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The Makeover Is Almost Complete

March 7, 2011 by  

The Makeover Is Almost Complete

There will be wailing, weeping and teeth gnashing in Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks as the elected elites in Congress posture and moan about potentially cutting Federal spending.

Republicans will puff themselves up, declaring they are doing the will of those who went to the polls in November, 2010. “Look at us,” they’ll say. “We’ve made drastic cuts and are on the way to fiscal sanity.”

Democrats will cry foul. “You’re hurting old people, starving children, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, you evil Republicans,” Democrats will say. “How can you be so mean… so heartless?”

It’s all a fraud and a ruse for public consumption. No significant cuts will be made. In the end, nothing will change.

Weeper of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) has already surrendered on his insignificant cuts, negotiating himself down from $100 billion to $61 billion — out of a $3.6 trillion budget. Boehner’s retreat has sparked calls for his head by one Tea Party group.

The reality is Republican elected elites have no more interest in cutting Federal spending than Democrat elected elites. They made this plain when they promised pre-election to cut back to George W. Bush spending levels and cooed about how smart they were.

That’s not good enough for much — if not most — of the Republican-leaning electorate. They’re the middle class; the folks that bear the bulk of the nation’s tax burden, and will bear even more, if the elites have their way.

The middle class — tired of supporting the parasite class that makes up about 50 percent of the population, tired of bailing out “too big to fail” institutions and tired of an elected class that enriches itself off government — has sent a message that government is bloated… that it doesn’t work… that it needs to be reformed. They’ve shouted the message loudly, but the elected elites don’t take them seriously.

The middle class is being destroyed. When Federal, State and local taxes are added together more than half of the middle class worker’s paycheck goes to satisfy the government leviathan.

It’s almost impossible for a family to survive on one income, so both spouses have to go to work and farm the kid-raising duties off on a stranger at a daycare. But often that’s not enough and the husband or wife has to have a second job — and a greater tax burden.

Food prices rise. Oil prices rise. Making ends meet becomes a fantasy. Credit cards are tapped to keep up. Home equity lines are tapped to keep up, and the debt piles on.

But the elected elites aren’t concerned with the plight of the middle class. They cater to their corporate masters, to unions and to bureaucracies.

Federal subsidies go to foreign governments and foreign banks. Money goes to prop up dictators in foreign lands. Special tax breaks and subsidies go to large corporate farms and large corporations — perks that small farms and businesses don’t get. Bailouts and stimulus programs have finalized the transition of America from a free-market economy into a fascist corporatocracy. Sweetheart deals are made in back rooms and corporate CEOs get cushy appointments in the administration and companies rake in trillions of dollars in government contracts.

The appetite of the military-industrial complex continues to be sated with the blood of American service men and women and fiat money printed by the Federal Reserve. Overburdensome regulations and perplexing tax laws stifle innovation, create stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs and encourage businesses to take their jobs overseas.

As Republicans preach austerity they are nickel and diming us. They pick a little here and little there but make no move to eliminate unnecessary, unConstitutional and harmful government programs and agencies. They don’t mention cuts in corporate welfare. They don’t mention drawing down the war machine, paring back military bases and reducing empire America.

And President Barack Obama tries to pile on more socialistic, central planning-style spending programs while promising to cut government spending. It’s all doublespeak.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have broached meaningful welfare reform. So-called entitlements are sacrosanct. The parasite class continues to bleed the host — the producers — white.

Never mind that the War on Poverty, like the War on Drugs, has hurt rather than helped the middle and lower classes. Huge sums of money spent on feckless programs to “help” the underprivileged and “get drugs off the street” have led to a breakdown of the family in some social strata and the incarceration of a large of number of people for victimless crimes.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have broached the idea of tax reform, except in the context of raising the Federal taxes individuals pay — particularly those who through hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit have managed to exceed an arbitrary threshold that socialist-leaning politicians have decided makes one rich — and in instituting a value-added tax.

We have a system where the nation’s largest corporations pay no tax at all.

Bank of America, one of the many recipients of the government largess under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), paid zero Federal taxes in 2009, but did pay its top executives millions.

Citigroup, also a TARP recipient, paid a grand total of zero taxes for the third quarter of 2010, but paid John Havens, the head of the company’s investment bank, $9.5 million.

Boeing, recently the recipient of a $35 billion government contract to build tankers for the military and a regular government contractor that receives billions of dollars in government contracts annually, paid zero Federal taxes from 2008 to 2010.

General Electric — whose CEO Jeffrey Immelt is on the list of Barack’s closest friends and recently landed a gig on a White House economic advisory board — filed 7,000 tax returns and still paid nothing to the Federal treasury. Immelt was paid $9.89 million in 2009.

Wells Fargo, which was able to exploit the tax codes by writing off the losses it accrued through the government-mandated purchase of Wachovia, paid zero taxes. However, Wells Fargo’s CEO received a salary of $5.6 million paid in cash and stock and stock awards of more than $13 million. [1]

In the United States, the top 50 percent of income earners pay 96.4 percent of the income tax, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. This progressive income tax system is right out of Karl Marx’s manifesto and the goal of the progressives — Republican and Democrat alike — is to roil the economy to get more into the class of leaches. Progressives want an electorate eager for handouts so they can appear benevolent as they transfer wealth.

The elected elites succeeded in creating a soft tyranny. But they fear their subjects. So, with the USA Patriot Act and through the Department of Homeland Security and its increasingly invasive program of screening, scanning, poking, prodding, watching and questioning, they work toward establishing a hard tyranny such as that seen under harsh dictatorships.

The makeover of America is almost complete.



Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Warrior


    You drove that nail clean through with a single strike!

    • Al Sieber

      I second that also!!!

      • Ellen1

        ……And I third that! Excellently said.

        • olinda moore

          I believe we need to cut many thing the goverment is using money that we dont have,for example,head start for litle children,why that wen the kids are in regular school they in nine grade and they tirerof beenat school,some of them drop dawn they dont want to see a book anymore,so thats one thing the republican can drop,and many moore,i thing social security shut stay the same,for jobs ,we can use the imigrants ,give them a permit to work in the fiels on agriculture,so we dont have to import from China,Corea etc.when we have all the fiels to work with,the imigrants do that job well we know American dont like to work that hard ,not in construction ither,so why we dont thing better and give this people a job and make them pay for them medical bills and taxes,why not?

          • Bruce D.

            What Bob isn’t talking about is that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare have to be addressed before the budget is brought under control which will be very unpopular. The 61 million does not address that and the left offers 10billion. There has to be a concenus between the two parties for that to take place. It is not difficult to understand that if only one party addresses that issue and comes under heavy attack like Walker is in Wisconsin 60% of the population will go against them. That would not be a winable fight for the Republicans as they only control a little over 1/2 of 1/3 of government. The people of Wisconsin are beginning to desert Walker now for taking a strong stand against

          • Jovianus

            SSI doesn’t affect the annual deficit.

            Medicaid and Medicare…nice to see you want to rape the very system that gives millions health care.

          • Jovianus

            Olinda….appears you should have had Head Start. Jeesh…try thinking instead of being led by corporat talking points.

          • spitfire

            What mental institution are you currently residing?

          • Bruce D.

            When it come to rape Jovianous you are at the top of the progressive/socialist list for lusting after money you yourself do not earn. I am stating the obvious. It is so obvious that many on the left are beginning to say that these three things have to be addressed. Your viewpoints only make sense if your goal is to bankrupt the country. A viewpoint you and Obama seem to share. The top 1% of the population pays 38% of the income tax. The top 5% pays 58% of the income tax. 50% of the people do not pay anything and seem to demand the most. Everyone should pay something so that we all have a stake in the outcome. You should not just promote that other people pay the tax Jovianous and exempt yourself from tax increases.

          • Jovianus

            Bruce..the top 1% have over 50% of the wealth in ths coutry. Now what was that you were saying about paying their fair share?

          • Bruce D.

            What do you pay Jovianus??? Whatever it is it is not enough.

          • Jovianus

            Bruce…I agree. We all are going to have to pay for the fiasco of 2001-2008. As well as the charity, graft and corruption the GOP paid to their controllers in the years of BushII.

            You’re not siggesting you’ll be a deadbeat and refuse to pay for those years of Conservative economic calamity are you?

          • JC

            Jovi the “ultimate statist” wants you to reach into your wallet even further to support an out of control statist spending policy and somehow it’s all Bush’s fault again.

            No surprises there.

          • Bruce D.

            As usual Jovianus you distort everything. The top 5% have a little over 50% of accumulated wealth but only earn 21.8% of the income in a given tax year from which taxes come from. I can see why the death tax is so important to progressive/socialists. The problem with that is it destroys small farms and other businesses whose wealth is tied up in property and machinery and are forced to sell to pay the death tax.

          • Bruce D.

            To be clear the top 5% earn 21.8% of the yearly income and pay 58% of the Federal Income tax. They pay more at every level including property tax and state income tax. The real problem is spending. Not the progressive/socialist mantra of confiscating accumulated wealth and ending constitutional protections.

          • Chris Denno

            Olinda, PLEASE tell me that English is not your native language! If it is you are a testament to our atrocious educational system…way to go teachers unions

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Good points all. The current tax system, read IRS, is corrupt, immoral and cannot be understood completely by ANYONE.

            Here is the answer:

            This is a consupmption based tax AT THE CONSUMPTION LEVEL. It is not a VAT. It will ELIMINATE the IRS along with all the nacillary federal taxes. As an example, look at your utility bills.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            “We all are going to have to pay for the fiasco of 2001-2008″.

            The fiasco began at least as far back as 1933 and was ramped up in 1964 with the “Really Great Society”.

            Bushie’s biggest screw-up was Part D Medicare.

            Little Barry, the Kenyan, has doubled down on anything Bush thought of doing.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Progressive / Socialist? Let’s call a spade a spade. Communism is what it is.

            Too many people overlook that fact that most of those people who pay 58% of the federal tax got that money by studying hard, working hard and long hours and making WISE decisions.

            You are correct in that people such as Jovi simply want to live off the producers via their class warfare.

            Jovi is more thatn wilcome to send much, much more money to the IRS each tax day. They will galdly accept it.

          • Augie D

            To be really clear Bruce D., the top 20% owns 85% of the wealth, leaving 80% of the people left to split the last 15% of wealth. And, the top 1% controls 34.6%. Or another way of looking at it is: the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the wealth. Search: disparity of wealth.

            Education was designed to fail. As we read through post upon post, it becomes clear that very few learned to read or write. Let alone speak coherently. Now all it takes to confuse the masses is ‘double speak’. See the movie-documentary: “Inside Job”, and see who made it possible to steal trillion$ from the masses. Just remember who you voted for.

          • JeffH

            Jovianus, What is SSI? It is not Social Security, it is “Supplemental Security Income”. It is administered by the Social Security Administration. SSI is funded from the U.S. Treasury general funds, not the Social Security trust fund. unlike social security benefits, earned work credits are not a requirement for SSI. SSI was created in 1974 to replace federal-state adult assistance programs that served the same purpose.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Bruce D.,

            Actually, I covered them twice:
            “They pick a little here and little there but make no move to eliminate unnecessary, unConstitutional and harmful government programs and agencies.”
            “So-called entitlements are sacrosanct.”

            Best wishes,

          • vicki

            Jovianus and Spitfire, having nothing useful to contribute go directly to argument to ridicule and ad hominem. How typically Liberal of them.

            Jovianus says:
            “Medicaid and Medicare…nice to see you want to rape the very system that gives millions health care.”

            Jovianus says:
            “Olinda….appears you should have had Head Start. Jeesh…try thinking instead of being led by corporat talking points.”

            spitfire says:
            “What mental institution are you currently residing?”

          • vicki

            Jovianus says:
            “Bruce…I agree. We all are going to have to pay for the fiasco of 2001-2008.”

            And who is going to pay for the double down of 2009-2010?

          • Bruce D.

            Angir D., We are not talking about unlimited wealth here as the left always suggest.
            “Including all tax returns that had a positive AGI [adjusted gross income], taxpayers with an AGI of $153,542 or more in 2006 constituted the nation’s top 5 percent of earners. To break into the top 1 percent, a tax return had to have an AGI of $388,806 or more. The top-earning 25 percent of taxpayers [have an] AGI over $64,702.”

          • Bruce D.

            Angie D. the left needs to talk a little more honestly in order to solve the problems. Confiscating wealth is a socialist/communist strategy that ends up destroying societies. It does not have a positive effect on society as you believe.
            As the data below show, incomes reported by tax returns at the high end of the income spectrum plummeted from 2007 to 2008, as did their share of the nation’s income and income taxes paid. In 2008, the top 1 percent of tax returns paid 38.0 percent of all federal individual income taxes and earned 20.0 percent of adjusted gross income, compared to 2007 when those figures were 40.4 percent and 22.8 percent, respectively. Both of those figures—share of income and share of taxes paid—were their lowest since 2004 when the top 1 percent earned 19 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI) and paid 36.9 percent of federal individual income taxes.

            Each year from 2005 to 2007, the top 1 percent’s constantly growing share of income earned and taxes paid set a record. That trend reversed in 2008. In fact, the income share for the top 1 percent of tax returns was lower in 2008 than in 2000, largely due to differences in capital gains.

          • Bruce D.

            Jovianus, every area of government has fraud and waste. It is hard to imagine government without it. I have a sister in law who has been on Medicare since her early twenties. I do not see anything wrong with her but doctors say she has a chemical imbalance in the brain and cannot hold down a job. She lives in a beautiful one bedroom apartment paid mostly by the section8 program. She gets almost $800 a month in cash and in addition to that food stamps. My brothers wife also gives her money and she lives far better than someone working at 7/11 not on Section8 with food stamps. Not exactly the bleeding heart liberal story those on the left want you to believe.

          • Bruce D.

            This is interesting from a different site. Prior to 2007 the top 1% paid more in Federal Income tax than the bottom 95%. It is not a free lunch at the top as most want you to believe. It is very simple-the more you earn the more you pay and the numbers support that.
            Each year from 2005 to 2007, the top 1 percent’s constantly growing share of income earned and taxes paid set a record. That trend reversed in 2008. In fact, the income share for the top 1 percent of tax returns was lower in 2008 than in 2000, largely due to differences in capital gains.

            Another indicator of this reversal in the income and tax shares of the top 1 percent is that during 2007, the top 1 percent had actually paid more in federal income tax than the bottom 95 percent, a comparison that was much remarked on a year ago. But the diminished income of the top 1 percent in 2008 means that the comparison no longer holds. During 2008, the bottom 95 percent (AGI under $159,619) paid 41.3 percent of the total collected, a larger share than the 38.0 percent paid by the top 1 percent (AGI over $380,354).

            The top-earning 5 percent of taxpayers (AGI over $159,619), however, still paid far more than the bottom 95 percent. The top 5 percent earned 34.7 percent of the nation’s adjusted gross income, but paid approximately 58.7 percent of federal individual income taxes.

          • Dan az

            olinda moore
            Senator Shumer (D-NY) is demanding that the Republicans take a government shutdown off the table. The Republicans never put it on the table.

            The House, with a Republican majority passed a bill that would fund the government for the remainder of this fiscal year. The bill is off to the Senate and the Senate Democrats are apparently horrified at the prospect of only being able to spend $1. something trillion for the next 7 months. That does seem harsh. That’s slashing the budget by as much as 6 cents out of every $1,000 spent. OUCH…that’s gotta hurt!

            But let’s get back to shutting down the government. What exactly would that mean to thee and me? According to Andrew Taylor’s piece at the AP:

            Everyone would continue to receive their Social Security checks;

            The Post Office will continue delivering the mail;

            Federal courts will remain open;

            Air Traffic controllers will remain in the tower;

            The U.S. Capitol would remain open (really?);

            And our troops would continue to protect us; as would the FBI, the Coast Guard and the Border Patrol!

            OK, where’s the downside? Back to the Associated Press piece:

            Fewer than 1 in 4 federal workers would be staying home…that’s out of 2.1 million federal workers subject to a shutdown;

            The IRS hotline won’t be open to answer your questions;

            NASA would face widespread furloughs that might affect preparation for the remaining two shuttle flights – but do not fear – it will not keep Shuttle Discovery from landing on March 7th!

            Not working and not getting paid is an extremely painful experience – just ask the folks in the private sector who have been laid off. We don’t want anyone to suffer this pain, and the furloughed federal workers probably won’t. Why? Because the government typically provides back pay to those workers who weren’t required to work! Well, isn’t that special?!

            The real hardship will come to those who are federal contract workers. If they are furloughed, they won’t receive any back pay!

            Here’s the bottom line: You may not be able to go to a National Park, take a tour of the White House or place your annual call to the IRS hotline while the government is shut down, but other than that, it should be painless.

            Things you can be sure of: death, taxes and the government will reopen!

          • Dan az

            Republicans will puff themselves up, declaring they are doing the will of those who went to the polls in November, 2010. “Look at us,” they’ll say. “We’ve made drastic cuts and are on the way to fiscal sanity.”
            The fact is just in 854 days one person has been able to do what know other has done in history and that is to spend 4.5 trillion dollars in such a short time.Sure they can blame Bush or his brother I dont care this is what obummer has done in just 854 days!!!!

          • http://PersonalLiberty Granny Laura

            All Posters: Here we have a pefect example of who needs to be helped. I understand the position of not having to pay for Pre K. I also realize that the earlier we can get some children out of the house and away from their parents, the better chance that child has at suceeding in school.

            Bob is to be commended for taking an unpopular stance. He not only mentions the rich, and the middle class, but also the “parasite class”.

            Jesus said we would always have the poor with us. But I am of the opinion that he didn’t mean those who have normal intelligence and good health. I recently saw an article in the local paper about jobs that a large construction company can’t fill. Most of the people that come in for job interviews can’t pass a drug test. The ones that do get hired won’t show up for longer than a couple of days. The pay starts at a living wage for a small family and the job is the just standing around holding up a sign and directing traffic, or driving a forklift.

          • Bonnie

            The message is, neither partying are working for the people. They are taking OUR money, the bankers are getting rich off the backs of the American people and do NOT pay taxes themselves when they are making millions. They are stripping the middle class, it is all about controlling the people. They are a CORPORATION de facto gov. If your interested about learning about the restored republic that is now in place in all 50 states, of, by and for the people go to republicfortheunitedstates dot org and go to contacts, at the bottom look for your state and get involved.

        • Angry -American

          While the Tyranny continues, no one sems to want to carry a sign and their American Flag to make a Difference, Its sick that this is happening! Illegal Aliens say they deserve Equality, they are not above the Law, they are criminals. Criminals currently would have a case against the people of the United States,they were given a trial and found guilty Right? but Illegals Whom Obviously commited a Crime are to be detained and returned to their border, No Questions! Those large companies that were bailed out, should have to liqidated all their personal funds and pay back the American Public

    • DaveH

      Me too. Excellent, concise, and full of pertinent facts. Well done, Bob Livingston.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Great Article Bob…Starting to sound more Libertarian every day. LOL

    • Sweetie

      I heard that one and Agree with Ya all the way. :-)

    • Pamela

      Whew! After reading through these posts, it’s clear the Dumbing Down of America is a stunning success. Our educational system, as dictated by our government’s standards, is nearly beyond repair. It is inconceivable that people are pushed from grade to grade when they are severely lacking in the skills of reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation. If those basic skills have not been learned, how could the rest of their education have been achieved?

      This is precisely how the elitists are able to do whatever they want, when you’re borderline illiterate, it’s just so much easier to lead you around with a few keywords and some flair.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        It’s the keyboards doing the mis-spellings and punctuation erors.

      • DaveH

        I wonder how, also, how the educated elites have been so dumbed down by the schools that they completely lose grasp of basic logic and experience. Like the fact that good grammar does not make one intelligent. Or the fact that Big Government has proved to be a disaster for the economy, time after time. Yet, these snobbish educated elitists think this time it will work.
        See here for many examples of the failure of Big Government:

      • Bud Tugly

        It is sad with the deplorable state of education in the US that both parties want to cut education even further. Perhaps we can siphon off some military spending to help America’s most priceless resource, our children.

        Let’s keep idiots like the Texas school board from dumbing education even more with their medieval stance on science… No, Adam and Eve did not ride to church on dinosaurs 5,000 years ago.

        If not we should consider renaming our country Dumphukistan.

        • DaveH

          I grow weary of people using the “children” as a pawn in the game of ‘how can we best extract more money from the taxpayer?’.
          Anybody who is truly concerned about the children will lobby hard to get voucher systems in everywhere and Government out everywhere (in education), so the Free Marketplace of ideas can excel unfettered by those with vested interests (teachers, administrators, etc.).

          • eddie47d

            Okay,those vouchers might be a good idea but they still come from the Federal,State or local governments. They are taking money from one source and placing it somewhere else.

          • Bruce D.

            It costs from 10 to 14 thousand dollars a year per child to go to school. The income will shift to the more productive schools as their burden becomes heavier. Those children who are disruptive and are disingenuous about their education they should be taught manners and discipline as part of their education until they can learn to sit in a class room without being disruptive. You would be surprised what you can learn when your listening and not talking.

        • Vigilant

          “It is sad with the deplorable state of education in the US that both parties want to cut education even further.”

          “Cut it further?” Cost of so-called “education” has skyrocketed since the formation of the Dept. of Education by Jimmie Carter. And as more money is spent, the performance of our kids gets worse and worse.

          It seems you’ve bought into the biggest hoax in history. “Education” is a buzz word used by the powers that be that has little if anything to do with the improvement of young minds. It has everything to do with feeding the insatiable appetite of the teachers unions.

          It’s about $$$, not knowledge.

          • Bruce D.

            I agree. In the last ten years teachers pay and benefits have increased dramatically but test scores have not gone up even 1%, including Wisconsin.

          • http://PersonalLiberty Granny Laura

            You’re right, more money for teachers isn’t the answer. The breakdown of parenting skills in this country is the real problem.

            We have a Maurey Povich problem! Women now have the right to have as many children by as many men as “just happens”, and they have no fear that their “trust fund” left by their generous Uncle Sam will not be there.

            I don’t think that the situation would be half as bad if we hadn’t done away with the Draft. Young men that didn’t have to be responsible at home, or finish a basic education had the privilege of learning life skills from a “real man” far away from the ghetto.

            As for Olinda…she is just here to be the leftist thorn in the side, and a distraction from the real issues. People that are as illiterate as she is pretending to be wouldn’t be capable of understanding what Bob is saying, let alone rendering an opposite opinion. They don’t read political opinion unless it’s by “one of their own people” on one of the social networks, and even that is highly unlikely.

      • Pamela

        There are a few points here I would like to clarify. The Dumbing Down of America has been an actual event. If you do a fact check on the material your children are taught, you’ll find they’re taught what the government wants them to know, not necessarily what is true. Textbooks have been propaganda as long as I’ve been alive, but the problem has grown exponentially during my lifetime. Another problem is schools typically do not teach children how to think things through anymore. It’s *Garbage In – Garbage Out* and that’s that. When I was in school, the teachers would say *think about it* or *think it through* when we were doing problem solving….and I don’t just mean math problems. Good problem solving skills lead to higher development of common sense. While I’m sure there are people who cannot be taught common sense, the majority can develop that skill if challenged properly. We don’t do that here anymore and we’re the worse for it.

        You want your children to sit still in class? Kids didn’t aways just jump up and run around and talk in class….it’s gotten worse over the past 30 years. Why? The same reason we’ve become a fat sick country in the same time frame. Our food is toxic and has been for some time. Unless you’re feeding your children an organic diet free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, low dose antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals, steroids and water borne toxins that include a pharmaceutical soup, you can expect them to display all the results of their toxicity. One of those results is the rampant ADD we have today. The simple fact is you cannot expect poisoned children to not behave as though they’re poisoned and it’s up to parents to both fight the poisoning of themselves and their children and find and feed TRULY healthy food. Add to that the fact that parents and teachers have basically had their hands tied in disciplining children and now the problem is exacerbated even more. I don’t mean parents should be able to beat their children nearly to death, but it’s quickly getting to the point where if you raise your voice at all and/or take away priveleges, you can be investigated for child abuse. States are rewarded with Federal funds (read: taxpayer dollars) for every child they put *into the system*. Another great program brought to you by your very own Big Brother.

        No, grammar skills do not equal intelligence. They do, however, facilitate communication in both directions. I don’t believe the educated elitists think anything they’re doing will *work*, if you’re referring to those in government with any power to impact policy. They do what they do because that’s where the gravy train is. If they start doing what is right for the country, the gravy train stops. The holders of the gravy ladle say to micromanage us but to disguise it as *protecting us*. Historically, micromanagement has been a complete failure. The only people who enjoy micromanagement are the narcissistic megalomaniac control freaks in charge and some of their bully minions. And yet our government continues to march in that direction, tirelessly, relentlessly and against the express will of the People. Which brings to mind two old adages: *Those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat it* ~and~ *The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results*. Track the history of how Germany became Nazi Germany and overlay that on our own recent history. Gee whiz, I wonder what will happen next? [/sarcasm] It doesn’t take an educated elitist to see we’re circling the drain….and it’s a good thing, too, because they’re blind to that sort of thing. I picture them all as Marie Antoinette saying *as if….* right after a ‘polite’ yawn.

        • libertytrain

          Nicely said.

    • Working Man

      I agree totally with this article. Unfortantly, there is a significiant number of dumb-down sheeple in this once great nation
      of ours that is too concerned about pop-culture events to realize
      what drasitic changes are happening in this country. Just as long as
      they have their shinny new electronic toys/gadets and they can vote
      for their favorite “American Idiot/Idol” they are happy and content.
      These sheeple will be in for a real shock in the next few years!!

    • Peter

      Over the years I have challenged some of what Bob says, and agreed with much of what Bob says.
      But this post from Bob says it all! FINALLY! We, the PEOPLE are waking up to the reality that neither side of government is for US (that’s US as in we, the people, not the USA, because we, the people ARE obviously the USA)!!!!
      This is definitely the best, brightest post that has ever been made on this website!
      Viva La Revolution! I can feel a new Battle Hymn coming on…and it has NOTHING to do with north and south, rich and poor. It has to do with what’s right for we, the PEOPLE! All of the people!

    • Mark B.

      The politicians that benefit from the productivity of the working population of this country have little if any reason to reform this bloated, excessive, and wasteful system they’ve created. The masses of this country are capable of stripping away the authority of our “representatives” if was lose the partisanship and unite our energies to pull our dysfunctional system back to some level of sanity. It is up to us (WE the PEOPLE!)to make the limitations framed in The Constitution to be adhered to by our bureaucrats.

    • Dan az

      Did you know if you took 14 trillion $1 bills and put them end to end, you could circle around the equator 54,474 times?

      Did you know if you spent $443,937 every second for a year, you would still not outspend $14 trillion?

    • Sidewinder

      I think Bob hit a home run with this article…

      But in reading some of the posts, and suggestions of what must be done…I have to say this in reference to the federal government…

      Let the whole stinking mess go down in flames.
      Its gonna have to take something big to awaken the masses, and demand something better, so why not let this government simply run its course?
      And when they do, they will find themselves unable to borrow, unable to fund government, and unable to function.

      Our situation…is totally unsustainable. There’s no question about it. The clock is ticking.

      With no cash…Federal employees won’t come to work if they won’t get paid.
      No more FDA, no more HS…just think…

      I see from recent history how a single event can change everything overnight.

      When we…lose our privilege as owners of the world’s global reserve currency, no longer will America be exempt from the rules.

      Put away some food and ammo.

  • Jovianus

    “Federal subsidies go to foreign governments and foreign banks. Money goes to prop up dictators in foreign lands. Special tax breaks and subsidies go to large corporate farms and large corporations — perks that small farms and businesses don’t get. Bailouts and stimulus programs have finalized the transition of America from a free-market economy into a fascist corporatocracy. Sweetheart deals are made in back rooms and corporate CEOs get cushy appointments in the administration and companies rake in trillions of dollars in government contracts.

    The appetite of the military-industrial complex continues to be sated with the blood of American service men and women and fiat money printed by the Federal Reserve. Overburdensome regulations and perplexing tax laws stifle innovation, create stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs and encourage businesses to take their jobs overseas.”

    Hmmm…glad to see Livingston is agreeing with the Progressive Movement. It’s what several on this board have been stating for months. Of course, since the reples have been consistent everytime a rational thinker posted the statements…i.e. calling the writer a “commie” or ‘socialist’ or “libtard” etc…I fully expect such to be made denigrating Livingtson as well. Right?

    So let the name calling and castigations of Livingston begin!

    • Ken Stout

      I agree with a lot of what Bob Livingston states and many of his statements are what Progressives are saying about the corporate welfare on both sides and the phoney boogeyman wars that is killing this country.

      Why don’t we have both Conservatives and Progressives get together and form a THIRD INDEPENDENT party to boot these idiots out of office?

      Most Americans agree right or left believe in helping the middle class, getting out of wars, eliminate the federal reservce, health care for all Americans, no more corporate welfare, raising taxes on the Rich, and more. We just have to stop fighting each other about stupid issues on why my religion is better than yours, or who to marry, or if a woman has the right to make their own decisions in life.
      Let people make their own decisions about their own personal lives and keep government out of it. I swear both liberals and conservatives are all hypocrites when they want no government in their lives but insist that government gets involved by creating more stupid laws and regulations.

      Come on people, you are all being played by the Corporate Media who is owned by the military industry complex and bankers of how your life should be. Listen to the Styx’s Song ” Grand Illusion”.

      I thought we had freedoms of speech and rights to believe in your own religion?
      Wake up America , you are being Tricked!

      That is why I like Ron Paul for president and I am even a Progressive.

      Get all the idiots out of Congress. Our President is only doing what the Wealthy Rich Military Complex advisers want him to do. He is just a puppet like all the previous Presidents before him.

      Wake Up America!

      • eddie47d

        Bob Livingston finally wrote the truth from both sides and stuck it to the right and the left. Maybe the conversation can now move forward and bring a few folks together.

        • Jovianus

          Amazing that Livingston is citing what Progressives have been saying for years, and what you and I have written for some time. Even more amazing…no one has called Livingston a traitor, or commie, or socialist etc. Now all of a sudden everyone is agreeing with the statements !

          Just goes to show Eddie…we keep telling the truth and give the facts, sooner or later they will realize the error of their ways.

          • Kate8

            eddie and Jo – It seems to me that Bob has been saying these things for a long time. Where we conservatives and libertarians disagree with you is that you refuse to see who is behind all of this, and you continue to support and put in office those who are pushing this agenda the hardest. Like your Kenyan messiah.

            They are ALL in on it. Both parties. Even if they have good intentions when they run, they quickly get an attitude adjustment once there.

            Besides, it is clear by your posts that you are in favor of the socialist expansion of government. For some reason you just can’t see that your leaders are in league with the very corporations you continually rail about.

          • eddie47d

            Well Kate if I say black you will say white and visa versa.Sometimes you take the problem too seriously and take it to extremes. You then fall off the edge and loose your audience. There is a common ground and maybe we will find it someday.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, very well said and I agree with both you and Bob Livingston’s well written article. I can only suggest tha “EVERYONE” start communicating or continue to communicate with you senators, congressional reps and directly with Boehner. Continue to send the message that enough is enough no matter whose in charge.
            Nobody’s job in Washington should be safe!

            Speaker Boehner –

          • Kate8

            eddie – My saying that your progressive leaders are at the forefront of this corporatist agenda is taking it to the extremes? LOL.

            That says it all.

          • Vicki

            The key difference between liberals like Eddie47d and Jovianus
            and Conservatives is the solution. Both sides see and in general agree with the symptoms. The Liberal says the evil corporations did it and want more government. The Conservatives say that government did it and want less government. This is the Key to why they will never be compatible. Liberals do not understand that Crony Capitalism is NOT Capitalism. Liberals do not understand that corporations can not force them to do or buy anything. Government CAN and DOES.


            Government is NOT the solution. Government IS the problem.

          • Pete

            I’m not a capitalist. I’m not a socialist. I’m just me …

            The way I look at it, just cut all the spending. We can’t spend what we don’t have. Of course it would be nice to give children an education, but their is no money for that ! Of course Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid is keeping all them old folks alive, but the money if gone. We can’t pay out no more money for the young, old and disabled. We can’t have a big defense budget. We got to cut, cut and cut….

            If someone wants to help out them old folks or schoolboy Johnny they can do it with their own private money ! But most Americans don’t have the money to help out … they only have barely enough to survive on ..

            So Congressmen and Senators just cut it all ….

            It’s to late to save Social Security, just cut it …

            The same thing with all them other programs. It’s just cause and effect .. if you mismanage the money it will disappear. That’s what happened, it was mismanaged and disappeared. No one likes it. It’s just what happened !

            It’s not being “mean” to cut all these programs – it’s just the money isn’t their, doesn’t exist anymore. The wealth building factories are now mostly in Asia. They aren’t here in the USA anymore. Nothing to tax …

          • vicki

            One nice thing about Pete’s plan is that with all of medicare/medicad gone the price of health care will fall because so few people will be able to afford it that the corporations will HAVE to lower prices or go out of business. Assumes that Government doesn’t decide they are too big to fail of course.

        • Sweetie

          Quote: Maybe the conversation can now move forward and bring a few folks together.

          We can only Hope for the Best.

          • Bruce D.

            In order for people to find a common ground people must first take some responsibility for their own actions. In order to better your life you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop portraying yourself as a victim of the rich. Capitalism is the greatest system in the world. Someone making $500 a week takes ten percent of his pay ($50) and puts it in the bank each and every week. He is now a capitalist. The degree of his intelligence and education will determine how far he will expand that capital. Most are self educated in finance so the school system has little to do with it. Mostly you have to stay off alcohol and drugs until your money is working for you and you understand how money makes money. Most millionaires start with just a few thousand dollars and keep building on it. It is within everyones reach who is willing to do what it takes to succeed.

          • Pete

            Bruce D.,

            Most Americans don’t think at that level. You are right though !

            Individuals can only afford to save themselves right now, they don’t have no more money to spend on government programs. Maybe 50 years from now they will again (I doubt it), but right now – no more free lunches..

      • JC

        Which is exactly why we need to return to Constitutional Values.
        Go Libertarian.

      • DaveH

        There already is a third party, Ken, that embraces the best ideas from both parties (the rank and file at least).
        For Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Governments — Vote Libertarian!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Liberals / Progressives / Socialists / Communists are all about getting government into everyone’s lives. They think they know better than anyone. Liberalism is what has been, and is, destroying our nation.

    • DaveH

      There are two different versions of that story, Jovianus. Bob’s version wants Big Government out of the Marketplace and out of the business of Charity (it isn’t their money to give). Your version, I suspect, is just that of being envious of anybody who succeeds.

      • Jovianus

        “Success” in your mind may be based upon thievin’ ways of tax breaks, massive subsidies to the wealthy and Big Corporations, privatizing corporate profit and subsidizing private losses, enslaving the working man and reversing the progress this country has made during the first 80 years of the 20th century … but it ain’t my definition.

        • JC

          Reversing it to what Jovi? Communism? The Constitution?
          We need change all right but not the hopey changey crap this Kenyan is inserting in the country’s rear end.

          • Jovianus

  ’re nothing but predictable. Here’s a nice history lesson for you to research. Budget deficit in Carter’s last year was? Busget deficit under Reagan’s last year was/ Budget deficit under BushI’s last year was? Budget deficit under Clinton’s last year was? And finally…budget deficit under Bush II’s last year (2009 budget) was?

            Don’t forget that the 2010 budget included the cost of two wars 9which Bush II conveneiently forgot to put into his budget numbers), the cost hammered down to the states in unfunded mandates, And the 12010 budget included the cost of saving this country from heading into a depression.

            Now the deal is on the GOP to quit whining and refusing to do anything but say “no”. Obama fought the special tax breaks the GOP insisted on for the welthy, he has stated that health car reform exemptions will be given to those states that can come up with an alternative (wanna bet how many GOP governors cringed on that one now that they have to come up with an alternative to the very program they’ve been blasting before this without having to propose alternative solutions? ).

            And you’re saying the GOP House in this Congress can’t come up with savings now that TARP is paid back (thanks to Obama insisting on terms rather than the freebies given by Paulsen and Bush), the auto industry is paying off the cost oftheir bailout (thanks to the terms Obama made them swallow), and the need for rebuilding our country that Bush II and the GOP refused to do when we had the money before they gave it away?

            Oh wait…the House GOP wants to rape Americans further and retain the cushy giveaways they previously gave out to th wealthy and Big Corporate America. I see…

          • JC

            Jovianus Translated: Blah blah blah…leftist this communist that…
            blame the right, it’s all Bush’s fault blah blah blah…me me me whine whine whine…

            Bite me you miserable Communist Sac of ….

          • Jovianus

            JC…like I said…you are predictable. Dumb as a rock…and predictable

          • JIBBS

            I’m 99% positive that Jo and eddie whould make great poster children of how it’s wondeful to live in canada.

          • independant thinker

            Jovianus says:
            March 7, 2011 at 10:47 am
            “JC…like I said…you are predictable. Dumb as a rock…and predictable”

            The same is true of you Jovianus.

          • JC

            Jovianus says:
            March 7, 2011 at 10:47 am
            JC…like I said…you are predictable. Dumb as a rock…and predictable

            And yet somehow, still not dumb enouigh to fall for your childish communist solutions. Oh you clever boy you, you’ve found the solution to all your problems, in someone else’s wallet.

          • Brad


            President’s only propose budgits, its the house and senate that appropriate the funds to run the US gov. By the way, Carter had a dem congress, Reagan had a dem congress, BushI had a dem congress, Clinton started with a dem congress and ended with a republican, finaly BushII had a repub congress and ended up with a dem congress. The facts are from 01/2007 untill today the dems have racked up over 6 trillion in deficit spending, four trillion since Obamas election. The deficit spending has to stop, the budgit has to be balanced, and the debt ceiling needs to stay where its at. Right now we are spending gen Z into oblivian and when I retire in 21 year’s there is going to be nothing for me and I have paid into the system since I was 17.

            You and the rest of your kind talk about CEO’s and their pay checks, well you need to talk to their board of directors because they negotiate their contracts with the board and stock holders, that’s business 101. Each and every business man wants what’s best for their business and they advertise themselves, there products to all of us the consumers of said products. If you don’t like said companys product don’t buy it, now you are preventing said company from making money off of you!!! Jovianus, you control your own destiny, quit forcing your views onto others who find it misguided, un-intelligent, and treasonist to freedom loving Americans.

        • Vicki

          Jovianus says:
          “Success” in your mind may be based upon thievin’ ways of tax breaks, massive subsidies to the wealthy and Big Corporations, privatizing corporate profit and subsidizing private losses, enslaving the working man and reversing the progress this country has made during the first 80 years of the 20th century … but it ain’t my definition.”

          Totally impossible without the force of government. Corporations big and small have no power to force us to buy their product. Only government can do that.

      • eddie47d

        Dave H. Success should be on merit and personal ambition not the tax loopholes and government grants that propel some folks to riches. I’m not against the government helping people but I do give more credit to those who pull themselves up on their own.

        • DaveH

          Taking less money from somebody is not a “loophole”. If you really wanted a level playing field, Eddie, then you would want every adult to pay the same for their government. Especially since we are all “guaranteed” equal treatment under the law.
          There should be no graduated income taxes in a fair system.
          And for those who are gullible enough to believe, as Eddie does, that the rich don’t pay their “fair” share, see this:

          • eddie47d

            Dave H; That’s comparing with people who don’t pay any taxes at all. That brings the averages up for the wealthy and down for those lower middle class folks. I think those charts are a false positive.

          • Vigilant


            eddie’s own statement proves your point, and he’s too dumb to see it.


          • eddie47d

            I’m more concerned about why the wealthy are taking in so much money to begin with. The wage scale for the wealthy is obscene and they are certainly taking in more loot than they have earned. As far as taxes go there can be a level playing field where everyone has to pay something. Instead of the hundreds of loopholes to escape paying their fair share. The includes rich and poor, Vigilante.

          • Vigilant

            As I said, eddie, you’re too dumb to see it. Read the chart again. It shows taxes PAID. NOT loopholes. etc., but actual money paid to the gov’t.

            What, in your mind, is “fair” (another commie buzzword)?

            Perhaps a 90% tax on the “wealthy”? 95%? And when there’s no money left, who do you tax then?

          • Vigilant

            “The wage scale for the wealthy is obscene…”

            Wealthy don’t earn wages. You might like to have a dictionary at hand if you’re going to use words in such fashion.

          • Vicki

            eddie47d says:
            “I’m more concerned about why the wealthy are taking in so much money to begin with.”

            Why? Are they taking your money? Are they forcing people at gunpoint to give them money? Absent any real force it is none of your business. Government on the other hand is taking in WAY more money then even the wealthiest of the wealthy. And they ARE doing it at gunpoint.

            eddie47d: “The wage scale for the wealthy is obscene and they are certainly taking in more loot than they have earned.”

            Ignoring for the moment the misuse of the term “wage” your whole premise is illogical. YOU have no right to decide what is obscene. You have EVERY right to NOT buy something from the wealthy. To bad under obamacare we are not allowed exercise that right without getting permission from our master (waiver)

          • Bruce D.

            Viglent says: “Perhaps a 90% tax on the “wealthy”? 95%? And when there’s no money left, who do you tax then?” Nice post. We need a fair system, not an oppressive communist system. If you destroy the wealthy you destroy the country and society. People underestimate what the wealthy contribute to a country. Even Castro is now having doubts about Eddie’s ideology. You cannot create wealth by dividing it up or destroying the rich. That guarantee’s a dwindling and degraded society. How much money can you take from someone before they lose their incentive to produce. If you reward people for under achieving and penalize people for over achieving the outcome is never pretty despite the pretty picture painted by progressive/socialists.

          • eddie47d

            Why do any one of you insist that the wealthy earned their money?I see no where where they have earned the amount of money they take in.It’s a system based on greed or better put ,theft.

          • vicki

            eddie47d says:
            “Why do any one of you insist that the wealthy earned their money?”

            Because they did.

            Eddie47d: “I see no where where they have earned the amount of money they take in.”

            I see no where that eddie47D was granted the ability to determine the about of money they can earn. Good thing to cause King Eddie47d would not be a significant improvement over King Obama.

            Eddie47d: “It’s a system based on greed or better put ,theft.”

            Absent proof of a connection between their money and the money the government takes from us at gunpoint (taxes) this statement is prima facia false.

            Another Eddie47d fast factoid bites the dust.

        • Bitter Libertarian

          I am against the Goverment helping people, but not because I dont want people to get help. I can decide where & how much myself thank you very much! I dont need or want some do-gooder politician reaching into my wallet taking my property to give to someone or some thing I dont agree with. IT is everyone’s right to decide this on their own, yet the Govt has decided to strip that freedom from us–ALL!

        • Vigilant

          “I’m not against the government helping people but I do give more credit to those who pull themselves up on their own.”

          And the more dependencies government creates for the indolent, the less motivated they are to “pull themselves up on their own.” And that is backed up by the numbers, son.

    • RayLand

      Right on!!! Livingston sometimes comes off as meandering, but this time he has it right. I like the idea of a Progressive/Conservative alignment. The good people of the center of this country must proclaim their dissapointment and distrust of those who are so arrogant that they think they can govern. America must reclaim the Jeffersonian principles of small government and self sufficiency. Enlaglements with foreign governments that only prop up autocratic regimes must stop.

      God Bless America…..because we want a better world!!!

      • Vigilant

        “America must reclaim the Jeffersonian principles of small government and self sufficiency.”

        Lot’s of luck trying to get the progressives to agree with that.

        • Vicki

          That is why progressives and conservatives can never form an alliance. Progressives want more government interference. Conservatives want less government interference.

    • louie

      I’ve been saying this for years, not months!!!

  • wandamurline

    The final talley is going to be when they want our gold, silver and turn over our guns. That is when it is going to hit the fan so to speak. The American Patriots have had enough and it isn’t going to be long before they wield the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If they think for one minute that America is going to be a dictatorship, they are wrong. Before that happens, I see the southern states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and maybe a few others succeeding from the union. Wow, Abraham Lincholn again…history does repeat itself. They will form their own nation…Texas and Lousiana have the oil, we have our own military, we have our own factories, etc…so we don’t need the northern states … we will let them have the US and we will be a country of our own and we will close the borders and deport the illegals…it won’t take long to do that, because if we succeed, they will all be heading north. We are going to have a revolution in America, and I believe that our military will stand with the people and not the marxists in Washington. When we pull these people from the nests, try them for treason, and then put them in front of a firing squad maybe then this will get the politicians’s attention. If you know the definition of politics, you can see what we have right now..politicians rather than public servants…Poly-meaning multiple….ticks meaning blood sucking insects. Need I say more?

    • Nick

      Well said! I’ve been saying that since Bush’s second term and people call me a radical. I retired from the military in 1989 (I’m no youngster!) and am sick and tired of the elites of both parties lining their pockets on the sweat of the middle class. I started a couple of businesses after I retired from the military, and was regulated to death, so I sold them and invested in farm land, which I rent out.
      It will soon be time for people to take sides: either fight to take back our country or sit by and watch it be taken over by elites. Ask yourself, would you rather die on your feet, or live on your knees!

      • Vigilant

        Good God, Wanda! The Civil War ended almost a century and a half ago.

        Give it a rest. I swear, you southerners hold the record for being the longest poor losers in history.

    • Jovianus

      Wanda…now that’s a really good “patriotic’ statement you’ve made. Seriously. Walk away from the mess the Conservatives you support and voted for have created in the past 30 years and secede.

      Nice and “patriotic’ …

      • DaveH

        Only a severely blindered Liberal would not know that the Democrats have done the bulk of the taxing and spending in our country. Sure, the Republicans were complicit. But the Democrats were far from innocent in the destruction of our country.

        • Carlucci

          As the article states, they are all terrible (except for the Drs. Paul).
          The big problem is going to be getting rid of all the incumbents who are so entrenched in the Congress and Senate. I did not vote for any incumbents in the last election. The issue will be getting people to understand that those entrenched incumbents are not on their side, and absolutely must go.

          • Carlucci

            P.S. Vote Libertarian.

          • Bruce D.

            I could not disagree more that they are all terrible. One thing the left and right have in common is that they both feel they have bigger numbers behind them than they really do. To some degree you have a third party and they are independents which at any given time can vote right or left. Independents are starting to go against Walker in Wisconsin for reducing collective bargaining. Reducing collective bargaining is the only way you can move education forward by ending tenure, create merit pay, and school vouchers so children are not stuck in under performing schools. That would create competition and give teachers an incentive to excell.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Bruce, the real solution to education is to eliminate Public schools and allow teachers compete in a free education market. Good teachers will excell and education will excell with it.

            Any time you have a Public employee, Most, not all are limited in their creativity and productivity by govt policies and programs that muck the whole system up. Then there are those who ride the system out performing just enough, or poorly collecting a paycheck and are protected by the Unions. The Govt knows this because over the past 10 years there has been a process in the Govt to Privatize may functions. I was on the Budget review process for a facility on The Sub base in Groton CT and there is a great cost savings to be had going to the private sector! So the Govt knows this….ask yourself why keeping old, slow, inefficient systems in place is ok?

          • Bruce D.

            I am with you 100% on that B.L.

          • Vigilant

            Bruce and Bitter,


          • JC

            Carlucci says:
            March 7, 2011 at 10:35 am
            As the article states, they are all terrible (except for the Drs. Paul).
            The big problem is going to be getting rid of all the incumbents who are so entrenched in the Congress and Senate

            And just as importantly, we need to rid ourselves of the entrenched, unionized, work to rule bureaucracy that demands our time and money.
            Demands “homage” be paid to their lazy asses so we can get this or that license or permit….

      • kilrntex

        Conservatives ASS!! You athiest liberal scumbags are responsible for the decay and state of this nation. You are quick to blame conservatives and Christians for the crap you created. Proverbs 28:2 says: Where there is moral rot within a nation, it’s government topples easily, but with sensible and honest leaders there is stability. Your liberal buddies have been in control of the educational system in our schools and universities for as long as I can remember and look what has happened. You keep taking us deeper and deeper into hell.

      • JC

        Some folks are so blindly rooted in the left / right blame game they will never see the underlying cause of America’s demise.
        The Federal Reserve and it’s owners!

        Death to Communism – Fascism – Corporatism – and Funny Money.

        Go Libertarian!

        • RayLand

          JC…..You are so right on!!! The Dems and Pubs are all in it for themselves. They feint attention to their constituents, but it’s their political life and lobbyist buddies they are beholden.

        • Kate8

          It is just so pathetically painful that the Lefties just don’t get it. The very issues they hold most dear (destruction of traditional values, decay of the family, abortion, the gay agenda, entitlements, etc.) are the things which have corroded our society and our nation, and have brought us to where we now are.

          But this they will never see, because they have been too damaged by a system which was put in place precisely TO damage them. This is the same evil agenda that has been the cause of such horrendous death and destruction in all of Earth’s history, yet it seems that, because there are so many who continue to fall for it, we are doomed to repeat it yet again.

          Until we stop looking to tyrants to save us and provide for us, this will be our fate.

          • Carlucci

            “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

            There it is right there. People never learn from history, so it’s all history repeating.

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – I believe that is why some prophecies are so accurate. It’s all happened before, may times, always following the same course.

            The Lefties think they’ve come up with something new. They are sadly mistaken. What they have is the same old path to destruction we’ve gone down over and over again. But they are taught history, and they’ve been poisoned against scripture, which reveals it all. When we are blind to the past, we’re doomed to repeat it.

          • Kate8

            Meant to say “…they are NOT taught history…”

          • eddie47d

            Kate 8;History has always glorified wars especially the winners view of that conflict. It’s hard to learn from history when it’s all about the proud history of killing. We need opposing views to keep the world sane.

          • Kate8

            eddie – I wasn’t talking about just wars. I was talking about the ever-recurring creep of communism/socialism, now corporatism, and how powerful elites always use the same tactics to gain control.

            If we were taught the well-recorded steps incrementally taken to corrupt, degrade, dumb-down and indoctrinate, they wouldn’t so easily be duped into accepting, even embracing it. These systems always promise good lives for all, and always end up with genocide, misery and failure. What they offer simply isn’t feasible, nor do they ever intend to deliver. It’s all deception to gain power and control.

            You haven’t seen the ravages of communism, or you wouldn’t be so ready to allow it. No matter what anyone promises, nothing is worth sacrificing our freedom. We don’t even realize how much we’ve already lost, because we’ve been conditioned slowly.

            The sad part is, it will fail this time, too. Yet it will continue to return until man stops looking ouside of himself for answers.

          • Vicki

            At least one communist slogan is completely honest. Easy to understand too :)

            “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

            Of course just like Obama’s “hope and change” liberals never actually notice the obvious. Change what?

            In the case of the communist slogan it is EXACTLY what they offer. The liberal mistake is the typical human belief that desire=need.

            Humans have a WAY overblown sense of need.

        • JeffH

          JC, LMAO…to think that conservatives and Libertarians are constantly accused of being republicans and not seeing the whole picture, or even any part of it.

          • JC

            They’ve been conditioned to it Jeff.
            Sadly, most of them will not learn to see things for what they really are until something terribly traumatic happens to wake them up.
            And, there’s no shortage of things coming that will most certainly shake them from their reverie.

      • barbm

        please stop pointing fingers. it was not the conservatives or the progressives who have run this country into the ground. it was both of them and it was us. we allowed it to happen on our watch. i’ve been saying that since my first post on here. i don’t know where you get the idea that we are wealthy and/or for the wealthy. i want a fair tax. i think that can be achieved through tax on goods instead of some stupid irs scheme. if you’re rich, you’ll buy a lexus and shop at neiman marcus which means you’ll pay a lot more in taxes than i because i shop at wal-mart and buy a saturn. it could also be achieved by a flat tax across the board with no deductions. i’m so sick of the whole damn mess, i want to just throw my hands up and forget about it. but i can’t. i have children and hope to have grandchildren. i don’t want them to inheret the mess we allowed to happen. we made it, we have to clean it up some how. anybody hear michael moore saying in wi. that nobody deserves to keep their wealth, it should be put in the kitty and spread around? funny thing is, he’s worth somewhere in the area of $50 million. wonder when he’s going to turn his wealth over to the govt.

        • Vicki

          conservative != republican

          • barbm

            not sure what your point is.

          • vicki

            barbm says:
            March 7, 2011 at 10:43 am

            “please stop pointing fingers. it was not the conservatives or the progressives who have run this country into the ground. it was both of them and it was us.”

            It was certainly Progressives/Liberals (Not classic liberals. They are now Libertarian) and MAY have been Republicans but it most surly was NOT conservatives nor constitutionalists nor constitutional moderates.

      • JIBBS

        Jo, you need to stop pulling numbers out of thin air, over the last 30 years, the dems have been in control of Washington D.C. for about 75% on the time. Go do some homework. This includes the Pres., House and Senate.

      • JIBBS

        For 40 years up until the 1994 elections Democrats controlled congress. Republicans then had control for 12 years, until Dems again won the majority in both House & senate in Nov. 2006.

        • Jovianus

          So deficit spending from here on can be attributed to the GOP? Seriously? Y’all will agree with that?

          • Vigilant

            Jovi Anus,

            If you don’t understand what he said, you would do well to take a sabbatical, enroll in a Reading Comprehension course and then come back to this forum.

    • Ellen1

      Very well said, wandamurline. They live us with little choice.

    • kilrntex

      You forgot to add Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Utah, Eastern New Mexico and especially Wyoming! Oh, I forgot Idaho. Bakersfield, Ca will be ours too when the West Coast falls off into the ocean and we will have oceanfront property. That part of California is very conservative oilfield people.
      The illegals will be sent home or else they can go to the other liberal states as they lay in ruin.
      I’ve been saying for two years that Patriots, veterans and Christians need to march on DC and take our country back, but no one seems to care enough to do that. After all, if the ragheads can do it in the middle east without weapons, why can’t we do it in America? Politicians are all the same whether it be dems or repubs. The Tea Party, which I am a member of is trying to change course of the nation, but the establishment will not give in to the people. It’s time to take them out or else start talking seriously about secession and saving what we can. The line in the sand will be drawn again, just as it was at the Alamo.
      I’ve heard that Wells Fargo and other banks have been laundering drug cartel money. Maybe that’s why so many hispanics all of a sudden are driving new Escalades and King Ranch pickups along with the new businesses they are into. I can’t get a loan to start a business. Maybe I could change my name and get the cartels to give me a loan too!
      The government is doing all it can to take our weapons. The ATF is selling guns to the drug cartels who in turn use them against our Border Patrol. The BP is armed with bean shooters. Sounds like a setup to me. I hear people who’ve been to the border talk about the mass influx into our country. Something has to be done soon. Everyone I talk to has purchased weapons in the last year and are stockpiling ammo for the coming storm. It’s just a matter of time untill it “hits the fan”! Obama’s regime has planned this for years. Look at the scum in his cabinet. They should have been locked up years ago, but yet they run the country, or should I say “ruin”.

      • DaveH

        You can’t get a loan, kilrntex, because the Federal Reserve member banks and others are making easy money by lending their reserves back to the Federal Reserve. Read this article:

      • elda

        That line goes straight north up California, the entire west coast can fall in the Pacific and we would be free of all the liberal %#@*!

        • Jovianus

          Elda…I look around me, and go down to Oregon and N Cal. frequently. I travel frequently on business across the country. Why is it I see the most extremes in poverty and the trashiest cities and poorest states in Conservative-led states?

          • Kate8

            Jo – What are you talking about? OR and CA are two of the most progressive states, and have been for as long as I can remember.

            Been to Detroit lately?

            The truth is, the most progressive states are in the worst financial shape, and the conservative ones the most solvent.

          • Jovianus

            Kate…I’m talkiing about seeing vast differences when i visit Or, Ca etc..and living here in Wash. i see relatively clean streets, less poverty, more upbeat “can do” atmosphere etc.

            When I have to visit the more conservtative states…it’s never enjoyment and looking forward to those trips. It’s a very dreary depressing sight. And the ‘conservative’ states are in just the same budget crisises as any other state. They just have no hope but to cut essential services and drive the people down even more than they are.

            When you cite Detroit…you cite the very issues the Conservatives have refused to man up to. Rebuilding our infrastructure, etc.

          • chow

            Now I know why you’re a commie, you’re from Oregon. BTW the poorest state in the union is CA by far because they’re the most indebted and CA is a very commie state where most of the population are mal-educated Mexicans on welfare.

            I would rather be in Arkansas even though you coomies consider it to be the poorest state but they’re not as indebted. BTW AR is also a liberal state (Clinton country).

          • DaveH

            You just lost any credibility you might have had, Jovianus, by declaring Oregon and California as Conservative States. Anybody with even a modicum of political knowledge knows better.

          • Jovianus

            Chow…now I know why you consider living in a poor state is preferable to a more educated, wealthier, higher living standard state. You can’t read. I said “when I visit Oregon”. Hard to visit if I lived there eh?

          • JIBBS

            Jo, I guess you have not been to this part of Cali.

            This is an article from Victor Davis Hansen, a Senior Fellow at the

            Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and life long resident of California….


            The last three weeks I have traveled about, taking the pulse of the

            more forgotten areas of central California. I wanted to witness, even if

            superficially, what is happening to a state that has the highest sales and

            income taxes, the most lavish entitlements, the near-worst public schools

            (based on federal test scores), and the largest number of illegal aliens in

            the nation, along with an over regulated private sector, a stagnant and

            shrinking manufacturing base, and an elite environmental ethos that

            restricts commerce and productivity without curbing consumption.

            During this unscientific experiment, three times a week I rode a bike

            on a 20-mile trip over various rural roads in southwestern Fresno County .

            I also drove my car over to the coast to work, on various routes through

            towns like San Joaquin , Mendota, and Firebaugh. And near my home I have

            been driving, shopping, and touring by intent the rather segregated and

            impoverished areas of Caruthers, Fowler, Laton, Orange Cove, Parlier, and

            Selma . My own farmhouse is now in an area of abject poverty and almost no

            ethnic diversity; the closest elementary school (my alma mater, two miles

            away) is 94 percent Hispanic and 1 percent white, and well below federal

            testing norms in math and English.

            Here are some general observations about what I saw (other than that

            the rural roads of California are fast turning into rubble, poorly

            maintained and reverting to what I remember seeing long ago in the rural

            South). First, remember that these areas are the ground zero, so to speak,

            of 20 years of illegal immigration. There has been a general depression in

            farming – to such an extent that the 20- to-100-acre tree and vine farmer,

            the erstwhile backbone of the old rural California, for all practical

            purposes has ceased to exist.

            On the western side of the Central Valley, the effects of arbitrary

            cutoffs in federal irrigation water have idled tens of thousands of acres

            of prime agricultural land, leaving thousands unemployed. Manufacturing

            plants in the towns in these areas – which used to make harvesters,

            hydraulic lifts, trailers, food-processing equipment – have largely shut

            down; their production has been shipped off overseas or south of the

            border. Agriculture itself – from almonds to raisins – has increasingly

            become corporatized and mechanized, cutting by half the number of farm

            workers needed. So unemployment runs somewhere between 15 and 20 percent.

            Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye

            no different from what I have seen in the Third World. There is a

            Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crisscrossing between

            various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles,

            lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and

            geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards. The public hears about

            all sorts of tough California regulations that stymie business – rigid

            zoning laws, strict building codes, constant inspections – but apparently

            none of that applies out here.

            It is almost as if the more California regulates, the more it does not

            regulate. Its public employees prefer to go after misdemeanors in the

            upscale areas to justify our expensive oversight industry, while ignoring

            the felonies in the downtrodden areas, which are becoming feral and beyond

            the ability of any inspector to do anything but feel irrelevant. But in the

            regulators’ defense, where would one get the money to redo an ad hoc

            trailer park with a spider web of illegal bare wires?

            Many of the rented-out rural shacks and stationary Winnebagos are on

            former small farms – the vineyards overgrown with weeds, or torn out with

            the ground lying fallow. I pass on the cultural consequences to communities

            from the loss of thousands of small farming families. I don’t think I can

            remember another time when so many acres in the eastern part of the valley

            have gone out of production, even though farm prices have recently

            rebounded. Apparently it is simply not worth the gamble of investing $7,000

            to $10,000 an acre in a new orchard or vineyard. What an anomaly – with

            suddenly soaring farm prices, still we have thousands of acres in the

            world’s richest agricultural belt, with available water on the east side of

            the valley and plentiful labor, gone idle or in disuse. Is credit frozen?

            Are there simply no more farmers? Are the schools so bad as to scare away

            potential agricultural entrepreneurs? Or are we all terrified by the

            national debt and uncertain future?

            California coastal elites may worry about the oxygen content of water

            available to a three-inch smelt in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta,

            but they seem to have no interest in the epidemic dumping of trash,

            furniture, and often toxic substances throughout California ‘s rural

            hinterland. Yesterday, for example, I rode my bike by a stopped van just as

            the occupants tossed seven plastic bags of raw refuse onto the side of the

            road. I rode up near their bumper and said in my broken Spanish not to

            throw garbage onto the public road. But there were three of them, and one

            of me. So I was lucky to be sworn at only. I note in passing that I would

            not drive into Mexico and, as a guest, dare to pull over and throw seven

            bags of trash into the environment of my host.

            In fact, trash piles are commonplace out here – composed of everything

            from half-empty paint cans and children’s plastic toys to diapers and moldy

            food. I have never seen a rural sheriff cite a litterer, or witnessed state

            EPA workers cleaning up these unauthorized wastelands. So I would suggest

            to Bay Area scientists that the environment is taking a much harder beating

            down here in central California than it is in the Delta. Perhaps before we

            cut off more irrigation water to the west side of the valley, we might

            invest some green dollars into cleaning up the unsightly and sometimes

            dangerous garbage that now litters the outskirts of our rural communities.

            We hear about the tough small-business regulations that have driven

            residents out of the state, at the rate of 2,000 to 3,000 a week. But from

            my unscientific observations these past weeks, it seems rather easy to open

            a small business in California without any oversight at all, or at least

            what I might call a “counter business.” I counted eleven mobile hot-kitchen

            trucks that simply park by the side of the road, spread about some plastic

            chairs, pull down a tarp canopy, and, presto, become mini-restaurants.

            There are no “facilities” such as toilets or washrooms. But I do frequently

            see lard trails on the isolated roads I bike on, where trucks apparently

            have simply opened their draining tanks and sped on, leaving a slick of

            cooking fats and oils. Crows and ground squirrels love them; they can be

            seen from a distance mysteriously occupied in the middle of the road.

            At crossroads, peddlers in a counter-California economy sell almost

            anything. Here is what I noticed at an intersection on the west side last

            week: shovels, rakes, hoes, gas pumps, lawnmowers, edgers, blowers,

            jackets, gloves, and caps. The merchandise was all new. I doubt whether in

            high-tax California sales taxes or income taxes were paid on any of these

            stop-and-go transactions.

            In two supermarkets 50 miles apart, I was the only one in line who did

            not pay with a social-service plastic card (gone are the days when “food

            stamps” were embarrassing bulky coupons). But I did not see any

            relationship between the use of the card and poverty as we once knew it:

            The electrical appurtenances owned by the user and the car into which the

            groceries were loaded were indistinguishable from those of the upper

            middle class.

            By that I mean that most consumers drove late-model Camrys, Accords, or

            Tauruses, had iPhones, Bluetooths, or BlackBerries, and bought everything

            in the store with public-assistance credit. This seemed a world apart from

            the trailers I had just ridden by the day before. I don’t editorialize here

            on the logic or morality of any of this, but I note only that there are

            vast numbers of people who apparently are not working, are on public food

            assistance, and enjoy the technological veneer of the middle class.

            California has a consumer market surely, but often no apparent source of

            income. Does the $40 million a day supplement to unemployment benefits from

            Washington explain some of this?

            Do diversity concerns, as in lack of diversity, work both ways? Over a

            hundred-mile stretch, when I stopped in San Joaquin for a bottled water, or

            drove through Orange Cove, or got gas in Parlier, or went to a corner

            market in southwestern Selma, my home town, I was the only non-Hispanic -

            there were no Asians, no blacks, no other whites. We may speak of the

            richness of “diversity,” but those who cherish that ideal simply have no

            idea that there are now countless inland communities that have become

            near-apartheid societies, where Spanish is the first language, the schools

            are not at all diverse, and the federal and state governments are either

            the main employers or at least the chief sources of income – whether

            through emergency rooms, rural health clinics, public schools, or

            social-service offices. An observer from Mars might conclude that our elites

            and masses have given up on the ideal of integration and assimilation,

            perhaps in the wake of the arrival of 11 to 15 million illegal aliens.

            Again, I do not editorialize, but I note these vast transformations

            over the last 20 years that are the paradoxical wages of unchecked illegal

            immigration from Mexico, a vast expansion of California’s entitlements and

            taxes, the flight of the upper middle class out of state, the deliberate effort not to tap natural resources, the downsizing in manufacturing and agriculture, and the departure of whites, blacks, and Asians from many of these small towns to more racially diverse and upscale areas of California.

            Fresno’s California State University campus is embroiled in

            controversy over the student body president’s announcing that he is an

            illegal alien, with all the requisite protests in favor of the DREAM Act. I won’t comment on the legislation per se, but again only note the anomaly. I taught at CSUF for 21 years. I think it fair to say that the predominant theme of the Chicano and Latin American Studies program’s sizable curriculum was a fuzzy American culpability. By that I mean that students in those classes heard of the sins of America more often than its attractions. In my home town, Mexican flag decals on car windows are far more common than their American counterparts.

            I note this because hundreds of students here illegally are now terrified of being deported to Mexico. I can understand that, given the chaos in Mexico and their own long residency in the United States. But here is what still confuses me: If one were to consider the classes that

            deal with Mexico at the university, or the visible displays of national chauvinism, then one might conclude that Mexico is a far more attractive and moral place than the United States.

            So there is a surreal nature to these protests: something like, “Please do not send me back to the culture I nostalgically praise; please let me stay in the culture that I ignore or deprecate.” I think the DREAM Act protestors might have been far more successful in winning public opinion

            had they stopped blaming the U.S. for suggesting that they might have to leave at some point, and instead explained why, in fact, they want to stay. What it is about America that makes a youth of 21 go on a hunger strike or demonstrate to be allowed to remain in this country rather than return to the place of his birth?

            I think I know the answer to this paradox. Missing entirely in the above description is the attitude of the host, which by any historical standard can only be termed “indifferent.” California does not care whether one broke the law to arrive here or continues to break it by staying. It

            asks nothing of the illegal immigrant – no proficiency in English, no acquaintance with American history and values, no proof of income, no record of education or skills. It does provide all the public assistance that it can afford (and more that it borrows for), and apparently waives

            enforcement of most of California ‘s burdensome regulations and civic statutes that increasingly have plagued productive citizens to the point of driving them out. How odd that we overregulated those who are citizens and have capital to the point of banishing them from the state, but do not regulate those who are aliens and without capital to the point of encouraging millions more to follow in their footsteps. How odd – to paraphrase what Critias once said of ancient Sparta – that California is at once both the nation’s most unfree and most free state, the most repressed and the wildest.

            Hundreds of thousands sense all that and vote accordingly with their feet, both into and out of California – and the result is a sort of social, cultural, economic, and political time-bomb, whose ticks are getting louder.


            Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, the editor of Makers of Ancient Strategy: From the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome, and the author of The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern.

            I will forward it along, with a sincere hope that all who receive it also read it very carefully.

            The report paints a picture of a tragedy that has been building exponentially, and is now very close to being out of control and beyond recovery, given that it is not already there.

            Be careful, what happens in California usually seeps into other States. It is called “Californication” and we don’t need it!!!


          • Dale on the left coast

            Rebuild Detroit . . . Jovi . . . Detroit and Michigan has been controlled by Dimmicraps . . . . forever!!!
            Been watching all the new Governors fixing the ex-dimmicrap states?
            When will you wake up? When Kalifornistan declares Bankruptch and the US dollar is worth 49 cents???

          • independant thinker

            jovianus, Arkansas may be a poor state in your eyes but I can guarentee we are overall happier here. Arkansas is one of only four states than does not have a deficit and Arkansas is cutting taxes this year. Arkansas’s unemployment rate runs 2 points below the national rate (the last numbers I saw said Arkansas 7% US 9%).

          • JeffH

            JIBBS, what you just posted is very true. I grew up in N California just 7 miles north of Berkely. Lived in the area for 58+ years. I now live in the S. central valley, Fresno, and have since early 2008.

            California’s financial problems have been festering and fed by the progressive extremists under the disguise of environmental groups.

            How many hurt people does it take to make environmentalists happy?
            What kind of question is that, you may ask. Don’t environmentalists want to save human life and make it better? Actually, no.

            Environmentalists have stopped or delayed construction of highway improvements designed to make the roads safer for human travel, stopped or delayed the building of schools and flood control projects, among other construction projects designed to make human life safer or more convenient. Even the repair of existing dams and flood control levees has been blocked by eco-radicals invoking the Endangered Species Act. Think wht effects these extremists have had on government…in 3 words, “Environmental Protection Agency”!

            I’m all for preserving the environment but choose to do so through tried and true conservation organizations that actually spend the bulk of their donations to rebuild and protect the environment of clean air, water, wildlands, habitat and jobs.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – Well said. And under Agenda 21, which is in full force here in CA, there ALREADY is no more property rights. Soon they will be implementing government home inspections – they already are in some places – to determine how energy is being used and whether your home is up to regulation.

            Water rights have been taken, and the aim is to get people off the land and placed in stacked cubicles near the rail system the voters approved.

            And tha’ts just the tip of the iceberg.

            Some people are waking up and fighting this, but it’s too little too late. All local governments are indoctrinated into it, and many of them actually see this as a necessary thing. It’s near impossible to even get them to discuss it in any meaningful way.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, environmental extremism costs humans their jobs, homes, and even their lives. In the San Francisco Bay Area, which has one of the worst housing shortages in the nation, 406,708 acres of land were designated as critical habitat for the Alameda whipsnake; just last year a district court ruled that the designation of the habitat was illegal and ignored Endangered Species Act requirements. Even the ability to enjoy nature areas and preserved habitats are off limits to people when extreme environmentalism has its way. Currently, over 210 miles of Pacific coastline in three states are restricted in order to protect the Western snowy plover shorebird, which is not even listed as a threatened species. In some areas, simply walking on the beach is prohibited.

            Look at the devastating results of the defeat of Prop. 23. Now Prop 32, The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, will destroy more of California’s economic recovery by prohibiting job growth.

          • eddie47d

            You should be thrilled those 210 miles of coastline are being protected. Enough has been used and abused and I’m thankful America has enough sense to protect what we have. Not everything has to be owned by some corporation or individual who will lock up every inch of our coastal waters. If an environmentalist can help to keep wilderness wild then God Bless them.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – I’m sure that you know that these wilderness land grabs are just the governments excuse for the confiscating of land. Eventually, most all of it will be off-limits to common people. They will be exclusive playground for the elite.

            The truth is, Obama already claimed most of the land we now live on as federal land. It is being done slowly, by stealth. As mortgages go into default, people’s homes are taken by the feds (since they own the banks).

            And we have those like eddie who celebrate the elites barring us from the land that we owned when government was of, by and for the people. He doesn’t seem to care that what it means is that we have become meaningless to those who once worked for us, but now rule.

          • Vicki

            “Soon they will be implementing government home inspections”

            Ah ha. That is how they are going to enforce the new California law requiring carbon monoxide detectors in every home.

            A great example of Crony Capitalism at work. Just look at the people who supported the law.

            “In addition to the firefighters association, the legislation also was supported by the California Alarm Assn. and Home Depot. ”

          • Vicki

            Oh and the CO alarms must be battery operated or have battery backup. This will force many who already have a CO detector to get a new one that has the battery backup. What a great deal for the makers of CO detectors. Crony Capitalism at work in sunny California.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, I’m very aware of the governments land grab. Obama’s has given Salazaar permission to grab about 13 million acres under the ANTIQUITIES ACT. There is an organization called the Blueribbon Coalition activly opposing these government landgrabs and seeking legislation that requires Congressional review of Antiquities Act proclamations.

          • eddie47d

            Okay Robin Stay out of the National Parks since you don’t seem to enjoy the beauty that America has. We won’t allow everything to be destroyed for your pleasure. Go live in that dark world you seem to crave.

    • MrMyth

      Wanda, I’ve stated this a number of times and I know it to be true…The U.S. military won’t be needed to crush any revolt.(And yes they would fire on the people if ordered). But…the complete and total militarization of OUR National Police Force will suffice. And YES, they will use live rounds. I just read last week where some assistant State Attorney General urged the police in Wis. to use live ammo. on protesters. I wasn’t there but if it’s true, HE or SHE should have been arrested on the spot,(or at least fired and investigated). I’m pretty sure that if the average person got up on a podium and urged people to shoot somebody or anybody for that matter they would be arrested and charged accordingly…or, again, held, printed and investigated.

      • DaveH

        I doubt it, MrMyth. Sure there will be those who would fire on the citizens, but just as in the middle east, there will be those who will fight with the citizens. It wouldn’t be pretty, regardless. The best solution will be a non-violent solution.

    • Freedom

      America is already a dictatorship! We own nothing, not really! It is “pay or prison.” We pay a “tax,” to RENT everything we have. And, the government gets to say how much and how often we are taxed!! If we quit paying this “rent” the government takes it all away… Our Constitution does not give the government the right to impose all these different taxes…read it!

      A flat-tax is the only way to resolve the corporate and government greed. Ten-percent off the top for EVERYONE! No exceptions..It shouldn’t matter how wealthy or how poor..NO MORE FREELOADING! When the tax money is gone, the government quits spending until next year, and their darn well better be a budget and an accounting!! No more Billions disappearing into the pockets of crooked administrations..

      No more sending tax dollars out of country to foreign governments! No more one-sided deals with our enemies, where they make great fortunes, and our country is “thrown under the bus.” No more foreigners stealing our treasure from withint or outside our country.

      It is not that hard to fix this country! REASON has been lacking in our government for a long time. PATRIOTISM has been lacking in our government for a long time! Focus on these two things and our country would be healed. Our leaders have NEITHER. “My fortune for ONE HONEST MAN that loves America! Politician are motivated by greed and personal power, without regard for the country! What has happened to America!

      Currently, we all are helpless on-lookers! We watch while our country is being dismantled by a group the likes of which has never been seen before. Freedom is becoming lost in the midst of the, all encompassing dictatorship we are experiencing. Time is short..America is the last bastion of freedom and stands by herself as the world crumbles into a myriad of broken countries. There are plans for us to soon follow the same fate. Those plotting must be stopped, and it doesn’t matter, Democrat or Republican, it IS all a farce! Americans have been duped into complacency! And, the problems ARE NOT CAPABLE of being FIXED by merely an election or two!! Elections in this country are becoming more like those in Iran. Lets demand America back and vanquish those that opose her..inside and out.

      • JIBBS

        Freedom, you forgot to read the 16th Amendment.

        Passed by Congress July 2, 1909. Ratified February 3, 1913.

        Note: Article I, section 9, of the Constitution was modified by amendment 16.

        The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

        • Pamela

          The 16th Amendment was never ratified.

        • JC

          Thanks for pointing that out JIBBS…16th Amendment = Tyranny in a nutshell.

      • Patriot

        You are correct! People better wake up before it is too late!

      • BigBadJohn

        A flat-tax is the only way to resolve the corporate and government greed. Ten-percent off the top for EVERYONE! No exceptions..It shouldn’t matter how wealthy or how poor..NO MORE FREELOADING! When the tax money is gone, the government quits spending until next year, and their darn well better be a budget and an accounting!! No more Billions disappearing into the pockets of crooked administrations..

        Sound good to me!

    • spitfire

      Now you are talking sense. However you are talking sense a bunch of dummies that are mostly liberals and call them selves progressives.

    • Jack

      I agree with most all what you have said, Except, discounting the Northern States. I hope you meant the Northeastern States or East Coast states. Thats where all the bull comes from. The ruling elite. Higher taxes, left wing agenda, lost of all comes from the East Cost including the former civil war( pick-up a European History book on the American civil war, much different than ours). I would never vote for a republican or a democrat from the East, They are both progressive socialist of the ruling elite. As far as taking our guns, thats not going to happen in Michigan. We to have our own Milita, non-government Milita. the biggest in the country. A revolution? I hope not, but if it needs to be and there are uniforms, I hope the colors are gray and blue like they should probably have been in the last civil war.

  • J.M.R.

    2012 elections we have a bunch of lifers that need to be sent packing and this really includes rebups as well as demograps. none of them get the message we are coming to take our country back hopefull before they totally destroy this great country.

    • spitfire

      Yup heer we go again with the hair lip statement. We are coming to take our country back and we are going VOTE you losers out. VOTING, IS OUTDATED BULLTWEAT. It no longer works, and will never work again.You are dreaming again like a little child. You want change, then you must be willing to spill some blood.

  • L.J.

    “Democrats will cry foul. “You’re hurting old people, starving children, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, you evil Republicans,” Democrats will say. “How can you be so mean… so heartless?”
    Just this one paragraph gets my blood boiling! The progressives (liberals) ALWAYS use this tactic to get a tax increase especially when school districts when they want to raise our taxes for “the children.” And if you raise hell about it they brand you as a child hater! I am damned sick and tired of the hate speech COMING FROM THE POLITICAL LEFT AND THEIR ANTI-GOVERNMENT ALLIES! Why is it that they can call for the death of politicians and others and not get arrested for it? Don’t give me that bull about THIS sort of speech being protected under the first amendment!
    Since I live in Wisconsin, I am directing this statement to the union goons, the teachers union goons, and ALL THE OUT-OF-STATERS who are coming here and interfering with OUR internal governmental affairs. Throw them in jail–they have their first amendment rights but what about abdicating for the overthrow of the U.S. starting with the states (like Wisconsin). Sedition and plotting to overthrow the government are crimes; why is the justice department turning their heads at this one and giving a ‘wink’ to the instigators? I’ll tell you why” Barack Obama! He’s in this over his head along with his union friends who he claims “got him elected.” Well, last time I checked, it was the PEOPLE who elect representatives and presidents, NOT THE DAMNED UNIONS! I had the misfortune of belonging to unions 3 times during my life and they were the MOST oppressive times in my life. I resent unions stealing dues from my paycheck and then using them for political activity.

    • eddie47d

      You must really hate Wandamurline who wants to succeed from the Union. Those who want a strong Middle Class will not spend their time bashing unions for they are Middle Class. There is this illusion that unions are deliberately out to destroy YOU. That is the farthest thing from the truth and they only want what is best for their Middle Class families. Blame the bad negotiators (Politicians,factory owners and union bosses) who approved of their “cushy” pensions. Stop blaming the workers for they are only accepting something that everyone would think is a good deal. Gov Walker has a right to demand re-negotiations of “bloated pensions” for the sake of the State budget but hardly had the right to destroy unions. We had that same problem in our State over pensions and they are working on a plan to fix the problem. No union bashing and no protesters over the pension issue. Gov Walker could have made a calmer effort to bring this issue to the forefront and avoided the anger.

      • elda

        Just because the people that are in unions are middle class does not make the middle class the unions. The unions are like a big tape worm sucking the life out of the middle class and needs to be flushed from the body of the middle class.

      • Carlucci

        Hey everybody – It is “secede from the union” not succeed. As attractive as secession sounds, could Civil War II break out? I wonder about that as there are so many governors around the nation (like Texas governor Rick Perry) who is nothing but a RINO brown-nosing Bush clone. A lot of these state politicians have political aspirations to ultimately get their own cushy deal in D.C. Lots of people in this nation need to wake up and see the big picture.

        • Jovianus

          Could Civil War break out? Probably not as there are very few who would carry the flag for the wealthy … besides, the Sotuh is impregnated with a defeatist atitude. The “can do’ spirit is found in the north and NW. And that’s where the solutions will come from.

          • kilrntex

            Yeah, we’ve seen the solutions you come up with. That’s what has us in this mess. North and northwest have nothing to offer except more of the same BS. As for the Sotuh as you call it, once the libs, dems and other worthless scum are taken care of, we will be stronger than you can imagine. Washington, California, and Oregon are in the same shape as Illinois, New York and the rest of the dem run states. A bunch of treehuggers without a clue. What will you do when there’s no one to carry your sorry ass?

          • eddie47d

            Kilrntex; No one is carrying me potty boy. I earned my pension so we are not you’re scumbags.

          • Jovianus

            I know I know…the south is in so much better shape. Since the far Right likes to tout Texas as an example…let’s take a look at the shape of Texas.

            Taxes are low, at least if you’re in the upper part of the income distribution (taxes on the bottom 40 percent of the population are actually above the national average). Government spending is also low. But here’s the thing: While low spending may sound good in the abstract, what it amounts to in practice is low spending on children, who account directly or indirectly for a large part of government outlays at the state and local level.

            And in low-tax, low-spending Texas, the kids are not all right. The high school graduation rate is 61.3 percent, 43rd out of 50 in state rankings. Nationally, the state ranks fifth in child poverty; it leads in the percentage of children without health insurance. And only 78 percent of Texas children are in excellent or very good health, significantly below the national average.

            Texas faces a budget crisis of truly daunting proportions,to as much as $24 billion to $25 billion. That’s about 25 percent of current spending. (The gap is now proportionately larger than the deficit California recently closed with cuts and fee increases)

            Note given the current efforts to blame public-sector unions for state fiscal problems, the mess in Texas was achieved with an overwhelmingly nonunion work force.

            Yep…y’all surely have it better eh?

            Now…as you were saying ?

      • barbm

        walker isn’t trying to destroy unions, he’s trying to save his state. the unions would still be there, but the workers would have the choice of joining or not. there would be secret voting which should be everybody’s right. the only part he’s trying to get rid of is the negotiating for bennies. they’d still have the right to negotiate salaries. if the uions are so much for the middle class, why are the union leaders making the kinds of salaries they do? they’re getting rich off their members. doesn’t sound like they give a hoot about anything but their own pocketbooks to me.

        • eddie47d

          I do believe Gov Walker is trying to break the union and take away any say in salary or pension. I’m not against Walker asking for cuts but it should be done for the sake of the State not to bust unions. He should present his case as a sacrifice for all without shining a light on unions.Every business,homeowner,corporation,union and non union should be involved in the budget problem. Walker was not very diplomatic in his approach and stirred up a hornets nest.

          • Patriot

            The is no reason for Public Sector Unions, abolish them all!

      • spitfire

        UNIONS are like square wheels on a SUV!

      • JIBBS

        Union workers make up only about 10% of the work force.

        • independant thinker

          yet eddie claimed in a post above that the unions “were the middle class”.

          • eddie47d

            Union workers are Middle Class and have benefited everyone even management who aren’t even in the union.

    • DaveH

      Good post, L.J.

    • Freedom

      Good post.

      My friends, we all care too much about “Words.” Why do people vacate their principles rather than be called “Racist, or Hater!
      Words mean NOTHING! I have never understood this great fear of accusations from the Left. Republicans use this fear as an excuse to give-up leverage, and show cowardice! Most of us do not have that luxury. How many names have we all been called. Did we give up and prostrate ourselves at the feet of the accusers..NO WE DIDN’T…some even fought harder!!
      GIVE NO POWER TO THOSE THAT cannot defend their own positions. They only use these WORDS when they have NO OTHER DEFENSE for their own outrageous behavior…

      • kilrntex

        That’s true. Judge a man on his actions, not his words. Muslims should be judged the same way. What do they say versus what do they do? I think we are in deep dodo by letting them spread their crap in America. Their plan is to kill all Christians and Jews. They are just waiting for the upper hand which the Dems and the Obama regime will eventually give them. I just hope we have more ammo than they do.

        • Jovianus

          You state “judge a man by his actions, not his words”…then take on an entire religion saying judge everyone the same. Interesting. You do realize that most of the evangelical far right religious folks actually preach inopposite of what JC is purported to have said and stand for. If JC were walking around today, you’d be clamoring to lock him up and you’d despise his preachings.

          Think about that …

          • kilrntex

            I wouldn’t lock him up. Just because someone calls himself a Christian doesn’t make him one. You people judge the whole Christian religion based on a few who screw up. We are not perfect, just forgiven. God doesn’t expect us to laydown and let Satan run over us as you people are trying to do. You’ve done a pretty good job of it, because we’ve turned the other cheek, but we’re out of cheeks now. It’s time to find out whose God really rules, ours or your Satan. I know you don’t believe in the Holy Bible, but I do and you will too in the end. And by the way, who trashed out the government building in Wisconsin. You and yours did! I believe in evolution when it comes to the left, because you think like animals. Maybe it’s just the aliens at Roswell bred to the crash dummies at Wright-Patterson that makes you people think like you do!

          • Jovianus


            Of course, conservative Americans have every right to support corporate greed, militarism, gun possession, and the death penalty, and to oppose welfare, food stamps, health care for those in need, etc. — it is just strange and contradictory when they claim these positions as somehow “Christian.”

          • professor


            Get off all that “RADICAL RHETORIC!” We are all so tired of hearing the Socialists spew that baloney!

            If you can’t intelligently defend your socialism, quit the babble.

            You are just lucky that we are Christians instead of Muslims! We would have your radical, liberal HEAD!

          • Jovianus

            Anytime you want to take on facts Professor, let me know … anytime. BTW..what online university did you say you “taught” at?

            Which is why this Board is so full of angst when Moderates and progressives write and call them on their lines of BS. Pesky facts and truth keeps getting in their way of a good rant.

            Like I said Professor…anytime.

          • JC

            Jovianus says:
            March 7, 2011 at 1:17 pm

            Of course, conservative Americans have every right to support corporate greed, militarism, gun possession, and the death penalty, and to oppose welfare, food stamps, health care for those in need, etc. — it is just strange and contradictory when they claim these positions as somehow “Christian.”


            Well twisted Jovi and true to form.
            I suppose you feel that only you frothing at the mouth Communists are benevolent to the poor?
            Problem with your kind of thinking is that somebody has to pay for all that charity, and eventually you bleed the Golden Goose to death.
            Big Government is not the solution…Federal intervention into everyday community affairs does not work.
            Altruism and philanthropy have always worked best at the community level.
            Your way of thinking requires a permanent welfare class which in reality must be kept in place and under control in order to justify Big Brother. A completely un-American concept.
            You would have us all be slaves.

        • barbm

          i saw a photo of a pickup truck with a painting on the back of the twin towers. it said, “everything i ever needed to know about islam, i learned on 9/11. my sentiments exactly. look at how they’ve taken over in europe. it is their mission to go to all non-muslim countries, multiply until they are in the majority, then take over. wake up – it’s already happening here.

          • spitfire

            Very rapidly I might add.

    • kilrntex

      I don’t know much about unions. We don’t have much of it in Texas, but we sure have a lot of illegals. Maybe if we had unions we wouldn’t have so damn many illegals taking our jobs. I think I’d rather have the illegals. Even though they have the government on their side just as the unions, they would be easier to get rid of. They work alot cheaper too!

      • JIBBS

        Unions employ more illegals than you think, and they don’t care !!

        • independant thinker

          Some of the biggest unions have been known to hire bus loads of non union people to show up at demonstrations and use on picket lines.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    Good Article Bob_-Truer words were never spoken__Hope is still in the race, but losing ground._ I agree JMR__the lifer Politicians gotta go!__

  • Bob Stewart

    Obama is a terrorist. He is commiting treason by bankrupting the USA

    • Sweetie

      Thats his ‘ Plan ‘.

  • FlaJim

    There hasn’t been any further talk since the election of the proposal to require every single congressional bill to cite its constitutionality before going forward. Making some vague reference to the commerce clause won’t cut it any more, they said. Were the establishment GOP types just paying this lip service?

    If the government was abiding by the enumberated powers in the Constitution, over half the federal agencies would disappear overnight along with their bloated budgets and staff.

    • DaveH

      The Commerce Clause was intended to stop the various states from protecting their resident industries through discriminatory taxation, tariffs, and the like. Government has stepped far outside those powers, and the Supreme Court has condoned their errant behavior. I am waiting anxiously to see if the Supreme Court allows the Federal Government to further step on the Constitution by allowing the Health Care Bill to fall under the phoney auspices of the Commerce Clause. If the Federal Government is deemed to be able to use the Commerce Clause to force citizens to buy Health Care Insurance, then the Constitution might as well be thrown out, because there will be no limits to Federal Government power over our lives.

  • Born in America


    • DaveH

      I think this article pretty well sums up the problem we face:

      We need to wake up to the reality that many politicians (probably most) are attracted to the positions for the wrong reason. And it isn’t to protect the citizens.

    • olinda moore

      I beleive Sarah Palin is the only person i see figting day after day for the constitution of the USAand until now is the only person can bring the country back ,so keep the good work Sarah and God help you and the USA

      • barbm

        sarah palin sucks. she’s just another rino in sheep’s clothing. she was finished for me when she came to texas to campaign for rick perry instead of the tea party’s chosen candidate, debra medina. glenn beck did the same thing – he sabotaged medina on his radio show while saying he’d like to french kiss rick perry. you have to be careful whom you support. dig deeper and find out what they really stand for. i liked palin and beck until they cut us off at the knees in 2010. you get no second chance with me. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

        • DaveH

          And here in Arizona, she stumped for the RINO John McCain. I like Sarah as a person, but she certainly isn’t a Conservative.

        • Carlucci

          You got that right. I was sick about what happened to Debra Medina. Ms. Medina was mopping the floor with Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson (two of the worst career politicians Texas has ever pooped out) during every debate for governor. That whole Glen Beck fiasco was nothing but a set up. I’m hoping Medina will run again.

          As far as Sarah Palin and those of her ilk, they are just well paid posers and mouthpieces in the pockets of the powers that be. Actions always speak louder than words, and you can tell a lot about these so called “conservatives” by whom they are promoting and supporting. They are like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • JIBBS

        F@%K Sara Palin, another piece of human garbage.

        • JCj

          A classic case of someone crying out for help.
          Recommend “anger management” or you could just double up on the meds.

        • JC

          Actually JIBBS, that might have been uncalled for.
          But Calling Sarah “Human Garbage” is also uncalled for.
          I don’t say she should run for Pres. but she is a patriot and she did Alaska some good.

          • Jovianus

            JC..I’ll agree she did Alsak some good…she quit.

          • professor

            There it is again!!

            When the Leftis cannot justify their positions, they resort to bad language and PERSONAL ATTACKS!!

            Every Time they do that, THEY LOOK LIKE LOSERS!

          • JC

            Jovi, you are just plain too ignorant to bother with.
            Childish, malevolent and nasty. In short, a low life.

  • Bob

    There will be no significant cuts until congress mans up and slashes the compensation and ranks of government employees and then outlaws unions. This most likely won’t happen because funds extorted from union members are the lifeblood of the biggest parasite in the USA – the democrat party. Congress also needs to end all welfare programs, thus forcing those parasites to work or starve. These same cuts need to be made at all levels of government in order to keep from shifting the load from the feds to the locals. Liberals like Jovial Anus will howl as their sources of sustenance dry up, but their howling should be music to the ears of decent people.

    • Bruce D.

      Sixty percent of the people of Wisconsin do not want to get rid of the government Unions or get rid of collective bargaining. We have met the enemy and the enemy is us. One thing Bob left out in his article is that sixty percent of the people do not support what Bob is talking about. It is difficult for politicians to do anything when the majority have their favorites things they do not want cut. My two favorite things are defense of the southern border and NASA. Individuals still pay an individual tax even if they do not pay a corporate tax due to write offs. The CEO of PayCheck pays over 4 millions dollars a year in New York State income tax. You can imagine what his Federal tax is. The top 5% of income earners pay far more than their fair share and carry the biggest burden of the taxes. It is misleading for Bob to suggest they do not pay. They pay the biggest burden of the tax despite the claims of progressives and others.

      • eddie47d

        That’s true but the corporate elites also find ways to hide their assets and avoid paying taxes. Some of these elites only pay 15% tax on their salaries while the Middle Class pays 28%. So maybe a Fair Tax is in order or at least considered.

        • Bruce D.

          I like the idea of the Fair Tax Eddie. We should be realistic about who pays what taxes and stop blaming the rich if you want honest dialogue and move the conversation foeward like you say. It is in black and white who pays what. The top 1% pays 38% of the taxes. The top 5% pays 58% of the taxes so they are paying more than their fair share of taxes.

        • Dan az

          and if those in congress payed their taxes every little bit helps.

      • DaveH
        • olinda moore

          they shut cut all the zsars obama using in the white house thats fraud wast and abuse of power

      • barbm

        poll outcomes depend on who’s paying for the poll, whom they choose to call, and how they word the questions. i was polled in texas about the gubernatorial election. i became so frustrated, i hung up on the caller. do you support white or perry? my answer? no. oh, but i had to choose one. there were more than just 2 candidates for that office.

      • JIBBS

        Don’t forget, that 51% on the population pays no tax at all….start taxing them, and stop the welfare checks. If do not want to work, then starve.

    • Edward Chandler

      I think John Boehner should step aside. I had faith in him that he would help bring us back to the America we used to be. I think he has lost his backbone if he ever had one

      • barbm

        hard to trust or respect a man who cries like a girl every time he opens his mouth. he’s a rino. did you really expect him to change? how naive of you if you did.

        • karolyn

          What is wrong with a man being emotional? I’m not a fan of his, but I say “bravo” to ANY man who allows his emotions to be seen.

          • Bruce D.

            Well Karolyn I am happy to say I agree with you on that one.

          • barbm

            there’s nothing wrong with it now and then but, for a while there, he cried every time he was on camera. i wonder if he was being emotional about what he was talking about or because he saw the hand writing on the wall for rinos. :)

      • Bruce D.

        He should be given two years until the next election to see just what he can do. He only controls a little over 1/2 of 1/3 of government. We have to see how it all plays out. He cannot have an “in your face attitude” and expect a good outcome. That is what we have had from the left for the last two years and Obamacare may be repealed because of it.

    • spitfire

      There will be no significant cuts until the see there life is on the line. Cut or die! The UNIONS NEED TO GO!

  • Tim

    We need strict term limits to get rid of career politicians. This would solve ninety percent of what is wrong with Washington.

    • s c

      Tim, make me understand how a ‘strict term limit ‘ scenario could change anything in Washington. The only way to persuade career criminals (politicians) that we’ve had enough of them is to make it impossible for them to have consecutive terms.
      Otherwise, the message you send to them is ‘some are OK, some are not so good, and some are obvious carer criminals.’ Treat all of them same way.
      That is, let none get retirement, put enforced limits on percs (and until you know otherwise), they’re all potential career criminals.
      In this world, when you give a career criminal (politician) a chance, that career criminal will OWN you. How is that not obvious?
      The ‘good old boy’ system doesn’t work. Apparently, you don’t know that Washington does what it does
      because puppet masters moved in over 150 years ago.
      Either get rid of ‘the system,’ or put on your chains.

    • barbm

      a freakin’ men.

  • L.D.

    PERFECT! Now, what do we do about it?

    • Carlucci

      “What do we do about it?” Stop voting for incumbents – ! That is an excellent place to start.

      • JIBBS

        That’s nice, but the freeloaders will keep them in office, you need to stop the welfare checks and all the other free goodie’s that go along with it. Start with no free healthcare and keep marching and cutting!

        • JCj

          Yep! Stop the welfare / nanny state.
          End the Fed!

  • Marauder

    Appears to be time for a tax revolt. I think anyone who can go “underground” to work and live off the record and below the fed “radar” should do so. If there are enough people who can do so, maybe we can starve the beast.

    • DaveH

      The fly in that ointment is the Federal Reserve. Even if we could just quit paying taxes, the Federal Reserve would just monetize Government debt (and they have been), in which case we would suffer the hidden tax of inflation on the prices of our goods and services. And the Government could keep on spending.
      There is no substitute for an informed electorate. We need to wake up as many people as possible to the dangerous path this country is currently on. Perhaps it could be as simple as urging our friends and relatives to watch Judge Napolitano and John Stossel on Fox Business News Channel. Even better, turn people on to the various Libertarian websites which explain the reality of economics like few others. Sites such as,, and .

    • eddie47d

      Marauder; The government have tax breaks that don’t benefit the Middle Class but allow the wealthy to become wealthier. Our State allows agricultural tax breaks for almost any owner who can claim agricultural status.This has hurt the real farmer for the pressure to sell increases. Some property owners don’t even have to raise a crop or animals. One they get this status they can claim their house and even the land under their garage as farm land. A multi million dollar owner of a house can then pay less tax than a person in a poor neighborhood. The poorer person or Middle Class person may pay $900 -3000 in taxes while those “urban farmers” will only pay $400 -2000 in taxes. What a scam! A few of these “farmers” rent sheep or goats for a week to prove they are “ranchers” and then send the goats packing. The wealthy from out of State buy up hundreds of acres of our land and pay less than a thousand in taxes. We are loosing $350 million in lost revenue.I will agree this is a government problem where they don’t want to upset the wealthy and rescind these laws.

      • JIBBS

        eddie, the rich pay an awful lot of tax, make the 51% who don’t pay any tax and live off the rest of who do pay, start paying, no more free anything !!!

        • JC

          No free anything for illegals, that’s for damned sure!
          And toss in a complete investigation of everyone who has been on welfare more than a year. No more money for those who have children while on welfare…the list goes on.
          Americans need to be responsible for themselves…

  • Dave Carr

    WOW… the best commentary I’ve seen in ages. In my opinion the nail was hit on the head, neither party has the answers or the political will to solve our critical problems. The major corporations are in fact, tax cheats, with the tax burden shifted to the ever shrinking middle class. Hats off to the author!

    • Sweetie

      Yes I do Agree with ya…Hats Off to Bob :-) :-) :-)

      He CALLS IT LIKE HE SEES IT and a darn Good Writer who knows what he

      is Talking About. :-)

  • WR

    Violence is no way to solve any situation. But I can see a USA Revolutionary war number 2 happening in this country once again. Highly recommended if you don’t have one get one you made needed in the future for your own safety. Lock and load. All these things with the government are getting out of hand. I can see how they are weakening the American people and padding their own pockets like any other communist related country. I have made a statement to my friends before Barack Obama got into office.” If you can break the bank you can own it” And if you can break down the American people you can control them.

    • spitfire

      Violence it the ONLY way to solve some issue, and the only thing some humans understand. Give them violence and they back down and do it correctly.

      • JIBBS

        Very true, most punks work on the fear factor.

  • Rich Frank

    Since the government has allowed so many jobs to be shipped to other countries, I see it as a very real problem developing as we are successful in downsizing Federal, State & Local governmental agency employees. The whole truth of the matter is that we need to do some very strong isolating in this country through higher import taxes on products that should be produced in the USA. This may cause some upset in other countries, but we need to take care of our own first, then worry about the others.

  • Mike

    And changing any of this will do no good unless we cut our military expenses by 50%, end the wars and bring the troops home to protect our own borders. But that is not a priority by either party because one thing they agree on..and that is to unify the US, Canada and Mexico into one N-American union…and if that goal means to lower the standard for its citizens to the lowest common denominator then…in the eyes of the members of both parties…so be it.

  • peter robison

    I find it hard to believe that I agree with most of what you say. I never thought Republican supporters had so much commom sense. I do however put most of the blame on career politicians and their corporate masters. The solution, outlaw lobbyists, and corporate political contributions, this is where the corruption starts.

    • DaveH

      Outlawing Free Speech is not the solution. You would be playing right into the hands of the incumbent politicians who are almost impossible to unseat already.
      I do wish there was some way we could stop people from voting who have no idea what the rep they vote for really stands for. One possibility would be to not allow the takers (those who receive more than they pay in taxes) to vote. After all, what kind of thoughtful voting can we expect from those who don’t have skin in the game?
      Perhaps it would be as simple as making every adult liable for the same amount of taxes? You can bet that if every adult paid the same taxes, they would be a lot more careful about how much money Government spends.

      • independant thinker

        “Perhaps it would be as simple as making every adult liable for the same amount of taxes?”

        I hope you mean the saame tax rate. If every adult was liable for the same AMOUNT of taxes the working poor would pay most if not all their income in taxes.

        • DaveH

          My point exactly, Independant. How long do you think they would continue voting for Big Government if they had to pay directly for what they voted for? And don’t kid yourself. Those taxes paid by the Rich are just passed onto the rest of us, one way or the other, through higher product prices, higher service taxes, fewer jobs, etc.

          • DaveH

            Also, the savings from no longer jumping through all the myriad tax regulations, including the savings from not having to pay for the byzantine IRS, would enrich this country to the point where the only poor people would be those that just didn’t want to work.

          • independant thinker

            DaveH, I said WORKING POOR. The working poor tend to be conservative and do not support the government giveaways. In fact your solution would force the working poor into the very things they are opposed to because that is the only way they could provide for their families.

      • JIBBS

        Outlawing lobbyist(bribes) has nothing to do with free speech.

        • DaveH

          Bribes are already illegal. Who said anything about bribes?

  • Jack Allen

    I totally agree with your criticism of the GOP leaders. While I don’t think they do what they do in order to maintain the status quo, they also don’t have the convictions to challenge the establishment. They are too satisfied with small victories. The question is how do we change this? Third parties have never worked to gain power, only to push the major parties toward their viewpoint. The object should be to take control of the GOP as Goldwater did in 1964; that proved it is possible to take over the GOP. The leftists have proved they are able to take over the Dems, even though it leads to eventual defeats. Give the GOP primary voter a Choice, not an Echo, and we will win a national party which can achieve national victory. Why not victory??

    • DaveH

      That’s because the voters have not worked to elect the third parties. For too many decades voters have bought into the wrongheaded mantra that third parties steal votes from the major parties allowing their opposition to get elected. Voting for the lesser of two evils still just gets us evil. We need to get behind the Party of Principle (there is only one) — The Libertarian Party.

  • ben m. scheller

    Wanda…..The word is “secede”, not “suceed”. Get a life!

    • http://! Angel Wannabe

      wow_ an early morning spell checker, how quant!

    • DaveH

      Wow, that’s some rebuttal, Ben. I’m in awe.

    • barbm

      don’t be a snob. stick to the topic and don’t try to embarrass people. you go wanda. spell it however you want. we know what you meant.

    • JIBBS

      Jackdown, I make mistakes too when I get wound up and type too fast. Just the mention of the word “government” gets me wound up !!

  • Charles

    Right on, I can`t believe the jerks in Washington. Don`t they know,
    the people, for the first time in a long time are watching? We do need
    to remember, the number one thing in 2012, is to get rid of Obama and
    his Marxist buddies, no matter what the Republicans do. If we don`t
    take care of this first,it won`t matter what anyone does. Our country
    will be lost forever,it will never be the same. We must win this fight at all cost. As far as the Republicans are concerned, those who want to make
    back room deals have to go. We need to take care of them in the primaries. The Speaker, ( John Boehner) better watch himself,instead
    of droping the cuts from 100 billion to 60 billion,he better raise
    it to 150 billion. When Obama pushed his health care onto the American
    people,he made no deals and he sure did`t listen to the majority
    of the voters.This is what congress needs to do.This is what the majority of the people have demanded. We didn`t send the Republicans
    to the congress to make back room deals. I don`t care if Obama and the Progressive Senant veto every bill Congress passes,they better
    listen to the people. This better be a new Republican party and it better be working for the people and not the people working for it.
    Maybee, we need to offer Pelosie the Speaker, if she would be willing to change party`s. As much as I disliked her, she didn`t take no crap
    from either party and she got things done even if most people disagreed with her. This is what we need to lead Congress at this time
    and if Boehner can`t do this, then he needs to be replaced.

    • spitfire

      They know you are watching, and they know you will do NOTHING! They know how to get their way and are nearly there. The American public is too predictable, and will lose all their freedom in one fell swoop.

    • barbm

      they don’t know if we don’t tell them. i call my reps several times a week to tell them i’m still watching and waiting. just because cornyn votes the way i want him to now does NOT forgive the fact that he didn’t for years. i won’t vote for him in 2012, and hutchison isn’t running again. or so she says. she’s a liar, so…

      • Mike

        and you believe they care that you call? NOPE, they don’t

        • barbm

          if their phones were ringing off the wall because we were all calling several times a day, they’d care. sitting on your behind in front of a computer typing on blogs sure won’t do it.

  • http://personallibertydigest galien val oliver

    what is happening now is very similar to what happen during the civil war. i predict that if things continue on this same path we will see states succeding from the union. this time the south will win

  • Robert Young

    Yes, we are still waiting for the House to introduce two bills that were talked about before the elections but have heard nothing of since, Constitutionality of proposed Bills before they can move forward and Term Limits to bring an end to professional politicians. First, as Fla. Jim mentioned, the proposal for every Congressional Bill to show its Constitutionality before moving forward. Next, term limits of no more than two terms for all elected and appointed Government offices, including the Supreme Court and all other judges. It is time to bring an end to the lifetime professional politicians.

    • DaveH

      You are wasting your time thinking that Term Limits will be a solution. You saw how the lame-duck Democrats behaved last fall. Now imagine increasing that condition, every other term. Term limits would guarantee nothing.
      The best we can do is get informed and work to inform our acquaintances.

      • barbm

        term limits would help. they might not vote the way they should the 1st term, but they’d have nothing to lose by doing the right thing the second term. if we keep pressure on them, we might be able to get them to vote right for fear they’d only get one term.

      • Stephan F.

        DaveH — you may want to reconsider your position on term limits. Are they the end all be all solution to all government problems? No, of course not, not even close. Will they help? You decide. I use the example of the ‘classic’ & quintessential career politician, your friend & mine, Senator Edward Moor “Ted” Kennedy. This maniacal, philandering drunk served 47 years (read ‘milk the system for all it’s worth) & would never had a political career but for term limits. Just imagine how much damage this POS did to the country. Now, I’m not saying the good folks in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts wouldn’t have elected just another Kennedy clone, but at least he/she would have been someone different and maybe even someone with higher morals. Sadly, with no term limits in place they never got that chance. The point is we don’t want politicians learning how to exploit the system for personal gain by having a career in politics and using their ‘experience’ to manipulate & game the system. We must stop perpetuating the so-called career-politician. To quote Harry Browne, “Term limits are necessary to prevent the honest, conscientious citizen from turning into a career politician. Power is seductive. Many a President or Congressman has been transformed from a reformer into a defender of the status quo once it was his hand on the wheel.” Lastly, an incumbent has enormous advantages over his challenger(s) making an election anything but fair. He can raise funds much more easily to defeat any challenger – he can literally be bought-off.


        • DaveH

          Term limits are strictly a placebo. Another way to placate the voters and delude them into thinking they are safer, thus don’t need to do their homework. If the electorate won’t learn the issues, replacing one elitist controller with another wouldn’t do a bit of good. And with the proposed limits (two terms), the legislator would have nothing to fear from voters in his/her second term and thus would be completely free to do as he/she damn well pleases.
          There is no substitute for an informed electorate.

          • Stephan F.

            “If the electorate won’t learn the issues, replacing one elitist controller with another wouldn’t do a bit of good.”

            So you’re saying essentially that it’s a lock the electorate will automatically vote in the democrat-socialist candidate every time? I think your making a bit of a stretch here. In many years observing what happens in the voting booth, I’ve seen a lot of upsets or unexpected results, so with all things being equal at least luck defeats the statist once in a while.

            “And with the proposed limits (two terms), the legislator would have nothing to fear from voters in his/her second term and thus would be completely free to do as he/she damn well pleases.”

            Who’s proposing two terms? In my world it’s one strike and your out. I’m sure some two-term supporters disagree and that will have to be resolved. But even two terms is better than having Teddy in office for eight. And using your own argument what’s to prevent a multi-term legislator “from having nothing to fear from voters in his third or fourth terms and be completely free to do as he/she damn well pleases.”

            “There is no substitute for an informed electorate.”

            This utopian ideal is strictly wishful thinking. If you’re willing to wait for the electorate to get informed & educated, I’d say the time it takes for hell to freeze over is longer than your willing to wait. Term Limits gets results immediately. The sun will burn out well before the electorate gets educated.

            “Politicians & diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason” – author unknown

          • DaveH

            People are always looking for the easy fix. Buy a new house, you’ll be happy then. Find a new mate, you’ll be happy then. Take some pills, that’ll fix your problems. Institute terms limits, that’ll fix everything.
            Dream on. There is no easy fix. If we want this country back, we are going to have to do some hard work. Period. There is no magic bullet.

          • DaveH

            And “who’s proposing 2 terms”. Robert was. Do you read the comments?
            Robert said “Next, term limits of no more than two terms for all elected and appointed Government offices”.

          • DaveH

            By the way, it is no secret that name-calling gets under my skin.
            You call me Utopian for believing term-limits is a pipe-dream, but you are so naive as to think that the same politicians who are pulling every trick in the book to stay in office, are going to somehow muster the numbers to pass term limits on themselves?

        • barbm

          here, here!!

          • barbm

            that was for stephan.

  • Bob Mudge

    I am from Illinois, and as far as reforming this state goes, our Tea Party group is talking in terms of decades, not one election cycle. We knew that, thanks to the Tea party movement, Conservatism would make some headway in the last election, which it did. But we also knew that the entrenched GOP bureaucracy would fight our movement tooth and nail. If you are surprised at this then you haven’t been paying attention. 2012 will be the watershed year. It is absolutely crucial we retire enough Dem senators to take over the Senate, and make Obama a one-term President. I would recommend you cancel all vacations for next year, get out on the street whenever the opportunity presents itself, and get your candidates elected. If your state is good, drive to the next one. It’s the future of America at stake.

    • Bob

      I wouldn’t put too much faith in the TEA Party. I have worked with Illinois Govt. agencies for decades and have seen millions upon millions wasted. When I offered to reveal proof of some of this waste to the Ilinois TEA Party I didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply. I think all politicians are looking for nothing more than a place at the trough.

      • Stan Smith

        The problem is The Tea party is being suckered by The Repubes! They need to distance themselves from palin! and you can thank Huckleberry & Juan McCain They are the reason for giving us Obummer! When those 2 ass clowns made a backdoor deal to get Mitt Rommeny & bump him off the presidential race!

    • DaveH

      Good advice, Bob. The only way we are going to turn this country around is by getting more informed and more active. Our country evolved to the present condition of Big Government and lessening Freedom because too many people kept their noses to the grindstone and apathetically ignored politics.

  • Raggs

    Mr. BOB… Your exactly on target!.. Very good article….

  • GRG

    This has made more sense to me than anything I have read so far and I have read a lot of junk from both sides. Just wish everyone had a copy of this in their hands to read before they voted. If they would read and understand how we have been taken for a ride by both parties they would vote for only those that love AMERICA and wanted to do right by her people. Talk about a change we would have a change because the elected elites would be gone, the non tax paying ones would have to pay up and just maybe we could get term limits in Congress, quit giving money to foreign nations that hate us, bring our troops home and just these people go ahead and kill themselves. Stop all immigration into this country. Keep writing and informing the people about what is really going on and maybe enough of us can vote right because we know the TRUTH.

  • hkcon

    what Bob fails to mention, if not fails to know, is this, since the Congress gave over the right to the fed (read bankers like jp morgan, rothschild, etc..) TO LOAN US OUR OWN MONEY, think about that, they buy money from the treasury at 2 cents per bill, and then loan it back to us at usury rates. Now try to wrap your head around this, the debt can never be paid off, all the money in existence, (dollars) are owed to the fed or banks, in one form or another, and on top of that interest is due. So no matter what we cannot pay it back, there is not enough dollars because we owe every dollar and then some, nay and then alot to the bankers who took over this country back in Andrew Jackson’s time. And until you hear a pol say something like that and that we are slaves to the banks you are hearing nothing but lies from either side. Do not even get me started on CAFR.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear hkcon,

      What you fail to know is this: There is no Federal debt. It is an illusion. Fiat money can be created to infinity. This word defies, voids and cancels the word debt. I explain this in detail here:

      Best wishes,

      • Dan az

        Bob Livingston
        Warren Buffett and Bill Gross both spoke against investments in U.S. government securities. Gross, of PIMCO, the biggest bond fund in the world, advises investors to sell dollar investments, “before central banks and sovereign wealth funds do.”
        With that in mind doesn’t it bother anyone that nobummer’s plans are to take the 401k’s and IRA’s and invest them into government securities?
        I feel like the guy standing on the corner with the sign stating the end is near.Every policy that he has tried to inact has been to take this country to its knees.When is enough an enough?Voting didn’t do the trick just more of the same,I even converted from republican to libertarian in hopes that we get constitutionalist in and have tried to steer all that I have come into contact with but it just dosent seem to be enough.I only see a revolution in the near future.Is there another way?

        • Kate8

          Dan az – Pushing us into revolution is exactly what they are trying to do. It is, in fact, their game plan.

          I just don’t see how this can end well for us. I know it’s frustrating, but we must try to avoid this at all costs.

          The progressive movement is training for revolution and violence as we speak. They are inciting anger among the classes, and encouraging attacks on the upper middle class. If this happens, if they begin to riot in the streets like they are in Europe and Egypt, we will have to protect ourselves. But this is the dream of the controllers, and I hate to see America fall into the trap. Frankly, because they’ve flooded our nation with cultures who don’t share our values and our aversion to violence, I’m not sure we can avoid it, anyway.

          We just need to keep our heads. We’re Americans, and we won’t turn from a fight if it comes to us. We do need to study the enemy’s strategy, though, and have one of our own. It’s of no use to be played.

      • Bruce D.

        Federal debt plays itself out with inflation where all, rich and poor, pick up the tab. T-Bills are Federal debt and interest is paid on that.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      This post is exactly right.
      Question is:
      Do we have the insight and the will to correct this problem?
      Leave your baggage at home people, the revolution will not be televised… but it might be podcast.

    • babybikerbabe


      Your 90% correct. But Andrew Jackson SAW the fallicy of a Central Bank and disbanded the Second National Bank during his term. His withdrawal of support for, and active lobbying against, is one of the reasons he’s considered a “bad” president by the mainstream, (those who don’t know the actual truth). It was in 1913 that the Fed was created, our THIRD central bank (Thank you NOT! Mr. Wilson) and the funny money trading began.

      I believe it costs the Fed about $265.00 to actually produce a million dollars., so your $.02/dollar is not far off. Paper, ink and labor are all included.

      Now, for those of you who really like to read and learn, begin to traverse your way through Bank Regulations and the IRS Code. The relationship between the two become obvious. In the Tax Code it clearly explains that every single cent withheld from paychecks go directly into the IRS’s VI accounts and flows right out to the IMF. This is the process established to service the interest on the debt.

      So, if all withheld tax is forwarded OUT, how does the US Government operate? Corporate taxes..which pay for the military, gasoline taxes… that pay for the roads… There is an income line that corresponds (practically to the exact dollar) to an expense line.

      Wake up everybody. Every entity pays it’s “Fair Share” and then some. Hell, the average, middle class taxpayer is getting hit for about $.65/dollar when it’s all said and done. Approx. 40% withheld and then all those “hidden” taxes like sales tax, gaxoline, cigarettes, probate, use taxes and on and on. And there seems to be no end in sight, (sigh).

      Thomas Jefferson said about banks: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

      I say, “Amen!” to that and he had this to say about

      The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” – also Thomas Jefferson

      But here’s the REAL TRUTH about DEMOCRACY:

      A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

      From bondage to spiritual faith;
      From spiritual faith to great courage;
      From courage to liberty;
      From liberty to abundance;
      From abundance to complacency;
      From complacency to apathy;
      From apathy to dependence;
      From dependence back into bondage.

      Are we heading back to Spiritual Faith yet?

  • http://none ucsjimj

    The politicians will never agree to set fixed terms or to cut their retirement and benefits gravy train. This will require a Constitutional Convention creating new laws to limit what the terms are and how the government and is to be controlled.
    We are all screwed and will continue to be screwed until the states agree that this is the what it will take to get the federal beast under control.

  • Bert Cundle

    But, WHO IS REAlY; TO BLAME? WORLD GOVERNMENT: AND THE STRUGGLE TO RULE THE WORLD! LAWS & LEADERS! The veriety of People, wanting things there way, Organizing… The Strongest is seldom the wisest!
    Our Government has sold us out… The Rest of the world is rebeling against there Government, WHEN “WE” SHOULD HAVE THROWN A TANTRAM!!!

  • Gary J. Mallast

    Who is John Galt?

    Events are not going to wait for the final breakdown. People are angry and tired of being robbed and bullied.

    If you could say nothing else for Adolf Hitler—other than he was one of the most evil people in history, he knew how to manipulate people. He said that the spoken word was much more effective than the written word with the masses and focused his efforts on speeches, radio broadcasts, and movies.

    The movie version of Atlas Shrugged is coming out soon. This may be the most incendiary thing in years.

    The producing class is getting sick of being taxed and regulated into penury to support a large taking class that uses the government that is supposed to be protecting them to rob them at the same time lying that they are helping them. If there is one thing I learned from being poor, the welfare system does NOT exist to help the poor, It exists to get $100,000 a year plus cushy jobs for political cronies and subsidies to giant corrupt businesses that support radical politicians. If anything is left, it goes to the poor–just enough to keep the scam going.

    Sales of the novel, Atlas Shrugged are booming. Rebellion is coming soon.

    But as we are seeing in Wisconsin, the taking class won’t give up easily.

    I hope we can avoid a Civil War. The people of our nation don’t deserve another one of those horrors. But the ideological chasm has gotten too wide. Good people too desperate.

    • kilrntex

      Civil war may be the only way to take these people out of office. They ignore everything we vote on and raise hell about. Van Jones and Ron Gochez (LA RAZA) are calling for a revolution against us. That’s been exposed on Glen Beck in the words coming directly out of their mouths. Gochez calls them the Northern front. They are bringing arms with them from Mexico and the ATF is handing them out like candy. Where’s David Koresh when you need him? Branch Davidians kicked the ATF’s ass when they tried to take their arms. Of course, Bill and Janet burned them alive in the compound.
      Gotta go people, need to put another oilwell on line to satisfy our thirst. All you unemployed Patriots need to come to West Texas and help us drill all these wells. We need lots of able bodies that can speak English. We have plenty that can’t, but we can send them home. I’m serious about that, we are putting more rigs up everyday and we need people. Pay starts at over $20/hr and up. No union dues to pay. No liberals or progressives please. You won’t make it through the day!

      • JC

        That is true. The ATF has been caught bringing semi-auto’s to Mexico and basically arming the gangs there. That way they can justify their false claim that all those illegal guns are coming from the US and make new laws to control Americans gun rights while at the same time arming the enemy. Sounds like they’re setting Americans up for slaughter doesn’t it? Going by the fact that the Kenyan is suing Arizona in “world court” (WTF?) for trying to enforce a law that is already on the Federal books, it definately looks as though the White House is evolving into an enemy of We The People.

    • Mike

      The power of the written word is much greater then the spoken word….people can always read the written word and re-establish the truth…the spoken word will bloom into a million lies.

  • http://com i41

    As the members of the new congress keep ignoring what the citizens want, only then will there be any movement in Washington. Since the Sen and Rep. will not cut crap waste in agancies like the Dept. of Energy. Which has done nothing to solve the issue of energy production, but cost taxpayers $25 billion a year to keep paper pusher doing nothing keep a buracracs operating. They have been passing out grants and free money for any pie in the sky dream theories. To build worthless production sites, which never produces a useful fuel scource. That would save several 100 billions a year, which dumbocraps and enviors wish and want. Batttery power and windmills are 2 prime examples, ethanol has been receiving subsidizes for over 3 decades and is another sink hole of graft and waste.

  • Charles

    If only Thomas Jefferson – no, wait, he’s dead and not enough of our socialist soaked population realizes that slavery is right around the corner. I fear for my children and grandchildren. Socialized medicine will shorten my anguish.

    • JIBBS

      Maybe we could get “The Magnificent Seven” or “The Dirty Dozen” to help clean out washington !!

  • jopa

    Now what am I going to do.The above statement( by Mr. Livingston) looks like something I would say.I guess I will have to try and decipher i41′s coded message and see if there is anything negative in it.Nope, even i41 claims Democrats want to save hundreds of billions of dollars that is also true and I agree with him on that ethanol boondoggle also.What a wonderful day for America.Now if only we could get the folks in Washington to agree on things like we do rather than pocketing all this lobbying money and working for them.

  • Harry Sothern

    I can’t believe there are still some fools who fall for that old Democrap line about “We need to tax the rich more – the Republicams only want tax cuts for the rich.” Or that other famous Dem falsehood, “The Republicans will starve poor people, old people abd children.”

    I’ll wait a bit before judging Speaker Boehner and the other Republicans – Remember they just took the house 2 months ago and the Senate is still controlled by the Dems, who won’t give any real help in spending cuts. While it’s true there are a few RINO Republicans, they’re not anywhere near the majority.

    Finally we have a president who will veto any real cuts in spending.
    When you elect a clown you should expect a circus.

    • Pamela

      Haha, when you elect a clown, expect a circus. That’s cute.

      How about when you elect a puppet, expect him to dance only to the song in the puppet master’s head? Puppets are fun, unless your president is one.

  • Raylyn Terrell


    1Do not fret because of evildoers,
    Be not envious toward wrongdoers.
    2For they will wither quickly like the grass
    And fade like the green herb.
    3Trust in the LORD and do good;
    Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.
    4Delight yourself in the LORD;
    And He will give you the desires of your heart.
    5Commit your way to the LORD,
    Trust also in Him, and He will do it.
    6He will bring forth your righteousness as the light
    And your judgment as the noonday.
    7Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him;
    Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
    Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes.
    8Cease from anger and forsake wrath;
    Do not fret; it leads only to evildoing.
    9For evildoers will be cut off,
    But those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land.
    10Yet a little while and the wicked man will be no more;
    And you will look carefully for his place and he will not be there.
    11But the humble will inherit the land
    And will delight themselves in abundant prosperity.
    12The wicked plots against the righteous
    And gnashes at him with his teeth.
    13The Lord laughs at him,
    For He sees his day is coming.

    • Bert Cundle

      This is Why That Is Realy So Dumb! … Lord Means: LOWER ORDER! = NATURE… Makings of GOD… THE Higher Order! ANY ONE THAT CLAMES TO BE LORD… SHOULD BE CRUCIFIED!!!

      • Bert Cundle

        “GOD” THE Higher Order! Catholics have a Grip on my computer… A worning of the dark ages return!

    • eddie47d

      Thank You Raylyn.Matthews 5:45 also says “The sun will rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous”. We are all responsible for ourselves first and we do have a responsibility for others, which is second. Whether rich or poor have Faith in yourself but be generous in your giving.

      • Mike

        Eddie, Hello again. I finally got off my butt and built the website. Thats why I kinda dissappeared there for a month or so. Its still a work in progress But I have been able to add a few features on it.My ugly mug is on the post there lol. Anyway its good to be back on here too. I have enjoyed the disscussions we have had here both conservitive and liberal alike. Mike L.

        • eddie47d

          Your web brings me right back to this site. I didn’t see your mug so what’s up.

          • Mike

            Eddie I think it was just a glitch. My ugly mug is in the pastors corner blog entry. under comments. Thank you Jeff its still in progress I am learning on the fly so to speak. I have ventured into a new area for me in designing it. We are going to change the homepage music from week to week its suppriseing to me that we are such a small church we have 3 bands 2 traditional blugrass style bands and one youth band that is pretty good too. Mike L.

        • JeffH

          Mike L, very nice job. The Calvary Baptist Church in Etowah, TN is a very beautiful church. I also enjoyed the opening music, “I’ll Fly Away” provided by Just Us.

  • Infidel

    We the People will get in their Face now!

  • Cecilio

    Just keep talking… like if that is going to help avoid us drowning. The US of A looks and feels like a sinking boat overloaded with stowaways and slowpokes. The captain and crew have all the life vests. What will keep you afloat enough time to get to dry land? How far away and in which direction we need to go? These questions may seem strange and far fetched… or are they?

  • Tinman

    “Equal Rights For All — Special Privileges For None.” If you can not work on this level, them remove yourself from the gene poll.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It’s frustrating that so many liberal socialist democraps lie by saying conservatives/republicans want people to starve. In reality, the GOP is not against safety nets or helping those truly in need of temporary assistance. And even IF it were, let’s get the facts straight!! The democraps label the GOP as the party of the rich, along with the myth that the GOP wants to take from the poor to give to the rich. How can that be true?? GET REAL!! Whether you earn $15,000 or over a million, it is YOUR MONEY which you EARNED!! As for the drones and moochers, how can they accuse others of taking away that (handouts) which they never earned in the first place?? One thing is certain. The Democrap Party is the puppet of drones, non-producers, parasites and deadbeats who are content to mooch of the labor of productive people at all income levels. Think about it. Since the 1930s, this nation has spent trillions on wealth redistribution. So why is there still so much poverty??

    Likewise, how often do you hear drones or moochers thanking us for the fruits of our labor which we were forced to hand over to them via taxation?? LOL!! NO WAY!! All the drones/moochers do is demand more handouts!! Why should these economic hitchhikers and freeloaders be entitled to what we work for?? Some people also distort the Gospel by saying that Jesus had compassion for the poor and contempt for the rich. There is some truth that we should help other people, and that some people do abuse our capitalist system. However, what the liberals/democraps do not tell you is that it’s also written in the Bible that the able-bodied who CAN work MUST work. Helping those who cannot help themselves is one thing, but many drones seem to want to be permanently dependent on government.

    If Dirty Harry, et al, really believe what they say, then why don’t they put their money where their mouths are, and spread their own wealth around?? LOL!! Wealthy liberals are only generous with other people’s money!! It reminds me of when Rush Limbaugh had his TV show, and they interviewed several passengers on the NYC. These liberals were opposed to the ban on panhandling in the subways. But when asked if panhandling were to be allowed in just one car, would these same libs ride in that car – NO WAY!! LOL!! These riders were just as phony as the democrap politicians they vote for!! Finally, to a majority of voters, I say: You don’t appreciate moochers or panhandlers in the street who beg you to give them handouts because they’re too lazy to work. So why do you vote for liberal socialist democraps who will force you to pay these moochers via taxation and redistribution of wealth?? WAKE UP!!

  • chow


    The military industrial complex is not the problem, only 1/5 of the budget is military spending most is entitlement (SS, medicare, medicaid, etc. So even if we disband the military and cut defense to zero and there will be no more military industrial complex, the country is still in deep dodo.

    I have read all your post and I know you are against the US military but you fail to remember that defense is the only authorized constitutional spending all the others are socialism.

    • DaveH

      The key word there, Chow, is “defense”. Our founders disdained foreign entanglements. The question is, when is it defense, and when is it foreing entanglements. I think in most cases of our military involvements, it was not “defense”.

    • Jovianus

      Chow…if you add in the two wars and military defense aid to other countries…it’s about 36%. Overall over 5% GDP…amongst the highest in the world in both % of bdget and % of GDP.

      Feel safer?

      • kilrntex

        Your Anus, why are you so good with numbers, but so terrible with money. Maybe it’s just our money, because none of you can balance a checkbook. Of course, it’s always someone else’s money since libs don’t really have jobs and don’t pay taxes. If dems paid taxes, we wouldn’t have a deficit. You remember when bin Laden was putting a cabinet together, he went through several hundred politicians before he found enough to call a cabinet. Then he cleaned out the worst of the worst in the prison system to call his czars. Where did the stimulus go? It went in their pockets to save for when the bottom falls out.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I served 20 years, if Bob was against the Military I’d be on his A$$!

      Bob as many other are against the Foreign entaglements and invasions which have cost us dearly! Everything from nations who hate us, terror acts, young men & women sheding blood & their lives, National financial ruin (1 Trillion annually for 10 years) and now ultimate Bankruptsy.

      I do not know where you get your information, but I’d search around and verify this information by no less then 6 sources. Its a painful process somewhat, but you will be suprised what you find when you start verifying news information. Very quickly you find the truth. And the 6 I refer to are NOT: CBS-ABC-NBC-CNN-FOX-MSN. (I often wonder what they could be put together to spell-LOL)

  • MARY

    Everytime I hear the press and bloggers state that Social Security and Medicare are entitlement programs I want to scream. These programs are an insurance policy into which middle class Americans were forced to pay deposits from FICA everytime their paychecks were issued. I paid FICA for over 40 years and saw my paychecks dwindle 30-40% because of it. This money was designed by FDR to go into a trust fund and the government was not supposed to touch it. THanks to Johnson this money was put into the general fund in the 60′s. Baby boomers paid into this all their working lives and now that they want to collect their insurance, the politicians want to call it entitlements and take it away from them. It is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American people and we should not stand for it. Budget cuts should be done to the military and corporate giveaways. We don’t need to be the police of the world. Let other countries protect themselved in Europe and Japan for instance. Kill the Truman doctrine. Like Rome we are stretched too thin and need to pull back. Corporations that produce military hardware can just sell it globally since the CEO’s want a global economy anyhow… If you steal retiree’s Social Security after taking their home equity and 401k money, may there be a special place in hell for anyone that really pulls the trigger on this idea…

    • DaveH

      Mary, you are correct that we had no choice, and that is the real problem. Those who have paid in should certainly be paid back, but the Federal Government had no real Constitutional power to take our money away for our own good in the first place. And as it turns out, they didn’t do any better with our money, then we could have done with it ourselves (worse in my case). So, when do we stop throwing good money after bad?
      I think Social Security taxes should be eliminated and the Governments should be downsized by at least half. Then they should sell off their vast property holdings and other physical assets to raise money to make payments for those who were forced to participate in the Social Security System.

      • Dan az

        Now that would be a start david!And if the nation would file bankruptcy papers on the feds and china and the rest we could go back on the gold standard and hold the guv to size that it should be.About fifty percent less.Thats better then jenny graig!

        • Bitter Libertarian

          A Gold standard sounds good, BUT, you have to know who holds the Gold, and if you back a currency by Gold..there will be winners and Losers in the set do you think will win? The Elites or us the peons! Right–The A Gold standard is not a FIX. Disolving the FED and nationalizing the Central Bank, then returning to a sound money policy is the answer. Ron paul knows how to do this.

          • DaveH

            That could be easily solved by coining our money from precious metals which wouldn’t lose their purchasing as paper money does. As far as Gold Standard and trust goes, why would you drop your guard and advocate a Central bank? If you think the Federal Reserve is bad, wait until the Government gets hold of the printing presses and fiat money becomes even more of a political football.

          • DaveH
  • Alice Cone

    One thing I have never heard discussed about the Progressive’s agenda. Where do they intend to get the wealth to distribute after they have broken the backs of the wealth-producing middle class and upper class? Aren’t they killing the goose that laid the golden egg? Also, Bob’s article sounds awfully fatalistic. Is it really over?

    • DaveH

      Judging from past experiences of other countries, it probably is over. But if enough people wake up to the reality of Big Government, we do definitely have a good chance of reversing that fate.
      Bob doesn’t really mean that it is literally “over” or he wouldn’t bother trying to awaken the people.
      If you want to see where we are probably headed, Argentina is a good case study. In the early 1900s, they were amongst the top ten best economies in the world. But then politics set in, and now they are ranked about 37th.

  • spitfire

    This article says mostly what I have been saying nearly two years. It is basically Same shit different day mentality. Nothing ever changes.We need to do like they did in Egypt, but Americans are too spineless for that to ever take place. Instead by the year 2012 we will be a socialist nation, headed for communism.There is no amount of voting that will change the outcome. Many bullets will need to fly, and much blood will need to be spilled to rid ourselves of this tyranical government, that we now have, and that is not likely to happen.

    • eddie47d

      Americans are not persecuted in any stretch of the imagination like those folks in the Middle East. You comparison is misdirected and not helpful in changing the status quo. Our capitalistic system is out of control and lost it’s bearings decades ago which has allowed socialism to creep in. You have to bring those greedy elites back in the fold and that includes a few corporations,CEO’s,banksters and our dreaded tax system. That is where we are spineless!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    BOB Thanks for the article and the insight it gives. I would say to all, to not underestimate the power of TRUTH. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” We need men and women of honesty, integrity, and conviction to run for elected office. Conviction is that which you are willing to die for, if the need arises. My fear is, that we don’t have enough with true conviction and yet “if God be for us then who can stand against us?” LET US NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF GOD AND A RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE.

    • spitfire

      Yes we are truly “history”.

  • csfreeman

    We elect officials to represent us, yet they only represent their own agendas. Why should we middle-classers pay for the parasite class?!!! Why do we send money overseas to regimes that hate us and laugh all the way to the bank? Why does our illegial President kow-tow to Muslims and turn around and try to refrain Christians rights? Only God can stop Obama’s socialist freight train. God help us now, PLEASE!

    • JIBBS

      If you on counting on prayer to fix our problems, you are out of luck, and I would not count on luck either.

  • spitfire

    He aint gonna help. He gave you a brain, so you can help yourself. I don’t see that happening either. You will all give up.

  • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

    We The People are facing a leviathan regime armed with the power of a category 5 hurricane. The ruling despots are following a well established game plan and will vigorously defend their turf against one and all. Woe be unto anyone who challenges their authority.

  • ItCanHappen2You

    I agree with the article 100%, what I also see is that there are complicated solutions to some of these problems while others are fairly simple. If you want to live better, learn to live cheaper and get below the tax line, like the 60′s. One of the problems with medicare/medicaid is that there are many abuses of the system. There is alot of double billing going on by the health care facility’s. There is also a lot of abuse of the parisites on the system.EX I work for an ambulance service the other noght I went to a call where a woman was feeling sick, there were 2 cars in the drive way 5 adults at home with her and she wanted an ambulance to take her to the ER for treatment. She stated that she had Medicare so they would pay for it. Thats app $600 for the 911 ambulance alone not including the ER visit, no wonder the system is broken, and this happens daily. Until we fix these there is no way to fix this part of the health care system. And thats just the tip of the iceberg!! Things will have to change and it is going to get rough. Good Luck To All

  • Bitter Libertarian

    This is a great site to join, (Hope Bob doesnt mind) after reading articles here you can go write your congressmen& senators. It may not help much but it is good frustration relief…well..sometimes LOL

    • Bitter Libertarian
    • Mike

      Hello again Bitter, Yea that website is pretty good. I wish we could accomplish some of thoes goals that are posted there. I am trying hard not to get discouraged by all the politicking going on in D.C. These clowns are feeding us bread and circus to appese the masses. While they massage each other behind closed doors and agree how to split up the spoils. Mike L.

  • Mike

    You know it seems to me here lately that no matter which party takes power. They manage to conform to either slow socialisim or fast socialisim. Its one of the reasons I finally joined the libratarian party. Both the democrats and republicans differ in name only anymore. Their policies are just about one and the same. Thats why this last election didnt encourage me much that there would be a change in the direction this country. Mike L.

  • Howard R Gray

    The government is just a corporation with extra special privileges here’s a few of them:-

    1.It can’t go bankrupt de jure only de facto

    2.Creates money at will backed by wiffle

    3.You could look at it as a cartel, a collection of government departments, NGOs, some corporations, tax exempt foundations, and other entities on the statist dime.

    4.Like the other “cartels” it ultimately has a monopoly of force,

    5.Cherry picks laws to support or enforce

    6.Grants privileges to supporters

    7.Protects its supporters

    8.Micro manages what it can’t understand…the economy

    9.Starts and fights wars

    10.Conscripts when it can get away with it

    11.Confiscates resources

    12.Taxes differentially and unfairly

    These are just a few basic features of the taking classes, they operate around the working or giving classes who are the sandwich meat between the effete elite on the to and the shirking or taking classes on the bottom.

    Any human entity that has no restrictions on it will degrade into a monster be it individual or corporate, government will arrogate power and wealth to it, justifying each and every depredation. Nothing new under the sun

    Socialists and communists will argue for equality, the only problem is the need for those “more equal than others” to run the show. A dictator of the proletariat is a king nothing more nothing less, nothing changes. You have to wonder why fools in universities and other “clever people” ever fall for this doltish rubbish.

    There is a need to argue for reforms, the founding fathers understood the limits of democracy they understood the reality of social burglary whereby one group predates on others wealth in the name of equality. Theft or slavery is the very core of how government works and always has been, they knew this. A tax rate of 100% on all income is slavery, taking your capital or wealth is theft, none of what happens is by consent however much clever academic lawyers may pretend it is. This the founding fathers understood. The republic, if we can keep it, is at the heart of the balance between the rapacity of government and the population who have to put up with it. The only services the government can provide are

    1. Security policing and national defence
    2. Arbitral services by providing courts to enforce agreements and correct civil and criminal wrongs.
    3. Limited infrastructural provision

    Once the government exceeds these bounds the rapacity begins in earnest, it may take a week it may take a century. The end result will be Weimar financial collapse and or war civil or international war. Many of these functions enumerated above can be provided by non state organizations mediated by government over sight only. The less government the better.

    As said above, government is a cartel, give it a chance it will expand to take all the money available, the clever trick is to rob the currency by inflation and borrow beyond any hope of repayment relying on said inflation to eliminate the value of the funds borrowed. The problem with this approach is that the outcome will be Zimbabwe but many times worse. That is what is happening right now, there is little chance of either party, as presently constituted, doing much to prevent the inevitable from happening.

    The Tea Party does not need to drink a pint of PG Tips or Tetley’s tea to understand what is happening, the GOP is still in the hands of the elite, they hope to ride the tsunami ahead of the game if they can. Good luck to them, nice if you can do it. The left are about to lose what credibility they ever had as the inevitable happens, the dustbin of history beckons.

    So what is to be done?

    No one has a formula for this one, though you might like to try one of other of the following:-

    1. Suspend legal tender laws and allow real money to emerge ahead of the Weimar currency collapse. This move might actually prevent the dollar from collapsing as it will have a real competitor.

    2. Abolish all capital taxes, property taxes and investment taxes that alone will put some guts back into the economy.

    3. Tax income at 10% per annum for all levels of income, the rich will pay more.

    4. Introduce lotteries for fund raising, i.e. voluntary taxes. Most, if not all, essential government functions can be funded by this method.

    5. Abolish State licensing of professions and permit free trade in professional qualifications across all states.

    6. Permit winners in court cases to recover fairly assessed court costs.

    7. Allow litigants to ask vexatious litigants to pay a fair proportion of funds into court ahead of litigation as security for costs in the cause.

    8. Pay jurors a fair fee, currently they are conscripts. If the litigants can’t afford a jury tough put up with the judge.

    9. Make immigration simple, charge immigrants a fee to arrive in the US or provide a capital equivalent sum imported into the nation generating the equivalent fee in interest earned on the sum imported. In the alternative a profession or trade needed by the nation to be decided by referendum.

    10. Provide a system to sunset all laws by way of referendum or recall to an elected commission independent of the legislature that made the laws in the first place. The commission to have the power to repeal or amend the law in egregious cases, or refer back to the legislature the law with attendant amendments.

    11. To provide a process as per paragraph 10 to eliminate regulations and ordinances inclusive of Executive Orders in like manner.

    12. All legislative laws statutory or regulatory that have not been referred to in the last 50 years be repealed unless ratified by the legislature by way of re-enactment. In default the common law the stand as the law of the land.

    13. Abolish tenure in the teaching profession at all levels.

    14. Abolish state schools make all schools non state free institutions to be operated by consent of the parents and pupils of the schools themselves. Schools to be given a onetime grant to permit disconnection from the state.

    15. Trade Unions to be granted the right to receive funds voluntarily from their members.

    16. Close tax exempt foundations and either return the money or see it as a onetime tax.

    17. Return federal lands to the market place.

    18. Abolish all laws preventing resources from being accessed.

    19. Strengthen laws of public nuisance preventing exploitation of resources without compensation or rectification of damage following exploitation of such resources.

    20. At some point, cease foreign wars unless directly connected with survival of the nation.

    The list can go on; you fill in any other reforms worth considering, this just scratches the surface.

    Unless the system of government is subjected to a root and branch discussion the left will always plead special interests they need to assuage at our expense. The alternative is to let the ship of state founder financially and all that entails.

    Neither political party will entertain many of the above suggestions, that is all you need to know. Go Tea Party! Some if not all this can be done start the flame of discussion, there is no need to be like the left always fearing their ideas will be rejected. These and better ideas will win, wealth has to be created and shared by free trade not by selection and privilege. There are no possibilities of the left wing nostrums ever working, equality of opportunity is the only thing that works. The alternative smacks of slavery and theft someone loses and eventually many lose.

    • Mike

      Mr.Gray, That is alot to swallow in one reading :) Some of us though have begun to understand how this politicle worm turns. I dont see us accomplishing this anymore through the current 2 party system. Once one is elected from either party. It seems only a matter of time before they learn its conform or be silenced. Also something can be said for Mark Lavins idea of a 10th amendment commity. Returning powers not specified by the constitution from the federal goverment back to the state goverments.
      Also do you think that with the health care bill. That the states that are trying to opt out will be allowed to.? Or is this only an illusion that the federal goverment is allowing to take place? I ask this because of the recent interferance of the feds into state immergration policies. I am thinking they will circumvent the opt outs through suits in federal courts. Mike L.

    • Dan az

      Howard R Gray
      Ever think about running this next election?I’ll vote for ya!
      All points right on the money!

      • Mike

        Hello again Dan, Its been a while. Yea I liked his post as well. But I am really wondering now if anything like that can be accomplished without a real power shift in D.C. It seems my prediction about getting more of the same after the last election is holding true:( I wish I had been wrong. But the trends were saying I wasent. Mike L.

    • professor

      Congrats! Good points all!

  • Right Wing not Wrong Wing

    60 Billion, 100 Billion – that’s an insult to the American people. They should start at 600 Billion and keep going UP. This isn’t going to be easy – it shouldn’t be!

    The first thing to go should be Congressional Pensions – they should be put on Social Security. Watch how fast it gets fixed!

    Second thing to go should be Congressional Healthcare – they should be getting the same health care as everybody else. Again, watch how fast they fix the problems!

    Next, eliminate about 10,000 pages of the 10,002 pages of tax code.

    Cut about 40,000 pages out of the 40,005 pages of laws.

    Any other suggestions?

    • Dan az
      • Jovianus

        Anyone who watched Meet The Press yesterday would cringe at the thought of Bachman being in charge of anything. Calling her a “Raving Lunatic’ would be giving her more than she deserves.

        • JC

          As compared to Hillary, say?
          I’ll take our raving lunatic over yours.

    • Bitter Libertarian


      • JC

        AFTER, the trial for High Treason?

    • Pamela

      Oh absolutely! End the failed *war on drugs* that’s claimed over 1.13 TRILLION so far, close most of the prisons once the drug *offenders* have been released and condense the populations. Take about 1/3 of the closed prisons and redo them into drug rehabs for the people who actually DO have addiction issues and retrain the prison employees (probably require some de-brainwashing there) to be counselors. The other 2/3 of closed prisons, rehab them into schools, shelters, libraries, museums, etc. All privately, not government funded. Voila! Jobs created, far less money spent, MUCH more money collected.

      Now that the drug war is over, farmers can get off the *dole* and start restoring the integrity of their soil with a few plowed under crops of hemp before growing it as a biofuel to supplant our dependence on foreign oil. Other industries can start taking advantage, as well, as we move from earth choking plastics to biodegradable ones, cutting fewer trees and using fewer chemicals to make far superior paper products that recycle more times and easier than wood pulp paper products. Not to mention the cloth, oil, food and medicinal properties. Fewer chemical pharmaceuticals end up in the ground water, America gets greener. New industries spring up, more jobs are created, more people have more spendable income, more taxes are generated.

      Stop borrowing money so we can pay foreign graft….err…aid. Most of the so called foreign aid we bleed out of this country is no such thing. It’s graft, plain and simple. Stop that!

      Stop the uber policing of the world and of the American People. Abolish the Homeland Security nightmare. The Patriot Act reminds me of the old Twilight Zone movie when aliens come to earth with a wonderful new book….To Serve Man. It’s a freakin cookbook and so is the Patriot Act. It’s meant to identify and then fry PATRIOTS. STOP THAT!

      Dismantle the FDA, USDA and CDC and start over. All are corrupt beyond redemption and pretty much owned and run by Corporate America. When something is as useless (not to mention DANGEROUS) as these 3 agencies are, they are a parasite on dwindling taxpayer resources.

      Now, before all the fast food Sheeple opinions on removing the current prohibition start flooding in, perhaps some research would be in order. Otherwise, those Sheeple opinions are going to not only be laughable, but make the authors appear really really stupid. So if you’re thinking of blasting me with rhetoric you’ve heard on TV about the evils of hemp, seriously, do yourself and your credibility a favor and do some research on how and why it became illegal in the first place, how long it’s been used around the world with no problems, all the things it can be used for and all the ways it can reduce our oil dependence. Please don’t come to a battle of wits unarmed.

      • Mike W.

        I agree with your whole analysis, Pamela! Legalize drugs again. Prior to 1913, there were no laws prohibiting their use & possession. My grandfather remembered the good old days when you could get anything you wanted at the corner apothecary. He once told me that in spite of the legality, America at the turn of the 20th century was not a nation of drug addicts. Most people used them responsibly & they were affordable. Thus, no one had to rob someone or steal to pay for drugs.
        He often quipped that a little morphine came in handy after a 12 hour work day! Also, cocaine was nice to have around to liven up a dismal, bleak life that had an expectancy of about 45 to 50 years back then.
        Also, I enjoyed your synopsis on “modern” education. You are so right! This monstrosity costs taxpayers over 300 billion dollars, annually. This amount, (including the war on drugs) is enough to revitalize the U.S. economy. The industrial/manufacturing base could be restored & modernized. This would help to alleviate the current high unemployment rate. With people working, the economy will expand & perhaps eradicate most of the impoverished. Lower the taxes & people will spend more money on consumer items, creating more jobs. They may even forget that drugs are legal & by the way, who needs them anyway? I would love to see more items manufactured here in the U.S. again, just like it was when I was growing up in the 50′s & 60′s.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Persoanlly I agree with Mr. Livingston on issues of corporate taxes. However I would like to point out the argument against “hurting the poor,the old and Starving children” while perhaps a tad soapboxy and a little emotionilist I dont see it as nothing more than a ruse. Peronally I believe taxes are too high on the middle and lower classes and not high enough for the higher income earners. That isnt class warfare or soapbox talk, its simply making the argument that those with more should pay more. Also on matters of taxs and spending I have always thought that the way to best manage ones budget is to have more coming in than is going out. Perhaps if taxs are raised and spending reduced than perhaps a more manageable budget could be made.

    • professor

      Really hate to hear that “Progressive Rant about taxes.” The more one has the more one should pay…WRONG! Where did this idea come from.. it came from the Socialist! There is nothing American about that idea! Government should NOT PUNISH success. Punishing success is called “Redistribution!”

      • Jovianus

        So you’re saying Reagan wasn’t an American? I mean, he raised taxes 6 out of his 8 years….almost all on the Middle classes…but that doesn’t count as long as the wealthy get their free ride eh?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Professor: I do not want punishment for success. Personally I want to be successful some day. However I feel paying a portion of what one has for taxes is patriotic as it gives back to others and ones nation. If one has more I feel it is a duty not a punishment to give more. Perhaps the issue I have is right now by the same argument against increasing taxes on the Richer is punishment, is not having the poor or middle pay more just as much a punishment. Is it right to give just as much a punishment to those who must do the jobs and perhaps one day build the jobs for the sack of not hurting those who already have made the jobs and have success.

  • Bruce Barron

    Dear Mr.Livingston: The Makeover is almost complete.

    Excellent article and unfortunately “TRUE.”

  • Wildcat from Dallastown, PA

    This is in reply to Mike who posted on 3/7/2011 @8:49AM. Perhaps you can’t remember but already experienced a 50% (or greater) cut in military in 1992! That is because some “jack wagon” stood up before his peers in Congress after realizing the Berlin Wall came down, The Iron Curtain came down and the Soviet Union disintegrated and related that with the elimination of our super power threat we no longer need such a large military force. He continued by rendering an analysis correlating this aforementioned fact and [his premise] to the fact that the preponderance of the DOD budget consists of pay and benefits and more specifically the pay and benefits of the retirees. Then he proffered a solution by having a Reduction-In-Force (RIF) to get officers and NCO’s who would 14+ years of their required 20 years service to retire at 50% of their base pay.

    The result was approximately a 50% cut in active Army units and a corresponding approximate cut of 52% in Army Reserve’s alone! The cuts in other branches were roughly as draconian.
    Keep in mind that also cut out middle grade officers (MAJOR’s) and senior NCO’s who have already proven themselves and were well on their way to additional advanced training and civilian schools commensurate with serving in positions of greater responsibility and authority with integrity. They were also a few short months from having accomplished 75% of the time in service requirement to be eligible for retirement.

    Those cuts already made us weaker as a nation as a pure function of the numbers. Obama has made us absolutely vulnerable in many areas around the globe and weakened our readiness due to other ridiculous policies to include the repeal of “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell”.

    There is a Constitutional mandate to provide for the common defense and it is already in jeopardy. We need to cut (or eliminate) those areas and programs dreamt up and implemented by Progressives since they officially came onto the American scene. Repeal of the 16th Amendment (the one that allowed the Federal government to tax our income) for starters. Review and get rid of the redistributive laws inherent in former President Johnson’s “Great Society Program” that also incentivized unwed mothers to keep procreating to get more money per month, now at the rate of $1500/month per child along with food stamps, Medicaid and other so-called free support services. Most of the Great Society programs focused on breaking down the family unit and made a bad situation even worse. After getting rid of the federal income tax (hopefully the states will eventually repeal their insidious laws too) then possible institute the Fair Tax to handle constitutionally mandated operations of the U. S. Government. We might even need to add a 5% VAT that would be split in half to be applied to the principle of the debt and Social Security until the first one has been fully repaid (or replenished) then 100% of that temporary tax applied to the remaining situation until that has been solved before being terminated.

    Try those concepts rather than virtually eliminate our ability to provide for the common defense.

    • Pamela

      **Repeal of the 16th Amendment (the one that allowed the Federal government to tax our income) for starters.**

      How do you repeal something that was never ratified? I mean, is there an actual process for that?

  • professor

    You are right, Wildcat

    PEACE THRU STRENGTH!! Why is this administration trying to undermine the American Military. That is part of bringing this country to its integral part!

    Get rid of “Kids for Kash!” Anyone that cannot pay to raise or feed their own children has NO RIGHT to reproduce…on my dime!! Let me out of this one and get those women off their backs!! Bring back “Families” instead! Traditional families are the backbone of civilization..

  • http://com i41

    Corporate taxes only affect the end users, the pooor, the middle class and the eldery. The screwed up tax mess is from jackasses like the Kennedys and Kerrys and fellow elitist who could care less what taxes are accessed on everyone else. Greasy tax cheat Rangel and all the slubs who wrote up the IRS mess over the years, is just like having a lawyer write up a contract. There is always loopholes for the rich non productive pukes, do you see Congress paying taxes on all the benefits they get, hell no, it cuts in to their speeaking fees and free health care they get. We don’t have to raise taxes, that only stops any productive creations and anything saleable goods from getting made. Some thing dumbocrap soros socialists can not fathom or get a grasp on. Why in the hell aren’t we selling our crude oil on the open market at these high prices to pay off our debts? Why aren’t we using our shut off oil wells that are already drilled and ready to be opened and used? It all boils down to the last 50 years of idoits who were dopeheads and stilll are, Onumnutts, who has alwayus lived off of someelse and has been on a sugar tit since he was farrowed. All democrats are to f–king worthless to create anything unless it is government controlled and financed, just go into the SBA or any agency office and see how many are democraps and government employees for decades. Don’t know s–t about businesses unless it is in their books when they check out to see if the project meets government approval. Stupid idoit and double damn dumb any where they are. Need to start neutoring generation welfare rats, and especially the sires of the offspring, might stiffen them up a little but they aren’t working anyway.

    • Pamela

      Ok, I can’t stand it anymore. The word is *idiot*, not *idoit*. I wanted so badly to follow that up with the correct word, but decided not to lower myself to your level.

  • Neutral

    The giant is to powerful..the sling shot we have to defeat him only has nerf balls to use in it. The average person can only complain while he is shafted. I would like to see some real plans to take the giant down. Stop the complaining, we all see the problems…what do we do…and I dont even want to hear about electing new crooks to office. The average person doesnt know what they are talking about, most believe their elected officials…these poeple are LIERS and they get away with it, when YOU lie to THEM you go to jail, unless your rich and pay your way out of it. We will all be screwed until our govt falls down broken and worthless.

    Lets see some plans of what to do about it…tired of seeing all the problems over an over…I get it! Someone show me what we can do about it…please!

  • Neutral

    Marion Barry was re-elected, So was Mayor Ray Nagan, Barney Frank..etc. People re elect these idiots, and we will never get anything done right while this continues.

  • Antonio

    Screw gold and silver and get guns and ammo while you still can. Prepare for martial law and don’t take any prisoners. “Yo prefiero morir de pie que vivir toda una vida arrodillados”– Emiliano Zapata

  • Angel

    WOW! Bob Livingston’s Commie Manifesto is here!

    All of the ingredients are here:
    * Who’s in charge? The evil corporations! “the elected elites aren’t concerned with the plight of the middle class. They cater to their corporate masters….”
    * Republicans “don’t mention cuts in corporate welfare.”
    * “The middle class is being destroyed”
    * Anti-free market claims such as “Food prices rise. Oil prices rise. Making ends meet becomes a fantasy. Credit cards are tapped to keep up. Home equity lines are tapped to keep up, and the debt piles on.”
    * Anti-US sentiment in foreign policy: “Federal subsidies go to foreign governments and foreign banks. Money goes to prop up dictators in foreign lands.”
    * A link to an article from ThinkProgress! Why not quote Marx and Engels too!!!

    Oh, my — Bob, welcome to the dark side.

    My work here is done.

    • Pamela

      Something about the truth got your undies in a wad?

      • JeffH


      • Angel

        Oh, I believe these comments are truthful. I’m just shocked Bob Livingston and the crowd here does as well! Well, I’m not sure what i41 is saying other than trying to insult me in 5 different ways.

        • Pamela

          Gotcha. Don’t feel too badly about that last sentence, though, I’m fairly certain i41 has no idea what he’s ranting about, either.

  • Barry

    With the Fed doing Quantitative Easing it almost does not matter what the posturing Congress Critters do or don’t do – the currency will simply lose all its value and what took several generations to destroy the Western Roman Empire’s economy and society will done here in less than a decade.

  • http://com i41

    Dennis a your a dork fish or what. Your niggaredly marxist muslim moron and his lap b–ches sure aren’t making a sqeak about speculation on commoditites of any type. Wheather food, metals, or especially crude oil. What sorry bastard of a mega hedge fund owner get the OK from dumbocraps. Why it none other than George Soros, the owner and boss of the marxist/communist democrat socialist party. So don’t expect Onumnutts and his mental midgets of the soros socialist union democrat party to make a peeep since it means even more sugar tit from the Nazi Traitor George and his open check book.

  • babybikerbabe

    I believe it costs the Fed about $265.00 to actually produce a million dollars – paper, ink and labor are all included.

    Now, for those of you who really like to read and learn, begin to traverse your way through Bank Regulations and the IRS Code. The relationship between the two become obvious. In the Tax Code it clearly explains that every single cent withheld from paychecks under FIT goes directly into the IRS’s V.I. accounts and flows right out to the IMF. This is the process established to service the interest on the debt.

    So, if all withheld tax is forwarded OUT, how does the US Government operate? Corporate taxes..which pay for the military, gasoline taxes… that pay for the roads… There is an income line that corresponds (practically to the exact dollar) to an expense line.

    Wake up everybody. Every entity pays it’s “Fair Share” and then some. Hell, the average, middle class taxpayer is getting hit for about $.65/dollar when it’s all said and done. Approx. 40% withheld and then all those “hidden” taxes like sales tax, gasoline, cigarettes, probate, use taxes and on and on. And there seems to be no end in sight, (big, BIG, sigh).

    Thomas Jefferson said about banks:

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    I say, “Amen!” to that and he also had this to say about them:

    The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

    But here’s the REAL TRUTH about DEMOCRACY:

    A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.

    Are we back to Spiritual Faith yet? Courage? Liberty? Unfortunately no. Definitely not Liberty….

    • JC

      Spot On!

      • babybikerbabe


  • JeffH

    I can only suggest tha “EVERYONE” start communicating or continue to communicate with you senators, congressional reps and directly with Boehner. Continue to send the message that enough is enough no matter whose in charge.
    Nobody’s job in Washington should be safe!

    Speaker Boehner –

    • JeffH

      …thought I would add that the midterm election results were not a “vote of confidence” for the Republicans but rather a vote against Obama and the Democrats. I am still whirling from the progressive John McCain’s re-election.

      • JC

        And Harry “the rat” Reid…I can’t believe he got his job back either.

        • Pamela

          The best thing about Harry Reid is that he’s old and he can’t live forever.

  • Conservative at Birth

    I read many of the posts of the totalitarian socialists that have a penchant for blogging their nonsense on this site. They choose to distort the facts and go on an on with rants about Bush etal. They do not understand what real freedom is and want none of us to have any at all. I suggest, that when the rioting and looting begins, and the have nots are at the door to take what they have been told is theirs, that they be prepared for the bloodshed that will surely take place. I choose to die a free man and not become their slave.

  • Bert Cundle

    Dark Horses Are Common Nowadays…Cdl. Mahoney Will be Pres!

  • BigBadJohn

    OLd Henry please chech your facts again:


    “We all are going to have to pay for the fiasco of 2001-2008″.

    The fiasco began at least as far back as 1933 and was ramped up in 1964 with the “Really Great Society”.

    Bushie’s biggest screw-up was Part D Medicare.

    Little Barry, the Kenyan, has doubled down on anything Bush thought of doing.

    Bush inherited a 100 billion deficit, when he left office it was 1.5 TRILLION — a 1500% increase!!!!

    Obama inherited a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit and has run it up to 1.8 trillion – That’s about a 20% increase

    That is a huge difference in who busted the budget!

    • Pamela

      Actually, Bush went into office with a $236 billion budget SURPLUS, so his increase is even higher.


      • JeffH

        Sorry Pamela, no surplus for Bush to start with. Close but no cigar. Not once during the Clinton Administration did the national debt go down, nor did Clinton leave President Bush with a budget surplus. The budget was almost balanced in FY2000, a $17.91 billion deficit, but Clinton’s last budget proposal for FY2001, which ended in September 2001, generated a $133.29 billion deficit. You can verify these figures by accessing the U.S. Treasury website.

    • awkingsley

      Great article! But, it needs a different call to action. Stop fiddling with structure, the tax system and insurance providers both included. That will not net large gains for the tax payer. Business taxes are just passed on the the tax payer, so they are incompetent as are high tax brackets for entrepreneurs because they are our job creators. The Tea Party and Republicans need to take on a Think Tank aspect for problem solving, reducing the size of the federal government instead of getting behind solutions like Fair Tax that will ultimately end up in a greater financial crisis for our country and a VAT tax. Congress called for specific budget cuts: The Tea Party needs to respond in kind. The Tea Party can solicit “Thinkers” to target budget reductions and to introduce bills on the state level that will impact our expensive systems, health care for instance. That will get Republicans the fiscal conservative vote in 2012. Otherwise, Republicans face continuing migration to the Libertarian Party, and the reason is this: A Republican congress helped to create our financial crisis by passing the strengthened CRA under Clinton, and it has never been repealed. CRA is still today a continuing drain on the banks and our tax dollars. Banks are still loaning money to under-qualified borrowers; banks still loan money to developing countries, and they rarely repay a loan. The Tea Party needs to plug the drain. Right now 2012 is anything but a slam dunk!

    • Jovianus

      We won’t even mention the fact that Pres. Obama wsn’t ever in Kenya until just before he attended harvad and the second time was in 2006. Nothing much one can do with ignorant people who have no interest in becoming informed and aware. I guess we just have to keep telling them the facts…and what they probably hear everyday multiple times a day ‘Supersize that for me please”.

  • Bert Cundle

    Bottom line: You Are Almost Right! Bush entered with a surplus left be Clinton. Yes Bush Through our nation in a tail spin. But O’Bomma is not fixing things! Our Government is Crazy, makes us look bad!

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      Outside of the obviously sticking keys errors, and grammatical faux pas’, I detect a touch of NEA sponsored, approved and delivered non-critical thinking. Bush 43 succeeded in pulling us out of a war caused financial tailspin when what has been the financial center of the world came both figuratively and literally crashing down. (Yes, my dear Horatio, the attack on the World Trade Center was an act of declared war, even if it was carried out by “Non-State Causal Agents” that we still give no credence to. [i.e.: If they were "White", we'd have no problem calling them white. If they were "Christian", we'd have no problem calling them Christian, et cetera.] Instead, we just stumble onward, willfully and blindly, into oblivion, pretending that which is, isn’t – and that which isn’t, is.)

  • GotSense

    It’s all happening because “The Corporation of the United States Of America” has been acting as a government since 1870, when “The Republic of The United States” was abandoned. A corporation cannot be a legal government. Only the “Republic of The United States of America” is our true legitimate goverment. Obama is the president of The Corporation not The Republic.

    • Carlucci

      GotSense – This is the first time I have ever seen the info you have shared on this blog. I have known this information for a long time.
      I just wish millions of others knew it as well.

      Has anyone ever wondered why the announcement goes: “Ladies & Gentlemen – the president of the United States”…..? Notice that the announcement does not include “of America”. It is because the United States is a private corporation – like General Electric is a private corporation. Like the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank, privately owned. Our lives are being destroyed by this evil corporation masquerading as government.

  • chuckb
  • Palin12

    I am happy to report today that Sen. Ensign of my home state of Nevada has announced he will not seek reelection in Nov.2012. I’d like to see our current Rep. Dean Heller take his seat. That Ensign is a louse and could even be looking at jail time.

  • Justin

    It proves how bad a democratic/republic system can be with so called checks and balances that exist like a mirage. The system was corrupt from the start. Hamilton knew the system was flawed and that is why he wanted only the noble with noble intentions to lead. Unfortunately most of the so called noble are corrupt or corruptable. This only proves we need a new system!!

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      And what would you suggest, Comrade Justin?

  • Shawn

    The solution is this…to shut down entire mental health system. Completely. That alone is sucking money like crazy from tax-payers. The mental hospitals, doctors, medications, everything. That’s the answer for the deficit. Also, shutting down Planned Parenthood, obviously.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      Yes! Just like the ACLU and Mental Health “Advocates” forced Ronald Reagan to do when he was governor of California. Look at all of the government jobs that created in caring for the homeless – “Fool!” (A little “Mr. T” lingo there.)

  • Tom

    The more I learn the less I know.
    Someone please point out to me where, in the Constitution,does it designate an individuals’ “FAIR SHARE” of ANYGODD@#$THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am also having trouble finding the LAW that compels me to pay individual income tax simply because I was born in Maine and not Quebec!?!? The congressional thieves and liars CANNOT write a law that trumps the Constitution. So isn’t a “law” compelling us to pay UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Social Security withholding is VOLUNTARY! Don’t Believe? Research it. The federal government (our enemy) is bluffing our entire population! We will NEVER get anything changed because the only majority we can use is the 100% variety, and we all know that won’t happen.

    • BigBadJohn

      Social Security withholding is VOLUNTARY! Don’t Believe? Research it. The federal government (our enemy) is bluffing our entire population!

      Q: Did FDR promise that Social Security would be voluntary? Did Democrats end tax deductions for Social Security withholding?

      A: Social Security has never been voluntary and taxes paid to support it have never been deductible from federal income taxes. A widely e-mailed “history lesson” gets nearly all its facts wrong.

      I did some research and the common thread is simply put – you are wrong.

      Do some research for yourself, and do not use that internet chain mail that you quoted…..

  • jopa

    Pamela you were right on the money with your $236 billion surplus so don’t let that Jeffy guy distort the facts.If he posts links for you to go to be careful and watch for viruses and phony stats.

    • JeffH

      When a liberal can’t find a sin conservatives have committed to attack, then invent one.

    • BigBadJohn

      Please check your facts.

      Go to the treasury site and subtract each years national debt.
      Clinton never reversed the course of the national debt. Did he make grand posturing about a surplus – sure but the only thing he did was to make a payment against the annual interest accrued. He was the only president in thirty years to do even that. However, THE DEBT STILL WENT UP!

  • Stan Smith

    So The Libtards Thinks all corporations are evil?? They should be Taxed to death! I think US companies at overseas that want cheap labor they should be taxed more, US companies that stays in US that didn’t take taxpayers bailout should get tax breaks, as long they don’t cheat the system and hire Illegals! So If I wanted to start a business Let’s say my business going to be electronics Making TV’s, Home theater system, Blu-Ray/DVD players, computers and my Product is 100% made in the USA! and Union free so my products will be cheaper, So if I have to start a business, I have to build my first factory in some state that has lower business tax, not over regulated, cost of living is cheaper so I can pay my employee’s better, So when I want to build a factory you have to battle the ass clowns of the EPA, and city & state will try to screw you of getting permits That cost money in legal battles. Okay after I got it settled, Factory has been built and I’m competing with other top companies building best electronics well built not cheap made like made in China, In order to give my business a good publicity I give away fist 100 items TV’s, computers ect. To the public to test my products and give a feed back, If my products became a hit and got good reviews from consumer report and C-net ect and people wanted to buy my top made product at cheaper cost, I wouldn’t able to pay my workers that much and give decent medical and pension because my company is just been born, So when people buy more of my products my sales have increased more and more, I would have to expand my factory and I can hire more workers and pay my workers more & better benefits due to my sales have sky rocketed, flash forward few years later My business is going strong and growing my company is now worth lets say 500 million plus, I pay my employee’s even more with even more better benefits, again few years later there is a huge demand from European & Asian consumers because they want my well made well built products so I would have to open a factory in some european country that has lower corporate tax rate and same for asia, So I would have 3 factories 1 in US, 1 in europe & 1 in asia! so Few years later I become a multi billionaire and my company doesn’t offer stocks, So to the Libtards eyes I be a evil wealthy corporate elite, and they want to tax me to death for their Libtards social programs and Repubes project, because the govt spending money like teenager on mommy and daddys credit cards, so they expect me to pay more taxes for their recklessness?? plus the govt would cost me more money to pay my employee’s medical insurance because we cant buy insurance over the state lines to give employee’s better coverage at cheaper cost! So the Libtards will hate me because I’m super Rich, I should pay more taxes, It cost more money to run a business!
    Govt: Sorry Mr. American made electronics we ran out of money we need to tax you more 3 times more we don’t know how to handle money we are Crack Addict wanting more!
    Mr. American made electronics: So Mr. govt you want to tax me more because of your F ups?? so I have to make big cut backs meaning letting more employee’s go to pay your Crack Tax or I can raise my prices that would ruin my sales to ruin me??
    Govt: sorry thats the way it goes
    Mr. American made electronics: Okay Mr. Govt You cost the americans jobs because of your greed I have no choice to move north or south of the border or somewhere else!

    • Pamela

      From one extreme to the other. The fact is that most, if not all, large corporations don’t fit your scenario…and for the rest of this reply I mean *most*. They don’t give a flip about their employees OR their customers. They will endanger their employees with toxic chemicals and workplaces, put them in danger doing their jobs and screw them when they get sick or hurt. You’re a machine to them and when you need maintenance, they’ll drop kick you to the next universe rather than wait for your maintenance to be complete. They’re all about greed, greed and GREED. They close employment here and open it in other countries for one reason only….greed. They have zero allegiance to this country or its people. Corporations are the most psychotic entities on earth. If individual people behaved as most big corporations do, they would be incarcerated in units built for the criminally insane. That’s not my opinion, it’s a clinical assessment done by degreed professionals. So basically, you’d like to spare the very VERY few *not as evil* corporations actually having to pay a reasonable amount of taxes so that the vast majority can continue riding the gravy train?

      You can go ahead and try to make your sweetheart scenario fit the three dimensional world if you like, but you’re only fooling yourself.

  • Pete


    A very thought provoking article !

    Now Bob, I reckon them Congressmen and Senators are just in some type of “loop” in the way they think. They think that America is a rich, productive country ! That’s where they are wrong.

    On a personal note I’ve been unemployed for the past 4 years, I’ve been paying out and living on my credit cards, unemployment and my cashed in IRA.

    Guess what happen this month ? I RAN OUT OF MONEY !!! I haven’t declared bankruptcy yet …

    I figured if I had declared bankruptcy back when I was laid off I could have had saved over $20,000 by now. But I was in a mental loop, like Congress and the Senate, thinking I could pay off my $30,000 worth of high interest debt even though I wasn’t producing nothing !!

    Now I’m facing bankruptcy – or hopefully massive write-offs…

    I found out I’m not worth $15/hr … I was holding out for a good job that paid even just $12/hr … Most Americans think the same way. I’m just worth minimum wage (or lower) … Most Americans are just worth minimum wage (or lower) …..

    That includes most of you people on this site, you ain’t even worth $5/hr !!!!

    We got to say good bye to all the programs because we can’t afford them anymore, it’s as simple as that. We can’t afford the taxes because WE HAVE TO EAT and SUPPORT OURSELVES. A few dollars can make all the difference between eating or going without food, or other necessities…

    Now I know I’m worth minimum wage … this opens a whole bunch of prospects. Thank God for default and bankruptcy. It’s sure taken the burden off my back. The American People should do the same thing ….

  • Blevit

    Finally someone of respect speaks out about our completely two faced
    hypocritical government! I have said many times on this site the whole
    of congress,the elite,as called are actually no more posturing whores
    to the rich. In effect when elected by the people according to his
    platform,places his hand on the bible and swears to be true to GOD and
    country, then the very next day estends the very same hand to accept
    all the bribes from every lobbyist he can only means one of two things
    1.he/she has’t the brains to think/do the job he was hired for, and should be replaced. 2.he/she could not care less about one thing but
    anything/anybody but him/herself and should be replaced!

    If you have even a limited amount of brain cells what is it going to take to wake up and see that as long as they keep us divided thinking a democrat is better than a republican and vice vesa they are
    both heads of the same snake in the grass. If these two faced hypocrits do not perform to our expectations VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

  • Ghostwalker

    We don’t have a Republic and haven’t had one since 1871. We have a Legislative Democracy. The checks and balances existed in the Constitutional Republic ONLY.
    But then, many don’t know the difference and wrongly assume that what we had is what we have. Yet neither system is at fault.
    The fault lies with men and women who are refusing to correct the system by returning to a Constitutional Republic.
    Palin, Huckabee, Romney…ALL OF THEM want to try to fix “this system” rather than return to the system that worked and guarantee’s individual rights instead of Civil Rights. See the difference at

  • jopa

    Pete I think you are suffering from low self esteem, hold your head up and be proud to be an American in the greatest country in the world.Everyone has had low points in their lives and the majority have become successful with some imagination and hard work.If there is no work in your area perhaps it is time to look a little farther down the line.That’s enough I am starting to sound like Dear Abby.

  • rkz777

    I’ve always known that republicans and democrats are the same animal, its just their way of making most sheeple think there’s an alternative.
    If you are an American, one that believes in the U.S.Constitution and that the people are the government and not the socialist thugs in washington, then vote for someone that believes in the Constitution and will with the help of the few Americans left in this country, fight to put back those beliefs and the rights of the people. Think of your children not those who want everything we have, not the illegals who crawl under the fence and are handed what we have worked for, and don’t feel bashful to speak out, this is our country, not those socialist born in kenya types in washington, getting fat,rich and more arrogant.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    wiselady says:


    Jovianus, please explain how we are going to pay our huge, fast growing national debt, increased by Obama’s excessive spending. Surely you have an answer. And don’t ask the rich to pay more. You were given plenty of statistical data to show how much is already paid by the wealthy and in reading some of the given figures, they are correct. Medicare is broke because too many illegals count on it for their care since they pay nothing into it but manage to send thousands of dollars to their native country, especially Mexico. I see it every time I go to my bank! I prnounced your name in Spanish . It makes me very curious how hard you try to defend your views. You give no facts to support your opinions.

    Why is it not one liberal ever mentions the wild spending that has destroyed the value of the dollar? Investors are expecting the economy in Europe to improver faster than ours. Guess where they’re going to make their investments? Does anyone know the true value of the dollar? You need to know and I suggest you find out soon and start thinking on how we are going to pay our national debt.

  • Charles

    you wouldn`t believe in any one that tells the truth. You would
    rather listen to some one like the Huffington Post, New York Times
    or Al JAZERRA or even NPR. These people don`t know what the truth
    is. You might listen to JeffH, you might learn something. It seams
    like you enjoy a lie more than the truth.

  • Charles

    I want you to know, that I don`t have any hate toward you. I just
    think your crazyer than hell.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    In reality, the GOP House budget cuts are like petty cash compared to the trillions in deficits by BHO and his democraps!! As long as national security and defense, social security and other vital services continue, what’s wrong with shutting down the government?? In fact, if the government needs to shut down until 1/20/2012 (hopefully the end of this error!!), then good, let it be!! It would be great to shut down the EPA and many other regulatory agencies that only stifle our economy. The GOP can campaign on it in 2012, and make it clear to voters that America can no longer afford the democraps’ big government and out of control spending!! It’s also frustrating that so many democraps lie by saying conservatives/republicans want people to starve, and many republicans are too timid to stand up and refute the democraps’ lies!!

  • jopa

    Charles;Hate is a very strong word and if I hear the grandkids using it I will discipline them and teach them some powerful words such as please, thank you, and may I.It is surprising how well they receive the criticism and take the advice.This blog is not a hate site but a place where you can speak your mind and hear what others have to say.If everyone here agreed with me it would be so boring and you could color me gone.I disagree with most of what Jeffh says because he has a tendency to exaggerate and make plenty of false and misleading statements.Then he gets into this copy and paste mode and tries to pass it off as though it was some masterpiece he thought of.All the name calling and negative remarks are just fine with me because it let’s me know I am being read and not always received with high fives and not everyone agrees,If they did agree with me and I agreed with everything they said it would be pointless to be here.

    • JeffH

      jopa says, “I disagree with most of what Jeffh says because he has a tendency to exaggerate and make plenty of false and misleading statements.Then he gets into this copy and paste mode and tries to pass it off as though it was some masterpiece he thought of”

      You really go out of your way with your attempts to discredit möi and others you can agree with, but all you’ve accomplished is discrediting yourself with your childishness. Try learning from your mistakes rather than continuing on with your misdirected and jealous diatribe.

      1. You disagree because you are a liberal and don’t like it when you are proven wrong and faced with facts.
      2. Copy & paste…yes and that is why I leave a link to the articles. I educate myself when I research and prefer to pass that information on so others can do the same.

      “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”!

  • jopa

    Jeffh: I never did try and discredit Mo whoever he may be and I would never discredit others that agree with me.Being childish.I never say stuff like Baaaaaaa and the other goofiness you get involved in.But that’s OK there is plenty of room in cyberspace.It does show you have some sense of humor and that is important.If I ever get to a dude ranch I will try your horse and water trick.I bet I can make him drink.

    • JeffH

      Would you by any chance be eddie’s spouse?
      I ,too, don’t know who Mo is either…try möi instead.

      I do apologise for my “Freudian slip”. What I intended to say was “others you don’t agee with” rather than ” others you can agree with”. My error!

  • jopa

    Jeffh:Nope not Eddies spouse I still live with my wife,but that guy you moved in with is that really your brother??And you are no Freud and I have been telling you all along you are in error so your apology will be accepted in this very important truce.Thank you for finally seeing it my way.I know we are livimg in difficult times but if you need answers just contact me and I will keep you up to date.Wishing you the best your new BFF.

  • JeffH

    Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh!” he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?” “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” ~A.A. Milne

  • jopa

    JeffhYou are one gross dude yuk.I would rather you keep your chosen life style more to yourself.Not a gay basher but that’s too much info.

    • JeffH

      C’est la vie

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Angie: It would be wise to look at your own grammar when disparaging another person’s ability to write. That person just might be highly intelligent who can’t spell.

    My brother-in-law has a P.h.d but writes run on sentences and my wife is also genius level and is constantly asking me how to spell a word.
    What is important is what the person has to say and respect their right to say it whether you do or do not agree with them.


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