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The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER… (contains adult language)

August 6, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vigilant

    Anyone interested in finding a transcript of Jeff Daniels’ comments can go to

    • jdisher


  • Vigilant

    This, of course, begs the question of “if the USA is not the greatest nation on earth, then which one is?”

    • Lisa Toomey


      • Vigilant

        Thank you, Lisa, for answering the question. While I don’t agree with you, I admire your courage of conviction to answer it head on.

    • JON

      For me, I can’t come up with one as the definitive answer. Many nations are the greatest at certain things. I’m torn between Canada and The U.S.of A.

    • Don Wright

      We were the greatest nation once upon a time… now there is a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and the end result is what we are witnessing world wide. Unchecked wars, poverty and the threat of complete economic breakdown. I personally don’t think that there is a greatest nation in the world at the moment. There are many nations that have various forms of democratically elected governments… there are nations that rule by violence and the threat of violence. The greatest nation, if it exists, would be a nation that seeks the truth at all times, defends its citizens against all enemies, supports and promotes individual liberty, minimizes its role and allows its citizens to create their own wealth and spend it as they see fit. It would be a nation that always defended the little guy. The country would not boast of moral superiority but it would be know by its actions not its words. Sadly, that country doesn’t exist anymore.

      • DaveH

        Well said, Don.

      • Eric

        Please publish your comments in newspapers around the country. Very well put!

      • Paul N

        Well said Don, though very sad, its nonetheless the truth! Where are the leaders of this time in history, who are moral in character, and noble in all their causes?! Why do we not take care of our own, and defend the red, white and blue and not divide over red and blue?! Forget political correctness, how about truth correctness? Do right for rights sake, and learn to know it is better to give than receive! Kennedy had that part right, ask not etc…

    • Missy

      There is a fight for the greatest country going on right now. Although some in USA believe we should let another nation have a “turn” . But there is no other nation who cares as much as we do. That would mean another nation would have to give , help , and care. We have given,helped and cared to the point of spoiling all other countries. Entitlement is the result.



      • Missy


    • Ale-Alejandro

      There is NOT a ‘Best Country in the World’… maybe, if you really look very very hard with the pasion… perhaps you’ll find a ‘Less Worst Country’… But nowaday ain’t a single country you can tell: This one!!! here is where I want to raise my children
      I mean: in may opinion…

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Simply stated; man the “TRUTH really HURTS.”

    What we have become is saddly {the Whore of Baylon} the land of the mindless sheep who blindly follow any idiot yet ask not whom he is or where he is from.

    We also follow other idiots into wars based on a loose a theory of WMD, who’s very father told you he was building a “New World Order!”
    And yet we applause at this maddness, let alone we even pay for our own destruction at that TIME, and with such glee.

    We embrace maddness – as we repell GOODNESS yet all the while we keep telling ourselves that we are Great!
    We lie to ourselves and tell everyone we are for Good – when in fact we know our actions are based in HATE let alone the Love of BLOOD LUST!

    We are a sick nation, and we can’t heal ourselves until we open our minds again and expand beyond the Tight little box’s we are told we feel should be our comfort level.
    Open our HEARTS and learn that LOVE is far better way than – HATE.

    When we drop our EGO’S by the way side and learn to forgive and to move forward.
    Keeping the WORDS “Peace and Love” as our banner of our GOD given ability and rights.
    When our SOULS resanate with Peace and LOVE only then can we can start to heal as a nation. When we embrace that fact that the Christ is our High of High, that NO MAN ever is ever higher than the Christ!

    That all men are just that men and not GODS! Stop with the
    Idol worship!

    That No man can make LAWS that erode our love of Life or our love of others. Or to place us all in a box of EVIL for alledged gains of good.
    This can all come to pass if we do work for good and what is right and pure.
    But first you have to see the TRUTH, you have to feel the TRUTH, and you must hear the TRUTH, if any of these three arms are week we then all fail not just as a nation but as humans.

    Its your call people.

    Drop the team; D v R rhetoric, its only a tool of evil when both teams have the same goal.
    To Rape, to Rob, and Pillage while spilling the Blood of our youth in mindless wars for the GREED of men who are not even from your own nation.

    Peace and Love

    • Vigilant

      So, TIME, will you answer the question please? If the USA is not the greatest nation on earth, then which one is?

      A one word answer will suffice.

      • TIME

        Dear V,

        The answer to your question is really quite simple, there is no such thing.
        The Earth is only a testing ground to see how we Humans will behave with each other. Within the confines of the all Bible’s from all Religions – we are all told -
        { that the Earth is not the Kingdom of GOD.}

        Thus one can never hope to get to the gates of that Beautiful Kingdom with out a few TEST prior to that really large step to our TRUE HOME where the One true GOOD resides.

        But if you feel otherwise, I am quite happy for you, thus please do accept my humble apology.

        Pride goes before the fall.

        The EGO is where PRIDE resides – thus one must let go of their EGO’s and move forward proforming good deeds daily,
        Give Hope to the Hopeless,
        Give Love to the Loveless,
        Give of yourself to those that need strength,
        Aid your fellow Humans as well all creatures great and small.

        These are not easy task, nor are they plesant in many cases. They are in fact TEST given to those that have had the Light shine on them to serve on the side of GOODNESS, of TRUTH and all that is Beautiful as well of GOD’S hand.

        Do I have all the answers No, but in your own SOUL we all have a blueprint that GOD gave us to follow.
        As long as we resist that blueprint we fail!
        Even if we have acquired everything material that one could ever hope for.
        We still fail.

        Peace and Love

      • Vigilant

        Your answer is, of course, no answer, just another of your longwinded, uninteresting postings, cowardly squirming out of substantive reply.

      • TIME

        Dear V,

        How you struggle with all that Hate eating you alive from within.

        I answered your question with TRUTH, yet it seems you can’t handle it.

        Peace and love

      • Vigilant

        No, TIME, you “answered” the question with a cowardly, mealy-mouthed wishy-washy sermon.

        Let’s look at the English here: It’s great. greater and greatest. By any normal exertion of intelligence, one can categorize nations into one of six categories, if you include the converse (poor, poorer, poorest). While the answer may be subjective, the categorization is sound in structure, and anyone with the guts (and brains) to make the categorization would have no problem.

        You have that problem. Take a hint from Lisa and Sylvin, who have both the brains and guts to answer the question honestly. Launching into such nonsense as you do, puts you in the same category as Deerinheadlights and GALT, who never answer a question but try to look erudite by talking in abstractions, contingencies, sophistry and general persiflage that merely distracts from the thread.

        BTW, you have, by default, stated that the USA is not the greatest nation on earth, since you said there is no such thing.

      • TIME

        Dear V,

        I take your comment that I am like Galt as a compliment, Thank You so much. ;-)

        On the flip side, again I answered your question with “TRUTH” yet you still can’t see the Tree’s for the Forset.
        Again; thats not my problem “you own it.”

        Peace and Love

      • Vigilant

        TIME, have it your way. I have neither time nor inclination to engage you further in a fruitless discourse.

      • bruceb64


      • DaveH

        The answer to your question, Vigilant, is that Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.
        And If indeed by some objective criteria we could come to a conclusion that our country is the Greatest, would that somehow justify not working to improve it?

    • Vigilant

      For that matter, does ANYONE who frequents this site have the moxie to answer that simple question?

      Does ANYONE at Personal Liberty Digest want to answer that simple question?

      • Vigilant

        I won’t hold my breath waiting…

      • Vicki

        Vigilant says:
        “Does ANYONE at Personal Liberty Digest want to answer that simple question?”

        To answer your “simple” question correctly we would have to have a detailed description of what “greatest” means.

        If you mean most Global Competitiveness than the answer might well be Switzerland.

        If you mean most able to fight tyranny then Switzerland would probably win again.

        If you mean a combination of things you would need to list them such as this

  • Sylvin

    America is still the greatest country in the world today, it’s just not as great as it used to be. But the fault does not really lie at the feet of the American public. The fault lies at the feet of the political class. The American public has the power to vote for a representative, but that’s it; they have no more power. The political class, on the other hand, has the power (and has used it extensively) to hijack our political processes for the personal gain of their own party, their own special interests, and themselves.

    America is the greatest country in the world today, but used to be the greatest country in the history of mankind. We have fallen quite far behind that America of old. We must find a way to stem the tide of socialization in the name of fairness and equality or one day we may no longer be the greatest country in the world today, let alone in the history of mankind.

    • Vigilant

      Good answer. So far, only you and Lisa have had the guts to answer the question.

      • Vicki

        My answer is coming. :) It is stuck in moderation. I will however give you a country now and you will see the reasoning as soon as the comment comes out of moderation ( see above where you didn’t want to hold your breath. Very wise actually :) )


      • Vigilant

        And Vicki makes three!

        As with Lisa and Sylvin, you have the guts and brains to answer it head on.

        Such a ringing silence from all the usual posters, left and right, as well as the PLD staff, which apparently declines to take the challenge.

      • JimH

        As soon as I buy my own island and create my own country, Jimland will be the most awsome country in the world.

      • DaveH

        What does answering your question or not have to do with courage, Vigilant?
        Personally I think this country lost it’s moral compass beginning with Lincoln’s presidency, and it’s been going downhill ever since. It would be difficult for me to call any country that is descending in moral character, and has been for so long, Great.

      • Vigilant

        “What does answering your question or not have to do with courage, Vigilant?”

        How many replies to my question do you see posted here? Merely a handful have had that courage. Even PLD management and staff have shied away from it. As I write this, there have been a total of only 28 responses with but a few direct answers and qualified answers.

        It’s a very simple and logical question, based on the proposition that if the USA is not the greatest nation in the world, then which nation is?

        OF COURSE “beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” It was undoubtedly a subjective question. That objective measurements could be brought in to confirm or deny the answer was not ruled out.

        “And If indeed by some objective criteria we could come to a conclusion that our country is the Greatest, would that somehow justify not working to improve it?”

        Non sequitur. Neither a part of the question nor relevant to it’s answer.

      • TIME

        Dear V,

        As per whats becoming your new standard responce of a “NON SEQUITUR”
        DUDE – Thats 100% EGO, as well Your OPINION based on a “very slight ray of light.”

        To understand what has happened to this nation one has to really open their mind to the fact that there are “”many MILLIONS”” of people involved in what has happened over the last 150 years.

        These very same people have also have created the very small box’s that the American people are in, by way of “Mass Media” of what they own it all, as well the “Political Thearter” of what they own it all.

        Thus the problems we face are far more indepth tham most can handle if they refuse to look at this VAMPIRE in the eye. BTW – Of what really takes Courage.

        Yet – asking a non note worthly question takes no courage at all in either reply or asking of said question.

        Peace and Love

      • Vigilant

        TIME says, “As per whats becoming your new standard responce of a “NON SEQUITUR”
        DUDE – Thats 100% EGO, as well Your OPINION based on a “very slight ray of light.”

        Non sequitur has not a whit to do with opinion; it is a concept of logic, something of which you have no clue.

        If you had a shred of intelligence, you would have looked up the phrase and challenged me on the misuse of it, which I did. Dave’s comment was not a non sequitur, it was simply irrelevant to the question. You needn’t be worried in your own case of ever having to suffer a “very slight ray of light,” as your cranial abyss is devoid of all light.

        As for courage in answering a question, you have NEVER had the balls to answer my oft-repeated question: show me by direct quotation ANYTHING in the DC Organic Act that incorporates the USA. I know that involves those elevated skills of reading and comprehending, so have someone else do it for you.

  • Michael J.

    No nation is great in it’s own right without the righteous hand of the people wielding the sword of freedom and liberty. No nation has
    aspired to such an apex as The United States of America. Though we’ve
    been lied to for the last 150 years, that does not deminish the spirit and the sacrifice of our ancestors who created our Republic.

    “This lady may have stumbled… but she ain’t never fell… And if ya don’t believe that, ya’ll can go straight to Hell!!!” (Charlie Daniels)

    Do not disparage her because she is now clung to by leeches. Take heart in the knowledge that the fire in the belly that created her, still burns brightly. No mountain to high, no valley to low, no preciface so foreboding, that can vanquish the force that drives the beating heart of The American Patriot.

    Freedom and Liberty will prevail by the hands of the righteous majority.

  • Felix Culpa

    Way back when America was the greatest nation on Earth and doing all those wonderful things in Daniel’s litany, more Americans believed that Angels were real. They were more religious, predominantly Christian, and not just in name only. They were regular church goers & true believers. Ever since Americans stopped believing in Angels & devils & Jesus & God Almighty, our quality of life has suffered in every way.

  • unenlightened one

    To Vigilant: If the answer to your question is so simple, please enlighten us instead of chastising us. PLEASE!

    • Vigilant

      If the USA is not the greatest nation on earth, then which one is? What part of that do you not understand.?

      As I said, the name of the nation is all I ask for. Does that require “enlightenment?”

      Consider yourself enlightened on the subject. If the question still makes no sense to you, then you are beyond hope.

  • Butch

    Vigilant, you use usually post intelligent insightful posts but on this article you come across as a petty arrogant self important dictator. Who says that anybody has to answer yr question? TIME answered the question, NO ONE is the best country in the world but that wasn’t good enough for you. America deserves the criticism we get, abroad and domestically because we have failed ourselves and the world w/ our aggressive foreign policy and reckless irresponsible wasteful spending. TIME was right, the answer is NO ONE. Someone mentioned Switzerland. I can’t agree w/ that seeing as how they are so corrupt and are in bed w/ the largest criminal cartel in human history, the Federal Reserve. I agree w/ some of what that shameless liberal in the vid clip said but his attack on people’s faith is weak. Anyone that believes in evilution has just as much faith as a theist. If one cannot live for MILLIONS of years, you believe that a reptile can lay an egg w/ a mammal inside ON FAITH.


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