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The Left’s Lynching Of Rush Limbaugh

March 15, 2012 by  

Wayne Allyn Root explains why the left couldn’t win the talk radio war. In defeat, liberals have changed tactics and are trying to destroy the conservative talk radio hosts themselves.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Stan Smith

    Lets see Libs been foaming at the mouth about Rush! Now we get a slave plantation worker go ballistic for their DemoCRAP Libtard masters! of Libtard land in hollywood! Libtards think Rush’s comments is crude he should be hanged,( figure of speech) and they think it’s okay for a Libtard to make a crude comments and attack a person when asking a question! Well this Libtard is full of hate and defending their Gringo slave masters!
    Sorry Libs I don’t listen to Rush, He is a Repube fanboy! I’ll stick with other non repube independent talk radio hosts,

    • DonnieB

      Stan, I may have one point where I disagree with you: I am not so sure that the Libs want to hang Rush figuratively. I do believe there are many who would opt for the real thing.

      Since the comment from Rush happened, Obama has LOST support. This whole thing didn’t go as planned by the Democrats. Hopefully the 2012 election will find thDem’sms not in power in the White House or Congress (either branch)

      The Tea Party will need to get a large gain in order to hold the GOP establishment’s feet to the fire and actually cut spending,

      • FreedomFighter

        The huge Soros NWO funded democratic machine is losing in the realm of “ideas, ideals and ideology”, the true democratic socialist agenda is being exposed, the hoax of Obama, Obama Care the socialist and communist nature of the democratic party and America is REJECTING them. America is not communist, nor socialist, its not what made America great, socialism is what is killing the economy and nomatter how much propaganda the left spews a couple guys on the radio telling the truth has more impact than all the lies and twisted truth the government controlled media can produce.

        Democrats full backing of NWO — UN sponsored Eugenics and Post Industrial destruction of America

        •Agenda 21 exposed as a land grab by international bankers sponsored by the UN to take all resources and means of production for them.

        •Vaccines exposed, cancer up 3000%, causing autisum, containing live cancer, polio, and other murdering sterilization toxins and contagion.

        •Floride and other chemical put in the drinking water by government causing sterility dumbing down the population, cancer, tumors death.

        •Closing of power plants, your electric bill will go up 1000%

        The Fluke/Rush issue is the latest example of NWO/Soros/Democrats wanting you the public to pay for EUGENICS – as per Agenda 21

        Think about this:

        Leon Penentta visited our troops the other day to make a speech, he had them disarmed in a war zone. Yes thats right, Leon had 200 US Marines disarmed or they could not enter the tent where Leon was making his speech.

        What does that tell us about Obamas UN loving little rat?

        Leon knows he is a traitor.
        Leon knows the troops know he is a traitor
        Leon knows he is a traitor the troops know he is a traitor and he knows they know.

        Traitor Leon is scared, as well all these NWO sellout Democratic Party traitors should be.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • JeffH

        Freedom Fighter…to add to your comment,

        The latest from the CBO is that The Affordable Health Care Act latest cost figures have been adjusted from $904 billion/10years to $1.76 TRILLION over 10 years and also the increased insurance premiums are a direct result of the AHCA. Also, under the Obama Administration, new regulations have added $46 billion in costs to businesses. This is four times the pace of the regulations under the previous administration’s first three years.

      • Freedom

        If you research Leon Panetta, you will find direct Communist ties not just to ones in this country, but to ones in the old Soviet Union and other Communist stonglholds.

      • Gary

        Enjoyed reading your blog. Many Americans recognize the term liberalism has morphed into verbal malarkey, sleazeball gimmicks and pretentious rhetoric designed to hoodwink the public. Is it not self-evident that partisan, mumbo-jumbo tainted with empty platitudes cannot save Obama?

      • Tom W.

        He doed resemble a rat doesn’t he FF?!! Alph’s cousin Leon!

    • Ralph Herman

      Rush is a liar,a pig,and adds nothing that is really good for the country,only adds to his own bank account.Those foolish followers!!!

      • FreedomFighter
      • Nadzieja Batki

        So he makes money. Good for him.

      • Doug

        What’s the matter Ralphy is your welfare check late? Better get use to Ralphy once the US dollar stops being the world currency your slave masters won’t be able to dole out anymore pig feed for you all pigs. And I don’t suggest you come sniffing around us Tea Party conservative types because we will not share with lazy ass pigs like you!

      • Sirian

        Oh such pronounce bravery Ralph Herman (Goering) in such bold statements of intellect.

      • tony

        I see FF is still of his meds. Doug, liberal policies built the middleclass worl you live in. We got the 40 hr week & paid vacations, environmental protections that protect your kids, started social security & medicare that your mentor Ayn Rand accepted & the tea baggers wanted the govt to keep their hands off. The VA medical where Freedomfighter gets his meds & tinfoil hats. The right to vote for you wife. What have your party done besides support the corporate masters that feed you the pablum that diverts your attention while they plunder the country & destroy the middle class. Ron Paul is smiling all the way to the bank…

      • Wyatt

        Gee Ralphy , what does that make Bill Maher , Pelosi , Waters etal ? Rush told it like it is and if the Left and Barry O can’t handle the truth then they should just pack it up . Mz Fluke is not what the media paints her to be . She is a 30 yr old woman claiming that it cost $3,000 a year for birth control . A months supply costs $9.00 at the counter so you do the math , that’s $108 a year , where is the extra $2,892 going ? Even if she is paying for her deadbeat boyfriends condoms it might only increase it to twice her claim . Maybe she is a madam and paying for a string of ladies ?

        At any rate , she’s supposed to be going to school earning a degree , not getting laid ! And now that she has had her moment in the sun , she’ll have her $22,000 a year job sharpening pencils down in Pelosi’s headquarters basement and fond memories of her phone call from Barry O and 15 mins of fame .

      • Flashy

        Wyatt…what is your wife taking? Sugar? i just went and checked in the med cabinet. Cost of the ones in our cabinet is $42.00 for one month. Add the quarterly exams in of around $250 or so…I can see the figure being somewhat inflated depending upon where you live and the doctor etc..but not much.

        And what about the other uses for contraceptive pills? You just leaving that out of the equation?

        Would you be in favor of knocking out Viagra from coverage?

      • Bill Gist

        He can not be all those things. He is not a democrate.

      • Old Geezer

        Ralph Still arguing with idiots I see.

      • eddie47d

        Go get ‘um Tony! Although you might as well be hollering from the bottom of a well to get them to listen.

      • Rie

        You would not know truth if you had to eat it and sleep on it! You are too deeply defiled.

      • FreedomFighter

        Dug, tony, flash:Something you commies supporting obummer need to see

        Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • tony

        Ok, freedomfighter. You cant handle my arguments, so you go off on a tangent. You call liberals commies, well they called my Dad a commie in the 1920′s cuz he supported the 40 hour week & all the benefits that unions eventually got us. Liberal policies created the middle class & you dont support those concepts, so that must mean you support the 1% & then if we are going to call each other names(which is what people do when they lose an argument), then that must make you a fascist. I’ll stick with the 99% if you dont mind. The 1% are America haters, they close plants, they fight safety rules which protect Americans & environmental rules that protects our kids. How come you hate America?

      • FreedomFighter

        To bad the liberal of yesteryear no longer exists, it is well known that the Liberal = Progressive = socialist/communist

        As our Russian friend said “Socialism is the problem” thus the groups that describes itself as Liberal Progressive “is the problem”

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • George E


        You’re wrong. The Republican Party passed the 19th amendment to the Constitution over Democratic Party opposition in 1919 which gave women the right to vote. The EPA was enacted under the Nixon administration. You asked what the Republican Party has done to help the American people. They’ve done a lot over the years. In fact, they have a history of helping minorities more than Democrats. Read through the list of accomplishments at this site ( It may open your eyes a bit to reality. Certainly, our politicians have run amuck expanding these programs way beyond their initial charters which is something many of us regret today. Nevertheless, it is inaccurate to say Republicans have done nothing over the years to help people in this country.

      • eddie47d

        That’s immaterial since it’s the Republicans who want to abolish the EPA and quite often attack women’s rights.

      • Tom W.

        SIC ‘EM FF!!! Sounds like Tony is kinda thirsty. Hey Kool-Aid!!!

      • Thomas Shia

        I thought there is a rule that forbids “name calling” in this column. Obviously it does not apply to certain writers. Just for curiosity I went to Webster to look up the “definition” of the word “slut”. It says it describes a woman that is dirty, untidy. Semantically it does not exhibit any denigrating expression. I also heard this word being used on movies by women calling other women they object to, mostly for bad conduct, especially in reference to their constant behaviors in sexual relationships. And these name callings are not even rejected by the opposite side.
        Maybe this word has entered into American slang and has assumed a different meaning?
        Also, what sounds better? Prostitute, whore or slut?
        The fact is if that young female law student claims she can no longer afford contraceptives because she needs to have sex constantly (?) though she still can pay some $45,000 in annual tuition expenses, she either should change her utterly abnormal sexual appetite or she should change her career altogether. I don’t think her sexual prowess could be used in her future legal career.
        For the life of me, I can’t imagine how her parents would feel when their daughter broke out her real life story in public. She doesn’t seem to feel any shame to reveal her personal “secrets”. Oh, that is right, this is her open and public declaration of personal “FREEDOM”!
        What poses even greater question mark is since when a Jesuit institution, represented by the president of the university, came out to defend such unsustainable claim to public “subsidy” and still can be the flag bearer of the highest moral standards in the Catholic Church? This student’s conduct in their institution is clearly in constant violation of the Sixth Commandment and they have not yet expelled her? What hypocrisy! Being an alumnus of another Jesuit university, I feel ashamed of being associated with it as of now.

      • Dano

        The radio/ TV mouth pieces commie or neocon just want to keep confusing Americans that they still have a choice and even have a voice in govt. Our Congress has been taken over completely by old man bush/clinton, but they still act liberal,clinton/ obamie, or half conservative bushes/ reagan. Liberalism is now Communism/ facism, Conservative is now neo-con, socialism/ facism, but they won,t admitt it. Whatever party is in control of either house they will vote to bankrupt us, destroy our military, free trade of industries away, spend like drunken sailors [sorry navy], give israel everything, pass agenda 21 land rights away, leave our borders open, let the patriot act protect our jock straps,Start or allow undeclared wars, Act like Rome before they FELL, Totally disregard the Constitution. WE don,t have 2 parties anymore, just the UN running America.

      • George E


        Republicans do not want to live with dirty air and water, nor the excesses of the EPA and other governmental agencies. While the EPA may have accelerated the cleaning up of air and water it has also spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money and has shut down many businesses that would otherwise have been able to function. We need to constrain the EPA and most other government agencies to keep them from getting out of control. That’s what Republicans want.

        With regard to women’s rights, we want women to have equal rights. We do not support “rights” that conflict with common sense or our basic morality. For instance, liberals think it’s perfectly OK for women to abort unborn children at any time, even though these children could survive if removed from the womb after 20 weeks. I don’t see much difference in killing unborn babies after 20 weeks and killing children after they are born, using the same reasoning. To me, it’s just killing, and my morality tells me that’s wrong. If you want to call abortion a woman’s “right”, I just can’t agree. It’s no wonder to me that some young mothers think it’s OK to kill their children when the children become an inconvenience. Our laws must not conflict with basic human morality if we want to further and improve our civilized society. Liberals seem to think we can pass any law we want so long as we can force people to comply with it. That’s just wrong and is part of the unraveling of our civilized society.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    I’m kind of new to politics but it would seem to me that calling someone a slut on national radio is anything but conservative. I’m neither lefty nor righty but more ambidextrous so I don’t really know what the big deal is. I guess if Rush wants to call someone a slut for shock value, he can. If his only concern is getting listeners then that’s obviously the motive but if he loses advertisers because of it then so be it. He may lose Revlon and Disney but I’m sure Go Daddy and Jack Daniels can pick up the slack. I think if you have to call somebody a slut to get listeners, it won’t be long before he’s on after Howard Stern on satellite radio anyway. Does anyone listen to Stern anymore? Is he still on, and if he is….who cares?

    • Doc Sarvis

      Great post. Yes, Rush can say anything he wants – and does so. The advertisers can stay or jump as they see fit. Advertisers, who have ANY class whatsoever, have elected to jump. Rush is just marginalizing himself even further than before.

      • DonnieB

        I think that you are underestimating the American public and Rush’s advertisers. He has now gained sponsors. Unlike purely political polls, advertisers pay attention to what the public likes. I believe right now, a lot of John Q Public agree with the comments made by Rush.

        When the new ratings for radio come out, see if thaudiencece for Rush has risen or fallen.

      • Frank J.

        wrong again .now go back down to the basement and take your nap.

      • DaveH

        I’m certainly not sticking up for Rush, but what about the advertisers for the MSM Propaganda shows where they teach people to advocate helping themselves to other peoples’ money using Government as their surrogate thieves? It seems to me that Theft is a lot more morally repugnant than name-calling.

      • Flashy

        Doc…Rush is on the ropes. His advertisers have fled and those that remain are the weakest and least funded of the group. His ratings have plummeted and i doubt he’ll have the ‘weight’ he once did. Though his specially constructed chair will still have the reinforced bars holding it up to prevent it from collapsing .

        Rush attacked a private person in the most vicious manner, for wanting to testify before Congress. That was her “crime’ in his eyes. She wasn’t a public persona who was spewing garbage and wanting controversy and publicity ratings.

        He went after not only her, but all women. Whether for or against the legislation. it is a full blown attack by neanderthals against women and their standing as equals. For a party who espouses less government and less intrusion into our lives, it is the height of hypocrasy to say it is the government’s role to dictate medical procedures, doctors roles and advice, strict religious tenets and invade personal decisions which are some of the most personal, moral, and private anyone can imagine.

        They want to allow Viagra to be covered so men can ‘get it up” and have sex. yet deny contraceptives to women. They want to dictate doctors speech and insist on unecessary and perhaps dangerous procedures, drive up the cost and add to the rise of health care, and also have employers…for whatever reason, decide what is ‘moral’ in health care coverage and deny insurance coverage.

        yet…government is too intrusive … or so they say. HA!

      • Jay

        Flashy says: Doc…Rush is on the ropes. His advertisers have fled and those that remain are the weakest and least funded of the group. His ratings have plummeted and i doubt he’ll have the ‘weight’ he once did. Though his specially constructed chair will still have the reinforced bars holding it up to prevent it from collapsing .

        I disagree Flashy, Rush isn’t going anywhere. Especially not after this controversy, which has guaranteed insane profits for his radio show. Personally, I think both, the left/right have been hood-winked! I’m sure you’ve heard it said; “There’s no such thing as bad publicity, all publicity, good and bad, is good advertising”! Cheers!

      • Deerinwater

        What don’t kill you only makes you stronger.

        We’ll see want we?

        There is sponsorship that can use Rush regardless how damaged he is.

        The NRA, Viagra, Reverse Mortgage, “The Get Around”

        Remington, Winchester, Jimmy Houston, John Deere , Perpetration H , Oxy Cotton,

        AARP, Pearl vision, Life Insurance, Pay now , Die later burial policies, just to name a few.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy’s ignorance is downright amusing sometimes. He says, “They want to dictate doctors speech and insist on unecessary and perhaps dangerous procedures, drive up the cost and add to the rise of health care…”

        “Drive up the cost?” Perhaps you’d like to go to

        “The Congressional Budget Office has extended its cost estimates for President Obama’s health care law out to 2022, taking in more years of full implementation, and showing that the bill is substantially more expensive — twice as much as the original $900 billion price tag.

        In a largely overlooked segment of the CBO’s update to the budget outlook released Tuesday, the independent arm of Congress found that the bill will cost $1.76 trillion between now and 2022.

        That only counts the cost of coverage, not implementation costs and other changes.

        “The bill spends more than the president promised, it covers fewer people — probably 2 million fewer people — and it taxes more than was expected,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee.”

      • Vigilant

        BTW Karolyn, Sarvis and others: see how much NPR and the MSM have to say about this.

      • Flashy

        Vig…care to show the CBOs estimates without the Health Care Reform?

        The main flaw in the Health Care Reform is it doesn’t include a Public Option. Such will be remedied …. i hope soon.

        Chew on this for a moment

        MONDAY, March 12 (HealthDay News) — If current trends continue, health insurance premiums will surpass the median U.S. household income in 2033, a new study says.

        Using data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and the U.S. Census Bureau, researchers calculated the premiums paid by Americans from 2000 to 2009 and compared them to incomes. They found that insurance premiums rose 8 percent from 2000 to 2009, while household incomes rose only about 2 percent.

        If those same rates continue during the next two decades, the average cost of a family health-insurance premium will hit half of median household income by 2021 and surpass it by 2033, the study found.

        The median household income was $49,800 in 2009.

        The study is published in the March/April issue of the Annals of Family Medicine.”
        The study further states that “In the coming years, the reforms that will come as a result of the 2010 Affordable Care Act will help to reign in the cost trajectory…”

        Now..what was that you were saying about adding to health care costs and reform not being needed?

      • Opal the Gem

        “Vig…care to show the CBOs estimates without the Health Care Reform?”

        Flushy….to quote you “look it up for yourself”. Especially since you provided nothing to back your claim about Rush.

        ” Doc…Rush is on the ropes. His advertisers have fled and those that remain are the weakest and least funded of the group. His ratings have plummeted and i doubt he’ll have the ‘weight’ he once did.”

      • Flashy

        Opal..I have looked it up. Which is why i asked Vig if he did. if he did, then what he posted was deliberately misleading. if he didn’t, then he should so he knows the erroneous information.

        I also copied and pasted the study recently concluded about the health care costs skyrocketing and the effects of the recent health care reform showing it is slowing down the costs of health care and there is more required to rein it in.

        As for my statement about Rush ? you don’t agree…fine. Post any stat you’d care to as far as showing how his attacks on women and his scurrying around like a rat amongst garbage haven’t hit him in ratings, sponsorships or influence.

        Rush plays to the TP trilogy of hate, fear and ignorance. hopefully even the ignorant will realize the disease he spreads and how it harms America.

      • JeffH

        Doc, the latest from Rush…
        ABC News
        Mar 7, 2012

        Limbaugh told his listeners today that “everything’s cool,” noting that many of the advertisers that have yanked their support are local and thus have little if any impact on the show’s revenues.

        “Nobody is losing money here, including us, in all this,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday. “[The advertisers] are not canceling the business on our stations. They’re just saying they don’t want their spots to appear in my show. We don’t get any revenue from ‘em anyway. The whole effort is to dispirit you.”

        “ABC News, who understands how this works and are purposely misrepresenting it, is out there ballyhooing that we have lost 28 sponsors,” Limbaugh said. “Twenty-eight sponsors out of 18,000! That’s like losing a couple of french fries in the container when it’s delivered to you at the drive-thru. You don’t even notice it.”

        While he would not name companies, Limbaugh said three new sponsors have signed onto his show in the past two weeks.

        “None of what’s happening is out of the ordinary,” Limbaugh said. “It’s just part of an onslaught to try to convince you that this show’s history and our days are numbered. And I’m happy to tell you nothing could be further from the truth

      • DavidL

        Rush Limbaugh deserves everything he is getting. He was wrong and he should man up, sincerely apologize, and stop trying to pass the blame off to someone else. His comments were ignorant, misogynist, and highly offensive. And a majority of the American public condemn his behavior and comments.

        Despite what many of the crazies on the right are propagandizing about, Ms. Fluke was testifying on behalf of a policy for private insurance coverage and not public. Women do pay for their contraception through their premiums and co-pays. To suggest that she was advocating for “welfare” to cover her birth control is irresponsibly uninformed.

      • Libertytrain

        flashy has apparently missed the latest studies on obamacare… or chose the one he liked best to further his misguided cause.

      • Opal the Gem

        “As for my statement about Rush ? you don’t agree…fine. Post any stat you’d care to as far as showing how his attacks on women and his scurrying around like a rat amongst garbage haven’t hit him in ratings, sponsorships or influence.”

        You made the claim Flushy so it is up to you to back it up with links and/or sources.

        And just for the record I never listen to Rush and only take notice of him when he makes the news or someone like you decides to criticize him.

      • Flashy

        Liberty…the one I posted is the latest. I would think the source would be reliable, even for you.

        Now…think this through if you can.

        1. leaving it to the private sector has driven costs up faster than any segment of our economy.
        2. The cost of insurance is killing small business and taking consumer monies out of circulation
        3. Our economy depends upon people spending money
        4. There is no solution from the Right other than leave it to the private sector which has failed.
        5. We are the only modernized nation to deny health care to our citizens
        6. E-Room care, the only option if not having insurance, costs up to 5x’s the cost of preventative or early health care.

        Your solution is?

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “leaving it to the private sector has driven costs up faster than any segment of our economy”.
        More of the usual unsupported conjecture and equivocation from Flashman.
        The Government has been regulating medical care since the cows left.
        And now with Government 70% larger than it was in the 1950s, Flashman has the gall to try and convince us that the higher costs are due to the private sector.

        Flashman, the regular readers know you have no credibility.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says “The cost of insurance is killing small business and taking consumer monies out of circulation”.
        They’re taking consumer money out of circulation? What a crock. This Flashman person just makes up his lies on the fly.
        If you don’t like the cost of insurance, there’s a simple solution — DON’T buy it! Self-insure — the old fashioned way.
        What Flashman wants to sell you is Government Insurance, where the costs are higher, but people don’t see them and they come from people other than those receiving the benefits (slavery), and eventually the Socialists like Flashman run out of other peoples’ money so we become a pitiful third-world nation. Oh, but the Leaders will still be on top.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Our economy depends upon people spending money”.
        What our economy depends on is Productive Capital Investment which enables companies to produce goods and services cheaply and efficiently, giving the consumers goodies which they could never hope for in a Socialist Society like Flashman and crew are driving us towards. But Big Government sucks that money down it’s black hole at an ever-increasing rate, so instead of it going into Capital Equipment and other productive investments it is wasted by Big Government Politicians who use it to line their own pockets, the pockets of their Crony Capitalists, and to buy votes.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says “There is no solution from the Right other than leave it to the private sector which has failed”.
        The private sector has failed? That’s news to me (and to anybody else with half-a-brain).
        All we need do is look at the many Government failures — Post Office, Social Security, Medicare, Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc. In fact, just about the only thing Government can do better than the private sector is to destroy stuff with their wars.
        It’s pathetic that the Progressives can infiltrate our society, increasingly hobble our economy with massive regulation, rob the productive people blind, and then after the economy necessarily plummets they try to convince the many Ignorant people that it was the fault of the private sector.

        Flashman says — “We are the only modernized nation to deny health care to our citizens”.
        That’s the biggest lie so far. Nobody is denying anybody anything. The medical profession just can’t afford to provide it cheaply because the Government Monkey is riding their backs preventing them from doing things more efficiently with excessive regulations, ridiculous medical malpractice lawsuits, and just plain impoverishing the patients by spending 42% of our GDP which doesn’t leave much for the rest of our wants and needs.

      • DaveH

        The bottom line is that the Leaders are robbing us blind, so that they and their politically connected Cronies can live high at our expense.
        No doubt Flashman feeds at that trough. He works too hard to spread his misinformation to not be benefiting at our expense.

      • Flashy

        Dave…prior to the recent Health Care Reform Act, pray tell what has government done to drive up the costs versus what the private sector would have done.

        Your second contention, those that cannot afford health insurance should be left to fend for themselves…is the current situation. And costs us millions and billions more because we have to subsidize it with the visits to the E-Room when they have no other choice. No preventative care, no prenatal care, no checkups…all add to the costs we have to bear for not providing health care to our Nation. You want to drain our nation’s resources? Feel free to espouse such short sighted lunacy. I’m of the mindset we should increase our talent pool, increase our assets, and begin fighting for our nation as we deal with modern 21st Century nation-States and global competition.

        Your third contention, that people spending $300-500 dollars a month for health insurance, and small businesses being hit with about the same costs…isn’t taking money out of the economic circulation and depressing the economy…is humorous if it wasn’t based on idiocy. If people had that money to spend on consumer items…any sane mind would think it would give a spurt to consumer spending and increase economic activity across the board. And last i heard, buying and selling is what drives our economy.

        you state ‘What our economy depends on is Productive Capital Investment which enables companies to produce goods and services cheaply and efficiently”. OK..and if, as we experience every recession…people don’t buy those goods? which is where you fall flat. Job Creators are not those who have the wealth, the true job creators are the small businesses and people who buy the goods and make the demand. One can make a million widgets…but if there are no buyers out there who will buy the million widgets…inventory and storehouses will soon be filled, economic production slows, jobs lost, and the downward spiral into BK begins.

        your fourth contention that government fails and the list you cite..Post Office, Social Security, Medicare, Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc… are all areas which are unprofitable for private investment and management, but are needed AND required for a society to enjoy being a unified society. Take the Post Office. there are thousands of small towns facing the closing of their post offices. thousands. And which are not served by private companies such as FedEx and UPS. Are you stating they will be better off without a Postal Service? AMTRAK…you suggest we do without passenger rail service? Fact is, your list are those services which government SHOULD provide to the citizenry in order to be a modern, 21st century nation-state. You cannot point to any successful, unified, cohesive society which does not provide those services to their citizenry. Not one.

        BTW..FNMA and Freddie were private industries before they collapsed in 2008-09.

        now…go away and spew your dribble to those that somehow fall for your fictions…

      • JeffH

        Flashy, try to educate yourself…

        1- Fannie Mae has always been a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) founded in 1938 during the Great Depression as part of the New Deal.

        2- The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), known as Freddie Mac (OTCBB: FMCC), is a public government sponsored enterprise (GSE).

        3- The federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refers to the placing into conservatorship of government sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the U.S. Treasury in September 2008.

        Before you respond with some assiine arguement…A government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) is a financial services corporation created by the United States Congress.

      • Flashy

        JeffH…yes, they were created by act of Congress, but were publicly traded and privately owned.

        In 2008 they were put in a conservatorship that allows their stock to keep trading but puts common shareholders last in any claims. The Treasury holds “senior preferreds stock” that ranks above both existing preferred and common shares and will carry warrants that gives the government an ownership stake of 80 percent.

        Note three items…one is that the private ownership portion is mainly commericial banks. The other is the “takeover’ occurred under Bush IIs regime. Third is last year President Obama called for a winding down of both FNMA and Freddie Mac … those reforms have been stalled in the House. Which is … controlled by the GOP.

      • JeffH

        Flashy, what part of GSE don’t you understand?

        Because it is “sponsored(GSE)” but not owned by the government, GSE stocks carry higher risk than, say, Treasury securities, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. However, GSEs have an implicit guarantee that the government will not allow them to fail. Indeed, when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed in 2008 they almost instantly received federal assistance.

        They can call it whatever they want…political smoke & mirrors is all it is…the Taxpayer has always been on the hook for both Freddie & Fannie because the government created and guaranteed they will not fail and we all know how the government gets their money.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Dave…prior to the recent Health Care Reform Act, pray tell what has government done to drive up the costs versus what the private sector would have done”.
        Duh, Flashman, it’s in the article I posted. Do some reading.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Your second contention, those that cannot afford health insurance should be left to fend for themselves…is the current situation. And costs us millions and billions more because we have to subsidize it with the visits to the E-Room when they have no other choice. No preventative care, no prenatal care, no checkups…all add to the costs we have to bear for not providing health care to our Nation. You want to drain our nation’s resources? Feel free to espouse such short sighted lunacy. I’m of the mindset we should increase our talent pool, increase our assets, and begin fighting for our nation as we deal with modern 21st Century nation-States and global competition”.
        As usual, a load of Bull Dung from Flashman. Why do they go to the E-Room? Because Government has mandated that Hospitals foot the bill (with other peoples’ money of course). No preventive care, no prenatal care, no checkups? That’s how it goes, Flashman, when people don’t take care of themselves. So Flashman’s answer is to burden those who do make the effort to take care of themselves with the care of those who are too lazy to take care of themselves. I’ve been ill since 26, but I have never tried to burden others with my problems. And Flashman has the nerve to talk about draining the nation’s resources when it is he and his Socialist comrades who are doing the draining.
        I won’t call you a lunatic, Flashman (as you called me), because your problem isn’t lunacy, it’s a lack of all moral character. You have proven that repeatedly in your past comments.
        You lie, you advocate theft, you plagiarize other peoples’ work (even when they don’t know what they’re talking about), and you advocate violence towards those who disagree with you. So, I WILL call you a Sociopath, Flashman, because that’s what I believe you are.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “Your third contention, that people spending $300-500 dollars a month for health insurance, and small businesses being hit with about the same costs…isn’t taking money out of the economic circulation and depressing the economy…is humorous if it wasn’t based on idiocy. If people had that money to spend on consumer items…any sane mind would think it would give a spurt to consumer spending and increase economic activity across the board. And last i heard, buying and selling is what drives our economy”.
        As usual Flashman must resort to name-calling to make his point (because of course that’s all he has), so I will treat him equally disrespectful, except that in his case he deserves lack of respect. I don’t.
        Flashdunce, what happened to the money that was ‘taken out of circulation’? Did it just disappear? Of course not, dunce — the insurance agents are spending it.
        Now let’s analyze the situation. This will mean nothing to Flashdunce, because he knows better. He is just trying to mislead those poor ignorant souls who don’t know better.
        What happens with private insurance? It is Voluntary, something Flashdunce and his evil minions won’t be offering once they take control.
        I don’t have any. Never have. I take care of myself and if I suffer misfortune, I am quite content to take the hit. I certainly won’t be whining and berating others for not helping me because, unlike Flashdunce, I don’t ride on other peoples’ unwilling shoulders.
        Once Flashdunce and his fellow evil Progressives take control, you can throw Voluntary out the window. If they don’t please you — TOO BAD. You can’t just change plans or stop buying their insurance because you won’t have a choice.
        Does anybody in their right mind think that the new managers of our insurance will have anything to lose if they don’t please you? Unlike private insurance companies, the Government-run insurance companies won’t lose money when people quit putting up with their nonsense. They will just keep on trucking and helping themselves to good citizens’ money.
        You would have to be a mental midget or just plain evil — like Flashdunce — to think that Government will run anything more efficiently than private business, because They Don’t Have To.
        Flashman and his fellow Sociopaths could care less if you suffer eventually as the economy goes further into the tank. And it will. It’s very unlikely that we can turn things around at this point, so the odds are very good that you will witness the collapse of our country. Good Luck. I have a broad background in all aspects of education, so me and my kind will survive one way or the other. But the very poor, who Flashman feigns concern for, are going to suffer the most.

        Here is proof of the Damage that Big Government does to economies. Flashman doesn’t want you thinking about that because he is most likely feeding at the trough and would have to do some legitimate work if enough people wake up and face reality. Look at the countries at the bottom of the list, those with the Biggest Governments. There’s a good chance you’ll be living in one of them before long, And you won’t even have to move:

      • DaveH

        More Flashdunce Ignorance — “OK..and if, as we experience every recession…people don’t buy those goods? which is where you fall flat. Job Creators are not those who have the wealth, the true job creators are the small businesses and people who buy the goods and make the demand. One can make a million widgets…but if there are no buyers out there who will buy the million widgets…inventory and storehouses will soon be filled, economic production slows, jobs lost, and the downward spiral into BK begins”.
        Recessions are caused by people not buying goods? That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard yet. If so, then all we need to do is spend MORE money that we DON’T have and all will be okay — NOT!
        Recessions are the result of financial mal-investment encouraged by easy money (credit) from the Federal Reserve and their member banks. Do this test to get a clue — Give money to a child, and allow them to spend it on whatever they want. Another time do the same thing, except make the child work for the money, and you’ll see that they are much more careful with their money if they have to work for it. Businesses are the same way. They are just human. So when the Federal Reserve increases the money supply and excess money hits the economy, the businessmen invest recklessly in goals that really aren’t sustainable and then eventually fall on their faces. At about that same time, due to decreased productivity (from the mal-investment) and resulting higher-priced products, the Federal Reserve must put the brakes on the money supply or risk run-away inflation. That causes the economy to collapse.
        Since the Federal Reserve has been created (1913) the value of our dollars have decreased dramatically (to 1/20th of their 1913 value). In fact, if we had sound money, and due to the increases in productivity over the last 100 years, the value of the dollar should have Increased NOT Decreased. We would be able to buy more with our money, NOT LESS. And of course we can’t forget the dramatic amount of money that Government people are draining from our economy (42% of our GDP).
        Don’t let evil people like Flashman take advantage of you. Study Economics (preferably from real Economists like those at Mises Institute) and learn what’s really going on.

    • Bob Johnson

      She named herself, not married and having more sex than she can afford,that is a slut.

      • Rob

        I am constantly surprised of the readers and I guess what is now called “conservatives”.
        It’s obvious that you didn’t hear, or read Ms. Fluke’s testimony. Had you, you would have realized that she was speaking on behalf of women, (which the republican’s wouldn’t allow a woman on the panel, which is a laugh), and that medication in “the pill” also treats ovarian cysts and other “woman” issues. I guess you’re a slut or any other male who takes viagra. WHICH is covered in your medical plan. I understand now, why all the studies that are done at university’s show that conservatives are less erudite, lack high education and more are less lemmings. You can’t debate without getting angry and most of your pundits, like Rush, well to be fair, he does have a GED, because he dropped out of High School, are less educated and therefore hate change and progress. The left isn’t always correct and neither is the right. Thank god independents are becoming the largest segment of the voting public. And if the media were 100%, you wouldn’t have News Corp. Talk about “the left”. The left/Bush were the ones that came up with the “patriot act”. Read it. It take more of your constitutional rights away than any other law.
        Please, just learn to read and research before you comment. All of this, is so said.

      • DaveH

        Rob says — “I understand now, why all the studies that are done at university’s show that conservatives are less erudite, lack high education and more are less lemmings. You can’t debate without getting angry and most of your pundits, like Rush, well to be fair, he does have a GED, because he dropped out of High School, are less educated and therefore hate change and progress”.
        Notice how Rob’s statement is filled with name-calling, condescension, and other adolescent Liberal manipulative techniques. Apparently, Rob, your book-learning has failed you. Otherwise you could surely make your point absent all the manipulation, couldn’t you?
        And if you are “erudite”, Rob, you would know that Rush Limbaugh is a Neo-Conservative, not a Conservative. He’s really not much different than left-wingers who will cling to whatever beliefs their favorite Party tells them to cling to, no matter how inconsistent they are.

      • RichE

        Would you provide link(s) to these studies, “why all the studies that are done at university’s show that conservatives are less erudite, lack high education and more are less lemmings”

      • Flashy

        Rich….which of the many studies would you want to read?

      • DaveH

        Like Flashman can post any references to support that conjecture.
        We need only look at the inane comments presented by the Liberals on this board to know that, whatever education they have had, it has failed them.

    • CJ

      Liberals will ALWAYS use duel standards. Rush has never caved under that concept to not call something for what it is. And as long as liberals keep redefining everything to suite their desire, but get offended when others use the original definition, the sheeple keep defending them with cowardly excuses. Without extrem comments like Rush makes ot bring the attention of the distructive liberal agenda, the US would have failed to exist long ago.

    • me

      well if you would listen to the segment that is actual of what he said was if she spent $2000.00 dollars on contraception she must be a slut or a prostitute did not say she was unlike the vile wicked things said about conservatives facts

    • Tom W.

      I don’t care, I still wouldn’t buy a used car from Wayne, he just has this nausiating salesman thing goin’ on and I just don’t cotton to it! If he wants to whine about paying all the taxes, he should whine to the 1% who sent all of our blue collar middle class jobs overseas where they could pad their portfolios with the boondoggle of $14 a day labor. Now all the countries where we sent those jobs have become our lenders! And they HATE our guts!!!
      The reason we became the most powerful and wealthiest nation this world has ever seen is because we were totally self-sufficient. There was nothing that we needed that wasn’t made right here in the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free!!! Now all those jobs have been sent overseas and the bean counters are whining because they see that their days are numbered also! Did they think that Beijing was going to let them count the beans forever?!! Duhhh! WAKE UP!!! If you are serious about wanting to see us climb back to the top of the ladder, then stop buying products made in countries where workers are treated worse than farm animals! These products should not even be allowed to be sold in this country!!! Buy everything, as much as possible, that is made right here in the good ole’ USA! The elites in this country don’t want that because it is polluting where they live, they should be sent overseas with the jobs!!! We became stingy with the American dream, freedom is a GOD GIVEN right and WE should be trying to help the rest of the oppressed peoples of our world come to know the same blessing, not supporting some ruthless dictator who oppresses their people for the simple fact that they serve our greedy self-interests!!! Do you hear me Hamid?!!
      Does anyone think that ALL this man-made turmoil and ALL the natural disasters that are plaguing our planet are ALL happening at the same time by coinsidence?!! Is your lamp trimmed and BURNING?!! (Matt. 25:1-13) Because if you’re not LOOKING up, (Luke 21:28) you SURELY to GOD most be blind!!! (II Cor. 4:3&4) Careful that you don’t get TOLD to line up with the goats!!! (Matt. 25:31-46) Keep your eyes on the skies, JESUS IS COMING! He loves y’all and so do I!!!

      • DaveH

        Tom W. says — “The reason we became the most powerful and wealthiest nation this world has ever seen is because we were totally self-sufficient. There was nothing that we needed that wasn’t made right here in the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free!!!”.
        No, Tom, the reason we became the most powerful (not that that’s something to aspire to) and wealthiest nation in this world was because we were the Freest country in the world at one time. International Free trade (real Free Trade, not Nafta or the others) benefits everybody except the Political Entrepreneurs who can achieve Prosperity more easily by buying their favorite Politicians than by competing in Free Markets against the Market Entrepreneurs. But even those Capitalists (Crony Capitalists) who have chosen to succeed the Political way, can get nowhere without their Crony Politicians who use their powers of Force to protect them from Competition. And those of you who cry out for trade isolation only encourage that condition by enabling Government to grow larger (it takes Big Government to enforce all those rules). As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

        So if you’re really concerned about the “1%”, Tom, you need to do some studying and learn what the real problems are, and who the “1%” really are:

    • TOCB

      The problem with Rush’s comment(s) is when you put them together with all of the other things elected officials on the right have been doing to erode women’s rights since they won the majority in the Houuse and in statehouses accross the country, what Rush said was the proverbial last straw. Republicans have seemingly done everything they could to energize the left in a year when the left was less than enthusiastic about President Obama’s performance. When you consider that with the less than stellar field they have for their presidential nomination, they will probably give Democrats control of the House again as well as help Democrats maintain the White House and the Senate.

      • George E


        Don’t be misled. The liberal left propaganda machine will distort or make-up anything they want in order to keep their minions brainwashed sufficiently to do whatever they want them to do or think. Republicans certainly aren’t perfect, and do say things from time to time they shouldn’t, but even if they didn’t that wouldn’t stop the left from creating any story they want to promote their immoral agendas.

    • Tom W.

      Exactly rev, who cares!

  • Karolyn

    Give it a rest already!!

    • Vigilant

      Yes, indeed, the left needs to give it a rest. THEY are the ones who won’t let it go.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I have not heard a word about this on NPR for several days but this site has had two articles in the last two days.

      • Bruce Belligan

        Yes, the left needs to get over it. MSLSD and the liberal left continue to harp on this new manufactured diatribe: “War on Women”. It is even a banner next to the station logos! Only the mentally incompetent would believe this obvious manipulation. Do the democrats REALLY believe women are that stupid?

      • Vigilant

        Sarvis says, “I have not heard a word about this on NPR for several days but this site has had two articles in the last two days.”

        NPR? Is the implication that NPR is leftist? If, so, I agree with you.

    • Tom W.

      Rush didn’t have to resort to being vulger to get his point across, but then, that’s what he does best!!! The right has no business condeming Bill Maher for anything he says as long as they condone Rush and his vile remarks. I wonder who will get Rush first, will God strike him down with a bolt of lightning on the golf course, or will he be the first American victim of one of O’s drone strikes?!!

      • Vigilant

        Tom, I don’t think the Conservatives condone Rush’s statements. I’ve seen a number of disussions where the Right has found fault with Rush, but the focus has been on the hypocrisy of the left in not condemning Maher, Schultz and others for remarks much more inflammatory than Rush’s.

        Rush at least apologized, something you’ll never hear from that misogynist Maher.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, agreed. Most rational people certainly don’t condone Limbaugh’s comment, although the MSM with the incessant prodding of Media Matters would have us think otherwise. Then, of course, Obama has to weigh in with his 2 cents worth as any good community organizer would do, inflaming the liberal coyotes to further divide the country.

        Never let a crisis go to waste…straight out of Alinsky 101!

  • john whittington

    If I had to choose between Liberals, and Rush Limbaugh I would choose Rush every time!!!!!!!!!

    • Lauren

      Exactly! I am so sick of them making a mountain out of a molehill – only when it’s on the other side.

      • JeffH

        Lauren, that is what they do best. “Do as I say, not as I do,”

    • Why

      “Drug use, some might say, is destroying this country. And we have laws against selling drugs, pushing drugs, using drugs, importing drugs. … And so if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up,” Limbaugh said on Oct. 5, 1995. Great, just what this country needs, another drug addict in the White House who didn’t inhale and didn’t get “sent up” and who obviously thinks the law applies to plebeians and not the powerful, politically connected, rich and famous people such as himself. Of course Newt the Philanderer and Violator of Congressional Ethics (Congressional Ethics? What an oxymoron!) is available in his stead. If only Ron had been able to lead the GOP to its more conservative and historical roots, we might have avoided conversations like this.

    • eddie47d

      Then why is Rush and the Conservatives making a mountain out of a molehill? It’s one publicity stunt after another with good ‘ol boy Rush. I guess that is what he does best!

  • Eric

    He does have a point..3K a year for contraception??That sure is a lot of “activity”.However,enough is enough and it really is time to move on.It does seem noteworthy though, all the hate spewed from the left esp. against Sarah Palin that goes unnoticed.

    • Bev

      It’s not just hate speech against Palin. The left had the audacity to make a movie full of inaccuracies and not once consulted Palin on any of the content. Not only that, but they also criticize her for having a Down’s Syndrome child and daughter who had a child out of wedlock. It just goes on and on about Sarah.

      I did think it was kind of weird however that there was not women on the “so-called” panel to discuss free contraception. It just show that Washington is ruled by the ‘good old boy’ system.

      • Tom W.

        They don’t call it the swamp for nothing Bev! Let’s see Ronnie Raygun and Nancy (The Wicked Witch of the West) Pelosi both said something about draining it, and it still exists!!! Although I must say, that since Barney retired, the water level has receded a bit!

      • ravenscalm

        According to the people who tried to vet Palin, and worked to prepare her for the campaign, the movie was wickedly accurate. They were there, and they should know.
        Palin was repeated asked to contribute and consult on the film, but steadfastly refused.
        Perhaps more facts and less conjecture would elevate the arguement above mudslinging.

      • Flashy

        Bev…the only one stating the movie was “inaccurate’ is Palin. McCain has some issues with how he was portrayed, but notice he didn’t state anything about how Palin was portrayed.

        Everyone else involved is saying it is close to full accuracy.

        I will give her credit for one item…she is making millions soaking the TP crowd for all the publicity she can.

    • Flashy

      Eric…if you think that woemn have to take the Pill only when having sex, and not everyday to ensure proper use…you are so out of reality it isn’t humorous. If you were having sex….tell you what. tell your partner she doesn’t have to take birth control except those nights you have sex. You’ll either get slapped down (rightfully so), be celibate, or have a kid.

      Your choice.

      Assuming you aren’t gay and have sex once in awhile…from your comments neither can be presumed.

      • Doug

        I knew I smelled something in the air Farty back and he such a over educated lefty we should all sit up and take notice. He Farty here a little something for your liberal disease brain any drugs coming from the pharmaceutical companies are poison so I am all for the all liberals and progressives get free drugs from the Govt. please take them by the handful you SF! And Fluke is nothing but a liberal plant just like the woman who had sex with Cain.

  • Kookie

    Rush’s use of the word slut is not near as bad as some of the liberal’s remarks, especially the comedians, and the liberals get away with it. Why should Rush be punished and the liberals are allowed to.

    • Tom W.

      Freedom of speech Kookie, that’s what it is all about! To be a woman, you must be a liberal, if you aren’t you must be a poser! You see the left is on to us, they know that all of you conservative women are really conservative men in drag! They’re so intellectually superior ya know.

      • Flashy

        Tom..thank you for recognizing the facts of superiority.

        You may want to think of the difference between a public persona who aims for publicity and is attacked as a public person by another public person…and a private person whose only “crime” was wanting to testify before a Congressional Committee who stacked the witness list excluding any position other than the one they wanted

    • ravenscalm

      Because Rush berated a private citizen, not a public figure. Andhe did it for three straight daysm not just a one time throwaway insult.
      A public figure can expect to be roasted, especially by Rush. A private citizen should be exempt from political bullying.

      • JeffH

        ravenscalm says, “A private citizen should be exempt from political bullying.”

        Wow! I guess you missed it…The real bully is Big Government. They’ve been bullying the private citizen for well over 150 years and Obama has elevated his status as the current top bully.

        The government in the Age of Obama has gone beyond the big brother that watches out and cares for us. Instead, it has becomes the big brother that torments and bullies us and then takes what is rightfully ours: our savings, our freedom, and our futures.

        A bully has other desires. A bully cares only about himself and his own greedy will to power. A bully taunts and threatens. A bully holds others in contempt. A bully disregards not only the wishes of those around him, but also the rules that may restrain his power. A bully takes what is not his.

        Very early in 2009, the troika of Pelosi-Reid-Obama sought to expand the power of the federal government over states, businesses, and us. They all but nationalized the American auto industry (save Ford), overriding debtor rights and decades of law. They have also taken over chunks of the financial industry and, via their control over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, much of the housing industry. Many salaries will be set by the White House. Education, a local matter, is increasingly becoming a federal one. The student loan industry has also been brought in-house — the White House, that is. That was merely a warm-up.

        The smash-and-grab style of governing has since run rampant: rules, regulations, taxes, and mandates; the proliferation of unelected czars; the orders and commands; the abuse of power; the diktats-all stuffed down our throats.

        There is so much more to add…read this for the whole picture.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        As soon as she got up in public, she became a public person. If she were at home, discussing her views, no one would be talking about her. She would be a private citizen. She’s an activist. She willingly allowed herself to be used by the left to further their agenda. She CHOSE to be a public spectacle!

      • JeffH

        Nancy in Nebraska, BINGO…and precise. :)

  • Steve Grumman

    As an American residing abroad, I can tell you that Rush Limbaugh is an embarrassment.

    • securityman

      What is ,or should be, embarassing ,is someone who won’t even live in their own country and yet want to tell other people how to live in that country. If you want to have your say, say it in and about the place ” you have chosen” to live in. We are still here toughing it out…….

    • Warrior

      Are you in italy providing tours for ms. fluck?

    • Bob Johnson

      Not too me. If the truth embarrasses you, go stick your head in the sand.

    • CJ

      The only embarrassment should be when an American goes to another country and makes negative comments about America to the OTHER COUNTRY (like some president has recently done). If we comment about our own house’s disorder within the house, it’s none of their business.

    • Bruce Belligan

      You are an American abroad for a good reason. Scum like you aren’t wanted here. Stay right where you are at. You won’t last long in any honorable country, they watch for back-stabbing quislings like you.

      • Tom W.

        Well said Bruce, very well indeed!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Bruce, he may be military, diplomatic corps, a businessman, a student abroad, etc., but he is still a typical Leftist.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe it’s time some of you realize that not everyone in other countries love our continual wars and aggressive behavior. WWII is long over and it’s a whole new ball game these days.

    • Ohio

      American’s shouldn’t be judging themselves by European Standards.
      Europe was the reason this country became founded.
      To not think or be like that.
      However, was and isn’t nice that Europe look downs it ignorant snobbery perch,
      yet reap the benefit of most of the first pay off of the first “stimulus package.”
      America and Americans should be judging itself… and not by European standards with all the problems that they have with high taxes, riots and unrest.
      Serfdom hasn’t work very well for them.
      You’ve been in Europe to long.

      • Tom W.

        And they’re getting ready to go down the ole’ economic drain and because we were foolish enough to get tied to this GLOBAL (See Rev. 13:16-18) economy, we’re going right down with them!!!

      • Flashy

        Tom…you want to know where this country would be had we followed the ‘advice’ of the Right when the economy collapsed in cutting budgets, emphasizing austerity, and practicing the so-called “fiscal responsibility’ advice from the TP and far Right? You need to look no further than Europe.

        Europe chose that path, where President Obama chose to emphasize targeted spending, subsidizing our main industries by extending credit when no credit was available in the private market, and concentrating on getting the economy in shape before the deficits are attacked.

        The results? Europe is flopping around like a gaffed salmon on the deck, and we’re coming out of the worst recession since the Depression, a recession which would have been a Depression but for the fiscal policies of this administration.

        GM up, bin Laden down.

        ’nuff said.

      • Tom W.

        Disillusioned, that’s what you are Flushy

    • Why

      I read the comments and you won that one too easily Steve. Nothing but personal attacks and not a shred of evidence to contradict you. But d-mned if I can think of a come back that wouldn’t prove the point either.

    • JeffH

      Steve, “Rush Limbaugh is an embarassment?”.

      Are you embarrased by Obama or the House? That would seem to be a bigger embarrasment, not Limbaugh or what he has to say.

      1. Obama Says Cop Acted ‘Stupidly’ in Arresting Professor
      2. Obama Makes ‘Special Olympics’ Gaffe on Leno Show
      3. Obama Gives Gordon Brown a DVD Set that reportedly didn’t work
      4. Obama Cracks Joke at Nancy Reagan’s Expense
      5. Obama Bangs Head Boarding Marine One
      6. Obama flubbed the oath of office
      7. Queen Elizabeth gave the cold shoulder to President Obama for breaking protocol offering a toast to the Queen while they were playing the National Anthem of the United Kingdom “God Save the Queen”.
      8. Obama’s continuous apologies

      • JeffH

        - Barack Obama’s deep bow to Japan’s emperor
        - “I’ve now been in 57 states—I think one left to go.”
        - “corpse-men”
        - Obama said, “A comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” Wrong hero. Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti was killed in action, another soldier, Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, was the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor that fought in Afghanistan.
        - During a trip to London’s Westminster Abbey, President Obama signed the guest book and dated it 24 May 2008. Oops. It was 2011
        -Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah. The President insists he was just picking up a quarter.

      • Karolyn

        Obama did not flub the oath of office. The judge did.

      • JeffH

        Karolyn, WOW! I guess that changes everthing else too? Thanks for the correction, I’ll not use that one again.

      • missy marcotte

        Obama bangs his head on Air force one?Is that the best you can do.Bush you to spit every time he was on his way the Hellicopter,hardly elegant!
        Among his “lovely”accomplishments”you forget to mention,he got Bin Laden,and the other
        man didnt.Too busy starting a war of choice.
        I certainly hope you DONT call yourself CHRISTIANS.I have never seen so many lies,hate,
        We obviousy do not share the same values.I certainly HOPE NONE OF YOU have Children.
        They would be ruined by such values,too!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    they all retards.

    • Tom W.

      Now that’s not a very politically correct thing to say ILLInio! The coorect term is (I take my hat off to whomever coined it!) is libtard!!!

    • Tom W.

      Now that’s not a very politically correct thing to say ILLInio! The correct term is (I take my hat off to whomever coined it!) libtard!!! LOL!

  • securityman

    I’m going to have to agree with Rush. I don’t care about someone lifestyle,sexual or otherwise, as long as they handle their own business.You can have all the “fun” that you want to,just don’ t come to me to pay for it.

    • Tom W.

      Why securityman, that almost sounds AMERICAN!!!

  • mrbobl7388

    As another American abroad, I think the comments by Rush are right on the money! I am probably living abroad for different reasons than the liberal who thinks Rush is an embarassment.

  • chris

    I am a conservative republican, and I think Rush is a piece of trash. He is also clearly not a conservative. I don’t know if the liberal media has gone too far in their response to his actions, but I can say that his neoconservative viewpoints are yesterdays news. The new movement is clearly constitution and liberty based. It is time for him to go.

    • CJ

      Sounds like the liberal brainwashing is working on you. You apparantly don’t know the definition of ‘conservative.’ But to criticize someone for useing a word for it’s proper definition is standard liberal policy if it brings attention.

    • Bruce Belligan

      Now the useful fools get to chime in, imagine that!

    • gary payne

      i beg to differ she came out to say what the activest in her wanted she said she couln’t afford all the birth control she needed with that in mind i wonder how her democratic boy friend the one who supports and gives money to the democratic feels about his lady ? is haveing more sex then she can afford while away from home

    • DonnieB

      Chris, I’d like you to point to some action or conversation from Rush that proves that he is not conservative. Calling a woman a slut because the woman herself claims to do all the things that sluts do, is not anti-Conservative. It is the truth,; something that the Liberals have a difficult time dealing with.

    • Tom W.

      I agree wholeheartedly chris, but as long as he has an audiance, we’ll have Rush! The market will correct itself, it’s only a matter of time! I’m surprised that the fat ba$tard hasn’t had a heart attack and croaked yet!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What moverment are you calling constitutional, the OWS

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What movement is constititional and liberty based, the OWS?

  • By George

    Well, if it walks like a slut, talks like a slut and looks like a slut, maybe Rush is right!

    • Karolyn

      Ms. Fluke NEVER TTALKED ABOUT HER OWN SEX LIFE! Why is it you people pick and choose what you want to hear, leaving out pertinent info. I guess it’s so you’ll have more to bitch about. I think you also like to talk about other people’s sex lives and how “In MY day….” Wake up!

      • CJ

        You must listen with liberal filters. She also gave personal examples to justify her point which meant she did.

      • Bruce Belligan

        Mercy sakes! Look who’s calling the kettle black!

      • Tom W.

        I’ll bet you don’t have much of one do you Karlolyn?!!

  • Karolyn

    OMG! A whole new crop of “conservatives” who want to talk sex! Isn’t two days worth enough? Is Personal Liberty running out of topics? As stated by Doc Sarvis, I have heard nothing on the msm or NPR about this in days.

    • CJ

      If it was such a ‘non issue’ why did you feel it necessary to comment? Why not just close the window and move on? Liberals like to stir it up, then blame others for all the activity.

      • Doc Sarvis

        The point is that this is the site that is stirring the pot not the MSM as many here like to believe.

    • Tom W.

      Are there other topics?!!

    • Ohio

      Sex was injected into this so cleverly by President Obama’s team.
      When you attack life… that life doesn’t matter, all the while this is being forced down your throat by Governmental Policies of take overs to Health Care by mandates, that was so corruptly pass to begin with not exposed house bills.

      Tell me are your taxes lower?
      Are jobs plentiful?
      Do we have a legal system that represents Constitutional laws?
      Is there really freedom of press to be the “check” and balance to powers of government?
      Are our borders safer?
      Does Life, the core foundation as a human species survival really cherished?
      Is their really personal Religious Freedom Rights to Foundation?
      If you don’t know what an occult is…then look up the term.
      Or is Religious Fondation under assault now too?
      What happen to the 3 branches of government for checks and balance of power grabs?
      Since when does does this government have the right to own businesses like Banks, Automotive, Health, Energy, Educational to now mandate Religious business?

      They needed to drum up a Fluck to take all your minds off the real ball.
      The dismantling of this country one system at a time.
      All the while, in sighting all this ignorant arguing of only debates.
      While the The American Constitution is slowly but surely slipping away right under your noses. Good Ol’ Conquer to Divide her, which seems to be working to me.

      Really ask yourself, look around, travel and see the tired American towns,
      worn out paint on houses and shutters. Abandon factories, industry as ghost towns under lock and cains with tufts of grass breaking through concrete and black tops. Do college students have jobs? Are our children really protected for the futures that they face?
      Are all theses faces….”United”… as in the United States?
      Or,does it look tired, beat and worn down to you as it does to me?

      To think all of you….and all this wasted argument…that falls to sex!
      Really does it matter?
      When it needs to be in the responsible actions of one’s own private bed behaviors.
      That’s a personal cost, that shouldn’t be costing this Country That I Love.
      Does anyone out there really no what true loves does take????

      • Karolyn

        Obama’s “team” did not initiate the talk about sex; Limbaugh did.

    • Jay

      Karolyn says: OMG! A whole new crop of “conservatives” who want to talk sex! Isn’t two days worth enough?

      And what’s so wrong with talking about sex, Karolyn? Aren’t you one of the biggest advocates for SEX-EDUCATION?

      • Karolyn

        There is obviously a difference, Jay. If there was more sex education, there would be less problems. Why do you find it necessary to contribute lame crap anymore? Are you a different Jay or do you have a Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde personality. The Jay I remember used to contribute important, interesting information to these discussions. It was often info that would make me stop and ponder. Not much of that going on here now. Same old blah, blah, blah.

      • Jay

        You didn’t answer the question, Karolyn!

      • Karolyn

        Jay – Gee, you got me! What I should have written was “conservatives wanting to call people names with reference to sex.” Is that better? Or should I have said “another day of conservatives wanting to use the word slut over and over again?” How about “another day of so-called Christians denigrating someone who never said what they say she said?” Shall I go on?

      • Jay

        Hmm, there’s something missing in your post, Karolyn. What could that be? Oh yes, balance! Let me rephrase it for you.

        Jay – Gee, you got me! What I should have written was “conservatives and liberals, wanting to call people names with reference to sex.” Is that better? Yes, Karolyn, that’s better.

        Or should I have said “another day of conservatives and liberals wanting to use the word slut over and over again?” Good good, keep going.

        How about “another day of so-called Christians and liberals, and conservatives denigrating someone who never said what they say she said?” Shall I go on? Not necessary, Karolyn, i think i made your point for you.

        Now do you get it, Karolyn; that vulgarity is not exclusive to one specific political party, or religion? You’re welcome!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      YOU’RE still here, arent you? What?, liberals want to talk about sex for two days too? If you don’t like it why are you still on and keeping it going. Don’t be a hypocrit by accusing others of doing what you’re doing! If you don’t like it, check out!

      • Karolyn

        None of the other stories are that interesting to me; and once I get started, if the posts are ridiculous enough, I just can’t stop. Silly me! I’m addicted to PLD!

      • eddie47d

        In an article by Alex Henderson he stated that Rick Santorum wants to severely prosecute Internet Porn and anyone caught with porn. ( That wouldn’t bother me too much but good luck). Unfortunately it’s the Red States that are at the top of the list in those buying porn. Even surprisingly to me Utah was at the top of the list. Then Conservative Oklahoma,Mississippi,Arkansas,Louisiana,Alaska,North Dakota,(then Dem W. Virginia) and continues to Conservative Kentucky and Texas. Now California came next but it must be the Conservative Southern half that wants to succeed from the State! Then comes toss up state Florida. The lowest in wanting out of marriage sexual desires comes Vermont a Democrat state. It’s going to be somewhat funny when Santorum’s vice squad makes all these arrests in Red States and Conservatives have to do his perp walk! A new reality show Sexual Deviants Most Wanted!!

      • Libertytrain

        miss karolyn, you have been known to do an occasional ridiculous post as well. Welcome to the club.

      • Eddie47DD

        “Unfortunately it’s the Red States that are at the top of the list in those buying porn.’

        Proof eddie give us some proof such as links and sources.

  • B.Holmes

    Few people admire attorneys. But we didn’t know they were so busy as Ms. Fluke every night that they needed $3000. annually to pay for their hobby. She explained that to us. Other college students are busier studying their chosen field. Maybe a partime job would help her to pay for it herself and even reduce the need.

    • Tom W.

      Excellent point B.Holmes!!!

  • Wolfman




    – RFID Chip In your Credit

    Credit Card


    Look at your credit


    Watch the YouTube video


    • TIME


      This also can be found on; Passports, DL’s etc.. Saddly most people don’t get it and in many cases wish to stay ignorant. How sad is that?

      Keep in mind the Cash less system that the Globalist want everyone in the world to be in for their “One World Government / Control Grid”.
      Now people can you see the underside of it? You all feed this Monster, is this what you really want? If not you cut off the food supply and the Monster dies.

      Peace and Love.

    • John

      Its a fact of life and all the whining will never change it.. The technology is here to stay. Nothing that a simple piece of metallic window screen tucked in between the outside fake leather or plastic and the inside of your wallet can’t block. Instead crying about something that is already here and was pushed by both political parties and making a fuss about it, try to learn about it and how much of the danger is real and how much is nothing but pure hype. Those are passive devices with real small antennas and need an energy field to be read and that means there is no “remote” reading possibility, someone has to be very close to you or single you out with a large directional antenna, something you would see and something that is very hard to do if you are moving around. A simple sheet of metal screen or metallic cloth has enough attenuation to prevent reading of any info even up close. I have worked in this field for 4 years and keep up to date with the new development simply because I want to know what to do to prevent strangers from having access to my data. Gosh, these days one can buy wallets that have a metallic screen build in so where is the problem? Turn your energies to prevent new technology being implemented or prevent the eternal liars in politics from passing even more laws and rules… but for gawd sakes stop whining over something that was implemented 15+ years ago.

    • Tom W.

      Awesome post Wolfie! Good lookin’ out!!! There’s a copany in Delray Beach, FL called Digital Angel, (Yeah that’s right, Angel) they specialize in making IMPLANTABLE RFID chips and when they first started putting them in seniors at the assisted living (How’s that for political correctivness?!) homes in the area, they said that a lot of these seniors suffered from Alzheimer’s and that if they wandered away from the facillity that these chips would make it easier to locate them. At the SAME time GE was going around the country and equipping ALL of our hospitals with the devices to read these chips! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Get your head out of the freakin’ sand!
      When Speaker Pelosi said,“ We have to pass the bill, to see what’s in the bill.“ Now what in the hell kind of sense does that make?! I don’t know if that was the most ignorant or most arrogant, or maybe even both, statement I ever heard uttered by an elected official! The mark of the beast is here!!! Tucked away in the Health Care Bill! Google-HR3200, click on HR 3200 IH PDF, scroll down to sec.2521 National Medical Device Registry, almost the bottom of the page. Mandating the implantation of an RFID chip into every U.S. citizen seeking medical attention within 36 months of implementation of the bill. Read it with your own two eyes!

      Revelation 13:16-18, King James Version (KJV)
      16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  • Karolyn

    For those who want to hear what Fluke said:

    • Raggs

      Who the hell cares what that slut say’s

      • Karolyn

        Maybe if some ignoramuses actually KNEW what she said before opening their mouths, they might actually have something of merit to say!

      • Deerinwater

        “Who the hell cares what that slut say’s”

        Hmm? evidently Rush did. All his reasoning left his body and alien liberal forces took over!

        The stuff must be powerful ! To make big man a fool ! Rush admits that he has been invaded! He’s not responsible for what he says anymore!

        That’s just terrible !

    • Jay

      Let it go, Karolyn. Why do you insist on beating a dead-horse!

    • Tom W.

      (offensive attack removed)

      • Karolyn

        Tom – Maybe if you learned to spell and wrote like an intelligent human being, you would be taken more seriously.

    • DavidL

      Good for you, Karolyn.

  • Alex Frazier

    I think Rush’s comments were tasteless, but close to the mark. It was entirely unnecessary for him to have called her a slut. It perpetuates the ridiculous double standard between men and women when it comes to sex.

    BUT, sex has only two purposes – children and pleasure. If you are trying to remove children from the list of selections, then you intend your sex for pleasure only. And if your goal is sex for pleasure, no one should have to pay for it but yourself. IF you’re spending $3K a year on your sex for pleasure, then you are especially active. If you don’t have a steady, monogamous partner, then you are a slut (or a womanizer).

    So Rush isn’t really wrong. But it wasn’t really needful for him to be so rude, particularly since he was directing it at a specific individual. If I were the woman, I would personally sue him for defamation of character, since Rush can’t prove her personal level of sexual activity. His slander did, after all, reach international recognition. And the woman is being called a slut on forums across the nation. If that’s not a case for defamation of character, I don’t know what is.

    He should thank his lucky stars that the loss of advertisers is all he’s had to deal with. The woman is obviously an activist. How many of us have testified before congress on an issue close to our own hearts? And besides that, she’s studying to be a lawyer. That’s a dangerous animal he’s backing into the corner.

    • Bruce Belligan

      She never testified before congress. That “testimony” was staged by pelosi and her drones.

      • Alex Frazier

        If you have reliable source information of that, I’m happy to check it out. I’m easy. But until you give me a little proof, the news showed her testifying before a congressional committee.

    • Tom W.

      VERY well said Alex! But isn’t there a more offensive term for a male slut than womanizer?!! Rush is tasteless and crude, what does that say about his audience?! They’re no better than the lefties, who think Bill Maher is such a comedic genius! But as long as there’s an audience for such, it shall always be!!! The market is a truly American enterprise and will correct itself depending on the market for said product. As long as there is a demand for anything, that thing will always exist no matter whether or not it is a good or a bad thing, it makes MONEY! Truly our American god.
      As William Shakespeare so eloquently noted, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn!” (He didn’t have a clue!) A female lawyer, now that’s a whole different animal!!! LOOK OUT! Hide your wallet, we’re in very unsafe waters! Now I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy, but I truly believe that sex is a GOD GIVEN gift to men and women who are joined in Holy Matrimony! It is the abuse of this SACRED gift that is the biggest problem we face as a global society today. Anyone who engages in illicid sexual relations is NOT ready for the consequences that can result! And a college student needs to be engulfed in their school work and not be concerned with trying to be the next Linda Lovelace or John Holmes!
      It’s all just signs of the times that we’re living in, JESUS IS COMING! You’d BETTER get ready!!!

      • Alex Frazier

        I can’t think of many terms for a male slut that don’t seem to glorify the behavior in some way. They can be called womanizers, libertines, debauchers, playboys … but none of those have the same punch as “dirty whore.”

  • TIME

    HELLO :-)

    Look Rush is owned and controled by the same people as any one else within the 100% totaly controled mass media.
    Your all being Used / Played. This event is to cover whats going on somewhere else, what might that be?
    There is no D v R, they have the same goals, so why is it that the only ones who can’t seem to get that is the American Population. Why is that again? Snap out of it!
    Stop being a TOOL / FOOL for the NWO.

    Who cares how much sex anyone has. The whole bloody thing is a BS story from start to finish its “100% controlled mass media hype to inflame.”
    Will you all PLEASE wake up to that fact. The mass media is all 100% totaly owned and 100% totaly controled this is not rocket science.

    Peace and Love

    • Jay

      Ah, good old, reliable, consistent Time! Thank you Time, for you’re reminder of who really pulls the strings!

    • FreedomFighter

      Very True Time.

      Only one so far giving it straight is Alex Jones and a few other Christian news outlets.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • TIME

        Jay & FF,

        I try yet, try as I might saddly the numbers are still hanging around in Da Nile along with their Demi God’s and Con Artist.

        You guys have a Great Night, enjoy life as much as you can as I don’t think we have long at this point in time.

        Have you either of you looked into how the Chinese Government feels about the new NDAA, Did you know They are making up a law just like it! Whats that say about the con artist thugs that run this nation.

        Peace and Love my friends

    • Alex Frazier

      This blog was probably put here by the powers that be, too. They planted mind control micro chips in Bob’s brain to make him create this site so we will all be distracted while the government implements its real agenda … the expansion of alien species that are replicating our bodies and replacing us one individual at a time … all while we argue over what we think they’re doing!

      Brother, not everything that you see happening in the world or in the country is part of a conspiracy to hide the truth of what the government is doing. You have to be reasonable. If you talk that sort of nonsense too often, people will think you’re crazy, and then they’ll never listen to you, even when you’re right.

  • Karolyn
    • Bruce Belligan

      I have no interest in recanted “testimony”. Feed your propaganda to your lib base, no sane person here believes your spin.

      • John

        What? Are you afraid you may learn that you have been had by your minders?

      • Jay

        jon, how can you be sure you’re not the one that has been indoctrinated/brainwashed; obeying you’re handler’s bidding?

      • Tom W.

        He was had a LONG time ago Jay!

    • Jay

      It appears you’re the one that can’t let this go, Karolyn!

    • Tom W.

      The woman is insatiable Jay!!!

      • Deerinwater

        Insane to ask you to view for yourself? really?

        and you are sane? right?

      • Tom W.

        Oh, go climb back in your puddle!

  • sesame

    Rush hung himself! Calling someone names is one thing. A three day tirade is something else.
    And now he wants the person he attacked to provide him with porn movies.

    • CJ

      Fluke made herself a target by making outlandish claims. Liberals do that, and complain when someone takes a shot.

      • Tom W.

        CJ, what are you trying to say? That they can dish it out, but can’t TOLERATE it?!! What do you think Karlolyn?!!

      • Karolyn

        Do you actually KNOW what she said? What were the outlandish claims? She said nothing that warranted her being called a slut. Limbaugh probably didn’t read the transcript either. All he heard was “contraceptives” and “$3000″ and he came to his own conclusions, much like all the haters here.

    • Tom W.

      The man is insatiable sesame!!!

  • Chester

    When Rush starts LIVING the life he prescribes for me, I might listen to him, but as for the bs that comes out of his mouth ninety nine percent of the time, that is what it is. And yes, he shot himself in the foot the first time he talked about Ms. Fluke, then had to come back with a dull chainsaw to finish the job.

    • Tom W.

      Excellent analogy Chester!!! What a bloody mess!

    • lois a pelishek

      Chester you are wrong. Rush is right ninety-nine percent of the time. I have been listening to Rush for twenty three years. I think of him as a part of the family. You never listen to him very long. We do not want on world country. We want to be free. What Rush said about that women is what we were all thinking. She must spend most of her life in bed. And why should we pay for her fun. It is her responsibility not ours. I also love Sarah Palin and she is not a c word. Wake up and help us save our country. Join the tea party.

      • Karolyn

        IF YOU PEOPLE WOULD JUST READ OR WATCH TO SEE WHAT SHE SAID, YOU WOULD SEE THAT SHE SAID NOTHING ABOUT HER SEX LIFE!!!!!!! Which, of course, would indicate that there was no reason to call her a slut. Limbauch probably didn’t listen to or read it either.

      • Tom W.

        She said she spent 3K on contraceptives. Now there is some debate whether or not that was for a year or the whole time she has been attending school, either or, that’s a lot of contraceptives! Just what else do you use contracaptives for Karlolyn?!!

  • Ohio

    To Wayne Allen Root:

    Guess you got to the “root” of declining “cultural-ism” in Good Ol’ USA.
    Well thought out analysis.

    As always, it goes back to two and only two personal choices of… Freedom of Will.
    One of personal accountability or lack of accountability to one’s personal integrity.

    More to the direct point…
    Do you have personal heart, mind, muscle of spirit to be disciplined to check yourself
    in at the door of inner moral fiber called Faith?

    Or….option 2…
    Are you the Face of No Faith, no accountability or personal integrity?
    That forever plastic, bendable exteriors of enable-ism with no real personal substance inside.

    • Tom W.

      Well it’s been fun and I would love to stay and argue, But I’ve got to go help pay for some of Ms. Fluke’s contraseptives! Hollar at ya latta’ Karlolyn (offensive attack removed) I don’t know about you, but I have to have a break!!!

      • Tom W.

        Opps, I meant contraceptives! The spelling police might still be out today!

  • Jose Rodriguez (@changeingyou)

    Best thing that ever happened is the termination of Limbaugh. We only need Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the rest of the diarreah mouths! They are an embarrasment and a disgrace worldwide to radio and TV.

    • Sirian

      Obviously Jose R. you haven’t the ability to actually think about what they may be saying. Apparently you are so deeply indoctrinated that it would be almost as hard to think rationally, logically, objectively, critically as it would be to escape a heroin addiction.

    • Jay

      Jose says: Best thing that ever happened is the termination of Limbaugh.

      Really? Last i checked, Rush is still on the air; and thanks to this controversy, is raking in the dough ten-fold!

    • Tom W.

      Jose, can we please see your green card?!

  • Pete0097

    To all those who discount the fact that insurance companies WILL pay for medications that will help womens health with a side effect of being a contraceptive, All you have to do is properly code the perscription. Some don’t want that side effect and others do. These people are protesting about NOTHING.

  • Windrinker

    Porn movies! Well now, if we are “paying her to play” we should get something for our money!! I heard nothing is “free!”

    This Thirty-year-old woman is a demonrat activist! She is at the college to promote her agenda! The demonrats put another one over on the “dimwit” pubs.
    She was introduced to testify at the last moment so there was no time to “vet” her (sound familiar.) At least, the dimwits did not allow her at the actual proceedings. But the demonrats didn’t give up. They “faked” and televised a hearing that was not a legitimate. It was all “play acting” to look like the real thing…Of course, the MSM came to the rescue and televised it as if she were legitimate….just another scheme by sore losers demonrats!

  • s c

    Does anyone remember the KRAP program that dared to have Al [me like Gore] Franken on it? It wasn’t taken OFF the air because it was a great program. It went off the air because it SUCKED. In the world of ideas, utopians can’t compete [no message + useful idiots + mental masturbation passing as intellect = OFF THE AIR]. THAT’s the basic message, people.
    Limbaugh’s program doesn’t share any of the ‘qualities’ that make utopian programs what they are. Frankly, I don’t care if Limbaugh is a conservative or a fakir. At least he’s not afraid of the TRUTH.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I think Air America failed because the Left thinks for themselves (generally) while Right wing media excels because the Right (generally) wants to be told what to think.

      • clgatwork

        You have that totally backwards!! Think again, oh that’s right, you can’t think for yourself!

    • Sirian

      That’s what they can stand s c, truth! Makes no difference one way or another, they refuse to look at it and even more so, actually think about it. It is a true taboo to them.

      • Karolyn

        Right bat at’cha, Sirian!

      • Sirian

        Oh Karolyn, please. . . they always manage to work around the truth or twist it to their hearts desire. You know that, all you have to do is pay attention to what they say. It shows itself quite easily most of the time. Examples have been posted here time after time.

      • Karolyn

        Whose truth, Sirian? Do you ever consider ANYTHING a liberal has to say as POSSIBLY having some truth to it? I don’t agree with everything liberals have to say, just like I don’t disagree with everything conservatives have to say, but I do consider it. The truths that I live by are thought by many to be crazy; however, I believe them; and that’s all that counts. When it comes to truth (or anything), “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

      • Sirian

        Quite often Karolyn, quite often. And at times I may very well agree with them. But here’s the problem – liberals, those that are openly the main voices that everyone is constantly listening to, blindly following, are, as said previously, cleverly work around the truth pertaining to one subject or another whatever may be the main issue at any given time. From the same they take bits and pieces of the truth and twist them into or along the line that they are striving for. From this it enables them to degrade anyone of opposite thought or political stance. This tactic/method has been in use by liberals/extremists for decades. If you were to scour over the propaganda that was used during the Wilson years, Hitler, Stalin etc. you will find the very same form of “truth twisting”. During the FDR years, there too was a tremendous amount of sidestepping the truth or twisting it to fit the problem at hand. Read “The Roosevelt Myth”, it will show you quite clearly as to how this was carried out. Saul Alinsky is historically notorious for doing the very same. Alinskyites, Socialists, Communists, Islamic fascists followers alike have been and continue to use this method on a much more intensive level today. Again, a very common method/tactic that so many liberals employ on a daily basis. But believe it or not I will agree with you on one thing – You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink – that is quite true. So, cheerfully I do agree with you on that. . . :)

    • Jay

      Poor Doc, as confused as ever!

  • JON

    I’m seeing a lot of name calling, put-downs, ego-driven opinions, uninformed rants, my-way-or-the-highway comments, whining, ignorance, and arrogance. The lack of civility on the forum sounds like a bunch of high school mean girls vs the nerds. Just because you have a certain political view doesn’t make you right or superior. Remember how we pulled together right after 9/11 and actually acted like Americans. Let’s respectively disagree with one another without being so damn disagreeable.

    Rush Limbaugh said what he said and will have to take responsibility for his own words, in whatever capacity that will be, as we all do with what we say.

    Regarding Sandra Fluke and contraception: The issue is a much bigger one than someone wanting to have sex and someone else paying for a contraception. It’s not about sex, it’s a health issue. 58% of American women taking birth control pills who use them, for purposes other than pregnancy prevention, including reducing ovarian cancer by more than 70 percent, reducing cramps or menstrual pain, regulating their periods, reducing acne and treating Endometriosis, a condition in which uterine-lining tissue grows in other pelvic areas, can lead to scarring, severe pain, and sometimes infertility. The Pill stops the growth of tissue in other areas by reducing the hormones that cause the lining to build up. About 14% of pill users — or 1.5 million women — rely on the medication exclusively for non-contraceptive purposes.

    And about the “Morning After Pill” or as some people call it “The Abortion Pill”, it’s actually the same medication as in a birth control pill, it’s just a very large dose.

    It’s amazing what happens when you educated yourself on an issue. You sound like you know what you’re talking about. Cool, huh?

    • Raggs

      Why don’t you solve the birth control issue by simply getting a F-N job and pay for it yourself you freeloading scum sucker.

      • John

        You are a poster child of what is wrong with this country. Anyone who believes swearing is a way to get their point across is wrong. It only shows your insecurities and lack of education. My father used to say, get yourself a bar of soap and wash out that filthy mouth, something that is not said enough these days.

      • FreedomFighter

        John feel the call of your masters

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • JON

        Raggs, you evidently didn’t read the part of my previous comment where I mentioned name calling and that we should be more respectful towards one another.

        If you’re addressing me, your assumption is incorrect. I’m a business owner, so I don’t need an F-N job. Therefore, I’m not a freeloading scum sucker.

    • Patriot


      You are completely missing the point and the big picture, nobody is arguing to eliminate these things, it is who plays for it. The larger issue is that if you submit to this logic than almost everything is a health issue, what you eat, drink, your gym membership, etc., etc. Once this logic becomes mainsteam then we are completely lost, your freedom & liberty will be gone, surely you can see this, no? I believe that we have evolved past this issue, there are so many more important issues that we need to be discussing. We are on the brink of losing everything and we have been thrown into the gutter by our political hacks and establishment types. Lets’ dig deep together!

    • Jay

      Jon says: I’m seeing a lot of name calling, put-downs, ego-driven opinions, uninformed rants, my-way-or-the-highway comments, whining, ignorance, and arrogance. The lack of civility on the forum sounds like a bunch of high school mean girls vs the nerds. Just because you have a certain political view doesn’t make you right or superior.

      Yet, Jon has no problem calling anyone who disagrees with him, programmed robots, intellectually defective, whiners, ignorant, and arrogant! You still have that bar of soap handy, Jon?

      • JON

        Jay, You misread my comment. I was asking for people to be more respectful when disagreeing with others on the forum without being so disagreeable. I called no one programmed robots nor intellectually defective.

    • MOS was 71331

      You say “58% of American women taking birth control pills use them, for purposes other than pregnancy prevention.” You may well be correct, but Georgetown’s medical plan for students covers whatever medication a student’s doctor prescribes for health problems. Miss Fluke was lying when she claimed Georgetown students with such problems did not have such coverage.

      • Eddie47DD

        “Miss Fluke was lying when she claimed Georgetown students with such problems did not have such coverage.”

        Exactly right MOS.

        I dispute the 58% number though I believe it is more along the lines of 15%-20%.

  • Patriot

    What is sad, is that after the 2010 elections (landslide Victory by the people), I started to realize that we are not only fighting the Democrats, but we are also fighting the Republican Establishment. This could not be more clear now during this primary process. We the People need to find the will & light within ourselves, understand the battle we are in and do what is Right to reverse course for future generations. This will be done using the power within ourselves and our pure numbers, the work started in 2010, lets’ overwhelm the system in 2012. Stay in the fight as long as it will take, I want to be part of the 2nd American Revolution (clear the swamp), never thought this would happen in my lifetime, the Will of the People will prevail. Good will always over power evil!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Only those with such tender ears that they cant stand to hear someone speak the truth wouldnt know truth if they heard it anyhow. A lib problem from the beginning.

  • Raggs


    The only hope that we have is to awaken the many of the working class that do not know what is going on.. I pray to GOD that there will be enough people to wake up prior to the election this year, however we ALL know damm welll that the oblama machine will RIG the election.. Voter fraud this year will set a new record ( for the democraps ) and this election will go down in history as the MOST corrupt in Americas history.

  • FreedomFighter

    New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

    If you want to skip the joke dramatization in the beginning move to 5min 50 sec in the vid,

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Dave

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Rush does what he does for one thing – Rush. Whatever makes him money. As he told Larry King in 2004, if the money was in liberal talk radio, he’d be doing liberal talk radio.
    It’s pseuod-conservative talking heads like Rush that has made it near impossible for us to carry on a rational, intelligence-driven conversation about what matters most to us. He’s given us hate speech and fueled the pseudo-rightious anger among his dunderhead followers who must tune in dayly to get their adrenaline fix. Probably the only real stimulation in their otherwise mundane lives.
    Liberal talk radio will never do as well as conservative talk radio because it’s not as gutter-ugly and doesn’t stir the soul like the name-calling and character assasination that is the hallmark of these fake conservatives.
    Sometimes Rush gets it right, but mostly what he offers is garbage. Sadly, too many pass his abysmal behavior off as motivated by the need to help his fellow human beings other than what he’s really doing, which is making a buck feeding the dunderheads what they want to hear, irregardless of the truth.

    • FreedomFighter

      Obama the…

      The Con Artist

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Deerinwater

      That’s the way I see Rush as well Dave. Rush appeals to the “Victim” in all of us. He managed to connect with certain people and bring this anger out and feed it.

      The truth is, we are all victims at one time or another but it’s how you react to it that determines the quality of your life.

      Quality of life is an illusive thing, hard to capture, hard to frame in just a few words.

      I don’t know with any certainly the quality of life that Rush “followers” enjoys but it stands to reason it could not be all that great. How could it? Happiness and peace of mind is something to pursue, I don’t see them working in some constructive way to achieve such ambitions but just the contrary.

  • boyscout

    Get real Wayne. I am not a liberal but have no time for cry babies like Rush or you who push the agenda that liberals own the airways and that every hysteria loaded issue you select is an end-of -the-world scenario. That you are popular among the sheeple and are successful at fleecing them to obtain great wealth is no concern of mine either – more power to ya !
    I do believe. however, that you would better serve the nation by rationally (think W.F.Buckley) tackling our many pressing real issues. Loose the clown aspect, inform and educate (Bob Livingston), shatter those mirrors and let some of the smoke out

  • http://yahoo roy

    you people are nothing more then a bunch of right wing sicko bottom feeding hate mongers.Get therapy.NOW

    PS:I’m an independent and there is no way I will for republican until this sick hate and obstuction in the name of winning stops.

    • FreedomFighter

      The Evolution of Liberals

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You were never an Independent.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, let’s say that he’s not running on a 3.0 Rush Victim operating program.

    • Sirian

      Very unusual, I’ve been an registered Independent for over thirty years and we’re obviously 180 out from each other. You’ll never vote for a Republican? Hmmm, then that only leads anyone to believe you are overly convinced that Obummer & Democrats are the only ones to vote for – yes, very independent thinking, very independent.


    Well Wayne,

    You do a great job of sounding just like Rush the pig. His biggest problem with this issue is that he doesn’t act like a gentleman with respect to women. This issue has taken on a life of its own and need not have done so.

    If Rush was as intelligent as he would like his audience to believe he would never have stooped to the level of name calling. Just shows the public that he is truly the school drop out he has told people he was.

    I too was a female law student some year past and didn’t ask for hand outs from anyone. I paid my own way and never was a penny behind. If she was having all the sex that Rush believes she is, she couldn’t pass her finals.

  • Raggs

    Next… Government ran prostitution ( you know to keep us safe ).

  • stokes

    Wayne–I always look forward to your commentary—It’s always-”Right on” & delivered in a no nonsense–straight forward way!! Keep it up Brother & don’t let your guard down!! We need your continuous look @ the world through “NON-ROSE COLORED GLASSES!!”

  • bigjeff1

    The Rush Limbaugh story is not about Right and Left. It is about the sustained drive of both “entertainment” and “commentary” down to the lowest possible level of intelligence and civility. He is the poster-child for arrogant, irresponsible, verbal bullying that has no boundaries. It titillates the insecure, frightened, and angry folks who are looking for something to kick. There are entire radio and television and newspaper conglomerates that are dedicated to pushing whatever will fill their pockets and increase the power of their owners to influence the public debate as they see fit. The rest of the story is about the archaic white-male insistence that they are the ones who will decide what is best for women, for their health and for their sex lives. Some of us will stand up for civility and for women and for minorities of all types. And today, it looks like there are advertisers who have decided that they might do that as well. Sorry about that.

    • FreedomFighter

      Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony

      Dont worry commi boy, your hero is working hard for you.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Karolyn

        I didn’t see Obama’s name mentioned. Why the insistence on attributing love for him to anyone who has an oppsite view?

      • Deerinwater

        That’s the way his mind in hard wired Karolyn, he can see things no other way.

        He is a “victim” and suffers greatly for the acts of others that oppose him. That is the Rush “programming” at work. Trash in, Trash out.

      • Sirian

        He signed into action the “free speech zone” that has been extended Karolyn. Check out this report:

      • Karolyn

        Well, I don’t plan on visiting Washington at any time in the near future; I ain’t worried about it.

      • Raggs

        You can’t have an American flag anymore unless it has king oblamas mug replacing the stars so… go figure….

      • Raggs

        Why is it acceptable to wave a flag with the mug of oblama and it is illegal to raise a flag of old glory?

      • http://none Claire

        I fly two flags–both of them are Old Glory. Since when did we have to fly a flag with Obama on it?

      • Jay

        Scary, FF, and yet, not a whisper from the left. I guess they are too busy defending Fluke, and demonizing Rush, to notice that their Emperor Nero, is setting our nation on fire!

  • me 2

    Supporters of impotent old druggies like Limbaugh who can’t get his stiffie without the aid of Viagra should consider curtailing the supply of Viagra and Cialis Etc. to prison populations, sex offenders and good Christian hypocrites who preach one message while defending it’s opposites, before taking the high road.
    You people decry abortion,yet promote wars that kill thousands of children and unborn babies elsewhere. But they’re a different color or religion , so God sanctions that, HUH? That’s RIGHT damn Christian of ya, Ain’t It????
    Get real, Scream about birth control, while complaining about over population. Deny women the right to birth control AND abortion? Enable the horn dogs? Maybe it’s time those babies that get created are left on the doorsteps of those who REALLY ARE THE PROBLEM. You raise them.
    See how long it takes to rethink your position.

    • FreedomFighter

      Mind Games

      Dear Mind guerilla,

      Personal Responsibility and LOVE are the answer,

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Karolyn

      Interesting that you mention bullying. I just listened to a discussion of a movie by that name, and it got me to thinking about how people like Limbaugh and his followers are perpetuating bullying in this country. Just looking at the remarks made here is proof enough that people raised in that type of household would have prejudices, anger and even hatred of those not like them. As kids, that translates into bullying, which results in murder, suicide and the ruination of lives. They just don’t care, though.

      • Raggs

        OH come on!!!… Your blowing smoke..

        You are in fact MUCH worse than Rush ever thought about being with YOUR hate of conservatives and you are trying your dammest to turn the table how pathetic and sad.
        Like SO many other social misfits including hitler you have tucked yourself under the veil of lies… Why don’t you look in the mirror?… Because you are afraid of yourself…

      • Jay

        Indeed, and Obama, and his loyal lemmings, are a prime example of such! Thank you for pointing that out, Karolyn.

      • Karolyn

        Raggs, Mr. hater-par-excellence – I have never, nor will I ever use the hateful language you use and can certainly never, in truth, be called a hater of conservatives. A dear friend of mine is a Christian conservative. People are people. I don’t hate anyone, nor do I denigrate people as you do. As a matter of fact, that word is not even in my vocabulary, except when it comes to the shower in my house, which I really do hate. My job here on earth is to assist people in any way I can, and adding to the hatred and anger that is already present, doesn’t help anyone. If you would take an objective look, you would see that I receive hateful, stupid responses no matter what I post, even if is a logical statement. What does that tell you? It tells me that conservatives close their ears to those they do not side with no matter what they have to say, although I must say, when I have agreed with posts, there has been the occasional response from the more open-minded of you who actually think about what they post before putting finger to key.

      • Jay

        Karolyn says: Raggs, Mr. hater-par-excellence – I have never, nor will I ever use the hateful language you use and can certainly never, in truth, be called a hater of conservatives.

        In fact, i dare you to find even one post wherein i stooped so low as to call someone, an idiot, or an a–hole! Oh darn, here’s two. Thank you Jay, for pointing out my duplicity!

        Karolyn says:
        March 10, 2012 at 5:26 pm

        Rush Limbaugh in danger? That idiot? Did you see what he had to say about the Kony, the butcher in Africa? Because he heads the “Lord’s Resistance Army,” Limbaugh thinks he’s a Christian! I think he’s losin’ it.

        Karolyn says:
        March 11, 2012 at 7:19 pm

        That may very well be true, Jay. Look at all the charities in this country like the American Cancer Society who are greedy. However, they are being instrumental in bringing knowledge of these horrendous crimes more into the open. According to the video, they want to make sure our government does not forget and keeps the pressure on. That’s the bottom line here, and Limbaugh is still an A**Hole for saying that our people are in Uganda to kill Christians. It seems to me he has gotten to the point where he thinks he is a God because of all those who worship at his altar, and he can say anything he wants to rouse the rabble.

        You’re welcome, Karolyn, i’m happy to be of assistance!

      • Karolyn

        Jay, I should have known to place a caveat in my post. Limbaugh is a public figure, which differentiates him from “normal” people, such as those who post on this list. I think it would be hard to find someone who does not call certain public figures any number of names. I certainly would dare you to find where I have ever called anyone posting here an a**hole or an idiot. Idiot is the noun of choice for many here. My point is, and has always been, that there is no reason for such animosity due to someone being of an opposite opinion. He who loses his cool loses the argument.

      • JeffH

        Jay, that’s what I find most interesting about liberals, Karolyn included, they (almost)always have an excuse for their hypocrisy…as my pop always used to say, “excuses are for losers” and it seems that the liberals(independent thinkers?) tend to make a lot of excuses for their “insert foot in mouth” comments.

      • http://none Claire

        I tried to listen to Rush yesterday and today on my lunch hour going home. I just cannot stand his ranting and raving, the fingertapping, the grunting, sighing. Too nutty for me.

        Birth control? Every man and woman is responsible for themselves, not the government, not the taxpayer. If a person digs a hole for himself/herself, than let them deal with it. I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with it. Not anymore.
        I am sick and tired of the crap that is going on. Look at the Republican candidates. Which one will be the best choice? I say none of them. Ron Paul doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in you know where. The Republican party has done a good job keeping him out of the picture. As far as I am concerned, things will not get any better.

  • Jeanne Stotler

    Ms Flute choose to go to not only a Catholic University, BUT a Jesuit University, which I am a former student of. If she didn’t know the precepts of the Church, she should have read up on them. She and only she also chose to put herself in the limelight, on Public TV and discuss hepersonal life. In my day a proper young lady didn’t do this and as a Catholic I will stand by my church and it’s tenets, as for the 5 of Catholics who do use birth control, that is between them, their conscience and their priest, and only God will judge in finality. I also believe in the Constitution and if we weaken one admendment,ie: 1st, then how long before the others are weakened and we become like Soviet Russia??

    • Jay

      Jeanne, Ms. Fluke knew exactly what she was doing, where she was going, and why!

      In fact,
      Sandra Fluke is also the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

      Sandra Fluke was initially described as a Georgetown law student. It was then revealed that prior to attending Georgetown she was an active women’s right advocate.

      In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy.

      During this time, she was described as a 23-year-old coed. Magically, at the same time Congress is debating the forced coverage of contraception, she appears and is even brought to Capitol Hill to testify.

      In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, it was revealed that she is 30 years old, NOT the 23 that had been reported all along.

      In other words, folks, you are being played. She has been an activist all along and the Dems were just waiting for the appropriate time to play her.

      This was all just a big dishonest Democrat ploy to take the attention off of Barack Obama’s assault on religious freedom.

      • Raggs

        Yup… she is a paid troll for the democratic party…

  • mgunns

    Gee I thought we were talking about the potty mouth Bill Mahr, he a far better flare at describing the female parts than any one I know. But as the old saying goes bad press if better than no press. I bet Rush’s show ratings and popularity have gone up threw the ceiling. Go Rush Go

    Semper Fi

  • Kenny


    What’s an air-headed liberal like you doing on a conservative site like this? Rush has more brains in his pinky finger than you have in your whole worthless libtard body. Moreover, Rush doesn’t lie, or you would have cited examples. But, like most libdards, you cannot deal in facts, but merely hurl vicious invective. That’s all of which you are capable, being a libtard. You need a shrink because liberalism is a mental disorder and you have shown us how just much you are in need of counseling.

    I find the Limbaugh incident enormously revealing. The left routinely engages in obscene and gratuitous character assassination of those with whom it disagrees, but when one conservative commentator steps beyond the bounds of propriety, they go ballistic and try to paint the entire movement with the same brush. It’s so transparently hypocritical. At least Rush was focused on Ms. Fluke’s arguments for $3,000 in free contraceptives during her college years. He might have called her promiscuous, or a defender of promiscuity and ridiculed her absurd demand for free pills, and force a religious institution to change its moral guidelines to suit her promiscuity. However, he lowered himself by using language that the left uses routinely. For this he has apologized. But this not enough for the rabid left because they are followers, whether they know it or not, of the ideas of Herbert Marcuse, the late Marxist ideologue who rejected free speech on the grounds that it privileges the dominant class. In his mind, only the left wing minority should have free speech. It’s free speech for me, but not for thee. It’s just one example of the loony ideas that have traction on the left.

  • Kenny

    We have to realize that the whole Sandra Fluke incident was a calculated plan by Obama and his minions to turn his attack on the First Amendment freedom oif religion into a Republican or conervative or tea party “war on women” for political gain. It is so pathetical ludicrous, but part and parcel of the irrational mindset that is contempirary liberalism. It also FAILED. The American peole are smarter than that.

  • Realist

    I don’t listen to rush anymore and haven’t for years. I guess when he started defending the rich for not paying the same rate of taxes as the working middle class, that turned me off. And before you try to chime in about the very wealthy paying over 50 percent of the taxes, consider this: the top 5 percent of citizens own 95percent of the wealth so it figures, that they should be taxed accordingly!

    • Raggs

      Give me a break!

      Are you going to tax your way into sitting on the sofa all day watching opie whimpy?
      Go for it…

      Get off of your deadbeat butt and find a job!
      But you will have to move out of this country in order for that since king oblama wants to kill this country one regulation at a time.

      • Realist

        I have a job sunshine and I won’t embarrass you by saying what my wages are. I just know that I pay more than my fair share and if you didn’t worry so much about getting your earned income credit you’d agree.

      • Raggs

        A yuppie with a job…

        I’m impressed.

      • RichE

        Raggs, maybe this will help. Rich people pay more because they make more. Given two people with the same tax rate 25%, one taxable income 1 million the other 100 thousand. The first will pay 250,000 in taxes and the second 25,000. The rich person pays more because he makes more. Total revenue is 275,000 and the rich person portion would be 90.9%. Rich people pay more in taxes because of math not because they are singled out.

      • Raggs

        50% of this population work for a living and the other 50% voted for oblama.

  • Smoke101

    FreedomFighter-like the way you think! KISS theory says that if you give the government the right to give you something they now control it! It’s not a far reach to believe that the rulers will then mandate that you use birth control to control the population of this country. Given that Obummer has surrounded himself with eggheads that believe in eugenics to save Mother Earth thru abortion and top down control of everthing in your life….well be careful what you ask for….YOU MIGHT GET IT WITH UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!

    • FreedomFighter

      It is allready writen into the UN agenda — part of Agenda 21.

      Reduce world population, thru war, disease, Eugenics.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Stones, scissors or paper?- Better star sprinkled oz born.

  • Raggs

    I wonder why nobody has connected floosy fluke with planned parentless hood?

    • Jay

      More precisely, i wonder why no one has yet realized that, in, and at the heart of this manufactured controversy, is disguised the true intent; the abolition of private insurance, and the enforcement/establishment, of Obama-care!

      • Raggs

        You MOST certainly have it!!!!

        Kuddos to you…. I was on the line of the same but I didn’t want to type all of that in.
        Call it Ironic that the sub-supreme court is to throw out their personal opinion on the socialized commie care just about the same time this floosy grabs a week in the news.

  • Chisna

    What’s the problem here ? Rush Limbaugh chose to lie about what Sandra Fluke
    actually said, and chose to personally attack her and call her vile names.

    Wether Mr. Root want’s to accept it or not. Very often there are consequences
    when people lie, and personally attack other people. And in this case, there
    were consequences to Rush’s actions.

    So Wayne Allyn Root has chosen to ignore the facts in this case
    and has instead decided to go on the attack himself, and try to paint anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with him or Rush Limbaugh’s brand of hate radio with a broad brush. Instead of standing up like a man and acknowledging that Rush was wrong to do what he did.

    Personally I have a real hard time believing that Mr. Root was a presidential nominee.
    A right wing mouth piece on a talk radio show maybe, but a nominee ? No…. not worthy.
    Not even close to being worthy.

    • Raggs

      But you seem to think that it OK for oblama to attack and lie how pathetic you are

    • Raggs

      Why are you beating on Rush when your king does this everyday?
      Talk about double standard.

      • Chisna

        I thought this was about Rush Limbaugh ?

        Now it’s about Obama ?

        Ok, the same standards apply. ( they apply to everyone Ragg’s )

        There are consequences to him lying as well.

        But I can’t say as I’ve heard him personally attack anyone using vile language.

      • Raggs

        Oh come on please…

        So why did king oblama call the radio station?
        If I were Rush I would most certainly file a suit against oblama.

  • Charlie

    All of this crap about Rush Limbaugh’s remarks is just CRAP. Men and women do not think the same,do not look the same, do not act the same,do not smell the same,and can not always do the what the other gender can do. THANK GOD FOR THIS SINCERLY MEAN THIS !! All of this name calling from this person or that person is what it is. Did you all ever grow up or are we all children still. I was taught as a child that “Sticks and stone may break your bones, but words shall never hurt me.” STOP ALL OF THIS FIRING BACK AND FORTH ABOUT WORDS FROM RUSH, HE IS WHAT HE CLAIMS TO BE A RADIO TALK SHOW HOST WITH HIS OWN OPINION. He has worked his way to a national talk show host because people like what they are hearing. Think about it. Right now we as a country shoud be thinking about saving our county for future generations rather that thinking of how to distroy an american that has actually aquired the american dream.

  • Charlie

    Guess I should of read my post before sending have some misspelled words, hey that should give someone an opening to think they can correct me.

  • Olin Ross

    The liberals are not trying to destroy Humpty Dumpty Limburger…He is doing it himself….

    • FreedomFighter

      I understand his show is now even bigger, reaching even more people.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Kinetic1

    I’ve read some of Mr. Root’s columns before, but this is the first time I’ve watched one of his videos. It’s also the last I am likely to bother with. What a load. First off, “progressive” drive time radio has done quite well in many markets across the nation, but you wouldn’t know it to listen to the right. Perhaps this is, in part is due to the actions of companies like Mr. Romny’s Bain Capitol, the owners of Clear Channel radio. At the beginning of this year, this ELECTION YEAR they dumped one of the most successful morning drive shows in the San Francisco bay area and replaced it with Glen Beck. By Mr. Root’s logic this would suggest that only conservatives “work” in the San Francisco bay area, that bastion of Conservative thinkers. Further it would suggest that having a progressive station was a money looser, but the numbers show that to be false. Even if you wanted to make the argument that drive time is conservative time, the strongest Republican county in the bay area has less than 30% of the population, making it hard to believe that those congested freeways are filled with conservatives.

    Further eroding Mr. Roots assumptions is the fact that the show in question, the legendary Rush Limbaugh show does not run during drive time. In fact, Rush’s success is often linked to the fact that he is able to bring in listeners during what is normally one of radios weakest time slots! It begs the question, who is listening? We know he has a huge audience, but how many people are on the road from 12 to 3? How many people can listen in the office? I used to listen in the store I managed, until we had enough complaints that I had to turn it off. Of course there are some businesses that would not have this problem, and there are truckers and farmers. Statistics show Limbaugh’s audience to be largely made up of conservative men over the age of 50, so we could be talking about retirees and the unemployed who would be home during these hours?

    Mr. Root has done a lot in this one piece to help me understand why Libertarians have not done better in politics. Like Rush he offers up inflammatory generalizations about Liberals sitting home collecting social security as the norm while ignoring the scores of “conservatives” who rail against the government while collecting food stamps. He stands side by side with the TEA Party activists as they shout “keep your government out of my MediCare!” He seems to me to be just one more wealthy talking head trying to convince us that doing what is best for his (and his backers) bottom line is what’s best for us all, no matter what it costs us.

    • FreedomFighter

      Long winded BS.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Victor Kelly

    The things Rush said were pretty stupid and over the top. I thought he would have gotten away with it as just another comment in bad taste. Most commentators are guilty of that from time to time and Rush’s wouldn’t have been a big deal if he hadn’t made his last statement.

    When he proposed a deal with the Fluke woman that he would pay for her sex if she would videotape her sexual activity and post it on line, then he totally lost me and millions of others. It was a sick comment, totally unacceptable and may have even been illegal. Promoting online pornography was not a real smart thing to do and will hurt the GOP with women voters, maybe men too, pure and simple. He ought to take a long break and get out of town before he causes any more damage to the Republicans.

    Calling it like I see it.

  • chuckb

    victor k, you and a lot of the left are day dreaming if you think this harmed rush in any way. rush was right in his description and unfortunately for you and your buddies most people agreed with him. i doubt if this so called woman needs contraceptives for her type of sexual activity.

    lol, rush losing sponsors, in your liberal dreams.

  • Raggs

    Little miss floosy fluke is a plant.

  • Bamboo Bond

    Everyone stop it. Please read the case of Hustler Magazine Larry Flynt vs Jerry Falwell. Read the Supreme Court ruling – No fan of Rush – but if you want Freedom of Speech, which I am sure you all do, this case nailed it.

    • Mr.P

      Right on bamboo..the lib’s want run everyone’s can’t have it both ways

      • eddie47d

        Santorum will be having a field day in controlling peoples lives . His new agenda is way ahead of any liberal.

  • Brien Farley

    Wayne makes a lot of great points about the Left and why they react to Conservative talk radio the way they do. Here in Wisconsin, we’re in a knock-down drag-out battle BECAUSE of Conservative talk radio and the impact it’s had on our local and state politics. I produced a documentary film about this called, “Liberty or Lies”. Check it out at: and learn more at

  • f

    By his own account, Rush should be locked up and thow away the key. After all, That’s what he said to do with drug addicts. I can’t believe that so many people can call Obama such vitriolic names and yet feel The Patriot Act and Rush are right. you guys eat this stuff up.
    Rush is a hypocrite and The Patriot Act is facism plain and simple.
    Wake up! Your freedoms are being taken away bit by bit!

  • DavidL

    This video is a psychotic rant and, unfortunately, so typical of much of the current crop of Republican/Conservatives who, because of their extreme partisanship, have become so alienated they are no longer able to recognize reality.

  • Thinking About

    Rush tied the noose around his own neck and pulled the hatch lever all by himself. Liberals does not have control of his mouth. Rush, RIP, Ruin Is Perputal, let the cry baby live in his tears.

  • Palin16

    Blagojevich, beware the Ides of March!

    • http://none Claire

      Palin6- Wanna bet he doesn’t serve the full 14 years? I bet he doesn’t. The little has-been is crooked as a twizzler.

      • Palin16

        I agree. I’m sure if Obama wins reelection, he’ll not only pardon Blago, but make him an ambassador or some white house job like assistant to the assistant of the deputy chief of staff. I’ve also gotten an email detailing how Obama plans to erase the Second Amendment during a second term.

  • Jay

    Liberal Comedian Louis CK Withdraws from Media Dinner After Van Susteren Calls Attention to His Sexism

    Earlier today, Van Susteren announced on her blog that she will not be attending the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner hosted in DC every year. This dinner is being headlined by liberal comedian Louis C.K. who has said a number of offensive statements about Sarah Palin and other women that are far in excess of anything ever said by Rush Limbaugh on the air.

    He uses filthy language about women…..yes, the C word…and yes, even to describe a woman candidate for Vice President of the United States. It isn’t just Governor Palin he denigrates. He denigrates all women and looks to the crowd to laugh.

    I refuse to show any support for this guy or for the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner Committee who hired him. I think the organization that hired him is just as bad as he is. It is no secret that he denigrates women.

    Here is a sample of what he said about Governor Sarah Palin and you tell me whether any member of the media should sit in the crowd while he speaks to them:

    Louis C.K. says of Palin: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”

    To Palin: just “stick your t** in its mouth and shut up.”

    And here is more: ”…her f***** retard making c****”

    Need more to convince you? Here is what he says on twitter:

    “I want to rub my father’s c*** all over Sarah Palin’s fat t***”

    By the way, there is more, lots more.

    I hope all the other women and men in the media join me in not going. I also hope everyone has the courage to stand up to this, said Van Susteren.

    It really is astonishing but unsurprising that the liberal media has hired this guy to entertain itself. Obviously, any right-leaning comedian who had made such remarks would never have been given this prime gig.

    Kudos to Van Susteren for being a rare voice of consistency in the media with respect to left-wing comedians and talk show hosts.

  • Jay

    President Obama made a compassionate call to Sandra Fluke because Rush Limbaugh had wrongfully called her a “slut” on national radio. Limbaugh was wrong. Limbaugh can be pompous. While I may share some of his views, I don’t approve of overt disrespect. Regardless of political positions, calling any woman dirty names is low class and far from funny. It speaks more about the name caller, than the name-callee.

    Of course, one might wonder why a president of the United States would take time out of his daily crises situations to telephone a woman with hurt feelings because a talk show host called her a name. How’s $1 million for an answer?

    The president’s actions opened an intended can of worms. You see, this isn’t the first time politically leaning TV hosts and comedians have crossed the “low-class” line by resorting to filthy name-calling …especially against women. According to the media and the president, it seems whatever Bill Maher might say about an American woman is downright funny. They are fair game, because you see, Bill Maher is Democrat who loves Obama and has donated $1 million dollars to his campaign to boot. So, Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann all the dirty names he likes, it’s ok.

    From Maher: Palin And Bachmann Are “Two Bimbos” Who Belong On Gilligan’s Island. (nice)

    Regarding Sarah Palin… “Speaking of dumb twats…” (nice)

    When Maher called Sarah Palin a “C–T” on national TV, he added, “there’s no other word for her.” (nice again) Classy guy.

    Bill Maher is fearlessly unapologetic for his vulgar references to women politicos (who are Republican) and makes it a chronic habit, not some one-time slip of the tongue. Talk about hating. Talk about getting away with vulgarity on the air. And what are we to think of the people who would even laugh at so much unfunniness?

    This begs another question: Where are the phone calls to Sarah Palin, Mr. President? Isn’t being called a “C–T” or a “Twat” or a “Bimbo” just as derogatory as being called a slut?

    Where was the president’s call when Ed Schultz of MSNBC called Conservative talk-show host, Laura Ingraham a “Slut?”

    Where was the president’s call when Christine O’Donnell appeared on the Joy Behar show only to be called a “Whore.”

    Where was the president’s call when Michelle Bachmann walked onto the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon as the band played, “Lying Ass Bitch?”

    Where was the president’s call when California gubernatorial hopeful, Meg Whitman, was called a “whore” on voice mail by the now-governor, Jerry Brown?

    This is not about republican versus democrat. It’s about decency and respect. Celebrities, like all of us, may all share major differences in political issues but that doesn’t give license to denigrate women by calling vulgar names. It’s very Low-Class on both sides of the aisle. anyone who engages in such should feel the wrath of their constituency. That includes Maher.

    And, if the president had any class, he’d tell Maher where he could stick his $1 million.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    • Palin16

      Don’t forget when Letterman said “the number 2 reason for Sarah Palin’s visit to NYC to go shopping for more makeup at Bloomingdale’s so she can upgrade her slutty flight attendant look”.

      • Jay

        Palin16, notice how none of the progs who are busy demonizing Rush, commented on the article i posted? Need any more evidence of their blatant, double-standards?

      • Palin16

        their silence is effin golden!

  • Bamboo Bond

    “At the heart of the First Amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. The freedom to speak one’s mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty- and thus a good unto itself-but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole. We have therefore have been particularly vigilant to ensure that individual expressions of ideas remain free from govenmentally imposed sanctions.” The First Amendment envisions that the sort of robust political debate that takes place in a democracy will occasionally yield speech critical of public figures who are “intimately involved in the resolution of important public questions, or by reason of their fame, shape events in areas of concern to society at large.” The Supreme Court of the United States. – If you do not accept this ruling – we can expect McCarthy era tactics

    Majority, Rehnquist , Brennan, Marshall, Blackmum Stevens, O’Conner Scalia – Kennedy took no part in the consideration or decision of the case…. Hustler vs Falwell.

    Now, stop the emotions and appreciate and embrace your freedoms. Or we will end up with one press.

  • John Lilleburn’s ghost

    Listen dumbos. We dont care about Rush or the people who listen to him. 20 M of people who still listen to AM radio for F88ks sake.You’re whining losers, we dont care what you do, think or say cos you dont count. Its not like you are going to listen to sensible argument. So, to talk about a battle for talk radio is a delusion of gradeur. Who gives a s88t about talk F33king radio ? You are self defined as the people who got left behind. That why you are bitter. sitting your trailers rotting with your guns, your BS churches preaching hate outcompeted by everyone, even chinese peasants and illiterate immigrants.
    Rush is Americas wining Fat boy from a liberal viewpoint he is useful because he reminds people of the truth and the hypocricsy. I mean the from a liberal view point the fact that so many of you agree with a Fat, whining, draft dodging racist junkie allows us to show the waverers what a bunch of c88ts you are

  • uvuvuv

    when lowe’s dropped out of all american muslims everyone fell all over themselves condemning them for daring repeat daring to exercise censorship in this way. the same with that komen dispute. of course their outrage was evenhanded, so that if a right wing show or organization lost its sponsors or support, they would storm the barricades in equally vehement protest. and that’s exactly what happened with the rush remarks, the leftists quickly condemned the sponsors that dropped him. support the first amendment!
    regarding that fluke, i think she was being disingenuous, she looked to booky and prim to be on any “presciption,” unless she was a case of reverse prostitution. you know, like when you play the porno movie backwards and the girl pays the guy.

    • veritas

      Fluke is simply an Agent Provocateur! that’s all….

      Here’s one brief quote from the article:

      Transgender persons wishing to undergo the gender reassignment process frequently face heterosexist employer health insurance policies that label the surgery as cosmetic or medically unnecessary and therefore uncovered.

      - and Rush was 100% correct to slam her for what she is – a PROSTITUTE!

      • JON

        Then I guess that makes you one as well!

  • Thade

    Thanks Wayne!!! Rush was just a bit Pissed ! As was I , but, great comparisons Cons and Libs. In the long run do u really believe they know what they’re up against ? If it gets beyond free speech and on to protect my property, do u feel they r prepared for what they have chosen to awaken ? They’ve been STEALIN from us hard workin American Dream believers and advancers for long enough. Dont really feel were gonna take another step backward. Think they r ready to push and feel no give ? DR PAUL , last American w a set !!! (me too) ok and u guys!!!

  • Paris

    I listened to your video today on this website had to write a comment. I’m a republican woman that never voted for anything other than a conservative ticket…however, I am very concerned about the contraceptive issue that is currently being discussed. I am not a freeloader, nor am I a slut or a prostitute and I could care less about Rush. He has nothing to do with my healthcare. I was prescribed birth control for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. So why shouldn’t my insurance cover that medication. Am I freeloading if my child’s Amoxicillin or my Levothyroxine is covered by insurance? What is the big deal here? I am also Catholic and don’t see bands of Catholic women screaming about their religious freedoms being infringed upon. In fact I only see men talking about this and it worries me. I am very seriously considering not voting at all in the upcoming IL primary because of this issue.

    • Deerinwater

      Paris, the women have been discussing this issue for 7 years but not forcefully and loud.

      Thanks to Rush, that changed this week.

      I’m amazed how little some men actually know and understand about women and women’s health issues. They are not good listeners for whatever reason. My guess is they have intimate issues, very weak interpersonal relation skills. They are not the kind of man that a woman can talk to. So they just don’t know the subject before them.

      Archie Bunker, is alive and well.

      • Paris

        Your reply is meaningless…doesn’t make sense.
        No surprise coming from a reincarnated Archie Bunker…don’t be proud of that as you are giving the republican party a bad name….off to a different website.

      • Jay

        Paris, Deerinwater has unintentionally shared something of himself. One need only read between the lines. His statement, is actually a cry for help!

        “I’m amazed how little i know and understand about women and women’s health issues. I’m not a good listeners for whatever reason. My guess is that i have intimate issues, very weak interpersonal relation skills. I am not the kind of man that a woman can talk to. So i just don’t know the subject before me”. I guess Archie bunker, is alive and well…

  • veritas

    that little “napoleon’, with a small hands and even smaller winnie, Bill M&whore – would have been better off if his mother actually took the pill…. so I can understand his ranting.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Personally I don’t believe its “the left” or “liberals” who are the only ones angry at Rush. I consider myself a liberal but politics did not enter into my criticism of Rush.I criticized him because I believe he was and is wrong. As to the “liberals” tactics. It may be liberal pundits who attack conservative pundits. But liberal pundits don’t represent liberals any more than conservative pundits represent conservatives.

  • Jay

    Sandra Fluke has shown us the new lows to which the women rights movement has fallen.

    It is not necessary to denigrate Ms. Fluke or to speculate on her sexual proclivities, but it is important to note who she is, what she is doing, and what she hopes to achieve.

    Ms. Fluke, who has recently testified before Congress on behalf of free birth control from Catholic Georgetown Law School, is the product of a sexual and moral revolution that has now resulted in the reduction of women’s rights to the singular right of unrestrained sexual activity protected by universal and “free” birth control.

    She is the face of a radical leftist feminism which seeks a brave new world established by fiat utilizing supra-constitutional means, most especially and most recently via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The restraints and processes enjoined by the U.S. Constitution, utilized with success by former reformers, apparently are just too tedious to work through.

    A once and often worthy civil rights movement has become a mere parody of its former self. Its most recent heroine has been groomed to subvert the constitutional guarantees of religious liberties and gut the long-established principle of separation of church and state. She now blandly and dispassionately advocates the evisceration of religious freedom in America. And for what? Not for women’s “health,” as is so disingenuously claimed. No.

    She is fighting for the “right” to have the means and resources to be free of the consequences of sexual activity, gratis the Catholic Church — which institution, by the way, is providing Ms. Fluke with a stellar legal education.

    Time was when real feminists fought for the right of little girls to be educated as well as little boys. Time was when they fought protracted and heartbreaking battles for women’s right to vote. Time was when they fought for the right to own their own property, to be in charge of their own monies, to be equals before the law.

    Time was there were heroines such as Abigail Adams, Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Whatever their personal vagaries, oddities, and conflicts may have been, they all fought for core values, values which included women having equal rights in education, in politics, in their homes, and before the law. They fought and they suffered on behalf of future generations of women, and the victories they did achieve were made possible by changing laws and/or amending the Constitution — amendments which gave the vote to blacks and women.

    We don’t see enough of such women anymore. We see far too many Flukes.

    Here’s a message from the beyond from Abigail Adams and other feminists of the past for Sandra Fluke and other radical feminists who have been convinced that birth control subsidized by religious institutions against the conscience is the most burning issue facing women today:

    My dears, there are far more heroic victories to be won than seeing your pet peeve “rectified” by HHS mandate. There are more serious battles to be joined in the struggle for female emancipation than making sure insurance companies allied with religious institutions provide you with the means to have safe sex, no matter what the cost to religious liberties. There are injustices and atrocities toward women which take precedent over your free birth control agenda, an agenda you wish to impose on all, regardless of their constitutional right to refuse coercion against conscience.

    All over the world, women and children are being trafficked for sex; women and girls are being subjected to genital mutilation; unborn girls are the victims of sex-selective abortions and female infanticide; and women are subjected to the horrifying strictures and consequences of sharia law. This is to say nothing of the women who are enslaved by the demeaning and destructive practice of polygamy or the women of the world who are without clean water and food for themselves and their children.

    Time was, apparently, when some of the issues listed above were important to you, Ms. Fluke.

    So could you and your sister feminists possibly turn your attention to the real battles on behalf of women’s health and welfare? There are constitutional, legal vehicles provided to you for recourse against injustices, real or perceived. The problem is that you want to ride roughshod over them to achieve your immediate agenda. Doing things the way the founders of our Republic established appears to be just so, so tedious for you.

    In the meantime, for the rest of us traditional feminists, as the Fluke ideal is held up and defended as the acme of modern womanhood by the increasingly repulsive left, shall we passively abandon the truly noble ideals which have formed women of character in both ancient and modern times to be trampled underfoot as mere relics of the past? Shall we, too, ignore the honorable ways and established vehicles with which to fight injustices?

    An ideal woman is beautifully depicted in ancient Hebrew wisdom literature, which describes her as, kind, just, generous, gracious, industrious, faithful, and God-loving. Is the thousands-of-years-old Judeo-Christian model of the ideal woman of Proverbs, exemplified by women such as Abigail Adams, to be completely forsaken in favor of a contemporary Fluke?

    Once upon a time, even for secular feminists, the ideal was equality of men and women before the law — equality of opportunity to pursue careers of one’s choosing. Once upon a time, feminists resented the reduction of women to the status of mere chattel or sex objects.

    But now we are seeing secular feminism come full circle. Now the new radical feminist is glorying in being a mere sex object, and she boldly presents herself as such. Fluke, the latest representative of the new feminism, wants to boldly crusade for the “right” of women to be mere sex objects. Further, women are to be subsidized for maintenance of their reduced and tiny identity by being given free birth control.

    Fluke’s quietly truculent advocacy of subsidized birth control in order to establish sexual “freedom,” no matter what the cost to others, reminds one of Brave New World’s ubiquitously sexual Lenina Crowne, who, protected by her government-dispensed Malthusian birth control belt, thought it her “right” to have sex with anyone at any time.

    What an ideal woman.

    For the sake of such an ideal, the new sexual world order is to go forward regardless of who is forced to pay for it against his or her conscience or who is against the infringement of the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and separation of the State from the Church.

    “Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.”

    What a mess of pottage is being offered as a tradeoff for our constitutionally protected birthright as women created by God, standing as equals alongside men.

  • Mike

    Where were the bawling liberals when a certain TV “PERSONALITY”, if that is the word you like, called Sarah Palin by the same name? Rush slipped up, admittedly, but Palin’s attacker sniped ans continued sniping like a coward after a defenseless rabbit.
    WHERE were the women’s groups, when Palin was attacked? Hiding like the hypocrites that they are, with the cowardly sniper.
    So what have we here? A group of cowards who can’t hide fast enough behind the nearest wall, rock, the nearest available tree or each other, while their mindless attack continues. They MAY even stand before a camera, if their “back-up bullies” are with them, to support them or to give them someone to hide behind.

    • JON

      Isn’t life too short to let yourself get so worked up over something so unimportant in the scheme of things? Maybe meditation would help.

  • Moby49

    Liberals trying to destroy Rush. That’s a laugh. Rush is destroying Rush. But don’t worry, he will be back shortly, spewing venom as usual.

  • jopa

    Political figures have always been fair game for comedy and criticism, however Rush stepped over the line when he attacked a private person just making a statement before her Representatives.It has always been somewhat taboo to attack children and private citizens.How would you feel if that were your daughter under attack like this young lady was.It’s is more than just Liberals that want Rush gone.

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