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The Great Eight Special Edition: The 2012 Field

October 29, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://BobLivingston Ms Nike Newton -Adewuyi

    Dear Mr President,
    It is comforting to know that your present administration supports Education at all levels. However I am an African living in England with ample financial resources. Could you please provide for me a means to further my studies in Law at America’s top University. I am willing to negotiate for long distant learning. I am currently a Scientific Researcher. Ms Nike Newton.

    • Dagney

      Dear Ms. Nike Newton: Looks like a dearth of common sense is the problem here. Not a need for more college edumacation. This is a forum or message board to comment on the above video. If you wish to communicate with our dear leader, please apply a postage stamp to a typed or hand-written letter addressed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington D.C. 20500 U.S.A.

      • JC

        Actually Dagney, (love the name btw) Newton may be on the right track here. Considering that we have made welfare pets of the entire planet and considering Obama’s “attackwatch” groups…Newton’s message will probably reach the Kenyan Usurper much more quickly by putting her request on the internet. But I might caution Newton that there is no longer any moral law in the USSA and it’s on it’s way to being a repressed surveillance state, just like England. Newton might want to continue her studies of “Big Brother” Law in England…they’re ahead of us anyway…but not by much.

        Restore the Republic, Impeach the DC Fraud.

        • Ching

          You are putting out great conservative values out. We in America are grateful for your intelligent comments.

          • nax777

            Was that a denial Ching?
            Bachmann is intense, that’s it. Still feel the need to remind everyone that 100’s of thousands of those tolerant peace loving “Mooslums” that find honor killing’s, stoning’s, lashes and body parts being cut off as just dues people earn are coming to the US LEGALLY!

            Immigration and our schools have taken control of our country and children we must take back control.

            Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!

          • JC

            Ofv Topic:

            John McNaughton “paints” some vivid images of America today.
            Patriots will appreciate this very much…Liberals will abhor it.

            The Forgotten Man


          • madog2

            One suggestion. Wipe out all ilegals

  • Gayle

    There is still a lot to be desired but I would vote for a toad if he was running against obama or hillary. He would be an American toad. If hillary decides to get in the mix will she run from the middle east as she seems to be there all the time?

    • Joe H

      Yesterday, I announced my dogs candidacy for president. He heard someone say they would vote for a dog if it ran against nobummer and he gave me no peace till I announced him!!! Vote for SAM!!!

      • savvyseagull

        LOL Joe! Sam has MY vote! :)

      • Jan

        Joe H. name the dog Uncle Sam and he has my vote.

  • Alex Frazier

    I swear, I’m about ready to pull my hair out over this Iran/nuke issue concerning Ron Paul. Why are people so ignorant (or perhaps it’s stubborn) about what he’s saying and why?

    Point 1: Iran isn’t attacking anyone. Iran has enemies in the area that have nukes already. Nukes are a proven deterent. Iran has a right to defend itself as much as anyone else does.

    Point 2: Iran doesn’t have the technological capabilities at this time to build such a weapon. Iran has trouble refining its own gasoline. Iran doesn’t have long range missile technology. Thus, Iran is not an immediate threat to us.

    Point 3: Unless someone is directly threatening our nation’s safety, we have no reason to go to war.

    Point 4: We’re broke. Wars cost money. Wars cost LOTS of money. Wars are the number one cause of countries going bankrupt throughout the history of the world. WE are going to go bankrupt if we don’t stop policing the world.

    No one WANTS Iran to have nuclear weapons, Ron Paul included. But before we even consider military action against them, two questions need to be satisfactorily answered. When did Iran attack or threaten us? And how are we going to pay for this military action?

    Until someone can answer those questions satisfactorily, Ron Paul is 100% correct.

    Barring that one issue, I don’t see how anyone could be preferred to Ron Paul for the presidency. He wants to restore us to a constitutional government. He wants to put us on sound money. He wants to do away with the IRS and income tax, as well as the death tax, capital gains tax, and others. He wants to close down government agencies that have unconstitutional autonomous power to prosecute and fine citizens. He wants to end the Federal Reserve, which has been the source of all our economic woes and the direct cause of no fewer than five major market crashes since its creation in 1913. Ron Paul also has a consistent voting record, and that record reflects adherence to his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.

    No other candidate on either side of the fence can say the same, or even come close.

    So I just can’t figure why so many people have such an issue with the man.

    • Tazio2013

      Sapere Aude Alex,

      Good post except that you did not mention one of the primary Ron Paul objectives – the one that makes him unacceptable/anathema to the ruling Republikrats; i.e., eliminating all foreign aid including the $5 to 10 billion per year that the Republikrats have given to Israel for decades. Yes the very same Israel that the CIA illegally delivered US plutonium from Savanna River sufficient to jump start their illegal nuclear weapons program and to manufacture 200 tactical nuclear weapons.

      For what it’s worth,my crystal ball recently revealed that the ruling elites – PTB/NWO/GPEs/Illuminati – have decided to give BHO a second term as it is in their “long-term/big picture” interest to do so. Eight years of WJC, followed by eight years of GWB, followed by eight years of BHO, will effectively set the stage for eight years of Jeb Bush. I’ve looked carefully at the current and on-going episode of “Republikrat Kabuki Theater” and this is what I see.

      Semper fi!

      • Buddy

        Evidently you see the USA union surviving for at the very least another decade. I don’t, at least financially.

        • Violet

          I don’t see this country surviving period. At least not in any way we would remember it.

        • Joe H

          Under the scenario above, I don’t see it surviving at all!! Like I said the other day, If it isn’t the time for Ron Paul, then when is it? When there are no more elections??? Think that can’t happen? all it takes is for us to become complacient!!

          • bob wire

            Limited vision seems to be a core feature here.

          • meteorlady

            Bob Wire:
            here’s a little tidbit from the GAO.

            We are trillions in debt since Obama took office and the Democratic control since the last two years of Bush’s administration. We don’t have a budget – we keep passing resolutions to keep the government going.

            If we do nothing at all… no more spending, no more government growth, no more new programs, etc. by 2021 we will be paying $1.4 TRILLION to service the interest on our debt. By 2046 all we will be able to do is pay interest on the debt – no more federal government because there is no money left to operate.

            If we started today with the same scenario, we could pay $100 MILLION per day toward the DEBT and it would take 389 years to pay it off.

            Ron Paul is correct in his plan to end some 6 government agencies, cut off foreign aid, end the federal reserve system, and bring the troops home. Someone needs to step up and take on the 5,000 pound elephant in the room – DEBT.

          • madog2

            Weare complaceint otherwise we woulden’t have this communist imposter in the WH

      • JC

        Tazio…don’t forget that as part of the Camp David Peace Accord, we give Egypt the same amount we give Israel. These nations need to sink or swim, we can not afford their “bought friendship” anymore.

        • Tazio2013

          Good point, but I suspect that Israel gets more of our money below the table; i.e., off book, than above the table. In my considered opinion, Israel gets at least 4/5X as much as Egypt. BTW, the illegal transfer of US plutonium occurred in 1968 and was covered briefly by the MSM at that time – I’m an old guy who remembers things that matter – and no doubt has “disappeared” from the print media archives. Ron Paul is the only member of congress to tell the truth about Israel and will, therefore, never be elected POTUS with AIPAC being the single most nefarious, corrupt and influential lobbyist in recent US history. IMCO, no more than one individual in ten thousand understands the significance of these facts.

          • Joe H

            don’t bet the farm on R. Paul not being able to get elected just yet!!

      • SamFox

        Tazio, you left out some details about WHY Ron Paul wants to end ALL foreign aid.

        It is NOT Constitutional. Plus we give 3-4 times as much aid to enemies of Israel than we do to Israel. If we stop all foreign aid, Israel would actually benefit.

        Then there is the little , small, tiny, miniscule matter of

        WE ARE BROKE!!!!

        We are bankrupt, they just have yet to make it official. When/if we allow an official USA bankruptcy to happen, I betcha we will have martial law declared & what ever rights we may have left will be suspended.

        We already have illegal checkpoints all over the place. Plus militarized cops bust down doors looking for some drugs. Often they hit the wrong address & kill innocent civilians. Stuff like that.

        The excuse of checking for drunks by pulling EVERY ONE over has been morphed & expanded into check point searches for ‘terrorists’. This is happening in Tennessee NOW! If we allow this expansion of trading liberty for false security in TN, these illegal checkpoints will be spread.

        We already have this in AZ where LEO agencies have checkpoints 60-70 miles North of the border. They say they are checking for illegals.

        If & when our $ system is collapsed, as the ‘progressive’ Cloward & Pivon agenda of Collapse The [US] System makes more inroads via big bro govt & NGOs, we won’t be able to send any one any aid anyway.

        Then what good will we be???


    • Al Sieber

      I agree Alex and Tazio.

    • bobby

      well said Alex. To add to this is the media and the mainstream establishment, with less than 20% approval rating, doesn;t like Ron Paul. That alone is reason enough to vote for him

    • Lino

      To answer one your questions, the imprisonment of our diplomatic
      people in Iran for over a year comes to mind. I am sure you know that!

      • eddie47d

        Diplomacy and patience won over that hostage situation and not war. Iran knew the big stick was out there and finally gave up for they knew war wasn’t in their best interest then and probably not now. Great comments Alex Frazier.

        • Buster the Anatolian

          So war or more properly the definate threat of war and being bombed back to the stone age DID play a big part in their release.

        • JC

          You’re right eddie it was diplomacy, and the Iranians capitulated literally minutes after Reagan was sworn in…coincidence? LOL
          And a hat tip to (then) Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor who smuggled six Americans out.

        • jj

          bull—- eddie if you search your facts and history you would have to give canadian diplomats credit for sneaking the us diplomats out and saving their asses!

        • Gabriel

          Diplomacy? Lol. Reagan was going to put Iran through a blender and the Iranians knew it. They made sure that they freed the hostages before he took the oath. Reagan diplomacy did the job.

        • eddie47d

          Just like I said Diplomacy AND the big stick and not war released those hostages. There could have been war but more than likely even that would have been a couple of tactical strikes. Then a small contingent of Marines would go in. I doubt if Iran would have been put through a blender.

        • gman

          Dude! The “big stick” as you put it was Ronald Reagan! He scared the Iranians to hell! As soon as he was sworn in they gave up the hostages. “…….The hostages were formally released into United States custody the following day, just minutes after the new American president Ronald Reagan was sworn in……..” It was Ronny’s “I’m looking forward to kicking your ass ” attitude that changed their minds. “..Diplomacy and patience won over that hostage situation and not war…” Umm like hell it did! Carter was Mr diplomacy and NOTHING ELSE! NO ONE fears a diplomat. But even thugs fear force and pain. That’s just the way it is. And ANY POTUS had better understand that fact or they have no business even running for office much less being the Commander and Chief!

    • joe bigham

      well said, to have change ,we have to elect someone committed to the original concept. the issue is the constitution and government adherence to it, and everything else is hot air. RON PAUL IS ALONE IN FIELD THAT UNDERSTANDS THIS.

    • David R. (Canada)

      Iran doesn’t need long-range missile technology. North Korea and Iran have already tested their delivery systems for an EMP attack. The missile only has to reach about 50-100 miles in altitude somewhere over the N.American east and west coasts and the entire electrical grid will be shut down. Then the “peacefull”, or moderate moslems, who are the quiet invasion, will finish things off. These missiles will be fired from a container ship just offshore. They open up the doors and let them go.

      • JC

        Now there’s a valid and sobering thought.
        Gee, maybe the TSA won’t do us much good even if they do molest little girls and old vets all in the name of “security”.

      • Born in America

        David R. (from Canada) – you are so ‘right’. Most folks don’t even know what an EMP is or it’s capability. And the Muslims have already taken over Deerborne, MI and have started a community called Islamberg, nice huh? Plus are setting up their little pockets all over American. Folks you better believe that they don’t believe in our system of government, but will use our Constitution to further their goals against us. You all better be prepared and pray to God.

    • Vic Bailey

      It is so simple that most people can’t understand it! Take 10 pieces of paper put all the bad qualities of Ron’s on one and put all the bad qualities of all the others on the other pieces, then do the same for the good, and the BAD will fill up 10 pages on the other candidates, while Ron may have one or two bad qualities, yet all the good qualities will fill many pages of Ron’s pages. If you still can vote for anybody than Ron Paul you are on the WRONG SIDE! The only trouble is that the Federal Reserve will try to assinate Ron just like they did Abe and JFK! Then I would surround Ron with the best Recon and Seal teams until we run the FED out of our country, and back to England where they came from!! Semper Fi.

    • Vieteravet

      Iran will attack someone, and as soon as we leave Iraq you wiil know. Remember 1979!

    • alex

      if you go to an insane asyllum (middle east) and found the craiest one there her name would be iran

      • Bud Tugly

        I was in Iran in the early 70s. What was astonishing was the number of fist fights that one would see every day. Their testosterone driven society denies itself the beneficial influence of women. Their oppressive religion discourages creativity and individual thought. They are absolutely convinced that they are right about everything. They are still bitter about losing to Alexander the Great and the Spartans at Thermopolai.

        Don’t look for rational thinking from them any time soon. That is why they are dangerous

        • jj

          your right they need to get laid more often lol

        • bob wire

          deny these men their goats, supply each one with a gun and allow nature to take it’s course.

      • Joe H

        Or Hellary Clintoon!! What? She came back from there? Forget it!!

    • Scott Ward

      Respectfully to Mr. Frazier. Man. Thank you for common sense. I want you to know, I agree, Ron Paul has always been and is consistent. Why the rest don’t get it or want to, is beyond me. Did he not accurately predict (in the 80s) what we are dealing with now? I don’t know if Dr. Paul has touched on this point or not….wouldn’t a few well-placed Executive Orders, in the hands of this admin., just do away with our constitutional rights to vote? Just sayin’, what no one has said…. It’s tooo scary to think about. Anyway, thanx again for your common sense. We need more of it. Ron Paul-2012.

      • Alex Frazier

        The day that executive order comes down and Caesar declares himself dictator for life, you can call me Brutus. Any volunteers for Casius?

        • bob wire

          why speak of things that will never happen?

          • Marty S.

            Well bob once the thug-in-chief declares martial law you will see the real face O’bama. The OWSers are just doing a trial run this October. 2012 will be a whole different picture as they will step up the protests to a violent level thus martial law will be declared. Remember this administration doesnt give a damn about who is in the way and likes a good crisis and will not let it go to waste. For all you O’bama supporters theyll take you out too if you dont fall in line.

          • joe H.

            Oh, you would rather complain AFTER they happen and it becomes too late to act on it??

  • Mushin



  • Sharon

    Will any of the candidates have guts to challenge BO’s elgibility to run in 2012? My brain works backward..I have eliminated Romney b-cuz of Romneycare, Perry b-cuz of views on illegal immigration, Paul b-cuz of foreign policies, Bachmann b-cuz I want her to be Speaker of the House..any one of my elimination criteria could lead to the final demise of our country & freedom..Need someone who beleives in Declaration of Independence & Constitution..I am still open to Cain, Newt, & Santorum..liked Cain better when he was in favor of flat tax, but 999 got public’s attention..Cain-Newt would be good combo b-cuz they comlpement each others experience in politics & business..

    • Brian

      You wont vote for Ron Paul but you want Bachmann to be Speaker. No wonder this country is in the mess its in. Paul is right on foreign policy and Bachmann is an idiot.

      • Dagney

        Typical Paul-Bot, just like liberals, can’t have an honest and respectful debate, but must show their ignorance and anger by name-calling. In case you didn’t know, you don’t win over people with anger and name-calling!

        • JC

          Dagney I really don’t understand your contempt for Ron Paul.
          To me anyway, it’s the equivalent of having contempt for our Constitution. Paul is the only candidate that has consistently held to Constitutional values, morality and ethics throughout his long career. He’s not for sale, which is a refreshing break from the business as usual beltway crowd. While far too many are conditioned to think that America is supposed to rule the world by divine right (?) Paul goes back to the Constitution…which we either respect, or we don’t. Paul isn’t “radical”, he’s just coming from an ethical place that no one remembers anymore…and that’s where our problems began…no morality, no ethics and a Government that thinks it is here to “rule” us. Certainly we need to be ready to meet any nuclear threats and maybe Paul falls a little short there…maybe not. We do have the Joint Chiefs to monitor and advise and we know Paul loves America. I don’t think he would ever stand idly by while Americans were threatened. In fact, how could he?

          • Linda


        • eddie47d

          Ron Paul is the only candidate who talks facts and doesn’t waiver in his beliefs like all the other candidates. He doesn’t flip flop and look for excuses in why he did this or that. He has personal integrity and doesn’t go out of his way to take cheap shots like the other candidates do to each other. He may be old but old can be new and refreshing considering the rest of the field.

          • http://deleted Claire

            eddie47d– I am inclined to agree with you.

          • Vieteravet

            He’s not electable!

          • Bud Tugly

            Ron Paul can’t be elected if he isn’t nominated. The electability of the others is an illusion. He’s the only one with real integrity.

            The general public views Bachmann as a ditz; Romney as a flip flopper who will pretend to believe in anything to get a vote (being a Mormon doesn’t help – too many people are prejudiced against them and distrust the intellect of anyone who can believe in some of the principles of the faith – Scientology of the 1800s); Perry – too dimwitted and fundamentalist; Cain – 999 would be a disaster for the poor; Gingrich – untrustworthy, though intelligent (ask his former wives); the others stand little chance.

            That leaves us with Ron Paul, who at least is respected for his integrity and intellect.

          • jj

            the illuminati will not allow him to be elected they want obama to have another term so he can finish his job of bankrupting the us. no one has spent more than obama he will go down as not only the first black man to be president but also the worst and dumbest. he can talk but he dosent know how to use a credit card. the dollar will be toast within the next 12 to 18 months. somewhere in that time period the us will loose its reserve currency status as many nations around the world are working on that right now including russia china france all the arab countrys. this is happaning because americans have lost thier way they want things easy and think they are entitled. well rome fell for the same reason and so did germany, youcoslavia britian zimbabway and many other nations . now its greece. you will be next after the eurozone falls.

        • Average Joe
        • meteorlady

          Dagney – I would suggest that you go to this site and read…..

          The come back and tell me he doesn’t make sense…..

    • Dagney

      I believe Cain still is in favor of the Fair Tax. And, I believe he has said that the 9-9-9 plan is transitional to educate people away from thinking that an income tax is necessary and to familiarize and educate about the consumption tax.

      • Average Joe
        • Alex Frazier

          joe, that analysis was good. But it’s even worse than that, because that’s only comparing Cain’s proverbial apples. It says nothing of the oranges. On top of the 27%, you have to add surtaxes, gas taxes, state income and sales taxes, etc. When all is said and done, the average low to middle income family will pay closer to 40% of every dollar.

          But I’ve been saying this since the South Carolina debate when I first heard the plan. It seemed like common sense to me. It took months for it to catch on with everyone else.

          And still they defend this outrageous idea.

      • Alex Frazier

        But why settle for a fair tax or a 9-9-9 plan when Paul wants to do away with the taxes altogether?

        This is the other major curiosity for me. I hear people making all sorts of excuses for why the 9-9-9 plan will work, when anyone who takes the time to do the math will find that its implementation, combined with state taxes that Cain can’t scrap with the rest of the tax code, will have most of us paying more than 40% of every dollar to the tax system. It will take people who can’t afford ANY taxes and put them in the same boat, causing many to end up evicted from their homes, or to lose their automobiles, etc.

        And then they look at Ron Paul and smugly state, “he’s not electable.”

        I mean … seriously people. What in the world is wrong that people think that an increase in taxes is to be both excused and preferred to spending cuts and tax elimination!

    • Sharon

      Error in previous comment.. meant FAIR tax.. We need to tax spending & imports, not income ( too many types of income: w2 wages to trustfund distributions ).. Abolish IRS & transform employees to forensic accounts to investigate FRAUD

      • meteorlady

        So if the “Fair” or “Flat” tax is so good an idea, why is Steve Forbes and other elites, it’s biggest cheerleader.

    • Linda

      Sharon, I too would go for a Cain-Newt ticket. Remember in one of the debates when the candidates were asked who else on stage would they pick to be their running mate, Cain picked Newt. I also like your idea of having Bachmann Speaker of the House.

      • eddie47d

        Newt has his own baggage and the main author and supporter of NAFTA. He may understand terrorism although not as sharp in defending the American worker.

      • Bud Tugly

        The clinic that Bachmann and her husband run to “cure” people of being gay is based on lunatic science and I fear what her influence on real science and education would be. Adam and Eve riding to church on dinosaurs 5,000 years ago taught in schools? Get real.

        • Sharon


          • meteorlady

            “Better than”….is that all we can do here? We need a leader not a “better than”.

    • usmadgirl


      YEA!!! My choices exactly! I also think Cain & Newt are the only combination that can beat O’Dumbo (or HITlery if she jumps in the race & just as evil as O’Dumbo)! It’s nice to have someone here who share my views!

      • usmadgirl


        This was a reply to your comment way above!

      • Joe H

        This is the time that Paul CAN beat nobummer! There are so many people that are sick of and fedup with nobummer that they would vote for anybody to get rid of him. If enough of us can get over the old “waste a vote” syndrome like I finally have, he can get the NOMINATION. Once he has the nomination, those people that are fed up will vote for him as a way of voting AGAINST nobummer!! We HAVE to get back to the constitution or lose our country and our freedoms!!!

        • meteorlady

          Well stated, but….

          There are how many government workers? All of them and their dependents will vote for the “give me more” candidate Obama. Then add in all the under and un-educated blacks and there is more votes. Plus all the union members he has bought…. it’s scary and I think it will be closer than we believe it will be with anyone running.

          • joe H.

            As you say, well stated but IT CAN B DONE! Even a lot of the libbies are sck of this pretender to the throne!!! If we can convince enough people to stop worrying about “wasting” a vote like I finally have, then it dam well can happen!

    • SamFox

      Sharon, what ever is wrong with Ron Paul on foreign policy is the same thing that is wrong with the US Founders on FP. You see, Ron has the SAME FP as they did! If they had the wrong ideas, then Ron has the wrong ideas.

      You need to quit listening to fringe stream media, Fox News included. Do your own research. then you would know that Ron is indeed the best hope we have for the USA.

      1st some FP background:

      Ron Paul foreign policy:

      General info on Ron:


  • 4-just_us

    Alex,very well said. Our country acts like were afraid of our own shadow. Like goliath afraid of David. Our country was trembling with fear over little Iraq so we spent the next 9 years killing hundreds of thousands of them. A preemptive war with no proof of WMDS
    What the hell is wrong with US.

    • Average Joe

      “What the hell is wrong with US.”

      Apathy would be the answer….We don’t start pre-emptive wars…our politicians do…but we can’t be bothered to hold them accountable for their violations of the Constitution and rule of law. We have become a self centered, apathetic, what’s in it for me?… collective mindset.

      The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.
      John F. Kennedy

      The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
      Robert A. Heinlein

      • CJM

        Average Joe: Apapthy was preached against by many concerned Americans and Constitutionalists for years, especially beginning in the 1950s. I can remember many ads discussing apathy when I was growing up…it made sense then, and it makes sense now; the big difference is: we are now seeing what Apathy has dealt us.

        • Geronimo

          I think that the next election I’ll just smoke a doob before going to vote and vote for whomever the voices in my head tell me to vote for.

          • Joe H

            Well I damn well hope you don’t mistake your high for a tingle and end up voting for nobummer!!

      • Alex Frazier

        Joe, I have to give you a double AMEN for that one. But I’m not apathetic. I’m proactive. I vote. I call my Reps and Senators. I’ve written letters to the President. I’m armed to the teeth and ready to fight if the need should arise. I don’t cooperate with police who make unreasonable demands. I educate my children in economics, politics, the constitution, history … I even took them out shooting today to make sure they know how to handle a firearm.

        You are definitely right that the country is full of apathy. But I’m proud to report that I’m not such a person myself.

    • CJM

      4-just_us: It is not the American people who are afraid of their own shadows, it is the politicos who are now in power. Since it is the People who confer power onto those elected, it is time we disempower them.

    • Vieteravet

      Everybody on the planet thought Iraq had WMDs, do a little history. Clinton bombed a milk factory thinking it was a weapons faucility.

      • Joe H

        I believe it was an aspirin factory. they don’t have enough sheep to have enough milk to warrant a factory!!

      • meteorlady

        Just recently I read in the liberal press that gas was a WMD. So…. Sadam eradicated 100,000 or more Kurds using gas and judging from the size of the kill, I would definitely consider that a WMD.

      • independent thinker

        I remember the factory where they held up an obviously freshly hand painted sign saying it was a milk factory.

        • joe H.

          Gee, I didn’t know that! If it was a freshly hand painted sign, then thats’s what it must have been!!! How did I miss that??? sarcasm Ends here!!!

  • Tazio2013

    And for those PLD readers who understand how “Big Bankster” money controls the Republikrats and US Government, here is an item that should piss you off:

    Even though this was written in August, it is still very timely today….

    • Vieteravet

      Banks control Onumbnuts!

      • JC

        Banks control “everything” in the beltway. Abolish the Fed!

  • Warrior
  • Joan

    We need a simplified Primer of all that is taking place in our nation and what each of us should do to combat it. First of all Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven methods should be outlined, and examples shown of Obama applying these principles, so that all can identify the
    deliberate deception in his words. The purposely caused chaos and confusion, in order to make it impossible to follow through with a response on a negative action, I believe originates with Axelrod and Plouffe Organizations in Chicago, ASK and AKP&D(which may now be AKG&D because Plouffe is now in Washington) in order to allow Obama to say “I know nothing about it” after the damage is done. This needs to be investigated and exposed. With Bilderberg, CFR and whatever worldwide organizations behind Obama, it all has to be simplified and exposed in one place. It is too difficult to speak out against what is taking place and to be heard. We should have one place to register our objections and know just what are objections are! in short, we need to be as organized as they are if we want to save the United States. God Bless America!


      I truly believe that Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, and all of the liberal politicians should be able to give away all the taxpayer money they want to, as long as they are willing to personally pay back ever penny that is lost or wasted.

      • Thinking About

        Now that is a good idea, we could send a bill for the extra spending in Reagan, Bush Sr and Bush jr. Now since Clinton had a surplus we need to send him a refund check.

        • joe H.

          Thinking about,
          you sir are full of caca!! clinton did NOT have a surplus! Go to the GAO site and check and you will find he spent social security money in two places at once. He actually had a small deficit!!

  • Fly By Night

    Save America, Impeach Obama…

  • Joan

    I forgot to add that Axelrod and Plouffe were behind the voter fraud in 2008, and with ACORN at their disposal, look what they were able to accomplish. I believe, and have believed, from the start, that ACORN has never lost government funding and are stronger then ever, under many, many names. This is a worldwide organization that admittedly is active in the Wall Street shenanigans to support Obama’s claim about Wall Street. They were paid in 2008, are they being paid in 2011? Does anyone know that David Axelrod belongs to Fr. Pflegger’s church? He is, or was, the Chief Fundraiser, according to the church bulletin.

    • meteorlady

      The changed their name, headquartered in liberal California and are indeed receiving grants again.

      • eddie47d

        There were several allegations against Acorn but nothing proven (voter fraud).

        • Joe H.

          There was one that went to court last year. There was a pretty good fine involved! check before you post!

        • Jeep

          eddie, ACORN has had at least 3 convictions and has pled guilty in Nevada. There are more cases are pending in several other states.

  • Carol

    Which candidate for which to vote??? So far, none of the above. How about everyone just write in his/her own name. I’m sure most of us could do a better job than what we have now.

    • Palin16

      I once wrote myself in for Governor of California.

  • Roy Jones

    I have enjoyed the comments of all of you. Ron Paul is the man, but who cares about truth. Partial truth is enough for most of us. Now for some more truth that few seem to care about. I invite each of you to investigate I also invite you to google Hemp. More than 200 products can be produced from hemp. It is good for the soil and is an excellant cash crop for farmers. It would create jobs for Americans. O well, I must be dreaming again. Americans are a sllep. Sorry I trid to wake you all from your deep sleep.

  • Harry S.

    Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama are two sides of the sane coin – both are socialists. The only difference is that Hilary hides it better. Both support national healthcare, higher taxes, and class envy. Both Obama and Hilary ignore the will of the American majority.

    No cansisate is perfect in the true sense of the word, but any Republican would govern 100% better than all the Dem socialists, especially the President.

    • Harry S.

      Sorry for the typo errors – I still haven’t replaced my lousy keyboard,

      • Buddy

        It’s understandable. I can see on a keyboard how easy it is to type an s rather than a d. Probably too many 2008 voters mistakenly typed in “d”s. Hope that won’t be a problem next year, although voting does imply the lowest common denominator.

        • JC

          That’s right…I don’t know how many times I’ve called the Kenyan a dhit head! ;)

    • eddie47d

      I’ll disagree with Harry 100% The will of the American people is whoever gets the most votes. Obama won with that majority so he was indeed the will of the people. He may or may not get reelected next year and whoever that may be will also be “the will of the people”.The majority of Americans have also stated that there is something drastically wrong with our economic/financial system. Every poll shows empathy with OWS and cutting out the loopholes for the wealthy. That includes raising taxes on them and making them more accountable in how they earn their money. Every country in the world has a form of socialism and some are doing good and some are failures. Some countries have capitalism also but until we can all fix the financial failures that engulfed capitalism then conservatives will have a hill to climb.Disliking criminal behavior behind the doors of Wall Street has nothing to do with envy.

      • http://charter howe

        First lets be clear, Obama won the electoral vote majority based on hope and change which he presented in such a way that everyone had to believe the day had come for fair and balanced treatment and elimination of gridlock and god legislation that would help all Americans, not just certain classes of people. In other words Obama deceived WE THE PEOPLE in the worst possible way by implementing an unprecedented socialist operation with the 35 CZARS on the Whitehouse staff along with numerous Marxists minded staff members like Van Jones and a large group of others, whose main purpose was to redistribute the wealth no matter the cost. The onslaught to take over the USA Car Companies, bailout the banks and Wall Street firms, bamboozle money for fantasy solar companies, attempts to pass a Cap and Trade bill that would have destroyed our gas and oil production and decimated Coal mining, and this did not accomplished a darn thing except make it harder to put food on the table for millions of working Americans. Then this President Pandered to the Mexicans who were supporting Illegals to get entitlements and all the while many were taking jobs from american citizens. There is no country in the world that is as successful as our free market system and other countries that you allude to with socialism are failing. Politicians lie by nature but Obama has brought deceiving, lying and violations of the U.S. Constitution to a new high never done before by a sitting President. The free market system is a function of Capitalism and while there are some things in Capitalism that need changing, it is the engine of the free market system and is the blessing that creates the wealth that our country needs to give every individual an opportunity to have a better life. Its not a given and there are some shortcomings but there is no perfect system. It’s a mystery to me why people think you can create a huge govt, a massive entitlement system and a free health Obamacare system and not have economical problems that are unsustainable. When did peope start believing in a free lunch? This President creates massive regulations along with the massive govt and dimwits like you wonder why we have financial woes. The private sector creates jobs, the govt jobs suck out the tax revenue because govt jobs do not create wealth. When the piggy bank breaks, the country begins to fail, like Cuba, like Russia, and like Greece and a few other social experiments. The majority of American people thought they were voting for an honest leader who would uphold the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the land, but as everyone can see after three years the country continues to be in the tank because of the lack of experience and leadership of this rank bunch of amatuers in the Whitehouse. They spend more time blaming BUSH or the Japanese Sunami, or the Arab spring or the severe weather problems or the Congress and maybe even Santa Clause all the while they do thing legislatively that makes matters worse. Get rid of the socialist democrats, there are 70 in the House and 37 in the Senate and at least ONE in the Whitehouse and these problems will start going away. Our vote in Nov 2012 has to be correct or the free market is doomed.

        • eddie47d

          Since you have the future mapped out you’d better get moving and prove that capitalism can work without all the crony capitalism. That’s a heck of a wall to climb over considering that both parties are deeply in bed with Wall Street,Corporations and lobbyists.Remember that Bush/Cheney (darn,there’s that duo again)lied and deceived the American people too. In 2000 they didn’t even get the majority vote so our system has some major quirks. That in itself allows these politicians too snocker the gullible. As you said it’s not perfect (for either side)but please leave out the marxist talk because you came across as another extremist tootin his horn with that one word.

          • CJM

            FYI, eddie47d, you need to know that China and Russia have now adopted CAPITALISM as their economic system—which is why Americans are wondering where your demigod’s idiocy stems from in his bent to destroy capitalism. Furthermore, you currently enjoy the right to free speech, which will no longer exist once your demigod has destroyed the USA, its Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution (which, by the way, MOST foreign countries patterned THEIR Constitutions on). If you, after your demigod’s destruction, say any of the things you have posted here and elsewhere, you will find yourself either in prison for the remainder of your life or standing before a firing squad—you really ought to begin to appreciate what you now have. If you don’t want to do that, at least find some other place to live; preferably the middle east…they are even more barbaric than Russia and China.

          • Alex Frazier

            eddie, I think this post of yours, speaking of the beginning of the post specifically, singles out the thing that really needs to be singled out. Capitalism isn’t the problem. Crony Capitalism is, and I agree with you. Crony capitalism is at the heart of socialism, and most people are not educated in the topic well enough to understand this principle.

            Capitalism, in practical application, is free trade, and by implication of “free” it is to be understood as unrestricted. There are no controls, no boundaries, no oversight, etc. And the law protects this free trade economy by preventing injustices, such as theft. In a free trade economy, if one vendor’s price is too high, they lose business and are forced to compete at a fair market price. Commerce tends towards a natural equilibrium, and only fluctuates due to supply and demand factors.

            Crony Capitalism, understood in this instance as capitalists who profit at the expense of others due to government control and lawful monopolies, is the personification of socialism, because the basest platform of socialism is the control of commerce. In this case, tariffs, which prevent consumers or competing businesses from taking advantage of the supply and demand factors of a free market, thereby driving up the price and monopolizing an industry for one special interest. It is social engineering at its best, and is purely socialist in orientation. That’s what I’m personally fighting to stop (not against you in this post, but in general in our country).

            Marxism has at its foundation the economic system, and focuses on the sociopolitical conditions that exist, arise, and are exacerbated by the disparity between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, or the capitalist and the worker. And it concludes that this disparity is the source of class warfare, as the capitalist allegedly oppresses the worker, ultimately resulting in revolution.
            In order to counteract that outcome, the Marxist theory confiscates the private property of individuals, controls economic production, and seeks to redistribute the wealth to eliminate the problem altogether. In the end, all production is to be designed for direct use in satisfying the immediate needs of the populace. Free trade is not to be permitted.
            Marxism is socialism at its finest. And its evolution is absolutely applicable to the decisions and direction of our current government and situation.
            The next evolution of Marxism is communism, which is just socialism through force by way of a standing army, which we are also moving towards.

            As for whether or not capitalism can work, the fact is, you’re sitting in it. As F.A. Hayek points out, it was the age of enlightenment and the explosion of free market trade and innovation that brought us to the point of social and technological advance surpassing any other era in history. And it is, in his estimation, a strange twist of irony that governments should now attempt to protect our advance, our ingenuity, our innovation, and our emerging intellect by regulating it, when the freedom of these enterprises is what got us to this point of technological and social advance in the first place.

            Capitalism works. It’s a tried fact. Socialism doesn’t work. It too is a tried fact. One leads to advance. The other leads to despotism, poverty, slavery, and tyranny. Just grab a history book.

          • eddie47d

            CMJ petty and nasty as ever. Russia is still far away from being a capitalistic system and China although much improved is still a totalitarian regime. I say take the best of any system as long as it doesn’t interfere with personal liberties and basic rights.

          • Thinking About

            Alex, would crony capitalism apply to Halliburton getting a no bid contract because Dictater was VP?

      • CJM

        Sure eddie47d, your demigod won the “popular vote” when you include the illegal immigrants and dead folks who also voted. And FYI, there is NOT a majority of Ameicans who are supportive of the lazy filth who finds it humorous to defecate on police cars, trash the cities they are “protesting” in, strip to the nubbin and have illicit sex in public–mostly gays at that, and haven’t a clue as to why or what they are allegedly “protesting.” So much for your wonderous poop party of miscreants….I hope you at least took toilet paper to the “protest” site you are participating in.

        • eddie47d

          CJM is double nasty so I think he needs that toilet paper for his posterior and his lips. Not sure which insane asylum you escaped from but please check back in. Very few illegals voted and the dead vote is mostly a Republican talking point without a fact to back it up.Can you say myth? Denying what OWS is protesting about proves that you are triple clueless and really don’t know what is going on. Bringing up gays…what a hoot! You’d never make it in vaudeville.

          • Jeep

            Sorry eddie, but it is a fact that dead voters cast ballots in at least Washington, Connecticut and Minnesota in 2008. In fact, Minnesota had the worst voting fraud of all, where in some counties more people voted than were registered to vote. Hard to reconcile that one.

      • meteorlady

        Obama did not receive the majority of the POPULAR VOTE. He received the votes of delegates and the electoral college. To truly find corruption look at my state – Texas. The Democrats have put in place what we call the Texas Two-step. We have a primary and in that primary Hillary won… then they have caucuses in private homes. After the caucuses, Obama won and that’s who appeared on the ballot. Seems strange and unusual…. then add to the fact that the Democrats have super delegates that can over-rule the state delegates and I say democracy as gone out the window.

        • eddie47d

          Good grief Obama won 69,456,897 votes 55% vs McCain 59,934,814 votes 44%. Show some factual integrity instead of fibbing about the popular vote.

    • AJ

      The Democrats and the Republicans are two sides of the same coin – both are Greed ridden and corrupt and NWO owned. The difference is ones a fat ass elephant and the other is a Jack-ass.

      • CJM

        Which is why we need a new party of Constitutionalists.

  • Freeman

    …and then there were no little Indians…
    We The People will need a complete reset of the entire system, all of them world wide.
    There needs to be a balance in all things, even though taking some ‘things’ a lot farther than all the others.
    Accordingly, none of any of the candidates are as such ‘fit’ to hold any office above dog catcher.
    A regression to the original generic Constitution would be the only decent direction to take.
    My choice is the hero student who stood in a square and stared down a Chinese Battle Tank…and that for only a glimmer of what our founding documents offer.
    Tell them anything and after being elected, do whatever you want.
    A simple balancing act of making all pay equivalent to general industry standards, and, ALL federal employees, elected officials, appointees, be put into the same systems We The People are under…hmmm?
    ACORN ain’t near what ALEC is…
    You will know the jig is up when all of a sudden, all those in charge start jumping ship.
    Those in Europe can’t find a safe place to go…and South America will not be able to stop any real military assault intended to bring the crooks back…so…?
    Icing this cake, THE SKY IS FALLING! 2012 IS COMING! Whupee, we’re all gonna die! (Woodstock)
    Were there to be a real and honest candidate, with the capability to win, he/she would, hands down.
    Ron Paul does not have the ability to know how to deliver a message of adjusting things so they work, and not scaring everyone by telling the whole truth. And yes, I have expressed this to him.
    Never let it all hang out, just in case one needs to jump a fence, you don’t want to leave anything hanging…a nudist goes through a briar patch very carefully, etc.
    The we got them ‘they’s’ in da video…very scary indeed!
    >I would hope someone who has the means, would start a question and answer list through our voting system, Referendum of We The People, or some such. Making these great ideas a legally binding reality for those who have so badly failed.

    • Alex Frazier

      Freeman … “a nudist goes through a briar patch very carefully” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in the last week, and definitely describes the philosophy Ron Paul should be standing on. When dealing with the Iran issue, for example, he could have said, “We’ll go into Iran if we need to,” instead of getting a thorn in his johnson by being blunt to a nation of ignorant people.

      But I too have thought that he should be a little more guarded in how he answers some of the questions. I don’t think he should compromise his integrity or what we know is the right thing to do. But it doesn’t mean he has to be blunt like he is.
      The other problem he has is that he talks too far over most people’s heads. When he starts going on about the Fed, sound money, etc., I understand what he means, but it’s Greek to most people, and I sincerely think he doesn’t realize it. It’s easy to forget that your audience hasn’t read the fine print.

      But that said, can you elaborate on the “question and answer list through our voting system, Referendum of We The People, or some such. Making these great ideas a legally binding reality for those who have so badly failed,” idea? It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re suggesting entirely. From the way you put it, it sounds like you want “We the People” to be able to make the laws apart from congress.
      I can get behind a website dedicated to the creation of bills for potential proposal to congress. But I think giving We the People the authority to make laws would be a disaster at this point, because most of our nation falls into the category of politically retarded.

  • jopa

    I didn’t mind when Sarah did it, but why is this guy Winking at Me???

    • JC

      Are you making fun of Ben’s physical affliction?
      You probably picked on retarded kids too didn’t you?
      Another Liberal “class act”.

    • Average Joe

      It’s just his way of letting YOU know…that he was with YOUR GF last night……What?…You didn’t know?

      Ask a silly question…expect a silly answer…..
      Don’t get mad…get over it.

      We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.
      Douglas Adams

      • CJM


        • Average Joe

          ….the secret of the scent is in the fragrance of the flower…..

      • Tazio2013

        Liked your Douglas Adams reference!

  • ED Bertolas

    Ben the author should run for office. He is honest and has everyone’s NUMBER !!!!!

  • http://deleted Claire

    Whom will I vote for?

    Cain — no way, never.
    Perry — no way, never.
    Gingrich — no way, never.
    Romney — No way, never.

    The others do not matter to me — with the exception of Ron Paul. I would vote for him.

    • bob wire

      Or Obama. maybe you was speaking of the primary?

      We democrats in Texas can’t vote in GOP primaries and I forget that some can.

      I say that,~~ we are not suppose to. I’ve never tried! but some of my GOP friends admit to voting in Democratic Primaries. Seems that they vote for the weakest candidate.

      I say, twisted in the game we weave when we practice to deceive.

      They consider themselves as brighter then the rest. I’m under the opinion they might shoot their own foot off, given the latitude and this strong desire to run with scissors

      • meteorlady

        So if you are from my state, what do you think about the Democrat two step. Hillary wins in the primary and Obama wins the caucuses and he gets the nod…. seems really a UN-democratic way to run an election. Then add in the Democratic Super Delegates and I call it corruption

  • Helen2

    I really like Ron Paul for President, but I am concerned about his age. Does anyone know what condition his health is in? I haven’t heard any specifics only that he is in his seventies and therefore not a good choice. I am married to a man nearly twenty years older than me and he is in his late seventies and though he has been in good health physically, he is beginning to deteriorate mentally. I understand this is because he doesn’t do anything to keep his mental functions sharp. That’s why I was wondering if anyone has heard about Ron Paul’s physical and mental health. Because he is the only one I feel is right for the job but I don’t want to get stuck in my way of thinking if there are concerns there. The people on this list make a lot of sense and usually have answers for all the questions so I’m hoping someone can help dispel my concerns for Mr. Paul as president.

    • CJM

      Any individual who is in their 70s and can intelligently discuss serious political issues such as economics, foreign aid, the need for tax reform, national issues, and much more is far from being mentally deficient, Helen. You said your spouse does nothing to keep his memory or mind on focus—and that is his problem, not Ron Paul’s so why the comparison? I’d vote Cain/Paul or Paul/Cain…never would I vote for the others.

    • Joe H.

      up until my mother turned 90, she cleaned, cooked, mowed her small lawn, drove a car, even balanced her checkbook. I’d be willing to bet she came as close or closer than you at balancing the book, too.
      At 70, R. Paul could have 20 to even 25 years of mental clarity and physical ability left. My kids watch a series on Discover channel called Gold Rush. On one of the claims there in Alaska, the owner is 95 years old and still mines for gold! don’t underestimate R. Paul because of his age!

    • meteorlady

      Ron Paul is extremely healthy. Also, here’s a little deal for you to think about….. he appeared on Meet the Press and if you watch the clip they played with putting more wrinkles in his face and even added some warts. They way you can tell is that it comes and goes as they did not edit the entire clip – just frames here and there. It’s called perception and it works with advertising.

    • Thinking About

      Very well stated, I think with Paul being in the medical field would be the first to stand up and say as we age the learning curve is on the down side we are not as sharp as we was in the earlier years. I think this is his greatest problem.

      • Joe H.


  • CJM

    I thought Ben’s presentation today to be rather humorous….at least it gives us something to laugh about while not endorsing any particular candidate.

  • Tazio2013

    Ron Paul SAYS IT ALL!!! His Message to Occupy Wall Street “LETS END THE FED” on YouTube

    Ten minute video that will make you stand up and cheer.

    Semper fi!

    • Average Joe

      Exellent video!
      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • Tazio2013

        That may be a winning Libertarian ticket!

    • Alex Frazier

      Most awesome campaign video yet. Makes me feel like I’m watching the rise of the next JFK. After I cast my vote, I might have to sign up for the Secret Service.

      I also need to let my eldest son see the video. Freakin’ Maries recruiter was at his school yesterday. Now he’s thinking about joining the military because of the benefits of college tuition, etc. It was a difficult conversation, because I had to impress upon him the fact that not everyone who signs up gets to go to college. A lot of them come home in a box before they get a chance. But at the same time, I wanted to be supportive. I don’t want him to feel like he can’t tell me about big decisions he’s contemplating, and I don’t want to alienate him by being over protective. But he’s my firstborn. He’ll be 18 soon. And I have no desire to bury him because he died policing the middle east, which I don’t agree with.

    • meteorlady

      Thanks for the link. Amazing campaign ad and honest…. love this man.

  • Helen2

    CJM: Thank you. You made a very good point and just sent my concerns out the window. In addition, you gave me a very good reason to give when my husband says that Ron Paul is too old to run for president and to give to my son because he is concerned also. Thank you so much. I knew one of the people on this list would be able to help. It’s Ron Paul for me from here on out.

  • Helen2

    TAZIO 2013 I just wanted to thank you for the video link on Ron Paul. Yes it makes me want to stand up and cheer. I am sending it to all the people I know!! I’m not sure why I haven’t seen anything like this before now. Other than evidently everyone I know is not for Ron Paul. I guess I am going to be losing a lot of friends. :) Thanks again.

    • Alex Frazier

      You haven’t seen anything like it before because it took time and money, and Ron Paul doesn’t take donations from Wall Street or special interest groups. His campaign is financed by supporters like me, and hopefully like you.

      And no one you know is for Ron Paul because most people have no idea what his message is. Most have no idea what his history is. Worse than anything else, most have no idea what kind of real trouble this country is in. If they did, they’d be fighting right now, recognizing that we are fighting for the survival of our freedom. I sincerely believe at this point in time that we are within two decades of martial law and a dictatorship if something doesn’t change immediately. This might truly be one of our last chances to preserve the country.

      Glad your mind is made up. See you at the polls. Don’t miss the primary. He’s needs the nomination before he can do anything else.

    • CJM

      You are very welcome, Helen2. As for your spouse, try and get him interested in word games (puzzles, searchwords, etc), discussions on daily topics, and even in reading material of interest to him. That is probably one of the best things to challenge the mind and stave off mental deterioration…according to specialists on aging. I read, write, do puzzles, word games to stay mentally active.

  • Charles

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain? They may not have the same goals. Ron Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve. However, Herman Cain is almost certainly for keeping the Federal reserve.

  • Alex

    The first candidate in the video, President Barack Hussein Obama, will be reelected, despite the terrible job he has done to this point. That Obama will be reelected despite his weak caving to so much of the Fright Wing nonsense is stark commentary on the slate of GOP losers.

    There is no one, repeat–no one– in the GOP field who will be able to seat Obama. The American voting public has seen clearly that the GOP wishes nothing more than insuring a single term for Obama—not jobs for Americans, not help for the American families devastated by the scourge of Capitalism, not the elimination of terrorist threats, not the ending of wars—NOTHING matters but a one-term presidency for Obama. For this, the GOP has simply handed the office back to the man they detest. Losers.

    • Alex Frazier

      Alex, that might be what the GOP has done in YOUR case, but what you said isn’t true in the general case. And it’s not true of all the candidates.

      1. The person who will be elected is the person who the people elect. It’s not decided until it’s done. If it were, we could dispense with the election process altogether.

      2. It’s “right” wing, not “fright” wing, and while I realize there are plenty on here that use similar dysphemisms, I think it’s unnecessarily harsh to treat an intelligent perspective of our circumstances as doomsday gibberish. The truth is what’s scary, not those telling it. So don’t be a scoffer. Be part of the solution. Making fun of the guy building the ark doesn’t make you intelligent. It just makes you drowned when the door shuts and the flood comes. And it makes everyone else drowned too who listened to your criticisms.

      3. Ron Paul has already been shown in the polls (the real polls as opposed to the media biased ones) that he is an even match with Obama. Obama’s approval ratings are also down significantly right now. So I don’t know where you get such a notion.

      4. The goal of the GOP is to get elected president. I think it’s common sense that anyone in an opposing party is going to want to take control from their opponents. In reality, every time a first term Republican president is run against by a Democrat, the same argument can be made, that the Democrats wish nothing more than to see a single term for that Republican president.
      But to address this more specifically, anyone with half a brain should want to see Obama a single term president. Even you yourself remarked on “the terrible job he has done to this point.” People can only blame Obama’s failure on Bush for so long. Eventually the responsibility falls at the feet of the one in office.

      5. Jobs for Americans are effectuated through free market, which is Capitalism. Take away the Capitalism, and we’ll become an impoverished country. If you disagree with that, then I am certain beyond a doubt that you aren’t educated in the matter. In which case, wisdom would dictate that you keep silent on the matter.

      6. Nothing will “eliminate” terrorist threats. All you can do is defend against them, and do what you can to not give your potential enemies a justification, right or wrong though it may be, to attack you.

      7. Ron Paul wants to end the wars. He’s been trying to do it since the 1980s.

      Your post, though passionate, is a bunch of drivel.

    • meteorlady

      Alex – people like you have no grasp of economics. A little story here. I’m a Sioux born on the reservation. I am considered by the liberal government as a minority which is a term that is degrading and demeaning to me as I am an American citizen and deserve to be treated as a first class citizen, not different. I am a human with a brain and worked hard to get a good education (without student loans or government assistance) and have a Masters in Economics. I worked for a time in corporate American and came to the conclusion that I could make more money for my time and effort by starting my own business.

      I have been fairly successful in my business endeavor an now employ 27 people. I provide health care and pay a decent wage. I am taxed and regulated by city, county, state and federal. There are some 487 regulations that apply to my business and most are not understandable or they really don’t apply to what I do. They cost me a lot of money.

      I can tell you right now today that the GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS, people like me create jobs by making a profit and growing our business. All government agencies (city, county, state and federal) do everything in their power to hinder job creation through regulation and taxation. The governments are slowly and painfully sucking the life out of my business.

      Four years ago I moved my business and my family to Texas from Washington State. I would have been taxed and regulated out of business if I had stayed in that state for another three years. It was popular to increase the B&O (Business and Occupation) tax every other year when they needed more money. I paid for unemployment taxes, had to fork over money if I laid an employee off, and I was constantly harassed by the Unions because my employees kept voting down joining.

      Regulations can at me so fast that I had to hire a full time person to keep track of what was required. When I moved I employed 20 people. In just 4 years I have hired 7 more people because of the tax breaks and reasonable regulations in Texas.

      So with the class warfare going on in this country and the tax the “rich” mentality, how long do you think it will be before I completely go out of business or move my business to another, more business friendly country?

      If I don’t get rewarded for working hard 50 to 60 hours a week, I won’t work anymore – simple…..

  • mark

    Ron Paul 2012

  • mark


  • mark

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • mark

    RON PAUL 2012!!

  • mark

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • mark

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • mark


    • Joe H.

      And don’t forget……….RON PAUL!!!! PAUL FOR PRES. 2012!!!!

  • http://none BAP362

    OH Yes Ron Pual 2012, and please remember to Donate, Donate, Donate to his campaign. If Paul is going to win in 2012 he’s going to spend big bucks to keep his message out there, and if he’s not on the ballot in November 2012. Please Write his name in anyway.

  • Tim

    Thank God I cancelled my subscrition. What a load of @#%*!

    • libertytrain

      And yet, here you voluntarily remain… how peculiar.

      • mark

        If he doesnt get the republican nod he will run independent

    • Joe H.

      do you mean a load of #@&% because you are still here?? I agree!!!

    • meteorlady

      And yet you remain here commenting?

  • mark

    And we all know that the media wont let him get the rep nod

  • emilie b

    Ben, I can’t believe you blew Ron Paul off like you did, he’s the only one on the list who’s worth a damn..
    As others have said, while Iran may look like the big bad boogie man, they do have a right to defend themselves, as do we.. remember the ‘Cold War’?
    I don’t really care for Amanjihad or whatever, and I remember when the Shah was deposed and that nutso religious guy took over….. those were some scary times.
    But these are far worse, and if we don’t get a decent American in the White House, we’re done… End of story, over and out, hasta la vista, baby.
    I’m closer to seventy than forty, and I have NEVER seen my country in such dire straits. I’ve lost all respect and trust in my government, never mind being one of those that Obama “thinks” feel disconnected.
    I have zilch trust in them, and am one of those questioning minds who believes 9-11 was an inside job. Studied it for months on end, and it’s the only thing that adds up.
    No way was the Pentagon hit by a plane… especially in light of the fact that Rumsfeld, just the day before, admitted DOD was missing trillions.
    And what got hit? The finance department.
    And how big was the hole? No way big enough to account for a full sized Boeing…(look it up)
    I’ve always voted Republican, just because that’s how I live my life.
    I don’t send money to politician, just because I can’t afford to. I live on what I make, which is less than twelve bucks an hour.
    So all this BS handed out by the MSM about Republicans being the upper crust is just that, BS.
    To anyone who still thinks what they see on TV is the truth, just take a look at the video ‘America, Freedom to Facsism’, and read the written quote by David Rockefeller towards the end. He thanks the media for their cooperation over the course of forty years, and reiterates his belief in the supremacy of his wealthy ilk to run the lives of the rest of us.
    In light of all the information we now have available to us via the internet, which is awesome in comparison to the information we were fed in the past, via bought and paid for radio, papers, and television, there is no reason whatsoever to continue on the path of ignorance we’ve been on for the last sixty years or more.
    So do your research young ones, and decide which way you want to go…this vote will decide once again…. Do we keep it a Republic, or hand it over to those who would see it destroyed?
    God help us all, and beg the forgiveness of those who have died to keep it in tact, and those who continue to…

    • CJM

      Where is your sense of humor, emilieb??? We can’t be so serious all the time–take a little time for yourself and laugh at some of your own mistakes. I remember my folks talking about Will Rogers, who spoofed the government all the time; he understood the value of humor and laughter.

  • Ted Crawford

    Where have I heard of this “It’s none of our business” attitude before? I remember! It was in my History classes. Two prominent public figures, Charles Linbergh and Joseph Kennedy, both assured us that we had nothing to fear as long as we minded our business. How well did that work out for us, or the World for that matter?
    We will either deal with the issue of Nuclear Proliferation Now,while it is relatively small and far away, or a little later when it is hugh and our children lifes are at risk! Ron Paul must never be allowed anywhere near any seat of power!

    • JC

      Ted, we made enemies all over the world with our political and economic intervention in the first place. Surely your not suggesting we can cure the problem with more of the same…

      Try reading “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” for a start.
      We’re not nearly so pure as we have been lead to believe.

      I’m not saying turn a blind eye…but we have to quit screwing around in the politics and economics of sovereign nations.

    • meteorlady

      If we would have minded our own business, stayed out of the UN and NATO we would not have the enemies that we have today. Sorry, but I can’t seem to grasp the comment you have made.

      If someone attacked us we would fight back and have. If someone hated us we would be wary of them… it’s the same with other nations. What right did we have to go into Libya, a sovereign nation that was undergoing a civil war? Same with Afghanistan and Iraq. The people of those sovereign nations should fight for their own freedom and liberty, our young people should not have to die for them. What right do we have to send “advisors” into Africa now?

      • Jeep

        Exactly right! Although I am still in favor of preemptive action to suppress our enemies, it isn’t always necessary or prudent for that to be military action. That being my position, I also believe RP has the ability and willingness to protect our interests and country from our enemies and potential threats. His practical stance on Iran, IMHO, will most certainly be tempered with reality. And, he would do what is necessary to protect us from any threat.

  • bob wire

    Hmm,~ most interesting thoughts been offered.

    Much seems to ride on each posters vision and how they see the world today and how America is to fit into their “vision”, both today and tomorrow.

    Some look no farther then their nose and their pocket book. Some look father then that, seeing threats and danger.

    The unknown has a lot of fear associated with it, it always has.

    The mark of leadership is to see beyond today and aspire to overcome the challenges we face, both the known and unknown, today and tomorrow.

    To accept and understand that with each new challenge offers new opportunity. The act of opening of locked doors allowed us to enter into yet another room full of doors, expediently creating new opportunities.

    This is the ways things should be, ~ to have choices. With each choice a decision must be made.

    While perhaps, I don’t see Ron Paul as a man of long vision, I do see him a man that might protect and defend an environment that makes people of long vision possible. His vision far exceeds the rest and is matched only by that of 44.

    At some point in the future, if man doesn’t destroy himself first, there will be one central government. It’s unavoidable. Now that is a long view,some 500,900 years from today.

    It’s this interim time that’s before us today.

    We need to be strong as a nation to lead while bearing in mind Gun Boat diplomacy is a tactic of the past. If you can’t use something it renders it inert. The world of tomorrow will not be rule by fences.

    Things that can’t change, that can’t adapt to new situations and conditions dies out.

    Think of yourself for a minute, for myself at 63, I have maybe 15 years left, I am not very important in the grand picture. But if today, I might work to keep these doors of opportunity “unlocked” for future generations to discover and open, I will.

    But you see, I have faith in tomorrows citizens, knowing full well they will be much like those that came before. That their success will be mixed with failure and defeat, but it will be their world and not mine.

    Today, we struggle to make choices. Until that time comes, I’ll stay undecided. A lot came happen in a years time while I know each wants a commitment.

  • Aranna

    Ron Paul is lookin better every day….

    Barack Obama’s 32 Month Report Card
    by Rich Carroll

    Mr. Hope and Change wants to create a nation humbled; humiliated,
    casting-aside capitalism and individual freedoms for one where “we the
    people” are government controlled. The system that genuflects
    mediocrity, steals personal aspiration and opportunity, and punishes
    those who strive to succeed.
    A gallon of regular gasoline the day Obama was inaugurated cost
    $1.79 on average. Today: $3.59, a 100% increase. The number of food
    stamp recipients rose since Obama took office from 31,983,716 to
    43,200,878, a 35% jump. Long term unemployment soared 146% from
    2,600,000 to 6,400,000. Staggering “hope and change”.
    Americans in poverty rose 9.5% from 39,800,000 to 43,600,000, and
    the number of unemployed jumped 25% from 11,616,000 to 14,485,000 as
    of August 31, 2011. The number of unemployed blacks rose from 12.6% at
    the end of Bush’s term to 15.8% today. Our national debt is up 34%
    from 10.627 trillion to 14,278 trillion. *
    Just some of the“firsts” for Obama:
    First President to refuse to show a valid birth certificate.
    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then
    deny he was a foreigner.
    First President to have a social security number from a state he has
    never lived in.
    First President to preside over a cut to the credit rating of the
    United States .
    First President to violate the War Powers Act.
    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally
    obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .
    First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease
    implementing the Health Care Reform Law.
    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a
    third party.
    First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs,
    and then admit there is no such thing.
    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of
    companies to union supporters.
    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act
    through executive fiat.
    First President to order a secret amnesty program stopping the
    deportation of illegal immigrants, including those with criminal
    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of
    his political appointees.
    First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.
    First President to encourage racial discrimination and intimidation at
    polling places.
    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.
    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law
    unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.
    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly
    speak-out on their reasons for rate increases.
    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state
    they are allowed to locate a factory.
    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath
    to protect (Az, WI, OH, IN)
    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been
    properly issued years ago.
    First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-corps for
    catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
    First President to appoint 45 Czars to replace elected officials.
    First President to golf 73 times in his first two and a half years in office.
    First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.
    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING.
    First President to coddle America’s enemies while alienating America’s allies.
    First President to publicly bow to America’s enemies while refusing to
    salute the U.S. Flag.
    First President to go on multiple global apology tours.
    First President to go on 17 lavish taxpayerpaid vacations, Wednesday
    date nights, and WH parties for friends.
    First President to refuse to wear the U.S. Flag lapel pin.
    First President to have 22 taxpayerpaid personal servants for his wife.
    First President to keep a taxpayerpaid dog trainer for $102,000.00 a year.
    First President to state “the Holy Qur’an tells us,” and openly
    confess “the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship)
    is the most beautiful sound on earth.”
    After 32 months of Obama, we accumulated national debt 27 times faster
    than in the rest of our history.
    *Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Wall Street Journal,
    Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept of Labor, Standard &
    Poors/Case-Shiller, Federal Reserve, US Treasury, Heritage Foundation

    • Thinking About

      Since gas was average of $4.14 in the smear before Obama was sworn into office it looks like the proper adjustment was made by having a new administration in place. Mark this one positive note for Obama.

      • babybikerbabe

        If that is all you have in response to 34 firsts, your cause may have been better supported by not responding at all.

        Just sayin’

      • Jeep

        Okay, okay…so 1 positive to 33 negatives…I’m just sayin’ too.

  • http://personallibertydigest not fooled

    Clinton/ obama/ romney/perry/ one in the same. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  • Jay

    ‪Bill Maher On Ending Abusive Relationships – With Your Bank

  • peter

    The sensible thing would be to have Ron Paul as the next President of the USA, but then the American people do not see him as a hero. They are not inclined to be sensible as is displayed time and time again by their hero worship of celebrities and rock stars. They would’nt know a good president from a bull frog. They fall for the old trick every time. If they placed any importance on integrity and moral fibre instead of appearances they would vote for Ron, but he is obviously not sexy enough and that proves just how dumb they are. Looks you get for nothing and false rhetoric, manufactured idiotic smiles and preposterous posturing seem to work wonders, whilst common sense and integrity are just ignored. The sad truth is that the elites and powers that be are aware of the ignorance and stupidity of the average voter and thus the people of the USA are their cannon fodder. The time has come to stop voting for hubcaps which are just shiny on top and dirt underneath. Make no mistake, their wishes will be granted and they will continue to suffer as a result. My dad always said that if you were not strong you should try to be smart. It seems the average voter is neither.

    • Jay

      peter, i think that there are plenty of people who are convinced that RP is the right candidate, especially here, on this blog! Not really sure what your rant is all about, although i must admit, it was well written. Perhaps you should direct your well written tirade at the media machine. You may be strong, but it appears you are not too bright!

  • Richard Taylor

    RE SHARON’S COMMENTS 10-29: I moved to GA IN 1983 and began wastching Newt Gingrich rise in the House. With approx 75% of Republicans not totally coimmited at this time, they are awaiting someone else.

    Given time (and money to continue) I feel we will see Newt continue to improve in ratings. TO ME, HE IS THE BEST QUALIFIED AND MOST KNOWLEDGABLE ON ALL ASPECTS. HE WOULD GIVE OBAMA A VERY HARD FIGHT.

  • brian

    I agree with the comments made that you let sovereign states fight their own battles (and then nuke the winners) You americans could not fight your way out of a paper bag, with idiots leading you. You cannot shoot the enemy, you must kiss their arse, we need the oil, you guys have not won a battle since korea, and that was on the line call. Grow some balls and start with the idiots inside the country and stand tall again. The next call would be to send troops without weapon into a war, bunch of pussies.

  • emilie b

    To CJM,

    Light poles that film, record, and announce? Mini drones that see, zap, and shoot? Little monitors at the check out line that feature Ms. Napolitano imploring us to say something if we see something? Our own vets being called terrorists? And how about that mainstream media, who choose to ‘leave out’ the little stories, like what’s happening with the flash mobs, Fast and Furious, or the name Ron Paul?
    Spoke with a couple just yesterday who don’t have a computer, and they’ve never even heard of Ron Paul.
    So, if I seem overly serious, it’s only because things going on today remind me of some crazy story about another planet where the citizens lives are controlled right down to the food they eat… something you’d see in an old Star Trek episode.

  • laura

    I know for a fact that Ron Paul is the best qualified man for the Presidency. Why? He is Honest, reliable, has integrity and is for ‘WE THE PEOPLE”. He call things for its name. Because politicians do not say the thrue they are blocking all the Media, so he is not being known by the ones who do not nothing. Lets’ get together and all of us who believe in HONESTY, Clarity, and the TRUTH bring the flag out to help a real down to earth man to our Presidency.

  • bucksnort100

    I think the media is way underestimating the grassroots movement supporting Ron Paul. Thousands of small donations have poured in from new people who have seen the light of Ron Paul’s Beacon & by the time of the final Debate will have built up such a large constituency, the media will not deny him any longer. His election will be a SHOO-IN!!!


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