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The Joke’s On Us

May 1, 2012 by  

The Joke’s On Us
President Barack Obama joked about what a Donald Trump White House might look like.

In the event you had something better to do such as clipping your toenails, examining the backs of your eyelids or knocking back a few fingers of decent scotch (my choice), you may not know the White House Correspondents’ Association held its annual homage to itself over the weekend. Jokes were told, backs were slapped, legs were pulled. To be fair, both headliner Jimmy Kimmel and President Barack Obama delivered fairly good sets — with the exception of Obama’s soon-to-be-infamous “pit bull” joke, which may well have been the worst line delivered at a WHCA dinner since Wanda Sykes splattered herself and her career all over the dais in 2009.

The WHCA soiree included a fairly diverse audience, which stands in stark contrast to the Democratic Party and the overwhelming majority of the Press Corps. In fact, the atmosphere was positively collegial, unlike pretty much everything Obama and his Democratic accomplices have let slip through their collective blowholes over the past few weeks.

Late last week while Obama’s writers worked up their best Kim Kardashian lines, Dan Savage, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activist and self-proclaimed anti-bullying advocate, deployed his latest attack. Perhaps best known to people outside the liberal asylum for the profane rants he directs at anyone who doesn’t share his rather twisted view of the world, Savage took aim at those hideous harbingers of hatred: kids. Savage was supposed to be delivering the keynote address to a high school journalism conference. Instead, he delivered yet another stark reminder of the appalling hypocrisy that now defines the Democratic Party in the age of Obama. Following a typically X-rated rant on his hatred of Christianity (I will spare you the details; I’m a giver like that), Savage targeted a number of students who got tired of the filth falling out of the hole in his face and walked out. There are erudite and accomplished men and women who could put a decent face on LGBT issues. Instead, liberals offer shrieking ninnies like Savage.

I wish I could attest that bottom-feeders like Savage were unique amongst the modern crop of liberals. Unfortunately, while Savage’s unhinged rage might employ more of those words people with a modicum of decency tend to avoid hurling at kids, he’s hardly alone. Way down south, Florida is still recovering from the lynch mob touched off by Obama’s spectacularly ill-advised comments about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Led by race pimp Al Sharpton, Democratic Party flacks laid the proverbial smackdown on race relations in the Sunshine State. Rather than rise above such lowbrow antics, Obama deployed Holder to offer Sharpton’s hate group the Presidential seal of approval.

Up in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, a group of children at one of the Windy City’s “best” schools was subjected to a presentation by someone named Camille Jenkins. Jenkins is an activist with the little-known, but excellently named, Peace in the Hood Movement. After attacking a teenager for suggesting concealed carry permitting might improve the idyllic Illinois lifestyle they enjoy, Jenkins flatly stated the National Rifle Association celebrates the murders of black children thusly: “These porch monkeys deserved to die.” I may not be the most dedicated of NRA members, but I would definitely have noticed if Wayne LaPierre and the gang started yapping like gangsta rappers. For the particularly stalwart kiddies who managed to survive Jenkins’ nonsense, Jones College Prep subjected them to presentations by so-called “Occupiers,” a seminar emphasizing empowering illegal aliens and even a class on protesting by a George Soros-backed outfit. How lovely it is to watch liberals making time to drop the hammer of hypocrisy on the high school set.

From time to time, we at Personal Liberty Digest™ note the remarkably unsettling parallels between some of history’s more noteworthy fascists and the Democratic Party. But the truth is, history’s more successful fascists brought their nations to their knees with a fair amount of skill. The Democratic Party instead offers us Savage’s, Jenkins’ and Sharpton’s ham-fisted hatred and hypocrisy. Obama got off a few good lines at the WHCA. But the joke’s over, Mr. President.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Sirian

    Good article Ben, many points visited and laid out in the sun where they should be. What you said in reference to the incident in Sanford, FL is well taken and true. If only the people down there were doing what has happened here in Tulsa counter to the killing of three black people, two wounded, by two white guys. I’m sure you’ve heard about it before. With that, I’ve tacked on the local TV report of what’s happened recently that is totally different to the racial hatred that has been instigated in Sanford.

  • dan

    Obama was playing to his strengths…reading lines written by others and taking all of the bows.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      obummer’s whole life has been reading lines written by others! He is nothing more than a puppet!

      • JUKEBOX

        We just need to find out who his hidden ventriloquist is.

      • Deerinwater

        I think that goes for just about everyone Nancy. But come to think of it , he has published one book, that’s one more then myself.

    • boyscout

      Unfortunately this reply just compliments Obama as a skilled politician.

  • cawmun cents

    The Gray Man Strikes Again.
    Remember folks,this kind of thing that Mr.Crystal writes of here will be brought into your livingrooms via media/academia to indoctrinate your children.
    How kind of the democrats to offer this worldly view to us,free of charge,
    Sorry…..after taxes,its only a few trillion dollars.
    Can you say,”Stuck in the Sixties?”I knew that you could.
    “Excerpts From Hippy Hell”-CC.

  • T. Jefferson

    What did you expect, they elected a joker to the whitehouse in 08.

  • http://n/a AmFer

    Personally, I think this ‘event’ is a very negative display of ‘what is wrong’ in government. By trivializing and bashing real issue and concerns, it just doesn’t make you feel secure that our country is in the proper hands with all the ‘bashing and joking’. It’s not a joke nor a laughing matter. Worst of the worse, is the man who sits in the Oval Office; how can anyone respect him when he constantly denigrates our country, our Consititution, and our citizens. He’s evil and a buffoon to boot!! Literally!

  • Betty Hopkins

    The WHCA ought to be made to stop having these. !!!!! What GOOD use are they????
    Makes me even more worried about America… We the people are not a joke.!!!


      These pseudo intellectual comedians made a joke about Brett Hume, who was supposed to be in the audience. The only problem was that was at home brushing his teeth at the time the pseudo joke was told. BRILLIANT!

  • Steve E

    Dan Savage is a throw back of the type of people from the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Vigilant

      “[Michelle] Malkin said she was most impressed by how the Christian students conducted themselves during Savage’s tirade.

      “I think what these kids did was rather courageous,” she said. “They helped call attention to the incivility and indecency of Dan Savage – which has gone on too long.”

      She said it was impressive considering how some liberals treat conservative speakers on university campuses.

      “It was a much better decision than we see at your average college campus where the kids who disagree with conservative speakers will not just turn around quietly and leave – but will stand there and try to obstruct the free speech of conservative speakers either by hurling things at them, shouting them down and acting like a complete lynch mob,” Malkin said.”


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Every one of those kids deserve the Medal of Valor. They set an example for all of us to follow! Do not go along with “their” agenda! Stand up to them!

  • PendragonRise

    PETA should be bombarded with complaints over his “boy eat dog” joking! Although I’m not personally an anthropomorphist, we need to rally all organizations against this man and his backers at all costs.


      That joke gave us a lot of insight into how ingrained his Indonesian education is in his socialist mind.

      • Mamamia

        The dog jokes are due to an exerpt from his book that all of the republicans have been joking about regarding his food source when he was living in Indonesia as a child. There is no “insight” to his education or “ingrained” thinking of his life. It’s been kind of cruel to condem the acts of a 6 year old child. Republicans should fight on a level playing field and not over something he had no control over or knew any different at that age. I think he was a good sport about all of the dog jokes.

  • Wyatt

    The joke is actually on all those Politically Correct idiots out there who voted for Obama . As a president and leader he is ‘The Joke !’ Of course Dan Savage is one of his jokesters , after all , when Obama was at Harvard , he was as ‘Queer’ as the proverbial $3.00 bill .
    Kudo’s to the students who stuck to their Christian beliefs . Their Courage should be an insperation to us all . America has for to-long been led down the path of moral decay by liberals and leftists . It has eroded or country’s standards and with it our our strength and will to continue to be the Greatest Nation on the face of the earth .
    Stand up at the polls and be counted America , lets see how Obama and his gang of Perverts laugh at being voted out of office and awarded the title of ” Worst president in the long history of America .


      His homosexual tendencies surfaced long before he went to Harvard, even before Columbia.

      • Mamamia

        You talking about Obama or Savage?

  • Dave Bishop

    If what we have seen thus far on the thuggish “political” scene is any indication, somewhere in the wings someone is saying, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Apparently there is no spring, well, or cesspool that will go untapped in the next few months.” We went from political pickpockets to vampires and werewolves who want to drain America’s blood. (I apologize for defaming the vampires and werewolves…perhaps hyenas would have been more appropriate.)

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    In my day ,, and thats been quite a few,,, there has been no potus that acted like some bro off the street of a hick jungle town as was shown in that display of stupidity ,and all the libs sucking it up like that is thier quality of talent. and Betty H. lets just encourage them to show thier stupid asses constantly and the people can see what they voted for..A few more like that might wake a few more up.. Have you ever seen such a disgraceful display of (dignitaries ) as that mess…..

    • Mamamia

      What cha doin watchin it then????


    Yep, that BC and other serious allegations are just a laughing matter to the Uncredentialed and his party of Deemer clowns, just another insult from a public forum to make you understand that he is unimpeachable and is the man to beat. Life is good, the tax money just keeps pouring in and the damn serfs can bitch all they want, must be time for one more expensive vacation fling before the test of wills begin in November…..election cheating will be the option for this mighty Deemer….

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    On CNSnews, we read about Obama’s Joke about Sarah Palin and pit bulls, saying that pit bulls are delicious. I thought of some good responses to BHO’s joke:

    (1) Recently a group of pit bull lovers lashed out at McDonald’s for ads comparing the eating of Chicken McNuggets to the petting of pit bulls. Well, where are these whiners now?? Especially if the POTUS says pit bulls are delicious!!

    (2) What’s the difference between Obama and a pit bull?? ….. We don’t know of any pit bulls trying to transform America into a third world socialist nation. Nor do we know of pit bulls traveling around the world badmouthing and apologizing for America!!

    (3) A friend of mine from my old church owned several (Scottish Terrier) dogs over 5 decades. What’s the difference between her dogs and BHO?? ….. Her dogs never blamed their woes or mischief on her previous dogs!!

    (4) What’s the difference between BHO and pit bulls?? ….. It can be proven that most pit bulls in America were born in the USA!!

    • Alex

      As silly and ham-handed as any of Ben’s “comedy”, Earl.

  • Pebbles

    How did I feel about the president’s speech? To be absolutely honest with you, I couldn’t listen to it. I turned it off after hearing the opening with him “in the bathroom”. It makes me wonder what is running through that man’s brain. He has made a complete mockery of the highest most prestegious job in the world. If he thinks he’s a comic, he has an exalted opinion of his comic ability, and if he thinks he’s a good president, he has fallen far short on that as well. He seems to forget, the office he is now serving in is just a job, and I, for one, will vote to fire him in November. We do not deserve to be made fun of throughout the world in general, but this distastful display by BO is the ultimate slap in the face to the American people.

    • 45caliber

      Oblama has narcistic tendencies. In other words, he believes he is the greatest thing to ever hit this planet. (And I’m NOT the one who diagnosed him this way.) So he is certainly convinced he is the best possible President and most likely considers himself a great comic as well. That’s one reason he figures he will win by a landslide. He simply cannot conceive of anyone not being able to recognize that.

      • Deerinwater

        Now you are talking about Trump.

  • Alex

    Ben Crystal must be SO upset that his juvenile humor has not been so embraced as to have HIM invited to the Correspondant’s Dinner. Hey, Ben—–ya gotta be FUNNY!

    • Deerinwater

      yea ! a lot funnier. Stand up is not his strong suit, not exactly sure what is. Maybe he’s punctual?

    • Meteorlady

      What’s so adult about your remark? Was it supposed to be funny?

  • madmemere

    Ben Crystal – -don’t even address this impostor as “mr, president” – -because he IS NOT!


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