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The Left/Right Paradigm is Collapsing! Obamanoids are Waking Up

August 30, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Lee

    Its funny how the young voter let a hook be set in their noses b y old flash and dance. When i was a kid a man like obama was known as a flim flam man a snake oil seller. Well I guess you have to be slapped in the face a few time before you wake up and start checking the tires. So we must hank this president out to dry once in for all a long with Reid Palosi and Dodd and Frank. So here is what we all do find some one out there that is half Reagan and half Thacher and kick the bumb’s out of Washington.

    I approved this message.

    • karen


  • Arcadia CA once

    Sounds like she just wants more leftest policies than Obama was able to implement.

    That’s all I hear from Obama supporters who complain about him. They say he has not been as strong a president as they hoped for. Well that’s the point, we don’t want a strong president. Too much power is a corrupting force. We can only hope to bind down the scoundrels who run for office with the rules of the constitution.

    • Un-Sheepled

      Just you wait for the change thats coming !
      The agenda has been on the table for many many decades.
      Being carried out by each sock puppet installed

      But we are too late when you read this:
      Department of Justice Lists Survivalists, Constitutionalists in Extremism Guide
      To see the full list please visit the U.S. Department of Justice Terrorism and Criminal Extremism Terms 2005-2009.

  • Bonnie

    I’m encouraged by the interview with this young lady, she’s getting what many ‘tea party’ people don’t get. Both parties are corrupt and Bush’s cronyism,’signing statements,’ micromanagement,executive orders, false flags, renditions, authorization of torture, usurping power from the other branches of government (and that’s not even touching on Cheney’s crimes) PAVED THE WAY for Obama to do what he’s doing to erode our Constitutional rights even further. I predict another catastrophic false flag event will take place on 10-13-2012, and it will be more devastating than the false flag that was 9-11-2001.

    • slickporsche

      The TEA PARTY does get it, and does not totally agree with the Republicans. However, the Republicans are the lesser of two evils.We do need to get the Republicans back in power before it is too late. Then we have a better chance to get a new party started,or do something constructive.

    • Scott I

      Bonnie, what is the reason or significance of 10-13-2012 for a false flag?

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Thomas the Citizen

        Too bad Bonnie took off. I’d like to know too!!! 10-13-2012?????

      • Christin

        All I can think of is the date (13 maybe even lands on a Friday being associated with evil) is right before the next presidential elections. A big crisis, (marshal law.. sp on purpose) and WHAM… BO is our dictator…

        • Rotties4

          You can bet BO is trying to start a revolution so he can implement marshal law and cant be kicked out of office. This way they can collect all our guns. They plan on throwing those that are a problem into fema internment camps 2 weeks before they impose marshal law. Get ready America this is scary stuff. He needs to be impeached and thrown out of office with his cronies.

    • arckangjell

      I’m glad that bushes admin used the methods they did to extrpalate info. from the cowards that killed 3000 + americans on 911 we are dealing with a vast army of zelots of islam that would cut your head off for not wearing a berka and for giving your comments /opinions on the internet. I dont agree with everything bush didnt do either but
      barak husien obama is a illegit president, he’s not even from this country I think that the democratic party is a evil organization responsible for mass murder of millions of babies through abortion and pro communism I dont think they are similar at all . The so called demacrats would love to get away with that one .

  • s c

    How can Americans not understand what ‘divide and conquer’ means? We were warned to stay away from party politics, central banks and meddling in foreign alliances and wars, and STILL we have people whose philosophy is best described as a “let’s party” teenager.
    Any nation that refuses to have STANDARDS is a nation that prefers suicide over life. We have very little time left to throw out our subhuman trash, and place dedicated, caring patriots in office.
    People, either we do what must be done, or we can get used to the idea that evil is ‘better’ than good and that slavery is ‘better’ than freedom.
    End this damned, self-made curse, America. We are a beacon to the world, and we are obligated to protect and defend that image AT ALL COSTS.

    • Lynn

      What people are doing are saying pretty much “You do it and we’ll watch”. How many people look at and agree with Governor Jan Brewer and they are not doing anything to help her. Like they say, she is not just doing this for Arizona, but for the whole United States. She’d stood up to the Rag Head and who is standing behind her, beside her and supporting her? I just read the posts saying what a good thing she’s doing, then go back to their seats and wait to see what she does next. SHE is the one that should be President. And as far as impeachment goes, you impeach an American Citizen in the President seat. Not an Illegal Muslim Terrorist who has committed Treason and laws agains OUR COUNTRY and should be ARRESTED FOR FALSE INPERSONATING A CHRISTIAN AMERICAN. He should be locked up in prison and his wife for Aiding and Abetting. For Life.

      • Roger

        Lynn, you said it very well, I couldn’t have expressed my sentiments any better than you did. Thanks for expressing it for a lot of us!!

      • Christin

        Here, Here… well said Lynn.

  • Dale

    Reminds me of Hitler. It was the young people that supported Hitler and helped bring him to power.

    Young people should have done their homework before they supported NObama. They have no one to blame but themselves. Young people need to accept responsibility for their own actions.
    Young people wanted a free ride and supported NObama to get it. Now they realize that it isn’t going to happen and they are mad because they have even more programs that they feel they alone are going to pay for. One can only hope that they learn this hard lesson in life… NOTHING IS FREE!

    As for paying for the government programs, it is NOT possible to every pay the debt. Only private sector businesses and 30% of the people actually pay for government spending.

    According to census reports only 60% of the people pay taxes. Since half the workers are government employees and they don’t contribute the tax base that pays their salaries that leaves half the workers to pay government expenses but only 60% of these private sector workers are actually paying government’s bills.

    If you took every dime generated in the private sector there still isn’t enough money to cover government spending, not even enough to pay government workers salaries.

    It takes a minimum of 6-private sector workers taxes to pay one government workers salaries. A sustainable government size would require a reduction in spending by no less than 80%.

    Conclusion: Young people need to understand that taxes they pay to cover government spending reduces their buying power (assuming they are private sector workers) which in turn depletes the economy.

    The economy is driven by the creation and sales of products and the supporting businesses. Government make no products (except the non-subsidized portion of the postal service postage)but instead are nothing more than a non-productive overhead expense.

    • Christin

      Yes, Dale, Young people NEED to understand a lot of the TRUTH that you state. That was the parents’ JOB, instead they let the gov run public schools indoctinate them and teach them. The kids don’t know what they don’t know. The parents should have done their homework and taught their children well!

      • Elsa G.

        Young people brain are mushy, they have not experience at all, now we all have to pay for they mistake. IF In november we do not clean up and remove all of the socialist marxist from Washington. I recommendend to find another country to move. I know because I lived in a communist country.

    • Shibamom

      Excuse me Dale but I am one of those “Gov’t employees”. Last time I checked my pay stub, the Feds take nearly $1,500 per month out of “tax payer” salary. That’s not counting the nearly $800 per month that the state takes. Oh, and let’s not forget that I pay for my own health insurance as well as contribute to my own retirement fund. I AM NOT GETTING FREE RIDE as your post insinuates. I pay for all those blasted hand-out programs too regardless of which party institutes them. When all the tax increases take effect due to Obamacare and the other BS hand-outs, I will be paying even more in taxes. So, please, before you bash a group, know what the hell you are talking about…ok?

    • Shibamom

      Oh yeah Dale…I forgot one thing…When ever the Fed Gov’t decides that they have to reduce the deficit, they announce to the nation that all Gov’t employees are going to happily either give up their yearly pay raise or accept a pathetically low percent which normally doesn’t cover the increasing cost of our healthcare. This has happened several times during the last 20 or so years. This also includes the Military which is far worse than my pay stagnating. Again…know what you are talking about before undertaking a bash-fest.

  • Sambo77

    I am a retired veteran. It might be said that I have no dog in this fight. However the people who support Obama seem to have little love for GIs either current or fomer. Therefore I am concerned about an administration supportive of a left wing regime such as that proferred by Obama. They seem to pander to whatever group that can give them votes. I also support and am a life member of the NRA. I support gun owner’s rights and all second amendment causes. The NRA is not supportive of any particular party and will support those few Democrats advocating second amendment causes. I sometimes find myself on the horns of a delemma in my support. I support Republicans almost exclusively. The Democrats seem to relate back to the Vietnam protesting “commie pinko doves” of yesteryear. Some of them are still out there. I served in the Korean and Vietnam eras. I attended college when some of these crazies were at their worst. I still get my dander up thinking about them.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Sambo77 , excellent post. This administration is just how you described them. All of Obama’s Czars and advisors are far left acedemics and have no clue what surviving as a functioning, working member of society is. They have opted for the route of indoctrinating our youth to their Socialist, Communist, & / or Marxist ideas.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If I might make a suggestion, the NRA has been making backroom deals of late. you might want to join the NAGR, as they seem to be more aligned to what Gun owners want. They were the ones that informed me that Nobama is trying another end run by working with the EPA to ban all “normal” ammo, the leaded bullets by saying they post a threat to the enviroment!!! Just another end run to try and outlaw guns!! no bullets, no guns!!

      • Al Sieber

        Joe H, I hear you, they have been making back room deals for decades. I belong to GOA, but will check out your site.

    • viktor leben

      I’m a life member of the NRA too !

      I get the magazine every month, pretty good reading ! I put it in the bathroom and read while I’m on the can ! The American Rifleman sure can teach you alot about firearm technology/history!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Yeah but it also sends them funds to keep making their back room deals and go behind our backs!!

  • David J. Sanchez

    In response to Bonnie—the Tea Party Patriots do fully understand the situation completely, just as Glenn Beck does, that the Republican Party is also is on notice and that we will take care of them if they don’t also realize their mistakes. They are also on notice and will be left by the wayside, and voted out of office until they realize the ignorance of their ways. Yes the parties themselves are the problem and not the solution, and they need to be coaxed and cajoled until they realize that Americans will not be manipulated anymore because the Bill of Rights is our guide and the Founders realized the truth about authority and government don’t mix well. Dave S.

  • Nancy Samm

    I’m for voting out of office both Dems. & Rep. I hope Arizona does not vote John McCain back in, he’s one of the Reno Republican that I would like to see go

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I agree about McCain. while I respect his service record, I feel his days of being needed as a politician are WAY past!!!

      • Al Sieber

        You mean his days of screwing the people, he’s a traitor as far as I’m concerned, and I’m ashamed he’s my senator.

        • Joe

          Politician yes, traitor no. Would anybody like to trade Menendez for McCain?

        • steve

          Right on, AL! I’ve been aware that McCain is a phony for almost a decade. He was well aware of the illegal immigrant problem long ago and chose to do nothing more than talk tough about it whenever the subject came up – at least until recently when he saw the bandwagon passing him by. He may not have spent as much of Other People’s Money as Obama has in the same period had he been elected, but it wouldn’r have fallen much short of that mark.

          We’ve supposedly half a million illegal aliens in AZ (so probably many more) and they cannot be refused medical treatment when they show up at the ER. No wonder Arizona is flirting with bankruptcy.

          By the way, all, (not Al Sieber – I know he gets it) be sure in your daily prayers to ask God to enlighten your fellow Americans to the difference between country and government.

          Love your country – hate all government as a necessary evil to be controlled by the people.

          Long live the USA and ROCK ON RON PAUL!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Mark Twain said it best. ” Respect your country always, Respect your government when they earn it!!!”

  • http://BobLivingston Dianne of Wash.

    Right Nancy, McCain belongs to the Big Boys…….we need to forget party when we vote! Take some time, REAL time, and find out who loves the Constitution, find out who loves Life, find out who loves Freedom,(aka, being able to use your land as you choose, not paying taxes again and again on something you’ve already paid for, being able to own & bear arms, being able to walk on a plane without being violated, dig a well on your property, etc)only vote for the person who qualifies! Could it be YOU maybe? Do YOU need to step up to the plate? …. and Lastly, vote for the person who loves God! And you shall know them by their fruits! People say to follow the money! Well that’s good for investigating…..but follow the LIFE of that person……check out those “FRUITS” that is what tells the story of ones life….and if one is worthy of your precious vote!

    • viktor leben

      Look at it this way …. instead of voting Republican or Democrat, vote Constitution or Libertarian !!!

      • Joe

        I wish it was that simple. In most cases a third party vote is the waste of a vote, it is more of a protest. The time has arrived for a viable third party. Like it or not , the Tea Part is the best opportunity for “change” in 2012. It is time to support a unified cause. It can’t get much wackier than the wackos that are now in office.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          No, but the loonies can get WORSE!!!

  • http://internetexplorer Sandra

    I am so concerned about our freedom at this point. The people who believed Obama’s bull are no understanding that is all it was “BULL”. He wanted in there to change America to a Muslim believing nation. He wants to rewrite our Constitution. How crude is that? He has no idea what the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” even means. All he wants is sole ownership to have his way in destroying what our forefathers set forth for us all those years ago. He would like nothing more than to make this a communist nation and feel all power. I truly believe he is the anitchrist and I am scared to death of him in office.

  • vida clay


  • viktor leben


    Please run for office ! Don’t give up !

  • Brian

    Obama is not just incompetent, he is a liar.
    For the young woman to simply say ‘they are all corrupt’ is really a cop-out.
    Obama makes Bush look frugal, yet it was Bush who presided over the first Trillion dollar debt. Obama has added somewhere between $7.6 and $13.5 Trillion in two short years (depending on which set of figures you read.

    In addition, there is a betrayal of the over arching Philosophy of America. That is the real damage he has caused. And it is the Tea Party movement that is the response to this. And there does not appear to be any one person who began the movement, so it is a genuine Grass roots movement, which must encourage those who believe in traditional American values.

    Let us pray for a change we can believe in!

  • Phil Greenway

    The young lady is just an example of our fine education system… a dumb sheeple who will STILL blame Bush in the face of the WORST POTUS to ever come down the pike… it’s remarkable even when they are pissed at Dumbo, how those loyal to him (especially Black supporters- 97% as of the 08 election) react to this so much like a wife or girlfriend whose man has cheated on them over and over again. Remarkable at how they will do anything for these people who don’t care about them… Dems ALWAYS have to use race-baiting and name calling in order to win arguments… when THEY are the cause of all our problems… Post-racial nation? They talk about race at every turn. Hate crimes? They preach hate like it’s going out of style. The only thing these fools are hawkish on is getting rid of America’s Christian heritage.. to replace it with Euro-style wimpiness, cowering before every towelhead… I really hope the people wake the hell up… this is shameful what America has allowed herself to become. This fraud of a POTUS is just a Commie in expensive suits. He HATES ALL OF US, NO MAYYER WHAT COLOR YOUR SKIN… HE HATES AMERICA, AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO DIMINISH OUR ROLE, OUR EXISTENCE… He needs to go back to Indonesia with the rest of them damn towelheads! As for folk like those two knotheads on that vid, I hope they get it (prob won’t). A politician is a politician.

  • http://n/a Ernie S

    I LOVE MY COUNTRY, but fear my goverment. It shouldent be that way.
    I realy think that most of the voters were of ” I have rights, and am NOT RESPONSABLE to anyone ” attitude. Let someone else pay for it. The world OWES me a living. Also the ” 10% of us don’t like it. So we other 90% have to give up OUR rights, so NOT OFEND THEM.” Bad enough that we have to deal with politians, but the courts as well. They are
    siding with the manoity.(and making laws)
    Beig an election year, how can anyone till who is full of “it”, or who is telling it as it is??? GOD help us all thrue the next month + .
    GOD BLESS AMERICA. May HE help us do the right thing. es

    • steve

      Ernie. Yes – it SHOULD be exactly that way. Glen Beck published a book some time back – the first half of the book was Beck slobbering – but he did something very important in that book – he included as the last half the original Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

      Every American should read Common Sense to understand that the problems we currently face are little different than those which have always confronted free me. There you will see the truth about the only reason governments might exist – to SERVE free men of goodwill.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        NO!!! We should love our country and the GOVERNMENT should fear US!!!

  • james warren


  • http://none Penny Ellenburgh

    I am originally British but now have been living in Canada since 1959.
    I hate to see what is happening all over the world re. this Islamatisation.In N. America, Britian and Europe.I see just about all your correspondents are sick and tired of Obama with good reason.The young people will be paying forever for his stupidity not to mention weakness.We all need another Maggie Thatcher,or Winstan Churchill they were 2 people who said it like it was and wern’t afraid to take the bit between their teeth to actually DO something about it, whatever the IT at the time was.These 2 people had the guts that is now needed to sort the mess out.Look for people with their attributes when next you go to vote.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We have had a couple as well. IKE comes to mind!!!!

  • Jim T.

    I want to put it straight! The TEA Party did not come into being as a tool of the Republican Party. In point of fact, part of the frustration we have is that the Repubs were not following the principles of a conservative constitutional republic. We have been drifting and are now sliding toward a socialist, nanny state central govenment that is taking our freedoms & wealth and passing the cost on to the next generation. WE CANNOT SUSTAIN THE OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING! Any of you out there have ANY idea what will happen if this keeps going in this direction? Our president is only a part of the problem. Don’t forget it is the legislature who spends the money. The President just signs off on it, like Bush did during his last 2 years in office a the Democratily controlled Congress’s spending accelerated. Think I’m lying, check out the budgets put forth by Congress. Wake up!

  • Gene Wood

    Obama is EVIL Obama is SCUM

  • Jan

    In case you all haven’t heard, the same group that ran Thatcher and Churchill, are running our government via the Fed Res and the U.N. Same group that funded the other tyrants for the last 100 years or more. Some of this was started 100′s of years ago and their satanic offspring just keep it in place. Our number one menace is the keeper(s) of the money system that we keep funding so they can keep on hanging us with it. There are only a few thousand compared to how many of us in the U.S. alone? I lost count with all the illegals coming here everyday. But surely, we the people, along with the prison camps in China making all of our Walmart goods could get together. I hope everybody listens to A.J. He tells it like it is.

  • steve
  • R L Jarvis Sr

    Why was this Great Country founded, it is simple people. Because of religous and personal repression, in the old country. Look around you people at what is happening in this great country today. A government that is trying to repress its citizenary, we the people have indead let this happen. 1)By not paying attention to what is going on around us. 2)By note researching out the issues and those that are running for political office. Lets get our heads out of the sand. If need be, be prepared to take up arms to protect our selves and this great and beautiful country. Lets not let those that are trying to take our right to bear arms away from us, VOTE VOTE VOTE. Write your congressional representives and tell them just what we think of the jobs they are doing in the Senate and house and that we the people will remove them from office, and by force if needs be.


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