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The Judicial Decline of America and How to Profit from it

September 23, 2009 by  

The Judicial Decline of America and How to Profit from it

“The Boomer generation represents one of the weakest cohorts of politicians America has ever produced.”–Thomas P.M. Barnett, Great Powers, America and the World After Bush.

Mismanagement in Washington is punishing the dollar. Continued incompetence puts all dollar-backed assets at risk.

Meanwhile, gold prices are once again back over $1,000 per ounce. Yet for gold to reach its inflation adjusted 1980 price it would have to trade at $2,500 per ounce. Impossible you say? Not given the current crisis in leadership.

On Sept. 8, at Wakefield High School in Virginia, President Obama gave a speech to students across the country about the importance of their education, and their responsibility as American students to work hard.

Certainly hard work is needed. Two weeks before Obama spoke it was announced that high school students’ performance on last year’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) college-entrance exam fell yet again.

Average scores for the class of 2009 in reading dropped to 501 from 502, in writing to 493 from 494, while math managed to hold steady at 515. The combined scores are the lowest this decade. Furthermore, these SAT scores follow more than 25 years of trying to improve U.S. education.

"This is a nearly unrelenting tale of woe and disappointment," said Chester E. Finn Jr., president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank. "If there’s any good news here, I can’t find it."

In fact the news is dismal. SAT scores have been in an overall decline for almost 40 years. Meanwhile a new wave of nations are producing another generation of smart kids with a global economy itching to buy up their services.

Hopefully the President has not inspired another generation of wanna-be lawyers. America has more than enough of them. In 2007 the American Bar Association (ABA) counted 1,143,358 in all. That is one lawyer for every 265 people, twice the ratio that Germany has and five times as many as France.

It is interesting to note that last year plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations was put on hold by its own inspectors because of a shortage of skilled engineers.

That’s bad news for the lawyers because no new nuclear plants mean no new litigation against nuclear plant designers and owners. Not that there isn’t plenty of work to keep lawyers busy.

The U.S. tort system cost more than $250 billion in 2007. That is up from less than $43 billion in 1980.

In total, tort costs translate to about $850 per man, woman and child. And get this, since 1950 growth in tort costs has exceeded gross domestic product (GDP) growth by an average of 2 percentage points. Even during recessions, Americans spend more in legal costs. It’s too bad you can’t buy shares in the ABA.

This is not to suggest that we are not heavily vested in lawyers. Some of the very “best” of them are running our nation. Today 46 percent of our government branches are in the hands of lawyers. That includes, of course, the President and the First Lady.

A founder of the Constitution, James Madison, understood that the checking of each branch by the other made for a less effective government. Madison wrote that the sacrifice was worth it to prevent tyranny by a government “in the same hands.”

“No political truth is certainly of greater intrinsic value or is stamped with the authority of more enlightened patrons of liberty than that . . . the accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands, whether of one, a few or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” (Federalist No. 47)*

Whether the federal government is tyrannical can be debated, but you don’t need an MBA to see that it is damned inefficient. Last month the Obama Administration announced its estimate for the budget deficit at $1.58 trillion. That is a trillion dollars larger than last year’s deficit and represents the largest percentage share of GDP in more than 60 years.

Why would we expect anything less? If you have ever been on the “clock” with a lawyer you probably realize how much it costs and how little actually gets accomplished.

Now before I get a rash of comments from lawyers, let me say that I am not alone in my criticism. Way back in the February 1987 Ruff Times, Robert Ringer wrote: “I abhor overgeneralizations. Fairness compels me to point out that only 97 percent of the attorneys in the U.S. are lazy, incompetent, negligent and greedy—yet they give the entire profession a bad name.”

The truth is our government is rife with lawyers and they have been doing a rotten job. An even more alarming truth is that they hold our future and our finances in their hands.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke mans the printing press. Despite the recession, new money is pouring into the economy. Since 2000, M2 money supply has more than doubled, rising from $4 trillion to $9.5 trillion.

One of Bernanke’s first speeches was entitled “Deflation: Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Here.” On that front he is doing one heck of a job.

What people need to fear from the firm of Barack & Bernanke is the unprecedented amount of new money coming on-stream. The creation of all this cash out of thin air will inevitably be inflationary. That impacts the purchasing power of every dollar instrument you own.

You can protect yourself from dollar inflation by owning gold. I recommend you put at least 10 percent of your investment assets in physical gold. I like 1-ounce U.S. American Eagle coins as well as 1-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf and South African Krugerrand coins.

Call your local coin dealer or if you need one, call Asset Strategies International in Rockville, Md., 800-831-0007 or 301-881-8600 or go to

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

PS. I will agree with the President that our kids have to get serious about their education. Perhaps they should read Shakespeare. In King Henry VI he wrote: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers."

*Footnote: Federalist No. 47 is the 47th paper from the Federalist Papers. Written by Madison, it was published in 1788 under the pseudonym Publius.

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • s c

    John Meyers, I submit that Shakespeare was not trying to be ‘funny’ when he said we need to be rid of all lawyers. It’s not easy to separate lawyers and politicians. As long as both groups are intent on savaging the nation for their own interests, Americans are obligated to keep these weasels miserable and make them ‘pay’ (define pay any way you choose).
    Lawyers who plan to become politicians should be viewed as a ‘mandatory exit’ class. That is, when they have served a term in public office, they should be removed from office and summarily executed.
    How could America be hurt by a efficient policy that keeps lawyers (especially non-reading lawyers) out of politics? Put me down as a Shakespeare fan. He knew the true value of lawyers in a civilized society.

  • Average Joe

    As a wise man once said: “Politicians should be limited to two terms, One term in office and the second term in jail”
    ’nuff said.

    • eric

      Well let’s take a look at what these lawyers, politicians have done for us lately. When they forced under law suits, the banks to loan everyone, homeless, unemployed, no credit or job, to get loans to buy any home they wanted, gave them money for upgrades. Most of these folks didn’t even pay the 1′st payment. But the result of 5 million now empty homes, devalued all the other homeowners, home values, that was this countries biggest equity investment and what we all thought was real value, has now been reduced to pennys on the dollar, just try and sell your house. We can thank Barny Frank, and Chris Dodd, who are the heads of the Senate banking comities, who forced this garbage on every homeowner with equity…..

  • Charliebug

    Educational deficiency among lawyers is not unique to that profession. What I cannot figure out is why educational institutions continue to educate students, and to actively PROMOTE this education, when there are no jobs available for the students they educate. I challenge the educational community to produce statistics on the percentage of those students completing their programs, take paralegals as an example, who are actually HIRED for the jobs they were educated for. I think that a lot of educational promotion borders on being downright fraudulent, leaving a graduated student with loans he/she cannot repay.

    In every other field, there are productivity studies done. Let’s see some done on the educational field as well. Furthermore, I feel that no one who has borrowed money to complete an educational program, and then cannot find a job in the field he/she was educated for, should not have to pay that loan, and that the loan should not be “eaten” by the lending institution or the government, but by the educational institution itself.

    If there are too many lawyers, and if they are incompetent, it’s because too many incompetent lawyers are being educated, simply to provide educational institutions with a means to perpetuate their existence, and academicians a reason to justify their jobs.

    • Lena

      I agree with you Chuck. These educational institutions are ripping people off. If you pick the wrong degree when you are 18 and unsure of your passions you could end up digging yourself a massive whole you cannot climb out of. People drop tens of thousands of dollars each year to educate themselves or their children. Sometimes this pays off with a wonderful life long career they can commit themselves to. Other times it ends in the person not being able to get a job and having all the debt from paying school still clinging to them. Also, with students going for the highest paying jobs there are many of them hop into law school without realizing that just because you are enrolled doesn’t mean you are going to succeed. In many cases universities will just up the course work and course load to try to dissuade students into dropping or failing while they keep all the money. Hmm… maybe these educational institutes are run by lawyers?

    • TeresaE

      So true!

      As an accounting major, with a clear path to future employment, I did not realize the theft that was sanctioned in our educational system.

      Until I became a headhunter. I can’t tell you how many bright and shining young grads left my office with their heads down when they learned the truth.

      That a very expensive major in finance did NOT qualify 95% of grads for Entry Level Financial Analysts positions. Nearly all entry level financial analysts have to be CPAs. A finance degree does not give you enough accounting credits to become a CPA.

      Sad, sad day when they found out they were going to have to take a job as a clerk for less than $10 an hour. Then, if they work hard and were lucky, they could work their way up the ladder.

      The college told them an entry level analyst made $50-$60k a year.

      Poor little souls. At least they had a chance, unlike many other degree programs.

      • NWO=ZOG

        All these pinko professors are worthless commies who parasite off of the masses. The people are lied to about the greatness of an “education” by the Khazar controlled corporate media. The whole system will collapse as it cannot continue like it is. It serves the (SENTENCES REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT)

  • Ray

    Like the Eagles say in their song “Get Over it” Addressing those in Washington.

    “You say you haven’t been the same since you had your little crash(stocks)
    But you might feel better if they gave you some cash (sue them)
    The more I think about it ol’ Billy(William Shakespeare) was right
    Let’s kill all the lawyers(liars) let’s kill ‘em tonight.
    You don’t wanna work ,you you wanna live like a King.
    Well the Big, Bad world dosen’t owe you a thing.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Dennis

      I think Shakespeare said “Kill all the Lawmakers”.

      • s c

        The heart of the quote is ‘ . . . let’s kill all the lawyers.’ The bard should have lived longer. Then he could better appreciate the unconscionable qualities lawyers and politicians share.
        Without trying to seem an utter pessimist, if America survives comrade obama [and his unconfirmed czars and additional levels of mini-czars, pc turncoats and social vampires], there won’t be any easy way to tell a lawyer from a politician.
        The Napoleonic Code seems a most fitting way to view the behavior of both groups (gulty until proven innocent). How do these people deserve any benefit of any doubt? America pays the freight for these vermin. Rarely do lawyers or politicians suffer for their deeds or face any accountability.

  • http://Yahoo Dee D

    All four of you make good points.
    The hue and cry (when jobs were available) – you are un-educated and do not qualify for the position.
    Now it’s you are overqualified for the position.
    I agree wholeheartedly – The only good lawyers are dead lawyers.
    Truly, I think all representatives in all branches of the Government should have low limited time to serve their constituents and NONE should be able to vote themselves a raise.

  • http://Personallibertysdigest Donna

    I am having a great morning. It makes for a great day when your morning begins with chucles and loud laughter. This meriment has been brought on by truth. In all things to enjoy the good we must also have experenced the bad. I have long believed that all these lawyers in our political system have confeused and blinded the common people. Too many words that appear to say the same thing but don’t. It seems I turned away with confeused thaughts and furoed brow and lost my freedoms by approximately 900 amendments to the constetution. I thought the first 5 were clear. What are all the rest allabout? Please, lets all keep this civel. I’ve read these before and they seem to eventually breakdown to name calling and insults. We need not agree but we do need to resbect one anothers rights to question and express. I still blieve in free speach.

    • John Myers

      Thanks Donna for your kind comments.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Will we ever run out of diseases and lawyers? Must we first learn the difference? Is there a difference? Oklahoma’s Senator Doctor Tom Coburn is the best man in the senate. Note: ‘Doctor’

  • John-Law

    Myers is dead wrong on lawyers. The nation was built upon laws and not as he fancies, gold and coal. America has the best and most brilliant lawyers in the world who work hard to keep society orderly.

    It’s pretty easy for anyone to sit back and complain, but what is Myers adding to the nation? He sits back and runs down Obama and hard working lawyers like me; men and women that had the intelligence and fortitude to go to law school. America picks lawyers because we make the best leaders. In fact we are lucky to have Obama and his law degree. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan didn’t have law degrees and both were terrible presidents.

    To my Myers’ attack on lawyers is a backhanded attack on Obama and I cannot wonder if it is not also an attack on his color.

    • April

      There are some really great lawyers out there that are not corrupt such as Mark Levin and Kim Guilfoyle and Megyn Kelly, etc. But Obama is not one of them, infact he is just like the socialist/commu crooks he surounds himself with-Ayers, VanJones, Browner, Loyd, Jennings, Judge David Hamilton (who was a fundraiser for ACORN), Harold Koh, Holdren (population control and sterilization capsules as a method thereto). LOL if it was about race it comes from only a few, and most of that is from the far left like J Carter (the actual worst pres we ever had). It isn’t about race but policies that result in ultimate govt controll. Our governments job is to protect our people not interfere with our lives. Hands down Regan was the best President we ever had.

      • April

        Also I agree with Meyers that it is wise to hold onto a few of ounces of gold.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        April – Ayers is now a respected professor in a credited college. But alas people like you like to shred anything and make it read the way you want it too. Never mind that Obama was a lad when he met Ayers.
        Yes in your narrow mind, McSame should have been elected. High family values – so high in fact he deserted his first wife because she was in an accident and was disfigured and possibly too ugly for him to be seen with. He broke his promise to his first wife and the vow he made to God, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health. He took up with another beauty (?) Queen , oh yes ,she also had money.
        No thank you, I saw the way he could not keep his eyes off Palin. Maybe she would have been # 3 for him.
        If he could desert a wife who possibly needed him just how loyal would he have been to us or our country?

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Dennis

          My, my. Such a scathing personal attack on McCain by one with such an elite leftist mindset. What happened to the liberal mantras of “live and let live”, “If if feels good do it”, “someone’s personal life…etc”. Nice try, but you self contradict when someone points out criminal, terrorist actions by Ayers, his wife, and the rest of the cowardly bomb planters, with an issue that has nothing to do with the statement. That fact that “Ayers now is a respected professor in a credited (sic)college” speaks volumes on the decline of decency in this country, most notably, in higher education. Had this country been as “unjust”, “racist” and all the other things the left claims, Ayers the murdering bomber, his wife and the rest of their ilk would’ve been reduced to room temperature about 35 years ago.

          • eyeswideopen

            Dennis, I agree, it has declined to the point that Scooter Libby had to serve jail time also… Funny isn’t is that the whole crew, Karl Rove, Tom Delay, Jack Abrahmoff, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggert, Scooter Libby, Duke Cunningham, Dusty Foggo and the list goes on and on and on, they all seem to have hung out with Pres. Bush and Dick Cheney.
            But, Ayers wasn’t found guilty was he? Scooter, Duke and Jack however were and did jail time. It is very interesting this holy attitude that the Republican party has when dealing with the men who have lost their way, when it comes to ethics. Heres a few more for you to mull over: Tom Noe, John walters, Claude Allen, David Safavian, Leandro Aragoncillo, Porter Goss, Donald Keyser, Thomas Scully, etc…etc…You should take a look at your own house before you accuse someone else of having a dirty one.

        • April

          Dee D, Respected by who?? A credited college you say. Have you checked out these acredited colleges? Ohh and only the closed minded would believe he is innocent. McCain may have made a lot of mistakes and intolerable ones at that, but at least he owned up to them and repented of them. Why do you want to discount that and defend the down right evil? Do you not know the difference? Probably not, and responding to your hardly checked info should be taken with a grain of salt and is probably a waste of time altogether. GRACIOUS!

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        April – Reagans deregulation has had nothing to do with the mess we are now in huh?
        Bush Jr will go down in History as the worst president America has had in over 200 years.
        He took a surplus – spent it and has created one of the biggest deficits in our history. I must also say while CHENEY/Bush were spending like drunken sailors and sending the deficit through the roof the Republican’s in control of the House – Congress and Senate were still voting themselves $2000. – $3000. and $4000. dollar pay raises.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Dennis O’Brien

          Yes…And if it wasn’t for that little 911 thing, we could’ve saved some more money…….

          • eyeswideopen

            Dennis, could you please explain how the little 9/11 thing had an impact on passing the Medicare Bill in 2003? Just curious how that expenditure will be justified.

    • Lena

      To say that Obama is a bad president is not to say that you are racist. There is a huge difference. Obama became president because he seemed a far better candidate than McCain and his possible predecessor Palin. You must admit that Obama is not keeping his promises. He is putting the American people at greater risk with his ever increasing debt and it’s ever decreasing purpose.
      I am guessing you are a lawyer? A hardworking one to boot! I would agree with Ringer who said 97% of lawyers are incompetent, yet they give the entire profession a bad rep. Perhaps the ratio may vary depending though. My uncle is a lawyer… a Canadian one so I guess that is different. But he is hardworking and most definitely competent. I am not saying you aren’t I am just saying you should look at the big picture. MOST people become lawyers to make the big bucks. Some just take peoples money and don’t try to help, whereas others really do care. I would say there are more people in it for the money than the oh-so-happy feeling you get from helping someone. Why are you in it?
      Well I truly hope lawyers aren’t the best people to run the country because if they are we are screwed. At least if it is the kind of corrupt, money grubbing lawyers I was talking about…. 97%! But just because Mr. Myers agrees with a great number of people that Obama isn’t doing his job does not make him a racist. I agree with Mr. Myers and I am not a racist. Making comments like that just sinks you to a lower level.

      • John Myers

        Thank you Lena, well said.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        Lena: Obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He inherited a whopper of a mess from the previous administration and I believe he would not be saddled with Afghanistan if CHENEY/Bush had finished the job and not left Afghanistan taking our troops into Iraq along with the thugs on their shirt tail to murder, butcher and maim American troops and Araqi men, women and innocent children. An illegal war based on lies.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Dennis


          • Smilee

            We understand it’s beyond your ability to understand, always in the dark

      • eyeswideopen

        Lena, most people are in their professions to make money. That includes doctors, engineer’s, cpa’s, very few people want to work just for the pleasure of helping people. Lawyer’s are no different. If you think Obama isn’t doing his job, that is fine, what is not fine is the name calling which is degrading and hateful. My husband thinks Obama should pull a “Palin” and just up and quit. But then he says the Repubs who are still in office are not compentent enough to drive a car much less try to guide this country out of the mess that their party put us in. Our nephew told us about the new word or phrase for quitting: it’s called pulling a Palin. LoL

        • Lena


          I understand where you are coming from. People do work to make money but I think that needs to change. People should follow their passions and work at something they enjoy otherwise they don’t do the job as well. Sure it can’t be said for everyone. Some people come into a country and even though they were engineers or doctors where they were from they have to work at the McDonalds here to make a living. But if you can pursue your passions you should. They don’t prepare children enough for their future with the educational system provided. From grades 1- 12 I hardly gained any real skill. It all came from experience with the actual job or just life itself. Money holds people back from achieving their goals. You have to drop tens of thousands to get a degree that may not even help your cause in the end so what is the point? I plan on homeschool my kids because I know I can prepare them for the world better than any public school system that doesn’t give two cents about my kid. However that brings me to my point. If all teachers did really care and were committed to teaching their students what they need in life then I would let my child go to school there. But since everyone is just obsessed with this thing called money, nothing else seems to matter anymore. It is a sad world we live in. I have no money. I would love some but am not going to give up my dreams and sell out for greed just yet. If I ever do make money I will not let it control my life. People need to see the big picture. Quality of life. It doesn’t take much to be truly happy, but everyone seems to think that happiness depends on these green pieces of paper that tell you nothing about yourself.

          As for the name calling I was merely quoting the article above. I am sure there are lawyers out there who are passionate about their jobs, I know one in fact, I just don’t think Obama is one of them. Then again he was thrown into quite the mess but I expected results much sooner. I suppose we will see soon enough what the future holds but I already see Obama as one of those money seeking zombies like a great many others.

          • David

            I agree Lena…and I think one needs to practice law to be a real lawyer….obama not

        • American Citizen

          At least Sarah Palin knew when it was time to quit, unlike a lot of Democrats in recent years. She was saving the people of Alaska millions because of all the false charges she was accused of, 20 in all and found “not guilty” of every one of them. She said she could not give the time the job needed because of having to defend herself so much. You know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

          • Smilee


            We do not know if she was not guilty, she ran and they may drop some of the investigations so we may never know, I do not know if she did but guilty people will often run rather that face what they have done.

    • Richie

      “To my Myers’ attack on lawyers is a backhanded attack on Obama and I cannot wonder if it is not also an attack on his color.”

      So an attack John Myers makes on President Obama is also a racist attack? What law do you practice?

      “In fact we are lucky to have Obama and his law degree. George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan didn’t have law degrees and both were terrible presidents.”

      So did Gerald Ford, don’t get too excited.

      For me, this article isn’t so much a run down of Obama as it is the sheer amount of lawyers With anything an oversaturation is bound to produce excess waste. Sadly, in this case the ‘waste’ isn’t doing clerical work in a law office in John-Law’s Democratic town.

      As an educator I’m more interested in the SAT results that continue to fall. Children in countries like Japan and India are given a strict education that demands more than the 9-3 hour day children in Western countries are receiving. Since countries like the US, Canada, and the UK have for years recruited doctors from eastern countries I’m wondering how long till its time to start bringing lawyers over?

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        Richie – Can you document that the US recruit doctors from eastern countries or do they come here for the freedoms and big bucks available to any practicing physician or skilled specialist.

        • Richie

          When I ask my little nephew if he wants a popsicle or an ice cream cone he almost always answers: “both”

          Who is taking care of all these old timers in America? Over 20,000 more doctors are needed by the end of the decade and America is doing EVERYTHING from offering massive incentive packages to get doctors to get into family medicine and not specialize in more popular field. Right now only 8% of doctors get into family medicine. Add in the fact that most of the need is in rural areas which may have a tag line saying “Welcome to Delaware: Who wants to be here?”

          Here is the Great Brain Robbery in all of its glory:

      • s c

        Richie, it’s time for some fresh air. While you’re in a mood to define ‘bad’ presidents, you left out the guy who was America’s worst until bubba clinton [give Long Beach, California to the Chinese government] and comrade [we're broke, but that doesn't mean we can't fund everything] obama came along. That ‘honor’ goes to jimmy ‘peanuts-for-everybody’ carter.
        You have to have a conscience to have a functional memory. Ulralibs and their utopian, rainbow-chaser chums seem to have terribly short memories (and no conscience). Before carter, America was stuck with FDR as the worst prez ever.
        Isn’t it amazing how you and your pals can never look in the mirror? If you take the time to read some of the feedback on this site, you’ll find plenty of conservatives who saw bush for who he is. We saw Specter for who he is. When is the last time you or your ‘pals’
        took the time to admit that your role models have much to explain and defend? I would appeal to your conscience – if you had one. I learned long ago that every ultralib is required to sacrifice his/her conscience and memory ‘for the good of the party.’ Nothing has changed, eh?

    • TeresaE

      Wow, disagreeing is one thing but pulling the race card is another. Just because I believe in the Constitution and believe the government is already too big, does not make me a racist, or Mr. Myers, a racist. Demonizing your opposition may win you a few weak minds, but the rest of us see you for what you are.

      Believe what you want, but lawyers have cost this country millions of jobs and our wealth producing base.

      Enjoy feeding the children (and their children) of the unemployed that can be directly traced to lawyers and their “protection.”

      We are the only country on earth that feels its citizens are so stupid that the words, “Warning: Flammable” have to appear on a lighter.

      That is 100% the creation of lawyers and our corrupt judicial system. And it has 100% decimated the ability of our country to remain strong.


      • Smilee

        It would have been helpful and nice if you had told us how lawyers cost us millions of jobs etc.. Lawyers wrote the DOI and were heavily involved in writing the constitution. There is no dispute we have the best judicial system in the world, hope you never get charged with a crime in another country or you will find this out first hand, that is not to say ours is perfect none our

    • Mr. Pissed Off American

      Mr. John-Law….

      Have you ever been sitting in the other chair?

      Have you ever seen what the lawyer is charging you??

      No, you haven’t.

      I was in a car accident and it took several years for a settlement to be reached. When the checks were handed out, I almost fell off my chair. Let me digress..

      When I first signed up with this firm, I understood that it was 33% if we don’t go to trial and 40% if we do.

      We never went to trial, and the wording of the contract was in legal mumble-jumble. Here is what I was told it said: You only owe 33% if their is a settlement before we file the lawsuit with the court. What bullshit…. I was ripped off!! I am the one who underwent multiple surgeries and has a stimulator implant for pain. The amount of work and the time the lawyer spent did not correspond to the time they put in…even at $400 an hour. In the end, they got almost as much as me. Today, I am still in pain and now have to fight to get disability because I was robbed by my lawyer.

      I believe that all lawyers need to be killed and the education system needs to be changed. The education of a lawyer needs to include lessons on what is fair to charge for their services when all is said and done. My lawyer didn’t deserve $185,000….maybe $80-$100K.

      Because lawyers have a improperly skewed version of reality, when it comes to what something should cost they are the WORSE person to have in Washington representing our interests.

      • Smilee

        Their appears to be more behind your story than meets the eye, would be nice to hear it from your lawyers side,

    • eric

      Someone recently said lawyers make the best leaders. I beg to differ, Seems to me lawyers who go into politics these days learn how to manipulate the system to make them rich, grab lots of power, change our Founding Fathers constitution, because they can. As long as they get what they want, they could care less of the results. And lets not forget these great leaders get paid 180k a year. And what no one knows, they get a program called welfare for the wealthy. Under this program, all congressional representatives and Senate members get $10,000.00 a month and if they did while in office it goes to family members. Does anyone think this is fair, yea let lawyers run our gov’t…….

  • Kevin Michael

    John, I always find your articles interesting and enlightening. Keep it up! Thanks again. Sincerely, Kevin from California

    • April

      I enjoy your articles too and sometimes forward them as I feel like you have a great grasp of how most Americans feel. You are helping people know they are heard and sharing good ideas to prepare. Thank you for all you bring to the table.

      • John Myers

        Thank you April,

  • FLee

    Oh sure, now it’s a “race” issue… come on, John-Law, snap out of it… even Johnnie Cochran would scoff at such a conclusion.

    There may be some “hard working” lawyers, but in 30 years in the business world, I haven’t run across them. My lawyer, when asked ‘what type of lawyer are you’ replies, not jokingly, “expensive”. His motto is “the client is innocent until proven broke”. Among the reasons Americans are not liked world-wide are that we are the most litigious society in existence, and our lawyers attempt to inject the “race card” into every issue. Thanks to their brilliance, we have the OJ verdict, the Michael Jackson circus, and numerous TV shows full of lawyers nattering about news of the day. “Judicial decline” is almost too weak a term to describe the laughing stock our legal system has become.

    • Smilee

      I’ve never known a business man yet that liked a lawyer, those guys that keep you honest.

  • Entrepreneur

    Right on, FLee. And in the business world, thanks to unions, affirmative action, the ACLU, the NAACP, and so on, we’re encouraged to promote cultural and ethnic diversity – why doesn’t this apply to our government? 46% lawyers? No wonder we’re in trouble.

    • Smilee

      Are you one of those white supremacists, that seem to be their philosophy too.

  • eyeswideopen

    Warren Buffet says “the Rich need to pay higher taxes”.

    Click on picture with above caption.

    • Smilee

      But he understands how things really are

  • Brad

    Way to say it straight Myers- a fresh take on fiery topic- Keep’em comin’!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Dennis O’Brien

    Didn’t Shakespeare say: ” Kill all the LAWMAKERS” ???,

  • Matt Jay

    No surprise that goverment is filled with lawyers. Everywhere they are thick as thieves. Never mind what is wrong, I want more on what I can do with my money. Buying gold, how about something more specific? (

    (Also) “May we not tolerate ridiclous conspiracy theories.” G.W. Bush. Do you hear me Lena?

    • Lena

      Oh I hear ya Matt Jay! Buy gold. How much more specific can it get? Do you need instructions? Mr. Myers left them at the bottom of the article. George W. didn’t like conspiracies because each and every one of them revealed him for what he truly was… a warmonger and a liar who led his nation into a big dark hole that will take years if not decades to recover from.

  • http://Yahoo Dee D

    Can’t speak for Shakespeare Dennis but I’ve read in the Bible – Woe unto the doctors and lawyers of the land.

    • eyeswideopen

      Dee, the doctors are at least seeing how the system is physically and financially killing the families that they are supposed to be helping, curing and caring for. I say there is hope!!

  • ole hunter

    I have to agree with Mr Meyers, the Boomer generation is the worst,
    they are Greedy, Self Indugent and believe they have never done and will never do anything wrong and know how to fix anything they have screwed up, just ask Rush Limbaugh; Mr Boomer himself!

    John Meyers, the author of this artical, is just another broker willing to take your money and help you get rich or protect your nest egg for a small fee.
    Notice, Mr. Meyers is located in Canada near some “big players”, got to love the term “Big Players”. Goldman Sachs is also known for their “BIG Players”, Bear Sterns was known for their “BIG Players”.

    One sad known fact about “BIG Players”, they tend to fall down more than the SMALL PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Myers

    Dear Ole Hunter,

    I am not a stock broker and don’t take any investor money. I just do the best research I can and put forward the best analysis I can muster.


    John Myers

  • eyeswideopen

    Well, it has happened, a 51 year old, teacher, Director of the local Boy Scouts and a part time census worker was hung in a tree, in Clay County, Kentucky, with a sign on him that said “FED”. A retired State Trooper had warned him that people in that area will perceive that he was “the GOVERNMENT”. All of this government hate talk here on this site has a reality, it is called a hanging. We have no idea if the person that committed such a heinous crime was a commentator on this site or not. He could have just been an observer of this site or any of the many on the internet. This man was only doing what the Constitution requires and his life was taken, by a radical who hates our government so much that he would take the life of a part-time census worker, probably making 10-12 dollars an hour. His mother lives in Inverness, Fl and said that he moved to that area, to be a local director of the Boy Scouts of America. His name was Bill Sparksman, please pray for his family.

    • Rich

      I would guess them (the killer) to be part of a more radical site than this one. Too many people who read and post here are more Libertarian, I know you have Libertarian views eyes and so do many of the posters here. Yes there are others that are caught up in their blind faith to what some clergyman says it says in their holy book (Bible, Koran, or what not) but most seem to be pretty sensible, even the ones inspired by faith, enough not to commit murder.

      • eric

        So wake up. Who do you think we have in the white house. It’s reverend Write, anti-american, marxist, community organizer Saul Alunski, the most Radical Castro, Hugo Chaves, all rolled into one. Did the great Obama ever learn from anyone other than Radical anti-american types. Just look it up, there’s the answer. The easiest way to destroy any country is to debase it’s currency. For example look back to Rome, or 1923 Germany, a wheel barrel of this money couldn’t buy even a loaf of bread. But you wouldn’t learn this in school.

        • s c

          Many things are no longer taught in (public) schools. Start with history. Back in the mid-’70s, the NEA and assorted quasi-educational groups planned to eliminate history from the classroom(s). They did a very good job of it. Where are the schools that teach what you need to know about the Constitution?
          Try and find a good economics class in public schools. Try and find a school where standards in any field are high. For all of the many bilions wasted on public school ‘education,’ you’d think the public would be sick and tired of ‘graduates’ who can’t walk, talk, think and breathe at the same time. In effect, a public school is a government school. Why expect results when the cards are stacked and the ‘dealer’ should be behind bars?

          • eyeswideopen

            S.C. texas, doesn’t like the liberals that are in their school books, so they are removing them and inserting clips about Rush, and Glenn, paranoia? Goodness, soon they will be like Germany. It starts with the school books and escalates.

        • Smilee

          eric, your another nut case that only knows how to write irrational rhetoric.

          • eyeswideopen

            Smilee, do you think we will de-fund KBR, DynCorp, Amour, Blackwater, Lockheed Martin and Northrup/Grummen? All of them are quilty of fraud, some are quilty of running a sexual prostitution ring, killing our own soldiers, murdering civilians, etc. It seems as though if we are going to de-fund organizations, we need to go after all of them and just not one. What do you think Smilee is there hope that we will clean up some of the 600 war Companies?

        • Normal Guy


          Clearly you have never gone to school. What you think is a revelation is common knowledge. Your interpretation is typically goofy.

          If you are looking for the decline in the US dollar look at the midpoint of W’s presidency. Just look at the charts. His 500 billion deficits, 500 billion current account deficits and artificially low interest rates are the cause and the reason the US had entered a deflationary spiral that almost sucked in the global financial system.

          I just can’t get over the ignorance of throwing in the German hyper inflation as though it is comparable. Look up the treaty of Versailles. Moron.

          • DaveH

            Your name should be Normal Liberal. If you have a point, you can make it without all the name-calling. The fact that Bush and Congress were spending like drunken sailors does not justify our current government to do the same and more.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        Rich – Label anyone a Libertarian – Green – Democrat – Republican – Communist or any other title you choose. I read the posts and for the most part I seem to feel that most are disgusted with the turn of events happening in our country. Yet, no one truly has an answer – depending on the interpretation of their source for information. Few can really separate fact from fiction. If info goes with where one thinks their loyalty lies, then we get a multitude and avenues for dissent.
        Have you ever played the game telephone at a party? Try it, very educational. Have one person read a message to one person, then each whispers what they were told to the next in line. Then the last person tell all what came down the pike – the original speaker reads exactly what was read. Was the message accurate or were the listeners not listening? Or did anyone change the message to make it appear the way they want it to be believed?
        There you have the thrust of how information is skewered mixed and rewritten.

        • Rich

          I wasn’t poking at anyone that posts here as a matter of fact I was stating I do not think it would be anyone at a site like this one that would have committed an act as portrayed in the article above. I don’t care what their background is, nor their religion was what I stated. I did not go into anything other than that. I am full aware of the old ‘telephone’ game so please don’t insult my intelligence, and respond to what I have written above when hitting reply. The crime portrayed, no matter what I believe politically, religiously or what not, and for that matter anyone posting on this site, I don’t believe they would commit this, but some on some of the more radical sites I have gone to would. I can name those sites, but what would be the point?

          • American Citizen

            The last I heard, they have not yet determined that he didn’t commit suicide. However, i don’t think that’s the case as then why would FED be scrawled on his chest. Has anyone heard any more on this?

          • eyeswideopen

            American, he was found naked, feet and hands had masking tape around them, rag in mouth and “fed” in magic marker on chest. Sad, very sad.

        • PTLA


          It seems that everyone is taking their eyes off certain fundamental points and getting tied up in pointing out the inadequacies of the people who think differently (or more accurately, conclude differently)from the one expressing an opinion and attributing criticism or praise to the ‘other’ side. It is like the old story of a husband-and-wife argument about almost any particular topic, which with passion or resentment winds up with the conclusion that ” I am right, because your mother wears army boots”.

          Instead of the ‘interpretation’ you mention in your post, we could all say that what Bush did do, or did not do, has not too terrible much to do with the issue of what the present people in the administration are doing relative to fixing, ameliorating, or being effective in stopping the ‘bleeding’. Put another way, I am an American who is interested in the vitality of this country, ‘my’ country, and the vitality and well-being of its people.

          Arguing with each other over what’s posted to a great extent is off point: that stuff is just about blame, fault, ‘my father can beat up your father’ baloney. For sure we can analyze who (not just an individual, but,e.g., “Boomers”) as an aid in explaining why we are where we are, but it still does not go to the need for everyone to make up their minds about democracy (republic) versus socialism and measure where we are and what we are doing and after talking about it, doing whatever homework we need to see and clarify the ‘issues’, THEN we can be talking about the ISSUES, the PROBLEMS, and the proposed SOLUTIONS. The outcome of that dialogue will help a lot toward focussing us where we need to focus.

          For myself, certain things are self-evident: e.g., if a person in public life consistently lies to those whose welfare he wishes to ‘preside’ over, for personal or any other reason, in my lexicon, and if I had anything to say about it (and even if I did not), he’s gone, HISTORY. Someone once said, “But all politicians lie…” I do not believe that,and if they do, then they are all toast. So look around and make up your mind.

          I would welcome a debate about democracy versus socialism, because traditional American values and such bedrock concepts of liberty and freedom are being ignored. For example, I have seen it mentioned in several places several times that ‘socialism’ has never worked in the history of the world – I have never heard anyone say that it has, or anyone defending the notion of the correctness of it for America, or of anything that’s advocated being better for the citizenry of this country. Of course, the problem again is lying: the ones pushing for ‘BIG Government’ do not admit that or proclaim the superiority of socialism or big government. NO!! They IGNORE any such comments and pretend they do not exist: that itself is the deliberate practice of deceit. Of course they can get away with it because secular humanism
          has been around for over one hundred years now, and the ‘educational establishment’has dumbed down HISTORY, the 3R’s, etc., etc.

          Alcoholism was (maybe still is)a national pandemic disease in Communist countries, ostensibly due to there being no personal opportunity to compete and excel and be rewarded commensurately. In my view the dire consequences of what I view to be going on is the most paramount issue facing us in this country today, and the media are not covering it, the people actually ‘doing it” ignore it or deny doing it (and with them one does not need external contrary evidence as they provide ample examples that two inconsistent positions have been, or are, taken by them).

          Anyway I know I have described enough for those who ‘pigeonhole’ to do so. None of that adds one iota to the courage that’s is required of our people to stand up and be counted on the REAL questions, not this popularity contest, this “There is a free lunch…and breakfast…and dinner…and anything else you want.”

          Good faith is fine, freedom of speech is absolutely essential, and if you cannot stay on topic, then I will have my conversations elsewhere -
          I do not care that you think you are right, and I am wrong: Your need to be ‘RIGHT’ is not any precondition to THE TRUTH.

          • libertytrain

            What an excellent commentary. It was an absolute pleasure to read – common sense – nice change of pace.

      • DaveH

        Eyes definitely does not have Libertarian views. For the Libertarian Party platform see:

        • eyeswideopen

          DaveH, if you read these posts, you would know that Rich, is a Libertarian, so you are preaching to the Choir.

    • April

      eyes– We do not agree on a lot of issues, but I do agree with you to pray for the comfort of this family.

    • DaveH

      Your typical hyperbolic response – blaming this website for the killing. There have been purges throughout history from all sides of the political equation. There wouldn’t be so much animosity if we didn’t have an oversize government trying to micromanage every citizen’s personal choices. Big Government is the problem, not the solution.

      • eyeswideopen

        DaveH ,
        CAN’T YOU READ? I said I hope he wasn’t part of this web site or others on the internet. All I want my government to do is to stop subsidizing PRIVATE FOR PROFIT COMPANIES. You on the other had Dave, don’t want any interference, except to take government funds for those private companies. This country at the present time is functioning as a capitalist country for the poor and a socialist country for the rich. This country should not be giving any subsidies to any private companies that have been in business for 5 years. Any company who commits fraud against the Federal Government (us citizens) should be fined and penalized for a 5 year period of time, but not receiving any contracts or funds. Or is that too tough for you? Do you not want them accountable to anyone for anything?

  • American Citizen

    Hear, hear, elect no more lawyers to political office. They are necessary for reasons of personal issues, but they also seem to get most of the money from the outcomes. IF a case is dismissed or the defendant found “not guilty”, I think the law firms should pay the costs of the trial. That would eliminate a lot of frivolous law suits. We have become so litigious that it has raised the cost of living tremendously. When a company has to pay millions to defend itself or receives punitive damages, guess who really pays. I don’t think juries take that into account when giving those outrageous awards.
    I recall years ago a woman put Drano into her coffeemaker to clean it and it exploded. She was burnt and received a hugh award for her stupidity

    • Smilee

      I can only hope you never get charged with a crime and are not guilty. The burden of proof rests on the state and it is the state that decides to prosecute so would not it be more proper for the state to pay if they are unable to convince a jury your guilty, why punish the guy who got you off, not very thankful for his skills are you.

      • American Citizen

        Smilee, I think you and eyes have the same problem reading posts. I said they are necessary for personal issues. It’s lawyer politicians that are the problem. Even when it comes to personal issues, there are a lot of frivolous lawsuits that cost businesses a lot of money, such as the woman who spilled hot coffee on herself while driving. I guess she would also have sued if the coffee was cold. She did not use common sense.

        • American Citizen

          Smilee, you’re right on the prosecutors having to pay if the defendant is found “not guilty.” That’s the law firm I meant. I wasn’t clear there.

          • eyeswideopen

            AMERICAN, I know you want info on Medicare, I came across this while searching for something else.

            It will be interesting to see if Rep. Paul Ryan gets to keep his seat.

          • Smilee

            Thanks Eyes

            The sad part is this is all so true, I hope people wake up to what is really going on.

        • Smilee

          She won that suit with McDonald’s not because she spilled the coffee but because McDonald’s sold the coffee at a temperature that was hotter than the law allowed and if they had not she would not have been burned and they she would have had no lawsuit. If the coffee had been cold she would have lost and most likely the lawyers would not have sued but under the law they had a legitimate suit and if McDonald’s had followed the law they would either not been sued or won the suit. Most news articles distorted the facts on this and focuses on the spilling og the coffee and not on the crux of the suit which was the temperature of the coffee that they sold illegally. If the news today was more interested in reporting the news instead of their opinions of the news and then make it sound as if it is true when it is not.

        • eyeswideopen

          American, you are pretty funny, you accuse someone of not reading correctly, and then you clarify yourself in the next post. Just a little hypocritical don’t you think?

          • American Citizen

            Eyes, I was tired and ready to leave this site when I wrote that. I had meant the firms that bring the lawsuits to begin with but wasn’t clear on that. I think most who read it know who I meant.

  • DaveH

    From an email I received:
    If a conservative doesn’t like guns, they don’t buy one. If a liberal doesn’t like guns, then no one should have one.
    If a conservative is a vegetarian, they don’t eat meat. If a liberal is, they want to ban all meat products for everyone.
    If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy. A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.
    If a conservative is homosexual, they quietly enjoy their life. If a liberal is homosexual, they loudly demand legislated respect.
    If a black man or Hispanic is conservative, they see themselves as independently successful. Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.
    If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.
    If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.
    If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church. A liberal wants any mention of God or religion silenced.
    If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A liberal demands that his neighbors pay for his health care.

    • Smilee

      I see you are still focused on all The BS you can locate and spread

      • DaveH

        Quit being a mental dwarf.

    • eyeswideopen

      Dave, this is a funny funny article. But as you know the conservative party is not conservative.
      If you want to do something with your own body that a conservative doesn’t like, they will legislate or run to the congress to try and stop you.
      If you don’t believe in their “Religion” and allow preaching in schools they then brand you as a non-Christian.

      If you think that Homosexuals, who pay same amount in taxes as the “straight” citizens, should have the same rights , then you are some kind of pervert.

      If you don’t like war, then you must be weak.

      If you think that Chronic drunks and drug addicts should not be allowed to carry a gun, if you believe that fingerprinting and licensing responsible citizens to carry is not fair then you must be a conservative.

      Conservative title is a little oxi- moron, the so called conservative beliefs are far removed from the definition of conservative.

      • DaveH

        I believe in equality for homosexuals. That means no special legislation.
        Fingerprinting and licensing of guns is just the gradual approach on the pathway to total gun confiscation.
        Doesn’t a druggie have a right to defend himself?
        And yes, I believe the term ‘conservative’ has been misapplied to the right-wingers.
        I have absolutely no problem with prayer in school. I would have a problem if they forced unwilling participants to chant or pray. After all, which position is force – stopping someone who wants to pray, or allowing those that wish to pray?

    • eyeswideopen

      Hey DaveH. why are you promoting the conservatives? I thought you were a Libertarian? Hasn’t it occurred to you that you Libertarians are too liberal for the conservatives? You know, like allowing abortions, accepting gays, that sort of thing.

      • DaveH

        The Libertarians are the true conservatives in the political sense.
        The roots of our country are based on individual liberty and property rights. We don’t interfere with individual lifestyles that only hurt that individual. We respect an individual’s right to fail. We do not respect the right of the individual to seek involuntary help from others through government; that includes groups of individuals (companies).
        I firmly believe that all offered goodies from the government (i.e. taxpayers) are just veiled attempts by politicians to buy votes, and that once complete government control is established those who sought the goodies are going to be trampled along with the rest of us.
        I haven’t approved of any president from Bush Senior to Obama.
        But Congress passes the laws and the spending bills. That is where we need to put our main focus.
        Yes, the President (executive branch) has been gaining increasing power over the decades, but Congress and the Supreme Court could address that issue if they wanted.
        Obama and his cohorts in my opinion are the biggest threats to our freedom since this country was established.

        • eyeswideopen

          Thought you found FDR to be the biggest threat?

  • S. Wesley Mcgranor

    The ‘hippies’ abandoned contiousness, for a alternative…

  • Hubert Deslandes

    Pretty good post!

  • Attorney Kendall Payant

    Excellent point! I certainly agree. Well stated!


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