The Low Cost Of Freedom


$5,320.88. On paper, it really doesn’t look all that impressive. To be sure, that many dollars would look lovely in my bank account. But weighed against the bank accounts of President Barack Obama and the multimillionaires who back and control him, $5,320.88 is pocket change, chicken scratch, couch cushion money. Stacked against the behemoth Federal budget, $5,320.88 is a particularly paltry sum. The Federal budget weighs in at about $3.8 trillion per annum. That’s 714,285 times the taxpayer funds dispensed by the Department of Justice’s little-known Community Relations Service to agitate against the now-acquitted George Zimmerman. According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act, $5,320.88 is all the President of the United States spent on organizing the racists, the low-information “loafers,” the lapdog media parasites and other human detritus who comprise the rank and file of the criminal enterprise masquerading as the Democratic Party.

Some of you might read the preceding paragraph and think: “If the Feds spent so little, what’s the big deal?” My response: “The President of the United States used your money to try to influence the verdict of a non-Federal criminal jury — an outrage no matter what the amount. Moreover, the souls of those who participated in Obama’s anti-Zimmerman wannabe lynch mob came awfully cheap. And to put a cherry on top of the completely crummy cupcake: The ‘creepy-ass cracker’ walked.”

However, rather than focus on Obama’s appalling attempt to subvert the legal process, let’s focus on a few items for which that money could have been used.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Consumer Expenditure Survey, 3rd quarter 2011 through 2nd quarter 2012” as well as publicly available sources, $5,320.88 could cover:

  • More than 80 percent of the average American’s annual food budget — including meals outside the home or just more than a pound of the Beluga caviar served at a Malibu millionaire’s fundraiser for Obama.
  • The average American’s rent for nearly two years or just less than 10 square feet in the Chicago condo Oprah Winfrey recently sold (despite having never actually lived in it).
  • The average American’s annual utilities budget — including water, electricity, gas, telephone and cable or about 1/47,000th of the next big blockbuster one of Obama’s Hollywood cronies throws onto the big screen.
  • Three-fourths of the annual clothing budget for a family of four or about three-fourths of the price of that drop-dead dazzling J. Mendel jacket the first lady wore to a Buckingham Palace reception last summer.
  • The annual vehicle fuel costs for nearly two whole average American families or the cost of just less than two minutes of the first family’s flight to Aspen, Colo., aboard Air Force One.

Of course, the $5,320.88 figure is about to skyrocket, given that Obama is almost sure to re-engage Zimmerman at a Federal level. But for now, the number is just $5,320.88. To a President and his coterie of crooks and cronies, it’s nothing. To the average American family, it could be everything. To those who realize that Obama invested America’s money in an effort to further divide us along racial lines — and will likely walk away without a scrape — again, it could very much be the cost of freedom.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Al Chemist

    I have no doubts that this administration (pushed by Holder and Obama) will try to get Zimmerman in Court again so they can get the verdict that they want. If at first they don’t succeed, they will keep trying until they are no longer in power.

    • David Wallace

      Actually no if they’re pushing for a race war. Last thing they would want would be to give the protesters what they want, a conviction. Holder already, in his NAACP speech in Orlando, said regardless of the outcome of the investigation blah blah blah. He’s setting up the fact that they have no reason to charge Zimmerman.

      • billybob

        Politicians don’t like to discuss facts, they would rather discuss issues. Most of the legal community was in shock when the State Attorney General decided to charge Zimmerman. The majority saw this as no case at all. But this AG decided to try the case any way. Then they got down and dirty by with holding eveidence that showed Zimmermans face and back of head right after the police camera took the vidieo’s. That evidence would have thrown the case out of court. But this sneaky bitch wanted blood from Zimmerman. Well in the end, the system worked. Just like it did with OJ Simson when the jury decided that he was innocent of the killing of his wife and Ron Goldman. But I’m sure the black community and liberals don’t want the remember that one!

  • Warrior

    Frankly, I think Heir Sebelius could have used the money more.

  • me

    It probly wouldn’t work because Zimmerson used his stand your ground rights.

    • vicki

      How do you “stand your ground” when you are attacked and lying flat on your back with ~170 lb human sitting on you and bashing you over the head with a sidewalk?

      • ChiefBoring

        You are correct, Vicki. “Stand your ground was NOT involved in this case, despite the rabble rousers using it as a rallying cry to try and get that law in Florida and 22 other states, changed, so you’d have to run away if attacked.

        Mr. Zimmerman was flat on his back being beaten. He had no chance to “stand his ground.”

  • red neck

    Punk arse eric holder said that he will not let this “crisis” go to waste!

  • dan

    GZ’s on defense against these political hacks is to go nuclear…become a community organizer: ..something around the concept of :
    ENOUGH ALREADY …I didn’t have any slaves !

  • truthwin

    Make no mistake, if the powers that be could put Kennedy away then they sure as sunlight can have Zimmerman and Snowden put away? There are so many nut cases out there who would do it for a lot less than $ 5,320.88! The problem is if something happens to Zimmerman or Snowden, we all know who arranged it, don’t we? But do they care? Not at all! Why doesn’t this dude in the white house send a drone to Russia and get Snowden? Just asking and I will spell white house with a capital letter when this prick leaves the place. Remember to take an inventory when he leaves and compare it to when he entered.

    • billybob

      Yes on that inventor. The Clintons had a field day stealing from the White house when they left.

  • Karolyn

    How do you know the President even knew about this?

    • red neck

      You imply that as usual obama is ignorant of everything that goes on around him since he can no longer blame Bush?

    • billybob

      You might be right, this ignoramous seems to be completely lost in the job of his. He is not a leader, He is a puppet that gets fed lines to spout off on his teleprompters. The only real Obama quotes are always dumb ones. But it keep his explaniation man ( Carney) busy explaining what Obama said wasn’t what he said!

    • Alondra

      Yeah, INDEED, how the QUEER king can to know that, if the FIFTH year he is vacationing, partying, playing golf and basketball , and between – campaigning, promoting islam, helping islamic terrorists and prosecuting Conservatives and Christian?

  • Chester

    Would LOVE to find a half decent place I can rent for less than three hundred a month. Not too sure where the author got that number from, but it sure doesn’t fit any place I have looked. That MIGHT pay the average joe’s rent for ONE year, if he was really lucky, but not two. The only case I see being won against Zimmerman is a wrongful death civil suit, and then only if they bring in all the evidence, and don’t try to cherry pick, the way both prosecution and defense did in this last travesty.

  • Alondra


    Anthea Butler, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Africana Studies after Zimmerman’s NOT guilty verdict concluded:

    “As a black woman in an nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and am not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god.”

    “As a matter of fact, I think he’s a WHITE RACIST god with a problem.
    More importantly, he is carrying a gun and STALKING young BLACK men.”

    Well, now you know that American ‘god’ is a WHITE RACIST god with a problem. And be aware – he is carrying a GUN and thus he is an ANTI-Gun Control.

    • Alondra

      People, now you know what IQ you need to be an Associate Professor in
      the American Universities.

      The classification system:

      “IDIOT” – the lowest mental level (less than three years old child)
      and referred to the IQ 0-25
      “IMBECILE” – the mental level of three to seven years old child; IQ 26–50
      “MORON” – the mental level of seven to ten years old child. IQ 51–70

      In my opinion she is below than “MORON”.
      And It means that an Affirmative Action at work.

      P.S. Do not label me “Racist”. I JUST report the FACTS.

      • Ibn Insha

        You can enlighten a child but you cannot enlighten one who wants to remain ignorant.

        • Alondra

          Your right.

          “We are all born ignorant, but one MUST WORK HARD to remain STUPID.” – Benjamin Franklin

          “You Can’t Fix Stupid. Stupid is FOR-EVER” – Ron White

      • buffalo hunter

        To be a head professor at any college, an even lower IQ is desired, one the matches road kill of any species.