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December 2, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TIME

    OMG ~~~~ Thank YOU for posting this flim clip!

    This is what I have been saying for years, people are being trained like Pavlov’s dogs to act like mindless pigs.

    The Fact that Christmas is on December 25th; a Roman Pagan Holiday is an outrage. Christ was born in the Spring so why do we follow a Roman Pegan holiday as being the birth of Christ?

    Why do people act nice but for one single day of the year.
    Then act like pigs for the other 364 days out of the year??????

    Why is it our school produce mindless zombies all alike with their pants falling off, caps twisted to the side like persons who can’t grasp the most basic idea that a cap keeps the sun out of your eyes, not your ear.

    Look at how many idoits are driving down the road with their heads stuck to a cell phone.. Strange they don’t look like they are working a business deal, more like talking to their bubbas about nothing at all, and this is not just in the South, its all over the US.

    The other day I was at the Food store with my wife as we picked up what we needed a Mega Phat ass was talking so loudly on her brand new Blackberry that not a single soul in the store didn’t know she had sex with a guy from down the hood, and she was picking up some Lobster for a Hot date with some other guy.
    Nor that she was leaving her 5 kids with her MOMMA while she got a good humping in just two hours; ~ Girl she was going get a big Phat one all down inside her. Really, is that what anyone wants to hear about?

    Yes thats right, so we all be knowing ~ what she be doing; as per her loud voice.

    When we were on our way out she was still yacking at the top of her lungs, while popping out the old EBT card.
    Then she walked out to the parking lot and got in her brand new Lexus.

    HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Whats wrong with this picture??????????????

    I can’t believe how stupid and mindless the US population has become. Whats even more insaine; ~ These people VOTE!

    • http://comcast.NET 5224wd

      Whats wrong with this picture? Very informative ,Society (us people,” Americans”) reduced to animal behaivor,Its not a Trend its the End,Oh and by the way you can train “A”animalperson to vote Any way you Want,you simply supply them with the foodinformation and they will be your animalperson slave.We will listen to our Trainers and do whatever .We become slaves to our masters,we donot even realize that we know longer have free will,we have no consciness,we have no choice,we are animalpersons,WE HAVE BEEN TRAINED,Protect the master beg ,borrow, steal,Kill,hate your neighbor,hate the founders of the USA(especially their God and his food)Animalpersons obey their trainer,WE ARE THEIR SLAVES.Slaves@Animals have no choice,we must submit to our masters,eat the food they want us to have,, Take Vaccinations,. yada yada yada ARE WE TRAINED,DON’T FOOL YOURSELF TAKE THE TEST,”BITE THE MASTER IF YOU DARE “yawrah

    • http://none Mike

      Time, I had tears in my eyes watchin this. Its so sad that we have become this way. Our beginnge were humble but that humility is gone now. In the past this was the season of giveing its become the season of consumeing. You are right in this being a roman pagen holliday. And it looks to me with this video thats what it has become.Soon we must band together all of us who remain sane that is. And help each other as much as we can. For if not we may all completely fall. Mike L.



    • leofa

      Time, the insanity is that they turn election day into a marathon tour. These communist cronies (in the name of “social justice” go on a chartered bus (compliments of ACORN) from poll to poll giving their choice of candidates an extra boost by using names of deceased voters to cast additional votes.

    • Rick

      Dear Time,

      Historical records show that Jesus Christ was born not in the spring but sometime in the autumn, probably no later than Oct. 15, exactly 6 months after His cousin John the Baptist was born. His birth probably coincided with the Biblical observance of the Feast of Tabernacles. Yes, Xmas is a mindless, senseless pagan holiday during the time of the Roman Brumalia and Saturnalia. Both of these pagan holidays honor Baal the sun god. The nation of the U.S. and all the other Anglo-Saxons in the world (the modern descendants of ancient Israel) have forgotten God and His laws. God ALREADY blessed America. Our lack of gratitude, snubbing God and our mountain of sins will bring about our coming destruction sooner than you think. The orelude to that time is already happening right before our eyes!

    • Isaac Unglaub

      The things that will destroy America are:
      prosperity-at-any- price,
      safety-first instead of duty-first,
      the love of soft living,
      and the get-rich-quick theory of life.
      Teddy Roosevelt, 1910


      Yep, Time, . . That’s right !!! . . . That’s who elected Obama ! . . . Along with the DEFRAUDERS and USURPERS !!! . . .

    • Don Ira

      As Christians why do we use the phrases “OMG” or “Oh My God?” Aren’t they in violation of the 3rd Commandment?

  • “JAVOPE”

    They are not just deliberately dumbing down the students in our schools they are profiling them to the max. My son told me they wanted him to write an auto biography in order to keep his grades. The assignment page that was given to him is not an outline of how to compose an auto biography, it is most certainly a profile questionnaire, they asks for such detailed information that it looks more like a case investigation of a social services witch hunt.

    We are in serious trouble in America today and it is not just money. It is like the video clip said we are a lost society. What we need more of right now is one on one education of how the few evil minded people with money are creating rifs in order to get more control of the masses.

    The liberals in control want to redistribute the wealth, but what the give me’s don’t understand and don’t really care about as long as they get something, is that it is not the wealth of the liberals who are in control they want to redistribute. If it was they wouldn’t be so quick to do so for sure.

    When I was a kid I remember our family having to go on welfare every winter because the ground would freeze and my father was a pipe fitter. I will also never forget that he would not take it for free, he would either dig graves at the city cemetery or work on the city trash trucks, because he would not except it for doing nothing.
    Today I thank God I had a father like that.

    I have a friend who I over heard talking to his son. His statement was “hay DUDE what do you think you are doing with that thing.”
    His son has been in and out of Juvenal hall with all kinds of problems with discipline.

    Don’t just talk about this stuff on the internet take on the challenge to mentor your friends or neighbors in how to love and care for one another.

    I am sure someone is going to tell me to mind my own business because that is what got our country in this mess in the first place. How many of you even know the names of the people who live next to you.

    No more time for this I hope you all live long and prosper.

    God bless our great country and all that is in it.

    Just another visitor on planet earth.

  • linda

    “The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing.” Ps 33:10. May His kingdom, for those in whose hearts His good and perfect law is written, be established very soon. He is our only hope!

  • george

    We are seeing the results of the takeover of America that exploded with JFK’s death and the takeover by LBJ and the powers that be. This was the day they drove America down starting with the escalation of the Viet Nam War which split America in two This provided the arena in which those forces could start the snow ball rolling that has created the avalanche today The Civil Rights Act of 1965 was one of the many the perfect weapon to initate this take over. First it destroyed the basic principal on which this country was founded “all men are created equal” literally it became “all men are the same” With this law the rights of the Majority became NULL AND VOID In the late 50′s Nikita Kruschev declared America would be destroyed through Its schools and children The first issue attacked by the Civil Rights Act was our education system It destroyed a World Class education system based on the success of the majority to a failed education system based on the success of the minority the results are obvious. This set off innumerable laws that have destroyed our work ethic. the rights associated with propery ownership. our rights to the pursuit of happiness. A system that rewards losers, deadbeats, drug addicts, Crackhead moms, moms with Crackhead children “who’s the father ???”, just to name a few. This same system proceeds to penalize and punish the hard working Americans who beieve in the America we once knew. Other destructive measures: Take the values, attitudes, beliefs, ethics etc of those in the bottom of the social, economic, and education levels put them on pedestals to emulate and what did we get? The destruction of the White Race who founded Our country. Movies, television, the news media, TV commercials are constantly making Whites appear stupid, dumb, etc. and the Blacks smarter, prettier etc. Also: The breakdown of the family. Greed. Matrialism. Bankrupcy of every American. Government control, Massive welfare states. And finally a Communist, Nazi, Traitor President who is selling us out to HIS Middle East Muslim leaders, Iran, North Korea, Red China. Who has/is betraying our country,our laws and Constition, and the American People. The list goes on and on Its time the Majority take back OUR RIGHTS AND OUR COUNTRY

    • GenEarly

      George, While you do tell the Truth about the programs implemented by the Federal Government to destroy The Constitution and The Republic; It is Fatal to Generalize to all people of a race or group. The Key is the Individual and the God Given Rights of the Individual. I will support and defend any Individual,regardless of race or group, who supports The Constitution against any group that is destroying our freedoms, like the Obamanation,most democrats,socialist-progressives and their cousins, the marxist-communists.

  • Joanna

    Thank you for the video!
    That is what I wrote 16 hours ago to my friend as we were talking and speculating about the Wikileaks…
    and it also apply to be my response here:

    …”Me thinks :) there are HUGE money behind the Wikileaks owner/founder and a person or persons have a great interest to make a lot of chaos, divide the nation, push whatever bills they want, scare te society into a corner and than slowly throw a “bone” here and there to appear all carring and patriotic…
    their work is very easy…and I do not mean to offend anyone and I am sorry to say, but the fact in the matter is : our young generation is poorly educated, 25% people are reading on a 4th grade level…60 million are on some type of government support (welfare)…our society in general lost its dignity and pride…EVERYTHING is about the mighty $$$$…our families are not existing…there is no values and no virtue…
    no wonder our government does what they please, selling us and our Country!!!
    people are not interested in what is going on…what my representative is doing …how my community will benefit from this bill, or that policy…how our school will be affected…hell…ask an average person on a street if they know who their Senators are!!!…
    but they know all about movie stars, and some shows..taping it…arguing about Oscar night gowns, and following marriages/divorces of rich and famous….and some other rubbish I am sure I can’t even think about…
    you are right !!! with all this prepared brainless people, we have something strange going on…and I am almost too scared to speculate…
    sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes…I am way too upset to even think straight”

    God Bless America…
    and God…? be in all giving mood as we need a LOADS of YOUR BLESSINGS!!!

  • http://none Mike

    Welcome to the last days of Rome.We are ripe for the fall now. We have become our own worst enemy and our politicians know this. Nero (obama) is fiddling away in the whitehouse while his country burns around him and he dosent care. They think as the eliet they will still be here to pick up the pices when the great riots start.What they fail to realise is once the anarchy starts it will sweep all before it away. They have us exactly where they want us and many dont even realise it now. We have torn god from all the schools. Mega churches are willing wards of the state.We have crowned him with thorns by removeing all mention of him from our goverment. We beat down his body as we wallow in our filth(our body is a temple we were supposed to keep it clean)We rush to the next big thing just as fast as we can go. No matter that god lies in the ditch as we pass him by. For what you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me. We have lost all respect even of ourselves.We respect only the idols that we have made for ourselves(Wal-Mart Target and all of the malls)What the meaning of christmas was. Was lost long ago in a tinsel coverd tree all decorated with snow.We have become slothful and slow and read not his words that were taught long ago.May god have mercy on us if we really deserve it. And may I suggest to you all that insted of the next big thing this year. That we all go out into our communities this year and find a family that may not have a christmas this year. And find it in our hearts to give this family a meal and warm clothes if they need them. When you see the look on their faces you might be supprised in your heart. That you just recived the greatest gift of all peace in your heart. With love and warmest wishes for all this holiday season Mike L.

    • Leticia

      I was almost in tears when I read Mike’s post of Dec 2nd at 8:25pm! It’s so true about what’s going on and people just don’t know and don’t care! Even family and friends you are trying to warn just laugh at you like your crazy or something! It’s unbelievable! My eyes have been finally opening the last couple of years and it’s amazing how corrupt things are happening all around and right under our noses and nobody cares! My heart aches for those people who don’t listen and are just not preparing for things that will definitely be coming our way. God help us all… God help us all!

    • photo lady

      If you look through the Bible & throughout history, you will see examples of societies that have had calamities, destruction, fire and brimstone, being carried away by invading armies, etc. as God tries to teach them lessons, but they refuse to learn. God sent prophets to warn people that destruction was coming, (Noah, Jonah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel) but they partied on. As long as they had food on the table and could do business in the marketplace, they didn’t care what the future held. Every example in the Bible before destruction came showed a wealthy society. As parents like to give beautiful presents to their kids and bless them with abundance, so God likes to do that to his kids too. However, his kids get arrogant and think everything they have came from their own hands and they take for granted the prosperity around them. When we as a society fail to acknowledge God’s hand in blessing our great country, he has to remind us who is really in charge. So he gives us up to our rebellious ways and takes his hand of blessing off of us. Look at what has been happening in just the last 10 years with 9-11, Katrina, the stock market crash of 2008 wiping out wealth, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, raging forest fires, the mortgage lending crisis, people losing their homes and jobs, banks going under, our dollar devaluing, and the USA becoming a laughing stock around the world with an incompetent leader in charge. God is disciplining us for arrogance, pride, rebellion, being unloving to him and to others. How do we react? This video says it all. We have all become swine, trampling each other down to buy material things that don’t last. Our government is on the verge of collapse with enormous, unsustainable debt and we party on as we all go down with the ship. God help us to see our individual and national sins and turn our hearts and lives back to him. If we don’t disaster is certainly on the way.



  • John

    Truly a profound and sad statement of where we are as a society, by human standards it seems obvious that we are doomed. Most of us have been apathetic at least, and probably need a severe shock to our “systems” of thought and “training” to reset the truly important. That it’s not the “stuff” which brings peace and contentment, it’s not living in luxury which brings meaning to life, but it’s our relationships with the people around us, based on unconditional love and giving of ourselves. However this does not come naturally to us humans, we need to be completed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and be intentionally pursuing truth.
    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    Know Jesus, know peace.
    No Jesus, no peace.

  • Sandy

    If only we could put this film where everyone could see it, then maybe it would make a difference. It made a difference in how I look at todays
    way of living. Thank you so much for this film, and may God Bless our America.

  • Ginny

    “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” Charlotte Iserbyte. This book explains it all. I voted other in the 2008 election. I wish everyone else would have. There is no difference between democrats or republicans. They are all puppets serving the “Elite”.

  • Gman12

    There should be 100,000 responses to this message. Mine is number 14. Evidence of the accuracy of this video. I’m appalled!!!

  • Leticia


  • http://msn ellen h.uttel

    it would seem to me that you all seem to be part of the dumbing down of America. haven`t you seen the wealthy getting wealthier, while the poor are getting poorer?. is it not the corporations that ship the jobs overseas to take advantage of cheap labor?. if china gets to the standard of decent wages, the corporations will go to even yet cheaper labor. corporations are not an entity, they are strictly money making machines who only care about the investor. regardless of what party you favor, they are bought and paid for by the money machine. our young men and now women fight wars for the war machine, and we know that it`s mostly the poor who do that. money and power corrupts.

    • GenEarly

      So what’s your solution? The USA now will have the highest tax rate for corporations in Jan.2011. I know why corporations go overseas, TO SURVIVE! Soon, Individuals will be leaving for the same reason, TO SURVIVE! And what is the cause of the oppression? The Tyranny of The Federal Government. Apply the 10th Amendment for the first time in 100 years.Ever heard of it?

  • Lawrence Edward Calcut

    The Fluoride in the water did a good Job. They wanted us dumbed down and this video proves it worked just the way they said it would.
    Pity and sad.

  • http://FaceBook Tracy “Baby”

    I have been saying this to everyone that will listen. We as a Nation are doing down hill like a snowball headed for HELL! AMERICA is the greatest Nation on earth. Yet, we are allowing this to take place with out fighting back to Restore our Nation that our Founding Fathers placed for us to live and have the freedom that NO other Nation has. We as a Nation have fought with in our own Nation to make sure that all American’s has the same Freedom. The statement “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin. It is clear:, people seek out safety and security when they are in a state of fear, and it is the result of this psychological state that often leads to the surrender of liberty. This wait-and-see attitude in Washington, and the promised reassessment of what American is to do next leads to to just what we see on this video! We The People have to send a message to Washington that this is NOT the Nation in which MOST if not ALL Americans want to live in. We all live in a post 9-11 America where our government is going to make us safe no matter what it takes. We are expected to grin and bear it and adjust to every loss of our liberties in the name of patriotism and security to which all Americans know this is BS! more Americans are now becoming concerned about civil liberties being needlessly and dangerously sacrificed. Our enemies say boo, and we jump, we panic, and then we punish ourselves by allowing our Government to take our rights away! This MUST stop! We must first fix our own Nation before trying to fix the rest of the World. Our Nation is falling apart, Yet we allow OUR Government to send and spend our money out side of our Country. We must bring our Troops home and have them here to help put a stop to the over the top crime that runs our streets and spend our money on our future. We do not need one thing from any other Country and that is a FACT people. We The People must put a stop to this over spending Government of ours, put Congress on a part time job, and take away their over paid pay checks. We need to place our Troops on our streets and stop the crime on people! Close and patrol our borders by all means possible! We need to make our Government do what it has not done in years, and that is work for the PEOPLE OF AMERICA!! The people you see in this video are just sick! They are so use to the Government and America giving away free stuff for so long! These Black Fridays must stop! When a Human will run over another person to get a so called deal with no regaurd is just SICK! This all comes from America giving and taking care of LAZY people!! Wellfare, Food Stamps, Sec.8 houses and Unemployment Benefits needs to be done away with! I feel bad for the hard workers that now, due to our own Government have NO jobs and have to have it, But I’m talking about those that have been on Government give away crap for their whole life!! This MUST stop! President Obama wants to turn American into a Socialists Nation, Are you going to allow this or Stand and fight? Why give to lazy people and Take from Hard working People?..What do you think Welfare is? We so need welfare reform!Only..We can change all this, and WE need to do it Now! There is so much wrong with our Nation, But Nothing..I mean Nothing that can not be fixed! Pray people, and keep our Nation just what it should and can be changed back to!..ONE NATION UNDER GOD!..God Bless ;-)

  • Fear GOD, not man!-James White

    I know this is so true, by the evidence we see every day! BUT, here’s my suggestion- get on your knees, ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart, forgive you of your sins and be born again! Because one day, before we know it, the Trumpet WILL sound and Jesus will decend from the Heavens to receive His Bride (the believers that are truly saved in Christ Jesus). The dead will rise first, and those of us that are still living will be taken up and meet Jesus in the sky to go to Heaven before the tribulation, the most HORRIBLE seven years ever on this planet, before Jesus’s second return, where He will reclaim His Kingdom and satan and ALL his demons and those that are not saved, will be cast into HELL, the lake of fire and brimstone, where they will suffer for ALL OF ETERNITY!!!! The question is, ARE YOU READY???? Thank my Lord Jesus I am!!! It WILL BE THE MOST GLORIOUS DAY WHEN I SEE JESUS FACE TO FACE!!!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Thank you for making & posting this video…all Americans need to see it. Though there are many who are to far down the road of evil and numb to feel it…many of us are still able to understand what this means.

    Only an aware public can make the changes needed to fix this great nation. Far to many posts already on various topics cover this so I’ll not revisit them here.

    Remember God. Keep him close in your heart as you move through life. He is ever there in all our lives…even if you close yourself to him he is still there. This holiday season, introduce yourself to a neighbor you don’t know. Spread good cheer and happiness where you can and carry this attitude into the next year.

    It is appalling what we have let the “Elites” do to us. America is sooo much more than what they have allowed them to reduce us to. Become aware of who the money masters, the shadow masters, the Bilderbergs are…as they have been working on their Agenda for a very long time.

    Know thy Enemy. The two greatest are Islam and the New World Order. A return to commmon sense, to the Constitution, and to God is what can save our great Nation.

    God Bless America and all her People.

  • Christin

    Wow, the video is an absolute shocker to me. I did not know so many people go so balistic for “stuff” on sale. I do a little shopping for Christmas earlier on as I do not want to be in the crowds and traffic… so I miss much of these scenes.

    I remember telling my spouse many years ago that I didn’t want to rush out to the malls just to buy stuff to have under the tree, after all… it isn’t our birthday we are celebrating. If we need some things (ie. clothes, pans, or a new pillow…) then let’s get it, other wise let’s get what we need through out the year and just feel blessed to relax and enjoy our family during Christmas vacation. It is a time to hear from God, be thankful for His provisions, ask for forgiveness where we fail Him, and a time to draw near to Him. It is Jesus who is the reason for the season.

    I enjoyed reading all your posts and appreciate your listing the (horrendous) video of our Lost Society, Bob… I will forward it on so others can reflect and check to make sure they are in the right Spirit of the season… Jesus Christ, our Savior.

    May your hearts be filled with God’s pure joy…
    your gatherings with laughter;
    May your home be warmed with His great love…
    at CHRISTmas and long after.

    Have a wonderful celebration of Our Beautiful Savior!

    Luke 2:11 “For unto you is born… a Savior”

    Merry Christmas all.

  • DJ

    Maybe the discount big box stores should have also had CLUES on sale. Heaven knows those shoppers need one each.

  • CptFreakout

    No one will mention one of the real reasons business goes over seas the sad truth is our work ethic sucks quality in an American product get real not gonna happen, also Americans are really far too stupid to do any job more complex than flipping burgers.
    Lets be honest how many “Therapists” do we need ? or how many teachers have B.S degrees in child psych and development but have no mastery in the subjects they teach go on ask any history teacher if they are an historian the same goes for math and science.
    Now take a look at how many Dr’s and engineers are foreign born.
    I have no sympathy for our country it got what it deserves.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

      Hey therapists are puppets of the government also they give free “advise” to the fing no good lazy welfare recepiants while the pyscholgists give out the drugs like zanax so they can have a buzz off of their methadone, what can we do to stop it, the fing liberals are not going away unless something really radicial is done to those clowns in the white house

  • s c

    In effect (whether or not we live in the real world), the American people work for government employees [members of Congress]. They DO NOT work for us.
    If some of you can grasp the true significance of that fact, perhaps you can band together with other realists and do your best to keep career criminals [POLITICIANS] O U T of Washington.
    If you don’t give a damn, keep on doing whatever you’re doing now. Please bear in mind that when and if the rest of our constitutional rights are taken away, we [the American people] RESERVE the right to hold you in utter contempt. And, never forget that NO politician can take away the 1st or 2nd amendment(s).

  • Jill

    Hell ya I was there and it was great. We (my line) acted like humans. I got a laptop and a big screen t.v. for less money then I would have if I paid full Price. I saw no fights or yelling. I heard some. But this account is ridiculous. I watch my money and am very thrifty and this report will NOT make me feel guilty for saving some HARD earned money. On the other hand if the author, director, video producer, whatever he is called, would like to throw some cash my way so I do not have to go at 11:00 p.m and stay til 6:00 a.m. Then please I will give you my number in the mean time, shut – Up.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

      You are totally clueless you poor soul

    • frankin8tor

      Did you get what you “needed” at the mall or stores you waited in line for that night? GOD, food, security etc.. Cannot eat your tv set nor your cash in your wallet when materialism and thrift are all you have left. Not judging, just finally woke up and took a deep look at what my “needs” are. God is most important.

  • Bob W.

    This is the beginning of a very slippery slope we balance ourselves on. I would ask what must we as a people do to stop a corrupt Government, which by the way… knows exactly what they are doing. I know the answer it isn’t simple it is 2 fold. For some they have Awaken a SLEEPY GIANT, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! How can we remove these very Dangerous People when our Government watches every move we make? It’s our duty as a Free Society to throw the Bums Out!!!! There enlies the problem, we can only Vote every 2, 4 or 6 years respectively depending on which Branch of Government is up for re-election. With this delema before us how do we remove them from office? I and my friends are open to all realistic suggestions. Thak You…

  • Isaac Unglaub

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

  • val


  • Viktor Leben

    What’s wrong with Black Friday ! NOTHING ! It’s a tradition here in the USA !

    The WalMArt up here where I live was open 24 hours starting on Tursday all thru Friday -so I don’t think there was a stampede like in this video up here in CT… Is this footage from last year ?

    Merry Christmas to all ! I heard arguments that Jesus was born on December 25 – as much as I’ve heard arguments He wasn’t. SO I’m going to stick with celebrating now , I’m sure He won’t mind !!

    HO HO HO ! BUY SOME GOLD ! – that’s my advice… but also have a good time this XMAS — MERRY XMAS !!! The “X” is an ancient Greek abbreviation for Jesus !!

  • kathie

    Its not global climate change… its judgement. Read Deuteronomy 28:15 though the end of the chapter.

    • bebe

      very good point

  • Nader Shekarchi

    I say the more we blindly vote for the change that we know noting about, the more we rely on things that don’t change, meaning we’re repeating things, which is the sign of insanity as Einstein said it. They talk much about slavery ,while taking slave like nobamo as we speak. Finally, i say: F.UN, Corporate’s Slave’s Terrorists. Their Labor Dept. F. Islamic Terrorist Turks.

    • Nader Shekarchi

      I,Approve Of This Message.

  • Tempy

    EXCELLENT AWAKENING VIDEO!!! I must say, for all the hard work put ihto it, I forwarded in ‘Thx’ which, in others forwarding to their mailing lists and postings on FaceBook, it will receives MILLIONS of hits down the line. Meanwhile, pity me, for I am the only conservative living amongst liberals, in number, everyday of my life … Boy-o-boy do I catch it! But, through the strenght of God and my thirst for Truth, I’m a.o.k. in reward of inner peace. “Thank you, and keep up the good work”.

  • skai

    Thing like this would happen in any society,does not matter where you are on this planet.Basically we human are greedy lot. There is no way every one is going to behave same. worry about this

  • Debbie

    Our problem with society is that they are spoiled and rotten. In the ’50 we had honor and respect. People worked and our government was working for us. Now we work for the government, what is wrong with this picture is that the government is on a spending spree. We can’t run our homes on a deficit so why is it alright that our government do this. When was it acceptable that we give and give and our government officials vote in pay increases for themselves, take vacations on us and take trip and dinners on our expense. The unemployment isn’t 9%, you need to take into the numbers of how many people have lost their jobs in the past three years and then add it up, 33% or more is out of work. When we got incentive checks, where did that money come from? Our government was broke, so they gave something to China and we got money. $250.00 and we lost our national park system, was it worth it. We don’t own our ranches or farms anymore. Futures are sold and the product will go over seas. In forty years we went from number one in the world to the bottom of the barrel. Just wait because the worse is yet to come, and it’s going to get a lot worse. China will dump the worthless bonds they are holding and we will see a depression that no one has ever seen. I don’t think anyone has one iota what is going to happen, we need to open our eyes. Society is BLIND and SELF CENTERED

  • Roi – STO

    This person “”bit”” the master, got a free government sponsored vacation, because his legitimate real estate and consulting business was using blind trusts, which the “”gov’t”” watchdogs could not get control of, so they found ways to stop it. But, this person will not be controlled by unlawful government, maybe put away or done away with like they did with Schneider, but my mind, soul, spirit, belongs to God, and my service is to others. Roi – STO

  • Traci

    I will just say this…I have never, and I WILL never participate in a Black Friday shopping day. It’s ludicrous at best, dangerous or more at worst. When I view the videos of the people that “shop” like this, it’s obvious the quality of people that do these things – mindless greedy slaves to the hype and propaganda that is fed in our media all over the place on any given day, but primarily during the holidays. It has been cheapened beyond all belief, and I will never participate, as I said. My life has more value than that, and anyone who thinks they got a real “bargain” at these sales is pretty stupid. As soon as the day is over, either the prices go up, or the item is gone – until after the holidays are over. And then we discover that the “sale price” they received…is the normal price overall. These people need to be woken up. It won’t happen though. They need to feel like they got one over on others. Tsk!

  • Christallin

    Wow! We are truly in the last days. I did not go shopping on Black Friday myself. This is a powerful video. Would love to post on my Facebook page.

  • Ken

    Watching this video reminds me of the science fiction TV series AMC produced called “The Walking Dead.” Our country is on the brink of total collapse… morally and financially. We only care about the present and never plan for the future. Everyone thinks they are part of the Mensa Society, but the plain truth is they are sheep being led to the slaughter house.

    We live in a society of what I call IGM (I Got Mine) mindset. The USA is in trouble and all our enemies call smell the blood. Just keep buying products made in other countries. Can you say Walmart?

    The only redeeming factor and hope we can have is the last book in The Bible.

  • Marty

    This is really sad. You have all said everything I would say. It is just insane. There is far more in life worth having other than material things. Food, HOPE, FAITH, CHARITY…. Watch Glenn BECK… You don’t have to believe anything he says, just do your homework, research, go to the library, look up HISTORY… Search the Internet… You will be amazed…

    Everyone!!!! You ALL NEED TO WATCH GLENN BECK!!!!… Two years ago, Glenn Beck talked about these things happening. PLEASE, PLEASE, WATCH GLENN BECK…


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