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The Kentucky Derby

March 12, 2013 by  

The Kentucky Derby
Ashley Judd is contemplating a Senate run.

Let me call time-out for a moment and address the liberals who skulk around the dark corners of our comments section. Hey, kids. It’s your pal, Ben. Since we have this moment together, I just wanted to offer my gratitude for your continued readership. If I’ve offered you half the entertainment you’ve given me (and your remarks suggest I have), then you’re — well — welcome. Now, I wonder if I might ask you for a teensy little favor in return for the daily slices of awesome we provide you free of charge here at the Personal Liberty Digest™: Please support Ashley Judd’s prospective candidacy for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky.

Now, I’m not asking just for myself. Think of the endless material the second most attractive and third most talented of the Judd ladies will provide not only for me, but for all the pundits and commentators who need a few kickers to slip into their routines in between lines about President Barack Obama’s penchant for murdering Americans and Vice President Joe Biden’s penchant for mortifying them.

Judd is a multimillionaire Hollywood bubblehead whose lone political “accomplishment” is a graduate degree from the same university that boasts masters-level alumni like President George W. Bush, and we know how she probably feels about “W.” Beyond that, she’s been in some marginally successful films — although generally opposite someone who possesses enough talent to make up for her wooden performance.

I don’t just want to hear Judd tell the people of a State that produces the third most coal in the Nation and is home to the single most productive coalfield about her belief that coal mining is the equivalent of “rape” and “the era of coal plant is over, unacceptable.”

I don’t just want to hear Judd tell the people of a State that has seen a net growth in population during every decade since we sent King George’s boys packing about her belief that “it’s unconscionable to breed.”

I don’t just want to hear Judd tell the people of a State in which nearly 40 percent of the residents self-identify as evangelical Christians that “… Christianity… gives us a God that is like a man, a God presented and discussed exclusively in male imagery, which legitimizes and seals male power. It is the intention to dominate, even if the intention to dominate is nowhere visible.”

I don’t just want to hear Judd tell the people of Kentucky that a harpy from Hollywood who vacations in Scotland and represented Tennessee as a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention is the right person to speak for the Bluegrass State in the Senate.

And I don’t just want to hear some bloviating Tinseltown super-liberal tell a State whose other Senator is Rand Paul — and which gave Republican milquetoast Mitt Romney a 23-point win over Obama in the most recent election — that she’s the best choice in 2014.

I don’t even want to hear Judd campaigning with her “2012 citizen hero” and fake Congressional witness and apparent sex addict Sandra Fluke among the aforementioned Kentuckians. Actually, I really, really do. I want to watch her turn herself — and the Democrats who will be forced to back her — inside out in an effort to sway the votes of people who positively despise her kind of arrogant, sanctimonious hypocrisy.

I want Judd to roll through the primaries uncontested so she’s well-rested for the general election. And then, I want her to run smack into the legitimate conservative who ousted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Republican primary. She’ll lose by 25 points — maybe 15, if she agrees to do full-frontal nudity.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Opal the Gem

    Once again Ben you have a winner.

    • GALT

      or a “whiner”? prognostication can be a tricky business,

  • GALT

    Competing for Wayne Root’s position as prognosticator extraodinaire?

    I guess the “malaise” is so bad, even a brief respite between election cycles
    is no longer possible……since we seem to be jumping ahead to 2014 and
    2016, simultaneously.

    Don’t quit your day job. ( How are thing at ole “Salty Moss” productions, these
    days. Line up any good propaganda films? )

    • nc

      Galt, Ben blast Ashley’s multimillion dollar talent in the movies when his favorite President played second fiddle to a CHIMP in his major movie!
      I had the same thoughts about Ben jumping into predicting election results with Landslide Root and Sweep Hannity! Some people are just the kiss of death and we do appreciate their “efforts”!
      I wonder how much Ben, the PLD sight gag, makes on his Friday night comedy(?) gig on the local fire department comedy circuit as compared to Ashley’s personal appearance fees just to show a little leg?

      Do I smell sour grapes coming from Ben’s column??

      • Right Brain Thinker

        That may be sour grapes you smell, but how can you pick that out from the smell of sour “thinking” that always surrounds Ben’s columns?

  • John C

    Ben you are producing another winner. You seem not to recognize that the liberals are generating so much anger that this country is very close to a revolution. It really is a powder keg with the fuse lit. And with this type of nut job trying to get elected, they are throwing gasoline on the fuse to speed it up.

    • eddie47d

      Can you think for your self John C for I bet you don’t know a thing about Ashley Judd and are just running with the Biovating flow? Conjecture was given by the author not facts yet obviously you believe everything you hear from the man behind the curtain!

      • cindy

        Eddie47d, you’re making my head explode! The word is BLOVIATING.

      • eddie47d

        So I can’t spell this time but at least I cleared your head. Did you make a mess of it in the kitchen?

    • STEVE E.

      At least liberals are too afraid to own a gun.

      • eddie47d

        LOL! If that was true then you should be able to sleep easier. It must be Conservative gun owners who are breaking into your house then? LOL!

  • Motov

    Baring the boobs makes a good “Booby trap” Ben,…..LOL
    T&A worked for Bill, It can work again,….

  • Lance

    I don’t know and I don’t care about Ashley Judd. She’s just another one of those Hollywood airheads with Democratic and Liberal ideas and foundations. We certainly don’t need anymore of that in the Senate or in any other Governmental position.

    • Robert Smith

      d on the right for entertainers you have Sonny Bono who didn’t have the sense to go around a tree, and Ronald Reagan who was actually diagnosed.


  • Deerinwater

    Hmm? ~ We”ll see Ben, ~ We will see. ~ There is only one thing that I am certain of with an Ashley Judd’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky. We get three Judd’s for the price of one and the Mamma Lion ain’t no pushover and much like Elizabeth Warren , she don’t dot’t take “No” for an answer.

    • Wumingren

      You missed the part where Ashley’s family publicly stated that she was stupid. Yikes!

  • Bellagram

    Did u all learn nothing about the power of women in the last election? Not talking about Ashley Judd – I actually agree with a lot of what you said about her “candidacy”. I am talking about the continued name calling of Sandra Fluke, who, by having the courage to stand-up for women’s health, continues to be the whipping post for some men who are apparently intimidated by strong intelligent women.

    • Warrior

      Right. Demanding “free stuff” is soooo courageous and intelligent! LOL.

    • eddie47d

      Asking for access to birth control may not be courageous but using birth control is very intelligent. I see the war on women is continuing with this sleazy attack against Ashley Judd!

      • cindy

        Well, eddie47d, since I’m a woman I can respond to your so-called “war on women.” First of all, it’s a pile of BS. The Republicans did not start the war on women, the Democrats did. There never was a Republican who ever stated they hated women or wanted to take any birth control from women. What WAS stated was that people who have to WORK FOR A LIVING don’t want to pay for some fat ass cow to lay on her back all day long, smoking cigarettes and drinking 40-ouncers. Besides, why do they need birth control anyway? Not breeding would decrease the amount of their welfare checks. Now, getting back to the birth control issue. If a woman who is sexually active can’t buy her own birth control (either in the form of condoms/spermicide or pills or plugs or whatever) or her partner can’t afford it, maybe they should stop having sex because, frankly, birth control is never 100% effective and if she can’t afford $10/mo for pills, she will never be able to afford a kid (except on welfare). Why would any self-respecting person want to exist on welfare? Why?

      • eddie47d

        Cindy: Little miss smarty pants. You answered your own question! “birth control would reduce her welfare check” and make her less dependent on government. Actually most woman aren’t on welfare but you keep thinking that way!

    • Ted Crawford

      Let me get this straight, A …..female(?) who is either incapable or unwilling to control her sexual urges, which would ordinarily be absolutely no concern of mine, feels it appropiate for me and other taxpayers to pay for that lack of discipline or responsibility, is considered to be “Strong and Intelligent”? ! ?
      By those standards Mark Stanford is a good Husband, and Governor!

      • Wil

        To liberals,sadly,that is about as strong and intelligent as they get.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Which women are you talking about, Bellagram? You must be alluding to predatory women. In nature, predators come in genders.
      In this time period, Fluke is nothing more than an Useful Idiot of the Leftists or should I just call her the Judas Goat for women.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Nadzieja, you should call A SPADE A SPADE.

        Fluke is a SLUT like the Kenyan Charlatan’s mother was a SLUT.

        Scroll down and click on the #3 “NAKED TRUTH ABOUT STANLEY ANN?”

        Feel free to pass it on.

        P.S. Slut is a SLUT!!!

      • Karolyn

        Oooh! Alondra’s horns are showing! I can see the glee in her face when she has a particularly scintillating story to spread about somebody she hates. Such a Christian trait! NOT!

  • Liberty Lover

    If reductio ad absurdum worked, Ben, we wouldn’t have Obama in the White House.


      Obummer is in White House because the election was stolen!

      • Bob666

        Yo Krush,
        Romey the Moron lost, get over it.

      • sam1966

        Sorry Bob, but it isn’t who won, but how they won. Many people on the left are being investigated for voter fraud as we speak. Though it won’t change anything, it does make people more aware of what is going on. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Bob out.

        “There are no atheists in fox holes.”


        • Nick Czudy

          Hey Sam. Te whole voter fraud issue was a Republican lie to give the base some excuse for their loss. The only fraud that was found out in the last election was perpetrated by the GOP. Their company hired to gather and register people were throwing democratic registrations away. Independent people asked the party denomination and ignored signing up Democrats. Voting machines in Ohio that chose Mitt when ever Obama was pressed, were all owned by Debold a republican party affiliation that Bain Capital was a shareholder. There was one lady with Alzheimer that forgot that she voted and she went back to vote again.
          On the other side, was the voter obstruction perpetrated by the Republican held states like Florida, Penn and Ohio, where districts that leaned heavily democratic had shortened hours, fewer voting machines and cancelled Sunday voting. From this, they probably kept about 400,000 democrats from voting.
          The voting fraud is a myth that the GOP used to justify their Draconian attempts to keep Democrats, old people, students and minorities from voting. Shame, Shame, And this is from people that profess to be Christian, with Christian- Judeo values. It is a shame.

          I do love this country, but I do not believe in God. Haha So what?
          warm regards.
          Nick Cz
          I am not a Patriot.

          • Bob666

            Yo Nick,
            “I am not a Patriot”,

            Maybe not on CINO Sam’s level, but for that fact, unless you go to his mega chuch, no one is. Your thoughts are always sound and resonable & without hate. I would disagree.


    To Judd: True Christianity did give us a woman….Mother Mary….Martin Luther killed her off!!

    MARY=”MA RAY”….the Divine Feminine Principle…..No Flukes here!!!

  • eddie47d

    Don’t worry Ben Crystal we won’t ever ask you to do a “full frontal nudity”. Your columns are freaky enough without full disclosure! You hit the nail on the head with the word “biovating” and that is all we have ever been handed down from you. I would be cautious of anyone from Hollywood but have always been more leery of you and your slick attempt at humor. I would call it “a daily slice of barf” and a gut punch to anyone who believes in what you say. Please Ben don’t ever run for anything because I’m a cheap skate and would hate to have to donate to your opposition. LOL!!

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Ashley sho’ ain’t no coal miner’s daughter, thank God. If your goal is to use up all that coal, you don’t mind taking God’s green acres to ruination. Blast some more mountaintops, poison some more rivers, fill the air with particulates and mercury and acid rain. Why not? It’s money ain’t it? Golly, that green paper can buy me a home away from all the destruction. Then again, the green house effect is ever- where. The earth has been the hottest on record each of the last three decades. The ice caps are melting and coastal cities will be flooding. Tropical storms are intensifying and increasing in frequency.
    Maybe if we use some of that God given intelligence He kicked us out of the Garden of Eden for using when we went against His wishes and ate from the Tree of Knowledge, we could figure out a better system.
    Hey! What about clean, renewable natural sources of energy? Sun, wind, water, heat from inside the earth, and HYDROGEN. With hydrocarbons, we get th energy from the hydrogen, but the carbon that comes with it is what is causing all the problems. But Pure Hydrogen burns clean with only water vapor as a byproduct. But WAIT!
    Pure hydrogen! But what about the Hindenberg? Didn’t it prove hydrogen is too dangerous? NO! Hindy was susceptible to static electricity because of the metallic paint they put on her skin. When hydrogen catches fire, it’s light weight carries it straight up and away from the victims, unlike gasoline and other hydrocarbons which are heavier than air. When they catch fire it’s barbecue time.
    We can now extract hydrogen from water using free sunlight in a process called artificial photosynthesis. GM, Fiat, Toyota and Volkswagen all have production ready cars using hydrogen. When burned its only byproduct is clean, pure water vapor.
    We have a solution with hydrogen but it might cost you FILTHY FOSSIL FUEL FOOLS some of that green paper you seem to love more than life itself. Too BAD! We live in America where the majority is supposed to rule (Sorry, I know you hate that horrible LIBERAL concept.) but it is a fact. Now, all we have to do is educate the public. I know the super- rich Koch Brothers will be glad to help.

    • SaipanEd

      Why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think! You seem to be caught up in the usual retard junk mind….Too bad your clues come from the likes of Hanoi Jane and as a stupid Northerner. (California??) Your comments ARE in lockstep with those of “us” who have just fallen off the Pumpkin Wagon

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Maynard, haven’t you found any caves that the animals that inhabit them are willing to share with you? In those caves, you don’t have to wear any clothes, use any transportation, mustn’t light fires as you must keep the environment pristine, but I don’t know what you will use for toilet facilities as you dirty up the environment with your waste. Food will be another problem as animals will not appreciate sharing food with you, you do know that they will take first dibs on the food as they live by instinct and you are not that smart.

    • Wil

      One obvious flaw with your thinking (one of many) is the idea that we have a democracy in which the majority rules. If that were the case, your leftist agendas would not still even be going. Gay marriage, for example, has been voted down by the majority how many times now?Neither does the majority want to waste more billions that our nation doesn’t have on unworkable “green” boondoggles.
      BTW, you think coal is so bad,just wait until they start extracting and processing the US supply of the ‘rare earth’ elements necessary for your green projects.

      • eddie47d

        Maynard lays out the future and what can be done yet Nadzieja goes into one of her tantrums. So many of you must love the taste of Mercury in the air! I think more than Saipan have fallen off the “pumpkin wagon”. Environmental damages come in many forms but coal is one of the worst. Do you all sprinkle a little coal ash onto your morning cereal to feed your minds? Just asking!

    • Edwin

      I didn’t get oast the firs paragraph. The earth has actually been cooler in the last 2 decades. Even yiur beloved ipcc was forced to acknowledge that after they were proven to have omitted data. Maybe if you start your daitribe with fsctual information, I would read the rest. I really should so thatbi can pick out the other factial inconsistencies. Have a great day! It will be easy withiut the truth clogging up your cortex.

  • Kevin Wickham

    Boy oh boy Ben you really got the control freaks stirred up this morning. They are foaming at the mouth with every bit of government backed propaganda they hav e ever been brainwashed with. Now THAT’S entertainment!

    • STEVE E.

      It is really funny watching them.

  • ibcamn

    Why does this keep happening?hollywood doesnt have enough actors pushing hollywoods agenda?you think they would have figured it out that we know what they are up to!you can’t be seriouse!i heard this and just laughed,i thought it was a joke.i even know how she is about gov’t’s like sean penn running for president with(his ex)madonna running for vice president and thinking”we got this in the bag because were actors!”
    judd,go back to your heartfelt movies(and running around in your panties)your much more successful that way!for your age you got a nice butt!lol….

    • eddie47d

      Hollywood Actor Fred Thompson of neighboring Tennessee ran for office and became a Senator Mr ICAMN and even ran for President. Oh I forgot …that’s different! LOL!. I reckon “he had it in the bag” ! That’s one thing about Conservatives like you for you love shooting off your mouth about butts but really are making asses of yourself!

      • New2KY

        Fred Thompson was a politician who became an actor not an actor turned politician. Sorry for providing you with a fact.

      • eddie47d

        Now that was a brain fart New Too Kentucky! I should have stuck with Ronald Reagan dude or dudette!

      • New2KY

        Glad the fact I provided din’t injure you as most facts do to you libtards.

        You mean Ronald Reagan? The guy who spent too much but ended the Cold War that Kennedy escalated by getting us involved in Viet Nam to help France hold on to its colony? Is THAT the Reagan you meant to criticize?

  • Nick Czudy

    Oh Ben, Ben, Ben, Very typical male superiority blowhard of the Right Wing bubble.
    Words like “Bubblehead and Harpy” is so typical of the bravado that most right wingers must show to their brood to prove their manhood.

    Thanks for your full endorsement for the next Senator Ashely Judd.
    You and your comrades have shown your immense ability to pull predictions out of your as*es and be totally wrong every time. We know of your amzing ability to call an election.

    I did not give a chance to Mr. “I want to make Obama a one term president” McConnel in winning the next election. If you primary him with another gem of rape and pregnancy is a gift from God and another witch, then your cocky confidence will seal the election for Ashley.

    I am so glad that you are endorsing Ashley. the state will finally have a choice of a candidate with a brain.
    You mention “Sex addict” Sandra Fluke. [libelous comment removed]

    I would like to plagerize a famous “Bloviating, sanctimonious right wing pundit” who likes to call others the characteristics that apply to himself.
    What Clare McCaskell did in her campaign against Mr. Todd Akin, by supporting him will not work for your candidate in Tennesee. Go on I dare you. Run ads for Ashley Judd. Put her bumper sticker on your car. Go ahead and support her. I dare you. Haha.
    As usual you put a smile on my face this morning.
    When most of the GOP and their supporters have become more guarded with their words, it warms the cockels of my heart to know that there are still idiots out there, that just cannot hold their tongues. God bless all of you!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Denial of the fact that Ashley Judd is a TWIT is rather stupid of you, Nick Chudy. Keep on writing, Nick, as you keep proving Ben C. assessment of the Liberals that come to this site.

      • Nick Czudy

        Dobpuu Dehn Nadzieja.
        Haha you think Ashley is a twitt. then what would you call your current rep. Mr. McConnel? If he talked any slower I would grow a beard, before he finished saying anything.
        The amazing thing about you right wingers, from under your bubble, is that you never learn from you past mistakes. Ben, Rove, Wayne and all of the GOP pundits, never use facts to make their miraculous predictions. They are running 100% in being wrong. Yet you still believe what ever they say. haha They tell you what you want to hear. That you keep supporting their prognostications only shows how gullible and weak minded you all are. Keep on drinking the koolaid. It helps the cause to return to sanity. The world will change for the better instead of going back to the patriotic way of the past.
        I wish you all a good day. regards. Nick Cz

      • eddie47d

        Yes Nick, Ms Nadzieja isn’t even from Kentucky and is already an expert on Ashley Judd. Ben speaks nonsense and they all follow like sheep! Baa Baa Baa! Next time Nadzieja find out the real skinny on Ashley and think for YOURSELF. Then come back and give us your most intelligent answer instead of using “twit” or is that the height of your vocabulary?

      • STEVE E.

        If Ashley Judd is not a TWIT. How come all the TWITS love her?

    • S.C.Murf

      nicki boy make that popping sound for us would you please? Whats really scary is the fact that you are serious aren’t you, Lord Jesus help us please

      up the hill

      • Nick Czudy

        Warm regards Scmurf. :)

    • John

      Now Nicky. Did your mother teach you to be a hater of anyone whom has a different opinion than yours? Now (I am going to use liberal words, so you can understand) stop being a hater and grow-up.

    • Fred

      Thanks for the eduction, but no thanks

      • eddie47d

        John; Take a look at the snippy remarks from Conservatives without them knowing a thing about Ashley Judd beyond her being an actress. Most of the men are judging her for her body and the women are showing their uninformed jealousy. Is that intelligence or hatred?

  • AK Tom

    Wow Ben you really got the liberal trolls panties in a bunch this morning. I’m getting up to get another cup of coffee. Hope I don’t spray it on my monitor reading all their “witty” responses. Hehe.

  • dan

    I thought she had a farm in New Jersey or a castle in Scottland…well .at least her husband
    is a race car driver and her mother is mui calienti…and Wynona CAN sing
    Do they have female members of Skull and Bones?

    • phideaux

      I think it is now her ex-husband. If I remember correctly they got divorced last year.

  • Jana

    Sorry, I don’t want to encourage any pretender who gets paid humongous bucks and has no concept of what the real world has to go through, to even think they have a chance to have a say in running our lives.
    I have heard her give her socialists speeches already, and this is one more thing I can happily do without. YUCK!

  • Freedom

    Ben, if she does a full frontal nude shot, she’ll need to have some silicone injections first to make it worth looking at.

    • eddie47d

      So it really is about Boobs and Bullets!

    • Karolyn

      Typical assinine remark fromt he right.

      • sam1966

        You talk about hate only coming from the right? What about the Obama bin Laden administration attacking military chaplains, just because they practice their faith anf their Christian beliefs?

        Now look who are the ones full of hate. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

        Ronald Reagan

        • Nick Czudy

          Hi Sam.

          You said.”You talk about hate only coming from the right? What about the Obama bin Laden administration attacking military chaplains, just because they practice their faith and their Christian beliefs?”
          Sam your link has to do with the repeal of DOMA. No where is this either hate or an attack. haha There are so many things what are discussed on Right Wing blogs that are so fatalistic. Warm on guns, war on second amendment, attack on marriage, etc.
          In fact what it is is opening up marriage to any loving couples. It is a modern movement that is only fair to not tell people how to live their lives. It is about freedom, that is part of the constitution.
          You and your followers are free to marry between a man and a woman. I myself tend to like women. :) But I know people that are gay and they are ordinary people. They do not have to be demonized, which has been done for decades.
          The time is now to open up our thoughts to other possibilities.
          Sam. There is no hate or assault coming from Obama.
          Nick Cz

  • Corinne Franklin

    why does she even think she is representative of anybody from Kentucky? If you cannot relate to the people, how can you represent them?

  • Carol Brink

    One thing the Dems are good at is spreading hate and discontent towards the Repubs. They have been very successful with their hate campaigns. Ashley Judd, wealthy Hollywoodite, now wants to trade on movie credits and represent the people of KY. Hard to believe that she could oust McConnell. But then, once their hate machine gets in high gear, anything can happen. Let’s hope the people of Kentucky send her back to Hollywood.
    By the way, how is it that she can be a delegate from Tennesee and run for office in KY?

    • Nick Czudy

      What really surprises me is that you site hate as being generated from the Liberals. I never see that. All of the hate comes from the Right. It comes along with the name calling, and degenerating names. Yet all of the Right Wing keep trying to peg that trait on the liberals. It is real funny and strange that the real hate mongers try and pin that on the other side. Strange!

      • Les stoddard

        Another” useful fool”.Guess who said that.

      • Kat

        Wow Nick, please tell me this is sarcasm at it’s best.

        • Nick Czudy

          Hi Kat.
          Of coarse the Right are the haters that are trying to divide the country. Why do most of the replies from the Right, have such derogatory name calling? They cannot just call someone by their name, they have to make it a slur. How many different slurs have been on this site on Obama alone. Then there is the birther issue and the Kenyan and on and on. Why so much hate? Are you not able to debate an issue, without some sort of attack?
          Today Paul Ryan has come up with another budget, to repeal Obama Care for the 34rd time. Why do the GOP take so much money from the medical industry to let it sit as it is today, so that they can make as much profit, without competition, as they want. They are willing to put tons of money into the pockets of the GOP politicians to keep their monopoly on Americans. Meanwhile he wants to wage war on the poor and middle class to shoulder all of the budget cuts on his bid to balance the budget, He doesn’t want any loop holes to be plugged that keeps letting the top 1 or 2% make even more profits. Look at this link to see how they are running unchecked to screw the American public.


          Why do the republicans keep protecting a Health System that is running rampant over the American Public? Lets get some competition to get these costs and profits down to reasonable levels as all other business’s deal with. Ryan wants a voucher system, that does not want to question these profits and high costs. He just wants a voucher that will continue to pay them these extraordinary profits. That is the number one biggest problem that will bankrupt the USA.I know that the medical industry bankrolls a lot of the GOP political activities. What I cannot understand is why you except it?
          The rest of the world has solved this problem. As long as we have the GOP in the pockets of big corporations, you will never be able to keep the cost of medicine down.
          Obama care is a step in the right direction. Stop hating.

      • Winfield

        Nick, the word you want in this instance is cite not site. :-). Check your dictionary.

        • Nick Czudy

          Winfield, Thanks for correcting me. My bad. I make these kind of mistakes often. My fingers type faster than my mind can correct the mistakes. :) Warm regards. Nick Cz

      • Karolyn

        Absolutely right, Nick. If they can’t say anything bad, they don’t say anything at all.

  • Carlucci

    Ms. Judd’s movie career fizzled out because she kept making the same movie plot over and over again, only with a different cast and costumes. Instead of doing something that really counts like working for and donating some of her millions to charities, she decides to go into politics as yet another tiresome and clueless dyed-in-the wool liberal. I cannot believe that anyone with a brain would vote for her, but judging from the comments from the liberal trolls who post on this site, I guess it is possible.

    God help us…..

    • eddie47d

      Carlucci I hate to spoil your day but since you are running your mouth before thinking I’ll have to correct you. Now isn’t that a shock. Ashley Judd gives to several charities and even sponsors several. CHILDREN’S MEDICAL RESEARCH,YOUTH AIDS,FIVE & ALIVE,LISTEN CAMPAIGN AND MALARIA NO MORE CAMPAIGN. plus others! Pray tell what do you do that counts?

      • windsailor

        Why, precisely, does being a “celebrity” entitle anyone to the political bully pulpit? Once again name recognition trumps intelligence or leadership. All that is required to aspire to political office is name recognition and TV face-time. The are plenty of liberal lemmings whose commitment to electioneering is a minimal slogan that’s easy to remember……ie “change”, “open and transparent”, etc. etc. etc.

      • speedle

        Well then Eddie that certainly qualifies her for the U.S. senate. What else could we possibly want to know. By the way, do you happen to know about what percentage of her considerable income she has given to these charities? You might want to throw in her husband’s auto racing earnings as well. Just curious. I’m sure she “gives til it hurts”.

      • Karolyn

        Gee, what happened to all those who don’t want lawyers and career politicians in office. Why shouldn’t an actress run? She’s an American! Ronald Reagan was an actor.

      • Old Henry

        Yes, but as a member of the Communist Party, aka Democrap, can she community agitate? That is the qualification that would place her head and shoulders above all the competition.

        • Bob666

          Yo Old,
          you are on a roll today, was the Klan rally fun?

      • sam1966

        You are correct on this one Karolyn, it shouldn’t matter on a person’s former profession. As long as it wasn’t illegal, immoral, or unethical. There were doctors, pastors, and others who signed the Declaration of Independence and currently hold political positions. But alas! Far too many are lawyers and try to run things as they would in a courtroom. We have even had a pastor become the President of the United States (James A. Garfield, 20th U.S. President), so anything is possible. If you wanted to run for an office, as long as you meet the requirement as stated in the Constitution, go for it. Here is a poem from a girl about gay marriage.

        She’s right about what she is saying. Keep up the good fight, little patriot. One day you will be in the trenches fighting for this country, like me. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “What innumerable acts of injustice may be committed – and how fatally may the principles of liberty be sapped – by a succession of judges utterly independent of the people.”

        Rev. John Dickinson
        Signer of the Declaration of Independence

      • Carlucci

        I can assure you that you have not “spoiled my day”. And I stand by what I said about Ashley Judd. She’s just another clueless Holly-weird has-been.

    • eddie47d

      Speedle; That wasn’t Carlucci’s ignorant assumption or question so you both lose!

    • Old Henry

      I am sure it was a rhetorical statement Carlucci, but why should God help us?

  • Dave

    Have the liberals forgotten already all the slurs they hurled at Palin? I don’t seem to recall any protestations of sexism coming from their side.

    • eddie47d

      SURE DID! Palin was judged in what she didn’t know especially in foreign policy. If Ashley Judd can’t come up with the correct answers then she will lose too. How do you judge a person?

  • Donna Harrington

    I am a fan of Ashley Judd the actress, but I strongly disagree with her politics and we definitely do not need her as a Senator representing the state of Kentucky. She should keep acting as her career and stay out of politics.

  • http://personalliberty Alondra

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $1.5 million to study biological and social factors for why “three-quarters” (75%) of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not, calling it an issue of “high public-health significance.”

    $1.5 Million of Taxpayers money(!!!) but the White House still closed for public and school students.

    P.S. I think that the Findings of the study will be: the Republicans WAR ON WOMEN.

  • http://personalliberty Alondra

    We need women in Congress like this ONE – Publius Huldah

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Good one, so what is the veiwing rating?

    • Old Henry


      You are correct. She would be good in Congress. Preferably in the Senate.

      This morning I watched her in the 25 minute link you posted yesterday where she was speaking in TN. Worth every minute. I emailed it to many people.

  • http://personalliberty Alondra

    Condi Rice sums up the DEMONcratic party in 75 words

    “If you are taught bitterness and anger, then you will believe you are a victim. You will feel aggrieved and the twin brother of aggrievment is entitlement. So now you think you are owed something and you don’t have to work for it and now you’re on a really bad road to nowhere because there are people who will play to that sense of victimhood, aggrievement and entitlement, and you still won’t have a job” – Condaleeza Rice

  • jopa

    I didn’t think Judd was eligible being a non resident but after reading the garbage above she must be a real threat.Time to make a donation!

    • speedle

      Please do Jopa. Go all in as a matter of fact.

    • Old Henry

      What does being a resident have to do with it anymore jopa?

      Oh wait, it would be the Kentucky Constitution…

    • sam1966

      So what Jopa? Rham Emanuel wasn’t a resident of Chicago long enough to run for mayor, but some libturd judge decided that he could overrule Chicago’s requirements and let him run for mayor. Now the people cannot have any guns and many have been killed or wounded due to this idiots policies. Here is something showing how the lifestyle of Obama bin Laden and Michelle bin Laden have cost the taxpayers lots of money.

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

      “If we forget what we did, we won’t know what we are. An eradication of the American memory could result in an erosion of the American spirit.”

      Ronald Reagan


    Don’t be too hard on the “progressives”, Ben. Keep in mind, it is their daily presence and contribution that helped propel this site to number 1! Thank you, dumb dumbs…keep visiting, and above all, keep commenting! LOL!!!

    • Nick Czudy

      WTS/Jay. You are most welcome. It is our pleasure.It is my best form of entertainment every day. warmest regards to all. Nick Cz

      • Bob666

        Yo Nick,
        He is one of the more “enlightened” characters on the site.

      • WTS/JAY

        Nick, good to know you are getting something out of it. It would be a shame indeed if you profited nothing…we are most grateful and appreciate your presence. Keep up the good work!

        Bob, as usual, good to hear from you!

      • sam1966

        Now that is something we can agree on Bob. I can also agree with Jay. I’ve known Jay for years on this site and he is no dummy, Nick. Here is something where a representative said that Benghazi was a set up to get Obama bin Laden reelected.

        Some godless pretender in office just sacrificed Americans so he could be reelected. What else is new? Clinton bombed abandoned camps in Afghanistan, blew up an aspirin factory in the Sudan, etc., to keep the pressure off of him about doing a Lewinsky, so what else would they do to stay in office or have the press change directions? This is what happens within the godless party. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out Nick.

        “America is most justly called a Christian nation, because Christianity has so largely shaped and molded it.”

        Chief Justice Brewer, SCOTUS

        • Bob666

          Yo CINO, an accurate history of our founding fathers.

          Though America’s founding fathers were not deeply religious — in fact Thomas Jefferson had a hatred for organized religion — the average American in the early Republic made sense of the world through religion. Despite the spread of rationalism during this period, “religion in America gained in authority precisely because of its separation from governmental power,” a separation that had come from the Revolution, and that separation helped ignite a massive outpouring of religious enthusiasm:

          “Cultivated gentlemen like Thomas Jefferson may have relied on the arts and sciences to help them interpret and reform the world, but that was not the case with most average Americans. Nearly all common and middling people in the early Republic still made sense of the world through religion. Devastating fires, destructive earthquakes, and bad harvests were acts of God and often considered punishments for a sinful people. As they had in the mid-eighteenth century, people still fell on their knees when struck by the grace of God. People prayed openly and often. They took religion seriously, talked about it, and habitually resorted to it in order to examine the state of their souls. Despite growing doubts of revelation and the spread of rationalism in the early Republic, most Americans remained deeply religious.

          “As American society became more democratic in the early nineteenth century, middling people rose to dominance and brought their religiosity with them. The Second Great Awakening, as the movement was later called, was a massive outpouring of evangelical religious enthusiasm, perhaps a more massive expression of Protestant Christianity than at any time since the seventeenth century or even the Reformation. By the early decades of the nineteenth century American society appeared to be much more religious than it had been in the final decades of the eighteenth century.

          “The American Revolution broke many of the intimate ties that had traditionally linked religion and government, especially with the Anglican Church, and turned religion into a voluntary affair, a matter of individual free choice. But contrary to the experience of eighteenth-century Europeans, whose rationalism tended to erode their allegiance to religion, religion in America did not decline with the spread of enlightenment and liberty. Indeed, as Tocqueville was soon to observe, religion in America gained in authority precisely because of its separation from governmental power.

          “At the time of the revolution few could have predicted such an outcome. Occurring as it did in an enlightened and liberal age, the Revolution seemed to have little place for religion. Although some of the Founders, such as Samuel Adams, John Jay, Patrick Henry, Elias Boudinot, and Roger Sherman, were fairly devout Christians, most leading Founders were not deeply or passionately religious, and few of them led much of a spiritual life. As enlightened gentlemen addressing each other in learned societies, many of the leading gentry abhorred ‘that gloomy superstition disseminated by ignorant illiberal preachers’ and looked forward to the day when ‘the phantom of darkness will be dispelled by the rays of science, and the bright charms of rising civilization.’

          “Most of them, at best, only passively believed in organized Christianity and, at worst, privately scorned and mocked it. Although few of them were outright deists, that is, believers in a clockmaker God who had nothing to do with revelation and simply allowed the world to run in accord with natural forces, most, like South Carolina historian David Ramsay, did tend to describe the Christian church as ‘the best temple of reason.’ … The Founders viewed religious enthusiasm as a kind of madness, the conceit ‘of a warmed or overweening brain.’ In all of his writings Washington rarely mentioned Christ, and, in fact, he scrupulously avoided testifying to a belief in the Christian gospel. Many of the Revolutionary leaders were proto-Unitarians, denying miracles and the divinity of Jesus. Even puritanical John Adams thought that the argument for Christ’s divinity was an ‘awful blasphemy’ in this new enlightened age.

          “Jefferson’s hatred for the clergy and organized religion knew no bounds. He believed that members of the ‘priestcraft’ were always in alliance with despots against liberty. ‘To this effect,’ he said — privately, of course, not publicly — ‘they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man, into mystery and jargon unintelligible to all mankind and therefore the safer engine for their purposes.’ The Trinity was nothing but ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘hocus-pocus … so incomprehensible to the human mind that no candid man can say he has any idea of it.’ Ridicule, he said, was the only weapon to be used against it.”

          Author: Gordon Wood
          Title: Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815

          • Nick Czudy

            Hey Bob. your article that you sent was very informative and I did not know much about that. Thanks.
            I personally do not believe in God and I have a personal viewpoint that if all religions were gone and man, could learn to respect and live together in harmony, then there would truly be peace and prosperity in this world.
            If someone else wants to believe that is fine, as long as they do not try and convince me of their beliefs. I have grown up as a Catholic and alter boy and I have experienced religion and choose not to believe it now. It makes no sense to me.
            I truly believe that we need to keep religion out of governing and I can see how screwed up it is in Iran, where it is run by religion (Theocracy).
            The danger of Islam is that once it is engrained into a person or family, it takes about 5 generations for the children to grow out of it. Where as other religions, are left behind by one or two generations of children. So new immigrants are assimilated into the country that they enter, in a generation or two. This applies to Europeans, Asians and Africans. Their silent philosophy of Islam, that is instilled by the Imams, is for the women to have huge families and therefore increase the population and eventually, they will have the largest population in the world. That is why the statistics show that they are the largest growing population in the world. It is not people reverting to Islam, it is that they are promoting a huge population growth. That is the danger to other countries and to the government. Once the population is large enough, they will fight for Sharia law. I do not like any religions running our lives. I especially would now like Sharia law in my life. But that is me. :) Nick Cz

          • Bob666

            Yo Nick,
            The majority of our founding fathers were practicing Christians of various degrees of faith and while I do believe that our country was founded of Judeo -Christian principals, I believe they were also close enough to the insanity of organized religion at that time to fear it’s dominance or overwhelming influence on government.

            As I have aged, I have come to believe in god and he may in fact be what of CINO folks worship. Just as they can’t prove the concepts in the bible, you and I can’t really prove them wrong. In its proper context, faith in god is a very good thing, it’s people like Sam that would like to put people like you and I into a “reeducation camp-Mega church” or be put on a rack and tortured until we submit to his faith that are the problem.

            I have spent long periods of time in Muslim countries like Turkey and Morocco and found the Muslim people there to be thoroughly decent honest people like you and me. They have their system of faith and adhere to it and the majority believe that you and I can worship in whatever direction we choose.

            It’s the militant ultra orthodox that want to go to war in god’s name that screw thing up for mankind and if there were an absence of faith-they would go to war for another reason-trust me on this.

            When I was a kid, we lived in England for several months and the tensions between the Anglican and Catholic churches were as bad at that time in Ireland as they have been in the last one hundred years. I remember asking my dad why these two groups who professed to be Christians reading the same bible (one in Latin) were killing each other?

            His answer rings to be true to this day and his reply was; they have hated each other for so long, they have lost sight as to why. If you are a catholic-you hate protestants and if you are a protestant, you hate Catholics. Yes, there are very specific reasons as to why, but it gets down to your comment about hate being socially ingrained.

            We are in agreement in one thing in particular and that is; religion can be a wonderful thing and a democratic republic can we a great thing, but only when they are separated do they truly benefit mankind.

          • Nick Czudy

            Bob Amen. haha Good night!

        • Nick Czudy

          I watched the video clip with the politichicks and Rep Ghomert. Even though he was goaded with a lot of leading questions, he was careful to not fall into her trap.

          Well the Benghazi attack. Politichicks site is another right wing site that has the usual slant. Since there are not many good ideas or policies on these sites, they are dedicated to try and look for scandal in Obama’s admin. The problem is that Obama is basically a straight shooter. The Right have been desperate to find anything that they can get behind and try and make it a big deal. This is what has happened to Benghazi. They do not care about how the men got killed or who caused the massacre. They see a slim chance that they can pin a misleading cover up on Obama.After all, they would have covered it up, if they were in power, so of coarse, Obama did the same.

          What I have seen is that the people that have been leading the attack(MacCain,Graham and Ayotte) , are using the premise that it was politically motivated because if the two positions were reversed, it is what the GOP would do.
          Everything that the GOP have done, and this is how they think, is politically motivated. So it is natural that they think that their fearsome foe, would do the same thing. Their agenda has been to concentrate on making Obama a one term president and to look for any minute evidence of him doing something scandalous.
          Since their policies failed to excite the masses in America, they are doing anything possible to thwart the daily workings of the government. In some countries, these kind of people are called “Traitors”. They could not take their defeat and gracefully do their job and try and govern and do better the next time. They need to even the score card against Obama and try and make a scandal out of something that is not an issue.
          You said that Benghazi was set up to get Obama re-elected. He did not need to get any more points for his re-election. He was way ahead of the game and in the polls. Rather, Benghazi is all about the GOP getting some brownie points. The trouble is that Obama never tried to use this as a political move. He was genuinely disturbed by the events.
          It is how the GOP think. They are conspiracy advocates.

          You have to remember that they had three other embassies that day that were being attacked because of the video movie. No one seems to mention that. I am sure that initially that they thought that this was related, but they figured it out fairly quickly that is wasn’t. As far as what Susan Rice said, she followed the script that was given to her by the CIA. That is all. No massive conspiracy.
          In this Politichicks interview, she mentions that this scandal is worse than Watergate. haha I do not think so. It is not a scandal at all. Only in the desperate eyes of the GOP.
          If this is such a huge scandal, how big is the scandal of Bush and company lying about WMD that started the Iraq war and the thousands that have been killed.
          The rest of America can see that this is just a GOP desperate attempt to make Obama look bad. That is all it is. The GOP would be wise to let it disappear slowly into the oblivion. That is not an issue. The rest of the world, does not care what Susan Wright said.

      • WTS/JAY

        That there exists in the human minds and indeed by natural instinct, some sense of Deity, we hold to be beyond dispute, since God himself, to prevent any man from pretending ignorance, has endued all men with some idea of his God-head, the memory of which he constantly renews and occasionally enlarges, that all to a man being aware that there is a God, and that he is their Maker, may be condemned by their own conscience when they neither worship him nor consecrate their lives to his service.

        Certainly, if there is any quarter where it may be supposed that God is unknown, the most likely for such an instance to exist is among the dullest tribes farthest removed from civilisation. But, as a heathen tells us, there is no nation so barbarous, no race so brutish, as not to be imbued with the conviction that there is a God. Even those who, in other respects, seem to differ least from the lower animals, constantly retain some sense of religion; so thoroughly has this common conviction possessed the mind, so firmly is it stamped on the breasts of all men. Since, then, there never has been, from the very first, any quarter of the globe, any city, any household even, without religion, this amounts to a tacit confession, that a sense of Deity is inscribed on every heart.

        Nay, even idolatry is ample evidence of this fact. For we know how reluctant man is to lower himself, in order to set other creatures above him. Therefore, when he chooses to worship wood and stone rather than be thought to have no God, it is evident how very strong this impression of a Deity must be; since it is more difficult to obliterate it from the mind of man, than to break down the feelings of his nature,—these certainly being broken down, when, in opposition to his natural haughtiness, he spontaneously humbles himself before the meanest object as an act of reverence to God.

        It is most absurd, therefore, to maintain, as some do, that religion was devised by the cunning and craft of a few individuals, as a means of keeping the body of the people in due subjection, while there was nothing which those very individuals, while teaching others to worship God, less believed than the existence of a God. I readily acknowledge, that designing men have introduced a vast number of fictions into religion, with the view of inspiring the populace with reverence or striking them with terror, and thereby rendering them more obsequious; but they never could have succeeded in this, had the minds of men not been previously imbued with that uniform belief in God, from which, as from its seed, the religious propensity springs. And it is altogether incredible that those who, in the matter of religion, cunningly imposed on their ruder neighbours, were altogether devoid of a knowledge of God. For though in old times there were some, and in the present day not a few are found who deny the being of a God, yet, whether they will or not, they occasionally feel the truth which they are desirous not to know.

        We do not read of any man who broke out into more unbridled and audacious contempt of the Deity than C. Caligula, and yet none showed greater dread when any indication of divine wrath was manifested. Thus, however unwilling, he shook with terror before the God whom he professedly studied to condemn.

        You may every day see the same thing happening to his modern imitators. The most audacious despiser of God is most easily disturbed, trembling at the sound of a falling leaf. How so, unless in vindication of the divine majesty, which smites their consciences the more strongly the more they endeavour to flee from it. They all, indeed, look out for hiding-places where they may conceal themselves from the presence of the Lord, and again efface it from their mind; but after all their efforts they remain caught within the net. Though the conviction may occasionally seem to vanish for a moment, it immediately returns, and rushes in with new impetuosity, so that any interval of relief from the gnawing of conscience is not unlike the slumber of the intoxicated or the insane, who have no quiet rest in sleep, but are continually haunted with dire horrific dreams. Even the wicked themselves, therefore, are an example of the fact that some idea of God always exists in every human mind.

        All men of sound Judgment will therefore hold, that a sense of Deity is indelibly engraven on the human heart. And that this belief is naturally engendered in all, and thoroughly fixed as it were in our very bones, is strikingly attested by the contumacy of the wicked, who, though they struggle furiously, are unable to extricate themselves from the fear of God. -John Calvin

        • Nick Czudy

          Wow I cannot reply to everything that you wrote. But I just want to tell you that I do not believe in a God. I am at peace and I do not spend each day quivering or hiding. I spend my time in positive activities.
          I hope that you can respect that I am a moral and good person, without the fear of going to hell. I will treat you just the same as I would any other person.
          Warmest regards. Nick Cz

      • http://naver samurai

        How is this possible Nick when our morals, ethics, laws, and Western culture is based on the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the teaching of Jesus, and every word that procedeth from the mouth of God? You say you have no fear of burning in hades? If you do not believe in God and do not have Jesus as you personal Savior, then you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. No faith, charity, etc., will not get you into heaven. No matter how much you disagree with me on this, I am correct. Just look it up in the Bible. Jay, another good post and more cool headed than I could do. Keep up the good fight fellow patriot. Bob, I’ll answer your somewhat true, but somewhat false post when I have a chance. It seems that you have forgotten about all the pastors that signed our Declaration of Independence. They were very religious. Their are many others you have conveniently left out, but I’ll teach you about them when I get the time. You are so way off base. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Bob and Nick out.

        “I do not consider atheists to be citizens, nor do I consider them patriots. This is One Nation Under God.”

        George H. W. Bush

        • Nick Czudy

          samurai. wih respect, one does not have to be religious to be good and moral.
          Though some of the characteristics that you mentioned does come from the teaching of religions. That does not give them a monopoly of those virtues.
          There are also many religious people that show no signs of goodness and morality.
          So you do not have a monopoly on those traits.

          No I will never enter into heaven. It does not exist. this is according to my opinion. So I do not lament not spending my life in pursuit of this place that does not exist.
          The bible was assembled by a Pagan emperor 325 years after Christ, so I do not understand how there are so many people that spend their whole lives analyzing this book forwards and backwards and placing some opinionated translations on its words.
          It is a interesting historical document and that is all.
          I do love our country, but I do not believe in God. If that does not make me a Patriot, then that is OK. I am forward thinking and not backwards thinking and the old ways are to be used to guide one in todays world.
          I hope that your christian virtue, understanding, kindness and acceptance will allow you to accept me as I am? Do you?

  • Old Henry

    Only 25 points??!

  • http://na Mike in NE

    eddie, give me a nice public place where you live and we’ll have a nice conversation over some beer’s and appetizers. Then you can go home and wonder wtf just happened.

  • tncdel

    Ben Crystal must be a LWNJ like Judd. Loony lefty Ashley Judd is a PETA extremist who thinks the lives of marauding cattle-rustling timberwolves are more important than the lives of human babies.

  • Freedom

    If Ashley is going to be as good a politician as she is an actor, Kentuckey is in real trouble.

  • Vaughn Monti

    She has a masters degree from HARVARD IN public administration. Give her some credit. Obama hs a four year administration of screwing up America to no end in sight….

  • Chris

    I like the new pic Ben. [personal attack has been removed]

  • jcfromdc

    Full frontal nudity may be the only thing that could save her campaign. Well, maybe not.

  • http://n/a Jo Walczak

    To Carol Trueman
    Please explain Cody’s racist remark in reply”actor in the WH” obama is always reading off
    a teleprompter,words of his speech writer.Just like an actor! True or not??

    • Nick Czudy

      Jo. I hate to break your bubble. but most important business people and politicians use a teleprompter. You guys are really desperate to try and discredit Obama.
      even George W used a teleprompter as did his father for important speeches like the State of the Union and other major events. It is what professionals do.
      But one thing that Obama does that none of his previous Presidents do is he outlines what he wants to say before handing over his points to the speech writer, He turns them into a flowing speech. Then Obama corrects, edits and changes the final draft before speaking. So what you hear is his words and thoughts. It is not the speech writers words.

      Many speeches on the road, are off the cuff and he does not use the teleprompter there.
      So this is a pretty lame bit of belly aching that people under the bubble like to harp on. It is a sad case.
      After listening to the hoard speaking at CPAC this week. the GOP are really in a sad state of affairs. No good ideas, except lets give the rich guys more money and take more away from the poor people. Lets stop the recovery dead in its tracks by draconian cuts and spending and send this economy back into a recession.
      The constant harping on shows like Hannity, and Bill O’Really as well as our modest hosts here on this site, of the 17 trillion deficit is starting to get nauseating.
      The facts are that Obama has spent less as a ratio of GDP than any of the previous presidents. He has managed to stimulate the economy while decreasing the size of government. the number of government jobs has been decreasing at a steady pace. It is lower now then before Bill Clinton’s reign. All that Paul Ryan has been able to come up with is the same lame budget that he did during the election. Now I am sure that most of the people on this site will fall into the class of middle or lower class. Ryan, just wants to cut taxes for the wealthy and hope that they do not send all of that money off shore or buy more factories in China. But in reality, he will make life even worse for the average working Joe or retired person.
      But after watching the CPAC speeches. It is obvious that the GOP have not learned a thing from the last election. They still think that their policies are good for America and are on the same old track. They think that they need to do a better job of getting the message out to the people. Believe me, Americans got the message loud and clear and that is why they voted for sanity and good governance with Obama. They will probably not chance a bit and have no new ideas or policies. People study history so that they learn from previous mistakes and so not repeat them. This has obviously not sunk in with the GOP.
      Obama is doing a very credible job to govern and get the country back on track with the opposition only wanting to block anything that he proposes. Mitts campaign during the election was to increase revenue by cutting loopholes. This was the basis of his monetary policy. Now when Obama embraces that same policy, the GOP no longer will consider it and only want to decrease the debt. With interest rates so low and everybody around the world wanting to give the USA money, this is the time to stimulate and fix America’s crumbling infrastructure. This will stimulate more growth and jobs and decrease the debt in a good way. GOP please stop belly aching about the debt. It will be looked after in a few years. This is not the time to cut, cut, cut.
      But if you people are truly patriots, gentlemen, intelligent and caring, then you will give Obama his due and stop calling him names like school yard bullies. It does nothing to make you look smart or intelligent. It only ricochets back on you to make you look stupid. As someone in your ranks said, :Stop being the party of Stupid”
      If you could start talking intelligently then we would have more respect for your thoughts and opinions. I know it is in you. I would like to have an intelligent conversation and debate over our ideologies. Not listen to immature schoolyard bullies with your name calling.
      Best wishes to all.
      Nick Cz

  • http://verizon,net sam Taranto

    I am from Pa.– People everywhere better start choosing the people who rep. them much better than we have of late. these socialist are killing coal & what will be next. We need to put a group together to fight them. If anyone out there is interested in putting something together.—-My E-mail is


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