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The Lucky Man

November 18, 2010 by  

The Lucky Man

The opening lines of Keith Koffler’s recent effort in Politico just missed the mark:

“President Barack Obama, fresh from his drubbing in the 2010 midterms, is trying to revive his fortunes by pursuing a path toward the middle.”

At least he got the “drubbing” part right. But Obama is about as likely to steer toward the so-called “middle” as Paul Krugman is to admit that Obamacare will require death panels. (Oops. Spoke too soon.)

Koffler’s piece, entitled “Freudian Slips May Haunt Obama” is actually a marginally astute examination of Barack Obama — Unplugged, and the routinely unfortunate circumstances he creates for his liberal accomplices through unscripted revelations of his true nature.

Koffler actually does a bit of a soft-shoe on Obama’s tendency toward verbal diarrhea. But his recounting of the lowlights of Obama’s lamentable tenure in the White House does spell out in black and white this revelation:

He may be shrewd, even clever; but Barack Obama is no more intellectually supercharged than Joe Biden’s hair plugs.

For all the port-side travelers who took such delight in mocking the brainpower of George W. Bush, chew on this: Obama is far from brilliant. He’s a manufactured genius, a fictional savior, cut from whole cloth. He’s a talking haircut, a speech-making savant. The liberally reviled Bush is a Jeffersonian polymath compared to this mendacious marionette.

Despite the best efforts of Obama’s handlers, his occasional ventures off script have not only required a universal liberal whitewash, they’ve also given us an unedited glimpse at the real Barack Obama.

This is the Alinsky-ite babbler who thinks that his political opponents are “enemies” whom he exhorts his liberal acolytes to fear far more than the illegal aliens, Islamofacists and outright communists he works so hard to appease.

He’s the lout who derides his fellow Americans who “cling to their guns and religion.” Of course, only reactionary psychopaths openly celebrate that pesky Bill of Rights.

He’s the “shovel-ready” leftist shaman who’s obviously as familiar with hard work as Charlie Rangel is with Jenny Craig.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, he encountered Samuel Joseph “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, to whom he proclaimed:

“I think when you spread the wealth around…it’s good for everybody.”

That’s Das Kapital for Dummies. Liberals reacted to the exchange by crucifying Wurzelbacker. Few noted that the economic battle of wits between Joe and Barack was like the New York Giants squaring off with the local junior high school… cheerleaders.

I could continue to recount examples of tragicomic ineptitude which has become the stock in trade for Obama, but I have to take the President’s advice and find a seat in “the back of the bus” with my “Slurpee.”

Koffler notes what he calls Obama’s “cool opaqueness” and suggested he might be an “elitist.” Obama is not opaque, he’s vacuous. Whether he’s calling the majority of Arizonans racist — and ratting them out to the United Nations like a 5-year-old tattling to mommy — or bowing down to some America-hating tin-pot, his actions suggest a nearly comprehensive lack of awareness.

And he’s no elitist. His gourmet meals with Oprah, plush sojourns to the Subcontinent and endless tee times may make us yearn for Bush’s brush-clearing misadventures; but his lavish lifestyle in the face of economic hard times for his constituents suggests he’s an elitist wannabe.

The Kennedys are elitists. Having personally trod the perfectly manicured grounds of their palatial Hyannis Port homestead, I can assure you that — despite their “people of the people” act — the Kennedys only allow folks like Obama through the gates to re-line the tennis courts and fish campaign volunteers out from under the bridge at Edgartown. Overtly public displays of excess are so gauche.

Let’s be honest; if Jack Ryan had kept his hands to himself (or been a Democrat, where that sort of behavior amongst Senators is acceptable), Obama would probably be helping ACORN teach Chi-town hookers how to qualify for Clintoncare.

Obama is part Chauncey Gardner in Being There — unintentionally blessed by incredible serendipity; and part Tom Grunick in Broadcast News — a creepy savant, able to regurgitate impressive talking points without seeming comprehension of their depth or consequence. He can mime emotional reaction, but only in the rote manner employed by Asperger’s sufferers.

But the White House is not a back lot at one of Obama’s Hollywood pals’ studios. And our national plight, clearly beyond the meager capabilities of our Commander-in-Chief, is no cinematic epic. Sadly, at the end of the Obama version of Being There, the clueless hero doesn’t walk on water — he falls in.

And we all drown.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://none Mike

    Ben, Hard hitting and I hope true. Can we be so lucky as to have people see this guy for what he really is. A shallow political hack whoes mouth sometimes outruns his brains.I hope so that enemies comment he made scares the hell out of me. Does he see anyone who disagrees with him as an enemy. If so he is far more dangerous than we are led to belive.Here’s hopeing 2012 is the end of the era of his style hope and change. Mike L.

    • who cares

      Would you frefer someone like bush who could not put two sentence together, little education? (chickenhawk) Guess what you all have a gift that keeps on given its name is sarah palin. the one who can see Russia from Alaska (50 plus miles a part)

      • http://naver samurai

        Is Obama bin Laden any better when he can’t write his own speeches, nor can he do anything without a teleprompter? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Ben Crystal

        Geography is evidently not a focus on MSNBC:

        Closest distance between the two: 2.4 miles. Thanks for playing; we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

        • http://none Mike

          Lol Thanks Mr. Crystal I hadent looked at responses to my comment yet on this one. My response to him would have been along the lines of his name. As in WHO Cares. Mike L.

      • BB

        It’s Obama who can’t put two sentences together. Ever see him without a teleprompter? I have. He’s a babbling idiot! Much worse than Bush.

      • UR Funny

        Considering the “I can see Russia from my front door” or “Back yard” was an actress, Tina Fey, in an SNL skit and NOT Sarah Palin.

        Considering Bush’s college records (which we actually have access to) show that he was a better student than both Albert Arnold Gore junior or John F. Kerry – you might think he’s an “idiot” – but he beat both of those geniuses.

        You just like to make things up as you go – don’t you?


          URFunny…what a name. Bush stole both of those elections… in Florida and Ohio… remember?

          • Carieanne

            As an Ohioan I assure you that the elections were not stolen. We gladly voted on Bush.

      • Tony S

        If you are open to a bit of minor constructive criticism, before criticizing Bush’s supposed inability to articulate his thoughts, consider running a spell and grammar check on your own missives.

        For example, while “frefer” doesn’t appear in Webster’s Dictionary, “prefer” does and is a perfect fit for your opening salvo. Also, “bush” is a proper noun, so it would normally be capitalized as would “sarah palin”.

        Where you refer to Bush not being able to put “two sentence” together, note that the normally accepted usage would be “two sentences” since “two” suggests plurality. Also, you might rework the end of the sentence. Instead of “little education”, which lacks an apparent object, you might try something like, “an obvious product of too little education.” That would amplify your thought in a clear, concise manner.

        In your next point, you are missing a subject to complete that pesky subject/verb relationship. I would use “I”, as in, “I guess”, but that’s just me. Also, you are missing a verb. I suggest “is” but take your time pondering that one. Since we are making the point that George Bush is inarticulate, we should take the time needed to fine tune our thesis. Finally, the phrase you used is normally expressed as, “a gift that keeps on giving” versus “a gift that keeps on given”. I’m sure you appreciate these subtle, but important nuances.

        As a further suggestion, make a stand alone sentence out of the comment about “sarah palin (sic)” for added emphasis. I’ll leave it up to you to deal with the lat part of that sentence by either using a comma to add dramatic emphasis or making an entirely new sentence out of it. You might also consider making it a parenthetical phrase to add a delicious little accent to your already inspired writing.

        Not to be too picky, but the end of your comment usefully reminds us that Alaska and Russia are, “50 miles a part”, which should, of course, be “50 miles apart”. I appreciate you may have been foisting a clever play on words suggesting that the Bering Strait “parted” like the Red Sea in the Bible, but I lack the intellectual capacity to fully appreciate literary jousting like them. However, keep in mind that Sarah may have been using hyperbole for oratorical emphasis.

        Otherwise, you did a commanding job of pointing out that George Bush is an illiterate buffoon. Bravo.

        • Carieanne

          I rarely appreciate it when someone argues grammar instead of the topic. I must say, in this case, “well done”. That is, of course, until your last statement. This makes a clear point if you are being sarcastic. Again, if that is the case, “well done”.


      MIKE, we will see another landside for our President in 2012 as the GOP will prove to the country they are inept at governing, and they have no clue what is going on. Now Boner wants to get rid of the ethics committee!

  • Dan az

    So Ben Tell us how you really feel! I for one think that was one of your best so far keep up the good fight!

    • JeffH

      Dan az, ya gotta like Ben’s style. Puts some real pizzaz into the read doesn’t he?

      • Al Sieber

        Yeah! he pretty much covered everything, good one Ben.

        • Dan az

          Hey Al
          This saturday the city of williams will be burying a young soldier at about 3:00 and whats going to happen is that there will be 2500 baptist protesting here.This city is preparing for the worst.It will be held at the elementary school because of the large turn out.This one is going to make the news big time.I think they forgot that this is a right to carry state and their signs can be considered as weapons.Its just down the street from me so stop by and we can go over together it should be intresting.

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, I have to work this Saturday, I have a new crew to teach and my son is coming here Sunday to work on my back hoe, he’s a diesel mechanic in Williams and just got a new apartment in Williams, somewhere. keep me posted.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            Sorry to hear that. Today we had a guy come in and posted notices all over town and he said that there will be 2000 bikers and vets coming in the morning.The news crews will be here tomorrow.They think this is like phoenix and they can get away with it.The entire town and all of the rest of the people are going to line the streets bearing flags and posters of there own.This is getting really interesting all of them are armed to the teeth.Ill let you know what happens tomorrow if you dont see it first on the news.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            Well it went off with out a hitch they came in with a van and left 15 minutes later.I guess the three thousand or so that lined the streets that where carrying side arms made them change their minds ya think!I met the head of a chapter of veterans that are going to every funeral to stop these wako’s they are a serious group that means business.I would like to see a article here on them and what they are doing because for the life of me I can not figure it out.

      • JC

        Side Note:

        Washington D.C. – Congressman Ron Paul last night introduced legislation designed to stop abusive TSA practices that treat American air travelers like criminal suspects. “Enough is enough” Congressman Paul declared in a speech before the House of Representatives earlier tonight. “We are supposed to sacrifice our liberty… I say that is wrong!” Paul stated.

        HR 6416, the “American Traveler Dignity Act,” will subject TSA personnel to the same laws ordinary Americans must obey. It establishes that airport security screeners are not immune from any US law regarding physical contact with another person, making images of another person, or causing physical harm through the use of radiation-emitting machinery on another person. It means they are subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

        To read the full text of Congressman Paul’s statement introducing the bill, click here:

        To watch Congressman Paul’s speech, click here:

        • Warrior

          Ron, you make just too much damn sense.

          • Marten

            Hello Warrior, I’d like a politician like Dr. Ron Paul in Canada…

        • http://none Mike

          Good for him. Hope he gets it through the maze there in Washington. May the repeals begin. :)Mike L.

  • JeffH

    Ben, your Chauncey Gardner comparison is fitting. Perhaps O’man would have done better manicuring the roses at the WH. I’m quite sure that way down deep inside some of those that voted for O’man are wishing that Queen Hillary were in the WH as POTUS rather than this current embarrassment. She certainly has first hand knowledge of Alinsky, possibly even more that Obama does. Americans are getting tired of his almost daily campaign speeches and his constant fight against the will of the American people. Without a doubt the most patronizing community organizer I’ve never had the pleasure to meet. I better take my “Slurpee” with me to the back of the bus…oh Ben, save me a seat please?

    • http://none Mike

      Jeff,If the back of the bus is where we belong. I guess you need to save me a seat.But me I would rather be in the drivers seat kicked back with my Ice tea and telling these socialist kids to sit down shut up and enjoy the ride lol. Mike L.

      • JeffH

        Mike, I never said we belong in the back of the bus. LOL! I’m with ya cause I prefer ice tea over a slurpee anyway. Hey, while I think about it, they were ridiculing Palin when she said that O’care will have “death panels”. Now Krugman slips up and lets the cat out of the bag. Chalk another one up for Sarah! I sure hope everyone is staying on their Congress people and Senators pushing for a repeal of O’care.

        • http://none Mike

          I really dont think that cat was ever in the bag. If it was it was right at the top ahold of someones wrist and screaming for all it was worth. They modeled this off a european system and they have been pulling plugs on granny for years. So it didnt really supprise me when it came out here. Sad fact there is allready precident for it Terry Chivo anyone.Mike L.

          • eddie47d

            There are no death panels oh great Libertarians and Krugman just made himself into another useless media person. The Schiavo case was being manipulated by that same media.Those righties love poking their noses into other peoples personal decisions.

          • JeffH

            Mike, there you have it first hand…Krugman is just a useless media person. Whay he meant to say – health care costs will have to be controlled(death panels), which will surely require having Medicare and Medicaid decide(death panels) what they’re willing to pay for — not really death panels, of course, but consideration of medical effectiveness(death panels)and, at some point, how much we’re(death panels)willing to spend for extreme care. In other words, DEATH PANELS!

          • http://none Mike

            Eddie, Just because there arent any yet doesent mean they arent planed for in the long run.Death panel = Someone else makeing end of life decisions for you other than yourself or immdiate family. And as far as Chivo’s case goes that was her husband pushing for his life insurance policy on her. Over the objections of her immediate family I might add. He gave up that right when he re-married while she was still in the hospital.But he still got the courts to approve takeing away her life support over their objections.I can say from a background of experience here thoes decisions arent made lightly and are very personal. My father was a victim of Alzheimers some years back. We went through all the stages and fought all the symtoms we could for about 8 years in the last months of his life he started to contract penumonia often. By this point he no longer had any true functions. The last time he got the penumonia the doctors told us we had a choice we could put him through the treatments again or as he put it allow nature to take its course.After a long consultation between my sister mother and myself we decided on nature. It wasent an easy decision by no means. I dont want it to come to this for anyones family no matter what where that decision is taken away from them and put in the hands of some uncaring unseen berucrate behind closed doors.Mike L.

    • Warrior

      Agreed, Frau Hillary is far more dangerous than the poser. She comes with her very own Ken doll!

      • who cares

        Where do you all get your marching orders or criticized people, fox news? you are all hateful communist.

        • JeffH

          who cares, your mommy is calling you…time to go…but???who cares!

          • eddie47d

            Will the real communist please stand up!There is a lot of mind control coming from the right today so who is the real or imaginary Fascist. They are everywhere!!!

          • Al Sieber

            eddie, “Bat Man” was everywhere too. like the “Fascists”.

    • FirinPin48

      People, please don’t forget who Hillary is, shes as bad if not worse than Obama, pay attention, she has the same agenda as the purple lipped muslim.

  • Patriot1776

    I don’t want Obama to move from his tyrannical ideology!! If he moves to the middle the average voter will forget that he is a Dictator wanna-be and re-elect him. Just like Clinton. I hoppe he stays just as aggressive as ever, this will only help motivate more to the cause of liberty and ensure his defeat in 2012.

    • FirinPin48

      The boy is getting ready to turn hard left, i mean real hard left, his boss is pissed at him for not doing as he’s told, so watch this F-IN bum, thing are going to get ugly.

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    he wont move to the middle i for one wont vote for this empty suit.

    • Rhea

      Me too … regardless of which way he moves … he is still OUT OF BUSINESS … send him to the unemployment line so he will understand what he has done to this country.

  • Frank

    The democrates can speak middle all they want, their keeping of Pelosi, as their miniority leader shows they are setting their fingernails in stone and the middle is where they wish it to be, not where the American public or the right knows where it’s at. We’ve got two more years of sliding downhill and the brakes have been applied, but I think we will find that the drums have been oiled and we are reaching speeds well beyond the speed limit posted. It’s sad, they can’t read the signs, but that’s a democrate on the autobaun smiling has he lies and says, he’s doing the speed limit, just as the rest of the people, while pegging his speedometer as far as he can to his right, which doesn’t even clear left of center.

    • Warrior

      Well, when you chase many of the moderates out you’re left with a condensed version of “progressive soup”. So what do we call her now “princess nan”?

    • who cares

      eight years of extreame right was not enough for you commies. wont be happy till we have a civil war. you lost last one.

      • JeffH

        …you speaky wit fork tongue…you must be an illegal alien…

      • Average Joe

        who cares

        “wont be happy till we have a civil war.”

        Please define for me “civil war”. Sounds like an “Oxymoron” (yes I know it’s a big word, look it up) to me, After all, how can war be civil?…..Were you planning on talking us to death or something along those lines? Or, were you refering to the “war between the states”? If that was your reference and you are feeling “lucky”, in the words of G.W….”bring it!”…I promise, we will disappoint you this time. Stick with talking us to death….you’ll stand a better chance of success and survival.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Talk about Spin, Mr. Crystal is certainly good at picking snips of a vast piece of work and playing a completely different tune with them. Very crafty.

    • JeffH

      Doc, you must be employed by Duncan.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Wrong again JeffH.

      • Average Joe

        Nope, his just one of those “cheap knockoff brand” yo-yo’s.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Yeah Doc… You have to admit, Ben nailed it this time! Couldn’t have been any more clear or spot on!

      • Doc Sarvis

        In case you misread my post; I very much dissagree with the article.

        • JeffH

          waaa, waaa, waaa!

          • Doc Sarvis

            You poor baby.

  • FlaJim

    The boy in the White House was born to a Marxist, raised by his Marxist grandparents, befirended Marxists all through college and any thought that he’s going to change now to move toward the middle is a liberal pipe dream.

    In addition, the boy is anti-American as a result of his upbringing and education and really doesn’t want America to succeed. He’s happy to see us in turmoil and does everything he can to lessen our prestige abroad.

  • Teresa

    Oh what a tangled web-we-weave…..ah what an analogy


    Ben: This is one of the best diatribes on Obama I’ve ever read. You nailed this denunciation of his phony elitism with stunning sizzle. Even his economic advisors who have recently jumped his sinking administration ship have seen the “light” of who he really is. An inexperienced, detached empty suit, who appears not to really like the job, but loves the prestige of office. I fear he operates out of a deep emotional wound, understandably, and rage at being abandoned by his father, then mother who sent him to be raised by his grandparents. Struggling to find his identity and place in the black/white world, he absorbed the misguided vision of his father’s anti-colonialism as his own, which is the basis for his actions to spread the wealth, and right the wrongs of US imperialism. Whether this country can remain economically intact for two more years remains to be seen. But I fear we will become like a third world country, no longer the exceptional America we’ve known and loved.

    • Warrior

      I’m puzzled about the father. How does and 8 year old know about the “dreams” of his father? Did the mother’s parents pass those down? Hmm, puzzling.

      • JeffH

        Warrior, he fondly remembers his father’s — dreams…

  • Chris

    I agree with the comment that we are going downhill fast, but we have our brakes on. Will that be enough to get this train stopped before it hits bottom and crashes and burns?? We are talking about our very existence in this country, coming to an alarming end. We could become a third world country. I think its time to pull the emergency brake!! It might be a real jolt now, but might keep us from crashing at the bottom. We need to stand up and be heard, we need to say NO to anything or anyone who wants to take America from us. Don’t allow this administration to ruin this country! Take action with many Patriotic Christian Americans who have made a commitment to common sense and protecting our rights in America. Make your commitment too; get your wristband as a reminder of your commitment and to spread this message to others. God bless our America!

    • DR MOM

      Thank you, Chris, for the link to the Patriotic Christians Today website! I just posted a comment and plan to get involved.

  • Dennis

    Sorry i didn’t take the time to read it, All i saw was the headline and a couple of the comments. ( The Lucky Man ). Obama is not a lucky man, he is a theif, just look at who and what he sorrounds himself with.
    Now i will go back to the top and read it :-)

  • Dennis

    And now that i have taken the time to read, well as Obummer the big eared purple lipped muslim would say……….. I love this guy Ben, he hit the nail on the head with every word.

    • Dennis

      LOL, i meant to say, 1 of Obummer Lines ( Make No Mistake ) and then i love this guy, F uk it whatever.

  • OtherTim

    Unfortunately, many have short memories or are uneducated in the voting booth. If things are stalemated in 2012, the msm will be hammering the new GOP congress and manipulating the ignorant among us
    to put the Dems back in. This character in the WH will get a second term because of that, and don’t foreget his ace-in-the-hole will be the millions of illegals that will be legally allowed to vote for him by then. Too bad that BO will put his new campaign into full swing in early 2011, and he get to hear him everyday. Oops, or did he really stop from the last election??
    Excellent article Ben.

    • thinking

      The ilegals vote now, they do not need id. Look at Reids race seems he was reelected by the union and ilegals. If you take the big cities where people are on federal aid they all vote democrate and overwelm the rest of the state, L.A, Chicago, New York, Houston, Dallas, Detroit … Obama tried to buy the senior votes for $250. The war isn’t over, keep an eye out for your representitives.

  • Richard

    There’s another possibility that no-one ever speaks about… Obama is a well groomed puppet, his strings are being pulled by none other than the shadow progressives of the neo EU progressives. Javier Solana et al

    • JeffH

      Richard, you must be new here…think House of Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve and Obama’s main puppeteer-Soros. Been discussed quite often, ut you’re right, it should be a regular point of aim in all of this.

      • coal miner


        The way you talk,the Rothchilds control conservatives,libertarians moderates,liberals and the media.Money is power,power is money and we can’t do without it.Brake that dependency and join the IWW,we can end Zionism once and for all. The Zionist,”Their final objective toward which all their deciet is directed, is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection” – Henry A. Wallace, US VP 1941-45
        We can make a difference.The meek will inherit the Earth.

        • Al Sieber

          coal miner, good luck on getting rid of the Zionists, I’m not saying it can’t happen.

  • Ron S

    I’ve long said I don’t accept the notion that Obama is some kind of intellectual, even with the tela-promter he has demonstrated his lack of understanding or common sense. It gives me hope that this article was written, I only pray that more writers/commentators find the courage to challenge expose the truth about this Charlatan and Chief.

  • Wandering Minstrel

    This is a great article that really shows Obama for his true self. A faux intelectual that can’t speak without a teleprompter to guide him. He wants so desperately to be seen as smart and in control, and yet every time he talks without consulting the teleprompter one of his staffers has to pull his foot out of his lying mouth. I for one am happy when he speaks “off the cuff” for he just shows his utter contempt for the USA and it’s citizens. That’s a good thing because it just increases the voter’s remorse of all the moderate Americans who voted for this Communist. Since he never should have been elected in the first place, his true self is pretty much assuring his future status as a one term President.

  • Carolyn Crain

    The only personality trait you left out is that he truely doesn’t care what we want or think. So how do we win and regain our freedom with a sociopath in office?

  • Polski

    Lot of big words, but it’s still BS. First Dubya and now Obama. Somebody said a long time ago that the truly intelligent don’t run for office. And here we have live action proving the point with our last 2 presidents, 1 from each party. Does that make all of you feel good?

    • thinking

      Yes and also Bill Clinton, who balanced the budget with social security money!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Polski… Sometimes just having others out there agreeing with you makes our world look a little brighter. Knowing that others have the same opinion and like minds helps us to deal with things that are going to take a while to change. It’s encouragement in a strange sort of way. If I thought I was the only one that thinks we have a president that wants to derail America, I would feel very isolated. But, happily, there are many people who think this. I am not alone!

      Why do you log onto these discussions?


    Barry could possibly face a lot worse should he be forced to lift the restraints on his personal records and fulfill the requirements of a presenting a proper validated BC in order to finnish the Constitutional vetting to hold the office of POTUS legally.

    This can be accomplished by bringing forth a suit to ask the courts to review the allegations with presing evidence and that can be in conjunction with a congress with enough cajones to publicly announce that the reqirements of holding office have still not been met and there fore ask to have those requirements pooperly presented to resolve this pressing issue.

    Now that we have some six-shooters and the majority of the house there is no reason not to pursue since the allegations in this matter are now under consideration by a SCJ….Hello congress, I think it’s time you listened up again and save us all a lot of time..write your congess people and push them into action.

    • Donald

      The Courts already threw out a suit to require that Obama produce his Birth Certificate. Where have you been?

  • Charles2439

    The demon-crats took at hit this past election, but Obama still has Pelosi, and they made her speaker again – which tells us that they did not get the message or they are ignoring it.

    I wouldn’t count Obama out because he has some tricks up his sleeve, and he plans to spring some of those tricks soon. The idiots out west reelected Reid and Boxer so he still has this lame duck session and his two Marxist fools to push his agenda.

    It’s true that they took a whipping during the past election, and some think he is going to move to the middle or refuse to run for reelection, but he has not completed what he set out to do – destroy America.

    He will run again in 2012 because he is going to add to his voting base by pushing Reids Dream Act. He plans to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who will vote for Demon-crats and guess who in 2012.

    If you think he is corned or that he will move to the middle or concede, you are sadly mistaken. Obama will stall and move to delay anything that would jeopardize his plans for America.

    He believes that he is above us, and he has no faults. He believes that he knows more than anyone else, and he is going to have his way regardless. If you don’t believe me, just ask him.

    • Donald

      Granting amnesty of illegal aliens does not qualify them for Citizenship and the right to vote.

  • FreedomFighter

    The evil left is close, oso very close, more into the open, pushing harder, they have never been closer to achieving complete power. They have over exposed themselves, time for them is running out.

    Obama will only “act” his part. tellaprompting the script he has been given.

    The evil that grips the Progressive liberal left cannot stop, like an cruel master whipping its slaves they will try to go even further into the abyss — collapse the system, and catchem falling, the ends justify the means…its all in the playbook. They have written in plain words what they plan next, read it learn it, fight it.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Teresa

      Locked and Loaded…all thru the valley babe!

    • who cares

      Where you communist get your information? the daily communist, or good ol’ boys daily.

      • Teresa


  • jopa

    Well I must say if Obama is an elitist I believe perhaps it may just seem that way because you may be on the bottom of the low life ladder.Obama has done more good for this country than anyone could hope for after the tragedies of the past presidential regime.

    • JeffH

      …ahhhh, nothing like the wisdom and wishes of Hope & Chamge…ehh Comrad jopa?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      jopa… Do you live in the United States?

      • Teresa

        if he does, I believe he is either illegal, jihad muslim or a communist…I have not quit figured it out for either of those are the radicals of which so profoundly blurt out their hatred toward Palin, their hatred towards Bush, their hatred towards Christians and our Constitutional Rights, which he has been posting quit a bit of.

        • Chris

          I agree, if you a truly American, and have been paying attention, I don’t know how you could come to the conclusion that BO has accomplished anything. Unless, you are muslim, because he certainly has done a lot toward bringing this country down. If you are paying attention, you can’t miss the anti-American rhetoric, the wasteful spending he and his wife have personally done in 2 years, not to mention his policies, much of which has been pushed upon us, not provided for our benefit!!
          Many American citizens are already aware of this, but still others are just starting to pay more attention and making themselves aware of the dire situation we find ourselves in.
          We are starting to stand up in larger numbers with louder voices, but we are just getting started. Make your commitment Now to stand up with other American Christian citizens, go to http://PatrioticChristiansToday and get the wristband that shows your commitment to stand up for America and its values.

    • who cares

      Bush, Chenny are elitist (elite) too. they went to some of best, most expensive colleges. did’nt have to serve their country they got out from going to Viet Nam. Chenney’s five deferment’s, Bush went AWOL. Cheeney shot a person Right wing supreme court elected bush for the presidency over the American people’s popular choice.

      • lcfrontenac

        And where do YOU get YOUR facts? What the Supreme Court did in their 2-part decision was: (Part 1) determine that the Democrats blatantly violated Florida state constitution and election law in their attempt to cherry-pick a favorable recount, and stated that they had to start over from scratch and do it right; (Part 2) Determined that, since the Dems had wasted so much time trying to fudge the recount, that there was no time to conduct a thorough and legal recount in time to meet the US Constitution mandated deadline for the electoral college to meet (within 45 days of the general election), and decided that the last LEGAL vote count, that of election day, would have to be certified. The Dems handed Bush the election on a silver platter, NOT the Supreme Court. And finally, with the blessing of the Court, the Miami Herald and other news organizations went ahead and financed a full non-binding recount in accordance with Florida state laws, so they could satisfy themselves as to the true outcome of the election. remember the big banner headlines in all the papers when the recount was done? Of course not–because Bush WON fairly, and revealing the news would spoil the Liberal narrative of Bush as election stealer.


          where do you get your “FACTS”??? The Constitution leaves disputed presidential elections to the House of Representatives NOT the Supreme Court. Bush stole two elections. Just think how much better off we would be had we not suffered through eight years and two illegal wars started by that war criminal.

        • Donald

          Steve got it right. The Supreme Court handed the Presidency to Bush based on politics, not law.

          • lcfrontenac

            I stand by my statement. Your misunderstanding of what I said does not change the underlying facts.

            FACT: Democrat operatives blatantly violated Florida state election laws by the manner in which they chose to conduct their recounts, and the Supreme Court invalidated those recounts for that reason.

            FACT: The Dems wasted so much time trying to create the results they wanted that their was no time left to redo the recount correctly and legally.

            FACT: The US Constitution REQUIRES that the Electoral College meet to cast their votes within 45 days of the general election.

            FACT: Due to the time-wasting tactics of the Democrat operatives orchestrating the failed recount, there was also no time left for a quorum of House members to be brought to Washington to meet on the matter in time for the Constitutional deadline.

            FACT: Because of this, The Supreme Court had no option but to invalidate the flawed recount and certify the election day results.

            FACT: The Supreme Court did NOT “steal” the election for George W. Bush. They prevented the Democrats from stealing it for Al Gore. Remember, it was the Democrats, NOT the Republicans who chose to get the Supreme Court involved.

            FACT: The Miami Herald’s recount, conducted scrupulously in accordance with Florida election law and not haphazardly like the Democrats’ attempt to rig the recount, found Bush to be the legitmate winner.

            FACT: Bush’s win over Kerry in 2004 was decisive and not close enough to dispute anywhere, so how do you figure Bush “stole” TWO elections, even given the Liberal sour grapes and nitpicking over 2000?

  • alpha-lemming

    With the palette of quotes to choose from, one of the most damning is this admission during a debate with McLame:

    When confronted with facts concerning how tax increases affect the job market AND revenue to the government Chairman ObaMao responded..

    (paraphrasing) “Tax poilicy is not about revenues or program funding, it’s about fairness”. Fairness?? A Commie/Prog “weasle word” if ever there was one.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Fairness; as in tax more those who have most benefitted from our resources, other’s work, and our system of government/economics.

      • alpha-lemming

        No…. fairness as in punishing achievement to insure a uniform “outcome”, regardless of merit and effort. Take points away from the “A” students and give them to the failing punks and idiots…. everybody gets a “C”… sound fair to you?? How about at the end of a football game, give x amount of points to the loser so all games end in a tie…. sound fair to you??

        What the h*ll am I thinking??…. you’re a progressive… this is textbook fairness in your book!!


          to whom much is given, much is required. It is only fair to tax the top 1% more than the bottom 99%. Why is a secretary taxed at a higher rate than her CEO?

        • Donald

          Doesn’t make much sense to tax the poor. They have no money If yout take what little they have, you end up with more homeless. Depends haow you want to look out for the poor: with jobs or handouts. Take yoour pick.

          By the way, there are now six applicants for every job available. A new version of musical chairs.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Janice

    At last! Someone is finally courageous enough to tell the truth regarding this Idiot-in-chief. My patience has long since been shredded listening to the cowardly (emperor’s new clothes) talking heads yapping about how intelligent and ‘polished’ Barry is. Early into the 2008 campaign it was obvious to me that this person not only is UNeducated, but he is also a puppet being manipulated by someone (Soros) behind the scene. I’ve known many college educated people over the years – and this guy ain’t one. Until college transcripts are made public I will cling to my belief that Barry Soetoro (aka BHO) has never attend any institute of higher education.

  • goodwillwin

    Ben, Yes, yes, yes our Fearless Leader is slowly crumbling. It isn’t Obama that got him “pushed to the head of the class” and it isn’t Obama’s millions that keep his records hidden. Persistance pays off. We will persist until all is exposed inspite of Soros’s billions and his destructive ignorant organizations. The persistance of our right to be free will win.

  • Pat G.

    Although Obama isn’t nearly the deep thinking individual his promoters have portrayed him as, he’s clearly able to determine who his betters are. This is clearly seen from his social and fiscal policies–which are obviously and essentially designed to war against those who are his superiors in fact. His continual striving to portray the lower moiety of society as “ideal” citizens is surely a substantial part of his war on those with whom he knows he’ll never be on equal intellectual and moral footing. If the conservative movement in America doesn’t do all it can to thwart the efforts of this panderer-to-the-rabble before his current term is up, America may find itself steeped in a cesspool of intellectual and moral mediocrity–or worse.

  • eddie47d

    Ben pokes and prods around with his Saturday Night Live Routine and you fall all over him. If I watch SNL or Jon Stewart I might find some of it funny . You laugh it off and move on. You folks take his slanted dog and pony show and run with it like it is the gospel. If Ben wants a serious conversation then he should reflect that and leave the false comedy out. If he wants to be considered funny or amusing then that should also be reflected in the answers. Then I might believe some of the strange comments or just laugh them off.

  • http://com i41

    I have no doubts Onumnutts will run in 2012. With those pistol gripp jug ears, several quarter can be inserted at one time, and as long as the charge last on the telepromtor lasts, it will be along campaign season. Soros is just playing rope a dope to try and get the sheeple looking the other way. He controls the NMCDUP and all their socialist arms, start to finish. edee, why don’t you park your stick horse, fire up the fire for a roasted mutt feast it is organic and fat free, and an ancestorial food scource.Pat G, we have too damn much of book trained mediocrity. The idea of every swinging tree hanger needing a worthless degree from professor mouth peices in colleges, to be productive in life. Is a load of b–l s–t, most of the taxpayer funded degreed idoits cann’t find a job, will not work, and every working job is below their dignaty. This purple lipped marxist moron, spouts the crap and has never done a damn productive thing except sell and use drugs, accoding to his books. Typical elitist attitude of screw off, play golf and think you are above anyone who works a honest job. I can understand why the socialist democrat party is enamored with this marxist muslim moron, between Soros and his illegal lap rat, they are getting their life long dreams fulfilled.

  • andi

    Once again we joust with each other, exhaust all our energy, and can only claim a pyrrhic victory. We fail to recognize the true purveyors of evil–George Soros, Van Jones, Bill Ayers,Bernadette Dohrn, et al. Said group is laughing up their sleeves as we bait each other like weasels chasing field mice. In the meantime, the real killer beasts lie around waiting to pick us off one by one. Put your piddling disagreements on hold and tend to the enemy which is breaching the gates as we speak.

    Modern public education is, for the most part, conducted by liberals of the left who avoided the draft by hanging around the ivied halls until their professors retired and they took their place. It made anyone who held other views silent for fear of losing their jobs. It’s not like there were other places where we could go. The point of all of this is that this is the mother’s milk imbibed by most children who are in our educational system.

    Obama was just another another widget pushed through the system with the following caveat: his father, who abandoned him, was an ardent communist who wished to find victory in the battle his father lost to British colonialism–which, by the way is probably the reason Obama sent Churchill’s bust back to the queen. His mother and her parents were definite Marxists who attended the red church and sent their daughter to the little red school. Obama had suckled communist mother’s milk long before he entered public schools.

    Socialism was in Obama’s DNA and we were blind not to see it from the very beginning. However, that is water long gone over the dam. Our real problem is to figure out how to root out the damage that has been done and prevent any further damage being enacted. DO NOT lose sight of the real enemy which is presently besieging our country and values. PLEASE, stop fighting each other, instead declare a truce and unite,(however uneasily; put your energies into standing as a shield wall against the real enemies of our country. Obama is no more than a puppet in the hands of the shadow powers, lead by Soros; attacking Obama is allowing yourselves to be distracted by the real enemies.

  • chuckb

    andi, barry is nothing but a street con, a political pimp. i saw this guy for what he is long before he was elected president. he’s not an intellect. soros and the administrative staff pulls this guys strings, half the time he has no understanding what comes out of his mouth.
    you say unite with these liberal clowns, impossible, better not to.
    they are the problem, these are the people that fell for the soetoro sermon and they pray to the muslim imam and vote for him.


    What about the “death panels” the state of Arizona is imposing on 98 people who were promised organ transplants by the state who now have been told they can’t have them? In the meantime the millionaires and billionaires get their tax cuts and these people will die. This is America?

  • Zeromonet

    Hey everyone of the young people that applaud the death of granny and grandpa– Keep in mind, you will all be exposed to ‘death panels’ at some point in your lives. Also life is very short, it goes by in no time. DAs are you willing to sacrifice your life for some 20 year old druggie? Do your homework. Enough said!

  • Donald

    A lot of people here still can’t stand the idea that a black guy is President. It just gets their jaws tight and their blood boiling. These racists are starting to come out of the closet.

    • lcfrontenac

      Ah, the last refuge of the desperate Liberal: The Race Card! THAT ends ALL arguments! Accuse those who disagree with you of “racism”. Such a “mature” way to avoid meaningful discussion.

      Most here oppose him because he is hopelessly out of his depth, inexperienced, weak on foreign policy, kowtowing to our enemies instead of standing up to them, and trying to steer a center-right country into a hard left turn toward blatant socialism. He could be the whitest white man on Earth, it wouldn’t change my opinion of him and his agenda.

      His race is irrelevant to his incompetence.

  • chuckb

    donald, maybe you are the racist, could be they are referring to his white side. as far as i’m concerned he’s a failure and you liberals have to play the race card to defend him. it doesn’t work.


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