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The Man-Made Nature of Cancer

December 21, 2010 by  

The Man-Made Nature of Cancer

The overriding theme of the wellness model I subscribe to is that pain, illness and disease are man-made. More specifically, those diseases for which one is not genetically predisposed, those ailments not caused by a traumatic injury and illness or not related to unknown contaminant are caused by… you. That is, they are self-induced.

That may seem harsh, but the fact is, we are each able to control our own wellness at all times. Whether we own up to that or work our way through existing problems is another issue. If you know coffee causes you headaches, then stop drinking coffee. If working late into the wee hours of the morning leaves you exhausted in the morning, then alter your schedule or plan for a different job or vocation.

Do you experience feelings of nausea, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, lack of energy… and happen to live in an area that is buzzing with electro-magnetic frequencies from towers and Wi-Fi hotspots? Then you need to outfit your home with devices that normalize the electric and magnetic field (EMF) radiation, or move. And while we may have no control over others and the workloads that get placed on us, we can learn and practice stress-relief techniques, get adequate sleep and consume foods high in nutrients. These are choices. Difficult choices at times, for sure, but choices nonetheless.

I have not yet placed cancer within the self-induced model (aside from lung cancer), because the popular research had shown there to be biological markers or defects associated with it. However, new research out of Manchester University in the United Kingdom, suggests otherwise.

The Manchester study sought to find if cancer was indeed a man-made disease and determined that, in fact, it is caused by man-made environmental factors, such as pollution and diet. Here is the study brief:

“In industrialized societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. The history of this disorder has the potential to improve our understanding of disease prevention, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment. A striking rarity of malignancies in ancient physical remains might indicate that cancer was rare in antiquity, and so poses questions about the role of carcinogenic environmental factors in modern societies. Although the rarity of cancer in antiquity remains undisputed, the first published histological diagnosis of cancer in an Egyptian mummy demonstrates that new evidence is still forthcoming.”

Scientists from Manchester’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology studied remains and literature from two ancient cultures — Egypt and Greece. Among an investigation of hundreds of Egyptian mummies, the researchers found evidence of cancer in only one. This single find, combined with scant references to the disease in ancient documentations, proves to these scientists that “cancer was extremely rare in antiquity.”

Indeed, during the Industrial Revolution where man-made progress was in full bloom, the cancer rate rose “massively,” particularly in children. This, the scientists claim, proves that cancer does not just occur in people as they age and their bodies and immune systems weaken.

“In industrialized societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death,” states Rosalie David, professor at Faculty of Life Sciences and the study’s co-author. “But in ancient times, it was extremely rare. There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made or ‘man-induced’ disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.

“The important thing about our study,” she explains, “is that it gives a (sic) historical perspective to this disease. We can make very clear statements on the cancer rates in societies because we have a full overview. We have looked at millennia, not one hundred years, and have masses of data.”

That data include evidence of cancer in animal fossils, non-human primates and early humans. It shows that cancer was quite rare, occurring in only a few dozen cases overall. Is it possible that the proof of cancer just was not preserved in these mummies and fossils, making it difficult to find its evidence?

Not according to study co-author Michael R. Zimmerman, whose experimental studies indicate that mummification actually “preserves the features of malignancy and that tumors should actually be better preserved than normal tissue.” Moreover, he clearly explains, “Radiological surveys of mummies from the Cairo Museum and museums in Europe have also failed to reveal evidence of cancer.” 

The study was published in the journal Nature. In conclusion of the findings, David had this to say: “Yet again extensive ancient Egyptian data, along with other data from across the millennia, has (sic) given modern society a clear message: Cancer is man-made and something that we can and should address.”

Not only must we “address this,” but we each need to control our own lives and wellness choices. We suffer for our choices. The best way to avoid contracting this man-made modern disease is to find a way to create a life in an environment low on pollution, carcinogens, stress and processed food, and one where it is simultaneously filled with fresh, whole foods, exercise, joy and love.

–Dr. Mark Wiley



Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

    I do believe that Cancer is protected by our government, I mean by ways of not allowing a cure. A cure for cancer now would bankrupt America and many other modern countries. There trillions of dollars invested in diagnostic equipment and millions of oncologist, special hospitals and diagnostic equipment operators and helpers. First it would bankrupt many of the hospitals that depend on these clients and patients. So this is where we are and I do not have any viable solution. Al Duhan

    I lost my father, two sisters and I am suffering with terminal cancer. There is no future survival and in many cases the cure is worst then the treatment. Chemotherapy is what killed my family, I have have refused any and still alive !!!!

    • BobS

      Hello Al, Sorry to hear about your cancer. My brother died of cancer ten years ago. He told me before he died if he had to do it all over again he wouldn’t have done any treatments. I have felt for a long time there is a cure but as you say there is too much money to be made. I do hope there is a cure but also hope no one is hiding it. I hope and pray you beat this thing and wish you well.

      • Roland N Thompson

        Al and Bob CTI in Seattle developed a drug to help cancer suffers and the FDA would not approve it. They had very good results in Europe and the cost was .75 per day. Makes you wonder who is in bed with who.

        • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

          There was also a report from Canada that they had a very good treatment but the AMA or the FDA would not allow it. I did have surgery in Canada, The Saint Mary’s Hospital on Lacombe st. Montreal, Canada. For some reason the cancer rate was much lower in Canada.

          • Denniso

            The gov’t is not hiding or preventing a cure for cancer. There are many types of cancer and it is not a simple disease to deal with. Sure there is money and biz involved in cancer treatment,but imagine the money generated if actual cures were found.
            There is little doubt that the only ‘cure’ is a cleaner environment and one w/ none of the manmade carcinogens that have become such an integral part of modern life…water,air,food,transportation,building materials,all are contaminated by toxins that are relativitely new in human existence.

            Canada has a generally cleaner environment than we do. So, less cancer.

      • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

        I am not a doctor and do not want to advise anyone to actually treat yourself. I have had 23 surgeries from Cancer. And I could not understand or comprehend why so many. And why did the cancer came back every time. My father, They removed one lung and turned him into a vegetable. He suffered extremely for about 9 months before he died.
        Both of my sisters also developed lung cancer and went for help because they developed a cough, otherwise they both were healthy. They were diagnosed with lung cancer and in both cases they both died from the Chemotherapy. I am sure that they would lived for many more years if they were not subjected to this deadly chemical. I am affiliated with several ethnic groups and one elderly man from India told me some secretes. I will tell you one thing. Go to your computer and open Google then type Cancer and Iodine.

        • http://nOne donut

          I believe that the Govt is holding back treatments or cures for many diseases. I have heard that there are cures for diabetes but big pharma would loose bigtime if that got out.

        • Richard Pawley

          90% of doctors when interviewed said they would not let their wives or daughters get chemo so that must tell you something. I spent two years studying the avoidable causes of cancer for my own benefit in the 1970′s and there are many treatments and things that will help but you must seek this out on your own. I take nearly a dozen supplements to stay well and I have a friend who has been terminal for ten years, never in remission. She’s a fighter and down to 88 pounds but like you she has had many operations. Another only smoked for two years when she was in college but she died after five years or treatment at the age of 40, leaving behind two precious children. I hope you find some peace with your condition.

    • Aeon Pi

      We have had the cure for some time. As we do to many things. One might be surprised at the benefit of charged water. One might be surprised at the benefit of certain natural herbs. ONE might be surprised at the benefit of breathing and oxygen therapy. ONE might only be surprised because these are not main stream (fiat supporters) but these very things are a far more Natural cure than any other. We are not surprised when we here one of our clients tumor shrunk or cancer is no longer found. WE are not surprised because we know the truth and when one can act from this foundation the return is WELL BEING>

      • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

        The big problem with cancer in most cases it attacks you when your Auto Immune system syndrome. This was my case and I believe the case of my family. I found that the consuming the proper amount of Iodine & iodide will build your immune system the fastest. This was why our AMA & FDA regulated the addition of Iodide in table salt. This was also to help against Nuclear Radiation. But was found to be the best and fastest way to improve your auto immune system. Doctors do not want you to know this but I did question oncologist at different hospitals and they did not deny my questions. I hope that this helps Al

    • jeanelane

      If you think about it, the medical community has not cured anything. They just develop stuff to diminish symptoms. Even vaccines that were to wipe out certain diseases, have never done that.

      From what I understand, eating a diet that will make your body more alkaline will help to avoid or even cure disease, like cancer or even the common cold. The book Alkalize or Die is a good reference for this.

      • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

        You are right, Most foods that you consume are acidic and it is best to keep your system at a neutral state. You do not want to make it a strong alkaline either. Balance your P H is the best. Al

        • Vlasta Konecny

          I want everybody to know that our black tops are carcinogens. Yes asphalt is strong carcinogen. How many of you have in close to you?

          • Denniso

            All petroleum products have some degree of carcinogenic affect on us.
            Gasoline vapors that escape as you fill up your car,tail pipe emissions,plastics which are made from oil,oil and natural gas fired power plants,airline exhaust…

    • kate8

      Al – Check out this website. Here is a doctor who has spent his life, literally since a very young man, researching cancer cure.

      This site will guide you to other information sites.

      His answer to you is not expensive, and has no bad side effects. This man has bucked the medical system, has gone through many attempts on his life, and is yet determined to get out the truth. Who knows how much longer this info will be available.

      Best of luck to you.

      • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

        Thank you I will do that, it never hurts to search for the truth or someone that is humane. Al

    • Karolyn

      Hi Al – Good for you! My friend and I have always said that we would forego chemo if diagnosed with cancer. When I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2001, the gastro was on me to do treatment. He thought I was nuts when I told him no. I felt fine and was not going to jeopardize my health with poison. I heard the horror stories of people ending up in worse shape after treatment and still not cured. The body is designed to heal itself given the proper care. I went on a strict vitamin and supplement regimen and am still alive and kickin’. I am more apt to die from a car accident than from HCV. There is much to be said for the mind/body connection, and even the scientific community is starting to get on the bandwagon when it comes to prayer healing.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I believe they fully know a cure for cancer. But it has become a billion dollar business fighting it, and those who do this, undoubtedly want to keep up the masquerade, or they wont have those 100 grand a year jobs as the head of this group and the head of that group. And my sister died of breast cancer, the first one in the family to ever have cancer, and guess what, she was also the first one in our family history to take hormone replacements. She studied up on this, and knows this is what gave her cancer. She told me that over 95 percent of women who get breast cancer, get it from hormone replacements they are given by doctors. She had a library on this and studied it throughly the last 5 years of her life. Before she died, she pleaded with my wife to never take this crap. So my my wife has chose to live with the heat flashes, but to live.

  • Carol

    The one you missed is that caused by the sun. It is not manmade. My brother has had skin cancers and had the lower part of his ear removed due to cancer. His problem is he is a redhead. I guess he could be blamed for his own cancer because he had to spend a certain amount of time in the sun. My paternal grandmother got Hodgkins at the age of 93. She lived close to the Univ. of California, Berkeley with all the chemicals being released there. Then my Mother got cancer at 88 after the “accidental” release of a toxic substance 3 miles from where she lived. At least 15 people in a town of 200 have now died of cancers that are extremely rare. My Mother’s was only the 2nd known incidence of the type she had. I was lucky that time. I was 84 miles away at the time it happened. I agree. Most cancers are caused by us humans. I have mentioned before that my Dad died of esophageal cancer after 45 years of yearly chest x-rays.

    • todd

      please see this video about the sun and skin cancer.

    • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

      Yes this is a skin cancer Melanoma, and I was told that if your body is very high in acidity and your P H is way out, then the ultraviolet rays may cause shin cancer. Most sunblock have an ultraviolet protection. Al

  • R D M

    What was the life expectancy of the Egyptians?

    • EltonJ

      35 years. Although a lot of Egyptians lived beyond that age.

  • Bruce D.

    I think there is a lot of truth in this article. That is why we should not be forced to pay for the health care of others who do not choose to live a healthy life style..

    • Yvan

      There’s a perfect prove of what is wrong with this society. Bruce doesn’t want to pay for somebody else misfortune. My friend do you realize that if you are alive today is because somebody has expose his life for you. What about all the nurses and doctors in hospital that are expose to diseases every day. Firemen and farmers expose to chemicals. Contractors expose to dust and molds. What about your car mechanic and garbage collectors. I love people full of piss and vinegar.

      • submoa

        Bruce may be full of “piss and vinegar”, but you are apparently letting something suck the brain cells from your cranium, sir. Where on Earth can you draw a corollary argument about not having to foot the bill for another humans folly? You’re telling the comments section that some form of moronic benevolence is demanded of them because other humans choose to act like idiots and ignore common sense, facts, science and self-reliant? You’re right, you can’t fix stupid–and intelligent humans should not pay to attempt the impossible!

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Beware! Tell a lie often enough and people start to accept it. If you want to understand cancer, learn all you can about it. Then, change your lifestyle according to what you learn. If you can’t change what you eat, etc. you will certainly suffer.

  • Another Voice

    So – should we be lining the inside of our houses with heavy-duty aluminum foil to keep the ‘bad rays’ out? Buy some of the miracle cures advertised regularly in these Livingston emails? Invest in gold?

    • submoa

      So, you’re investing in $100 bills signed by Geithner, I take it?

    • Karolyn

      No. As far as health goes, you can be very informed with all the info online. is the 2nd highest trafficked medical site online, and he is all about natural medicine. We are indeed fortunate to live in a day and age when we can learn more online than many doctors. Doctors are no longer God.

      • Richard Pawley

        Trouble is some of them think they are!

  • Fenella Pearson

    Apart from cancers related to smoking, BPA & asbestos, all cancers are iatrogenic i.e. caused by medical treatment. The main culprits are mercury from vaccines & fillings in teeth; antibiotics (which cause yeast overgrowth & kill commensal bacteria), surgical removal of organs e.g. gallbladder, uterus; X-rays & mammograms. This is why cancer these days is the second most common cause of death. Does Dr Wiley defend these?

    The simplest & cheapest treaments for cancer are probably the best; intravenous vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide & highly alkaline metals such as Cesium.

    • meli

      Hi there,
      I knew about the different reasons but AI do not know that removing organs can lead to cancer …why is that ….can you explain than you!

    • meli

      Hi there,
      I knew about the different reasons that can trigger cancer but I did not know that removing organs can lead to cancer …why is that ….can you explain that thank you!

    • charleydan

      You said, The simplest & cheapest treaments for cancer are probably the best; intravenous vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide & highly alkaline metals such as Cesium.

      Have you actually used them. In my research I found intravenous vitamin C and Cesium as not simple but very complicated to monitor the process. The simple ones are some one’s concoction from the original studies and because of that would not trust them. Hydrogen Peroxide. Well, simple it is. Did not cure my wife. It may work for some but not very reliable in my opinion. It works great as an antibiotic in the hog barn tho. and thereby if an antibiotic can cure cancer. I think it would be a good choice.

      If one wants to be alkaline. Take baking soda and you will be alkaline in short order. Contribute my wife usage of this for keeping the cancer from spreading. Do not need to take near what most recommend is my personal opinion. I take it when ever I start feeling sick. Once a day-two days in a row is all that is needed and most illness disappear. The theory behind it is that all things start in the tubes and alkaline that quickly and you avoid the sickness.

      Let me just say, google, google and you will find that most of the misleading cures (also simplest) are always the easiest to find and the truth is always the hardest. That is because there are so many out there that want their day in the sun. They read a little and publish and walla you have misinformation as they usually leave out the most important part. Then others repeat it. Get to the original study and amazing how simplicity turns to arduous work and knowledge of complexity.

  • Suma G Nathan

    I could go on forever with this Cancer Issues, which is 1 in 3 in this
    society. I just had a Seminar “Cancer Sucks” in Oct. It certainly is a Man Made issue, They found only 1 mummy in Egypt, that had it centuries ago. One one of my clients, who knows Michael Douglas’s right hand man (Michel has 4th stage) he now, has my Web-Site & info.
    Hoping he will go foward to contact someone, besides The “Cut & Burn”
    I specialize in Auto-Immune diseases, Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, etc. You name it God’s Pharmacy has it!!!! There are Nutritional Holistic Protocols for all of this that Work!!!!

    Suma G Nathan
    Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    Certified Chinese Herbologist
    Holistic Health Journalist
    30 yrs Professional Exp.

    • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

      Please tell me what you thing about consuming the proper amount of Iodine & Iodide. I truly believe this is why I am still alive. A few years ago I suffered with a severe auto immune deficiency and had lumps all over my body. My primary Dr. placed me on strong doses of antibiotics and immediately it became worst. Within days my body was covered with blisters so I went to a disease clinic and was told that the antibiotics were making it worst. I explained that my primary prescribed it to me created a problem because they were friends and he refused to treat me after that. This was when I went on line with Google and searched Iodine & Cancer. I am still alive and doing much better, this was a few years ago and I was given 6 months to live.

  • Diverjimk

    Why is it that when the Europeans came to the Americas, they brought many diseases with them! Small pox was a biggie! But I have never read about any diseases being taken back to Europe.

    Curious!!!!! You’d think the native peoples must have had something to give to the white man!

    • kate8

      Diver- Are you saying that the Native Americans had no diseases?

      I’d be interested in some research on that. Why would America be immune to diseases prevalent in the rest of the world? I would think the same pathogens exist pretty much everywhere, and that a lot depends on immune factors.

      I’m also really tired of hearing how terrible we are because we came to America and harmed the natives. While this may be true, it has always been the way of the world. It is man’s nature to migrate, because of many reasons. There is evidence that suggests that those inhabiting North America when the settlers arrived were not the first, either.

      Life is what it is. Man’s inhumanity to man goes back to his beginnings, as does his quest for freedom.

      • Joyce from Loris

        Kate8, as a “native American”, I agree with you. Our history is rich in stories, as far as my ancestors escaping the Trail of Tears, and we enjoy many instructions in life that were passed down to us. But it is the way of the world, as you say. Many Indians will not carry a twenty dollar bill, even today! If you cling to the past, that is where you will live. I say the same thing to those who still tout the harm of slavery. Yes, it was bad, but that was THEN. There are no slaves NOW. Our ancestors lived off the land. What we needed as human beings was present before we were created. The woods are full of remedies provided by God… food, herbs,they are all there!

        • meli

          very very simplistic view of such a sad Native American history and it is sad that it is coming from a N-A….and no it is not how the world works and that is not something to accept either!!!!! There is enough room in this world for all of us and God has provided plenty of bounties for all of us…That is what we should be teaching our kids! Natives were ready to share the lands but not the colons to greedy and racist…
          Science is great and God wants us to search for knowledge but not for materialistic goals only but to understand His Creation in awe on the path toward Him and Him ONLY!!!

          • Denniso

            Kate8.the reason there were few human diseases before the white man came here is because there was not over population and the Indians lived in relative harmony w/ the earth. No industry to speak of,no factories,no concentrated chemical toxins released into the air and water.

        • Richard Pawley

          I agree with you Joyce. One of the secrets of success (or life) is to deal with things as they are and not as we want them to be. We can’t change what was. God or The Great Spirit is only in the NOW,not in past. He is not even in the future until we get there. In Yugoslavia when we went over there one faction was saying how terrible the other was. “Do you know what they did to us, 600 years ago?” he said. It is forgiveness that helps the human spirit to grow. Life isn’t fair but there is a reason to all of it and the individual lessons we have to learn will all be apparent when we cross over to the world of spirit. My wife’s grandmother was the daughter of a Native American princess and an Irish father and her mother died when she was five years old. She was a wonderful woman who became a Christian in the 1920′s and my brother’s wife, also named Joyce, was a Cherokee who died only two months after their marriage from a fast moving and aggressive cancer. Many things we don’t always understand here will be available to us in the next life if we live righteously. I believe that’s why St. Paul mentions in the Bible that there are three heavens. I also agree that there is much that nature can teach us and as we get back to it we will be better but we will never be perfect in this world. We can only strive for that. “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for,” said the poet. Only the godless Marxists think we can achieve perfection here. The Garden of Eden is long gone and while we can achieve much here our “entire life is but a parenthesis in a sentence, in a paragraph on the page of the book of your life. Birth opens the parenthesis, death closes it. Then back to real-life history. Try to remember that when you are going through times of trial or suffering or failure or even times of success and joy. It is all just a parenthesis.” So said Jesus to an elderly woman in England about 80 years ago (the ever popular GOD CALLING, edited by A. J. Russell). I wish you well and may God bless you and all you love.

  • http://FarTooMuch.Info Russ Lemon

    I heard a lecture where it was estimated that 1/3 of the population have cancerous cells in their body. But the good news is that a healthy immune system will prevent them from multiplying. To have a healthy immune system, you need healthy food will all the nutrients needed, and you need to avoid toxins. Three years ago I was very sick until I learned what foods were toxic. By avoiding genetically modified foods [Bt-toxin, glyphosate, 2,4D, etc.], aspartame, trans-oils and fats, and MSG, I recovered. Unfortunately, I learned to late to save my son who died of liver cancer.
    [more at /Opinion.FarTooMuch.Info/Cancer.htm]

    • Ret

      Sorry to hear about your son. Unfortunately, most foods in the us are contaminated. I no longer even trust Whole Foods, have started a small veggie garden on my deck and have found some local farmers for other needs. I will not buy us dairy, organic or not, after reading some of’s comments. Our country is in a multi-focal crisis and the powers that be, regardless of political affiliation, don’t care. We’re the suckers that’s all.

    • Ken Garrett

      I would like to add there is one supplement available which strengthens the immune system more than anything else I’ve tried, Beta Glucan,specifically Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, 500 mg daily. Brands are immaterial as long as they are pure.

  • TIME

    A fine blog indeed I agree with much of what you have noted.

    Again for those that have cancer, let me tell you I had it, I cured it ~ and its not easy nor fun filled but you can cure most cancers, or stop others.

    But as noted the EMF are and issue that needs to be looked into, as well you will need to “”””Change your DIET.””””

    And if you care to look into it, YES “”HEMP OIL”” works if your brain dead and think that pot will just lead you to crack, don’t read any more as your drinking from the bottle of STUPID and I don;t wish to waste time with any more IDIOTS who’s brains are like toliets they were flushed out.

    ** But ~~ if you really wish to cure it or stop it, ** Please just look up the “RICK SIMPSON” story on line google “Run from the Cure” It took me 6 months as well the change of diet, I love sugar, well you can’t eat it anylonger.

    Also look into H2 02 cures you may well blow your own mind. And yes I also used it after I did the Hemp Oil. And still use it, but my cancer was gone before I started the H2 O2.

    Best of luck.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    300 years from now, civilization will look upon our “modern medical treatment” as barbaric, ineffective, and on the same level as blood letting was back in the 1700′s.

    • Denniso

      Not quite,but it’s true that at any point in time we don’t know all there is to know about disease or anything else. At the same time we have advanced scientifically quite far when we compare to a few hundred yrs ago.

  • Ben

    The tree of life was banned from us. We aren’t getting it back nor shall we create it. It’s extinct and there was only one in Eden anyway. Fossils are a cancer-free species? Well, maybe so but they are dead. That’s why they’re fossils. OK, it wasn’t from cancer. But they’re dead anyway, that’s the bottom line. Death is a curse. It isn’t there because you think it is, like Christian Science thinks we can just morph away from it. It is there because God says so. You waste your time dancing & conjuring around it in the name of science, trying to avoid it when you should prepare for it. There’s no special discipline, salve, elixir or potion that will save your life.

    Death is what we got for wanting knowledge. Now we have it, to know death is the ultimate graduation into a final knowledge. So, grab your cap & gown and be ready to face God. If you need to be here longer, to live here longer, He’ll take care of it. But we should ask, why should we live longer? Because we just want to? If you aren’t doing God’s will then you are just making carbon. List your reasons to live longer compared to God’s agenda and see if you deserve to simply be here longer cause you want to.

    Anyway, that’s what some of the Gospel’s about…truth, depressing for some so they run from it, and then they miss the good news:

    “I am the resurrection and the life, HE that believes on Me shall have everlasting life”. Overcoming death says it all, doesn’t it? Who has topped that? No one but Jesus. Find out what Jesus wants you to do and length of life aligns with the 4th commandment’s promise: “honor your father and your mother and your days will be long upon the earth…and all will be well with you”. Teach your kids that first, then you don’t have to worry about every foreign antigen, carcinogen and oxidant. Oh yeah, one more, “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these [good] things shall be added unto you”. “All” is pretty inclusive, not “some”. Seek your bottled water and the fountain of youth, but waste no time depending on it and ignoring God.

    • Joyce from Loris

      I agree Ben. Everyone wants to go to heaven, yet no one wants to die to get there! You can not get out of this alive! God speed to you.

      • Denniso

        ‘Death is what we got for wanting knowledge’? Now,what a great leson to teach our children! Stay dumb and in the dark ages because a book written a couple of thousand yrs ago when people knew very little about anything at all,tells you to not quest for knowledge. Is that why most Christians voted for Bush?

        Death is a part of nature and all living things experience it just as they do life. How does the bible explain the natural death of all animal and plant life? Did they also break the little rule of seeking knowledge?

  • http://facebook Baby

    What a bunch of BS!..All of it!

  • Scott Meenen

    When someone talks about WiFi causing cancer with its infinitesimal amount of power, the rest becomes Bull Shit!!!

  • charleydan

    Well, I can only speak from my own experience. My wife informed me she had cancer and wanted me to oversee the cure. She had more faith in me that I do. That led to extensive research on the subject.

    That research has given me a few things that I diffidently believe in.

    That God is in total control and gives wisdom when asked for.

    Cancer starts from an injury. Our body surrounds the injury till the immune system can deal with it. This is where it goes wrong. The immune system does not come on board and recognizes it as not something to deal with and it only gets worst from there.

    Now there are many cures out there that have a high success rate and cheap. They have been dropped as they can not be patented and thereby protect there profits or not enough money to pursue with the FDA approval cost. Since the cure is so simple and can be duplicated easily. We chased two cures and almost decided to break the law to perform the procedure on our own and the possibility of going to jail. Cost 100 bucks. In the end passed it by as we would have to do somethings a doctor could do with knowledge but not allowed to. So we would be on our own.

    We eventually went to Mexico to a Dr. Rubio who practiced in the states until forced out with FDA approval. Here is his method and belief.

    He believes there are hundreds of different forms of cancer. The same basic cure for all of them. He believes once a tumor is formed. The immune system will not cure the cancer without helping the system to recognize the tumor as bad. He makes a vaccine from the tumor and injects it back into the patient. This starts the body recognizing it as bad and the immune system to go after it. Gives a form of protein that starts breaking down the coating on the tumor so the immune system can get to it.

    They have just started limited research here in the states on this. Dr.Rubio has been doing it for thirty years or better.

    Now to help the body out in cleaning up the tumor which are massive with most of his patients. (My wife was given six months to live with chemo, radiation, and surgery in the states with a tumor protruding outside her breast). He uses about 10% the dosage that American doctors use in chemo and radiation to help kill the tumor and not enough to destroy your immune system. He does this to not tax the immune system so much to kill it all.

    Also because all this toxin is now needing removal. He uses enema’s, foot baths, and body soaks. Also, natural herbs to keep the liver, bladder functioning properly and very efficiently. Amazed how many patients get upset over the enema’s. Even on death beds. I guess some never learn priorities.

    I can say my wife is doing fine and enjoying life. I feel for those with cancer and all the misinformation that is out there that one must sort thru.

    This is typical government crap. They give you the false impression that they are offering you safety or health by regulation. If one reads the FDA mission basics they would know otherwise.

    Basically it weights the side affects of the cure against your future health. As long as it offers more on the balance then the other. It is approved.

    Of course after one spends million of dollars for approval. The product has to have a patent and therefore can not be natural. It also has to be unique or not easily duplicated. Both forces the developer to trash the idea before going to FDA approval. So much for simple cures.

  • Ken Garrett

    Just about all plant life discovered by man was a gift from God, including tobacco which has a 4,000 year history. As with all products tobacco has its enemies for various reasons. It also has its supporters, many for health reasons. Then there are the profiteers, both pro and anti. Pharmaceutical companies want to sell their cessation drugs so they want to eliminate other means of delivery of nicotine. Whether it’s patches, gum, inhalers or electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine, nicotine is still nicotine. Why would a person want to exchange one habit for another especially when the habit he has is enjoyable. The pharmaceutical companies pour millions of dollars into grants and lobbying to outlaw smoking in Private property businesses to increase demand for their cessation products which is a multi-billion businesses worldwide. It makes very little difference to them that Constitutional rights of property ownership are being violated. Unscupulous Scientist and universities line up to avail themselves of the dirty money made availble from organizations the likes of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) which is a marketing arm of Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals.


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