The King And His Court: 5 Ways Presidential Pastimes Illustrate Why You Should Be Madder Than Hell


The Presidential Administration has gone to great lengths to attempt to impact everyday Americans with budget cuts resultant of the Federal bureaucracy’s own mismanagement. That’s a sign of how the United States is engaged in a battle of “us and them” like never before, which is a point that cannot be stressed enough.

White House tours are shut down, the Blue Angels are grounded, lowlier Federal workers are losing money and community-based programs are having their budgets slashed. This is only a partial representation of where the “cuts” are having an impact, but notably so, as the aforementioned consequences affect average Americans visiting the Nation’s capital, airshow goers, middle-class government workers and local communities. They affect the class that includes you and me.

It is nothing new — and certainly no secret — that there is another class of American citizen to which the bureaucratic system ascribes far more value and, thus, allows far greater protection and liberty. American royalty, like never before, is on full-on display and not just because of sequester.

Here are some examples.

Even American liberty hater Piers Morgan can’t ignore President Barack Obama’s lavish taxpayer-funded vacations — taken, no less, as Americans are being economically crippled by the President’s incompetence and unaccountability.


The President and his family must have different preferences of vacation destinations; the Obama daughters are also incredibly well traveled at the taxpayers’ expense. The girls enjoyed a spring break trifecta recently: Hawaii, Aspen and the Bahamas, all in one month.

And when he isn’t on vacation or advocating for government spending increases and gun laws, the President is hanging out with high-profile entertainers. He often does so during luxurious banquets at the White House that American proles are no longer permitted to visit.

Those entertainers, for their relationship with the President, can get the laws worked around in their favor. While lowly average Americans are strictly (and stupidly) forbidden from visiting Cuba except on academic, religious, journalistic or cultural exchange trips,  Beyonce and Jay-Z spent their fifth wedding anniversary there… for educational reasons.

In other travel news, Vice President Joe Biden recently traveled to Paris with a healthy entourage for a night. The trip cost you $585,000 for the hotel stay alone. But if you think that is ridiculous, you’re a small person.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Impeach them.all

    Obama,,Commander and dummy, Marxist, Comme

    • slickzip


  • Impeach them.all

    This guy takes vacations while American people suffer from no work, low pay jobs, a nightmare economy which his policys created. keeps going golfing a vacation every month, not to mention the vacations for his so called spoiled brat children.

    • slickzip

      HOW TRUE


      I just wonder if Obama and Biden would be flying all over the world if the cost of their extravagences were coming out of their personal funds. The $20K Obama is giving back would not even pay for the helicopter ride for him to play golf in the DC area. He must be sharing some really dope with the people who admire him so much and think he is doing a good job.

  • Joseph Miller

    I hope those that voted for him are waking up. As far as that dem strategist talking head… What drugs is she taking? Sequester? Obama’s daughters have gone to hawaii, aspen and the Caribbean all in ONE month! Lady … Just stop talking! We see right through you! Biden is a joke. He is Obamas best protection. NOBODY wants him as president!

    • Steve E

      I don’t think those that vote for Obama the second time will will ever wake up like you hope. You have a better chance at teaching your dog algebra than to have those people wake up.

    • southernmom169

      As long as his voters are getting ‘free’ stuff…they’ll NEVER wake up!!

      • Smilee

        The majority of states getting most of that”free stuff” live in red states that did not give OBAMA their electoral college votes, those in the blue states that did vote for him get less “free stuff” Example MN gets back 70% of each of each dollar sent to DC and spent on “free stuff” Texas gets gets 130% back for each dollar they sent to DC and spent on “free stuff” So what is your point it was not the majority of free loaders that voted for him as they voted for Romney.

    • Betta

      “I hope those that voted for him are waking up.”

      Not while they can get their freebies they won’t. I know folks who get every freaking thing free and STILL walk around with their hands out palms up. It is sickening.

      I was raised differently. My mom told us from when we were kids to NEVER depend on anyone and always be able to take care of yourself. Granted, things happen and sometimes we must ask for help, but DAMN! Everyday, the same ones who get food stamps, free medical care, a check and bamaphone always asking “can I use this, can i borrow that, you got any more of those?” etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile I have to WORK for mine!

      I know a person who not 5 freaking minutes in their presence it’s “lemme use your phone (they used up all their 250 minutes making BS phone calls), got any smokes, need to use your computer to check my email.” It never FK’G ends with these freaking takers. Meanwhile the significant other sits on his narrow ass and says “we’ll just sit back and wait….” Pisses me off to no FK’G end.

      I’m going to get me a T-Shirt with these words and the big circle with a line through it:

      “NO! You canNOT use my phone unless your hair is on fire. I’ll call 911 for you.”

      Same person who get freebies actually offered MY damn paid for phone to somebody else!!!!! “Let them use your phone.” I said FK you and stop offering my resources to others. I almost popped right out of my skin. I get mad just thinking of it.

    • Lee Lewis

      Wrong Joseph, there was enough to get him re-elected and to follow him into the pits of hell.

  • FreedomTrain

    A comment above states that the Dictator in the WH needs to be impeached…..NO….HE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN PRISON ALONG WITH THE REST OF HIS ROGUE REGIME OF CRIMMINALS….And keep a cell block open for the majority of congress…both parties…that need to be in prison.

  • Steve E

    I don’t know if I mind him taking vacations as much as I mind him coming back from vacation.

  • Helen Tritt

    One positive way the crooked government could save A LOT of MONEY would be to GROUND AIR FORCE ONE for the DURATION of time the criminal is staying illegally in the WH.

    • Smilee

      A lot of money but peanuts in the total budget and Air Force one has been around for many presidents now and is viewed as a necessity by congress whom funds it

  • Peter Barney

    Impeach the Presidency now!

  • Robert L. Rice

    IM ANGRY,oreo didnt send me tickets to the jazz concert at the white house,that I HELPED PAY FOR..

  • TheTruthHurtsAsWell

    Speaking of cognitive dissonance… Something BL wrote a while back… I thought it was incumbent upon govt to cut wasteful spending(blue angels, couldn’t that $$ be better spent on schools or infrastructure instead of seeing hunks of metal flying around the air? Or maybe just privatize it!! Wow there’s some thought!) For people to get out of govt jobs(privatize everything so the libertarians say)?

    You cannot have it both ways. If you’re so adamant about ideology, then so be it! Stick to your guns!

  • Henry Stumpf

    Let’s send the Obamas to BENGHAZI for their next vacation on us !!!!!!

    • Betta

      I LOVE that idea! Make it MANDATORY!


    What is the Obama’s “cyber-warrior-program”?

    What most people are not aware of, is that, shortly after Obama’s inauguration on January 23/08, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated. This project is paid for through funds from Obama’s political corporation, called: the 501(c)4 Organizing for Obama. Instructions of the project are contained in a white, three-ring binder with Obama’s circular campaign logo imprinted on the outside of the binder with the name “Cyber-Warriors for Obama” printed in blue across the top. Inside this binder are the names and e-mail addresses of 3,575 “cyber assets,” or “warriors,” listed in alphabetical order under about a dozen or so “team leaders.” Most of these “assets” are being paid just over minimum wage, and most work from home and have no overhead. Supervisors make substantially more.

    The binder contains multiple tabs , among them, one section with the word “targets” has a list of religious web sites, web sites recognized as Christian. Another section has a listing of conservative Internet sites. There is another tab with the label “problem sites” that are quite extensive. That particular section is broken down further into “birther” sites, “pro-gun” sites, “anti-abortion” sites, just to name a few. There is also a section of the usual news sites, like CNN, ABC… Numerous e-mail addresses each corresponding to the appropriate news organization, which also includes Fox…

    The first page of the binder has bullet points labeled “objectives” and instructions for the cyber-assets. There is also a very detailed non-disclosure agreement with the word “DRAFT” typed in big, light grey letters across the body of the two-page agreement. The agreement and the instructions are typed on white paper with a warning, printed in red on each page, that the document was not to be copied or disseminated! The instructions are very specific; Infiltrate web forums, collect screen names, avatars, and posters’ tag lines, and attempt to resolve these to their actual identities. At times, the instruction to the “asset” is only to monitor but do not disrupt without authorization.

    There is another section titled “Divert, Disrupt and Destroy,” listing “how to’s” in certain cases.There is also a section on maintaining a social media presence, and another on the most effective use of Twitter.

    Lastly, there is a “reference section,” which included statistics, specific language to use to marginalize different posters, and effective methods to discredit people while maintaining a sense of legitimacy. The subheading is “And the truth shall set you free.”

    Truth? They are hired on their hacking abilities, or more precisely on their abilities to make postings through proxy servers and effectively use alternate identities and multiple e-mail addresses. Their purpose is to spread disinformation, not truth.

    There are also various pages that contain “motivational statements”, including one that referred to Obama as the “Pharaoh of the Internet,” an odd characterization.

    But what’s important is that suddenly, through the use of Internet aliases, multiple e-mail addresses, and screen names, a project that employs 3,575 people will have the appearance and effectiveness of maybe 10,000 or more different people.

    These people, “Cyber-warriors”, were hired through the campaign offices located throughout the country, and that training meetings were held at various locations. The binders were for instructional purposes, not to hand out, and contain a list of web sites.

  • southernmom169

    I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, just a couple of hours from Pensacola, FL. The negative impact that is going to happen because of the Blue Angels being grounded, is beyond thinking. I truly believe that Obama is doing this on purpose to show us, the ‘little’ people, how much power he really has at his fingertips, and that if you don’t follow him and ‘praise’ him, you get punished. He HATES red states, so he punishes us. I won’t say I hate the president, because God doesn’t want us to hate anyone, but I DO have a VERY strong dislike for him. This is mind boggling to see that he is creating, in my opinion, a caste system, of the very wealthy and the very poor. And only those in his inner circle will be able to enjoy the perks of that relationship, otherwise, you’re out in the cold, shivering and hungry!!! All while they laugh it up and eat their fill of expensive and extravagant meals!!

    • Capt. Hook

      Truth, southern mom. God bless you.

    • Smilee

      What congress created you blame on Obama, WHY? MN is a blue state and the Blue Angels were canceled here last week. Sort of shoots your red state theory down. Typical of persons whom allow their hate to create their conclusions

  • krosst

    I don’t have a problem with the vacations as long they pay for 100% of it ; not one cent from the American people. It should be noticed that Bush and family took even more vacations ! And the Blue Angels should be grounded along with a 80% cut in military budget along with all other government wast programs like HSD, FDA, TSA, ATF, DOE, HMM and hundreds more abc programs

    • Capt. Hook

      I would rather pay for Mr. Bush to go to his ranch in Crawford, Tx. and cut brush and ride his bike than for this radical and his family to fly on two different planes, go to different places with all their radical friends at tax payers cost. At least Mr. Bush had enough respect for our military not to play golf while they fought and died. Obama goes partying while Americans are being killed and doesn’t even call to see if they need help.

      • texastwin827

        True, Capt…at least when he went to Crawford, it was putting money back into the local economy, not some foreign country’s (excluding Hawaii)

        And any liberals….don’t even go there. I didn’t vote for Bush for my governor nor my president, so you will look like an idiot if you try.

    • Lee Lewis

      [comment has been edited] A country is only as good as the strength of their military and we need a strong military. [comment has been edited]

    • Fighter

      [comment has been edited] “Sanctions, the toughest ever put on a nation” will be Obarry’s cry and you want to cut the military 80%? I can agree with you on everything but that. I would increase it 80%.

  • Fed up with politicians

    I agree with the majority a call to arms is needed that’s the only way I see of getting these lying,cheating,thieving,whores out of their office until we the people show them we are not going to take it one minute longer they will never stop our voting system isn’t working so what course of action is left force

  • ChuckS123

    Kings, emperors, and dictators don’t like commoners inside their palaces.

  • ChuckS123

    How much money and time did Bush’s vacations cost vs Obama’s? How much did Laura and the kids take separate vacations or fly separately vs the Obamas? Besides, the deficit and debt weren’t as bad during Bush. I think the deficit was max $192 billion when Bush had a republican congress.


    I would like to reiterate, this Faker in the WH is not a person legally able to be called a POTUS, there is much hard evidence to make the point and those who dispute it need to furnish valid proof of this frauds BC, maybe clear up the other fifty or so discrepancies that seem to be questionable.
    Why we continue to keep him in office is a matter of gun point communism and with the Constitution and the Rule of Law being held at bay, WTP will need to regain our own representation.


    Dick Cabeza Durbin….fits him like a glove.

  • Michigan_REB

    I find it hard to believe I am saying this but I agree with Piers Morgan. This lousy excuse of a president is an idiot. He needs to be removed from office3 for crimes against the american people. It’s all about him and his aganda. We need to name them all ineligable to hold office and start over. that goes for all Congress President Vice-President and the supreme court of jesters. And the new ones must swear alegience to the poeple of the United states and the consitution. violation of said oath results in instant removal from office.

    • Betta

      And and interview with the firing squad.

  • Pissed off and liberal

    I wonder how many of you would still be pissed if Bush were doing this?

    • Lee Lewis

      I for one, pissed.

  • needfulthings

    George W. Bush, was on vacation more — 1,020 days — than any U.S. President since Herbert Hoover at the cost of some 20+ million bucks. The first two years (720 days) dubya was in office he spent less than 100 days in the White House claiming remodeling was going on. That was partially true, a very small portion of White House was under construction.

    • Lee Lewis

      needfulthings: To keep from embarrassing yourself by showing your lack of intelegence and or information, though I wasn’t a fan of W. he woiuld spend a great deal of time at his Crawford ranch which was refered to as the Southern White House because it was a fully functional working White House, so much of his time away from DC was a fully functional working White House. After business hours (barring nothing major going on) W. would work his ranch. When Obama leaves DC the only thing he works is his mouth and his golfing arms. 2012 Obama spent $1.2 Billion just for servants and entertainment, that’s not counting his frequent flights…all at our expense. So don’t write about things you don’t know about, it make you look…well…stupid.

  • texastwin827

    It isn’t just everyday people that is being impacted. My son in law is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Due to “cost cutting” our soldiers, there, are now cut back to 2 meals a day. For some who, like him, fly night missions that means he actually is working when meal#1 is served and probably sleeping when meal #2 is served so that he’s not sleep deprived, while flying.

    That’s bulls*t…you don’t send men to war and not feed them!

  • Lee Lewis

    Good Post, sickOfItAll; We need to pray for an idividual who is half Moses and half David or a Ronald Reagan clone to step up to the plate and lead our country back to freedom. Our forefathers anticipated this time and set our country up to defend it against ALL enemies both foriegn and domestic. Obama made the statement one time that, “The only thing wrong with American is the Constitution”. To disregard the Constitution is an impeachable offense but you have to have some that have guts to stand up.

  • George

    Wow, some rather dim witted folks here. The economy is a mess, the feds are printing money faster than ever and putting in Wall Street. Wall Street looks great, for now, it is a false number. When the dollar really drops Wall Street will drop sending us into a depression. As long as the feds keep printing the dollar keeps falling. This administration is speeding up the path to depression.

  • Smilee

    That is the experience of every minority