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The Leftist’s Ideal

June 28, 2010 by  

The Leftist’s Ideal

The American Left would like America to be more like China. Senator Joe Leiberman (I-Conn.) said as much when touting the need for his Internet Kill Switch bill, which would give the President the authority to shut down the Internet in a time of national emergency.

Well, here is what goes on in China, as reported last week in London’s Daily Telegraph:

Parents who believed their children died in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake because school buildings were shoddily-built petitioned the Chinese government to release its findings in a post-earthquake investigation. About 60 parents that were attempting to deliver the petition were instantly arrested by police.

“The police came right away and took us away,” said one parent, who managed to flee.

In a related story, a Chinese activist who conducted his own investigation into the earthquake—and who had previously written about the violent 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square—was sentenced to five years in prison in February for subversion.

The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman once wrote: “One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages… Our one-party democracy is worse.”

That’s where the Leftists would have us go.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • k1oik

    Well, look at how our government does everything else: if there is a problem with an oil well, shut down ALL oil wells before they know what the problem is. If there is a problem with healthcare, then shut down the insurance that pays for it. If there is a problem with freedom of speech, shut down the ability of The People to talk about candidates 60 days before an election. And if that doesn’t work, shut down the internet. Of course, if they overstep their bounds, then the Supreme Court will make them follow the Constitution eventually…. after the election, most likely.

  • Al Sieber

    Just a matter of time.

    • Al Sieber

      I think Liberman should move to China, then he’d have a real idea what’s it’s like, he needs to be removed from office first.

      • 45caliber

        I once saw two articles in the same newspaper about China. The first one was on the front page. It was about a news reporter “forgetting” a camera on a park bench in Peiking. It was still there several hours later. He was impressed with the honesty of the Chinese. Several politicians were calling for Americans to learn that type of honesty.

        In the same paper in a little item in the middle of the paper where most people never see was another article about “honesty” in China. A man walking down the road picked up two half rotted apples laying in a ditch after they had fallen off a tree and ate them. He had both hands cut off for “theft”.

        Now tell me. Do you REALLY want to follow the Chinese line of political action?

      • Diana

        Liberman has been to ALL the Bilderburg meetings. He wants a one world government – tyranny. Don’t think for a moment he’s a friend of Americans.

  • FreedomFighter

    The world would be an ugly nasty place.


    • Mondovibe

      just like many on this site;)


    Well, the DemocRATS have finally emerged from the political closet to reveal what most of us conservatives have long suspected–they’re socialists/communists. And their agenda? Bring down the American economy so we can be taken over by the New World Odor. Wake up America! If we’re allowed to vote in Nov., we need to get rid of these people–all of them–before we wake up one morning and find we’re under Marshall Law and are subject to the whims of tyrants and usurpers like Obummer and company.

    • Bob Wire

      Joe stands with you, remember?

      “Why am I here?” ~ I think we all wonder why he’s anywhere and he sure doesn’t represent anything that I recognize.

      You got you nut cases and we’ve go ours. I see little need of going into yours at the moment, unless you insist?

    • Christine Learn

      Well said, what other country is safe? I will move there in three months time! American’s are blind and lazy. Wake up to marshall law. That’s what will happen.

    • Diana

      “If” being the operative word here. I think we’ll make it through the November elections, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be the time Obama comes up for reelection.

    • http://NONE COLLEEN

      Wouldnt doubt if a false flag happens before election , would shut down under the pres directive all voting for as long as he deems fit, if that doesnt scare you I dont now what will

  • Bob Wire

    Joe Leiberman is a show boating, attention whore ( no disrespect to the ladies). Capable of saying the most outlandish dimwitted things at the worse moments. How he manages to stay in office befuddles me.

    I look forward to the day he graces the political landscape no more.

  • William

    I used to think joe leiberman was the only democrat with a brain. he had us fooled. boys and girls keep your powder dry,

    • Bob Wire

      he never fooled me! but I guess he fooled you ~ now you must think there “NO” democrats with brains.

  • Dan Burke

    The parents getting rounded up by the Chinese, that isn’t the kill switch. That is net neutrality. The mechanism that would allow net neutrality to work would very likely include the ability to read your email in transmission. To monitor net neutrality, you must be able to identify the traffic passing through the internet. This means someone must be able to identify which is email, which is webpages, which is videos, which is music, and so on and so forth. Combine with warrantless searches of email, and government could legally track who is communicating with whom about what. That could lead to the arrests mentioned. What the kill switch on top of this does is gives government the legal authority to kill perhaps select portions of the internet. For example, say they argue that FOX News is fostering subversives and terrorists, well instead of shutting down the entire internet with their kill switch, then they just shut down one source of conservative news and media. From website to website to blogs and email, then they use the kill switch as a ways to control the online media and eliminate that which they do not approve of. Now that is China’s control of the media and the internet. That would make China proud.

    • James

      Dan, The Patriot Act already provided for that. All phone calls, e-mails and anything transmitted over wires, is scanned for key words then copied or recorded for future analysis. Opening sealed mail is still unlawful but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing that too.

      • TIME

        They don’t need to open your mail, they have the ability to listen to every word spoken in your home from Space, or look at what your doing by way live photo feed.
        Some of you may recall I posted a statment where I said Pandoras Box has been opened about 30 years ago. What do you really think has been going on while the BOOM was working?

        Thats why last year your homes were all GPS ed right to your door. Thats way they can main line your when they want.
        If you have a cell phone its GPS tracked if you have a car its GPS tracked, if you have a drivers licence or Passport your GPS tracked.
        Now are you all starting to see the picture?

        The next step of this modern method of coding is not unlike what the Nazi’s did with the inmates and Jews with the numbering codes.
        If you read the HCR bill it clearly states that all of us will be chipped, have you ever thought about what may be in that chip?
        Or why its really needed?

        Can you really say with a straight face thats really far out there?

        That chip could have a self destruct built in, as in YOU will be self destructing.

        People use some out of the box thinking now and then. So wake up and start thinking or you will be a slave. The door is closing very fast now so you have to wake up as many as you can and FAST.

        Really VET your Congress and Senate people who you want to vote for as a progressive can look just like YOU do.

        • kate8

          TIME, I’m so glad that there are others out there, like you, who aren’t afraid to delve into seeing what is really being planned, and implemented daily, by the sinister global elites.

          The things that everyone laughed at before are now emerging as reality. “Conspiracy theories” are proving true.

          To make wise choices we have to know just what we are up against. We must know who the enemy is, and what it is about.

          And most of all, we need to feel free to speak of it. Most people still don’t want to hear it, like it’s not for polite company. Or, if we don’t speak of it, it isn’t real.

          Time to expose everything. Shine the light into the darkness.

        • 45caliber

          60% of all spy satelites are targetted on the US. They take pictures of every part of the US every four seconds. The pictures have enough resolution to be able to read a newspaper laying on the ground. They can be used to detect humans (or whatever) inside buildings. They can be used to read license plates (sideways) or take pictures of people (like Timothy McVey).

          They can also be used to identify and follow any criminal – but the government refuses to allow them to be used that way since it would alert everyone to the fact the government spies on you all the time. They did use them to identify and capture McVey and have been used a couple of other times when the feds determine there is a need.

          Also on GPS’s – something to look forward to. They want GPS’s installed in all vehicles. The GPS would record your milage and send it by an installed transmitter to government receivers – probably in posts along the highways. At the end of each month you would receive a bill for road tax on the milage for that month. Further, they want to have the GPS list each time you exceed the speed limit and if you ran any stop signs noted on the GPS map. You would get tickets for those. But they wouldn’t ever use them to spy on you!

          If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale …

          • Diana

            Are you speaking of ‘Shadow Government?’ I saw it too. Eerily revealing and informative. I’d recommend it to anyone.

          • Claire

            45caliber–We have been “spied” upon for years. I think maybe since the fifties? I need to look this up again.

        • http://NONE COLLEEN

          Truer words were never spoke my friend, everything you just said is fact! WAKE UP, HELLO HELLO ANYBODY HOME!!!, LET THEM KNOW WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION

    • 45caliber

      Ever had your telephone make a partial ring and then quit?

      While President, Clinton had the “Privacy Improvement Act” passed. It stipulates that all computers, telephones, and fax machines have a chip installed that records all transmissions. A computer in Washington can call your house and copy everything said and sent. Then it is looked over for certain code words that can be changed at will. If one is detected, a live human must then listen or view the message. I don’t remember how long these must be retained before being erased. But all modern electronic equipment has them.

    • Diana

      I have two friends from Tehran. Before they left, my friend told me to be very careful what I write in the emails because they are inspected by the government before they receive them. They haven’t been able to get out of the country and back to the US for well over a year now. Iran is killing Muslims that resist their tyrannical regime.

  • Jud

    Yes don’t you just love all the Democrats that think that the way China and other countries decide the faith and living conditions of their “People” are so great. They should move there is live under a Dictator government to see what the hell they are talking about.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. I’ve always said that the progressives need to go live in some of the countries they are so impressed with for at least one year before they attempt to get us to follow their lead.

      In a TRUE police state, with the electronics we now have, there is NO method of staging a revolution.

      • vicki

        There is always a way. Politicians and bureaucrats are not smart enough to plug all the loopholes. Even very smart people that build the electronic gadgets miss the loopholes. That is what hacking is all about. Imagine a politician trying to hack into a computer.

  • jopa

    Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat or a Republican.There is an I to signify his party and patronage that stands for Israel.Check out his voting records and allegiances over the years and you will see he is not pro-American.

    • Yvonne

      The I stands for Independent.
      That said, I’d rather he be PRO-Israel than ANTI-Israel.
      Obama is taking a stand against Israel that will lead to our destruction.

  • mehoward


    • John Despard

      Would it be too much to ask that you at least learn to spell democrats and Lieberman before parroting the opinions of Beck, Limbaugh, and others? They count on our ignorance to succeed with their attempts to brainwash us and make us follow them as sheep. The only shepherd I choose to follow is Jesus Christ.

      • Abe Zacharias

        Would it be too much to ask that you at least learn to spell democrats and Lieberman before parroting the opinions of Beck, Limbaugh, and others? They count on our ignorance to succeed with their attempts to brainwash us and make us follow them as sheep. The only shepherd I choose to follow is Jesus Christ.

        In reply to John Despard I would like to ask you if you are a follower of Jesus Christ as you say then how cnn you be against Conservatives such as Beck and Limbaugh? These men are the only honest talk show hosts who deliver a message of hope among a left wing media that propogates their vile and vicious lies. Are you asking us to support Obama and his socilaist agenda rather than the conservatveideals? Something does not add up.

        • Diana

          Oh yes! I know you. You’re one of the depraved electorate willing to have an Obama for president. You think under the Dems in the next generation or two that the world will become a kind of gigantic Disneyland in which the human race will find perpetual happiness playing with an endless assortment of ever more ingenious mechanical toys. Maybe they can even control the forces of nature!

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Are you so blind that you do not see the assault of the left and the Democratic Party on Christianity. It is more than obvious. It is time for you to wake up John.

        • Diana

          I think the Christians are in as much jeopardy as the Jews. And I know for sure as the Bible tells of it; if Israel falls, the US and Britain will fall together, almost immediately.

      • http://NONE COLLEEN


    • Diana

      I think that will be the Dems strategy for this coming November. I think they will mimic Republican’s and Independents just to get elected, then it will be business as usual.

  • s c

    Interesting. Not at all satisfactory, but it is interesting. For the first time, I have been a victim of complete censorship on a topic.
    I’ll try to paraphrase what I forwarded the first time.
    Does ANYONE out there have ANY respect for Lieberman? If you do, PLEASE tell me how that’s possible. Joe seems to be as useful to America as Ohio’s Captain Cosmic Kucinic.
    Let the yahoo move to China. I won’t try to stop him. I’ll even send him a postcard (after he’s been there for 20 years). Keep in touch, comrade.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I hope you are not being sensored for saying that. I left Gretawire because it got to the point she was sensoring almost everything I wrote. It was difficult for me to understand when I see some of the things she allows through. A lot of others were complaining about censorship there also. I did not really understand it.

      • vicki

        Just keep in mind that censorship is their right. They own that press. Best for you to “vote with your feet” as you did and come here.

  • Marilyn

    If Leiberman likes China rule, He can go live there. This is the United States of America and not China that has been well known for inhumane treatment of the people. Why do we have many Chinese, United States Citizens? They left China, with proper paperwork, to become Citizens of the United States. Now, Leiberman likes China and their government. I will help pay for Leiberman’s boat trip to China.

    • kate8

      There are also many Chinese here with a similar agenda to Mexico’s. They need more territory for their expanding population, and they want America. Not all of them are here to “escape” China.

      They also think Americans are stupid.

    • Bud

      Kate & Marilyn,

      I love to visit China.. it has many fantastic places of interests.. great food and cities.. The government is way restrictive for me to even consider to live .. like our government may one day be.. The Crime rate is 1/10 of the U.S. due to fear of breaking laws maybe..I really don’t think the Chinese people come here to infiltrate our great country.. I find the Chinese people honest, with great moral and ethnic values. They come to for more opportunity, less govt control..freedoms we take for granted.. better quality air etc.. like most people who immigrate here.. China is now experiencing illegal immigrant problems believe it or not.. due to their high construction output creating lots of jobs..and other reasons. The name for America in their language is “Beautiful Country”.. They have over 2 1/2 times as many people.. I would hate to see this country ever have to rule us like that.. Just thought I’d through in my few cents…

  • James

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel’s Communist Manifesto for communizing a State, started with: “Abolition of all property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.” Congress created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that now own over 50% of all home mortgages.
    Marx’s second rule was: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.” Congress is now in the process of raising taxes on the rich, even considering taking all income of the rich, over a certain amount.
    Rule three: “Abolition of all right of inheritance.” Congress has fought for this before and, now, even moreso.
    There’s more, but you get the idea. We’ve been moving towards communism since FDR took office in 1933, immediately recognized the Soviet Union and federalized our entire economy. The effects of that are still with us.

    • alpha-lemming

      Slight correction. Democrats have been (ideologically… if they’re true to their real desires) Socialists/Communists since Woodrow Wilson nearly a century ago!! They are persistent AND getting MUCH better at lying.

  • georgev

    Lieberman is a traitor to his own nationality. How in the world could a Jew back a law that institutes censorship. How dare he. He is an embaressment to the Jewish people. He is an elitist who thinks that he is above reproach. Does he want the reinstallation of Nazi Germany here i the US? He needs to go along with the rest of them on the Hill. They have served out their usefulness and are doing nothing for the American people. It’s all for themselves from here on and we the people have to stop it from progressing.

    • Allan

      Some Jews are actually starting to awaken to the fact that communism might not be such a good deal.

  • marvin

    no need to go to china mexico is closer an,t a lot of differance in the way they treat there people as for liberal leiberman why not call him what he is a liberal democrat he votes 99.99% democrat, the way you control your subject is by only allowing them to hear and see what you want, like the liberal press that make news not report it a king sorry a president that wants to by pass congress with illegal ex orders,a liberal left wing congress that can spend your money faster then you can make it,allow a ceo for gm to go tv and flat out tell lies,extort 20 billion from a private company, people we are being invaded from the south,and a president that said you vote for amnesty and we will close the border, you disagre with me and we will put you on are watch list, this is just one more step,take your guns have the news report what you want,give millions of uneducated poor people from mexico amnesty for their vote and the liberals win and the america is no more as we know it,so if you like what you have and see vote dembocrat, but vote like your country and life and lively hood is at stake

  • refuse2lose

    What you guys don’t understand about most liberal politicians and even the elite is that they tell us to do one thing or act one way but they do the total opposite of what they stand for. Take the Clintons for instance; they declare that they love paying their taxes but they have millions in overseas accounts that can’t be touched by the IRS. They declare that they love minorities but in several of their business ventures they refused to hire ONE minority. There are countless examples just like this one.

    It’s called….DO AS I SAY…..NOT AS I DO

  • Dan2

    People need to wake up to the fact that this left/right fight is just diversion. There are long term tyrants in our government that stand a good position in the (next) world government. The faster they can demolish this country is the goal now.
    Long term conflicts keep our constitution protectors (military) overseas. Any martial law incedant here (say another 9/11), rioting, looting, will draw in U.N. peacekeeping troops to keep peace. And are not afraid to fire on U.S. citizens. Then comes the world constitution.
    Wake up see through this left/right smoke screen.

    • Richard Pawley

      Anything is possible but I don’t think this will happen in our lifetime. One of the reasons is that we are training troops for the eventual food riots or whatever they call them that will eventually result due to the tremendous inflation that is coming as a result of monies that Congress HAS ALREADY SPENT. I believe the number of these troops is planned at 20,000. I have no doubt that food and fuel will eventually triple in price (it’s why smart people are beginning to think like our early pioneers and learn about how to have a few months food on hand at all times). However, if we vote very carefully in November we can slow this all down. Your vote in November may be one of the most important in your life time!

    • vicki

      WE are the Constitution protectors. It is OUR duty. That is why the Supreme Court ruling (6-28-2010) on firearms ownership is so exciting.

  • Tracy

    I wrote to Leiberman and called him a MORON, why would we want to be anything like China?…I suppose I’ll go to jail now…….

  • barb m

    if you belong to an organization like campaign for liberty or the tea party, make sure they have your current phone number and street address. if the net is censored, that may be the only way we can still join forces to boot these morons out of office before it’s too late.




  • Chuck Henry

    Another candidate for euthanasia under Obama Care. It has never ceased to amaze me how sane people can continue to reelect someone like this cycle after cycle. If this is the best they have, why not elect Mickey Mouse.

    • 45caliber

      They did elect Micky Mouse back when Nixon was running for office. He was a write-in candidate. But the SCOTUS ruled that since Micky wasn’t a real person all such votes had to be discarded.

    • Allan

      We already did.

  • John Despard

    If I am not mistaken Lieberman aligns with republicans more often than with democrats. If this is his bill the true left, progressives and populists will oppose it. Democrats and republicans are simply two sides of the same coin. Where democrats occasionally throw those less fortunate a bone such as Social Security or Medicare, republicans demand that we slave and pay for even the barest bone they deign to offer us. I believe liberitarians would be worse. Jesus and the early Christians in the book of Acts seemed to share their wealth. Would He recognize the Christians of today who often hoard their wealth? As so many Christians in the past did those of today should be leading the way in fighting poverty with “living wages” not minimum wages. Warren Buffett, a Christian I believe, has Dairy Queen among his holdings. The fast food industry is notorious for low paying, no benefit jobs. While Warren Buffett shares a lot of his wealth with the poor does he extend it to his employees by treating them better than McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.?

    • Abe Zacharias

      Would it be too much to ask that you at least learn to spell democrats and Lieberman before parroting the opinions of Beck, Limbaugh, and others? They count on our ignorance to succeed with their attempts to brainwash us and make us follow them as sheep. The only shepherd I choose to follow is Jesus Christ.

      In reply to John Despard I would like to ask you if you are a follower of Jesus Christ as you say then how can you be against Conservatives such as Beck and Limbaugh? These men are the only honest talk show hosts who deliver a message of hope among a left wing media that propogates their vile and vicious lies. Are you asking us to support Obama and his socilaist agenda rather than the conservatve ideals? Something does not add up.

    • 45caliber

      You are mistaken. Leiberman was a Democrat until he was defeated in a primary and then ran as an independent. And he votes almost entirely with the Dems.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Stop talking like a freeloader and a victum and start your own business. Put your money where your mouth is and buy a McDonalds so you can pay your workers 20 or 30 dollars an hour. I would have some respect for you then. Also stop hiding behind religion. If you have something to say then say it. Don’t try to pretend you speak for Christians or God because you don’t.

    • Allan

      Haven’t you noticed that most people on sites like this are, or were, regular working folks that simply don’t agree with the entitlement culture? Could it be that simple?

      • Bob Wire

        we are divided by loosely spoken words Allen. And by a media that feeds anger, hate and obsession with the intent to divide.

        so many times we argue while agreeing.

        They want to call me a liberal /socialist here ~ how did they get such ideas? ~ Because I didn’t agree with “them”. Not liking to pointed out the error of their arguments or erroneous name calling and labeling.

        So I’m painted! Funny! Stuff! I get painted too!

        An endless supply of painT!

      • Bob Wire

        I left out the juicy parts, Of Rupert and his inside friends with the manufacture of digital the counting devices. No need to overstated my point as it’s not necessary in this case. ~ But you say baloney ~ and I say, you don’t want to see how its made~ and so is it with the Nielson rating.

        1. 5. Criticism of ratings systems Wadapedia
        There is some public critique regarding accuracy and potential bias within Nielsen’s rating system. In June 2006, however, Nielsen announced a plan to revamp its entire methodology to include all types of media viewing in its sample.
        Since viewers are aware of being part of the Nielsen sample, it can lead to response bias in recording and viewing habits. Audience counts gathered by the self-reporting diary methodology are sometimes higher than those gathered by the electronic meters which provide less opportunity for response bias. This trend seems to be more common for news programming and popular prime time programming. Also, daytime viewing and late night viewing tend to be under-reported by the diary.[clarification needed]
        Another criticism of the measuring system itself is that it fails the most important criteria of a sample: it is not random in the statistical sense of the word. Only a small fraction of the population is selected and only those that actually accept are used as the sample size. There are only 25,000 total American households that participate in the Nielsen daily metered system. [12] The number of U.S. television households as of 2009 is 114,500,000. [13] As a result, the total number of Nielsen homes only amounts to 0.02183% of the total American television households, meaning that 99.97817% of American households have no input at all into what is actually being watched. Compounding matters is the fact that of the sample data that is collected, advertisers will not pay for time shifted (recorded for replay at a different time) programs [14] rendering the ‘raw’ numbers useless. In many local areas, the difference between a rating that keeps a show on the air and one that will cancel it is so small as to be statistically insignificant, and yet the show that just happens to get the higher rating will survive. [15] As the possible choices increase so does the margin of error resulting in the sampling sizes being too small. [16]
        In 2004, News Corporation retained the services of public relations firm Glover Park to launch a campaign aimed at delaying Nielsen’s plan to replace its aging household electronic data collection methodology in larger local markets with its newer electronic People Meter system. The advocates in the public relations campaign charged that data derived from the newer People Meter system represented a bias toward underreporting minority viewing, which could lead to a de-facto discrimination in employment against minority actors and writers. Nielsen countered the campaign by revealing its sample composition counts. According to Nielsen Media Research’s sample composition counts, as of November 2004, nationwide, African American Households using People Meters represented 6.7% of the Nielsen sample, compared to 6.0% in the general population. Latino Households represent 5.7% of the Nielsen sample, compared to 5.0% in the general population. By October 2006, News Corp. and Nielsen settled, with Nielsen agreeing to spend an additional $50 million to ensure that minority viewing was not being underreported by the new electronic people meter system. [17]
        Another criticism of the Nielsen ratings system is its lack of a system for measuring television audiences in environments outside the home, such as college dormitories, transport terminals, bars, and other public places where television is frequently viewed, often by large numbers of people in a common setting. In 2005, Nielsen announced plans to incorporate viewing by away-from-home college students into its sample. Internet TV viewing is another rapidly growing market for which Nielsen Ratings fail to account for viewer impact. Apple iTunes, atomfilms, YouTube, and some of the networks’ own websites (e.g.,, provide full-length web-based programming, either subscription-based or ad-supported. Though web sites can already track popularity of a site and the referring page, they can’t track viewer demographics. To both track this and expand their market research offerings, Nielsen purchased NetRatings in 2007. [18]
        Furthermore, a new problem has developed primarily with the February sweeps. For the 2001-2002 season, the National Football League moved Super Bowl XXXVI to February, when it was placed in the sweeps period, because of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, which postponed the NFL schedule a week. Because of that, starting with the 2003-04 season, the NFL moved the Super Bowl into the sweeps period.
        Since the move of the Super Bowl into the sweeps period, Sunday nights in the sweeps period in February are almost guaranteed to be a winner for the network holding the big event on each of the four Sundays – the Super Bowl (alternates among NBC, CBS, FOX), Grammy Awards (moved to Sundays since 2003 except during Olympics, CBS), Daytona 500 (finish moved into prime-time in 2007 until it was moved back to the daytime in 2010; FOX), or Academy Awards (moved into the sweeps period in 2004, ABC) and every fourth year, the Winter Olympic Games (last telecast 2010, NBC)[clarification needed]. The later games of the World Series have also been played in November in recent years.
        After Nielsen took over the contract for producing data on Irish advertising, agencies said that they were “disastrous” and claimed that the information produced by them is too inaccurate to be trusted by them or their clients. [19]

        Criticism of ratings systems (Winkipedia)
        There is some public critique regarding accuracy and potential bias within Nielsen’s rating system. In June 2006, however, Nielsen announced a plan to revamp its entire methodology to include all types of media viewing in its sample.
        Since viewers are aware of being part of the Nielsen sample, it can lead to response bias in recording and viewing habits. Audience counts gathered by the self-reporting diary methodology are sometimes higher than those gathered by the electronic meters which provide less opportunity for response bias. This trend seems to be more common for news programming and popular prime time programming. Also, daytime viewing and late night viewing tend to be under-reported by the diary.[clarification needed]
        Another criticism of the measuring system itself is that it fails the most important criteria of a sample: it is not random in the statistical sense of the word. Only a small fraction of the population is selected and only those that actually accept are used as the sample size. There are only 25,000 total American households that participate in the Nielsen daily metered system.[12] The number of U.S. television households as of 2009 is 114,500,000.[13] As a result, the total number of Nielsen homes only amounts to 0.02183% of the total American television households, meaning that 99.97817% of American households have no input at all into what is actually being watched. Compounding matters is the fact that of the sample data that is collected, advertisers will not pay for time shifted (recorded for replay at a different time) programs [14] rendering the ‘raw’ numbers useless. In many local areas, the difference between a rating that keeps a show on the air and one that will cancel it is so small as to be statistically insignificant, and yet the show that just happens to get the higher rating will survive.[15] As the possible choices increase so does the margin of error resulting in the sampling sizes being too small.

        Bottom Line, the system is great flawed while you attempt to use it as some kind of a “security blanket”, boost of some kind a majority that’s not even close to being factual. and Mr. Rupert has been caught sniffing around the hen house. They don’t call it “Fox” for nothing!

        get real! Would you want to buy cigarettes labels “Sky Dancers”? People do!

    • Jessica

      John Despard, stop being such a bleeding heart. The fast-food industry does not provide careers, but entry-level jobs for young people who usually live with their parents and have not yet taken on the responsibility of raising families of their own. In fact, many of America’s self-made millionaires got their start by flipping burgers. But if you’re still doing it when you’re 25 or 30, then you’re either a lazy slacker with no ambition, or just too dumb to move ahead. Why should I pay ten dollars for a burger just so you can have a “living wage”?

  • mehoward


  • mehoward


  • bob pa

    forget spelling and get down to our survival under the boot jack congress that thinks we citizens are their atm and slaves. they want to give all the illegal alliens free everything and pay them also for doing so. then they will have a constituancy to vote them the right to enslave us all. we are one step away from seig hiel. just keep putting them in office and that is what you will get. keep the power dry and lets put them out of office

    • Diana

      Amen to that. I just pray it isn’t too late. Soooo much the public doesn’t really know. It isn’t what I know that scares me. It’s what we’ve yet to know.

    • Richard Pawley

      It’s NOVEMBER OR NEVER! 2012 will be to late and the socialists who have taken over much of the Democratic Party know that, which is why they are doing so much that seems crazy, like trying to give the president the power to shut down the Internet. Please let your Senator know that this is Un-American, anti-Constitutional, and not something that those who call themselves Americans should support. In times of national emergency the Internet may be the only means of communication outside shortwave radio that we have.

  • Mondovibe

    I didn’t think most people on either side take Lieberman very seriously…he’s like a pathetic lost dog but I believe his wife has some interesting clout.

    • Richard Pawley

      So Connecticut citizens should elect someone who represents them and not the Socialist views of those who have taken over much of the Democratic Party.

      • Viktor Leben

        “Connecticut citizens” are a whole different breed ! Ha Ha ! CT voters play the political game to their own advantage. They “burn the candle on both ends” so to speak in a political sense. The Senator from CT lost in the Democratic primary to Lamont — and then won the Senate seat as an Independent.

        CT voters don’t like anybody … they only vote for the candidate that is GUARANTEED to benefit them the MOST, financially … It’s in their Connecticut nature. They are quick/sharp thinkers who ask “What’s in it for me ?”

        In the case of Lieberman – If McCain had won the Presidency, then Lieberman can get CT more defense dollars. Lieberman supported McCain during the election ……

        When Obama won then Lieberman caucused with the Democrats and got CT more defense dollars. Electric Boat and Pratt Whitney (General Dynamics) are in CT.

        Joe does get the goods for his state. That’s why those CT Yankees keep voting him in . There is a certain political brilliancy about the CT voters. They make sure they get a maximum share of the government pie — while at the same time compete fiercely in the business (capitalism) arena. They certainly maximize their return from both Conservatives and Liberals !

        Compared to NYC businessman they aren’t as tough, but they are just as quick and have alot of staying power. When a NYC businessman is unemployed ad starving a CT businessman is working off the books and living off his/her well stocked pantry…

        I heard a story that some New Yorkers were travelling thru CT. The NY travelers were on a rural road. The New Yorkers came to a toll booth. They paid a toll to travel on the road…

        New Yorkers don’t question authority to much … the toll booth look legit. When the New Yorkers returned on that route the toll booth was MISSING ! The toll booth was a scam … Some smart CT Yankee made some money off the city slickers !!!

  • Anna Papazian

    Joe Leiberman has dropped to the bottom of the barrel with his
    sponsoring this giving Obama total control over the internet. This
    is a form of speech sensorship which Obama tried to get through
    the Court and was denied. The head of the FCC has stated that if they
    cannot control speech on radio and the internet They will do it by
    passing new laws.What else is in this bill? They want to control
    the speech on talk radio also. Is that in the bill?

  • independant thinker

    The internet kill switch is one of those things that is good in theory but is guaranteed to be abused in practice and so should not be allowed.

    • 45caliber

      Most of what the progressives want is the same – good in theory. But they always abuse it too.

    • Bob Wire

      myself , I have mixed feeling about this kill switch.

      If wasn’t for the ingeniousness, people willing and deliberately misdirecting.

      I could see the potential need of locking down and country or nation.

      The “lock down” is the standard approach to gaining an upper-hand on a bad situation.

      People that really, really want and need to communicate “do”.

      When anyone can “communicate” setting in their air-conditioned homes,setting in their drawer tail, munching on twinky and a glass of milk. ~ The importance and urgency of what they have to say, easily lost.

      Now , if you are raising pigeons, sending out carrier pigeons and transporting pigeons, establishing a net work, you are carrying the importance of communication to a higher level, impervious to any kill switch and offer more reliable information.

      Miss information kills!

  • Da Norseman

    Communism? No! Marxism? No! Socialism? No! Maoism? Absolutely not!!! None of these (including fascism) are ideal for the United States of America. Why should we be like other countries?

    • 45caliber

      Why shouldn’t the other countries be like us?

      • Da Norseman

        Excellent point!!!

    • Bob Wire

      these “ism” you speak of have been put to the test of time and history. Their accounting is on the books for all to see and for us to attempt to wrap their minds around. “Casa Blanca”, “Tale of two Cities”, “We the living”, “We of Nagasaki” ” Dr Zhivago” are but a tiny small sampling of mans inhumanity to man when a dark curse fell upon the land.

      In their purest forms are all dead but No. Korea and it too will follow someday.

      I don’t see these “ism’s” a serious threat at this time. But still enough to get people all worked up and bothered no less.

      • Da Norseman

        And don’t forget Cuba, too!!!

        • Bob Wire

          Yes Cuba too, if you wish to bother to count it ~ The Fidel brothers are not the same caliber of pinko as No. Korea in my mind however. That’s the land of Mananna, they are not strutting around in uniforms, threatening their neighbors, blowing things up and seeking attention from the rest of the world, demanding to be contended with.

          • Da Norseman

            True! However, what I was referring to is that communist rule will eventually collapse one day after more than fifty years of existence when the Fidel Bros have finally gone to the grave.

          • Bob Wire

            Yes, Fidel and his brother’s day’s are numbered for sure. I really don’t know much about the “feelings” of the Cuban people and were they are at today. The way I understand it, they all have health care and offered the opportunities for and education. To what standard , I don’t know. Doctor’s, singers and plumbers all make about the same wage as I am told.

            A life much different to American’s as they seem to live under a “low ceiling” of acceptance. That’s the way I envision it anyway.

            As to who might fill any future political void, ~ I don’t know. Maybe I should attempt to find out. Wonder if I even can and find it factual.

            I wish history had been different. In some ways I’ve respected Fidel for running the money changers out of the temple, as he seen the “downside” of money, lust for power and greed corrupt his tiny nation, rather he created his own brand of communism, a little more benevolent to past histories examples. But even so, we can seen it as an experiment in communism that fail to prove workable as it fails to offer it’s people vibrant growth, failing to offer the incentives to create and develop on any level most of us understand anyway.

            I wonder what the Cuban people are ready for today?

  • Angel

    Lieberman is not and has never been a liberal or any kind of leftist. Heck, he almost ran for VP (again) as a Republican with John McCain – until McCain picked that dimwit Sarah know-nothing.

    • Jeep

      Awww…David…you sound so bitter! What happened? Didn’t your gov’t check come in the mail this month?

      • Da Norseman

        David’s been listening to that dimwit Keith Olbermann what’s-his-face!!! That’s about the only education that he and dweebs like him with their corroded brains receive from those mainstream media idiots.

  • http://gmail i41

    David, quick, go out and take the energizer bunny’s battereries. The only area Libster was consistant was on military support, he may have a independant label, but he caucas with and votes 95% of the time with socialist demcraps, once a socialist democrap, alway the craps. Plus the jewish people, just seem to love socialist liberals, even though lots of their kin got gased and fried. As all liberals are stupid, and stupid does as stupid did. Democraps love total government control, is any one surprised.

  • Bob Wire

    David, evidently they must have missed their check, because it was surly out of their mouth and clearly on their mind.

    >”Lieberman is not and has never been a liberal or any kind of leftist. Heck, he almost ran for VP (again) as a Republican with John McCain – until McCain picked that dimwit Sarah know-nothing”<

    Yea, and to think he was the man that cleared the way (pulled some strings) for Glenn Beck to gain entrance to Princeton!

    The SOB can't be "all" bad ! LOL!

  • KevinC

    The United States is NOT a democracy, but a Republic! Too many people are falling into the liar that has begun around 100 years ago that says we are a Democratic nation. Read the Declaration of Independence, or the Second Amendment, for crying out loud! W

  • KevinC

    sorry. pressed the Tab key… ooops.
    We are NOT a Democracy. WE ARE A REPUBLIC!

    • Da Norseman


  • Bob Wire

    Well, Ladies and Gents

    if these notions of Democracy and Republic were made of stone and there be but one stone that “all knew” much less accepted, we might compare apple with apples. However! that’s just not the case as you might see if you pull up these words and attempt to get a grip on the topic.

    You end up in a mental masturbation that would confuse a tag team of hungry Philadelphia Lawyers.

    Main article: Radicalism (historical)

    Radicalism emerged in European states in the 19th century. Although most radical parties later came to be in favor of economic liberalism (capitalism), thus justifying the absorption of radicalism into the liberal tradition, all 19th century radicals were in favor of a constitutional republic and universal suffrage, while European liberals were at the time in favor of constitutional monarchy and census suffrage. Thus, radicals were as much Republicans as liberals, if not more. This distinction between Radicalism and Liberalism hasn’t totally disappeared in the 20th century, although many radicals simply joined liberal parties or became virtually identical to them. For example, the Radical Party of the Left in France or the (originally Italian) Transnational Radical Party which exist today have a lot more to do with Republicanism than with simple liberalism.

    Thus, Chartism in the UK or even the early Republican, Radical and Radical-Socialist Party in France were closer to Republicanism (and the left-wing) than to liberalism, represented in France by the Orleanists who rallied to the Third Republic only in the late 19th century, after the comte de Chambord’s 1883 death and the 1891 papal encyclical Rerum Novarum. Radicalism remained close to Republicanism in the 20th century, at least in France where they governed several times with the other left-wing parties (participating in both the Cartel des gauches coalitions as well as the Popular Front).

    Discredited after the Second World War, French Radicals split into a left-wing party – the Radical Party of the Left, an associate of the Socialist Party – and the Radical Party “valoisien”, an associate party of the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and its Gaullist predecessors. Italian Radicals also maintained close links with Republicanism as well as socialism, with the Partito radicale founded in 1955 which became the Transnational Radical Party in 1989.
    [edit] Contemporary republicanism

    Anti-monarchial republicanism remains a political force of varying importance in many states. In the European monarchies, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Sweden there has not been much contemporary popular support for republicanism. In such states republicanism is usually motivated by decreasing popularity of the Royal Family, who may be increasingly embroiled in scandal or conflict. However the classical argument against monarchy versus the egalitarian aspects of republicanism will often remain prominent as well. There are also republican movements of varying size and effect in the Commonwealth nations Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica and Barbados. In these countries, republicanism is largely about the post-colonial evolution of their relationships with the United Kingdom.
    Further information: Abolished monarchy, Republicanism in Australia, British republicanism, Republicanism in Canada, Irish Republicanism, and Republicanism in New Zealand
    [edit] Republicanism in political science

    A different interpretation of republicanism is used among political scientists. To them a republic is the rule by many and by laws while a princedom is the arbitrary rule by one. By this definition despotic states are not republics while, according to some such as Kant, constitutional monarchies can be. Kant also argues that a pure democracy is not a republic, as it is the unrestricted rule of the majority. For some, republicanism meant simply the lack of a monarchy, whilst for others monarchy was compatible with republicanism.

    So what does that all mean today? Is you is or is you ain’t my babe?

    That was just “one” found under the heading of “Republic” ~ We have yet to go over “democracy”. I did notice a democracy employs a majority rule, but it also warns that a majority is easily misleading.

    I’d don’t have a clue what we are today, I thought we were Venture Capitalist, but that notion went out the window with 43 and the first “bail-out” and Cooperate Welfare for the wealthy.

    I’m a Air-Conditioning Contractor and a target for hostile municipal, state and federal government , as I come under constant assaults, extortion mandated to comply with laws that are impossible to comply with and stay in business, create jobs and keep my original teeth.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    you of the socialistic/communist mindset, when people wake up and see what you stand for, you try to convince them, the right is just as bad, they are just like us.
    “i don’t have a clue where we are today” its all the fault of bush, again, baloney!! its the fault of a failed liberal congress and a fraudulent president, who is absolutely not qualified to be president.
    if you copied and pasted these comments, that sounds like a disgruntled democratic contractor who can’t support the environmental laws he voted for.

    • Bob Wire

      >>if you copied and pasted these comments<<

      You think I copy and paste "comments"? Or do you misspeak and mean something else? And I didn't vote for any of these laws. It wasn't even offered me.

      But feel free to paint me anything you "understand" but your lacking in vision and understanding of the things you attempt to discuss with great conviction places you far afield of the issues at hand.

      You, like many others, have few thoughts of your own and can only discuss matters inside "your frame of experience and understanding" which is okay, if they wasn't borrowed from someone else.

  • Kirk

    Another attempt by Obama and his minions to take more liberties
    away from us, and if you don’t think that is happening; you better
    take your head out of the sand, whoever thinks Obama is good for this
    country is either an idiot or is on welfare thinking its going to go on forever.

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? Well Chuck the copy & paste came straight from Wikipedia.

    I found it a little disturbing as well, so it’s no surprise that you might take it that way. This is the point I’m attempting to bring forward. We only “think we know” what we are talking about and assume everyone else is talking about the “same thing” but history offers us a different picture of the meaning of such words as “Republic or Democracy” as we attempt to employ them today.

    It’s not “that clear” what a Republic is, for it can be “many things”

    As for blaming Bush? It more a matter of remembering the “day” our Senators ,Congresspersons and the American People were told the “Sky would Fall” unless AIG was propped up with large cash infusion and all the events that surrounded that moment in time, who was in charge of running things and the end results. “Socialized losses and Privatized Profits’ being the final results.

    Bush had little to do with it, It was the results of a political machine that has dominated all of Capital Hill for years while serving as a support platform for 43′s administration with strong roots reaching inside both parties of government.

    And Federal Reg’s(which I accept as necessary and all my industry comply’s with) is not the big bear in the forest when it comes to operating a business, it’s city and state that’s killing the spirit of Venture Capitalism, kicking our backside and stepping on our throats. They expect business to be ran like government with endless amounts of cash flow but unlike government, they demanding accountability and placing it squarely on the self employed shoulders. We deal with the “realities of the market place and capturing of market shares” and it has “limits”

    From administrative penalties, willful neglect, to omission and errors, failure to notify, failure to include Things that lager concerns manage to so often skate passed. Like BP and their “dead 5 years” spill consultant with 1-800 number( to heaven I suppose?) Small business must content with all of this! We are robbed by government, we are robbed by the wealthy and robbed by the dogs that wander the night, taking anything that’s not nailed down.

    As for what I stand for, I stand for the “truth” and some equitable “fairness” and if you see anything in my words that fail to reflect this, I want to be the first to known.

    The last thing I’m interested in is you “liking me” that’s your option. This hiding from the truth while attempting to deffer blame, a practice I find all too common with people today. You do it ! why not expect your government to do it as well?

    As you do, government will do. If you want it to stop, we must stop.


    Has anyone been listening to the power hungry loonie under the dome, they are making no bones about what they want and are not wasting time tryin to get all the control and power they can arrange before the citizens revolt takes place.

    Barney Frank (myboy Lollipop), “who proclaimed we can do more if you give us more power.”
    Durbin, Schumer, Waters, Meeks name a Deemer and they will tell you straight out about how they know so much and are willing to try anything that gets them all the power and contol(socialism) they want.

    If there is not a legal election held in November I think Amrica better plan on having one anyway, come hell or high water.

  • Bob Wire

    Barney Frank (myboy Lollipop) LOL! funny, in some twisted strange way, I get it. ~ Myboy Lolliepop! that’s too funny!

    Isn’t it funny how images get planted in the mind.

    Like Gov Jingle of Louisiana, I see him as one Walt Disney’s little Mexican rats, the buck tooth one with a pinched face and big sombrero. Just complete impossible to take serious on any level.

    Aren’t we awful.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    you should look around a little bit for information and not rely too much on wikipedia. i’m not saying they lie, they are like the media in this country, don’t out right lie just twist it until it sounds different, like it’s not black its really red mixed with blue. this like snopes and fatcheck are liberal websites. this may be to your liking, but, i have found many discrepancies in their rewrite of history and politics.
    you make fun of jingal, have a laugh on me take a look at your liberal jurist on the supreme court and a lot of your democratic congressman, especially waxman, do you still want to make fun of others. now waxman could really be a rat, don’t you think??

  • Sadie Palein

    At least China’s economy is doing well.

  • Bob Wire

    so I’m not the only one that’s so awful, is what your saying?

    Haha! I hadn’t been keep up with this most recent appointment. But from the looks of her, she could offer a lot of “balance” and she’s not even full grown yet. Her “heavy lifting” yet to come (so to speak) I like her already! because you don’t if for no other reason. But I didn’t start out that way, you and this crowd of “label’er” with mean spirited displays has turned me that way ~ but I do fight it, something that you don’t do ~ you, i41 and many others choice to feed the flames if discourse.

    And actually I was about to suggest the same of you. For your “talking points” are reflective by many through out this thread, indicating to me you are all drinking from the same well.~ Main Stream is bad! contaminated by a 100 years of liberalism. Government is bad! too much liberalism.

    Books are all bad unless written by certain approved Authors. ( any bells going off in your head?) No?

    Media is all bad unless it comes straight from Rupert Murdoch & Company.

    How we forget,( or maybe never yet accepted) Rupert kept a puppet administration sold to the American people for most of 7 years, we finding it somehow easy to ignore. And now he assist you with your little Tea Party. ~~ a yearning to dress up like someone else and commit civil disobedience or behave out right criminal. Not bold enough to stand alone, willing to hide it disguised crowds and shadows. Let no one know our names!

    (like they say, you swim with sharks , swim with friend) I don’t swim with sharks on purpose! but it seems you want to, but to what end? If you were truly hurting and desperate, you wouldn’t have the time to banter with me, you’d been busy trying to keep your head above water in “real time”. I’m much the same way, I’ve got the time (for now anyway)to play. I’ve been in an “advance to the rear” for many years, a full retreat! Cut my losses! I feel for anyone still trying to hang on to things not truly necessary ~ I gave them up several years ago. I wish you only good luck with it.

    Why? Does Rupert do this? for country? ~ He’s an Austrian ~ For money and power? why not? He is in bed with the very same political machine that you are protesting the effect of. ~ But again he’s fooled you, rallies his “believers” to resist any administration that fails to serve the same political machine he serves, the one that has brought us to the cross road. Today, it’s rank and file DNC members, tomorrow if they are no longer in control, someone else will be the target of slander, and character assassination if they refuse to serve the “machine”

    You guy have your “talking points” all together, just like Mich & John. “We need to start over!” There’s little thought involved as you patriot them, spit them out, again and again. The notion that if repeated often enough it becomes a “truth”, a “reality” what is real. ~ Chuck, this might will work on simpler minds but it’s not going to work well enough to carry a vote because the American people are not stupid, just busy with their lives, raising and educating children and paying house mortgages.

    So I guess your left with whippen it out, showing us what you got and just how nasty you can be.

    If you are willing to shoot your own foot, I can only guess what you might be willing to do with mine!

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    i have been around this world a little bit and seen a few things and places. have indulged in politics quite a bit and argued with some that disagree with my thinking. first off you and other liberal types on this post keep referring to the fox news station and some of their commentators as a bunch of liars and all kinds of names. now use your head a minute, how long do you think fox would stay on the air if they were telling untruths and twisting the news, say like abc,cnn,msnbc,cbs who have done this consistently for years and i might say they are in the tank, there ratings are terrible. you probably don’t remember walter kronkite (the father of journalism) now there is a person who did lie in his reporting, a devout liberal democrat. he and dan rather bragged after the vietnam war on how they effected the ending of the war due to their presentation of the news concerning our troops and their actions during the war,they didn’t say how many of our troops were killed because of their reporting.
    now when one of you who critize rush limbaugh, beck or hannity can tell what lies you are hearing from them, please advise us all. till, tehn i think you better stick to something you know for sure. like barry soetoro is the worse president this country has ever been blessed with.

  • Bob Wire

    Oh give me a break here! Rupert’s got you ,hook,line and sinker! They are not liars, they offer embellishments, over the top statements void foundation, omissions, and offer great spin Sir. And now this practice is being answered on the left in kind or more often just exposed. You are acting the child that hits and bites yet cry’s and runs to mama when it’s returned. ~ but this is just “child’s play” as Rupert has more serious intentions and that is to run interference for “special interest”, as he always has! With “your help”!!!!

    If you want to get lost in the “Nanny Nanny Poo Poo” of it, great! go there, stay there. Forgive me if I don’t follow you there. But you tell me what main stream media is doing wrong beside offering rebuttal to mindless drivel?

    You wish they’d attack the current administration with the same vigor FOX does? And only then might you like them better?

    well they do ( sometimes), but not with the dog fight ferociousness of FOX.

    I’m somewhat traveled myself, own property other places, speaking three languages, as I see it, American media on the large, is very stiff! Prudish if you will, this “stiffness” carried on even into our advertisement. Why? I’m not really sure, the nature of the beast I suppose. ~ Much like the Brits, being world known for their “stiff upper lip” and refusing to make a scene, even if their butts on fire. Unbecoming public display looked on with low regard. ~ in any case, it is what it is. I like you where you are, stay there. It suits me, I know where to find you. Everyone else has realized, the emperor truly wears “no cloths” and the magic thread that can only be seen by the “most bright” people only a bullsh1t lie! You’re just too smart! Everybody wants to be “smart”, Fox makes that possible.

    Back to we are a “Republic!” Interesting news this morning with the “Republic” of China and Google’s fight! As we see, being “called” a Republic is no final answer to personal liberties. So why such attention to little things while letting the big issues of the day escape our attention? ~ diversion ! You are being diverted from the true fight by Rupert and his minions of hatchet men and groupie. That’s what FOX excels at, “diversion”, diverting attention away from. Childish really! Ha Ha ! I made you look! and you people eat it up!!!

    Google surrenders to China
    Stops re-directing users
    By Edward Berridge
    Wed Jun 30 2010, 10:02

    INTERNET SEARCH SERVICE Google has shut down its search engine in mainland China after it stopped redirecting users to its uncensored website in Hong Kong.

    It is still possible to get a Google search in mainland China, however. Chinese web surfers are able to click on a link on the home page that takes them to the Hong Kong site.

    The move is a concession to Chinese government mandarins, who had threatened to revoke Google’s licence to operate in the glorious People’s Republic if it did not kowtow to their demands.

    In a blog post Google said it is changing how Internet users in China access its search engine.

    The hope is that Google will be able to renew its licence to offer online content in China. Why it would want to do this, when it made such a big show about leaving, is anyone’s guess.

    It remains unclear whether the Chinese government will accept what one analyst called a “peace offering”. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said at a regular press briefing Tuesday that he had not seen Google’s statement and had no specific comment.

    However there is no real reason for the Chinese to want to have Google in the country, particularly after it has publicly stated its opposition to the totalitarian government’s censorship rules.”<<

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    you are full of baloney!! you are in to yourself so much your logic if you have any has failed you. you liberals have been defeated by the truth and i believe foz and their commentators are responsible along with rush limbaugh in defeating you and your communistic friends.
    keep listening to people like mathews, he fits your mold and thinking. you have tunnel vision and there’s no light at the end of your tunnel.

  • Bob Wire

    Okay Chuck, enough of the dirty sock fight. Foz ? oh! Fox! ~ You Foxed me out for a second.

    it’s clear what and who’s got your ear? It’s as I thought, you are all drinking for the same tainted well.

    I challenge you to reveal these truths you talk about.

    Here is a few of Rush’s recent statements. I don’t expect you validate their truthfulness. But what valid evidence can you offer me some might be true! I’ll make it as easy as I can for you.

    and if you don’t like mine choices, find something of Rush you can defend as “truth” I want to hear it!

    Rush Limbaugh
    Alaska’s Prince William Sound “is pristine now.”

    Obama isn’t confiscating rods and reels
    People “can’t go fishing anymore because of Obama.”

    Rush Limbaugh

    No, there’s no Pay Pal on White House site
    There are “high administrative costs” when you donate to Haiti relief through the White House Web site.

    Rush Limbaugh

    The numbers reflected what was happening two weeks before Thanksgiving
    A recent drop in the unemployment rate is questionable because it was calculated “over two days of the Thanksgiving week.”

    [To an African American female caller]: “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.”

    “We need segregated buses… This is Obama’s America.”

    “Obama’s entire economic program is reparations/”

    Rush Limbaugh: “Environmentalists probably blew up the oil rig”

    Show me some truth Chucky, for my time is about to run out with you.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    what in the heck are you talking about?? so what if rush said these things are they relevant to anything, he is doing nothing but provoking people like you. is there anything in what he said that you can decipher as being a lie?? perhaps you should read between the lines so to say.
    #1 the water in prince william sound is pristine, that means clear, even tho there are still signs of oil on the beaches. so!!
    haven’t got a clue on the fishing statement, ask rush, it means nothing.
    i have a friend who commercial fish in the area and he is fishing.
    #2 it sounds like if you donate to haiti thru the wh website they are going to tap a percentage of the money, have you tried? that wouldn’t surprise me. i wouldn’t send one dime to haiti.

    #3 calculating a drop in un-employment using the holiday weekend, have you tried to calculate the figures and see if they were used in that fashion?? so what are you getting at??

    #4 maybe he couldn’t understand her, do you know if she had a bone in her nose or not??

    #5 segregated busing, not a bad idea in some parts of the country, however, i would have to hear the conversation to understand what he meant.

    #6 i would take that statement as obama paying back the unions and any other person or corporation that helped get him elected, like the unions and gen motors for example.

    #7 most of these statements made by rush are in jest and since most of you liberal types have a hard time laughing i can understand why you try to take him serious. have they determined yet what happened to the rig?? do you know?? maybe the environmentalist did blow it up. until they determine the true cause, be careful in what you say.

    ok bobbie!!

  • Bob Wire

    Okay ! you win Chuck, you passed!

    But, I got what I wanted, for you to admit some of these people are saying things simple in jest! void of any truth. ~ And it doesn’t really matter what it is. ~ So allow us to advance to your “hopeful” Mrs.Angle and her statement “if the poll turn out not favorable in 2010, it’s time for a 2nd Amendment Solution” ??? Is that in jest too Chuck?

    I’d really like to know, I can’t see her toting around a 9.6 pound shoulder weapon much longer then 5 minute myself, much less one or two bandoleers of ammo. But she represents something much bigger then her humming bird a$$. These are not the words of a statesman I want to see holding office. She is not a “political entertainer” and free to take liberties with such talk. ~ Yet she is encouraged to say some things, to speak of insurrection and treason by supporter much like yourself or this tea party crowd. ~ In jest, you say? This is a dead serious game we play. Hilter made some wild over the top, political statements as he ascended into prominence well, much of the rest of the world accepted as “jest” at the time. Boy were they surprised!

    This kind of talk is where the line is crossed with me Chuck. I trace such talk back to it’s roots,~ and guess who we find there?

    This little woman is harmless and I plan to keep it that way. But such notions are far from harmless to all of us.

    When is a political party every been lead by “political entertainers”?

    It must be nice to be unburdened or responsible for what you say!

    Steele is not leading! Karl & Newt has got there finger in the pie, while making “drive-by’s” shots, Uncle Newty pays us a little visit. John B & Mich Mc are still stuck in the “DARE” slogan program, “Just say No!” they are not leading the party anywhere, running on pure obstructionism offering no solutions unless it’s seen as windfall for big business or special interest. Willing to give everyone in America 9% of their earnings and thinking it somehow fair. A simple math solution seeing the sameness of the number”9″ some kind of “equality”

    A party that thinks the Fed should stop spending money while admitting someone needs too! Somebody has go it!

    I’m with George Bush on these, The wealthy of this nation was given Tax breaks from Reagan to Little George, as we, the people was told these tax breaks would generate new growth and create jobs.

    So I’m looking to the people that got these tax breaks to Pony up and make it “SO”. ~ Where are they today? let us make good on the promise! We the tax payers honored our side of the deal.

    This under-employed and unemployed we are facing today can be any administration or a nations down fall. So if not the FED, somebody better pull a rabbit out of the hat ~ soon~!

    This is the softest summer in my 42 year career. The demand is just not there. I depend heavily on my experience to capture profit and expand margins, something I couldn’t had done 15 years ago. I have men crying , wanting work and I just can’t help all of them.

    Somebody better do something, I’m doing all I can.

    Nite Chuck

  • Bob Wire

    And for the record, I’m not sure what a Socialist is. ~ As today, I see some collective effort applied to any and all “projects” of any size.

    Where is be a Highway system, levies and dikes, the ICW, (inter-coastal water ways) Civil project, private Group heath care or SS, ~ what part about a collective effort is seen as bad? ~ That someone might get something for nothing? That’s what kicks my butt, and I suppose yours too.

    But, old men and women were not always old. The problems arise when such programs are poorly administrated to.

    As for myself, I’m the only person I know that’s never drawn unemployment and though reached the age to apply for SS, never bothered.

    So does that make a person a “socialist?” Tell me the downside of being “social” oriented. For I admit, I don’t see the people you give an ear to as being very “social” not Glenn, not Rush, not Angel, They seem to conduct their lives and talk as if they are truly independent while “requiring” you very support to exist. They can’t do what they do without you! You are the one that makes them appear independent. While you yourself are not dependent, you are depending on something! Something or someone that’s honoring an understanding a commitment in the collective.

    It seems we pick and choice what part of “Socialism” we wish to recognize, while at the same time being most willing to take as much as allowed for ourselves.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    our welfare system has contributed to much of our problem. in its well meaning way has created a country inside of a country, we have generation after generation born into welfare and these people have out bred us and now they are out voting us. socialism attracts people like the wefare recipients, they want someone to take care of them, they will make an un concerted effort to work if they are protected by a union and all the freebies. they want to blame the bankers, corporations and big business for all their ills. they complain about their tax and yet will vote into office the very party that will tax them into poverty. their politicians keep them riled up by blaming big business and applying tax on the so called capitalist, this same tax is reverted right back to the man who voted in the politician who taxed the capitalist. so we have an ignorant mass of people. call it what you want, i call it “democraticsocialism”

    • Bob Wire

      There’s a lot of truth to what you say Chuck. And of course during lean times when the abundance is just not there, making things even more apparent. As far as their numbers getting larger, that’s a worrying truth and concern. Maybe it’s a good thing that most of the “down and out” people I’m aware of, don’t bother to vote. But they could! is worry enough.

      But right now, there more people wanting to work and just can’t find work. I’m asked almost everyday, by someone if I’ve got something for them to do.

      The crazy part is, I do! But my bottleneck is cash flow/time. ~I must pace my work ~or I’ll run out of cash before the money comes back in. And that not good at all. It stops me in my tracks, I can’t work, I can’t buy anything, can’t pay anyone. I keep thinking that will change but it never does.

      I’d have to raise margins but stay inside market and run the risk of loosing a share of the market. The Profit is just not there and the competition high. I got undercut 32000. on 87000. dollar job last week. Someone going to take a bath on that one. That’s how desperate some are these days.

      I’m trapped! I’d like to hire two more men, I have the work but just don’t see how I can.

      I wonder how many others are in the same boat as I.

      We’ve got to get people working again and if they are able and refuse to work, under a bridge is the perfect place for them.

  • peter

    Come on Bob, using Joe, Me first screw everyone else, Lieberman is a sorry example of the left. He doesn’t know his right from his left. SOB should be sent packing to Israel where his loyalties lay instead of screwing up our Government to suit his own purposes .

  • Bob Wire

    Fox watcher are an animal unto themselves evidently, the obsessive compulsive nature of the watcher a common thread to all (or most anyway).

    They turn it on and leave it on! Rarely ever brother to change the channel. This behavior is common and great enough to affect Nielsen ratings ~ as every 6 minutes, viewer are “pinged” this compulsive behavior throws average off some. They have developed various approached to offer us a more true reflection, “more then just one number to consider” ~ It’s an interesting research and goes far beyond my level of personal experience. I read it a few days ago in my research and if your really interested , it there for you to scoff or read for yourselves at your leisure. It made sense and offered some understanding in what we see occurring today.

    The most interesting thing about it I found was it confirmed my suspicions of certain people “are” wrought and driven by their obsessions and fallacy of “fears”. This being the key ingredient Rupert Murdoch requires to stay in business and sling their manure. Much like selling drugs to documented known users, They are standing “ready” for their daily fix! waiting in line!

    This behavior does create illusions, of popularity! And we all know if it’s seen a popular, it must be good! it must be the “normal” the majority!

    I know it will be scoffed at , it not coming for Fox, but i paste it anyway.

    >>The myth of Fox News’ ratings spike
    November 03, 2009 9:32 am ET

    Fact: The breathless claim that Fox News’ ratings recently spiked thanks to the White House’s public critique is bogus hype — hype that Fox News and the Beltway press have relentlessly pushed.

    It’s just not true.

    No matter how many times reporters and pundits made the claim, a detailed analysis of Nielsen ratings numbers clearly indicates that in the two weeks after the White House in mid-October sparked a media controversy by claiming Rupert Murdoch’s channel was not a legitimate news organization, Fox News’ ratings did not soar or go “through the roof.” In fact, not only did Fox News’ overall ratings not soar, they experienced no significant increase at all. Instead, in the two weeks following the initial verbal jousts with the White House, Fox News’ total day ratings virtually flatlined.<<

    But don't let this be a revelation to you, scoff it off. Where you are at, serves the country best.


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