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The Happy Valley Football Altar

November 15, 2011 by  

The Happy Valley Football Altar

The Penn State scandal is so disturbing that it’s hard to even write about. When I first heard Joe Paterno had been fired, I thought perhaps it was an overreaction on the part of Penn State’s board of trustees. But as I read about some of the details of the case, I quickly realized I was wrong. As it turns out, Paterno is a split legal hair away from being guilty of covering up a heinous crime spree that staggers the moral imagination of the average American.

As we all know by now, in 2002, assistant football coach Mike McQueary, then a graduate assistant at Penn State, allegedly saw defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sodomizing a 10-year-old boy in the locker-room shower. To McQueary’s credit, he immediately reported the incident to Coach Paterno.

However, one of the questions people are asking is: Should McQueary, who was then 28 years of age, have gone to the police instead of, or in addition to, telling Paterno? Probably. But I’m willing to stretch my moral slack cutter enough to believe that the youthful McQueary was probably panicked about witnessing such an unfathomable crime and rationalized that he had done his duty by reporting it to the head coach.

Paterno, in turn, reported the incident to Athletic Director Timothy Curley. The same question applies: Should Paterno have gone to the police instead of, or in addition to, telling Curley? Here I have a problem with cutting JoePa much slack.

At the time, Paterno was a 73-year-old prominent role model who had been the head of one of the most prestigious college football programs in the United States for nearly four decades. I’m at a loss to understand why he didn’t follow up, and follow up, and continue to follow up in an effort to find out what action was being taken against Sandusky. (According to the grand jury indictment of Sandusky, “it was within The Second Mile Program that Sandusky found his victims.” Sandusky founded the charity to help troubled youths.)

If Paterno did not follow up, he is an accomplice to the cover-up of a horrific crime. On the other hand, if he did follow up and was told that the university was not going to press charges against Sandusky, he had a moral obligation to take action on his own. And, again, if he did not take such action, he was guilty of repressing information about a serious crime.

Curley and Gary Schultz, Penn State’s senior vice president for finance and business, did not report the incident to the police, but did ban Sandusky from bringing children into the Penn State locker room. By definition, not notifying the authorities amounted to obstruction of justice, a felony that has put many a high-profile person behind bars.

The Penn State embarrassment brings back memories of another iconic football coach, Woody Hayes, who was fired from Ohio State University the morning after he shocked the sports world by punching a Clemson player during the 1978 Gator Bowl. What was different in the Hayes case, however, was that there was no crime charged and his inappropriate behavior was witnessed by a stadium full of fans and millions of television viewers.

The issue is much bigger than coaches like Paterno and Hayes, who believe that winning football games is the most important thing in life. The broader issue is the deification of college sports by millions of mindless fans, which sends a bad signal to students who are supposed to be focused on getting a good education.

A kid who gets straight A’s has to wonder why a guy who can run with a football is more deserving of a letter sweater than he is. I’m more impressed by a learning-challenged student who manages to rise above his learning deficits and graduate with a 3.0 GPA than a 7-footer who can dunk a basketball.

Personally, I don’t believe athletes should receive any kind of reward for their athletic accomplishments. But I do believe that students who excel at academics should be held up as role models by a university’s hierarchy. There’s nothing wrong with being a good athlete, but sports should be kept in proper perspective. Winning a football or basketball game is not a major accomplishment in the grand scheme of things.

I remember shaking my head in disgust when CBS News anchor Dan Rather opened one of his broadcasts in December 1999 by saying excitedly, “There’s joy once again at Columbine High School.” He then went on to tell how Columbine had won the Class 5A state football championship in Colorado.

The implication was that winning a football championship somehow made things right at Columbine. As usual, Rather got it completely wrong. The exaltation of jocks is a major part of the out-of-control bullying problem at schools like Columbine. The jubilation over the school’s football championship only perpetuated the “jocks rule” atmosphere that purportedly still prevails at that school.

I doubt it will ever happen, but I would like to see all sports scholarships eliminated and have the rosters of college athletic teams filled by grade-qualifying students. Sports played by real student athletes would bring in just as much money as the semiprofessional college teams we have today. If everyone is playing at a lower skill level, it looks pretty much the same as when super jocks are playing against each other on a higher level.

The Penn State tragedy and the broader issue of deifying college sports are really just symptoms of a much larger problem: We have discarded the certitudes and values that once made America the greatest country on Earth. Without certitudes and values, it’s easy for people to do unspeakable things such as looking the other way in order to protect a revered college football program. After all, the secular progressives have taught us that everything is relative.

May God be with those innocent kids who were sacrificed on the Happy Valley Football Altar. And may they all become wealthy as a result of the avalanche of lawsuits that is about to shake Penn State to its core.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Its all about the money, cover it up or we lose MILLIONS, so it is.

    This is in my opinion a slice of what society has been moved to by the progressive movement, no God, no morals and all that comes with it. Just look at OWS, dirty, nasty, violent leftest, socialist, communists, wanting freebies. Not that we dont have some greedy sickos running Wall Street, stealing us blind, just put them in jail.

    Its all by design, its all for a purpose — rob you of your freedom and liberty and bring on the New World Order.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi9

    • Karolyn

      God or no God, nothing new under the sun.

      • FreedomFighter

        Check this out K

        We are in a spritual war.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Lastmanstanding

          FF…spirtual and let’s add moral.

          Bottom line. half our country is void of any productive, considerate lifestyle…infact lets go a step further and say half the world.

          No work ethic, no responsibilty, no personal drive to succeed, no faith, no morals…no chance.

          To much collective bs. Everyone needs to be responsible and able to care for themselves before they can come together and share the earth.

          • CJM

            Lastmanstanding: I would say that LESS then half of the American citizens fit your notion of unethical, amoral, lazy individuals. It is usually that minute minority that gets the grease in the wheel…and the majority gets the blame. If a crime has been committed and someone knows about it, nothing can be done about it until that witness comes forward (or the crime is discovered in some other way)–in the Penn State case, nothing happened because the crimes went unreported.

          • 12AngryMen

            Wake Up Call, Everyone:

            I wonder out of all of the people outraged and disgusted by this, how many are consumers of pornography?

            ANYONE who has paid money for pornography or prostitution has supported this by feeding the world of sexual exploitation. How about all of those great athletes that accepted sexual favors for recruitment? What about all the college kids that participated in date rape?

            Talk about “looking the other way”- we as a society do it EVERY DAY.

            If anyone here wants to make a difference- forget about high-profile cases. Get YOURSELF right, then your family, and keep the smut as far from all of you as possible. Don’t let it in your homes or phones or computers, OR YOUR THOUGHTS.

            The cure for all of this craziness is till the same as it has always been: “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.”

          • Barbc

            12angrymen – You are right! Unfortunately most do not think that Playboy, hustler, etc. as porn. Watching the marginal shows that constantly debase the human spirit adds to the problem. To many movies and TV shows encourage foul language, immorality, cheating, unmarried sex is just another days activity.
            It has been happening for so long we don’t see ‘it’ any more. Little by little we lost our high standard of morality.

          • madog2

            This has been a problem since forever and it will always be. It is a damn shame that when you try to start a conversation with someone you hear “Hay man How Bout those cowboys or Did you see such and such movie”? The majority of the world livs and breaths sports. We have a so called president that doesn’t think twice about flying across the country to watch a sports event.

          • Hendrik

            To which I would add…and NO accountability

        • Old Henry

          Thank you for the link FreedomFighter. YOu are absolutetly on the mark, we are in a spiritual war – of enormous proportions. When we walk outside you can almost feel the evil swirling in the air of this country. Now we have one in our WH.

        • Old Henry

          One thing about that sub-human being out on bail – it makes it easier to get to him and serve justice for those boys.

          • 45caliber

            But if someone did that, it would cut his lawyer’s income big time! That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? That’s why they are so in favor of gun control (for everyone else). They don’t want to risk the lives of their clients.

            Incidently, is the college paying his lawyer fees now?

        • Mike in MI

          Right on the spot, FF -
          One of these days I hope some researcher with some credentials in neurophysiology or neuroendocrine studies would take the time to study the hormones and chemicals that are in semen and figure out what damage could be expected to occur in little kids who get molested by these damnable pedophiles. I know there is some real powerful stuff in there and it does real nasty things to an adult over a period of time. But in a child who is just developing physically and mentally the effects would be magnified and could be very different on growth and development.
          This would be what the Bible calls “astorgos (a Greek word)” meaning – someone who mistreats, abuses, damages its young. The term is one of some twenty evil things listed as evils to be found particularly in homos.
          God says that those who do such things are “worthy of death”. So, God thinks they should die. But, our wonderful system of IN- justice treats them as though they are salvageable.
          God says “Kill them”. Bleeding hearts say, “No, they should live.”
          So…Who’s trying to play God?

          • Mike in MI

            Need to make an addition to “real nasty stuff in there (in semen)…does nasty things to an adult…(add) MALE.” It isn’t harmful to a woman. The girls’ reproductive systems are perfectly suited for it to result in a baby.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Karolyn…. What you say may be true enough, but I am sure those boys who grew up to be men know they were violated, which is not NORMAL. You display an attitude in your posts anytime someone mentions God. If all were living according to God’s law and will, none of this stuff would happen. But there is sin in this world and these things do happen. My daughter was sexually violated by an older cousin. If I ever see him again, it will take every ounce of self control I have to keep from killing him. And, as a Christian, I know this is a normal reaction, but I know that God would not want me to feel this way or act upon my feelings. What Sandusky did to these boys is just disgusting. He is a maggot. He should be locked away forever away from all he could hurt.

        • Old Henry


          If you ever see your cousin again, put a millstone around his neck and throw him into a lake or river. God will approve and has advoked it.

        • Bruce D.

          I found Karolyn’s post bothersome also. This is something everyone one should be outraged about. While it is nothing new for Karolyn it is extremely difficult for me to understand how a heinous act like that can be overlooked by anyone other than an extremely lowlife individual.

        • Karolyn

          my point, Robin, is that there really is nothing new going on. It is not because of our society these days. These crimes have always existed. My spiritual beliefs are just that – mine; and as such, I like to share them and try to challenge people to think outside the box.

          I attended a training today regarding sex in our society. The reason we live in a “rape culture” is because sex is so taboo in this country. Compared with other countries, where they give out condoms in school, speak frankly with kids about sex, have nude beaches, and even legal prostitution, this country is a veritable den of iniquity. We have more unwanted pregnancies, more abortions, more teenage pregnancies, more rapes, etc. that Britain, France and Netherlands combined (by a large margin, too). None of this has to do with pedaphilia about which I know nothing. We have a separate center with specialists who deal with the kids.

          • KHM

            Rape or pedophilia isn’t about sex, it is about POWER. Those who commit either’sex offense’ are usually either victims of abuse themselves or cannot have a normal sexual relationship with someone who is their peer. They have to prey on someone who is weaker.
            Yes this type of crime has existed for thousands of years, but that doesn’t make it any better. In fact it says that we as so-called civilized people have not evolved that far. Yet there are some, such as former “Safe Schools” czar Kevin Jennings and others in NAMBLA, who would have us believe that man-boy relationships are Okay and about love. NOT!

        • Karolyn

          KJM – I beg to differ. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children, whether men or women, and believe in their own minds that they are bringing pleasure to the child. Rape IS an act of power and control and not sexually motivated. Of course, there is child tape, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a pedophile who carries it out because, as we’ve said, rape is about power. Pedophiles love children.

          • C Colin

            Karolyn, pedophiles can’t love children, that is impossible. Do you know what love means? That is part of the problem in our society. Pedophiles are confused people. It is a sickness, yet they are still responsible for their wrong choice and harm that they cause.

      • CJM

        As usual, K, no empathy, let alone sympathy, for the victims. To you, the perpetrator’s act is ‘business as usual.’ Somehow, I doubt you would display such an attitude if one of the victims had been YOUR child….more than likely, you would be the first to demand the perpetrator be buried under the jail and to heck with a trial.

        • Karolyn

          What attitude? Do I have to gnash my teeth and beat my breast like everybody else to show how sympathetic or empathetic I am? I’ll have you know, empathy is one of my strong points.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Karolyn, don’t you work in or around sex crime prevention and Therapy?

        • Karolyn

          Yes, I do, Angel. My response was addressing the fact that these types of crimes have been in this country forever and are nothing new. I was responding to a specific post. We discussed child molestation at our training today, and the main topic of concern was how little is reported. In our county, there were only two reported cases last year; and everyone finds that hard to believe. As a result, it is felt that everyone just turns a blind eye because it is usually a relative. We did recently have a teacher arrested for having sex with a 14 year old boy, though. I think it’s the first ever. Of course, I feel for the kids, but I do not feel the need to curse somebody out because of it. Of course, Sandusky has yet to be judged.

    • Judy

      Report it “H***”, why didn’t he step in & stop it right there?? I am a woman with disabilities but I would have attacked the sucker right there on the spot if I came upon such a deplorable act. What has happened to people, especially men?? My husband would be in jail if he caught him, he would have killed him.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Hear Hear Judy!!!!

      • Carol

        I agree with you Judy, I would have jumped on his back and started clawing at his eyes and if I had a chance I would have kicked him the the gonada, he is a filthy pig. All child molesters should be put behind bars and if ever turned loose, a big M tatooed on their forhead so everyone would know what they are. You can’t fix them, once a pedifile, always a pedifile.

        • home boy

          latest reports say he did step in and stopped the actions.

        • Old Henry


          All child molesters should be EXECUTED post haste. We need an Express Lane to the gallows. They are convicted on Monday, they are executed on Tuesday. The victim(s) or their parents get the option of tripping the trap door.

          • 45caliber

            Old Henry:

            Personally, I’d like to see it done the same day.

            LOL … some years ago the state executioner retired. The anti-death penalty people were all excited – it would eliminate the death penalty since no one else would want the job!

            I know a lot of people volunteered to do it for free. Me included.

        • Methusala

          While this individual languishes in jail, he WILL succum to many attacks because he IS a child molester! Prisoners have their own code-of-justice and one thing in particular they despise is child molestation! I’ll give him less than a year before they bury him!
          P.S. In order for him to survive, he will have to be under watchful eyes as in a suicide-watch with a mandantory one man cell and guards at all times. Whatcha bet this doesn’t happen!

          • marcia greene

            Let him reap what he has sown

          • Old Henry

            And do not forget his bosses. They must be “punished” as well.

      • moonbeam

        that’s the same thing i said, Judy. If I EVAH come up on something like that, i’m the one going to jail. I was asked why and I said “Because i would have killed him.” and from what I heard today, they tell me it was mostly African American boys he was molesting.

        These kids would be about 20 years old now?

    • Rod Roberts

      $$ The Big Bucks $$

      You are O so right, millions of dollars for the big successful football/basketball programs, players, and personnel. Forty years ago when I was at Syracuse Un. our head football coach (and he was head coach for many years) made $1 less than the chancellor of the university, had a large home provided, butler, cook, housekeeper, and a radio/tv show which paid him big bucks.
      In Washington, not reporting SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE is a felony and will be punished by jail and/or fines. Teachers and coaches are on the line for this type of abuse – just observing bruises is a hint. All must be reported to principal, counselors and police. But college and pro sports are such big $$ affairs there’s always big hush money and kill the whistleblower syndromes. Most people would not believe the money that is budgeted each year for their local high school sports programs. I know when I was on our budgeting committee I was astonished by how much it cost to run and compete: Equipment purchase and repair, helmet inspections/replacement, transportation, salaries, ticket sales, officials, lighting, custodial overtime, uniforms, cleaning, and a host of other costs. The bigger the school district, the higher these costs go and you don’t just have a varsity team you have JV and C-squads. Money runs the sports business!

    • Old Henry

      comment removed for explitives

      • Old Henry

        Mr. Livingston:

        Please accept my apologies.
        This is a pretty hot issue. Thank you for not de-activating my “key” to the front door.

    • Ranger 1

      Freedom Fighter is abso-friggin-lutely correct! It IS all about the money in the case of PSU’s scandal . Cover it up or we’ll lose millions! Of course, the firing of Coach Joe P. was ALSO all about the money. Please don’t think for an instant that a Board of Directors might make a decision based upon what’s MORALLY right . . . . . . when was the last time you saw any major BOD do THAT?? Unfortunately, FF then loses all semblance of logic when he says, “This is in my opinion a slice of what society has been moved to by the progressive movement, no God, no morals and all that comes with it. Just look at OWS, dirty, nasty, violent leftest, socialist, communists, wanting freebies.” Really, FF? Last time I looked, the OWS movement, with which anywhere from 66% to 80+% of the public agrees (depending upon whose polls you read, from FOX Noise to AlterNet) is made up primarily of progressives, who pretty much hate or distrust BOTH major political parties. This OWS movement is a testament to the FACT that our current society is held hostage by the Uber-rich, who simply have been allowed by the Republi-CON party to control most of the wealth and ALL of the political power. Maybe we’re overdue for starting a THIRD party. Perhaps they should call it the MAJORITY party, because I’m certain the vast majority of the population of this country would prefer it over the 2 corrupt gangs we have at present!

    • theotherrhalf

      Why are you blaming this on progressives?

      The real fact is you have dirt bags everywhere.

      BTW my father was a marine, and was one of the most abusive men I’ve ever known. Hidden to most, but he beat the crap out of my brothers on a regular basis, nearly killed my mother a few times.
      And he was a conservative, “moral” upstanding in the community, church goin individual. So Mr. FF take off your blinders and realize that you make way too many assumptions about liberals, ows, and everyone else you mentioned.





  • Angel Wannabe

    I’m so thoroughly disturbed & disgusted by this I could just puke!!!_There’s a lot of questions we want answered here in Pa, but what I really want to know is when McQueary saw Sandusky raping that child, why in the hell didn’t he step in, and beat the living shyte out of him within and inch of his life!_I’m telling ya had it been me, there would’ve been NO WAY that SOB would’ve gotten out of that shower without being wheeled out on a litter!_and he’s denying the charges, he said, on the phone in and TV interview__He’s innocent of those charges????
    __The missing DA,who authorities say, A’hem, his disappearance is not involved in this??!! Never found the body, declared dead last year I believe, found his car, and later his computer, with a missing hard drive at the bottom of the Susquehanna….

    I was abused, not sexually, but abuse is abuse__but this is heinous!!!!__Abuse It does one of two things, abuse makes you extremely timid fearful, or controlling and aggressive__lets just say, it DID NOT MAKE ME TIMID!__I’d like to tell each on of those kids who were victims,” Support them get them help_It’s not your fault, and you’ll be ok!”
    I’m and on ropes about JoePa, WHY, WHY wasn’t more done?._His testimony can’t be used in court , because, its regarded as “Hear-Say”__They threw Spanier and JoePa under the bus!__This just makes me sick!__ FIRE THEM ALL AND START THE HEALING!

    • wandamurline

      I have to admit I am with you on this one…being a mother and grandmother, I would have done something right then and there to stop this man….like call the police and hit him over the head to knock him out until they arrived and gotten help for the boy. I simply cannot believe that people will not help when there is a crime being committed….since I am 64, I guess I was raised in a different era where honesty, pride, responsibility and God were taught. I had a terrible drug problem….my parents drug me to church, drug me to family gatherings, drug me to neighbor’s house for gatherings, etc. What a shame that we have lost all of the moral aptitudes that were taught to my generation.

      • Angel Wannabe

        WANDA I’M 55 and I’m telling ya, there would’ve been no way Sandusky would’ve gotten out of that shower standing up, no way!

        • Angel Wannabe

          and wanda for the record,… that drug problem you had?__Is the kind of drug problem this world needs more ! :)

        • Lastmanstanding

          Girls, we are 50 and are with you. i grew up in pa and went to PSU.

          I live out west and 10 years ago couldn’t believe that paterno was still alive let alone still head coach. (as I don’t follow sports anymore for obvious reasons.)

          i hope they all rot in prison and are fully consumed mentally for what they have allowed to happen.

          • http://WeThePeople Jean

            If they go to prison – it will not be to rot – it seems the normal? prisoner has plans for each and every child molester

          • Angel Wannabe

            Jean_ Your Right!, I’ve heard rumors of that before!

      • Zermoid

        Any one of you Brain Deads realize that NONE OF THESE CHARGES HAVE YET BEEN PROVEN?!?!?!

        If and when they are PROVEN is when it’s OK to berate and fire people, not before. What happened to INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY???

        • Greg T

          …in a court of law.

          The college has another obligation to the students. I wish more people in authority knew that things like this would get them fired. Finally, the people at the top take the hit instead of the usual fall guys at the bottom.

          • Old Henry

            We’ll give em a fair trial and then hang em.

          • American Gram

            Fired? That should be the least of their worried. Fire at the end of life is what they should worry about.

        • Angel Wannabe

          zermoid, excuse me__it’s called outrage, tough if ya don’t like it!!!!

          • Old Henry

            Actually Angel I would call it reality. That sub-himan was caught IN THE ACT with a ten your old child.

        • steve

          Obviously there was enough “proof” for Penn to take action limiting Sandusky’s access to children. I haven’t read that Sandusky put up a fight against the allegations that resulted in Penn’s decision. What do you make of that?
          I agree with your comment about innocent until proven guilty, but Sandusky admitted to some pretty disgusting activity–fondling kid’s legs, getting naked with them in the shower, etc. His own admissions to such activity are all I need to believe the rest of it. I certainly hope you don’t think such actions are okay!

        • JeffH

          Zermoid, that’s right…innocent until proven guily.

          In Sandusky’s own words: “I say that I am innocent of those charges … I have horsed around with kids. I have showered with them after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact. I enjoy being around children. I enjoy their enthusiasm. I just have a good time with them. I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.”

          The guy has a long uphill battle to prove himself innocent…being indicted on 40 counts of child sexual abuse, it doesn’t look too promising for Sandusky.

          “Paterno has come under harsh criticism — including from within the community known as Happy Valley — for not taking more action in 2002 after then-graduate assistant and current assistant coach Mike McQueary came to him and reported seeing Sandusky in the Penn State showers with a young boy. Paterno notified the athletic director, Tim Curley, and a vice president, Gary Schultz.”

          The bottom line is that Paterno deserved to be fired for not following up on the reported Sandusky child abuse after it was reported to the Penn State administrators. A moral man wouldn’t have allowed this scandal to continue under his nose. Despite the police investigation going nowhere, Sandusky should have been released from Penn State by Paterno. There can be no excuses.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Well Said Jeffh!!!!

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Zermoid… If it was one of your kids would you sit tight until the charges are proven?

        • marcia greene

          Yes, innocent until proven guilty – but there must have been some very damming evidence presented for these individuals to be fired. They will have their day in court

      • Old Henry

        Yeah Wanda, hit him over the head again and again. Gotta make sure he is fully “unconcious”. Just tell the cops he kept slipping on the we floor and falling down…

        Remember the democraps mantra: Take the sons of b*tches out and send them straight to hell. (This message approved by Little Barry)

    • Ashley

      Can you believe Angel, i totally agree!LOL I guess in recent statements/interviews he’s saying he’s not a pedophile, but he shouldn’t have showered with boys….LOL what?I saw that this morning!Im a mother of 2 boys and it just makes me almost anxious to think stuff like this happens…it can make me cry on the spot if i start letting my wonder what these boys must’ve been going through!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Ashley, People Turning they’re heads from things they don’t wanna see!—Its all over!__My husband witnessed a car accident involving a pedestrian, which who was hit and flung up over the car hood and landed on the highway, my husband was the only one who got out of the car, to try to help this boy__everyone drove by and just stared!
        __people make me sick!

        • Ashley

          Yes they make me sick as well!That’s wonderful of your husband to offer whatever help he could.Even if was just a hand to hold and words of encouragement…im sure it made a huge difference for the boy!

        • Donald

          That’s the full story of the good Samaritan. Nothing has changed through the centuries.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Donald, TY!__My husband was and is always like that, that’s partly why I love him!

    • Old Henry


      To use the democraps phrasology: It’s time to take the sons of b*tches out and send them straight to hell.

      • Angel Wannabe

        OMG_ Old Henry, this Penn State thing just set me oFF!!!!__I was abused(not sexually) but as a kid being abused, your out of control of it__Hense your either overly agressive or overly timid, I’m not the latter!!! :)Mine abuse stopped when I started to punch back at nine!!!
        As my Mother use to say you can pick your friends but not family!

        But Sexual abuse is the worst kind of abuse there is, hoffic and heinous and if this is all true, I say givem a fair trial then hangem!!!

        • Old Henry

          Bravo Angel!

  • skippy

    My heart certainly goes out to those boys and their families. I cannot imagine the hell they have been through. I am not sure there is even adequate punishment for such abuse by a person who portrayed themself as wanting to help troubled youth. Just disgusting. And I have to agree, the whole damn football program is to blame. You just don’t drop the ball on something like this. Hat’s off to McQueary!! Way to go!!

    • steve

      “Hat’s off to McQueary?” Are you serious? I think he is an abject coward for not helping the kid. I guess he didn’t want to risk his job. Loser.

      My hat is off to Mr. Ringer. I’m sure he has pissed off many jock worshipping readers. Good for you, Mr. Ringer. Keep it coming!

      • Mike in MI

        Steve -
        Mc Queery is pretty much like everybody else in this sick and confused system: confused and “sick-in-the-head” over what to do about what’s right and what’s wrong. So which is it?
        Love is good. Therefore sex is good because it makes you feel loving. Right?
        But, pedophile coaches doing this is not good and people get all upset and angry. It’ll be VERY HARD to prove.
        And priests doing the same thing to acolytes and choir boys is worth judicial action and huge judgments against the church. But, the priests get off with a hand slap and go work in some other capacity.

        However, on the other hand we’re teaching ten year olds in school about these kind of relations and that it’s just as good as anyting else out there…and it must be good because people want to do it. And…it makes you feel “loving”. So, try it you’ll like it. There’s a real high disease rate in the receptive partners…but, so what, it’s avant garde and daring and you can consider yourself “modern” and rebellious.
        The Bible says people who do this have “reprobate minds” – but what does that matter in today’s world? We’ve evolved beyond that…haven’t we? Maybe we have. But has God?

        Of course it’s a fact that McQueerie was an intern in Paterno’s coaching program at the time. But that wouldn’t have anything to do with his decision not to bother one of the coaches protecting a little boy. NAW!!!

        • steve

          Amen, brother.

  • kwullen

    Our universities are graduating football players who can’t read, write or speak the English language and can’t balance a checkbook.
    Football needs a Minor League, like baseball, and universities need to go back to the education business.

    • Haggard

      I think they need to get rid of sport academia all together. I think it teaches the wrong things to everyone involved. As mentioned above they should be bringing attention to those who are excelling in the brain department to the best they can.

      Sports is nothing more than the Roman Gladiators where we celebrate the losing/sacrificing of one team or individual to another. The whole of this society is sick and doesn’t even know it.

      These sports have become one of our many gods to keep us preoccupied from things of importance and we are being blindsided by it.

      I hope they burn the whole of the football god at Pen State and all those who sacrificed the well being of those boys for the sake of a buck and tradition.

      • Harriett Sharp

        You are right about too much emphasis being put on sports. I heard one football jock addressing the administration of his college as ‘youse guys’ and declaring that a good education was more important than football.

        A football hero from my own high school went to a local university on a football scholarship. After graduating at the end of 4 years, he discovered he couldn’t get a job because he had no marketable skills. So went back to school to learn accounting. So what good did that football scholarship do him? Nothing. It only earned revenue for the University sports program.

    • steve

      Right on!

    • Mike in MI

      Yea! HOORAY!! Whooppee! I can blow out my lantern and stop looking. I FINALLY FOUND ONE: A SMART, REASONABLE, sensible, THINKING PERSON with a huge amount of guts to tell the world how screwed up it is.
      I got my neck injured in high school football practice and started to develop a laundry-list of health problems as long as your arm. I was “treated” medically and told it would heal and wouldn’t have much effect on me after healing a few months. Well, I had one thing after another start going wrong, from head to foot, which all were sort of sub-clinical but very irritating and troublesome intermittently. One symptom was chest pain and heart palpitations at night – which scared the hell out of me.
      Well I finally (twenty-one years later) got treated chiropractically. Wow!!! After about 45 days of care to the football-injury-neck (only neck) I took mental stock of what had changed. About 70% of the laundry-list was gone (GONE) and all of it had become much better.
      I know now that no medical expert would have found the simple answer to all those problems and would have treated them individually – with very little success because the cause of the trouble would be left unchanged. But, boy, would medicine have made a mint on me.
      There is every reason to think mine is not an isolated case…especially now with medically taught “trainers” employed by most high schools and colleges funneling the kids to medical care(lessness.)

  • Bill Scantlen

    The problem that I see with this whole sordid episode that with Kevin Jennings the czar supreme wants homsexuality taught in out public school systems.
    As for the football frenzy in schools across the nation, it will never stop. THe money coming into universities and colleges is tremendous. Imagine a football coach with a salary of say 3 million and a professor that may or may not want to teach academics receiving a paltry sum of 75,000 dollars.

    • Karolyn

      Pedophilia and homosexuality do not necessarily go hand in hand.

      • Lisa

        Not totally, but 80% of the time they do. Those were the last statistics on paedophilia. 80% of them were homosexual. One corruption always has more corruptions that follow. And perhaps after we allow homosexuals to call themselves on par and equal to heterasexual marriages, paedophilia will be the next approval on the list as we all slide down this slippery slope in to a moral wasteland. First they will lower the age of consent and all hell will break loose from there. Not good. Not good at all. This will make everyone suspicious. Our kids will have to be raised under lock and key. Just recently in England a judge released a paedophile saying that she did not condemn his attrations to children! Go figure.

        • Karolyn

          Can you cite those stats?

          • Lisa

            I cannot Karolyn as it was 3 years ago that I read about it in a report on homosexuals. I do not say it lightly. It was a report from the police department of all those who had been charged in the last decade. If I recall the source I shall post it.

          • Lisa

            But tell me Karolyn….even without cited statistics…. What sort of man would want to have sex with a small male child? A homosexual paedophile. Homosexual males have sex this way as there is no other way for them other than backsides, the waste zone. And of course we all know, that they are ONLY attracted to MALES.

      • Will Larimer

        I believe pedophilia, (male)homosexuality and sado-masochism are very closely related. Some personal experience and much observation tell me so. There are mountains of empirical evidence and when the “homo-fad” dies down in another 15 years, there will very likely be numerous scientific studies finding that to be the case. (Oh my, can that Really be true?) If we are a country that is obsessed with “the children” the only possible reason for ignoring kids safety in this area is the fear/dread of seeming to be a “hater”. It’s a bunch of b.s. all the way around but I really hope we all live to see the day when banning homo scout leaders and sports coaches is realized to be the decent thing to do again.

        • Karolyn

          You “believe”. Your credentials are? And your research is cited where? Too many people “believe” and have nothing to back up those beliefs. You are way off base. And the homosexual “fad” is not and will not go away. Do you think homosexuals will suddenly disappear? Why do you make a distinction between male and female homosexuals? There are female homosexual pedophiles too. Pedophiles are in their own class, whether straight or gay.

      • Mike in MI

        Karolyn – you are a sad case. Of course they don’t go hand in hand, but they DO go penis in something else – whether it’s in an adult’s or a little boy’s.
        But in every case, it always involves a big devil spirit. And it can’t be cured. You can’t rehabilitate devils and you can’t kill them. You can only kill the shell (the person) they have taken over. God commanded to destroy anyone who gave themselves over to this so the society would stay wholesome and not be defiled. The homo’s brain has to some extent rotted in their skulls and they have no conscience (that part of the brain is either gone or its leads to the forebrain are diseased).
        They were to get a trial, witnesses and a fair hearing. If guilty they were to be killed – no tears, no recriminations and no sorrow.
        It is telling that God demanded that the Hebrew’s, those who wanted to worship Him, never get involved in the homo trip. He told them if they did he would not hear them – pay no respects, no attention. But the gods of all the neighboring people of Canaan required their worshippers to do this stuff.
        So, what’s all his crapola about there only being one Big God over all mankind. God is Father and all men are brothers??? Not according to the BIBLE.

        • Karolyn

          Simple! The Bible is obviusly wrong! And you can’t prove otherwise unless you were there.

          • Lisa

            The Bible is correct. We do not need to ‘prove’ it as you say. We do not need to defend God, He can do that for Himself. It does not matter that ‘we’ were not ‘there’ because God transcends time. The instructions were given for ALL generations to follow.
            All has been well up until ‘this’ generation who has, in my opinion, lost touch with reality. Up until ‘this’ decade, way back through history, christian, jew, believer, non-believer, religion, no religion etc has always believed and known that homosexuality IS WRONG. Now, it does not matter how well YOU wish to ‘verbally engineer’ it, it will never be accepted by the majority of the population. Like I said earlier, morals have fallen down a very slippery slope, things will get worse, not better. We will raise our children under ‘lock and key’.

  • Ben Walker

    Righteous Indignation is a very natural reaction to atrocities, and what happened to the children abused in the Penn State case certainly qualifies as an atrocity! I only pray that one day the world will react with the same righteous indignation to the deaths of millions of children through abortion! I guess the deaths of aborted children would generate more indignation if they had been given names and had been held in their Mother’s arms for a little while! I wonder why abortion doctors aren’t charged with murder and prosecuted. Why aren’t hospital administrators fired for allowing children to be killed in hospitals under their supervision? I know abortion is legal, but, would sexual abuse of children be any less egregious if it were deemed legal by the government? Just a little food for thought!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Ben__ I do react with the same shock &despair about abortion, I was suppose to have been an abortion but lived!!!!__Just because you don’t hear everyones disdain doesn’t mean its not occuring!

  • ted leithart

    Since you brought up the Woody incident, let’s look at the rest of the story:

    Yes, Woody lost his cool. He did so in practice several times, wailing on fully uniformed players. Obviously, not much hard done to the players considering they were in pads, etc.

    But does anyone ever talk about Woody calling Charlie Baumann? They became friends over the years.

    And whenever another Woody book or bauble head is marketed, who gets one of the first ones? Charlie Baumann. I understand from Charlie that his friends buy Charlie everything Woody imaginable.

    In lieu of the revelations of the dirty laundry being aired centering around the football program at Penn State, the antics and problems of my alma mater, Ohio State, seem tame by comparison.

    But, then, Columbus-town is rather tame outside of football season.


    • marcia greene

      Linking Woody Hayes and Joe Paterno in any context is outrageous

  • L Grapentine

    It seems to me you are using an after-the-fact finding that wrongdoing took place to justify a lynching of a certain select member of the group who had knowledge of the rumor (and it was a rumor to them) of misconduct by Sandusky. Joe Paterno saw nothing and knew nothing, and had, therefore, nothing but a rumor to report. He passed that rumor along to his superiors for good reason; theirs was the responsibility to do the investigation, to pass the information along to the police if their investigation bore fruit, and to protect the university from bad publicity, which was sure to occur in either case. Once he passed the rumor along to the athletic director, his job was done.

    Notice NO ONE ELSE IN THE INFORMATION CHAIN BETWEEN MCQUEARY AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY HAS BEEN FIRED, at least as far as I have heard. Everyone above Paterno was senior to him in responsibility, but they are not targeted by the press. Some of those senior to him participated in the investigation, and knew the results, but they are not being punished, though their responsibility is clearly greater than his, using the moral code you seek to justify.

    Further, and more troubling, is the application of press standards of culpability to ANYONE who MIGHT have knowledge of criminal activity. Such an effort results in, AT BEST, a rush to premature judgment, a public crucifixion of a person whose situation is unknown, and whose reasons for silence EVEN IF HE HAS ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE may be sufficient to justify his action, if they are known. This is very like another press practice; that of applying accepted morality rules of today to the world of centuries ago, and badmouthing those who lived in that era for practices completely acceptable then, but considered wrong now. These are moral traps, used without thought by persons who seek to justify their own morality, which profits from the headlines such morality and such traps make possible. In point of fact, the general moral code five hundred or a thousand years ago was far above that of today, though the times were much more difficult, and the knowledge level far lower. Members of the press would do far better by asking what journalists THEN would consider appropriate than to pursue one another in the public lynching of citizens using the press code of today.

    • MRobs

      All the double speak in the world does not excuse the fact that Paterno was well aware that Sandusky was a pedophile. I am from PA and have lots of friends at Penn State and there is a lot more dirty laundry going to be coming out. They are all guilty and should all do some prison time. Explain to me how a grown man of 28 sees a child being raped and does nothing but “report” it – disgusting – all of them!

    • Ashley

      L-it’s not a rumor….McQueary said he SAW Sandusky sodomizing the boy…How is that a rumor…

      • 45caliber

        It is people like L who are alibiing those who commit the crimes. That is the only reason they can get by – and they know it. A criminal is a person who committed a crime – not a person CONVICTED of a crime – but you will see them insisting otherwise. If this ever comes to trial, I will expect the defense lawyer to try to insist that the 10 year old boy seduced the coach.

      • JDubya

        We now have heard that he in fact did not witness the act but heard noises that sounded like it (it only takes a fertile mind) – if so, he should have called 911 immediately and shouted in the hallway or something to let them know he was there witnessing it. Running to Paterno with it later is not acceptable – I think Paterno was set up IMHO. Don’t forget that what you are hearing is coming from reporters who took it in part from Grand Jury testimony. Something smells to high heaven here and it is not Paterno. If the perpetrator did what he says he did, he is guilty of bad judgment, not necessarily a pedophile.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Ashley, Up date___Mcqueary Originally saw aledgedly said he saw Sandusky as sodomizing a ten year old.__ per Fox News as to what McQueary saw__Changing his story, He now says “I did the right thing, I made sure it stopped!””Grand Jury report suggests he did not stop the act!

    • Vigilant

      L Grapentine:

      “Joe Paterno saw nothing and knew nothing, and had, therefore, nothing but a rumor to report.”

      A “rumor?” No, it’s called “an eyewitness account” and it’s acceptable as testimony in a court of law.

      “Further, and more troubling, is the application of press standards of culpability to ANYONE who MIGHT have knowledge of criminal activity.”

      “Press standards?” No, it’s called “legal standards.” Anyone with knowledge of a heinous crime has the responsibiilty to come forward. The legal process of investigation, outside of self-incrimination, requires divulgence of these facts, and yes, even rumors and innuendo if they are applicable to the case. Failure to do so is either obstruction of justice, perjury or accessory.

      “This is very like another press practice; that of applying accepted morality rules of today to the world of centuries ago, and badmouthing those who lived in that era for practices completely acceptable then, but considered wrong now.”

      You’re way out in left field on that one. Are you trying to say that such behavior was acceptable a mere decade ago?

      Need to change your screen name to “Hear-No-See-No-Speak-No-Evil.”

      • 45caliber


        Too many of the libs now insist that eye-witness accounts should no longer be allowed in court because the witness might have seen the wrong thing due to some angle or shadows or something. As a result these are “rumors” only and should be disallowed. That is their argument about the guy recently executed in Atlanta. He didn’t admit his guilt and – despite 34 eye witnesses, some of which knew him personally – they say he should have been released because “they had no hard evidence”.

  • Torbin

    Mr. Livingston: You miss an important point in stating that the 28 year old was probably panicked… to what? excuse pulling a man smaller than him off of a 10 year old boy he was witnessing such an unfathomable crime. CAll the policc. Hold the man down. Take the boy to a safe place – to the police. The man was a working on or had a masters degree for goodness sake. He knew better. If there is such a crime, both McQueary and Paterno are accessories after the fact.

  • Lloyd Miller

    But why was protecting Sandusky so important?

    Why was everyone so tolerant of him? Generally homosexuals have a hard time in the “sports” culture? Penn State didn’t need Sandusky!

    • 45caliber

      It was important to protect him because the football team was WINNING!

  • former walmart person

    Folks, people in power are EVIL. Get it through your skulls. E V I L. Our government and major corporation CEOs, and other would be elitists such as these Penn State perverts, are pure evil. They are more wiked and evil than anyone in the tea party ever knew.

    As proof, our skies are being chemtrailed like crazy. Soon we may all be dead. Killing us in plain sight. Gotta love these bastards.

  • http://Que Phil Schwarz

    McQueary missed the boat. He was 28 yrs old & should have immediately stopped the incident to protect the child. He should have then immediately called the policy. The problem originated with him. The cover up should start with him. The football coach just went up the line with an incident he did not view & was getting the info. 2nd hand. Start with the problem & bear down. I bet McQueary didn’t even call the police to follow up, which he should have. Also, did he follow up “hard” with higher ups at the university? Don’t shoot the guys in the line who just handed the problem up the ladder, which they should do since they didn’t witness the event. The coach shouldn’t be involved & wouldn’t know if the President &/or Board of the Univ. spoke to McQueary about the incident. If this still continued & more children were harmed, shame on McQueary. If you see something wrong, take personal responsibility yourself.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Mcqueary apparently called his father after the incident, the father alledgedly is/was a good friend to Sandusky. McQueary apparently told the whole story (that Sandusky did sodomize this child) to the higher ups, and only reported it as horseplay to Peterno!__SODOMY VS HORSEPLAY ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS!

  • Bruce Feher

    One is a child for a very short time and that time should be happy. Having older men and/or women abusing you is dead wrong! If the crew at Penn State had ANYTHING to do with these crimes they should pay full price regardless of their status!

  • Ellen

    This all happened in a small town where people knew to shut their mouths or lose their jobs (maybe even their lives). For those who spoke out but didn’t follow through, maybe they felt they did their part. Paterno didn’t see it himself, he heard it from a student. He was probably in a difficult situation: believe a student or believe a man he knew well who ran a program for youths. The university should’ve done more. They could’ve interviewed all kids in the program to ask if there had been inappropriate actions by adults. In 20/20 hindsight, it’s easy to see McQuery told the truth and this was a pattern. At the time, it was just one allegation. This is like the Catholic Church problem that was also covered up for years. The fallout back then would’ve been much less than now. A revered coach has lost our respect. Penn State’s reputation is damaged. State College is at risk of losing its biggest ‘industry.’

  • Joe

    This case goes alot higher than just Sandusky. What happen to the DA and was Sandusky involved in his possible murder. Why did the DA not pursue the case in 1998. I have read that a child sex ring may be involved that may account for the easy way Sandusky was able to move around the campus even after they knew he was trouble. Why also was such an easy bail set, if the charges are true you put a monster out on the street. I think there is alot more to this whole case, I can only hope someone has the courage to follow through and find out. As for JoPa he is Penn State and now needs to spend some time in the State Penn as he dismissed the actions of Sandusky thus allowing more victums to be abused.

    • Lastmanstanding

      There is actually a prison just north of Beaver Stadium…I hope they all end up there. Just another group above the law.

  • Richard Thomson

    Does anyone else see our culture’s double standard? There is a righteous indignation (and rightly so) that JoePa and others are complicit in a coverup involving sex with minors. However, Planned Unparenthood fails to report statutory rape virtually on a daily basis so that they can cooperate in killing an innocent child for profit. This sets for the girls up for repeat offenses besides destroying a life. Which is the greater crime? Where is the moral outrage?

  • RG

    I agree with you about Paterno, but think McQueary is just as culpable. He was plenty old to know better. But I’m guessing you’ve never been an athlete, and I disagree on your disrespect of athletics. There are extremely valuable life skills learned through athletics including teamwork, goal setting, conflict resolution; not to mention diet, exercise physiology and a respect for one’s body. Academics and athletics are all part of human achievement, and achievement is what should be esteemed. There are plenty of kids who cheat on tests, so over zealous braniacs aren’t any more immune from moral compromise than jocks. That’s part of what is so disheartening about the Penn State matter for sports fans. PSU had a reputation for winning with honor. But I find your use of this situation to promote class warfare (academics versus jocks)to be disappointing. Paterno, McQueary and the other grown men who should have protected an innocent child are the ones at fault, not athletics. It’s about PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL responsibility. I see no value in demeaning kids who work hard to excel in athletics as though their endeavor is somehow less respectable than an engineering student. The PSU incident is ugly beyond comprehension, and the INDIVIDUALS responsible need to be held accountable, and that is something we can and should come together on. Don’t use it as an opportunity to divide.

    • 45caliber


      There is NOTHING good that can be learned in athletics that cannot be learned elsewhere just as easily. The whole goals of athletics are money and glory. Primarily for the coaches. If you don’t win games, you are fired. (This is one of the few professions where you EXPECT to end your job by being fired!) Win and you get big pay raises.

      The local school has 13 football coaches – and it is a Class C school – which means it is small. All get better pay than the best teacher of science or math. They are officially hired to teach something else but they will ALWAYS be hired before a non-coach at a higher pay. Is this right? I don’t think so.

  • AfricanQueen

    Did they not all have kids or grandkids? Did they not feel a sickening to their stomachs and know that this was wrong? I do know this. I have seen cover up and rumors in my own family from generations past. It was something about our previous generations of adults that found discussing this kind of thing inappropriate although they knew it was wrong. So many kids were abused in the past even many by their own relatives and it was the “big family secret” which is why we have the problems that we have today.

  • Prairiewolf

    I was sickened by the interview with Sandusky last night. He may as well have said he was guilty. When questioned in detail about the shower incident with the 10 yr old, he said the “slapping sounds” that McQueary had heard, Sandusky replied that the child was naked, taking a shower with him, and the child was sliding across the shower floor and playing, and they were snapping wet towels at each other. REALLY?! what man takes a shower with anybody elses let alone his own child, at 10 yrs old? and what man plays with a naked boy snapping towels, etc in a shower? When he was asked point blank if he was a pedophile, he stuttered, stammered, and finally said he just loves children. Pretty incriminating. I totally agree with Angel’s post, why would McQueary pass by that shower without knocking this man out? He is the most guilty of all. He obviously thought about his job and personal protection first. The most horrible thing of all, is these children were “troubled youths” to begin with. Much of the child abuse in this country goes on, because people don’t want to get involved.

  • James Yearsley

    Mr. Ringer mentions that the true issue is the deification of football (sports). Not nearly accurate enough Mr. Ringer. the problem is the deification of anything (and now-a-days everything) OTHER than our sovereign God.

    Furthermore, you said you were willing to extend your “moral slack cutter” because of his youth. Really? According to all the reports I read, Mr. McQueary was 28 years old and a graduate assistant. 28! And he did not recognize the sodomy rape of a 10 year old boy for the evil it was? He made no attempt to intervene, to protect the child, to stop this offense. Really?

    Where were you when you were 28? Were you an adult man? I would have called the police – right after I made absolutely certain that this pederast, this personification of evil, was physically incapable of harming the boy any further.

    • marcia greene

      Male or female; 18 or 28; chain of command; no – not this time; the act should have been interrupted immediately and the child protected. Don’t you suppose this child knew an adult had seen what was going on?

  • dufus

    Has anyone been in active service to our country? You follow the
    chain of command. The lieutenant does not go over the head of his
    superiors to the general. People are being thrown under the bus
    before the FACTS are known. As Sgt. Friday would say the FACTS maam
    just the FACTS. The armchair lawyers will not settle this. We
    certainly want to protect the children, but let’s get the FACTS.
    Joe Pa and McQueary did what they were supposed to do. It is easy
    to criticize but without the FACTS it is meaningless.

    • Angel Wannabe

      dufus_ B*ll Sh*t!, McQueary should’ve knocked Sandusky on his azz, and taken care of that boy!

    • steve in AZ

      Sorry, dufus. Can’t agree. A chain of command is necessary in the military, as orders must be followed. But even in the military, there are circumstances where superior officers are relieved of duty by their subordinates.

      Moreover, our military exists to protect the citizenry of our country, and their property. As citizens of America we are expected to be worthy of that military protection by being responsible, i.e., concerned with right and wrong. Even another ten year old boy would have known that what he had seen was wrong – and important – and that he must keep telling his story until he found someone to listen and take action.

      To liken a political machine at an institution of supposedly higher learning to that of a military chain of command serves only to disparage the chain of command in a miltary environment, while giving a free pass to the citizenry, and yes, unfortunately, even the political machine that the military is entrusted with protecting.

      • Lisa

        “Chain of command is necessary in the military”???? Only if it is a moral command. This was the answer given by Hitler’s officers. “I was only following orders” !!! What the….. You mean, you didn’t know that you were murdering 6 million jews and that they did not matter. Not buying it. Don’t need that sort of command to follow. I wont do it. Not for you, or anybody. DO WHAT’S RIGHT, COME WHAT MAY… EVEN IF YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE DOING IT. Right and Just.


    Somebody needs to be in prison.

  • Bev

    I don’t know what the qualification licenses for teachers in PA say about reporting child abuse, but in California if you are a teacher you are obligated by law to inform the authorities if you suspect child abuse. To remind you of this duty it is printed on your license. Notice I use the word “suspect” child abuse. These people turned a blind eye to the ones who depend on them the most, and all for the glory of football. Rape is a horrible thing and even more horrific for boys. We have become a nation of amoral idiots.

    • Carol J, California

      And this law is used to excess. It means that if someone is mad at another they can go make such a report. It causes nothing but trouble for the innocent.

  • dg

    Many good points made already but there is one facet of this that I don’t understand. Why did Paterno not BAN Sandusky from the football locker room and facilities for life (I assume that he could do that) & why didn’t Curley ban him from all athletic facilities. In fact, why didn’t Spanier ban him from the campus. They should have done all that AND reported him to the police. They should have confronted him too…. I lost all respect for Penn State as a result of this but am concerned that they are the norm, not the exception, in college athletics.

  • Dagger

    We have heard just the tip of the iceberg regarding this sickening story. This incident is just one of many across this nation that have been and are being covered-up. This is an example of a sick society amid a sick world that is racing towards a day of judgement that is coming soon.

  • jopa

    I believe the story is even going to get a little bigger in coming weeks in that the current Governor of Pa. Tom Corbett was actually involved in the cover up.At the time of the abuses that were going on Corbett was the Attorney General and on the board of trustees for Penn State.If a case like this were to break during his run for governor he would never have made it.Time for Corbett to go also with the rest of the scumbags.

  • 45caliber

    The sports program at all schools should be ended. Why is it so important to win a game that the school should interveen and prevent criminals from going to jail simply because they might win a game?

    One coach I did respect was an old coach at Univ. of Arkansas. (Can’t remember his name off hand.) A couple of his football players were robbing people, burglary, and even rape. The school kept getting them off. He finally kicked them off the team just before an Orange Bowl game. The fans and school were aghast. He was going to lose a game! It deprived the players from finishing their career on a good note!

    It wasn’t as good as sending them to jail, but at least he tried despite the school. He later went on to be a pro coach.

    • 45caliber

      Lou Holtz

      • Angel Wannabe

        45, I’d expect nothing less from LOU!

  • George Lynn

    I am a Penn State Graduate. I am offended by remarks that implicate that football players at Penn State are “dumb jocks” who graduate from this fine institution with a degree in Football. This is not the case with Joe Paterno. I wish everyone would read his book, “Football–My Way.” You will see a Joe Paterno who is different than a Woody Hayes, or other prominent College Football coach. I haven’t read the book in over 35 years, but I recall that Joe Paterno requires that all of his players attain a B average before he lets tham play. He expects his players to be champions on the field, off the field, and in the classroom.

    Joe is an honorable man. Yes, he should have done more, but he grew up in a generation where these types of crimes were inconceivable, unthinkable, and unexpected. Older Americans, such as myself, don’t think that things like this can happen. Nobody ever thought that a Priest would molest young boys. No ome would have ever conceived that 9/11 would have happened either. So when unexpected evil happens, we are not emotionally trained enough to respond properly.

    George Lynn
    Penn State, 1972

  • jopa

    dg;The reason Sandusky wasn’t banned from the facilities is because it would lead to a lot of questions and spill the whole can of beans.They felt it was better for the kids to be abused rather than bring shame on Penn State.The students and the vast majority of the staff are not responsible for this mess that a handful have created and they are the only ones that should feel ashamed for this crime.

  • CJM

    The preferential treatment of the ‘jocks’ begins with the Little League…these kids are taught that they are some how “special” in the community and the parents devour every crumb of praise. It continues in the elementary school where the prospective players of the future are ‘discovered,’ with the message they can do no wrong. It isn’t about the sport or fair play–it is a dance of the egos involved; the greater the ego, the grander the stature of the player and his/her coach—they are above the law, untouchable, and become the most bullish individuals around. Something is terribly wrong with this agrandizement of players and those who teach the game.

  • CJM

    And by the way, the Federal Law states: that if anyone KNOWS OR SUSPECTS the physical abuse, emotional abuse, or the sexual exploitation of a child and fails to report said abuse to the authorities, that individual is subject to criminal charges. Paterno, et al, KNEW of the sexual exploitation of children by Sandusky and every one of them are subject to criminal charges per law. Since all States have laws similar to the Federal law, each of these individuals can be charged by both government entities and that is NOT double jeopardy, but a violation of BOTH Federal and State Laws. Hope the Feds step in with their charges as well.

  • JDubya

    I think everybody is blowing this way out of proportion. In all probability, based on what we know of his reaction, the 28-year-old did not see or hear anything other than his boss showering with the kid (poor judgment). If he had in fact witnessed it, he would have called 911. Had Paterno reported it, he would have been roundly criticized (catch-22 well set up), as will all of these yahoos that are going over the top about this kid being brutalized, when it comes out that nothing happened. I am not from PA nor a football junkie, but I recognize a lie when I hear it. Paterno knew this guy pretty well, and received a non-credible report about something that might have happened. His actions, to kick it up for an investigation, were appropriate based on what we currently know. All of this ‘moral outrage’ about how awful it is that he did not do something is BS and should fall on the shoulders of the bone-heads that did not stand with their employee of 40 years who has shown nothing but integrity in his position. All of this is ‘moral outrage’ is pure second guessing. Give it a break! The rioting over this firing is as bad as the ‘moral outrage’. You can bet that it will no longer be ‘sexual harassment’ alone used by the lamestream media to help cause the tarnishing of the reputations of people of integrity, clearly this is a test case for the use of ‘moral outrage’ as well. Think about it. The reporting has been over-the-top even on Fox.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Jdubya, Uh Geez Imagine, a sympathizer to those who did nothing!
      Over blown, over the top yous say Huh?__ If your kid is ever attacked god forbid, I hope I know about it, then I’ll ask ya how your feeling about it, righ about now??!!

      • JDubya

        First I am not sympathizing with ‘those who did nothing’ – I said that it is overblown. I said nothing about how bad it might have been for the boys, but we really don’t know anything about them yet. What we know is that someone claims that Sandusky was improper with them – it might have been rape, we don’t know. My point was the Paterno probably acted properly from what we know now. All of the rest is innuendo and malicious rumor, not based on facts. I wouldn’t trust a single one of the reports we heard – they were all too over-the-top, most turned out already to be incorrect. Grand Jury testimony is not usually subjected to opposing counsel cross, etc., etc.

  • sparksfire

    There is a lot hypocrites out there. Boys are being abused everday in one or another ways that people won’t talk about. Mother, babysitters, aunts, nurses etc. are forcing boys to do things everyday. When a boy is force to strip in front of females. When a mother disrespect her son by taking him to a female doctor and then watch him getting examine. Some female nurses force boys to take off his clothes, When female are allowed in middle school, high schools, college and professional locker rooms. When baby sitters bathes boys with the boy mother permission. Most female teachers recieved no jail time by having sex with her students. Where is the outrage on these things.

    • JDubya

      What? Most of the things you mention about caregivers is definitely not abuse. Boys under 6 being physically bathed by a female caregiver is not abuse. A boy going to a female doctor is not abuse. I never allowed my children to see me disrobed at any time and either did my wife. I did change diapers, that is not abuse – that is care-giving. Why muddy the waters with stuff like this?

    • Angel Wannabe

      sparksfire, GROW THE HELL UP!__We’re not talking about someone stripping down to be Physcically examined by a the opposite sex medical prodessional, were talkin about sexual abuse to a ten year old!__Take your head off and when you put it back on makes sure its screwed on straight!__Good Grief!

    • Karolyn

      Where on earth did you spring from?

  • marcia greene

    I take great offense to mention Woody Hayes in the same light as Joe Paterno – horrendous

  • jimmy the greek

    The only one getting in trouble should be the one that was boogering the boy all the others told someone .

  • NADS

    I disagree with the author. As an EYE WITNESS McQueary should have called the police ASAP! HE is the one who witnessed the crime. And he was 28 years old (not 18). I teach 3rd grade Catholics PSR and have VIRTUS training. This was handled wrong all the way around. But I don’t think “cutting McQueary slack” cuts it!

  • Rachelrao

    For the selfish pursuit of an individual’s “pleasure”, a plethora of young boys were traumatized, betrayed and their lives changed forever. And those watching who did nothing will live on in agony and die in agony of their apathy. Football, Basketball, Baseball, are no longer games to be enjoyed they have become money makers (and nothing wrong with that) but in the greed of the money adults are ready to overlook the crimes committed in these sports. When you can bring back a Vik (who ill-treated dogs), bring back people who use guns in public places, at professional levels, where is the moralty? The obscene money paid to these players, the huge stadiums built for them to be showcased, it is no longer a sport to be enjoyed. It has become like a Roman sport of turning tigers on people and roaring with joy at seeing them devoured. Sad commentary on a civiziled nation.

  • Daylo

    The real blame in this case? Idol Worship. We have hoisted up anyone who has “name recognition” upon a pedestal. This is NOT what this country was supposed to be about…”created equal” doesn’t apply to people like Joe Paterno, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Sandusky, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and the like…Idol Worship, and the “love of money is the root of ALL evil.” Yes, it is about the money — always deep down to the very bedrock of the country.

    We MUST NOT allow these people, whoever they might be to skirt the law and be given preferential treatment. This, and not the money should be the shout of everyone who is against inequality!

  • Tom

    Tighten the noose of allegations and kick the chair out from under the accused. Itmay be true that Sandusky did what he is accused of but before you lynch the entire athketic dep,t mabe you should wait for the jury to make it’s decision. I am sure you would want the same for yourselves.

  • JDubya

    I am appalled at this! What we are seeing here is mob-mentality. If you guys ever watched the looney tunes version of “chicken little – the sky is falling”, you might recognize some of those chickens.

    • Angel Wannabe

      JDubya, If your going to be apalled, put it where it belongs, the Abuser and his victims!!!!!!

  • Larry Miller

    I’ve perused only bits and pieces here today (long articles I need to print out–old habits) but I want to disagree a bit. Question is, how do I do it convincingly and politely too?

    Some above say there is a morality war. Given the apparent corruption in Congress, that’s true. Given the depredations toward animals all over the workd, double-true. Given the shooting of protestors in Syria, triple-true. Et cetera ad nauseam.

    I am, by personal decision (and not part of a group), a non-believer. I help strays, I hold doors, I try to help, I give Halloween kids healthy raisins not junk food, but my non-belief does not somehow turn me inside-out into an IMmoralist. People are good or bad regardless of belief or lack of belief, regardless of age/race/religion/gender/sexual orientation. I am, BTW, male, senior, straight.

    As to the crimes at Penn State, if they are truly reported and so far I think they are, then they are heinous crimes and should be penalized per the law. It would appear that religion does not stand out morally where this sort of crime is concerned, as we’ve all heard over and over. Religion is a neutral. People are either good or bad in their actions.

    • JDubya

      People are good or bad regardless of belief – wrong. People are people, their belief system helps them to do the right thing. Sometimes even then a person will do the wrong thing. Most of the time a person with a belief system not based on a code of ethics will do good in the eyes of others for very different reasons (doesn’t want to get caught). However, the person who has principles to guide him will still on occasion do wrong or at least not right, but will immediately attempt to correct the situation (not because he might be caught). The difference has to do with whether one really believes or not. Religion is not a guarantee to righteousness, nor of always doing right. As a Christian, I believe that I have a chance because Christ died for me – otherwise, my humanity will be my downfall – I cannot save myself. I must continue to try to live as the Bible teaches. The Bible at least is a firm foundation upon which I can gauge things and I believe that the Holy Spirit is there to guide me. IMHO those who do bad things have no one to help them because they only have the shifting sand of the times to rely upon for guidance. That is why some think sodomizing a young person is worse than killing a baby in the womb. Or that paying a CEO a million dollar bonus is worse than giving a government job as payola for political advantage. I hope that helps some. As to what happened at Penn State, I suspect there was a crime committed, maybe many. But lets not hang those ‘bad guys’ until we have determined that they ARE in fact bad.

      • JDubya

        Sorry, Larry Miller – I meant to delete the word “wrong” at the end of the first sentence. I think my comment actually supports that statement.

  • texastwin827

    ” I remember shaking my head in disgust when CBS News anchor Dan Rather opened one of his broadcasts in December 1999 by saying excitedly, “There’s joy once again at Columbine High School.” He then went on to tell how Columbine had won the Class 5A state football championship in Colorado.

    The implication was that winning a football championship somehow made things right at Columbine ”

    Mr Ringer, you obviously have no clue what HS football is to many schools. My grandson’s team (5A) made it to (but lost) the first round of playoff games, this year. My twin granddaughters are Varsity cheerleaders for their school…and their 4A team has advanced to the semi-finals. To the kids, including those who are spectators, it’s a source of least, here in TX, it is.

    My youngest daughter’s former high school is the Trinity Trojans out of Euless TX. They are always ranked in the top 10, in the NATION. They share a stadium with the one other high school in their district. It seats 10,000 people and Trinity can fill it.

    Many of these “jocks” are exemplary students. My grandson takes all Advance Placement classes and, even though he’s not out of his Sr year yet, he’s already been accepted at the University of AR for their engineering school at in-state tuition rates because his gpa is so high. My granddaughters cheer activities are not considered a sport, at their school, so all of their practices, etc are on their own time. They are Sophmores who are currently ranked, academically, #47 and #62 out of a class of over 600 kids. While they are good enough for Cheer scholarships, they are banking more on academic scholarships to help pay for their college.

    As for Dan Rather’s comments…he’s from Texas and perhaps he has a BETTER understanding of the amount of Joy AND Pride a State Championship can bring to the student body of any school, but most especially, to one that has suffered the tragedy that the kids at Columbine did.

    It would seem that it is YOU that does not understand the significance of the team’s accomplishments.

    • texastwin827

      I failed to mention…that grandson with such high academic accomplishments is also an offensive tackle on the 5A team that made it to the playoffs.

    • JDubya

      texastwin: Agree with you. The only plus for Rather is that he did understand that Columbine had proved it was continuing on, rather than twisting in the wind like some dead thing. He just didn’t say it well. The thing that kids need is something to help them excel. Sometimes the thing that reaches them is a teacher, sometimes an activity, sometimes a subject. If nothing gets them excited in a positive way, they end up losing heart – get on drugs, drink too much, eat too much, do sex, do evil things, etc., etc., to find a way to fill the void. It has as much to do with attitude as anything. Sports, for example, helps them develop the right attitudes in most cases. But if they are not inclined towards sports, something else is needed. Not all kids are the same – some will respond well in sports areas others won’t. We should not expand one type of activity at the expense of the others. Also, as you stated, it is not only the players or the band members that get something out of sports. The whole school can gain from it in one way or another.

    • coal miner


      Feb 15, 2011 … Now we can be spared the breathless, hyperbolic stories about … The culture of football in American universities is completely out of control. … The core mission of our universities is to educate our students, not to … in his State of the Union speech on January 25, put in a plea for science over football: …

      • Vigilant

        …”in his State of the Union speech on January 25, put in a plea for science over football…”

        The exact quote from Obama’s speech is “We need to teach our kids that it’s not just the winner of the Super Bowl who deserves to be celebrated, but the winner of the science fair.”

        That sure doesn’t sound like a plea to place one above the other.

  • Mike Lancaster

    Well Bob I see that you have become just another Mamby Pamby rat. JoePa has something that you evidently don’t have, they are called BALLS. I can remember (when America was free) that folks took care of things their way and didn’t run to the cops and tattle tell. Usually the NERDS in my class were always doing the tattle telling, then get the hell beat outta them during recess…you’all don’t learn do ya? That’s partly why Obuma was elected because the pussys of the world liked his looks.

    Joe Paterno is one of the greatest coaches of all time and for the school to disrespect him like they have is terrible. If Sandusky is Queer then I agree he should be delt with. But not Joe, he demonstrated to the facilty and his players to have BALLS, deal with problems on your turf and stop being one of these new Pamby Pampy Queers that run to the cops, their doctor, and their mommies for every scratch they inccure or every time they see someone deal with their own problems. In other words MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

  • kim

    Mr. Robert Ringer,

    Mr Spanier was also involved with the “climategate” Mike Mann – Penn State Internal Investigation – Another high money raiser for Penn State.

  • Sandra Clark

    Sexual sin is rampant. I think we’ve all heard the quote “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” Anyone who has power over another person is a potential sexual predator. That means Pastors, teachers, parents, lawyers, judges, bosses, husbands. In the Austin Texas area I know from personal experience that many lawyers are totally devoid of any ethics. During the custody battle over my 5 children, the judge assigned Steven Copenhaver (who was out on bond for soliciting sex and prostituting himself to a mildly retarded female client) to be the guardian ad litum for my children (4 girls and 1 boy). He didn’t sexually abuse any of them, instead he used his power over the future of my children to pressure me to have sexual relations with him, which I refused…leading to him recommending to the judge that my ex husband, not me, should have the children. When I reported him to the State Bar of Texas, they did nothing, because I had no hard evidence. He has a reputation for doing this to lots of women, and the state bar representative (high up) told me they KNOW he is doing these things and HOPE to catch him SOMEDAY… The Texas Judicial Code requires judges to report to the state bar anyone who has done something unethical, but not one judge, to the best of my knowledge, has reported Steven Copenhaver for the solicitation/prostitution which he was found guilty of eventually and had to do a few hours of community service (!), even though it was all over the news for weeks!! The State Bar told me they had NO KNOWLEDGE of his criminal conviction!! EVEN though I personally sent them a copy of the court papers! Justice should be swift and sure, and it is neither, because people make excuses for their peers.

  • El Jefe

    Facts. So many posters here seem to have a lot of trouble with facts.

    I would suggest that everyone who wants to comment on this case first READ the grand jury report before blathering about their own personal fantasies about what happened and what did not happen. McQueary was a 28-year old graduate assistant…an “extra coach” who claims to have witnessed Sandusky, 55, a RETIRED coach who still had access to the campus as all RETIRED professors did, sodomizing a boy in the showers. He claims both the man and the boy saw him, and that the act stopped when they saw him. Outside of the grand jury report, McQueary claims that “there’s a lot people don’t know about” that presumably explains his subsequent actions. I’m sure he’ll get a chance to tell his side of the story by and by.

    We do know that the next day, McQueary spoke to Joe Paterno about what he saw. The grand jury report is NOT clear about just what words were used or how much detail McQueary went into with Paterno. We do not know whether or not he described what he saw in terms that clearly described some sort of sex crime. We do know that by reporting this to a superior at the University (Paterno supervised all the other graduate assistants and coaches), he fulfilled his obligations under the laws of Pennsylvania and the United States. Anyone claiming otherwise is misinformed…there is NO law in Pennsylvania requiring this sort of abuse to be reported to the police (except by the top officials at the school).

    Paterno, likewise, called Athletic Director Curley to his home the next day, meeting for over an hour and telling Curley that McQueary had observed Sandusky engaging in “inappropriate behavior” with a child on the Penn State campus. At this point, Paterno had done all that he was required to do. Had he gone to the police, there is a good possibility that NO action would have been taken, since he did not personally witness the assault and could not identify the child. Curley was Paterno’s supervisor, in charge of all athletic activities at the University. Paterno, the basketball coach, the baseball coach, the volleyball coach…all reported to Curley. Curley is also the person responsible for the use of the University facilities where the boy was assaulted, NOT Paterno. Paterno had reported what he knew within 48 hours as required by law.

    Curley did NOT report the incident and did NOT follow up for a week and a half, when he called McQueary in for an interview with himself and University Vice-President Schultz. This was a violation of Pennsylvania law. McQueary told the grand jury that he was explicit in his description of the assault in the shower to Curley and Schultz. Curley told the grand jury that McQueary didn’t describe a sexual assault, but just “horseplay”. Schultz also told the grand jury that McQueary told him that no sex occured, just “horseplay”. After hearing all three men, the grand jury concluded that McQueary TOLD THE TRUTH to them and that Curley (Athletic Director) and Schultz (Vice-President) LIED UNDER OATH to the grand jury.

    Everything else follows from there. I should add that the Chief of campus police reported directly to Schultz…there was absolutely no reason why Schultz shouldn’t have directed him to look into the allegations. Schultz was also required by law to notify Penn State President Spanier, and he DIDN’T DO THAT, either.

    I don’t mind people being outraged over this; after all, it is pretty outrageous. If the grand jury has it right, then a lot of people betrayed the trust that was placed in them. But please direct your outrage toward the people who the FACTS seem to indicate were the guilty parties: Sandusky for his crimes against children, and Curley and Shultz for FAILING to report what they had been told and LYING UNDER OATH to a grand jury about it. Save your fire for McQueary and Paterno until you learn just what exactly they did, when they did it, what they knew, when they learned it, and what they said to who. You simply don’t know that yet, and are making stuff up out of thin air to satisfy your outrage.

  • H-Cubed

    Clinton molested Monica, that’s okay, the economy is good. Sandusky molests boys, that’s okay, they have a winning season.

    • Karolyn

      Clinton did NOT molest Monica. She was a grown and willing participant.

      • libertytrain

        she was a young young woman of 22 hit on intensely by the President of the United States. He should have some intelligence somewhere to know much better…. But he can’t keep his pants zipped —-

        • Angel Wannabe

          Liberty Train, I don’t know if this is true or not but I’ve read on a few blogs, that some of these young women are plants in the political system, to keep the controlling elite in line. Conspiracy Theory or Not…

  • Oldsmo-Bill

    Mr. Ringer, you unfortunately skipped right by a very important segment of this ongoing story: McQuery did NOT “immediatley report the incident to Coach Paterno”. He called his father, and then went home to talk to his father (who, we may soon find, either was or was not a close personal friend of Sandusky). McQuery did not tell Coach Paterno until THE NEXT DAY! Rather than cutting him some slack, I think we need to more closely investigate his actions. 1) If he had witnessed an actual rape, then NO, he does not deserve some slack, and as a physically fit, athletic and reasonably mature 28-year old should definitely have done something…anything to stop the hurt and save the child. 2) If he only saw “horsing around” or merely “heard noises”, then his actions seem somewhat more appropriate, although many would say that he should have investigated further. Now let’s go back to scenario 1): If this was, in fact, the case, the question then becomes “WHY?” If the thing he witnessed was a rape, 1) Why did he not stop it? 2)Why did he not call police but went to his father instead? 3)Why did he not tell his immediate superior (Paterno) until the NEXT DAY? THIS is the storyline that reeks of coverup, and NOT if he merely heard noises or saw “horsing around”. Also, what were the exact words that he did say to Paterno? Were they “watered down” after his conversation with his father? These are the questions that need to be answered. I don’t think we’ll know all the answers for some time to come, but we do need to remember that all these folks are innocent until proven guilty, and that proof will come from all of the facts as they are revealed. There seems to be no question that a coverup has occurred. The only question that remains is just how extensive it has been.

  • dan

    Kind of like Katrina if N.O wins the Super Bowl it will some how make all good for the People of N.O. that lost everything. I wonder how that worked out. I am sure the people that catered to the vistors, bar owners,hotels, they city taxes did well. But the people I am sure most are as bad or worse conditions. All I hear Fri and Sat was some how winning would do so much to rebuild Penn State. They lost like the losers that are involved with raping of childern, reminds me of all the perverts that disguise themselve as a priest or whatever. This was not child abuse as the media has reported it was RAPE,Sodomy and I am sure more perversion than we know or want to. Hang them all that would start some credibility. GOD have Mercy on them.

  • Bmac

    The alledged crime is horrible…..and justice must prevail. But I say JUSTICE!!!! According this sad Court of Public Opinion, Sandusky is GUILTY AS CHARGES…..therefore, why even have a trial???

    So I ask all of you….What if McCreary was lying, or simply embelishing what he thought was happening? (For whatever reason ….. any normal man of any size would have been all over that Coach physically.

    The defense claims to have many of the “victims”, to testify that Sandusky never abused them. So, again….what if….McCreary had lied ???? How many lives did he destroy?????

    • Angel Wannabe

      Bmac, Opinion are Opinions they’re like Buttholes, we all got One!Including the one you just gave us, doesn’t make you any better if you don’t agree!____That’s why they’re will be a trial!

  • CP

    One question for all of you. How is it that ANY man,or woman, for that matter is automatically guilty of the worst case of child molestation before his case has even gone to court? I see several of you saying he will have a hard time proving his innocence, when you should be saying something along the lines of the prosecution should have no trouble proving him guilty. In this country, the supposition is that you are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until you prove your innocence.
    I will further add that almost all sex crimes are tried like this, at least in the public eye, the charges were filed, so he or she MUST be guilty.

    • kenneth luchesi

      ipaternof paterno was told by a student his number 2 mollested a 10 year old boy homosexuly paterno should have called sandusky into his office taken his office key.s i.e evidense,confronted him fired him on the spot told him to leave yhe campus by escort [campus police] suggested on his way home mcall or visit his attorney as paterno.was imeadiatly conacting all police agency,s imeadiatly and called all univerity officiles and allumni association rep,s and told all concernded parents through university channel.s when told a student just witnessed sandusky homosexualy molesting a 10 year old child aRREST PATERNO NOW!

  • Tom

    Excellent article Robert. I have a feeling that what we now know is just the tip of the iceberg. I only hope that those victims will have the courage to step forward to expose these self-serving monsters, as what they really are.

  • Tom

    True, he(they) are innocent until proven guily, but Sandusky has admitted to showering, and touching these boys. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and the smoke is billowing.

  • 12AngryMen

    Wake Up Call, Everyone:

    I wonder out of all of the people outraged and disgusted by this, how many are consumers of pornography?

    ANYONE who has paid money for pornography or prostitution has supported this by feeding the world of sexual exploitation. How about all of those great athletes that accepted sexual favors for recruitment? What about all the college kids that participated in date rape?

    Talk about “looking the other way”- we as a society do it EVERY DAY.

    If anyone here wants to make a difference- forget about high-profile cases. Get YOURSELF right, then your family, and keep the smut as far from all of you as possible. Don’t let it in your homes or phones or computers, OR YOUR THOUGHTS.

    The cure for all of this craziness is till the same as it has always been: “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.”

  • RWS

    Robert, I agree with your acticle on many points. This whole situation is a mess and it is truly sick what has gone on and the fact that it was never followed up on is hideous. It is true that people idolize college sports and the priorities of many people are out of whack. But I will say this and this is where I disagree with your thoughts on getting rid of athletic scholarships: speaking from personal experience, I went to college on an athletic scholarship and honestly, I may not have gone to college without it. It provided me an opportunity to go to college and get my education and I took advantage of it and got my bachelor’s degree. What any athlete does with that opportunity is his/her choice. And you know what, both took hard work. Most these athletes(and there are a few) don’t just fall out of bed and become great players. They spend hours and hours training on the field or in the gym, in the weight room, etc. There is a high level of dedication it takes to play sports on the college level. And straight A students don’t need to sit and wonder why someone else has something that they don’t have, that’s a liberal mindset anyway. Most of these athletes work very hard to get where they are and if they get an opportunity to get an education, they should take full advantage. Another point, these programs provide revenue to a college athletic department that also hands out scholarships for womens lacross or some other obscure sport that affords other athletes out of the spotlight an opportunity to get their degree. In the end, it’s not college athletics that made this sick indivdual sexually assault kids. They did cover it up to attempt to protect their programs and image(which is despicable) but saying it was athletics that made them do it is like saying that the catholic church tried to cover up their child molestation issues becuase they held church services and church services shouldn’t be held. They didn’t want to step up and face the fact that this will attract a lot of negative attention, same as the church, and tried to let it slide instead of do the difficult right thing.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    I’m an attorney and am if anything more concerned than most with issues such as “burden of proof”. And as always in a sex-abuse situation the court of public opinion issues a verdict long before a jury does.

    As far as Paterno and the others in the chain of command were concerned this was a matter of institutional loyalty not moral imperatives. They were wrong, but the mindset is pervasive in universities, corporations and government.

    I also am pretty firmly convinced that the fact that the acts involved were homosexual in nature had a lot to do with the failures here. I seriously doubt the urge to cover up would have been as substantial if the victims had been girls.

  • RichCon

    Kwullen: I see you’re familiar w/Eastern Mich. U and the U of M, whose alumni have have in recent decades/years been reportedly charged w/shoplifting (LFB), criminal sexual conduct, murder I etc. One jock (kudos to him) reportedly sued U-M for condoning both his admission and graduation as an illiterate! EMU’s case of the co-ed’s dorm murder was effectively obfuscated via the administration trying to keep it under wraps (how odd?) for so-called political correctness (like the Ft Hood mass murders)! You see prezes like Suzy Coleman seem too busy to keep tabs on these pesky incidents: they’re busy sending their attorneys to DC to oppose, e.g. W’s bias-free college & law-school admission positions.

  • thomas—-haley

    yes many sanguinary remarks but only one person witnessed the unintelligible execution.what really happend????until a complete revocation is made public can we hang em high…how many people have been pronounced guilty but now dna pronounces not guilty ..can anyone describe moral responiblity??of course i do not condone pedophiles,but we need to understand the charges in its full integrity.lot of people depend on this brouhaha

  • Helen2

    This post may cause some problems for a few, so if raw emotion bothers you, skip this post, because what I have to say is full of raw emotion.

    I was molested by two different uncles when I was 8 and 10. I never told anyone because one of the uncles told me if I told my daddy, that my daddy would kill him and I knew that if you killed a person, you had to go to jail. I didn’t want my daddy in jail, so I never told anyone until after I was married.

    After I married,and my children were young, I found out there were pedophiles in my husband’s family. I “destroyed” the family according to relatives, because I insisted something be done to the family members who had the problem and I refused to have anything more to do with the family and wouldn’t let my kids be around them either.

    But it was already too late. When one of the family members was arrested for his actions, after he got out on bail he came to our house and told me, “Well, at least I didn’t kill her.” I let him have it! I informed him he killed the innocent part of her and she would never be the same and if he didn’t get off my property, he wouldn’t live long enough to go to trial.

    Fortunately the family member was sentenced to many years in jail. That kept him safe from what I wanted to do to him. It took thousands of dollars of counseling to get myself straightened out from me being molested when I was a child and I still wanted to kill him.
    Then years later, my son told me his grandfather had raped him. He didn’t tell me until he was 18 because he said he did not want the embarrassment of having to tell the people in court what happened to him. Both of my daughters said the same thing and I thought I had protected all three of them, but pedophiles are sneaky bastards! If they are focused on molesting, they will molest children while you are in the same room and then deny it. My son still has problems as do my daughters even though we spent a lot of money on counseling for all three of them. The girls are actually doing better than my son. It is harder on boys, though it is no less hard on the girls, they just seem to recuperate quicker.

    But if I had seen Sandusky violating a ten year old child, even though I am a woman, I would have been screaming so loud, everyone in the college would have heard me. There would have been nothing to hide for years because I would have called the cops then and there and be damned with the legalities of the college.

    Unless you have been molested yourself, you have no idea how it makes you feel. My heart hurts for the little boys who had to go through the molesting and coverup. I hope and pray they have the courage to talk about it.

    • Angel Wannabe

      God Love ya Helen for standing up to them!!__God Bless!

    • Alex

      Helen2, my heart goes out to you for your very troubled past and I thank you for being the woman who would not allow such a crime to go unreported. God bless you!

  • Helen2

    Thank you Angel. It was a very hard thing to do, but I was adamant it was going to be stopped. I do appreciate your support.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Was abused too helen, (not sexually), beat the hell of by a family member, who lied when confronted, and said I was the one who was lying, went on for another 3 years before I started punching back and My mother caught Her!__abuse is abuse, causes the same feelings.
      My abuse didn’t haunt me until I was married, we ended up in marriage councilingm by and ordained minister. Best thing I ever did! Also the worst because through therapy, you end up reliving it twice. Real time the first time, the second time recalling it and talking about!___ and as I said farther up the thread, I’d like to tell all those kids, get some help and you’ll be ok.
      God Speed Helen to you and your children!

    • Beverly

      Congratulations on your attitude of “the buck stops here” – and all your hard work to uncover and Recover!

      My childhood had abuse, one sister molested (I found out as an adult), but, sadly, everyone else wanted and wants to deny and cover-up, so I am the lone wolf in my Recovery and cries for change. If I had known then how horribly it would affect everyone down the line, I would have reported my own relatives. Everyone in the family, including the youngest children, are suffering today from the abuses of 50 years ago. Very sad to watch it. People would think much differently if they realized the far-reaching effects – for generations – of these nasty abuses.

      It’s impossible to fight these things alone – but for all the trouble it’s caused me, I can sleep at night knowing I did what I could.

  • Donald

    Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. All we know about this is what has been written or broadcast in the media. From what I’ve seen in the past on this site, most people don’t believe what they read in the media. Why is this case different.

    On another point, we are supposed to be a government of “laws and not men”. So what is all this about “moral obligations”? Whose moral obligations? If you had a 100 people write down what the “moral obligations” people in this incident had, you would probably get a 100 different ideas. That’s why we’re supposed to have a government of laws and not of men. Do we?

  • Alex

    Penn State turns out to be just like the Catholic Church, albeit on an infinitely smaller scale.

    That Robert Ringer likens a rumpled old Woody Hayes weakly punching a helmeted Clemson Tiger to a large athletic man molesting a number of young boys is pathetic and indicative of the darkness of Mr Ringer’s world.

    An interesting idea: Since the Catholic Church has conducted an ongoing system of child abuse (horrible crime) and its coverup (crime) can we not prosecute the Catholic Church—at least in our country—under the RICO Act? We could wipe them out financially and build public transit in memory of all the victims of systematic, widespread, and ACCEPTED crimes against children and their families.

  • Helen2

    Thank you Alex.

  • C Colin

    This crime is about a lifestyle, culture, and religion. Yes, its part of the mystery religion; its part of their rituals. Little boys have been sought after by the sodomites since almost the beginning of man. The sodomites come from the Pharasees. The Messiah came to dissolve this culture. They killed him for telling the truth. The Pharasees are the Catholic church today. The D.A. I believe his name was Ray Picar or something close to that at Penn St. was murdered some 5 years ago and has never been found. He questioned I believe Sandusky and disappeared. You are dealing with a highly organized group, politically connected, in fact they are the politics; they are none other than the Catholic Church.

    In this religion they misrepresent “holy” ” Kodesh in Hebrew as being attained when they rape little boys. I bet all these guys at Penn State are Catholic, why doesn’t the media bring this out, surely if they were Muslims we would not hear the end of this, and oh I almost forgot they are White Americans too! My only point is that respect all people, a wicked man is a wicked man, not his skin color, religion, or the country he comes from.

    The New World Order promotes Sodomy as a way of fulfilling their religious rights as well as their agenda to depopulate the earth. Only responsible respectable citizens can counter this agenda. By education in positive morals can we start to make the necessary changes in our society and the world. Are you brave enough?

  • C Colin

    Helen2, I truly hope that you and your family will heal from this. Most of the pedophiles are made, it seems to perpetuate almost like dracula. If you get fanged than you become like them. That is what they want for the victim to become a homosexual. Its a form of recruiting as well, since they can’t have babies. If you don’t heal you have the possibility to do as you were done, most likely the grandfather was abused too as well as the uncles. Exposing the Catholic church is the only way to stop this but you will need brave souls. EXPOSE THEM AMERICA!

  • chuckb

    c colin, it makes no difference what the religious sect is, all our society has become mind altered with sports, the opium of the mass’s.
    ask any student what the the preamble to the constitution is and they most likely couldn’t answer, ask them what the scores are for the nba or nfl are and they can repeat them faster than a computer.
    most everyone loves some kind of sport and that’s good , however, we have made these sports figures out as gods and practically worship them, this is not good.
    a lot of our society have become addicted to drugs and sports and the country is going to hell.

  • libertytrain

    I don’t know – just know Bill should be able to control his actions.

    • http://deleted Claire

      libertytrain–I agree with you. I think the office of the President should be conducted with respect, morals, and dignity. However, there will always be men that can’t keep their pants zipped, and there will always be young women that are mesmerized by some men that are in political power, or have extreme wealth. Bill should have know better, he should have known he would get “caught.” Monica apparently was a “willing” partner–shame on her, too.

  • desensitized

    Maybe Paterno and McQueary thought this was just another homosexual act protected under some of the new hate laws.

  • PanamaRod

    {“Should Paterno have gone to the police? Here I have a problem with cutting JoePa much slack}”
    The bracketed phrases are from your article and I disagree with them. No one in the Media, “Right or Left” has recognized the reality of Paterno’s situation: If he had gone to the police with “hearsay” from McQueary and if Mc was lying or wrong, Paterno would have been in deep kimchee=law-suit-wise. The Penn State admin person, Curley, should have initiated an investigation and then gone to the police. Paterno did his duty informing the University, BUT the Media, unfortunately likes scandalous sensationalism against high profile individuals like JoePa. And should be ashamed of themselves, especially in this case where they know very little about the situation, yet write volumes.

  • TM

    Expressing outrage is natural for the heinous, and unnatural acts do irrepairable harm in the physical, mental (emotional) and spiritual realms of the human being. Healing may never be achieved in this life and consequently the violence begets violence. Applying morallity to Bill Clinton is a falsehood. He never was immoral, the correct term is amoral- without morals. Don’t simply paint Bill the sinner without including Hillary, too. Applying any sembelance of morality to our government , elected or not is alsoshortsighted and speaks of our failure to remember the truth. The real truth is that sin has run rampart in our lifetimes to such a degree that outrage and disgust that any human might truly express can be seen as justified. However, We have lost sight of the big picture. God is outraged by us human beings the sins are already overflowing the cup of iniquity, the man of perdition approaches. Mercy from our God is absolutely key. Justice demands; Mercy and forgiveness could be the only thing to heal the victims. In many cases a miracle would be necessary to shake us back to a morally centric conscience and a healthy fear of the consequences of our actions. Individual responsibility has been sacrifice on the altar of the New World Order. THose who speak of it and its aspirants being in favor of the unatural perfidy relish their wickedness and the victims abound not just in PA or just at PSU. These are spoken of in Romans Chapter 1. All these evil doers have been givenover to a reprobate sense and God has abandoned them to have more of their particular sin. As the moral integrity plumments from whatever heights we, as a nation, once enjoyed the sad truth is we have fallen from grace in so many ways and in our every thought and breath that it will take God’s forgiving mercy to rescue us. What a novel thought forgiveness? The Our Father should be studied and prayed. Incidentally, these sins are not just in the Catholic Church. Protestant and Jews, ministers and rabbis are no less guilty. The media biase is omnipresent and the glorification of activity traps, sports or academics draws away from God, His Kingdom and His Laws of Love! Our system of laws in our country are based on God’s Laws except where man’s law has usurped God’s Law. The difference between what is legal and what is lawful is misunderstood and a deliberate ploy of the NWO henchman bent on destroying the Republic under God- Judeo-Christian! We are in the stage of the coming of antichrist and his reign has not yet started the countdown for his demise. The precursor must yet be killed by the antichrist and he has not yet proclaimed himself to be God. He will feed only on perfidity. The perfidity of the last days which is the homosexual/lesbian agenda. Have you lost sight of what Obama did in his first 100 days. The iniquity abounds the spiirts of impurity are in the air. Woe to those who call Good; Evil and Evil; Good. The woes are upon us, Seals are being opened and the good will have much to suffer with the wicked. A cry for vengenace will abound because of all of the injustices. Even those who cry out for justice must wait a little while. The King of Kings will cause the Two Witnesses to come and comfort the repentant and to chastize the sinners. While these things play out in front of our faces, the Spirit of the Omnipotent God grants mercy for whatever time is yet remaining. Stern measure of His rod is before us and yet we cling to our individual sins. How will more violence redeem the lot of us.?! God is the same yesterday, today and tommorrow. He never said in His first commandment to us to go forth and multiply until the 20 and 21st century when we can have 1.2 children. The command was to go forth and multiply. He wasn’t speaking of 2 lesbians and a parakeet. These are only man-made revolts against God’s Holy Order. the other crimes of murders and lies and thefts and blasphamies direct to His Holy Face only scratches at the countless sins which draw down His wrath. Expressing human indignation has its place. We speak of the rights of man but what of the Rights of God. Has He promised to make all the secret thoughts to come to the Light. Who among us could stand in the Holy Light of His Countenace? Pride comes before the fall. Our arrogance multiplies are sins and we have become practiced as a people and a nation to sin grieviously every moment of our lives. Do we think the wicked one wants anything than total domination of our bodies and our souls? We don’t even think the wicked one exists. One of his finest deceits. The God is dead syndrome and the denials of the atheist and agnostics alike. Sadly, there are no atheists or agnostics in Hell. They know God exists because they got there because they lost the only God, which it God by their own fault! Dearest God have mercy by the virtued of your Holy Name and your Most Precious Blood which you so generously shed for us sinners. Consider if the just man sins seven times a day… what about the rest of us sinners. Humiity,is the virtue to consume the sting of pride. For each vice their is a virtue. When man repents, then and only then can we begin to love and True Love conquers all! Pray much for all the outrages demand God’s Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. Anything else is only man’s distorted reasoning. Do we see as God sees! For my part, I am a sinner and need and seek forgiveness for all my failings. Join me in you heart’s most sincerest prayer for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I’m content to think He is greater than I and I’m but a breath away from His Holy call to return and render an account. How can any of us stand against the Rod of His Justice?

  • C Colin

    Chuck B., You want to bake your cake and eat it too. It is either right or it’s wrong. Sports come from the Gladiators, from Rome. It too was in their day entertainment and a venue to recruit for the military as sports is today. When it was first introduced people were taken back. But as you see the powers that be of that day continued placing it before the people, the people soon had their minds seared and could take in more. America used to place value in Character, people that were honest and hard working. Today we value personality, people that look “GOOD” and do cool things but don’t work too much; and so the powers at be continue to bring us more of the “GOOD thing”, after all if it feels good, “Just Do It”, ring a bell? What do you promote the powers that be’s lifestyle, which is sports, and all the entertainment of today or back to the basics living? Its not appealing because there are no flashing lights, whistles or money to speak of. If the people would think for a moment they would not spend their money on fancy cars, flat screen TV’s or I phones. Do we really need these things? I choose to spend my money on raising sheep and goats, chickens too. I grow organic vegetables and for entertainment I read books on how to build things, cook and in general grow as a responsible individual.

    I consider myself a teacher, yes I teach by example. I live peaceably with my neighbors and yes sometimes it’s challenging because most people today have made the choice to live “The Lifestyle” instead of getting educated. Gen.2:17 says that there was the tree of righteousness and evil, that is a mixture of both. the creator says, “you must not eat of “. This is a commandment no joke! Notice what the creator says after this, “… you shall surely die.” NO JOKE. Now notice Gen. 2:9 “The Tree of Life” was in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the Knowledge of Righteousness and Evil was in the midst also. Do you notice what our scriptures tell us? There is the “TREE OF LIFE”. There is no mixture, it is either right or it is wrong. You can’t have it both ways. “By their fruits you will know them” does sport produce some righteousness, yes. Does sports produce some evil, YES!!! Get it? It’s your choice, which tree will you choose? Peace.

  • Lisa

    It’s beyond me how a 28year old ‘man’ was able to just ‘walk off’ without doing anything. His non-intervention bothers me.
    I am sure that MOST people would consider sodimizing a child as a VERY SERIOUS crime that needs to be stopped and reported.
    I am having trouble understanding why he did not bother to intervene at all.
    I wonder how many ‘other’ children have been abused due to inaction. How could you possibly continue to work along side this person after witnessing that.
    No excuse for not intervening and protecting the child. Are these the type of men our society is filled with today? How very sad.

  • Beverly

    What’s that quote about “all it takes for evil to thrive, is for good men to do nothing” ???

    Each of the passive men who allowed this child abuse needs to spend time behind bars. I worked at social services in the mid-1970′s and know that everyone who works with kids is told what and how to report such abuses.

    I do not view this as a “left” or “right” issue, but one of being passive and not being willing to stand when it’s time to stand.





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