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The Health Risks of Naked Body Scanners

January 25, 2010 by  

The Health Risks of Naked Body Scanners

The naked body scanners that government and submissive, fearful travelers are clamoring for in the wake of the Christmas day Northwest Airlines bombing attempt will expose people to harmful radiation creating an as-yet-unrealized health risk.

And while the machines do a virtual strip search revealing much more than just knives and guns someone might have hidden away, the technology probably wouldn’t have revealed the bomb ingredients carried by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Even so, The New York Times reports that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has contracted for 900 of the scanners to be deployed in airports across the country.

The current technology uses one of two methods: the older backscatter X-ray method or the newer millimeter wave method.

With the backscatter X-ray technology, passengers stand against a large backscatter machine as a pencil-thin X-ray beam rapidly scans them, producing a negative image of the entire body. The X-ray barely penetrates the skin. So while any weapons that are hidden beneath clothing are revealed, weapons or explosives concealed in body cavities or beneath heavy folds of skin are not.

The Health Freedom Alliance (HFA) says backscatter X-ray machines are setting the stage for a future epidemic of cancer.

While the manufacturers claim it would take about 150 scans to equal the amount of radiation exposure of one chest X-ray, frequent flyers exposed to the scans, plus extra radiation exposure at high altitudes could be a deadly combination for them. The operators of the machines and those who spend a lot of time around them face the danger from exposure as well.

“Drawing on sources like The Mayo Clinic and The Radiological Society of North America as well as interviews with prominent radiologists, molecular biologists, and medical doctors, ionizing (penetrating) radiation in any dose, no matter how tiny, causes genetic mutations, which set all living cells exposed on the path to cancer. X-rays are considered ionizing radiation,” according to the HFA.

Researchers at England’s Oxford University say that X-rays given off by medical equipment are to blame for thousands of cancers every year. So combine the scans you get for medical treatment with those you will receive while traveling and you can see how the danger increases.

The millimeter wave technology machines may be as bad or worse. Researchers for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review blog write that the terahertz (THz) waves emitted by the millimeter wave machines interact with DNA in ways that are only now being understood.

According to the blog:

But what of the health effects of terahertz waves? At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss any notion that they can be damaging. Terahertz photons are not energetic enough to break chemical bonds or ionise [sic] atoms or molecules, the chief reasons why higher energy photons such as X-rays and (ultraviolet) UV rays are so bad for us. But could there be another mechanism at work?

The evidence that terahertz radiation damages biological systems is mixed. “Some studies reported significant genetic damage while others, although similar, showed none,” say Boian Alexandrov at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and a few buddies. Now these guys think they know why.

Alexandrov and co [sic] have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they’ve found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. That’s a jaw dropping conclusion.

The blog goes on to say, “Of course, terahertz waves are a natural part of [sic] environment, just like visible and infrared light. But a new generation of cameras are [sic] set to appear that not only record terahertz waves but also bombard us with them. And if our exposure is set to increase, the question that urgently needs answering is what level of terahertz exposure is safe.”

And if the dangers to our health aren’t enough to give you pause, consider how the images produced could be used. While the TSA and the machines’ promoters are saying the images produced are too vague to be considered indecent, a German security advisor recently explained to the German publication just how revealing they can be.

“Unlike with a complete X-ray examination, the rays do not go deeply under the skin. They see only the things which lie over it, so bladed weapons and firearms as well as ceramics,” Hans-Detlef Dau is quoted as saying.

“Beyond that, they show intimate piercings, catheters and the form of breasts and penises.

“But newer devices can automatically distort intimate areas in the picture.”

And a reporter for The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, viewing a trial of the new scanners that have been placed in the Manchester Airport, wrote, “The full-body scanner on trial at Manchester airport consists of two Tardis-like blue boxes that passengers stand between and produces a ghostly naked image with curves and genitals eerily visible.”

The scanners produce an image that looks like a negative. And, as demonstrated here (caution: this image may not be suitable for viewing in a work environment or on a monitored computer) by using Photoshop computer software anyone can invert the image to create a photo of a naked body in full color.

The TSA says the images are not stored and there is no way for them to be transferred or transmitted. But the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) disagrees and claims that the TSA specified in 2008 documents that the machines must have image storage and sending abilities.

According to an EPIC press release:

These machines produced detailed, three-dimensional images of individuals’ naked bodies and are being used at airport security checkpoints, court houses, and correctional facilities.

While TSA originally provided assurances that the technology would not be mandatory for passengers and would include a privacy algorithm that blurred faces, the agency later withdrew these assurances. In April 2009, the agency announced plans to expand the mandatory use of body imaging to all U.S. Airports. This means that Whole Body Imaging devices will replace metal detectors at the primary screening devices in U.S. airports. As a consequence, the TSA could obtain naked pictures of every airline passenger, including children, who travel from a U.S. airport.

That leaves open the possibility the machines—which can see beneath people’s clothing—can be abused by TSA insiders and hacked by outsiders, EPIC Executive Director Marc Rotenberg told CNN.

And how believable is it that the TSA is not going to store images? Wouldn’t they want to have a record available if a terrorist did slip through security?

Without a record of some sort there is no way to understand how the terrorist outwitted the system. And without that knowledge how can those invading our privacy while ostensibly trying to make us more secure ensure that that method—at least—is not used against us again?

The fact remains that until the government is ready to make us more secure by profiling and targeting those who seek to harm us, these steps are just window dressing. Unfortunately it’s the type of window dressing that is designed to make us more compliant and submissive while empowering government and enriching a few well-connected corporations and lobbyists.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://Yahoo Dee D

    Mother Nature is a very competent doctor and our body does talk to us.
    We need to listen to her. I feel anytime man places anything in the body or uses equipment on the body – that does not belong then our immune system kickes into gear to eliminate the intruding source. That’s one reason Dna and matching parts are so important to our body.

    • john smith

      Dee D., if you are worried about the x-rays, just take a few potassium pills before a flight. This will block the absorption of any radiation.

      • Gene

        John Smith: Where did you get that idea? As a former medical professional, that is bull hockey.

      • John

        I think you mean potasium iodide which is iodine that will help with the blocking of radiation.

      • Mass Voter

        Potassium iodide fills the thyroid to prevent absorption there. It doesn’t do anything to prevent absorption or the effect on any other tissue. It is also dangerous because some people are, unknowingly, allergic to it.

    • John Branscum

      Use explosive detection dogs. Would avoid the privacy issue and their noses would probably catch alot of devices that would be missed by other methods.

      • Mary

        Sounds like a good idea to me I will take a dog sniffing any day to a nude photo

      • holidayzbeauty

        excellent idea and a whole lot cheaper than $250,00.00 a piece. but, it is not about our security it is about $

    • BOE

      If people would just look around their own house they are getting more exposure to radiation,chemicals and radon gas then any machine at the airport. Granite counter tops produce radon gas that causes lung cancers and brain cancers. The wood floors,the sheet rock walls and even our cleaning products. I would like to get where i am going in one whole section…so let the look!

      • independant thinker

        I would much rather crash and die with my dignaty, privacy, and freedom intact than go thru ever more invasive security checks. I have come to believe, as others have stated much better than I will, we are being conditioned to accept whatever orders come from the authorities without question.

        • JC

          I’m with you on that. I question everything they do.
          I think it’s high time WE put THEM under a microscope.

        • Scarlett

          Due to what I consider invasive treatment (the search by airline attendants was abusive to an elder lady that had four ID’s including military ID), I stopped traveling via commercial planes! Consequently, I certainly know that I would not be subjected to the latest technology, even if there were an emergency involved and I needed to “land” fast!

        • home boy

          if it can work in ISRAEL why not do it here? face it , terrorism is here to stay.

        • freedom

          I AGREE with you. People stop watching our paid and bought off news media. If they agree with the canidate, punch the other ticket. My question for pfwag, when they tell you it’s for your safety and security, will you be one of the many sheeple to stand in line for your little implantable microchip straight from Verichip Corporation so that your ass and vagina can be tracked down like a cow????

          I sure as heck won’t, but I’ll stand up and fight for our freedoms to keep the blinded masses from being enslaved.

  • Victor L Barney


    • Buddy

      Actually, “we” probably can’t and won’t.

      Check out Igor Panarin’s prediction of a break-up of the “United” States of America.

    • Cherie Jackson

      We can’t and that the ultimate goal.

    • Meteorlady

      By banding together and stopping the government in it’s tracks. By electing competent people to represent us. Stop watching the news media and taking everything a candidates says at face value. Explore the internet and learn as much as you can about each candidate. If people would have done this instead of a knee jerk reaction about Bush, we would not have Obama and his gang of Nazis in office right now. Now would we be stuck with the likes of Clinton, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Fienstien, etc.

      • Medina, FL.

        Thanks for telling the truth. You are completely 100% right! We were warned by the Kenyan newspaper and everything they wrote came through. They even mentioned about the trip the chosen one made to Kenya, to campaign for his cousin Raila Odinga,socialist/communist who was running for the government,& gave $6,000 to it, who was advising him about the “hope and change” Beside no one needed to be a genius to see what was coming, if they had ears to hear and eyes to see. He completely hypnotised & blinded his voters with the hate for Bush, not visualizing the real catastrophe it was coming with all the lies he was using and promises in order to get elected. Now we all are paying a high price for their selfishness and greed. Only God Almighty can help us clean the mess and all the damage this man had done to our great country in a year, just to grab power and to control
        and change our way of life, by imposing his political dangerous socialist views.

        • cr747

          You have to pay more attention to the speaker, or “debater” in this situation, and his body language.

          I knew from the first debate he was lying. Could tell from all his body moves and expressions that he was lying. Now we all know that he was lying.

          From now on be more observant to them and their body language. Then,”and only then,” will the truth show!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Miles C

            All one had to do was to look into his cold dark eyes and then you could see what he really was.

          • JC

            I didn’t catch the body language so much as the more obvious “Hope and Change” ploy. Those are emotional pleas and hardly worthy of a nations leader…unless of course it’s Castro. He talked a lot about “Change” too.

          • Diane

            I knew from the first time I saw and heard him that he was no good. I tried to tell my friends, but they didn’t heed and now are really sorry they didn’t.I didn’t like McCain either, but he was the better of two evils. I didn’t want either of them.

        • American Citizen

          If you listened to Fox News and learned who his friends were, that was warning enough. You know them by the company they keep.

          • American Citizen

            He also was sending out negative vibes. I still can’t stand to look at him or listen to him.

          • cr747

            Double Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • JC

            I get really negative vibes from his lovely vampire Michelle.

    • pickiemagee

      so true,harmful to your health,invasion of your rights,an any decency laws it is a crime to take nude photos of your children! did you know that to every negative picture there is a positive picture and that shows every thing,just as clear as if you took a necked photo of someone up close and personal.

  • DaveH

    The bottom line is that they probably wouldn’t even have detected the shoe bomber’s or the underwear bomber’s devices. So people are being exposed to cancer risk for no real gain.
    Of course the government doesn’t care. Only if it affects them will they care.

    • DaveH

      Speaking of Government caring about themselves – How did we ever let the Politicians set their own salaries? How convenient for them. The rest of us should be so fortunate.

    • Buddy

      Will Obama go through a body scanner when he flys?

      • Cherie Jackson

        Hell No just how many terrorist do you think board Air Force one. Everyone is PROFILED before they even get close to the President.

        • CCLOO

          The Pres. doesn’t even need a passport, cuz the one he has is NOT an American one, most likely from Indonesia.

        • JC

          Actually, anymore I’m starting to think that almost everyone who boards Air Force One is a terrorist. Except for the flight crew I suppose.

  • Jerry Bowles

    I think obama is showing ,in all situation,that he is a muslim and hell bent on destroying America,,look at the felons in his cabinet,and also his extreme socialist agenda

    • Herbert Levinson

      I think you’re nuts, ignorant or you just can’t read his body language.

    • J C

      Obama’s doctrine of socialism is obvious in every way.
      God help America.

    • R C Smith

      You’re on the right track Jerry and I STILL want to see his birth certificate and proof he is an American.

    • pickiemagee

      my you really do need to explore the net more.he is a fraud a usurper charged with treason,commander fitzpatric is top notch all Americans should do the same as him.[rise up][YouTube Obama deception]the manipulation of the media,propaganda in the schools,there reviving textbooks in Texas an they what to remove every thing American.this is a Christin nation not Muslim one!he has revived the eugenics program Godwin’s law Oct 12 that is the same law Hitler signed,that is a fact.the misuse of the commence enfranchisement’s laws,taking your land,the global initiative [ku1r8],the manipulation of contract law,the constitutional law,the stilling of the money trillions,the take down of our national security,will every one talks thy still our freedom our rights,our land.please go to[rise up][restoring honer]stand up for America.

    • az

      Check out this site where Obama openly admits that he is a Muslim:

  • oleking

    As a retired health care provider I know for a fact, anytime a diagnostic X-Ray was done of the Abdomen, Hips or any part of the body on a child bearing or earlier individual the genital area is screened by an apron inpregnated with lead or heavy metal to protect from ionizing radiation. I always cringed when I had to order X-rays of pelvis not because of the immediate exposure which is low but the accumulative effect over many X-Rays over a lifetime.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I certainly wouldn’t want to work for security. Remember when the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan to end WWII, most of those people that lived that received such radiation devloped leukemia. My mother worked for a dentist office in the 30′s and even though she wore a lead apron when doing the dental x-rays for protection, it did not protect her first child. My brother died of leukemia when he was 3 years old. Remember in shoe stores the xray machines that showed your foot bones and how the shoes fit. They took those out quite fast and now we want to put something in far greater that won’t even catch anything put in the cavaties. Sometimes I think our politicians and the like don’t have the brains they were born with.

      • Ian

        I agree, Sally. I remember those fluoroscopes in shoe stores and how my dad was outraged when my mom let them use it on my brother and I. At the time, in the early 1960′s, he had just been diagnosed with bone cancer in his hands – the result of (superficial X-Ray) Guernes’ Ray therapy in the late 1950′s for dermatitis caused by another wonderful modern invention – coaltar based detergents – which he had to use at his workplace. X-Rays are X-Rays are X-Rays. Although there is sometimes a genuine reason to use them sparingly and cautiously, there really is no safe exposure limit, and the damage is cumulative and permanent. And don’t for one minute think that the government actually cares about you or your safety – they see you as a dispensible asset. Future cancer risks will be tolerated if you can be coerced into submission today.

  • Herbert Levinson

    Much of this whole thing is silly and Victorian. I am not an immodest person. But, I would gladly take off all my cloths in public than be blown to bits by some religious zelot.

    We walked around for millions of years without clothes and have collectively forgotten that. That’s the real danger.

    Let me tell you a story about a fellow worker at RCA who stood in front of a radar dish. Because He said it gave him a feeling of warmth.

    What He didn’t know was He was being slowly cooked from the inside out. He died soon after for his ignorance.


    • Mark

      No we did not walk around for millions of years naked. If you want to believe you are an over-glorified ape that is your right but true science says it never happened. It has been proven a long time ago that all those silly ape-men (propaganda) that you were taught about in the public school system are either hoaxes or bad science and that is a fact. I do not have enough faith to believe that we all got here through an explosion and I never did believe in the literal interpretation of Darwinism who was never a real scientist. That is another fact period.

  • Ron Oliver

    I’m so tired of this rediculous “reactive knee jerk” government that doesn’t want to profile these people because of the ACLU and their lame Marxist political correctness agenda. The safety of our people is way more important that political correctness. I’d rather have someone offended than many innocents killed. This new invasion is simply MORE government control and inconvenience of the free people of this country. We know who the enemy is and what they look like. We know their religious practices and the direction of agenda. Why the hell are we not going after them relentlessly?

    • cr747

      The ONE Muslim that people had better keep an eye on is in the White House.
      The president of the United States. He is slowly allowing our Country to be enslaved by other countries, and the Muslims that he protects.

      He would sell us out as being United to the Muslim populace in a heart beat. Keep your EYES on him and his “appointed” ones there to give him advice. If not we are in serious trouble!!!!!!!!!!!

      • R C Smith


      • Diane

        A little late for that don’t you think?

  • Casey

    And just what if someone was pregnant and was’nt aware of the fact yet….what does this do to her unborn child? and what about someone who already has cancer…how much is this harming them even further?

    • DaveH

      Good point Casey, fetus’s are especially vulnerable to radiation.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        You are so right. I lost my first child this way. I went to work for the Air Force (I didn’t know I was pregnant) and your first day you had to go through a total physical including an X-ray. One week later I miscarried. It was absolutely due to the X-ray, as I had two beautiul children later when not exposed.

  • Herbert Levinson

    Dear Ron
    Their is an old saying that states. “Don’t criticize a Brave till you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins”!

    So, what would you suggest is the solution to the problem?

    I’ve worked 31 years for the same airline and know there are a lot of avenues a smart, determined saboteur can take to elude detection before an attack.
    After it always too late!

    • American Citizen

      The problem is, few of them would carry the bomb on their person. It can be concealed in baggage very easily. The Israelis check the baggage even before it’s allowed to enter the terminal. It’s time to get over the political correctness, too. We’ve seen how the Muslims have been testing our defenses.

      • cr747

        Very plainly, and truthfully spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles h. Bertram

    The answer is to profile and strip -search when it looks like a danger.

    But it might help to good looking young ladies searching us.

    Regards, Charlie

  • Wolf B.

    The FEAR mongers are active again. The radiation from scanners amounts to just a FEW MINUTES of cosmic radiation we ALL are subject to, VOLUMTARILY, whenever we decide to FLY at the normal ALTITUDE jets travel. I doubt, that it IS Harmful. otherwise Airforce and Airline personel would be the first ones to suffer the consequences, of radiation. ITS NOTHING but THE ignorance, of the un-informed that gives credence to such RUBBISH

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      No it isn’t. Why should the Smith’s and the Jones be put thru all that rubbish because of the Mohammeds and the Ali’s!!!!!! If I were running the country, no muslim would be aloud in. We are not allowed in their countries and haven’t been for ions. They can buy up all of our farm land, businesses, and universities, and we can’t own anything in their countries. Isn’t that amazing.

    • DaveH

      What about the Fear Mongers that are so afraid of a possible terrorist attack that they are willing to compromise the health of others for that very slim possibility that the scanners will be effective? What cowards.
      The only real answer to terrorists is a trained and armed populice, but the Cowards are doing their best to disarm everyone to provide the illusion of safety.

    • eyeswideopen

      Wolf B. do you think all those fearful ones are still using their cell phones, old micowave ovens, living under electrial wires, getting x-rays for broken bones, eating meat pumped full of growth hormones and steroids, or are they all living in caves? LOL.

    • L

      I know personaly of one military Captian who died of cancer, cause unknown. Most service casualties are not publicly reported for security reasons. Commerce wise, if it makes someone else rich and you freely participate, the danger is totaly in your own hands. What is fear when you are oblivious to danger (answer: paranoia)? Be aware though that fear has a very real purpose. That is why it pre-ceeds danger, ‘cuz it’s a little to late afterwards.

  • kAKIS


    Cooks wrote the article and cooks are reading it. What am I doing here? Telling cooks who they are? Then I am a cook too, I’d better get out here before I really cook.


  • John N

    ARTICLE [IV] of the Constitution of the United States clearly says:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall
    not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable
    cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing
    the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Again, the elitests have perpetuated their liberal and political agendas of destroying our liberties as guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and our Inalieanable rights by God himself.

    What is it going to take for you people to get off of your posteriors and do something about the continuation of penalizing NATURAL BORN AMERICANS and ACCOMODATING those (MUSLIM TERRORISTS) who wish us harm by this TREASONOUS administration? Live free or die!!! The choice is yours…..

  • Action Jackson

    John N… What are YOU doing!

  • http://yahoo Ray

    Please stop, you are scarring people, would you rather be killed by an explosion.

  • http://yahoo Ray

    You are scarring people,would you rather be subject to an explosion.
    If you for some reason are not taking a x ray then a full exam by TSA is required including a cavity search for all no exclusions.

    • DaveH

      Please stop talking about explosions Ray, you are scaring people.

  • Gene

    At last, a job homosexuals can do and enjoy and still contribute to our safety. I assume only men would look at images of men and women of women.

  • Ata

    I look Arab or Jewish, I don’t mind if they profile me, but does that mean that I will get the xrays and others will not? It seems we should be able to have better ID so that once they know I’m good intentoned American they don’t have to worry about me.

    As far as naked and apes and evlolution, why are new Republicans so against truth and science? I am Republican by the od sense: Lincoln, truth, and belive in freedom, but I don’t like to be associated with these dolts, so I don’t know what to register anymore.

    • DaveH

      Register as a Libertarian. We believe in Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government:

    • J C

      There’s a growing number of us who feel exactly the same way.

      • L

        The real danger in registering Liberatarian is in losing to the Liberadems on election day. Then would hell really be turning up the fire on Americans.

        • DaveH

          You can see where 30 years of RINOs have gotten us – Bigger Government. With the exception of Reagan and Ron Paul, there have been very few Republicans that have pushed for smaller Government. The weak Republicans have set the stage for this attempted takeover by the Liberals. Without the Big Government machinery that had been set in place, the Liberals wouldn’t have been able to come anywhere close to the damage they have now done.
          The Libertarians are the only ones with the principles to roll back Big Government to the Constitutional Limits that our founders envisioned.
          So we can go to that fiery place fast with Democrats or slowly with Republicans. Either way we will get there. I choose a better course.

          • cr747

            The answer to the question on who to VOTE for does not lie with weather you are democrat, republican, or what ever. It lies with the individual that is running and the one that the people trust most. If you waste a vote on the party itself instead of the person, then you have elected the crook. Just like everyone thought Obama was the person to elect. If you had paid attention to his debating, and his speeches, you could have known by his stuttering and answers that he was lying.

            There are some good people out there that would stand up for WE THE PEOPLE. Could be a democrat, republican, or any other party.

            Do not vote just because they are one of the above, vote for the one who does not double talk like most experienced politicians do. We can do this but we have got to study the candidate very closely.

            If we don’t get the ones out in Washington that are responsible for all this mess, we do not have anyone to blame but ourselves.
            I did not vote for Obama simply because of him being affiliated with the crook Daley in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • L

            Dave, The founders of these united States were opposed collectivly to big federal government and the finished constitution did much to limit the federal powers. Yet, it has become the thing which they feared and now threatens the very citizans it is intended to protect. The problem with risking a minority party election majority now is that, due to the democratic form of electorate leading of the Independent States, a loss to the encumbant liberal destroyers, would be the final nail in Americas’ political coffin. Conservative Republican power is the National hope at the last tick of the clock. It can be done.

          • cr747

            I KNOW my Secretary just told me I spelled “weather” wrong…Should have been “WHETHER.” My bad… Sorry!
            Been a long day I flew from Kahului, Hawaii to Dallas, late last night, and now flying to Washington. You will have to excuse my errors. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! At times I think my Secretary gets a kick out of me messing up. Oh Well,”I am human,” I am not perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

          • L

            Dave, You seem to be forgetting about the Republican loss of the Senate majority in 2002. After which, President Bush was placed in the unsavory position of continuing the (continuing) military resistance to an unrelenting muslim “jihad” on ‘credit’ because although democrats voted for the war on “terror”, they continued to block funding for the American military forces operational requirements. The ‘heavy governmental machinery’ you refer to was first begun by then President Clinton prior to George Bush’s administration.

        • independant thinker

          The best way and possibly the only way to form an effective third party is to work from the ground roots up. Put as many people as possible in local offices then county and state offices. Then you will have a base built up to use for electing people to national office.

          • L

            Ground roots Independant conservative local elected representives would be a great compliment to the Republican political base. However, to win on a National level would require at least a complete election cycle, with both major parties in true default of constitutional boundries. While the democratic party is now in obvious defiance of American Constitutional guidlines and is operating as in communist beginnings, the Republican Party has proven to resist such a direction as a whole and will, when elected, reverse the corrupt changes that have just begun to strangle America and choke “the Republic for which we stand”.

  • Jared

    The failure of the recent December 25 terrorist attack in Detroit was the reslut of the system not working and personnel not sharing information or following procedures. (NOT BECAUSE THERE WAS NOT A FULL BODY SCAN–exposing the public to unnecessary radiation)

    Why ANYONE w/o a valid passport is ever able to board a flight to the U.S. is completely ABSURD! The gate agents/supervisors who issued a boarding pass to this TERRORIST should be moved to a non security critical capacity or just terminated!

    Also PROFILING should be employed along with the current random additional screening of all passengers. THe x-rays should only be used for secondary screening. WE do not need additional opportunities for exposure to additional electromagnetic radiaiton as terrorists will likely just hide explosives in body cavities or undergo surgery to insert items of mass distruction directly inside their bodies and/or organs. SO spending $$ on x-ray scanners for all passengers is only a FALSE SENSE OF SAFETY.

    Frequent Traveler

    • Meteorlady

      Maybe he was allowed as a dupe. Maybe he was not intended to blow up the plane but merely to act so in order to sell Body Scanners and scare us more so we accept less freedoms. I for one, don’t want more exposure to radiation. I am a citizens of this country and reject the premises that I need to be searched, take off my shoes and scanned just to fly up and see my 92 mother one every two months.

      • cr747

        Meteorlady, I think, “myself,” that it was a set up just to see if they could get through our security systems. I also believe that they are going to elevate as time goes on. Testing the Government to see if, and what kind of punishment that they will bestow on the Muslims. For instance the Fort Hood Shooting, you don’t see or hear much on that incident any more, and then the underwear caper on the plane to Detroit. They can’t decide who, and where to hold their trials. That alone should tell the American People that there is some mixed emotions in our Government that should be dealt with by the appropriate authority, or authorities. The incident in Fort Hood is absurd, because of it being instituted by a Muslim, and it being an outright murdering of innocent people. This should not have been drawn out this long for the grieving family members who lost their LOVED ones here. We now know that there where instances in both cases where that these could have been prevented if the proper authorities had been notified weeks before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    So you have a choice of full body scan or strip search? hmm, I will take full body strip search and tell TSA make it a woman! LMAO!

    • DaveH

      You’ll probably get a guy with sores all over his arms.

  • Carol J

    There’s an Oldie, but Goodie, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.” It needs to be put into action that any rules, regulations and laws that are in place for the citizens must also be applied to & obeyed by the “Ruling Class” aka: Government Officials, including the President.

  • Carol J

    P.S. “laws that are in place for the citizens must also be applied to & obeyed by the “Ruling Class” aka: Government Officials, including the President.”

    After all, they too are citizens of the United States of America; we hope!

    • Susan

      YOU hope// Time to Pray that they start seeking The Lords Guidence.. I have no doubt if Our NOW OFFICIALS had THEIR way. THEY WOULD STOP THE OPENING CONGRESS WITH A PRAYER.. EVERY DAY.. THIS would BE A BIG MISTAKE!!!!! They TALKED ABOUT IT BEFORE G.W.BUSH was ELECTED.. THAT WAS CLINTONS TERM.. REMEMBER??? There were enough to stop that from being taken from OUR HISTORY.of our GOVERNING and WAY WE DO THINGS IN THE HIUSE OF THE CONGRESS (REPRESENATIVES) LAW MAKERS!!!Laws made can be reversed very seldom do. some get reversed and then end up being taken to the Surpreme Court OF the UNITED STATES.

      Anyone given any thought about what happens to OUR SURPREME COURT if and I do say IF the USA BUYS INTO the EURO INSTEAD OF KEEPING OUR DOLLAR STRONG????? CAN anyone TELL ME how many COUNTRIES are already WITH the EURO?? Look it UP?? if you do not already know.

      • pickiemagee

        the supreme court as well as any other constitutional document will be Nell an voe it and any of or contract laws will mean nothing if you an the rest of the people don’t stand up an demand your rights the first one must be the right to know wither Barry aka Barack aka Steve Obama is legal or not every thing shows he is illegal an what he is doing to this country just proves it.all the lawsuits from our serves man questions his right to led,the lawsuits for treason, the senators questions on the floor of the house.freedom is only there if your willing to fight for it!go to [rise up]and fill charges of treason.

  • USN Pops

    What is really strange about this is that no matter what is done to make it safer to fly, the terrorists will figure a way around it. And in the long run, putting all this emphasis on the dangers of aircraft attacks is taking away from the real threat.

    The terrorists are, as we sit here dumb and happy, planning large scale attacks similar to the ones in Pakistan last year. The powers that be already know this is in the works, but not when, where or to what extent it will happen. Osama Bin Laden made it clear in his statement a few days ago, that this is in the mill. Fort Hood was a wake up call, and what is to follow soon will make that look like a day in the park. And it will be perhaps your 7-11 clerk, or the owner of the Motel 6 that is doing it. Real american citizens, that we all see day to day, but with radical leanings concealed for years to lull us into complacency will be the ones that will make the biggest mark.

    • Norm

      USN Pops
      I agree. Spending billions to fight wars with countries, who haven’t got a prayer of attacking us with any sort of military. is insane. Instead we should be ferreting out the people in the west as well as the middle east who are planning and plotting the acts of terror. We need much less army and much more CIA.

    • J C

      And who’s to say that “airplanes” will remain the target?
      What about the airports themselves? Shopping Malls? Power Grid Transformers? The Water Supply? There are quite simply far too many ways to kill large groups of people and/or cause economic chaos for us to ever feel safe because the Government enacts reactionary, after the fact security measures. Security starts with each and every one of us being vigilant. Which has me asking why we’re the ones being treated like terrorists?

  • David A. Celaschi

    When is everyone going to wake-up.These people are in their respective places for one reason only ,to dismantel this country and all it stands for and to make us prisoners within our own walls!

  • J C

    Froma an article in Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine.
    “The Scary Truth About Airport Security”

    Now even Israel, whose Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv is considered the gold standard of airport security, wants to learn from Canadian sky marshals. “Their training is first-class, next to none,” says Rafi Sela, president of AR Challenges, a security consulting agency active in Israel and North America, who has chastised other aspects of Canadian air transport security. “The air marshal program in Canada,” he told Maclean’s, “is the best in the world.”

    Maybe worst of all, critics argue that body scanners put too much
    focus on objects rather than people and their intentions. The use of body scanners “is, excuse my French, a heap of crap,” says Sela. He believes even the most lethal item is only truly dangerous if a person intends to use it. He once asked the heads of air transport security in Canada and the States if a loaded gun in his handbag would be considered a threat. Of course, they said. “When did I last try to hijack a plane?” Sela remembers retorting. “What’s the point of checking the bags instead of the people to whom the bags belong? If I have a loaded gun in my bag, you know I will never use it because you know me.”

  • Susan

    If a person does almost daily traveling Or say 4 days out of seven. The risk of Exray damage is higher then if you travel by plane only occassionally. Anytime Hospital or Dr. does exray or scans they protect themselves and are behind protected screen or out of the room entirely. YET THE PATIENT is being Exposed TO RADIATION that Can as you say damage/ ONE TIME, during my husbands illness. He was going to have a BONE SCAN DONE. requireing an Injection of potent Radiation into his foot into the bone. The nurse tech for such testing came in with the Lead cilinder that contained the Radiation. Hate to think what would have happened if she had accidently dropped the Bottle before INSERTING IT INTO THE FOOT!! The Chemical availability of SCIENTISTS, DRS, and GOVERNMENTS IS SOMETHING WE ALL should be concerned about. Just had a report about Saddams Cousin and his part he played in the CHEMICAL DEATH OF THE KURDISH IN IRAQ. Of course at the ORDER OF THE DICTATOR SADDAM HUSSANEOF IRAQ, BEFORE 911 EVER HAPPENED. GEE WHAT THEN HAPPENED TO ALL THOSE CHEMICAL WEAPONS THEY HAD THAT WERE USED PREVIOUSLY ON MEN AND WOMAN AND CHILDREN OF ONE CITY OF PEOPLE??? GEE I BELIEVE that people have said THERE WERE NO SUCH WEAPONS .. I recall after G.W.B. SENT TROOPS INTO IRAQ. THERE WAS A big SEMI EIGHTEEN WHEELER that was STOPPED heading FOR SYRIA. WAS LOADED WITH MACHINES AND CHEMICALS. REPORTED ON NEWS ONLY ONCE I THINK shut that up QUICK HUH? IT PAYS TO BE WATCHING NEWS sometimes you see something ONLY ONCE. and never see or hear a thing after that. SOMEONE goofed and reported what should not have been or LIED with EVEN PICS.. POSSIBLE for SURE. i personally am not against Medicine that can help people live. I am however against medicine that does more harm then good. and MOST IF you listen and read the warnings MEDICINE can be dangerous UNLESS you are healthy to begin with?? I guess the best thing is do not get sick because Medicines make some sicker. I got Sick Kidney failed so what do they now give me.. LASIX. a Water PILL that taken to much causes KIDNEY FAILURE!!! Does this make sense. yes Yet what is it that keeps the Creatine Good.. no one has told me that.. Only take a pill to keep water retention down.. HMMM anything wrong with this pic.. when water is needed yet the water is far from fresh and pure BECAUSE OF flouride, and who knows what else is added to supposedly make water safe to drink. Makes me wonder what people did when they drank from wells that got the water from the aquafere. OR getting a drink while out in the wild from a Fresh water Creek Spring water.. CLEAR because of the Shallow and ROCKS .. being also fed by the aquafire.. from waterfalls. Not sure about the waterfall yet I think some CREEKS are from such.. oh well I have always said SOME progress is Very Good. MOST is not.. not when it causes sickness instead of keeping people from getting sick in the first place. ALL I EVER had as a child was Whooping cough and Hard measles. that was it. No Colds No ear infections I was anemic off and on. ate Liver Spinach and anything else that would bring the iron level up.Gee no colds, no headaches No earachesand No flues until i was must have been between 30 and 40 .. NOW.. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SO SAID. ALWAYS OK WHEN TAKEN . SO THEY SAY. HIGH COLESTROL,, BLOOD SHOWS NORMAL BECAUSE OF MED SO THEY SAY. OATMEAL and OTHER THINGS CAN CONTROL HIGH COLESTROL NATURAL OATMEAL NOT CHEMICAL ENHANCED. Whom does not have arthuitis by the time they are 60? I have had this since 20′s.. BIRTH REASON spine problem. Still Spine Compresses with age creating problems for the Spine disks. These TEND TO DETIRIATE. WITH AGE and TIME. I sure am Thankful there will come a time when THIS body will be reknewed In THE HEAVEN where THE FATHER the SON HIS ANGELS reside.

    • American Citizen

      You’re right about seeing something only once in the news and then can’t find it anywhere again. I recall a report that our soldiers, into going into southern Iraq, found bunkers where MSD had been hidden. This was in an area where Sadaam had not allowed the inspectors to come in. One of his generals even said that truckloads of them went into Syria before we came in because Sadaam knew we were coming.

    • L

      You are right, and remember to think and do the things that promote youth. Just as we are renewed by the Word of God.

    • eyeswideopen

      Susan, hope you don’t use an old microwave oven. Check your cell phone also, it might be harming you.

    • cr747

      Susan, the man you are talking about that was a cousin to Saddam Hussein, was called “CHEMICAL ALI.” He used chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurds. Well, He was executed Monday January 25th by hanging.

      He was sentenced to death for the poison gas attacks that killed more than 5,000 Kurds in the Kurdish town of Halabja in 1988.
      It was the fourth death sentence against him for crimes against humanity during the Saddam era…”Quote on Quote.”

  • thomas

    Remember logans run sex shops,scanners lasers.They go after you when you get a certain age.Thats coming next.
    You can have a good life as longs as it doesn’t interfere with others.Thats impossible right.Say good bye to mankind as you know it.
    When others finally wake up it will be to late for anything.
    Congress and the senators all have stocks in these companies naturally they will push this stuff through.They create the problem,provide the solution then act on it.They tell us its good for us but its actually harmful ,they lie about everything so they can profit from our doom.

  • CathieO

    I agree that the X-Ray security scanners will no doupt increase cancer cases. Especially for those repeatedly exposed.
    But think how lucrative that will be for US Gov.Inc., once they
    merge with the health care (cancer) industry. Their REAL number one
    concern is NOT with our health care, or our security; it’s how to diminish & contain what they see as “excess” population. And how can they best transfer our wealth to themselves, before they kill us. I know there ARE radical terrorists out there, but in reality, they are being enabled & used, to keep us from seeing the bigger threat, which is the one world elitists trying to create their total beast, one world government, & it’s total lockdown of the people able to survive all of these various onslaughts.

    • American Citizen

      I am in my 13th year of treatment for breast cancer. I had those foot x-rays as a child (for shoe fit). I had a pelvic x-ray with my firstborn, no aftereffects to the baby as I had an apron over my abdomen, That was 52 years ago. They no longer do them as far as I know. They do sonar now to see that all is well.
      I’ve had numerous chest x-rays because of having pneumonia 3 times, bone scans due to metastisis, a couple of PET scans and a pelvic MRI. I refused the rest of the MRI as I could feel the rays on my pelvis. No one in my family, other than myself, has had breast cancer. What do I blame it on?

      • cr747

        American Citizen, God Bless You…In my prayers for your battle with breast cancer. There is no one to blame, and nothing to blame it on. My wife at 38 years of age had breast cancer. No one in her family has had breast cancer or any type cancer before her. That was the first thing the Dr.s asked her, had anyone in her family had breast cancer or any form of cancer. Also at that time,”1993-4,” they where telling women not to get mammograms until at the age of 50. Now they have changed that.

        My wife was pregnant at the time, an that is how they found out she had breast cancer. Unfortunately we lost the baby. We figured it was Gods way of letting her know that she had the cancer. I all most lost my wife, but through our strong belief in God, and a lot of prayers, she made it. Has now been cancer free for 8 years.

        So for all you battling this dreadful disease, do not succumb to it. Have your mammograms and test when due. If caught at an early stage your chances of survival are tremendous.

        God Bless All Of You Out There Who Are Battling cancer. You Are In My Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • American Citizen

          I have refused to have any more mammograms or other scans as I don’t think they will do me any more good. My new oncologist is with me on whatever I want to do. He put me on a new pill, boy are they expensive, and my markers at the present time are going down. I put myself in God’s hands from the start and I think prayer has a lot to do with my surviving up to this time. I am due for cataract surgery next month. I am pain free except for an occasional reminder from Arthur so I take an Aleve. Old age ain’t for sissies.

          • cr747

            American Citizen,
            I can’t say I know how you feel, for I have never been in that situation. I told my lovely wife when she experienced the dreadful disease that I wished it had been me. I am 12 years older than my wife, and naturally she lost all her beautiful black hair. She is Indian,but I told her that if it would make her feel better that I would shave my head to. She refused, and her hair stylist purchased her a wig. I thought that was a great deed that the Lady did. Her hair grew back a lot thicker than it was before she lost it. It is jet black and beautiful, as she is. I took off from work a year to be with her, for we thought from what the Drs. had said, there wasn’t much time left.
            But as I said with our strong belief in God, and a lot of prayers, she is cancer free as of right now.
            I know you don’t know my wife and I, but our prayers go out to all cancer victims, some with, and some free.
            But if we never meet you, always remember, YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE IN OUR PRAYERS. May God add his richest blessings on you, and keep you in his arms. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JC

        God Bless you and keep your faith.

  • Gary Haugen

    150 scans equal to 1 chest x-ray. And who says that 1 chest x-ray isn’t harmful. If we could plot the increase in cat scans along with number of cancer deaths I’m sure the graphs would show just how dangerous x-rays are but that is privileged info.

  • Christopher

    Increased incidence of cancer feeds money into pharmaceutical and medical pockets from which the government benefits greatly tax wise. It also helps reduce the population, which is one of the many ways they have devised of achieving this objective. The whole agenda is fraudulent and manipulative.
    I agree with watching O’s body language which shrieks of lies and deception. People thought they had elected an angel and they ended up with a fully blown demon. (I think he might have some good intentions inside him but he is not the one pulling the strings.)
    This life ends in death for all and UNLESS each individual has a relationship with THE CREATOR, they are destined for eternal non-existence. Prayer to God is the most powerful thing on the planet.

    • American Citizen

      I don’t know about the nonexistence after death, as if you are a Christian, Jesus talked about the afterlife. There is a place other than Heaven for those non-believers.

      • L

        You are right about the place for all who leave the flesh without the Son and the “eternal non-existance” is a place of the perfect wrath of God continuing without measure (endless in quanta) and eternal. We all need to make sure about repentance and faithfulness for avoidance of such an unfathomable consequence.

  • Jim

    I will accept the occasional radiation as a risk over being blown up. We all run into the best of poor choices quandry. Those who object can elect to be strip searched.. Having said that, there are ways to prescreen those who travel a lot and can be eyescanned or fingerprint scanned to establish their identity and trustworthiness which has been verified by a background check. But that would be too logical for the US government..

    • L

      Jim, It’s the money that the government is following to a path of destruction. More radiation is the last thing the national population needs in this electronic age we live in. The effects of radiation sickness is looming nearer than ever before. Great sores on the skin, or lesions that are uncurable are the eventual and enevitable result of excessive rotogen doses, no matter what the sorces may be. It all adds up, from birth onward and is acumulated throught a life span.

  • JanO

    I finally saw someone that felt the same way I did during the campaigns. In trying to be fair & make an honest decision I would try to listen to Barack’s speeches. I just couldn’t & had to turn him off. Knew instictively he was a phony. Then on top of that, yes, there was all the evidence that proved my instincts were right. I guess a lot of people do not have those instincts but just hear what they want to hear & pooh, pooh away all the facts as politics.

  • Robert

    When you have xrays done on your teeth, a lead apron is used to cover your body. Same holds true for an xray of a part of your body, like hand or legs etc. So I believe that the Government needs to explain ow this new idea of their wont adverseley impact a human being. Now if I were a trial lawyer, I’d be smacking my lips. I can see it now, after three months, the TV will be flooded with advertisements from Tort lawuers asking: “Have you recently been xrayed at an airport and suffer from the following symptoms? We hear at 90% goes to us and your lucky if you end up with 5% will work hard to get you compensation from the taxpayers, Uh, we mean government”

  • bonus bunny

    Clearly some folks in America have never played tag team, or good cop bad cop, good jew bad jew..etc.. the money and power in OZ is Bush, Cheney, Rahm, Pearl, Clinton all the same menace just different labeling. The menace is the Fed Reserve and it’s banksters. Ivy League schools turn out Ivy league monsters, gee who knew?

    • L

      The “powerbrokers” are the Builderburg group, the top richest, monetarily, in the world. Those are the “new world order” builders. Some of the super rich in the world who have positions near that ‘elitest’ power, are Christian, and because of it, are opposed to the disasterous direction of total control over the whole earth. If one looks closly, he can see this truth. Yet, the power of evil is, unfortunaly in full swing at this time. America, pray for the near coming elections. Return to conservative roots and stand firm. For your children and your lives.

    • L

      BB, Your propagandizing is better scripted in a fantisical imaginary lennonist spy film than in truth seeking blog post here. Neither President Bush, nor the “Fed” are essentialy corrupt nor evil, as you implicitly assert. The system of American government that operates is fundemently sound, as evidenced in the past decades; but, not proven able to withstand world forces of foriegn corruptions and evil intent, emminating from the major foes of true freedom and soveriengty which we have so fully enjoyed for the past 200 plus years, as a Republic of Independent, yet United by the common bond of purpose driven commitment to truth. At this perilous point in world history in American government, the U.S. banks which are still operating independently of government control, whether arabian muslim sharia, or a, now rouge, American “liberal” government, need full and unfettered latitude to operate profitably in supplying the nations businesses and workers with GDP based capital, in free flowing manner. This is the hope of American capitalism. May God Bless America, and Americas interests.

  • pete

    Unfortunately the question still remains: “Are we able to save ourselves from ourselves?”

    We lost the theme some time back and seemingly are unable to find a way to stop the hatred, greed and stupidity that has caused the undoubtedly serious situations in which we find ourselves today.

    There is a definite end to everything – nothing is forever and maybe we are going to become extinct as well – that would be a huge relief to the universe!

  • Christopher

    In answer to ‘American Citizen’ and ‘L’. After many years of agreeing with you I did a study on this subject and all the scriptures pertaining to the final outcome, and it seems quite clear to me that eternal in many cases meant until the process itself has completed its job. I ended up agreeing with The SDA church who I can see have this right. I truly think that a loving God would not inflict severe suffering for eternity. The lake of fire is for Satan and all his followers, and scripture says Satan will be no more.
    From me with love.

    • American Citizen

      I don’t know what scripture you’re reading, but eternity means forever. Hell is forever, so Satan is also forever. When there is no world for him to get more souls from, he will have to stay in hell. It doesn’t mean there will be no more Satan.

      • American Citizen

        Also, the Bible is the only inspired word of God. The LDS book was written by someone other than the Apostles who walked with Jesus. There is too much in there that is contradictory to the Bible.

    • American Citizen

      Furthermore, you say, “Satan and his followers.” There are many humans who follow Satan and worship him. That’s who hell is for, not just for the fallen angels.

      • L

        Yes, the Bible tells us truly that “gehenna” or hell, is for the unrepentent. However, the second death, or “lake of fire” is known as the third hell (first hell being the grave, or pit, second being the “bottomless pit” or gehenna, more on that later) is made for Satan (the slander (of the bretheren of Christ) and his angels but (terrible consequence) those “humans” who will not seek to find the God of the Bible, must also be cast in. Thanks God for the free gift of The Lamb, never mind that we give all, yet receive much, with troubles, to gain Christ!

        • American Citizen

          It’s all the same hell.

          • American Citizen

            There may be another place God has for those who have not heard of Him or His Son, Jesus. We can only let it up to God to judge as we will each be judged as an individual. I’m just glad I’m not God.

          • L

            AC, It is for the unrepentant, but read where King David of Israel wrote toward God, in Psalms; to not leave thy servant in hell, meaning the grave. Also, he sang, that “if I should make my bed in hell [sheol], You are there” OKJV Putting this into perspective for the senses; Some in Christ now ‘sleep’ in their graves, as their physical bodies [vessel] is waiting on resurrection/transformation at the coming of the Lord. So we see that, for the repentant in the God of Israel and America, we [vessels] can enter ‘hell’ and return, though “to be absent from the body [of Christ] is to be present with The Lord [Jesus at The Throne of God in Heaven presently].

          • American Citizen

            Heaven was not yet open to the people of the Old Testament. That’s why they needed the Messiah, to save them from their sins. Unfortunately, when He came, they didn’t recognize Him as they were waiting at that time for a political savior. Even though He fulfilled all the prophecies, they didn’t accept Him. It was only after Jesus’ death that the gates of Heaven were opened. That’s why Jesus descended into “hell”, a place where the good people were waiting, to lead them into Heaven. We call that place, Purgatory, where we, too, will have to wait until we’re purified. Only God knows how that happens, but we know it’s not the Hell of damnation for all eternity. Only an individual can choose to go there. It’s up to each of us to accept the gift of Faith and our own salvation. That means living our lives in the certain way Jesus showed us. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” “He who believes in Me will see the Father.” “He who sees me, see the Father.” That’s why we know that God is a God of love. He doesn’t condemn us, the individual condemns himself/herself. The ultimate sin of the Holy Spirit is the rejection of God.

          • L

            As with the whole and perfect Word of God; In rejecting Him, many prophesys were fulfilled. Read that He “took captivity captive” in desending into hell and ‘takeing the keys of death and hell from the devil’ went, with those who died in faith, being with Abraham and the prophets and went to paradise. Purgatory does not exist. The reason Abraham and the prophets were in the ‘hell’ or grave were to wait on Jesus Christ, not to be made holy. Holiness comes when paitence (trouble works patience) is added to faith (you know the meaning) and virtue (good work). I think it is an easy combination. Without holiness, “no man shall see God”.

    • L

      In reply to Chris and Pete,
      The Name of Jesus has the Hebrew meaning of “He who shall save His people from their sins”. Also, Yahway is ‘The Lord saves’. Hebrew text, as written in the Gospels, tells us to “save ourselves from the wrath to come”. The reasonable mind will take heed and react according to the warning given to seek saftey from a defined paramount danger ahead.
      Due to the finite existance of “life” as we sense it within the “process” we know as “time”, infinity is an ‘inconvienent’ concept until “death” is considered. Infinity being defined as beginning at the cessation of “process” or definable change, is and unknown.
      However, reason would indicate that infinity would not change.

      • American Citizen

        There were other people of the time named Jesus, but only one who was called, “The Christ”, meaning, “the anointed one” He was the one recognized as the Messiah by His followers, especially after His death and resurrection. Even the Apostles were “dumb” while he was alive. They were simple men who only caught the meaning of everything Jesus said and did after He arose from the dead. They travelled around for years just telling orally all that Jesus said and did. It was only after they realized He wasn’t coming back that they wrote the Gospels. Even so, they didn’t dictate them as the Gospels are “according to” whichever Apostle is mentioned. Most of them were dead before the writings, most martyred. John was the only one yet alive when his Gospel was written and he was in exile. Everything the apostles preached are not in the Bible. It’s said there that if they put everything in, the world couldn’t hold all the books. Of course, their world was small. They knew every little of the size of the world at that time.

      • American Citizen

        In reality, we can’t comprehend “eternity.” We can’t get our minds around it. We can only think in human terms of time as we know it. However, a thousand years is but a blink of the eye to God. Here’s why.

        If you take all the grains of sand in the world, all the drops of water in the oceans, seas and rivers, all the leaves on the trees in the world, all the blades of grass and add them all up, you haven’t begun to see eternity. So it’s hard to even begin to imagine what eternity will be like. We can only put our trust in the Creator and our Savior.

        • L

          Where do we begin; Your faith (the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen) in Jesus, The Christ (annointed one, and His annointing Heb.) is alive and given by God. Now, there are people today named Jesus [Hasuse in Spanish and so on in other languages] but the Holy Scriptures reveal that Gods Holy Angels spoke to Mary, the mother of Jesus the Christ and told her that the son she would bare “would be called Jesus because He would save His people from their sins”. Please read the Bible from beginning to end, slowly and meditate on it day and night, like it says to do, then you will grow in the spiritual nurture and admonishion of the Lord, as Jesus did. The Gospels were the words written that were from the witnesses, whether by scribe or their own hands, without varience. Read where the Holy Ghost was sent by the Lord after He was translated up to The Father in Heaven and was recieved in the upper room by the twelve, then they had power given by God. Before that, they had gone back to their places even after seeing everything come to pass, just as Jesus said they would. He had to be seen and handled of them after being raised from the borrowed tomb (from Joseph of Arithemah) before they would even obey Him and wait. The Word of God goes forever and there is no place in earth or eternity that He is not, yet natural minded man is only earthy but spiritual man, that is the “new creature in Christ Jesus” is in earth but not “of earth”. Made spiritual kings and priests unto God in Elohim (The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost), being citizans of Heaven and aliens in earth. When the whole world is sent strong delusion that they might beleive a lie and be damned, the false “jesus” will do “miracles” and lying wonders but will not decieve the Jewish saints of “Solomans third temple” in Jerusalem.

          • American Citizen

            The Apostles cowered in the upper room until the Holy Spirit which Jesus promised entered into them. He told them if He did not go back to the Father, the Holy Spirit could not come. It was only then, after receiving the Holy Spirit, that the Apostles had the courage to go out and preach the Gospel as Jesus told it. They suffered and died for their Faith and their words were written down by their followers. Jesus even founded His own church. “Thou are Peter, the Rock, and upon this Rock I build My Church.” How many churches claim to be apostolic, but how many can really trace themselves back to the Apostles? That doesn’t mean they’re not Christian as they try to follow Jesus’ way.

          • L

            The Holy Ghost is our comforter and by Him we are set apart for The Lord God, our God. He is why we shall and may love God with all our being. The human mind can not fully comprehend this, without the ‘makeing alive’ of the Holy Ghost [or Holy Spirit]. Compare the Words of Jesus in the context you mentioned with His other references and note that He was always referring to Himself as the Rock. Ex. “If you fall upon this rock, you shall be broken. But, if this rock falls on you, it will grind you to powder”. One of my favorite, of His many warnings toward us as mankind. “Behold, the stone [stone being man or 'son of man'] that the builders [hebrews] rejected, has become the cheif cornerstone”. When the word “Rock” is used, it is in reference to divinity, or Elohim. As when the people praised Him riding into town on a burrow or one like one, Jesus said, “If you do not praise me, even these ‘stones’ will cry out, ‘Hossanah, meaning blessed is He that comes in the Name of The Lord’.

  • iowaheretic

    What comes around,goes around.

    • American Citizen

      He who doesn’t learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

      • eyewideopen

        American, then why is it so hard for the Republicans to admit what they did and learn from it? Why not try to work to fix the problems? Why just sit back and obstruct every idea brought forth to try and rememdy the problems? Just what have they been doing for the entire year, since they have come up with any ideas? I do remember the empty blue folder that the minority leader held in his hand claiming to have a plan in it. Other than trying to lower taxes while we have two wars in process what have they come up with? Yet, they will be not be removed from office. History, will be interesting to view in ten years, after the corporations name their Senators after their companies. I would like to introduce Senator Blackwater, Senator Haliburton, Senator Dow Chemical, Senator United Health Care.

        • American Citizen

          I have heard some of them admit mistakes were made. They, too, have to listen to the people.

        • American Citizen

          As for that, they’ve not even been invited to the table to give their plan for healthcare or anything else. We’ll have to wait and see what they run on for the election in November. We need most of them voted out. There are just a handful worthy of keeping.

          • eyeswideopen

            American, they were in all the committees that Cspan broadcast. Obstructing yes, but they were there. They keep trying to make that claim, but anyone who watches Cspan saw all of their major players. I would like just one Republican to tell us what percentage of the bill they think should be passed with their ideas. Why do they expect when they are the minority party to have 100% control of the content? Since they represent 40% of the country, they should be very happy with having 40% input, to expect the Dems to totally cave in is not only not fair but unrealistic. When they had power they didn’t include the Dems in much of the content. Matter of fact they used reconcilation frequently. The hypocrisy is becoming more and more evident.

      • L

        Republicans are wise in not playing the “shell” game with those who act like doing the opposite of what is proven right will somehow end up good. It does not take much of a folder, blue or red, to list the simple measures based upon real Gross Domestic Product and LOWER government waste expenses during a wartime or peacetime term. Voters need to remember that American politics works best with a majority, that is the issue here. 51 votes makes the saving fillibuster legal precidence for ousting the criminals from Washington. Hold on to your hats people, the waters are a getting rough!

  • Kamaria

    For those who did not realize it! Many people voted for Obama that did not really believe in him. The reason? McCain stated many times in his speeches that he would bring back the draft. That is how Obama got elected. Many parents with teenagers, college students, etc. did not want the draft. Realize, McCain could have won if he would have just taken back that one statement.

  • Jack Lovett

    This is just another terrible intrusion on our privacy. The brain dead american sheeple that believe in the phony “war on terrorism” that believed the the gov story on 911, the lone assassin on Kennedy, the Ok city bombing, Pearl harbor and on an on. The only good news here is the slimbags working for the gov doing this criminal act (x rays) will probably get cancer from that.

  • pfwag

    It is all relative. Living in some portions of the country, like Colorado, exposes residents to more background and sky radiation than living in other parts of the country. Just flying at 30,000 feet exposes the flyer to much more radiation than being on the ground.

    The issue with full body scanners is that it is very hard to find any information on how much radiation you are getting when scanned. This is probably not too important for the casual flyer but may be to the frequent flyer. A start up American company, Valley Forge Composite Technologies, has a new ultra-low radiation full body scanner. It exposes you with about the same amount of radiation that you are going to receive on your coast to coast flight.

    While no additional radiation is good for you, your house is already full of things that add to your radiation exposure. Add cell phones to the list too.

    Nobody lives forever and we will all die sooner or later. On your next flight, an un-profiled and un-scanned ass or vagina bomber can kill you much sooner than a little more radiation will.

  • pfwag

    PS: I forgot to note that the Valley Forge full body scanner is probably the only one in the world that will reliably detect under ware, ass, and vagina bombers.

    Then there are the totally un-screened cargo containers…. Valley Forge has a new widget for those too.

    The technology literally came out of a Russian WMD facility.

  • http://na Bill

    lots of the above are correct, but he only way to corret the situation is to get out and vote, begain the profiling or do not allow moslims to fly. better yet dont allow them in our country, We hav to vote OUT the Obamas and speaker of the house, and it caint happen quick enough.Its time for REAL americans to stand up. hank GOD its began in Mas. now to follow through and clean house.

  • Christopher

    Thank goodness for the good information on Youtube and the internet which has given us a forum to inform each other of what really is going on in the world. Some people might choose to live in denial, but if enough people are informed and alert to the fraudulant and deceitful ways of promoting poor health, planned population reduction, invasion of privacy and freedom of choice, the deception of most ‘terrorism’, climate change and many other ‘tricks’ that are used in an attempt to control people and to centralize that control, we can out-maneuvre and beat them…… especially with the powerful weapon of regularly praying. Question everything.

  • GraceUnderFire

    This entire business of full body scanning is a bunch of b.s.

    The terrorists can easily circumvent the problem. They will insert the explosive materials in body cavities, swallow them or, even better, IMPLANT them… complete with detonation devices Even the explosive sniffing dogs won’t be able to sniff these out.

    What we need is some kind of a device for everyone to walk into that will detonate explosives in or on the individual and not bother the rest of the population.

    Obviously the “identification” area would have to have some pretty thick walls so it didn’t hurt anyone else.

    Problem solved. Bad guys blow up 100% of the time with no effect on the rest of us.

    If we could put a man on the moon in the 1960′s, we sure as Hell ought to be able to do THIS in 2010.

    ADDITIONAL BENEFIT: Cleaning up the mess will give the TSA (Thousands Standing Around) something useful to do.

  • Eric Hull

    Body scanners will be in over 500 US airports by 2011. Personally, I feel our government needs to work hard to place many of these in foreign airports. They need to be placed and used abroad in airports that are known to be areas that originate flights with terrorist threats. Body scanners will soon be the norm, all privacy and sensitivity issues aside. These body scanners will also takes up to 5 times longer than metal detectors for screening. Expect lines and waits. Explosive sniffing dogs are in use nationwide and around the world. I think they are a vastly under-utilized resource. The 2010 DHS budget expands funding for explosive sniffing dogs but only by about 65. Look at the positive side of scanners=fewer hands on intrusive body pat downs. All the methods now being used by the TSA provide a multilayered approach to security. Metal detectors, pat downs, bag searches by hand, limited liquids in carry ons, explosive sniffer/analyzers, body scanners, explosive sniffing dogs and passenger background checks from ticketing information are all a good step in the right direction. Ntohing is fool proof. As Americans we want son=mething to be done for us. The reality is this-you be an active part of security. Be alert, keep an eye on those around you. The last few attempted airliner bombings were discovered and thwarted by fellow passengers. As for radiation from airport screening devices- you are there such a short time I think your exposure is minimal. You are likely getting more at cruise during your flight. Fly safe and be aware of your surroundings, speak up if something or someone does not seem “right”.

  • Joe’s Grandma

    Don’t you mean “kooks”? It’s evident that there are a lot of people on this blog who don’t know how to spell or punctuate, and that, my friends, is why we’re in the situation we’re in. There is not enough education between some of you to get ahead of the mess we’re in. Obama was so articulate that he fooled too many people into believing he was smart enough to solve all our problems. Now he’s going to cook us with scanners in the airports to make sure we don’t reproduce so that Muslims can rule the world. (I may be joking now, but who knows….) As for me, I’ll take my chances with land or ship travel if I want to get somewhere. Question: do they hire Kamikazi pilots on Air Force 1 and 2?

  • AWAKEincleveland

    AWAKEincleveland says the french AREN”T buying it either/FALSE-flag/everything about the official story is FALSE ,Youtube: Bigard’s 9/11 series: 1. The magical passports ,(serirs 1,2, and 3… are translated from french television) Hilarious!
    educate yourselves
    Google Video: (1-2 hr ea)
    1. Blueprint for truth -120 mins.
    2. 9/11 Mysteries -full version
    3. Dr David Ray Griffin at Boston U. (1-9)
    4. William Rodriquez Part (1-9)
    5. Loose Change 2cd Edition
    6. 9/11 In Plane Site -72 mins.
    7. John Schroeder -47 mins.
    8. ZERO.investigation.Into.911.avi
    9. NuoViso: 9/11 False Flag (full length documentary)
    ps. Lets not forget Alex predicted 9/11 (July,25,2001 episode)
    -No plane at Pentagon, No plane in Shanksville. This 9/11 was just Operations Northwoods on steroids.

  • jules

    I am a radiographer, which means what I do for a living and what my education is in is xray. Let me clue you what the government is doing to you. Backskatter radiation is by far the WORST possible radiation you can have. Xrays are actually stronger, which means the beam can get through your tissues quickly with minimal harm and produce an image on the film or screen. Backskatter is such a weak xray beam that all it can do is penetrate your tissue. It just bounces around in there killing pieces of it. It never leaves your body. It isn’t strong enough. The reason I go behind a screen and you do not during xray is because I do 1000 of them in a workday. Can you imagine the amount I would receive if I did not. But my job and my oath is to make sure my patients are as protected as I can possibly make them. That means not allowing doctors to xray pregnant 16 year olds through the abdomen and pelvis, protecting gonads, and keeping my technichs down to the lowest possible level. Backskatter radiation is the one type we most protect against, as it is the most harmful. We do not yet know what repeated sonograms due to a fetus, but it is the best we have. MRI’s do not use ionizing radiation, they use magnetic waves, so there is NO radiation during this test. The biggest problem with backskatter radiation is that in the human body, ionizing radiation or xrays is cumulative. Once you get radiation, it never leaves. The problem becomes at what threshold is it safe, and how much is not. No one knows. I will tell you with all knowledge that I hold, that I WILL NOT fly due to scanners. If I get too much radiation, the government requires me to quit my job. What do they require of you? Radiation is all around us in very minimal forms. When we are constantly bonbarded by UNNATURAL sources of radiation; i.e. xrays, scanners, etc, we triple compound our exposures because they can not be measured and kept at a safe level. Flying will give a small amount of radiation, about the same as a chest xray. So will a cigarette. But who is training the screeners? Who is protecting the pregnant and the children? No one. My grandchildren will never be allowed to enter one of these scanners. They have enough problems to overcome as it is. DRIVE. It’s much safer. Or try boats or trains. Careful America, our government seems determined to keep us from prospering one way or another. And I agree. If it’s deemed safe for the people, then why did the pilots get the buyout as frequent flyers? Because they didn’t want to die and they knew this could kill. And God forbid the damage we are doing to very young DNA and the reproduction problems in this country. Let Obama and all his government idiots be screened also. Bet that won’t wash. Why do I, as a citizen who must produce ID at every turn, have to be stopped and harassed while foreigners without proper id go right through? BTW, backskatter has no capability to see into body cavities, it is not strong enough. So that radiation you just received is useless, except to get porn pics for someone’s jollies. Not good for anything else. Any cavitiy will not be penetrated and no xray will pick up plastic, and some other man made materials. Stand up America. Tell all our leaders, democrat, republican or purple that we are MAD AS HELL AND WE AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.
    Barring that, you frequent flyers and scanners better call the American Cancer Socity. You will need them sooner or later. God protect us all, and from our own leaders, too. We live in very sad, scary times.


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