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The Motor City Molehill

February 9, 2012 by  

The Motor City Molehill

The kerfuffle over Clint Eastwood’s starring role in the now-infamous Chrysler ad that aired during the Super Bowl might be a tad overheated. A Hollywood icon strolling down some dimly lit urban side street delivered what I expect was supposed to be a rousing motivational speech, but ended up:

  • Incomprehensible: “It’s halftime… this isn’t a game.” (Which is it?)
  • Grammatically challenged: “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch; we get right back up again. And when we do, the world’s gonna hear the roar of our engines.”  (Flag on the play! Too many mixed metaphors on the field! That’s 15 yards and loss of simile!)
  • Just plain silly: “The people of Detroit… almost lost everything.” (They gave it away willingly.)

After 120 seconds of Eastwood pronouncing mashed-potato platitudes in his trademark growl, the logos of the various divisions of the post-bailout Chrysler Corporation flashed briefly on the screen beneath Chrysler’s sophomoric slogan: “Imported from Detroit™.”

I can grasp the idea of some folks knotting their undies after sitting through a jumble of non sequiturs ostensibly scripted to make them want to buy one of the union-thug crafted, taxpayer-funded jalopies while watching what was otherwise a very competitive football game — no matter who collected the paycheck for the voice-over. Perhaps viewers might have been less incensed by the interruption if the steely-eyed Eastwood had shot it out with Lee van Cleef while racing across the Mojave in a Jeep Wrangler. Or maybe Eastwood could have screeched through the hairpins of Lombard Street in a brand new Challenger drop top, a young Sandra Locke pinned to the passenger seat, hot on the tail of some San Francisco bad guy. But he wandered like a senile pensioner through some steamy concrete jungle (which turned out to be New Orleans in the role of the Motor City) while lecturing us like a cranky old neighbor about the value of an automaker that has been bailed out more than a leaky rowboat. That’s lousy advertising.

It is not, however, controversial. Beyond the waste of taxpayer dollars with which Chrysler (and General Motors Co.) will forever be deservedly linked, there’s nothing about the so-called “Halftime in America” spot that is innately controversial. Some Hollywood millionaire snared an easy paycheck (which he gave to charity) reciting a two-minute script that reads like it was assembled from a century’s worth of throwaways from forgotten locker-room speeches, and we all have to hear how Karl Rove told The Washington Post that he was offended? How does ol’ neocon Rove feel about the fact that millions of Americans have given up looking for work in the Barack Obama economy? White House flacks David Axelrod and Dan Pfeiffer both tweeted their support for the ad. Where is Axelrod on the revelations that Obama and the Democrats took hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the family of a Mexican drug lord who is a fugitive from justice? Where does Pfeiffer stand on Obama’s Constitution-abrogating decision to force Church-affiliated organizations to pay for everything except partial-birth abortions for their employees?

There are moments in which I suspect our leaders — whether elected or self-appointed — are willingly cooperating in an effort to distract us from the issues at hand. The fact that elitists both Democrat and Republican were ready to rev their rhetorical engines the moment the “Halftime in America” spot hit the airwaves makes me think I’m closer to the truth than I’d probably like to be. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, people. Don’t be distracted by the hood ornaments or the 6.4 liter V-8.

By the way, the coolest car Eastwood ever drove onscreen was the 1972 Gran Torino from the 2008 film of the same name. The Gran Torino was built by un-bailed-out Ford and “imported” from Lorain, Ohio. Chrysler, Obama, Axelrod, Rove and Pfeiffer all wish they drove that nice a ride. If we keep allowing them to divert our attention from the issues that matter, so will we.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • J. Bond

    This is a GREAT add once Obama and Soro are out America can and will come back – IF someone like Newt is elected. The people that do not like Clint Eastwood add seem to want things the same old way (so they can line their pockets not what is good for America – hopefully we will have a new beginning

    • Vigilant

      Eastwood says at the end of the ad, “Yeah, it’s halftime America…and our second half’s about to begin.”

      That, to me, is a scary subliminal election message in support of Obama. The ad is supposed to tell us that, thanks to government’s intervention, Detroit is getting back on its feet.

      The reality, on a larger scale, for those with half an ounce of intelligence, is that Obama’s “first half” has almost ruined the country. A “second” half will destroy the nation, and both sides, i.e., everyone, will lose.

      • Robert Smith

        Vigilant says: “The reality, on a larger scale, for those with half an ounce of intelligence, is that Obama’s “first half” has almost ruined the country.”

        The hole Bush dug was deeper than anyone in the general public imagined.

        Obama should get credit for digging us out, not blame because it isn’t as fast as Bush was able to take a budget surplus, squander it, and nearly kill our economy.


        • NotaDemAss

          wow — where on earth do you buy that kind of kool-aid and then have the unbelievable ignorance to ask others to drink it with you? Obama has added more debt than all other presidents put together

          End of fiscal year 2008, when the accrued debt under the 43 presidents was $5.851 trillion, to the end of fiscal 2012, when the debt is projected to reach $11.881 trillion- more than the previous 43 presidents.

          Obama inauguration, when the accrued debt was $6.307 trillion, to the end of fiscal year 2013, when the debt is projected to reach $12.784 trillion – more than the previous 43 presidents.

          Liberal left wingers need to stop blaming everyone other than the one who is truly to blame. There is truly no excuse for his poor leadership other than all of you were duped and can’t face truth and facts.

          • CP

            Look at what Obama was left to work with and he had no choice but to either add debt or put MORE people on the streets than got there anyway. What would have happened if the government had let all those banks fold up, with no protection for the people with money in them? Or if GM and Chrysler had gone belly up and put all their employees on the streets, along with all the employees of all the suppliers and all the people who depend on these places to support their businesses? I don’t suppose another hundred million or two out of work would have bothered you half as much as the fact that a Democratic President, like his credentials or not, actually made a positive difference in the economy. Sure, it isn’t as much of a difference as we all would like, but even this poor boy could see where we were headed if he hadn’t stepped in.

          • Matt Newell

            CP, the answer to your question about where we would be if Obama did nothing is that we would be MUCH better off than we currently are. It has happened many times before and will, no doubt, happen many time ahead. If these companies had gone bankrupt their assets would have been bought up by competitors and we would have higher employment than we now do (remember the economy is NOT a zero sum game). Your pronouncement is the same one that was made by Clinton when he took office after Bush had given in to the Democrats on raising taxes (and about as lame too).

          • Kinetic1

            First off, cute name, but wouldn’t it have been easier just to call yourself ImaConAss?
            That having been said, the problem with your (and most other right wing talking heads) “facts” is that you neglect to note that a) the “Obama deficit” includes future debt set in motion by the Bush administration and b) openly includes the actual cost for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which Bush kept off the books and paid for through “emergency funding bills”. This is not to say that the Obama administration has not added to the national debt, only that the numbers are grossly exaggerated by the right in an effort to make this administration look worse than the 2 term failure they headed up last time they were in power.

          • ChristyK

            All we need to do is compare the recession of 1920/1921 and the Great Depression. Both had huge losses in the economy, jobs, and the stock market. In 1921 they cut taxes and spending and got the government out of the way. They had a very bad year and then the roaring twenties which was one of the most productive times in the history of our nation.

            The great depression started out very similarly to the 1920/21 recesssion (although 1920/21 was probably slightly worse in the beginning). The government put in place price controls, raised taxes, spent like crazy and we had a terrible depression for over a decade that didn’t end until after World War II. The government was planning on major spending when all of the soldiers came home because they wrongly believed that the economy couldn’t support all of the returning soldiers. Luckily, our dropping the bomb on Japan while Congress was out of session didn’t allow time for the government to mess things up. All of the soldiers came home and in less than a year the economy was booming and employment was great. They cut taxes and cut spending by 60% and we got the wonders of the 50′s.

            History clearly supports low taxes, low spending, and low regulations as the best way to help the economy and it is good for our liberty as well.

          • Robert Smith

            Posted: “Your pronouncement is the same one that was made by Clinton ”

            Is that the same Bill Clinton who left America with a budget surplus?

            Is that the same Bill Clinton who didn’t leave his following president with two wars to deal with?


          • Old Henry

            ……but, but, but NotaDemAss…. It’s Obama money! It’s free!

          • Old Henry

            CP, let all the banks fail and what about all the people with money in them? Haven’t you heard of the FDIC?

            The bank bail-outs were to save the banksters, not the depositors. And the banksters walked away with billions. And our kids / grandkids are stuck with the tab.

          • Joe H.

            your post is just as full of crap this time as it was all the other times you posted it!!! Bubba Clintoon didn’t leave a surplus and I left you a site to prove it last time. open that wart between you shoulders and put in some intelligence. WRITE THE CHECK!!!!

          • Kinetic1

            In 1920/1921 there were over 50 tax brackets ranging from 4% to 73%, most increasing 1% for each $2,000 in income (married filing jointly). The big change in 1923 is that the cut the brackets down to about 30 which in turn dropped the top rate to 58% over $2,000,000.

            Fast Forward to 1945. We’re down to about 24 brackets, the bottom rate is now 23% for $0 – $2,000 and the top rate is a whopping 94% over $2,000,000! Our boys are coming home, many to union jobs. Those that don’t have work are getting a college education on the government’s G.I. bill. The housing industry is booming, partially due to the returning soldiers starting families and buying homes under the Veterans’ Emergency Housing Act. About $3.7 billion was spent on GI benefits just from ’45 to ’49. 1953 and taxes have continued going up. Sure, the bottom is still around 22%, but those folks making $20,000 to 25,000 who were paying 17% in 1922 are now paying over 55%! With adjustments their rates drop to about 43% in 1955, but all through the 1950s and well into the 1960s those who were making the equivalent to $1,000,000 today were paying almost 80%. So come on, tell me some more fairy tails about how lower taxes were what fueled our growth during the ’50s.

          • Robert Smith

            Joe says: “I left you a site to prove it last time.”

            ROFL… I remember that figures don’t lie but some liars sure can figure.

            I’m gonna go with the GAO and common knowledge, not some right wing propaganda crunching machine. I never realized that creation science figured into economics, but you’ve shown me it does.


          • Joe H.

            if you don’t like the other site I left you, try these.
            If those aren’t good enough, I could give you 50 more!!

        • Tom Cook

          Rob you are our greatest enemy, not obongo, but you the stupid who will vote for the Kenyan mus communist for a second shot at destroying this country. Brainless fodder like you not only cannot reason–you don’t have the ability to discern who are those who can reason so you can learn the truth from them. You are probably on the government dole; if not, you will be with another round of the Kenyan.

          • Robert Smith

            Really Tom?

            Now that you’ve attacked me and the President do you have anything to say about ISSUES?

            What do you think about Clinton leaving Bush a budget surplus?

            What do you think about Bush tanking the economy?

            Bush is the same guy who couldn’t make money from an oil company and failed as a baseball owner. BTW, have you ever seen Bush’s birth certificate?


          • Joe H.

            You DO realize that doing the same thing over and over andover again and expecting a different outcome is the deffinition of INSANITY, don’t you??? you lie and lie and lie and expect people to believe it every time and less and less believe it!!

        • Wyatt

          Did Bush squander our money on Soylandra , did Bush waste taxpayer funds on multiple flights on Air Force 1 , about $400,000 each flight to Hawaii or on South American , African vacations or a trip top Spain for the missus ? And lets not forget Mrs O’s 50 plus spending spree at Victoria’s Secret or expense Account dinners out . Or shall we mention the Presidential Limo , a custom Cadillac SUV at tax payer expense ( half a million dollars approx) when there were already several limos already in the fleet of presidential vehicles . They perhaps were not brand new , but other presidents have made due .
          Then there was the lavish White House Halloween party when both Barry and Michelle are telling America to tighten there belts . Sorry but 3yrs into a presidency there comes a time to own up to your failings Mr Smith . Obama is blaming everyone but Obama for the ills of America . But when something goes right , something started by a president other than himself , he is quick to take credit . It doesn’t wash sir , the guy is a disgrace as a president and it would also appear as a human being . He has done nothing but tear America Down . Apologizing to people who Attacked us, berating our Allies and berating them in public while kissing up to those who would destroy us . Asking in public “What is so bad about Communism”?
          No Mr Smith, there can be no credit given to Obama other than that of ‘The worst president in history’ . Obama is nothing more than a wanna be dictator in a bad suit . Had he been a part of what you wish to give him credit for , we wouldn’t have been down graded in our credit rating . Blame Bush all you wish , but when you wake up to Communism , you can thank Barry Obama .

          • Kinetic1

            “but other presidents have made due .” Really? How many is “other”? How far back are you looking? JFK rode in a custom 1961 Lincoln. Johnson started out with 2 1965 Continental Executives and added a stretch Lincoln in 1968. Though that last limo was barely broken in when he took office, Nixon had 4, that’s FOUR limos during his time. A 1969 Lincoln, 2 armor plated 1972 Chrysler Imperials and a custom stretched “72 Continental. That last car was modified several times through 1979 and was used during Ford’s short stint, Carter’s 4 years and part of Reagan’s first term. The Reagan administration ordered a new Cadillac Fleetwood in 1983, the first Bush administration picked up a new Lincoln Town Car in 1989, and Clinton returned to Cadillac in 1993. Most of these cars are on display in presidential museums. Now we come to the Bush 2 administration where that old ’93 Fleetwood was replaced with a new 2001 DeVille, and then again in 2005 with a DTS that is still in frequent use as an alternative limo.

            Let’s recap. JFK didn’t wait to replace Trumen’s 1950 Lincoln, though he and Johnson kept it around. Johnson made due for a couple of years. Nixon made due for … no time at all. Ford had three to choose from, all about 2 years old, but I suppose you could call it “making due”. Carter actually did make due, as did Reagan … for the first 2 years after which he used his new model for 6 years. Bush 1, no waiting. Clinton, right away, though he kept it for his full 8 years in office. Bush 2, no waiting in his first term, and I guess he figured that a second term meant a second car as well. And now, at a time when our auto industry was lagging Obama had the nerve to do what most Presidents have done for the last half a century. I can understand your indignation.

          • Robert Smith

            Posted: “Mrs O’s 50 plus spending spree at Victoria’s Secret”

            Oh sheesh…

            Simply not true.


          • Joe H.

            did you notice that all of the vehicles you mention during your post wer AMERICAN made??? Those campaign busses Adumberer ordered were made in CANADA!!! Not just parts n pieces, but TOTALLY!!

          • Kinetic1

            As were the tour busses of George W. Bush, Michele Bachmann and even Sarah Palin’s stars and bars number. Not that I’m happy about it, but let’s not be hypocritical.

          • Joe H.

            BUSH was an AZZ!! There, is that what you wanted to see? I’ve said it many times, my oblivious friend! I was however, speaking of the ones you listed and Adumberer, who is in office NOW!

          • Kinetic1

            No, I was not trying to prompt your condemnation of Bush. Instead I was trying to point out that Obama is not alone in purchasing a tour bus from Canada. As noted, two of the most respected conservatives mentioned frequently on this site as top Presidential candidates have made the same choice. I, for one would like to know why they did not source American made, but even McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” was from Canada. There must be some good explanation why all these politicians are using Canadian buses?

          • Joe H.

            That would be one thing IF it was just ONE! I believe there was a total of FOUR!!! Also the price was double of that of McCain, Palin, or Bush!!!

        • Todd

          Uhhh, do you folks forget BUSH and his Republican cronies signed the TARP act, not Obama? And if GM went under all those people now working would be on unemployment, i.e. welfare (paid for by you and me). I like a lot of stuff I read on this website but sometimes you are way off base.

          • Matt Newell

            I never thought the tarp thing was worth the powder to blow it to H**l. It was a phoney plan to start with so I don’t care who did it, but it takes more than the President to pass the bill (both houses of Congress). At the time the bill was passed the Democrats held both houses. Yes the RINOs sided with the Democrats on this one and yes the President was pushing for its passage, but even though Obama said he was against it, he sure got into using it.

          • cawmun cents

            Why do you as a group of supposedly intelligent progressives always bring up OP as your defense against what is said about Obama?
            Cany you defend his actions as POTUS?
            Dont you have a leg to stand on if you take up his cause?
            Not really.
            Instead of campaigning against those who came before,why dont you defend who is there now?Give me your case about why Obama is a good president.
            I dare you.

          • Old Henry

            No Todd. If GM Chrysler had filed for bankruptcy the people would not have lost their jobs, but the UNION contract(s) would have been re-negotiatted by the court and the excesive pay / benefits / retirement packages would have been gone.

            As it turned out Soetoro put the unions in charge of GM / Chrysler at the taxpayer’s expense and the bond holders got a royal screwing.

          • Joe H.

            yes, bush signed it, jerk that he was, and Adumberer asked for MORE!!

        • Brian

          Yes Robert Smith, Bush did leave us in a deep hole…BUT Obama has continued digging it. Why do you Libs AND Pub supporters not understand free market economics? Is it because it is too hard? Is it because it is not what you want to hear? The bottom line is that markets always win, whether we want their ‘determination’ or not! We can try through regulation to change the markets and we will be successful in the short run – but in the long run(and I’m talking 2 years to 20 years) markets ALWAYS win…

          • Robert Smith

            Brian asks: “Why do you Libs AND Pub supporters not understand free market economics? Is it because it is too hard?”

            Because it’s NOT a “free market.”

            Health care for example: Pay or die. That’s not a free market.

            Energy! Wow… It used to be controlled, not it’s allegedly a “free market” that spawned Enron. Utilities used to be among the safest blue chip investments ever. Now they are poker chips.

            Taxes where the to 1% (Romney and what is it 14%tax) scate and the secretary pays 30%? That’s the rich stealing, not a free market.

            Wanna go to Wall Street where computers control much of the trading and the small investor gets hammered and then hammered again. Notwithstanding the market is at record levels, many of the smaller Americans have been squeezed out.

            Nope, America ain’t a “free” market. It’s rigged against the middle class.


        • al metcalf

          Rob, Let us take a long look the the American picture. This world we live in today was not created in the blink of the eye, nor will it be corrected that way. The slide into economic hell started over 100 years ago with the passing of the Individual Income Tax, which by the way was sold to the American people under the banner of ‘envy of the rich’. The slogan was ‘Lets tax the Income of the Rich’, of course working people did not have Income, their payment was Compensation for labor. Income was value recieved without Labor. Which meant rents, dividends and gain on real estate transaction. Ah, the perfect way to Tax those other people, ENVY is a great tool, and by the way Obama is using it again exactly as the Progressives of old. After the income tax act was passed it was easy enough to redifine the word income, which became value regardless of source, which took in Compensation given for Labor. You will notice that we still have the Workmans Compensation Act in Law.
          Be careful who you blame for the mess we are in, it comes from both sides of politics but it is always based on some kind of false moral position of taking care of someone or making life more fair for all. This is all a charade for the fool. All of these progressive movements are to line someones pocket, so follow the money everytime and you can find out the truth.
          The present economic problem started with the FHA in the 30s with FDR adn each Progressive continued to make it worse with more stupid laws until we finally destroyed the housing industry and maybe the entire world economy. That result, is still in debate. Will we end up with the utopian progressive world the idiots think is going to happen under The New World Order, maybe for a short period of time, but this is just another pipe dream and it will not work either. Our best bet is to regain our country and take it back to the Constitution as it was written.

          • Robert Smith

            From metcalf: “The slogan was ‘Lets tax the Income of the Rich’, of course working people did not have Income, their payment was Compensation for labor. Income was value recieved without Labor. Which meant rents, dividends and gain on real estate transaction.”

            Ayn Rand called those rich folks who made money on paper without producing anything LOOTERS. They are a drain, and unfortunately it’s rigged so many of the 1% are made up of them.

            When we had high tax rates on the rich under Eisenhour until the later 1960′s AND we had lots of growth.

            Yup, you can claim it was the war, but why did Bush’s warS put and keep us in a hole?


          • Robert Smith

            metcalf posted: ” so follow the money everytime and you can find out the truth.”

            It’s going to the 1% at an unprecidented rate. The rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting much worse.


          • Joe H.

            don’t forget that IKE also deported one million illegals under “operation wetback” Adumberer practically finds American jobs for them, while true Natural born AMERICANS are UNEMPLOYED!!

        • Dutch

          I am sure that you have supervision because your delusions could get you in trouble if you wander off a sidewalk into traffic.
          Obama has created a burden of debt that generations yet unborn will be shackled with for the benefit of Liberal supporters of Obama. If you are truly not on medication then I must assume that you are one of those that voted for him and will vote for him again. If is folks like you that are a greater danger to society because you have enabled him. That is unconscionable.

      • Mary

        We are in the point of no Return. We are just cats on our backs. At least I have sharp nails.

        • Robert Smith

          More violence from the right?

          Picked your clinic out to bomb yet?


    • Jim

      You’re kiddin’ right?
      NEWT ????? Nuetron bomb newt?
      Perfect, elect someone to continue in the military industrial complexs’ will to rule the world …
      Yeah, that’ll help us out … not

      • Jim


    • skip

      Crystal is really stuffed full of horsefeathers on this one – he really wants this country to fail so he can rebuild it in his kleptomaniacal screw the middle class fashion. A first class jerk if I every heard one.

  • Willy

    I personally think Eastwood made nice work of the commercial. His personal statments have always been opposite of Liberal, including entitlements.

  • GraemeB

    What a stupid piece of garbage. Here we have someone complaining that Chrysler and GM were bailed-out and thousands of jobs saved, was soo bad and yet both these companies have since repaid the money. I would say this rant is about as un-American as it gets because quite obviously Crystal doesn’t want Ameicans to suceed. Like that Rove character, they would rather see the economy fail. In fact it would seem that Boehner and Cantor are cut from the same cloth.
    GM has now come back as the #1 automaker in the world and this is wrong!!?

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      Unfortunately sir, you have a good point.

      • skip

        Right on – Rove and Crystal want the nation wrecked, period. What arrogant, cynical jerks. Eastwood was a good Republican mayor, and I applaud him for the grit of the ad and the fact that with appropriate assistance, our automobile industry and the infrastructure it supported not only survived, but thrived. You scorched earthers can’t bear to see any successful program of the current administration. That whacko Hannity even says Obama didn’t want bin Laden brought down/killed – what paranoia and nonsense.

    • Jim

      Lets assume you are correct.
      When was the last time you received an interest free loan?
      My house payment would be half if I had that opportunity.

      • Robert Smith

        You need to negotiate better with the 1%>


      • Joe H.

        I’ve heard of loans as low as 1% lately. you don’t get much closer than that! Refinance if the interest is too high for you. Just make sure you get a FIXED rate!!

    • Vigilant

      Get your facts straight. Chrysler and GM STILL owe the taxpayers billions of dollars. And guess what? Some payments back were made from Stimulus funds.

      Obama abrogated law by unconstitutionally strongarming his way into private businesses, businesses that were on the ropes because they could not afford the tremendous union pension liabilities. Then he breaks bankruptcy law by pushing the businesses’ legitimate creditors aside (bondholders) to give his union thugs the upper hand in operating the business.

      There’s a reason it’s pejoratively referred to as “Government Motors.” If you believe in nationalization of industries, you should move to Venezuela or the Mddle East.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      The money has not been paid back. Are you stupid or ignorant?

      • Mary

        To big to fail to big to repay. It’s like the government debt impossible to pay. All those bailouts was a plain robbery, a wealth transfer from the middle to the top. We just bend over.

        • Robert Smith

          And get screwed by teh 1%.

          That’s why oil prices are so high… All that petrolium jelly distributed by the Bush administration.


    • texastwin827

      Guys, I am one who does not like Obama…BUT GraemeB is correct.

      It was reported in May, 2011 that GM repaid it’s 8.1 Billion loan, as did Chrysler (7.6 Billion).

      HOWEVER, the means in which GM repaid, is questionable as far as I’m concerned! GM used an equity line from the TARP to repay the govt. Through the TARP, the Treasury gave GM $49.5 billion, most of which was converted into an ownership stake in the form of stock. So, through this equity stake, the government still owns 61 percent of GM. Basically, GM paid back actual loans with money that came from the TARP bailout funds, that had been, and still are, sitting in an escrow acct, for GM to use (49.5 billion less 8.1 billion means they still have $40.4 Billion of taxpayer money at their disposal so I find it hard to “pat them on the back” because they paid their loan back!

      Chrysler didn’t use TARP, they used private investor equity lines to repay theirs but this is the second time the govt has had to help Chrysler…the first time being in 1979. Chrysler originally received much less than GM did (12.5 billion)and, with repayments and termination of it’s ability to draw has, basically, repaid all but 1.9 billion. The govt “owns” a much smaller percentage of Chrysler (6.6%) than it does in GM.

      I am all for people making a decent wage and I realize that the cost of living is much higher, up North, than it is in other parts of the country. However, an average a UAW employee makes about $40 hour, then his benefits cost the company another approx. $15 hour and retiree benefits add another $15 hr….which ends up being in the neighborhood of about $70+ per hour. Think about it…there are many college degreed people who don’t make that kind of money! In comparison, non-union auto workers for Honda & Toyota make about $45 hr (wages, benefits & retirement).

      And before anyone bashes me as a “union hater” let me share a little info…my father was a UNION Boilermaker Welder so I grew up in a union household…that said, the union’s today are NOT the same as the unions of the “olden days”.

      • Joe H.

        Has FORD paid theirs back???? Oh yeah, they didn’t take any and their sales are just as robust as GM and Chrysler!!!!

        • Robert Smith

          Notwithstanding Ford was boycotted by the American Family Association for advertizing to ALL Americans, not just the Americans the right wing approves of.

          For details of the boycot you can go to:

          Looks like bigotry doesn’t pay because Ford did well.


          • Joe H.

            And even with THAT, they survived AND flourished!!! Chrysler and Gm are Beggers and Theives!! NOTHING MORE!!!

  • Susan

    The most amazing thing is that almost no one is commenting that thanks to the Obama administration, Chrysler is no longer an American car company. It was taken from the bondholders and giving to the Italians for the price of some green car agreements. They need to stop pretending to be an American company!

    • Joe H.

      Yup and how many cars that get 40 miles to the gallon or better does Chrysler make?? Far as I’ve seen on their stickers, NONE!! ford makes TWO. Hyundai makes two or three, honda makes at least one, and they are the ONLY totally AMERICAN made car!!!

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I’m probably the only person alive who didn’t see the ad, but the fact it was made by Obama’s ad people is obviously all that one needs to know on the “subliminal” front. That said, I have to defend the decision to shoot the spot in New Orleans instead of Detriot [sic] to at least reduce the chance of an American Icon being murdered on the set from 100% to approximately 80%.

    • http://WeThePeople Jean

      Yes – Made in New Orleans because of the over flow of rag heads in Detroit siphoning the city dry of all the welfare payments and housing etc.

      • cawmun cents

        “The only Reason Omamba can walk through Detroit at all is because he is dark brown,and Muslim.”-CC.

  • Average Joe

    “I always advocated that everyone should just leave everybody alone instead of trying to manipulate everybody else’s life- I know that’s easier said than done and the temptation, politically, is to get in and involve yourself with every last minutia…Ron Paul is talking about fiscal responsibility and that is certainly something I like.”
    Clint Eastwood

  • Steve E

    It is not fair that some companies get bailed out and I don’t.

    • NotaDemAss

      what? if you fail, you fail. It boils down to poor leadership and mismanagement as well as the union factor (people getting paid $45/hour to push a broom or sit and wait for work –literally sit and wait for work). Basically what obama did by putting unsecured creditors above secured creditors is criminal.

      Why are we responsible for paying for companies who cannot make changes to ensure they succeed?

      Remember cash for clunkers? FAIL. Remember cash for refrigerators? FAIL. Chevy VOLT — FAIL. Solyndra – FAIL. Ener1/EnerDel – FAIL. Beacon Power – FAIL.

      Do I need to go on? These were just a few of the taxpayer backed and/or bailed out companies that FAILED. Obama does not take the blame for these or any of his other failures — he is a FAILURE.

      WAKE UP.

  • FreedomFighter

    Lets make socialism and communism feel good…blaa

    Poor Clint got suckered.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • eddie47d

      Great Ad Clint and to heck with the America haters who only want economic defeat for these top industries. Maybe even for the USA itself.

      • cawmun cents

        “Yes….thats the ticket…..prop up the fiat currency with Fiat corporations……hmmmmmm.”-CC.

  • Warrior

    It ain’t halftime kids, the final two minute warning has already been given.

    Vote out all progessives.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Including Romney.

  • mpv

    I saw the ad. I did not think it was political at all. I thought it was a good ad, look at us we’re making cars in America with Americans for Americans and the profits are staying close to home.
    “Imported from Detroit”

    • Average Joe

      “look at us we’re making cars in America with Americans for Americans and the profits are staying close to home.”

      Did someone forget to tell you…Chrysler is now majority owned by…Fiat…you know….an Italian car company (that’s where the profits go BTW)…not American…..Just sayin’

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Chrysler and G.M. use less than 505 of the parts to manufacture their so called automobiles manufactured in the U.S.

    • NotaDemAss

      when I first saw the ad I felt very uneasy because I got the distinct impression – within moments – that this was about a 2nd half for Barry Soertoro — that half-time in America meant that he has only finished half his time…. I even tried to think about it differently but it resonated and dripped with political undertones.

      And then it comes out that the ad creators are supporters of Barry Soetoro… go figure — the ad DID have political undertones and it was about obama…. Surprise, surprise. Trust your gut folks.

  • Jim Laubscher

    Sorry Ben. You missed it as did the majority of pundits. The Patriots, aka “The Brady Bunch”, went down in defeat in the second half as will our Glorious Leader this November.

  • jay Lindberg

    You are a corrupt PIG. You should take your message to the union halls so they can deal with you with the proper administration of a baseball bat.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Typical Communist dogma?

      • Average Joe

        Sounds more like a typical UNION THUG to me.

    • Vigilant

      AT LAST! A liberal who admits that unions are nothing more than violent criminal special interests. Refreshing.

    • Joe H.

      jay Lindberg,
      Nah the unions wouldn’t do that to HIM!! He’s not in a wheelchair!!!

  • s c

    Eastwood has been duped. You don’t put out mixed messages when you know what you believe. Obummer is a past master of mixed messages. This is why Eastwood owes America an APOLOGY.
    Do you think Eastwood has considered HOW he can think Paul has good ideas and Obummer somehow has good ideas, too? That’s like pouring pig urine in your beer.
    As a director of movies, Easywood should have paid more attention to DETAILS. Did he NOT consider the poossibility that he was being USED? Isn’t there an election on the horizon? Maybe Eastwood had a brain fart. Whatever happened, Eastwood OWES America AN APOLOGY.

    • Mary

      He is just Senile. Waste of time.

  • ARMY1971

    Ditto here in the once great state of NY. If any of you want to see the future of the US of A, just stop in for a visit. Property and school taxes(yea we have that also) out of sight, sales tax of 8.5% or higher, income tax rate of 6%, gas approaching $4 per gallon, tolls on every bridge. The list is endless, all caused in part by big governement and their lack of public service unions. Can’t pay Mayberry cops 100k and gym teachers 150k per year, let them retire on 80k pension tax free pensions, and life time health benefits. System is on the verge of collapse.

    • Jan

      I agree Army1971, I live in Upstate NY, gas in my town at 3.89 reg unleaded..go thru any neighborhood and you’ll see at least 4 homes up for sale. Small biz’s get the shaft; a local pizza shop owner was just fined by NYS for not having enough shirts available for employees, NYS looks for ways to get your last dollar.

  • jopa

    I have ample opportunity to drive through different cities around the Midwest and it sure is nice to see the auto company parking lots full of employee cars.The auto bailout was a stroke of genius in order to keep billions of dollars within the economy with all the wages the auto company jobs produce.Not to mention the billions from the suppliers.I think if Ben were to meet Mr. Eastwood on the street he would be shaking in his slippers.I can see it now”You feel lucky Punk.”There sure is quite a collection of anti-American folks on this site.Why don’t you just leave America, it would be a much nicer place.If you are not with the President and his pro American policies then you are against America.Adios, scram, get out of here, goodbye.

    • Tom Cook

      Now we hear from JOPA–a really hard-wired stupid. JOPA will vote for the Kenyan commie mus again, and when the revolution comes we will hunt JOPA down like the filthy stupid dog he is.

      • Average Joe

        Filthy, stupid dogs everywhere are offended by that comment….they want no association with jopa and request a retraction of said statement immediately!

    • Vigilant

      “If you are not with the President and his pro American policies…”

      jops’s again reading communist Howard Zinn’s “history” of America. he has no idea what “pro American policies” means.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I will buying a newer vehicle this year, and it will be a Lincoln MKX. Granted it will be previously owned. I will never buy a G,M. product as long as I live. Chrysler quality has been suspect since its inception. They both still owe money to the American Taxpayer that most likely will never be repaid. They should have both gone through the normal bankruptcy procedure. That way the Unions would have taken a back seat to the survival of the reorganized companies. As it stands now, I can never support a Union Company.

  • Kyle Broderick

    This commercial makes an excellent metaphor for America’s career of late, but it isn’t the one that Chrysler was hoping for. I started driving in 1995, and from then ’til now I would never have considered purchasing a Chrysler product. My faith in their value and longevity is roughly on par with my faith in the value and longevity of the US dollar bill. My confidence that a 4-year-old Chrysler could get me where I want to go is about the same as my confidence that my local, state, or federal representatives can get me and my country where it needs to go. Neither Chrysler nor Washington can seem to get by without foreign entanglements. Both became inefficient and bloated and drove themselves into the ground. Both bailed themselves out at my expense. I never wanted a Chrysler, but I got to pay for one anyway through government extortion. But at least that was a one-time theft. Unless something unexpected happens, I’ll continue to pay for a whole host of government programs that I will never want or need. Thanks, Mr. Eastwood, for making a commercial that’s more tragic than your feature-length “Million Dollar Baby.”

  • Tazio2013

    If Karl Rove was offended, the ad was undoubtably truthful.

  • VinnyB

    If everybody loooked at the big picture, instead of at just Detroit and Clint Eastwood, maybe they’d realize that as bad as Detroit is the rest of the country is just as bad if not worse. If we can do it in one city why can’t we do it in all cities, in the whole country? i took Clint’s message to be “our country’s failing, let’s get up and turn it around and resume our place as the best country in the world”.

    • Joe H.

      I suggest you take a walk through Dearborn, outside Detroit and tell me it isn’t even worse than the other parts of the US!!! I suggest when you do, though, GO ARMED!!

      • Jamie M

        Yeah ’cause the simple fact of needing to be armed to go through an American town has nothing to do with their economic situation, right? How many of those former union employees could have even held those jobs if they were non-union (and they actually had to work for a living, instead of hiding behind the threat of a strike)? I have a co-worker who was a UAW employee of the Hapeville, GA Ford plant. He brags all the time about how he could eat sandwiches on the assembly line. Would you like your employees to eat during lunch hour and work during work hours, or eat while they’re supposed to be working, and then file a grievance with the union office when you try to correct him? WAKE UP!!! UNIONS ARE SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF OUR ONCE-GREAT ECONOMY!!!

  • http://Firefox phil

    Clint has gone from Dirty Harry (law and order) to Senile Harry (ignorant, rich and mush). He is now part of the Bollywood majority of socialist leaning actors. How would he like his stocks being taken and given to the union bosses? Well, he’s union covering for other ones now. Shame on you Eastwood.

  • TombstoneLizard

    Personally, I think that GM products are simply over-priced, low-quality examples of what has gone wrong with our country. From the stranglehold of the unions to a company so big it can demand a loan from the government (what happened to the ability to fail? “Oh, we’re too big to fail-look how many voters won’t re-elect you if we tank, Mr. President!”) to the incessant ads telling us how great their product is now that some of their cars actually get over 20 mpg, I find myself loathing the powers that continue to manipulate us. Oh, and the last time I checked, I was working on a Chevy Nova and the words “TOYODA” (yes, with a d) were stamped all over the engine. Personally, I think that unless we do a serious overhaul and restore our Constitution-and what was once known as “common sense”-we are in for a bloodbath of epic proportions.

  • eddie47d

    Clint Eastwood himself insists it wasn’t political and the commercial was showing a positive view of the American auto industry. What a shame that the author has to be so negative in slamming anyone who shows pride in America and boosting the American auto industry.Another growing sign that the right wants eternal failure unless they get the benefits.

  • jopa

    Tommy and Joey;You two are not being very nice today however We all realize how terrible you feel when America is on the road to recovery and becoming prosperous once again.We have to be so thankful for our President and his actions to save this country.If you two are so miserable here I will gladly fund one way transportation for you two anywhere in the world.I know you would love to go to Nazi Germany but your too late.Capitalist:Lincoln is a great choice.I actually worked in the Wixom Mi. plant years ago making Lincolns and T-Birds.I believe it was 1969.

    • Joe H.

      Yeah jopa the economy is improving, Disney stores are closing, MTD, just outside Cleveland will be closing, Milwaukee tools sold lock stock and barrel to CHINA, the only totally American made car is made by HONDA, Gas is at all time highs, food is up 10 to 20%. Yup!! The economy is improving!!! SURE jopa!!!

  • Old Gringo

    I can only hope Clint was “duped” as I have always admired him, and still do.

  • Steve Witherspoon

    My leanings are conservative morally and financially. You might say the ‘Tea Party’ best fits my thoughts and conclusions these days.
    However; I only have a masters degree and YOUR grammar is somewhat difficult for me to read with ease. I remember my first “English” class at NC State several years ago. The professor opened the semester with “you will learn correct English here and I expect you to use it. When you go back home however, talk so that people can understand what you are saying”.
    I live in the mountains of North Carolina, work in the public school system after 23 years with the US Navy. Please forgive my critique, but we ‘talk plain’ here and care about the devastating conditions of the United States of America. It seems like most of the values I served 23 years for, are held by ordinary folks only. (And please forgive my ramblings)
    I like Clint Eastwood, I like the ad and I’m proud that Chrysler is hopefully going to make a go of it after paying back the bail-out bank. I do not agree with most of the ‘bail-outs’, but it is good to see a company succeed.

    Ben, I agree with you on unions, union tactics and anyone who uses such practices (no identities need be revealed). Many things which may have served valid purposes early on, have long since devolved beyond usefulness and now are becoming an anathama.
    Sanity has to return to our nation, beginning in DC.

  • THOR 2 4



    • Joe H.

      Watch it thor 2 4,
      Mr witherspoon will critique you!!!! LOL!!!

  • noel

    Want to combat socialism? BUY A FORD!!!

  • The Obama Timeline author

    The oftentimes-conservative Eastwood may not have realized he was being snookered, but the commercial’s “half-time in America” message was clearly meant to represent the half-way point in Obama’s planned two terms in the White House. The commercial is essentially an update of the tired old “don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” campaign theme.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If the horse is dead you better change the horse, even if it is midstream.

      • Joe H.

        ESPECIALLY if it mid stream and the stream is DEEP!!!

    • Jamie M

      The stream’s been bouncing off our heads for the past three years… It’s time everyone realize it’s not rain…

  • fedup

    Anyone who is comparing president to president is just spinning his wheels. That’s why we are in the mess we are in. Bush is worse/Obama is worse….EECCHH! They both suck-. Now lets find a way out. All of you here want our Constitution back, right? You want limited government and your privacy, right? The only one to get that is Ron Paul. He isn’t just a mouth piece, he preaches what he believes. Everyone says he is too extreme, unelectable, ect, ect. Why? All of you talk freedom, but still want someone to catch you when you fall. Because of so many peoples ineptitude, fear and just plain being weak and greedy, our once great nation is on it’s knees. None of you DESERVE what made this country great. You’re all a bunch of entitled, self-serving, blind sheep. Anyone with the courage to want true change back to what this country used to stand for will vote Ron Paul. The rest of you are just posers and slaves to entitlement. Time to choose.

    • Jamie M

      I wish you weren’t so right… Too bad we can’t get Dr. Paul to run for VP, so his foreign policy could stay in check. Everything else the man says is incredibly sensible (which may be why he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of being elected)…

  • gunner 689

    I think that Mr. Eastwood was conned into makeing that add believing it was a pro-America add. I believe him to be a super patriot and an excellent American. I doubt he was aware that Chrysler is 60 % owned by Fiat of Italy and the cars are made in Mexico and Canada.
    Detroit should have been allowed to go bankrupt, re-organize, and break the union contracts that have strangled the Golden Goose that used to be the American auto industry.

    Invest in gold, brass, and lead.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If Clint Eastwood was conned that was his own fault.

    • Joe H.

      If Eastwood doesn’t know that chrysler cars aren’t 100% made in America then my opinion of him even as an actor has DROPPED!!!

  • jim ernst

    Hello. I don’t know about the Grand Torino, but I know I am damned scared every time I commute in my Pinto…….I Hope Ford doesn’t kill me with its gas tank. It’s time we kill monopoly capitalism and get back to free market capitalism. The Fortune 500 loves the support of govt……force them to stand on their own and u better believe they will be gone. No more overpriced, self destructing crap. Be sure to read Vance Packards The Waste Makers to see the game these govt supported criminals participate in. Kaboom!

    • Joe H.

      Idrove a pinto till the unibody “frame” rusted in two and collapsed!! It ran like a champ!! look at the frames under a 80 ford F150 and the same sized chevy! the frame under a ford truck was thicker, thus it lasted longer. The corvair, by chevy, was the gas tank death trap! Just ask Nader!! hell, look at the 78 dodge dart. the engine ans tranny lasted forever, but the body rusted out in three years from reclaimed jap steel!!

      • Average Joe

        Speaking of that cheap, reclaimed metal from Japan……

        I bought a 1975 Dodge Colt new off the showroom floor for $3000 and drove it for about 3 years. One day I was headed into town and suddenly I felt a thud (like I had just hit something and front end dropoed and the hood popped up about 8″-10″. I pulled over, got out and lifted the hood the rest of the way…low and behold…that cheap reclaimed metal where the struts attached to the bodie had completely rusted through and the body was now resting nicely on the front tires and the struts were standing proudly through the two brand new holes…the car had 42k miles on it and was unfixable.

  • ray

    you must have a problem handling the truth!

  • Paul

    People are going to buy cars. If GM & Chrysler had been allowed to fail, other manufacturers would be building more cars and auto workers would be working for different companies. It is ridiculous to believe that the failure of one or two companies would put all of those employees out of work. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagon…all build cars in the US and employ Americans – but they don’t put up with unions!

    Obama didn’t bail out GM & Chrysler to save American companies, he bailed them out to save the unions.

    • Dark Knight

      ‘Save the unions’ from what?!?
      He PAID OFF the unions ahead of the bondholders to pander for votes! Much like he does with everything….just check his track record of pandering with the environmentalist, the gay community, Hispanics, blacks and so on.

  • Dark Knight

    I will not support the concept of corporations which have made poor business or management decisions are to be bailed out by American taxpayers….period!
    Perhaps Mr. Eastwood may not have been aware of the underlying political message….then again maybe he was.
    Truth is, it should have been a commercial for any other American company besides Chrysler or GM for that matter.

  • jopa

    Paul;Toyota,Nissan and Honda are all headquartered in Japan as far as I know.That’s where the differance is.You would be investing in Japan and not America.Then after some time you will be chanting Tora Tora Tora and have a nickname like Samurai rather than singing God Bless America.Buy American whenever possible.That’s not so easy to do today so look closely for the label.

    • Joe H.

      then don’t buy at walmart, kmart, target, or any other chain!!! they don’t cary much if ANY made in America!!

  • simian pete

    It was an interesting advert. Mr. Eastwood is a great actor, and he gave the money earned to charity.

    Seriously though – have the problems been fixed with Detroit ? And the bailed out car makers ? I didn’t totally understand the deal Prez Obama made with the automakers. Didn’t many retired autoworkers lose their pensions and/or 401k’s/ retirement income ? Weren’t many car dealerships forced to close ? So this is what a government bailout does – many conditions..

    So when will Detroit automakers need to be bailed out again ? in 2 or 3 years ?

    What would save Detroit is a modern “Model T” like car could be produced – for under $8,000.00. That’s right — 8 thousand dollars !!!

    If India can produce a car for $3,000 (or less – the TATA Nano) I’m sure Detroit could do better for $8,000 or less !!!

    • Joe H.

      Have you seen that nana??? Looks like a 9 month pregnant rollerskate!!! hope you don’t have kids unless they enjoy riding in a 2′ by 4′ trunk!!! you’ld be lucky to be able to take your wife grocery shopping n have room for the groceries! forget taking a long trip in it, you would be in traction for a month after it!!

    • Jamie M

      Simian Pete,
      Good point. Now take into account the lack of “safety” or “environmental” regulations in India and you can add a few thousand to the total. There were no catalytic converters or shatter-proof glass on the Model T…

      Joe H,
      You don’t have to buy one! That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be on the market. You can keep driving your Expedition XL or Suburban @ 12mpg… I’m not paying for your gas…

  • RightGunner

    Great Ben, or should I say Big Ben, that was exactly the right message.

  • Jan

    The Tata Nano sounds like the Smart car..I’ve seen golfcarts that look safer than that.

    • Joe H.

      A lot of cities are LETTING people drive golf Carts on the road! they are equipped with signals, lights and mirrors! with a roll bar built in and Gas power, they ARE safer!!!

      • Jamie M

        Joe H,
        Are you Mitt Romney? Pick a side and stick to it…


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