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The Media Fail To Start A Race War

July 19, 2013 by  

The Media Fail To Start A Race War
Defense counsel Mark O'Mara showed a printed message on reasonable doubt to the jury during closing arguments of George Zimmerman's trial.

You have to wonder: Does the mainstream media really want blacks in this country to riot because a jury of his peers found George Zimmerman “not guilty” of the charges against him?

That’s certainly the impression I get from the coverage of the trial and its aftermath.

Correction: The incredibly biased and often incendiary reporting began long before the first day of the trial. It started, in fact, shortly after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012. And it skyrocketed when authorities in Sanford, Fla., said there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with murder.

That was all the professional race-baiters needed to launch a national crusade for “justice.” Virtually overnight, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP officials and numerous other crusaders had an issue that would get them in front of the cameras again. They grabbed their megaphones and put on their marching shoes. And the mainstream media promptly gave them all of the publicity they could want.

The pressure for the authorities to bring charges was impossible to resist. The Sanford police chief was fired for refusing to arrest Zimmerman. Angela Corey, the State Attorney in Florida, led a prosecution that was so biased and dishonest that Alan Dershowitz, the liberal Harvard Law professor, says she should be the one to be put on trial.

“I think there were violations of civil rights and civil liberties — by the prosecutor,” Dershowitz said. “The prosecutor sent this case to a judge and willfully, deliberately and, in my view, criminally withheld exculpatory evidence.”

The famous criminal-law expert added specifics: “They denied the judge the right to see pictures that showed Zimmerman with his nose broken and his head bashed in. The prosecution should be investigated for civil rights violations and civil liberty violations.”

Fat chance that will happen.

As just one example of how viciously the media distorted things before the jury rendered its verdict, consider Zimmerman’s telephone call to 911 on the night of the shooting. Here’s what the “Today” show played for its audience a month later: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

Sure makes it sounds as though Zimmerman based his concern on Martin’s skin color, doesn’t it? That’s what the media wanted you to think. But as we subsequently learned, the “Today” editors deliberately omitted an important part of that telephone call. Here’s a transcript of the actual conversation:

Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy – is he black, white, or Hispanic?”

Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

You’ll be pleased to learn that Steve Capus, who at the time was president of NBC News, said that the edited phone call was most emphatically “not a deliberate act to misrepresent the phone call.” Sure thing, Steve. And thanks for assuring us that the people guilty of this flagrant distortion were “disciplined,” whatever that means.

As it happens, a lengthy investigation by the FBI could find absolutely no evidence that Zimmerman has ever expressed any racist sentiments. And you can bet the liberal media tried desperately to find some.

Zimmerman’s attorneys say that now that his trial is over, they plan to proceed with a defamation lawsuit against NBC News. I wish them well. In fact, I hope Zimmerman collects a ton of money. He’s going to need it, since it looks like he will be put on trial again.

That’s right. The NAACP is leading an effort to have Zimmerman face Federal charges of violating Martin’s civil rights. Some even want him charged with a hate crime. The NAACP has collected more than 450,000 signatures for a petition campaign with this appeal: “A jury has acquitted George Zimmerman, but we are not done demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. Sign our petition to the Department of Justice today.”

If the race-baiters have their way, Zimmerman will once more be on trial — this time in a Federal court. So we’ll once again hear the media go through distortions to make everything about race. That’s why we got such absurdities as the media description of him as “a white Hispanic.”

Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel reported that the Justice Department is asking for the public to assist in its investigation: “The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday afternoon appealed to civil rights groups and community leaders, nationally and in Sanford, for help investigating whether a federal criminal case might be brought against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, one advocate said.”

Apparently, if you know anything that could lead the Feds to press charges, they want you to send them an email about it. Can you imagine the kind of “tips” they’re going to receive? And probably not just about Zimmerman. I’ll bet they receive all sorts of rumors and accusations about his defense attorneys. Heck, they’ll probably even get a ton of scuttlebutt about some of the jurors.

Much was made of the fact that, of the six women on the jury that acquitted Zimmerman, not one of them was black. There were five whites and one Hispanic. But here’s something you may not have known: There was a black male in the jury pool, but he was rejected by the prosecution. Why? Because he admitted that he watched FOX News. That was all the prosecution needed to hear.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, more blacks think other blacks are racists than whites. Yes, you read that correctly. The Rasmussen pollsters say that 31 percent of blacks believe most blacks are racist, while only 24 percent of blacks believe that most whites are. Interesting, isn’t it?

Thankfully, some black leaders are speaking out in opposition to more criminal prosecution of Zimmerman. Alveda King, the niece of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., had this to say about the efforts of the NAACP and other organizations: “We need to wonder why they’re doing that, what kind of checks and money they’re getting behind the scenes to stir us up into racial anarchy. We should be speaking non-violence, justice, peace and love as Trayvon’s parents are doing, by the way. So we need to ask why they’re race baiting, because they are.”

After what was probably the most highly publicized trial of this century, Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges against him. That’s not good enough for Sharpton and the other professional race baiters. Nor is it good enough for the liberal-dominated media. They love to feature any criticism of this country, no matter how distorted or exaggerated.

Thankfully, so far at least, all we’ve seen are what the media refer to as “mostly peaceful” demonstrations against the verdict. It could have been a lot worse. And if the race baiters get their way and Zimmerman goes on trial again, I’m afraid it will be.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • D Wolfe

    The media does not report any crime that blacks commit against whites. In San Antonio where a young child was kill by a black man. Media does not show everything & they do not care about the truth.
    You don’t hear about all the demenstrations that were not peaceful, such as in Houston, TX where a major freeway was blocked and traffic was stopped & a car with a sick child being taken to Texas Childern’s Hospital, the grandmother rolled down her window and asked them to move was punched in the face repeatedly. The demenstraters show no respect for anyone. They finally made to the hospital but the grandmother had to be treated for her injuries.
    Media should be accountable for there actions for not reporting the truth!!

    • Ron r

      The media / all media here included report what gets the most negative attention. This site is no different.

      • Brandon

        Have to call bull**** on that one Ron!! This is not mainstream!!! That is distressing!!!

      • Brandon

        He’s pointing out the bias aspect

    • Brandon

      Well done :)

  • shadow1776

    Of course the Government wants a race riot, give them a reason to declare martial law. Bet they can’t wait to fill those FEMA Camps, and put those coffins to use.

  • Ron r

    Look the only place I have heard anyone incite to riot is on this site. Yes blacks kill blacks , blacks kill whites, and whites kill blacks, it’s how things are in the most violent civilized western nation in the world. This great nation was founded on violence.

    It’s amazing because if Zimmerman had killed a young white child in shorts and I Zod shirt, most here (and I mean authors)would attempt to tie his murderous rampage into imagration and deportation . My point is , media , this site as well as outer outlets liberal or conservative exploit tragedies like this to stoke the flames of hate that in not cases are not present. They can cause you to write some things you really do not beleive.

  • JiminNm

    Zimmerman can file a counter claim civil rights suit against Martin.

    • Ron r

      He can’t and he surely can’t file one aginst a dead teenager.

  • Theresa

    We need to ask why an extended branch of the DOJ, called the CRS used $10,000.00 tax payer dollars to organize protest and rallies against Zimmerman! The authorization for the money spent could have only come from Holder himself!
    We also need to address the fact that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP are more than race batters, they are black racist who profiteer from engineering race issues!
    CBSs tampering with the 911 tapes and them giving NAACP unlimited coverage tells me that this who thing was and politically engineered by Holder and the Obama administration!
    We as Americans need to expose these politicians for what they really are, war mongering racist profiteer criminals, and bring suit against the NAACP, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson!
    Enough is enough!

    • Ron r

      The DOJ did no such thing. Never had a role in Zimmerman protest.

      • Brandon

        There has been articles on this, something needs to come out to the contrary and has to be more convincing than what’s there now, obviously someone has tracked where the money went

      • Theresa

        It was just released yesterday by Capital Hill news that $10,000.00 dollars were given to the CRS by the DOJ to organize rallies and protest against Zimmerman. That money was released to them right after Zimmerman killed Trayvon in self defense!
        Now that’s a fact and its just another DOJ scandal!
        The CRS was formed by the government in the 60s to squash racial tensions. Now they are being used to incite them!

        • Ron r

          I know that most think everything printed about the DOJ is true especially since Obama is in the big chair , but sit down and really look at this bald face lie and tell me if it makes sense out side of partisan politics??? Come on man. Really, the DOJ.incuting riots!!

          • Theresa

            Hmmm Ron, you might want to turn on your TV right now cause the IRS scandals leads all the way to the Whitehouse!
            Does it surprise us that $10,000.00 in tax payer money was used to rally protest against Zimmerman, No!
            While Obama knowing the NSA was breaking the law by spying in US citizens, he spun this illegal activity to say “It’s an encroachment on privacy” encroachment my ass!

          • Ron r

            You may want to turn off Fixed/Fox “News” because not even the republican IRS agents testified that there was an Obama connection there. But if you want to beleive Issa you can because I assume a so called reformed car thief knows a crime when he sees one.

      • tucksbrew

        Really? Well could you explain the justifications written for the expenses?

        • Ron r

          The DOJ did in fact have people there but to calm things and not to incite like some here think.

      • Brandon

        Now here is just a thought, maybe one reason Obama is protected is not necessarily to protect him but only to protect the integrity the office he holds! I think criminal activity has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt!!! Now Lets think about this for a moment! I don’t see people breaking the law for him under his administration as doing him a favor!!! I think it absolutely ludicrous for him to feign ignorance with everything that’s happened under his watch and relating to his position, from the attempted sale if his senate seat to present day! If he has no knowledge of what was going on in his district to what HIS appointees have been doing while he is president, then he is incredibly inept and should be removed immediately!!!

  • Paul

    The news media should be on trial for murder. Thousands of them. The news media is the group responsible for creating violent hate. And they should be sued by those harmed. The CFR controls all of the news programming in our country.

  • Brandon

    I dislike the media with a passion, it started out as a noble enterprise now lets face it, corrupt!!! Pay attention to media but then fact check!!!! Most don’t realize that in the news world a reporter can distort the facts to some degree if they report it as true from their perspective!

    • Ron r

      Agreed .

    • Brandon

      What I said is true but they are still subject to libel, slander and must be factual, u can still be factual and misleading!

  • Kathy Priest

    I hope Zimmerman wins all his lawsuits. He is innocent and the Obama thugs are still trying to prosecute an innocent man. If Zimmerman was black, this would never have gone to trial!!!!!

    • Ron r

      Obama again. The fact is if Zimmerman were black there is more than a 90% chance he would have never been able to use self defense and would be doing his time. When a black woman can get 20 years for shooting in the air there’s a problem . I challange you to think what would have happened had Zimmerman shot an unarmed white kid??

      • Brandon

        Happened in SC in 2012, never got beyond local network!

    • justiceforall

      So a ignorent comment. None of this would have happened if zimmerman had kept his ass in the car like he was told. He’s not the police.

  • Crystal Smith

    Once again, at it will be far from the last that ron r comments bash Personal Liberty and it’s writers and attempts to make any commenters whom comment in at least some agreement with the articles written, appear to have a diminished intelligence and no previous information and scant opinion before even reading the articles. However, he did admit that all news media reported news that would get the most negative attention and PL was not any different. No, there is a difference. The difference is PL seeks to bring to light the truth that the political “leaders” and faces, government, shadow government, that is otherwise only half truths are written or announced. And speaking of HALF TRUTHS we only know him as Ron “R”. My name is Crystal SMITH. Not Crystal S. I may have things in my history that I ought to hide such as Paula Deens 20 or 30 but ages ago N word dilemma but I don’t hide. One has to wonder at what point is it in society and within the governed realms of survival that we now feel the need to hide who we are and what we are about. We do know this for a fact, that if one does something for an exceptional “news” media coverage report that is reported with little information other than the MOST BASIC details leaving the listener to fill in the blanks or even THEM filling in the blanks, that our FULL NAME will be pasted all over anything and everything, while in contrast our government officials will hide all they can possibly hide that tightens the reins on liberty WITHOUT any attachment of their name to it. “I did not KNOW anything about this” In other words, DO NOT ATTACH MY NAME TO THIS INJUSTICE!

    • Ron r


  • Brandon

    Now here is just a thought, maybe one reason Obama is protected is not necessarily to protect him but only to protect the integrity the office he holds! I think criminal activity has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt!!! Now Lets think about this for a moment! I don’t see people breaking the law for him under his administration as doing him a favor!!! I think it absolutely ludicrous for him to feign ignorance with everything that’s happened under his watch and relating to his position, from the attempted sale if his senate seat to present day! If he has no knowledge of what was going on in his district to what HIS appointees have been doing while he is president, then he is incredibly inept and should be removed immediately!!!

  • Curt

    I believe it is more that just the media. I believe the Obama Administration is behind the media, especially on this issue. I feel this administration is looking to create a state of emergency in this country to warrent marshal law on a national scale in order for him to stay in power indefinitely, in order for him to complete their agenda. Wake up America!

    • Brandon

      If that is true, then we won’t let that happen now will we!!!!

      • Brandon

        Everyone that has served has taken the oath!!! Just because u are not active doesn’t mean you won’t keep your promise!!!

  • Juanita

    Very well written article!

  • Dewayne

    The administration presently wants nothing more than to divide this country and they are doing a good job of it.. Their is more racism today on all sides than there was 10 years ago. This is all thanks to the idiots in Washington DC and the racism of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson!!

    • Ron r

      Are you serious?? Jackson and Sharpeton??

      • Brandon

        Oh yes Ron!!! Al Sharpton hangs out with the new Black Panther Party, sweet bunch!

        • Ron r

          Does he hang out with all three of them or just one??

      • Brandon

        Saw a photo today :(

        • Ron r

          So what does that mean . They are not allowed to have an opinion ????

      • Brandon

        Come on, I’ve been honest with you!!! That’s like saying you should give weight to the opinion of the KKK!

        • Ron r

          Yes you have been honest and so have I and will continue to be. Though I have not been a fan of either , I think Jessie has out loved his usefulness and is no longer a voice, I have always thought of Sharpeton as an opportunist and ambulance chaser I do think he is attempting to reinvent himself. I do not think either is a racist. But this is my opinion . My honest opinion. But although I may disagree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it. :)


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