideology of Islam! Preventing US Marines to defend lives of Americans in Arab countries, by banning US Marines to carry live munition, is much more dangerous than just cheer leading for Islam. Obama should resign since he is a traitor of American values! He is a true believer in two ideologies which cause destruction of economy, corruption and tyranny wherever they are applied: Marxism and Islam. Both belong to a dung heap of history and NOT ANYWHERE in a civilized world which respects liberty and human rights.

          Keep telling the truth, which may awake politically correct and ignorant of Islam Americans before it is too late to get this dangerous BIG Muslim Brother from the White house. He is helping destruction of US by his white washing Islam and its pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer who in any decent society would be tried for his crimes and not taken as a role model.

          The true face of Islam is what you saw around the world in the last 3 weeks and lie about “religion of peace” is finally falling down, although Obama and Muslims in America want prevent the truth about Islam to be known to America BY UNDERMINING FREE SPEECH guaranteed by US Constitution. Americans should not worry that the US President is working on subverting US Constitution!.

          I voted for this taqiyya man in 2008, who is such a great story teller that he covers up well his betrayal of the American values of liberty and human rights with which Islam is incompatible! Those who are blinded by Barak Hussein stories keep screaming “Islamophobia” and “racism”, when the truth is being pointed out to them. Germans in 1933 also behaved this way about Nazis. Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology and in addition it promotes pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny, dhimmitude, and murder for Allahu Akbar. 95% of terrorism around the world is inspired by Islam!. My friends who are too lazy to read Koran and Hadith think that I had turned from a flaming liberal to a right wing nut, but I am just an independent who sees that the emperor has no clothes!

          • tlgeer

            “although Obama and Muslims in America want prevent the truth about Islam to be known to America BY UNDERMINING FREE SPEECH guaranteed by US Constitution”

            in what way, specifically, is this being done?

          • Jeff

            Yes, let’s launch another crusade. You can lead the charge.

        • tlgeer

          When you are quoting someone, or something, you use the quote marks (” “) not parentheses. Here is a definition of parentheses –

          I know that this may sound petty, but it’s not. It’s very difficult to read something that is so obviously incorrect. Please, use the correct punctuation when you give an answer.

          “he was a community organizer before that! (I never thought this could ever occur in the U.S.A.)”

          He was, also, a Civil Right’s Attorney, Best Selling Author, Constitutional Law Professor (for 12 years), part of an Educational Board, etc. Pretending that he was only a Community Organizer (which is actually a good, and difficult, job) is dishonest. Extremely dishonest.

          “so many brainwashed liberals and democrats! They think that this will NEVER happen in the USA!!!”

          We think that WHAT will never happen in the USA? Please, be specific.

          Some past professions of our Presidents before they became Presidents – Andrew Johnson – Tailor; James Garfield – School teacher, minister, soldier; Warren Harding – Newspaper Publisher; Herbert Hoover – Engineer; Harry Truman – Farmer; Owned a Men’s Clothing Store.

          It does not matter what the President has done before. The fact that the majority of voters elected them to be President is what matters. Is ALL that matters. If you voted for someone who didn’t win, you have more chances in the future. Use them – wisely.

          • Jeff

            Don’t use any big words with HH, and don’t call him a Republican; he just votes for them. He prefers simple words like “socialist.” “born in Kenya,” “phony birth certificate,” “dimwit,” and “just like Hitler.”

          • HH

            Jeff, I get the strange feeling that you, tigeer, dave47d and Mary are all the same! All those post are very similar, yes?

          • tlgeer

            lol What an interesting imagination you have. lol

            No, we are not the same.

          • HH

            Get over it tigeer…..

  • Americanita

    All parents of young American citizens need to commit to pay for their children to see this movie. Invite them to see this as you would any other educational production. Only we can step in andyake responsibility for passing on our heritage as American citizens of the true country

    • Mary

      Just like the new breed of Republican extremist. You do not need any proof to indoctrinate your children with hate and lies. Very sad. The movie is fiction. There is no proof that any of the things D’Souza said are true. It seems like you would be more interested in doing the right thing and researching the truth, especially when it comes to teaching your children. Guess not ! I know you right wingers do not believe in fact checking but you should.

  • wildruff60

    I think Flashy and Edie47D are FRIENDS And—!! either that or they’re the Same Person!!

  • wildruff60

    There won’t be a 2016 election! either the Nation will Cease To Be, or Obama will have pulled a Castro/Chavez, and declared Himself President/Supreme High Ruler for Life.

    • tlgeer

      What an extremely paranoid idea. Do you have any facts that back it up?

      • jag57

        Obviously, you don’t have any knowledge of history, if you did, you would be aware of Robert Mugabe, Salvador Allende, elected in Chile; nearly brought Chile to it’s knees, with his Marxist governing, before there was a coup and he committed suicide. Mugabe was brought to power by Jimmy Carter, in 1979; there have been “elections” since, and many murders of anyone opposing him. He has confiscated farm land and turned the former Rhodesia into a basket case, where it used to be the food basket of Africa.

        We have had some bad Presidents, but in my 76 years, I haven’t seen one that wanted to destroy America, until Obama.

        • Jeff

          Again, you are old and insane. Obama saved the country from another Depression. If you’re too blind to see how much better everything is than it was in January 2009, you’re denying reality. Concerning Chile, as soon as Allende was elected, the Nixinger Regime decided to put the screws to Chile to bleed it to death. Then, they conspired with the murderous Pinochet who ran the most murderous regime ever seen in this hemisphere. Nice guys you’re alligned with.

          • Frank Kahn

            To say Obama saved us from something he helped create is insane. He did not save us from a depression, we are still going to have it. And for all you Obama sheep, he has not improved anything in this country that is quantifiable in anything I see in my daily life. Inflation is out of control already and going to get worse next year. He saved jobs for Chinese workers at GM, whoopie, does us a lot of good. He made our country the laughing stock of the Muslim world.

            Go hold hands with all the other deluded children that think Obama is great because he is BLACK.

            We would not put up with his kind of BS if he was WHITE.

            Sure, all the economists (democrat) say he has improved the economy and it is recovering, but who buys democrat BS.

            If he can produce 500 million jobs in the next month then he will have done something other than throw away billions of stimulus money on nothing.

            Check out the numbers, his housing stimulus figured out to spending millions per home (good economics for 100 thousand dollar homes). If you figured in all the jobs he created with the stimulus money each job cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

            He ignores the constitution with all his executive orders that bypass the proper legislative process by making things legal by fiat.

            I challenge you to state one indisputably verifiable good thing about Barak Obama. And, make sure it isnt something we cant prove wrong using his own words or actions.

          • Jeff

            That’s like saying the doctor who brought you back from a heart attack didn’t save your life because you’ll eventually die. If you look at the trajectory of the economy then vs. now – if Obama were a Republican, you’d be measuring him for Mt. Rushmore. As it is, you probably think Bush was a good president. After all, he kept us safe. Well, if you don’t count that one time. Everybody deserves a Mulligan, don’t they?

          • Frank Kahn

            NO, it is like saying that he has done nothing to stop the depression. HIs policies are worthless in trying to stop the slide into oblivion of our economy. He has not even scraped the surface of what is needed. Knee jerk responses and band aid fixes are short term and ineffectual. I dont say that Bush was great but I acknowledge that there were forces that were out of his control that contributed to the economic crisis during his administration. I dont blame Obama for the lack of jobs in the nation, I simply point out that he has done nothing substantial in the way of helping businesses create new jobs.

            Most of the problems with lack of jobs in the US are caused by the governments foreign trade policies and the regulation and taxation levels here. The latter makes it more profitable to send jobs overseas and the first one eliminates the tax revenue from things imported into this country.

          • jag57

            Historically wrong again, but since you say I’m old, you are very likely young, and attended government run schools that didn’t exactly teach history as it happened through the years. This isn’t the first time I’ve had someone disagree with me on Pinochet; in 2000, my wife and I were on a bus in Switzerland and there was a young woman from the west left coast, crying about what was happening in Venezuela and she still had family there. I said, it’s unfortunate there isn’t a Pinochet to save them, and I thought she was going to rip my head off. Her husband just sat there, quiet as a mouse.

            If you care to look it up, you will find there were far more people killed by gun control, in countries in this hemisphere, than killed by Pinochet’s government. I believe El Salvador and Guatemala have had a lot of killing, up until recently. We had to stop in Guatemala City, coming home from San Jose, Costa Rica, but fortunately we didn’t even have to get off the plane. Right or wrong, there were leftists, of all ideologies, that came from Europe, to protest against the Chilean government, that disappeared, never to be seen again.

          • Jeff

            I’m younger than you but old enough to remember Nixon, Allende, and Pinochet. There is a reason Pinochet was an international pariah for years. There is no justification for a military coup overthrowing a duly elected government. The problems Chile encountered under Allende were purposely orchestrated by Nixon and Kissinger. This is the prime reason many have called Kissinger a war criminal for the past 40 years.

            We have interfered in the affairs of Latin America for so long that orchestrating a coup against a country that dared to buck US domination probably seemed normal at the time. In order to praise a butcher like ,Pinochet, you either have to overlook his barbarity or you have to be a dedicated right winger. When Obama gets re-elected, would you support a military coup by a modern-day Patton or MacArthur?

          • jag57

            Well, you do know how to pick 2 of my favorite generals. A dear friend served under General Patton and was in battle of the bulge. My friend told me allied powers waited on the West side of Berlin, for the Russians to advance from the East. General Patton wanted to disarm Russia, after Germany was defeated, but that didn’t happen. General Patton was hated by those above him in rank. Right or wrong, disarming Russia would saved many lives, as well as Trillions spent in the “cold war” years.

            General MacArthur wanted to fight the war to win, in Korea, but President Truman would not let our forces fight to win, since UN terrorists didn’t intend this war to be won. Stop and think about it, we haven’t won a war since WW 11, think about it, why didn’t we win in Vietnam? Another WW 11 friend ask me why I thought we haven’t won a war since WW11. I looked him in the eye and said that’s easy, because the UN terrorist organization will make sure the nation they hate with a passion, will never win a war. They sure love it when 50k of our youngest and brightest are killed. Did you watch the negotiations at UN terrorist headquarters, on the East River? Yes, Kissinger was involved in this charade.
            A friend that fought in the Vietnam war told me he could have had the country fenced and planted in corn, in the 10 years we were there. What he meant was, there was no physical reason we didn’t win. Now let me ask you a serious question, which poses the greater threat to our security, both personal and national, the UN, or Al Qeada? One more question, do you take our preexisting, God given right, enshrined in our 2nd amendment to our Constitution, seriously? If you do, you will know which poses the greatest threat.

            Contrary to what you may believe, I have dedicated the last few decades of my life to ridding the Republican party of the establishment elite and RINOS. In 1994, we eliminated 56 of the worst offenders of our gun rights. Bill Clinton admitted to that.

          • Jeff

            We haven’t “won” a war since WWII because most of the wars we’ve been involved in since then were not really wars but asymmetric engagements to subdue or subjugate a population that didn’t want us there. I’m not talking about Korea; that was a stalemate because Truman (and Eisenhower) thought it imprudent to get into a land war with China on its doorstep.

            In Viet Nam, we’ve heard from right wingers for years how we could have won the war and turned it into the 51st state. Well, it’s nonsense. Yes, we won every battle. That means nothing. After the battle was won, the Viet Cong came right back. We had 500,000 troops in there and couldn’t do anything. We dropped more bombs in Viet Nam than in all of WWII. The Viet Namese knew we would eventually leave and they’d still be there. Read “The Best and the Brightest.” I saw Daniel Ellsberg speak a couple of years ago, and he’s still beating himself up for not speaking out years earlier. He really believes if the information about the Viet Nam War had gotten out to the public a few years earlier (like 1965), there wouldn’t have been the crazy escalations we saw under Johnson and Nixon.

            It’s like the Taliban. They’ve outlasted every empire that’s occupied Afghanistan from Alexander the Great to the Romans to the Russians. When we leave there, it will be like leaving a beach. Our footprints will be covered over and it will be as if we were never there.

          • Frank Kahn

            Just as a small clarification about Vietnam, we never tried to win that policing action.

            As for the amount of bombs we dropped, yes we dropped many thousands of bombs and we killed every bomb crater that we created in the original bombing runs. I was in the Airforce during Nam and I was stationed in Guam, the largest B-52 base utilized in that “war”. With the exception of when we would accidentally bomb a friendly village (how friendly are they now) we usually kept bombing the same targets over and over.

            And, it was impossible to know who the cong were since they mixed quite well with the locals and most locals would not inform on them.

            Actually, high altitude bombers are extremely ineffective against guerrilla type fighters. Our country has never been equipped to fight and win a guerrilla war like Vietnam.

            Just like our normal rules of engagement are counter to what has to be done to win a war like what goes on in the middle eastern countries. Those people dont have to be adult men carrying rifles and machine guns to be combatants, they might be young men or even young women with explosive taped to their bodies. You cant wait for them to hit you first because it is too late, you are already dead.

          • Deerinwater

            I remember the first time i landed in Guam~ just a “speck” in the ocean. As for Gooks~ much the same with an attitude.

          • Jeff

            We have known since the Revolutionary War that the “home team” army has the advantage over even the best army in the world. When did we become the Redcoats complaining that we win every battle when the enemy engages us but we lose the war because of guerilla tactics? We learned in elementary school how the Colonists learned from the Indians how to fight a stronger foe.

            In Viet Nam, we had the weaponry and firepower to overwhelm the country and there were plenty of people arguing we should use nukes. Certainly, we had the power to kill every person in Viet Nam, but that wasn’t our mission. It’s not a football game. The military iis politics by other means.

            If you read “The Best and the Brightest,” you see the extraordinary mendacity that accompanied every step of our adventure in Viet Nam. The ridiculous way we entered the war, substituting for the French who realized they could no longer be colonial masters. The ironic thing is no one early on knew better than LBJ and McNamara what a fools errand that war was. There was no support for the South Viet Namese government and Ho Chi Minh was a national hero. The Viet Cong could materialize at will, travel at night, and they had indigenous support.

            A few years before he died, McNamara (the original Cheney) recorded a video “The Fog of War.” In it, he admits he was totally wrong about Viet Nam, essentially saying, “Who knew they were fighting a civil war; we thought we were fighting proxies for the Russians.”
            As someone who was a young teenager at the time, I almost couldn’t believe he would say that. Who knew? How about all the people screaming it at the White House every day?

            Then when Nixon took over and widened the War, even more got killed. The War was extended solely so Nixon could save face. He and Kissinger knew the North had won and that the “truce” wouldn’t hold for 5 minutes without us there. How many thousands of troops and Viet Namese civilians died because of our entire idiotic policy in that war?

          • deerinwater

            There is a few downsides to getting out of the “WARING BUSINESS”.

            The industry that we, America has built to support WAR will have less work to do and less money to spend on R&D and field testing and over time become less effective at killing and controlling people.

            As I understand it, the US outspend other nations 5 to 1 on military matters.

            A unemployed soldier that can’t provide for his family is a national threat.

            A unemployed weapons maker will not quit designing weapons and will find work somewhere.

            The dynamics of diplomacy is essentially the carrot or the stick, ~ the larger the stick, the smaller the carrot and vise a visa .

            Weapon construction is as old as prostitution, making them both the oldest profession known to man.

            Who is Well Plunkett?

            Who is Simo Häyhä ?

          • Jeff

            The right wing argument that FDR didn’t end the Depression, but WWII did can be turned on its head. Economically speaking, WWII was just a huge government spending program. Apparently, government spending can stimulate the economy. Why can’t a publicly financed project that doesn’t involve killing similarly stimulate the economy?

          • Gea

            When Americans start producing what people need and will buy, the US economy will bounce back. As long as greed motivates companies to move to China and local and state governments support stupid projects such as Casinos, stadia, and 19th century technology of water and electrical grids, the US is cooked.

            We need brain stimulation which TV programs depress. Stop watching TV and get in touch with your life and reality. If you have guts go live off the grid and harvest energy and water from your roof and thus send all large corporations out of business.

            The economists and others had so complicated our society that people are not able to see simple reality. We MUST become independent again and promote spirit of adventure and independence rather than promoting sluggards and making babies in order to get on the dole.

            Socialism eventually fails when you run out of other people’s money. We are just about that point!. America wake up and throw the Marxist Muslim our of the Whit3e house before he drags US to become like sharia run basket case economies. Obama is a traitor to American values and US Constitution. He should resign!

          • HH

            (He should resign!)

            That’s too easy Gea, he should be impeached, tried, convicted and hung for treason! Along with 90% or our representatives and senators!!!

          • Jeff

            Gea and HH:

            I would respond but I have an appointment back on Planet Earth.

          • jag57

            I’ll do you one better, I have always believed, If JFK had lived, the 10 years of stupid would have never happened and I believe this is just one of the things that caused him to be killed. Had he lived, I believe he would have gave a warning to the N. Vietnamese to cease and desist, or suffer the consequences. Also, another reason JFK had to die; are you familiar with State Department document 7277, released September 1961, that has been out of print for decades? It has to do with UN terrorists demanding a complete and total disarmament of all nations. I didn’t hear him say it, but some have said, in a speech shortly before his death, he said he had made a mistake he must correct. First time I was old enough to vote, was 1960 and I voted for JFK and was very sorry he died.

            I have 2 friends in our State Legislature, one a Senator that served 10 years in the Navy, the other a Representative that served 10 years in the Marine Corps, doing 2 tours in hell as squad leader and training. I have little money to contribute to make sure they stay in the Legislature, but I can sure contribute time. When my friend was running for the Senate, I walked every street, doing door to door, in a city of 44k. Like me, they believe wars are about killing the enemy and breaking things, then going home. I wasn’t for war with Iraq, since I could see the writing on the wall of the consequences, but since they did, they should have left immediately after Hussein was caught. I am not a war monger, just the opposite.

          • Jeff

            This is a debate that may go on for the next 100 years. What would JFK have done in Viet Nam? On the one hand, he placed “advisors” there over the objections of some in his cabinet. I believe I read in “The Best and the Brightest” (many years ago) that George Ball told JFK that if he pursued the policy, we’d eventually have 500,000 troops there. JFK responded, “George, you’re crazier than Hell.”

            Also, JFK was far more confident in his dealings with the military than was LBJ. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he said “No” to the Generals who wanted to invade. There are recordings from around 1964 showing that LBJ knew, before most of us had ever heard of Viet Nam, that the war was unwinnable. Apparently, McNamara, the war’s greatest salesman, also knew that.

            I would like to think JFK would not have done what Johnson did, but it’s kind of like wondering how Joe Louis would have done against Ali.

        • Deerinwater

          Quote; ” Obviously, you don’t have any knowledge of history”

          America is not a Banana Republic, but it could be if you keep pushing us where you think we need to go.

          And you thinking is flawed about Obama as well, ~ I’m quite certain he has enough human flaws without you having to make some up. But he is not an enemy of the state and I know for a fact he has no special powers, nor can he walk on water! All Negros sink like a rock, unless they are really fat. Since he’s Milano, lets say, ~ he has a fighting chance.

          Vote your wealth white man vote my friend~ or do the right thing and vote for Johnson. a vote for America and not just for special interest . Did you know there are 1250 business interest lobbyist and 400 labor lobbyist in America today. Do you feel that the AARP is working for you today?

          “Weekly Report – 22 March 2012 (WR-12-12)

          Social unrest causes political unrest in Chile
          The spokesman for Chile’s ultra-conservative Unión Democrática Independiente (UDI), Senator Víctor Pérez, accused the opposition Concertaciόn this week of encouraging social unrest in the regions in order to position candidates ahead of municipal elections later this year. His allegations came after the government’s talks with protesters in the southern region of Aysén broke down once again. It is not the actions of Concertaciόn politicians that have been attracting attention, however; the Senator for Aysén, Antonio Horvath, of the UDI’s coalition partner Renovaciόn Nacional (RN), maintained this week that “the Coaliciόn por el Cambio (the ruling coalition comprising the two parties) no longer exists”. It is at precisely this point that President Sebastián Piñera called on the Coaliciόn to back a controversial tax reform he plans to send to congress next month.”

          The territory of Chile has been populated since at least 12,000 B.P. By the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors began to subdue and colonize the region of present-day Chile, and the territory became a colony from 1540 to 1818, when it gained independence from Spain. The country’s economic development was successively marked by the export of first agricultural produce, then saltpeter and later copper. The wealth of raw materials led to an economic upturn, but also led to dependency, and even wars with neighboring states. The country was governed during most of its first 150 years of independent life by different forms of restricted government, where the electorate was carefully vetted and controlled by an elite.
          Failure to address the economic and social disparities and increasing political awareness of the less-affluent population, as well as indirect intervention and economic funding to the main political groups by both the KGB[1][2] and the CIA,[3] as part of the Cold War, led to a political polarization under Socialist President Salvador Allende which in turn resulted in the 11 September 1973 coup and the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, whose 17-year regime was responsible for numerous human rights violations and deep market-oriented economic reforms. In 1990, Chile made a peaceful transition to democracy.

          read more; Chile has a very colorful history and it continues today , ~ as the Castillio’s still exploit the less educated simple peasants for as much a possible ~ which I guess is okay if your pedigree finds you favored.

          America went a different route, find the indigenous natives less placid and cooperative, so we killed off their food supply and then we killed them and rounded up the ones too slow to get away, or fail for federal governments false promises, as we took away their human dignity, their way of life as they didn’t fit well with our plans, finding the Irish, Negro and Chinese easier to exploit and work with.

          That is the way our government works ~ with lies and deceit from the ruling ambitious, the same people that tell us lies about Obama and Ron Paul. They will do you the way they done everyone else, get us to believing them. ~ while people that control Mitt Romney want only one thing from us ~ cooperation in our exploitation and demise.

          Hey, do you have an annual take of $250,000.00 dollars to be a part of Mitt Romney’s middle class American?

  • Timotheus

    The traitorous machinations that have led to the present state of the Marxist totalitarian United States have their excremental origins in the reign of that greatest of all traitors, stinkin’ Lincoln, who defecated all over the Constitution and wiped his hemorrhoidal ass with the Bill of Rights. Lincoln was nothing but a sycophantic stooge of the rapacious Rothschilds who put him in the offal office, just as this pedantic, incoherent, platitudinous, walking malapropism, Bubama, was flushed into the presidency by these same oligarchical, sociopathic hoods, the Rothschilds. He has merely finished the work started by the Marxist coprophile, Lincoln, who worked incessantly to destroy the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the states and the individual.

    Bubama is nothing but the Rothschilds’ trained chimpanzee, house boy.

    • Mary

      Lincoln was a Republican. Since you are so fed up with our country, why don’t you move somewhere else and really find out how bad things are. We don’t need you here. You are part of the problem, not the solution. You have no love for America with all the nasty things you think about it through out its history. Maybe you are not an American citizen anyway. You certainly do not sound like it.

      • Deerinwater

        These radical thoughts of Lincoln are nothing new ~ heard them before. ~ You are not required to appreciate Lincoln guidance and leadership of this nation. ~ In fact he was killed for it but do you really understand the forces that was at work that made it possible?

        I seriously doubt it. as this mindset only display a reactionary understanding of politics, ~ making you just one more useful idiot for the powerful that would wipe their backside with you if it served their purpose.

        This need to slander and demonize one man holding leadership office in a Republic full of bankers and attorneys that have lofty ambitions must give you some kind of twisted satisfaction but I assure you, it is short lived.

        It’s much easier to be part of the problem then part of any solution. That Lincoln refused to allow the union to be divided upset many with personal ambitions and shorter visions of what America could become and has became.

        That you would prefer changing a chapter in our history and yet have America to be there when the call when out to the world to defend the spirit man and fight for liberty and personal freedom while early leadership shown no interest in such matters, is native.

        That we stand on the shoulders of giants as Lincoln might we see so far. The building and maintaining a nation is big work and requires big men. That we allowed lesser men like to Bush’s and their administrations in recent times to diminish our self images as a great nation is discouraging and something left for Americans and America to overcome.

        This lacking of moral compass and willing to be lead by the noisily and lowest common denominator known to man fanning the flames of discontent will serve to no rightful end.

        And there is no call to invoke the name of the All Mighty to justify the “JUST” for a Just God is on everybody’s side and not just yours.

  • Marion

    Every person commenting in the above mile-and-a-half list above needs to see the
    original birth certificate of the Kenyan posted on Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s Blog of Feb. 5, 2011. There is no doubt, he is an illegal.

    Posted by Babydoll

    • Mary

      Obama has had a pass port all his life. He had to have a birth certificate to obtain it. Do you really think someone, years ago, said “I think I will lie about his citizenship because he might just be President someday”. If there was truth to it, I can assure you H. Clinton would have proved it when she was running against him. Please use your common sense. People in foreign countries do not care if they lie for money. They cannot be prosecuted. These places, especially Africa, have the highest rates of identity theft and falsify documents all the time. Hawaii has his BC on file and why would they lie about it years ago. No one would have had a reason to do so and it does not make any sense. It is a crime in the US.

    • tlgeer

      There is no doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii. Stop being stupid. Look at what the officials have to say. Look at what the courts that have seen the certified copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate have to say. They ALL say the same thing – Obama was born in Hawaii. Nowhere else.

      This attempt to re-introduce lies about Obama’s birth is not going to work. At least, it’s not going to work for anyone who knows what constitutes a legal birth certificate.

      Hawaii does not issue fraudulent documents, and the courts know what a legal document looks like. Stop relying on gossip and wishful thinking.

  • Mary

    OH please you guys are so brainwashed. This movie is fiction. D’Souza has never met or even spoken to the President. He has admitted that on TV. Obama had nothing to do with the events leading up to this so called conspiracy. The President cannot even get the jobs bill thru Congress. How on earth is he going to dismantel the government. This is nothing but a ploy to try and keep him from being re-elected. Nothing in this movie or book has any truth or is fact based. Do your research about D’Souza, who was born in India, and is a right wing Evangelical Commentator. If the truth be known, he is probably backed by the likes of Karl Rove or one of those billionaire supporters giving millions to the super pacs for Romney’s campaign. He himself, has become a multi millionaire thanks to all those right wingers who bought his book and supported his movie and want to believe the lies about Obama. This book is his imagination after he read Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father”. Obama is not trying to live through his Father. He hardly knew his father and never lived with him. He was raised by his white Mother and his white Grandmother. He has done nothing to indicate he is interested in changing America in the ways D’Souza suggests. This is the same crap the right wing has been doing for the entire 4 yrs of his Presidency. The Republican party needs to be taken to task for the constant lies and the Republican Congress needs to be held in contempt for obstructing government. These extremist did the same thing when Clinton was in office. That is the way they operate, lies and hate. The Conservative tea party Republicans are ruining this country and it is past time for the Democrats to stand up against their rhetoric. President Obama has only worked for the best interest of our country and its people. He has been stong on foreign policy, passed the Ledbetter Bill giving women equal pay for equal work, passed the healthcare bill which helps all Americans and will make it more affordable for millions more, not much different from the Medicare part B program. The financial system has been put under new regulations to prevent the problems we had before. The housing market is growing and the stock market has doubled. Unemployment is not where we would like it to be but it is slowly improving, not going backwards. THIS IS WHY YOU HATE HIM? THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL HATING AMERICA ? What a bunch of ignorant, selfish, peoiple and I am ashamed to call you Americans. Stop listening to Limbaugh and the Fox News Commentators who are paid to stir up your hate so they can win back the White House. If they do, you will be sorry when you lose all the benefits you have worked hard all your lives to obtain. Be very careful what you wish for, you might just get it and then wish you didn’t have it. The reason you do not hear all this rhetoric in the mainstream media, is not because the Media is Liberal. It is because there is no truth to it.

    • Deerinwater

      Well Mary ~ They hate every Democrat and half of the GOP. ~

      Dysfunctional thinking is not against the laws. We live in a world when dysfunctional reign supreme and actually celebrated.

      Know this, ~ the views represented here are made by people that have the opportunity and feel inclined to write and is no way indicative of the beliefs and feeling of all Americans.

      By and large , most Americans do not pander to “Hate” ~ only some do.

      • Jeff

        Didn’t Dinesh D’Souza at least pretend to be an intellectual? He’s now morphed into a birther like Donald Trump, Ed Klein, and Jerome Corsi..

        • Deerinwater

          The lust for money power and recognition haunt the ambitious. There is never enough to fill their glass.

    • JJinCO

      Democrats want to grow government. Governent under both Republicans and Democrats has grown exponentially especially in the last 15 years. I wish Republicans were obstructionist, but the facts don’t bear that out.

    • HH

      (This book is his (D’Souza’s) imagination after he read Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father”.)

      Mary, you have not seen the movie 2016 have you? D’Souza uses the title of Obama’s book to validate his thoughts.about him, AND for a very good reason. You need to back up and re-read the TITLE of Obama’s book. It is NOT “Dreams OF My Father” it is “Dreams FROM My Father.” Which means that Obama’s dreams came FROM his father who was communist, socialist and anti-colonialist.

      • Deerinwater

        You need to read more then Titles HH.

        I don;t know if you are old enough to remember the SiFi thriller about aliens arrived on earth and produced a book titled “How to Serve Man” , it turned out to be a cookbook.

      • Deerinwater
  • JJinCO

    I follow Ron Paul’s lead, change the GOP and change America. Fire Democrats. Socialism is not the answer. Make Republicans walk their small, Constitutional talk or primary them. Voting for the lesser of two evils is better than voting for Gary Johnson, who is better than both Obama and Romney, and allowing the greater of two evils to triumph. I voted for Perot so I’ve been there, done that, have the tee shirts. Apparently, so has Ron Paul.

    • Deerinwater

      Right! JJinCO ~ so what does casting a vote for Mitt Romney do for Ron Paul’s message?

  • deerinwater

    Media is powerful! , ~ Visual media only more so. While the more I read about this man , the more I like and enjoy his mind. But with this film D’Souza reach has far over extended his knowledge and personal experiences.

    D’Souza is but a “fisherman” , as he himself fishes for validation with the belief that it is out there, while caught up in Birther issues and deep seated distrust for anything remotely appearing Muslim.

    While D’Souza makes claim to be a non-affiliated Christian, and went so far as to marry one , he was conceived and raised in a Hindu culture that fears and hates anything remotely Islamic.

    D’Souza is an interesting man with his own dreams as well.

  • Stevie

    I wrote a book surrounding the downward spiral of America. It is about corporate greed, republican values on wealth and how no one matters but self. It reflects how to use prejudice, fear and hatred to gain power in our government system. It cites examples of radio figures who play on traditionalism and the fear of change. I plan to release a movie before the 2016 election. Does that make the facts I wrote true? Will everyone that steps foot into that theater believe because it was based on a book that may or may not be all factual? Will no one question who funded the production of my movie, the content and or the hopeful influence of the documentary on that particular election? Yes, no, maybe??? In 2016 come and see my film and then you can align it with the Obama film after he wins this upcoming election to see which is more truthful. Thank you for your open mind and support.

  • hal

    watching that movie is like rolling in the excrement & vomit of limbauugh. beck, hannity, o’reilly & the rest of those warped minded slugs.

    • Jeff


      That’s the natural habitat of many on this blog.

  • Blythe

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found
    this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much.

    I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

  • FlamingSword

    Heh. Heh. Heh. You lose.


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