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The Gun Fight Will Be Local

January 25, 2013 by  

The Gun Fight Will Be Local

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Communist-Calif.) introduced her draconian and unConstitutional bill to ban weapons with scary-looking features and high-capacity magazines and create a national registry system yesterday. It was classic sleight of hand.

The bill was introduced with sound and fury by a person who has stated it’s her goal to confiscate every firearm in America. It was done in violation of Washington, D.C.’s existing gun laws. Of course, laws don’t apply to the 1 percent (just ask David Gregory). They get special exemptions and specially exempted body guards to watch over them. Over the course of the coming days, the gun grabbers will hail her as a heroine.

The CINO (conservative in name only) Republicans in Congress will wail and gnash their teeth. Threatened by Tea Party challenges from the right and the National Rifle Association, most will not cave.

Senators are already indicating that passing a gun ban will be a tough sell. And Congressional Republicans — who have already alienated conservative Americans by agreeing to an unConstititutional fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes on 77 percent of the population — would be committing suicide by passing more gun laws.

That’s not to say you can ignore Congress. Lawmakers will do all they can to walk the tightrope between what their masters want (disarmament of Americans) and what the voting population and the NRA will endure.

The real gun grab is coming by stealth. President Barack Obama’s (Fascist-Who knows where?) bank, Bank of America has frozen the accounts of two gun manufacturers. Another gun manufacturer has had his liability insurance, held by GEICO, cancelled because his vehicle “does not meet our underwriting guidelines because it is used in conjunction with a company that deals in the weapons industry.” GEICO, of course, is owned by Obama’s BFF, Warren Buffett.

On the State level, gun rights are being snatched overtly and covertly. New York just rammed through a comprehensive gun ban that will allow weapons to be confiscated once the original owner dies. It will also institute a database of gun owners and require re-registration every five years.

In Missouri, the Senate is considering a bill that would require a parent or guardian of a Missouri school student to notify the school board in writing that he or she owns a firearm. Parents of children who commit crimes with guns would be prosecuted as felons.

Though ordered by a recent Federal appeals court to create a law that would allow for concealed carry in Illinois, gun grabbers there are rather seeking ways to circumvent the ruling and keep guns in the hands of criminals but away from law-abiding citizens.

States like Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee, South Dakota and South Carolina have bills pending before their legislatures that would block enforcement of unConstitutional Federal firearms laws. Other States like Pennsylvania, Alabama and perhaps a dozen more, have pro-gun rights bills set for their next sessions.

Dozens of local sheriffs have declared that they will defend the Constitution and resist unConstitional gun laws. The real gun fight will go on at the State and local levels.

Meanwhile, the gun grabbers and Obama through his executive orders are Balkanizing America. It seems that disarmament and division are their main goals, and they’re using children as human shields. And don’t forget, they’ve accumulated billions of rounds of ammunition to deal with those who won’t peaceably comply.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes
    • Vicki

      Tell everyone who will listen that we are way past tired of being punished for the acts of a few.



      STOP IT

      • Right Brain Thinker






        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • Greg Beaty

        I agree with you Vicki and not you Brain.

      • charlie

        Right Vicki. Sensible people can solve the problem – liberals use a crisis as a tool to push their agenda.

        Right Brain has the cranial hemispheres mixed-up about as badly as the ‘statistics’ being quoted. Try this one – 200,000 people die from medical ‘mistakes’, every year!

      • OneGuess

        RBT, your name should be WrongBrain(non)Thinker.

      • Steph

        Right on Vicki. They punish the majority for the few.

        Brian. 2/3 of 30000 gun deaths are suicide. So fudging what. Take away the guns there will still be the same amount of suicides. People want to kill themselves they will, as much as it would be nice to stop it that will not.
        11000 gun homicides? How many stabbing homicides a year? Shall we ban all knives too?
        200000 gun injuries in the US each year. What about auto injuries lets ban cars, trains, busses, trucks, planes, bikes etc people have accidents on them too.
        Hell lets just lock everyone in a padded room with food and water for life Oh wait there are how many drownings a year, better ban water too.

      • Ron

        Check the FBI stats, that most deaths are caused by clubs(bats) and knives, not guns!

      • Frank

        Our guns have two purposes, protect us from the criminals, and protect us from the government!!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Vicki has been so successful with her brainwashing that some of the parrots immediately jump off their perches in support.

        liberals use a crisis as a tool to push their agenda.
        200,000 people die from medical ‘mistakes’, every year!
        RBT, your name should be WrongBrain(non)Thinker. (real clever, that one)
        Take away the guns there will still be the same amount of suicides.
        ban all knives too?
        What about auto injuries lets ban cars
        how many drownings a year, better ban water too (that one is the winner of the “most mindless comment”award)

        Greg Beaty says, “I agree with you Vicki and not you Brain”
        That’s fine by me, Greg, but I suspect that you don’t really understand what I “said”, and therefore don’t know what you’re disagreeing with. Typical PLD behavior.


        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • Steve E

        Frank, guns are also necessary to protect you from people like Wrong Brain Thinker (who doesn’t think at all)..

      • rock


      • voldemort

        183,000 plus children are murdered in the US every year by a liberal supported organization. Deaths by doctors runs at twice the rate of guns. Car accidents kill close to 500,000 a year. The multiple gun homicides since and including columbine were committed by democrats or the children of democrats. get your own house in order before looking over the fence.

      • TIME

        Dear RBT,

        Lacking of gray matter is a crime in and of its self, oddly of what your post clearly display a disturbing case in point with every stroke of your key board.

        So to address your feckless post, { 299,000,000 } ~ yes thats right “299 MILLION”" people.
        JFTR, ~ that number is in most all cases considered to be on the very LOW side.

        That number includes Countless ” MILLIONS of CHILDREN” as well their parents, uncles anuts, grandmothers ~ etc. who have all been ~ “Butched, ~ Raped ~ Robbed, ~ Starved. and MURDERED” by Governments who sell the very same Mindless Rhetoric your selling. saddly of what the people willingly gave away their “FREEDOMS” for a form of preceived Safety

        GUNS don’t kill anyone, ~ But HUMANS who have “Psychotic” behavior patterns have in fact killed 299 MILLION HUMANS just since 1917 ~ thats less than 100 years…
        Based on the History Channels programing ~ not my opinion:
        Adolf Hitler, had many Psychotic Disorders.
        Joseph Stalin, had many Psychotic Disorders
        Mao, Had many Psychotic Disorders
        Fedil Castro, Has many Psychotic Disorders
        Kim Jong, Il, had many Psychotic Disorders

        In China today where they have {ZERO FREEDOMS} and also they have NO GUNS as they have GUN controls ~ they also have “”Mobile excution squards”" that kill upward of 20,000 perple per MONTH for little more that speaking about needing a day off work.
        These numbers also include well over 30% Children under the age of 10.

        Per day in China no less that 100 baby girls are put to death by having their heads crushed by being slammed into a stainless steel tub, ~~ the crime,~ being born!.
        So in just one month that number is 3,000 x 12 months = 36,000 baby girls and that number is on the low side

        Freedom comes with a BIG price TAG, that initails ~ that saddly your not free from harm. as life comes with NO gurantees.

        Restricting “FREEDOM” is never the answer, But to the mindless ~ that saddly always is
        the single as well only responce they can muster, as seen over and over again.

        I believe thats called being a lemming, Or as the people who really do run the show ~ they refer to people just like you as “Useful IDIOTS.”

      • KenPoland

        RightBrainThinker, you got yourself right out in the middle of the briar patch, didn’t you. Rest assured, there are many who agree with you. Obviously the blog that generates this discussion is from the gun enthusiast side of society. They close their ears to any sound that doesn’t echo with firing range staccata. Your statements and questions are valid and should be considered by all who are involved in the conversation.

      • Adolf Schmidt

        RightWingBrainThinker believes that people are like those monkeys that stick their had in a hole to grab a piece of fruit and then can not get their hand out! Banning a small amount of guns from a small amount potential gun owners will make the same impact it did last time, NONE! The people that are pushing this anti gun legislation through are only looking at one side of the gun debate! There are 2.5 million crimes thwarted every year by law abiding citizens! Even if only 1 percent of these crimes would have ended with the death of the victim, it would show there was more lives saved than taken during a criminal episode! Yeah, 2/3 of gun deaths were from suicide! These people are depressed not stupid! Even though you think you came up with a fool proof way of stopping these suicides, I think they might be able to think of at least one more way to take there lives if they want to! Please, look at the statistics! Evaluate all the numbers, even if it doesn’t back your side of the debate! If this is done, RightBrainThinker might live up to his name!

      • Ted Crawford

        300,000+ Americans are killed EVERY year, Many of these a killed using Government money! That’s the number of deliberate Abortions preformed EVERY year!
        Over 53 Million have been murdered just since Roe V. Wade in 1973! That’s more deaths than America has suffered in ALL our wars COMBINED! If you want a cause to support that would actually SAVE some lives, you couldn’t find a better one!

      • Gordon
      • TML

        Right Brain Thinker says “THERE ARE ~30,000 GUN DEATHS A YEAR IN THE U.S. .

        You can’t stop a person who is determined to kill themselves… especially with laws. And considering the fact that there are many more deaths in which a gun is not used, your premise is weak. Do you honestly think that number would reduce simply because no gun is available? Which is to assume that your goal would be to make sure no gun is available… which defies common sense that such is possible.

        Right Brain Thinker says “THERE ARE ~11,000 GUN HOMICIDES EACH YEAR IN THE U.S.”

        A very small percentage of the 311 million population of the United States, and the cities with the highest per capita rates of gun-related homicides just happens to be places with the most strict gun laws – Washington D.C. and Chicago. What do you make of this fact?

        Right Brain Thinker says”THERE ARE ~600 ACCIDENTAL GUN DEATHS A YEAR IN THE U.S.

        Studies have shown that safe-storage laws do not appear to affect juvenile accidental gun deaths. Ban and restriction on guns are ineffective. Training would be the common sense answer.

        Right Brain Thinker says “THERE ARE ~200,000 GUN-RELATED INJURIES A YEAR IN THE U.S.”

        Injuries? Well, we can’t put cushion pads on every sharp corner in America. The role of government isn’t meant to be your nanny RBT.

        Right Brain Thinker says “STOP TRYING TO DENY THAT GUNS ARE A FACTOR”

        Guns are as much a factor to the things you mention, as forks are a factor in obesity.


        Define, “common sense”. For most Americans common sense is understanding that gun laws are widely ineffective, and that regulation and restrictions by government on a national level can, and has historically, led to gun confiscation. Because it has been said directly, by people like Dianne Feinstein, that confiscation is exactly the goal it seems ignorant to deny gun confiscation is a legitimate concern.

        Right Brain Thinker says “STOP TRYING TO DISTRACT US WITH ~300 AMERICANS”

        Actually I find it to be directly on point rather than a distraction, since the 300 million Americans will be directly affected by national laws.

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        WOW Vicki! You really got the gringo Libtard nerves! Brain stinker is having a meltdown shouting in Caps like the other moron NC,
        Read this article it will drive Libtards ape poop!

      • Demise from within

        I agree with Vicki, however Brains comments are ignorant, not to mention the choice of the name brain, is a oxy-moron!

        Baseball bats kill people. Do we regulate or ban the sale of bats?
        Tire tools to change a tire kill people. Do we stop changing flats?
        Knives murder people. Do we pick up our steak and eat with our fingers because forks poke out eyes!?
        Mans hands can kill people. Do we handcuff all individuals for the safety of society?

        Bleeding heart left liberals are the biggest hypocrites. Inserting tools into a woman to chop and vacuum a human life out of her is not murder. These idiots are living in a unicorn, rainbow, and lollipop world. They want entitlements to all, even the lazy crack heads deserve government money and work is a four letter word to them.

        Wake up America and get some dignity, self-respect, and ambition. Desire to work hard and support your family instead of relying on these hard-ons working to destroy your country!!

      • ProtectThyStudent

        If we want to know why crime rockets high in countries and even cities that ban guns, its because guns in private hands stop a crime 2.5 million times a year in America. Thats 6500 times a day. think about that.

      • JeffH

        Half Wit Thinker,

        Let us make it very clear to everyone on this website…Your sole purpose for being here is not to argue or debate. You are paid to be here and paid to abuse this website and this website’s participants that openly resist the ideologies of Marxism/socialism/fascism/progressivism and ultimatly communism. You know you’re a troll and a shill and a troll/shill handbook wasn’t even needed to figure that out.

        EVERYONE…please follow Half WiT’s posts(not just this thread but on every thread0 and you will see that he has constantly targeted particular posters on a consistant basis to the point where he mentions and attacks them continuously in multiple and unrelated resonses.

        Half Wit has half of his brain seeing boogeymen and he more than likely eats, sleeps and dreams of these boogeymen 24/7. Note that, like many progressives do, he tells us just how much more intelligent he is and has a tendancey to reward himself with his own narciccistic induced brand of personal accolades.

        Half Wit, you’ve fooled no one but yourself…don’t stop now.


        ~300 MILLION Americans DIDN’T SHOOT anyone AT ALL. Not even by accident.

        Join us in telling them to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT

        STOP IT

        STOP IT NOW

        No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.
        - Hunter S. Thompson

      • Motov

        @ Rotten Brain Fart
        Where’s your caretaker? I see you escaped from the zoo again!

      • eddie47d

        I’ll pick on Jeff H and Time together since they ignored VOLDEMORT’s comment. You all like to say RBT has faults yet totally ignore right wing crazies like Voldemorts. 500,000 car deaths? Apparently Conservative don’t go to doctors or use hospitals because he says they are all Liberals LOL!. Seems like an awful lot of numbers floating around for such a short spiel. What a hoot! Did Jeff H clone himself as Vickie or is it the other way around?

      • Bill Roe

        What RightBrainThinker neglects to mention is that only 0.6% of gun crimes were committed with legally owned or possessed weapons. The problem is not the legal owners, it’s the criminals, and no amount of legislation is going to make one bit of difference to the criminals.

      • Lon Pirkl

        It has nothing to do with gun control it is a way to get total control. A Fascist move by Feinstein and the rest of the Obama administration want to inslave everyone in America. Some of my friends are completely blind to the democrat lies. They even voted for that Fascist that’s in office. What’s really stupid is they voted for him twice.

      • Don

        Communists Cheer On Obamas Gun Grab

        Nothing more need be said.

      • Kate8

        Don’t forget that included in gun death stats are those shot by law enforcement.

        Since the 3rd largest cause of death is death by doctor, perhaps we should look at criminalizing doctors, pharmaceuticals and hospitals. That would actually save a whole lot of lives.

        Liberals know their arguments are lame. This is more about them shilling for BigBro than anything to do with “safety”.

        Remember, Leftists do not have the power to reason. They think the way they are told to think, even if it makes no sense whatsoever.

      • JeffH

        eddie gives us his best DUH!

        I would have hoped that he’d jump off of the anti-Americanism wagon and join the rest of the pro-American patriots in getting the message out that ~300 MILLION AMERICANS DID NOT SHOOT ANYONE.


        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • TIME

        Dear Eddie,

        First off I am a “TRUE LIBERAL”

        The post displayed by all of the { quasi Liberals } such as rbt ~ are no more a TURE liberal than MAO was a sweet nice guy.
        In fact saddly its people like rbt who deface the “TRUE Liberals” ~ as his post clearly reflect a lacking of any form of True Liberal thinking in all respects.
        Not just a few points but ALL, as in nothing he post is Liberal its just absurd mindless cranking of a feckless jester, in plain words he nothing more nor less than is a useless dullard.

        Be that as it may you at least have some points that fall within the parameters of a Liberal, but in most case’s even you fall very short of a TRUE LIBERAL. Thats why the TRUE LIBERAL class is amost dead. No one even knows what it is anylonger, as it has been sold by the “totaly controled manipulated mass media” ~ as the wrong product.

        People like Claire Mccaskill, Barry Obama, all ~ Clintons, Schumer, Joe Biden, etc, are Marxist and they even tell everyone so, how would one know?
        They use the proper “CODE” word that spells it out; that word is: a “PROGRESSIVE.”

        Be that as it may, these are the very people who have enacted pernicious laws that have eroded the average Americans freedoms and all done in the name of “LIBERAL” thinking.

        Of what is an outright LIE, let alone a total insult to any “TRUE LIBERAL”

        .A True Liberal believes in Freedoms with out restrictions from Government, they don’t believe in micro nor nano managment of persons life, of what is clearly not displayed by any person within the city state of the District of Columbia. that includes many within the R party as well.
        Such as the likes of: Lindsay Gram, Jonny Isakson, John Mcain, as well as many others just like them.
        They to are Marxist but they go under the title of “neo CON” same value as Marxist, as in thats the code yet again.

        Peace and Love, Shalom

      • Old Henry

        Liberals don’t use guns to murder children.

        They use abortion.

        We need Abortion-control.

        Thoulsands of children die in car accidents.

        We need Car-control.

        More people are murdered each year by hammers than guns.

        We need Hammer-control.

      • Old Henry


        Maybe Right Brain is dyslexic.

      • Right Brain Thinker



        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • eddie47d

        Sorry Time i was strictly showing the hypocrisy around here and maybe you didn’t have a chance to see Voldemort’s comment. Jeff H on the other hand always ignores ignorant comments from Conservatives and runs from them like a scared rabbit. He’s a one trick cowboy on issues!

      • JeffH

        eddie, humor me ,just this once, with something well thought out, somewhat intelligant and original…if you’re capable.

      • deerinwater

        Well Vicki, ~ you have stood well ~ have every most Americans do not share your over simplified view in regards to gun control.

      • Jana

        Old Henry,
        I like what you said.
        I will also add, guns don’t commit murder, but abortion does.

        Liberals don’t use guns to murder children.

        They use abortion.

        We need Abortion-control.

      • Jana

        Sorry, but on that gallup poll it depends on two things. 1. what part of the country it was taken in, and 2. If the people answered truthfully.
        Someone was calling around here asking if people owned guns and people were calling in to the radio station telling about it and saying they said no to that question, but they really did.
        People do not always trust a pollster unless they are assured of anonymity.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker demonstrates why the left brain is actually useful by saying:
        “THERE ARE ~30,000 GUN DEATHS A YEAR IN THE U.S. .

        That would be nearly 0.01% of the population.


        Assuming one murderer per murder (it is actually less)
        That would be nearly 0.004% of the population.


        That would be about 0.0002% of the population.


        Now we’re talking some SERIOUS numbers. That would be about
        well…. about 0.07% of the population. Ok maybe not a big percentage after all


        We are not denying that there is a problem. The problem is the anti gun crowd. They keep insisting on punishing the innocent for the acts of (as you can see from the percentages about) a VERY VERY few.


        Guns are inanimate objects not a factor.


        Explain that to NY Governor Cuomo


        300? That is the number of Spartans led by King Leonidas who is famously quoted as saying “molon labe” meaning roughly “come and take”



        - RBT: “STOP IT
        - RBT: “STOP IT NOW

        Please do.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker demonstrates the ad hominem (toward other posters) by saying:
        “Vicki has been so successful with her brainwashing that some of the parrots immediately jump off their perches in support.”

        Then adds a dash of argument to ridicule
        - RBT: “That’s fine by me, Greg, but I suspect that you don’t really understand what I “said”, and therefore don’t know what you’re disagreeing with. Typical PLD behavior.”

        Then demonstrates learning by doing (cut and paste) to which I shall add a bit of commentary (in lower case letters)

        There IS a problem. Anti-gun people demanding that the innocent Americans be punished for the acts of a VERY few.


        Guns are inanimate objects not “a factor”


        Tell that the the current Governor of NY State.


        300? Isn’t that the number of Spartans led by King Leonidas who is famously quoted as saying “molon labe” meaning roughly “come and take”

        What we have said is that



        - RBT: “STOP IT
        - RBT: “STOP IT NOW

        Agreed. Stop punishing the innocent NOW.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker says:

        Which is still a really BIG one hundredth of ONE percent of the population


        There’s a problem alright. You advocating that government agents use guns to take away our GOD given right to keep and carry (oh the irony) guns.


        Guns are inanimate objects. Not a “factor”


        If we believed you meant what you say ( for proper gun regulation) we might stop. Alas we strongly suspect you really mean what NY Governor Cuomo said.


        That would be Spartans not Americans and that is a (good) movie.

        - RBT: “STOP IT
        - RBT: “STOP IT NOW

        Good advice. Please do stop punishing the innocent for the acts of the VERY (0.01%) few.

      • GRusling

        Dear Vicki… you’re preaching to the choir, and a few trolls who are programmed to disagree with anything you say.

        Get local. Gather your friends and DEMAND that your local law enforcement, County Sheriff, etc., refuse to enforce anymore federal firearm laws and, in fact, come to the defense of the local population if outsiders (like the feds) come and attempt to confiscate or even register your weapons. Demand that your STATE Legislature create a law denying any authority to the federal government to create or enforce ANY federal firearm regulations. Several States have already passed such laws, and many more are now in the process. Support them and the politicians who have introduced them.

        In any State, if ONLY the Sheriffs and local Police oppose the fed, all of the US Military combined would be badly outnumbered. The federal government can NEVER enforce a law which “We The People” refuse to comply with.

        Think about it. We have the authority and the power. Let’s use it…

      • Alex Frazier

        Right Brain Thinker

        According to the 2010 CDC data (2011 is still preliminary), the actual numbers are as follows:

        Death by:
        Accidental discharge of firearms: 606
        Intentional self-harm (suicide) by discharge of firearms: 19,392
        vs. 38,364 total suicides, which is 50.5%, not ⅔s.
        Assault (homicide) by discharge of firearms: 11,078
        Discharge of firearms, undetermined intent: 252

        By comparison, see these deaths by:
        Transport accidents: 37,961
        Motor vehicle accidents: 35,332
        Heart failure: 57,757
        All other forms of heart disease: 119,022

        There are only 31,328 deaths by firearm, and 61.89% of them are suicides, thereby posing no quantitative threat to the public. That leaves only 11,936 deaths by firearms. When compared to the total number of deaths for the same calendar year (2,468,435), firearms account for .0048354% of the deaths in America.

        Comparatively, there are 68.5% more deaths by transport accidents, 66.2% more by motor vehicles, 79.3% more through heart failure, and 89.97% more deaths by other forms of heart disease.

        Relative to the 308,745,538 population of the United States as of the 2010 census, approximately .0000386597% are affected by fatal gun violence.

        While those who are involved in such unfortunate situations deserve our sympathy, this is hardly the epidemic the media makes it out to be.

      • Vicki

        GRusling says:
        “Dear Vicki… you’re preaching to the choir, and a few trolls who are programmed to disagree with anything you say.”

        I am giving the choir a useful self evident truth to help when they “get local”. We have long said that gun-control laws only affect the law abiding. I wanted it to have a number to match against emotion laden numbers like ~30,000 people are killed every year. (Source RBT in this thread at January 25, 2013 at 7:13 am)

        Well that number is
        ~300,000,000. When you do the math ~0.01% of Americans are killed every year. Yet the anti-gun people want to punish the ~99.99% of Americans who are innocent. This presumes that each person killed was killed by one person who killed no other. If we use the number of murders alone than an even larger number of people are being punished.

        Please do Get local. Gather your friends and show them this self evident truth. Show them the US Population. Show them the FBI statistics. Show them the math.

        (The math is [ (number of murders/us population) * 100) ] )

        Replace murders with any other crime stat where a gun is involved, if you wish. The percentage will change little. It will still be that an incredibly large portion of the population is being punished.

        Let them know they are NOT alone. We are way past tired of being punished for the acts of less than ~0.01% of us.

        And if you show the math to law enforcement people you probably won’t have to demand. The above data combined with the oath they took as peace officers should be enough.

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        Even one life that is taken with a gun is precious,

      • Jana

        The Question to Non thinking Right Brain was:
        Is it true you were a teacher?

        His bragging answer was:
        As you stated, “Jana asks, “Is it true that you were a teacher?” Yes Jana—for several years before I got into school administration. And a good one, I’m proud to say—-I got one “Teacher of the Year” award—nice dinner, a certificate, and my picture in the paper (the dinner was the best part). Actually I still am a “teacher”—that old “Once a teacher, always a teacher” thing IS true, and visiting PLD certainly does make me want to “teach” folks like you.”____________

        My answer to him was:

        You sure are full of yourself. No wonder our Public School System is in trouble with Socialist teachers like YOU. Your PRETEND Teacher of the Year Award just confirms your idiocy and your self esteemed superiority, when in actuality, you are quite mediocre!

        That Teacher of the Year Award means just as much as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize that he supposedly won for becoming the first black President of the United States.
        NOT A BIG DEAL!

      • Vicki

        Walter & Renee Agard says:
        “Even one life that is taken with a gun is precious,”

        Even one life that is taken with a scalpel is precious. Did you have a point?

        • Motov

          Walter & Renee Agard says:
          “Even one life that is taken with a gun is precious,”

          You sound as if a gun magically got up pointed itself at someone and discharged a round into some one.

          Now if the person takes a life with a gun (And not in self defense or by an unfortunate accident), And the person who took the life (intentionally) is found guilty, in a court,.. has then lost his bill of rights, because he denied his victim theirs. To make sure this never happens again, execution should be swift.

      • Joe Gunz

        SADLY Vicki THEY DON’T CARE!!! It’s no longer the will of the PEOPLE it’s the will a those in control & unless WE do something avout it we’re just gonna get SCREWED!!! I don’t know where you live but I UNFORTUNATELY live in NY. But I’m looking at moving to VT possibly.

      • James Bernard

        I’m with Vickie to!

      • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        EXCELLENT Vicki. You are a true FREEDOM FIGHTER .Check out this article from Lew Rockwell to realize the ONLY TRUE SOLUTION:

      • Riflemaster

        Viki I too agree with you and for you Right Brain take youe head out of your ass if don’t like what made america america which is the right to protect ourself and keep a tyrant goverment in check (the right to keep and bea rarm is part of our checks and balences system) then TAKE YOUR SORRY ASS OUT OF THIS CONTRY WERE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT ALOWED TO PROTECT THEM LIKE IRAN AND CHINA WERE YOU BELONG

      • http://yahoo Val

        When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point, failure to defend liberty makes slavery a certainty.

      • tim

        300,000 children die every year by abortion so don’t tell me the gov’t is protecting children. This is nothing but a gun grab and nothing else!!! Thier using it for an excuse and nothing else. Obama has a plan for martial law and taking over the country. Why else would he make all these executive orders for martial law, taking over all the utility companies and all of the water in the country. The man is on his last term and doesn’t want to lose his dictatorship!!!!!!!! He has already let the homeland security buy 7000 new full auto machine guns and 400 billion rds of ammo. Hollow point ammo which is illegal under the geneva convention for war, but not for killing american citizens. He is asking his generals if they would have any problem shooting american citizens. He is firing the ones who say they can’t because they swore an oath to the constitution to protect americans. If you don’t believe me check it out you will see how he is changing his generals around in the last year. The man is gonna start his own war because you will see no elections during martial law!! He is a criminal already with the executive orders that have violated the constitution!!!!!He plans on using those plastic caskets at those so called fema centers out in the middle of nowhere!!!!! Good luck if you don’t have a job. Good luck if your’e old and non productive!!! Good luck if you don’t have anything to offer. Good luck if your’e not a muslim. The man is the next hitler!!!!!!!!

      • Sandman

        Vicky— you are right on so I will not take up alot of space.
        RBT—You have no brain & not capable of THINKING–obviously a DUMBOCRAT.
        Short and sweet—GUNS DO NOT KILL—PEOPLE DO
        Im an NRA member ,Viet Nam Vet and 64 years old and to this day I have never seen any kind of weapon jump up and kill any one—that requires a gun and an IDIOT/mentaly unstable person.
        Part of the solution is get our people off psycotropic drugs and let them back into the real world and knock off all thie violance in Hollywood and video games.
        I dont have a problem with Dr.s being REQUIRED to let ATF know who is on MIND ALTERING DRUGS—maybe they would be less apt to prescribe them—-HMMMMM

      • Whole Brain Thinker

        Right Brain sell acclaimed “Thinker”… with 54,559,615 Total abortions since 1973 ( ) you would think all self proclaimed holy and righteous folks like yourself would who think the “killing” (read extermination) of children is a huge enough abomination to pervert, re-write, deny and overturn the United States Constitution would be far more concerned with shutting down abortion factories than taking guns away from honest Americans who do not kill children. But then, babies do have a tendency to interfere with sexual freedom, (from a leftist point of view, surely an ‘inhuman” thing to do, which makes baby killing rights far more important to leftist than the rights of free people to defend themselves in their homes. (even those who claim to be ‘right brain” [ROFLMAO] “Thinkers” while accusing others of being parrots [Can't help myself, ROFLMAO again]

        To bad storks don’t bring babies, huh? Then the left could recognize that killing children REALLY IS AN ABOMINATION and accuse the right of infanticide for not allowing storks to fly freely across our borders or they could continue to lambastes the right for the so-called, trumped up and completely false claim of it’s “war on women” for allowing storks to fly across our borders. You could win either way, if only storks brought babies. Also, you could demand that guns be taken away from “storkophobic” hunters who shoot storks crossing our borders.

        Truthfully, I have no idea whether it is the left side or the right side of your brain that believes it is ‘thinking’, but clearly you are right in that only half of your brain seems to be working.

      • Ralph M. Petersen

        There are 3322 abortions performed every day in the U.S.

        We need to outlaw doctors.


        STOP IT, I SAY,
        STOP IT NOW!

      • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

        Great Britten out law’ed guns 50+ yrs ago and they have 13+ killings per 100,000 citizens, where as America has less then 3 per 100,000 citizens so I think that speaks for it’s self and that’s a fact Brian… others can read his comment below or maybe above.

      • judge

        Right Brain thinker, nice statistics. Did you know 40 million people are killed each year with sticks. and 20 million of those are blunt objects. See I can make up statistics too. Try going to the FBI and using their statistics. Might get a little clearer for you.

    • Don

      Right on Vicki! U.S. residents stop or prevent 2.5 million crimes a year because they are armed. Everyone should read “Dial 911 and Die” written by atty. Richard W. Stevens. You will discover that the police and the government are not required to protect the individual citizen, nor are they even required to respond to your 911 plea for help. You will learn that you cannot collect damages from the police or the government because they did not respond to your call, or they did not protect you. The courts have upheld that you are responsible for your own safety and protection. People have fallen victim to the brainwashing and false sense of security that all you need to protect you is to dial 911. Police are reactive and arrive to a crime-in-progress less than 5% of the time. Do you want to bet your life on 911 and an overworked and understaffed police department? A Gun In The Hand Is Better Than A Cop On The Phone.

      • ranger09

        DID YOU SAY OVERWORKED???. The proper quote would be OVERPAID and UNDERWORKED.

      • Wellarmed

        The courts have upheld that you are responsible for your own safety and protection.

        Does anyone not see the inherent contradiction in this statement and the fact that “gun free zones” were also upheld as a “reasonable” restriction on where law abiding citizens can posses firearms on their person.

        I think it is long overdue for us too consider “reasonable” restrictions on the right to vote, and to immediately enact “common sense” restrictions that would limit those the ability to cast a vote if they do not meet “minimum requirements” of intelligence or mental aptitude established by local, state, and the Federal Government.

        The last time I checked, I have yet to find this “reasonable” qualifier attached to any amendments in our constitution or “common sense” restrictions in the Bill of Rights.

        May I last say that based on the extreme violence that pervades the film industry and the vagrant disregard portrayed for human life depicted in these films which serve no actual “need” for the general public, I find that they cannot be excluded from “reasonable restrictions” as to their content and therefore are subject to “common sense restrictions” as deemed fit according to local, state, and Federal Government.

        Sorry if you lost your footing my fellow Americans, but it is merely a slippery slope with which you happen to stand.

    • Gordon

      Most of that month old video is MOOT. Arguing liberal terminology is ridiculous.

      Gun grabbers have specifically defined hundreds of brand/model weapons for control.

      Liberals might be mentally ill, but OUR thinking that “assault weapons” means fully auto only doesn’t hold up in their depictions.

      • ibcamn

        yep,most of this is about a way to get to all our weapons,its not about all our guns,”now”,but will be as to how they can link all the little and local gun laws together!they want to be able to get to your guns a little at a time,like how they creaped into the white house!under the desquise of truth and justice!!and when we knock one out they will pop up with another,just like an enemy abroad!thats why they start with some lie of,the look of the gun(assault style)then they say assault enough,all semi-autos become a menace to every living thing on the planet!so yes,its all smoke n mirrors,be careful,listen to the way they put it,the terms they use and the way they use all the language!

    • Lakota Souix

      Right Brain THinker your way off base with your figures,FBI stat’s confirm
      11,000 muders with firearm’s, and some of those are suicides,what kill’s most American’s 109,860 drunk drivers. The current goverment is getting tyrranical,what people in our goverment should be getting to the bottom of is who’s fault it is that 4 americans died in Bengahzi. We The People are tired of our RIGHT’s (all of them) being infringed. So get over it.

      • deerinwater

        He might be off some ~ but clearly most of the pro gun poster represented on this thread are not a good representation of the mood of the nation.

      • Wellarmed

        Thank you Lakota Souix. Very well said and to the point. And in response to deerinwater since when did our civil liberties being preserved come down to polling data as the overriding factor as to weather were are going to uphold our Constitution? Our system of government was designed to purposefully protect the minority from the majority.

      • Bill

        Good comments, Lakota
        There were actually more non firearm homicides than firearm homicides according to the FBI’s stats: 11,493 firearm homicides and 16,799 non firearm homicides.

        Right Brain thinker is just following his unions orders and trying to divert our attention away from the lefts failed economic policies. The biggest problem facing America is the unsustainable debt incurred by the public sector unions higher than market perks and benefits.

        Detroit is a good example of future America. And the word “Bankruptcy” will be a common term for cities, counties and states

        Taxpayer subsidies for public sector retirement funds must be stopped. Those funds have to support themselves on their own investments. And if they fall, then welcome to the real world like all of the rest of us

    • Old Henry

      Great link. Thanks.

    • Benjamin Fox

      A good and true video MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes, God Bless and keep your powder dry.

    • mrf

      To RIght Brain Thinker:Every two days about the same amount of American citizens die from all cancers as in the attacks and destruction of the Twin Towers (about 3,000 people). Of that group about 80-100 are kindergarten/first grade age (about 4-5 times the loss of children as Newtown, CT).

      That is every TWO days. One attack in NY by 19 zealots created two overt wars as well as covert operations in many others, One attack in Newtown has allowed 4 years of inattention to several campaign promises to be galvanized into a multi-faceted national agenda.

      In Newtown, it could have been COMPLETELY prevented if the legal owner used $4.00 trigger locks and a secured the firearms in a combination safe that only she knew the combination. SHE was just as criminally negligent as a bartender telling a drunk its time to drive home, a parent giving a young child the keys to a car or a certified car mechanic failing to complete requested brake repair repairs. In those cases, although there is a more greater frequency and local outcry it is accepted as irresponsibilty of the individual(s). However, to some people, it seems firearms are greater than simple non-thinking machine that is designed to serve in a beneficial way. I agree there are many senseless tragedies but we do not ban cars due to people drinking, drugging, speeding, recklessness, or even driving distracted by passengers, cell phones, changing music stations, eating, drinking or make-up. We recognize in a rational way the vehicle, another machine (I won’t say simple based on modern car maintence costs or non-thinking because some modern drivers now feel they can think better than them when it comes to driving, passing or backing up). Firearms were developed to provide a means to hunt game to live and sustain a family and protect one’s family and community as necessary. Many people now-a-days choose to buy bag-o-salad, bag-o-meal or take-out rather than bother to cook–these same people who are so RELIANT ON OTHERS likely have even a lesser ambition or interest to be self-supportive preferring to depend on the labors of others, Even sadder is that many of these people are in positions relying on institutional credentials and higher wage positions tha can allow them to survive on the labors of those making much less–why not just call it as it really is–economic slavery. ANYONE who can’t truly support themselves has no business even being allowed an opinion. As Lincoln once held only two types of people should be allowed to vote the really intelligent and veterans–and he claimed his standing by his military service. How many of the pundits are really smarter than Lincoln?

      Along with Ms. Lanza’s direct negligence, anyone familiar with any small community that has a mix of both new rich and established families knows there is often friction. This occurs in neighborhoods, schools, recreational facilities and even Churches. Anyone can read about CT law enforcement’s ability based on a drowning that took over 40 hours to find a body in a pool in Ridgefield, CT during the summer of 2012 (and subsequent non-investigation of cause, or investigation failure); anyone can read about the Newtown Superindendent of Schools being hired while being personally sued during he similar position in Derby, CT and any of the conspiratorists can read Ann Amato’s multi-posted CT newspaper artilce discussing a Greenwich detective pulling a person that was “confused” as the car owner for a parking violation as a former officer that was promoted after a group discrimination suit. (I have never heard of being pulled over for a parking violation nor a pending felon with standing larceny charges getting an undocumented verbal warning in an affluent town with a car not owned but the issue isn’t the Newtown tragedy–its these are the leaders “guiding” the communities involved.

      On the next tier, there is the school secuirty issue. Sandy Hook Elementary School was nationally recognized as one of the safest schools in a recent survey. The principle was a doctoral candidate, the teachers had a host of degrees and similarly the Board of Educationeven included at least one PhD. The school in conjunction with the state conducted drills, made assessments and upgraded the facility–all that and in about 20-30 a 20-year old college drop-out defeated over two hundred years of school security design and the local “credetialed” experts. Again, this isn’t about the Newtown tragedy its about the people giving expert advice.

      The school was on a long road/driveway. A simple secuirty shack with either an armed, unarmed guard or at least remotely operated gate that verified authorized visitors would may have been adequate deterrent–if not it would have at least given notice to the school of a pending threat and may have offered more time to prepare or call for help reducing response time. Minimizing large glass panels or strengthening them to at least tthe same level as a local convenience store and adding a direct button alarm also like most convenice stores rather than depending someone calling 911 would probably be another basic security concept. Minimizing multiple access points, first story low windows and even the sprawling style design devloped like the Titanic to impress and enhance budgets and address a different well-intended but zealously enacted ADA accessibilty regulations (more well-meaning credentialed experts) added to the shooter’s ability to enter relatively unhindered. The protocol of huddling children into a large immobile target that allows quick rescue and recovery by first responders as well as easily conducted drills and reduced liabilty due to less movement and firendly fire concerns but begs the question could a 20 year old shooter have killed so many children as quickly and efficiently if the children were scattered or moving forcing aim or at least forcing the shooter see them as human beings? When the investigation report is made public hopefully it will explain how many actual shots were made versus multiple casualties per round–there is a large difference between 3-11 wounds per child made individually (that would be a possible difference 60-220 rounds if individual rounds were used per victim or it could be 30-60 rounds for the entire two mass targets. And it is less likely all injuries would have been at such a devastating close range. At the time of the press conference woth the CT Medical Examiner he did not he all the numbers available–in the Ridgefield drowning during the summer of 2012 it was considered accidental yet the initial call for the missing person occurred about 6 hours after the person went missing, the victim was reported last seen in a blue bathing suit by a pool, the initial search IN that pool did not find him and 40 hours later he was found in the same pool, Even th bloodhounds and aerial units used couldn’t find a drowned body in a pool just a few feet from where he was last reported and since it was listed as accidental by the CT ME no investigation was necessary. Another credentialed person,

      So there are many tragedies and many are caused by firearms. I have no dispute with that argument. And I do not deny any of these are not tragedies. But is there more loss if a child or adult dies of an overdose, a reckless driving accident or a suicide of any kind? Is there a difference if during an associated crime if a gun, knife, rock crowbar, brick or any weapon of opportunity is used resulting in assault or death? In a crime of passion which would be more merciful a single gunshot to the head or a muliple five-ten minute beatdown where every piece of facial cartilage is damaged and tissue broken down and the victim dies from internal organ damage or bleeding? I will concede a firearm is an easy to operate, fairly reliable means of inflicting severe damage or death and in a way that makes everyone more equal in self-defense or agressive behavior but I think I would rather be shot and killed quickly than a less quick beatdown or stabbing. And although I do not even own a firearm I would much rather trust my chances if I had one against an armed agressor than trusting my physical abilities against one or more agressors whether armed or not.

      So please before offering insights into legislation please consider what proposals acually fit the issue addressed–if it is action to avoid a Newtown-like tragedy that is different than the many handgun killings. If it is an issue of domestic violence or crime examine the underlying factors it could be as simple as a better job, a chance at affordabl education, a more fair retail market, a corrected credit system that rewards people that can actually budget income rather than rewars those that can’t and are forced to rely monthly on banks and credit cards to survive and perhaps review the actual succes rate of family court judge deciscions, mental health and social workers lasting effectivity, review data as to the true society value of pyscho-pharmaceuticals outside of boosting the economy by bribing medical offices to choose thier durgs and protocols and profiting members in th investment community, the school faculties, law enforcement and members of the community that could provide positive support to all members of a struggling family, and of course the true background of a firearm owner to include safe operation and adequate security (although I believe most firearms should be locked it would seem there could be argued a practical aspect of an accessible firearm for home or self-defense–it would seem in those cases an owner would need to be very cautious and acknowledge the additional risk of unauthorized use by a child, visitor or even a burglar stealing it. Again, I do not personally own a firearm, I made that choice as a single parent, but I also chose not to have a pet that required a lot of attention, always ensured my kids swam supervised in known waters, lived on a dead-end road when they were of bike age and was always cautious when it came to friends with quads or mini-bikes. I never said no unless it seemed unsupervised or risky and of the few I had concerns several kids did die of accidents related to the specific concens.

      As for your numbers–30,000 annual gun deaths are all tragedies but not mislead yourself or others that suicides will be signifigantly reduced by eliminating firearms and especially long arms are usually not an issue as simple practicality. Also a multiple killing such as a family murdered and then the perpertrator commits suicide mixes ONE shooter and several victims–the same result would likely occur but in an even more heinous method–what if a faily were drugged, tied up and the house set on fire as they regained consciousness or the occasional news reports of kids seatbelted in cars and then driven into a body of water? Would either method seem preferable to a quick death, less painful death? Often we are not talking stopping the killing only the method.
      So other than the 600 accidental firearm deaths no firearm legislation can guarantee anything but transfer the method and perhaps due to a variety of methods diluting the data it might seem numbers drop more signifigant than real (if a person is disraught, drives reckless and kills themselves and a full car load of other people would that be listed as an accident, a reckless criminal accident or a murder suicide? In most states unless a some means to show pre-meditation it would be listed at worse as some sort of vehicular manslaughter further skewing data collection and blurring the numbers between murders’suicides caused by a gun and families killed in an “accident” it might make some people feel better but I’d hold more people are MURDERED by cars and certainly more commit SUICIDE whether on purpose or by accidentally losing sight they are not invincible behind the wheel than firearms but its harder to define.

      But worry about the 30,000 guns death if you choose to expend your efforts that way. The mighty Huffington Post recently offered an article “U.S. Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 1,280″ explaining a similar concern…but let me remind you every two days about the same people die in America as those that died in the Twin Tower attack (about 3,000) and of that about 4-5 the same amount of kindergarten/first graders and that is every two days.

      Compared to the Huffington Post that comparison that would equate to 75,000 deaths in the same amount of time as thir reporter worries about 1,280 and that includes almost the same amount of Newtown-age children as that articles complete total. As for your numbers well, cancer has already passed yours since 14 DECEMBER 2012 by 2 1/2 times by the end of ONE YEAR cancer will have claimed about 545,700 American lives,
      And cancer is only one example of something that given proper direction and focus as well as government monitoring of how medical professionals are sold protocols could actually do some real effective saving lives. Your argument is valid and all deaths are tragic but don’t you think your numbers especially since most are tragically self-inflicted (and may have included other victims prior to the suicide) is more like screaming your dog house is on fire when a whole city is burning?

    • Rob Smith

      EVERYONE, plz look at the Dick Act of 1902, any gun control is unconstitutional..

  • robert

    i wish those communist people would leave our country. they claim they are not communists, but when you try to force people to do what you want just because you dont like it, and take freedoms away. then what are they. the government admitted it spies on americans,reads your emails and texts and said there not gonna stop. i say its time to take america back.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Wow, the lies of the left go on and on forever until they have said it enough times it becomes truth. The truth is the left lie’s and some buy into it such as RightBrainStinker. the left put out that the shooter at Newtown used a assault weapon and that was a lie, his mothers weapons were listed and no assault weapon so where did he get the one that he didn’t use that was in the trunk of his car as has been proven? A teen shot his mother and sister and said the movie Holoween inspired him to do it. The shooter in Aurora, Colo. was getting a government grant that he lived on and bought guns with, if they can prove he bought them? A teen shoot’s his whole family and the gun didn’t act on it’s own. Evil people use clubs, knifes, hammers, two by fours, baseball bats and what ever they can use including guns at times but, most are stolen and not bought at gun shows where they do background checks and gun shops who also obey the law. I sleep with my gun and it has never attacked me at night and gone down the hall kicking people. Evil people kill people anyway they can and always will. So don’t let the left tell you guns are the problem, Hitler did it, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot all did what the left wants to do today so they can be people controllers, it’s there plan to have complete control and power over those they are suppose to serve. Satan is alive and well in the White House and in both houses and all of them need to go.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Killing not kicking, Sorry

      • Kate8

        Benjamin – Before they can pull this off they need to get all of the military and law enforcement replaced with their own goons.

        Right now, increasing numbers of sheriffs and military are pledging to stand on the side of the people, as are many police, as well. A Sheriff’s power in his county trumps even the POTUS, or any fed.

        Check this out. Here is what the Law of the Land has to say about the power of the sheriff to defebd our Rights against the VERY LIMITED AUTHORITY OF THE POTUS AND FEDS.

        The word is spreading. It is up to us to support our local law enforcement in defending us against federal overstep.

        CALL YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TODAY, and ask them what they think of Obama’s plans to grab guns. Then ask them how they plan to respond. You will be surprised at how many will side with US once they understand their lawful position.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims is taking her sworn oath to uphold the law seriously, even if it means confronting Washington D.C.

        In her letter to the Vice President, Mims emphasizes that the government must not allow the actions of cowards wielding firearms to promote unconstitutional laws that take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

      • JeffH

        Growing List of Sheriffs Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control

        Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken.

        The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations from who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures. I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction.

        I would encourage other Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers to add their voices to the growing numbers of faithful protectors of our freedom.

        List of State Sheriff’s Associations

        1. Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer – Grant County, Oregon

        2. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson – Josephine County, Oregon

        3. Sheriff Tim Mueller – Linn County, Oregon

        4. Sheriff Adam Christianson – Stanislaus County, California

        5. Sheriff Brad A. DeLay – Lawrence County, Missouri

        6. Sheriff Charles M. Heiss – Johnson County, Missouri

        7. Sheriff Steve Cox – Livingston County, Missouri

        8. Sheriff Jon Lopey – Siskiyou County, California

        9. Sheriff Craig Zanni – Coos County, Oregon

        10. Sheriff John Hanlin – Douglas County, Oregon

        11. Sheriff John Bishop – Curry County, Oregon

        12. Sheriff Larry Blanton – Deschutes County, Oregon

        13. Sheriff Jim Hensley – Crook County, Oregon

        14. Sheriff Denny Peyman – Jackson County, Kentucky

        15. Sheriff Roy Klingler – Madison County, Idaho

        16. Sheriff Blake Dorning – Madison County, Alabama

        17. Sheriff Justin Smith – Larimer County, Colorado

        18. Sheriff Al Cannon – Charleston County, South Carolina

        19. Sheriff Ana Franklin – Morgan County, Alabama

        20. Sheriff Andy Hughes – Houston County, Alabama

        21. Sheriff Stacy Nicholson – Gilmer County, Georgia

        22. Sheriff Robin Cole – Pine County, Minnesota

        23. Sheriff Bill Snyder – Martin County, Florida

        24. Sheriff Ed Kilgpore – Humboldt County, Nevada

        25. Sheriff Tom Bosenko – Shasta County, California

        26. Sheriff John D’Agostini – El Dorado County, California

        27. Sheriff David Hencraft – Tehama County, California

        28. Sheriff Dean Growden – Lassen County, California

        29. Sheriff Dean Wilson – Del Norte County, California

        30. Sheriff Mike Poindexter – Modoc County, California

        31. Sheriff Thomas Allman – Mendocino County, California

        32. Sheriff Mike Downey – Humboldt County, California

        33. Sheriff Larry Smith – Smith County, Texas

        34. Sheriff Kieran Donahue – Canyon County, Idaho

        35. Sheriff Margaret Mims – Fresno County, California

        36. Sheriff Pat Garrett – Washington County, Oregon

        37. Sheriff Dan Staton – Multnomah County, Oregon

        38. Sheriff Scott Mascher – Yavapai County, Arizona

        39. Sheriff Micahel A. Helmig – Boone County, Ohio

        40. Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg – Clermont County, Ohio

        41. Sheriff Terry Maketa – El Paso County, Colorado

        42. Sheriff John Cooke – Weld County, Colorado

        43. Sheriff Scott Berry – Oconee County, Georgia

        44. Sheriff Frank Denning – Johnson County, Kansas

        45. Sheriff Stan Hilkey – Mesa County, Colorado

        46. Sheriff Terry Box – Collin County, Texas

        47. Sheriff Chuck Wright – Spartanburg County, South Carolina

        48. Sheriff Greg Hagwood – Plumas County, California

        49. Sheriff Frank McKeithen – Bay County, Florida

        50. Sheriff Roger Garrison – Cherokee County, Georgia

        51. Sheriff Tony Desmond – Schoharie County, New York

        52. Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. – Otsego County, New York

        53. Sheriff Bruce Haney – Trinity County, California

        54. Sheriff Wayne DeWitt – Berkeley County, South Carolina

        55. Sheriff Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert – Wagoner County, Oklahoma

        56. Sheriff Joel W. Richardson – Randall County, Texas

        57. Sheriff Mike Scott – Lee County, Florida

        58. Sheriff Mike Winters – Jackson County, Oregon

        59. Sheriff Brian Wolfe – Malheur County, Oregon

        60. Sheriff Cameron M. Noel – Beaver County, Utah

        61. Sheriff Tom Rummel – Sanders County, Montana

        62. Sheriff Jeff Christopher – Sussex County, Delaware

        63. Sheriff Brad Rogers, Elkhart County, Indiana

        64. Sheriff David Edmunds – Summit County, Utah

        65. Sheriff James Tracy – Utah County, Utah

        66. Sheriff Robert Dekker – Millard County, Utah

        67. Sheriff Frank Park – Tooele County, Utah

        68. Sheriff J. Lynn Yeates – Box Elder County, Utah

        69. Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson – Chache County, Utah

        70. Sheriff James Cordova – Carbon County, Utah

        71. Sheriff Jerry Jorgensen – Daggett County, Utah

        72. Sheriff Todd Richardson – Davis County, Utah

        73. Sheriff Travis Mitchell – Duchesne County – Utah

        74. Sheriff Greg Funk – Emery County, Utah

        75. Sheriff James D. Perkins – Garfield County, Utah

        76. Sheriff Steven White – Grand County, Utah

        77. Sheriff Mark Gower – Iron County, Utah

        78. Sheriff Alden Orme – Juab County, Utah

        79. Sheriff Lamont Smith – Kane County, Utah

        80. Sheriff Blaine Breshears – Morgan County, Utah

        81. Sheriff Marty Gleave – Puite County, Utah

        82. Sheriff Dale Stacey – Rich County, Utah

        83. Sheriff Rick Eldredge – San Juan County, Utah

        84. Sheriff Brian Nielson – Sanpete County, Utah

        85. Sheriff Nathan Curtis – Sevier County, Utah

        86. Sheriff Jeff Merrell – Uintah County, Utah

        87. Sheriff Todd Bonner – Wasatch County, Utah

        88. Sheriff Cory Pulsipher – Washington County, Utah

        89. Sheriff Kurt Taylor – Wayne County, Utah

        90. Sheriff Terry Thompson – Weber County, Utah

      • Kate8

        Did you all see what’s happening in New York, following the passing of sever gun restrictions? Mass DEFIANCE.

        This is great. It’s about time the people took a stand. I truly hope this continues all over the nation.


        Remember, the 2nd Amendment is the only permit you need.

      • Jana

        Well Hoorayy for New York.
        I heard one Sheriff’s response to the question of “Are you going to enforce this new law?” His answer, “I am not allowed to enforce the federal law of illegal immigration, how can I enforce this federal law?”
        Great answer!

    • http://all scott

      I agree with you, we the people are the 4th branch of Government. Our Government is not being ran correct and we need to stand up and take control and set things right. The last time that was done was during the Vietnam War, and the people won. I don’t have a lot of fancy words but I do know the Government is not suposse to rule its people it is supossed to serve them.The people are the ultimate protector of our constitutional rights.When the government fails to abide by the Constitution and takes away our rights then it is ultimately the duty of the people to stand up to the government and take our rights back. This is not something that should be taken lightly. It is only in the most extreme of circumstances when all else has failed.

      The Declaration of Independence states:

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  • Dwight Mann

    I call it TREASON, to just try and pass such legislation, and we need to arrest and prosecute these constitutional criminals. . .
    They were elected to guard and protect the constitution, not subvert it. . .

    • Andy

      The main problem is that The US Attorny General is the worst crininal of all.

      • Gordon

        Just wait until he gets named “Supreme Court Justice”…..

    • ranger09

      Now i wonder if her last name has anything to do with it.

      • ibcamn

        oohhh-skating on the thin ice of racist!that’s ok,think Obama’s middle name(or color)has a thing to do with his comment of”old white guys who owned slaves”?they can say it so can you,it’s your right!

      • http://all scott

        here’s one Obama’s forefathers had nothing to do with wrighting the laws of the new world! I wonder if that’s racist?

    • Jana

      Dwight Mann,
      You are right. These people need to remember they work for us, not the other way around. They are supposed to represent we the people, but they want to be our superiors and our dictators.

  • Jeff

    A Missouri state law pending would require me to notify the school my children attend that I own firearms. I live in Missouri but I have no children attending school. If I did, it remains that it is none of the school’s business if I own guns. It is my right to own them and my responsibility that my ownership remains none of the school’s business or concern.

    • We the people…

      Just one more reason to home educate our children!

    • Robert Smith

      But… It does get interesting if your kid steals some of your guns, shoots his mother, and then goes and shoots up a school.

      Would you object to secure gun storage? How’s ’bout a trigger lock on any guns not on your person?

      For me when I go to bed I fill my CPAP tank with water and unlock the pistol next to the bed if I don’t set my carry one right there. It’s a habit I don’t have to think about and I know my guns are secure when I’m not around.


      • Right Brain Thinker

        On the news yesterday—-a four-year-old got his hands on a “family” gun, wounded his mother and killed himself. One less innocent to be punished among the 300 million.

      • sheep dog on patrol

        Most four year olds don’t have the strength to pull a 5 or 6 pound trigger on any gun. But for the sake of conversation, let’s assume it did happen. The problem is still not the gun. It is an irresponsible adult who left their gun where a four year old could get to it. Stop blaming inannimate objects for the stupidity of people. As for the recent shootings, it is interesting to know the facts that ALL of the shooters were of the “LIBERAL” political influence and ALL of them were under treatment by a physician and were taking anti-depressants. Maybe we should point our fingers at the doctors who allowed their patients to run around with absolutely NO supervision while on these VERY DANGEROUS PSYCHOTIC DRUGS. After all, how can we blame a gun for the irrational thinking and actions of an individual who is on mind altering drugs?

        BTW, Have any of you ever listened to any of the 911 calls that have been recorded of individuals on anti-depressents who have placed calls to 911 and were on the verge of committing suicide? Perhaps all of those ads on TV where the advertiser relates the side effects of the drug makes the statement, “if you are having any thoughts of committing suicide, call your doctor immediately,” should say, “if you are having any thoughts of committing suicide or killing a lot of innocent people in a gun free zone, contact your LOCAL POLICE immediately.”

      • Bill

        Right Brain Thinker says’
        “One less innocent to be punished among the 300 million”. RBT, your lies are getting pathetically stupid.

        You must have too much time on your hands nowadays, with your perky, higher than market benefits from your non producing public sector job.

        You have shown us that you are one of the true “Takers”

      • sheep dog on patrol

        It would be more interesting and factual if we all knew tht his mother was beginning the process to have him institutionalized and he found out. Also more interesting for all of us to know that he was under treatment of severe depression and was taking anti-depression drugs and more interesting to know that his Mom was working with those kids that he murdered out of jealousy feeling that she cared more for him than she did for him. Also, it would be more interesting if the media attacked the pharaceutilcal industry and doctors for allowing such people being treated to roam amongst us unsupervised. What if his mother had been found with a ball point pen protruding from the neck of her lifeless body. Would the ball point pen then have been described as an “assault pen?” And, would there then be a movement to ban all ball point pens? Makes about as much sense. And, what if we were to find out that the Aurora shooting and the Connecticut shooting were actually orchestrated by our government to further scrape the emotionally raw sentiments toward more gun control? Before you say I’m crazy, remember Operation Fast and Furious and remember Benghazi. Both events were allowed to happen under the watchful eyes of this government.

      • Gordon

        Right Brain= these tragedies happen because of stupid parents…… not because law abiding citizens have guns.

        My children were raised with guns, as I was, and taught from diaper age what they are and what they do. Curiosity/ playing with guns never entered into their upbringing, as neither has it for my grandchildren.

        RESPECT for weapons and people. That’s where it’s at. Think about it.

        • Motov

          That’s what happens when you apply common sense, just like teaching children to not play with matches, BTW matches can even be more deadly than a gun, and there are less laws concerning them.

      • Gordon

        Teaching toddlers what a gun does to water filled paper 1/2 gallon milk jugs makes them respect the effects of bullets,

        and does not stimulate their curiosity to play with guns.

      • ibcamn

        hey a-hole,any self respecting gun owner already locks his weapons up!you can go down to any cop-shop and get a simple trigger lock for free(cops havn’t bought their own locks for decades!)and safes are so thieves don’t take our guns!we teach our children gun safety as well as to shoot them well!all five of my boys are a great shot and have never used their weapons in anger!it’s ignorance that breeds contempt!go live in LA for a year then come back and have this discusion!you will have a whole differant outlook on your life,only criminals have guns illegally,not law abiding people!

      • Deerinwater

        4 or 5 pound trigger pull? ~ What kind of gun is that? a Blunderbust?

    • TML

      The interesting, and disturbing, part about that is… what exactly is the school going to do about it if such information is reported?

    • ibcamn

      Jeff,remember,this is the way they back door you,when the big bang on gun siesure happens,all they have to do is go to to every school and get the list from a principle and bang,they have all your info!!it’s easier and quick for king Obama to get your gun!door to door is time consuming and expensive!i owned a tattoo shop years ago and the gov’t wanted to know where i kept any gas or propane(located in shop)they said it was for firemen to find in case of fire,come to find out through a friend(happened to be a volunteer fireman)that was a load of sheet!so i’m assuming it has to do with any home made “boom” stuff!and this was a local law issue,not state wide!it won’t matter if you have kids,they might include in the law,”any”family member,which includes you!!

  • Jeff

    Diane Feinstein has been a leftist elitist and a stooge to whoever will promise her power for decades. She has wanted to disarm the public ever since she found her voice. As mayor of San Francisco she, in one day, signed a city ordinance banning handguns in the city, turned her .38 special revolver over for destruction in a public photo opportunity and, behind closed doors, signed a special concealed carry permit for herself to carry a .357 magnum revolver.

    She is a model statist hypocrite.

    She says her epiphany came when she became mayor when Dan White shot Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk. Dan White killed with a revolver quite similar to the one she was licensed to carry.

    • Bill

      Good comments, Jeff
      She s also bought and paid for by the drug companies and is actively working to remove your right to heal yourself through other methods besides drugs.

      So all of progressives out there that eat organic and take all of your supplements, she is your enemy


        Take heart folks. This evil and unfaithful servant is VERY OLD, and after she passes, we shall sing “Ding, Dong, the wicked witch of the west is dead.” Unfortunately, KALI will probably place another POS, liberal in her Office.

    • Hedgehog

      She (Feinstein) isn’t called the wicked [expletive deleted] of the west for nothing!

      • PJG

        Maybe Feinstein should do something about Hollywood. This is where all the violence REALLY originates. Also from all the killing our children are exposed to from these video games that have been flooding the world. This is where the real problem is. PJG

  • Robert Smith

    Actually she was around long before Obama.


    • OneGuess

      She is still an obamao stooge, “Rob”.

  • Jeanne

    bravo Jeff!!!!!!!!

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    I keep telling you, start in your own state, with your “Governor” thats the key to this mindless rhetoric from the { 100% criminal ~ federal platform. }

    Don’t get any form of FLU shots, ~ stay away from Doctors and meds, if you can stay away from Malls and large crowds, { just do it } you will understand why in a while.
    Rather than my telling you whats going to happen just keep your bloody eyes open, >> look in to the “Katrina” issue look very deep look into the “”Wistle Blowers”" on it.
    Within are a few nuggets of whats coming.

    ** Get your news from: Steve Quyale, ~ Before its News ~ and yes even Prison Planet, use these to find the slivers of TRUTH out there.

    Have any of you ever built a model kit before?
    If so then you understand that to complete it you need to have a plan, also to make sure all the parts are there, then you start building each section,
    { so its “COMPARTMENTALIZED”} aka ~ “The Lies are differant at every level.”
    This one no one can miss, “Watch the other hand.” as what you see is on the surface, but “whats under the surface is whats really going on.”

    Thats whats happeneing before your eyes. Please ~ Take off the blinders and look around you its all so bloody clear that even the blind can see.
    One step at a TIME and we are now through the doors ~ and in the hall, BUT ~ you still have TIME to fix and or repair the damage, so the kit turns out to YOUR advantage.
    But you really must not follow any of the standard mass medias spining of worthless pernicious rhetoric. “”They are all owned by the very people who want to harm you!”"

    Don’t be your own worst enemy, wake up, > they want you to feel helpless, thats all part of the model kit. your enemy can’t be dismissed as stupid, as they are really VERY smart as they have crafted a plan that is nearly unbreakable,

    So YOU have to ~ ask the Christ to show you the light, he will ~ but you must first allow the Holy SPRIT into your SOUL, thats the Model Kit you have and it will work people.
    ” LOVE, and Kindness, are TOOLS for GOOD.
    { Preform an act of randon Kindness today,} you will see results in seconds. ;-)

    Peace and Love, Shalom May God Bless all of You

    • A Citizen


      You have got most of the parts in the right places. I agree 100% that the PEOPLE of AMERICA need to Open their eyes, watch both hands and look carefully beneath, around, and above every nook and cranny. They also need to take a stand for what they need, and once the need is met of all THE PEOPLE in AMERICA we can worry about the wants. This planet was not created for just a few to have it all. We need to worry about our own backyard before we can go into another and try to clean up theirs. We were not placed onto this earth to force others to our ways, we were placed to love, cherish, bond, and learn from one another.

      You are 100% right about the mass media, but why the plug for Steve Quyale or Prison Planet? People of America need to learn to take what is needed and leave the rest behind. They too often pay more attention to the behind stuff in the media(s) and let the needed pass on by. And yes, the enemy does have of very smart plan that they believe is unbreakable; but the one thing about “model kits”, as you call it, is that the glue dries out and the model becomes fragile. Any sudden jerking, roughness, or movement can and usually does cause it to crumble. This is where We The People of America play the important role of taking back OUR COUNTRY.

      It is long pass due for The American People to stand up and hold this Government responsible for their illegal actions against the Constitution. The Government from top to bottom works for us (through our elections). It is time to stop the bullying of the People, to push back, and put all these bullies in their places. It is actually long pass time to remove this government completely and elect everyday citizens to uphold OUR CONSTITUTION and LAWS.

      I could go on and on from here, but I will leave it at this for now. The TOOLS For GOOD are many and only start with LOVE and KINDNESS. Add be compassionate, considerate, and DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU!!!!!!

      God Bless you too!

      • ranger09

        I just wonder what the Future holds, The out look is bad, Because the people have been turned into Sheep for a very long time, So the people just follow the Bell.

      • TIME

        Dear A Citizen,

        I noted the sights for a number of very good reasons, if you have a story line being sold ~ but have only one side that’s being sold, one needs to look beyond that single ray of light.

        Or perhaps better noted as the “20 second sound bite” Thus with Steve Quayls sight you get a unique view point ~ and in most cases its based on intel from people who are still in the LOOP, Just as I pull intel from such persons.

        “Opinions” are being sold, yes I agree with you, ~ but if the opinions are in line with how you see them you get Support that is not being given by the Mass media, nor the criminals within the political structure.

        Saddly in these TIMES of utter insaine media thats Marxist as well Fascist infued Propaganda that folks are being beaten over the head with ~ 24 / 7 ~ 365 days a year, this tends to break the sprit of many.

        So to find a “LIKE MINDED” outlet ~ is a Plus on the Positive side. and many will learn things they had never even thought about. As there are more than one reason for everything, the people who have set up this NWO thing most people don’t understand that its not just them anylonger, now there are other players in the mix with their sights set on their taking the power seat.

        Very few people are strong enough to be “ALPHAS” thus the term thats been coined is the “Normalcy Bias” All in all the average American has no bloody clue whats really going on. so again I come back to a strong support system so they don’t lose sight.
        nor hope.
        The American people can take down whats been built but they first have to understand whats broken and why, who, when, and where it all went wrong, aka to learn from the mistakes made.

        Peace and Love, Shalom,

      • Mike in MI

        TIME – I can’t begin to tell you how much you bless me and in so many ways. You are so-o-o SHARPLY HONED!!! and so-o-o pointedly right. (BTW – It’s so good to see you up on top and out o all funkey stuff. You are THE best.)

        To everybody else –
        Yes, there is a contest in progress for the soul of this nation. If you think you have any reason to believe that God had anything at all to do with the founding of America, … think again. HE HAD EVERYTHING to do with it. He worked hard In, With and For righteous people on behalf of them and their progeny to come.
        That’s you … if the Word of God, Christianity, Spirit, goodness, kindness and “what is right” sparks a glimmer in your heart at any level (… and you don’t have to get paid to write it down – like some of the septic tank sludge that come here).

        God isn’t done with this little experiment yet – not by a long shot. What happens in the Mideast or Asia … or wherever is primarily the concern and responsibility of the people who live in those places. If they want to call on God in the way He has said He’ll hear and respond that’s up to them to figure out and do. He can help them as individuals or as races or as cultures – if they do things right (= His way, like in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters). Our responsibility is here, now, ours.
        Whatever the weapons of the enemies of God and His people may be, God has them one level of magnitude better, at least. Why? ‘Cause He runs the control board which delivers the goods where they are needed, when they are needed, in the quality and quantity needed. If you have trouble believing that – - – read no further.
        His board is governed by the laws of Quantum Mechanics – in that realm “thoughts” determine where the matter and energy are focused. That is one reason why God’s Word and your heart are so important in the contest between Good vs progressives.
        So do we put our guns in array or lay down and expire on this side of the field?

      • Jana

        I have Steve Qualy’s site marked now, thank you.

    • Kate8

      TIME and A Citizen – I agree with both of you. It is important to understand the depths of the evil we face, because until we do we are liable to underestimate its power and intent. Besides, the diabolical nature of what’s afoot is so horrifying that it will surely cause the righteous to take a leap in consciousness that we might not otherwise do when life is comfortable…

      After all, isn’t that the point of it all, anyway, in the scheme of things?

      What I don’t care for with Jones is that he promotes fear and powerlessness. He offers no hope for overcoming. I have long suspected that he is controlled opposition, and recent revelations about his associations seem to indicate this. In fact, he is so over the top as to not seem credible to me.

      Quayle seems more authentic to me, but I can’t really trust anyone in the media anymore. The disinfo network is so complete… So it is good to listen to those to whom you are drawn, but keep to a place of observation rather than believing. We are living in a matrix, a world of illusion and deception. When events and issues are commanding attention, always keep an eye on what the other hand is doing. All things will be revealed to those who ask.

      At any rate, I’m so pleased to see people like you who understand that our greatest power lies in our ability to abide in Love and to show kindness to others. No matter what is happening on this earthly plane, God is, was and always will be the Only Power, and of that we can be sure. It’s a strange thing.. The worse things seem to get, the more aware I am of the Presence of Divine Love and Order.

      God bless, and Godspeed.

      • Jana

        I like to read different people’s opinions and proofs, and if it aligns up with the Word of God then it is truth. Sometimes there is a lot of truth with some inaccuracies but knowing the Word of God will keep us straight.
        I agree with you about Jones, he promotes fear. God does not promote fear He gives us hope. No matter what, we who love the Lord will be all right as God is not mad at us and He will take care of us just as He did the Israelites in the book of Genesis when Moses was dealing with Pharaoh. No matter how severe the plagues were the Israelites were not harmed from any of them. God kept them safe, He will keep us, His own, safe now, as long as we abide in Him.

      • TIME

        Dear Mike & Kate,

        The point of waking is a mulit stage event, and it taks TIME to overcome ~ once you see it.

        This whole thing is really quite overwhelming let alone its hard to believe that like a spyder web its everywhere you look, its in everything you know.
        But what it can not ever permeate is your “SOUL.”

        That is if you will not allow it in, ~ as its just like a Vampire ~ you have to open the door and allow one in. If you have the Christ Grace by way of the Holy Sprit in your Heart and Soul, you have the most efficient weapon in the universe. ” LOVE.”

        We can win over these nasty NWO people, BUT, its not going to be easy, nor will it be clean, and for sure it will not be fun filled.
        We all will be tested by the Christ in a way that only he can test you, thus salvation is based on the single ~ not the mass’s that the “Fraudulent religious” people sell.

        Have no fear as when you have the “Holy Sprit” within you, you will be guided through this matrix.
        As I have said, we who see, will be open to the “HIGHER LEVEL VIBRATION” you will gain a higher level of being, you will become closer to GOD. You will never die.
        So armed with that knoledge you can overcome all.

        We now must stand up and speak out, You all need to write your Governor’s and state body’s and let your views be known, get as many people as you can to do likewise.
        Explain it clearly ~ and with out haste, Tell them you want a State Militia to stand up to all federal troops, or Forgin troops from the UN, or China.
        If your not aware of whats going on with the China connection ~ Please start looking into it. They don’t want money they want “control over this nation.”
        Once you understand the Whole NWO effect this will become very clear.

        Next write your Federal state Law makers and let them know again with out haste you know what acts they have done and what they are doing ~ and you will not take any more of it.
        With these monkeys ~ Call them daily, FAX them daily, write emails daily, make yourself a pain in their ASS ~ get as many people as you can to do like wise, keep their phone lines tied up for years if thats what it takes.
        We Must stop this 2nd Amendment move dead in its tracks, as in “Not one single transgression” can be made. If they get even one ~ then the door is open to the Vampire, get it?

        Tell them to stop with their pernicious acts on your Internet, “YOU the PEOPLE OWN IT~ You paid for it! Not them ~ nor Al Gore.
        Tell them to get the drones out of the sky. Tell them to defund Obama Care NOW,
        Tell them to remove the NDAA ~ the PA, ~ HLS, ~ TSA ~ ALSO Tell them you want Obama brought up on charges of Overt as well Cover Treason, also all persosn who aidded him to power to include John Kerry, H Clinton, Claire Mccaskill Harry Reid, L Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Liberman ~ just to name a few ~ also all media owners and faces, all bankers as in Goldman Sachs their owners as well all involved no matter who they are. Last but not least, “”BRING OUR TROOPS HOME ~ NOW!”"

        As to the media, just don’t watch it, any of it, Don’t buy magazines or news papers {save a forest. } Save your eyes from wacthing these FREAKS on the TUBE., Just stop going to the movies,

        Do Not Have FEAR, Tell them you will not suppot this criminal form of government anylonger ~ also that You will not comply with any federal criminal acts in any way shape nor form. They work for you and not the other way around.

        Tell them You know { the LIE is differant on every level,] and just as the Russian Duma’s fate in 1918 – 1920 ~ their fate will be no differant if they allow what the NWO has in store for all of us. “They will not be spared as what they have been told is a LIE ”

        As to what is the NWO,~ they are “BANKERS.” Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s etc..who hire mercenaries to do their dirty work.

        If you what your nation back, thats the only way its going to happen, stop PAYING THEN to KILL YOU. As I have said before, we all will lose a lot either way, thats a given, so the path is quite clear.

        “We need not fire a single shot” just band together and ~ TELL ~ THEM NO MORE!

        Peace and Love be with you all, Shalom

    • Right Brain Thinker

      I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but this whole string of commentary from TIME (at 7:41 on 1/25) through Jana (at 12:21 on 1/26) has got to be somebody’s idea of a joke.

      They are putting us on with talk about Steve Quayle being anything other than a grade A wing nut. I don’t want to put down anyone’s “religion”, but this whole string of comments is beyond that word (unless the “religion” is built on ingesting certain mushrooms or their chemical equivalents).

      • Jana

        Right Brain non thinker,
        But you are trying to put someone else’s religion down. Why are you lying about it?

      • TIME

        Dear rbt,

        There you go yet again with your devoid mental abilitys.

        Per ~ your post daily I see you’re trying to inflame or to act like a pseudo intellectual, of what saddly you fail every time.

        But fret not ~ {as there is good news} your post are utterly – ineffectual as well feckless,

        But hey you just keep on keeping on ~ little buddy. ;-)

        Peace and Love, Shalom

      • Mike in MI

        RongBrainedTinker -
        WHAT!??! Who in (or out of) the name of God do you think you’re kidding, “…I don’t want to put anybody’s religion down.”???? That’s all you want to do. So get off your “high sounding” horse and get a bagfull of “REAL”, … ’cause everyone knows you ain’t.
        You don’t have a religion – except the religion of atheism – yourself, and don’t want one. Now, it just so happens that everyone of us who have been coming to PLD for a while have a pretty good idea of the evangelistic nature (based in the most elemental hubris) of “Atheism”. This evangelistic Atheism of yours is never based on persuasion like Christian evangelism is because C.E. is based on truth andWe already know it can’ be good.

      • Mike in MI

        Dang it! Something got erased.
        Christian evangelism (C.E.) is based on truth and love.
        So take your evangelistic Atheism with its deception and force, fear and death, and push it elsewhere than here on PLD where we recognize it for the polluting and infective nature that it disburses. Do the same with yourself because we want nothing to do with it.

    • Charlie

      What King Jesus Christ said at Luke 19:27, was that a statement of Love? or a statement of Law enforcement ?…
      The Command that King Jesus Christ gave at Luke 22:36 does it agree with the 2nd Amendment ? Meanwhile ……………
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Tigerous

    Don’t be surprised at a firearm-related “crisis” – real or manufactured – which won’t be allowed to go to waste, at a key point in the legislative debates over the Feinstein Fandango. You can be sure the mouth-breathing monkeys in this administration are working on one right now.

    • Daryl

      I agree with you and the part is that people with the mentallity like those that are pushing for gun confiscation (ban) don’t really have value for life. The other thing is that they don’t listen to the facts supplied by the FBI that taking or banning guns will due nothing but make crime go up. Last night on O’Reilly they said that crime has gone done with the strict gun bills in NY. Evidently they look at the wrong figures. This white house is not concerned with crime but to make Americans defenseless and these bills that they are trying to get passed are only a fore runner to the UN GUN TREATY.

    • KenPoland

      And you don’t think the gun industry isn’t taking advantage of the ‘crisis’? Retail shelves are empty. Their paranoid fear mongering has generated more sales than they can support.

      • Ted Crawford

        Identifying your opponant, analyzing, and identifying their tactics and methods and creating an adaquate defense, isn’t considered paranoid by logical people! It’s considered COMMON SENSE !

      • eddie47d

        Common sense gun laws are rational too!

      • Vicki

        KenPoland says:
        “And you don’t think the gun industry isn’t taking advantage of the ‘crisis’? Retail shelves are empty.

        Unlike obamacare the gun industry is not trying to FORCE people to buy their product.

        - KenPoland: “Their paranoid fear mongering has generated more sales than they can support.”

        Since the gun industry is not the ones trying to take away peoples firearms because of a paranoid fear of inanimate objects I find your argument to ridicule a bit suspect.

      • Jana

        Yes Ken Poland,
        Vicki is right.
        The people are responding to the irrational actions of our supposed leaders. the gun industry is doing what it is supposed to do and that is fill the orders that come in to them. This is called capitalism that all of you Socialists hate so much.

  • robert

    If they bother to check, crime rate in the countries that confiscated guns doubled. In china a man went to a grade school and slashed thirty kids with a knife. Don’t matter what those commies in office do, they will never stop crime. But taking guns away, makes the people easy targets.

    • Ted Crawford

      In Australia they are experiencing an entirely NEW form of violence as a result of their Idiotic gun ban! Prior to the implementation of the gun ban, the crime of “Home Invasion” was vitrually unheard of, now it’s rampant! It’s such a new phenomenon, they don’t even have any Legal language to discribe it!

  • Elton

    Jeff, Patrick Henry, Others, stick to your guns. I think there are more of us out there than the liberal elitists realize. I don’t own many guns, but when they come for them I am more than willing to shed blood, mine or thiers, for the sake of freedom for my children and grandchildren.

    • Steve E

      I’m with you on that.

  • freeisrael

    It’s high time to publish lists of Democrats who do not possess guns. The burglars, rapists and murders need to know…..

    • sheep dog on patrol

      Feinstein herself admits to carrying a firearm and when her jet lands at the Aspen, Colorado airport, she has a nice following of heavily armed body guards. You see, it’s just fine for her and all her entourage to have guns, but not us. This hypocritical swamp witch is the soloist in the orchestra of anti-freedoms and is surely on our list of who’s who in America’s Domestic Enemies.

      BTW, Yes, she does own a home in Aspen. After all, she is one of our elitists. One of the 1% ‘ers that all of them tell us are evil.

    • Gary

      Amen to that! Let the criminals the libs support, have their way with cowardly limp-wristed bleeding hearts! I hate these communists with a severe passion! Time to turn the tables on them. It’s time to fight, literally, if they try to ban OUR guns!!!!

    • Jana

      This shows Feinstein is a hypocrite. We are supposed to do as we are told according to her.
      NO! She is supposed to represent the people, not be our dictator.

  • Big Al

    Viloent crime especially with firearms has been cut in 1/2 since 1991. The data shows clearly more Americans armed less vilolent crime. The highest crime rates are in Lib& dem area where the popoulation is mostly a welfare state.
    Obama…1st thing Nov 7th…the day after election…your telling me the most important thing on the emperors mind is signing a rough draft of a UN small arms ban…
    DO NOT make the mistake that this is about me, you or your children…this is about an evil man’s plans to disarm the citizens for his totalitarian regime & the destruction of Israel & the US

    Oh & right brain…I have yet to meet a lib with the capacity the use their brain

    • Mike in MI

      Big Al -
      RongBrainTinker’s problem is he’s operating at a severe disadvantage:
      He thinks himself to be superior to normal people in that he operates out of what he thinks is the “higher”, more desirable and more effectual side of the brain. Actually, without the countervailing and balancing effects of the left side’s operations he comes up as less than human. We were designed to function with both sides working in order to be fully human.
      So, insisting that he is a bigger or better man than we poor mortals are because he doesn’t value the left brain’s qualities makes him nearly equal to septic tank sludge in the full scheme and design for living life.
      Don’t envy him his conceit. Pity him for his ignorance.

  • sheep dog on patrol

    “It is also reported FEMA and ATF was present in the same town of Newtown that day and two days before, conducting an exercise on post psychological training following a mass shooting of kids. Interestingly, this same video purports this same group from FEMA and ATF were in Aurora and Va Tech just days before the mass shootings, conducting similar exercises. What is being said now is there were two shooters at Sandy Hook and a video show police chasing some guy into the woods, but for some reason, this video has vanished. Interestingly, reports said the shooter used an AR15 type rifle to kill the 20 children and teachers. In fact, he was found to have on his person, four handguns and the AR15 was found in the trunk of his car.”

    The above information came from an honored and decorated, retired law enforcement officer.

    Is there anyone here who suspects the Federal Government of being responsible for these incidents? Can anyone here find it possible that all of these shootings were orchestrated by a government intent on doing whatever it took to confiscate guns through controlled public emotional conditioning? I can! Has everyone here already forgotten Eric Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious? The debachal that has now claimed the lives of over 500 Mexican nationals and two of our own agents? The operation that was supposed to be a “tracking” operation to find out where guns were going after being given to known cartel members but was actually an operation to intentionally make repuitable gun dealers look like common criminals? This government led by the likes of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Eric Holder, Barney Franks and the likes is not beyond doing ANYTHING when it comes to their Communist agendas.
    Remember this, once Adolph Hitler came to power, his main agenda was to disarm the citizens of Germany and create a police state. Everything, EVERYTHING that is happening right now in America is exactly the same and is following the same path as Hitler took in Germany. History is repeating itself. Now, here is our choice. We can either stand and fight these TYRANICAL theives of freedom, or we can allow ourselves to be rounded up after our guns are gone and be hearded into their FEMA camps for the genocide. THAT IS their agenda. In order for their plan to work and be completed, anyone who does not think as they do must be eliminted. As for me, I can do no less than what our founding fathers did to secure our God Given freedoms. If MY life is to be taken from me, let it be defending freedom for all……not wasted in some government maned reconditioning facility. How I live my life will always be my choice…..not that of Barack Obama or Diane Feinstein. Too many of our warriors have given their lives for our precious freedoms to allow these theives to continue their incidious attacks.

    • http://PersonalLiberty kajunhunter

      Sheep dog your are 1000% on the money. If others would bother to check out history a bit they would discover many many things that line up with prior history by Hitler.

      Now according to the article itself, I think we all should vote with our wallet. Bank of America has been jacking over many honest American companies because they are associated with guns and or ammo. I say we all pull our money out and go to another bank. Then don’t stop there send Obama’s bud Mr. Buffett a message by switching your insurance to many other top rated insurers and send them a message also. The only thing these big folks understand is the bottom line which is MONEY. I know that when they ask why we are leaving we can then tell them. Not one shot fired either. Let’s get busy.

      • sheep dog on patrol

        Don’t forget Progressive Ins. as well. They are in the Obama camp full on. I cancelled my motorcycle insurance with them as soon as I learned about “FLO’S” boss and his political affiliation.

        Remember this, when the first shots are fired, the government will impose martial law and begin trying to confiscate our guns…….all for our own safety. BS! It will be at this point that each of us will have to decide to surrender or stand and fight. As for me, I intend for the body bags to be for them. How can they possible be so stupid that they would think that we will allow ourselves to be hearded up into train cars like the Jews did in Germany? BTW, what kind of name IS Feinstein?

        • Motov

          More accurate “Frankenstein”

    • Hedgehog

      Well said Sheep Dog! I think of it as the Nth amendment or the unstated amendment.YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DIE! If you give up the right to die you are a slave.

    • Leroy

      Interesting screen name; If humans were as loyal and loving and forgiving, and as patient or protective with one another as our dogs are we would not be having these discussions.

      • Vicki

        Humans are if you train (i.e. raise them) properly.

  • http://donthaveawebsite mike sehr

    when the govt. finally bans all weapons like hitler did, there are alot of people that are not giving them up for anything. politicians want there children and themselves protected by body gaurds, cause they have the money, but the lower class are not alowed to protect ourselves. not right. i will protect my family and property till the death. at least i will die for what i belive in! not like some fool liberal cowering in his house like a scared rabbit. im not giving them up for nothing, viva la revolution!!!!!!!

    • sheep dog on patrol

      Mike, It’s not just becxause they have money. Stop and think of who is paying for all of their bodyguards…….US! The reason they want all the protection they can get is because they know what they are doing is treasonous and they know the possibility we will rise up and come after them is very real. Which would you rather face, a cat with claws and fangs or one that has been declawed and defanged? This is how they think and what they are up to. These gun grabbing, freedom theiving people in our government are not our people. They are our enemy……the DOMESTIC enemy.

      • Motov

        You certainly nailed that one! It’s all for the elite, and nothing for the peasants who support their sorry butts!

    • Leroy

      Molon Labe

  • Ben

    As Sigmund Freud wrote in his “General Introduction to Psychoanalysis” in 1952, “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”

    How else do you explain that liberal Democrats find a right to abortion emanating from the penumbra of the Constitution, but cannot seem to find any individual right at all in the Second Amendment?

    • SonnySteel

      Yes I have noticed that the liberals are cowardly, like being pro-abortion that’s about as cowardly as you can get. They believe in their own reality whatever they want it to be. They are totally dishonest if they can say with a straight face that the constitution allows for the banning of any gun rights. They believe basicly that they are their own gods. Thats why they can say it’s ok to get a divorce without cause, get an abortion, As Ronald Reagan once said “I notice the only people who think abortion is ok have already been born.” violate the constitution, take away peoples gun rights and their ability to defend themselves from criminals and traitors. Yes they are traitors because the US Constitution allows loyal Americans our second amendment rights. It’s stage one thinking using only their emotions and not logic.

  • dg

    The mass killers are all mentally ill – Lanza, Holmes, Loughner, etc. So why do they walk among us? Because the previous generations of liberal politicians demanded laws that “respect their rights”, meaning that they are no longer kept in and treated in secure facilities. 40-50 years ago these same people would have been held for treatment until it was safe for them to be out in public. The solution seems obvious and it isn’t gun control… Will the politicians never learn about unintended consequences and wise up?

  • Motov


    As the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the Chicago , IL Gun
    Ban, this man offered you another stellar example of a letter (written by a
    Marine), that places the proper perspective on what a gun means to a
    civilized society.

    Interesting take and one you don’t hear much. . . . . .

    Read this eloquent and profound letter and pay close attention to the last
    paragraph of the letter….

    “The Gun Is Civilization” by Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)

    Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force.
    If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either
    Convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of
    force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories,
    without exception.

    Reason or force, that’s it.

    In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through
    persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction and
    the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as
    paradoxical as it may sound to some.

    When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason
    and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or
    employment of force.

    The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal
    footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with
    a 19-year old gang banger, and a single guy on equal footing with a carload
    of drunken guys with baseball bats.

    The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between
    a potential attacker and a defender.

    There are plenty of people who consider the gun as the source of bad force
    equations. These are the people who think that we’d be more civilized if all
    guns were removed from society, because a firearm makes it easier for a
    [armed] mugger to do his job. That, of course, is only true if the mugger’s
    potential victims are mostly disarmed either by choice or by legislative
    fiat–it has no validity when most of a mugger’s potential marks are armed.

    People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the
    young, the strong, and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a
    civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful
    living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.

    Then there’s the argument that the gun makes confrontations lethal that
    otherwise would only result in injury. This argument is fallacious in
    several ways. Without guns involved, confrontations are won by the
    physically superior party inflicting overwhelming injury on the loser.

    People who think that fists, bats, sticks, or stones don’t constitute lethal
    Force, watch too much TV, where people take beatings and come out of it with
    a bloody lip at worst. The fact that the gun makes lethal force easier works
    solely in favor of the weaker defender, not the stronger attacker. If both
    are armed, the field is level.

    The gun is the only weapon that’s as lethal in the hands of an octogenarian
    as it is in the hands of a weight lifter. It simply wouldn’t work as well as
    a force equalizer if it wasn’t both lethal and easily employable.

    When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but
    because I’m looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot
    be forced, only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because
    it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who
    would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would
    do so by force. It removes force from the equation… and that’s why
    carrying a gun is a civilized act.

    By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret.)

    So, the greatest civilization is one where all citizens are equally armed
    and can only be persuaded, never forced.


      Samuel Colt use to advertise his “Peacemaker” as the ultimate “Equalizer”. A well armed society is, out of necessity, a polite and respectful society. A Freeman will utilize any implement or means of defense to prevent harm to himself, his family, or his sovereign Nation, or prevent his personal property from being damaged or stolen. Personal guns are necessary so that the individual citizen is on a more equal footing with his armed adversaries. The Government, having too much power, has become ultimately corrupted. Obviously sheep, by their operational definition, are devoid of menacing teeth or sharp claws. Sheep get sheared regularly, have no threatening means of self defense, and are eventually butchered by their Masters, or succumb to a well armed predator. Sheep, it is time to find your cojones, or grow some, because your time is very short. You have a God given right to preserve and maintain your life, liberty, and property, and these scheming snakes are incrementally trying to castrate you, thinking you won’t notice or become motivated to act in self defense. Are you Freemen or subjects of a self serving, dictatorial government? Working within the system, we need to form and fuel a third, constitutionally based, Political Party, that will overthrow the corrupt clowns we suffer currently. If this Nation does not abruptly turn back from the dark path it is taking, it will not survive. The level of corruption, negligent incompetency, and selfishness that characterizes our Government’s actions, defies any explanation and boggles the imagination. Our Government is not “of the people, by the people, or for the people” any longer. It is a living, self serving entity, and we are but tools and fodder.

    • http://PersonalLiberty kajunhunter

      Sir, in reading your statement, I have never heard such a well thought out, succinct, yet clarified explanation of the topic. I think it can be read by either the “super intelligent” or a common citizen such as I and be understood immediately. I want you to know that I admire and concur with everything you said.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Thanks, motov—-that is a well-written piece and I agree with what he has said.
      It IS eloquent , but it unfortunately addresses only part of the PROBLEM. And to all those folks who have gone into screaming hissy-fits of rage over what I posted here, read it again and again until you truly understand what I said rather than what you WANT it to say.






      STOP IT

      • S.C.Murf

        RBT I have one question for you, do you really believe that our govt. leaders (these lying, cheating, immoral, satanic, evil, vile people) can come up with, as you call it a common sense regulation with out any other hidden agenda? And I am not being paranoid, I’ve opened my eye’s and witnessed what they are capable of. The proof is in what they do not what they say.

        up the hill

      • momo

        RBT, what you say has some merit, however, I’ve seen a country that has gun control and what has happened there. I live eight miles from the Mexican border, and while I used to like going over there to eat once and awhile, I can assure you I haven’t set foot in that country since the shootouts on the border began in 2010. While the Mexican people are not allowed guns, the cartels are armed like a modern army, and not afraid to go “hot”. If you own a business there, you will be extorted, don’t pay, your loved ones will be kidnapped, don’t pay the ransom, they’ll end up dead. Everthing that moves on the roads in Mexico is subject to a “toll”, don’t pay the toll and you’ll model 7.62mm holes. Shipping something over there on a truck or importing something from there, its subject to a “duty”, don’t pay, then you lose your merchandise or end up dead. You might think the police or military might defend the people, but you’d be mistaken, they’re bought and paid for by the cartels. Sure there is an occassional shootout with the military, but usually they stay away. Now with the Partido Institutional Revolucionario (PRI) back in power things will begin to calm down, they’re on the take and always have been. Why does all this happen? People can’t defend themselves, they been disarmed by their own government for their own good, now they’re paying the price, but the fat cats in government aren’t. Is that what you want the USA to look like? Not me, I take my chances with a gun in my hands.

      • speedle

        Unh…..It’s Mr. nonsensical Right Brain Thinker again spouting out his usual placards and talking points. Would it make you feel any better if those 30,000 deaths each year from guns were instead from various other weapons (knives, baseball bats, chains, poisons, chain saws, fireplace pokers, ropes…etc.)? And all those suicides, would it make you happy if the statistics were the same as guns, but substitute jumping off buildings and bridges, carbon monoxide, poison, working for Bill Clinton, etc.?

        What exactly is your point?

      • Motov

        Rotten Brain Fart,…. Inanimate objects do not go around killing people
        People kill people and the Number one killer of people are abortion Doctors, not gun toting criminals.

      • phideaux

        “Right Brain Thinker again spouting out his usual placards and talking points. Would it make you feel any better if those 30,000 deaths each year from guns were instead from various other weapons (knives, baseball bats, chains, poisons, chain saws, fireplace pokers, ropes…etc.)?”

        RBT thinks someone killed by guns are somehow more dead than someone killed by other methods.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker says:
        ” And to all those folks who have gone into screaming hissy-fits of rage over what I posted here, read it again and again until you truly understand what I said rather than what you WANT it to say.”

        Not quite sure which “here” RBT Meant but to what he wrote next I have answered point by point here

      • Vicki

        momo says:
        “RBT, what you say has some merit, however, I’ve seen a country that has gun control and what has happened there”

        Unfortunatly what RBT said has no merit (presumes you mean the parts he wrote in capital letters. )

        Here are my comments to each of his statements

  • Carl C

    I do believe that there are youth that should not be spending excessive time on these games that brainwash minds into thinking they can transfer the game into real life. Now for my answer to this problem. Most problems can be controlled by the parents PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, they are the ones that should have control of what their children are doing. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY has nearly disappeared from our lives.

    • Motov

      So has common sense, common curtesy, and respect for your elders.

    • http://PersonalLiberty kajunhunter

      Carl, I believe that would work IF parents or guardians actually had as much influence as peers. Unfortunately, the real truth is, from my personal experience, is that I raised my boys to respect other and to deal rationally at every possible opportunity. However, young people tend not to listen to “authority” such as their parent or teachers as much as they like to appear “cool” to their peers. Would it only be that the first were so, but we live in a world where that is one of the most unlikely answers.

  • Charles of Waveland,MS.

    We The People need to use FORCE and confiscate all guns from Dianne Feinstein and every person in Congress that wants gun control including most all liberals nation wide.

  • Jamie

    I say : place a Ban on Scary Looking Senators and any other political know it all ,
    charge them with back stabbing treason for trying to make America even more unsafe place. for the Elites gain only.

  • Chris

    I do not own a gun but strongly stand up for the right to own one (2nd amendment). The video in the first comment above makes a good point………first registration, then confiscation. The video mentions how this will be paid for, but does not mention “taxpayers”! If the government continues to have it’s way, you’ll be lucky if you are allowed to own a popgun. If all guns eventually wind up being banned, those who are against guns “WILL” WISH THEY HAD ONE! History has PROVEN this. Don’t be stupid folks…………DON’T EVER GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOMS! Write to the President and your congresspeople AND Dianne Feinstein and complain about the stupid gun laws being proposed. If you wanted to kill someone, there are plenty of other ways to do it……….you don’t need a gun……..BUT…….you WILL need a gun if faced with another gun………..and we all know who has plenty of THOSE.

    • http://PersonalLiberty kajunhunter


  • SamJS

    People who subscribe to Feinstein’s way of thinking believe an assault weapon ban will produce an immediate result and that’s a LIE. In her own word she said if you own an assault weapon now, nobody is going to take it away, pay a tax and it’s yours until you die. For some that may be 60 to 80 years down the road. So those guns will still be out there for some time, in the hands of law abiding citizens. That won’t stop the criminals at all, even 60 to 80 years from now. They will still get their assault weapons and machine guns, rocket launchers or whatever else they want from outside sources. No ban no law affects the criminals, it only affects the Law Abiding Citizens.

    Mother Jones did an article about Mass Shootings in the US from 1982 to 2012. 63 Mass Shooting during that 30 year period.l Feinstein’s definition of assault rifles were only used in less than 30% of those shootings, and accounted for an average of 4 lives per year over that 30 year period. So the rights of over 80 million citizens are to be denied for 4 lives a year? If the point was saving lives, and NOT generating more money for the government through taxation… remember Feinstein’s ban requires owners pay $200 TAX for each firearm plus $200 TAX for registration, plus $200 per transfer.

    IF the reason was to save lives, require breathalyzers to be installed in all motor vehicles, where the care can’t be started without it engaged or if you’re above the legal limit. Make it illegal to house children above the first floor of any building to protect them from falls. Post a police officer in every home with children to protect them from abuse by their parents. ALL of those would make a huge difference to protect our children over any gun ban that MAY but unlikely will save about 4 lives a year of humans of all ages.

    • ranger09

      Now lets see how much money Calif will rake in if every person PAYED to register ea of his or hers firearms, MILLIONS, Oh well we all know politicians Like our Money.Heck that means they could hire more Govt workers to keep control of all these firearms and Us.

    • Vicki

      SamJS says:
      “No ban no law affects the criminals, it only affects the Law Abiding Citizens. ”

      Which is why I gave “Law Abiding Citizens” a number so that we could compare them to the few who commit crimes.



      STOP IT

  • CommonSense

    When will these morons realize that one more law will not fix the problem. How many laws did the Sandy Hook shooter violate? He would suddenly be stopped by a new law? We have laws that make it illegal to bring drugs into this country. Do we have a problem with drugs? We have laws that make it illegal to cross the border into America. Do we have a problem with illegal immigrants? Common sense people – laws are ignored by criminals – that’s what makes them criminals. How about stiffer penalties. If the shooter is alive after the shooting, give him his speedy trial, and if convicted, he should immediately face the firing squad. No death row for years at the taxpayers expense. Incarcerate, hold a trial, convict and execute. These people will break the law and unfortunately, they are innocent until proven guilty. Once found guilty, relieve society of their burden.

    • Motov

      Hitting liberals with logical reasoning, is such a waste of effort, all they do is feel for others (Except for conservatives),….what ever that means

      • eddie47d

        Heck Motov I say the same exact thing about Conservatives all the time in their irrational posts. LOL!

      • JeffH

        eddie, you’ve been saying stupid things for 3+ years here and you’ve been lying for 3+ years here. New posters recognize your stupidity right away and those that have been here long enough have long recognized that you have no credibility, besides recognizing your ignorance and propensity to speak the languahge of untruths.

      • eddie47d

        Speak of irrational posts and Jeff H shows up. Go figure! Must be the magnetism! LOL!

      • JeffH

        Wrong again eddie, it ain’t the magnetism that lures me in, it’s that you’re an easy mark. You know, the invitation written all over your face that says “I’m stupid and I love to be abused”.

      • Bill

        And Don’t forget that Eddie sided with China and said we should give up our guns because we owe them money.

        Eddie will lie and say anything to push his political agenda.

      • Jana

        That’s for sure. Eddie and Right Brain are both paid to be on this site as disruptors.

  • http://Yahoo Charlie

    There are some very good comments here but it is only the tip of the iceberg that our communist leaders are pushing. Our government scares the hell out of me, if you just
    watch what they are attempting to take away from us, we are broke now and Obummer wants to push billions of dollars in debt on us with Obamacare. Who is going to pay for all of this. Our government is definately headed in the wrong direction and it is time we take it back while we still can. There are so many people in the US that are a bunch of spineless idiots.

  • James Andrews

    Right Brain Thinker is a typical leftist moron who refuses to beieve actual facts and statistics that show and prove year after year, that we as a nation have much lower rates of robbery and violent crime than many other nations throughout the world, especially countries such as Great Britain and Australia. Disarming law abiding citizens makes us LESS safe, not more safe.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Go look at the gun death statistics for the entire planet, James, and you will discover that no country compares with the U.S. There is a problem that you refuse to even look at.






      STOP IT

      • Walt

        May I suggest you read the article published in the Harvard Law Review available at:

        Read it with a mind open to the possibility that you may be mistaken in your current attitude towards guns.

        It’s a long, but very revealing study of the relationship between violent crime and gun ownership. The last paragraph implies that the authors were themselves surprised with the results.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Walt, it is obvious that you haven’t really read what I said carefully enough to understand what my “current attitude towards guns” actually is. Although you haven’t done the mindless name calling that so many others have, you are just as ignorant when you jump to conclusions and read into my comments what you WANT to see rather than what they really say. It’s called “motivated reasoning” and “confirmation bias” and “cognitive dissonance”—and you’ve got it.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker says:
        “Go look at the gun death statistics for the entire planet, James, and you will discover that no country compares with the U.S. There is a problem that you refuse to even look at.”

        We don’t need to look at other countries. You provided a fine set of statistics already.

        Here they are with proper comparisons to JUST the US population.

        “THERE ARE ~30,000 GUN DEATHS A YEAR IN THE U.S. .

        That would be nearly 0.01% of the population.


        Assuming one murderer per murder (it is actually less)
        That would be nearly 0.004% of the population.


        That would be about 0.0002% of the population.


        Now we’re talking some SERIOUS numbers. That would be about
        well…. about 0.07% of the population. Ok maybe not a big percentage after all



        300? That is the number of Spartans led by King Leonidas who is famously quoted as saying “molon labe” meaning roughly “come and take”

        We said



        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

        Now if you want to produce the gun death statistics for the entire planet we can compare that number to the number of people on the entire planet. Be warned. You might find that allowing government (agents) to have guns is dangerous.

      • Jana

        Right Brain non thinker is way out of his depth even for a paid shill.
        He got his information from wikipedia hahaha. And of course we are all going to believe him-yeah right like a good little Socialist.

    • Walt

      And here is the report, from Harvard no less, the ultimate bastion of Liberalism:

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Walt, may I suggest you read EVERYTHING a lot more closely before you tell us misleading things about what it says and where it comes from, especially when there is a high likelihood that NO ONE amongst the PLD denizens will read an article like this one. (except me in this case). When you make false statements about something, you leave the impression in the “mindless minds” that you have spoken some “truth”, and they will blindly accept what you misstate or imply. I hope that was not your intent to mislead us and that you were just “sloppy” here.

        This article is NOT “from Harvard” per se and was NOT “published in the Harvard Law Review”

        It was published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, which fact is noted on the top of each page. The Law Review and HJLPP are NOT the same group. Both are student run groups that publish legal scholarship, the difference between them being that the Law Review is a much bigger organization and monthly publishes articles across the broad spectrum of legal thought, while the HJLPP specializes in promoting libertarian and conservative legal thought and publishes three times a year. So the article hardly comes from “Harvard, the ultimate bastion of Liberalism” as you misstated., but from a group that has a built in bias..

        It is NOT true that “The last paragraph implies that the authors were themselves surprised with the results” Read it again and you will find that the authors were talking about what another author said about a totally separate study he had done, not this one..

        Yes, It’s a long, but what’s “very revealing” about the study is the subtle distortiion and clever wording used throughout that, taken in total, reveals the author’s’ pro-gun bias.

        Of course that’s not surprising when one looks at the backgrounds of the authors. Kates is associated with the Pacific Research Institute, a rather rightish propaganda shop that is funded by the Koch brothers (as is the Heartland Institute) and is best known for being a global warning denier group (as well as pushing other rightish agendas). Mauser is a favorite of the NRA and NFA (NRA Canada) because of his pro-gun views, although he is not really an expert and is not a highly respected academic—-he has published little of import.


  • Stephen Henderson

    All gun owners that does business with Bank of America should close their accounts with B of A. Same thing with GEICO close accounts. There are other insurance companies and banks that are ProGun, if they are not don’t do business with them either.

    • JeffH

      You can toss Progressive Insurance into that group also.

  • Fedup

    She should be put out to pasture with the dry cows!

    • Leroy

      I would have phrased that the OTHER dry cows. Just saying.

  • toledojim

    Is Feinstein’s gun registered? Was she wearing it yesterday while she made her announcement?

    • eddie47d

      I bet it is and who cares if she was wearing it in an authorized place.

      • JeffH

        Obviously not an anti-American, anti-gun commie hypocrit like you eddie.

      • eddie47d

        You carry the torch for hypocrites Jeff H yet you are one of many! That is besides being a name caller and a teller of tall tales. aka;liar.

      • JeffH

        eddie, that still doesn’t change the fact of who you are, what you believe in and what you support ie Marxism, progressivism, fascism, socialism and communism and that you are a consistantly proven liar with zero credibility does it?

  • Simian_Pete

    The APE MAN predictions are:

    1) WEAPON CONFISCATION will be implemented on the FEDERAL LEVEL ….

    The APE MAN knows – Peace MAN ! Peace ! But it ain’t gonna happen …….

    • Cindy

      You obviously did not watch the invasion of Iraq. Shock and Awe!!! More importantly we have developed the perfect way to kill without using troops.. Are you so stupid that you don’t realize that if this government decides to come after you, you have no hope, even with the arsenal that you want to aquire. All it takes is a couple of drones and you are finished. It won’t even require boots on the ground to take out you and the rest of the government haters. Dude our military is now so high tech that those machine guns won’t do you a bit of good. Yup, the radical right is living in a bubble. If they want to kill you, you are done! You can LOCK AND LOAD all day long and be taken out in an instant. Use some common sense and realize that there is no protection against this government. However, you can limit the amount of damage some looney tune can commit by stopping the sale of such guns.

      • Shawn

        everyone thought that about the brItIsh when the revolutIonary war took place. and look who won. just sayIng.

      • Motov

        shock will come to the federal government when they discover the military may turn against them. especially after the last election when their votes got destroyed in an airplane crash, and they too take oath to protect our constitution,… all one has to do is talk sense to the troops, To ask them would you turn on your own mother and father, brother and sister for those idiots holding office? It wouldn’t be difficult to point out the real enemy. The oval office occupant may be in for a little surprise!

      • Charlie

        Did America win the Iraq war ? What war has America won ? Let Us give you a clue,,,
        when the people and “Their” God / god, of ANY Nation, go into “Guerrilla” warfare,,,it’s going to be so expensive and so destructive to take them under control, that all you will have left over is dirty dirt,,,the NWO , or China are not that stupid… So,,, America and it’s True “Christians” will NOT be taken out as a “Militia”,,,because the Satanic dark forces know King Jesus IS The Almighty God,,,.but,,,some of the Demon possessed leaders of America may insanely try, at any rate the up coming violation of The Bible and
        The Constitution will be a “Test” of The American Militia which is under The “Commands” of King Jesus Christ… Meanwhile…………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom


    Underlying all “gun control” ideology is this one belief.” “Private citizens don’t need firearms because the police will protect them from crime.” That belief is both false and dangerous for two reasons.

    First, the police cannot and do not protect everyone from crime. Second, the government and the police in most localities owe no legal duty to protect individuals from criminal attack. When it comes to deterring crime and defending against criminals, individuals are ultimately responsible for themselves and their loved ones. Depending solely on police emergency response means relying on the telephone as the only defensive tool. Too often, citizens in trouble dial 911 . . . and die.
    Statistics confirm the obvious truth that the police in America cannot prevent violent crime.

    In 1997 for example, nationwide there were 18,209 murders, 497,950 robberies, and 96,122 rapes. All those crimes were unprevented and undeterred by the police and the criminal justice system.

    Many criminals use firearms to commit their crimes. For example, in 1997 criminals did so in 68 percent of murders and 40 percent of robberies. Thus criminals either have or can obtain firearms. The existing “gun control” laws do not stop serious criminals from getting guns and using them in crimes.

    Practically speaking, it makes little sense to disarm the innocent victims while the criminals are armed. It is especially silly to disarm the victims when too often the police are simply unable to protect them. As Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, has observed: “Police do very little to prevent violent crime. We investigate crime after the fact.”

    Americans increasingly believe, however, that all they need for protection is a telephone.

    Dial 911 and the police, fire, and ambulance will come straight to the rescue. It’s faster than the pizza man. Faith in a telephone number and the local cops is so strong that Americans dial 911 over 250,000 times per day.

    Yet does dialing 911 actually protect crime victims? Researchers found that less than 5 percent of all calls dispatched to police are made quickly enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect. The 911 bottom line: “cases in which 911 technology makes
    a substantial difference in the outcome of criminal events are extraordinarily rare.”

    It’s not just that the police cannot protect you. They don’t even have to come when you call. In most states the government and police owe no legal duty to protect individual citizens from criminal attack. The District of Columbia’s highest court spelled out plainly the “fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.”

  • Progressives-R-Cancer

    Everyone should support The Oathkeepers (, which is comprised of active and retire military and LEOs who refuse to obey un-Constitutional orders, such as confiscating defensive weapons from law-abiding citizens.

    • JeffH

      Hear Hear for the Oath Keepers!

      • Steve E

        I second the motion.

      • Jana

        Great Organization!

        Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

        Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

        We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.”

        Our motto is “Not on our watch!”

        If you, the American people, are forced to once again fight for your liberty in another American Revolution, you will not be alone. We will stand with you.

        PRAISE GOD for wonderful people like this!.

      • jopa

        JeffH Where is your STOP IT RIGHT NOW OR I AM GOING TO HIT YOU WITH MY PURSE rant today.

      • Jana

        No that is YOUR purse along with your pink shirt and pink lipstick.

      • JeffH

        jopa, I see you missed your dose of ARICEPT today.

  • DavidL

    “States like Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee, South Dakota and South Carolina have bills pending before their legislatures that would block enforcement of unConstitutional Federal firearms laws. Other States like Pennsylvania, Alabama and perhaps a dozen more, have pro-gun rights bills set for their next sessions.”

    Really? Interposition and nullification, Bob? You are celebrating that? Good luck.

    Improved gun regulation is coming, Bob. If that means “grabbing” guns away from criminals, children, and the mentally unstable, so be it. If it means stronger enforcement of current gun laws, better registration, and better supervision of gun ownership and safety, so be it.

    If your son was pulled over by an Alabama State Trooper for driving his car without a license and without insurance, how successful do you think you are going to be when you argue against public safety and scream from the rooftops ” the State is car grabbing and car banning”!

    Once again you have demonstrated that you are not relevant to the broader discussion of issues facing our country. Your views are out of the mainstream. Most Americans do not agree with you. Bush senior doesn’t and I’m sure, even though you may deny it now, you supported and voted for him twice. How did you like his executive order about guns? Obama’s executive orders pale by comparison and are a benign as they can get. All they do is reenforce existing law.

    Put your parent hat on, Bob, and help address this important public safety issue. If not, then you will continue to remain at the margins.

    • Steph

      “If that means “grabbing” guns away from criminals, children, and the mentally unstable, so be it.”

      Are they doing that NO. They are going after the law abiding folks. Have them liberal idiots go into south Chicago and start confiscating guns, see how long they last.
      I seem to recall something like this happening many years ago called “Prohibition”. Did it work then, NO. The booze still got around and who did Prohibition help the most, the mob bosses. So ban the guns will not get rid of the problem. They will still be around only difference is now the nuts will have them.

      But then again who needs a gun to kill lots of people, take them all away. The common household has enough common everyday chemicals in them to create some pretty good explosives that are real easy to make if one so desired.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Steph has been sniffing some of those “common household chemicals” she talks about

        She say,s
        “If that means “grabbing” guns away from criminals, children, and the mentally unstable, so be it.”

        Steph asks, “Are they doing that NO. They are going after the law abiding folks”.

        You heard it first from Steph, folks. Those Executive Orders that O’Bama signed saying we should “grab” guns from criminals, children, and the mentally unstable are written in some secret code known only to the mindless. What they REALLY say is that we should “grab” guns from law-abiding folks.

        Steph also advocates making bombs and using them to kill people. Lord love a duck!

  • Don

    Last I recall, Feinstein was packing a .357 magnum when she stated that if she was attacked, her attacker was going to go down with her. She said it. and I saw the video of her saying it.

  • ibcamn

    People,this is how liberty dies!ONE MAN does not decide what a COUNTRY does,and his henchmen are not by any means allowed to do his bidding.this is how civil unrest accures,they know it,but they also think that we the people are stupid(homers as Obama calls us)and we don’t know the laws,so they have to make up laws to get what THEY want,which is what the progressives want,a new world order,more worthless laws that are argued and then more laws are wrote blah blah blah,HISTORY is repeating itself!be aware that progressives have tried to bury some of the written history to delete what they want so you(Americans)don’t know the right history!trying to make you ignorant of the truth!rewrite history books for schools,brainwash my children(liberal teachers in unions,liberal collages)make the people of the united states of America into what they believe to be right,this is not China or Korea,(read HISTORY on how the Japanese people were taught to think of Americans long before the war!)Fienstien said ALL guns and they cheered,that tells you right there what they(liberal progressives) want!i’m a biker and iv’e had my rights trampled to death in my lifetime,i know my rights-do you??…….

  • Bruce Bauer
  • bogbeagle

    I’d like to see the firearms manufacturers refuse to supply to the State, those arms which are not permitted to the people.

    Wouldn’t have to do that for long, to make a point. And, the subsequent arms bonanza would more-than make up for lost revenue.

    Of course, the State would be tempted to try and compel the manufacturers to supply … thus exposing its true desire to RULE by force.

  • Rights are God-given

    Gun control laws are the first step to gun confiscation. Research the people wanting gun control legislation, most would take away the Second Amendment entirely if they could.
    Ron, I am all for Second Amendment rights, but do your research and look at the FBI murder stats, guns do in fact kill more people than any other weapon. Check your info before sharing, otherwise you just fuel anti-gun types with evidence that we sre liars.

  • vernon

    In 1982, Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law that required heads of households to own a gun. From 1982 through 2012, there have only been 4 murders, 3 of those murders happened in a “gun-free” school zone where guns were not allowed. The murderer in the “gun-free” school zone did not care that guns were not allowed. Lesson? Take away guns from ordinary citizens and the world becomes a more dangerous place.

  • ? wonderbread

    to many stupid people to educate, i’d never have any time for my shooting passion. so waiting for the first state to secede the ” union ” and moving.

  • John Descoteaux

    Gun Control has absolutely nothing to do with Crime. It has to do with “Control” of the population. Politicians do not have as much to fear from the unarmed. Since Semi-automatics and so called Assault Weapons are used in few crimes, comparatively speaking, it is obvious, those in Power seek to remove the possibility of the citizens to resist Military and Para-Military Forces. There is no sense in arguing Crime Statistics, it only obscures the fact the Government of the day wishes to disarm the populace and gain greater control.

  • AJ

    Let’s face it all this political BS about protecting the children and making America safe by the federal government is just exactly what Joey Bidens favorite word is Bull Sh_t! This is a United Nations (The Evil Empire) Agenda being played out by it’s political puppets here in the US. The real reason that the government wants our guns is that the United Nations (Evil Empire) is afraid that if American Citizens are armed that their Storm Troupers (UN Forces on US soil) will get popped by them when they try and bring in their NWO and they’re Facist tactics of enforcement. The American public is tired of political antics, cheap props of using children as bait to gin up emotional attachment for issues that quite honestly never solve any of the problems, they just fulfill political agendas. And we’re sick of the lies spewing from the White house over the past years from both parties.

  • AJ

    Let’s face it all this political BS about protecting the children and making America safe by the federal government is just exactly what Joey Bidens favorite word is Bull Sh_t! This is a United Nations (The Evil Empire) Agenda being played out by it’s political puppets here in the US. The real reason that the government wants our guns is that the United Nations (Evil Empire) is afraid that if American Citizens are armed that their Storm Troupers (UN Forces on US soil) will get popped by them when they try and bring in their NWO and they’re Facist tactics of enforcement. The American public is tired of political antics, cheap props of using children as bait to gin up emotional attachment for issues that quite honestly never solve any of the problems, they just fulfill political agendas. And we’re sick of the lies spewing from the White house over the past years from both parties.

  • Steven

    Hey Right Brain Thinker, where you getting your statistics from?

    Even if you count the number of criminals killed by their intended victims, your numbers don’t come close to the truth.

    Stop telling lies.

    Stop it.

    Stop it now.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Actually, Steven, both sets of numbers—-the FBI’s that you cite and the ones I used—-are pretty much correct, even though they don’t agree exactly. The FBI doesn’t count quite the same way other agencies do and comes up a bit “low”. Do some research and look at a lot of stats and you’ll see that there’s a lot of “range” in much of it..

      “Even if you count the number of criminals killed by their intended victims, your numbers don’t come close to the truth”. Right. They count as “gun deaths” but not as homicides.

      No lies involved, other than people who lie to themselves because they have closed minds and refuse to think about what’s in front of them.

      • Jana

        Sorry Right Brain Liberal,
        I will believe the FBI, and not wikipedia.
        Why don’t you leave and start your own web site?

      • Vicki

        Don’t worry overmuch about the approx numbers in the statistics provided by RBT’s sources. He could be lying or wrong by a factor of 10 and when you do the math the percentages of actual Americans who did NOT shoot anyone is way past 99.9% Yet RBT et all want to punish ALL those Americans because a VERY VERY few commit criminal acts.

        THAT is what I object to. Punishing the innocent for the acts of a few.

  • Reasonable Jackwagon

    Here is some food for thought…Let’s just say that the guns get confiscated. You would start to see increased skills with bladed weapons be they knives, machetes or swords. You would also see a sharp increase in peoples skills with making improvised explosives. There will always be evil in the world that want to kill large numbers of people…if you take one weapon away, they will just increase their skill sets with other weapons. Bows and arrows will also make a mass comeback as well. (I personally am a better shot with a bow than a gun) As knowledge and skills increase with explosive devices, then instead of 26 people being killed in a school shooting, try tripling that number when some goofy bastard plants a bomb in the school. Or some libtard going into the school with a machete and just cutting of the heads of kids….Take out the teacher in the classroom first and the rest of the class would be easy pickings for the right psycho. So getting rid of guns won’t do anything to curb violent crime, it will just make violent crime more medieval. 500 years ago before guns were widespread as weapons, there were countless people that were murdered and butchered by bladed weapons. Guns aren’t the problem, People are.

    • Motov

      Arson would most likely be #1 then the libtards will go after Bic lighters

  • S.C.Murf

    The bible says that America is the military power of the anti-christ movement but in the last days it pulls back from the rest of the world, WHY? Are we destroyed from financial problems or has the FREE GOD FEARING PEOPLE taken back our country and said enough? It is comeing to a head, are YOU ready?

    up the hill

    • Charlie

      S.C. Murf,,,
      I am ready,,, but,,,are you ready per The Bible? if so, can you prove it with “Scripture”??
      Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Fred

    It is baffling that many whom openly proclaim the war on drugs to be the failure that it is, somehow believe that a war on guns would somehow magically have a different outcome.

  • http://none pissed of conservative

    gordon i have been filling out serveys about what people really think about gun lie and mislead people EVERY poll i have read has it at least 80 percent of the people support the 2nd ammendment 20 percent retards disagree..20percent idiots who have no proble aborting 2000 babies a day..GORDON GFY

    • Vicki

      While you are filling out those surveys, if they have a comment section, if you would share with them that


      and that we want government to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the actions of a few.

      It would be of great help in spreading the word that “law abiding citizen” is no longer a mythical thing but an actual number of people.

      When we compare it to the number of people that mis use a gun we find that more than 99.9% of the population is innocent.

  • Just_Sayin

    Interesting Senator Dianne Feinsteins state had 300 kids killed in school bus related accidents last year and the numbers don’t change much year to year. Now when is she going to go after the transportation industry and force all vehicles to be fitted with a speed reducing chip so no vehicles can go over 30mph?

  • Ken from Colorado

    I guess we can be the lamb or we can be the lion

  • Motov

    Why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men, who steal guns, then go and kill movie-goers and children in school, has ever been identified as a conservative NRA member?

    Ft Hood ~~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim

    Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered
    Democrats and progressive liberals

    Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~
    Registered Democrat

    Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama
    campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal

    Connecticut School Shooter — Registered Democrat; hated Christians,

    Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats.”

    Do you see a pattern here?

    INTERESTING, isn’t it? Maybe we should outlaw Democrats!

    • Vicki

      Sources please? That way we can share with others.

  • Jan

    Taking ….or trying to take our freedoms is getting a little old. Lets try legality in DC for a change and stick to our constitution. Tired of fighting you un American treasonous idiots in the capitol.

  • Rick TX

    A few years ago, weren’t states and local governments told to back off on enforcing federal laws, as in immigration ,etc. That was the function of the Feds. Obama was pushing that one. Maybe this is still in effect.

    • Jana

      That is what that sheriff said in an interview. If he couldn’t enforce a Federal illegal immigration law, how could he enforce a Federal weapons law?

  • JimH

    A fox got in the henhouse so I shot the dog.
    STOP IT.
    STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Right Brain Thinker




      STOP IT

      • JimH

        RBT,Do you think that denying guns from law abiding people will stop the criminal or the madman?
        Do you believe that if gun powder had never been invented, that those killers wouldn’t have found another way to kill their victims?(or commit suicide)
        Could the REAL problem be that there are people willing to kill other people, not gun ownership?
        How many rights, freedoms and liberty’s do good people have to surrender to give people who don’t get it a false sense of security?
        Is there a right or freedom that that you currently enjoy, that if it were threatened, you would be willing to fight for it?
        If so, since you want to fritter away our right to keep and bear arms, what would you use to fight with?
        If a fox gets in the henhouse do you shoot the dog?.

      • JUKEBOX

        More people than that die by automobiles every year, and many of these deaths are perpertrated by maniacs intent on killing as many people as possible. Are you for banning autos too?

      • Mag.Mike

        Guns save more lives than they take !!!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Jim—-will you please read this and try to figure out what it says rather than react to what you WANT it to say because you think I’m anti-gun. You (and many others) are missing the point.




        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • Cliff

        90% of all your stated gun related statistics take place in the State of Illinois.
        Illinois is the only state that does not allow concealed carry for citizens, yet every Democrapic politician, including Alderman, Ward bosses, Operation Push gang bangers, etc., carry guns legally (sic). Gang bangers are allowed & encouraged to shoot each other and innocent bystanders as long as they make “contributions” to local politicians and get out the vote for Democrats. (That’s right- no votes for Romney here either?)
        Illinois is 100% in Democratic (socialist) control. The Italian Mafia was run out of town & was replaced by Democratic Mafia including your beloved Chairman Obama.
        If you think I’m making this up ask any Chicago Cop.
        Get your head out of your ass.

      • Jana

        Poor old Right Brain Liberal,

        has just become a parrot. He has been asked to show his sources but refuses because he is ashamed of them. I would be ashamed of them too.( I found them.)
        All of the statistics that I have found (even the ones Right Brain used) have been criminals preying on their victims. If these victims had been trained concealed carriers, they would not have become victims.
        I personally do not intend to ever become a victim of some idiot who is too lazy to go out and work for a living, but wants to rob and murder and do mayhem for sport.

      • Vicki


        That would be nearly 0.01% of the population.


        There IS a problem. That problem is the anti gun crowd. They keep insisting on punishing the ~99.99% innocent for the acts of (as you can see from the percentage above) a VERY VERY few.



        300? That is the number of Spartans led by King Leonidas who is famously quoted as saying “molon labe” meaning roughly “come and take”

        We said



        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • JimH

        Hi RTB, You didn’t answer even one of my questions.
        I really didn’t expect any.
        You say I’m missing the point. Your statement doesn’t make a point, It’s very vague.
        You didn’t respond to any of my questions, that were asked to make a point.
        You seem to be the #1 point misser.
        300 MILLION people didn’t kill any body.
        Quit penalizing the wrong people.
        If a fox gets in the henhouse you don’t shoot the dog.

      • Jana

        That’s because Right brain unthinker is paid to be on here and taught how to be disruptive. He is a very good little Socialist.

      • JimH

        Hi Jana, Where can I go and get some pay?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        JimH says, “Hi RTB, You didn’t answer even one of my questions”

        Sorry, Jim, I try to answer serious questions when they’re asked, but you didn’t ask any. Yours were rhetorical and amounted to more of the same parroting of the circular firing squad talking points. I usually see that crap appear as flat out statements rather than questions—-and just putting a (?) at the end doesn’t really make it a question .

      • JimH

        RTB I take your response to mean, the answers to my questions proved you wrong and you don’t want to admit it.
        They are legitimate questions.
        Questioning laws that would take away rights and freedoms is a serious thing.
        Questioning if these laws would even work is a serious thing.
        Blowing off my questions as “not Serious” is just a copout and a lame one at that.
        Refute anything I said. You can’t.

      • JimH

        P.S.- 300 million people didn’t kill anyone.
        Quit penalizing the wrong people.
        If a fox gets in the henhouse you don’t shoot the dog.

      • Vicki

        JimH writes:
        “Quit penalizing the wrong people.
        If a fox gets in the henhouse you don’t shoot the dog.”

        Or the more extreme case “you don’t shoot the hens”.

  • Mad American

    RBT and eddy47 must be paid by obama to stay on top of these discussions and spread crap,so…Tell them their civil war is coming.soooon

    • Lon Pirkl

      If they keep pressing with their Facist agenda it will happen.

  • Bob

    All hell broke loose on Nov. 10: “Nazis Smash, Loot and Burn Jewish Shops and Temples.” “One of the first legal measures issued was an order by Heinrich Himmler, commander of all German police, forbidding Jews to possess any weapons whatever and imposing a penalty of twenty years confinement in a concentration camp upon every Jew found in possession of a weapon hereafter.”3 Thousands of Jews were taken away.

    Invading Nazi troops in Holland in 1940 immediately nailed up posters announcing a ban on all firearms. From Die Deutsche Wochenshau, May 15, 1940.
    Searches of Jewish homes were calculated to seize firearms and assets and to arrest adult males. The American Consulate in Stuttgart was flooded with Jews begging for visas: “Men in whose homes old, rusty revolvers had been found during the last few days cried aloud that they did not dare ever again return to their places of residence or business. In fact, it was a mass of seething, panic-stricken humanity.”4
    Himmler, head of the Nazi terror police, would become an architect of the Holocaust, which consumed six million Jews. It was self evident that the Jews must be disarmed before the extermination could begin.
    Finding out which Jews had firearms was not too difficult. The liberal Weimar Republic passed a Firearm Law in 1928 requiring extensive police records on gun owners. Hitler signed a further gun control law in early 1938.

    AND SHE’S A JEW!!!!


      Yes, she is also an uber rich, elitist Jew.

  • Rod

    rbt and ed I used to be a police officer in three different cities over a twelve year period. The gun laws in these cities was so strict that not even I could cary a gun in certain areas for fear that gangs would attack me and use the guns against me and others. Even without guns the cities averaged four murders a week, three to four suicides a week and to many assaults to count. If you want to save lives have your fellow libtards abolish abortions, that would save at least a thousand children a day. By the way the cities were San Quentin, CMF and Delano prisons. The problems are not the guns it is the people and just because a tool can be used to kill does not make the tool the problem. Check the FBI web page, more people are killed by hammers and baseball bats than by any of these so called “assault weapons”.

    • jopa

      Rod: It appears to me your superiors concluded you were not qualified to carry a gun in an area deemed dangerous.It reminds me of Andy only letting Barney have one bullet for his gun.

      • Rod

        Jopa you are so funny I almost wet myself. If you have never walked the yard with five hundred killers just looking for a way to kill you. Keep your opinion to yourself.

      • jopa

        Rod: You do bring up a very good point however that if you were carrying a gun in the yard someone would take it away from you and that’s why they didn’t allow guns there, the cafeterias and mainly in the towers only.Most of the country calls prison guards Corrections Officers not police officers and I actually have friends and relatives in that particular field and went through the training myself in Michigan about 25 years ago.


    Bob, I want to thank you for enlightening me about GEICO. I was considering different companies, for when time comes to select a new auto insurance co., and you can bet that GEICO has been eliminated.

    • JeffH

      JUKEBOX, avoid “Progressive” also. Their chairman, Peter Lewis, has donated millions to leftist political causes and organizations.

    • jopa

      Jukebox;About the worst insurance company out there is Allstate.One of my daughters made a homeowners claim with them and the agent said her particular problem was covered as long as it didn’t cost too much.Naturally they said it cost too much and I ended up doling out thousands to help her out and not a dime from Allstate.

  • Jimbo

    Just so you know how insane these gun banners are in NY State, consider their new ban on “dangerous knives”! Yep, that is actually in the new gun ban. The law also states that if you have a “heat shield” (read forearm) on your semi-automatic rifle, such that “the operator does not burn his hand”, it is an assault weapon!

    Mr. Cuomo’s question and anwer webpage lets us know that if you have a rifle older than 50 years, it is an antique. Yet if it has a bayonet lug, it is an “assault weapon” and needs to be registered with the local police, destroyed, or modified by “grinding off the bayonet lug”. I wonder how many childrens’s lives will be saved by those ground off bayonet lugs?

    These idiots have no clue how much this is going to affect gun safety. Parents take their kids to the gun ranges and backyards to teach them safe gun handling. With the new state requirement to get a background check on each box of ammo, many shops and clubs will shut down. They just won’t want the expense and hassle of setting up a computer link to a new state watchdog agency to keep track on ammunition buyers. The few shops who do comply will pass the cost on to shooters. Once the clubs and ranges shut down, how are people going to get instructed in safe gun handling?

    Who thinks up these idiotic things?

  • Rickey

    Looks like we need to be Johnny Rebs. They want a civil war to enact obastard to be president without another election. When there’s civil unrest he can stop elections. We have a obastard piece of crao who only follows direction. He’s not the mastermind for sure he’s too stupid. I hope they can see that part that says shall not be infringed that’s pretty permanant and the part about those being God given rights not man given or taken rights.

  • Shawn

    For your consideration:

    Table of Contents

    MYTH 1 — Public opinion polls
    MYTH 2 — The purpose of a handgun
    MYTH 3 — Armed citizens don’t deter crime
    MYTH 4 — Licensing and registration
    MYTH 5 — Foreign gun control works
    MYTH 6 — Crimes of passion and guns
    MYTH 7 — Semi-autos should be banned
    MYTH 8 — No `right’ to own a gun
    MYTH 9 — Concealed carry laws are dangerous
    MYTH 10 — Gun control reduces crime

    Ten Myths About Gun Control
    “We will never fully solve our nation’s horrific problem of gun violence unless we ban the manufacture and sale of handguns and semi-automatic assault weapons.” –USA Today, December 29, 1993

    “Why should America adopt a policy of near-zero tolerance for private gun ownership?. .. (W)ho can still argue compellingly that Americans can be trusted to handle guns safely? We think the time has come for Americans to tell the truth about guns. They are not for us, we cannot handle them.” –Los Angeles Times, December 28, 1993

    These editorial opinions expressed by two of the nations most widely read newspapers represent the absolute extreme in the firearms controversy: that no citizen can be trusted to own a firearm. It is the product of a series of myths which–through incessant repetition–have been mistaken for truth. These myths are being exploited to generate fear and mistrust of the 60-65 million decent and responsible Americans who own firearms. Yet, as this document proves, none of these myths will stand up under the cold light of fact.

    MYTH 1:”The majority of Americans favor strict new additional federal gun controls.”
    Polls can be slanted by carefully worded questions to achieve any desired outcome. It is a fact that most people do not know what laws currently exist; thus, it is meaningless to assert that people favor “stricter” laws when they do not know how “strict” the laws are in the first place. Asking about a waiting period for a police background check presumes, incorrectly, that police can and will actually conduct a check during the wait. Similarly, it is meaningless to infer anything from support of a 7- or 5-day waiting period when respondents live in a state with a 15-day wait or a 1-6 month permit scheme in place. Asked whether they favor making any particular law “stricter,” however, most people do not. Unbiased, scientific polls have consistently shown that most people:

    Oppose costly registration of firearms.
    Oppose giving police power to decide who should own guns.
    Do not believe that stricter gun laws would prevent criminals from illegally obtaining guns.

    In 1993, Luntz Weber Research and Strategic Services found that only 9% of the American people believe “gun control” to be the most important thing that could be done to reduce crime. By a margin of almost 3-1, respondents said mandatory prison would reduce crime more than “gun control.” This poll, unlike many others, allowed respondents to answer more honestly by using open ended questions without leading introductions. The result was an honest appraisal of the attitude of the American people: “gun control” is not crime control.

    One clear example of a poll done which used biased questions and flawed procedures was conducted by Louis Harris Research Inc. (LHRI) in the summer of 1993. The poll reported unprecedented levels of gun abuse by high school students. However, after examining the poll, Professor Gary Kleck of Florida State University, the nation’s leading scholar on crime and firearms, called the findings “…implausible, being inconsistent with more sophisticated prior research.” Prof. Kleck found the Harris findings of students who had been shot at or who had actually shot at someone to be insupportable by crime and victimization statistics as reported by the Department of Justice: “Even if the percent of handgun crime victimization had doubled from the average for the 1979-1987 period, the LHRI results would still be overstated by a factor of 100.” In the end, he labeled the LHRI poll “advocacy polling.”1

    A more direct measure of the public’s attitude on “gun control” comes when the electorate has a chance to speak on the issue. Public opinion polls do not form public policy, but individual actions by hundreds of thousands of citizens do. For example, in 1993, the voters of Madison, Wisconsin, were presented with a referendum calling for a ban on handgun ownership in that city. Pollsters predicted an overwhelming win for the gun banners. When Second Amendment rights activists rallied opposition and educated the electorate on the facts about gun ownership, the referendum was defeated. In the 1993 gubernatorial elections, the incumbent governor in New Jersey and the front-runner in Virginia made “gun control” a central theme of their campaigns. Both candidates lost to opponents who stressed real criminal justice reforms, not “gun control.” In November 1982, Californians rejected, by a 63-37% margin, a statewide handgun initiative that called for the registration of all handguns and a “freeze” on the number of handguns allowed in the state. Again, pre-elect ion pollsters reported support for the measure. That initiative was also opposed by the majority of California’s law enforcement community. Fifty-one of the state’s 58 working sheriffs opposed Proposition 15, as did 101 chiefs of police. Nine law enforcement organizations, speaking for rank-and-file police, went on record against the initiative.

    Increasingly, the American people are voicing support for reform of the criminal justice system. The NRA also actively supports initiatives calling for mandatory jail time for violent criminals. In 1982, the residents of Washington, D.C., enacted an NRA-endorsed mandatory penalty bill, actively opposed by the anti-gun D.C. City Council, that severely punishes those who use firearms to commit a violent crime . In 1988, the residents of Oregon approved, by a 78-22% margin, an NRA-supported initiative mandating prison sentences for repeat offenders after the state legislature and governor failed to act on the issue. In 1993, the residents of Washington state overwhelmingly approved the “three strikes you’re out” initiative calling for life sentences without parole for anyone convicted of a third serious crime. NRA’s CrimeStrike program was instrumental in collecting the needed signatures to put that question on the ballot.

    In 1993, the Southern States Police Benevolent Association conducted a scientific poll of its members. Sixty-five percent of the respondents identified “gun control” as the least effective method of combating violent crime. Only 1% ide ntified guns as a cause of violent crime, while 48% selected drug abuse, and 21% said the failure of the criminal justice system was the most pressing cause. The officers also revealed that 97% support the right of the people to own firearms, and 90% said they believed the Constitution guarantees that right.

    The SSPBA findings affirmed a series of polls conducted by the National Association of Chiefs of Police of every chief and sheriff in the country, representing over 15,000 departments. In 1991 the poll discovered for the third year in a row that law enforcement officers overwhelmingly agree that “gun control” measures have no effect on crime. A clear majority of 93% of the respondents said that banning firearms would not reduce a criminal’s ability to get firearms, while 89% said that the banning of semi-automatic firearms would not reduce criminal access to such firearms. Ninety-two percent felt that criminals obtain their firearms from illegal sources; 90% agreed that the banning of private ownership of firearms would not result in fewer crimes. Seventy-three percent felt that a national waiting period would have no effect on criminals getting firearms. An overwhelming 90% felt that such a scheme would instead make agencies less effective against crime by reducing their manpower and only serve to open them up to liability lawsuits.

    These are the only national polls of law enforcement officers in the country, with the leadership of most other major groups adamantly refusing to poll their membership on firearms issues.

    1 Kleck, “Reasons for Skepticism on the Results from a New Poll on: The Incidence of Gun Violence Among Young People,” The Public Perspective, Sept./Oct. 1993.

    MYTH 2: “The only purpose of a handgun is to kill people.”
    This often repeated statement is patently untrue, but to those Americans whose only knowledge of firearms comes from the nightly violence on television, it might seem believable. When anti-gun researcher James Wright, then of the University of Massachusetts, studied all the available literature on firearms, he concluded: “Even the most casual and passing familiarity with this literature is therefore sufficient to believe the contention that handguns have `no legitimate sport or recreational use.’ ”

    There are an estimated 65-70 million privately owned handguns in the United States that are used for hunting, target shooting, protection of families and businesses, and other legitimate and lawful purposes. By comparison, handguns were used in an estimated 13,200 homicides in 1992 –less than 0.02% (two hundredths of 1%) of the handguns in America. Many of these reported homicides (1,500-2,800) were self-defense or justifiable and, therefore, not criminal. That fact alone renders the myth about the “only purpose” of handguns absurd, for more than 99% of all handguns are used for no criminal purpose.

    By far the most commonly cited reason for owning a handgun is protection against criminals. At least one-half of handgun owners in America own handguns for protection and security. A handgun’s function is one of insurance as well as defense. A handgun in the home is a contingency, based on the knowledge that if there ever comes a time when it is needed, no substitute will do. Certainly no violent intent is implied, any more than a purchaser of life insurance intends to die soon.

    MYTH 3:”Since a gun in a home is many times more likely to kill a family member than to stop a criminal, armed citizens are not a deterrent to crime.”

    This myth, stemming from a superficial “study” of firearm accidents in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, represents a comparison of 148 accidental deaths (including suicides) to the deaths of 23 intruders killed by home owners over a 16-year period. 2

    Gross errors in this and similar “studies”–with even greater claimed ratios of harm to good–include: the assumption that a gun hasn’t been used for protection unless an assailant dies; no distinction is made between handgun and long gun deaths; all accidental firearm fatalities were counted whether the deceased was part of the “family” or not; all accidents were counted whether they occurred in the home or not, while self-defense outside the home was excluded; almost half the self-defense uses of guns in the home were excluded on the grounds that the criminal intruder killed may not have been a total stranger to the home defender; suicides were sometimes counted and some self-defense shootings misclassified. Cleveland’s experience with crime and accidents during the study period was atypical of the nation as a whole and of Cleveland since the mid-1970s. Moreover, in a later study, the same researchers noted that roughly 10% of killings by civilians are justifiable homicides. 3

    The “guns in the home” myth has been repeated time and again by the media, and anti-gun academics continue to build on it. In 1993, Dr. Arthur Kellermann of Emory University and a number of colleagues presented a study that claimed to show that a home with a gun was much more likely to experience a homicide.4 However, Dr. Kellermann selected for his study only homes where homicides had taken place–ignoring the millions of homes with firearms where no harm is done–and a control group that was not representative of American households. By only looking at homes where homicides had occurred and failing to control for more pertinent variables, such as prior criminal record or histories of violence, Kellermann et al. skewed the results of this study. Prof. Kleck wrote that with the methodology used by Kellermann, one could prove that since diabetics are much more likely to possess insulin than non-diabetics, possession of insulin is a risk factor for diabetes. Even Dr. Kellermann admitted this in his study: “It is possible that reverse causation accounted for some of the association we observed between gun ownership and homicide.” Law Professor Daniel D. Polsby went further, “Indeed the point is stronger than that: ‘reverse causation’ may account for most of the association between gun ownership and homicide. Kellermann’s data simply do not allow one to draw any conclusion.”5

    Research conducted by Professors James Wright and Peter Rossi,6 for a landmark study funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, points to the armed citizen as possibly the most effective deterrent to crime in the nation. Wright and Rossi questioned over 1,800 felons serving time in prisons across the nation and found:

    81% agreed the “smart criminal” will try to find out if a potential victim is armed.
    74% felt that burglars avoided occupied dwellings for fear of being shot.
    80% of “handgun predators” had encountered armed citizens.
    40% did not commit a specific crime for fear that the victim was armed.
    34% of “handgun predators” were scared off or shot at by armed victims.
    57% felt that the typical criminal feared being shot by citizens more than he feared being shot by police.

    Professor Kleck estimates that annually 1,500-2,800 felons are legally killed in “excusable self-defense” or “justifiable” shootings by civilians, and 8,000-16,000 criminals are wounded. This compares to 300-600 justifiable homicides by police. Yet, in most instances, civilians used a firearm to threaten, apprehend, shoot at a criminal, or to fire a warning shot without injuring anyone.

    Based on his extensive independent survey research, Kleck estimates that each year Americans use guns for protection from criminals more than 2.5 million times annually. 7 U.S. Department of Justice victimization surveys show that protective use of a gun lessens the chance that robberies, rapes, and assaults will be successfully completed while also reducing the likelihood of victim injury. Clearly, criminals fear armed citizens.

    2 Rushforth, et al., “Accidental Firearm Fatalities in a Metropolitan County, ” 100 American Journal of Epidemiology 499 (1975).
    3 Rushforth, et al., “Violent Death in a Metropolitan County,” 297 New England Journal of Medicine 531, 533 (1977).
    4 Kellermann, et al., “Gun Ownership as a Risk Factor for Homicide in the Home,” New England Journal of Medicine 467 (1993).
    5 Polsby, “The False Promise of Gun Control,” The Atlantic Monthly, March 1994.
    6 Wright and Rossi, Armed and Considered Dangerous: A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms (N.Y.: Aldine de Gruyter, 1986).
    7 Kleck, interview, Orange County Register,Sept. 19, 1993.

    MYTH 4:”Honest citizens have nothing to fear from gun registration and licensing which will curb crime by disarming criminals.”
    “Gun control” proponents tout automobile registration and licensing as model schemes for firearm ownership. Yet driving an automobile on city or state roads is a privilege and, as s uch, can be regulated, while the individual right to possess firearms is constitutionally protected from infringement. Registration and licensing do not prevent criminal misuse nor accidental fatalities involving motor vehicles in America, where more than 40,000 people die on the nation’s highways each year. By contrast, about 1,400 persons are involved in fatal firearm accidents each year.

    Registration and licensing have no effect on crime, as criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. Indeed, a national survey of prisoners conducted by Wright and Rossi for the Department of Justice found that 82% agreed that “gun laws only affect law-abiding citizens; criminals will always be able to get guns.”

    Further, felons are constitutionally exempt from a gun registration requirement. According to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Haynes v. U.S., since felons are prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, compelling them to register firearms would violate the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. 8 Only law-abiding citizens would be required to comply with registration–citizens who have neither committed crime nor have any intention of doing so.

    Registration and licensing of America’s 60-65 million gun owners and their 200 million firearms would require the creation of a huge bureaucracy at tremendous cost to the taxpayer, with absolutely no tangible anti-crime return. Indeed, New Zealand authorities repealed registration in the 1980s after police acknowledged its worthlessness, and a similar recommendation was made by Australian law enforcement. Law enforcement would be diverted from its primary responsibility, apprehending and arresting criminals, to investigating and processing paperwork on law-abiding citizens.

    In the U.S., after President Clinton, Attorney General Reno, and others announced support for registration and licensing, police response was immediate and non-supportive. Dewey Stokes, President of the Fraternal Order of Police said … I don’t want to get into a situation where we have gun registration.” Other law enforcement officers responded even more strongly. Charles Canterbury, President of the South Carolina FOP said, “On behalf of the South Carolina law enforcement, I can say we are adamantly opposed to registration of guns.” Dennis Martin, President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police reported, “I have had a lot of calls from police chiefs and sheriffs who are worried about this. They are afraid that we’re going to create a lot of criminals out of law-abiding people who don’t want to get a license for their gun.

    Finally, a national registration/licensing scheme would violate an individual’s right to privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment and establish a basis upon which gun confiscation could be implemented. More than 60,000 rifles and shotguns were confiscated in April, 1989 from honest citizens who had dutifully registered their guns with the authorities in Soviet Georgia (Chicago Sun-Times, April 12, 1989, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, May 21, 1989). Could that happen in America? Gun prohibitionists in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., have already proposed using registration lists for such purposes. And, since 1991, New York City authorities have used registration lists to enforce a ban on semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Avowed handgun prohibitionist Charles Morgan, as director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington office, in a 1975 hearing before the House Subcommittee on Crime stated: “I have not one doubt, even if I am in agreement with the National Rifle Association, that kind of a record-keeping procedure is the first step to eventual confiscation under one administration or another.”

    Reasonable fears of such confis cation lead otherwise law-abiding citizens to ignore such laws, creating a disrespect for law and a lessened support for government. In states and cities which recently required registration of semi-automatic firearms, estimates of compliance range from 5 to 10%.

    8 Haynes v. U.S., 309 U.S. 85 (1968).

    “Stiff `gun control’ laws work as shown by the low crime rates in England and Japan, while U. S crime rates continue to soar.”
    All criminologists studying the firearms issue reject simple comparisons of violent crime among foreign countries. It is impossible to draw valid conclusions without taking into account differences in each nation’s collection of crime data, and their political, cultural, racial, religious, and economic disparities. Such factors are not only hard to compare, they are rarely, if ever, taken into account by “gun control” proponents.9

    Only one scholar, attorney David Kopel, has attempted to evaluate the impact of “gun control” on crime in several foreign countries. In his book The Samurai, The Mountie and The Cowboy: Should America adopt the gun controls of other democracies?, named a 1992 Book of the Year by the American Society of Criminology, Kopel examined numerous nations with varying gun laws, and concluded: “Contrary to the claims of the American gun control movement, gun control does not deserve credit for the low crime rates in Britain, Japan, or other nations.” He noted that Israel and Switzerland, with more widespread rates of gunownership, have crime rates comparable to or lower than the usual foreign examples. And he stated: “Foreign style gun control is doomed to failure in America. Foreign gun control comes along with searches and seizures, and with many other restrictions on civil liberties too intrusive for America. Foreign gun control…postulates an authoritarian philosophy of government fundamentally at odds with the individualist and egalitarian American ethos.”10

    America’s high crime rates can be attributed to re volving-door justice. In a typical year in the U.S., there are 8.1 million serious crimes like homicide, assault, and burglary. Only 724,000 adults are arrested and fewer still (193,000) are convicted. Less than 150,000 are sentenced to prison, with 36,00 0 serving less than a year (U.S. News and World Report, July 31, 1989). A 1987 National Institute of Justice study found that the average felon released due to prison overcrowding commits upwards of 187 crimes per year, costing society approximately $430, 000.

    Foreign countries are two to six times more effective in solving crimes and punishing criminals than the U.S. In London, about 20% of reported robberies end in conviction; in New York City, less than 5% result in conviction, and in those cases imprisonment is frequently not imposed. Nonetheless, England annually has twice as many homicides with firearms as it did before adopting its tough laws. Despite tight licensing procedures, the handgun-related robbery rate in Britain rose about 200% duri ng the past dozen years, five times as fast as in the U.S.

    Part of Japan’s low crime rate is explained by the efficiency of its criminal justice system, fewer protections of the right to privacy, and fewer rights for criminal suspects than exist in the United States. Japanese police routinely search citizens at will and twice a year pay “home visits” to citizens’ residences. Suspect confession rate is 95% and trial conviction rate is over 99.9%. The Tokyo Bar Association has said that the Japanese police routinely “…engage in torture or illegal treatment. Even in cases where suspects claimed to have been tortured and their bodies bore the physical traces to back their claims, courts have still accepted their confessions.” Neither the powers and secrecy of the police nor the docility of defense counsel would be acceptable to most Americans. In addition, the Japanese police understate the amount of crime, particularly covering up the problem of organized crime, in order to appear more efficient an d worthy of the respect the citizens have for the police.

    Widespread respect for law and order is deeply ingrained in the Japanese citizenry. This cultural trait has been passed along to their descendants in the United States where the murder ratef or Japanese-Americans (who have access to firearms) is similar to that in Japan itself. If gun availability were a factor in crime rates, one would expect European crime rates to be related to firearms availability in those countries, but crime rat es are similar in European countries with high or relatively high gun ownership, such as Switzerland, Israel, and Norway, and in low availability countries like England and Germany. Furthermore, one would expect American violent crime rates to be more sim ilar to European rates in crime where guns are rarely used, such as rape, than in crimes where guns are often used, such as homicide. But the reverse is true: American non-gun violent crime rates exceed those of European countries.

    9 Wright, et al ., Under the Gun: Weapons, Crime and Violence in America (N.Y.: Aldine, 1983).
    10 Kopel, “The Samurai, The Mountie, and the Cowboy: Should America adopt the gun controls of other democracies?’ (Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1992), 431-32.

    MYTH 6: “Most murders are argument-related `crimes of passion’ against a relative, neighbor, friend or acquaintance. ”
    The vast majority of murders are committed by persons with long established patterns of violent criminal behavior. Acc ording to analyses by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency, the FBI, and the Chicago, New York City, and other police departments, about 70% of suspected murderers have criminal careers of long standing–as do nearly half their victims. FBI data show that roughly 47% of murderers are known to their victims.

    The waiting period, or “cooling-off” period, as some in the “gun control” community call it, is the most often cited solution to “crimes of passion.” However, state crime records show that in 1992, states with waiting periods and other laws delaying or denying gun purchases had an overall violent crime rate more than 47% higher and a homicide rate 19% higher than other states. In the five states that have some jurisdictions with waiting periods (Georgia, Kansas, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia), the non-waiting period portions of all five states have far lower violent crime and homicide rates.

    Recent studies by the Justice Department suggest that persons who live violent lives e xhibit those violent tendencies “both within their home and among their family and friends and outside their home among strangers in society.” A National Institute of Justice study reveals that the victims of family violence often suffer repeated problems from the same person for months or even years, and if not successfully resolved, such incidents can eventually result in serious injury or death. A study conducted by the Police Foundation showed that 90% of all homicides, by whatever means committed, in volving family members, had been preceded by some other violent incident serious enough that the police were summoned, with five or more such calls in half the cases.

    Circumstances which might suggest “crimes of passion” or “spontaneous” arguments, such as a lover’s triangle, arguments over money or property, and alcohol-related brawls, comprise 29% of criminal homicides, according to FBI data.

    Professor James Wright of the University of Massachusetts describes the typical incident of family violence as “that mythical crime of passion” and rejects the notion that it is an isolated incident by otherwise normally placid and loving individuals. His research shows that it is in fact “the culminating event in a long history of interpersonal viole nce between the parties.”

    Wright also speaks to the protective use of handguns. “Firearms equalize the means of physical terror between men and women. In denying the wife of an abusive man the right to have a firearm, we may only be guaranteeing he r husband the right to beat her at his pleasure,” says Wright. 11

    11 Wright, “Second Thoughts About Gun Control,” 91 [The] Public Interest, 23 (Spring 1988).

    MYTH 7:”Semi-automatic firearms have no legitimate sporting purpose, are the preferred weapon of choice of criminals, and should be banned.”
    Use of this myth by gun prohibitionists is predicated purely on pragmatism: whichever “buzzword” can produce the most anti-gun emotionalism–”Saturday Night Special,” “assault weapons,” and “plastic guns”–will be utilized in efforts to generate support for a ban on entire classes of firearms.

    Examples of this anti-gun legislative history abound. A Saturday Night Special” ban bill enacted in Maryland establishes a politically appointed “Handgun Roster Board” with complete authority to decide which handguns will be permitted in the so-called “Free State”– any handgun could therefore be banned. Federal legislation aimed at the nonexistent “plastic gun” would have banned mil lions of metal handguns suitable for personal protection. In the 1994 crime bill, Congress did ban semi-automatic “assault weapons,” based on their cosmetic appearance. After passage, however, not even the virulently anti-gun Washington Post pretended the ban would have a crime fighting effect, labeling it “mainly symbolic.”

    Criminals and law-abiding citizens both follow the lead of police and military in choosing a gun. Criminals generally pick as handguns .38 Spl. and .357 Mag. revolvers, with ba rrels about 4″ long and retailing (an unimportant matter for criminals) at over $200. Only about one-sixth fit the classic description of the so-called “Saturday Night Special”–small caliber, short barrel and inexpensive. While criminals are unconcerned with the cost of a firearm, the law-abiding certainly are. A ban on inexpensive handguns will have a disproportionate impact on low income Americans, effectively disarming them. This is particularly unfair, since it is the poor who more often must live an d work in high crime areas.

    As more and more police departments, following the lead of the military, switch from revolvers to 9 mm semi-auto pistols, criminals and honest citizens will both follow suit. Indeed, semi-auto pistols have risen from one -fourth of American handgun manufacturing in the 1970s to three-fourths today. Criminals rarely use long guns and, when they do, are more apt to use a sawed-off shot- gun than a semi-automatic rifle, whether military style or not. In America’s larg est and most crime ravaged cities, only about 1/2-3% of “crime guns” are military-style semi-autos. As military establishments adopted medium-velocity rifles with straight-stock configuration, target shooters, hunters, and collectors have acquired the sem i-automatic models of these firearms.

    While not all guns incorrectly attacked as “preferred by criminals” are popular for hunting, many are, but hunting is not the only valid purpose for owning a firearm. Small handguns, which may be ill-suited for hunting or long-range target shooting, are useful for personal protection, where the accuracy range rarely needs to exceed ten feet. Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are suitable for hunting a variety of game. Semi-automatic, military and military-sty le rifles, including the M1 Garand, Springfield M1A, and the Colt Sporter, are used in thousands of sanctioned Highpower Tournaments each year and the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. Hundreds of thousands of individuals use these rifles for recreati onal target shooting and plinking.

    The Second Amendment clearly protects ownership of firearms which are useful “for the security of a free state” and semi-automatic versions of military arms are clearly appropriate for that purpose. It was the cle ar intention of the Framers of our Constitution that the citizenry possess arms equal or superior to those held by the government. That was viewed as the best deterrent to tyranny, and it has worked for over 200 years. It was also the intention of the Fou nding Fathers that citizens be able to protect themselves from criminals, and that doesn’t necessarily require a gun suitable for hunting, target shooting, or plinking. All modern firearms may be used for such protective purposes.

    MYTH 8: “The righ t guaranteed under the Second Amendment is limited specifically to the arming of a `well-regulated Militia’ that can be compared today to the National Guard.”
    The Second Amendment reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the se curity of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In contrast to other portions of the Constitution, this Amendment contains no qualifiers, no “buts” or “excepts.” It is a straightforward statement affirming t he people’s right to possess firearms.

    The perception that the Second Amendment guarantees a “collective right” or a “right of states to form militias” rather than an individual right is a wholly inaccurate 20th-century invention. Historically, the term “militia” refers to the people at large, armed and ready to defend their homeland and their freedom with arms supplied by themselves (U.S. v. Miller, 1939). Federal law (Title 10, Section 311 of the U.S. Code) states:

    “The militia of the Unit ed States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age….” Moreover, historical records, including Constitutional Convention debates and the Federalist Papers, clearly indicate that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to guard against t he tyranny that the Framers of the Constitution feared could be perpetrated by any professional armed body of government. The arms, records and ultimate control of the National Guard today lie with the Federal Government, so that it clearly is not the “mi litia” protected from the federal government.

    The Supreme Court recently affirmed this virtually unlimited control of the Guard by the federal government in the case of Perpich v. Department of Defense (1990). The Court held that the power of Congr ess over the National Guard is plenary (entire, absolute, unlimited) and such power is not restricted by the Constitution’s Militia Clause. The Second Amendment was not even mentioned by the Court, undoubtedly because it does not serve as a source of powe r for a state to have a National Guard.

    In The Federalist No. 29, Alexander Hamilton argued that the army would always be a “select corps of moderate size” and that the “people at large (were) properly armed” to serve as a fundamental check against the standing army, the most dreaded of institutions. James Madison, in The Federalist No. 46, noted that unlike the governments of Europe which were “afraid to trust the people with arms,” the American people would continue under the new Constitution to possess “the advantage of being armed,” and thereby would continually be able to form the militia when needed as a “barrier against the enterprises of despotic ambition.”

    A 1990 Supreme Court decision regarding searches and seizures confirmed that the right to keep and bear arms was an individual right, held by “the people”–a term of art employed in the Preamble and the First, Second, Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments referring to all “persons who are part of a national community” (U.S. v. Verdu go-Urquidez, 1990).

    The case of U.S. v. Miller (1939) is frequently, though erroneously, cited as the definitive ruling that the right to keep and bear arms is a “collective” right, protecting the right of states to keep a militia rather than the i ndividual right to possess arms. But that was not the issue in Miller, and no such ruling was made; the word “collective” is not used any place in the court’s decision.

    While such a decision was sought by the Justice Department, the Court decided o nly that the National Firearms Act of 1934 was constitutional in the absence of evidence to the contrary. The case hinged on the narrow question of whether a sawed-off shotgun was suitable for militia use, and its ownership by individuals thus protected b y the Second Amendment.

    The Court ruled that: “In the absence of (the presentation of) any evidence tending to show that possession or use of a `shotgun having a barrel of less than eighteen inches in length’ at this time has some reasonable relati onship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia, we cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear such an instrument. Certainly it is not within judicial notice–common knowledge, that need not be proven i n court–that this weapon is any part of the military equipment or that its use could contribute to the common defense.”

    Because no evidence or argument was presented except by the federal government, the Court was not made aware that some 30,000 short-barreled shotguns were used as “trench guns” during World War I.

    The Supreme Court has ruled on only three other cases relating to the Second Amendment–all during the last half of the nineteenth century. In each of these cases, the Court held that the Second Amendment only restricted actions of the federal government, not of private individuals (U.S. v. Cruikshank, 1876) or state governments (Presser v. Illinois, 1886, and Miller v. Texas, 1894). The Court also held, in Presser, that the Firs t Amendment guarantee of freedom of assembly did not apply to the states; and in Miller v. Texas, it held that the Fourth Amendment guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure did not apply to the states, since the Court believed that all the amendm ents comprising the Bill of Rights were limitations solely on the powers of Congress, not upon the powers of the states.

    It was not until two generations later that the Court began to rule, through the Fourteenth Amendment, that the First, Fourth, and other provisions of the Bill of Rights limited both Congress and state legislatures. No similar decision concerning the Second Amendment has ever been made in spite of contemporary scholarship proving that the purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was t o apply all of the rights in the Bill of Rights to the states.12 That research proves that the Fourteenth Amendment was made a part of the Constitution to prevent states from depriving the newly freed slaves of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights , including what the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision referred to as one of the rights of citizens, the right “to keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

    The only significance of the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a challenge to the hand- gun ban imposed by Morton Grove, Illinois, is that the Court will still not rush to apply the Second Amendment to the states. The refusal to hear the case has no legal significance and, indeed, it would have been very unusual for the Court to make a decision involving the U.S. Constitution when the Illinois courts had not yet decided if Morton Grove’s ban conflicted with the state’s constitution.

    12 Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1984).

    MYTH 9: “A person in a public place with a gun is looking for trouble.”
    Gun prohibitionists use this myth to oppose legislative proposals to allow law-abiding citizens to obtain permits to carry concealed firear ms. In spite of this opposition, numerous states have adopted favorable concealed carry laws over the past few years. In each case, anti-gun activists and politicians predicted that allowing law-abiding people to carry firearms would result in more deaths and injuries as people would resort to gunfire to settle minor disputes. Shoot-outs over fender-benders and Wild-West lawlessness were predicted in an effort to stir up public fear of reasonable laws.

    This tactic–seeking to frighten people into s upporting desired positions–is employed more and more frequently by gun prohibitionists. Prof. Gary Kleck explains the reasoning thusly: “Battered by a decade of research contradicting the central factual premises underlying gun control, advocates have a pparently decided to fight more exclusively on an emotional battlefield, where one terrorizes one’s targets into submission rather than honestly persuading them with credible evidence.”13

    When the concealed carry laws were passed and put into pract ice, the result was completely different from the hysterical claims of the gun prohibitionists. In Florida, since the concealed carry law was changed in 1987, the homicide rate has dropped 21%, while the national rate has risen 12%. Across the nation, sta tes with favorable concealed carry laws have a 33% lower homicide rate overall and 37% lower robbery rate than states that allow little or no concealed carry.

    Gun prohibitionists have also acted to penalize and discourage gun ownership by imposing mandatory prison terms on persons carrying or possessing firearms without a license or permit, a license or permit they have also made impossible or very difficult to obtain. Massachusetts’ Bartley-Fox Law and New York’s Koch-Carey Law are premier exampl es of this “gun control” strategy. Such legislation is detrimental only to peaceful citizens, not to criminals.

    By the terms of such a mandatory or increased sentence proposal, the unlicensed carrying of a firearm–no matter how innocent the circum stances–is penalized by a six-to-twelve month jail sentence. It is imposed on otherwise law-abiding citizens although in many areas it is virtually impossible for persons to obtain a carry permit. It is easy to see circumstances in which an otherwise law -abiding person would run afoul of this law: fear of crime, arbitrary denial of authorization, red-tape delay in obtaining official permission to carry a firearm, or misunderstanding of the numerous and vague laws governing the transportation of firearms.

    The potential for unknowingly or unwittingly committing a technical violation of a licensing law is enormous. Myriad legal definitions of “carrying” vary from state to state and city to city, including most transportation of firearms–accessible o r not, loaded or not, in a trunk or case. And out-of-state travelers are exceedingly vulnerable because of these various definitions.

    One need only examine the first persons arrested under the Massachusetts and New York City “mandatory penalty” law s for proof that such laws are misdirected: an elderly woman passing out religious pamphlets in a dangerous section of Boston and an Ohio truck driver coming to the aid of a woman apparently being kidnapped in New York City.

    In New York City–prior to the enactment of the Koch-Carey mandatory sentence for possession law–the bureaucratic logjam in the licensing division, combined with a soaring crime rate, forced law-abiding citizens to obtain guns illegally for self-protection. In effect, citizens admitted that they would rather risk a mandatory penalty for illegally owning a firearm than risk their lives and property at the hands of New York’s violent, uncontrolled criminals. Honest citizens feared the streets more than the courtrooms.

    By contrast, the city’s criminal element faces no similar threat of punishment. A report carried in the March 1, 1984, issue of the New York Times says it all: “Conviction on felony charges is rare. Because of plea-bargaining, the vast majority of those arrested on felony charges are tried on lesser, misdemeanor charges.” In one year, according to the Times, there were 106,171 felony arrests in New York City, but only 25,987 cases received felony indictments and only 20,641 resulted in convictions, with impr isonment a rarity. This condition persists, the New York Times reported again on June 23, 1991: in 1990 felony indictments were resolved by plea bargains in over 83% of cases. Only 5.7% of cases ended with a trial verdict, with only 3.8% ending in convict ion. Not surprisingly, with just 3% of the nation’s population, in 1992 New York City accounted for 12% of the nation’s homicides.

    In championing New York’s tough Koch-Carey Law, then Mayor Ed Koch said contemptuously of gun owners, “Nice guys who own guns aren’t nice guys.” No such rancor was expressed about the city’s revolving-door criminal justice system where the chances of hardened criminals being arrested on felony charges are one in one hundred. Later, the Police Foundation study of New Yor k’s Koch- Carey Law found that it failed to reduce the number of guns on the street and did not reduce gun use in rape, robbery or assault.

    Such legislation invites police to routinely stop and frisk people randomly on the street on suspicion of fi rearms possession. In fact, the Police Foundation has called for the random use of metal detectors on the streets to apprehend people carrying firearms without authorization. In disregarding the constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy and against unr easonable searches and seizures, police would be empowered under the Police Foundation’s blueprint for disarmament to “systematically stop a certain percentage of people on the streets… in business neighborhoods and run the detectors by them, just as yo u do at the airport. If the detectors produce some noise then that might establish probable cause for a search.”

    While admitting that such “police state” tactics would require “methods… that liberals instinctively dislike,” government researchers James Q. Wilson and Mark H. Moore called for more aggressive police patrolling in public places, saying: “To inhibit the carrying of handguns, the police should become more aggressive in stopping suspicious people and, where they have reasonable grounds for their suspicions, frisking (i.e. patting down) those stopped to obtain guns. Hand-held magnetometers, of the sort used by airport security guards, might make the street frisks easier and less obtrusive. All this can be done without changing the law.” (The Washington Post, April 1, 1981) Note, they said “people,” not criminals.

    13 Kleck, “Reasons for Skepticism on the Results from a New Poll on: The Incidence of Gun Violence Among Young People,” The Public Perspective, Sept./Oct. 1993.

    MYTH 10: “Gun control reduces crime.”
    This is perhaps, the greatest myth that is perpetrated today by national gun ban groups. No empirical study of the effectiveness of gun laws has shown any positive effect on crime. To the dismay of the pro hibitionists, such studies have shown a negative effect. That is, in areas having greatest restrictions on private firearms ownership, crime rates are typically higher, because criminals are aware that their intended victims are less likely to have the me ans with which to defend themselves.

    If gun laws worked, the proponents of such laws would gleefully cite examples of reduced crime. Instead, they uniformly blame the absence of tougher or wider spread measures for the failures of the laws they adv ocated. Or they cite denials of applications for permission to buy a firearm as evidence the law is doing something beyond preventing honest citizens from being able legally to acquire firearms. They cite Washington, D.C., as a jurisdiction where gun laws are “working.” Yet crime in Washington has risen dramatically since 1976, the year before its handgun ban took effect. Washington, D.C., now has outrageously higher crime rates than any of the states (D.C. 1992 violent crime rate: 2832.8 per 100,000 resi dents; U.S. rate: 757.5), with a homicide rate 8 times the national rate (1992 rate 75.4 per 100,000 for D.C., 9.3 nationally.) No wonder former D.C. Police Chief Maurice Turner said, “What has the gun control law done to keep criminals from gettin g guns? Absolutely nothing… [City residents] ought to have the opportunity to have a handgun.”

    Criminals in Washington have no trouble getting either prohibited drugs or prohibited handguns, resulting in a skyrocketing of the city’s murder rate. D.C.’s 1991 homicide rate of 80.6 per 100,000 population was the highest ever recorded by an American big city, and marked a 200% rise in homicide since banning handguns, while the nation’s homicide rate rose just 11%. Since 1991, the homicide rate has re mained near 75 per 100,000, while the national rate hovers around 9-10.

    Clearly, criminals do not bother with the niceties of obeying laws–for a criminal is, by definition, someone who disobeys laws. Those who enforce the law agree.

    In addi tion, restrictive gun laws create a “Catch-22″ for victims of violent crime. Under court decisions, the police have no legal obligation to protect any particular individual. This concept has been tested numerous times including cases as recent as 1993. In each case the courts have ruled that the police are responsible for protecting society as a whole, not any individual. This means that under restrictive gun laws, people may be unable to protect themselves or their family from violent criminals.

    T he evidence that restrictive gun laws create scofflaws is evident to anyone willing to look. In New York City, there are only about 70,000 legally-owned handguns, yet survey research suggests that there are at least 750,000 handguns in the city, mostly in the hands of otherwise law-abiding citizens. In Chicago, a recent mandatory registration law has resulted in compliance by only a fraction of those who had previously registered their guns. The rate of compliance with the registration requirement of Cali fornia’s and New Jersey’s semi- automatic bans have been very low. The same massive noncompliance–not by criminals, whom no one expects will comply, but by people fearful of repression–is evident wherever stringent gun laws are enacted.

    Laws aimed at criminal misuse of firearms are proven crime deterrents. After adopting a mandatory penalty for using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime in 1975, Virginia’s murder rate dropped 23% and robbery 1 1% in 15 years. South Carolina recorded a 24% murder rate decline between 1975 and 1990 with a similar law. Other impressive declines were recorded in other states using mandatory penalties, such as Florida (homicide rate down 33% in 17 years), Delaware ( homicide rate down 33% in 19 years), Montana (down 42% 1976-1992) and New Hampshire (homicide rate down 50% 1977-1992).

    The solution to violent crime lies in the promise, not the mere threat, of swift, certain punishment.

    Our challenge: To r eform and strengthen our federal and state criminal justice systems. We must bring about a sharp reversal in the trend toward undue leniency and “revolving door justice.” We must insist upon speedier trials and upon punishments which are commensurate with crimes. Rehabilitation should be tempered with a realization that not all can be rehabilitated, and that prisons cost society less than the crime of active predatory criminals. NRA is meeting that challenge with its CrimeStrike division, establish ed to advance real solutions to the crime problem while protecting the rights of all honest citizens. Working in states across the nation, CrimeStrike has worked for passage of “truth in sentencing laws” which require that criminals actually serve at leas t 85% of time sentenced, “Victim’s Bill of Rights” constitutional amendments, and “Three Strikes You’re Out” laws. The job ahead will not be an easy one . The longer “gun control” advocates distract the nation from this task by embracing that singl e siren song, the longer it will take and the more difficult our job will be. Beginning is the hardest step, and the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action has taken it.

    Join the NRA. Support ILA. Work with us. We need your help.

    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people…. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them…. ” –George Mason

    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. ” –Thomas Jefferson

    “Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion . . . in private self-defense. ” –John Adams

    “The Constitution s hall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms. ” –Samuel Adams

    ” . . arms discourage and keep invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. … Horrid mischief would ensue were [the law-abiding] deprived of the use of them. ” –Thomas Paine

    “[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…[where] the government s are afraid to trust the people with arms.” –James Madison

    “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves…and include all men capable of bearing arms…To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike…how to use them.” –Richard Henry Lee

    “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” –Amendment II, Constitution of the United States

  • adrianvance

    Di Fi packs a snub-nose 357 Magnum in a garter holster and every dress has a breakaway panel for quick access, but she is one of the elected ruling class nobles!

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

    • Freedom

      If you take the jaw line off of George on a one dollar bill at one hundred yards in less then three rounds, like I can without using an assault weapon and no large capacity magazine, that’s gun control. And you have more rounds left over.

      PS – do it with a .22 rifle it’s lighter and just as lethal.

  • Bimbam

    We must not give in to ANYMORE GUN LAWS.

    One: Like ALL gun laws they only target the innocent law-abiding citizens.

    Two: They do not address the real problem of violence, violent people.

    Three: We have already submitted to draconian gun laws already in the books.


    This has been said many times before, this affects only law-abiding citizens and deprives them of their rights to defend themselves from both foreign and domestic tyrants and tyranny who seem themselves above the law by pure whim.

    If we examine all the massacres everyone was committed by people with mental problems that seem to be exacerbated by seeing a psychiatrist who then prescribe mind-altering drugs. It seems to me to be an open and shut case.

    We already cannot own a bazooka, hand grenade, an automatic machine gun, etc. Thus, as we see now they are taking away the minimum requirement for a militia. A 30-round semi-auto rifle and large capacity semi-auto handguns deemed the minimum IMO to be effective for militia and home defense. Isn’t that a coincidence?

    So we can see where this is leading because once they take these steps they will lead on to another and another to the point where they are going to say, you know what, everyone can only have slingshots! Do you see where this is leading?

    • Vicki

      Bimbam writes:
      “This has been said many times before, this affects only law-abiding citizens and deprives them of their rights to defend themselves from both foreign and domestic tyrants and tyranny who seem themselves above the law by pure whim.”

      Though this is quite true the anti-gun people are constantly using numbers like ~30,000 killed by guns (ignoring that guns can’t they are inanimate objects). Just saying “law abiding doesn’t have much impact. We need a number. That number has been there all along.

      This year the number is ~300 MILLION. So what the anti-gun people are saying is that ~300 MILLION Americans have to give up their rights because 0.01% of Americans abuse the right.

      We need to tell our representatives to
      STOP punishing the innocent for the acts of a few.

      STOP IT

  • anon Efforts to ban certain guns and ammunition sales may be pushed, but they will get nowhere in the Louisiana legislative session that opens in April, according to the chairmen of committees that will hear the legislation.

  • Michael McKinney

    If you look at a city in the United States where guns are not only allowed but encouraged, you will find zero homicides & zero people shot in 2013. Chicago decided to ban guns. Now the citizens are at the mercy of the criminals with over 31 homisides and 109 people shot this year (1st month). Why is it so hard to understand that making a law does not stop people who do not abide laws? People who abide laws are not the problem. If you ban guns for law enforcement, there will be a rise in crime and a rise in deaths of law enforcement. Now I say this because of our legal system. Other countries that ban guns completely, execute violators within a week, which has a similar to everyone having a gun and being able to use it. The idea of only letting the criminals have guns and offering them a place to live and 3 square meals a day with sporting activities and cable tv… if they decide to go on a killing spree… and with a current legal system of multiple life sentences, being sold as slaves to the highest bidder (prisons) while we are being taxed to support a system that profits from crime while placing the citizens at risk and in debt. So, what if I told you that the people making the laws are the ones that profit from crime and those people would be allowed to have guns, after they ban them. Is this right?

  • Dale

    Why is it the progressive liberals that steal guns then go and kill movie goers and children in school have never been a conservative NRA member???

    Ft Hood Shooter – Registered Democrat- Muslim
    Columbine Shooters – Too young to vote- both families were registered democrats and progressive liberals
    Virginia Tech Shooter- Wrote hate mail to Pres Bush and to his staff. Registered Democrat
    Colorado Theater Shooter – Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, occupy wall street participant, progressive liberal
    Connecticut School Shooter- Registered Democrat, hated Christians,

    Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal democrats.”

    Interesting…isn’t it?


    • Bimbam

      If the Demoncraps want guns banned why are all these Demoncraps armed with guns? They would have to turn them in too.

      But I do know being a Demoncrap and a liberal are the same thing,

      And I do know they have one set of laws for you and one set of laws for them.

      And I do know they are all hypocrites.

      And I do know they like living off of US.

      And I do know they are all liars.

      And I do know they are fools.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Actually Bimbam being a democrat and a liberal are not the same thing.

        1: I am a liberal but I am a registered independent.

        2: I do not have no set of laws for me and another for others. I think everyone should abide by the golden rule.

        3: Every person in this world is at one time or another a hypocrite. Such things know no partisan loyalty.

        4: Every person lives of some form of help from US. Though I admit politicians take more than their fair share.

        5: Every politician is a liar. It comes with the territory.

        6: Again all politicians express foolishness. Its part of being in politics.

        Here is a video you and everyone should watch:

      • Bimbam

        You are incorrect and trying to show liberals are good people. THEY ARE NOT. There way brings DEATH. But they never tell you what proceeds their way first. HUMAN MISERY AND SUFFERING.

        I have heard that so-called “innocent” refute before. What you didn’t say was that liberals accept being liars, accept being hypcocrites, accept being foolish and accept stealing your stuff as a WAY OF LIFE.

        Nice try government agent.

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner says:
        “2: I do not have no set of laws for me and another for others. I think everyone should abide by the golden rule. ”

        So you really do want people to force there will on you thru government agents?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Actually Bimbam I am no government agent. And I do not accept “hypcocrites, accept being foolish and accept stealing your stuff as a WAY OF LIFE.” I just acknowledge it when I am one. I feel you may not be acknowledging hypocrisy and foolishness from those on the Republican side. I am trying to say that since I do not fall into your generalized statement about progressives and liberals I believe you are incorrect.

      • Jeremy Leochner


        Actually I do not. There is good and evil in this world. And there is right and wrong both in the moral and practical sense. I don’t necessarily know what is right. There are certain things I feel strongly about like the golden rule. And in cases like that I am determined to support laws that I believe reflect my views. I suppose I was wrong when I said I do not have a set of rules for myself and another for others. There are certain things I do not do which I feel people should be allowed to do. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or do any sort of recreational drug. But I believe that within certain guidelines people should be allowed to smoke and drink and I would even support smoking pot as long as its done medicinally. Now of course there are things where whether people agree or not I refuse to change my views. One is I despise disparaging and generalizing about those whose views are different from mine. I used to be a very vindictive person and insult people who were not liberals. However my father was a conservative and I always felt guilt if I said something that insulted him. He helped me understand that I was wrong to insult people simply for differing in opinion with me. Now on some topics I have very strong views. And depending on what someone says I may be too rough with them. But I try to keep an eye on myself and keep it civil. Now people have freedom of speech and it would be wrong of me to try and force or require everyone to watch their rhetoric the way I try to. But since I feel strongly about it I feel it is perfectly within my right to suggest as often and as effectively as I can the need to tone rhetoric down and avoid generalizing about those you disagree with.

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner says:

        Actually I do not.”

        Then why did you say you do? I even quoted the line you said it in.

      • Jeremy Leochner


        My statement “Actually I do not” was in response to your statement “So you really do want people to force there will on you thru government agents?”

  • jopa

    Just for a reality check for starters nobody is coming to take your guns.However if there was a time and the overwhelming majority of Americans wanted guns banned and the American military came to get them, would you actually kill American soldiers just following orders.These are the children and grandchildren of America that you would actually put a bead on their forehead and pull the trigger or are you all just spouting off trying to act like some macho caveman with no values whatsoever and in some cases cave women.

    • Shawn

      I would shoot. Do you think that they wouldn’t do the same? If you think they wouldn’t shoot then you are not living in the reality. The issue of someone being a soldier just following orders is irrelevant because there is a choice whether to follow the orders or not.

      • jopa

        Shawn: If fired upon I am sure they would shoot and make you history.You wouldn’t stand a chance and some would call this suicide by soldier.So it would be adios amigo and you should have gone along with the new American values until you could pass some legislation to turn it around.Sorry but I have to go for now to my new job of painting helicopters.Pretty cool job, we have music playing all day but it’s the same song over and over, The Rolling Stones “Paint it Black”.I sometimes wish I went to work for the rainbow coalition.Also when it comes to all this anti gun legislation as in the words of JeffH STOP IT STOP IT RIGHT NOW OR I WILL HIT YOU WITH MY PURSE.

    • Vicki

      jopa says:
      “Just for a reality check for starters nobody is coming to take your guns.”

      Would you please explain that to Governor Cuomo and Senator Feinstein. They do not seem to have gotten your memo.

  • http://all scott

    I just wanted to say one more thing. How come we never hear on the news, about a men or woman who saved a life or lives with his or her gun. It happens everyday. When I lived in Florida there was an ex Marine eating at subway and to armed black men came into Subway and were robbing the store. Then for some reason they grabbed the Marine and started pushing him into the bathroom. The Marine pulled out his pistol and shot one in the head killing him on the spot and shot the other one in the face removing his jaw. I think he died a few days later. I can’t expresse how happy that makes me feel. This man is a HERO! the belief was they were going to take each customer into the bathroom rob them and kill them. Why am I happy? If my wife or family was in that store they would of been saved and I think if you are going to commit a crime, you get what you deserve. I’m a proud gun owner and I will keep buying guns and shooting them for as long as I’m alive. I train my kids to shoot competition shooting and safety with all firearms and weapons. We will not be victims. We will leave that to Brian Thinker aka Dumb Ass! Semper Fi

    • Vicki

      scott says:
      “I just wanted to say one more thing. How come we never hear on the news, about a men or woman who saved a life or lives with his or her gun.”

      Too common. ~2.5 million times a year is just not as newsworthy as ~30,000

      2 sayings from Journalism

      “dog bites man is not news. Man bites dog, now THATS news.”
      “If it bleeds, it leads”

      Since ~98% of the ~2.5 million cases don’t even involve the gun being discharged there is nothing sensational about it.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      scott first needs to know that there is no such thing as an “ex Marine”—-Semper Fidelis is a lifetime thing and this old Marine just proved it again. The old Marine that shot the two thugs actually got lots of publicity, although maybe not on national news. These things tend to be more local TV news (unless they have Treyvon M implications), but I received emails and newspaper clippings from old Marine friends from CA to NJ and lots of otherfolks from ME to WI and FL that knew I would appreciate hearing about it. One clipping quoted the police as complimenting his shooting skills—-something like “pretty impressive shooting—three rounds—one head and two center body mass”.

      I remember reading that it was a chest shot for the second thug, not a jaw shot, but that he did later die. Also that the old Marine was at first going to let it slide as long as nobody was getting hurt—-he was only there for a meal and the thugs could take Subway’s money as far as he was concerned—he didn’t consider himself an unpaid security guy for Subway . Once they got the bright idea that they should rob him too and started pushing him around, he shot them. The accounts I read didn’t say that it looked like they were going to drag people in the rest room and execute them all, just that they got the idea to rob the old Marine as they were leaving (he may have been the only customer there—it was late, if I recall)

      And, since you DID mention it, is there any significance to the fact that the two robbers were black? [comment has been edited]

      And are you a Marine? Doubt it, since no Marine talks about EX Marines—-”retired” and maybe “former” is about as far as it goes. [comment has been edited]

  • Jeremy Leochner

    With respect to Mr. Livingston I have a few things to say.

    1: “New York just rammed through a comprehensive gun ban that will allow weapons to be confiscated once the original owner dies.” I consider taking away a dead persons guns to be ineffective in curbing gun violence. Though I also see no reason for a dead person to have a gun. Above all I see no way in which confiscating guns from the dead falls under the statement “gun rights are being snatched overtly and covertly”. Unless you feel the second amendment applies to the deceased I see no reason to call such a law stealing our rights.

    2: “It will also institute a database of gun owners and require re-registration every five years.” An article by the organization Connecticut Against Gun Violence states that “Straw purchases are one of the most frequent methods used to divert firearms out of lawful commerce, where they a re a heavily regulated commodity, and onto the street, where they are available to anyone. Convicted felons will simply use a friend, a family member or a girlfriend to buy a gun for them. The felon provides the money for the gun, selects the gun, and directs the purchase. The straw purchaser just fills out all of the required paperwork, posing as the buyer.”-

    And a PBS article states that “one of the most common ways criminals get guns is through straw purchase sales. A straw purchase occurs when someone who may not legally acquire a firearm, or who wants to do so anonymously, has a companion buy it on their behalf. According to a 1994 ATF study on “Sources of Crime Guns in Southern California,” many straw purchases are conducted in an openly “suggestive” manner where two people walk into a gun store, one selects a firearm, and then the other uses identification for the purchase and pays for the gun. Or, several underage people walk into a store and an adult with them makes the purchases.”-

    The evidence seems to suggest that one of the principle ways in which bad guys obtain guns without going through the legal process is to have someone else go through it for them and then give it to them. So technically the gun used by a criminal could still have a viable paper trail linking the criminal or at least a friend or acquaintance of the criminal to the gun. A database of gun owners is the paper trail that allows law enforcement to link guns obtained during investigations to the owners and to whomever may have access to the gun. I have often heard people say how a registry of gun owners helped groups like the Nazi to hunt down innocent people. While I do not deny such a database could be useful for nefarious schemes I also cannot deny its usefulness in regular law enforcement. There needs to be some kind of paper trail linking the owner of a gun to the gun. Because if the gun is stolen by or given to someone who uses it to commit crimes or if the owner simply uses it to commit crimes themselves there needs to be a way for law enforcement to tie the person to the crime. A connection to the gun used to commit the crime can be the evidence that means the difference between a solved case and an unsolved one.

    3: “Parents of children who commit crimes with guns would be prosecuted as felons.” If the weapons used by the children are ones their parents bought than I feel the parents bear some blame for not taking enough care to conceal and hide their weapons from their children. Perhaps a felony charge is going too far. But parents do bear some responsibility if it is their gun used by their child.

    4: Exaggerating and hyperbolizing the wrongs “both perceived and real, committed against you is ineffective and counter productive. The desire of pro gun control advocates is not to “keep guns in the hands of criminals but away from law-abiding citizens.” In fact the chief desire of most is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. For this they are accused of harming the innocent and treating law abiding gun owners as criminals. And nothing Obama has proposed will “Balkanize” America. Mr. Livingston you are confusing Obamas policies with a fundamental altering of the fabric of this country. The most radical, by far, of Obamas ideas is an assault weapons ban. I disagree with an assault weapons ban based on an ambiguous definition of the word “assault”. I would agree such a measure is unconstitutional. But at the same time I remember that such a ban has existed since 1994. This is where we have a problem Mr. Livingston. There are points where we agree. And there are points where even though we disagree I feel its still a valid point your making. Where we part is in the language you use and the way you frame your argument. Its one thing to say that some of Obamas proposals are unconstitutional. Its quite another to imply or flat out say that they are “Balkanizing America” and that “gun rights are being snatched overtly and covertly”. We had an assault weapons ban for many years. Our country was not balkanized nor did we lose our gun rights. The argument that an assault weapons ban is a violation of the constitution and our rights is a valid and reasonable argument whether I agree with you or not. With respect the argument that an assault weapons ban is leading to the lose of our gun rights as part of a conspiracy which will turn our country into something resembling a country in the Balkans is a paranoid and unreasonable one. Not to mention it leaves no room for productive discussion or action.

    • vernon

      Why waste tax payer’s money and all the time fighting over something that will never stop crimirals. Why don’t they work on fixing the buget as hard as they are on this. You give them one inch then they want a foot and so on

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Vernon we can never stop crime or criminals all together. But it does not mean we simply keep things as they are when tragedy strikes. We can do things legislatively to reduce gun crimes.

        • Motov

          You missed the boat there, Criminals by definition don’t give a rat’s butt what is legislated The only equalizer is the (Intended) victim to be armed and trained to use it.
          The crook can be a 6 foot 8 inch tall “monster” but to a 4 foot 11 inch tall woman with a gun has a great chance of surviving the incident vs having any other weapon that requires expert handling with the possible exception of a cross bow.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Motov If a criminal wishes to buy a weapon in a gun shop he has to either go through the legal red tape or have someone else do it for him. There is no equalizer when it comes to crime. And no one is talking about banning handguns. No one needs an assault rifle to protect themselves from bad guys on the street.

        • vernon

          who has the right to tell me or anyone what gun I can or can’t have? They need to put criminal in prison and the ones that kill in cold blood should be excuted quickly queit wasting tax payers money defending them and feeding them. Maybe if our prisons were more like some of the one’s in other countries we would not have so many in prison here

          • Motov

            jeremy, if a criminal wants a gun he will not buy it through legal ways, instead he will most likely get one through a black market, or find someone to buy it for him. or even steal one.
            He can and will find one if he wants it, He doesn’t care about the LAW, that is why he is called a criminal,….

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner says:
        “Vernon we can never stop crime or criminals all together. But it does not mean we simply keep things as they are when tragedy strikes. We can do things legislatively to reduce gun crimes.”

        Yes we can do things legislatively and I have told you before what it is we CAN do. The solution was worked out over 200 years ago, does not violate the Constitution and is STILL the best solution.

        Using due process, try them then, if convicted. put criminals IN JAIL.

        It’s that easy.

        That way you are punishing the proper 0.01% (less actually) who are the few I mention when I tell you that

        ~300 MILLION Americans didn’t shoot anyone.

        STOP Punishing the innocent for the actions of a few.

        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • Jeremy Leochner


        As I have told you in order to give due process and try and convict we need to investigate and find and arrest. Perhaps you have seen CSI. It may not be too accurate when it comes to specifics and procedures but one area where they are spot on is the fact that an investigation and evidence are needed to follow through with your plan. To find and arrest the 0.01% there needs to be a paper trail to follow. Other wise criminals could commit their crimes and it would not matter if they dropped their gun or if it was discovered in their abandoned get away car or hide out. A thing as simple as proof that a suspect owns or can be connected to the weapon used in the crime can be what leads to an arrest.

      • Motov

        One more point, I would rather the criminal get shot by an intended victim, this way the bastard is dead, no trials, no wasted tax money, and no more crime committed by the individual. You won’t need CSI, lawyers, court time, jail time, and the usual release so he can go and commit another crime.

        • vernon

          Right on If more of this would be allow we would have a lot less criminals

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The problem Motov is

        1: All the murderers who claim self defense to hide their crimes.

        2: Even police officers have mistakenly shot someone they thought was a threat. How much more likely for someone who has not been trained to handle weapons or spot potential threats.

        3: A criminal will not know a person has a gun and it is no guarantee they will be stopped.

        4: Not having a gun does not make one helpless, even against an armed attacker.

        • Motov

          1: All the murderers who claim self defense to hide their crimes.

          That’s what courts are for, to determine who is a criminal and who isn’t based on evidence and testimony of witnesses

          2: Even police officers have mistakenly shot someone they thought was a threat. How much more likely for someone who has not been trained to handle weapons or spot potential threats.

          A threat to your life is self evident, someone breaks into your house (uninvited) at 3:00 am, you can be rest assured it is not a good thing, I’m not advocating citizens to be police officers.

          3: A criminal will not know a person has a gun and it is no guarantee they will be stopped.

          I like my chances better with a gun in my hand than a phone dialing 911, cops can take a long time arriving, Besides I know my house better than he does, and I will remain totally motionless unti the time is right, (Playing paintball gave me some experience of what works and what doesn’t)

          4: Not having a gun does not make one helpless, even against an armed attacker.

          But it sure makes your options of what you can do better than not having one,,
          I do have a broach as a back-up weapon, (I used to work in a machine shop), a broach is a special tool used to cut keyways into bores of pulleys and fly wheels it is a hunk of harden steel about 2 feet long.

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner says:
        “1: All the murderers who claim self defense to hide their crimes.”

        All 3 of them? what about the other n (where n is less than ~11,000 in a particular year)
        Besides, didn’t you want CSI to have something to do?

        2: Even police officers have mistakenly shot someone they thought was a threat. How much more likely for someone who has not been trained to handle weapons or spot potential threats.

        Many times less. Victims KNOW who is trying to hurt them
        The effect has even been studied.
        Look in that link for “Armed Citizens Make Fewer Mistakes Than Police”

        3: A criminal will not know a person has a gun and it is no guarantee they will be stopped.

        Irrelevant. That a criminal knows a person MIGHT have a gun is the point. Criminals are NOT stupid.

        4: Not having a gun does not make one helpless, even against an armed attacker.

        It does put you at an extreme disadvantage. Which is why we keep saying that a gun is a tool. It is the best tool for self defense.

      • Jeremy Leochner


        First- There a plenty more murderers who claim self defense than 3 people.

        Second- I was using CSI as an illustration of how arresting criminals is not as simple as guy commits crime and guy gets arrested. There is an investigative process that must be completed first. If CSI is not your thing perhaps F.B.I Files or The New Detectives might be better.

        Third- I read the article you posted. I have never believed that allowing people to be armed with handguns or basic means of protection will lead to the wild west. And I do not support disarming the people. Where I diverge is the idea of placing more faith in John and Jane Q Citizen than in the police. I still put more faith in police specifically because of the statement in the article which points out that “since they are generally better marksmen, they tend to kill, rather than wound or totally miss their target.” I put more faith in someone who is less likely to miss their target and kill rather than wound than someone who may know who is threatening them but may miss and or simply wound the person.

        Forth- If it is so irrelevant why is it a big deal if people do not have guns. There are ways to hold a stun gun or taser and give the impression you have gun. There are types of clothing one can wear to make it appear they have a gun. If seeming or appearing to have a gun is enough why not just let them think it without actually having it.

        Fifth- Granted. However there are supplemental forms of defense one can obtain. And using a combination of tools like self defense and pepper spray or a stun gun or a knive can also be effective.

    • Shawn

      I made it through the first few paragraphs before I stopped reading. Since I did not read the whole thing, because I simply can’t listen to baseless arguments anymore, I will make this comment: Taking my weapons after I die is just as bad as taking them when I’m alive. I bought the weapon with my money, I went through the processes of obtaining the weapon, it is my weapon to leave to my wife or children. The government has no right to take my weapon whether I’m dead or alive. So ok lets look at this logic “it’s no big deal to give up your gun when you’re dead because a dead person has no use for a weapon” well if that is the case then why don’t we surrender everything we have to the government when we die? i.e. money, estates, vehicles, stocks, life insurance payment should go to the government, oh and tax the family because they lost a loved one. I mean the dead person has no use for any of that stuff I mean it’s not like they worked hard to provide a good life for their family and ensure their family’s future.(insert sarcasm here) You will say I’m not being rational because we’re just talking about weapons here but give an inch and they will take a mile. It will go way further than just taking weapons eventually.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        With respect Shawn I think its important to read a full statement before deciding that it is baseless. In regards to taking guns away from dead people. I will agree it serves little purpose and I concede that even guns are something that people should be able to pass on. My biggest argument was against the idea that such a law is equal to stealing our
        rights away. I think what you said in your statement is completely rational. The only exceptions being:

        1: “The government has no right to take my weapon whether I’m dead or alive”. With respect Shawn if you or any person has committed a crime or suffers some severe mental illness I see the government as well within its right to take away your weapon.

        2:”give an inch and they will take a mile”-. The problem is like I said we have had an assault weapons ban before. We gave the government an inch and they did not take a mile.

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner says:
        “My biggest argument was against the idea that such a law is equal to stealing our
        rights away.”

        Since the government is taking away your right to private property and the right to give it to your heirs, the government is clearly stealing away your right to give and their right to receive said private property.

        You can argue against it all you want. It will not change the obvious theft of Constitutionally protected rights.

      • Jeremy Leochner


        With respect I believe that a condemnation of the government for not allowing for the passing on of an instrument that is designed to kill is more a petty complaint than a righteous declaration of abuse. I feel that the significance of this law, in one state which can easily be repealed, was exaggerated by Mr. Livingston. I believe that equating what seems to be a minor irritation with the systematic lose of our rights is hyperbolic and there fore counter productive. I consider such a law to be strange and ineffective, not malicious and sinister.

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner. Believe as you wish. Stop advocating using government to FORCE your belief on others.


        STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the acts of a few.

        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • Jeremy Leochner


        When you support legislation that I disagree with you are forcing your beliefs on me.

  • JAY

    winny duds2
    I am a staunch believer in gun control and it is pretty simple:

    • Vicki

      I to believe in gun control. There are many places to learn. is one of the (if not the) best.

  • http://BobLivingston Ivan Pistov

    RIGHT BRAIN THINKER Your thinker is totally off the rails just like all the other gun grabbers. Just suppose you all are successful in depriving everybody of every gun in Frankenstein’s list. What will be your response in the case of 1) another tragedy with one of the guns on the list, obtained illegally or by theft or from a foreign nation; or 2) another tragedy similar to Sandy Hook committed with 5-shot revolvers carried by 6 thugs invading a school, and by their numbers manage to not only kill more people but keep the victims imprisoned. You would still say “GUNS ARE A FACTOR”. Yep. But most of the factor, about 99.999999% is the thugs that do it. Those of us who have had guns all our lives and those guns are not “guilty” of any act of violence will still be punished. What are you going to do with all the senior citizens who have had guns for 60 years and don’t want to relinquish them? Kill them on sight? By the time your agenda gets to this point this will be the most bloody dictatorship the world has ever seen. And YOU, Right Brain Thinker, will be one of the FIRST Useful Idiots to be dispatched. Count on it.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Ivan, what makes you think I am a gun grabber, other than your self-delusion and mindlessness and your inability to read and comprehend English? You need to work at reading what I say and understanding it rather than going off on what you WANT TO BELIEVE I said.

      You DID seem to catch the use of FACTOR, though, and I compliment you for that—no one else caught it. I used that because I do NOT believe guns are a “cause” or “to blame” for GUN DEATHS.

      You border on mildly insane in the thoughts you are trying to put in my head and the words you are trying to put in my mouth. You’re paranoid. I’m a 72-year-old senior citizen with guns and I’m not worried at all about them “coming to get me”. Why not? Because the 2nd amendment and a bunch of court cases upholding it protect me. THINK, man—-stop babbling nonsense.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker says:
        “Ivan, what makes you think I am a gun grabber,”

        Little things like what you say when you post.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I was talking to Ivan, Vicki, not you. He showed a small glimmer of intelligence and I wanted to see if it was real.

        Of course, you MUST take your feeble little shots—–”Little things like what you say when you post” That sounds like something Jana would say. Your game is usually better than that. Are you getting tired and sloppy? You HAVE been very busy on PLD (do you get paid overtime at Shills-n-Trolls-r-Us?)


    The solution to the violence is for ALL Americans to work together. Right Brain Thinker has valid points, and conservative also are valid. I’m a life member of the NRA and other gun organizations, and I love guns, but guns are a factor in violence. Felons and crazies do not qualify to own guns. We need to focus on reducing violence, and leave our agendas for other issues; this is too important to get ground up in rhetoric, although our politicos are ineffective on solving these unnecessary deaths.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Welcome to the thread, DANTE. It’s nice to hear from someone who has a brain and uses it to think rather than use it to just store nonsense and mindlessly regurgitate it on cue..

      When you say “Right Brain Thinker has valid points, and conservative also are valid”, you seem to be saying that I am not a “conservative”. I would dispute that implication and say to you that I am a true “conservative” in that I want this country to survive and prosper, live up to the ideals it stands for, and work for all the people. Many of the folks on PLD are “pretend” conservatives—-they care not for the greater good of the nation. They have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into unthinking belief in narrow ideologies, even to the point of going against their own self-interest


    The confiscation of guns without due process is in violation of the Fourth Amendment- illegal search and seizure.

    I agree with Leochner, and I’m a life member of the NRA and a conservative Libertarian ( BTW- Libertarian means liberal- some how it got discombobulated). Please watch the Stewart video with an open mind, it is not a progressive rant, and remember Stewart appears on The No Spin Zone with O’Reilly. Jon is a performer and he takes 12 minutes to say over and over again in three- Americans need to work together no mater what their political agenda is:

    Jeremy Leochner says:
    January 27, 2013 at 12:08 am

    Actually Bimbam being a democrat and a liberal are not the same thing.

    1: I am a liberal but I am a registered independent.

    2: I do not have no set of laws for me and another for others. I think everyone should abide by the golden rule.

    3: Every person in this world is at one time or another a hypocrite. Such things know no partisan loyalty.

    4: Every person lives of some form of help from US. Though I admit politicians take more than their fair share.

    5: Every politician is a liar. It comes with the territory.

    6: Again all politicians express foolishness. Its part of being in politics.

    Here is a video you and everyone should watch:

    Everyone makes a difference.

    • Freedom

      The Cuomo, and the Senator need to be registered and confiscated. B.O. likes to spend money which could be put to better use instead of making assault weapons to send over seas to our people to police some terd world country that bent on self ditruction, but he wants to take them away from us here where we can protect ourselves from those terd world idiots he doesn’ seem to be able to keep out due to us working somewhere else.

    • Motov

      “Libertarian” I thought came from the word “Liberty” not “Liberal”, Examining the party platform, they believe in SHRINKING the government, and not expanding it like Liberals do, LIBERTY from governmental intrusion. That’s what the Bill of Rights is about.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I believe Libertarian does come from liberty Motov. However I feel Liberal does too. Its not that liberals want to expand government. Its more that liberals want to improve it rather than shrink it. I want to clean up corruption and pass things like campaign finance reform and lobby regulations. I want people to know who their local representative and state senators are and to petition them if they feel strongly about an issue. I want to make government more accountable and effective. I feel that improving and reforming government is more effective than simply shrinking it. Smaller does not equal better. Better equals better.

        • Motov

          Smaller= less evil, getting government back to its constitutional restraints, We don’t need government teaching garbage to our children. We don’t need to be in wars with countries who pose no threat to us, We don’t need big corporations destroying mom and pop stores, organic farmers, etc. We don’t need the feds legally ripping us off, We don’t need taxpayers supporting ceo’s who run their businesses to the ground, and we don’t want liberals taking our guns away! In short We WANT LIBERTY, not liberals telling us what to do when to do it or how to do it!

      • Vicki

        To really find out about Libertarian just go to the website

        Smaller LESS INTRUSIVE government is rather a strong point in their philosophy.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Motov I am a liberal.

        I do not want government teaching garbage to children. I do not want our country to be in wars with countries who pose no threat to us. I do not want big corporations destroying mom and pop stores, organic farmers, etc. I do not want people to be ripped off. I do not want taxpayers supporting ceo’s who run their businesses to the ground. And as a liberal I do not want to take away your guns. You and I want the same things. We just have different ideas for achieving them.

  • Cindy

    You don’t understand the military do you? They take a nonpartisian oath to uphold the Constitution and their Commander in Chief, no matter what party he represents. Now you are defaming them, by making such a stupid statement. our Military is the best for that very reason. They will always support the sitting President, as they should. They are trained to follow orders, and that is exactly what they do. However you can keep on dreaming.

  • ratler


  • got my licence

    Bill Cosby when asked how to end racial hatered answered that you need to kill off all but one race but then they would find another reason to hate.

    Thinking that removing all guns will stop the violence will only hinder those who need protection from said violence.

  • http://BobLivingston Ivan Pistov

    Right Brain Thinker Here we go again. Yep, I caught FACTOR, it stood out like your sore nose. To make this short, I skip to your last paragraph where you put all your faith and trust in the 2nd Amendment and court precedents. After closely observing events and political trends since 1968 (GCA68) I have come to have less and less faith in those things. In addition, the police departments, as illustrated mostly by the outrageous acts of police individuals, have caused me to have less and less faith in law “enforcement”. In fact, I want NO contact with law enforcement unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I have become a super-careful driver as a result. There’s a saying amongst gun folk that goes like this: if a police person should show up at your door and you didn’t summon him/her, you don’t want to talk to him/her. And the LAST thing you would do is let him/her inside your abode. I hope your faith proves to be accurate. Statistically I will be gone before you will, therefore I may never know whether your faith was acceptable or not. Personally, the limited time I probably have left on this earth may be longer than comfortable. I would like to think the remainder of my very comfortable and productive retirement years would be like they have been, but I have little faith that they will be.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Sorry that you have such a bleak outlook, Ivan. It can’t be much fun thinking the way you do. I don’t know how you’ve gotten into such a state, but I would rather look on the positive side myself. All the fools on this site that think I’m a “gun grabber” suffer from extreme confirmation bias. I will go out on the limb farther that WAR did when he predicted a landslide victory for Romney and say that we have nothing to fear from O’Bama, Congress, the military, the UN, or the police as far as them taking away our guns. It’s not going to happen for several dozen reasons. The whole gun issue is just one of those things the plutocracy and corporate oligarchs use to keep you distracted from the real enemy—-them, (Along with immigration, gay rights, and abortion).

  • Pete

    Chirman Mao of Communist party says that FREEDOM ends when you surrander your gun. Sound familer?

  • Kevin Masters

    I am confused about one thing in the gun control debate. There might have been disagreement in the past what “militia” referred which was recently clarified by the Supreme Court as an “indivdual” right. I don’t understand however how so many very learned people, legislators, politicians, judges, and commentators as well as over 50% of the general population can’t understand what “shall not be infringed” means. This means an absolute right by our founding fathers. Thus, any law that restricts or impedes ANYONE for ANY REASON can own a gun, sane or nuts, young or old, rich or poor, and any type of gun they want. PERIOD! Even convicted felons. The 2nd Amendement absolutely and unequivably guarantees ever citizen of the United States the right to own guns, as many and any types he wants. The government has no right to interfere with the absolute right for any reason no matter how good the intent. This right shall not be infringed means NO INFRINGEMENT. it’s as clear as day.


    NONE of the restrictions proposed in the Feinstein bill would have prevented any of the recent shootings. The one thing that actually DID prevent a mass shooting, was the man carrying a concealed firearm in the Oregon mall who pulled it on the shooter, who then killed himself without firing at anyone else. Almost every one of these mass shootings has occurred in a “gun free” area, where everybody but the crininal was disarmed. We all want to see the violence reduced. Statistics show that places where legal gun owners carry their weapons, crime rates are lower. Places where people can’t legally carry, like Chicago, have much higher violent crime rates. Gun bans simply do not work. Guns are banned in the UK, yet their violent crime rate is 4 times that of the US. Sure they are less likey to shoot you; they just beat you to a bloody pulp with a baseball bat or cut you up with a knife.

  • James Camargo

    Mr. Brain, the liberal agenda to rule the world through tyrannical, oppressive, dictatorial, freedom robbing regulations and laws, that vilify the righteous, destroy families, pervert society, all wrapped around a godless agenda of control, will not prevail! Even your cohort Pinky’s comment to you is ” NOT “.

  • tom

    Laws are only good for law abiding citizens. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is the only law criminals will listen to !!! 1) Impeach all who sign this bill !!! 2) Impeach all who sign this bill !!! 3) Impeach all who sign this bill !!!

  • flipped54

    Most here continue to bash each other and call each other names. In the mean time there is another shooter somewhere out there making plans to shoot someone or play out another mass shooting. I believe most all the folks commenting here are sensible and have a good share of intelligence but have different ideas on how to begin to solve the problem. With constant bashing and name calling a solution cannot even begin and as a result another mass shooting will occur before something is done. I hope this is not the best we can do. I do believe that folks should be able to legally carry but with an extensive, multi-layered background check. That way if he/she lies on the initial check it can be caught before a purchase is made. I would hope no one wants guns in the hands of those who would lie to get a gun. I believe that, if they decide, schools should have trained armed guards and entrances should have double door bullet proof glass, etc. I also believe certain high capacity, high powered military weapons should be banned from the public so these guards are not out gunned. There will still be illegal weapons but over time this will be reduced. In making these suggestions I, at the same time, think about why some of the murdered children at Sandy Hook had closed caskets……think about it and if that were your child. Also remember this is a gun issue, not a baseball bat or knife or 2×4 issue for if that were the case most of the children could have run from the assailant. Please remember the children and all victims of violence and then maybe we can begin to enact solutions. This is not a time to be indifferent or non empathetic.

    • tom

      Flipper,I won’t call you names but, Laws are only good for law abiding citizens. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is the only law criminals will listen to, and the government !!! Which is the soul purpose of the gun owning in the costitution !!! If government dearms the people what you “will” have is another holocaust. You can’t give a man power without a means to stop him, whether you call him “President”, “King”, “Emperor”, “terrorist”, or “tyrant” !!! He “will” destroy, kill any who stand against their evil ways. Scenario, You don’t like the way I do things ? Boom your dead ? Sing it, Slaaaavveeerrrryyy !!!

      • flipped54

        Tom, I’m sorry but I did not imply disarmament. I merely would like to see the prevention of mass shootings and related violence. Yes, the constitution guarantees the right to protect oneself but please remember the problem of mass shootings. What do you suggest be done to prevent this? I think that I made a few common sense suggestions and was careful to not be indifferent to the victims and at the same time was not indifferent to the rights of gun owners. Do you think there can be middle ground or compromise for both? For only middle ground and compromise can present a solution. What do you think? We are far, far from being a country like China or Russia or any other country that we deem to be threatening our freedom. I am much more concerned about another mass shooting in the next few months than being taken over by a tyrannical government in the next 25 or 50 years. The USA has survived such “attempts” for over 235 years and will continue to do so because of the 2nd Amendment and the ballot box. Put yourself, just for a moment, in the shoes of those who lost their children at Sandy Hook. Wouldn’t you want only proven, responsible folks to own guns, or to have guards at the schools that are not outgunned by the crazy ones who in some way get a gun? What do you think? You don’t have to agree with me but what is your solution to mass shootings for this IS the issue…..

        • vernon

          Why is it so hard for people to see that gun control does NOT work Criminals do not care what law or how many laws are out there These gun laws only affect the law abiding people. It is amazing how many stupid people we have running this country they have no common since. They should not be able to pass any laws without the vote of the people. If the gun control people don’t like guns that is OK but don’t tell me that I can’t have what I want. Why is it that some of the very people that want to take away and control what gun I can have are armed themself or have armed security guard? They are no better than me.

    • tom

      (edited) Flipper,I won’t call you names but, Laws are only good for law abiding citizens. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is the only law criminals will listen to, and the government !!! Which is the soul purpose of the gun owning in the constitution !!! If government de-arms the people what you “will” have is another holocaust. You can’t give a man power without a means to stop him, whether you call him “President”, “King”, “Emperor”, “terrorist”, or “tyrant” !!! He “will” destroy, kill any who stand against their evil ways. Scenario, You don’t like the way I do things ? Boom your dead ? Sing it, Slaaaavveeerrrryyy !!!

    • tom

      The government already has criminals in it !!! We can’t seam to stop them quickly enough !!!

  • tom

    Ps They all swore to protect the “Constitution of The United States of America” !!! Impeach all who sign this bill !!!

  • http://personalliberty jeff

    Vicki, you are right. Brian if there are 30,000 deaths why don’t those numbers match the numbers posted by the FBI’s UCR?

    The real reason for the second admendment can be found in Athens Tenn. (1946) Research it and learn.

  • CptQ12292

    I would like to know where some of these liberals and their media mouth pieces are getting their crime statistics. As a retired Detetive Captain with 25 years of service, I know how to read the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) that is published by the FBI and where to find it on-line. I also know that the Homicide reporting numbers include all deaths reported that are at the hands of another person,(non-vehicular) even those that are, ruled as justifiable homicides by either police or private citizens. In 2011, there were 8,583 reported Homicides with firearms in the US, this includes 591 that were ruled as justifiable (390 by police and 201 by citizens). If they’re going to speak in numbers they should at least make an attempt to get the numbers right. Of course the liberals will never subtract the justifiable cases and share this these facts.It sounds to me as though they’re the ones looking for a higher “body count.” As always the liberals including their media will never let the truth stand in the way of a story.

  • Tim

    Guns save lives everyday. Think of our police officers. Think of our military. Think about those law abiding gun owners that protect their families from thugs. All members of these groups are armed. The fact that these people are armed means thousands of American lives are safe everyday because people have access to a means of protection. Untold numbers of lives are actually saved every single day as a result. Walter & Renee said even one life that is taken by a gun is precious. I agree life is precious, but don’t be ridiculous and in a very sneaky round about way insinuate that those lives that are saved by guns everyday are somehow not as precious. We all know,as well as you do, that life is precious. Don’t insult our intelligence.

  • DavidL

    Ronald Reagan supported a ban on assault weapons.

    Scalia ruled that it is constitutional.

    Bush senior issued an executive order banning assault rifles.

    Remind me again how this is about Obama, freedom, and the 2nd Amendment?

    P.S. If the government puts a sign up that sets the speed limit at 55, that does not mean the government is banning cars?

    • http://personalliberty jeff

      reagan, bush, clinton, bush, obama are all globalists…they want a one world government. in order to obtain this agenda they have to remove the constitution.

      • Rod

        Actually this is to davidl and other Demorats, Ronald Reagan was a man who put his pants on one leg at a time. He was definitely not perfect, a assault weapon is any weapon that you use to assault someone. Hammer, baseball bat, hands and feet ect.

  • Kim Ciara

    An emphatic “NO!” to any and all *new* gun-regulations/laws/national database of gun-owners. The agenda is not gun-control, or keeping anyone “safe/safer”… it is ALL ABOUT CONFISCATION and the DISARMAMENT of America!

    History has proven over and over and over again that following confiscation, the citizenry has become a slave to a master.

    Don’t think so? Think again. Read the histories of Germany, Russia, China, and Cambodia, just to name a few.

    Our Right to Own and Bear Arms is the one and only thing keeping US from experiencing the very same fate.

  • Just1Saddletramp

    RBT, Here’s a true fact about your 11,000 homicides. If you have to defend yourself against an assailant and he ends up dying it’s self-defense isn’t it. But it goes on the record as a homicide

  • rocquedog

    RBT is obviously a libtard anti Constitutionalist. His rants are without substance and is devoid of logic. Typical! Probably works for Fienstien or the Illegal Alien that inhabits our wh. at the moment.

  • Steviemoto1

    Why not just pass a law requring all households in the US either own an ak or an ar. Also every person with militare training to where a sidearm visably.Non Felons only need apply. An armed soceity is a polite one.Who draws first???

  • proudvietvet58

    > From the World HealthOrganization
    > The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
    > ‘Murders per 100,000 citizens’ …
    > .. be sure and see them ALL! …..
    > Honduras 91.6
    > El Salvador 69.2
    > Cote d’lvoire 56.9
    > Jamaica 52.2
    > Venezuela 45.1
    > Belize 41.4
    > US Virgin Islands 39.2
    > Guatemala 38.5
    > Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2
    > Zambia 38.0
    > Uganda 36.3
    > Malawi 36.0
    > Lesotho 35.2
    > Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
    > Colombia 33.4
    > South Africa 31.8
    > Congo 30.8
    > Central African Republic 29.3
    > Bahamas 27.4
    > Puerto Rico 26.2
    > Saint Lucia 25.2
    > Dominican Republic 25.0
    > Tanzania 24.5
    > Sudan 24.2
    > Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
    > Ethiopia 22.5
    > Guinea 22.5
    > Dominica 22.1
    > Burundi 21.7
    > Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
    > Panama 21.6
    > Brazil 21.0
    > Equatorial Guinea 20.7
    > Guinea-Bissau 20.2
    > Kenya 20.1
    > Kyrgyzstan 20.1
    > Cameroon 19.7
    > Montserrat 19.7
    > Greenland 19.2
    > Angola 19.0
    > Guyana 18.6
    > Burkina Faso 18.0
    > Eritrea 17.8
    > Namibia 17.2
    > Rwanda 17.1
    > Mexico 16.9
    > Chad 15.8
    > Ghana 15.7
    > Ecuador 15.2
    > North Korea 15.2
    > Benin 15.1
    > Sierra Leone 14.9
    > Mauritania 14.7
    > Botswana 14.5
    > Zimbabwe 14.3
    > Gabon 13.8
    > Nicaragua 13.6
    > French Guiana 13.3
    > Papua New Guinea 13.0
    > Swaziland 12.9
    > Bermuda 12.3
    > Comoros 12.2
    > Nigeria 12.2
    > Cape Verde 11.6
    > Grenada 11.5
    > Paraguay 11.5
    > Barbados 11.3
    > Togo 10.9
    > Gambia 10.8
    > Peru 10.8
    > Myanmar 10.2
    > Russia 10.2
    > Liberia 10.1
    > Costa Rica 10.0
    > Nauru 9.8
    > Bolivia 8.9
    > Mozambique 8.8
    > Kazakhstan 8.8
    > Senegal 8.7
    > Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
    > Mongolia 8.7
    > British Virgin Islands 8.6
    > Cayman Islands 8.4
    > Seychelles 8.3
    > Madagascar 8.1
    > Indonesia 8.1
    > Mali 8.0
    > Pakistan 7.8
    > Moldova 7.5
    > Kiribati 7.3
    > Guadeloupe 7.0
    > Haiti 6.9
    > Timor-Leste 6.9
    > Anguilla 6.8
    > Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
    > Lithuania 6.6
    > Uruguay 5.9
    > Philippines 5.4
    > Ukraine 5.2
    > Estonia 5.2
    > Cuba 5.0
    > Belarus 4.9
    > Thailand 4.8
    > Suriname 4.6
    > Laos 4.6
    > Georgia 4.3
    > Martinique 4.2
    > .. ‘And’ …
    > ‘The United States 4.2!’ …
    > ‘ALL the countries above America have 100% civilian gun bans!’ …

    • American Patriot

      Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, Metzenbaum, Kohl, Levin, Waxman, Boxer, Wexler, Lantos, and the rest of their ilk are pushing the NWO agenda that THEIR CULT WILL CONTROL.

    • Ron

      The latest stats that I came across are ALL these mass shooting were committed by Democrats, some even worked on Obama’s campaign.

  • proudvietvet58

    Gordon says:
    January 25, 2013 at 10:43 am
    PEW says only 31% oppose Obama gun control.
    THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get your figures straight dumbazz!
    Come try and take MY guns. I will solve ALL your worldly problems, PDQ. That goes for anyone else who wants to take my tools of protection away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will gladly fight a battle to retain our 2nd. Amendment and that is exactly where it is headed if just one (1) gun is confiscated due to Obama and his Executive Orders.

    Gorden, you sir are a liar and a fool!!!!

    • rocquedog


    • Steviemoto1

      First of all I MUST say this. WELCOME HOME Proudvietvet58. Thank you for ALL of my freedoms you so greatly fought for. I care little what the left said or still says. When I was just a lowley Army Brat. ALL my HEROS were those who rucked up and went to “THE NAM” Now I am a man.Funny some things have NEVER changed. BTW you forgot a cross dressing TROLL living in his mama’s basement.

  • rocquedog

    Fipped 54, The solution is non existant until we get God back into our schools, our lives and our country. Family values have to be reintroduced. In the meanwhile, we put armed guards in the schools. Almost every police/shrfs. dept. has trained volunteers/reserve ofcrs., most of which are retired Law enf., that could do the job. Just look at what America’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done with his county. Armed patrols patrolling the perimeters of the schools. Also, get rid of the idea of the Gun Free Zones. They are a magnet to every sicko out there. If they think that they can go into an area and have a free for all without any danger to themselves, well, you figure it out.

  • Johnny D

    It goes beyond human logic to contemplate how a person could bring himself to slaughter defenseless innocent little children. It completely stuns me but as we know it did happen at Sandy Hook. The offender chose this location knowing that he would encounter little or no resistance to his dastardly deed. It follows that the only way he could have been stopped is by someone with a weapon and the courage to confront him. And the teachers did have the courage but no weapons. So I support thr NRA suggestion to provide armed guards in our schools. The banning of guns is not the answer because a madman bent on evil deeds will dare try and we must be able to stop him before he can succeed.

  • ted sockwell

    well my friends the way I see it and this comment is for right brain and those like him if you dont like guns go to England where they have total gun control and spout your bs there where someone might listen and take Piers Morgan with you

  • Brian Mallett

    when you read this artical ,DID you notice the part where it said about walking the tight rope between their masters and the voters ???????????? Well We the people are the masters the masters are not the pres. and all his cronies,senate and reps.if they vote this in than we the people should vote them out. as for all the b-ll sh-t about all the deaths by the guns ,all of you pinko commies,I don’t have all the numbers, but lets make the U.S. real safe ,car accidents kill twice as many people as guns in any given year(mostly drunk drivers)ssssoooooo lets get rid of all the cars, and acohol. Knives kill just a few less than all the gun deaths sssssooooo, lets ban all the knives including steak and butter knives. While I worked at the local jail as a corrections officer the inmakes made knives out of stainless steel spoons, tooth brushes, pens,pencils and anything they could get their hands on, and stabbed other inmates ssssoooooo lets ban spoonsand everything else that even resembles scary. Out on ths streets when a criminal wants to get back at someone or kill them and don’t have a gun they’ve used baseball bats and 2 x 4′s and the list goes on and on. If all of you anti gun people want a peace full utpoia, you should all get together and move to a large island and find out how that works for you.Once you all together there will be no peace because some of you will work your butts off to make the place better and then there will be slackers. They’ll be pissed that you who and those that have been working your butts off have more that they do and they are doing nothing to help make the place better and what do you suppose those people will do next. then the cycle starts in your utopia just with more primitive weapons. ALLYOU ANTI GUN PEOPLE NEED TO READ YOUR HISTORY AND CHECK OUT THE FACTS on how the world was nearly taken over by a maniac that others followed GIVE UP Hitler read your history ……the regular people have no means to protect themselves and the government walks in and starts telling you what to do and when to do it, turn your neighbors because they don’t want to comply with the gov. or talking about the gov. in a bad way. so the gov. comes in and takes them away to work camps or worse, It’s starting already and all you anti gun idiots don’t get the BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!!! Now because people are robbing banks with winter, cold weather masks on, they want to ban them it was on this mornings news 2/2/2013 what’s next banning panty hose because the perps are using them to hid their faces?????????? The problem isn’t guns, it’s instabillity of some people who need to be cared for by their family’s, but their family don’t want to take resopnsibility for them let the system take care of them, so hike our taxes because your too lazy to help your families,this might stop a greater number of deaths by the guns.also I’ll bet most of you anti gun people are against the death sentances .It’s my belief is a life for a life, think about this (make believe you a rapist) you know that if the woman you just raped turn you in that you’ll go to jail for sure,but if you killer she can’t I.D. you, yuo’ll get away with it atleast for longer,you as a moral person would say I’d let her go.Do you think these criminals are MORAL, And thats the problem in a nutshell, they don’t care, no gun,use a knife,no knife, use a club or bat ,neither,use a big rock ,norock use your hands. ALL I’M TRYING TO SAY IS WAKE UP AMERICA AND ALL OF YOU SHEELPE

  • James Camargo

    The Bible states that in the last days ” the righteous shall remain righteous, and the evil will become even more evil.” Evil people will be on the increase, more devious with each passing day. No law will affect their intent. That is why God has given each the right to defend oneself and family. Because bleeding hearts will not enforce laws meant to stop murders by elimination, one must be able to defend oneself, fire with fire, them or you. Always, and only in defense. Not in retaliation, vindication, anger, selfishness, or any form of self gratification. An individual running away with ones laptop is not reason to put a round between their shoulder blades. This world will not realize peace till Jesus Christ returns, “the prince of peace. Until then , get trained, get armed, and be ready.

  • Jr Young

    They will need their billions of bullets to take away our rights!

  • Zeropoint123

    Anybody got geico insurance? Cancel your policy! Fight fire with fire!!! I have geico and guess what? I’m canceling it immediately !!!

  • Micaila148

    Obama has proclaimed that something needs to be done about the “guns” to protect the “children”. The Democrats are using children in their anti-gun campaign to prey on the emotions of everyone. How many children died in this latest tragedy? 20? How many die annually from gun related deaths? Someone said children make up “most” or “many” of 600 yearly “accidental” gun deaths. But how many of you know that five children die each day in the United States from child abuse? They die at the hands of the people who are supposed to love, cherish & nurture them. They are shaken, punched, kicked, burned, bitten, thrown against walls, starved, sexually abused or just plain tortured. If they happen to survive, they are horribly devastated and the best scenario? Emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. These five children who die everyday in this country, are not killed by some lunatic with a “gun”. They are killed & maimed by a parent or caregiver. Yes, folks…..five a day x 365 days a year. Do the math, that is 1,825 per year, and the numbers go up every year. This isn’t China, this shouldn’t be happening here. This is where Obama, Feinstein, Biden etc, should be concentrating their efforts. Since it is all about the “children”….but no, because it doesn’t fit their agenda. It’s never spoken of, never sensationalized by the media. I cringed at his speech that we need to protect the “children’……Wow…To all those who believe that “it’s about the children”. Or for the “children”, as he makes it seem, when he’s on stage, surrounded by children. You need to start using both sides of your brain, mix some common sense in. Start realizing that it isn’t about the children at all…’s about the “guns” & taking them away, pure & simple. That is disgusting in itself, so who’s exploiting children for their personal agendas now? Haven’t children been exploited enough?

    • James Camargo

      Well said Micaila 148

  • joe


  • http://google; JOSEPH SALOMON; THE ELDER;

    This will never be read by more than 5 people at best, Stop the B.S, Before it is to late; All we need is 5 million hunters on the July, 4. 2013 to pick up there arms and march fly ride
    into Washington D.C, Real Americans will stand aside and let 5 milion hunters go any god darn place they want ! Don’t talk about it DO IT !

    Do you want AMERICA to be another NORTH KOREA ? By god that is were we are heading right now ! This is not the nation I was born into ! If you are unwilling to defend your libertys that we fought so hard for then F U, You DON’T deserve any kind of liberty !
    So SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN ! This government will come to pick you up and toss your sorry ass into a concentration camp and put your lights out ! And you A holes want a free lunch, WELL it aint going to happen YELLOW JELLOW, This entire government; The press; The educaters; And the Unions;

    Have ALL been bought & paid for by the communist
    left to bring this country down ! When that happens the entire left will be tossed into the fire with the right ! Keep this sh*t up and we wont have an AMERICA any more !
    THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE WORLD IS DEVIDE AND CONQUER ! If the Republican part is gone there will be NO checks and balances, Then you will see DICTATER B-O swing into action; This nation will fall like rotten plums;

    Now don’t lesten to me just what the hell dose an old man know ? I have seen my wars;
    Don’t that tell you somthing is wrong with this country ? No nation is going to attack

    When you wake up behind barbwire fence you were sold out by { YOUR GOVERNMENT !}
    J.S, The Elder; 86 yo,

    • Melissa

      Hey Elder, I read your comment and I couln’t agree more. I have had family in EVERY war this country has fought sense the 1800s. I was raised very patriotic and I know the Constitution. We had to learn the Preamble, Constitution and Ammendments in fourth grade. Schools no longer teach that!!!!!! I made my kids learn them. My grangkids are 8, 5 and 3. My son and my husband and I already work with the two oldest on gun safety, laws, and the Constitution.We also have them help with gardening and learning survival skill. I am in my 40s and this Country is not the same one I grew up in. ONE generation later. There is a documentary on Netflix called ” The world without US” We should learn that history repeats itself….TYRANT DICTATORS have a simple creto….divide classes and races…disarm citizens…as a nurse I have taken care of many ww11 vets and also a few holicoust survivors. I stayed with them after reaccuring nightmares of it. I heard their stories and saw thier scars. I can see from their storise and accounts exacly where we are heading and i really disturbs me. Instead of Nazis, we will be under Sharih law…..The lefties say”No God could let these gun murders happen in school” Well…..God has been banned from school, Government and every area of our society…We expect God to be where he is banned. We also teach our little ones the bible, at home. We cant rely on Government to teach our kids values, morals and truth, as it is obvious, they dont know these things. Yours is the greated generation for a very good reason….

      • mike reff

        hey mellissa, RIGHT ON. i would want you and your family on my side when the [s] hits the fan. it is a good idea, 5,000,000 hunters converge on washington,,,, what would we do, go hunting???? lol

  • Bimbam

    For more than 100 years you Americans have been fooled left and right on your Constitution and gun laws.

    Did you know that it forbids Congress to limit weapons and ammos or regulate them in ANYWAY? Did you know that???

    There is NOTHING in there that allows them to do that. NOTHING!!! It is not in their ENUMERATED powers!!!

    It is obvious from the Federalist papers the 2nd Amendment was put in there to PREVENT a tyrannical government from EVER harming the people. So the 2nd Amendment was left untouchable. Cannot be INFRINGED!!! AND they declared it came from GOD, and thus, an INALIENABLE RIGHT! No man can touch it!

    So all laws by Congress that relate to weapons and ammos and the silly BATF are illegal and do not have to be obeyed. SHOCKING! You have been fooled for DECADES. You tax dollars was used to support a bunch of illegal self-important look-at-me-I-have-a-badge agencies for YEARS!!! LOL!


    You should have had them impeached a long time ago. When you did not you only embolden them to TRICK YOU even more.

    I repeat, they have committed criminal acts and you all fell in line and believed them much to your own hurt and self-induced oppression. Educate yourself on the Constitution and FREE YOURSELF FROM THE TYRANNICAL LIARS that you tricked yourself into voting for and bending at the knees like an idiot.

    Look at that, getting scared of an old ugly lady that’s gonna limit you to pea shooters and ass wipers. Silly Americans. Scared of old ladies, old Uncle “Fart” Joe and so emboldened by your stupidity and timidness they even managed to pull the wool over your eyes with an illegal skinny Kenyan negro as your “offical” ruler.

    Ohh, how they have tricked YOU! They have NO POWER OVER YOU IF YOU READ YOUR CONSTITUTION and see what LIARS THEY ARE!!!

    • Whole Brain Thinker

      BimBam, the educated among us know all that. Unfortunately, as the socialist, communist wannabes and communist take over more and more of out educational system, as they propagandize more and more by making every moral issue into a political one and every political issue into a moral one and deny there is any truth other than the one that exist in the clouds of their own minds, we loose more and more freedom as they proclaim themselves to be more and more righteous. The educated among us know that whether you call it socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism or “liberals rule and conservatives drool” the end result is the same: The death of individual freedom, the enslavement of whole societies. Which is exactly the ultimate destination of so-called “progressivism”. Of course, they will climb up on their moral and politically correct high horse and deny this vehemently, but as any illegal alien can tell you, all you have to do is keep heading for the border and sooner or later, you’re bound to cross the line. This is precisely why our southern border is not the only one the left wants erased in our society. There is also the border between truth and falsehood in our history, in our economics, in our health care, in our fundamental view of morality. Of course, the best way to devoid a border is by guilt transference. Examples: Those who think our national borders should be defended are “racist”, Those who think the true definition of marriage should be defended are “homophobics”.
      Those who think one should be personally responsible for where they are in life are “haters” Those who believe our founding fathers respected the Bible and the Christian religion are “religious extremist”. Those who think a baby in it’s mothers womb is a precious thing are guilty of “warring on women”. Those who think a man is a man and a woman is a woman are just altogether reprehensible and evil. Last but certainly not least at the moment on my fairly short list of borders that have been blurred by leftist lies, propaganda and indoctrination, those who believe the second amendment guarantees the freedom to own a gun for self protection, or if need be, protection of others, or if need be, protection against enslaving government are latent child killers.

      Any way, having said all that, many, many of us are not fooled by any of those border deniers. It’s just that if stupidity is taught, if it is deliberately planted, watered and nourished, if it is force fed to the masses, the end result will be a lot of people with a world view and understanding of freedom that is completely removed from reality. If decent, understanding, intelligent Americans were the “crops” we raise on our soil, then liberal arrogance, stupidity and self-righteousness are the “weeds” growing up in i,t, choking and destroying the original crop. We know this is happening. What we need is a really good intellectual “herbicide” to rid us of these “weeds”. Any ideas?

  • Kim

    We too have our problems here in Australia.Unfortunately corrupt, dickhead politicians are not limited by geography. How many fast food outlets are there? How many deaths are caused through cardiovascular disease by people willfully shoving that garbage into mouths on a regular basis? I have an idea! Ban Mcdonalds! That makes a lotta sense does’nt it?
    Stupidity is not limited to someone who picks up a gun and decides it his or her divine right to cause havoc.People will always find a way to kill others whether it’s by remote controlled “drones” or guns.

  • ibcamn

    WoW!just reading all this took forever!by all this pro gun talk,you think the liberals and progressives who are on this site pretending to be someone(something)else,they would stop bitching here and go back and tell their liberal friends to go home and leave us alone!
    yes liberals use kids as shields to push through their BS and brainwash the uneducated people(Obama supporters),the point is we are smarter(getting more everyday)than that so they most find ways around the law,which they have been doing!as in all of these comments,so we most expose them for who and what they are and what they are doing!
    arm yourself with all these simple facts and there are so many right her in this section alone,tell your friends to tell everyone they can and to those that will listen even more in depth than ever and educate the people so they do not get taken advantage of!change your insurance if you have to,let your children know your not a criminal for having a gun in the house!for god sake,how can the gov’t tell our children what to do?how did we let that happen and get this far?it’s all been leading up to this(political correctness and progressive thinking)and we know they are after our children!not to protect but to confiscate,to re-educate them!
    Does anyone know who owns the big billboards and add boards in times square?put up and advertise the truth all over the country that way,local gun clubs and even residents take out space to put out the truth,it’s not just through the NRA,but us as people,we need to get out the truth more,and not just about guns and gun safety,but about the gov’t and what they are doing(not just trying)but doing to this country and it’s people!
    here it’s sometimes just preaching to the choir,if all of you do more than just sit at your keyboard and type,get out and let America know,because i hate the direction this country is going for my children,the gov’t doesn’t care about them and we know this,but you have to let them,the people out there know it too!

    everyday i run into people who just don’t get it,i let them know my point of view and most times they just walk away with their hand in the air.then i get the ones who think they know what they are saying but in all have no clue to the truth,then i find that one open minded person who actually will listen and take to heart what i say and that makes my day!(ha..funny..make my day,Clint Eastwood,gun control)..then i meet people who just need to be taken out to the woodshed!!

    i’m going to go watch the “FIVE”!

    • ibcamn

      ah crap,forgot it’s Saturday,i meant the news on FOX!(i think my IQ dropped just talking about liberals)

      • Right Brain Thinker

        LOL, I’ll remember that comment for the rest of my life. Yes, I have also noticed that every time I get into a discussion with liberals, my own IQ has a tendency to drop about 30 points, just trying to level the field. (It’s temporary, it’ll pass almost as soon as you get your mind off them. You’ll be ok.)

  • Whole Brain Thinker

    OOPS … see what I mean? I am not “right brain thinker” I am Whole Brain Thinker” At least, I used to be, before I got involved in this discussion. Sorry about that, Right Brain Thinker… given the temporary drop in my IQ caused by responding to a couple of your comments, I’m not sure if it’s may fault, or your fault. But, I thought I’d better mention the mistake before you go ballistic (Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you did on this one) LOL Again, I apologize, sincerely.

  • Don 2

    Benefits Of Gun Control -




    The right to self-defense is clearly the only way people will be able to protect their right to life and liberty.

  • Rod

    When rbt, eddy and the other libs tell us we don’t need “guns that can mow down a hundred people at a time. Actually I wish I had one of those guns, even in VietNam with a m60 machine gun I couldn’t kill that many , but I digress. What they are really saying is that we the three or more millions that own these terrible death weapons will someday be seduced by the sirens songs of these weapons and we will go nuts and start killing people.
    I would say that they think the weapons are possessed by evil demons that will control our minds, but, since they don’t believe in God I am sure that they don’t believe in demons.
    I am a atheist just not a stupid one, my wife is a devout christian and has tried to raise our children to be people that care about others. I believe the country started going down hill when they took morals out of the schools. Guns do not create killers, some killers use guns. You are more likely to be hit by lightning and eaten by a shark on the same day than you or someone you know being shot by any of the weapons on Fienstiens evil gun list. For thirty years the CDC stated that guns were a disease that needed to be cured. In 2005 the CDC had to finally admit that their evidence actually showed that more guns equaled less crime. Obama told the CDC a couple of days ago to do another study and this time prove that guns cause crime. Chicago which has almost banned all guns from their citizens had over forty gun murders just last month. When the law abiding are not allowed guns to protect themselves the criminals will run amok.

    • James Camargo

      Brother, you speak truth and reality. About being an atheist, well there’s still a little time left. Watch your six and rock steady.

      • Jack

        I believe you are spot on in your assessments. God gives us the right to choose and morals are a construct outside of mans innate nature. God expressed His belief in us over 2000 years ago. Just my take, you are privileged to have yours. Forgive me for taking this opportunity to express my thoughts in a non related topic. May God bless you and yours.

  • Jim Brown

    The phony “liberal” façade promoted by our criminal government is no more than a mouthpiece for global corporate fascism. Tyrants have always valued the contribution of those who help render their subjects defenseless. They exploit death usually created by the murdering predator government they worship, achieved by manipulating what has become a detached, self-indulgent, dumbed-down, lazy, cowardly public.

    Granted, stooge groups and their police-state warmongering benefactors have been quite successful, facilitated by elected charlatans promoted by orchestrated personality cults. We now approximate a pre-world-war Nazi government, where both establishment political parties are wings from the same bloodthirsty vulture of prey.

    Of course, the warfare-welfare state has been flooding propaganda through the corporate media. Obscene don’t you think, how the criminals in our government, no matter what political party past or present, get away with murdering countless innocent people to this day through endless contrived wars, torture, shipping firearms to Mexican drug cartels, etc, while calling for our disarmament.

    They abuse and dehumanize us here at home, under the pretext of staged terror, successful only by targeting the gullible public into submission by the most primitive of emotions – FEAR. The same dynamics apply to demonstrably blatant deceptions attempting to counter the inconvenient reality how an armed law-abiding populace can be empirically shown to reduce victimization.

    Our government and their stooge mouthpieces have certainly maintained a fellowship with among the first political movements for gun control in our society following the US Civil War. The Ku-Klux-Klan successfully argued for decades the denial of African-Americans the right to be armed and defend themselves.

    However, should tyranny prevail and the public allow themselves to be disarmed, the legislators and groups who support tyranny should not count yourselves in on being included at the table when their masters divide up the spoils of humanity, they will no longer be needed.

    They should be ashamed of themselves for selling-out to slavery and betrayal of life itself…


  • Robert

    How many innocents have been murdered since Roe vs Wade? Millions- no gun required!

  • GRusling

    All this “gun-control” BS is just that – BS – a distraction… They know they can’t get it through Congress, but they CAN use it to distract the general public…

    Everyone needs to get their heads up and start watching what the left hand is doing…

    • Jack

      You could not be more correct in your post. The real agenda is well concealed (power and control) Smoke and mirrors. This is about a little here and a little there as opportunities present them selves. It is unfortunate that most Americans are not looking or don’t care.

  • ken king

    check out the number of children drowned in swiming pools each year.If you are concerned about child deaths, ban swiming pools. they serve no purpose.They are not protected by the constatution,they just kill kids.guns usually save kids from people who would do them harm.

  • http://none joe blow

    THINGS I DO NOT LIKE, obama, pressured google to eradicate 11,000,000 yes 11 million christian websites so the children could be converted to the islam religion.
    2. go to u tube and type in barak obama and hear him proclaim his muslim religion
    3 the muslim-islamic religion is vowed to, according to them is cleanse the world of all christians
    4 already presureing the religious organizations to furnish contraceptions. ( kill them in the womb)
    4- I saw a birth certificate right after ob made 2 trips to hawaii takeing $4 million each trip for a total of 8 million to the governor of hawaii and walla a birth cert.—then scanned
    into a computer, and with 32 changes a real obama birth certificate.
    5- right after 911 he gave the islamis 72 million to build a mosque in the shadow of the twin towers to mark their conquest which is their custom. his comment was they had a right to build it.there.

  • J.M.R.

    fienstien needs to go stand on a corner and sell her wares


    The Liberal mind is a deeply flawed operating system and it is a terrible thing to try to save. Internet Blogger

  • average joe

    Better to die free than live as A slave

  • Bob

    Molon labe.

  • Terry Bateman

    The next republican presidential candidate can run and win on gun rights alone
    if he makes gun rights his agenda and has a solid gun rights history as a
    senator or governor.


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